The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
Place of Publication:
New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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Physical Description:
1 online resource (8 pages)


Subjects / Keywords:
Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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The University of South Florida Libraries believes that the Item is in the Public Domain under the laws of the United States, but a determination was not made as to its copyright status under the copyright laws of other countries. The Item may not be in the Public Domain under the laws of other countries.
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T29-00208 ( USFLDC DOI )
t29.208 ( USFLDC Handle )

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University of South Florida
Tobacco Leaf Journal

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I Trade of under such might be the reeult, and 100,000 hhd1. here and in New should not detract a fraction ; fori as then, the demand snpp ying it at a much lese Quality nowadaye seemmuch as W\!1!JJ\'ldo,;.4nd may the tine' mtebltbelrB convince all our avocation is not derogatotlf the finer q tlas before vanillheJl from t,he our nature. 1 1 otiservt;r. Our Westem &;,...,,r .. Res ponded to by Mr.L. l;L ofRichmonl! Va. as easilr excited, Mitlllt;llflillltEi i t1Jiil' raJeir Sev.entli Toast: The ,Press q to woula not' so far te none .m the position Which ocoupies. We ve11t 1\t hitfher priCe& ia ...,_ 0 heartdy recogmze the coartesy oflits m.ember9 118 Don paying retutns (rol'll' onr city, if-1t'e' and the active zeal it mapifests in promoting lbe inter: not, also fl'om New Or(eans, if 00, ....W by eRts of our great 1 diwlayed of lat.e Jl'i .alf .est.em Responded to by OO'looel Debeck markets haS 1ta doul>tless, in the sudden df)eline nm_es. I of receipts Qll one side, aud ill tile c}pubtfal Jellft crop E1ghth Toast: The Railroad Managers of.Oincintiati prospects Oft other, not to of the. etrollf ;n--: We. their Hbetality in the munificent conland demiitd for tbe article. This inland, .,. tnbut10ns gven for om Fair and trust that in the int home' demand, liowever, is jWit begblJila to tale creasing volume of tHeir lTe1:mt fr;om our commodity' proper shape, aud will, pPObably, tile preeent Will be amply more .Jiworabie system of eeY p fto tf. P, Clpugh, an extent not yet suffiuiently taken into oooaidaa&ioao The toast to "the ladies" wa fittingly responded to by either buyers or sellers. Here inN ew Y cwk, tJofar by Thomas Carroll, Esq. ) very little has been done yet, but the recent Mr. W. H. Dunham of ,the Kenton Warehoaee re-manufacturing in Richmond is a &ir indicasponqed to tb,e tqllqwing: 1 of what we may soo.n expect 'I:he IDIUiaf'acThe Tobacco Warehouses of Cincinnati anmmg> of the leadmg features of trade in our city enongb we_ tr'!st to absorb-spealcing ef the emire The last regular tQ&&t was : mauufactnnng mterest of the coui1try of ei!IUne-!-even The of and .the Ohio Valley more than tlie equivalent of what is y.e, t t41 ;-The Fa!r closed 18 ev?ence that there btL The question, we bma, does not rest 110 h on IS no -Geehne m the quantity or quality the .weed the future, but on year's and O.r them, and through mtell.tgent means' tQ supply them,.an d with that single view we and. sCientdio culture, st1ll greater tnumpha wtll be regard the pollltion as sufficien,ly strong to not. only achteved. .. Jellitt fllriher euoroachnunte on oil( preeen& meden.te The was proposed, and ...,.as responded nlues, but as 8118Ceptible of\ NaiOOaDle i_,-vement. to by 'Wilham Emst of the Northern &11k of Ken-we ahll strive to not only protect welt.'""'