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The Tampa times.
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
January 4, 1965
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
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SEVENTY-SECOND YEAR-No. 285 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, JANUARY 4, 1965 PRICE FIVE CENTS Study Shows USF Students Like , Trimester among students and a predomi nantly neutral reaction among the faculty. nor disliked it, and 22 per cent expressed a dislike for the system." no decidedly strong feelings, either favorable or unfavorable, about the trimester; and a far more efficient use of the student's time." cent report feeling more pres sure under the trimester system. These two variables-pressure felt and use of time-go hand Editor's Note: This is the first in a series on the much discussed a n d controversial trimester system survey at USF. In this first article, the results of the survey are summarized, with emphasis on the student responses, since we believe that the students are most concerned With this part. Some 629 students along with all members of the USF teach ing and research faculty, admini-strative and professional staff were queried through detailed questionnaires. The study indicated that stu dent attitudes seem to change toward the trimester as there is more experience with it. "As experience with the tri mester increases, 21 per cent indicate they dislike it more, but twice as many indicate they like it better, while one-third have no feeling either way." *That the objections and dis satisfacti ons which do exist are basically concerned with salaries and mechanical considerations, and with the qualitative results of the system itself; and courses and being able to enroll for the desired number of cred it hours, most students felt no difference under the trimester system (71 per cent said course offerings were adequate and 81 per cent enrolled for as many hours as they intended)." On the subject of effects of the trimester on account of sleep, pressure felt, dating, par ticipation in athletics, etc., half of the students tend to say that the trimester has had no effect on these areas, about 35 per cent indicated negative effects, and 15 per cent usually found positive effects. , in hand and seem to follow logically what was said about participation in informal social activities. On the other hand, the re spouse of the faculty and staff Will be discussed, as will be the background and recommenda tions of the study and Its place In the current political unrest in the state capitol with regard to the new Board of Regents. Your comments are invited, By RALEIGH MANN Campus Edition Editor Results of the comprehensive study on the trimester system at the University of South Florida indicate a generally favorable attitude toward the system THE STUDY, prepared, con ducted and evaluated throu"gh the Committee of Institutional Research, probed student opin ion on more than 100 questions relating to the trimester. The report with results of the study, states that on the whole , the students' "response to the trimester system is fa vorable." "When asked, 'in general, what is your opinion of the trimester system?' 59 per cent indicated they either liked it or liked it very much, 18 per cent said they neither liked it FURTHER, according to the study, about 80 per cent of the students polled feel that year round operation of the univer sity is worthwhile. "A large proportion (46 per cent) feel that, as a result of the trimester system, better students are en couraged to come to the Uni versity of South Florida." In general, the faculty study showed: *That a sizable majority have *That if they had to make a choice they would be slightly more inclined toward the semes. ter system than the trimester system. The study Indicated that the major source of discontent with the trimester system among the faculty "seems to be over the salary increase granted as a re sult of the switch from the se mester system." The study's general discus sion of student responses was divided into three categories: EDUCATIONAL: "In terms of such matters as availability of On the important question of quality of education, the study stated, "For almost every item dealing with educational mat ters such as quality of educa tion and enthusiasm for learn ing, the students who had had experience with other calendar systems expressed a more nega tive view of the trimester than did those students with only tri mester experience. " SOCIAL-PERSONAL: "The effect of the trimester system on the students in the social and personal areas suggests that the over-all result is a slightly nega tive impact on participation in formal and informal activities STUDENT ACTIVITIES: "About half of the students felt that the trimester system pen alizes students who are very active in extracurricular activ ities; this was nearly twice as many as those who felt it did not." The all-important question of efficient use of time and pres sure felt under the system were reported this way by the study: "A large proportion (42 per cent) indicate a more efficient use of their time, and 70 per Campus Convention Opens "The picture presented is one of students with less time for informal fun and casual relax ation, more pressure felt be cause of lack of time, and the self-preserving response of more efficient use of time. Student comments on how to facilitate the trimester system at USF showed emphatic en dorsement of a reading period immediately before final exams; . the preferred length for this period is from one to three days, (!\lore student comments, background, some . r e c o m mendations for the future and a presidential statement fol low in succeeding issues .i VA Hospital Site Near USF Campus Educators Meet A proposed giant medical place a $16 million hospital on complex moved closer to reality a 22-acre tract adjacent to USF with announcement by the Vet-and near the future medical col erans Administration that it will lege. Burns May Seek Resignations A feasibility survey for the possible medical school west side of the campus along 30th Street and Fletcher Avenue, Regents Doubt • 1n Spuiai to the campus Edlllon mester system was replaced. of the Board of Control since A nme-member Board of Re. gents to guide the destinies of Burns sa1d he would have asked July 1, 1962.. . Florida's far-flung higher eduth_e regents for a on the F1ve years-Baya Harrison, ti t t k ff" J 1 tr1mester system within 60 days St. Petersburg attorney and will start this month. The VA said in Washington it has picked a site for its 720bed facility bounded on the north by 131st A venue and on the east by 30th Street, ad jacent to Campus Park sub division. VA turned down offers of other tracts as not suitable. VA prefers to establish its hospitals near medical schools to CO operate in training of interns, specialists and in research. The site is owned by the Higo Corp. of Miami and VA holds an option to purchase it for an undisclosed amount. ca on sys em 00 0 ICe . an. and felt sure it would have chairman of the Board of Conbut may face an uncertam fu-been negative. Burns has said trol since his appointment July Construction timetable for the ture new hospital has not been H : , n . __ that most university pr_esiden _ ts, 1, 1 _ 961, B• s. lon gt une faculty and stmi.Jilts, J.lcludmg Sl..t Yl"s _ p 11 Y n e R M:c!-announct>d. USF is hopeful of BENNETT CERF Students MeetCerf Thur day sonv_Ille mayor who becomes his son at University of Florida, yette, Tallahassee insurance gethng tile new medical school Flonda governor at noon_ Tuesdo not like the trimester plan man and former state legis ready by 1970 or 1972 to help has" been quoted m the because it works a hardship on lator. meet growing national needs for Bennett A. Cerf of New York, daily press th_at would ask faculty and students alike. Seven years-Robert M. Morphysicians and paramedical per-widely-known publisher, humor for t h e of all Members of the Board of gan of Miami, a CPA and chairsonnel. ist and TV personality, will chat boards and if necessary would Regents and their terms: man of the State Racing ComThe City of Tampa has sug. with USF students and staff at use "every 1 ega 1 tool that's One year_ John c. Pace mission. gested a new community hos-a UC Meet the Author program available to me" to nullify the Pensacola retired lumber Eight years_ Marshall M. pital in the area but definite Thursday. regents' appointments m a d e and member of the Board of Criser, Palm Beach attorney for plans have not materialized. The popular star of "What's Dec. 29 by retiring Gov. Farris Control since Sept. 29, 1961. the Palm Beach County Board VA officials said the need My Line?" television show and Bryant. Two years Gert H. W. of Public Instruction and chair-for expanded medical facilities author of nnmerous books on Burns and Bryant met sevSchmidt of Jacksonville owner man of the Florida Installment for veterans in the 10-county humor, will meet informally with eral times on the pending ap-of Florida Tractor Eq:Upment Land Sales Board. area has been shown by a students at 11 a.m. in UC 252. pointments but failed to agree Co., member of the former Nine years-Sam T. Dell of waiting list of 280 to 700 at the Cerf is coming to the campus on them. Burns is strongly OP board since July 10, 1961, and Gainesville, a lawyer former 680-bed Bay Pines Hospital, St. as luncheon speaker Thursday posed to the trimester system its vice chairman. chairman of the Florida Devel-Petersburg. for the Mid-Winter Superinten and he contended that a Bry-Three years -Fletcher G. opment Commission, f 0 r mer Based on comparable VA den_ts' Conference of state and ant-appointed board would per-Rush of Orlando, attorney and member of the State Board of hospitals, the new facility could national educators which opened Superintendents from 35 of the presiding. At 8:45 Joseph A. nation's larger school systems Carr, curator, will give a Plane open a five-day mid-winter con-tarium presentation, "Skies of ference at USF today on a range Florida." of problems confronting modern Tuesday morning, Seymour education. Wolfbein, director of the U.S. Educators will l1ear talks and Office of Manpower Automation discussions on such issues as and Training, Washington, will recent federal legislation affect-speak on "Automation and Edu ing education, impact of autocational Opportunity." At 1:30 mation on society, aerospace p.m. also in Argos Center, 139, education, projects to improve L. T. White of Washington, the qnality of education, school former vice president of Cities architecture, and what business Service Petroleum, Inc., will wants of school systems. talk on "Education for Enter-Superintend en t s, speakers, prise." wives and guests will take Publisher Bennett Cerf will be breaks from work for sight-seethe luncheon speaker at 12:15 inl!; trips to Florida attractions Thursday and featured speaker nearby including an airlift trip that afternoon will be 'John A. to J. F. Kennedy Missile Test Beaumont, director of the Oc Center. cupations Branch, U.S. Office of TliE SESSION opens with a Education, Washington, on re dinner in UC at 7 p.m. with cent federal education legisla Dean Harris W. Dean of USF tion. Clockwise from left: Wolfbein, White, Beaumont petuate the system. former president of the Orange Bar Examiners and a member be expected to employ some today. Bryant says he favors the County Bar Association. of the St. Augustine Historical, 1,200 to 1,500 and to have a Most of Cerf's books deal with quarter &Y stem and did not Four years-Wayne C. MeRestoration and Preservation budget of around $10.5 million humor and recent publications care whether or not the triCall ,Oca la dentist and member Commission. annually. include "Riddle-De-Dee," "Out Four-Laning Signals Campus Growth Earth moving machines chew into the campus as four-laning of perimeter roads and extension of utility lines to future building sites moves ahead.-(USF Photo) Guitarist Winners To Get Plaques on a Limerick," and "T b e Laugh ' s on Me." Earlier books include "Try and Stop Me," "Laughing Stock," and "Any thing for a Laugh . " He is author of the "Encyclopedia of Ameri can Humor," New Buildings, Roads Planned Speech Tourney Regtstratton Due Allen Sees USF Growth 7 at 8 p.m. in the University Center Ballroom. Giant machines are churn-The event is being sponsored R . tr . E •t• ing into the earth to pave the uary, the engineering build ing and outdoor recreational projects for which drawings Seen to the UC, a theater rehearsal and workshop building, a new auditorium, a n d additional maintenance a n d utility fa cilities comprise the $14 mil by the Special Events Commitway for four-laning of cam egis ation closes Wednesday Judgment based on: knowledge XCI I ng tee and is the first in a series for the USF Intramural Speech and analysis of ideas, relevance pus perimeter roads and ex-are about 75 per cent com plete, and the e d u c at i o n of programs entitled "SoundsaTournament, Jan. 11 •16 of ideas, language and style tension of utilities to sites of tions." No tickets are required. Plaques will be awarded to and delivery. '65 Ah d future buildings as USF takes building. lion bill. Sullivan majored in classical individual winners in each of the E X TEMpO RAN E O US ea a giant stride ahead into 1965. Education building plans Last in the list is an ac-guitar under Aaron Sheares at four tournament events and the Continued on Page 15, Col. 5) Nearest of the big projects are at a standstill waiting for cess road and parking lot pav the American University in L':'w Sarett Sweepstakes Trophy .. ,,,,,,.,," •. ,,.,."'"'''"'"''7P'".-" ..... , . . .w..Aw• A.n excl"tm g year of physlcal is the business administra-word on a federal grant which ing project for the observatory Washington , D.C. He studied Will be given to the organizawould permit expansion of north of Fletcher Avenue. This and researched flamenco music tion winner based on total points. fl }}} s d H and academic growth and prosthe plans. is a part of the utilities exten-through Angel Mancheno. Jose The Speech Department and tu ent pects for full accreditation lie x '" h d f u t f s th jumped to first place when The $14 million package sion contract under which Moll na, Carlos Montoya, Juan UC Program Council is sponsora ea or mversl Y o ou h d 1 . d N ... Fl d bids for the physical educa-approved as USF's part of the sewer, eat an coo mg, an Serrano, Carlos Ramos and lng the tournament whkb was # d H } @ on a. t d Board of Control's 1965 capi-water lines are presently be many Other dancers' Singers, won in 1961 and 1962 by the Judo f.). ee s e p This bright ontlook was foretion proJect were reJeC e as .... .., t b USF p "d t J h s too high. On Dec. 9 PE bids tal outlay priority list is wait-ing laid around campus. Com g uitarists and aficionados of MICHAEL SULLIVAN Club and in 1963 by Fia sorority. n m cas y resi en 0 II . I . f h t . t 0 . . ,.,. , T M C d 196 S .,, Allen in a special message for were at least $200 , 000 over ing action by the state legisp etton o t ese ex ens10ns o flamenco. /garuzatio?s may enter two ij ara c or • 4 U F the campus edition today. Dr. expected figures , and Tampa lature. Action on the list is PE and other building sites m Allen's statement follows: . is is more than one event. Judges W ill in Tampa General Hos:I: 1 . 