The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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,. gan of the Tobacco, Trade of the United States: TheLargffit Special Trade Paper in the World VOLUXII IV., No. 49. l WBOLB No. 20G. l '1'11-1 CW TD PAPZL Well &r Co. 66 'Pine. 81agleeop181.... .... .. .. .............. 11 Cent. WeBtheim, M. & Co., 177 Pearl. Wiloo.x,Poyer &; Qo., 180 PearL & 1\!'!'itb, 6i Wa,ter. To borg, and tbe Contlllent of sao.u:as 1lllnip&i 11.. 41tllma1 per IIDDIIIII for poet..,. Fiscbej Frederick, 2 -Hanovez Bllllding. ...,..._ ans, ,. ""'' a 'h 41llilnllla, e&e.., p.1lhlddJt!oul tqr G "' o. "--' rs W II for 1M P8JMI' OOM!ole.ed. IIDien at Osbol'fte Cltail. F., 6 Old eflp. by &lliOIUit. llader, ll. II\ 111e11: 160 l'ead. JLATBI OJ' .ADVBBTI81JIG. RodewaW, 'T H. William. Slllg1 Donblo Textor, C. F., 148 Water. Colaiill. CoiiUDD, 114 UFACTUREJIS 011' TOBACCO. g llncbanan & Lyall, 144 \Vater. ill &o Edmqneton, s. s. & Bro., tu & 211> DU&ne So for) year .... 100 Gillender,A.. .t cl., lH, lj6, and 117 LibertJ. II eo lntM for & mdl'lthlr.. 41 80 1 fn21i6 '1f0 0 ednrlleing wtlllle Mneldeoed, un-ielreider, JoL oil Co, 7fi Bowen, 1 lese "ed oy the eorreopond!Bg amomot a," IJI6j!.J!IIo.. 'IIIII._ 1li1'.&111UL!l'be...._..l8o Bl'llCII:, H., Bo"ery, a:! .:.' i<)LD V A.'t.UEI> QFFoREIGN CQINij. Fruit, & ,fll., itt lJ. flra.t U:artcorn,lobn A., 100 wl:., .. l., ...... ... ..... 46..86,0 Hi11110h, D. li Co., 1 lL 111l1111Jg ............... 0.24,2 Hirecbbol-11 L. & J.iO l'e.ft, 1J ,u 14. Jleii!LY -o.w,o Kaeprowloa, 8 .. 1'17 }\-11,__ Kerbs, A 36 lfr. fran,c; ................ 0.18 Lee, Wm., 269 Pearl. I 141-dme. ... .. ..... 0.00, 1 S Mayer & Pevl _.111,,._, .Rottudam, de.,-178 Watv. 11. ll!lrin <' guilder, 1 131 let. cet. . . 0 .00,4 13 edar. j-, Stn.itob; 8elmltt & Stof"'o PearL ltd! rili tiJal, . 0. 'J&f .l.lfll IJ1!4LIIII ........ _. .. O.Ol,O(i) Broct, ... La11e v_,_. ,., ..... Jt.ooby,'S., )g4 PearL ... ...,......_.,. .........,c, -.-Llcbbnsteln Oo.,l21 lm. -qcbaneo .......... O .BII,r "" tach. . O.M,l McCaffil, lla!IIM & Co., 191 Greenwioh. J'OUNN WK1&1l1'11.-A equltl hlix, 196 Pearl. !L1jM86 lbL i. :0-n pfnnd equals 1.011909 RoeeawaJd, E. & Bro., 146 WMer. U.S; a BfJ9btus pf1111d eqaala lbe. St.lomon, B 19i .Pearl Tag, Cbaa. F ., I U Front. Exc1110 Plug1 Twist, To-nn>OB'l'ERll OJ' HAV.UU TOBAOOO.. b&ctcJ twlated by hand, or reduced from IIayDI'ga, J. M., H Cedar. }Mf R _,didon to be OODSllmedo -or IJI'l!R. otherwlee prepared, without the IIHI of Nf. A,pleby &.Belmt, IllS Wt.ter. mael*e or llliiVUOMIIt, a.r.d '!1hbo11' WJg Geet.Je, Jr. A. & Bro., 828 Washington. preMed or 8'1fee\ened. on t.ll other ki11d1 LoriUard, P., It !(lhambenl. of aQ& hert;fD otberwlae tlll'ORT&RB or !'IPU, :n.o. pro'l'ihcl for, 82e. per lb, l \obaaoo, Bollxen .& Sl"*'kea 67 Maiden or -..a,.w or leal', With 'h Wa&er r 22 Ulchlgan t.vP. members of the Hoose, Bnd tl!ll Committee': o'' Way11 ., Their tirbt efibrt was]natnt;"l,Y withltbe .' !wti', opportunity was. made the most of; impodibtei '"need BBAtJfll in Lhe Internal Revenue Iatte. but here 1 b away :fi r In 'pur-Department 'fritl ilnioMii oUt the tangled skein, & Son, '46 "Vralnut.' of Cba.J.qDSD, ppsttmlly JKilioyj fi.nd,C'...en. Q-rant, when called harmontze coofticting sections, I and point out to 0"'1 .t 'Wayne, lOO-IOf'West'Ft;mnrefused to give them a hearing. J'Prt.IL9:-Elly; ti :BaljirioR .lltU!t week. to abt jll' hi oapa<;ity &s trustee Congress the necessity of' early amendments. n.ldy, J, .t Co., '9 Vine. I' -pAt, P. & Oo.;4'1 Wlll!t I ever, Gen. Schenck doe not ooost.itlite" thelitbvle com;. of the POO.boiiy Educational FQod, seizing the oppQrof doing this, we fiu.d Commissioner Rollins and his G.._, E H. & CMt S7 Weln.U.: 1 t mittee;1aJd ihe of t'tb\lm a sub. t)lJlity w the great which give lllddIAifnuOTullhs. 0 n ... LIIka. :Maynard de(egatW, to, the atat.emen{s 9!.1 Among P laces of interest which, he fouad time to in exhi'bUing a prompt with its provisions. Beeuden, Henry & Bro., 16l-18'5 p_,.L n.'l Dills 82 weat Seoood. tobacco manu.acturers, and t\!Enr ,pt:Opose here to note the signifi-. agaill8t any iSIIue of r.b J!t.aaipa-thus going diaaaet-Lo-tha1, 8 & 06., '76 in. (nends now i!l embodying tbeu Yl ws i 9 its possib\e and prpbablerelat" ons rically opposite to the and desires of t.llo Jaon-lllatl.., lUeh & Bl'otber,lUi Wes& Fi:o1lt. an amendment, which ,will sAon be .laid to,ther:-..L. :w ;re told that the Preei>L--t elect trade. It is hard to men, willin.o-and lJaUiY ..!;s 8i; I "' T ', !"" < p ...._ -,. TbOl'llton,l'otter & Co., 18 Bammona. gresa, .delegates fortuate ebovgh to attention to the details of the establishII:Df.ious to obey the laws' of the land, to suffer thus in Tdll .. ceo. fHoo. Re!oando Wot-fl!NI!\Iaent to dr;ive them OOliN. N a tiona! Tobacco Association; 1o be-tb! 1 the jmp_ortance of Gen. Grantl's du ly tb'e the ranks of ti.ho Blpor. J. &; Co. NATIONAL ToBAcco ..i\ OF THB UNI;rBif Ti ,Wltory;, is sqpWJl by the comments grow rich by delaling fli 'illit!it goods. This is li&>Naoy .... STATES, and the appointment of an of It says: sketch, bot the word& of \ruth add soberness. wl do Acl&me, C. H & Co., State. Committee, composed of three df!leptes from! StaM tbetatiaetails wliieh 'oor noort uive8 oftleo. GJ'Bot' not beii,eve Uaat 1XJY 1=1 wa,s ever RO as Btn-8e8 II Jerome, 236 Staw. M---_.... r "' Main. of New York, and 'two each .from _....uaettt!, d'oinmo... .ayioas ana 8UI'l'OUnclin's in Ba timore is CbS t.obaooo .uacle,of UaitAd States toJd& ... ... nd ..,... .,., .. ,_.. m 11 Kiag,D. W., 1U S&,lte., Rhode Island, Connectlcot, New Jersey, .. will not fail-to as tlie most yJt tbe Qo appoint. honeil and capable men to do BuD, B. W. & Co. 4* Cedt.r. Gl' ,Uft&'rliJlll. !'OJI.olCCO lW AR:&BOUIJJ:II, w., II\ t!lon-, ilK t.Qd 286 Fro11t Bil"eet Allea,.J alia II, 1111 W der. B. C. Son .t Co., 142 Pearl. 1 Baacb & Co]ln, 157 Water. Belden,'F W ., 1H Wt.ter. :S..nrimo, B. & D. 124 Water. Mayo & Co., n Broad-.Bown!!, R.' S. & Co., '1 BurliDg Slip. Bulkley & b!oorP, 74 Front. Cardozo, A. H. & Co., 169 Front. Oonnolly & Co., 46 Water. Crawford, E. M .II Co., 121 and 12;8 F1oot. DeBraekeleer & Foote, 94 Beekrnau. Deen, John L., 78 Water. Dohan, Carroll & Co., 104 Front. Dubois .t V t.nder'VOalmer & Scoville, 170 Water. ?ar ker, S. M & Co., 181 Pearl Paulitech, !1., 148 Water. Pearsall, M. R., 23 South William. .. Peny, H. L 64 Water. l>Jatt k Newton, 117 Front. Price, Wm. M. & Co., 119 Maiden lane. Ret.d, Clement, 85 Pearl. Reismann, G. & Co., 179 Pearl. A. S. & Co., 162 Water. Salomon, u: & E.,J!5 Mlliden l&ne. Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 47 Broad. Scbottenfel, ll. & J., 158 Water. Scboverling H 26 South Willit.m .. Schroeder & Bon, 178 Water. Sellgsberg Cohen & Co., H9 Water. Seymour,' Colt & Co., l S\1 Peorl. Smith J. K. llo Son, 47 Broud. Spin:;;;rn, E. & Co., 5 Burling Nip. Stein, & Co., 197 Dnaue .t. Strehn & Rciuenstein, 176Foom. & Cn.,l28 w ater. Ve,twrldn, Th. IJ.. & Sons, 172 Pe: d. Vip;eliu,Wifl., 175 Penrl. k Huneken, 166 Front. Walter, R. S., 203 Pearl. Linde,' F C., 76 GreenwiCh atreet. Brintzingbofler, W. A., 874 Broad. vvn OS 011. d h """ ..._ ""'11 TonAcilo PRIISII&RS. Campbell; Lane & Co.1 96 'Broad. RHODI!: S.} (one' lie service' "'foultl be benefited by the ousting of the tt, an t en tG p:tve uem ne u e .Bt support." IfGen1 Gnthrle & Co., 226 Eront. l'fB'W oBi.EA.NII, LA. vacancy). entire corps of present incumbents and the appointment ersl Ar,ant will but. act tJJ>6n h is experiel'lce, we shall ll4llllr.t.C'll1BI\Bi or CIGAR BOXES. ""'J b 109 J S ,., bll -..T H i I .._ Benkell, Ja.cob, 2118 and 295 Monroe. CaUaway"' 0 n.tone, ,,raveer. CoNNECTICUT.ames : ua ager, CL., ew sven ; of mtln w.Bo could not even in the remotest way be soon see a new era 10 tnjl commerce in the weed. De-'u- Ge 26 W'll t 'VA. J D Burnham Hartford ? h h ld rd f ill ,a' \: __ :. t t' t d 1 ... e, orge, 1 et street. Young R. A &BI'O 4 Iron'FrontBelldings N J D C b 11 d W A Brinzng connected m the ,pubhc mmd Wit t e o o er o presSIOn w .g-_,.,, sagos ton o actrv1ty, an CIGAR 130.X CEDAR .t.IID OTHliR 'WOOD. I ., EW ERSEY .-:. amP' e an I b rd' h d h }d d bt to U fdio all t t f h P. M'., cor. Sixth 811d Lewis. hoffer N ewsrk. things. A new room, acco mg to t e a age, s ou ou snranoe g m erpre auoos o t e Rodman & He,urn,l10 Lewis. ro.ucoo P. Wyman Pittsburg; W. H. sweep clean, and unless it, does so in the preBent inlaw;. Under sucH THE 'l'oBAcoo LEAF would sP.oNJSR CIGA.R IUBIIONS. Boyd1 .Fongeray & Co., 61 North Third. p h' h b h f h b f th' t ... f th d Almirt.l, Joe. J 80 Cedar. Buckuor, McCammon & Co., 87 North Water( Nassau, htladelp 1a. stance, we should only see t e oug s o t e tree tnme one o e 8 suppo .. ers o e new a mm-Prolss Oscar & Co., 2u White street. Dean E. J., 413 Chesnut. MARYLAND.W m; Y. De Ford, arttl G, W. Gail, med leaving the trunk still inoculated with the virus istration. >IANtri'ACTUt.ER or TOB.lcco TIN-:rotL. Dob. m & Taitt, 29 NortH Water. Baltimore W h I 1 R E dward 1 L. & G w 125 North Water V L H F R' h ond T S Fur of corruptiOn. hat we want 1n t e nteroa evenoe Crooke, J. J., 88 Crosby et.Teet. .., IRGINIA.-'. rayser, IC m ; v. .urmxoNEERS or TOB.t.coo, uc. Eisenlobr, :Wm. & Co., Water son Lyochburu Department ls, 1irst, honest men, and, second, effiCient IIINOB BDITO,RULS. B r. & Co 7 Old ,sr Geye r II\ Htss, 62 North Front. ga eo 'F.Re d h h ffi 1 d d etto, P KciDowell & Duncan, 89 North Wt.ter. NoRTH P. Rtchar.dSOll, t: c s men. N ow muc an o ma may un erstao TH:s Coming Man for Uae tobacco trade-General B. Moore, S. & J., 107 Nlll-\h Water. ville; C. D. Vernon, Yanoyvllle. about the working of the tobacco, or other commerce, F. Butler. roucco LABKLS. Teller 117 North Third. Otn().-T. R. Spence and George Hafer, Cincinwhich lte is appointed to supervise, if he is tricky, his Vetterlem & Co., Ill Arch. nati Hatch & Co., Ill Broadway. Wart-n, Mich., 105 Nerth Water. K. H L R b' nd Frank Praige, knowledge goes for nothmg-m fact, It only enables B e ppenbtimer, F. & Co., 22 & 24 North Woodward Brothel)! & Co., 47 N.Water. CKY.. o mson a him tob the. Government with greater facility. William. >IANOrACToans, BALERS, nc'. LolliS\'\ e WE were glad to see the cigar trade represented at the Convention. This ie what we want-union amon"' all branches Of the tobanoo interest. "' TOBAcco LABEL ENGRAVER. Batchelor, Bros ., 38'1 North Third TENNESSEE.--Rosenhe1mer, Nashville, (one Honesty, 1s the first mdtspensable qualtficatron. Boey, Joa., 202 Broadway. Bare Th.'& Son 4.'74 and 508 North Second. acancy) 1 t II' h. h ffi 1 o( the last TOBAcco LABEL PRINnas. jacol! 7s4 North Third. v C d A H B k S n e 1genee, w IC secures e 1 s a so THE has gone mourmng the Brown, M. B. & Co., \19 William. Smith Brothers, 121 North atlm an uc ner, t. rmportance. To those unfam1har wrtb the actual work-decay of busmess and the triumph of the blockaders PATliNT TOBAcco XNrvRS. .A, H, Third and Loms. r. ing cf the Department, a true revelation of the amount quite lo?g W about turning over a new d 1 c 6g. M Van Scbatck n. A l6 South Frqnt.. ILLINOIS.-n. Lowenthal and George Hibben, Chi. f leaf. whrch Will .. all bat Napanoch Axe an ron o urray .. 11.v09ACTUR.ns or sCOTilH sNun. of stuptd Ignorance displayed by the great mass o 1" v,. TOBACCO SEALING WAX. Zinsser w. & Co., 197 .Ralph A & Co., 5 I CHIGAN.-K C. Barker and Oiiver Goldsmith, assessors and inspectors would be astounding. We W h f. h-f;r--d TOBACCO BAOS. liAIIOJ' .. CTURERS Or J'TNE CIGARS. D lTH i e 18Bye, O t 8. 1. ee St,arups an the.sttict Cn Asten, W B .'& e., 26 Pearl. :Fuguet s. & Sons,-229 s. Front. etrott. have only to refer to the offimal correspondence of the fqrcemeot of the proviajRJ)B of section '18, the .honest .. uCTIONEERS. INDIANA.Robert Connelly, Iudi:mapolis; F. Fend-Bureau its employees to substantiate onr remarks. tobacco trade will arise lik. e a refreshed with new TOBACCO BOXES. So h F k E '11 C B k Powell & West 28 ut ron'-rtc !