The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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v. : ill. ; 36 cm.


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Jl I Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States. C. PPIB.SlllliG PUBLISHER, } No. 142 Street. Vol. 1.. G. W. GAIL CHRISTIAN AX. G. W. GAIL&A.X, M.J.ltUJ'AC'l'liUJl& C:r J..LL X J.NDS 0.11" 'htlving AND SNUFF, -..aLSO-lmp10rtere of and Dealers in Cigars, Pipes, Snuff-boxes, etc., NO. 28 BARRESTREET, Md. II:F' D.ICPOT -with GAIL, Ax & Kvcaum, Nos. 173 IDd 1'1!1 Wtater-street, New-York. 11 -63 DE FORD, THAYER & CO., Commission Merchants, ..l.ND DXALERS IN Manufac:tured and Leaf Tobacco, Segars &e., &e., 44 WATEB.STB.EET, New-York. rJr U.S. Bonded WarehoUH, 82<1 District, l!iew-York. 8blppers can forward ua their goods 111 BOND," without preP!'yment of lobe exd11e tax. 10-22 WAn-!!, GnvEN & Co., GIVEN, W ..&.TTB & Co. Padac:all, .Ky. New-Orleane, La. BllowJi DnlfXBB80JI & Co., W. C. WATTs & Co. Evaunille, lnd. LiTerpool, EnJ, WATTS, CRANE & CO., FOR TJU: ULE 011' Tobacco, Cotton, and Western Produce. No. 43 Broad St., New-York. j Advancee made on consignments to our houe in Liverpool, 'W. C. Watts & Co. 2-14 CONNOLLY & CO., FOR 'I"Bll lALli OP LEAF AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, ,No. 45 'Water Street, CH.A.s. M CoNNOLLY, :rn. } JAB. M. G..&RDIN11R a-15 Newe-Yort. NANS O N, Omxn & Co., OBlm, A'I"WATER & Co., St. Louis. New -Orleans OlBEB, NANSON & CO., 'Pttsu and tlPobateo AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. 58 BROAD STREET, 4-16 IMlE W .. Y?QRK. w E. SNODDY, LoulsvUJ e Ky. R. S. HowuD, New-York. SNODDY & HOWARD, FOR THE SALE OF TOBAOOO, OOTTON, PORK, FLOUR, Etc., No. Tl Broad Stred, 1-i-26 JOSEPH D. EVANS, FOB THE BALli O:P PUBLISHED WEEKLY. NEW-YORK, SATURDAY, JUNE 3, 1865. DU BOIS, VANDERVOORT & CO., FOR THE SALE OF Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco, 37 Water Street, ComeUua Du Bois, } Joseph B. Vandervoort, Carlos A Butler 14-26 NEW-T -e-RK, SPENCER BROTHERS, DEALERS IN TOBACCO, SEGARS, AND SHIPPING FURS_, T H SPENCER,} I. L SPENCER, C. C. SPENCER. (14-26) A. H. CARDOZO & CO., TOBACCO No. t69 Front Street, A. H. OAJIDOEO, } 0. H. AlmnaoN, FDD. DAOST, NEW-YORK. Particular attention ll&id to the IIIJe or other 14-152 Wlllt.ei'n Produce. VOORHEES & GARRISON, Commission Merchants .AND FACTORS, No. 73 .William-street, New-York. c;Jr' IAbtral .A.dvllftces made on. Oo118ignmenta. E. F. VOORHEES DANIELE. G.AlUIJBON. CoiiRli:SPONDENTS IN ST. Lome: Messrs. 0. Garrison & Son, N011. 11 & 18 North Second -st. 5-17 D. H. M' ALPIN & CO., JOAIII1FACI"Ult11M or Tll1l CE LEBRATED FINE-CUT GAIL, AX & KUCHLER, t T and Commission House. DEPOT OF G. W GAIL & AX'S MANUFACTURES, BALTIMORE. 173 & 175 Water Stree t, 3 ib 0. K. KING & CO., Tobacco Factors .um .eu.eral'tautfJ, No. 24 Broad Street,' 0 K KINo, } Taos. J., Tmo. ;r. DE S.AliLA. NEW-YORK. 2-14 Agents i n Louisville, A. 0. & John 8. Bnml1n. Smith, Palmer & Co., JOBBERS OJ" LEAF TOBACCO,, No. 170 Water-street, B. SMITH, L. PALMER A. H. SC OVILLE. 9-21 NEW-YORK. F. L. BRAUNS & 00. ..l.ND KREMELBERG & 00., TOBACCO NIWY itRK. 12-24 BAOON, CLARDY & CO., au.d MERCHANTS, AND DEALERS IN Heavy Western & OI.arksville Leaf, \!II -".W4-1 8 1 PEetiBL-STBEET, .AND .ALL IJNDB O P SMOKING TOBACCO, .i..ND DB.A.L'BRS llf Segars Pipes Snuff, Plug Tobacco, &c., &c., &c. MANUFAOTORY AND SALESROOM : Nos. 75, 77 and 79 Avenue D 14-65 NewYork City THE CITY TOBACCO AGENCY, No. I 08 Front Street, NEWYORK. -:o:W. J. BACON, W. D. CLARDY J B. PARRISH, D R. J. D. OLA.KDY. 1224 New-York. VETTERLEIN & CO.J '1., 0 B A 0 0 0 (Unlted States Bonded WarebOUII\) 111 ARCH-STREET, TH. H. VETTERLEIN & SONS, 12 8 WATER STREET G. ,V, Hillman & Co., 1 2 24 Commission Merchants A. STEIN, AND AGENTS FOR TIIII SALE 011' Commission Merchant MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, 1 97 Duane-street, Have always on hand a large assortment of Manu factured Tobacco. For sale on libe;a.l terms. l>-1 7 G. HEINEKEN & PALMORE, (Be t. Greenwic h and W Coll1f1JNICATIONS from our readers, containing items of tobacco news, or views on topics of interest to the trade, such as the crops and markets, methods of culture and curi ng, processes of manufacture new im plements and machinery, etc., etc., will at all times b e welcome. II shou l d be borne in mind that our reports repreRnt the wholesale market only, &nd that, In purcbaees of am&lllots, advanced p ri ces will be d e manded. THE TOBACCO XAB.KET. NEw-YoRK, Mny 81.-The most noti cea ble feature of the market during the week bas -lloeen the greatly increased firmness in Leaf. This has been ca u sed partly by the ris e in gold, which i s now ranging near 140, and partly by the constantly multiplying evi aences of the lightness of t he stock which is 4low available for the market, or which w ill lie for some time to come. 'l'hat the last gc>P was exceedingly light, there is no longer lilly d i spute. That the crop now being culti'l'&ted will show a great falling off, is equally certain. The effects of this scarcity of supply are :1lready beginning to be felt in the lfeStern markets. In St. Louis, the old crop is exh austed, and has d isa ppeared f r om the lilt of quotable articles; in Louisville, as a Oon'espondent s tates, t h e stock is altogeth e r ieadequa t e to supp l y the manufactories in fflat r egion when s tarted and worked to their full capacity The pric es, conseq uentl y, th rou ghout the West are advancing, and this in the face of an almost unexampled depres sron and stagnation in the manufactured ar ticle. How is this to he accounted for? 1fbile manufacturers are unable to ]lay even present rates, how can holders expect to r eal ize the s till h igher prices they are demanding ? Of course they cannot do it, to any g. eat extent, imme dia tely ; the stock of man umctured is altogeth e r out of proportion to the stock of cru de, and until considerabl e of it i s used up, a rwtk of business cannot take place J u s t at present, some imp ortan t foreipl markets are s uffering a transient surfe it, as for instance A u stralia and th e German markets. Three or four months, however, will alter materi ally their condi ti on. We bt:a,.;."' already seen by our late f o reign ad vices that the stock i n the Gel'man ports isbeing gradually and effec tually worked off i nto the i n terior and our shipments thither are be ginning to be quite heavy again. France, also, when she finds out the in adequa c y of her Virginia stores will have recour se to this market to s upply the d e fici ency Vi r ginia. is thoroughly stripped and impo verished, and may be considered as blotted out of the to bacco world f o r two y ears to come. Indus t r y in Kentucky, also, seems to b e suffering fa r mor e fro m the b r eakin g u p of s la ve labor t h a n was anticipated, and the effects cannot but b e severe l y f e l t in the comin g crops. In Missouri the same caus es are op e rating in a still greater degr ee .All these taken i n connection with the ce rtainty of h eavy taxes and the e n hanced cost of produc tion, ha-ve naturally had the effect to g iv,e hold e r s a. v e ry firm confidence in advan c ing their d emands. Thi s view of affairs has not only affected the Leaf m arket, and i s makin g it firmer every day, but we see its influen ce i n the movements in Manufactured ; in t h e marked preferen ce that i s s hown for toba ccos of good k eeping qualities. This firm n ess of the ma rket has tended co n siderab l y to check transactions. The s ales of Kentucky amount to only 485 hhds. at price s ran ging from 6t to 2 8 cents. Seed l eaf continues dull We n ote sale s o f 818 cases at 'Tt to 35 cents. Leaf and ltlanufactured Tobacco, Bas constantly o n consignment a large quantity o f Connecticut, State and Ohio Seed-leaCTo bacco, whic h will be sold in quantities t o suit purchasers. Cigar manufacturers particularl y favored. 