965 should ?7 another mter-in April. running east f r 0 m the AD 5 P H d will be members of the faculty ill pital following an eighta_nd excltmg year at the Four other projects, also building, north to the corner rog ram ea S, and persons from tile commufl hour brain operation and !) Uruvers1ty of South Flonda, if being financed from the 1963 A $3 million science center, of Beta, and west between nity r; campus friends are seekM for no other. reason than con$75 million bond issue, are Argos core and dorms, the be Further information may be lJ ing help to ease a desper@ tinued growth in . enrollments the central receiving • maint:: P L d obtained from Dr. Hermann # ate financial plight. and the maugurahon of new tenance buildings with bid contract. Ot• • t Stelzner, FH 127, Ext. 416. (1 Miss McCord has been g programs. s_c_i_e_nc_e_b_u_i_Id_in..:g:..'_an __ a_d_dJ_t_io_n ______________ _ rom tons IS e Here are details of a graduate student at UniTHE FIRST major event will event: m versity of Florida for the @ be the final early in USF moves into Trimester II with five new departORAL INTERPRETATION OF 11 past trimester and had m March by a Vlsitin? from Campus News Briefs h . ''' suffered headaches and l'" the Southern Associa!ton of Colmentor program c airmen and other changes m POETRY: Event lim1ted to nar>i> d. . Th t t., .. -'::A:, .. .... '''.:'':';'!'' .... :: leges and Schools A favorable faculty titleS. rative poetry; to tell a StC'ry m essd. be • opera ton ' recommendat1'0n th1"s team t b th f '''':' Isc ose a ram tumor. A comparison of new staff di-mus e e pnmary purpose 0 i'''l "H d d will mean final accreditation at h th ld h th Other changes 1n title 1n the the poem. (e.g. Frost's "Death /: . er Wl owe mother, a h D b 1965 f rectory Wit e o s ows ese f Hi ed M , N , "'' waitress urgently needs t e ecem er, meetmg o h n d" t . o a r an, or oyes '"' . ' h s th A t Th' Notice from the Registrar to D d Adds C airmen: ew Irec ory "Th Hi h , ) St d ts help smce she Js sole sup. "'! t e OU ern SSOCia IOn. IS rOpS an Notice to C . B Students hitherto unlikely places. Sci Dr. Knut Norstog from assist-R. Adrian Cherry, assistant e g wtafyman 1 u en '#. port for Tara a dying ,!_; __ ;.,:. accreditation will be retroactive students enrolled in CB 101 Classes may be dropped or ence courses, however, have ref t t f may excerp rom a ong poem ' . . ll d f 1 ta t th ant professor to associate pro pro essor 0 associa e pro essor, "ded th t .. t d i" grandmother blind grandand will cover a graduates of and/or CB 105 added by students Tuesday and mame rur Y cons n m eir prov1 e excerp can s an ''"' ' :;:, th U t f S th Fl 'd . , f locations fessor and chairman, botany; ---:------------Ialone." The entire reading father and Tara's brother''''' e mversl Yo ou on a. Students in these two courses the registrars o. Dr. Robert Goldstein from as More Campus News, not exceed five minutes. JudgW who recently underwent fi:' Durmg tbe year the dean and who failed either course in the flee said. . All labeled BO are ment based on: Entire reading H! surgery," one of her for __ ,.'x:l __ the faculty of the of f 11 t d • h h . _ Drops and adds will be han-located m r:s 179, except for sociate professor to associate including the introduction, cent\ mer teachers said. ": Engmeermg Will be contmumg a erm an \\ o ave regis died 9 a.m. to 3 p . m . TuesBO 2?2 which is in LS 269. professor and chairman, history; Editorials-Pgs. 2, 15 tering on the student's comprem _Tara played the oboe their preparatiOn for accommo-tered early for the second half day m uc Ballroom and from Chemistry are more Dr. Alfonso Gonzales, assistant hension of and responsiveness fJ with campus mus1cal N d?hn_g m sophom_ore of the course, have been re9 to 3 and 6 to 7:45 p.m. With CH 321 and professor and program chairt o the full meaning of the poem W. groups and the Tampa division courses m engmeermg, moved from that course and Wednesday. m CH 101, CH 331 and 421 m man, geography; Dr. Richard E . foreign languages; Harrison MANUSCRIpT SPEAK: )H Philharmonic. Anyone ij the 419 pre-engineering students should report Tuesday, Jan. 5 CH 106, CH 332 in CH 100 and Nee!, associate professor of Covington, program chairman ING: Theme for this event; ii: wishing to help may send ru now enrolled in the university. to the Ballroom to add the first Lecture Locations CH 433 in CH 105. economics to chairman and as-and associate professor to pro"The Educated Man and Public f! a check to Tara or Ann N the mas-half of the course. With the addition of the PH 341 lab is in room 102 Jociate professor of economics gram chairman and professor, Responsibility." Participants McCord

THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, January 4, 1965 USF1s Challenge Now on the threshold of a new year, greater things are in store for USF. L i k e a magical leprechaun, 1965 has leaped suddenly into view holding pr-omise in one hand and challenge in the other. Both are equally enchanting but they put to the test, the maturity and oiency of a university; necessary tests as guidelines for f u r t h e r growth and improvement. golf, soccer (already competing), swimming, tennis and track-cross country. Great we say. We are growing! 1UG Do Something? Consider Club Activity Here By PHYLLIS TARR of the Campus Staff The bells have rung. The horns have blown. The tree Is down and the new yMr's been officially welcomed. Amid activity and excitement come the traditional New Year resolutions. Top ping students' lists will be harder study, more of it and the phrase-"lmprove, improve, improve." But the area of improvement need not be restricted to academics. It can be adapted to fulfilling the individual needs of each student-molding him; shaping him to fit the role of the well rpunded ' college The promise which '65 offers is shining, hopeful, rare. This, be it is the promise of a young, vital university. One which, though. it has problems, nevertheless is capable of great things, unlimited accomplishments. We must be because we are spend ing more money, building larger and more b1:!autiful buildings, add ing more activities. But are we! Are these things the real essence of the promise which '65 proffers to us , or are they merely vehic!es for reflecting the real prorr:-1se which is found in the accomplish ments of those who make t h e m more than cold buildings, meaning less activities? "Yeah, those lost freshmen show up here every trimester!" USF prides itself on its "Accent on Learning." But the scope of this pro gram is not limited to the classroom, the lecture hall or the professor's Inner sanctum. It includes an integration of all campus activities with participation from faculty and students together. New graduate programs lead ing to Master's degrees will prob ably begin in Liberal Arts, Education, and Business Administration this year, with Engineering Master's work probably beginning in '66. New building will be seen on campus . Six major building proj ects with a total cost of $12.3 mil lion will probably begin in '65. They are: Physical Education, Business Administration, Education , Engi neering, three residence halls and student apartments. Athletic "clubs" in six sports h,ave been formed to prepare USF for formal intercollegiate compe tition. The six sports are baseball, We say unequivocally, buildings, activities and the like are merely vehicles. They serve to facilitate the fulfillment of the real promise: The growth of the individual. It is good, it is necessary to hav.e these things, but in proper perspective. They are subservient and should take second place when a univer sity's progress is being determined. The question to be asked is how well is the university helping the student to define, then reach meaningful goals? We say that USF is growing, physically and , spiritually. T h e buildings are obvious. Less obvious yet clearly discernible is the spirit, excitement and dynamism of the prople who inhabit them. Such is the promise. The chal• lenge is to fulfill it. am pus Edition. Looks Ahead In keeping with our new look in the Campus Edition, we have more than appearance to off e r the reader. Our staff has been signifi cantly increased in size and total experience. At the helm is a team of alert, imaginative students whose pur pose is to produce with regularity :.. campus newspaper that is su perior by the accepted criteria of responsible journalism, and sensi five to the interests and concerns of the USF community. Raleigh Mann returns as edi tor, bringing with him experience at USF, at the junior college level, and in the professional field. Mann was first editor of the Miami-Dade Junior College newspaper, Falcon Times, which has, smce its incep tion in 1961, taken top national hon ors every year. At USF, he began on the Cam pus Edition as Student Association reporter, then as managing edi tor under Michael Foerster last year. Mann combined the editorship last trimester with 20 hours week on the Tampa Times domg re•write, general assignment, po lice and sports reporting . Management of t h e Campus Edition's assignments and internal production organization this tri will be Jay Beckerman. At St. Petersburg Junior College, Beckerman was editor of the col lege newspaper, Wooden Horse, F l o r i d a ' s first junior college weekly. Beckerman brings to USF fur t h e r experience in professional Journalism as a news cameraman reported in St. Petersburg f o r WFLA-TV . His position now with us is ex ecutive editor. Mary Ann Moore is directing the program of improving the con tent and appearance of the Cam pus Edition editorial page. She brings more than a year's background on the Campus Edition to her new post. A sophoq10re, Mary Ann is regarded by our staff and the university administration as a responsible , mature and dedi cated journalist. Department editors continuing in their positions will work to as sure best possible coverage. Jeff Bialek will return as religion edi tor, John Alston will continue head ing a team of reporters as Student Association editor. Fraternals will be under responsibility of return ing veteran staffer Phyllis Tarr. Starting his second trimester as advisor to the Campus Edition is Steve Yates, a newspaperman with wide professional and academic background. Born in Tallahassee, Y a t e s served as Managing Editor of that city's paper in the 40s and 50s, then city editor of the Birmingham, Ala., News. He has also specialized as a science writer, and has numer ous awards for his newspaper work. His teaching . has been in jour nalism at the tJniversity of Ala bama and Howard College bMore coming to. the USF faculty. We are here to serve, and we are prepared to. L e n d us your crucial readers' support with your contributions and suggestions. Timeless Tidbits I claim not to ba ve controlled events, but confess plainly that events have con trolled me.-Abraham Lincoln. Nurture your minds with g r e a t thoughts. To believe in the h e r o i c makes heroes.-Benjamin Disraeli . Except the Lord keep the city the watchm'an waketh but in valn.-Psalms 127:1. The trouble with people is not that they don't know but that they know so much that ain ' t so.-Jose Billings . When society requires to ;Je rebuilt, there Is no use in attempting to rebuild it on the old plan.-J ohn Stuart Mill. The regulations governing the Unl versity of Paris, as drawn up lly Rob ert de Sorbonne in the Thirteenth Cen tury, contain these itenis: "Also, no one shall ba ve loud shoes or clothing by which scandal might be generated in any way." "Also, no fellow shall have a key to the kitchen." "Also, no women of any sort shall eat In the private rooms . If anyone vio lates this rule, he shall pay the assessed penalty, namely sixpence •.. " Our Downtrodden Grass Seems Doomed to Defeat By. JOHN ALSTON of the Campus Slaff To grass or not to grass. That Is the question that many students daily are considering and deciding. The result is that our sidewalks a r e gradually being deserted and left to the antics of skateboarders. An examination of the tradition (and the grass) is in order. For it seems . that physical plant is lay, ing sidewalks at a fast and furious peace and is neglecting our downtrod den grass. Way back when the university was b e i n g Alston planned, the decision was made that USF would have a new look . This look would include new designs for build ings, progressive courses, and the All University approach. To symbolize the unity of the campus, the sidewalks were planned to balance the layout of the campus . This would make a pretty picture from about 10,000 feet up. The plan was carried out and USF has fts "new look" and sidewalks to nowhere. Beautiful ribbons of cement more or less (mostly less) connect the buildings and make an aesthetically pleasing impression on all the airline passengers that debark at Tampa Inter natlona. One flaw 1ft the plan Is now becoming painfully prominent. Students with a boorish sense of aesthetics walk ing along the straightest line between two buildings. The fact that the shortest distance doesn't coincide with the side walks fails to deter these clods. The result of all this is that several new paths are being designed by these straying students . One is two feet wide and growing In front of Gamma hall. Another is entrenching itself between the UC and the Gamma parking lot. Physical plant seems to be at a loss to solve the problem. One solution that they seem to have hit upon is to simply not plant any grass at all. This method Is being tried in the Andros complex where two sections have been grassed but no section that is used for walking has received any attention from our erstwhile gardeners. Another method seems to be to just start laying sidewalks. Crescent Hill, that bit of grassy scenery that was so nice to sit on, it now being ringed and criss-crossed with c e m e n t. The rumor th,at it will be capped with a solid layer of cement and used for the elim ination of skateboarders is incorrect. Security didn't want to bother filling out all the damage reports and having to hear the irate complal)lts of drivers who were unwittingly forced into t h e extermination drive . Neither of these methods seem to be solutions. But have you looked at the grass, lately? Fantastic Imagination at Work Sheds Literary Light on Fetish By GRETA Km. DIXON of the Campus Staff A HANK OF HAIR by Charlolte Jay. (Harper and Row, New York, 1964.) 