The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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v. : ill. ; 36 cm.


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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/ ) .. I organ of the Tobacco .Trade of the. United States. C. PPmSBD'G, PUliLISHER, No. 142 Fulton Street. f Vol. 1. BUSINESS DIRECTORY 01!' THE T(I'BACCO T:&ADE. -:o: NBWYORK. TOB.6.C(l0 W Agnew William, A Son, CZM and 286 l"ront-rtreet. Arteobuqh .t Bryan, 86 .rut S't Broad. Bacoo, Chudy .t 131 Pearl. Bergmann, J. H., .t uo., 147 Wakr. Baringer, L. & Oo., 148 Wa&er. Burnett .t, 82 Broad. Oal'dOt:o, A. H .t Oo., 16D front. &: Co., tH Bowery. Cowwlly A Oo., 4l.i W&, Crawford,&.)(., a: Oo.,121 and 128 front. Deeo, J'"oho L., iS Water. De lord, Tbayer .t Co., 44: Dubota. Va.odervoort 4 Co., B1 :raueatAeto., Ohas. B. & Son, 56 :rtont.. l're7, W. u .. 188 Pearl r-Gall, Ax a: Kuebler, l'l8 and 175 Wallr. Gauerl & Brother, 151 Boery: Hart, GeoTge 8. k Co., 89 Pearl and 18 Brldp .. Bnom.eyer 1. 0., .t Co 175 He&ld& lllller,1lS Water. Hicks, Jotepb, 89 Water. Billman, G. W. 1 Oo., 108 Front.. Elrwchhorn., 8. &: Oo., 140 Pearl a.DIJ lOS W& Boll&nder, J'lclshc:r & Oo., 10 Water. HunL, H. W. & Oo.,lll1 Water. 'Kelly, Robert E. & C o., 84 Bea.ver. King, 0. K. & Oo.1 24 Broad. -Xftmelbcrg & Oo., 160 Pearl. Levlut. M. H., 162 Penrt Levy & Sellgaberg, 246 Pearl. IAndheJm Bros. & Co 26 Oourtlandt. Mallory' Donnan, ts Water. i .. '' Mayer, JQB, & Sons, W a.ter. M:orrl11, H. M., 99 P earl and 62 Stone. Yurrell, Carutb 1: Oo., 118 PearL Norton. Slaughter & Oo., 40 Broad. Ober, Nanson .t Oo., M Droa.d.. I O'.Nell, David & Co., liD M'&tden-lane. Paoli tach & LMg e, 46 Libert,,. Prlnce & Bacbracb, 3d Pearl. Ra.w.on, Bril'lgla.nd A: Co., 41 Droe.d. Relfuna.nn & Kappef!, 179 Pearl. Robh11100 & G&r,b, 17'3 Sa.lomon,' Simon, 192 Pearl. Sa:wyer, Wa\11.ce & Co., 47 Broad. Schroeder & :Bon, WS Sebubart.. H. AI Oo., 146 Smith, Palmer A:: Co., UO Water. Snoddy A; Howard, 71 Broad. Speneer BroUl.en, 71S Malden L:soe. St.eln .1: Brod, 19T Duane. Stem, Jonas&Oo., 118 Water. 8ulllvn, ..t. Co., 108 Pearl. Tackmann .l Colell, G Plu.t.t. Vetterlelo, Tt.. ll. A Son1,129 Water. Wat.ta, &-Co.,43 Broad. Wetthelm, M. k Oo, 111 Pearl. 'I'OBAOCO BBOKIBS. Calltch, Ohaa. H.,l98 Pearl. ()annan, A. It, 118 'ladle & Rarrlot.t, 181 J:rt.heller, M., 12-1 Water. Pl.eeher i: Rodewald, 2 Hanover-equare. Gant, J. s., 86 Wall. Rader, M, Son, 160 Pearl. Van Pelt, A. H., 126 Wat&r. Jl.ANti"FA.Cf8'RERS, Appleby's Son, 188 Waler. Beek. r. w .t cl). 44 Vt>Sey. Caley, Cudmore & Oo., 88 Mai&m-L&oe. GllJender, 1: Llbert.y. Goe\:&e.l'. A., &-Bro., lt!H and 181S Daane. Goodwin, W. H. k Qo., 20-'l an1\ 909 Water. Hoyt, Thomaa & Oo., 40;1, Pearl. Ltltentb.&l, 0. H., 21T, 219. and 'l91. Wuhfostoa. Lorlllard, P., 16, 18 IUld to Chambers. M:'lllpiu, D. 11. A Co., 'liS, 171 &nd 19 Aveou D MMQer M., lTSi lrlict[e, A. H. k Sons, 86 Broadwar. MOIB .&: Yalk., 'l Burll.ngallp Scheider, Joeeph, 2U and :l48 Cana.l. Joho!.. 61 Beaver. W"&ttl, U. H., -,o Bowery. Wt.t.P .t-IJpmau, 71S Bowery. Whittam lk La.nenee, 895 Pesrl. I1lPORT&R8 AHD DULJ:U. Bal:Wt' A J>unlop s.&Q PearL JrlcDowell A: DlmC&D 39 North Water. Bank, J'. Rh;:uWlo1.t &., 81 Nort.h W!'ter. Vet&erlcln & Co., 111 Arch. I JU.NU.ACTURERS, DI:ALJ:BS, ETO. B&tebelor BroUJ.e!B,a,.. 387 North Third :Bremer l.ewla .t l!kiD 829 North Third. Doul..U. Jobn, 18 NorLh Slath. Blcbbolz Bro\ben, 182 North Third. Brecble A. M., 230 Arcb. Hagen 'Boyd & Co., 61 Not1.h Thlrd Hare, Thomas, 494 -M8 LeYy Brothel'!, ti86 North Second. Mariner, Jaco b, JBSNorth Third. MUcbcll, TerlB k Co., 27 Nortb Third. Smith Bro\hen, 121 North Thlrd. St.oltz:, A. X.., c()l'ller Third and Buttonl\'Ood. Van Scha.l.ek, B .A.l500 Ohe1t.nut. WI&Lbaua,. E. L., 20 North Front.. RICJDMOND, V &. CODUSSIOK BROKERS. Bell .t Reed, G:overnoHtree\. \ ROCJHESTEH, N.IY )(!lUJTA.bTUR.ERS. 811ggeU. & Kimball, 44 ?ttaln. ST. JU:O, TOBACCO W .A.REHOUSXS, Booth Edward B., 'W N orth Seeond. .. Booth: J. W. & Son1, 188""185 North Second. Dameron Bro\hera &-Co., 166 North Second, Grantham 8. A. & Oo., fll Second. JohoaoD, iL M., corner of Sixth and Wasblngt.oD. Murr&J', Andrew, & Co., 87 North Levee. RbodUI, TMmaa., i7 Norlb Sa.muel, 6'2 Commercl&l. )(.Uror..&.CTURER8 AND IMPORTERS, ETC QaUln, D ., lOS North Stcond. L. A. & Bros, 88 North Third. DoTmitzer 0. a: R.&: Oo.,120North Secood. Friedman,' M. &; Oo., 86 NorLhSecond. Liggett&: 12 8ouU1 Second. Mullen, Edward F., 164 Nortb Malo. PQIJ .t Ot.t.e,106 'l'blrd. Schroeder, tl9 Cb('Stnut DR.OKERS. A usUn, Wllilam L. JOSEPH;: .HICKS, Commission Merchant, J..RD DIUD Ill MANUFACTURED No. 82 Water-Street. til NEWYORK. ROBINSON &. CARTH Commission Merchants FOR THE SALE 01!' leaf and Manufactured Tobacco 112 .WATERSTREET, .JOBX B R OBIBSO!'I. Jollll B GuTs. NEW-YORK DUBOIS, VANDERVOORT & CO., I'OR TITE SALE OJ' leaf and Manufactured Tobacco PUBLISHED EEKLY. NEW-YORK, SATURD.A. Y, SEPTEMBER 30, 1865. DE FORD, THAYER & CO.,commission Merchants, AND DEALERS IN' Manufactured and Leaf Tobacco, Segars, &c., &Q., 44. WATERSTREET, New-York: Bonded WarehouJSC, 8'2d Distri ct, Ne'\\-York. Sblppen can forward us the ir goods rN eO: l'm," wlt.hCiut prep.ayment. of the excise tax. 10 -22 wATTS, GIVEN & Co., Gtnlf, WAT'l'i & Co., Paduca.b lCJ. N e w-Orleln!, I a. B.aOWN, Du'l!fKIBiON & Co,, w C. & Co EnJW'f iUe, Ind Lior.,rpOOI, l-:n 1. W. E. SNounv, Loulsvllle, Ky. n s. How.AaD, H W HUNT & CO NewYok & HowARD, Tobacco Commission Merchants I FOrt TUE sm or 167 WATER-STREET, TOBAOOO, OOTTON, POU, FLOUR, Eto., No. "'I Br-tl Sired, 14-52 If e W"' Yor t. 11 Central W"harf, Boston. U. W, 29-!16 J. II. 9.AlfBORN. SAWYER WALLACE& co. S. HIRSCHORN & co., WATTS, CRANE & co., h SEGARS_, :ommiuiou ..,ommu lOD ere aa1s, --AND Tobacco, No. 47 Broad Street, llt A f1 i JI) C Jlll No. 43 Broad St., Nos. 140 Pearl-st. & 106 Water-st., Advancea made on consign1ucnt-;s to our h'ouse in 15-58 NEW YORK. (Nel\r W1111atret,) 11>-m ----29 8 1 NEW-YO.RK. WM. AGNEW & SONS, Tobacco and Commission Merchants, 284 and 286 Front St.reet. NEW-rOBK, D.l'VB ON S.A.LI ALL DESCRIPTIONS OF Leaf Tobacco for Ex}lort and Home Use. Leaf Tobacco baled in any prrckage by 1ryd r au-lic press for export. 