The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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\ 11. FRIEDMAN & CO., DEALERS IN .Leaf Tobacco, CIG.IIRS, PIPES, ett:., No. 85 N. Second St., bet. Olive & Locust, ST. LOUIS, 1110, C & R. DORMITZER & CO., Leaf Tobacco& Cigars, Smoking & Chewln" Tobacco, and All Kinds of' Smokers' Articles, 120 North Second St., near Vine St., ST. LOUIS, lriO. J J:, LIGGETT. DBNRY DJ..USlU .. lf. LIGGETT & DAUSMAN, lU..NUFAf T o bacco promptly aftencled to. lOUISVIllE ADVERTISEMENTS. -EDMilJNDS & BROWDER, FALL S CITY Tobacco Factory, Nos. 1'!8 It 130, T!Jinl.-st., Loulsvllle, Ky, :o:OUR BRANDS. 881CH't 'I'OIIACC08. llt.AOK TOB.\0008. :Sunny South, lbs and Ji lbL I Edmunds & llrowder'ocho!ce u twist 22'a. Nayy, lbs. u u 22's. Montauk N&vy, lbs. iPeople's Choice, lbs. "' 'l }t lb a. ()ld Bnek, 14's and "'Jbs. Old Buck, li's and 12's .Annm Belle, l41s and X lb s. Prairie Farm110's and }:(lbs. -Golde n Nectar, 41s Green River Bridge, M lba. \Blrd's Eye, "'.:11. Halt Dime, 1Pocket Piece, 2G'a. 16-41 W. WATKINS, BOX P. 0. 066 LOUISVILLJ:, KENTL"OKY, Special allent!on paid to filliDg orders for TOBACCO, lLBAF or MA.IIUFACTUBBD. BEPEJIBNCHS. Measn. R. ATKINSON .tCo., New -Yorkj WA'I"''! CRUJ: & New-York; NoBTON,SLAUGJI'DB & Co., New-York: M. fu.un& Sow, New-York; WILDE& A; Mours, New-York; --J'Oim SULLil'.l.W 80NB, BalUm.ore, Md.; WK. TAYLOR & (lG., Philadelphia, P a. ; J B. ALn: umER & Co., Banken, !iew-York; W. B. H..._lliLTOlf1 President Peoples' Bank, I.oulll'llle Ky.; W. 0. !IJTB, Cashier Oommeroial Bank, Louisville: Ky.; J. G. BARB&T'I', Cuhler Citizens' Ba.nk, LouJsvUJe, Ky.; Messrs. 8PJU.TT A Co. Pickett HoWle, Loulsvtlle, Ky. ; F. S. J. Ro!l.t.LD, Ninth-street House, lLou!ovllle, Ky1 119 iPA.LDDfG, JR., R. B. SP .LDBG. W. D. &PALDDrG D. SPALDING & SONS, DEALERS IN Leaf & Manufactured TOBACCO, Nos. 209 and 211 Chapel-street, LOUISVILLE, KY. 1 6-63 W!l, E. GLOVER. JNO. L. BIK:IS. -CLOVER&. CO., BOONE 'TOBACCO W AB.EHOtrSE, :U-41 .Mdi.IrS'.l'B.EE'.I', Beween NID&h and. Ten&b, LOUISVILLE, KY. J. G. SPALDING & BRO., THE TOBACCO LEA:b' x. nLU. :=!FARNHAM & BARNES,_ FRANCKE & ELLER, 11111 n&.mu!ml Fine.Conn.ISeedLeaf l;ommission merell: ants, .... OBACCO 424 Mainst., bet. Bnllltt & Plf'th, .& LOUISVILLE, KY. No. 238 State-street, Partieular attention pai d to the purc:haae of Leaf and Tobacco. All kinds of Seed-leaf and Spanish Tobaccos constantly on hand. 11-42 W. R. BEATTY, CO.JJEJPIISSION Tobacco Broker, MAIN, NINTH AND TENTH STS. (OPPOSitE DOONE TODACOO W ABCBOUSE,) LouiiWille, Ky. Particular attention given t o t he Purchase and S!lle of Lear Tobacco. 172 9 BOSTON ADVERTISEMENTS. FISHER & CO., 17 HA.BTPORD, CONN. J.D.BURNHAM&CO., AND JOBBERS lN ToQacco, Snuff and Cigars, -ALSOIn and Sal e on Favorable Terms, 1500 CASES CONN. SEEOLEAF, (NEW CROP,) 77 and 79 Asylum-street, 1 2 -64 HARTFORD, OONN. BROWN & ZWEYGARTT, DEALERS [Establil!hed in 1837.] CHAS. D. DE FORD & CO., 37 SOUTH GA.YST., BALTIMORE, JOHN WHOLESALE TOBACCO No 13 North Sixth-street, (Corner of Commerce-at,) GEORGE BOLDDr. MICBAEL.WARTJIAJl. BOLDIN & WARTMAN, Tobacco & General Commission MERCHANTSt 105H. Water-st. & 106 H. Delaware-uc., 11-63 PH.ILADELPHIA. '1-19 PHILADELPHIA. HAGEN, BOYD & CO., MA.NUJ'A.CTURERS Ol!"' AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN LBaf and MannfactnrBd Tobaccos, NO. 61 NORTH THIRD-ST.,, 11-23 PHILADELPHIA. WlLLUJI[ C. PEASE. A. K. STOLTZ, ---------------------II.Etlt'DOWELL, ;r, Jl, DUNCA.W. M'DOWELL &: DUNCAN, TOBACCO Ali!D General Commissi_on Merchants, llo. 39 North Water-street, PHILADELPHIA. uafaAil Tobacco conlltI.I.LBR IN J..Lc IlNDS o r lUNUFACTURED AND LEAF TOBACCO 8 North Third-st:Feet, PHILA.DELPQIA.. Aget. for the enle of Barney, Green k Co.'s cele brate d Queen C ity Tobacc o s, D elle of the West, Burnle, Cincinnati, etc. 8-20 1-19 No. 339 N. Third-st., PHILADELPHIA. JACOB MARINER PETER BARTHOLOMEW, MA!"UP.I.