The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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v. : ill. ; 36 cm.


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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I { C PFIRSHING, PUBLISHER, No. 142 Fulton Street. 5 Vol. BUSINESS DIRECTORY OF THE TOBACCO TRADE. -:o:NEWYORK. TOUACGO WAltKU OUSES. Agne w William, & Son, 254 a.nd 2S6 .Front--alreet Arkenbnrgh & Srya.o, 81' Broad. Ayres Samuel, Son &: C o .. 3 1 BToad. .Bncoo, C lardy k Co., 11;1 Pearl. Bake r, B. 0 Son .i: Co., 1S2 l'ront. lterbrmann, J. H & Oo., 141 Wate r Beringer, L. k Co.,14S Water. BrBmhrdt &:. Co., 3 1 Pearl. Burod.t & Fuokbauaer 6! Broad Cardozo, A. H. & Co., 169 Fton't. Olllchester & Co., 5t Bowery. Connolly 4: Co., 45 WnLer Ora.wrord. E. !d., & Co., 121 and 128 Front. Deen, .lobn L., 78 Water. De &: Co 4l Watet". Duboll. Vandervoort & Oo .. 81 Water i'alleoRelo, Oba.J. B. & Son, 68 Front. Frey, W. D 189 P.en..-J. Gall, Ax&: Kuebler. 178 and 115 Water. Gassert & Brother, 101 Bowery H&rt, George S. & Co. 89 Pearl and 28 Brldg&. Hnemeser .r. 0., .& Co.,11'.'.i Pearl. Hawklos, J. 8., 85 Wat e r. Hayne:t, J. E & Broad, Deald & MIUer, 11'6 W Blck.J, Joseph. 82 Water. Dlllmnn, G. W. I: Oo., 10 3 Front. Hirschhorn, S .l Co., 140 Pe!lrl a.nd 106 Water. Hollander, Fleliber & Oo 14'! Water Hunt, H. W & Co., 1 li i Water. Kelly, Rob ert E. & Co. 84: Dt"aver ][l.nv, 0. K. & Co., 24 llrotHI. Ktt.tre::tie, \'I'm. P. & Co., 164 Krcmetberg & Oo., 160 Pearl. Levin, M. H., 162 !'e arl. f..evy & Sellg s llerg, 246 Pearl. Ltndheim Broil. & Co., 26 Cou rtl a.ndt Mally's, .J o s iah, Sons. 1S9 and 191 Pearl Mallory & Donnan, :S Water. At.ayer, Jo!f. & Sous, 129 Wa.ter. Morrill, lf. rtl; 99 l11!a.r1A.nd 62 Stone. Murrell, Caruth A: Co., 11.6 Pearl. Norton'. S l aughter & Oo., 40 Broad. Obtor, Naoson .tOo O S Droad O'Nt:il, D&Yhl A: Co. 1 119 Malden-lane. Pa.u11t.eb & L3n ge, Ll))erty. Prlnco & D!Lchracb, Pe arl. Rawson, & C o., 41 R & Kappea l'i9 Pear l RDblo..son & Garth. 1 T2 Water. Salomon Simon, 192 Sawyer, Walll\ce A: Co. 47 Droad. Schroeder lri Don, 258 Pe a rl. Schuba.rt; H. k Oo 1146 \V'atei-. Smith, Palme r&: Co. UO Wat-er Snoddy & Howard. l1 Dr Md. Spenl)t::r .Brolbet8, Ma.ld c n .. S&cln & Brod1 197 Du11ne. St.crn, J onas & Co., liS Water. Sulllvun, Murphy k Co 103 P ea-rl. Tackmann k C,llell. 6 r1au. Vet.ter!eln, Tt 11. & Sona. 128 Wator. W at.ts, Cmnc .t Co.,4-'3 Broad. Westhehn, M. & Co, 171 Pearl 'I'OBACCp Br.OKERS Oall ech, Obo a H., 193 Pearl. Cu.rma.n1 A. F., lHS Water. Eadie k Harriott, 131 M .. 124 Wa\e r. Fi:tcher &; Rodew a ld, 2 H a u are. Gans J. S 86 Wall. M. & Son, l G O P e arl. Van A 11., 1'26 Wat e r. Wi ght k Richey S5 W ater. MASUt' AC'l'ORli!R S Appl eby's Son. 183 WQ.ler. P. W. & C.>. 4<1 Vrsey, y, Cud1n 1 NQrth Second. H. M., comer of Sixth a.url Was hlngton. Andrew, ST Nort.h Levee. Rhodus, ThomM, 27 Se c ond Vh d1m, Samuel, Comme rcial. !.U.NUFACTUREitS AND BIP0RTKRS1 El'C. CaUlii, D., 169 North .. Dietericha, L A. k Dros, S S North Third Dormtuer, 0. &: R. & Co., 120 North S e c o nd. FrJedman, M. & Co., 86 Not1h. Second Llgt:"dt & Dausm i. n, l2South Seconrl. Mullen, Eliwanl F 164 No1th ltlaln Pnl8 & Otte100 Third Scbroedcr, l:;opold, Chestn ut.. Austin, William l SYLVESTER & ELLIS PROCTORS U.S. INTERN 131 iUaldtn L !nc I< 33$ Bro>uwfty. M. H. LEVIN I TMPOnTil Of Tobacco and Segars, DEllER 1:1 ALL OP LEAF 162 PEARL ST., near Wall St., 30-82 NEW-YORK, A. l:L UAB.uu:.w """' TOBACCO Qbommi,r,;,io:u 2t1ludr.n.nt.r:. No. 169 Front Street, !\.. II. } .. 0. II. r FII.EI NEvV-YORK Particular S.ttention p ni d to tbD snJe of ot"hc 14M J:7oduce HEALD & MILLER, TOBACCO NO. 176 WATEB.STB.EET, NEW-YORK. M. Panma, J. B.I.C BRACO VIRGINIA TOBACCO WORKS or PHINCE & BACHRACH, Plug, Twist, and Fancy Tobacco .A!\D ALSO (!JJ:ommtssinu No. 349 Pearl Str<><"t. l< ol, A. IIRlDOL.l.ND. I. ll. BOOCL ..... (), RAWSON, BRIDGLAND & CO., TOBACCO & COTTON FACTORS, G e neral Commission Merchants, NO. 41 BROADSTB.EET, 214 NEWYORK. 0'10. .&. H..l.'RT. &, V. STIJ'.l.JT, WA.TTS,OIV"EN&Co., GrYEN,WATTs&Co., H. w. HUNT & co.; Ky. f'le w-Orloians. BROWN D uNKBMON & Co. w. c. w AT'l'S & Co., SNODDY & HOWARD T b r M I. t "'""'" .. L,.,....,,.,... o acco ercuan s WA:r'TS! ORANE & 00., I FOKTD.,SALROF 167 WATER-STREET, "E'OR TilE SALE Oll' Tobacco, Cotton, and Western Produce. No 43 Broad St., New-York. Advances madP. on con signments to our bouse in Liverpool, W. C. Wntts & Co. WM. AGNEW & SONS, Tobacco and Commission Merchants, 294. and 286 Front Street. .KEW"rOHK, HArE O N SALE ALL OF Leaf Tobacco for Export and Home Use. Leaf Tobacco bnled in any package by hydraulic press for In: port. 14-52 J on-.q M t;n :ru v NowY o rk. I 1' ( 'inci nnal.i .U. Hoa1 T FfAlii1L'rON, NewYork. SULLIVAN, MURPHY & CO., TOBACCO FACTORS A:SD (!}rncrnt No. 103 Pearl Street, Ncnr Hanover Square, 1 NEW-YORK. .uso, Reeelven of Xa.son:Collllty IIDd other oholce Cut-eo ting Tobaeooo. Smith, Palmer & Co., a....'m J OBBERS OF LEAF No. 170 Waterstreet, If. l1. PALMJ-:R, A II. S C OVI I 1LE. NEW-YORK. Connecticut Seed-Leaf Wrapper,. Of OUT OWn p a cklng, 200 C ases (10 M. eac h ) Dome s tic Cigars on B I Con sign ment. F. L. BRAUNS & CO., ANU KREMELBERG & CO., TOBACCO l{W-!tmK. :litO Cll.S!il LIMI'Ice be s t quality, d il' ect l mportatloll, rc.r In hon \l or d ut y p:ald, I n lot s t o sni t p urcha3er&, 1'. L DRAllNS & CO., _G_z ________ No. 11 Cbca psilfe Dahlm ore BACON, CLARDY & 00., Qtotton GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, AND DEALERS L.V Heavy Western & Ola.rksville Leaf, 181 PEJ.BL-STHEET, W. J. DACON, W. D. CLARDY, J. S. PARRIJUI, DR. J. D. CLARDY. 