The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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v. : ill. ; 36 cm.


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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University of South Florida
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'C. PFmSHING, PUBLISHER, t No. 142 Fulton Street. ) Vol. 1. BUSINESS DIRECTORY ,, OF THE TOBACCO TRADE. -:o:-NEWYORK. TOBACCO WAREHOUSES. Agnew William, & Son, 28-1 anrl 286 Front-street. Arkenburg h & l!ryao, 85 and 3 7 Broad. Bacon, Ula.rcty & C o. ) P earl. Cardoz o A. II. & Co. 169 Fron t Connollv & C o 45 Wat.e r Crawford, E. & Co., and 128 Front. Deen, J ohn L. 7 S W:\ltr. De Ford, t'hay.1 2 S Wute>, WattE, Crt>ne Uo .. llrcod. I TOB ACC O BR. OiiEP.S. !Jl Carman, A. F 11. 4A Vuey. Casey, Cudmore & Co. 8 6 Maide n -Lane Glll ender, Artbur &; Co., 114-117 Llbe..Pe u l Llebt e n steln and 84).! B owery. Bros. & Courtland:.. Jt1c0affi l John k. Co I Gr e t-nwi c h M a y e r & Co F rn lt. Mayorg a J. M., 14 M irando, Fe1J x, 19 3 Pe;u I Oatm a n & R e M, 1:50 Water. Rtoeh er, J., '73 W a ll. Ros e niTnld, E. & Bro 14 5 Wo ter. S&lomon, M & E., 173 ealomo n & E:lkins, 14S 11' n: e r Weilbacher, P., 19!> Penrl. l loll'Oil.f U8 OF l'lP.tS, llTC, Boiken & Sle!kes,'t.i M al den-lane. Demuth Wllll&m & C o., 2 8 and SO Liberty. Hamburger, J."& Co 05 M a iden l a n e Kaufmann llros. & Bondy, 51 Maiden-lane Lear, Oscar H., 90 W<>ter. Lobe & PoggenbUJ'g, 45 Liberty. I MPORTERS A.liD M.Al\UF A C1'UREIIS OF CIGARS. Anshel, 8. & C-o. 4 8 Beav e r B erg & Co. ii291)roadwa ) llerost.etn. B., Pea I. Kellner, L .. 9 1 William. Mooe a & Hirsch, 183 Peul. SEEDlLE.AF 'l' !IBA CC O J NSPEC'l'ION I Linde, F. C 1'6 Gre e nwl c h -s tl't'el. TOBACCO PRESS, & C<>, 226 Fro nt-str e et. JllA.NUFACTURJ:RS OF C I GAR BG:X&S. Wicke, Georg, 26 Wlllett -streel D.<IMO&E, rOBACCO W ARJ:BOUSES. Beck & Holotelo, 6i So11th Gar. Braunol 1'. L." & Co. D!l,Fora, Cha1rleo D. I; Co., Si South Ga:y Gieoke & Niemann, TG South Char! ea. Gunther, L. W., Lombard. ETC. :Beeker .t :Br o., V4 Lombard, :Bolenlue, G H., 2 02 Wee\. Pratt. Jl'elgner, P W ., 90 and 92 South Cbar l ea. Fricke .t Ball 54 South Gay. Gall, G. W & Ax, 28 Borre-s treet... Parlett, B. F & Co., 9-2 Lombard. ItooenreiJ, S & Co. 211 S olll,b Gay. Schro eder, JoiS., S l Exchange W elo b Wm .!t tiona, 21 Souih Ga, Wllk e na & Co l S I We.t Prau. IIROKJ<;RS. Lenr lng, D. & Co 8 Cheapoide .IUJilUFACTURERS 01' PIPEi!, ETC. Fergus on, G elnrlng & BLOO.MFJELD, CONN. P ACKF.RB AND DEA LIRS Pilley, J H .&; Co. B08TOS, l.I.AiiUFACrURER S ET C Adam s. Bat c h e ld e r & Co .. r; C ba:.hnm-row-. Ba .. ett, Wm. A 2 1 Blll ckstonestreet. C..rrutb, U. & 'o, 4G Hanover. Clark, Drew.r & Sons 14 Market. Ei chb4 State. P e a se, H. & Z. K, Slat, Woodr u ff Joseph 8 288 S t11t e LOUISVILLE KY. TOBAC C O W AREllOt'SE S. Francke&: E lltr, 4 2 4 Main. G lov e r & Co Main. P h e lp!, Caldw ell .i C o., c orne r Mai n and Tenth. MA.NUFACTURERS, E T C Edmunds & Br owder, 1 28-180 Tbird. Mayer Bro the111, 2 1 Firth. Spald ing, D., & So n., 2 0 9-2 11 Cba pe l. S palding, J. G. k B ro., 109 Marke t. Will ett, J S 1271 29 Thlrliged t o work a q ualit y of leaf rat h er b el ow their u s ual s tandard The s al es for the we e k amount to upwar d s of 750 bbd s ., mostly of l ugs, low and medium leaf, a t rates rang ing from 7. to 2k We bear o f a few lots of h eavy C larks vme being so ld at 2lic. a 30c. The market for good to ti n e leaf and choice selections, both li ght and h eavy, i s very firm, and holder s who happen t o have any o f the se grades are aski ng hi gh e r prices. S eedrleaj.-We notll an increasing s carcity o f old crop Connect icut, and an improved demand for all the better grades of that and oth e r States About 500 cotses have been sold at 'I' c. a 10c. f o r fillers, 18c. a 22e for running lot s, and 30c a 50c. for wrappers There have a l s o b ee n s o m e lo.rgc purchases on s peculation, th e terms of which are with h e l d. .Mamifactur e d.-All good bright work, and the prime qualities of black, nre mor e nctive, and prices are we ll maintained. The stocks of inferior tobacco, whi c h bav e s o l ong be e n a dru g in the market, are becomi n g s e n s ibly diminished, with a prospect of being speed il y cleared out. Th e r e is more inquiry for navy pounds and halfpound s which are in limit e d s u pply. Manufa cture r s are finding an i n cr e ased d e mand f or near l y all brands of e s tab lis h e d reputation, suc h as Mr s Mill e r's smok in g and c h e win g toba ccos John And e rso n 's s o l ace, etc. Th e s ame als o i s true of cigars and s nuff s Q UOTATIONS O F WHOLESAI,E PRICES. Ktntuct y .-Li ght l ear. Gold.. O u r r eney Trash y and fro s led Jugs, ... @ @ Sonn'd lu ge, .. .. ......... 6@ 6 } 7@ 9 Low lear ,........ .. .. .. .. 7 @ 9 9l@12l Medium l e af, .... ......... 10 14 @ 1 1\t G oo d t o fin e leaf .... .. ... 1 2 @ 15 l6i@2 1 Ch o ice s e l eclio n s .. ... 16 @ W 22 f1!)28 Do.H cnvy l e ar. Trnsby anu f r o sted Jugs, @@Sound Ju gs ,.. .. .. .. .. .. 7 @ 9 91@ 12-t Low-......... .. ..... 1 0 @ 1 2 14 @16t M e dium Leaf ........... 18 1 8 @21 Goo d to fine Le af, ..... 16 @18 22 @Zil C h o i c e selectio n s .. ....... 19 @22 26 @80 OMo.Inferior to g ood c ommon, ... .......... ... :> @ 7 lll'o w n and spang l e d, ..................... -8 @ 11 Go od am! fin e r ed ................. .... 