18-BS Good [qualities of all kinds of Leaf are scarce in market, and are held at firm rates above quotations 8:1. 'Water Street, 2-u NEWYORK. .A.RKENRURGH & BRYAN, 35 and 37 Broad St., 115 BROADWAY, NEW-YORK. GUSTAV BEINBKBN. [l>-17] G:rr:o. W PAL:IIOIIB. GEORGE S. HART, 14-26 :ro n TDE BALE 01!" WM. AGNEW & SONS, Tobacco a:nd Commission Merchants, 284 and 286 Front S treet, XEJr-FOBK, ll...l. VE ON SALE ALL DESCRIPTIONS OF Leaf Tobacco for. Export and Home Use. Leaf Tobacco bal e d in an y packa g e by hydrau lic press for export. 14-26 ROBINSON &. CARTH, Commission Merchants FOR THE SALE O F Leaf and Manufacture d Tobacco. 8& WATERSTREET. .lon B. Rol!IBSO!<. .loHll .1:!. G.ars. 6-1 8 NEW-YORK. Tobacco, Cheese, Provisions, Etc., No. 39 Pearl and 28 Bridge Sts., NE'W-YORK. Liberal Cash Advances made on Con-4-io signments. J T SULLIVAN & BRo. JoHN MUl!J.>BY Cincinnati, 0 ., New-Yo;k. Ron'T 1Illm1roN, New-York. SULLIVAN, MURPHY & 00., TOBACCO FACTORS AND No. 103 Pearl Street, Nea r Hanover Square, NEW-YORK., Tobacco baled to order for Mexico and 4 1 6 West-Indies MURRELL, CARUTH & CO., GENERAL J.J.6 Pearl Street, Robt. MurreU H C. Caruth, R. T Pollard. NIW -l' -&Rlt. DAVID O'NEILL & CO., :FOREIGN AND DOMES TIC I 19 Maide n NEW-YORK. DAVID O 'NEILL. 14-89 WILLIAM PRICB. 2nn o f FOR SALE. IN BOND OR DUTY PAID, 1 3 65 IN LOTS TO SUIT PURCHASERS, BY ROBERT E KELLY & CO., 34 B ea ve r-st reet. At the auction sal es by the N e w York To bac co Exch ange to-d ay 10 hbds of m e dium h eavy Cia r ksville s old at 16 cents; 'r hhds. Lugs at 8 ; 4 h h ds at 8l to 8!-; 3 hhds. do at 6l to 'Tt. R ejections compri se d 6 hhds. Common Leaf at l Ot; 10 hhds. Lugs at 8 ; 4 hbds. Good Lugs at 9! ; 2 hhds. Common Lig h t Leaf at lli; 4 cs. Conn. Seed-leaf a t 13l; 16 cs Fillers at 5t to 5 t The f e w sales that w e r e effected were rather under the market, and the l arge preponder anc e of,rejections furni s h es an additional evi dence of the genera l to n e of f ee lin g The rec eipts for the w eek s h ow a co n sfder abl e incr ease b e in g 17 42 hhds., 520 pkgs., against 1245 hhds ., 444 pkg s last week. Of these, 24 hhds., 5 7 pkg s. came from Baltimore; 1 hhd., 1 54 pkgs., from Philade lphia, and 116 hhds 1 pkg. from New Orl eans. The foreign i mp orts also show an in c r eas in g busin ess the amount b e in g 690 bale s L eaf, and 6 3 cs. Cigars agai nst 20 5 bal es, and 61 cs. Cigars last w eek. The expor t s however, are much less than last w ee k, amount i n g t o on l y 327 hhds., 8 5 1 pkgs., crude and 27 408 lb s. mf., against 2 1 94 2 0 53 pkgs., crude, and 24, 387 lbs mf. T h e market for all kind s of Manufactured i s exceedingly q ui et. There is no lack of good s off e ring, especia ll y of common and me dium qualiti es. Some s ales have take n pla ce at redu ce d rates, particular l y in black work. But fin e and choice goo d s po ssess in g goo d k eeping properti es, are h eld firmly, and f air TEBllll, IN ADVANCE, s 412'00 per yea.r,. ( G cents Bingle Copies. off ers rejected We revise quotations up to date as f o llows : Kentucky. -Light leaf. Ourre1t"y. Traaby and 6 @ 'it 4t@ 5I Sound lugs . S 9 f lit@ 6} Low leal, ......... ...... 10 @ 1 8 @ 9 Med iu m leaf, ............. 14 @ 16 l1 ('!Ill G ood to fine leaf, ..... 16 @22 12 @HS Choic e selec10ons, ....... 28 @28 1 6 @20 Do.-Heav y leaf. Trashy 1lll d frpsted lugs, T @ 9 SoWJd lugs .............. 10 @12 Low Lear, ................ 18 @15 Medium Le&f, ._ ... lG @19 Goo d to line Leaf,. 20 @215 C hoice eeiectlons,. . 2G SO OMo 6@ 61 1 @ g 10 @111 18 @15 1 6 @18 19 @22 I n feri o r to good commoi>, ......... .... 6 2 7 Dro wn a.nd spangled, ............. ........ -8 11 ()ood and fine red ,... ................. 1:tf liS Fine yeUow and fan cy, ................... -16 @ 20 Stems and scraps, ................ ..... Si @ 8 H aT'yland.BJa c k fro sted, ........... ........... 5i 6 c Comm on, ............................. .. 9 @ lOt M i ddling, ................ .... ....... 11 @ 12 Fine and good brow n ........... .l2i Hi Fancy, ............. ..................... -16 @ 20 C ontw Li gh t Virginia, N o ne. (Western,) Fine r ....... 1 SO @ 1 65 D o. Mediu m, .. l 00 @ 1 20 Do. Common, .... 70 ( M edium,.. 62 00 N egrohead Twist-West, nominal, .. 86 @-90 City made, do SO @-86 Jlanufa <:Mt,.ed.-IN Dmm. 10's and l2's-B est, .................... 3/S @-40 'M edium .... : ......... 28 @-'il2 Common, ...... ......... 211 @.-28 Hal! p ouncls-(Dark,) Bee t ........... 35 @.-40 Do. M edium, ........ 28 @-82 Do. Common, ... 22 @.-28 (Btlgbt,) Best1 ....... 4/S @-00 Do M ed illn, ... .... 40 @-4l> C o mm on .. : ... --@--: = Mediu m ....... 40 -45 Light Pressed (Western}-Flne, ....... 100 Jledlum, ..... -70 SO Com m on, .... GO @ -60 Oiga.w.-(Domesiic.) Seed aod Havana, perM. ............. !So 00 @ 7 /l 00 Olea.; Havana, do .... ... .... 00 @100 00 Do. C onoec t icui Seed,... .... ..... 00 00 @ 00 00 Do. do. Seconds, ............ 8 0 00@ 40 00 New-York Seed Conn. Wrappers, ..... 26 00@ 85 00 P enn. clo, d o do. .... 20 00 @ 25 00 O hi o do. d o do. ..... 2 0 00 215 00 C ommo n Cigars, ..................... 1 2 00 @ 20 00 S nu.ff. -1\Iac eoboy, .......... ....... ... 90 @ 1 00 Rappee, French ..... ... ...... ........ 90 @ 1 00 Do. llneplaln, .............. .... 9 5 Sco tch and Lundy foot, .......... 90 @ 1 90 RECEIPTS from interio r and c oa stwise for the week in N ew York, and for the eight days prece din g the 27th i n s t in Jersey City, 1742 hhds., 520 pkgs., which were consigned as follow s : R. L M a itland & Co., 165 ; Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 485; A. H Cordozo & Co., 18; Bacon, Clardy & Co:, 15S; C. E Hunt; 8; Snoddy & Howard 104 pkgs., 61 hhds.; L. Pierce, 8 1 pkgs. ; McReynold s & MeG., 41 hhds. ; Ob er, Nanson & Co., 22 ; H K o op, Dupre z & T., 9; C B Fallenstein, 27; J. M. Campbe ll & Co., 76; J. H .Bergman, 5; R : O Edwards, 10; M. Poppenbeimer, 4; Oelri chs & Co., 2 ; Murrell, C & Co., 60; Kremel ber g & Co., 2; .A. H. Van Pelt, 49 pkgs.; Barney, Gre e n & Co., 61 ; B Heyer, 9; M o rton, Slaught e r & C o ., 3 0 hhds. ; T. Hamberger & Co 1 pkg ; Hield & Miller, 57 ; G. S. Hart, 2'T pkgs. ; Barclay & Livingston, 'T hh44 1,974,878 1864 ........... 1 8,688 22 ,928 1,21 9,882 LouiSVJLLE, May 26.-The market has been active, with large sale s Lowe r grades have n o t been fully maintained, owing in part to thei r i nfe r i or cond i tion Good cutti n g and manufacturin g le a f are in d e mand at full prices S h o uld our manufactur ers go into full work, they would be compelled to buy in the New-York market, so light is the sup ply here. 'l'he sales of 250 hhds. daily, which are now taking place w ould by no means supply the m and especially as every tenth' h ogshead is unfit f o r manufacturing. We q uote: .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.':: ::: ::::::::: :::: t Heavy l ogo, . . . . 6 @ 9 :::::::: : 1 : ildectlou, aod heavy 1 ; 22 @80 Price Ourren.t gives the 1Qllowing sta tistics in r egard to the receipts of tobacco The toba cco year, o r seas on, c ommences on the 1 s t of N o vember and to form a cor rect idea. of t he state of the market we sub join the actual receipts at the warehouses f o r the first six months of the past and the pres ent year. It will be see n that the receipts this season, for six mon ths, u p to the 1st of M'ay, indicate a falling off of 11 ,287 hhds. as compared w ith the same per iod the previous year. This clearly shows the caus e or on e o f the causes, of the enhancement of prices. The receipts are as follows from the 1st o f Nov e mb e r, 186 3 to the 1st of May 186 4, and from t h e 1st of Novem ber, 1864, to the 1st ofMa.y, 1865: Warehous es. 1 863-4 Pickett ..... ........... ..... ..... .... 