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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 74, no. 79 (May 9, 1966).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
May 9, 1966
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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Paying More. Enioying It Less USF Coed Luana Perez looks with disdain as she sips on a coke in the UC cafeteria. She couldn't keep her mind off the fact that she was paying so much more for food since the recent price hike. Elections To Fill Spring Cool Tones SEVENTY-FOURTH YEAR-No. 79 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, MAY 9, 1966 PRICE FIVE CENTS Food Prices Go Enrollment Nears 4,000 For Summer Summer enrollment at USF hit a new high during the Trimester IliA registration, according to Dr. Frank Spain, registrar. An early count last week revealed that the stude'nt population had climbed to 3 , 780 enrolled as compared to 3,245 in Trimester III last year and 2 ,756 during 1964 . • Two Dept . . Heads Resign Argentina Trip Offered To USF Students Five USF students may spend the month of July in Argentina as members of a student ex change g r o u p from the St. A college student, from PinelPetersburg-Tampa area, accord las County, will be selected soon ing to St. Petersburg Mayor to serve as a Congressional in-Herman Goldner. tern for R ep. William C . Cramer Any USF student in good Cramer told the campus edi-standing may apply. Knowledge tion the i nternship begins June of Spanish is desirab le but not 15 and ends Aug. 31 a nd is required. Cost of the trip is ap open to students who have at-proximately $500 per individual. tended college during the past Applications shoud be submitted academic year and are residents directly to Mayor Goldner as of Pinellas County. soon a s possible . S t u d e n t s interested must Additional information may submit a statement of not more be obtained from Dr. Mark T . than 500 words a:; to why he or Orr, Coordinator of Internation she believes the internship in a, al Studies, ext. 683. congressman's office will bene-Last year the from fit the community, state and na thi s area met the president of tion in the future. The student Argentina, visited museums. also should have his academic cathedrals, and -other points record and a listing of extracur-interest, and attended special ricular act ivities and other qualclasses in the S panish language, ifications sent to: Argentine history and culture. Congressman W i 11 i a m C. T h e y also were h o n or e d at Cramer, 2600 9th St. Nor t h St. luncheons, parties, dances, and Petersburg, Fla. other social events. • Soiree B Out Hundreds r1ngs Reviewer Terms It 'Enioyable Weekend1 B y JOHN ALSTON and professional, this reviewer The Spring Soiree med up to felt that they lacked the ability its promise of being neither dull t o esta blish an intimate eon nor lonely last week as huntact with their audience. dreds attended th e two-day festiThe repertoire came too fast val. A d r izzlin g rain f ailed to a nd too strong, not allowing the dampen the excitement. audience to f u lly comprehend.-T h e entertainmen t featured either the mu si c nor the per both local and imported talent sonality of the performers. but a ll of it was good w i t h Still their shortcomings were s om e of it excellent. not so evident as to render their T h e Soiree kicked off w i t h performance weak and they a performance by the Red Hot reaped applause from the esti Profs Friday afternoon. R a i n m a ted 300 s tud en ts at forced the affair into the Argo s the perfor m ance . activities room. After the concert, the chairs At 7:45 the evening show got were cleared away and a well u nder way with three s in g in g atten ded stereo dance rocked acts featu ring USF talent. The on till 12:30 p.m. performers, Lind a Thornton, Saturday night featured a per and Barry Sim m s did an out formance by the Mk III trio . standing j ob. This jazz g roup , composed of Followin g the USF talent was Mark Morris, on drums, Ron the sin ging t ea m of David d ella Resler, bass, and Phil Rug h , on Rosa and Brooks. This s 1 i c k, organ, perfor m ed well and put professional, (possibly too slick a "cool" cap on the weekend. and too professional) team feaAfter the jazz concert, the Go tured a big sound with impecMads, pla ye d for a da nce un cable musicianship . til midnight. -USF Photos Rocking Out Cool tones were provided for the Soiree b y the Mk III t rio who gave a concert Saturday night. Phil Rugh at piano , Ron Res ler on bass and Mark Morri s on drum s. Ably accompanied by R o n It was a rousing weekend and Resler a nd Mark Morris of t h e j u dging by the comments hea r d Mk III trio, they r eeled off two an d what we saw it was a real hours of folk and popular mufeather i n the collective hats of sic along with several medl eys the U n iversity Center Program from Broadway shows. C oun cil which sponsored the Tho ugh t.hey were e nte rtaini n g whole affair and footed t h e bill. And Rock out they did as t h e Go-1\iads played for a dance h eld partly out st de the UC Sat u r da y night and wound up in Argos center after the rains came. \ ' '


