The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
Place of Publication:
New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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The University of South Florida Libraries believes that the Item is in the Public Domain under the laws of the United States, but a determination was not made as to its copyright status under the copyright laws of other countries. The Item may not be in the Public Domain under the laws of other countries.
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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... ... t .. I i Uirited States: ihe: Largest Special Trade Paper :.ilt. the World. r t f j ,C. PnRSHING, PBoPBI&'IIOB. l 148 FULTON STJum9re, Hayo & do., U Broad. Bownl>, 'R. S. & Co., 'I Bnrllag Blip. Bt'tmball & Co., 166 W-r. Bullley & Jluort, 74 BI'OII\. Oardo.M, A. H. &I Co., 169 JroaL Cohn .t Smtth, 173 Water. Co!inolly & Co., 4.6 We.ter. Qnwford, E. :M. & Co.1 188 water. Delruk.eleer & Foote, 9* Beldlllp Dohan c,_r,roll & Co., 104 Froid. "V1111dervoort, 37 Water. Dills & Co., 175 Water. Fallenitelu, Obas. B. & Bon, l29 Pearl. Fatmm .& Co., 70 and ?I Bro15 .::0., 90 Water. Liril!Ud. P., \Jbrris B.ll., 99 l:'c:.rland 62 StoBoe. Noriou, Slaughter rll Ce., 41 Br.d 96 Water. I O&, Alva, 16.6 Water 119 Perl. .!Umer & Scoville, 170 Water. 1'4., & Co., 181 P81U' iPu1ltAcb, llll., 148 Water. .b ,' h&rsall, }{, R, 192 Pearl. ; u Ppry H. L., 78 Water. l'jdt k N erton ll7 Front. I Pnce, Wm. M.A. Co., 119 Maiden Reo.d, lMac, 86 Pearl. Relltn&.Dil, G. "Co., 179 Pearl Roseabnm, A. S. & Oe., 182 Salomqn, ;M. & E., 80 Maiden lane. Schottenfela, M. & J 168 Water. Schuba.rt H. & Co., 146 Water. Se!i.-slierg, Cohen & Oo., 149 Wate:r. Bey::.our, Co!t Ill Co., lL'J Pearl. Siebel & Giebel, 169 Water. Smith, J, K. & Son, 47 Broad. Smith, W. B., 62 Water. E. & Co., 11 Burling shp. I Ste-ll',&: Co., 197 Duane st. Strotln & Rei tzenstein 1 17 6Fro!ll. Ta Charles F 1 H Front. TtuerD!an, 1tuchler & Co., 128 Water. V etterlein, Th. H & Sons, 172 Pearl. Vigelius,Wm., 1711 Pilar!. Walter, R. 8., 208 P.eul. W ei1 & IJo., 6tl Pine. Weot.beim, M. & 1'1'l Pearl. I 'l'OUCCO BBOKKU. Bernard, Pbil., 143 W .l:ttr. flap is an important article of w\::0:. 'fteet Fourth. _....h c 'nl \.A A"' N ] 1 ua. Q l(aiil. i .. ou er Cities. erta y t."" expenment_ a at1op* .... ,4.ssoelation being made; and it ischeering to seUis lll\l'l'PWmindedness tQ high of a liberal, an a Hisinterested, and a truly na tTbna policy, the adoption' of which will be the certain of a g-eneral among those who tr&ffiC J ID the weea, that will be as permanent &8 it will ovel 1110d emprising. eulture in Tex"s. year hnndred11 of acres planted; the ljOil ill pr. and in some iastance!! hi,S yielded sixty castor-beans to the acre. ve,.., Jittle machinery has yet been introduced for out the oil. T)le 11-mi' plant is also attracting attentioll. It is looked upon as qf gceat value to the South for the purpose of makiog repel!. a note that so many of our friends are in i C ; 11"" work with so much energy. Y'oung & '1161Weiot'trent. R 'rna,., seem 11traoge when viewed abstractly, but it ZiiiB -o :1117 Oelkr?J a-1 :1. ct>'"l' Qr Of' CQ. is natdral-.regarded as a new hear. poo-2III West ple lltill .asking what is to be gained-by aueh &Y. i. 1 z1ation? The gre11.1; object, we would reply, wiioolore, J. A. rll Broa., 111, 17 & 19 V(. 'I b, ; ,., Sollin, J. T. Ware ana uni91 every. school-boy knows, is strength. J.'IOt boUse Greenup. J thii:t.the tobacco trade not strong ofitself., and h&& not '*-I f t J DA.Jl!Bll: AlONN been thus strong the last decade, butthe troublua that Grana, d its 111trength bas 'not been availabi-----, IUNOR EDITORi!LS, TnnBE WoRD!! TO REAL ESTATE SP:&CULATORS.Stand' from .a'ft'der. IT ls1 said that much pf' the St. Dominse tohaeeo cro'p now goes to England. I I PEBU ha8 acknowledged. the insurgent Cubans as WE are glad to hear of the establishment of.a Plan ters' Tobacco W-.rel,tl)uee Companl at Cairo, 111. It has been chartered bf the State o Illinois, and commence a stock capital of 150,000. The orgjlnazatLOn waB on the 22d ult;, and two days tiut consignment of tobacco W&l! rece'ved isanother evidence of the activity pro pijrjty qftlte, Wes!ollrn trade. I & bra'lll.ln, Pease's greatly needs. We now find ourselves strong in cer -.-..Paleeier .t Joaepb, ll81i BrOe run I!Olely fur the grinding of"]>rivate &J:8f!l, t W B baveA.uot the objection in life to our Richmond manufacturers-deal ing directly wi;h. as om motto is" live and let live," bot we do obJeet 'to the insane competition'in the Virginia markets t.b.aY>qta a price upon leaf that the manufacturer cannot back again oR the goods be mak.JII. CoiHIIUIHII'I'I wll Mt *brow their money out of the window, even to please the leaf speculators in Vir-u lllfOllftU oJ 1'1rn. ".J4illa,l9ll .. d Jef,,.,....,.,.. and inflnenc:e engaged in the commerce in the :weed in IJafle!'; 11: Srocber', 61-w' t. the' large cities, sad we find a class of induettiotu!, en As State, Pennsylvania, and objo 8eed leaf are aU good this year, why should Uonnectieut be held t.: I. II Cl>.! 14 'mnt. :; .......... :a. J W llillolbel'llt 1M hiri I l' .... --:.--. ..,.. .I ergetic men ID'terested in it tbreu,hout the interior. e 1 .-., ...._._ -1,---zwJ.-n"-w.;.B, -Or J, '1 t t ; I 1 I j fi d h l b: d ) 1..- b ....,_.,.u_ .... __,., Y d"" 1 1 ., n t as a nl e, 'ouest an aw-o .... ymg; ut 10 ginia. at 'sll.Cb: ehra.oraioary figtueii? ., 4 n 11 O:t'f Monday e ing tlie walters in the leading hotel 'i. epite -of the good t ere ia no tradt-that Actams, 'Q. B':.( urne. t j --:.!-.....L.Now that new sb.fely, reaehed En"' land, vice tbi Diner-out, we presume that, for the Johnny Bulls, Motley" will be" onlr wear." had been reportel. FinzerJ J. & Bros., 1 8 J. dents. Thus has a. great interest, froi:Jl whicn the TOBACCO JUl(Uli'AC R(,i>i'o.On,'A..' t: '&-G., Factor1 48 r 1 b -Warehouse and Balell'oom, 137 Jfain. oyernmen. expects yearly an revenue, een Ta:E receipts from Internal Reven e for the mont 'ending M.,!.y 81, were $20,2'7'1,796; and for the.fiscill year' to 'or for mo11ths, tl31'i1830,1 'Tl. ToE Lonisville cracks a joke at die .. CigaHU are ia great cr the prOilpect of the extension of the Cuba to the Vuelta Abajortp;ion, wher:e, e tlebseeo from which are maoafactured the olu Partagas. But inaamlMih. &8 most ohbe' nel baj6 tobacco consumed hel:e abont is grown in Ohio and Kentucky, it is not' clear thai need be very severely exeniaed Wicks;&. :W: & G&. t:oi M&in.' 1 '1 "' left to tlae mercy of and legislat'qn. e lh I .J l 'J. fi r. Y ror v .a. 1. suoh mdifferenee was ever be ore mam '- I is not the'(< B.y" 'oodge' about jtayed out? We have heard of the ra-vages o'""f thiS W'<>ndetful insect1 annually ever ince we knew' aoythlag o l thtl culti vatio'n SEEDLIUP Tt)UCCO IIatteoding to the sick aRd ing, there would remain a net 'prP6t of about a ye&r for the rec. ror. ont.side sum offered for the of attending to the eternal salvation of the iababitants of the rarish fu '1 wa ooly ,800. Hateb & Co., 218 Broe.d way. Heppenhelmer, F. & Co., 22 & William. Dob.m & Taitt, 29 North Water. MR. WILLIAM B. AsToR, of this city, returns an in-2' North Edwards, I. L. & G W 125 North Water. prove its best friend. To this end we need a national come for 1868, of 11,079,212. Mr. Stewart retnrn()d Eisenlohr, Wm. & Co., ll7 South Water. organization 'that will concentrate the strength 13,000,000. Most of our readers would probably be MoNBY propagates' itself like or any other natural growth. George. m., in 1.788, put inw t.h& Bank of England a small part' of bi Hanoveriab rev enue, wbicb, after a lapee of eighty-five yean, is repre by ,000. I .In 1867 the of Prlllll!ia tried to get it, as'part of hi conquest of :Hanover; and it. was only by a .coaveot_ioo -that King George could be free of that cla1m. La&elt-from England say he h&1'e, llll hie" three-per eent. console;" wbrch are oertamly JDOf comfortable thing-especially for a blind man.-':4lian the little ll:ingdom of Hap.-TOBACCO LA.Bli:L PRINTERS. Bro"'n, M. B. & Co., !19 William. TOBACCO 81:ALlNG WA..X. Zinsser W, & Co., 19'1 William. 'l'OBlcco u s. Asten, W. B. & e., 2111;'earl.. 'l'OB.I.CCQ BOXES, Hammacber, A. It Co., 112 B1111kman, 8JIOU118' AR'l'ICLBS, ETC, Demuth &Th., 80 Liberty street. J aftle, A. &., 84. William street. fl'Jil'ICIL PL&TKS A!ID BURNING llR.UU>S. Hit'koux T. N". & Co. i80 Peart r 1'4PIIB W ... BEBO!IIIII. J-p i Moore, 128 Wiijiam. Toucco : A. T., 64 Rutgen1 Blip. l PA TEl'IT CIGAR ltfAOHI,:IOI;S. Jo)lu, 130 & 182,!{aiden 'lane. "IIIPROTJID IIJIBOA TIU 4G111CY. f. If. & SoD, Broadway. TOBACCO IIACHINJ: WOU, Jb.rsam, G, C., 76 & ?8 li:hh. Brothers, 184 Lewis. B&L'EDIOK& r iOB.COO 'W4U'tlOD81fl., Beck n. & Co., 60 Sonti>.G!y. Boleniu!, G. H., 202 West Pratt BO)'d, W A, & Co., 33 South. Bnuns, Fl L. & IJo., 11 Cbeo.pslde. J (iieake, L. & Co., '2 South Charles. Gunthet .L. 'V".1 go Lombard. Kerchoif & Co, 4.9 S. Charles. -Loo!e, C. & Co., 52 Soutb PaUI,::wm., 4i5l West Baltimore. .Schroeder 1 J 01. & Co. 8J, Exchange. PJaoe. ... Jr,ANUJ'.A.CTUR .. aS, ftC. IJeck, F yv. & Co., 130 Nor\h. Felcuer, F. W.,.90 and 92 Sout.b Charles. Gail, G. W: & Ax, 28 Barre street. B. F. & Co., 92 Loml)ard. Rosenfeld S. It Co 53 Excho.nge place. Welah Wm. &; Sons, 27 Gay. W) & Cc!o 181 Pratt. IIANUU,CTURERS OJ' CIGARS. Gut.b Guttav,,<63 German. TOBACCQ UJnllLI!. Schmidt & Trowe, 18 North. UI:PORTltB.S OF CIGABS. Gllmor & Gibkon, 50 S Qa.y. aoslroN. Brown, D. S & Co., 31 and ss'Brosd. Davenport & Legg, 59 "'Bree.a. Eckley, A. A., 1 Central W\larf. Eller M., 168 Stote. 11 Geyer & Hiss, 62 NOrtb Front. McDowell & Duncan, 39,N;orth Water. now unavailable, because there it! no u11ion ,_wilhng to on the first-named sum. Koore, S. & J., 107 Water. among our friends in. different l!eotions of Teller Bro.tbera, 11'1 North Third. 0 must be an unusually cheerful place of Van Bch&ick B. A., 16 South, Front. this broad land. Once 'united, that strength, now la denoe. Bazaine says that be was poisoned ;, Water. tent, will prove a powerfuJ agent in thEt legislp.tion of halt a dozen 'times in that country, but that his Me.Xican the. country, and t ,h.e. t:r1,1de will be able to dictate terms servants gave him antidotes and saved his life. liJ..NUJ.ACTl!A&RS, DIU.LKRS, KTC. J --1 over would be. L. & C'o., 3 )Vater.' where it now only t?o glad to accept crumbs tnat Batchelor, Bros., 330 & ss'T North Third. fall from the Congressional'table. :rais es aU wine made in Ans 0 ING to a error;, the tax: returns tor April 'Bftmer L. Sons, s22 North Third. d tnan empire-about thirty IDllhon .It IS w o.rth 'of uessra. Davi.J Boc)mer and 1 C. Lawrence were H re, Th.,'& Son, '7' and 503 North SecOtld. What we need now. to ren er our national. orgamza on the spot abo"' two dollars a barrel b t t t:'t_ ..., ....., "" a .. .. D no w_HI_I nrint din ogr last issue. The should have Mariner,Je.eob 784 I tion effective., is 1\rty, 1nmted effq all Its ch, only about 6'1le per cent. ot1t _1s r-read as : Y Smitb Brothers, 121 North Tliird. 