The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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v. : ill. ; 36 cm.


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Agnew Wllllam, A 8oDL..N aod 188 JrvDI ...... Art:II>IIUP & Beyan, oo and 81' -.L laluel, b .t: Co., at IINid. : Bacon, Clardy & Co., lSl .Purl Dater. D. c .._ll-G w-. -G. B., Tl Wa&or Morrfl. H M V9 Pearl Uld. ft Moue. Murrell, Caruth 4: Co., 118 Kewcoml1 W .&:: Co., fie .Bruad. NortoG. 8la11Jhter & Uu., 40 lltoad Obtr, N .. IOIII .t Co. M Broad. O'N e il. Oun.t A Co.1 118 lh.ldt'n-IMW. --"Longe, til Llbort. Ptlnee A Bachrach, lk8 Peat I. Ranoa, Brhtg),a.nd II: Cl. 41 ftro&ll. Bela- n&ppeo, lT'l Pearl. --II Garth. 1'11 Wa&or. klomoo, 8lmoo, PArt. kW'yer, Wallace .tOo., 4T Broal. 8ebroeder .t Bon. 2M Peart. l!ebubart, IL .II Co. 141 Wilier Smllb. Palmer&: Co 110 W'akr. Boodcfy A B o \far'd, TYiroad. .ddep Lll08. SUI.u A. Brod 191' D1111DO. BHrn, Jeoa&' Oo., 11'8 Water. lluiiiVUI, llurpby II Oo 103 P..t. T.ckm.aun lr Oolell 6 Pial.-.. \'etterleln, ':rt H. l8on11, U8 Crane & Oo.,43 Broad. w-, M. Oo,lTl PearL TOW.CCO BaOJtalll. Adi.lul A O.t.orne, U Wat. Calbch, Cb aa. H., 193 ._rl. Ovmao, 4 Y., 118 ,.....,, .l Harrlo'!, 181 lllalden.J&De. KrtheRer, M.,lM Water. fiRI!er& aodft&ld,!III.ollMor-IU'L GaDs J. s, 91 w-. Bearmiii.Dl&lln .t H&r!!ma nn 14.6 .PtMl.l Radet,IL A: Van Pt!llt, A.. IL, 126 Wakr Wllht Wcbly I \\'Mer, DEALIR8, .Barber .t Dunlop, 8-lS Pe&rL Bondy, C. &-r.L, 868 Bowerr. Chickbau:t, Obarlea 1'.,116 Broadway. Colell H., 200 Chatham. W. W&ter. Fisher & N e theile1, 56 Cedar. Heu B.,195 Pea.rl. KnoOp, J. N 181 Dowery. La.chenbruch, N. i Bro 1M Water Latorre, R.. S., 1 6 7 Pear l, Lee Brother&, 269 P earL L ichtenstein Brotberlllf4 Knd 84,\t :Bowerr. McOa.ftll, Jobn .t Co .... l GreeDwleh. Marc us, Alexander, 37 and 3Q Boweq. Mayer&: CO. 106 Front. J, M., 14 Cedar. llcRea.d y & Kuhn, B o w e ry. .&lertens, F. W., 'tl F .ase x Miranda, .Felix 193 Pearl. Oatman&: R e id 166 \Yater. Ro.enws.l l l, .E. & Bro loi:S Water. 8a.lomon M &: E., 17 8 Pearl. Salomon & Elldna, 143 Water. Beltz, Ohlt.r l e s 882 11e a r l .. Smytb, Chat D. B o w er y Wetlbaobe<, P., lMI"ORTElUS OF PIP1 bTC. Bol"k..eo & Slef'kes, 57 Ma idenlane. WIUlam & Co. 2 8 and SO IJberty Xaufmann Droa &: Bondy, 51 Lea r Oscar H., 90 Water. Lobe' II: Pogg enburg, 45 Llberty. YA!o!IJF.A.CTU RERS O'F llt:E.RSCiiAli'X PIPES. Son, 6 John. UlPOM'ERS A _ND lU.NUJ'A.CT UR:EHS Or CHU.B.S. Berg & Co. 429 Dto&dwa.;r. Han, Joseph 16 Barelay. Kellner, L.. !h Wllltarn. Mos f .. ui: lllrscb, 163 LICORICE P.A.STi DEALIRS Franc ia., A. P., 101 Wator Gome z Wa\Us 4 Co. 29 & 31 South Wlllhm. Grund, F & Cerero, llS Pearl. Leaman. W & A 87 Pine. H9rrl81 R. H., 99 Petll'l. LlCOniO& POWDER DE.&.LERS. Weave r & 8t.ftry, 16 Platt. S EED-LEAF TOBJ.C O O INSPICTIOH. Llnde, F. 0., 'iG Gre euwic hstr e et. TO:UA.CCO PRESS. Guthr ie & Oo. 225 F ronHtreet. M.ANlWACTURERS OJ CJGi& :SO:lES. Wtcka, George, 26Willett-al.reet. D.t.LTiltiORB. TOlU.COO WAR.EROUSEi. Beck & llolil.ein, 61 South Ga-y., F. L., & Co. De lord, Oh&rltl D .t Co.,87 Sooth Oar:. Fisher & Hancock, 4 Exchange Pla.ce.: Gleeke & Niemann, 18 Bout.h t.."h&rlft, Ouotbu, L. W., 00 Lombard. Jll'C, Becker & 94 Lombard. Boleoi.W!I, G. H .1 'l02 Wea.t. Pra". .,elgner, F. W ., 90 and 92 South Charle1. Gall, G. W. & Ax, !lS Barre-atre et.. }!yera, Wm. H. & Oro .,141 Wett Pratt. Pa.rlett, B. F. k Oo., 92 Lombard. Bequ.ardt J J. & SOn, 68 Sout.h Gay. Rosenfeld, S. ,&: Co.. 20 8ont.b Gay. l!chroeiler, Joa.J. 81ltxchaoge Pla.oe Welab1 Wm. II: 150DI, 91 South Gay. WUilen s 4 Co., lSL Weft Pratt. BROO:R9. Lenring, D t Co., 3 Cbea.pstde. I(J.NUVACTtTREJl8 Or PIPU1 J:TC, :Ferpson, GehrlDI &: Co., M 0la1_.ttuei. DLOOltiPIELD, CONN. PACKERS UD DIA.LXI\9. FUiey, J B .t Co. BOSTON. Adomt. llalebelder II Co., !'OW A., 21 'nlacttttoneatr'l &. Calrrith, B. \t. Hanover. Br!!;\.-et a: SoDs, 14 South Markel. J:tchberg ;a; Eller, 169 Hltk. P.i!ber 4: Oo., Cent.ra.l Wharf. BroLher, 6 E, D,. }lA.l(UFAOl'URIRS, B. lrl., 220 .... 'ullen & Dieterich!!. 4T otbacl::ihd i A..dler; sa South Wa\et. &o HUrray & Oo.; 81 a.Dd Sou&h Wi'.ter. TQ.BA.CCO W .A.RI!:UQUSKS. Bo4\'flaqn, charles, 51-66' Water., .i:: Oo., 48 Watcut. Oa.se_y, k Co., '2ti Vine. E ileeo t\Vlsted or pte ared fo.., ,liMe 1! d Bj)" cent.a rlb. All kinds Fine 4Q centa Smoking, f3 cents per lb ;, made whollj or ate:m:a, 15 centB per lb. Cigars, llO O[gatettes s per cqnt. ad valore'm. Snuff, .0 ceuu per lb. : f THE TOBACCO MARKET. liOKESTIC. NE'WYORK, Nov. J.-Western Lf!(lf bas bee n moderately active during the paRt week, with sales of about 1100 hbds Prices for all tbe..finer grades remain f\rm, and hold era are po'lat ail iaclinei:l .to ur,ge their stocks upon the market. The transac tions in lower grades have been other in favor of buyers; they have not ranged bel o w the limit of bur qudtations: B C BAKER SOlf' & CO As to the influence of the present :md tbe n ext crop OJl the fu.turo mo.rket there i s a Tobaooo and Cotton. Factors, J corisiderable !live,rsity of opinion. So!"e nrc .AND looking to see JiMCeS considerably reduced in Commission Merchants arew months,;especiallyror medium and non, d d h'l b No, 132 F;ontftreet, es.cnp. gra es; w 1 e o, on t e con trary, be!i e v e that tho off in this s ea Bow.w..a.x 0. lJA'r:za, EDWIX AI. DA.IUR, I N e w -York. BAnR & Co so'is crop and also the probable decr e a s e of (54-86) Cinclunall thG next yield in the border States-to g e ther Vlr.glala u.d Nortl tarblloa Tebaen lgeney. SAML. AYRES, SON & CO., of Ri chmond, Va)', Vi? ommt'a.itbw eltetoi'a'l'tld J with the diminished stocks on hand, whi ch consider overestimated fully one third tLEAJ< A.N ,_ s. No. 31 Broad-street or one inevitably cau s e a speedy advance in price!!. Messrs. Bacon, Q lardy & Co. well known as one Of the leading t o bacco houses in this city, and ItS among the Jatgest tobacco growers i n Southern Kentucky. and f ollowp of ....tbi 5UJ.hi.e.ct.. "We will venture a few remarks on tlie D. a B.u.DWII', New York, H. BIUOBlll, 8&v&DDah, Ga, D. '! BoUT, 1 1 1. T. Onn&nrol, ]). K. BALDWIN,& CO., Cotton and Tobacco Factors, AND General Commission Merchants, NO. 1'78 PE.t.BLSTREET,, NEWYOBK. A. R CARDOZO & co I No. 169 Front Street, A. R. O.I.RDOZO, } C. II. A:n>U:.:>&, Fato. DR09T. NEW-YORK. Pa.rl.ieular attention paid to tho ll&le or 14--.e'l Weetern Produoe. HEALD & MILLER, TOBACCO. NO. 176 WA'l'ERITREET, NEW-YORK. VIRGINIA TOBACCO WORKS or PRINCE & BACHRACH, 01 Plug, TWist, and Fancy Tobacco. .l.liD Al.M l{.ertbautl No. 34.9 Pcail Street. C4 YOf\ K. .1;--tA'W'BOII. J. J.. IIJUDQLAD. J. B. BOVCL .6. 0. a.t.W'IOif. RAWSON, BRID.GLAND & CO., l TOBACCU & COtTON FACTORS, General Commilon Merohants, NO. '1 BROADSTREET, i14 !IIBWVOHK., '. 'L ".lt'I'VAB.T. KREMELBERG & 00., TOBACCO". HEW-Y -e-RK, cast Licorice Pute, be$t qu11lily, tllrtl}t.lro port. & tton rc.r l!&.le, In b oad or duty pald,ln loL'\ to au i t r L BRAUNS l CO. No. 11 Cheapslde BalUmore. ;BACON, OLARDY & CO., and (!itdton OINJi:RAr. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, _A.ND DI..U:IRS Heavy Western & Olarksville Leaf, 181. PE.tiRL-STBEE_T, W. J .BACON, W. D. CLAltDY, J. S. PARRISH, DR. J.D. CLAIUlY. 12-'U New-York. VETTERLEIN & co., 'I' 0 B A. 0 0 0 (Uolted lltat.ea Bonded 111 ARCH-8l'REET, PHit!D-!J,PBii, TH. H. VETTERLEIN SWiSI. 