(;'l'URER OF :Mannfactnrer and Dealer in Cigars, etc., Domestic & Havana MILFORD-sQUARE,. SBGABS, AND wHOLESALE DEALER IN ALL K.tNDS OF TOB Oz No. 138 North Thlrdstreet, PHILADELPHIA. c;r A large stock of Regalia, Brltannica, and various kinds constantly on band. Particular attention to all orders LEWIS BREMER & SONS, WHOLE.SALE D:RALEBS IN Jeaf ltanufadu.nh [:.obau.o, SEGARS, SNUFF, &c., No. 322 N. Third-street, Bucks County, Pa_ d'" Constantly on hand ail kinds of Cigars and for sale at the lowest cash prices. 12 CHAS. T. CHICKHAUS, BlPORTRR. AND D I !!:ALEH IX VIRGINIA SIIOXING TOBACCO, ETC., WHOLESALE AND ltETA.IL, TOBACCO, No 233 StLte-atreet, IIA.BTPOBD, CONN. G. Gn:u. Between Wood and Callowhill, En. NIEMANN, LEWIS BJ!EMER. No. 176 Broadway, (Howard Hotel.) NEW-YORK. No, 6 Conrt-11qnare, Bollton. 12-24 JF' Manufacturen ofthe brands American Zouaves and u La Promenade n 18 BAlTIMORE ADVERTISEMENTS. H. CARRUTH & CO., lfaORTKBS J.]ID WHOLESALE DEALEAS Il( G. H. ALL DESCRIPTIONS OF WHOLESALE DEJ.LE.R IN LEAF TOBAQCO, CIGARS, PIPES, ETC., MannfactnrBd Tobacco and Seurs, No. 46 Hanover-street 18 SIGN or JlOSTON. .I.IIOTB NO. 202 W. PRATTST., II I!'I'DLU' QUEili, .AKKRJOJ.N BOIJ"SE. 11-2 3 Baltimore. PROVIDENCE ADVERTISEMENTS. HU.IT & BROTHER, B. F. PARLETT &CO., WHOLE'!!IALB DEllE.RS IN IOJWrJ.OTUBBllS or MANUFACTURED & Leaf and Smoking Tobaccos, A.lii'D DBALBRS IN ALL KINDS OJ! Leaf and. Diannlllc&nred Tobaceo, Pipes. and. Snaok.en' A.rtlcles generally. 259 Westminster-street, SEGARS, PIPES, ETC., -AL8oComml .. lon Merchants for Sale of Same, 92 LO:MBARD & 5 W ATER.ST., Josu .. a D BusT, JORTER A.."'iD IANUFACTURER OF Domestic and Havana Cigars, AND DEALER IN Leaf lt:c., leo. 230 ABCU::STHEET, 7-19 THOMAS HARE, WHOLESALE DEALER IN ALL lU.NDS 01' FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC Leaf and Manufactured TOBACCO, SNUFF, SEGARS, ETO., Nos. 494 and 503 N. Second-st., 153 and 155 Noble-st., PHILADELPHIA. Agent f o r G.l.tL i Ax's Tobacco and SculL 11 J. RINALDO SANK & GO., Commission Merchants IK CARMAN & BURR, SUCCESSORS TO ALEXANDER HARTHILL, BR O KERS IN Manufactured Tobacco, 118 WATER-STREET, :r_ 9-21 NEW-YORK. H. PINNER, BROKER IN LEAF TOBACCO AND SECARS, 91 William, S -15 NEW-YORK." M. RADER & SON, TOBACCO .. 160 Pearl Street, (SECOND 80911. US'f OP WALL STBEE1' 1 ) L. W. GUNTHER, CENERAL Commission Merchant, Son, Clab&ogb & Harris. 11 PHILADELPHIA ADVERTISEMENTS. LEAF l IIIAftUFACTURED TOBACCO. No. 31 N. Water-st., and No 30 N. Delaware-ave. 2-14 NEW-YORK. J. S. GANS, lobatto !toktr, NO. 109 MARKET-ST., CHEWDrO AND BJlOXING TOBACCO. -.A.LS()-Between Plrat and llrook Street, LOUISVILLE KY. PROMPTLY FILLJ:D. 16-4 1 MAYER BROTHERS, JIAKUJ.I'AC'l'URERS OF DOifUTIC .AlfD IIIPORTD.SOF B.A. VAN.&. sBG.&RS, All Kinds of Smokers' Articles, 204. FIFTB-B'r., NEAR JlAIN-ST., 1 7-29 Louisville. Ky. J. S. WILLETT, Tobacco Manufacturer, Nos. li1' a. lie Third-st., kt. Ialll &-. Blver1 LOUISVILLE, KY. -:o:BRANDS: Wlllett's Nawy, lbo. and i\bo.l Gage' Navy, Ibs. and + lbs. "Willett's Lomg lOs. ru'Dl! 121. Wlllett'o D .... rt *-ru'Dl! llo. Willett 'silo. II'IIDJling lOa. Wlllett'a6oz. 2.40 BrlghUbo. running Us. Wlllett'sDeoaett,6oo.B'tlbs. lSUC B. CJ.LDW.:U., JAS. B TUUUT. Dea.ler In all kinde or Leaf Tobacco, Meerschaum, Rubber, and German Pipes, and only Manufacturers of Genuine Black Hawk, NO, 118 WESTMIN8TEB-8TBEET, 13 -21> PROVIDENCE, R I HARTFORD ADVERTISEMENTS. WESTPHAL & LEHNEMAN, AND 1 TOBA.CCO PACTOB, No. 90 Lombardstreet, (One door west of Exchange'piace,) BALTIMORE MD. c=wLiberal advancements made on consignments to my addreos. 