11i @ 1 5 Fine yellow and f a n cy, ..... .............. -16 @ 25 Sie m s ,;n d scraps, ....................... 3 t @ 8 .MctryZa-n4.B I&ek f roo ted, ........ ................. 5t@ 6i C o mm o n ............................ ... 1 @ l()t Middli n g ........................ ........ 11 @ 1 2 Fine and goo d brown,. .. .. .. . l'li @ 1 8 Fancy, .. ................................ @ 25 (l o n n e ct-lcu t Bee'(], leaf. O l d O rop. No .. ( c New Crop-Wrappers, ............ ___ ............... ll!l @ 22 Do. 8elec.t, ......................... 80 @ 40 Fillero, ................................ II @ 8. New-York Seed-leof.-\Vrappero, ............... ............ 18 @IS: Do. sel ect, ....................... 20 @ 25 1l PM Clear H avana. do ........ : ....... 75 00 @ 100 00 D o Conne c ticut Seed,... .. .. .. .. 811 00 @ ISO (r.J Do. do Seconds, ........... 80 00 @ 40 00 N e w-Y ork Seed Conn. Wrappere, ...... 26 00 '.QI 86" Penn. . do. d o .. .... 00 @ 26 00 Ohio. do do. d o .. .... 0 00 @ 25 00 C ommon Ci gars .. .................... l,Z 00 @ 2 0 00. -8nujJ:.. .... ................... 90@ 1 oo Rappe e Fren c h ,.... .. ............ 90 @ 1 00 Do. fine p l ain,.... .. .. .. .. .. 811 @ 95 S cotch and Lundy foot, ................ 90 @ 1 00 LiCorice -".F. G .. ......................... .... 4 21@ u 'Vallis Extra,'1 42t@ -''G. Z., .. ................ ... 85 (g) -"L. 0.," ....... ... ... ..... 8 1 @ -"San dford!" ........................ 85 01 "Ynurria,' (In geld) ........... .. ... 25@ -" J. C & Co .," .. .. .. .. .. ... -2i @ cc R R.," u .................. 2 8 @ -_"Oa.lJill&Co.,"" ............. ... :-:s@ -* N o t s t rictly sounl,N>S An g u s t 1. .. .. .. .. -3 ,96 5 8 ,287 FOR E I G N 111!P ORTS Comparativ e s t a t e m ent of imports and valu e s as s hown by c u stom b o use returns for t h e w ee k s ending Val u e 18-10M p k g s leaf ........ ............... f l!$, 1 2 6 Cigars .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 2 '2,871 Aug ,11-682 pkgs ... .... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 2i,18 6 C l gers .................. ..... ,..... ... 2!!,840 Aug. 4,--8&7 pkgi! ....... ............. ......... 16, 88 0 Cigars ............ . 16, 7 7 1:;. E XPORT S C lear e d durin g t h e week 1 8 8 6 hhds 1905 pkgs. c rud e and 1 9,36 9 lb s m a n ufa cture d ; V a l u e o f c rude, $ 6 11, 3 75; v alue o f manu


factured, including cigars, $8627; value of disorganization of the labor system. Concigars, 84793. siderable stocks of old tobacco are on hand, 'l'here were shipped to some of them three or four years old; most BRElllJL'l-88 hhds. valuer! at. !6,703 of them, however, are more or less injured by 42a hbds. stems,. keeping. The Western crop is also repre:. :.::: .. : : .: '.'.'.::: 4 3 6 6 7 sen ted as quite unpromising-not more than Total value, .............. ----..... $58,680 a two-third crop be" g expected. In the HAllnOEc-104 hhds ... -.-----------, 629 Clarksville district not over half a crop will 118 bales.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 719 cs....... ... .. .. .. .. 88,988 be obtained. It is owing to these indications 1 000 lbs. manufactured------250 of a tobacco famine that the market shows 15 co. cigars.. .. .. .. 4,072 Total value, ........................ Sll8, 8 99 Rotterdam-64 hhds. stems, $2823 ; 48 es., $5529 ; total, $8352. Liverpool-214 hhds., $72,394; 2 cs., $150; total, $72,544 London --102 hhds., value, $31,363; 4 cs., $525; total,' $31,888. Glasgow-138 hhds., $65,020. Bordeau:v-816 hhds., $128,837 hhds., $3985. .Malaga-25 hhds., $12,248 ; 2 cs. cigars, $'721; total, $12,969. Venice-325 hhds., $1 '70,000. British West lndies-'7 hhds., $2436; 5036 lbs. mf., $403; total, 82839 Hayti-40 bales, Venezuela-3421 lbs. mf., $1001. British N. A Colonies-'I hhds., $2108; 9912 l bs mf., $2180; total, $42 88. Statemtont of ell--ports and their values for the weeks ending Ilhds. Pkgc. Or-u de. L os. Mf. Value. Aug. 22 .... l,SS6 1,905 19 369 $620,002 Aug 15 ...... 4 ,239 2,017 57,746 8 91,674 Aug. S ...... 1 ,574 1,M8 33, 743 00 8 ,707 Aug 1 ... 1 533 1538,574 Amount of exports since January 1st, and for same t ime lnst year : muu. Plcr;s Crude Manuj'd lbs. 1565 .......... 49,933 M,490 2,tl08,32T 1 81 ........... 43,104 2 ,8 79, 821 BOSTON, Aug, 19,_:_Leaf is dull. The market is firm for all de s criptions of manu facture d and the demand moderat e Some lots of Virgi nia have sold readily at 6!Jc. a 90c. Very little of the Virginia black work proves s uitable to the wants of the trade, and theW estern make is very sc arc e The de mand see m s mostly confined to navies, .and as these are now being produced in moderate qua ntiti es by the manufactories, the supply i s ample. This style of goods being all n ew should be kept in the boxes a few weeks be fore going into consumption Judging from present indications, manufacturers will hnve to work into cold weather, if not throug h the winte r to s u : pply the demand. Receipts for the week, 7 30 bxs., 239 hhdE. Exports, 5 hhds., 40 bal es, t o Africa ; 7 hhds to Surinam; 22 bxs. to St. P ierr e ; and 90 bxe. and 1 hhd. to the Briti s h Provino es. PHILADELPHIA, Aug,l(),-Ther e has been cons i derable movement in Connecticut seed leaf, and 30 00 cs have been sold a t 35c a 40c Pennsylvania seed-leaf i s ve r y dull. The.demand for g ood qualities of manufac -tured continues fair, and prices are lookin g u p. We note sale s of black work at 65c. a SOc., and bright at SOc. a $1 10. Reports