The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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v. : ill. ; 36 cm.


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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' PFIRBJIIIG, PUBLISHER, t No. 142 Fulton Street. f Vol. 1. "'I 8U&INE88 DIRECTORY -OF TilE TOBACCO TBADB --;) NEWYORK. TOBACCO WA&EHOUBIS. Agnew Wllll&m, A: Soat..!84: and !81 hool-SWM&. .Arkenbu.rgb ancl 3T .Broad. Betgmum, J. B .tOo., U T Wa&er. Bocon, 01.,-dy Co., 181 Pea.rL Oardoao A. -a. & 169 Pront. Ooano lly & OJ.J o6IS w Crawford. Jl. M., .l Co.,121 and 128 J'roiD.\. Deen JobD L., 78 WaLer. De Thayer & Oo., 44 Wa&er. Dabol .. Vandenoort 1: Co., 8T Wa&er. GtJl, u Kuchler, l'l8 and 17lS Watel. Gaueri & Brother, 1G7 Bowery. : r r .:,jt,;.''',iOrgan of the Tobaccd' Trade the ,j! liT, .. KO. i ll'O.B.t. BoOth, Edward B., !6 North SecoDd. J W SaM, 18S-'1M Nort.ll 8ecoD4.r f Dameron Brolhen t Co., 116 North Secon.d. : Graotlllam. 8. A. ..t Co., bl Nordl Seecmd. JobDJOD, R. M., corner of Slnh and WuhlnJton. Murray, Andrew-, & OdJ;8 T Rhpdua, -"bomu, i1 North Beeond 1 Vlrdeb, Samuel, 1 2 Oommerclal. .UID IKPORDU, ftC. Oal.lln, D 18S Not1h Secon!l Dleterleba, L. A Bro. I 88 North 'l'hlnt Dormtuer, C .t R .t Co., UO Nonh Secoad. J'rledman, M .t: Co., 8lS North 8ecood. Jdpe&l A 19 8oulh Secoad. Mullen, Bdward F., lM Nor\b)laln. .PW. .1:: 0Ue,106 Third. \t Schroeder, Leopold, M Oheetout. BllOUIIS. A-ual.ln, William L. .. .. r 11 P U B L I S H E D J I It WEE.KLY'. ( \ -r:-NEW-Y.ORK, &ATURDAl;, SJi:PTEMBER 9, 1865; I j l -... I 1 I '\. I DE FORD, THAYER & 00 1 1 Commission AND DllLEllS f Manufactured and Leaf Tobacco, Segars, &c., &e .. U WATERSTB.EET, York. w. E. SNODDY, LoubvUie, :s:;y. .J R S. How UD, lfeJr.-l'9rk. SNODDY & H9W ABD, ,\ .11 1 I I'O'Jt. Tlll SALE O)' 1 ,,.,, TOBAOOO, OOTTON, PORK, FLOUR, Eto., 00K1lUNIOA.'!'tO.N8 trom our rtaden, eOntainiDg items ol tobacco new!, or vle"i on loplcl!i ot frlUlest to the trade, sucb .ae the ctope markets, metbodi of &:L ... ture and cnrlng, of new lm1 and macbtnery etc., etc.1 all tlmea .be .xy, J .,.,.}' GOLD V AL1JES OF FOllEIGN COI;!!B. 1 No. 28. ,,, jr.,; "' PRICES. j ( < i S. Fug\'et & Mns, 1 ,9; J : Wagncr, 2; L. leaf. Goi.Z. E. & Co., 8;. Woldermar Ze1fekeD, 1'1'Uhy and ll'oel.. j ..... o.oo,4 .. g A Hi c ks, Joseph B2,Water. Hllhnao G W. li Oo., lOB :rront. Kelly, K A Oo., S4 Beaver .King, 0 K. k Co., 24Broad. Kremelberg .t Co.,100 Pearl. Lery A: Sellgsberg 246 Pea:r l Llndhi!m Btoe. .t Co., 26 Courilaodt. Mayer, Joe. .t Sons 12'1 Water. t Murr e ll C&ruth A: Co., 116 Pearl. Norton. Slaughter .t Co.,40 Broad. Ober, Na1110n .t Co., 08 Broad. O'NeU, David 1: Co., 119 Maiden-lane ,.Prince .t Dachracb, S.9 Pearl. Ranon, Brtdgland & Co., 41 Broad Rehllnan n A 179 Pe&rl. Robl.naon li 112 Water. Salomon Simon, 92 Pearl Sawyer, Wallace .tOo., f1' Broad. 8chroeder &; Bon, 258 Pearl SmlUl, Oo., 110 Water. Snoddy A: H oward, 71 Broad Stein A., 19'r Duane. Stern, Jonas & Co., 118 L18ulllnn, Murpb_y & Oo.,l(\.1 \learl. Vet.Lerleln, Tt. lL &i Water. Or"oe CQ.,4.$ Broad. I 4108.&.000 Oatman, A F., 118 Water. l'adle .t BarrloU.,131 Maiden-lu e. Enheller, M 124 Wa.ter l"llcher &: R9d ewa td, 2 Hanove r-aqaare. Gan1, J. S 86 Wall Rader, H i: Bon, 160 Pearl. Van Pelt, A. B., 12& Water KANVJ'.AOTV&ll\i. Beet, 7 w. & 0()., .. Yelf&J. Casey, C\\dmore a: Co., 81 Mahien-L&De. QIUtodor, A..ttbur & oo 114-lll Llber&y. I P. A., A: Bro 188 185 DQaae. Qood;ln, W. H. Oo., !()1 and Watn .tmlna,l.S Waiet. --1 PIPES, ETC. Bolten l Slef kee 6T Haldenlane. erouth WUllam .t Co., 28 and 80 Llberiy. ,. Hambur(r, J .t Co., M Maiden. lane. Kaufmann Broa A: Boody, 51 llaldenlaoe. Lear, Olear H., 90 Waur. : t Lobe..&: PouenbUTg, Llbeny. I. I UI.PORTDS .Um liANUFACTURJ:J.S 01' CIO-'.Ui, Amhel S. &i: Oo., 48 Beaver. Be' tgrt.grolo ,:, ................... '.. ......... o.OJ,O() w rs, ...... .... ,,::J ....... -15 20 mports.'or e mon_ o ugus, '.. Tobacco, Cotton, and Western Produce. No. 47 Broad Street,' :. nambnrg,iLuboo,etc. '1"''' oelec!.-----.................. -25 pales; durmgthefirst e 1ght months of the mttl!ttt;dd;W m ..... h""''d I No. '3 Broad St., Jmh.marcbnnco,,,. ..... .... ........ ...... o0 '85'2 '" Ftllon, ... ............................ .. __ 6@ 22790b I I ". "'"' p .15chelling. .'! ........ : ............... RupniDglot,, ........... T ..... ,.....c .... R-r.Dm.-LeaiJMccntopdrlb.; manhlllc-Runninglots1 ... ............ ......... -9 .@14 5th,2229hhd,!j.,2181pkp.!frude,and26,62;l No .... "" Water S treet, Tobacco and c nTTI'T'ITiss' x oiiirnrch"IIts, I I Oh'l ............,. AJ.l<> $1oMd not over 131lo.IL26 per lband.IIO pe11 c ent. ad WJJIPP.ero, .............. : ............. :.-f4 @ 16 lbs. manufacture Value of crude, $856,4 ; CJUB. 11. ConoLLY, lB., } ... nironuns qv "' valorem i over $SO aDd not over \f $2 per Jb. and 50 aelect, ..... 1 ..... ........ -16 @ value of manufactured, mcluding cigars /4 o .. D"T'IoTVW'V 28A and 286lr.ront Street, t t lo d d 60 FUien, ................. ................ -6 @ i I '., ,. .. -. _..._,_, ..,.,. J;l:eii..Cen au va rom; ov e r ...--, per poun an R @ 14 W.Al.u.B ... 1., llle-Yor"' ., ---Aro"' -, ,,, tu H A v A N A per cent. ,All additional duty of10 per u:wnrlote,., .......................... 9 --. 204; value of cigars, $6298. A ColfROLLT. V"'U'l. .1., n-A.. .,... ..., rr :.. 1 1 f" cer\t Ad valorem 11!1 te\o!cd on all "Imports under flag s Furetgn.Th hl d to hf-VO DO reciproqal treaties Sta. tes Havana, Wrs.ppen, (duty paid ) .'J. 1 50 @ 8 00 ere Were S )>PC R.i..VE' bN Sill: ALL o::r I I ;, { ) J r: na.vap.a., do. 1 00 @ 1 50 DREMn-47'hhds ., valued Ill.. ....... 18,125 THE 'T' I(} d 'fr' 1 u f EXCII. freer Cave n d,leh, B'&.fllha, Fillet!!,.. ..... do. .... -so @ 110 402bhde. ateml,................ 16,048 Ul Lea! ohaPI' O for an nome se. ..ND DBALI:RB IN DOMii'."'TI O I I Plog,_ TWiSt, 40 Cents Jler lo To1:58.cc0 twisted or_pre Yara, a&orWd, f do. s:s @ 1 00 1121 Cl...... .. 43,868 OITYI TOBAOOf) AGENCY, ""'n P"foa!oru,..byhaod.iiOce ntoperb Al!Jdtid&Fine Cub,a,.ol'ted, ....... : do. .. .. '-70 @BO SWJibs. manuladured ........... J',9S 2 Leaf Tobacco any package by hydrau1 ot u f ,. tt Cnt, 40 cents per lb. Smoldng, 35cente lb. ; 8mok. St. Domingo, usorted, ... (in bond,) .... G .@-n No. toe'Front&treet, li" t 14-62 L f .... o baoor.o lng,madewhollyofstemo,l6centoper lb.C;gars, Ambelema,Gironoi:Carmen,(lnbond,)-G @-20 ........ : .... .......... 611,458 c press lOr e a -... tlO perM. Cigur, eUet!, 5 per cent. ad valorem. .SnuJf, PAID. I ,I liBW,YO&s. ,IIUt : 40 cente per lb. I .lol l 6't, )'l\ aud aa-Best. nomtnaJ, ..... ---JlJMBGRG-1M bhds ............ .. .. .. .. as 300 -:o:., ,,... .tBnoA, JunNll.uJtBUY, t lledJum, do -@--4S7cs ............ .. G W H.ll n & c Ci n cinnati, 0., Newr York.. 188 WATEJl..STB.DTt I ,, f l 1 Common, do. .... -@ -108 bales 6.202 1 ma 1 N p 'cwH' -I y 'o:\_ CO.,t: ",.._ o41>W!, } ---!'fEW TOR:: THE TOBACCO MARKET. 1 1 $= .DJ. Oli a)' um ...., DOJlESTIC, Common,*.,t._ t -80 40 --Commission Merchants, '1 & co ;r-: Totolvalue, .... .. .. ................. 2 1118 .urJ> u,.,,, .. .,. TIDI il.o.a o loJffi STERN, JON AS ::. Le' 1 inducllments I The de".'and for 'Nvy Ouba--54 ca., 5005. 1 .... -ATEB.-STB.....Il.T .... o JG,ssRS o homemannfaciure remains exceeding l y light: Common, ............ .. -.w r;:; Hayti-lbs., $1116. ... .t;.t; I E A F "f;O B A cca .eiicanl West-Initial Cenh al Amencanl The cutters a r e buying sparingly' oflb", -,,Navy ::= gg = New (hanada.--20 cs., [&850 ; 210 1on B. Roo ... os. -JinW YORK .., ,,. AYo ornn >u.RUTS. '" dium grades of leaf, but beyond this tb,ofe A!an!ifacturea,-l!J BoYD. i total, &4679. 1ou H. Gun< IS .1\t d 170 W t 'r i t "' -,, 10'il;.rutt2't-lkllt, .. ................. -l!ll' @--80 Vene;ue. la--12 cs., $580. .J 1" l'ilO, II. er-s.ree I Aloo repaclPressed(We.C:ern}-Pine, .. ... .. -70 E:tports' for the month of August, 'i751 C 1 M h t of .Au'gu t were 16,565 hhds., agoinst 25,358 = fg hbd s MOSl:s., 2008 pkgs crude, and 236, D J 1 ;J7 '!Vater1 O.:.ruellus Ou Boli. k 1 i l ''""'Ph B. y., .,._.,,, ..,.,....,. YA't>'lr I Cal:lOI A. Hutl\'.r. J ) I R. JI-OB ,I IJ.!. ( p, R. P. OslUO, 1 l A. G Opa, New-Yorl<. 8., r .. Bt. lA!UlL, J F. & 00.; I .iNn KREMELBEEG & CO., Ul, I ,J, .. T(>J;IACCO OTQIDlSSIOn ere an hhds. for the corresponding month last yea.r. Negrohead Twist,.----. I.,.:.:::.-25 i= .w \ 283 lbs. mf. .llllJ u.z.u :or receipts for the tlrsteight montha of this r.r ... 00 ':!i 00 ,, ye&r ambunt'to 5a' 12CJ hhds. againSt 81 32bf-Olearllavnna, ............. 00 00 '" MANUFACT11RD TOBACCO 1 Do. Oonnectcut Seed,... M 00 M 00 ; I hhds. for the same time in 1864. 'The nrcSent Do. do. ,secomls, .... .80 80 o 00 i .v. I New l'k: Seed Cono. Wrap) ) ei'!, ... .. 26 00 :g) 85 00 IIMI. P/&g4. .. .Jfan'qf'tl lb4. .Amount of exports since January 1st, and 1 (or same t1me ast year : ., No. 82 stoa ks, as wdl be seen Ill th e following 'ta'bles, >'Penn. I ... ., db. do, .. .... 20 00@ !l5 00 lML ........ llO,oSo 61,98< e l cept o n I t .I Ohio. do. do. do ....... 00@ 25 00 1 864 ........... 47,100 49,8(1 8,818,614 NEWYORK. ar nrger, m e OSLiLuCe, na:n any CommonClgars, .............. .... ..... 1200@ 20 00 -'-1 ,-------:,,-. previons dttring fourteen !ettrs s''iffi:if,oo,l, : : .' ... __ :, .......... ... 1 00 Exports during the Jlrst <;i11lit montha of CommtsSHHI Merchints ,... ., .. mcrease in the aggregate stock m New-Rappee, F...-, .... .... ..... .............. 90 1 oo the years 4 1 LIJ f. I j 1 1 J I 30'! L\eorlfC hql)flrt&tlon, If 68 B.BO .... 8Z'REET ; 11 i!J for Pale, In bond or 1luty p11ld. ln. lots to1wlt p11rcluuen. Ml.l(UJ.A.O'I'UAERS OJ' OlGA.R BOXES. G'eoJ'ff, 28Wlllett-ltreet. ARKENnuRGH II & nnvAN, York and Brooklyn inspection :::: : :: : : : = ro $i 1 t8 lsc5, .... ....... ... .. during lastlrn onth was 3567 hhd s M,f"rlct.;;... .. ........ .. 03,608 8,2111.088 I l ., bil F G ''l 1S68 .......... G2,88tt l ,9M ,788 ,. 'I 1'NEW-YbRK TOBoco JNsPEOrtoN. )",Va tiis 42i@ ....I' .:.. :t..ou>nLL..-... 8Ctp. 'a.-Fino grades of 0,. t I F L. BRAUNS & CO., 1 62 l No u Cheapolde Baldmm. i 'I TOBA.CCO W AUBOUSi:S. Beck ol Holoteln, 6'l Soh Gar. JlnUDI .,, L.1 & Co. I< De i'o;d, Charlet D .t Co., 87 South Gay. Qleake a: Niemann, 'l8 South Charlet. Gunther, L. W., 90 Lombard. 1 lf.uro:rAOTUit.EU, nc. .Becker A-Broa t4 Lombard. G. H ., 202 PraLl :relgn e r l'. W :.".90 and 92 South Cb&rle1. J'rlcte & Ball, D4 Soutb Ga.y. Gall, G W & AI, 28 Barre-street. 1 Parlett, B. F i: Oo., n LomPard. Rosenfeld, S. II: Co., l20 Sout h Gay. llellroe<)er, 1oo. Sl.hclw>go Plaee Wel1h, Wm A: &n1, 2'r South Gay. Co., 181 'Was\ Pra.U. BRODRS. Levering D. Co., 8 Cheapalde. JU!iU .i.(Jl'UILERS OR' PI?U, JtTC. Jerguaon, Gehrtng .tOo 01 Olay-tt.reet. RtOOili:FIELD, COI'fl'f. PJ..CURS .A.ND ouns. l'llley, J. H .t Oo. r BOSTON. KANUJ'ACfUILJCILS1 I:TO. Ad&ma, Betchelder .t q.,_, 6 Ob&hau!-row. BatMtt, Wm. A 21 Dl&ek!ltone-streel. Oarrutb H. k Co., 46 Danonr. 1 Clark, Brewer .t Soil!, 14 South Market. hber r & Boller, 10& MUk. r: J\eber .t Co., 28 Oentr .aL Wharf. Samuel A-Brother. & OourHqnare. CHICAGO, Jl.t.NU"I'..t.CTU.RI:RS. ,, ,, ,. He&rt\ 0. B., i89 and Z7l8ta.te...trefi. Jfulteu & Dletal cba, f'j SouLb. Water. Rotb .C hlld .t 89 Sout h W ater. Van Born, Murray&:Co., ST &qd 8$ So u OJ Wattr. CINCII'fNATI. 'IOBAOOO W .&.REHOUSES. llodmaan, 51-66 WaU!r. J 1 Bruhears, M c Lauahlln .t Oo.1 46 Walnu\, Noonan & Oo., 26 Vine. Harer: George .i Oo., 2:i Second. lforrt. .t Ohalf&nl, 100, 10'2, '&nd 10! Weat Iron,. I I ,.,; ,,!J) f G. Z.1 ............................. 815 (,af -r--i l t1 JUJ .-,., Ya. a114 Total L. c ...... ---'-...... -'; __ -.. .. 81 @ -leaf tobacco continue to command Cull prices, .. li .111E11. N.d Ohio. Dfd] 7tlath. 1'>"Snndfordt" ......................... --, .. .... .Ang. 1, lllO.'l .. -28,928 894 Ill 18 l "YnurIi-7 c!:lecci.,do;nce.. .... 8,0921,010 <& .. 9,tbs' 'J.O.&Oo.,"' ............. .... d ...._ th 1 k u 't:::Pll\\.IA. I --, ;-qf'T.":" ----, "R. u ......... .; ........ 23 """-. fluctuating, an Ow1ug to e a.rge on I 111 ., I ., .. r ......... 82,020 1, 894 n 1s 83,949 "Oabill.tCo.,"" ................. .. -:zs .._ .-band g hner4ll"" wbaleer. At tl:ie OJ:NKRAL r Deliveredsln ce .... ,. 6,6$0 677 6,167 ti # ,, ,, '1'1 ""1" _._._. ____ N osu,clly,.und. I l ''d"l''orlusoldat"'5n .. ,-'-,,r Stock Sepl ... I,Bll 11 IS 21,792 1 c osmg sa es -,o a_, Ijlen g s 1 1 CP"MlSSION .,, '' '" '' Same u.,.,1 ......... Ts. $6.90 l mcdhtm to at t't a $9 .90; com ''"'' ANDDRH.RSJ. ., John C. Havemeyer & Bro., : : Recefvcdforlhewee)I 1 W -!lACON, c 1 M 1 han ., Same 1800 ..... 6,587 881 6 ,. 6,924 ons1gnments: J "d d .. bh A. II. } w. D CLARDY, I New-York. o'm _IDlSSlO' n e'r o +...i,' Bm ... : 8,ftll !200, 2 I 14181 .. ,Is lli M h & c 0 40 hhd M at $4'7.25 i One h4 Q, at .... and one d. N EW-YORK. 1 o a.s./n'R.RcL1sRR,DY 12-24 ----Sametlme,1SM ..... 1181 ,.,. : ; u v:.n, urp y -o., s.; ur do t'"6'55" Amongothers1a.lesdun'ngthe A Same Ume, 18M .. J .. 7,-1116 r ''""' II C th & On 389, B 01 d & C a ., v. _____ _:____________ .n J., ,, ,.,f,( s t i 18, 12481 209 1 8 rc aru v-, aeon, a.r y o., I, 0 rt:;ticular -paii,!a the oale ot other VETTERLEIN. & co., 1 NO. 175 .. ., .,. 1. am, .. ,t j c I .. 't' '8b3; s6.oddy & Howard, 86; Watts, Cra n e & week we nottce two hhds w e n county 1 "'""" uce. '-' ': ,,i 'J BRI).QJC.LYN' rOB..o.rt:O' '"i!PMJfo.-. 