The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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1 online resource (4 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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. .. e Largest Special Trade Paper in the -I Jt ury that the for the year ending the 30th of Jtme, 186'1, wast. 490,ooo,ooo, and he estimates the reve response to the announcement of a manufactureni ..,.. vention at Cleveland, which meets to-da.y. .. ....... expressed were harmonious, and the resol...,__ altAir approving of the objects contemplated in tbe ..U fur a. Convention, assert that the faith of. the oountry t. pledged to the payment of the national debt, aDd .............. t&M.t ... ... O.llljl ,..,._.,. .............. ......, ....................... O.lll .................... &0.,18 .daW .. 'Ms........ ............... oo,4 1h W., Son-. '111 .ftooa& IJttejlt .A.lmi...W, J. J., 110 Cedar. Ayres, SUI. 8cna & Co., 64 Wa&llr. Baker. B. C. 8oo .II; Co., l'i Pearl. BenriiJIG, B. & D. 124 Water. Bowne. R. S., 7 Burling slip. Blakemore, Parker k Oo., 181 Pearl Bramb81111 Co., 18 Old slip. :&?lkln & MOOft, 74 Front. "8uDII.CrVU:R OW TOBAOOO TlliI'OIL. Crooke, J. J 88 street. AUCTIOUJiU OP ofO ... CC01 ftC. BeWO, G. & _Co. 'I Old Slip. & Co., 67 Broad. Neil.on a NleboL!, 113 PearL Reed, G. B. & Co., 8i Cedar. TOIIApcG-CUT!IIIO IIACBIHIS. Borgfeldt & Deghu6e. 64 Cedar. TOBACCO LAIIUB. Hati!b 'Co., 111 Broadway. PATI:JC'l' TOBAOOCI ltNIV& Napanoch Axe and Iron Co., 69 1iiii'I'&J SNVPP AND TOBAOOO Leverett, J. S. &: Oo., 69 Jlurray. lrOBAOOO Bj,G >I .I.CBIIIB. Howe llaohln"'-Oe., AIIIO Broadway. TOaOCO PAPBR W.I.BEBOIJIIL Jeaaup 128 William. Toa .. qco BA&BBI& Briggs, A. 11'., M fjlip., sioii!IOIL ihco ... vu& .Munday,'N., 82 Vesey. Blaame1 W aterprooi Finlab, for Bilow C&l'dB. Harrif Finlllh.l 1 Cnvicted of uime on mony in that State. A State law provides t.Jrii&IOitD'-!!Iftl testimony shall not be aooept.ed j"lr or ..,.....iW fi,r Pl'. l fPtvil R.idla Act rovidea that -..-!i boru it 1 he Unitecl Bt.Mes shall be enti..:OO. to t of &11 laW'S, for the secwity of person and white men. Judge Miles deeides that t.he law ex:c Chinese testimony for or against white men a trials, is a law tor the security o.f the pel"MMJ of tr.. white. man, av.d that the negro is consequently under the Civil Rights Bill, to benefit of The. negro defendant was set at working C!f the State and Fedenl taws m this C&Jie 18 VCJY pecuhar. One colore4 ia not allowed to give : evidence .!'gaiust another man. In) this view of the Sambo is pegs abQve John and may, ere long, OQIIMIIII privileges thah the white man -biil' u.u:il. This is decidedly a.n age of But Y'e are to take the part of tl{e tgnorant, Chinaman, whom we regard as against than sinning, It is true he is regarded thing beneath contempt by many whites in but we know no goOd reason for such or, course, with his idolatry t'nd his be is a behind the least cultivated 'YWttl bo.t he lB, on the contrary, quiet apd most inclp$n In our opinion, the Californians wqyl4 do more. credit should tl:!ey seek to raise tbeU ;.,, ;illJ.IMI. neighbors in the seale of oivilizatign, P.y exwntli.ruarrot.iio.. them all the privileges practicable, than by oa,.iiJ.I.IRIWIIt out a11 a 2ocial pariah, and putting him under ,._,.. ..,_ unjustly-discrimipa.ting enactments. i THE dignity for which the l;lenate of the u na.LBtatellr) a1Wa.ys been as d1stinguishtldfrom than.e easy manners ofthe House of Representatives fadmg away befor the unbecoming cond.:ct of .eaoJ'tir men as and N ye. The Abyssinian reBehafi of the former we., consider altogether beneath. standard ot1 national propriety which should ever in intercourse with foreign govenune Whtle the Umted States h8fl doubtless mueb to' CJ0ii1.. plain of in the conduct of Great Britain during war, the introduction of such school-boy resdlutiixllti as Mr. (!)handler's will 'not contribute in the sligbtel$t t6ward reproof, or 'placing ourselves tbe high ground of mternational right. We glad to notice that the subject has already been introduced in the House of R e presentatives by Mr. Hooper, who ha.s offered a resolution to the effect that '"n the opinion of this House the amount of reve nue annually collected by taxation should not exceed $300,000,000; that the Committee on Ways and Means be instructed to report a bill so modifying internal tax ation as to reduce the revenue from internal taxes and tariff duties to. taoo,ooo,ooo; and that the Committee on AppropriAtions be instructed not to exceed that amount, including interest on the public debt, in the appropriations reported to the :Mr. Hooper h,as struck tl).e right chord, for which he deserves the gratitude of the nation. In his remarks in support of his resolution, he very says: "Tile first effective step to keep down the expenditures of the Government, and to secure un economical administra tion, is to the revenues to the sum required for that purpose, aud never was this more important than at this time, when the industrial interests of the country are oppressed almost beyond precedence by the con tinuance of those heavy burdens of taxation, which they cheerfully bore while the war rendered them necessary, but which the people now claim are no longer required.' It appears by report of the Secretary of the TreasToBAcco is the most hai-mless of all the narcotics and stimulants used by the human family, King James to the contrary notwithstanding. A brief glance at the various stimulants actu. ally in use will show this. Every nation has its peculiar narcotic. Siberia has its fungus; Turkey, India, and China have their opium; Persia, India., Turkey, and Africa, from Morocco down to the Cape of Good Hope, and even the Indians of Brazil, their Hemp and hashish ; India, China, and the Eastern Archipelago their beetle and beetle-pepper. The islands of the Pacific have their daily hava; Peru and Bolivia their eternal coca ; New Granada and the chains of the Himalaya their red thorny-apple; Asia, America, and the whole world, perhaps, patronize to bacco; the English and Germans have bops, and the Frenoh have lettuce. Over all these tobacco towers, for its votaries are estimated at 900,000,000 ; opium does not count more than 400,000,000 ; while hashish is indulged in by fuliy 300,000,000. Betel, which, in point of fact, is no more injurious than tobacco, is eaten by 100,000,000 people. Coca., the properties of which are but little known, is consumed by barely 10,000,000, while all the other stimulants together, in cluding tho Vomitoria of Florida, are used by about 25,000,000 of. the human race. These statistics havll been collated by a French medical writer, who is respon sible' for their correctnes11. A MEETING of iron and other manufacturem .inter ested in a remodeling of the Internal Revenue lawl!, was held in this city last week. The meeting was called in be really a just cause for censure, and a proplfr a nee for redress, Mr Chand.ler t-grns into the farc::e. If he has any unappropriated time and. ieefir deeply on the subje(t of British injustice country while agitated by a gigantic civil let him turn his attention to some practical such_ as Alabama claims, are not and m wbteh we have undoubtedly the right o;p oq' In this way he can properly vindicate

2 THE elaet by fne niWDerous te by o u r b eni r' -J'er& obliied to lea & som& of their anchors among the r.oophites of tho s unken reefs. TIIE stupidity of the old and now exploded cry that machinery takes the bread out of the month!! of-work ing people, is, iOr the thousandth time, emphatwally controverted by the statit!ltics of the boOt and ehoe trade in this country. Into this industry machinery was introduced several years since, and in 1860,123,029 persons produced seventy per cent. mote work than was accomplished ten p:eviom'!ly (in 18!50) by 100,866 perl!ons, with011t the atd of machinery-'-Or, in other word each person produeed fifty per cent, more with machinery than -without it l The same is true of other industries, though, perhaps, not to so gz:eat an e xtent. working people should therefore remember that by opposing the mtroduction of machinery, they are absolutely taking moooy out of their own pocketl!, although the finit effect seem opp086d; to this theory. ---------IT is ple!lsant to consider, all Europe is agog over n e wly-invented weaponll---that .jn our Springfield DIUB'ket 'We hav11 an "arm ;fully ;t&e equal of -any that have thu far been produqed abroad. ;For this assertion, we have no l e ss an than G en. Grant. In his Re port, he says: "It is confidently believed that no con verted breech-loader in this country, ()r in Europe, has been produced which is superior to the converted Springfield musket_," _and that "none equal to it iu serviceable qualitie s can be produced at less cost." Thus our .American gun is plaeed aliove the English Snider-Enfield, th'e Austrian Wende, the French Chasse pot, and thePruss'ian needle-gun. We trust, however, that it will be long before its superiority over these weapon is put to a practical test ; but then, to Pe prepared for defense, is to be almost entirely safe from attack. be this dllenima placed before the ConaidiiM. If it endorses Genet'&l Grant, it will be com-FRO}{ a Richmond excha,nge we lea).'ll that the lead'te alter the Radical Congteill!ional tlatfonn; coloreil men of that city are considering the pro...... W it insists on retaining tbe platform, 1t will be ptlety of Widing, at an early day, a mll88 meeting of to nominate some candidate who will stand. negroes, for the purpose of adopting resolutions peti but who, in conaeq_uerlce, will not have the tioning Congre811 for a repeal of the .tax on tobaccot .._....or a eho.noo of an elcctton. "If tile Convention ia forth the '!Vhich result fro m sqch lhaftfot't', it will turn a ,deaf ca-r to the suggeelegtslat10n. From tlie same authontY. we leam that tJt its Radical wing, and make a nomination tliere are thirty-three tobacco factories in Richmond -fiieh Will suit the great mass of the Republican, as it and Manchester, each ,of which, when in full operation, meet the viem of the great bOOy of the D&-pay11 about $500 a week to their employees, or an aggre-Grantia, that gate of ,500. Only one or twO. of elltafilishthe views of the moderate men of all parties, ments are now work, and these, it is understood, soon although the Hadicals of each extreme ate fond or claimpropose to close. 