1 1 b H Th. d d p 1 ;j. I mem hers of the trade-no, !na.tter located, or what_ expur.e ,.aeo aid, t 1f au .op --rr JI..I.NUnCTuaus qr ssu .. ,, their apparent interests. Compromises made iu good ,; .. "' b .. c 5 'b c J 1 ;:,PECULATION in real estate, v irtinia leaf. fancy stocks, ....., "' "' o., .... o faith must he held sac. red and indi idual mterests i 1 1 1 1 r or anything e se, rarely pays in t qng rull'; for where )uNuucTuaxu or rn., ,2d and Yine is mana2:ed by the leadin!! men in the trad. e in a'ny one l OP SMOKJ:RB;' ,j.JtriCLKS. ..,.. Stare -Gutman & Co., 206 North Second. and capablet'be :tp.ay be, A 118. -'it will not national, but local. .We Wllin an orDuson .t tobaccowarehouse, 193 York. ganization that will receive the support !lnd ohalleoge. N.Y. th'e" respect of, East and West alik nd to se-11tNUF.I.CTUUII8 OJ' )'l.!IJI: ,CUT. Salmop o 26 J11mes. C\1 it, is sav(/ 'spirit of con 1 s n in all bra;nches of the trade, 'n eery ,. D ,_. I 'd bl + I ; locali y. If such au orgailization < is r worth ar am a sa e 1 h' h f : two r a,ds through this wor}d. 1 '!' rln at east t 18 mue m '!'e. way o one am a 'broad and narrow ro. a sachfice. Surely tpertrade needs a representative such de udJer am a an_d a ca out, ud it l!hol'lld 9e willing, ,qo it is, a a ue case, f!at a ,,. : . seems to' be Something like ear'nest fio-htiog in Cuba' at last, and the advent of tl:le old wat!:h6rl!!l, de Roda.ody objected that the ladies should not ote, be cause they could not fight. The syllogism .was rather a ,rash one; for a great; number of persons recognize that women can fight-an.a do, in fact, very often. .. L--THE London Tin"lis is now printed by new machinery 110 and so t;bat it takes bot ane engineer and three laboTera w riot off the whole editiott of the Timu. The ofitlie machine is that the paper is not cut into b tis printed, but is brought to the machine in a long rell. It passes thrQugh the machiae, is printed o.a both sides, &nd is divided as it passes out, the whole process being automatic. The idea has long beeli 'worked at by engineers, bot has only lately. practically carrie out, under the 11uperintendenee-6f. Mr. Macdonald, the engineer who bas charge of tQ.e w ole Ti'fllces machinery. The new machine called the Walter Press, in honor of the chief proprietor oj' be Times. It will, say the English papere, tbe Hoe machine, and is an im upon the admira.ule French Mariuoni ma chine upon the LOndon Echo is printed. Tax' Richmond 'Whigdoes not agree, as is natural, J'i,ller & Oo., 23 pe 'that the Whig will prove right and we wrong. "flie Whig-sayl! : ''The New York ToBACCO L'ltA.P presents, iu its last issue, a gloomy view of the corrilition and ,Prospects of the trade in Virginia man uta tnred. tobacco. Its reli!arks, so far as they ap ply to the Ricllmond. manufacturers, are only partially correet, for whilkt B true Ufat the prio

2 -a much more favorable c_ondition. ... _..,.,.,. cmths ago The statistics pubhshei H"'rcll&ilol!:. Whig show the product of our. 11 ,.ad ihe aggregate of profits, /fPe ee cour this year than tha\ t.he uag Circumstance to be One of our crease of orders from WesterD dealers. h G D'll .-,11t enterpl'isiD manufBft rera, Mt, Jose_p h. f wese branlis )Ia e hi!Jineput:fn> ..... e t.ime past. been fi\J.hc we and from Messrs Maddux Brot.ben, 0 lOcmn. ._. H'bb & Co oT Cb1oago and baa JUSt coo.-essrs 1 en th uact.ed with Mr. LewiR ?se -firms to supply them at the rate of over one million pel' &nnmn! is probably the largest con-bt d by any Rfotimotrd rsct ever o :nne f h oa the whqle we take a more hopeful VIew o t e i!uation' than that pre!lented in f..Bll', and elu:dc th"t the tobacco mauufact.urmg d be ezuo.e lD t d llil as s co d fi Cnt unsa.tisf&clory oonditi of tr e ilb nan088 h t ugt_Jout t e couo ry T iehmond pl 1 t _. f that city as a llltM'Iiet ror Viritma _leaJ. ,.ance o 'b'l' f t le acknowledgn'lg tme plaus1 1 o e ken, when the suhject is frow.... purel 1c mood stand-point, we would s1mply that an ar tific'a1 ,x:citement in the leaf market ts by mea nsf: an ndex of real in the commerce !.n manu ac ured tobacco. Prices may be up beyond a ftlasonable standard, but, although Jt JllR.Y put mopey n the pockets of the fortunate holders, the effect on the rade at large is injurious i:li tbe extremel as .whe.n rices reach an unreasonable IS me to be cmtailed in proport1on. The Wing say11 : ';Ye do no e)ievc that the resent. market .value of itogioiatobacco is 'fictitious,' as 1t IS estabhshed by competition m an opep near-1 t)le same prices be ruHn_g tf the had l 0 shi'pp e d to N e w York, and the C".ompetltion had tberel { y trans erred from Richmond to New York, :-b difference would be that the New Y houses the profits instead of the Vtrgm1a grow 'and. mercbants, who are e11titlee to them. We have "Dothing to sa.y against the e'lr York market. '!o maintain the trade it formerly it!! dealers n.ust m.cre&l!e thlir usortmen rargely beyol.ld.' 100 hhds.,' be pi:eparcd to offer inducements to buyers. we ark glad that Westerq'and Northern burers. are dt tlieir attention to the adJantages of and r" to 1 know that the gf?wers of V1rgmta are reaping the beneftts of d1rect trade, as .they :witl be' encouraged to increase rs\ber than t.o curtail thil production of the great stap\e, upon wbJch we mainly for the extrication of our people from the 1m .,povjlnstment caused by the war. We welco!lle com from all quartel'll, and bape mercli?-nta 'Will do. enrythmg m the!r pow1;0-Joster enla.r_ge to whtch we ;re(er. lr r 1 TU TOBACCO BiE r. DOIII:B8TIC. JIEW fORK, J ... e I. WMtern baf.-The boaiDe of 'l"as 'Very large the sales amoua&.i,Da to Cully 10,000 TTh.e was principally Wf rowad lots of Reg1e .1101'H, comprising a large oflotr and I :(.r which we advance our Ueoeapts .. dl,2i2 hhds., exports 1,7t6 hltfla., and our fltock ueucd 4,-349 hbds. 1 Priees at the Westem matkeU again.ll.d\"ance?, ,.acl are now almost up to \bNe here, m luas and low llrades. The beliefia becoming more pn; that the size of the l.Mt crop has been ov;Jrestl -.abed, and that t&is will be unusually .avirginia Leaf.-The g81,'8ral rise in tho leaf m!lf" ia Vuginia bas slightly small quanttty of that -article now held here, and prwes may be set down .aa a little higher than our tH ID:H.Y. that while oul' dealers wdl dtscover of 'J:Uilbing to Richmond for leaf,_ aod crea.tmg a ..-.,ity there; and whell th111 our. quotations 'Will be something more nommal, which they are lllOW &!J Leaf-There was less activity in seed leaf last week than for some time past, the reported sales only ea.chiog 254 bales. We give the sales for the past four. ; W etk ending May cs. ; May 15,383 .cs ; May 22-576 cfl.; 29.-254 _cs.-ma\dng total of 2,651 cs., which 1ft\l be shghtly 1119reased by 1i.U aa_{es of yesterday. The fea.ture of the market lut .;wee\ was -the careful av-oidance by buyers of all kinds wgh-priced leaf, Tl'ia is only natural. The cheaper w, it is prob&sble that 'the trade will -sgon be afforded a.n opp()rtnnity of comparing the two ystems. qrged Qll by the high_ prices .Just obta.ined, wdl of coune plant very largely th1s year, and, with ordmarily fav-orable weaLher, the '69 crop must prove a very_abundant Such a crol', com bined with the partla.l la1d on trade thiS year 1 by the present high prices, will tlmd to establish much t l&wer ra.tes and 1t would not be st.rsnge if a violeut l reaction follow the present tension. We would .not be considered as prophets of evil,'but there are cer taio natural laws in e01nmeroe, supply and delll&nd that canuot be altered. Nothmg, for example, is-mote to the true iatere.sts of commerce than '-aa advance in prices that. Is aot ba.sed on a real scareit:.y or other necessity of trade..The insane eompeti that sometimes tak88 posaession of dealers in the ame article is not such a. necessity, and will not be sus ta1ned by the great body of consumers., Therefore, :-lees must follow as &Jl inevitable result of such unrea transactions. re{'Orted sales of the week :-;are as follows: 39 cases Ohu.) fillers at 9':l.; 74 cases .(Xmoecticut at JOe.; 45 1868 Connecticut, seconds, 21!c.; 16 cases 1866 CoQ}lee\iout at 12-to.; 43 cases 18111 Ohio at 13e.; 37 ljJ66 at 20c. Of business during the montll, the Circular of MeBSrs. "Jtl RADER & SoN savs The trsnsaction& in this ar during the last" J1lOnth were only to a limited ex At the beginning of the moath the prospects 'Were fair for a iOr

G ec:u lea 'l'M bouse aold 31 hhda & Keith, 12; J. Hney & Co.,?; E. F. at*' for to 16 '16 for Henry eonnty cut a; F. Del Bonello, 8 E. Tana1ll, 2 and 12 b:u., Tlae Nidth-s IICN18 80w 19 hhds. at $5 '10 Pesant, 6 Bell, 2 011.. R T for tiMia to n 75 tl a leaf. The Boone house J?bn E. K!ng, hbd8.Hue. k aold 27 at $4 90 t traeh to t 13 for shipping Tonan, 1811 h Kukp.trick '1: leaf. Tile Louisville sold 66 hhde. at ttl 95 for Co., S8; L. unther, 55 h gE, C mRo h &'Co' low tag. ,19 for Lopa oo.nty lhipping. Ranie of H. H. Bryan, 7; H. F. 1ven, 4; a0 Ji' bids: at lt 76, 2 at @$U 75, 1 at $13, 2f; J Pbelp!l & CG., 1; Irby, McDamel & .o.,J, A 8 1'2@.12 50, H at 111@*11 75, 38 at @ M Horrell & Co., 16; Mayer Bros & IO 76 u tl@tiJ. N 2111 at $8*8 95 62 at '7@ Whltl!e! & Co., 2; E. F. Stockm*er, 26, & C .7 96 6 as, $4 9 6 5' at 16@$5 '10, 2 *-'t4 90. Co., 3; E. H. W!lsQB & 6; J. .11 On S:.turda JaoUMI sold. 40 hhds. at t5 10 2 ; Beadles; Wmgo & Co., 4 ; E. ansi for truh tor til 2& for ahipping leaf. The Farmers' Perkins! Swanson & 1; Monesahn & Co., 28 cs.; )a.-..W llSlibdit. -.t tB so for factory lugs to '15 F. M. 3. Order, 34 hbds. for atbttreet house'sold 25 bhds. .; Frem Cmcmnat1: L. Gunther, 6 M to 'liS for medium leaf. The By Pontchartra.ia Railroad from Mob1le: J. M. Lew1s :a..-. 30 bbde. at t6 10 for trash to $19 60 & Co., 32 pkgs r.r R lea[ The JAuiaville sold 40 hhds. at By New Orle!l'ns, Jackson & Great fAotory traM 00 tl160 for shipping leaf. 'l"ue T. 13 hhds.; R. R. Decan, 23, I by, Plt rrr house aold 6 Jr1nk at 95 for lu"s to 811 for McDamel & Co., 308 bxs.; J. B. Jewell, 10. Range of bide : 1 hhd. $19, s at Cleared since thelSt.h iD8t.: For 551 lii@U 60, 7 at aH@ll60, 27 at $10@10 '75, 24 at or Antwerp, 59'1. hhds.; for Texas, '18 bxs.,. for Mo .9@9 90,26 at t8@8 95, Hat .'1@7 95, 16 at .6@6 95, 0() b.n. StoCK Ill .warehouses and en shipboarci JIOt s=at @5 80. On Monday the Pickett house sold 81 feared on the 25th 8,608 hhds. bhda at .6 for lugs to for Ballard county manufac STATRllENT OP' TOBACCO. hhd turing leaf. The Farmers' bouse sold 7 bhde. at Stoc?k on hand September 1st, 1868 1 80 for 'low lugs to 50 for shipping leaf. past .week 24 The Ninth-street bouse sold 31 hbds. at *6 for Arnvedpreywusly. 11 6 12 low lugs to *11) '15 for medium leaf. The Boone house -' sold 36 hhds. *6 for low lugs to tiS '15 for 15, 115 ridge county mahogany wrapper. The LomS\'Ille house solei 26 hhds. at $5 95 for trash to $13 '75 for Ell ports past week 1 148 Owen county cutting. Range of bids: 1 bbd. at $21, Ell ported previously 4 ,4 8 2 5 bhd11. at *13 @13 75, 8 aU12, 9 at tll@ll 50, 1 '1 at @1& 76, 16 at t9@9 60, 26 at tB@B 90, 39 at $'7@ 5,630 'T 96, 10 at t6@6 90, 2 at a5@5 90. On Tuesday the Broken up for baling, city eonsump877 Pickett house sold 70 hhds. at $4 50 for common fac tioo, etc. 6,60'1 Stock on hand and on shipboard ......... hhds. 8,608 INSPECTIOK OF TOBACCO. Burke, Sautly & Hayes ........ j From Sept. 1 } 3,400 Summers & Campbell.. . . to date. 5,350 "tory truh to $12 75 fOr shipping leaf. The Fa1mers' hosue sold 26' \lbds. at t'i Jor Warren county lugs to tlS 50 for Hart county w-rapper. The Ninth-street hoJ,Jae sold llll l:ihois. at 55 for trashy lugs to $16 for cutting leaf. The Boone bouse sold 83 hhds. at $5 40 for trash to *12 75 for shipping leaf. The Louisville ho111e solw medium leaf at 10e.; 9 and lea ft.t late.; 40 Peon. do. do. on secret t erms; 30 cases 16, s, 'T, 1, '7, and 10 at 1lc.; 6 at lltc., 118 at n t c.; 18, necticu1t, 66 crop, at 19c @30c ; 10 cases ConnectJ.cut 1, '7, 5, 9, 1, and 24 at 12c.; 12, 17, and 2 a t 1 3c .; 1 5 at fillers. 68 crop, at tate.; 5 bales at $1 05, 10 13r 38 29 and 38 at l 3tc. 16 and 20 at 14c 10 at bales Yara II at fl 12. Exported durwg the week: H ., ... "" 11ic.; 466lugs to good, !53 lugs to fide, and To Ja., 2,415 lb s leaf $460, and 1, 783 lbs. 28 mued lot, on fer'm.s; 14 hhds lugs at 7c., manufactured, $35'7. 6 8c. 4 d o at 20 l gs to good at 8ic., 125 RICHl)JOND, May R. A. MILLS, tobacco medium to good at llc., 6 fair to good at llc., to bro"ker, a.t 11-le., 4 a t llc!., 3 and 5 at 12c., 4 at 12i'l., 13 Our breaks have been for the. past The at: 12fc., 5 tine at 13c., atnd 20 at He. per lb. This market has been v ery w1th a demded up makes en aggregate of 5,3()0 bhds .. during this w:ard in f!lct, prtces have forced to the Prices re l'e y firm. We contmue to quote: Reh1ghest pomt that sh1ppers could be unven to, and dur; fu e.d, li ht, 6c. do, heavy, 'lc.@Sc.; common iog the latter part of verallots of lngs a a SA dp. qy 9c.@l0c.; medium, medium leaf have been w1th.drawn from t.he market, as light, 9.6.@10{1.; do. heavy,. l09.@1lc.; good, light, lOc. holders could not get the pnees asked. While no t @llc.; do. eavy, l (jU2c.; fine, light, ll!c.@l4c.; do. expect to see tobacco lower than at present t?e heny, choice selections, light, 14c.@15c.; do. season (and should there be. any change It heavy, 9c.; fine w'rappers, heavy, l6c.@25o. be in favor the sellerh stlll I do not tbmk It pos Arrived since the 18th i10st., 1,308 hhds., 40 cs., 338 to f o rce pnces much than they a .re. at present. bx:s., and 349 pkgs., consigned as follows : Below I give the transactions and quotations for the By Sea from Galveston and Indianola: S. Levy, 10 week-1,338 hhds 233 bxs., 71 tcs. Dark lugs, cues. mon to good, 6c.@lltc.; do. leaf, do. do., 8c.@l6c.; bnght By RiTer Boat.-From Louisville: R. T. Torian, lugs, do do., 8c.@l2c. ; do leaf, do. do., 10c @l5c.; fan189 bhds.; John E. King, 100; E. H. Wilson & Son, cy lugs, do. do., 5c.@20c.: do. leaf, do. do., 20c.@40c.; tion with the French to some extent, bat the crop tbaa. far does not meet the views of Continental buyers. It. is too green, thin, liiMI body, substane,. eolo, IS ia U.ken readily at vety fu.TI prioes. Tbe brea the past five weeks were: WM.t IIWA"ff. :liNt. April24............ 9 .May 1....... t26 )lotltu. 68 Mav 8 ............ 1,182 62 May 15.. . . 9S8 317 53 May ..... 1,240 9 oo of laat :year th were 1,167 hhds., 348 tiercett, and 90 boxes. The breaks from 1st October to 22d instant, were: HMI. TUrou. Bolt ... 1868-'9 ..... 18,2811 1.218 1867-'& 15.,589 2,92'1 1,?.65 2.,720 1,728 ecrease.... 547 The following is au._exhibit of tlte receipts of tobac co in hhds., at Riehmond, for the last two months, a.nd total from 1st of October, compared w,ith receipts for same period of the tw-o eeaMns bef>re the war : Canal. : R:&P. R.&D. C.&O. RF.&P. TotaL March ..... 1,434 -46 742 688 50 2,960 April. .... l,294 86 1,123 990 114 3,607 F. = 8tifel & Benson, !10 kegs; M Friedmn & Co., 6 bxs. plies better than any treign ones he h-. ever been ablet.and I Cll. ; Koob, Chew & Co., S and 4 biB.; S. C. Davia prooure-the Obl:r...eetlfol precaution being not 'o ray 6 Co., ea.; Wright & P., 1; D. A. January & Co. they are British. Tobacco is not unfrequently _... tiJ Alkire & Co 56 caddies; for reshipment, ciated with IIRA11 wares, and ita sale al110 bears ao 6 cs. and 6 ca. cigars. accountably clOI!e relationship to penny numbers aacf By North Railroad: Whittaker, Virden & cheap literature seoerally Now, all these sources cC Gra 1 hd.; 1r, Nanson & Co., 19; E. M. Samuel supply a.nd demand are allowable, ana may, therefOft',. & 40 ; S. A. Grantham & Co., 4 ; Dameron Bros. be conceded to be lejJit.imate ; but we take exception tDo & Co., 1 ; B.S. Grant & Co., 2 ; Oakes, Archer & Co., what may, 'bJ war of analogy, be termed the 2; S Peltz & Co., 1 ; J. W. Booth & Sons, 20 and 2 agency of the trade--meaning the entering into \Jae bxs.; Price & Co., 4 hhdP. and 2 boxes. businE'BS of people who know nothing of the trade By Cbioago, Alton and St. Louis Railroad : D. W. people who onl7 euler it because they have Dirkin, 10 kg ; C. Peper, 12 cs. ; J. C. Tiemeyer, 2 down in every other undertaking they han attempted,. bu.; J. Baxter, 1 bx. c1gars and have taken to &obaooo u a last resource By St. Louis and IndianapoliM Railroad: Carney, gardless of their. own or of the of any Feo,too & Co 25 bu.; lJ. & R. D., 18. necessity for the venture bevond their own personal reBy St. Louis and Vandalia Railroad: Chiles, Bassett quirements. Of course, these sort of people come 'o. & Co., 3 hhds. grief in the majority of instances. They figure in that; The from St. Louis by railroad during the small column of this journal, whi c h we are always: past week haTe been 201 hhds., 828 bxs., and 534 happy to see contracted to a11 few lines as poBBible;: pkgJr. and when the baokra,Rt's accounts are examined into. We quote stem11 nominal at *L to tl 75, with none there is the same old &Wry of liabilities and unsecuTed offered ; scraps nominal at *2@3 50; factory htgs and creditors, with the customary infinitesimal assets. The green and frosted planters' lugs, t4 75@5 '15; sound business bas been of straw from the begiaoiog,. plantl!rs' do., free of frost, t6@7 25; commen leaf, bolstered up for a time by a creditor or two who haTe a7 25@8 50; medium dark, new, s 50@10; gooil supplied goods, as a bift.ditloounter supplies cash t6 aa dark, new, @12,; black wrappers, &10@ 16; medium undt:rgraduate, but obliged to succumb in the end Any bright, tl5@22 ; bright Kentucky and Virginia, a25@ simpleton can open a eigar &bop, anil shut iL up agaio ;. ...--$60; dark factory dried old leaf, $9@10 50; oolory do.; for the tobacco trade ia not more r e markable than Total. .. 4,906 320. 3,531 3,108 233 llB@tT5. M 7 h T b ad d busineBBes, in po11BeMing a royal road to furtuoe. II Prev'ly .... 2,178 184 1,666 11430 69 6,531 In 1858 9 .. 5,'72 4 2,B34 4,218 4,582 1,77 5 h Y dELEGMRAPII-h ayT2bt .o _accosdte y an udn-t IS system of going in&o the trade bad any good re-In 1859.6,Q03 1,5 5 1 3,350 5,18( 81)8 16,936 c auge ay 28t .-o acco eas1er an unchange suits, it would be ungenerous to deny to peoole who May 211th.-1.'obacco active, but unchanged. are willing to make the venture, the chaace o( tryiug: SJ.I FRANf.ISOO, 23d .i ones :FOREiGN" JIURKBrs. the uperiment j but it is a well understood fact that,.. & Bendixen ofi"ered at public sa1e a line of prime UISTERDlM, May u.-Tbe market has been with-of the many interlopers who paint tobacconist and eigar brands Virginia manuf&ctured, all 'bond and with oat either or transactions during the -past eight merchant over their doors, few make a positioo or new stamps, duty paid, or in bond, to suit purchasers. days. Actual lltock in firat bauds : 486 hhds. Maryendure beyond the brief respite of a longwioded credit Terms-over $500, liO days. About one halF of the of-land, 20 do. Kentllcky, 146 cs. Cavendish, and 3,835 with the dealers who supply their stock!!. The elroief" fering was sold at the" long" price, the balanee with bls. Java. effect is to disrespect up o n an old-fasbiooed drawn. Followin!Cre details: 22 cs. Turpin & Yllrd h bl ft d t t h t th d ... AITWIBP. Ma 15.-Prices have been well susan onora e era an o at ac o e tra e a .. borough Bonne che, avy 4's, 69lc. ; 10 cs. large a so e h t ta" ._.. t t" It t taioed throughout the past week, and there has existed m w a m...,.. repn a ton. IS a no onon&; cious Luxury, N ayy t's, li2c.; 3 es. Snn Flower, t f:act th t t '- t" fira -'-fl a good demand for consumption. There were sold, in a a we Jme, a e waSII manu ao-9-in., 64tc.; :s Q8, Pearl, Navy fs, 5l!c-; 2 Cll. f turers Wl"ll """"mt"t neunna '--'r boo;,.s -1-thh 0 conseq ence,about 234hhils. Kentucky,o which about ... .. _,.,._.__ .---_.,. elle of California, lig t ..........,d, 9-m., 62c ; 2 es. ur t fi t ki "d t th t d t .,. p 1 ,... one hundred were new tobacco. The receipts have been ou rB ma ng nga mqmraes as o e an ece en s o.a Pet, Navy 6's, 58 ca.; 5 cs. ord eop e, cho1ce .. avy th ..........1 ;-:._ A t' t 'd G ld L 1 l bhds. fter rgoua from New York 1 OS hhds. per e pro.r-..--CBS1o0111er. n mves 1ga 1on m o tne4's, 59!e.@5'7tc., 3 011. Crump\:-On's celebrate o eaf. "' ..,. d"t f b bl d t 11 t' N1 Sam We ler from the same place; 43 bhds and '1 bls. ere 1 0 a new u:rer 18m na Y ma e a a 1mes;; 12in., 59c.; 6:cs. Frazier's avy, 5's, 56tc. @55tc.;.l5 cs. from Bremen: 5 bls. from Hamburu 10 hbds. and 9 bls. b!ltmanufacturers have in late years, been so Apricot, 52!c.; 6 cs. Mary's Own, 60c.; 6 ca. Pnde of b t.te b 1 to t.h th t th 1 Regiment, Navy, 55!c. ; 5 cs. Connecticut LeafTobac-from England; and 19 bhds. and 122 bl nnd package&1 .n y_peop e ........ e a areespe from Holland, by the interior. caut1ousm openmg We ha ve, mdeed1 fieard 1t. co, 19o. lb The imports from April 1st t6 6th were MAY 19-W e have learnt the sale from first hands stated by men very e tha t Cle;ar deal-100 oases cig rs and 100 bales, 195 oase aud S4 paclre s d tob tli ftb k d h d b d &!!estobaooo. Exportedduringthe week: To Honolulu, of 190 hhd&. Kentucky. r an ac oms 0 e 10 esen e most daogerou.11 customers, and Will au a y 12 cs. tobacco. May busmess of the past week confidiag creditors in the bankrupter cou rUI 'J'Iie. MAY 18.-The market for all kinds of Virginia and wss good lD North tobacco, and sales were various bllsioesses and profession s whi ch tac k to t h Western manufactured stock, says the COmmercial efi"ected 14 '1 hhds. V Irgmta, 143 do. 30 staple venture a little bit of trade i n c i gars, or snuff, or Herald, is greatly depressed, more or leM demoralized, hbds. and 180 es. seed leaf; and to. arr1ve, 16 tobacco, we have aaid we regard as le g itimate. lt is and where are really effected, al'e ruling hhds. Oh1e,. do. Maryland, 26 do. Kentucky. paltry: trade, it is tnae; bot it u s ually meet s a wall&, lower than before the war, taking uo account of the In West Iochan and South Amencan tobaccos, there and if beneath the diguit:r of 111anufae t u ring r eeoga heavy internal revenue tax thereupon. Following are were sold 235 52 do. Embalema, 11330 tion, at least it does no harm, The coala gency style o the parti ulara ot Jones 4r. Bendixen's auction do. Carmen, 297 do. Giron, and 146 bskts. Varmas lteld on the 14th inst.: 'l'he sale was peremptory, and le&, pose. There is not even t.he pretence that a shop ia to close accouol!l!oof importere. ever -90 BlfAI!, for leaf wanted in the neighborhood, or that a trade can l days. The tobaccos were.ful last repor-ted Chewmg rema1ns m good demand, w1th made. -It is tooked widlshowy and worthless good,. in order, and in all respect!! equal to sample--34 cs. J. few lots offered. We quote: t24 per qtl. Sold, 30 and when p-bills -.,, and the paint grow a B. Royster & Ce. Mal: 's 0 n, 'ic ; 88-do. do. Fruit -b:n. from torn aud 60 bxs. exfrom New rus,y, Nemesis deeoea4e in the form of a bailiif, and -b bxe. 10 xs. o., Uc., bxs. 41Je., ork, at. he same pnce. Imported the week: puts up the shutters. 