-:lat tucky: '. \ and earefully..aJTanged ceosignmente agabn11 Jo1111, ht The 1 o r and CovmgtonWe are we &ball aim at 1 a legitimate profit. Ou 1V estern for. thetr po a,od hope their tobacco friends _in their .oo08igome111.6, be Nret.l dtscounts will 6ome l*ck upon thep. what they what; they pay, 10 as t. Th e Co!Dpany dn!persed at a lah hour, all h1ghly our efforts 10 the1r behalf, and, through suitblenetMJ of pleased With succese of the beDquet qulity anA. price, our buyers to be libenl, even -"1ond their immedi-neCOI!iities or We were favored by so invitation to We' 1M not wish lo dwell "'tfw caa e of thlate jar attend t'he of Mr. :F. William Tataenhor!!&, of this beiwcen buyen and thioking .a&t 11116b city which occurntd on Staten Island before last. IDD t regulate theiDI!IelYes thrOugh IDlltMl de-Mr. Tatgenllorst is weU known to the trade as a member of pendeoc:le. Necessity is the great ruler of commercial the influential house of Messrs. L. W. Gunther & Co., and and a good among is hiS fiie'nlls will join with us iu wishing him all happiness in requisite to bring them to a. IIUcces&flll issue. .either the new rehtioo upon which he has &ntered. Next w party ca.a gain by extvrtioDSr we all Hpeoi in silken o an am1able lady one's s e lf, ia the on tbe prosperity and good will of onr Westemflieade; sat1sfacttan -6f seeing one's l'ffeods enjoy that privilege and while eommeree d by natural faws, aed will in Mr. Tatgonhol'st's unioh his business and social not strll'e7 aibitl'aty i&!te A"-Our ules the ates have that p easure r month or Ju1y show the .... iDg UeJIIII ot iatareet: ----=100 of Faotorylaga at lk. fer -POrt; TnE CRoPs.-:-YJ give next week an intenl!ning of 1tlo. fiUen at from 8fc: to 1'20:: to manufaetmers; t() of tne cqnaition of th growing tobacco crop i1't of.Mo.luga and lo'l\' leaf t from 7tc. to lOe-i 50 different sections. ana Ohio River l.OJrJ au.d low leaf at u0111.8e. t9106.; 50', hhds. of IU1IIIa5ed GreeD Hi-vr lea( .t trem.J$ 'o 12-fo.; 113 lthds. ef oommoa .. UJis aDd Western DilltrictB., p. t. s hhdl!.. of TIC. I LouitrriHeoleaf at from 1 Oc. to 12'le.; 18 hbds. Mo. luiB NEW YORK, A.tpSt If, SQ., aU fer export; and 7 0 blld's. of usorted Clarks-Western market llaa been quiet s> far ville lugs and low to medium leal at.* to amaaof&C" this month, sales only summing up 1,300 hhds. Factul'e'r. Tlie large Regie sa.lee tit tete 'FMBcla, ,ha}ian tors are firm, underoontiaued uafavorable ad'riceefrem ana Spanish contraotor11 are too wen 'knbwa brenry the growing crop, accompanied in some instances 'W'itb one to be mentioned. Suffice it to' say, that they 4lOmorderll to bny. Buyers, on the other hand, seem it. no prise 11early two-third11 of tile 811tire boeineu of tne burry to continue pul'cbeven at old prices. There month." is more sma11 export eutters have taken a Virginia Leaf.-The transactions of the week llta..-e few parcels of old cro begin to look af-been moderate, and we make no change ia our ter new cutt.inJJ. T._ d for fillers continues. yith quotattonll. an. upward teodMcy. They '&Fe scarce. Re-&ed .Lettf.-The sales of t w foot 1q> 806 es., ompts, though only .one-half of Iaiit mo11.tb, still onlf 77cs_o'fwhich consistedofoldtobacco. The comdouble those of last Angqst at date. :rhe parl80n, wnh weeks since owe: since June 8 com pare as follows : 1 Wtelr. ..u.r t I 1 s. 11. JlaJIII. Week endltlr ..)aa a. June a. June 191 1,443 888 c& 264 ca. 1,74_21)hds.. 2,4'U hhj'Is. I,OOS.hWs. llaae5. JuelL .. JniJ6. Jalf 18.' .MJ 111. HS ce. 1 ,2911' ct. 18 'l cs. A 2,'20 hdS. 3,300 hbds. 951 hhds. July a. Jllly 10. 