Deadwood Dick's disguise, or, Wild Walt, the sport

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Deadwood Dick's disguise, or, Wild Walt, the sport

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Deadwood Dick's disguise, or, Wild Walt, the sport
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The Deadwood Dick Library
Wheeler, Edward L. (Edward Lytton) 1854 or 5-1885
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Cleveland, Ohio
Arthur Westbrook Co.
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Dime novels. ( lcsh )
Adventure stories. ( lcsh )
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University of South Florida
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1882-1889, by Beadle & Adams. Ente e d at Po>t O tll c e N e w Y ork. N Y., as secon d c lass m ar r e r M a r. 1 5 1899 No.59 THE ARTHUR WESTBROOK CO. Cleveland, Ohio Vol. V


opyright 1882-1889, by Beadle & Adame. Entered at Post Office, New York, N. V., as ctassmutter. Mar.15, 18! No.59 THE ARTHUR WESTBROOK CO, Cleveland, Ohio Vol. V l ... &!! J8 JUTDER Yoe OR wew'" EXCLAD!ED DICK. "PIOK UP YOUR WEAPON AND DST HE UXB A 11.Ui.'' /


Deadwood Dick's Disguise. Deadwood Dick's Disguise; OR, WILD WALT, THE SPORT. BY EDWARD L. WHEELER, AUTHOR OF DEADWOOD DICK" NOVELS, ETC. CHAPTER I. SWAMP LAKE. A SUMMER sunsl't bad just died out leaving the gloaming eree ping over the earth. At Doomsday's Ferry, the fro gs croaked noisily in tbe s warn p tbat borderej tbe edg-e of tbe sheet of water and gave to it its Lake. A que e r plac e 1t was, just like wlticb few other olaces exiCessity. Tb8 etening to was a balmy one, and Dan and Jacob sat upon their respective door steps glaring meditatively at each other, while they puffed silently a way at their pipe.'!. The day had passed without bringing a single customer to the Ferry, consequently not a penny to the pockets of either Jacob or Daniel, which was something strange, as travel was generully bri s k on accouut of new discoveries of g..ild in the bills. But the monotony was not to be l eft unbroken. When the shadows were beginning to grow thick over and about the water, a beAvy vehicle of the" prairie-schooner" order, drawn by four span killg mules, came through the gap to the Ferry, as if in a hurry. On the front seat of the wagon a young wo man was acting in the capacity of driver, and se e med to understand bow to handle the reins perfectly well. Old Dan Doomsday, who counted himself a judge of buman goo

Deadwood Dick's Dispi8e. 8 "Dot lsh one mee stake, mine dear s hildl" shouted S o lom o ns, w ho, fro m his do orway b a d been anxiously li stening to the conversatio n. Dot v eller i s b von li a r, und he sb eat you m!t your monis h ourl. H e hafl' n oddink t o eat but deadt buzzard; but I bafl' de ferry pe s t iu der market. Y o u vant t o sdo p at d e r first glas s hotel-" "She t up, yo u sneak of a J e w!" r oa r e d D oo msday. "Et ye don't, I ll w altz ov e r t har a n cram you d o wn y our own throat; ye mi serable pork-steale r I" "Yankee Yankee !" flung bac k S o lom o ns. "You Yas h no goot. Yoii i s h a pork-t'i e f und a plackle g every dim e s!" Witll a roar, Dau starte d toward the sal o on, but with a taunting laugll the J e w darte d in side and slammed tb e door shut. Ob I if I ever catch that Dutch thief I'll mutilate him!" the ferr;man muttere d, a s h e re turne d and helped Kate to unhitch th e mules When they w ere picketed out to graze Mrs. Laurel was assi sted frcm the wagon into tbe cabin. Sbe was a middle-agEd w oman, who s ho w ed traces of former be nuty, but was now pale and emaciated from l ong suffering wi t h consumption. After she w a s comfortal>ly arrange d upo n a cou c h of skms in the cabin, Old Doomsday pro ceed e d to g e t supper, in the primitive fashi o n of the frontier, and soo n bad a r e lisbabl e r epast of roast bear-meat," hard-tack," a nd t>o ffe e set be fore bis gne ts, to whi c h the y did jus ti C E '. "Yas, Dan went o n to say, a s he cleare d a'l'i ay the co oking utensil s "I've b ee n keepin' thin!':S a j oggin' beer n o w f e r two year an' over, an' I've b e d a pile o' ther I n dies r e lish my cookin', but y e 'l'b e t J e w o v e r thar o c casie>nally ketches on som e hut the y ge t s ick of livin' on fork s an' sp,oo ns. An', a s fer not ta kin' ye a c ross tbe lake, I II tell ye. It's ha'nte d " Haunted I" Mi s s Kate L urel exclaimed, contempt o usly. "Ob, fudge I No fudge erbout it, I te ll ye. It' s ha'nted jest as sure as m.v name i s Old Dan Doomsday not ba'nted wi' superstitious imaginations, but wi' genuin e bony-fide ghosts." Kate laughed heartily at tbe idea, while Mrs. Laurel turned pale with apprehensio n. "We ll, now, .I'd jus t like to see a real ghost, I would," the girl declared "I.ain't a bit of a coward, and J just love anything romantic like ghosts and the Ii ke." "Bet y e ye wouldn't say tht ef ye war ter git skeered by on e o' the inform.I critters once!" Dan with earnes tnes s But I'll tell ye the story an' the n y ou ll see fer yourself that tbar's sometbin' curious about the matter. Did ye ever b earn tell of the chap w'at used ter be so much talke d about up nor'-west, an' who called hisself Deadwood Di c k ? Kate Lau re : uttered an exclamation of surprise. "Why, indeed, I have!" sbe replied. "I've read much of bis daring acts and have some times elmost fanci e d myself in love with him," and she langbed merrily. "Humph!" and Old Doom!'day shrugged his shoulden;, "Ye must be a queer piec e ef that's yer taste. Why, mo.t gals faint at mention o f bis name. But, beer's ther story, secb as it is, an' I h o p e y e won't h e v tber nighthoss through he eriu' it: "Waal, I s'pos e you'v e hearn t e ll tber pranks or many of em, wbat tbe t aire dared e vil cut up; but hyat's tber lates t Et w a r j est about. a year ago tbat b e c o m e hya r t o my f eJTy, o n e night, like you kim to-ni ght, an' w a nt e d meter t o t e him ove r. I'd jus t ti e d up, an' told L i m I couldn't s h ove out a gain till m ornin', n oho w, at whic h h e g o t n arvo n s and o ff e red m e a b i g p il e o rocle forever,' be cried, fiercely. 'Do y o u see that horse. Upon it is a hundred thousand d ollars in gold. Th e man wbo beads the wolves you bear appr(){lching, was my p artner in a big find. A w e ek ago we finished our w ork, and made a divii o n. N o t t>ontent with bis O\\ n share, the ras c a l w o uld take my part of the divid e from me, as b e is by a pack of human wolve s B efore be shall do that, I will Eink the divide in the mid dle of yon lake, and b11nnt every person who thereafter crosses the water by night!" "Jeminv but thet ar' feller w a r in d eacl f'arn e st, too. He bit me a sudd e n soaker in the bazoo, that nearly stood me on my head. 11n' Jeapin' onto tbe r l:orse, he spurred it straight intPr ther lakPl1 The old man stopped then, and stro ked bis grizzly b e arrl a m oment at the same time n o d ding bead, grimly: "What then?'' Kate asked, with apparent interes t. "Waal, ye might know!" DoomFday said. "No man could ever swim across tbat lake on ho ss ba<'k, an' dnrned f e w 1'in d Q it akne, wi' their togs o n, yon b et! Weal, inter ther lake went Deaclw o od Dick an' his hos an' .VP <'RD oot tber anim1le swum beautiful till it got ni g h about haH-wey aC'ros; th e n hQSS en' rirl.,,. went down. Since tbPu-"


Deadwood Dick's Disguise. Be looked at a clock on the mantle, and then I ish whim, as mamma calls it, wewonld arose and went to the window. into tbe interior mines, wbere papa is, or was "Come beret" he gas(Jed, a minute later. wben last beard from." Kalfl Laurel arose and approached the win"Obo' ye mean consarniu' the speerit o' dow, and h e r gaze followed tbe course indicated Swamp L'lke, eh!" Dan queried. by Doomsday's finger. Yes, Deadwood Dick," K ate rl'plied. "I Out upon the lake the moonlight was falling shall n <'ver leave tbis place until it is settled for with brilliant radiance, giving a rather s pectral a certainty whether that apparition we frequentelfect to every object upon which iG rested. ly se is really alive or sut:rnatural." Near the center of tbe lake opposite the ferry, "P.ibawl girl, you're crazy. Haven't I seen a small canoe drifted; standing upright in it it last tbree years, an' orten't :t know it's was a man wbose figure was clad in a flowing a spookl L nrd n'mif,!bty, Kit Laure l, what robe of wbite-a man with long hair and mus-d'ye want to do wi' sech a tbiug as spooks!" tacbe, but whose eyes were closed and whose "'Tisn't the spook s I'm o.fter,'' Kate replied. face was nearly as white as the robes wrapt "I'm after D eadwood Di<'k himself, for n reason about him. best known to myself. That h e is not dead, I CHAPTER IL A YEAR LAT.ER, have considerable faith." "Waal, duroed ef I wouldn't like to know wbat ye want of bim. Queer sort o f a man fer a purty gal hke you to git stuck on." Kate l a ughed. "You have got tb<:i wrong ide a of the matter," JUST one year later'-summer again made she replied. "I am by no means stuck, as you fragrant and balmy the breezes, and added rich choose to express it, afte r uny man. I nm not green to all tbe grass, trees and shrubs that a girl who fall s in l ove with a shadow. Wby I lined the mountain-side. want to test this mystery but I and the one A year is a long lapse of time, when con-above me knows." sidered by days and hours, and often brings "I b ee r thet new pilgrim, Wild W a.It, pro-many changes in places and event.s. poses to search for Deadwood Dick's divide, Lot's look down on Doomsday Ferry. w'at's buried down in the lake." It appears strangely unlike the place of a "So I am informed,'' Kate respond e d. "He year ago, for tbe eastern shore of the lake is is tbo essence of all that is vile. He even bad now dotted with many new shanties, and t he the 1rndacity to address me with familiarity, bustle of activity is seen and h eavd every-las t evening, as I was going to tbe po-t-office, where. but I guess my look apprised him he bad better Dan Doomsday sits complacently on the end be J ess familiur. Do y o u know what I be of bi s ferry barge, as it is rlrawn up by the lieve1" beach, and smokes bis grimy pi po with evident "No." satisfaction as he surveys tbe busy.s cene around Well, it is tbis: this man Wild Walt seems him. to have a deal of power among the majority of "Yes thar's big change since a yeer ago; the men, and it is not impossible that be was since that night: Kate Laurel come beer with one of tb e men who chased D ea dwo od Dick to her mammy, an' liked tbe r place so that Swamp Lake-may even have be e n tba panl of she c o n c lud ed t o locate right beer. Thell, jest the latter. If so, hi s influence would go to as soon as found that a pretty woman show tbnt he has many cronies here, and they war sett led beer, ther popylation flock e d in, fast propose not only to search for and appropriate and sart'in." Dick's part, but alw to pry into tbe of The old ferryman fell ioto 11 fit of musing, his the gbos t busines, to learn for Hure wbat there chin dropping upon bis hands. is in it. They may suspect, as I do, that there Not long his r everie remained unbroken, howis a further object of tbe'Rpecte r's guarding the ever, for there came a musi ca l laugh, anda hand lake than the simple scheme of frightening p e o-patted the bald spot upon hi s head. pi e from rais ing tbe sunken treasure." Lookin g up, be beheld Kate Laurel, looking "Git eoutl In tbe name of goodness, what not a bit older than she bad a year ago, and, if other object could there be1 Thar's nothin' else anything, more decidedly piquant and pretty, in to guard, except tbe frogs pollywogs, and so an airy bunting dress and straw hat. forth." "Why, Uncl e Dan, you'll get s11nstruck and "You don't know for certain. Tbis Swamp tanned, sitting here iu the sun," she said, mer LakEI may have secrE>ts thaL are not known to rily. "l do declare you're getting fat and lazy you, for I've hearrl you say that you never since we first came here." knew it to be explored far into tlte timber. "All j es t because yonr pert SE1lf bas bin about There might be an i sland with a gold-mine on ter cheer me out o' the blues, I expect," Dan it, for all you know. This very chuckled. I've jest been cogitatin' on bow D ick is the man to run onto such stzeaks of tber town'a growed, child, sence ye furst cum lat'k. and kaows bow to keep mum, too." hyar. S'pect ef eaotber impertation o' wimmen Old D11n whistled his surprise. waster come thar'd be a reg'lar city beer in no "You're a keen one,'' be muttered, as he time." scratc hed upon bis bald spot in a fruitless search "Too place has grn wn, surely, but not as I for the birsutes. "I bedn't tbo't that afore; could have wished There are a goo