'The tobacco trade is the only 25 bxs. -40t<\.; cr cs. each 3 br.llXI!., Jones Hudson's 60 bxs. mfd. The exports for the same t1me have been: one of the United hich presents this peot Gold Bars, 5'lc.; 6 cs; each hf.:on:-, McCork1e & 'Bow' To ew York, 553 te!. tobacco; to Falmouth, 16'7 tes. liar feature of worth1et18ness in conjunction with a busi man's light o6c.; 5U hf.-bxs. do. and H,500 cigars; to do. ; to ness which bas hit.heTto remarkably e,Jempt from Twist, 12-lnch, 10 bxs. ri!-le., bxs. 112c., 20 bxs .l! !e.; Corunna and Santaader, 1 000 do. i. to Sisal and Ve:.a the invasion of pretenders. In one bra,ocl:t namely, f,Jie-55 cs. Walker's Twist, 12-inch, 52; 25 cs., each 4 Cruz, 5410.0? do an 7 ,62U p ts to Caxes at @ MACI;IINJI:RY plu and cut tobacco factot-y. ported, was all the tobacco he had. Detective 4 10 were rejected. On Saturday sales ,14 hhds.: 2 at pby, however, found in a tea. box on a Bbelf some twerr3 50, 6 at a4 20@4 '9'0, 9 at *5.@6 90, 10 at a6@6 70, J -"Itt THE TRJ.DE." ty-odd pounds more of the same tobacco. Mr. Paee7 at $7 90, 3 at 18@8 iO, 4 at t9@9 SO, and 3 at $10 swore positively that both lots were a part 1&--50, *ll@ll 26, 'T bu. at 10 hhds. 80ld pri-It has long been accepted that the coal tl3deis a sort bagco "tolen from. hie fQ!Itory. Oo9mbs had severa vately wer wassed, and b1 s n 10 hbds. at t6 90 to of commercial refuge for the destitute. A man may be negroes present to swear that they saw him buy the 10 25, and 3 b:x_s. at $9 70, 25@18 25 were reby turns, and nothing long; he may shine tobacco from a negro mao, whose name they did not jected. Anything soldj to-day under *4 '10 w-as either as' the cbau'm'an of a board ofdirectors, and descend, by know. The mayor discharged him, but ordered him tub, cask, or very short weight hhd On l\Ionday sales easy stages, to tbe mastership of a' parish union, and before himself, as U oited States Commissioner to be19 hhds. : 4 at 16 40@6 50, 2 at t'7 60@ fail in all; but there is a lower deep, a more modest examined npon the charge of illicit traffic in 7 so, 3 at tB 10@8 '10, 1 at 90, 3 at t10@ refuge still, to give employment to his talents-be can Ooombs is an active radical politician.-Richmoml UO 75, 3 at $11@11 50, and 3 at &12, &18 28@19, and go into the coal trade. Some people-le sin charity, it Whig, .May ... 3 bxs. at II'i, 132 75@38 25. Bida on 3 bxs. at 110 20, is to be feared, than in a s,ririt of cynicism-have slrid $10 '15@12 were rejected. On Tuesday, sales of 66 that every other resource has been exhausted, a "GoiNG ACK" OJ'< OUB CI GAR FmENDs.-The 0... hhds: 1 at ts 40, 3 at $4@4 90, 5 at *5@5 60, 13 at man can turn schoolmaster, presumably to train the bile Register quotes the from au exchanae .. 16@6 90, 9 at *'7'1 90, 16 at *8@8 90, 'T at t9 10@9 ideas of others by his own faults and omissions. and then remarks as follows: "Alas! if that be Dle-90, 1-at $10 75, 5 at $11@11 50, I at$12, 2 at 114 25@ It might, perhaps, be fair vo assume tlrat reason we may expect America; soon to 14 75, and 3 at $25 50, 135@36 75, and 6 bxs. at *4 10 when a nian is good for nothing else, or weaned upon Connecticut cigars and cut its teeth upen. @40 25. 1 hhd. was passed, and bids were rejected on when he has so far his rk in the world as to a meersc'i:ianm ; for never since Raleigh first pull8d 2S hb.ds. at $5 60 to $5'1, and 3 bxs. at tl@4 90. Yes be past trying any other path 1.0 fame or competency, we1-e moM of them-ever forced upon terday the market was steaay, widl sales of 52 hhde.: he would do for an assurance a, ; but as an assuour pe9ple from inOI'Cli te dutieli and the m ia fOr I at 95c at $2 so, 11 at 4 40@ 6 70, 5 at 6@6 70, ranee business n a oal can 11lways be eon adulteration. We have thf! Italian cigar, as above de '16 at $7@8 70, 9 at t9@10 25, 7 at t12@17 "15, and 2 dueted on the same basis, DruckeT, 3; Wahl & Carpenter, 6; S Peltz & Co., 4; that it is the easiest, and the cheapes, Von P I, Sons & Co. 1 ; Dameron Bros. & Co., 8; and the most remunerative business Chil .es, & Co., 1; OakeS; Arcbt;r & Co.,, 27; of keeping a tobacconist's shop. 'fhe usWhtttaker, Vu:den & Gray, 3 ; J. S. Kmght, 2; S. A. iness can, if neces s ary, be with Granth & Co., 18 hhds., 3 b.xs. and 10 caddies; J. W. sweetstuff, and is often to be met ith as an outrider to Booth Sons, 39 bhds and 1 box; Godlove & Co., 3 a fishmonger s trade. Grocers have long been privi'hhds anc1 1 box ; Karger & Lark, -4 cs.; Sclrerholz & leged vendors of tobacco; bnt oldest olla pod.t'W Klines th, 2 bxs.; Adams Express Co., 1 ; Kramer 4r. of all is the exhibition of a sort of glass mou rap, Loth, 1; .rae. G. 'Bell & 09. 1 G. S. Shryock, 30 cadbaited with eigars, which till figures on the ao ters dies; re & Co 127 pkgs.; J. .M. Anderson & Co., 4; of many of our apothecaries. A blue pill an a twoM. Friedman & Co., 1 bx. penny H.abana are so utterly incongruous that By Pac fie Raliroad : Chiles, set & Co., 1 hhd.; the most elastic imagmations can hardly realize the Sterlin II 6J & Co" 1; UDiOD; ani yet we must believe that the apothecary 1 HEREBY ANNOUNCE TO THE TR4.DE GENERALLY thatlhave -.tabllo,hed mJ. Ir 1n tbe awl SfedLeafTobac.,. boioell OD Ule 16th day or Jenoarylasl. at No. 98 llaldeu L&ne In tbe ell )'" oi"Ne,. Vork. at which place I;will be plesoed to receive orders i n that line. ..l.U.O d!l!clalm an7 connecUou wllatner willian,. otku party or partie. it .,.. 1Dg mpelf en le proprietor H. ZWJIIQ. NOTICE.-The Supplementary Tax Bill of April lOth i n nol4tlon to ffte dampe for ta:x .. pa1d aoO Segara niad tt ludl'ectlve by the e:zcer.11be cOililtttoae reqa\rea ulld e r form. u 78." it is propooed to tel lila cooHitotlooi.Ut, of the oct befo re lhe prop e r c onrto All per110111 lotereeted and fayoriog ouc:h, a coune, will please for ward tbeir nawee, directed 8t T. G G Touoco LBA.P. Bushey & Drucker, 2; Scott, Collins & Uo., 1; J. W. find'S his gain in the sale of his cigars, as well as in the Booth & Sons, 2 ; Thos. Rhodus & Co., 2 ; Goodin & cOJ:npPunding of his drngP. That publicans and hotel Thompson, 1 Bogy & .I!'& 1; M. D. Beitzel!, 2; proprietors should sell tobacco a.nd cigars is natural, TOBACCO-MACHfNBRY '.A..T AUCTION. .., WW be IOid &t PRblie A11diGII, Nantz & Lyneh, 2; .BI'Own Barron, 19 hhds., 1 cask and lie trade owes more to the publicans than to any 11T and 1 bx ; Woodson & Lockwood, 6 hhds. and 1 box other olaBs, for pr iug-that English-made cigars re as 1 B DB:_nR & co. H. Kaum, S; G. S. Shryock, 10 caddies; Han s al t,W:eigo ones, and that those w'ho profess to be THURS'lAY MoiCNING, JUNK 1a, Beadll's, Wingo & Co., 16; E. C. Roach & Co., do extra, 45c.@60. 6 ; Blackmore Bros & Co 3; B. .M. Horrell & Co., A late number of the Wht g says : A very small por2; Fisher & Lawson, 4; H. F. Given, 138; Fairchild tiou of our receipts is to the & Bio&ham, 13; T. & S .. Henderson, 5; Kirkpatrick as 1et,"8.nd other Contmental orders come. m compet1son & Co 1. abt to distinguish the real article cannot tell the differ-No.e<:; B_v Ohio andMis&issippi. Railroad : D .Catlin, 2 bhds.; ence. At many hotels, it is an exceptional thing t& find a ... 11111 AR, J W h & ca 2 W H. J h d h h l ft Completemach lneJ7IorPIDgaDdCUtToba co con slst!ns:lnparlofbydra,._ Chris. Peper, 3 ; .BOot oons, ; tJ n foreign cigar, an t e ott. proprietor will o en eaudidly lie P""'"" &lid po llohere, nape, e n g ine, ele.. son, 3; J. Jd.oJan & Co., 8; W oodeoa-& I.ockwood, 1 ; confefs )lis patrona like the English cigars he a up Four :s,gen ntlq eo, w il.h pr eoo and appurtenanceum


' ;3 C!c;;;;aluion Merchants ================ "l'HE VIRGINIA-TOBACCO AGENUY. l ,tJ I .. C 'OMMISSION MERCI-:fANTS I '' I ,1 ,AND Ji'O!l Tll& SAL E OF and LEAF TOBACCO. P-nt.r& .,.JoliN' p l 1 AN.K,. IMP<)JjTE!olS Dll' Havana Segars. ; arid Havana Leaf' Tobacco, j a No. 39 STREJ.:.T. .TA.ES H. JJLAKEM.QBE. a: co., :Cotton A.ND COMMISSION M$RCHA.NTS, .No. 41. Broad.'Street, Ne-w-York M. & E. SALOMON COMMISSION MERCHANTS, l AND OF Havana Cigars, Leaf Tobacco g" SOle AKBRC7 oC W. Clwroi1twl "LOKB .. DROWN DICK," .,.olr.I.Dc Te'baoeo. f IIII K .aY r.. I Ooaaiht.eloa. Vlll'Chant for tile Mia of TOBACCO, AND) o,.:Hm.t SOU'fHERN PRODUCE, .. '18 Water Btrefl (P., Q. 6,'1-79), NEW YOBJL SO f .. .. l72 fiEARL C!tommission .A,GENTS FORt ALL; THE POPULAR BRANDS OF VIRGINIA T1>BACCO, NEW AND DEALERS IN I qiG,AJI on hand: ---......... ____,.__ ___ 'I{$:t:Li: & 84 BEAVER 8TR.EET,. of' ,. ; THE J. & 00.,' 4 s .&: IJOOBE, 'VIRGINIA Tobacc9 .Commiion Kerc.Jumta. NO. 104 FRONT-STREET, AGENTS FOR THE S.lLE OF GRANT & WILLIAMS, RUSSELL & ROBINSON, J. G. DILL", J. K. CHILDREY, L. H. FRAYSER & to., TURPIN & YARBROUGH, J J. B. PACE & CO., THOMAS & OUVER, GREANER & WINNlE, B'ABRA!t'S CROWN, REUBEN RAGLAND, GILMAN & MALLORY. CHEIVES & OSBORNE, I DAVIS & SON, DUKE Of ATHOL. .p ALMER & SCOVILLE, I ... A.:l!D JOilBE"S O F D. Hirsch & Co., lfo 174 Waterltnet, KR'MELBERG &: CO., JfEWYOBK, .... F. L. BRAUNS&: CO., liALTIIIOBE, Tobacco Commission lerchants. l"!f>veral b"'nl\t: or L_1eorlel' Pat(', lion, co nstantly on n.oo,. au.d iul' ..... e, iaa. .. ood r duty Jd1d1 in l<.ota to Slllt purchaien. 62-114 ISAAC R.E.&D, (Snc;eeoor t o CLmniNT lbun,) ,.. CommiSSion AND DEALER IN & WESTERN LEAF, AJID Manufactured Tobacco, Lioorioe, Gum, etc., No. 86 PEABL STREET, N. Y. "' llos:r:s OTTmEtn Ne w Yo r k. MA x 0TTI Gut, LuuiavWe, Ky. & Brother, KENTUCKY Tobaooo Commission Meronants, 119 PEABL 8TB &T,. NEW PLATT & NEWTOB, Sncces119m t o W.M. T. CDLEMAN A CO., Commission Mer@ants. New York: 1 San P J'Ineisco: Ne. 117 Fmn t Street. Cor C11MmJ Fron t S to Agent. In San Prancl s co f or Sal e Q f VIRGINIA MANUACTURED TOBACCO. R. S. WALTER, BEST Connecticut, Havana & Yara LEAF TOBACCO, crrv ACI:NCY' I I No. 108 'Jt}NT-STltnT, New-York.' G / W /HILLMAN .: u# 203 PEABL STREET, NEW YORIC.. CCERT, DILLS & CE)., DlU.LERS IN _...!..,_,__ __ _:_...;.:.:.....-=-----DOMESTIC and Importers of .. A.. !i. OARDQZO & co:--WM. :VIGJifLIUS, SPANISH TOBACCOS, & CO H&ve ahra y s on hand & of Manu faa I .. Tobaeco & Oottov Factors, Leaf .. Tobacco s!;::;:.: s:::: 225 Front-ato eet, Commission Merchants DifALEB nr un O!nciDnati, Ohio. A.XD TOBACCO PRESSERS. KENTUCKY LEAF TOBACCO, &o., 83 Broa, il Street, :NEW YORK. ... '!'!'-;"\ JODli S T RAITO!I JOS. 'l!EL!GIBII:RG. J. M COBN. r ,. :I ,,c p f H N :_a r I -I'"( 'l ( ..1.ND\8 N .ALL iilSDS t r f' 1 ,( J-} 'J LE.AF 49 Water-street, near iilew'-Yorli. 1 ;. 'P, T '&, C ; O., 47 'Wes t Front', st.. 'CinJinnali ; 0. l ICTO lJOO:FACTOR COMJ\;l;IS.SION MEROII1i.NTS, Nos. 70 and 7f.t Broad atrel:tt, General Comminion : :Merchants, J No. ].69 Front-street, Ne-w--York. J.. S:. 0.BDOEO. KTBR 'lllYB:RS nm. DWOB'l'. .. I 75 Pearl' Street, NEW YORK. JOSEPH HICKS, Oomrnjssion Meroh.ant, 111 MANUFACTURED TOBACCC, r Jlo. 82 Water-Street. Ill WEWYOBJJ. B. C. BAKER, SOX .t CO. Tobaoco and Gotton Factors, -AJeak..-'- LBAF. TOBACCO AND SECARS, No. STREET, .. t :\TTCJr I onx.


