The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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v. : ill. ; 36 cm.


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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T29-00024 ( USFLDC DOI )
t29.24 ( USFLDC Handle )

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University of South Florida
Tobacco Leaf Journal

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-:o:l'fBWYOll.K. OIWlCO 'If il&llj)IJ8$& J -a.q.-.,.,.. ll&ld..W, D. lt. .ti"Oo,,_.. eul. S,.r.Jli. ... ....,ui-. 1'" k 0o ... 12ler. 11o Brot!ien opr, JlfulMU&OO.,)IJ lluriio\Hr; Pun\liaiilOr, Ulfroad .QIM-,.A:. B. Ml<>., & OoMilfy" Co., Crawtord. A II., It Oo., W. -' .ldlhi L.t. -1'8 Wa\let", T .. yor 4 (lo., .u--. Dob&o, Ct.rroll &: Co., 104: l'ronL llqbQla, V-""""' Oo., M 11'-. l'alJellllAiu. Chao. B. .ti Bon, li6 --... Wllnt-Oo.,40 alld.41-...... "hey, W. H., 189...,_L G,11, Ax & Kaohle, 1'18and1'6 Water. a.a.en & Brolber, 161 Bowe17 ..... e-p.SJ a.: C...811--.-..J Bavemeyer J Pearl. :. ..... I .lb.r-.. E. jll'Qld. Jl'eild er, t li!Ml.Mwi!;ljl! .,, __ a. 0o., 109 Ftoa\. --.n. J'tt A..-D ll.,_178' w..... 15fclde, A. 11. & Som, IMIBrw.dit'oT.I Mom A hlk, 'l"BurHnl-llJp. llmdeoter .. Brbt., Hi-W a.ler. J!earl, A., 75 J'ullon. Purdy P. 11. and 19 i'ullon .-& m llc"'ld\ iii! a n d a.lw>i" .. s....., 191.PearL Soaman.J. C. llll c;llla&bam. l!mylh, ., .,. o, 8DO Jlowery. S&raitoo, JohnL o1 Beaver. Wattl, H. H., 14 Whll&am & La,.....c., 395 PearL JKPORTKRS .i..ND DIALEBI. BaTber &-Pearl l BoodJ', 0. N., OOtt Bowel'f B., WI Ohatbam. D8osail<klrftty, 111-au d 1 r"1uaM, .i JlllfrtiGlllalllr lilr beary Club'fik Sales ltlJ 11,llllAI o( 11!0<> hbS. Sllftftl lbtnt fNMlll .,... llj)id at k We. eanency, and at fe. .pi.. 3l!li bh4s. Pl! lll111 bMac!'* ffo. a re. 1'l!> llllds. toga ...,d low leaf tc. a 1ic-. gqtO; 12$ bh- J 15c g91Q Thilee llllle 1m'B aliooat BeQl(pts ccmtinuo tqar.fcedl'. ; ilu beell done ,intbls mllri(il (JWI'! .. .. ........... ... -6+@ 7 Ru.n:nlogJaf.31 1 -10 Ptm/MJ/l'l:a.nia Setd-le(l.f -BolWted 'Q&PP,. ...................... -20 @ 25 i'alrlo p-e do ........................ 16 @ 20 ::::::: : : : :: : : : : : : : :: ::= : = O!Wo Setd!a.r.-Select.ed WTappers, .......... .i 20 @ 25 -Polr!oprilmO do ...................... 120 Fi.lie", ... . .................. 6t G-t-Running lmts, ............................... 9 1 5 Ft>Mqn -Havana, Wrappers, .. (duty paid,) l 00 @ 8 0 0 Havan a, usorted,..... do. ... 1 00 @ 1 50 Havana, Fillers,........ do. -SO @ 1 10 Yara, a.ssotrted,. .. .. do. .. .. @ 1 llO llullo., -ea,... .... ao. .. .. -W @--BO St. l>omlngo1 a.uorted1 (ln bowf1 ) .... G @12 Ambe\ema., Gir-On A Carmen, (In Pond,) I @ -90 Mantlfactured-r.t.x. P..llD. t'!I BOND. 5's, 7's, '10'1, and 12'.-"' Virgmla, finer . . 75 @-80 @-40 Comraonandinferior,. -lr!=O--Western, ,, .... ....... --W @-35 Common1 -60 60--0---


Pounds-Bright. = 1: = i@-'-Common, ... ... .... -M M-16 ilO I nforior1 ........ ... -1li 80 "T''Ves t.ern, ext.ra.11ne, .... 90 110 . ... 76 811 -86 46 Llght-pre112ed, extra, 120 180 -81) 90 tine, ,. 1 00 @ 116 la T6 IIa'lf-Po1cnda-Dark-Vlrginiu, flne, ........... -'1''0-80-ll-40 Common and 1nterlor1 20 I= DO -aWesLern,floe1 -86 1'6--EClommon and lnterlor1 New-York, fine, ........ -79 0-90 & Oommona.ndlnferl.or1 -80 @-00 --DaJJ-Puu.W.. B @-85 20 80 We.tern, !lne ........... -TU -80 -S:S Common, ........... -60 70 -i!ID 1111 NewYort, ftne,. .. 'lO BO -8Qt "40 Common ......... ... -M M 90 @-28 N,qrJ:':;io1'.,jiii..:.' ...... -80 l!O @--Vlrglnla, oound, .......... Sllgbt!y monld!ld, .... 80 116 --Badly moulded, ....... t6 --w.......,sound, .......... -80 811--lfoulded, ... -ta -to ---Tll4rl!f 71ooo-'-Vlrg(nia. oat of order, -@New York, sound, 671@-19 1 O'J .111noJ1 Tubaoooe-Jlay Apple,. .. .. .. .. .. .. eo 7&-! 081119 La.dyl'lngen, ..... 70 -75 ... 10 115 l'o<:tel Plec .. 1 ........... 'it 76 111 116 Bright Twlsl \ Vll;lnla), CiO IO IO 180 -60 90 100 180 Gtrar.- a hill o.bout as large as for covering ')>Ot&toes. With the flat part or back or hoe press or flatten the hill down to tbe level of the surface of the ground, taking care to have it clear of clods or rub bish. I generally make my hills with what we call & jumping shovel-the frame of a sin gle above! plough, made light, with a s!ionl &bout eight inches square, pnt on in the place of the common Shovel. Hitch a steady horse to tl!is, ll&ut bim. in the funows, dip the shonl in the middle of the furrows, and raise it, depositing the dirt at the cross of the fltrrowso H&Te & bimd lbHowing to leTel and pat down the hills, and Uke out olods. In this way I made, with the &SSistance of a boy Mean yeara old, .tMnn ifteml thom&nd hills In dj\y. while. with the hoe alone three or four thousand is a good day's 'work ['to a OOB'l'tMVl;O,] NBw CtAllUVIt.LB.