I THE TAMPA TIMES , Monday, !\lay 9, 1966 UC Moving Day Put lit Over There! Moving day for the Uni versity Center Program Coun ell featured all kinds of direc tions like those above being given by Margie Barnes Cleft> and Program Adviser Rena Antlnori. Ken Rollins, assistant program adviser, doesn't look too happy about the situ ation but somehow everything got moved to UC 156. DISASTER! What-To Do By DANIEL McCAULEY Campus Staff Writer In the path of the recent tor nado, two needs have come to light in USF's disaster plans. No tornado plan exists and some b e 1 i e v e an auxiliary power source is needed. adequate light. There Is also zeta, and Eta stay in the study intendent of security and com-storm passes overhead, there no reason to believe that na room . munlcationa, said be f e 1 t were will be a lull lasting from a tural disasters are of neces 2. Keep exterior doors closed. adequately protected as things few minutes to half an hour or sity confined to daylight hours. 3. Keep your radio on and are. He foresaw no need for a more. Stay in a safe place. The The few flashlights and other listen for latest weather bureau campus fire unit. wind will return suddenly from larger battery operated lights warnings and advisories. If civil disorder occurs Garthe opposite quarter, possible we have would be totally in 4. Do not use phones except ner said that "students should with even greater force. adequate at night even for for emergency calls. Clear all keep clear. They shouldn't at The telephone operators will what occurred Monday." . Phone calls through the Res!tempt to help the police because be on duty at all times, if the • A_ the. Dean Wunderlich agreed with dent Assistant. the police can't be switchboard Is operable. diVISion stated: USF s burnDr. Egolf. "When the power 5, Weather permitting, regutween the rioter and the Check and all radio cane plan serves as our tornado goes out we don't have reserve lar meal service will be mainhelper." or television antennas and roof plan." . power in Gamma and tained In Argos Cafeteria. In Garner said such disorders hatches. Students should be mformed A d m i n i s t r a t i on (build : some cases , food may be should be strictly left up to the If storm forecaata are con-as to what. to do in case a ingsl. We've got to have power brought to the Residence Halls. officials. firmed, department tornado strikes. Roxy N e a 1, of our own. We ought to have a 6. If you must leave the build Oth A il dents should notify all person• of the phyrelief power unit," he said. ing during the time emergency er c ,00 nel to report to department s1cal plant, listed these rules: HURRICANE PLAN procedures are in effect, leave In addition USF 8 Phyalcal as soon as pos-1. If you are caurht in the The USF disaster plan which a note on your door and ver-:lant will carry out the followalble. open,' "hit the ground or get should be followed in case of bally notify a Resident Assist. mg plan: Neal said both plans "are Into a ditch.'' a hurricane or other similar ant. Supply battery operated radio tied In with civil defense." There 2. Stay away from glass or disaster is as follows. Students 7. IF THE ELECTRIC for each building used 86 a are eight approved . shelters on glass windows. and staff should, prior to high POWER GOES OFF: shelter. campus which are stocked with 3. Head , for the leeward side winds: Conserve flashlights and portSupply flashlights or battery supplles: of the building. 