lib. Drums, 1-2 lb. Drum1,1 1-4: lb. :Orum.s, 1-t lb. lags, -14 lb. Bags, 2 oz. Bags, sows, SOLE .AG:BNTS, l'o.17i P:IAJ.t STUET, .... York. Organized under the awsof the State of New York, January 2, 1868, JOHN H. SANBORN, H. W. HUNT_ &.00., Agents, ;fork; t6 Central Wbarf. BQston. SUCCESSORS TO :t APPLEBY'S SON; / JUCdOlJOY, J'lt'Bli'CR RAPPEE, S COTCH AifD LUNDYFOOT SNUFFS. 14ACCO::BOY AND FRENCH SlfUFF FlOUR. .. J.L80 IIUNUJ'A.II'rUUB8 OJ" THE J"IlOIST l!IU.NDS 01' IMIKINI TOBACCOS, CleARS, AND PURE POWDERED LICORICE. I ,133 w A'l'ER .AND 85 PINE S'l'REETS, NEW-YORK. FA.C'rORS AND General Commission Merchants, 'f Broad St'reet, N. Y. VOLCER & HUNEKEN, ar" OATKAlf le. :REID, :rxPOnaa or -"'J'T LEVY & KEWGASS, Commission llerchants. .......... 111 CDnBecticut Soel 8114 Hau LEAF TDBACCIS lfe, l'flJ W' EWYtliUt. A. B. & CO., C"OliDl SSION lUEBCHANTS bo IJIPf' HAVA'NA CltGAR AND DEAlER IN LEAF Toilccf ;.(;!) Pea.rl StJeot, N earFulto u 1\"F:\\. YORK TOBA'CCO LEA F. Maiden Lana ana Wall Stre{\.., : d 6ftlt, 'f r \ ... llfltbmltst for the !l&le of 1, tl!le standard Brands-of_ Virginia --and North Carolina ; ; SOLE .AGENTS for the sale of he followilng mnds f ;Tno:MAS & OLIVER, and D. C. MAYo Co., Riehmonli; a;. : I MAIIU r MANUjrAOTU!aO King Bee, 12 .Uch lba. "' :.'Pride of the Nation,_ 2 \!!cit IQ.s. Virginia Beauties, 14 's. t lbs. Reword of Industry, 12 inch lbs. D. C. :W:oyo'e Na!Y, !be., t lbs., and ll's Coneatoya, 5's. ..._ .....,. Olive, t lba. Virginia's Own Pocket Thomul Choioe Che Hr.w, Fig's. Rose Twist, 6 inch.! .l SMOKINC,"\ J. M". Walker's Bright Twist, n inch.: Billy Buck. Virginia's Choice. Virgini& Belle. Rose. Star. Olive. Gran d Duchess. Gold Bug. La Favorita Rolls, 6 inch. Chas. Hen!J, Jr. 9 inch, light presll8d "'""hard PERIQUE. I 12 hoch lbs. J Pure Virginia Eureka, Oliver 's Cboice ..Old Kentuck, .All styles of Manufactured and Smoking Tobacco put up under special brands (or the : sole use of the owner. We continue tO ruimtti'&cture &11 tbc FAVO ITE TOBACCOS and S _NUFf:'S, for which om-house l1as become famous, and ma.ny novelties, o which the attentio11 of tlrl! trade ill in-.ited. Our reputation for goods, and the lowlilst prices we w1ll endeavor to mamtam. 811JCC an enumeratwn of all on_r '!"ttOus would hardly enter into the limits of an adyertisement, -we _nil the trade to selld for circular, a d compare the qua.l1ty, style, and prwes With other goods on the market. P. LOR.XLL.AR.D,. 6, 18, and 20 Chambers Street, New York. S. R.A.PP. JClalDtactaNtr o1 the loUO'II'brc choice and weUknOWil llran4a ot VD\GDI'IA SMOKD\1& TOBACCOS, LlSWC JACK, CIIE-EN SCENE, LAT.I:DL OlU.B'G:I l'LOWEll. 'YIRGIXIA l'JI.mE, KAU'LOW'Blt, TITniSll 8TRAIG.IIT CVT, BZO:Bt .Fadory No. 14 Plneenth IHreet. Blehmond, Va. Depot .:041 Prtnelpal omee. No, '75 Jl'alton l!l& New York. .h1::A UE.ICE ELLER, DIPOBTJ:B o Havana Segars and Leaf Tobacco, 1 p,_f3U .R_EET, BOSTON. (MUTU .A."t). No. 254 BROADWAY, Y In every respect a First-Class Institution. Assured Me:r&bers, 1 O'P"" I 0 E R S 1 WA.LTSR 8 GRIEFil'H, Prelllde J H. .FBOTHlNGHA.M, Tteasurer. G:I):OR"(!E C }VILLI,A.M I. COFFIN, Acta r.ry' OQ.O, :r J. H. DIGGL:J;DS & CO., I 0 uane Stt'eet, New York, AGENTS AND H.ANUP.lCTtT.RERS OF ALL KINDS OJ' PANOT PJUNTBD OOTT05 GOODS FOR ovmnnm Sill," 1811'7. In to tbe pnblle a moeb!De tor the m&Dufoeture of tbo lnTentor il fDII1 will ba-.o 10 18eehtlil e6mbat opiDIe head Uld.ll COMMISSION ltlereantile Agency, 247 BROAIJWAY, NEW YOBK. '. AND DF..l.Jrn8 IN XJ:NBS O P Leaf Tobacco, 160 Water Street, New York. JULlA: LLR l rCO. Seed-Leaf and Ha ",. TOB.A:.OeO, Wbol.,.le Olli.Y, i72 WATER STREET, No. Y. M. BROCK, Muufaolurer of the Flnei1 Brands of J .Jt BRADSTREET & SON, Volume .24 of our Commercial Reports will be issued on the 6th Janu ry, 1869,' c4 o0.tar i,, GUSTAV lllDSJU. ... 1 t B&Rx.._S ltOUlO. f ort. L. HIR RN & 00. S:liJGARS, Al'ID Ll f NO. '110 WATER STBEET,

snnmts. A. VAN. SCHAICK.,. AGENT FOU. ard's Tobacco & S)1uff, Havana and Connecticut eaf. IN LO'L'S TO BUrr, F'ftA.nn STREET 1 PHILADELPHIA, EST.AB'LISHED IN PVGUBT ca ON'S, IMPQBXEBB OF V .A.N' .A. A.lid. lllfaaan.etare ... oC F:INE CIQ:AB!Jo No. 229 South Front Street, Philadelphia. ited States Bonded Warehouse, First Collection District, Pennsylvania. THE TOBACCO LEAF. B.&.LTI "incinnati 2\butrtisnnrnts. :::E-1. & CO., llloaumeatal Cl'Q' l!ro'bacco Works, Henry Besuden & Bro., lnspe.ct1on & LeafTobacco No. 18:1 est Pra" Street, BL, WARtrttOua.. 11EALAR8 llil Importers of OigarB an4 Leal Toba.Ooo, and other Smokers' Articles. 'li7J:it, 81.tUFnntall4 a,.M.t86Water, Between VIDe 1111cl Wahuat Btneta. Balee,at :lluclloa, ud at Prtnte Bale of V1f11n11, Indlu>a, llllaoarl &lid Oblo Tobaccoe. CIIAS. BODlllANN II CO., Proprletcn. WK. & SONS, 1:. & a. a. .......... u. Dealenlnimported & Domeotle WbolM&le Dealel'llln G, BRASHEARS & SON, LBAP TOB ceo .Manufacturers S .moking AliD .a:act Lw! ... -rocco, Tobacco Commission SEGARS, FOREIGN & DOMESTIC SEGARS, No,2'1 South Gay Stlreet, No, 611 E""""ff#J Pkace, B.Ut, .. ....,, U. 8. Bonded Warehouse No. I, Jno. w. Wellm Bmo&on' Artlclea e .... atanu,. on b&Dd. llo, 46 W&lnut .. treet, (fiO.=i'Tt) Cincinnati. 202 GUSTAV GUTH, F. h. BRaUNS & CO .. Kannlllcturer of il OitEAPSIDE, r TIMORE, MD., n LOUIS STRASSER, Importer ef II.A V ANA ud Dealer Ill JIOlLIISTIC No. SEG-.AR.,&i,. Aloo Cbolee Bnndo of TOBACCO .. BALTIMORE,'MD. F. Plre<< Importers or the auotrlor bnlldo PLR, (J, OHEWDTG AND SMOKING TOBAOCO, d "n y t1 Llcorlce .Pate. 11\or oale. itt Iota" 18"" "DT-7 ... Ut Stveet, IIIUlt t'r:'1 lu buo1 or duty pllhl I rr Ufl., CINCINNATI, 0. LEAF TOBACCO, 161, 163, & 165 Pearl Stret, (CORSER OF EL:ll STREET,) CINCINNATI. fJil. &GOBBT. L DU.LS. Gal. J'OL .. EiaCRJ110n EGGERT, DILLS&; CO., 1D Wid. I:GGDT,) DIU.LDB lJ( DOMESTIC AND SPANISH Leaf Tobacco, IJ WZIT DOOBD ITBDT, Importer. ot Jleer u.u!'IWCIWW.A.'l'I, '-GT "" an4ll1'1er-zoipe .. r .. coll Zme. FDD1111to znU.. JACOB ZINS & BROTHER, Manal'acturen of OXG-AR.B And Dealera In WOODWARD BROTHER and General Commission II(._. .Ill) ft & CO., F. H. BIScROFF'S, Mereh&nts, Deutsqher Rauohtabak, SCHMIDT & TROWE, Lithographers & a:arhilay LEAF TOBACCO. No. 267 Central Avenue, CINCINNATI, OHIO. llo. 47 Iorth Water Street, and lro 48 lrorth Dela:ware Avenue, PHILADELPHIA, PA. 'Bro Jl&nufaoturen of FINE CICAIIS, and Dealers in LEAF TO::BA.CCO, OUR HOBBY, YARA LITTLE ONES, PICKWICK, DAISY, PUNCH, and other copyrighted llruul..l of cig>trs. DOHAN &; 'l'AITT, .a.UTBL'B &. WOUG&B.&:r. 3.umt )(. BOYlJ, "W)(. C. PEASE. Val&ed. sea ..... Hooded Wantboa.e, AND OTHER CHOICE BRANDS, B. P. PARLETT & CO., 'fllflt.SfoaL.I Leaf and Smoking Tobaccos. SEGARS, PIPES, ETC., -a.UIM-CommiSSIOn Merchants for Sale of Same, 92 LOMBARD & 5 W AT:ER.ST., 8. ... II.. D i Jl'oJ..C'Il 1 Baltimore, Md. G. H. BOLENIUS. W' HULQ,U .I. UI.ALio& l!'l LEA.b' T<) B.A CCU DULB&s IN' OF LABELS, .. 1.8 NORTH STREET. t a' BAL MD. dlJl tab .ll h 1t ..C ..C .ll, Krohn, Peiss Be Co. Kualllctarert or 2oodt3 Qtommission l\ltrtyants, .utD DKA.LJCR8 II( :Md. Be: Ohio Leaf, Wett n SEGARS AND TOBACCO. J'A.lB! Jl. "MORRIS" InSJ)ection and Leaf Tobacco C.4.8EV til; WAYNE, Proprieton, :lot. 100, 1011, tl. 104. West Fn>nt Street, l 'IlliCINKATJ, Ohio. A.UOTJ:ON SA:UES DA:IlY Importers of Smokers' Artiolc11, No. 53 JJ"est FouJth Street, CINCINNATI, 0, S. i:.owmmr.u.. .r. Wzn.. E W:m.. S. LOWENTHAL &: CO., llaontact.un.n or F. IN E 8 CAR ...... ,., ..... ..... 0 :a: Q. .A. :E=l. & lllleklllc, ... ...., TOBACCO. c. H. An..... } :zro. 1.a1 8laltJ se., O.F.Wmo, 11. D. Goowm. Hartford. Cou Paeken &llil 'flllol.-le Dealei' Conn. Seed LeafT obacco, No. 238 State Street, GEO, B BARNES, AUG. 8 JaBOJI.E. HARTFORD, Conn. l..a .... LU, r. a ......... HAAS IIUI.08 CONN. CX:G-A.. MainSfreet, B..t.BTII'OBD. CONJI', J. D. BURNHAM & CO., ll:anufacturen and JobbllUK. H.&. Z. K. PEASE, Dl:.t..L&U ;ll jf CONNECTICUT Seed-leaf Tobacco, and State-street, JIA.B'l'POBD, 00 ... Tobacco Commission Merchants, Manufactured Tobacco and seaars. G. w. GAIL. I G W. GAIL & AX, BOYD, FOUGERlY l CO, i!,omm:" e-n .. \\.o.-a.'\" CHRISTIAN AX. Alld 'Wiloletoale Dealera in; LEAF TOBACCO, WM. WESTPHAL, ..0 llf'am..u.LW DUJ.-Ill' LZAI' AND '( TohRCCO:"', Segars, Etc., ,.._., l.pllu for tht l&lellf W. leaf Norda Tllll'ork. 11-<>3 J. r. suLL!!!.N & co .. Partleular attation pa1d to tbe pnrcbaae paeklng and curing of new leaf em commlleloo. ;r, III:MII'f .... UNITBD 8TA.T.ES BONDED W AREIIOUSE. ...... rd tbelr Stooko "m BOlli>," wltb thaGJ>verament Tax TELLER BROTHERS, TELLD.,ANATIIAN .t od.,) Desler ,,. Leaf anp. L W G 'D'N'TBER 1,obacco and fJJgars, C?ENERAL JmEldl:B.'S SONS, LEAF TOBACCO No. 81 Exchange Place, CommlSSlOll Merchant, '\'IQ,oleoale"Deal-In 1 ::EJ..a..::LoTXJJ.II:O:E'I..:BI, A.nol TORA.!D General Comml;;ion JTo,1!MNORTH W AT.ER STBEET -------=Pc.::D=.I==L=A::::D=E:=:L:.::P-=H:::.I:.oA=. Philadelphia., Pa. w E 1 h & c 1-r ancl x.nwactnred 'I'obacco contantly on hand. m, ISe!!J.O r 0., Conalirnments reonectruiJ.y solicited. DEALIIRS IN ..JOHN 1100&&. S. & J. MOORE, TOBACO\l Commission Merchants, 107 llorth Wa.teratreet, 11-11' PHILADELPHIA. CQNNECTil1UT SEED, HAV. o\NA AND YA.RA LE F TOE.A.CC02 W. Elll"'llolll. south Water Stteet, PBILADELPIILL 'rJIOMAS HARE & SON, Warrantedmperlorto&Jifmnft'pmdelntbilcoantey. WBOLBBALB DBALBR8 IN ALL KDfD8 01' 1lr d ., FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC"'# wv""''"e 'J'!/ tE F AID Ml UFAtTURED A. & CO., T 0 B A C C 0 1 No. ll Arch St., PHILADELPHIA. .)NUFF, SEGARS, ETC., nT Sen a for a Price List. lfo, 474 and 603 N. Seoond St., .... ua. ... oXITII. PHILA.DELPmA. llst.aforGa!IAAx'oTobarroand9nnlf. SMITH BROTHERS, .A. H. THEOBALD, llanotactnrel'llandDa!el'8tn ..uroi'.&.CTuaaor .&LL IIUIDBo C X Q. A B. S ..,. ...... Lullf No. Uti North Third St., SPANISH Alii'D DOJIIIEBTIO L1lf Tobacco, e Tobacco, Snntr, PHU.ADELPHIA, Meersohaum af'd Brier Pipes, BOSTOB ADV.IB.TIUJUliTS. No, 83 SoaOl St., Raltt-ore, WIC. A. :BOYD. WK. A. BOYD, JB. U. S. BONDED WAREHOUSE. E. -MEGRAW & CO., MAtWFACTURERS & DEALERS IN '1 .. obaooo, SNUFf AND CtCARS, Nos. 53 & 66 Hand Street & 31 Sixth Street, PIT'DSBURGH, P.A. aar. Third aDd Poplar 1t1., Phil&delphia. S. B&OW5. JU :aUWW!f1 JB.. .DWD. 8 Q OtTLS'rO "l!UoY.tnl'on 8 ABROOK D. S. BROWN & CO., WILDER & E T D'lf!!OUSJ.U: DULUS "' l:tll'OBTllll8or Leaf and Manufactured, L<> SVXLI,;,Eo XY. JIAV AN A CIGARS T 0 B A C C 0 t U.S. Bonded TObacco No.1. A>rn HAVANA PRINCIPE. .AND DOMESTIC OIGAR& LEAF TOBACCO, 11-lll alid Bj'lar Plpett, and 8moltera' M\lcloo ,.-_ -_____ __ U..,-f, Generally. Exelatl.,..,ly '"''"' 31 oJ. 8J Broad.Creel, Roa&oa, CEO. W. WICKS & CO., 4li.onu. Jttd lobatto-, No, 49 8outb Cblll'le Street BALTIMORE, :Md. HOFPILAN GILMOR. GILIIOR & GIBSON, I!lP OR1 'ERS OF Havana Segars, And General Commission Merchants. No. 50S. Gay St., Baltimore, "HIGHLANDER," "RIED ROVER," "DICK TATER," SJD.oklnll' Tobacco. These eetabHehed Tobaccos, oo well and. fovon.bl7 known, are put up In .li, ,_, and llb. bales or poucllee, IIDd tn bollo Utno ouitbtg tbe retailer and jobber. only at tbe IMam wow or L. Amns'rUI>, Lynchburg, Va. Dopot t Llli'I>IDm BB08, "!,Co., 90 Water ot., 2j. Y. W. CAR.ROLL, Sole Manufacturer of the Famous and World renowned Brands of Virginia Smoking Tobaccos, LONE JACK and BROWN DICK. Maau11!"f, 12tb Street. LYNCHBURG, VA. Order ollcited and promptly attended to. JOHN W. STONE, No. 1.93 Main Street, LYNCHBURC, VA., Dli:ALBB 11( Virginia Leaf Tobacco. CALLAWAY&. JOHNSTON!, Successors to SuTp..EnLlN, c .u.u..w.t.Y C o., 6eaerat AIJ,I 1'!11 Df M!NUF fCTUE.ED TORW{;O ..I.ND '-Uoa t:ouuat ... o.D llale ST. LOUIS TOBACCO WOUI. H'..::.:.