-Mossrs. Murrell, Car uth & Co., of Ibis : city, h&Te rece.utly received three hogsheads of heirvy W elltern teat; ship ped direct from ClarlDmJle, the first of the growth of 1865 th&t baa appeared in market. These specimooa of tllf new crop are very fine in length and lbreadth of leaf, and in <:gjor, substance and hillldling. A put of thaJollas just been sold on teftna not JDade public. The lot" was held at an average of thirty cents, and the sale probably realized about that rate. The tobacco was gNWU by Messrs. Pettus & Daley, and Mr: T. F. Pettus, of Ollrlarville. Lo111svILLR claim11 to be the largest tobacco market in the world. Deily 11&les are held at four xtensive warehouses. The sales last year at those warehouses amounted to 63,000 hhds., relliaing Ute Hiil of $11,1181,1109.67. 1 UP-TOWl'I'. .uso()IATION. -Au. thooe iba1 wllh t9 JOln the llbo!O ooolat., an requeot ed. &gain. to be M &h' ClbdlG-Gardaa, on th1I (Saturday) evm1Dg1 a& T o'clock. 88 .&.UQ. llOlqrL, llocmary. J.ura to llirOftll die pQllo, and Ille T<-&de .. ,..1a117, -the)' .... IUll1llllctory ot clgan, La 11<1DA llrel&, No. 20, 11114 Iba thq wlll work not.h1na bU tmk' OWD Q&lllaU.D -...D ot W. baoco, LA -'Well-ftowa IObMco bolnJ; lhe growth or their -,,,....,-, 11114 11 J..U, acc:re4 tied the 8-t quill;)' oC Ille Vuelta AJtott, btlq the Dal ra1 proc1uo1 a' 11ie ..u -Cite ., -au-. Ordm for t.DJ' o[ Ille dl6raM "1lel of \he al>oTo .....,. ra o&ory will he -....i llll4 J>lOlll""7 _. to by U.OIN'l'O 0081'.&, -.&pill, No. 191 Kn-You. ,. ... p1oa or tht To-' N"'1a9 _,_.... ... Iha lo baoeo esporlod lhall bf flee. All In ta-ol lldll lllOTe meot are cordially lllTl\.ed. to IMend. i WILLI.U1. E. LA '\TIIBl!Oll, Preold...._ \ -' -EDWAKD JIUllKE, l'I.UU., t" t ':. B D DUMONT. A. PEARL & CO. inlol'ID their Clllltomers &nd the publio that Ibey have removed I.heir fao tory to Richmond, 'll'l!ere the_,_:wiJI be able to supply them with a art!Cro ol'lbeir brand& than of late, such .u Gteeu. '8eaJ. Perique Turkish. P'lolhrof Virgifil Golden Bird's '1e, .. ; have on hand the choloest Iota ot VutJ'!la Cvendiah and SmokiDg Tobacco. Dep6t in NeTYork,o 'Ii Fullon-streel, where orders will be recelnd; o r at Bi mond, VL Cau&lon.-Al!l penone are canti,oned against buying any Sll(OKING TOBACCO purporting lo b&ve been put up by me, aa I h&Ye not. manu:factnred. any since April, 1861, and none of the, gen,u-1"-hu been In. the New-York market aprlng of ls6t. tam pre parin g for ILn immediate reaumpihm ol lta 111anutaeturc, when thoe desiring th-e genuine artlCle can be eupplied l>y CalllDii OJ1 IDJ' asent$, ][-rs. BuLl, October, 88-tr W-.6.lfTB. I Ws feel tully jusWled. 1D ,....,.Pll1Ddiug lhe advaotageit o t tbla 4epal1mell.t of our adveztllhSi co lu.mn1 to th e trade Thole whO bave trUed Ii li&li that lht1 h&Ye fo\tn d th eir Ales thereby lncreued more than bJ adffl'tlumkiig in -.ny oth e r paper. 'l I


.&JOI punB IK ALL KDnl8 U LEAF TOBACCO, 1'0. 184 l'B.O:RT-STB.BBT, at-ea lllllW-YOBJC. DlilA.LEB IN Leaf Tobacco & Segars, NO. 5 BURLINC SLIP, Nll.&ll Tr .&T.EB-STRErl', 8!-81 NEW-YORK. DW-VoaJt, r Maa..toarwa o>1111 Joi""' et -Fine-Cut Chewing and Sfuoldfli Tobacco, Snuff; Cigals. and Havana Sixes. OUJt. llll.AlfDS FlN1-cvr CJQW11!!P.1 SUNNYSIDE, HEART'S DELIGHT, NATIONAL. THOMAS HOYT a. CO., Nc:w-Vodr. HOYT, FLAGG & CO., Louisille, K1. HOYT, FLAGG & CO., Succmon to Tobacco Manufb.cturers. H. KlWCKINICK SMOltJ.NG CCOIJ Golden Eagle, i Grand Mogul, Chimney-Cora.., l HOYT, FLAGG & CO., Louil .. ,1 THOMAS HOYT & CO Ne\0-York. Good Forwarded k> &D7 put of the Oountry. JRJU>. Yl&:Jln1 HnaT B o n.w.u.n. ADAMS & OSBORNE, FISOHER. & RODEWALD,:_ 1 :oo:.BllA;A, Toe a coo a a ot'INt.-BBOlllll Ill' Leaf & Manufactured Tobacco, LICORICE, TONQUA BEA.NS, Etc., NO. 91 WATER-STREET, W. G ..UW.. l 81-61 llilllW-YOBX. W .H.OaoulLf LICORICE PASTE WALLIS & 00. EXTRA. Toblleoo manufacturers and the trade in pelal are particularly requested to uamine and test the superior proper ties of tbia LICORICE, which, being now brought to the highest perfection, is oft"ered ttnder the above of b.iud, We are B180 SOLE AGENTS for the brand I', G. Acknowledged by consumere to be the beet in the market. And for the braud of Licorice Stick G. H. In all respects equal to CALABRIA. GODZ, WALLIS & CO., l'l-1111 99 11 .......... st. LICORICE PASTE, 'EXCELSIOR MILLS PURE POWDERED LICORICE, Gum Arabic, OLIVE O .II,. TQNQUA BEAW6, Alld other Flavorlne t for robacconiBt e' UH, for Mio by WEA VER & STERRY, lmportere, Hanover Square, l&-M ID.W-YORX. EADIE & DO&Ulllll Leaf .t. Mltn:tlfllot.ll.Nd 'tOB 8.l...,...11>11 124 Wa"t"er-Sreet, NEAR WALL ST,1 .. PELT, Leaf and Mantifacturea Tobacco, 126 Water Street, 14-96 WYORK J. H. W10BT1 H A R1oaay1 ilv-nto-.tW!ght. I WICJIY .., RICHEY, and Leaf Tobacco :SBOKERS, No. 85 Water-atree,, N ew-Yorlc J, B. WIGHT & co., 88-llll Iii Bs:cllance"l'laoe, -ldmore, AR'I'HOR GlliLENDER & CO, .... JOJm ANDERSON & 00., ... 211-81 jflatt 16 PLATT-ST., N Y. ll4, ll8, and 117 Libertfstre, 1 LIQUORICE PAS'l1E. 121 A. P. FRANCIA, Jut liEW-YOBI, Importer of Liquorice, JD.Ii .. i ALPIN & co. 101 Water-Street, N. Y. CELEBRATED FINE-CUT PASTE. lirgin-ltaf HENRY M. MORRIS, BIO;;.