12-24. FRICK & BALL, AGn'TS FOR SALE O F ;LUS ad '?' c and iobamr, l\ c:Jl!ete -ALso-'1 J..NJ) KUVrAc-rVllBRS oF ROBERT BURNS & PUFF CIGARS, SEGARS. 214 State street, HARTFORD, CONN D. W. KING, AGENT, No. 64 South Cay-st., FRANI< FRICK, l'BILIP A. BALL. 11-23 BAt.TIMOU, MD. S. ROSENFELD & CO., DEALERS IN nomBstic and Imported SBurs, OHEWING & LEAF TOBACCO, -ALSo-labels, Brands, and Ribbons 20 SOUTH GAY-ST. 11-23 BALTIIriORE. THE PA.T:tq:t PATENTED FEB. 7, 1865, Thl Pipe. havlJtC an lnapro..-ed Metal wUl lte fonnd. to be &be be& Snaoklng Pipe for the followln& reaon: 1 .-The Water-socket, detachable, c&n easily be cleaned when neceMa.ry. 2 -A Reservoir il attached, which unscrews, and should be half filled with water, wherein the Nicotine of the To bacco ls receive d thereby preventing its passage i nto t h e Stem or Bowl, and eecurl n g a. pUre taste of the T obacco consequence of ita construc t lon, this will be found the and eJeaneat pipe eve r introduced. 4.-A great saving of Tobacco will result from Its use. Therefore, evel'}' Snaoker who a-1..-es U a trial, wt11 read.lly prononnee U a healthy, clean, and econolllleal Pipe l MANUF.AOTORED BY LOUIS SAARBACH & SCHWARZ PHILA.DELPHIA.. PHILADELPHIA JOSEPH BROOKE. STATES BONDED WAREHOUSE. Coneig:nors can forward their Stocks u 111 without prepaying tbe Government Tax. 7-11 DO_HAN &TAITT, Tobacco Commission Merchants, 29 ll. WATER-STREET AND 28 N. DELAW ARE-AVE5U.B, M. I. DOHAN, JNO. T. TAITT, EMORY HISS. 7-19 PHILADELPHIA. BUCKNOR, M'CAMMON & CO., Commission Merchants, tlf ALL DESCRIPTIONS OF TOBACCO. 37 N. Water-st. & 38 H. Delawarc:a-re., A J BUOKNOR, D. C. !I'O.AIIIMON, A. J. llUCKNOR, Ja. W. HENlW NASSAU. PHILADELPHIA. pr UNITED STATES BONDED WAREHOUSE. Con signors can forward their Stocks" IN BO:t\'1>1 without prepaying the Government Tax. 7-19 PHELPS, OALDWELL & CO., LOUISVILLE Tobacco Warehouse, 12-64 164 STATE STREET, Hartford, Conn. c:r ..t Ub.,.a!,.,.l to the tracle, ana order wiU C ScwniTDER. b6 all6ndoll lo. 11-23 J. D. fuSIUGEN. SMITH BROTHERS Segar Manufacturers, Cor.laio and Tenih, aua lain and Elenn\h Sts., 011lce, Corner Main and Tenth. JJ:Fn:JtSON, LOUISVILLE, KY. -:o:-. SHIP TO "LOUISVIllE WAREHOUSE." 17-29 H. & Z. K. PEASE, DEALERS IN CONNECTICUT Seedleaf Tobacco, and State-street, H. WILKENS & CO., 1>ANUF ACTURKRS OF Smoking, Fine-Cut Chewing Tobacco, Snuff, and Cigars, -ALSO-IMP0RTR8810V t.MAV TOBACCO, Havana and Bremen Segars NO. 181 WEST PRATT-ST., 12-24 HARTFORD, CONN. 11-23 : f(Bet. Charles and Hanover-sts.,)J BALTIMORE, lriD. L. BAMBERGER & CO., IMPORTERS AND liANUUCTUIU:RS OF Segars,

I THE TOBACCO LEAF. A. H. VAN E. 108EIIWALD & BROTHER, P. WEILBACHER, TOBACCO COMPRESSED IN BALES, FOR THE BBODJ\ Jlll IIO'OJU'BB11 AND :llA.l'IUF ACTURERS OF lllPORTEJ\ OF and Manufactured Tobeco, All Havana & Principe lelican, West-India, Central American, 126 'Water Street, BA.LBBS IN S E G A R S, AND omu liA.l\XETS 14.-H NEWYORK. LEAF T 0 a A c c 0' .AN. IU.V.AN.A LE.UI '.1;0B.A()()0, Allo, repacked in hhdl. at ahort notice by --------,-.,..-'------145 Water-street, 195 Pearl-etreet, llewYork. cuT HIllE A c 0 (III'UliLfSHED 1 T16.) ,(Near MUdm-lane,) dr" Agen' for tbe sale of 'VIrPda Leaf anclllannfac. 