11111 M JniJirJ, Ill' 8. Aug. to, 452 CS. 458' ... J,.JtS eL hhds. 915 hhds. 1,150 hhds. .TIIIJat. -..'f. Of business adring the month of July, the 341 ce. 80& cs. of Meslt:J. C B. F-liil:. & SoN, dated Augttst 5, The of the sales last week are as follows: 41 sa.ys: "Although accouuts show no more 'than & 500 ea. old Connecticut at l4c.; 123 oe, new Cooueclicut, sales, we m4y safely set them down at the fillers sod seco nds, at 17tc.; 150 es. new Cooaeeticut figure of 10,000 hhds. Prices obtained durin"' the Wt;BP.pen on private terms; lli8 oe. tJew Oo-ctiout greater part of the month have generally prove: 'UD fillers, binolers and seconds) on private term&; 36 cs. satisfactory to our We terp friends, but we maynow old Connecticut .fiUers at lOc.; 100 cs. new Conaecticut safely assert, that or late t'bere has been a general rallv wrappers on private terms; 100 ce. DeW and were able to re(um. more closely aeconds oo private terms; ea. do .fillers oo private their valuations. Now and even an advance terms. Jfrolll the above it wm be &eell that the featul'e or i on former offerings or sales was gained in oflast week es was the mo..-ement in. neow. and old average transactions, while logs show a positive no other crop being The seems vance per b...d11ring the last few weeks, thus to be that the old crops of tbe otlaer are regaining their prior and late decline. FurtbeJ: conabout exhausted, and the flemand is JIIOW' tor cei!Sions not be made, no r how strenuously the cheaper grades of the new erop of CoDIIectinsiated for the sake o getting rid of otherioq&. .A t.o w:rappen, the trade ie nry e'ridently and or unsafe Thus bottom has very naturally shy. The effect of the high beeu .touoh,d. 111d u m&l'kets stand still, we p i& now being seen in 'f transcount on a mo4tft'ate improvement in values from s In lt!e-w crops. Trade ia new i84Wer&l weeks out. Tlie large receipts during Jyly'llere bellftld th rage of ordinar.t, yea!la, aud tilere is no never fol' a. moment exerted ai!y influence on our reasorffor if, ve that priilel sre Jo Jiigb Jf.S to curtail \}ley; we e. easily enough expl ained by bills sales. Buyers hold off aa long as flellllible, &lld 1 then in factors' hands, for tr.aJuJit tobaccos (strips), exhatlllt i ply of cheap leai, the even .tiefore the warehouse exhibits showed the true high-,Prj.eed whep the former all If ;there iil state of affairS. The faot is1 that out of 16,149 bhds. any one ho cohsiden tbi11 a healt .,ftrade, we .on\1 9,082 were sampled, and so, duly not. It shows that the ave forced the oft'se'tting hmited quantit Qf dry leaf remaining unin to a false position, rrom w may no\ in w'jlrehousell, all tbe reat going 'forwar11lies in ltUt, we OV.ntaot imagine. S I, they seem to have done farmer!' hands became exbausieQ, in many sectiOns-for so, and: tb ha'Ve suceeeaea P.t coDitlen!iig our large instance in t.he and Paducah districts, almost boyers to "'ke the same view What. bas resulted.,: SQ. lleuce, we may not expect further Tile growers llave turned around and p!a,ted tb._ here and in New tq be in proportion to wiln of seed leaf yet grown; and unless some we t p\> nt to this date, nor -9ft miwfortune occurs, such aa the desauetion of the proportion dqhveries at the seacoast, plants, there will be such an t'bnndance .Of go8d likely that anticipations for deliveries at the out seea leaf on the marketluext yeaias will equal to th ose in th e year 1867 may yet be disappointplace it within the reach of all. But not only is an:


crop will be safe to DDilltb'eay to I!&Y an THE TOBACCO LEAF. were Un1!8U&ll QiWl .iJl Wing All uuudaaee of gooo pants of getting th.eJll set in the fields in goocl With ilealoaable Yeatlrer !br rooting etc. but exeeesive rains through the month of Jun: and a large fl lif July, aocompanied by unusually eool weather, espeeially daujng &he night season, have tended to the otthe plant, and up to thi1 present wr1tmg the crop abe COooeclicut V IIIley doe ntt presen'Y'Onble aa lllual at t IOD. of e. jMIAI!: t eMtf plauti!l$ is topping-Out, havmg (as we say) rul) up v(',ry spmdliog while the 1'!-tter planting (probably in consequence the con tinued cool weather) g_rows very slowly. cw ka "'IOore m ne h!l able so to the farmers lhe r. ley. JAC II.LE, a., hl1 l.-The are our quotations of this Common sound, d) 65c.@60c.; medium, 'lie.; to fancy, 90c.@l1 2Cl. Ll NWOOD LAI'VDil'VG, Tenn., hgust 5,-Messrs. J. J. Thomas & Co. sold this. 279 hbds. fQ&l 130 hds. at as 60@1'2 95; 65 hhds. at hbds nt 19@12 95. .. ost (.. L. Fra eke tobacco comm us10n merchant, reports: :Actual s ales since N o. vember 1st, 1868 ...................... 28,435 hhds. Sales pas! two weeks ... 1,802 hhds. R e j ectioo s 219 l .5'8'3 .. <"


I 8 IN LEAF and MANUFACTURE;p 45, New York, A1m COMMISSION 181 Pear' Street, corner oj Cedar, 1 ;'' tsr.-246) NEW Y 0 R lt-. ................. W, c.u-r.ll' "LOl'IB "aa4 '"BI&OWJf JtiClK" ._oldae Tell&eeo. 'I' a-...... Klrllbldlbrtbe IUeGI TOBAOOO, AND OTHER SOUTHERN PRODUOE, '18 Jf",..,. 8trM (P. Q, BMD NBJF' .YO.B.JL OONS.XGlVHJilNTS TH. SONS, PEAft,f. STREET, THOMAS KINftlCUTT, A. STEIN & CO., KetuekT Tlrlrblla ') Merchants, e--4 .&liD Dbl.D8 IM .u.L DSBCBIPTJoal 01' LEAF TOBACCO, LEAF TOBACCO, Nflo 8 Wfflfam fltNfet, 197 Duane-street, NEW YORK. !: :....... Bew-Yort.. Cip.r manufaatu:tero pa.rtlcularQ' favored. SAW iER, W4TJ.ACE & 00., OHA8. 8. fALlENSTEIN & 80N8, TOBAC'CO WILLETT sr.,, I GRAftf' & WILLIA.S, THOMAs & OLIVER,' BUSSELL & RO.BiiSON, :WINNIE, J. G. DILL, BARRATT'$ CROWN, J. K. CHILDJlET, REUBEN B.lGLAlfD, L. H. FRATSER & CO., GILMAlf & MALLORY. TURPIN & YARBROUG.H. CHEIVES & OSBORNE, J. J. PACE & CO.', DAVIS & SON, DUKE OF ATHOL. 1?kl 'lttention of IM i8 rupeclfullv I Jos'eph .. & _: :.:.:. : .. pANUFACTUltERS O F .THB .. Uilit"''o.EBfmT,ED.. CUPlD: ... Afsu, of' other Fancy Fint-Cuts, Kfllikirinfck. and Cut Tobaccos. -'<-" '''' l aacleBGtni*' our t.ook hjbre prclw8in.g el.rewh.eN. a r'-1' Otmeral (!cpnmillioa lrerohanta, :UU PEARL STB:KE7', No. :Front-street', New-York. --N:EW YOB5 .a.. B. .-ra, 'IITKBI. J'JID. r 52_ BROAD, and 50 NEW STREETS, IMPORTERS oF "La And other fine and popular brands of' ,HA 1t.A A SBG.Alts; And sole Agent for the Sale of the !'&IBOII'S D B eAJ.B8 83Q..t.&* MtmufacNJ'ed at tile KEY WESi T BRANCH of the celebrateti ; PRil'fCIPE DE GALES .lJIU.f.AC'IlOR't of HA UIIA. I. & J. SCHOTTENFELS. Commissioz.' :Merchants, No. Ul Water ........ aw-YORK, Ap>ta lbr tM .. "' the fellowtlla 1111-Irm at 11im11 II VDlGINIA TO:EA-000 .. Dlam,agae tllrrlle, YI=St-I coatlnental, lletropolis. Etc., De.. ) Ah!o, all li:!Dd J .A.qbB j t 293 n.n-d ;29'4 -MONROE STREET, ...N"EW Y.OBK. -KREIIELBEBG CO., JmW..,.,... (.' F. L. JIU.OIIS I JIALQOU, Tobacco CBI!!issiun. lriants. R. S. WALTER, BEST ConneCticut, Havaml Tara LEAF TOBACCO. 203 PJUBL S:n::E, ,-rtaWYORK, ECCERT, DILLS &. C9., D_.IB DOMEBTm and Importers of SPANISH TOBACCOS, .1'15 Water Street, New YM'k .-.r-Braaeh, 82 West SecoDil Skeet, Olaclbmala, Ohlp. J'OSEPH IDCKS, Commission Merchant AD DI.Ua Ill MANUFACTURED TOBACCO. o. 81 Water-tnet. W-YOKK. Jl, C. BAKU, 8Glf" Tobaooo_ and .iotton FlOWn, Oommiuion .ercltauf.t, No. 142 Pearl Street, Jlow:U. NEW YOBJL lllnrm M B.I.JI:a, .J..,v ... "'-. Ne,. York )84-811 k NCMI>a'. Tlm8. J ar...v......_ B. Jl. ,_ NORTON, SLAUGHTER CO., Tobaeto & Cott001 Factors <.emrnl Gforinnissinn lftrt1Janfs, NO. 41 BROAD-STREET, 97-lct WII.IJAM M. PRICE & 00., ,._ .. D.A...a.....,. a CIO.,) liaf ii,lratts, r I lclenr e, .:.w.yo&K, .... -, _,__ .... .,.... Moll s:dlo11 sALOKOlf, :Cmport., ... near,,. LB.a.P .TOBACCO AND SECAR8, No. 102 PEA"RL E!Tii.EET,