128 WATER-STREET, NiW:-Y STEIN & BROD; Commission Merchants, t 97 HIW: .... ...... BaY eolllt&ntl1 oa." collllgnment & larg' q_a.aotlty o f co-eetleaJ, It&t an.t Ollloeedle&CTo whlcb willl>o sold ln qua.nUtlel to jiuit purchuers. Oicar manufooturera particUlarly favored. !!HIS MURRELL; CARUTH & CO., GE!IIRR.t.L T0BACC0, No. 45 Water Street, Csu 111. COl'l'OLLT, J&.,} BRAMHALL & CO., Commission Merchants JAs. M. G .. udmcu, W.,AL"EX:., '!U' JAs. 4. ConoLLY. 111-M l," a.. THE FOR THE SALE OF Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco 37 .Water Street, CITY TOBACCO AGENCY I O urnt!llus Du D ol&, } 1 I foseplt B. VnOei'VoO.-t, y.n. O 'F. No. I OB Front Street, 0orloa Buller. 1 .. 26 J;Y:I'i -IN Tobacco and Cotton. A OI:NTS rOR Cbo :k.ley & Olivei's cel ebrated V lrginla. proba.ble amoU'nt that is likely to b e pro duced a nother year; as we have c o n s idernbl e experience in the culture of tobacco, having farmed in the Clarksville r e gion of the coun try !' of years, and being perfectly familiar with the character of labor r e quired to produce it. Admitting th&t the high p1 ice will stimulate the planters to grow all in their NEWVORK. -:o:PREMIUM VIRGIII!IA TOBACCO AGENCY. G: W. Hil1mau & Co., HENRY M .. ROSE SMOKING TOBACCO, power, the loss offarm stock, and the disor ganized condition of la\lor, without law s t.o CommissiOn Merchants, lmDQrtcr & Commission Merchant, J"OB TD BALl: OJ' # LlCORlO&, GUMS, BEANS, OILS, HAVANA Sl;f-37 Pearl-str'!let, "NEW-YORK. JOS. w. c u nou.. .ros. noY. J : N. NIVEN MANUFAOTURED TOBAOOO, GARS, to, LEAF & tAN'D Have always on hand largo asoo-ent of Jl(anu i !los. 99 PeArl ad. 62 Stoa.e S'!ttls, JOS.EPH HOY & CO.,' Qommission Cactnred Tobacco. For 1ale on liberal terms. John C. Havemeyer & Bro.; TOBACCO C,ommission Merchants, NO. 11!1 PEARLSTREET, NEW-YORK lt;t, N0Jt1'0}f 1 '1"80. J. 3LJ.UGHT&II1 )1, B. WISDOM U. S : B o n r h : d Ware house, S2d Distri ct, N. Y. 30 82 'V. H. FR .h: Y, No. .126 Pearl-street, NE-w'-YORK. c. DliL ER A.ND doM MISII O N liiEII:CR!llT f ll ................. ,_.... ... ; :S 659 Same time, 1960 ..... 1,991 Same thne ; 181>11..... 9,M2 1T 1S 11 lS 18 s 11 6 6 s&me time, 1858 ., 10,442 408 .B&me t.lme, 0,001 ,_ Same -.ime, .. 6PS88 .o $arne, 1860 8,6815 5 1 ltame Lime, 1864..... .... Same tlme,lSG-3,_,, Same 1862,..... .... BBOOIU.YM 'J'OBJ..CCO IN!IPECl'ION t .. To tat hhd8. 30,6S2: 6,74 8 86,4'1!, 6 ,90 GEO S HART&; CO HJi. h to! lmporteroofandllealerolnalllrlDdoor -.. .,, '"" 1 s t t Leaf' Tobacco, JOSEPH HICKS, Taos. 0 G.u.ll1 of Va. GU.1 L. HtlGBI>:S, of Sl Lou.i1, M:o. 8t.ock on..l'la.nd, Oct. 1, 1S6:i, l:ihdt ........ .... 1 81009 Jtectlfed to Oet. SO ... ___ ... ...................... 3, 018 Total ............ ... : ................ hbds. 10 02.1 1.1 u "'" ear ree FOil OAH 1\f. TOBACt;O_ 1!l o. 3 9 Pearl and 28 :Bridge Sh., NEW-YORK. GAIL, AX & XU:CHLER, tobacco and Commissinn House. 4 r. 0. W. GAIL. AX'S :iuN'uFAcTuitBS, o 178 175 Water street, KING&co., -,.11' "" Tob&Coo Factors -Al ..(10) 0 :: fihllfrat .;mmt-.stou N9. 2;,;1. :P.road. Street; 0 K. Ktwa, t NEW-YORK. Q $ Jollnll. Braliula DAvb)o'NEILL & co.; FOBBIGN AND DOD/!'I'IO: i 1 1 9 Malden lane,. NEW-YOJiX. WII.LW< H.-I 600. BALEa OLD QUALITY Jahmttt FOB SALE, ]][ BOND OR DUTY PAID, Df LOTI '10 B17I'r P11lu:xAiiEBs, BY iOPlL:J E. DLLY & OO., Commission Merchant, JIO, l.S WATEll-BTBDT, :!ND WJIOLI:!! .UK Dl1J.L-EBS H\ (Near Mlden lane,) AND J)ZA.LU. IB B'A VAN A AND DOl!!I:ESTIO TOBACCO. 1!l o. 82 Water Street. TOBACCO, 148 Wate,..oireet, N. Y, (31>60) CJUS. BONDY. MrOBJ.BL BOKDY. Li:oPOL'D SciiWAJtaP, LEAF ARKENBURGH. & BRYAN,. til --.DANIEL H. 'LONDON, }1. I Tobacco and Segars Comnuss10n Merchant, ""'DULD ALL lnKD J t-85 and 37 Broad St., Tllirteenth St., Richmond, Va., MALLORY & -DONNAN, GENERAL C:tOJDUSSION 1. 0. IUYilfES. AND 45 Broad-street, NEW-YQR:K;. Forwarding Merchants, J. E. HAYNES & SONS, No S WATER.STIJEET, TOBACCO FACTORS. u .. -1111 y t c t .. ND OENIIII.AL woo. JL .. ,..,ew-O't l A. s. D .,...... ,.,_ J .Conumss1on Merchants, of pr01)1108, etc., .OUcHecL.-.. Strid peNOil&l &UendoD. pald to tbe parcbale of )Jercbabdlle, eic.. !8-M 88-84 '-EAF TOBACCO, 162 PEARL ST., near Wall St., so-s2 NEWYORK. LEWIS SYLVESTER, 131 Maidenlane. Tobacco and Dttlnred lo Qet, ab ......................... .. .. 8,110 ltock la l.he Br"'k.lyn Wtu"eh e, Oct. SO, 1665 .. : .. hbda 12, 911 Total in. NewYork Brooklyn wnreboU:ses : Oet.obtr ........ ... ...... "... 43,691 'I:.W rccefptaoln.,. ...................... .. .. 8 761 5H611 Toi&l dellverla 1lnce .. . . 10:011 < Totalltoe"ki1 Nof. l, bbdl.... .. .. .. .. ... .. .. 42,441 STOCK. BP UUSB IN N"KW YOR'lt Sau-ua -la. Olffl. Ouba Ya ra. fi.tWc live Rcc )_f


.. 2 THE TOHAOCQ LEAF. of sugar If the sugar ,isleftout, BALTUIORE, oct. 2s.-Receipts of all their elemeots can be dtssolved. Cold infn the sallpetre gtvell the sauce an unpleas&Dt ceipts are diminishing, and the market is bare of desirable sorts. Fwe Western tax-paid tins are 1n light supply, and held at firm prices. Western pounds, hard pressed, are in good demant, but owmg to the scanty supply sales are hgbt. follows. S. Ayres & Co 60 pkgs ; Tucker & Car ter, 330 ; C. B Dtbble & Co., 172 Shaffer & Norwood, 47 bbds ; J. L Overton, 27, 1 pkg Langhorn & H 56 ; L Beringer, 8 B. M. Morns, 5 ; Dohan, Carroll & Co 78, 18 pkgs ; J Macy's Sons & Co, 05 E S Thackston, 188, Dubois&Vandervoort, 145, OelriChs & Co, 12 hbds. ; Order, 3, 22 pkgs Don&bue, C. & Co., 58; S C Paxton & Co, 50; Bacon, Clardy & Co 19 hhds Ltvmg kinds of leaf nre ltght. Inspected thiS week: 112.-rtNG DB4LEIIS AliD ILUI"IJUCTUREIIS. &ions are to be used to make th.sse extracts, smell It is very useful to mix saltpetre in 445 bbds Maryland, 02 Ohio, ll3 Pennsyl T and generally m the proportion of eight or thiS w&y, w1th eve-.vsortofsmokingtob&eco, 1 561 bbds TBB Association of German Cigar and o ., vania, and 1 Vlrg1ma. t,ota' h nme pounds of wter tQ one pot1lld of the tokmg about two pounds. of 1t for one bun B rd S 1 baeco llanufactllnn and Dealers, wb1c was a Clea1 ed 8\)0 hhds ror o eaux. a es are substance to be '--ted Bot infusiOns dred pounds tobacco. However, 1f the decooh h 8 bbd f Ohio recently formed lbr the purpose oC eeeunng ....,.. 450 bhds of w 1c 1 0 s. were 0 a-also employed sometimes Distillation tion contaioed saltpetre, is not necessary II K n a reform otthe rnenue laws as far as the Cauttoo.-All persollif are cautioned against IDgan;y Slt!OKINQ TOBACCO purporting to have been pnt up by me, aa I have not manuractnred any since April, 1861, and none of the genuine has been m the New York market Bince the spring of 1862. I a m prePil'lDg ror an immediate resumption or 1ts manutae.. tore, when those desJrmg the genuine article can be 1npplied by calllng on my agent&, Messrs BUI.XLIT & M;OORE, No 74 Front street spangled red and ye ow, '" a 8 'h'"""b 'ermentation 1 s to be reoomn1ended, to add 1t to the sauce To the evaporation of P bau d foJ: on ci-a1lCl manufactured tobacco 1s con --.. tucky IS q met riCes are unc ge .. -S b sm" ce tht"s process is more eonfortnable With one pound saltpetre, is taken one to two rt cerned, held another meeting at the teu en wbtch we refer to our previOus repo nature But herem as well as in the use of pounds of sugar or two to three pounds of Bouse on the afternoon of the 80th ult to JAMES F!SUER, Ja Rl65 the operation& of the Internal Revenue laws, The extracting, when through distillation, and to prevent the saceha.rme and the mtric pcrs, 'o. a.. actds from causmg too qmck a fermentabon. lJf boad dtlt! pald, Havana and Yare. 