12-24 New-York. .VETTERLEIN & CO.; 'l'OBACCO (United States Bonded Warehouse,) 111 ARCH-STREET ; PxHt!D-ELPHU, TH. B. VETTERLEIN & SONS, 128 WATERSTREET, 12-U STEIN .-& BROD, Commission Merchants, 197 iEWY -Have conatantly on consignment & lari[e qua.ntlt.y of Conneelient111 State and Ohio SeedJeafTobaeco, wblch will be aold in quanttUei to auitparcbUen, Cipr m11nufacturers particularly favored. 18-89 TOBAOOO, OOTTOJ, POU, FLOU], Eto., '2'1 Broad Sired, 14-52 Ne'iv-York. OATMAN & REID, UIPOR'l'ERS Ol' HAVANA STERN", JONAS & CO., DE.o\LE:RS rS LEAF TOBACCO, 14-26 OF No. 178 Water Street NEW-YORK. TOBACCO CO?!PRESSED IN BALES, ron !f'R lciican, West-India, Central Ol'UJ:R MA 'RDM'S. Alao, repacked in hhds. at ohort notloe, by CUTHRIE 4 CO., 225 Front St..-eet. N Y. 14-.')0 E S TAB LIS H !L D 11 Cen.tral "Whar:f, Boston. D. lf. RUN71 I 8, S.l.NBOll:!f, S. HIRSCHORN & CO., SEGARS, AND tlE r lli 1 a.\ c Nos. 140 Pearl-st & 106 Water-st., Commission NO. 56 FRONT-ST., N. Y Also Agents for WM BRANDl''S SONS & CO., Lom1on Liberal ttdvanccs made on conslgmn ents to t he m or Tobacco, Colton, and Tjjll ow. 20-Sl IBURNETT & FUNKHAUSER,. Tobacco& Cotton Factors, ANn Mttrtbants, NO. 62 BROAD-STREET, ( 8()-M) NEW YORK. Cash advance s made on oomfigmncnta \ o oa. ROBINSON & CARTH Commission Merchants FOR THE BALE OF Connolly & Co., Leaf mttrt.hattt.!l JODN B. R O RIS $ <" ron TJtB fi .Ui B o loiDI' n. GA.RTH NEW-YORK. LEAF AND MANUFACTURED TOBACC(), No. 45 Water Street, .DUBOIS, VANDERVOORT & CO., fOR 1'!!F. SALJo: 01' CaA.B.ll. J'R., f J A8. :M. GAnDINXR, W. ALEX. Bus, 'U V JuA.CON!IOLLY. J lll-l>l .. Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco T.HE CITY TOBACCO AGENCY, No. I 08 Front Street, NEW"ORK. 31 Wate r Street, C.:.tueliu s D u Baht. } '"''Ph n 1\'n'lr C&rlOll A. D uller 14--26 {I."'( :a' -J: 't:I'J.\oJ i\. -:o:PREMIUM VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY. G. ,V, Hillman & Co., HENRY M .. Commjssion Merchants, IIDDOrtHr & CommissiOn Merchant, A-ND AGENTI FOR TH.B SALE OJ' L IO ORlCE, GUMS, BEANS OILS HA"Y.ANA SU MANUFACTURED TOBACCO GARS, &o. LEAF & liAN'D TODACCO. Have always on haucl a largo a"ortmeut or':Manu Nos. 99 Pearl abd 62 Stooo Stretts, 1\'ewTorll:. fttctured Tobacco. For sale on liberal terms. John c. Havemeyer & Bro. TOBACCO Commission Merchants, NO. 175 PEARLST!IEET, 2'! 3 NEWYOB.K. n. !f0RtOK1 '1'110. /. SL! UCHJER 1 R. WISDOll. NORTON, SLAUGHTER &. CO., Tobacco & Cotton Factors, ..,., Gfomniission NO. 40 BROADSTREET, 28-SO NEWYOBK. SPENCER BROTHERS, eltadan!J, DEALERS IN TOBACCO, SEGARS, J,N]) U. B. Bonded Warehouse, S2ll Dla t rlct N Y. 80 f.2 W. H. FREY, DB!LU A!tb OOMMISStoS M&RCKAJT IS' rft., No. 189 PEARL STREET, (UP STAIRS,) Detvteen Mnlde.n T.ane n.nd Ced11r St., New-York. Just r e ceived, a large quanttty ot Pennsylvania T.eaf Tobac c o S0-66 TANNAHILL, MciL W AINE & Co., GENERAL Commission Merchants Por &:he Sale o-r Produce AXD l'lJROHASE OP GENERALLY. No. 79 Front-street ........ NEW-YORK. M.&.Rl'IY II: T.U(S'ADILL, of Petenburg, Va !.I O IJ.W.i.lU k Co., SS-::19 of l'eteraburg, Va. SAWYER, W ALLAOE & CO., Commission llerehants, No. 47 Broad Street, 1 5-53 NEWYORK. R. H. Onn, R. P. OBER, } A. G. 0BER, New-York. Jos. S. NANSONi. New-Orlean1. 'SHIPPING FURS St. ouls $/,;. 75 Ataiden N.ANSON & CO., l s ... }lff .... fo CommiSSIOn Merchants, C. C. SPENCER f iiV-.!1 .. AJ'lio, liS BRO.t.D MURRELL, CARUTH & 00., GENERAL H. SCHUBART & co., GEO. S. HART & CO., ImportenoraodDeatenmauklndsor Leaf Tobacco, NANSON, OBllR & CO ST Louu. OBEil, A1'WATER & CO,, NKWOIUJI:A.'ly below the average. The market closes rather heavy f o r all descriptions, ex cept : the finer qualities of K e ntu cky. Good cutting leaf is very scarce, and in active de mand. A very pro mising business has been carried on in s trip s during the past few months, and Freigl.ts.-Prices are, a tri11e firmer, but tho quotations for tobacco show no materio l advance. Enpgements include 150 hhds. to Glasgow, per steamer, at 60s. ; to Breme11o 200 hbds. at 22s. 6d., 500 cS. at 15s.,100 bbds. Kentucky, per steamer, a t 25s. 200 hbd s.V irg inia at 22s. 6d., 450 bales at t1, 450 cases at 17s. 6d.; to Antwerp, 50 hhds. Kentucky at 32s. 6d. Among the charters we note a Bremen sb ip from City Point to Havre, 1000 hhcls., a t 35s. QUOUTIONS OF WDOLES.lLB PRIOES. .Kflnt u o.f:.u.-Llgbt Jea.r. Gold. T,...hy and lr oled lui!l,... -@ Sound lugs, 0 St T t Low lear .. .. .. .. .. 7 9 9) 116-lear, ............. 10 11 14 16t Good to fine leaf, ......... 12 @lG 1 l Oboice selecLiotat l 6 @to It Do.-Heavy lea!. Trashy and frosted lugs, -@--:1Sound lugs,............... 7 @ t ltl Low Lear, .............. ... 10 @12 14 18t Medium Le"f,.. .. .. .. .. 18 @15 ].! El Good to fine Leaf, ... : ... 16 @18 u Obolce se l ect.loos1 19 @22 26 .MiUour{--CommQQ ractory driedLea.f, 10 @11 Medium do. li @14 -Bc) t do. 14 Xeellent en burgh & Bryao,116 pkgs.; B. 0. Baker, Son price!l. & Co., 204 hbds.; A. H. Cardoza & Co., 111; Old tax-paid tens are in good demand. Tens C. & S., 10; Bulkl ey & M., 20; De Ford in bond are sca rce, especially the better Thayer & Co., 104; R. 0 Edwards, 828; L ;rades. SoundWesterobalf p9undsnrealso B eringer, 49; Bunzl & D., 6; A. T. Danen acarct and in &ood demand. Bright Wos;lern berf, 6; Gllil, A,x & K u ch ler 19; Gordon, F.