-:; 1111 Pearf & 82 Stone Streets, New-York, ...., HWllll n D-61 A. F CARMAN, :Manufactured Tobacco, TOliTINll BlllLJllllO, 118 WATBITDBT, KEW-HU. M. RADER & SON, TOBACCO BROKERS, 160 Pearl Street, (POOBD DOOB lWl'f QI' W.u.L. -,) iws ll'EW-YOBJL J. S. GANS, loltacio !tktr, llO. es w ALL-S'nl.BB'r, 2Ni :nw-na.I (JIS'l'AllLJlml) 1118 ) A. H. & SONS,, HRS. G B. ](JLLER & CO. 4!1D ALL KINDS 01' FINE DOMESTIC SEGUS. Our Brand: PBO GLORIA BT PATRIA. And otber Fine Br&nds constanUy on 'hand for immediate .... 191 CJIAlDIBJUl.STBUT, lf'uuwm. LEl.A:Z' TOBACCO,, 111 r.H 118 Front Street, Lll,0....._t D v .. n, JL f 14 26 NEW YORK. HOLLANDE'B, FLEISHER & 00., Deolon ID oil ldnd Qrand-st1 eet,. a :m O.-.A.R.&,. I '-ll 111':\l.l lfEW-1"0-RK.. KATER & CO., Dlil.E&S JM LEAP ilD JIAllDA-RS ,,. 1116 li'1oJlt Street, ocinar Kaidea Lane, 14-2& lllW.YOllC. SALOllOll & 1 J!LJU!IS, IMPORTED AND OOMESTtc HAYAWA TOBACCO. 248 Paarl St_raat, JllllWTOilK. .. 'FELIX Havana Leaf Tobacco R.I'.l'ICA,, In Havana. 1'19 Pearl-st., lier. Pino aa I --l J. M_. MAYORGA, 18-U JIEWYOBK. No. 6 Johnstreet, One h ouse from B roadw a y WM." DEMUTH & CO., DIPORTKB8 AND llANWACT URE&S 01' Meerschaum and Briar PIPES, SMOKING TOBACCOS, SMW FIBURES, ETC., ISllOICIH TOUGCO, ftliUftlt. .untAU.orna ouas ARTICLES, 1.1 IW.&.DllN L&JfE, (Vp 8-.,). DT J JIBWlrOB&. BOTKEN &. SIBt'KES Havana Leaf Tobacco, B 14 CllDAR.STREET, p Ip E JIEW-YORK. PETERSBURG AQVERTISEllENTL R. A. YOUNG & BRO., CENERAt COMMl to. MEBOKANTS, \h e and t ale or Y1rdnl& and liorill Paro lina. Leaf Man.ufl.c&.ured !OB.iOOOS. N'o. 4 Inoir-r.RolliT B u 1LDbtO&, Pftll...,.., TA. R efer to Mcun'11 J oeu.e M.ACT'a :SOJIS, K t"lf Tllk S..DT &GCTBBII, NewYork.; H.Av:r:ve .t\fw.u.111.i ...;._.. Ya.; T. T. BROO'l 3 Pr" sldcnt. Nallolud 81.nt. R. RATLAND1 President NaU o .{lal Bank, PetttllJn ,Ta. 88-69 r E. VENABLE &. CO., No. 3 Iron front, S ycamore-allNM, PETElUIBUBG, Va., Com.mission :m:erchanta EOR TBE SAL E 41\"D FUB.C.H.J.SI or Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco AND COTTON. 88'1 .J, E l 'EN 4BL CO, J F. KcILWADrE, Cotton and Tobacco BROKER, Office.wi th Mt A G. Sr., No. 79 Syoa.more-st.Net, PETEBllJIVBQ., y.._ lllJ.llt McDANIEL & IRBY, TOBACCO Qtommi$$hYn L YNCHBURG, VA. ,Tso. McDA..ttnn .1 l JA S J Tn& Y f 82-48 s. M.. 1o1'conE:L1l 1 WM. rnnGh. M'CORKLE, SON & CO., CROCE RS A N D 1'\\e.\'e\\4"-t'l>, !..:ND l ::ANUl A.CTURERS OF CREWING AND 8XOIU!IG TOBACCO, 8 2-6$ No. 113 Main Street, L T!VCBB1!119! V /J.., :McIVER & BURO .H," 70 Main St., Lynchburg, V _a., TOBACCO FAC .. RS AND Leal and Tobac co b()ught and tol d o n Comrui!sio n. Or d erA sol lclted Oood and large .toeU c,,f Vl rgtnJa. Manufactured TobtlCllelae4 1814. Anderson's cor. 8tll II mot ., BICJIKOlfD, VA "WALTER K. :MARTilf & CO., ( F o rmerl}" N M. MAhf'lJf Soll A Co., ) EstBblloned 1646. 'l' 0 BA C 0 0 F or the a a te und P nrc hue of Lear Tobacco. Shocko!J Wareho111e, Bichmend, Va, B.eee1ve t.he nes& 1elec:tioD1 from the C!2P!. ef """""'""".If-""'""' .....


li i\ v-i::Ys & WILLIAMS, 14 tifh :SilhJnond, Va., Gf<.:NERAL !lttdunit.1, ,,., 8loQI QI' llilVF.AOTUUD .AllD L1ID' 'lOllACOO. HMn'FORD ADVEBTISEMENT8. 'WESTPHAL & LEHlff:lillf, l)IU.LU8 Ill' C'dtina Seed f .llfD o, ,Z. _P. X 'W/, c 4'j LEAF AND MANlJ.Fi.CTURED Tu NO. 98 ASYLUM-STMT, 31-62 DARTFOf/IJ, CONN. J .D.BURNHAM& laJJIJ ract1.rr et's and healers la all klodt of Tobacco, Snotf and Cigars, -ALSO-& Leaf Tobacco -:11 and 79 Asylum-etreet, HARTFORD, OONlT. ESSMAN & llAA8 BJU>TJIBBS, DE.lLKU tN COlll>fECTICl7T Seedleaf Tobacco, AND lll UHTFACTURJmS 01' CIGARS 282 l1lala wee&, i..s. fl.1.48, JJ,. lJ A.\.g, HUBRJI, lltRJ. M. TI. JIAA!:!. --Dra1Jch-UA4 CO., Lc;avenworth, K an. 11-1& D. W. KING, ..jl..Gl!JNT. Tobacco, UM &TATE STRBRT, lM6 Hartford, Cenn. H. & Z. K. PEASE, l>BAJ,D8 13 CONNECTICUT Seed-leaf Tobacco, 9il9 and 9.1 State-street, a.ut'l'l'o&D. ooiur. FAim:fi\M & BA.BBEB, .P.lCUll8 .lBJJ DI ..-.. Oonn. Beed Leaf TOBACCO, n No. 238 St1te-1treet, a.urriroBD, eollfJr. BROWN & ZWEYGARTT, llULEB8 "' Leaf AJID IUliUl'.&.CTUREKS O"f J.LL XINDS OF OIG!BS, 21111 BTAU BTBEE'l', co-. lla01nr. B. J ZWftlWlft' S. WOODRUFF, DEJ.LJl:B Uf Co:rJ.llecticut Seed-leaf ll3I ue meet. 1! BABTP9RW1---. WILLIAM A. BASSETT, -0-..a.ocp,. Havana and Dom-c Cigars, PIPl!S, ETC.1 ETC., 1 BladltlOllflIHreM, tie TIMORE ADVERTISEMENTS. S. W GAIL. CHRISTIAN AX, G. w. GAILcl:A%, I I CHAS. D. DE 'FORD & co., a T 801D'I'H GA. 'I' ...... (; i.. ,; FERGlJBOll', GllllBIJIQ t: 00., llill1PO.....,_ OP aad Woo gtpn! SMOKER$.' ARTJCLES, ETC., j 11 .., .... 11.&Lnm:o-. BICC BLJ. DOS., --18alklndtflf LEAF T@BACCO u.ANDREW MUitR!l's .LJ;U;JU.121.IJJJ & r.n, OJI 'T Obacco W orkS. rJ. u "l8o 'bacco,. l!anufacln..., Deale"' In all dho'rlptl6lll of A.1111 DliLD8 DI' Chewin,_and-Smoking Tobaeeoa, .iear, Fill Git 8maliB( !obac8o l CIDl'St oPmR,110. st Nuam Lmn:,k.wim. 110 69 So'IUb. Water Street, MY B';RA.N'Ds. 186 Fi .. c..t Chewing. 1 lut .......... ... "". u.pse Tobacco Work.' =11, -=:"' ..... lllfd -. -MUIRAT Leader. St. Lon'-1tt\d -n-11, & 80., &:atlllajjl. killickinick. -""lbaooo M ufj t Peacock, 1 llJ. Balet. Ot1r F.avorft:e t n.. Ba les. .