The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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v. : ill. ; 36 cm.


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Oigan of. Trade of the United StareS. <' PUBLISHED SATURDAY, JULY 8, 1865. No. 19. G. w., 1L. CttRIStiAJ4 AJ., U BOIS, VANDERVOORT & CO., GAIL, Ax & KUCHLER, Tobacco and Commission House. J from our cootaloing iFems liT-. YrJ: Bua-lftl,{.-Bermuda : McColl & Frith, 26 cezoons. of tobacco news, or vJawa 011 topi011 of interest to-the --.-........ .. ............ -16 23 G. W. GAIL & AX, trade, sach ae the crops and JIW'II;eta, JIUlthoda ot CUI- l!el.ct,- -2' @ 23 Aspinwall : L. E. Hercbant, 1 cs tDJI8 and Curing, proceeeee Of IIIADilfacture,-new lm 1l r Of imports and DEPOT OP plan enta and machinery, etc., etc., wm at all t1nwe be 8HdA/.. values, as shown by cuatom-houae FOB. THE SALE OF wcome. ; Wrappen, .. ............................ 1n 18 k S ci X :I N G l f d M fi t d T b G. w GAIL & AX'S )(A]{UPACTUBBII, ... 1g i for the wee s endiqg :. ea an anu ac ure o acco, BALTIMOBE. 1'trZ fl)JU:oco IIABKET. B.IIDD!_nglota, ........................... -9 @13 ............................ 4iu.t (!jut A.61tdMr.N IDIII.I. I w 8tree OIMJ ... .... ... ... ......... ,141 VM.W'""U 37 Water Street, 173 & ater t, f DOllilltlc. 7ueti-:Eh --'--3-Hi EWYORK, m&\'ket dur. .. .. ,. ....... ............... -; $ 1 Janel ... ..................... .. _. AND SNUFF, t Wr1llw .. 'fAn'lr,--------------idg tbe week has been somewhat" less active, .. ........................ _.-8 lll :Suve 01 f ;a;a "trao G L CO b t -""----' 1 ... __ -L-_ eh II&.,..., Wrawen, ... (.daL.r paid,) ... 1 :so @ 8 00 .... ..... ........ .... ... ..,_.. 0. K. KIN IX' u oumnnBeiUMiauuwuno ....... .., ....... ange. UaTma,UIOI'kd, .. .. J -dt>! .... too .t.IM) ............ 16,Trtt of and Dealeraln Cigars, IPENCEB. BB.OTBEB.S, TobacCo Factors The pteral time with eorifldence1hat- ::-.... = 1 .l Pipet, Snutr-ltox11, etc., a mot ntbuW.stbriog .. r ::::Z"tl::l 1:;: 'NO. fltatrlal ommis.iol tltttbuts, Ambellale.biOO ., ............................. ...... -.... P,-rs. Baltimore, iltcL 1 Dlll.ALEBS IN Letq:-lteceiptS codtillue to quite ..... ... BXPOBTS. DBPO'l' 'ldthG Ax&K Noe 178 TOBACCO SE'GARS No. 24 ::Jilroad Street, .. ,.. treelytrom bofh theWest and South; and .do ...... -_ .'I' he exports for.the weelt.ending July4: 11.48 'S 0 K. KINo, } the stock on hand, as shown b'd -tbe New .... .. ::;:: iiii were 816 hbda., 448 pkgs. crude, and 4l,ISIS1 Taos. J.B.u!D, I NEW YORK ,J SHIPPING FURS, Tmlo. J. SABu. York and Brooklyn iuspection, t'ellfabt& abotit :f : lbs. manufactured, of which w81'e sent to DE FORD, TRAYER & 00,, $o. '15 Jl,aide,n ..stah61 .l-14 AgentsinLonlnllle,A.O.&JohnS.Brambl. the same. The transactions l'or ihe week .Li1!.rpooZ-288hhds.,V&lue$lllS191S0;6010 T. H. SPENCER, t s "th p 1 t. c have limited, there bting no disposition (B%l.t f'B:.t""'a. ....... .o @lbs. mt:, $2800. Total-$118,'95 0. Commission Merchants, .\.ND D:tll.:tRS I1f' Manufactured and Leaf Tobacco, Segars, &e,, &e., (14-i&) ltW-IOrk, 1m J mer CX, o., on the pari of ho!ders concessions to r. DoJ Ham1nvrg-10'1 cs., $3474; 10J OS. cigan. the views of buyers. It. will be seen Hiy Apple, 00 11 00 Total-$8887. 1 A. H. CARDOZO & TOBA c co 4.4. WATEB.-STB.EE"r, New-York.-Qli .om II' urU.s. Booded 81<1 Dla&rlct, New York. Sblppel'll can forwud 1111 thetr goodJ .. Dl110llll,11 without No. t69 Front Street, prepa)'Dlent G)f the u:olle tax. 10-ll!l r o. B. A.JmomsoN', A. B. C.Aaoozo, } l'BBD.DIIlll'J', NEW-YORK Particular attention paid to thJ Ialii of .. 14-M Weltei'n Produce. WA'l'Til, GIVlCN & Co., GIVD, W.Aftll & Co., Kr. lil,..,-odoo."!> 1+ DaoWN, DuNXEllsoN w Wns .r. eo.L Zv...,-i0.1 b.L J:.iqrpool, Eq. WATTS ORANE & 00. VOORHEES & GAlJ.RISONf Merchants FOB TBlt !ALII OI' TOBACCO FACTORS, Tobacco, Cotton, 8Jld Western No. 73 William-street; New-York. No. 43 Broad St., New-York Advances 'l!lllde 011 con!dgnments to our hou!e in ll:. F Vool'IHBES. DumL:B. GAlllmOl'l. Liverpool, w. c. watts & co. j.--14 CoBBJti!I'ONDJ:NTS IN ST. Lours: M:esm. 0. CONNOLLY & CO .. t I FOR '1'liJI !lA.L.-OF & Boa. Noe. 11 &.18 North Seeo11d-et. HEALD & ,r_r:OBACCO NO, l'T8 W .ATEB.-B'l'REE"r, NEW-YORK. .r.DJJr ---... .b; the subjoined statements that the stock ) ........ 1 i10 @ 1 .o OMna-ISO os. PoundJ,C esto, ) Enral'lno,brlght, .. --. onhandJulflst;rasJarseh w::!.oo:-81 cs., $108; 615lbs. date any time during t e put twelve years, Oclmlboa, ........... M e-8Ci m v. .LO .... -,v'2 e:meptiog in and 1868. 'In-the latter {VIrpn!a,) = ft: = $116; 815 lba.. 1..-r it was about twice as large The stock = = m, $171S. Total--t290, TOBACCO, of H&ftna stands t about a fair average Llgh Prellleil-VJ.rsiDia, ............... -Britilh Wutindiu-28 cs., '12i9; 4hhds., cw;,tero ,) 11T 0o 1 BOT" 7860 lbs. mt:, t652. Total value l!!IIWTORK TOB.ACOO IIISPJ:CTJON. --. 9 .. ]lo Commoa-,... liO @ M _eA822 VIS. liM 7Wal N&'I'J" Pomult-= ................... -118 'r S llioel< Jnne 1 1se:s ... tf!ilt. U...0 f[d Oolflm"'J'J::::::::::::::.-= :g @-NtM-(}rtJ/fUIM,--2 cs., $100; 266 bales, t -tl E y Reeei.Ted since .... _.. 4,982 N&'I'J" Halt-Poi1Ddi-J!eR; .............. 68 @.,-76 16051; 28,704lbs. mf., $8089. Total--13,- N WORK, Medium, .......... 60 @.-65 '"0 .... : ... -fl,tl88 888 11 19 22,170 Jfa'IWfa.chw fJd.-IJJ Boo. ,_ ...... 1,82t _._. 1,831 Braeil--10 hhds., $3077. F, L, &; 00,, l!tocii:Julyl,1865 .'. 211jOM 80() 11 18 20,833 (lOIIIBIII,* .............. -18 @-26 hhds., $2013; 1 ::::S !I:" i='" l : 14 4 17,728 Il<penods-(Dark,) ........... 80 @-8:> $60 7 s. do 1800 TotalD.l.'fiDlf'll.l'.fi.D1ll e e S6 ..... rv-G .. 47,0 8 7 Dp. Vemum, .... .... -!1$ @-80 ca. cigars, ....,, e .., l!&me time, 1 9 .. 26,377 186 18 26,631 .Do. Common, ....... lS @-2ti 8947: time, i86s601..: 181131'*' 89ti 1 15,1110 (Blight, ) B est, .. -........ (5 --1!0 .,....., me, ,..... _. 18,868 Do. M"!il-. ........ 411 --Comparative statement of exports and l!&me time, 1869 ... 19,188 8CI6 10,6111 C'ommoo, .. ... l!&me Ume, 1S:SS. 8,407 4.87 8,894 Pouods (Westero)-Extra fine, bright, .. 6() @-8Ci values for the weeks endmg Same time, 18:>T..... 11,601 0'8 6,1611 ............ M @--60 Hhdl. Plenl. Ortule. Lba. Val-l!&me time, 181S6..... 4,Mif 8i4 4,904 11........., ........... 40 --40 :Sw 4 816 w 448 41 Mi". t:s:s 34& l!&metlmeil!lllll ..... 