Hop Lee, the Chinese slave dealer; or, Old and Young King Brady and the opium fiends

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Hop Lee, the Chinese slave dealer; or, Old and Young King Brady and the opium fiends

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Hop Lee, the Chinese slave dealer; or, Old and Young King Brady and the opium fiends
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Secret service, Old and Young King Brady, detectives
Doughty, Francis Worcester d. 1917
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New York
Frank Tousey
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1 online resource (28 p.) 28 cm.: ;


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Dime novels. ( lcsh )
Mystery and detective fiction. ( lcsh )
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University of South Florida
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Iuued Weekly-By Subacriptio11 $ 2.60 per year. E11te1ed as Sec ond Class Matter at th e New York Pos t Office, by Frn11k .Tauaey. No. 13. NEW YORK, APRIL 21, 1899. Price 5 Cents. I'm going to rescue that poor girl from this den if I have to choke the life out of you two I" hissed Old K i n g Brady.


Issued WeeklY,-B11 Subscription $2.50 per :i:ear. FJntered as Second Clas. Mg.tl.w:, lk?,t;t Y

2 HOP LEE, THE CHINESE SLAVE DEALER. 1'his room was luxuriously fitted up as an opium "What was it?" smoking saloon. Oriental draperies hung upon the "A photograph of a beautiful girl, whom we bo walls, velvet carpets covered the floor, divans on know." which the smokers of the fatal but seductive Chinese Again Hop Lee started. drug reclined when they hit the pipe, were ranged "You don't mean Edna Morton, the along the walls. girl ?" he exclaimed. Hop Lee closed the door, and he and Captain "Oh, but I do !" l3arnabas were alone. "Then there's cause for alarm." '"Now we can talk in safety ; eh, Hop Lee?" said "Yes, for I believe Old and Young King Brad Captain Barnabas, becoming seated on one of the have come to San Francisco to search for that girl. divans. "If they find her our scheme to get hold of the girl "Yes, now we talk," answered the Chinaman, in great fortune will fall through." perfect English. "Of course. But I made a further discovery whi "But," he added, indicating an opium pipe on a seems to indicate that the two detectives have mo stand, "you can smoke while we ta.!k." than one..motive for coming to San Francisco." "No, Hop Lee, none of the dope for me to-day. "How so?" The cursed stuff has taken too strong a hold on me "When they were looking at the map and the ph already. I'm a slave of the dope, and I want it badly tograph I heard Old King Brady say: 'Now we w but I've got to keep my head clear, you know go to see Clara Moore.'" why." "Ha! of Blake Moore, the San Fra "Yes, and you're rigl1t, Ghi{l Barn31bas. Now, 1lell ciscG detecti-4, fVvho undertook to ferret out the sla me all about why you told me on the street you had dealers of Chinatown." bad news for me." "The same. Now, I ask you, Hop Lee, what c "I can do that easily. The fact is, to-day I saw the Secret Service men want of Blake Moore's siste two of the greatest Secret Service detectives of unless they mean to get from her all the facts abo America on a street of San Francisco. I recognized the death of that officer?" those man-hunters, who were not in disguise. They "I t)ink you are right. But to-day all the Chin are 0ld and Young King Brady." men of the Highbinders League shall be warned. "I've heard of them," said Hop Lee. "The High-gang of slavers, too, shall be told to look out. H binders of New York have told me about them. Do The mysterious death shall be ready for the spies you think they are after us?" the old receiving station!" "Hop Lee," answered the other, "I am almost "I take it the Bradys will go there. It was a go sure that Old King Brady and bis partner have come idea of ours to make a show of using the hou to Sa.n Francisco to do detective work in Chinathough we know it has been marked by the poli Now, the old house will serve as a bait to decoy t The Mongolian ga.ve a quick start as he asked in detectives into our power." anxious tones. "That's it; no white man, save yourself, knows t "How do you come to think that?" secret of the means of swift and certain death whi "I followed the detectives to their hotel." the old retreat contains. The great American d "You found out something there?" tectives cannot guard against it. 