<, vansv1 e. Q .... ld a 1 1 b f 1 wine, and the reign. of f,he b ockaders will be at an Bammacber, & o., 52 ee mt.n. PA.. WiscoNsiN.F. F. Adams and Edmond Acherman, uestrons o.uat won 'sgrace a sc JOO. oy o twe ve STENCIL _PLATEs AND BURNING nRANns. 'uepw, i!J: & Co., at'St cfair. Milwaukee. are daily in upou the central office by a crowd end. Hickcox T. N & Co. 280 Pearl. B. I. DISTRICT OF CoLuMDu.-Geo. W. Cochran, Wash of rural officials who may be hone&t but who are TOHAOCO P.l.PBJI WAR11180USB. Bmt Josllna, 116 Wcstmmster. Jessup&: Moore, IllS William. Smith & Young 9 Westminster. iogton. bestially stupid and ignorant. The revenue act of July B RICHMOND, VA. b f l' h'b' f h .. RilELS. Hardgrove, Thomas J. GEN. GR!NT !T 20, 16. 68, wast e cause o a start mg ex 1 1t10n o t e Briggs, A. T., 64 Rapp S., 14th ond 15th. obtuseness 'of th. e official intelleet. Not .by any means PATENT CIGAR MAC):IINES. Prentice, John, 180 & 132 Maide n lane. Read N M.&8S. It is no mere partisan adulation to say that, aince his a clear or perspicuous enactment at its best estate, all CIGARs .uD TOBAcco MANUFACTURER's n. & Co., 20 Hampden. election, our new President has generally conducted interpreted by tb:e underlings of the it Estee & Smith. 61 CaWn D himself in a manner that .must command the approval! a very phenomenon oflegislative lore. Stupid 'IJ'RCANTILTI .t.ouCY. Dormitzer, c. & Co., 20'1 of all sensible people, and that must especially secure' questions of officil\lS from the interior were too freBradstreet, J M. & Son, 247 Broadway. Haynes & lieth, 100 North Commerm.t.l. the gratitude of the industrial sod commercial classes. qneotly IUlswered by rulings" fi'Om W sshin gton TOBolCCO MACHIN!! WORK. Leggat IludSOIJ & Co., cor. 2d and Vme Ehrsam, G, C., 7ll & 78 Elm. SYDNEY, .&us. Instead of weakly yielding to the wisbet! of the throng, which made the subject more difficult to compreALLEGHEN-r CITY, PA., Dixs.on & Sons, tobaccowarehoue, 193 York. ofofficiousparasites, evtJr zealous in their attentions to hend, and lE!ft. the unfortunate subordinate quite as Jenkinson, R. & W., 6 Federal. the rising sun, Gen. Grant has quietly, but decidedly, much in the dark as he was before. Is it to be wonChanges. .A.LTinlOBE. TOBACCO WAJ.J:IlOUSES, G H., 202 W est Pratt. Boyd, W. A. & Co., 33 South. Brauns, }'. L. & lJo., 11 Qbe&pslde. De Ford, Charles D. & Co., 81 Sontb Gay. Uieeke, L. & Co., 42 South Charles. Gunther, L. 'V'., Lomht.rd. Kerchoff & C6, 49 S. Charles. Loose, C. & Co., 52 South Chnrktbe olerks in the Iuteroal Department opposed to the issue of free stamps. g.eimin? talll paid tobacco, on the ground that the would them s great deal of trouble. a'bot the clerks Will wonder whether 'he Made' is indebted to these same. clerks f?r any of' Commissioner Rollins' funny "ruhngs" winch have shaken the sides or our tobacco frienils for the past months ? IT seems the New .Orleans tobacco, about which so much truth and falsehood has been perpetrated since its seizure by Supervisor Creecy, is really worth l;56. 000 instead of' '15,000, as appraised by popular BY the vray, we woilder1who got up the elaborite story of the spiriting away of this tobacl.lo which we published last week. Hu the Father of Lies estab lished a Branch Office aUhe National Capital for the benefit of oewspspt!r ? -. /


2 Ouu Honse o f Reprcsrntativea has frequently compared to a Bear Garden, and Gen. enck b MJilSt proved himself to be the biggest bear la t.he I U Q noe. WE conclude to-day tbe, -e ell "!1 Pay to Smoke" Those of our rE>adet'ft wt11!r:tg .t() pe ruse tbe volume can obtain it or the "{mblishe':', Messrs. Leypoldt and Holt. The title of the book Is "Tobacco and AlcoboL" --A fm nfu/ojotmJal ERIE-RAILROAD Fiske, Jr., a er prtso U.ts e.nd falling foul of m&ny of paople, finally got iuto a row Sunda:y:-sc hool. One may very ptoperly daub him the 1rrepress1blc and antisa bbatical Jeemes! BY a clerical error in from the offi?ial records of the Internal Revenue Department, we pnnt ed the tax returns of C. Langenbach, No. 203 Centre street, erroneou sly in our table laa' wee_k; tlley have read: Ohewing, 139t lbs.; smok111g, 1,US snuff, 111 tbs. ; 8372 64. One good suggeation made in the Oonveutioo waa that tobacco stamps should be signed and numbered precisely like the postal currency. The. same pre cautions against counterfei\iog abould be -a in the case of a $20 toba.coo stamp as m that of a ten cent shinplaster. WE understand that the Neudecker plug tobacco sold last week has been attached in the hands of. the several purchasers by the Internal Revenue. oftictali!, owing to some "!itb the at It has not yet been dectded lltepl!l Wl_ll be ultimately taken by the Department m the premtses. Tml: two rival Ajaxes in Congress at the present .mo ment. are General Schenck and General Butler. Stnce the latter has espoaaed tlte oaaae of the trade 10 strongly, it is bv.t natural that the 1n should wisb him all aorta of good 1n. a.batmg h!B opponent as a very great and very 1mpertment pnbbc nntsance. FBBN.umo W oob Benjamin II'. &tier, Samuel Hooper-three of the 11108' iaftuential of the present Honae-are in e&rQellt sympathy With tho Jects of the honest tobaoeo trade, ae expieaaed br t.be1r Convention at 'Vaahington. This ought to us new energy to labor for the aucce1111 of those obJects as embodied in the bill that wiH 11001t be presented to CongretiiL IT will be noted that the plug of sent no delegates to W.!isbington. Their a8BOma.tJOn was, bowenr, invited, bot CObofttded to 'he rel!resented _by ita resolutions, whioh we pobliahed, whwh were forwarded to the CoaJVeati.on. They were m favor of free stamps sented, nor By Central Railroad of New 36 was a larger amount of eapital ever f>rougbt to ,.ar By New York and New Haven Railroad: U. C. upon the questions at issue: The .Pl"OII*I' at the preMengel, 30 cs.; Sutter Brothers, 6. sent writing is most cheenng and ta lfell ealculated to By New York and New Haven of buoy up the droopin g energies of the .trade. the C. Diamond, 2 cs. ; Bunzl & Dornutzer, S ; M. West exception of Gen. Schenck, the ,anous membe"! of heim & Co., 5; L Bijur, 4; H. & Co., 7 ; T. H. Congress with whom the. delegates were l!Jto Tal9ott, 7; R. S. Walker, 11; G. Reismann & Co., 2; contact .received them w1th greatest poltteues11 'and W m. M. Price & Co., 1 box ; M. & J. Schottenfels, 4; listened to their statement& with tire 1lUiloA deference. A L. & C. L. Holt, 16; Order, 1 cs. Mr. Fernando \V ood, Gen. Butler Mr .. Hooper Coastwise-From Richmond, Norfolk, etc. : Isaac were especially amiable and from theu mfluenoe Reed, 1 hhd.; J. Dinmey, 1; H. Fisher, 3 ; Charles the most favorable legislative actiop. be argued. Luling, 5; A. D. Chockley, 2 and 10 tcs.; D. H. Lon Mr. Commissioner We11s, we understand, also don 5 bbds. and 2 tcs. ; P. Lorillard, 1 hbd., 7 tcs., and Jy in favor of the objects of the Coriventton, and 1t IS 3 pkgs.; Yancey & Smith, 12; Dubois & Vandervoort, no secret that his in:ll.uencc is just now all powerful at 90; Lindbeim Bros., 89; Bramhall & Co., 40; H. A the National CapitaL The aid of these gutleme.n and Ritchie, 15. 1 the justice of their de:nands should certainly secure From Baltimwe : D. B. Bridgefol"d, 2 hhds. stems; from Congress the favorable consideration of the mea M, 20 ; Order, 3S bhds. sure now being drawn up br the Committee. W'th J!LTIMORE, Jan. 23.-Messrs. c LoosE & Co., free stamps and the law rigtdly enforoed agaiust.J!.ll merchants and dealers in leaf tobacco, re unlttamped goods, we shall enter upoaa new era. Weport: sbonld see the early disappearance of. blookad;e goooa Receipts ofleaf.are quite n?minal.. king .....:There was an acti1e market duriug tbe fine brown, 12c.@ 16c.; fancy, 25c.@40c. Ohw-I?fe--;eek for regular (stamped) goods. Low-priced aud rior to good 5}e.@7c.; brown and g reemsb, medium rades :w:ere drurulnd the bein"" medmm to fine red stc.@15c.; common r-..u of the whlcn argues .II: geue ,ral medium spangled, 9c.@15c.; fine spangled, 16o.@20c., lowness of stocks. The opm1on. now prev:a1hng yellow do. and fancy, 25c.@40c. Con ress will issue free stamps, 1s havmg 1ts effect In to good lugs, Sc.@10c.; common to medium leaf, 10c. oausfng holders of old unstamped goods to be less anx@ 14c.; good to fine, 15c.@18c.; select leaf, 20c.@25c ious to se ll than they were recently, when the pro11pec t EXPOBTB 4fOMMENcmo JAN. 1,1869 fAND SAME Tnm 1S68. was that a se<'ond tax would be imposed. W!Ur. 7hu wee.t. Total. Samt Ciqm'8.-1'here is a general pros.tration among tbe Bremen ....... manufacturers and about half the CJgar-makers are out Amsterdam .... )f work. We' were in error last weelc wben we stated Rotterdam .... ;bat the pro.vosed advance of $1 on 1 had been Havre & Dieppe 1110 Owmg to the deprel8ed condition of the trade Bordeaux ..... tt was voted not to give it. The doubt as to free Marseilles .. ... stamps being issued is paralyzing and only England ...... the prompt action of Congress can give permanent re........ 79 lief. Austna ....... Q_'JOTATIONS OF WHOLESA'LII: PBICIItt Spain ......... K-cqr.-Light leal. Hanna PU're do 611 @1 16 A t SblpptnB,con=on logo. 1 @ Yara a .. orted gold :Ill E n werp ...... Good do .. .. .. 8;."@ 9 Do. I On& do 19 10 West Iudies ... Common leaf.. .... .. 00 9 @10 Do. II. Oat do -p 13 Kedlamleaf ... -. .... 10 @11 Otber orts .... Good ........ .... 11 CN BOND. 5'8, 'l,s, 10'8 and 12'8. Fine .. .. 18 @14 Fine .................... @-Selections.'.'.".".'.':::: .... 1 4 @15 Good .. 00 ............ ___ 28 @25 Lll1bHattlng lup... .... 9)0@13 Medium .............. oo 20 @28 oo do leaf ..... oo 11 @25 Commoa : .............. 18 @liO Bea.,.lear Pounund'a.-Bnght--1 Good Shipping lugs old. 7 @ 9 Fancy ..... .. 00 .... -00 @85 Working t Ohio iJdUqf.-Se ieeZ A. -----.... I -tions,old.... .. -" 25 @35 "G. Z.". -......... Fair to prime ....... ... 20 @30 110 & A.". . . 29)1 Fillers .......... ...... ; 5),!@ "P.MF.':---,.......... 13 New Aseorted Lote...... 9 @IO)!! "P. G. F.' .... oo ........... JJ NcvrWrappers lnlors. @14 "A.O.C." ....... .. ,....... 21!!! Wrap::JIF.",;" ....... pers ... oo(duty paid)' 00 @4 00 ,R. It;,..................... Havana as't' do @ -C. G. . . .. .-OJ}l IMPORTS. Arrivals at the port of New Y G!k from fureign for the week ending January 26, mclude the tollowmg consignm ents: Tota l ... ..... 1202 INSPECTION!: COMMENCING J A.N. 1, '69, AND SAllE 'fi14E '68. lJucrlptlom. TIIJI Wut. l'r