Deadwood Dick's Disguise. Kate declared, as she turned and walked away, on seeing a party of m e n a pproaching. curio u s part of bi s a ppearance was that there was a d i vis ion in th e c o l o r o! his h air and b ea r d Tb e di v i s i o n r a n n p thro n g b tbe middl e of the The F erry bad ind eed und ergo n e a change. face a n d ovPr the b ead O ne a s of a r e dWbile Old Dan h ad d iff e r ent id e a s o n t h e d ish co l or-the o ther was as wbite a s driven matter, it is likely that the main ca u se o f tll e s n o w, b oth o f t he b a k and beard were influx was o win g to the fact that go l d ba d been \ full and luxuria n t disco vered in s mall but paying quantitie s in t h e I Th e eyes o f t h i s m a n we r e as kPe n and brilvicinity. Jiant as t h ose o f n pe r so n o f m u ch y o u n g e r a p-Then, too, being on the r oute to tbe interior p ea r a n ce ; but b i s nos e was a sy n onym of all helped t o add t o tbe camp's pop ul a ti o n. tha t apperta ins t o Ba cc hus Jake y Solomons bad not it so bad ly, Tbi s m embe r was exceed in g l y l a r ge, and be-nfte r a ll, for b eing the first to s t art, b e w a s tb e g innin g at tbe end with a gl oss y rerl color, first t o profit, and hi s saloon and F t o r e grad ulllly tapere d d own to a gentle pink shade, had to be enlarged to a c comm odate bis bu siness at tbe r oots a s it was tbe principal p lace for liquid )'efres b-Wha t of tbe mouth was r e v e aled unde r tbe m ents, Dan DoomEday having aba ndoned t be two-co l ored mustac he, w a s rn.t be r waggish in hotel business. _exp ression, as w a s tbe glitte r of tb e eyes. Jake y was a shrewd fellow, although be did 'rbe only first-cla s s appurtena nc e vi si bl e about net make many frie nds, and a lways trie d to tbis s triking individua l, was a r e v olver and create some sort of sport, 1f it was in no other knife in bis belt, and a fin elo oking parrCJt which way than to climb on bis b a r and sing and be usually carried p e rch e d up o n his shoulder. orate. A mo s t pert looking bird it was, whi c h had Tbe ev ening after Kate Laure l s conversatio n an eye for everything worth notiein g and had with Old Dan, the salocu wns w e ll patro nized something sbr.iwd to say, talking 'l'l'ith marvelby min ers and m en-abo ut-town, wbo drank aud ous a.::eur&cy, and seemed to po s se s s almost bn disc us se d the topics of the day witb great g u s to, man intellig e nce. the liquid fire in m ost instanc es adding to their Of course the strange pair were a s ource of volubility g1:eat attraction from th e m o m ent tbey entered Awong tbe c rowd tbe man wbo seemed to be t h e saloon; a11d wh e n the man o f t w o colors a sort o f l eader and m ore look e

f 6 Deadwood Dick' Disguise. git t-00 flit byarabouts, or you'll ii;it suppressed, suddenly. I'm rutber bad, myself." "Ye lu'k it. I war jest goin' to obsarve the same," the stranger averred, witb a nod. "A purty peacb Ji(th chatter. "I see what you're arter. Y ou wanter discolor my purty v e can't cum it-ao sir-ee, bnbtai! w ass 1pl u ther old man's eer tew home, it's genArn lly about this time o'day. Fer instRn ce, thus!" And with a qui<'lt feint bA put W1ld Walt off his guard, and followed by plantinl!: a blow be tween his eves which unceremoniously tumbled him to the floor. "Tbarl Now jist to'lS out another consignment of that aire liquid ligbtnin', an' then I'll be ready to clean out the crowd, if needs be I" Old Bum cried, ranging himself up alongside the bar. I'm dry, I am; too much monotony.' "Py sbimminy gradous, uft' dot velle r "Walt don'd make y o u hump, I sball be mooch mus dukeu I" Sol omons prophesied. "He 'l\'aS von slasher." "And I'm a masher!" was Bum's retort. "Boys, will ye have 8ornethin1-at yer own ex pen" e!" The crowtl. stepped forward, to a man, but when they beard tbe conclsion of the invitation a bhnk expression came over their faces. See beer, old gull, you're too cute." one miner growled. "First ye know you'll git dumped inter y e r three b.v seven." "'Vbar is the old d evil!" Wild Walt roared, staggning to bis feet, balf blinded hy tbe effects of the blows be had received. "Ohl I see bin1 now!" He quickl.v drew a revolver from his belt, and fired at Bum, but so litt l e delib.;ration was there in his aim that the bullet ditl. no h1

Deadwood Dick' Disguise. 7 or ;elaxed, and there was a gleam of desperation! 'feared o' the critters, that I've been in bis eyes run ten mile afcre now tew git shut o' enco un Tbo bystanders stood grim and speechless, but terin' one of 'em." made rn; 1 effort to h elp the Sport. "I'll b e t you have," Kate said, with a shrug "Corr el" Bum culled a moment later. "One, of her pretty shoulders "You have come to a two-" bad place to r emedy your weakness, then, for "I cave!" Wild Walt gasped n t remor of fear we girls of Doomsday are very bold and for passing over him. "l acknowledge that you've ward, and are all l ooking for a husband who got it your own way, an' I cave. Let me up, bas pas,eottom e>f that l ake, I'm ji ggered ef I ance. don't sooner or later handle a sbeer cf et my-Down at the edge of the lake Old Dan Doom sself sure's 111y name s O l d Bum, tbe bum of day was sitting on tlle edge o f his barge, as it hums, from Bumville, Neow what d'ye tbinJ was grounded upon tbe beach w bilo Kate Lau-. o' that?" rel stood near by, chatting with him. "I think you're a fool,'' Old Dan interpos ed, It was a habit of h ers to come down to the "Ef ye try t o r a i se t!Jat go ld, y e won't l ive a f Prry when she bad a spare moment and talk week byar in Do omsday, I t ell ye. It's p'izen wit h Dan, for whom she seemed to have a buckiu' ag'in' likin g "That remsins to be seeu,'' Bum declared, And ber bewitching laugh rung out right grimly. "Thar aiil't enough men in the town m errily wbon Old Bum came 1lP e r ghosts in tbe swamp to eucbe r yer uncle. H e was so odd-looking that he would have Besid es, byar's what will give me a helping created a l eugtl anywhere. band." "Oh, my! what a funny-looking person," And be nodded to Kate Laure l. Kate said, in a low tone to D a n, but, low as she "Yo u bet I will!" sbe assented; "if you are spoke Iler words did not escape the bearing of in de.qd earnest, l'm your perd in the search, the man with tbe hair and beard of two and we "ill be know1, as Bum and Laurnl, for col o rs. tune-buutcra I tbiok we C'an t_9gethe r rais9 "Yas, I'm ther funniest galoot yeevyer see'd," that Divi de and will show Wild "Walt end bis he r ep : i ed, with a broad grin, in which be mMugang that we mea n business from the Hart, if a ged to exro s e a pearly set of teet.b. "I know you are the man I take yo u to be." I ain't no great shakes fer beauty, but I'm chuck "I'm tbat alligator1 bet yer pretty eyes! an' full n it,' and h e extended bis not "You surely l()(lk funny 1>nough," Kate deuns hapely nor work-barden d hand. clared, frankly. "You must be what they call And the partnPrsbip was formed. a one-sided man, because you look to be two -men joined together iu Siamese-twin fasl:ion." I CHAPTER IV. "Yas; I am a ones ided man, but I always CAPTAIN POKER. liide with the aide tbat sees one and goes someFROM that time on, Old Bum and Kate Laurel what better for success. Ye see, when I was a were seen much t ogethe r and it was kq'lwn in young man I m e t my mother-in-law, and the Doomsrlay that they were u nited in the search effects .was most disastrous. We had a few fo r Deadwood Dick's sunken t1easure. family words, when she s natched me bald-Wild Wal t beard o f this, but was careful not beaded, and by the mystic wave of ber band, to say much in the bearing of Bum, as be really imparted two colors to my hirsute appendage-appeared to stand in awe of that individual. the red her red-hot temper, and the But be and bis men were secretly in consulta white, my fear of the female sex. I am llQ tion, with the purpose of preventing tbe bumme!"


s Deadwood Dick's Disguise. and bis fair partner from accomplishing their ohject. Whenever an opportunity offered be tried to talk: to Kate Laure l, but sbe invariably pre vented all approaches by treating bis adnmces coldly. Still be persisted in aannying h e r whenever he c hanced to meet her. One evening as sbe was sitting ia front of the s b aDrv which served b e r and her ruotber as a home, Wild Walt came swaggering along, hi s rustacbe waxed to a needl"'s point, and his g eneral appearance dan dified. H e tipped bis but gracefully as he came up, but Kate did not acknowledge bis salutation. "Ab, good-evening, my dear Miss Laurel," be saluted, apparently not n oticing her coldness. Do I find you en joyin g gcod health this evening?" "Yau do; and you will bave the goodness to pass right along. I do not care to cultivate acquaintance. "No1 Well, [am trul_ y s orry, for, as I have told you several times, I am greatly impressed with you, fair K atie I am devotRb, pretty, I will not be so rude as to disotey. But l e t me tell you this: If you attempt to meddl e iu my business bere in DooaJsday, wbicb is to r ecove r D e adwood Dick's sunken treasure, ycu will find yourself occupy ing a p erilous position. I will brook no int!lr ference from any one in tba t matter." "If you think I am afraid of you, you'll dis cover your mistake ,'' Katti ret'lrted. [ shall hunt for D e adwood Dick's gold, and shall pay uo attention to any threats you may make. In deed, I lo o k upon you as one of the least of all men to be feared "You shall find out to your sorrow, my beauty. I may as well tell you that I have sworn to pos se's you as my wife, and so shall it h e 1 When I rec over tha sunken treasure, tben I'll build a castle here as a cage for my pretty bird." "Monster I I'd sooner consign myself to the bottom of yonder lake tb11n acknowledge such a mun as you as mv husband. Begone, before I call for assistanc e !" "Hal You will, eb1 Who do :von suppoe .would come to your By my sou l, you tempt me by you r w ords to he even holrler by stealing a kiss I" and springing suddenly for ward, he seized her by throwing bis arms arounn her. Kate uttered a piercing shriek. The next instant footsteps were hme to KRte Laurel's rescue, and who was a 3f striking appearance. Of rm!y medium bight, he was compactly yet graceti..lly built, and dressed in a nobby suit of spotl e ss duck, with patentr-leatber top-boots, while a somhrero covered bis beud. In feature-or at least what was visible of his face-he was dP.cidedly h11adso111e, most of it being covered with luxuriant sidewbiskers, a sweeping mustache and a narrow goatee, all of a bl o nde color, as was his hair, wbicb fell iu a mass of curly waves down to bis shoulder. His eyes were dark, brilliant and magnetic. He wore a helt ccntarning a pair of 10volvers; upon bis polished shirt gleamed a magnificent cluster diamond pin, worth a email fortune in itself. Ridding her of Wild Walt, the stranger turned to K a t e Laurel and tipped bis hat. "Excuse me, lady," be said, in a denp, pleas ant tone. "I trust I was not interrupting a, lov ers' m eeting when I upset yonder ft>llow." "Ob, no, sir I I thank you very much for coming to my assistance. That ruffian was bent on kissing me, which, thanks oo your timely ar rival, be did not succ e ed in doing. I wish you bad thrown him into the lake." "I have but to receive your orders, and in be goes." t>-e stranger announced with a smile. Wild Walt bad succeeded in regaining bis reet, his garments looking somewhat the worse for tbe tumble be had taken. His eipression was something ferocious as he glanced down upon the new-comer. "Who are you?" he demanded, with an oath, laying bold of a pistol in his belt. "None of your business," the cavalier r P plled, witb pro\oking pleasantness. ''Saw you for getting your self, aud thought I'd just bring you tu senses.'' Cuss youl I'll show you that I'm not to be insulted thus!" Wild Walt cried, drawing bis re voJver and firing. Kitte Laurel uttered a scream of alarll). The next instant tbe Sport laughed triurupbantly, after plucking a bullet from between his teeth, anrl holding it up to view, bis otber hand at the same instant drawing and cocking oue of bis nwn r e volve!"l'. ''You aimed well, young fellow," be said, coolly, "but you see I was too quick for you. Get you go::ie now, at once, or I'll blow your brains outl Go I" Tbe weapon WRS l eveled full at the Tiger, and the command was uttered in a stern, ringing tone. Wild Walt well knew that it meant death for him to so he uttered a savage oath and strode away. "Ne v e r mind I I'll have your lite for tbisl" he shouted back, fie rcely. Beware that you do not lose your own I" warned the stranger. after which be turned to Kate. "There, ma'am, I f!Uess you won't be troubled Wlth the fellow's attentions again to If be bothers you, l e t me know, and I will undertake to give him a thrashing that be will remembl'r." "You are very kind," Kate d eclared, frank ly. Will yon tell me who you are, so that I shall know whom to tbank!" "Well, I suppose I shall have toRccommodat.e you V

ne';.,dwooCnlek.'B Diegulae. wits, and mix up matters a little occasionally. 1 mind $Orne one else's. What do you want, by

