The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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1 online resource (4 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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---,,"",) "c ,, Qigari. of ... The the lV orld I C. 142 f)Tll&TT, I 1.) I f, A SINGULAR KIND OF SuccE I I IllJ r


makers claim m tbe.Arbe1ler Umon has been "successful." It consists m h ein.r hopelessly sh u t out of th(; 8 hopR wlwre the bi g heH: wages are paid, and compelle d t o a c cept lowl'l., 1 in other fa< tones we hav e ye t t o lt!:Hn tlw meanmg of that word On the contuuy the" 8tnke aheady (lOSt of doll a i s, a nd n ot lD the slightest b e nefit, but 10 m a>JY. postn a l ot;eS to the Union men. D e n y th1s h o ca1 I r I LATAKIA. Ton.Acco -C H B u11 ows, in the Rural American, says he p l an 'tt at Washington, a Col lootor is made to appear a debtor to the Government long after he bas paid up every cent due from him, and -e"YeB wben there to be a balance in his favor. For 'example, on takmg office, he is debited wtth a cer tain list to be collected. He collects and pays onr all he ean, and then turns over the remainder of the list to hie successor. This succeBSor is witktbe amount thus intrusted to htm, but'th' e origmal Collector is not credited with it unttl, after the lapse of years, the woole list is t either collected or marked off as uncollectible r It. thus results that the Government llas elaims to a large amount which are practically worthlese.l Other ttustakes &re made of equal Import ance, and the whole account is in a muddle which would disgrace a retail country storekeeper." THE TOE.AllOO LEAF Maryland was from 21,408,497 pounds, to 3S,410,965 pounds : The amount raised in the Southern States in 1850, w as 90,961,429 pounds; in 1S60, 203,642,093 Of these two hundred and three and a half milhon pounds raised ih the Southern States in 1!360, V1rgmia, Tennes see, and North Carohna ratsed two hundred mtlhons. ---, WHAT SHOOK HAs TO SAY FOR HrMSELF.-The fol lowin/}; card appears in a morning journal of this city : Sir The statement of amounts reported by the ':l'rea sury Department as due the Umted States by ex-Col lectors of Internal Revenue, whwh wa.s pubhshed m your paper a few days since, WB.I! so absurd on its face that It hardly calls f01 notice I am reported as a de faulter in the sum of $1,042,303 71. Tb1s was the bal ance to myde bit on the books of the Treasury Depart ment, December 31, 1868, and included all uncollected taxes for which I had receipted to the Assessor, as well as nearly three quarters of a. million dollars in stamps for spmts aud tobacco wb10h...had been furnished to my office, and whiCh still remained m my possession When I vacated office oii the 1st of Mav, 1869, the uncollected taxes and unsold stamps were delivered to my succes sor. The value ot the stamr.s -thus deliveted was 1m med1ately ;eredited to me on the books of the Commis sioner of Internal Revenu e but no cred1t bas been al lowed for the uncollected taxes, except as they: have since beeu collected or -abated. FIOm a statement jur mshed me from the office of the Commissioner on the 22d of September, 1869, it appears that the balanc e to my debit had 1 been reduced to $ 114,020 19 for uncol lected taxes, a charge of $4 for a. d1screpency m my beer stamp account. This has been since reduced, by collections and abatements, by about $ 3 0,000, so that the apparent balance against me ts now about $I 8 4 ,000 This conststs almost entirely of taxes which could not be collected m the ordmary mann e r but which were secured by sufficient.. bonds, and for the recovery of which suits were long since commenced, and of taxes whose legahty 1s demed by those agamst whom they were assessed, the collectiOn of which bas been delayed on tb1s account. Without referring to the tax lists, so as to be precise, I recall one tax of about *25,000, as sessed against a prominent insurance company, the le gahty of which has been under discussion between theCompany and the Commissioner tor more than a year, and the collection of over $20,000 from a pi omment banking firm bas been delayed for a similar reason Suit is now pending to recover some $34,000 from a single tobacco manufacturer, who had disappeared from the district before tlie a.ssessment came into my hands, but from whom I had taken a bond, whwh IS ample to secure the Government; and upwards of $50,000 IS due from other tobacco manufacturers, whose bonds have also been put in smt The remainder of the items standing to my debtt might each be explamed, If it w e worth while to en,umerate them, as completely as t se which I have spectfi.ed Whportumtt to make 1he reqmsite entnes to the credtt stde of m1 account, and thus vin dtcate my character. Yours, et9., SPAULDING, late Collector Eighth N Y. District" -WeekendiDg Jan 8 Jan 15 Jan 22 London.: Sawyer, Wallace & Co, 11 hhds. 4J! : l kMatauzas: C W Wilkins, 1 cs cigars Order, 1 365 cs.1 1,009 cs 2201cs. P g do. Feb 19 Feb *I Mar, 5 1 Roterdam Hermann, Batjer & Bro, 100 bskts pipes, 501 cs. llO cs 438 100 bu do. t:t! San Domingo City: For Hamburg-J H Koster, AprU 111 .AprU 1!1. Aprll19, 1990 ceroons, Keller & McCurdock, 572 do ; Emile 140 cs. 594 cs 3I3 cs. Nolting & Co, 250 do; Lorentzer & Peterson, 192 do, r April 111 May 3 :!by to. J W .:6:uch. J 06 {to. For Bremen-Eggers & Hell6130 cs. 1,245 cs. 1,itt5 cs. --" fortn, 3E! ceroons, Otder 36 do; M Pardo & Co, 2 cs ;'S H 1 pkg do Spanish.The sales only supply 'be ordmary re .era. Cru.z. For Bremen, 2 bales MarCial & Co, 2 WHAT 'PRESIDENT LAWRENCE IS Dorno AT WAsH tail busmess demand, and mclude 200 ba.les Havana at cs cigars. INGTON -The Wa.shmgton correspondent of the Jour 85c @l.02t. There is still a. large quantity of undesir Havana L F Auja, 185 bales; F. Miranda, 225 do; nal of Commerce says: 'Wm E. Lawrence of New able tobacco of this quahty on band-probably from f & E Sa1omoS,h85 Benrimo, 41 do; M H York, representing the National Tobacco Association, 10,000 to 15,000 bales-and 1t wtll be several months evm, 10 0 i c roe er on, 102 do, 5 cs cigan; G IS here, urgmg upon Congress the VIews of the Assoma before the new crop will be m a condttwn to be placed W Faber' 19 cs Cigars; DeBary & Khng, 16 do ; Godtl 'on as regards the tax, etc, on tobacco. He says the h k t All t h r. effray, Branker & Co 4 do; L Pliillip & J Frank, 6 d b d b h 1 on t e mar e our repor s, owever, .are .avor do ; M Flores, Ldo; W H Thomas & Bro, 31 do larger pat t of the trade woul e lDJUre y t evy able, and it is likely tnat 1t wtll meet wtth a ready sll.te, Acker, Merrill .& Condit, 6 do Park & Ttlford, 6 do of a umform tax of 24 cents, but that they would all 1t being heavter, bavtng more :fillers, and bemg better p d & be benefitted if it were made uniform at 16 cents per adapted to th1s market generally thijn the last crop, ullr Yd NBtohlols, 3&dTo' Ik'Mand:zanado, 1 do M R Pear It Is 16 for one class and 32 for another. h' h h fi 88 2 0 ; a izel' 11oa 1 o; Romay, Mesa. & Co. & h b w IC angs re. 2 do; S Linmgton & Son, 2 do, T Pearsall, 1 do; r L is armed with documents, statistics, c w ere Y Manufactu red -A fair business was done durincr tlie Montague & Co 1 do. R E Kelly & Co 29 do. he believes he shows that 'at 16 cents the government k d th t h t 11 ;;> ' wee consi ermg e assortmen t ere IS o se trom Upma.nn 3 d& .Amory Edwards 1 do Mackay; can collect a revenue ofl!2D,Ooo,ooo per annum-;which A hundred packages of new bright lbs. just received 1 Phillips &'co 1 do Jose A Vega & Bro '1 do s 8,. he thmks ought to be a satisfactory collection from towere dlsDosed of at an advance, and quite a brisk tr-ade Edmonston & Bro 1 'do bacco. He argues that man.y annoyances which he was done in Navy fours, fives, and quarters. The EXPORTS speCifies, ansmg from IDCOI)grmties and obscurities in only difficulty lD the wa.y of a busmess here, IS the From the port of New York to foreign ports, other the present law, should be dispensed With In par direct trade rf rom the factories, It bemg alleged that than European ports for the week; ending May 24 were ticular, he says the trade objects to the petty system of the Southern m e rchants wtlhng to give more to as follows: J forcmg each druggist, candy sl:.opkeeper, or other small the manufacturer than can be obtamed here. We Bntlsh North American Colonies 2 cs cigars, $576. dealer who sells a small quantity of tobacco, snuff, or sume that when tins demand has as cease It Brittsh 'V.:est Indies: 8 hhds., $2,360 16 cs, M78 ; segars, to take out a speCial license. He urges the aooli must when those markets supphed, manufac 10,387 mfd 1 $2,675 twn ot the law whicb comp e ls the manufacturer or deal-turers will be ready to sh1p here, and will probably C a nada 30 bales $1 140 50 cs hconce paste $1 136 er give bond of insura qce against acctdent ft om fire, find a-bundant. cause for the delay in dis Canary Islands:' 11 for tax on tobacco, in transttu and warehouse, and adposmg of consignments, whtch wtll ansPpurely from the ,: Cuba: 35,575 lbs. mta, (17,849 vocates the extension of the tobacco warehouse system fact that they have themselves already suppl u d the custome:s Dutch West Indies. n,392 lbs. mfd, $2,a98; 10 In of the immense amount of trouble the tol:>acco wh o once looked to factors to fill orders Can thts bbls. snuff. $48 9 sections of the tax bill occasioned the trade since the be called reasonable? We are aware that the v1eWI! Haytt. 'so bales $I 108 passage of the law of July, 1868, It IS to be hoped that of exporters are not what we sh?uld hke to be, bat New Granada. i 10' cs., $9,000. the Committee of Ways and Means and Congress will, when they falled, the factor formerly had hts domestiC French west Indies 15 hhds, *2,125 in now, at least make the provisions 80 clear ?onsnmeJJ to fall back N o.w these have Venezuela:.. 5 hhds, $1,590 ; 6,612 lbs mfd., $1, '781. and unmi8takable, as to preclude misconstruction In to do '8. direct busmesR with the factory, ID To European ports, for the week ending May 31. this connection, 1t may be said that a majortty in Con many mstances, and sttll the m_anufacturer. complams Bremen: 4'J bhds 63 ceroons, 143 (B gress are adverse. to remo':ing any part of the tax, ex of the results of his own actiOn m the premises. This Glaegow: 54 cept t.t be some httle matter tha.t costs factory business would be all very well, could 1t be Hamburg. bales than 1t comes to, to collect, etther upon d1st1lled spmts sustained through bad as well as good seasons When L' 1' 90 hhd t b b t th I tt I tverpoo s. ?r o aeco u. on e. a er, a c ear maJOl y are now crops are short and tobacco and m demand, the hndon hhds ; 20 bxs. 33 484 lbs mfd m favor of a umform rate of 24 factory trade goes on swimmmgly enough, but when 0 rto. 15 hhds per pound Tbts estun'i\te ts based upon a bad year comes, and the demand falls off, 1t IS very 3 4 2 hhds, 4 bxs With c. ong1 essmen, representmg those mterests m thetr I convenient to haye a factor to draw upon, and consign d h b f h W d DOMESTIC Rli:CEJPTS. constituenCies, an Wlt mem ers o t e ays. an to, until business improves .But it cannot be expected The arrivals at the port of New York from domestic, Means Committee, an.d may be acceated as a clear JUdgthat the factor Wlll allow htmself thus to be mad" a interior, and coastWISe ports for the week ending May .. danger _IS m a passage of the convenience of m ramy weather, to be abandoned and 31, were 1,884 hbds, 1 bale, 22 tcs, 1,269 cs, 8 cs cigars, admmtstrattve tax bill, w Job be the largest of all, given the cold sh9nlder to as as the sunshine 1 do sainples ; 510 pkgs, 8 bxs, 1 do samples, 899 hfb:xs, from to be P.ropp.sed m the House and Sen of prosperity bursts forth agam The factor must be 326 three-qtr bxs, 54 one third bxs 210 one qtr bxs, 19 whwh It IS Will Impose the comcultiyated, his wishes respected and his interests re bbls