'l', uIOTt.ed In lots to tull :For tale by ,-40 -86 40 -26 811 -8i@ 10 -20 -II 6 t @ 7t If 16 @21! 020 If @ 16 @ 26 -1< !20 -Ill 7 9 10 @ 8 00 @1110 @ 110 @100 &@-20 1 10 70 llO -70 -65 -40 -70 -65 @--@--3-70 @-60 --M @--70 @-60 --110 @100 @-86 @-@100 @140 @ 116 @100 @--so @-66 I=@ 70 GG @ 75 fol M @-75 @-M @-76 -071 1>1100!8000 80 00 105 00 4000 MOU 8600 o!llOO 8000@ 8SOO .260018000 26 00 80 00 ISM 2600 900 1100 NCit atrl cUy DOlllBSTIC RECIIIPTS 100 100 -95 100 -66 Amved during the week ending October 31st in Ne" Y ork anti m Jersey C1ty for the week endmg Oot. 21, 1825 hhds., 4882 pkgs of which 186 bhds. and 1208 pkgs wore rece1ved dtrectly from V1rginuL and North Carohna Consignments Arkenburgh & Bryan, l95 hhds J. A Dodd & Co, 10 Bar ela.y & LIVIngston, 38 ; Bacon, Clardy & Co, 119, 40 b.xs. mt: B. C. Baker, & Co 14 'T hbds Classon & Co 1 ; Kremelberg & Oo, 2, o K. Kmg & Co, 26; J. R. Loper, 5 C. B Fallenstein & Son, Murrell, Caruth & Co 49; B M. Morris, 5 R. L. Mattl:\nd & Co, 72 ; J. M. Campbell & So[\, 27, Norton, Slaughter & Co., 24.; W. New comb & Co 44, B. B G & Bro li ; 0 J. Eggert, 47, J. C. Havemeyer & Bro., 1, 40 ; Duncan, S & Co liS hbds. ; Bein& Palmore, 35 ; J. L. Onrton, 2'T ; 1 cs ; Ober, Nanson & Co, 1 bhd. ; D. H Baldwl!l, 13 Oelrichs & Co., 18; Kruse & Drexel, 1, C. Reed & Co 19 ; Reynes Bros, 3 Rawaon, Bridgland & Oo, 44 .1 Sawyer, Wallace, & Co., 489; Sobo.ffer & Norwood, 23 ; Sullivan, Murphy & Co, 58; Reynolds, B & Co 14 Foster, Copeland & Co., 5 ; J. Crockett, S ; Shaffer & N 4 7 ; Snoddy & J:Iowar d, 36; B. & D Bennig, 34; Voohees & Garrrson, 8 Watts, Crane & Co 191, B P. Baker 9, S Ayres, Son & Co., 398 pkgs ; M. B 26 Levy & Seligsberg, 1)8 cs. Conn seed leaf; B Cr111oe, 28 pkgs. ; E. M. Crawford & Oo, 7, 10 hl:tds ; L. Benn ger, 7 pkgs; C. B. & Co., 172; R. 0 Edwards, 851, Dubois & V&n, dervoort & Co., 155; Gail, .Ax & Kuchler, 16; J. BJCks, 821; G W. HtllmlLn & Co" 28; Heald & Miller, 72 J. T. Borris, 65 ; Laniborn & B 66, Ftscher & Rodewald, 1!9; G. S Hart & Co, SO, J Macy's Sons, 894; P. S. March, 337, Fowle & Co, 78; Beadin & Oo, 12, Ogden & R., 19; A. S Rosen baum & Co 7, S C. Paxton's Sons, 60; Schurzen & B, 26; Small, B. & R. 108 Sm1tll, P. & Co, 47, W. H. Smith & Son, 212, B Th1ermao, 9, Tucker & Carter, 830; C. Thackston, 55; Deford & Thayer, 168; J. G Hicks, 75; E S Tbtackaton, 188; Donahue, C. & Co 58; Livingeton, Fox & Co, 10, A B. Cardoza & Co., Hl7, 8 bhds. ; Bunzl & Dormttzer, 706 pkgs.; Vetterlein & Sons 25, L & E Woatinger. 161; Woga mon & L 38 Dohan, Carroll I& Co., 86. Tho cQnstgoments from VtrKJinia and North Co 1 M McCubber, 1 From Gr&nd Turk, Turk's Island Rossire & Co, 1082 ceroons. .Statement of imports and weeks ending EXPORTS Sbtpments during the week ending Octo her Slst. 8156 bhds, 2086 pkgs crude, and 47,447 lbs. manufactured. Value of crude, $980,188, valne of manufactured, includmg cigars, $81,405, value of mgars $9716. Shipments to BUK0-680 ee T&Jued u 106 ceroons 1(0 bale. 40 baleo iS hhdt. Item 1,. d&&n 141,809 12 650 21,186 9,808 Tot.&l vatu, 140,089 hbds, $7850, 20.bbds stems, $1/SO total, $8600. bhds, $218,495, 13,102 lbs mr, $8930 1 cs CJgars, $850 total, $222,775. .l(ondafl81 hbds, $28,100 25 bhds stems, $804; total, $22,904. Lo'!ldon.derry-10 bhds, $2300 Malta-150 hhds., $28,176. .MaNttllu-818 bhds $133 ,579 Oadiz-594 hbds $62,778 ; 5 bxs samples, $138; total, $62,911. Pawrmo-12 hhds $5445 Leghorn-Ill hhds., $199,800 Genoa-M8 hhds, $149,114. .Ajma-185 hhds $58,237. Ohnll'-10 cs mf., $658; 9018 bxs mf, $2850 tot&!, $8508 Danuh West Ind1ea-2 bhds, $738, 816 0 lbs mf, !11030, total, $1768 DuUh West Indes-66 bales, $1833 4806 lbs mf, $1818, total, $3651 I h are to attend, and a call for this Con takes place under the beat of the sun, by NEWOKLEANS,Oct. !n.-Ea.r Y m t e fi h t If there should be any doubt ansmg from d t 18 vent 1on is to be published in about ny puttmg, in summer time, t e substances o week 15 bhds sold to the tra e a c. a f b add tb inexperience, as to the strength of the cx-n.. li ht, papers in thiS country. The obJect o t e be dtsulled, m glass bottles, mg to em SOc for fmr to choice hght .....,.,etpts g d b 1 tracts, and the quantity of tobacco, boil S k Convention is to demonstrate to Congress an the proper quantity of water The ott es but 1mprovmg m quality. toe m ware th d t th agam the v-.v diluted sauces, or strengthen h 2 oth t the Internal Rennue Commisstonera e ID are carefully corked and expose o e sun -, bouse and on shipboard, on t e ms ., fa d and refresh the weak oues by addmg some efficiency of the present revenue laws, as r The heat warms the bottleR and pro ucps a 1075 bbds as the ta:x on ctgars and tobacco IS concerned, fermentation, whereby the dtfferent particles extracts to them When the extracts are !I&N FKANCISOO, Ckt. 2.-Prime Westand to silggest meaaures of reform To pre are set free, or dtsllj)lved, and mmgle them strong, or when the quantity of sauce is to ern pounds and half pounds, together wth vent frauds m the tobacco trade, whtcb It selves With the water, because, being corked be proportioned to the quantity of tobacco, 250 half bxs Virginia, have sold to the trade te d Th 1 gth f 1 t 1 s necessary to have on band a suftlctent appears under the present sys m arc came up, they can not evaporate e en o r at 82c a 90c per lb Some consumers preon upon an extensive scale, it 18 to fermentation depends exclustvely upon the supply of warm tea. water to pour upon them fer cbo1ce b 1 ands of Western to Vrrgma, be 1 f cause 1t better cured Much of the Vtr :e!;t7:. :::::!tur:: gmi& bas been !""tifiCially cured and dried, ticle from taxation. The propositions of the quite sure, the preparation may be tasted 10 and is some" hat green and bitter. Execut!Ye Committee were adopted Some order to ascertain its strength. As a matter FOREIGN. HA.VANA, Oct. 20,-Tbe stock ofgood quah t1es 1 s c:xceedmgly limited, and receipts come m slowly 'frans actwns are conse quently very hght, and we have no large sales of assorted lots to report New ftJJers are held firm, at $14 a $18 &.NTWEHP, oet. 13.-The market IS on changed, nod the demand contmues moder ate Sales 45 hhds of Kentucky, from first hands as follows 1st q uahty, 89 a 65 cen times; 2d quality, 29 a 38 3d quality, 28 a 28 centimes; 4th qu&hty, 21 a 22t c e ntime s Total rece1pts during the first moe months of tht s year, 2750 hhds, 14,340 bales, against 3039 hhds and 18,762 bales discussion tool!; place in reference to the pOSl of course, the d1stilla.bon in the sun must be tion of the dealers iri regard to this question, slow but till.. can be obvtated by artificially as 1 t waa stated tbat dealers in cigars under the hqmd by fire In domg thts, tbe present system of tant10n can import Cl great pree&ution IS necessary, because the gars &t a lower price than those furnished by least excess spoils or dqstroys the whole. It the bottle manufacturers. A resolution was is safer to promote dtsbllation by means of a pused to the effect that the doalera shall be well regulated fire, or Qf water, or of the mvited to contmue their cooperation m the sand bath. mo.tter. The Convention to be held at. the The w&ter-batb consists in shakmg them Cooper Institute, tt IS stated, Will recommend, gradients ui a large mouthed bottle, to wh'!'h as bere\ofore, that the purchaser, not the the necessary qu&nttty of water 1s added. producer, shall pay the tax, and that tobacco This bottle ought not to be corked up, but 1 m porte! shall be free from Some covered wtth bladder, perforated measures in reference to the proposed Con with l'l1 brass t!