The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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v. : ill. ; 36 cm.


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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-Organ oF. tl1e TrlJtle of. the .., .. r 1 J .u i Jt u ..... -C. PFIRSHiliG, PUBLISliER1 t No. J42 Fulton Street. } WEEKLY Vol. 1. SATURDAY, AUGUST 5 1865. -G. W. GAIL AX. G. W. GAIL&AX, M.I.:-fmpomn of a.,dH"Hht Pipes, Snuff-60xes, etc., NO. 28 Baltimore, Md. IF" G.m., li.x & Kucllr.m, Nos. 1'1'3 ,-and 175 blew-York. 11-413 DE FORD, THAYER & CO'., ,Commission JMerchants,_ ..L'\I'D DEALERS IN Ma!UifllobirM and Leaf Tobacco, s.g .... &e., ., W .A.TERSTREET, NewYorll:.. ":: m-U.S. Bonderl Warehouse:8id District, New-Ytrk:. 8h1ppers can forward us their goods Uf DONO," without prepayment or the exctse tax. 10-2 2 WATTe, GIVBIFi1fU&. WAT'l'll & Co., a7 Water Street,. Cornelius Du' Bois, } B. VandeL-voort, U'l><;W v ..n.R'If' C los A. Butler. i4-26 s., lJii \/' <0.1 S.PENCER BROTllEB.S, ?Jo?nllnt4dtbn/ D-EALEBS IN SEGAR-S, T. .&.liD SHIPPING FURS, $c. '!5 Jtaitlen !l'cciu;J : T. H. SPENCER, } I. L. C C. SPENCER. (14-26) itUJIOrk. K C.A:RDOZO & CO., TOBACCO '---, No. 169l'ront A. :Et. OAi!DOzo, } C. H. All tu tral No. 24 Broad 0. K.Ku"i'G, t TBOS. J., T!IE O J. Dl: SABLA: NEW-,YORKL 115-53 Agents in o & John !( Branntn. 4-'ID .J pBBE.RS OF LEAF TOBAC.CD, No. 170 'tater.,treet, New-Orlea.u, La. BROWN, Dtn!K,I:R..OOJI & Co., W, C. WAI'TS & Co., Particular attention paig to the 11ale of other H. SMITH 14-02 Weetein Prodn.ce. L PALMER, 9-21 NEW-YORK. I:TimiYille, Jnd. E ... WATTS,.CRANE & CO., VOORHEES & GARRISON, Merchants A. H. SCOVILLE, F. L. BRAUNS & 00., A.ND :FO;a m1: s.6.Lll! or TOBACCO. F AtTOBS, -l KREMELBERG & CO., l TOBACCO _Tobacco, Cmtton, and Western Produce. NiJ. 73 William-street, New-York. No. 43 Broad St., New-York. IAbual.l!d1Ja.nces'irwMon O'onlligm;tentts. .A.dvancoe made on OOnetgnments to our hOuse iD E. F. YoolUIEEs. DANIELE. G.umtSoN. ColiOWNICATIONB from our readers, containi.Dg items oi bacco news, or views on topics of interest to the ns the crops and markets, methods of cul ture nd curi.Dg, of manufacture, new implemants and machinery, etc., etc., will at all times be welcome. GOLD OF FOREIGN COINS: Grent Britainpound ...... Jll .'.. .. ....... : ., .. : .. ${.84,0 1-biUing ................................ 0-24,2 lcf."'penny ........ .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ,Fl'llolce1. .. franc .............................. .. 0.18,6 1c. centime ...................... ::...... 0.00,1(8) .A.msterd!Uil, Rotterdam, etc.-14. ftorln or guilder........ .. .. .. .. 0.40,0 B;:;;z:_t ........ .. ....... :.. .. .. .. 0.00,4 lrtllrrix thnler .. .' ... .. .. .. o. 78J.t lgrL grote, ......................... : .. Hamburg, Lubec, etc..lmi\.marc brmco ...... .. ............. :.. .. 0.35.0 1sc. scheUl\lg .................... ....... O .O';l,1 Fd'AE1ox WrroBTs.-A kilogramme equals 2.20485 lb@. ; Bremen pfnnd equals 1.09909 lbe. ; a Hambutg pfnn(\' equals l.06798lbs. avoirdupois. 1 I:MPOR1' DuTY.-Leaf 85 cents per lb. ; "manufac tured, 110 cents per lb. Cigars valued a t $15 or less per li.J 75 cents per lb. and W per cent. ad valorem; over $1D'lnd not over $30, $1.25 per lb. and 30 per cent. ad v&!Drem; over $30 and not over $46, per lb. and 50 p-11t. ad valorem; over $46, lt3 per pound and 60 per cent. ad valorem. Ali adilitional duty of 10 per cent. ad valorem is levied on all imports under ftags that hne no reciprocal trestles with the United states. Exc1811 TAx ..... JLeaf, free (manufactured, Oavendisb, Ping, Twist, 40 cents per lo. All kinds Fine Out, 40 cenfs per lb. Smokirig, 35 cents per lb. ; Smoking, made wholly or stems, 115 cents per lb. Cigar@, $10 per M. Cigarette s, $5 per 100 pkgs. Snuff, 40 cents per lb. THE TOBACCO. liiAB.KET. DOlllEST i't:; AU&Y:et COD tmue to arrtve freely, the. amount the past week being the heaviest of any week this sea son. Exnorts are only about the :r 0 and stocks are accumulating. _; The following table presents a compa rative view of the amount of stocks on the 1st of August past twelve years: 'IOBA.CCO INSPECTIO:!I. va ana Total K11. N. 0. Ohio. .Md. Mds. 1 2-'U Stock July 1 1860 .. 20,004 llOO 11 18 20,888 Received ince.... .. 7,1540 828 8,368 'Liverpool., W. C. Watta & Co. 15-,.153 CoBBESPONl>ENTS IN ST. LoUis: Messrs. 0. Garrison IS; Son, Nos. 1l & 13 North Second-st. 5-17 N-IW-1-&RK. Connolly & Co., 1'011 'l'mt IIA.LJI a. HEALD & MILLER, TOBACCO BAOON, OLARDY & CO., and GENERAL COMMISSION MERCH.AN.TS, Total. ......... 27,1544 1,128 l>elivered since...... 8,616 2i4 Stock Aug. 28,928 $54 Same time, 1tj00, ..... 20,842 1 Same time, 1868 OOo,SM 2 Same !!me, 1862 ..... 80,1503 185 Same time, 1 861. .... 18 ,887 826 8ame time, 1860 ..... 18 ,17 8 1,484 11 11 14 18 11 11 1i lS 28 701 8,860 18 24,841 { $2.00 per year. TEBKS, IN ADVANCE, Single Copies 5 cent1. Low lear, ....... .,.......... 7 @ g 10 @18 Medium leaf, ............. 10 @11 14 fine .... .. 1 2 @15 16 22 ...... i6 @20 28 28 D o.-Heavy leaf. TrMhy and froated lugs,,, G @ 6} 7 @ g Sound lugs, ._. ............ .. 7@ 9 @12 Low Leaf, ................ 10 @12 l S @15 Mcdlum Leaf, ........... 1 3 @15 te@19 Good to fine Lear, ........ 1 6. 20 @25 Oltio.-Choice selection's, ........ : 19 @22 26 @80 Inferior to good common, ................ 5 @ 7 Brown and spangled, ....... .............. 8 @ 11 Good and fine red,.. .. ................. -llt @ 15 Fine yellow and fancy, ................... 16 @ 25 Stelll3 and s craps, ....................... ltj-@ 8 JJarylana.-Biaok frosted, .......................... -Iii @ Gi-Common,, .... :! ........................ -7 @lot Middling, .. : ............................. 11 @ 12 Fine and gllod brown, ................. -12i @ 1S Fancy, .................................. -00 @ 25 Comparison of dome sti c receipts for the weeks ending Tcs. Angust 1. ....................... .. July 25 ................... SO July 1 8 ................... 120 July 11 ................... 89 July 4 .................... W2 Hhds. 8,1185 8,278 8,002 1,8T& 2,1M FOREIGN IMPORTS. Pkgs.' 8,281 ... 1,848 1,242 2,84f 1,008 Arrivals for the week ending August 1st are consigned as follows : From Havana-: J ohn. McCaffil & Co., 58 bales; E. 7Z; t & E. Wertheimer, 20; R. W Leavitt, 50; R: 1Yfolino; 28, and IJ c s., 4 bbls. R. E. Kelley & Co., 33 cs. 10 bxs.; P. Van Riper, 2 cs ; Schroeder &:; ConMCticut Setdrleaf, Old Crop -Wrappers, ...... .--. ......... 22 .. .' .' .' .' .' :; .' .' .' .' .'.'.' .' .' .'.' .' .'.'.' ::= Uunl)lnJIOts1 .... U : ....... ... : ... ;:... U> New C r op. @ 40 Bon, 2; L E. Amsinck 16; Kunhardt &;. f8 Co., 10; A. Schwerin & Co., 3; li. Almy, 1; @ Bailey & Tooker; l ; Galway & "C':i$ado, 1; J. Wrappel'3, ............................... -115 ... ::: : : i : :: := .. 2g NtwY01'k rs A. Wright, 4;; P .urdy 81; Nicholas, 1 ; M. R..-@ s Pearsall(l ; Schneider Bros. ,4; Hargous & Wrappera,..... .. .. .. .. ............. 16 23 Co., 3 ; other consignees, B. Do. select, ...................... 24 ::.:: :::::: g 28 From Baracoa : M. R. Pe&rsall, 12 cs. ci-1l-Sud-leaf.- ""' gars. WrapJJers, ........ ................ ....... -10 @ 18 from Nuevitas: R. R. Barthold, 12 bales. 2t From Mat&nzas: W., .J. 2 M. ci 7 .. 1g Running lots, ........................... OMo Sudrluq:, @ 18 Wrappers, .... ......................... 10 Do. select,., ...................... a ::: : : : :-::::::::: : ::::::: : = F01'eign.-Havana, Wrappers, ... (duty p aid ,) .... 1 W Havana, assorted,..... do. 1 00 @3M @ 1 00 @ 1 t o @ 1 00 @-80 @-12 @-20 Havana1Flllers,........ do. .. .. -SO Yara, assorted, ......... do. ... SO Cuba, assorted,......... do: .... -70 S t Domingo, assorted ... (In bond,) .... 6 Glr_on & (in. boJld,) -'6 Man1!{acturid.-T.a.x :PAID. :S's, 7's, and S's-llest, ..... --;@-. Medium do. .. ... -@ -ComtqOn, do. .. ... -@-tO's, and 12'&--Bet, ................... M .@-115 Mediu.m, ................ -4:l @-50 Common,* ............... -315 @ 40 Hal t pounds-( Dark,) Dest, ............ 60 @--6IS Do. M ed ium, ........ -00 @ -llll J>o. Common, ....... 