The Tobacco Leaf Journal - Organ of the Tobacco Trade

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The Tobacco Leaf Journal - Organ of the Tobacco Trade

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The Tobacco Leaf Journal - Organ of the Tobacco Trade
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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v. : ill. ; 36 cm.


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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CoXJR1Jil(J.l'I'WD rrom our rea4en, c.,.."'nh<eau ot tobaeco uw.. or Y181PII on toplee of to &lie w.cJe. ndlu &be crop1 and JDaZ'1mU, ......._ el eaJ.. tu ............. -of -... -- r, 'J I' GOLD VALU,IIS Oll' PORBIG!I' COINS Qreat Br1taln-' ;..., ........ .--. --will .. 1111_ .. pound ,. 11 lhlilfng -O.,t.,t 1w.lcoJOe. ld PfiDDJ:, t 0 00,0()) J ll'ranee-l!'r. tranc 018,6 lc. eenpme ....... 0 00,1(8) Organ of tile Tobacco Trade of the United States. -etc..... p 1JL Iorin or gullder .-.. let. cent .......... .... J 'l OOO,fc Larges-t. 8peoia1 Trade ,Paper in. "the Bnmon-lrth. rlx th.aler. $ ',. 0 78J> v tart. gNte, llamb"''l:, LubeC, Ote PUBLISHED WEEKLY. r I { l!y Xall, .. rDJU, Ill ADV.llrm, l!r Cadlor, S:l.60. 1m. mare bl&D.eo .. .. .. 0.815,0 0011,1 Blllalo Coploo, 8 Ofttl. IICb. ICbelllng .. 1 .. l Poamex k.Uogramme equals 1 .. NEW-YORK, WEDNESDAY, 6, 1866. Who1e No .67. lbt. ; a pftmd. equala 1.< lbt. a Bam.bWJ' pfa.Dd equall 1 06198 ibt. av0lrdupo11. 51. L It 4 Co ,81 W"a.lrml .U.U;r A Oo., fl Walnut: '" BUIINIE8&: DIBcWIHi 01' TilE iiiG .. t' 0''!:1 l.T 1 IIBWYO&&. Wo loatoht Power & Oo. :J 1I!P0a,"JU{ .lliD DULJ:i.S Besuden, ITeney" & Dro 1161,163, nod 100 Peul Main I t:uen. Wm., 82 Second. lr..btDJae&., P......-.&" 0.., 'liS Water 0111. .., n Ellis .t DW'lew H Hale l WU... .... tfH lkld 286 J-1_. lfirNt Frank, 0 and 'L. M 4 Oo.,4 5 East 4\. Male._ Jllhut ... :Jioo.qomery A., l'li-..... l bo Wat roor'b Ark&borJh & .,._, _._. ST Broad Maddox Bro&.hers A: Oo 21 P earl Buaael, 8oa 6: 0.., 8l Broad Kallay, Rlchard, 1.22 Weat Seond Newburgh&: Scholl, 21 WaJnut D. ii Oo:rts Pearl. SchoU k 01teo, 11 Maln. Beorlmo. B. AD, tii: SQenee Brothers&: Co, 'l'\'td, ...._..41l.&Co.,l22J'roat, T &:lbo,89Race. Berlapr, L. & Cio.,l48 Wa&er ( 'LJ\RKSVILLE, VA., BondJ', BnKben I 8ch'W'Inkoltt, U3 WU.. Jd:OIS, R. H I;,!L8.,1B...._8lfp D.t.N'V.ILLE, VA. 0o, 8T ...-.r. Pemberton, J H Brlea A Carrere ll!JoaA 1r1Dlul D.& TTON, O. od, 1(, 1 0o 1 212 Pelrl. Iloglen &:: Er.glne lkllkM:r I MOMe, 1'' D OIT, MICH, BluuJ ,I Doi'Wil&aer1 Ul-Ne-dn 1: MlU., IHI and !14 Jelrerllon avenue O&blk:GI.,140W&ar. EA.8T H&.KTF'OR:Dt CONN.,A. B. I Co., 11 hoat o!. .,.....,., hute I Co., 88 aro.d. -6 .. 8iiS WMbl.D-LEAF TO.B'ACCO, :Qii'BPECTOR & 'W' Ol!'FICBI, 7b GBJIIENWICIIBTBEJ!\T. 1 PALMER & SCOVlttE, 8uoee110n ro P.l.LXE&" &.CO., om.m\.Yoti\.0\\. ,, .llfD JOBB&al OJ' LEAF TOBACCO, r l\lo.l70 '(Valertt., New-York. L. PJ.LIIU. v ; &.. 'J( SCOTIU.&. Oonneotiout Seed-leaf Wra.pper or our own Cl1 packing' A. H. & CO., lfo. 169 Fton t A ll. CI.Boozo, l I f NEW-YORK. 1 BONDY BROS.&, SCHWARZKOPF I ftn'iuiar ... Ale or othOJ HEALD & .... mfettbantJI! Sl'EITCE& BROTHERS, e/tndan4 .&XD DtiLDif N IIA V A AliTD l>OJq!lBTIC L EAF TOBACCO, r 1 113 W8'jer-8Creet, Jlf. Y. (J6..-fO) oau. -so.rrr: MJcHJ.&LBo1'fDT. L.OPOLDSctnrua::o" I, I t .J DEALERS IN TOBACCO, SEGARS. I ,, I TOBACCO e, .. I Co 41 Broad o 98 Sycamore llead, 80 i"roo\ h. & hpPn. 1'11 Pearl ..,...r I w d .l.xcbanre place 1 .., 19 Bro,.more SHIPPING FURS, JOSIAH CARPENTER, TOBACCO AtJD 'Vu\b, l'ti Water ....W.. Oo.,l)'euoore. .ao ... -, .L 8. A Qo., 11J3 Wat" Front, S yca.wore ......._, M. & ll..i 85ll&ide ne co:, n ::!::\':Ci. ::= nuam. 8. 17 ore. tu"'.:l.r w..ce A Oo.:Jt fT Broad ....... &. I roo )"1ooat., Stcamore a..Boo.268rearl ... A ........... JIINd 'IOD.Ul001 W.ll&BOOIHtS a.ltb. W. '8: &BOD1 'lt L. I R., 51 Seutb !'rout ap..c. ..... 'JD :a.r,1ctm L&P.e .BoiiiiD ,A:, JOONort.b Water liplllptO,.I!:J 0o, 68utlq8llp ....... lleOulllicNl iOo, 81 Horlb Water -........ -. ..... -:;:;r-::Sat;;.. ve....wn,r.,taWa4er. lut,l. o.-:Oo.,ll!f.,.Waler. v-n.u:-'"w.... -.-Q..,ur.