... THE & McM1lan 18, J T Hams, 41, J Htcks, I the lots hoiTcver arc out or condtltoo and 195 G W Htllman 41 E Hoffma.n 115 sell at greatly reduced rates Bound leaf the market ts firm and at full pnccs 'fhere bas been bnt httle tobacco of dectded qua !ly opened Wo now quote lugs, poor t o common $5 a $6t, mtddhng to fatr $7 a $7t nnd good $8 w11b sales occaston ally at $10 11 $ 2! poor to c ommon leaf un soun 1 $6 a $Bt mtddllng to fur unsound $9 a $ 1 3 an J good $44 a $20 Common to vtry far sound manufactured, $11> a $25 good to v?y good $2o a $85, sound sh ppmg leaf $16 a $ 3 2 There ts le 11 d1spos non to buy fine manufocturmg owmg to the season bcmg neatly over for work ng that >art Last < A Notte bah 1 2 hhds Rawson Br1 lghmd & Co 100 L Be 11 gcr 49 pkgs 0 Reed & Co 57 hi ds I 0 der a He eke!ll & Palm ore Mallory &; D 24 El M Morrts G W F 7 Fatroao & Co 40 J L Ov.rton 6 Statement or recetpts for the weeks endmg :n.. Dildo. Pku Octobtr 1T 0 toner 10 Ot; ober 8 St-p 19 Bep\t'Wb<-1 12 Sep 8 1 Mil 8 7111 4145 4Siii I 6111 8 9116 1988 1103 6611 2M U12 IllPOIITS Constgnmenta dunng the week. From Havana. F Mtrantja, 276 bales leaf. 8 cs ctgars Janen Schmidt & Rupertt 40 bales J B Carberry, 20, Rutz Cue & Co 62 Y Sanchez 60, H Kmght, 805 L F A u 200 0 F Tag 293, A & E Schett ltn 141 Ohtchester & Co 78 0 Garcta., 56 0 Luhng & Co 4l Oa.tman & Retd 71 A Gonza!., 20 F Probst 60 R E Kelley &; Co., 24 bales 23 cs ctgars 4 bbls do 27 bxs paper ctgars S J ifunter 10 bxs. c gars Buon R o e t von Ltmburgh 1 hL S Gaod 1 cs Russtan consul 1 J need & Co 1 Youngs & Co 1 R S La torro, 1, Stahn& Wu\flng 1, order 16 bales leaf 10 cs c gars J R Carreras 5 cs. A C Ross re & Co 1 F De Barry 10 F B Strou066 BatJre-1 box $o0 noo lb 8 16 18 6 t 2 84.7 0/m a-4,000 pkgs mf. $1200 Br;t{l/i, 4-votral'la-5 bhd $1700 799lb< n f $116 864, 20 ca ctga.ts, $7288 total $!95 847 Dutch Wut lndes-12 bales, $114, 2558 lb ro $862 t tal $976 I Brituh N. A Oolon.e18 898 lbs. mf. $4690 Brttuh w .. t Indau-9 hhds. 1 $622, 6924 lb; mf $1295 total, $Hll7 Cuba-80 cs $1888, 5676 lbs. mf. $1420 tot I $2758 Hayta-1 hhd $676, 52 ba:les, $1520 623 lb m[ 1 $187, toM S2S89 Ne!J) Oranadt>-42 01! $228G 250 bales, $8084total $5923 Braotl-2 ca $1130 0111plat.n1 .Republic-6 hhds, $2873 14 ba!Cl' $420 total $2793 Statement of exports and tbetr values for tb9 "ceks endtng BAI.It PA:g 0/"tUI., Lh1 JJq. Val 6< I OS.i 8110 818 ltS9 418 1 200 8\l f8a )111114 I 68ll 5800 198M H-1 Sio 07 1688 ti 916 86< 2"' 21U 1768 12--012'11.1 2 1m I Nl 9 211S 71 ,BST B

l of 6800 hhds on hand The range of sa l e s to dmy was a shade lower for all low and modtutm grades and we q wto 4 I h Is at $2 9 0 a liS 90, 84 hhd at $4 a, $6 k5 29 hl ds at '7 a $10 7o 28 hh 1 .. nt ltll a $14 50, 15 hhds at $lo ?>1 7o 16 hhds. at $18 a '20 7o 6 I hI, t $21 a $25 75 Str I og; l ca rfitctured -Tho dem nd continue act! ve, and tt ans&etlona ar lqe. Many of wa -ehoue dUJ mg the w e ek ending Oct lOth 186 5 165 hhds namely K sttll heavy and holders tt ts thought wtll have to make lar ge concestons before the1r sterdaro 130& hhd leaf nnd 125 hhds. Inspect on durmg the past week at the several W&Tl houPes Centre 6o hbds West Htll 65 hbds Moores 27 hhds Oak s, 119 hbds' F .A.BIIIVILLE, Va 1 Ocl. 8 Messrs Rtce & Patterson rep01 t thell' ales nt the Randolph waTehouse for the t\\O weeks precedtng tits date as follow s total sales 84 hhds Re cetpts are hgl t and off. No m2L!1ufac tunng leaf IS off.rmg We quote lngs, $5a $9 M coromnn leaf, $11 a $18 good shtp pmg $20 a $30 LYNCHBURG, Va, Oct 13 -Inferwr lug $4 GO a t6 good do $6 1 $9 common leaf $8 a $15 good leaf $15 a $28 fine leaf $23 a $311, bnght smokmg $8 a $26, workmg $30 t the fol lowmg rates 1 hhd. damaged at 11c 2 bhd s common at 12c l hhd good at 19c 4 bhd good fatr at 21c a 25c Arrtved smce the 3d mstant 46 hhds Cleared smce same date none Stock on hand on the 6th IDStant hhds. li&N FRANCISCO, Sept 16 -Sales dur mg the "eek mcludo 110 bxs genu me V r gt I& natural leaf new crop JUSt recetved vta. the Isthmus to the trade nt 85c a 90c 27 hxs Wtl b s Vtrgmta. 1 ounds at 69c at auct10n, also at auctiOn 43 cs Eastern Ela vana seed leaf say 16 000 lb at Oic a 'rj,c 4 hhds Kentucky leaf at> 7tc 52 cs Call forma lea[ 18 000 lbs at Sic FOREIGN H& v A.N&, oec 6 -The ramy weather contmues and the ro11ds bemg ln a bad state the arr vals of tobacco hnve been very hgbt. The market however IS rnther more active not" tthstandmg the smallness of tho stock of desua.ble qualtttcs on band The followmg ales s upp osed for the Ham burg market are r eported 145 bales asso t ed at $3o a $45 150 bales 6 1 ts to fif hs at $100 a $120 stxths at $40 a $50 sevenths at $20 a $25 etgbths at $10 a $12 and 170 bales asso1 ted at $20 per bait a vet age 800 to 400 bales fillers havo been sold on terms not made pnbhc C1gara arc unchanged. Cl ewmg tobacco IS guoted at $26 a $27 per qtl Exports of the Umtcd States between Jan 1st and Oct 5th mclu stve baf, lbt 0 gare N. 8811\!14 p 711 1 ""644 22 491 !liTANiiLlS, Oct 6 -Thesupplyofthew mg tobacco ts very n uch reduced, and the demand ts act ve Quota tans range frvm S>4 as lngh as $28 per qtl ANTWERP, Sept 29 -The demand dur mg tl1e wee it h on y moden te and we have no transactions to note from fi st hands Resales mclude altuut 80 l hds Kentucky Ill full pr ces a qu ted b low At pub he sale 28 hbd s hght Kentucky sound Imported per Rohde and J Cummmgs fro 1 New York b ought 40c a 61c per half ktl No other at rtvals by sea durt g the past week From Holland reoopta mcludo 98 hhds and 72 bales. We quote Ftrst quahty Kentucky S9c a ooc second q ahty 29c a 28c thtrd q ab y, 23c a 28c fourth quahty 22c a 28ic per half ktl BREMEN, Sept 28 Mesrs D W a tJen & Co 1 thetr report for of September say In Aruencon tobacco the amount of bust nss ha not been very largo but, upon the whole we nottce a more general dt pos1tJon to operate wbtch would hke ly have led to larger transactions 1f tt had not been for the limned chotec, aa well as for the contmutng h1gh value It 11 tbta Iutter cause whtch abov.r oil prevents more extoo tve opera t10ns and e> pertally nth tei&rd to the finer wade of Kentucky the cost of wbtch 111 actually too htgh for allowmg the trade to purchase but 10 a very restricted manner Sales m all a.mount to about 1400 hhds of whtch dectdedly the maJor port embraces W Jugs and low runmng round lots stems to Rotterdam 1797 hbds leo.!' and 85 tho former at from 51 to 6t gts and the lat hbds. stems to Bremen a n d 14 hbds to West ter at from 81 to 11 gts Cl81'ksvtlle lugs Indies. Total 4030 hhds leafand219 stems sold at from 7t to 8 gts up to 9 gts if and also 50 cs seed leaf for Bremen l eafy a.nd m good condtllon whtle of round Mao tfactured IS Without change lots we notice sales at from 15! to 17t gt Vtr g mta and Western contmue to arrtve