The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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v. : ill. ; 36 cm.


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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DIRECTORY OF THE T011Al'lCO TRADE. -:o: NEWYOBK. TOBACCO W ARJ!HOUSIB. Agne>Y WilllaiD, .t Son, 2S4 and 2S6 Front-llr&tl. Arkcnlburgb 4: Bryan, 33 and M Broad. :Bacon,. Clardy & Co., 1-'ll PearJ. Cardozo, A. H. Co., 169 Front. Connolly .t Co., 4:1 W aler. Crawford, E. M., 4: Co., 12.l a.nd l'lS Front. Dec.m, John L., 7'8 Wnter. De Ford, Thayer k Co., 44 Water. Dubols, Vandervoort & Co. 8 Water. Gail, Ax &.Kuoblor. HB 01111176 Wto&er. Gaasert &..Brother, Bowtry. Hart, GeorgeS. It Co 89 Pea.rl Rnd 28 Bridge. Havemeyer J. .t Co., 176 Pearl. Heald & &!Uier, 1 Water. ..llk:lo, 1'il8 W&lo WMUI, Crane k Oo.,48 Broad. TO!q.OOO BROKERS. A. l!lodle .t: Bal'l'lolt, 181 Maiden-lane. Brtbeiler, ll., 124 Wa\tr, P'lacher A; Rodewald, 2 Hanonr-square. Gans, J S, 86 Wall. Ra.der, M. & Son, 160 Pearl. Van Pelt., A. H., 126 Waler. llAJnJYJ.CTWRERS. Deck, F. W .1; C>., 44 Vese Cudmon i Co., 88 Malden-Lane. G er, Arthur .t Co. 11<1-llTLiberty. win, W.ll. II Co., 20r and 209 Water. l.orlllar18 Canol. Stra.lton, Jo C'H Beaver. Watt:e, H. H ., :;, B:mery. Watts k Lipman, 75 UfPORTERS Dl!:A.LERS. B o nd y 0 .t M., 3681lowery Ohlckh&lJ.I, Cbarles 'l., 176 Broadway. Col ell, 8.1 201 Cbalham. B., J91!'earl. Ltcbtensteln 3:&: and 34-K Bowery. Llndheim Broe & Co., 2 6 CourtiiUldt. lUeCallil, John&: Co.,lt1 Greenwich. Mayer k Co., 166 Fro11t. Ma.yorga, J. M., a Cedar. lt:fir&nda., Felix, 19 3 Pearl. .. 1:o Salomoo, H. .1; E., 173 Pearl. Salomon It Elkins, 14-'3 Water. Weilbacher, P., 11)!) Pearl. IMPORTERS 0}.' PIPKS1 ETO. B oiken & Slef k:ee, fiT Ma.iden-lane. Demulh, WUII&m & Co .. 2S and 80 Liberty, Hamb11rg1er1 J & Co., 5.5 Malden lane. Kaurmanm Bros. k Bondy, 6L Malden-lane. Lear, OKar H. 90 Water Lobe .t; 4:1 Ll "tEAS'iiffi':nlNdffU!U!:RS OP CIGAJlS .Anshel, B .. A: Co., 48 Beaver. Berg k C>., 429 Broadway. Bernstein B. 10i K ellner i.'. .. 9t William. .Moses & Hirsch, 188 Pearl. LICOBICI PAST Dli1ALBRS. Uomez, lVa.Ula A Co., 29 & 3l South Wtlll..w. SEEDLEAF TOBACCO INSPICTION. Linde, F C., 7G Greenwich-street. TOBACCO PRESS. Guthrie .I; Co 225 Ji.&.NJJPA.CTURF.RS Or CIGAR BOXD. Wicke, Ge!orgt, 26 Wlllell-olreel B<IBORE. !'OBACCO WAREHOUSES. Beck lo Holoteln, 67 Soulh Gay. tina, F. L., & Co. De Ford, Charles D. & Co.,37 South G&y. -.Gieske .t Niemann, T6 South Charles. Gunther, L. W., 91) Lombard li.&.NUYACTUREh.&l KTC. Beokcr & IBroe., 94. Lombard. Bolenius, G. 202 Weol Pralt. J!etgner,li' W., 90 and 9i South Charles. Fricke A Ball, M South Gay. -Gail, G. W. &.. Ax, 28 Barre-street. Parlet&, B F k Co., 92 Lombard. llose nfeW, 8. A Co., 20 South Gay. Schroeder, Joa., Sl Exchange Place. Welsh, Wm. lo 2T South Gay. WUkeus ol; Co.,!Sl Wm Pratt. BROU&S. :Le.-erlntJ,ID & Co., 8 Cbeapolde. llAI!IUJ'ACTDauiS o PIPIB, ft(J, l!'erguoon, oGebrlnf .t: Co., Cla7 -al..,.l. BLOOMJI'Iii:LD, ()Ol'I'N. P.lCIU:RS AlSD .Pillty, 1. II. lo Co. BOliTO !f. M.LIIlJJ'.lC'I'UaUI, lifO, Adams, Dallc belde r I' Co., & """"'*""' BUlett, W m. A., 21 B l acUtooe...UeeL. Carruth, H .t Co 46 HanoYer. .Clark, Bre\'fer .1: Soll!!l !4 South lllarkoL 'Eic hber g ol; Eller, 189 Milk. l'lsber .t: Oo. 23 Oenlra.l Wharf. Samuel 4: Brother. 6 OOQI"Wquare. CJHIV&GO. 'Heartl, C. :11., 'l49 and li'IISU.Ie-alree l. lllulletl lo Dlldetteht, "8otdb Waler. 21olbliChlW 4 -Acller, tl9 Boot.h w ....... -van Hom, lMurray & Co., 81 and 81 Somt.b Water. (JJN(Jil'l'l'f&TI. l'OBACCO W .&B.BHOUSJ:S. IDodmann, Charlet, 157-86 Water. Braabeara, McLaughlin .1; Co., 46 Wa.lnut. -Oaaey, Noona.n &; Co., 2o'S Vine. Rater, George a: Co., 20 Second. Morris .1: Cbalfant,_:IOO, 102, aod 104 Weall'rool. Pbler & flow, U Front. Ssr gent, L. ll. & Co. S L Walnut. IMPORTERS, MANUrACTUaiORS, AND D.IU.LICRS. Jlarney, Green k Co. 49 Halo. .Be&IOI!eo.l !{eery & Bro., 1ft, 113, and 160 'Kroba, ,..,., & Co. M Weot l'ourlb. Mallay, Rlclhord, 122 IVeoiSeeo od. Newell, 8. Bl. Main and Ht Hammond. Rice & GoklfltOit.h, 288 Walnut. Roberts II J!8 Wen Oolomblo. -8penee Brol lhen .t Co., E&R Third. ;Su lli.ftD, J "1'. a Bro, at Raeo. H!&BTJI'OBD, ()Ol'I'N. IIANUFACTURXR8 AND DIU.LJ:IIS, .t: Zweygartt, 212 Stale. BorollamS. J. D. & Co, 17-19 Aa1lum. lfaln. l'arnlwa_.'lkr.., 288 Stale. K!.Dg, D. W .. IM Stale. Pea110, U .t: K., 22t-2tt Slate. Woednlll, JG>te)>h 1!., !IIBI!&ale LOVIIIVILLB, KY. 'li'OBACCO W .a&B.BOVSID!. J ranet. e A: E:Uu, 424 M&ln. GloTer & Co Malo. Phelps, Cald....,ll ol; Co., _,., llalo and 'hollo. IIANUP'ACTURER8, ftC, 'Rdmwub II B rowder, 1211-180 Tblrcl. Brolb.en. PiRb. Spaltllll!lo 0..,, illoal, IGI-811 Chapel. 8paldln1, l CG .t Bro., Ul8 WWeLt., .T. 8., 1ll7-120 Tblrd. BROIUIR8. "Beatty, Wlllllam R.,-.Haln Board, B.s8DllD 8.1 --. Watldoa, W. PETBRSBIJBG, V &, U>llAOOO W,&tmAOIIIiEi. l'llller, J&mfl, Jr. PHIL&DELPHJ&, TOBACCO W .&RKBOUSU. .AntulrOog, A. .t R., 61 Soulh J'root, Boldlo lo WU\taan, 1011 North Water Buckoor, HctCammon .1; Co, 8T Nortb W a ter. Courtae1 1o l!lon, 11 8out.h Front. Dollau .t: Talm, ill North Wakr. Me.Jer I 0 II. .. n North rroot. McDowell ol; IDtmcaa 118 Nortb Wa&er. ;Sank, 1. Rlnl&ldo loa.;:, 81 Nortll Water. V etlerleln & thers, 536 orth Second. Mariner, Jacob, 189 North Tbi Smith Brothero, 121 Not111 Thitll Stoltz, A. K., corns:r Third and Buttonwo od. Van Sehalck, B. E:. 508 Chestont. Wittbaus, E. L., 201 North ront PROVIDE B. I. MANUFACTURERS DKALT.RS. Curtis J. M 118 Weolmlno HunL &-Brother, 259 \\:estmin!ter. BOCRESTEB, N Y. .. li>NUPACl'O'. SuggeU Ktmbsll, 44 Main. ST. LOIJJS, 0. TOBACCO WAREHOUSES, Booth, Edwar d B., 25 Nortb Beeonli. Booth, J. W & BOllS, 13 !!-!35 North Second, .. meron Brothers k Co., 168 North Beeo!ICJ. Gr!Ultham, 8. A & Co., 5l ortJi,Becond. Johnson, R. M., corner of Slxt.b and Washlagton Murra.y, Andrew, k. Co., 81 North LeTee. Rhodua, Thoma.!, 27 N orth Second. VIrden, Samuel, 6 l YAIIUF.t.CTURERS AND l!oiPOR1'6RS1 KTC. ; Catlln, D., 16S North Second. D1eterlcbs, L A. &: Br91 t 88 North Ttdrd. D ormitzer, C.