= LEGGAT,HUDSON &.._00., KANlJli'ACTURBRS OJ' EVERY GRADB 011' :Pine Cut ChewiDII d! Sm.okiDII TOEI.A.CCO. Our apeoiaJ. Brands: Fine Out, GILT BDGl], BEAUTY 1 Smq,king, II&LESIDE, KO:&TAli..A ST. LOUIS, MO. Mound City Tobacco Works C.& R. OORMITZER & CO., D. CATL.IN, D:liALERS JN Leaf Tobacco & Cigars, Pine-Out, Chewing, & Smoking Tobacco, Killickimck, eto., & Tobaeeo, ond A.ll Kinds of Smoken' es, 20'/ bet. 2d 3d Streets, ST. LOU.I8, MO. l'l 168 Nerl.b 8"<'0btl Street, tn ST. LOt:rJS, 110. STARCK, GUTMAN&. co., PHILIP ERTHIELER, leaf and Manufactured Tobacco, F1111c1 Goodl, Wboleule Deale111 In SECAR8, TOBACCO and SEGARS, Pipes, and Fancy Goods, 206 North Second Street. 307 North Third Street, liT. LOUIS, Ko. 81'. LOUIS, Ko. VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY. ADAMS, GIBBS & 00., COM 181101 ER CHANTS FOR TilE SALE 1rfa.:mfa.ctured1 Fine Out, Smoking Tobaooos; Ciga.Jit, Clay Iipes, Licorice, &c., ,.,t"o. 54. w'Uichigan e{lee., Clftcago, 'We make a Speolo.lty of Vlrll'lnla Tobacco P. Lorillard's Western Branc FOY & KEYS, T ,OBACCD, GIIOM:B Jl'oT. JOIDI B. KJI'O. MANAOERS, SANDHAGEN BROS., Wholesale Dealers in all kinds-of D. X. SHJIOUR. SHEPARD & FULLER, ColllllliYion Kerebauts and Dealers ln CONNECTICUT Seed Leaf Tobacco, 214 ST.ATE STREET, Hartford, Conn. SISSON & HATHAWAY, Paclloent aaol Dealen la Connecticut Seed Leaf TOBACCO, 1. 3 4 Main Street, HARTFORD, CONN. J 126-188. l' ar.d Dealer In Connecticut Seed leaf T ooacCOr No. 233 State Street, HARTFORD, CONN. JUIEPll I. WOODRUFF, DIALEB IN Connecticut Seed-Leaf ACCO, No. 233 STATE STREET, HAIITFOH .. CONN. R. A. CHAPMAN, Connecticut Seelleaf T obaccnr CO'NKECTICUT. J. 0 R Connecticut Seed-Leaf Tobacco, EAST lUllTFOllD, COD. ,. ...t..ll .... ...... &o wttk 41-r:l; SEED-LEAF TO II. Q. MURR )lurra,y ol; Co. ..... "}l....,.,. :r. L. l. ..&.. ltADD A..SD .CIGAR 17 West ,Randolph Street, CHICACO, ILLINOIS. MURRAY & MA.SON, SMOKiifiturTOBACCO, IW< 400'0illUIS "-"" ..., '-" .0.U,:IWID8 00 8N11FF ,.UID SEQAB!I, and Tobacco And Dealera in Piur and Chewing 1'?4 & 176 Water St 1ll. No. 140 IIanover St Boston, Manufacturers of the 'Try'Em''and uFree.&Easy" brands of Cigars, It.!VENPORT & LEGG, DEALERS IN Agdl!s lor sa\l ot VIRGINIA, MISSOURI, and KENTUCKY J. L. SMITH, DE VAN & MASON, R. A YOUNC & BRO., 104 PoydrM St., New--Orleans, General CommissioR Tooaooo Manufacturers' .Agent, coMMrsswN MERcHANTs IMP ORTEn & DOMSTIC CIGARS DULD8lll' FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC: HAYAt.A a. SEED LEAF toBACCO Leaf Tobacco and Cigars, Nos. a6 & sv oENTRAL sT., 69 Broad, comer of Milk Street, OTTO BUARP. BOSTON. ,.,., l BOsToN A. R. KITCHELL. I HER .t. CO., Commission Merchants, '23 CENTRAL WHARF, BOSTON. 'I!':RU'CJ! FtBIDJI, h.Al!Olll K. FlBD'l. HORAOB N. Frsm:a, Jom< N. Fl8an. A. A. ECKLEY,. I. AND MANUFACT'lJijED .T' o a .a. ec--o, -i 12 CEI'tTRAL WHARF, ". ... 1 11'1'Mn :BOSTON. ALSO D:IIALDIJ II( LEAF TOBACCO AND CIG.ABS, LOUIIIIVILL.E, KY. ... A.9EN1'8 roR Tl. IA',J!l OJ' VIRGINIA AND NORTH UA:ROLINA Leaf and MaBufacturN Toacco, -.o. 4 IRON FRONT BUILI'IINC,, PETERSBURG. VA. :!{,B. NASn. G. P. N..I.Sil, FIVE BROTHERS TOBACCO WOB.KS M. B. NASH & BRO. JOHN :O:EN, FINZBR, Pl\ED. I'JNZEB, RUDOLPH :J"rNZER, NIOHOL..\.8 J'lliiD& HN l BRO.S, :Manuractnrer of Virclala, .Kentokr, aad JllHou.rl PLUG TOBACCO. 4 .99 13 'l'bkd Sc,_. LoulilvWe, lii>J' Leaf and .Manufactllftld TOBACCO BROKERS, Cor. Main and Sts., I LOUISVILLE, KY. I JIBM' Clll' :REJ'lCl',Bl'fCBS GIVEN, 11 & 13-Wabash Avenue, A..'ID FOR r CHICAGo. ,. r 110ld1o fobbers onl,-. J, H. P.EM:OE'RT.O Tobacco Commiss'n MercHant, DANVILLE, VA. Orders for Leaf promptly attended to. R&PDI "tO l!eoaro HJI:ALD & :MILLBR. New York. M e8i'rs. G. HEIN&KEN & PALMORE, New York. lofeMlll. PLEASANTS & SONS, Baltimore. "* ldoooro. J E. VENABLE & CO., Petersburg. 1200-l!M -K. T. ctA.BX & co., COMMISSION MERCHANTS, D.ANVZLLE. VA. 0111' market D6t.ld for .... wellouppl!ed wltlt I'INB YBLLOW TOBACCO, we .. ll.e .aJa article I IIJ*Iai&J. Orden ailed prvmpU,. wbeb 'lritb safte11Lctol"1 referenee Refer to Ge" P. "' Baltimore; )(arcb, Prlee II Cn., New York i._ Geo. W Wicks, LoulnW!o, i llater, Ilulmel eo., Cincinnati; Ohio, P.&.Cu::B. .. UID DJULKR I:C Fine Connecticut Seed-Leaf T .0 B""A C C 0 t Danbury, Connecticut. N. Q. READ, COMMISSION GH For the of all descriptions of Le;a:f RICHMOND, VA. p


THE TOBAOOO L A lr. I GULAR ANWAL FAI.R f .!NVI' TOB!()()OS. "T Acco TRADE 8F""Lo LffiLLE, KY., Will be held in that City Wednesday, Ju;'le 2d, Whether the habit of smoking be or not, may be left to the decision Qf those gentlemen are proyerbial for disagreeing. If the question IS a puzzle for doctors, it would be unwise for any le11 gif\1 TOTAL CASH PRE)IIUMS, r $4,000. CLA .......... rz'lil eMtbtg. leaf; grown in Owen .by P. Loh:il; ... a.(lltai'd 1 .t wooa, 1). .... : .... Second best hogaheid cuttiog. le&t grown in Owen County District, 'pNmiums by Louilville, Cia. & Lexiagton Railroad ... Third best hogshead' .cutting leaf, grown in Owen Coooty DistQct, p.fll.liU lllll by the Trade .............................. TH.IBP CJ,A.SS, Best in Mason and Bracken Counttes Dtstnct ......... cutting leaf, grown in Br}lqfen Co11oties District ... Third \lest cutting leaf, grown in Ma son and :Bracken Counties District ..... : by trade. J'OV.Br' .'Bee GgB cutt1ng leaf gro many county BGllth of Louisville. Premium by Hen derson Packet Company ( H. Woolfolk, Sup't) ....................... ... best hogshead le1f grown in any county south of Louts ville. Premium by At ood & Nicholas, fire, marina, and lift .iawrance agents ................. FIFTH CLASS, Tb the owner of the be t iYe hogsheads cutti,ll(lea Premium by the trade ....... To f.he owner of the second best five hogsh..U eutting lea.t:. Premium by Cin. & Lou. Mail Line. Co. (Joe Campion, Agent) TO the owner ofthe third best ve hogsheadlt cutting TeA J'>retl\ium by trade .... 0 "sd:ra CLASS. Beet lloglheall leaf. Premium by MJII'MillltatiYes Of New York. houses at Lou. is ville, Ky ....................... ed mortals to arrogate to themselves tlt.e powerteaettle $250 160 so nice a point, and we may therefore be ooutent to con cede that the practice of smoking bas become fll'lllly root,. eel the laabita of the people, and that it is grow ing from year to year, increasing in intensity, and .srreaciing more generally through all classes of aociety. There are smokers and smokers; for, 50 paradoxical as it may seem, those who smoke the most are not the greatest smokers. The smoker may: be classified with as mnch aecuracy as a will' separate a distinguish ditrerent strata 1n a series of rock. 'llaere are all kinds of IIDokera. 25) 100 Tbose wbo smoke unceasiDclt and voracioutly, wlao 611 ttieir pipes to repletion witli uythlug io Cbe JdiUle of tobaeua, and whose taste appean to bave become so hardened that nothing comes amiss to them, provided will bum. Others smoke q,uite aa constantly, but with more judgment, and they are critical of the qual50 jty of tile leaf consume. There_is also the dilettante smoker, who is. curious in his fancies, anjl who prof8111811 t. be as great a connoisseor in tobe.cco as an old wine-bibber hi of comet ports. It would occupy considerable space to go systematically through the numerous varieties of devotees of the pipe, and it would probably be a too severe inflictiOn upon the patience of 250 100 50 the reader to trouble him with sue disquilution. But there is one description of tobacco so milch in vogue at the present time, and so widely patronized by smo kel'B, that we will devote a little space to a few considerations Bpon this article, namely, fancy tobacco. 100 Habit is as strong with smokers as it can be with any other kind of Enthusia!ts, and he who learns to smoke one form or description of leaf is likely to continue to exhibit a partiality for the same under all circumstances Tile dock-laborer wua treasures his little nugget 50 thick twist would not exchange it for an equal quantity of the choicest killikinick; and the old gentleman who for the past quarter of a century has taken his two or three pipes of common shag each evening in the ney-corner would tell you that lie does not care the toss of a button for all the fancy tobaccos in the world. Thick twist, however, i, not the most t.efreahing Ol' palatable form of tobacco to be procured, and 250 100 250 OOs'-AogtiMM tla&PPinttleaf. Premium by Jeft Mad.&: Ind. 'Railroad (Thomas 0a1'9e, :G;neral Agent) ........... : .... (]fd best hogsbea4 shipping leaf. Premium by South (Thos. Sheerer, .Agent) ....................... .(JLAIIS. Best hogshead ltaO p r. Premium by Louisville Hotel .................... Second best hogshead black wrapper. Pre 50 when tlmoked in a pipe it is ratner objectional>Je to such as have not a particularly. omnif' u appetite for odors. Shag is also more pun gent than most smokers like, more eepe iallf many smokers smoke qui moe fo the lo k ef Ute thiDg ae for the real ple re om th pipe. .. -rThus a considerable proportion of ibose who J>atronize sp1oking, to have their -taste tickled, as it' were, by something more appropriate for their refined organ iama-; heace tl.e in trod ction f fancy; tobaccos. The country for fancy is America. There manufil.c turent present a befitdering colleetion of smokes, christened_ with all sorts of fantastic names, beginning with the-Red Indian mythology, and ending w1th the last record of Fenian ism The American tbbaceo man-uum b;t Wilwd Hotel.. ............ 50 afacturer has the choicest of growths to operate upon, and the widest variety ofleaves, and be is therefore en abled to make up mixtures efvery marked qualities. :AnGther thing in hiefavorus amakeroffancy tobacooia, that he has not yet been driven, like the English manuEIGHTH (lLA$8, Best hogshead cigar leaf. Premium by John Clnrein & Co ...................... 100 .. NINTH CLASS. f To the lady in whose name is entered' the belle of leaf tobacco, without regard to classification ............. .. To the lady in whose name is entered the 100-ead baH hopbead>Of leaf tebaeco,-without regard to oiMaification ............ Premiums by Inspectors and Weighers. 50 factu.-er, to lookiupon water as an essential ingredient in his trade. American smokers use dry to bacco, and are not yet familiar with the wet, mixture we know in this country by the name of shaf A damp tobacco for smoking purposes is unknown, the1r fin -cut shags, which are the only cut tobaccos containany pereeptible moisture being softened with sweet emng mf!.tter11 to fit them for chewing. Take, as an ex ampl(J, the delightful aromatic tobaccos most in favor 150 100 TBlfTH CLA!IS.. To the Gwner of the best ten hqgsheads of leaf tobacee, ot its class, premium by Louisville & Nash ville Railroad ................ tile-9WD4r ..& tlse-eeoond '-t ten bogah.eads of leaf tobacc?, of its class, premiulll by the trade ........................ To the owner of the third best ten hoasheads of le.t tobacco, of its class, premium by LiW. .Kiami Railroad (Charles B. Bowen, nt ........................... 50 dJ .Bait. Ohio Railroads y, Agant) . 