The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

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The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 69, no. 246 (November 20, 1961).
1 3 246
The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
November 20, 1961
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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Sun Shade University Of South Florida Campus Edition THE TAMPA TIMES Partly cloudy to cloudJ with a chance of some light rain and little change in temperature through Tuesday. Winds under 15 m.p.h. High today 75. Low tonight 58. SIXTY-NINTH YEAR-No. 246 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1961 PRICE FIVE CENTS Than Taxes Alo e, ' 1Trumpet1 Premiere Called Hit The team of Caldwell and Whaley have produced an ap preciable performance of Abel Plenn's play "A Trumpet Calling." Foundation Theme At USF 'l'rue to the adage that the show must go on, the Peninsular Players went on undaunted by the absence' of Miss Linda North whG was replaced by her understudy, USF student Bambi Miller, at the Tuesday per-New Development Director, Purcell, Heads Program Little Man on. Campus . -Photos by Jim Hln"hee BEHIND THE SCENES AT 'TRUMPET CALLING' For a 50-cent ticket you didn't see any of the above at last week's production of "A Trumpet Calling/' At the top is the "Campus Edition's" reviewer, Louise (Scoop) Stewart, USF's Brenda Starr, with ebony pencil and notebook in hand as she .covers things from out back. In the bottom photo Terry Tes sem, . student and stage manager, takes over and the show is in his bands as the curtain goes up. (See re view on Page 1, feature story on Page 2.) formance. Rising to the occasion, Bambi By BILL BLALOCK portrayed a very convincing "To build a better university than taxes alone can build and do it faster," is Hester Prynne -the valiant the theme of a reorganized University of South Florida Foundation program under heroine who could look on the 1 bright side of life in spite of the direction of Dale Purcell, director of deve ppment. all her troubles. Purcell arrived on campus Nov. 1 to replace Donald W. Gould, who was diSinger Acts rector of development but resigned to go into private business. Purcell's job in Richard Young, in the guise this capacity will be to coordi-• of a saintly minister who was nate all activities of the USF plagued by a sinful secret, Foundation. UC EVENTS nearly had his audience in Before coming tears with his soul-searching cell was performance. Even though pri-secretary of Earl marily a singer, Young puts in ham College in a very convincing J'ob of acting. Indiana, a posi tion he he 1 d Highlighting the cast was the delightfully witchy Mistress three years. At srubeck-Style Jazz Highlights Week Earlham he di Hibbens who held orgiastic rected the col dances in the f o r e s t. Claire 1 e g e • s develop Luce really put some spice into m e n t program. an lively character. Prior to his ap-By MARLENE HENNIS Lighting Helps P 0 in t men t at The University Center is sponsoring a .series of Under the direction of JGhn Earlham, Purcell events for the coming week and highlighting the week Caldwell, associate professor of at will be a Modern Jazz Session Tuesday , Nov. 21, in theater arts, the actors carried Um v e r s 1 t Y m Purcell UC Ballroom from 5-7 p.m. The group will be p1ayoff their parts in a mood of Kansas for four years, and was, . k believability which brought the for another four years, assistant mg numbers that are styled after the Dave Brubec audience right into the lives of to the president from 1954 to group. the characters. Accentuating and 1.958. duties dur:ing that The Music Committee will sponsor its second Stereo supporting the performers were tlme . mcluded cre,abon and Listening Hour on the expert lighting, costuming, d1rechon of Ottawas develop-Nov. 30, at 2 p.m. in the Blue and props designed by Russel ment program. Lounge 157. This week the fea-Whaley, assistant professor of Purcell received his master tured music will be from the fine arts. of arts degree from the Univer-Jazzet, The Oud, Ionisation and Skitch Henderson's music sity of Redlands in California Gershwins "An American In background was rendered by and has done advanced graduParis." two guitars and two kettle-ate work at Northwestern Uni-Christmas Formal Troubles Arise From Misuse Of Lockers drums. Jim Klapps and Lauren yersity. He was a Marine pilot The oncoming Christmas for-Warren pounded the drums for m both World War II and the mal is shaping up into one of Problems have arisen from forest dances and Pat Boole and War. He a counter-the biggest events of the semes-student misuse of lockers out Michael Schick strummed the espiOnage agent pnor to and at ter. The dance will