&: R. & Co., 100 Norlh olid. Friedman, M. ., 85 North 8eco Liggett k Oausman, 12 Souta Second. !Iullen, Erlws.rd J.i'. l6i North Main Pola .t Ott<, 106 Third. Schroeder, L eo pold, r>9 C fiestnut. BROKERS. Austin, William L. DE FORD, THAYER & CO., Coq1mission Merchants AND JE.U.I:IIS Df and Leaf Tobacco, Segars, &e., &e., WATERSTREET, New-Yc*k: Bontler\ WarehotJII, 32rl District, NewYork. n forward ttd U.e\r gooGs "IN no:sn without pr &,Y111ent oM excla e tax. WATTS Onr.N & Ce., G'ITEN ,.OWATrs & Co., 'Paducah, K.;. NewOrle:mt, L BROWN, DuNKERSON & Co., W C. WATTS & Co., EvaMYille, Ind. L\,.er{)ool "Enr. WATTS, CRANE CO., FOR THE SA.LJ:I: OJ' Tobacco, Cotton, and Western Produce. No. 43 Broad St., New-York. Advances made on consignments to our house in Liverpool, W. C Watts & Co. 16-l\8 Connolly & Co., roR 'l'H A..L o LEA.F AND MA.NUF ACTURED TOBACCO, No. 45 Water Street, CHAS. 111. CONNOLLY, JR.,} JAB. M. 0ABDnnrn, w. ALBX. BAss w O."r.W.. vli'lt.Yit.r .. JAB. A. CONNOLLY. 16-54 Jl1"' \'1'-J.VJO.A!..o rJ:'HE CITY TOBACCO AGENCY, No. I 08 Front Street, NBW-YOBK. -:o:PUBLISHED ''WE'EKLY SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 2 18 6 5 ROBH!JSON & CARTH, Comrriissi9n JYI ere han ts WM. AGNEW & SONS, r Tobacco and Commission Merchar,rts, 1 -.. 284 and 286 Front Street, John C. Havemeyer & Bro., TOBACCO ..N'Etr-rORK, r c HAVE ON SALE ALL DESCRIPTIONS OF ommis,swn Merchants, Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco :ro:a SALE O:F l:Alaf Tobacco for Export and Home Use. NO. liS PEARL-STREET, Tobacco 9a1et, nan-over Square. 1\li:W-YORK. {.' ,-r;eiin;, He } J seph ll. y JlR'lT f. loo \ n c:!c r lHG l:'\8 l 'U ; n .. Touacco baled to or.:cr for and SPENCER 1WTBERS, <"; tJ"..JZ m U/...1r {m/ 'CJI!ezchani.J .J DEALJM IN TOB AGCO, SEGAHfi SIUP eqj._ 7J H. SPoNCEP,,} ., "'L. C Sf'ENCE.R. i r t ;., IJ.: G RS, Sl?an e 1 co., 0 NEW-YORK. ;o.,.rticula r to the sale o f other : +-i'-2 'Western Produce. HEALD & MILLER, TOBACCO NO. 176 WATER-STREET, 34 NI!W-YORK. H J DAGBRACB. VIRGINIA TOBACCO WORKS DF PRINCE & BACHRACH, Smith, Palmer & Co., ... -..:n JOBRK!tS OF LEAF toBACCO, No. 170 Water-street 11. s:.nTrr. 1 ... .\.II SCOYILLE. N:EW-YORK. Connecticut Seed-Le:JJ Wrapper {'If ocr own pw'king, 200 (l Q r ,T, each l Domestic C ij;ars on r: L, B!tA NS & CO., l3;H/l'JJHBB.l., KR:E fEI,!rERG & 00.; TOBACCO s..:fl YftB.K. lp .. Pt t F 1 'll"l 't.v, rlit C't .. n, p.,Jr! \u !01.1; t n c:ni t F. L &: ('\). CLARDY & CO,, ('( obn(ttl tHHl on GENERA(; COMMiSSION MERCHANTS, A XD DE.!L'KRS KJ.N::TFJ.CTUR!i:ilS OF Plug, Twist, and Fancy Tobacco. Heavy Western & Clarksville Laaf, Al'D"J.L5() &oamni.ssiou N o 349 Pc"''l Street, "RAWSON. J. A. BRIDO L1ND J B BOUCK. A.. C. P..\WSOlf HH PE.!IBL-STREET, W .! DACO:<. w_ n. CL.Ar..rv, J S l.lR J D. CMRI.lV. 12-'24 V EltL InN New-York. & CoMXUNIOATlONS {rom our readers, containing itcme of tobacco news1 or '\"lews on topics of interest to tbe trade, such ne thC crOps and methods of ture and curing processes of manufacture, -new im plements and machinery, etc., etc will at all times be welcome. GOLD V ALUES OF FOREIGN COINS Great Bri tnio-fi. .... :--.. _.-_.-_:_. :_:_:_::::::::::::::;::: France. .................. .. :: .::: .: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, etc.._ . : ::: : ::: : : Bremen1rth. rix tb.nler ............... grote,. 0.01,0(9) Hamburg, Lubec, etc.-1m. marc banco. . . 0.35.0 1sch. schelling............................ 0 02,1 FORElGN WKIOBTS.-A kllogramme equals 2.20-185 lba. ; a Bremen p fnnd equate 1.09009!bo.; a Ha>;nburg pfund equals 1 .06'193 !bs. avoirdupois IMPORT DuTY.Loaf, 35 cents per lb. ; manufactured, 50 cents per lb. Cigars valued at $16 or less per M., '1'5 cente per lb and 20 per cent. ad valorem; over $ 1 5 and not over $30, tiU5 per lb. nod 80 ""r cent. ad valorem; over $30 and not over $46, t2 per lb. and 60 per cent. Ad valorem; mer per poupd aod GO per cent. ad valorem. An additional duty of 10 per cent. nd valorem Is Ie,ied on all imports under Hags tb.nt bave no reciprocal treaties with the United States. ExCIS:B: TAx. Leaf, free; mantlfactnrcd. Cavendish Plug, Twist, 411 cent. per lb. Tobacco twisted or pre: parea for ose by band, 30 cents per lb. All kinds Fine 9nt, 40 cents per lb. Smoking, 85 cents per lb.: SmokIng, made wholly of steme, 15 cents per lb CirJars !10 p e r ?ti. Cign.rettes, t;5 per 100 pkge. Snnfr, 40C'ent8 per lb. PnBvtOUS EXOI@E TAXKS. _On and after Sept 1, 1 862, to !If arc h 3, 1863: Cavendish, Plug Twist Fine Cut, and all chewing tobncco aml emoklni tob acc'o pre pared without all the stems 1n nnd nlued at more than <19 cents per lb., 15 cents per lb. The above decriptwns when valued nt nny sum not exceeding 80 cenls per lb .. 10 cent. per lb. Smoking tobacco w1th all tbe sterns in, 5 cenb per lb. Smoking tobacco made ex clusively of stems, 2 cents per lb. 0? and after M"rch 3_. 1863, and to July!, 1864: Cav Plug, Tmst, Fmc Cut and nll chewing tobacco, 15 cents per lb. Smoking tobacco made without au th_e stems 1n, 15 cellte per lb. Smoki,og tobacco made With all the stems in, 5 cents per lb. Smoking tobacco made exclul!iveJy or etems, ti cents per lb. On and nfter July 1,186-i, to Aprill,l866: Cavendish ? log and aU other kfnlfs of chewing tobacco: molndtng tine cut aad..,oklng tobacco made without o.ll th.(LBIU'Ul. f::O -"'.4 .. .. mAde with all tlle s Cllli! In, 25 cents per lb. Refuse tobac.::o, known aa tlne cnt shorts, 28 cents per lb Smoldng tobacco made exeln1ively of ateme 15 centS per lb. ::inuff of all descriptions, 35 cen\i pe'r lb. THE TOBACCO MARKET. DOllES'J'IC. G, vV. Hillman & Co. RA wso BRIDGLANo & co Commission Merchants TOBACCO & COTTON FACTORS, co. 'J'O BAC .OO NEWYOB.K:, &ngnst ao.-In We8tern Leaf thete is not much change to report the export demand b e ing very lig ht, and' the no t yet tnking any l arge quanlt.tes. The sales during the week amount to upwards of 1 500 hbds., mostly of Jugs low leaf, and medium leaf. Several lots of lugs of fiir quality have sol d at 6c. in gold ; about 150 hhds. in condition sold at 6!c. in gold. Of the poorer grades 5c, and 5-[c. are the ruling rate s 300 hhds: low leaf hav e sold at Be., and 14 5 hhd s at Btc., golJ. 112 hhds brought lOi\X'S MANUFACTURES, BaM'IMORE. 16-H 1 7 3 & 1 7 5 W a.ter Stree t, 0. K. KING & CO., Tobacco Factors AND No. 24 Broad Street, 0. K. KrNo, } :J:::.t_ NEW-YORK l!)