11i "'-" o 330: R s B 'd 1 d & Co 49 A ting at $38 .25 a tB6, ll.lld one hhd. M"tS i ,,_ 1 lfEW:YOB.K. I o,, "" ont r1 g on ., 1 L & 4 l"O l I HEALD & MILLER' .'i' 0 B A C C 0 I .. I ... .' .. .. ir.Cardozo&Co.,i4,E.U.Orawford&Co., SOUrlll, OpOr lbs, "' n."'t.led to Aull"'t Sl. ...... ""'It'' \' .. ...... 8'" T t I I s the week n hhds. Wtth re-I ').(4-liO olv u ( } .. '11 1('\ I 1\.((: 'BX.IoiOMTOY, TBOJ.SLADGRl',R, lht r.t'.:n .,.I .L. 'lh --27;Dubois,Vandervoort&Co.,50tcs ;Gnil, Oil sae JLtr } 2h i1 r !. TOBACCO \"e\'l',\\,{.\.'i\,\'0, s'''tA' u a co .. Ax & 12 hhds., 5 bbls.; J c. Havejectioos of torices on 14 hds. ht818 about 1 ,, I ac. l average for past four or'five \Ve, eks. )l\ e\'e\\.d'0\.\'0' I '(TJroaeol State Bouoled Wmhou .. ) I ,j ,;p u I ,_, "' ., Sl,otk lo the Br'klyn Aug, :1, 1860 .... hhdi U,llliS morr & _Bro.,. 20 85 ca. ; D. I, Manufa O tured In fail' demand, and prices aro "' i ... I I 111 ARCH STREET ; rrobacco & Cortton Total stocks In and Bro;>kly_y, ,49 kgs I RobmcSon & 11 bhds.{J, Saw firm. Wo quote Virginl.t. pounds, brlgbt, at I ,,,.J Wl o, warehouses: yer, Wallace & o 300' DeRham & 0.,86 .. ( d "" NO. 176 WATERSTBEET, AV ll 1 J: k J S G Sl s Bulkl &M ISS $1.10lt,201 ineo,uUm, o., url.: 'JR t.. f ToWrecolpto alnce., .. "', ........... .. ,, ..... Bunzl & Dorm1tz er, u5; B. & D Benrimo, !h ed d TH. H. VETTERLEIN & 'SOliS, "{llmllldi!iUlll .gtltrtnan li, o-1 ,t : h48,4i6 162; B'rink & M., 42 i Barclay & L;viogstoh, poubds, brig t, .at $1.10 i III mrtt o., H P 1 ll.oaBLt.c.. S E Tot&! deliveries alnce1 1 .......... .... ....... .1 1 ,. L:"ds Clasi!On & Co 24. J Croc k ett 85c a OOc. ; commonuo,, 65c. a 75o., Bnd dam -vi.RGINIA TOBACCO WORKS Np. 40 jlROAD TRE 'f., .. .I. '" :n.. 4 N d h l 'tO 1-2B, 128_80 .t tfl NEWYORK. .. 3'1'; O. W. Walter, 4l; s Draper, 4 bhds., agerl,SOc.a Oc. ; avypoun s,c oce, ,c. a I -or nq '\1'1' BTOCl[ oi' SPANfS" II', NEW-:t,PllK. 100 pko!!S. Fcnn er, B. & B., 13 hhds. Fallen't2c ; good do., Me. alTO c.; common do 6oc. '1 PRINCE&BAOHRAOH; 1 2'11m ... '-'! 1 sao ui-a; 65c,, Blacksweethaifptilinds,dSc.t.t't,Oc. 11 J, H, BERGMANN & 00.1 'I Haoda. OUIJa. Yarl..futo':: stein & Son, 126 ; Fatm:Ln & Oo., 51; 0. J "" h rt d 0 't T A STEIN .h:"'d bbll. bbll l bb!s. boll Febbrl,12; Garrells & u .,l; c. E. Hunt, 0 o.,v8o.a Oc. OBER 6;:!J...u... .. '' BACON:, C'LXRDY & OBJIR, ATW A TEll & CO., Nzw-oRLJ!..,... i8-M irobacco nttd e#adiJl'.\1, l 3o and 37 Broad St., Plater & How, 14 We s L.J'ronl hl B&..,ent, L. H. & Co., 81 Walnut. Plug, Twi11t, and Fancy obacco. ,. '. C,om\\--l\.'bti.\.o\"\ .. -ml!.\'e\\.U,.J\.\'0, .... 8,881 l19 .. .. .. "ui fie i t. and low dM It'-'!" '"' ,1 11 11, ,11 -. Received olncc .... 8,1!68 .,.1 If "' 5 ; G. B. Fert1s1 8 pkgs. ; E. H. I! off man, 25; ST. LO s, ,-hgs "&a ""Q'"' i""'"'U !:mtr'" .. u t" Com' mi'ssl''on Merchant' IXPOO .... .t.Hn,WBOLEIALI DEll.lCUIM Tota( .' ...... 7,199 ill --:: 6!19 -::::Hawklns, Gutherie & Carroll, 56; J, Hicks, of leaf are dull ate rm, lU.NUi'ACTUADS, .AND DI.t.LIRS. Barney, Green&: Oo.,.O Malo. Beauda, Henrt .t Bro., 161,168, and 166 Pearl. K.rohD, Ji'ell' 1: Co., 58 w :roun.b. ,.. ... -" "scotch, and v i.lteh D u d 1 84Do 119 m a t d t th r. r. 4lJecti th 1 ,t"P: Pca:vl 1 ,, T e me ... ___,._ _.__:_:_o! ..u_ ,-,.:L.:_ 2:Ll; K ittr edge & Co., 42; llcincken & Pal an O ay, o e our r on.s, 'Kallay, mchard 122 West Seoond Newell, S. 8.,11S:12t M:aJ.n. 19 Bammoad. lt.lce .t Goldtmlth, 208 Walnut. Roberta .l Jobnton, 188 Weri Oolam.,_L 8penee Brothent Oo,, 52 Baa Third. 8ulllvao, J. T. A: Bro ., 89 Race. 1 HARTFORD, CONN, lU.NUFJ..CTURJ:RS AliD DUL'E&If Brown & Zweygartt 212 I.W'Dbam, J.D .l Oo., .U.Jium. 1 lol Oue 8. 8. ,tl()o, e8 Aeylum ...:an & Haaa &,;,..on1_'182 ,lofoill, hrnham ..t Bll'tlee, 288 I!S'ak. Elar, D W., 1M Blat<. r H .t Z. K., Stat.e WWdrul', JOMph 8 283aa.te. LOUI8VILLE, KY1 TOBJ..CCO W UIBOV819. Jran.cke & :Eller, 4H Main. J, Olo'fer Ha.ln. Phtlpt, Oald..vell .t Co., coraer and Ten\11. JUNUF..lC'lUR.JUI, no. Bdmundt +Browder, 128-180 Thlrd 1 :Hoy" rtagg & Co.,10T and10Go Second. Jh1er BroUien, 204 l'lft.b...J tlpaJdlbf, D., & Soot, Chapel ,lpaldiDJ. J G. & Bro .,l09 Markel 1 J. s., 121-129 fhlrd. 1 1 > i J' BROED.9. '-atty:, WUUam R., llaip, "Board! BenJ&mln a,--. WatldD.I1 W VA, TOBACCO W UIHOOfJJ:s. llaher,l&mee, rr. PHILA.DBLPHI.t,. ,I. 'I'OPACCO W.UDOUIU. Arniat.Nng', A, & R., 61 South Front. Boldin .t Wart.Dwl, 100 Nor&h Water. Bttelr:nor, HcCauamon &:Co, 8T North Water. Oourl!ley ol Son,]-1 8ouU. Dohan & Tali', :6\11 Nolih Waier. Me7er, C. H. h Nort.b J-ront.. llftDowell ol .. 811 Wa>et. lank, 1 Bln&ld.e .1: uo., 81 North Water. Vltterleln. Oo., 111 I DK.U"KM, I:TO. hlcbelor Brntlie"" I8T Norih Third I> Bremef Lewla .t 822 North. Thlr.d. Doagtaaa, Jobo l 18 Sinh. #1 Dchbols. 182 North 1bfr.d \.. 1 1 \ M.1 280 Arch. I Bageu.L. & co., 61 North ThiN. J rt 1 Hare, Thomu, 4.94-608 North Be_<;ond,. 1 LeyY BrnUoerl, li81 Norih lleoond. J&cob1 138 Norib n.tnL iiiich.U: liT NoTib Third. l!miU. -121 ..,.,... Tlllrd. -.A. K.,'cornorTblrd and BnUonwood. v.,.llcloalcl<. f 4..1i1Jl a.-... 1. ];,101 Korth........, ROliiEIITBII, JU.IIUJ'.I.CTU&DI. iiiJII>III. .... 64 ll>, 1 D u a nestreet, ,, 7.' Jl\ 'VI D 7.' D Z'J c oSiotk SepU,IS65. 8,100 --872 more Q/) pkg s 11 hhds ii Koon & Co 19 greater part was of this destlriptio)l, The --....u...-'I I Sametitne,lStl-1 .. 4,191 t2T .. '1M '220 ., ., .t" we 4 ..... ,..,.. J >RIDOLUD. f -0. ........ ul I I I II -d Domestic I i!lp>e time, 18113 ... l,oso "' .. 1,mJ .. IVL. Maitland & Co., 1 't4 hhds., 203 tcs. ; J. to-day amountl!'l j;o 103 hhd&, and (IGet. Grt-enwlc_b and Washif\b-t.Oilltl.,) .., UoLL Same time 1862 8 060 258 1618 ] t t8 facto $'-00 R .AWSON, BRIDGLA.ND & co., L e af T 'oba'cco, Sametlme:186l::: 1:637 :: '7lu .. Macy's Sons, 51 bhd 270 pkgs ; Norton, quote green ugsa. a I ry, -And 350 H'onto\\.st., Same tlme1t860 ... 1,142 1,11o 453 Sla ughter & Co., ll hhds .. w. Ncwccbmb & a $fh90 planters, $6 a ,ta ;' TOBACCO & COTTON FAC,_T gRS '' 1 11 ., .... or f:: 6,m Co., 94; Oclticbs & Co., 4 1 Dber, Ne.nson & $8.20 a $11.50; do, $18 a $14.25 i l1n 1 I .-.v ,.,.. -...u. ...... Same time, l857 .. 4,'211 8,.881 3M 190 li' 'TO ii I .---,, tl 1 1 .. 1 SECARS' 1 ,,, ,&metllne,'800 ... 4,884 1,086 .. :j .. ( 1,800 2,622., ,IJHI,. "' ,_. 240 .A. s. Rosenbaum & Co., 93; c. B. Richards a $34./iO; good do., 145;11ne do., t60 a $811. ... .,... .Ill. l&l C iga:r particularly favored. sQ..M .l J 'NE\VYORK.. .:r-2 00 Jb R ta dur' ,. th k 1n. Seed.-r{eafo-r.-r he bCtter grtides abf all the 8d uo,; 80; J 1 Levy, 59; F. Lett, 9; P. S. 5 per 1 s. ece1p lOe e wee,.' NO."'i>llLBROADSTREET, I : 18-88 'i21 hhd 6'i7 '.. 1 diff eropt Sta te growths are fir.mer,. and sales 'llfarcb, 364; Mallory & Dorman, 41 ; Mun s.J I ,, 1121' 1 'NEW-YORK. "' Elltabllahed] '' [1803. -.,. '-'--n 1 th k 1 ooo. .. v. ....... 1 Jr1,1 & CO,, C. H, IJLIE 1\.Tl'rTTT. A T _'-n1 1 are IPilQe a:t, slight ly advanced .uiates. 1 Old se ll & L ., 19; J Mayo,. 501 Stromeyer, DOSTOI'f, seps, 2 ,-.nece ptafbr e wee 1 n fl1iL p,rpp and Now-York scarcej 123; A. 2o ; W. Spohlcr, li5 ; 1072 boxcs1 1>4 bales and 28 hhds. r G EO. S; & CO., '" .._...._.,. .... and arc quiet, generally workC.l A. Thackston, 13Z; L. Youngs, 58 1 Mailcs. to Callao l 4li hhds. to Af Ql.:DntiDUSil\111 c t.,..h anil s \>inrr Tobacco ingup, thenew. Sa leslhr:..thc. < eoknmotlnt l er,L.& Q.,t82hhds.; c. Reed & Oo.,12; rfcaJ5hhds.to0&1111l'ylsl&nds;i.cs.,Bbxs. ,: I <:S n ll C'flll[ 11 to upwards of 250 cs. rates indi cated Ruete's SOn& do., Sl; Reynes Bros. & Co.,_ toDemeraraj2 hhds.,1DI!ba.lesto1I ayt!, ud 1 ..;; ;, 116 Pearl Street liT, 119, a. Ut Wullltoaiito, f1.1aft!ar, below in our tallies !llr b e ,fotat o1ea!es 6; 0. 'F. Tag, 3; .Ayres & Son, 33 pkgs. 11 bxs to British Pl'O\'ioO.S. v 1 Fon Till! uu o-J. .,{ NEWYOIIJK, for the ;ru.,nlh oiu \.ugust are estimt,ti!d at Statement o f rece ipts for the weeks eliding_ ... w -, 8.e .. I' LEA .F. I TDBAc c 'o, u NEw ... o r ..... k LorumpTwc'ISt&Rol'ls' about 8000 onscs,.of which more thsn -5000 1'.... J/Arll. Pko- lf h' _._. n wer'eofConnecLicut. kiareported' t.hatquite Soplember5 ......... ..... 258 2,1126 2,!132 E d th "' i '"g tb U N 39P'arlad28Br'"N'St 1 .1. Auguo,29 ................ 85 0,2w 4,7811 :li:ports unog eW1ll! .. "" !.blatt 0 11 n 1 ,.,. 111 r 1:J.1 0 B 0 0 0, ,, for speculation have re .Auguet2 Z ............. .. 2 ,269 factlll'eti ... tmpotll!j I N _K\V-Y'6 DAYID O'NEILL & co., I NEPPERHAN TOBACC8 WORKS, bern made in tbe StateofUonnecticut, '"Receipts otjler domestic PJiiL.i.DEL'Pau. Sl!tt. detlltbtl G Arc.t .,-fi X_,.,_''& KTT"HLEit, .. -. FOREIGN: AND DOMESTro :YONKERS, N. r. I amounting to 8000 or 10 ,000 cases port s for th\1 of August, 1208 hhds. ; for fille lilanufacturel firm I the! v 'I' ,, I Flbe Oat PlaiD, f.Mlld, '1- Kant{!'bcturu.-Tbe stoek on 1\aTfd"llil be for the fir s f e_ght months of tho year, 4960. supply is becoiiiingnrj light. ools qlllet: Tob"CCO and Commr'ssr'on l t -b ; TQ ... I AniOI'ICIII ..,...... -IIIUd, come considerably reduced duririg' the past Total rewpts for the mon.tb of August, line &hd yi...,.;_,. "-mmond -"d ,., 1\1, n a ....... "', .. ,1 I -IS-1 U ,u -'--'-.U ....., ..--. few month&,' altd begin s to recover 16,565 hhds. ; for the first e1ght months of prices. E:tpdlts during the ot AllkUsl:, I ,,, ) ., I from its long depr ession. Southern recclpt d years, 58 ,120 hhds. 6777 ltla :teaf; td Barbaiioei!:' I'' 0. \\ ; (J.ll.lL & .AX'S MANUJo'ACTURES, '' I 19 -lane, Meilallloa, and, ToboJ1 ..,.. wa. ""' bnght, are less ayGve, bu afe held at firm S,, 1 os., 10 bbls. i J. G. Welsl), 1 cs.; 0. H. leaftabglng 6-om iO.. a 90CI.1 suJiliOHII to be (!1> r n t'HII Pttthantf, DJ BOND OR DUTY PAID, Leaf T b O rates. 4s JoP1\ Virginia stock beeu Trumbull, 1 ; R. E Kelley & Co., 1 'T cs., 9 Austria. ltentuelkf' hu also blftt more Jo; >.!4 SWeet!, nr'l.oTI TO BlJIT PUJUlll&sBU, Jly I I 0 ace oft' .buyer s may be expectQ(\ bbli. ; A & !Jo., cs. ; & active, <d .1&8 bladl. low aradd hart hem "-K.r I '' ''' 46 their to !/'ell>, Dalk work IS B?n, l 9 ,W. 4-; P .. V. King 4v CQ., sold on pnT&te term11. A few bOI'lh-.ds ( NEW. YORK. li.OBEB.T 1 XELL Y &: CO. -,.... ; very dull. Pnme Ois are scarce,_ de. 1; DunC8.jl, Sherman & -Co, 1; A llorn,!); cutting I.U br&tf8htllllie. pirlb. AM"'' ;o LolllovUI. A ; o. & ta.ea H l J NEYfYORK. wand I. .F. Pe Barry, 9 1,jl. Lee Smith, 1; J, S. Watt, InspectiOilll Ulia 1!' 1110 Vflllahdi!. JilarT I .. .... I I r


l'OliEIGJI' I HAVA.N.&, A.c. market1s -very qmot, and ._.,Jea have ibeen limited to l!iQ bale;> Pnrlldo at *351 a nd 50 bale low e r grades, at *28 a $ 30 The demand for really fine plantal!Qn$ iS actJve but the supply IS hght, and sal es are consequently restricted The stock of a<:CUffiUla.tipg, o deman<;\ for (J F1llers, new C')P fine and strong find buy ers for the U n1ted S tatcs n;ta.rket at *lG a *20 A lot of 100 to 800 bales of old IS re potted sold at li'fg per qtl 1 C1gars -Concha's Londres SiZ.f arc offered' fo'v/ priCeS Mme smaller factofles bave cooio.he nced to Juout-\llst -11 half herces Ch ildr ey and s Sou them tw1st lOtd per lb ,10 half berces do lOd 4t half hcrces Sovereogn Sout h ern tw1st 1\!d 1t half hercos do 1 6td Ex Mn.rguente 20 bal es Calcutta l eaf obout 100 lb s eacl 2d 65 three quarter boxes Gr ffin s Southern tens, 6d 2 three quaiter hexes Sa>lo s Dehght Southern pounds, 10d 1 2 three quarter boxes LeVIathan Southern pound 'li!d 4 th1 ee quarter boxes LennoC>O Soutl e 1 n pounds 5fd 5 cases T1ger 6id 15 three qu:uter boxes Southern fives lOd TOE.A.Ooo IJrTED.U. DECIBIOJI'I scamuif or 1'10 R;fts OF o:Jt N vA.wu I"ACTURED TOBACCO, INCLUDING BNUPF AND CIGARS, UND:KR TRB EXCISE LAWS Oi' IUIY 1 1862 AND JIJWE 30 1864 I AND ALSO UNDER I 1 TBB AmDATORY Alnll A!Ul MARCH. 81 1865 OrriC or T./<1J'BNAL 1RBVIiNUK1 J J I h1s return to h1s mo he s1ts qmetly smok absent fnends whom he of grouse and m contentment w1th h1mself determmcs to g1ve all h1s a." t Y f such kindly feelings he to ed alas I "1th daylight when effec of' the tobacco has subs1ded the old leaven of selfishness and h1s good mtenhons arc ahmdoncd TREA.S UR T DEP ARTlliNT W .. SHINGTON 1 August 2 1865 0.. and lifter September 11 18621 t.nd to Mt.rch II, 1868, the rates of duty on Manu Duren SilO KEns -Amon g the nations of Europe tlfe Dutch are undoubtedly the great est srholl6f ... '&tid. p.l"rs01lat theg!M'?) periM!ns to none In people of all classes mdulge m a p1pe and they frequently bcgm to smoke be fore they have well cut thmr teel!l, 'trfJl:pl( tmuc stcad1ly puffing away m youth man oge t!ll the dottle of hf."b: faJr!yfiGif4j lbei?.balil Of .aAng the exfr1'mely J.1>61"i and nde the merchanj; amokJls at)us w>th h>s p1pe l ooped to the b'utto'ri coat, learned proressor smokes m h1s lecture-room fsctored Tobacco were as follows WE are happy to ojfer the pr$ent nuJDber of Til, ToBACOO 1 to 1ts readers m an enlarged We trust they will welcome n tlus as an addlt,onal ev1dence of 1ts prlh tber cooper(Otion and commendation of our tobacco fne)lds m all of the country J and "e would tak e Uus occaslOn to return them our smcere thanks, and1 they w!}l accept th1s as a renewed e&l'111est of future serviCe (f 1f ( LOll OF 'l'eBACCO BY LY.CHBUlW VA occurred m Lynchburg for years About thomand boxes .of t obacco were $lQr ed 10 the house o f Mr Steptoe all of whwh was lost-about *60,000 worth of WJiJCh was owned' by Mr J G Mum 'lOPPIJrO TOBACCO I A b I I J I I P.A.SURY EPA'RTMENT J t \Y 48HI N T Ju)y J5 }8()5 .P. ") .J I J.o ir IN 01 de r to fac lh tate the kecpmg or accounts m Uus office w1th C1gar Inspectors of the ICiflar s tamps them Corcular No 31 A pTll 21 1865 IS hereby mod1fied as folio" s t 1 I I I :md the village uomm1e m hiS sOhool the. pronter smokes wh1le he cow,posC.!I, en graver wbllo h e etches and the whole he pamts, the blrulksnmh smobs ,..hUe he shoes your horse and \nth h1s pipe m h1s mouth the hostlc1 hnn d, mote espec1ally such trs 1s usually smoked by the wealthier cho1ce Varmas are mdccd dehgblfu1 J