135 pp.; $3.50. In this newest novel by Charlotte Jay, we set out to explore the world ot a 43-yearold widower, Gilbert Hand who bas been dealt a cruel blow by fate upon the loss of his wife. Mrs. Hand had been killed when the Hand boat Was shipwrecked off the coast of Spain. Hand, a sensitive man is highly af fected by the melancholy setting of Lon don and the even more melancholy state of his mind and of his memories. In his panic to get away from the sur roundings and events that are torturing him, Hand regresses Into a dream world which he has created for himself at the Victoria and Albert Museum. IN THE MUSEUM be spends hours looking at Japanese color prints. In these prints he finds peace and solace as the droopy ladles of the Utamaro period gaze down at him from their sfa tlons on the wall. Fora long time Hand lived in his dream world • • . "lived contentedly in a serene and beautiful world where rain slanted over iris gardens, and wom en, fraU and slender as tall flowers, tot tered about on high shoes or reclined in watery swirl of draperies. A world of paper kites and curved bridges-fire works hangin(! suspended, red and gold in black velvet skies-and now and again a ghost-and a corpse or two." AS THE STORY UNFOLDS we are given a brief glance into Mr. Hand's life at a small residential hotel in South Kensington. It is in this setting that he finds a long thick hank of woman's hair in a davenport in his room. Shortly after his discovery, one which he takes great care to protect, he meets a mys terious man named Doyle, who bas just one thing in mind-the rescuing of the hank of hair for which he is willing to pay any price. Within this section of the story a literary beam of light is thrown upon the complex mechanisms of the mind that craves psychopathic fetishes • • • a condition that ultimately I e a d a to tragedy. MISS JAY'S fantastic ima. gination works superbly throughout this book as she gives us a subtle insight into her characters, and a perceptive view of the places surrounding them. Miss Jay's sklll as a writer in the fields of suspense and mystery hils been proven by her previous books, especial ly her famous novels, "Beat Not The Bones," with a realistic and exotic set ting in New Guinea, and "The Yellow Turban," which has Its setting in Pak istan. Varied Entertainment Events Ahead in 165 By DIANA BELLAMY Of the Campus Staff Fine Arts division has m a n y things abrewing this trimester for every student's taste and entertainment. A. tentative list appears here and much more will be added as the trimes ter continues. For instance, the English departments Coffee Bours with guest speakers will take place throughout the trimester. Also, there will 'be various art exhibits in the Teaching Auditorium gallery, the Library gallery and the Floe Art$ build i ng gallery. Now here are the dates, times, places, and events the Fine Arts division will prQsent for your enjoyment. Monday, Jan. 4 Tryouts for "Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mamma's Hung You in the Closet and I'm Feelin' So Sad," Theater 7 :3 0 p . m. Wednesday , Jan. 6 Lecture, "In•lde Castro's Cuba." Robert Cohen, lecturer. Theatre 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 13-Woodwind Quin• tet Concert. FH 101 :30 p.m. Tuesday , Jan. 26 The New Cale donia Singers and Dancers appear In concert. Theatre 8 :30 p .m. Sunday , Jan. 31 Piano concert by Jaques Abram. Theatre 8 :30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 2 -Piano concert by Armin Watkins . Theatre 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 3 Twilight Band Concert i n Argos Center at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 4 -Lecture by Israel Go!diamond. Theatre 1:25 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 9-At 1:25 p . m. the New York Baroque Ensemble will present a demonstration . Then at 8:30 p.m. they will appear in Both appearances will be at the theatre. Wednesday through Saturday, Feb. 17-20: "Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mamma'• Hung You in the Closet and I'm Feelin' So Sad," play by Arthur Kopit. Thursday, Feb. 18At 1:25 p .m. and at 8:30 p.m. in FH 101 Rudolfo Fernan dez will present a cello concert. Sunday, Feb. 21 The SAl American Music Symphony. FB 101 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 23 Dr. Knocky Par ker will perform with harpsicord in ac companiment to an oldtlme great movie. Wednesday, Feb. 24 A concert by the University Choir at 1:25 p . m. in the Theatre. Sunday, Feb. 28-Jane Murray, mez zo-soprano wlll appear in concert at 3:30 p.m . in the Theatre. Tuesday, March 2 The Brandon Band wlll present a concert at 8:30 p.m. in the Theatre. Friday, March 5 -Lecture by How ard K. Smith. Theatre 8:30 p . m. Tuesday, March 9 The University Community Orchestra appears in concert at the Theatre 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 10 Twilight Con cert at Argos Center 8:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday, March 12-13: The Second Annual Florida Poetry Festi val in the Theatre and FH 101 -All day. Tueaday, March 16 University Choir concert at 8 :30 p.m. -Theatre. Wednesday, March 17 Concert by the Woodwind Quintet at 8:30 p.m. in FH 101. Thursday, March 25 Plano concert by Gary Wolf at 1:25 and 8:30 p.m. in FB 101. Friday and Saturday, March 26: University Opera Workshop. FB 102 8:30 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday, March 31-April 3: Theatre 8:30 p.m. "The View From the Bridge," play by Arthur Miller. Tuesday, April 6 University-Com munlty Chorus and Orchestra concert. Theatre 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 7-University Con cert Band will perform at 8:30 p.m. in the Theatre. Thursday, April 8 The Gregg Smith Singers will present a lecture at 1:25 p.m. and a concert at 8 :30 p.m. in the Theatre. These plus many other events to be added will be advertised in your USF Campus Edition. Keep watchlni and en joyina. The Visit Said Interesting, Not Brilliant The Visit tells the story of a rich woman who returns to the small town of her childhood to seek revenge. She was run out of town, unmar ied a n d preg nant. Later she mar ried one of t h e world ' s richest men, who then c o n v e n ( ently dies. S h e prom ises the town economic riches in trade for the Burry life of the man who had caused her earlier ruin. The movie chronicles the effect of this of on the people . F i r s t, for the purists, the movie is not as good as the play, and there have been sub stantial changes made in the plot for no discernable reason. If you insist on comparing the movie and ,the play, you will not like the movie. For those who have not seen or read the play by Duerren matt, the movie is an accept able venture, though not bril llant. INGRID BERGMAN p I a y s Madame Zachanassian with re serve and style, but one misses the cold steel at the heart of the characterization w hi c h would make the movie more compelling. Anthony Q u in n never generates the power in herent in the role of the hero villain. There Is a curious cerebral quality to his acting that blocks a significant emotional involvement. There are even some attempts to draw parallels to the story of the arrest, trial, and death of Christ. DIRECTOR Bernhard Wick! never is able to bring the en tire movie into focus . To his c r e d I t, he has handled the crowd scenes well, and the sup porting players, Irina Demick, Paudo Stoppe, and Claude phln, have depth. The outstanding feature of the film is the sensitive camera work by Armando Manutuzzi. FUmed on location, the mood of the town Is captured bea utlfully. The Visit succeeds In being an interesting movie, but not very satisfying. 100 Student Organizations Many students are unaware of t h e variety among student organizations. Numbering nearly the 100, the list in cludes such Interest groups as Amateur Radio, Aquaventurers, Collegiate Clvl tans, the Bay Players and various fraternal societies. Not to be ignored is the University Center-bub of all cam pus social and recreational activity. Here the interested student may find an op portunity to prove leadership ability as well as serve an important part of stu dent life. The student who played an active part in the high school publication may again find gratification in USF's mass media program. It includes the student newspaper, the yearbook-Aegean, a lit erary magazine, I.e., and a chance for first hand experience in radio and tele vision production. For the sports enthusiasts USF 's Physical Education department offers some challenging opportunities. Within this range are archery, dancing, fenc ing, golf, gymnastics, judo, riflery, sailing, sports cars, swimming, soccer, tennis, water skiing and weight lifting clubs. FraternUies a Part Just as these individual sports might one day serve as an integral part of everyday living-so too does the bond of friendship remafu lasting . USF ' s lo cal fraternities and sororities provide a convenient way to meet students from all fields of Interests. The r11sh program held each trimester serves as the campus intersection for new student relationships. The clubs carry out a pro gram of social, educational, service and recreational activities for their mem bers. Competition is fierce on the soccer field, volleyball court and baseball dia mond. The student's experience in work Ing with others can not be measured in a G.P.R. The only ruler is the stu dent's ease in adapting to life outside the confines of a university. Another aspect of university life unexplored are the religious groups on campus. To date-three denominations have built centers in reserved areas in and around the campus. They are the Episcopal Center, the Baptist Center and the United Campus Christian Fellow ship. Other religious organizations will soon complete buildings. With the unlimited range of activi ties and stUdent organizations on cam pus no student need feel dissassoclated from university life. From the office of Raymond 1\:ing, director of student or ganizations comes a brochure contain Ing this gefieral policy: "Mernbership and participation In all activities will be open to all members of the Univer sity on the basis of personal interest, ability and performance." The scientist who says man Is im perfect has never heard a political can didate. The Campus Edition A special edition of The Tampa Times pub lished weekly by journalism students of the Uni versity of South Florida. Member, Associated ColleJiale Preu Editor ...... , .....•.••••.•..•.••.•••.•.....•••. Raleigh Mann Managing Editor ............................... Jay Beckerman Editorial Page Editor ..•..•••..•..•......•••.. Mary Ann Moore Advisor .......................................... Steve Yates Deadline for copy Is 1 p.m. Wednesday for the following Monday edition. Offices are located In the University Center, Room 222, Extension 619. Deadline for letters is 9 a.m. Tuesday. L I T T L E M A N 0 N c A M p u s \ ' B , y B I B l E R


l I ' ' ' H E • H A N T 0 M s N I D G E N I A p A R T M E N ' J G • c • u z J u D G E I c A M , 'WI-IAT15 THE ! USE! YEAR r To Tla.JTl.i, No MATfe:R WHAT! COMl'051N6 HIM'5ELF 5REAKING DOWN SHIV AANOLP'5 FATHER STAR:T5 10 LEIWE JIJD6E PARKER's CHAM&ER5 I THE ONLY TIME Y' EVER 6ET ANY RECOGNITION AROUND HERE IS WHEN YOU., .... UNARMED, A GUN AT HIS NECK •••• WHAT IS BUZ. "i?oY TODO? 'BEN1l AN %BM f!'A'A,1l! Dr. Frank rThe Wonderful World Of ANIMALS THE TA'M'rll nME!S, Monday, January 4, 1965 11 By FRANCES DRAKE and to keep you from acting Look in the section tn which hastily or Impulsively. Make the your birthday comes, and find most of your talents in oFder what your outlook is, according to better earnings. By DR. FRANK MILLER or a soaked olive, are v e r y to the stars, June .to July 23 (Cancer) DEAR DR MILLER Several d h ll d Th FOR TUESDAY -Capitalize on present as• • angerous w en swa owe . e th days after a cocktail party . March 21 to April 20 (Aries) sets; convert to supenor me • Spook our poodle became ui toothpick Is especiallY danger--When someone makes a quick ods where feasible. But do not and ;efused to I had to ous because an exploratory abchange or unexpected sugges-make drastic changes in proj take her into the hospital and domina! operation Is the only tion, be sure to maintain poise, ects now running smoothly. leave her and on the second way to find one In the victim. and consider its merits before July 24 to Aug. 23 (Leo) -day the doctor decided to do an It is not detectable :by X-ray. it. In way you Map out a clearly proexploratory operation. We were can avoid antagomsm. gram, devmd of time-wasters. astounded when he called to say DEAR DR. MILLER: I have April 21 to May 21 (Taurus) A c c om m o d ate to neces. he had removed a toothpick that always liked cats and would -An excellent sary changes, but emphasize abn tab 1scess. teSdpootk like to get a Siamese at this pberlodd fJ) t 23 (Vi ) IS ne now u wan o time. My sister living with me roa emng ones ug. .. ep • rgo write and tell all your good doesn't mind ; cat but "can't outlook, introduc--Helpful influences, but you readers to watch out for tooth-stand the yeowllng" of 1 Siaing new Ideas and still will need to be alert, bright-picks because they can be so mese. She doesn't want a Siasystems into your GEMINI ly eager and willing to try a dangerous.-C. B . mese in the house unless Its vo-regular program. new tack or make changes tn COMMENT: Your p 0 in t is cal chords are cut first. I have But. do. not switch position or plans you were "set on." . well taken. Toothpicks, whether never heard of this operation tact1cs 1n a way that betokens Sept. to Oct. 23 (L1bra) partly encased in hors d ' oeuvre& In a cat. Can It be done and is lnstablllity. -Especially sponsored under .:_--:=::-:-:,--,.======--it successful?-I.C. May 22 to June 21 1 'st t • 2'" d St t. . ' ' claiming damages by reason ot the Is a little bigger. Little fish • anu •• reo sales, educational pursUJts . aforesaid to appear before have both died but you couldn't 6:37 p.m. -1912 N . Boulevard build Dec 22 to Jan 20 (Capricorn) sa1d Court and to make due proof ot lng ., • • their respective claims and to answer see where they were hurt-if 7:37 p m.-3410 E Powhatan traoh -Mixed planetary influences tne allegations of the petition and lhal I 7 •52 p ' m -Sterling' and Corona Chrlot l If it shall appear that the petluon Ia they were. Big fish is st ll alive maa tree. ' give you a total picture of a -not liable for any such lo88es, damageo, and looks healthy Big fish 1s a 9:12 p.m.-15th and 14th street !aloe ternating apathy readiness indeaths, injuries or destruction It may alarm ' ' ' be so finally decreed by th!o CourtJ bully, I think. Could he have 11:14 p.m.