& I an ao '1'1'l'OfS., Pocahonl!I. 6 lbo. Jlale!. Dilly Dow-J,!g .. 1u..t 't1 JI lclGJbs..Bale1 .Billy :ROI. 87 I: 88 8. WateMtreet, CHICAGO. Tmmi', T-Bol'll & Co., Qulno7, DI. 198 S'r. LOUIS ADVERTISEMENTS. DAMERON, BROTHERS & CO., llUCOll!SORS TO NAN80N, DAMERON & CO., '!'obacco Pactors, ilD Ql:N&R.AL :rl1aL' Wha.L'I I.he MaUer, 6 Olay ton, In Ganci 9 lneh Plugs lb1. (pa.per -.:apper).-Powlilltaa, 1 lb. Bales. 7.ouaw.andGtherbrands. 175 Mound City Tobacco Works. D. CATLIN. Fine-Cut; Chewing, i[i; Smoking Tobacco;Killickinick, etc., No. 168 Ne:rtlt Second Sireet, 113 ST. LOUIS, HO. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, s..oaum.ur. O.F.imcrr .ur, 1<.0mw. O" 188 lf. 11e11cnu1 .. t., cor. Greu-1t., s. A. GRAN'f.ij AM &. co., 191 sT. i.ovm. Commission & Tobac Orl\@rs Filled for all Kinds of\tTS: co Manufaotnred and Leaf 611'. 8eealld St., b9t. l'hie ll01ive, TOBACCO, fn:. 'i.6fNs .-o. .. SDWARD a. BOOTH, :16 1'0BTB BIWO!'ID-In'., St. Louis, 111-.--Lear 1'obacco, LOU11LLE ADVERTISEMENTS W. WATKINS, P. 0, BOX GGG, LOUJSVlLL&, !LKN'JUC&Yr r Gomlilflrcial and Produce Broker. l!PecW atti!olioa pold. to jlJllJig orders !bt TOQU. CO, LlliAF or llANUFACTURBD. -'F-19 WK. S. ,,fNO. L. 8Jkl& CLOVER & C'ti., BOO'.N"E TOBACCO WAREHOUSE, Between Ninth and Tenth, lMI LOUISV1LL1!0 KT. J G. SPALDING & BM. 11.U.tJJ'J.Cl"URBa M' ALL Jt!N'D!! Oii Chewing Tobacco, NO. 109 MARKET-ST.r Between Pint and. Drook Street., LOUISVILLE, KY. .... b1t1lllfll! PROMPTLY J'ILLlliD. D. 8P.1LDIN 0 1 ,tR., &. SPA.U>INO. W. D. D rEPALDING & SONS, J. S. Tobacco Mmufaoturer, Jiies, 121 & 129 Tltlrd-st., oot. Dlain i 111yu1 LOUISVILLE, KY. -:o:BRANDS: "mett'a Navy. lbL'lldtlb 10 1 d, ... lOa_.._ 8. he'\ am -.hs. W -, ---e ... ,.l:C,128. Wlllet.C:s Oes!k'Ttt1J.,r11'pgUa illell,9 Os. running l _Oti. O oz. 2AO ijrfci.ilk 1llf tunning 1 41. Wlll ett"s D1.Hse1t, .....--.---:. -.LL-; FRANCKE ELLER, ljll@llJ @ i;,.llMll.iD.ion. 42t lllaln-ot., bet. Bullitt & .P1111&, LO'IJIS'VILLE, KY ........................ PatUGUliir alt.entlou r .ald tfl the t 111 cba,;e o ( Leaf end 1'ft..cfll1'('tl Tobacco. 1 A'h kinds Df and S.ranlsh o n band, 1'?42 __ .__.'!"_,, W.R. BEATTY, CO.Hr&'1'US ,fiiIQ.r"'t' Tobacco Braker, MAIN, NINTH AN::> TENTH STS:, (Ol'l'US!l'f: 1'0B.\CCO Lonlsvfllr, Ky EDMUNDS & BROWDER, FALLS CITY ;Fobacco Factory, .... 118 a. lat, Tlltnl., Lolllsvllle, l.y, -:o:-UJI B R A_ft_J) 8lllOln' 'l'O H't. llt.AClt '1'08.\0008. .... ad l( lb& I EcimllDdt&Browder 'scholce a lo.... _... fts. NaTT Jbs. 2211. Montauk Nav.y J.ii,a. Choice, Iba. I 'ff lbs --J 1"8 Uld J( lbs. Oltl li1C1',.l6'8aad1171 4Dna 1.J.'a and. Ji( Iba. Pmttfo Fium, lO'a anl:I XII>!. Golden Nectar, 4'1. I C}i' Hri'1J!e J-4 lbs 11&1.f Dime, 22's. Pl'te4tpto't. 11)..4] BEN. S. BOARD, Oba.coo IJro.k LOUISVILLE, h.-Y. Orden for Leof solicited RIUl prompU:i, .filled. BUlllB&lll'ClES: Giner ... Loal1vUle Ky 8Rra&& Co.1 Piekef.t. U II 4 II I u 'PlteiPL OaldWell &: Co J..oulwille 4.' u u Ronald .t Dro.1 Nki&h -Mrte& 11 u .AD.drew Elnb&mJ: LoulnlDe, K,r.; T. J!:(!mondB, Loui.s l'tlle, KJ'. j Geo. t V Wkkl., Louisville, Ji;y ; Sn01lcly & H ow ard, ffurrell, Caruth & Oo., .Now-Yo:-k. 184 1 s. PllllLl's, 18.AAC U ,CALDWJU.L, J.l.S. B. nnun.&v."


-:o:NBWYOIIK. oiWlCO w J -a.q.-.,..... ll&ldo'bl, D. a ear1. 116 llrOI!ie .t !.4"' =::' JlruoMU.tOO.,PJ DuriMI'II IIUJroad. B.lo(lo,L18f'-t. Crawt<>Illei'Y. Boyt, Llllan&bal, o. H. i!I.T. IIlii. and Jil. W lllbluloa. LorWard, P., 16 tSaud 20 Obambene. u'Alpln, D. H. k Co., 17, and"" .h-D lolotiP< ll.,_17Si w ... r Jlfcll" .. B&orJD, 181 .PearL l!oaman.J. C. ltl (lllalbam. l!mylh, \IDU. D, Boo !lowery. B&raitoo, JohnL o1 Beaver. Waitt, H. H., 1li Whl ..... & La11'H!1Ce,IIUO PearL UIPORTKRS .i..ND DIALEBI. BaT'bft' a. Pearl! BoodJ', 0. N. 00tt Bowel'f H., 201! OhaUlam. 1118 ......... .,._ .t .. -,01 Oedar. s-,a.1861'oou:l Jtnoop. N., 131 Bowery. LacbonbruCb, N .t Bro.,1011 Water. I La&orre, :&. 8., 181 Pearl. Lee Jkolllero, 269 Pea MA.NU.l!'ACTUREBS OJ' CIG.11LS. 11a11, 781hnclay. Schwe11u, A. oil: Oo., 61 Broad. LtCORlCE P A.S'J'IC D.JI...lL&B8. J'rancl., J\. l'.,lO!ll'atel'. Gcnoe&. 'Wa.llla & Oo., 99 81 South WlUiam. Gklrattty, II ,., .. d ......... .-4 I Club'fik Sales ltiJ IIll-SYLVESTER, I' I ,:M aidenlane. and Cigar s M r.ow Pl'le.,. f o r Caeb, D. IL..u...&.Dw"" Jlew Yort; II BaiODUI, Savannah. Oa. 1 .,, Oit.illllftl; u D. M'. ,noLST, .;D.]l; ]iA I J llVlw & CO., and Factors, SCHMITT & STORM, o( 11!00 hb& Sl>ftfal .lbtnt NiMIIl Jljlid at k ecR'NIIcy,and at fe. 3j!l,i bh4s. Ill! a. CJ lllld!!, toga ...,d low leaf to. a 1ill'. gqlll< 12$ blota i SO' & elDo NmWig-lilts At ti(i 12& cs. !few York stan!, t!<:. a Quite-a nUDibilr rA ales f7l OonDicticut in 8ma11'10ts ltave been iDadc;-within the' :r&"!" of ear .F'rciyh18.-E n gagements include l o Liver pool 2ii0 hhds. at 40s.', 150 hhdS: at 80s., 60 hhds. at 8os. ; 100 hhds. per steamer at 60s. To Glasg01v, 80 hhds. at aos To Bremen, per 106 hhds. at 80s.; per sailing vessel, 150 hbds. at 20s. ; 200 hhds. nt 20s. ; 100 cs., 25s.; Io'o bales, $1. 