-ftlnl Vlpdas8eJmov,18i-Md liN Pearl $o. ?'S ..ftaiden .S&r.ne1 T SPENOEIJ, l r :JJew-i(ork. furms ;;OTHEBS ao., .eommisaioa BercbaU. f 49-l.Ol 48 II NEWYORK. Commission Merchant, I< 323 W.aahington-atreet, New-York. Uberal eub. advances made on cona1rnme.U M-10& JULIAN Commission ALLEN, :Merchant, I.!ID DU.LIUI. Ill I.LL o r: I'Oll TliJI BALE 01' leaf and Manufactured Tobacco 112 WATERSTREE;l', .. NEWYORK. Wa&Mr,.Oharl WhiR, U 8oalb Wllllam.. *'0\,_K.lf: Mb and ObMDat.. W .... Qraoe&Oo.,.S8road, 1fodfllwvd.t:0o.,4J8'Jiarket. WI B4COll', j I W I T JOSE.PH HOY tl CO., Commission llerchant&, No, 126 Pearl-street, NEWYORK. o A'RllOLL,-B:o'Y & 09., r No. 36' Pe:rdiU.Oo-t:ltreet, 8/l-81 NEWoORL'E'ANS .' CLEMENT AD, .tMD D.I.LER JN I j I '< VIRGINIA AND LEAF .-not over three &nd a hal( inches in length co'mpaniively drive& out of the m&rket and on cigars made with ttruted heads, th; For the interests of tM Tevenue and of the market value of which, exclusive of the tu, 18 not over $6 per thousand, & tax ot. $2 per producer, the manufactUrer and the consu thousand. mer, I will urge the first amendment pro "On cheroots and cigars lmo'"' as short posed by my colleague, (Mr. Schenck.) sixes, and cigars made with paaled heads, I "'m aware that a reduction from thu'ly' the market value or which, tu: included, is m not over $12 per thoW!&lld, and on all cig cents, the rate now fixed by law, to arettes ahd cigars, the market value of which twenty cents, as proposed by the bill, is an exclusive of the tax, is over $6 and not ove:. improvement, but the rate proposed by my $12 per thousand, tu: of $4 per thouM.nd. colleague of ten cents per _pound ts dectdedly "On all cgarettes, cheroots, .and icus the market value of which, exclusive of preferable. This is absolutely necessary 1f tu:, is over sa and not orer S20 per thou we would permit the use of western tobacco rand, a tu: of $10 Jl01' thdusand. in the state, cut and dry for "On J.ll c:gu,ttes,' cheroola, and cigan, the smoking 'market valu' of of the lu But the pmeht Jaw, so fnr a; t to is over $20 and net over $40 per tho'!8&Dd, tax of 120 per thousand. ... common is destructive to ihe "On all cigarettes, and cheroots, the production of Western tobacco. Under the market >'Alue ot wl11cb, u:clu.siYe or the tu: present law the lllx p"er cent as paid by is over $40 per thousand, a tu: I>! M() pe; '"' thou s and." three dtstinct xinds of tobaccos, 1s as fol The tobacco raised 10 Obici and other West.; lows allowing twenty pounds of tobacco for ern States generally kuown 'a.s ,, se8(t.leaf'' b one .. thousand cign.ra. twenty pounds t .. T G. H.r MERCER, ':' ll.! ,. H u F, AC'T u REo T O a A c o o '1 LICORICE, CUM, etc., vana, at $1M, equals $31, wh1ch, at $10 u sed m&ID!y !or smoking tobacco (cot and tar: is equal to thirty t hrec per cent; A dry) and common Clganl. It is not employed twentypounds lit twenty-two '' in the manufacture of chewmg tob&cco or and a ba!f' cents, equals $4 50: which, at $10 fine cgars, which are mada from tb,e more t expensive Havana and Connecticut tobacco. 18 eqtt.:l to two hundred and twenty per ; Tobacco and Gene:ra.l Th cent. ; twenty pounds New-York, Pennsyl e present law was .not only Oppro!lsvebut vaJ!Ia, and Ohio; ot J 1even cents, equals THE ffiGI!UA TOBAOOO WAREHOUSE. and destructive to the grQwth aild $2.20, which, 'at $10 tax, ts .equal to li r .. --manufacture or Western tobl!leoo-. Ttie reah d d d -An:v jJ J I II ..., F"BrlO!l ).; Y, 76 Water-street, N. Y. J. 8': W KINS tl CO., son of this ts presented in a -aml>lo aad un re an 'TY PJ'f cen!; r I object to tlie prCSOll,l lllw foil' as 1t (::ommission 'M'erchants, resolution or the Goberai Asselnoly of OJiio, rel&tes to western toballco, rbecause-.111. opted February 18th, 1866, as follows: 1 1. t s unjust Jn principfe Western EM ORAWFORD&co r/ 58 FRONT-S"J:REE .T,N.Y., "Wherll,byenaclmentlo!theCoogre. tobaceoiswothfJ' '-to 1 1 t J 0 f [ -of the Jast "'""'iOD, tho excise upon cigars is 1 rom SlX 0 J'VOn COD S pee Tobacoo suitable for the West Indiee, Muieo1 and Oe.n &n.l Amer1ea, &llf&J'I 9n hand B!S-80 TO B A ceo For' aale of ll/[...,ufactllted Tobacco. Ievie<\ at the unilonn rate or $10 per thouwhile Ponnecticut]ls worlh : twcnly 11 .. uro 1 i B .. '-2 .. rnvnr'OK .1os p !fuo11pso s&nd; and whereas this rule compels Ohio two. To requiwthe S&me tax tm a11 alike 18.... u ;J AI' '"W.u.;,.,.; .... """h ,. .. t". K .,._ ;;I seed leaf-worth m the market ten cents per a discrimination ,hst ,th low: vricM &r ...... .. ......... Rr.mELBERG & uo.; Kound-to pay. tax of four hulldied and ticle. ,, I 121 &. 123 FRONT cTREET r r NEWYQRK, fly per cenl ad 11alrmnn, while Coonect-2. It b > :.:; ft c. 00 AND 0 lCUt tobaooo-the market pnce of Which 18' as QJ!OI'&.-P, '' II}W,:,T.ffilK, 1 F.