}e stze of ing adJourned. whtcb mast be proportionate to that of the for same t1me 1D 1864 [ Wr!Uen Bxp,....IJ tor Tn Touooo Lau) bottle. At the bottom of the "kettle a straw wreath IS placed, whereupon the satd bottle is set, ftllini at the same time the mterme diate space between kettU. en(! the bottle with strnw. Water is poured mto thp kettle, and a fire made under it. Th1s kind ot sauce ts generally allowed to bo1l for an hour, dunng which time the pm must be taken from the bladder to let the hqwd evaporate. The kettle is then taken tiom thll fire !!Dd allowed to cool down, whereupon the bottle is taken out of it. Every kmd of extracts can be qmckly obtnined in this way. It IS to be rem&rked that the liqmd m tho bottle ought not to lie btgher than the water m the !lOT bottle be m contact w1th the kettle anywhefe fires the for this kind of operatums, hlll!ase thll;r give a A111STERDAM, oct, 14.-But few sales G.Jai.J(U DTXODB OF TOBACCO KA.Iro have been mad e from first I;Jands durmg the FAOTUU week, the amount being ooly 54 bhds Mary land, at prevwu s quotations. Stocks, th1s day, 255 bbds Maryland, 51 hbds Kentucky, 15 hbds stems, 14,828 pkgs Java, 2382 pkg.o. Brazil, and 20 cs seed-leaf. H&.!IIDlJKO, Oct. 13,-Sales from first hands, thiS week, 686 eerooos Havana, 580 pkgs BraZil 280 pkgs Ukrama, At pubhc sale 45 cs. seed leaf brought 2t a 6 15-16 sch FOURTH ARTICLE TOBACCO HUCS-TilEffi CO!lPOSITION AND USE 'raE SOI!lCCS must be distiqgutshed from the decoctions and from the waablngs in lye for while the decoctions are used to r1d the leal of IJ'fery crudty wb1ch may produce an unpleasant flavor or tate, and to develop at the time the natural flavor of tobacco, the sauoas ..,. to tbts flavor, and to itbpa.rt to tile article 11 taste and a finer smell unifortn heat ----tf"'"'T15 bbls, $5391. Statement of exports and thetr values the weeks endmg Pkqs Orude Lb& M]. Vallll!l O ... t.. 81 .. 8,168 2,036 $1,011,658 Oct. 2! 810 oo,4.M 28Q,6S3 Oreferrmg to keep thmr stocks rather than make any concessiOnS Sales are smaller than usual thts season, and this, w1tb the easter money market, and the increased number of buyers, are the chtef causes of the advance The breaks on the 26th amounted to 160 hhds., With reJections on 27 hbds ; 48 bbds sold at a $5 90 34 at $6 a .8 90 22 at $9 a$1175; 28 nt $12 a $15 50, 16 at $16 a 75 and hogshead of Owen county cutting leaf, at $81 50 CINOINNA.TI, Oct. 21.-Bales at Bod man's, to-day, oompnsed 44 hbds Mason county, as follows 20 hhds., at *3 25 a .5.60; 9 &t $6 a$8.75, 12 at $9 a $18 75; 1 at $14 75 1 at $16.50, and 1 at $27 50, 1 bbd Mason county (at private sale) at $81 Sales at Morr1s & Chalfant's 20 hbds Mason county, as follows 6 at $4 a $5 4 at $6.60 a $8, 5 at $1Q 75 a $12.2/i, 8 at $17 a "$20 1 at $23 ; and 1 at $28 sT. LOlJIS, oec. 26.-The market 1s good for all grades, except fine leaf. Sales, to day, wete 4 bbds. green lugs, at $3.50 a $4 71 2 hhds planters' lugs, at $7 a $1 50 ; 8 hhds common sb1pptng leaf, at $8 50 a $10 75; 7 hbds. medmm do. t.t$10 75 a $18.75; 8 hhds fillers o.t $8 50 a $9 50, 1 bhd cutters at $9.25; 1 hhd common manufacturmg leaf at $10 25; 5 hbds. medium do. at $18 a $17 .25, 3 bhds good do at $ L7 a 1121 1 hbd. str1ps at $24 Btds on 48 hhds. reJected PORTL&.ND, Oct .Jls.-Notbing doing of 1mportance m market Imports none Ex ports 1680 lbs manufactured to Matonzas BOSTON, Oct. for the week 87 hbds 1509 bxs Exports, SO cs to Cal cutta; 6 cs. to Fayal; ll6 bales to Hayti, and 2 cs 15 bxs 5 hhds to the Provmces Market for manufactured IS a complete st&g nation Holders, however, are firm, bellev mg prices must rise PHILA.DELPBI&., Oet, 28,-Leahsdull We note sales of 50 hhds Mason county at 26c. for wrappers &nd 7c. for fillers; 25 hhds. heavy Kentucky at 21c. ; Pennsylvama seed lellf, running lots, at 8c a 10c. and Connecticut seed-leaf at 11c. a 22c. Mwu factured Ia in gOod demand, particularly J!rlme black ana sweet sorts from V1rgtma. Exports for week ending Oct. 261 1.3,528 lbs. manufactured to Kingston, value $3228. ltfrSIOoJtT ETc LeafLugs, l o w an'd onUuarJ, Good ordinary to middling Falr and good to ftne, Stnps-Oommo n Middling, Fine l e.aty 311it 6 s 8t g 10 10 .. 12 18 @ 16 J LIVERPOOL, Oct, 11,.-Dunng tho week a qmet but steady busmess has been domg m Western leaf and strtps at full prices. A few smnJl sales of Vtrgtma leaf have also been made &t good rates Maryland IS. m tm proved demand, and priees are st1ffening In mvendtsb thm e s a larger ro ported common V trginia has been in more mqmry, and good sound Northe111 half lbs m cases are wanted The s teamer Helvetia, from New-York has brmgmg 88 hhds tobacco, and the s btp Htberma also from that port, JB m w1th 132 hbds ---JUTIERS IN BALTIKORE. BALTIMORE, October' 28th, 1865. MEsSRS EDITO!tS .A communication from Baltimore will occasionally be acceptable, I suppose, by way n f keepmg you posted 11p m regard to the tobacco mterest in this sec t1on of the land. I am sorry to say from present appearances trade IS dull, owing to some cause, and .to.. baceo IS very htgb and scarce, espeCially good tobaccos And what s hall I s ay abeut the cigar tradc-(annt" lated ') Owmg to tbe excesSive tax and fraud, we have to say-" .Alas I poor Yonck' I knew htm welL" I fe&r, Edotors, that clerks and officmls are not domg thetr duty The blockade runners are smart they man. age thmgs pretty "ell, and they can not be caught. Now I "1ll show you bow they play their game. They work 1n thetr garrets making mgar s, and when they want to sell them the women put the c1gars m a market basket and go mto the lager beer and bar rooms and sell them loose, one or mm c hundred at a lime, and by ths means they are en&bled to swin die the Government and rum the man ufacturer. I would suggest to assessors of revenue to pay a vtSlt to the lager beer and other saloons, and they may perhaps be paid well for the vtst Tbts thing 1s done m B&l ttmore, and elsewhere !reckon. I tell you 1t IS lime somethmg was done for us, &nd the sooner they do 1t the better But I Will close If this is any benefit to you, I Wlll occasionally drop you a lme. Yours truly, As miy be infeFed, sauces are not absolutelY nece!sa.ry for every Sl)rt qf tO baceo for the good sorts of the staple have already the true flavor, while With mferior goods t would not pay to use a dear sauclt, partly because they are not 1n demand, and partly )jecause they do not command good pnces An lllllle!fS!l of tobacco s, therefore, consumed, wbiclj only boor subJected to the decoction tFeatlflenl, w1th out havmg received any saucmg whatever Some tillleS, however, when w1shmg to do .. great deal for the refinement of the lower grndes, the which