'rile action of the looks to a ing him as their own. So far as we can judge oft he future, resumption of operations on the part, of the closed fac8ttla\is morally certain the next :Preai tories .. Petersburg, Lynchburg, arid Danville also both the Democratic and 'Republican Conhave about fifteen factories each. While we sympa10MtiMB will io well if they recognize tliia fact in ad-thize with the negroes in their desire for emplopnent, ....,._ This popular preference for Gen. Grant is net we do not think that their action Will result m any 1IMei the conviction that he is the only man in the of the by and even though 1t eeailtry capable of holding the reins of government. but should, m our opllllon the mterestl! of the trade would l!tadauae he has been proved to be capable, honest, and only ?e by a t:esumption of operations now. reliable, and because the nation is weary of turncoat Good work cannot be turned out at th1s season of the poli&icius who are one thing before election and anothyear, alld to flood the market With such common goods i\. The country needs firmness and principle as would be manufactured now, would only cause a ia.hlbelidential chair quite as much as great e.xecu-deeline in Rriccs, and make it to find a sale for or mtcllectual ability ; .but above all, it a the really fine qualities now in the hands of agents. .-nwho, Gram. i11 the alave of no pArty, and who We .have already, in our regular market reports, given -feel, on .his induction into hia high office, that he is the views of dealers and brokers on this .aubject, and of the ent.U-e, U nion, and not of any section of we can only refer to them here. Apart from this phase itt ktAat. seciioli. east, west, north, or south. of the subject, however, we should think it would give 1 --our friends in this city pai!J. to reflect that even the Boll'r.W'ELL is incorrigible. Notwithstanding iui-Richmond negroes are getting before them in placing_ is really as dead as a door nail--or deader, their views before, and expressing their wishel! to, lie possible1-he is reported as asserting that he Congress. If the negroes can do thus much, t\le wealthy hopes of it.'' i'l'het.ll "hope11 ,'' the gentleman merchQnts of New York onght to dt> more, and take -._..lOB t.he thatl Prefli<\e:nt, now that steps to send a committee, composed of in telgivea him. a quaai.. endorsement, will llgent mep in the trade1 to WashingtoiL. And this not ....... me'81i so ontrageoas that that bodf '\'rill so much to of the tax, as to see -....-,.,.w $0 !pDIIi8h him. This is beiDg vindictive to it that in the general revision of th_ e tax-law which wUh a vengeance, and is a sentiment whi.cb we t,J:WJt is to take place, the tobacco it}terest is not has been wrongly attributed to the Representative from saddled with unnecessarily heavy burdens, and that lfac;mt!meetts. lf co.mtUtly it ohnly bebiterd antedd morThe equitable method of collecting what lengths party .... tterness w carry t ose t e taxe a en there is the deeply-important irhobadnlgc in it. Ta-wisb. thM our enemy may com subject of the prevention of frauds to be attended to. ai&Jallrime in ordel! Ulat WJIIDIIoY the pleasure of These afe vital topics for tobacco m,en, if th:Jy Ilia. 11det. mr it, may be natq for an highly neglect now to attend to them, it will be useless to iDe h d pol,itoicia.Jl, ):)u;. is scarcely eitber decorous, or spend their time hereafter in unavailing regrets. The fJh._.. :Bootwell might-ae well turn his atten whisky men are on the ground, and have already/taken \JO. eo oi.her topicl of interel!ltj oan.d endeavpr to make action. Th6y do not mean to be legislated for unheard. .,.. wefid retnm to t.he eountlj' for the compensation They are unwilling to take what ever Congress mav see 11ellbaWI from the uional tnlalniry. fit to give them, and to be thankful therefor. Unless "men are thns willing, they should take instant "WI:a tnst that 'tl! pn!fessiQns of econoste.\1"' .to be_ represented by at leas_t some one at the anulinoer e, will put an imDldiate and emphatic veto capt tal. Should only one hve go on, who Utj' .bill whic.hJooks to a loa -to Me xi, understands the wants Qf trade and could present ia DlOileY ur in the form utioD&l _While them in a fuvorable he might acOOJilplish incaltiaa..poplllar:tqmpnthy ma.y go with luarea m lns pre--. culablc good. Shall thlS be done? and other tnubleB, ent that sympathy of aid; it. waata. be -en act Mr. Richard White, agOO. one hundred and two, died iDjuatjce to our own Cleditorll.aad to oUJ')lelvJ!8, ai the residence of his son-in-law, Patrick Henry, at .J.. j ) Bean Hill, Norwich, Conn., oa a native of Ire land, had been in count years, and had aU hifllife lived w the old s to bed, etc." What gains h' -an obituamlbtiiGe the ToBACco LEA.F, ia the fact ftom the n of fifteen h e was an invetera moker, an unassailable monllJileltt to t influi .. llilill the weed. It is true some crazy fanatic mig\t argue that had he n e ver used tobacco, he might have lived to have seeri fiv e s c ore and a half; but we turn, de t: ear to such h brained BllJgest ui, ..an4-afe ed ith p.mphantly the this :fine did gentleman. If there are any niore like him above ground, AY lOBg W. a hundred-dollaJ: package .of J.oril\ard'll, to}lacc.o. Cen-tury" for t!he Cept_eparjans l RETRENCIIME:NT and eeormmy order, of the day at W asbingtOQ. hear be true, it bas act a ni soon From Senators, Repre n'ti s, andl igh f ficials holding the to.humbler but sca.rcely less -,ve find.:. k less disreg ard of e xpense and an int. entness on g etting as large a handful as possible out of the public purse, that would ha; e done honor to the mloat corrupt eras of the old Grecian and Roman republics. An instance on the authority of the W asbington .Republic(;ln 1s in point. That journ11l states that the new CollllJli8.. s ion e r of Agriculture-on tht; principle, we su.ppose, that a n e w broom swe epa clean-has abolished the of fice of Superintendent _of the Experinlental Farm, pl;wed the grounds the charge of the Superin tendent of the Propagating Garden. It .appcara that. th e re h a s been in charge of this nrodel institution the f9llowing official s:. A superintendent, sl).lal: Y *2,ooo'pe annum; a c}llef clerk at $1,800, and two deputies at $1,600 each. _-Four men wer e also employed as s upernum e ra.nes. Here tB a healthy amoUllt of official car e ; let us objects of &qch -solicitude. The liv e to an inventory 'the new Commt s stoner, consJ.Sted of four one goat, at}d sb:: English (!) rabbits!! I Doubtless the Superintend ent of the will be able to take proper care pf the l es)l animaliJ thus suddenly placed tmder his charge. Eig\tt officials to look afWr eleven.. animals, at a cost of 1QOO per not connting the of tbe _cfillorea s!lpernu!llcrarics, may be called-Without puttmg too fine a pomt 'upon it 1 steep." They ha'Ve eviftntly redueed the matter to a system at Washington, .and h&ve attained in their mode Qf fat sah-i(fi nom the p!Wlid treasury inimitable by vulgar h of CODUil41 thieves. .. 1 THE 'I'OB:ACOO DBDI'. Total hhds .. 62,958 63;8'io Exports this week: To London, jar brig 91 hhds. and 29 tcs. ; D8l' ship Ttmow. 910 -ltbda. To 'I)inidad, 352 lbs. EXPoRTS commencing, l867,and- Hit&: ""'".,, :rT&il JrW. BJ:eiDen. . . 21,520 Amste!ldam ..... 6,032 Rotterdam.. 22,010 Havre d. Dieppe. 5,Mt Borde$nx .. 2,,'16 Marseilles. . 2,*31 Eagland....... 370 1,116 RUIIlia. ....... .. A011tria .... Spl&in ......... Antwerp. ... West Iridies .. Other ports ... 630 llt 68 market continau of ransactiona 'J.ll remain We repAt 'VB, 90c*1 jQ; lmght sound, 80c@90 c.; bright IJOllllci, "lie@ SOc.; common sound, 60c@73c.; other qullli\iree ut of condition range from 35c@50c. ; black sweet sound, 62c@6'lc; and as to condition, down to W66tem: -ll's and 10's common to bestt common to best (dark), 60c@61Jo; ido.' dq: (bnght), 'l5c@90c; pounds, common to gocw'ly pounds, extra fine, 185c@90c. Navy: Pounds and half-pounds, IMPORTATIONS. 21 pkgs., J. P. Ji>leasants & Son; 18 Ji:. W. Warfield & Co. ; 12 hhds. Kentucky ,... T Co I BOSTOI, Dee, U&la, The market for both leaf and man"Qfa.oturecf f8J_J\on tinned extremely dull during the past wee llQ. sales of any consequence haft been made. are as follows: Black work, best, t-lh. 10's Mild' 'e., 65c@'l8c.; do. common, do. do., 60c@66c. do. do., 50c@60c ; bright wor:K, best, 86c.@fi, ,; d0: common, 55c@'75c. The receipts 9f the week have been 79 and 12 bls. Exported during the same 'Pet Afrtca, 45 hhds.; to Madras,_lOO cs.; to bl-. and 11 '1 hf bls. ; to the Provmces, 4 os. t:INt:JIIUTI, Dfle, lltla, Messrs. R. PxETLow & Co.; plug -ramt et., report: On; marhket for the past week has been 1 U .or t e season the breaks have heeD pnces good. All tobacco offered has been o( oM crop, little, if any, of the new having Receipts are fair, indicating that there is yet of the old crop in the bands of the growel'l! dealers. Sales for the week amount t() 305 anit 45 bxs. as follows : At Bodmann's 125 hhds. and 4ov1z. : 10/i hhds. 'Mason, Bracken, and Owen y;, leaf, lugs, and trash-10 at $4@84 30; 13 at t1 iflo; 9 at f6@*6 '15; 6 at 87; 12 at *8@ S 96 6 10 @M 30; 11 at $10@8110 30; 12 attn; 4 t1f; 'La' *13@.13 75; 1 at *14 75 s 4 at $15@ I& ... at t1625; 3 attl7; J at 8118; 2 at 1 at 825 50 ; 1 at 826 25. 20 hhds. West (black tobacco)-3 at $6@$6 90; 4 at 1 at 60; 1 at *10 50; 3 at n; 1 Jt 2 at t13 25 1 at 814 75; 3 at 16 25 1at n v 40 boxes 6hio seed leaf, at prices ran'ging tro 'nf io t2-i 50. At the Wheeler tobacco warehon c Phister 4 BI'Q. proprietors, 81 hhtls. and 6 bxs1 as follows: .