be Dec. 9 side the Campus Store, accord guitars in accompaniment to the outbreak of World War II. and admission will be $2 per ing to John P. Goree, manager the songs in the production. Policy Statement Coming couple. of service activities. Me,hod To Be Improved "Earnest" Next Purcell said plans are being "Don't Go Near the Water" By WING PREODO R d t th t t . f Students are misusing the Next on the agenda is a pro-ma e a e presen !IDe or The Movies Committee of the 1 k h' h Th 1 1' d t ' ff' ill f hi f th f d t' d oc ers, w tc are coin oper-e ong mes outsi e the regis rar s o Ice w , or F • } E s h d } duction of "The Importance of launc ng o e oun a. Ion e-UC will sponsor another Suna ted, by not returning the key. Ina xam c e u e Being Earnest." A far cry from yelop:nent He work-day afternoon and night movie This allows them to continue to the most part, be eliminated when spring registration 11 S t F b 5 10 1962 the more than 60 actors in this mgh 1ns cAo11nJuncuttOSnF Drt. on Dec. 3. The title of this the lockers which should procedure begins on Dec. 4. The individual student Fa emes er, e • recent production, "Earnest" Jo d n h f end t' , den i movie will be "Don't Go Near be used only while students are will not be involved in the actual registration. He will MONDAY. FEB. s. 186Z HI 111 section 03 CH 206 has a cast of nine.-L.S. an t e oun a tons oar 0 the Water." in the campus store. turn in his schedule, the registrar's office will take over, CB 101 CB 101 CB 101 n a m HI 121 "Secllon 03 LS 272. directors, formulating the plans Duplicate Bridtre 1 5 CH 100 PS 201 Section 01 uc 213 for major undertakings or the . . " . The lockers were provided • pull the section cards, approve f8:o;l 11l m rches'tra .. it and stamp it, and he Will CB 102 1 1 a.m.-1 p.m. CH 100 ss 343 section oz CH 204 plans will be announced around .:n the Gallety Lounge for stu-or parcels on the provided uck. Daily Schedule h.wk tc ,Sd it

% THE TAMPA TIMES, Mond;ey, November 20, 1961 T'he Tampa Times University of South Campus Edjtion (Page 1 and PaJe 2 Sbff) Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . . . Bill Blalock Manatrtng Editor . . . . . . . • . . . . . . . . • • • • . . . . . Wirig Preodor Sports Day Festivities ' ' ' Top Pre-Holiday Action USF Host To FCEA USF Social Clubs Begin New Proiects The University of South NNIS Florida played host to the By. HE newly organized Florida Colsocieties on begin making plans . Copy Editor .... . ....................... VIrginia Montes Social, Organization Editor .• , .•••. , • , •.. Marlene Hennis Activity Editor ..................•....... Louise Stewart . . for the commg semester wh1ch mclude: University of South Florida's intramural football greats will sit on the bench lege Association reClEO: Plans have been announced to award a tro-this week as the 1961 All-Campus Sports Day, Wednesday, takes full command. The cently, the first of such meet-phy to the outstanding sorority for the year 1961-'62 15-team to.uch football league will take the entire Thanksgiving week off to allow ings to be held on the USF at USF. The award will 00 made in the late spring and members to participate in the cross-country turkey trot, highlight of Wednesday's campus. wlll be an annual event. Details•---------='---=-festivities. The meeting w a s primarlly will be sent to all sororities. Ann Overstreet has been elect Faculty Adviser ....... , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . George H. MOler Frank, Charlolle Frese, Pals,-Gatfinr. Durene Go$$, John P. Laznra, Carolflt Mown, .Ronda Zldrlcb, Pam Jean Koelllr and Sberr1 McCormack. Other events include a girls' volleyball playday made up of teams from the resi-to review some of the "repre-EPELTA: Apr iva t e blood ed historian. Ethelontes has dence hall, social clubs, and tnsentative English programs in bank has been undertaken as a added two Informal pledgeAddreas all communlcatlons to ' Oflloe of Campus Publlcaltono, Roo111 1070 , Ailm. Bide. Phone 8.31, Ext. 1?S. Editing l&b. phone ed. 269. "Stud ent reporters gathering news for tbe Campus Edition of THE 1'AMPA Tll\IES, wiii request material direct from Individuals and offices on umpus, and tile 'bl&terlal will not clear tllrourh News Burea11." 