[, BRAUNS & CO., twentycentsperpoqnd-paysoolytwohun lheprolluctof> WII!tenrtobacco au t.lnd! or Leaf Tobacco tor BAL'I'IKORE, dred and twenty per cent, im The Ohio aisociatioh, before referred ro, in ,, T, b (I .l ported Ha'Tat per their I BRAMI;I A I .r 1 L & 'co. 0 acco llOIDrnission Merchants, "Tbe !or whmh we 3,. PE RLSTRI!I!T, ,,ILloorlco Pane, dir.,.imjlorl .. product of Ohio ,and ;w:es!ern States thi!"< tbe law clearly responstble relates to 1 .., t n them, nr w Ut,ltatdll, and @:ottou 4ador, least able to pay, and touches but lightly the and Wlth liED, SMOKING, AND LBAF branch 'Of industry. The report or the Com-inJUStice or the present law by levymg a tax --uo 1 ) r ,; t q-: u I mlSsJoner of Statistics of Ohlo J for the yeu of four dollars per thousand on aU cigars -. ... 100 JJL_ II JrolJI'Wlll.Tll o tlnva, iii -1--........ ---..... ........ ouer,P]) .t:eo',saM&I(\eq-L&n.. :M:gra.,.,l; &Co, A1ste I T 0 B A c c 0 ,. !) 126, New-YoTlt, PROVIDENCE. H. I. Jt' ...., ... li&;-.w .... ,, ..... "', Commission Merchants, ... = -ceo, Gj;;. =:,:;:,:J::;-:,.;,;:;:;. v_.. a as r::; .... ..., I 1,')ro. 151' waterot -Carleton, Foute & 11;...,, .,.w., .. ......... ,...,... ,..__ COMMISSION MERCHANTS," J mttttltaUtll, ., \JU Now, let us be< the effect No, m Peulotreet, ;J. :B: QOLT,. 1 .COMMISSION }IERCJIANT.S kra..;/: Cig!arsl mthade,teofl GoNe. r. A., a.._, 188 ud 186 Duane. Bell A lleed, Governor...tred. Qoo4wta,W.1f..,Oo,mu mwotor 128 WATER..STREET, u.n fl Barel-Dibrell, R. H Glb"n &WalkiM /"/H?\\M0'M'""'IO)R70 lii:l'li!W"''I!@ID!:S:A ", .,,..,., """co WI cos e"' an n ..., ars per ou-I 66 Pearl.,*reet, NewYotk; =' -d ro .,.. ..,., Noblo, .. .,...,,,. sand and wtll pay a tax of four dollars per Preble, l,lt4102t DOMESTIC & FOREIGN LEAF TOBACCO, Gi Liberal euh ad--vance& made on conalgamentl or Leal llM'&OOnl. A..lta Peul Hardgrove, Thos J W U 'tviN.lA. '!.! 1: Oo., n WAkr. Wm. i; Co, 9 Old..Up. I( Barveyt WiUiAmt -r;l! rl VETrTERL.:.IN r &. co., 111 ARCH-STREET, PHILADELPHIA. Lanacu.cbo 0.,148 Water. Pearl, A tOo IallDer L. tl WlUiam Re&d1 N 0, 4 Comm ercial Block Ierbl, Ad.; 86 Bowery. WUJon,.N M o. a.. ao4 ttl W..W.po'L .BO(lHESTER, N. Y. LortU&rd, P ll..lhnd wu Ohambert Bagget' & Kimball, 44 M.a.!n II'.J.IpiD, D. ii-.. Oo., '1'3.17, and 1t .l._"fttloe D 8T .. LO'IJIS, :M,. lllekl.o., A. B. a Bona, 11(1 Wa.&et. a o Attat.ln, 'Will. L, Broker 11-, .John G L 188 Pearl ..J Oanrell, 0 U G2 O live &1'\Ll &3 Ponrth Jlo. 1 hlk.1 .Harlblg .. llp, OaUln, D, teS North Se<:ond NIIQdeeker A: Brei., tt"'Watei 4 '" Obih111 .Ba8sett. &:: Oo., 89 NortJ1 Beeonrl PurdJ, r H.I-Oo.1_J._!) aad ti 7ulloD Dameron Brothers & Oo, JG6 North Sec ono;l aa., AieL 1 0o, w. &ad 208 l'ultou. bieteriehl, L A. 4; Bro1, 83 Nol1JI. 1.'hlrd. 8uaf,ael, tal Dortllltter1 C. .t R k. Oo2 120 North Bobtld.-1. }oeeph, Me aod :!48 Canal. hlk k More\11 M North Meond l:ie)unb& cl&ima, Ul Pe&rJ. Yriedman.Jlll & Oo, S5 North Seoond. Bmytb., (lau. P'._,IM BotrerJ J E., 33 North Second "" lobll.l Bea.Ter J T &--Co l:i'OUYe Walter 1 Oppenheicer.d.f3 Bo-,err IJcrett & Dausmau, h Second Wb*UD & W1fl'ellee. wo Pearl. Halle!_, Y.d.ward r 1M-North Main. DIPO&'J'OS .J.IfD DK.U.KRS. OM.e, Hormann & Oo 106 Third. ........,, liS l'ront. Roddy, "a.mtt,l08 IS'ol'ttt hco'nd. llamuel, Jl M 100 North DeMauer, W,liiS Walotr Schroeder & D'anung, ISO Ndrth :Ualn Junk, &,ll8l WWr. Tlemt.yer, J. 0 ,10 SOuth Seoond. u .. ... l408dar BONDED 'WA.REJI:OUSE: (l'ltST DISTIUU'1'. A S T E IN ,. J Merchant, 197 Duane-street, HI}WT.ffillt, "'' l Commission J 1 If! ID IJr' llu eonat.anUy on eoMtgnment a J.aree qll&DM.'7 a Lal.otn. &. S,. 181 PMrL l.ecJ,eraiiiA llrol 113 Water Ltcb 84. ad MJI" Bow.-y, B & D BENRIMO Connnctlcnt,StateandObJqSeedUTo J)aeco, whte!r wfU be aold ln quaht.1t.Les t.o auUpurchuert., JobD a CO 91 GreeQti\ob )(addu Bro&hen. 1U :Jronl llaroal, S1Bwt!J'7. I H., lt Cedar Kertal, I W t 'll IrMa. .. w .... :a-wald, &. i lf:i. .. ,.,.. Obatlea, .Peul ., Mraa1 .ko\herl & Oo 1f WlWaat. .,... Q.bu. J/ 1 18'-Prold., JIWilJJ.:A9'1'1l'RD8 9' I',In&, I'TC. Bol.ka .., t, 51' Haldem larae. Deawtlt. 'WIIJ.IMa .. Oo., t8 nil .. ltl Pearl 0 tl ';. I M h r +ct Oipr mm)lfaoL--nrera partioulal'ly favored. ommJSSIOn erc anl.IDJ j Jr." I I .......... ....... ',. DE FORD, THA,YER & 00.,"' LEAF .TOBACCO; Cbmw.isSionMerchants? 124 WaterBtreet, BmnliMO, D.imZL ll:oi'IUXO. 0:2-108 J.Im DULBS Ill Minilfoctured and Leaf Tobacco, -8egere, I 1 tte., -&::c., 44 WATER-STREET,,t Now-York,t andJfauuractured 'to!