blallk sweet lOt IQG.@flio. ; bl ; bright 16s, 90o.@1 20. ) -,.qe OIINHrcial Lilt tfir4) thCI )lOme of the present mactiYit'y 'OU tbe mixed state o f. leternal Revenue matters and B!lYII: "It seemS lrtrange that, after it has been p;oven bwond .all pouibility of doubt, that the most stringent measol'ell should be adopted whereby the Governpumt i!fta11 be teoured in the and honest mannfacturenraud dealers thereby protected in their business the.t men eaa be found wfio openly advocate a free diet tion of stamps altd a _postpone ment of the time lui bylaw for the stampmg of all goods remaining on hand out of bond. Yet such the:e are apd it ia a shame ,.pqn the tobacco trade of th1s cit' illat it ia eo." iales of 10 hhds. Kentucky lugs at 16 caNI Penlftylvania seed leaf, fillers, at 22c.; 25 wrappers, at 7c.; SO cases Connecticut 2ds and seoret term; l5 bales Yara I at SOc.; 25 ballili Tara It at t1 H ! 1184 8711 829 1118 54 1,447 In 1800 2 ,310 1,140 1,'lM 473 134 11,831 A much larger proportion of tpbacco is now sent to market in tierces than was the custom ten years ago. The rec eipts by all the railroads and canal in De cember last were 4 3 2 hhds., and from September. 1st to December 3 1st, 1868, 2,656 hhds. F?r periods in 1860 they were as follows: m December, 582 hhds., and from September 1st to December 31st, 11,4'73 bhds. The receipts, inspeotioas, ani} ment of tobacco from 1st October to 31st l;:>ecember, 1868, :were: RxCElP1'8. INSPBC'l'JOJI'B l EXPORTS l'orelgn. c.-wloe. T I 1,m 2.552 2M I,G26 1 The foil is a com]'arison tile po Richmond during the qnaher endmg S st uEti same i"S 6 '1 : .a. Ani Q!wltlli 11167'valo.e. .... .. .. QQntl 441.4 861, Tobacco, I be. ; 816,96.1 The exports from Richmond were as follows : during t Artlcleo. QuanUty. Tobacco, lbo 9,662 ,2'28 Tobacco Stems, lbo 441,466 1S68. Value ned on the We give the following from a circular 15th htstant by Martin & CarJoza: "The gP.ncral depression whi c h cbarafltcriz cd our tobaccp trade the last quarter of the year 'lij hal\ stnee. the commencement of the.present season, yielded to a better feel in"', and with tl:te appearance of the new crop, we observe more act tv tty in the trade, with a greater desire on the part of the dealers to operate. "So far the receipts have been light, with very little of what may be classed as good, and none really fine; yet the figures paid for such as is offered induces the hope that as the season advances prices will approximate those of last yea.r-though in view of the large stocks abroad, we scarcely ; expect them to be fully as h1gh. "We regret to state that the high reputation Vir ginia tobacco has so long maintained in Europe has been 1mpaired by the exportations of the last two or three years. Complaints reach us thdt the tobacco does not sample uniformly in quality and color, and for this reason W e5tern tobacco 1s sometimes prefe t red. We wonld, therefore, impress upon our fiiends the necessity of carefully assorting their crops. "If yonr tobacco i s long, dark, rich, and leafy, we would advise prizinJr in sate winter order, and sending to market in the months of February, Maruh, and .April; for this character 0f tobacco there will be an active de maud from stcmmers, and we think when sold in this order it pays the planter better than to prize m summer or shippmg order. Short leaf, whether dark or bright, should be put up in dry, shipping ortler. The we think, will bring abont as much now as later. Hogsheads containing Jeaf should weigh from 1,350 to 1,400 pounds-Lut not prP.ssed enaugb to mat the bundles. Lugs may be made heavier1 and are not injured as the leafis by hard prizing." ST. LOIJIS, laD, 21,-MI J. E. HAYNEs, toLacco broker, rPports: There bas been an almost entire suspension of busi siaae QJJr last. But little has be.en oirered. 'fhe de mand, though exceeds the supply on the market of manufactunog grades. .A late number of the Missouri Republican says: "The new crop of tobacco comes forward slowly. Dark and bri"ht qualities are in request, but the offer ings are too ltmited to give peculiar interest to the market. Receipts ate altogether too light to confirm or reject the statement relative to the frosted con!lition of the y i e ld. The extent of the y1eld i s still estimated at 8,000 to 10,000 hhds. BIUycJ'S in the cuuntry are making at 2 to 6 cents all JOund, mstead of 4 to 9, the rates of last year, in which large sums we1e lost." Sales from Thnrsdav to Tuesday inclusive have been only 11 hhds., w1tln bids on 3 hhd s n jected, as follows; On ThursdayY ety ltttlc offerud. :::)ales 1 THE L.MAI'. hhd. qew Iuss j6r. and 3 bfs. new tobacco at a considerable amount of business has been done, II'I'BRIJ.L REfElVIJE M.lTTEBS, the same proportion it would contain more than five til, 8'7 9Cf@1 ,5. 'Rijls rejec.led : on 2 good old leaving the stock now on sale lei!,& than in the t.UDe. tbe pHIIellt population oftbe whole United States. leaf at 116 5@1 {5o. On Fnday-Market @teady, commencement; evea tafQng iuto aoeout the wW.8 of 'nli ev oa IIOtla sides bas been closed in the .At this time not more than one acre in five is under with jF demand for all offered. Sales 6 hhds.: 2 the arrivals of tlle .._.., tilere il a We ill e; aud tbe arguments of counsel will be cultiyation, lld the vue retoarces of ooal and mineral 00: 2' at 810 25, 1 at $'f'2 'TIS, Acl 1 a $13 end of December, 1868, of 5,253 hhds., compared with heard before Oommissioner Owen on Friday next. have hardly begun to be developed. The fourteen v lJtl urday-arbt unchanged.. Good the stock at the same period oi the yea This On Jf the case was resumed and W m. which oomprise this rpo claim this is for manufacturing grades. Sales 3 hhas. old shtppmg deficiency arises more particularly in toe slbck o esten, th who, it was alleged, had taken Without reaso1t) that they pay more than one-half the leaf at tD 80@11@12'25. On Monday-Demand good. etn strips, the 'total arnv4ls of which qgeejed i m me's place in Suffolk street to Jacob taxes, and that thev work more than half the iml?roved But little Sales 1 hbd.. at t6 10, and 5 boxes 2,000 hhds., and the stock in the warehouses is now nod's, No. 13'1 owery, was recalled. He produced land, and have a majority of the populatton of at $3 10 20 (15 $6 80@8 50-all new crop. On 3,685, being 2,864 hhds. short of the quantity last year, his account books, but could find no such transaction the United States. The value of the annual Tuesday.:.._Only un: llhd. qtlllred-new logs, of poor w1th no prospe<;t of addition thereto, at the earliest_, lie-entered *-them. He subsequintly, however, commerce of the M1ssissippi is estimated at 1!12,000,000, quality for which $4 20 w'ls rejected. Yesterday-5 fore next and the deli\'er'les at aDou\ tlaia ony for the defence by admitting 000. and the Agricultural Bureau, basing its calcula hhds., old, mostlv cutting sold at $9, $10, $15, 350 hhds. per month, will leave the market in a satis. that be only made entries in his book in cases where tions upon past results, estimates that in the year 1900 $16@16 '75. Bids were r ejected on 3 hbds. at $8 30. factory position for the imports of the new. crop, and the part\es did not pay him at the time. Henry Norris the cereal products of the West will amount to more (IS GO@I2. free from the incubus of olJ parcels, which, even upon sworn: Think Hess introduced Hoyme to me in ta,ooo,oo o,ooo. The value ot crops, as well ae of The of the week have been ?.1 hhds., 30 kegs, a firm market, has a d epressing mfl.uence li!lyers, gust, 1W8; be pat into my hands a claim against the productions of the mines and the forest, depend 1 butt, 3 bls., 4 bxs., 15 hf. do., and 30 caddies, conretarding any operations of magnitude. Lichtenheim for the value of 30,000 cigars and a $100 mainlr on facilities for tranaportation, either natural or signed as follows: Parcels of old Western leaf, whiCh has been held for check claimed to have been e,xtorted from Hoymo by T?e Mhississippi is bhut .one of the outlets of By River Boats: Order, 6 hhds. want of buyers, and various other causes, have been Lichtenbeho; I began the civil suit against him about t e vast rcg10n t rough whic 1t passes. The great By Pacific Raill'Oad: Brown & Barron, 1 bhd.; F. sold and shipped, reducing the stock of th1s description Sept. 21 }V&S formerly deputy-collector in the Fifth lakes open a wide belt of this country, and canals and F. H.ozier & tJo., 1; M. Friedman & Co., 3 bls. and 4 to 2,669 bbds. less than the year, opened with, besides District ; I think Hoy me's character rather "rough;" by rmlroads bring almost every farm witbin easy distance b which considerable sales have been effected throughout "rough '1 I mean bad; would not want to J>elieve him of natural na\igation. The estimated cost of conveying xBy: St: Louis and lndianapolis Reilroad: Goodin & tho year by London holders of this Olass of leaf lymg under oath in a matter in which he had an interest: a toll of merchandise a mile on the ocean is from half a :rhomPIIOil, 15 hf.-bxs; Leggatt, Hudson & -po., 30 in LIVerpool, which although sold here fm; aodon't know anythmg about the taxes he paid; Hoyme cent t? one and a half cents; on lakes, two cents; caailies. count, and to London buyers, have not been reported. was con'ltantly endcavming to d e ftand the Government, on nvers, two and three fourths cents; on By {)bhag(i, Alton and St. Louis Railroad: J J H. We may, therefore, anticipate th'at the supplies from and I ll,nd my assistants were constantly endeavoring canals, two to five cents, and on the railroads from the new crop coming td tbts port will meet with an to prevent him; thiS' was before his sent e n ce to Sing three to thirteen and a half .oeots. Of til'e amount of Kaiser, 10 r 1 C :ay O,hio ;t.nd Chris ;Peper, a:ctive demand, should the qnahties prove or a gen e rally H .A. Smith 'sworn: Have ass1sta.nt asrece1ved at hicago 76 per cent. comes by rail5 hhcH!; D. ., 5-; St1fel & B e nson, 20 kegs 1 useful character." 1 sfuce 1865; 1.k;riow Hoyme; hig reputation was way, but from that city-only: 10 pet: cent. is sent East By: North Railroad : J.W. Booth 2 UVERPOOL; Jan. 9. W..K. BRANDT's th&tco a bluckade-nznner .' Isaac sworn: .Am whilst 90 J?Br (lept. JB 11ent by the lakes. hl4d.s.; '.Chos. 1 butt. oNs & Co. r eport: ,II.OWj asswtant assessor :i,psp,ec:tor io 184l'7; e mere lll!d collSumcr s of the B""'St. Louis ancl Iron Mountain Railroa : Bogy & The market foe .Amet-ican tobacco sinee the begiu,. JJiohteilhtim was attached to my office East. have an interest in reducing the of transportF J 1 hhd of the year lt'a been very quiet, and We hear of liJB .1uLies were mu.ilh the as mine; do not know atioo to the lowe s t p(l)sstblc point; and this can be 1Ty, fr s L ... 'b'C: 'I d d th p Rg was in the habit qf gomg to Jacob Freund's, 111085 easily effected by improving tbe water communihe exports om uUJ!! v raJ roa uung e no business worth reporting m any nces are "ff t' Cl t past week have. been follow s : By Oh?o Missis wtthout alteration. 'l',he Olty of has arrived o. 13Vl Bowery ,to get infor tap to asslj!t ca 1ons. 1eap ran s portatlOI .Ill a v1ta, to sippi, 48 bxs. and 20 by St. Loms, .Alton a .nd f1 N y k 'th 19 t b hlrl\' in l workin4t up cases, but he might have onr:whole country, and, secured, the c rom er or Wl !-' s. 0 &COO. I ifotie, know Hoyme,. his ge, neral reputa-of he vast and fet tile re,aions even further' West -"ll Terre Haute, 35 bxs. 40 cads., and 3 pkgs.; by hwa.,., go, .Alton and St. Louis, rhhd., 63 bxs., and 139 pkgs; ROTTERD!M, Jan. 2.-The market for North A mer-tion was bad as a blockade WJtnen be dev el oped as surely as time.endures, a8a mor& rapby North Missouri, 318 bxs.; by Pacific, 245 bxs.; by ican tobacco bas "bm!n d-ntl ttnritrg the D11mtb, as is trstt de at block:ade-runner is, and how Hoyme idly than we can at present imagine. lt:On 1 hhd., 35 bxs., 11.nd .by $t. 1 at this ot 1Ue '! we hear false r the price CERTIFIED CHECKS.-The .FinancidJ taket Loui a d Vandali, 9 and 2 pltgs -tQ'tal, 21ih of and We qnote--scraps, &t $2@J360; nnsoqnd and com25 do. Kent}cky, 38 s J ; it that in the report i able mon luo-s, M 50@*7; sound lugs, 87 d'arldeaf, do. Brazil, 3 5 ara, lulhps swot.n. .a clefk In doonm pre el f, important *9 50@$12 50; dark factorydried do 89@11; co lory Cuba, and 4 CIJ.Ile cavenqish. the iic'o <:l?llector.of e FJfth Dtstnc IM'7; c t gsestiens a ki It nsiders it ob--4Jq.., I @$J.a; J:a_ppers, JJ,@$18 ; dium !US,, Dee, kn wl:Ioym Y stght; general character r jectionllfin HOme o its conclol!ions. It says: "As we olor n Igf.J.t r ort; t J' oyme recalled: Know !tfr. Freund's c rk; view the ter, the report. appear to ve totall 'A ovember has not been a satisfactory ltJB' Iii oltzmann; he ca'me ll Mr. cooeei na ud 11 FOREIGN. though prices have been well maintained, tP,e Hoyme bad been releas:.f the bank. The banks bls. from Oaessa, 2 bls. from Ibrail, 361 hhds. a.nd 300 'buy only th1s market, and when,' by c r....Jhlly-stt wera--wben _lle. year opened. A of the in making this a common practice with brokers of"'ood. bls. from Bremen, 169 h.&ds. from Geestemuude, l4 snares, they have induced heav_y shtpm_ e.nts, caueu ,uz a stocks of ana :M::uyla.nd oba;ceo .ft rl. L ... t -' t h :t' d d bl :1 1 f J h t th th t 8W>U an 1mpor an compe sa IOllm savmg t!W' hbds. and '78 bls from Hamburg, }0 hh s. an 225 !!.. glut and panic here, they are m a to take adon t SL o anuary m eae yea!, nge e 1 WI. t e h:mdhng of an vt moue. .rt1.,-fact from France, 2,295 hhd s and 6,2 4 his. England; vantage dfit, and .fat on the ru of othe1s. d,, e (! nd dutypaJcl, 18 not of the check bein!'ce1 t1fied auRcs the r1Cturer. The rnerchl\nt will no wcrease, 9 2 6 centners, or 12! per cent;. (duty 20 BRE:UEN, Jan, I.