40 @ 4:) (Drigbt, ) l!esl .......... -: 90 @ 1 00 ..Do. Medium, ...... -iO @-, '85 Do. Common ....... -@ -May Ap ple, Figs etc.-(Brlght,) ..... -SO @ 1 00 Lady' Fingers,-( Fine Bright ) ..... 1 20 @ ..1 :W P ounds, (West'n,) E>.'tra Fine, brlgbt, .. 1 00 @ 1 liS Fine, ................ 8ll @ 100 :Medium, ...... .. .' .. .. -7:S -SO Comm on,* .... ....... -157 ll5 (Virginia,) Extra Fine bright, ... 95 1 00 Fine, ... ........... SO @.-9Q Medium, ............ -615 @-7 5 Common, ............ 150 @ -llll Light Premd-Vlrginla, .. ............. -@---(Western,). Pine, ........ 1 1 0 1 80 Do, Medium, .. .. 70 75 D o C ommo n,*. .. 50 65 From Manilla : Order, 2 Ci!. cheroots. Comparative statem,ent of imports and values, as shown by custom-house ret urns, for the weeks ending July pkgs. l ear, ........ _! ........ ; ... ................................ ,':_ 82,415 July 2().-,')00 pkgs ..... .. ... 1.... .. .. .. .. .. .. Cigars..... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 15,888 J uly 18-974 pkgs..... .... ..... .. .. .... .... ... .. 19 ,47't Cigars ............... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 18,8151 July plcgs........ ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 30,780 Qjgars.... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 18,713 EXPORTS. The exports for the week are, 1557 hhds., 1533 pkgs. crude, and 29,483 l bs manufac tured. Total value, '$53!3,577 Value of crude, $531,1515. Value of manufactured, $7062. .. Shipments to L ondon-156 hhds., value, $51,0 00 Ltve1-pool-501 hhds., value, $203,506 BRE>ll:!t-1506 bbds., valued at ...... .... S l71,886 26 hbd s stelll3,.. .. .. .. 1 ,27 0 127 bale,.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 2,611> Ul4cs .................. !..... 57,225 Total val11e, ....................... lt28 2 496 t LEAF AND M.ANUFAUI'URED TOBACCO, 10-ll2 NO. 1'1'8 WATERSTREET, NEW-YORK. AND DIULERS IN Cli urarKsviue .ueaT, Same time, 1S!59 .... 11,981 887 Same time, 18ll8.... 9,960 366 Same tlce, 1857..... 6.38:\ 54 -2 !!&me tmm, "'l5lltl..... .,om; 1VZ" Same t ime lS!lt... 5,884 173 9 22,866 150,320 80,665 .1. 19,674 14,613 12, 868 10,826 -6,007 Navy Pounds-11est1 ................... -65 @ -70 Medtum, ............... 60 @-65 --..._ !il sM edium, ......... -60 @...=-a:l Cadiz-3ts0 hhds., $34,211; 1688 lbs. sam No. 45Water StFeet, THE OITY TOBACCO AGENCY,. No. 1 08 Front Street, PJWYOBK. J. BJ.CBR.lOB. ::-. -: Common, ...... -21> @-315 Fine, ............... -1>0 60. Sto ck Aug 1,1865, 3,83i Same time, 1864 .. ',929 119 127 1509 11 8 101 156 1,151 Pounds(WesHrn)-Ex\ra fine, b r ight, .. -00 = 65 lSO ........... -40 .4.5 Light Pressed (Western)-.1f111e, ... : .... 70 @ 90 Same time, 1868 ... 2,201 Same time, 1862 ... 3,974 Same time, 1861 .. 1,9 47 Same 1 800 .. 2,115/l Same time, .. 6, 479 Same time, 18ll8... 1,835 Same 'ime, 1857 8,861 Same time, 1656., 4,498 Same time, 18llll ... 2,609 !lame time, 18M... 3,194 1,022 60S 6,046 8,681 620 l,f92 I 6,381 60 89 1 18:l 1 ,210 2i2 419 2,811 166 ro6 811 2M BROOI>L YN TOBACCO INSPECl'!ON llll3 1,73:1 190 Stock on band, July 1, 1865 .......... ........ hhds. 10,066 Received since .................................... 8,499 Total. ............. ................... hhds. 13,565 Deliv e red sioce ................................... 2,52l1.' Stock on h4nd, July 81, 1885 ................. bhds. 11,042 M ed ium, 30 @30 Common,*' ... 10 215 Negrobead Twist, .. ........... ; ... -21S @-40 O'igars.-(Dometic.): Seed and Havana, perM., ... ;,.,; l>O 00 @ 75 00 Clear Havana, :do ......... : ... ; .71>00 00 Do. Connecticut Seed, ........... ; .. 815 00 1>0 00 Do. do ........... 80 00 40 00 I:;e w -York Seed Conn. Wrappers, ...... 26 00 85 00 Penn. do. Ito. do, ...... 20 00 @ 25 00 Ohio. do. do. do. .. .... 00 @ 25 00 Common, ...................... 12 00@ 20 00 S n,uff.- ........................... 90 @ 1 00 Rappee1 French, ...................... -00 @ _: l?2 : Do. fine p lal n, ................. .. -85@ .,., Sc otch and Lundyfoot, .......... ..... -90@ 1 00 "" Not strictly sound: ;:-DOlllESTIC HECEIPTS. Leaf.-The market contin u es fum, espe cially for the finer qualities, holders in ,many cases asking from t'll:o to three cents highRecei ve d for the. week ending August 1st, er tlian .buyersare willing to pay. -The from the interior, and from qomes tic p orts: large sa le s which have taken place dilr 3965 hhds., 32S'i pkg., or which were eon ing the past month or two have left the mar signed to ket comparatively deficient iii some stocks, so A .H. Mickle & SoDs, 16 phds. ; Sawyer, tbatbuyersfindmo redifficultyinii_lakin,itheir & Co.t 700; Murrell, Caruth & Co., selections. Durin g the past week, : conse 21 'T.; Bacon, Clardy & Co.; '3!!4; quently, sa le s have shown a sligh off, & Bryan, '!07; Watts, Cr&ne & ; amounting to only about 1300 hhds. Heald &-M1ller, 64 ; Bunzl & Dortmtzer, 'TO, Conneeiteut, State anci. Ohio Seed l eaCTo -We note sales of 300 hhds. Kentucky lugs, baeeo, whlch will lie sold in quantities t o sultpurclwers. light leaf, at 5c. a 6tc., gold; 200 hhds. do. Cigar ma.n'ufa.cturers particularly favored. ,. 18-88 m small lots, at 7c a lOc., currency; 48 hh.ds. heavy lugs, at 8tc., 'gold; 100 hhds. heavy MURRELL, CARUTH & CO., SULLIVAN' MURPHY & oo., GENERAL low l eaf, at 12c. gold; 175 hhds. dium leaf, at 13tc., gold, 100 hhds. and medium, a t lOc. a 14c., gold; 21? hhds. me dium to fine, at 19c. a 22c., currency; i.50 hhds. good to fine, at 16c. a 1 'Tic. gold; 6 5 hhds. do., at 23tc. a 25c., currency; 50 -hhds. at 26c. curre ncy; several small lo t s of Vir ginia, ordinary, at Sc. d ltc. currency; 5 hhds do., med ium at 1 6e., gold; 5 hhds. fine 72 pkgs ; Fatman Co., 8Hl; W.liennan & Bro ., 2; R. i MaitlaQd & Oo., 217; J. M'. Price, 25 ; Oelrichs & Co., 38 ; Ruete's Son & Co., 2'7; Fallenste i n &-Son, 149; J. Hirsch, 1 ; H. & F W. M eyer 29; A. H. 'Card-ozo & Co., 65; H. Koop & Co. 16; Austin, Bald win & Co., 14; J. R. Tupper, 4; Kruse & Drex e l 4; A. S. Rosenbaum & 38 ; J. M \ Campbell & Son, 32; Warren, Newcomb & Co., 33; J. C Havemeyer & Bro., 54, 63 pkgs. ; Barclay & Livingston, 24 hhds. ; W H. Smith & Son, 7; Norton Slaughter & Co., 39, 102 pkgs.; Classon Co., 1 hhd.; Garrells & :M., 8 ; Dupre z & T., 1 2 ; Kunhardt & Co., 50 pkgs.; Defor., 36 ; Ober, son & Oo., 29; Reynes, B ros. & Oo., 8; Kremelberg & Co. 4 ; J. T. Harris, 1181 pkgs. ; Vetterlein & Sons 6 hhds. ; Spencer Bros. 14 pkgs.; G S. Hart & Co. 110; Gail .Ax & Kuchler, 3 ; J. A. Dodd, 'i. TOBACCO FACTORS AND cltntrat oeDmmissiDn 116 Pearl Street, ARKENBURGH & BRYAN, No. Pearl Street, '2-52 Near Hanover Square, 35 and 37 Eroad St., IMrn:\\JW.., NEW-YORK. 14 NEW ... -{tB,lt, shipping, at 27tc., currency ; 2 0 hhds Ohio, at Sk a lltc. ; 15 hhds. do., at 12c. a 1 5c. WM. AGNEW & SONS, .'Tobacco and Commission Merchants, 284 and 286 Front Street, .NEJr-rO.RK, IIA VE ON SALE ALL DESCRIPl'IONS OF Tobacco for Export and Home Use. Leaf Tobac-co baled in any package b y h ydrau, he press for export. 14-62 ALSO Tobacco baled to order for Mexico and 4-16 West-Indies. STERN, JONAS & CO., DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, OF No. 178 Water Street, ROBINSON &. CARTH I_4-_2s _____ N E W _Y_ O R K TOBACCO COMPRESSED IN BALES, FOR 'l'llE Commission Merchants FOB TliE sALE oF West-India, Central American, Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco. 1'1'2 WATERSTREET, Jon B. RoBINSoN. H. Gum. 6-18 NEW-YORK. AND Ol'HJlt\ MARKETS. Also, repacked in hhds. at short notice, by CUTHRIE & CO., 225 Front Street, N Y. E S T A B L I S H E 0 1 8 3 IS l DAVm O'NEILL & CO., FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC 1 19 Malde n lane, NEW-YORK. DAVID O'NEILL. 14-89 WILLI.U! &f. PRICE. 900 BALES OLD QUALITY Jairamr ann FOR SALE, IN BOND OR DUTY PAID, IN LOTS TO SUIT PUBCHASEBS1 liY ROBERT E KELLY & CO., 34 Beaver-street. Seedl elif.