lighters, consigned ns follows mtttee are espemally determ1_n:d to abobsb, vtz o?sour as synonymous with those of his correspondents, By the Ene RBilroad R L MBJtland & Co, 1 9 hhds p 1ty, of tecbmcahties and basttly con.stdered If it 1 s desired to have htm a.s an ally. It would seem Lotillard & Co, 52 do, Blakemore, Mayo & Co, 200 do; provisions which have bad .the effect of the that a new code of business n>orals is needed in this Norton, Slaughter & Co, 33 do, C B Fallenstem & Son, present annoyances to the tobacco and whisky mterrespect and that those who once cut loose from the 84 do ; Fieldmg Gwynn & Co, 6 do J K & Son, L"i'NEJRBURG, FROM A DEMOCRATIC PoiNT oF VIEw-ests -n fostering care of the factor, a.nd pursue a policy op 103 do; Polla.rd, Pettus & Co, 123 do, Sawyer, Wallace "Brick" Pome10y, writmg to his paper, the New York posed to his jnterests, should not expect to be the re & Co, 43 do, B C Baker, Son & Co, 61 do, Sullivan, Democrat, from Lynch burg, Va 1 thus descr1bes tba.t TO TOBACCO MABXE T. Clpients of the usual trade courtesies so soon as the new Mu.rpby & Co, 57 do, Hermann Bros & Co, 70 do, A H place "There is no place m the world hke Lynchburg channel is blocked up, and the manufacturer is left With Cardozo & Co, 14 do-; L W Gunther & Co, 6'7 do, OttinIt is in Virgina. Rome sat, like seven ten cent pieces of DOMESTIC. a quantity of unsold goods upon his hands. ger Bros, do, E M Wrtght, 27 do, A D Chockley & silver, on as many h1lls, and sits there yet f.or all we NEW YORK, M.A,y 31. The exports for the week include 779 pkgs. (US,068 Co, 21 do; Hill & Messenger, 10 do, S M Parker & Co, know; while Lynchburg sits upon, runs mto, over, Leaf,-Tbe sales reported since our last lbs). B b. k b h h b' f' 114 do; Drew & Crockett, 41 do, H Havemeyer & Bro, under, around, and bangs on by its eyelids, to about Smoking.-usmess ns ut Wit t e c le mquuy 9 ,do, 132 pkgs, C F Tag, 9 pk<>A, Rqnzl & Dormitzer, 84 70 h'll Tb J ( d J ) R' amount to 1,004hhds, but some of them were made for low grades. This is a natural resultot the high d J M So d & 0 1 s. e ames eei_DS lver runs prevtously. The month's sales are c.dled 5, 500 hlids price of leaf. The orders received are fairly distributed o' ayer & n, 40 do' E Unkart, 30 o' Gassert by th.e ctty. And well It may' nver could run of which one half were for export, 1,'700 hhds. to job over all parts of the country, and business bas been Bro, 50 do, Order, 296 hhds, 106 pkgs. over It. We never saw so many bills. McGregor and hers 524 hhds. to manufacturers and 459 hhdr.. tq cuttolerable By the Hudson 1;t1ver Railroad Norton, Slaughter & Dubuque, Iowa, are now here .. The nver, the r'!'ilroad, ters.' The market closes qmetly: but we do not hear of Cigars ...... Trade is still quiet, although the factories Co, 28 hbds, Blakemore, Mayo & Co, 22 do; EM Wright canal, are a.ll under the City and j any quotable decline Home trade qualities are firm, are nearly all at work with full of hands, & Co, 8 do; J K Smttb & Son, 16 do, R H Arkenbnrgh, 9 Its fifteen thousand mhabitants, whtte and black You and at the moment most saleable ReceiLts hberal fill d h k f h k do; R L MBitland & Co, 14 do; Hill & Messenger, 15 do; g o u o e h'll to o down t"Vo You walk arQund one mg or ers, t e stwl e 0 t e mon CJgarma ers F1eldmg Gwynn & Co, 4 do, AD Chockley & Co, 11 do, P n I e: 1 and begin to include stnps en route to Eng and. The not having had the effect of injurmg business as much httle hill to chmb up SIX. And rocks. And the hilly stock in warehouse shows 4, 050 hhds. increase as they fondly exfected Like the engineer, they have Fatman & Co, 2 d; Bunzl & Dormitzer, pkgs, G B Ltohcountry around Judea! Shoo, :fly Lynchburg can WeellldlcllnS' Jan, 11 Jan 18 Jan 25 1 ten berg, 95do, Cohn & Smtlh, 3 do, Palmer & Scoville, 38 do. discount all these and the youngest son of the Rocky 16S hhds. 268 hhds 303 hhds. been "hOist" Wtt their own petard By the N atioml Line-L W Gunther & Co, 17 hhds; Mountains. Town property is high in Lynchburg-Feb 1 Feb 8 Peb 16 Gold opened at 114-! and at noon was the same. C B Fallenstem & Son, 50 do; Blakemore, Mayo & Co, except what is in the ravines. The hills are in all 302 hhds. 545 hhds. 183 hhds. &change bas been m good demand, though tQe in 42 do, Sawyer, Wallace & Co, 25 do; S M Parker & shapes-all s1zee-all be1gbts Great big bills with a:abhrda qmry fell off at the close We quote Bills at 60 days Uo, 7 do; A D Chockley & Co, 10 do, Norton, Slaugh castles on top and houses stuck on to the side-little Jlarcht6 Marchlli Jl[arch29 on London, 109!109! for commerCial; 109i109i ter & Co, II do; Ottinger Bros, 11 do; Pollard, Pettus hilts for the chilctren. It's all btU-or up stairs. The 356 hhds 353 hhds. 429 hbds. for bankers' do at short Sight, Paris a.t & Co, 6 do; J K Smith & Son, IB do; Bunzl & Dormit houses are bke swallows' nests m .a sand bank-one bhds 60 days, 5.20@5 14i; dSo at short stght, zer, pks; o1'der, 53 hhds. above another. Bu1 Lynchburg IS a healthy place. Aprtlll6. Mays. May!O Antwerp, 5 20@fi.14i; Wiss, 5 205 141!"; am urg, By the Camden and Amboy Railroad.....:.Sawyer As if a fever ora whooping cough could get over these 895 bhds 1373 hdds. 1,681 bhds. 35i36i, Amsterdam, 40141-k; Frankfort, 40i@ Wallace & Co, 23hhds, P Loriland & Co, 17 do bills the same season 1 If a baby IS missed-it rolled May17, May24 May81. 41 Bremen, 78!@79}' Prussia.n tbalers, 71 @71! By the New York and New Raven Railroad: G W down hill! In the time of fire everything goes down 1,614 hhqs. 685 hhds 1,004 hhds F'retghts have been more a'ctive, as tUe arrivals ate Kessler & Co, 1 ce cigars; Corley & Chase, 1 do; hill into the Jeemes. A procession movmg in L}nch-Virgima Leaf.-The demand here is fair, and buy increasmg. The engagements were: To Bremen, 200 Western Wh1p .Co, 1 do; Ha.rt & Day, 1 do, Buckland n burg resembles a string of ants clim bmg O\ era lump of ers of bnght wrappers are gradually gettmg their vtews cs at I5s The charters are A shlp, l,219 tonR, to & Son, 1 do; Chase & Layers, 1 do, C W Bruman, 1 In a sugar bowl. We saw a few cl)ickens, but up to the standard of prices which have ruled recently. for orders, to a port in the Mediterranean, do; Reed & Kay, 1 do; Alva Oatman, 1 do samples G no geese-for bow can a goose climb up a From Richmond, we learn that there has been a understood Genoa, 1 200 hhds at 3 2 s 6d; a barque, 681 H Saunders & Co, 19 bbls hghten, Joseph Schroeder & 1 b t ti :r. hb d b t 1 t: 11 t 1@2 lb b t th t tons, to Cadiz, for orders, 600 hhds at 30s, a bng (now Co .B 1 WE' 1 h Ph'! d 1 h 1 b 1 t s n a ew eet m your ne1g or s -wm ow-u genera a o c. per u e reac JOn ts at Gloucester), fiom City Point to nodeaux, 500 hhds a t1more, 2 cs; 1sen () r, 1 a e p ta, a e. half an hour's walk down h1ll and up. They don't sell thought to be but temporary Indeed, those on the "' By the New York and New Haven Steamboat Line: city lots in Lynchburg-they sell you a hill. Some spot and best able to judge, predtct still higher figures aos. Q.UOTATIONB OF WBOLl!I!!A.L1! PruCEB Eggert, Dtlls & Co, 40 cs, Julian Allen, 10 do; M times a house stands on two hills, wtth 3 forty yard durmg July and August than any that have yet been ali"' Growen or oeed lear tobacco ., cauuoned al(&met acceptmg our Westheim & Co, 4 do: M H Levin, 26 do, Levy & deep ravme for a cellar. So handy to empty ashes, from the fact J that last year's crop will then reported ealee and qnotatloos or seed !eat fum18h1Dg the prices toat N, 4 do; S Eppmger, 7 do; A L & C L Holt, 7 drop a cat, or empty slops. Suspension bridges wanted be about exhausted, and however promismg the new do, Basch, Cohn & Co, 25 do, Bunzl & Dormitzer, 6 -inqmre at Lynchburg They car1y goods up by yteld may be, or however favorable the seasons, there do H Havemeyer & Bro. 35 do. band, and let a wagon down by a. rope. It's the most will then exist an actual scarcity, and holders will be t"leat. common 18 @19 By the New York & Hartford Steamboat Lme M H corrugated city we ever saw. The gardens ohaog tJdge able to obtain their own figures. The fact that the '70 Shippmg,commonlugs 7"@ l\>u!ld8 -BrightLev in, 211 cs, H Schubart & Co, 16 do, J Mayer & Son, 'd h 1 d h Blacl< Frozen '7'" EXtra line 415 @110 w1se, h ... e two shmgles covere wtt mo asses to catch crop may prove an enormously large one, an t at this common leaf 8"@ Fme ... ss @40 36 do, Thierman, Kuchler & Co, 65 do, E Spmga.m & Co, fltes There a1e lots of valleys-they look as if will be generally acknowledged by the first of August, =um @IIi 24 do; order, 207 do emptied in by mistake, or nad httle valleys that had will not have the slightest effect in depressin]rr prtces Fme U"@li Common 20&11 ;By tbe New York & Phtladelphta Express Propeller 1 W d h ? Th t I I k h I b h ld t t 1 Selections Mouldy. got oat ay own t ere a IS a ttt e cree t en, un ess t ere s ou turn out, con raJ y o a expec Lightcnttlng lugs, Old 9 11 exjrallne Lme. Dohan Carroll & Co, I cs, D H Baldwm, 10 do, but no one knows how tt got into the, Jeemes t Way tations, to be more tobacco on hand than can lfe used. do do leaf 1ll do do line B7K@46 Allen & Co, 6 bxs. N up there! That is 11. cottage-'One st<:'ry on one side, ten Unfortunate wtll be the manufacturer, m all probabth --;-Brtght-so @86 By the Old Domm10n L 1ne. W 0 Sm1th, 4 bhds p Lorstones lD the rear Ltke help ng a tat woman with a Ity, who runs short of the raw matenal m the mtddle Common leaf .. 25 = Illard & Co, 15 do, 6 tcs, Isaac Read, 1 do, 1 do, Buchanan sun bonnet to the top of an omnibus And the echoes? of the summer, while the I)ew crop is .still in the :Belds I2 .::..Black 20 & Lyle, 3 do, ,1. dq, A D Chock ley & Co, 4 do, 14 do, 1 The yells of Absalom, when caught by the hair, reverb &ed .Le' 1 5 Poc'l!.t :t::::, Ro i E Kunhardt & Oo, 1 bx, W Mast.e111 &; Co, 1 do, March, selve11 in Connecticllt fillers and seconds, t g .., e40 Pnce & Co1 210 bf bxs, Bulkley, Moore & Co, 41 .do, 100 none of tbe trans.acttons are renorted The.activtty ID Medl,umaod, ftn, red t Rough and Beady 28 @ 85 three qutr do Uno Sargent 62 do 50 do H ffi Loll ._ these styles however whtch exfsted two or tnree weeks Com n to'm d m 7 10 CiaJ( week of 1,719 hbds Maryland, 691 hbds OhiQ, 50 hbds this coadnuectiodn, have '! r lbe Kentucky, and 15 hbds Vtrginia-total, hhds. been m e an t at t e rm m qoest10n as een en HAT&oaFll'ro Com do'l8 @ 85 "Z A,'llillOlbe K Exported 23Q bbds Maryland, 150 hhds Virginia tlo wh' e] tdo g: 1: .. stems to ,Rotterdam, 773 hhds Maryland, 10 nomma con Jttons, so 1ar as t IS IDCl ent IS conceme Do Yara ss @116 "F. G F." .. :ta hhds Ohto, and 10 Kentucky to Amsterdam. and it wtll now be seen how far the present h1gh figure-s i:..':f1 :g 1 .. renew quotations: Maryland-Frosted, 5@6. ', a re to be .sus tamed through the summer. It1svery de.-n< :,. sound common, 6!@7t ; good common, 7i@Bt; strable that our exporters should buy largely, and any Fine : 16 oso "J H" M middhng, 9@1 o; good to fine brown, 1 0@13; fancy, sta.te ef things that prevents their relievmg us of our Good 20 "11 N F" 15@25. Ohio.-lnferior to good common, 5@7; surplus, operates disadvantageously to the best interests IlU'OBTS. greenish and brown, '7@9; medium to fine red,. 9@12, of the seed leaf traffic. More moderate views on the The arrivals at the port of New York from foreign eomDj.on to med 1 om spangled, 7@10; fine spangled to part of holders of the grades most affected by pur ports, for the w.eek endmg May 31, included the follow yellow, 12@25. Kentucky-Common 1o good lugs, ehasers for foreign markets, would encourage the latter mg constgnments. 8@9-!, common to medium leaf. 10@121; good to fine and tend to replace the present staguation by a heal,thy-GE"noa: Order, l cs tobacco select leaf, 15@18. and flow .,nd re:tlow of the curre ,nts of trade. Liverpool: Blakemore, l'tlayq & Co, 10 tos, 1 bJ:. tr011Wid lugs, 5@6; common to good Jblpping, 7@10 ;, ;11 f I 'r ,, F> J ..