mote Hbera.i Sales for the past five dars have been 288 hh.Wl.. bl3 reje orw, follows.: day, nsonila 25 PJtds. h no reJectiOns; Thesday, 109 hbds., with 7 rejections; ednesdar, 48 hhds., with 14 rejections; Yesterday, '71 hhds., With 9 Ll'IVCJBBITR notice in our t;obaqoo Receipts have been week before, conseWe quote as interior, 3lc. to rclibw, none sellgOoi to fine, 10te. selling; do., comdo., working ---..::..:..:""'"" wrappers, 12c. to "Tliere wi 'be middle of January nexi, a heavy trade in A Ia.te number of the Lynchburg News says the breaks of tQba,.c at the wvehoues in city are now very large; and t\iat it has never known so much tobacco put upon the market at this sea on, it is occasiomng 101111 to the planters, the pnces ob tained now oeing far less than would be obtamed next spripg, whe the factories will be at work. The reason 'b}! flanterB for thus early disposing of their crops is the unpossibility of keeping them, on account of the rogues who the country _in every dir?c tion, and from whose mghtly no spec1es of property is safe. NEW tJli,'E!NS, lUll. e have to repeat our report of last week 1n regard to the market for leaf in almost every particular. There is hardlJ anything doing, but there exists nevertheless a fair demand, and prices continue to be very finn. The 01111 for the is the Iithtteil aMount of stock on sale, which affords no oppor tunity to buyers on i'oreign to fill orders of any colllidera.ble extent. But little of the new crov has been received as yet, and in the usual course of events, we can hardly expect much before the month of Februa.r The accounts from the interior respecting the llrop represent that there will not be more than LWK\..!Y'cll secured. aa was grown laat in the diatTicts north of it, put tW in Wal bet!BeO there wilf be full five-eightns to of a uaual crop, and that, as to quality, it will be very good, the. absence of :(rosts n that re ion havmg allowed the leaf to reach its full length., !'D to properly cure. The only sales we have to1nodcew : 1 hhd. medium leaf at 12c. lb., and a pf hhds at 111c. round. These latter were taken by a..manufilc, turer of chewing tobacco in the city. The buainell8 of manufacturing chewing tobacco in the city has been purned, in a. limited way, for some time, but latterly 1t hu increased very .aaterially. Our last quotations are Arrived smce the 3d inst. : 30 hhds. Cleared siDOO the 3d-inllt.: For New York, 9 hhds. Stook in hou8e8 _. cl on the 10th. inst., 911 b1l JN8PRCTION 011' 'FOBA.CCO. ......... Bee. The market duriug the past week has peen aotive, with very large otl'erings and small receipts.1 The large, of loose have a tendency to lower prices for that ki.Dd; but good shipping and manufacturing hogshead& sell at full prices. 1 We 1l fi'om to jt $2 00; fair to' leaY,-$8@tl2 > &e ceipt.s this week.. 4\l; receipts last tot reOtlfober 1, 1867, 842. PBIL'.J:D.ELPIU, Dee, It" Tb ln.irket for leaf during the past weeklut.s continued dull, any change in prioea, The tl'!ID8acttons have been: 20 hhds. lugs at 6fc. ; 23 cs. ConnectiCut seed at 10c.@50c., and '76 do. Penn. do., at M.@l2c. In VlrgiDia manufactured there has been more activity since our last, and prices have been well sllat.ain.ed. The trade are looking for an advance in all Virgillia manufactured tobacco, and the general is that the spring will find us with an extremely light stock on hand. Sales of 60 bxs. Virginia na es, 10'e, etc., at 60c.@74c. ; 70 'do. Virginia bright lb& at 75c.@ c. ; 16 common l:bs. at 25c.@30c.; 15,000 l:bs. Vir giniaotlllld&Wg, in bales, at 26c.@75c. The exports of the week have been: To Havana, 6,(l29 l:b. mfd.\_ .1,046 j_ to Cardenas, lb. mfd., $1,317 to St. .13g0 de uuba, 6,9 79 lb. mfa ,535. RICUIOND. fa., Dee. l,&l, K'eBBI'L M1L18 & RY..urr report : Break& and receipts continue very light, from the fact that the old stock is mostly exhausted. Thll'J'Jil s ao liWe oli tobacco offering it is diftl.cult to give In the enumeration given below the quotations for several deacriptions are almost purely nominal, there be ing little or none of the kinds of tobacco on the "market. This is especially true of briglht tobaccos, lugs, and leaf. 109 hhds, 16 tcs., and 40 bxs. offered and sold. The receipts of new tobacco have been for the past week, All offerings were taken at full and ad vanced r,'' NEW TOBACCOS. Luga and primings, very common, s; do., do., me dium to good, $4@t6 ; leaf, do. do., $6@.10; do., medium to good, stemming, $8@$16. OLD TOBACCOS. Tobaceo.--Lpgs-Common tu me dium dark working, 5o.@9c.; good do., 8c.@12a; BUlL cured; common, '7c.@12c.; do., good, 12c.@l8c.; coal cured, common, 9c.@l5c. ; do., brigl!t, 12c.@25c. ; do:, fancr, 20c@45c. Leaf-Common dark working, 7 c@9c.; medium do. do., 10c.@ 14c.; good do. do., ;J.5c.@1 '7c.; fine and wrapping, 18c.@2lc.; sun cured, 15c.'@25c.@ 32c. ; yellow wrappers, common, 20c.@35c. ; yellow wrappers, medium to extra, 40c.@ti@t2. f!f.ipping Very common and heavy 5c.@6ic.; medmm, 6c.@8c.; good, Leaf-English shipping, 18c.@22fc.; Continental ship ping, Steuiiinng .7bbacco.-Leaf-Common, 12c.@14c.; good, 15c.@l '7c.; fine, 18c.@20c.@23c. Ste!Dil-Very common to good, lc.@41