'l'hey shall die "Yes, 1 saw the two detectives in a private room . the old house. Ah, if they think to run Hop Lee, t I spied upon them through the ventilator over the great Chinese slave dealer, to earth, they will peris door." in the attempt." "What did you see?" "Just as Blake Moore and two other detectiv "The two officers were poring over a ma.p of San have perished, eh ?" Francisco's Chinatown." "Yes, sure, silent, almost invisible is the means "Ha! They were getting the lay of the land!" doom which my band of slavers brought me fro "l believe so. But what assured me that they China." r were after us, was btltause I saw Old King Brady "But I warn you that the two King Bradys a point out the house in Chinatown, which used to be men of extraordinary cunning and bravery. I a the receiving station of our band of opium smugglers not known to them. But during a recent trip and your gang of slavers.'' New York they were pointed out me by our age At that, Hop Lee exclaimed fiercely: in New York's Chinatown, and I was informed tha "Well, let them come to the old receiving house. they .bad never yet failed to bring any case they too Yes, let them come, and they will never leave the successful end.'' house alive You know we were posted some time "All right, Cap Barnabas. .But we are shemin ago that the police had spotted the old den, so we for the millions of the Bonanza King's daughter, a shifted our quarters, but we have since made a pre-our great money making business of slave dealin tense of using the old place, merely to fool the police." and opium smuggling is imperiled. So you may "Yes. But I saw something in the hand of Old I sure Hop Lee will prove too much for the detective King Brady besides the map of Chinatown.'' assisted by you and all my gang. I am a king


HOP LEE, THE CHINESE SLAVE DEALER. 3 atown. All men fear me here, all w1ll do my 01d-1 suspicious. Moore was in excellent health. His ," answered the Chinese slave dealer, vaunt-sis 'ter, Miss Clara, would have it that he was murThen let us make our preparations. ate that Old King Brady and his Chinatown to-night.'' dered in some mysterious way, so I had a post mortem 1 rather anmade., and experts made tests for poison in the re partner will marns. The result was that they could find no trace ome. We will go \o the old house m which we to keep smuggled dope, and which served as slave mart before the police got onto the place," d Captam Barnabas. Yes, we'll go there at once," assented the Chinaof any known poison. But the dead man's brain was found to be conjested m a peculiar way. As no one could say this was the result of poison, the case has remained a mystery to this day." "1 Believe two other detectives were found dead on the streets of Chmatown not far from the house in which the remams of Moore were discovered?" ptain Barnabas arose, and Hop Lee preceded "Yes. Those men were found dead as you say be out of the room . They passed out of the opmm fore Moore met his untimely fate. They were work-and walked rapidly away. ing with him, seekmg to ferret out the Chinese slave * * * j dealers. And strangely enough, no marks of violence t about the same hour Old King Brady and Harry were found upon either of them." y, his partner, were walking along l{ street. "I am sure there is a criminal mystery in all this, t1vo detectives were dressed much as usual. Old and I mean to get at the secret of 1t. I do not doubt Brady wore his favorite old-fash-that Moore and the other two officers were really d stock, and wide hat. Harry was dressed m a murdered by the Chinese." lar way. Presently they paused at the door of a "I have always thought so," assented the chief. CHAPTER II. A MYSTERY OF CHINATOWN, E two King Bradys had come to 8an Francisco mission of friendship, for which they meant to pt no reward save the gratitude of the sister of an riend. e celebrated officers had now qeen m San Franfor twenty-four hours. Shortly after their ar l they had called on the chief of poiice, who rded them a frcj.endiy welcome. d when a few remarks had been exchanged, Old g Brady said : "You should know," he continued, "that there is a regular traffic in slaves carried on by some Mon golian rascal m Chinatown. We have the proof that he IS engaged in smuggling Chinese into this country, and that he sells them in this and other cities to the h1gtiest bidder." "Probably Moore thought he was on the trail of the slave dealer when he met his death," an swered Old King Brady. "1 am of that. Now, since I have promised to' render you all the assistance in my power, I will give you this map of Chmatown," said the chief. With that he spread out the map alluded to, and pomting at a number marked with a red cross, he added: At the request of Miss Clara Moore, the sister of old friend, Blake Moore, the San Francisco detect-we have come to your city to try to ferret out the "That is the house in which we found the dead body of your friend, Blake Moore. Now, if you mean to go tery of the officer's death and bring his assassins usticc." tliere, I will pro'lide you with a guide who knows Chinatown well." I shall be glad to render you all the assistance I ; but you know from the newspapers that my "Thank you for the map," replied Old King have failed to get at the truth," said the chief. Brady, as he put it in his pocket, "but at present I I know; but you, have some clews, I suppose?" will not accept your offer of a guide. 