'Point 2, Unheral tl' Polley Statement No. 22, Jul7 25, 1961). dependent groups; exhibitions f d M h • s d R b Florida colleges and new project for the fraternity. members, Sylvia Fisher and 00 QC I neS tU ClltS 0 ties." Slges social re-and. a trampol.ine exhibition by In sta II ed In M h. from all Flonda msbtuhons athis blood at the Tampa Blood ceived a letter from Dr. Decker David Carmolh, chairman of the ac Ines tended. Bank. This private b 10 0 d bank congratulating them on their Gym Club and former All-AmerSf ff L The conference consisted of will be at the disposal of each community project, the spon-. FRANTIC FRENZV Plenty of Action Backstage at Play ican at Florida State Univer-a ounge I AI h H II t d' . member and his immediate sorsbip of an 8-year-old orphan sity n p a a wo panel . ISCUSSIOns and a family in case of an emergency. from the Children's Home. For . Race Starts Action . No longer do the faculty and luncheon-busmess meeting . The Informal bids were issued to Thanksgiving Siges president llbrary staff have tc> stand first panel concerned "English the following persons last Tues-i' R th t h The will at 4:15 patiently in line waiting to get During the. past few. programs in the different instida . Ben DiBona Ra mond will be tak ng u o p.m. w1th the 1lh m1le race , their lunch while they are food and drmk machmes m tutions" the chairman was Dr F y. d nyJ h P ' 1 bicki home for a weekend. A Christ staged along the road bordering pushed and ' shoved from side the residence hall have been Francis' Townsend FSU and ei1 r arr ig e e mas party is also planned for the basketball courts, around to side for what seems an etern-robbed, moved, and burned. representing USF or: RobS ug 1f r an 0 r u z, Ruth and her friends at the the and softball areas, ity. Davis . Glendenning; assistant ert Zetler. The second panel 'Officers of '61-'62 orphanage. led es a to the fimsh line back on the Now they can eat their lunch manager of reports was a discussion of new poets; academic year are: president, Siges gave their P g • road. . . . in the staff lounge of the that although not a serichairman was IDr. Howard A. Jan Harper; vice president, get-acquainted barbecue at Row The race,. an ActJvity-Pomts library, since three new vendous problem , 1t have to Carter, Florida Presbyterian, Marilyn Pike; secretary, Andree lett Par:, last f Fld By LOUISE STEW ART ' event, Will Include teams rep-ing machines have been inbe solved by removmg the vendand representing USF was Dr. Holland treasurer Barbara ElllFIDE • ers t th The audience sees only half of the performance at resenting s?cial clubs, residence stalled in the Conference Room ing altogether from Sy Kahn. son; Council of Fraternal Sohave t begun Pj halls and mdepende!lt groups. as an added convenience. Alpha Hall If the conduct is During the luncheon-business cieties representative . Sandy Chris mas pro ec . I a theater production. Each team may subm1t 4-6 men . . . not improved . . J ' of the committee is Pau a PasT k f I th " t U 't f S th with the first four crossing These. vendmg machmes A candy n'!achine originally the constJtutio? was ones. ter. Fides will sponsor a a e, or examp e; e reccn mversl y o ou finish line counted as official also help to . take the installed oh the second floor ratified, and new of. f 1 c e r s group has a vi olleyball " Canned Foods Drive" In which Florida production of "A Trumpet Calling." Things were b P . t .ll b . off the Admimstration Bu1ldmg th t 'd h tr ll d elected. team, which will part cipate in all the University will be asked popping backstage when all the audience saw was a ba1 sis vending machines . The new officers are pres!-the In t r . a m u r a I's Program, to participate in. tender scene between mother• finisher and the team with the Many of the professors floors moved by hungry male dent, Dr. Howard Carter; vice Nkv. t The theme of the project will and child. . . lightweight scrim curtain beleast of points will be their own lunches from hqme , in the dead of night. Dr. Tillford, 0 1 d an tfg '\ ngb f be "White Christmas . " A tree The real, unmh1bited frenzy hind which a c tor 5 walked declared the winner and will re-but during more chilly weather The machine has also been Jacksonville University, and exf e d t 5 ond n' 8 il;si e th will be decorated in the UC goes on down in the basem ent through the "snowstorm" with ceive the first prize -a live they prefer a hot lunch . These overturned and emptied both of ecutive secretary, Dr. Ed Hirsh.f0 0 Ba nee Y am n e Bldg . and baskets w1ll be near where the dressing rooms are lantems. turkey. preferences have all been taken food and money. The coin berg, • USF. Elected to serve on ampa ay area. the tree for canned foods. located under the. stage an? the Located in the fioor of the Clubs Need Members care of, as there are hot and mechanism has been tampered the board of directors were . Dr. D A p\etge iof ENOTAS: Enotas football actors are hurrymg frantically stage were a series of ultra-. . . . cold sandwiches and even soups with, rendering one machine John . HamUton, Rollins; Dr. awn age, a en n rou a squad members surprised Arete costumes and make-up. For violet lights used in . a wood-The exhibitions and displays or chili in the vending mauseless. . Pascuial Reives, Florida Southinformal bid. . last Thursday when they this performance, many th.e land scene of orgiastic are all part of an all-Clubs efchines. The soup and chili The boys apparently are not ern, and . Mrs. Maurice Brown, ETHELONTES. Jay . Bullillgvided refreshments during thelr costume changes were s1mplld h t an fort to mterest students. in the at the temperature of 1!