10 Deadwood Dick's DisgUlse. The Tiger clapped bis band to the side of his "Dick! Dick I" she cried; "it's me, Dick; head with a bowl of raite. come back! Ob, come back!" His ear was shaved off almost as nearly as a Kate Laurel turned her surprised face toward knife could have done it. Poker. "Poker stood unharmed. "What does it mean?" sbe asked. "Shall I "Ready! One! two! three!" cried Pony I pull back?" Qnantrel. "By no means," the captain rPplied, quickly. the weapons cracked, &nd a yell of ex"Tbe woman-if !1.1ch she is-is evidently d&quis1te pain followed. mented, or mistaken. Pull on all(l pay no at-. tentiou to ber I" CHAPTER V. Kate obeyed, but not without feelinl?,1! of great CALAMITY JA.NE ON DECK! curiosity. IT was not C a ptain Poker wbo uttered the Who was the woman on the beach? and was yell, although the Tiger's bullet had grazed his this blonde Sport anything to her? through bis white duck coat. Or was she, as he suggested, wrong in her Wild wait was the author of the signal of mind, or mistaken in thtl p e 1 son? distress, for had again heen hit by tbe un-If so, bis appearance, ns tbey rowed along, did erring bnllet of the blonde Sport. not coufirm the supposition, for he wi1s silent, This time it was the right ear which had been aud looked sober and troubled. At least so shot away! thought bonn.v Kate. With weapons dropped upon the ground, and Under Kute's able did not take long bis bands clapped to either si le of bis bead, the for the btlat to n ,ach the opposite shore, where Tiger began to pra nce around and howl as sbe pullPd up close to the >andy beach, and tbougb be was upon a hot gridiron. allowed Poker to get out. "Obi cursesonyoul" beroared. "Yo u have "Your kindness will notsoonbeforgotten," killed me-you have spoiled my beauty forever! be said, looking down on ber with kindly exMay tbe d vils seize you!" pres;ion. "As a ok e n of my esteem, allow me I believe it a part of tbe understanding to make you a present of this. .Au revoir !" that we shold sp:iil each's good looks as He took from bis pocket a handsome golden much as possible," the captain remarked, drvly, nugget, and tossed it ioto her lap, then turned as he put bis weapon in his belt, but at the quickly and disappeared within the fringe of time retained bolu upon it. I could ha't"e trees that Lordered the lake. killed you as easv as to have mairned you, but I "Ob, isn't that a beauty!" Kate exclaimed, pr&ferred to show you bow small you are in the in real enthusiastic admiration, as she handled sigtt of others." it over and over. "That must be worth a good "You shall pay for it with your life," the deP.l of money, and amply repays me for the Tiger yelled, savagely. "I'll have my revenge' trip. Now, if I can get back safe, I shall be in on you if it takes a lifetime." luck; and, too, I want to fln1 out wbo that He turned, tbeu, and staggered toward tho strange woman is, if woman she be tavern, literally covered witll blood that gushed turned the little skiff, and benrling to the from bis wounds. oars with a will, fairly mnde it .fly over the The cr<>wd followed, and Poker returned to water. the skiff. In a few minutes she grounded it upon the "Ob I sir, were you burt1" asked Kate, enx-beach on the other side, without further inciiously, as the former approached the boat. dent. "Not at ail. A bullet just kissed mv shoulder The strange person wes not in sight, so Kate -that's all. I could have killed the fellow, but betook bPrself to. h P r own home, where, to her am averse r-0 doing such an act, except when it surprise she found sitting upon tbtdoorstep the becomes vitally necessary in self-defense. Are unknown! you rearly to give me a ride in your pretty In face she was very pretty; a wild type of .craft!" b ea uty was hers, not often encountered, the "Yes. But we sbali have to hurry, or it will f eatures being firmly cast, and set off by a big bo pitch-dark ere I can get back hom e The pair of dusky brown eyes, and a mouth of win-lake is haunted, you knnw." ,,.. nine; sweetness. "Or at least i.s borders are, bv a pack of There wRs an expression upon her face, how.ruflhns," P.Jker declai-ei, with a ligbt laugh. over, which bPtokeued that at some period in "You see, I don't hava rnuch faith ip super-ber life she had been addicted to dissipation, or natural vi sitations myself." bad met with some great disappointment or He pushed the boat d."f into the water and sorrow. sprung liglltl Y in as it moved awaL Her hair, as it .flowecl from beneath her snowbad the oars, ani at once i:mllPd out into white, jaunty sombrero, was of dark brown tb"l lake with a stroke tbat showed her to be an color and very luxuriant. adept. Her dress consisted of topboots of a. dainty They had gone but a little ways, however, vattern, met. by liF!;bt-colOled trowsel"S, and a when a shout from the shore caused them to sort of fringed gray hunting-shirt, that reached look around. ...., nearly to the knees. A woman, clad in male attire, was run-In a belt, around ber waist, was a pair oi down beach toward the water's e'1ge, handsome revolvers, and a sheathknife, while and motioning them to come back, her slouch at her feet lay a repeating-rifle of a handsome 110mbrero in her hand, aud her wealth of hair pattern, the sights bf'ing ,... with tiny, &littA!ring b lown back by the breeze. diamonds.


:Ueadwood Dick's Disguise. She was conversing with Mrs. Laurel, when Kate came up, but arose from the doorway, to allow the latter to enter. "Sit still," Kate ordered. "I am too warm, from rowing, to wish to go indoors." "Kate, my cbild, where IJave you been1" Mrs. Laurel's reproving voice asked, from witb:in. "Oh I out for a little lark!" Kate responded, with a laugb " While y o u were dnzing in your chair, mother, that ruffian: Wild Walt, came along and insulted me by attempting to kiss me, wben up came a dashing stranger. in real dramatic style, and attempted not to kiss me, but, instead, knocked the ruffian down, and r escued me, like a real bero-jnst think o f it! He then fought a due l with Wild Walt, and shot botb of bis ears off; after which, be wi_ sb ing to cross the lake, I rowed bim ovP-r, in my boat." "Do you know who that man was, miss?" the young woman with the rifle asked, looking at Kate as though she would read her tbl'ougb. "Well, no, only that be 11;ave bis name as Captain Poker," Kate r eplied, innocently enou&"b, whereat the other beauty laughed sarcastically. "You are sure!" she asked. Of course I am I" Kute retorted, not exactly pleased at being questioned tbe second time. "Well, that man was not Captain Poker at all, but instead a person of somewbat more no t.oriety, allowing.that such a person 11s Po1rnr does really exist," the young wo0111n said. "Tbat man, if I am not greatl y mitaken, was D eadwood Dick, of road-agent fame!" "Deadwood Dick!" Kate gaspi>d, putting up her bands. "No w isn't that just delij!htful l wish I bad known it at the time, for I'm dead in love with D ead wood Dkk J" "Kate I Kate I" chirled Mrs. Laure l. While the young womau with the rifl e laughed -ratbc r harsbly. it appeared. "You shonkl firsG find out if some one el se has not got a stronge r claim," she remarked. I'm not mistaken, Deadwood I'ick is mar ried." Indeed! Wbo to, pray!" "To one whom you may have heard or as Calamity Jane," was tbe calm r eply. "That's me!" "You?'' Kate ejacul ated me," was tl.e reply. "I am Calami'y J ane, and I an the wife of Dearlwood Dick, reported ro have been druwned in this Jake." Kate lookerl at the spe"ker searchingly, and witb ev id ent disappointment. "If tbis i s so, wby did your bnshar1d not o r de r me to ro" back to shore w oe n y ou calle d and beckoned to birn!" she finally asker!. "To unders tand tout, you would have to l earn what I do nut just now c h oose to explain," Ca !Amity answerPd, quiety. "Suffice to say that D e adwood Dick is my bnsband, and circumstances sPpn r a ted us. Some time I may tell you mori>. Until then adien." She picked up her rifl e a ad walked off up tbe street, her every movement graceful and confi-dent. When she arrived at S o lomons's saloon, she en-tered and stepped up to the barJ behind which tbe proprieto r himself now presi ed. "Vel, v'ot you wants, anuybow!" the prosperous J e w demanded. V 'ot you come here mit; pritcbes on for, instead of dresses!" "None of your business, Frilzy," was the woman's retort. "Just trot out some of your best wine here, or I 'll put a bead in your pate!" Sol omons put up hand. "My heviogsl v'at a pad girl!" be ejaculated, staring bard at her. "You don'd vas drink1" "Of course I do, you old Jewsharp, an' ef you d on't over some o' yer best Catawba-in short, I'll rlepopulate yonr ranch in t he j erk of a. lamb' s tA.iJ I I'm uad, I am, and my name is Calamity Jane!" And with t.bis annc:,nncement she brought her white little fist down on tbe couuter with a. forc e that made tbings jingle and at the saml" time attracted attention from all parts of the room. "Shimminy dunder li11:bnink I Sdop d ot, vill you!" Solom o n hastily reaching for the wi n e-bottle "You can h off anyt'ings you. vant, 'cept monish, only don'd make so mooch noiSfl about it.',_ "Tbo't you'd come to time!" Calamity said, with a grin. When I get mad, I make smoke rise ahove tbe hills, I tell ye I Did ye eve r beer tell o' me, J ewsharr?" "Py tnm, no! Uud I never vants t o, Solo mons bonPstly d eclared. "Yo u vas der pad dest, vicket voman I neffer se e. I vish you go ri7ht avay o u d." 'But I won't, you see," was the indanendent; "I'm in t.own on bizness, I 11ml I se.y, galoots, are ye dry?" CHAPTER VI. CALAMITY SHOWS HER HAND. To ask any citizen of D nomsday iLhe was dry was the signa I of a l!:E-neral drought; bence, when Calamity Jane propounded tbe question, full two-sc ore of eager mortals slipped into posi t i on near tbe bar. "Yes, gal, I opine we don't keer ef we do,'" an old miner said, with a grin. 'Tain't often1 we git a cbance ter juggle family di sturbance wi' secb a r.b.irp an' purty girl as you." "Why, I guess you're a li:tle mistaken, ain't: ye1" Calamity ch uc kled "It's Old Dutcby's treat beer, uot mine; so lavisb your compliments; OD birn." S o lomons put up bis hands iri horror. "Dot i h not so I dot ish a li e I" he cried, vociferously. I never vas ask nopoddieB to. drink mit me, so h elp me! Dot vimmens vas lie mit me!" "See beer, Dute by J" Calamity said, l ooking him sternly in the face, do you mPan to tl'll me you didn' t desire me to cell up the galoots and treat there at your exi:ense1" "Holy M oses nol" -S lomon fairly howled, calculating with lightning thought bow many and he would he out by such libPralir ,y-hitberto unknown of him. "I n e ffe r vas sav noddinks of der kind. l shwure py der Prophet. I nelfer

12 Dea.dwood Dick's Digutae. "Durnecl el that'll work," several of the crowd declared. You've got to set 'em up handsome in honor o f ther arrival o' Calamity Jane byar. or down comes yer rancb, ker-bang!" "That's tbe tic k e t Ol d Jewsharp shall stand treat or we'IJ tun1 tbe sbebang into an orpban asylum," Calamity declared, '7ith a smile. But seeing as he is so precious afraid of l osing a cent, I'll go havers with him, and spill tho dice to see who shall set 'em up. What say, Levi'I" "Mine namo ish Jacob-not Levi," S olomons answered, "and since you pring so much trou bles in mine place, I vill yoost shake you und beat you." He was evidently glad of the opportunity to have a chance for his life, so to sprnk; so be producoC! tho box, and tbrew three times, scoring only "Guesi; I'm," Calamity averred, throwing, and making but fourteen. "Horse on ma. then-" Shu threw again, and turned up three acestwenty-one. Shimminy gracious v'ot ish dot1 Twentyonel V'cl. I tio dot!" Solomons cried, excitedly Bm; h o didn't. Only twelve poiuts turned u p "Horse apiocel" cried Calamity. Thro w back, Levi! H you throw twenty I'm b ound to go you one better. Smack your lips, gents in or drinking to the health cf our host." Twenty did the proprietor of the Big Bonanza throw, with v e ngeance. GootP' was his comment. a.s lie the box to Calamity. Beat that if you can, young vimmensl" Just like eating chicken salad," the Girl Sport assured, rollincr out three aces the first time, with no apparent effort. "There you are, Dutcby! I'll take a little more sweet Catawaba for mine. Nominate your medicine, feller-citi2eosP' Solomons seizec1 the dice box and hurled it sav agely across the room. Py tam, I nefl'er shook dice again, so long :a!'e in the lake bas been r<>ported. I've heard the story, and discredit tbat part of it which claims that Deadwood Dick was drowned. He can swim like a fish under water, and I'm es well satisfied that it was he who played Captam Poker in Doomsday, to night, as 1 am tbat I stand here I" And what is nil this to me1'' the Tiger de manded. hPr in evident curiosity. A goo