9260 Ninth -street,. . ...... ......... 0002 Boon e .................. .... ........ ... 4842 L ouisville . ...................... 6176 4888 217T 226T Total, ............ .............. 24,280 12,993 S T Louis, May 25.-The market duri n g the w eek has been active and firm, and prices of goo d leaf have an u p ward tendency, while lugs have b ee n quiet and without nny mate r ial change in pri c es. The r ece ipts are i m pro v ing in quantit y a s well a s qu ality We n o t e t he sale of a few' h hds. of bri ght manu fac tu rin g l eaf at $65 a $70 per 1 00 lbs. The market i s bare of this q uality o f lea f, and the demand so great that, if in goo d co n di tion i would1 command an adva n ce over our quota tions. We quote as clos in g rates : Comme n manufact uring, ......... ........ tlS @28)-Medi(Uu manufacturing, ...... ........... 23 -@SO Fine and choice,. . . 88 -@1/iOFactery l ug e,. ... . . . :; 215 @ 7 w Planters' lu!l)!,. . .. . 6 w @ 9 w Bee ond shipping leaf, . . li @13 Fair shippi n g l eaf, ...................... 1 8 -@ 1 8 Flral sb!J>ping leaf,. . . 18 -@22 CIGAR L E.A.F1 ACCORDING TO JODN G JIL\YER. Conn : eed wrapper e xtra s election, per lb.,.t-6.'l@-71> Conn seed wrappen, fine, ........ ... ... C onn. Red wrappen, oeconda ............ -2:i@-SO C onn. filler .................. .... 20@N Y. State seed WT&ppera, prime s e l ection -00@N Y State s eed wrappera, line, .. ... ........ --N Y State seed wrappers, oecond s ...... 80@-Havana 1ll l e r ............... ..... -1 2 5 Yara fi.Uer No.1 and 2 cut, ............. .... ---Cuba filler, .................... .... ..... : 1 .!.Receipts at St. Lo ui s from the interio r during the we e k ending Ma.y 20528 hhds since January 1, 4!)64 hhds.-Journal of C ommerce. May 27. There i s n o movement w orthY, of note in either l ea f or manufactured. Receipts for the wee k, 1 98 boxes and 5 hhds Exports 3 hhds. t o Afri c a and 1 3 boxes to the B ritis h p rovi nces. PoRTLAND, May 27. The marke t con tinues to rule excee d i n gly q ui et, and prices nomi n ally u nchanged from pre vio u s quota tion s 'fhe demand is very moderate, as the trade b u y only to sati sfy imm ediate wants. Imports, 3500 cigar!? from Cardenas ; ex ports, n o n e -Prne Current. PmLADELPHlA, Ma y 2'T. T h e r e i s nothing d oin g in l eaf, and quotations are merely nominal. The stock of manufactured is get ting l ow, and prices are fully maintained Exports and import s none. B ALTIHORE, May 27 continu e light, and the stoc k in market is compose d m os tl y o f i n ferior IIJld common qualities, par ticularly i n Maryla nd. Hold e r s however, .,


firm, and ue proportionally limited. In Ohio and Kentucky nothing is doing. In manufactured t'bere is a little more inquiry. faspected tflis week, 4'71 hbds. Maryland, 888 Ohio, and 58 Kentucky ; total, 915 hhds. Exported, 80 hhds. to Brazil. NBwOJtLuNs,Hay 19.-Thestock ofleafis reduced to about 350 hhds., which is too small to induce foreign buyers to enter the market, and consequently we have no sales to report. Arrived since the 11th inst., 1'77 hhds.; cleared since same date for New-York, 158 hhds. ; entire stock on hand and on shipboard on the 18th inst., 1086 hhds. SAN FRANCisco, May 2.-The market is void of animation, with no important sales from first hands. HAVANA, May 20.-'l'he market continues without animation. The drought still pre vails, and prevents the arrival of new Partido and Vuelta Abajo seco nds. .A. few insignificant lots of middling to superior have been sold at $22 a $34. Old, low-priced fillers .sell occasionally at $7 a $8, and the stocks :are. much reduced. In the Vuelta .A.bajo dis trict, prices have not yet opened, but they -are expected tOt be lower than last year. C igars are in somewhat better request, but business is far from being brisk. May 13.-Thcre has been but little activity in the market since our last report, and prices remain mostly unchanged. During the last; fortnight 18 hhds. Kentucky have s old at 25 a 50 centimes per half kil. Several quite large sales of Havana have been made at fair prices. Arrivals during the first four months of this year comprise 8'T7 .. hhds., 4 bales, from New-York; 2713 bales from Havana; 1258 do. from Manilla; 71 do. from C onstantinople ; 400 do. from Genoa; 197 do from Buenos Ayres; 147 do. from France; 101 do. from Hamburg; 68 hhds., 889 bales, from England-total, 945 hhds., 5240 bales, against 993 hhds., 2824 bales for the same time the previous year. Imports during the week ending this date comprise 477 bales from Havana; 9 hhds., 110 bbls., and 35 seroons from England,. and 13 bales from Holland. We quote: Oentimu. K&NTUCKY.-ls t quality, per k!L... . -@ 2d quaUty, per.){ kil........... 29 @ 86 Sd quaUty, per?{ kll............ 24 @ 28 olth qu&lity, per"' ldl............ 21 @ 28 'MELBOU.RNE March 25.-We have received, through Messrs. Connolly & Co., of this city, advices from the Australian market up to the above date. w e extract from the Melbourne Jou?'nal of Commerce as follows : Our stocks at the present time are nearl y 4,000,000 lbs. more than sufficient for four years' consumption ; and in the face of this, shippers continue to consign to this market. True, the shipments advised per last mail are somewhat less tlhan they have been for some length of time; but surel y the occasion war rants it, for suelh i s the sta te of our market at present, that .for really good tobacco only sheepwash prices can be got, and at a public sale held but a. few days since, for tobacco, for which, twelve months ago, 3s. 6d. was got, 7td. to 8 d. 'was the utmost bid. Owing to this sad depreciation in the value of this 'staple, several failures of considerab le mag nitude took pla. ce towards the close of the past year, and upwards of ,000 to ,.000 are said to have been lo s t in bad debts. Many of the mOJre wealthy holders, who were desirous to do the bes t they could with their ;stocks, held on, thinking that the market would revive ; but such does not appear at all likely, and they are now compelled to go with the stream and do as others do, namely, sell to the highest and best bidder; indeed, owing to the numerous failures alluded to, the num'ber of buyers is daily becoming more and more narrowed, and holders will not take risks now at these low prices that formerly they did when tobacc o s were leaving a hand some, or, at any rate, n fair profit. The mat ter, therefore, now rests with consignees both in England and America. If they abstain for a while from shipping, .there may be a chance of so m e s li ght improvement taking place; if not, they will have themsel ves only to thank for the v ery unremunerative account sales which wiU continue to be sent home for some time to come "During the month, several large parcels of t ens and half-pounds have changed hands on private terms, and some large auction sales have take n place, particulars of which we give below. Since the arrival of the mail, however, at two large trade sales h eld of Aro matics, Twist, and Cavendish, the bulk of the lots offered was withdra\'I"II, the biddings not being up to views of holders. For tbis style of goods, if of sound :So u thern or Western make, the bulk of de mand still exist s, and remunerative rates may 'be. stated to b e obtainable for really good par cel s while this cannot b e said of common and ill -conditioned descriptions, for which prices s till rule yery low, with no chance of improve m ent, eSJ!lec ially for common Northern made brands; for guaranteed sound parcel s of real Virginia extreme rates are asked, and we know of a privlllte sale of a parcel of such description by first hand at ls. 8d. At an auction sal e h ere of 450 packag es, ex 'Great .Britain,' which principally con sisted of. tens, the whole was s old, and realized from 9 t d to 1s. 3d. per lb., t :hose lots sold at the lowes t m entione d figul!"e, b e in g out of co ndition. 