ooprove thm flavor 111e afljer hand, many sorts of fine tobaccos which reqmre nq it lleing suffic1ent for these to be sauced ac cording to the w"1 m whtcb they are to be prepared or urutated. It should be observed here that geod sauces w11l always make the finer sorts tobacco highly savory and full Havored ; that they wU1u11p1ove exceedmgly well the lower grades; ant!. the )OW@31 kinds are made fit use, vhle 1t 1s I)Qt to )jo verted that really bad toba9eo CIU) not be materially improved by evell the best of sauces A bad article wUI bad de sp1te every tb10g, &nd hence no sauce Is Uli8d with the most common sorts. The taste of consumers 1s the only stand ad by wi}ich to determme the proper sauce and the ingrod).eQ!f wbtcb 1re necessary therefor. nol4ing !ln qo as a geneJll thmg on th tQptc, nothmg 9an be prescnbed, for taste is and depends but too often upon bumor, fasi}ion, caprice and hab1t However, m order to the smtable in gredj.ents, we must make ourselves acquamted w1th their nturo1 l)y so domg, the ne cessity of following capricious whms wtll be avo.ded; &nd 1t will suffice to use only those the properties of wh1ch will Justify the hope of pr.qducii a good qu&lity of tobacco In fact, what does it Rl&tter, whether a eertain lt;md of good tobacco IS obtained by the use of vanilla, or of cinnamon, or or 'loes, or of or of sassafras ? As a thing, jt can be ascertained, from the known recipes fer the sorts of tobacco, which ingredients wiU give to the _leaf a. fine taste and & good flavor. Above !Ill, we IIIQiit mention under th1s he&d the spices, and then sugar, syrqp, some fragrant woods, and also saltpetre, spirits of wme, and alcohol These rCClpes w11l show, bestdes, the eom position of said ingredients and their use. We do not deem it superfluous to Cite herem the recipes oDiployeq in preparmg these flavoring sauces, It is l)ecessnry to know how to prepare a sauce before proceed iog to use it. The ingredients employed must be well known-those imported from foreign parts as well as those of domestic growth. The form!", being h&YC to be ex tracted ; tbe latter an used in their natural state The extracting process is conducted either by distilla.tion, whereby infusions of pure water are employed, or by boilini, or through some spirits, aa that of wme, vinegar, ete. Every ingredient whtch is submitted to the extracting 9peration must be redueed to a certain volume 6rst. These lnifedients must However, the most oo1Illllon method of distillmg consists in hooting the distillation vessels, made espeCially for the purpose, over the fire, as 1t is done m the distillation of brand1es, or on the hot oven Ther)l is an way of makmg extracta by means of dissolutions or agcorg mg to thl!. law of spirit, ote The selection ot the lllitllolved m syrup of frmt and malt Fruits and JUice of are dissolved in t9& water. Salt after bemg pul ver1zed, is dtssolved in water, and used, no* aa a sauce, but as a bnne, because the smok ing tobacco takes from salt a harah and' bit ter taste, preventini the tobacco frolll burn ll\g well in the pipe. is likewiae pulverized to dissolve it qwcker; but. it must always be maed with sugar, taking one part of aaltpetre to 10 tins qty --:tt-IIEERSCHAUII[ PIPES. be welcome news to many of our readers to know where they can get a genumo and beautiful ptpe G W Ka!denberg & Son, NOB 4 and 6 John-street, have a vanety, of style 1 to smt the fa'lcy, Hot 111ay there obtam them ready ll)ade, or made to order, or nameu teq Wflh his 1Dfllals1 coat 9f arms, like ness of self or friends A rery pqrtra1t of the late President Lmcoln was exhib1ted by tins house at the recent fatr of the AmerICan Insttl1te, pamted on a meerschaum '!'he p!PG togk the premiUm, and a medal was awardeq to thQ pro!lnetors We take pleasure 10 rQcommendmg the firm of Mel!srs Kal4enberg at old stand &vry ttung js Fmp wfth tlmr mark, warranted genuine, and tho &rtistlc Brush of the1r gooda can netlher be equalled nor ex celled Ir !!3 c!!ll the attention of our {o the par4 gf D. B BaidwtQ & Co 1 I'Qtton tobacco factors, which apptlljrs 10 thi number of our po.per These gentlemen have large e:r perience and ample means, and we take es pecial ple&sure m rooommending tbem to the tobacco dealers and.planters of tho West and The;r are gaged m stnclly a com UIPOHTED CIGA.HS, Huu.s J.uta 1' Qau wllh to lotorm ibe pu.bUc, and &he Trade especially, they han est&bllabed a m&na.taetorr of olPrS, La Reyua. tt.reec, ;fo 20, IJa.baea, and Ulal t.beJ will wort nothlnr but thelr own of .._ bacoo, LA E80Ef8010Jf, th1a well ... nown tobacco betng the groW1h ot thelr 01M ,P.lantatio11, and I Justly accred ik:d UJe flllnt qualJty of tbe yueUa a, bdng cbe ndu ral product of ibe toll wU.bouJ. t.he UJO or Perurit.a. Guano Orden for lllJ of dl4'ereot atyl!:t ot the abo" manu factory will be received aq.d promptly atteed. to by .J .. CINTQ C0STA1 Solo Ng GJLUJ'II'JOB-mwor, Naw You. 'l'OBAOCO CONVENTION, A oosnmow of Ulc Tobacco Trade wW be held, undll' tbe of the TobacconhJla1 National AuoclaUon, at Cooper IDitltllte, NewYort. on 1fedllesdo.y, Nol'ember 12<1, commeEteiDg at 10 J. 11 1 ror the purpose of preteDlilll tlWr vletta the U S Rnenue Comm1uloo, now in_.. lloo1 rullloWI 1ystem of i&.x UJ.on, and renelrlog f.belr appllC!Uon to Oongrtll for a of tax from f.h manutacturet &.o &he Jeat. The ... that tile pur chaaer, not the prodncer, shall pey the. Lax, and Lbat tobacco aported. 1ball be free All to. Ia Tor of thb mon meot an cordlally in'flted te aL\end, WILLUH Ill LAWRINOIIl, EDW ABD BUilD, Correopon41Dg Bocret&.,-1' .6.. BOHRODER, lleeord!A& IJe

LICORICE PASTE WALLIS & CO. EXTRA. Tobacc o manufacturers and the trmde in genera l are parti cnlady reqn()Sted to examine and test the superior proper ties of this LICORICE, which, being LEE BROTHERS, IliPORTDS AND ld".ANUF.ACTUREII.S OP SEG-.A.R.S, LEAF TOBACCO, [83-ll9 209 now bmnght to highest perfection, L APPLEBY'S is offered under the above style of b:and. SON, We nrc also SOLE AGEYTS for the brand F. by co!Jsnmcrs to be the best in the maket.' And for the brand of Lic01ice Stick G. H. In all respects equal to CALABRIA. GOMEZ, WALLIS & CO., k 31 Son1hWIIIIam S1, CELEBRATED Railroad Mills Snuffs, 133 29-81 R. S. IMPORTER OJ!' TOBACco LEAF C E PASTE 1 Havana Segars; eto., 187 Pearl Street cor Cedar, PURE POWDERED LICORICE, -F. w. MERTENS,. G\lm Arabic, OLIVE OIL, TONQUA BEANS, No. 71 Essex St., near Grand St., J J)JJ.LU 1 itaf lobacco &S 81-88 TOBACiCO FRED. F"-CBER, linn !loDBWALD. H 'COLELL FISCHER & RODEWALD, TOBACCO BRO.KERS Chatham-street Snuff No.2 Hanover Building, t DEPOT, Hanover Square, NEWYORK EADIE & BROXXBS IH Leaf & Manufactured TOBACCO .lND SICU.RS, 131 I.A.lP& 0. K.ADIJ:, } tDO.lR 218 NEW-YORK. M. ERTHEILER, TOBACCO BROKERt 124 Water-Sreet, NEAR VVAL.L:;ST,1 NEW-YORK. P. LORILLARD, SNUff .AND TOBACCO MANUFACTURER SALE STO.BES, 16, 18, and 20 Chambers Street, 202 Chatham-street, N. Y., Recommenda bls weJI--uaorted 1tock of Wrappert aDd POle"/. OonnecLicut, N e .. and other ktoda o r Seed-leaf o the bed quallty 1 at tbe LOWJI:ST RA '811; be ddea aU kinds or Gall & Ax's, Bt.chof'l, and Goetae BrOI.b en and.l'aDCy Smoking Tobaoco1 u Wtll !fa IOOd aelecLlon of J'aoey eto .. 