' dant oidetlee that wine was much more iibm monly aml.llore openly drunk by Moos lims or that time than by those of the present day. It may further be remarked, in the wo;y of apology for the pfpe', "" employed by the Turks and Arabs, that the mild kinds of to bacco gene.r&Jiy used by t hem have a very gentle effect: they calm the nervous system ; and, Of stupefying, sharpen the intel lect The pi"!'Sures of Eastern society are certainly much heightened by the PiJ>,c; and it affords the peasant a cheap and sobld Hindostanell phy!rician, a pMsage in which tobac c o is distinctly stated' to have been inrAdueed into ltlelia by ) he na tions In th e Jfear l609. 'l'bis co incides .l-ith records of early travellers, who 'what they in the way 'of pun ishment awarded in the East to natives who indulged in the habit, in opposition to the royal the Frankish novelty ; s well as with the r cords of the nations themsel es. Some f 101 anatere piety, 1 .L have enounced the use of tobacco and cof-. ':? .. fee, as tO the!IliiTUNW\VYORK. lrD c. t ..._ 11, r sts ........ .. A :l'f I T D HrMlAJiP.IN & 00 ; 'tOB"A.CCOu'BBOlcE'ttS 1 '' 1' ,o,' 1! '1 'CEL'E-BRA:tfEn, 1!'INECUT 160 Pea.r1 Street, .a.1o. T,uu f ... \l .... 195!1 Pearl Street, "'" I SCH health, at all time!<, as a grat, ificition. No instance can be q noted of th e us& of any in Lho modern way tobacco is is : as a and not a physical necessity or intoxicating agent. Ho J>rone some per sonsare to jump to more particularly if those' conclusions'are startling, and UP.set all P"'v!ously believed. hi s torical assertions must have frequently mused 6r I all investigato{S. The from the finding of tobacco pipes 'perhap1s_j the' m08t remnrkablc of all; had one been foSnd oil Mount Ararat: it migpt been affirmed to been smoked, ])y Npah! I AT. a or Men at ,LOuisvilie, Ky. JUllC 8th, 1865, at the Prenuum Leaf l-a re solnd to bold a. National Tobacco Tnterests in Louisville, Ky., the i I clmet!dl:ly of 1865. Leavirtg therefore any further con sideration of this quesiion really not .worth the time besto"ed upon it, but rendeed necessat y by being forced in our way; wo may procee d to rthe )Jipes s and w I they tell us of their own history, and th e mode s adopted for the" c01t sumption of the herb by I The prime. object o( the Convention le to get to ketber the praelicai mindl!l or the tmde with a v ie'! to fucJ\_ oilflCatioDs of present Law, so far t i is concerned as wUl eyentDB.te tn t.he pas-Fe b 7 the Cougrc88 or a thorou& h a'lld well dh_ ot'tu:l.tion, will y ield iliL Jargest vda iblc revenue w,lf e least to I h e c nltnre and manuracture the f smokers. In the collection of the Society of Antiqua ries of Scotland is an old wood e n to)>acco e(!!)i!Jj:\!!"e:i/' i be per(ectly un\form In Its operat.tone pon th4):.gfowth of all eec.tlonl!l, &lid or all manu !'adore, and I bat perm.apence in Jegiela Pipe the spur or which pro ject s considerably, ,. J and the bowl has been much burnt away m l!K),> to enable men to operate it t.. t; I stated th have been f?pJld in Goufd Scalpt;nine in the ball Newlonds, the first coppo;_ vein. 4Jiscovercd d in England, and as a Royal Mine by Queen Eliz .. beth. r It was in 1582 ; but tempting specimen might be t b foung a pre sumpticm upon, a much mor e recent dale t)lan that must be given to the pipe, f o r the the stem belongs tO' the middle of the seventeenth century, as a glapce at our engraving will show Tlns may serve as an instance of the mode 'n which subject are occasiona.lly "antiquated." Some other instances will 9ccur in the deuce r ,r J The state Falr1betng 11e d nlJ:lle s ame ]; time, other l mbjooto of renoral it

. .. 4 co LEAF. GEOIWE iloLDiJr: -:o:-BOLDJN & yv Tobacco & Genetal 0emmi8810n !PHlSTER & now, Proprietors, CHICAGO ADVERTISEMENTS. BALtiMORE ADVERTISEIIIENTS. e. R Eagle Tobacco ANDREW MURRAY & CO.'S nomcm:tn & ADLERr r Tobacco: Works. K.l.lfUJ'J.IJTUBJ:BS OJ' Manuracturen &nd Dc&lers in all descrJptJona of G. W. Gft,.IL. CHRISTIAN AX. G. W. GAIL & AX, I 1Ur the Inapcctlon 1,1.n6 Oomm\aston Bale of JuiUJ'J.CTtrUBS up IOJIEIU& !II .. JOHt Wlltar-st. & 106 N. Delaware.:an. Plu& Tobacoo and Smoking < OF.JOE, NO. 8T NORTH W.'V1lE, ST. r.oo;rs, ){Q A!m 1fUO.tUA..LE DA.a.J..6!LS IN -:o;-' Tobacco, Snuff and Cigars, b and ftr g;;:-J&Ytrahle Terms, 8 0 X :I G 1500 l.oba,,lY, PHILADELPHIA.. l4 ,west Front. Street, 1'"i CIJt"CI.N'.N'o4'l'l; OHI0.1 La or CoUnty Cutilng and s'Jgar J.e61.1 AJao Seed-leaf always on hand in Iota to suit. buye.hl. Jrl r.ear,rmo Cnt 8JnDliDg TObacso & Ci!ars; Fme c.<;> cY.!g.B R f\. ... 69 South Water Street, z.nlth, c Long o... 185 CIUC.AQ;O. 1 &llxed, 11 and 79 As;ylum..treet, AND SNUFF', GEHRING & CO., I 1 'C. B. HEARTT,' 1 Leader. HARTFORD, OONN. -.wo196 JUl(UI'Acrt7UB8 0:1' 12-64 li8SJIU & 1UAS BROTHERS, oi D&LD8 lJ( Seed leaf Tobacco, .l10) JrU.NUI' At'TUB.EILS OJ' CI GA'RS, tS!& lllala ', L. B., URTrtBD, CONN. B.B.H..u.e, ll. B. H..u.8. pr B rapch-Hil S 4 CO., Lt,nenworth, Kan. W. KING, AGENT, Seedleaf J4 STATIIV STREET, Hartford, Conn. 1;-1. &. Z. K."'PEASE, D:IAL:BRS IN' CONNECTICUT Seedleaf' Tobacco, and ... S1ate .. street, 12-24 ,Urn D8"-LKRS IN Importer of and Dealers in Cigars, Pipes, Snuffboxes, etc., NO. !:18 Baltimore, Md. lF' DEPOT-With G.m., AX &; Kuom.n, Nos. 1'78 and 1115 New-York. 11--68 L. W .. GUNTHER, CENERAL Commission Merchant, ..HD TOBACCO FACTOB, No. 90 Lombard-street, (One door west of Excha.nge..pla.ee1 ) BALTIJ[ORB, liD. Lll1tral a.dvancementa made on oomJgnmenU to my address. 62 FRICK. & BALL,_ AGENTS BALE OP -J.LS()ROBERT BURNS & PUFF CIGARS, 54 South Cayst., FRANK FRICK, Pmr.YP A BALL. 61 JIAI.TUIOU, .D. :!riar fOIIIfSU! Wod lfll' SMOKERS' ARTICLES, ETC., r ) JJo. ,lil,,lClay-atreet, BALTilii:OBE. =-94 Lombard-Street;(near Light,) Oolllt&nt1y on hand a lara: qn&nW)of Conoe<:tlcut and Havana Tobaocot. .Lo. i 38 JOSEPH SCHROEDER. Joj>bc' and Wbol-e De-In Leaf; Manufactured 81 EXCHANGE PLACE, Thir..,rw Ea&t of &>uth. St., BdLTIMOBE. Leaf Tobacco received on Oommlasion. 61 PHILADELPHIA ADVERTISEMENTS. .. .&.BTBURJIA.GBl(. tl.i.K:Be .X. BOTD. 'lrlLLU1l C. :PlU.SII, HAGEN, BOYD & CO., N MANUFACTURERS O ND DEALERS IN Manufactured 4 Leaf Tobacco, PHILA.DELPHiM LEWIS BREMER & SONS, "r. "'w'&OLJ:I.ALE _., ; ltaf anh-l!a:nufa:durt'll' '@t:nhatt.a, SEGARS, SNUFF 6U:., No. a22 N."Third-si'rec-t, Betwetil WoOdl.acl Callowhlll, LlliWIB BREMER. G. 11"...0IDIEII, THIIO. BREMER, JOS. A. BREMER. Just received., a larg,& qu,r.ntit:v or Beed and Havana Segars. 07 A.B.FRECinE IllPORTml AND llANlTF'ACTURER OJ' Domestic() and Hav'ana Cigars, ,.I !'4ND DB#.1Hl11f4'j' Leaf Tohaccoj Ao., 4o. 230 ARCH:-ST:REET, "'\'\a.. ,- '.. .,:.._.l_..,. BUDKNOR, M'DAMMON & DO., I 'f I!OB.DM:: I' Co!llrnission Merchants, Killickinick. .IL. B. S.I.RGINT.&: co., R, ... ... I'ta.l'l What'l the Mi.twlr, 5 Clayton, ln 6 and 91ncli I C l'' 4 "' M ll' oh ts lb&. BaJea. (paper wrapper). OIDWJSSlOll er an ... State-Sire Powhalon,.t lb.llale. 'Uuve,andolb"'b'ands. FO" 'I ANo oJW.o'Jll ,J Mound City Tobacco :Works. I j I .. $. i .. ',. Eclipse ';['9bacco Work. :Q..; ... .. ": L. iWoGIN'l', 'CINCINNATI, o ; VA_ N .HORN, l,1URRAY. & oq., & Smokingd 204 ... m-. Tobacco To.bacco, etc., : ----. .ui N.oo. 1 .98 Street, Leaf Tobacco Noe. 31 & 38 s. 4 .. WAREHO .FrSE, Turner,VanHorn&Co.,Quincy, J1S8 s A. Noa,lOQ, 1021104 West ont St,, ST. LOUIS ADVERTISEMENTS. c ciNCINNATI, OHio. Tob&:cqo,, MORRIS & CHALFANT, DAMERON, BROTHERS & co., .1 MERCHANTS, ... Proprietors. suoOFSSOns TO NANSON, co., n 111. Second st., bet. Pine & Olive,' J ,.;. Auction Daily. Tobacco I Factors, r,.,, 's'i'. MO.' ,?1ers fo! promptly t.o, 191 lft l oi llfD OENER.U. 1 1 1 qt t;....:.._:o:-., I DKALERS I I LEAF 'TOBACCO, l6l1 l631 & ( I'UO!I Q:V r l"lw9Murs of X a-1 CouurssrolJ M 't'R(f[HNTS "' \bell' IIiier..U by giving U8. call, ......... 8ok Af""" .1IUI1 ,.ll1 VJ.Jr.&. 1 ror & large number or lohe roo&' celebrated b:a the Oltrand Coupt-ry, a:qd alw&yl than on A.and a full 11 Jll'o. 186 JJ. Blccmd .. lft.,l bor. auortme11i of tbtllrbra.ndofeTery desctlptlnn and 1t given io sa.les o f Lear T'lb&CCO ,f 191 1 S'l' LOfJ.fS nd' alltlnart -.uare, :Boaon. H., CAB.IUTB & 60., f:kl'Ot'ITI'ltS .lim W'llOI.J::Iia biU.J:.DI q Dli:8CRIP .TIOMa' oF 1Jlauufattuu4l#batto, ClGARS, PWES, ETC., No 4.8 JlaJlCJVII'Itteet, 18 ur!:'." Qi:"br1 WILLIAM A. BASSETT,, Havana and Domestiio Cigars, PIPES, EtC., E 'TC., No. Bla!lkstoBeoJ!Ikeet,. .OI'J,'O: JJ, MASS, r [Established in 1837.] CHAS. D. DE FORD & CO., 37 SOVTB GAYST,, BALTIMORE, WHOL:EBALE DEA1BBJ!; IN MAIU.iFACTUREb Leaf and Smoking Tobaccos, SEGARS, PIPES ETC ., ---A..UI()--o. t l'' JOHN wuotli:sAt 1 L TOBACCO OS4tSRt Jfo. i3 :itrtll laitlo; Leaf Tobacco Pl\!'; CLOVER ,R. CO chued *'d 111o14 on .. g, L.A. DIETE:imms & :Bnos.,"( "" ; .. Tobacco:. llanufa.cturers, 3SI'f.Th!r4St.;bet.l'llle&Che"'au, ... 1 l 8'1", LOUIB; 1 !lllnth and Telllh, MULLEN l l)JETERICHS, I f.omsviLLJl, XY. ,. t WES'l'EBH TOBACOO AGENOY, J. SPALDING & BRO.i ... i fAll K.UWrAC'!'tl'BBBa Of 1.&Lt. lllNoJ j,. l tre.,'I'B. WIUNt.,eor Wailui&T,r ,,, 1 ""'1 ; c:BicA 'oo. 111 '>:"' '' : Chewlng T o .bacco, B. P. Mawrrr, l Oonatanmanta Reopeat-f'all78oliolted. 1 'Jll" NO.'l09 MARK:ET-ST;, 1 _tt t 'IJ'l' i Dehwreen Ihrf ab.d Brook WIL L AUB. )NJ "''li l LO'ulSVILLE, KY ... 1"''' ''' 1 "' 'HlfllJJ f Jlf ai vn1f. PJ"" OR[)ERS PROMP'N.Y FlLLJll), 1 I. IK.I O()(Ttlf, SPENCE 'BROTHERS &. CO.; ,1. o ... 1 hJ'& i. IT. LCjlUU, I I D.EA LEI!B.JN I filled. 111-4 l..eaf &. Manufactured ,, SAMUEL VIRDEN TOBACCO, r J os. 209 and 211 ChApel-street, KY. d ..... 0 )II"' 1 .. 1 J S.1 WILLETT, 11 LEAD, roru 0 o Man' .r.aot .. ; e l ,, Ana W ..... Produce Ilia 0 Uli ur r, l!f -.\ lai s 1 .," Nos. 121' t.. 1 !9 Thtrdst., bet, llfolm t.. atvv1 f o ,. vOIIUileU tree&, 1 J BelweenOU.-iWLot:\mlllreet., l ST. LdttJtJ. LOUISVILLE, 1 l'rV -;():--'" T .. I B BAND 8: 7 I j t J; W. BOO H & SONS, '"ltt'Nvy,tho.andllbora.,.. .. Nat,.,lbs.and' i 1011 w .!&l.\1:.1 \01 I .. ""' .rrm.. .I p u L 8 ... 0 T ... E .. Bull ar. 1 ,:'24 c ,..-r1 Jtt1fk .i'l tit! T.Jl.niSVIItl; XY T o A c c o ........ E, r (lt.U c u 1 .t.D Da&LZlt! l!l Pa.rtlculu attention d W the pu;challe 1bt ).nd l i'obacco. i 1 t1r 1J I 1m Ci .... rs, SaulT, & .lA .Smokinr., Tol!ata' .All kinds o! Seed-l..t and Tobao:coe ....... u7 o-f" 0' n hand, j j, I If 1V' i No: 106 Third-4ft., bet.Vine a; Locmt 1 1 i Our I w !!abmi! Lcar, Dlli.lllan&na :rtg; oaveti.U.h;16tn.; BX r.tll. COJJIO!riiSSIOJt b9niJ., am. 1: r ,lS!f f -} L:EoP, llll'OoTU,IIDVwrnBE.uroo.u..anr 1 1 ,MAiti, NINTH AND l'ENTH 8');8,, 'l l!il Mo h L I J I I Havana anp. Dqmo.a"tic 11, l"( 'o..,....oonro ... ooow .... ....,.,.> '() 1 G A R S : I I :. Louisville, Ky. 1 t .. I Pa.f'\.lcula:r attenUoD. gt1en to the Purcb.,e an Sale 01 Tobaeco SKNtl'. .Pi ... es etc. 17 -29 r JI'O.IBCJIEITlr{IT-BTBDT, EDMUNDS' & BROWDER i i ,, ,. ., o.IIIT, LOlliS, 1110. on!e.-. to' manutaclnriog speci'll .cllian "'"! ; F AT::..LS CITY prontpUJ e1Uftt\ed t.o. 1 1 j iS2 0 ..,,, Tobacco Factory, II & R. & 00., :8 ; i -"' (JbewHls 'I'obaceo,-1 BIUOH'II"ItoBAooot. '' Bt.AOK 'I'Oa.t.OOoe. Sunnr Sotdln t lbt. lbt. :Bdtnunda A Browder1scholce 1 '' ': h,.bt. 22'a. lb1. .a 1 1 J u 22'1. Montauk Navy1 lb!. ;.: I; et, People' lbL u H Ji lbs. 410 North 8eoond. lt.. nel.r 'Y"ille st.: I il Old BUek\14 1 l(' Old Buck, ll'&nd 12 ; A.tlbaBele,14? and .. andl(lbl. 1TT ST. LOUIS Glolden N"ecia.r, 41a. River Bt:ldge, }t lbL Walaat-111., llet. J!lll!l, lllrd'sll;re, 1 "" Hall Dime, 22's. -a i,.,.......,.,., JID:aYD.l.mWI. ... .. ,on1:rl T 1 'ti.GGETT & DAtJ.S. M.AN",', B'D'I\.T. s. BOa 'Dn. (Oor!' of Commerce-at.,) Commission Merohants for Safe of Same, '" \' 1 LOliiBARl> & 5 W' ATERST., _l'_ll_l_LA:_' n _E_L_1>_:H_I_A. B F. PARLli:TT ; f t, I I 61 l3altim,ore, Md.. A. '-I GEO. ItAFE:it & co. .....,.. "'" ...... (Bu .. Tobac;CO Broker, G. H. BotENros, & RctailDearer rur.ouaccO' I T ob:uco Cnmmission I ants -......... """,. ....... KY.t ... ,l Jii, I leiiUi!S, SNm'F, ;; :. I WflOLl!:SlLE DEALE.R-IN LEAF TQBACCO, ManUfactured robacco and Seurs, NO. f202 W. PRATTST., ,61 Baltimore. S. ROSENFELD & co.; J DEALERS lN Domestic and Imported Se[ar&, CHEWING & LEAF TOBACCO, 61 -ALso-Labels, and Ribbons, 20 SOUTH GAYST., ., BALTIMORE. WM. WELSH & SONS, Wllbt.l!:B.uil: DEALXRS Jlf Cigars, Foreign and Domestic LSD lr.l'ID JU.N'Ul' AI:TUUD TOBACCOS, No. 27 South Gay-street, (OPI><>t!J Cuotom !Iouae ,) 'II Wit. :a. Wm.s11i JNo. 'v. WEri!u, OL ClUJ:!, E. WEUU .: -:.l BA-LTIXOBE Alfll RAVAJI'A BEGABS, U S no ,_T'I'\Y.n w AnnrrQJTaE No." 12 South Secgnd oil REli'EBENCEB: i I .D .IJJIS411 ? <' Glo .. r & Co. Boohe Tobacco Wnehouse, LoulsvUle, .B:y, rOQ!'I Thp'll No. u Seoondstreet, JOpp!lllte Ba!'Dum Hotel,} ST; :l;-QJIIS, ll T b I w h l oaceonol Salearoom I 'and :. rebacco, 192 ou :' I ... MO.. p ac. co a. re ouse; 49 Main-Street, Cincinnati, 130 Reade-bM-T:Q:O;tt,A.S RHODUS, C J1 n th dl lilt tkSts li,Rf1. nv;o.;:.>oR street, :r Y. MEERBOii:AUi'&B':RiAR PiPES' or. armaa eo ,an _ama1 ven ., R!1_ &CNIJhFe. Pl'lllelpal.llpo&' ANil ALL SMOKERS' ARTICLES, 1 ,,M .fl!!laa1ilt. l!J"u .... ...-..... No 8 North Third-St., Philadelphia, "3 -v ... fi!!!JJ :N 4 d58ll1 k ., .... en,..t ... ,...,'j!et, r 11 N1""' -Jlft"""' lion ''LOUI8-VILL,E '.'KY ..U.o, Bole Airenta ;roi Century bra.nd. On Ol. f1> an t .... .lli81'1D r o. "I 0 .. "econu 1 ee I ot old 57 St., Bot.toD. l 80'1 > ciNomA-ri "' 'S4]NT. tbUIS'I .. .SHIP TO. LouiSVii:LE .. E. ... wv-;.... lrrobacoo Factors, DEALERS IN s E G .a. B s r : a.ndWTobacc!I u JJ t .u:t:71LU L J 1 il I \ ..