-Messrs. GIRARD & CASSEBOHM a district in our country in whtch we may travel that doubt consider it a bad year, inasmuch as he fa1led to doh!., 13 551 centners, agamst 1 1,!63 centreport: one dces not see the tobacco growing in every direc-work np prices to a point at which he could have made ners m 2,388 centners, or 21-! pe: cent.; In our last issue we had to report again a dull martion. The negroes clear the bushes fiom aronnd the a desirable profit, and, after exhansting much patience snuff (cluty 20 do s: per centnPr), 91 centners, agamst 70 ket, with sales of 1,842 hhds. tobacco and 221 hhds. sides of their houses, pass a fire over it, sprinkle the and more ingennity, was compelled to acc ept moderate centners. m 1866-mtlrease, 21 centner& or 30 per cent. stems The public sale of 424 hhds. Kentucky tobacco over the Lurnt s01l, and before the, lapse of many to avoid beinO' lelt wtth an nndesu able stock. fwo tobacco barns, filled With tobacoo, be mentioned in our last did not take place, and also houn the plant puts its head above ground, and eno ugh The manufacturer, on"' the other band, by ket>ping off, longing to !dr. N _?ell, of co.unt y, Va, were another of 400 hhds., announced fOJ: a n auction four tobacco is grown to keep their pipes supplied during and show ing holders that he was not to be cajoled mto fit eLi by an mcend1ary a few mghts smce and totally days later, was taken back, the owner in the year. There is no preparation beyond picking the fancy prices fot goods fot which he could aftord consumed. selling a part of them on pnvate TransaetJons leaves as they ripen and banging them over the fire, to wmt, managed to tum the ttde of the year in his -=== -2 of the month came up to 453 hhds. Marylands, 1 283 the smoke from which cures 'them and makes them palfavor and he ultimately bought tobaccos at tales whwh OLD t!TArE hhds. Virgima and Kentucky, and 211 atable. I have frequently in my rambles, when barcl be at one time almost-fnghtened into believing JoJH:-1 o Dealer, Amboy,6mUeewestofSyracoee ao-ainst 1,448 h hds. Mary lands, 823 hhds. Vtrgmm and up for 'honey dew,' enjoyed a pipeful of the 'country would never be seen again. In this has Addre .. Belle Iele P o. Co N Y Kentucky, and 516 hhds. stems same month last year. tobacco,' which, by bemg rubbed up with a little sugar a good year fur the m a nufacturer generally, and he HA VJNG f!ALCIJTTI!, Dec. 8,-There has been some improve-when cut for the p1pe, does not smoke ill by any means. moreover enters upon 1860 with the almost certain ment in the market since our last, and manufactured is I think tbat if with a little preparation our native prospect of seeing pri.ces tend still more-to hts benefit. DISCONTINUED THE IMPORTATION AYD MAN in a little demand at 10 to 12 annas per lh. The in growth of tobacco can be made so palatable to one The o-ift of prophecy IS not more common to the tobac quiry for up country seems to ha-ve entirely ceased, whose taste bas been educated to the enjoyment of the co than it is to other branches of commercial and stocks are more than suffi c ient to meet any demand pure nicotian, what would it be 1f it should happen to enterprise, and we should shrink from that may arise. be passed 'onder the curing process _of the Cuba tobac-that which depends upon so many chances; but, takmg UF Al..'TURE OF CIGARS, WE OFFER THE BALANCE OF OUR STOCK AT A GREAT RR-HJlltiBURG, Jan, 2.-The market for all kinds co?" all things into consideration, we look for a bacco is without animation, and there was notlung SELLIN LEAFBYSTRIPPEDSAlfPLES.-Wehave been market in the early part of 1869. DUCTION. done in North American during the week. In other Oun WEALTH.-The .Atlantic seaboarll of the United SCHRODER & BON, .a> d f' s D requested to publish the followin!Z oircular : kinds sales were eu.ecte o 36Q ceroons t. ommgo, States says an cxtlhange, extends about 9,500 miles, 15'1 bls. Maturin, and 96 do. Porto Rico. NEw YoRK, January 22d, 1869 and the Mississippi and its tributaries open up an in R!VlN!, Jan, 16.-\Ve have nothing new to add We, the undersigned, agree not to sell seed leaf land navigation of 30,000 miles, upon the bosom of New York. this week to what we said in our last in relf::rd to the tobaceo stripped samples, nnleu the boyers pay which is now tloating an amount of commerce three -----------------------one half 0 Such Sumpling -expenses h 1 TJHB1CtJO F WrORY FOR SALE, and oromi"' to 1 ne market "o1 leaf, and no sales of importance ave transM t1"mes as great in ,-alne aR the w o e wrel!!n commerce '' R H Ark b h & D B B I & Dor rt!Qillred. Macbllllli'J IWAriJ-new, -Ia lg lu part or llydraull pited. Chewing closes dull and Without sa les at $23@ en urg ennmo, unz : of the countl. In forme1 times the trade with foreign p,_., IIlio h ,..., power Dot\Qv Jl!>alo, Mainers, cump ...... ..,r, ., 24 mitzer, E. :M. Crawford & Co, M. H. Leven, Josepn r,orts was loo ed 0.00 as our most 1mpottant 1 11tetest. Bhape.o, "II. HyiTKO -A.o experienced oale mm deo r eo' '''"'"" ao en N orth tobacco for the past year, we find that 393 florms. the s1ze of Massachusetts, ancl were 1ts popu a,twn ID dr-.. Tubooeo," tlllol>llloe. J27 :u ---. I


( t I j 164 Water Street, l\TEW YORK. 45 W.I,TIIB ST.a&ET1 NEW YORK, Would oall the attention of the Trade to the following most Celebrated Pound.. Half Quart.,.. Fancy. Teno. Brands of A. G !Fuller. Gart'beldl, JIUle Apple BaM, Gold Ridge, '. 1 J ,TOBA1CCO; VIRGINIA "' A "'I>TTTFACTURE D TOBACCO J.P. Wllllamooio., Lllj_lle,.tJIRigbt, Pubion Gold do. Blae Jaellel, u 8. W Venable, Lad1 Flogendo. Red Jacket, Velvet Roee, ,.... Temptation d6. Peach Jaa. Thomas Jr.s I!IOorado, Diadem, Fuller' s Pri411 Alla>ltlc cabtcT'Irist, Tom Thumb, Jimmie Admlra:tton do. May Queen GRAitT & WILLIAMS, .. .' 'RUSSELL & ROBINSON, J. G. DILL, ... THOMAS & OLIVER, .Jewel of o:hlr, Peach Basket, 'llflllodt'Pet, eou do. Alsxaoder, S C of VI 1 0"-' lxle Mag. Garrott, N:atlopal Gold :Medal do. Bolton, p1cer 8 : n 1 I So!Ioro' Cbok'.e. _.. Dellpt, Chtlotlon'oComt<>rt Kea,....rge Louie D Or, Peerleaa, Jl'nl!er, NMion'; orTrum.,e, C'ltiam's Wine Sap, C&l::r.o, John K. Childrey, P;".n;;.., _.. llr. Colden ... J Pace A Co Jerrr Amoret Bal'!!, Brown, Jones .t .., DicK SwiTelllir, Olil Bendigq, Boolneon, ftoyater's Queen H-rta, .. Marrla 4 Pendleton, :Mark .Tapler, a.-G....., Miami, Wblte, Brlton'e mblem, .. Crant & Wlllama, 1:fBw61. C. W. Spicer, McEnery 8ro. 't1-, W. R. ..ohnson .. -. Wlltlam Long, Charleo;Ba,.., Pabaetto Slxee, sancho Panza v -Victoria, Twta llaldwln'o O..ld Bod, Jleautllllllltar; creaner Winne, Thomas Oliver, Peel-leo, Iacloml.,..' !lour 'l'bnmb Ban, c. L. Joaeo, C 8. W. Venable & Co. Favorite Premj-., QI!Mia, Dell& Pocket Piece, cal"'toii e T. C. Williams o., National &p. Cbt!"U. Premlem. Lltlle,AIIRigllt FeriJUSOR Chambere, c. P. ., .... :rfg, x-. ,._, ...... "'" .I.R.AIIen, ___ S"BB'UDB. u It uolT ROBBRT S. BOWXB 00.1 fi II !t T ACCO 178 'w. New CommlllldoD lYierohants, 7 Bulin Blip. lew York. BP.ANIsn T bBAcco, 'I loi LE\l'IS, PHILIP'&, JOUN IMPORTERS OF Havana Segars, and Havana Leaf Tobacco, No. 89 BEAVER STREET. PHILIP FRANK, .... 8'W & O:r 11. LBWIS FRANK, } 'RT '....: k FRAN:K. f > given for ever1 ease, and delivered, b7 C811e1 as to number of Certillcate. N. B.-I alao sample in Herdlams' nm Storu. F. 0. L:J:N"DE, YADHOlJSEB-llcl, 74, 76, ani '78 Oreeawloh 8l. 'lll Breet. ... DO.O..>i'Q.a:, ..,., \TA"T.I!:R STREET.-M. & E. SALOMON COMIIISSION MERCHANTS, 4ND. DIPORTERS OP Havana Cigars, Leaf Tobacco PI'" Sole Agency for .I", W.Carroll "LONE .J"A.CK" and "BROWN DICK" Smoktnc Tobaceo. Y" :J:.o. "Y". Suocesa01' to S.AM'L A YREB &; SON, late of" Richmond. Va., Commission Merchant for the sale of LEAF AND KANUFACTURED TOBACCO, AND OTHE_ R SOU:t'HERN PRODUCE, No. 64 Water Street, P 0. Box 6,'13 9 NewYork. TH. CONSIGNMENTS SOLICITED. VETTERLEIN & SONS, f 72 PEAliL STREET, PATENT TEMPER. TOBACCO-KNIVES, F.VERY DESCRIPTIO:!! ADAPTED TO ALL Tlllli DIFI'ERI!N! POWER AND RAND MAbE BY NAPANOCH AXE AND IRON CO., c-. S. BRIGHAM, Treaaurer, Napanoch, N. Y. Ov lon g e JCperlen c e a.nd feclUUe. enable u to guaMD.tee n.tlifaction. 1.-IM New York Salesroom. 69 lllllTIIf.atreet. JOSIAH S. LEVERE'l'l' & 00. THOMAS KINNICUTT, K.eatoeky VIJ1rlala No. 47 Broad IN, A fine assortment of "ciG-AR RIBIJONS,.constantly on hani:l. DE & FOOTE,'' ptWiagas, Es:pa;n,ol,a, La Bosa1 Figaro. ,J ...,..::: SOLIIl'BOPIWI'l'OM THII: CICLlD!R.IIrED BIWIDS HYACINTH, EL COMPANE_RO, EL CONTESTO. 94 aII;:EKMAN STREET. = E. ROSENWALD & BRO. Commission Merchants o .n a IMPORTERS OF HAVANA LEAF, .Also Dealers in LEAF T OBACCO and SEGARS, Cigar Ribbons con-t 145 W t St t N y stantly on hand. f a er ree l:L-. E ,& F 1II!JP 0 B .A C C 0 149 Water-str.eet, '.lear Jl:'laiden-lane, New-York. P, FRINI?A.NT & CO., 47 West st.. Cincinnati, 0. F .A. T:aLI:.A.N" c1:J CO., COTTDII: FACTORS, COMMISSION Nos. 70 and 72 Broad Street, "Y"OE'I.::S::.. MANUFACTUllERS OF J. K. CHILDREY, GREAftER & WINNIE, BARRATT'S CROWN, REUBEN; RAGLAND, GILIIAN.&:.IIALLORY. 1:.. H. FRAYSER & CO., TUll"Pilf-l YARBROUGH, J. B. PACE & CO., CHEIVES & OSBORNE, DAVIS & SON, DUKE OF A'r.HOL. PALMER & SCO rVILLE, l t .AND J011BBRS or TOBAJCCO, No. 1'10 Jfater Street, New York. L. P.ALMER A. H. SCOVILLE, Seed-leafWrapperof our own packing I '14 Water SWeet DEALEBS IN New York Leaf B.ll:a Tobacco. I ROBERT L. MAITLAND & 00., TQ'ft&QQQ CJIINIDLAL OOMMIIISION MJ1BOIIAN'ftl, \... :1. Hano'Vfn' lJuUdings, Hanover.Square, New York. Alvancea made on CoJllicDmentl to lleun. W. A. a: G.llu.well a: Co., Liverpoo OF Havana Segars, "LA AFRICAN A." No, 6!1 BROAD 8T)JEET, "OLIVER T"WJST," LA MATILDE," Agent.o for the sale or the followlvg WeD-IDown ani Celebiafed Brands gf vmGINIA TOBACCO, Captain Jinks, Champagne Charlie, Virgini, a State, Globe, Continental, Metropolis, Etc., Eto., Also, all kind o f P:W:..UGr ":rO:JEI.A.CCO. JACOB HENKELL, SEGAR BOX MANUFACTORY, (Superior Make and Prime Quality,) OF CiDAR WOOD, 293 aud 294i MONROE STREET, NEW YORK. ............. Om. WIL P .l.LKOa& G. HEINEKEN. &: PALMORE, Special -pal t.o &lie Ale .t looat 'foba.o c u ,.,. o-.-.._ ...._....-, KREM:ELBERG & CO., XEWYOBK., ...,. F. L. BllA.UNS & CO., BAL'ftKOaE. Tob.acco Collllission leriants. CLEMENT READ, ail#mmht11hti .......... VIRGINIA AND WTEIN LEAF ...... MANUF. IOTURED T0111000, LICORICE, CUM, eto., Ga-liK llo. II l'earlreet, 11, T, x-a

OH:AS.F. TAG OF SPIMSH, uEAFTa1IDco.-:. BO. lH DGft-8TlLD'1', 3'14 3 ....... lllunulte. B. & D. BENRIMO, gmmlJIJCigu TOBAOCO LEA 1'. WALTER ll. JlRAMBALL. LADY GOLD BARS, TW.ST, POCKET PIECES, MAY APPLES, Fl&S, GOLQ FLAKE, lc:-, &c., -and SOLI: A.CJDN'rS fbr ibllowills" CELEBRATED Braac1a o' S.JIOK I C TOBACco: 'tHOIIAS & OLIVER'S PIONEBR TOBACCO Co .... p A ... ,.... BJ4LY BOCK, .. K," VA. BE!.:\.E, STAR, SOCIABLE, R -OS-E-. 0-L-IV-E Milo .a..L' .& OWL CLUB, ROYAL SIGNET, GO.LD BUG, .. ...,._.._.,. LEU TOBACOO,. UN. N/IJf-XOU, OF BROOKLYN, NEW" YOB:K. D. c. IIAYO & CO.'S Ban aa .-lellll -..C LUll 'fOUCOO tw Ul!Oil! ILDm HOJIII UU. 11.1.01 Ca.. pi "ta1, $Q00,000, VIRGINIA'S CHOICE,JIIIO"EER or the OLD DOMI"ION, OBOHOKO. G. P. P:U:SCOTT'S GOLD}" ST -4-R, CROWl. FELIX JORA.NDA, IMJOllTD 01' HlVlfll LEAF TOBACCO. .lND OJ' TD BBAMD < OJ' SEGARS, BITIC.A," 1911 P-1 II!!Jt;reet. RIIW YORK. JOB. M:A YER & SONS, cs ......... dlntl, UD HAL ... DI Lotlf 1fl2 W ATEB STBEET. New York. G. REISMANN & CO .. '!,lrstlaltdj t f 11 rg lB @J, 179 PEABL .I!TJiBET, P in aN ()ld.a'l" trutB, Otl'BT,&.? 1iUU113Ud. } AoL&LlK Di m Rl:t:o5WJlllr1 H.&kiU.JI .t._U::ilG .. New-York. M. R. PEARSALL, Importer ud c:e-m o! HAVANA SEGARS LEAF TOBACCO, No, 23 Sout.h William Street, LA dBAm'I'U," (tt'l-111) W-Y o UTHlim & co.; uo :l'n!Dwtreet, Commission IIerchants TOBACCO PRESSERS. Le&l Tobaoeo prelled m baleo for l1le Wnt. Iodleo, lolexlcaa. Oeatral, American, au.d other market& TO:BACOO 1' A.OKliiD Illll0GBRE.A.J)8. BASCH & COHN, Commission Merchants, .AJm D11:.A.LEIIS ur ALL ltiND8 oio L eaf Tobaooo Ui7 W .&.TAm liJTilEEI', J liU.ItJEti LAl!Do NEW" YORK. Ooloto. Organized nnder the laws of the State of J 1868. H. W. HUNT, President. JOHN H. eAJ;fAORN, Seo'J W. ltOliT 167 Water Street. New York; 16 Centrat'-Wharf. Boson. .fBIE & CH., 66 Pine B"tree-t, IMP.ORTR8 OF H and ARA AP.Pit EBY 41& HELME TO KANU:I' AOTlJ'.BliiB8 0:1' TllE CJ!:LilBBA 'l'liiD FB.JNGK :R.A.P;t:U, SCOT