-The demand is very moderate, and almost wholly for export. Among the sales are 150 cs. Connecticut, running lots, at 8c. a 20c., curre ncy; 1'75cs do. at '7c. a 12c. ; 10 cs. fillers, at 5c. a 6tc. ; 125 cs. New York State, running lots, at 9tc. a 13fc.; 8 cs. do., wrappers at 16c. a 18tc.; 100 cs. Ohio and Pennsy lvania, run ning lots, at 8c. a Stc. Manujactu?eil. -We n ote an impr oved feelin g for all good and fine qualities, although pric es have yet made n o material advance. The s upply from the South is now believed to be much l ess than was a n ticipa ed, and of much poorer quality, and consequentiy hold ers of other s to cks are firmer in their de mands. The prices of the latest sales are gile n below in our r ev i s ed tables. QUOTATIONS OF WHOLESALE PRICES. Kentucey.-Ligbt lear. Gold. Currency Trashy and frosted lugs,... II @ 6f 6i@ 7t Soun d lugs,......... .. .. .. ll @ 6} 8 @ 9t From Ports of Yirginin, the Carolinas, and Georgia : Connolly & Co., 285 pkgs. ; E. M. Crawford & Co., 12 hhds., 24 pkgs. ; J. Eppin g e r, 5 7 hhds. ; 0. Reade & Co., 62; F owle & Co., 3 pkgs. ; J. Sons, 386 43 pkgs. ; J. Taft, 22 hhds.; Hawkins, Guthrie & Carroll, 32; S. Ayres & Son, 71 ; F. Osborne-, 34 ; W. H. Pri ce, 8 ; Oelric h s& Co.,l bhd., 2pkgs. ; Du bois, Vandervoort & Co. 4 cs. ; J J. Towns end,17 pkgs.; Burnett, Van Pelt & Co., 58 hhds. Dutch W est l ndies-2 cs., $90; 3 : 819 lbs. mf., $1 'i95 ; total, $1885'. West hhd. $850; 13 tcs ., $1387; 5 bales, $110; 6'i32 bxs. manf., tcttal, $334 0 Cuoa.-35' cs., 8164 lbs. $1020; total $2250. Gr,778 :25,5S. July 4.. .... 816 41,15/ll 1-551844 AmoJ)nt of exports since January 1st, and, fQr time last y ear : : Hlul. Pk(PJ ()r"'NU. Malnv/'d. 11>11. 1865. .. ....... 4 2,284 49,021> 2,492,"' 1864 ........... 88,562 40,K9 2,621 ,461 LOUISVILLE, .July -The ma.rket for leaf has been animated auring the week. The deman d for all grades has been .. good, 1lnd for medium, fine, and shipping leaf it has .'been particula?'lY so, -owing to the scarcity of these qualities The market c l oses firm for lugs, with a! material advance for medium and finer grades o f lea.f; the'J reports of a short crop having rece ived recently ad ditional corroboration. w'e note sale& of stems aUl.W; lugs, at $ 4 te $5.95; medium do.' to good do., $6 a $8.90; common leaf, $9 a $ 11.50 i medium to _good do., $11.75 a $15 75 ; good to fine, $ 16 a f2-1. 75 (extra. bright, $22.21> a $23. 50 ; extra heavy do,, $24.50 a. $2 4.75 ; and cutting leaf, $40 a $45 ... BECBIPTS AND SALES. The following table shows the receipts and sales of tobacco in our market for the eight months end ing June 30, 1865, and the corr e sponding period for last yeat. The average price during that time per hhd. i n 1863-4 was $1 6'r.46, and for 1864-5 the a verage was $149.35 The average price per hhd. for the whole year from November, 1863, to Novem ber, 186 4 was $189 06 : .--1868-64----. Hltda. Amount. November ...... 1,7 25 December ....... 2 ,272 871,'161.83 January ... 1,999 294 ,819 10 F ebruary ....... 1!,768 667,841.88 March .......... 0,58 2 760 a62 .60 .April ........... 8,834 1,070,160,77 1\la y ........... 7 707 1 ,481,688.68 June ........... 9,780 2 ,88 8,710 .8 8 .---1864 .e:5--. Hhds Aonount. 1,786 S8315,88 7 22 1 ,67 2 2 3 7,620.66 1,886 257,01!.14 2,258 814,208.61 2,660 81>3,491. 60 2,039 2HS,722 63 1>,262 740,6 2 6 73 6,938 1,099,862 68 43,167 t 7 ,229,01S.ll 24,196 18,1613,877.22 ST. LO UIS, .July zo.Receiptsare lighter, but t he marke t for the past few days has been .;more active, w it h a decided tendency to advance, especially for the finer qualit i e s of leaf. Sale s f o r the week ending the 26th July amounted to'"iipwards of 4;,60 hhds.,, with re jec tions on 176 Amon g the sales wer e 6 hhds. at $52 a 1 hhd. at $115, and 1 hhd fancy l eaf f o r wbic.h $5 5 0 were offered


last year and refused, and which now brought only $230 per 100 lbs. We quote as closing pric?s : Damaged and green Jugs ............... -... 4 Jt 5l Com. sb.lpping leaf.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Sf@ 13t Medium do ................................. 1St@ 16t Com manufacturing ........................ 16@ 24 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Fine and extra fine .......................... 66 @t1.150 week, and 139 hhds. Kentucky have been sold, of which 87 bhds. were from first hands. Prices are fully maintained Receipts 2 hhds., 281 bales from England, '731 hhds. and 260 pkgs. from Holland. ROTTERDAM, .J"oly 11,-The market is without noticeable change, and the transac tions in North .American amount to only 11 hhds. Maryland, ex Johann Kepp ler. We quote: Cents. UU. YLi!ID-Col. and f&llcy yellow, per H Iddhng, ......................... --"The tax woulcl accrue on tobacco man ufactured by a firm, should said firm, on being dissolved, divide the stock on band of manufactured tobacco among the individual members of the firm. If a sale of said to bacco should afterward be made, to be carried beyond the limits of the insurrectiona States, the rate of tax would be d etennined by the time when such first sale was made. In all cases where anj'party shall make claims to have his goods reassessed at a different tate from the current rates under the laws now in force, it will be incumben t upon hftn. to show to the entire satisfaction of the assessor tha the precise time when the sale was made en of next September, In regard to the place HOW WILL IT AFFECT THE GROWERS OF A:SD 2000 p ieces Spanish ribbons for sale l ow; and also '700 bale s Tobacco, of different qual ities, in bond and duty paid, by M. &"E. Salomon, 1'73 Pear l -str eet, NewYork. Rece ip ts for the week, 829 bxs. and 20 hhds. Exports, 16 hhds. leaf, 49 bales and cases; 244 kegs and of which were shipped to :Madeira, 10 bhds., 2 pkgs.;. to Goree, Africa, 6 bhds. ; to Ha.yti, 19 bales and 30 half bales ; to the British .Provinces, 83 bxs., 4 cs., and $260(]) worth. PORTLA.ND, .J"ul,is very lit Je doing, but prices are firm and buoyant. PHILA.DEL PHIA., .Jul,-29. -Leaf con tinues dull. We note sales of 50 hhds. Mason county, and quote: ::::. .: ".'.'.'. :. '.'.". '.".". '.".".'.".".:: g18t t Medium do .................................... 18 @16 Good do ................. ,.. .. .. .. .. .. 1& @20 Fine do. .. ...... ..................... ...... 20 @21j ()b.olce selections ................ \. ... ; ........ 2ll @80 Ordinary, ......................... 31 @ 3St BTKs-In (per 150 kll. ) .FU>ri.m. VIrginia, .......................... E.ent.u.cky,....... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 9 @ 11 In Pack, Kentucky,.... .. .. .. .. .. .. 0 8 In Home stripped,.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 7 (g) 10 Oent. Varina.f-Rolla,..... ....... .. .. @ P1nto ]6 40 .:.:.:: it: Jd:SlllUI, ........ ,. .. ... .. ............. 82 @ 160 A.MSTERDA.U, ::iuiy 15,-0wing to II disposition on the part of holders to make slight concessions, sales have been more brisk during the past week. We note sales of 210 hhds. North .American from first hnnds:Receipts comprise 680 hhds. :Maryland, 10 bhds. Kentucky, per Norma, and 249 pkgs. Java.. The stock at this date Mary land, 51 do. Kentucky, 15 do. stems, 15,869 pkgs. Java, 2882 pkgs. Brazil and 82 cs. seed leaf. Fine manufactured i&-very sOa-ree; and the demand is good, at full r at'es. The stock of .Tnl,-14.-Sales of South .American from first hands, have been quite poor is largely in excess of the demand. Exports and imports, large during the week, but we note no transBALTIMORE, .J"oly 29, _The market actions in Maryland or Kentucky. for leaf is finn, and transactions are limited I MELDOVRNE, May 25.-Prior to the on account of the high priCes uemanded by arrival of the mail tobacco was extremely holders. The sales for the week have been dull, and general dissatisfaction seems to have only in small lots to fill up cargoes. existed amongst nll those who deal in it. On Inspected this week: 369 hhds. :Ma.ryl.a.nd, the receipt of our !ast advices from .America 782 Ohio, 11 Kentucky, 4 Virgiriia, 12 Mis-of a falling off in shipments, a reaction seems souri, and 9 Pennsylvania-total, 1187 hhds. to have taken place, and price s have risen Exports, 931-:hhds., to Ca.diz. somewhat, although for good tobaccos it is Stock on liand, 23,587 hhd,11. generally believed that in many cases not Manufactm :ed is 11 fair more than sbeepwash prices can \>e got. Durdemand for bright workfrom dealers. Puring the past two or three days some buyers chases, are only in small Jots, have been in the market on Sydney account, and for immediate wants. about 1300 packages good s ound sorts are We quote leaf: reported to bands for the mar-JfaryZancl.ket alluded to. Fro1ted to common ............. 