Those at the I tter figure "et e composed of qUJto eely and find no acttve demand about t lugs t low to medium leaf. and of io Salea of both descnptwn have been large at fine leaf. prevwua quotatwns. Trans.ctwns 111 VU'gtma necesanly con BICHJUOND, Oct 1 '7 -The market 18 bnued unttl now on a bmtt e d scale Sup firm and ales are 125 hhds were phes b&vmg however been moro hberal of opened v011t"rday, of whte h 85 hhda were late expect to see a 'arger busmess done sold at quctwn at the Tobacco Exchange by before long Sh1p Admual got tn lth 292 Wm Y Sheppard and th e rest were d spoed hhds f1am 01ty Pmnt bestdes several small of at provate ale The auotwn sole were lots from New York all of winch are about 5 hhds at $o !I $5 GO 10 at $5 80 a; $6 75 bemg sampled Sales durmg the month 9 at $7 a $7o, HS at $8 a $9 75 12 at $11 a now closed only embrace hhds. m vrut $14 25 16 &t $10 a $18 50 14ut$20 a; $26 ous small parcels at 7tfor l eaf) lug s at from 4 at $21 a $49 On the 12th mst 74 hbds. lQi to 1St or muced lots of lngs and low were sold at the Tobacco Exchange at equally leaf. and at from 17 to 21 gts. for do of good pnces constdermg the quahty of the medtum to fine leaf. Several other small goods. The quotattons ranged from $5 to }lots whtch were placed on the market re $30 per 100 lbs undtsposed of on account of the un On the 11th mst tho sales at the same satisfactory condttton whereaa all whtch place amounted to 118 hhds as follows 7 opened sound and sweet flavored met wtth a hbds. at $5 a $5 50 14 at $6 25 a $7 50, 18 readv sale at $8 a $11 7o 20 at $12 a $15 oU 20 at Of the 1tems wh10b were reee1ved by the $16 a $10 50 12 nt $20 a $25 7 at $27 a Admtral and by the sh p Laura and Ger $80 10 at $32 a $# hude from Ctty Pomt 1728 hhds m all, so 'PETERSBURG, va, Oet 14 -We are far but very httle has been offered a large mdebt.d to Messr Martm & Tannalul for portwn bemg stillm the process of samplmg files of reports up to tins date In the mean umc several other lots, Imported as follows vta Baltmore and New York wetc placed on On :Monday only a few hhds were opened the marktt, the greater part of whteb could and thev were prmctpally of poor qualit) be prompt y dtsposed of, o that to-day we Tuesday the bt caks were comparatively small, can report the sales of 526 hhds. For a and the market that day opened and clo ed brown and good brown arttcle the demand very acl!ve for general descnpt ons Wed contmuea acuve, and faJr prtces were real nesday the breaks were very largo and tho tzed namely, from 7tto llt rth Common mal'ket opened acttvo for good sh1ppmg and quahty however, such as IS or a sour scent wtth a dectded tmp ovement m prtces for and mouldy proved or very hea.y sale. To such but, towatds the clos, thete wns less show how much an oruclo of that descnp ncuv ty and fo common and f 1r descrtp ton IS neglected we may mentwn m a twos of funked leaf p tces s l owed a dec\ ne lot wh cb aulu at the average of 4 rth the Thursd.y the b eak, "ere a0at small Fn 1 >Wtr qubty was not esttmated higher than dy the breks ere only moderately large, about 27 rth For Kentucky steu s the de d for common sort' of sternm ng t bacco roand bas 1\reatly fallen off smce the Vtrgtma the ma kct closed dull and at a dechne (m make has appeared m market The sales fact genet a l descnptwns of fun ked and only amount to 248 hhds., &t from 2 to 4t mou\det.l tobao:co ate lower) For all sorts of rtb 1 raws wbtch 1ndicate a further dechne TO:SAOOO For Maryland we noltce an 1mproved dts post tton to purchae so far as a destrable 1\rt cle and epecmlly the better grade of leaf. are COllctrned Handsome average lots of ordmary to brown and fine brown llrought !Tom 91t > lilt gts. at the latter figure 1 0 0 hhds to amve pf!t Gutenberp;, were sold to d..Ordmary to good ordmary sound fetches from 6t to 7t gts. 1 brown to good brown 8t to '0 gts. and fine brown to colory from llt to 13 gts and upwards, for ch01ce hhds lnfertor quahty contmues very much oglcctcd salea ..-ere eif'ected as low as 4! and 5 gfs up to 6} tor a some "hat DReful article In all, about 700 hbds were sold Of ground leaf. two Iota of former tmportat1on t gether 54 hhd were dtsposed of at and 8 gts -very low, COD&tdertog cost In Ohto very httle ts domg, on account of the hmtted cbotce recent tmportat10ns how ever showmg that the Balttmore market ts too htgh we can hardly expect to see our own better proVIded oon. Sales for the month amount to 114 hhds., at 12 S(a. for colored and mtxed and at 9f gts for bro"n Of Bay 31 bhds miXed were sold at lot and llt gts. Of seed leaf, BRies have been m proportiOn to the suppltes. Prices hav e not vatted much, wtth the exceptwn of a superiOr arUole, wh1eh would sell at an advance Stocks m first hands tucky 317 hbds. Vtrgtma 2198 hbds. :Mary land 238 hhds Ground leaf Ohto Ill> hhds. Bay 1828 hhds Vtrgmta stoms 1697 hhds. Kentucky atems, 4886 cuses S ed leaf. F_or West Indtan and South Amcrtcao to bacco th e continues, our atocka con '1' tammg however, vry httle of good and ne ful quahty to wbtch the demand ts almost confined hm ted The movement& lD Colombtan sorts constst of the tmportat on per Lome from Sava mila and of some small mdtrect supphea vta Eng and together 595 bales Ambalema, 409 Guon and 51 Carmen while sales to 2gss Am balema 362 Gtron and 84 Oar men Regardmg pnces we only have to say that hand. oroe quahty whtcb. cootmues scarce fully commands the forlller value whtle for the common descnptiona they are barely sust:u ned Of Palmyra, S3'T ceroons were tmported from England 114 of which sold nt from 80 to 33 gts Cuba supples of new crop not haVIng ar rtved Jet and the old stock offermg nom ducement for operations, the busmess durmg last month aroontlted to almost nothmg The trade however IS anXIous to oee fre.h sup phcs get m and prepared to pay full pr ces for a destrable art tete. Of new Yara a smoll 1mporlat10n of 212 bales met "tth a prompt sal o at the average of 22 gts equal to about 42 gts for CL, 80 for 0 at d 15 gts for T The quahty of thts small lot was looked upon rather favorably Havana tn better demand and prtces show oome Improvement on last months sales 239 ceroo n s old fillers, rather leafy brought 18 gts. 857 eeroons common average lots of new crop from 26t to 80 up to 45 and 40 gts for handsome St Dom ogo and Porto Rtco Wtthout WOrth DOllCIDg BOGUS tiGAR B'Ultl'l CONSPIRJ.CT TO DE.RJ.UD TBB TR.U>:I J.llln TBII OOVERNlfENT TsE revenue frauds aa they are now betn(l; practiced arc raptd y undermmmg the wbole ctgar bumagc tt very much tfAilowed to blow through the shed hence at such t t mes the shed should be closed on the stdes whence the wmd comes and opened agam when tt haR ceased to blow When the leaves are all dry or after the weather has been severe enough to freeze the remammg green ones, the tobacco IS reatjy to be