1'o Antwerp, 250 hhds. &t 27s. 6d. To Hamburg per steamer> 110 cs. nt 25s. The charters are a Bremen bMk, 704 tons,from City Point to Havre, Sos. A Bremen ship, 1028 tons, to Brenlen, and' n Bremen bark, 350 tons, from City Point to Ve':!ice on private terms. QUOTATIONS OF WHOLESALE PRICES. Kon.tucly.-Light lear. Gold. Ouffmey. and frosted Juga,.. 4 a @-Juga, ............... 6@ 1't-@Low leaf,. S @. 9 @-Medium lear, ............. 9t5!112t-@Flue ..................... l2f@15 @-Fa.ncy, ............. .. 1Gf@l7 __, (\;'1-Do.-Bcavy lear. Trashyand.h'o-1', .. 6@ G = @Sound I11gs,.. .. .. .. .. 6J 8 ft1#.-Low Le&fLe.. .. .. .. 10 @... 1 = 8= i := factory dried Leaf, 10 @-Medium do. 12 -@Deu do. M 16 IW-Se!ect!ons do. @-VMgn -Havana, Wrappers, .. (duty paid1 ) l 60 Havana, aJI!IOrted, ... ,.. do. 1 00 Havana, J"iile111,.. do. -SO Ya.ra, assotrted,......... do. .. .. llul>o.,-ed,........ .. .. St. 'Domingo, a.uorted, (lo bond',) G Ambelema., Giron ,t (In lJoDd,) S fill 8 0 0 @150 @ 110 @100 @-so @-12 @-!!0 Mantl(actured-ux. P.UD. t'!l BOM'D. 5's, 7's, 'lO'a, and l2'iVirgmla, fine, ............ 'lli @-80 85 @-40 Comraonandlnferior,. -1!1:::40 --Western, .... ....... -W TO -25 @-35 Commoa1 -60 60--@----New-York, Ane, ........... -60 @-6G-80 @-89 common_, old, l -DO @-eB -.26 @-80 Jnrerlor,, .. -40 (j-00 ,0-26


IMPORTS. During the week ending November 14th, consignments a.t this port were as follows : From : A. Bisser, 145 bales ; R. S. Latorre, 100; F .Miranda, 150; & Co., 104; D. F. Curtis, 100; Gomez, Wal lis & Co., 25; F. 110 8 cs. cigars ; H. Knight, G1 bales; A & E. Schul ter, 105 ; J. McMayor, 233 ; G. W. Faber, 20 bales, 3 cs. cigars; A. S. Rosenbaum & Co., 58 bales; A. Schwerin & Co., 3 cs. cigars; J. Costa, 2 ; F. Char.ournes & Son, 6 ; L. E. Amsinck & Co., 2; F. Probst & Co., 10; R. E. Kelley & Co., 1G; H. A. 3; ;F. J Fasson & Co., 1 ; Kunha.rdt & Co., 1; Hewlett & S., 1; Fischer & KlUer, 2; A. S c hron, 8; F. de Bary, 10; F. Carnana, 2; A. Fernandez, 1 cs. cigar, 2 bbls., 2 b⩽ Schroder Bros., 3 cs. cigars ; J. M. Beebee & Co., I ; A. L. Cheneyor & Oo., 1 ; E. Magnus & Oo., 1 ; G. H. Draper, 3 pkgs. FromMatanzas: J. E. deSanta.s, 1000 cigars. From N ucvitas: Isaac Lohman, 22 cs. cigars. EXPORTO. Shipments from th& portof from November 1st to November 14th, inclusive : 8129 hhds, I S02 pkgs. crude, and 60,974lbs. manufactured. Value of crude, $1,868,629; value of manuf,.clured, $88,814; value of cigars included in mMufactured, $21!69. Total value of exports, $1,892,848 There were shipped to RlllauR.G-S!:ba.les, valued at............ .1,1260 -51 C!l ,.,. 1,800 9601lbs. manufactured :........ 1,980 9 es. cigars ............ 1,600 831 ............... 0 .... 10,191 209 es ............. ......... 8,509 l'ota.l Yalue, ............. ........ I2D.'Z'OO a,..,.-2C2 hbda. 182, TOO B2l eo .-., 10,6116 llU. .... .. .. .. .. 13 819 212 26'.1110 'i't hhdji. &temt. 0 0 0. 28,4a. 816 bal ....... ................ 4,981 Total value, ... ..................... 1114..318 .Antwerp--789 hhds., $118,801; 181 stems, $12,8liS; 49 cs., $1766; 12 bales, $46; total $128,486. cs., $60; 1 tc., 1103; S'T2 hhds., $97,973 ; 1 cs. cigars, $860 ; totit, $98,496. Lon4on -91 hhds., $26,240 ; 1009 hh4s., $290,019; total, $316,259 Vcnicc-241 hhds., $123,486. Glagow-46 hhds., $27,600. cs. cigars, $178. Nctpla-804 hhds., $128,616; 2 c1, oaipn, $120; total;"" $193,795. Genoa-1303 hbds., $812,720. Bo;deaw.v-388 hhds., S62, 731. Canary Islan.U-60 'pkg!l-, $1 91>0. British N. A. lbs. IOf., $4700;. 5 hhds., $1892; 11,948 lba mf. $'84.o0 ; tottl, $99"9[ .. .. LEAF I work among it I around with a small one-horse plo east and west first, finishing the Wilt I make my hills. The usual way to the ldUs is with the hoe, making the hill where the furrows cross each other, draw ing the dirt intG a hill o.bout as large as for covering ocqa or "}'Otaloes. With the flat part or back of.4e hoe press or flatten the hill down to tbe level of the surface of the ground, taking care to have it clear of clods or rub bish I generally make my hills with what we call & jumping shovel-the frame of a sin gle above! plough, made light, with a s!Iovel about eight inches square, put on in the place or the common ilhOYel. Hitch a steady horse to tl!ia, ll&ut him in the funowa, dip the shonl in the middle of the furrows, and raise it, depositing the dirt at the cross of the f'ltrrowso Have a IHmd lbHowiDg to leTel and pat down the hills, and take out olods. In this way I made, with the assistance of a boy ft&eaD yean old, .oom ifteen hills Ia dw. wbile. with the hoe alone three or four thousand is a good day's 'work. NEw OtAIIUVIt.LB.