1. Police the area outside the able radios. lanterns for each buildltlg. Fallout Sbeltera 4. If you are inside, "crawl Residence Halls and parking Beware of dangers present .All loose or material under something.'' lots for objects that could be when candles are used-partiewtll be moved mdoors. A 1 ph a Hall Basement and tossed about by high winds. ularly to rugs and in trash will be supplied by Mor Hallways of second and third USF needs some secondary 2 . Hallways should be kept areas. rison s Cafeteria. floors, Director of Housing-power source. Dr. Robert L. clear at all times Conserve water. Supply three filled sand bags .Supervisor; BuildEgolf, Student Health Service 3 . Store water in 8. If the eye of hurricane for each exposed door. ing Basement, Calvin Maybury dean Herbert J. Wunderlich lavatories. ' ' the rapid return of high velocity damage to any building, power Basement and first floor, El• Summer Sports Program To Kick-Off Next Week By BOB BLOODWORTH The softball teams compiling tive contestants should sign up Sports Editor the best won-lost records will as soon as possible. Intramurals will get under receive plaques. . . F cult nd staff members way next week when softball Also scheduled for this tr1a Y a and tennis teams kick off the mester is a three week tennis will have a softball league all summer intramural program. tournament and one day events their own if enough interest is Tomorrow is the deadline for all in golf and archery. shown, Murphy. Osborne of interested to sign up for these For those who enjoy the inthe PhysiCal Education Depart two activities. door variety of sports there will ment. Any members of the . USF Four softball summer leagues be a billiards and table tennis and st.aff who are mter will be composed of teams and tournament sponsored by the ested m formmg such a league players from anywhere on camUC Recreatin Committee. Sign. should contact Osborne at Ext. pus or of students who live offup for either of these 'tourna479. campus. Residence Halls will May 13 at the UC desk. BeginAlso being offered this sum elect athletic chairmen at a hall ning Monday, May 16 the tourmer are golf clinics for the lac meeting and should mail the naments will last until Friday, ulty and staff. These will be held results to post box 145 in Alpha June 10. Eight pairs are requir on Wednesday afternoons at 5 Hall. for each tourney so all prospecp.m. on the USF driving range. The Bread Rises Socko! Right in the breadbasket! That's where we got hit during the trimester break when food prices in the cafeterias went up on almost all items. (See story Page One). To say that the price rise has been noticed by almost every stu dent on campus is to belabor the obvious, but there are other ob servations students should consider when thinking about the food prices. First of all , is there any place where the student can take a gripe about the food or the prices? Right now, no. Once there was a food committee in the Student Associa tion, but it was disbanded after a series of still not too clear events. Second, because Morrison's en joys a comparatively high degree of control, after signing a contract , on the food served as well as prices, it could be considered as an extension of the University. The company is not allowed to operate here unless it meets certain re quirements and in turn fulfills ob ligations determined by the Uni versity . And the students , or consumers so to speak, have verv little to say regarding whether the company sho11ld continue its contract or not. Which up a third point , which is that the contract for Mor rison's was renewed and prices raised during the trimester break, when students were away. Perhaps students don't want a voice, or feel that they don't have time to participate in a decision making activity of this sort. Thus far, the only protests noted have been at the cashier's stand, when the student had to reach again into the wallet for additional money. And like almost everyone else, he or she was quite willing to blame the waitress and forget the whole thing ... until next time. You can't help but wonder, what it would be like here now, if in 1776 or there about, they had just paid and forgotten the whole thing. We are not saying that the price rise was unfair, unjust, or even un necessary, but that as active partici pants in the University system, stu dents should have a voice in affairs which so directly affect them. It is true that two thirds of the student body is made up of com muting students, who perhaps eat only one meal a day here. . And it is also true that the Um versity has a responsibility to par ents and students alike to provide the best possible of and services for the money avatlable. Perhaps the current and services are the best posstble under pre,.