    til,DI .. General Commission Merchants, fiREIGN .t, DOMESTIC TOBACCO, 4i' Broad Street, N.Y. L I O O...,R I O E. SIMON SALOMON, LEAF TOBACCO VOLGiER & HUNIKEN, AND 8ECARS, _..i.iifi ...,.......,_.. JSo. 192 PEA.BL STREET, OXG-.A.::R., .P%,P:BI&, ) LEVY&:; NEWGA.SS, e N.EW Jl()BK. 'lF -.. II: ... ov:lllP'Uq Comndssion Merchants, THE TOEI.A.ClCO u.-111 CITY TOBACCO ACI:NCY, Bo. 108 Fli.Oli'T-BTREET, !lew-York G. W. HILLMAN & CO., lbttkauts, No. 166 Front Street, -C&BllCCticnt aud HaTau New YerJc. 'LEAF TOBACCOS c /.;; I No. 1'73 flo UIUON FACTORY, ESTABLISHED 1839_ .1 Tt-lQ& XEWTU:aJL THoMAs J. HARDGRoVE, A 8 ROSE..,AU .. &co (Only 811CCfllt!Or to TBOJL\11 & BAll!:tll!L liABDGBOVII,) ..... ,U .Ill._ 0 ..., _.gun; roa 'riDI o.u.a ow Jlanntactorer and Owner or the following cel e brated ()0Mlllll810l'f l!IEBCDA.l'fTS lll.&.l'fU.w'.&..CTU&BD :a'G.B.&.Cl(JO, biUldB ofVIRGIID!IA PLUG TOBACCO: l Have &lways en band a larp u1ortment of Manufa.a DABK. DB IIIPOBDa \ured Tobacco. oale onllbenl U ad L w GUN'I'KBB, F. WK. TATGXHIIOBIT, Nel\"YotiLD8 m Charmer, :&are Ripe, Elephant. DODSTle till AD UNUJAtmJIID HBAOOI!. Main St., bet. 26th & 28th, Richmond,Va. 1112 New-York. l.\J.E A.. 0 N" E El. :Yj FOR BALIIQ Granulated Smoking Tobacco. (Nea r Wall Street,) I 202-253 NE"W-YORK,' NEW YORK. JULIAN ALLEN, INTERNAL REVElO Seed-Leaf&Havana A.. LINDHEIM. G : HIRSH. M. LINDHEIM. TOBJ.CCO, Notice to Taltpayen. WIIOt.UAt.J ORI.T, Wa-ter Street. llanufaotmers of the following Celebrated Brands of NEW YORK. VIRGINIA G'"Br.,.eh 8tere, 8 8TllEET, Plttobu.b1 Pa SMOE.IKG : w. LANGENBACH & co. NA.TUBA.L LEAF, VIRGINIA. IIE.&.L, XX GGLDEN' CBOWll', P A.(JIFIC.&. TION, X CROWN, KILLIKINICK, ORIENTAL, OLD DOMINIOJr, LYNCHBWBG, BULLY BOY,ri:'UBKISH TOBACCOS. Put up in eighth's, quarter's, be.lf's, and one po'IIDd packages, in the most IIIQdern styles Manufactured only lllaout.ctuera ol Fino Cut :htwiug, APfD SNUFF,. 20!> and 207 Centre C. LA-NGENB A CH, } JOB. IVLZJU.CBXB. NEW TORI{.. PLATT & DWTOI' .lt oar Faetory, Jo, S'G Oth DJstrlet, Lpebltorg, fa. suc:eeooon.., WM. T. COLEMAI CG,, The_ subscribers also wish to Inform the trade that the depot lfr the Ooel, Comnn ssl" on Merchants deotal, Dck: Ta&or, a.nd Red Rover, manufactured by 1 L New York: 1 San Francisco: e """" ,.. lU Frout Street. Cor .CalltorDia41'nmtt!te Lynchburg Va., is at their and 90 Water stree; Uew Yltrk. M. PAULITSCH, wiLLIAM AgeniiiiD San l'nnciaco for Sale of "'BGINIA MANUFACTURED TOBACCO. M. BROCK, We are now prepared to deliver the fol lowing Books, as required by the Law approved July 20th ; 1868, via: Cigar Manu!actarero' Boob .......... .. GOl"t .r-'1'1 C1gar Makero' Pasa Boob. tear Tobacco Dealen' Record .... ..... Gov't Fora Tr Tobacco and Snull" lllaoul&cturen' Book, incindlngF'Ine Cnt,Cbewlna:, Smoking P log and Twiat ana Snu.lf ... i'a 'f4 Record of Rec:elpta and Deli verioa at T o bacco and Souli"Bxport Warellouee t ? b e kept by Storekeeper Also, all t h e blank forme required by the DeW Tax Law, viz: TOBAC.CO, SNUFF AND CIGARS, As per RegnlAUono, Berlea 4, No. 8, dated Aq. 1,1818. Tile above books and blanks as well aa all others published by us for the .;116 of taxpa,rer_t. are tbe OFFICIAL .FO.RllS PRESCRIBED' BY THE COMMISSIONER OF IN'rBJlNA.Ii BY and are wammted to be oohiiOL Schedules of Books and Blanks Cornillhed b7 mail upon application. Orders will be promptly filled upon reoeip$ Ill tbe money, or will be sent by Expre1111, 0. 0. D when the amount to be collected is $6 or onr. ., ESTEE & SMITH, Internal Revenue Stationers, No. 61 CEDAR ST., NEW YOJII[ Add ressP. 0. Box 6086, New Y o rk. H. SCHOVERLING, (late Scbovertlng & Chapman,) Dli&Lmll nr Any size Packages PRESSED INSTANTLY to any Oomrojssion Merchant form. ADd_ .. (Succeo o r to LEB BROTHERS,) o.nd Manu:Caoturer ::Jf" G. C. EHRSAM:, Manvfattoorer of the Finest Brande rA lYIACBJl\TJST Leaf Tobacco 26 BOtrrll WlLLIAI ST., NW YORK. tar :a-tv ... of B. .&. Chapman a Paoklna: SEN"D FOR CIRCULAR. :WJYJ. S. KIMBALL, ROCHESTER. N. Y. LEAF TOBACCO, 148 WATER ()TJU:ET, Near llll&idell LaDe, l!TEWYOBIL HAVANA CIGARS AND l'tEALEll. IN LEAF TOBlccl 269 Pearl St,eet, NearFwtou NEW YORK C I a A R S AlOl> Shafting, Hangers, and Pulleys POit TO.AOCO PACTORI... 329 BOWERY. NEW YORK. Nos. 76 & ?'8 Eha ti!lHI4) NEW YO. I[

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    --............... .... A.. 'J'JDO J. B.. I, TT::itBLE.IN & CO., -PHILADELPHIA, PA., Oommtflim Merchants in Leaf and Manufactured J Tobacco, DOMESTIC AND IMPORTED ISEGABS. ftD 8TATI:B ...... D WARI:HOUBI:. !I(Jt'rf>.., 1J1n forward their Stoaks witbo.U prepaying the Govel'Jliii!Dt Tax. B. A. VAN SCHAICK_, AGENT FOR Lorillard's Tobacco & Snuff, Cigars, Havana and Connecticut Leaf. IN LOTS TO SUIT, Bo. 18 8. FRONT STREET, PHILADELPHIA. Orders ISoUclted. ESTABLISHED IN 1828. s. I'UGUET a soms, I:JIIPOJlTERil O:r :S:A:V. No. 229 South Front Street, Philadelphia. BeAd fLea.fTobacoo, ... AASBROTHERS, JOHN DUDDY & co 82 WEST BEC.OliiD STUET, DIAI.Iat IX ., emportera.or .. CONN. SEEDLEAF TOBACCO, Commission Merchants IUBIIJ'Acruua or JDHN T. JDHNSON &. SON, CXG:A.B.IiiJ,. .... ....,. "' Mtltft-8freet, OJO, MISSOURI, & VIRG!NIA con. fO&ACCOS, D. W. KING, No. 39 Race-street, N. WOODWORTH, DEALER IN /."'-2:11 State Street, P. Lorillard's Western Branch. "'-1./ HARTFORD, Conn. F -OY & KEYS!' MANAOERS1 TOBACCO, SlUFF AID CIGARS, GJK>BeB Fov. 85 South Wate1-Street CHICAGO m JoBH B. x.n. '-. C. GOLDSTEil\1' a CO., AUC'I:'ION & COMMISSION.MEBCHANTS "'76 TOBACCO WORKS." E. 0. MURRAY, lo.te or Vn IJom, Hurr A: Oo. IIUAL M.&SON, late of Waic A M.aaon.. R. A. CHAPMAN, Seedleaf Tobacco, EAST HARTFORD,CONN. J. SIGNi'OR Connecticut Seed-Leaf Tobacco, EAST HABTPORD, COD. H. SMITH & CO.,) meroGnnii 1 MURRAY & MASON' un: 108,.... o. I m Connecticut Seed. Leaf BOSTON ADVEB.TISEMTNTS. OUlBL S. BROWJJ JA.& BBOWX1 J&. J:D"D. 8 OOULBTOK". D. s. BROWN dt DIPOJI'DR8 AJID W'"30LE&I.U: DB.I.L&IUJ Ut Leaf a.nd Manufactured TOBACCOt RAV!NA PRmOIPE. ABD DOKEBTIO OIGABS. Meenchaum RDd Rrtu ao4 Artlcl Generally. Exclu3iVt'ly Wholesal e. Chew1ag a.M Smoking Tobacco, Noa. 22 & 24 Mlchigan-av., Chicago, Ill. HtltBD..U.It t :BOSTON ADVERTISEMENTS. I. r. BLO""""" r (9!S-120) Spr1a.c4elcl, -FISHER & CO., G. W. GRAVES, UD Du.LD. Cl Commission Merchants, Fine connecticut Seed-Leaf 2S CENTRAL WJURF, BOSTON. r o s --a c co Danbury, Connecticut. 111i1M' OF GIVD. J 31 and 3' Brottd .. &treet .. Boaton. HORACE N. Fl8RJ:R, JOWl N. F181DB. I pp-_ 108-... P 'Gf. 11114 '611. (109.-121

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    J THE TOBACCO LEA. 'I'JIE TOBACCO CtllfENTitN AT W !SBIIGTOI. It was then agreed that the Secretary of the Coll.ven twn furmsh to THE Ton&.oco LEAF aud such other IMPOR1:ANT PROCEEDINGS papers of the country as he deemed proper, the proceed mgs of the ConventiOn The Conventwn then took a THE tobacco and mgar dealers and manufacturer& recess now Ill w ashmgton, met m convention at the :St James EvENING SESSION -Mr T R Spence opened the Hotel on the 21st. iait. Tbe followmg delegates -were of the evenmg sesswn by a very elaborate and comprehensive address upon the wtemal revenue stamp E. Lalfl'ellOe, qbsrlea Siedler, Thoma8 J. used upon tobacco, explaining Its deilcienmes and where Rayne!\ ancl.Jolm Straiton, of New York, Wtlham y the remedy was At tne close ofMa Spence's Iema1ks, Deford, W!Uiam SemllUer, G W Gale, Wilham A 1t was resolved that the Executive Committee appomt Boyd Jr., G S Watts, W Oettmger, and James A by this t,:pnvention be authonzed and wsttucted to pre ot Baltiaaore i George Htbben, E Frankenthal, sent to Congress and the Internal Revenue Department lt LoeweMhal and Hen H Adams of Chtcacro any changes m the. present law and regulations which, David Campbeil ofNewal N. J T R Spence m the'judgment of the committee, wtll equally benefit George Hafer, df Omcmnat 1'; J B Pace, L H "!f'ra;y the Government as well as the manufacturers and deal ser, and John K Chtldrey. of Richmond; BenJ&tmn Payne. of Albany, N. Y.; Georn Y'V. Cochran, of Spen ce then offered the foll'owwg resolutiOn, Washington wh1ch was adopted The conve.ntion was called to order by'T R Spence, RI!!Jolved That It ts the sense of this conventiOn that of Cincmnati, who ropoaed the name of Wtlham E 1 all bulk tobacco should be repacked m the le Lawrence, of New JY ork, rs president, but that gen l gal packageil bet ore reccJvmg free stamps, except press iJeman dechnwg Mr. w. Y. Defot:Ji of Baltimore, was ed smoktng m bales not exceedmg five pounds chosen T R Spence of Omcmnat1 waa selected u Resolved, 'I hat thts convenuon resolve Itself mto a vice-resld;nt, Henry' H. Adams, of CbiMgo. seorenattOn,!ll associatiOn, to be called the N at10nal Tobacco tary p and George w. Cochran of the DtRtnct of Co Assoc.tatJOn of the U mted States, and that an executive lnmhia, as treasmer committee, to consist of three representatives from the Mr of Cbwarto then moved that a oommit State of New York, and two from each ofthefollowmg tee of seven appomt:d draft a pra,.m\>.e and reSBta: Massachusetts, .Rhode Island, Connecticut, olutwns expressive of the semre of the conventwn, New Jersey,_fennsylvama, Maryland, which was agreed to and the followmg gentlemen seCarohna, Obto, Kentucky, Tennessee, MlBSOnn, lhn01s, lected. George Htbben, oQf Chicago, Wilham E MIChigan, and W1sco!lsm, (and, .on mot1on, Lawrence, of New York ; G. w Gale, of Baltimore; one from the Dtstnct of be appomted by the T. R Spence, of Cmmnnatl; w tlham Semuller, of pres1de';lt of th1s convention days; and Baltimore. John Stratton of New york and G s the of the sa1d executive comlDlttee to res1de Watts, of'Baltimore. m c1ty York; and the chairman ofsa1d ex The commi"-, after a t1Dle, reported the following ecutlve eomm1ttee shall, Wtth the of tc;n preamble and resolutions: members, be empowered to call a conveDtton of Aid Whereas, previous to the passage of the law approved &BIIOOJataon at such t1me. and place as they may J 1 20 1868 "An act Imposm"' taxes 011 disproper And the committee hereafter to be appomted tii1Jd spmta, toJ.cco, and for other purposes," a com by the prestdent of.thts conventiOn shall have the IDlttee of the JUD'IIiacturers and d,ealera in wer t.o draft a co';ls\itutiOn and by-laws to govern sa1d bacco wu bel4 J1111uary 2t aad 30, 1868, at tb6 city of natiOnal a!lsociatton w aahmgton, the object of which conventiOn was stated It was agreed that Wilham E Lawrence, of ew to be for the purpose of promoting equal JUSttoe, removYiork, should be appomted prestdent_ of the Natron,.l wg iodueemeata to fraud, encourage and stimulate the AssoCiatiOn, and be was accordmgly 10 de-trade in it.a former pr01penty, and msure the collection ngnated of the full amount of tax from manufactured tobacco, It was ordered by the convention that the executive !muff, a.ud cigara, this conventiOn, composed of delecommittee, the departments, mstst that ates from all sections of the U mted States, represent all tobacco setzed and sold by the Government, be sold the different interests of the trade, and for the pur subJect to the Government tax. poses aforestated agreed upon certain propos 1 t 1onsregIt was also ordered by the conventiOn that the doc ulatw the tax upon manufactured tobat!co, and the meats m possesswn of the secretary of tins convention mann! m whiCh the same should be collected transmitted to the pres1dent '?f the N atiO'?al Execn Amongst the variOus propositions submitted to the tiVe Committee when w1th the1r busmess here Committee of Ways and Means was the followmg A vote cf thanK:s was the and sec "All tax paid or tax free tobacco held for sale at the retary, and the conventton dle The time of the passage of this act shall have ali xed to committee will here until their work before C()n them, ftee ot charge, a stamp, espeCially prepared for gress will be decided the put pose, upon proper sworn ev1dt!nce from the bolder thereof that the same bRS complwd w1th the THE BL.U!!DELL-ECKEL WHISKY f:A.SE, law; but It shall be the duty of the owner to notify