lib. Drums, 1-2 lb DI:UJU,I,_ 1-4 lb. Drums, 1 Bags. lb. Bags, 1-4 lb. Ba:gs, 2 Bags, 1-4 Ib:-Jfags. J .. !lb. Bap, f I T ( -1 l.u.... L r TO. u. VE'frllfJEIN som_s, SOLE A.,GBNTS, No.172 PB.A.RL STUBT, New York. AR:E& _LYONS;. _. !)VIwleale Depot for A. PEAR CELEBRATED Green> s>eal and Im erial Cut Cavendish; TURKISH, LASAKIA, PERIQUE, AlW VIRGINIA GRANULATED CD .&:l;; Cl:iJ 613.,. CIG 8, 't!IP.BS, AND SIJIO}'.fi.BS' ABTICLES CQ.NSTANTI.% U.N HA.ND. ,. 29' FULTON STREE':P, NEW YORX. JOS!Il'lt'IA<>N. OSCAR PROL88 4 CO,, ,y band. Tho follow!Dg conetUate l10IIie.t' ;ta most featnreli: 1 1st. '.l,'he rapidity and uniformity with which cl&l'!! are made. 1 2nd. It eft'eete a saving o r ten per cent in wrappers, (wblcb in tine rohacco Is a large Item.) 3d. It makes a perfect ftnlsb or the end of the cigar. Cigar Makel'l! W1ll IUlly appreelale Ull!f peclal point.) t Bvery cigar made by it lOrUame tA> operate il -two of whom, one at tho bll!lcher and the other ftriiehln,g, can make e will cost but $2.50 to $8.00 pe;r.\bonlltiDjl' :made 7 lluld. &e.ciOIC Is from $10.00 to $12.00. ''-!tuaeto alid "Jdolt. without I can reacoeu. ong li itlllBlon en fle8'1rt!ln>nt ecarcel,r for, that fOJQe 1 llltaDI hand work mightbe_MII,.Inti'Odllc0d40 economize ln the pli>a ctl..n of clJI&re. iloachlne only a economy ht but-will make a much better e1gu:: thaD: ean ..Ue l!y,JY(JU 1i Invite, ot tlon of,thc ayb:iper(e, manallldatero, &Mall woo feelsnftlc!ently interested to call. 1'!w can l)e liQi ll 6pera6i01llit 1!12 Maiden Lane. ;:/!' J ,. JOJIN--PRENTICE, Xe e ? 1 1 i a -61 Beaver Street, NEW-YORK 1. L. GASSERT. ll. L U _4..SSJ!:RT 'T C/ T T \.. ;;, "' 1 216 LEW!!_ STREET, Y. J. L. GASSEBT & BBO lereantile 247 BROAIJWAY, NEWYOBK. IIIIITH, HENRY & Tobacco and Ootton Factors, ......... & KEWGASB. Commission Merchants, C.-illflion JlerchantJI. No. 49 Beaver Street. ua JIBLDII.. C*-2'15) NEW YoRK.. and Hau VOLCER & HUNEKBNr ltD A:, DlPORTBR O:f' 1 ') i 1 .. HAVANA LEAF TO 61>-90 1118211JU AND O F TB:B BRAIIID OF I \ 3J.uow DlllIO. r .0-"'w. tlll"'.,_ SEGARS, B. & D. 191" Pearl Street, lflf'l'ttHtM! mtrthJU "NEW YOJlK. ==rn-:-=ANK;c:-;, B .... Eu--=TT=EN ....... llJJillrACTUlllt:RS OJ' .T l24 WATER-STREET, Xlf!WllK, S 'EG.ARS!J Have on aa!e au !dndJ of LEAl' TOB.ACCO fOO'EXPORT 1Dd.HOME USI'l. 112-108 a a A. A. WINTBB. K. LnmB:BIM, "I LlNDHEIM BROS. & Celellnted Branda of Bri1oki:n" g Tobacco. :Factory, No. 36-6th DiStrict, Lynchburg, Va.' Warehome and Offl,ce, 90 Water 8t'net, New Y01'k. .... Depot of the celebrated Braado mannractured by L. L. ARMIIITB:AD. 178 WATER STREET, OW YORK, 1 BOSTON. GEOBGE 1'. !IILLJ\t QO., :"fOB"ACCO CommiMion llerohauta, .r..tflrO.B.8; ,.. 43 BROAD STR'EET, P. 0. 8'140. Kew Yn Geo. i'. Bill. J. :M. B.RADSTBEET & SOli' 1 Ptepriltolll. Leaf TobJ.cco, Volume 24 of our Commetcial R epO'.ts will be' issu e d on the 6th January, 1869, rected 1D d ate of i ssue. 20,000 names added since last No: I GO Water Street, New., York. 4 JULIAN ALLEN : SeedLeaf and Havana TOBACCO, Wbol ... le Only, 172 WATER STREET; N, Y. Draoch srore, s S!.xth Street, PlttsbWill-l'a J,.' ; t'' FELIX lml>orlcr of Havana Leaf Tobaeco & OigarSf L. HIRSCHORN &; 00. S::BJG ARB, or the well rnbd of .. .., "X.A CAEOLlN -t 1 s .1 I O 160 1Yater.,3treet, fiEW YOBK I NO.IllO :WATER Sl'REET, Leaf Tobacco; 192 Pearl Street, Bow York. (Near Wall St.,) NEW YOBIC J .. L. HARLEM & C0:7 XA:!WucmmEIIB QJ' Patent T ooacco Boxes, Fino Silver-plated Ware, Spectacle Cases, Strops, &c., F o. 4.1 l!WI:a.i.d.e::n. La.::n._.. LAD, A O.