->focco 61-108 .._ t.l.lrJK)K 1 .1. Bllm.," w t -.r n Hlgbland, worth from seven cents por NEWYOBK. Lawrence, ..i68,612 1 y v > .A.\tiec, 888,870 will pay as much tAx as Connecllcut worth I) I SLn.LtVAN&DRO, r Si'EII:D,SUM1tJRRS&C0,40Ca--odelclo',New 'o,l'"bnl& < I Cinc1nnau, 0.) -I T NeW York SPUD, DONAHO k co' 4'Uradi;ou at. ..-.-.. nt:208 twenty-two. The tax wtll fa1L pn the pro' r r 1 STOCKAfD & CO, 8 s Oom.merce st 1 Mobile 1he\lllrd OOtJITC*loU&I dliiricti nJJed u 19120t d .. nSULTIY,A, 'i,.URPHY & "0., rReterenee: Duncan, Sherman .tOo, ocer ma.mly, f o r it will roqutre nearly the To RS New-York, L B 0o, Bankers, New-York, !J'ot.alln State, --' 8l,m828 same labor to ma.nufa.cture cO:nmon cigars o( D \.)\[}' Nat.lonal:Bu'k, St; LOul!, Mo llon. Thoa.lH. 1 c I l 4lfD 'r { man, Clnclftnatl, Ohio t Boa. Speed, AUorneJ Gen 'h There are & number or other tbat Western toba.c'co .as the finer of Con 1ft! l cJI a'I .ft. I f ( er&J, U $, iWaihlngton; Hon H A 'Risley, TreasnTy De produce amounfi. { J j fhbacco T bis 1unequal tax. will l!tflltrll OmutlliSUll\; O!f!trtllan l!, .. J Smith 8-, .Esq Loobnllo; b' f ;1 I { 01i c .. r."-'-..o ... 00, & Loul M-to One of the most intelligent men of. my eni.b lc E,-.stern manufuctures to sell the iner 1 -i .... 1 1 !;' JI&no M & E SALOMON district, who tully undoratanr!S 'thi 01prs so ,nearly the prtcc of those of '" lT 0 o 1 l T W t tobl th { W t NEW writesm1e r es ern acco !'-, comm onc1ga ,rspf est. ... Rol> I .OUO. 1 "Your own d1strict loses money to the ern ibbaeco Will be driven from the 1 B.ecei:yert K&en'Co1mty'and ot.Mer Choice Cut ..._ A"Xn r.noa,.1R8' 0,. amount ot tlJjff year Oy this single or produced only to be COWfumed \.; \ r H S enactment, while Obio, ludiana, 1llinoia, and faetured, or cut and dry, or at ru-''----: -;-:;--;:.=::,-...:;rn:-;,-.,--,.:..-.:a y a l,'lo e g a r s tJIChtgan, all States that grow low-priced to of I 'n ..... G 'ro'"T s ''H:MI:T' & oo LEAF TOBACCO, bacco lose millions of dollars G. us an lDOUS ra\"s. Will gentleman tell me 7 l..- ad.val "tu""<.;.;<"w "'Ut'd "','w B s T p tROD U C B, the low prlcea tobaooo of the West(now or against Western or low-pricoo tobacco 1 Or \!!!., ...... "'' .. .u eluded I by the prod! of New-EDgl&od ana wby should commor: pay much tax '39 PEARL and w No. 85llatdon-laue.lfew-York...'1 the Sooth{whtch .had f' COJll.mon inter:as-the fanCy" Or the Clg&f!l 'hn-, 1 -Ew YORK # est) will come into market. r No,nt 1srottinll't.. ., 1 1 .. .n ULOliiO. fi ..., I ed b d 1 .. Th Jtavf on band, and are conttanuy ftom !l'O"'s in our elds and tobacco houses. 1 ,. COS r lD a w;rapper 1 J 11f' e J t era, oo con.atgnment,large quant.itle1 of 1 1 u More than thi s, the Govemment; by tills amendment proposed 6y my colleague.-. Will, i7f CPQ. AND' 'Ti.TE. TOBACCO TAX Ill CONGRESS, change, will g<>t more r&Venuo, be\\. .u:tt rX:rb:iT08 or I [ '-t consumed!n [P H r ,I. c thr d." Still fi' 1 t 1 oy th)S btl! there is large hst of One effect of th Ia baa beeil t"" ....... '0'1 ncr c.,.. .. rcsvec y ""'\m' IU.t t-1 t' 1 ,. ,... -e len, forty 1 dollars per thousand -"'-"' K-Q ar xc es en Ire y exempt from tn.xatiou. This r 1 f W J ..,. t .. n.a'! amqunts o estern tobacco have been uSe4 ttrese Iasf 'Cl8ases beiijlg generally manufac 't ll!O m WII\ give saJisf!ictlon to the, for smoking in the leaf unmauufacturedt In t J JO J ; 1 { j r 11 !RKENBURGH & ,:BRYAN, 35 and 37 Broad 'st., f'rlllda. lCU. lfMer. \ \ Qomts, ' & Co 1 itt & 81 South Wllllam. Qnmd, II: US harl a.A.,o1 Plaa ,._ria. IL )(, 91 foarl 1 .1 1 LIOOBiO POlfDD DULDS. GWord:,lherm&n 1: Inriii,J:20 wunam lV.anr 6 ....,, II PiaU. 'I''IJOi Uado, 4/: rt-) I %(}JI.l.O ftAI. Oolhrl A Qo.. til....._ ftorDe a Pbl()U'd, 'f1 1VMer JUitrU.OTUADB DJ' CIOJ.R BOXU. JUMh. B.. iJO Del&aoo. --. 0 kaUeDbtr*, I. 1!._'1126 Goerlr. JUJfUA.Oft'Uil or toucoo rm-J'On.. eroou, .J. 1 .. 11 Oo.. as AU(tl'lOJIUIS OI' TOI.I.CC01 ftO. NtDaon & JiUcbola.lll TOBJ.C('II;CUTI'lBQ lUCBJ .... Bht,erholr P. W., 61 Cedar. JIJ.Taft IKG.O. IU.CBilll: Barber, L 1!., ift Broad I'OBJ.OCO 'L&BI:LI BatCh. Oo ,111-Broa.,.., ,. BALTDioaa. -I!)I..UIOO 'W;UDODPS) 1 ..... 1loloOola. "'-Qor. .,,. w.A..&00.888oau.. -.m.J. B &Oo,nBaaover. ... ".,. L. Oo .11 ObeapWe. a.u1e1 D. & Co. 87 Boa.Ul Gar. ...._ & Oo..lil W ..-. }rfleilllolll1ll8o)aULOhrlq, .. r. e.mMr, L. w., .. "-bard. .......................... .....-u.J.CI'V'UU, ao.. ..._. 