14-62 JoHN ,J\fURPHY, NewYork. J. T. Sur r tvAN &B.RO., Oincinna.ti, 0., Ros' T HAll.ILTON, New-York. SULLIVAN, MURPHY & CO., TOBACCO FACTORS A.Nl> C!cntrnl Clfommilillion lftcrchants, No. 103 Pe,.rl St;eet. Near Hanover Square, NEW-YORK. ALSO, Tobacco baled to order for Mexico and WestIndies. Smith, -Palmer & Co., JOBBERS OF LEAF i"OBACCO, No. 170 Water-street, .. ... A. H. SCOVILLE NEW-YORK. Connecticut Seed-Leaf Wrapper, or our Own packing 200 Cases (10M. each) Domestic Cigars on QATMAN & REID, CHAS. B. FALLENSTEIM & SON, IXPORTIRS o TOBACCO AND Merchants, HAVANA um nA.LER.S 1111 DOMEBno Commission liO. 66 FRONT-ST., ll. Y. Leaf I'll 0 b a C C Q AIIJO, AgeDb f o r \VP.. JlRANnT'S SONS & CO. J,omlon ... j adv&nQeS m:ule on consignments to tbcm or Tobacco, CoUon, a.nd Tallow 29-St 186 WATE:a.BfUET, ..&. OJ.TkJ.Y1 } 226 ...... STERN, JONAS & CO., Dli:ALRRS IN L:AF TOBACCO, aa @-50 Do. Med nm, ....... 40 @-4G Pouod s (Wcstern) E:rl.ra Jlne bri ghL, .. 00 6IS Comm on, .... 25 f Flue, ............... (SO 00 Medium, ........... 40 4G Light Pressed (Western}-Pine, ...... no Dl\1. Me'Oort & Co., 9 hhds.; C. B. Fallenstein & Son, m edi um light leaf at 10c., gold; 125 hhds. 80 b f hbd K H F 7 xs m ., 61 s. y.; W. rey, 6 low leaf at 'ltc. a Stc., and several l ots of Penn. seed-leaf; J. c. Ha.,.emeyer & Bro., lugs at 4tc. a 5tc., and Virginia stems at 2ic. 20 hhds.; Heald & Miller, 32 pkgs.; J. Hicks, a qc. gold. 259; 0. K. King,' 37 hhds. ; Kremelberg & Receipts are fully up to the average of pre-c 1 26 k 1 hhd M 11 c th & o., p gs., ; urre aru vious weeks, but exporl.'an, Murphy & Co., 6c. a 7c. Some sales of a rather inferior Watlq, Cra ne & Co., 54; Vetterlein & Sons, description of Ohio have been made at 5tc.; 26 pkgs.; Kittredge & Co., 140; .Ayres & which is a little below our last week's quo s B & D B B t & on, ,...o ; ennmo, 421 ; unz tation. Dormitzer, 224; lludleck & S., 24; S. Frazer Bolldy, C. 4: M.,MS Bowery, Oharlea T.,li6 Broadway. _..,.,+ Wu.,.'r Auoo*, Corneilus Du Rots; l 61 Conslgnme::nt=. ____ t'Connolly & Co., YL.'mi.TER & ELLIS, PROCTORS Wrapper of all kinds continue very finn, F' h & R s 06 M G d 200 J ""'i tsc er ., ; oo wm, ; ftiii rates. T. 'Harris, 168; Heineken & Palmore, 61 pk:gs. Hess., 8.,195 Pearl. Lichtenstein Broth ere. 3 and 84, Bwery. Ma-rcus, Alexander, 3'1' and 8\l Bowery. 'Mayer A:; ll'ront. IIIL)"orga, J. M., U Cedar. MerteWI, 1'. W., 71 &lsex. .Mlr&Dda, t'elb::, 198 Peat-l Oatman II; Reid 166 Water. Rosenwa.ld, E.l Bro., W&ter. Salomon, M. &: E., 1'1'8 Pearl Salomon I; ElklD1,143 WeUbaeber, P., Pearl. IliPOR.TERS O.r Pfl"ES, l:TC Boiken & Sief'kea, t)T M&! Demuth, William k Co., 28 and 80 Llbel'ty .. Ham'burger, J .l Oo., M MaideD-IIDe. Kaufmtmn BroL .t Boody, 61 Le&r O!Jcar JL, oo Lobe' .t Poggmburg, 46 IJbert.y. lllPORUBS AND lf.&NUl"AC'J'UBERS O 0'10 ...... Anabel, 8. & (lo 48 Beaver, Berg & Oo., 629 Broadway. Bernstein 8. 102 Pearl. Kellner, L .. WIUlam. Moae &:. Blneh, 188 Pearl. LICORICE PASTE DUL.a&, Ft"anda, A. P.,lOl Water. Gomez, WillliJ &: Co., 29 & 31 Sout.b WlUlam. Grund, 1'. &: Oerero, 118 l'earl )lorrla, H. M., 99 Pearl LICOKICJ: POWni:R. OEy.KS. Weaver & f:ft.erry,16 SJ:EO LI:AF TOBACCO INSPZCTION, L\nde, F: 0., 76 Greenwich-atreet. TOBACCO PRESS. Gathrie & Co. 225 B'ronW.lreet. llA.NUi"ACTURKR.S Of CIGAR BODS, WIC:ke, George, 26 WUlet.t-st.rem. D<JJU:OBE. TOD..l.CCO W .LBII!nOUSES. Reek & ITollit.eln, 6T Soot.h Gay. Brauns,P. L., & Co. De Ford, Charles D. & Co., 81 Sou\h Hay. Gieske.\. Niemann,,. Gunther, r W., 9!> Lombard. ETC neckc.r & Dros., 9i LomlJa.rd. .8olenlua, G. B., 202 WeR PraU. 1-'elgner, F. W., OOand 9Z South Charlea. Gail, G. w .t n, 28 Barre-ll&l'eet. Myen, Wm. H & 8lQ.1 141 Weat Pratt.. P&rlet.l, B. F. k Co., 02 Lombard. Requardt, J J. & Son, 63 Soutb Oa,7. Rotacnfell.l, S .t Sout.h Gay. Sch-roeder, Jot. Sl EXeha.nge Ptaee. We lab, Wm. & Sons, 21' So11th Gay. Wilkens A: Co., 161 WM Pra.u.. BR.ODRS. Levering, D. A: Co., S Oheapaide, :MA.NUJ'AC'TURIRB OF PlPK81 HO. Ferguson, Gehring & Co., IS1 Clay-street. BLOOMFIELD, CJONN. PACXJ:&S A.ND DLU.ItBS, :Filley, J. H .t Co. dOSTON. M"AN'UFA.CTURKRS 1 .ETC. .Adanl!!, &tchelder &: Oo., 5 ,0batbamrow Wm:. A., 21 Rln.ckstone !ltreet. Carrnt.b, 11 .t Co., 4(1 Hanover. Olark, Bre,-er .l Sonst.!' So\lth Market. :Elchberg & Eller, 169 Milk. :tlaher & Co., 28 Central Wharf. Sa.mue\ 1: BroLher, 6 Oourkqnare. CJHICJAGO. !l..&.NUJ'ACTURJ:RS. Reartt, C. B., 269 and ZTt St&t.e-.treet.. Mullen I& Dlet.erlehs, 47 South Water. Rothschild k Adler, SO South Water. Van Horn, Murray I& Oo., 8T and 88 South Water, CJINCJINN&.TI, TORACCO W J.REBOU8.K8. Bodm&nD, Charlea, 57-66 Water. Bruhean, MeLaua:hUn & Oo., 4G Walnut.. Caaey, Noonan & Oo., Vloe. Hafer, George & Morrla & Chalfa.nL, 1oo, 102, and 104-WHt. front. & Row-, 14 West Front. Sugeut, L. H .t Oo., 31 Walnut. lVPOR'l'EBS, llA.NUJ' .. CTURKBS, ..l.ND D .lLIJLI. Baroey, Green Oo., Ma.ln. Besuden, Henry .t Bro., 161,163, a.nd 165 PearL Krohn, Febls'.t Co., 58 WfM Fourt.h. Kallay, Rleba.rd 122: West Second. NeweU, 8. B., 11S:122 Main, &ad 19 Ha.mmoad. Rice .t Goldamitb, 208 Wal.Du\. Roberts k John1on, 188 Welt Colam\tla. Spence BroLben .t Oo., IS2 Eul. Third. Snlllnn, J. T. & Bro., 89 Raee. H.t.RTF'OBD, CJONN. Jll.A.NUl".A.ClURERS .A.l'ID Dl..lLI&S. Brown & ZweygarU., 2l2 Slate Burnbam, J.D .t Co., 'li-T9 .Aaj\um. Case, S. S. .t 98 Asylum X.uiU & Ha.aa JII'Others, 282 Matn. Farnham .t Baruea, 2SS Stak. King, D. W., 1M Peue, H .t Z. K., 922-224 State. Woodruff', 8., Br.a.te. LOVIBVILLE, KY. rouooo w ..utmovsn. Pra.ocke 1: Eller, 424 Maln. GtOTer A-Co., Main. :Pbelpe, Caldwell .tOo., eorner Y:aln and Tto\h, liA.NUF"CTUUR81 KTC. Edmunda A Browder, 128-130 Tbird. Hoyt., J'lagg .t Oo., 107 and 109 8eoond. Mayer Bror.b.ers, l'lftb. Spalding, D., .t -Bona, 209-211 Ch:apel. Spalding, J G .l Bro., 109 M&rket. WWeU, 1. S.,lll'l 129 Third. BROIEUS. Beatty, Wltllam. R.,ll&ln. Board, Denjam1n S., --. Watldn!!, W. PETEHI\BtrJHI, V 4. TOB .lCCO W A.BJ:IIOUBI:B, Fl1her, J'ames, Jr. PIQL&DE .. PHI&ol 'l'OBA.CCO WAKEHOUSU. Armstrcmg, A .t R., Bont.h Fl'Mt. -Boldin k Wartman, 1o:i North Water. Buclmor, McCammon .tOo, 81 North Water. OoiU'!De'f & 8oD. U 8oulh FI'OIIt Dohan t9 &orth Meyer, 0. M., .G2 North J!'ront. f "'a NEWY -&RK. R. B. Otncn, NwYork R P. 0BER l A. G. 0BBR, Jos. S NANSON, r NewOrleaua. st. Lout. OBER, NANSON &. CQ., Commission Merchants, lfo. BROA.D STREET, NANSON, OBER & CO., F. L. BRAUNS & co., l3A.LTI!HtR:g, .t.ND KRE:MELBERG & CO., TOBACCO N:&W-T B-RK. 800 catu Licorice Paste, quality, dir ect ln1portatlon, Co? tale, In bond or dut.y paid. !n loti to !mit purcbasOI'tl e2 F. r ... DRA UNS CO. No. U Obeap!!lde Daltimore. FOR TE(II IU.L .. 01' LEA.F AND MANUF.A.OTUREJ) 11.TOBACCO, No. 45 \Vater Street, CUAS .M. COI.OIOLL'>',jJt.,} JA!I. M. GARDINER, w ALEx., u 6W,.Y"'"'II. JA9. A. CONNOLLY. 