4 TE;E TOBACCO ltLEAF.l lfew York Commission Merchants. New York Commission Merchants. _. ....._ ___ ...n Merchants. VIRGINIA !DBAcco. DOHAN, CARROLL & 00 .. BULKLEY&: MOORE, ;: VIRGINIA ESTABL.lSHED IN 1836: MACY' s SO-NS, e .Q00 TobaccoOommiseionMerelwlte. 1 8 9 & 191 FRONT STREET. ....... .-.u a..._ 1lilited States h.temal Revenue Bonded Warehouse, ThirtyACENTS FUM THEISALI OP COMMISSION MERCHANTS, I second Gollection District. & eo., MERCHANTS A N D A G I!lft'S fOB TBJ: I!AL E OF MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, f41, WATERSTIIBBT, NEWYOBK, 1 Woald ..U the U&eDUoo of \he 1'radt \o U.t follow iDJ Ctlellra&e d Braado of Jr.'s El Dorado, J, Jewel of Ophir, Blf!earl'e Cream of ') Louis D Or, Wine Sap, Calleao, Colden Sear, .,_......Queen of "' Briton's Emblem, ts, c : W. Spicer, w .. R. Johnson & Co., Creaner Winne, T ... c. WIIJiams & co Ferpaon & (76-12 7) Diadem, VIrgin, Old Dixie, Peerless, John K. Childrey, J. B. Pace 4 Co., Harris 4 Pendleton, Crant 4 W iliams. McEnery & Bro William Long, Thomas & Oliver,. s. W. VenableJ'A Co., And others. VIRGINIA AND .NORTH. CABOLDIA Leaf and Manufa.ctuted :Eobacco. We offer 'o Trade the following Brandl, trom IOIDe of the OLDJST AND BEST MANUFACTURERS OF VIRGINIA.: Harmony, Temptation, Garibaldi, Jerry Whit. e Atlantic Cable, 1. K. Walker, Look and Buy, Dixie's Delight, G. W White, Old Dominion, Innocence, Paul Pittman, Old Virginia, Fanny Evans, C. Carter, IndepeDdence, :Frontier Elbert, S. :B. White, W. T. Stovall, Oceanica, Eureka, 1 ohn Bull, Golden Age, Cavalier Randolph, Magnetic Yoke, 1. P ,Tom Thumb and iune Apple, llcCorkle's Virginia and Gold Lea( Keen & Hankins' Virginia Crown, Gilliam's J. A. Patton, C. W. Spicer's May Apple, Fuller & Wilkerson's Gold Leaf. tro. 104 FRONT-STREET, B'EWYOaJt, TOBACCO: GRANT & WILLIAMS, BUSSELL & ROBiftSON, J G. DILL, J. IC. CHILDREY, L. H. FRAYSER & CO., TURPII & YARBROUGH, J. B. PACE & CO., THOBAS & GREANER & WINNIE, BARRATT'S CROWN, REUBEN RAGLAND, GILMAN & MALLORY, CHEIVES & OSBORNE, DAVIS & SON, DUKE OF ATHOL. qfiiN 1 VIRGINIA SMOKING TOBACCO AGENCY. BRAMHALL & CO., 18 Old-Slip, corner of Water-St., New-York. SOLE ACB.T8 FOR KIEHLBERG & CO., DWYOJUt, F. L. BRAUNS & CO. BAL'l'IIIO:ur, Tobacca CoDisDOI lriutt CLEMENT READ, !tltrctaa. t .&1111 Da.U.III Ql VIRGINIA AND WESTERIIII.EAF ...... MANUFAOTUIED TIIIIOI, LICORICE, CUM, eto., 6!!-tot Bo. 16 !'e6rl .. ueet, T. UNKART & 00., THOIIAS & OLIVER'S .. .!!!c:}la.nta, CUBRATHB YIRGlNIA 8BIMt SEED-LEAF TOBACCOS, 166 Fultcm Street, H FRIRDIIAN Jlayaaa ,Ill. Domestic CJigars, ehewta,, s ..... ,....., ; : ., PIPES, AND SMOKERS' .A.BTICLES. r ,. A ..... ..&It CO ColllllaDU, 011 band tile a-t ud moot celebr ated Brua of v.DlQINIA P1ag &Ill s-tblg ToMcoo. i& Wholeea.le Dealen iu all kinds of Leaf Tobacco and Cipr&, Hercb.a21ts ; ..-oiiTBIIII O:P AND DEALEBS IN .&.LL IWilll o r BO. 14t WATBB.-STI.EET, d.u ll.liDIINL .um, & -00., DBALERS IN ALL KINDS OF 1111 SlokiDI: Tobaccos, PETER 8. MAROH. WM. H. PRICt:. Apnla for the ool e of U.e r ollowiac Well-IJrn and celebrated Brands or VIB.GDrl4 TOBACCO, V,....._ &tate, Globe, Contin1111tal Metropolis, Etc., Etc. A!Jo, all l:lnd o f JOSEPH Commission Merchant, &Jm DUia Ill 91 "W' ater Street;, DHII. B. FILLENiniN IIDII, MAIWAmBEDT ... o. 81 w ater.fltreel DWYOJUl. 226 Front-atreet, T 0 B A C C 0 NEW YORK CommiSiion Berchants ...ttld 'R1i!'R .., I. C. BA SOI & 00., L. H. NEUDECKER co., CHA:&J.J28 c. IDDIGBL, TOBACCO PRESSERS. Commission Merchants, Tolluoo and Oot&on Faoton, lobauoonnnissien ltertfntnts, Leaf and Tobacco ,70 WATER .... Y. Commis. 810 D40 erchafttiL.. .. GLluro I 'l' P.a.CXJID 1 .. "'""'!f' .,., llo. f02 Watw Street. New York, .um No. 14R P_rt .. treet, 8H lmDortd Bas1 Bid 8DlolllrS1 Articles 80UIAGIIll't8J'oa CommissiOn erchant CHAS,r. TAG, YVJLJ.JAJilt PIIJE & 00., ...... o.-. lii:WYORK. PIDllOlth St .. Y A. OATMAN, TH. H. VETTERLEIN & SONS, 01TJIAlf & :amD, 128 Wate1-. S tt"ee t N'E-w "Yo:ax::. HA.VANA DOMESTIO VETTEBLEIN l CO., 111 Alt.CH-ITB.DT, PHILADELPHIA. POR B:IPOIIT NATHAN &; CO Londo,, nalancl, ADd Ill IJveJIIOOI, Brlaeol, & Brltllh W Oonelglllllent a :Becelved and Adv1111cee made. _.. I. B. COHEN' .lDOLfll ........ 0111BO aomrnjac81 0 n Merohan+ STROIIN & E1ZENSTBN, "' @lommil'l'fl11 .I.UIO DIW.Da Ill LIAF 1 tiAtCl. D 0 !f ... I 0 F. A. DBEYER1 Commission Merchant IDIIALJI .. TOBACO THAYER BROTHElS, TOBACCO AlfD GdEBAL 187 WATER-STREET, ::FORE%G:R TOBACCO, -_n __ w _. v __ CommiMion -... --A.;., lliWTOIIL ID.I'WUUUD F -1E_L_D-Jft_G,_ G W Y N N & C O .,_ ROBINSON I, HEARN, 44 ll9 Pearl Hanat-er Squ, NewY o rk, 172 W ATE::Q.-BTREET I. GWYNN & CO., New-York. Louisville, X:r J. H. BERGMANN & 00., Leaf SAMQ SON & CO., 166 Water-Sreet. Tobacco, B.ONDED W AkEHOUEnll, (l'lltl!'r DlftiUC'I" Tobacco a.nd Cotton actors _...,_ Geaeral GOIUiission Merc:llauts.. :Mannf'acturers of t h e C,om.m.\s.y.\.ol\. Celebrated Brand s of' TOBACCO, Seoteb, Germao., and Duteb OP IUC-OND. V.A..,) tiiO NEW-YORK. COMMISSI 0 N MERCHANTS A.. STEIN &; 00.,1 :....:-._ u=-9 --------.. :. Leaf ManUfactured Tobacco, 64 WATER-STREET NEW-YORK. ....-.NUFACT.URED TOBACCO, r...:C _, _of ,&he beat manafa e tared 1 n V i rg lala a nd Nonh Carollaa t -.&L!IO, SOL A.Ornn'll FOil TilE C EL EBBAl'ED &''Brown Dick Smokin g Tobacco r M a nufactu red by J o hn W. Carroll, o f L yDChb!'-rg, Vil'glaia. 'llaeiM'I t"o brand are. beyond a U daUt, cb a-& maaf'MIImed, ucl u nob w tLiuiee &be fA!IIa lit ... t'lalle. 108 c ,... chants WM. AGNEW & SONS, BOBiliiOl'l' lDWll'I'' B PUJm1)( 9 IBCB, OIDDUS810n ,. ao:rr l'UfiBIID, BlliGRT e..Pduia ....._ LEAFLDST,NO.lLL_...,B......_A:.CorCO Tobacco md CommissioD llercbmrls; nvY, -' al54. 2 j8 6 Front l!t1:z'.et. ..-. 197 Du .. ....___t, tr..ucl &"*t, J(tbe.l a.IJor 'a DeliRht, 1'1'&"1, No 47 ... s_'E...._ro--Peail, ,.... ... u-.. _...,.., "" ..,. _, 7ornt-mJiot,Kpoanda. J. :a. Xo!WiaoD'a 1'1'&"1, ............. .... .. e-Yor'L un OliiUU ....... -ON OJ' :lorililt I pounda. w -a., L:a=trFy,K lbe. _______ E W _Y_ O _R_K_ Olpr m&nufaot\U'era partiealarq t'&'VONd laf Tobaeco ror Export ,and Home Use. ... (K-148) DUBOIS, VANDER VOORT & LiJ. H JIESSEVGEB. .L CO U..XOWT-. 0 ,W ur, J NIWYo rk. Loalnhle, KJ. -..... ............ HEALD & MThLER, OTTINGER l BROTHER roa : FOREI8Ni,DOMESTICTOBACCO, T 0 B A C C 0 _. KBNTUCKY' Lea f and Manufacwred T ob rc1 L 1 0 1 0 E '.omaiin erdutai 'l'ohm lcrchants, 37 W ater 133 Water-Street, eoio:>erd:PiJ!O, J NEWYOBB.. 181 183 ll&IDElfLAllll, 1'1'. T, londed S2d Dlttrlot, .. -.. I ll0.118 WATER-ST -uv- M ; NE'W"-YORK ..... --au. ...... .A. .... ,...-Jlaftl eomtaut Jy on l1and an r t all ,.,."GC K .,,..,ky,_ f.r B:lponaad Uaone 12-i-19 CIAA 'I'" .1.1:1, Leaf Tobacco, Aloo,W,...,. ... .....,_.... ot SECARS, Bo. lit ......... J&&. E. M ORA WFORD & C O .. T O B A CCO ... l21 & 123 F R ONT-STR-EET iNW Y ffillt. A'e 9P Ali ldhda rd '-! ,..,,_ h aJIOJn W :rom UllJ:. o.