s tripped. STRIPPING -At the sctttng m of a warm, drtz zlmg !ogy spell of weather, the shed must be opened on all stdea to allow the damp at mosphere to perva.rle the whole mter10r after tbe dry Ieaveii have become damp enough to al low handhng m any degree wtthout breakmg the stalka must be taken off the lath or pulled down and la1d m heaps about etghteen mchea or two feet htgh and any destred length tf 1 1 ta not mtenued to atnp 1t tmmcd ately 1t should be conveyed to a cellar or other npart ment, where 1t "til reroatn dan p tt should n ot, howeve be suffered to remam longer than two or three days m heaps, wtthout ex ammat on as there 11 someltmes suffictent m01.ture remaunng m the &talks or frozen leaves to crer.te heat and rot the good toba cco If found to be healing 1t should be changed a oout and &trod and be stn1 ped tmmed ately If found to be drym11 out, further evaporation may be checked by covermg the heaps wtth damp st aw or corn fodder Tobaoco ts uua l\y atrtpped mto two quahbea ground leaf or fillers and wrapper. the leaves that 1 e next the ground, genet ally from two to four art a1ways m ore or lese damag ed by aand beaten on by the ram and other cauaeo hence tbey only command about half the pnce of the good tobacco or wrappers. The ,round leaves are taken offflrat and bed up oeparataly m bunches or handJ, thiS '' performed tn the followmg manner take off one leaf after another unul there ts con tuned m the hand a sufficumt number to mab a bunch about an mc"llm dtameter at the foot stalks whtch must be kept even at the enda, and holdmg the bunch clasped m ono hand, take a leaf and wrap lt around ( begmnmg at the end of the bunch) conllmng the end under the first turn contmue to wr&p smoothly and neatly unttl about three mcbe or the leaf reroama, than open the bunch m the mtddle and draw the remammg part of the leaf through. 'l hts rorms a neat and compact band that wtll bear a great deal of handlmg Without commg open After the ground leaves have been re moved the good Ieaveli' are str pped elf and lied up tho same as the &round leaves With thts exception the Ieaveii of each stalk should be bed m a bunch by themselves, to preaene a umformtty tn color and s1ze 1\S tobacco IS sold m the market accordmg to color and su:e therefore If the }eaVeS Of a large and a Small plant, or of a dark colored and a ltght one, be tted up together, 1t at once dtmmtohea the appearance and value of the crop BULKING --As soon as a quanltty of tobacco 11 strtpped, 1t should be bnlked down or, tf mtended to be tmmedtately deltvered at the packmg house, put up m bales. A place to bulk tt m should be damp enough to prevent the tobacco from beconung dry ami not damp enough to cause 1t to mould A platform l'&lS ed a few mcbea from the ground and open to let the 111r CIJ'culate under must first be latd down, and then the hands of tobacco piled upon 1t crossWise m succesSive layers and lappmg each other about three or four mcbes &t the pomta of the leaves If bulked be stele a wall a space mu11t be left behmd for atr to pass through to prevent mouldmg It m:>y be thua 'bulked four or five feet m Wlthont danger of spoihng In most seationa the crop IS sold to merchants who hue packmg bollBetl, and who pack 1t in cases or three hundred pounds each, and store t 1t hu aone throUJh the sweating 1 process by whtch 1t becomes fit Cor mnnu!ac purposes, and then dispose of 1t to roan ufueturera and speculator& In the ctty markets order to V:anaport 11 mo e readily It li put up ln balea of about one bun dred pounds each. The of b tim' "' performed tbas make a bottomleas box about lncbea long ( matde) by ixter n and wtde On each ltde nul two D{ir ght de. ts one and a half tnebes thick each ten lltbgJNm tht1 .ult Aerosa tleata, par rallel and even \'t'ltb the top of the box, natl I employed JD the manufacture of c gars are a narrow strtp of board. These stnps or rat\ p"'d at the rate of one real vcl\on (two pence are lo confine and keep the ends of tho straw halfpenny Enghsl) for fifty, "h1ch enobles bands out of the woy wh le packtng Now e ven a ltlrst rate maker to earn but fifteen have a duphcato box the same s1ze m length pence '" dl>y and breadth but ab ut SIX 1 nchs deep to lit --down on the top of the fint box there must OUR thanks are due to Mes"s c Lnlmg be three cut m the bottom of each S. Co Mes>trs C B F Lllenstem & Son stde of th1s box for the bands to pass through ,. y Rad & .. d u C W ......._ uessr-' er con an .rur It should fit down close on the top ofthe trur IV lte I th 1 bl f: I a. r o IS Cl y t O r va ua. e-avors box There mnst also be a ltd made to shp up and down easily tn the box \\tth three notches m each stde to allow tt to shp past the band When ready to pack have good bands made of rye straw and wet to render them more phable Tw1st them and gettmg mstde the box lay one hand down on t1 e ground wttl the knot m the mtddle and wuhm three mches of the end of the box and place one f o ot m each corner of the box upon the band then push the ends of the band down between the out.1de of the box and the ratl There must be three bands m &1\ one at eoch end and one m the mtddle When the bands are m the box, the hands of tobocco are latd m the same as m the bulk, keepmg the ends o f the bunches well agamst the end of tho box uottltt IS filled, then put on the ltd and pres< tt down w1th lover or screw whtchever may be most conv emcnt after 1t 1s prescd suffi ctently sohd remove tbe ltd and place the upper box m 1ta proper posttwn, fill up to the top with tobacco and prells 1t down and ao unttl the bar ts suffictently full to come wtthm the hmtts of the bands to confine Now remove the upper box and t1e the mtddle band first ( thts preven t s the mass f1 om ex tendmg further) and l astly the end ones and gtvo tt another pressure to set the bands and rere capactoua bowl At Havana the pnce of the best ctgars IS about 6a a pound, whtch allowmg the general average of one hundred and twenty to the pound, IS at the rate of ltttle more than a halfpenny each In Spun where t l c manufacture IS monopohzed by the crown c1prs of the ber;t Elavar a leaf are sold at the royal f11ctones m Sevtlle and Malaga-the only places where they are made-at the rate of 7s 6d per pound wh1ch 1s JUst three far thinp each The manufactory of :Malaga says Capt. Scott, m hts ExcurOlancyo&rcot, NewYork, Manufacturett of all kmds or Smoking nnd Chewmg Tobacco OUR BRANDS I Rappaba!lnook Hero or Ulc \} eil. Union T11rk.llb Faugb ll. Dalla!h Eotabliahed 1850 J. N. KNOOP, Wboleaale dealer ln all klnds of LEAF TOBACCO, DOMESTIO AN'D HAVANA SECARS. A.lao Importer a.nd De&ler Ia M eenchu.U!ll, Br !lr and. Cla.y PIPES. AT TOE OLD STAND 131 BOWERY, N.Y. SEITZ, (SaectiJO r to Selt.z .t: Co ) DE..ol.LG IN TOBACCO SEGARS, 382 Pearlstreet. L. BERINGER & CO., WBOLli.U .. DULIRB J.:S Se[ars, Plu[ and Leaf Tobacco, No 148 WATBB STREET !l'e...,'W'ork Jr ALL.08DEB.6 .ATTINDID TO 30-00 j ) l I