1. 'TOBACCO LEAF l f. 7t@11 t to "ood 'stip common to medium ea ; au .., faction our prices a e gi"t'ing. We are no"! hhds low leaf at 8.50 to 9.80, 5 hhds Crittenden lugs at 6 to Jackson and Great N ortheiU over double what our receipts were up to this t1me last 6.90, 1I hhds Green river lugs at 6.60 to 8.50, 3 hhds Wing.o & Co, :! hhds; Blakemore, Bros & Co, 4 do; R TOBACCO STATEMENT. Jan. 1, stock in warehouses and on shipboard not cleared.. .. .. .. .. .... .... ping, Inspected this week ......... .. previously .................... I Total. ..... ............. .. .. 7,215 Hhds. year. Average, $5.40 to 36.25. Our ad vices from all Barren leaf at IO, 10 hhds Indiana lugs at 6.50 to 7.80, S To nan, 16 do; Hadden, Overton & Bureli",T2 do,H H sections indicate that there will be an unusually large 5 hhds Webster leaf at 9.20 to 9 60, 8 hhdsCaldwellleaf Bryan, 4 do; Beaumont, Fakes & Co, 4 do; :Woolcrop planted. We would advise our friends to hurry at 9 60 to 10, 5 hhds Henderson low leaf at 8.30 to 11. dndge & Garth, 2 do, Irby, McDaniel & Co, 40 cads forward their shipments so as to meet the present ac The Boone houso sold 64 hhds-8 hhds Green lugs and 250 nfbx.s From Mobile-Irby, '){11Daniel & Co, 5S tive Western demand. common leaf at $7.30 to 9.20, 2 hhds Perry (Indiana) com cs; Martmez, 3 do; C B Block & Oo, 20 hf.boxes. 5,718 2,475 10,688 HARTFORD, MAY 30.-Mr. Wm. Westphal, toba.cco mon lugs at 6 85 to 8 hhds Warrick (Indiana.) factory PADUCAH, MAY 26.-We report as follows: Messrs. Coastwise and on shipboard not cleared .......... 18,881 dealer, reports: 011rmarket continues acttve in '69 seconds lugs at 7 10 to 7 65 4 hhds Russell lugs aud ordmary leaf Settle Brothers sold 68 hhds and 1 bx on Wednesday as and fillers and h1gh pnces are obtamed the stock of. this at 7 50 to IO, 2 hhds Laraue-1 hhd .common lugs at 7 20 follows. 4 hhds p1ebald, $14.25 to 19.25; 8 hhds good to grade will soon be out of our market altogether SlXty and 1 hhd common leaf at 9 4Q, 6 hhds Taylor-;:-lugs at. 6 90 fine ship, ll to 1-2. 71;, 2I hhds medium ship, 10 to 11, 16 mne wrappers have not been sold yet, w1th the exceptiOn to 7 t!O and 00/DmonJeaf at S.4() to and 1 ordmary;. hhds common shrp, 8.50 to 9.95; 9 hhds lugs, 7.95 to 8.40, 1 1 300 of .one or two lots. The tobacco plants are domg first good leaf at 10 50 '12 hhds Tumble-lugs at '1 to 7 60 and bx at 16 SO Messrs. Rice, Crossland & Kay sold 33 hhds 8,515 and \vill soon be set out, it has the appea1-a.nce that almost ordinary leaf at 8 50 to 9.50, a!ld good leaf at 13 to 16 75 on W-ednesdl'y s follows 2 bh?s medtum bright wrapper every farmer is going to set out as many plants as posstble 1 hhd Clmton dark soft lugs at 8 10 2 hhds Case:f-1 hbd> 35 to"'4I.50, 2 hhds pieb;ld, 16 to 21.'15; I hhd good Stock In -reboall8 this day ............ 10,366 HOPKINSViiLI.iE, KY.! MAY 9 .-Messrs. Abernathy lugs at 7.40, and t hbd good leaf, damaged and 9, per, 12.50; 15 hhds medium ship 10 to 11 50 5 hhds low .. .. hhds Hart lugs at S.RO to 9 4.0, 5 hhds Metcalfe lugS' ana leaf. 9 to 9 90 8 hhds lu!!S '7 8 9 5 Messrs Rice '"obacco -Receipts are in more & Co, of the 1'lanterS' Warenouse s ,old 145 hhds and two leaf at 6 10 to 7 80 5 hhd M r 111,.,. at 6 4 o to 9 5o "' C 1 1 d & K "' WJ"""'W -"' k 2 75 54 s e.., e .... ross an ay sold 8 hhds tobacco on Thursdav as folfreely composed ainlv of common quahty; mar. et boxes of tobacco, as follows: 33 hhds at ll to 1 hhds Adau-1 hbd (1'3J.sed by Ja.s Johnson) old leaf at 143 hhds good to fine leaf.-1.2 75 to 13 so: 4 hhds for days has 'fieen quite active, and pnces .hhds at IO to 10.75; 60 bhds t 6.30, to 9.95 8 50 to 9.30 antl 1 hhd lugs ,af 7 : 90. The Pickett house medmm leaf.10 to 10.50 1 hhd 7 .40 averaie S::.!e 1(195 steady. Reoeipts-302t boxes, 83l do, and SS cases LOl'JISVILLE, M u 25.-We report as follows: The sold 89 hhds-9 hhds Hart leaf at e8 .60 to 19.50 6 hhds Messrs Hal'e, Buckner' & Terrell 'sold 53 hhds on Lee & Co. magnitude of the business is a most Hart lugs and frozen at 5.80 to 8.401 7 hhds Ca..trollleaf at day, as follows. 12 hhds lugs, 7 .05 to B.15 ; H hhds com-BOSTON MAY21l.-Wereportasfollows: Manufac intbe ommercial affairs of Louisville, an the da1ly 8.50to I5.75,1 2hhdsTrJmble monleaf. 8.90 tO 10 11 hogsheads medmm leaf. 10'J5 tured is firm: and bright work is 'n fair. at sales are, whether we consider the number of hhds leaf at 12 to I3, 1 hhd Tnmble lugs at 8 50, 7 hbds Metto 10.75 10 good leaf ll to 4 f 1 n.ta i d w1thout change Ill1 offilred, or the price largely.l.n exQes Qf the ca.lfe leaf at 8.50 to 11, 3 hhds Metcalfe lugs at 7 .60 to 7 90, 14.50 to 22; 3 hogsheads bnght 'wra;per, 40 'to 51.25: pfi:Qes m leaf-Lugs, Bi@9tc; z?od, of factors and buyel'l!. of the draw 7 bhds Breckmrulge leaf at 8.60 to 9 30, 14 hhda Messrs Rice, Crossland & Kay sold 29 hhds of tobacco ,1 'l1}@121c c 1Jiltr0n, 9-!''i-O mOOUitD., back of the business is the diffibtaming money facilities ,. old l,eaf at to 13.25 1 hhd Dav1ess common leaf 9 at $40, 4 hhds good to fine leaf at J 2 .50 to 15 75, 12r & Co, 43 bu; J A Kaiser, 25 de snnft; Order, 5 tcs. By the North Missouri Railroad-Warren Tal hot & Co1 14 hhds; J. W. Booth & Son, 19 do, Sterling Pnce & Co, I5 do; Brown & Baker 6 do Marmaduke & Brown, 2 do; Lewis Nawson & 'co 15 do Baker. Young & Co, 1 do; Oakes, Bryant & Co, 3 .I. N. & Co, 1 do; J Teichmann, 1 do; Whittaker, Virden &: Gray, 1 do; E }[Samuel & Son 2 do North Qp & Shirmer, Thos Rhodus & Co, I' do, s'P'eltz & Co,; E Hoffman, 1 cs cigars, order, 1 do. By the St Loms and Iron Mountain Ratlroad-Bogy & Fry, 1 hhd; H Von Phul Sons & Co, 1 do; J MAnder son& Co, 8 do; J B Gregory, 2 do; G F Hatch & Co, 2 bxs; Oakes, Bryant & Co, 1 do. SAN FRANCISCO, MAY 20.-We repott There has been demand for jobbing purposes, as tlfc stcock bas been mcreased. We have recetved durmg 'the current month 600 cs manufactured, by the overland route -There has also been -received several mvoices of Connecticut Ieaf,. by way of Cape Horn-It will, no doubt, be speedily dis posed of. It it qu9ted at 45@60c we quote as Navy't>,, 62@75c; hf-Jbs Virginia per lb, 6.5@75c; pressed, 70@75c; do extra choiC8', 80@B5c; 9-mch 80@90o; Connecticut leaf, 45@60c; Anderson's So1ace chewing g 50 smoking 1' d r: J ., "2" s an i s, The have been 2cs. cfganr to the. Sand which Jslands. .I:here are now on their way to th1s port from the Atlantic Jlort;B 150 bales and 655 cs. @8t. good Bt@9t; fine, lli@l2t' The sales have been as follows: On Thursday the 1 hhd Dav1ess frozen tobacco at 6,(;0, 7 hhds Warwwk hhds medium leaf at 10 to 1 1 50 6 hhd'S low leaf at 9 9t@Iot, selections, 12j@I3t. Seed leafPickett house 91! hhds. 'Tile Planters' house s.old 24 (Ind.) 8.30 to IO, 2 (Ind.) leaf at 10 : 25, tv 9.95, 6 hhds lugs at 7.15 Messrs Settle Connecticut and Massachnsetts 13@15: do hhds. The Nmtb street h()llSe sold 43 1. reJected. to 12.o0,, Perry coulity (Ind.) lugs at 7.30 to 8.10, Brothers sold on Friday: and Saturd8J<.ol36 hhds and Wrappers, 45@55; do d() runmng lots, 35@4.0; Oh10 The house 67 hhds.'. The h1i:use l hhds Mat1on county leaf at 8. Io, to 9.20, 2 hhds MariOn one tohacco, as follows. 4 hhds manufacturing at Fillers, 10@12; do Wrappers, 25@45; do runmng lots, sold 67 hhds house sold 64 hhdi!. county lugs 7.50, 3 b!'tds Henderson county leaf at 123 .50 to 45, 3 hhds piebald at n 4.oO to 15 oO, 7 hhds 16@25 Penn fillers, 10@12; do Wrappers, 25@45 i do On Saturday the P10kett house sold llO hbds-11 hhds 9.10 to 10 ,50, 2 hhds Eenry county lflJ.if.cal3lt!p to 10 .50. good to fine shipping at 11 to 1 3.7 5 11 hhds medium unning lots 16@25 Manufactured in bond-Bright Henderson leaf at $8.60 to 15. 