Q. PFIRSHING, PUBLISHER, t No. 142 Fulton Street. f Vol. 1. BUSINESS DIRECTORY OF THE TOBACCO T.RADB. -:o:NEWYOHIC:. TOll4CCO W.A.Rl':H O US&S. A gnew William, & Son1... and 286 Frontltreet. Arkenbur gh & B ryan, and 8 1 Droad nergmann, J. H., & Co., 147 Water. f" Bacon, Clardy & Co., Hit Pea.rl. C&rtlozo, A H & Co., 1G9 Frout.. Connolly & Oo.,46 Wa.Ler. Cra.wrord, E. M &: Oo.,l21 and 128 Front. D cen J ohn L ., 7 S W"tcr. De Ford, Thayer & Co., 44 Dubois, VA.ndervoort .tOo 37 Water. J'aUenstelo, Cha.s T. & Son, M, Ax & KLtchler, 173 and 175 Water. Gassert k Brother, 1 51 Dowet'J". Ha.rt ; George S & Co., 89 Purl and 29 Ha"'cme.rer J. C., & Co., 175l'earJ. Heald & Mlllcr,l1d Hicks, Joseph, 92 Hillman, G. W. &: Oo., lOS 'Front. Jilrachborn, S. & Oo., 14.0 Pearl and 100 W& Bunt, H. W ; & Oo., 167 Water. Kelly, R o ber'E. & Co. S4. lleaVt:r. King, 0. K. & Oo., 24 Broad, Kremelberg & Co., 160 Pearl. Levy & Se l igsberg, 24G l ,cu.r l. Llndhelm Bros. &; Co., 2 6 Oourl.lan(lt. Jlfa llory & .Donn3n, 15 Water. M ayer, Jos. k Sons, 122 Water. Murre ll, & Co., 1.18 Pearl. Norton, Sla ughter & C o., 40 Dro&d. Ober N a n so n & Co., 5S Broa.U. O Neh Davld & Co., 119 M&ldeo-lane Pa.ulltsch & Lange f:S Liberty. 'Prince & Da.Chra.cb, 849 Pea rJ. U awson & Co., 4J. Broad f Salomon, Simon, 192 Pearl. Sa\\'yer, Wallace k Oo., 47 Broad. SchroodCr & Don, 'l!":lS Schubart, ll. & Co H6 Waler. Smtt.h, Pal m e r & Cp. liO, Snoddy & HoiVnrd, 71 Broad. Spencer Broth era, 7 5 M a lden Lane. Ste1D, A., 197 Duane. Stern, Jona.a & Oo., 17 8 Water. Pearl. Vetterleln, 'l't. ll. & Sons,123 Water. Walta, Crl\l1e & Co.,43 Brood. TOBACC O BROKIBS. Canna.u, A. F., 118" Water. Ea.dle &; Haniott, 181 :Maiden-laue. Er\beUer, 1\l., 124: Fi&eber & Rodewald, 2 Ha.nover-Jqll6rt-. Go.ns, J. !! 1 BG Wall. Railer, M &t Son, 160 Pearl. Van Pelt, A. H., 120 Water. lU. Ml1FACT8RKR8. Appleby's Son,138 Water. Beck, F. W. k Oo., 44 Ve sey. Casey, Cndmo r e & Co., 86 Ma.ld e n La.n e., Arthur .t Co. 1 .114-11i Ltbert.y Goetze F. A A llro., and Good win, W. ll. & Co., 207 And 209 W Hoy t, Tbo mtl.!l & Co., 404 Pearl. Lilienth:\1, C U., 211, 2Hl aml221 Waahlngtoa, Lol'illtu'd, P lS ti.nd 20 Obamben. )I'Alp[n, D H. k Co., 76, 17, a n d 19 Anoa.e D :Mel2ge r M., 17Sj-Water Mickle, A. H & 36 Droadway. Ji1oss & Fllolk 7 Burling-sllp Scheider, 'UG and 14S Ca.nat. Strait.on, John, ttl Benver. Watts, U. H 7C D owery. Wa.Lt.s & Lipmau, 16 llowery. Whiu.a m .t Lawrence, 890 Pearl. nr:rORTEllS AND DllLRRS. Bar bt'r & Dunl op, S.J.S Pearl BonLiy C. & M., 3US B owery. ChiekhtHIS, Chnrln T.,l16 Broadway. C olell H., 202 Chatham. Fisher & Nelhel.sel, ISG C e dar. Hess, B.,19G Pearl. Hollander, Flei s h er&. Co., 14'2 W ater. Lic htenstein B rother s, 8.1 and 84,.!9 Bowery. .Marcus, AlexanOer, 8 7 aud 89 Bow e r y Ma.yer & 06. 1M Fronl.. :Ua.yo rga, J M., 14 Ceda r. )IlramJa, Fe!Jx, 193 l,e.a.rl Oatma n & Reld 11iG Watea Roaenwalcl, '& k Dro_.1 140 Water. Salomon, M & E., 113 .Pta.rl. Salomon & El1dlls,H;J HfPORTRRS Olo' Pll'ES1 ETC. Boike n & S ief 1-:es, 01 Malden-lane. Demuth, William &: Co., 28 1\nd 30 Liberty. Hamburger, J & ca., M Ma\denl nne. Ka.ufmann 'Br os. k Bonrly, 6 1 Ma.ld e n Lear, Oscar IL, UO Water. Lobe ,1: P oggenburg, 45 Liberty. UIPOR1'ERS ANn :!tlANU.i' ACTURXR S OF CIGAU. Ansbel, S. & Co 48 Beaver. Berg & Co., 4'29 B r ooPwp,y, BernsteinJ S.l 1 02 Pearl. Kellner, L ., Wllll..a.m. Moses & Hinch, 1 83 Pearl. I.ICORICK PAST.t: DF.AJ. P:RS. Fr.u1ci:t, A P., 101 Water. Gomez, W allis k Co. 2!) & 31 SouLh Wlllt!lm. W e aver .t Ste rry, iG Platt. SEED LEAF 'l ODAC:CO JNSPJ:CTlON. IJnde F. C 7G Groendch-street. TOBACCO PRESS. GIILhrle & Co 225 Fl'ont -street. lJ:A.N"OFACTUR.Jo:RS O'F CIGAR 'BOXES. Wlclte, George 2G Wllletts lreet. BA.L 'riMORE. TOBACCO W A.RKHOU S I:S, Beck &; llo\st.eln, 61 SouLh Ga.y. :Brauns, F L., & Co. De For d, ChA-rles D & Co., 87 South Gay. Giesk e & Niemann, 76 South Charles. Gunther, L W., 90 Lombard. ).lA..NUFJ..CTOHEhS, XTC Beek e r & Dros. 94 Lombard. Bolenhw, G H., 202 Welt Pratt. Feigner Jo' W ., 90 and 92 South O h a d es. Ga.JI, G. W & A x 23 Darrf!-st -reet. Myers, Wn1. H. & l:ro. 141 West Parlett, B. 1 '. & Co., 9'2 8 .t Co 20South Ga.y. Schroeder, Jos,L 8 l Kxchaugc } J iace. Welsh, Wm. & '27 South Gay. Wil keu s & Co., 1 8 1 West Pratt BROKER.S. Levering, D. & Co., S Oheapsil.le. UANUJo'At'TURERS OF PIPES, :Etc. "Fe r guson, Gehring & Co., 51 Clay s1reet. BLOOMFIELD, CONN. PACKERS ANU Dli:AI.XKS. Filley, J H & Co. BOSTON. MANUFACTURERS, E T C. Ad&JM, Datcbeider & Co., 5 ow Bas!ett, Wm. A 91 Blac kstooe!' Lreet, Carruth ; H. & Co. 461Ia.nover. Clu.rk, Brewer & Som, 14 South Market. Etch be r g & Eller, 1 G9 11\\k. Fisher &. C(J.1 28 C entral 'Wbarr. Sn.mue l .t Brother, G Court-eqnare CHICAGO. MANUl'ACTURKR.S. HearU., C. B., 269 a.nd 2 1l State-street. Mullen k Dieterlchs, 47 South Water. RobtlschUd & Adler, 119 South Water. Vao Uorn, Murrny & Co. 8 1 &nd South Water. CINCINNA.TI. TOD.AOCO 'W ..Ut EHOUSII:S. Bodma.nn, 5 7-66 Water. Brasbcurs, &: C o ., 46 Walnut. Casey, Noonan & Co.1 '25 VIn e. H afer, Geo rge & Co., 25 Seco nd. Uorrls & Obalfant, 100 102, ani1104 W et J'ront. Pl!lter & Uo w,14 West Front. Sargent., L.ll. &: Oo.,8l Wlllnut HlPOR' .l'ERS1 'YANUFAC'l'URIRS AND DB.!.LllmS. Darney, Green & Co. 49 Malo. lJesuden, Hefiry &-llro., 161, 168, and 165 Pearl, Krohn, Fe18!!1 & Co 53 Wes\-l!'ourth. )fallay, ltkhard 122 W es'Second, Newell, S.D., 11S.:12 2 Mo. in, and 19 Hammoad. Rlce & Gol 4smith, 208 Walnut. R o b erta k Johnson; US 'Yes t Columbia. Spence Brothers&:; Co., 0 2 Third, Slllllva n, J T. & ftro., 8 9 Race. HA.KTFOKD, CONN. XA..NUF.ACTURE M AND DJCA.Li:UH. Brown &; Zweygartt, 212 SLate. Bnrnham, :r. D. & Co Aaylnm. Cue, 8. a. & Co 98 Asylum. Els!Dla.n & Haas JSrotbcrs, 282 Ma.ln. :Farnham .t B &rnes 288 State. King, D. W 1M Btate. Peue, fl. & Z. K., 222-224 Woodruft'1 Joseph 8., 288 LOUISVILLE, IC:Y. TOU.OOO W AREliOtrSES. Ptancke "ELler, Main. Glover & Co.,->fulu. Phelpt, Oa.ldwell k Oo., corner !hln and Tellltoh. lrUNUF J..CTURERS, :ETC, Edmund!&: Browd e r 128-18 0 Third. Uoyt, Flagg .t Co., 107 and 109 second. Mayer Brothers 2M Plf'th. S p alding, 0.1 k &na, 2()9.:.211 ChapeL Spalding, J G & Bro., lOll Market. WWeU., J S 127 129 Third. Beatty, William. R.,Maio. Board, Benj9.mlu S ., ...--. W PETERSBURG, V .t.. TOBACCO W ABJ:HOUSKS. Fiaher, Ja.mea, Jr. PHILA.DELPHIA., TODA.OCO W A.AJ.BOUSES Atlllllt.n>ng A. &: R., til SouLb. J'ron t. Boldin k Wart.IBan, 100 North Water. Buck.nor, M cCamlllO n .l:: Oo, 81 North Waterr. OourLney .t Son, 118onth ii'ront Dohan .t Taitt; 29 North Wal-er. Meyer, C. M., 62 Nort,b Front.. M cDowe ll .t Dunc&n...! 39 North Wate r. Sank, J Rinaldo .t vo. :11 North Water \'et.t.erteb1 A: C o. ltl Arch MA.N"OrACTURERS, DJi:A.J.ERS 1 ETC Batchelor Drotben, 331 North Third. Bremer Lewll & 32'a Nortb Third. Doup:tasa, John, 1S .North S laUt ElcbholtJ. Brothers, 132 North Third. :Freehlc A. JI. 230 Arcb. Hagen, Boyd k Oo., 6 l T hird. Hare, Tbomu, 49-&--bOS Nor'b Second. Levy B rothers, ts86 North Ka.rlner, Jacob, 188 Norlh Tblld. Organ of the Tobacco of the United States. MitcheU, Tevis .t: Co., 21 North Tblrd. StuiU1 Rro L hers, 121 N orth Third. Stoltz, .A .K., co-rner 'fhlrd a.nd Buttonwood. Van Scllalolr, B. A UOO Chestnut. WIUbaup, F ;, L., 201 Nortl1 Front. ROCHESTER, N, Y. YANUFACTIJRl\RS. Suggett &: Kimball, 41 ?llaiu. ST. LOUIS, MO. 'tOBA CCO W .A.REUOUSES. Booth, Edward D., 25 No rth Second. Dooth, J W. & Sons 1 83 1 35 North Secooi Geod _, fiue ... 1 2 @ 1 5 161@.21 Choi ce .. ..... 16.@20 22 @28 Do,:.....Jie&Yy lear. : : 1 raaby aad tro.ied lup, .. @.-@Souod lup, ............... 7 @ 9 91@121 .2.00 per :vi>&Jo. 8ina1e Copies 5 cents: No. ; 1 00; H Knight, 128; C. F. T _qo, 290 bales; Altics & Rilliet, 2 bales, 1 cs. cig&rS; R. E I{ell ey & C o ., 7 cs:; A. Schwerin & Co., 6; L E. Amsinck & Co., 19; .D. P. Montague, 1; II. Gramm, 1; order, 3; R. T. ,.Fidyd 1 ; G. W. Faber, 5; J. S W&tt, 1; C. A. Hub,bard, 2; A : Horn, 1. From Manzanilla : D R. De Wolf & Co., 167 hales; Sohepeler & Co., 145. F r om .l.fatanza s : & Gerbe r, 50 blllcs, cigars From Aspinw>ll : A. S: Rosenbaum & Co., 1 3 cs. cigars. St. atement of imports and values f Jr the weeks end ing Valus. !!1,298 Wrappen(MaMa.Chnaetta) .......... : ... 1 8 @ 23 .)JO. (ConnecUcul), .................. -30 lbs. manufactured Value or crude, $742,0 48; ... : .. ........ ...... 'J' value o f WJ\nufa.ctured, including cigars, Wrappera, .... ....................... -15 @ 20 889 ; value of c igars, $256. j l hcr e were shipped to pfl'*'-',Yitfania hhda., valued at .... ... S45,!)90' W "V 67 tibds. &lema.............. 4,827 1'11Pl'lt1"9, .............................. -12 @18 S49balcs .................... 1,686 .. lg IIMcs ............. ........... :.!_l,DSS Ru.nnlDglott ....................... ... 9 'P 1 4 rotal value, ......... ............. $9C.M2 Ohw&ed-loo,t.- :i t78,283; 214 cs., Fm llgn.Amsterda-m.-52 cs., t2750; 6698 lhs mf. lfavana, Wrapp<..,, .. (dntypald,) 11!0 @ 3 0" $1301 ; total, $!0()3,asoorl.ed, .... do ... 100 @ 15() L' Ih Hanna, Ft.lle rs,.. .. ... do. ... -SO @ 1 1 0 t1Je.rpoo 230 1 04,415. Ya.a, auo.Ud,. .. : do. ... -S5 @ 1 00 L oTI(lon--2 0 hhds., $4500. Cuba, auonea,. .. .. do. _.70 @-S O S< Domingo, ..,.rted,. .. ( I n bond,) .... -6 -GlaS(!Ol0-282 tcs., $103,MQ. ROBINSON & CARTH Commission Merchants __ Smilh, Palmer & 1'-26 Jl' o 178 Water Street, NEW YORK. Ambelem.a, Giron .t. Carmen, (In bonil,) 6 01-20 Man!jfactur e d .-Tu PAID. hhds. O','l's,.and 8's-Beat, nominal, --@-FOR THE SALE OF Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco 1'1'2 WATERSTREET, JOB!C B. ROIUKSON, Joa:s H. G.unL NEW-YORK. DU BOIS, VANDERVOORT & CO., FOR THJ: SA.LF. OJ' leaf and Manufactured Tobacco 37 Water Street, ( l; n. V nndenoort, Cornelius D o Bois, } Cadoo A Dull". 14-2G HEW-""'! -{tl{K, R. H. OB'I&, N e w -York. R P. Onsn, I } A. 0. 0Bt;R, Jos. S. NANSON, N e w-O r leans. St. Louht. OBER, NANSON & CO., Commission Merchants, Jto. 1>8 BROAD STREET, NANSON, OBER & CO., Sr. OBER, ATWAT:ER & CO .. NBwORLli:ANB A. H. CARDOZO & CO., TOBACCO No. 169 Front Street, A ll. C .ABDOZO, } 0. H ANDERSON, Pnn. DBOS'l'. NEW-YORK. Particular 1\ttention paid to the sale o f other 14.-62 Produce. & MILLER, TOBACCO NO. 1'76 W ATERSTREET, NE!W-YORK. M, Panror. J. BJ..CUR.40B. VIRIINIA TOBACCO WORKS PRINCE & IU liUFAOTO:R.ER! o:r: Plug, Twist, and Fancy Tobacco. .t.ND .L1...9() 4lrounntssi.Ou No. 349 Pearl Nli1WMl'QJElK. ..&, R.l'W!OX. I A... 11R1D9L.4KD. 1. B, BOttCJ:. A. 0. lU.W!OXo RAWSON, BRIDGLAND & CO., TOBACCO & COTTON FACTORS, J..ND General Commission Merchants, NO. 41 BROADSTREET, JOBBERS OF' LEAF 1BACCO, No. 170 W aterlltreet, H BA11TH, L. PALMER, N_EW-y;oRK. A. ll. SCOVILLE, Conriectiout Seed-Leaf Wrapper, or our otrn pacldnJ, 200 Cases (10 M. each) Domestic Cigars on 61 Consignment. F. L. BRAUNS & 00., AND KREMELBERG & CO., TOBACCO NBW-! -&Rlt. 800 Cll!Jei Lic orice Pade, beet qosllly, dlrect.tmport.a.tlon, tor Eale, In bond or duty I )H.ld, lu lob \o 1uiL purcbuera. 62 F L. BRAUNS & CO., No 11 Cheapslde :Ba!Umore. BACON1 CLARDY & 00., molmttO' nnd ORNiR.AL COMMIS510N MERClfA.NTS, AND DEALERS Jl'f Heavy Western & Clarksville Leaf, 181 PE.dBL-STBEET, W J. :BACON, W D. CLARDY, J. S. PARRlSH, DR. J D CLARDY New-York. VETTERLEIN &: CO., '1.' QB A 0 0 0 (UnUecl Stat.e1 111 ARCH-STREET, l'IUtA.D-EtPHU., TH. H. VETTERLEIN & SONS, 128 WATERSTREET, NEWY ffitlt. A. STEIN, Commission Merchant, 1 97 Duane-street, (IHt.. Oreenwlch and A.nd 350 Houton-St., tr llu eonatantly o n eo naignmeot & 1.'lrge Quantity of State aod Ohio SeedleaCTo bace o whi c h will be sold [o qusntl tJ es to Yult pu rchuers. Cigar manuf110turera partioulal'ly favQred. 18-ii TOBACCO COMPRESSED IN BALES, J'OR Tlli: loxicat. Wcst-IJidia, Centrnl Americ811, .lMD OTUJ:R :MARIETI. .&leo, repukod bl hhda. at 1hort aotice, bJ CUTHRIE t1: CO., 296 Front Street, N Y. 1(-M E 8 T A B L I S H E D 1 8 3 6 Connolly & Co., E'O.R TO llALE OIP LEAF AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, No. 45 Water Street, CB.I.S. )(,CoNNOLLY, JR.,} J A.l!. II. GARDINER, W Ar.RX. Dus, U V Jl..,. J.a. A CoLLT. 1 6M .l1 e W"' I, @l' A.o THE CITY TOBACCO AGENCY, No. I Q8 Front Street, NEWYOHK. -:o:G, W. Hillman & Co., Commission Merchants, AND AQ:Sl-.;'"'1'8 J'OR Ttn: SALE 01' MANUFACTURED TOBAOOO, Have alway a on a larg &l!sortment ef Ma.nn lactnred Tobacco. For on liberal t'erms. 44 John C. Havemeyer & Bro., TOBACCO Commissiou Merchants, u.xoaro11 NO. 175 PEARL-STREET, NJ:WYORK. TDO. I BLUIGRTI:R 1 II. B'. 1r1SDOM. ,NOIITON, SLAUGHTER&. CO., Tobacco & Cotton Factors, .Al'fD Ctnerat .lflirrhants, NO. 40 BROAD-STREET, NEW-YORK, Si' .L.i:. -.... ... "". Yf!o'IJtnu"a.dt"on/ r2!1tlr/Jrtll l DEALERS IN TOBACCO, SEGA.RS, .l:Sfl SI-IIPPING r s ..ltai-rlf7n Sl'a: n e1 T H SI'!NCER,} 1 L SPENCER, f'!:l! Ot'Jt C. C. SPENCER. ".NJ m 214 NEWYOB&. ______ ....c:te-8.:._:;;;.1 _________ oao........ ............ & 00., H. SCHUBART & CO., G EO. S. HART & CO., itl'. t h t Importero of and D eaiBI'sln allleral, averaging b e tween 2000 and 3000 pkgs. per week. 