The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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1 online resource (4 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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\ _, 4 'I'OUCCO 'W UJIOUSIIJI. _. Beck, Deetjen. J{a yep. 6q Gay. Bolenius. Q. H. & Co., 201& West Boya, W A. & Co., South. Brauns, F.'L. !i Co.1 3'7 South Gay. V. & Co., 42 GandleW( Ij. W : 90 Lombard. & Co 411 8. GhatleJI C. Cp., 62 Scnth Charles Paul, W "! 461 )Vest B c altiljlore'. '. Ro,senfeld S. Co 53 Exebapge Place. 'Bobroeder, Joe. & Co. si li:xclmnge Wilkens & Klier, &II So, utb Charles TOBACCO F.t.CTORB. Gieske &j Niemann, 78 Soljt.b Charles, IITC, Beck, 1. W: & Co., I:JO NorlJt Feigner, F. W., 90 WI .9J:l!outll Charle11. Gail, G. iWk::A.x, ,_ Co., J Weleb Gay. ,, Wtfk.e?s & Co.; "W+itr&tt.-1"' 11AW17hCTqa;Eiii CIQ.t.ia.' u .. ill the 'VotJ .. 'd .... I' A.ti a nieetin!! held on Tuesda"' even in!! of last week 1 ....,. f J ._, ._.-) tlle Cig.armakets' Ul!ions o tliis .. Clty voted to abandonJ tHe'" l ao wbiclf bad already lasted sev eral hs, llal! Hi nee waited on the manufacturers te nform them of the willingness of the f r 1 'membHs of the U'n16ns to WOI'K for the reduced wages. This action of the Union m(m, tlloug:h commendable in r '' G, -F'M ll'vL----. ,as the of.a positilhottllf! show; signs bf r turniil g easo anli some time f ''I 1 II J,l I Ill' swce took S)tch steps s r!')naere toe serv1ces of the. -, 1 1-. d t > 0 1 T 1 ., .. Union ;Nay, mmy ofi "strike,:' asp. pq,t a. lWIJIR have. beerl se16defeiloe, te declare that ne.nt oth..e they wlll employ nb man CODJJ4!Cted with a ---NEAIJLY 4oq,ooo ner month are manttfaeuued. at Richinond, Indiana. J : l : ,J II( 1 ., 1 I --I b TilE iiDNBY's 1 Cou. ; Ta..:;


2 Is Supervisor Dutcher Wz presume that newbrooms, sweep clean. ufacturers are engaged in and the "!J fuen are niefully counting o er their losses in the rqnt to Ju. 11. Jan. 18. Jan. !16. a large and pQ est. 168 hhds. 268 hbds. 303 hhds. Theexporteoftla.week include 85JI,pkgs,,or 131,{)44 ft. t. ( Peli s. Fob. 15. lbs of manufactured lobacoo. .. 302 hhda. hhda.183 hhda. Gold opened t 111 and at noon wa8 lilt. Ilob. r... Jlarch 1. Xarcb 8 1 39) )!lads. 629 hhJ}s, 300 hhds. _&change-The demand is light and rates are some-March 15. Jlarcb lll. Karch 19. what lower. r We qpote: Billa at 60 :On Lon356 hhd11:353 hhds. 429 bhds. don, 109@109-!forcommereial; 109f@1(Ml flil haRken'; 1b bds. do. at ehort sight, Paris at. 80 days11 6.20 Aprll-16. :u:a1a. Xay10. @5.)6!; do .. ahliot'taildlt, Jl95 hhds. 1,373 hdds. 1,681 hhds. @fi.16i; Sw1ss, Am-Jlay 17, Jlay!K. l!lY 81. sterdam, 40f@41; Frankfort, 4D!@40t; -Breme_., '18! 1,61-& bhds. 685 hhds. 1,004 bhds. @79 Prussian thalel'll, .. June '1. Juaoa. J Junetl. "If 46-& bhds 1,235 hbds. 803 hhds. Freights the qfterings betagr llglit.l Juno !18. The Gngagements wer41 a.; tollon: To Liverpool 'per 1,022 bbds. steamer, 100 and 30.0 hhds at 20s, and 500 hb<1 the indictment of our exCollector is Jlt)lginia .Lea.f.-Bo.siness bere is quite dead, vate terms, and per liatl,. 100 bhds at 178 and 6d at alL being done in this quality. t From Virginia we I,ondon, per sail, 200 ana 40 hhds at 20s@22s. 6d; to learn tpat the prices for brights still keep up, and that Bremen, per Rh.ein, 250 hhds at !5s. ,. 