LICORICE PASTE WALLIS & 00. EXTRA. Tobncco manufacturers and the trade in general are particularly requested to examine and test the superior properties of thi s LICORICE, which, being now b1ought to the highest perfection, is offered under the Hbove style of braiD d. We .are also SOLE AGENTS for the brand F. G. Acknowledged by consumers to be the best in the market. And for the brand of Licorice Stick G. B. In all respects equal to CALABRIA. GODZ, WALLIS & CO., 27-113 29 6: 31 llon&lllWUllam sc. LICORICE PASTE, EXCELSIOR MILLS PURE POWDERED LICORICE, Gum Arabic, OLIVE OIL, TONQUA BEANS, And other Flavorings for Tobacconilta' uae, ten; oale by WEAVER & STERRY, Importers, 29-81 16 PLATT-ST., N. Y. LIQUORICE PAS'l'E. A 7P. FRANCIA, Importer of {l.ll 1\l'l 101 Wa.ter-Street, N. Y. G & p Oahl\1 .t Oo., XX .t: KF brands, all or qullty lot &ale at. low:-" marlll:et ralel. 21'-Gi LICORICE PASTE. -:o:HENRY M. MORRIS, 99 Peerl & 62 Stone Streets, New-York, lliPORTRR Alm &oLII .AGD'I' 1ll 'l'lm V. 8. J'Olt Bl! M. & M. :flRAND. CERTIFICATES wlll be abown from ttle leading ma..nufa.cturen In Rlchmoml. Lynchburg, Danville>, Brooklyn, St Loole, Loutnllle, Covington, Pltbbur)!"1 Cam ada, Allltl'alla, and California. SU-.82 LICORICE PASTE F. GRUND & CERERO, Il!IPORTERS, I US Pea.rl-ltreet, New-York. J C. y Ca. R. R .. YNURRIA. 80 -82 F. G. Q. New-York & Vir[iniaSteamshiD Co. THE OLD LINE. F. W. MERTENS, No. 71 Essex St., near Grand St., DULU Q ltaf loltaceo &.$ tgar.G. 81-88 .. JIUalllllhed] 1108J C. H. LILIENTHAL, KdVJ'A.OTtl'ttU. o Out Ohewing a.nd Smoking Tobacco, 11t1 Itt, a. 211 ter. Barclay, NIIIW-YOIIK, And or Llpt and Dar Work, Lounp, 'rwlot, alld llod To. .... Nepperhan .a:obacco Works, CDWI30 TOB.ACCO. The Oele bratett Young Amertca I 8&VOl'J', Cavoodlb, NoapareU, Medallion, and YOilken, N T Fine rut, Plato and Street. 8110EIIIO 'I'OBJ.COO. Ratzle. EJW.Looc, Long OUt. Sbori Out. No.1, SXUFI'. Rose Scented, Maceoboy1 Prench bppee, Congren, and TeJom. liberaL Goolle Warraf)tid. Orden ecukrl<. HOYT, FLAGG & CO., Louisville, Ky. HOYT, FLAGG & CO., Successors to HOYT, BARBOUR & CO .. 107 and 10<) Second St., LOUISVILLE, KY., Manufaaurers of the following cdcbrated brands of FiNE-CuT CHEWING Teotlc CJaaro. J..ll'J.J,l J.JND DOiliS'ftC Allo, a area.&. Ta.riety of 'W Engl.iah, French, German, and Seotch SECARS, .-.w ......... Clay Pipes. 48 Beaver Street, "'B A lr T B A C C rr THE ONLY Oli' THE AMEII!-B. AIOI!IIL. } NEW-YORK. o .. N BIRDSIIYI I!HOKING TOBACOO. Sl !i,liJOII.di.D, (i'l) BARBER &. DUNLOP, DKALKllS IN LEAF TOBACCO, AND JI.L.VUJJ.CTORERS O.F &EG.A.R.&i, 348 Pearl Street, AJ.L KINDS 011 SEGARS MANUFACTURED TO ORDER. H-811 1. G.!tfOSU. D. WRSCH. MOSES & HIRSCH, MAIIUPACTURERS 183 PEARL STREET, (COR. OKDAR-STREET,) 18-211 Jlavana and cmman Began ill bd ror Bzport ROBERT BURNS, PUFF. J'O'DY PUOELLE D'OBI,EANS, SEGARS. Regalia Bretanica., Imperia.loa, Begaiia de Londree, Regalia IeyDa, Begalita, Conchas, Londres de Corte, Operas, etc., etc. For sale by the sole Manufaoturer, JOHN 8TRAITON, 61. B..,._ 8tHt!f. E. ROSENWALD & BROTHER, :urro&7&RS .AND KUUJ'ACTUILBRB or All Kinds Havana and Domestic SEGARS, DE.J.L.IRS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 146. Water-street, (If.., Malden-lane,) NEWTOBK. & E. SALOMON, -0 MANHATTAN TOBACCO WORKS. Hay an a J.l"os. 183. a. 18$ Dame-street, New-Tork. Segars, LEAF TOBACCO F. A. GOETZE & BRO., -m' MANUP..t.C7UREBS OF 143 Water-street, NRWTOBK. __.;:;, __ L. KELLNER. 91 William Street. JI..&.N1TII'AO'l'tTRER .AND vwa r.-a ,. 14--ll& QOTUSTIC SEGARS.-J.IC'RTENSTEIN BRO'S., LEAF TOBACCO, R"ERAR.S_ ETO J:TO. All ldndo or Ping:, Smoklnr And To\ AJ10, a l.U'fQ anortment or Leaf 'l'ODaCCO r.outantiY on a&1Nt pr-Ootlntry ordM'I promptly attmdul to. 34 & BOWERY, N. Y., -.UI>No. '1"9 GJ.U.TDR-BTJtBBT, NBW-ORLBANs, LA. 56 JOS. MAYER 4 SONS, DEALERS ii all bnds of J,EAF TOBA'CCO AND SEGARS. 1 22 Water-Street, 31 NEW-YORK .109EPH SELIQSBDO DJ,.'nD LEVY LEVY & SELIGSBERG, DUlolft8 Ill JlD'OD.T:Elll .&l'W llUT17.A.O'l't71UtB8 o Meerschaum and Briar PIPES, SMOKING TOBACCOS, SHOW FIGURES, ETC., 28 an, 4& LIBERTY-STREET, f 28-40 NEWYORK. TACKMANN & COLELL, P. W E I L B A C H E R, Importers or and Wbolesalo Dealers ID IMPO ..... .,.D DIIJ.LII& .uL Havana & Domestic LeafTobacco&C1gars, LEAF TOBACCOS 195 PEARL STREE _T, t New-York. VIrginia Ltaf and fttanafacturtd Tobaccos, on conslcn-cooataptly on hand. 80-4.:) 6 Plattatreet, near Pearl, NEW-YORK. 100 Bono French Snuff on h&nd. cmCHESTER & CO., HOLLANDER, FLEISHER & oo., !II BOWERY, NEW-YORK, Dea!entoa!Iklods or Leaf .. & Segars. t r llr @l(B J Sole llanu..tac& of dt.e Allo, Importers and Ka.oufactnnn of OELE11&AJED BOVqlJET BKOXU9 'l'OBAOCO. F I N E c I GAR s, Tobacco (in bond or duty paid) In quantldet to autt purcbUt:n. ()t,ler-8 received tor any brand o f Sr-. rars, a-'90 eenl lea than the markllt prlcl' HWIAN conetaotl,. on band or carved to order, 142 WATER-STREET, Lotrtl BoLL.t.RDIB, a v yt, e. B. Fu!ll!BX"' .1.1 0W'" H. HOU.lXDJiR. "Garibaldi Smoking Tobacco," and "St. Ill Orner Rappee Snuff." J, L1 GASSERT & BROTHER, J. M. MAYORGA, IMPORTEB o Leaf Tobacco Havana LeafT obacco, No. 157 BoWERY, U, CJEDARSTIU:ET. NEW-YORK. 18-3() NEWYORK. E. :M. CRAWFORD & CO .. H .. H. WATTS, IMPORTERS AND DEALBIU )faonfacturtr of hll CeJebr&ted Branda of 121 a.nd 123 Front Street, Fine Out Chewing and Smoking TOBACCOS. LEAF Also, John Cornish Vitgia. Leaf Tin 14-26 NEWYORK. Foil .UlD lli...U.&& IN .ALL 1ttl'DI Ql' LINDBEIM BROS. &; CO. \VBOLESJ.LI DZA.LERS UC SJOAB LEU, SEGARS, SNUJF, PLUG TOBACCO, Manufactured Tobacco Smokers' Articles, etc., etc. K&nufactory ancl Sales Room, No. 76 Bowery, NEWYORK. JOSEPH SCHEIDER'S N.!I.T.ION.!I.L Tobacco Works, .UD CIGARS, AND DIPORTERB 01' ._...,.,Wood Plpea, ancl all other 11u11iJ1c Articlea, 26 Courtlandt-street, A. LJ!IDlJEJM. M. lJALK. M.LINDHEUL (Near :Broadwa.y,) NEW-1'-e-Rlt. IF De_pot of H. Wllka &: Co.'s Tobaooo Works, Baltimore. Md. 84 HAVANA TOBACCO. 246 Pearl Street, NBWTOBK. FELIX MIRANDA, .. Havana Leaf Tobacco, 19S PEA.RLSTBEI!T, N.lll:..,vJIL., .AIID X.A..l'iUF..&.OTO.RBU OP T DIIl BR.t.ND Of SIO.&.It! RITICA, In. Havana. GEORGE WICKE, SEGAR BOXES, (Superior Make & Prime QUality,) 24-62 OF CEDAR WOOD, No. 26-Wlllettstreet NEW-YOR: MOSS & FALK, SEG-.A.H.B, .AND DIIUDft nt LEAF. TOBACCO, 22:1. XO. 'i BURLING-SLIP, (JN, PETEB.SBVRG, Va. :QIPORTBI. UD JIJULD nt A.BEU.. H.AH Dt'BTON1 Meersohau.m, Briar, Wood, (various kinds,)Indi& Rubbsr, China, and Pipes. English, Scotch, French, and German OX....A. V :J?:J::J?ES. Segar Mauo Poaebes, !ijtto Bats atd Boaes, PIPE STEMS, And a largo variety or raney artie!"" appertain lng to the tobacco tr&do. l\OLlC J)J::POT FOR SHAKER PIPES AND KOSSUTH BOWLS. 