from the d i fferent sections of the State represent the growing c rop a s likely to fall far short of that of last y ear both in qual ity and quantity. Exports, 6 7'77 lbs mf. to Barpadoes. BA.LTIMOR:Ij:, Aug. 19. -The r eceipts of Maryland continue fair in quantity, but d eficient in tbe b etter grades. Medium and fine leaf are very scarce and transactions are limi ted, because the market offers so poor a sele ctio n. Inferior and frosted grades are dull. Sal es include 900 hhds Ohi o at 6 c a 17c. mostly for France. K entucky i s firm, but without transactions to note. Inspections this week, 691 hhds : Maryland, 137 Ohio, 10 K entucky, and '!Virginia. Stock on hand, 2 5,607 hhds. M anufactured shows a dec;ided improve ment, the d emand for bright and prime black goods being active. ST. LOlliS,;, 19.The market has been quite active during the wee k, but toda.y it i s rather more quiet, and prices favor buy e r s. .The s ales to-day include 27 hhds green lugs, at $4.10 a $5.60; 7 hhds factory at $5.70 a $6.20; 19 hhds. plante rs', at $6.60 a $ 8.70; 25 hhds. com. shipping, at $9 a $12.95 ; 7 bhds. m e dium, at $13.2 5 a $15.70; 2 hhds. goo d do., at $16.50 a $16.75; 7 hhds. common manufac turing, at $16.75 a $22. 2 5 ; 5 hhds. medium do., at $24 a $33.50; 2 hhds. good do., at $39 a $41; and 2 hhds. fine do., at $5.3 .50 a $56. Bids on 42 hhds were r e jected. during the week have b ee n unex pec t edl y large, amounting to 691 hhds and 493 pkgs. LOlJISVIJLLE, Aug. 19,Leaf toba cc o has bee n well s u s tained the w eek in prices for the finer g rade s of cutting and manufacturing, the former ranging from $20 a $37, nnd t.he latter from $40 a $57. The lowe r grades, such a s trashy and li ght lugs, have been n eg l ected, and have suffe red som e d epres sion Sales amount to 1 2 8 6 hhds.; bids r ejec ted on 1 8 0 hhds Manufactured is in g ood s upply, and w e note s al e s of' bright Virginia pounds at $ 1.1 5 $ 1. 2 5 ; me! dium do. 90 c a $ 1 ; common do., 'i5 c a SOc. Bri ght K entucky and Mis s ouri pounds s old at $1 a $1.10; medium d o., 85c. a 9 1 0 c ; c ommon d o ., 6 5c a 7 5c ; d amage d d o 30c. a 4 0c. Navy pounds, choice roc. a 72c. j g o o d do., 68 c a 7 0 c j commo n do 60c: a 65c. ; navy h a l f pound s fine, 'r O c a '7'2c. ; m e dium, 68c a 7 2c. ; black s w eet half-pounds, 6 8 c a 70c. ; l on g t e n s 'TOe a 72c. ; nnd s hort t e n s 6 8c. a 'TOe. 'RICHlliOND, Aug, 19,-The market i s much firm e r So m e s al e s have been made at the advanced! rates o f $40 for lugs, $59 $'74 $78 and $ 1(!)1 fol' leaf. These l ots w e r e all 95 4,492 1 5,010 ANTWERP0 Aug. 7 70 hhd s s ound Kentucky h ave bee n offered at public sale, o f whi c h 2 0 hhds. f ound purc ha sers, a t 50 a 7 0 c e ntimes; the rest we r e withdrawn. 'l,HE TOBACCO LEAF. 1 35 hhds sound Kentucky, brought by the Anna Delins Neptune, nnd Stella, from NewYork, were offered, and the bulk sold at 38 a 54 centimes. Only a few l ots were with drawn. 82 hhds. s ound Virginia and Kentucky, re ceived per Solid, of New-York, were offered, and struck off at 42 a 71 centimes per t kilo gramme. Arrivals this week comprise 697 bales from Hvmm, 10 do from London, and 60 hh&., 27lfpkgs:; from HOlland. Receipts for the past seven months this year: 2065 hhds., 50 bales, from New-York; 5189 hales from Havana; 125 do. from Manilla ; 2379 ceroons from St. Domingo; 775 bales from Constantinople; 400 do. from Genoa; 1 97 from Buenos Ayres ; 891 do. from France; 101 do. from Hamburg; 1 52 hhds., 1 89 7 bales, from England. Total, 2217 hhds., 12,637 bale s, against 2529 hhds., 7431 bales during the corresponding months lnst year. HAlUBlJRG, Aug, 4,-Sales from first bands during the week include 1154 ceroons Havana ; 5 0 3 do. St. Domingo; 483 bales Brazil; 14 do. Varinas, o n terms not made public. At auction 53 cs. see d-leaf were so ld, at 2 5-16 11 7-16 sch., 830 ceroons St. D omingo, at 4 a 11 sc h ., according to quality. ROTTERDAJU, Aug, 5.-Sales from firs t hands during the week, 30 hhds. Mar y land, receiv e d p e r J. 0 Jones, and 10 hhds. do re c eived per Mozart. Terms not made known. Receipts, 39 7 hhds per Arnold Beninger, from Baltimore. THE TAX ON CIGARS. MEETING IN FAVOR OF TAXC\"G LEAF TOBACCO A GEN-ERAL AGITATION OF THE QUESTION RESOLVED UPOX. LAST year, it will be rememb e red, t]le cigar manufacturers of this city and elsewhere banded together for the purpo s e of defeating the then impending m easure of taxing cigars, favoring the taxation of leaf t obacco as a more eq u itable measure 1 h ei r eff orts were, howe v er, unsucc es sful, and Con gress plac e d a tax of 810 pe r t h ousand on all kinds and qualiti e s of cigars This, the trade claims, i s ruinous for all, but partic ularly f or those men who manufacture l o w-pri c ed cigars which can not bea r the ta:x:, and a mov ement is now again being inaugurated to secure a r e peal of the obnoxious law. The German c igar manufacturers, employ ing from three to twenty or more hands, too k t h e initi a tive and Thursday afternoon held a meetin g in the Steube n House in the Bowery, which was fairly attended. Although called for two o'clock, it was after f our o clock befo r e the meeting was called to order by Mr. Raeth, the p r esident of the o rgani zation of last year, who, in opening his r emarks, po i n te d to the necessity of som e actio n being now taken, in order both to pro tect the government's inte r ests and tho