1 upon at Danville, to brisjr inquiry fro!p manuWBt>LE!IALE PRICEs. facturers for this class for leaf, they have even ad.. reorganir.atloll"" the Attorneytanced. At' Richmond, also, within a brief period, a Pbonld by t11.em at ant ll&lld. Growero c:&Daoc office into tU Department of will rise haH taken pla6e ol from *5 to; 8 per hundred. In take ,ace, The So1icitor..G'eneral, < two Assistant At deed, this kind oJeaf seems to be entirely independent taiDable by tb" grower wtlla._ ............... lower t.b""" I ONE TuiNG THR UNION CxGARMAKERS DID AccoMdrov e an .honest, )lard-w,orking noo Uiaion German cigar maker, by )lopelessly insane, and thus deprived his worse than widowed wife a Phief Clerk; and additional of ,that "\ISUally affect the pri(les of .... .......... 411 m ; clerks will have to be to the orga,nithe raw The manufactured article way pe Blsclr.Fro&<\n.. ......... .. : ... zation. Tlie Solipitor's Bureau of the Treasury, with utterly lifeless, and quotations for it altogether nomileaf .. .... .. .. ... 11'1 Uie diVision tn it 'ot the Secret Service,' coines under t!Je nal. but the cry that Virginia is going up still rem aios :::;-u : ::::::::>:;: E new Department, as does aiJltbe cotton a d' aBandoned the same. .A:nd this is tl'ne to nearly the same -extent selection.. .. ... .. 0111 Proh...rt')'' and cTaims for cot &on aud \he 'Whisky dealers, snggelt. trade, 1t the only on the avatlable that they would be better ths latter'ahaads, coupled for the fore1gn market. ,Still, even th1s seems to be 'tml recent attempt to coerce the cigar the additiepai remark that tljey were for aale. sparingly ta'ken i as the exports for June, '\uten Into paying war prioet! after the war had paen Many it is eai4, have beeg blackmailed i .n. \his a bttle Chan. those lor M.ay, make a total eeacladed five years, resulted in ignominious failure way and have heavi.Jy for their while .January last, oonulerably behmd lut year. \VWt Ji;ep the cigar-makers the1111J8lvea admitted the abothers have dechned to 1isten to any proposal& of the to of tbe lot of chl1&p .Jeaf -qsoaUy con oJ the pol!ition, but tlieir membership in the kind, and put the rasclals .out of doort1. There seems to by the exporters, to be fo!md 10 cr.op, 11moaa'preveiJted t.lieir following of their be'bt't ODe tbeae blackmaileR, &lid thlll. is IS a mystery, ao cd, DOt a Ch;en.og .ewa jUj)gment. to haod them over to the police, and place tbem where element 1!1 t\te seed leaf problem. One thmg 1s for once they may gain a legitimate livelihood." andthat !I tba& the is not l!tdliment. to ToBAcco .f.T ;v .&..-A local 1t. Then there are the 1869 wrappei'B, wl'ucb .,.. : "One of the first of tbe completion of the CIGAR ASH :r .......An English dentist are so out of the market not to. be quotable l'QI'f'olk and Great Western railroad will be the estabwrites to a Liverpool journal as follows: "As a deotis$ here, whatever flattering tale the SY.reD VOice of Hope llhaaent of tobaccO factories, which will give profitable of no ipconsiderable practice during twenty years, aud may whispet; in the ears of the pao'kers regarding their to our colored population. We know of as-a in science, my experience is that: smoking value. Such is the state of'tbt:Js with a new crop ...a Jl&l:t.f. who will start a factory as soon as the road tends to ,preserve teeth rathe.r than otherwise.' pushinl' it11 wa.y above ground a into' the ptoblem of Sl OOJDP eted.'' ____ 1 Smokers ao not suffer fram the toothJ the, fnture oftbe aeed We do not regard ache so much as non-smokers. The fact is, the empy the as brilliant, yet ensuring a rheumatically charged smoke, consisting 8j! it of loss. Prudell08 .and forethought w11l otten weather :be carbonate of am monia, acetate of nicolianiue, Severest financial storms; but at least the present Situ and other substances capable ofyolatilizattoo, acts as a Uiou teaches the foUr of rusbiitg up prices above tbe powerful soother qpon exposed dentine, tat. il', the ll'.fach of buyers. Tlua bas been done with refe-rence to tender bone of tbe tooth enclosed ana protected foreign miatomel'l\ who. if they did not buy a very by and facilitates the destruction ot choice quality of leaf, served a no less valuable purpose nerve pulp, O<'mmonly called tb,e nerve, which is in the )arge quantities ot medium leaf, for situated, in the orpwn or centre of tb' tooth. By pro whieb no market exists here and which always form11 a cess ot deCl&y the nerve pulp becomes exposed to at formidable proportion .of'every crop. Thull any eourse mospheric influence, and to the irritating action of food which drives np t.he pciCI) oj commOD" leaf above the -h,!Jce toothache, the pain of which ie mur:h ameliorapbwer of the1 exporters .to put:chae and leaves a large ted by influence smoke; the lot of unsaleable tobacco on our haolackened by' policy. Let us hope 'tbat 'twill not again be pursued the deposit of actual soot, and this combining with and that the expenenoe of tlie present year will suffice. A TllouBLESOMB LAw FOR Tt:US LATITUD&-ln no 41CMU1try in the world is adultery so aeverely dealt with m China. A married womari near Shanghai recent ly had formed a guilty alJiaoce and connived at the .ureter of her husband by hef lover. The crime was and tbe woman nailed at full lettgtb on her lll!tllld'' and left to die. f tile Uoioo -, oppoee the moe tho11118Dd non-Unionists aaili w be here, ri8lat baYe they to oomplai being in & mi -noritf? They have a perfect right to refuse to work CIIIMID k11111! but not to to wrce the non-Union ..... to follow their example. 'l'hia is the fatal f'aU8oy at of. tbt "trike" tbeol'y. Sw:am.:;. TwuBDT, of Virginia, bas been in this Alli'r reeeq&ly Joolriog into tobacco matters, aild is saifl to aye ja t aeot hie 11epCtrt thereon to W aebingtou, where be has sone Jaimaelf. He is also rumored to reoommend a uniform tax, bot the important consideration-the ..t.-is not If he reoomhlends sixteen em all kinel! of smoking tobalo and we -.nity agree with him. I .A TEST Cf.SE.We shall give our readers next week 6e details of a case recently decided, in whi.:h the 1111Ulber of ponnd1 of tobacco" necessary to make a tJtoasaod cigars entered ioto the question. As this is a matter on which the offici r als and the trade are at vari ance, the ruling of Jooge Bl.atcbford and the verdict of the jury in favor of the c:o91mon-sense view taken the cigar m'anufacturer& will be found interesting. WBBX i'be recent strike commeacedsonie lmr month ago, there were between three four "-oa.a..d members of the four Union1 "in and regular standing." Wheit tlte !!trike ;t-at fn,., SD elld weeJi, there Were hQt" meu let\ tbe eh!Y, wbile that there' ate ove,; ni"' The,atrylte O:*n BAAJroel:vbe e"lteu qiJii&n.Ul salivary mucous them w;th con Week atllDa Jan a. Jan. 111. J.,,, si.derable tenacity. which mere brush -aud water will' .56 ca. 816 08 1.688 (lfl, not remove Now, charcoa is a 3JM. cleaner as well as purifier, but for smokers "the charcoal Ilob.1t. .1'eb, 16.,1 r Mar .