9-11 NEWYORK.. tQred Tob&ccos. 12-24 TA. llmKLE & JSPBS, ..... B. JDLLBB & co. ae BROADWAY, New-York. 196 B. BESS, 196 QomaeotioD.t Seed Leaf, Havana Domestic Segars, 195 Pea.rl-et., {upetaln,) near :Maiden-lane, 9-91 NEW-YORK. J'. M. MAYORGA, D.H.ltfALPIN & 00., MJ.Nmcrvaus or mB Havana leaf Tobacco, CELEBRATED AND J.U. lmUl8 or Sli8XIWG TOBACCO, A:ND DEAL&&S ll( Segars, Snuff, Plug Tobacco, &c., &c., &c. MANUFACTORY AND SALESROOM: lfos. 75, 77, and 79 Avenue D, U-&IS NewYork City. G-1'1 U CEDAR.STR.EET, NEW-YORK. P. .LORILLARD, S UFF AND TOBACCO MANUFACTURER. S.ALB STOBBS, 16, 18, and 20 Chambers 3 -15 N.WYORK.. BARNEY, GREEN & CO., XAliUFACTCBERS OJ' TBE OELE::S:R..A. TED J.L80 KJ.NUJ'ACTURIRS OJ' EVERY V J.RIETY 011 (BEWIIG-SII1UTG TOB.&OOOS. 225 Front Street, N. Y. 1'-IS! ES'!ABLISHEO 1836. SCHRODER & BON, LEAF TOBACCO AND s :m Or .A. Fe. s, 258 Pea.rl Street, near Fulton, 4-16 SAMUEL H. ISAACS, DEALER IN BESl' LEAF TOBACCO"' AND ALL KINDS OF SEGB.Sf) 229 Pearl Street. 14-26 JN!EW'TOBK:. FRANK, BINCE 4 CO., 14-26 liA.NUFACTURERS OF A:!>'D DEADERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, No. 120 Liberty Street, NEW-YORK.. LEDERMAN BROTHERS, Wholesale Dealers LSAtt TOlJACCO, J.ND JIAirU irA.CTUR:RRS 0!' Havana and Domestic Cigars. 14:0l BOWERY BET. BROOD I: G:&AND, 6-10 NEW YORK. R. S. LATORRE, IMPORTER OF TOBACCO LEAF"' Bavana .ltc.t KAUFMAKN BROS. & BONDY, lliPORTERS OF FINE MEERSCHAuM BBtAB !JtPBI, Meerlleloamn !l'Nbes, La1m, trnd Weo NEW-YORK. 6-18 NEWYORK. 2-1 4 NEWYORK. HAND TOBACCO -G UTTING48 NASSAU STREET. MAORDI'E. NO. 157 BOWERY, 9-21 N E W-YORK. REISMANN & KAPPES, Dealers & Commission MERCHANTS IN ALL KTNDS OF nnd 179 Pearl-st., bet. Pine an4 (Jellar-sts., 5-1 7 NEWYORK. ADAMS & OSBORNE, BROKERS IN g-Depot of H. Wilkens & Oo.'a Tobacco Work1, Baltim.ON, XcL P-21 BALTIMORE TOBACCO WORKS. F. W. BECK & CO., SUCCE8SOBS TO BECK & BACHMANN (late ot Baltimore,) TOBACCO lfANUF ACTURERS, No. 44 Vesey Street, 3 1 5 NEWYORK. M. PRINCE, J B.o!.CIIJUCIL VIRIINIA TOBACCO WORKS OF PRINCE & BACHRACH, liANUFo\CTURERS OF' AND DEALER9 ni LEAF AND MA:NUF ACTURED :Plug, 'i'wist, and Fancy Tobacco. .A.ND A LSO TOBACCO, Segars, Liquorice, Tonqua Beane, Eto., No. 9 1 W'ater Street, W G-. AnA)IS, W H 0 SBORN B. (315) NEW-YtHUt, FOR TJJE SA.LB Ob' Leaf aud lllanufattured Tobacco. No. 349 p.,;u-1 Street. 8'1 5 SIMON SALOMON, IIIIPORTED AND DOIIIES TIC AliD ALL KINDS O F LEAF 192 Pearl Street, 14-62 !IW ... SAWYER, WALLACE & co., eomaiuiea Rercllants, No. 47 Broad Street, 2-14 NEWYORK. JOHN L. DEEN, lMPOB.TEJ\ J.llD D:EA.Lli:R IN FOREIQN AND DOMESTI O LEAF TOBACCO, 78 trater fillred, 14-26 LEVY & SELIGSBERG, DIALDt lllf Connecticut Seed-leaf, AND IKPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO. 246 Pearl Street, NEWYORK.. 6-1 8 J'OS. SCHEIDER, MJ.NUFACTURER 011 ALL KINDS 011 & (lSB11' TOBACCO. FACTORY: 100 & 102 Walker-street DEPOT: 205 Canal-street. After llay lit, 248 & 248 Canal-street, SACHSE & AHRENS, DEA.Lli:JI8 II!{ HAVANA AND DOMESTIC SEGARS, Importers of" the bes t quality of' 4-1 6 MEERSCHAUM PIPES. Any kind of tobacco, n-om the 11nest to the coaneet,. may be cut with thle machine in any place, whether s tore or chamber. TWBltTi' DIFFEB.DT XINDS, J.IID From 100 to 200 Pouade may b e cut by this machine in a day, and without any extra eJ:ertion. Prlce.-.A. No. 1 Machine, with a Press, holdin g : Ave pounds $180. .A. No. 2, with a Pre ss, holdin g t en. pounds, $150. For sal e a t PLANER & XA YSBB.'S S ewing Kachine Depot, 3-15 BDtDery, x r E. w. WILLIAMS c. & M. BONDY, l WHOLBS.U.E DEALERS IN flElfiiT Bl&KEl, Leaf Tobacco, Pipes,. No 43 Broad Street NI:WYORK. M essrs WATTS, CRANE k CO. 0 AND ALL OTHER SKODBS' AR1'ICLES, AND MANUFACTURER S OF DOMESTIC AND HAVANA SEGARS 358 Bowery, n e a r 4thst ., NEW-YORK. 5 1'1 s 1 s NORTO N, SLAU OUTER & C J. M. CAHl'BELL & NEWYORK. r ... -,.