75, Henderson On Wednesday he P1ckett House soli\ aJ phds-16 'hhds shipping at 10 to 11, 9 hhds shipping at 8 60 and medium, 25@30; do aRd fine, trash at 6.50 to 7 .90, 5 hhds Dav1ess leaf at 8. 70 to Henry leaf at to 2'7, 8 hhds Rend s!leaf at. 9 to to 9.85, 15 hhd,s lugs at 6.10 to 8 10 11 hhds wettobacco 3 5@55; black work-common and mediUm, 20@22; 10. 75, 1 '1 h.hds Daviess lugs and frozen at 6.20 20.50, 4, hhds Ba!Jarll leaf \at; 9 tQ Hi.60, hds at 15 to 53.50, 5 hhds a lll.U tQ Sl. do. good ana fine, 25@30. 2 hhds Umon leaf at 10 to 11.25, 2 hhds B'reckmr1dge l@40. Smoking!._dhoice,311c; Warren new leaf at 6, 1 hhd Da:vifil!IS w lea at 6.50 to: 90, 16 hhds -0'wenllew1eafa't8'50 to 1fl25 9 hbds good to-fine ship, U to 13.25; 2-'l'hlids medium medium 2629c ; common stems, 2 2@25c. Plug4.30 The Boone hou11e sold 47 hhds-15 hhd's Farmers house.JIQ]d 5 da:. 4. hb m-ren-.lugs:at'"'l:':l!r su 11} i 23 11 rommon shtp 8 to 9 Natural' leaf, $l@1 .10; halfbright, 70@80c, choice Greene leaf atttl at tQ I0.25,_, 17 do to 9 901 2 hhd'S MlltcATfe a "7.7'0 o 0, 3:1lhd een hl;j,ds lugs, 6 45 to 8 25, 5 boxes lugs &!ld l :f, -4-. to 10 3 and 6 ,s nav acd ftoundcrs, 65@70c; cotnmQn, 1 lugs, at 0 l> 10 do com at 77.0 to 1 O, ? hhds 'I gs_and lea .90,, 25. 60rffi'T5c. va: Rllilkinnick per lb, 60@75c. .I JJt.On leaf, to 9.90, lugs. 6.90 to 8 oo, 3 do 'I.lrunble 2B hlld Kentucky flV froz ugs and common leaf at 6 10 PHILADEJJ Hb\, MAY 30 -Mr. E low frozen lugs, 6.50 to 6.60, common leaf 8.90, 2 do to 13. 75, 3 h Henry Ttqtf.!;l.lla ap 5.551 to 6 O, 5 ttioac 0 liroke rts. Th t : b '' CINCINNATI MAY 28 -Mr J 4 Job neon, report Daviess low lugs at 6 75 to 6 30 The Plantel'l! house hhds Green iugs and leaf atJOtO 1 ll.hhdl ttr.een dloze ugs d ) {' repo i ere was a air er of the Cincirlnati Tobacco A""ociatioo, wnte : sold 1 hh ds-2 1hhds traijb, at 6.SO and at 5.65, 1 hhd Barren common at 9.90, 6 hbds Barren 10 eaJ. 1 caM Pipl!t bbds,asfollows: 8.10, 1 o Henderson leaf at 141 2 do Green lu,es at lugs sold by:WoQ.d hab ofGlasgow,Ky.,at7.60 \o9.80 1 60 w a.n secon s ; I cases o o i hbdsnew B.l$o to 8.15, 3 hhds new n (Ky) county at 8.30 to 9.10, 19 hhds Indiana lugs and frozen at 5.'10 to 8.50, 6 hhds Adair led' and frozen to ordinary lugs at RICHMOND, MAY 28.-Mr R A Mills, tobacco bro know m wlin._estlma on this offiee o!ds men who make a. '-'7.65 to 8.05; 3 hhds n en at 6.40 7 901 6 hhds Daviess leaf at 8.60 to 10, 5 hhds Daviess 6. 'TO to 9.20, 2 hhds Larue ow at 8. 'Z5 to ker, reports: In reviewing our market for the past of up techmcal melatwns of law and en-to 10 75; 12 hhds ne West at \ 5.8 5 lugs and frozen at 6.20 to 8 20, 2 hhds Taylor leaf at The Planters house sold 50 hlids-5 hhds Incliana trash week,,I have change to note Receipts have fallen termg the hope of obta1.11ing therefrom moie. 12.25, 2 bxs new :w-est Vtrgtma t 17; 9 110 to 1{), II hhds Taylor lags 6. 70 to 1?.60, 2 hbds-Met and lugs, $6.60 to 8 60, 4 hhds Hart lugs, at 7 60 to off a httle are except on fine, bright ttes and mformers shares Very respectfully, t:Jaiiey, We.yne Co. sold durmg the week 163 hhds 34 ca.lfe at 1.30 to 1.90, 2 hhds Illinois common leaf 8 20, 6 hlids Breckinridge leaf at 10 to 11, 2 hhds wrappers, whwh are verYi btgh and advancing. Below (Stgned) J. W. DouG.L.lSSi bxs as fellows-109 hhds new Mason and Bracken Cdl'n' at 8.50 to 9, 9 hhds Illinois lugs and frozen at 6 to 7. 70, Breckenridge low leaf at 9.40 to 9 80, 18 hhds lugs and :fgive tra?sactions and quotations: 801 hhds, 309 tcs, 79 Acting Commissioner:. tles-24 at 6.05 to 6.90 ; 32 at '1 to 7.90, 16 at 8 to 8. 'TO, 1 3 at 2 hhds Hart leaf at 8.90 to 9, 2 bhds Hart lugs 7 80 to trash, 6 to 8.40, 3 hhds Metcalfe leaf, at 10.25 to 11, 1 bxs Brtght common to good smokers, 15.30 to 55 i CnAs. A. 59 Broad Albany, New 9 to 9.95, 6 at 10 to 10.75, 7 at ll ta 11.50, 2 at I2 to 8, 1 hhd Breckenridge common leaf at 9.501 5 hbds Metcalfe low leaf, at 9, 3 hhds 'Metcalfe lugs, at do do do wrappers, 20, 40 to 70; do fine to ext1a wrap York. 12 50, oat 13 13.75, 2 at II to 14.25, 2 at 15 te 16 .25, Breckent:iilge lugs and frozen 5 30 to 7.50 The Boone 7 0 to 8.60, 1 hhd Logan leaf, at 10.25, 2 hhds Logan perR, 75, 90 to 1.50; common to good lugs 'Tt, st to 10 16 hbds new Owen county at 4.&0 to 21, 8 hhds nevt Boone House flold 25 bhds-13 hhds Warrick Indiana lugs at lo'l' leaf, at 9 to 9. 70, 2 hhds Logan lugs at 7 90 to s, do do do leaf, 9, 10 t.o 15; sun cured lugs, common to How THE ToBAcco 'l'RADE rs MANAGZD IN AusTru.LLA..county-6 at 6 to 6.90, 2 at '1 to '1.60, 15 hhds new 5 85; to 7. 75, 1 lih'a \I'a.y1or common Hugs at 7.30, 3 1 hhd stemery trash frozen, at 5 90,1 hbd Green low good, 9 to 15; do leaf, common to good, I2 to 25. A reponsJble Australian commission tobacco bouse W>ttes us Southern Kentucky at 8.15 to 43, 4 bl{s new. S?u\hern. hhds Green low leaf at 7.90 to 8.801 onegoqd leaf 11.01)1 leaf at B 90, 1 hhd Hart froren trash, at 6.40. 1 ST LOUIS, MAY 25.-Mr. J E. Haynes, tobacco as follows fl'Om Melbonrne unde 1:date March 29 : "We Kentucky at 6:55 to 22, -6 hhds n&W West Vlfgmm at 3 hhds Ilart at 6 to 11.50, Daviess f11ctor.y at present reports: On ThurRday, the market was rather not our circu lar to America, for reasons 7.25 to 55:50, 9 h:.hds, old Mason county lugs at 5.85 to 6 .90. The Lomsv11le h ouse solii 52 hhds 1s hght, and thema:ket IS well mact1ve-:buyers and sellers being &,Part; but since whiCh :"0 will No Australian house is at !lreBent at 10.50 to I5. 75, 23 bxs new Ohw seed at -1 hhd leaf from Temi.essee at 10.15, 5 hhds lugs from and purchasers be!reve that pr1ees w1ll declme at no then offermgs have been more desirable and the market mau aQtqred tobacco, the losses to every oneof 4 to 19.25 7 do new Mason county at 4.05 to 6 70. Grayson-at 6.10 to 81 20 hhds lugs and frozen from In distant day. We quote: Virginia brands from 63c. to has been active and" firm, wjth both shippers and manu them were so aud .so long contml.!e!i that the-trade Chas .Brodman & Co, sold durmg the week 201 hogsheads diana at 5 80 w 9 .20, 4 hllds tJ:om Barren at 7.40 to 11.15 ; Kentucky and Missouri brands 63 to 72c. facturers buying. Prices vary little from our last quo was abandon ed as hop essly American shippert! pel!'ond 32 bxs os f!)llows: 146 thds new Mason aud 7.60, 7 .bhds common leaf from.ln.dlana at 8 to 8.60, 10 tatJOns but as a general thing revl'ews have brought ststed in sending stuff out here and selling lt at rates lower b M 18 MOBILE,MAY25-Wereport ,Marketactive We than e .. ,.,...,.,t N :v k 0 h at 4 tp 17 .50, I ox new ason cour.ty, v, hhds common leaf from Breckmr1dge at 8.I 0 to 9.201 3 enhanced figures. Bright leaf continues scarce. Snles l ; v,.,..,.... nee m ew ""or ur mere ant& I 5 16 b Oh Extra fine bright Virginia, 90c.@$l.OO bright .. therefore went u-pona th ta k b th hhds new Owen county at 4. .65 to .6.2 xs new 10 hhds from War-ren at 7.80 to 9.60, 2 hhds '@ from Thursday to yesterday 1 'nclus 1 ve, 1 at no er c Y representmg & a. 80 90c good med ium bright, 70@75c., medium "'\market here ''" d th seed at 5.05 to 11 2S, 15 hhds new Southe. rn .. Ken lugs from Tennesssee at 8.40 to 8.60. The $4.60, (scraps,) 1 at 5 'TO, (old scraps,) 1 at 5.:).)0, 3 a t a.s very goo ey.J ncoumged a glut and I hhd W V t common sound 62@64c., unsound, 55@571 l:l managed fo featlie r the 1'r t th 1 tucky at 6.15 to 2, 22 Ws )lew. a Farmers' houite sold 35 hhds-4 hhds Indiana lugs 1l "2" 6.30to6.90,38at'lto:'7.90,28at8to8.90,30...._9to9.90 n .. ss,orrecoup eir ossespretty V 1 _. .., c fancy twist and gold bar, 85c.@II.OO, good navil, .. well at the ex se f tb hi 7.15 to.20.50, 15 xsuew est trgn:na l!. 6 to36 at$7to8.70,ohhdsWarrenlufcrsandcommonleaf.ll.t J 36atl0to10.75,10atllto 1175,'6at 12to 12"';; p1n ppersw-hohadso & P d d th k 2 9 16 b J..