&. of tobacco is eerhans better, containing, as it does, not 501 cs. llO cs, A38 cs. only carbon, but several salts potash, Jime, aud,am mooia which act as capital cleansers. 1Tbe foUol!iiog April 5 Aprl!111. r1119 proportions make excellent _for 140 08. 1 594 cs. if13 di. smokers: oigFLr ash, 1 .oz. ; prepared ohalk1 1 Ofl. ; orrie April 111. )lay a. powder, i OZ.; mix." 1 630 CS. ca. 1,245 CA. KaylT. 1\lay 81. Minister Curtin, at St. Peterspnrg, entire restoration to health 635 CS. I 605 Cl!l. 632 C8. JDDe 7. Jlll!e 14 JDDe 21., 363 359 cs. 250 cs. .JIIIIIa 16. J ti50 Cl!. Moore, of Philadelphia, pre, Spanish.-Only the usual amonot of bosiliess has sen ted to the Emperor of Russia. been done in Havan11, Aome 250 bales l!eeo sold. The bad news concerning the new yara crop, which we referred to in our last, Itas bad the natural effect of stimulating t.he stock no w an band, as it bas been ,reduced, and we note 50 Qales on prh-ate ,, .Manufactured.-There has beon rather done in manufactured tobaeco 'tban we could reasonably expect ffom the general dullness and the intense heat the greater part of tbe eek. Some three bnn ired bxa. -df Mnll hae been &bid fbr .uport.and con pd bWillt for \tt the gold prem\nm has some cfe, and less bas been done 'J'or''thle and Otier 'reiiBOt1ll it a mNel'llte Mv in ... ... I now ooune superior to work earl} ia U.. Spriog, bring DO higher prioee thaD Illi'QRT8. Tbe arrivals at the port of New York fureign ports, for the week ending June 28, included the fol-consignments: 1 Borqeaux: Du Vivier & Co, 100 cs licorice pastes. Bremen, Bam ton & Steglich, 4,773 os pipee; 113 do pipe <:Jay. 0 o. I I 25._!_).1:etim. C. Loose Is Co, aa4, in leaf tobacoo, re-port: -. Reeeipw lana ai'e l;t&io light ; demand fair; all at ateady priCM!a. ;.g!!'tc tn.,..,. ;. U-ber .aledor. too 50 ,hbd.e, M m 1 ptfae, '!6' IIWs emb...-.g al A' thelciMe we notice.,..e iDqbiry for .' oot.8 sales of PUla ; good inqtiify for ani at .....,...,. pftd'erred, as prioee for no\ more aeaftrarn ...... tile view Qfsbip,...; 'he better I!JWI rm., l;leld ; C1ll'1e'llt aalea are at fall ntel. ;Ill doing of remark. uaobanaei.-good stock offenng. loapeote4 tu ,..k, .CM ..Wa Maryland ; 802 bhda Oh1o, 19 bbd Kentacky aua 'l bbda Virginia; total, 1,81 f Jahd.a. Cleared this week, 688 hbd Maryland; 8 hhdsOhio to per bark Edward; 8 boas to :Pernerara. We repat. quot.Mious : .Maryland.Frosted, ; sound common, 6!@71 ; good com moo, medium, Si@10; good to fine brown,. 10@13; fancy, 16@2.'1. Ohio.Inferior to good com moo, 5@7; greeni1h aud brown, 7@9; Rledium to fine red, to medium spangled, 7@10 l spangled to yellow, 12@2"8. Ketlhlcky.-Common to good lnga, 8@9!; common to medium leaf, 10@12!; good to fine, 13@H; .-..Je< 15. Inferior and frolited lugs, 5@&, common and good ship ping, 7@10; common to. medium leaf, 7!