4,042 1611 13 4,810 ..... -70@ 90 ;s .. !e2T ...... 678 19'180 ......: ..... Same tlme,t.Sa..... 5,715 2M -oo --30 ,. 7.....,..20 311 Co ',o_ 10 25 :Suoe 20 ...... 1174 108,811 STOCK Oli' BP.\.N!SH IN HWTORL Negrohead Twli!t mmoa-, ''' 2ti 40 :Snne 13... ... 989-1,011! 19,0119 329,805 .. "'" :Snne 8 9ST 1T,648 c258,T20 Sa(/U(J:-la-!M-O'iqC.. bbZ.. 1 ou.. Clear Havana, do ................ T1S eo@ 100 oo Amount of exports smce Janua.ry 1st, and "-7"------------une1,1881! ... 2,623 .. .. .. ... ......... ,115 00@ 1!0 00 ._ i. ] t .... 11,1141 ... Do. do. seeoodJ, ............ so oo@ .o oo .or same ,1me as year: :BACON., CLARDY '&; CO,, Total New-YQtlt Seed Oomo. Wrappen, ...... 116 90@ 8IS Ojl 1 Jfllb. Pltgi Jtanuf'll m.. -. Peon.. ,clo. r clo. do, ...... 20 00 211 00 1.s. .,. .,.0 ... 241 21'[4 211S I h d tt ,; M Delivered alace 8 446-lo.& Oblo. lfo. 40. iA..< ..... 20 oo 2!5 oo ...., ...,... "" IIW A"' .w IIWtt' 1t of .... a Commoa .............. ...... 19 00 20 00 18M ........... ll6,415 80,1'>98 2,101,n2 "' "" """" ,, July 1 186/i. 4,n9.. Brnif. oJ.r N h d GJ:NJ:BAL = 1 riS :r.s:a:e;;J>qr, ........ ................. ?0@ 1 OO Silly 4.-0 C lnf ell& tl 1862 8128 11s 121 .. Rappee, l>Nnch, ...................... 90 1 oo mand or pncea. We note the scarc1ty o su:-COMISSION MERrJIANTS ... .. me,l ... 1 ... 1' ..... ... Do. .......... ..... .!111 -911 ..._, t, f d lit th 'd 111 "' .. "" ... ,_.. ..., .. & &DJI l.llllc., do., bright, SOc. a $1; n g """ -= coming _in s lowly, the p-owers not emg Ora & Co 867 hbd& $ '!'fo. 58 BROAD 8TIIEBT, :Man ,....,..,..,,.. atisfied with present prices, and hesitating Watts, ne ., ; poundS, SOc. a $1; fine do., do., a 1.15; ... Mil .. YfA.D>I't> band & large assortment of U 111 AB.CHB.a.aAD.&., ... Mtn:Tell, Oaruth & Co 63. Barclay & Livmg. K t ky t t, one 4-16 VJ(jtl"'as to the best time to sell. Many dealer-s are ., en uc SIX WlS n ---------"""":-:-=---For Bale on liberal terms. 5-11 :I?B!t!D-EtPBl!, of the opinion that prices can not a ton, oo-; J H. Son, 2 ; L. Hilft'er, ST. LOUIS, July "J,-Receipta are cominr; -r W. E. SNoDDY, R S. G, HEINEKEN & p ALMORE, unless gold goes up agaiJ). We note sales of 6 ; W. H. Smith & Co., 11 ; J. T. in more freely. The m arket has been some-Loulsvllle, Ky. H. VE'J.'TERLEIN & SOBS, -450 cs. of various grades at the prices quoted 64 pkg,a; H. Schubert 64"hhds; Gail, Ax & what .unsteady; but to-day1 it closes SNODDY & BOWARD, .., "'"'"''tal!dtn--w EET below. '.Che sales made now are K., -17 pkgs; 8 Solomon, 118 and with .prices a trifle lower Sales at-ware-"'"' """ 7tl' 128 WATEB.-STB. hhds.; A. H. Cardozo & Co.,7; Vetterlem houses, 9'1libils ; rejected, 50 hhdS: Lugs Ql:DmtuiJI-hlU 1 2-24 TtHllt.. -:1-0win to &Son, 5; Classon & Co., 7; Ruete' s So n & are about 2c : lower than on Friday. 115 BROADWAY'U:!actwr.,.,.. g Co., ltl; Obert, Nanson & Co 9; Kunhardt :t.,:J .. J_ Le.c ia very quiet. FOB. mE SALE or A STEIN of the holidays, in adc\ition to causes & Co., 50 pkgs; T. Hoyt & CO':, 1; W. H. i/ better demand, at DV FLOnv Eto. viollily m e ntioned, businesa baa been. a little L & C 6 J H Wb'tl k, 25 pkgs. -.., TOBAOOO, OO'l'TO:R, PO..-, u..., NEW-YORK. h more slack than: usual. Soul!! yon o., ; I oc moder&ttl ptice s. Commissl' on Mere an, t, k h' h H. 13 hhds. p. Exports for the include 1 hhd..'.u)'su-xo. 'f1 BrOfld. GustAV !lmnDN. [5-17] GJ:o. W. PA.LllOBll. ----tobacco _is coming into mar et, W IC Conuanmenis from domestic ports ;.. Pi .,..., ll.. tends to lower the prices of all inferio r qual { rinam; h bxs. 6 cs. to st. : ett:l! ; _, fie"'W"'-YOra.. GEO" RGE s. HART, 197 D ane stree t From,&Jt.imore: LindheJm Bros.f 8 ""bales to Ba-l.l;'and 1 hhd., 4c U _iti s, and indirectly of othefl!. Only a very O&.n_l!bell &-Son, 103 hhds; J. T. Barns, 65 ........,24lb t' Q!J#UUUill-lOU !'tr.ehaldt (Bet.Greenwichand'Wubloe>&-el.l.,) smallpropMtion ofit, however, can be called pkgs;,F..unan & Co., 23_; R._L. M:a'Uand &cs. s., o. 8 lra ur&ct. ed. U -IS2 JOSEPH D. EVANS-; :POB. rHB !lA.L.-OF Leaf and llanufactured Tobacco, 81 Water Street, 2 14 NEWYOB.K. ARKENBURGH & BRYAN, 35 and 37 Broad St., 14-26 WM. AGNEW & SONS, Tobacco and Commission 2S4 and 286l1"ront Street, J'"O.II., IU.'VB OM B.U.Jl ALL DE8CRIPT10!iS OF leaf for Export and Home Use. :ro:a TIDI eALB oF 8_9und, and thns far we learn of merely a few Co. 1 k Son, 1 ; F. w, :Bec}f, r1 POBTL.AND, July 1., n ur m T b f1lr "'tc ,! .IN .1.1:1 W ..., ,u, \IV unimportant sales. .! Vi D 00. & V derroort, lower i and we qu.oba o s to 10 a, 0 acco' lJtl00S8, 11UI101 I ,J!I 'I From rrgmta.f u lll an 65 70c; tfi d ..... 55ca "60c commOD -Has coDII&anUy of Of1i.ves an.d sevens there ia none inmar .... et. 7 k ""'6 tea Ha t.-l-a Guthrie & c. a ; e ., 'Ill' e Pear""' an' cl'ftel Bri11-8t& """ d h1 1 r 6 w........., tln -'n.Vand ...t .. Me. IJ '1001 o. r.1. "6" <:oDJteeUea.t,_S&a&e ao 0 0 ,_, e-of ftne quality, are held firmly, and darroll, 107 hhdS ; 13 pkgs. For Boston, 95 vvc. NEW-YORK. laeeo wlilchWillbesoldlnquaatltlestollll'Parehalen ; .._..,..., ... ul 1 Leaf1sen-mad C 1H11Uf&$1U81'11 partloularly aa.le8 are-tare. Of f'tiferior grades there ill a pkgr, R. Irwin, 161.tes., 1'T hhds. ; C. Reed 1J Liberal Cash Advaaees e on on-.) I .. fullaupply, and some exceptional. sales have 4'T; c. F. OSborn(IJ 41 tes.; J. Macy'a Sona, Manufactured but '-16 signments. I 'liee n (iD&de below out' quOted rates, 2 hhda; 21S kega t 95 tea.... Wlth light sal es. 1i .L, L_ d tb d C .. 0 S r Exports, none. I :MUBREI.J,. OABUTH & 00., r r "' GBNER.&.I( J. T SULLIVAlf Cincinnati, 0 lloB'T IIAJIIL'rON, New;.york. SULLIVAN,'MURPHY & 00., TOBACCO ANDF ACTORS tltntral Jlltrthant51 No.103'Pearl Street, 1l9-.. Bnght alf" pounwt are scarce an e From Georgia and the aro ........ : a't 1 Th 'supply of l od. 'te ,. ..,.,L ._.,_ .. "' 10. T H .,.. & ..-.&.JlTII'mOBB", s ,. -e mand m era .D..lfk, '19 PKss; -en'"' 0 0: v iV&I'ylaBd 'Continues light; -but the Western _pounds are held atJirm Cd., hhds. sooa, and sal es are liiado pmes. C)hio since-the Southern stock has to Comparative statement of mterwr fa--active,. and we note of 400 totiOO hhds. sales bave l>een more rare. The pnces .and eoastwise, for the weeks ending for espor't to' .SpaiD; at ttl a $18 for common of the W markets can at,., .. .._ 1 n.. :'f':f: to medium leafY iKentucky quiet; be realized here. Some l ots. or light presaed _.tuly ....... ............ 