50 RLEV EN'l'H CLASS. e"'fner M the oost fite hogsheads ofleaf of its class, premium by Second ional Baak . . . ......... 1 00 Fld.J. eity Tobaeco Bank ................. 100 To tJte O"'fJler ohhe second best five hogsheads ( leaf tobe.cco, of ita olaBB1 by J. C., estern Diepatch 1 '..t.: 50 t Star Union Lioe ( W. E. Robinson, Agent). 50 TWELl!'TH CLASS. 'l'o tlt'e ownerot the best'"tbree h'Ogsheads of leaftobaooo, of its class ............. 100 150 100 200 100 100 with smokers in America. The percentage of moisture ately in exeesa of the natural succulence of the leaf. ith :Bngliah fancy tobaccoe the is observalllle. They are all of a damp nature; not so wet .. eha.i, perhapa, hilt stiU very .d,iJI"erent from American tobaccos. But althou"'h fancy tobaccos are ioferior to those of America, they are mueh in favor with smokers, and, as we have already shown, supply a want that must otherwise remain 'Ungratified. Moreover, they have a marked merit in one respect at least. They. pre vide 1.he sinoker wit}) a blending of different qualities of tobacco other wise IQI&ttainable. To borrow a familiar illustration, a black tea, a scented tea, and a green tea may each be unpalatable if used separately, but when properly lended in their right proportions will have the most xg.uisite flavor. In the same manner tobacco is great_Jy Improved by jndicious blending, and leaves which could hardly be smoked under any circumstances, when mingled with others of opposite character, enchant by To tlte owner of the second best three hogsbeads of leaf tobacco, of its class ...... by Kohlhepl>'s Exchange. . 25 St. Char es Hotel. .. .. .. .. .. 25 13L. Hotel. .. .. .. . Pbcenix Hotel ... . . . 25 their fineness of flaror and fragrance. Who, for in stance, could smoke Latakia alone? Fe.,., too, could manage atrong Virginia leaf, or hot and.bitterTurkey, and yet When these growths are throwrr' to15etber1 and manipulated by skilful hands, the result ii a luxury of no slight value. It matters little what these fan"y tobaccos may be called, London 50 Mixtures," "The Guard's Bouquet or "Twiekenham Solace," the principle upon. which they are compounded is identical throughout, and consists of an adaptation of the various characteristics of different tobaccos, in order to produce a blending which shall be grateful to the smoker's taste. Fancy tGbaccos are, therefore, strictly speaking, mixtures, and as the:P are mixtures wbicb could not be acquirei wi6hout the aid Gf the toT? Graf & :W eyd. .. .. .. .. .. .. 2s A Caseella .................. 25 I THIRTEENTH CLASS. Best hogabead bright wrapper from Virginia "or any other State, except "Kentuckf, by Geo. W. Wicks & Co ..... Second best hogshead bright wrapper fro.m 100 baceo Dianuil.cturer, they form a very important branch of the business ; and it is not surprising to find that the annual de!DauCI. for this kind of smoking material is on the increase. It is presented for sale loose packed and compressed into cakes, and muoh ingenuity Virginia or any other State, except Ken premium by the trade ..... J'OURTEENTH CLASS, has been expended in the art of preparing the different 50 forms of packages. Show and ghtter haTe their in To the farmer who exhibits the handsomest prised premium by the trade .. 100 Tl\B J'OLLOWING RULES WILL BE OBSERVED. l-Each hogshead must be marked distinctly witn owner's nam6 &114 elui for which it is intended oq both beads. 2-.All tobaeoo should be llient forward at as early a day as possible. 3-No hogshead of Brig-ht Wrapper, Class 1 to we.igh less thaa,500 lbs. net. No hoglb of Bright Wrapper, Class 131 to weigh less than 400 lbt. net. No hogshead el Cutting Leaf to weigh less than 700 lbs. net. No hogshead of Cigar Leaf to weigh less than 800 lbs. net. Iro..hogshead of Black Wrapper to weigh less than 1,000 lbs. net. CULTIV.&.TIO!r OF ToB&oco.-Tbefollowing article, by one of the most experienced and snooessful planters in Virginia, giyee the mode of cultivation he bas prac ticed for many years. It will interest those of our readers w.ho. in .raising this important crop, and It 111 m comphance With the request of some subscribers in Shelby tbat we nO'f publiah it. Abuut the lOth of April, the beds sbauld be ploughed down, and a11 soon thereafter as shall become moist, from 200 to 250 pounds of the best Peruvian guano should be sown evenly over it, and new beds thrown up the same distance apart as bef&re. Before putting on the guano, the ground should be well har rowed with an iroa-tooth harrow. As soon as the plants shall have attained to the proper size for setting out, these ridges should be cut off much lower than ie usual amongst plapters, and firmly beaten down with the back of the hoe. The proper distance 'between is three feet, and to insure uniformity in this, each of the hands should have it marked on his hoc helve. A gray, soft soil, is greatly to be preferred, as it is difficult to ma'k_e the tobaOOQ ripen yellow on a stitr soil. Land which been" turned out," nd allowed to grow up with "ola field pines," is be,st. I have that the plJ!onts shall be set into the ground lower than i,s usuaL An hperience of sixteen years in the cultivation of tobacco on a prettyex tensive scale, and a much longer observation of other planters, qave t)at .they are always planted too high on upland. I lno in their ad. vanced stage whltn too appearance, the great abjeet of the J!lante sboli'l e to protect the from too mu.S:li ; httt. whilst young, they require more rain than corn does in like ndition. This last p t alt n_gh it dema ch moisture while eanng; can do W1tn oqt ittle when very small. It is :Just the reverse with taba'cco, which re quires freq, t to start it to grow, l>iit cannot stand m uch wet whilst it is maturinsf. Every planter knows that; in the UIUal way ofP.]anting1 the tobacco wiH remain st11t'tO'llar.r tor weeks (tfit does not die), un less the rain shall come soon after it is put into the hill. Hence the proprietY! of setting it lower in the ground than is usual ; ahd ma!dng a hilT in the of cul tivation, ilO that by the it sbSI.ll recetve the last lorJdng there ehll.ll no loose ilirt left between the llilhl by which the free passage of the water may be olis ructed. I wotild not allow any' one tQ bill up my old upland Jnteaded for tobacqe, although it might be offered to be done without compensation. This advan tage of bed& over hills is found in the fact that, from the beds, the enporation is from only two sides; whilst rom the hills it iS:from the entire circumference. Hence e find that unless there be'frequent showers shortly after planting, the tender and ,{in this stage of its being, the thrifty plant is no t larger at tb,e end of twp or three weeks than it was at the time it was set out. The crop is th11s kept back, mach to ita-injury, and often to its entire destrnction by !frost. He who shall try the plan of pll\,nting in beds and setting the l&wer in the ground thaahe been accuatomed to do, takingcare to convert the beds into hills as he can culti Tate, will never revert .to hie old .and ruino s custo of depriving his young plants of moisture aJ. a time when they most need it. Let me re peat what I have already said, that whilst CGra requires but little moisture while it is very young, ana demands a great deal when maturing, tobaeeo needs it roost whilst young, and is greatly injured too much after it shall have passed the topping st.&Q:e. Hence, the objeot of the planter should be to adapt hit. system of clllture to the wants of each, protecting the tobacco from too mneb wet in thie adnnced stage, and soliciting 'for the corn the greatest amount of that the eartb1 deeply an clesely ploughed, can be in duced to yiela. It ean be necessary for me to say that new 01' r1Tresli land, is best adapted to the growth ot -,eJlo_'w .t.obaec.,, which always oomIlllUlds the highest i.a every market. Indeed, none other can be safelf !rolled on forjtbispnrpose. In clear the land, it is important that 1t should be l[ttlf ud after. having been coaltered iiotb ways, it lhoult bt welrptooghed h a bttll-ton gue or narrow shovel )lougb, and as many roots as pos sible remoyed. The coal for curing should be prepared in 1.he new ground in sulicient quantity to allow from seventy-five to one hundred bushels to each euring of a barn of twenty feet square. This should be securely placed away in a boose prepared for the purpose, near each barn, so as to it perfectly dry.-Lexington (Ky.) FarmMI1 HrJmf Journal. THE .;I'onAcco T A 'X: J'ROM A SouTHERN PoL.'IT OF Vmw.-A correspondent of the Richmond Examiner writes: "I suppoije that the Yankees (who make such parade about according equal, legal, and political rights to the negro, whilst they deny them to the whit.; man) will at least allow us to complain of the wrongs and in justice which we receive at their hands, even if we can -When the late war ended the people of the South good faith1 believing that the people and lie States would be r stored to the U niQn, and that they :would be treated with ju.s.,ice. But let us see how this stands: }Vhen the wa c o ed, one of the first measures introduced was for the purpose of raising the mean.s 'to pay qff en9rptol1 debt resting upon the country. To accomplish this they lai(l en ormous duties (or tares od spirit ana tobaMo. Thill was unfair to the South, because tobacco being exclu sively a Southern product, the tax fell exclusively upon the South, whilst spirit being produced both by tlie North and S(futh1 the tax aft'ected both ; but as the manufacture of sp1rit was so greater at theN orth than at the Sout.h, this wae not so much complained of. But afterward, when the on botjl proved to be so exorbitant as }1[1?9ld neeesur\II,lead to the su ppreesion of both, three-fourths of the tax O.Q spirit was removed, thereby relievi!lg the Northern mlm; whilst the tax on tobacco was left unchanged1 thereby oppres!ling the men of the South. l{ow, this aort of policy is not only unjust the people of the South, but is ruinous to the Government itselt: Tobaoco has hitherw yielded more wealth to the country than any other stlple, certainly, except cotton. Now, the tax on tg9acco being four times the real value of. the tobacco itself; will neces sarily lead to the suppression of its cult1vation, and doubtless would have done so before this, if the to bacco-growers had not believed that a tax so dispropor tioned to the value of the product would be reduced. Now, if the tax remains, the planter will abandon its c'!lltivation (to the great loBB of the Government as well &1!1 hie own), because it is known to be, of all crops, the one which requires the most skill, incCDnvenience, trou ble, labor, expense, and when unprofitable, certain to be abanduned. Take oft' \hrefourths of the tax on tebacco, wa.,s on wqisky, and the of .the South will prosper, and the Government will do like wise." No hogshead ofShipping Leafto weigh less than 11200 lbs. net. 4-N o hogshead e&D take more than one 5-/:'7 0 hogshead thll& has taken a prem1um at an)r other fair can be entere(l f'or a premium in this. 6-Each set of competing for a premium i.n ClBIIes llth, loth, 11th, andl12th Bh&ll belong only to oneparty. 7-None but the of 1868 admitted. S-Entries are open to the entire country except where otherwise specified. N. B.