-..53 Agents i n Loaieville, A. 0. & Job.n S Bnmnin. STERN, JONAS & CO., DE.U.ERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 14-26 aacS aCllttlKfl o r SBGABS, !ro l78 Water Street, NEWYORK. TOBACCO Ill BALES,., J'OR THE leiican, West-India, Central American, .llfD OTUK& llAlUtrl'S. Allo, rep&Cited ill hhdll &t short notice, bJ CUTHRII! A CO., II :all l'r011t Street, N. Y. 14-a E S T A B L. I S H E 0 1 S 3 6 (United St:ltes Bond e d!10use, ) 1 t1 ARCH-STREET, PlUt!DlHd?HlA, TIL H. VETTERLEHI & SONS, 12-24 128 WATER-STREET, N:&WY{}BK, A. STEIN, Commission Merchant, 197 Duane-street, OreemIA1 Dt l Waehi .gto n-sts.,) And 3 5il Houston-Sf., lias cn::st.:ult ly on cousi,:;nmenL : e quantity of Connecticut, Su.te and Ohio Se e dle 'l'o bacco, wt:Irt, will be aol J in quantities t o suitpurC asrrs. Coga. r manufact lll'ers po.rticula.rly favored. 18-38 MURRELL, CARUTH & 00. GENE.ll&L 11!l Peml Street, Robt.. \furnl!, H. C. Cart.-th, R T. Pollartl 14 DAVID O'NEILL & CO., F v!lElGN AND DO!IIESTIC I ; 9 Ma!den lane, NEW-YOBX. D.lVID O'NKILL. H-89 900 BALES OLD QUALITY $i!lrrs M.truyprrs FOR SALE, IN BOND OR DUTY PAID, IN LOTS TO 8ll'IT PlJRCEAl!EBI!, BY ROBERT E. KELLY & CO., 18 -66 34 Beaver-street. the b e t ter g rades of Con necltcut the manufacturers are buying mo re largely, but otherwise the market is without Old c rop C onne cti cut wrappers are gettmg very scarce, and prices are We note sa l es of s mall Jots, of a few cases each, at 38c. a 45c. a 48c, and extra fine nt 55c. a 65e. The new crop remains nt prev i ous rates. .Manufactured.-Thc market shows a slight Improvement over the past few months and prices for all descriptions of prime are firmel': The market is being freed of its sur plus s to ck the exports during the week amounting to 246 75'2 lbs., a large excess the of previo!ls 'Yeeks. In ad dtllon to thts, there tS a more active business wilh country <).ealers, and con&equently the more buoyant. The receipts of Y rgt';ua manu factur ed are coming in freely but not' m excess of the outgo es 'l'he quulity prov es to be abou t as we heret ofore wor se for age and bad keepmg. The pr1ces realized are of course, extremely irregu l ar, varying according to quality. The lot s that come up to the rates quotej} below are very rare It sho uld ?orne in nd1t!l tba.t our quotations of Vir gtma represent only p e rfectly so und nnd extra-iine tobaccos QUOTATIONS OF WHOLESALE PRICES. Kentucky.-Llght lear. Gold. O..rren.ry. Trash}'nnd frosted lugs, ... @-@ lugs, .. .. .. .. .. @ 6 } 7 @ 9 Low leal,........ .. .. .. .. 7 @ 9j@l2l Medium lear, ............. 10 l'!lll 14 @lbt Good t o fine fear, ....... :. 12 @15 ltli@21 Choice sel e.ctlons, .... i6 @20 22 (gl28 Do.-Heavy l ear. 01&1<>.-Truhy ana froslod lugs, .. @Sound lags .. .. .. .. .. .. 7 @ 9 Low Lear,.. .. .. .. .. .. .. 10 @12 Medium I.enr, ............ 13 @15 Goed to line .... r, ........ 16 @ 1 8 Choice .. .. .. 19 @22 Interior to goOO common, ................ T Brown and opa ngl ed, ..................... 8 @ 11 Good and fine red,.. .................... lll@ 16 Floe yeU ow and rao cy, ..................... 16 @ 26 Stems and ecraps,. .. .. .. .. ....... 8l @ 8 Black fro ste d,.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ....... IIi @ 6i Common, ............................... 7 li)l Middling, ............................... 11 12 Fine and good brown, ................. 11!l 18 F&Dcy, ....... .......................... 00 25 Oolln...:lcat Olrl Orop.-Wrappen, ............................... 22 @ 40 Do. select, ........................ 00 @. 60 ll'lllen, ................................ -B @ 12 Rwmloglot., ........................ @ 2<1 New Crop .' .'.' .'.'.'.'.'.'.= J!'lllet'l, ................................ @ 8 u_. Yt>rk Sted-leaf.-Wrappeno,......... .. .... .. ........ .. -18 @ 1 8 Do select, ....................... 20 @ Blne1e Copies II oenw. No. 27. Fillers, .................................. 6 @ 'l Runnlnglotl!, ........................... 9 1i Penn8J11'r>ania &.d-leof-Wrappero, ............................... -10 @ 18 ... tg i Runnioglpls, ................ ......... 9 @ 18 Ohio Seod-leOJ,-Wrappers, ... -- ........... -10 @ 12 .:::.::::::: ::::::: := Running lots, ............................ 8 @ llt Forei(Jn. -Hnvana, Wra.pper s, ... (duty pald,) ... 1 M, assorted,.... do. .. 1 00 @ s 00 @160 @ 110 @109 @.-so @.-12 @20 Havana, J'illei"'S,. .... do. .. 80 Yara, asaorted,.... d o. ... 85 Cuba, &!!Sorted,._. do. ... 70 St. Domingo, assorted, ... (in bond,) ... -6 Ambelema, Giron & Carmen, (in bond,) -6 M anut,actureti.-TA.X PAID. Ms, 1 1 8 and S's-Dest, nominal, ..... -@ Medium, da. ... -@ -Common, da ...... --@ 10's,andl2's-Beet, ................. M ,Q)-65 Half pounds-(Dark,) Best, ............ 60 @-65 Do. Medium, ...... .60 @-55 D o. ... : 40 @ 4.'S (Br ight,) Besl.. ......... :90 @ 1 00 D o Medium, ....... <10 @ 85 Do. Common .... -@ -May Apple, Figo, etc.-(Brlght,} ...... SO @ 1 GO Lady's Flngers.--'-(Fic e Bright} ....... 1 20 rij) 1 40 Pounds, ( West'n t ) E:ctra. .l'lne, bright, .. 1 00 @ 1 l:S F1ne, ............ 86 ( P oun ds (West!rn)-Ex'tra. fine, bright, .. -6() Fine, ............... 50 Medium .... ...... 4() Ltght Pressed (Western)-J'tntt ....... 7tl Medium .... 80 Negrohe3.d ... Common. ... -10 .... .......... -25 CiuarB.-(Dornestlc.) @-20 @.-so @-25 @ -4:1 @ -85 @-65 @-sa @ 4ll @ 90 @-30 -25 @-40' Clear Havana, do. ............... 75 00 100 GO Seed and Havana, perM, ........ ..... tiO 00 76 00 Do. Connecticut Seed,, ......... 85 00 60 ()0 Do. do. Seconds, .... ........ 30 00 @ 40 GO New-York Seed Conn_ Wrap}>ers, ...... 26 00 @ 85 00 Penn. do. do. do. .. .... tO 00 @ 25 00 Ohio. do. do. do. .. .... ;o 00 @ 25 00 Common Oigar6, ...................... 12 00 @ 20 00 Maccoboy, .. .................... 90 @ 1 00 Rappee, French,.... .. ............ 90 @ 1 00 Do. tine plain, .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 85 @ 95 Bcot<;b and Lundyfoot,. ............... go @ 1 00 "F.G ............................. 11 WatHa Extra,'' ................. : : :::::::::::::::::::::: "Ynurrl&,' (in gold) ... ., ............ 25@ i "Ca.blU&Co.,11" .............. 