16-54 ,II,," Yf, A., THE CITY TOBACCO AGENCY, S. INTERNAL REVENUE, 1St Jlaldfb Lane & 335 Broadway. M. H. LEVIN, l.vl'OIT&R OP T .. ST Lou111. OBER, ATWATER & CO., NBW-O:ai.B:ANi. No. I 08 Front Street, NEWYORK. BACON, CLARDY & CO,, G 'liT H'll:o: nnd I n I 1 man & Co., LEAF TOBACCO, 162 PEARL ST., near Wall St., A. H. CARDOZO & CO., "('OBACCO G....... Commission Merchants COMMISSION MERCHANTS, .urn AOEliTa FOR TW< = o 1 30-82 PREMIUM VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY. No. t69 Front Street, A 11., 0. II. AKDKR&oJN, Faao. DROifT. NEW-YORK. Partlonlar ttentlon paid to tha l&!o "ot 14-02 Wutern Prodw:e. HEALD & MILLER, TOBACCO 84 \""' NO. 116 WATERSTREET, NEW-:YORK. Plmfor, J. Jl..I.OUitlCU. VIRBINIA TOBACCO WORKS PRINCE & BACHRACH; IJI..llffUrA.07'uRil!U o Plug, Twist, and Fancy Tobacco. UY. 1!-24 New-York. VETTERLEIN & CO., '1' 0 B A 0 0 0 (United St&tes Bonded Warehouse,) 111 ARCHSTREET, PHILAD-ELPHIA, TH. H VETTERLEIN & SONS, 12 4 128 WATER-STREET, NEW .::r -&I.m:. STEIN & BROD, Commission Merchants, 197 Duanestreet, J;ir' Have conlta.ntlyon con&i gnment. a. large q_uantl t y or Connecucut, State and Obto SeedJeaC'.I'o bacco, which wtU be sold in quautiUea to ult purchuen. Cigar manufacturers particularly favo-red. 18-88 MURRELL, OARUT.H & CO., GENEB&L GEO. S. HART & CO. .t!' f. t "" 'Mt 1 t ::m-etr HUt ...,. Tn> or 116 Pearl Street, u LIAF TOBACCO, .. R. T, Pollard, No. 39 Pearl and 28 Bridge Sts., NEW-YOHK. GAIL, AX & KUCHLER, Tobacco and Commission House: DEPO'I.' OF 0. W. GAIL AX' S BALTIMORE. 16-b4 173 & 176 Watef Street, 0. K. KING & CO., Tobacco Factors No. 24 Broad Street. 0 K KTSo. 1 NEW-YORK. 15---M Atcnte ln A. 0 & JohnS. Bri!Jllri:o.. DAVID O'NEILL & CO., !'OREIGN AND DOMXSTIC I 19 Malden lane, NEW-YORK. DJ.'fJD O'NRILL 1U9 WrLLlAM lrf. Palo& 600 BALES OLD QUALITY Jabana $il4rs anh Wtnqcyrrs FOR SALE, IN BOND OR DUTY PAID, 18-65 I1f LOTS TO SUIT PURCEABBB, BY ROBERT E. KELLY & CO,, 34 Beaver-street, MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, llave alwR.yl! on hand a. large assortment of Mnnu-factnred Tobacco. For sale on liberal terms. 44 John C. Havemeyer & Bro., TOBACCO HENRY M. MORRIS, Importer & Commission Merchant, UCORICE, GUMS, DEANS, OILS, HA YANA SU G!illS, Ao. LEAF & llAN'D TODACCO. Nos, 99 earl aod Stone Sll'etlil, New-York. < U. S. Bonded Warehouse, Dlstrlet, N.Y. S O 82 M. WESTHEIM & CO. Commission Merchan+co llANUF!C?UIIEB or .... BEG-.A.R.S, NO. 175 PEARL-STREET, .UID DF.ALERS '" NEW-YORK. 'RX, NOnTOS", 1'110, s. Sf.!UOIITIR1 D. U WJSDOM. NORTON, SLAUGHTER & CO., Tobacco.& Cotton Factors; .A.HD C!f.ommhlllion Dtmhantll, NO. 40 BROAD-STREET, 25-80 NEWYORK. SPENCER BRO'fHERtl, YifonVJnt-d.d,(Jn/ C!le?cht 1ti.J _, DEilLERI:I IN TOBAq:o. AND FURS, .Pflv. '15 .ltaide n !?rme1 T. H SPENCER,} I. L SPENCER, )11 "'\' ';:f.1,.,.t. C. C. SPENCER. k)"-4 "'".t_ 1\-1.4 b. 211-Sl H. SCHUBART & co., -177 PEARL STREET, (Up stalra,) NEWYORK. P. W;EILBACHER, Ult'ORTKR ..l!ilD DEAL&R IN ..lLL EllllnS OF Leaf Tobacco & Cigars, 196 PEARL STREET, Now York. VIrginia. Letlf a.nd Manuta.cturell Tobaccos, on oonslgn ... ment., constanUy on h"nd. 30-42 L. BERINGER & CO., WnOL"K$A L'B D&A t.KRS 11( Seo:ars, Plnp: and Leaf Tobacco, No. 148 WATER STREET, New-York. OllDEUS PUNCTUALLY ATTENDED TO. 30-56 CHICHESTER & CO., 51 BOWERY, NEWYORK, IMPORURS Al'\1) DJ.AUtltS IR Importm or ond.ealero ln kln .ds or Leaf Tobacco & Segars. Leaf Tobacco, Sole JU:anu.lacturen o(the NO. 146 WATER-STREET, (Near H. SCHliB.U1'1 B. I'BIRDII.ut. ARKENBURGH & IBRYAN, CELEBRATED BOUQUET 81110][I1fG TOBACCO. Tobaeco (In bond or dut.y pa.ld) 1n quantities to 1ult purchnaen. Orders receln' & Bro., 1; B. Symington, 1; Kruse & Drex elled through that region state that the barns 1 12 L M' u d 12 T H 111 h e, ;n... a:ran, 4; .. agee have not been so thoroughly cleaned out be-14; w. Newcomb & Qo., 72; Oelrichs, 34 fore in many years. Poppenheimer, 5; Schaffer & Norwood, 8 market continnesactJ B J ohnson, 4; Reynes Bros., 16; Ruete's iv'e for nil descriptions, and especia lly for Vir-s & c s s G d on o., 10 ; pear, 1; E. au e l et, 8 ginia tobaccos both bright and dark. There J R T w h & s upper, 30 ; H. Smit on, 17 ceipts during the week have been qnite large, Heydeekcr & Co., 35 pkgs.; Oatman & Reid amounting to nearly 3500 pkgs. Thus far, W H p & C b hhd R 23 ; rtee o., o pkgs., 9 s. ; however, we noticed no weakening in 0 Rd d k c L N war s, 2 p gs. ; itz, 113 ; L. prices-on account o( increased stocks Pre-26; S. & J. Schiffer, 200; J.l\fncy's Sons, 436 vious rntcs arc fully sustained. In Western S D C R & ra per, 186; eed "Co., 298 hhds. ; 4 tens and twelves there is a slight S R b & c 818 k H Sh osen aum o., p g ; er over our last quota tion s, the best ruling now ,.,o S M & c 316 s man, ; weepson, o., ; atternt 65c. a 'TO. Half pounds, dark, also rule fir lee, L. & Co., 12; C A. Thackston, 146; T mer, and bright arc in good demand at 90c & T H T c E ., 10; ., 100; F. Tag, SO; J. a $1. Navy pounds are in dema nd at hi g h er Whi H w uo ck, 1 0 ; Koop, 12; C .. Walter, 4. rntes, the supply h eing limit ed. Ten s twelves, The consignments from Virginia and North and half pounds, in bond, arc more sought after, and prices are very firm. Carolina, included in the above list, amount Freights are tolerably quiet, and prices r e to 405 hhds., 3470 pkgs., consigned as fol-. low s : main the -eame. Among engagements to Liverpool we note 150 hhds. at 22s. 6d. a Connolly & Co., 81 pkgs.; J. Macy's Sons, 25s.; to London, 900 hhds. at 22s 6d.; to 436; order, 180p kgs., 19 hhds.; Ayres & Son Bremen, 200 hhds. at 20s., and 73 hhds. per 440 pkgs. ; W. P. Kittredge, 80; A. S Ro steamer at 20s. The charters include an acnbaum & Co., 818; E. Gaudelet, 3; Ilein Italian brig, 117 tons, to Gibra ltar and Malta, eken & Palmore, 61; Sweepson, M. & Co. at $1500 in 316; Satterlee, L. & Co., 12; C A. T ha cks ton, 146 ; Bacon, Clardy & Co., 31 pkgs.; 3 hhds.; J. D. Evans, 25 ; c. Read & Co. 298; Schaffer & Norwood, 10; J. B. John son, 4 ; Dubois, 'Vandervoort & Co., 9 ; Fat=n & Co., 28 hbds., 23 pkgs. ; W. H Price & Co., 9 hhds., 8 pkgs. ; S. Draprelgn.lla.\'&n&, Wrapperi11 (rlut.y paM,) ;1 50,n.esorted ... do. 100 @ s 00 @1M 110 @100 @-80 @-12 -20 Ha.T&D&,Jflllcrs,. ....... do. ... -80 Yara, assoM:e 1 ,876 Consignments from Havana: H. Knight, 88 bales; J. M. Mayorga, 165 ; Felix Miran da, 87; order; ll7 ;.J. Schieder, 50; A. Fer nandez, 50; Oatman & Reid, 102; Jansen Schmidt & Rup,erti, 25 ; C. Garcia, 16 ; C Luling & Co., <> ; A. S. Rosenbaum -& Co. 181 bales, 1 cs.