l:omlllission llarchants. New York Commission :Merchants: lVftW York Commission 11erchaat.: 5."Y. Commission Merchants. New York SLAUGHTER. co., ROBERT L. TLAND & co., Tobacco & Cotton Fae_tors TQ _.Q 11;3'al :ltrtgmds, NO. 40 AD-STREET, IH4t HW-THJE., T.!WNAmLL, .uciL W AilE & On., Gllll.'fli:BAL or e ..._ .l!ID PUKOII.\811: or IIII:I.OBAIIDI!!K &DDALLT. No. 130 Pearl-street ........ NliW-rOBJL lrloiJ.w=:.: .. of ,Ta. -.-Buauoo. B. & D. BENRIMO, LEAP 'I'OBAC08, 1H WATJIIB-!I'I'BlllllT, NEW-YORE, ........ &II kinds of LEAF TOBAOCO tor EXPORT ...... 1lllll. Gt-1118 L. E. AiiSliCK & CO., /J Pearl-.treet, Y., RCH.AN".rS ad lobatto. -.:... DE BRAEKELEER & FOOTE: Commission Merchants HAVANA. SEGARS, 'N._ .,. BEEKMAN-STR.EI!T, NfiWlK JOHM T. HAR'RIS & CO., T B A C 0 Oommiaion 1ferohanta, ) 80 JWL1:'1'JDDIT, lfliiWYOkx. Bellolot ...._ 'ftalrV-114 Dll&rW.. ... Jtt.Da. P. II. a.....:..., JO: H. .1.. bmn, Lll ......... ..ftl.,...,. --.-.} ....... -.. York. .. B ._ .. Hl PALIIER & SCOVILLE ..._.,n '" IDliTB, .P.I.l.JI&& 00., L ..... --... AP TOBACCO, No.l70 Wter-d., New-York. J. a c...-. 1i. OBEB. & CO., (1!__.,.,. to OBIB, NAIISON lr; ClO. J fllo. 43 Broad Street, NEW-YORK. Llber1U Aavancu !:lade 01! Consignments til o=h'es or in BIUOplo nJLGJltiA TOBACCO W81Ut8 -:L. HDHLBERGEI:, arir&arnnor Plug, 6 'Fal1oj !, General Co:mmlillOA llerChants, No. & E. SALOJIOll, lcu,;tn .... ....,_01' H Aiq> -GBNIDlAL MIDIOIIA!ft'S, :I Hanover BttAI44ag&, Hanover Square, New. YtYrk. Advances made on Conaignmenta to Messra. W. A. & G. Maxwell KCo., Liferpoo :IMPORTERS OF d A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF ;J8 11R.lPPERS AND' Fl LL LITY CONSTANTLY O.N HAND, IN BO"' WILLI.UI WICK ar 26 WilLETT S T .. NEW-Y.ORK Best Material a.nd Superior MahJ by and Patellted & SUCCESSORS TO APPLEBY'S --,AliD Alf'D 85.PIB'E NEW-YORK. Pen-'Rfl IAbor .,.,.,..._.., .,.. 4 wtronp6pu.,. in t !'hl!&t "''"'I& :uN tlte utMfod VJi.'l ,_.,,, oritO all -Jfragu. HENRY Id. MORltlo 99 Pe&r1-street, Now-'lork. COMMIJSION MERCHANT FOR THE SALE OF LEAF & MANUFAUTUltlD TOilACUO. CO'.l!TONt NAVAL STORES, Etc., Etc., Etc. IMPORTER AND SOLE AGENT IN THE U. S. FOR HIE "M. &. M." BRAND LIQUORidE PASTE. GUMS,JIEANS, OILS, HAVANA SUGARS, ETC., ETC. Certiftcatel oft ... MORRI "M. & M." BRAN9 wHI be shown from the man ufactU1'ers in Richmond, Lynchburg, Petersburg, Danville, Va, Brooklyn, St. IRBY, McDANIEL & CO.; Tabacco AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 140 G:RA. VIER STREET. NEW ORLEANS Louisville, Covington, Pittsburg, Canada, Auatralia, and California. nr"' L.IBJIIIlA.L OABH ADVANCES MADE ON CONSIGNMENTS. Orden :lOr Uae purchate 8 Cotton, Sopr, lllolaflliell, &e., 1101lclted MANUFACTURERS OF (!!;hewing, Jmoking lobattos, & Junffs, & !talers in lobateos & Fine Cut Chewins-m BulJ: :\t. Century, brlghfgoJd. en color ... ........ t1 20 Rose L af, medium bright ............ 1 00 C&vadlab., brown.. 1111 Comet, llgbt brown 85 Bee, brown......... 80 B blo JNir lb. Improv e d Shorts, COJD poeed of our beet chewlngs..... .. .. liO llr Alltheabovebrands In + bbls. 1 ct. per lb. ex tra, and in kego, 8 cts. per lb. extra. Fine Cut Chewing-!" Foil and Papers ,...,_. rv-century (1100 pack. Shorto, composed o cd I n this Brand onrbes&Cbewinge $5 00 dally) ............ $10 00 All of tbe above Brands { 1 00 in 16 oz. 8 oz., 4 oz., and Oavendleh.. . and 2 oz. papen, same pnceaa 6 00 Iii blllk. Cut Smolmls. Obit. I Bblo. !!' lb. P!_r Long smoldng ...... 1U 8ll St. Jlj!O ............. 1U 26 No. 1 .. .. .. 80 I Mild, No. 2.. .. .. .. ll6 :Mixed .. .. .. 26 Cnt Stemo.... .. .. 211 i bbls. 1 ct. per lb. extra, 8 cu. per lb. extra, 16 oz., 8 oz., 4 oz ., and 2 oz. papererednced to balk prices. Cranulated Smokins Bbl8., lb. Yacht Club, very Vin!lnia ................. ,I 85 Slerrtn. 11 medfnmtn.rong .......... l lla2dalen, u ., very mlld. ... . . . 1 00 Oid.Do':"nlon, .... .. .. .. .. so Pore Lear, .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 75 Jl)ae u ..... M star of the w eet, medlliDl .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 66 :Ba.reka, medium u ,. Tnberve oti'Ollg dark..... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 411 Wblte Pulf,llgbt and mild.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 40 T. IAIIt, II 0 ....... 0 0 85 OoldDaM, ........................ 80 pr All oftbe above Brands, In t bblo ., 1 ct. per lb. extra; In ...... a etl. """' uV.. In 5 lb Cloth BAles. with :Fancy J,abel, same aeln bulk. In 1 lb. and t !l c te. extra ...-onrJifl the tlaeot t eM ba Vr6e 16 thO best S&nu\atl;:-tobllteo ID tbe FANCY SMOKINC. Coroaet, Stronc,C. ....... ..... f7 llO "' "!!tu 6 2.:> 'Old Vlrglllla, ..................... :t '10 Tab&c ...... ...................... 110 Army.!....._._.,. U H , o o o o o" o o, o o, o,, 1 00 MUll_..,., ..................... a; .. .: 90 SNUFFS. SN UFFS-Contlnue.d. YellmD Snuff Scoteb Salt, old style .. .................... .. .. go Extra Scoteb, new article for dipping . go High T"""t Scotch (salt). .. ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 85 Fresb Scotch, for dipping. .. .. ... .. .. .. .. .. .. 90 Irib High Toast. or Lundytoot . . . . go All SnD11'o In half barrel and kege, 1 ct. per lb. extra. Fancy Bright Tobaccos, IN i BOXB8 AND CADDJBS Jonnle Reb, Rongb and Ready Twist ........ i bOxes Old Dominion u "" u H u H J. M. Covburton, u u u u u Cable Coll-ll'oll, 12iDCb Twlot ................ F. A Swaneon'a. fancy 11-lDch Twlat .. .. u Lnocioos Chew Twlot.... . . . . . caddies La Pinta Twist .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . .. .. .. .. Bottru. I!. 6-iiicii 'liars:::: All Anllfl'o, with the exception nf American Gentle-Thomas & Ollverlo Lady Fingers, .... man, Demigro, and Pore Vli'glnia, ID 1 aDd i lb. botlleo; Millie Fleur, 6-lncb bar ...................... poundB, $10 per doz.; balls, til per doz. Pocket Pieces, 8-lncb bl\r ................... .. American Gentle an, Demlgro, and Pore Virginia : Jllay apple pound, I'll per doz.; bait. $8 per doz. Otto Honnan & Co., Banana ... ............ .. pr"' A11 the Yellow Snuft'in cane, t5 per doz.; half R. D. Hall's Fig .. ................... .. cane, 18Jk'r dos.; quarter, fl per doz Paebl n, eon preeeed, 8-inch bar.. . . u \ Blflddw. Fruit and Flow rs, foil, In faacy paper ........ b oxes F:=;r..,caddles. Hlgb 1'.-Scolcb, Salt.. .. .. .. .. .. Ill 87 Freob Scotcb..... .. .. .. ..... .. .. .. .. .. .. uo w Dark Sweet Navy Half Pounds. ef Jara, t&et.. IS PAMOT CADDIES, WITH nm.urr Aim .APPBOPBU'l"'l Halt gallon, 20 cts.; one pllon, SO eta.; two pllona, 40 Standard, Own, ctll.; three pllono, 1111 eta.i roar l!llllODI, 1111 eta. Century, Old Neptune, PARTICULAR Non011.-Wben jan are ordered paek Arctic JbllDoon's, ed, the pacluge8 w111 be cbarged ext.ra. Otto, herman & eo PLUC TOBACCOS. liDIUd Hotlu, 4t11 Ooii:Hora DIIIHet, N. Y., No. 1 Rlu.DB 8Tallft. We are constantly reoolvl g tbe lln""t 8UN-Cuul> manufactured Tobacco and North Car. oUno, Pltta,lftllla, Jleck lenbnrg and B Counties, a., anil Caewell Co., N C., and other 1amou8 mann&cturing potnt.s; to wblcb tbe attention o r LARGE .um CJ.oeE BUYml8 Is resJ!O,, lllt l-sQI,, ... .. l-,aacl 1-4 lb.Pouebee. SEND FOR A CIRCULAR. We alao bel to C.U the attention of the TrAde to the v&rloua Branda of Vugl.nia and Weaten> Plua TobBCCOa, of which we have a l&rce atoelt co:oatant. J;r on hand. Bond and Dut;r paid. 90 WATI:R STREET, NEWYORK. "' Branch House at 406 Sansom Street, San Francisco, Cal. PATENT TEMPER TOBACCO-KNIVES, 01' EVEllY DIIIOI!nTION, :.t.D.lP'I'nl TO AJ L THE Dln'EiiES'T POWER AND HAND Joi'AOBINBB, lllADE BY I'APANOCH IB 00., C. S, BRIQNAM 1ft.._rer, NeP81iHh, N.Y. s men,NBidento.ol all.nlaeelt-. iiii_.,OI>, BECAVSIE-U 11 NOTmadeQPfrom Ulhu!il.IABLE Information obtained by IN1Wll'l...,. llORAN'l' persons BRIEFLESS LA WYERS, nor TED Rf&:COIIDI!. BIWAUSIE-It Is a RELIABLE INDEX or the Ollinion ot LlV EIDNENT bnslnee IDUoll In U.e boor -ow I wh....... a C&rd CI{I'gr(l an Lc hadb' lbnunted, r nnt m1UDI" a& a 1, find a n o favor. e:ed Ia rid of .ona at po..lble Olou-" r &my M.JIdeelre41. p-e ncf'l' ... tlntiltetl at abnrt notiCe, free 0 = ....-.u-.... oBCiaU onlotrt, ...... or omllll, PlftiJKI7 executed. .. coaeiJ' pulled &Bel cornc!.IT .&lJIO DIULDII Ill _J THE HARRIS FINISHING co., 35 Dey Stre.Jt, NewYorlr. LliAHNIJJlNUJACft!BIDftB!COJB. Ffot:h:: a' ------lW Water-Areost llew York. -w: I -., I 114-1411 Tobacco!