-Messrs. Murrell, Car uth & Co., of Ibis :city, haTe rece.otly received three hogsheads of he.vy Western teat; ship ped direct from clarbTilte, the first of the growth of 1.866 that has appeared in market. These specimooa of tJw Dew crop are very fine in length and lbreadth of leaf, and in eg,!or, substance nod hlllldling. A put of tba!ollas just been sold on teftns not JU&de public. The lot" was held at an average of thirty ceuta., and the sale probably realized about that rate. The tobacco was gNWU by Messrs. Pettus & Daley, and Mr: T. F. Pettus, of Ollrlmville. LomsviLLR claims to be the largest tobacco market in the world. Deily are held at four xtensive warehoDSeS. The sales last year at those warehouses amouted to 63,000 hhd&, relliaing Ute Hill of tll,ll&l,ll09.6'f. 1 Au. thooe th&L wllh to JOlD the ol>o!e ...._,. .,. requeot ed &g&ID. to be U, C1bdiG --GardaD, OD tbla (Saturd ay) evomnc, alTo clOCk. 88 .&.UQ. IIOIWL, lloeniuy. IIIIPGBTIDt CJWm, Jua -wtolo toloir-die 'Polio. and the Trade espoelal17, -the)' ... ot elgan, La RoJDA lllnl&, No. 20, :diUu, 11114 lbal thq wUl work not.hiDJ bvito tMir OWD ........,.., -...D ot W. baeco, LA -'WOII-ftowa tobUco boiDJ; the growth ot their """" ,....,-, 11114 11 J..U, acc:re4-lle7 oC 111o V11111ta Allofo, ...... the Dal ra1 produol 1r lbe ..u -lllo -., -au-. Orden tor t.DJ' o[ llao dl6raM II.Yiel of \he al>cm .....,. taolory will be -"*' 11114 J>lOIIIPII7 10 by UOIN'l'O OOII'I'A, llolo Aplll, No.lel ,. TOBA.OO .. 08lii"Y.Bl!ITI4Uif. A OO!OTUt'IO.-of tho \loboooo fNii 9111 k bold, IUidor ... plea or lbe To-' llaiiaifJIIIF..IIIe aq4 thai lo baceo esporlod oball bf r.oe. All Ia lanr or lldll mOTe meot are cordiallyln1'1\.e4 to &&&end. WILLIAal. E. LA '!f!IBI!OII, Preold...._ -' .... -EDWARD JIUIIKE, Socrelar7. R.Ull., t" B. D. DUMONT. A. PEARL & CO, inlorm their Clllltomera r.nd the public that they have removed Uleir roo tory to Richmond, the)' able to supply th em with a art!Crool'lbeir brand& than of late, such .u Gteeu. "8eaJ. Perique Turkish. :no..r-of Virgini Golden Bird' a ""' IDd have ahra;; on haod the choicest Iota ot ViltJ'!ia CovendiJh and SmokiDg Tobacco. Dep6t in Ne'WYotk; .,, Fu!lon-streec, where orders will be receiTed; or at FaQWry, Richmood, V a. -Sll-61 Can&ton.-Al!.l penona are eautloncd apinst buy lngany SXOKINQ TOBACCO purporting tobave been put up by me, as I b&,-e uot.IDann:f&ctnred any aince April, 1861, aud none of the bns bee,n l:n the York m&rket eiDCe the aprblg of 180. 1 run preparing for an immediate re&UmptioJL o( ita JP.BDulacture, when thole delirblg the genuiDe artlde can be supplied by ce.lliJlil 0..0. my aaentJ, ........ Bl:J.LKLJ::y & Moon, No. '14 Front-&treet. JAMES FISHER, Ja. RlCHJInsluess: Wholesale gro cery, and collllililaion, dry goods, o.r manufacture and sale of tobacco. !Haa had couslderable in o.1L Would not oobjoet 10 travel 10 and from Virginia a.nd New-York for the tntenste of hi1 employer. Re fers, by permlsaio n, to-the following gentlemen: B. J. JOIIN8QN, 24 Old' ISlip, York; CKA:nus T. Won.THAM & Co., B. T .P.u&nfToN, Ricbmood, Va. L. S. CLAllKll, 33 Box 00, Rumxmm, VA. FOR BALl!. Wa feel fully juaWled 1D neo IW"ug ihe advantages or tbls depal1meut of our adverlllbij: colii!DDI to &he trade, Tboee whO have trtled li ltMe that the1 baYe found thelt .ales thereby lncreued mOre \han bJ, ln other paper. 8B:VI:RJ..L con.tgnmentJ J best Seed.leaf' Toltaeeo1 b1 Ute eaic, or 1n lots to suit i a.l8o 100 bale Jlavima FUI

ILEPBRS, BY PERMISIION, m DuBoiS, V.1BDDV001l'l' .t Oo., 87 Water-Ito. lloBI!ISON Gun, l'li Wa&er-at. I'IBD& &: Co., .Boat.on. Bt"cuoa. MoC.ulox Co., Philadelphia. Clr4& D. Dd'ou t1 Oo., H. THIERMANN, COIIMISSION MERCHANT, N:B:W-YOBX. CH.lS. F. TAG, IMPORTER OF SPANISH_. LEAF TOBACCO, NO. 184 I'B.OBT-BTBUT, 8141 llrliiW-YOBX. Dlil.A.LER IN Leaf Tobacco & Segars, NO. 5 BURLINC SLIP, NEAR W.ATZR-8TREE'l', 8!-88 NEW-YOR:K. Tobacco Manu:fu.cturers. F. H. PURDY & CO., l!UOOESSORS TO HARVEY & HA VI r,AND, TOBACCONISTS, 10 .tc llll!'lJLTOl'IIIIT., l'IIBWIO.I, -""'-of llllldllclo ofl'lo 0.. Oawaeud i!KOI uo Toucoo._!Ktm', et.c. Deal_..lD PLuo TOSU'OO, l'IP8, ole. TIM llnudo IIIey .......-,. ... Jr01108110h, WaD4 Bell, J'kn aod Bzqmite, N B .-Would eaU tbt &tlllltlou o f lbe Trade partlcularlJ to ---d.of Tob-GOLDEI' GE., U1111H'p &D7 part of the Oount,.,.. ADAMS & OSBORNE, SUOOBSSOBS TO INNKB C. ADAMS, BBDUBII Df Leaf & Manufactured Tobacco, LICORICE. TONQUA BEANS, Etc., NO. til WATER-STREET, W. G .llwla, l 81-41 BEWYOBX. W.H.Oaou1r LICORICE PASTE WALLIS & 00. EXTRA. Tobacco manufactur e r s and the trade in genelal are particularly requested to examine and test the superior properties of this LICORICE, which, being now brought to the highest perfection, iB ofFered tmder the above style ofbl'Ud, We are also SOLE AGENTS for the brand 1', G. Aoknowledged by consumert! to be the beet in the market. And for the brand of Licorice Stick G. H. In all respects equal to CALABRIA. GODZ, WALLIS & CO., a9 6; 81 .. St. LICORICE PASTE, __,.....,.....,.-..,.XcELBIOR MILLS PURE POWDERED LICORICE, Gum Arabic, OLIVE OII.'"' TQNQUA BEAN'o5, And other FlavorlnKt, for rob&ccontet&1 UN, lor u1o by WEAVER & STERRY, Importers, HENRY M. MORRIS, 99 Pearl & 82 Stone Streets, NewYork, oaoana .1ltlD AGDT IN 'J'lJE U. S. FOB JliS M. & M. BR.A.ND. OBilftJIOA.Ta wUI be shown from tiM iea&l IIWlUfaccuren 1a. Blcbmond., PetarlbUl"g, DanTUle, :Brookl)u, St. LoaD. Louii1'Uie1 Oo:s'ogt.on, Plttaburg, Caa-114&, AitnJJa, ODd Ollllfornla. 