-2606 '99th Ave. flooded decision animation. Firm up! or that If :t shall appear that pet! ldll . 1 bOater ' ' ri ) tloner is liable for any ouch !osseo. ed little fish without eaving 12:14 a . m . -3617 Son Lull, bulldlng. Jan. 21 to Feb. 19 e of petJ. DEAR p T. Yes h could 6 :32 a.m.-325 Zack. aervlce rendered. sense of frustration along With illterest in the Fulhtng Vellel • •• , e I y SASSY. JANE at the end of the voyage have Ramming or butting litboredom and .fretfu ness. our :clh'"il ue will km them sooner or At the Centers keen mind and innate good sense pefiuon, and praying tor other aftd later This technique "shakes can, should, strongly counter-further rehef; and • MONDAY end TUESDAY WHEREAS, the petitioner hos filed up" the tnterna) organs a n d Oary Community Center Ballot and act. in the oll:ce o! the. Clerk or the Dlatrlct th fi h dl f 1 t 1 lap (all agea>, 6 p .m.; recorda . Feb. 20 to March 20 (Pisces) Court, an ad mterun stlpulallon In the e poor S es 0 n erna 7 p m Tuesday-Teen drop.ln 4 p m d d't sum of One Hundred Dollara 5 l)m • , , an persons claiming Ef?r any ope s enc os • square workshop _ 'Bni MuCnCh clever organizers politicians losses. damages, deaths. 1njunes or • ' , . ' destruction occa.sioned by said sinking, -. caller, 8 p.m. Tuesday --: Beg!Jtners able tO carry others 1 d e a S or arising during said voyage, citing mt.llinery (adults). 9:30 . • begmners' ld them to file their respective cla.iml More Fallout Shelter br.dge, 10 a .m.J adults and through forcefully. You wou with the Cletk of the court and to atyiing. 10 a .m.; boginners ml paint be fine in a government post or sf"rve on or mall to the proctors for 5 1• R • d ing , 9 p.m. Tueada.y-Goiden f t f t hll or upon voyage, to rue their ,... an m ICa supp es or Age Club, 9 a.m.; adults' crafts 9 a.m.; ef ort puts you ou ron w e spective claims wltb the Clerk of the 12 more public fallout shelters men's choruo, p.m. ;youth clrcuo others are still planning. You Court and to serve on or mail to . Cll-19) , 3:30 elementary , , , Fowler, White, Gillen, Humkey & have been received. work. 4 p.m.; Junior High teen councu. can combme busmess w1th pleasCivil personnel are community center _ Mull ure advantageously; may de ther.eof on or before the 12th da.y of now placmg these supplies In dance. 7:30 p.m. Tuelday -Spanloh olete energies trying for too COMMANDED to the follt>wing buildings, which Center -Premuch. Birthdate of: Stephan De h a v e been marked as public cature, early American Naval said last-named da.te or wlthln such fallout shelters: Tampa Sherap.m. Commander. further time as said Court may grant, M t I Fl I B 'ld" Interbay Communily Center Beginand to have and receive such relief ton 0 or nn, ag er Ul 1ng, ners-' guitar class , 5:30 p.m.: as may be due. Bayside Office Building Tampa bridge class. (party duplicate), 8 PI " llo • m Shows And what you have done In the . • . p.m.: sketchmg and pamlmg class, 8 an.e.ariU premises, do you then return to Federal Savmgs & Loan AssOCI p.m. Tuest!ay CeramicS' class. 9:30 • this. Court. together with this writ. at i 0 n Ashley Building Hills-a.m.; bridge lessons and dupliN"'r"'hern ... tS Wttness the Honorable Joseph P . ' ' cate), 10 a.m.; party 12:30 p.m.; v I ':In Li.eb a Judge of the united states Dis borough County Court House tole pa.inting, 1 p.m.; painting and sketch-A look at the beautiful North tr1ct. Court for the Middle Dt.strict of . ing class, 1 p .m.;: begmners'. baton. 3:15 . • . . Flonda, Tampa Dlvtslon, tblo day Annex, Hillsborough C o u n t y p.m.; beginners and in;ermed1ate, 4 p.m.: ern Lights IS m store for resl-of December, A. BLAKE Jail, Federal Office Building, 5 p .m.; Juruor Orchestra, 4:30 dents of the Tampa Bay area Clerk Stovall Office Building, Tampa Robles Park VIllage Auditorium -who a t t e n d the Planetarium ROBERT H. COOKE p li H d t Th Adults' ceramics class. 7 p.m. " . Deputy Clerk o ce eaa quar ers, omas West Tampa. community center-Table program on Wmter Constella FHOUWLEI}, WHITE, GIU.EN, Jefferson Hotel Bayview HQtel. &ames , 7,30 p . m . Tuesday-New series at 7:30 p.m. each Tuesday and The cour\ty Judges today re Women's phys:cal illness. 8:30 a.m.; be. . • ginners• judo (6 and up), 3:30 p . m.; Thursday, and spec1al day-time minded all persons born In Jan•dv&llced, 4 p.m. . presentat1 "ons can be scheduled h h ld d i • li Kid Mason Commumly Center-Games uary W 0 0 r vers Censes sounds (13-19 yearsl. 7 p.m. Tuesday by clubs and other groups. expiring this month that they ReservationS' can be made by should renew them during Jant•rTeens' planning time. 5,30 p.m.; calling the USF Planetarium uary. young adults' games and 7 p.m. . O • 988-4131, extensiOn 58 . LEGAL ADVERTISEMENT s . I E • OF INTENTION TO REGI8-peC:EG xempt10nS II ISTER FICTITIOUS TRADE NAME For aland Resadents NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Florida's blind resldll!nts were FUEL OIL reminded by the Florida t•••••••••••••il Ctrcult Court of County, ell fur the Blmd today that, 1 R w d they qualify, they are entitled ay ar to a federal income tax ex-BED ty of Hlllaborough, Tam&• F!ortaa . emptiOn and a $500 state home-& ONE CHAIR ecember 1984. stead exemption in addition to "Successful Service Succeeds" BOTH FOR S. MAGGIACOMO, the regular mcome tax and $5, 1ncludts Finest Matorlalo and 1111 Sole owners. 000 homestead exemption tax. 236-5591 235-5641 Charu ... Covor l"lbrlco •• TO Blind Floridians should check P•hF.ino2ot3w8ork•mla9noh31ol 10J',:'!in;"" with their .respective county tax S#FS9Al9B08B will be oold publle assessor, m order to apply for IB:Ie at 11 A.M. o'clock on the lllh the additional $500 exempti n Tampa to Lutz ALADDIN UPHOLSTERY day of January, 1955, at 401 Jackson . 0 St., Tampa, Fla. the council sa1d . With Radio-Dispatc:hed 2835 E. HILLSBOROUQH The proceeds of the sale wUI be ap-Truc:ks 1 r,ued to the payment of lhe coat of re FAST PHOTO DIRECT OFFSET PRINTING 1000 eooi" of sggs nearlY anythina written-typed or drawn-llf2xll ln. NO EXTRA CHARQE FOR ONI HOUR SEIIVICE aLUI:PRINT-PHOTO COPIES XEIIOX 114 COPII!I-MAPS DRAFTINQ & SURVEYING SUPPLIES Bloodhound Gentle notice of 11ale and then to the satlsfac17 9 Meter Despite his ferocious reputa• C . pT,ic:inkteteds Loulalana Ave . • Fla., covering tion, the purebred bloodhound is GAL :.,• a gentle dog, more likely to lick , you wtfl' remaln liable for any bal-the hand of a fugitive than bite remalnlna unpaid under aatd conlt; .. _____________ ASSOCfATES DISCOUNT -CORPORATION By: R . R. Matlotic, Collection Mar. 401 Jackson St ., Tampa. Fla. NOTICE OF SALE TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: You are hc;eby notified that the fol lowinJ motor vehicle: l9S3 Falcon 2-Dr., Serlal No. 3Al9U129192 wJU be 401 Jackson St. , Tampa, Fla. The proceeds of the oale wJU be ap ELECTRIC BLUE PRINT Co. motor vehicle and the cost of 2 PC. DANISH LIVING ROOMS I 1 gf under the contract with Jamea A . & Mary Lou Bridges, 7216 PaUfox Cr., *STU'S * NITE OWL SERVICE For The Working Man-Have Your Car in ' By 6 P.M. Out . B , y 8 A.M. Open Nitea 'till A.M. Monday Thru Friday Complete Garage Service STU'S AUTO SERVICE 3221 t:. Hilloborouuh 231 be pald to you, and you wlll remaln Uable for any balance remalnlna un paid under aald contract. ASSOCIATES DrSCOUNT CORPORATION Mar. NOTICE Annual MemberahlP: Meetln& Unlted Fund of Greater Tampa, Incorporated DATE: January 20, 1965 TIME: 2 P.M. PLACE: Chamber of Commerce Auditorium PURPOSE OF MEETING: FJnal report. of Campaign Chairman Report of Board or DJrectors Acllvlty BERs OF THE UNITED FUND OF GREATER TAMPA, INCOR PORATEI The Memberohlp Mcetlnc will be followed Immediately by a meet lng of the new Board. ALL CUSHIONS SOLID $99 FOAM & ZIPPERED! Reg. 149.95 INNERSPRING MAITRESS or BOX SPRINGS 7-Pc:. Formica Top DINErrES Values to 26.50 Re9. 79.95


!4 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, January 4, 1965 Child Drowns Attending Outing at Lake Calm The body of a four-year-old Darren Craig Romans, son of Deputy Sheriff Johnny CacciaTampa child has been found in Mr. and Mrs. Mel Rom a ns , 4709 tore said the Romans family a lake near Odessa . Inve s ti gatMurray Hill Driv e, was found h a d been visitisg friends in the ing officers believe h e stumbled yesterday in Lake Ca l m near h . f th tr d from a pier and drowned. Odessa. area at t e time o e age y. IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA Impact of Flood Leaves Scars SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 4 {JP) OREGON RED CROSS offi Cross said , because of silt, ver--Northern California ' s emercials reported that most of their min and dampness. About 7,000 gency food airlifts and tempo-state's 8,000 temporarily homefamilies are affected . ..... -..---..-.... ____ rary housing will stretch on for less families were moving back The Red Cross said it wm be weeks in the aftermath of the to their homes. a month before these families MADE AND SOLD ONLY BY DISCOUNTLAND 30-IN. SOLID FOAM HOLLYWOOD BEDS TERRIFIC FACTORY SPECIAL! Full length 30-inch space-saver set consists of solid foam mattress and matching box spring on hardwood legs. Ideal for children-large enough for adults. $ EASY CREDIT TERMS FREE DELIVERY Christmas week flood, the Air Washingotn, Idaho and Necan move back into their homes. Fo rce and Red Cross predicted vada weathermen reported their More than 1,000 families have today. states have returned to a normal no homes to go back to. Gloomy prospects for North-wintertime. basis . Washington The Fo.rce Reserve reern California contrasted with a State recetved a heavy snow ported Its flywg boxcars and brighter forecast in the West's blanket Sunday. have _one four other flood-distressed states A driving blizzard stranded mtlhon pounds of suppltes smce Oregon, Washington, Idaho an estimated 1 , 000 skiers and 23 into Northern Califor and Nevada. motorists at Sierra Nevada rema_s Humboldt County, de r-==========""'"1 sorts in Eastern California Sun-scnbed by the Federal Office of INCOME TAX day and motorists continued to Emergency Planning as the PREPARATION have uncertain luck on inland West ' s hardest-hit flood area. Individua l and Business Return• N 0 r t h ern California snowFOOD AND Open 12 Mooths a Ym tor Consultation h k d h h . SUpply airlifts 8 :30A.M. Until 9 P.M. i c 0 e Jg ways. may continue three more weeks SJMMON ASSOCIATES I IN THE FLOOD zone, many the Air Force said, sin 1101 w. cass st. Tamoa, Fla. homes. surviving the rampaging roads and are Phone 253 " 0467 waters are unliveable, the Red stallmg ground traffic. Looking for money to consolidate those bill'? Is The Man To See AT ACCEPTANa CORPORATION 9106 NORTH FLORIDA AYE. TAMPA 935-1136 Acceptance Corporation also serves Winter Haven and Lakelanct Some 30 Army, Marine and Air Force helicopters are also dropping relief supplies. Civil Defense said the airlifts had eliminated the food short age. RED CROSS recovery centers distributed food and clothing on a "no.questions-asked" basis at the Northern California commu nities of Orleans, Hoopa , Orick, Eureka , Ferndale, Fortuna, Sco tio-Rio Dell , Weott, Garberville, Red Crest, Crescent City, Guer neville , Yreka and Happy Camp. The Red Cross said its relief work was just beginning and predicted up to six months of assistance. Student Slays 3 In Family WILMETTE, Ill., Jan. 4 !A'1A University of Illinois freshman described as studious and ambitious has been charged with murdering his parents and teen age sister in what he allegedly said was an atteq1pt at the perfect crime. "I was tired of the w h o I e thing," Harrison Crouse s a i d yesterday after he was charged with the triple murder. "I did it," poI ice quoted Crouse as saying. "I thought I could get away with it. I thought I could commit the p e r f e c t crime!' National Airlines' new THEY ALSO SAID he had ad mitted planning the shooting for two days but could give no reason for it. 727 Fan Jets have arrived! like to be babied? National's 727's have unique Zephyr II coach seats to cradle .you in comfort ••• while its quiet engines hardly make a sound. In this any way to run an airline? Call your travel agent or 229-0951. Jet National, coast to coast to coast:Jr "A ble.ssed event." Jet Schedule New York 8:45am 12:55pmA 6:05 pmB Boston 12:55 pmA New Orleans 10:00 amc 11:55 am 8:05pm Houston 10:00 amc 8:05pm Los Angeles 9 am non stop 11:55 am 8:05pm San Diego 11:55 am A. 727 Jet Serv ice B. 727 Jet Service , elf. Jan . 25 c, 727 Jet Serv ic e , elf. Jan. 11 . .., Crouse was accused of fatally shooting his father, mother and sister with a 22-caliber rifle Sat urday evening in the f a m i 1 y home on Oxford Lane, a street lined with $40,000 homes in the fashionable North Shore suburb of Chicago. Crouse. 18, an art and drama major, was a "C-plus" student at the U OF I. He was described by classmates and neighbors as quiet, studious and ambitious. BEFORE THE INCIDENT, Crouse, who was home for Christmas vacation was reading "The Quintessence of Ibsenism" by George Bernard Shaw. His sister, Sally , 16, a sophomol"e at New Trier High School, was writing a letter in her room 1he father, Morris L . Crouse, 47: a certified public accountant and partner in the nationwide ac counting firm Haskins & Sells, was dismantling the Christmas tree in the living room; the mother, Norma, 47, was cooking dinner. Police said Crouse gave this version of the slayings : HE WALKED INTO his sister's room and shot her in the back of the head. Then, when his mother ran upstairs from the kitchen, he fired at her, but missed. Mrs . Crouse ducked into another bedroom. At the same time , the elder Crouse ran from the living room and was killed with a bullet in the face. When Mrs. Crouse opened the bedroom door to look out, she was shot between the eyes. The rifle was found near her body. POLICE QUOTED Crouse as saying he discarded his bloody trousers and climbed out a room window, crying: "Call the police. My mother has gone berserk." Police said Crouse originally maintained that his mother had killed his father and sister, then shot herself. Crouse was held in C o o k County Jail without bond. U.S. Urban Affairs Agency Is Proposed WASHINGTON, Jan. 4 {UPil Rep. Seymour Halpern, N.Y., today called on Congress to establish a f e d e r a I depart ment of urban affairs. "We can expect more sive concentration on metropolitan problems and more coordi nated effort to meet these prob lems," he said in remarks prepared for the introduction of a bill to create the department. The expanding densely popu lated strip areas require a fresh, unified, interstate approach to problems which once were han dled locally, Halpern said. A similar request by the late President Kennedy was defeated in Congress. Quantity Rig.hta Reserved While Quantity LastJ on all MERCHANDISE TO MAKE WAY FOR NEW 1965 STOCK SAVE! SAVE!. 