4 @ lS H ld k' 1 d d Sound common ................. lji@ H-o ers are now as mg s. 1 ,or goo llflddUrng...... ......... ....... ... a @10 tens and half-pounds, 2s. Sd. for Southern, Good 1. tine brown. .. .. .. .. .. .. 1 o @1 d Fancy ........................... 17 @2 0 and 10d. to 1s. 1d. for Western twist .About RICHMOND, .Toly 29 R e ceipts are very 100 half-tierces of Sou them, superior qual light, owing to insufficient means of transpority, are reported to have changed hands at tation and the present exorbitant rates of about 2s. 3d., and Western twist in quantity freightnge. at about lld.; 200 boxes of lO's of very fine The market the sales that take quality, at auction, on the 21st, realized lltd j place realize fair p:-joos...... to ls., and about 250 boxes "Challenge" r ; .At Seabrook's, on 'the 25th inst., the sales Manilla cigars are ve r y dull. amounted to hhds., one of which, fine Havana shaped are offered at 55s., and c heshipping leaf, brougJ;lt the handsome price of roots are worth 60s. been made during the week of 1 hhd. at $7; 3 hhds. at $1 1.7 5, 4 hhds. at $13,50, 2 hhds. at *Hi.50, 3 hhds. at $18, 9 bbds. at ap -a,ver age of $14.91..' and 18, hhds. averaging PHPETERSBVRG, Va,, .J"uly .At warehouse, the sales on the 25th in st. tuoderately active, and pricjls generally were fully mainta.ioed. We quote : Lugli ........ .' ........................... U 00@ 17 00 Poor to common leaf ....... :.... .. .. 6 50@ 12 150 :llflddling to fair .......................... llS 00@ 24 00 Good.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 2lS 00@ 81 00 Fine manufacturing leal is in demand, huF none has yet appeared in the market. Plant ers are holding back their supplie s, but they. would do well to remember that the season for working this quality will be over in two months. .At Oak's warehouse, on the 24th 000 poundg loose tobacco W'ere sold, and the prices realized were : for lugs, $3 a ttl ; "t:ommon leaf, t5 a $7.00; fair leaf, $J'Ti.o0; fair shipping, $21.55 per 100 lbs. .. Four hhds. belonging to R. E. W of. Dinwiddie county, brought from $9.75 to '13.25. One, of fair shipp ing, sold for $21.25. A loi of 480 lbl!. l0011e, fair leaf; sold at the same warehouse, on the 2Mh inst., for $16.75. Receipts continue light, owing to the in adequacy of the means of transpqrta.ti.on. Some of the faamera in this Staie and in North Carolina h : ave afull stock on hand, and many others scattered here and there have caeh a few hogsheads. All the lines of COID: munication are rleBtored, we may expect the arrival of these s 1 upplies in market. ... ... ... 00 "' p j l s ttl 0 .., !!. ; > 0 a: "' a g; .? "' ... >-< .... 00 l e> : : f lil I ;! "' 1: if .1( .... :it "' f "' ... .... ........ .,. r ...... ... "' ... o 00 -"' -"' "' 00 $ .. 0 ,... .. "' .... ..... .... oo ... "' -;.. ;;;! "' g: "' 0 i ... ... "' !:5 "' t .... .... .... -: "' ... .... "' .... _g ..... i ... il .. s .... "' Ot i .... 00 "" ... 8 "' 0 NEW-0RLE&NS, ZalJ' is at a complete standsill!, and :we have no sales to report. Quotation s are nominal f?6 e ... l ao '-" 0> "" ... .Arri ved since ll3th inst., 20 hhds. Cleared s in ce s;ame date, 28 hhds. for N ew York. Stock on hand, 790 hhds. FOUIGN. HA. v A.N .&., .J111ly 22. The market is dull both on account of the scanty supply of n ew crop on band, and the high prices demanded by holder s. Sales have b ee n limited to a few small lots for ex port, mostly on private term s. New fillers have sold at $22 per bale of 13'7 lbs. net. Cigars are unclhanged. Manufactured tobacco (imported) is in little demand, and only small l ots of selected qual itie s are salable. We quote from $26 a $28 per qtl. LIVERPOOL, .J"oly 1 '2' -The market is rather more firm, but without change in quo tations. Stock on the '15th of July: 'TO hbds, Vir ginia, 2255 bhds. Maryland, 25,452 bhds Kentucky; total, 27', '7'71 hhds. against 23, 515 bhds. on the 1st of January. LONDON, .l"mlJ' 17,R ece ntadvices from the United Stattes have made Western leaf somewhat firmer ; otherwise there is no change in the market to note Stock on the 1 5th of July, 20,804 hhds. against 19 ,120 hhds. on the 1st of January. ANTWERP, .TUIJ" 14.-The demand for North Ameri can has been more active this ;;;! 00 .. } -.., -... g "" .. "' 00 00 !'J ... 00 -.... "o .... "' ,... s __ .,........._ __ TAX ON SOUTHERN TOBACCO. SUPPLEMENTARY DECISION AND INSTRUCTIONS RECENTLY ISSUED. "Tobacco manufactiu-ed prior to Sept. 1, 1862, and so ld but never r e moved from the place of manufacture, i s liabl e to the rate of duty impo se d by the act now in force. To bacco made subseq u ent to Sep t. 1, 1862, and prior to June 30, 1 864, if it has been sol d will b e liabl e to the rates of dutyimposed by the act of July 1, 1862, and the amended ne t of March 3, 1868, whenever it is remov ed b e yo nd the insurrectionary States ; if it bas never been so ld, but i s still in the po ssessio n of lbe manufacturer, then it will b e subject, whe n sold or removed, to the rates of duty imposed by the l aw now in force :Manufactur e d to bacco, in the in s urrectionary State s, made prior to .April 1, 186 5 and not owned by the manufacturer when sold, either to be con sumed in an insurrectionary State, or to be carried out of said State, is l iable to the tax imposed by the law now in force "Tobacco in the hands of a p u rchaser may be sold indefinitely within the insurrectionary of meeting, we had hoped the co=ittee woul'd see the propriety of making New-York but as they did not, we ar.e bound to perceived some weighty rea-DEALERS IN SEEDLEAF TOBACCO AND TBJ: MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS? [THE following is the report of the Cigar :Man ufacturing .Association of the city of and although some months have elapsed since it was retur11ed, the facts and arguments it presents are as v aluable as ever. -ED. ToBACCO LEAF. ] ons in favor of Louisvill e which have escaped our 1 It would have been very satis factory if the secretary could have embraced in his very brief minutes of the meeting some of the g r ounds of this decisi on-espe cially as the Eastem tobacco men had made known their wishes in the matter, and Presi dent Bradford bad promised themJo Jay the ToB.A.cco, unlike every other article of comme rce can be produced in all the coun tries situated within the temperate and torrid regions. In Europe alone the annual pro duction of tobacco amounts to some fiye or six question before the committee. titles him to a lower rate of duty. Tobacco that bas become mouldy may be or re-worked, if done under the pervis ion of an inspector, without renderiui it liable to an additional duty, if a duty has been paid thereon, and if the tobacco is ex empt from duty it will not become liable in consequence of such treatment." r The Commissioner of Internal R evenue has decided that manufactured tobacco upon which a duty ha.s been paid according to law, may be cut into smo king tobacco or fine-cut chewing tobacco, if done in the presence or under the supervision of an inspector, with out becoming liable to an additional duty. The tobacco must be weighed before so cut, nnd no addition to or subtraction from the same is to be made. However, we nre not disposed to stand upon lriftes the locality is ;essential and hundred million pounds ; and, besides, it is if the great 1interests of the bustness introduced there extensively trom this coun can be as well or better subserved by having \ "'tba, .Ambaluna., Carmen, Giron, the Convention in L ouisville, there let it be. 11....., _, ra, Esmeralda, Mexico, Manilla, Para In view of the vital importance of the Con guay, Turkey, Greece, Moldavia, East vention to the welfare of the whole tobacco Java, Japan, .Algeria, and many other places. interest, all individual and local preferences Although to_ th(existing"frebellion, the ought to be dropped. we trust there will be exports of th1s article (leaf and manufactured) a general and earnest effort to make the ,Donreached to nearly $25, 000 ,000 per annum, it vention a ftuly natwnal one; e eey would be a fatal error to we have trict will be represen ted, and be represente a of the production m t_h1s country y its best talent and strongest influence. If up?n which we could presume m order to there was ever & time when the tobacco interbuild up a revenue. It would hardly be est needed the combined wisdom and energies deemed politic, in the present.condition of the of all its members to rescue it from impendcountry, to prevent the exportation of so large ing destruction, this is the momen t an amount of ?ur home and_ thus in-The following is the report of the com crease the dram of gold; and yet tb1s would mittee: certainly be the result of any legisl.a.tion tend MEDICINAL VIRTlpS OF TOBACCO. ( Ooncludtd.) IT has been the custom up to the present time to co:asider the alkaloid nicotine as the author, one and indivisible, of all the pleasures and pains. The hypotltesis1 as we have seen, ie utterly groundless. lor the rroduction of the effects caused by tobacco on the human body, there are several a.nd differ ent substances. Nicotine, although the most potent, is the last, owing to its small amount, and its slight vqla.tility, to exert effects upon the smoker. It is only after prolonged ing that it reaches the blood at all ; thea truly it becomes the most active poison of the group, exciting sympt'oms which are at all times dan geroUI>, fatal i and whlch, but for the rarity of their o cc urrence, would have ex eluded tobacco as a luxury at its fir t origin, without any aid from the moral. cr usaders ---The body, after being subjected for a few times to the poisons of tobacco smoke, be comes accustomed to their influence, and ceases to offer any of the immediate and active signs of opposition There is set up what. is teclmically called "a. tolerance," and the direct LOUISVILLE, WEDNESDAY, } July 26, 1865. At a called meeting of the National Tobac co Committee, held in this city at the Pickett warehouse, on the 12th inst., it was unani mously agreed to hold the Convention at this place on the second Wednesday in September next-during the same we('k as the State Agricultural Fair. The members of the committee present were L. J. Bradford, Esq. chairman, and Messrs. Spaulding and Flagg, tobacco buyers, Spratt, Ronald, and Glover of the tobacco warehouses, and W. W. Baldwin, Esq., of Madison county, Ky. Letters were receivea from Me,ssrs. Phister, Morris, n.nd J o hnson, members of the com mittee from Cincinnati, recommending the meeting of the Convention in this city, and indorsing the action of the meeting. On motion, it was resolved to have the pro------r_,__, L J. BRADFORD, Bres't. C H. CLARKE, &c'y. TOBACCO Dr EUROPE, (CQ1f.()luded.) mischief seems to be over. The fact is, the c 0 N s 0 LA T 1 o N F A PIP E. animal organism is formed to adapt itself to Tnus, from the throne to the cott a ge, manyimpressionsandinftuenceswhichatfirs t the pipe bas been a solace; it has aided a p plication are objectionable, by of the the so ldier and s ailor in bearing many a power of quickly getting rid of the -offending hard privation. Many would rafller g o bodies This oc curs in r espect to tobacco. without their rations than their pipe, and .After a short lime, the products of the tobacco endure any hardship with it. Here i s a find a ready exit of the system. : ',['hey are modern instance from the late Crimean war: thrown off by the three great eliminatories".A lady told me a story of a man :M-, in the lungs the skin, and the kidneys. The her division, which shows how much so m e ma:tters exha-le by the lungs. We of t hem will venture for a smoke. H e had have-evidence of that in the breath of every just had one of his toes tllken off, under the heavy smoker. In confirmed smokers, their influence of chloroform." It bled profus ely; every garment becomes impregnatl with the 1 and the surgeon, after binding it up, went smell of tobacco; and we say that the s moke away giving her strict injunctions not to al hangs about their clothes, as though the low him to move, and ordered him some smoke had simply fallen on them from with medicine, which he would send presently out but this is not quite the fact. The va She was called away to another patient for a por 7bas1 in reality, largely exhaled from the few -minute s and went, leaving M--with skin and saturated the clothing When, as strict orders not to put his foot down On will happen, the smok 'er carries her r eturn to his bedside, to her astonish about with him the. odor of a single pipe, be men t he was gone ; and after some se arching has some defect in hisbre&thing apparatus; he she discovered him, by the traces of blood on can not eliminate by his lungs the TOlatile the stairs and corridor, sitting down in the empyreumatic product and the ammonia with yard, smoking his pipe with the greatest the n eedful rapidity; so the skin doing more sang frOid. She spoke to him seriously work than is natural to it, in order to relieve abou t disobeying orders and doing himself an the lunoos, the tobaooo products pass off by it, injury; but be was perfectly callous on the the clothing and concentrating the subject oChis toe. She succeeded, however, perfume. in w orking on his f ee lings at having alsfig-.As to the question. whether the habit of ured the corridor with b l ood and he came tobacco smoking produces insanity, Dr. Rich back, sayi ng, 1 Indeed, ma'am, 1 could not ardson believes there is no evidence whatever help going to have a pipe, for that was the of the production of any form of insan ity by nastiest stuff I ever got drunk on in my life' smoking. If such a source of insanity existed, -alluding to the taste of the chloroform." ing to diminish the production by placing the restraint upon the growers, o r placing an in direct export duty in the shape of a tax upon its sale. The effect ofall such measures couid only be to enhance the price; and consequently to fa.cilijate the use of substi tutes abroad of the growth of other countries. .A tu, as pro posed, upon leaf tobacco, could not be col lected unleSi more or less control is exercised by the government over the planters i and that they under such circumstances to plant tobe.cco, is proved by the fact that but few of them manifested any desire to plant in the early part of the present year while the question of a tax upon leaf was being agitated. It is necessary to understand how greatly the article of leaf tobacco varies in character, man ner of curing, price, and in application, to be able to com prehend the difficulty, indeed the impossibility of .any general legislation such as has been proposed in the form of a specific tax on the article. purposes to which teat IS appnea are the manufa.ct urmg of cbew -ing tobacco, of snuffs, of : smoking tobacco, and of cigars, and each of these industries is distin c t from the others no less in the article produced than in the character of the raw material. One of the most imp ortan t of these ind us tries is the manufacturing of cigars, and is capable, under a judicious legislation of s upply in g a large revenue to the go vern ment. The manner in which that industry would be effected by the proposed tax upon leaf tobacco is illustrated in the following report of the proceedings of the Cigar Manufacturing .Asso ciation of the city of Baltimore; and the v ie ws thereon deserve t o be carefully weigh e d before further legislation is proceeded with : If these views are correct, then, not only would the cigar manufacturers suffer severely under such a !a'!1 but also the important seed -lOaf tobacco-producing interest of Ohio, P e nnsylvan ia, New-York, Connecticut, and Massachus etts, while the government would fail to obtain therevenue which is the osten l!ihle object of this prDposed change in the At a mee ting of the Cigar :Manufacturers' .Association of this city, on the 8th instant, a committee was appointed to eX&mine .into the grievances affecting the interests of the trade under the existing Revenue Law, and r eport the same, with such o the r facts as might be f interest to the irllde, at an ad journed meeting. ... The adjo _umed meeting was held on the 12th instant, being largely attended by the members of the association, and the following report of the committee was submitted: BEPQBT. SUGGETT & Iq:MB.A:LL, Manufacturers of the' Celebrated 44 BBNRY StGGMT,} ROCHESTER N y; 'ti'Jf S KU.IBALJ.. 