80-ti : LICORICE PASTE F. GRUND & CERERO, lliiPO.TBIIIJ, 118 Pearl-street, 1few-York. J. C. y Ca. R. B.. YlfURRIA. I'. G. c. W. & A. LEAMAN, ;BROKERS IN LIQUORICE PASTE, TONQUA BEANS, ETO., 87 PmE-SDEET. 11&-tt t.. F. CARMAN, :Manufaotured Tobaooo, TO!ITINIIIIliiLJllliG, 118 WATBHTDBT, REW}GU. M. RADER &; SON, TOBACCO BROX.ERS, 160 Pearl Street, (a.u 1>0011 lWit or .,...,,_ -,) lWS lfEW-YOBlL J. S. GA.NS, oha,to !ttktrt IO. 88 'WALL-STBDT, cor-. :BalkiiDc,) I nw-YOa. llltW-VOR.It, Nillillfoauren of oil loi..e. el _rFine-Cut Chewing and Sino1dllg Tobacco, Snuff; Cigals. aad Havana Sixes. OUR. UAifDS Fna-cl1T SUNNYSIDE HEART'S DELIGHT, NATIONAL. THOMAS HOYT a. CO., Ne.,.Vodr,. HOYT, FLAGG a. CO. Louilille, KJ. HOYT, FLAGG & CO., ,. 188 ftARL-STREET, (OOL Oml.lJl.BIUift,) HOYT, BARBOUR & CO .. 107 and 109 Second St., LOUISVILLE, KY., ') Manufaauren of the fo11owin g celeb ra ted br&JUb of FINECUT ToBACCOs 124 Nl!AR WALLIST,, .. X'Z\'tYOB.K. A. H. V PELT, MOJ-Gil :na.._ WaMioog#oiO""" lf'..Utr..t. MOSS & FAI.K, SEQ..A.:R.. I I) I'P. \ l.)U:il lEAF NO, 7 BURLINGSLIP, 222 New York. R. S. LATORRE, JMPORTU 01' TOBACCO LEAF, Havana. BegaJ1, eto., 187 Pea.rl Street, cor. Cedar, F. w. M"BR.-.rEli'S, No. 7l Essex St., near Grand St.1 DtiM .Df .. PU.I!iOl'UALLY .l.TTUIU PAULIT'SCH' & LAMIE, Imporierl of and Wholeaale Dealers in l:..EI.A:F TOBACCO,. :m. u4 118 Front Street, L II, OII.Lt D Foa&Y,Ja. r 14-2G NEW-YORK. HOLLANDE'R, FLEISHER & oo;, Deolon In llllldDd> or Atoo, Imponero aad :Han-.. ot FINE CIGARS, 142 WATER-STREET, Loa RGr wpn 2US; New-Yort. C. & M. BONDY, W'ROLU.U& DI.l.L:OS JR FRO)[ PIER 21, N. R., FOOT OF l!'ULTON-BTBEBT, Tho olopnt Sleomlhlp YAZOO, OapL J'..,. 'l!ro..,.., leava every Saturday ai 12 o'clock.. h-'l'lcloe .. ,_ redacecl ...... For h'elsbt. or puaa:e, IUperlor aceonmodUI0111 Apply 1o sr G. KlmEDJII A PA,LJIOU, llG BBOAJ)WAr. B. M. BROWN, Manufacturer. A.ND WROLI8.U.S 'OUU& IN Leaf Tobacco, Pipes, !'!ME SEGA1\S, AJID m OTBIIK auc RW .IB'l'IOLEB RIIO Crand-.treet, ND JU.NUJ'ACTUnRS or 34-86 BROOKLYN, E ; D. DOMESTIC AND HAVANA SEGARS, 358 Bowery, near 4th-at XEWYORK.-.. JOHN L. DEEN, DJU..L&B L'( FOREICN AND OOMESTIO LEAF TOBACCO. Coauottout Seed. t..t of my own l'acldDg .,.. Wafer Bfroed, ALIIJIDIB M.UCUS, .. Havana and Domestic CIGARS, ihnlrattn, Pipes and Fancy Articles, WJIOLBS.A.LJI .I.I.Qt .ETA.JL, Nos. 37 and 39 Bowery, XEWYOBK. OSCAtt H. LEAR, Keeraoht.UJD, J,l&r, Wood, (various kinds,)IodiaRabber, Ohin., .xtd Pipes. &:otcb, F.rtlllcli, and German OX...A. 'Y PX::E"':DI&. l!epr 1'1'-, !tbvto .Iiiio aad b, PIPE STii R A. YOUNG & BRO., CENERAL COMMt to :M:EBOHANTS, t.he J)ul'(!)Jue and lale of Vlrlbdl unl Nort.b. Parolina Lear Manufal$1red !OB.lOOOS. t\o. I :Ill -VJ,\;!,h, KATER&; CO. I LEAP' T084CCO, DIUl.DS Ill 168 Pmat Street, aOnm-Kaiden Lane, MIW.YOU. SALOM:Oll & 1 WJll'WS, IMPORTED AND OOMESTtC ,.. 00 ._. t.te 141Wa.....tree\ ...,.. ..... Meerschaum and. Briar Pipes, ...n ALL ao.n or OX...A. 'Y ::E"'X::E"'ES. MIER80HAt111 .u!D AJotaRn 8tCAI! T r .. uoaeio P i po .stcmo, A."NO A. COlfPr.F.TF. STOCK. Of' TDBACCONISTS' ARTICLE' s M M E T Z G E R 45 Liberty Btreet, (up stnim,J JAMES TISHER JR., Commjssion Merohaat For ibo Pu-. or 0114 Sblpplac LEAF TOBACCO, lo'nxn. W w Losr... f in kllllls M Fordgn [ I nti IIJRTUS r. M NEWYORK E E B SCHAU PHERSBURG, VA. -:o:,lle'en to: Moun. Bulkley &: Moore, New-Tort i J Bla&ldo Sa.nk .t Co., Phlla.cttlpbl&; Charles D. De :ront .t: Co. I 2T-8t S:E 'l'rH EW YORK. ',. m DAYID LEVY LEVY & SELIGSBIRG, DEACBRe Ill onnecticut Seed-leaf, AND ,U4PO:BTERS OF NA'VAWA TOBACCO. 248 Pearl St.reet, Nli:WYOIII, Ill ']fELIX MIRANDA, lJIPOiftl. OP: I Havana Leaf Tobacco, 193 PE.>\.RLSTREE:t:, 1'11-: .... RK, I liB KA1ttf .&eTUBD OF .,..-. .Jai,.J.JID 01 l'lt Pearl-s.t., HI; PIDI ... __ ...,_ _J J. M. MAYORGA, KALDENBtRC r L YNOHBVRQ ADVERTISEMENTS. a tA. B. RUCKER, lltrbatto & frodutt S, 133 1llADl STRUT, ... on Plpei, N .... s SbJek, etc., elc. to LYNOI-IBURG, VA. ftueat CARVE PIPES Ln thi s cou ntry constantly oa band at trade J'l"'e8! 'RepAirin g, j;)oUlng, mouoLing, Will gin his pc1"8onal atteoUon to lbe 41&luc ot 01'den deDe \he betli&:Jle. AmlJenJ or aU Unde. for Virginia Manuract.ured an4 Leaf No. 6 Johnstreet, One bouse from Droadway W-M: DEMUTH & CO., DIPORTJm8 AND ll.ANUl'ACTURERS OJ' Meerschaum and Briar PIPES, SMOKING TOBACCOS, .W FIIURES, FTC., McDANIEL & IRBY, TOBACCO LYNCHBURG, VA. J:so. Ro:nrn McD.umu,1 } JA S J. JnRY. ---....,._ __ -82-48 S. M. Joi'CORKLV"1 WM. lmCHID. M'CORKLE, SON & CO., CROCERS AND \.t.v.\.ol\ OF CHEWING AlfD IIJ(O][lli]'G TOBACCO, No. 113 Main Street, 82-l>S L Ilf(JH81JIIj VA. MciVER & BURO.ll, 70 Main St., Lynchburg, 1(a,, TOBACCO FACTORS A.ND .;eutrld Leaf a.nd Tobaceo bought and aold o n Commieston. Order& sollclted Oood and tarce 11toekt l.