The Bradys and the anarchist queen, or, Running down the reds

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The Bradys and the anarchist queen, or, Running down the reds

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The Bradys and the anarchist queen, or, Running down the reds
Series Title:
Secret service, Old and Young King Brady, detectives
Doughty, Francis Worcester d. 1917
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New York
Frank Tousey
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1 online resource (28 p.) 28 cm.: ;


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Dime novels. ( lcsh )
Mystery and detective fiction. ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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hsued Wuklg-B!/ Sul;1eription $2 50 per yea.r. Entucd a.. Second Class Mo,iter iU the Yori.: l'o.,t Office, March I, 1899, by Frvnit: TO'll.SU'J. No. 158. NEW YORK. JANUARY 31, 1902. MID 1iHE Price 5 Cents. l'lle next moment the man recoiled, uttering a stifled cry of alarm, for he was. confronted the Bradys. and they each held a revolver aimed right at his head. Bound and gagged in a chair was the Anarchist queen.


' e A. COMPLETE SH IS A REGULAR ENC1C10PE0IA. l t *' I \ ..., ., : r '. ,,. EaOh bool consists of; sixty-four pages, printed on good paper, In. clear type and neatly bound in an attractive., Illustrate<; 1 of the books are also profusely illustrated, and all of the subjects treated upon nro explained in such mannei; can 'thorourhly understand them. Look over the list as classifie

OLD AND YOUNG KING BRADY, DETECTIVES. Issued Weekly-Bu Subscriptio1i $2.50 per year. Jllntered as Second Olass Mattei at the New Yo1fo, N Y., Post Office, March 1, 1899. E11te1ed acco 1ding to Act o f Oong ress, in the yecw rno2, fa the office of tho Librnria" of Oongress, Washington, D 0., by Fran/; 7'ousey, 24 Union Square, Neto Yqrk. No 158. NEW YORK, JANUARY 31, 1902. Price 5 Cent s. The Bradys and the Anarchist Qneen; OR, RUNNING DOWN THE" EDS." BY A NE-W-YORK DETECTIVE. CHAPTER I. TALK WITH THE PRESIDENT. "The President's life is in danger, Old King Brady/' eaid Chief Dilkie of the Washington Division of the Secret Service. "Anarchists are threatening him daily." 1Is that the rea on you sent to Jew York :Per Harry and me?" asked the celebrated old detective, as he glanced out the window of the :r'reasnry building, in which he was conferring with his superior officer. "Yes. We wartt the keenest, bravest, and most intelligent sleuths on the force to deal with this dangerous case With out flattering you and your boy partner, I can safely say you fill the requirements." "What are the facts in the matter?" asked Old King B rady, curiously. "If you will come to the White House with me," replied the Chief, rising from his desk, an

2 THE lHL\DYS AND THE ANARCHIST QUEEN. =====================================:;::::========================-= He was Young King Brady, the old detective's partner guard's attrntion, and be ushered them into the Blue Room. and pupil. -while he went to notify the President of their arrival. At the windows there were heavy velvet portier!.'s, ancl they did not suspect that a dark, slender Polish girl wa& in hidden behind the folds of one of them, at the command of Peter !seek, for the purpose ol' listening to all that Harry them, and the smiling glance he gave his partsaid by the President. Catching of the boy, the Ch id exclaimed: "Here comes Harry, now." ":Must han' :finished his job," said Old King Brady, matter 0 fact tones. ncr told that indiYidual that he had been successful. The gray shadows of twilight had fallen, and the room "I'Ye run Emma to her lair," were his first words, as he nodded a salutation to the 2hief, and joined his p!!rtner. "What became of the Queen?" asked Old King Brady interestedly. "She is boariling with some negroes over in Georgetown." "Did you find out what she was doing at the depot?" "By listening outside of an open window, J hearfl hersay to her boarding mistress that the arrival of a couple of people she knew had changed her plan to go back to New York le-day. She therefore concluded to remain in Washington another week, and she paid her board in adYanee for that length of time. As I knew she was settled there