211 0 0 EUROPEAN ADVERTISEMENTS. Liverpool Consignments. :o: -TBE RICHMOND C.!YENDISH COM-P!NY, LIMITED, Purpose opening their New Warehouses Iii. Q_REENOCKSTREET, PAISLY-STREE T, and ROBERT-STREm' Nottb Immediately opposit e the Prince's Dock, LIVERPOOL, o o U.e 1st or July, and will be ready to receive of Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco for oale on commisolou. THOMAS COPE, (of the firm o f Cope Bros. a, Co.,) MANJ.GD-Yor.l:-Meaara E. lllorrl oon .I; Co r 41 Broad-street. 17-29 CINCINNATI ADVERTISEMENTS. BARNEY, GREEN & CO.,_ MANUFACTUBE.RS O F TilE OEI.JEE:R...A. TED ..!.LBO !UNUFACTUJU:RS 01' ETEBT Y..I.Rilll'Y OF (ffii!EWIH' G TOBAccos Put up in styles to suit the trade. omce and Salesroom : 49 :Main-Street, Cincinnati, 130 Reade Street, N. Y. Principal Depotw: No 8 North Third-St., Philadelphia Nos. 49, 51, and 63 Blackstone-t.:. t>-1'7 St., Boston. Henry Besuden & Bro DULBaS I N LEAF 161, 163, & 165 Pearl-street! (CORNER OF Ef.MSTREET) CINCINNATI 194 l. !'. 811LLIVJ.N, If. v. S17LLlvJ.. J. T. SULLIVAN A BRO., Tobacco Pactorsp Dealei1\,LQ..a!Udnds or LEAF TOBACCO, Keep e<>notaoiJ.r on hlllld the Lllrpet Stock of Huo111 and Owen connty and lledr!ed Cutting Leaf in the W eot. 195 No. 39 RacHt., CiDciuati, Ohio CINIINNAn TOBACCO WORKS'!' 1181120,122 Jlala-tt., l. 19 l. 21 Baaaoad-s;t,, ODIOINNATI, OHIO S. B. Manufacturer or all klnd1 of as is supposed, it. would show itself immediPowerful as may be the objection made by ately and broadly in the differences of numbers the" softer sex" to smoking, backed by some between -the insane of the diff erent sexes; the few o f that other sex sof'ler" still, who so proportion of insane male patien Is would oatvapidly denounc e what the y can not enjoy ; urall y be increased in proportion to the excess two popular writers of the day are inclined of mal es who smoke, over both insan e males to doubt the success of either assai lan t. and fema l es who do not smo ke. But no such Thackeray, in hi s Fitz Boodle Papetrs, jocu a rule is even approa c h e d ; no specia l asylum larly says, ladies c an not expect t o succeed in has shown such a rule; no country, through conquering the practice. He asks: "What its asylums alto gethe r, has shown s uch a is this smoking, that it should b e considere d rule. a crime ? I believe in my heart that women Your committee having given their anxious attention to the matter subm.itted to them, beg leave to report that a meeting was held in this city on the 4th of the present month, to which the manufacturers of chewing and smoking tobacco, cigar manufacturers, and dealers in an9, growers of leaf tobacco were invited, and d e l egates were appointed to a Convention which was h e ld at the Cooper Institute, in New York, on the 7th inst., in which the se various interests were r epresent ed, the object being to recommend to Con gress a change in the existing law r eferring to tobacco, by removing the tax now imposed upo n the ma.nufacturcd article s, and placing the same upon the raw material. Fine Out Chewing and Smoking To. bacco, Killickinick & Paper Goo diS. 199 Passing over several details for which the are jealous of it, as o f a rival. The fact is, treatise itself may be consulted with advan that the cigar is a rival to the ladies, and tage, we arrive at Dr. Ri chardso n's admission their conqueror too. D o you suppose : you that, of n early every luxury, tobacco is the will co nqu e r ? Look over the wid e world, least injuriou s. It is innocu o u s as compared and see that your adversary has overcome it. with alcohol ; it does infinitely less hann than Germany bas been puffing for three score opium; it is in no sense be says, uorse than years; France smokes to a man. Do you tea and ruuar ; (I) and by the si de of high think you can keep the enemy out o f Eng living altogether contrasts most favorably .A land P Pshaw I look at his pro gress. .As k thorou g h smoker may or may not be a hard the club house s I, f o r my part, d o not de drinker; but there is one thing he n eve r is-spair t o see a Bishop lolli n g out of the a g lutton. .And yet the doctor comes to the .Athenroum with a cheroot in his mouth, or, conclusion that, taking it all in all, stripping at any rate, a pipe stuck in his shovel liat." from the argument the puerilitie s and e:xagger And thus Bulwer disc o urses : wlio ations o f those who claim to be professed andoth not smoke, hath e ither known no great tagonists of the practice, it is fair to say griefs, or refuse t h h imself the softest conso in the main, smoking is a luxury which any n ext to that which co mes from heav nation of natural habits would be better withen. 'What, softer than woman?' whispers Your committee (regret that they are not able to present to you a. full report of the p ro ceedings of the Convention, no other repor t as yet having been published than the ex tracts of the proceedings which have appear ed in our daily papers. tTO llE OONT1Nt1ED. J -----THE CROP IN JIASSACJroBETTS. THE letters from correspondents inform us that the tobacco crop in this State is not look ing as well as u s ual. The green worm, which is so destructive tQ the bud, has made its ap pearance about two weeks earlier than usual, and moreover has eome in great numbers. out. The lux ury is not directly fatal to life ; the yo un g reader. Young reader, woman THE young tobacco in the vicinity of Hartbut its use conveys to the mind of the mau teases as well as consoles. Woman makes ford is. reported as looking uncommonly well. W G. MORRIS.. -,, P. Leaf Tobacco lnspectiom WAREHOUSE, Nos.100 102,104 West Front Sit., CINCINNATI, OHIO. MORRIS & CHALFANT,. Proprietors. Auction Sales Daily. Orders fo r Leaf promptly attended to. 1.97 BOD MANN'S Inspection & Leaf Tobacco W arehomsu; Noe. 57, 59, 61,& 63 Front,& 62, 64, & 66 Water, bet. Vine & W a.lnut Stree ts, CINCINNATI, OHIO. -:o:DAILY BALKS u A UCTION J.11D A'r PRIVATB SALE OP VIRGINIA KENTUCKY. INDIANA. MISSOURI,_ .AND OHIO TOBACCOS. D. BIEATT, OHAS. BODMANN, Inspector.. Proprietors.. 1118 { t


et.JrEsta\Jlshed nder 4:1ty Orella ante ln 1 S5'2',_Jp -:o:-Wheeler Tobacco Warehouse, PISTER & HOW, Propriewrs, ST. LOUIS ADVERTISEMENTS. DAMERON, BROTHERS & CO., SUCCESSORS TO NANSON, DAMERON & CO., THE TOBACCO LEAJ:i,. ANDREW MURRAY. S. B. OKJSEL. ROBERt' LBE, ANDREW MURRAY & CO.'S Tobacco Works. Manufacturers and Dealer! ln. all descr iptions of D. SPALDIN Q1 JR., R. B, W D. 8PJ.LDING. D. SPALDING & SONS, DEALERS IN 3 D. W. KING, D. LEVERINC & CO., (\ AGENT, Merchandise Brokers, Q F o r the Inspection and Commio sio n Sale o f Factors, Chewing and Smoking Tobaccos, Tobacco LEAF TOBACCO, Leaf & Manufactured TOBACCO, Seedlea Tobmcco.Sl 3 cHEAPSIDE-STREET BALTIMORE, MD. 14 West Front Street, CTXCJ.K.Jt'.d.TT, OHTO. Large Stocks of l\lason County Cutting and S egar Leaf. Alao O hio Seed leaf alway s o n hand in lois to buyers, 196 G, C A. M 1L.\UaiD.llf. BRA"SliEARS, lcLAUGHLIN & CO.: (.Succes3oC>ra to C. A MoLAUGBLIJ< & Co.,) TOBACCO Comnrission Mcrchmlts, U. 8. BONDED WAREHOUSE NO.I, No. 46 Walnut-street, CINCINNATI. Liberal Adva.noes on Consignments. 202 J. P. SPitNCB. r. R, SI'BNCE, I, M, O tlr, ST. LOUIS, liiO. OFFICE, NO. 8 7 NORTH LEVEE ST. L OUIS, MO. -o-OUR B.RANDS. Fine Cut Chewing. Z enilb, Best, I Cut Smoking. L ong Cnt, Ladede, Extra., Leader, Spanish Mixe d ft. L ouis Mil d !!cal'falatti. K i llickin ic k. P eacock 1 lb. Bales. Our P&vo r ite llb, Bal es. Pocahonta 5lbs. Bale Bill y Bo:wLegs. Consolation 5 .t:10 lbs. Bale. Jl!Uy. Stralt-Legi. That's W hai's the :I! otter, Clayton, in G and 9 inch Plugs lbs. Bales. (p&p e r wrapper). Powhatan lib. lllllee. Zoui!.Te, and other brands. 