28@ Not strictly sound. DOMESTIC RECEIPTS. Rec e ived for the week ending .August 29th from the interior, and from domesticr: ports : 5204 hhds., 4785 pkgs., 38 tcs. Cons ign ments : Arkenburgh & Bryan 544 hbds. Ky., l23 cs. Ohio seed-leaf; Bacon, Clardy & Co., 21i6 hhds. Ky. ; A H. Card ozo & Co., 92; Connolly & Co., 168 tcs., 94 bxs., 44 caddies mf. tob. ; Barney, Green & Co., 13 pkgs, ; De F<'rd, Thaye r & Co., 1181 pkgs. ; Gai l Ax & Kuch ler, 5 hhds ; G. S. Hart & Co., 82 cs. seed-leaf; Heald & Miller, 78 pkgs. ; J C. Hawemeyer & Bro ., 256 pkgs., 55 hhds; 0. K. K,ing & Co., 49 hhds. Ky. ; Kremelberg & Co., 1 ; Murrell, Caruth & Co., 184 hhds. Ky. ; D O'Neil, 40 7 cs. seed leaf; M. Rader & Son, 54 pkgs.; Rawson, Bridgland & Co., 55 hhds. ; E. M. Crawford & Co., 12 hhds. Va. 52 cs. seed-leaf; Robinson & Garth, 6 bl\ds.; Saw yer, Wallace & Co., 731 ; Snoddy & Howard, 32; Spencer Bros., 126 p kgs ; Sulliva.n, Mur phy & Co., 66 hhds,; Vetterlein & Sons, 5 pkgs.; Watts, Crane& Co., 208 hhd s.; Fischer & Rodewald, 10; Austin, Baldwin & Co., 21; Mallory & Dormnn, 6 hhds., 72 pkgs .. ; Bar clay & L ivingsto n 7 hhds i Bunzt & Dormit zer, 9 hhd s., 136 pkgs. ; Ayres Son, 4 17 ; Kittredge & Co., 109;, Livingston, Fox & Co., 190 ; J. & J. Eager, 5; Lynch & Co., 50; Bee che r & Co., 20 ;. P S. lfarch, 81; W. H. Price & Co., 67; A. S. Rosen ba u m & Co., 104; Shackleford, H. & C:o., 110 pkgs., 279 drums, 6 hhds. ; Barclay & Liv. ingston, 7; Bennett, Van Pelt & Co., 10; B. & D Benrimo, 28 ; J. M Campbell & Sons, 248; J. Crockett, 44; C la sson & C>., 13; Fatman & O o., 26() ; Fallensteln & Son, 150; Frank & Eller. 10 ; Heineken & Palmore, 15; C. E Hunt, 19; 0. Kelley& Co. 9; Kruse& Drexel, 5 ; H Koop & Co., 25 ; C Luling & Co., 1 i.. R. L Maitland & Co. 210; J. llac_Y'S Sons, ra hhds., 3 tcs., 48 pkgs. ; A J Whtte, 40 ; S. & J. Schaffer, 16 ; E. J. Whitloa:kt] 0 ; Hawkins, G. & Carroll 118; Schaffer; .N. & Co., 31 ; Alexander & Son, 15 ; C. B. Dobb1f!, 1; A, C. Schaffer & Co. 33; J. T. Harris, 113; F.Stromaycr,30-4-hbds.; B C Baker& Co., 230; C. W.Walte r, 13; Voorhees & Gar. rison. 5 ; P. R. Tupper, 82 ; C. F. Tog, 22; W. H. Smith &-Son, 37 hhds., 196 p kgs. ; U nkart & Co., 118 ; Radlich & S,, 19 ; J. Carpenter, 17; J M. YMes, 42; Wei! & Co ., 109 ; Koop, Sattler & Co., 45; Horton & Co., 11 hhds.; H &hubart & Co., 2!i J L. Gaz. zler, 3; Gardner, D. & Co., 1; w. Newcomb & Co., 122 ; Murrell & Bowl es, 1 3 ; T. H. Afaghee, 18; J. A. Dodd, 4.2; Metcalf & D., 12 ; Moore, T. & Co ., 1 ; Norton, Slaughter & Co. 80; Ober, Na.nson & Co., 8; Oelrichs & Co., 22; M. Poppcuheim er, 4; C. H. W ig man, 2 ; C. R eed & Co., 21 ; Reynes Bros. & Co., 26; H. & F. W. Meyer, 7; C. W. Spoh ler, 36 D O 'Ne il & Co., 88. Statement of receipts for the .weeks e 1 nding T 4,786 Augusl22.... .. .. ...... :-2,269 8,8'18 A ugua\ 1 6 ................. 1o B., 2,270 8 ,008 Aug. 8.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 3,MT 4,008 Angust 1. .. '4. 81965 8,'287 1'0REIGN IMPORTS, Consignments from Havana : R. E. Kelley & Co., 26 bales; J. B. Carberry, 23 ; F. Probst & Co., 110; C. Luling & Co. 173; C. F. Tag, 158; H. Knight, 89; Jansen, Schmid& & Ruperti, 6 ; A. Gonzales, 6; R. T. Floyd, 25 bales, 1 cs. cigars; A S. Rosenbaum &


Co. 37 bales; P. V. Rossum, 1; Rothlisber ger' & Gerber, 4 cs. cigars; Victor & Luck witz, 61 3 cs. cigar&; H. G. Norton & Co., 2; C Upham, 1; F. De Barry, 1 5 ; Re nauld, Francois & Co., 1; F. Probst & Co., 4 ; Carlos Marti, 1 ; Moses Taylor & Co., 1; B. & E. Salomon, 1 ; R. E. Kelley & Co., 3-18; G W. Faber, 15; J. S. Watt, 5; R. W. Leavitt, 3; Stebn & Wolfing, 1 ; Schroder & Bon, 6; A. Schwerin & Co., 33 ; Purdy & Nicholas, 7; C B. Trumbull, 6; A. Born, 5; J. Wagner, 6; L. E. Amsinck & Co., 11; S. Jaquenta & Son, 9; J. Chazournes & Son, 1 ; J Symington, 5 ; Geissmann Bros. & Boffma.nn, 1; Lnchenmeyer, 1 ; Kunhardt & Co., 4; Simington & Son, 4; Hewlett & Tor ra.nce, 1. From Manzanilla.: F. J. Owen, 1113 bales, 5 M 0:' FrOJ!l Turk!! J!!lang : Darro11 & Nash, 40 ceroons. St&tementof imporls and values for the weeks ending '-.-.....,.. r Aug. !5--118 p1IJ[.. ltaP.:.. ....... .. .. .. .. 18,955 ClgaNl..... ... ........... .... .. ... S,M2 Aug. Aug ll-tl82 pl, $22, .!l. 4; value of cigars, $1234. There were shipped to BR&D'-80 hbda. -yalued at 679 C8, ,,, ..... ,, 109,650 manutadured Total value,. *1!,317 28.299 1 6,498 $00,100 Liv crpool-113 hhds., $88,000. London-388 hhds., $116,916. Glasgoto-115 bhds., $66,095; 7809 lbs. mf.,' $2303; totlll, $68,398. Gibraltar-Bl'i hhds., $14,6'75; 221 cs., $5300; tota.J, $19,9'75 .Malta-12U hhds., $22,120. bbds., $10,652. Danish West lndies-1 hhd., $599; 30 bales, $375 ; 968 lbs. mf, $804; total, $12'78. British Wut I1Ulia-1 hhd., 3259 British A-ustralia--113,85llbs. mf., $3'7, 590; 2 cs., $1234; total, $38,824 Cuba--83 cs., $13'74-. Hayti-122 bales, $2415. Me:z:ico-283 balee:, $5316. Statemomt or export& and their values for the wel'ks ending Blldo. Pk(JI. Onsd. UJ. Nj. Valu. 2t.... .. 918 1,818 IM6,71!2 Aua. fj ..... 1,886 1,505 10,1169 &'i10,002 Aug. ..... 4,288 li,017 57 ,7 46 891,674 Aug. 8 ...... 1,643 88,743 G08.7M Aug. 1 ...... l,li07 1,1)83 211,488 IWI8,674 Amount of exports since January 1st, and lor same time lnt year : B/wll. Orvd. Jlafluj'd lb. 16M... .. .. 110,81>1 110,!!08 li,SIIe 079 186' ........... 45,di4 t7,1l8' 8,WO,OS8 Exports during the first eight months of the years Pl:gt. C,.,!U, UJ1. mf ...... -........ tot,6M 2,8:l0 37Q 1864, ............. Hll= 1868, "' .. J I L01JI8VILLJI, AUK !16.-'fhemarket is steady for a.Jl grades of leaf, and tolerably ac tive. Sales for the week amount to 1249 hhds., with rejection of bids on 188 hhds. These are almost precisely the figures for the previous week-sales 1286 hhds., rejections 180 Cutting leaf is scarce and command s high rates. We note sales of Owen county at $3'7 Dnviess county at US. and other sales at $38.50 a $35.50. The finer _of all descriptions of leaf are well 10 prices, and many are keepmg back their stocks for a r1se. In manufactured there is no change to note. ST. L01JIS, AUK 26:-At the market to day prices were well sustamed, except for lugs, which were rather heavy. Green lugs sold at $3.60 a $4. SO; factory at $5 a $5 .80; plantl'rs' at $6 a $7.90; shipping leaf brought $8 a $11.25; medtum do., $11. '75 a $14.25; good and do., $14.'75 a common manufactunng, $15.1>0 a $21.'To; medium do., $27 a $40; good do., $45 50 Receipts during the week, 663 and 355 nos.-oN, Auc. 2e.-In leaf there is in" doi of no te. In mnnufactured there ts a businl'-ss with the trade at previous Receipts, 1>4 hhds., 625 boxes. Ex ports 217 boxes to Melbourne, 10 kegs, 2 cs. to Zealand, 25 half bales to Hayti, nnd 25 boxes to the British Provinces PHILADELPHIA, Anc. 26.