1 suspect the We only know that Blake Moore had spotted a cunning Chinese know fhc men who are familiar with ain house in the Chinese quarter which was, he their quarter of the city." eved, the den of Mongolian slave dealers and "As you please, but as you mean to make investim smugglers. One .night Moore went to that gations m that quarter, I take it that your coming at se disguised as a Chinaman. He was never seen this is most fortunate for me, if I can iriduceyou e again. Next day Moore failed to report. Then to take a case which has just been placed in my ided the house to which 1 knew he had gone. Not hands." hinaman was found in it. The place had the ap"What is it? If it will not interfere with my work ance of having been hastily abandoned; but. we to bring the murderer of Blake to justice, I may: take d the dead body of Blake Moore in the hold of it." "The case is one that involves a great fortune, I And the newspapers have informed me that there suspect. Briefly stated, it is as follows: A number e no marks of violence on the body \Of my dead of years ago a man called Donald Morton deserted n<; l ?" said Old King Brady. his wife and daughter here in San Francisco, and they No, there were none. It seemed that Moore had I lost all trace of him. The wife died a few years ago, a natural death. But the circumstances were and those who knew the daughter, whose name is I


HOP LEE, THE CHINESE SLA. VE DEALER. Edna Morton, say she disappeared from her old his pocket. Having cut off a chew and placed i haunts about three months ago." his mouth, he turned to Harry, and asked : The chief paused, and having consu d his case "What's your opmion, my lad?" book for a moment, continued "I don't presume to offer you advice, but since "It now comes out through his lawyers that Don ask for my views I will say that I thmk we ma ald Morton died in Leadville recently, p0$sessed of well agree to try to find the heiress if she is in Ch great wealth wh1ch he acqmred m mme speculat10ns. town, and the search for her will not interfere In Leadville Morton was called the Bonanza Kmg_ our work to ferret out the secret of Blake Moo By will he left all his fortune to his daughter Edna, death;' answered Harry. and his lawyers have advertised for her m vam." "Verywe11. We will do as Harry says," thee "I see," said Old King Brady; "you want me tb 1 officer remarked. find the missing heiress?" "By the way, please give me the nameand add "Yes. There is a large reward offered for her disof the who saw Edna Morton in Ch covery, and if she is not found her father's fortune town;' be added. will go to the Sta.te, for it appears that he has no The chief complied witq the request, and the relatives save the girl Edna.'' tect1ve made a memorandum. in his notebook. "Wien, what has my proposed mvest1gat.ion in he said; China own to do with the missmg heire.ss ? asked "If have nothing further of importanc the ve eran detective. make known we'll go." "Simply th1s: My agents have found atoiis in country, and we both understand panion ?" language 3t Lhe Celestials to some extent, so we "Yes. He was a tall, dark-eyed dar a.ired well fitted to :venture among thein anywhere," man, with a long, flowing mustache of th same swered Old King Brady. color, and he had the pale, dead-white complexion of A little later he and Harry were on the street. an opium fiend. He was elegantly dressed, wore a 'And it was after this tbat Oa.ptain Barn silk hat and diamonds, and carried an ivory-handled spotted them and followed their hotel, a. cane." have heard him relate to Hop Lee. "Have you any suspicions regarding .the identity of I But now we return to the two detectives, as s this man?" hours subsequen y they paused before the door t>f "Not the slightest." residence on K street as already stated. "Have you a pwture of the missing g frl ?" Ascending the steps accompanied by Harry, ''Yes. Here it is. , King Brady rang the bell. "Thank you," said the veteran, and he i.Jic;pected Directly the door opened. the photograph. A handsome young girl appeared. "She is a beauty. Don't you say so, Harry?" he She was dressed in deep mourning and her fail' added, handing the picture to his pupil and partner. showed signs of grief. .. Indeed she is," replied the young officer, a .nd he "You see, my dear Miss Clara, we have com returned the photograph to his partne last," said Old King Brady, as the young lady sh "Edna Morton was employed as l:t' model in a fash-bands with him and Harry, and them ionable cloak house at the time of her disappearance. the old and valued friends tbeY. were. Her employers and her associates both say she was a The sister of the unfortunate San Francisc? o good, honest girl. So far as known she had no ushered the detectives into the parlor, and a con favored suitor, and she told no one t}lat she meant to sation ensued. go away. At the cloak house mt men failed to find "I received your letter which assured me that anyone who knew the man wh was seen with the would come, and I have been very impatient for .girl in Chinatown. But come; what do you say? arrival. As I wrote you, I firmly believe my Will you try to find the missing heiress?" said the bf.-other's death was caused in some way by Chi chief. criminals, and I 'have vowed that the assassins Old Kmg Brady drew a large plug of tobacco from be punished," said Clara Moore.