to watch us, and find out what we came to Washington for, I left her, and came back here." "That's all right," said Old King Brarly. "We can find her whrn we want her now. Come with to sec the Presi dent. It seems his life has been threatened b:v the Reds, and we are to be given the assignmrn1 of running them down. The: Chief will give u. the particular,; later on." Harry nodded, they left the Treasury building. r\.s they into the street, a young man who worked in the Treasury Department stepped from a doorway, in which tte lrnd been silently crouching, listening to what the detectives said. "The from York," he muttered, as a frightened look crept over his thin, pallid features. "The President has got wind of the plot to kill hii11, and has sent for those demon dctrcfocs. to expose and captme the gang \Ye arc in deadly peril. I must hurry over to the Mansion, see BronislaYa, and tell her to to what they eay. She may be able to post w, so we 1ron't get caught." He dat'hed out o.f the building, and the Chief and the two detectives heading around the corner on their way to "ati Cilst in partial gloom, which favored the enterprise of the plotters. Tn the course of five minutes th door opened, and the Pre ident entered. He looked pale and tired from a long session with his Cabinet officers, but he greeted the detectives pleasantly, for he was acquainted with the Btadyti. "1 am pleased to see you, gentlemen," said he, as he seated himself at a table, and motioned to them to do the eame. "Aud I presume you have called in reference to th1 unfortunate news I received about an attempt to be made upon my life by those misguided people, the "Exactly so, sir," replied Old King Brady. "If you will explain all the circumstances, we shall run down your enemies, and put them in prison." "Your Chief has all the data," said the President. "111 the first place, abouL a week ago my private :;ecretary re ceived a letter addressed to me b:v a person in Buffalo, say ing thal the anarchists had decided to kill me. He was a nwmbcr of their party, but was not in aecord with their views. To put me on my guard, he wrote that warning let ter." "What was name, sir!'" the old detective. 'Samuel owak. He furthermore tated that when were drawn to see who wa fated to put me out of the way. the choice fell to a young man named Leon Czolgosz, of whose whereabouts the police can gain no trace. As the plot has been developed to a point where the assassin has been appointed, l believe that your duty i' to find this man Czolgosz, and put him under restraint, so he cannot carry out hi. design." "l quite agree with you, ir," said Ok( King Brady em phatically, and you can depend that we shall locate and arrest the man. In fact, it shall be our duty to not only ex. terminate that scoundrel, bnt we i:;hall endeavor to stamp As a car came along, he boarded i1, ancl was earned c>ut of existence every anarchist who curses our free and libthe White House. the officers. I eral government." Reaching the White House grounds in advance of them, "I have rriven vou in brief all T know about the matter 0 he hurried in, and meeting one of the guards at the door, he Brady," said the P.resident, in his usual dignified way, was saluted with: "and I will leave the rest to your Chief. But I moRl "Hello, Peter lseek, what brings you l .1ere to-day? Come rarnestly wish to irnprcs.' upon your mind the absolute ne-, io see your sweetheart?" cessity of maintaining the mo. t profound ecrecy about this "Yes, Jim,'' replied the young man with a faint smile. matter. Tf the news becomes public, it would affect not only "And a :-;wceter little chambermaid than ".Bronislava Dommy family, but the whole nation would become alarmed, and brofaky never graced the home of an illustriou President. the most disa trou panics would ensue in the financial a;id Can I go in to see her?" commercial world." "Certainly. I always have a deep sympathy with lovers," "You can rdy upon qur discretion, ir." laughed the as he permitted the young clerk to enter. '1 I know it," said the President, rising to signify that the The appearance of the Chief of the Bccret Service and the interview at nn end. "And I sincerely trust you will 'wo >[cw York detectives a few minutes !ater engaged the meet with in your work."