#f Vlrglnt& Manuf&etured Tobacco on band. as..l8 --"---"-1'--JOHN H. TYREE & CO ., Lynchburg, Va., BOI R fW & 81EI':a::BS 1 niftvana leaf Tobacco, .. B 14 c:DA:RSTREET, P 1 P E Commjssion Merchants For the Purchase and Sale of NEW-YORK. C. H. LILIENTHAL,, x.uror4.0'1'0u. OJ' F. A. GOETZE & BROI BARB.R 4 DUIU.QP. LEAF i"o"aAcco. a*i"A:R.s. 5'7 MAIDEJI' LARE, NBJrYOBH:. MOORE, JONES & MILLER, &T AOI.o:NTS ron Out. Ohewing and Smoking Tobaooo, tn,tn, t.lft ..,,._.,, Alulof Llib' od -II:"Woft,Lulp,'N.t, ad lloD Tobaeeo, 1Jep""'l'hA1l 'WorD, .. N.Y." mmmra roucco. JIIDe 011&, l'loiiD llllld, Tbe Oolobratod 0114-GronalaW, TOUDI Amerlea I IIIOCII'O 'l'OLI.OQO. Turttlh, l!land"!'l, a....,. -I l!p&ololr. OaTUCIIIII, &D.d other Nooparell, LoDa l'o.a07 Smoklr lhdAIJioa, d4 lborUJid lfo. 1, 'lobeeool. sttJ!'P llooo '-. eq-, 0114 -Tera UberaL GootlT e< eculed. )8;81 TOBAOcttTfJi ... SJIUFl. 5F'The pardeular att.mtlon o f &he'l'rade ls caUed totbe "Garibaldi SIIIOidllf Ta-," 8lld St. Otner-Rappee-Sau...'! BA. VAN A. SEGARS, IB B0m:1r .&l!ID DUTY PA.Ib. Pearl &treat, A])ll Itllllllll pr SliQ4llllliA!IUfAOTIJ'IISI TO OBDEB. liT .... BROTHERS, nrPon'lftS :&.e au.Jftn'J..O'f'U'aW:IS or I .o-D WROU$.U.E Dlt.UDS lJI' CITY OF NEW-YORK Seed-Leaf Tobacco Inspection. W A.R.EHOUSES, Inspeoted or Sampled. Certificates given for every case, and delivered ease by cue, as to number of cerUlieale. Storage and Labor tile loweat rate.. N. "B.-I M!Ho.,. it& X,.,_,, .--... F. C. LINDE, InOJpeoto LEAl=' TOBACCO, WAR.EHOOSEMAN. 269 Pearl-street, NEW-YORK. 14-10 Ollloa, 711 GrtnwiOII GABBERT & -BROTHER, .,. GEOR"OE WICKE, SJQAB BOIES, J--{SuperiDr Jll\ke & Prime Quality;'> NO. 157 l30WERY; I O:r CEDA.H WOOD, No. Q6 WiHettstreet, JIEWY0.%1- Jri. KOOBE'S CELEBRA!ED KILLIOJWfiCK &: GARDIALDI SKOJmfG !OBACCOI. DEALERS IN Ol7ANOI! .AND :JIIM'll.lllllli No. 147 Main St., Lynohburg, Va. All orders for Leaf, Smoklllg, or M'aaafa.c:tcHcl Tobl.ccg proroP'I:J &tteacled to. 82-GI RICH MONO ADVERTISEMENTS. R. H. DIBRELL, IJruhat i'or the Sale and Pureb1te ot Llil&F 41 II'IA.lli"UF ACTU.milll TOBA.OOO, Eotal>llalleo:l lilt. Warehou1111, tor. 8tll & IIUJ ., 82 84 Ricmr:Oim, VA. K. MA.RTilf & 00., (Ppnnerl7 N. H.'I'I'X. SOli .t Co.,) E stabllohod 1846. 'l' 0 B A C C 0 Wtrtum For \he Sale :md Purcha.!te or Lear Tob1cco. Shockoe Wareho11ae, Bichmead, Va. ,R.ecelve the flliest. teleetioDI &om the c.!2P.!. of


li /. V & WILLIAMS, 4 t'lfJl :SilhJnond, va., Gf<.:NERAL !lntlundlll, '"-8loQI Ql' llAlnJF.AimiUJI .AliD L1ID' TOliACOO. ........... Jlllt.J, 1!1 PD T wco BROKI18"8 .. Ctl.ilsiut ...... ..,.. .. idibtJ ... r iJu't, lit., &ohmond, Va. .,...., an _..Loot """-oo ... lllltidOD AU.CPd to VI' ......... the Int-ernal lleveBue Tax on llanufaetured 'rBACCO 138 West st, -CINCINN-ATI, ork. VII tiHI, MURRAY & 80., Ttbaooo :Rot. 8'1 1: 88 8. Waterreet, 198 bacco Pactors, .&liD GJ:N&R.AL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Jra. 188 Jr. .. t., cor. Greu-ot., .. aDWARD B. BOOTH, :16 l'rOBTB SIWO!'ID-IIT., St. Louis, 1\!fo. Leaf Nih:JDEOi:BR MANUFAO:rtffii!RS Oit ALL KINDS 01! BRIGHT WORK Obewina Tobacoo, lrO. '1'1 NO,RTH UV1E1 Jl!l', LOVIS, lUet., AND JI'O. 82 W ATER.-STBEET, L. D 111 0; W N-.., 8' "8 C,l'. '1----. M1.aua, G Na1J'HOD&. MY H;RA.N"DS. =II, -,;q Cal, Fi .. c..t Chewng. 1 Gut ....... .. .. .... Lc..... Mound City Tobacco Works. D. CATLIN. MJ.NOFACTVllR OF At.L ()P Fine-Cut; Chewing, Tobacco;Killickinick, etc., No. 168 Ne:rtlt Second Sireet., 113 ST. LOUIS, HO 8. .!. GU.MTII.Llr. 0 J'.HA.TCIT. ADVERTISEMENTS. l'. 0, BOX GOO, LOUISVlLIJ>, DN'J'Up&Yr Gomlll8rcial and Produce Broker. attioalioa pold. to dlilJig orders tbt CO, LI!AF or llANUF AOTUKBD 'F-D WK. a.. ..fNO. L. 8Jk1a. CLOVER & dd., -BOONE TOBACCO WAREHOUSE, Between Ninth and Tenth, LOUISV1LL11, KT J. ,G. SPALDING 4:,BM., 11-UitTJ'A.C'I'UUD OJ' ALt. JttN'J)!t Oil' Chewing Tobacco, NO. 109 MAttKET-ST.r Between Flnt and Brook Street., LOUISVILLE, KY. D. 8P.1LDIN0 1 ,tR., &. SPA.U>1NO. W. D. D.rEPALDING & SONS, J. S. Tobacco Mmufacturer, Jiles, 121 & 129 Tltlrd s t., oot. Dlain i Klu, LOUISVILLE, KY. -:o: BRANDS: !n ett's Nav y.lbL"lldtlbs. O:IJ:;e's NUv,r, ttlld -fliJs. Loag l(la.rt;t,.,I:C,128. WIUet.C:s I l _Oti. Wll li:!U.'s 0 oz. 2AO ijrfclJlJk 1 uonlng 1 4s. Willett' s D1'H:>e 1 t, 6or..1h.ths. .....--.-FRANCKE & ELLER, i;cuamiDion. tffi.erdi .Thnis, lllaln-ot,, bet. Bnllltt & Fllllo, LO'IJIS'VILLE, KY ........................ Parf.lGuliir a l t.entlou. r ald tfl the 1,111 cba,;e o ( Leaf end l't..cftll'('tl Tobacco. An kinds of and S.ranlsh robnr"bO& <:Qn. TENTH STS:, (OI I>o()S!l'f: 'I'OB.\CCO WAKL"1l(llfSJ.;) Lindsvflfr, Ky PM. t1cn lnr ntt .. nlln '" 11,,.. l'utchase :tnt! S : ll!l m f,p'"'" 17-99 EDMUNDS & BROWDER, FALLS CITY I obacco Factory, l't11o tttl a. tao, Tlltnl., Lolllsvllle, &.j, -:o:U 8 B R .AJtJ) at.ACit '1'08A0008. II>& I Er.imUDdt & Browder'scholce NaTT Jbs. Montauk Nav.y1 tii.s. I '% Jbs ,o( lbs O&tlliiile\ .. 16'8 a ad 11'1 "lba. Pmlii


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