.tte. tH. H. VBTDBLBJr. 'I'BJIO. I. VIII'HIU.IIIN. Philadelphia, Pa., THE A. B. THEOBALD, KUIJI'.&O'l'U&D OP ALL aJIM o SEGA.R.Stt BPAJIBB: qD DO.IIli:BTIO Lear CheWilli Tobacco, 81111', .... and Brier Pipes, w. 'ftlrd ud Popl&r ... l'lliladtlplli& .... 1& TOBACCO E .A: :F' BALTTMOB.E AI1 VEHT SEME S ESTABLISHED IN --:o:-OHARLES D. DE FORD & 87 SOUTH G4 I ooo" cHANT& ... E. L WITTHAUS, I BALTIIOD, l Manufactured Tol5acco, No 207 RAcE-sTREET t D t d 1m rt' d s o:o; 1c an po e egars. sr Depll\ ,. a Wllkal aJeo. .. !Jialtlmore OOOISSION llmoldBg ro--. Warellouse. W' Consipers forward their stocks without. prepaying the f> &Lli'ALIIQ ll..t.liK, W 14. II. JOSEPH BBOOKII. ;r. :-.IN ALDO SANK & CO Merchants; tto.-31 N. water-st. A No. 30 N. Philadelphia. STATES BON'DED VT.A_REHOU'SE. J, IOLB .&GliNT J'OB K. C. ... M .ERIOAN I Mlc ':riDe-Cut Ohewiaaa 'ro'baoco, 4 ,.,...... :O...tio &net IDipoi'tecl Bepn, bd, Brlannocl ud Jleenellaua &114 lllllokera' Aril.clel of nery dcrlpUoa. e \YarehoiiSil, lint Collection PRJlnnia. WOODW A.KD & CO., Oolumission Wlter St. an41 No :48 North Delaware Awenue PHILADELPHIA., P A.. J}AL R.f B. F. PARtETT & CU., .,oot.r.:o-ALl!. or. .... u.H,. lr-. Leaf and Smoking SEGARS, PIPES, ETC., ...... v-Comminion Merchant. tor Sale ol Samt 92 LOMBARD&: 6 WATE.B.-ST., P4KLKTZ, 11 1 Baltimore, M.d ---E. & CO. G. H. BOLENIUS. Tobaooo ceo. & segars. Manufactured Tobacco and 1ftO. 202 W. PIIA!TST., wous .... omc:z, 11 Cl&ir .. t. 111 "'-:. Pl'ft811V1l0. BBCDB nos &EOBGE BLUJIENSCJIEill', '' ... OLDAU ......... ,. L;EAF TOBACCO, liffJC of all s E :as. SMOKJN. G AND CHEWING TGBACCO, 94 Lombard-!Jt:reet, (ne!U' PonohN; Snnfr-Boxea, etc., lllook ot Olla.ala;ro ""'hand. No Dftll'l'Sft., PITTliBURG, PA. JARriN. HEYL, ... ......... a-au, oallutl ollqe "*S7 ol Oo-..lo ,.,....,-, ..,.._ .. -.. JOSEPH SO.HROEDER, lobblr oad Leaf, Manufactured T 0 B .... AUTAUTUBJ:c c 0 CmQAfa; 81 EXCHANGE PLA.CE, 1 .' .. ... Tlaird "'-' .&ut of South St No. 333 LIBERTY-STREET, BdTIM.OBE. AX. G. .&:IL&AX, aun.aon.._,. .U. ...._ S 2Wr 0 1t N G 'htwing lobatto, AND SNUFF hnportera of an4 Dalen In Olpn, Pipet, Snutr-boxee, eto., NO. 28 B R R T------' L. W. GUNTHER, CE.EifAL Commission Merchant, .t.lloll TOIIA P,A (' a, I" o. HO Lotn haJ (OrtP. dear weet ot I BAL TI'llllOB.E, ][]), Uber&l tua.ile oo CtiDIII'...._ .. "' "'"""' "incinno.ti MARINE IN8UKAIIC &AUR8 Ill OHIO, :KD'l'UOKY, MISSOURI, & VIRGnnl tEAl TOB4CC08t No. 39 Race-street. :) 1 0. IIEWYORK BRANCH." KROHN, FiiSS & CO., r 'O# S A.RS AlTD TQBA1f111111U ...... Ali&JIIIporierut Meerschaum and Pipes, AN .. :lLL ..... I 53 WisT J'O'Uli.Tll &T&QI. CiD.oinnRti, Ol_>io. Le&f 'l'obacioct reMIYed on Oommluloo.. M B. II, 00 Pittsburg, Pa. "' ----------J. Richardson. G. w. Bishop. w. B. Haight. IOIUIBitAt. tOBACCO fOW Wheeler Tobacco W a.rehouse, ci, 'I' .ITT, I. W. TAYLOB, 11, 11. Jlelll..0 W.I.BZRO.,.., SO,l8l WEB'l' PHISTER A BRO., Proprietors, "I ,n rb t .urvn"'""'or J.RICHARP.SON.&CO,, .<I.IIOILI:.JI8 -FOBTIIIIIliiPIIC%IO.UDC"18810IWJior 'Iii ._......,. ...... 0 aces omllliasion rehaott, TAYLOR'S OELEJ!IRATED OOMMXSBI TOBACCO, aoor&Droa-or _., .. ..t.O----a.u.aow SPUNNROLL mranutatU.rtdD iobatto, JmolbtJ & iJQaua, u Weat rronw't., Oinchmatl, n F ae-nt t:bewlu; and Stkl'ar Manufaotured.LLeafTobacoo PLVG TOBAcco, ..-T"'D X t"'DV""(] .o, ur. CXGARS, PIPES, &o., Oig' d Leaf T ba d th u .. lu ....... tufahra.tao .. h...adinlotlltooul&bu,en. [lPI If &27 PUN-STREET, Pltt.abora. No. 4/f W.EIJX LOMB>tlBD IJXBEEX, &1'8 &D 0 0001 In 0 ll J eo It WlhN&., a; II J, DllaftnoaTt,, B k 1 Arti 1 (" oan-m Ill I(. L bOIUlf, Conllantl;r OQ haad a larp qoantllt or Leal 8moldag BAL TIM OlliE. M.D. mo era c ea. R!CUIID JULUT, ........ JI.U.UT. Plug Tol.----, & OigarB,' JNO. '1'. ".&.1'1'! 11 r.>baeco, ud llopn. Manufactntel'!l can forward their Tobaooo in Bond with ------------_ I.HitUUU .UllWI:li l..uas .... c. a. = .. N rmark 2lbvtdisemtnts. ... ... o,.::'liJIPUUI the Govprn:::;:: wxu:-. QJIO. UIICIIOJ'P. 6100, P. UNT1tiUJAG1'. R.llallay "Bro., OSI East Thltd Street, v JOHN DOUGLASS, W. A. BRINTZINGHOFFER, d' l OO., 1 cz.Jrc1..r.r4r1 TOBACCO' WBOLESJ.Lll-111 \:II#Utntl-JI4.01 ... au <.ouu. lttcl '-taf lobatt.O, \\!:V .U lfttll, 'l'HfiDWON, PDTTI'JiiR & en .... ... ,lwor.iliu ._._ 111 FOBEIGN and MASUF ACTUBER of ('!!!! .lUll J!1 (!;ommi,Jii.On1 tt, Fine Domestic Curars. fll &liiiiCfi\ 'No. a South &t .. p .. ....,.,. ...... ._.. AJI Kinds of LEAF Ill IU (11\D Md. LUG TOBACCO -.r'ftliMM, llo 13 llorth Sixth-strt, CONSTANTLY ON HAND. Bo. lll Wlltlooabarcl SUiet, E. W. DUKEHART & SON, 1 81 Nor&lo. ............. CM'>ul' of Commr,. .. wut, PHILADELPIIU. 3 '7A Broad 8t t ]I '* ree ewark, 11. 1. lt.A.l.TUilOB:Il. LEWIS IRE ._ Rose ilud .14ichlg"" CELEBRTED NO. 18 Hammondstreet, u l1 1'\aeout, In rolla, CAMPB.ELL, LANE & co., i-.oui.suillt ... To:oce lnternal Revenue Warehouse TOBACCO & SEGARr... =c;. ... .. .. .. v Conllfa&ls .,...._.. eht or CO:>ili.ECTT ACCQ l CUT; ud Pli!llN8WA111 ... &U!D-LEAF TO-t 161 G lC .uu. M h t 96 B.ROADSTH.EET, NEW ARK. enera OIDIDlssion ere an 8, No. 39 Konh Water Street, P'RTT.A Oll!t .P'R'T a .tllitullmuoai. S. & J. MOORE, BEMIS l ABe&TT, U.S. BONDED WAREHOUSE NO. 13. TUCX & WOliACK, OOMJliSSIOJ' MEROHANTS, ro T1l1t B4LC ol' Manufactured and Leaf T oba\:co; lfo. 878 llalll .. treet, IIIICweea '7tll &lid 8th, LOUISVILLE, KY., J()BJ1 ....... n-. --. U. S l/(Jndl Wl'"'-,/M" Q>-Qlt4 T ob...,.,.. ,...,, -.&a nna, 680RQ'E 1r. WIO&S. l!i, IVaB T Cincinnati, Q, noPE. '!,Utrthlats, THOMAS K. BOGGS, :aa0d.l;;.. And all kinds or Monofaet""'a Tob&oeo, Colton )':m>o. U SEGAR MANUFACTURER, UP DUU:Jl Dr Leaf and Manufaotur,ed Tobacco, J BNUFFS, PIPES. ETC. Faetor)' CallowhiU PDIU.DELP[ll..L R erers t.o-Flr s \ Nu'lonaJ. flank, Omaha, NebrMk&; J M. MwCurmick & t.:o., Ou1a.ha., !!h:braek:a; Polalld & Pa&.rict, :ltn&hJL, 1\i'el)r&3.ka.; J. \Y. Boot b. k 8on11, Lou4-;' Mo. ; Phlste< &; H ow, C!oolootl Oblo Thos. C. Dul'Uit, 1'1041-P"t>Sldeut Union Pa.c1fic 'NeW' York; M Bader .t )on liNkers, New-York; 0 W e ill, Hartror &he &Dd lillie 'Nos. 25 & S'f lorth Twentieth atreeoocror .. vera.l1ean!o -.--... .. ...... .. -,. ; orrifll'. ,.,.,. .... _.,.,.,., I!Doll', _.....,_ me trade &D art!clo \loe BCDu!ne I!UB 11.: w ........... Oelebrate llaltl.more Cat, Dr,. Leaf and ManufactJtred Tobacco lalpon.edaa4-lcLoal I &I, A. ,II.ALP!:!.. faml.hod oa...-.. le ocrmc E. HEYMANN & co:. TOBACCO EMPORIUM. Fine-Cullirl eaf ltkrthlatl, E. ACKERMANN, GtAR;;&" Leaf AJJTXPOo&T .... b .. acco o. 111 orth Thii'Cl-ltreet, latDf!CtlrCt, and FiJB-Cit Nacl:11 or do well toP'" ,*-...... ... Q Ill --a.... Ba pteapUT tllle4. _, ,.., CIGARS, PIPES, eto., ate., D. -IPALDI tl IONI,. "'*o ... l'tCIIM., YIOI'O& me,t ,., u filtf CIIMiiPII ......, ,... ....._ ..,. 4 Pl I. ROS IELD BR ., TOBAOCONIST.S, 23 and eft'erso-..ave., Dlltrolt, Of'''l.l "8T._ DE'I'BOIT" FXNE C'Q'T TOBACCO .Allor