THE BRADYS AND THE ANARCHIST QUEEN. 3 The officers then shook hand:; with him, and departed. When the President left the room, the treacherous iiervant ;Jided from her hiding place behind the portiere, with a pok of alarm on her face. "The whole plot is exposed," she hissed. "They know that Ozolgosz is to do the work. I must warn Peter, so he an put his friend on his guard. She hastened from the room to the servants' quarters. Here she met her lover, and hastily whispered all she had lea rd. Ise ek was greatly agitated, and left the house at once. Boarding a car, he rode out to Georgetown and made his h1y lo an old near the Aqueduct bridge, occupied \y negroes. A knock at the door brougl1t an evil-looking iegress out. "I wish to see 1Vliss Gold," hm\tily exclaim e d Is,e,ek. "Ohl Am dat yo', Maesa Peter? Come in, honey,. She m up in her room." The young man darted into the gloomy, fo1tl-odored hall, the front door banged shut, and he ran up the creaky stairs, 1everi s h with excitement. Knocking at a door, and receiv tng on invitation to enter, the young man pushed the door 1 ... l\iJen, and stepped into the apartment_, crying: -, "Emma! Emma! 'I'he President knows all, and has -,ent the Bradys after us." But the next moment he recoiled, uttering a stifled cry of ;larm. For he wa,; confronted by the Bradys, and they each lwlcl a revolver, aimed 'quarely at his head. Bound and gagged in a chair was the Anarchist Queen l CHAPTER IT. THE TELL-TALE CLEW. "Young man," exclaimed Old 'King Brady, in tones of rim determination, "you are my prisoner! Throw up your and and surrender, or by heavens we will blow your brains ut !" Peter Iseek groaned, and complied, shaking with terror. Death was staring him in the face, for he knew that the would not hesitate an instant to kill him, If he There was a cold, merciless look in Old King Brady's eyes, as he sized up the Treasury employee, and in firm, measured tones : I "Advance into this room, sir!" With faltering footsteps I seek obeyed, and stood within a ew feet of his captor, (VOndering what was corning next. i He was not kept long in doubt. Harry Brady pulled a pair of hanclcufs out of his pocket, nd stepping over to the young man, be snapped the steel l'tters on his wrists. The old detective strode to the door and listened. r He heard the negress downstairs going back i .nto her ptchen. Satisfied that she was not going to come up, the old de tective closed the door, and turning to Peter, he demanded: ''How did you learn so quickly that the President kne11 aboi;t your plot to kill him, and engaged us to run yoll down?" A stubborn, sullen look stole over Peter's pale face. He was not going to give his sweetheart away to the po lice, and swiftly came to the determination to keep the source of his information a secret from them. The Brad,ys plainly saw that he was resolved not to ans wer that quesiion. But the old detectiw ,\as equal to the occasion, and quietly: "He won ( :::\earch him, Harry." 'The c1rtcctive nodded, and smiled a:; he noticed the scill'cc{ lqok that swept over the prisoner's face as his hands began 1 to dettly tum the pri. soner's pockets inside out. Hiury took it for a sure sign of guilt. 1 "Yon don't fancy tbi0<, I see," he remarked, as he brought i.o light a bunch o.f a pocket knife, a few dollars, and a letter. Peter made no.xcply, but gazed helplessly at Emma Gold, who was a short, pu.dgy woman of forty, with a ho1nely face, and eyeglasses on her nose. "What's the letter?" demanded Old King Brady quickly, as he caught view of it. "Written on Executive Mansion note paper," replied ll(lrry, "and addressed to Peter Iseek, care of the Treasury Department. The letter has come from a woman in the White Hou1:1e, and this fellow must be Iseek, and must be employed in the Treasury. I'll reacl the letter." He took a sheet of paper from the envelope, and read the following lines, written in a feminine hand, altud to his partner: "Dear Peter: I got a job in the White House mi chamber maid. Now, if anything goes on;) can find out all about it, and give you inside information, to help along the cause. When you come to see me, I am to be found in the servants quarters. Call soon. With Jo,e! When Harry finished reading the letter, a significant glance passed between him and his partner, and he said: "It's plain to understand. This fellow is an anarchist. He has a working as a servant in the Executive Mansion. She must have heard what passed between us and the President. Having notified this man, he came here to warn the Gold woman." "Just so,'' assented Old King Erad,Y. "find it's a luck: thing we came right here after leaving the President, else we might not have captured this chap. We'll put him in jail, and go after his girl now." "I hope we will have np interference from the negroes who liv e here," said Harry. "Still, I don't believe any of them know we are in the house. When we located Emma:; room, by peering in the windows from the roof of the car stable across the street, we entered the house without being seen. And when we sto le up here, .yincl attacked and over came the Queen, we made so little noise that I'm sure nobody heard it." l