64Z 1AU ..... anu: 11 urou. Near Jlallover Sqaue, NEW-YORK. Robt. MuiTell,-"l Jl. o Omllh. B. T. beipg & eri't West. 1 = ra::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::.: = lnspeeti0b8 this weeK, 289 hhds. Maryland, 14 'lt.t'll'W yanr We'revisequotationaforactualsalesofthe Juae & ....................... ..... 620 lOOISdo'. Ohio andlOOdo.Kentucky. Totai RZIC -'V"D.D. f.ll .............. .... ...... 1'm 4 ""'-._ aeveral kinds as o ows: 1 t Ma.r !18 .......... .... .... .... -r1S:9"4 bhds. l llll'oaia. Oleared, 1261 hhds. to 827 hhd& ill 'IJW{ --r ,. l I .a. J Olwr&Mfl. GoU.. I arrivals for the w eek 416 t 9 Tot.aJ2088 hhds t U in2 ceroons leaf, and 119 cs. cigars, Total Stook at date::-'"!a1,'tiSIS nhds. Lo.,.. 1 .. .... 1 7 0 1.,73 bal 1 f. d 18a cs. CJ .,....,._ Manufactured conti nues dull We notice KeclllllD l..,f,.. ... .. ... '" v es ea 1lll a-.., "v l b sal t a9od to Ane leal, ......... 16 12 @15 some arrivals of' Vtrgtm .. ; ut no es, as 1 Choice selectloos, ........ 23 28 16 @!10 Consignments from Havana. : li b d, t th d cis 'on of the tax D o Heny l eal 16 b 1 H Kni h t es m on awa1 mg e e 1 .. 'r@9 Schmidt & Ruperti, 1 aes g.., commis s ion er. Tbe bulkofitisoutofcon-U 1 ; 184-,46-1-8; 0 F0 Tag, 101j if_ The stock ofWestenr is faii-, but 20 @215 16 1 8 E. E: .Kelly & o.,5131L; E.. A poorly assorted. ......... 26 @80 111 2 339; J. B Posada, 16 ; m s m ALSO, Tobacco baled to order f()r Mexico and: .. West-Indies: Jo DAVID O'!lEILJ, & STERN, JONAS & CO., DE.ALER8 IN LEAF TOBACCO, 4 16 FOUIGN. AND DOMESTIC llllpOtteN llldl .lllllfaotliMK or-... <. 1 19 Malden lane, IBGABI. Ollio. 6 7 Co. 186 J H. 'Mazo...,.,. cs. cigars. K eller RI()JDJ:OND, .J-lJ' 4,-The tobacco mar-PaiOII. Interior to colDlDOD, .. .. .. ... 1 .,.., "' 1 d th BOth lt. d 84 hhd DAVID O'Nmu. WIWAK. :U. Brown and ................... = & Lin 1 Symington & So n, 7; F. DeBary, ket on e u an s. ----------------:--;Good and ftne red, .... .. ........ ti 20 gg, Abri 1 F w were m s p ecte d and sold at from *2i for infe-Lea' .Tobaaco baled in any packag!l by h y drau 1ic preas forexport. 14-62 No. 178 Water Street, 1U9 u 26 NIWYORK. ROB}'N80N. &. CARTH TOBACCO COIIPRESSED IN BAtES, ... Meroha.nts lciican, wost-InM;,mCentral fmcrican, IO:a 'I'D II6LII ow oAliD OTRJ:B )WID'l'8. Lea:f and Manufactured Tobacco. lr-18 BfYORL Allo; repaokti in hhcll. at i1Uirt aotlOe, hi c u-tJ.iltii & c .o., Ul5 Front Street, N. Y. lUll ESTABL'i&H'ED 1836. ALES OLD QUALITY lne yello.,.. and fancy, .. .. .. ........ 5 T G Suuth 2; E. A. ca, ag 900 B S&ema and ecr&lit, ............. .......... 8l @ 8 1. lt E tK ll & Co 55 R. M Lea rior lugs to $2'1' for good shipping l eaf. The Na1'1Jland -"'' ,. n er, 1 e Y ., Th 1 af -ii'illttS .nltttr.trS 'Blacl<'froeted, ... ..... .. .. ............ = :-: 1:1 vitt, 2 : F. Durand, 1 ; Poirier. & Co 1; G averag:t pe7 r : s. 1 err: "' H. Millington 6; J. Reira, 1; N. Weilbacker, ranged froll). .,lot to .,2 an e ugs m FOR SALE,' io 2 ; L E. 6; Purdy & Nicholas, 2; $91(1 hhd. only) to $8!. hhd. AID c H. Ber a, Co 1 Schwerin & Co. 'T of lugs went above $ 6. There IS nothing Dew IN .BOlfD OB. .DUTY P Wrappen, .... ........................ = :_ .. 1 0 bbls. a. a in the marke t at this date. The next -break -aelect,.. ... ... ........ .... ..... f @ 10 AMJoy a. ._ye, cs.1 cru a. ., 1 11 .m LOTS 1'0 IV1'I PVBCHADU, BY 16 @sa cs. ; J;.mnpton & Sen, 2. at pl.aoe July 6. ]i.pBEBT E. QLJ;.Y & CO., ............................ 11! o: Ialand : H. Becker & Oo., 287 n.-The market 1: Selfd, .......... .............. @ 8 roons. CODiinues exceedingly a.nd thtoDlr.aalos M Jlllen, ........................... -> ... G-@


2 we have to report are a hhds. good at 20c. 1 do. fine at 21k ; 5 boxes common leaf at 10c.; 1 do. at 12c.-; Mld 5 do .fine at ( 20c. per lb. Arrived since the 15th inst., 15 hhds. Cleared since the '15tb, none. Stock on the 22d inst., in warehouses and JlOt clear'ld, 669 hhds. FOREIGN. TOBACCO LEAF. eight pounds to each inhabitan" and in 1860 about fourteen pounds. The 11118ettled con dition of Kentucky since the commencement of tho .Jar, ...pth the loss of almost the entire crop in Virginia, have caused a great diminution in the supply of tobacco, and prices have advanced very rapidly. This has stimulated th6 cultivation of tobacco in the Northern States to at:! e;xtent wbieh it piece of paper large enoligh to bold the tobacco. We give here an example arrge4 as in the original : .... Best Tobacco. would never have attained in ordinalj' circumANAGRAM'. iJf To/'iaccf), by Isaac Hr.wkina :irown. It is a series of sli.IJIOOmS on this theme, written -ond HIIUrabl7 the style of six stances. The principal variety of tobacco I HoRII! no f ool the play and in the Northern States is the Connect-Friend, m11W\ 111o11e7 mykeepwou'dl icut seed-leaf. It is ordinarily grown f<>r Berore, had havel as differe th"ora, namely : (the lau reate), .Ph"i}lips, Thomson, Young, Po'pe, and Swift With the selection of one example we will take our leave of the Nicotian Muse. Tbi.J one waa, according o Ritsda, supplied to the seriet tJ Di-. Johu Hoadly. It is in imitation of Ambrose Phillips, himself the grea originator or burlesque in his 1 copy ot s!jfle of J Milton. Thus Phillips is supposeci a slow recoTery, with every needful comfort around him, Z. still felt a want of some"lhing, he knew not wh._t. To hit upon an indefinite restorative "10mething," was no easy feat. But oqe day the happy thought flashed on him that the something must be-a cigar. The experiment was tried with signal success, and a box of Havanas .. pleted the cure. Z. hassince rejoiced tbtit he was not tempt ed to try any "nervous debility" doctor s stuff. That and the doctor together might "have finished him long ago And he ad vises any OJ!.e who may be so tempted "to try a mild Havana first. Z. is now no slave to H.A. v .A.N.A., .:June 24.The arrivals of new t.:.l)!!t!!!U.!! ()!! !'