41 BroL, NI.oabud. ,., Jl,IMW'Pra'* '&eldl. .lfonlt Olwlee. .... -&.W.-6_10_ .,_., w-.. ..._A Bro., 11.1 w-. Pr.u. 6 o, tt Loa\ bUd. ., L -I. I ...... -aied in &nV package bydran : 1 1 1 man o ,, .... ......_. '"' 1 UO export. 5 _._;J to U-11 1 ., ; c'"AHv B R .. OTHERS, j J."t ... f h I Alri'i Aew:M'ftl roB .,.. I.U.-.B o ,. J No. 31 Broad-street, n c I ln 0 ''}. "'' II MINtJfAnTIIRfO TOBACCO j I"' OlllilllSSlO'l tlrobants' Have iJwaYII on haa.T'a!iige ... rtmentot'ManQ <"'-S6J ,', ''''' u u llu:t.,cd To,...eo. '" .. lf'or nle on Uberal tenDa. "'-Llbcral cub. m&fle Oll f I .fND tlii'ORDRS .-.1-.ND DE-'.LI:!LS I!( .ALL J: INDS OJ' -:!.B .. 1EA.F TOBACCO, OommJSSion Merchant, a;<9 S J MwATER..sf m.YoRK ., ... I ...,_ ') J ./. ., ( GEJNERAL -.. AU ""'"' "" ;, ,', hrAVID O'l,QiiLt & co. or Commission Merchants, LIIIP' "11o.'I7SP"..arJ.ot,..t, v .. f r--11 11;1 1 ... 1 '(.'1 u--tl-5 ;) 4 _NEVTO.K. ,. R0.1 ,01 WAUIWITR_ E .ET, .,d. (dF h l '-'---l.nof.----;==--+---'-C" 1). tt n \t r-..-u.. JIQJn'O:a, uo J IUvarn. .. f'WOO 0 .. .,,, "''+ .v "\\';".Vt J. E. DE SAJTOI,,.,. :,' 19 Maiden lane, Tobacio, & .Cotton Factors .. .... .r 1 lt 0" .,., ro .... ,. qfitnmiSsiDn lfttrtltanfs, HAVANA AND lARA ., A F ..... 1 'lr f Ylr' h .Small Fillers and Wrappers,_ "*A$. B. FALLENSTEDf '&.'SON, Jl W ll lttll '. j, :TOBACCO' .,. "'1. a 6 FOR SALE, ,.. .. t J AND GUBIU.L 1 I. NO. 30 CEDARBTREBT; 930JS;D OR DU';I'Y PAID c f. 11f h I ';., ,, I lUCfC ants; .l""'koii>OOio1000b&!ooQnhi'M, "-" ROBERT E, KELLY & 00,, > 17Q )VATBR.ST., N. ,DetJen and manu:r.cturers are Ja:vli,td ta exuilne. .AIIIO, .Agenta ror _Wll :BltANDT'S SONS -.1: 00) Loadon 'l'hle Tobacco is len\ io me oa: coDilgoJhent, and wtll bo l 34 BEAVER-STREET. Liberal &llvanoes made oa-oonslpmen\8 to t.liem ofTobac--tbld at prtoe. whlch del'f DG-110 1 eo, Ootl.on, and ...Sl JAMES L. OVERTON, ... H. MESSENGER & CO., !ll1CCESllOR TO J'AJIES HUNTER & CO., Commission & Tobacco' MERCHANT, IHl 17' J'BONTgl',. NlllWXOBB;. D. H. BALDWIN & CO.; FOREI8N':'"'""'D8M .. Es";;TaalCC8, Ootton and Tobacco Factors, ., r. AND 1"' General Commission Merchants, l'l'f PBARL-STBEET, Jl:f!. --l!llrTOU. 161 a 163 JU.IDEIILAIIE, II. Y, ftOI.aK....-oa, .... ...,.. 61 Broadstreet, corner Beaver, sa -90 XEWYORK. W. H. FREY, D U.D llD (l()lUUSBlO &PCilUT nl 'Z' (l[.igars, tit.,, No. 189 PEAitL STREET' (UP STAI.IlS,) 1.. llalden Lane and Cedar .,St., New-York. & reeeh-ed, a. large quanUty o r Pemaylyanla J.ed -""""' TANNAHILL) MoiL WAINE & Co,) GENERKii' I. Commission Fo:r the Sale oC Proauce AND PUROBAD Ol' M!ROHA.NDISE GENERALLY. No, 79 Front-street. NEW-YORX. -.1: Tl.ll'l'I'&BILL, of Va. lt:(l}LW.lllR I CJo., of PttenburJ', Va. ALLACE & '00., lJ Q < eoamissioD Merclwau, No. 47 Broad Street, 'NEWYORK ---VJGELIUS & SEYMOUR, TOBACCO :#mmi!lllillu 182 and 184 PEARL-STREET, WILLUll VTOI:UUS. } QaA 111. T '81:n001ll 4.6-9B Jtw-iork. TOBACCO COMPRESSED IN BALES, roa mx lciican, West-India, Central American, AIJo, ropOdy filler, and Connecticut r rl DOI!STIOliliAJ !ND IANIJJACTURED .Alll{lng the -se &re ploughs, cultm. conumcd, thus alfotditig no revenue. to the lth'cleeaanmdendfo. J!dl G5--W 162 1iewYork. ":Jf' t )'li 1 -fra. 1 db tte 1 t ..,.. .-w P ,, arrgws,' wan aycu ts, Pan ers, Government. An a4-ooa/oorem thtil bill wtll mtroduceo tfi' the Government would otherwise denTe from d b d th 'cultu 1 t f( d C .rHJ M h 1 t f \.1- w I "' h d di d an emptsone oagn I'&lmeress ere a,n fl, our r venue system, d csu:c to l potnt out t at source, \>OBl .. ten qg, IU a groat e f th w t hi h li Uld t b d I ed l w I.!ID cu1os or t ,. bnefly SO\Ilc"' cban'ges m the btU "b1cb, tit gree, :, IDJUre the of the manufac. 0 e es w c 8 0 e es roy 0., l.u > -'t .h b d turera. 1 by taxation,. but rather encouraged. Silk 1S f fTI b d S eeems o c ma e. 1 }f J .. J-,, ea ac.,o1 an I egars, The law 'n force levies a tax--" And the effect of the Jaw has been well a m=, and can l>ll.! ""' higher than llo. isowater-at.,andtri7Bowery, "Oil 11 1 h ts d _Jtt described by the memorial or an Ohio Toordinary'&rticles which enter into daily con n a,. c eroo an c 1gare es, B 1 .. U ds 1.. ld NEW .. YORK. w:Jtoll,Y. of tobaao, or of a.ny foll!JfS-:"" y ; ms l emera s, B RIEN & CARRER therefor $10 per thouE\Ilnd ctgars. 'In add.itiOIJ.. to 1 \liis unhappy, f"!\turo In prec1ous '"'lnes, and Jewelry are only taxed [ j J E,'d r c Ob. of all kmds. and tin' the prcseut !