THE BRADYS AND THE AN AROHIST QUEEN. The old detective nodded and turned to the woman and I is more to the point, my partner and I intend to devote o removed her gag. time to running down the R e ds, and putting them in pris1 "Emma," said he, in cold, harsh tones, "you know Harry as fast as we can get evidence enough to convict them!" I and me, and you now know why we came to Washington and i "You are marked men, then l" exclaimed the J attacked you. Oonsequently no expla nations are now necespassionaJe tones of rage. "As soon as your mission become sary on that score But I want you to give me some inforgenerally known, you can depend that soener or later yo; mation about this young man." will both fall by the knife, bomb, or bullet!" The Anarchist Queen smiled contemptuously, and said, "That's a threat!" in s neering tones: By a violent effort the woman recove red h e r composure "I don't know him, Brady." She realized that the detective had cunningly angerec '"I'hat's a li e The way he came in here proves it." her so as to draw her out, and m ake her say more than wa "As you don't believe me, I've got nothing further to safe or discreet, and she replied in freezing tones: say." "No; It's no threat. I am merely t elling you that i "1V ell," said Old King Brady, unmoved, "we the n inyou attack the creed of a lar ge body of m e n, and arous1 for that he i,; a memb e r of the anarchi,;ts' soci ty, of which 1..heir fury, you are apt to fall victims of their anger.", ) O n are the recognized Like a faithful subject,_ this "You sly and deep," exclaim1ed Old King Brady "I: poor fool came to warn you of the fact that Samuel Nowak, fact,. you arc the most dangerous woman in America to-day of Buffalo, gave away your plot to murd er the Presid ent But smart as you are, cunnin g as you are, diploma tic as y9u Bu i he rushed right into a trap, and now we've got him. I are, you will find in the end that we are equal to you. W ha\e no doubt that you came to Washington to start him are to lock you up now. Will you go along quietly, o and.his girl working for your patty of cut-throats. Seeing must we put the bracelets on you?" Harry and me arriving lure C

I THE BRADYS AND THE ANARUUIST 1 the face from Old King Brady tliut knocked. him against ] oe table and upset the lamp. As the light went out, and deep gloom settled down, the J made a rush for the door, and escaped from the room. 'rhe nght came to an abrupt end, the Bradys aching from I the blows they had received. Old King Brady grasped Harry's arm, and pulled him over to the wall. "Draw your gun and drive them out of here!" whispered old detective. Quick! It's a matter of life or death. You know who I nm, don't you ?" "A Secret Servfre officer?" "Yes, and that girl is a crook." ''Follow me!" cried Jim, getting excited, and in he rushed. Old King Brady went after him. Down to the kitchen they hurried, and found it occupied by the treacherous chambermaid and a district messenger boy. Harry complied, and a moment later they discharged sev-The girl was reading a note the boy brought her, and her shots toward the gang of negroes, that caused them to face grew pale and worried as the detective ran in. yell and swear, and rush frantically toward the door. Sho recognized Old King Brady at a glance, and was In a fe:w moments the room was cleared, and several of seized with a feeling of the most intense desperation. the black men went away nursing painful bullet wounds. 'The detective!" she gasped. Harry lit a match, and the tiny flame showed him the "Yes, and I want you I" sternly cried the offiecr, hurrying wretched Peter !seek crouching in a corner, shivering with toward her. fear. "You will never take me alive!" she shrieked, recoiling. The boy pounced on him, and exclaimed: "Oh, you can't escape!" he answered testily. "Emma Gold has escaped." "No. But I can cheat you by dying!" said the despera!e '.'Confound her I" cried Old King Brady. "Come on with girl he prisoner. She can't be far away. Shoot the first coon And she pulled a bottle' of carbolic acid from her pocket, interferes with you.'' drew out the cork, and raised the bottle to her lips. Th'-'Y hurried from the room, Harry clinging to the Jim shouted at her, and Old King Brady gave a mighty prisoner. leap forward. Down stairs they hastened, ancl with scant cereinony and With one blow he knocked the poison from her hand, and absolutely no fear, they passed into the rooms below. 