1W AR'I'HOR GILLENDER & C0.1 .. JOHN ANDERSOJt & 00., -114, 116, and 117 Lillerty-atreet, ...... :11\ 121 Cedar-meet, Arth :ar Glllenaer, Npoleon B. Kukuot, 'VV1IT YO'DV lo-W. Grq, 1._. .u.Ao J-ph L. .. lt'ciod. REIBMANN & KAPPES, Dealers & Commission MERCHANTS a11d Jtgaf,, l'l't PW'kt., 'Ht. Pb.e ud And other Flavorinifj, for Tobaccoulats' use for ule by Eatabllahed l 1803 1 18-64 NEWYORK. c. H. I WHITTAM & LAWRENCE, J. M. MAY0RGA, WEAVER -& STERRY, DlPORTEB Oa .Importers Cut Chewing and Srqoking Tobaoco, MANUFAc'ruRERs oP H l f T b Tobacco, Snuff &.Cigars, avana ea o a ceo, 29-8 1 HI PLATT-"BT., N Y LIQUORICE PAS1'E. baooo, N h T b W k 395 Pearl Street, New-York, U CEDARS'l;REET, epper &n 0 acCQ Ol S, .Ha.Te eonatantl.r on hand a. li.rge UIOrtment ot Yonke111, N.Y. 18.,.30 ftEWTORK. cnsw r xo TOJACCO. Pine Cut, Pla.lo I Mild. Vir&lnla Manufactured Tobaeeo, Pure FRANCIA, The Celebrated and Sweet. Granulated, Tnrkleh Smokln&', Imported Ka-va Yonng Amerlca.l 8KOEINO Turktah, na -and Dom.ettc CJ&ar R _OBERT BURKS, PUP:;F"', of Liquorice, Cavendllh, Bx tr& LonC, Preneh, and other Allo, great nriety of 8tandard1 8&.-orr, Ragle, I Nonpareil, Long Ollt. Fancy Smokln1 awl 8hon Out No. I, Tobocoo. English, French, German, and Scotch 1 S If '0 I' F Clay Pipes. JUDY PUCJ!TJ.'E D'ORU!ANS, 101 Water-Street N Y G & F, O&blll k Co., XX & Mli' br&nds, all of superior qatlty1 toJ: l oweet market rates. 27-62 Rose !eented, Maceoboy, J'reneb ftappee, Congreu, and Seotch: Termallberal. Gooda Wa.rranted. Ordert promptly exTHE ONL.Y MANUFACTURERS OF THE AMERTecuW.. 18-M CAN BIRDSEYE TOBACCO. 27-M AND OTIID RAKDS SEGARS. .LICORICE .PASTE. -:o:-HENRY M. MORRIS, 99 Pearl & 62 Stone Streelo, NewYork, .M. & M. BRAND,. r OERTIFIOATES will be shown from t.he leadlog ma.nufaelurers In Rlchmond, Pet.ershurg, Danville, Brooklyn St. Louis, Louisville, eovlngton, Pl tt!lburg-, Ca.n-Calif(lmla. UIJ:-82 .LICORICE PASTE F. GRUND-& CERERO, THOMAS IjOYT& c ;, lMPOI\TI!cR!l, TOBACCONISTS. t18':rearhtreet, New-York. No. 404 PIA RL STkiiT, (:. y Ca. R. R. NEW-YORK, YNURRIA. F. G. C. M anufallu,..,., of t11 kinds ol W A LEAMAN., Fine-Cut Chewing and & Tobacco, &n4ff. Oigars, and BROKERS IN lf:wana Sixe!i. JJQTJORIOE. PASTE, TONQUA BEANS, ETC., / Q7 PINES'l':ltn'l'. OU!l BRANDS FINE-CUT CHEWIMOt SUNNYSIDE, ,, HEART'S DELlG.ft'l'. HOYT & CO. Now-Y01k. HQY-1', Ft.AGG & co., Louisville, K.y. 'f-:51 Ncw-Yor.t & -vfrvnia.steamship co. HoYT, & co., TilE OLD LINE. The elcgan' &eamshlps of thl.s line l eave New-Yo rk, Pier 21 N. R., foot or l!'ultoo-street, every WEDNESDA Y &nd S&..TURDAY, at U o'clock M. Returning, th.ey u foJlOWjJ: Capt. Co_ucH, lea.veS Richmond everr &.t 8 .l.'W'. City Point at 12M.; Norfolk a t 8 P.K.. Steamship CREOLE, KIN&, lenes Richmond every Saturday at 8 A..;City Point at 12 K. j Norfolk at. 8 P.M. Excunlon tlokeb Issued at rednc:cd rates. Pa.eeenger ac COtDUlOdatlooa UDSllrpll!iSed. OJ-: HE!N,IqlN & P.!,f,)j0)\S, 4r"'ltl1 ll6 BB0-U)W.U1 N.Y. gents: G. F. Wusou, Richmond, V&.; A...-m. Kuaw A Bao.1 Petersburg, Va..; J. M. SliiiTR k BRO;.t No r folk, Va. j MoDJ.NIBL & IRn-r, Lynchburg, Va..; J. 11.!,.DERro, Danville, Va. Est&bllshod lBJlO .f. N. RNOOB, Wholeul e dealerin all kinds or LEAF TOBACCO, DOMEST!C HAVANA 8ECAR8. 4\ao, Impotf,flc "'nil; in hhe,ncbaum, Drh.r and Clay PlP.EII. Al THE O(i D ST.!,NJ,!, .84-!lQ .1,3,1 BOWilRY, If. Y. HOYT, 'HARROUR & eo : 107 and ICX) Second St., LOUISVILLE, .Manufatl:uren of the following celebrate d brands er FINE-CuT CHEWING TOBAcco, iWEET OWEN ROSE-BUD. SMOKING TOBACCO!, Golden agle, C abirwt, Mlt x ... own F. C. LINDE, Seed .. Leaf' Tobacco lnspeotot J.ND WAREHOUSEMAN. 14-26 Oftloe, 76 Greenwich Street. C. & lVL. BONDY, WIIOLXSAL'I DJ:A..LUS IN Bor the Sale and Purchase of Leaf Tol.mcco. Shockoe Warehouse, Richmond, Va. Receive ahva:n the finest st:lectiona from the crops of Vtr(]inia aDd North. Carolina. 32-:>S HARVEYS & WILLIAMS, Cary & 13th Sts., Richmond, Va., 'GENERAL AND AGENTS FOR SALE OF !llABliFACTURED AND LEAF :roBACCO. Tob(JCC(Js purcha8td on Commiuion. Consignments or .Merchandise gollclted 4. Y. HARVEY. JNO. D. BA.RVKY. .TNO. D. WTLLTA.WS. 8"-63 RICBJ.ltD PIL&:INTOY 8. T. l'I I,.KlriTON. R. & E. T. PILKINTON, Specia l aUentlon paid to the aa.le of Leaf and Manufac lured Tobacco and Produce genenlly. E T PILKINTON, Manufacturer of all kinds <>f Vlrgini& Pliig Tob,cco. Leaf Tobacco, Pipes, LEVY & SELIGSBERG,. Al'fD ALL OTHER DOXEBS' AltTICLEB. 46 Main st., under St. Charles Hotel 82-68 BI(JH!IJO ND, VA. DH.\t.llll$ IN Connecticut Seed-leaf, AND IMPOR";!'ERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO. 246 Pearl Street, NEWYORK. Ill FELIX MIRANDA, Havana leaf Tobacco, 193 PE&RLSTREET, NEWWu_.&, J.lro lU.NUF.AOTUR&R OJ 'I'll& BRAND Or S&QJ.Wf RITICA,. In Havana. GEORGE WICKE, SEGAR BOXES, (Superior Make & Prime Quality,) OF CEDAR WOOD, 24-62 No. 26 Wlllettstreet, NEW-YORK MOSS & ViNUF.!C1'UIIBRS OF s -E..Gr.A.R s, Al'fD DSJ.LBRS JN LEAF TOBACCO, 22ll JII'O. 't BlJRLING-SLIP, (JQot of Jobn-lt.reet,) New York. OSCAR H LEAR, IKPOR'!'ER .AND DEJ.LEB Ilf Briar, Wood, (va rious kinds,) IndiaRubber, Obina, and Lava Pipes. El!Klish, Scotch, French, and German OL.A. "!!?' P:J:PE&. Segar l'ube!, Tobacto Ponohl.l, Dillo Bags and Boxl.l, PIPE STEMS, And a horgo variety of fancy articles appertain ing to the tob aee o trade, SOL E DEPOT FOR PIPES AND KOSSUTH BOWLS. No. 90 Street, AND :MANUFAOTURERS 01' DOMESTIC AND HAVANA SEGARS, 358 Bowery, near 4th-st., II NEWYORK. PETERSBURG ADVERTISEMENTS. R. A. YOUNG & BRO., GENERAl. COMMtSStON MERCHANTS, purchue and sale of Vlrgillla and North Oarollba "Leaf Ma-nufactured TOBACCOS. TH .0. J!IE,f.L. K. G. LEIGH. JOS. P. SWORDS. NEAL, LEIGH & CO., -GENERAL C 0 M MIS'S I 0 N MERCHANTS AND Tobacco Factors,. Cor. of Cary & Virginia Sts., RICHlll!OND, VA. No. 41RoN-J'ROJr Bronsop's Tobacco, Toledo, Ohkl. UfD .ilL SORTS OF OL.A. "!!?' P:J:PE&. MlER$01UUIII AIID AMBER 8ECAR Segar Casas, Tobacco Boxes, Match SA fee TolHlL'.Co .,... Pouches, Pipe Sttillil, AND A COYPL:ETE STOCK 01." TOBACCONlSTS' ARTlCLES, 45 Liberty Street, (up stairs,) & I'R"ID. Wx. Lol!., l NEW YORK ,Joaroa 1' PooG.EUii.a.G. f 64 buy a.nd sell mercbandlle and produce or every kind They g l ve their penonal att.enUQn to the purc:bai:ie tff TOBACCO and COTTON. M r Ga.rland hall been an old operator a.nd mu.nufaeture r ot tobacco, and was for several yeara lcapector of atune at the largest warehouse in the city. Parties f avoring lUI with orden can &Hure themselves they will be ftlled with promptness and sati.s!acti(ln. 83-09 JAMES FISHER, JR., Commission Merchant i'or the Purchase of Manufacturing and Shipping LEAF TOBACCO, PETERSBURG, VA. Reen 1.o; MeYrs. Moore, New-York; J. Ri naldo Sank 1: Co., Phlladelphlaj Oharlea D. De Ford 1: Oo., -Baltimore.. 2T-89 LYNCHBURG ADVERTISEMENTS A. B. RUCKER, liverpool Consignments.-:o:-THE RICHMOND cAVENDJSII COill-PANI', Lli11ITED, Purpose opening their' New Warehousu in GREENOCK STREET, PAISLYS1'REET, and l:tOBERT-S'IREET Nol'tb, lmmedla.t.ely opposite tbe Prince's Dock, LIVERPOOL, on the 1st or July, and will be ready to nceive consignments of Leaf a.nd )fanuf& ed Tobacco ror sale on commiBsion. THOMAS COl'E, (of the Jlrm or Cope Bros. & Co.,) MJ.N G1NG Re,tM-en:ou in 'Ntuv York-Messrs. E. AlotTison & Co., 41 Broad-street. 17-119 HARTFORD ADVERTISEMENTS. -"'--' WESTPHAL & LEHNEMAN, DRA.LERS nr lobutto & Seed Lemf51 133 liiAI1i STREET, LYNCHBURG, VA. Wlll give bia personal attention to 8.Ulng of orde l'J ftr Vlrgiuilt and Le&f Tobacco. 82-68 .!MD JUXtrFJ.CTtJRXRS OF SEGARS. 214 State street, HARTFORD, COllN