. l!.mlW\1, and no sales have been made, a few lots ot Partido, lsts !Wd Oths at tl40 ; 6ths at $'10 a $80; 'Tths at $40 a f45, and Sths at $90 a $22}. The stock or new is estimated at about 510 bales of middling qualities, for which there are n; buyers at present. Of superior Vuelte a. small io.t bas lll'l1ved, but has not I F.dend, a and moneyboi.h I d 11 gar wrappHS, and the larger and the more Fell; me tr.m _quiteaway perfect the leaf, the more profitable is the Prlend, my hut money, my had I crop. For smoking or chewing it is an infe-Well, TerJ me pleaaa which Friend, my came mone7 Wlth length a' rior vat:iety. In fact it seems almost impos-Not. would I him lor sible to grow a good quality of :rrlend, m1 aad mouey m7 lost I "Prett7 tube of m ighty power of an Idle hour; Object ot my bot dntre, IJp of wax and eye or lire ; .ABd thy 800"1 aper walllt, ')VIth mJ fi.Dsera ge11tly brae'd; hd tltJ lcmly nelllng crett, Wllh m1 beDded at.pper preet; .ABd the 11!1HtfU blbl of blll8el, Breathing from lby balm)' k.loses ; Bapp1 thrice and thrice agen.Happltll\ be of lftN>py me11! { r -=:::j:b:iliacco. He can either smoke or refrain from smok ing; which last, on the majority of days, he Bu4 if the slightest touch of the old longing comes over him, he tbinks it no offered f'or sale. : For middling :and good to superior fillers there are still buyers for New-York. The business, however, for thi has been limited, being confined to middling qualities at $10 a $12 per qtl., because superiOr is very scarce. BRElllElf:, .:June I 'f.-The house of Carl Focke'a & Son, through their New York furnish us the followil)g report:. Since our last the tone our tobacco in the Northern States. It is found much Got, I wora but naugbi and ll'rlend, my of money m1 uk'd I more profttab!e to grow a large, tough leaf, Therefore; word hi& toot and suitable for cigar wrappers, than to attempt Friend, my to money myleut I to grow a smaller crop of better quality. 9' S tore, great Ilioth by Friend, a and mone7 both had I. 'D'ROPENING OF TliE TOBACCO KA&DT -rIlf RICIDIOND. very difficult ID8Y be solved .. f by beginnin at the end, e ,!'lld TnE most interesting commercial eveno o ,_ reading ea., ch '.ine backward when Yl e .pro;the week in Richmond, was the reiipening of the tobacco market' Jnne 30t)l, "at ceeds o.!, much worldly wisdom" will be !ilsult. ,, this riddle : 0 and brook's "-the only warehouse which e!oar-. F P ran a race; Q backed O, lwowi.Qg P. Whe, when again t.he nJaht returna, When agall1 the taper botas; Whe!J _.tQ the erioltellll&)'1 IJitle crickets full or plt.J; Can aft"onl hla tube to feed, With the fragrant Indian weed ; Pie-for a ncse..dblne. laeeute-Gf ti..l!o. -woald win. Wby wu this like goiJ?g into a market is a bette-r one; owners remain very or three years thia Warehouse r. h d ttin hort-:flrm, and buyers seem more willing to operas a Confederate hospital. Since appomt shop and ag an ge g B8 OO!mNtr11D.] ----< cut 1 "Because it was to back 0." ate, but they ckl not find suitable qualities. ment of the appurten&l\ces of the Here is a pmle on anyther : DDICIIUL VIRTUES OF TOBACCO. Several samples 10f the new crop arriT.ed per hospital have bGen removed and the sheds J TJJ of smoking steamer, and conl6rm again tbe very faTorable restond. to their origiiW uses as a place of "Th er ei SrJ 111 UllmaDn och t.lllo ut .&me, "' r un1versal as to nations, if not with individ-o, floUd lypu-Bll Shin; gh 1m el gH b(oun'a Ba(me; opialon 'w,hich we mentioned in our circular storage and sale of the great Virginia staple. o, Nea, Olea' win .. Gelmm, or, ralao; an dall!l,-; uals..:._sometimes makes us ask ourselves how as to the quality of new crop, and there is no "June 80th the first break since the war' Whll! ltTlm on -(Ioawateb) at Bor nu d-d le !", people miiii&SCd.. when tbeJ hacl no to!fcco doubt the ftrst arrivals of,new Olarkatook place, and public notice of the event Which is a moral apophthegm, a little de-to smoke. Yot Uie plant a ip\'ille will find eacer buyers, and probably a t having been given in adT&nce, there wa& ranged purJ,osely bythe printer, .8!1$1 wiD traduction. very good prices. The samples we saw are quite a large attendance old habitues read thus: J Nicoti&Jla. is a native of South lei18 fit for saucer purposes; but the 111m& are of the Tobacco Exchange-\he largest that .. Tbereis aluat In man no chain can tame, America, which its Spanish discoverers found fine and extra tine of lea( and good substanhas assembled in Richmond for two or three or Ioodly publlablnrlls neljrhhor"B aliame 1 growing abundantly in the Antilles, and tially, and will, we think, be readily taken by years. .It was a refi:eshing and encouraging Oa eaglea' wln1 tiound its way into Europe, generally, little b N 11 Whlllt Tlrtuous actions are bot born and die !" uyers for the orth an!} for Switzerland. sight_!Q see the old merchants-the se _, more than three hundre4,years ago. It had "We notesalesthisweekof104hhds. Ken-and ata gives some original laudatory been eultivMed by the Spaniards ill Ouba, tucky at 9f a 15 grt.; 26 do. at 8 a 9 grt.; lie mart, and resuming their former vocations rhymes, called the and by the Portuguese in Brazil, when Jean 95 do. at 10 grt. ; and 180 hhds .Maryland, with the spirit .and b1,1oyancy the resCONFESSION o .t. Nicot, king's adTOC&te, on a mission in Portu afloat per Gustav at lSi a 9t grt. ; 60 do. do. tora.qon of peace and the priy:ileges of unre-1 owe w or gal, first sent seeds to Catharine de .Medicis; at q, 81-a 1Qi grt. stricted commerce were so well calculated to Through B.!e the whole of my tuc:cen; whence 1ta i)lota.nical name which the plant Of Stem&, only 8 hhds. stripper were sold inspire. The only feature of this reunion With my cliar I am ease &iul retain"and its denomination of Herbe de t 4 th h h--.o th f uld t th Without, I'm dull u cloud1 aides.. -. a r., some ogs _..s ereo mo Y up that occasioned a feeling of regre was e When smoking, all mJicteaa eoar; 1a Reine," by which it was known for a con-to sound brpwn leafy. Leafy prawn sound presenc; of some .of. the. prominent buyers of When not, they alnk upon the siderable time. But almost every one en stripper stems would be paid up to 5 thr., .the 11w whose r : uin.ous losses l;ly the great The greatestmenht.veallleeD am.okert, gaged in its early spread endeavored to im-but all mouldy quality is very depressed, at .,_ lied lb b observers of ADd 10 were all t.he greakst Jokers. =" compe .. e mere Theu ye who'd bid adleu te cue; mortalize themselves through its agency. low prices of, say 8 to 3l thr. Manufactured this trade reTiyal, instead of competitors for Come here aud omoke It lat.o alrl It is to tobacco s supposed medicinal vir stems are dull of sale. th 1r. e o enngs. Many of these papers are "adorned with' tues, and not to its employment pastime, "Sud-lea.f..,.....