1.he bottle was shattered to fragments upon the floor Afraid of the gallant detectives, the negroes ruahed from 'The n e xt moment he had h0r in his gr 'ip. the with no further desire to fight them. Not a drop of the acid had touched her lips. The Anarchist Queen had disappeared. "You are insane!" cried the detective. Seeing no trace of her, the Bradys dragged their prisoner "Let me go I" she screamed, struggling to get free. out into the street, and saw the darkies running away all till I send you to join your lover in jail!" he andirections, but they failed to see the Queen. swercd as he got a finner grip on her, and held her still. Both were disgusted. 'The note she had been reading was crumpled up in her "We've lost her," said Old King Brady, reluctantly. hand, and she made a desperate attempt 'to put it in her "As she's apt to warn the girl Bronislava,'' said Harry, I mouth, and chew it up; but he frustrated the attempt by 'you had better go right back to the While House and see if seizing it. ou can find any trace of her there, while I lock up the 1 "No, you won't!" he cried. "I want this!" prisoner." "May the demon tnke you I" she panted, glaring at him "Very well," as ented Old King Brady, "and there's a balefully. car now." I "Youre a pretty desperate character for one so young He ran ,'lfter it, and jumped aboard as Harry sang out: and pretty," said the dc>tective, "and to keep you out of mis" I'll meet you at Willard's in an hour." chief I think 1 had better render you helpless, my lady!" The next moment Old King Brady was speeding away. And saying he turned her over on the floor, pinned her The car carried him direct to the White House gate, and clown with his knee and got his handcuffs from his pocket. e ulightcd, and going in, he met Jim, the doorkl1eper, and And in a twinkling he had her secured aid to him: She lay panting, exh1rnsted, and helpless on the :floor, -"Is there a girl working here named Bronislava ?" and he opened the crumpled paper and read the note. "There is," replied the guard. "Her full name is Bronis-It wa,; couched in the following language: am Dombrofsky." "Will you summon her here? I wish to speak to her." "Certainly. She is one of the chambermaids." "Has anyone else been here to see her within the past half our?" "A. messenger boy just brought her a note, and he must et be down in the kitchen delivering it to her," said Jim. "Thunder I The Queen has sent her a warning to escape! Vhere is she? Where i,; the girl? Take me to her at once. 'Bro nis lava: All exposed. Peter arrested. Detectives roming after you. Fly at once. Will see you at Isidor Hoff man's, in New York to-morrow night. Keep silent, and we will try to save your lov er EMMA GoLD." A chu ckle escaped Old King Erady. Putting the note in his pocket, he said : I "So, the Queen sent you this warning, did she?"


6 THE BRADYS THE ANARCHIST QUEEN. ''I won't tell you anything,'' aid the girl in l:ross .. You don't ba\ e to. The e\idence is all before me. I'm glad Emma explained \'here :;he i:; going to be to-morrow night. We know where ltiidor Hoffman's Fire Brand I,Iall i:-, in Delancey ::freet, and you can depend that we '11 be ihere to pie:k the lady up, too." A sullen scowl from the girl was tf1e only answer he got, and he pulled her upon her feet, and said: "'Come on, Bronisla rn, I'm going to run you in." She saw that further resistance IYUS useles;;, and walked away with him, followed by Jim, the doorman. 'Wilh her usual fore:; ght," said Old King Brady in dr gusl, "ahe apprehended. lhat we would try Lo head her oi .1 and wisely batfled U' by l eaving the cars before she reaehE., her destination. She's a sharp, shrewd woman, Harry!" OHAPTEH IV. TUE ANAHCH1STR. When the:v reached the upper ve::;tibule, the door opened When the gloom of night bud fallen upon Yorh and the came in, with his silk hat on. ihe Bradyi; matlc tlteir wa.\ lo Hoffman Hall in DeHe had been out for a drive. laneey street. .\t one glance he saw that one of bis was a prisAs this was the nnclezvou;; iu whie:h the .\narchist Queen oner in the detective\; hando, and he gave a Blight start, his had appointed to med Broni .;larn Domi.Jrofaky, the officer;: fnce changed expression, and he asked in quick, nervous expected to iirnl lhe (fold woman there. tones: In order io conceal their idenlity, thl' Hrndys assumed "\Vhat doe;; this mean, ilir. Brady?" disguises in keeping with tlw surrou11cli11g:-: lhl')' expected io .As the doorkeeper had discreetly gone outside, the old debe in. tective rapidly explained to the, President what had ocShabbily clad, with wig:; on their an(\ curred. their faces, the Bradys kepi tlwir hat Lirim,, pulled dr A grave expression settled upon the face of the Chief Ex-over their eyes, and looked. like a couple of Hussi;rn la' d } 1 ,e ecutive, and afkr a moment's thought, he exclaimed: Fire Brand Hall wa;; loca'ted in a densely popula.teu "You have done well-very well, indeed It remains for trict, in which many of the leading ;;pirit:; of anurehy