BOP LEE, THE CHINESE SLA. VE DEALER. 5 hen at Old King Brady' s request she related all ;.t she knew about her brother's death. from this the detectives gathered nothing new J'hothmg that the chief of police had not already told m. ter conversing with Miss Clara for an hour or so two:detectives left her. ut before they withdrew Old King Brady said: To-night Harry and I mean to go to the house in natown in which poor Blake was found dead. ; CHAPTER III. RAYMOND AND THE DETECTIVES. now?" asked Harry, as he and his fa us partner gamed the street. 'I mean to see the man who has reported that he Edna Morton, the missing heiress, m China-wn." "I thought you would want to call on him." Id King Brady produced li1s notebook .... it, he said : 'The name of the young man in question is Dr. ymond." I wonder if he is a practicing physician?" 'We shall soon see. Corne, we ll go to his ad" Id Kmg Brady and Harry walked -a.way in the di ion of Dr. Raymond's home. 'It would seem from what Dr. Raymond told the ef that Edna Morton was the willing companion of man she was wi.th m Chmatown," Hayty rerked. Yes, and it also appears that she voluntarily t into the opium den with that man." But if she is a good girl as the chief thmks, her duct was strange." So it was. I shall question Dr. Raymond closely." Have you any vague suspicions regarding hnn ?" I do not say that I have. But there is a possi y that he may really know more than he has told." That the doctor knew the missing girl \V'ell, may aken as an indication that he can tell us more u t her character than tbe chief knows, it may be." That's my idea, .Harry." You will proceed cautiousJy with the doctor?-" Certainly. I do not wa1tt him to suspect we have adow of suspicion against him ; we must not Indeed, from the day several years previously, when Harry came to Old King Brady, and asked him to t .ram him m his arduous profession, the veteran had taken a great hkmg to the young man. This fcelmg Harry fully reciprocated. And the tie::; of friendship and mutual adnuration were strengthened on both sides when, ere long, each saved the life of the other under circumstances of great danger. At this date the two King Bradys had already made a reputat10n for themselves. They were known far and wide as the most successful detectives of modern times. Harry was an exceedingly muscular young man, and though he was not as tall as Old King Brady he was powerfully built. The young officer was an all round athlete, and in many a desperate fight with criminals he had given a good account of himself. Indeed, Harry Brady like his veteran preceptor: seemed always to 1 be fearless. And it was to their desperate bravery as well as cunning that the great detective team owed their wonderful success. Contmuing on the way toward the abode of Dr. Raymorid, the officers conversed further. Presently Old King Brady remarked : ; !'Before we go mto Chinatown to-night we must see little Smg Ho, the Secret Service Chinaman." 'f Yes, I thmk he may be of service to us." Little Sing Ho is a cunning Mongolian." If he was not a master of duplicity he would not have 'been able to act as a Secret Service spy in San Francisco as long as he has done, without being suspected by the Celestials." "Sing Ho told me, when he was in New York re cently, that even the city police of .San Francisco did not know he was a secret government agent." "Then, evidently, tb.e chief has not called on Sing Ho to help find out the mystery of the death of our friend, Blake Moore." Of course not." "Sing Ho is perfectly trustworthy, is he not?" He is. At least such is the opinion of the Secret Service chief, and I have no reason to differ with him." "And Sing Ho is an Americanized Chinaman ?" He is." No further conversation of importance ensued at this time. ut I shall try to issing girl." And very soon the two detectives ipaused before a lead him to talk freely about neat brick dwelling house, on the window of which they saw a sign which bore this inscription: hen I think I had better let y ou do all the talkhen we see the doctor." DR. RAYMOND. ou can join in the conversation if you wish. I The officers went to the door, and they were pres you are shrewd enough to cross-question any-ently admitted by a bright-looking housemaid. . "Is the doctor in?" asked Old King Brady, King Brady looked at Harry kindly as he spoke. blandly. ough the two detectives were not related, and "Yes, sir. Please walk into the waiting room," s only a coincident that their surnames hap-1 am1wered the maid. d to be the same, they were much attached to Then she ushered the pair into a small, well-appcintothcr. I ed room at the side of the hall.