&W, cJw:age cent., While 1tiirea.d, 'fl' ... ,Jm 1!:. -t.. td hereuiprond was made m malung rthe smoking screws and many other s.rticles..larc taxed r 'J') .. m :'JIMther 1 te Th d :nt, b"' ''" ""' "' "On s'*okilig to)>acco made of' kinds tbirJ:y-five cents was placed.. ,,By tbilt f!V. t,S J.l'l1: dAy in smoking, By,1 th0<1present law .t h e taX on incomes lull ....__, 'U'' h t .... 'I run a macbme nor eut a Hossbeadtsmce, anU' .. ,u d und ft t omnnslnO.u 1. an s I On amokinl1 tobacco of a!l kinds, includ ar_e now mnch eaptlal of 1JJla, OV,"/j an "" 18 e per een I :" mPORTus I..!ID nuLD8 IN i1.1. nESCRinToxs 0,., f '1 ttig that made o_f stems or m apy part of that JNW out mcomes over $5000 the tax 1 1 L 1 i '!;, ,, 1.: and mutations thereof, a tax of twehty 1 of chewing By fTbe bill now bofore._us l evies olie eaf & '0 g&QCO, pountd, II mad f changes in the previous law, seed-leaf deuniform rate dn all incomes over $10110. 1 1 'td n or sma 1 e o c lined from eighteen and twenty cents to six t 1 th I I 212 Pearl-street; Ne\.. ; Inclosed: in a wrapper, .9r b!\'der,,.nd and eight, and Juga !rom elonn and tbirteeD. two obJt!ction& bl ts, would tax r Ordert rrom country will rneet !pedal attenUon. -not ij./er and a liplf m.., to six &nd seven, entailing lOJStB QD the dia-,mcoiD;es over $5000 greater than tli:ose o & J'r U----89 1.1 t. r, the market value or wh1cli (tax: lJ!Cluaed) IS tncts these styles grades. of less Blfm. 11;rlle dl8cntnlnation is founded on npt ,oy_er f $8 per tho."sand, a tax\ of $2 per severs! million dollar& Jlome deman<\ the greater capacjty of the we<hy to pay I UN GGER l & WMQLhLH1EIMJ J J, a'lfd 'and qn any tq e&p)tal. The OIIlDIISSIOII are an dod), and. on nt;d mgars'kno\"n as turned over ,to tho t-t a! .s, FOREION AND DOMESTIO .u""" 1 1 ,,. ._. d t.rilll or manufacturing, so enhance tbe sernco and bas no equ neeu Or mcome ex -1... .,.,,. ..... J L .. .._ ... LEA :I" TO BAC. \.iQ b 'msertmg i u u lh'ereof' jlrovistpn_;u 1 price to the consumer that the loaf m tts un 1 : ll y p manufactured state will be largely conrume

'rHE TOBACCO LEAF. 1n the form of property or neomes ihan upon the sou ceo of the meabs by wli ch wealth Hence t has a wys been unw se cast onerous burdens on usefUl labor or dustry m &ny form upon the mecban producer the art san and the Iabore tax upon tbe mplements or products useful labor d scourages nduslry and mpa rs the product on of wen th The necess ties >f o. nat on may be such as to reqUll'e a. resort to tues of this descr pt on o a l m ted extent, but "hen h s m y-be so they be lened w h great discnro nat on The e S a class of products wh ch may under these or other c cumstances, be p operly taxed and somet mes heavily taxed Mere articles of expens ve luxury or ndul gence, from wl ch Eoglo.nd der ves t}J.o 806 "" Manvfactur d -A no ceable he market tbe w.eek was the at auct on by Mess s Nc lson & N h ols, of about 2200 bxs old-stock V rgm a pounds a.nd teos The qua y or tho tobacco WllS w th --a very few except dec ded y poor be ng made up of lo s brou0ht toget e r f om 1 -Il'emnisllown membe s of the trade and comp;s og s ock wh ch could not be sold sat sfac o y at p va c sn e W th such a Jot of part of her revenue may be appropnate Jlub Jcts of taxation. lh s bi.ll has kepi these pnnc pies n v ew and though by no means perfect t s a great mprovement upon !Jle Jaw as t stands &nd w t the mod ft'cllt ohs wb cb time and expenence may suggi.St, w U contribute much to Wlpe ott an mense na onal debt ent;>jled upon us by treason rebellion and tn.1tor,s the r a ders and abettors As be people annually make the r contribul ons of national taxes lof them xemember that tra tors p.nd the rallies .... bardly to be expected tbatceven P' N fhols tact .,ould ... dered them pccessa y and l et them at tn .. r'"''"u poll see to t bat they shall no more j>e trusted w tb poij cal power I Withdraw my amendment to the amend ment The ques on be ng taken on the amend ment offe ed by Mr Schenck to str ke out twenty cents on smok mg tobacco and nserl ten cents no quorum vo ed Tellers WlfC ordered and the Chairman appo ntcd Mess s Schenck and Ancona. The comm ttce d v ded and the tellers reported Y""'l 48 nays 40 So the amendment was agreed to Mn MYBBSI offer an come n after &11 these pa.rn0ro.phs lJ The CJIA.mHAN -The e s but one pa tL graph unde cons dern.t on at tb s time MR. MYEllS -Then I offer t t9 tba move to strike out the paragraph and nsert n 1 eu thereof what 1 send to th.e desk The Cieri<; read he i\oll>.Wii That on and after the Jst 1866 m I eu of the dut es on tobacco and c gars oral ac s to pro de mocrn'&I port the Go e nment, the produce or bacco produced and upon wh ch collected a tax upon the sa:Jd tobacca ufac u ed and su