-The mar ket for leaf is without transactions. Manu factured of the finer qualities is in good de mand, but very scarce. rate goods would command first-rate prtce!'. Exports, liOn e. BA.LTil'II08.By Aae. 28.-Receipts con tinue fuir in quantity but deficient in quality. Desirable descriptions remain very ecarce, and holders are firm in their There is a good inquiry for shipment, confined princi pally to Ohio and fine Maryland; 1500 hogs head" Ohio have been sold for the French gov ernment contrad at $'7 a $1 'T. In Kentucky leaf we have nm transactions to report. Inspections during the week, 930 bhds. 589 Ohio, 8 Kentucky, and 3 Vir gtma. Exports, 2 hhds., 10 tee. Stocks, 27,085 hbds. Manufactured of the finer grades eontinues 5carce and in demand. BICHMOND, A&ll 28. -Sales at the ware houses of Seabrook and Meyers during the week amount too 210 hhds. 18 hhds. sold at $5 ; 9 hhds. at; $40 a $45. The average of the rest was about $18. .A tobacco inspection has been established at Manchester, opposite Richmo nd, to facilitate exportation. Va., Aq. 26,-Receipts are large, and business is increasing. Prices for good tobacco are well sustained, but for poor atuft' are lower. We quote funked Jugs at $3.60 a $6; sound lugs, a $9 ; dam&gl'd common leaf, $5.60 a $7.50; good do., $8.50 a $16 ; sound tobacco, fair to good !eat; $10 a $16; very good and fine, $20 a $28; fancy sweet, $86 a $60. NEWooOBLBAI'fS, All 18.-'Ille market is at a complete stand-still, and without sales even to dealers. Arrived since the lOth inst., 17 b hds. and 268 bxs. Clearances since same date, none. Sttocks on the 1'Ttb inst., 888 bhds. SAN FBAN:18CO, A as. 2.! generally are withoat improvement, and sell iilg at less than the cost of Desirable qualiities are, however, dtfficult to obtain, &Dd would command a fair priCI'. We quote aales of light pressed Western select brands 11-t 70c. a SOc.; Wl'stern half pounds, "Peach." a.t 55 c., "Orinoko" at 51 c., Thom as' Virginia at 69. At auction : 1000 gross Eureka fine CU' t in foil at $7.06; 50 bxs. Pen field's Oronoka smoking at $26.60; 125 gross do. Punch at f-2.20; 20 cs. Forest Rose smok ing at 55c.; 27 oalu of leaf at $1:!.50 j '7 cs. Peac h half at and 10 bxs. Vir ginia Twist at 2'7c. :POBEIGlf. HAVANA stock of de sirable sorts very small, the sales have been confined to 300 a 400 bales Partido aDd second-class V uelta Abajo on tl'rms not made public, but supposed to be $20 a $25 per bale according to quality and weight. The demand for choice is pretty active, but common and middling are entirely neglected, and in fact are almost unsalable. In fillers we hear of no transactions. Cigars of the common and medium grades are in little demand. Conchas, Londres, etc., of second and third-rate C..CtQries, c:aa be bad at easier rates, but first-classorands are held firm at previous prices. SeVtral factories have. stopped working, old tobacco being in scan t supply and new not yet fit for manuLONDON, Augu"' 12.-There has bel'n a good business done in North .American this week, sales amounting to 250 or 300 hhds. They consisted principally of !eat; mostly fac tory dried Missouri, at 7d. a Bid., but the sales at the latter figure formed onlfa.Small pro portion. Short but dry Missouri sold at 7td. The market closes firm. LIVERPOOL, Aug. 12.The market continues firm, and during the week business has been steady in tbe middling clR.!'ses of dry Western leaf. Prices o.rc fully main tnined. A few hogsheads heated Missouri leaf been sold at 6d. a 6-td. per lb. ANTWERP, Auc. 14.-The dem and for North American has been regular during the past week, and prices continue well sustained. 112 bhds. Kentucky have been sold from first hands, and 25 hhds. do. nt re-sale. Receipts dnring the week: 52 bales and ceroons from England; 85 hhds. and 122 bales from Hollund Of the fir!t quality of Kentucky the mar ket is bare, and prices are nominal; second quality rules at 29c. a 86c.; third qua.lity at 23c. a 28c., and fourth at 22c. a Aug. 12.-There is very little domg. Sales from first bands during the week amount to only 30 Maryland Prices unchanged. HAl'IIB1JRG, Aug. 11.-Sales from first hands this week include 112 ceroons Havana 1108 pkgs. Brazil, 107 cs. seed-leaf, and 4l hhds. Kentucky. There is no change in prices to note. MELBOUBNE, June 24.-Good 10'sand Twist improving. Sales of !Jest qualities 1 O's at Is. a 1s 1d and of twist at 10id. a lltellion, there was an annual importation into this country of nearly 900,000,000 of cigan'," and it argues that when the old stock is exhausted, "a field hitherto closed to our home industry will be opened, in which improvement in the development of our ltaf and in the elaboration of it will be stimulated and rend e red profitable," and hence the tax need not be disturbed Nine hundred millions of cigars annually imported into thi s country appArs a high estimate; but admitting it to be correct, and that it in cludes the German cigars so freely brought here at that time, it must also be admitted that that stock was exhausted considerably more than a year ago ; then, glancing at the condition of the trade to-day, it may safely be left to candor to declare to what extent the anticipated "improvement" is perceptible. Truly you!'!!, A DELEGATE TO TnE NEw-You CoNVENTION, AND A M.ANUFACTURJlR OF CIGAM. ---.--TaE United Slates Revenue Commiss ion, appointed according to act of Congress "to inquire into the manner and efficiency of the present and past methods of collecting the internal rtvenue," now holding sessions at the Custom Bouae, and investigating the subject of tobacco taxes The commissioners are Messrs David A. Wells, Stephen Colwell, 8. S. Hayes. Secretary to the commission, Mr. E. B. Elliott. ---OuR reader$ will lind in the presont num ber of 'fBB TOBACCO LEAP a reply to the Bal timore report on "The Proposed Tax on Leaf Tobacco." Every on e should read both sides. LEAF. TOUOOO GOirnNTIO.W. THE atielltion of the trade is called to the official armouncement otthis convention pub lished in another coluDlD. The objec of the meeting, as tb tM, the urgent need for immediate action, and the cordial earnest ness of the invitation, ought to meet gen al r nee from the entire tobacco interest. ullh opportunity as this may be made to bl', for inti ul'ncing legi slation and tl