'There are but f e w very choice lots of tens in by Louisvill e Board of Trade, .......................... ..... t.126 To the owner of the second best do. Set of Plated Sll and then set fire to it. This should b e done when the ground is in good working order. After the bed is burnt, the ashes should lie on till the ground is cool ; the n the brands should be rake d off, and the ground dug up five or s i x inches deep ; this is best done with a grub-hoe; rake and pick all the roots out, making it l oo s e and mellow Level the sur face of tke bed, and it i s ready to be sown. ver Ware, by Same,............ .. .. .. .. ISO To the owner of tho third best do .. Set of Plated Sil 25 Mix the seeds with dry ashes, so as to sow them regularly. One tabJ e.s poonful of good seed will sow a bed twenty-five feet square, and will raise enough plants to set fiv e or six acres. After sowing uregularly a s the bed should be rolled or tramped with the feet until it i s solid and level ; then cover it up with brush till spring opens ; then the ver Ware, by Same, ......... : ........ : ........ Junal!S: Reuben Moss, Henderson County, K y.; Thomas T orian, Ohrlstla n CoiHlty, Ky.; A J. Fuqua, Christian County, K y ; D. B Hutchings, Lowsvillc, Ky. ; W. S. :Ras land, Bowling Green, Ky. ; B M Clay, H ende rson, Ky.; J L Lawson, Louisville Ky. ; A. Gilmore, Owe n sboro, Ky.; George Wrig h t, Smith's Gro'l'e, Ky. To the owner o f the b e st five hhds. of Leaf 'l 'obacco, Set of Silver Plated Ware nlued at .............. eloo To the owne r of the second beat do., Silver Plated Ware, .................... ..... .... ISO brus h should be r emoved to admit the rays To the owner of th e third best do., Silver Plated War e, .. .... ... ....................... of the sun, which will soon bring the plants; 2li k ee p the weeds and grass out of the bed till JuooEs: w B. Radford, Christian County Ky.; T H the plants are large enough to transpl:mt. Mustain, norse Cave, Ky.; R. D. Salmons, Fra.nklln, Ky.; t 1 h h A. J. Mussleman, John Ferguson, E R w Thomas, LowaThey are hand1est to ransp ant w en t eir ville, K y.; J. w. Wilaon, BallArd County, Ky. ; Moses Potlarges t l eaf is three or four inches long. ter, Warren County, Ky.; R. H. KeUy, Christian County, Soil and Planting.-Tobacco can b e raised Ky.; Ge.orae Priest, Hendel'l!on, Ky. on mo s t qualities of so il ; but the best is new To t h e owner o f the best three hhds. Lear, Set Silver h' k, h' k h Plated ware. given b y Mississippi and Ohio Trans first year's land; W tte oa lC ory, aze l, portatlon Company, .. ................ ........... $7 5 or pawpaw land is pre f erable After plow -To the owne r of th e second b e st do., S et Silver Plated ing, the ground should b e harrowed thoroughWare, .. .. .... .. .. .. 40 ly, making it as m ello w as possible. Checker To the owner of the third best do. Set Silver Plated Ware,........ .................................. 20 JuDGES: J R. B rown, Louisville Ky.; Ben. Bra n s ford, Owe n sboro, Ky. ; A J. Philpot, Davless County, Ky. ; W U :Bourn, O..e n County, Ky. ; ThODIJ'S H Moss, Greet> County, Ky.; Dr. Worthington; E D Cobb, Eddyvllle, K y ; D. R. lllUMieman, Louisville, Ky.; A. Burge. To the owner of th e handsomest hhd. Leaf Tobacco, PilOted Silver Goble t, ... .... : .. . .. .. $20 JunoBS; Jo. B. Read, B. F. Biggs, Capt. 8 E. Jonea, and J T. Saunders, the regular Inspectors. Messr s Glover & Co., of the Boone Ware house, Spratt & Co., of the Pickett Ware house, F S. J Ronald, of the Ninth-stree t Warehous e, and Phelps, Ca1dw ell & Co., of the Louis vill e Warehouse, will receive and store any tobacco intended for this Exhibi tion. The entry fe e on eac h hogsh ead is $3, whlc h can b e paid on the morning of the Ex hibition. The gentlemen who a r e name d a s judges will each receive a copy of this circular, and they are respectfully reques t e d to act without furthe r notice. There will be a sal e at each of the ware houses, on the 8th June, o f choice o l d t o -bacc o. L. I. BRADFORD, P r esi d ent. REGULATIONS. It i s indispensable that the following rules should be strictl y adhered to : it off with a s hovel-plou gh, so as to' form t h e hills about three feet apart: make up small fiat m ellow bills. This should be done by the time the plants are large enough to t rans plant. Transplanting is usually done with a p eg, sharp at one e nd, making a. hole s uffi ciently large to admit the plant ; press the earth c losely around the roots, in the s ame manne r that cabbage is transplante d. We generall y commence setting out tobac co about the first of June and continue till the twenty fifth ; if set out after this, it i s n o t apt to get ripe b e for e fr os t. C u lture -As soo n a s the tobacco i s set out, there is a great destroyer lays h old o f the p l ant, and often cuts t h e s t e m off, t h ereby ruining it. It i s a s pecies of blac k g r ound worm, u s u a ll y known as the c u t-worm. These mus t be looked after every morning, f o r they do their mischief in the night, consequently t h eir s i g n i s easier d etec t e d in t h e morning and they have n o t entere d de e p into tile g round W h e n the plant makes a start to g rqw it soo n gets out of the reach o f the cut worm ; then all the vacant bill s s h ould be replanted As soon as the weeds and grass start to g row, the hill s s h ould be scraped down with a hoe, not di sturbing the.roots of the plant. H(]ll"1)eaffing and Cur ing. When the tobac co i s ripe i t has a y e llow fad e d co l o r and be comes brittle; the surface of the leaf is rough and ridged. By bending the leaf short be tween the fingers, it will break b e fore it will double. The sticks to hang it on should b e in readi ness. The best mode of hanging o r stringing is with a V-shaped spear made of iron or steel. The spear has a socket, large to admit the end of the stick. The sticks should be sharpened at o n e end to fit the socket, should be four feet six inches in length, two inches wide, and one inch thick. A s tic k of these dimensions will hold eight plants The tobacco s h ould be cnt off just below the bottom leaf, then tum the plant upside down and let it remain so till the sun wilts it. (TO n CO!ftlNUBn.l TOBACCO IN EUROPE. ( Oontimud. ) FORC ED RESTRICTIONS. THE verse that has b ee n written in the pmise and dispraise of t obacco, would, of itself, fill a volume; but, among the quanti ty, no piec e has been more enduringly popular than the song of Tobacco is an Indian weed. It has undergone a variety of changes ( deteriorating rathe r than improving it), and through these it may be traced, from the r e i g n .of James I., down to the present day. The earliest copy I have seen (says Mr. Chappell, in his Popular Music of the O lden Time ) is i n a manuscript volume of pootry transcribe d during James's r e i gn, and which was mos t kindly lent to m e by Mr. Payne Collier. It there bears the initials of G[eorge] W[ither ] a very likely person to have written s u c h a so n g .A. courtie r poe t would not have sung the praises of smokin g so obnoxious to the King as to induce him t o write a Cou n t e rblaste to Tobacco-but Wither despis ed the servility