s e of the busine s s from the pernicious i nfl u ences the oppre s s ive tax was e xerc ising. This law had called out a cl a s s of m en who w e r e de fraudin g the r e1enuc, and thereby kill ed t he hones t trader. Mr. Moores, on the part of the Executive Committee, made a repor t of the action of that committ ee. T h e commi t tee had advised with Commissioner J:.ewi s as to t h e sureties ;equired b y law f rom the ciga r manufacturers Instead of a r emedy, as expected by the manufacture r s things had grown worse, for with a tax of ten dollars on all cigars, t h e smalle r fa c tories would g o down, and the lar ge r o nes be ben efite d Congress bad up pointed a committee t o inves tigate what b u si ness could stand taxation and what mi ght be realized from it. T o lay the matter befo r e the committee should be the first object of the Nationa l Tobacco Convention. known fact tbnt the blockade-runner (the name given by the cigar p eople to those of their craft who defraud the revenue), and the monopolist worked hand in hand, the former worked only for the present, while the latter operated for the futme; and thus the latter would conquer. The ten-dollar tax was good, if could protec t the trade. But Congress was unable to do so, and when a law_ was made it should be )llade for every body. That-Jaw was defec tive, for It t<;>ok the common cigar fro m the peop le 'ana fa vored the rich The tax on leaf tobacco was the n needed hy Congress to carry on the w a r and no tnx was l evied on the new raw mate. rial. Now the situation wns different, and Congress could well aff ord to listen to the claims of the manufacturers. A solid pha lanx sbouled that a. r e gul a r month ly meeting of the entire trad e be h e ld He urged his m o tion on t he ground thn t more interest w o uld b e taken in the m ovem t Mr. :Moores fav ored District Committees, f or there c ould be m o r e d one in that way, a s both the time o f the members was s aved and business could be done more r a pidly. A G eneral Committee, c ompo sed of delegates fr o m each district, would work mo r e sati s factoril y Mr. Rentz moved as an amendment, to lay the te:r over until a future meeti ng t o b e held in two weeb. Mr. S chroe d e r thought that it w a s always time to rev-ive District Conventi o n s It was a good thing to have the t r ade informed abou t the stat e of things, whi c h could be better done in general body. The amendment was put t o vote and car ried by an o v erwhelming majority, thus l ay ing the matte r ove r to the next meeting, which was agreed to b e h eld on the 18th proxi mo. lir. Moores believed that a delegate s h ould be sent to the Louisville Convention by the National Co nv ention It was the duty of that body. Mary land, K entucky, and Missouri would, in that bo d y, carry \JJ.e measure a g ainst the taxation of the leaf. The :Missouri delegation, for o n e, had in Co ngress opposed ihe t axatio n. Mr. R aeth moved that the d e l egat e to the Kat i onal Co nvention be in structed to urge upon that body tbat a person b e sent to Louisville for the purpose of la y in g before the meeting of growers the interests of t h e trade. M:r. Schmidt favored this m easure as highly nece ssary for the interests of t h e trade. The m otion was carried. Mr. Raeth too k the floor against the offi cers of the National "Co nvention, who bad allowed the business t o run d o wn, and urge d that imm ediate action be demanded by them, so as to properly a gitate the questio n all ove r the cou n t ry. It wns resolv e d to ask the National Execu-Mr. M oo r es, in lengthy r emarks, argued that the present law the trade from the frying-pan into the fire. 'Ihc men who were no capitalists w ere oppressed b y it to the bene fit of the moneyed interests. Four years ago trade was flourishin g The n everybody smoked tobacco not fit for anybody. Cigars then were a luxury; but now it was differ e n t they had b eco m e a n ecessi t y. At that time cigar s could b e imported at a low tariff and the trade had reason to be thankful for that tariff. Now it was diff erent, for unless fraud was re so rted to the s mall e r manufacturer woul d hav e to s u ccumb. A s this committee held their ses -tive Committee to at once take the nec essa r y measures to brin g the tax question p r ope rly s ion s in this city, the cc n ventions of tobacco growers manufacturers and deal ers s h o uld be a lso held here ; but it had not been deem e d advisable by the National Comm ittee to h ol d it here, but they held it in Loui s vi ll e The Executive Committee would do their b est to further the ends of t h e movement. The r eport was accepted unani mously M r. Spiegel c omplained about the apathy of tho trad e, who did not take a g e n eral in t e rest Mr Raeth b elie v e d that fr o m a s m a ll m eet in g g r eat things had b een often p e rform ed. Mr. Sch e ider tho u ght organi z a t i on s bytax coll ec tion di stricts should be resorte d to, a s the primary m otive p o w er. Mr Ewers thought that di strict co m m itte e s w ould not ans w e r, but d isc ussi o n s in ge n er al meetin g would b e far b e tter i n furthe rin g the o b j ec t b e fore t he s ociety. The strength of the so c ie t y could be b ette r co n centra t e d i n a gen eral b o dy. Mr Spiege l thought org ani z a t i o n s by dis tric t s w ould b e more condu c ive t o the b e nefit of the trade, f o r eve r y man c ou l d then brin g