}bs, 65@67L. Smoking tobacco dull at-say 401 50, n urrdets 6Id 1e m "'he ti ll 1 d Power raguesol urmg ewee 6 llUUS xsas Otos=-so. 4 hhds Sumner( enn'common leaf' at 4 "2"" 18at13to13.75,12atl4tol4.75,6 at15to15.75, 3 o n gameisnowpre ywe paye u d B 3 0 1 and SOc. per lb.,caccording to quality out, 'but the sn.rne till t d T b follows-I07 hhds new an rae en, at 5 5 8.90 to 101 3 do do good leaf at 9.80 to 12.50 9 hhds 16.50 to 6. 75, 3 a,t 17.25, 7 at to 28.7 5, 1 at 31.75, '1 ....,. ........ ..,.uvres are s prac tSe o acco to 28 at 6 to 6.90, 24 at 7 tel 7.80, 14 at 8 to 8.75, Hart common leaf and lugs at 5. 75 tp 10.5(), 6'hhds NEW ORLEANS, MAY 25.-We l'eport: The de at 39, 1 at 40, I at 42, 1 at 43, 2 at 45, and 1 a 58 ana are nomwallysold atili.ction at:Ouriously highpnces the same 9.95 6 at 10 to 10.75, 4o 11 to 11.75, 5 at 12 Barren common leaf and lugs at 7.10 to 9.3Q, 1 "Ntd mand has been good, the pUtqhases peing for tlie 24 Boxes at 5 to 55. In the time bids arttcle being urchasable nvately at much rates to 12.50, 6 at 13 to 13. 75, 3 at 14 to 14.25, 3 at 15 to simpson old leaf at 10, 2 do do bommon lugs leaf French and German markets. The sales have been 50 2 ere rejeote on 75 hbds at 7.10 t HL75, 8.!..4 boxe!t, ;rn way a ar t-persuaded 15 25, 3 at 17.25' to 19.75; 1 bx new, Mason, at 27.50 ar The Ninth:-street house sol.t.61 li_E.ds-14. hhds, as folio 3 hhd,!! IQedium to fine leaf a 12tc a 5 to_:J.SO, a.n 1 l;'ox W"-S the .(}e:: to grve more tHan ctu va l.ll,l, apd *he city dealers 93 hhds new, Owen, 2 at 5..ZS to 5 90, 19 at 6 to 6.?5, 19 hhds Warren new lugs at $7 to 7.90, 10 do do new leaf; I hbd leaf at 12c; 1 hhd at ll"tc; 23 )lhds 'II f.o;1 Z mand wa actJve, With both shippers and manufacturers the liop thai'ft w111 be productive of mcreased. 7 7,85, 9 at 8 to 8:9 1 at 9, 11 at IO to IO. 7o, 6 at a.t a,20 to 1 o, 1 hhd Webster new trash at 5, 2 do leaf, 5 light lugs to fine leaf, 105 hhds lugs to fine leaf in the and pnces were atrong. Sales 49 hhds: sl'upment:s. We have always set our race a_,g_amst<;olll!nercial. 11.25 to 11.75, 4 at 12 to 12, 75, 1 at.JJ. 75, 6 at 14 to 14. 75, new lugs at 6 to 6.40, 5 do do new leaf at 8 to 9.20, 2 at llic; 17 hQ.dR.,Ilt lQ.i1:; 36 hhJs heavy lugs to :fine leaf 1 at 5 .50 : (trash,) 1 at 6 .90, 6 at 7 30 to 7 90 4 at 8 to malpraetice, and have suffered a great deal of abuse 3 a05 to 15.25, 4 at 16 to T6. 75, rat 17.25, 3 at IS to hhds Breckinri(lge new lugs at 5, 75 to '7, 1 do 1 d new at 11-ko 13 hhds light leaf at 10c; 9 and 133 hhdsllige 9 at 9 to. 9 90, 5 at 10 to 10liz& t ll, 'Til, .f'lt Il! sequence, from rlitn J m,. it was U!iBle.S (as t.oe:iound to ,. 8. 3 9 tti !It 50 _4J 21.25, 2 bxs new leaf at 8.85, 3 hhds Daviess new lugs :it 7.5p to 7.90, 1 to ml'dium leaf, 30nhds old leaf, 102 hh ..L 'T .l 'T hhd d Al' 1 :18 Key retain eM!, Eng ne and Holler, 86 oetts good moulds, and everytblnt factory ugs at "'" 1 uu ugs at u, 1 t1 8 9b, 1 h d Ba ren new lugs at 6, 2 hhds Barren new The exports have been 420 hh s to 1cante. Le Foell, 2 do; Thos Rhodus & Co, 1 do, 3 bxs, J W Booth &; neceooa17 for a Flrot C lass Factory. All 1n complete order. Ad-sound l St 8.21t 28 hhds comm\)n 1\f< !1.80 leaf1 9.90, 14 hhds W ar.JienrfiCW l11gs at 6.60 to, 7-!t.O 'mports were the following from Havana: F Arm en Son, 7 do, I do, Brown & Baker, 20 do, 9 do; Sterling, dr J. WILIJETT, KJt. to 1Q.50, 27 hli s medmm anltftood leaf at 10. 7_? to h W ,arren at 8 to 10, 1 hhd McLean at teros, j bales; J Santini, 10,000 cigars; E Troisgros, Price & Co, 14 do, 1 do, 3 tubs; s Peltz & Co, 1 bx; J c TOBACCO SALE. __ Tdrii1ey, -ElY; the Elepha t :HouseJ 6::90 bh..d W&t 1' new 1lt 9-.10., 1 ifhd Tnmble 13,000 do, J Magi, 37,500, order, 8,000 do. The do T1emeyer, 1 do, Wh1ttaker, Vi!den & Gray, 1 do; D A Jan-1 here will be Mems !Spratt & Co, Lowssold for tlie ,W'eE;k_,etl}iln Mal 21st, 160 hhds tobacco, new leaf at 1 hhd Tnmble new lugs at 8.16, 2 mestic recetpts been 1,125 hhds, 84 cs, 164 pkgs, uary & Co JO do; Hudson & Co, 1 cad Loker To-ville;Jr:y, Jtllle 9, as follows: 55 good lea at 10.50 to 11. 75,46 hhds hhds Breckmr1dge !'It 13 to 7.30, ; lihds 4(} oada, 6 l>is, 2'10 llfbxs, 100 consigned as bacco Co, 1,0 dO! F B Ohild, 1 tub; R L Bellingsley, 1 case. A DESIRABLE L:QT OF STRIPs FAC-tonfedtllifil __ J. 9.70to102?,59 hhds Il,le Breckinridge county w l"f at &.1.Q to 9 ,HJ. fol}ows: ByRiverBoat&-JnoEKing,186hhds;Had-Bytheindiauapolis andSt. Louis Railroad-Stofel TORY-DRIED LEAF TOBACCO) dium to good lag2 Jtt': to 9 7 5. Pnce!J fully main house solil 48 hhds-3 hhds lugs din, Overton & Burch, 124 do; E C U.oach & Co, 25 & Benson 11 bxs J C Tiemeyer 48 cs A W Bil!ingl!l From 200 to sJO hogoheads, an well DRIB and FLA.VORY tained. N 0 fine tobacco this week I at 7.30 to 7.60, 8 hhds Indiana lu'gs and leaf at 5.55 to do; R s Torian, 242 do; L Gunther & Co,, H do; Blake 1 car. B1y the st: Louis and Vandalt'a R' ailroad-Cro:g' ready for Immediate work Th\sls thellr s t lot of the ever e ;., B W d .:o & G h the rade, aDd comprises the varlon gr 0 EVAN :VILLE, M.A.Y. 25 -Messrs. Martio, A:tardne! 8.20, 18 hhds Metcalfe lugs a d lea( at 7 10 to 1:0 75 4 more, r?thers & CoJ. do; ool rtoge art Alexander, 6 hbds; C & R Dormitzer, 3 do; J W CUTTING m OBA & Co, of the Evans':llle warehouse, ,'rel?ort For the hhds Sumner (Tenn) ak 0 t .5.0; 8 htida Han lu do; Kll'kpa.trieit ith, I 02 do; E H W tlson & Booth & Son, 2 do; M Friedman, 2 bxs. By the C4i The Trade are e t ale, u u pllt oa: mopth our reoe1pts have., itep.d1ly and .=-nd leaf at ?.90 to 1 0.1t, l'tigs and leaf 82 do, C A Whttney & Co, 2 do, R Fraser, 3 cago, Alton, und St. Louis Railroad-Leach & Co l5 Market asa an 1 1 price& on the low grades continued to advance until at-7.80 to 12.25, 1 hhd Daviess frozen lugs a 6.59, 1 do; Beaumo!lt Fakes & Co, 29 do; H F Given, 70 do; pkgs, Wright, Perkins & Co, 4 hfbbls, 3 drnms. By within th.e past ten days; t_ime, hnd. Ba.rren leaf at 8., The LMisville horlee eold Wmgo. Co, 48 dQ; Mayer Bros1 84 pkge; the

4 T H E T 0 B A C C 0 L K A F. New York Co:mmluion Jlerchants Th V e a.cco ency j ,. p .... (rr ; ')c. (, t08/ (i. ( ,,_ t f'O'lJi J[ jrnn> ',l !>11;-:-l ( J ', ..... f 1H.. !1 I CORllltG" ; : 4 I (!!;omnttsSiOlf" r,. eor.T r1f 1 m n r 1 11. ( AGEN'I:'S FOB ALL THE '!.: .. : 1 I '''! : i II (l?OPULAR BRANDS OE VIRGINIA TOBACCO,; lEAF & :M&Wf>l-GTURED t,;JOQ.AGCO, .. ,. 1 1 1 J R Po1111d Half Pounda & Quartet1 ten .. 45 'II.YEW TO "D" 'l'heYomurSwell, Gartbllldl JueApplellan Gold Bldge, LJi ,l II;;) ., .MI J.P. Wnllamloll, 1 Little AJJ'ruaht. Faahlon Gold do: Blue Jaellet, '1 djn urad ', r Bobemlaaft@. Lady Red Jacket, .... ,_ &...,. ta for the fo11,_;.,,. opj_:_;_ of' 1. g,_o elvetKoAe, FreshPl'-'"11 Celo,..._ 1 )(c(Jqrkli, .'' VennJ.. Pri:de or the East The Old Sport, J's. H GR.AliT ._co s.E. White, Plora Teaple, DeXter,_ I W. GILLIA.l[ 6: CO., .a. .,. .; ChalleDger, C. L. Brown. 1 Oberry FO!,UB, 1 Wblte nWD, H. B. A. P .A TERSOll & CO. B!llln, l'llack Plame, WILLT A-s ... c'o Willl!lB & 0 Cb8rlee H&rrll!, Alexander, l'almeUe 8ill:ee. Sandlo .l'aDza, "" p C"" tBTOV VIctoria, Twin Slstera, Jlll. WllllameOn. Beaatifllllllar, ROYSTER & G:B.A.SSWITT, 1A,....:; CHILD .. EY '' l -Peerle.o, 1 ,. 1Pdomltable, Pout i'blmili Bats, -C. L. Joaea, WA.TSO. & KoGlLL, o .... a .... ... oseola, I I I Delq.:Ppclo;etPiece, WK. CB.U1lPTOli c J B.ALDWIB & eel 1 ., ,,.'\lt()oal Eagle, -. Gbrlsti,n Promjwc Llttle.AIIRrght. 0 .Jo!fl!aacock -.Al!lD OTHERS ...: '' : 1 Al.o.;, M:fitl .dpp'l!N, :rfq;''NoftJI llillee, .t:c., :.e. 1 ; fl ( .ADcl' also have constantlyonhandalarge assortmentofllanufactured EDWARD M. WRI8Hf. J!ll;..-,.. tobaoco, or all styles and sizes, to wblch they ask tbe 1 ,, -. 1 ., lfORTn, N SLA. D G ,HTE .. R &: co., A. OODOLLY of tbe trade. .J. FBBD., OOWAH. r. Factors ACCO '. 