The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States. C. PFillSBIBG, PUBLISHER t No. 142 Fulton Street. } Vol. 1. G W GAIL. CHRISTIAN AX. G. W. GAIL&A:X:, M.A.XUFACTt"JlEBS Cl' .ALL XINDS 01' l!lhewing AND SNUFF, -ALSOI mporters of and Dealers in Cigars, P ipes Snuff-boxes, etc., NO. 28 BARRESTREET, Baltimore, :Md. .,.-DEPOTwith GAIL Ax & KUCHLER, Nos. 173 and 175 Water-street, NewYork ll..j!3 DE FORD, THAYER & CO., Commission Merchants, AND DEALERS IN Man ufactured and Leaf Tobacco, Segars, &c., &c., U WATER-STREET, N e w-York. t:iir' U.S. Bomle.l Warehouse, 32d Distt!ct, ShipPers can forward us their goods JN without prepayment of the e>l: Sound lugs,.... .. .. .. .. .. 8 @ 9 t 51@ Lo\V leaf, ................. 10 @18 7 @ 9 Medium lear, ............ 14 @15 10 (<911 Good to fine leal ........ 16 @22 12 @16 Oholce selections, .... _.. 2S (@28 16 @20 Do.-Heavy l eaf_ Trashy and frosted lugs ,.. 1 @ 9 6 @ 6} Sound lugs, ............... 1 0 @12 7 @ 9 Low Leaf, ................ 18 @15 10 @12 Meenmd N o.103' Pearl Street, Near Hanover Square, NEW-YORK. ALSO, T o bacco baled t o ord e r for Mexico. and 4-16 West-Indies. 116 Pearl Street, Robt. Munell, II. 0 Caruth, R. T Pollard. 1 4 NEW. Y -a-RK. DAVID O'NEILL & CO., FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC I 19 Maiden lane, NEW-YORK. D .:vm O'N&lLL. 14-39 Wn.J.IAM M. PRICll. ROBINSON &. CARTH, STERN JONAS & co. 900 BALES OLD QUALITY Commission Merchants LEAF Jnhnnn iUas FOR THE SALE OF le:af and Manufactured Tobacco. SO WATER-STREET, J'eBN D. ROBINSO!I. JoBt! n GARm. 6-18 NEW-YORK. 14-26 FOR SALE, MI!Jilllilii!otwreus OF No. 17 8 Wate r Street, N E W YORK IN BOND OR DUTY PAID, 1365 IN LOTS T O S U I T PURCHA SERS, BY ROBERT E. KELLY & C O ., 34 B eaver-street. PMI!fl81/'hania Seed-leaf -Wrappers, .......................... .... 1 0 @ 18 Do. select, ........................ -18 @ 24 Filler!!, .................................. 5 (g) 7 Running lots, ................ ........... -9 @ 18' Ohio Bua-zea.r.-W rappers, .............................. 10 @ 12 Do. sel ect ........................ -14 n FO?etgn.-Havana, Wrappers, ... (duty paid,)_ ... 1 00 Havana, assorted, do. 1 00 @ 3 00 @100 @ 110 @ 1 9:5 @-80 @-12 @ 20 Havana, Fillers, ... .. do. .. .. SO Yara, ass orted,.... .. .. do. .. .. 85 Oub a assorted,._....... do. .. .. 70 S l. Domingo, assorted, ... (in bond, ) .. _.-6 Ambelema, Giron & Carmen, (In bond,) 6 Manufacture a .-TAX PAin. 5's, '7' and S's-Best1 nominal, ..... 60 @ ll5 liedlUm, do. .. ... -50 @-55 Common, do. ... 4 2 @ 00 1 0 's,and1 2's-Best, ................... 60 @ -65 Meclium, .......... ...... 00 @-55 Common, ................ -42 @-00 Half pounds-(Dark, ) Best, ............ W @-70 Do. Medium, ....... 5 7 @ 62t Do. Common, ........ 60 @ 55 (Bright,) Best .......... 00 @ 1 00 Do. ....... -;--80 @-85 Do. Common ...... -@-May Apple, Figs, etc.-(Br!ght,) ....... 80 @ 1 00 Lady's Flngers.(Fine Bdglit ) ......... 1 50 @ 2 00 Pounds, (West'n,) Extra Fine, bright,.. neminal. Fine, .............. 85 @ 1 00 Mediwn, ............. 7 0 @-76 Common, ............ 55 @ 65 (Virginia,) Extra Fine, bl'lght, ... 1 00 @ 2 00 l'ine, ......... ...... SO @-90 Medium, ... ._ ....... 70 @ 75 Oommon, ........ ... 60 @-6iS Light Presed-Virginia, ..... _. . None. (Western,) F ine,........ nominal Do. Medium, .. .. do. Do. Oommon,.... tlo. Navy Poun ds-Best, ................... G8 @ -75 .. ........ -62 @ -65 Common, ........ ....... -56 @-60 Navy HalfPounds-Besl, ........ ...... 6S @ -75 1\ledium, .......... -62 @ 65 Negrobead Twist-West, sales at, .. 25 @ -40 City made, do. --25 @ -40 TEBIIS, IN. ADVANCE, { $2.00 per year. l!ingle Copiea 6 cents. .JIMOiufactur e d Ill 11om>. lO's and l2's-Tlest, .................... 30 @-35 1\Ied!um, ................ 25 @-30 Oommon, ......... ...... -18 @ -211 ............ 80 @-35 D o Medium, ......... 25 @-30 D o Common, ........ 1 8 @ -211 (Bright,) BEt, ........... 40 (a)-00 Do. .... .. 4 0 @45 Common, ...... --@---Pound(Wetern) -Extra fine, bright, .. 00 @-65 Fine, ............... 50 @-60 Med!um1 ........... 40 @-4.5 Light Pressed ..... 8l5 @ 100 Me8,316 L OUISVILLE, .Tune 24.-The question of labor continues one of very difficult solu tion, and it is having a very injurious infi u ence on the tob acco-gro wing interest. L a bor is scarce in the rural districts, the planting is backward, which in addition to the dry have made the prospects for the next crop very gloomy. In the market the sales continue heavy and at good t:!rices. On Tuesday they amounted to 839 hhds., with only 40 rejections. The prices obtained for all grades fully maintain the late advan ce and in some instances still higher price s have been paid for the better qualities. We quote Trashy Lugs, $3 a $4.90 ; light Lugs, $5 a $5.95; good Lugs, $6 a 7.50; heavy, $8 a $ 9 .60; light Leaf, $10 a $13.50; medium, $ 1 4 a $17; flne, $25 a $50; shipping, $18 a $80. ST. LOU IS, .Tone 24.-Receipts continue steady, having reached now an average o f about 600 hhds per week. Prices show an increased firmness, and last week they a d vanced about 25 cents pr:r 100 lbs. for Lugs and all other descriptions are s tead y at full p r ices. Although large quantities are being offered, a great proportion of the breaks are passed or bid in, the prices not being up to the views of sellers. 'l'he highest price renl ized this season was paid a few days. since. :Mr. P. M Barron s old to Mr. F M. May one hhd. of tobacco, at the State warehouse, for the sum of $89.75 per 100 lbs. BOSTON, .Tune 24.-The market contin ues quiet, but with an improving tendency. during the week, 7 7 hhds. 523boxcs. Exports, 139 hhds. 50 half do, and 2 bxs-_ to Gibraltar; 66 bxs., 7 cs. 5 bales to S t.. P ierre; 100 bales to Hayti; and 2 b x s. to the British Provinces PHI L ADELPHIA, .Tune 24,We notiCC'> b u t l ittle change in the market which continues quiet but firm llolders of Leaf are looking for advanced prices, and we hear of nO> large sales. In manufactured, transactions are limited and prices iJ,"regular. Exports and imports,--. B ALTIMORE, .Tu n e 24, Export demand is more active, but sales are restricted by the limited supply and the firmness of holders. Rec eipts o f M a ryland are light, and scarcely any common can n o w b e had less than $4. Ohio comes in more freely, and we note sales o f 3 2 5 hhds. sound common t o good red at $8 a $15. The stock of Kentucky is inc r easing but the market is quiet. Inspections this week, 369 h h ds. Marylal!d; 616 Ohio; 26 7 K entucky, a n d 1 Virginia; total, 1253 Expo r t s none. Total stock, 22,449 hhds. NEWORLE.t.Ns, .rune 16.