'f & G. LORUJ.ARD'S WESTER FO:Y & EARLE, Mana; 85 S.Quth WaterOhic. 11-of .. ....... ., ., .. '-n.ete. .... .AJI HOilll. CASH VAN liORN l MANUFACTURERS OY OHOIOE PINE OOT I J''m o k i u g I o h at to, STEPHENO :roa P&ObUC.ED .!.Nri J.NUPACTO..S OP Jlannfaotn:red ILl\ O i r JrlreLUSIVELY COMVIBBION. A,. R. 0-.:&.L IUtPO'r I'Olt. B. C. 'I'JUPP. -:Jr. p:-]I'CQRKJCK. 0 TWELL, TRIPP & Q0., II.UOF.ACTOBEU Or (]hewing and Smoking Tobacco, CIG.&JU. SNVII'P0 ETC, Olllce, Weet llfde )[ainat., between 6th and 6th, KANSAS CITY, MO. .l!'..tCTQBY IN Jf'GEJ&'S HARTFORD ADV RTI8BIIEN' rS 'i..IW.Oinl!i. L DB J.Dtnr. .S.AU>MON &: DE LEEUW, DIU.LD8 111 & G. LOBII:il:IARD'S SEED-LEAF TOBACCO, l'OBACOO&AmJStJUFFS un JIUVFA IIWI1IrACJI1IIlllllll .... ,..... rs, -..inion ifl.erel\anls ; nt SeQ4 L.Baf -o. tO IrAliPDEI.STUBT, :f:-a;:!rq ---r-G. 0 W. GRAVES, .a.m aUI.IDl t Ptbe Cormecticut Seed-Leaf f 0 BqA C CO t.. ..,. Danbui'J, (lOt-121 .rr1 H E TOBACCO LEAF. MILLS & RY Geueral.eo.mmisgion Merchants, J. HARDGROVE, Oal:l' THOIUa..& 8. llaJme:U.J:Ii Mannraeturer OW!ier or-:the fdJlowing OelebrateJa Plug Tobaeto!l: LIGHT. s-t .Boe, B..., JUglt. TP.r of, he speaffu Train was nominated for the D. xt b his-auditors. Leolslana.-Tbe nventi,.Pra rel now ld p.t1-tll ancl a commit tee of five members of the medic,al profession was appainted:tn BJlcb :ueae;ves as may be iieees ary to \.1 r Dr. Mudd. The m.em?rial ta tbe !' ident suu.ests tbat if D Mudd W&]AIPUU. p any w 6ng he' ti'assii'ffi?red. s'uflfcien :{l1lnfs atoned to.: ( ltl Boaf(l a. t ,a.. o.y, or of taXI on tkl)n, fli r j;he treaty nowbefore the cnate fOr reciprod.r trade bet,veen th8 niti:id, St tes and the Hawaian Tile 'Board also w calL .a commercial to consist of de ecrates from all the Bcmtds of 'l'rade and ,!It om merc e m the States to meet" in "."I:Ust'oll' on the ,5th..ofFe bruo.ry no'l!1t. T-hi actio n i s anne mtg--gestiou of "the several Boards of Trade m W 'est and elsewhere. The Coll.ven wU "be steq to co n s t{ler the trwspm;.tatwn interests of the country, the aaition of the ocean. the question of cuirenc the proposal for a -uniform measurement of gram, anfr the organization of a N a tional Cham \lor pf Mls.lppl.-lnformation receh red by the of MisslSsippi of lawl ess conspiracies among Jlegroes, instigated by white men, for Lhe purposes of murder plunder, has of a character as. tp hnn to feel authonzed. to 18sue a proclamatiOn those engaged in these combination!! to d'esu!t frOm them at. once, on the penalty of Peing proJJbltlBt i s ummarily dealt. with. The step taken meets tile ap proval of-Genenil .Ord, _who to aid tlw civil authorities in peace ..., < bringing any who may prove to be guilty to punishment. MlsSeari,-Two millions and a half of St. Water WnQ8 Were af< ft.UCtWn 1 Oil On Dec. 13. The successfu bidders -were the "National Bank of the State Of Missouri, which too)( one million on its own aoo. ount, and eight hupdre(\ for: .the Bank-of Commerce, New "Yor The remainder, seven thou88.11d, was taken by the Trader's Bank of St. Louis--200,000 for itself, and 500,000 to fill an or uer for Europe. The price :{laid was 92! for the 100 000 &Dd 9it tOr the remamder. .. The Louis Qity Coujlcil passed a. resolution con7 demnatory of the arrest of American citizens 'in EJ)g la.nd for words spokeujn tha.t a.nd Tequesting Senator Drake and Representative Pllll, of to urge upon the Executive and {:Jongress the speedy Qf eP.S!.JfCS whi.cll will tne release of. h ld in cUBtedy by the Rritl8h Govern ment, and p v.ent future arrests for like lut" ons were alf!O a9,opte that Amertean citiz ns be protected in their riglits w}) be, and :!be digility. u the Americah flag be mamtained wor fork.-The State Board appomted to examme tl"ul b ecb.loadin<>" small arms, has recommended that the arms of the State be converted into breechloa.ders, on t of qonversion. The details of a bol'a swindling opetation liave o Ii mad :;Public. It appear that a man iJ.lfr, ,, :til office in E:{cbange p}a,9e1 offered, 1t 1s stated1 to tt:J rwe 4" Co. a ertified check ':NationaPBank o 22,000, with which to y go him. suspected that all was not strru li and bet1 delfvcrm-g the gold wel).t 4 fou!;!d that t:h cheek IDlBllriginallyma e out 01 : 5 ce t:1 un ut afterwards. Mil, !Jia 18 closea Anotller'})roker :vers thatMl9"1!'w: in iJ. ib{} way. The Oe an ,tS wll,l!;illl:-.. naud f 000. -,l ( A w co tted in brQG il&y t last wee at t e corner o, Wall and w ia L. W. Ringel a cllirk m the Ba YbrF: J was robbed of a satchel containing "' coni-tied checks a IDOD'-in..hank billll an :nmwat Ill"., reney. 7]IleP., after <11 not wait to be tdentified; they JUmpe mto-..a B e1gh, and rode rapidly away. A tenement house, No. 5-!!6 Second avenv.11, was. burned ,at a:t:t Q.1J.rly hour on Ii was with, poor peo all whom hdd" escape with their lives, an Pr!lr-JlCl"lS?ed m the flames. It is not)illown how man ln6re'l:Jodies are yet m the ruins. Three children were among those :Who peri she al!-a-. is .Jlot et>rwarded >f4> liiiaff'on r a.ltowa nce by <;toverrim.ent. Both bills will probably p:t ss the Senate. 1 .,, "' W Senate P,assed the Common Carrier Bill, and n grqes in Tenm)ss'f A9 e f tra'Veton raihotds as a're ac or whi peo e. The Senate refused to c in uomt res olut.i9Jl Tennessee Congr{} s support Thad. Stev'ens' onfi catio pplicv t .r:t"f' u" t Soutb ;;the except s 3l a doubt tha a su:tpcie t vote has been cast to. irumre the success qtion. ---