the .. collector of htS district With n ten days from the time THE JUDGE'S CHARGE-"I'ERDICT OF 'l'HE JURY that th1s act takes effect -.;he cqrrect quant1ty of such tax .Paid on ta:x-free goods as he may have m h1s sessiOn, and make an apphcat1on to have the same stamped, and any tobacco found after the exptratwn of thirty not duly stamped, or of whiCh the own er hal! failed to make such apphcatwn, shall be hable to setzure and confiscatiOn," And VJhereas, wh1le most of the suggestiOns made by t,he conventiOn heretofore were substantially embod1ed in the b1ll reported by the Comm:ttee of Ways and Means and passed by Congress, yet, mstead of the ar tieles recommended by the comm1ttee in regard to tax paid goods held before the passage of sa1d law, the Committee of Ways and Mean, mstead of pro v1din g for the tssue of stamps for tax patd on tax free goods, extended the time for sale and consumption of the same, wh1ch, 1f unsold and consumed at the exptra t10n of time thus gtven sa1d manufactured tobacco and cigars, are agam subJected to the payment of an addt twnal tax, A.nd whereas we find m seetwo 78 of said act as aforesatd the followmg. "And be tt further enacted, That eve1 y manufacturer of mgars shall affix by pastmg on each box contammg cigars manufactured by or for him, a label, on whiCh shall be together the manufacturer's name, the number of bts ma.D'Iiaetory, and the dtstnct and State m whiCh 1t IS si these words The manufacturer of the herem contamed com plied with all the reqwremeata of law every person 1s cautwned, under the peualtiesoftbe law, not to use th11 box for mgan again Thrl obJect of this proviswn most WRS to Identify the manufacturer of cigara. ](ow tfnl! can be done JUSt as effectively by a ehango m the law penmttmg the name of.the manufac turer to be O!Jlitted at the1r optwn, ana only requmng that th Ull.alber .at the ory, the d1stTict, and State, as now _provided by law, whiCh would, m all re spects, serve J;he p11rpose of the ,Government to trace the mapufact11rer of tbe ctgars, and would relieve that portion of the law from a very obJeCtionable feature, which bea1 s most nnJustl;r upon dealers who have mtro duced m ( the1r trade the1r val"IOU8 brands of cigars, at great labor and cost, and have thus rendered those brands valuable, and they alone should be entitled to the benefit accrumg by the sale of the same But the law, as 1t now stands, rendera the private bmnds of the dealers mere advertising agents of the manufacturers, and if not mod1fied, wtll compel dealers tO manufacture their own brands, and thus deprive present manufac turCIS of their best customers. And whereas, we find m seotwn 78 of tho Act as aforestated that said sectiOn prov1des how and m what shape manufactured tobacco and snuff shall be sold, whilst the law provides for the proper sale by retrul dealers m wooden packages, proper\y stamped, of manu factured tobacco, It has no provisions whatever for re tailing snuff from prs or bladders, m wh1ch the same IS authonzed to be packed py law tbe 1efore, Be tt resolved, That it is the sense of th1s Convention that sectwns 78 and 94 of an Act ent1tled "An Act 1m posmg taxes on d1sttlled .spmts, tobacco, and for other purposes should be so amended as to reheve tax-pa1d goods from the payment of another tax Resolved, That stamps should be furmshed f1ee for all tax paid tobacco, mgars, nud snuff, and no tobacco, c1gars, or snuff should sold after the passage of the law grantwg such .stamps, unless such tobacc(), and snuff shall be properly stamped Resolved, Tliat It shall be lawful to allow retailers to sell snuff hom J&rB and bladders, provided the same are duly stamped to law. RI!!Jolved, That sectwns 88 and 89 of the law ap proved July 20, 1868, should be amended so as not to require the name of l.he manufacturer to appear on the brand and label now reqmred by the Government, but the numberwg of the factory, the d1stnct, and State shall be retamf'd Resolved, That, while making the above suggestions, we :t>rotest in011t emphatiCally agamst any further ex tension of the .ttme for the sale of any unstam1;1ed to bacco, snuff, and CJgara of any descnption, as It wllr afford no relief, but only favor Illimt manufacturen1. After some httle discussion, the report of the com mtttee was unan.mously adopted. It was then moved and agreed to that a committee of nme be appointed to present to Congress the news and des1res ot the Oon ventwn, and thefollowmg gentlemen were appomted as the comm1ttee : Wtlham Y Deford, of Baltimore, chairman; B Loewenthal, Ch1cago, T R. Spence, Cincmnati; Ben Jamm Payne, Albany, John Stra1ton, New York; L. H Frayser, Rtchmond; George H1bben, Chicago ; Wilham E. Lawrence, N cw York; and Henry H Adams, Ch1cago, secretary. We gtve below the concludwg:proceedwgs m th1s 1mportant case The Umted States vs Blaisde ll, Jolm J. :F'ckel, and John McLaren.-J udge Blatchford charged the JUT:' on Fnday as folio" s Gentlemen of the Jury, the case now before you, and whiCh has oc cup1ed your attentiOn for the last s1x ot seven days, IS one which, m the JUdgment of the Court, JS as im poi tant m the publtc punc1ples 10volved m 1t, m 1ts to the cause of law and order and the well being of the commumty, as any case that has ever come before a tnbunal of the U mted States And the reason I make this remark m seen m thts, that m the present cond!LJOn of the pubhc affa1rs of th1s country the questwn of the collecnon of the revenue on d1stilled spints 1s as Important as any questwn connected w1th the collectwn of the Internal revenue of the country And the collectiOn of mternal revenue, the preservation oflts cred1t, and the punctual payment of Its debt, 1a the great questJon that concerns the Umted States, and every mttzen m It, and every one of you, gentle men of the Jury, more than any other pubhc quest1on that now ex1Sts m this country I make these remarks because 1t was suggested to you m the coune of the summmg up that It could not be understood, and was not seen why th1s case attracted so much public attentiOn. It It th1s, gentlemen, that even now, w1th the Imperfect collectiOn of the revenue that we have, the revenue on dtstdled sp1nts and tobacco Js almost half of the entire revenue that is collected In the U n1ted States, and therefore any illicit means that may be adopted to de fraud the Government of 1ts taxes upon distilled spmts str1kes at the very vitals of 1ts revenue system. But there 1s another reason why th1s case IS one of great public importance It 1s that, notWithstanding there have been many prosecutiOns, both civil aad cnmmal, trted IIi tbts court and in other courts of the United States 10 other distncts under the revenue law Jet this, so far as my recollectiOn extends, baa develop au ex posure of the machmery-tbe fraud and the peljnry by which thrs whole busmesa, the mode and manner m whtch the ilhCJt removal of spirits has been carried on -far more thoroughly and completely than any other case that has ever been tned under this law m any court of the United States. The whole modus oper andl has been latd bare and now the Court, you, gentlemen of the JUry, and the whole commumty under stand exactly bow the Ilhmt busmess has been carr1ed on, and what has been hitherto so little understood, the system of runnmg off of spouts f10m a distillery to a rect1fymg house placed m close juxtapositiOn there to -all th1s has been fully and thoroughly exposed And m th1s connectiOn I will presently refer to some of the affidavitS that have been Iead m this case, at1d to some of the witnesses who have been exammed on the stand I refer to the affidav1ts made, one by Sqmers and by some one e lse, f1om whiCh It appears that tlns very d1sttllery m Forty fifth street, first se1zed on the 3d of N o.yember, it appears also from the affidav1t of Collector Batley, of the Fourth Collectwn Dtstnct m tbts mty, under whose mstrulltiOns and directwns the place was seized, the same thmg being referred to m the affidavit of Sqmers. and anether, 1t ,appears that whtle the pubhc officers were ent1rely satisfied that whisky was bemg earned from this distillery to the recttfymg place by means of bose attached to thts p1pe With the goose neck, called a hydrant, m the yard of the dtsttllery, yet the means whereby the wh1sky was drawn off fr0m the recetvmg-c1stern m the rece1vmg room was not :umed at, as appears from the affidavit read to you, till the fp.cts came out m the course of th1s tnal The 1dea was that the sptnts were drawn off by means of a hose attached to the top of the CIStern, cat ned from there through a wmdow and so down to the hydrant m the yard, from whence 1t passed mto the rec tifying house. The Id"a was that the whisky was ra1sed fror.'l the c1stern b1 means of 110me pump or syphon, or some appmatus of that sort, to get It up from the level, and then run 1t off by the force of gravitation That was the tdea first entertamed of th1s running off opera twn, but tf the test1mouy g1ven on th1s tnal1s to be be lieved, that was an erroneous one It was not supposed or suggested m the aftidavJts that have been read to you that the way m whiCh the spirtts were got out of the Custom Yoom was by opemng a door and by the attachmg of a hose to a cock, whiCh was only supposed to be used ordmar1ly Jor the drawmg off of spirits, un der the mspect10n of Government officer s into banels properly branded and marked, and then honestly de stgned to be put mto the market for sale. In thts as pect th1s case IS Important, for 1f the evtdeoce IS to be believed it shows prec1sely how the thmg was done. The Judge examined at great length the testimony of the Witnesses m the case, and especially that of the twelve who testified to the material pomtB coucernmg the conveying the whisky tbrouglt a hose into the tee t1fymg houee. He sa1d that m relatwn to such witness es the JUry must c.Jnstdei s1mply, on all the facts and probabtht1es of the case, whether the Witnesses told the truth w makmg their depositiOns, or had ever told the truth as Witnesses on the trtal. As to the adequateue&s of testimony of accomplices, 1t was a sound and JUSt :-ule that It should be rece1ved wtth cautwn, and should not be entitled to mueh cred1t unless corroborated by one or mo1e unexceptiOnable witueseS m Its matenal pmnts, or when all the mam facts and Circumstances m a case tended mesisttbly to show that the wttness or Witnesses were, m all human probab1hty, testtfymg to the truth The JUly-were no to find defendants gu1lty because other and perhaps more gmlty parties had, m otner cases, escaped pumsbment, but they must try thts pa1t1Cular ease wholly on 1ts own ments and on the facts only shown by the ev1dence There were mght counts m the mdiCtments three for the Illicit removal f w his ky, three for a1clmg and abettwg m such removal, and two for not keepmg the's book reqmred by law to be kept by rectifiers for entermg the spmts received by them One of the for removal was laid dur mg the first runmng of the disttllcry, before the first seizure, and the other two counts for removal were latd dunng the second run just pnor to the last setzme Two of the counts {or a1dmg and abettmg were l:ud durtJ>g the first 1 nn, and the other of those counts dmmg the second run The two counts for not keeping a rectlfi er's book were not to be constdeted by the Jury, as the evidence g1ven m thmr support was too tnvtal for con sideration, and a \ erdiCt ot gmlty on those counts would, 1f rendered, be set astde by the Court. There was no conspiracy charged the accused m the mdictment, but simP-lY a general charge all of them of bemg gmlty of the acts spectfied The defend ants could be found gmlty on one or more. er on all su: Qnnts, or could be acqu1tted on one or more or all the six counts, as the jury might find warrant in the evl deuce One defendant mtght m like manner be fo1md guilty on one or more counts, or aeqult.ted on one or more counts. In short, each defend ant could be found guilty or innocent on any or all counts, as the evidence m1ght warrant. mdependent of each of the ,other defendants. The Court further charged the jury that they