/ J.D.BURNHAM&CO., ADVERTISEMENTS. Manuf&eturen &nd Dealel'l In an kinds of Tobacco, Snuff and Cigars, -.UBOLeaf Tobacco, li!-64 77 and 79 Asylum-street, HARTFORD, OONN. ESSJIIAN & HAAS BROTHERS, DE.UERS lN CONNECTICUT Seed I eafTobacco, CIGARS, G. W. GAIL CHRISTIAN AX. G. W. GAIL&AX, H.tMUFJ.CTt:'lliBB (J' J.LL EINDS 01' S ::bot[ 0 ::S:::: I N' G _, 'hewing AND SNUFF Importera of and Dealel't In Cigars, Pipes, Snufl'-boxes, e1c., 110. U BARRESTREET, Baltimore,. Kd._ Dr" DEPOT-with G-"lL Ax & KuOIILllR, Nos. 178 and 1 7 & Wl\tcr-street, New-York. 11-63 L. w. GUNTHER,-I CENERAL TOBAOliOIO J. J REQUARDT '&. SON, E. L. WITTHAUS, .. WBeL:RS.LLR 1)8UIIIdl D' OJI LEAF' TOBACCO SEG.A.R.S,. DIIALU fs; J.ND .ASUF&arCaERB o Manufactured and Leaf Tobacco, W -fF l. N ortb Fron-t-s-treet;, No. 63 South Gay Street, near Pratt, PDILA,DELPDIA.. BALTIMORE, :MD. IF' Pepot rolj, H. WUkeDI k Co.11 Baltimore Smoking 21-'W IJEOBGE BOLDIN. JI[ICHAEL WARTKAN. BOLDIN & WARTMAN, TobacOQ & Qenel'af Commission tvuttrcaANis; ""-A !OfM.:Jator-st. } 106 PHI' ADELP,HIA .. ,1., ., On hand, 200 {lues Ohio Beed-le&!. LEAF. J'. T IVLL[V.I..N1 X. Y S(TLMVAW. W. I. DUNO.uf. J. T. SULLIVAN &. BRO.; Tobacco Factors, 'l .A.nd Dealers I n kinU.$ or LEAF TOBACCO, Keep constant:ly on hmnd the Largett Stock or and Owen eQnnl.y and Hedried Cutting Lear In the West. 1jj5 No. 39 Ra.ce-st., Cincinna ti, Ohio.( Wl:stabllshed enderCityOrdlaaaee -:o:CHICAGO (OVEftTISEMENTS. Eagle. TQbacco .Works. ROTHSCHILD & ADLER1 JrABU .J.OJ'tJR.BS 01' Plug Tobacco, .urn WHOLXS.U.J: Dli.I.EBS IN Leaf, Fine Cnt Smofug Tobaceo & Cigars, 69 South Water Street, 186 Wheeler Tobacco Warehouse, c B HEARTY .PRISTER & HOW, Pro'p]ieto,rs, ., MANUFACTURER;_ 14 West Front Street,l I CIXCI.XJr.rlT:I, OHLO. _186 C:ED:CAGO. 1 Large Stocks of Mason CounLy Cuttlng and Segar Lcat .. ayohandinlot.11onitby.... Eclipse Tobacco rANDREW MURRAY'S Tobacco Works. and Dealers In all descrJpUou of Chewing and Smoking Tobaccos, OFI!'I CE, NO, S1 NOATH LEVEE, ST. LOUIS, 1110. -:o:MY BRANDS. FiM Cut Chewrng. Cut Zenlth, Long Omt, &1t, Laclede, htira., Spanish Mb:td, Lea. der. St. Loull IWd acatfal&ttl Killickiniok. Pea.coct, 1 lb. Our Favorite flb Bal-. PocabonW.s, 6 lbl. Ba)lt. Bllly Consolation, 6 A 10 Jbs. Bale II. BlJl y StraJt-Lep. rhat'a tbc Matter, G Clayton, 1n 6 and liJ l.ncb.J11Dil lbs. Dalee. (paper wrapper). Powh&tao, llb. Mound City Tobacco Works. D. CATLIN. IU.WUO'rUUI or .&J.L :gao:umoss or 281 lllaln otreet, L.B. Ra..u, P B. Ru.o, J .K88JI.ut, lH!!:: HARTJO:&D, CONN. CommissionMerchant, AND '1'084.()00 J.i'A.()TOB, FERGUSON,' GEHRING & CO., and DOHAN ct. TAIT'.f, L. B. SARGENT&: co., VAN HORN, MURRAY & DO., Tobacco ,Commission Commission Merchants, Tobacco Manufacturers Fine-Cut, Chewing, Tobacco, ..... B rancb-HAAS &'00., Leavenworth, Kan. SMOKERS' ARTICLES, ETC., No.I68.Ner&h D. W. KING,-No. 90 Lombard-street, doo r ,rest or BALT11110RE, !liD. No. 61 Clay-street, ,lU A&Dftl _,. TJIW UW 01' .AND 1>BJ.LIRI llf ManUfactured &Leaf TObacco, lannfactilred and Leaf TobaCGO Nos. 37 & 38 s. Water-street, 118 AGENT, Se edleaf 12-M 164 STATE STREET, Hartford, Conn. H. & Z. K. PEASE, DEllZBS J H CONNECTICUT Seedleaf Tobacco, and fttl_ State-street, HARTF'C?RD, OONN, FARNHAM & BARNES, PA.CD!t8 .UfD DZA.LIRS IJt' Fine Conn. Seed-Leaf TOBACCO, n No. 238 State-street, HARTFORD, CONN. ------S. S. CASE & CO., DI.LihS IN IliiPORTED AND-DOMESTIC CIGARS & TOBACC0,1 98 Asylum -street, HARTf:'ORD, CONN. BRANCH HOUSE-78 Dearborn -street, Chicago, 111. c;wConn. Seedlear Tobaeeo received a.nd told on Comml1don. 12-81 BROWN & ZWEYGARTT, DE.U.ERS IN ...-Liberal a1lvancements made on CODiignineoUJ to m7addreos. 62 WJL H. MYDI. H. L. llnas. WM, H.-MYERS & BRO., MANUFACTURERSofSEGARS .t..D W'IOLKSALB D.IULKRS IN Foreign and-Domestic Leaf AND SEGARS; .t.LS0 1 AOE!ITS FOR TUS S.U.R Oli' MANUFACTUR'ED T ,OBACCO, No 147 W. Pratt-street, B.U.TIMORII, 110. (Jietabliahed ln. 1837.) CHAS. D. DE FORD & co., I 3'1' SOUTH GA. TST., BAL'TIMORE, 'COMMISSION MERCHANTS, For Uie Bale of and Leaf To-. Cigars, et.c. 81 DIC.A.'rtf& LBVDUHI. 1AIP8 Q[!TilfGS. L f T b D. & CO., ea, 0 &CCO, Merchandise Brokers -' AND JUNUFACTURF.r.s o OllEAt'S!PE-STREET, 1 ALL KINDS OF diGARS, IU.LTJIIIO.HE, !U:D. ALSO, A.Ot:NTS "HR. C. Bronaon7s Celebrated ToJedo Tob&COo. 212 STATE STREET, Hartford, Conn. A,.. G. B.ROWN. 12-24 H. J ZwETQARTT. attenti o n p&Jd t o the sale of CIGARS, TOBACCO GOODS, lli'J '!fell u..Merchandlse generally. Run TO H eErl. 0. & Co., B. F. Parlett & G S. Wattlll 4: Co., FenihiCh B r os ;L. M. Beebe, Darby .l co R. Jtraw 4: Co._. L. & Co., .Taa. Powers .t &n. Olabactgb & B a rris, II Scheverling, llh'J D..:Ford, Thayer .l: Oo.,44 e t, l'l 62 BECKER & BltOS., Ire&l&rtln all kladll o r SEG.ARS_,. 94 LombardStreet, ( ile&r Light,) DA.LTIIIIOBE, OoDIIanllf on hand a la;p 'quaniRY':'o r COJllleCIIcOf and Hal' .. \. J t' 81 z. ... q. FlU. HAGEN, BOYD & CO., MANUVACTU R.ERS Of SEG-A.R.S. "' .A.ND WS:OLP.S..a..GE DIALERS IN' It N. l iS If, Delaware-ave., M t. OOIIAII, M PHILADELPHIA. URITED STATES BONDED W.I,REliOp8E. LEWIS BREMER & SONS, WHOLB8ALB DB.&.Lft!l IN Jtltf an) itanufttctunlr ([;ohttuo, SEGUS, SNUFF, &c., No. N. Tblrd-s-tree-t, Betwevn Wood and Callowhlll, 4., K. FRECH IE, ,UJD Jl.t..MUYAO'I'URKR o ., Domestic and -Havana .Cigars, U D DE.UUp-Leaf Tcibicco,. &o., &c. ARCH-STREET, BUOKNOR, M'GAMMON & CO., I _. Commission Merchants, Leaf & Manufactured Tobacco, .,.m .., ..... -w .. o Farmers' Agents for the Sale of Con necticut Seed-Leaf Tobacco, 61 North Third Street, I Internal Revenue W arebouseJ M'DOWBLL &: DORCAR, (Flrd Oollectlon Dlltrlc:t of Peonaylvania,) TOBACCO AND General Commission Merchants, No. 39 North Water Street, PHILADELPHIA. LEAP AND JUNUFAO'TITRED TOBAOOO. 37 N. Wator-st. & 38 N. Delaware-ave.1 A. J B!Jc'KNOR, D : c. M 'CAMMON, PHILADELPHlA J;., J BOCKNOII, Ja., W HEN!IY pP'" UN1!rED STATES BONDED WAREHOUSE. Con signora can forward t heir Stocka '' 1111 BOYD," without. Jlre-paylng the Government. Tax. M THO!IAS HARE WIIOLJi:SA."L'I DUL:&R )! ALL IUNDS ()II' FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC Leaf and Manufactured TOBACCO, SNUFF, EGARS, ETO., Nos. 47* and 603 N. Second-st., 163 a.nd 166 Noble-st., PHILADELPHIA. Agent. for GAIL & AX1sToba.cco 1\nd Snu!T. 61 .c. M. MEYER, SMITH BROTHERS, COMMtSSION ME'RfHFANT, Segar Manufacturers ( I'O R nO;: S.U.II AND DEAL'KR;' r N ALL KINDS OJ' J JOSEPH s. WOODRUFF, ,I BECK & HOLLSTEIN, Leaf and M11nnfactured Tobacco Segars, J1ipes, &c. DEALtR '" 'Tooto' !Mmmission Merchants; cl:GARs, PIPEs, ETc., NO. 121 ARCH, C t t' S d 1 f .... .......,.-.. N 62 "'' h F t S OUlleC lCU ee ea 'nBI'bT F. W. DEOK & CO.'S TOBACCOS, 0 7 ,.ort ron tree!, NO. 88 8. ORA.RLES-STREET, ABOVE LOMBARD, 87 PHILADELPHIA, B,a;'riMOBE, MD. T 0 B A C C 0' 6>tSOlJ. TH GAY STREET, coR. -rnRn-sTREt:r .wo PENNsnvA.NrA-A VE., 16-28 -I JJIO.IUTOIIliLL. ARCHER TEVIS. Wll.ll. W.t..IIH. WASHINGTON, D. c. : Ba-1 tittl.ore, Md. -<.!""' Jn-r K. o. .BA 1/.XER'S Or!No. 1133 Btate-atlleet, MITCHELL'. TEVIS &, CO,, '[1 0 -1 Leaf, Smo\tog Tob a.cco1; Domeetl c and Hai' _.4 i.l HA..BTPO'KD, CONN. CigMr:t ror 1a.le low, on eonafJllment. 