ht"' you to eapture tile Gold woman and Czolgosz, to put an end forth. to their dastardly plot. The pnir have arrested are mere There a becT saloon on the gro und floor, and when tools in the hands of the other::\.'' the deteciives went in, they found the place CI'owded with "We inte nd to clo so at the opportunity, sir." Germans, Poles, .Jews and Hus;:;ians, all of' whom were di;:;The President bowed, and on into the White cussing a. mleiing which to take place that night in the House, and. Old King Brady went out with his prisoner, and Tooms locked her up. :\lingling with the crowd, rno;:t of whom were equally as As the Chief of the Secret Service had told the Bradys ;:;habby and wild-whiskered as tlHmselves, the '.Bradys kept that thet'e were no organized gangs o{ ,rnarchists in Washtheir eyes and ear open, and soon discovered what all the ington, the two detectives concluded that Peter ancl Bronis-talk wa;; ai.Jout: lava were mere agent. of the gang, who had been 6ent there Most of the foreigneTs werr jabi.Jrring in their native to watch the President. language;;, none of which the di:!tecli ve,; untler;;tood. But Old King Brady hastened to the railroad depot, after be they soon gleaned enough to tell them that there was to be had locked up lhe girl, and by dint of inquiry he developetl an anarchistic nwcting, and thai the principal ;:peakers were tbe fact that a woman of E11!ma Gold's description had purio be Emma Golt1 and John Po,t, the editor of a rabid new;; chased a ticket for New York, and departed an hour prepaper, railed 'Dei Freihei1." viously. In a. few moments the Bradys loC'aied the latter individThe detective telegraphed ahead to the authorities in New ual. York to keep watch for her on the irl.dicated train, and thPn He wa leaning against a .::lrnffieboLlrd-a heavily built went to Willarcl's Hotel, where he ll)C 't his partner. man, wiih a clark beard, whiC'h scarcely concea l ed a tumor After an exchange of stories, they rPtired for the night. on his left d1eek. On the following morning they proceeded to Secret Ser-The man io whom he wa peaking was a slight-built felvice headquarters, and had a conversation with the Chief, low, of thirty, with lighl hair and blue eyes. in_ which they detailed all that transpirrd. He was clad in a neat, dark sack suii, and wore a derb,v Inquiries wert> then made in the 'Treasury Department hat. about P eter Iseek, and they found hr-was employed there As the detectives drew near1 and keenl:v sized him up, in a capacity which required no particular recommendation. they observed that he had an habitually sullen expression Having left the prosecution of the two anarchists in the about the eyes. hands of the Chief, the Bradys went to New York. "You say you once met Emma in Cleveland, Ohio, where There they learned that the police had watched for Emma you formerly lived, Lron." HC'rr Post was saying as tlw ofGold to alight from the cars, but failed to her. ficers drew near. Further inquiry developed the fact that she had ridden The Bradys paused upon hearing the name IJ.S far as Philadelphia on that train, ancl there vanished. "Leon" addressed to the young man, aml glanced at him


THE BRADYS AXD THE ANARCHIWl' QUEEN. 7 :cenly, for i_t .flashed across their minds that he might be many of these group:;, while the main govern,ing body he Leon Czolgosz who Xowak in his letter is in Europe. ms going to assassinate the President. The foreign leaders come here several times a year, as "Ye-, I met Mis Gold there," the young man. :::crious matters are not trusted to the mails, but arc broughL "J always admired her writings and teaching:::, and would verbally. eel honored to meet her again." Harry learned Uiat when a member is selected to commit "Th'en you 8hall have the opporLunity to-night," said the an assassination, he is put thrp gh all kinds of tests to prove editor, iQr, as you know, she is to deliver an address here." his nerve. A smile of pleasure lighted -up the sullen face of the If he breaks do\\'n, another man selected from a dii' youngman,and seeing the lwo dctcclivf's he nudged his com fcrcnt group, and so on through various groups, until the panion, and they aL once began conversing in Polish. right man is found. The Bradys ielt nettled, for they did not under:;tand a The anarchists do not want a man who is liable to conword they utterC'd, and moved away t., another part of the fess, involve his a soc ia-s after a murder is commitroom. tea. 