2 EXPORTS! Sh pments dunng the week end ng Sept 26th 907 hhds 1538 pkga crude and 49 9'r6 lbs manufactured Value of crude $349 456 value of manufactured, mclud o g c gars and snuff t188 24 value of $1958 value of snuff $1027 There were sh pped to [Mwpool-88 hhds. $15 009 $5900 total $20 90 0 GluTg-78 cs $5000 417 bales $18 278 1 cs c gara $500 total $23 7 8 BTemen-288 hb.da $91 578 173 hhds stems t6692 872 ca $40 67o $1196 3 bxs snuff $500 1 $318 total $140 959 OanMy Illando-9 hbd $3901 Ventu--239 hhds $Hl4 545 bhds $25 546 Dutch Wut Indtes-2 hhdl. $l367 15 bales $210 9014 lbs mf $3890 snuff. $!00 total $5867 BNt ih. West Ind.a-2 Cll $192 $150 3244 lbs mf $1008 tots! $1345 Bnt .. h Guwna-13 hhds $7668 Bf'ttl81> HonduTal-1 hhd: $340 lbs mf $738 total $10'1'8 Haytt-l cs $89 10 balco, $830 $419 New fhatudtV-'J cs $111 1 bx $127 total $238 Bra11al-C gars $1140 Ouplatine Republ .,_20 cs $2595 Br t11h N. .A OoZon.e1 23 hhds $4500 15 915 lbs nu $4308 total $8808 of exports and thell" values for the week. end ng LOUISVIIt 23 -Sa es !o day at 11orr s d Cl a rants WArehouse number 41 hi ds mely 21 I hd M&oon county &t a $5 for trash a c;1 $9 75 a $38 25 for lugs and leaf 10 I hd }{ ssour 11t $8 7o a tau and 1 hbd at $51 1 do r.t $81 50 1 do at $180 bought by Messro Auor Borg &! Co manufacturcrB of c y;--1 do nt $950 and 1 do t $2u1 bought by Mes El s & Burlew rna also of (I s ctty o hhds trash and lugs were sold at $5 a$8 Rece pto for the 'l'feek bbls and bales and 1057 bxs and kegs Exports 1434 hhds 164 bbls and b:.les and 1056 bxs and kegs ST LOUIS, Sept -I he week closes w th ncreaBed qu ctness and lower grades show a decl ne m pr ce Of the snles to day wo quote 8 1 bds green lugs t $8 60 a $4 60 15 hhds fac t ory lugs at $4 90 a $o 35 10 hhds p anters lugs at $6 10 a $1 no hhds common btpp ng lear at $8 50 a $11 10 11 ds med urn do at $12 a $142o G hhds good do at $15 2o a $1o 75 8 hhds common manufactur ng leaf at $16 25 a $23 1 hhd fine do at $66 per 100 lbs B ds on 81 hbds reJected Receipts for the week 818 bhds pkga 2 CQ and ?9 hxs to the PHILADELPHIA., Sept 23 -Manufac tured s In steady demo.nd at full rat ... Leaf 8 rat cr qu ct. A fe sales have been made to JObbers and "e quote Pennsylvam& seed leaf average lots 6c a 9te .rppere 12c a 14c for common 16c a 20c. and for select ons Oh o seed leaf rappers 14c and fillers fie a 6c Exports for the week end ng 21st mat to Ba.rbadoes S087 lb leaf value $926 nnd 1 lbs mf value $423 to Demarara, 10 1no lbs leaf. value and to Port Spa n 4070 lbs leaf. Talue $1091 Imports none DALTiiUOBE, Sept 13 leaf IS rather more qwot for common grades and rece pts show a sl ght fr.l!ing oft' from the nvero,go of prev10us eeks The better g "'des are however m ll'OOd demand for sh pment at fu I rates We note sales of 622 hi ds Oh o for the French government contracts Other sales are: 50 hhds colory and opaQgled Ol o and 20 hhds Kentucky for hou c u e at the rates gtven below I spechons dunng the week 'TOl hhds Maryland 304. hhds Oh o 10! hhds. Keu 1199 hhds Cleared same timo 026 hhds to M:arae Ilea stock on hand 29 578 hhds Q.UP'l'A.TIORS .3 00 "' 00 000@ 700 8 00@ 10 00 1000@1000 17 00@ 18 00 OO@SOO 9 00 @ 12 tiO 14 00 @ l7 00 2000@2000 Gt>O(t 1 -11anufactur ed tobacco IS Without spec al movement The stock s scant and the mnrket Is conse quently nact ve Sales are confined to the JObb ng busmess and prices are very rreg ular Holders of fancy brands of Western goods arc demand ng extreme pnces FOBl!IGN HAVANA,8e)!t 16 -InleaftbereiSVery 1 ttle domg and we have no sales of assorted lots to report Son e fillers of tho better grades have been sold for the Urn ed States market at pr ces rang ng from $18 a $20 per qtl 0 grvrs nrc wtthout change of unportance Chew ng tobacco has dec[ ned and we note ales of 2u cs arr ved per Havana from New Yo k at $25 per qtl Exporfs to the Un ted Sta es from the 1st of January to the 14 h of September mclu s ve 1865 loba co 288 803 lbs c gars 8846 1lf 1864 tobacco 1 401 465 lbs gars 21 713 M ROT'IERDAM, 8epc; :; -Sales du"lllg !he eck nclude 3":1 hhds Maryland mportcd per A nold Bo nger nnd 24 hhds do ported per (j erman a Lorge sa es of Jnva are announced for U e 20tl nst and for the 4tt of October next Stock of North Amcr can on the 1st of September 1865 2564 I hds Maryland I Ids. Kentucky 9 bhds ste ns Same date 1864 8815 hhds :Maryland 83 II ds Kentucky 15 hhds stems QUOTATIONS ANT"\VERP SeJ.>t 8 -The matket dur ng tl c past week l as been qu ct and we have to rcpo t ales of only 28 hhds Kentucky on second hands. Pnces are fu ly susta n ed On the Gth mst there "ere sold at p tb tc a ct on 0 hhds Kentucky mported per J Cumm ngs from New York nt 86 a 49 cen t mes 12 hhds Kentucky rece ved per Adele from New York, at 36 a 66 cent mes and 95 bales assor ed Havana rece ,ed Saets at 60 a o 60 ce t mcs per t k I Rece pte dunng the week 8'l' bales from England and 98 hhds 105 pkgs from Hoi a d Stock the 1st of August, 1016 hbds Ken tucky 185 bales Braz l 2o0 bales Yara 252 bales Man lla. Arr ved dunng the month of August I hds Kentucky and 653 bales Hnvana.. Sales from first hands 396 bhds. Kentucky Resales 126 bhds Ke tucky Stock the 1st September 718 hhds Ke 1 tucky 185 bales Braz I 260 bales Yara, anol 252 bles :Man I a LIVERPOOL Sepl 9 -l'he market shows 1> st ffeo ng appeanmce for most de scr pt ons and medium leaf continues to sell to afar extent at steady pr ces. The trade are buy ng rather more freely and for export tl ero s a steady demand MoNtHirY R1 .. "' [:i z .. 0 "' 0 1>1 "' ., );; "' .. 0 .. "' 0 "' .. "' "' ::! > .. 0 ... 0 FoR the reasons before sta ed the quant ty and t me of actton of these agents should be taken mto cons derat on whenever used for tho hght decoct ons do not prec sely act accord ng to the nature of the r compos t on, but the strong ones operate solely acco d ng to the nature of the r ngred onts The same decoction or sauce does not therefore act but.for a per od of t me proportwnate to ts ntrmstc power and to the quant ty employed Hence f the same preparat0on s to be ued longer It must be re nv goratcd th esb ngrcd1cnts or ent rely removed If a strong decoct on s necessary ns s the case.; th unnpe and some o her sorts of leaf the same sl ould be used o ly cnce and for so long a t me as t sl ould be deemed proper to produce the des red effect lhe common compost on of a -weak de coct on s a sauce of the fol ng nature mgli the same The leaf s then soaked by the bunch m this I qu d t II the decoct on I as mo stenod the whole of t whereupon t s taken out shaken n order to free t from the l quiy a wetght and t s left there for a pertOO. of t me not exceed ng twelve hour It 1s n eccssary to ascerta !). the qual ty of the tobacco to be soaked, and the stre,ngth of tho decoct on to be used before proceed ng to the operation n ordet to know how long the leaf s to be left under the act on of the 1 qu d Son e 1 ersons leave the tobacco when th sIS of a better qual ty or of I ghter finor from t llenty four to forty e ght hours m the ba.rrel conta.tmng tl e decoct on this 1s generally dono when there are d ffer ent k ods of mfexwr qual ty mu:ed up Th s can 11ot b t be pnJud eta! to a great deal of tobacco because 1 the m xed leaves there must be fat and 1 e fit r pe and unnpe ones and tho bettor part of th m n st necessarily loso thetr flavor n.;nd taste and become as worthleas as straw before the strong fat leaves can acqwre the degree of refinement destred It IS therefore highly necessary C each decoct OQ IS to produce any good effect to assort carefully every leaf of tobacco to be manufactured, so that kiDd_ill pu t TOBACCO apart and subm tted to the freatment md s peosable to ts refinement, t IS easy to ascerta n the ttme requ red for th s pro cess The followmg IS a recipe for a better decoct on Tl e saltpetre must be d ssolved m wann water and poured nto the 40 Jbs water the mur nt c ac1d IS then added a.od tlte whole st rred up To season the !ea.f. take a barrel Witli a It must be observed that for these decoc t ons nstead of a lye soft water s used, an1l e nployed at ts natural tempera.tnre Hot decoct ons are also appl ed some! mes, wh ch are then made of ashes of beech o of p ne WGod they are poured bo l ng over the lea.f. whereupon tl e tobacco ,ressed down by sou e we ght The leaf s left there some twenty four hours s then taken out and put under the regu ar press It s not pass ble for the tobacco to keep Its pecul