welfare and development at the trade, does not often occur. We ti'llf!t it will not now be neglected. Let the mcm bers of every branch of the business remember that, in the long run, an injustice done to any part must be home by the whole, IIIIJd that the fullest prosperity of the tobacco interest can only be obtained by an equitable distribution of burdens, and a generous cooperation to one common end. Let bygones, then, be bygones> and, fOrgetting all local ana lnaividual preju dices, let every section be repreSI'nted by its best practical talent, and we shall soon see the tebacco interest rescued from the present ugh of disorder, injustict>, and s&.gnation. ----THB PROPOSED TAX ON LEAi' TOBACCO. DDIOLUTION. Tult co-])6ltnerehfp heretofore existing between the undersigned, under the style of HoYT, B.A.liBOun & Co. is th!a day d isolvcd by l!.Wtation. THOS HOYT & C O J. S. B UR, E. P QUIGLEY, E x'r. LomsvJLLE, Ky., June 30th, 1i6!5: CO-PARTliERSIDP. THE nndersigned, succeuors to HoYT, BARB08n & Co., will conllnu e the bns!neos at the old stand, (Noa. 10'1 and 109 Secorul-etreet,) ander the firm name of HOYT, FLAGG I< ., and would solicit the continuance or the favors or the patrons and co espondents of the 01<1 Honse. THOS. H'OYT & CO .. New-York. J F. FLAGIJ, Louisville. J. H ROPKE, T. B DODD, LoUISVILLE, J(y. July 1st, 1865. 27-80 WHITTAM & LAWRENCE, MANUFACTURERS OF Tobacco, Snuff & Cigars, 3911 Pearl Street, Hew-York, Have cout&lltly ou hand a large auortment er Vlrl(hlla l'llancaetared Tobaceo, Tarlllall Smoklnc, Imported Hava na and Dome!lllc Ct:ars. A l so, a great wriety of English, French, German, and Scotch Clay PiP.eS. THE ONLY OF TBi: AMERI OAN BIRDBEYil TOBACCO. BARBER 4 DUNLOP, DBA.LUS 1 LEAF TOBACCO, NATIONAL AN&If.A.NUFACTCRRS OB SEG-A:a.S"" B.ACCO CGIJlii(TIOII. 348 Pearl Street, -I AT a ;p>eet!ng of the ... obacco Men assembled at -:o:-Lonlsv!lle, Ky., June Sill, 1885 at the Premium Leaf :M.L KIIIDS OF SEOAJIS.MANUFACTURED TO ORDER. 27-89 Snles, it was resohed to bold a N8.tional Convention of the Tobacco Intereots in Louisvj,lle, Ky., the eecQIJ.d Wednesday of Septem 1885. The prime object or tfle Co'llventlon is get to-JAMES FISHER, JR., Commission Merchant, ROW WILL IT AF CT THE GROWERS OF AND gether the practical minds or the trade, with a yiew to PETERSBURG VA. DEALERS IN SEEDLEAF TOB CO AND INIE l!ANUFACrUBBRS OF CIGARS? ( 0001clolod. J WE beg leave to su'bmiWte following reso lutions: Re.!()ltJed, That. the cigar-mak1ng interest does not harmonize with. any ef the manufacuring inter represented in tile Conven ton held at e Cooper Institute, in New York, on the 'Tth inst.; but that, in comQ)on with the producers of :tnd dealers in seed leaf tobacco, it is all-important that we sheuld oppose the policy recommended by that Con vention as not enly injutious to the producer and t'llanufturer of cigar leaf, but detrimental toJile bes 'nte ests of the gov ernmeot. That as good citizens we recog nize it tQ. be a duty to conform ch rful l y to any just m of taxation necessary to support the governmen and while we are not disposed to relieve ounelves by throwing the burden of taxation upon other indus we deem it a duty to oufllelves to pre vent those industries from shifl.ipg their own burden upon us. That we deem it inexpedient to ask of Congre!;s any radical change in the present tax law, but that we should petition Congrees to revise the existing law, with the view to repeal all such restrictions upon the trade as experience hns demonstrated to be unnecessarily onerous and annoying to the manufacturers, and of no possible benefit to the interest of the government. Resolved, That the existing tax law is de fective in its penal enactments, nnd that we of Congress to increase the penalties f o r fraud, believing that in stringent penni enact ments alone can a remedy be found f o r the evils of which the well-disposed manu and dealer have so much cause to complain. Resolved, 'fhat we further request Con gress to make such abatement in the existing tax in behalf of the cigar-making ioterest as will rel ieve it from its present deplorable condition ; and it is the sense of this meeting that such an abatement would redound to the best interest of the government, it being our opinion that by increasing the penalties for fraud on the one hnnll, and decreasing the inducement on the other, a muc h larger rev enue will be derived tlwn in any other way Resolved, 'l'hat a committee b appointed to draft a petition to Congrl'ss in accordance with the foregoing rewlutions, and to obtain signatures thereto. Resolvul, That the pro ceedings of this meeting be printed in such form as best to facilitate the distribution of the same among cigar manufacturers of other cities, and among the growers of and dealers in seed-lenf to bacco, and that their earnest cooperation be solicited to promote the object in view Resol'Ded, That the cigar manufacturers of other cities be requested to organize them selves f9r the purpose of forming a Cigar Makers' National Association, the object of which should be to recommend such meas ures as, from time to time, may appear nec essary to promote and protect the ,eigar making interest. All of which is respectfully submitted, P. H. HARBISON, F. HAUCK, Josll:Pn ScnJ ou hand lo lotalo nil bulfeJW. L. B. SARGUT a CO., Commission Merchants,. l81nfactnrcd 31d L8af Tobacco, 31 Walnut-meet, t.;::::: m CIKClllfXA.TI, 0. 1L V. 8ULLlt'.Jt'. W, I. lii3JILtJI.... J. T. SULLIVAN & BRO., Tobacco Pactos, And De&lera In all kiDdl or LEAF TOBACCO, PHILADELPHIA. Keep conslanUy on hand the Lar-po& or Muoa. for R.'lfUkene & Co.'s Baltimore Smoklng and Oweu county and Redrled CutUngLear In tbe Weol. Tobacco. 27-79 No. 39 Jl.aoe-n., Cinoinnati, Ohio.