'fbese tobac c os find a ready market, so that Lbe stock is not accumnlating in the hand s of factors. In the home trade, as well as the foreign, they are at present the most active bri\Ild s in market. Western tens n.nd quarter pounds are scarce and. in fair demand. Bright pounds / Medium, do. @--'I' Common, do. .. .. -@-hhds"., $229,320; 1 cs. cigars, 10.,, ond 12' s-BeR. ................... -60 65 "' lledlum, ................ 45 @-&i vllO; total, !11229 )430. Common, ..... ...... 35 @-40 2"" I hd 8GO 4 "'300 II&lf pounds-{Dark,) Best ,, 00 @-6{i J 'rtea--1 l S., j cs. 'P ; Do. Medium ...... .' 00 @-M 7411 lbs. mf., *2049; tot.11, $ 1 6,209. Do. Comm on,* .... 40 @ 46 (Bright,) Beot ........... 90 1 oo Ouba3 5 cs ., $1201. @ = Brituh Wut Indies-3 hhds., $14i7; G ll(ay Apple, Figs, etc.-{Drlght,) ........ -SO @ 1 00 2562 lb f. "'481 t tal '"2191 Lady'il Fiogers.--(Ptne JJrlgbt) ....... 1 20 @ 1 40 cs., "' ; S. m ., j 0 .p' Pounds, (Weet'n,) .rlnc, brlgLt, 1 oo 1 15 Britisfd{. .A. Colonies-20 hhds., $4470 i Fine, ............ 8G @ 1 00 Moolwll, ............ -15 @ so 39,199lbs. rnf $S259 ; 2 cs. cigars, $14G; Common,* 67 @(VI......,,) Extra rlne, bright, .. -95 @ 1 1 6 t o tal, $12,875. ig Danuh lhs. mf., $1194. Common, ...... ... 50 @-:;::) St t t r t d thet'r val tieS 'o Light Pret!led-Virginia, ............. (t9-_ a c m1.m o !i!Xpor s an 1 (Wostern ) Fine, .. ... 1 10 1 30 t h e we eks Do. 70 @ 76 o 1 Do COI'nmon,*... 00 ( aJ &'5 Lb A1J. ValNt. ..... .. _.: :: : = JAg:m Common, .............. 40 @.-M 20...... 918 1,818 246,16 2 Navy HalfPounds-Best, .. .65 @.1 8 Aug. 22 l,SSG 1,900 19,369 620,002 Medium,. .. .Amount of e xports since Jamt.ry 1st, and Nam1fac t 1t:::::::::::::.:;::::::::= -maintained. l'Ynurria,' (In gold) ........ ....... -25@. -" J c. Oo.," '' ................ -27 @ Th e ma.rket to day was qu i et, and finJ :::::::::::::::::= = = qualities SQld at hig h rate s r a nging at $55 a -;-Not etdctly oonnd. $58. Sales amounted to 151 hhds. r e jection s DOMESTIC R!:CEIP'fS. Received for the week ending Sept. 12th, at New-York, 1 443 hhds ., 4571 pkg s. At Jersey Oity, for the two weeks preceding Sept. 11th, 2131 hhds.-total, 8574 hhds. Cons i gnments : Snoddy & Howard, 60 hhds .; Bacon, Clardy & Co., 3 1 0 ; A. H. & Oo., 12; Dubois, Vandervoort & Co. 28; 0 K King, 6; r e ll, Caruth & Co. 82; Raws on, Bridgland & Co. 42; Sawy e r, Wallace & Co., 30-:1.; Watts, Crane & Co. 258; C. Luling & Oo., 4; Sullivan & Murphy, 88; Barclay & Living ston, 9; Classon & Co., 20; J. Cro c kett, 36 ; Mooro, T. & C o 2; Norton, Slaught er & Co., 8; W. Newccomb & Co., 167 ; Oelri chs & Co., 10; J. L. Overton, 18; W H. Price & Co., 18; M. Poppenhdmcr, 5 ; 1'n.miahil, Mc Ilvaine & Co., 38; J. R. Tupper, 6; Ruct c s Son & Co. 5 ; C Ree d & Co., 1 ; R ey nes Bros. & Co 1 ; C R. Somerville & Co., 1 2 ; 0 W. Wlllter, 12; W & D., 10; H. M Mor ris, 1 ; Hot c hkiss, F. & B 1 2 ; Fallenstein & Son, 59; Fenner, B. & B., 10; Fatmnn & Co., 18; J Hoyt, 8; Kruse & Drexel, 21; H. Koop & Co., 10 ; R M. Loc"wood & Co. 23; R L Maitland & Co., 151 ; Connolly & Co., 259 pkgs.; Arkenhurgh & Bryan, 84; A Stein, 8; Barney, Green & Co., 18; decker & Bro., 11!; LiTin gston, Fox & Co. 12; Gail, Ax & Kuchler, 111 ; Ayres & Son 1824; J. S. Gans, 16; Ba bCock & Co., 100 ; Bunzl & Dormitzer 848 ; E. Hoffman, 73; B. & D. Benrimo, 64; W. Broadhurst., 18; J. D. Evans, 1 O!hhds., 23 pkgs. ; A. Frazi e r, 84; Hawkins, G utherie & Carroll, 98; Heine kon & Palmore, 9 pkgs., 1 hhd. ; Mallory & Dorman, 9 hhds. 140 pkgs. ; J. Macy's S o ns, 68 hhds., 102 pligs ; Kittredge & Co., 149 !)&ddies; A. S Rosenbaum & Co., S'T pkgs.; C. F. Tag, 159; C .A. Thackston, 109; H. Schubart & Co., 19; W. H. Smith & Son, 86 ; Unka:rt & Co., IS5; P. W eilbacker, 49 pkgs Hi hhds.; R. S. Fenn, 5; Fowler & Co., 115; L Rininger & Co., 48 pkgs. Statement of receipts for the weeks endi n g :lbt. DM.1. Plr.go. September U... ... .. .. .. H,CI74 4,571 Septembe r 0 ............... 265-2,026 2,982 Augut 29.. .. ..... 89 6,2{)4. 4 'i86 A ugUft 22 ... : ......... 2 ,269 3 876 FOREIGN UIPORTS Consignments from Vera Cruz and Havana : Jalllle n, Schmidt & Ruperti, 89 ; A. S. Rosen baum & Co., 62; order, 80; R. S. Latorre, 11 hhds. We qu ote trash, 8 hhds at $3 a $4 .95; inf e ri or lugs 23 hhds. at $5 a $6.80; medium to good, 26 hhds. at $7 a $9.75; c ommon l eaf, 17 hhds., at $10 a $12 .75; medium to good 26 hhds., at $13 a $16. '75 ; goo d to fine,22 hhds., at $17 a $22 ,'75; tm bright, 1 hhd., n.t $2 3 .25; 1 do at $gG.50; 2 do. at $2 7 a $27.50; 1 do a t $30; 1 do at $85; 1 do at $37; culling leaf, 2 hhds., at $55 a $58 Sales for the week i n c luding re views, amount to 1164 hhds w ilh rejeclion s of bids o n 122 hhds. Manufactured is in good d e m:md, and w e quote bri gh t Virginia pounds at $1.35 a $ 1 50 ; medium bright, 90c. a $1; common, 7 5c. a 80c.; d;magcd 40c. a 50c.; Kentucky and Misso uri pounds, !brig ht, at -$1 a $1.10; me dium do., 85c a 90c.; common do 65c a 75c., a nd damaged, 30c. a 4 0c.; N av y pounds, c hoice, 70c. a 72c ; good do., 68c. a 70c.; rnon do., GOc a 65c ; Blacksweethalf.pounds, 68c. a 70c. ; loug lOs., '78c. a 72c ; short do., 68c. a 'TOe. from February 1 to August 31, 1 865: 31,33Q hhds. 7381 bxs Exports f or same period : 26,1J45 hhds., 20,853 bxs. Among the re ce ipt s on the 8th in st. w ere 2 .00 b xs. Hollandi's Empress tobacco, direct from Danville, V a., the tax on which wa.s 40 cents per lb. It wa.s consigned to G. W. Wic k s Of this city, who paid the internnl revenue tax of $8000 This is the first direct arriv&l of that famous br:md s ince 1 861, and was manufactured s in ce the first of August last. Th e );ales of this brand were large, at $1.35 a : *1.50 per lb. ST. LOUIS, SeJP 9.-Medium and lower grades wcro, yesterday, somewhat lower, with n.n unu s ual num .bcr of rejections. Sale s, S4 hhds., r e j e ctions, 58. Green lug s sold at $4 a $4.80; factory .)t $5 a *5.90; pl:mter' s $6 a $8; common sliiipping len.f, $8.25 a $11.25; medium, $12 a $14.25; good and fine, $15.25 a $17 .25; common mLnnfacturing, $15.75 a $22 .25; medium,. $28.7o a $29; good $89 a *43 p e r 100 lb. CINCINNATI 8ep&. 9,-The demand for the higher grades of lea.f continues good, but lower grades are dull, ,and prices irregulur. We quote VIrginiA and Southern Kentucky manufacturing l eafcommon lugs, $6 a $10; medium l e af, $15 a $17; One leaf, $25 a $30 ; se lection s 40c. a 60c. per lb ; :Maso n county, lugs, 4fc 8c. Stc. a \


12c 2oc Sales &t Bodman s 49 hhds and 85 boxes to Wlt 48 hbds Mason county lugg leaf and trasl-1 at $8 50 3 at $4 25 a $4 75 1 3 at $5 a $o 1 9 at $6 25 a $6 75 1 at $ 1 1 at $8 liO 8 at $9 25 a $9 1i0 3 at $10 a $10 75 8 at $11 a $11 50 5 $14 a $14 liO 3 at a 75 1 at $16 1 at $17 1 at 1 hhd M ssour a t $60 85 boxes Ohio and Kentucky at pnces rangmg from $2 25 to $17 '1'5. BOSTON Sept 9 -A spmted demand has ex sted dur ng the week for nll descr p tons of manufactured but as the supp l y of de s rable sorts s lim ted transact ons have not been as l a r ge as th ey would otherw se have been Some sales of V r g n a have been made but at low rates OWing to the damaged c ondit on of the article Good sound Western and Brooklyn made ten s and quarter pounds have nearly nil passe d mto consumption Jeav ng tho market bare of these s tyle s Pnces are consequently stiff e n ng on all des rable lots su table for the born e trade w th a prospect of still furth e r advance Rece pts fo the week 85 l bd s 880 bxs Exports 15 cs to V a\ para s o 76 bhds 30 bxs to Gtbraltar and a market 6 casks and 2 boxes to Sur nam 6 bales to !!!an Andt;eas and 1>0 bxs and pkgs to the Prov nces-to tal 76 hhds 21 bales and cases, and 86 kegs and boxes. PHIL&DELPHI& Sept 9 -Manufactur cd con t nues m good d emand and 1 r ces a e firm for all finer grades In leaf there s but I ttle do ng W e note sa les of Marylan 1 m ddling at Sc a 10c Pennsylvan a sccl leaf wrappers at 12c a 14c ru d fille at 4tc a /Jc E x portsonnd mports none BALTI!!I:OHE, Sept 9 -In leaf tl e de n andcont nuesfa1r andpr cesare unchanged 400 hbd s Maryland have been sold at pr ces raogmg lrom $3 to GO bhd s to fine Oh o sold at $10 a $20 and 2/JO bhds Kentucky logs at a $8 pe 100 lbs Inspect ons tb s week 769 hhds Maryland 449 hi ds Ob o and 61 hbds Kentuckytotal 1279 hbds Cleared 722 hhds to Cad z 743 a r d 6 do stems to Bre nem Present sto cks 27 982 hhds West Hill no sa l es 14 l l ds toba co ere sold by Mcllwa ne & Co at an averave of 50 per 100 lb BIO Hl!I:OND Sepl more q m et but th ero s no mater a \ chan ge ill pr ces SAN F'HA.NOISOO 17 Sa l es of d e s able qua t cs of V rg p a are 11 n g off on account of d m n shed supply Pr ces are con sequently firm Be t Western brand s cont nne fa r de mand at moderate pr ces aro n ost l y made among JObbe rs mporter s sci n g but I ttl e In every th n g except V rg n a pr ces rat! cr favor t e buyer FOREIGN Sept 2 -Sup pi e s of new cont nue I gl t n 1unt t y and rathro mfcr or n qual ty Tb s has tended to restt ct sales of wh I ave only to report .a few s ma I unassorted parcels at nn average of $95 a $3o per bal e acco rding t() qual ty select on and we ght About 200 bnJes of old fillers are reported sold at $'1' per gt This yea s export s h ows a. d ecrease th s far o f about 27 000 qtls compared w th that of last year C gars n e un change d I be quant ty s b p ped falls s l ort of the exports of 18 64 for t1 c t me by about 40 000 M The amount sent to the U n ed S ates d trnng the first e ght n onlhs of 1864 was 21 3 58 M. Tb s th e amount for the correspo ndmg e gl t month s s only 8088 M PENNSYLVANIA CROP A suoscniDER wr t ng f1rom St uburg Pa. under date of Sept. 11 ys as follows of the grow ng crop I >'ould say the tob!lcpe Malcers-Old .Eng lull. Pipes ])utek PJ es-A Poetual P>pe Malc&rPtpe Manufactu e etc of the savages for he al s o notes that our Capta n Greenfield says t l e V rg n a n s used tube s of clay for smok n g Le S eur Ba f lard n l s DUJcowrJLdu Taoac (1 mo 1668) says of tho English Ces dern ers ont n vent6 Jcs p pes d e t e r re cu tc qu ont cou aUJO rd buy par tout le monde The largo ncroase of tobacco smoking dur mg the great plague of London has been before noted Pepys notes n h s cunous D14ry another u s c of t he he b He soys the 'rth of Juno 1662 vas the l ottest day that ever I felt n my I fe Ih day much aga nst my m I I d d n Drury Lane sec two or three I ouses m arked v th a red cross upon the doors and Lord huv mercy upon u s wr t there wh ch was a sa d s gbt to no be n g the fi st of the k nd that tb m y rem em brance I ever sa It put m o m an ill con ccpt o n of n y s elf and my sme l so that I was forc ed to buy so ne roll tobacco to smell to nd chaw "h cb took away my appre hen s o the Ia ger nu nber of p pes d scovercd n and about London belong to tl s era Mr Crofton Croker had come to s m Jar concl u s on s and be says, the reason why so many of the barrel s hap ed p pes are found ob v ous I need hardly say I a! ude to t e creased usc of tobacco as a d s nfecbnt dur ng th e plague years of I G44 and 1666 Very n any such etc found ill 1 825 at Battle Br dge Londo where s trnd l onnlly sa d t o persons who d ed of the plague were bur ed Tho p aces where the Dutch tro ops of William were stat oned a so produce e deuces of thetr occupancy m p pes of a pia n sty le .-b c l co.ntmued m vogue t 11 the m d die of the la s t century Before d sm ss ng the old English p pe we must devote a f ew ds to t e marks found collect on of Mr C roker In 1 854 there was cxb b ted at the meet n g of the Archreo log cal lust tutc at Shrewsbury part of a largo col lect o n formed by M lhursfie ld of Broseley n Shropsh c the clay of wht c h they we c made c fi om Sh rlett about two m les TOBACCO my grandfather say that one p pe was handed .from mao to man round tho table. Th s wet y acdtrrds ir th what the .._mat sts of the age of Elizabeth and L dcscr br In the rc gn of Wilham II they were occa 1110nally made of-iron and brass.