ar flavor s nee 1t s enl rely drawn out In order to make tl e decoct on corros ve some unslaked I me s added to It The leaf wh ch 1 as been treated w tb these lves must be steeped n water later so th"t the unP*sant taste acqu red may be evaporated The seaso ng s to be appl ed to n 1 nfer o qual t es s nee saltpetre con tr Lutes only to tl e b tterness of the leaf. The first nan pula! on after the soakmg of the leaf. s putt ng t under the press to draw a.s much of th.e lye ou poe blo Many persons was! the leaf n fresh water after tak ng t out of the W.coct on In th s cnse the leaf s taken from the barrel and placed n n tub fresh water IS then poured over t wl cl s mmcd atcly let off and after tl at, the leaf IS taken from the tub and etrongly squeezed out w th the hands Tl s proceed ng s oq]y adv sable after hav ng used the strongest deco to 'I here are many per sons nga n, who leave off tb s wash ng en t rely taking the leaf mmed atcly from the decoct on to the press plac ng t n even strata apd scrcwtng the press uot I every d op of the 1 qu d IS squeezed out The leaf s generally left forty e ght hours under the press and hen taken out put Immed ately to dry n the proper place As a general t1 ng the leaf rema ns some days m th s state before It Is manufactured U s s cspec ally tl c case wtth the Infer or q al eo wl en they a e not placed tn a par t cular room to dry The leaves are com nonly separated so that they may soon dry 'I he same precaution ts taken w th the leaf tl at bas not been subm Ued to the lye but s mply t eatcd by fermentat on for the ob Ject of tb s drymg s to separate the leaves a better v y yet would be to bang them up n bunches n a. dry room It s 1 ot necessary n order to atta n th s end to unt e the bunches for t IS suffic cnt to I a g t em at a certa n diStance from each othe so that they are not n contact g v ng tho room vent laton enough to dry the leai For tbtS purpose no lo g space of t tile 18 need d s nee the leaf I not allo"e the plants will be likely to fa I part ally or wholly A spot where cabbage or lettuce plants. Will thr ve well will usually produce good tobacco plants Havmg selected a su table location next cons der bow large a bed you wtll need That depends on the surface you mtcnd to plant out A bed two rods long by twelve feet w de w 11 pro duce a suffic ent number of good plants to set an acre On such a bed you sliould spread a heavy coat of good fine well rotted manure at least two mches thtck let t be from straw or other I tter 1 ben w th a good strong baclc and long handled spade (or other as you prefer) spade up the bed mtx ng n the manure very fine Have ready some fine dry brush or the I ke and spread over the whole surface set It on fire and burn to ashes A small qunnttty wtll answer better than a very large one for If very much s burned, t ts apt to do nJury by burn ng the soil The less quant ty w 11 tend to destroy &ny foretgn seed turned up and warm the ground Havmg reduced the brush to ashes take a fine U"On or steel rake and proceed to pulveriZe very finely tl e whole surface spaded up After reduc 11g tt to as fine & state as poss ble and hanng made tt fiat and level leave It till the next day 1hen wtth your rake carefully rake over the whole bed It IS now ready for the seed Sow the seed on broadcast be careful to sow It even and true About two th mblefuls or a little less w II be au file ent for such a bed. It ts better to have too ltttle sprout It should now be sowed broadcast very evenly and tre&ted as before descnbed If properly wet at first, t w 11 need no more water to sprout the Before sowmg pul venze the conta n ng the seed, to facllt tate the sow ng Hav ng thus sown a.nd rolled down your bed very n cely tIS well to have someth ng to protect .-t from the encroachment of the fowls For this purpose spread a net o tw ne or a few brush over the surface cov er ng t sq that they may not Olstunrn e u face by scratch ng a d wallowtng It may now be left t 11 tl e weeds begtn to make the r appearance these you w II need to extract by tbe roots as soon as the plante can be d stin gushed these last may be l m the balan-ce the tax IS about equslly diVlded tn one form or another between the leaf and the manufactured Wherever there has l>een a government monopoly tho result has been of the most sattsfactory character ai ts seen the case of Austr a, where It I as onsted for a penod of one hundred and e ghty fiye years, France Spatn S c ly Sardtn1a Poland thb Papal States, etc In Austria where the system has been reduced to a per ct SCience, and where, at the same t me the restnctwn& upon the planters have bee of the most stringent character both the product on and consumpt on have been constderably m creased dunng the whole ttme Of domest c manufacture the consumptton of that country m 1850 was 844676 cwt. and m 1851 tt reached the enormous amount of 452 175 cwt In tlhe latter year there were 476 035 140 c gars of domestic manufacture consumed n t1 e emp re, and tn 185P 777 000 000 be des 8 300 000 of Imported the amaz ng progre wh ch this branch of mdustry bas made In that country w h n the past twenty years IS one of the marvels of the time and dnO!ai Justillu the cODcluston arr ved 11.t by aome, tha\ a government monoj>oly IS the only proper wa7 to deal wtth thtB mtere t But howeYer divenllled the modes and ap pi ancos fur \he collection of the revenue m those eoiUitries, all are agreed as to the Deceastty or makmg excepttonal and spec al pronstons therefOr The most mstgmficant Stete on tho continent of Europe would scorn the tde& of leanng so 1mportent a trust w tb tho Jli!Oplo tbemllelves as 1B done here For they all, long ago learned that whatever re hanoe mtgbt be placed upon the people n re gardl to U.m returns from other ihose from this one could not g811erall1 be depended upon Thia fact IS & cunous anomaly n orals and can be accounted for on! y n the aame way that we &ecount for the frequent, and often open approprtat on of umbre las wh ch happen to lie around unguarded on days namely that there 15 a largo Jtatlllber of mdfnduals In the world who be lteve that tob&eco like umbrell&a IS fa r game for spobatton But tba\ t IS a fact, the ef!'orts made by the governments ctted to pre vent t afford most striking testimony Eng land taxes the raw mater al exclus vcly and she does 10 Simply becam;e she knows she could never obt&in one half her present reve:nue from this source if sl e admttted t dut;w free and texed the manufactures Her cxpterteoce m d st 11 ng demonstrated th s to hor Doe& anybody suppose tha4 w th her pro cl v ty to free trade If she thought It would be to her advantage to reverse her system she would not de It 1 Cert&inly she would and so would tbt other oouutries ..


mentioned. What is true of other nations .is true of this-only it is more necessary that this staple should be got well in hand; not in the bands of the Government, to the extent t hat it is in Austria and F.._nce, but where the Government would know where to find it when wanted, in consequence of the univer sality of itS growth here, the eles, Snuff, Plug,.. &o &o., &o. MANUFACTORY AND SALESROO M : Ioa. '16, 7l. and '18 Avenue D, .14-65 NewYork City. (KSTA.BLI8HED 1 i'll.) A. H. :KICXLE & SONS, ..,.,_,.. "' JlBS. G. B JULU:ll &; 00., 11n. B. mer & c:..,_a.ewtag u S.Okiq TOB.Jl.OOO, A H. MICKLE It SOI'I'IP"II'ORIIST ROS E AND GBAPB TOBACCO, Kn. G B. K ill e r & Oo.'a American GenU aman. Jlr.oooboy, and Scotch SlJUFI', 36 BROADWAY, WK. B. 1"' New-York, From no selfish motives, from no desi re to shift a burden wh i ch belongs to themse l ves to the shou l ders of others, do t he tobacco manufacturers or the coun try ask for a change in the system of taxation. T h e fervent ap peal which went up from them at the Cooper Instit u te in December last, tbe reverberations of which are echoing to t hi s hour, and wh i c h will continue to echo until it l:w! been heard and answered or they sl!all have given over the strife and vanished from the sceno, was no causeless, wanton bid for pop u lar sympa thy. It was wru n g from the depths of de spair. They we r e suffering, imd' suCh is tl)ei r condition to-day Fully realizing the u l)cer talnty, labor, and difficulty attending th e production of the tobacco crop, t h ey have ever kept steadi l y in v i ew t h e necessity of burden i ng as little as poss i ble the producer Before Congress and in their public address es, in their