&ent conditions. Perhaps they are not. But if the students do not take part or have a voice in the conduct of the system, who will ever know? April Rumors After April's graduation exer cises there were a few rumors on campus that some students had been removed from the graduating list for "arbitrary" reasons . After an investigation, it was discovered that the rumors, as most usually are , were completely un founded. 1 The Registrar's Office provided a complete list of reasons for stu dents not graduating and as ex pected the main reason wa& a too low grade point ratio, or not having completed academic requirements. Four were barred from graduation because they had not completed physical education requirements. Altogether there were 30 who were removed from the graduation list. According to Dr. Frank Spain, Registrar, graduation time is one of optimism, and we agree. Students, who may possibly complete re quirements, are urged to apply for a degree, even though they may not achieve their goal. Also many stu dents take a "make it or bust it" attitude during what may be their last trimester here and carry an academic overload. Too often these people "bust it" rather than make. And are usually "very vocal" ex plaining why they didn't graduate. We only hope that ill; this case, they place blame where tt deserves to rest and perhaps learn something from the experience. THE CAMPUS EDITION I Tho Camput Edition ol tho Tampa Tlmot It wrlltea and edited by ttudentw at tho Uni.,.nity ol South Florida. Editorial Yieww ezprelled heroin are not nooe11arlly those ol the USF admlnittration, faculty or of the Tampa Timet. Ollloea: UO Unlnrtlt:r of Soutb Florida, Tampa, Fla., 38620, Pbone 988-4131, est. 619. Newt OOP7 deadline It 1 p.m. Wedne.d&J lor Monday publlcaUon. Letlen to tbe editor deadline It 5 p.m. Monday lor tbo foUowlns Monda;r. Harry Haigley • . • . . • . . • • . . • • • . . . . . • . . • . . . . . . . . • . . . • • • . . . • . . . . . . Editor John Alston ....••.......••.•• , ••••..•...•...•••••.... Managing Editor Prof. Steve Yate1 , , , ..•..•..•...••••.....••. , • • . . • . . • • • • • . . . . . Advi1er , I f pointed out the problems which 4 Have flashlights and portwinds. and water to that building is liott Hardaway Supervisor; the Health Service would underradios in working order-AFTER THE STORM:.. to be shut off. Life Science Building Lab Secgo because of lack of power. keep them handy! 1. Stay off highways to allow Any objects that may be dam tion at Center of Building, 1. "Without electricity we 5 . If your room is susceptible emergency crews the opaged by water will be moved D. Ray Supervisor. are unable to sterilize instruto flooding put personal gear portunity to make necessary reas far away from the windows University Center Basement, ments or dressings. Even with on shelves.' pairs. or glassed-In areas as possible. Duane Lake Supervisor; Fine the relatively small amount of 6. Locate mop and mop 2. Beware of fallen power All people should stay away Arts Humanities Building required M on d a y bucket in each living area. lines if you must drive in your from windows or glassed-In first floor, Room 111, A. A. mornmg we were very near to 7. Identify those students with car. areas except those., authorized cber Supervisor; Phys1cs the end of our sterilized in Red Cross First Aid Training. 3. Assist in necessary cleanto repa1rs to prevent fur Building Basement, Guy Forstruments." 8. At least one male member up. In the Residence Halls and ther damage. man-Supervisor; Gamma Hall 2. "When the elevators stop of the Residence Staff will be on the campus. Be reidy to Necessary manpower, materBasement, Director of Housing we . are unable to move in assigned to each women's Restvolunteer wherever assistance ials and tools shall be provided Supervisor. Recently added jured patients to and from the dence Hall during the time is needed. in each building. were Beta and the Andros Health Center for treatment. emergency procedures are in IN CASE OF FIRE The Maintenance Building will dorms. The idea of moving any con effect. In case of fire, dial "0'' f 0 r be the central supply source If' These shelters woold also be siderable number of patients 9. Be sure to have gasoline the campus operator and report additional material or tools u1ed in the e.vent of an attack. up and down three flights of in your car. it. needed. A three to flVe minute steady narrow stairs on litters is 10. Set emergency brake on The new fire station on 4916 Shelter for families of Uniblast will sound and the fire laughable." car, leave car in gear afld Ingraham Ave., will then be noversity staff and, faculty will alarm systems in all buildings 3. "It is neaTly impossible "crack" windows. tified. be provided in the University will be sounded continuously. for us to maintain our infirmDURING THE JIIGH WINDS rr the blaze is too big for Center. All students and staff should ary in the evening and at T H A T F 0 L L 0 W THE y them to handle the Northside All building elevators shall be then proceed immediately to night without lights. The work SHOULD: Voluntary Fire Department may taken to tbe lowest floor and these . . If time permits that is involved, particularly 1. Stay' away from windows . be called in. the power to the elevator shut they should brmg clothing, _ blan• in the dispensing of medicaKeep drapes closed. In Alpha, When ' asked if there was a off. kets and a battery operatea ra tions and other nursing proBeta, and Gamma, stay in the campus fire unit in planning Adequate rain coats for each dio . The fallout shelter super• cedures, is of such a nature hallway during the height of and if this wouldn ' t be more building will be ptovided. viaors which are listed above as to be dangerous without the storm. In Delta, Epsilon, efficient, James Garner, superIf the center or "eye" the will then take charge. State Dept Officials Present Program Today 18 Grads, Students Now . in Peace Corp Three members of the U.S. Following dinner, the rpogram States and Latin American." State Department will be on will resume at 7 p.m. with MalSpeaking on "United States Eighteen graduates and forin Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, campus tonight to present a colm Barneby, director the and Eastern Europe" w i 11 be mer students of USF are curwhere they are teaching school. "Foreign Policies Briefing." Office of Ecuadorian and Peru Pratt Byrd, State Department Th A F 1 f T The men, who all have had vian Affairs speaking on "United representative with the Defense rently Peace Corps volunteers ey are. nn ranc s o ampa extensive overseas experience, Department's N at i o n a 1 Miliin 12 African, Asian and South and Ron1 Lerner of Lutz. will describe how U.S. foreign tary Command Center. Since American countries. Agricultural extension work policy is formulated, .and will joining the Foreign Service, he I dd 'ti th p a e Corps is occupying David Merritt of on present policies relat-has served in Germany, Afghann a 1 on, e e c ing particularly to Latin Ameristan, Budapest, Hungary, DJa reports that four other former Tice for his two year assign• ica, Eastern Europe and Southkarta and Indonesia. In 1963-65 USF students have coll\pleted ment with the Peace Corps in east Asia. he was a scientific exchange two-year assignments In Peru, New Delhi, India. Al!hough pres7nted priofficer with Russia and Eastern Sierra Leone and Brazil . Nancy Morley of Tampa is a manly for social studies teachEurope. . ers in surrounding counties, the The program will conclude Robert Baggett of Tampa, Peace Corps volunteer m La program, in UC 248 Is also open with a talk on "United States who joined the Peace Corps last Paz, BoliVia, where she Is 1n to the public. . and Southeast Asia" by Horner. August, Is now involved in agri volved in health work. John E. Horner, dtrector of The "Foreign Policies Briefcultural extension work In FreeTwo former USF students are the Office of Public Service, will ing" is being sponsored , by the in Liberia. Teaching elementary open the program at 4:30 with local Social Studies Councils and town, Sierra Leone. Two other school In Monrovia are Hans a talk on "Formation of For-the USF Center for Continuing USF students, Joel of Peterson of Tampa and Ken eign Policy." He joined the U .S. Education, in cooperation with Apollo Beach and. Shirley Jack Waibel of Lakeland . Foreigrt Service in 1938 and has the U.S. Department of_ man of Tampa. have retrned Wllllam Stnlth a USF gradu served in Turkey, B u 1 g a r i a, The local teachers will hold a from two years ln Sierra one. ate from is completing Moscow, Paris, Greece, and in pre-program discussion beginWing Barfoot, the daughter of hla first year with the Peace Saudi Arabia. Barnebey nlng at 3:30 p.m. USF music professor Edward Corps in Bogota Colombia. -------------------------.....:: ....... ..;...; _ _: ____ t----IPreodor and a USF graduate, _ ' Campus News Briefs 'God Is Dead!1 Is Theme Tonight Campus Events and her husband James are both Recently . Peace Peace corps volunteers In AnCorps asstgnments In South kara Turkey. America are Geiger, • ' who participated m a Lima, Three USF graduate& Peru, community action 01 reQ.tly .with the Peace Corps gram, and Karen Seufert ot St. in the Philippines. Barbara Petersburg, who 5 p e n t two nett of Bradenton, Sam Boglio years in public health work in of Tampa, and Lattimer Rio d Janeiro Brazil. of Largo are all lll Manila, e • Monh,. teaching in local schools and The Uat of former USF stuT : 30 p . m .