18 No. 90 "Water Street. NEWYORK. M. METZGER, Dealer 1n allldnd cf Forden nod Domeatle ADd J\lalluracturer oJ 17St WATER-S'rREE'l', NEW-YORK. LOBE & POGGENBURG, Juuoo&Tns or Srecln.l attention piveu to thtl aale &nd porcbase of COri'ON and TODACOO. 88.59 A. B. GARLAND & CO., PETERSBURG, General Commission Merchants AND FORWARDING AGElii"TB, buy and aeU Inerchandlse and produce of every kiDd. Tbty jtivc t.belr personal atteu"tlon to the purchase of TOBACCO and COT1.'0N. Mr. Garland hn bt-cn an old operator and manufacturer o( and wn !cor seven' I yeurs inspector of aame at the largeat'wrebousc ln tbc city. Partit:s fa.,.oring Ul witll .. rdertl can as11ure themaelves tbM they ill b" fl.lleBtoh. BZ-CS J. B. FILLEY & CO., PACKERS & DEALERS -1:!1Fine Connecticut SeedLeaf Tobacco, u. } BLOOMFfELD CONN. O.KKta.M t T.Q,.JUOXL ItT SUGGETT & KIMBALL, Manufa.ctuen ot &be rEERl.ESS TOBACQOt M Muin-treet, JTIEllltT ROOHESTER, N. Y. WK. I. IllUU.Ll.. 21 t Meerschaum and Briar Pipes OX....A. Y :J?:J:PES. HARTFORD ADVERTISEMENTS. '11"111 l

. 1 .. J.D.BURNHAM&CO., _Manuractur er a and Dealers ln all klodl o r Tobacco, Snuff and Cigars, Tobacco, 77 and 79 Asylum-street, 12-64 HARTfORD, OONN. ESBJU.N & HAAS BROTHERS, DIALERS IN CO:N:NEOTICl}T Seed I eaf T ubacco, .llfD IIUUI.&CT1TDBS o:r S8la Jlla1D tNet, L B., P B. B"-1, J. E u xA.M, H.B. IIA, )(, B.IILo. HA.RTJOID, CONN. ..D ranch-BAA. S & 0'0., Leave n worth, Kan. 12M D. W. KING, AGEN T Seedleaf ID4 STATE STREET, Hartford, Conn. H. & Z. K. PEASE, DJ:Al.l:RS IN CONNECTICUT Seedleaf Tobacco, and Statestl'eet, HARTFORD, CONN. FARNHAM & BARNES, t'.l.CO:RS AND DIAURS IN Fine Conn. Seed-Leaf TOBACCO, 1 1 No. 238 State-stree t IIA.Hr 1 >0DD, CONN. S. S. CASE & CO., DKA.LXM IN ntPORTED AimDOJriESTIO CI&ARS & TOBACCO, 98 Asylum-street, HARTFORD, CONN. BRANOH H O USE-78 Dearborn -street, Chi oago,Jll. --Conn See d lea! rece ived a n d sol d o n BROWN & ZWEYGARTT, DEALER S U f SAL TIMORE ADVERTISEMENTS. G. W. GAIL CHRISTIAN AX. G.-W. GAIL&AX, MAif'orACTI!RIU OF J.LL OF ihttuiug i!tobat(tt, AND SNUFF -AU<>-Importers of and Dealers In Cigars, Pipes, Snulf-boxes, eto. NO. 28 BARRESTREET, Baltimore, Md. GAIL, AI: &o KUOBLEB, Noo. 113 a n d 175 Water-e t ree t N ew Y or k. 11-. L. W. GUNTHER, CENERAL Commjssion MerQhant, TOBACCO FACTOR, N o 9 0 Lombard-street, (Oae door west of :lxcbaa ge-plac:e ,) BALTiliORE, MD. Liberal advaneem e nt.a m&de on consignment lo my addreu. I 6il w u Mnu. n L. Mns. WM. H. MYERS & BRO., MANUFACTURERSofSEGARS AND W!JO L XSU.L8 D.ii.U.ERS I M Foreign and Domestic Leaf AND SEGARS; A L801 .AOR:K'rS FOR THI ULiiil Oli' MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, I!!Hl1 No 147 W. tfatt-street, BAt.TIMOIIll, MO. [ E stablished in 1837.] CHAS. D. DE FORD & CO., S'l' SOIJTH GATST., BALTIMORE, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, For tholon Sale o! MANuFAcTuRER LEAF TOBACCO, 14 West Front Street 269 N 271 State-Street, CIKCJKK..!I.TI, OHIO -. 1 86 C:E1l:OAGO. Eclipse Tobacco Work. Large Stocks of Mason County Cutling and 'Segar Lear. Alao Ohio Seed-leaf a l ways on bahd lu lots to ault. buyers. 196 DOHAN-& TAITT, L. B. SARGENT & CO., VAN HORif, MURRAY & co., 62 SMOKERS' ARTICLES ETC 51 Clay-street BA.LTI!liOHE. BECKER & Who le!al e Dealers l n all klnda or L E A F TOBA<;JqO, 94 Lombard Street, (near Light, ) BA.LTI!!IODB, Conata.nlly on hand a large qnanUt,' of Conneetlcal. and T obaccO!, 8S JOSEPH SCHROEDER, Jobber tUHI \Vhole3ale Dealer In Leaf, Manufactured 8 1 EXCHANGE PLACE, Third duor Ea.t of Sout h &. Bo!ILTIMOBE. Tobn.cco received o n Commission 02 PHII;ADELPHIA ADVERTISI;MENTS. AKTinm. UAOEN J A.llBS .x : DOYD. WILLI..UI C HAG E N & CO., liANUrACTURERS Ol' AND WUOLESALE DRAL&RS l N 'Leaf & Manufactured Tobacco, Farmers' Agent s for the Sale of Con necticut Seed-Leaf Tobacco, 6l North Third Street, PHILAD'ELPHIA, Internal Revenue Bonded. W arehonse o & DUNCAI,I (First C> llectlon District or Pennl)'lvanla,) TOBACCO ,lND General Commission Merchants, No 39 No rth Water Street, PHILADELPHIA. C. M. MEYER, COMMISSION ME'RCHANT, ron TOE S.U.Il OF Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco, CIGA R S PIPES, ETC 87 No. 6 2 Nor th Front Street, P HILADELPHIA. J.!OO. MlTOnELI., A..ROBKR Tli'VIS. MITC_HELL, TEVIS & CO., MANUFACTURERS OF SE_GARS, J.ND WHOLES.Af.E DEALERS I N A.r.t K I !ffi3 0 Tobacco Merchants, Commission Merchants, Tobaeco Manufacturers, llD &QD11 JOI rJII l.lLa 05' Manufactured & Leaf Tobacco, i9 N W a t e r st., a. 28 N Delawa re-an. )(, I D OHAN, 51 PHILADELPHIA. UNITED STATES BONDED WAREHOUSE LEWIS BREMER & SONS, WJJOLEU.LX DE&LEDS J1{ Jta f unh l{unufadutth, SEGARS, SNUFF, &c., No. 322 N. Third-street;, Belween Wood a.nd C&Uowhin, L E WI S B R EMER. ORO. W. BREBrUlR, T HEO. B RE M E R, J O S .A. B RE M E R .Just received. a.laree quantity o f Seed a n d Segars. A...'W DB .f.Li:RS Ul Manufactured and Lear Tobacco," L. H TlrOS. J. '.BICQS. W'. Q, IIOBRIS.. 31 W a.lnut stree t, tCINCINNATI, O."i 2Q-i I r, P CnU. FANT leaf Tobaccolnsoection WAREHOUSE Nos.lOO, 102,104 West Front St., CINCINNATI, OHIO. MORRIS & CHALFANT, Proprietors. -Auctlon Sole s D a ily. for Leal promptly at.Lcnded to Nos 37 & 39 S. Waterstreet, CHICAGO. TurnSl" V a n Horn & Oo Quincy. Dl. ISS ST. LOUIS ADVERT ISEMENTS. DAMERON, BROTHERS & 00., S U CCUSORS TO NANSON .DAUERON & CO. Tobacco Factors, AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. 16 6 N. Second-st., cor, Groen-st .. 191 ST. LOUIS. A. FRECHIE, Henry Besuden & Bro., [JlPORHR AND .AHtrPAOTlJRJI:R OP Orders Filled for all Kind s of Manufactured and Leaf Domestic and Havana Cigars, ..._MD D E.U.&B IN .1. Lea f A:o., &o. 230 AROI-:I-STREET, o1 BUCKNOR, M 'CAMMON & CO., Commission Merchants, IN .U.L DIIKlRlPTI()M!I OI'J LEAl' AND MANUFAaruRED TOBACOO. 37 H. Water-st. & 38 H. Delaware-ave.1 A BIJ CKI FOREIGN AND D OJIIESTIC Leaf and Manufactured TOBACCO, SNUFF, SEGARS, ETO., Nos. 474 and 603 N Second-st., 153 and 155 Noble-at. PHILADELPHIA. A.geot for GAIL & A.x'sTobaceo and Snutr. 61 SMITH BROTHERS, Segar Manufacturers, .A.l\'D DEALERS IN &LL KINDS OF Segars, r.JOD orner. 