>0• the worst offenders The girls Florida A & M ton, busy freshman here at USF, game Miss Marc! McDougall fied by the use of various ace so th:at come out of the have not only the maA. committee from recently elected Enota's cessories rather than a comall lights were doused except coordinator Richard D . Hunter, machine hot. . chines, but have also burned USF, consisting of three pro-Jay wtll soon be sporting his heart, was presented with roses plete costume change. the ultra-violet ones . The efassistant professor of physical . These vendmg were holes in the plastic panels which fessors andtwo students greetnewly acquired purple sweat. at the last club meeting . Plans Production Boss feet was glowing. education , emphasized that "all mstalled by Mornson s. P!'Otect the food. Coal hangers, ed the delegates, and acted as shirt, bearing the simple white are underway for a community Upstairs in the wings just off Prop Table a stude t needs is interest in scissors, and knives are only a guides dll!ing the conference. "epsilon" for Ethelootes. project, which will be an the main stage, things are in a n 1 . . M•dt G d few the implements emThe comm1ttee was composed of 1 nounced soon. state of more ordered chaos Another f ocal point tn order to part CJpate 10 any of I erm ra es ' ployed by the scheming feDr. Joseph Bentley, Dr. There . has been a sl ght ADV.&RTISEMENT due to the pres ence of the stage hind the scenes production IS these clubs. Which students will receive tnales. . O'Hara and Dr. Emil Freniere change in the officers of ------------manager . Student Terry prop ta.ble which 10 0 k s "The student needs mid semester grades? The anMr. Glendenning says that and students Mary Hall and Ron Ethelontes this semester. Rose Scales of Psorlasls sem holds this thankless JOb something llke leftovers from to be prof1c1ent or skillful is swer is all freshmen and any money collectors emptying the Murfin. which involves coordination of a rummage sale. From this, the nothing more than that. These students who have received machines have been swamped ______ ..:____ NAVY RECRUITERS HERE • 3 W k all phases of actual production. prop girls distribute small Clubs will, train novice if academic warning .. Also, inby a deluge of foreign coins, Demos Pick OHicers . The Naval Aviation Informa-Gone ID ee s Once the audience . has be-Items of scenery to the actors he shows mterest. structors will have an grades pieces of metal, bus and track . tlon team from Jacksonville, .. gun arriving he is in complete for carryillg or placement on The remaining time of play ready in the event that students tickets and even a few thumb-The Young Democrats have headed by Lt. R. C . Schaefer, 1ntd1th:fei would :JW&Yt control of getting things done stage, in a protested game between drop a course. In case of droptacks. ' elected officers for this term will be visiting the University bo bottle t'o and can boss even the producer The larger scenery is light Enotas and Alpha II Tuesday at ping, if a st\ident's mark is What is .the solution to this including: Julian Piper, of . South Florida today, T . uesappllcatloiUI the oeaJee and director. The manager op-and portable. During the peri 5 :15 p.m. will mark the only "F", he will receive it: If his problem? There could be sev dent; James Rackley, vtc . e pres1and Wednesday to inter-8 erates frpm a cootrol console ods of time that the curtains action this week in the intra-average is a "D" or _above, he. eral, one being to lock the m!ldent; Ann White, recording sec-v1ew, advise and counsel college my anmo and .... A. !.L S .Dak. ) which can be set anywhere on are closed for scenery changes mural touch football leag ue. will get a "W", for Withdrawn. chines to the walls, (lnd the retary; Margaret Cruz, corres-men who want to eoarn an of;Y atlf' J>RUG the backstage area and moved many of the actors begin douGymnastics Mid-semester irades will be other to establish a . buzzer ponding secretary; and J, D. fleers and fly with money-back Y:.;.c desired during the produca_s prop men and scenpry Trampoline expert Carmolli mailed Nov. 28. alarm system. Sanchez, the fleet. cess!ul rMulta. tion. IS hastily rearranged or moved will be representing a much Big Brother off-stage. larger range of activity than From this console, Terry can Guitars, Drums just the bouncing sport. talk over the intercom to anyImmediately off-stage in the The gro up , known