Y G KO&RI5. Leaf Tobacco Inspection W ABEHOtfSE, CHICAGO ADVERTISEMENTS. Eagle Tobacco Werks. ROTHBOBILD & ADLERr Nos. 100,102,104 West Front St., "'llml 0,. ciNciNNATI, oHio. ..::. UK ... o acco, oRRIS & CHALFANT ..uro WBOLESJ.LK DUJ..EI\8 lN Proprietors. Leaf, Fine Gut Smokin! fobac80 & Cigars, Auction Sales Daily. 69 South Water Street, Or. 191 186 Ce/1 Q 0. Henry Besuden & BroiJ c. B. MANUFACTURER, LEAF rfOBACCO, 186M94" 161, 163, & 165 Pearl-street, (CORNER OF ELliSTREET), 19' CINCINNATI TOBACCO WORKS, 118, 1!0, 1!2 J!lalll-st., o\ 19 .\ ll Bammo11d..t., CINCINlfATI, OHIO. S. B. N E W E L L, Eclipse Tobacco Work. VAN HORN, MURRAY & CO., Tobacco Manufacturers, Nos. 37 & 39 S. Water-street, CHICAGO. Turner, Van Horn & Co., Quincy, DI. lSS ST. LOUIS ADVERTISEMENTS. DAMERON, BROTHERS & CO., THE TOBACCO LEA:b'. R. M. JOHNSON, Superintendent State Tobacco Warehouse, Cor. Sixth-st. & Waa hington-av., 1 92 ST. LOUIS, MO. THOMAS RHODUS, EDMUNDS & BROWDER, HARTFORD ADVERTISEMENTS. FALLS CITY WESTPHAL & LEHNE:MAN Tobacco Factory, xos. m A; ao, rh;:d-st., LouJsvme, Ky. fCOUZlo Seed OUR BRANDS. l.ND IU!It:rUOTl!RF.RS OP BIIICIIT TOBACCOt. BLAOK TOI.\0008, SEGARS. Sun n 1 f outh, lb. and X lbs.l EJmu n ds .t i wiat 'l2'L Na"y lbs. u M ontauk Navy, lba. l!bommi.s.sion .Pe,... Choi ce, l ba. I )( lbs. 1o.a. H'o kDd X I be. O ld Buck, 16's and 12'& llDl Belle, 14'e and X !be. Prairie F arm, 10' and J,(lb& '1-19 214 State street, HARTFORD, CONN J.D.BURNHAM&CO., No 27 North Second Street SAINT LOU1S. r::ro f Toba c c o solicit.t l y filled. REFERENCES: 01 o Yer & C o D oone T o b a cco w art:house, Louisville, K y s p ratt & C o., Plckd t H u h p R help. C a ldwell & C o louisville o nald & Bro., Nlnthltrt."E!t H '' A vi odrew Graham, Louisville, Ky.; Jas. T Edmonds Louis lie Ky ; Ge o. W. Wicks, L o uisvU!e, Xy-; Snood,. '.t H o w d, New Y ork; Mur ell, Caruth k Co New -York. 1 84 ar 1 AS. 8 PHIH.fS. lSi.AC JI. C.lLDWE.LL1 J A S. B T URNLJ.Y. PHELPS, CALDWELL & CO., LOUISVILLE Tobacco Warehouse, Cor.lain and Tenth, and lain and Eleventh 818. lU.NUJ'ACTU R:ERS .L.'m JOBB.IRS lN Tobacco, and Cigars, and fer Sale on Favorable Terms, 1500 CASES CONN. SEED LEAF, ( NEW CRO P ,) 77 and 'ZfJ 12-64 HARTFORD, CONN. ESSIIA.N & HAAS BROTHERS D'E..U.EllS lN CONNECTICUT Seed leaf Tobacco, AND l!A.NU F ACT URERS OJ' CIGARS, Main treet, 3 FRICK & BALL, J.GENTB F O R SALE O P nutl i.obm.o,. -ALSO-ROBERT BURNS & PUFF CIGARS, No. 64 South Cay-st., FRAN K FRICK, Plm.ll'A. BilL. 61 [Established i n 1837.] Manufacturer or all kludo or SUCCESSORS '1'0 NANBON, DAMERON CO., Fine Cut Ohewing .a.nd Smoking To-Tobacco PactoJ!III, OUR BRANDS. F ine Cut Chewing. Z e o ith, I Cut Smoking. Long C ut, Lacle fle, 01fl.ce, Corner Main and Tentb, T OBAGI W.ARUO USE!-, TlN1'B .AND WAUUT, AND !i:IJTR .ND JU'P:ERSON P B. H.u.e, J. EsaXAN, H. B II.utl, M B.II.utl. HARTFORD, CONN. CHAS. D DE FORD & --:-----., -baoco, Killioki.niok & Paper Goods. AND aENERJ.L 100 COMMISSION liERCHANTS, :No. 166 N. second-at., cor, Green-at., J.P. IPUCL "a. _.uca. SPENCE BROTHERS&, CO., I. lol. OOLTDI, lUXCr.t.CTUI\UI o B e.t, Extra, Leader. Et Louli \!Ud, S carfaldtl. K iltickinick. 1 lb. Bales. Our .. rite, j lb. BaleL '> e ahontao, 5lbo. BaiH. Billy B o w .t..g >D&olat!on, 0 A 1 0 lbo. Bale s. !lilly 8tr it-L ego. Fine-tnt and Smoklg 191 ST. LOlliS. 'hat' & What' the li>tter, CllL) t o n, I n 6 and 91nch Plug s D&.U.tll8 IJl No. 62 East Third Street, C:IKCI.Jr.Ae/17'1., OHIO. 288 G. SBJ...SimARS. C .A. 11h .. BRASHEARS, lcLAUGHLIN & CO. k> C. 4. Hct...uonull & Co.,) TOBACCO Commission Merchants, I u. 8. BONDED WAREHOUSE NO.I, No, 46 Walnut-street, CINUINNATI. Orders Filled for all Kinds of Manufactured and Leaf TOBACCO, l!Y EDWARD B. BOOTH, 25 NORTH SECOND ST., 19 St. Louis. Mo. EDWARD F. MULLEN, SUOCEl!I!OR TOT. & E. MULLEN, To'bacco.Dealer, o. 184 o&Tll KAilf SAI!fT LOUIS, 110., WDI keep a collltan' oupply of .AU of To. &Moo; also, Lloorlce PM&e. Leaf Tobacco :Pur ehaled and Sold on OommiHton. 188 lbs Balu. ( 1 1iP lll&lea of Leaf T ) b&cro IUld allil.Ddl ot Couafry Produce. Partlcultt.r attentio n giTen t o t.he purchase or Leaf T u bacco for Manuta.ctwers and dtoaltrl oo 181 LOUISVILLE ADVERTISEMENTS. -W. WATKINS, P 0 BOX 566, -LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY, QC.omnnrcial a.nb Jr.obuce Special atten\lo n paid to tlllln g orders for T vBJ.'JCO L EAP o r l'd.ANUJ' ACTUllEO. REFERENCES. M e sors. a: AnrRSOll :too. Ne'lf Yo rk; w .. TTS, cum: .! Co. New -York; N oRTO N1 SLAUOBTBR & Oo., N e w York ; lt.&o:sa& BoK, New -York; MvRRrs, J oHN B uLLJvu .t Sv11s, B ltltlmore, Md.; Wx. TAYLoR C o., Pbllad e lphl&, Pa. ; J. B. Al.ex&ND N e w Y o rk; W. B. Prealdenl Peovl .. Ba,;k l.o u!STille, K y ; W C HJTs, Caehl o r Commercial Bnk LouhvUle Ky ; J. G B.&lUti'M'1 Citi e1b' Loutnltle, Ky,; Mer. BPuTT .t Co., H o u Lo uisville, Ky. ; F 8. J Ro"ALD, Nl nthstree t H o ure l.oulsvUi e Ky. 7 IV t 16-41 B etween Ninth and Tenth, LOUISVILLE, K.Y. J. G. SPALDING & BRO., lii.1SO FACTVR:US OF .ALL I.L'iDS O F Chewing Tobacco NO. 109 MARKET-ST., Beween Flret and Brook Street, L-QUISVILLE, KY. :;w-ORDERS PRO!IlPTLY FILLED. le..-41 o. S.P.&.L ; uxo J R :a. s S P .Aumco. D. SP & SONS, D EALERS L.., Smoking Articles, 1 T 0 B A. 0 0 0 M8 Wala.wt., W. fifth aM Sutll Areet1, .u 1 s runuins 14s. WW @ln to \ h e Purc blll!e. a nCI &1 L '-' : : ::.: s LOUISVILLE, KY. o -HIP TO "LOUISVILLE WAREHOUSE. 1-29 MAYER BROTHERS, ""' B ranch-HA6. B .t C O Leav en'lf ortb, Kan. 1264 D. W. XING, AGENT, S NUFi:RERSG'eA.PiiorS, Seedleaf Tchaccoj DS.A.LIR S IY All Kinds of Smokers' Articles, 204 FIFTH-ST NEAB llAIN-ST. 1 2 -64 1 STATE sTREET, Hartford, Conn. 1'7-29 Louisville. Ky. BOSTON ADVERTISEMENTS. H. & Z. K. PEASE, DEALERS I N 23 CENTRAL WHARF, CONNECTICUT 12 U HARTFORD, OONN. FI_SHER & CO., Commission Merchants, Seedleaf Tobacco, and ._. State-street, F FARNHAM & BARNES, 31 SOUTH GAY-ST., BALTIMORE. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, For tbe S&le of Manufactured and Leaf' To-bacco, Cigan, e t c 1 1 DRC ATU& L EV I!RJNO. J.un: s Gn'l'lJIGa D. LEVERINC &. CO., Merchandise Brokers,. 3 CHEAPSIDE-STREET BA.LTII!IORE, l!ID .. Speci a l atte ntion paid to the s a l e of CIO \ RB, TOBACCO,. CA.NNED GOO DS, as well a.s Merchaadlse generally. B EFER.:te C D. D e F o r d & C o. B. .i' Parleti "Co. G S W&ttl & O o., .Io"endrlch Broo L M l!eebe. Damy A C o., R. Kraua & C o., L. McMurra,. & Oo .. Ja.s. l"o1ron .. Son, Clabaug h & B a rrio, H !cbeverllng US P earJ.stred DeFo r d, Tha.yer k C o. 44 W a terstreel, NewYork. l'l '" BECK & HOLLSTEIN, TOBACCO !MD RA...l(CI S FISIIEll, Ella!<. B P rSQBJt, FluNCtB K FISH ER, liN H. FISBEB. .To 13-25 BOSTON. CLARK BREWER & SONS, Fine ;;sed-Leaf General Commission lerciattr, ... OBACCO, 67 SOUTH GAY STREET,, .