* Mr Cro ker had one precisely I ke th Battle Br an rron speCi men wh ch wu found at L m er c k Tb Q old Dutchmen had an affect on for the r p pes and earned them n wood e n cases more or less orn11111ented Horace W alpolc po1111esaed that wh ch belonged to the famous Adm raJ Van Tromp 1t was n form to th4t h ere engraved whtch s also Dutch, formed of rna hognny mla d w th brass and bavtng the p ous nsci!p tion When man has the r gbt way taken death has no fears for him t It opens w tb a spr ng on the heel bavmg a h nge at the upper pa t The p pe became the mark of a Dutch engraver M Mart m, at the commence ment of the seveQteentb cen tury tt was plac ed abov e the double M of h s '" tials and ts here cop1ed, Fig 1 from IIeUer s Monogrwnmen. Leonkon pub\ she d at Bam berg m 1831 The Comp1111y of Gold sm ths of Nubonne had the p pc F g 2 for thetr mark th ey were founed n 1869 Q IZ I the Journal of T mothy Burrell Esq (pub! s hed by the Sussex Archreolog cal So c ety vol IlL) we get the form of the tobacco p pe of the same era, that genlleman b&v ng a cunous hab t of markUlg p118sages by a dra n g of a t o bacco p pe Tb s, F g 3 occu rs to a n entry n 1696 That the s h ort Ir s b p p e termed the dudeen t a d s m lar to the cutty p>pe 1U Scot and was known about the same era, and valued for ts ex h b ton of the pro ess of the s noker m dar ke mn g t see m s to be nferred from a m one of Radcllil'c s P!Ufi 8 (1689) termed a Call to the Guard n wh cl h e descr bes the sold ers W h p pe!l b a k a s be mouth And sbO('t as helrop:l.y From a passage n Ph \lip s s Splend>d Sli llzng wo may mfer that the W elsl at this em mdulg ed m the sl ort p pe H s p oor author The f o rm of ptpe wh ch found favo r m tho eyes of the smokers of the rc gn of Anno and George I bas already been g v e n and t mll.y be stud cd m the works of l:fog&rtb Ben B adley tl c tobaccon st hose portro twas pub! shed n 1737 v th. tho commendatory verses benea I tt t o I cb "c hav e above r eferred s represented l old ng suc h a p pc It s of the ge nu ne Dutch form mth a, long st r a gh,t stem t pped Wtth red wa:t to pre vent the porou s clay adl cr ng to the lip Such l ong p pes vero 1 cvcrc t y t c m c d aldermen n the last age and rreverently yards of clay n the pre sen t one I P pc rr ak rs seem to have d sca rded the long Dutch lio vi by the n dd e of the e ghtee th century an d o. have recur cd to the older forn but adapted t lo the n creased capac ty of the smoke for quanl ty of tobacco Lobacoo p pe s have cont nued to nmnsc nons r okei:S by be ng subscrv ent to ngen o u s t cl s We a e told the Spectator of a tavern keeper who amused hiS company w th wh stl ng of d fferent tunes wh cb he perfo med by apply n g the edge of a cnse knife to h s bps upon lay ng down the knife h e ook up a parr of clcru tobac co p pes and after hav n g shd the. small ends of them ove r a table n a most me od ous t II I c f tched o. tunc out of thorn wh stlmg to then at tl e sane t me m co cer Jn short, the tobacco mus cal p pes n the hands of our v rtuos o wl o co ssed n., e n ously that be broke such quant ties of p pes that he almost broke hims elf beforo he of mus c to any tolerable perfect o Bal FORGERY OF GOVERNXENT STAIIPS UN TED COlUHSSIONER S OJ'.fiCE-BEFORE CO.IlX SSIONER OSBORN / n e U'. tted Staves"' Joseph Felhnan -In th s case the accu sed was c harged w tb sell ng cerwn mtemal revenue staflip!l, known as c ga stamps w tl lent to defraud tl c goV' crnmcnt of the U n ted Sletes It appears from the report of ll e Co lector of Internal Rev e n that ad scovery has been made n the department that conSiderable quantI es of r eve nue c gar stamps bad surrep t tiously got mto the '11 that Inspector lllrny bad employ ed a detect ve to trace tho oft'nee to the out s de actors tn the fraud, and t.Ois led to the arrest .of the defendant Tho detccttve ealled upon Fellman and purc hased f'lom h m ten ten doller cigar stamps used for putt ng upell boxes of mgars upon wh ch the Internal Revenue tax bas been pa d These atam1 s were Ill t)temelves genu ne and t was only n the use they were put to that the wrong consiSts and tn g VUlg then a false value by the fie! t llus s gnatnre of nn tnspector The first botch of stamps were tn blank but sub sequently tl e detect ve purchased other stamps from the accused s gned S Allan to repres ent an nspector though there IS no nspector of that arne the c ty The accused was then arrested Tl e government cia ms that these stamps sold by defendan t arc w tb n the mean ng o( the statuto Counterfe te d fulse or mad e a r esemblance to the general stamp Wtlh ntent to defraud th e gove rnment of th e Un ted States Defendants counsel contended that sell g of the stamps s made no offence n the law U at tl e statute says Shall kno\TIDgly u se the stamps to the case where a man se ll s them 'II e statute m the case prov des that the Comm ss oner of Internal Revenue shall author ze the collectors assessors and Ass st ant Trea s urer of the Un ted States only to have posse ss on of tho s e st.1mps for the pur pose of del ven n g ovor to tho nspectors of d as they may b e requ r ed It dtd not app ear n VIdence how the d& fendant came nto possesston of th em The statute ill the case s vague and obscure and open to different mterpr etahons The Comm ss oner res erved h s op n on TOBACCO GROWING Dr ILLINOIS DY cttRISTIAN SCRNE OER Whoeve1 s 1 possess on of a bot b ed can rase the plant s mucl eas cr I e can sow later and have p la nts earl er and w th more cer ta ty But even the common bed may be ade nl o a k od of hot-bed 'I h e burne l mcnccs to s p out For seed I ecomruend the folio" ng var e tie s 1 Connect c t f pr nc polly for c gar wrappers 2 Cuba, for fil]frs and wrap pers 3 Maryland 4 Vrr g m a-th e last t pr nc pally f o s moking and chowmg tobac c o For snuff every tb g may be u se d the refuse and even the stems rhe Conn ect cut Mary land, and V rg n a y cld the largest crops-the Cuba the s mallest bu t be s t I I o first var e l ea yteld about one thousand pounds the l at ter five I un dred pounds In e y favorable season double the amount may b e raiSed. All tobacco seed htch s removed from t' native cl me and so I will deter orate and the seed must be renew e d from ts nat ve place, nltl ough the seed may when 1t finds favoro bl e so I etc y eldJnst as good f not a b etter var cty To r a aced lcavo tho best and strongest plants for thi s purpoRe Ihe suckers only are r e moved and t h l eav s l eft orf lhe pliiJlt un til the see d s r pe 2 Tae SoiL AND rs PREPARAT oN -In a s u table cl mate tobacco may be ra sed m eyery good cu ltivated so I But what 1a swt able cl mate 1 Wh ch are tho northern and southern boundar cs of t s culture? IV c con s det only the practical s de of the quest on, and answer lobacc o can be ratSed as far North as corn and as far South as the sugar cane Wherever com matures fully tobacco w 11 also mature if properly co tivated. For us m the West a d for all local t es tbathavo not an over amount of heat exper once bas proved fuat a dry wa1m IIO>l (loam or mnd11 loam) Mch deep and twelve mcbes and harrowed thoroughly until t 1s as fine as good garden soil Tb s 1s best done by plough ng m the f a ll expos n g the hard and rough furrows to the frost o.fter the so l s dry n spnng t should be harrowed thoroughly and then ploughed and I arrowed aga n for a se cond a.nd f n ecessnrv for n. th rd t me and rolled before plant n g Tho d fferent ploughings etc s l ould or course be done at nterval s long enough to a llow the land to settle. Th s 18 the treatment of so I tl at bas been cult vated w tb the plo ugh before tobacco s grown on 1t It somewhat d f ferent w tb newly turned (v rg n) so I or a c lover field or a meadow wh cb the tob acco particularly I kes Deep and thorough work ng s the rule hcte also but t 1s done n a so m ewhat d ffcrent way In the v r g n so I all the roots must he p cke<,l np because th ey would make the so 1 too loose for the sccu e nsert on of the plant and then they would I der 11 e cult vat on w th the hoe and the plough to a great degree Meadow s and c over fielde are brokon up about three weeks befor e plant g e ght to ten ncl>es deep tak ng care that the furrow s ent r e l y turn ed so tl at the grass s brought to the bottom After et.,ht to fourteen day s vhcn the so I bas sett ed t s thoroughly harro ved n the d r ect on of lbe furrows to prevent the sod be ng turned up aga n vi ch must rema hclo und sturbed Shorty b e fore plantmg the s o I s ha ro iVed nga n and f n eccssa y t "s rolled and bar rowed once no c Th s t n e t may be done The treatm ent of meado cvs and He must not only possess a naturally r cb soil but must have plenty of manure nt h s d s po s ton and must follow a system of rotation The wnter of th s s of t h e op n on that the tobacco t self does not reqmre mocl manure r planted fo th e fir t l me on othem se good and r ch sot! and that even an nal nauure w IIIDJUre the t.obacco for mak ng c gars and for smok ng but I e does bel eve that for t h e crop follow ng tl e tobncco manor g can not be done too early and too heavily The manures are very dill erent and equally useful for the different kind s of tobacco W c may c l assify them a s f oliQws 'Io b e appl ed shor tl y before plant n g and n e qual quant ties for al l nd s of tobacco I Guano 200 to 300 pounds on th e acre 2 Poultry dropp ngs 400 to 500 1 ounds 3 G re e n nanure n any quant ty 4 Sl eep dun0 6 t vo horse l oads IJ Ca tl e ma.nure, 10 two hor se loads. For ch e w ng toba cco ond snuff dung 10 to 1 loads per acr e Cattle rna nure, 20 to 30 l oads S Ho se-dong 15 to 2o loads 4 llog manure 20 to 80 loads fhe ast two aro usel ess for smok ng toba-eco or for that to b e u sed f o c gars The fir.t three nau u es (g ano poultry dropp n gs, and green nanure) must b efo lowed after the tobllcco crop by a plentiful supply of stab l e manure The tobacco stalks them can not rema n die t 1l pay every way to sow rye for fodder on the tobacco l and n the fall tb s may be m a d e nt o hay or turned nnd r as a manure at tl e beg> n g of July JUSt as may seem most profitable D ep p l oug h ng for the rye and afterward for the tobaC<(O must ot be forgotten I ng;s arc of the SIZC of ca bbag e plant that s hov n g four l ea es an d be ng four to SLX ncbes h g l they are ready for t an s plant g The first t1 ng s to lay out the land n plant ng ro s w tb the one horse plough as for corn and from north to south, 1f a steep slope does not make another vny necessary 'Ihcse rows are e ther furrows or r dg es accordmg to whether there t s littl e or much ram expected or as t1 e so 1 s por ous or not The furrows g1ve the plnts shado and protect the so I from drouth by the sun or "mds the r dges allow aU the sun and from dampness In th s r espect the planter. mvst be gover n ed by OXJP._. Rid ges ana_furrows may bo om tted espec:ially m small plantat ons A strong cord i8 stretched o"cr the wl ole w dtb of the field by stakes at each s de and one n the 1111 ddle along th s cord the plant s are n sertedl nt regn\&1: dtstance wh eb a e show by so me mark on the cord When one r ow ts pl,.nted the cord s removed to tl e next and the plenting done n the same manner and so on until the fie d L' done Th s method has the adVIUltage that tl e so il may be made fine With the ho e shortly b efore the nsert ng of the plant if t bas not b een done snffic ently w tl horse labor However the rows may be made, they must be equally far apart a d so w th -tho plents tn the rows The distance of the rows and of the plants depends upon tl e room ;vh c b the plant occup es when fully grown and s therefore different w t1 the sev era! 'l' es of toba cco C ba s 'Sat sfied Wtth t he smallest space wl leth e other vane ties need more The d stance apart nlso de ponds somewhat upon the ncbness of the so I for very ncb s o il w 11 grow larger leav es than poor so I and the n t must be co s dered the after cult vat10n IS to be done enttre ly by human labo r or partly by horse power The farthest di s tanc e for Maryland V rg n a, and Connecticut, s w th the rows four feet and the pl ants thre e feet n the row for Cuba, tlte rows three feet, and th e plants t 0 f eet In Central Ill ms, we d o best by making the ro vs t l ree and a half foot and t h e plants three feet apart m the rows for the first thre e vaneties-so we get seven tbpusand Cuba., and four thousand two hundred plant s of the other k nd s on tho acr e It s bandy n large plantations and even necessary v hen the work s to be don e w th hors e power to have a wag on road around the field and through the centre tb s makes the wmk at harvest t me much eas er Whe n the rows arc made and the plants are large enough, the n the plant er must watch for a mild ram and one or twocloudy day s If the weather s favorable he must lo se no t me but go to work wtth a ll the bands at b s d s posal Notw thslanding the hurry ever y th ng mu t be done m ethod cal y and n proper order f or a ll carelessness n trans p and ng tobacco ts severely pun shed by the necess ty of renew ng plants that don t g o" and up to ts matur ty the same care must b e observe d eve n m sell ng th e y eld The seed bed s thoro ughly wetted, so that the roots I not he hurt wh le pull ng up t h e plant s and the earth not d sturbed around remaillmg o nes The large s t plants are taken out nt fir s t andonlyasmanyascan be planted nhalfadny As s oon as taken np they are ted n bundles of one hundred la d m a basket and covered fhey are n se rted not deeper thau they stood n the bed ill a bole made w th tl c fingers or th a trowel and the sml then squeezed a ound the plant aga n This vork s con mued the whole day n cloudy eather until comp l eted But 1f there s no rn n and no cloudy days, and the transplant ng can nq t be po s tponed nny long e r then the grow e r must water the plants a t transplantmg nod coverr them mmed ately after Th s requ res tho add tonal help of three workme namel y one who waters o n e that puts dry earth around the watered plant so that no lump s II form there and the third to cover the plant s Transplant n g under these c rcum stauees can only be done morn ogs an<), e v en ng s and s hould even be done only towards overung If the "eather has been c loudy a t tl e t me of transplantin g and bot weather 110ts m the next or the second day then nlso tl c plants must be Covenng s done w tru light dry l eaves or straw Aller the transplant ng s done care must alway s be taken that t h e plants unt 1 tl ey are ro ote d al't-not s uffenng from mo stur e and t ma y b e nece ssary that they be watered a second t me Dead or weak plants must be removed and replace l by healthy 01 es 4 WORK UNTIL llA.nv:asT NG -Th s "ork s done p:t.rtly fot" tbc benefit of the so and for that of th e plants themselves I he work ng o f the so l1s for keep ng t ope n to them ftuen ccs of the atmosphere nnd to destroJ the weeds and t will forward the growth of the plant f or expcnence ha s proved tb t only so l that s open and free of weed s w II secure the Jfull development of the plants Loosen ng nnd st1rnng the so I from t me