@10!; fatr to M;Ood atipping, 12@14 TOBACCO 8TATEXII:NT. H:ht)ll, Jan. 1, stoek in and on l!bipboard, not cleared ............................ rnaJI'Ckd thill week. . .. .. ........ prev iousl y . . . . . I Total ........................ Coaatwise and on ahipbo d not cleared............... . . . l,$62 5,718 1,319 26,98f> 11,423 Cadiz: Order, 100 bx11 l.icoriee paste Greytown, Nic. : C lJurand, 6 bales tobacco Livervool: G T Stemfel, 4 pipes. Stoej in w:arehouae to-day ..... ........ H.q62 Havana: Jacinto Costa, 160 bales w'bacoo; D & A Manufactured Tubacco.-Receiptsiinproving; demand Ben_rimo, 112 do; )I R Pea0411, 10 do. 3 cs cigars'; W active; prices unchanged. Receipt.&, 207 i bxs, 70l H Tttomas & Bro, 48 C8 eigars; De Bary & Kling, 22 }-bxs, 38 cs, to Hoffman, Lee & co. do; & Tilford, 72 do; L Phillip & J Frank, 8 BOSTON, June 21>.-We reoort as follows: do; Philip Speyer, 1 dg; C A Van Bokkelen, 1 do; E Tbere..-is a steady demand for both leaf and maoofacVan 1ice, 1 do; La Coaa & Co, 2 do; Scbroeaer & tured,. with in advance for brij!ht IZOOdB. 'the Bro1 1 o do ; Howard I ves, 5 do; Tbos ll'win & Son, qaotatioos are: Leaf_ westernLugs; st @ 9!; 3 do; 1\:nnbardt & Ce, 2 do; R E Kelly & Co;4 do: oommon, 9!@10; medin.m, HJtlll; good, 11! L E Amsinck & Co, 3 do; ED Morgan & Cp, 1 do; @12!; fine, 12!@13; selectlous13!@14-. Leaf-Virginia. Atlantic S S Co, 6 d -Luge, common, S!t; medium, :JJ:bORTS good, lOi@lli; lll@l2i; selections, 12f@'ist. From the port of New t ork to foreig n ports, other Seedleaf.--;-Conoecticut and Massachusetts fillers, 13@ than Enropeaa portlyfetthe weekendiog June 21, were 15; do wrappers, 45@55; do running lots, 36@; as follows: Ohio fillers, 10@12; do wrappers, 25@45; do running Danish Weat Indies: 1 bhd, ns. lot.s, 16@25; Pennsylvania. til len., do wrappers, Britiah West. lndie,: 7 bhde,t1,'124. 25@46; do running lots, 16@25; Manufactured-In British .Australia: 81,5'14 trca. manufd. $24,246 work.-Common and medium, 25@30; Cuba: 28 CB, f830: 3,222 lbs manufd. t700: good aud fine, 35@55. Blaok: work.-Common and Hayti: 2 hhds, t712; 99 bales, $1,670. medium, 20@22; good and fine1 25@30. To European port, s for the week eodiJ!g / Uf\8 28: The receipts were 7 Q bis, and 26 7 CB. the 212 nhds. exports were 50 ht:tcs, 15 cs, to Mel'oourne; and 3 'C., 5 Glasgow: 12 hhds, 15 011, 54 boxes, 4,461 lbs. manuhf:.bxe, tQ the Hritish North American Colonies; and 30 factored. .,. r 20 hf-bales, and 3 c11 to other foreign ports. Hamburg : '1,90 bbde, 107 os. CAffiO, JuNE .Priu Current says:' A Liverpool: 225 Of. share of the of our merc_bants, together 579 hhds, 11,175 !bs maoufd. with that of a great number of etrangers from abroad, DODsTlC :IJ:JJ:CEIPI'!!. has, during Yo!fltterJay and to-day, been centered OD' toThe arrivals at the port of New York from douwaic baeco, which, flow forming a leading item in Cairo int4!lrior, and coastwise ports for the week ending Jun-e commerce, we may be exc:uHed lor giving a more ex 28, were. 3,507. hhds, 10 butts 4 "l>alefl, 2 37 onetended notice than usual in the Price Current The third tee, 385 pkgll, l,.U3 c ll do cigars, 1 bx, 1,558 to the unusual inte1est displayed, bf. bxs, 305 three-third bxs, 341 one-qtr bxs, 41 one-third and \\'hicb drew very many boyers from other ma,kets, bxs, 