1 i5 SAMUEl VIRDEN, @;omutissiou FOR TBE SALE OF TOBACCO, HEMP, COTTON WOOL, LEAD, GRAINS, HIGHWINES, And W estern and Southern Produce generally No. Conunerclal Street, Between Ollve and Locut ST. LOUIS. (179) C. PilLS. WK. P OT'J'K. PULS & OTTE, Manufacturers o f all kinds of .lND D&J.LERS JN Cigars, Snoft', Pipes, and Smoking Tobauo, No. 106 Third-at. bet. Vine & Locust ST. LOlJIS, 1'1.10. Our principal Brand e, 9 i n. Nat. Leaf; Natura.! Leaf, 9 I n 11&nana Fig; OTHER CHOICE BRANDS Spratt & Co., Pickett u '' PheJp s Oaldwell & Co., L ouisville '' Ronald & Bro., Nintb .. stree t u ,Aod r ew GrahamJ L oulsvllle Ky.; Ja. T. Edmonds, Louis ville, Ky. ; Geo. 1V. Wlcts,Loutsville K y. ; Snoddy A Howard, New_York; Mur rell Caruth & Co. NewY o rlr.. 184 WH. lNO. L. lllUB. CLOVER & CO., BOONE TOBACCO WAREHOUSE,'STB.EET, Between Ninth and Tenth, LOUISVILLE, KY. J. G. SPALDING & BRO., MJ.i'!UFACTUllERS OP ALL ItUIDB OJ' Chewing Tobacco, NO. 109 MARKET-ST., Between Firs& and Brook Streets, LOUISVILLE. KY. VB"" ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED. 1&-4 1 Salerooms: No. 6 Chatham row, HENRY H. Anas. 18 N w. B.>TCBBLDIIR. EICHBBRG & ELLER, IMPORTERS O:r 'HAVANA. SEGARS, 169 Milk street, BOSTON. p-OI!'Ders of the Eur.eka and lngomar Brands. 18 I SAMUEL & BROTHER nEA.I.I!RS Di Havana. and Domestic Ci.gars, -.A...VD-TOBACCO, No. 6 Court square, Boston. AND YANlJF..I.CTUREBS 01' ALL KINDS OF CIGARS, ALSO AGENTS FOR C Bronson's Celebrated Toledo Tobacco, __, 212 STATE STREET, Hal'tford, conn. A. G. BROWN. 12-24 H. J [ DEJ.LER IN Connecticut Seed-leaf TOBACCO, 12-24 No: State-street, HA.KTFOKD, BALTIMORE ADVERTISEMENTS. G. H. BOLENIUS 90 &; 92 South Charles-street, 1123 BALTIMORE. B. F. PARLETT & CO., .J WJIOLESALE DEllERS IN MANUFACTURED Leaf -and Smoking Tobaccos, SEGARS PIPES, ETC., -AIJ!O-Comm i ssiOn Mercha nts for Sale of Same, 92 LOMBARD & 5 WATERST., B. F P ARLETT, M .D. SAVD' J.Fo'WLJIR 11-28 I Baltimore, :Md. -BECK & ROLLS TEIN, ;TOBACCO AND General Commission lerchantB, -67 SOUTH GAY STREET; C r .{ GEO HAFER & Co J ohn N Bootb, "J Thomas Booth. 174 JAS. s. PniLPS, IS.UO a. C ALDWELL, JAS.ll. wua!ILBY IF' M anufacturers ortbe brands" American Zouaves" (Su to HAFER & DUDDY ) and "La Promenade." 13 ccessors s. A GRANTHAH. o. J', EJ.TCH. 1. ><. ORANTBAH. PHELPS, CALDWELL & C0,1 WHOLESALE DEJ.LEI!. IN _1s_ _2s_ ____ B a l t1 :..?; Tobacco Commissi'on Merchants, s. A. GRANTHAM & co., LouisviLLE H. CARRUTH & co., DEALERS IN u.s. BoNntnwwlitEHousE, Commission & Tobacco Tobacco Warehouse, Manufactured Tobacco and Se[ars, Domestic and Imported Se[ars, LE.&F TOBACCO, S. ROSENFELD & CO., No. 25 Secondstreet, MERCII.&l\TTS, C or. MainandTenth, and :Main and Wanuf.a.duttd l!bJO'haccg, -NO. 202 w. PRATTST., CHEWING & LEAF TOBACCO, InTWIIU 51 B. Second St. bet, Fine It Olive, Offic e Corner Main and Tenth, D CIGARS, PJ PES, ETC., 11-23 Baltimore, -ALsoAdvances ma_?e on Consignments. ST. LOlliS, MO. eTouoa w.oi.REIIousES, Tsna AND wJ.LNUT, J.NoNINl'll ..+.ND Labels Brands and Ribbons LOUISVF I E LL.'E, KY. No. 46 Hanover-street G. Gn:sXE ED.NIElWm. 20 SOUTH GAY-ST ., N e w -York Branch. IBOBI, PEISS a CO., -:o:Purckaur8 of .Jfa-nujacturea wUl f orward their lntere!ta by g ivinlr us a call, ae we are Sol,e Af/MUI tor a large number of t lie most cel e brated manufacturers In the City and Country, and always hav em kan.t a full aaoortment of lhelrbrandsof every description and quality. SPECIAL AT'rENTION give n to B&le1 o f Leaf Tobacco '8nd all kinds o f C ountry P roduce. Particular attention given t o the purchase of Leaf To bacco for Manufaciurers and dealero o n order. (l 81 Segars "incli"fobacco, PIPES R. M. JOHNSON, AND ALL sMoKERS' ARTICLEs Superintendent State Tobacco 53 West Fourth Street, W h : BET, W..I.I:JIIUT AND VINE STS,, are ouse, CINCINNATI. Cor. Sixth-st. & Waahington-av., ST. LOUIS, MO. SHIP TO "LOUISVtLLE WAREHOUSE. 18 BOSTON. GIESKE & NIEMANN, 11'28 BALTIMORE. E"7D29 MUNDS BROWDER PROVIDENCE ADVERTISEMENTS. C ToMbaccoh. ft. WELSH & SONS, w. ommiSsion ere ants, ]][p()iTER! OF .uro DE..I.LKRB IN FALLs ciTY HuT & BROTHER a F d D t' T F "' No. 76 souTH CHARLEs-sT ., 1gars, ore1gn an omes 10 0 bacco actory' HANUPACTURERS OF (Bet. I AND lU.NUFACl'UBED TO:BACCOS, Nos. us &.13o, 1'1llnMt., LntsYllle, Kr. & 11'23 BALTIMORE. No. 27 South Gay-street, -:o:OUR BRANDS. BatCHT TOJIACC08, BI.ACK TOBACC08. Sunny South, lbo. and lbs.l Edmunda .1: Browder's cho ice twist H's. Navy !be. Montauk Navy, lbs. Choice,)bs. I H lba. Old Ducki\14' &Dd lbo. Old Buck, 1Q's aod 12's Anna De e U's and K lis. Prairie Farm, 10's and K l bs. A.SD Dl:.lLEitS ur .li.L KINDS OF LeaC and.J.U:anu.t'ae&ured Tobaeeo, Pipes andl Smokers ..&rUclea pnerally. 26a Westminster street, Josu.a D. HUNT, JOSBUABU!f'l'. 13-26 .,.. R. I, FRICK & BALL, .AGENTS FOR SALE OF -J.Lso(Opposite Cas\om House ,) Wx. H. WELBII, JNO. w. WELSH, Cu.As. E. WELen. 11-28 BALrDIOBE, ADVERTISEMENTS. JOHN DOUGLASS CASEY, NOONAN & CO., Commission Merchants Gold e n Neetar, "s. I Green River Bridl!e, lba. -< 'Bird's, 4 '6. Half Dim e, 22's. ...-r,p, tuRF.l'OftlPR .AXD D!LI.LIII. m ,Pock e t Piece 2 0 'a. 16-41 LEOP. SCHROEDER, J. K. CURTIS, ROBERT BURNS & PUFF CIGAB.S, No. 54 South Cayst., WIIOLES..U.Iil FOB TE8 BJ.LS Or MANUFACTIRED TOBACCO.. 25 Vine street, James 11. Ouey: } J os. l Noonan, CINCINNATI. w. E. Yager. 2 J. L. :BOBI.BTS. J. T, J OHIIl!qiii. ROBERTS & JOHMS.ON, DltA:r.BBS Jll I-I:avana and Domestic Tbaeeo, Snutr, Pipes, ete., NO. 69 CHEST11111'-STREET; ST. L011IS., MO. .All orders tor manufacturing specia l brands of tobacco promptly a tteA4ed Oh!o, Kentucky, Missouri, & Virginia_ THOMAS RHODUS, T .eilf" TobaccO, "'trchaut, MANUFAOTURED TOBACCO No. 27 North Second Street, No. 138 West Columbia St., SAINT LOUIS. 2 01 CINCINNATI, 0. or Tobacco sollcl'led, a nd ord e ro for the p urchase or Tobacco promptly attended to. (1 80) CHICAGO ADVERTIS E M E NTS Eagle Tobacco Works. ROTHSCHILD .& ADLER, lLUIUPACTURERS OF Plu& Tobacco, .A.IND WHOLESAL E DEALERS IN Leaf, Fine Cnt Smokill! Tobacco & Ci[ars, 69 South Water Street, 186 CHJ.C.d.GO. C. B. HEARTT, MANUFACTURER, 1 8 6 O:H:XO.A.GODEALERS IN Leaf Tobacco, CIGd.RS, P.IPES, ete. No. 85 N. Second St., bet. Olive & Locust, 176 ST, IIOlJIS, 1110. d. & R. DORMITZER & CO., WHOLRSJ.I.D DJU.LEES IN Leaf Tobacco & Cigars, Smoking & Chewing Tobacco, and All Kinds of' Smokers' Articles, 120 North Second St., near Vine St., ( 1 77) ST. LOUIS, MO. W. WATKINS, P. 0. Me LOUISVILLE, KENT U OKY, anh Jr.ob\t!t ordero for TOB ACCO,. REPEREN

UAGEN, BOYD & CO., ASD WHOLESALE DEALE!I5 IN' M. E. M DOWELL. J. K. DUlfCAif M'DOWELL & DUNCAN_, TOBACCO AND General Commission Merchants, Manmactnred To)accos, No 39 North Water-street, PHILADE:L,PJIU,. NO, 61 .THIRD-ST., LeajandJia nujact u red Tobacco constantly on .A1lTHI;JR HA.GEl'l. HILADELPHT A hatnd 7-19 WJLLIA)[ c. PEASE '-1' THE T 0 B AU C 0 L ..i:i; .A FELIX MIRANDA, J.-M. MAYORGA, JOHN L. DEEN, lllll'ORnB OP IMPORTER :.UID DEAL'Ell IN H L f T b IMPORTER OF FORE1CN AND DOMESTI C Havana leaf Tobacco, TO;&Acco, r. AND OF TRJ: BRAND 01' SECA..RS RITIOA, In Havana. 1'1-69 15-17 14 CEDARSTREET, NEW-YORK. 'rS Water Street, INCE &. CO., HANUFAC1'URBRS 01!' JAlald to all 1,. o r ders. 8-20 Manufacturer ol his Celebrated Bnnda.o! 36 a ROADW-Ay, ALL XINDS O F MAYER & CO., DEALE R S IN LEAF TOBACCO, AND MA..'iUJ'ACTU BERS 01!' LOBE & POGGENBURG, TifPOIITEIIS O F and Briar Pipes, J."D ALL SQRTS O F cz.....a. 'Y PXP=IiJS. AND AMa.:a etcAa 'l'ttaat. Segar Cues, Tobacco BOlles, ]l[atch Safe., Tobacco Pouchel, Pipe 8 tema, AND A CO!olP LErE STOCIC Ol' TOBACCONISTS' ARTICLES, 46 Lib erty Street, (up stair s,). FRED. W>l. LoBE, } NEW YQ'D'IP ... JOS'rl1S F. POOOE!rBURG, 3-15 AA. J. RESCHER. DEALE R I N IMPORTED HAVANA SEGARS, Meerschaum and Briar Pipes,-J AN D THOMAS HARE, Fine Cut ana -Smokillg 14-39 New-York. EnWD. N. LA WRENCB -Fo.R'E'iGN-DA.ND'D'OirnsTrc TOBACCOS" 'rc;>BACCC?:. SEG-.AR.S, :r-.:r-0 73 --v"Vall. Street, Leaf and Manufactured Aloo, 1ob.. corm.h Virginia Leaf iin AR= .. co., 121 ana 123 Fron t Stree t 156 Front Street corner Maiden Lane 14-2 6 NEW-YORK. TOBACCO, Poil 14-26 Nla:WYORK. 