Deadwood Dick's Disguise. 18 good, sturdy backing. Toe first quality I am possessed ot; the second I yet require." "Then you want to enlist recruits, do your' Wild Walt demanded, a strange gleam in bis eyes. "Exactly!" Calamitv assented "I want men who will assist rue to right my wrongs, at tte risk of their lives. They shall be well paid for it, and if there is no satisfactory result, should we ecover the sunken golrl there will bean equal division made. Remember, I am to be captain, boss and sole rlirector of the movement." The Tiger nodderl. "l r eckon I comprehend," be said. "You want to capture this lost duck of yours." I want either to capt11re bim, or bunt him down to a corner from which be cannot escape, and there force him to eckno""ledge that I am innocent of the charges preferred against me, or -kill bim I" was the stern reply. "Well, I reckon the stockin' about fits my foot!" the Tiger grunted, placing bis bands to the sides of bis bead with a doleful exprebsiou. "I ain't no fool to lose my ears for notllin', wi' out revenge, an' I've got enough men to back me, you bet." "Taen get your men together; look well that no traitors are among them. When ready, I will swear them in, and the penalty o f treachPry will be death. As soon as you have your m e n picked out, scn

Deii.d wood Dick's Disguise. Her gaze once more becam'l riveted upon the paper. Gradually, on ditrerent parts of tbe half-she et, written words were begrnning to ap pear 11.s if by 1.0agic. Was ii witchcraft! Not at all. Calamity guessed that the words were written with so me kind of liquid tbat re mained colorless until warmed and exposed t o the light. In five minutes after tbe exposure to the sun's rays s he was enabled to decipher the entire l et ter, which ran as foll ows : "FAITHLESS WoMAN-\Vby come h e r e ? Do you think to profit 1bereby, or r esu rrect the deac!P Be undeceived No gold of mine shall be yCJnrR nor shall you ever r ecfalm t lle dead, to whom when living you were s o unfaithful. Beware I "THE SPIRIT OF SWAMP LAKE." Calamity laugbetl quietly as shll folded up tbe strange l etter and slipped it into her pocket. "It reads very ghostly indeed, but does not halt convince me that Deadwood Dick is not alive. But why is it that be bauntil tbis Jake, playing up spook1 Surely not becaus e of the re puted sunke n treasure. That would not l ong bother bim He must have some ot!!er object. Can it be that the iz;irl is tbe cause! Nol n o t I cannot believe thnt, even though be believes me faithless." It was all conjecture, and the more she thought about it the less satisfaction she derived. During the forenoon she met for tbe time the eccentric chap, Bum, who eyed her curiously. "Durn my old cats ef you ain't a qu ee r 'uni" be remarked, pausing to squint at her, et tile same time stroking bis strangely colored beard. 'Spect a3 bow y o u bain't got any female togs, hexr 'What's it your bu s in ess?" Cnlamitydemanded. "I'm running my own affairs; you run yours, and be off with you!" "Pe rz a m I tbat's what's ther mlltter of Sal I Admire yer pluck, I do, cl'ar t o the b ottom of my stogies. My name is Bum, and that's my perfeshion, too. S'pose ye ain't got a stray bit or so in yer wallet ter lend a thirsty mortal tew procure p'izen witbi" "Not a nick I" Calamity responded. "I've got through contributiu' to the missionaries. Wbydon't you run your face over at the Jew's!" Bum shook his bead dubiously. "Et won't work I" be sighed; Jew will stand no cheek or faca I've tried et o'er an' o'er, in various places, hut somehow it wouldn't work. Thar war not beauty ner magnetism in my mug tew attract tbe bottle from its accu s tomed place upon the shelf, aided by the sym patbAtic band of the barkeeper. But I tell ye, miss, ef I don't lubricate ere long a.11 the cog wheels of my carcass will refuse to work, and tbar'Il be a kersplosi on." "WPJJ, the hest WAY ymi can all eviate your suff e rinl? t!wn to gr:> and take a drink out of the l11b l" C'>.lamitv said, B t1't1 sh'lOk bi o heRrl. mocking pathos, as she turned away. "I am afraid you are too far gone for redemption, al ready." Bum eyed her sharply as she walker! away, "Cynical as a lobster w'ot's got a grip on yer to.e 111 be comm c mtcd. That's her w'ot I bear t ell is goin' ter lay f e r the r ghost of D e adwood Dick, or whichtiver it i s I must see my pardie, Kate, and see what her opiue is on mntters in general" And be mnde his way to the Laurel shanty. CHAPTER VIII. A VILLAIN1S PLOT. THAT day a r ough miner, mounted upon a burro, arrived upon the Rbore of tbe lake, oppo site Doomsday, and signaled for Old Dan to come over with the flat and ferry bim This was done, and Dan pocketed his little fee of two dollars with quiet satisfaction. The miner claimtJd to be from tbe interior, and gave bis name as John :'\rent, And no sooner had he struck the town than he made a b eeline for tbe Big Bonanza saloon and com menced to indulge in i;>lentiful draughts of bugjuice, afte r tbe fas hion of the average miner after striking it rich, as Brent from the first de e ared be bad. Y as my uoble galoots I" he cried, gulping down a gla>s of "red-eye," "yas, I have struck it rich, me an' my pard; an' now whose bizriess is e t ef I celebr.ite a )lmnll-sized Fourtb o' Julia 'tbout fireworks1 Two long years hev we bin w orkin' our let>tle private snap, on only two o' whisk a day, nu' now I opine it' s about time tcr annivers). The old man sed not to say nothin' about it; but ghosts and goblins, it's t oo good t o keep I Why, ef ye would believe it, tbe r old man 'll be along beer wi' tber mules-ten on em-an' every on e 's loaded down wi' ther purtiest dust an' nuiz;gets ye ever see'd. Lordyl but we aire ricb euuff ter buy out Con gress, we aire-me an' my pnrd l" Of Cl)urse the hab itues of the Big Bonanza pricked up their ears at this startling intelli gence, aurl Wild Walt e ven so far f orgot his own misery ns to come forward with manifest eagerness, au evil gleam in bis eyes. "Who this pard o yourn, strangeri" be ask er!, slapping the miner familiarly on tbe shoul der. Mebbe I mougbt know bim." "Yas, an' mebbe not, 'cause be don't git 'ciuainted werry easy. His r;ame is Old Jim Laure l, an' he's a man who minds bis biz ev'ry day in a week." "Laurel, eh?'' the Tiger commented. "We've a party or tbat name hyar in Doomsday-an olcl hen an' a chicken. Ever heer yer (ll\rd mention 'em?" "Weal, neow, I opine I'' Brent ejaculated; "an' that's j est what I'm b ee r fer, ter bring tber news that the old man's comin' But I shall h e v ter take aboard a l eetle m o r e nervine afore T go inter preRenc.e, ca'se bow I'm purt!;'Je r skittish of e m. Wimmen allua clrea 1ed wuss by me tban tber seven yean "Ton we ik, 11:11.l-too weak," beprotest .. d, sor rowfnllv. "I can't press11l'e, end mut wit'ier like a sunflower on the desert d But it became a-pparent that tho more "ner 'line" be got. the le"8 be heea me nerverl for the be it, then, Calamity Sl\i-l _task of waitlnit upon the Laurefa. In fact, it RaharJ\,11 "Alas! so


Deadwocd Dicks Di11guiae. was not the time of his arrival I again, and again, at which Dan chuckled, l>ut ere he w:is too full for utterance and asleep in rondo no move to start one corner of the salo<:m. And tbe fast gatberiog shadows soon obscured But be bad" given away" what be had evlthe other shore, after which no more was dently been warned not to communicato, and of the lone traveler. Wild Walt bad taken it all in with avidity. Kate Laurel rame down to the beach a short He bad learned that Jim Laurel wos toarrive while afterward. upon the opposite shore of the lake some time "W bat's the matter!" she "Someduriug the evening, with his pack-mules loaded body vvnnt to come ecro>S, eh?" down with gold. "Yas, J reckon D a n replied, with a Unlt'SS Old Dan Doomsday broke bis usnal grunt. "Some miner, whose pard I fotcted custom, be could not he tempted to go across across t.o-Oay, en' he Javs drunk over in tbe after the passenger, who must necessarily have Jew's den now. One's eniiff at a time o' secb a no choice left but to camp down where he was kind, so IW let that stay whar he is till till morning. mornin'. He kin get the genuine mountain dew Wild Walt hunted up his confederate, Quan over tbar free of cbarge." trel, and in a low tone explained the situation to "Hope it isn't papal" Kate said, anxiously. him. "I dreampt, not long ago, that he was comiug "Thar's a pile o' gold within our reach if we on to join us. When he comes, be is going to only reach fer be said, significantly. "It's bring lots of money, and I should bate to have worth riskirf more fer than wbat !ays in tbe these roughs of Doomsday know it." bottom of the lake." "Yas. They're jest the kit an' cargo what "Well," Quantrel interrogaten, "we must would not hesitate to rob a man-that is, token get that aire gold, and hev it for our own, as a whole! The feller, Wild Walt, is a ruffiau eh1" of the worst stamp, an' they say that Calamity "Exactly," the Tiger agreed. "Et we don't Jane is in with him. If that's the case, why, make our pile now, we never will All we she can't be much better than he." have to do is to work it right. Ye old "I am afraid of berl" Kate declared, with a Laurel will arrive on t'other shore, an' not ehudder. "She mistrusts me of being acquainted beiu' able to get across, he'll havt' to camp. wiLh Deadwood Dick, who, she soys is her Well, we can fix it. As soon's all's quiet and Old I lawful husband. I am fearful that she will Dan's turned in, we'll cut loose the hoat, and harm me." send Lanky and Blue Boh over to fetch Laurel "Bab I she knows better than to hurt you, you across. When they git him out iuto the middle may rest assured. She is jealous without cause. of the lake, they pop him over, and pull fer I don't believe that Deartwood Dick is alive." the cover of the swamp, into which the boat And so the converS11tion dropped, and Kate can be run for miles-, I think, as I believe the soon after returned to her home while old Dau place covers a deal of turitory unknown to us. sought bis-for the rain began to patter down We will at once follow, from this shore, in prein big drops. tended pursuit, taking our passage in Kate Soon the storm broke out the rain Lurel's skitf. How like you the idea!'' coming down in torrents, the thunder rolling "Excellent I" Quantrd replied. "Bnt this and crashing, and the lightning coming in in matter must he kept quiet, or there'll be trouble. vivid glares. Do you think Lanky and Blue Bob will 'Most every one who was 01..v of doors, availed Yes. They'll do 'most anything in the way themselves of shelter as quickly as possible; but ol crime for money. Tbe anticipation of sharing it was not for four men of Doomsday to lose a the fortuua will be spur enough, fancy, I golden opportunity, for the sake of avoidiug a will bunt them up, and put them opto the wetting. scheme." Soon after the storm commenced, Wild Welt, Ni:;ht drew on'ap11ce, but brought no change Quantrel, and two other ruffianly looking fel iu the condition of the man Brent, for, 11ltbough lows, appeared in the vicinity of the beach where be severa l times aroused from his_J)runken stuold Dan's flat-boat lay. por, be immediately imbihetl enough "p'1zen" "It's n bully old night for our scheme," the to fix him back in his corner again, Tiger said, with a chuckle. "All's clear as mud, There would be no moon that night, for the and no one here to hinder. As soon a 3 we hear sky was one mass of dark, ominous clouds that a pistol-shot, we'll j'ine ye, in the little boat. threatened to burst at any minute, aud seud a The terry flat was then cut loose, and Lanky deluge of rain upon the earth. and Blue Bob leaped aboard, pulling out from Just when the shades were beginning to shore, with the great sweeps, while the Tiger gather, a hrseman was dimly seen upon the and Quantrel remained behind, 11nd watched oppo!!ite shore, with several pack-mules behind end waited. By every glare of lightning t.hey llim could discern the flat-boat nearing the fur\ :ber Old Dan was sitting down by his boat, when shore. the report of a rifle attracted his attention for Then, there was a halt-hour in which the light the first time to the man who wanteq to come ning was not vivid enough to enable them to -across. the othe r sho r e. "Humph!" be muttered. "Jest you keep 'I wonder what SUcce!ll they're bavin'Y" Wild right on firin', fer all ther good it will do ye. I Walt finally growled. "They orter be comtn' don't run a boat to accommydate passengers at back by this time." this .imel" Just then a pi,tol-ehot was heard. After awhile the man on the other side fired Then followed a blinding ftaah of lightlllhll. ,/