h i s influe nce to bear. :1\Ir. Moore s in a lon g address urge d upon the meeting the nec essity of co n certed and energ etic a c tion. He s ai d that it w a s a ques tion of vital importanc e not only to the entire c i g a r manufact uring interest, b u t to the en tire b<>bacco i n t erest. The tax, a s l e vied now, was both a s unjus t to the people in their in dividual capacity a s it was of no u s c to the F e d eraf excheque r for its main object, the rais in g o f mone y was not eff ec ted. And why was this? B ecausl) i t fa vore d fraud s fo r the b e n e fit o f the c a pita lists ; f o r it was a w ell befo r e the tob a cco interest of the Union. The meeting the n adjourned. --------THE PROPOSED TAX ON LEAF TOBACCO, HOW WILL IT AFFEC T TilE GROWERS OF AND D EALERS IN SEED-LEAP TOBACCO .AND THE MANt:F.a.O l' URERS O F CIGAR S ? Oor.tiwued. THERE i s anothe r point fr o m w h ich i t i s p r oper t o v iew the o per a tions o f the p rop o s e d t a x upon l e a f toba cco During the past three y ear s i n conse que n ce of the di s turbanc es of l a bo r b y the withdrawal of l arge numbe r s of o u r p Qpulat ion f o r mil itary purp o ses, and t he i nflation o f values g enerall y t he prices o f l ea f t o b a c co o f domestic g r o wth have so far e n h anced as to ind u ce the u se of s ubstitutes from othet countries in the Euro p ean con sump ti o n t o s u c h an extent a s to c r eate w ell gro u n d e d fea r s that American t obacco may n ever r egain the vantage ground i t o n ce o c cupied. When it i s con s i d ered that the annual ex portation of tobacco (principall y leaf), prio r to the war, amounted to nearly $25,0 00 ,000, the imp ortance of keeping open s u c h a n out let will r eadily be admitted, and any further enhancement of price, which might ea sily r esult from unwise interference with the pro duction, would close that outlef and act un favorably upon t h e national interes t It i s proper for u s to state that, p r i o r to the bre akin g ou t of the r e belli o n there was an annu a l impo r t ation into this coun t r y o f n early 9 0 0 ,00 0, 00 0 c i gars, e qual t o abou t 56,00 0 cases o f see d l enf, nnd n early 8,000, 000 of p ounds of l eaf toba cco, equal t o 20,000 cases m ore of 40 0 lbs. each, the total custom house val u e of both of t hese articles be ing about to '\Yhich must be a dded the amount of duties collecte d by the Gov ernment. Unde r the existing tariff n early the of this immense am ount of foreign cigars and leaf t obacco is very properly e:& eluded, and as soon as the stocks remaining from imp ortation s before the tariff went into effect are exhausted, this amount must be s upplied 100m our. own d o mestic growth of leaf nnd 6 y the labor of our own and a field hitherto closed to o u r home industry will be opened, in which improvement in the development of our leaf and in the elabora tion of i t will be stimulated and rend ered profitable. Your commit t ee regret that, in consequence of the brief time allowed them for the prepa ration of their r e p ort, they have not b e en abl e to embody statistical informat ion bearing upon the s u bject. After such consideration of the m a t ter submitte d to them as the limited time woul d allon your committee a re o f the opin ion that a proper and sufficient remedy for the evils now affecting the cig ar-making i n terest can be found in a r ev isi on of the e x isting l a w rather th11n i t s radical change They belijlve thnt the change prop osed by tho N ew -York Convention would operat e se riously against t he best interests of the c i gar makers, a s also of the growers of and dea lers in see d-leaf; and as these interests harmon i ze with our own, we would strongl y urge that their earnest cooperation be invited in oppo sition to the proposed taxatio n of the len.f. They arc also of the opi n ion that the few cigar manufacturers who participated in the procee ding s of the N ew -Y ork Convention did so without due reflection and that upo n a proper representation of the f act s they will ceas e t o support measures whi c h so obvious l y tend to their injury. The New -York C o nve ntion passe d a reso luti o n t o empl oy t h e assistan ce o f the best l e gal abilit y to draf t a form of law in a c c ord ance with their views, to be submitted t o Co ngress f o r its adop t ion, and a s i mi l a r co u r s e has bee n suggest e d t o you r com mi t tee The y d o not howev e r think suc h a s t ep politic, but beli e ve that Congr ess co mpris e s l e ga l ability of the hi ghest orde r full y abl e to cope with all t he d iffi c ulti es w h ich the proper legislatio n i n ou r case may p r es en t l TO DE COSTIN U'ED. I SEIZURE OF TOBACCO. M. ERTHEILER, TOBACCO 2R0t\B&,. 124 '\Va ter-Sreet NEAR WALLST,, NEW-YOR.K. JOSEPH SCHEIDER'S J\'.Jl.TIOJ\ .. .,IJ.L Tobacco Works, 246, C.AN.AL-STREET, N. Y Mnnuf.u:turcr of Smoking and Chewing Tobacco. : o : J)I.(Y BRANDSHyka, j 'V!acya rJ, }JI, C:lhfJ D t 8. 31 n,at 'lnnebago. G arte Blanche, Peac h > H o ney D ew, I I And other B!': ALSO MAXU t'A('TURERS OJI' EVERY VARIETY O l' (ffii!EVKftt:r i TOBACCOS. Put up i n styles to suit the trade. Offlce and Snlesrootn : 49 Main-Street, Cincinnati, 130 Street, N. Y. Principal Depots: No 8 North Third-S t. P hiladelph i a Nos. 49, 51 and 53 Bl a ckstone 5-1 7 St. Boston. nuder City Ordiu:mee I n -:o:-W h eeler Tob acco Warehmise, PIS TER &. II O W Proprie toll.'s, For the Inspectio.o and Commission Sale of LEAF TOBACCO, C 4 West Front OHIO. Large Stocks of Mason C o nnty Cutting and Segar J,eaf. Also Ohlo S eedleaf always on hand l n lots to sult 196 L. H. SARGENT & CO. Commission Merchants, .AX D DE!.L'ERS l N M a n u f actured a m l Lea f Tobacco L H 8ARO En, THOS. J B I G OS. J '1', SULLIVA.N, 31 W O. 2C4 H V, SU'LLil A:f, W. J. DtT!iU.UC J. T. SULLIVAN &, BRC!J., Tobacco Factors,. And Deale"' IIi all k i nds of LEAF TOBACCO, Keep con stantly on hand the Largest Stock of nason and Owen county and Redried Cutting Leaf in tbe West, 1915 No, 3 9 Races t. Cincinna ti, Ohio,