newspaper artic l es, and i n a li their publications of kind, they have uniformly declared that the p l anter should be left untrammelled ; t hat the manufacture r should pa.y the tax ; that the exports sho ul d be free and that, if these immunities and gua;r:antees could not be secured under the Jlroposed change, to Jet t h e matter rema i n as it is. In the forms of law intended t o cover this subject, which they drew u p, published, and submitted io Congress last w i nter, spe cia l provisions were made for achieving these objects, and an examination of those docu ment s would demon s trate that t h ey had suc ceeded. With the utmost facility ftwou l d be seen the tra nsfer could be brought about, 1lod without disturbing or damaging any of the interests involved; and, a lso, that t here was not department of the trade, from the setting of the plants to the transportatio n of the perfected leaf to the markets of the world, but had boon considered and would be protected. In tesiilbony of tho u n selfis h sp irit which bas animated manufacturers in this movement, it" may be remarked that t hey not only propose to continue to pay the tax themse l ves, a.s heretofore, but to the risk and responsibility of paying it in ad vance; and, when it is remembered that the present system requires payment after sale only, the disintereste d ness as well as the magnitude of the proposal will be appare n t. 111-88 NEWYORK.. LIQUORICE PAS'rE. M. ERTHEILER, H. co;L_ELL, A. P. T 0 8 A C C 0 8 n -0 K B n Cbathamstreet Snuff Importer of 124 t 202 N.Y., 101 Water-lltreet, N Y. G &: 1', Oablll &: Oo., XX & MJ' brandt, a U o f .Operlor quali t y fo r la.le at. lowes' market ratea. 21-62 LICORICE PASTE. -:o:-HENRY .M. MORRIS, .../ 99 Pearl & 62 Stone Streets, New York U IPO.ICT.IR SOU J.OBNT JM TB.I (}, I. 1'08 Hill M & M. BEAN D. CERTIFlOA TE8 wUl be abowu trom t b e leadla g man u f&durera In Ri chmond, L1nchbmg, Pt!C.enburg1 D an'rille, B r ooklyo, St L ouis, Loutnille1 Covi n sf.on, PlttlbllJl!, Can ada, .Aust.ralla, and OaHtotnla 8e-S2 NEAR VVAL.L.ST, NEW-YORK. P LORILLARD, SNUFF AND TOBACCO MANUFACTURER. SAL E STORES, 16, 18 and 20 Ch am b e rs Street, 1 6 54 NEWYORK WHITTAM & LAWRENCE, In conc lliSi on, whatever Congress in its wisdom may see fit to make i n the law at the next session, it is to be hoPed that change will be a permanent one, for, next to an injudicious mode of t axing tobacco con tin ua l a lt erat i ons in the mode is the th ing most destructive of the interest. We want stability and permanency as much as we w ant any thing MANUFAOTUBERS 01' PASTE Tobai6CO,Snuff&Cigars, F. GRUND & CERERO 395 Pearl Street New-Yor k I!IIPOBTEBS, Ba1'e CODit&Dll.r oo haiad a large a.or1menL ol ---OwiNG to the misearriage of the mail, the n&mcs of our new subscribers i n Virgi n ia, which were handed t o our agent t o bo for warded, have fu.iled to reach us ; and conse q u ently we arc unable to send TnE ToBAcco LBAP to tbem this week as desired. We re gret this all the more as our Sou thern friends have testified their a p prec i at i o n of our ente r prise by subscrib i ng with exceeding liberal ity, and we wou l d l i ke at least to return th e quid pro quo prompt l y, bes i d .. t endering them our bes t acknowledgmen t s. Before another issue we sha ll doubtless h ave t his accident remedied. Y.ssRs. R.>. wsoN & BRIDOIUN llave recei,ed a considerab l e l ot of confiscated tobacco, n ear l y 200 hhds. steins. Still more is sa i d to be on the way. F OR S ALE, 2000 pieces Spanish ribbons for sale low; acd aleo '700 bales Havana Tobacco, of ditferenl qualities, iu bond and duty paid, by H. & E. Salomon, 173 Peal'l-strcct New-York. & Vir[inia Steamship Co. 118 Pearl-stree t New-York. J. C. y Ca. R. R. YNURRIA.. ao-8'1 F. G. C. T HOMAS HOYT &co; TOBACCONISTS No. 404 PEAR L SnEET, NEW-YO RK, Manufacturers of all kind1 of Fine -Cut C hewin g and smoking Tobacco, S nuff, Cigars, and Havan a Sixes. B R ANDS "FINEC U T CH EWIN G SUNN Y S IDE, HEART'S D E LIGHT, NATIONAL. THOMAS H O YT&: CO., New-Yor k HOYT, FLA G G &: CO., Louisville, Ky. ltlaauftlc&ured Tobaceo, TarllUh SDaokl n K Imported llava na aod DomeMtlc Cigar Allot a lfeM varte&.r of English, French, German, a.nd Scotc h Cla.y Pipei. BP"' THE ONLY lllANUFACTURIIRS OF THE AMERI C A N B I R DSEYE SIIO![INq TOBACCO. BARBER a. dUNLOP, DJ:J.I.t:KS IN LEAF TOBACCO, AND IUNUI'J.CtURERS 0 SEG.A.R.S. 348 Pearl Street, I B. BARB!i:B,I HEWT f}J.fl!' J. DUNLOP. ;u.., ALL KIND S 01' SEGARS MANUI'ACl'URED TO ORDER. 2T-8'i 11091111. o mascn. MOSES & lfiRBCH, i.nt -183 PEARL STREET, (008. OEAUTR ill!l',) 18 -211 THE OLD LINE, SemiW&ekly U s. Mall Line betwe e n Jtew York, lllo rfolk, City P oint, and Ric hmon d Va. H OYT, F LAGG & CO.; MANHATTAN.TOIACCOWORKS. The elegant Stea.mehlpa or tb.l.s line leave New-York, Pier 21 N R., foot or Fult.una Lrect, every WEDNESDAY and SA.1.'URDAY, at l'a o1..:lock x. Returning, they leave as follOW I: Steamship YAZOO, Capt, CouOB,I ea.ves Rlcbuumdevery 'Tuesday nt 8 .A.M.; City Point at 12 x.; Norfolk at 8 P M. 8tea.mablp CREOLE., Capt.. KINO, l eaves Rlchmood b\'eJ'Y Skturda.;v at 8 .&.II.; City Point Norfolk at. Sr.M. b!sued at. redllCed rates PaSseDJer ac-commod&t.lons unaurpuaed. 0. IIE(NEXEN .l:: PALMOilE, Agents, DROJ.DW.6.Y, N Y Agent: G. P W.&.TSo, IUchmond, V&. i Atro. &:, Retenburg, Va.; J. M SVJ.m .t, Norfolk, Va.; A: laBT, Lynchburg, Va,; J, H. Pi:NBERTO, Danvllle, Va.. 30-62 F. W. MERTENS, Succesaon to H O Y T BARBOUR & CO., 1 0 7 and 1 0<) Secon d St., LO U ISV I LLE, KY., Man ufaB:uren of he following cel ebrated bran d a o f FINECuT CHEWING ToBAcco: SUNNYSIDE SWEE T OWEN, ROSE-BU D KILLicKiNICK S MOKING ToBAccos, Golden Eagle, Cabinet Grand Mogu l ; ( H O YT, FL A G G & C O., Ky THOMAS H O YT & C O., N ew-York No. 71 Essex St., n ear G rand St. JAMES FISHER, !JR., ...... .. Commission Merchant, leaf'lobatco &J".egau. PETERsBuRG, vA. 81-83 -:o:Befen to Keun. BULXLBY ol: KOO:U: llo. 14 l WOOD BBLL, WK, !, ROD. :Pront&treet lii'&WYGrk. BELL & REED, COMMl8SlO N BaOKEaSt Over First liatlena l B .. k o r VIrginia, GOVERNOR-STREET R I QHMOND, VA., Duy and sell on Leaf and Manutaet.ured To baoco, and Prodace of aU kinds. Gauu .Aauu. Attend. to aJTanging the loterna.i Revenue Tax upon !-[ anufact.ured Tobaeco, Refer to: Hill, Warren A: Co., Pe!Mnburg, Ya j Adami & Oo ...._ Richmond ; B. C. Vlhlte, Liberty, V&.; General Dufl' Gre--, ton, D. 0. 11-SS Orders particularly sollcl'ed for Sblpplng and \artog Leaf Tobacco. 2T-8V PAULITSCH & LANOE, DB.l.Lmtl JN Foreign and Domestic Lea Tobacco, lfllo 181 t 185 Duii HVMt, New Y ork, F. A. GOETZE & BRO., Jl..i.NID'..i.Ol'URUS or TtJBACCO AID SlUFF. ..-.rbe partic ular atte n tion o f the Trade ts ca.l}cd to t.lle "Garibaldi Smoklng T obacco," and St. Omer R a pp e e Snuft'. J. M. MAYORGA, Havana Leaf Tobacco, 111-80 U OED.A.RSTR.EET, N E W YORK. S. BERNSTEIN, Hav a na and Domesti o SEGA.R.S. Nq. 1 Pearl-s-tree-t, ( Near Rancn'er-aquare,) NEWY O R K li. s:. WATTS; MuuflcWer ot bto Celebrated Bruulo of Fine Out Ohewmg and Smoki n g Recom m eodl bhweD-Maor&ed ltOCll: ot Havana Wrappen and PllJe!ol; Conoectleu't NewYork, anti ot.het klodl of Seed-leal ot the best. quallt.y,at the LOWI'fJT RATa; be lldes all k inds o f Gall .t: Ax' l Bllcho f 't, aDd. Goetse Broth en' German and Fancy 8motlD. r TOOaeco. at wen u a good teleedo n o f J'aney Goods, etc. 2Hi ARTHUR GILLENDER & CD., ..,.....,... .. JOHN ANDERSON & CO., IUSWJ.OTuaaa OJ' 'fBa jnlatt 114, 11'8, and 11 '1 Liberty-street, ) 121 Cedar-lltreet, Arthur GIUe.nder, Napo l eon o. ltukact 'l..lL'W YORK Jo,.pb W. Groy lUi J.1 Lt J otep h L. L 'W' ood. REIS:M!.NN & KAPPES, Dealers & Commission MERCHANTS n1 ALL KDnJe o nt J,'eul-et., kt. PIH u lUJWTORJt,. S ANSHEL & CO IU. Y.ll.l .lND D OiliST I C SECARS, 4 8 Beaver Street, S.ANIJDL. f N M.wiLU'Lll, (!IT) NEW-YORK. IIanna and tJermaD Began In llond for Export. ROBE.RT .BURNS, PUFF. JUDY PUQEIJ.E D'ORI,EANS, SEGARS. Regalia Bretimioa, Imr:a Regali& de Londrea, Reyna, Bega.lita, DCbaa, Lcmdres de Oorte, Operas, eto., eta. For l&1e by the oole K an ufaolurer, oiOHN IU.:s--e. ROSENWALD & BROTHER, IJIPO RTIU .UfD lllBUrACl'UKDS O.r All Kinds Havana and Dom.estlc SEGARS, UD o .l.UB&-U f LEAF TOBACCO, 146 Wa.ter-atreet, u (N'"' KoldfDo!aae,) IJBWYOBK. M. & E. SALOMON, IXPOBTIIRI O W Havana Segars, LEAP TOBA.POO, l!ftT ut ldia JrO. 178 PEAli.L-IT.UT, ttl I'I'EWYORK, J. L. GASSERT & :BROTHER, DJULD8 lR Leaf