which would have tended to his ad vancem ent at court. "He could n o t r efra in says Wood, "from s howin g himself a Pres byterian satirist." It was the publication of rus .Abuses Strip t and Wltipt whlc hcansed his committal to the Marshalsea priso n. The f o l lowing is Witner's s on g : Why should we so much dlsplse So good and wholesome nn exercise As, early and tate, t o m editate? Thus t hink and drink t obllcco, "Tile e arthen pipe, so lily white, Shows that thou art a morta l wight; Eve D auch -and gone with a small touch : Thus think, and drink tot>acco. "And when the smoke ascends on hlgb, Think on the worldly vaulty Of worldl y s tulf-'Us gone wilh a puff: Thus think, and drink tobacco. And when the plpe is foul within, Think how the soul's defiled with sinTo purre with lire it doth require: Tbus think, aud drink tobacco. La.aUy, the ashes left behind May d aily shew, t o m ove the !Jllud, T hat to ashes and duet return we must: Thus think, and drink tobacco." About 16'70, we find several copies of Wither' s song, but the first stanza changed in all, besides other minor variations. In M erry ])roll ery Complete ( 1670), it commences, "Tobacco, that is withered quite." On broadsides, bearing date the same year, a n d having the tune at the top, the first line is, "The Indian weed withered quite.' In 1669 it appeared in its present form, in the first volume of Pills to purge M e l ancholy, and so remained until1719, when D'Urfey became editor of that collection, and transferred it, with others, to the third. The f ollowing is the so n g printed on the broadsides, and in the P -ills: "Toba.cco's but an Indian w eed, Grows. green a t mom, cut dolVtl M eve; It ohows our decay, we a re but cl&y: Think of thls when you smoke tobacco. The pipe that Is 10 lily white, Wherein eo many take delight, Is broke with a toueh-man'elife i s eucll: Think of lbb whe n you smoke t obacco. "The pipe tha t Is so f o u l within, S hews holT man's soul Is stain e d with oln 1 fad then the fire It doth reqwre : Think ofthls wheuyousmoke The ashet that are lel't behind Do sene to put us aU In m ind That unto dust return we must: Think of this when you smoke tobacco. "The smoke, that doea so high ucend. Shews us man's life must have a.n end, The vapour' gnne-man's Ufe b done : Think ofthls wheo you smoke tobacco."* Bishop in his Micro-cosmograph y has this character of a tobacco-seller: He i s the only man that finds good in i t whic h others brag of, but do not ; for it is meat, drink, and clothes to him. No map opens his ware with greater seriousness, or challenges your judgment more in the appro batio n. His shop is the rendez vou s of spit ting, where men dialogue with their noses, and their communication is smoak. It is the only place where Spain is commended and preferred before England itself. He should be well experience d in the world, for he has daily trial of men's nostrils, and none is better acquainted with humours. He is the piercing commonly of some othe r trade, which is bawd to his tobacco, and that t o his wife, which is the flame that folloiVs thi s smoak. In another part of his work our author says of a tavern : It is the torrid zone that scorches the fa ce, and tobacco the gun-powder that blows it up. Scattered in the diaries of this era we o c ca sionally meet wi t h a few notices o f the prices of tobacco. Thus, in the MS. notes made by Sir Henry Oglander of in the Isle of Wight, in. the year 1626, he records among other expenses, for eight ounces of tobacco, five shillings:" he frequently puts down other sums for the sa.ine luxury, and in one of his letters to his son in London mentions his dis appointment at not getting tobacco with other things ordered to come from the capital. In the journal of the Rev. Gile s M oore, published by the Sussex Society (Vol 1. Transactions), he notes the payme n t in 1656 for two ounces of tobacco, one s hillin g The expense of the custom was one fertile source of objection to the "fragrant weed. We have heard the satirists declare it ruined the smaller gentry and grave elders occasionally "put ou t the pipes" of fast young heirs by testamentary legislation Thus the will of Peter Campbe ll, a Derbyshire gentleman in 1616, bequeathed all his household goods to his eldest son Roger; but if at any time h i s brothers or sister s fynd him t a k eing o f tobacco," he shall forfeit all, or their f ull vaiew. Now, as h e bad five brothers and three sisters, h e mus t have been well watche d : The rig idl y righteous were in thos e days as bitterly tyrannic:tl on tobacco as they still continue t o b e on any oth e r practice that does not a ccord with their particular idiosyn crasi es. They prophes i ed, as we have seen in the course of our researches, all sorts of evil and ruin to those who used tobacco. But there wa-s n o t wanting some few who saw the ruin of England in the habit. In the Parlia m ent of 162 0 the m ember for Pont efract, Sir Edwin Sandys, summed up the evi l thus: There was wont to come out of a great mass of money, to the value of 1 00,-000 per annum, for our cloths and other mer chandises ; and now we have fr o m thence for all our c loths and merchandises, nothing but tobacco : nay, that will not pay for all the to bacco w e have from thence but they have more from u s in money every year, ,000 ; so the r e g oes out of this kingdom as goo d as 1 20,000 for tobacco every year." Certainly the sapient James I. had done his best by pen and penalty to stop the pipes of his southern subjects. He left no small tyr anny untried by which he mi g h t hinder others of an e njoyment he co u l d not share. The petty meddlings of this wretched sovereig n with tbe m ino r liberties of the subjects h e unfortunately ruled, increased to a tyranny which, bequeathed a s an heirl oom t o his son, brought him to the scaffold. James was "little in everything. He could take no enlarg e d view of life, or that political economy which regulates and bal ances f o r the good of all, eve n the f o llies o r extravagances of t h e few. Hence h e d eprived the country of a. A ft e r the Pill, i t was printed with alteraUons, and the addition of a v e ry iaf erior second part, by the Rev. Erskiue, a minister of the Scotch Church, ln Ills G1>spot fl by Robert Bell. In the Rev. Ja.mes Plumplre Oqltcti o n o f S mo& ( S v o 1 805), Tobacco is an Incttan "'"" adapted to a more mod ern tune by Dr. Hag11e; and abou l 1830 the late Sam uel Wo s l e r e -sctth e w o rds to m.uslc of his own eomposltlon.-Cli a ppen. large revenue, crushed and repressed the fair trade, and indulged h imself in fines, and others in monopolies of the plant, making re strictions which Jed to evasion and dishonesty, and granting power of s elling only to tl:iose who could pay exorbitant fines. G1arrard, in the Stafford L etters, vol. l., notes in 1633 the life-leases for selling t obacco, as being tine and as much rent by the year. Some towns have yielded 20 marks, 0, and fine and rent, none goes under ; and three or four allowed in great market-towns and thoroughfares. I hear Plymouth hath yielded 00 and as much yearly rent." Under 1684 is noted, The tobacco licencers go on apace ; they yield a good fine, and a constant yearly rent." History proves that persecution never tri uniphs in its attempted oradicatione Tobac co was so generally liked that no legislative m easures could prevent its 'qse. Nor was it confined to "tho fast men" of 'the age. There are also some," says Dr. Venner of Bath, in his t;reatise concerning tlte taking the f umes of toba c c o ( 1 637), "who are grave and seemipgly wise a n d judicious, that take it moderately, and most commonly at fixed