&TM&N, ( J, HAVANA SEGARS ,-J.IIID-LEAF TOBACCO, .0. 19!1 l'EAllL B'J.'UB'f, A.' F. DANENBERG, NEw -At 0 91 SIXTX A Vir, ll'. ,..-' PRINCIP At. Dlll'OT fot..P. B.I.BISBO. m AlQ> !A 1 l!abuk, byJ', W. J'e)&ner, BaiUa.ore, Kd, 1"0!! '!'OBACCQ, P'ACTpRJ!JI .. !74> Nos. ?'6 & 78 Ehn <--25() :'Vi --WM. P. -.,&JRW.ELS., TOBA ( to ?trl Y. I O.i.T:II.A.!t. JiiBD, I A IIOIUBWO, el, Mlrin tlll4 Cflf'fl.,.._ -J


6 In' --WO()DWA 11" bacco and General lfo. 47 1f01l'th Wa'ter Street, awl li.o. 4.8 Worth Delaware Avenue, BD, l PHILADELPHIA, PA. :'!HI,JJ. JI. WOODWARD. f IN DK8CRIP'I'IONI OP Leaf and Manufactured Tobe.ico, : 0 lf. Water Street nod 18 N. Delaware Avenue, t C M"CAMMON, &. J. P .. ILADELPHIA. ,fl. HBNRY N.o\S,AU _.-UNITED STATES BONDED W AREIIOUSE. 'Jiaelgoor! can forwanl their Stocks "IS BOND," wltb t prepaytn!( tltc Govcnuncnt Tax:. LEWlB BREMER'S SONS, De&!-.. and foreign leaf Tobacco AKD BEGABS, Jfo. 122 North Third Street, ..,_, PHILADELPHIA, Pa. L. Bl.JERGER & CO., Uealenhl LEA' F TOBACCO And Jl&Dallldllren ot all &r&d ot '} :08, 3 Korth Water Str.eet, l' -........ S. & J. MOORE. TOBACOO. TELLER BROTHERS, (Sooceuorato TELLER, ANA THAN & Jf7..ole.nde Dealer """' LEAF TOBACCO. AND SEGARS. I I 7 North Third Street, PHILADELPHIA. W. Elaouloht. S. W. Clark. Phil. Don". Commission Merchants, 107 llorth Water-street, ;;;, :::fi-...!:H:::...' 1 Ralph's Scotch Snuff," J. RINALDO SANK & 00., Warranted superior to any mulfmade In thio 'I'E!Il'8II'I':J l JIIG81oB. .... ..-. J Kaoutacturero' Agenta for Mle of HAY AU & lLUF TOBACCO YIBGIIIA., liiSSOURI, and KENTUCKY lio8. 35 6; 37 OElJTRAL ST., T o B A. 0 0 f ,, AltoDe&l .. ta -TON. Leld' "J."obaO'OO and 1011 ..-..-ae..-, ..,,_ -" .a, -A. A E0'17T ..... "'::'V'---LOUIIVILLI. ICY. .a...a.m ... BB.o'fDRs i'Ohcoo WOBD ''*"'lou _l'lna, -.-. -.-. J.EAF AND ;nor,-CCO, t CIITI.lL WHARF, r U <3T 0 B A 0 0 O. ... __ r'lllrr:.:::BOSTON. 18 ... ........_ OTTO SHARP. A. :s; ;Jil'l'CBELL. a. co., ants, W'ILD!ll & ESTABROOK, tiii'UJITu BA. VANA CIGARS .um LAP' T08ACCO, 2!10&'1"'0lll". Henry Besuden 0t. oro .. D&AWIIIII ur DIIAtDII .. DOESTIC .AND SPAftiSH Leaf To'bao ... LOUIS STRASSER, 111 wur BEOORD ar:aur, Importer olllAVANA Ia DOIOSTIO SEGAR.IS,. .Allo Cbolce JlraDdo o1 ""OIJEftm!WmiJii'nQ. ABD SKODIG TOB ,_ 8DIL J'DDDto Z!D. JACOB ZINS 4 BROT ER, llaoutacturen o o::a: ....... b ....... TOBACCO. c. a } Ilo. ..,. Be.. O.P. D'G, I. 1lartlri, C... BARNES & JEROME, 880. B. B.A.JUIM, A'UG. I, I&BOllB. Kerch-HARTFORD, Conn. l".LLLU HAAS BROTHERS, 1.8'1 Walnut Street, CINCINNATI, 0 x Mq_ A. :a. B' _._ ... a_T_F_oa_n_, ______ c_o_N_lf. LEAF + No.,267 Central Avenue, J. D. BURNHAM & CO., Manufacturers &I:d Jobber!! in Tobacco, Snuff & Cigars, And Wholel!&le Dealers In !j22 and Stute-su-eet, BA.R'l'FOR.U. 'JO.Nl!f. ; J. T, SU'LLIVAN. w. I Kenton Tobaooo W mouse, J. T. SULLIVAN I CO., Japee&lon 'an4 Comlllodoa lale o LEAF TOBACCO lhuspeoia.lBrands: l'tBeOut, Gll.T EDGE, BEAUTY, Smoking, INGLESIDE, M:OWTANA O.fll,u and Salu B.....,., aJtd Bu., ST. LOUl:B. MO. Mound Cit'y Tobacco Wo 8BEDLEA:r Tobacco Warehouse, 159 and 161 OoiRlllerce-street, HARTFORD, OGJlK, Particular attention paid 10 the purdwoe, pacldne and curing or new lear on coiDIIllalon. 111--al D. llrL SEYilOUll. SHEPARD "&: FULLER, Colllllliaaion Kercbptll and Deale rs in CONM.C'FICUT Seed Leaf Tobacco, 214 ST..tTE STBEET, Hartl'ord, CoDII. 818S9N & HATHAW Y,. Ia Connecticut Leaf TOBACCO, D. CATLIN, :134 Main Street, HARTFORD, CONN. Leaf Tobaooo & Cigars, '12-6-l_ss. _______ Smokillll" & Chewing Tobneeo, ond All Kln