14-26 .. "if@RK W M. DEMUTH & co., OP !l'B8 SEGAR TOBACCO, -inhttt s. ANSHEL & co. Chas. Thco. Rncte's Son & co., nll'O R Tl:RS Al(D XA.NUFACTUP.J:RS. 153 aad Smokers' Articles, etc_, etc, d4,J 116 and 117 Liberty-street, H.l V.lN.l AND DOBIS'rU: 1rtlH3i.tetJ:& l!Hl&KEll!-ua g k e r r t i tl t $ SECARS Agent for GAIL .tAx' s Tobacco and Snuff. 11-28 Ka.nufactory a.nd Sales Room [No. 75 Bowery ; ... r J. RINALDO SANK & CO,, N&WYORK Cedar-street Meerschaum and' 48 Beaver 79 Wall Street. 0 0 m m is s i 0 n .Me rc h a n t s JU!t reeelve d 1!00 ectlcu t far aJe Ill 14-89 NEWYORK. } (2 '1() NEWYORK. 14-26 tN )Otstosulli pJlrChalerl. w o od_. --...,-...,------:-:Havana ucl Gtrman Began in Bond for ExpOrt, ____ LEAF & MANUFA.'CTURED TOBA.CCO. J. L. GASSERT & BROTHER; ------------FBED. F I !OJJJ!Jl. No. 31 :: 30 EADIE _DuLi'u IN f.lCJ1ER & RODEWALD-;-PHILADELPHIA. Leaf & Manufactured T l T b r oaa c co saOKlHl8, Con II _tre li't Ill m'r.\. 'Q'C, 0 acco, AND0l'B.IB11RA.ND1J WER"[T s E G A "D s -. 1.3I !.in'a1den-Lane, N .11, A. ,.. DOHAN & r-...,.,., 9-21 NEWYORK. Regalia Breta.nica, Impe riales, T Commissioo Mere han&, 218 NEW-YORK. RErsMANN & KAPPEs, Londres, 29 N WATER-sTREET 40SEPH SCHEIDER'S -Dealers & Commission etc. 28 N DELAW.diE.::A.VUUE, "' M. I. DOHAN, JNO. T TAITT, EMORY HISS. 7 -19 PHILADELPHIA. Nd'!.ION-f.L. T M E R 0 HAN T S '-62 JOHN Tobacco w 0 rlEALERS IN IMPORTED AN D DOMESTIC Bl l UfJK[I., Ilf ALL DESCRIPTIONS OF TOBACCO. Hyka, Vineyard, Winnebago, Smoker s Delight, Carte Blanche Pocahontas, l SROKERS IN LEAF TO B A C "CO, 145. Water sheet, No. 43 Broad S treet, NEWYORK. 31 Water-st. & 3B N. Delaware-ave.; A. J. BUOKNOR, jLEAF AND:MANUFAC T URED9 TOBACCO_, E!:!!.G k Peac h,, l!'loral, H oney Dew, Klllicklnlck, And other Branda. R VKR&!ICES.. D. 0 M'OAMMON, PHILADELPHIA. A. J BUCKNOR, Ja.!.l W. HENRY NASSAu. c::F UKITED STATES BONDED '\fAIU!;HOUSE. Con eign ors c a n f orward their Stocks "IN BOX," wltbout pre-paying the Government Tax. 7 19 202 202 H. COLELL, Segars, Liquorice, Tonqua L Beans, Etc., S No. 91. w-ater Street, 143 Wate r--street NEWYORK. Mes s rs. WAT T S, O R Al\'E. & 00. & C u -N O R TO N S LAU0: H T)J R 6-18 s _-1_11 __ _c a ]IP_ B_E_LL_ & LICHTENSTEIN BRO:.S., BROS. & BONDY. (3-15) HEW-Y-&JUt, 429 BROAD-WAY, Manufa.etUl'ers and of, :Pa.-WHO!JI!li!.&Lr: Al'ID :BII'I'AIL DEALEBII ;m' Sl'tiiTH BROTHERS, ImP,Prter and D ea l er In all ll ALL. 1:111'))& O J PHrL.A.:DELPHIA. era' German andl'ancy Smokin g Tobacco as well a.s a good .... ., If ftLltt"'ft, NO. 38 S. CHARlLES-STREET, ABOVE ,aelectlo,n ot.Pancy Goods, ete.1 R .. .U _.,.., BA.LTIJJCOBB, MD. 2i AJtE OOR. THIRD-8TR.EET AliD PENNSYLVANIA AVE., 2 U -'-WholeSale and'Retail, 20'7 & 09 W B.-ST., I }fl'.Afi'HDfGTON, D. (J, CHA.S. T. CHICKHA. us, 20-iS ,. ilUY W' Wholedal6 .Agents .tor K. 0. BARKER'S O t le-Eagl e J IliPOaTER m DEAI.Ea ,,. BALTIMORE TOBACCO WORKS. A. VI:RGINIA SKOXING TOBACCO, ETC., WHOLESALE .urn RETA.IL, AND HAVANA ARD D!)JIESTIC SEGARS, Cor. Thirlt & Buttonwood-Btl.,, No. l-'18 Broadway w-j .. : .. ..-NEW..IYORK. PH:I,LA.:QEL.PHIA. u. t!r" Agent for Bronson' s T o bacco T o ledo, Ohio. C2il' L ea! T obacco1 Jmporied and Domeatic o f aU kinds, c onstantly on nano, and for l!&le 11_t the lowest cash prices. 11-23 A F. CARMAN, BROKER IN' B A. VAN SOHAICX, T: WHOLESALE DEALER IN Manufactured Tobaooo, Leaf & Manuftwtured Tob_a_ooo, ToNTINE BUILDING, F O REIGN AND DOOSTIO AH t>Imf us w AT:!l-sTREET GFJ:NERAL DEPOT FOR NEW-YORK.. SNUFF & TOBACCO, No. 60a Chestnut-st., 11 2 3 PHILADELPHIA. D. L. Tobacco and W AREllOUSE, S North Third-stree-t, _PHi:L.&Difi.PRI&, t!r" Agent for the sa.Je of Barney, Green & Co s c e l e brate d Queen Tob a ccos, Belle o! the West, Burnie, ()!nc!nnatl, e te. 8-20 LEWIS SONS, '!I'RQLl!SALE DBALEBB n\ Jtaf anti ;glannfudunlt ([;.oJntt!.O', SEGARS, SNUFF, &c., No. 322 N. Third-s -tree-t, B etween Wood and Callowhlll, LEWIS PB!t!DELPHU JOS. A. BREMER 7 -19 A. H. VAN PELT, BROKER IN Leaf and Man-ufactured Tobacco, 126 Wate r Street, 14-26 NEWYOiK: M. RADER TOBACCO BROKERS, _, 160 Pearl Street, ( S ECOND DOOR EA.ST 01!' WALL S TBEET1 ) 2-14 lfEWYORK. J. s. GAJU, lohatto ltskttt NO. 86 WALL STREET, (Tontine Bulldlng,) F. W. ;BECK. & CO., 81l'CCES3QRS T O BEC K &; BA O HMANNJ (late of Baltimo re,) TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS, No. 44 Vesey Street NEW YORK. GEORGE WICKE (Super1or M ake & Prime Quality,) No. Rtf 'Wlllett-str NEW-YORK. l-Of -OF 183 PEARL -STREET, (COR. CBDAR STREET, ) .. 1 3 2 5 S. BERNSTEIN, Havana and Domestic A. M. FBECHIE, IJo!l'Q RTElB AND llL"{tn' .lCTUBEB OP Domestic and Havana Cigars, 1 8-a_ s ____ N E W Y O _RK_ S E Q..A,Fl, &. D. H. M' ALPIN & CO., AND D E ALER IN Lteaf &c., & c 23.0 ARCH-STREET, 7 1 9 GEORGE :BOLDl!N. liUCHAEL WARTMAN. BOLDIN & WARTMAN, Tobacco & General Commission MBRCBANTSr 105 N, Water-st. & 106 N. Delaware-ave., 7 -19 PHILADELPHIA.. CELEBRATED F INE CUT .AND A LL I USDS OF SliOKING TOBACCO, Segars, Pipes Snuff, Plu g Tobacco, & c ., & c ., & c MAN UFAC TORY AND SALESROOM: Nos. 75, 77, a nd 79 Avenue D, 1 4 65 NewYork City. 1 2 1 No. 102 Pearl-s-tree-t, ( N ear Hanove r square,) NEW-YORK. M. & E. SALOMON, I> I PORTEJl S O P Havana Segars, LEAF TOBACCO, ANDNO. 1 7 3 PEAltL-STREET, MORITZ S.I.LOJo!ON, } iai.!.NUBlo 2AL0Jo!ON. NEW YORK. 212 -tant lEAF T 0 BAC co, :Pipes in Great_ Variety, WHOLESALE AN:DT RETAIL. Factory 9 Oliver-street, N.Y. 1 2 -ETC -SEGARS; ETC,, LIND-HEIM-EROS: & CO., All kinds or Pl ug Fin ecut. smoking and CheWin g ,_ 'n"' T o bac c o Also, a a rge aasottment orLeat Tob ac co WDOLJI:SAL,; IY on hand. Manufactured Tqba,oco AND C I GARS, 34 BOW.BB.Y, N. y,, AND IMPORTERS O F l(eenehaum, Wood P ipes, and all other Smoking Ar;icles. N o 'l9 GBAV! Eli-STllli:li: T Nr:w-ORLEA...>ilS, LA.. 5-17 JOS. MAYER &. SONS, 26 Courtlandt-street, -_ B roa dway,) A..LINDHEIM. 'PINE MEERSCHAUM AND BBIAB HUf'Bclu nton. TvbeB, Oloina, L4tJ41 4nd Woocktl Pipes Segw Casu, Tobaceo Btxlc e a G'Ail Leo.tker .7'ollaooo MGtcl Ba(etl & e., &c. A!ID DE.AL .BRS IIi SE:MRISIJ -J UD .I.LL Ol'IP& SMOKERS'-ARTICLES. <51 Maiden Lane, UP STAIRS, I>-1S HEw. ... y ftRK. D -EALERS in all: kinds .. of LEAP I. HAlYIBURGER-& CJO., Ull"'" DeDOt of H. Wilkens & Co.'s Tobacco Works, :Saltim.ore, Md. 9 21 196 -:B. BESS, 196 DEALER I N Connecticut' Seed Leaf a .Tobaceo, Havana s E:; G-.A..:Fl. s, 258 Pearl Street near Fulton, } 4-1 6 N 0Wes l ort. 6-1 S AND SEGARS. 122 WaterStreet, .rOSEP!l SEL I G SBER G. D A VID LEVY I SELIGSBERG, Con.nactitlltad:. lam, AND IMPORTERS Ol!' HAVANA T.OSACCO. 246 Pearl Street, -. -r NEWiYORK, 30S; SCHEIDER, XANUFA OTURER OJ' ALL KTh"D3 Q F TOBACCO. FACTORY: 100 & 102 W-alk er-street. DEP.-r 295 CanaHtreet. I:MPO:K'l'EBB OF Meerschaum,_ Bruyere, and Cia_ P I P E S AND ALL ltn!DS o r A ,. 'ABVICLBS. 55 JRnibrut.COne Jl'em= liott, 6-lS BOIKEN & SIEFXES, J' .. ... IMPORT.EB.S QF Moorscfianm & :Briarwood P I l? E S 5'7 :MAIDEN LAliE, 6-1 8 CITY OF NEW-YORK Seed-Leaf Tobacco Inspection. W .&.REHOUSES, Nos. 3 7, 39 7 8 and fa Greenwich street, Ulcl 92 Barclay lltreet 'Tobacco Inspected o r Sampled. After lla.y 1st 248 8i: 248 Canal-street, CertificateS given for ev er y case an d de liv e re([ 17 cas e b y case;-BB to nu mbe! o f c ertifica te u Storage and Labor the lowest rat e s. OSCAR H. LEAR, I KPOBTER AND I>E!LEI! Ill Meerschaum, B ria.r1 Wood, k i n d s ) India:Rubber, Ohina, a n d L a va Pipes. English, Scotch, French, and German .CX....A. 'Y PXPB&. Segar Tubes, Tobacco P o uches, Ditto Bags aDd Bores, PIPE STEMS, And =a. large va.riety of fa.ncy a.rtic lea a.pper t ain ing t o t he to bacc o S OLE DE P O T FOR SHAKER PIPES AND KOSSUTH BOWLS. N o 9 0 Water Street, 2 1 4 NEWYORK. -N. B I also sampl e in M er c han t 's o wn s tore.. F. C. LINDE, Seed-Leaf' T obaooo I nspeoto:i AND WAREHOUSEMAN. 14--26 Olftce, 76 G reenwi c h Street. C. & M. BONDY, WHOL ES ALE D EAL ERS L'f Leaf Tobacco, Pipes, AND ALL 07:BElt SKOKEltS ARTICLES. AND OF DOME ST I C AND HAVANA SEGARS, 358 Bowe ry, near 4th s t NEWYORK.U 10. 2 2 T ,'\;


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