1 G. G rtsu. En. NuJt.A.Jnr, BOSTON ADVERTISEMENTS. GIESKE & NIEMANN FISHER & C .O., Commission 23 CENTRAL WHARF, Failcrs Fuwa, EJ;u. 5. FISli.Ka, h.&.RCB K. Fl&usa, J'OBI'I B. PISBBR. BOSTON. CLARK & SONS, Leaf Tobacco M-erchants, BO. 16 SOUTH CHARLES-ST., {I:Jct. Lo .mb ... rd Pratt.-siJJ .,) 61 BALTIMORE. H. WILKENS & 00., .MONUMENTAL CITY TOBACCO WORKS NO. l!il WEST PRATT-STREET, BALTIMORE, lii.D., of a.U k lad1 ot lUlfUli' ... CTURERS AHD DI:!.LIUL! IIi jmoking & (!ffttluin,g li!)obnuos, Snuff, a.J.'Polm.cco, Cigars alld other Smoken' Articles. 14 SO'BTH MARKET-STREET 18-28 BOSTON. NEW ENGLAND TOBACCO WORKS. _,_ ADAMS, BATCHELDER & 00., K.UHIPAal'tJBKRB OJ' AU. QlU.DU OJ' _Fine-cut, Chewi,ng, and Smoking TOBACCO. Salerooms: Bo. 6 Chatham row, B-o-:ST-o-*. B.I:UY B ADAMS. 11 N. w. lbTCIIILDBll. Depot with Lind.heim Brothers & Co., 26 l'i awYork. Depot also atE. L. oorner Front and Race, Phi1odelphiL 61 F. W. FELGNER,_ SOL'E IIANUF.A.CTUEER AND 8UCCJ:S90R TO F. H. BISCHOFF'S, Deutscher Rauchtabak, 61 AND OTHER CHOICE BRANDS, 90 & 9 2 South Chat:lea-street, BALTiliiORE. MANUFACTURERS OF SEGARS, J. RINALDO SANK & CO,, Commission Mei'cliants l.NO wHOLESALE DE.U.ER& IN A.LL {)V _. N .._._,. -. Manufactured Tobacco LEAF & MANuFACTURE'D TOBAcco. -No. 31 N. Water-st., and No. 30 A.nd Sole Agento tor DAR!'EY, GREEN .1< co.s QUEEN N Delaware-ave OlTY 1'0BACCO WORKS -'' 27 NORTH THIRD_ STREET, 28--44 Philadelphia EICHHOLZ BROTHERS, M"'nura ct.urer!l or and Dealel1f in Imported and Domestic Ciaars,1 A!ID LEAF TOBACCO, 132 Nerth 'f!llr d -st., t. 1300 North Front-st., llAYU 81CHHOl'<> Filled (or all Kinds of Manufactured and Leaf TOBACCO, DY EDWARD B. BOOTH, 2& NORTH SE()OND ST,, 19 St. Louis. EDWARD F. MUL-LEN, SUOOE&OR TO T. & E. MULLEN, Tobacco Dealer, NO. 164 NORTH :MAIN SAINT LOUIS, 110., LOUISVILLE ADVERTISEMENTS. W. WATKINS, 1t'K, .. OLOVU. no. 1.. JUDI. WiJI keep a const&Dl!upply ot Jill of c bacco; also, Licorice Paste Z.eaf Tobacco Pur LOVER&, CO., chased and Bold on pommisalon. 189 ; BOONE L. A. DIETEBICHS & BROS., -TOBACCO WAREHOUSE, Tobacco Manufacturers, S S N, Third 81,, be1, PIJle 4: VII-'DD1, 1 t ST. LOUIS, llllO. Between Ninth and Tenth, 16-41 LOUISVILLE, KY. & J. G. SPALDING & BRO., TOBACCO AGENCY, ......,. ......_ o LL"'""" .. No. ,,. s. Waler-st., eor. \Veloash c h .-T b cHxcAoo. i ew1ng o acco, ll. r. MULLn, } Consignments NO 109 MARKET-"'T' 0. w. DiETEII.tCB!. fully Solicited. 0 t between J.i'lrat and Brook -e.. WILLiAM L, AUSTIN, LOUISVILLE, XY. -BROKER pr ORDIIR8 PRO]l!PTLY FILLBlJ. tf-41 IN .u.x. o Leaf To ST. LOUIS, 110 rOrders solicited and promptly fllled. SAM.UELVIRDEN, OJ;ouuubJ$iou l}trthaut J'Oll ,.IIJI BALli 0&' TOBACCO, .HEliP, COTTON, WOOL, LEAD, GRAINS, mGIIWDiES, And Western a.nd S.outhern Produ.ce gene\aflr. No. Commcrelal Street, Between Olive nl'ld Locust 'Streets, ST. LOUIS. ,tti J. W. BOOTH &.. SONS, Tobacco & General Prodace Commission Merchant$, No. 133 & 131> N, Second St., James W. Booth, ST. liiO. John N. Booth Th omas Booth. 1U IJ. PUL8. "wK. 11', OT'l'Ja. P o L s & o T T E, I Ma.nufaeiuren or allldad1 cr TOBACCO; f AND DllALERS l!C Cigars, Snuft', Pipts, and Smokiug; Tobw, No. 106 Third-st .. bet. Vine & Locust ST. L011IS, 1110, Our principal .Brl\Dds 9 ln. Nat. Leaf; Natural Lcnr, 9 in., Banana 11.g i Cavendbh, 6 1c.; k half bright 12lo. 188 LEOP. SCHR-OEDER, I liiPOilTE&, li.I.Ktll'AOTUII.IB AND DEJLXH IN I-Iavana and Domestic CIGARs; Tobacco, SaulT, Pijes, ete., NO. 69 CHESTN1JT-8TB.EET1 ST. L011IS, 1110. All orders for manufacturlng special brandt o r clgart promptly attended to. ist c. & ll.. DO:RMITZER & 00., ._WJtOLBSJ.LB D.....UU IX D SP.UDtlfQ1 rn,1 B. B. IP-'l.DtkG. Y. J?.IP.lLDJirt, D. SPALDING & SONS, JIULBII81N Leaf & Manu{aetured TOBACCO, ll oe. 209 and 811 Ohapel-ltreet, L011JSVILLE, IT, J. S. WILLETT,_ Tobacco Manufacturer, Nes. 1!7 a; ttt 'lblrd-st., bet. Jlabt a; Blnr, LOUISVILLE, KY. -10!-BRANDS: Wlllett'sNavy,lbs. &nd Jlbl: I Qage'll Navy,lbl. &Dc1 +lbJ. Wlllett'l!l Long lOs. ru1D! Jjs. Willett's DeiBert it. ru'DI:III. WIUett'a Cis. nmnlng 10.. WWeU'alos. S .WBrilrbllbl. Willett.'alOII. rUllDlng 141. Wlllett'1Dee1ert, f 91.lS'&J ... lT-1111 "''-F:RANCKE & ELLER, lll A (.t'J (.t'J mereh.O,nlB, 424 l!Ialnot., bet, BuiUU & Puu., LOUISVILLE, ....... __ Pa.rtlcula..r at.tent.ton paid to the purchase ot Leal and Ma.nufactnred Tobacco. All klnds of Seed-leaf aod Bpaoloh Tob .. eos on hand, 114 W. R. BEATTY, COMMISSION Tobacco Broker, MAIN, NINTH AND TENTH STS,, (OP1'tl8!TI OOOl.dllooai,) Louisville, Kg. alt.enllon .,llvtn \o Purchase and SUe c Lear Tobacco. EDMUNDS & BROWDER, FALLS .CITY Tobacco Factory, !los. US l 130, Tlrkd-st., LoolsvUJe, Ky, -:o:OUR BRANDS. EICHBERG & ELLER, rKPOlltllltl or HAVANA' B. F. PARLETT & CO., WDOLl'!SAU! DEA.l.EM ll( Batchelor Brothers, NANUF.A.eTURI!:RS OF CINCINNATI ADVERTISEMENTS. DOMESTIC, HAVANA AND YARA1 ======='''====== CIGARS, H. CRkNE, MANUFACTURED Leaf and. Smoking Tobaccos, RICE & Importers of Havana & Manu1 facturers of Domestic Cigars, oEALE&S. IN FRENCH, ENGLISH, AND. TURKISH Leaf Tobacco & Cigars, Smokln!l' & Chewtva: Tobacco, and All. Kind or smokcPs' Articles, 120 North Beoond St., nea.r Vine St., IIIIIOH'I' TOIII.OCOt. BLACK TOIII.OOOt. Sunny SoDth,Un. and )( lba.l Edmunda .t Browder'aeholce u Navy. l b1. '' 1 22'e. .Montauk Nal-y1 lbs. People's Chiole&, lbt. .U lbe. Old Buck, l41s And ;( Jb,. Old Buck, HI's 'and 12111 Anna Belle, 14'11 and l bs. Prairie lrann, 10'8 and )(lbl. .t.lfD DIU.LBIUI 1!1 DOMESTIC SEGARS, 169 Milk -street, BOSTON. SEGARS, PIPES, ETC., -.u.eoCommiasion Merchants for Sale of Same, 92 LOMBARD & 6 WATER-ST., B. F. PARLET1', I&T lferth aad i3 North See .. d-st., PHILADELPHIA. AlargeJtoct or BATOBELOR'S ctkbra:tW. Yl\q,, Young American, and ot.her wel l -known brandl,oonaLantly on hand, 81 WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. I a;F' Oners of the Eureka. a.a.d. Ingollllar x. D s .. vno 61 Raltim' ore Md 18 J. FowLXR f JOHN DOUGLASS, ----------------------I. SAMUEL & BROTREll. DIU. LERS no Havana and Domestic Cigars, -L'(D-TOBACCO, No: 8 court IIQ_O&'I'e, Boton. S:r Manuf:.cturer! oftbebn.nda ''American Zouans '' and La Promenade." 13 H._ CARRUTH & co., I IXPOBTEU .UD WU:Or.ES.&.Li DJUL&9 Cf r ALL DESCRIPTIONS OF l@anufadurtd l9blltcO, CIGARS, PIPES,. ETC., No. 46 Ha.nover-street, 18 BOSTGN. WILLIAM A. BASSETT, 'TOBACCO, Havana and Domestic Cigars, PIPR&, ETC., ETC Ko. Bbwktoue Street, Jio lBOSTON, IIABS, G. H. BOLENIUS, WDOLKSALE DIU.LD IN LEAF TOBACCO, Manufactured Tobacco and NO, 202 W. PRATTST., GI Baltimore. --s ROSENFELD & C(}., DEALER& IN Domestic and Imported Sel[ars, CHEWING & LEAF TOBACOO, 1 WJJOLES.UX TOBACCO No 13 Norlfl. Sixth-street, (Corner or Commerce-s t .,) 11-611 PHILADE-LPHIA.. A. K. STOLTZ, 'Wholesale & Retail IJealer in Tobacco AND ltlVANA A!ID DOMEITIO SEG.&Bil, Cor. Third & Buttonwood-sta., PHILADELPHIA.. ,..,..t.L!ID-I s:ir Lear Tobaceot Imported and Segars of aU Labels, a.-and&, 8ftd klndl, constantly on nana., a.nd for A l e at the lowest ca!h 61 20 SOUTH GAY-ST: BALTIMORE. WM. WELSH & SONS? "'WliOt.lllp..U.Z D;EAJdiJlS Jl( Cigars,.Poreign and Domestic. LEAP .6J(D KAnT ACTUli.EJ) TOBAOOOJ, Nn. 27 South Gay-atreet, (Oppoollet. Pliroe


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