2 _. Bttrcbttnts. ..... ---.. .... ls .... on lYiech.a .. ts, P.o. aox, 4aaa. o .... illjtl, A ....... 'l)urlin! SHp, lew Yort. TH. VETTERLEIN & SONS, r r .r 178 PEA ... l8TR.EET. ff ., .. I. I. 'PARKER 1: AND TOB4-CQQ .. FACTORS 1 A..1tD '_,. .) I f COMMISSION I -J.S'f ':Pearl Cedar,' 1 0.1". LUW NEW Tobacco I eeo Jn..,ected or il&mpled. Certificates given for every case aod delivered, br !JU8, as to number. or N.B.-I alao 6ampk in Sl;wes. I F. LINDE & Water &lid 74. 76, and TB Greanwioh Street;.' OJTIO& 1M WArKK RJIDT. -lAW tEB, & 00., SCHBDBBR & : .I . .. . :1,1;8. Water ,. ., New. York. OIP .J:: r AND ... 1 Lear .. A. 1110 tW JU.Vll.A. CIGA.BS ;.,_d CIGU RIBBONS llOII!ItaDtlf ta huL1 I 1 !1 J, I, .. -. (>} a-co. VI lrN IA '''"' Tebaooo Commission l!llercbinta. The Well-known and Justly 'Bu.nda of Virgiiria f [ 1 ( I 1 f' f I j' -t GRANT & WILLIAMS,<" .11 ; c 1. r UIOBAS & OLIVER, RUSSELL & BOBlftSON, .:: .. GREANER 1: WINNIE, J. G. DILL, .' '1 ', BARRATT'S CROWN, : I$AAq, 'J. 'K. I L. H. FR,AYSER &: CO:, II' GillMAN '&: ''TUJ\PJf( & Y bsBORNE, to Cl.iaQRT bAJ>j 1 .. J. 3. PACE &: CO., DAVIS, & SOft. 1 (" f () ,. I :w I r 1 J.l I 0 DUKE OF ATHOL. I 1 :.. l 1 1 .1 MJlicoiWJ. p _A: LMER:.&;scoVILLE, 1 j :: ':. I I 101!! !.. r-11 .: I 1 OF 1.-J:AJ' I ::.:;"No.' l'1fJ I wate:i-. i'dFk.'. b ;L,PALMER 1..,1 ', '''--I 1 :,,i.H.SCOmLE, -I ,.. I ( Seed-leaf Wrapper of'ourowil pa.oking f -:1 DEAUR I rt 1L WESTERN LEAF, ll&nuJ'uturid TNaooo, Lioorioe, Gum, etc., FUn STBEET, N. Y. I QTTUfGER KENTUCKY ,., I 119 PEABJ., STREET ... r. -: NBW YOBK. E. :KELLY &CO .. HAVANA LEAF, .s M STJtiiT, R. 8. WALTER, PEARL .NIIW Y08K. I ECCERT, DILLS A CE., I. DOMESTIO and Importe ofr fJ..J r r 1 SPAN ISH TOB.A.CCOSJ ':17!1 Water Street. Netfi York. ,, CJM!votl, Obje. co., .. 1 A:.' VB'.& B:ao; ) Dll'()-().. j I I l I Bavaaa ,.obacoo If' j "\ f l) fJ A.ND ;

' 1 JO'i! O'l:911lhl .,..,.co a"' 1-2 lb. Drums :: :i-.. 1 1\. lqa, 1-2 111. Bags, 1-4 lb. Bags. .e T I 'T.A:ir THE ELLER, --BaY 1 gw. and Leaf Tobacco, 6 fea -a,TA lloZ6 of the No. &garB. to SpeeiU Bnat111 for GroMn A .Jobben. 64 LaM, NtJUJ .Yori:J GIIO. W. liDILa T. ll. MESSENGER & CO., !''JiU-CEN DU BOIS, FOBBBN iiiMEiliioaAcco; cmnmissson merchant .._ .0 JOB TBll: BALBA:i' .._'\ L 1 C 0 R 1 C E Leaf, Manufactured, and SmoG 111&111 XAIDBa' L.IJD:, XEW YOU. 0 B A 0 0' TOB.ACO) LEAF. :tfe York Comm1uton Merchants m: B.TIBr Jolll\fsom-.-l 8Dcc81101'8 to J'!UMBAU. I; CO., > ,VATER STREET, King Bee, 12 inch lbs. ?ride ot the Natioo, U:.!Doh'lb B8Wird or Indul!try, 12 inch lbs. D. C H"'lo'f\.Navy, ,lbll., P6 ad lO'e Oollelltoy8, 6"8: .eM B"li .... : Fig'K. J.loMI l'Wiel, 6 inch.! t Walker's Exl.m BrigM Twist, 11 inch.: La Favorito. Rolls, 6 inch. Chas. Henry, Jr., 9 inch, IJght preeaed 8MOKINC, Virglnia'B Choioe. olive. j 'hard. 12 inch !btl. 11 tc ,. & oo., 71 & 78 Frant St., G.raacl DuaheBB. Gold Bug. :'J. r PERIQUE. Aij

PHILADELPHIA ADVEB.TISEJIEliiTS II. '1'. 1'X'rTDLIHif. & co_ UIIITaD STATES BONDSD WARI:HOIEK. J ar ea n f orwa rd t h eir Stocks wi t hou t prepa yi n g the GGvemment Tax B. A. VAN SCHAICK, AGENT FOR Lorillard's Tobacco & Snuff, Cigars, Havana and Leaf, IN LOTS TO SUIT. & 19 NORTH WATER STREET, PRILADELPHIA. Ordera Sollolted. Smith B:l"os. a KDeoht, nKAI Q8 lB .lLL KINDe OJ' ManufadUrer of and n C.,ar." RACE STREET, PHILADELPHI "8.-FUCUET & SO.NS," IMPORTER S OF HAVANA CIGARS AND LEAf' TOBACCO, A NO M A NUFACTURERS O F FXJ.'\TE U>:tler our (Cupyl'ighteil) Brruuls or Spec ial (Privnte ) o n e s 2 2 9 South F1ont Street, Philadelphia. lnited Bonded Warehouse, First Coll.ection Di&trict, Pennsylvania, WOODWARD BROTHER & CO., and General Commission Merchants, No. 17 North Water Street, a.nd ll:o. 48 North Delaware Avenue, &. A WOODWARD, l ,JIIEO. H WOODWARD. r Ba-tcb.e1or PHILADELPHIA, PA llanufaoturera of FINE CICARS, and Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO, eUR HOBBY, YARA LI'J11.:E ONES, PICKWICK, DAISY ( PUNC H and oth e r c opyr ishtet 'llrands of cig a rs. 4 -IDDJlY 1 1111 ::aa.flcWrtr of all of SMOKING Leaf Mallllfacturers' !,gent aot.:E AOENT Foil auoww 'WOBB8, .. 2'0IJID()1 OH.IO>. Dfwot, 10'1 North Water St., ) l' T H E T 0 B A C 0 0 LEAF. CIICIIIATI, ST. LOUIS, AID WESTEB.B ADVD.TISEDliTS. 1 u. wiLE. ms a oo., Henry Besuden & Bro., Monumental Oity Tobacoo WorkS, Inspection & LeafT obacco Ko. t81 WEST PRATT STREET, BALTIIIORE, D., WAIIaloua-. DIWdiiiS ur -,.r- of aU w..u of 17,.'15t,ll.t;lll'rolltaiii,H.t;M1faler, SmokiDB a:n.d ChewiDB Tobaccos, .... VIM .. LEAF TOBACCO EW CIL\8. BODJI.UQf oo .. f'lllprWaa yy J.I.L .. ........ 0. ......... .,a. WELSH & SONS. I (1. G.l.ll:bU. ED. NlEMANN. ID lmPGrt.ed Allomeottle GIESKE & NIEMANN, G A ns LE.a.:r TOBUJC:::CTOKS, & soN, s:ea-A.:as. Commission Merchants Tobacco Comm1ssmn N.n 8ouUa B.UU.ore. 78 SOUTH cluRLES STREET u. s. Bonded Warehouse No. I, .WIL II. Welda. 1 lao. w. WIJIII.,f ,.. r No. 46 Walnut-atreet Cincinnati. ., I J o 1 r' ,, o. JJALXIJJCOBE, lfCD, ;._:._. ...,. _;.: LfiBrnl aal'ances Cft. GUSTAV & -,, 2C2 Mahlifaatillers. Smoking LOUIS STRASSER, C X Go, .A R. &I 4Dd Leaf' Toba fiiiJUVAN.t. ... DODIITIC .. r 'No. aa FOREIGN-&: DOMESTIO-ABS Iii EG-A. R.r&,. "' Jfo. A_..,_,_ ........... I Allo Cllole.Bra41 fill -...n> BALTIMORE, liDo ...._ OHBWlltG AID 8](0XING .. Walnut St'IWJI, F. _w. q o ... u .. SOle KuuActarer &lid 81lacii!IIOt to I d l CH'EAPSIDE, 1 F. H. :SISQFF, t i M9RE, Mo. : 1 Deutscher Rauohtabak, T .o.: B A C Q J AIID OTHER CHOICE BRANDS,' Who le a le D ealon( ) TOBAC'CO. a gfae&lli'ef To cee A iOQ .PB.ATT STB.EBT, BALTDlORB R IGD.A.&D lll...ll.LA.Y. Detroit Novelty. Works, DET:RO:IT, M:I.CH. IU:Rlll: J. C'r liJIEIIil 0... 'li '1 161, 163, & 165 :Pearl Stret, ( OORNER O P ELH BTRKET,) CINCINNATI. W'X. .&a&aRr. J B. DaU.8. G.,. EIAOHBOD EGGERT, DILLS & CO., (Bucceuon to WM .EGGBRT,) I DBJJ.cas m DOMESTIC AND SPANISH Leaf' Tobacco, Ill WEI'l 8BCOD ITBEET, CINOIWNATI. lmportera o{ Meerschaum and ,.... ..... c...J :I'8DDia B-. JACOB. ZINS & BROTHER, r ll&DIIfadlu'en of LEAF TOBACCO No. 1&7 Central Aven11.e, J. T 817l.1.1V.A.. J'. A.. JI'.IU.fi11W. W J Dtn.u.a.J. Kenton Tobacco W arehou 1e, J.!J'. SULLIVAN & CO., TOBACCO KNIVES" J THE VERY BEST r CIGARS, 17 W Randolph Street, CHICACO, ILLINOIS. R A YOUNC.A BRO : HA. 'R TFOltD ADVlUt. TIBMrl!:lfTS L .B. BUB, H A A S BROTHERS, DUI.IIl8 Ill CONN. SEED-LEAF TOBACCO, Imported and Domestle Vlgars, t54 STATE and 282 MAIN ST. -HA.R':r'iFOBD. CONN. J. D. BURNHAM .& 00., lllo...C acturert! _.nd Jobben I a Tobacco, Snuff & Cigars, And D u.lers In TEAS, J D BuRNHAI(, 1 77 & 79 Aavlum St. A .A. BURNILU( J: HARTFORD, r W WE&.TPN CODIISSION JIE C .b4lltaler CONNECTICUT SEED L F 233 StateHartford, Conn CONNECTICUT BEED-U U : Tobacco arehouse, 159 and 161 Commerce-street, JIARTFORD, COIN. Best trw .ale 1 quautiUe of ODe.JIOilDd.and D. Jl. SEYIIOUR. JOSEPH s.:woonft'wFt, DEALER IN Conttecticut Seed-Lea;f rr 18 MARKET STREET, B.A.RTFORD, CONN S. SELLINC & SON, P&cnrnmd Dea le rs in SEED LEAF TOBACC01 .238 S-ta-te Stree'$. H'ABP.POBD -CONN. J. SIGNOR GIIIO'II'D AND D:uJ.IIIl 1 Connecticut Seed-Leaf Tobaccot LOUlSY.lLLE KY ., U S. Bonded T obacco W a r c h o use No. 1. GEO. W W ICKS & CO., M u u'.lf4cturers' Agents for Sale o f Viruinia, 111-l. .soul'i a n ( l K entuckfl TOBACCO, Also D e alers i n 102 MAIN STREET, E. ltEGRA W & CO., IWIUFACTUBEBS & DEALERS II Tobacco, .AND C JCAB8t laa. 68 & 66 B'&Dd Btnet & 81 BIUh Bmll, PrrrBBl:JBGEI. PA.. nvB BROTHElLS TOBACCO WOBD _.._, .............. JOHII FIIIZIR l BROS.. ... .nn A&Bwrs Fon T D B SA.i."E o:r 11 a., VIRGINIA. .AND NOR'I.'H C.A.ROLIN.A. .......... _. ._. ..__. Leaf ao4 'Toba c co, P L U G T 0 B .A. 0 0 0 -.o. 41RON FRONT BUILPINCS, .......... &, ... 'l!lniUetiiiQ "PETERSBURG. V A y;---J. W. THORNBERRY, Tobacco B:rokes-, PADUCAH, l(Y.