. HOP LEE, THE CHINESE 8LA VE DEALER. When the maid had retired an inner door opened, "Then, no doubt, you have heard that I am and a frank-faced young man of possibly twenty posed to be the only person among Miss Morton' eight entered. quaintances who has seen her since she disappe "Dr. Raymond, I presume_?" said Old King Brady, from her usual haunts." bowing. "Yes, you saw Miss Morton in Chinatown. "Yes, sir. What can I do for you?" was the doc-that time she was in company with a gentlem tor's business-like rejoinder. looking American." "My dear doctor, I have not called .to see you pro"Exactly. The man with the young lady had fessionally." look of a drug-eater. I think he is one of the vie 'Indeed?" and an expression of surprise crossed of opium. Miss Morton went into an opium smo the ingenuous counte11ance of the young man. den with that man, and she went voluntarily. I "Perhaps you have heard, doctor, that there is a lieve he knew her failing, and that he tempted he large reward offered for the finding of Miss Edna go into the place and satisfy her craving for the d Morton, who has been missing for some months.'' I had not yet cured her of the appetite for it, w "Yes; the chief of police told me that." she had innocently acquired." "Very well, doctor. Perhaps if you will help me I "Did you ever see her companion before or can herp you. You are a young man and I presume you observed him with Miss Morton in Ohinatow half the great reward would be a welcome addition "No, sir:' to your bank account," said the veteran. "Can you tell me anything more about Dr. Raymond smiled. matter?" "Certainly I need money, as I'm just starting in "I cannot." tb.e 1?1.'a.ctice ot my l?rofession and have to de\)end U\) "Then l thank you for the -you on \\, '"'" '\\.vh ... g "\?. "'""\U.."' t.'l'<>'U.'\. """"'"" '\. 'b'o.ou'\.U. '\)e g'\ven me.'. very glad to ftnd Miss Morton, for l am mterested in ' Y. ou a;re q_u\te welcome. l s'focere\'y b.ope you 'he'l' case. She was about the most 'mte'l'esting patient ftnd the missmg girl." lever had." "Doctor, I perceive that you are a man of i "Then you treated Miss Morton professionally?" gence, and so it seems likeiy that you have f "Yes, sir." some opinion as to the cause of the disappeara "Let me assure you in the first place that I am not your interestmg lady patient. Am I not right prompted by idle curiosity,'but I would like to know "Yes. And I do not mind telling you that I b for what malady you treated Miss Morton." Miss Morton has been lured away by evilly dis "Tell me, sir, are you not a detective?". persons, for some object which I .Presume yo "Frankly, I am, and so is my companion. As guess at. And I have little doubt that the pe there is really no reason why I should not be perfectimplicated were aware that the young lady ha ly frank with an honorable gentleman like yourself, I the opmm habit, of which fact I presum may as well introduce myself and my partner. I am have taken advantage." James Brady, usually called Old King Brady. This "l think your view may be the correct one. yo ,ung man is Harry Brady, known familiarly as will not further trespass upon your time now. T Young King Brady." ing you very much and assuring you of my Dr. Raymond acknowledged the introduction. dence, I will now bid you good-day," said Old "I am glad to meet you both," said he. "And Brady. of course I now conclude you are employed to "Good-day, doctor," Harry said, cordially. search for Miss Morton, so I will say at once that And when the physician had responded he p you are quite welcome to any information I can attended bis callers to the door. give you." When that portal had closed a.nd the office "Thanks, doctor. Then I r e v ert to m y question. descended the steps, Old King Brady said to H Wha.t was the nature of the illness for wl1ich you "What do you think of the doctor?" treated Miss Morton ?" ''I think he's an honest man." "Nervous headache. Between ourselves, I will "So do I, and I rely on all that he told us,' tell you that before Miss Morton came to me some sented the veteran. physician bad treated her for 3'nervous trouble, / Then he looked at his watch. and under his advice she had taken morphine for a "Now, we'll go to see little Sing Ho," he long time. In fact, she had become a confirmed marked, as he closed the timepiece. opium eater without wishing to' acquire the fatal A little later the-two officers entered an alley habit. When she tried to break off the use of the respectable but poor neighborhood, at no great drug she suffered greatly from headaches and de-tance from the southern confines of Chinatown. pression. She came to me and asked me to cure her They soon arrived at a small frame house, that of the opium eating habit. I was treating her for J ':edged in betwe.en t':o tall tenements, and w that when she disappeared." I tui;ie of construction evidently antedated the towe I am in the conH.dence of the chief of police," re-1 bmldmgs by many years. plied Old King Brady. ';l'here was no bell at the door of this house.