times; but with its proper adjunct, which (as they do suppose) is a cup o f sack, and this they think t o be no bad physick." The Qler gy o ccasionally indulged in "a quiet pipe. Archbishop in his ordinances for the regulati o n of h is schools at Chigwell i n Essex, ordains that the Latin schoolmaster be "of a sound religion, neither papist nor puri tan, of & grave behaviour, of a sobe r and conversation, no tippler nor haunter of alehouses," and, as a climax, "no puffer of tobacco !" Aubrey, writing in 1680, says: "Within these thirty five years it was co n sid ered se.andalous for a divine totake tobacc: o ;" but Lilly, tlte astrologer, in his M emoirs, un der the year 1633 tells a different tale. He says: i In this year also William Bredon, parson or vicar of Thornton in Buckinghamshire, was living, a profound d ivine but absolutely the most polite person for nativities in that age, strictly adhering to Ptolomy, which he well understood ; he had a hand in composing Sir Christopher Heydon's defence of judicial as trology, being that time his chaplain ; he was so given over t o tobacco and drink, that when he had no tobacco he would cut the bell-ropes and smoke them. Prefixed to Rand's edition of Skelton's Elinour Bumming, 1624, are some verses by a. rhymer of the day, curiously descriptive of the general habit of tobacc o smoking, supposed to b e uttered by who says of his own era: "Nor did that time know To puffe and to b low In ,. peece of white clay, .As you doe at this d ay, With tier and coale, And a leafe In a hoale ; As m y ghoot hat.h late seene, As I walked bet,;,eene Westminster HaU And the church nf St. Paul, And s o t.horow t.he clUe, Where I oaw aad did pUt:r :Uy countrymen' s cues, With flerysmoke faces, Sucking and drinking A Ji.Jthle weede stinking, Was ne're knowne before Till the devil and the More In th Indies did meete, And e ach olher there greete W it h a bealth they desire or stlnke, smoke, and tier. But who e'er d oth abhorre It, The city amoakes ror it; Now full or tier ahops And rowl e spitting chopo, So neeslng and e>ughlng, That my ghoot fell to ocolllng, And to m y.eU said, Here's 111\hie fumes made ; Good phislc k e o f force To cure a slcke horse." [TO till CONTI.!IUtm.l -----TOBACCO IN VIRGINIA.. FoR two hundred years and over, tobacco has been the staple crop o f the St3:te of Vir ginia. In t h e old co l onial times i t was actu ally the money of the country, and ever since, up to the breaking o u t of the late w-ar, it has been the chief souree of revenue t o the people both of the towns and country. The best lands of the State were d e voted to its growth, and much o f the capital wns cmpJ,oyed in its manufacture a n d transshipment tG other countries. Tobacco was to us what cotton has, within the last fift y years, been t o the people of the Gulf States. Our soil and climate are peculiarly adapted t o il$ growth, and the r e was yearly produced in the Stat e thousands of hogsheads superior to any that could be grown in any country in the known world. While, of late years, an article nearly rivalling our brig h t leaf has been produced in parts of Missouri and Ken tucky, no other country has approached u s in the article of English shlpping tobacco. We proouced other tobaccos in large quanti ties and of gooo quality. Richmond d erived its business and commerce, in a great meas ure, from tobacco. H e r wealthiest II!len made their fortunes out of it, and her larg:est and most elegant buildings were erected for its manufacture, w h ic h gave employment to a fourth of her population. But gentlemen whose opinions are e n tit';led t o respect, who have d e voted their lives to the weed, either as traders, manufacturers, o r producers, tell u s that the days of its im p ortance are numbered; that it will never again be p r oduced here in s uffic ient quanttity to be regarded as one o f the crop s of t h e State. They say the plantation systemwhich they hold is mor e necessary to the growth of tobacco than of cotton-has been broken u p by the abo lition of s l ave r y ; tlhat t h e skilled labor requisite fo r its production and packing is, or will be, se.attered and that the lands of the S tate will soo n com e to be d ivi d e d up into small f arms, which will, o f n ecessity, be devoted to the growth of cereals for the s ubsistence of those who live upon a n d work them. The future will show w he:th er these predictions are worth anything. We feel satis fied that, if 1obacco i s doomed by the fa.ll of s lavery, what Virginia. loses b:y I \


THE TOBA'OOO LEAl:t1 .(liscontinuing its growth she will be c ompen sated for by other products and manufac tures. We are more immediately interested in knowing what is the quantity of tobacco now in the State, and its value. The latter point may be quickly disposed of. There is no tobacco market; it i s not only unfixed, but it does not exist. Soon after the eva cuation of this city there were some transac tions in manufactured tobacco, but both buy-ers and seilers operated in the dark, without guide or gauge. Latterly, ther e has been nothing done either in leaf or manu.lactured ; r buyers do not know what to offer or holders what to take. Somewhere about the first of August next, when the lines of communication sba.ll have been repaired, the State gov ernment gotten into operation, warehouses established, and inspectors appointed, the to bacco business will probably be resumed to the extent that ther e exists material in the c ountry. We may mention in this c onnec tton that the military authorities have turned -over to the inspectors Seabrook' s warehouse, which is fthe property of the city of Rich mond.-R1 ichmond Republ ic HEALD & MILLER, TOBACCO NO. l'i6 WATER-STREET, 40-22 NEW-YORK. C. & M. BONDY, WHOLESALE DEALERS I N Leaf Tobacco, Pipes, AlfD A1LL OTHER SJIIOKERS ARTICLES. MANUFACfURERS OF DOMESTIC AND HAVANA SEGARS, 35:8 Bowery, near 4th-st 11M2 NEW-YORK. BOSTON ADVERTISEMENTS. FISHER & CO., Commission Merchants, HARTFORD ADVERTISEMENTS J.D. BURNHAM &CO., M AKU F A CTURER S A KD J OBBER S IN Tobacco, Snuff and Cigars, -ALsoIn Soore and for Sale on lavorable Terms, 1500 CASES CONN. SEEDLEAF, ( N E W CROP, ) 77 and 79 Asylum-street, 12-64 HARTFORD, CONN. & LEHNEMAN, 7-19 D EA.LERB U f A }'fD MA...NUFACTUURS 011" SEGARS. 214 State -street, HARTFORD, CONN D. W. KING, AG-ENT, [Esta.blished in 1837.] CHAS. D. DE FORD & CO., 37' SOUTH GA.Y-ST., BALTIMORE, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, For the Sa.le of Manufactured &IId Lea.f Tobacc o, C igars, etc. 11-28 L. W. GUNTHER, Seedleaf' Tobacco Commission Merchant, 184 STATESTREET, AND 12-M TOBA.CCO FACTOR, Hartford, Conn. N o 9 0 et, H &. Z. K. PEASE, DEAL ERS I N CONNECTICUT and State-street, HARTFORD, CONN. BROWN & ZWEYG!RTT, DEA LERS IN ( One door wes t of Exchang e-pl ace, ) BALTDIIORE MD. Liberal af B. FISBJ," without p r e BR .t SoN, New-York; WILI>Kll .t: &IOKXIS, NewYork; JoD SULLIT A & S01rs, Baltimore, 1111. ; W. T.uwa .a; C o Pbiladelpbi&, P a ; J B. ALnumxa &: Co. Bankers, New-York; w B. n ..... ,LTON, President Peoples' BanJc. Loulsvllle Ky.; W C. ffiTB Casbler Commercial Bank L oulsvllle Ky.; J. G B.utRKTr Cashier C i tizens Bt.Dk1 Louisv ill e Ky.; Messrs SPUTT & Co. Pic k ell Bouse. L ouisville Ky. ; F. 8 J. RONALD, Ninthstreet House, Loulsnue, Ky. 7 10 CHAS. T. CHICKHAUS,, loL I. D OHAN, IMI'O I.TBR AND DIIALKB I N 1 -19 PHILADELPHIA BUDKNOR, M 'DAMMON & CO., cJtgl tS, VIRGINU SIIIOKmG TOBACCO ETC., WHOLESll.E AND RKTAlL1 Gommission M h No 1 7 6 B r o adway, ere ants, (Howard Hotel.) NEW-YORK. IN All DESCRIPTIONS OF TOBACCO. 37 N. Water-st. & 33 N Del aware-av e., A. J. BUCKNOR D. C. M'CAMMON A. J. BUCKNO R JR., W.