Tobacco, NO. 1.57 BOWERY, NEW-YORK. E. M. CRAWFORD & CO DIPOBTEBS AD DBALBIIS n r Ali nNDI or L::l!lA.F TOBACCO, 121 and 123 Front Street, Would this change be beneficial to the Government? It cou l d not fail to be so, for, let the consumption be great or small, every penny of tbo!Ft& 1\'t>l'lld be collected .. With proper precautions, save what planters might with propriety reserve for their private use, scarcely a pound of tobacco could go into tho consumption of the country without being accounted for. It requires no arg ument to show that the Government wou l d be a large gtiinor; the simple fact that one half the rev enue would not then be _lost through the ma nipulations of '' b l oclmde runners" and "gar ret bosses," or what you will, and one third o f the balance salaries and perquisites to honest and there be any such rwenue officers, iS Conclusive evidence on this head. On other occasions and in other p l aces it E stablished] [ 1803, bas been shown what an a.mount of revenue C H L I LIENTHAL 45 .LIBER'": ST:REET, TOBACGO:So .. M .cu ..... ..,} n. roan, Ja. U-28 NEWYORK. a certain sum per pound wuld yie l d annu ally, but that does not seem to be necessary on this occasion. Former l y manufacturers were disposed to be more than l ibera l in this regard; bitter experience has taught them that now fhey should o nl y be just. Last year they suggested twent;r-five cents a po und > this year they feel convinced that ten, or ruleen at the farthest, is all the trade can bear. Ten cents a, pound on the raw material, even if the manufacture shou l d never be greater than that returned for the fiscal year ending June 30th, 1864, would yie l d ,9,164,206 .60; wbat the revenuC> col lected the year just concluded amon nts to is not yet known, but the highest amount pre viously collected was 77. That our maliufa.ctures should be, and under proper encouragement will be, hereafter greater than have been. does not admit of doubt, for our populstion is constantl_y in crellling, ldld 110 is our for tobacx:o, JIUUI.Cr17BBR 05' Cnt and Smokin Tobacco 21:7, 219, & H I WuhlBgte o -st ., tor Bart lay, NEW-YORK, .And of l..lght and Dart Work, r.ump, Twist, and Holl To bacco, N.BPPRoU Too.&.CCO Wo&II S N Y. CR.II:WUJO T(d.. Floe Cut, Plain I Mild, The Oel ebl'at.ed and Sweet. Gran u lated, Young America I i!M'Q&:IKO TOBACOO. Turktsb, Standard, 8avor.r, I Sp&n18h1 C&vendiBb, E.xtiaLoog, French, and other Long Out. l'auc.r Smoklll&' .MedalJioo, and Short Out No. l, Tobaroeo. SNUFF, Bose Scented, ataoooboy, l'reaeb ll:appee CongretJS, a n d Sookb. ...._ T e rmaJiberaJ. Good! WarraPled. Orders promptly ex.ecut.ed. 2S-SO L APPL;EBY'S SO:t_i, 29-81 MA.NUJ'ACTURER OF THE CELEBRATED oad M)llsSnuffs, 1 3 3 WATER-STREET, NEJf"orOBK M P.lUUftCB,} A .O.Luu 28-40 NEWYORK. TACKMANN & COLELL, lmporten of aD4 Wbolenle Dealers Ia Havana & Domestic E A F T B A C s., 6 atreet, near Pearl, 29-B! NEWYORK. 100 B oxes Frenoh S null' on hand HOLLANDER, FLEISHER & 00, Dealen in all kinds of .Allo, John Cornilh .virginia Lea.f Tin LINDBEI:II BROS. & CO. !Oil. OI.U.ItRS. .lSD D&IJ..P Dl .lLL DJml OW 8 KQAB LIAJ, SKGABS, SNUJJ, PLUO TOBACCO, Smokers' Articles, etc. e t c. ..,.llfutory .and 8alel Boom, lll o 16 Bowery, NEWYORK JOSEPH SCHEIDER'S Nd.TIONJI.L Tobacco Works, 2,6 ll4S CANAL-STREET, N. Y Manufactured Tobacco CIGARS, .&.MD DIPO&Ta& o r 1roo4 1'lpli, &114 all .... a-Jdlla Artkllll. 211 Courtl&lldt-ltreet, &. LINDllllnl. u r.u.K. M. UNDHiml. (Nar Bn>odwaT,) BP"" De_pot of H. W ilk..., l!moke r 's Deliah&, Bla.o.ehe.,, -.. J'loral, _,Dew, I lllliiUIDict, A D 4 other .Jin a da. .... Domestic Segars, 196 Pearl..a., (911&1n,)JIW' Jl&l4ea-1&11e, N JfJIW TOJUt. ALIIAIDIR MARCOS, H a vaha and Domesti c C rG A R s, (Wnhattn, Pipes and Fancy Articles, WHOLES&LE &ND RETAIL, Nos. 37 and Bowery, CBAS. T. UIPO RTKR Al'ID DIULa Ill VIBODIIA UIOXllfG TOBACCO, ETO., WROLEB.l.LJ: RBT ALL, 5o. 1'16 Broadway (Howard H otel.) NEW-YORK. pr Agent. for BtoDIOD .. Tobacco_ Toledo, Ohi o SIMON SALOMON, nlPORTII: D .um DOJOBTIO .l. ND .l. L L DNDS OJ' LEAF TOBACCO, I 92 llftearl Street, H-52 l!iiWT-9-Bit. SCHRODER & IIIPOHIU O J' Havana Segars and Tobacco, .1.1.80, IANU,-ACTURER OF SEGAR8 liD Dealers In Leaf Tobacco, 268 Pea.rl Street, near hlton, 'oo lew-Yort. WM. H. GOODWIN & CO. OJ' rura-ovr 3 WATTS & LIPMAN, M anufacturers, 75-BOWERY, OL831Ut'1r.l'l"D',l NIIWYORK ..... ....... r 21s B. LEAR, llD"Qa'''D .&Ja) K.6.LD ut lleersohal:tm, llriar Wood, (variOUJ klndo,) India-. Obina, e.nd Lav a Pipes. Scotch, French, and German Ox..&. T' PXP:m&. Se!ar hbe&, 11\acco l'oeRI, Ditto ilaglnd lions. P IPE STEMS, And a larp nr!ety o f fancy anio1eo apper&.in lng to the 1o-.. MOl.ll: HEPOT JI'OR SHAKER PIPES AlTD KOSSUTH. BOWLS. No. 90 'W'ater n NEWYORK. -------.. -. ---M. METZGER Oe;l1er la a l l klncb or Forvtcu and Qomeelk Leaf. And Mlanu faet.urer of .SEGARS2 178t W ATER-STREE'l', NEW-YORK. 21u LOBE II: POGGENBU RG IXPOATUS OJ Meerschaum and :Briar Pipes, A!iiD .ALL MR'PS Or II'IEERIOII.\1111 ARll AIIBUn: fH' 'TOBACCON -ISTS' A RTICU:5, 45 Liberty S treet, i 1 1 p \ TobaccoJSnuff&Cigars, ; "' N:Bw-7 -. ;-: ( on._........... WM. DEMUTH & CO., fta! anb l bauo, aoor .-aoe w.a.n:a-aT., I m .o ru r 3rt h h ,. !048 IIIW .JOHN L DEEN, IM FOREtQN AND OOME8Tt0 LEAF TOBACCO. Seed Leaf ol my own P&eklng. ?8 Water. [Sired, 27--52 MAYER & CO., DZJ.LI.rul IN LEAF TOBACCO, .l. ND ll'.lMUJ'ACTtT.&ERS OJ' SEIG-.A.H..S, 166 Front Street, comer Kaiden 4ne, 14--26 SALOMON & ELKINS, IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC .,.!t ltBAI" TeB' A C Ce. 143 Water-street, NBWYOBK, o-18 L. KELLNER, 91 William Street, KA.NUFAOTURJ: B AND D J:.ALJIB -.. H-26 DOMESTIC SEGARS. LICHTENSTEIN Bl&O'S., LEAF TOBACCO, SEGARS, ETO., ETO. A ll kind of P l ug, Flne-eut, Smoktng nd Cbew1ng Tob&coo. Also, a large or Leaf T ob&ccO con1t&DtiJ oa b a nd liP" P"""'Jiilro"""doN o 1'9 GBA'f'IKR-I'ruwr, .NJ:wOBL&..A.Xs, L.l. 5t JOS. MAYER a. SONS, DEALERS ii all kinds of lliF TOBACCO AND SEGARS. 122 Water-Street, D.&."Tm'l LETT LEVY & SELIGSBERG, DIW.W 18 Connecticut Seed-leaf, AND DlPORTEUU! OF I. HAVANA TOBACCO. 246 Pearl Street, NEW-YORK, FELIXMIRA.NI)A, iJIPOilT.I& OP Havana Leaf l obacco, 1 9 3 P BARLSTBIIBT, l'I EWY01111E ..11m o r '!'1m ft..lliD O f !IOA.RI RITIOA, I7--eu In. Havana. GEORGE WI.CKE, .SEGAR BOXES, (Superior Make & Prime Quality,) OJ' CEDAR WOOD, No. 26 Wlllettstreet, 2-1-82 NEWYORK MOSS & FALK. M.&.lfuucruaes OP BEGAR.B, .A.MD DI.U.all! n' LEAF T 0 BAC CO, KO, '7 BURLINO-IILIP, (1'001 of J obn..,reet., ) t u New York. 86 Maiden-Lane, ... .,.., ... r on a Meerschaum and Briar PIPES, SMOKING TOBACCOS, SHOW FIIURES, 28 and 30 Liberty :;l-et, New-York. KAUFMAN N BROS & BONDY DIPOJtTD8 OJ' FINE MEERSCHAUM AND BRIAR P I PES, .ICeerchcw m TNbe.9 .Latt01 o M Plpu, lleua r Ctuy1 ll'obouo B-L-an.a; LeotMr Pouchu1 ..1101M /lo.fu1 .te-1 .te.1 o A.Laas 1.11 SHitiH aaaARII AliD J.LL otmra soKERS' ARTICLES U IIAIDEM LAJIE, (Up 8lalr .. ) I liT I'I'EWYOBK, L HAMBURGER& 00., IMPORTERS O F Meerschaum,, and Clay PIPE S UD A LL &D'DS fW BIIOKBIH' .A.ll'nOLU, 5 5 JUoiben .Cone, Jlem=lfot(}. 80- BOmEN & SIEI'KES, Meerschaum& Bri a rwood PiPES ; 51 MAIDEN LANE, NBWYOBK. CITY OF NEW-YORK Seed-Leaf T obaeco Inspection. W AB.EBOUSES, XIII. 17, 18, 7 .. 78, a n d 71 Gnenwloh Stroot, ud Ill Barclay Btr eot. robaoco In spected or Sampled. Certitlcateo given for e very ouo, and doliv e rOd case by cue, u to num ber o f certitlcate. Storage 1nd Labor the lo-t r1tee N B.-I allo 1amplo in Xwc'-ta' .,_ ltoru. F. C .. LINDE, Seed-Leaf" Tobacco Xnapeotoz .UID WAREHOUSEMAN. i4-26 Ollloe, 711 Gra enwlob Stree t. C. & M. BONDY, Wllot'IS..l"L8 D.l.u.mut IN. Leaf Tobacco, Pipes, m ALir e:rliEil IJlOXBB8' .lND K ANUF..I..CTUUU OJ' DOMES.TIC AND HAVANA SEGAIIS, 368 Bow-ery, near 4th-st., ', KEWYORK.. Leaf Tobacco, l BLQOMFIELD CONN. 'I' 4i. .I &ROJII. f 111 SUGGETT & KTMBAI,I,, ....,., .......... of u,, raaat TOBACCOt tl4 Mai..., r e et, -r..,...,_, } .. BOCRBS'.l'EB, N.Y. WK. I. EDI.B.U. L. tll Liverpool Consignments -:o:-THE RlflDII&U J&JE NDIS B OM P!Nl' LllllfEI, Parpo,.o-g tbelrN.-. W--ID &IIUNOCK-8 TR U T, P.a iSLY..STRitET, aud BOBIJt'Nl'IIRI!I'r North, IUUDedla&elY QPPOti&e the Pri n ce' Dock, LIVERPOOL. o n tbt l d of...J uly. and will be ready to conatgnmentl of .t.l uut for -.le oq mmllion. 'l'B'Olii:AB ooFE (of the firm or Cope BI"'O. .t Co.,) llh.K.&.OlNQ 1 914, State ltre et tAnrou h r... r J .... ,(. ,.