()ld stocks in first and second "The number of hogslie&ds inspected and cuts, that must have done senice tgr very that this flattering reception must be attribbands, about 10,000 cases or more; of new offered for sale :W!l$ thirty-f'our, embracing many years. One, engraved about 1780, 'reputed. Fagon, Louis the Fourteenth's Connecticut, abo"Ut 800 caaes are here and. on 1 and 1--'" Be.r.-.commenc1'ng the sale, b "If ugs .,.... '"" resents the three_ modes of using tobacco, 1w phJSician, wrote of it (in Latin) t W!: the way from NetW-York. We find q:ualCaptain Sheppard made a short speech to the chewing, and snuffing, sometimes tobacco be used with judgment and modera-ity of new Connecticut nry satisfactol)'", but crowd, them upon the favorexhibited in painted signs over tobacconists' tion it may justly claim the precedence of all all samples we saw h not worked yet. able auspices under which the sale of tobaeco_. d d to Th t ... It like doom, as already allu e eee -cu s were other remawt8. appeases, We think we can recommend the new Co.nwas resumed, etc. :The bidding was spirited, printed in the centre of various-sized papers, wise by its sulphur, excrnci&ting 'pain of the necticut for if prices do not .rule and the prices obtained were considered satisand nsed to envelope the weed. teeth. It bas even the qualities of Homer's toohighforwrappe; factoryinviewoftthrpresentconditionofthe The sailor's lon for tobacco has" always nepenthes; forit makesusforget the cares "We quote for fine ...,.,...pers 23 a 26 -, k t mhe pn'nCJ"pal buyer was the -r !!>money mar e been steady and excessive. It is amost im-of life, renders us happy in extreme poverty, medium wrappers, 16 a 20 grt. ; &tid fill en, agent of-tbe French sovernment. A leading portant item in navy estimates, and :One of the carries along with It, into our veins, the most & grt." speculator also bought fteely. Only a few "greatest necessities" in Jack's estimation; fiattering hope, eai!es our mind, and even 0. ..._ <---\-4-!'--+ -=--.. ....... Vicl.u&ls." -A LtGE and well-printed volume, contain ing the returns of the agricalt _ure of the Uni ted St4tes in 1860, compiled from the original returns of the eighth census, under the direc tion of the secretary of the interior, by J o seph C. G. Kennedy, superintendent of cen sus, has laiely appeared the government printing offtee in. Washington. The details and exhibits are so immense as to have re quired nearly fouu-years in their compilation and methodical in their complete form. .very inferior lugs), to $2'l. fol' one hogshead for eir pipe, if the two could not be whence the name of our pretty fl fin h mdulged m. the ....+ h approximating to e s ippiDg-the whole ers, l""!unJ.&S, w o are cousms-german, 1 f thirty-four hogsheads aTeraging about $18.10 his Parallel between .Magllanot half-brothers, to tobacco. But what did per 100 lbs.-the leaf ranging from $10! to Mli, (1 7 51), declares of the latter, the Old World people do when cigars $27, and the lugs from $2t (the only hogshead who was a poor Buckinghamshire tailor, shag were alike unkno"lfn P Were our un under .6) to he _has past many and many whole smoking ancestor& weaker, duller, less ''Notwithstanding the great precautions m this and the former year, without than their posterity of unceasing smokers? taken by Monsieur Paul, the French Consul water tobacco." The Can a drug, an indulgence, a luxury, a sedain this cit.,., eiuht hundred and twenhr.five sailor's devotion to tobacco IS amusingly illustive with which Europe Asia, d .. ....., -' -., J trated b th li no 1 I J an .lUI"Ica of the tobacco belongmg to his Y e -0 etter ftom a uncomplainingly dispensed from the begingovernment W!l1"8 burned in the Dannport volume entitled (1884 ) : mng of the world up to .t. D. 1570, or therewarehouSe. Four thouaand fiTe hundred "GunsEND, March 24, 1818. abouts, be really necessary for our physical UJUTBD hogsheads stored in other warehouses were DEAR :BROTHER ToM : welfare ? &&Ted, and are now being shipped for Havre. "This comes hopein to find you in. good The question is natural; but, if urged as TOBCCG-POUNDS PRODUCED IN TJIB 11T.A. TB8 lN 1860. Biola. Potltl44. ___,.... ,ell !lew-Tort,...... li,7111,58t .Art-,.. .. 88t,1180 North O.OIIna,. 8t,8l!8 !68 California, .. 8,1011 Ohio,.... .. .. .. 16,092 CoDDeeticut, .. 8,008,188 Oret!on..... '4811 Delarlware,...... .,..!IW 8,181,1186 lo da,. . v--,8111 Rllod4t lllud,... 7011 Oeorala. ...... 9illl,&181 Sooth OuoiiDa,. IlllnolP,:........ 4.1R,MB TeDD-,. ... :: 48,..S.ttT Indiana,.. .. I U81l,AIT8 TuM, ...... 87,9U Iowa,........... "808.1$8 Vermo11t,....... Ii,l41i Kanau,..... ... !IO,Mt Vlralnla, :tu,oss;sJs ..... Wloc:onaln, .. :... 87 840 Jl&lne,. 1 ,:::::: 1,1188 Total, ........ ltlar71aDo,: ..... 88,41a,Hii .. Dk.orOalumlli.. 16900 1141cblpn, ..... ltll,ott Dakolah, .. """ 10 KIDD-1.. sa..-N....... 381111 Mlul8elpp.,...... li!Q.141 N' .... .. 7'044 Jllaourl, .. ..... llli,081fl8B. Wubias&oU,::::: 1& New-Bampoblre, 181581 New.,_,,..... 14i)iG Total,...... .. tli 900 ggreple, ... ............................ The Wheeler left this port for Haue, June 28, health as it leayes me safe anckor'd here yes-an objection to tobacco, might be applied having on board oae qundred and fifty .hogs-4 P.:v., alter a pleasant voyage, tolwith eqti'al reason to many other articles of heads of' this tobacco." erable short, and a f'ew' squalls. Dear Tom, daily consumption-to every medicinal or hopes to find old father stout, and am alimentary discovery. Wine is ancient but quite out of pigtail Sights of pigtail at alcohol and its modifications, brandy, TOBACCO IJr BlJBOP.E. G;raveeend, but unfortinly not fit for a dog to key, rum, and gja, are modern. So, too, are (OcftHMud.) chor. _Dear Toll!, captain's boy will brlng tea and coffee. It might be argued that, if TOBAcco P APBRS-A SAILOR's LEftBR, ETC. you thiS, put in pocket when jfe&t majority. of' existing nations haTe J sin to blow a, small clouQ. r The tobacco question is of sufficient im portance to deserve ca1m and serious consid eration. If tobacco have now intemperate devotees, at the outset it had as intemperate enemies. Snuffing w!'S the form. f tpbacco taking which seems to have excited the greatest aversion. The Sultan Mahomet the Fourth, of all people in the world, prohibited it in hia d&mioions