-rocut: Paruamentaty De working in community projects. was releasehd thby the bat. uc 252 T d t R b rt Bl reace Corps throug e cam-. wo gra ua ea-0 e ay pus reptesentative, Professor • Th G d d , . Tauaa1 ney of Berlln r Wis., and El!a Paul Givens. ' at o Is Dea , IS the make a study of Gothic cathe 8 , 30 Jl.m.-student concert, Donna Fagot of Tampa-are now In topic to be debated tonight at drals. Underhill FH 101. Santiago, Chile, there they are El--t.......... ------7:30 p.m. in UC252 by members Wedig, who is majoring in the h 1 In nit ject 8C lOft • • • h 1 . ta d R . 1 Wodndd•:r e pmg c:ommu Y pro s. (C d t p 1) of t e campus par tamen ry euss1an anguage, will conduct rH 101• Bangkok, Thailand, is the Onwnue rom ap b t 1 b h S t ti i 8:30 p.m.-Stuclent Coucert a e c u . researc on ov!e mo on P C Larry Graham. temporaey home of Michael and energy of the officials has All students and staff memtures as a cultural medium. He Carpenter of Tampa. The USF been devoted to trying to get the bers have been invited to atalso will be enrolled in the Uni Tilal'lllar graduate is teaching in seconstudents to take an interest in tend the debate. versity of Indiana's Slavic Work8:30 p.m.-Faculty Concert TA. dary schools there. their government. Moderator of the event will shop. Prlda7 c "It ld 1 " ""' Bri k be D 8 vi s Short. Affirmative HOURS , 30 uc M 1 "Gullliillt 1 Lakeland graduate Alton ou wou seem, u, n speakers will be: Dr. Ed Allen, The Cashier s Office has an-P'H a turier is an elementary teacher said last week, "that out. of the Yvonne Gonzalez and Paul Ro a change in operat-7:30 Bowlillr Pa.U, But in Tanzania. near 4,000 stuclents regtstered senstratter. mg hours. They are now open leaves c. James Felter, a Tampa grad.l here "':'e get 35 or 40 to f r m 8 30 a t 3 m daily satorda• uate of USF, is a vocational serve In SA . N ti k n 1 d 0 : .m. 0 P • the DANCE SATURDAY '1:3 0 p.m.-uc Movie "Gunfishl al teacher in Quito , Ecuador . Nextl Monday will tell the ganne Panagiotacos and Paul Stereo will be held Dance u. Two USF craduatea are now tale. Feuerstein. th1s Saturday n1ght in the UC The event is sponsored by Ballroom at 9 p.m. sponsored the USF Forensics Club. by the UC J?ance Committee. GOES TO BOLIVIA Guest D. J. Will be Brook Cham Dr. L. A. Berry, associate perlain o_f WALT radio. Dress is professor in elementary educacasual, and ' the dance is free. Uon here has been named adMOVIE PLANNED visor to the Bolivian government "Gunfight at OK Corral" is and will spend two .months there the UC movie for this week this summer. He will be work end. It will be shown Friday and lng in a project to upgrade the Saturday night at 7:30 p.m. in educational program of public Fine Arts 101. Cost is 25 cents schools and revise the county's for students. school curriculum. ART COURSE TEACHERS NEEDED The UC Lessons Committee The National Teacher Corp will present a course in the folk is looking for several thou-art of "Pennsylvania D u t c h sand career • teachers a n d Painting." The course will be teacher-Interns for the school taught by Mrs.• Joyce Jonitis. year 1966, announced DonThe classes will be held Tues ald S. Colby, coordinator of days, May . 17, 24 and 31 at placement. 3 p.m. in UC 47. Deadline for ma!Unr appli There will be no fee. Supplies cations is May 31, forms will' cost approximately $3.00 per and brochures are available student. Sign up at the UC Desk . in the Placement Office, AD MAYBURY IS CHAIRMAN 280. Dr. P. C. Maybury, chair STUDENTS GO ABROAD man of the chemistry departTwo USF students have been ment, was chairman of a bio chosen for study abroad this chemistry symposium held Fri summer under the University's day in Tampa. Overseas Study Program. The symposium was part of Trevor Guy Cramer and Ri the annual American Chemical chare Allan Wedig have been Society meeting. awarded grants to assist in de FELLOWSWP AWARDED fraying their travel and living Stephen Berger of Miami, who expenses. received his BA d e g r e e in Cramer, a USF humanities psychology here April 24, bas major, will spend three months been awarded a $2,400 fellow in West Germany where he will ship for graduate study. L I T ' L I M A N 0 N c A M , f u s I ' I I I L I I


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