as the USF where in the building, such as wings was located the "o rchesG ymnast ics Club, includes pea down to the dressing room for cue calls and late actors, or he tra" two ,guitars and two ple with interest in every form ca ll s to the light booth for kettle drums-producing t h e of gym activity , from rope-background music. Pat Boole climbing to tumbling. lighting changes. and Michael Schick offered Dr. William Garrett, assistant The lightin g booth is another r h h 1 b focal point i nvolved in the prostrumming background for the professor of Eng 1s , 1s t e c u duction of a s uccessful play. singers and two performers sponsor, and along with CarStudent Sam Dickinson opertook time off during the woodmolli and Nelson Butler of the land dances to hand beat the City of Tampa Recreation Deates the light control console t t h 1 tr t th which has a special section for kettledrums for a rousing primi,par men , e ps ms uc e tive background. new group. operating stage lights. For com-The wings area is lighted by Weekly Workouts plicated Ught patterns, there is green lights in the h igh ceiling The club meets weekly, 7-10 a separate connected panel on which give enough light for on evening at t.he which programs can be set up seei n g but canno.t be seen by Semmole Hei ghts Community ahead of Snow the audience. This gives a Center , :vhere .the necessary apTo avoid sharp from weird effect pf many green 1 S aya1lable. one pattern to anothe r , the people tiptoeing madly around W e a very h d b 1 having whispered . conferences. at our first co.mrneJot-lights can be c ange Y a ever Many times duting the produc-ed Carmolli, because people whit:h gives a fading effect. tion, Terry could be seen back thol;lght the club was for . ex-Projected from this booth in in some corner briefing a group penenc.ed gymnasts, and JUSt of actors on last minute changes f?r men .. these assump-f h that somehow manage to come bons are mc'?rrect. was actu ally a ilm s own on a out right on stage. . The club \_Vill provide Instruc-imperial ALL fashions 10% SPECIAL OFF ON ALL Coats & Suits Purchased By Or Before Dec. 1 0 NEAR SEARS Phone 232-6191 1938 E. Hillsborough Jerry . Hefley Heads USF Veterans Club tion for begmners in all phases of gymnastics. We are looking for a boost in member sh ip in both men and women, for the big objective at present is to Veterans of the University o f intro duce gymnastics to the South Florida have organized. student body. The officers are Jerry Hefley, Weightlifting pres ident; Ray O ' Hara, vice-The long requested weight president; Eddy Taubman , secliftin g club wlll hold an organi retary; and Pat Brown, treaszational meeting at 1 p.m. , urer. Wednesday, in the UC. The All ex-service men and wornroom number will be announced en, who have served the full at the information desk. or minority enlistment a r e eligible to join. A membership campaign will begin next week. R e g u 1 a r meetings are held Tues., at 11 a .m. in UC218. There will be a special s upper meetin g Dec. 5, at 7 p.m. at the Lamas 'Club at the corner of Dale Mabry and Gandy. The veterans club of USF has been organized specifical1y CO-ED BOWLING For week Endm.Nov. ll Ten Pins . . . .. .. .. . . . . . .. . .. . . .. . 12 4 K iss or ..................... 12 4 Kingpins . . . . .. • • . .. .. .. • .. • .. • • 10 6 Unpredlctables .. .. . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 9 7 Untouchables .. .. . . . .. • • • • • • . .. • • 9 7 Bobcats . . . .. .. .. .. .. • • • .. . .. .. .. 6 10 Three Marks .. . .. . .. . .. . . . .. . . .. S l1 Penthouse ........ . . ...... ... , .. 1 IS (single game)-Bob High team

FLOOR LEADERSHIP CONTESTED THE TAMPA TIMES, 1\londay, November 20, 1961 House Democrats May Have Fight on Hands WASHI . NGTON, Nov. 20 (JP) -As an aftermath of Speaker Sam Rayburn's death, House Democrats may be caught up in contest over who wlll be come floor leader. started soliciting s u p P o r t among colleagues . at his McAlester, Okla., home Albert arrived at the House The outcome of the Albert• that he would seek the post. two years before Bolling and Bolling contes t could be de-Bollin g had been the only name mentioned as a likely opponent of McCormack for the speakership itself. Thus Bolling's decision to run for the No. 2 post in the House hi"h command made it almost certain McCormack w o u 1 d succeed Rayburn. A caucus of House Demo-has been party w h i P -or cided by the Wh it e Hou se, if crats will select the new assistant leader-for the past it decided to step in. s p e a k e r and floor leader seven years. He is 53 and The possibility of a fight was raised yesterday by the disclosure that Rep. Richard Bolling of Missouri will seek the post. It will be left open when Rep. John W. McCor mack of