8 BOYT &Co.) j TOifACCONISTS: No. 404 PuR.L STR.l!IT, .. NIW-YOR.K., MaRul'oawen of all kinds ol Yme-Cut Smoking Tgbacco, Snuff. Cigars, and Havana Sixes O UR 11RANOS FINE-CuT CHEWING 1 'SU\'IfNVS!DJ( HEART'S Db.UGHT, r .NATIONAL. a CO., New-York, HUYT1 EI.AGG' k CO., Luuiaoillc, Ky. HOYT, FLAGG & CO., J Succeaon to r HOYT, BARBOUR & CO '\ 07 and 1 OC) Second St..., LOUISVILLE, Ky: ''llanuft\urers ol the .,.ollowing KldOratei b-rands of 'QuT CHEWING ToaAcco, SUNNYSIJJi WaT OW}:;N, R.OSE-BUD, !C.ILLICKfNiat SM.OKING Tos.Accm. J Golden 8qe.: Cabinet. Grand MOat'. Clilmncy-Corn HOYT, FLA9G k CO., LouinUI, It) 'tHOMAS 1o Nrw-Ynrk. ( _, .. BBiGB'l'. !lpoDae O&Jte. lf'atuna Own, -.TI'ounela Ul4 B&lf J."oandl, D.&.BX. Bolaoe, Pounlla 11114 B&lf Po1mGa, fallor' Solace, au.. .IQ.rohell, Quarter Po'IUlda, : il. L, XXX 12a, Oll.&lle11p Teoa. Viotorla Tens. J.lCTOI!Y-146 DoGIU11'UT, Blltouu, OrnCE--Sll l'Uai Hfdli.T, !in-You. .1. W. MoBUIOT', 14 Ji..o.A.D a,_ ...... ;.. T. HARRIS & co., afilllna Aa e nts, s-r-, lf-'tOIIL & Lyall, t50 ER-STREET, .... ...._ eraae fblloWiq Ceaellra I t I -TOBACCO. TOBACOQ & SNUFF, .;., fta nd DW-YOU. I & SOBS, I Bll-"'s '10 { MRS .0. B. MILLER & CO ,r 11 lU.IiV.A.DitJaiiU ALL IWiDi Oil n r S!ORE 110, 'l, 97 Columbia-st. Wll.1 WEW YORK M A ItUFACTUBER.S. Anhur Gillender. & Co., SOLACE _TOBACCO, ll&, and 111 LIBERTY-aTREET, .... 121 CEDAlL-STB.BE'l', Glllead.-, NapoleoD B. &Dkaoll, HIW-THE looeph W, I leMPI>L.B. ..... .... H. H. WATTS, EMPIRE CITY THE TOBACCO LEAF. W. G. ADAMS, Commission Agent, .& aaa.u nr Leaf & Manufactured Tobacco, LIOOJUCE, TOKQVA li:BA'JII, Ew., No. 64 WATER-STREET, w o .u..... New-Yort. GOO DB l!'OBW .a.:BDJID J. S. GANS & SON, TOBACCO BROKERS, 110. 86 W AI.L-STREET, Tontine Building, l!fl!:W-YORK. WALLIS 00. xTRA. Tobaooo mauui'aIU'el'l and the trade in seaeral are partioulartJ requeeted to examine aod tel\ IRI)Mirior proJIII'" tiea of this LIL'ORICK, whioh, beiDa DOW to she higt.t per!eoUoa, i8 oft'ered Uder &1M above Jle of braad. We are allo 801.& AGElrl'S 1br the braDd :1'. G. Acknowledged b7 OOIIIII.IDenJ to be the beet. in the IDU'bl. ADd for the bru of Licorice Stick G. B. TOBACCO LABLES FOR CADDIES, N A VIES POUNDS, ETC. FURNISHED BT HATCH &. CO., LXTB:OG-R.A.P:&E 111 BRnA PW 'Y ('I'nnitv Bn ld'n,.'.'), N'EW YnB.K. -,, W.DDK.. T .. w. lllDD.'r. WILLIAM LEB, (S......,. to LD BllO'l'IHU,) :r-_...,.1' and ,.., m ma.& AIIID K_AI.Eiil IN LIM _VOU'l" !189 Pearl -..ee1, I Near rwton, NEW-YORl[. M. BROCK, M.IJIUJ..,.._, f I'Ok:&hootaoJ Peacb, -.. Flo r al Ho1107 Dow, KIUlcl(lolckJ And. other Br&llda.. ROBITSCHEK & TAUSSIG, 2&6 Delancey-st! 80LJ: AQIIN'r, No.6 South William-street, NewYork. For Ule &114 MORRIS "M. & M." lltfiAfiD LEAF ToBAaoo, ucoRrcE, ETa Sp.anish Mass LiP.orice [103-tzs] Bew-Y rk Auotioneen. NEILSoN "& NlCHOLS, roBAOOO & GENERAL AUGTtONEBRSt No. 113 Pearl-etreet (B:o.uover-sql\ar.,., J.JID OOXJMION 'f OLD SLIP One door r.-. Hanover Square, liii.W YOalt. LIQUORICE PASTE. A. P. FRANCIA, Importer of Liquorice, 102 Pearl St., N. Y. GEORGE B REED A CO G.&F.Callill&Co.,XX,liF,andFGF brands, all t of quality. for sa!e at Jowest market ntee. LICORICE PASTE F, GRUND & CERERO, Aaetloueer. Balesmaa ....-aTIUia. -----===:.:.._---==::::; .::__118 Pearl-street, New-York. SEIDENBERG & CO., fl. c. y ca. B.. B.. YBUB.B.I.A., F. G. G. :FoREraN & Dom:EsTio Powoaaao FINEST NO. 19 DEY -BTREE'.', :N641' (11'-116) New-York. JOHN A. HAJ12:CORN, M4Nc,.croau or 56-6'7 FIME SEGABSll N0.148 WATERSTREET, NEW-YORK. M. WESTHEIM & CO., S. JACOBY & C .O., &lanura.ta..a ot aDd Whot.ale Dealer to CIGARS. Sole Proprietors of the Beaowned Licorice Toba .. o Mem!IIIOIIIHN o our lrands, and teat thei'r qual-ity. / El BaCfl and Metropolitan Brands, H. MESSENGER & CO., 191 PEARL-STREET. 161 & 163 AlDEN-LANE Onr. Malden Latw1 Ne-w--nrk. R. S. LATORRE, ; 1,0 BAC C 0 LEAF, Hanu Segua, etc., 18'7 Pearl Street, cor. Cedar, \'t NE'W"-YORK, E. ROSENWALD & BROTHER, IPO&naa AliD IUJIIiJ'.m'IIIUJUI er All Kinds Havana aod Domestic SE,GARS, llw T.anr L E A F T 0 B A C C 0, __________ -_'1niUI.o__ 1 45 Water -at E. SPINGARN & CO., .. ___ _ .. DEALERS IN JOSEPH HALL, Leaf Tob8.900 & Segars, Segar Manufacturer, NO. 5 BURLINC SLIP, 78 Barclayoeatreet N.Y. 11-8 :NilA/l rr A T/lll-81'_/lllll'l', A. LUGB I.IIIOR'rJON; o NIC'W-YOH.K. CHOICE. 'SEGARS &rM IIPIII'IU.aW. ...._ a&DM8aua. UJL & II. STACHELBEB.G, NtRIANIH, L! ABOIA, ANI L! SEGARS, No. 15 CEDA.R-8TB.E_ ET, '78-103 IVEW.YQRK. .. UUIT fO& bllfiDU'IIII .... .ALWAYS ON' HAlfD. M. H LEVIN, lY.POit'ft.a a.. Tobacco and Segars, aKU OKALM 1 ... U. &Uib& (# L E A F T> OB A C C 0, 18t PEARL-ST. near Wall-at., HOGLEN & GRAFFLIN, W. OWiiDS OP P.ln...rB U8 BOLa Ki.:!JVJ'.C'n7&1:B8 or l.m'OaTD o PEASE'S CELEBRATED SELF-FEEDINB TOBAC.CUTTINI ENIINE. J'ortign ;abttn anb (,ipri, BUDdrede ol those la.bor-oam., 11..m1oeo ADd Wboleoale Dealer 1o all JdDda ol ID -to the best hea ... lo the.colllltcy U. DOJIEBTIO OIG.&BII a D LB&P -the value or t.b-. -._.., Bamg been In uee oTer four Je&ro, beell ....... 860 Bnlldway, 44 .w.Lane, 1286 ...... &boJ'O"'hly lelted, and Dluch l mproftd i n "R f1: W' y 0 R K aU Us p&rts, we c s n oooftdeDtly recommend -::----'2"' 11. 1o &b manor.-... or To.. "'" D. REIN HARD, aDd moot -leal llocllllle 1M the ........ DO 10811 of b'lt.l more ""' wllh I-labor, ....... --&lid II7 Ca-lc the world. e, tn 'U1tltecl Sl&leo hb. 18th, Pata'"d I n I'.\JslaD4 181111 P-IlllN L._:N'E. _,;"I l ,...... Between William &Del N-StNeta, Nf1tl1 York.- Moorsch PIPES. 61'M CIGAR AND CICARETTI! BOLLER W:RAPPJCB. PATENT. Thla USEFUL little arUc e Is the GREAT.BST Dl Vl!:NTION qfthe the IJenellt or B)(O.ItJlA!t, redacinr tbecoetofCipN URI Ogar-eUeototlle -ca.t of the Tobacco. v. r{c:onvtnientto< POCK.&T, producing no orne! and adaptetl to tbe ale or &Dy Tobacco. 111 two olzee and lllree BlUM, and PL4'l'BD. lllmple Kacblaee, wiiQ 100 Wrappel'l!, een!.z..wasla&'e OD receipt G lt.llO. The llabeot Prize At.lbfi'PUrot the Amerlean Inetitnle, Sept. and Oet., ta l'or putlcalan a4dral H. C. W.HT 11'1 Ood&\' Bt..-t, Yoftl:. Beware otlnfriDiementa. All fl'lllulo.e have myll&llle prlnt.ed on ,&b.e. .... LB.A.F SCHRODER & BON, IIIPO-. ffavana Segars and. Tobacco. fdA UFACTURER OF !EGUS ... Dealers in Leaf Tobacco, 178 Water-Street, -., .. Yort. Jr.E E PlUM! cUU Btnl.-""""' For .... t tloxM, PLA.NED A.ND UNPLANBD 117 ao.ret It, .... y ... lti-ICC j TDBACC AND Killickinniok Mill. JESSUP & IIOOBB, 128 William Street, N. Y. PAPER WAREHOUSE. & .. 99 & 101 William Street, Martin B. Brown, I Kr John. Charla a Suydam J. s. LEVERETT & co., W l flEW YORJC. ,,. .B'' oIL 1 .. 1MtrHN'auiFoA"rCHTERsE: -.. ,voRKs. JOH. N I No'. aa v street, .CIGAR -# 0 \.. Ill Jl" llel. Greenwich & Wub-"D l!tl., DW YOK UD DlLLUM .. .... X&!


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