HOP LEE, THE CHINESE SL.A VE DEALER. ut the portal was provided with a large, old-fasb-1 And Old l_King Brady looked surprised. ed iron knocker. "See here!" exclaimed Sing Ho, as his yellow face ld King Brady seized hold of this and rapped paled in alarm. ice, then he paused and knocked twice more. As he spoke he held up a piece of paper upon which moment or so elapsed. some strange Chinese characters were traced in red hen a wicket in the door, which was so cunningly ink. cealed, that it would hardly have been detected "What's that?" asked the veteran. the keenest eyes, opened, and the yellow face of a Sing Ho shuddered as he said: inaman appeared in the small opening. "That is the death warning of the Highbinders. How came you by it ?" CHAP'l'ER IV. "I found it." THE CHINESE REVENUE SPY. T first the face at the wicket assumed an expres n of suspicion. he oval eyes flashed upon Old King Brady and rry in a searching glance. hen a light of recognition appeared in those keen d glittering orbs. 'Ha! Old King Brady and Ha\ry !" exclaimed the ericanized Mongolian. nd it was noticeable that there was no trace of e Chinese dialect in his speech. ike Hop Lee, the Chinese slave dealer, Sing Ho oke English well. Come in," he added. s the door opened the detectives entered. hen, one following them would have seen that g Ho was a very small and cunning-looking Cetial. He led the officers into a room at the side of the hall. d Old King Brady said at once : "Sing Ho, we have come to San Francisco to find t the truth about the death of Blake Moore." "Ha, then you will pipe in Chinatown?" Yes. Now tell me, Sing Ho, do you know or susct anything about this case that the police are ig-rant of?" "No. I am a Service spy in the pay of the ited St.ates Government. It's my business to tch out for opium smugglers. I have bad no time devote to the case you speak of, but I knew about e opium receiving station in Chinatown, in which ake Moore was found dead," said Sing Ho. He had been a Sunday-school Chinaman. Some Christian people bad taken him up, and had educated. "You knew about the storehouse of the opium ring, ?" said the veteran. "Yes, I bad just found it out, when in some way ake Moore discovered it. He spoiled my plan to ve the den raided by the revenue men, by going ere before I was quite ready for a close-in." "Well, Sing Ho, I want you to go with Harry and e to-night, to visit the house in which BlakeMoore as found dead." "Why do you want to go there? The opium men o longer use the house as a place of storage for uggled opium." "That matters not. I want to examine the house." "I cannot go with you!" "Why not?" "Where?" "On my door. -when I opened it this morning th& paper was nailed on my door." "That me..,ns you are spotted?" "Yes." "At last the High binders have found you out?" "It must be so." "J;>o you believe the assassins will try to murder you?" Sing Ho showed deadly fear as he answered : Yes. They will kill me surely." "Do you know how they found out you were a. Secret Service spy ?" "No. I cannot think how they learned the truth.'" "Well, Sing Ho, what do you mean to do?; "I mean to leave San Francisco to-night." "That would be cowardly." I tell you I dare not stay The power of the Highbind1ers is mighty here." "Sing Ho, have you no ties that you hate to break,, as you must if you flee." No ties. But I am expecting the arrival of my sister from China every da '.." "Then stay and meet her." "I tell you I dare not." "Sing Ho, you know more about Chinatown than: any man whom I can trust." "Yes. That's so." "I'll pay you well to sta.y and help me just for to-night." Sing Ho looked at the message of the and shuddered. "I can't do its he said. "Five hundred dollars I offer you for one night's ,.., work." I would go with' you for nothing, but I dare not,''" answered Sing Ho. At that moment there came a rap at the street door. Old King Brady noticed that the rap was precisely like the one he had employed. A friend is there," said Sing Ho. He ran to the portal, but in a moment he re-entered the presence of the detectives. Another Chinaman accompanied Sing Ho. The two Celestials fell to talking excitedly, and as. they jabbered a way very fast, though as we are awlre, Old King Brady and Harry had some understanding of their language they could not make out. what the Chinamen said.