THE TOBACCO L E .A F 7 LOUISVILLE LEAF TOBACCO DE.ALERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. FOREIGN M!RKTS, email parcels changing bands at 7! to Stc, which well content nevertheless. Bnt your Majesty will soon 1 ._ be regarded as a quotation for common lugs. Other th. at I fail not. First, madam, I place this empty d ll(aetortogler.l D SPALDING &SONS .... . ....... ... CutUagoodmaoolaetunngleal A-uSTERDA"' M 7 TLh ... __ 0 sales th l d I fi d R. .f. .... leaf ;roim I!IMIDT. SCHWARTZ &co ..... Cuttlng,._of'lor,aod ':l!'Jrlear -.m m., ay ""re ave .....,n n .., a _am. e or no e.......u. pipe m e sea es, an n that tt weighs exac.tly l& -JAS. CLARK ........... .. ......... .. ; .. euut!:and maoaracturlogleal SPENCER c. LONG ........ .......... .. ... llanaftlctorlllllaod oblpp ng leal from first hands. There were offered 113 hhds Maryo. unces. I now fill it with tobacco, and the weight is PBTBR SPETH ... .. .... ........... ... CuUID&: and manol'&ctorlng leaf WOLFOLK & OLBNN .... .... ....... Ollttlllr aod mUlal'&cturtnr leal 1 d d 3 hhd V' b h hd d VAUGHAN & co ....... .......... ... .. r=,: a. nracturtlljllcat P scBANZBNBACBER ...... .... ... .. CutUngaudmanolactnriDgleaf an 1 an 5. s 1rgm1a, ut t ese were Wit rawn How CIGAB ScRAPs CAN BE UsED FO. R SHEEP WAsH, mcrease to 2 I-10 ounces I must now ask your MajOWBNtJia&IDE .... ..... .,.. .... .. .. -;. ..:.:r gap11.':::.otonmercbUlt )f;'D.l'IASB. .. .. ................ from the market, as there was no direct aptlication. WITHoor PYING THE H. J. TiJ.:!en, As esty to allow me to smoke the p 1'pe out I h II th J ... = ................. mercbante U)UIS ............... .... eomm .. n mere- & 8 a en .. commtaoloo'JIIerchaD G. ll.BYKR & 00 ...... ..... Tire actual stock is 322 hhds Maryland, 21 h ds Vir sessor of Internal Re-venue for the First district of out the ashes, and place them together with the ginia, 98 ceroons St. Domingo, and 8,592 pkgs .Tava Oalifornia, has received the following letter from the p1pe m tile scale once The -difference between W ll GggDWIN & Go 'S A recent English paper noANTW:ERP, MAY 12.-The is rising, bnt Commissioner, in regard 'to the selling of scrag aod the weight of the pipe with the .unsmoied tobacco, and. I x ,. tioes the fact t)lat befol'e I there have been no sales of any importance, on account waste tobacco, by cigar manufacturers for sheep wash, weight of the pipe with the as lies, will be the weight of tobacco was grown to a con of the smallness of the offerings. From second hands without payment of tax: "Treasury Pepart't'Mnt, Office the smoke." "You are too clever:t'or ns, Sir Walter. We eiderable exteni in England the only sales were 15 hhds Kentucky. There has also Internal Revenue, WashingtQn, .May 4t.\, 1870.-Sir; shall expect you to-night at supper, and if the converJP 'In' R, lliJ 0 1 in th e vale of York and in been very little done in European kinds, having only On the 9th ultimo, yon addressed a letter to this office, sation grew dull, you shall tell our courtiers the story. .,.Rydale, but jtbol!e who thus sold 150 bales Hnngarian, from first hands and at firm in behalf of the wool-growers of California, asking if of the pipe." EL:ILAW used their land were proseprices. cigar manufacturers might not be allowed, as hereto 1:::iJ -r"( cuted by Government and BOMBAY, LU.JIIIa Ill Leaf and all BENNETT'S PATENT TOBACC. O 0 I PateaW .I. prO ltll, liYO. Th'll 'noVl!l and newly-patented Invention is claimed to be tM m011t device for amoking lOOM tobacco ever olfered to the publie. By the almple arrangement ahown, the saliva, i1111tead of TUDI\Ing Into the bowl, wetting the tobacco, IUid thus fouling t.he whole pipe, is carried through the11nder tube into the ball or cham' ber under the bowl, while the smoke, entirely denieotized, JIBA81 dry and cleo through the upper stem to the mout.h. T h ia cham ber is readilf Mil -ptled, aud, being entirely separate from the M4 lla'l'illg DO coa.lJDieadon into it, evaporab from it iUio the pipe ia preTented, and the tobacco is kept dry, and may be dily coo8UIIIed to the lut particle, while the great objecdo to Ule common plpe-t.hat of the nicotine draWing back Into the montl!.-,4s entirely obviated. n ditl'ere in this Npect from rJl othe l'Jie&, md mutt itself at a glance to all amokere. R. W. ROBINSON & SON, 4186 6reemllich BlrHt, N.w rork. MANUFACTORY, D. BIRSOB & 00., JO.Jf .. 1UmiiL DAM'mL .AJAmJl'l' ._,., Empire Tobacco Works. B'BEBEJ & 00., llana11&ctnren or Every V arlety ot PLUG. TOBACCO, And. ln Lea1", Qaiacnr, llliaoiL ..,....-A vulgar mason, 'l'JhO had become rich by the recent demplition in Paris, was anx i9U8 10 h O.Jl J r80!,1 to ene of the daughters of a marquis. l you would let my son marry pf your '}irll," said hll. Certainly," said the mar which does he wantthe girl that waits in the kitchen or the girl that wash es." "W.HY," a of her charge, "!lo we pray God to give mrour daily bread? Why don't we ask 'f'or four or five days, or a week?"' "'BeCause we want fresh I" replied the -ingenious child. THE SOUCE OF OLD AGE. It is. recorded that there died recently, in Dumfries shire, an old lady who, fer the last ten yean of her life, bad s.moked upwards of an ounce of tobacco each day. She was upwards ofi06 years old. We should like to know whether the use or the nio0tian weed ahortened the good Scotchwoman's life. ... .... JoHN W A1T' s tobacco factory was destroyed by recently, in Chicago. Loss f insured for *5,000. ........ Dlii'UN'then:' it was an it WBI! a dietincOanada. have prevented a for the better, which we tion i and one of the feathers in Sir Walter's towering I hoped would eventuate from the satisfactory Jtdvices cap was his introduction of tobacco. The all accom CE AND ITS FoRJUTION.-In addition to the fact that received last mail of small shipments, and the not plisbed hero rose and saluted the Queen iu hia grand ice is lighter than water, there is another curious thing likely recurrence, for some time at least, of indisorimi manner, and the Quee11, who was in her daintiest about it which many persons do BOt perhaps know: nate shipments being sent to these Southern ports. The humor, gave him her white hand to kiss, and took the viz.: purit:y. A lump of ice melted will become pure: experience dearly purchased by many shippers in New seat J:te bad left. "N.ow, Sir Walter, I can puzzle you distilled water. Water in freezing turns out all that York will, we trust, exert a beneficial influence on the at last. "I suppose I must net be so rode as to is not water-salt, air, coloring matter, and all impuri future of our market. We think we oan now look fo.r 'doubt your Majesty." "Y.o11are.bold for that ties. Frozen sea water, makea fresh water ice as clear a better demand, eapeoially if ad vices continue favor-but yoar boldness will not help yo, Sir Walter, this and "':bite as tqat made of pure rain water. When the able. Stocks of Aromatics are so large of nearly all time. You cannot tell me how much the smoke from eold rs audden these foreign matters have no time to descriptions, that we believe it would pay to purchase your pipe weighs." "Your Majesty is I can escape,_ by rising or sinking, and are thus entaD here for the California market; but as our principal tell you to a nicety. Will your Majesty allow me to gled with the ICe, but do not make any part of it. importers have for so long a time been strong holders, call yonder page, and send for a pall' of scales and A NovEL SALE.-Tbere will be sold at the Pickett we do not think that, with the probability of an imweights?" "By my honor," said the Queen, "were Warehouse, Louisville, on the 9th instant a desirable proved feeling in this staple, they would be induced to any other subject in our realm to make request so ab I lot o.f 8trip8 and factory-dried leaf tQOaCco prepared for sell at present rates. We hear that one of the princi surd, we should very positivelr deny it. But you are immediate working at the factory. A; a novelty in pal tobacco manufacturers in Virginia, Mr. the l!'isest qf our fools, and, we expect to see the domestic manufacture of the weed, this experiment who has been so long and favorably known m these but little nse made of these when brought, deserves the attention of the trade and if it should lJe> has declined the manufacturing business. req?est shall be granted. And, s_npposing you a by those pn;chasing, it will Th1s wtllleave a blank amongst the well-knowu brands. fail wergh the smoke, penalty Will you pay ? a new era m the h1story of Cavendish tobacco. Hrth A sale of 1,200 packages tobaccoes (a dealer's lot) was I wdl be content," said Su Walter, '' to lose my erto tobacco has been stripped only for foreign markets, held on the 23d instant, but only one line out of the head." "Yon may chance to lose it on a graver count and it remains to be seen whether the trade will en lot was q_qitteil. There has been only a trifling than this," the queen. If th_e bead shall dorse the enterprise which it -is proposed to make buarnees done m Twist. Trade sales of Barret's have done some shght serviCe to yonr MaJesty and the leaf thus prepared avatlable for our domestic plug man Queen of the South' l attd "Black baYe 'been realm," replied the courteous the bead will be nfacturers made, but no parcels lof Southern) have changed hands; the demand has not been such as we might expect. A parcel of 148 packages N ortbern and W es tern faulty was quitted at a full figure, conditi\ln considered; this class of tobacco is only auited to the -Exports of Tobacco the Port of New York. Island8 trafllo. The inquiry for Tens baa beenJimi.ted To Foreign Ports No parcels of finest in first hands. The Carlisle, just arrived, has a lot of fair quotation), :::::::::::::: ....... :::::::::::::: ... ::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::: u::! aet. No botl'head or a:!f,11t w;;::r;;, c1au -t.tao 400 poaode because are not so Cf,fefu in of their Brit. Australia... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. It ....... ............... .: ..... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 49911 3243 ,_, OF LO'CISVILLE, DNT'tl'CEY, WUI be Aeld tn tAU OUJI:r on -July 18U., lt170. TOTAL CASH PIEIIIUIII, .. 14,000. goods as t enbo-qlq b qyU Jonly odf Brit. Guinea ................. : . 4 27 ............. .. .. .. .. . .. . . 980 Lear to welpleee lb&o 1,100 ponode net. Ilalf.Pounds meet with stoo .... arge, an Brit. Honduras............. .. .. .. s 6 '..... .. .. 20 .. .. .. .. .. 