.; TEI:E TOBACCO LEAJ:i1 3 CHICAGO ADVERTISEMENTS. R .. M. EDMUNDS & BROWDER, leaf Tobacco Inspection Superintendent S tate Tobacc. o FALLS CITY Eagle Tobac;;co Works. T b F WAREHOUSE, ROTHSCHILD & ADLER, Wareliouse, 0 acco actory, Nos 100 102 104 West Front St .M.l.NUFA.CTURERs oF : Nos. 1:!8 & 130, Tltlrd-st., Louisville, Kr. '' PJ T b Cor. Sixth-st. & Washington-av., -:o:Ug 0 aCCOJ 192 sT LOUIS MO OUR MORRIS & CHALFANT AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN -' Bl!CitT T08ACC08. BLACK TOBAOC08. / Proprietors. Leaf Fine Cnt Smoking Tobacco & Cigars RHODUS,.' 'Auction Sales Daily. 69 South Water Street I Orders for L ear promptly atten ded to. 19T 185 CHJ.Coil,GO. rn,Jt.W Ol d Buck,14's and X lbs. Old Buck, 19'sand 12' Anna Delle; .14's and lbs. l'ralrle tO's and Jllbs. HARTFORD ADVERTISEMENTS. i\'7, G. HORR( 5. F P. Cl!:llF.! .. FRICK & BALL, WESTPH,U & LEHNEMAN, {('t DUL5118 L't nud Seed -ALSo-AND M.!..NOU.C'll1RKRS OF ROBERT BURNS & PUFF CIGARS, S G 4-. R S. No. 54 South Cayst., 214 State street, 61 11-At.'I'IMOU, MD HARTFORD, COD. '7 J.D.BURNHAM&CO., llANUl' oi.CTURERS AXD JOBliERS I N AGEK T S F O R SALE O F M. FRIEDMAN & CO., Henry Besuden & Bro., c. B. HEARTT, No. street, MANuFAcTuRER of T obacco soll c;,te!l anil orden for the purchas e of Tob&cco promptly nttende d to. ( 180) LEAF TO.BACCO, Tobacco, Snuff and Cigars, -ALso-161, 163, & 165 Pearl-street, (COJ!."ER OF :ELl!STRHT), CINC!NNATI. CINCINNATI TOBACCO WORKS, l18,120,l22 ftlnla-st.,&-19 & namm()nd-st., CINCINNATI, OHIO. S. B. N E W E L L, :'YCnnufactureT of all kind3 of 1 8 6 C::S:IC..A.Gci. Eclipse Tobacco Work. VAN HORN, MURRAY & CO., Tobacco Manufacturers, Nos. 37 & 39 S. Water-street, CHICAGO. Turner, Van Horn & Co., Quincy, Ill. ISS ST. LOUIS ADVERTISEMENTS. DAMERON, BROTHERS & CO., SUCCESSORS '1'0 NANSON, DAMER ON k CO., Fine Out Chewing and Smoking To-Tobacco Factors, bacco, Killiokinick & Paper Goods. asD oE:s:Eru..L J.P. T R. l. M C OLVrN, SPENCE BROTHERS & CO., l!ANCF'ACTCRBRS 0 1 ,Fine-cut Chewing and Smoking TOBACCO DK.!LEI$5 Plug Tobacco, Snuffs & Cigars, No. 52 East Third Street, C'I.YCI.K,;t".liTK, OHIO. 203 G. BR!SIIE.!.RS. BRASHEARS, McLAUGHLIN & CO. to C. A. MctAuc nuN & Co.,) TOBACCO Commission Merchants U.S. BONDED WAREHOUSE NO.I, No. 46 Walnut-street ATI. Liberal Advances on Consignments. 202 CASEY, NOONAN & CO., Commission Merchants YOR THE BALE OF MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, 25 Vine-street, ros.1. Noonan, CINCINNATI. .James B. Casey, } W. E. Yager. 201! BOD MANN'S JnsDection&Leaf Tobacco W 'Nos: 57, 5iB1 61, & 63 :Front, & 62, 64, & 66 Water, bet. Vine & Walnut Streets, CINCINNATI, OHIO. -:o:J 1>AILY S.A..LESI..t.T .A..UOTION A.h'D o1.r PRIVATE SALE o r 'VIRGINIA.. .-.,. KENTUCKY, INDIANA.. MISSOURI. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. 166 N. second-st., eor. Green-st., 191 ST. LOUIS. Orders Filled for all Kinds of Manufactured and Leaf TOBACC09 I' ll\' EDWARD B. BOOTH, 25 NORTH SECOND ST., 19 St. Louis Mo. EDWARD F. MULLEN, SUCCESSOR TO T. & E. MULhEN, Tobacco. Dealer, NO. 164 NORTH MAlll STREET,' SAINT LOUIS, MO., Wlll keep a supply o f .All D ttrriptum.s of To acco; also, Lic orice Pa.ste Leaf Tobacco Pur-I> hn.sed and Sold on Co=ission. 189 c L. A. DIETERICHS & BROS., Tobacco Manufacturers, 33 N. Third St., bet. & IHtFAOTUUII OF .!..t.J. DESCRil'TIO:XS O'F Fine-Out,. Chewing, & Smoking Tobacco, Killickinick, etc., No. 168 North Second Street, (l78) ST. LOUIS, MO. S. A. GR..l.NTBAM. G. F. UA'fCH. J. M S : A. GRANTHAM & CO., Qommission & Tobacco MERCHANTS, 51 N. Second St., bet Pine & Oliv e ST. LOUJ.S, .,f.CO. -:o:Purclw8ers of Tobacco wi l l f orward their Interests by giving usn call, ns we are Sole for a lar!!e num'b e l' of the most celebrated manufacturers In the O>ty and Country, and always on hand. a full 11ssortment o r theil' brands of eve r y description and quality. SPECIAL AT TENTION given t o sales of L eaf T o bacco, "nd all kinds of C'ER T 6 nessrs. C D D eF o r d & C o., B. F Parlett & C o., S dl. f T 1 T G ;. Watts & Co., Femlric h Bros, L. M Bee b e Da rby & e b t reet; f Thayer & C o '44 Water-str eet, N ew -Y o rk. I T I and State-street, 12-24 HARTFORD, CONN. BECK & HOLLSTEIN, TOBACCO FARNHAM & BARNES, f A..ND P.AOKER S A.'iD D:&.ALERS IN Fine Conn. seed-Lea f General Commission Merchants, TOBACCO, 6 7 SOUTH GAY STREET, 16-28 B altimore. Md. No. 238 State-street: ; G. IESKE. En. NIEMANN, 17 HA.RTFORD, (.'ONN, S. CASE & CO., GIESKE & NIEMANN Leaf Tobacco =::;::::=========== .13-28 BOSTON. DEALERS IN Commission Merchants, W. WATKINS, DOX P. 0 LOC ISVILLE, KEI\"TUCKY l. F, OTTB. PULS &. OTTE, Manufacturel'l! of all kinds of TOBACCO, &l'D DIUI.2RS IN Cigars, Snuff, Pipes, and SmDking; Tobacco No.106 Third-st., bet. Vine & Locust ST. LOUIS, 1'1:10. Our principal Bra n de