Massachusetts steps up, as Is expected, to t h e speakership. McCormack became acting speaker when cancer forced Rayburn to leave the capital last August. shortly before the House re-calls himself a moderate. Bolling has been close to convenes Jan. 10. Unless Boll Supporting A 1 bert Is a Kennedy and at one time ing or Albert withdraws be-strong group of southerners there was speculation the fore then, the caucus could headed by Rep. Howard W . President might endorse Boll develop into a knockdown, Smith, D-Va., chairman of the ing for the speakership. But party-splitting a f fa i r that rules committee. He also has Albert, too, rates high with c o u I d jeopardize President l:)acking among n o r t h e r n the administration. Kennedy's legislative Pro-Democrats. Because of the risks in-gram already in trouble in the Bolling's supporters claim valved in a defeat, the White House . the backing of most of the House likely will keep hands At the same time, Albert was designated acting floor leader by McCormack and his f o r m a 1 election had been taken for granted until Bol ling decided to make it a contest. Albert made his own entrance official last night, when he formally announced Bolling, 45, has long been northern and western liberals off-and let the f ight be set-identified with the liberal as well as some southerners. tied in the caucus. While Bolling himself was not available for comment, it was learned on the best au thority he will challenge Rep. Carl Albert of Oklahoma for the f 1 o or leadership. The M i s s o u r f a n already has group in the House, although,....:::_:..:...::::...::=-...:::..::::.::_.:::..:::...:::..:::.=:..::::..::: _____________ _ he calls himself a moderate . Russian Churches In Council He has served since 1949 and is a member of the powerful rules committee, where he was Rayburn's chief s pokes man. 800 BALLISTIC MISSILES Polaris Fleet of 50 . ' Is Planned by Navy WASHINGTON, Nov. 20 IUPD lorgely overlooked sentence in -The Navy apparently plans to a . Anderson de!ivered NEW DELHI , Nov. 20 WPDd 1 fl t f 50 Polaris Fnday to the Society . of eve op a ee 0 Nava l Architects and Manne The orthodox churches of Rus-submarines that would patrol Engineers in New York. sia, Poland, Bulgaria and Ru-the seas armer with a total of He noted that the range of mania became members of the 800 ballastic missiles. the Polaris was bein increased, predominantly western World Information on the raised and said that "as rapidly as pas Council of Churches (WCC) togoal for atomic-powered subma-sible, the Navy anticipates that day. rines came in a speech by Adm. . this fleet will grow to some 40 VIE FOR HOUSE FLOOR LEADERSHIP W And J h f or 50 submarines." Delegates to the WCC's third George r . , c :e $ assembly here voted to admit of operations, who the four churches, giving the officially warned that. Russta them in commission. Each car -lAP Wirephoto) w or I d organization its first has testmg nu-ries 16 missiles with a range large representation behind the clear anti-submarme weapons. of 1,200 nautical miles. Rep. Richard Bolling of Missouri, right, will challenge Rep. Carl Albert of Oklahoma, left, for the Democratic floor leadership of the House of Representa tives, it was disclosed in Washington. The post is being vacated by John W. McCor mack of Massachusetts, who will take the speakership. POLITICf'L PRISONER STATUS RECEIVED Iron Curtain. Anderson told the service bl' "A N A In addition , 23 submarines Officials said the action pu tcat!On rmyavy • I r are under construction or on means the great bulk of east-Force Register" that other order, all to be at sea by the ern orthodoxy now belongs weapons by Russia !t;end of 1964. Next year's to the WCC. The Russian Orcently far greater millbudget is exp' ected to provide thodox Church alone claims tary significance the 50 " for at least 10 more, but un-25 million members. megaton explosion . til now the Navy has talked of After the balloting, repre-He said it would be "very an ultimate fleet of about 40. sentatlves of the new member-logical to assume" that Russia was trying to find a means of In the anti-submarine fie l d, churches, who had watched pro-fighting Polaris submarines. Anderson said Russia has misAlgerians End Hunger Strike ceed!ngs as observers, came to st'le la ching bmarnes far Underwater explosions were • un su l the rostrum and received their included in the series, and inferior to America's, but which PARIS, Nov. 20 WPD-Thou-tlonal Red Cross to supervise lobbed hand grenades Into as Anderson said he would be still "pose a real threat to our sands of jailed Algerians ended its conditions. crowds leaving movie houses Nikodtm of Russia, m a long surprised if anti-sub weapons own cities ." said the three in Constantine and