under pain of deat'b. Tb!l Grand Duke of Muscovy ( Russia was then what it is now} pitilessly bung every wretch wl_lo was caught in the aet T.he King of Persia commuted punishment to ib,a 1Jil.der ;nalty. of off snuWera' neaes. Juea-the First of BDgJAad and Christian the Fourth or Denmark COD tented themselns with infl.ieting money flnes, for simple whippings. Pope Urban the Eighth issued a bull excommunicating people who should indulge in snuft' taking in church. Different stories are also told of people who had so dried up their btams by taking snuW, that, after death, a little black lump was all that was found l'llmaining in their skull. In those days there ware four ways of using tobacco, three only of which have survived to us : in powder, up the nose, as snuff; by smoking in a pipe ; by chewing ; and lastly in long"-plugs (lilie miniature cigars ) stuffed up the noatrils, and. kept there, with, it was believed, vezy _salutary effect. Slome even 1 slept with their nostrils so garnished, but it was found to produce nausea in the morning. The French "chiquer," to chew tobilcco, and chique," a quid, are evidently abbreviations from "maehieatoire," a jaw-piece. From what root has our '' quid sprouted?, There has recently been made an almost simultaneous onslaught against tobacco smoking. M. Jolly, member of the Imperial Academy o( Medicine, entertained his col leagues, last February, with papers which gave no quarter to the weed. He 4etermined to make an impression ; and be made it ; for halt measures and faint blame, inParis, gain but few disciples. A plant at once stinking, acrid, and poisonous; which equally disgusts us by its taste and its smell; which causes giddi ne88, nausea, vomiting. and intoxication in persons who come in contact with it for the first _time j a p]ant which eventually to habituate themselves io its use ; a plant :which, on account of its' venomous qualities, ought to be kept under lock and key in the druggist's shop ; tobacco, in !Jhort, the legacy which a nation of savages bequeathed to their conquerors ; tobacco-which the French of the nineteenth century have selected to occupy their leisure and charm away their ennuis, to perfume their streets, their promenades, their drawingr00Jil8, nay, even their nuptial couoh -such is the repulsive subject which. M. Jolly devotes himself to elucidate. CHICAGO ADVERTISEME-NTS. Eagle Tobacco. Works. BOTHSOHILD & ADLER, JU,NUI'ACI'U'II.ERS OJ' Plug Tobacco, AND WHOLESALE DlliALJ:RS IN uar, gnt, smow _Tollacco & C!iars, 69 South Street, 181! CJncd.Go. C. B. HEARTY>, .io MA N UF ACTURER, 1 86 C:H:J:CAGO. <. 'Eclipse Tobacco Work. VAN HORN, MURRAY & CO., -I ..... Tobacco Manufacturers, lfos. 37 & 39 B. .,BICAGO. ST. LOUIS ADVERTISEMENTS. DAlfEBON, BBOTJIEBS & 00 .. BUCCESSORS TO NA.NSON, DAMJ:RON & 00., Tobacco Pacto:rs, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. 166 lf. Becondllt., cor. &reen-at., 191 ST. LOUIS. Orders Filled Jor all Kinds of Manufactured and Leaf TOBACCO, BT EDWARD B. BOOTH, 25 NORTH IIECO:N"D ST., 19 St. Louis. M01. R M. Superintendent Tobacco Warehouse, Cor. Sixth-at. & Washington-av., 199 ST. LOUIS, MO. EDWARD F. MULLEN, BUOOESBOR TOT. & E.I!IIULLEN, Tobacco Dealer, NO. 1M J(OBTR ][I.Ilf STUBT, wm f&A.'IIIT LOUIS_. ll:ftp C'mMf!f"IUPJII7 Of .AU Dtknpflom qf' 7)). baooo; aleo, Lloorloe Pate. Leaf Tobaoco Pur.. chased and Bold on Commialion. 188 L. A. DIETERIOHS & BBOS., Tobacco anufactnrers, SS l'lf. 8t., bet". Pine &() .. 8'1'. LOUIS, MO. MULLEN l DIETERICHS. WESTERN TOBAOOO AGENCY, Nt. Us. W......_, eor. Wallul-n., CHICAGO. E. ll'. H'IILLD, } Conaicnments Beapeoot. O. W Dlat'IWCBS. fUlly Solicited. WILLIAM L. AUSTIN, BROKER Ilf llL JUiros o:r Leaf Tobacco, ST.ILOUIS,'IIIO. Orders solicited and promptl.7 filled. 16-4 .I.NDUW XUiliU.Y. B. B. Q&IUL. -T Ull. .A.NDREW MUBB.A. Y & ()0.'8 TOBACCO WORKS. lllanutac:Curen and Dealen In all deacrlptlo111 or The am9unt of tobacco raised in the States and 1850 waa 199,752,665 lbs.; and in 1860, 484,009,461 lbs., showing an in crease of nearly 220 per cent. Of this amount Yirginia. produced in 1860 128,96&,312 poundls, and Kentucky 108 l.i6: IN the early days of tobacco, we laave seen bort: Best 1D London at Boy in lived f'or agee, happily and healthily, without thaf the apothecary was its salesman ; after 7 diles, where go acks for -best pigtail-' tea, coffee, toddy, or punch, therefore those that the tobaceoniat combined other trades pound a pigtail will do; and am short of beverages are so many unnecessary extras with his own. He sold Jiqnors, as is prond shirts. Dear Tom, as for shirts, only took We need, howenr, no learned professor to by the engraving from Brathwait's book, and t")To, whereof one is quite wored out, .and cOnvince us that s"ch is not the case. We 'later-be de< in grocery. Thus the shop-bill most; but don't forget the pigtail, as feel that tea and coffee are great blessings of Benjamin Parkes at Worcester (temp. Geo, I am't had a quid to chor never since Thurs-tea as we use it, not mixing it, like I.) informs us that he manufactures all sorts Dear Tom, 88 for shirts, your size the : with sl)iri We alsO, as a genof tobaccos and snuffs ; likewise sclJs coffee, will do; only)onger. _I likes um Jong-get eral rule, coQfine coffee to its proper U!1.4!.; tease, -chocolate, lump sugar, and hosiery ope at ?est at Tower-hill, IL!)d making one stimulant, as the French do the goods, wholesale and retail." London dealers be. to go to 'l diles for vehicle of another, brandy. There are occa had. the same ge,neral trade one of the best the at the .Black Boy, and, Dear Tom, sions, too (as after a wetting strong of the era, Wimble & acks .for best &lld let it be emotion, severe fali!Ple," profuse '-loss of street, "sell all sorts of snuffs, tobac;eos, teas, the pigtail in blood), when a small dose of spirit may avert flour of mustard, and Cayenne peppers, whole-his pocket; be likes pigtail, so ty it up. disease or even death. Before tea and coffee Bale and retail" Many of these shop-bills Dear Tom, shall be up about there were, some other drink had to be taken at The greatest quantity of tobacco per bead is consumed in the departments Nord and Pas-de-Calais. In the provinces of Brittany and Limousin, smoking is practiced only insignificant proportions. Taking the whole population of smokers, they consume, per head, some seventeen