are-Eldorado, 9 ln. Nat. Leaf; tural 9 in., Banana Fig; Cayendlsb, 6 ln.; Ex-Na eel slor, half bright, 12ln 188 LEOP. SCHROEDER, IliPORTER1 llA.NCFA.CrURm AND DEALEB IN I :Iavana and Domestic CIGARS Tobauo, Snuff, Pipes, etc., NO, 59 CHESTNUT-STREET, ST. LOUIS. ru:o, All orders ror manufacturing 1lpeciaL b randJ. of cigars omptly attended to. 152 pr KROBN, FEISS & CO., ldANUFACTURERS OF a. & R. DORMITZER & co., ,, Segars obacco, MEERSCHAUM & BRIAR PIPES smoking & Chewing Tobacco, AND ALL SMOKERS' ARTICLES, 1 and All Kinds or Smokers' 53 'West Fourth Street, WA.L.NUT AND V"nfE SrS., 20'f CINCINNATI. J. I. BOBBRTS. J. T. JOHNSON ROBERTS & JOHNSON, DXALER S I!l Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, & Virginia Leaf' Tobacco, 201 -Au;o-MANUFACTURED TOBACCO. No. 138 West Columbia St., CINCINNATI, 0 11 Articles, 120 North Second Bt., near Vine Bt., ST. LOUIS, MO. I, 1), UCGETT. & DAUSMAN, lL\.NUl.A.CTUR.SRS OJ' Chewing Tobacco, AND Dl!l.!..LER5 IN .ALL KINDS OF TOBACCO, CIGARS, SNUFF, PIPES, ETC., No. 12 South Second Street, (0 Pf8 oslte Barnum' H ote l ,) ST. LOUIS,l\:1:0. 1 t.169 Milk street, BOSTON ALSO GENTS R J?epot also e.t E L. Witth&.us corner Front A. II'O i and :Race, ':rhiladelphia. 61 16-41 Between Nlnili and TenUI., LOUUV.II:.LE, KY. J. G. SPALDING & BRO., O wners of the Eureka and Ingomar Bran ds. 18 I SAMUEL & BROTHER, D EALERS IN C Bronson's Celebrated Toledo Tobaccq, 212 STATE STREET, Hartt'ord, Conn. A. G. BROWN. 12-24 H. J ZWEYGAIIT'l'. Ch !I.!.NOF:O'I'VREllS orTALL E.l'b'DS OF Havana and Domestic Cigars,. ew1ng o acco, -AND-JOSEPH S. WOODRUIT, DEALER IN No. 109 MARKET-ST., Between Flnt and Brook Streets, LOUISVILLE, KY. ORDERS PRO UPTLY FILLED. 1&-41 D. S PALDIN01 IR., B. H. SPA L DING W. D. BPALni!IIG. D. SPALDING & SONS, D EALERS I:< Leaf & Manufactured TOBACCO, Nos 209 and 211 Chapel-street, LOUISVILL'E, KY. lS-68 J. S. WILLETT, Tobacco Manufacturer, 1.\ os. 1:!7 & U9 Thirdst., llet. llialn & River, LOUISVILL.E, KY. BRANDS: Willett's No.Yy,Ibs. and H ln.l Goge' Navy, lbs. and i lbs. 1\illett's Long lOs ru'ng 12s. Willett's Des.se1Hs Wille tt's 5s. running lOs. 'Wlllett's 6 oz. 2.40 Bright lbs. Wlllett s lOs. running 14s Wille tt's Dessert, 6 o. B tlbs. 17-69 M J :I:U..ER. FRANCKE & ELLER, \;ommissiort mfLercftunts, 424 J.Ualnst., bet. Bnllltt & Fifth, LOUISVILLE, KY. TOBACCO, No. 6 Court -square, --Boston, i1f"' Manufacturers oftilc brands "American Zouaves" and L a Promenade." 18 H. CARRUTH & CO., DlPORTERS WHOLESALE DEALERS IN ALL DESCRIPTIONS OF Connecticut Seed-leaf TOBACCO, No. :233 State-street HA.RTFORD," CONN. J. H. FILLEY & ca.; PACKERS_ CIGARS, PIPES, ETC., Fine Connecticut SeedNo. 46 Hanover-street, 18 BOSTON, WILLIAM A. BASSETT, Leaf Tobacco, l BLOOMFIELD, CONN. T. G. JEROME, f 21T BALTIMORE ADVERTISEMENTS. TOBACCO, R d D t C G. W GAIL avana an ames 1c 1gars, PIPES, ETC., ETC, G. w. GAIL&AX, CHRISTIAN AX. 21G No. 21 Blackstone-Street, BOSTON, MASS. PROVIDENCE ADVERTISEMENTS. HUNT & BROTHER, MANt.-r .1CTC'RERS OF AND DEALERS ALL KIN D S OF L ear and l'IannCactured Tobacco, Pipes, and Smokers' Articles geneially, 259 Westminster street, :UANt"F .A.CTURE:RS Oi' ALL KINDS O F (!!;hewing AND SNUFF, -J..I.So-Importers of and Dealers in Cigars, P i p es, Snuff-boxes, etc., NO. 28 BARRESTREET, attention paid to the purchase of Leai and T obacco. 113_25 of Seed-leaf and Spanish Tobaccos ________________________ .....:...__ PROVIDENCE R. I, Baltimore, Md. GAIL A:Jr. & KucHLER, Nos. 173 and 170 Water-street, NewYork. 11-&3 W. R. BEATTY, CO.JJI.M.ISlIOJ\ Tobacco Broker, MAIN, NINTH AND TENTH STS. ( O PPOSITE BOO!'E TOBACCO W'.I.REE!Ol'SE,) Louisville, Ii.y. Particular attention given to tile P urchase and Snl e of Leaf Tobacco. 11-29 J. M. CURTIS, L. W. GUNTHER, MANtrF.lOTunen AND DEALEn/N C ENERAL Commission Merchant ll.AJ!'UFACTURD .I.Nn FLXDCCT CHEWING AND Sl'ltOXING TOBACCO. -ALSODealer in all kinds of Leaf Tobacco, Meer s chaum, Rubber, and German Pipes. and only Manufacturers of Gen-uine Black Hawk Cigars, NO, 118 WEST!liiNSTER-STREET, 1 3 PROVIDENCE R I TOBA.C

THE TOHAOCO LEAF. GEORGE BOLDIN MICHAEL BOLDIN & WARTMAN, Tobacco & GeneraltJommission MERCHANTSt BALTIMORE TOBACCO WORKS, F. W. BEC K & CO., SUCCES SORS TO BECK & BACHMAlW', (late of Baltimore ,) 105N. Water-st. & 106 N D elaware-ave., TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS, PHILADELPHIA. No 44 Vesey Street, I>T O n ha.nd, 200 s Ohio Seed-lea.f. EADIE & HARRIOTT, JOHN M cCAF FIL & CO., BltODllS IN DEliE.RS J!i Leaf & Manufactured SEGARS S NUFF S T(J)J.lCC{!) AND A NDALLKINDsor LEAF TOBACCO. A l s o Importer s and Dealers in Fr e uch. English, German, Bruyere, Rosewood, 218 NEWYORK. and Inllia-Rn bber Pipes NUR W..!.TXRTRE.BT1 Casey, Cudmore & Co., -FINE CIGARS, 224 8 6 Maiden-L a ne, .it"EWYOBK. FERGUSOJl, GEHRING & CO., 16-64 NEWYORK. DOHAN & TAITT.,. T obacca Commission -----'---------No. 1. 9 1 Green'\Vi o h Street, M' ALPIN & 00.; us, >IJ.lIPOBTUS or Havana Segars, LEAF TOBACCO, Joi'I D -I 92 Pearl Street, U-52 !EW-Y.e.RK SCHRODER & BON, I:df'ORT.ERS OF Havana Segars a n d Tobacco. KANUFACTURER OF SEGARS AND Dealers in Leaf Tobacco, 258 Pearl S t reet, near Fulton, F. A } 1>. 'llllr"' VA."<;' f,. I. M Bo_i, ..., l\'1"' VII !l WM. H. GOODWIN & CO., liU. !fUF.