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THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, January 4, 1965 15 Fines Aid Scholarship 1Spaceship1 Room House s Campus Computer Wonders Athletic Prog r am M o v ing Right Along How many faculty members do you know who should have "Goodyear" stamped across their midsections? Chances are, you would come up with a number that would tip the scales heavily in favor of those who should, as opposed to those who shouldn't. Sure, everybody knows that pushing a pencil or piece of chalk day in and day out does little for keeping a body in shape, but there shouldn't be any excuses after Dr. Gilman Bertz gets his F .P .F. program in effect. F.P.F. means Faculty Physical Fitness, and Hertz, USF director of physical education is letting the faculty in on itfree. The only expenditure will be time and effort, but Bertz promises better fitness, an improved alertness and better gen eral health for those faculty members that get in step with the program. Program Unique Parking, Not Speed, Major Traffic Woe By BOB FAUST Of the Campus Staff Nestled in a quiet corner of the Administration building, is a room which, to the average person, may look like the inside of a large spaceship. Actually, this busy office is the Data Processing Division. By BOB CHICK The problem of fines has John J. Bush e 11, director, Of the Campus Staff been a touchy subject with heads a staff of 14 machine If you think the USF campus many individuals. Those who operators, teclinical assistants, is a speedway and most of the wait longer than the five-day and programmers. It is their drivers are of the leadfoot grace period b e f o r e paying job to provide the University variety, then you are mistaken. their fine have been the hardest with three types of services: That is the word of the USF hit. Twenty-four cases this teaching, research a n d record Security Office which has found trimester have resulted in autokeeping. speeding to be only a minor mobiles being towed away for Segment of the "Naviators" These jobs are accomplished problem, far outweighed by ignoring the summons. And if Choir. through the use of a new high parking violations. you have more than one car speed I.B . M. 1410 Computer, One officer contends that the registered, the Security Office 'Nav;at ors ' installed in September, 1963. 20-mile per-hour zone in back will see that both are towed 11 The c o m p u t e r uses magne-. of the UC is perhaps the bigaway at the owner's expense. ic tapes to record and store gest speedtng headache, but Parking violations and a Sing Jan 16 information in addition to the the limitations of the handful of. speeders aren't • I.B.M. card system. force Will not a!low any one only worries of this offtee. The nationally famous Naval The elaborate equipment is officer to maintain a constant Minor accidents and some Air Training Command Choir housed in a room separate from It's a first for the University of South Florida. In no other patrol of that area. Other then thievery have plagued the from the "Cradle of Naval A via-the offices and includes a con-university does the physical education department offer such a that one zone, office has campus enforcement agency. tion," Pensacola, will appear in sole unit, a unit for reading and C o m p u ter G i ves Quick Answers USF's sophisticated computer system gives quick answers to questions put to it by Sam Nelson via this typewriter-like device at the inquiry station.-(USF Photo) program for its faculty. not found speedmg to be much Cars Roli a free concert at the USF's punching cards, a printer which Hertz describes the program as "a supervised physical fitof an enforcement problem. Most accidents this trimester Teaching Auditorium on Saturprints up to 600 lines per minute, ness program, geared to individual needs." But parking still brings its have resulted from cars rolling day, Jan. 16, at 8 p.m. There two magnetic tape machines One of the main features o f the program Is Its Jack of a woes. Although parking vio-from their parking spaces will be no admission fee but which read tape at speeds of strict training schedule. A faculty member may time his pro-lations in dormitory lots have (failure of owner to put car in free tickets for the program of 20,000 figures per second, a tape•tistical operations for Univeron all changes and gram to suit his own busy schedule. Without strict scheduling, all but "ceased," there are still gear or eemrgency brakes on) light classical choral music may storage unit, and a prosity projects. Included on the in the field of automation. Sem Hertz is hoping to enlist a greater number of interested faculty many tickets being issued in into other parked vehicles. The be picked up in advance at the cessrng umt. In addttlon to these division ' s staff are programmers inars and conferences are held in the program. no parking, reserved and 30damage in many of these University Center Desk. machines are many smaller, inwho consult with faculty mem-each year around the country Both the Health Center and the Physical Education depart-minute zones. cases is slight and can be Known as The "Naviators" dtvldually operated sorters, card bers to best organize their rna for this purpose. ment will work together in offering this unique plan. The Health Appeal Possible settled by the Security Office. (short title for Naval aviators) punchers, and verifiers. . terial for use in the computer. In 1887, Dr. Herman Hollerith Center will test and e-:aiuate each individual, and the PE depart-All traffic fines for both Jn any incident the damage ex-the 40 young men who comprise courses are bemg of-The equipment has already been developed the first system of will come up With a personalized program geared to the moving and non-moving vioceeds $50 the Florida Highway the choir are all flight students fered m data through used for surveys regarding stu statistic a 1 machines and indiVIduaL lations are placed in a general Patrol is called into the case. in training to become flying C_ollege of _Busmess dent reaction and performance punched-cards for tabulation. Some of the selling points Hertz offers in his plan are: a scholarship fund. The Security Office tends to officers in the Fleet or Marine IS one of the frrst in certaiu classroom situations. Since that time the progress has chance for the faculty to discover their own limitations-start Those who feel they h a v e place the blame for stolen Corps. •.n to Another huge job handled by been tremendous. at thelr own levels-proceed at a convenient rate, and to partici been unjustly fined may ap-articles from parked cars not on The all-male choir was ?ffer Instruc_tion 10 _this and the division, is that of record Now, the effects of the compate at a time of their own choosing. peal to the University CommitUSF students but on outsiders. formed in 1950, of volunteer Its With .busmess. keeping. This includes process-puter system have been felt Effective in January tee for Traffic (composed of Textbooks are among the least Aviation Cadets to provide muMo_st. which_ offer ing budgets, student housing and from Cape Kennedy to the many both faculty and stludentsl slolen property while hubcaps sic for divine services at the trai?Ing m da_ta do food service records, compiling research centers across the which meets the second have been the prime target Station Chapel on Sunday. Visi-10 connection With courses the various directories, handling country. And right here at USF, Wednesday of each month. for thieves. tors to these services were deepm r.esearch of mathe-the student's complete academic in that quiet corner of the Ad The effective date is the second week in January; If this program is successful, and Hertz believes it will be, it could set • precedent in schools across the nation. ly impressed with the quality of matics or SCience. The courses records, keeping master lists of ministration building, the IBM their singing and the NAVCAD at USF have proven pop_ular and all courses ever offered at USF Computer and the people of the Choir, as it became known, soon enrollment has been htgh. and all students ever enrolled. Division of Data Processing who had a national reputation. The new computer makes U As the University continues to op _erate it, make up the "ceo We feel this program will be of benefit to the faculty and students alike. Students will find a healthier and happier faculty member will make his course much more interesting than one who has let today's easy living sap his body tone and alertness. The singing officers a n d possible to increase the volume grow rapidly, so must the divi-tral nervous system" of a young, cadets, under the direction of of services in research and stasion. They must keep posted growing institution. Lt. Carl C. Schott, USNR, have been heard and enjoyed by the public on radio and television programs throughout the world. They have appeared on Dave Garroway's "Today," the Perry Como Show, The Steve Allen Show, and Ed Sullivan's "Toast of the Town," to name a few. Theodore Roosevelt once said, "Our country calls not for the life of ease, but for the life of strenuous endeavor." His words were never more applicable than now. 5 Program Heads 'Inside Cuba" Talk Jan. 6 "The two factors that contribute to poor health can easily be set aside," Hertz said. "These factors, mental strain and over weight can be controlled through our program." (Continued from Page 1) structor to assistant professor, economiCl'; and finance William .A film-lecture . of Cuba under Warren J . Davis , i n s t r u c tor . ' . Fidel Castro w1ll be presented Hertz said his program was based on the Royal Canadian Air Force physical fitness training plan. "After all," Hertz concluded, "faculty fitness is equally im portant as student health. It's something that simply shouldn't Speech ..• to assistant professor, mathe-Garrett, assistant to associate by newsman Robert Cohen at matics; Wesley Davis, assistant professor, English; Richard E. 8 p.m. Wednesday in the TA. to associate professor, English; Heeschen, instructor to assist-Appearing on the USF lecture be overlooked." Schedule Of Events, Notices Monday, J"an. 4, •=00 a.m. Registration, UC 248, 264 & 265: Upper Level Advising, UC 200; Lower Level Advising, UC 202 & 203; Photo Identif-ication Cards, UC 226. Y:OO a.m. National Superintendent Bu .. fct Supper. LI Staff Lounge, Tuesday, Jan. 5, 1965 8:00 a.m. CLASSES BEGIN. 9:00 a.m. Registration, UC 248, 264 & 265; Upper Level Advising, UC 200; Lower Level Advising, UC 202 & 203. 1:00 p.m. Cooperative Educai1on Hos pitality Hour. UC 252. 1:25 p.m. UC Public Relations Com mittee, UC 204; UC Dance Com mittee. UC 205: Young Americans For Freedom, UC 213; Dis tributive Education Club, UC 215; UC Photo Committee, UC 223: UC Hospitality Committee, UC 226; UC Fashion and Talent Com mittee. us 214. !:00 p.m. Ficus Counselor, UC 158. 5:00 p.m. Zeta Tau Sigma, UC 204. 5:30 p.m. Verdandi, UC 200. 6:00 p.m. Tri-Sis. UC 252E. 6:30 p.m. Paldela, UC 215. 7:00 p.m. Arete, UC 47; Fides. UC 202; UC 203; Delphi, UC 205; Zeta Phi Epsilon, UC 213; Phi Sigma XJ. UC 223; KIO, UC 226; Enotas. UC 252W. f:30 p.m. Ta!os. UC 167. 8:00 p.m. Fia, UC 158. Wednuda:y, Jan. 6, 1!JG5 t:OO a.m. Registration, UG 248. 264 & 265; Upper Level Advising, UC 200; Lower Level Advising, UC 202 & 203. 1:25 p.m. Young Democrats, UC 47; UC Music Committ'ce. UC 204: uc Hospitality Committee, UC 205; Amateur Radio Club, UC 215; UC Arts and Exhibits Committee, UC 223; UC Movies Committee, UC 214; Readers Theatre COun cil, FH 132.. 8:30 p.m. Program Council. UC 214. 8:30 p.m. Lecture-Robert Cohen, TAT. Thursda.y, Jan. 7. 1!165 11:00 a.m. Bennett Cer, UC 252. 12:J5 p.m. National Superintendent s• Conference Luncheon, UC 243. 1:25 p.m. UC Personnel Committee, UC 204; UC Recreation COmmit tee. UC 205; UC Special Events Committee, UC 214. 5:30 p.m. Circle X, UC 226. 6:00 p.m. Dinner for Sullivan the Guitarist, UC 264 &: 265. 6:30p.m. Wesley Foundation, UC 204. ?:30 p.m. Jewish St'udent Union, UC 203. 8:00 p.m. Michael Flamenco uc 248. Frid&1• Jan. 8, 1965 7:30 T o u c h ot 9:00 p.m. Open House Band UC Dining Room and UC Ball room. Saturday, Jan. 9, 1965 7:30 p . m . Movie uT h a t Touch of Mink/' FH 101. 9:00 p.m. UC Band UC Ball room. Sunday, Jan. 10, 19nfi 10:30 a.m. Wesley Foundation1 UC 47. 2:00 v .m. Sororities C are e r Tea, uc 248. '7:00 p.m. Fraternity Smoker, UC 248. 7:30 p.m. Movie ••That Touch o Mink," FH 101. EXHIBITIONS Jan. 5: ANGELO GARZIO: POT TER; Gallery. Jan. THE PLATE, THE BLOCK, THE STONE, AND THE PRINT; Library GalJery. Jan. 5: GABRIEL KOHN: SCULP TURE. LITHO G R A P H S, COLLAGES; Theatre Gal lery. INTERVIEWS 1: Polk County Schools, Bartow, Fla. Interviews for teachers. Education majors. 1.8: Mal"tin Company, Orlando. 1: Florida State Board o Health, Jacksonville. Interviews or all areas. Science, Sociology and Psychology majors. 1 1 At t end Methodist Meeti n g By JEFFREY BIALEK Campus Religion Editor (Continued from Page 1) C. D. Menardiere, instructor to ant professor, physical educa assistant professor, foreign Jan-tion and intramurals; Theodore guages; Patrick J. Distasio, in-SPEAKING: The general ques-structor to assistant professor, Hoffman, assistant to associate tion "What about the political American Idea. professor, humanities; J o e R. Far Right and Far Left?" will Linton, instructor to assistant provide topics for this event. On Mrs. Carol Douglass, assistprofessor, zoology; Paul C. May-day of event, each participant ant to associate professor, edu-bury, program chairman and as will draw a topic, be given a cation; Jack E. Fernandez, associate professor to program specific tlme-1:o prepare it, and sistant professor, chemistry; chairman and professor, ch.em will then deliver 8 4-5 minute Guy Forman, program chair istry. talk on it. Judgment based on: man and associate professor to Virgil I . Milani, Instructor to Knowledge of topic, analysis of program :hatrman and profes-assistant professor, foreign it, organization and delivery of sor: physics; Fra_nk E. Friedl, languages; Ernest E. Miller, in-address. assistant t() associate professor, structor to assistant professor, " RADIO SPEAKING: Partie-tion, new master's programs in business administration; Thomas Ten students and the Rev. ipants shall develop a three (3) physical education and intra-B. Mitchell, instructor to assistAllen J. Burry of the Wesley 'But OHicer, 1 Didn't Know ..• 1 minute news broadcast on an murals; Walter Herman, in-ant professor, education; Elmo Foundation attended the Eighth Parking violations account for most traffic tick international event of signifiE. Moretz, assistant to associate Quadrennial Conference of the cance. Student shall spend one D R • professor, education; Murphy Methodist Student Movement in ets g!ven by campus security officers. Officer E. C.