'Vhcn 8urc no one would hear them, Harry a::;kcd his part-In order to make secrecy more certain, only the anarchist,; ncr: in the group from which an assassin is selected know which "Can that young fellow be Leon (;zolgosz ?" man it is. By this plan the danger of exposure, interference "I imagine he is replied Old King Brady. and arrest is minimized. When a man has been appointclt ''How can we find out?" for the task, collections are taken up from all the groups i11 "By raiding the meeting and scooping him in with the the country, and the assassin is thus supplied with plenty "rst." or money to carry out his diabolical plan, and pay his exJ he 1 ]pe of us mu t go to the nearest police station and get penses. d f 1 \ h" t t t th These .cfacm-cries gave Harry food for reflection. ".Ph 1 o po 1ccm<'11. narc is rnce mgs arc agams e you know." "As Czolgosz was selected to kill the President," thought 11" the boy, "nobody except the group he belongs to knows who "I'll attend to lhat, and I'll join you here when I come back." he is. Consequently, as Nowak knew that he had been selected, the group he came from has its existence in Buffalo. "Should you find the saloon clc erted, you'll know that "e-must, therefore, look for Ozolgosz there, as that's where the gang are in the hall. I had better get into the 1 owak belongs. Even if the fellow talking to Herr Post is hall ahead of them, and conceal myself there, to open the the assassin, no one here knows it for a certainty, unless door for you and the police when you arrive. They are sure some of his friends arc here from the lodge he belongs to in to keep the door locked, you know. It will be very difficult that city But whrre wa;.: the plot hatched originally? L et to get in without assistance." me see.'' "You arc undertaking a difficult Barry." He ponderrd a few mom ent, and then muttered: "It's a very hazardous job, too,'' answered the boy, ".for "Perhaps in Pater on, X. J. Chief Dilkie told us that iJ they were to discover me, they'd tear me to pieces. But an official report was made to him on September 20, 1898_, I'm not the bit alarmed over the prospect, and intend by William P. Hazel, who was then Chief of the York to carry out the plan." Bureau of the SC'cret Service. Hazel stated that at a meet" Very \\'ell. you armed?" ing o.f an anai;chist group, held in Bartholdi Hall, in Pater" I've got a revolver." son, il was derided to as3assinatc King Humbert of Italy. "Then I'll go and trust to your good sense not to gPt Bresc:i mt:> ordered to do the job, he did il well. Who yourself in trouble.'' know,; but whal our President's fate wa decided in-the Harry nodded and miled, and Old King Brady left him. s ame place? C'hitf Dilkie informed me that he got word '!'he hoy glanced at a clock on the wall. rrrrntly (hat a rlnn::::crom aparchi t, named Natal Maresca Its hands pointed to the hour of seven. fled from Ttaly, nnd (ame herr. The American Consul in-As it was not likely that the meeting would be called to formed the SL&tc D cp ar(ment, which in turn put the matter order until eight o'clock, the boy strolled around the room in Dilkie's hands. The emigration authoritirs at Ellis Isl and listened to the conversation going on, wherever the and were notified to hold him. But as they had no evidence speakers used the English languagr. against i.he man except the word of the Italian authorities It was surprising how much the boy learned about the in Rome, they finally Imel to let him land, because pro<_> was anarchists in that brief space of time. lacking of the charge against him. Now, in view of what In t.he first place he found that they were opffOscd to law [ learned about leaders coming here from Europe to work and society, as it is now carried on in this country. out their dastardly plots, it's probable that M:oresca Thei boy learned that the anarchist group is not comthe man who laicl the plan to kill our President. If he did, posed of a. large number of membrrs As a ai'eguard to Emma Gold knows it, for she's the Queen of the gang in ecrecy of their mowmC'nt., eac-h group is compo:::ed of no this country. Consequf'ntly, she must know all about C'zol morc than mcrn gosz and the plot he has in '' ln every city where there i:; a. colony of them there are Havig come to this conclusion, and feeling thal be hacl


B 'THE BRADYS AND THE ANARCHIST QUEEN. better prepare for the raid, Harry quietly found out all about the hall, and made his way into a dark corri'dor, and ascended a flight of stairs The doors of the hall were open, and showed him a large room, :filled with benches, having a platform at one end for the speakers. The lights were turned low, and not a soul was in the place. Looking in, Harry tp see a place in which he could conceal himself, until his glance fell upon the platform. "Is I crept under that thing," he muttered, "I have to rmerge before the entire roomful of Reds, and I'd arouse tht:ir suepicions. I will take a look at it, however, sat iefy myself full,v." He passed into the spacious hall. Going ovrr to the platform, and peering underneath, the boy caught view of the gas meter bidden away there. As an idea flashed across his mind that be could turn out the gas to conceal his movements when he emerged from under the platform, he decided to