18 Deadwood Dick's D:s&'ulse. CHAPTER IX. THE SPECTER AND -THE HA WK. 11'-that lhsb. of ligbtning, the two villains 1lpon tne eastern shore, were enabled to witness for the instant, that which was not unexpectlld to them-a strange, thrilling scene, wberein one man was standing, holding a pistol l eveled at another man, who was falling hackward. Then, all was darkness, followed almost im mediately by another prolongeJ glare, as if it were the will of the all-wise Ruler to throw light noon the deadly deed committed under the cover of night. In tbis second flash, a boat was eeen bearing down upon the ferry without apparent medns of volition, while upright in the boat stood the al leged specter of Deadwood Dick, clad in a cloak of white, and holding a rifle leveled toward the barge, from which Lanky ard Blue Bob were se.;n leaping in terror into the lake. The rifle of the specter spoke even as the flash ended, and there was an earthly :r a il, as if it had been the death-warrant of one of the out laws. "Cuss the luck!" Wild Walt hissed. "The thing in the boat is clearin' out our pards! Hark! beer comes a gang from tbe Big Bonanza. We must slip aw&y, and join i1.o tbeir rear." From nb<>ve the roar of the storm, many foot falls could be beard approaching from the direc tion of Solnmons's saloon Hastily tbe Tiger and Quantrel crept away along tbe beach, made a ste<by detour, and joined the crowd in the rear, so tllat their com plicity with the doings on the lake might not be suspected. Down poured the rairi in torrents, but, the thunder and tbe ligbtuing momentarily ceased. Wbat's tber matterP' Old Dan Doomsday demanded, running up, followed by Calamity Jane. "Who has stolen my boat?" Tlunno !" was the grim response on every baud. Just then there came another flash of light ning, of which all took adv!Lntage to stare hard upon the l ake. They saw the spectral figure of Deadwood Dick, standing upon the ferry-boat, but notbing else. Tbe mules and men whom the Tiger bad pre viously seen-there were all gone. Had the Phantom of tlla Lake killed even the mules and tumbled them, with their golden burden, into the lake? That was the only concluHion the Tiger and Quantre l could arrive at. To tile othe:rs, Jf cou rse, was yet known of the true ci rcumsl;auces of the case; consequently, the 'l'igAr and bis pard were the only ones eapable of anpreciating the situation. No other lightning !lash rewarded tbA w1ttcb ers' earnest gaze, for several minutes after the one that batrayed De&d wood Dick standing on the boat; and, when it did finally come, the boat was tenantless, and Dick was gone, or his apparition, whichever it was. Tbe next morning after the storm was over, the lifeless remains of Lanky and Blue Bob were tmlnd washed ashore near the spot where they ll6cl embarked on their murderous mission, 11.nd a true suspicion that they bad gone over to murder the traveler became rife. The ferry-boat, stained with blood, was re covered; the man Brent was brought to his senReS sufficiently to give a comprcbensive state ment regarding his pard, wbo he still ins isted was Jim L "lnrel, and had possession of their united fortunes in gold at the time of bis land ing on the other side. When Kate Laure and her mother beard this they werye clon't make yer p'int, then I'll assume the hereafter, you bet." Calamity Jane smiled qui1:?tly. That r emains to be seen," she said. "I d.l not as a usual thing sny fail to any r easonable project, nor train under any man's lead." Sile then turned away and entered tbe Big Bonanza, nearly in front of which she bad met tbe Tiger. Just before sunset the stage whirled down into Doomsday. What few were aboard quickly disembarked and adjourned to tbe "hot el" to seek spiritual coolness, for it had been 2' warm day. the passengers was a rather handsom man, attired In citizen's clothing, who, wlthal1 bad a keen eye and a hawkish expres.sion ot countenance that proclaimed him at least possessed of ordmary shrewdness. He wore a sweeping mustRcbe and long halr,i and yet hardly J)e--1 11he appearanee cil regular


Deadwood Dick's Dis.rufae. If 1.'he moment be entered the saloon be Calamity, and sb.i saw birn. On bis face came an express10r. of recognition and admirat.ioo, while on bers nothing Lut cool d t fiance and dis like was noticeable. The man advanced to where the young woman sat, bis face looking uuusually bav.kisll in the smile it wore. "My dear Mrs. Harris, bow delighted I am to meet you here, ' be said, gallantly, doffing bis bat. 1 thongbt you were down in the southern c o nn try; l did, l assure you." "I generally hover around tbe place where I think dauger menaces my husband," Calamity responded, bangbtily. "Sir, you will have the condesc ensiou to not address me furtbPr." "A deputy United States marshal bas, I be lieve, the right to address whoeve r be pleaEes," was the unabashed answer, "and I, Major Maguire, generally improve the liberty whenever I please. You sl!ould know better than to repulse me in such a place as thiE, Calamity, where my position is all-powerful." "Bab! Try not to terrify m e," she flashed back, mPnace in her tone and gleaming from her eyes. Your very wo1 ds betray the amount of sterling manhood that exists-only -in your mind." The major laughed lightly, and taking a chair, seitted himself so that Calamity could not readily escape from the corner w!Jere she was seated. "Now you're a little too rough on me, dear," be said, persua.sively. "Pray tell who loved you flrst-tbat infernal rascal, Deaawood Dick, or 1-tben a scout up in the Black Hill sV' "Stop!" she cried, iwperatively, a wild glare in her e yes, which betokened "If I met you before I met the man whom my soul yearned for, and whose wild life I saved time and again, I knew you only to despise you. You have caused me enough trouble, sir; why seek to persecute m e longer? You came to our cabin while my husband was away; Y,9ll first insulted me, aud when r e pulsed, commenced to make a ruffianly end disg urt".tig plea of love. I was so horrifi ed that I wept. My husband arrived outside the cabin just in time to beer a psrt of your accursed plea and witness my weakness. Miscon struing the truth of the situation, be fled in sorrow and indignatwn, and I awoke to find myself husbandJe,s, tbr@ugb your instrumentality. Ohl curse you, Maurice Ma guire-curse you I" The deputy marshal watched her with an evil smile while she spoke, not appPanng to be in the least put out by b E r words. "Pooh!" be said, when she haft done. "What haTe you 1ost9 Tbe man you profess to love is oot worth one hair of your head, and i s eitlrer dead or as gvod as dead, for I am h e r e for the very purpose of ending his career ia accordance with the law. I am empowered by my Fliperior >Jfficer to offer a large reward for the culprit-1that is, five thousand <'loll11rs for his capture, dead or alive. How does that strike you? You see I know the whole situation. I've bad a party here tor six months engaged in ferreting but the case. Your spouse, whom you believe be dead, is just as !'live as either of us, and, moreover, bas be en courting up the I.Jelle of the is her name isn't it? Well that conclusively proves tba t be cares nothing !01 you!" Calamity buried her face iu her hands and was si lent, while Maguir e went on: "I'll not tro u t.le you by sttying more now but think the matter over-think how you have bestowed affectiou upon tbat man only. to be deserted by him iu a flt of j e3 J 0Usy I Will you stand this, and kaow that hP is lavtsbiDg bis af fections npon your rival, or will you come to the one who has 110 doiceno hope in the world but you! I will leave it to you to de cide." H e bent over then, quickly imprinted a kiss upon her head, and arising, btrode toward the bar with a triumphant smile. ; CHAPTER X. BUH BELLIGERENT AND CALAMITY'S WATER WRAITH. CALAMITY JANE did not 6tir for several min utes after the insult, l,ut kept her face buried in her bands. But, though she made no attempt to avenge herself, there was one who did, and that person was the man of contrasting hair aud bearo, Old Bum. He had witnessed tte bold act of the deputy marshal, and it seemed to fire him witb l.lnger fvr as s oon as Meguire reached tbe bar Bum strode up to him and tapped Lim on the shoul-der. Maguire wheele<'I hke a ft{sb, proving that be was always prepared to turn ou the defen,ive. "What the d uce do ycu waot?'' he demand ed, snl'veying Bum with a balf-amnse d for l:e bed evidently encounter ed sn ch a curiou s-looking specimen of humanity bel re. "I "ant ter know ef tbe t gnl ov e 1 yonder told ye tha t ye could kiss her in public in that fnsh1on?'' Bum cried menacingly. "What of it!" the deputy blustpred, "1 reckon I kiss whoever I pleaee, regardless of other people's wi she s. That gal i s mice, over yonder, if ye waut tew know it, an' I'll kiss all I please." Aud with this declaration h e gave Bum a push, that was almost instantly answe r ed by a blow in tbe breast that knocke d Maguire against the bar with terrific f < rcP. "Guess ye'll l'arn ter keep yer o ff a r& specterble citizen like me, a1 ter this I" the vet e r a n cried. "My name is Bum, from Bum ville-no keerds!" It was a full minute ere the deputy could r& cover bis suffi<'ient to speak, so heavy bad been the force of the blow be received. When be did r Pcover, be glared at Bum as if he could annihilate him instantly. "Man I !lo you know whom you have in sulted!" MaguHe hissed, bis face ftu > hed with rage. I am a deputy U. S. marshal; >o down on your knees and apologize, or l'll have you bung bPfore another sunrise. Bum gave vent to a snort of disgust I don't keer a conternental ef ye a ire ther hull Government consolidaterl-ye can't steer me!" be averred. "I weren't brought up in tbe woods ter be skeart out by buzzards. Y


18 Deadwood Dick's Disautse. lnllulted my friend, Kerlamity J11ne, and er I I When finished, the ""'ork looked well, 1111d ketch ye at it ag'in, durn my left coio r s ef I read as follows: don't make yer he P ls l>renk yer neck. I'm bad -very bad, an' ef ye know wt1en ye':' in good I "$5,000 HEW.A.RD. t<.r put on yer brakes an' "Pt> olwm ti may concs1-n:-I will the sum of avoid an acc1:...entl five thou s and d oll rs into the h a nds o any person Calamity came forward then. or persons ho wiU ca?ture aod d e liv e r Into my "See here, Nondescript!' she said, addressing 1 cusmdy, deadoralive th e notoriousd t spera 1o, thlet, Bum "who t old you to b1t.e ;uto tbis biscuit 1 and ruffian-at-lari