16 THE TAMPA . TIMES, Monday, January 4, 1965 Parkers • tn The Rev. Donald L. Erwin illu sio n v e i 1 and she carried united in marriage Mr. and roses. Mrs . David Boyd Parker Saturday, s p.m., in Palma Ceia Miss Vivki Caplinger served Presbyterian Church. as maid of honor. Miss Dolores M P k . LaPerche of Miami, Miss Mar-rs. ar er ts the former . . . Linda Kay Whitaker and Is the the Shnn, also of Mtaml, M1ss daughter of Mr. and Mrs. HarRoseann Spicola, Miss Judith old Whitaker , 3917 Euclid. Sugalski of Gainesville were Mr. Parker is the son of Mr. bridesmaids. Flower girl was and Mrs. Boyd Rescoe Parker Mary Sprowls of Ranway, N.J. of St. Augustine, Fla. The attendants wore gold peau de satin gowns with gold velGiven in marriage by her vet headpieces. father, the bride chose a for-mal satin gown with pearl trim Ben Kelly of Fort Lauderdale and lace appliques. A pearl and was best man. Donald Bellew of crystal princess crown held her Miami, Ted Crona of Pensacola, ADVERTISEMENT Joseph Herko Of Miami and -----------Donald Poucher of Wauchula S K I N D r Y I " • were groomsmen-ushers. lm•rtlll• C r • c k I n • A reception at the Sheraton Surpri•lngly relieved by gentle cl .. lll• Tampa followed the ceremony. i119 •nd the soothiiiiJ medic:•tlon of On their return from a wedding RESINOLOINTMINT trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico, and SOAP Mr. and Mrs. Parker will live Sold in Drugstores Everywhere in St. Augustine. Free! "Figure Jmprovemen,.' bq Burton Sillies Mrs. David B. Parker Keep in Trim Its Time To Set Your 1965 Goal • TELLS ABOUT REMARKABLE WAY TO REDUCE SIZE OF HIPS. 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FIELDS) FREE EXTRA e Hillsboro •t Memorial Hwy. • Hillsboro at Armenia Ave. • 4119 Gandy Blvd. Just West of Dale Mabry e 22nd St. Causeway at 78th St •• Clair-Mel • U.S. 27 at State Rd. 64, Avon Perk • Main St. et U.S. 19 , New Po,. R ichey • Florida Avenue at Temple Terrace Hwy. stueet I BEEF LVER BREADED Veal Steakse .. CARNATION EVAP. MILK 5 69c FOOD FAIR 'MATCHES BOX OF 50 IOc MERCHANTS GREEN STAMPS WITH YOUR 5.00 ORDER OR MORE & THIS COUPON FLORIDA GRADE 'A' FRESH ICED FRYER PARTS LEGS THIGHS 4 8 BREASTS (with ribs) C DRUMSTICKS Ut Twl WHEN YOU PURCHASE LADY FAIR CINNAMON Raisin Ring .. ,


THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, January 4, 1965 134 Livestock For Sale 140 Boats-Marine Supplies WANTED! Rabbits wanted. Caah waiting. Clearwater 584.()426. JiANGOLA HAY. a mlle eaat of Bloomlntdale stores. 689 FEEDER plga or sale. or Plant Clfy 752-4281. PURE Bred AniUS Cattle, 1 Year Old Helers, 2 Year Old Hellets HAY. Hancock ltanch, Lutz Lake Fern Road. 949. THOROUGHBREDS HAVE well bred Fla. 2 year old !lorsea . Kentucky bred 3 year olds. AU In training. Can be seen at Hovahlll Farm, Mcintosh, Fla. call 591 before 9 AM or ater 6 PM HORSE ahow, barbecue & Jackpot calf roping. January 24th, Clover Lea Arena preaented bY Clover Leaf rldera. Halter classes 10 AM, pleasure c I a s s e s, performance classes 1 PM Trophy & place ribbona, two High point trophies. Information 920 or 920. LIQUIDATION Reglstered Quarter Horses R. L. Welch, Williston 528-3692 Want Ad Ph. 223 135 Livestock Wanted REGISTERED An.tus bull, black or red. Known aood breeder. J. Fos ter Sloan, Rt. 3 BO'f 2630, Lakeland. * Transportation 140 loat.-Marlne Suppllel McCULLOCH Outboard Moton Puts & Service-Scott & Martin Outboards-Orlando Clipper BoAts Seals, Inc. Nebr. 235 D'ANGELO MOTORS 6815 Fla Ave Gray Marine engines & parts POSTON MARINE HARDWARE 1012 E. Caes Ph. 229 TRAILERS for rent 15-25 ft. Fiberalass, all materials. Mahoney Co. Platt & 13th 229-1792 NEW Orlando Clipper fish boat, 25 HP Mercury, new trailer S825. BISHOP'S MARINE Brandon, Fla. Ph. 689-1416 Flbertlass Resin, $3.95 Gal. FREIGHT WAREHOUSE 4301 Fla ISLANDER 32, Llberglass sloop, dinette, sleeps 6, wins racea. $13.885. 360-7553, St. Pete. BUY--Sell-Trade at The Big Fen:ls Wheel. Art'• 9608 Nebraska Ave. 24' MAHOGANY plank 111ass bottom SeuklfE, sleeps 2, fullY equipped, radio, etc. New 177 HP engine. Muat sacrifice. 877. SUp No. 44, Tampa Bay Marina. 28' C.C Express crul00ser::::.:. 'N:;:e:::w:-;-twt=n lOS's, sleeps 4, fully equipped, many extras. Immaculate. $5,000. YACHT HARBOR BROKERAGE Island Yacht Harbor Clw 445 OUTBOARD JET MOTORS-"LOOK NO PROP" CONSUMER SALES OUTLET, INC. 7400 NEBRASKA AVE. PH. '64 ElVINRUDES All at BIC Dis count. Evlnrude Sales & Service. NO MONEY DOWN 36 MONTHS TO PAY Fuller's, 2106 W. Hillsboro 876-0659 NEW YEAR SALE 1964 HP EVINRUDE SWEET 16. 80 EVINRUDJ!: & T/TRAILER SAVE $400 lt64 HP AREODYNE 18 CABIN. 75 EVINRUDE. T/TRAILER. SAVE $600 '65 Trojans On Display Gandy Bridge Marina AUTHORIZED EVINRUDE SALES & SERVICE Gandy Blvd. St. Pete Qpen 8 'Ill 6 PACKAGE SALE LOW AS 10% DOWN 40 HP M e r c u r Y, lol' Cabln cruiser 35 HP elec. Evlnrude, lraller $395. 17' Offshore fibertlass, 50 HP Evlnrude, elec., remotes, trailer 11095. 26' Chris Crart, 145 HP 20% orr on new 24' Owens lo Johnson 60 HP-75 HP. WILLIAMS BROS. JOHNSON-SALES & SERVICE FT. OF JEAN ST. ON RIVER 5304 Otis Ave. 239-99ti3; 234-4461 Absolutely Ends Tuesday 1 / 5 Annual Tax Sale (license Number 18441) M .F.G. 16' all Lap•trake, all fiber11811 offshore boat complete w/ aaety drywell, walkthru front seats, positive steering, remote controls plus a powerful "Big Twin" 40 HP outboard motor PLUS a MurraY trailer w/Winch. light & tledowns. .$288 COMPLETE $4 DOWN 54 WEEKLY TAMPA BOAT MART "Florida's Largest Boat Dealer" 3431 Henderson Blvd. ph. 877-7446 Open 9 o.m. p.m. Sat & Sun ' Ill 6 F-A-S-T A-C-T • TRIBUNETIMES WANT ADS • Are Just The Trick To Clear Out All Of Those In-the-Way Things THAT HAVE UPUTTE!UNG FOR so LONG • • Just Call 223-4911 • BIG DISCOUNT MERCURY OUTBOARDS NON CURRENT MODELS WHILE THEY LAST NO MONEY DOWN VP TO 3 YEARS TO PAY BARNEY'S 4423 FLORIDA AVE. IS YOUR Inboard boat, Cruiser or yaebt for sale? Call or write: Williams & Mallory Yacht Sales, Home Port Marina, P.O. Box 783, Dunedin, Fla., Ph. 733: We have buyers for clean boats. --A-WORD TO THE--y,ISETHE best deal on new & used boats Inboard, Outboard or sail Wood -Fiberglass Aluminum Maxlmo Moorings Marine 4901 34th St. S. Pb. 876-3164 St. Pete G;;U;-;.,-AR""ANT=E"'E"'D used;--b;:-o:-:a7ts=-,--:m=o tors, trailers. Connellv's Marine. 732 N. Dale Mabry. Ph. 876-3157. 10 rt. Aluminum prams S79 MONTGOMERY WARD 1701 N. Dale Mabry 877-6161 McKay Chris Craft Yacht Brokers Tampa Bay Marina Ph. 876-7303 Gandy Bridge Marina AUTHORIZED EVINRUDE SALES & SERVICE Gandy Blvd. St. Pete 525-6738 141 Avlatlon-Servlc:e TAYLORCRAFT airplane, '38 model, good condlllon, ready to fly, $800. Call Arcadia, WA8. 142 Mobile Homes-Supplies OPEN TODAY 1-6 BRAND NEW '65 SKYLINE 12x55, FRONT living room in Early American decor. Beautiful kitchen with cobblestone floor, 2 room bedrooms. Bank financing available BUD WILMATH, Inc. 7277 Nebraska Ave. 236 43x10, 1 Br. Pre-fin. Aluminum. f::fE a;,' Kirk's Mobile Homes 9631 Nebraska Ph. 932-4491 WE NEED USED COACHES *HIGHEST* * PRICES * PAID CASH today ror your Traller or wW MU on cons)J:nment. Ph. 626-2511 OR 4t,JGP.kmaborc 4 60xl2 "BY SPORTS STOPPER AT 4305 E. HILLSBORO. "SLEEPY JOE'S." S & J DIS COUNT SUPER MARKET. TRAILER MOVING LOCAL only, 8, 10, 12 wide, insured. 935 1644. 50 TRAILERS WANTED Ph. 877-2812, A34-8221 35x8. 1 Clean. Must sell, going for best oer!! Keys at Trailer Park office, 5250 E. BROADWAY "By Sportscraft .. 50x12 1 BR French Provincial MODrl * * * * S & J Lot No.2 9713 Nebraska Repossession For Sale 1964 10x56 3 BR. Front bedroom wttb 'h batb. 7 years to pay, bank rates. BAY WAY MOBILE HOMES 4700 E. HILLSBORO Mobile Home Salesman COUPLE preerred to live on lot. Will Urnl.!h living quartera to rlsht couple. Excellent oppor. tunlty. Apply to: S &: J MOBILE HOMES 9713 NEBRASKA AVE. "MORE AT liiOORE" YEAR END CLEARANCE ALL mobile homes & travel trailers REDUCED TO GO 55xl0, 3 BR a real buy for the larte famUy $3995. Most anything on wheela. BRING your FlOrida hOUSinl or vel problems to: S-EL l H 0 R -N'S STATE LICENSE NO . 1 "30 yrs . or retirement consultant services" 5800 NEBRASKA. 238173 7 U.S. 301, S . Of 60, 626-5302 S201 4th St. ST. PETE 525-0425 SARASOTA ph. 3555734 Mall address Box 790 Tampa Dealers, pal'k operators, soo us Open evenings Wanted (50) Trailers Call 876-5498 '64 ARMOR; 55xl0' . 3 bedroom, 1'h baths . W / W carpet throughout. A /C. Automallc washer. MY eqUity lo as oume payments. 