risk it. In fact, he had to decide that way, for he heard the heavy footfalls of some men coming up the stairs, out in the hall. To conceal himself as quickly as possible, the boy went down on his hands and knees, and tlisappeared under the boards just as several of the anarchists came up irito the room to raise the lights with a long pole provided for that I purpose. A quarter of an hour later the whole gang came clattering upstairs, and :filing into the hall, they took their seats. CHAPTER V. RAIDUW THE REDS. Half an hour passed by, during which Harry became aware that the hall was packed with people, and several speakers were on the platform over his bead, among whom were Emma Gold and 'Herr Post. The Anarchist Queen was the first to address the audi ence, and her appearance elicited a heavy round of applause. She was called the "Little Firebrand" by her enthusiastic admirers, and Hoffman had named his hall in her honor. The woman coulcl speak several languages, and certainly was very inf : elligent. But the misfortune was that her talent ran in the wrong direction, for her. doctrines made an infidel of her. made a ringing speech. It was very :fiery, and convincing, and it set the Jaw at defiance; it condemned all religion, and it scoffed at society. Rulers of countries were cursed, and she called upon her audience to put an end to their despotism with :fire, sword and dynamite. Just as she got her audience worked up to a feverish pitch of excitcmen't, there came a bang at the door, inter rupting her. She paused, and Harry heard Old King Brady in the h{ yell: J-; "Open this door and let us in!" There was a decided silence in the hall for a moment. J Then the Anarchist Queen demanded of the doorkeeper j 11 "Who is that?" "A platoon of policemen," gasped the man in tones. "It's a raid, eh?" queTied the woman coolly. "Yes, and we are caught like rats in a trap!" "Don't open the door, then!" The audience had risen, pallid with cowardly fear. ft panic suddenly ovenvbelmed them, and they began to yell, curse nnd rave. E In a moment the room was in an uproar. Every one of the men were frightened and excited, and Emma Gold rapped for order in vain with her gavel. When the excitement was at its h eight Old King Brad: roared: "If you don't open this door instantly, we'll smash it down!" ; A cold sweat burst out all over the anarchists, son;-.' shivered with dread, and not a few began to weep It was the worst exhibition of cowa rdice see '\') only a few moments previously, when there was no dang cx pected, the anarchists were bragging about overthrowinh kingdoms, empires and republics. From his covert Harry saw the whole scene. It made his lip curl with scorn, and his eyes gleamed with contempt. "Pitiful dogs!" he thought. "It's time for me to act!" He turned around and seized the key of the gas meter, gave it a turn, and in an instant the lights went out, _leaving the hall in gloom. A chorus of frightened yells arose from the anarchists. They were fra ,ntic now, and feared the worst. Out from his hiding place crept Harry, but just he 11'as emerging some one lit a match, and the Queen saw him. "A spy she screamed, pointing at the boy. "Seize him!" Savage oaths greeted her remark. The boy that he was in a desperate plight. In_ order to escape he had to run the gauntlet of going through the aisle toward tlie closed door. Bnt he did not hesitate. Plunging straight at the man with tp_e match, he struck it from the fellow's hand, and / The boy heard approaching footsteps;'\nd:' realized tha some of the gang were coming toward him. He darted aside, passed around them and ran along the aisle. Unfortunately for him, many of the Reds had drawn matches from i.heir pockets, and lit them, whereupon he wa plainly seen. -Hands were outstretched to seize him, but he dexterously slipped through their :fingers. Blows were aimed at him, and although many lanaed with paintul force upon hi head antl body, he did not pause.


y y 'rIIE BRADY::; AND THE ANARCHIST 9 -========================================================================== Once a gleaming kni:fc was thrust at him from the left, ifd he barely had Lime to leap aside to avoid it and save {s life. The panting boy reached the door. A furious shower of blows was being rained on it from e outside, and the doorkeeper was waiting for him with a fob. But the daring boy rushed straight up to him, and dealt im a stunning blow on the jaw that knocked him down. Leaping over the man's body, Harry reached the door, urned the key, shot back the bolt, flung open the door and outed: "Come on, boys There were twenty-five policemen, headed by Old King rady, out in the hall, and the veteran shouted at his men: "He is my partner. Don't injure him "We arc ready, Mr. Brady," said a polioe sergeant. "Follow me in." With a whoop they

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