10439 1125:11 t .. '";'" .. u ... eao be teriNJ no Bigos of improvement a{ present. Of Aromatics, :"!t. Afu:ifl.. ...... .. .. .. : ... .. .. HJ; .. .. .. .. .... ... .. .. .... .. .. .. .. .. .. 8898 27028 ............ tamlotbto. heavy stocks of all ma'kes; dark nt. ee .... "" ..... 8 8 62 16 80 670 ......... .. ....... 10,387 30818 110819 ... 4 .... P"!miliiDJIC l.o etueee, Stll,lOtb,lltb, pocket pieces would sell N a"""'s in large atock and 0eeuw.d& .......... ............ .... .. .. 80 30 1116 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ....... I .. ..... 1ll0 -7. ...,_ .... very little inquiry, with-9-0 to-our stock, and ::::::: ::::::: ::::::: ::::::: ::::::: i,o63 2,1: ::::::: 25 iG ::::::: iio9 .. sio9 8. Entrleo-are open to tbe eo lire Coootry, exeept wbere otberwloe WI. th very small ah' men 'ts, c:.we ... m 4ay'pate an: I'm ChiDA 68 1 or tbe Warebouoe will Receive and Store Tobaoeo Ill- .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 20 tended ror tbeJ:xblbiUoo. Tile Botrance Fee oo each Bogtbtad will be proved IIIII fleUirl.i)r* Trade parcels of 2::E!"t.ine Bepllb ... .... "" .. 1 : .. "i2 3 6!i ....... "" .. .......... 6180 Five Dollan. Childrey e lwlve lleea. Il(.ed dllriu!f the VIOntb at ... .. ....... ""I'" ...... .... """ .......... .... .... a6, 6 n 63U'1 2 1888'r l'or the Tnde h bl j h Danish W lndlee .. .. .. .. .. .. 1 & .. .. .. lit 167 ............. J.. .. .. .. .. .. 12?5 8'711 SPR&TT oo., QLOVft. WBl'l'l: 41 co., better tljan e mont Du$ch B. lad& .................................................................... 1 ............................. RLY & oo RONALD. BROTBIIR & co.. In other ,hra,da there have ueeG no..o..&ales reported. Dutch \V. Indi... .. .. .. .. 1 2 .. .. .. .. .. .. '18 .......... : .......... 11,392 11392 58356 l'lliet PAGE 41 co J s. PHBLPS "' co. Of Cigars nearly all the MapiUaa .African Maid French W .lndi& ....... .. 16 47 181 .. ........ ........ ...... ........ .. .. .. ..... .. 36-& CROP PROSPECTS.-" Common senae" a valued corres pondent writes as follows: "A great piece 'of follr., as the stability of the value of tobacco, is now committed by foreign buyers, who have been heavy purchasers out West. They have been sending orders to that section, which have had the tendency to ad vance prices, hoping by this means to furnish bqth New York and New Orlean&. If New Orleans and the W eat would not be encoul-aged, JlriOII would be much lower. The bad effects of aendrns unlimited ordera out West, wiD be that a number of rejections as there is no deubt but that some ot'the purohae will not meet the approval ot those for whom they were bought. In the second place, thie policy will ooly ex cite snsocicion and cause a counter speculation which will be injurious to both partiee. The object for large buyers should always be the aceumula tion oflarge quantities ia one market, and not be pur chasing indiscriminatei.Y in every market of t.he West, East and South If this is not done, these markets are kept excited, and no benefit will be derived from it, when the crop, when it is a sma11 one, is divided, every one is more able to carrr easily, if the larger portions of it were cbnoentrated m the principal markets, and prices would be less and mbre Ieci\imate. Bnt, they have not heeded this, and they must be a-ware that the market will likely remaio during the remainder Q( the season : Prices are now about I c. lower at the sea ports than they are out West, counting in the expense of the At the commencement of t4le season oiefiy were of an asso!\ment or wishing .. immediately to fill orders, sent directly out is&, wJjtQ bJ prudence and by waiting patiently a few weeks, they woold have found a stock at all of the seaportR, and eoaW hae bo111i:ht at lower prices and with chance of exciting tlie markets. But, when every hogshead is sold and witb-fil\.y buyers to every hundred of th, it o buy any quantity without immediately affectmg the prices.. At aPy of the seaport markets hundreds of hosrshellds mat have been bought without causing the sligntest ef fect, as the business done at these places is larger and the merohantAI are more rational than western spec ulators. have been disposed of, ana prices are easier. There Hayit .. "" .. "" .. .. 6 8 80 890 8,663 ...... .. .. ...... .. .. .. .. .. .. 959e are more Cheroots in the m 'arket at present than Ha ::.::: ::::::: : .::::: ::::: : ; ::::::: .. : ::::::: ::::::: ::: ::: ::::::::::::::: vana-i;haped, but the shipments advised, and which New Gt'II.Dada : 1 no 169 1 099 171 . '16 118N8 are doubtless close at hand, will meet onr trade re Peru. .... .... .. .... ................................ .. 143 ....... ...... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. sus quirements. Only small : lots genuine Havana : ::::::::1 ::: : :::::::::: ::::::: ::::::: ::::::: :::::: : ::::::: :::::::1::::::: ::::::: :::::::: ..... have1dcome andd any paTbrCfll to (anita le) Vaezuela....... .... ..... /i 6 11 .. 9 99 .. .... .. .. ... .. 6 612 8811 11988 wou meet Wit a rea y tale. e quo a IOD8 are as Olhi!! ]lOI'ta.. ;: ll 18 20 n .............................. ........ .... , .. .. 12000 under: Twist, N ortherp, 4d to 5d; Western, -i. d to .tour.. ........ -. ... ---------------------J--=--6d ; Southern, fs to 'Is 2d-; Barret's Anchor, l8 6d ; 39 IJO 63? 286 2,0Q6 9,244 25 224 8811 285701 890886 Black Swan, -Is 2d -to-ls 2ld; Raven, Is 6d; St.. An drew's, Is 5d; Kerr's, 10 to 'Is; Queen of the South, t a 2d ; importers' lhoita--.q110tations nominal. Tens, Northern, 7d to sd, be11t brandB; medium1 6d to 7d i .,/:,.. 8-:_ .... oi Southern, 8d to Is lid, best brand&; medmm, 7d t9 _M;, i":. !! !!,.. 81::' sd for trade lots. Half-Pounds, Northern, 4d to 6d ; "':II iill "'I ""i:i' il j Southern (tortoiseshell), 7d to 9d, nominal; Southern. "' ,.. "' ,... ':::. : :::. : .:::::: ..... 4 : :::::: ::::::: .... 82.' ::::::: ::: : :: : ::::::: ::::::::::::::: Halves, 7d to 10d; Twist, Sd to IOd; Pocket pieces, ::::::::::::: ::::::. :::::: :::::::::::: ::: : :::::::::::: : :::::::: ::::::::::::::: pancake, &c., l!d to 1sid; Gold bars, 8d to Is, nomi Bremen .. _........ ....... 42 513 3286 ,06 1617 5081 ....... ....... 106 ...................... L :::::::::.: : : : ..... ::::::: :::::: : : :::::::::::::::::::: ::::::: ::::::: :::::::: ::::::: :::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::: Leaf for manufactnrin.11:, !O!d to Is 2d; market well Genoa ........................................ ....... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .... .. 9696 supplied. Cigars-Cheroots, No. 2, 67s 6d; Ma Pibn.ltar... .... .. .. .. ... .. 1198 1813 69 218 .. .. H 261 23331 66063' nillas, H. S., 72e 6d, fair stocks, Ormond's, 32& p r Glasgow .. .. .... .. .... .... 20 "" .. .... ...... 5 128 281 .. .... .... .. Hamburg......................... .. ... .. 101 336 1>77 7,899 .. .... .... .. .. .... .. ... 9033 9039 J,OOO. Havre .................. : .... .......... _. 35 .............. 80 : .............................. ; .......... MONTREAL, MA.Y 28.-Messrs Bathgate & Bro, Leghorn ........ ..... .. ...... ...... ...... ...... .... .... ...... ............... .. ...... .. ...... .. b h t rt Th b Liabon.................... ....... ....... 1 ................................... ,,!186 ....... ........ 2341 to acco comm1sswn mere an s, repo : e usmess Uverpool 90 21>2 'lt1 :. 1'6 ., 678 28'14 8'1620 2?0,6H in manufactured continues quiet, with prices unchanged, London ..... _.... H6 861 . 2 20 20 'TO 38484 68862 180,3111 all classes of business being in1luenced to a oonliderable ............. .... ..... ... ......... .' ...... ....... . .. . . .. ..... extent excitement now prevailing in consequence Malaga .. .. .. .. .. .. ...... ......................... \ .. of the FUI!Iian otherwise, the rospeot is very fair, lli.Jta .. .. 60 .. .. v .... .. .. .. 2380 Pd. la b. Kareelllee. ............................................. ......................................................... and our manufactnrers ant1c1pate omg a rge nsi Napll!ll ................................................................ .................................... .. nel!s, even ai the high prices now pre11ailing. .t\11 Ogono.......... .. .. .. .. Ui 15 2, ............ : .......... ......................................... .. grades of wol'k are verf firm, lO'a rAnging &om 16 to Palermo .................................. ............................... .. . ..................... 2lc;)Iavy, I8 to 22!o; bngbt navy 6'1!1, 25 to 45o. Smok Rotterd&m .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ............... hi be a1li d t te t b th 'l'rlelte .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 200 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .... .. mg as ecte o some e:.; n y .! In Valeotia.................. .. .. .. .. 6 e ........................................ .. duty,cansmga largerconaumpt1ooofthe tter gr ee Veatee ............................................................................................... ....... while the lower are neglected. Rooeipte of American VJgo ............................................. ................................. ........ .. ........ .... ar.e ineigafioant, only small linea of the finer qnalitiea Odi pc!N. 841 W; GH :..:.:..:.:.:.: --'-" 4 --'... :..:..:: ::...:..:.: .. ...... 'beinS: in for retail demand. Leaf unchanged; TftU......... . 881 am 'ftM to 1119 18018-'fs Bllll "1121 sus. 1'13848 .. T ;_


. ) '' --THOMAS HOYT&CO. ot .,\lAs HoYT and JoHN F. FLAGG, 1Jo. 404 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK, TOBACCO ltA1iUF AC'l:UIJ:BJI.!I ; Anhur GHiender & Co., -'10' a ICIII AD.BIIIOS t t 116, and 111 LIBERTT-itRErf, I I 121 CEDAR-STUBT, A rib SDII!Ddor, llr.po...,aB.J[uk-. 1-bW.Gn.J, leoephL.LWoot. """ I D. A. stiOTWELL, llanulactuter ol J!IN.ill CUT .:JHBWIN.G AND ll .. OKIN& TobElooo& A.ND FINE CIGARS. ) Sole Proprietor ot the Ce!ebreted o t Cbewlllr MUIUfacturen of all kinds o( PINE-CUT CHEWING AND "HERO" and "UNION." 10' 4 Eiglttll .JtvenU6. SMOKING TOBAqco, SNUFF AND CIGARS. THOMA s HOYT & CO. / TOBACCO .A F I I I .' I I EXTRA. BEI'BY, (It m:o:aiiS, Nes. H Peart aad 6! Stoae Street, NIIW ll'OBB,' IMPORTER ADVERTI8lDIEliT8 1rfiSCELLA.Ir.BOU8. KEY' WEST HAVANA .. FACT.OR.:Y. F. w r ... =e 130 N.J.tb st., 'Raltimwa/M4. ;.r 1 8 E I D E r N B E R 0 C 1 }f19 DtJfl Btre16tt XfltO York, j H.,., r f' I ( )' 1 WALLIS & CO. '.


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