6891727. WAYNE'S MOBILE HOMES New Moon Frontier Magnolia CLEMSON-MIGHTY MAG 11850 Nebr. 3411 Nebr. 223-3454 FLAME; 12X35. CHEVELLE; l2x52. LAMONS ; 12x57. B & M Trlr. Sales 1509 W. Hlllsb. Open Dally •w 7, closed Sun . 55xlo;-1961 Paeemaker. AC. J5' awning, top condition. Only $4500. Can arrange inanclnt. Call Mr. Elsen 855-4486 to see. CASH FOR YOUR TRAlLJilR Call 9328386 C. J. Stoll, Inc. 1965 MOD E LS, 10 & 12 Wide U•ed traile r bargaina 7200 Nebraska Ave. Ph. 235-8151 OPEN EVENINGS & SUNDAYS MON. THRU SAT. 8 TO 8 SUN. 1 TO 5 10 Wide Brand New 2 Br Must Sell $3,000 Full Price Take Over Payments Bamboo Trlr. Pk. 6501 w. Hlilsb. Ask ror Park owner --=o.c..,., LOOK'IT THESE BARGAINS! 25 142 Mobile Homes-Supplies 50x10 $3333 50xl2 $3933 Kaylor Trailer Sales 5329 w. Hillsboro Ph. 877 NU 10 WIDE Less Than $51 Per Mo. ANOTHER S & J SPECIAL 2 BEDROOMS 2800 E. Hillsboro ACROSS FROM ZA YRES 142 Mobile Hom-Suppli•• USED excellent condition. cute 27' long, good credtt. Nothing down, 535 month, 6'11)1 Nebraska Ave. 238-2812. NEW $200 down, 6701 Nebrlska, 238. 12' WIDE deault on dePOSit $128 wUI put you into tbls. Payrnt starts Feb. 15th 67Q1 Nebr. 238. REPOSSESSED Early-American. $100 will swing deal. 50xl0', 6701 Nebr. 238. REPOSSESSEDi--;50;;-:x:-;10'...-, -;;2:--=-paym=::-:e:=n7:ts of $65, take over bank payment, 6701 Nebroska, 238::::----LOOK'IT THESE BARGAINS! 19til GARDNER, 10x45, 2 bed rooms, circular bar In kitchen. $2950 1963 HOMETTE, 52x10, 2 bed rooms, just like new. ALUMINUM }'ACTORY SeHoul $600 DN, GIANT 10x20 patio-carport $69. 8 d W'l th I Cabanas. screen encl. 949. u I rna nc *HOLIDAY SPECIALS* 7277 Nebraska Ave. 1 236-599; 35x8 "ALMA" 1 BR. SHARP! * * $980! •• 45x8 "Streamlite" 2 BR. Clean! •• $1780! •• SEE THESE BARGAINS AT ANOTHER S & J 2800 E. Hillsboro ACROSS FROM ZAYRE'S 23' TRAVEL trailer $1545, Fully equipped. Excellent condition. 4803 E. Hillsboro Ave. 12X56 PURCHASED Sept. Also 28 t traveler tub tandem. Will trade. Very Reas, 13804 Nebraska Ave. Lot 3B Corbin CLEAN USED 32' AMERICAN . . ......... $13SO. 36' TRA VELO, 2 Br ......... $1150. 38' SCHULT. 2 Br . .. ........ 35x8 20tb Century, 2 Br. . .. $1495. WATSON'S 4170 E. Hillsboro VINDALE, Trotwood, VanDyke, Cranbrook, 10 & 12 w 1 d e. Rau Mobile Homes, 752. Plant City 3 BEDROOM "LIBERTY" 46 FT. LONG, $1880. 4325 E. HILLS BORO, ASK FOR TONY. USED 1. 2 bedroom Trallers. OpTrack. 508 E. Waters 1960 ATLAS 37x8 I BR. EXCELLENT CONDITION LOW DOWN PAYMENT 9702 Central Ave. DOUBLE EXPANDO-S6' LONG. 18xl5 LIVING ROOM, 16xl0 MAS TER BEDROOM, 2 B A T R ROOMS, GUEST R 0 0 1\1, 8' CEILING THROUGHOUT. CUS TOM BUILT FOR $8500 2. YRS. AGO , AND STILL LOOKS NEW. PRICED FOR QUICK SALE. CAN ARRANGE TERMS. 4325 E . H I L L S B 0 R O, ASK FOR TONY. BARGAIN DAY TODAY 1951 AMERICAN, 34x8, 1 bedroom, Nice . .. .. ............. $1350 1953 PONTIAC, 35x8, 2 bedroOms , Clean . . . .. .. .. . .. . .. .. . $1550 Bud Wilmath, Inc. 7277 Nebraska Ave. 236 ! ! 3 BEDROOMS ! ! 65x10 .. EARLY AMERICAN" FRONT KITCHEN, DOORS ON BOTH SIDES. YOU OWN IT FOR LESS THAN $60 PER MONTH. 2800 E. HILLSBORO. ACROSS FROM ZAYRES. SEE .. NIXON'S FOR YOUR MOBILE HOME PRESIDENTIAL "12" GREAT LAKESVAN DYKES 12406 FLORIDA AVE . BEST MOBILE HOME DEAL! FEDERAL QUALITY HOMES 4222 s . Dale Mabry Pb. 833ti71 See .. Watson.. beore you Buy 4170 E. HILLSBORO • ROYCRAFTS • CHAMPIONS • HILLCREST ALL SIZES FROM 36' TO 58' 10 & 12 WIDES ANYTHING or value taken In trade, liberal tradein allowance. WATSON'S Ph. 626 2511 TRAILER LOANS WE SPECIALIZE IN low cost trailer refinancing, loans & financing on lndlv!dual trailer tales ALLEN-PARKER CO. 4842 Florida Ave. Ph. 237-3351 MOBILlii home & lot for saleor rent. Phone 876-1033. $195 DOWN 10 wldes 12 wldes RILEY MOBLE INC. 13731 Nebraska Av. pb. 932• 1 mile north of city Limits TOOUR M M Best df for a Christmas 1ft U and a 'ft. 4ft HappyNewYear tft .307 Nebr., Ph. 233-UI31 1A 1957 KNOX! 40' 2 Br. in ExceU. cond. $1650. 13225 NEBRASKA GUERNSEY City. Anderson traller 10x42. Cabana. Carport fully fur. n Is be d . Immediate possession . Blvd . 7, Lot 18. * SPECIALS * New 2 Br. 46x10 $51 Per Month! New 3 Br. 5Sxl0 $57 Per Month! (15) Used Trailers As Low As $100 Down 3073 W. Hill s boro S & J Lot No. 3 NEW & USED LOW DOWN PAYMENT BANK RATE FINANCING SEE OUR 1965 "BUDDY" 2 Br. 10x47 Only $3495! K&L 8x26 FT.-trailer, with 9x20 cabana. Excellent shape, cheap for cash. See or w r It e Mary Young, Dalley's TraUer Park, Rt. 2, Box 27, Ft. Meade. 4th traUet on le o driveway. S & S MOBILE Homer Super Mar kets, Inc. New & Used MobUe Homes llll2 Nebraska Ave. 935-3101 142A Campers, Coac:lle1 aid Travel Trailers 8'AI FT. Factory BuUt never slept ln. Must aell. Ph. 236-5581. SLADES, INC. TRAVEL TRAILER CENTER AMERICA'S FINEST LINES YELLOWSTONE-FLA. CAMPER SEMINOLE-CAMP CRUISER WELLS CARGO Home, VacaUon. Camping, TruCk Campers, Horae. Cargo, Display, Office & Concession Trallers. 6711 Nebr. Dally 9-9, Closed Sun. Finest" lUXURY CAMPER OPEN ROAD CAMPERS 1015 E. Hlllaboro Ph. 236 Dally 9-9 Sun. alter Church ENJOY a fully equipped LEISUREIJNER camper for only $12 a day and as little as 5c a mile. Air N. Dale Ht.JNTERS Fishermen vacationer. The finest campcra bUilt! modeled from Tampa Helqts Uti! t:v Campera at S229 to b Cab-over. Buy direct rom actory and save 30%. Open 7 AM to 7 PM. Amer Ican Eagle Campers, Drew Park. 4108 W. Cay1111a, 877-2440. 143 Motorc:ycla-Scootell HARLEY • Davidson Nifty Tbrllty 111-50 for Cbrlsbnaa Barnes Cycle Co. 1707 W. JFK Blvd. '57 BSA 650cc Rocket ........ $525 '59 HD Sportster .. .. .. .. .. .. $650 Barney'• 876-6646 2111 W. Rillsb . '54 YAMAHA, 80CC HP. Best offer over $250. Plant City, 7S2. Complete with tow bar. Very nice, very clean. $:195. 3308 Florida Ave. 1962 MUSTANG thoroughbred with accessories. $235.00 839. 4518 S. Lois Ave. 1963 DUCCATI 250 CC, good condl tion $400, call 838-7931. MOTORCYCLE LIABILITY 250 cc and under $35.00 ROBINSON-STARR, INC. 253-0148 Want Ad Ph. 223-4911 145 Automotive Mlscellaneon AUTOMATIC tr&nsmlssion for '57 PlYmouth, $60. Various otber parts. 837. Engines GOOD Cadillac motor for ule cheap, 877-3124. DOES your mator need ovlll'> hauUng? Let ua Install a low sif.gfti. enllne far Auta Speedometers AUTO speedometer repairs. Cables 97c. 1110 Tampa, 229. Transmlasions JAMES Transm.lsslon Shop seals $15 most cara. Most transmissions $65 & up. 141 9 W . Waters. 932-4174. Truck Rentals 'h DAY-DAILY-WEEKLY King Car & Truck Rentals 3716 E. Hillsboro Pb. 237749 lnsuraace CALL 229-8058 AUTO INSURANCE Kistner Realty & Insur. Realtor 213 E. Laayette Insurors 147 Trucks , Trailers, Buses CHEVROLET panel, half ton, 1950, very good condition. $150. 831. '64 JEEP Gladiator 4 Wheel Do A Big Job. Save $1000. TONY WEffi CARS & TRUCKS 2<102 Florida Ave. Ph. 229 INTERNATIONAL, 1959, % ton heayy duty with 6 compartment utility body. $1100. 392, St. Petersburg. 1961 plckup, $995. 9882574. Private owner SERVICE AVAILABLE A .M. 'til mldn\gbt weekdays Saturda y 8 A . M. 'tll 4 P .M. MA C K TRUCKS, INC. 604 S . M organ Ph. 2298103 SPECIALLY PRICED 40' GREAT Dane Translcold 3" ln sulation. We s t Coast tandem . ALSO Large selection bunker blow ers, dry ftcttht, storage vana, Used tanka & many others . DOERR'S TRAILER & EQPT. 905 E . Platt St. Ph. 2290234 We Service All Makes Trucks-Trailers CRALLE-HALL MOTORS 7810 ADAMO DRIVE 6263187 6 MI. East of Tampa on Hwy. 60 ' 5 3 GMC, bod.Y & lift gate. 4826 N. Church S. 876 8 323 Jeep 4x4 . Very clean. Plione 2233321 HOLIDAY GREETINGS To All Our Friends And Customers Drive Carefully TRUCK SALES 39th St. & Adamo Dr. Ph. 223-4221, Ext. 36. Eve. 988-1616 "Red" Shirley lo !t. D. Holley WANT AD. Ph. 223-4911 DENNIS THE MENACE ly HANK ICI!TCHAII\ "I &houlda tried him out first with BOXIN' GLOVES!" 147 Trucks, Trailers, luaes WE Will Pay C a a h FOR Your Truck, PiCkup, Panel, 1 Ton' Or Trade A Car. Torty Weir, 2802 Fla. 1 Blk. North or Columbus Dr. -DID you know that you can buy a brand new GMC ,. Ton Pickup Standard Equipment For the Low Price or $1779 at Hunt Truck Sal..-, 211 South Tampa St. Ph. 223-4221. ORANGE STATE MOTOR CO., INC. 43 Yra. the Tampa Area's Lar1eat International Dealer '59 J . H.C. B162, 12 ft. alum. van body, aide & rear doors, clean. '59 F(lRD F500, 12t. alum. van. side &. rear doors. clean. 141 Automobila w ..... CASH IN A FLASH FOR clean use<20' Cabana, good credit, n o thin g down, $41.60 month , 238 2812, 6 701 Nebraska Ave. Want Ad Ph. 223-4911 '60 FORD C600. V, 135" WhHI bale, 8 : 25 rubber. $1395 '61 FORD 1'100 Pickup. I Cyl. A good onel Ph. 223-4911. 