Tiaret, near black beard and wearing a were not tested For several years, the Navy their lengthy hun_ger strike to-The lawyiers ld Oran Authorities said a total black coat, received the longest • has been urgently developing day in return for status as po-ranking pr soners wou con2 i j d sustained applause Indication of the campaign t ty f d Holiday Weekend Bent a Hertz car all w.eekend at special low holiday rates t Don't let lack of a car keep you at home over the holiday. Rent a new Chevrolet or other fine car from Hertz at the low, holiday rates. The low Hertz rates include everything i.Dsurance, gasoline and oil (even if you buy it on the1road)! . Now, in Florida-you.can rent a sedan or ' compact in one clty, leave It with Hertz ID any other city, at no extra charge/ . RtN_r A let HERTZ put Y.:OU in the driver's seat! 405 East Lafayette ............. : ................. 223 Tampa International Airport ..................... 877-1250 litical prisoners . tinue to fast until the govern-of 2 persons were n ure ' one Erne t z ng . f g for a 50-Polaris fleet was in a m a varle o un ersea ment agrees to transfer them to seriously. f s e:s, a r e u e e warmng systems to detect enmembers of the Rebel Algerian tra-territorial rights. Ben Bella ment was up its drive pi lC tehted thtle assembly hall duraulder Actress tances. . ,government being held in a hosh b h ld 1 t 1 ht i 1 t . ng e vo ng. I ital outside Paris announced a the. others ave een e aga ns r g -w ng e emen s He carried a sign denouncing • d fhree-point agreement for end-m a hosiptal in Garches, a subto Algerian self-determl Russian clergy as "Communist Are Marrte (Wire or write downtown office Tampa) ing the strike which started urb near here. nation. agents" and saying they were Nov 2 The French m!nistry was letup in the Police announced the ar"not servants of God.'' TEANECK, N.J., Nov. 20 (JP) of confirmed that 1>,000 guerrtlla war m Algeria, howof. a fifth man in eonneeLater Dr. Franklin c. Fry, -Movie actress Cleo Moore , 32, jailed Moslems were eating once ever. Yesterday terrorists tlon with the attempt to assas-chairman of the WCC Central was married to builder Herb again -inate President Charles de Committee, referred to the H ftl 46 esterday in a civ'l . c I w•th Gaulle last Sept. 8. The ac• picketing. "The Central Come er, , y l But t.he lawyers said Vlee apsu e I cused plotter was Identified mittee is under the impression ceremony performed by Mayor Pre m 1 e r L• • M as Henri Manoury, an insur-we are dealing with Christians " Matthew Feldaman. Bella and 0 er rebe lYing atter ance agent picked up during he said. ' The wedding was attended by cabinet con• a routine identity check in Archbishop Nikodfm was tinue thell' fast to wm other LOSt After fhght Chaumont in Eastern France. reported to have denied that friends and relatives at th,e demands. Police have been on the looka Chrtstian also could home of the bridgegroom s The agreement called for POINT ARGUELLO, Calif., out for Manoury since the assas-be a Communis&, potnttnr out brother, George, an attorney. France to treat all Moslems as Nov. 20 (JP)-A capsule living sination attempt.. Previously, that atheism Is a requisite for The couple to live in political order all matter apparently survtved a they had arrested tlrree army joining the Communist party. Beverly H1lls, Calif. courts and prisons here and in rocket flight more tha_n 1,000 officers and another insurance The Russian Orthodox Church Miss Moore said she lne't Algeria to abide by the agree-miles-then aot lost at sea. . man. declined to join the wee in Heftier, a widower with a 230 FREE! FIRST TIME OFFER HEARING Eliminate BaHery Problems ment and named the Interna-A four-stage rocket earned Authorities have blamed the 1948 on the grounds the counyear-old son, .about 2'h ye!lrs the BIOS capsule aloft from outlawed Secret Army Organ!cil concerned itself excessively ago she signed to do a film Jap Mail Union here Saturday. Its living cargo zation COAS> for the attack on with social and economic af-for his construction business. nerve fiber, mold, bac-De Gaulle's life. It falled when fairs. But the church re-e xShe was married at the age of Pulls Slow Down tena, barley seed, sea urchin a bomb planted on a road De amined its position after the 15 to Palmer Long, son of the See and try a hearing unit powered by revolutionary new space•age cell. Used in today's satellites. Now through re search it can be yours for trouble free hearing. SPACE AGE CELL Get this actual size case of new midget hearing aid at . our office today. If people . seem to mumble and you Can be adapted to most present hearTOKYO' Nov. 20 (UpD-More eggs-was to .be _recoveredd atnd Gaulle was taking to his country WCC issued a declaration on late Louisiana politician