Deadwood Dick'e Disguise. 19 I if I am wrong, I will repent when it is $oo Like a sleuth and "'ith cat-like fl)()tfalls1 late." Calamity Jane followed after the nian she baa As she ceased speaking she raised her gaze;as seen, or bis apparition-in her delirium of 1! praying to the Almighty to strengthen ber jealousy, she hardly knew which. resolve and purpose; then she arose, aod glided Through betwPen the trees sh e glid f d, some ioward the Laurel shanty, which stood not tar times almost near enough to touch him-and !from the lake shore, partially surrounded by a remorse tugging at her heart-st.rings. of maples--tbe remnants of a once heavy Did, or did be not know that h<> ..-_s close forest. behind him1 If he bad the soulful. ui;. love "I will see if they ere all asleep," she mut-for her tbut she had fer him, conlrl be stride on tered; "then, if I safely return it, they cannot without looking back, at the b e cko!" o llis own blame me for borrowing the boat for a. little consciencel while!" They were soon out of the ;zroV", nnt be was She said this as Fbe neared the shanty, in the by this time just far enoug\1 ah<>ad o f ber not to front door of which Mrs. Laurel was seated in distinguish her footfalls upon the sof t scil. her invalid chair, weeping, her bead bowed in Down to the beach be went, not :;, hundred her hands. yards from the ferry, and took possession of a. "Poor old lad.v !" Calamity said, t;o herself, as light skiff tbat was grounded upon tbe beach she saw her. "Sbe feels t>ad over the supposed Not far awuy lay Kate Laurel's pretty skill', death of her husband. 1 wonder if she feels with the oars at baud. half the anguish at heart that I do1" Calamity glided quicklr across the sands, and She stood in tho shadow of a huge maple, and was in the little craft nearly as soon as tbe man gazed at tbe bereaved wife and mother, for a she loved above all tbe wol'ld was iu bis boat. few moments, then, bearing the sound of voices Deadwood Dick pulled a strong -0ar, but wift in the rear 'of tbe dwelling, curiosity impelled all his strengtb and experience, Calamity, true, her to glide stealthily in that direction. loving, faitbful, was soon close behind him. Sbortly she gained a position where sbe was On I on they rowed able to dimly view a scene that set her pulses Nearer tbey ranged, until side by side they throbbing wildly. were just at tbe edge of the dismal forest, ._.:e Upon her knees, near the rear 'door of the roots of which sunk deep into the botl' c.: 11hanty knelt Katie Laurel, her hands clasped, Swam Lake. !lnd her bead bowed as though in prayer. "Dick! Dick I Ob, God I come to me and say Upon a camp stool, just before her sat Dead-that I am forgiven!" Calamity cried, lier tone wood Dick! piteous and remorseful. It was not in flowing robes of white that be In tbe next boat now sat, instead of 1;he for now appeared, but as his self, as Ca-mer black-clad figure, the apparition q f Deadhmity bad seen him at their far-away wood Dick-white-clad, deathly of face, with mountain home. glowing eyes, and an expression of unutterable Calamity stood as if turned to soone. She sadness. saw him, heard him speak, and yet co1lld not move or herself. CHAPTER XI. Katie Laurel was the first to speak. "Oh! Mr. Harris, you have lifted a. load from 'thy bean, and I hardly know bow to thank you for the words you have uttered. For the relief you have given me, however, I will thank_you sincerely and with all my heart, and should it ever come within my power to grant you a favor, rest assured I will do so, whether asked or "Miss Laurel, speak not so," tl:e voice of Deadwood Dick answered. "Although other ears may be listening, I will truthfully say that I believe you to be an and highly r011pectable young lady, and any favor a geu tlsman could do you would be only a credit to yourself. What I have said, please let remain a secret between us, until the developments I mentioned, are matured. Then, I fancy you will not be sorry you ever met that consummate rascal and desperado, Deadwood Dick-a man whose friends forsake him day ty day, and drive him to the desperate deeds for which ho receives the curses of nearly all mankind. Au r evoir, Mi s Laurel!" The last !lenteuce was uttered in a choked tono, as if the speaker were in sudden remembrance of S )me sorrow, or love. He rnse fro-n bis seat, meehonicnlly. and dis f!ppearecl amung t!rn !?"CPS, whi19 Katie Laurel her face in her bunds, KATE TO THE RESC'C' F W :..s this indeed a. specter, insteac.. Jf a i:Juman being? As Calamity spoke, the strange burning gaze of the thing in the next bo.Jll; turned accusmgly upon her, but the expressTcln on the face did not change, neither did the lips move. A feeling of sickening horror took possession o f the girl, and she put out her bands entreat ingly. "Obi Dick: Dick! speak to me, just once!" she cried piteously. "Tell me that you do not bate me, but that I am forgiven!" There was no answer-no change in the stony stare in the eyes of the man, nor to the stony ex pression of bis ghostly countenance. With a scream of affright and terror, Calainitv sunk back in her bont'in a swoon. "Tho tax upon her courage was more than she could bear-the very thought that she was in the presence of tbe departed spirit of her band, was so terrible as to drivo her senses from her. It was a. long time ere she r e covere'l her con sciousness, and wben she did so, it was with a violent start and a gasp of wonderment. What t1ansformation was tbis1 -Her reC'ollection 'BR of being on tho lnk<', in tbe prPstnce of tba dread upparition ot Dead wood Dick-but she was not there now.


80 Deadwood Dicks Disguise. Instead, sb'3 was now lying upo n the hard of tbe strong cabin or jail of the town. It was morning, and by the dim light tbat streamed in through tbe window, which was grated with iron bars, she was able to compre bend where sbe was. "Caged!" she mused, gloomily1 running hPr lhapely fingers tllrough her ball'. Let me see. I must have, and drifted asboreor else Dick piloted the b oa t ashore Ob 1 my God, is h'e really dead? Am I after all mistaken, in believing that be is living? Ob 1 why do I n o t know-for after mooting him, aud be would not speak to me, I must believe that it was bis ghost I saw. And yet did I not bear him speak to that viper that stands between us -Dick and I1 Maybe I am going mad!" She burst into tears then, and wept hitterly, her whole spirit seemingly entering into the grie f. After awhile she ceased weeping, but there was a haggard, remorseful expression upon her face. "It was through the instrumentality of that ruffian, Maguire, tliat I am here," she said, with convictio n. "He bns a design-if I am rigbt io this. H e proposes to keep me imprisoned in order to bring Dic k t:> my rescue, and then cap ture him. But he will fail there. Dick will never come I" She w a s right, so far as the deputy marshal was concerned; it be who was her captor. During the early part of the forenoon the door was unlocked, and he entered. The expression of mocking triumph upon bis face, exasperated Calamity, but she resolved to appea r unconcerned and defiant. "Poo r child l" he said, patronizingly, as b e approached where sbe was sitting upon the only bE-ncb in the rude jail. It is a siu to keep you shut up in tbis dismal place." "Indeed I I presume it causes you many pangs of anguish," Calamity retorted. "The only thing surprising to me i s your foolishn ess-for you surely moot be foolish if you hope to make anything out of this move." What move?" Maguire demanded, with ri smile. "I have made no move, and formed no pfan -as y et, except to capture the festive phantom, Richard, and mar1 y yourtielf." "Humph! I thought tbat was your 1.1-:ame, as soon as I discov ered myself here in jail. But, let me tell you that you are reckoning without your host. You think my being imprisoned here will attract Dick to my rescue, hut be will never come w my rescue, and you will have your trout.le for your paius." Calamity laughed scornfully. "You know little of m:r, husband, if you r011lly entertain such an idea, she said. "If he is reall.Y alive, wbicb I but half believe, aoy lon ger, be will not allow himself to be tak,.n, you way r est assured. If you escape witb your own life you may count yourself lucky I" "1'11 take all tbe chances, while as for yourself, you have only one chance, which 1s this: murry me and accompany me back to the States, and it will be all right. Otherwise, y b u will be k ept here until t o-morro'v at sunrise, wben, if Deadwood Dicky don't obligingly Stumble ioto my power, you wi)l be taken from jail and shot as bis accomplice and spy." "Very well. If necessary, I'll take the shooting penalty, a hundred times in preference ro marrying a ruffian of your ilk I"

Deadwood Dick's Dlspise. SI to start, Deputy Maguire came down to the water's edge with a pompous strut. "Hello, si s wh e r e are you goin g in that b oatr' h e demanded, in an authoritat i v e way tha t instantly aro u sed Kate's "Iris h "I s h ould like t o kn ow what it i s your bus i ness, as Jong as it's my hoat? I gen e rall y go where I please with it!" she r etorted, her fa ce flu shing with indignation. "Oh! it's yocAr b oa.t e h? W e ll, I can't h elp that. l'::n having a rigid wat ch k ept o v e r this town, and no ou e can ente r it o r leave it without my permiss i o n u Kate stare d at tbe m a n \n astonis h ment for o. moment, then burs t into a sarcastic l a u gb "The powers of a d eputy m a r shal mu s t have increase d som e the n sh e said c ooll y "I never was aware the l a w gave you the power to exert authority ov e r everybody." It was Maguire's turn t v b e s omewha t astonish ed; be h a d not expe cted to encounter so sharp a girl. "Well, I h a v e the power, and you will save yourself unnecPssary trouble by obeying m e! h e d e c l a r e d. "Do tell I" w a s Kate's response "I dare say you'd like to have me desist from doing as I please?" "Yo u c ouldn't have bit it straighter bad you tried," w a s the declaration, uttered with a d& gree o f self-consciou s pride. "Then allow me to p:ilitely inform you that you are reckoning without your h os t as I reco g nize no master but myself and the One abo v e Your preposterous suppositi o n that you can order me about is highl y ludicrous and insol ent, so the sooner you get rid of a large per cent. of your freshnAss the better your chances will be for surviving your honorary of fice Maguire flushed with rage. "I'll show you what p ower I have if you attempt to leave the place !" he growled, menacinglv. "Will yon, though'!" Kate flashed, drawing a self-cocking r e v olve r suddenly _from her pock e t and leveling it upon him. "Now, Mr. D eputy Marshal, I'll give you until I count thirty to put your anatomy out of sight around tbe co r ner of yonder building. If y o u fail to do s o you'll find that I am a mos t excellent sbot, and not a bit 'skeery' about dropping a man of your type. G o or I ll make you regret that you eve r saw me." Maguire's eyes glilarned luridly. "Curs e m e I ought to have shot you without parley," h e gritted. ''You've got the drop, and I'll r etreat I" He did s o with a poor exhibition of grace, and Kate was l eft master of the situation. the advantag e thus gained, sho took p o ssessi o n of h e r boat and pulled out upon the lake. As soon as she was well out from the shore she headed her boat into the s .vamp-the strange gloomy forest which grew up out of the dark waters of tbe lake. Not without some Kate propelled her boat up one of the gloomy water-aisles, where in some places water lilies rested upon 1'ie IUJ'face, and the frequent "chug" of the frog was beard, startled from his perch b,"y" the approach of the boat. So thick were the branc h e s and leaves overhead that, after she was fairly iuto tba woods, Kate wa s una ble to see but a short distance ahead of h er. The r e Vl!fl S a strang e, pec uli a r o dor o n the damp air, and tbe weird sil e nce l ent a sol emn charm t o the surroundings. For an bour sb e threaded the l abyrinth of the place with care ful o ar-stroke-then she abruptly baite d her boa t in curibsity. Just ahe a d of h e r was land, to eithe r side of wbic b the w ater diverged, proving tbat insmad of b eing the m ainla nd, it w a s au i sland in the sw amp. Fronting upon the water, however, precipito u s cliffs arose to a bight nearly equal to that of the tree s themselv es-cliffs '7bic h Kate at on c e per ceived no ordinary mortal could e asily sc al e una8siste d. Having di s co v ered this muc h she ptllled softly on, care ful l es t the incaut' ous dip of an oar should b etray her pres e nce. In this way she made a voya11:e entirely around t be i s ltrnd, and found the cliffs arose the same on all There was one place, however, where a narrow path bad bPen hewn out up the sides of this cliff, and was the only vi s ible route by wbicb the top of the lift" could be reached from the water's edge. As a whole, Kate judged that the island comprised some forty or fifty acres, and was wooded upon the top. "This must b e Deadwood Dkk's rende zvous," was her conclusi o n. "And, too, the r e must he. a secret concerning the place, or be could not stay here. I wond e r what kind of a r eC"eption I'll rne P t with if I go up there? Be it good, IJad or indifferent, I'm going to try it." She pulled her hoat close to the r ocky wall and fastened it to a little spur of rock with a rope. Stepping out, then, she cautiously ascended the narrow pathway, and was soon at the top, where, to h e r surpris e, she found hl'rself facing a pocket, which the sloping formation of land made a mo s t perfect bowl or caldron in nature's mold. There w ere only a few shrubs to be seen, while at the bottom were two-shanties and some tents of consid erable size Digging into tbe sides of the basin wert> some half a dozen red-shirted men, evidently mining f o r g old. Kate was noting everything when a band seiz e d her should e r and a man's voice exclaimed "Young lady, you are my prisoner!" CHAPTER XIII. THE MASTER..DF THl!M ALL J THE two prominent men of Doomsday were now undisputahly Wild Walt the Tiger nnd Maguire, tbe deputy-that is, as far as strength was concerned, while Bum the Bumrner was by no means to be unconsidered as regards popularity. The Tiger, bowever, had no fancy for the Government official, who had so obtruded bim !elf into the flel