were to weigh well all the testimony corroborative of the testimony given by the alleged aooomplioee, and also all the ciroomstances ot the case, u shown by the evidence, which might either tend to weaken or strengthen the testtmony of the wit nesses. If there was found to be any reasonable doubt m the mil)ds of the jury of the guilt of the defendants, founded not upon whun, fancy, capnce, or prejudice, but founded upon the testimony and warranted by it, the defendants, all or severally, were entitled to the benefit of that doubt. The JUry were to weigh well all the endence, and render an ..1mpart1al verd1ct between the Umted States and the prisoner& at the bar. The Jury ret1red at 12:!5 P. M TH:S: VERDICT At 5 30 o'clock the jury announced that they had agreed, and the Judge shortly afterward arnved, but owmg to some m1stake the counsel for the defendants dtd not arnve ttll 6.30 o'clock. The jury t'hen came mto Court, bavmg been called, and were asKed If they bad agreed The foreman replied m the affirmatiV e and read the 'erdiCt, as follows "We find the defendants, Alvah Blaisdell and John J Eckel, guilty of all the charp:es m the mdJCtment, except those< referrmg to the rectifier's book We find John McLaren gu1lty of atdmg and abettmg m the Ilhmt removal of spmts dunng the last run of the dis tillery, but strongly recommend htm to the mercy of the Court." Counsellor defimdants asked that tlie JUry be polled, which was done, severally gave their verdicts as above. The Court then d1scharged the JUry-for the term, wtth thanks for the1r pat1eot and fa1t)lful attent10n to their dut1es IT DOES PAY TO (CONCLUDED.) We have spoken ot persons who are mcapable of de nvmg sttmulus from the use oftobacc6, but are always narcotized by 1t We tf perfect] y healthy persons a1e ever affected 1n th1s way. In a considerable num ber of cases we have observed that thts mcapaC!ty oc curs m people who are tronbled with some chrome ab normal actwn or mact10o of the liver, but we have as yet been unable to make any generalizatiOn wh1ch m1ght serve to connect the two phenomena In the great rna JOnty of cues, however, the mcap&Clty has been prob ably mduced by chrome narcosis resultmg from the long contmued abuse of tobacco Recent researches have shown that confi1med drunkards have after a wh1le modified the molecular structure of their nervous systems to such an extent that they can never ior the rest of the1r lives tone)! an alcohohc drmk with safety For such J?OOl" creatures, teetotalism ts the only h1gtemc rule It 1s fair to suppose that under the contmuous mfluence of tobacco narcus1s the nervous system be comes metamorphosed in some analogous manner, so that after a while tobacco ceases to be of any use and becomes s1mply noxwus Th1s IS likely to be the case with those who begm to chew 01 smoke when they are half grown boys, and keep on takmg enormous doses of the narcotiC nnt 1 they have arrtvcd at m1dd e age As Mr Parton seems to find a dtfficulty in reahzmg that any one who smokes at all can smoke less than from ten to twenty large mgars datly (for he always uses these figures when he has occasiOn to allude to the sub Ject), "e presume th1s to be about the ratton which he used t.o allow htmself If so, no wonder that he found It dtd not pay to smoke He probably d1d the w1sest thmg he could do when be gave up the habtt, and hts m1stake has been m endeavormg to erect the hmttatwus of h1s own expene(lce mto obJective laws of the um verse To sum up the physwlogteal a1gament. we have en deavored, as ptectsely as posstble m the present state of knowledge, to answer the question, Does 1t Pay to Smoke? From the outset we have found 1t necessat y to a clear understandmg of the p10blem to keep stead tly m mmd the generic diffetence between the effects of tobacco when taken m narcotiC quantities, and Its effects when taken m stimulant quantities. The first class of effects we have seen to be always and necessanly bad; theugh not so extiemely and variously bad as hyg1emc reformers appear to beheve t W1th regard to the sec ond class of effects, we have seen reason to beheve that they are almost always good We have seen 1 e ason to believe that, m the first place, the st1mulant dose tobacco retards waste, and, m the second place, that It faCilitates 1 epatr I. By 1ts actwn on the sympathetic ganglia, aidmg dtgestwn,II By 1ts actwn on the medulla oblongata, atdmg the cuculatwn,III By 1ts actwn on the lnterstlttal nerve fibres, a1d ing the general assimilatwn of prepared mateual. And lastly, we have wttnessed the ev1dence of 1ts effect upon the inct"eased nutnt1on of the bram and spmal cord, m 1ts allevtatwn of abnormal wakefulness and tremor These are legitimate smenttfic mferences; and 1f they are to be overturned, Jt must be by sCientific argument They are not to be shaken by all of Mr Parton's clamor about the Conung Man, and peo ple who keep themselves "well groomed," and lad1es who wnte for the press. So far as our present know ledge of physiOlogy goes for anythmg, It thus goes to exhtbtt tobacco, ncrhtly used, as the great economizer of v1tal force, the of nervous co-ordmation, and one of the ablest co-workera m normal and v1gorous nutrition. And, as we have sa1d before, It IS the dtffer ence in the rate of nutrition which is probably the most fundamental d1fference between strength and feeblenesa, vigor and sluggtshness, health and dtsease. It was be cause of rap1d nututwn that Napoleon and Humboldt perf01 med their prodigiOus tasks, and yet needed al most mcredibly )Ittle sleep It IS the difference between fast and slow nutut10n wluch makes on., sold1e1 's wound heal, wlhle anothe1's gang1 enes; whiCh enables one young g1rl to throw off a chest-cold w1th ease, whtle another IS dragged Into the grave by It Waste aml repau-these are the essential couelatJVes, and the agent wltwh checb the former wh1le hastemng the lat ter can hardly be othe1 than a fr.end to health Ion"' l1fe, and v1gor "' We conclude With an mductne argument whiCh an emment physiCian has recently m conveisatiOn urged upon ou1 attention Throughout the whole world probably moe men out of eve1 y ten use tobacco ,f. Throughout the Cinhzed woilcl, women, as a general rule, abstam from the use of tobacco Here we have an expenment, on antmmense scale, ready-made for u. These three hundred mtllion ctvihzed men and women arc subJected ta the same vanet1es of chmatJc, dietetic, and soCialwfluences, the1r environments are the same, theu mhented or2:amc prochVIttes will averacre about the same hnt the men smoke and the do not. Now, if all that our reformers say about tobacco were true, the men m mnhzed countnes should be affi1cted with numerous const1tutwnal d1seases wbu: b do not afihct the WOJtten, or should be more hable to the dtseases commol) to the two sexes; or, finally, should be shorter hved tba:n the women But statistics show that men are, on the w.hole, JUSt as healthy and long lived as women. In point of the average number of dtseasesf to which they are subject, In pomt of l1alnhty to and m pomt oflongev1ty; 'he two Aexes are mall etvtltzed countnes, exactly on a par with each other. Dunng the two hundred years in wh1ch tobacco has been. 10 common use, 1t bas made no appre Ciable dJffe.rence the health or longevity of those who have used Jt This IS a rough experiment, in which oo account 18 taken of dosage, and in which the results are only general averages. But to our mmd, 1t 1s very significant. Taken alone, It shows conclusively that since tobacco firat began to be nsed, Its ba i effecte must have been at least full;Y balanced bv tts good elfects. Taken in connection With our It shows qwte conclusively that the current notion about the banefuloess or tobacco is as we remarked above, simply a popular delUSlon. To prove that tobacco, nghtly used, Js.harmless, l8 to prove that. does J>.ay to smoke Every smoker, who has not v1t1ated Ins nervous system by raw exoees knows that there IS no phys1cal pleasure 10 the long comparable With that whiCh is afforded by tobacco. If such pleasure IS to be obtained Without detnment to the orgamsm, who but 'be gnmmest ascet1c can say that here Js not a gam? But, tf, as we have every rea .aon to beheve, the st1Dlubtnt action of tobacco npon the human.srstem is not only harmless but very deCidedly benefiCia then It 18 doubly proved that it do!!IJ pay to smoke G:s:N. GRANT AT BALTIMORE -Of Gen Grant's VISit to the tobacco factory of Messt s Ga1l & Ax, at Bal t1more, a correspondent of the New Y01k :Ihbune says "At about 2 t o'clock, the Board adJourned unt1l 12 to morrow, when Gen Grant executed a sly flank movement, by wh1ch he escaped the of the ct owd assembled m front of Mr Albert's house It was ex pected that he would return from the meetmg to that place, but, mstead, he proceeded forthwith to the to bacco manufactory of Mess Is Ga1l & Ax where be bad been and where he arnved at 3 o'clock He was accc:>mpanieci by the members of the Board, mclud mg tlie Hon Robert C Wmthrop, of Massachusetts, Pre,tdent, f. he Hon Hamilton F1sh, of New York and the Rev Charles P Mcllvame, of Ohw, VICe Prestdents, Geoige W. Riggs, Esq, of Washmgton, D C., Treasurer; GeoFge Peabody Russell, Esq, of Massachusetts, Secretary Admiral D. G Farra,.ut the Hon Jno H Clifford, of Massachusetts, the Ron' Wm Aken, of South Carohna, the Hon Wm Evarts, of New York, the Hon W m A. Graham, of North Carohna, the Hon. Chas Macahster, of Pennsylvama, the Hon Samuel Wetmore, of New York, and George N. Eaton, Esq of Maryland. Once ms1de the gJ"'aD tic factory the guests found themselves confronted by an elegant de;euner a la fourchette. The room in which the board was spread was magmficently decorated With flags, &c and a full length portrait of Gen. Grant, by the word Welcome hung m the cen tre Grant and Farragut, the two great heroes of the war, stood side by stde, sp.rrounded by gray-headed men, whose names are already known as promment 1n the h1story oftbe passmg generatwn Mr J. J Stew art made the speech of welcome, wh10h was responded to by Robert C Wmthrop, of Massachusetts. The whole affair was ostensibly an ovatwn to the Trustees; but, m fact, as was apparent to every one a gmshed to the Prestdeot-elect 'No toasts were drunk, but, ae the conveisatiOn became general, wtttJcisms passed, and the guests thoroughly enjoyed the mformahty of the occas10n FarraJ:rn't Wittily turn ed the laugh on Grant when the latter satd that smok mg was not a vtce or the Adm1ral would smoke" by re plymg "The General forgets that I am no ionger a V1ce Admual Ip the same vem, when after passmg through the buildmg both were weighed, ll!ld, It was found that Farragut wetghed 151 and Grant 155 pounds, the old sa1lor, accused the soldier of having 'bummerized" four pounds of tobacco to make up his wetght Gen Grant pmd g eat attention to the detatls of the estahbsJunent, most remarkab1e and searcfung were h1s questions regardmg the manner in whtch the revenue on the tobacco was pa1d He remamed at least half an. hour m the stamp room, where twenty or th1rty guls were m puttmg revenne stamps on the pac'kages preparatory to sendmg them mto market and I venture to say that before he left It, he th snllfl; 5.39,3701; the gross amount of duty on wbiob was 6,549,2821, viz for raw, 61317,41'11; for manilfao. tured, 231,8651. In 1863 the total value of all kinds of tobacco 1m ported was 3,026,010l, showing a decrease m the five years of644,698l. Ofthe total raw tobaooo Imported last year, the value of stemmed or stripped was 668,1801, and that of unstemmed was I,I'fl, 7621. The value of raw tobacco Imported from differ ent countries last year was as follows. From Ham burg, 5,366l., Bremen, 4815431., Holland, 236,188l; Belgmm, 10,978l; France, Portugal, 1,1S96l.; Greece, 11,2301; Turkey, 60,6571, Syna and Palestine, 2,5171, Algena, 3,252l, Ph1hppme Islands, 129, 7361.; Chma, 1,3821; Japan, 76,398l; Cuba, 26,4291, St. Thom as, 2,37 41; U mted States, l,079,005l., New Granada, 102,773l, Ecuador, 16,809l.; Channel Islands, 4,9091.; from the Argeutme ConfederatiOn 372,305 lbs. was Imported, on whiCh duty was rece1ved to the amonnt of 58,6387; but the returns fall to state the value of the quantity 1m ported. The statiStics of manufactured to bacco for 1867 show that snuit' was imported U. t value of I,57ll only, the chief sources of supply: bemg Portugal and the Channel Island Cigars were 1m; ported to the value of 462,4331., of whtch Cuba aeoonna for 385,407l, Ph1hppme Islands (Man1Ua) for 40,9971., Holland for 14.8861, France .for 9 1291., Hamburg for 3,880{, BelgJDur for 2,6931, and firemen for 2,1Sl8l The value of cavendtsh, or negro head, Imported last year was 70,629l, the chief supply was received from the Umted States-v1z North Atlantic ports, i7 923.; South Atlant1cports, 7 ,331l; and Bremen, 3,31S3l. other so1 ts of manufactured tobacco were 1m ported to the value of 4, '7371., of whiCh Brazil supplied 3,3351. worth. The followmg are the values of tobacco im- ported in 1863 and 1867, respectively, from foreign countnes furmshmg the ch1ef supply: United States 1,536,1451. and 1,079,005l raw, aDd 78,'120!. aaj} 66,49/Sl: manufactured; Cuba and Porto Rico, 137,6641. and 26,429l raw, and 255,5121 apd 385,7131. manufactured Phthppme and Ladrone Islands, 89,724l. (1864) and 129,736l. raw, and 34,9831 and 40,997!. manufactured Holland, 363,390l and 236,18"8!. raw; New GraoadS: 76,1451 and 102,773l raw; Japan, 20,0881 and 76,398 raw, Brazil, 5,450l. and 3'16 raw, ancl6,8iU l,.ool. manufactured; Turkey, 34, '14&4 U,afl. raw; Hause Towns, 58,538l. and 51,909l. raw. TRASK ON GRANT-A WORD OF W ARNING.