-8 HOP LEE, THE CHINESE SLAVE DE.ALER. At length, Sing Ho threw up his hands in a gesture Qf despair. "What now?" demanded Old King Brady. "My sister Te-Lala!" exclaimed Sing Ho. "What of her'?" "She is in San Francisco." "Go on. Tell me what' your countryman has made known in full." "My sister 'arrived in Chinatown last night with some Chinese girls who were conducted by the men m the service of Hop Lee." "Who is Hop Lee?" "The great Chinese slave dealer and chief of Highbinders. ' "Oh And how did your sister fall into the hands -0f the slave dealer's men?" "I know not. My friend here cannot tell. A ship from China made this port last night; but I went to meet it, and I was told that no Chinese came by You know the law. No Chinese emigrants are admitted. I expected my sister would come by the underground route, as we call it, by way of the Cana.Ciian Pacific Line, from the coast. That we might no longer be separated,, I was willing to smuggle my sister into the country. Now, I am punished. The slave dealer has her." "Help me and I'll help you," said Old King Brady. "How do you mean?" "Help me ferret out the truth about the death of Blake Moore, and I'll help you rescue your sister." For a moment Sing Ho hesitated. The detectives saw that a struggle between !ove for his sister and fear of the Highbinders was going on in his mind. he exclaimed: "I will stay I will help you, for I know if Old King Brady and his partner will help me, I shall res -cue my sister from Hop Lee, the slave dealer." "Bravo!" exclaimed Harry. "Good!" said the elder officer. "Now, Sing Ho, I want to question you," the latter added. "Proceed," said the Chinaman. "Do you hapven to know an American gentleman who frequents Chinatown and who is an opium fiend?" "I know a good m .any such." "Do you know one who looks like this ?" 01\i King Brady went on and described the man whom Dr. Raymond had seen with Edna Morton in Chinatown. "Yes, I know that man surely." Old King Bvady uttered an exclamation of gratification. Good We're getting on a bit," said he to Harry. "Yes, so I think," the latter assented. "What is the name of the man whom I described?" asked the veteran, turning to Sing Ho. "Captain Barnabas." "What do you know about him?" "I know he is an opium smuggler, and that he in league with Hop Lee, the Chinese slave dealer." "Ha I hope to strike Captain Barnabas' tra soon," said Old Kmg Brady. And Harry added : "And I think Captam Barnabas may unwitting! lead us to the girl we seek." "I hope so." "But now, Sing Ho, go on and tell me all you kno about Captain Barnabas." "I will. He is an opium fiend. He loves to hit th pipe. When he is in San Francisco he spends mos of his time in Chinatown. When he is away I bcliev he is aboard a vessel which he owns, and which is a opium ship-a smuggler, you understand ?" Is that all?" "No. Captain Barnabas is a great friend of Ho Lee, and he has an elegant home somewhere in Chin town. They say it is filled with beautiful Chines girls, who arc his slaves." "How did you learn all this ?" "Can you ask?" "Of course, I suppose you found it all out while yo were secretly spying in Chinatown as a revenue d tective." "Yes." "Do you happen to have any clew to the locatio of Captain Barnabas' mansion in Chinatown?" "No, but I know where Hop Lee dwells." "Good!" "Captain Barnabas frequently visits Hop Lee." "I see what you are thinking about." "I think we can yet find Captain Barnabas' hou by watching Hop Lee's place." Yes. And if Captain Barnabas coi;nes there will track him to his. home when he leaves." "That's it." "Well, Sing Ho, then it's agreed that you will with us to-night ?" "Yes. But I'll go in disguise." Of course." "I'll make up as a nigger." "All right. But I say, if you knew Captain Barn bas and Hop Lee were opium smugglers, why did yo not cause their arrest?" "Because I did not have anyone save myself tote tify against them." And you knew no court would accept ported evidence of a Chinaman ?" "That's it." "We I, Harry and I will meet you at the corne of W and H streets, at nine o'clock to-nigh We shall be in disgmse. But if you give us the secre sign of the Secret Service we shall know you." All right. But something makes me feel afrai the High binders will spot me and kill me to-night,' answered Sing Ho, shuddering. Soon after that the two detectives left him.