  • 1;a thereon and be lev ed as pro VIded for n th s act m the of cot Oljl that all tobacco of domeetic growlli sllal bonded n Government 'W'Im!houlies I shall be" e gbed and and on per,llllts giVen as n the case of cotton IAOJI be "1 moved from the d str ct n wh ch it hit."S been produced to any other d strict withoutpre payment of the tar duo tbcE&ll be allowance or drawback ..on a 1 tobacco n amount to the e ,PO t York fo" th end ng May'\19 h follow ng Hambur{/ lu $5001Yl 10 bales, 179 cs 466 t.ota $68 B bhds $5790 9'r i bales $36 2.3 h d"Jstems $88 L 10 cs c gars $8818 tot.'ll 114 08 ( L erpool-&2 bbds ;. $ :.100 Lrei11l'al>d ens-all more r J .. s fJulty-were Jlll!9 T8 d s po s ed of nd on Th"rsdy 65 we e qu tied T'w all faults, was at 4fd a Std and n cond ton 9 t d a lOd Tens brought 8!<1 a Od Tbe ma ket e oses w tb t ade quotations &t 7d a lld fo con:utfon lens and hal es fo med urn lld p lafd >S obtained goqd brings l4fd a 15d and flno i6jd a l. 7td of fine a omatics ha."Te got mto narrow com pass One parcel of 100 last week ea z d 2s 3dd and pr s t:ange f om Irs Sid to 2s 6d fo pounds and lialf J10nnds Fncy toOO. eo s are sea ce and reali2e 2s 6d a Ss 6d Fo Northern tw st we quote ltd W d e n 12d a 15d Southern accordlllg" to cond ton a 2s '1. g]!&ranteed .P"' eels 2il a(i a 2s 6d C gus, Yan I a, arc scn.tce l!jivllJlA shaPed, bnng 57s 6il. a 60s che oots are wanled at 65s. Ormonn, ]) 0 DE R fn L bebalf of the c gar man ufuc unng nterest of .the country t JS my duty o :nfo m you of tl e deep regret nnd profound as on shment oHbe cnt re trade at be ecep.t nc on o( l e Ifouse of Represen tat ves n Congress upon tl e n ernn revenue to tl s most n por ant b ae:h of c f W, W. RUSES PIOKED TOBACCO FACTOB.1'; Weks-street between WarreD ud Baldc iif:IMtl,llnekiJL H, W HUNT .t CO., 8elllnglfAgent8, 167 WateHt., l' Y aod 16 Oentral Wharf; Boltol1. ..1 Liberty Sailor' Fancy Ded.aace RearAtt..l al .&erlean lrfatlonal J CRAB ,.APPLEBY BRANDS Ploaeer Fruu fJakfl Moun& VerDOD OCean Moaareb La PruU 08\!ri,Da: Nou 81UlDT, south InternatloaaJ Ha.e Nectai'tae Sallor' Vholee Sweet Brier Btra Nc& Bo.e Bad Plantation Peabert.a Grea& Tile Baa,. Ol&I'OD Keca.JUor 11<).,12. ow" ann APPLEBY & HELME SUCCESSORS TO L APPLEBYS No OTd f a e ])ire to 11 ,. ll be e:r
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    T JOSEBH 'M. SICHEL, nffORTn.or H .. A.: r A .. UID W.Uh!!'J.OTUaU Cr ..) .,_ DOMES'PIC&EGARS, No. 1 CD ;t'ront1;U'ee1, -(tiT-92) New1York. m bfmfoi'"' 49 BRANOH: Newtlfdlje\o Jllo; .. tM Mempbb, Ten. A. H. & S'OlfS, Mm:x:m;soas ro NO. l't 8 i 66-91 IS HAYA it .COD liJJiU' 'Y flN2 OQMJ8TlQ aa_caaat 66-91 ttr Pear New-Y.ork. C r<;t.A, R S, NO. 171 'New York. OUR FINECQ"r 1:1ftW\iiOJ SUNNYSIDE,-., HEAR.T'S' D LIGHT, t NATIONAL. THO .. MAS HOYT & CO., NeWYork. HOYT, FLAGG &:: CO ., Lm:a""ille:, ltJ. F LAGG & .CO., Suc:c.eiiOfl ttl HOYT, BARBOUR & CO., 107 and 1 og Second St., t.QUISVILLI!, Y., o/ the follqw j o r celebrated briruh el FINE. CuT CHEWiNG ToBACCO SUNNYSIDE, .i. t SWEET OWEN, .' ROSE-BUD. KrtLicKINicK. S.roKr-T BACCOI, Golden E a gle, Cabinet, Grand. Mogul, HOYT, FLAGG k CO L o uinllle, THOMAS: HOYT & C0.1 lqew Yo,rk. i JOHN G; MOSES, I or, CIGARS, r (CORNER GEJ)A-R,) .... J.Jm"" tf:fa..r 1 .... '""\' .. I ,f!" P"'f P;I.PES, THE TOB.AdOO LEAF. LI-QORIOE P A.STE & G .. TOBAOO(r & sautr DIUr TobacCo manufacturerS and tbe \ raae in general are panicularly requested to examine and test tbe snperiOI' proJ!6rtieo of tbio LIOOBICR; :which; blllDg now br\))lgbt to tbe P.erfection, is offerOcl uDdet ltlle abl):ve' .t.g( bl'&ll1l. W e are aloo fOr tbe ,o:> 1 ..,. ,.. rl, v G .. -, '' t A ckuo:wre, r6, 8 & 20 CHAMB E s ST, .. For full particulars, address c nufacturer'a Ageneies: B. A. VAN SCHAICK 503 Clieatl}ut 1 A. :R. XITc:JELL, 24 BroaStftEET, NEW-YORK P. S.-A 'f"" I genlno Xilllotlnlok r ... r I a: Tob&coo l o r ale cheap. -I 63--75 W& HIRSCHHORN &. CL I E":C!nARs, 1;111) N4lJIII[ Le.E :Ro ', 8 -0LD'BLil'. 1>8-78 v JJBWYOBJt, Moors.chanm& Briarwood PIP.ES. 5't AlDEN LAKE, ..... M. & CO.; IUJftrl'Ull'UB.DS 0{ rur1 a UD .DULUII IS fli.ouat.ctttL 177' nAIIL'STREET, Q 80-N -" XEWYORK.. .. p H&llata<*urer of '.1. i19 JOliN Sufoeuor to & BROTH S, 28 Allantto-st., Brooklyn, I I JUJiVJ'..&.