-..Rer-. George Trask, the anti tobacco II;POStle, writes: "The donors of pipes and cigara to Gen. Grant should under stand how cheap they make themselves in the estima tion of the great man. That the General is a devotee to the Lethean charms of a mgar ts, of cqnrse, potable. That he denves no rational corpplaueucy or manly satiafactwn from the bab1t lS alike indisputable. We have been msmformed, if Preaident Lmcoln, who abhorred tobacco, dtd not, agam and agam, beseecll the General to renounce the bab1t; and if the General dtd not as often give somle assurance that be wonld u soon as the e:ngenmes of war wonld allow. In March 1865, certain Philadelphia gentlemen, whose names l wtll not mentwn, wa1ted upon the General in froot of Petersburg, and m a style exeessively polite presented him wtth a costly meerschaum. The reply of the Gen. eral was cbaractenstic Gentlemen, it IS true I smoke, but it IS a bad habit, and I propose tp drop 1t, You have ptesented me With this p1pe. I can do no leBB than thank you for It' An 1mbemle cannot give np to bacco. General Grant can. We hope to see tue daJ when he wtll conquer a despotic habtt, no more mvino Ible than RIChmond" THE ToBAcco CxoP OF SoUTHERN INDIA1U.-The Evansvtlle Journal thus sums up the tobacco Cf9p of Southern Ind1ana m 1868 "We have made oonaidera ble inqmry recently, relative to the tobacco crop of 1868, 1ts qu:mtlty and quahty, and the prospects ofthe markets. Wh1le all agree that the crop ie unusually large, there IS some dn:ers1ty of opimon relattve to the quality. Some say that the quahty is excellent-as good as has been g10wn for several years while at other places the quality is at a very low'standard. Agam, other part1es, With equal famhttes for informa tiOn, equal expenence and capabtht1es for "formmg a correct conclnswn, take middle ground between both extremes, and we think this w.ew the safest of the three. Some tobacco m lnd1ana was caught by the frost, and a httle m Kentucky, but the weather danng the fall was as fine for cunng the crop as was ever known. To escape the frost, some was cut early ani green, and th1s, w1th the frosted and lower leaves, i8 likely to make the lug and trash ef the crop heavy. i11 smd that Gen. Grant was 110 much gratified by h1s late visit to New England, that he smoked seven c1gars while g1vmg a detailed account of It to a select Circle friends m= C J Robbms was fined *100 at Newport, Ky., recelltly, for peddling tobacco w1thout license. The tobacco barn of Isaac Manly, of Mason county, Ky., was destroyed by fire last week, 9,601 pounds of tobacco was destroyed, bes1des a lot of farmmg implements. The most passwnate smoker among the sover eigns of Europe IS the Kmg of Sweden His physi Cians have ordered him, on account ofhts feeble healtJt h not to tout any more I?' Parties talk of building a new tobacco .,..... house at Glasgow, Kentucky

    PAGE 8

    8 THE TOBACCO LEA jj'. Anhur Gillender & Co.1 LICORICE PASTE LICORICE PASTE OL L..A.:S:. SON', F. W. BlfCK & CO., HOY_ T & CO. l o CoflllJOSed of J 9oM.As HmrT and JoHN F. FLAGG, }q'o: 404 PEARL STREET. SOLACE TOBACCO, 114: m, and 111 LIBERTY -STREET, ..... 121 CEDAB.-STREET, Art hu r Gllll :nder, N .. pui ::E'I.. Exclusive .Agent for the Brand of 4.. o. c. is now ready to Supply Tobacco Manufacturers and Dealers ........... With his recently improved make. NEW YORK, : Ms'nufac turers of all ldnds ol llaft OOUI&a&l7 llaad a IArp -- of Vlrdola ftiuaataetan4 r Tiu'ltltoh ._oklac, uava Parties, will find it to interest to Domeeue Clean -ascertain prices before purchasing elseFINE CUT tCHEWING AND SMOKING AIIo, a .-ftiii"T of Bngu.h, FrenCh, <1enau, and ScotU where. 1 Clay : PipeL ""!!!'!!!'!'!!!'!!'!'!!!'!!'!'!!!'!!'!'!!!'!!'!'!!!'!!'!'!!!'!!'!'!!!'!!!"!!!'!!'!'!!!'!!'!'!!!'!!'!'!!!'! = 'TbB A .cco 0 ( It I I AND HOYT & co. Hi ., Composed of TftOMAS HoYT and JoHN F. FLAGG, I 'I I r SUCO!SSORS 11 TO !HOYT, I FJI.lAGG & CO., 195 SECOND STREET, 1 LovrsviLLE, KY. OUR BRAND._ Cut Chevying, SUHNYSIDE, HEART'S DELIGHT, SWEET OWEN. No. 184 Water Street, I NEW YOBX. NATIONA.{.., ROSE JiUD. D."J;I. McALPIN & CO., .uJD HAB.TCOU -ll U..UP OIJ t'B1I lHE .usiG..a.asj 'irlin DD ALL J:nm& or SMOKING TOBACCO, ;JIBW YllRK BROKEit$. Alii> DULBR8 YJ1 ._(IIJQOllllLJIOO& !WIT 0. 1U.LL Seprs, Plug s..atr, Sad Flou, k. u-u l.IBWr-;.YORiK. 18. t50 WATER-STREE'I: liiANUFACTOJiY AND S.ALESROOIJ(, .1 WE8TJlEJ)I & CO., Nos. 7D, D, H}:tfltY JlOD'EW ALD, -.... __ IIAVAJJA 1 JoaErn so!I:t::rDE:a Tobacco Broker, -tp. 0 ,77 bPE-ARaL 8 7Souili William St, & 63 Stone St., mo 1ng, u.ew1ng, lll ""W YOBX. NE'W' YO:R:R". {W,St&Jn,} .., AND E. SPifiGA:RN & co., IENTUCKY UAf TOBACCO. o. F. TEXTOR, 'I, DbEALERB&IN s ROBITSCHEK & TAussiG Tobacco Broker, JJtJctl 0 aooo egars, 1_ .48 T.IT.ater r Ct,, 110 8URLIIIC SLIP 206 Delanceyst., N. y .L'T' 2: ,.,. o l5 B 4 3 NEW YORK. 1l'AB li" ... 2'8B-8TBD2', ,..,UPJ.crunaRSorA.LioiRlfS I I ... 27 Johll, mil\dll of th'!l blaok1 AJtller 'Well-known Brancls ot Smoking PAGKED IN POCKET POUCMaE8. RECEIVED THE PRIZE AT THE PARIS EXPOSiTION p Pat..ntea Deo. 34. 1867' t 0 180 NORTH 'ST., BALTIMORE, ltD. KALDElVBBR'" .,.,.. -,. U" a s 0 .A.W J 'NO'l'tcr-AJI infrmgements upon our patent, wherever a 1 8 87 The only Wholeoale auA Retail Kanufaotl!rers In the United ,;,..,ufahured or ExroSED J'OR SALE, will be prooo. States'of lJ ( .J cuted. Genuine ,_Pipes,. TOBACC1J GRANUlA:f.OR "' AJ."'""' oUTH PIE" "' ) r ""'' ntiSI:tn.;)Jrl"" .. ... AC.l '' .,f, I AND I d I 1 .' .',1 ) :Killiokinniok Mill. !' i '!N:CW' ll:OB,K, I IMPORTEE, OP r Spanish' Mass Licorice,, r I I I."Oiltil.tiTS. JIONOGR'US, j.te.; Ac.l TO OilDm:' r P'TII:NTED SEPT '10111 lSCT. 0 :r I I l A I '{ ) f ,1 ; !Ben d tor Clrcnlars ,and Price Liots.) c '1 :ir eSTQB.ES; 231fW'.A.LL ST::&UT, 6 10Rli SiREET ,r,: J J ,, f n :l;ll'P$'1', i Ol'FlCE':JO%, r ,,.. ,It B1A"C-C o a J 'of Segats, [\\1 B ASTVNU!, CQ 1 .,1 Io!ferfor";'ct: Iowprlcek, W .P'-' ., A y qnunt f)IAf 1 t "'' 1 1 Jili f.ine baeco Bags, yarious brand and ,I'IY cs fJVm $17.!Uj, in ol" or no FOUO S lki!BthanlO,OOO. .. ale1Jy 1 ,... .... J I ;p ,, ri ISik -t 0 rlr I !.EWIS 'SYLVESTER, ea. NE;eYOAK.. <*Jt-218) 141 Wnter. Sire.,Johnu.w. f A 'mc ........ R. CO .. blt.OCGD.iiL. t, wnatandy on hand the plt.tent. maehine Y\t.h &II, l .. JmvNv,., eq\1. Forohculars, call or I' ft DEGRU.BE1 :16 ,Jif :, It I : 1 .11 0 Qlr ., II 1 .. lii'!IW Y, I (}. KAAN, 18 Cntral )Vb,art, llootoo, i.r: .. s., lor' ,tni .. .. D r I M I .. N -EW_ Y O R ........ N 0 ouiB :PATENT BoTKEN & siEFKEs, TOBA(I(IO BOXES & CAnmw_. tllareoal Segar Holders, e&e, UrPORTEeeD ooeloselylmll&led M deddft muy of Trade, In fllLUre the package will "" ....... l!il!l na'me. -llUOliA.lfAlr & .LYALL. New-York. }OBACCO & SNlrFF, MANHATTAN :t'OBAOOO WORKS, 328'Washington. Street. lfEW-YORX. Terms Llbt:r&l. Goods Warranted. Orden promptlr ertClltE:d. 1 II. STACHEimERG, K..dO'J.C'IlJitD OJ' TD CEiaa.l'I'D BB.J..M J 1J. *i!NDI, LA !&01!, ANB LA PBRJBOft SBQ-ARS No. ll'i 'Ts-tos ltEW.YQfil;K. S. JACOBY & CO., Jllanu!of ud Wboleoale Dt&leriln Solo Proprietors of the Renowned .Importers and Dealers .in 1 o. 38 CROSBY-STREET; 1 OIJ;VE OIL, FINE ITALIAN IN JARS 'iHt N .. :LI:iSENTIAL OIL OF ALMONDS. PURE XISSA:NLIX OIL OF ROSE. TONKA BEANS. VANILLA BEANS: GUM ARABIC. GUitt GEDDA. OSCAR P.ftOLSS 4 CO., IMPORTEJt8 OJ' .ALL 01' SEGAR RIB.BONS, LICORICE PASTE. No. 25 White Street, NEW YORK. T. N. HICKCOX ct. CO., STENCI. L PLATES, Piain and Fancy, for Tobacco, BURNING BRANDS, for Cigars, J Cy C., M., MF., RR., VB., And other Brands, 1 always on hand. For Sale,inBondordutypaid, BY M. E ,CHEVERRIA CO., No. 20 BEAVER NEW YORK. belt aod moat. economical MachiD.e for the purpoee now known. r 1 cbntlnu&us feed, no loa of b&l, more !cfr, more 'ol out, and 1 brJkbter 'I'Obi.c!oo, tbau wllb aaJ' other Cutt4r ID G Palented l.n Unlled Sl&teo Feb. 16111, .I'&tenled lu EDcland April 12t.h,l88G l'tented 1n Pn.nee Aprlll em, 1aee. Patentee! In Belgium Aprll181b, No. '1.93 Main S-treet, LYHCHBURC, VA., Virginia L3l f T ib 11e) JA..S. F. C""LI.A.\VA ,a.. F .TORNSTO. ---I CALLA WAY &. JOHNST<*, lacbines, Stem RoBers. .AND AMt AltlTS Nl TRE UU DF i PATENT :DRYER. JI!NUF.lCTUP.ED TOB!CCO, f o r f u!l )ll>rt!cu!ars, addrc" G-ramr St., Neu! QorleanB La" lOCL.EN :.. C f?AF'f'LIN, Buckeye Tobaco3 Ma.ohine Wol'ks, J.. H. liiCKLE & SONS, ID Baco and Metropolitan Brands, PEABL-STREET, BRUSHES, IN)!:S, &c., at prices that defy compel! lion. Oor. MaldenLa.n, Ne-w--York. 280 Pearl St., New York. _..,., I J. A. Ro-BINs 0 N' rowonnno This Cutter took the. I ,, FINBsT quiLITv. MEDAL at the. GREAT. PARIS EXPOSITION. 1'11.1.NtrF.I.CTtrRER OF THE c 'ELEBRATED BRANDS OF VIRGrNIA BYOUNG ,TOBACCO, P. M. 'DlNCEE, Oorne1 Sixth and Louis Streets, "'t MIIS, f Q, B. ,MILLER &. 00., MAYER&. EBELINC, 'LUXE POOLE, G sq., No. 209 'WATER STREET, YORK, Manufactured at Poughkeepsie, New-York. GIFFORD, SHERMAN.& INNIS COMMISSION MERCHANT. N EMA.NUPC1i.AR 8, '' SNUFF. PEARL STREET, 120 WILLIAM:-BTREE'\ NEW-1HtRK. 56-67 __ __ STOll!, HO Water-lltreet. NEW-YORK. I PQ. a. Mien&. DW'D Uwaac:& ll:cCAFFIL, NEW YORK. Bpeoia.l attention called to 011r oelebrated brand of OHA..S. DIOKENS. JOHN G. y .&.NCEY! w. B. Slf.ITH, o f Wa.rrea Co N.C. Formerly ofSam'l Arret, 1Soa & Co. AND NORTH CAROLINA TOBACCO AGENCY. SPANISH C 'EDAB, .AND .ALL FOREIGN & DOMESTIC WOODS. A. 'T, BRIGGS, ..lN'Ul!".w'l"URD OF Tobacco Barrels, Yancey & SDii'th, Flour Barrels, Molaeoee Oaeke, Water a11d to an flther kind C:A&KS. .Chichester & Co., coMMISSION MERCHANTS, =>o, 'Ill oWERY, N1!W-YORK, m-o. 88 ""UV' a'ter &1::, llew Flour Barrela & Half Bamlo, SIMI, & Hoop LICORICE PASTE. KREMELBERG & CO., I.MPOR'!"JiliS or J "K. & !:."and "J. C. y Ca Bl'linds. We offl!r for eale t.o manufacturers aD!t the 1rad e In general 8Uperi o r aml wellestM.btlsbed bnnda o f Ucor!ce PPia8 "'-'l'b11Sou11' Ia TOBACCO BOX .. S .. 'IY 1.31 Maiden Lane, '" 1 277 Greenwich St NEW YORK. NIW lectlou ot P&DeJO A-.. fJ' S. BIIONSTON & .ROTHER, ,.,..._,_or ,...-') e-cut Chewing and Smoking ., TOBACCOS CARL UTASSY, Importer of all kinds or Meerschaum and Briar I PBS, M3 1115 Duane-St. And l!mokera' Arlicleo Generally. a-: UVIVB, 20 LIBERTY ST., NEW YORK. (Up Stairs.) A. HAMMACHER & GO., Age.nts, lilt Beekman st ... N.Y. JESSUP & IIOORE, 128 William N PAPER .WAaaOUSE. & Witt. ZDrSSER & CO., Tl>bacco Sealing Wax, 197 WILLIAM STREET, NEW YOBK.! N. C. Sole Manufact.ur e r of the Famous and World COMMISSION MERCHANT f r enoV!ne d B're.nds or Virginia Smoking' Tob accos, For the Purchase of all descriptions o ; "" 11.. an


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