181 LOUI SVILLE ADVERTISEMENTS. W. WATKINS, .. P. 0. BOX OCG, LOUI S\-u,LE, QI..crmm.ercia.l anl:l Specln.l a.ttention pn.ld to filling orders for TODAOCO, LEU Ol' MA.!SUI' AOTURED. REFERENCES, Messrs. R. i.TUNSO:i & Co., NewYo rlt; WJ..TI'S, Cun .t Oo., New-Yoik; NORTO N, SuuauTBB & Oo., New-York i M lUDu k SoN, Ne.rYork:; WILPKB & Morutrs, Ne.,.York ; Joa-Y SuLLIVAN &:: B a ltimore, Md.; WK.. TJ..Tt.oa A Oo., PhUadelphla, Pa. j J. D. AUXlXDIIi:B .t Co., O&nlten, .New York; W. B. llAXILTOY, Pretltlent Peeopies' Bank. Louisville, Ky. i W. 0. l11n: Cashier Oommerclal Bank, LotrlSTIIl. e, Ky ; J. G. DARRBTf, Ouhler Chlt:ena' Bank, Loulnille, Xr.; :&leasr;. SP&ATT & Oo., Pfcke t \ Roue, Louie ville, Ky. j :P. S. J. Ro:u.LD, N1nth-a treet H o olt1 Louisville, Ky. 7 Ht Y)(, a. GLOnR. CLOVE R &. CO., BOONE TOBACCO WAREHOUSE, M..!I.I;Jf' STBEET Between Ninth and rc.nth, 111-41 LOUISVILLE, XT. .J. G. SPALDING & BRO., IU.ll'1lF.lCTtTRliS OF .lLL K:l!iDI OJ' Chewing Tobacco, NO. 109 MARKET-ST., Betweep P ll"t and B rook Street LOUISVIL LE K Y t!r' ORDERS PROMPTLY l'IUED. 16-41 D S PA.LDIJH]1 R. H. SPALDJSG. W'. D BP.lLI>ll!IO. D. SPALDING & SONS, DEHERS lN Leaf&. Manufactured TOBACCO, Nos. 209 and 211 Chapel -st reet L OlJISVILLE, KY. 16 68 J. S. WILLETT, Tobacco Manufacturer, 1\'os. ur a. U9 Thlrd-st., bet .llal n a. Blvtr, LOUiSVILLE, KY. :---:.o:-BRANDS: Wlllett.1s Gnge s Navy, Jbs. and f l bs. Willett's Long lOs-ru'ngl2&. Willett's Dcuert. ts. Willett s &. rupnlng lOs. W i llett'!! 0 oz Brl,l t ll:ls. FISHER & CO., Merchants, Commission Merchants, Manufactured Tobacco, NO 76 SOUTH nn-A -nLES ST Aud Ag 27 NORTH THIRD STREET, BALTIMORE. WM. &1 .ABB EY, PHILADELPHIA ... JO.SEP H D ROOKE. I 23 CENTRAL WHARF, i'a&J!C l:i l'liiiU, bu. 8. J'1SB.U1 J'Ju.sCJI K PIP&&, Jcmr fl V rn. BOSTON. CLARK BREWER & SONS, H WILKE:MS & CO., MONUIENTAL CITY TOBACCO WORKS NO. 181 WEST PRATT-STREET, BALTIMORE, liD,, M tlr.urac& uren or a ll tlndi o f lU.Nll'UOTOBII:M ,uro .DEJ.I,RJl! Hi & Ofhewing $nuff, and"!-oGacco, Cigars a11d Le:; ;;b:ooo, and othe r 14 SOUTH MARKET-STREET 1s-2s BOSTON. NEW ENGLAND TOBACCO WORKS.-ADAMS, BATCHELDER & 00., Fine-cut, Chewing, and Smoking TOBACCO Salerooms: No. li Chatham lHH1'NHt. .RDRT D A.n.uas. 18 N. W lli.?CDILDD. EICHBERG & ELLER, H .AVANA I)E.I.UUl8 lK DOMESTIC SE&ABS, 169 Milk street, BOSTON. ...... OW'Dert of Eureka nu.d Ingomar Brandt, 18 L SAJroEL & BROTHE:R. DRA.U:RS 1111 Havana and Domestic Cigars, TOBACCO, Ro. 8 BH&oa. Jfanafactarert of th e brandt u A:merlc:a n Zoll &vet .n4 La Pr oiJMnade." 18 H. CARRUTH & CO., nlPOit1'nS .AM.O ftOL EIU.LI D8.UEJU 1lf ALl. DESCRIPTIONS OP' 1@auufa.durt4 1ohacco, CIGARS, PIPES, ETC. No. 48 Hanover-street, u ,...::: :-. BOST9M. WILLIAM A. BASSETT, TOBACCO, Havana and Domestim Cigars, PIPES, ETC., ETC. No .21 Dlaelutone treet, 1110 BOSTOJII', IIASB. Smokers' Artioles. Depot with Lindheim Brothere & Co., 26 Courtlandt-atreet. N ew-York. D e p o t also a t E. L Witthaua corne r Front and Race, Phi!adelphi. 6 1 F. W FELGNER, ::>OI.f.: ll.i 'WF.\t'TURJUl .A1lD succuaon T O F H. Deutscher Rauchtabak, _AND O THER CHOICE BRAirnS, 6 1 90 & 92 South Chl\l' les-street, BALTIMORE. B. F. PARLETT & CO., -WDOLEULB DE.i..LER8 IN MANUFACTURED Leaf and Smoking Tobaccos, SEGARS, PIPES, ETC., -.lL80---Comm i ssion Merchants for Sale of Same, 92 LOMBARD & 5 WATERST. B F PARLETT, 61 Baltimore, Md, --G. H. BOLENIUS, \VUOLESALR DElALF.R l N LEAF TOBACCO, Manufactured Tobacco and Se[ars, NO. 202 W. PRATTST., 61 Baltimore S. ROSENFELD & CO., D E.t.LEBI IN Domestic and Imported Se[ars, -CHEWING & LEAF TOBAOOO, .uso--Labelo, Brand a, a nd Ribbon s 20 SOUTH GAY.ST 61 BALTIMORE. WM WELSH & SONS, -mga,rs, Foreign and Domestic LEAF AlfD KAlfUl!' ACTllli.ED TOBACCOS; No. 27 South G a y-street, (Oppo1 l t t Bout,) WM. H. W ELIB, lao. W WIOLI B, G 1 UL1'DlOBB o au. x w .... -28-44 P h ilad e l phia. EICHHOLZ BROTHERS, Manufacturers ot and Dealen ln Imported and Domestic Ci[ars, LEAF TOBACCO, I! 13! N o r th T b lr d s t a. UOO Fronts t., AYBRJ.:ICHHOLZ, } PHILADELPHIA. SOLOMON J:ICUHI)LZ 1 8'l J LHVT. LEVY BROTHERS, Manufacturers a o d Doalen J n 536 No rth Second Street, PHILADELPHIA. Ma.nufa.ct urar s of the .rua.n Nicot Brand. 87 Batchelor Brothers, liJ.MUFACTuaERS 0 1' DOMESTIC, H AVANA AND YARA CIGARS, S S T North T blrds t. ond .i 3 N orth Seeo11d-st., PHILADELPHIA. A ID.rgestock. ot DA'CCHELOR'S celebrated. Yara, Young American, and othel" well-known brand!l,coostauU,v ou baD d t 87 W HOLESA L E AND RETAIL. JOHN DOUGLASS WHOLSALK TOBACCO No 13 North Sixth-street, (Oorner of Commerce-St. ,) 11-63 PHILADELPHIA. A. K. STOLTZ, Wholesale & Retail Dealer in Tobacco AND HAV A NA AND DOKESTIC SEGARS, Cor. Third & Buttonwoodsts PHILADELPHIA., {::wLeaf Tobacco, Imported and Domett. l e Segan o f all ki n ds, constantly on b.1.nd, and f or aale at. the l ow c 1 i c u b prtce.. et B. A. VAN SCHAICK WRqLESA.LE DEA.LB& JN Leaf & Manufactured Tobacco, FORl:tGS AND DOM:i:ST I C CIG!ll.S AND-GENERAL DKPOT LOR ILLARD S SNUFF &. TOBACCO, No. 503 Chestnutst., PHILADELPHIA. pr" UNITED STA TRS \VAIU:liOUSE. Con signors can forward their Stock!l 11 1!'1 DOND," without prepay in& lbe Go,ernment Tu. 01 COURTNEY & SON, TOBACCO. IJJD GENERAL COIIISSION IERCHANTS, No. 11 South Front St r e et, PHILADELP HIA, PA, Aloo, South Gay 81., Ba11lmore, l!ld, M A.!'I D il iHV .11UIS1'80NO, lt')!JRR't' A. & R. Armstrong, .. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. 51 South Front Street, 62 PHILADELPHIA. CINCINNATI ADVERTISEMENTS. BARNEY, GREEN & CO., o r TH B OELE:SFI...A.TED (HEW!I' i "J!'OB.&CCOS. Put up in atylea to auit the trade. Oftlee aa4 Saleel"oom : 49 lhinStree t, Cincinnati, 130 B.eadeStreet, N. Y -..e1pa1 Depole 1 Jlitchell, Tevis & Co. 27 North Third St., Philadelphia, Alao, S o l e .Agents f o r Century bran.d. On hand, a q uaottT ot old Conneotiout aoleot 67 wrappers. 11 _. lJ 01. 49, .lil, and 53 BlackstoneSt. Bolton : 2f5 ViT! C ;:;tl eet. S T LOUtS, 110. Jf\mei!-R. l John N. llooth1 J ''"'" 11 C I NCIN NATI. Tbomaa.nooth. 174 \ E YI.C -------------0. fiJt.a. \\"JI. F. OTT.L BODMANN'S Inspection & Leaf Tobacco W a r e house Nos. 67 59, 61, & 63 Front & 62 64, & 66 W ater b et Vine & Walnut -:o: OA1LY U AUQ riON HD AT PRIYATF. S A I.E OF \"JR ( .HNL\, KENTUC KY, INDL\N.\, 'OSSOC!![ A:\'D OlllO TOOACCOS. D. HIEATT, OHAS. BOD MANN, 198 Inspe c tor. P r opri etors. RICHARD MALlAV, n ,a\o:r in afl kJ111h \If -:o:Ordem fOl' the of Leaf Tobaooo, promptly and carefnlly executed. -:o:-122 W est Secon d Street, JIBTWI:!:S &AOB J.SD SUI, CINCINNATI, OHIO, II.U.. O UCJ. 0. OOL'OSlll:rU. RICE & GOLDSMITH, Importers of Hava n a & Manu facturers of Domestic Cigars, DEA_l:P.S I N JRENCI!, EXGLISII, AND TURKis H Smoking Art icles, i08 .. let. F ifth o a d 8Wb stmls, 2ils CINCINNATI. G.EO. HAFER & CO., (Succeuon to IIAFER !.r. DUDDY,) Tobacco Commission Merchar1ts1 U D OWNERS or U S. BONDED WAREHOUSE, No. 25 Second-street, DI!!T'Wiol'l!ll' II \ IN A!tD CINClN:SATJ, Liberal Advances mAde on Consignments. 2 00 NewYor k Branch. KROHN, FEISS &: CO., aU,!!'VrJ.Ol'UHiiiF8 OP Segars and Tobacco, UIP01t1'PH8 OP' MEERSCHAUM & .BRIAR PIPES, AND ALL SMOKERS' ARTICLES, 53 West Fourth S treet, tlf:1', WA.L."'UT .A!>D 5'1'1!.1 101 CINCINNATI. I L. JOUiioiUS. I. T. ROBE-RTS & JOHN SON, DE.&LEJU! IM O hio, Ken t ucky, l\lissouri, & Virginia P U L S & OTTE, Mli.nufacturen o! al l klods of TOBACCO AJ'ID DR.A.Llrn8 l!f C igar s P ipes, ana S mokiog_ N o. 106 Third-st., bet. V ine & Locust S


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