Deadwood Dick's Dlsguiae. IOV!\. with the bruiser, who seem e d to desire a quarrel with the marsha l. Duriag the fore noon of the day following Calamity's arrest, Maguire s p ent the mo s t of his time ia the Bi!!; B onanza, endeavoring to make hunself popul a r by treating nearly e v e r y orie who e d t he room; but i u this li be r a lity h e , l y omitted to invite the Tige r to par tic i pa'te ; and the r e f o r e afte r standing i t a s lon g a s h i s p a!at.e a nd tem per w o uld a rlmit, the rOU'.!:ll m a d e b old to range himse lf up alongoi de t he and wa3 n o t bashful in calling f o r wl.tis ky. "Ve l, y ou vii have to oxkushe me, M fsder V alterl" S o lomons said," but you SP.e i d v11s a g airl t mine rules to leclt you baff anodde r s h mil e until you vas pay me dot seven dollar "'o t you ba ve on der sh l ate." Get out, you old lim b ergerl" the Tiger ex .ilaim e d, with f erocious mi en. '' I'm dri nkin g wi' my friend b eer, the r d eputy. Scratc h it on his li st." And seizing the bottle from the J e w's h a n c ls, he pro ceedad to insert the nozzl e between h is lips al)(! help himself ir. a lib eral w ay. But he had not absorbed e nou g h t o do him any harm before the bottle w a s struc k b y the iro u fis t of Maguire and dash e d into atoms. Whereupon the Tiger turned u po n him with a drawn revolver. But it chanced that the deput y bad on e dra wn .al so and the two m e n stood glaring with anything but friendly express10ns o r countena n ce "I r eckon you are a little mis t a k e n in your opinio n as to who pays y our whisky bill s !" w a s Maguire's reminder. Whe n I w ant y o u to drink with me I will give you a person a l invita tion." "Ye didn't invite me the n?" Wild Walt snee r ed, savagely. "Well, I r ecko n n ot! I gen erally am partic ular as to whom I driuk with." "The n ye meant t e r sli ght me whe n ye war settin ' e m11p fer tbe r r es t o' the r b o y s?' W e ll, y e e f y e l1k3 et s o-tho u g h I did n o t think you of enou g h importa n ce to n otice." "Waal, yo u'll j us t about find out h ow much irnp ortauc o I am," the Tiger r etur n e d, flaming with r a g e "l'rv the b oss o f bya r h a ml et, I am, an' w h e n a f elle r insults me be might as w e ll take his c h o ic e o two thi ngs-get d owu on bis kn ees and a p o logize, or cummit s uici d e fer I'll g r in d him into bone -du s t ef be d on't. Any o n e a s knows mil will t ell ye as how I'm terrific bad." The d eputy m arshal ma:v have thought so, too, but he mustered up courage enough to force a derisive l a ugh. I "I gue ss y ou won't hurt m any blind cats !" be scornfully. The b es t thing you can do is to go hom e and g o t o b ed." A h e llish gleam shot fro m the eyes of Wild Walt, and, with a p anther-like l eap, b e sprung the d eputy. bis lips emitting a hiss like that of som e v e nomous s erpent. The next instant the two men were clinch e d and rolling upon the floor, snarling and gro wl like a pair of fighting dogs. 'I'll murder you!" the deputy roared, furi owdy, struggling to get free. When ye do your beauty will be gone, like mine is!" the Tiger cried, he having the top and endeavoring to get a hold on bis enemy's nose with his teeth. Nor was it long ere he succeeded in doing sol and off came the better part of Maguire 's nasa appe ndage, to be spat out upo n tbe floor. Vociferou s cheers w en t up o n e i t be r b and, for the average class of the habitues of the B o nanza. .. w ere in their element wbeu uny entertainment of such thrilling interest occurre d. M aguire ho w led with a<'tual h orror, both on a c c ount of. the p ain and at the disgrace of part ing with his "smeller," and his struggles to &et free were t errible But the Tiger held him firmly d o wn, and su c ceeded in drn wing bis knife "Now, then," he crie d1 fiercely "I've got y e r life and d eath right m my bands, and y e know it, s o j est quie t do v n an' be sensibl e or I'll y o u through the h eart." And Maguire did quie t down almos t instant ly, as it was evident b e dtd not f e el prepared to part with bi s earthly hopes and aspirations o n suc h sh ort n otice A malic inus grin distorted the Tiger's ugly visag e w li"e n b e ;;a w bis enemy succumbed. "'l'hort y e' d a cknowlE)dge me boss," be grin ned," wh e n y o u s a w my prowe s s Now, d'ye know what I'm g oin' ter do w i t h you1" The offic e r did not ans wer, but tl:tere wns a lo o k iu his eyes that tolr:I b e tter than words that h e did not expec t muc h m ercy . "Wo n t a nsw er, e h? Wild Walt growled. "We ll, I kin rel! ye, j es t the same. Y e can't b e. p but liste n. Y ou've got to pro mi se to n e v e r again r a i se your band again s t m e or I'll cu t y e r h eart out ri ght wh a r you lay Speak! I'll give y o u h u t ins t ant to answ e r "I'll answ e r f o r yon-no!" a stern, ringing v o i ce c rfod a nd simultaneou sly a man leape d throug h tbo c r o wd, and d ealt the Tige r a bl ow witll the butt o r a r e volv e r tha t tumbled him s e n se l ess t o tl:te floor T he n ew-co m e r w a s Deadwood Dick! N o t b iug WHS tbere ghostly about him row1 for ht1 was dre s se d in garments of black, anti l ooked every bit as natura l as when he had made himself fam ous by bis exploits in the Black Hills and other p arts of the Far West. Maguire gave a gasp when he saw him, and sprung to his f eet. "Hurrah 1 is Deadwood Dick! I'll pay a thousand dollars for bis capture alive r' It w a s a big sum: the crowd h esitated but a s ec ond, and then rus h e d upon the noted Hills rove r with yell s of victory. But the y r ec ked not the c ost of capturing a mau of Dick's caliber. "Back! back, you hounds!" he cried. "If you don't, I'll teach y o u a lesson you'll not soon forget I "" CHAPTER XIV. A WATER SURROUND. Tmc warning utte r e :l b y the Prince Jt the Roa d, however, had no effect, for they rushed with all determination to c apture the man and thus secure the coveted reward. Bang! bang! bang! The revolvers of Dead-


.Oeadwood Dick's Dispise. 28 wood Dick spoke spitefully until the las t chamber bad been emptied, with telling eff ect; then, clubbing his weapons, the de&perate man struck rii:bt and left and force d bis way toward a. wmdow, through which he d11Fhed, carrying sash and glass with him. H eaded by Maguire, who in the excitement bad forgotten all about bis l ost D l)se the crow d followed suit with l oud y e llsbl!t to n o purpose f o r too fleet of foot was the Prince o f Borde r Bravos to he overtaken, aud l o n g ere b is pursuers struck his trail and reached the water's edge, be was skimming over the lake beyond rifle range Having n o craft except the heavy f erry-boat to give purs u i t in, the deput y and his backers could only s tand on shore and bowl forth their curses afte r h im as a fe w minutes later they saw him glide out o f si ght into the co v e r of tbe Hwamp forest, with a. mocking sh out of d e fiance. Maguire fairly howle d himself hoarse with rage at bi s defeat. "Some one set to w ork and make som<> b oats I'll give a. hundred dollars apie ce fo r the m I h e cried. "The cuss li ve s \Somewbere in tha t swamp, and we' ll r oo t him out, if it costs u s a hundre d liv es Will you stand by m e m e n?" There was an affirmat.ive s h out fro w m any, which sp o k e of t be attractio n the r e w a r d was to the m, irrespective o f any interest they might have in him personally A canvas of the crow!!. was made a n d an old bunte r a g r eed to furaish some du gl)ut s for the lake f o r the price o ff e red h y tbe d ep uty, and a t o n ce se t out into the m ountains to se l ec t suitable tre e s By t h e middle of the afternoo n h alf n d oze n roug n dug-outs, capable of h olding three men each, w ere r eady and launched into the lake, and Maguire bad to" fork o ver," whic h b e did with barl gra ce. S e l ecting a d<'zen and fiv e roug h but tho r o u g h frontiersm e n b es ides hi mself, and placing anothe r squa d to g u a r d t he j a il, t he

24 Dead,,.ood Dick's Disguise. CHAPTER XV. THE ISLAND SIEGE. AT first there was no answer from within the jail. Evidently tbe prisoner did not feel assured, but feare d tbat some tr11p was se t for her. When the Tige r repeated bis declaration, however, in a ) n uder tooe, she made her appearance in the doorway. "What 1 s the matte r? What do you mean?" she rlemanJed,-stariag at bim, and then at the drugged guards wbo Jay strewn around. "I tbat I have come to give you your liberty!" Wild Walt replied, bowing. "I've changed my views os many matters within the las t few llonrs, and bave made up my miori to be a somewhat man." "A very commendable rcsolntion," Cabmity remarked, "if you m ean wbat you say, which I doubt. Why should you come to release me tboui?;hr' "For t<'l to j'ine in wi' Di ck, an' help his ease through." "We ll, admitting wbat you say to be true, what is tba matter with D adwvod Dick tbat we should go to bis assistanee'" Calamity asked, still doubtingly. "He is b eing set upon by tbat f e llow Maguire, and a lot of tbe boys, wbo have gone into the swamp to hunt bim down. If they find his rendezvous, they'll make it warm for him." looked anxious at this, showing ber <.'ontinned deep interest in tbe band.some koigbt of the West. "If that is so, I musthinrleed, go to his assistance," sbe d ec ided. ow did the expedition stut. out without boats?" "They were cnte enoug' for that, you bet I" the Tige r exp lained. "Maguire forked over six bundrnd for baving six dug-outs made. But, I don't kef>r for that; I j es t happen to kuow wbar thr's an Indian birct canoe. So come along, an' we'll soo n he on ther ragin' deep in s'arrb of Riebard the Rover." Calamity was silent a moment, in meditation; then said: "Very well, lead ahead; but look out tbat you don't attempt any trlC'ks, for I shall watch you like a hawk, and shoot you instanter if I catch you at anv." / They then glided away frnrn the vicinity of the jail, and f o llowed along the lake-shore for some distance. Finally they came to a swail of rushes, which extended out mto the water. and, bidden therein1 Tiger found the light birchen cauoe be baa spoken about. Pulling it out into clear water by the edge of the hank, he and Calamity both entered, and he sellld the paddle. Soon they were gliding out upon the lake1 towartl tbe sombe r liue of timbe r which contamed the l air of Deadwood Dick. "You will bave to nose along carefully, so as not to encounter any o f the other Calamitv cautioned, "for were we to encounter "them they might make u s trouble !" And so tbey moved along with great circumspection and silence. L e t us return to Kate Laurel, whom we left upon D eadwood Dick's island. When sbe beard the voice of th" man behind her, and heard him speak so authoritatively, bis grasp resting upon her shoulder, she uttered a little scream, and wheeled around. "I am your prisoner, did you say1" she cried. "Wbe n did you arrive at that conclusion, pray? now," the man responded, smiling. "You do n o t know wh ere you are, p erhaps?" "Ob, yes I do!" was tbe retort. "I'm at the end of my journey to Deadwood Dick's i sland." The man laughed. He was a dashing-looking person, of some eight-and-twenty years, possessed of a stronglyhuilt and graceful form, of commanding pres ence and a face wbP,fein was much to admire, as regar.ied his eyes, which were dark, brilliant and 1>xpressive. L ong hair, falling in ripples upon bis shoul tlers, and a graceful and goatee, gave him an aspect pleasing to the eye. Kate wa.s surprised, ai'I she bad expected to see one of tbe t_v pica! border ruffians, such u.q tbe little to1.-n of Doomsday. "Yes, this is Deadwood Dick's island, and whoever comes bere, lose their lioortyr he answered. I 'lm placed here to discharge tbe agreeable duty of sei'ing tbat whosoever cometh h e rll, eseapetb not. M:v name is Lloyd." "And mine is Kate Luurel, and I have come here to see Deadwood Dick,'' she said. "Will you have the kicdness to sbow me into his presence?" Lloyd whistled. "So, you are Miss Laurel, eh, whom I judged by bis say, our captain has been rather soft on1 Perhaps I may tell you something that will surprise vou, ma'am1" "WbaU" Kate queried, curiosity getting, for once, the Jx,st of her. "Well-this" Lloyd answered besitAtingly. "Deadwood Dick is married, but separated from his wife, Celamlt. v Jane, who is lurKing in tbis vicinity tryiug to catch bim. It sbe were to catch you here, I fancy there'd be some hairpulling." "I am well posted on the matter you speak of,' Kate returned-" even am slightly acquainted with Calamit.v Jane. Concerning her, I come here to see Dearl1VMd Dick-not to woo him, as yon seem to infer." "Well, in tbat case, of course I have nothing to say. more than this. Yeu can have privi lege of roaming about the basin, until Deadwood Dick comes, but you ars warned against attempting to escape." I have no desire to do so until I see yonr caP.tain. When will that be1'' I do not know exactly when he will arrive


Deadwood Dick's Disguise. 25 home from a row on the Jake. Wbeu he does, I will apprise him of vour presence in the basin." Taking this for a hint that sbe could have the privilege of entertaining herse lf, Kate strolll'