150 Automobiles For Sole GUTHRIE'S USED CARS 9210 l"LORIDA AVE. 9352131! Ph. 93112130 '88 TRIUMPH Convertible, t a It • over payments. Gotn& Into service. 677-5888. power, 301 158 DODdE, 4 Dr. liT t399, No caah needed, SS wk. Dealer. e3oo nortda Ave . Pb. 232-4891 ISO Automobiles For Sale '59 VAUXHALL. Bal. dUe $295, take over payments $17 month. 1963 FALCON SEE this 1963 Falcon Sprint con vertlble, automauc transmission, heater, radio, bucket seats, coli sole. Perfect light blue finish. Drive this home for $16115. RAMBLER WAGON 1962 RAMBLER drive thls one owner, low mileage automobUe with power steering, f&ctory air, automaUc transmission, heater, red!o. All Inside & out. See .this. $149$, 1962 FALCON DELUXE Series, witll all oriRinal lntetlor. door for comfort. 'F'ac tory equipment. Drive this $995. Tom Wolfe Auto Sales 9390 Florida Ave. Ph. 9351145 Open DailY 9-9 Sunday 1 7 No down payment FULL PRICE $595 1959 CHEVROLET Biscayne, blue & white finish. Ouutanding buy on an outstanding car. Nothing down. $8 week. General Auto Sales 1 50 Automobiles For Sale '57 CHEVROLET 4 door & eyl. atlck •hlft and beater ...•. $39S FELLOWS MOTOR Co. 1417 W. Kennl!dy Blvd . Ph. 2113-5719 STUDEBAKER. Bal. diHI $195. ll' you have S50 i have a car Air 100! Melo 2812 1!:. lUilsboro Ph. 23&-1101. 50 ear aelectlon We Jl'l. nance. No Finance CbaJ]es. '56 FORD. Bal. due $16$. Take DLR. '59 TRIUMPH TR-3. Red wltb 838. Dlr. 1956 OLDSMOBILE 4 door hart! top, PS. PB, R&B. Very dean. Leon's Paint Sllop, 8305 40tb St. START THE YEAR wrrH JOY & brakes, radio, heater, factory all' cond., bucket seats, elee. windows, wire wheels, white with black Interior $2795. "We Sell To Sell Alain" 4500 FLORIDA AVE. Ph. 231:.S31 '64 SPYDER Convertible. Wblte with Red interior. $2095. 872-8062. 1410 Fla. 1960 FORllCOavertlble, lt&M, AT, WSW, low mileate, clean. 2S3-65'71. Ph. 223-3288 Chevrolet, excellent condltioll . New tlrU. $450. WE FINAN -CE Open 7 days a week, 9 to 9 BY owner 1963 Falco!!, air. ell . cond. per COME TO CHEVYLAND WHERE THE BARGAINS ARE BOE WOOD CHEVROLET 1720 E. HILLSBORO PH. 235-2071 '58 FORD tudor 6 cyl. Alltomatlc, tutone paint. R&H . . . . . $200 FELLOWS MOTOR Co. 1417 W. Kenn edy Blvd. Ph. 253-5719 DICK ALBRITTON'S *DAILY DOUBLE* '58 FORD 1495, '59 PJym. 5495, '56 Ford W&Jt.. $349, '54 Cadi. S395. 606 E . Watera Ave . Dl!' . CADlLLAC-i002-. -Lovtt,y bigh gl oss aparkllnt btllht finish . .. comp l etelY luxurious. One very careful retired co;rle baa 6wtled •;-::; U.!.e utilized ont,y on special occu 51ons. Driven 11.314 completely verliable mllea. T b • a&Udlous care this absolutely goreeous mo tor car has received Is rtllected In lis abowroom appearaoce • faultless performallce . F u 11 Y eqa!pped lnciudln!.! cool comfort. able actl>ry atr cood!Uontng. 12950. caamac Is a of Ac tuallY we are the larse•t pre. owned Cadillac dealer In tbe south because we sell a better Cadillac at a lower price. It's . . burg. ChOOf;e from 12 1982 Cadll lacs. (495-Al. Open dally 9-9. '55 CHEV. Bel Alr Conv. No ca&b 232-4801 TAKE over p&yments '57 Ford V-8, AT, 4 dr. . tutone. Bal. $173.42 at $ 1 2.82 mo. No easb neded, no paymt. 'til Feb. Dtr. 2819 Fla. Ave, 224-8221 BUICK '64 ... $3990 Enjoy the New Year "ELECTRA 225", 4-DOOR, hart! IN A FUN IN THE SUN CAR top, Eactory air com!.. .fuJI '62 Galaxie Conv power, 11.000 carefully dr1ven • miles. LocallY owned. BABY B lue wlt b matching leather Interior, V S AT, 51 down, MoNzA '63 ... $Is9o $lJ.8est WAufodit saietliL "COUPE," 4 on floor, radio & heater. Low mileaJe, extra 4830 F lorida Ave. Ph. 237-3306 clean. Excellent Selection 6300 F lorida Ave. Ph. 232-4891 D r1ve Right In! P R xv ATE 1959 Butck , ruuy equipped, clean. 1850. 1815 15th Ave. 1419-27 FLA. AVE. '57 DeSoto ........ $295 4 DOOR. Power ateerlnt & bralteo. R4rH. Runs Cood . "Short Profit Hale" Phone 229-0669 WANT AD. Ph. 223-4911 2806 Pll/77-1362 FERMAN Oldsmobile '63 Olds .. $2995 98 4 Door Hardtop. F'ully equipped. Lullury all the way. '63 Chev. . $2095 lmpala 4-Door Hardtop. Auto. trana., pOwer atHring, radio, heater. '62 Dodge .. s795 Lancer 4-Dr, I cyl., atandard trans. '62 Yolks .. $1495 Camper. lteal nice condition. l YI!AR WARRANTY FERMAN OLDSMOBILE FLA. & LAK!Ii-233 3252 OI'EN 'TIL I P . M . TODAY'S SPECIALS '63 E. Ford ..... . $865 Angila 2 • Door. Heater. One owNer. '63 falcon ...... $965 2 Door Sedan. 0 ne owner. '63 Sprite ..... $1065 Roadster. Showroom fresh. One-Year Warranty NORTHSIDE RAMBLER I 0409 Plorlda Ave. Ph. 932-6171 MONDAY SPECIALS GALAXIE 500 4-DR. HARDTOPS Cruise-0-Matlc trans., ra• dio, heater, power steering, V -1, WSW tire1, wide color selection . No cash ia needed if YOUr old car eQUitY Ia worth $500. Insurance ex eluded in payments. $2297 Montha to Pay. Only $48 .90 per Month. '63 GALAXIE 2-DR. SEDAM '63 XL500 CO"V'T. V•l, Crul se-O Matic, Radio, Heat•r, Power Steerino, Bucket Mats. Black with rtd interior. '55 CHRYSLER WINDSOR 4DR. SED. v.a, Auto. t rans., Radio, Heater, Red and Wh ite. $1395 $290 NORTHGATE FORD lSD Auomohn.. For Sale PRIVATE '51 Chevrolet Belair, t door. Very c lean. 9.'12:. '59 CHEVY w-.on; t V-8 motor. PS, PB, R&.H. $650. 9!!5-5681. l957"PLYMOUTR station wagon. Good buy at $150. Apt. 3, 4408 N . Armenia, Jim Qu inlan Chevrolet U.S. HIGHWAY 19 Just S!lllth of Clearwater MUST sell! '59 DeSoto 2 Dr HT, dbUpower. Real clean cart 5450, at 14223 Fla. A-.e. Dealer. TAKE over payrnenb ort 'S8 Cadll lac 4 dr. HT, all power, R&H, WSW ROJI Bal. $499. at $22.87 per mo. No cub neodect. no paymt. 'tl1 Matcll, Dlr. 2819 Fla. Ave. 229-!288, 224-8%21 '62 BUICK conv. Double sharP. 1 90t N . DALE MABltY '53 CHEV. Bel Air HT. No caah needed, $4 Dealer. MOO Flol'lda Ave. Pll. 232-4U1 'Sl JEEP 2 door wafOll ' Wheel drl"'l $295 . . FELLOWS MOTOR Co. 1417 W . KennedY Blvd, Ph. 253-5719 '58 CHEVROLET trade equ.lty fot lo pay balance. 949-4611$. NO CREDIT NEEDED '53 Chevy $25 Do"n 510 Wee'k MABRY.QANDY MOTOJIS 3411 GandY Blvd Ph. 838-tstl '61 PONTIAC Bonneville converti• ble. Delnxe, Sl250. Must S • Ill _!!!., Private. FOSTER INE CARS HOLIDAY SPECIALS lYIAII WAIIIIANTY '63 Falcon s1395 Futura Conv. Bucket seats, 6 cyl,. radio &. heater, auto. trana. '63 Comet s1495 2-Door. Stick, radii>. Real sharp. 1 owner. • 61 Comet $1 095 4-Door. Radio & heater, auto. trans., nice f&mil,. car. '59 Mercury s595 2-Door Hardtop. '59 Chev. s695 4-Door Impala. Auto. trans., radi o & heater, W / W t ires, tutont. &ave on th 1 1 one. '54 Pontiac s295 Air conditioned, auto. trans., radi o & heater. Good trans• portation. BUICK CORNER For Our Exclusive Lifetime W a:rra.nty Plus 1 Year GW Warranty '61 CHEV ••.•..• $1475 Nomad Station Wa;on. AT, ltr Hr PS, P8. '62 FORD ..•.•. $2395 T-Bird HT. Cou,e. AT, Ro H, PS, PB. A i r cond. '62 FORD ••.•.• $1395 V-8 Country lqulre Station Wagon.. AT,. R,. H, . PS. (L) '59 FORD •.•.•. _$475 V l 4 Dr. -an. AT, R. (lt4B) '59 PONTIAC .... $575 4-Dr. Sedan, AT, R, H, PS. (L-178-1) '59 OLDS ....... $595 98 4 -0r. AT, R, H, PS. (1..:103-A) '60 VALIANT .... $875 4 Dr. AT , R , H. '63 COMET .... $1585 4•Dr. Sedan. AT, 11. '60 CHEV •••...•• $885 Impala Convertible. AT, R , H, P'S. (617AI .::. \(LEASE l965 MAKES '62 BUICK ••••. $2595 Wildcat H1'. 2-Dr. AT, R, H1 PS, PB. Air cond. '63 BUICK •.... $1975 Special Convertible. S / a, It, H , V 6 . '63 BUICK ..... $2865 Electra HT. 4Dr. Dark blue, AT, R , H , PS, PB, electric window end aeat. (L218A) '64 BUICK ..... $2675 Special 4 IJr. Vlo AT, R, H . A i r cond, '61 BUICK ..... $1765 Le Sabre HT. 4-Dr. AT, R, PS, (L-182 -A) '62 BUICK ..... $1875 Special 4 Dr. V-8, AT, R , H . Ai r cond • '62 BUICK •.... $2365 lnvicta Station Wagon. Full power. Air conel. (4R64) '62 BUICK ..... $1985 lnvicta Convertible. AT, Jlt, H, PI, PB. (S'ItA) '63 •.•.... $2275 Impala HT. 4Dr. AT, R, H . (L223•A) 901 E. HlllsborouJh Phone 239-1109 Open Sunday After Churdt


1 SO Automobiles For Sale Be Wise $TART THE NEW YEAR OFF WITH A BETTER CAR FROM BEST. '61 F-85 Olds. economy & comfort with the luxury line compact car. Baby Blue finish, immaculate per Best Auto Sales 4830 Florida Ave. PI!. 237 'M CHEVROLET 2 door, owner . $250. 3913 Palmetto St . 877 No money down V-8 stick CHEVROLET 2 doer, Bel Air. R&H. WW, extra clean & nice . No down payment. $8 week. Quality Auto Sales 4607 Florida Ave. Pll. 236 WE BELIEVE THAT QUALITY TALKS launder than words. Let th.e car prove lt. instead o a salesman.


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