to time s therefore not only benefic al bu t necessary e spec ally when the so I s hardened by h eavy rn n s or a c rust has fo m e d through other LD fiuonce s or when weeds appea For t1 e first loosen og wh ch should be done shortly after the plants have r ooted, a furro v hnrro" a one horso l arrow v th teeth s antmg for a rl a d the c r oss beams .so arra god t hat tl oyr can be set tw o to three and a half f eet apart, s tl e b est mplement fo tl o second and th d tho c ult vator or f the so l gets harde ned below the s u face or when many weeds are n the r ay t h e com on co n plough sltould be u s ed Th s the wo k bot veen the rows In t e rows bet wee plant s vbere the work ng s even no e m po ft.1nt, t must be don e w h the ban d I oe Ca "' nust nlways be t a ken not to damage the oots li nd at the second and eapec ally at th e tb rd hoe g the so I most be drawn t o ard the plants partly to protect then a, nst storms a d g ve tl em a stron ge r hold and parftly to absorb excess ve notStur e The work n g o the so I t wtl be see n s n o t make s tl e tobncco c ultur e s o lab ono u s and expens ve It s the care of the J lanta of wh ch I shall nov s p eak F rom the fil'!lt star! ng of the tobacco plant t h:as ts enem es F t appears a cut worm vorks the so I and ents the roots off Then comes a 1 ttle catcrp liar "h ch enJoys tseUf on the young l eaves and l astl;r the beaut ful and larg e tobacco worm wb ch ea t s m t o the l e af and n a sho t t me l eaves no th ng but the leaf stem s a nd stalk I he onl y remedy against these en em es arc the glance and dustry of tl e planter-look ng afto them d gg n g p p ck ng and des roymg one e or t ce a day or as often a s ther e rue any traces of them C h ldreo to whom J>re u wms a '0 offered, will be very s u ccessl ul n desttroymg them (Prem urns are a very good thiiDg all over and arc the reason why th15 treatise s wnttcn) A Bock of turkey s if g ve n access to tl e tobacco field are a very valuable help A negro from South Carol na told me to few days ago that a solution of blue v tr ol n water spr nkled over the plents Will kill tho worms. Tho remedy may be worth try ng Of course tho solut on must be made we111k enough so that 1t will not destroy the plants as well as the worms. PRIMING -The object of prtmtng s to break off the leaves that come out too near the ground which when Jarr lie flat on 111 11nd


. therefore rot or get dirty, This-work should manipulation, no drying or sweating, will be dono early, sooner the better, so that li'eo it. the plant does not lose much strength by their CUBUIO.-When the lea yes are dry, which grow!ng. These lcnve muat not be torn off, 1 is seen when the status become of a brown especially not downward, because tho plant color, and break when bent. the next work is would bo injured, and instead of throwing the to m&ko tObacco out of them, for up to now strength gained into the other leaves, it would we have nothing but. a tasteleu dry weed. be thrown away to heal the wound. Tlno Its hidden qualities must be d eve loped. This1 distance from the ground this priming shouUd is done by a prooesa: of fermentation, the be done depends upon the grown and sUJeafling of the tobaC forty days, until nll the flower sta lk only or to take off one or more heat is gone ; then the heaps are broken l eaves. a lso. This s h ould be done in a11swer up in damp weather, the leaves tied up in to the questions: 1st. Is there time enough bundles of one half to one potind in weight, to ripen even the upper leav es first? and, 2d, stretched even and packed in boxes or Are the plant and the soil strong enough to head s pressed tightly and covered. Now ripen all !c&ves, even the upper ones? The the tobacco is done-is a salable a rti cle. answers to these q u eries will decide the way The process of sweating must be conducted of topping. If yes, he takes off the fio1 ver with every possible care, for on this d epends stalk only; if no, he tops to eight, ten, twelve, the color of t h e tob&cco, and in a lar ge de fourteen, or sixteen leaves, according to his gree its filie flavor If the fermentation is judgment, that is, he allows so many too strong, the tobacco gets black and the leaves to on the plant. Here will be flavor is dr.ivcn out; if too little f ermented, seen the importance and benefit of starting the color remains green and whitish yellow, the plants early from seed. This also inay and the flavor is not developed increase the yield one bo.lf; Those who raise the plant principally 'to SUCKERING follows shortly after topping, get ;..rappers for cigars will need to sort it. and is done for the same reason-to concenSorting is done right after the last breaking trnte t h e streng th of the plant in the Jeav&.s. up of the h eaps, and consists in layin g the A s u cker is a little branch appearing at tbe damaged leaves apart from the whole ones; place where the stem of the tobacco leaf joins and these again are separated according to the stalk. They draw off nutrime*nt, while color or other qualities, for w rapp e r s, into they will never be good for any thing, and two, three, or four different kinds, so that therefore. must be removed. 'l'his is one of every variety is of the same quniU,V and the tiresome operations in tobacco culture, for those s uckers do not appear all at the same time; they first appear on the l ower leaves, and then on the middle, and l astly at the top leaves. They ev.en push out again sometimes after they have been removed. They d emand the planter's whole &ttention, and he has no rest on account of them, until the plant :is (ully matured. Priming, topping, and s uckering must not be done during a rain, or when the dew is on the plants, or they will get r ust spotS, which will get larger every and at last destroy the whole leaf. HARVESTING. The maturity Of tobacco is seen, if the leaves, which were green up to now, when held against tho sun, show yelloi\V ish, reddish, or brownish spots, feel sti cky, and when bent break off short and clean. Before .this per i od sets in, the drying house should be in good order. This house is built to give room for tho free hanging up of the tobacco, so that it is protected from the sun,. wind and roin, and is allowed to dry by tlhe free circulatio n of the air. Any building, therefore, will answer which has .. good roof, boarded sides, n.nd enough windows and air hol es (which can be c l osed at. will) to keep up a mild circulation of air inside, and also to keep out strong and too quick drying winds.' If the tobacco is grown on a large sca)e, the house should have large doorways to drive a wagon in and out. There must bo sticks all over the house, either cross or and these sticks must be ready and in their places. Now the work of harvesting the crop is com menced on a clear or cloudy but not rainy day. The mature plants (those not ripe are left long er on tho field if not too Jato in the season) nre c u t off near the ground, two of them lied together by the but-ends and hung up in the field on riders, which rest on two forks fastened in the gro und and they are left there until eve ning to wilt; then they ll;re brought to the drying house and hung up. The tobacco is hung up on the upper sticks first, and the work continued downwa r d ; care is taken that the sticks are siK or eight inches apart; also that the plants are n'ot too near together on the s ticks, because the air should have free passage among the plants, and whm they touch or rub against each other unsightly spots are produced. The stieks must be pretty wide, so that the two p l ants which are tied together, and one of which hanger ties of thi s LICORICE, which, being n ow brought to the highest petfection, i s offered under the above style of brand. We are a lso SOLE AGENTS for the brand F. G. by consumers t o be the best m the market. And for the brand of Licorice Stick G. H. In a ll respects eq u a l to CALABRIA. GOMEZ, WALLIS & CO., 2T-M 29 k 31 Sou&hWWiam. St. LICORICE EXCELSIOR MILLS PURE POWDERED LICORICE, Gum Arabic, OLIVE OIL, TONQUA BEANS, .A.i:a.d other Flavorings, for TobacCop.ists' use, ror sal e by WEAVER & STERRY, Importer s, 29-81 16 PLATT-ST., N. Y. LIQUORICE PAS'l'E. A P. FRANCl.A., Importer of Liquorice, 101 Water-Stre et, N. Y G & P, Cahill k Co., XX .t ld:F brands, an of su perior qn&Uty, for sale a t lowe!lt, market rates. THOMAS HOYT & C o ., TOBACCONISTS, No. 404 PEARL STREET, NEW-YORK, Manufaaurers of all k i nds of Fine -Cut Chewing and Smoking Tobacco, Snuff, Cigars, and Havana Sixes. OUR BRANDS FINE-CUT CHEWING: SUNNYSIDE> HEART'S DELIGliT, NATIONAL. THOMAS HOYT & CO., New-York. HOYT, FLAGG & co., Louisville, Ky. HOYT, .FLAGG & CO., Successon to HOYT, BARBOUR & CO., 107 109 Second St., LOUISVILLE, KY., ManufaCturers of the followi n g celebrated brands of FINECuT CHEWING TOBACCO: SUNNYSIDE, SWE}i:T OW.F;N, ROSE-BUD. KILLICKINICK SMOKING TOBACCOS, Go1den Eagle, Cabinet, Grand Mogul, Chimney-Comer. \ HOYT, FLAGG & CO., Louisville, Ky THOMAS HOYT & CO., New-York JAMES FISHER, fJR., Commission Merchant, PETERSBURG, VA -:a:-Refers to Keurs BULKLEY & ](00BE, No. 74 Fronttreet, New-York. Orden pa.rtleularly sollcited for Shipping and Ma,nufac urln.g Lea.t Tobacco. 27-89 Established] [1803, C. H LILIENTHAL, lf.&l'fll"F.A. FOREST-ROSE lobatt@ !froktt, NO. 86 WALL-STREET, (Tontine BuUding,) 18-88 NEWYORK. M. ERTHEILER, TOBACCO 8ROt\SRt 124 Water-Sreet, NEAR VVALLST,, NEW-YORK. P. LORILLARD, SNUFF AND TOBACCO MANUFACTURER. SALE ST8BES, 16 18, and 20 .Chambers Street, 16-54 NEWYORK. WHITTAM & LA WHENCE, MANUFACTURERS OF A.ND GRA.PE TOBA.QCO, Kr1. G. B. Killer &; Co.'8 American, Gentle .. man, Kaccoboy, and ScotCh SNUFF, 36 BROADWAY, W.K. ll LA.Wlt.Dl"CI, GJ:QR.GE :0. Mrcr.LE, Enwn. N LA.Wn1NCE, New-York. H. OOLELL, Chatham-street Snuff DEPOT, 202 Chatham-street, N.Y., Recommends his we)l a.ssork!d stoek ot Havau& Wrapper s and Fillers; Connecticut, New-York, anli other ktnda of Seed-leal of the best qnallt.v, at. tbe "LOW EST RAT.ES; belldes a.ll kinds o! Gall k ,\x's, and Goetze Broth crs' German and Fancy B1noking Tobacco as well aa a. good .election of Fancy 211) ARTHUR GILLENDER & CO., SDOOWORS TO JOHN A.!P>ERSON & CO., W.i..NOFA.CTtrRERS 01' Till jnhttt 114, 116, and 117 Libertystreet .um 121 tledar-street Arthur Glllender, Napoleon B. Kukuck', J oseph W. Gray, Jo1 eph L. R. Wooil, 14-1!9 NEW-YORK. Tobacco, Snuff & Cigars, REisMANN & KAPPEs, 395 Pearl street, New-York Dealers & Commission Have constantly on h&nd & large .. ortment or Vlrclnla JJianofiLe&arcd Tobace.;, Pare M E R C H A N T S Turkbh. Smok.tnr:, Imported Dava na aud Domestic Cigar. .Aiso, a great variety of English, French, German, and Scotch Clay Pipes .ar THE ONLY MANUFACTURERS OF THE MIERI-CAN BIRDSEYE SMOKING TOBACCO. 2T-52 BARBER & DUNLOP, DEALEUS IN LEAF TOBACCO, AND lUNUJi'.A.CTURERS OF SEG-A.R.S,. 348 Pearl Street, }. r H:&W-Y ALT, KTNDS"OF SEGARS MAN OF AOTURED TO ORDER. 2T-89 .ALIX.AIDER MARCUS, DE.ALIR J:J Havana and Domestic CIGARS, mnhatcn, Pipes and Fancy Articles, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, Nos. 37 and 39 Bowery, 28-M NEWYORK. CHAS. T CHICKHAUS, IliiPOR'I'ER AND DlC.Al.ft d VlliGINIA SltOXING TOBACCO, ETO., W'UOL"IS..U.E AND BIUIL, No. 176 Broadway, (Howard Hotel.) NEW-YORK. CF' Agen' tor :Bronson's Tobacco, Toledo, Ohio, 18-88 J. M. MAYORGA,. DaORl'BR Oi' Havana leaf Tobacco, U OEDARSTREET, 1s-so NEW-YORK. .S. BERNSTEIN, H avana and Domes tic No102 -18 91 William Street, ll.ANUFAOTURER .AND DEALER IN 14-2s tlOMESTIC SEGARS. LICHTENSTEIN BRO'S., "WHOLESALE AND RXTA.U.. DJt:,\LJmS JN lEAF TOBACCO, SEGARS; ETC., ETC. AU or Ping, Fine-cnt, Smoking and Chewing Tob&cco. Aleo, a l.arge assortment of Leaf, Tobacoo constantly o n JiJ'""" 001JI{ltry promptltl 34 & 34i BOWERY, N. Y., -.ANDNo. '19 GBA.YnmST.REJ:T, NEwBLEAN8, LA. 56 JOS. MAYER &. SONS, DEALERS i 3ll kinds of LEAF TOBACCO AND SEGARS. t 22 Water-Street, 81 NEWYORK. J08J:PR B:KLJOSBXRG DAVID LEVY LEVY & SELIGSBERG, PKAI.IUI8 IN Connecticut Seed-leaf, AND IMPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO. 246 Pear.! Street, NEWYORK. FELIX MIRANDA, Havana Leaf Tobacco, 193 PEA.RLSTREET, NEWYORK, .Aim V.AliUl'ACTottu OJ' TJIB alU.MD OP S"KGABS RITIOA, 17-119 In. Havana. GEORGE WICKE, SEGAR BOXES, (Superior Make & Prime Quality,) 24-62 OF CEDAR WOOD, No. 26 Willettstreet, NEW .. YORK MOSS & FALK, lf.AJC"OV.A. Ol'UIIXRS OP .1BD DElli:RS LEAF TOBACCO, NO.7 BURLING-SLIP, (Joot O r Jomi..ltreet.) 222 Meerschaum and Briar PIPES, SMOKING TOBACCOS, SHOW FIGURES, ETC., 28 and 30 Libert-y Street. KAUFMANN :BROS. & 'BONDY IJ(rOBT.Ii:RS Qj' FL.'l"E MEERSCHAmi .AND BRIAR PIPES, Mce-racltaum !l.'u.bes, Oltina, :La-va, and Woodt.n, Pipetlt Segar Cases2 !l'obaCC!, BLOOMFIELD, CONN. T, 0.. JlilROWIC. 211 SUGGETT & KIMBALL, Manufacturers of the Celebrated RkNBY SUOGR'IT } WM. S. X T WB.ALL, 211 ROCHESTER, N.Y. Liverpool Consignments -:o:-THE RICHMOND t::!VENDISD COaiPANY, LUiiTED, Pnrpose oper;aing their New Wareboneel in GUENOCKSTREET, PAISLY-STREET, ond.....J:WB.k&'l'S.TREIT North immediately opposite U te Prince's. Dock, LIVERPOOL, on the let of Jul y, and wllllbe ready to receive consignments of-Lear and Mamif'act.uredl Toba.cco to r sale on commission. THOMAS COPE, (of the firm or Cope BII'Os .i IUN.&.ODG DtBBOTOR. Ne-w-York-MeUl'fl. E. Morrison k Co., 41 :Broadslreet.. 17-29 HARTFORD ,ADVERTISEMENTS. NewYork. C C d & C WESTPHAL & LERNEMAN asey u more o., DllLRRS Ili --FINE-CIGARS, Leafj) 86 Maiden-Lane, '1-19 SEGARS 214 State street, CONN. ..