HOP LEE, THE CHINESE SL.A. VE DEALER. 9 CHAPTER V. IN A HOUSE OF MYSTERY. HEN Old King BradJ' and Harry left the house of Chinese revenue spy they proceeded to their I. hen they were in the room of the veteran, Harry have been thinking t _hat it's hardly likely that shall make any discovery of importance in the e in which Blake Moore's body was found." ou have that idea because the officers who have dy searched the den have discovered no c w to 1ystery in it?" es.'1 ell, Harry, I want to see the interior of that I e for myself. I have a strong mental impresthat something important may come of it." f course, I trust you may be disappointep." ince the Chinese know the police have spotted iouse, we shall have to get into it secretly, or the ces are we may be set upon by the Mongolian sins." hat's so." ing Ho is right enougljl to fear the Highbinde is indeed, for they are a desperate league of ere rs." f cou1se we shall go to Chinatown as China'o I supposed." e officers continued to converse for some time, e need not record their further remarks. hour or so after supper, Old King Brady said arry: tis time that we attended to our make-up." es, let's get into our disguises at once." e'll take them to the cheap lodging house down street. For as no Chinamen arc allowed in ostelry, it would not do for us to be seen going f it." I ertainly not." little later Old King Brady and Harry left the ch carried a valise. ey went straight to the lodging house of which Ider offic e r had spoken. ere they secured a room. din half an hour they reappeared on the street, ctly made up as

I 10 HOP LEE, THE CHINESE SLAVE DEALER. walked at a distance of about ten paces in their rear. lurk within, afte r waiting for several moments t In this order the trio entered Chinatown. trio softly enLered the house. But when they were well within the boundary of the Old King Brady carried a small dark l:antern in h quarters occupied exclusively by the Mongolian poppocket. ulace, Sing Ho quickened his pace. This he produced. Suddenly he passed the two officers. As he had lighted the lantern before he set out f And without looking at them, he whispered: Chinatown, in order to procure a light now he "Follow. I'll show a short cut to the house we're only to draw the slide of his bull's-eye. bound for." This he did. A moment later Sing Ho dodged into a narrow As the gloom was illumin ated Old King Brady a alley. his companion saw that they were alone in a lar After him proceeded the two officers. room of the house of deadly reputation. For some time after that 'they followed the dis"Do you know jus t where the dead body of Bla guised Chinaman, and nothing occured to make them Moore was found in this house?" asked the elder o think that the Celestials whom they passed had the cer of Sing Ho, in a whisper. least suspicion that they were not what they "Yes, the body was found in the room at the he to b e of yonder flight of stairs." Finally, Sing Ho paused. The place where he halt-. As the Chinaman spoke he indicated an open doo ed was in a dark and narrow street. Through this the others saw the)>eginning of Looking about in the gloom, the de .tectives saw no steep flight of stairs. one. "I'll steal up the stairs, and listen I'll give a lo A little further on they sa\v a house which was whistle if there is no one int.he room above!" add taller than those near it. Sing Ho. Sing Ho glided close to the officers and whispered : "Very well. Make haste," Old King Brady r e pl i e ''The tall house yonder is the one we want." Sing Ho passed noiselessly up the stairs and .There is no light in it," said Old King Brady. mediately disappeared from the officers' sight. "No. 1 told you the opium men and the slave They waited for his signal.. dealer o longer really used it, but occasionally they Several moments elapsed. make a pretense of doing so. Evidently they want to "Sing Ho is taking a long time to find out if the keep the attention of the police fixed on that house, is anyone in the room upstairs," whispered Harry so that the officers will not search for their new store-length. house and slave mart," answered the disguised China-"That's so. I don t like the looks of tl1is." man. "Nor do I." "Well, I'll scout up to the house. Wait here," "Sing Ho may have been surprised by hidd said Old King Brady. foes." Harry and Sing Ho assented. "Of course. Let's go up cautiously, an. d try to fi The glided away. I out what has happened to him." In a moment he disappeared in the gloom. "All right, Harry." Harry and the Chinaman stood still and awaited "Let me go first. If there is danger, I WOl:lld rath his return. Ten minutes elapsed. the enemy should strike at me, before they rea Then Old King Brady reappeared. you,'' said Harry. "Come on" said he "there is no cne on the watch "You are a brave and noble lad, Harry." ' s near the house." "Ah. There's ing Ho's whistle?" "I'll show the way to the rear door," proposed "Yes," answered Old King Brady. Sing Ho. Just then a low whistle sounded from the head "All right. I'll let you act as leader." the stairs. As the veteran so assented the Chinaman glided The next moment Harry sprang up the flight wi away. Foll

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