or eighteen pounds tobacco ann_ually which, according to chemical analysis, is equivalent to fifty or aixty grammes of nicotine per head ; that is to say, more than would kill a squadron of mounted cav alry who won.l..d prefer to measure their strength with tobacco instead the enemy. Moreover, M. Jolly insists tobacco stunts tho growth oi its votaries, and will end by anni hilating the whole FreDch natiOn. But if for the lat eighty ..Years. and more, sent her fi1.1est men to the butcheey, keep ing !9e puniest at home to become fathers of' families, is not that a reason why the average stature of Frenchmen should be lowered P And were the Zouans in the Crimean and-ltalia"D wars worse soldiers than C .hewing a.nd Smoking Tobaccos, -Oli'l'IOII, NO. 8'7IN01!.TR l.nE'C, I!T. LOUIS, MO. Bou!CD8-Jlne Cu\ Tobacc<>---'Zealtb, Best, B:ltra, Raleigh. Leader; :rlne Cut" Bmottng Tobacco-Long Oat, Laclede, Spanlah Mixed, Louis MUd, Bcarfalattl KJIMOIUIIIOI< 8tU.IIDS-Pe&C5 840 peiUids. -In otlhar words, these two States produoed in l860 more' half the tobacco ' the United s ' In 1850 V.iiginia raised 56,Soi;22'l pounda, and Kentucky 55, 501,196 pounds, or 112,304,.428 pounds tog.ether. J!l other words, in 1850, of a total product o of :Jess than two hundred millions of pounds in the States and Territories, these twQ States. pro duced over one hundred and twelvemillions. It will be seen, too, that the inc:rease i; the crop of tobacco in these two States since .lSOO is over 100 per which, the magnitude of the crop of 1850, is very re markable. are and Cllrefully engraved, and or. thereabouts. Not so pert1cular for the morning lDeal. have furnished us with a few curiollS cuts for shirt, as the present can be washed, but. What makes smoking appear to non-smok our vplume. don't forget the pigtail without fail. So am 'era so utterly superftuous a waste of money Their tobacco it is to be hoped was of loving brother, T. P. is, that the smoke inhaled has not the sligilt: better quality poetry: here is "P.S.-Don't forget the pigtail." est to be nutritious. Tea, coffee, sample from a bill of Von der Heyde in BerScattered in the magazine literature of the and it_ is th_ought, may a little mondsey -street, 1760, representing the dealer last century are some good specimens of wbat nounsbment m way ; smoking IS an inr offering two boxes : lovers of the can do in the way of dulgence, &lld nothlng mere. .Are ibe other "Bere'a two jou think rlst>t, Thyme. One of the most whimsical of these three tfeTer taken as indulgences? 'l'oflacco l'h&oae'a te Emoall: 1 the atber's to clear tile tlpt; effusions occurs in. the Gentlemtvn,' 8 Hagaeine certainly can be abused; and so can any l ,do declare tl!ey're both the very but; for February, 18q7' ; and is as follows: ]' thing else Balzac shorttned. his life by the Tl!en Pl'llf coiiCeJs I'm the TObaeeoaiat." immoderate USe of coffee by night, which In. 1860 the of tobacco raiE;ed in Such rhymes were frequent1y print:ed on CHOOSING-A WIF,I'; BY ..,_ PIPE or TOBAcCo. hastened and heart-disease. It is New-England was less than one and a half tobacco-papers, which occasionally exhiliite a "Tulle, I love thee 1111 my ure; milli d h 1 By thee I niun:tO: a wl(e._ possible, then, that tobacco, properly used, on poun s, w 1 em 1860 it was over nine an enigm ... puzzle, charade, "or th" am:u_ sd. d --. .. Tube,tbyflOiorletmellnd mayhaveitsattendantadvantages. Thein-an a qua.rter millions-an increase of over ment of the customer-a custom that can be In herskiau d hi. her mind. five hundred per cent. New-York traced aa far back as the middle of the T Let her have a BMJ>, which cinchona brancheS were steeped; and ree-ourt m_ 19_0 P .ounds in 1860.. But his willin.,mess to sell "at a much 11end-ibi:m. th.!>Y ()JlqM to qo ..,.:& A 'In' ... littl tob d small-pox convale,sents to beg for pots of .P.&.NY, LlltiiTED, .a..&w ... -S, e IS talse on the Pacific coast, rate than they can be purchased of the French porter, may be also the m" fluence whic" has and it has eas d t "fl J "' -.., Purpoee opelllng their New WarehoDHII In GREENOCK li1lf. Beooad st. "bet. l'iJJe ouve, mer e a mere n e smce 1850: and Spanish priests, and yet will be warrant-Such aa thine ber charming pcwel' sometimes. caused tobacco to gravitate toward STREET, PAISLY-1\TRDT, and ROBERT-STREET North, In th"ell"e is an actual decreMe, ed to be of the same advantag;e to the posIn theT.t.eanteoclal !l.our -human lips. Take a case wbieh "ill authentic. lmmedlalely oppoalte tlro'l'rlD<:o'l{ Dc!l:lli'L1VBRPOOL, on ST. LOUIS, JWO. which IS true of no other except Florida. sessors.'' This fashion or giving > something Let her live to give dellgbl, :ol Z. had D!J:Ver .smoked, except once or twice, !=be read)' to recetve coD8lsnments of TobaeM wUI ilnrud The retur:ns -that tobacco is raised in literary" on tobacco-papers 'Was very custOm.. .. ; .. m< as a boyish bravado, which ... niade 'bim sick. o an every State and m all the Territories except ary about twenty years ago, and embraced a Moun\ ae lnceuae"' t.he eklea." Whe'n11bout forty yeal's of age, z. had serious (of the ftrm of Cope Bro .. .t;Co.,) .ltl.&IIJdlDIQDIUOToa. 11lnhl815SO the amount of tobacco variety of topics: they were printed One of the best and most curious effusions troubles and afflictions, fiollowed by an I'll-. 8P.IICJ.AL A'l"fJbi'rJON gtven t.o a&Jea of Leal Tobaooo raise m a t tate d T "t B'-11nol all tlmla of. Couo1ry Produce. e s an em ones was within a "type-border," in the centre of a which tobacco smoke has inspired is the Pipe ness which nearly cost him his life. During ..,i!lrMWlU in .NewE Morrloon .t 00 Aarllcul&r aUentlon given to the purchaee or Lear ToBroad-atreel. 17 -20 for Manutacturen and d ealenon or<1er. (181) J t L l 1 l