28 Deadwood Dick's fully, that they were soon pleasant acquaint ances. When it was just sufficiently dark, as be thought, the lieutenant mada an attempt to creep ap toward the bluffs on a prospecting tour; but be hadn't got far ere a bullet sung so close past his e11r, tbat for a moment be thought be was struck and m!i.< l e lively time back to camp. "They have got shal'p eyes," be averred. "So it won't do to be off guard. Get your weapons ready, and keep all your ears and eyes open, without speaking." Tbe orde r was obeyed, but the muttering of tbunri e r soon disturbed the s il e n ce and wind beg-an to sigh with mournful sound over the cliff. Tb e n there came a h of lightning, and Llo.v. I hope where be ran work against you." "Bab I I'll IJave him ero long, rPs t assured, and then, havin g already sec ured Calamity Jane, the ringlea ders of this outlaw hand will b e mine. Theu I may make terms satis factory to (l.11. If not, I can make a spec hyhanding you all over to tbe Jaw, which will summarily dispose of vou iu good shape." "So yo u propose to be b ought off, do you'!" Ll oyd demanded. "Yo u bet I do, if I Mn make a fortune by itl" Magni e confessed "Be sides, it shall bt1 un derstood that I have the choice between this young woman and Ga'lamity Jane for a wife," _,!!.I gue"" you will fail, 80 far a s I am con cerned I" Kate Laurel cried, independently. "Whe n I want to ally myself to a rattlesnake, I'll search tbrougb the bills for one that's pos s essed of a better nos e than yours, or else no noe at all!" M tlguire fairly boiled with rage at this retort, anrl a tring of violent curses escaped his lips. "I'll soon show you who is boss!" he growled, savagely. "Ef I take a notion, I'll have the l:>otb of you I" ou are blatant for a man of so little im-


Deadwood Dick's Dlgu.lae. 27 portance!" Lleutenant Lloyd interposed. "Just :remember that Deadwood Dick owes you thing in the way of a grudge, and if I am not mistaken, you'll need a shroud when he gets through with you." "Bah I it will be him who will get the worst of \ti" was the gruff reply. "Bojs, remov.i this precious pair to the cabin, there, and see that they do not escape." Although the party under Maguire had not fared so badly, the same could hardly be said of the men in the tree-tops. Hardly bad the party on the island commenced their assault, when one of the six guards in tbe trees was heard to go splashing down into the water from among the branches. Not long afterward there was a yell, and a terrible thrashing among the branches, when splash went another body into the wat him?" "Eighteen!" "And you dispatched three of themt'' "Nol six." ''fhen there are twelve on the Ulland. If r were there I'd clean tbem out in about no time, because I'd lead, and my twenty odd follow where I direct or go." "Listen I The firing is slowing up I Somei one is getting weak!" Wild Walt said "Should it be my me11, we shall have some thing to do!" Dick returned. I'll n;-ake it warm for this man, Maguire, sbQuld be be defeated." He then listened, witb glowing eyes, until the


28 Deadwood Dick's Dispse. last shot was beard; then be turned to the Tiger, expressing her gratitude to me for saving her som"tbing terrible in Ins piercing g-lance: father's life tbe nigbt he was decoyed on tbe "I am 1Jfntid my crowd 1s defeated! Come I lake and bis life attempted. I bitppened along let us make a move. Folio iv me, and mind!-1 just in time to save bis life and gold, and am putting confidence in you. If you betray brought bim to tbis island, where he bas since 1t, I'll see tbat you never do so in another inbeen confined to a tent, from the effects of stance." wound, but is now recovering. But look, yon" Never fear!" the Tiger protested. "I am as der cabin is afire, and 1t is as l feared! My 50lid to depend upon as the pilgrim rock!" -me n have been defeated by Mui:uire and his Deadwood Dick tben propelleave a change made in affairs on this island, The RCtion follow:ld the word, whereupon they and if I mistake not, leave this part of the secured their own canoe, and clambered up the West for g0od." bluff, eager to learn tbe results of the battle. "And leave your Divide in the bottom of the lake?" Wild Walt queried, in surprise CHAPTER XVII. Dick laughed. TIME'S REVENGES-CONCLUSION. "Hardly I" be answered. "The of Jusr on top of tb<: cliff they tame face to that went down with my horse have long emce face with Calamil ; 'f Jane, who bacl evidently been recovered. In the dead of night I have been peering down at them as they came up the several times been lowered down, until, little patb. by little, I have got the lost treasure and transDiek turned away his gaze as the accusing ferred 1t to a place of safety far from here. glance of Calamity rester, "For 11our sake I will not be three occasions, but tbat is far as our ac-rasb, hut will com<:> ba<'k, and WP will go hence quaintance has gone." togPtber. Come, crawl after me!" "I did not see her Jr. nooling hetore yon, in a He le

Dick's Disguise. 20 far into tho bowela of the cliff, near its outward "Your gab is too plentiful. If you want edge. earn fifty dollars, sbow me wbt>re Deadwoc.d A ladder of rope was fasroned to a strong sap-Dick is, and tben cmne hack afror the boys, and ling at tbe edgl' of this bole, and furnished a wben tbe devil is captured the money shall be means of rlescenr.ling int:; it. yours!" "Tt.ere!" Dick announced. "You two can "All right! I'm yer man! Come erlongl" remain here. If danger approacbes, you can deBum celled out. with a nod. "I can't make scead intn tbe pit and secrete yourselves until I my fortin' ear.ier." join you, wbicb will be before daybreak, Keep Witb wbicb words be started off. rour eyes and ears open, bowever, so as to avoid Maguire eyed bim a moment. as if half sus-.; surprise." picio us, and then follly entering this, be groped around Tben, suddenly, Deadwood Dick turned upon and found a bundle of things, some of wbbb he the deputy, by a touch threw off bis disguise, at OD('e proceeded to don, and in a ff.w minutes and, in tbe same movement produced, two there emer ged from tbe PX(avation-Old Bum! swords from beneath the 1isguise. Rough, uncouth, and possessed of the strangeMaguire shrunk beck with a gasp, when he huecl beard was be, and not one. out of a bundrPd saw tow be bad been tricked, and probably would bavl' snspected tbat beneath bis queH ex-would have yelled for assistance, but for the terior was the famous man of the mines, Dead-motion of a pistol wbicb warned him to desist wood Dick. If! you n1ake an outcry you die I" Dick ex-He walked boldly down the slope to the bot-claimed, sternly; "you are a black bearted tom of the basin, apparently without the least scoundrel a dirty villain-and you shall an swer for the injury you have d0ne me, and my As soon as be drew near the burning building true wife. 'l'ber e is a sword, sir"-and be threw ho doffed bis bat and gave a hurrah that awoke the weapon on tbP ground, in front of Maguire. tbe echoes. "It i s either yon or I. now. Pick up your "Kerwboop! So ye've cleaned out the ranch, weapon fU!d meet m e like a men, if, indeed, hes ye?'' be cried, as be approached Maguire. there is a spark of manhood in yon.' "Tbet's a good thing, by gum I Hed a curiosity A of rage Maguire's face, and ter see bow ye war gettin' on, so I jest skuted an e vil gleam of hatred entered bis over. Didn't find Deadwood hisself, tho', did He picked up the s"'ord, and the men faced ye?" each other, with weapons seized in a firm "Nol" Maguire growled. "It won't be long grasp. ere I trap him, however." Then c&me thrus t and parry-and a low "Kill 'em all?'' Bum quizzed, staring grimly groan. at the row of lifeless corst>S. Maguire dropped dead. "No; have reserved his iigbt-hend man, also The p oint of his sword bad caught in Deada wounded delegate named Laurel and bis wood hilt, a::d breaking off, was burled dau11:hter, in the cabin yonder." back in such a manner tbat the point of it was "Humph I" Bum grunrod. "S'pose ye wouldburied in the deputy's left eye, and penetrating n't mind ef ye knew wbar Dicky and C'laruity to the brain, produced almost instant death. aire1" Kneeling b eside the ruffian for a few mo-"Do you know where they are?" Maguire men ts, Deadwood Dick ran:;ackEd bis pockets of queried, suspiciously. his papers, redoffing bis disguise as Old "Waal, neow, depends altergetber whar Bum, be ran b1wk to tbe camp in the heart of they aire and bow mucb ye want ter ay to the basin. know wbar," Bum replied. with a queer grin. "Quick! quick!" he sbt>uted. "Go to the as-"Oh! you want to speculate, do you? Well, sistance of Maguire. I will look to the prisonlet me roll you ::f ou won't get a cent out of me. ers !" What's more, you can remain right here in Every man went, and-camp until I see fit to dispose of you. For in-stance, bow would you like to roast in yonder fire!" "Ob, beavings! I'd scre ech the top of the houses off!" Bum cried, quaking with apparent terror. "Don't say any more, I'll be as rreek as a lamb, an' ef ye want me to show ye wher Deadwood Dick is, I'll do et fer jest twenty shillin's cash. Theo, while ye watch him. I'll come back an' get scme o' yer fellers to help capture bim an' bis wife, Calamity Jane." "Bab I Calamity is in jail!" You lie I Tbe Tiger reskied her to-day I I :.'ollered, an I can show ye jest wbar all parties Tbrei> days later a happy party were ('amping fifty to the west"ar

Dick Library e LATEST AND BEST. HANDSOME THI-COLORED COVERS. 32 Pages. Buy O ne a nd You Will B uy t ile Beetl P e r Sample CoTer See 8 te1 I DEADWOO D DICK LIBRARY. 1 :Deadwood Dick, the Prince of the Road I The Double Daggers; or, Deadwood Dick's Defiance I rhe Butralo Demon; or, The Border Vultures 4 Butralo Ben, Prince or the Pistol Ii Wild Ivan, the Boy Claude Duval I Death-Face, the Detective 7 The Phantom Min er; or, Deadwood Dick's Bonanza 8 Old Avalanch.,, the Great Annihilator; or, Wild Edna, the Girl Brigand 9 Bob Woolr, the Border Ruffian 10 Omaha 011, the Masked Terror; or, Deadwood Dick In Dani>:er 11 Jim Bludaoe, Jr., the Boy Phenix; or, Through to Death JI Deadwood Dick's Eagles; or, The Pards of Flood Bar 13 'Buckhorn Bill; or, The Red Rifle Team 14 <:.'old Rifle, the Sharpshooter 16 Deadwood Dick on Deck; or, Calamity Jane 18 Corduroy Charlie, the Boy Bravo 17 Rosebud Rob; or, Nugget Ned, the Knight of the Gulch 8 ldyl, the Girl Miner; or, Rosehurl Rob on Hand 111 Photograph Phil; or, Rosebud Rob's Reappearance IO Watch-Eye. the Shadow It Deadwood Dick's Device; or, The Sign of the Double Cross :112 Canada Chet, the CounterfPiter Chief 28 Deadwood Dick lu Leadville; or, A Strange Stroke for Liberty 114 Deadwood Dick as Detective 25 Gilt-Edged Dick 26 Bonanza Bill, the Man-Tracker; or, The Secret Twelve 27 Chip, the Girl Sport 28 Jack Hoyle's Lead; ori... The Road to Fortune 29 Boss Bob, the Kln11: of 30 Dead vood Dick's Double; or, The Ghost of Gorgon a Gulch 81 Blonde Bill; or, Deadwood Dick's Home Base Ill Solid Sam, the Boy Road-Agent 83 Tony Fox, the Ferret: or, Boss Bob's Bosa Job 84 A Game of Gold; or, Deadwood Dick's Big Strike 85 Deadwood Dick or Deadwood: or, The Picked PartJ 36 New York Nell, the Boy-Girl Detective 37 Nobb. v Nick of Nevada; or, The Scamps of the Sierras 38 Wild Frank, the Buckskin Bravo 39 Deadwood Dick' s Doom; or, Calamity Jane's Last Adventure 40 Deadwood Dick's Dream; or, The Rivals of the Road 41 Deadwood Dick's Ward; or, The Black Hills 42 '!'he Arab Detective; or, Snoozer, the Boy Sharp 43 The Ventriloquist Detective. A Romance of Rogues 44 DPtective Josh Grim; or, The Young Gladiator's Game 45 The Frontier Detective; or, Sierra Sam's Scheme 46 The Jimtown Sport; or, Gypsy JacK In Colorado 47 The Miner Sport; or, Sugar-Coated Sam' s Claim 48 Dick Drew, the Miner's Son; or, Apollo Bili, the Road-Agent 49.Sierra Sam, the Detec ti v e GO Sierra Sam's Double; or, The Thre e Female Detect. ives 51 Sierra Barn's Sentence; or, Little T.uck at Rough Ranch 52 The Girl Sport: or, Jumbo .Joe's Disl!.'uise 53 Denver Doll's Device; or, The Detective Queen 54 Denver Doll as 55 D enver Dn!l's Partner; or, Big nuckskln the Sport 66 Denver D o ll's l\1ine; or, Little Bill's Big Loss 67 Deadwood Dick Trapped 58 Buck Hawk, Detective; or, The Messenger Boy s Fortune 69 Deadwood Dick's Disguis e ; or, Wild Walt, the Sport 60 Dumb Dick's Pard: or, Eliza Jane, the Gold Miner 61 Deadwood Dick's Mission 62 Spotter Fritz: or, The 8tore-Detectlve's Decoy 63 The Detective Road-Agent; or, The Miners of Sasaa fras City 64 Colorado Charlie's Detective Duh; or, The Catt.le Kings


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