-Themarket shows signs of improvement, but as yet there h ave no sales of importance. We quote goo d refused at 12tc.; fair a t 18c.; good at 2 0c. ; fine, 27c. These s ales were all to city mal'lufactmers STA'l' EMENT HhdtJ. Stock on band Septem. ber 1, 1864,, .................. :>94 Arrived last week,.... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 2 Arrived previously ................................ 2 ,104Total, ............. ......................... 2,7()()o Exported past ........... ... .. .. .. .. U5 Exported previouoly, .. .. ......... ....... 1,601 City consumption, baling, etc................. 800 2 ,04&. Stock on hand and o n shipboard, ....... hhd& 61i4 The export s during the wast week, 145 hhd s were sent to Liverpool. SAN FRAl'f

.. York by C. W. Walter, in their circular of -this date, say: "Our market remained this week in the same position. Prices of all sorts of ordinary qualities are considered low but nev ertheless no confidence exists to operate on the present b aso, and we fear that the reason o0f the general calmness is to be found in the -only moderate consumption in the interior, where other sorts of tobacco can replace ordi nary Mary Ian d or ordinary Kentucky. There would be buyers enough for new crop Clarks ville Kentucky at moderate prices, and if the necessity becomes that high prices must be paid for good and fine new Clarks ville spinners, a moderate quantity may be sold and perhaps in proportion to the cost prices, but we arc sure that the operations will be limited to the immediate wants. Sales are-1.[aryland, 6'7 hhds. ordinary frosted to good ordinary brown, of old" crop, nt 5 grt. a 6 78 grt. Kentqcky, 40 hhds. ordinary and good or dinary cutting, and light l ow leaf, at '71 grt. Stem s 3 0 bhds. ordinary stripper at 3 thlr. For manufactured stems, no demand at all for the present, and prices are more than 2 thlr. a 3 thlr. for 100 lbs.lower. It is feared that Virginia can send heavy supplies. ;;, Stocks at June 3, ........ 960 Sales, .... ............... .. Stocks at June 10, ....... 1)8 960 2ST 2931 5159 1263 BOTTEKDAl'f.l, June 6,-The market is tolerably active, without notable change in prices. Stock of North American on hand the 31st -of May: .Marylon d. 1865,... ...... .. 2686 1864,.... .... .. 299T Va. K y. 2:1 TAX 011 SOUTHERN TOBACCO. Stems. 9 14 DECISION OP THE TREASURY DEPARTME:)IT. take the necessary steps for their condemna tion, unless the holder shall give bond, as hereinafter prescribed, for the trans portation or exportation of the' goods, or shall return the same to the assessor, and pay to the col lector the amount of tax that shall be found due. In all cases in which seizure shall be made under these instructions, the depart ment, on being informed of such seizure, will consider the case, and extend such measures of relief as the facts shall justify. In the States of Virginia, Tennessee, and 1Louisiana, collection districts were some time since established, with such boundaries as to include territory in which it has but recently become possible to enforce the laws of the United States in those districts The rule laid down above will be so modified as to require the assessment and collection [of the first taxes which become due after the es tablishment of assessment divisions in th partfCular locality. Whenever assessments are to be made, based upon transactions which may have been carried on in a depreciated currency it will be proper for the assessor to ascertain the amount of the income, or value, or sales, or receipts, in law ful money of the United States, according to the best information which he can obtain as to the average value of such depreciated currency for the peri o d covered by the assessment. 'l'he duties upon cotton and spirits of tur pentine are, bf a special provision of the statute, made payable by the person in whose hands the articles are first found by officers of internal revenue. With reference to those articles, the refo re, the rule laid down will not apply; but assessments will be made where ever they are found. Whenever any perspn hold s as a. purchaser, any articles which un der the internal reTenue laws, may b e trans ported under bond, and d esires to transport the same to any Northern port or place, he may apply to the assessor to have the amount of. tax ascertained and determined The proper examination having been had, the THE Secretary of the Treasury has recentassessor will certify the amount of duties iy issued a circular providing for the collecthereon to the collector, and the collector will tion of Internal Revenue in the late insurthereupon a permit for their -rectionary States. By this, it seems tha t after the execution of a bond for their storage taxes are to be assessed and colleoted only in bonded warehouse-such permit and bond from the date of the estab lishment of collecbeing in the form required by the regulations tion districts in those States; the government for the esta blishment of bonded warehouses. however not waiving its right to taxe s acOn or before the lOth of each month the crued during the prevalence of the r e bel assessor will transmit to the office of In lion. But for the present, that is left in abey ternal Revenue a. statement showing the ance. amount of duties thus certified during the The circular, although is so important month preceding, and the collector will, on or 'to the trade and to busmess men genera.lly, before the same date, transmit a descriptive .and moreover is s o Ua.ble to a variety of inter schedule of all bonds thus take n by him in that we think best to give ,.it en tho course of the precedin g month. Whe n tire: goods arrive in any Northern port under TREASURY DEPARTHENT, June 21, 1865 such transportation bond, or under a permit 'Section for1y -six of the Internal Revenue issued by a collector of c ustom s under the act, approved June 30, 1864, provid es that r eg ulations of May 9, 1865, they W-ill :be re whenever the authority of the United States ceived into the proper Wal"ehouse established shall have been rees tablished in any State unde r the Internal Revenu e law s, in the dis where the execution of the laws had pre-trict into which the goo ds brought, and viou sly been impossible, the provisions of the the n e ces sary certificates will be issued for act shall be put in force in such State with the cancellation of the bond in the sam e man such modification of inapplieable r egu l ations ner as if the goods were transported from an .in regard to assessment, levy, time and manother bonded warehouse. 