J.D. BURN HAM & CO., Manufa.cturen and De&len ln aU klndJ or Tobacco, Snuff and Cigars, Tobacco, 77 &nd 79. Asylum-street, 12-64 HARTFORD, CONN, ESSJ[AN & HAAS BROTHERS D:u..L:IRS IN CONNECTICUT Seed I eaf Tobacco. AND IU.NDI'ACTURERS Oli" C .IGARS, L.B.HA .. U, P. B. H.ul!l, J. JI:I!IS:Jl.A.N, H B.HAA.a, :M:. B.IU..u. HARTJORD, CONN. W" B rancb-H AA S k Oq., Lea.venworth1 Kan. 12-M D. W. KING, AGEN'I', Seedleaf Tobaccoj 164 STATE STREET, Hartford, Conn. &. Z. K. D:EJ.LXllS CONNECTICUT .Seedleaf Tobacco, and 224 State-street, lZ-24 HARTFORD, CONN. FARNHAM & BARNES, l'J..(IC.8BS J..ND Dial.,RS IN Fine Conn. Seed-Leaf TOBACCO, No. 238 State-street, H&RTFORD, CONN,") S. S. cASE & CO., DEALERS IN IJ(p0RTED AND DOMESTIC CIGARS & TOBACCO, 98 Asylumstreet, HARTFORD,CONW. BRANCH HOUSE-'18 Dearborn-street, Chi cago, Ill. lr Conn Seed-leal 'l'obacc() received and .sold on lhms of Chewing and Smoking Tobaccos, ())F.FICE, NO. ST NOL!l'll J ,EVF.E, 5T. LOUis, MO. -:o:OUR D.RANDS. Fine Cut Chewing. Cut Smoking. Zenith, Long.Cnt, Beat. T.-aclede, Extra, Mixed, Leader. Et. T.oufq MilO, &.arfnhlttl, Killickinick. Peaco ck llb. Our .Fd.vorite-1 i lb. DBies Pocallonta8, 51h&. BAles. Billy Dow -1-t>Kt. Oon&mlat!on, 6.\10 I be. Balea. DUly Strilit.-l.cgs. rhat'1a What's the Matter, D Clarton, ira 6tutd9 inch Plugs lbs. Bales. (pa.per wnprcr). Powhalan, 1 lb. Bals. Zouave,nnUoUterbrancls. 175 M ound City Tobacco Works, D. CA'TLIN, MANUr-'.CTmutll. Oil' .ALL DllSCR.IMIONS OF Fine-Cut, Ghewing, & Smoking Tobacco, Killickinick, etc., No. 168 Nertb Second Street, 178 ST. LOUIS, MO. o. 1'. llA.'l"Cll. J. M. GIU.MTH.\111, S. A.. GRANTHAM & CO., Commission & Tobacco MERCHANTS, 51N. Second St., bet. Pine & Olivo, ST. .vo. :o:.l'wrcAaur8 of Man11/afJflured To1JaCCO w111 rorwnl Lhelr interestl by gltin DB" as "IJ are &ls A(J'ntGt foT a large number of the mosL eelcbrH.ted In the City and C'ountry, and alwa-y& han on. hand a usortment of I heir bran(Jsof cverv 'de s cription qua.lit.y. SPECIAL ATTitNTJON given t.o of Leaf T-.b.sec<) oand all klndl of Count._,. Produce. Partleul&P atc.eni.IQn glven to the purcbMe or Leaf To ba.ccm for l:lanufa.ctLUen nnd d eaJPrs on oreer. 1 Sl LOUISVIllE ADVERTISEMENTS. =========->=== W. WATKINS. 6-P. 0. ROX 006, T ,OfJJ.9VJLLg, Kf.:.N'l'l r Q[{Y ALDI:li"Q. w. D. e'PAT.nnm. D. SPALDING & SONS, DEAI."EP.S tN Leaf &. Manufactured TOBACCO, Nos. 209 and 211 Chapel-street, LOliiSVlJ,LE, KY. lG-00 J. S WILLETT, Manufacturer, Nos. Itt A; U11 'lfllrnt1on p aid to t11e purchase or and Manuf actured Tobacco. Alll.:ln lll of Sfed-lea.f tnd Tobaceeos con11taoUy cu. hAnd. 11-42 W. R. BEA'l'TY, Tobacco Broker, MAIN, NINTH AND TENTH STS. (OPI'OOl''-11 DOONB 'I'OBJ.OOO WA.ltKHOUSE,) Partlcui&T attenUo'D given to the &ntl S;,lc 01 Lea! 'l'ohacc{). I I 2n ADAMS, BATCHELDER & CO., SOU XANUJI' A.OTURER AND SUOOESSOR TO F. H. BISCHOFF'S, Deutscher Rauchtabak, A. & R. Armstrong, .TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANTS, -:o:Orders for the of Leaf Tobacco, promptly a.nd llarefully exoouted. Tobtu:eo, Snuff., Pipes, ete., ,lfo 69 CliESTlflJT-BTREET, EDMUNDS & BROWDER, Fine-cut, Chewing, and Smoking TOBACCO. Salerooms: No. 5 row, Jb:NRY H. AAll8. 18 N. W DJ.'I'CIDLDBR EICliBERG & ELLER, HAVANA DOIESTIC SEGARS, I l 169 1lilk street, BOSTON, J I'F' Own en of tbe Eureka. and Ingomar Brandl. 18 tl SAJlUEL & BROTHER DI:J.J..IJI.S IN Havana and Domestic Cigars, -.lND-TOBACCO, No. 8 Court uare, ...... Boston. !lanutactaren ort.hE! brands 11 American Zouaves" ud n L& Promenade 18 H. CARRUTH & CO., DI!'ORTD& .<D WBOLIIIULB DB.!LBa8 tN ALL DESCRIPTIONS OF '*"'utfadure4 CIGARS, PIPES, ETC., lll'o. 46 Hanover-street, mo u BOSTON. .;oov 18 IDDA.R QVDI, J.:UUl.4N HOUSE. A.. BASSETT, TOBACCO, Havana and Domestic Cigars, I PIPES, ETC., ETC., No. 21 Blackstone Street. Ill BOSTO.N, JIASS, AND OTHER CHOICE BRANDS Gi "oo & 92 South Charles-street, BALTIMORE. B. F. PARLETT & CO., WHOLEBALJ: DJillERS IN MANUFACTURED Leaf and Smoking Tobaccos, SEGARS PIPES, ETC., -ALSo-CommissiOn Merchants for-Sale of Same, 92 LOM11ARD & 5 WATER-ST., B F. PABLli:TT, :M. D. SATtl1 J FoWJ..Jm 61 Baltimore, Md. G. H. BOLENIUS, lVHOLRSALR DEALER IN TOBACCO. Manllfactured Tobacco and Se[ars, NO. 202 W. PRATTST., 61 Baltimore. S. ROSENFELD & CO., DEAJ.ERS IN Domestic and Imported Se[ars, CHEWING & LEAF TOBACOO, 61, Brands and Ribbons, 20 SOUTH GAYST., BALTIMORE. WM. WELSH & SOWS, W.HOLBS.&LE DBALDI IN Cigars, Foreign and Domestic LEAF AND .IIAliUFACTURED TOBACCOS, No. 27 South Gay-street, (Opposite CustQm Bouse,) Wll:. H WELSH, JMO. w. WBLSB, Ca.u. E. WBLIIB 6\ ;BALTIJ(ORE 536 North Seeond Street, PHILADELPHIA. Manufacturers of the Juan Nicot Bra.nd. 81 YANUFAC'l'URE.RS O.F DOMESTIC, HAVANA AND YARA C I G .& R S, 337 N(lrth Third-st., and 23 Nerth S.toadost., PHIJ;.ADDLPHU. A large stock of BATCHELOR'S Yara, Yotmg tmeric:m1 and wdlk:J!Own br&nOa,constantly on band, 87 WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. JOHN DOUGLASS, WUOLES.UJ: TOBAC.CO No. 13 Not:t;h Sixth-street, (Cotner of Commerce-st.,) 11:< PHILADELPHIA. A. K STOLTZ, Wholesale & -Retail Dealer in Tobacco A.ND HAVANA AND DOMESTIC SEGARS Cor. Third & Bnttonwoodsts. ; PHILADELPHIA.. ;:r Leaf Tob&cco, Imported and Domestlc Sege.n of aU kin d s, constantly on hand, and for l&le at tbe lowest cash prices. 6 L B. A VAN SCHAICK, l WI10LESA.I.E DRALF.R Leaf & M(tnufactured Tobacco, FOREIGN AND OOUSTIO .CHi.!R8 !.HD FH?I8, OKMERAL DEPOT FOR lORILLARD'S SNUFF & TOBACCO, No. 503 Chestnut-st., :PHILADELPHIA. No. 51 South Front Street, 52 PHilADElPHIA. BARNEY, GREEN & CO., lii..I.NUJ'A.CTURERS OP TRlC OEli.JEl:S:A..A. TED .A.LSO IUNUI'.A.CTURE.RS OF J:VJ:R.Y V lllKTY Ol i:ffiUEWIIH1 TOBACCOS. Put up in styles to auit the trade. Oillee and SaJeroom : 49 Main-Street, Cincinnati, 130 Reade Street, N. Y. Prlocl_pul Depots : Mitchell, Tevis & Co., 27 North Third st., Also_, Sole A.Kent s for Century brand. On band, a. quantity of old Connecticut select 67 wrappers. 61 Nos. 49, 511 and 1)3 Black stone St., Boston -:o:-12!1 West Second Street, BII'I'WI:U RJ..()I .UfD IUI1 CINCINNATI, OHIO. IUJ.O lliOK, G. G0LD6lUTD. RICE & GOLDSMITH, Importers of Havana & Manufacturers of Domestic Cigars, DEALERS IN FRENCH, ENGLISH, AND TURKISH Smoking Articles, 208 Walnut-st., !let. Finll 111d Sixth slret.ts; ST. LOUIS, 1110. All orden ror ma.nutacturlDI special brands ot clgat"l promptly attended &.o. 182 a. & R. DORMITZER & 00., WllOL.KSJ..L'& D'&ALDlS l!f Leaf Tobacco & Cigars, Smoking & ChewiDII' Tobaec';o, and All Kinds or Smoken Articles, 120 Nol't.h Second.St., ne&r Vine Bt ITT ST. L9UIS, JIO. J. E. LIGGETT. 'FALLS CITY Tobacco Factory, Nos. 128 a. no, Third-st., LtulsrtUe, nr. -.o:-OUR BRAJIDS. 8111011'1' T08ACC08. BUOK TOUCC08. Sunny South,lbt. and X lba.l Edmunds.t Brcwdet1stlmice twist Na.vy, lbs. u n 22's. Montauk Na''Y, lbs. J;teople's Ch


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