TURKisa atld LA'i'AK:IA 'l'OBACOOB in the Leaf' a.t WHOLEsALE. PJ .... 8eftd 8ta.,.p f11.11'ail. TREET and 23 WALL STREET. W.IH. GOOD PURE Bank To GB:RTLBli'IIN : We take the yoa u. llabet*orto.coll to a Tollolcco ::=line ill Ita qa;llty. We .baYe,..darlJIC lllJIIQ' Jean, pa-.,. IUidJ oaiJ lnatUa.ted experiments bavlng a direct be&rlllg apon !.he manatactuN or Tobacco ; we baye tn!IY fi>Ji....t time 111.01101" lp. !he aOCOIIllllllluDent of our J!urpot!O, and from onr P""" ertlerl"" tl1ld ln'fMttp&'!Obt, ft -IDee, but we cannot see B? far it has b_ad any on prioes. The follow mg will show the mspections the paat Woilek, and s inc e Octqber 1868: IDot*ttona. ile'liiMoore's.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 3G 16 Oak's .. .. ............. 40. 12 Centre.. . .. ........... 166 4 West Hill .................. 112 .io-To:al. .. : ............ 344 36 s,o 15 Rece1pts th1s week ..... ; . . !60 Receipts last week ................... . :t64 Totahince Qctober ............ J ............. 7,370 PmL!DELPHU, A.up&t 7 ...... The market is quiet there being only a _moderate demand. There were sold this week 20 libels. Kentuck: luge a11d 33 Pennsy lvania. f OD 8fl 'terms; lBbalee *115@ 21t-; ... '*Ies I at 85c.; 5 cases Ohio seed at 35c.; 17 caaeaConueeticut, ft a.t H>lc@25c.; 10 oases do. do., at 42!e. .considerable new leafis ooming in ie soon it arrives. 1@fO'c. per as follows: BECRET.A.RT. Sec. 5: It shall be the d uty of this officer to keep a com. register o he names and residences of and .a record of all the proteedings of the A t1 n, JIVe public n.otwe of all meetings, and act as Sooretaey to the National Rxecutwe Committee. He shall deli ver to hie succesaor in office all bo6lil,! papers, and other pr.operty in hls possession belonging to the Association TREASURER. Sec. 6. It shall be the duty of this afficer to receive a.ll moneys t he usc of the Association, pay all bills audi&ed by the Fmance Committee and endorsed by the President. He shall keep a correct account of all moneys received and. expended by and give to the Finance Committee, whenever requtred a statement 6f receipts, disbnl"llement., and fundii on hand, and deliver all moneys, books, papenr, and property belonging to the Assoicia.tion to his &110c c ssor m office, or to whomsoever the Association may direcL EXECUTIVE COM:MITTEE. Sec. 7. State engaged in the mannfactnring of sh.aU be ent1tled to two members of the Executive Com-. !ll1ttoo, and as many more from the States more largefy mterested, as the Exec uti ve Committee shall from time to tim appoint, who shall contin u e in office, with aU other officers of the Associ ation, until their successors ua elected. MICKTINGS. Sec. 8. The meetings of this A:ssocia.tion shall be held w o fien as a year, at and place as the tive Comm1ttee may designate, at which time officers ensumg year shall be elected. A may at any iune be called on a.pplicatio11 of members of the E.xecutiva Committee from five different States. VACANCIES. Sec. 9. _In case of vacancy :in any office, the President appomt a member to hold such office until a successor IS elec ted. ) ,. AUDJ:TING COlUHTTEE. Sec. 10. 