-Either of warehouses will receive and 11tore tobacco intended 1'or the exhibition. The entranee fee on each bogsheaGl will be five dollars. For the Trade, SPRA'fl' & Co :fluence eYen upon such phil080pbical beings as smo kel'B, and rival mixtures" seek to catch the eye, as well as the nose, by external adornments of pictorial art in the shape of gorgeous labels and or silver, foil wrappers. There is ene more peculiarity about fancy tobaccos which may be out, although different opinions will be held on the subject. Many manufacturers scent their mixtures in the Rame fashion as the hair-dresser scents Ia is poma tum; in numerous instances the odor of the to bacco 'ii smothered by the exceBB of perfume such a degree that visual evidence is oecelisary to make sure that the article is tobacco, and n t a toilette prepara tion. Ill this we profess to follow the Ameriean mooe, but the copy -is a eoalse exe ggeratio and bean no : comparison to tbe delicate flavorings which distinguish the transatlantib model. Why it should be necessary, then, to tlavor tobacco, is one of those inscrutable things which defy solution. The manu facturer will tell]o"u his mixture all the better for being 1l.avore that his like it; and will How TO PREVENT HouBEBURN iN ToBAcco.-As not take it otherwise. We do not know whether M. there were some diffi.cultie1 attending the suecessful Rimmel has eTer been Clelnsulted by an en,t!rprisiag tocuring of tobacco!last season, and many farmtlrs suffered baceo muufacturer, but we do ][now that. the from house burning their cwp during the process of Yices of an eminent chemist have bef()re now been recuring, in order to avoid such fatal results in the com tainea to investigate the properties of odOI'B io conneeing crop, C. C. Bell, a gentleman of considerable expe tion witll their application to manufaotured tobacco. rience, writes to liis friends through the Springfield Whatever virtue scent may poe-, it eertainly has t.t.e Record as follows: "As it will be r"membered, las' advantage of gaining publio faYor in \he matter of toseason was a 'very bad one to cure tobacco, in ccnse baeco. It is apparently incongruous that an article quence of so much rain about time, tilling the which in itseU posseases a marked odor ef peealiar tobacco full of sap, and the weather being so damp should be preferred if disguiHd by aD additionmade it vtry difficult to cure it up without house burn. al odor of a totally different ebaracter. lloreever, Consequently many of our best tobacco growel'B fired when the to'bacco is consumed tke added perfume vantheir tobacco harder than usual, to pre..-ent it from ishes, and the natural scent ;remains to gratify the smoboose burning, wsicb is the proper method to prevent ker's palate. It is a matter that is not easily explaiaed, it, if done ia the right way, but many ef them would and we m1111t therefore be satis6ed with the manllfaefire hard during the day and let their tires cool off durturer'a argument, that the public like it, and will have ing the night, and the tobacco being full of sap, u IICH)D it, ud there'aan end of it.-London 1b6acco !UtliN. as it would begin to get cool woald legin t.p Blf d RAY & Co P.&.GB, RoNLD & Co] GLOVJCB, w BITJC & Co. Ron.LD, BxOTBBB & Co. J. S. PuiU.P8 & Co. / would houseburn immediately. Strangely to say, but there was mach more bouseburn to be found in hard-fired crops this season than such as fited Jittle, not enough to cause it to sweat ; yet 1t 18 very Important to make a fine finished crop of tobacco, to fire it hard in a barn, bat great care should be taken, after the finng bad been commenced, to continue it regularly, neYer allowing it to cool down until the leafie entirely cured." IIIIPOaT.ll' INT'I!:BIJL BEJENITE DEt:ISIONS, DUTIES .AND LIABILITIES OF MANUJ'.ACTURE'RS OF To BAOCO AND CIG.&.RS, SELLING FROM S&LESBOOM IN SAME BUILDING OF MANUFACTURE AND SELUNG PuRCHASED Goons. 'fRB.ASURY OFFICE OF iiNTER:lf.AL RxvENUE, WASHINGTON, May IS, 1869.-Sir: In reply to. your letter of tHe 9th inst., with reference to the liabili ties of t>ersons and firm wllo manufacture tobacco and oigars m the same building where they have a salesroom, and. bve they sell not only their on c but' alt!o goods manufa-ctured by other ersons, have to say, that the Act of July 20th, 1868, requires every l!lanufa,l'turer of tobacco to give bend and P\lY a special t!lx: comme.ncing or continuing business ; and a hke reqmremeut 111 made of every manufacturer of ci gars. Bo* kinds of business cannot be performed un der one bond and speoial tax receipt neither is one in terchangeable with the other. A of tobacco and snuff may sell the products of his own manufacture without }laying special tax as a dealer in tobacco; and a manufacturer of ci gars may sell the eigars of his own manufacture at the plaoe of m,aqufacture without paying special tax as a dealer. But if a manufacturer of tobacco or a manu facturer of cigars, sells at the same time the products of other manufacturers, he must pay a special tax as dealer in manufactured tobacco. Every manufacturer of tobacco and' snnff is required to pack and stamp his goods before they are removed from the manufactory, or from any the me are made, except sucll tobacco an snuff as are intended for export, and every manufacturer of cigars is required to pack his cigars in boxes not before used or that pur pOile, and affix tax-paj.d stamps before he is allowed to them from any manufactory or place where c1gars are made. Under these provisions of law, it is held and decided that where a person or firm makes or manufactures to bacco and cigars, or either tobaceo and ci"arS in a dif ferent part or parts of the same building in which they have a salesroom, where they sell at retail their own products, Clr the products of other manufacturers the room or part of the building where each p t oHhe business is carried on is eithef the to_re, the manufactory or the pTace where the or cigal,'s re e, as the qj1.8e lJlay be, and the special tax paid as a dealer, or as a manufacturer of tobacco, or a manu faeturer o citrars, is limitei io and covel'B only tbe' done 1n the part of the building so desi.,.nated !!sed ; a!'d does not tho. se portions the bwldmg -wh1cb are appro1>nated t other p\lrpo ses. When, tberefore, a dealer in manufactured tobacco has his in the front part of his store, and oc cupies thE' back part as a pi$ for manufacturing tosnn!', or CJgars, QZ' ere he uses the first of his buildil')g as a st.ore er salesroom the upper floors or cellar as laces fdr manufactunng or makmg toba.!leo, snuff, or tagars1 the good11, whether tobaeeo snuff or cigars, must be packed and they are removed from that part of the building where they are made;to the store or salesroom, When tobac co, snuff, or cigars are remo;ed from tlie plaoe w;here they are !1-nd placed in a store or BBiesroom where the occupant dees business as a dealer, they are otrered for;sale within the of the Revenue law, ana if th!)y are found tljere exposed for sale without the proper stamps affixed, they are liable to 88izure, and the person so removing his goods and offering them for sale without previously affixing and the proper stam{>s the of the tax, IS liableon conVIction to tbe penalties Imposed by sections '11 and 89 of the act of July 20th, 1868, Where a person manufactures and sells in the same room, and at the same place sells cigars of other manufacture, he must pack and stam1> his cigars before he sells, or offers or exposes his cigars for sale by placing them upon his shelves, counter, showcase, or other conspicuous pla ce. Ma.9ufaetured ana purchased goods cannot 1tored promiscuon5l.y, and offered for sale upon the same shelves and counters, and with no stamps affixed to the goods which the person thus exposmg them has manufactured himself. Goods of his own manufactnre which thus com mingled .by themabufacturer with goods purchased-with out being properl1 stamped and ' liable to seizure under sections 'lp and 71, or if cigars, uDder the provisions of s ection 89, act of J1uly 20th, 1868 Yours respectfnlly, J W OUGL.A.IIs, A P Tun.oN, Esq., Commissioner. Supervisor, Pittsburgh, Pa. z THE IUTIONA.L TOB!()()O A:S '-ExECUTIVE CoMMITrEE OF i-Hil: Nir,r.Q}fll AsSOCIATIrovince or .AJgten. Wm. r. e For..d_ .... :.Baltimore, Maryland. Blidah, 162,805 kil1n Bona, and 1 6 ,61..._ G. W. Gail do. do. m 'PhillipeYllle. Of the beet qualitv there W"'!re 41 Geo. W. Coebran .... Washington, D. C. kil., w)lich realized 150 &. to I '.; of tile T. C. S. Ferguswn ..... Lynchburg, Virginia. 84,777 k'il., s9ld at 120 fr.; and of the third 178 75i L. H. F!'8Zier ...... : .. kil., at 90 frs. The rem9:inder was illferior, aad R. P. Rtehardson. Rmdsvlile, N ortt Carolina. less than the anrage pnce-that is from 40 fr to 6u;. 'C. Vernon .. : Yanceyville, do. The average price is 3 fr. 30 c. higher T. R. Spence ............... In; of the invreased quantity of to George ........... ": do. do. _Rroduced, $e fallen ffrom 300,2 3 1 kil. A. L Robmson ..... Lou18vllle, Kentucky. ___ m 1867 to 257,546 kil. m 1868. d lwse l lr A :youth of 18 in New Bedford who determined nn nlieup Mem phlsf Tenneuee. to matry against his father's will, was' com lained ot"oa { acal!cy.) ., 'l'Jiul'l!day as a disobedient child, and the Buckner ......... St. Louts, M11sourt. 1 A..r seb" ... "C!e u. that he cottld b h t acancy.) ... "".oo>"! """' e s u up Or want of T --enthal Ch' -m .. .paiLtjl hi father gets ready to take htm 08, whaliD ... .. .. .. .. .. .. l<:agOj IuOI!I.- veyage. "' .Geo H1bben, . do. do. Tb h f N. C. Barker ......... Detroit, Michigan. -= e aut or 0 .' The Gates Ajar" hniag men (Vacaney.) that there are p1anos as w.ellaa harps in JieaYea, Robt. Connelly ....... Indianapolis, Indiana. !' Ch!cago suggests thai she will kindly add which (Vacancy.) lilA most fa\'or there, the Chickering or the. F. F. Adams ....... Mil11Vaukee, Wiseons'n. Stem ay.TI Ed. Aschermann..... do. do nill," said a dying California stage-driver: 'm Qn the dttwn grade, ana I can't reaeh the brake.,' Captain D. W. Bohannon has been appoilltf'a U. S. .r:flr Moving for .a new trial-Courting a second Tobacco ,Inspector for the Third District of Virginia. wife. It is said te be an appointment. fir !Jle number of deaths from atreet aec1dents 1n London 18'8eventy-four in nineteen weeks, and A roun!I lady of Montgomery (Ala.) who was caught thl' estimate fer the present yee.r baa thus far proved smokms a gave it as her reason for the act correct to a fraction. "that 1t made 1t 11mell as thuugh there was a .lr James Grant, the assassin of Mr. Pollard in around." aooepted a professional engagement With the .H.1chmgs-Bernard troupe. He ia said BvsiNBss New Orleans, La.-De Van &: to be an bass,o. He will sing in a New York Mas011, To b. Comm., J. P. Todd -w De chu!"'h .oh01.r unt1l fall, the new opera aeasoa... V au, Mason & Ce. beg1ns.


.. : nw c:ruuRs. Gillender & LICORICE PAST LIC.ORICE PASTE WALLIS & CO. Arthur HOMAS HOYT & CO. con:poscd of Hm::r and JoHN F. F.LAGO, o. 404 STRE_ET. NFJW YORK, Manufacturer! of a!\ \tinds ot FINE CUT CHEWING AND SMOKING TOBACCO, SNUFF AND CIGARS. THOMAS HOYT & CO. Composed of THoMAS Hori and JoHN F. FJ.AGG, SUCCESSORS TO HOYT, FLAGG & CO., 105 S;ECOND .STREET, LouiSVlLLE, Kr. OUR BRAND Fine Cut Chewing, SUNNYSIDE, HEART'S DELIGHT, SWEET OWEN, NATIONAL, ROSE BUD. .uavnuru... or n 1 SOLACE TOBACCO, 114, li6, and 111 UD 3. CJII:SI:LMANN, llanu!'aotUer<. -nlletuzed or Bli:PORI> froB Bllll, wiJI be 11"* cutei. PATENT --


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