. 4 T .HE TOBACCO LEAF. J.D.BURNHA.M &CO., BALTIMORE ADVERTISEMENTS. GEORGE BOLDI N. KICIL\EL WARTMAN. andtr Oty Ordlauce Ill! ilaT .Jiil CHICAGO ADVERTISEMENTS. P.. H. CEf&J;:L, R OBR JIT LD. u.anuraeturen and Deatere In &ll klntla or Tobaceo, Snuff and Cigarg, -ALSo-Leaf Tobacco, 77 ancl 79 Asylum-st reet, 12-64 HARTFORD, CONN. liSSIIAN & HAAS liROTHERS, DEALERS IN CONNECTICUT Seed I eaf Tobacco, AND KANUEACTURERS OF CIGARS, G. W. GAIL CHRISTIAN AX. G. W. GAtL&AX, S J.Y.J: O ;:B: I N' G 2 AND SNUFF -.u.soImporters of and Dealers in Cigars, Pipes, Snuff-boxes etc., NO. 28 BARRE-STREET, Baltimor e Md. L. W. GUNTHER, FERGUSON, GERRIN& .& CO., JUNUJ'Act'VUBS O:J' ad lft!oo llll SMOKERS' ARTICLES, ETC., No. IS 1 Clay-street, BALTIMORE. BECKER & BROS., C ENE RAL Wholelale Deaien tn all ktndo of BOLDIN & WARTMA.N, Tobacco & General Commission MERCHANTSt 105:N. water-st. & 106 :N. Delaware-ave., PHILADELPHIA. On hand, 200 Cases Ohio Seed-leaf. DOHAN TAITT, Tobacco Commission Merchants, AND AOtt:N'l'S l'OR. TO. SJJ.& 011' Manufactured & Leaf Tobacco, 29 N. Water-st.J A; 2$ J'l, Delaware-ave., M. I. DO!llN, JNO T. TAITT, K&IOBY HISS. 6T PHILADELPHIA. L. B HAAII, 282 Main street, Commission Merchant, LEAF TOBAcco, UNITED STATES BONDED WAREHOUSE. P B. H.uo, J BeiJUN, H.B.H.uo, HARTFORD, C ONN. .... B ra.ncb-RAA S & CO., Leaven,;orth, Ka.n. 12-64 D. W. KING, AGENT, 164 STATE STREET, Hartford, Conn. H. & Z. K. PEASE, DEA.LIRS IN Seedleaf Tobacco, and State-street, 12-24 HARTFORD, CONN. FARNHAM & BARNES, PACKERS UriD DI. U ,Ii:RS nr Fi-ne Conn. Seed-Leaf TOBACCO, No. 238 Stat e-street, IJ:A.RTFOHD, CONN. S. S. CASE & CO., DEALERS IK DIPORTED AND DOMESTIC CI&ARS & TOBACCO, 98 Asylum -street, HARTFORD, CONN, BRANCH HOUSE-78 Dearborn-stcet, Chi-AND TOBACCO FACTOR, No. 90 Lombard-street, (On e door west o! Kx.cbllngc-placc,) liALTIMORE, MD. Lib eral a.dvancemenb made on consJgnmenls t o my address. C2 WM. H. Mn::ne. H. J,, Y'nas. WM. H. MYERS & BRO., MANUFACTURERS ofSEGARS AN W!IOU:SAU: l>i :Au:ns IN Foreign and Domestic Leaf AND SEG-ARS; .ALSO A.GE..'l'I'S FOR TliK S.,Ul OF MANUFACTURED TOBACG o, N o 1 47 W. Pratt-street, SALTUIORI, lilb. [Established in 183 7 .] CHAS. D. DE FORD & CO., 31' SOUTH. GAY-ST., -... SEG.ARS2 94 Lombard-Street, (near Light,) BA.L 'I'IIIIOHE Constantly oo band a large quanLit y or Connecti cut and H1waoa T()baeoo11. 39 JOSEPH SCHROEDER, JobiJer aDd Wholesal e Dealer i n Leaf, Manufactured 81 EXCHANGE PLACE, 1'hird cb:x>r East of &1 M'DOWILL &: DUKCAI, (First. Coll ection DisL-tet of Pennaylva.nla.,) TOBACCO ... LEWIS BREMER & SONS, WUOLE9A.LE DlfA..L:ERS IN !?tnf ttnh :Jln:ni.tfndurth tto.&n:mr, SEGARS, SNUFF, &c., No. 322 N. Third-st:recto, Betw:n Wood and Ca.llowhill, I.Ewrs DRE:MRR GIW. \V RRF.MER, 'l'HlW. llltEMI!:R JOS. A. UREM.E.Il. Just received, a large quantity of seed and Segars. 01 A. M. FRECHIE, IHPOR'I'ER AND lfA NUl" ACTTJRER OF Domes'c and Havana Cigars, AND DkAL:ER IN Lrsaf Tobacco5 a:o., &o. 230 5T V\\:'-\u.l\e\\'-\\:'-(\, BUCKNOR, M 'OAMMON & GO., Commission Merchants, lN ALL DBSORIPTIONS OJ' LEAF AND MANUI'AOTURED TOBAOOO. 37 N water-st. & 38 H. A. J. BUCKNOR, D 0 M'C.UUION, A. J. DUCKNOR, Ja W. NASSAU. PHILADELPHIA. c;ir UNITED STATES W.A.TIEHOUSE. C o n1!\gnon can f o na1d thel r Stocks u IN w ithout pre pa.yiDg the Government Tax. f)7 HARE, "WH()L"f:SAT,I: DIULKR t ..ALL ni"DS OP" FOREIGN AND DO::VfESTIC Leaf and Manufactured TOBACCO, cago, m BALTIMORE, General Commission Merchants, No. 39 North Water Street, PHILADELPHIA. SNUFF, SEGARS, ETO., Nos 4 7 4 and 603 N Second-st., 153 and 155 Noble-st. PHILADELPHIA. Agent fQr GAH. A: A:x'fl Tobacea and Snuff. 6 1 -Conn. &eed.Ieat Tobacco received and .uJil on Oomm lssl on. 1'2.S'i BROWN & ZWEYGAR'I'T, DKALKRS lN COMMISSION MERCHANTS, For the Sa.le of J4onufnctured lUld Leaf Toba.coo, Cigars, etc. 61 -c. M. MEYER, COMMtsSION FOR TO 84LK OJ' Leaf Tobacco, DKCo:LL:ivER .aNc .. Leaf and Mannfactmd Tobacco, ... D >rANUFACTU!mS o Merchandise Brokers, ciGARs, PIPES, ETc., ALL KINDS OF CIGARS, 3 CHEAPSIDE-STREET, No. 82 Nortb Front Street, ALSO, FOR HA.LTIJIIORE, I!ID. 87 PHILADELPHIA. 0. Bronson's Celebrated Toledo Tobacco, 212 STATE-STREET, Ha:rtforci, Conn. A. G BBOWR 1!).24 ll. J. ZWEYGARTT, JOSEPH S WOODRUFF, DF,AJ,J:R IN Connecticut Seed-leaf Special attentlon pa.ld to the sale of CIGA.RS, TOBACCO, GOODS, i1.8 well AA Mercl1a.udiso generally. RBFER,TO :M:es!rs. C D. DeFord & Co., B F. Parlett &Co., G. S. \V lltta .&: Co. J fenJI'Icl1 Uros, L. Beebe.. Darby A: Co. R. Rr11us & Co L. Mc:Morray A Co. Jas, Powers A: Son, Clabaug h & Harris, H. Scllc"l'crllog, 168 Pearl-st reet; Ui!.l<'ord, Thayer & Co., 44 Water-street, N ew York. 11 BECK & HOLLSTEIN, TOBACCO AND T 0 B A C 0 0 General Commission Merchants, 67 SOUTH GAY STREET,! No. 233 State-street, HA.RTFOHD, CONN. 16-113 Baltimore, Md. G. Gl'I!:SKE. ED. NIEMANN. BOSTON ADVERTISEMENTS. GIESKE & NIEMANN, Leaf Tobacco JSO. lflT(IJI:J: LL. JB.CDIR 'I'KVlS. Wlf. M". W All:R. MITCHELL, TEVIS, & CO., 1LANUFACTURERS OF ,SEGARS, .um WHOLESALE DEALERS IN ALL XINDS m Manufactured Tobacco, And Sole Agents for BARNEY, GRERN k,t:lO.\i QUEEN CJTY TOBACCO WORKS. 27 NORTH THIRD STJ:tEET, Phila d elphia. < .28-44 EICHHOLZ BROTHERS, Manufactllrers or and Dealen In FISHER & CO., Commission Merchants, Imported Domestic Ci[ars, Commission Merchants; NO. 76 SOUTH CHARLES-ST., .., (Pet. Lombard &Q.d Pratt-sts.,) 6 1 BALTIMORE. 23 CENTRAL WHARF, H WILKENS & CO., i'Ll.HCiil l'iSBKR1 -..B.Pwlu, li'lwi018K. Pwlu, Jou B :IISJIU BOSTON. M ONUMENTAL CITY TOBACCO WORKS CLARK BREWER & SONS, NO. 181 WEST PRATT-STREET, BALTIMORE, MD., M anurtleturers o f a.lllo.lod1 () MUDFA"'DR""" AND IN & h t) M r Importers or u-nu .t onncco, Cigars a11d Leaf Tobacco, and other 14 SOUTH :MARKET-STREET, lS-28 BOSTON. NEW -ENGLAND TOBACCO WORKS. -:-ADAMS, BATCHELDER & 00., lf.4Kt1r4m'DRRS O.F .LL CllUDES Of:' Fine-cut, Chewing, and Smoking TOBACCO. Salerooms : No. 6 ChathaJU -row, B%'NHt. 18 N. W BATORRT.DWt,. EICBBERG & ELLER, Smokers' Articles. Depot w ith Lindheim Bretb.ers & Co., 26 Courtlandt-street, New-York. Depot olso at E. L. Witthaus corner Front and Philadelphia. G1 F W. FELGNER, SOLE JfANUJ'.AOTURER AND SUCOBSSO B TO F. H. BISCHOFF'S, Deutscher Rauchtabak, AND OTHER CHOICE liRANDS, 90 & 92 South Cbo.rles-street, Gt BALTIMORE. B.F. PARLETT & CO., -. WllOL'ESAt."E DEA1iruJ IN LEAF TOBACCO, IIi Ntrlb Tlllrd-st., A; 1300 North Frontst., PHILADELPHIA. W..A Yi:R EICIIlfOU:, } SOLOMON KIOUBOU1 87 J LRVT. LEVY. LEVY BlOTHERS, Manutacturera and De&lera In SEG-A..B..B. 53 6 North Second Street, PHILADELPHIA. M."nufaoturers of the Juan Nicot Brand. 87 Batchelor Brothers, !LA.NU.rACTURI:RS or DOMESTIC, HAVANA AND YARA CIG.AR.S, 131 Norlb Tblr(-st., a ad Jl !'I trill Setond-st., PHILADELPHIA. A largettoek or :BATCHE LOR'S otltbfoa ted Yara, Youn g American, and other well-known branda,constantly on htmd, 3T WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. JOHN DOUGLASS, WDOLESA.LK .HA"VANA MANUFACTURED Leaf and Smoking Tobaccos, T 0 a a c c 0 .&.kD DEALI:R;S 1N DOMESTIC Sl!&ARS, 169 :Milk street, BOSTON. -or the and Ingomar .Branda. 18 II. SAliUEL & liROTH ER, DUU:BS IN Havana and Domestic Cigars, -.un>-TOBACCO, -No. 6 Court IIQ.Uare, Boon. IF J11111ofactnren of the br:Lnd! u American Zouaves 11 ud "La Promenade 11 13 H. CARRUTH & CO ALL DESCRIPTIONS OF SEGARS, PIPES, ETC. Merchants for Sale of Same 92 LOMBARD & 5 WATER-ST., B. F PARLETT, M D. 8AY"' 61 Baltimore, Md. J.FowLXR G. H. BOLENIUS, WUOI ,).:SALE .KALER I N LEAF TOBACCO, Manufactured Tobacco and Sears, NO. 202 W. PRATTST., 61 Baltimore. S. ROSENFELD & CO., DEALERS L."i No 13 North Sixth-street, (Oo m e r of Commerce-st.,} PHILADELPHIA. A. K. STOLTZ, Wholesale & Retail Dealer in Tobacco AID liA. VAlli A A1ID DOIIlEIITIC SEGABB, Cor. Third & ButtonwOocl-ats., PHILADELPHIA.. 1::F Leaf Tobacco Imponed and Domea&lc Segars or all kJnda constantly on hw, and for sale at 'be lowest cub priceS. 61 B. A. VAN SCHAICK, DEALXR IN Leaf & Manufactured Tobacco, FORJ.lGN AND DOKESTIC -&lG!RS .Um PlPES, GENDAL DEPOT FOR SMIT H BROTHERS, Segar Manufacturers, AND DEALERS IN ALL KINDS O'B' 5egun;, \tofiuccos, Jlipes, &c. NO. 121 N. THt.KD-STREET, ABOVE ARCU, PHILAJ)ELPHI.A... NO. 33 S CJIARLEB-STREET, ABOVE LO&IDARD, B.A.L7'IMOltE, MD: COR. THIRD-STREET AND PENNSYLVANIA-AVE., WASHINGTON, D. Q lYiwksal6 .Aqe11.i-8 l"r K. 0. BARKKR'S Ole bt':\,..; J. n. AL&XUCDRK A: Co., Bankerll Ne.wY'ork; W. B. U uuLTO:f, l'resJdent P eop les' Bank, Lo\Jiswille K;r.; W. C. llrn, Oal!bler Oommtrclal Dank, f .oubrv>ille: Uy.; .J. G. B.ut.RKTT, Cashier Cith:em' Dank, I..Qulsvillc, Ky.; Mi'!ssrs. SPun k Co., Pickett House, Louisville, Ky. i F. 8. J. RO:lfA.LD 1 Ninth-street Rouse, LoulsvllJe, Ky. 719 W. El. GLOVER. no. L. CLOVER & CO., L. A. iHETERIOHS & BROS., BOONE Tobacco Manufacturers, TOBACCO WAREHOUSE, 83 N. Third St., bet. Pine kChetnut, ST. LOUIS, MO. MULLEN & DIETERICHS, WESTERN TOBACCO AGENOY, llo. ,, s. Water-at., tor. WallaSh-av.; CHICAGO.11. Hou.n, } Conolgnmento Reapect-0. W D,...,.CIII. fully Solicited. WILLIAM L. AUSTIN, BROKER IR ALL DJiD8 or Leaf Tobacco, ST. LOUIS. 110. Orders solicited and promptly 1!lled. SAMUEL VIRDEN, 'mmissiu roa no: uu or TOBACCO, JIEIIlP, COTTON, WOOL, LEAD, GBAIII'S, HIGHWIII'ES, And Wes&.ern and Sou\lJcrn P r oduce generally. No. 62 CoiU,JilereJal Street, Between Olive and Locn' Street,, ST. LOUIS IN J. W. BOOTH & SONS, To]lar.r.o .t General l'roduc e Commission Merc_hants, 133 & 135 N. Second St., w. ST. LOUlS, MO. .Soho N. Booth, 'Jbomaa &otb. 174 1. PtrUL Wl!. fl'. OTTE, PULS & OTTE, Maoufa.eturen or all klods o r AND n:t :...t.I,EJI.S I N Snull', Pipes, and Smoking TabaWl, No. 106 Third-st., bet. Vine & Locust ST, !IIO. Our prin cipa l Brand11 an-Eidol"&d(), 9 lo. Nnt; Na.tura.l Lear, 9 Io. Banana Fig; Cavendlsh, 6 lo, ; Kx. cel.Jor halt bright, 12 ln. 183 LEOP. S _CHROEDER, UU'ORTD., IUtroriOl'ORUl J.l8D ))EJ.Ll : H JN Havana and Domestic CIGARS, Tobacco, Sn.utr, Pipes, etc. NO. 59 CHES'l'lliUT-BTREET, ST. LOUIS, I!IO. AU ordera for manul'aeturlng special brands o f c:lga.ra promptly attended lo. 182 Betwe.en Ninth and Tenth, LOUISVILLE, KY. J. G. SPALDING & BRO., lU!roFA.cmJ"BERS OP KINDS OP Chewing Tobacco, NO. 109 MARKET-ST.,. Between Brook Street, LOUISVILLE, KY. pr ORDERS PRO:IIPTLY FILLE,D. 111-41 b .JR. 1 R, D", SPl..LDlMQ. W. D. BP.llDING. D. SPALDING & SONS, Leaf & TOBACCO, Nos. 209 a.nd 211 Chapel-street, LOUISVILLE, KY. 10 06 J. S. WILLETT, Tobacco Manufacturer, Nos. i27 & 129 Third-st., bet. llfln A; liver, LOUISVILLE, KY. -:o:-BRANDS: Willett's Na.vy, lbs. !t.nd i 1hs.l Onge's NQvy, lbs. and 1-lbs. Wlllclt t'IJJ .. ong lOs. ru'ng12s. Willett' s 'tu'ng51. tN. ruuning lOs. Wl\lett's 6 oz. 2.40Drlght lbs. lf\s. rumJing l4s. Willctt'!i Des9ert, Goz. D Uba. li-69 :X. J, :n.LEB. FRANCKE & ELLER, JUl@)]3J f;ommissiOR merch'tLRfs, 4241Ualu-st., bet. Bnlllt"t & FIRh, LOUISVILLE, KY. ......... ......... .... ... llurti cular a t tention paid t o the purchase of Lear and ManufiiCtUl'(.'"ll 'l'obac co All k\nd9 or Seed-lea! and Spanish Tobaceos eomtantly ouhaud. W. R. BEATTY, CO.JPI.JPIISSIQN Tobacco Broker, MAIN, NINTH AND TENTH STS., (ori'OSITX BOON& 'l'OB.lCCO w u.wovsx,) Ky. Partlcntar attention ginn to the Pw-cb&l!e and Sale 01 {,f,n( Toharc(). 17-29 EDMUNDS & BROWDER,!! FALLS CITY 0. & R. DORMITZER & 00., RICE & GOLDSMITH, WUOLBSU.IIDULe DEAURS I N FRINCll, INGLISH, AND TUKKJSll Article, 11 tw is t 22's. N&l'y, lt>s. 22'1l. Mool:"l.nk Na\'y, l ba. Pe(lp]e s ClJolce, lbs. I M lb s. Smoking Articles, ws w alnt-st., bet. Flftb ud 81Itb streets, 2os CINCI,NNATI. GEO. HAFER & CO., (Succeuora to DA.I'lm. & DUDDY,) Tobacco Commission Merchants, ..ASD OW'KDS OJ' U.S. BONDED WAREHOUSE, No. 26 Second-street, B.ftW&D :ll..l.P lfD W" J.LKU'l', CINCINNATI Liberal Advances made on Conaignments. 1100 New-York Branch. IROBK, FBISS &: co., V.!IWIJ.O'llTRDS OP Segars and Tobacco, IXFORYI:RB OJ' MEERSCHAUM & BRIAR PIPES, AND ALL SMOKERS' ARTICLES, 53 West Fourth Street, BE'!'. WALlitrl' J.ll8l'tKI: STS.1 90T CINCINNATI. L. .OBDT& ROBERTS & JOHNSON, 120 North Second St., near Vine St., 1'1'1 ST. LOUIS, 1110. J. LUGQftT. naf&Y D.&.U81U.K, LIGGETT & DAUSMAN, Ju.Jrou.crva.aa or Chewing Tobacco, UD DUJ.anl ll .lLL KINDS or TOB!COO, CIGAIS, SNUFF, PIPES; ETC., No. 12 South Second Street, (Offs'"'tollarnum'a ST. LOUIS, MO. -R. M. JOHNSON, Superintendent State Tobacco Warehouse, Old Duck, 14'11 .IUld M lbs, Old Euok, lO's aod l21s .Anna Belle,H's and J:! liJs. IJrflirlc and ).(Ills. Golden Nectttr, 4's. I Oreen Jtiver .Hrtdgt", X lbs. Dh d's Eye, llELif Dime, 22'1!. Plece 16-41 BEN. S. BOARD, Tobacco, Bro ker, LOUISVILLE, KY. O rders for Lear solicited and pl"ornptly ftllcd. REFERENCES: Gloy e r & Co .. Doone i'oba.r co Wnr!'t:ou sc Louls..villc, Ky. Spraltt & Co., Pickett ""\. PheiJp.S, & Co ., Louisville 11 n .()oald & Bl"o., Ninth-street I< u .. Andrew Graham, Xy.; ,Tas. T. Edmond11, J .. out ville., Ky. ; Geo. W. Wlcks,J,oulrvtne, Ky. ; Snoddy & How ard,. New Iork; Mur;eli,Carutll & Co., New-York. 184 JA.S. S. PBUPS, J SJ.A(J U. JA.S. 8. 'l'U.IUfL"tcY. PHELPS, CALDWELL & CO., Cor. Sixth-at. & Washlngton-av., LOUISVILLE 192 sT. Louis, Mo. Tobacco Warehouse, THOMAS RHODUS, Cior. Main and Tenth, and lain and };lmnt Sts., tMt t twf Office, Corner Main and Tenth, .a" oua w ...... o .... ; AND .... ,. AND ... .... D .ntrFBRSON, No. 27 North Second Street, LOUISVILLE, KY. S 1UNT LOUIS. sHIP To "LOUisVILLE WAREHousE." IF" Cons\gomenta ot so licit ed, fot 7-29 the purchW of 'l'obJt.QCO promptly attended '0.. (1 SO) MAYER BROTHERS, IOUrorACTURbS OF r:.M.s'NO AND lltf>Qn'I'EllS UJ. VJ.M 4 WILLIAM A. BASSETT, TOB.&.CCO, Havana and Domestic Cigars, WROL11:8ALB 1R Cigars, Foreign and Domestic SEGAR.&,. .um D-.t.Lltll JR Tobacco Factors, Ohio, Kentucky,Missourl,&Virginia :..ndDealm In all kinds of Leaf Tobacco, M. FRIEDMAN & CO., DE ,\LERS IN SEG.ARS PIPES, ETC., ETC :No. !U Blaclutone Slleet, BOSTON, HASS. LEAF AND :MANUFACTURED TOBACCOS, No. 27 South Gay-street, (Opposite Custom rrouae,) WM. Jl. WELSH, W. WBLSB, OHAS. E. W!GLSlJ. 61 BAL;rUlOU Manufactured and leaf Tobacco, North Froni:-s-trec-t, PHILA.DELPHJA _.. llepot Cor n. Wlll


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