I ,THE TOBACCO LEA.F. J'. G. !lfOSES. J. M. MAYORGA, BARNEY, GREEN & CO. D.HIR8CH. MANUFACTURERS OF THE SCHRODER & BON, LEAF TOBACCO LEDERMAN BROTHERS, KAUFliA.NN BROS. & BONDY, llll'ORTER OF CELEER.ATED Wholesale Dealers IMPoRTERs oF MOSES & Havana Leaf Tobacco, 14 CEDAR-STREET, ll..:17 NEW-YORK. JOHN L. DEEN, IHl'ORTER AND DEALER iN 1 .83 PEARL-STREET, 'FOREICN AND AND S:EG-.A.Fl.S, 258 Pearl Street near 'FnltoD., F. !A. SCHRODER, } '0 I. BoN 4-lG '-" v w-. I SAMUEL H. ISAACS, DJ:ALJ:R IN B J:BT LEAP TOBACCO:. AlfD ALL ltUIDS OJI ( COR. OIIDAR-BTREET,) IN .ALL J:IMDS OJ' AND llANUFJ.CTUB.BBS OJ' Havana and Domestic Cigars. t40i BOWERY BET. BBOOliiE & GRAND, 6-10 NEWYORK. R. S. LATORRE, FINE MEERSCHAUM AND. Mee.-sclumm TtWCII, China, La11a, and Woo!Un. Pipes, Segtu" Cases, Toba-BOQtet/, R"bl>er and Leatlwn-Pouches, Match SafC81 d:c., .&:c. .l )fD DB.lL.BRS Ill .AlfD ALL O'IBER LEAF TOBACCO, 78 Walw Streff, 14-2 & 13-25 S 1: G.&l\ S.. 1 N" o .229 Pearl Street, .DWTOU. OF LEAF :I SMOKERS' I P. LORILLARD, I FRANK, BINCE co., SNUFF AND TOBACCO J! Segars, Ito., 187 Pearl St., cor 51 Maiden Lane, UP STAIRS, NEWYOBK. ,S._.BERNSTEIN, Havana and Domestic SEGARS, MANUFACTURER. $:mGARs. NEWYORK. I. HAMBURGER & CO., .. No. 102 Pearl-stree-t, (Near Hanover-sqnare,) t-tl N.Y. UNITED STATES SALE STORES, 16, 18, and 20 ChamJ>ers Street s ... 11s NEW-YORK. E. M. CRAWFORD & CO Il'IIPORTERS AND DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF 1 ALso oF EVERY VARim o F tBEWill' & SlfeiiiG TOBACCOS. Put up in styles to suit the trade. Oftlee SalesrooDl : 49 Main-Street, Cincinnati 130 Reade Street, N .Y. Principal Depo&s z AND DEADERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, No. 120 Liberty Street 14-26 NEW-YORK. MAYER & CO. DEALERS IN IJ.EaF TOBACCO, SIMON LEDERER, WHOLESALE DEALER IN ALL KINDS OF Lea:( Tobacco, NO. 108 BOWERY, (Bet. Grand and Hesterstreets, in the ba.sement,) IMPORTERS. OF Meerschaum, Bruyere, and Clay PIPES, AND .ALL KINUS GF INTERNAL .REVENUE. LEAF TOBACOO:. The undersigned, ha.vlng a practical knowledge and con l!iderable experience in the No. 8 North Third-St. Philadelphia Nos 49, 51, and 53 Blackstone' AND YAlfUFACi'URERS OF NEWYORK. 55 mniben Cane, .. SEG-..A.Fl.S, INTERNAL REVENUE BUSINESS, Has ,associated hlmselr with an emlnent member of the :Bar (late an Officer in this department atWasllington), a.nOrted in the leaf, and manufactured a.fter : the Turkis h custom. Also, general depot of SheridaJ!. & Tilyou' s celebrated &EtG-.A:R.s. Meerschaum& Briarwood' LEWIS SYLVESTER '-7!1 131 llaiden-lane. GEORGE. WICKE, No. Water Street SE.GAR BOXES, 14-26 NEWYORK. AND ARCBIIB'S GOLDEN BmD' S EYE. Cut Perique Louisiana Smoking Tobaccq. )[J.NUI'ACTORY AND !!ALES ROOlf, N" o 73 F-u.lto:n. Street, Wilson's Buildin g, (2-14) NEWYORK. 56 Cedar Street, NEW-YORK. A large assortment of fine !:fegars a.lwaya on 14-26 hand, WM. DEMUTH & CO., Il[l'0RTEBS AND lfANUFACTURERS. PIPES. 57 M..U:DEli LANE, I NEWYORK. 6-18>. (Superior Make & Prime Quality,) No. 26 Willettstreet, S. ANSHEL & CO. B.l V.lR.l .l:ND DOBISTlC SECARS, Aub, Seligsberg & Co., L. KELLNER, 91 Wiiliam Street MANUFACTURER AND DEALER t. l CITY OF NEW-YORK I m D h t r r t t t Seed-Leaf Tobacco lnspectilon .. 11-23 NEW-YORK. J. L. GASSERT & BROTHER, DEALERS IN Leaf Tobacco, NO. 157 BOWERY, 9-21 NEW-YORK. J. BACHARACB, L. HEmBUlliRGER VIRGINIA TOBACCO WORKS 48 Beaver Street, IN I } (2-14) NEW-YORK. Domestic, 1 4-26 DOMESTIC SEGARS. Havana and German in Bond for Ezport, LINDHEIM BROS. & CO., WHOLESALE DEALERS IN Manufactured Tobacco AND CIGARS, 26 Cortlandt-street, {Nea.r Broa.dway,) J. & D. SCHWARZ, DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF SEG-..A.Fl.S, \ LEAF 212 Pearl Stree t, near J[aiden Lane, 14-26 NEWYORK. JOHN McCAFFIL & CO., DI!ALER8 I!f 197 Second Street, Between Ave11t1ee A 11.ndB, NEW-Y 0 RK, i A la.rge a.seortment of secondhand SegarBoxes in every lirand. Ribbons in every color constantly on hand. 3-15 Meerschaum and Briar ,SMOKING TOBACCOS, SHOW FIGURES, Etc., 28 and 30 Liberty Street, 4-16 LOBE & POGGENBURG, OF PRINCE BACHRACH & CO. A LINDHEIM. 1\L FALK. SEGARS, SNUFFS, SALOMON & ELKINS, Illl'OR:ERS OB LEAF TOBACCO. IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC Meerschaum and Briar Pipes, AND .ALL XJNDS OJ' M, LIND HElM. >IA.NUFACftJI\EB8 Or AND DBALI!RS IN IF Depot of H. Wilkens & Co.'s Tobacco Works, Baltimore, Md. 9-111 Also Importers and DeaJere in AND ALL soaTS o Plug, Twist, and Fancy Tobacco. AN D ALSO FOR TBB 8AI.B OJ' Leaf and llanufactured Toacco, No. 349 Pearl Street. 3-15 E. ROSENWALD & BROTHER, DIPOIU'J:RS AND MANUFACTURERS OF WM. H. GOODWIN & CO., liANUF.ACfUBEBS 01' F lNJ:CUT Tobacco, Snuff & Cigars, A11D DRAL&RS lN ALL 'KJNDS OJ' French, ;English, German. Bruyere, Rosewood, and India-Rubber Pipes, No.' 191 Gree:rrwich Street, (Between Fulton and Dey,) -AND ALL OF' B A 11 '! e B A '([l '([l-e 6 J OBN MoC.lFFIL, t J.ums McOu:ru. l 3-115 N 0W"' York. 130,132 & 134 Maiden Lane, cor. Water-st. At'ter l11t ot'l'llay, 143 Wate:r-11t. WM. HIRSCHHORN & CO. NEW YOKK.. 6-18 Domestic and Imported LICHTENSTEIN BRO'S. OX....&. 'Y' E"':EE"':EI&. liii:RMCHAUM A!ID AMilia 81:CAa TUalt. Segar Cuee, Tobacco Boxes, llatch 8afel, Tobacco Pouchee, Pipe Stems, AND A COMPLETE STOCK OF TOBACCONISTS' ARTICLES, 45 L iberty Street, (up stairs, ) All Kinds Havana and Domestic SEGARS; fttt f ttnb Jlug WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN W l f a-111 NEW-YORK. No.128PearlStreet, .LEAF TOBACCO, J. .AND DEALERS IN '20'7 & 209 WATERST., 7-19 LEAF TOBACCO, 145 Water-street, )!EAR HANOVER STRl!ET, SEGARS, ETC., ETC. DEALER IN IMPORTED HAVANA SEGARS, 1 (Near Malden-la.n e,) NEW-YORK. BERG & St.Petersburg Segar Store, 429 BROADWAY, n _1 4 !<:' WNJ "WJ!Ql 11?'0 .All kinds of Plug, Fine-cut, Smoking a.nd Chewing ..