Huey by sctentists to e er-home burned but did not ex-disarmament and world peace Long. That marriage ended in than 280 ,000 undelivered pieces mm. e effects of outer-space plode. and last April it applied for divorce after a few weeks. have trouble understanding ing aids. Find out if yours can be con words try this actual siz:e verted today. Complete conversion of mail were piled up in Jap-radiatiOn and gravity changes. membership. anese post offices today as the The rocket apparently veered The assembly also voted 19 result of a slowdown by the off course and the capsule para-Woman Soars other churches to membership, 220,000-member Japanese Postal far out of the planned including two in Chile which Workers Union. Impact area south of here. It Aloft To Crack were the first Pentecostal The union 40,000 terna few radio signals churches to join the WCC. porary workers g1ven permanent 1t h1t, but not enough to permtt Balloon Record At the opening session yes-status. It was feared the slow searchers to get a pinpointing terday, delegates from 60 coundown completely para-radio fix on it. ERICK, Okla., Nov. 20 (JP) tries voted the International lyze delivery of the heavy year-After several hours of searchA 56 _ y e a r _ 0 1 d Pennsylvania Missionary Council to member-end malls. ing the Navy gave up. woman soared aloft yesterday ship. The missionary council in an attempt to break the worn-represents religious groups in ne's endurance record for bal38 nations . loon flights. The three-week assembly is Officers in Texas and Okla-the first since 1954 and the homa set off in pursuit of Mrs. first to be held In Asia. The Alfred Wolfe ' s gold-colored bal1954 meeting took place In loon last night after a farmer Evanston, III. reported she hiid shouted to him ===-case or one of the smallest and most price: effective new hearing aids on the market today. Take it home-wear it-keep it-Limited Time it's yours FREE. 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You'll be thrilled et how quickly you will be danc ing-and how fast you can learn and brush up on the latest steps. Enjoy the Cha-Cha, Fox Trot, Waltz-whatever . YOU wish. Step in at your conveni how fast you' ll step out and dance with confidence! Studios open daily from 10 A • .M. to 10 P.M. CAUTION Most dancln&1chools were 1llrttll lly people without adequate train In& In the teachlna of ballroom dancln&. . . At a 1tudlo licensed 11' Arthur Murray, Inc. you ere assured eK pert lnstructJon becaun ever, teacher Is carefully choun and thoroulhly trained before ht can qualify to Inch you. Our stamp of approval Is your protection. ARTHUR MURRAY School of Dancing Alvin & Marjorie Bennati-Ueensee 908'12 Franklin St.--Tampa Phone 229-1851 535 So. Wash. Blvd.-Sarasota 958-2197 f l clouds o v e r Oklahoma and Texas for six hours and had an Air Force helicopter standing by to rescue her from the bal loon . A red blinker light dangles from the balloon, enabling of ficers to foJiow its course. Mrs. Wolf, of Blue Bell, Pa., is attempting to break the en durance ' record of 35 hours and 58 seconds held by a Russian woman . Bomb Scare Delays Talk By Rev. King A civil rights rally, with the Rev. Martin Luther King as guest speaker, was delayed last night as 4,200 persons evacu ated Fort Homer H e s t e r 1 y armory in a bomb scare. The racially mixed c r o w . d waited outside for a half hour while police searched the ar mory for a bomb. None was dis covered. The crowd, unthinned by the delay, filed back to their seats to hear the Negro leader speak. The Rev. Mr. King told the group, "We are standing on the border of the promised land of integration.'' Racial segregation Is passing and being replaced by new freedom an d human dignity , he said . However , he warned that the new order will bring the Negro new challenges and new responsibility. Fire Losses Increase NEW YORK, Nov. 20 WPD Estimated fire losses in the United States for the first 10 months of 1961 totaled $983,671,000 . The National Board of Fire Underwriters said yesterday this represented a 6 . 7 per cent in crease over 1960 figures for the same period which were $921,581,000. ALUMINUM PATIO CHECK THESE FEATURES • Are • Up to 25/0 cooler • Save on air-conditi'oning • Beautify your home • Increase the value of your home • Never need storing -CALL NOWFOR FREE ESTIMATES 24 HOURS A DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK CALL 229 MADE-RITE PRODUCTS, INC. 1 P.O. Box 7112 Tampa, Fla. I GEIITUMENI 1 l'leose h••• 1 reprouototlve c.ll at ,., home H that I I 111lght examine tho Patle myself. I understaad that I IIIII UDder DO obJigatioL 1 I ADDRESS ----.. --.-I NAM •••• •• • • • I an .... zoNr ..• STATE ........ . 1 PilON.................... 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