'isttndom for this Cleave to thy stopper, &nd complea\ tby bUss I" are introduced to; and one-half you meet are real l y tempting enough to render you reckless of, consequences ; you would si p the dew of proffered lips in the face of a tobacco battery -even the dou b le-distilled 'honey-dew" of old Virginia. THE PROPOSED NATIONAL CONVENTION WE have been at considerable pains to as certa in the views of the tobacco trade in this city and v i c i nity, rela t ive to the proposed Con vention, nnd we find them very generally favor able to the movement. But we find also an almost u nanimous sentiment that the Conven t io n ought to be hel d in New-York, this being in reality much nearer the true centre o f the entire tobacco interes t -than Louisville. If any one will c o nsi der the extent o f lhe tobacco i nteres t s c entered in this c ity, the immense capital inves t e d and the gre a t va riet y of the branches of the t rade here r epresen t ed, he will see at once the re:\Sonabl e ness of this 'View. Hogarth decorated this plate with a minute etching, indicative of unexc ised liberty ; in which the British Lion pipe in mou th, makes free with Britannia, who also smokes, while seated on a hogshead of tobacco. This de sign of Hogarth's was adopted on Bradley's shop bill, with the inscrip tion beneath, the best in Christendom without excise." At this period, when tradesmen vied with each other in expensive signs carved or p a inted, over their doors, they also rivall e d each other in dec orated cards and shop-bills, employing the best available talent for the purpose. Hoga.rth, in his early days, -'as much em-The peculi a rfacili t i e s of communi ca ti o n offered ployed in designing and engraving these bills, by its numberless li nes of railroads and steamand Ireland has publi shed fac-similes of sev ers radiating in every direction m ake it eas ier eral, among the rest that of "Richard Lee, of access t o a majority of delegates than any at ye Golden Tobacco-roll, in Panton Street, other point. The Connecticut Valle y growers near Leicester fields," which i s remarkable "' th 1 bl th d protest en masse agamst the se l e c t1on o f any or e genera resem ance e eSI!!Il upon 0 place farther west than this. T h e Imp o r tant 1 t bears to one of the best pictures executed t t f M: 1 d d v fi d th in after years by the artist his M o dern Midm eres s 0 ary an an ugmia. n I S ht rr t by far the most convemcnt m g vonv msa wn. The del egati ons of Pennsylvama and Ne w -We may here most conveniently introduce a. few notices of the old tobacc onists, their manners and customs" in business, and the minor details of their shops. The S if!nS of tobacconists' shops i n the last century u sually consisted of a large wooden figure of a black Indian, decorated with a crown of and a" kilt" of the same material. He was usu a lly pl a ced at the side of the door, above which hung three rolls of tobacco, also cut in wood ; and they were never absent, as the sign of the tobacco shop, h o wev e r humble its owner might be, and unable to afford that higher piece of art, the blackamoor. A curious tobacconist's sign is engraved in an amusing little volume published in 1840 ; consist ing of three hands conjoined to one arm. The first hol ding snuff on the thumb, the second a pipe, the third a quid of tobacco; beneath were the lines : We three are engaged in one cause ; I snlltrs, I smokes, and I cham." The same distich someti me s appeared on paiqte d signs, beneath figures of a Scotch man, a Dutchman, and a Sailor. Throughout the seventeenth century the want of small coppe r currency was awkwardly felt by traders ; and the difficulty was met by each man striking small coins for his ow n use, bearing his name, t rade, and address upon them, and sometimes an engraved allu sion to his business Until Charles the Sec ond, i n 1 672, made the issue of s u ch pieces unlawful, and then provided a royal curren c y in their place, tens of thousands of t hese coins circulated -in every towH in the king dom. They were tacitly received from trader to trader, "for necessary change, as was someti m es expressed upon them. Evelyn notices their ipopularity in his time; and that, though sometimes restri c ted t o the i mmediate neighbor ... hood of the issuer, they serv e d his purpose as an advertisement, as well as a c onvenience We select two thus issued by tobacconists i n Londo n : T h e first i s a fart h ing, upon whic h i s ex hibited thr ee pipes. It was issued by Sharp, in Chick Laue" (West Smi t hfield) ; the s econd is a halfp enny made in the form of a heart, and having upon it a tobac co roll, and t h e ins c r iption "John Poyntting, in Clothfair (Smit h fi e ld ) his halfpenny 1667." Both are in the ;Britis h Museum. The r e is an anecdote related in H one a T alJle Boo k, vol. i. p. 384, of a man named Fa.rr, who opened a tobacc o s h op on Fishs t r eet Hill, and attracte d customers from an o l d shop opposit e by writin g over h is do o r "The bes t Tobacco by Fa;rr. Th is the sailors, who des erted the o ther shop, till the owner put u p a new s ign, in scribed, Far b ette r Tobacco than the best Tobacco b y Fa;rr." Now this story, absurd as it may appear, is literally true; his shop -cards a r e still in existence, in which, amon g rich scroll ornaments and emblematic figures, o ccur the words The fin es t tobac c o by Farr. York will a ls o be much be t t e r served b y the se lection of this c ity. Many of the Western de l ega t es also, would doubtless prefer a trip t o the great emporium of the c ountry, rather than t o stop nearer home. And an other important thing, i t is easier io rais e the neces sa.ry f u nds for