-!.5o '\1".1 11 Lro. Toba.cco. Also, a large assortment or Leaf Tobacco coneta.ntJyonhAnd. Meerschaum and Briar Pipes, 195 B. HESS, 195 SOLOMON SPEAR & CO., D.IU.LE.B. IK Connecticut Seed Leaf Tobacco Havana Manufacturers and Importers of Segars, Pa -tent Cigarettes, Amber and Meerschaum Pipes in Great (Successors to G. ScHOTT & SoN.,) TOBACCONISTS, 34 & N.Y., No. 175 Washington Street, A liD Betwee n Cortlandt and Dey Sts. Domestic S egars, wuoLESAL E AND RETAIL. 4-16 NEWYORK. 195 Pearlst., (upstairs,) near Maidenlane, Factory, 9 Walkerstreet, N.Y. 12 SOLE MANUFACTURERS OF THE 9 21 NEW-YORX. Gold Medal and Knid[erboeker Chewing Tobaero. H. PINNER, A. J. ORA WFORD & CO., ltlUIUFACTURBRS .lND WBOLESALB DIIALJIR8 Ill SEITZ & CO., LEAF RRTOBNACCO Segars; Plug,&Smoking LEAF. TALEOBACCO SEriiRS TOBACCO. 91 William str'eet, NO. 194 WATER. STREET, ll <8 Ala m NEW-YORK. Near F u 1 ton, 382 Pearl St., and 258 East-Houston St., ROBERT BURN'S, PUFF. AND OTHER BRANDS 01' SEGARS. Regalia. Breta.nica, lmperiales, Regalia de Lomdres, Regalia. Reyna, 14-26 Londres de Oorte, Operas, etc., etc. For saJe by the sol e Manufacturer, JOHN STRAITON, 5:1. Bea'tJe-r Street. 6-18 NEWYORK.. 4-lS NEW-YORK. :. REISMANN & .KAPPES, N. LACHENBRUCH & BRO., DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF Dealers & Commission LEAF. TOBACCO AND MERCHANTS SBCABI, IN .lLL XDIDS 011' No. 165 Water Street, m.obattD and .a-1 5 5-11 lTD Pea:rl-st.1 bet. Pine u fleda:r-sts., NEW-YORK. SIMON SALOMON, BALTIMORE TOBACCO WORKS. IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC F. w. BEQK & CO., SEGABS9 SAWYER, w ALLAOE & co., SUCCESSORS TO AlfD ALL Kll'IDS O F No. 79 GRAVD!RSTllEET, NEW ORLEANs, LA. 5-17 JOS. MAYER &. SONS, DEALERS in all Kinds of LEAF TOBACCO AND SEGARS. 122 Water-Street, 6-1 8 LEVY & SELIGSBERG, DRALB88 IN Connecticut Seed-leaf, AND IMPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO. 246 Pearl Street, NEW YORK. JOS. SCHEIDER, ltiANUFACTURER 01' ALL KINDS OF TOBACCO. 6-1 8 FA()TOKY: eommi liG!D Ile h tB BECK & BACHMANN, (late o f Baltimore,) LEAF .TOBAC-CO, 100 & 102 Walker-street. AND N"o 73 ""'ii"V all Street, 14-26 NEW-YORK. OSCAR H. LEAR, 1MPOR T.KR AND DBA.LER 1N Meerschaum, Bria.r, Wood, (vario us kinds,) India Rubber, China, and ava Pipes. English, Scotch, French, and German Segar Tobes, Tobacco Pouches, Ditto and Boxes, PIPE STEMS, large variety of fancy articles a.ppertain ing to the tobacco trade. SOLE DEPOT FOR SHAKER PIPES AND KOSSUTH BOWLS. No. 90 'W'ater Street, 2-14 NEWYORK. 48 NASSAU STREET. LEoN SACHSE. MAX AmlENB, SACHSE & AHRENS, DEALER S m HAVANA AND DOMESTiC re &D TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS, 192 Pear l Street, DEPOT: ,No. 47 Broad Stree:t, 14-26 Y '11' 205 Canal-str eet. GAB. S No. 44 Vesey Street, -&llu., After lat, 246 & 248 Canal-stre et, S E 2__ 1 _4 ______________ N E W ___ Y __ O R K 3 -15 NEWYORK. ALEXANDER BROTHERS, NEW-YORK 5 _17 Impo1'ters of' the best quality of' E. W.. WILLIAMS, ADAMS & OSBORNE, Manufacturers of and Deal ers lJI p, WEILBACHER, JIEJ,lll11" Elt!HK:EI, LEAF &EGOS IliPOnTER o F IN BALES, No. 43 Broad street, No. 109 south street. Havana & Principe MeXican We&t-India Central American TOBACCO (Bet.PeckSiipa.ndBeekma.nBtreet,) S E GARS l l l NEWYORK. AND O THER MARKE TS ......... .......... Segars, liq uori ce, Tonqua Bean s, Etc., NEW-YORK. AND.HAVANA LEAF TOBA.()()O, Also, repacked in hhds. at short noti ce,l b y REFRRB!I'CES. No. 91 'W'ater Street, All kinds of Plug, FineCut, Smoking and Chew-195 Pearl-street, New York. C U T H R I E & C 0 M essrs, WATTS CRANE & CO. .,_ 226 Front Street, N. Y NORTON SLAUGHTER k 00 W. G .ADAu s ing Tobacco Pipes, SegarCaees, ....,e...,, a'T" Agent tor the sale of 'VIrginia Leaf and Manu f ac-" J ltl CAMPBELL k S ONR w. B OSBORlla. ( 315) NEW-Y -e.RB',, 14-26 lllatches, etc., etc. tured Tobacco9 1 2-24 14-26 E s T A B L I s H E D 1 8 3 6. 4-16 MEERSCHAUM PIPES. W .&.REHOUSES, Nos. 371 39, 74, 761 and 78 Greenwich Street,!ancJ 92 Barclay Street. Tobacco Inspected or Sampled. given f or every case, and delivercdl case by case, as to number of certifica te. Storage and labor the lowest rates. N. B.-I also sampl e in M e r chfmt 's own st ore$. F. C. LINDE, Seed-Leaf' Tobacco Inspecto::c AND WAREHOUSEMAN. 14-26 Offtce, 76 Greenwich Street THE SECAR MACHINE. recently patented in the United States and Europe ,.. ana but little time in use, has given ENTIRE: SATISFACTION to all who have given it a t rial .. Its construction is simple, and yet so that it is impossible for it to get out of order; and inr practice it is prov e d that TWO THIRDS TIME AND LABOR expended on handmade segars IS SAVED by Its use. Segars made by this machine can not be distinguished from th,osemad e by hand. They are EVEN and SMOOTH,. SMOKE FREE, and can be mad e of any shape and\ size. Narrow and tender wrappers can be worked' to advantage and SCRAPS that could not be used. by hand labor can be worked into the fillin g It is economical, and can be worked by a child, who, after but little prBCtice, can make from 160()! to 2000 segai'S per day. The necessity for such a machine at the present day, when tbe taxea are l&rge and the cost of labor and material so advanced, is appar ent ; and it is very much neede d to enable segar manufacturers to reduce the cost of their goods. Ji'or further particulars,. send for a circular, which will be sent free, to W. H. HARDINC, BOLE AGENT, 184 Water Street, :New-York. County State, and township ri ghts for sale. Agents wanted, to whom favorable terms will b& offered. 14-2 6 L. PLANER'S. PATENT HAND TOBACCO CUTI'ING Any kind of tobacco, from the 1lnest to the coa.l'l!eet ma y be cut with this machine In a.ny place, wh ether store or chamber. .TWENTY DIFFERUT XI:NDS, AliD From 100 to 200 Pound s ma.y be cut by this machin e in a day, and without uy extra exertion. Prlee A No. 1 Machine, with a Press,. holding fiv e pounds, 1100 A No. 2, with a Press, holdin g ten pounds, $150 For sale at PLANER & KAYSER'S Sewing Machine Depot, 84 Bowwy,:.N". r


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