&.CTURURS OF rnn: Ctl''l' Tobacco, Snuff & Cigars, AYD DE..lLI.I. S IN ALL El!CDS OF I ta a:ub jlug 20'7 & 209 WATERIT., 2 0 4 8 Y!Dil JOHN L D EEN, HIPOI\TER .AND DEALER IN FC?REICN AND DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, CLBM.EN1' WA.T'J'!;11 } R&NRY LlPllA.N. 218 NEW YORK. M. METZGER, Dea1er ln all kinds o f Foreign and D o mestic Leaf Tobacco,. And Manufoclurer or SEG.ARS.7 178iWATER-STREET, NEWYORK. 219 LOBE & POGGENBURG, lliPOkTRS OF Meerschaum and Briar Pipes, AlfD ALL SORT S OF CL.A. "'Jr :E'XPE&. Ml&:a 8CKAUS lHD U!BR &ECA!l Tt1BI8. Segar Cases, Tobac c o B o :t es, lla t ch Tobacco-Pouc hea, P i pe StelllJ AND A COMPLETE STOCK OF TOBACCONISTS' ARTICLES, 45 Li bert y Stre e t, ( u p sta.irs,) JIRBD. Wv. I NEW YORK Jlll!TUS F POOGEUURG. f M J. RESOHER, DEALE!\ IN IMPORTED HAVANA S E GARS, Meerschaum and Briar PlpesJ .AND TOELlCCO 78 Wtlfer Street, N'o_ '73 ""'VV"all. Street, NO. 1 T8 PEARL-STREET, 14-26 Farmers' Agents for the Sale of Con necticut Seed-Leaf Tobacco, 6 1 North Third Street, PHILADELPHIA. D c M'CA )fliQ N, PHILADELPHIA. :-1 Recom mende his well-assorted stock o r H a v a n a W rappera 212 NEWYORK. aod FUiersi ConnecUc u l New-Y ork, and other k:lndo o f IIOIII'n ll.lJ,I>IIIO II } Seed leaf o the bea t qual ity, at the LOWEST R A.TEI!. be-hLO>IOlf. tides all kinde o f G all 4 A.x'e, B!Jc hor'o, and Goetae afoth .... .. 14-26 NEW-YORK. MAYER. & CO. OSCAR H. LEAR, STATES BONDE D WAREHOU S E. O o n eiUora can f o r ward their Stocks "Ill BOND," pre-paying t h e Government Tax. 11'1' e re' German and Fancy Smoking Tobacco, as well aa a good oelectlon o f Fancy Goo d s e tc. A. F. CARMAN, J. L, GASSERT & BROTHER, IllPOB1'ER ... DIALER fN DEALI:RS lN DJ:ALl:ltS IN LEAF TOBACCO, Internal Revenue Bonded W arehonse THOMAS HARE BROKER IN Manufactured Tobacco, Leaf Tobacco, .l.'ID loUKUJ'ACI'URERS OJ' Meerschaum, Briar, Wood, (various kinds,) In diaRuboor, Ohina, and Lava Pipes. OB M'DOWILL & DUNCAN, (Flnt C o llecUon Dlsttlct o r Pennsylvani a ) TOBACCO General Commission Merchants, No 39 North Water Street, PHILADELPHIA. C. M. MEYER, COMMISSION MERCHANT, FOR TBJ: SALE OJ' Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco, 37 CIGARS, PIPES, ETC., No. 62 North Front Stree t PHILADELPHIA. Wl!OLESALE DKALEB llC' .ALL ltiND S OJ' FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC Leaf and Manufactured TOBACCO, SNUFF, SEGARS ETC. No s 474 and 503 N. Second -st. 153 and 155 Noble-st., PHILADELPHIA. Agent f o r GAIL 4 Ax's Tobacco and Snuff 61 SMITH BROTHERS Segar Manufacturers, AND DE.ALJ:Jl!l JN ALL KINDS 01!' 5egon;, liofiocco5, }1ipe5, tfc. NO. 121 N. THIRD-STREET, ABOVE ARCH, PHILADELPHIA. N O. 83 S. CH A RLES-STREET, .AllOVE LOMBARD, BALTLltCORE1 MD. COR THIRDSTREET AND PENNSYLVANIA-AYE WA.SHLVGTON, D. C TONTINE. BID,LDING 118 W ATER-S'l'B.EE:I', ftEWYORI. A. H. VAN PELT, Bl\OKJ:R IN Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco, 126 Wate r Street, H 26 NEWYORk. .T.G.:IIOSES. MOSES & HIRSCH, MANUPAOTURERS OJI EICHHOLZ BROTHERS, B.d-000 f u t a tt c J. RINALDO SANK & CO., 9 -" 11 IDBS IC l[ars, Commission Merchants AIU> JN' 183 PEARL STREET, LEAF TOBAC_ CO, 132 N ort h third-st a. 1100 Nertb, IUTIOI EICBBOU:, l PHILADELPHIA.. I!OL0>101f BTCDBOLZ, f 87 :1. LnT. rBIO. Ln'T. LEVY BROTHERS, lianufacturera and Dea lers in 636 :North Beeond Street, PHILADELPHIA. lla.llufacturer s of t h e Juan N i cot Brand. ST Batchelor Brothers, MANUFACTURERS 01' DOMESTIC, HAVANA AND YARA CIGARS, 331 1\'o rtb Thirds t 1ad 21 Nonh Setoa.d s t., PHILADELPHIA. A large llto el< o f BA.TC HELOR'B cel Mee r s chaum. a n d B riar P IPES, SMOKING SHOW FIGURES, ETC., 28 antl 30 Liberty New York. KAUFMANN BROS & BONDY l>IPO!lTIIR8 or F INE MEERSCHAUM AND BRIAR PIPES,.. T ubu1 Ch<...,, Lnt>co, nnd WOIICUAPI.]Je61 Segar C.V.ut T!>baceo Boxes, Rttbber and Lea.P1.e1 Tooac.,. Pm Stlltrs,) AKD SEGARS. 61 NEW YORK 122 Water-Street, I. HAMBURGER & CO., IMPORTERS OF NEw-YoRK. Meerschaum and Clay D.A'\"10 LIVY p I p E s LEVY & SELIGSBERG, ;;;rcLBs. 81 lOSEPB SEL JGSBERG DIAI.Ilat IH 5 Connecticut. Jnatlle n cone; BOIXEN & SIEFKES, .A..l.I1D lMPORTERB O F HAVANA TOBACCO. 246 Pearl Street, NEWYORK. FELIX MIRANDA, IMPORTER S OF Meerschaum & Bl'ial'wooa PIPES. 5'7 MAIDEN LANE NEW Y OBK. Kanufaoturers and Importers o f Becars, Patent ct1arette \ _Amb e r and Keench aum Pipes m G reat Variety, WHOLESALE A.ND R ETAIL. Havana Leaf Tobacco F ar-t o ry, 9 Oli ve r 1tr eet, lf. Y. 1 2 J CIT Y O F NEW-YORK Seed-Leaf Tobacco Inspection .. L INDHEIM BROS. & CO .. Manufacture d Tob a cco CIGARS, A N D IMPOR TERS OJ' l(eersehaum, Wood Pipes, and all other Sm okillg Articl es 2 6 Courtlandtstreet, A. LINDHEllf. ll. FALK. M. LIND HElM, (Near Broadway,) NEW-Y-9-Rl\:. 1 9 1 P BA.B.LSTRBET, NEWYORK .Al'D 11AliUF 4 CTtJRD Or TJr& BRA.lf'D OF PO.A.U RI'I'IO.&,. 17-69 In Havana. G E ORG E WICK E, SEGAR BOXES, (Super\or Make & Prime Quality,) OF CEDAB WOOD, No. 26 Willettstreet, WAREHOUSES, Jl'oa. 371 89, 74, 76, and 78 Gre enw i ch Street, a.nd_ 92 Barclay 8tr&&t robacco Inspected or S ampled. Ce rti ficat e s gi>e n for e..-ery caEe, and deiivcred case by case, as to number of cer tifi ca te Storage a n d Labor t h e l ow est r ates. N B. I al8o samp le i n Jlferc!tan! 8 o wn :;tor/18. F C. LINDE, Seed-Leaf' Tobacco Inspector A N D Br De_llot of H. Wilkens &; Co.'s Tobacco Works, Baltimore, Md. 84 24-62 N E W YORK WAREHOUSEMAN. 14-26 Ofllce 76 Gren w i c h Street. 196 B. HESS, 196 WBOLIIIIll& DBUD U1 Connecticut Seed-Leaf Tob acc o H a vana JJID Domesti c S egars, ------MOss & -F ALK, C. & M. BONDY., KL'


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