carrying on such a movement, and securing its purposes, here than anywhere else on the continent. And still another reason, our Western friends owe it to us now to accept our hospitalities, of which on former occasions they have been rather shy, insisting upon our go ing t o t h em It is thei r turn now to c o me t o us, and we are going to ins ist upon it. EUROPEAN ADVERTISEMENTS. Liverpool Consignments. -:o:-THE RICH!tiOND CA. VEND ISH tOlliPA.NY, LlltiiTED Purpose opening thel r N e w Warehouse s h1 GREE N OCKSTREET PAISLYSTREET, and ROBERT-STREE1!North, Immediately opposite the P rince' s Dock, LIVERPOOL, o n the 1st o f July, and wlll b e r eady to receive consignments of Lear a.nd Ma.nufactured T obacco for Bille p n commission. THOMAS COPE, (of the firm or Cope Bros. k C o ) M!NA.Clll\'G DIREOTOII. R sfe rencu 4 N & W Y orke-Messrs. E Morris o n .t C o 41 Bro&dstreet. IT -211 ST. LOUIS ADVERTISEMENTS. WILLIAM L. A US TIN, BROKER IN ALL K INDS OF Leaf Tobacco, ST. LOUIS, 110. Orders solicited and promptly filled. 16-4 A.MDUW IUJltlU.T. S H GEISEL. R O.RB:RT L &B. ANDREW BIURRA.Y &. CO.'S TOBACCO WORKS. Manu facturers and Dealers In all desc r i p tions of Chewing and Smoking Tobaccos ,OFFICI!, NO. S7. N ORTH LEVEK, S T LOUIS, M O Otra BR.ulb., P owhattan 1 lb. O u r Favori t e 2 lb. BIUy B o w -Leg!, Clayton, and ot.her b rand s Moun d City Tobacco Works. D. CATLIN, IUIIOUCT17&11R O r .LLL D ESCR11'1'10NS OF Fine-Out Chewing, & Smoking Tobacco, Killickinick, etc., No. 168 North Second Sneet, ST. LOUIS. JIIO. J. W. BOOTH & SONS, & General Prodnce Commission Merchants, No8. 133 & 136 N. St., Jame s w ST. LOUIS, 110. J o bn N Boo\b, Thom1111Boot.h. LEOP. SCHROEDER, IHPORTER, HANU J'A O'l'UR E R A.lfD DKALBB IN I-Iavan. a and Domestic CIGARS, In 1 '70 3, one Lawrence Spooner, emulous of the fame of King James or Du Bartas, published some q uaint rhy mes, which h e called A Looki n g-Glass f or Bmoalcers. His rhymes are, as Dogberry would say, "most t o lerable, and not t o be endured;" but hi s preface ( fortunately in prose ) Jets us into the sec ret of the very prac tice of smokiog in Eng land at h i s period ; in two miles compa s s may b e found a thousand families o r persons in country v illa ges that one with an othe r, do smoak, snuff, or chaw, the y ear round, one penny a day, and most of these coa l or lime-men, firemen, etc. He the n goes on to demon strate that 1 5 2 5 a year is the cost of this, which in twenty years would double its e l f at the intere s t of a. s hilling a pound; b u t, "if improv'd thriftily, in twenty y ears it would amount to m o r e than 000 to divide amongst the s m oake r s and their h eirs for ev e r By which the world may s e e what mi s chief this L a1td robbe r doth amongst t h em. He adds: "Th e sin of t'he kingdom in the intemperate u se of tobacco, swelleth and inc rea seth so daily, that I can compare it to nothing but the waters of Noah that swell' d fifteen cubits above tho hig hest moun tains So that if this practice shall contin u e to increase a s it doth i n an age or two it will be as hard to find a family free, as it was s o l on g time since one that commonly took i t But a uthor is most pained that the pious s h ould indul g e in the habit, and in his horror at recordin g the fact, h e ris es so far 1tbov e hims elf, that we q uote hi s own wo r d s : "But a bove all, that this practice s hould over g row all the powe r s of r ea s on, religion, and expe rienc e among s t most part of the g o dly i s yet to b e admired : that a t hi n g s h ould g r ow to that h eight in their aff e ction s (that i s not nat urally pleasant) is a wonde r : that t h ey s hould s uff er s u c h an unnatural fire to b e kindled in their n ature, that proves in the e vent to b e such a w orld of iniquity, and puts the m in Bradley use d to wrap hb tobacco I n papers thus a scribed. The noble art or puffing has always flourished In The cut here c opied is a c opy of their por-trade -Snuff, Pipes, etc. NO. l!9 CHEST:tnrT-ST:B.EET ST. LOUIS, MO. *Let n o modern r eader unde r stand this word i n a m o d ern s e nse; wor d s change meanings marvellously as t i m e s change. Mr. Spo o n e r's a d miration I s a fright ened aston bbment o r h o l y horror. tiou o f the pi cture. The d ifference betwe e n the tobacco and win e ca s k has been ca r e fully n o t e d b y t h e en g rav er. A g r ea t o p p o n e n t of the bill was the tobaccon i s t Ben Bradley USE OF TOBACCO IN PARAGUAY. EVERYBODY smokes in Paraguay, and nearl y every female above thirteen years of age c h ews. I am wrong. They do not chew, but put the t o bacco in their mouths, keep it there constantly except when eating, and, ins tead of chewin g roll it abo u t with their tongue s and suck it. Only imagin e yourself abou t to sal u t e the rich red lips of a. magnificent little Hebe arrayed i n satin and flashin g with dia mond s ; s h e p uts y ou back with one delicate band, while, w ith the fair taper fingers of the other, draw s forth from her m outh' a brownis h plack roll of t o bacco, quite tw o i nches long, l ooking like a m o n s trou s gr ub, and, d e positing the savory morsel on the rim of your s o mbrero puts up h e r face and i s read y for your s alut e. sometime s s een a n overde licate forei g n e r tum wi t h a shud d e r o f loa t hin g unde r s u c h c i rcum stances, and g e t the epithe t of e l s avac o (the sav a ge ) applied t o him b y the off ende d b ea uty f o r thi s s ensi tiv e s q ueami s h ness. However, one soo n gets u se d to this in Para guay, w h ere you a r e per f o r ce o f c u stom ob li ge d to k i s s eve r y l ady y ou All o rders for manufac t urin g special b rands o f t obacco prom p t l y att ended to. C FOU. WK. F OTTB. PULS & OTTE, Manufacturers of a.ll klndt of TOBACCO, Cigars, Snulf, Pipes, and Smoking TobaerA, No. 106 Third-st., bet. V ine & L ocust ST. LOUIS, l'f.IO. Our principal B ra.nds ar&-E l dorado, 9 ln. N at Leaf; N atural Leaf, 9 l n Banana Fig ; Cavendish 6 l n ; Ex celsior, half bright, 12 in. 8 QUNTIUJC. G HA.TC H J K GBA..NT BAK. S. A. GRANTHAM & CO., Commission & Tobacco MERCHANTS, 51 N. Second St., bet. Pine & Olive, ST. LOlliS, .AIO. ; o;P u cla s rs of .Jfanujact

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