u. THE TOBACCO LEAJ:i1 MAYER .BROTHERS, D. W. XING, DIHJIX.U, IUJiliJ'J.CI;:ua ..LJID DBllllll IN IU.NVJ'J.m't7RliBS OJ'DOlllisTIC J.IU> liiPORftllll OJ'DJ.V J.XJ. t AGENT, I-Iavana and 1c S E G A R S c I G A R .liDw.otaJ.LWMJ.LDIIN Seedleaf,....,.,,.ero, Sault"., Pi-. s, ete., I All Kinds of Smokers' Articles, ROBERT BUBJJB & PVPJ' c-...... 184 STATE STREET, No. 11s CDBTJJ1J'f-BTBDT, PJnx.aT., IaA.B. nnr-aT., 'No: a4 South cayst: FRICK & BALL, .lGE!iTII FOR S.UE OJ' sT. LOVIs. 0 1'7-29 Louisville. Ky. H rtfi d C FJU. FRI All orders for manutacturlllppeclal brands of tobacco 12-M a or onn. 11-23 IIAI.TIMoaa, MD. p ATVV"TED promptJy 182 J S. WILLETT' H L ..; w GUNTHER, Y -.. FEB. 7, 186ij, (), Pl118, Wlll. P. OT'I'L P u & Tobacco Manufacturer, DE.UERS IN cai!IERAL T B A 0 c 0 OONNEC'l'ICUT Comrm'ss'o ,,. h t U LOUISVILLE, KY. 1 n .w.ero an .lXD DUJ.DII Dl .lNJ) Cigm, 81108', Pipes, aid Smoking Tobw, No.106 Third-at., bet. ViDe& Loouat ST. L0111:8, 1'11:0. BRANDS: Seedleaf Tobacco, No. Thl Pipe harinlr an taaproved 111etal Water-BOck.e&, w-UT 1te tound to be &he bet SDlokln&" Pipe Cor the Collowlpc reaon: 1.-Tbe beliig detachable, can eaally be cleaned when,r. LEWIS BREMER & SONS, DBALIIRS IN ann Jltanufaduren :obttmr, SEGA,BS, SNUFF, &c., N. Third-s-tree-t, Between Wood and Callowhill, LEWIS BREMER. BREMER, PBiLAlHiLPBiA. T-1t A. M. FRECKlE, llllPORTXR AND JUNU:I'AQTURER 01!' Domestic and Havana' Cigars, AND D:EA.LER IN Leaf lie., &c. ARCH-STREET, Our principal Brande are-Bldorado, II ln. Nat. Leaf; Leaf, 9 lm.J.BaD&Da Fig; DliLJIIlll( ALL s North IANUFACTURED AND LEAF TOBACCO PBIJ..&DEJ.J."BU, &r .!gem tor the oale or 11&rne7, GieeD .t:

... 4 TBE TOBACCO LEAF. A. H. VAN (EsTABLIBHED 1TT6.) r H. IIICELE &I SOWS, HRS.. G. B. & CO., 36 BROADWAY, Wx. E. LA wuNca,, GzoaOLB. lltOUJI, EDWD. N. WWBUC:.C. ltro DALUS I1C E. ROSENWALD I BROTHER, DULIIB Ul Connecticut Seed Leaf 1 Tobaoco, .llfD r ')4J Domestic Segars, 195 Pearl-st.,,(upstalrs, ) near llaiden-llhle, 9-91> NEW-YOBX. -_: --x:. SNUFF AND TOBACCO Segars, Pipes, Snuff, Ping r n. 8..\LE 18, 18, !til so 8-u JI'EW.:.l'l"o:R.K. M.ANUFACTOKY ANI) SALESROOM: I v :NOs. 75, 77, and 79 Avenue D,_-14-65 lfew York City. ARTHUR GILLENDER & CO., E. M. CRAWFORD & CO soooaaoas ro JOHN ANDERSON & CO., 114, 116, ud 117 121 Cedar-street, Arthur Glllencter, Napoleon B Kuku ck, Josep h W. Gray, 14-89 Joaeph L. B. IMPOBTEIIS AND DE.I.LEIIS IN ..l.tL KINDS 01' L:m.AF TO.B.::A..OO"O, 121 and 123 Front Street: 11:. M. OU: IfFOIID, t ORK ., D. Fnav, Ja. f 14-26 Y 0 I !To. 8 North r.n:Lra.l5t;, Nos. 51, and 53 ... 5-17 St., Boston. Au b, Seligsberg & Co., -Ofrdi. :SO -Ct.; LEJl.ERMAN BROTHERS, 6-10 R. S. liiPORUR.OI' -.. LIIF TOBACCO KAUFMANN ]ROS & BONDY lMI'ORTERS OF FINE MEEIRSOHA.ltM: .AND .liCeerc:IIGtlm a,, .... .,._.,. Pipu, IJega,,.._c.ue.,, Boc;;u Btcbber ........ 2W1acoo PoijMU1 .liCiitc A Safe., r --&-A,. .h, d;c'D tlf 'li'QRAeeQ!e D _jLL OTIIllB &OKIRS' ARTiCLIB, 51 Maiden Lane,UP NE'W-:l(BK, IIIPOli.TBBS OF :Moorschanm & Briarwood 67 :MAJDEl!t LA.JI'E, -8 me:. .A. 8 .NBWYOBK. i-lS TmlAJCtC0 llmKEl ltS --_ --1 No 2l. Cedar CITY OF NEW-YORK: 79 Wall,Street. 14-26 W:M. DEMUTH & CO., Fup FisomcR.. TISQHER & ]j.ODEW ALD, I m 11 k t r -' r t.i t l t SJ t Seed-leaf Tobacco Inspection. W A.B.EBOtJSES, lf01. 8'1, 89, 74, '16, and '18 Greenwich street, and 92 Barclay street. Toba.oco Inspeoted or,led, -J. G. !\lOSES. D.BIRSOH. Impnrted TOllACC, Q', J Cerlifi pates give n f o r e very case, and deDYered case JW -, as t.o ;nUDlber of cer tifi cate MOSES & HIRSCH, M ANUFACTURERS OF .( ... 183 PEABL -STREET, ., S. BEBliSTElN, and Domestic SEGARS, No. I 02 Pearl-s-tree-t, [(Near HanoveHqU&N, ) -21 N.Y. UM'UD STATES INTERNAL REVENUE. unde rsigned havfng a practical knowl ed g e and oon elderabl e experlcnoee In thll INTERNAL REVENUE BUSINESS; Baa a s sociate d himself wlt.b 'an e mln en t of the liar (late an 0111eer In tlill dep artment a t W asblngto n), and will PT tbel.r exolooalve a t tentio n to the AdjuiJ&JDen& of'Erron- Taxation-, Alll-8 aRmenu, (JlaJ.JD, Pines, Selznre, eonu_ee-&ed 9 21 .-ah &he aev.enne Department. LEWIS SYLVESTER, 131 l'llaiden-lane. GE10RGE WICKE, SE&lR -(Superior & Quality,) No. 116 Wlllett-.treet, 11 23 ftiWYORK. J. L. GASSERT & BROTHER, DftURB I N Le. afTobacco, I NO. 157 :aowm:tY, 9-21 NEW-YORK. REISMAlfN & KAPPES, Dealers MERCHANTS Ill ALL llJ:lQ)S O:r JUd 119 PearHt., ht. Pille 5-1'7 NEWYOltK. ADAMS & OSBORNE, 48 Beave-r Stre if' (2-14) NEW-YORK. Havana and Oermap. Segars in' Bond BURlfS, ;J?UFP". .AND OTHEB BRA.NDS O F SEGAR$. Regalia. Breta.nioa, Imperia.les, Regalia. de Londres, Regalia Reyna., Rega1ita, -Ooncha.s, Lotidi.'ea de Oorte, Operas, etc., etc. For sale b:y the sole Manufacture:,: JOHN STR'AITON, WM. H. GOODWIN & CO., IU.lltll'J.OTIIURS OJ' FI5 Il-OIJY T obacco,-snuff & cigars, .um DUiaS nt .ALL imlils ., flag r 2wt:'& 'l-19 T i tliW Hill. BJlBG 0 ._, St. Petersburg SegarS tore, 4Z9 BROADWAY, Manufacturers a.nd Importers of Patent Ciga.r ettea, Amber and M eerschaum Pipea m Great Variety, WHOLESALE A.ND BET..UL Factory 9 t, ". a A. iJ". CRAWFORD & CQ., IU.Jiltl P .A.CTU!IIIaS .I.N D WBOLitS.A.Llii DLI.LllBS nr Segars; Leaf, flug, AJ (., ..i ---TOBACCO. BALTUilORE 'TOBAtCO WOJI(S. F W B E O K & c o 8VOCIIISOB8 TO BECK & BACHMANN (late ot Bal timore ,) JOHN JlcC.AFFIL & CO., SEGARS, SNUFFS, AND ALL JtliiDI..Of LEAF Also Importers a.nci Dealue in French, Genna.n.._ Bruyere Rosewood, and India.Rubber Pipes, -No. Green-wich Street.(Between Fulton and Dey,) r 8-1 5 New-York. HIRSCHHORN & CO., Domestlo and (S nccet!IIOr S t o G. Sc&OTT & SoN.1 ) TOBACCONISTS, Ne. 1715 Washington Street, B etween Cort l a ndt and Dey S t s., NEW YORK. SOLE MANUFACTURERS .OF THE Gold Medal and Knitkerboeker Chewin! SEITZ & 00-. DB..I.LJD18 1lf LEAF TOBACCO AND TOBACCO M:A.NUFlCTURERS, Peart.&tre :R'o. 44 ... Vesey Street : -. 1412 HIW-l' -9-lUt. s-1 5 NEW-'R.K.' SAWYER, WALLACE & OO., .J su s N.0. 349 f:J.p-eet_ 11 IIIWYOM. 1(-2& 8-15 No. 2 Hanover Building, .. ... Hanover Square, L. KELLNER, 91 William Street, I N 14-26 DOMESTIC I, Jig !"t J & D S C H W A E Z .. y J ... -D EALERS IN ALL KINDS Ol-; SMOKING TOBACCOS, BHOW. Rtc., 2 8 ancl 3 0 Street. POGGE:WBUBG, IIIU!t80HAUM AXIl AMiltl tKOAJl Mat. .L.-...!. J Between Avenues A and:; .-N E W Y 0 RK. Segar. CUM, Tobacco Bo-, 8afe11 Tobacco !'ouches, Pipe ltoJU, A large t.BIIortmeut of aecond -ht.n d.. S egar-Boxet In eTel'Y._ lJra nd.. lUbbous nery color constalltly o n hand.. 8-15 TOBACCOftiSTS' ARTICLES, SALOMON & ELKINS, 46 LibeityStreMt (up IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC. X.. R E-SOHE i R DliALD n r I!BAJ'l-'I' e '(:-e. "v 143 W lilker-Street, IMPORTED HAYANA SEGARS, NEWYOBK. Meerschaum and Briar Pipes, 6-1 8 AND BRO'S : WHOLB!!ALB ANll D IIALmlll IN -r-... .All kinds o f 'Plug, Flne-cnt, S mokln'f and Chewing Tobacoo. Also, a. large assortme n t o Leaf T o bacco constantly on hjlnd.. l!f" C


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