'l'he Auditing .shall consist of. three members ,_ by the 'Wlioee' duty it shall be to audtt all bills against tlie Association. FIN"ANCE COKMITJEE. Sec 11. The Finance Committee shall consist of of the Executive Committee from .eacli State; a pomted by the President, whose d.uo/ it 'Shall be to raise funds sufficient to attain the objects ofthis Assodlrtion. A.KENDKJ:NTS. See. 12. This constitution may be ament1ed at any annw by a two-th irds vote o the members ,1 Q ORP M. Sec. 13. from seven States shall quorum to tmnsact business. KE.MBEBSHIP. Sec .. 14. Individuals engaged in the tobaooo trade mar be adm1tted to membership in the Association upon the pay ment of BY LAWS. RuLE 1.-At any mee\ing the following shall 11f. ord e r of busineas: 1 .. Call the roll ;, 2. Reading oP. the minutes of the last meetmg; 3 Elections; 4, Reports of committees; 5. Acceptance of members; 6 Communications; 7. Basins RuLE 2.--;-No person except a member shall tiike pailia any proc ee dmg except on invitation of the PreSident. RuLE 3.-S. ec. 1. No question shall be considered vnlf and. by the and when a qnestiGR 18 under constd'eratJ.on no mon shall be in order unless 19 lay on the table, the previous qnestimt, to postpOne, to refR.o amend, and these shall have preference in"tlie order in they are named, and the first two shall be deeided without debate. Sec. 2. A motion to adjourn sball '4,1ways be in order. Sec. 3. two membcs Wf:oo YGted 68 ma lljil.y 1me move fpr areeotlsideration if' a question.. Sec. 4 All questions shall be deeid )y a ajofit;y o!-'


8 < Composed of TIIOM.As HoYT and Jom/F. FLAGG, I _( a. 404 PEARL STREET. NEW Manulictukn of all \dnds ot ...... ... 88 Ci-iOBACCO, Ht, lit, ot 117 .. ---IU.l-, CHEWING AND SMOKING ceo, :159 Ludlow Street, New YoN. CUT AND H. GOODWIN &. CO., '""" .,.. ...... """'" Snuff & Cigars, TOaACCO, .&.U m .&J.L u o ljl SNUFF AND CIGARS. anb loLiuco. THOMAS HOYT & CO.' ltO'J o1t lrOit W.A.'I'ER.ST .. .. ,_ CompJsed jif 1 1l'ROMAS Hon and Jou F. FLAGG;' SVCCESSOJIS ?ro I t Ill GS fOIJNTl' TOB!C WORKS. .,. ""' ( _liOYl; FLAGG & co., I s D SECOND STREET -OUCL."SS, !t$ llunCactur .. of all kinde or Loui.VJLLE, K-r. FINE-CUT, GHEWING, AND SMOKING TOBACCOS OUR BRAND Cut Chewing, t DELIGHT, SWBET OWEN, NATIONAL, :Q.Q&E I BUD. C HAVAliA 29, 81 & 88 Lorimer 'Stree( 131HI81) -Y. Onel.d& Tobaceo Works and sepr .Manuftlctory. : I ; D. BUCHNErf, I I 1 fS...,uor to BOBfTCHECK &:-TAUSSIG) Eot&blisbl!d] C. rH. tiLIENTHAL, III.A.NO'F.t.CTOBU 01' Cut Che-wlng and Smok-Wlllla 8to P88'1'01'1'ICB BOX 1151, HENRY M. MORRIS, 99 Pearl a11d 62 Stone Street, NEW VORl,[, IMPORTER 0:1' SpanisJ1 Mass !So, l!ICORtCEI:fPASTE; .. C. & A. ,. BRAND. I -DU VIV:EER & CO., 9 Whitehall St., New York, J A.GEN'IS A.ND IIIIPOBTERS, ZIDSU CO., T ob.acco Wa'k, I t97 WILLIA.a STREET, James Or, Be8 ... ,, .... Exclusive Agent for the Braad I LICORIOE, is now to ,, Supply Tobaceo nuaeturers-nd With his recently iinproved.make. I Parties will find. jt to their interest to ascertain prices before purchasing elae where. JRDI!ll 8!., UL!DIOBE, JID. will be p ..... MTTt{/f llll'tlkms or A .LFRED S. T'ftl; M h" Mccrschanm & -Bharwood T. vuBGCO ac Jnary t I 8 A .,.t" 1 I) GUM ARAB C, } p T p fL ers }C es, e C__., pUi?illf.G sEA.LINa--vv A ,x, 9t Chambers striet, 84 sT., .um OLIVE OIL, TONQUA 'DEJ.NS l NBW YOBB;. I IIIW ... Parr., Rue du 100. Vle!lnll.. Scqo e llerhof. 100 G. If ,b4 ttllor l'laToriDJI! tor lifo'baciDOullt.' uo, for ialcbT I I W:U. VER STEBBY, General A.'I,WtWneerB ..,. .. OOVXJ88IQlt ...,mAW'l'll, ., ... b. .. 4 o.-.r tn.u-nrllqaiiN. ..., ...... TIN FO.IL. ... ......... DO GFELDT 35 CEDAR ST., N.Y. Ageatfor the Mew Bntlalld lltateJ, G. Kau,ta tr&l-otreet, Bolltlln. N]':W JOHN J. CROOKE 128 William. F. tD IUIEIOU -TOBACCO HHl & I& TILE ..... JfO.. OILGiftITBBft, ._ 1J!IIewY' r } r t .... ')


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