& 16-28 Baltimore, Md. Snuff, ana'!' o&ucco, 14 SOUTH HARKET-STREET, I S ,_. BOSTON. N EW ENGLAND TOBACCO ; AD-AMS, BATCHELDl:R & C ., lUltUF .J. CTlJR ERS OJ' A LL GRADES Oi' F ine-cut,_Chewing, and Smoking TOBACCO. SaleroQbls: Ni & Cb:a.tham row;, llE l J.FOWLRR 61 Baltimore, Md: ... G. H. BOLENIUS WHOLESJ.L E D E ALER J N LEAF TOBACCO,. Mannfactnred Tobacco and Se[ars,. NO. 202 W. PRATTST., 6 1 Baltimore .. S. ROSENFELD & CO., DE..U.:ERS IN Domestic and Imvorted CHEWING & LEAF -.uso-Labels, Brande 1nd Rlbboni, 20 SOUTH GAY-BT ., 6 1 BALTIMORE .. T -:o:_ L. W. GUNTHER, H RICHMOND CAVENDISH COM QENERAL WM. WELSH & P!NY, LIMITED, ,Ci M h t WHOLliSJ.LE DEA.Lmla Dl BT lm t he o r R PurpOie op:nlng lhelr New WarehOtWI In GRJCENOCKo \JOilliDlSSIOn ere an c. F d D R:&ET, Ul8LY-8TREET, and EOBERTSTIIEETNort.h, 1gars 0re1gn an omest1' f,.. mediately oppo olte tbe P ri nce'& D oc k LIVERPOOL, on J.N D t U ht o r .Ttlly ;and be r eady'to neelve LEAP AND KAinJFAC'l'lJUD "'O:BA0008 Lear audli&IMIJa c\Qftd Toll&eco,ro r 1a1.eo11 c omlii!MfOll TOBACCO FACTOR, .. THOMAs c oPE, No. 90 L ombard-street, No, 2 7 South Gay -stree t (of t h e fir m o r Cope llros. & Co .,) M!N AQI.< .:, Du

'PH E '"i'D H AO C F. I I nwF GEORGE BOLDIN. JIIClU.EL WABTIIA!f. WARTMAN, BALTIMORE TOBACCO WORKS, EADm & HARRIOTT, BBOKDS nc -JOliN McCAFFIJ... & CQ R L U S Tobacco & General Commission F. w. BECK & co., 8UCOEI!SOB! '1'0 MERCHANTS, BBCK & (!lite of llalt.inlore,) SEGARS., SNUFFS, Leaf&. Manufactured 'fOB.lCC:O .lND Sl(!.ll\8, LEA .i!'ID .!LL "K.INDJ OF 'E BAOO FINE CIGARS, 105 N. & 106 N. Delaware-ave.: TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS, PJIILA.DELPHIA. No. 44 Veaey Street 57 On hand, 200 Caaea .Ohio Seed-leaf. 16-H NEWYOR 131 Mtdden.-LttJ&e, NEWYORK.. 8aBIIQ & CO., D9HAN 'x:AIT'l', D. H. M' ALPIN & 00 CBAS. .. Tobacco Merchants, -_.v. .. _orm ., Z1rttlt'n1\\' TC ilo AGU .. roa ni or I CELEBR.A,i'ED FINE. CVT N .M R cf;J' ;} .M '-'IJl t SMOKED MmC E Manufactured&LeafTobacco, 61 !=aE. \lllf;"ghw i#-lhllttmg VIB&nnA Slt0][ING TOBACCO, ETO. _,_ 29 N, A; !!8 N. Delaw'arean., ,.... '"'" -"W.t WBOLES.U.J: AIID RETAIL, )L I. DOHAN, -PHIL'A-llt:LPHIA: .l.NO ALL D1iOIO or ll'o. 176 Jroadway, UNITED STATES :BONDED WAREHOUSE SM:OKIWG TOBACCO, (Howard -l!otel.) NEWYORK. JF Agent for BroDJon' T o baceo, Toledo, Oblo. lUS WHOLESALE DEALERS IN s E GA. R S, Jmf mt'li .um Segars, Pipes, Snuff, Plug Tobacco, &c., &c. &c. J. M. MAYORGA, MANUFACTORY AND SALESROOM: IMPOJTBR OJ' IMPORTED .AN D A.!'ilJ K !Nm-1 OP LEX I G2 Pearl S'*reet, 14-52 Y-&Rlt. SCHRODER & BON,. Illf"ORl'-JRS O F ,., M. METZGER, Dealer ln all kln.!Js o f Foreign and eaf Tobacco, And Manaftclurer or H Lombard..Street, or Gall If Ax' s Blschor and Goetze Broth lOW' tmrnD STA'rtiS BONDIID Jl' Al\EHOt!BE, COb ers' Germa n and Fancy Smoking as wellu a good sign ors can f orward their Stocks u rs BOND," w1tb.out pre aeJect.ion of Fancy Goode, etc. paying the Go'verumenl Tax. A. F. CARMAN, S. BERNS'l'EIN, No. Havana and Domestic I 02 Pearl-stree-t, (Near H&nover-square ) NEW-YORK. M. & E. SALO.MON, OJ' ,. v Segars, LEAF TOBACCO, -AND-11'0. 173 PEARL-STREET, IIOU'ni II.&.LOlfOlf, } llll.IJ1JKL 8U.O.JIQM. i12 NEWYORK, J. 1 : GASSERT & BROTHER, DEALERS IN THOMAS liARE B R OKER IN WILL a li'lflcAI Manufactured Leaf Tobacco, (Fin& Oolleetl011 J)f8trlct of P e bnsylvajlla ,) Leaf and Manufactur-ed. B1JILDING, NO. 157 BOWERY, 'l'0BA000 TOBACC 118 WATER-STREET, N W YO 8! NEW-YORK. G alC .m. M h SNUFF, SEGARS, ETC., E RK. ener OIIliill.SSlOll ere ants, Nos. 474 and 503 li. Second-st A. H. VAN PELT, E. M. ORA WFORD & CO No. 39 North Water Street, 153 and 155 Noble-st. naoua IM IMPORTERS .&ND DE&LERS PHILADELPHIA. PHILADELPHIA. ---.-------A geotfo r G;o.rL &A..x s T o bncco nnd Snu!T. 6 l Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco, C. M. MEYER, ,. COMMISSION MERCHANT, SMITH BROTHERS, Segar Manufacturers, FOR TIIB OF Alr D DEALERS IN .ALL KINDS O F Leaf aud Manufactured Tobacco 5egan;, iiolinc.cos, pipes, &c. J NO. 121 N THIRO.STREET, ABOVE ARCH, CIGARS, PIPES, ETC., PHILADELP.HLL No 62 North Front Street NO. 83 S CHARLES-STREET ABOVE BALTIJICOBE, MD. 37 PHILADELPHIA. COR. THlltD-STREET AND PENNSYLVA N I.l. AVE WASHENGTON, D. C. 126 Water Street, 14-26 NEW YORk. D,BIB8@. MOSES & :HIRSOH, IUNUF ACTUREIII! OJ' IN ALL_ EINDS.DF 3 LEAF TOBA.-coo, 121 and 128 Front Street, U-26 NEWYORK. S. ANSHEL &: CO., lll& Y.lBA. .lND DOUIB1'1C SECARS, ,. 4ND "\ .., in Leaf Tobacco, LOBE & POGGENBURG, 258 Pearl Street neli:r iJ!'nlton IKPollftRS o F A Smu:o m m l lllll., ... .. yo' nF Meerschaum and l3riar Pipes l.M.DoN f M an.o .Ufl) .6..LL SORTS OJ' WM. H. co., ClLo.A.T' PXPE&. l!A.N OVACT U ""' OF FINBCUT totlllll8CIIA111111 AMD AM!Iflt 8k0Aft 'l'tl!lli:8. TobaCCO, Snuff &, Tobacco B o x es, Match wee, Tobacee "J I'ouchee, i"ipe .J.ND ; ltiiU I!RS I S .LL L IJ);DS O f' !eaf anb j1ug .O.ND COIIPLftB STO$llt OF TOBACCONISTS' 45 Liberty Sjreet, (up st&ira,) J. 207 & 209 W ATERST ., "r 20-48 Paoo. w ... Loao, 1 -w YO"D'I7 IW W' 'I 'A JtrS'I'tTS F. P0008NBUBG f M .1'1 .0..0.. JOHN DEEN, DEALER IN FOREI .ON AND DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO. J RESCHER, D .E ALKR. ..IN IMPORTED HAVANA SEGARS, Meerschaum and Briar Pipes, Connectitu t S e e d o f "'Y own Packing: T 0 B ,l (: C Q t Jrater I No. 73 "VVall' street. 27-52 14-26 l!I'Ew.:.voB.K. ()SCAB. B. LEAB, IXP OBTL ...... D E..U.U. f).f M:ee1'86ha11.D11 Briar, Wood, (va rloulkhltls,) In& LEA F TOBAQCO, lu6&6r, 01Uu, aDd !Ava"!!,. -:! 143 Water.Street, ,NEW YORK L. KEX.Ll!I'-EB.o' 91 .:Williail Btre;t, JUNUFACTURER AND l>EALER t,fc E119:lish: french, (Jerman OLo ... Y' Z!ZP;JiiUiiJ. Segar bbes, 'hbatco DitfO and IloitAI, No. 9q Wate_r Street. NEW YORK. WM. DEMO H CO., DL.L Oo4. -14 24-6 NEWYORK. Leaf & Manufa.otured Tobacco P. -LORILJ.ARD UISKAD & 196 J1. BBfS, 196 MOSS & FALX, C. & M. BONDY, SNUFF AND LORILLARD'8 SNUFF .. TOBACCO MANUFACTURER. mALLKIIIMCII' To"baCCO, 'HaVana mna.u.aam No. au. ---. gal W#bMI nd J.-,. Dbm-Segars, LEAF T 0 8 A C C 8 AJao. Sole Aaenta ror Oell\alT bra.lld. On 16, 18, md 20 Oh&mhen Street, 1811 :r.d..t., {wflllln,) near -..uta.laae, o. 'f BVBLDI'CHILIP, hand, a quanti'Q" Of old OomleoUov.t select {ft ........, ..a. J11M .. .,......., (hot of JtluHireel,) wrappers. et 16-M ._.EWTOB.-. t.. B'IIW'I'OBK. ...,. .a. ...,.,..yoJUL us NewYork. DOMESTIC AND HAVANA SEGARS. 368 Bowery, near 4th-at., JO:WYOBK.


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