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    4 J. L. ADlt,ts, Plug and Twist ot the followillg SPONGE (JAKE. NATURE'$ "".,.,.. MORRIS & CHALFANT, "' Tobaooo & Cotton ( FACTORS J -. No. 30 Carondeletstreet, L&. DARJC. J. L. POUNDB AND IIALJ rvvuo.. CHAS: c. MENGEL & U ..l-., :rx:x 1'-' I MAGGIJ>' MITOHBLL WARTIIR OUNDB.J' (lHALLENGE lOa. I T:WJST, J MANUFACTURED AND LEAF I J. L. ADAMS'S N0.1. 1!3. }.1 416 BROOK.LYJI'.' 1>1-Tt B. M. BROWN, ManJ,Ofaoturer,31 M:a.guine at., l!fowOrleau. t' lf.w-'Y!u, t& [R-10 tr.Lovll,u.&ieoood.& LANE .& S SNUPP AND TOBA(l(lO, 803 CH'E8TNUTTREET, PHILADELPHIA. BOLE AGENT FOR CENTUBY CH:BJWING AND ROBE Bli:OXING TOBAOOO, On band, a larp lot. of Coonect.lcut 8eed-leat. m. D. DE.Al\T, 413 CHESTNUT-STREET I PHIUDELPHIA, MANUF ACTUIOOt OF FINE. A.ND Dl.ALER lN ALL KINDS Of l SEND FOR A PRICE LIST. tELLER, ANATHAN &: CO., 'J WSOUIIIA.LIIllutal U i .> TOBACCO .' 11-'1' NORTH Tlllli.D BTli.UT, Al-93 PBlt!.DILPHil. ARTRJ1t lJA.GlClf. .T.utefll. 11011). United St .. tes Bonded HAGEN, BOYD & Queen City' W'orks. l. BAMBERGER _C0.,-' I,JI'OOHU, M'llKI, SON l CO., 1tOCI!R8 .!ND 01' CHEwnra AKD IIIIOKII:e roucco, No. 113 Mai street. vA. RICHMOND ADVERTISEMENTS. R. H. DIBREI.I., IJmiat or ihe Slle aa4 ...._. ol LEAF & JLUiUF ACl'l'UlmD TOB.I.COO, Bo&ablldlo4 lSU. Oanal, between Thirteenth and Virginia W ALTEB X. :KD-TDI' EOO., (........,. !IT .... ,._ ..... -JBH, TOB.AOOO Shooltoe Warehoue, :Riohaoll4, Va. aeOeJ,,.. alwan a.o lllloUolli troa U. ol ,_.,...N___ -'tL'\RVEYS & WILLIAMS, \Jav & 13th Sta., Bioluncind, V a., GENIERAL liD AOD'TS NJ. a..u.K 01' IU:?" &CX!'""...U AKD LUJ .... .,., .. ,1 U&T.II" I*J, s.. ,_, .. 1nLioU.& 1 FINE GRADES VIRGINIA PLUG" l.'OBACCO, I between 26th and 28th, ;J ._.. ,!119HM9ND, VA. -LEAF. .. ------. H. WILKENS & co I.-.: N. M. .. i -. .. .... .,..,.... r .. -... OTT.E, tiORIIANN & CO., eigmmi!l!lili I bnmillg To 'B*Ao-o o, MERCHANT, :8ALTIIfiORE, JI:D., ... Dool,. .... ._., ... Ovlf' First NatiOIIal BaekA.ISth St.; .............. ot.U>IDdoot LEAF TO'BACCO S.uf, Pipel, llll's..D& N-. Putloalar Jl>!l>m or IMJ. '&' iltt....,fun llantM:SIP'ed iJ1 4 JoJ r 1 ace,....U,.' l 1 Imponenor ""' ST. LOVIW, BO. .... .... -... c; ..... ,.,., To'-, and_other OIU' prlaclpa! "''""' ,..._., ..... o, ''"' .... _, _. llrlllL uw-uauuu wu. 811anl Lear, t ln.1_Baaaaa 11J i CaTIIA4JIIt. t a..; -.,: --------:-.--:--.T---.... Smokers' Artiolea, --tat867,.JP -...-.-..... 111. ....... 'iiovBt AY:US ......... v l)epot With Lindholm llrethen & eo. IB w arehou88, o. & R. DORI1ITZEB & oo., -,_ Oourtlalldwtreet. New-York. Proprietors, .......,.... ..._ ,. TOBACCO & uu .L TOll" .r AO.TORS, olao ot:m.L. Witthaua'I,-JI'tonl For tho fnopHT B!'LTIMORE, MD. WAREHOUSE .....,.._or MEMPHIS 10BACCO Nos. 100,102, 104 West Front !!_'baD.IIIGgjl-. .. t,p E .AcKERMANN r ciNCINNATI, oHio. orouJ.coo, mw. U1JP11', PIPII, Jta.. ; .,.._.toOIW!,ENGELACO.,; MORRIS & h ..., ... ""'........ 'Propnetors. 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