2 bxs samples, 50 bxs 4 bbls lighta, con1ign-W&IJ the opening fair of the Tobacco ed as follows: hool!e, which was held yesterday, and at which 811200 By the Erie Railroad: C B Fallensteio & Soq, 359 in gold 'Was distributed in premittms. The offenQgs hhds; P 'Loriftara Co, 37 Oelricbg & Co, 65 comprised over 200 hhds,and the sales ot premium todo; AU L & 0 Meyer, 10 do: E Uokart & Co, 110 J>acco were as follows: do; >Sawyer, Wallace & ()(},_74 do; R L Maitland & hbd,brigbtwrapper, 873. Co, 29 do; E M Wright, 167[do; R 0 Edwards, 34 Second best. hbd bright wrapper, $74. do; S .M & Co, 198 do; De Kham & Co, 9 d.o; '!'bird best hhd bright wrappe1, 848. Norton, Co, 1"05 do; Blakemore, Mayo Best hhd shipping leaf, 112.25. & Co; 168 do; A H Cardozo & Co, 17 do; L W Gunhhd sbippmg 112.75. tber & Co, 7 \ clo; Ottinger Bros, !6 do; Pollard, ]lest hha black wrapper, $12.50 Pettus & Co, 122 do; J K Smith & Son, 66 do; &cond belt hhd blaek wrapper, $12 Sullivan, Murphy & Co, 47 do; Steel & Co, :Best!; bhdsleaftobaooo' of its $18.'15 4 do; H Ha !biey'ih' & Bro, 26 do; Drew & Croeket"' Second best 6 bbds leaf tobacco of its class1 f31. 34 do; Lewis .Brode, .10 do; T H MaglaH, 12 do; Third best 5 bbds leaf tobaooo of class, $14 .50 ;am_<\ .M-.euger, 6 4o; B C Bakrr, Son & Co, 13 clo; Beat bhd of leaf tobacco, regard to cJaWifiC E H not & Co 6 do;. HeriiiMI, Bros &JCo, 82 do; oa&kMI, {1. -r W 0 se, 4 ld D Chock,ley, 2 c)o; W .P Best lthd Bfllpping leaf$14. '11. edge 9 co; 4 do; A aeco..a belt' bhd le", SoovH l ie jeligabeJWy ()oba & Co, Tbiri..1Hist bhd ta,., 507 hhcH. IMft ot' ita cl&BB, 'll. 1 .. IIIIJJ'OIItCl 1! ..... ""-llayo aee.ct 10 bbda of ita-$11.60. balf 115 Ko1m.t')'alteu-M "4p W Mil l&pllled ....,."--uo, 34 cJo; P *' tale Will .ajouraed unW thia mom-


I LEAF ... 3 re -.


.. n .... ......... aTtttrn, I __ _, ..... ...... ,._ ,,. IL' .. 8'l'IWn'; A!r.,_. ..... '" OO'l'TON Al{D .llO) '' I .,. q OOM'M:.ISSION MERCTI.ANTS, 1.81 Pes.rl &reel, corner f11 Ctldar, NEW' Y()Rit. .. o. ll.&.JUIJIIOW. a,. 8. JlAB0080, NEW YORK 11. Seed-Leaf; bacco Inspection. .. -reaeelll lniJH'e&.ed. or Certificates givea for every case, and dojlivered, ---.-llo number of N.B.-I al6o 8amplo in otm Stores. J J F. c. L,J PE 4t: Water and 74. 78, and 78 Stnet. erriCL tU WATER &Ta&KT, ----------------......... ..,. el lo 'Jill Gunll'-"1o0-.......... DIClltH 0 1 r 1 I 1 '1' r.: a'l'i 0 5 I ................. 0 i'OBAOOO, AND-OTHER SOUTHERN PRODUOF, ra W.Citllr .....,(P. 11Br ro.JUC. OOl'lriiiG1'W'liDI.IJ.Ir: 80' r:,.J:Orr:I!:D J.M8 PRESSERS. In ..&let ror tile Wei\ ..... ;I-.a-..,....., iiiDe, ourl,A.QK:ml) 1 ,, THOMAS KINNICUTT, WALLACE & 00.; ....... AND CEIIERAL fJ '' lfa. 4.7 Btreet, Commission :1.18 I'JaltL II"'''UDD'l'o y f of 'J,Vater Street, New Y,ork. luoitvua u Ak:r!> i .r. & .. to"cco. J BVUA Cia&. -eU, ,_ W r ._l.:.:r .. 1 TOBAOOO Am> OO'r'PON FA.OTOBS, f J GENEBlL COMMt;;ION !fEBOHANTS, 1 JLI.JII'OqB B'Q'ILDil!I'G, SQUARE, lUIW YOBX. W'. A. o\ G. Jli A.XWBLL .t Lrvm!POOL l' l

. ... I \' \ 2 oz. AND IN' CIGARS,"\' .A..t Factorr! No. 1, Fourth NtJUJ Ytwk. Q_....,.."' O.A'l'lll'.&.l!f 11. '!lBID, 01' I (:; I:npmer and ColllDliulon Merchant of HAV A\NA SEGARS. -..\liD-LEAF TOBACCO. !fo. 42 COURl'LANDT ST. BENNETT'S ., ''EUREKA" ICCO P WK .. Le J I 75 Pearl NE"YV S-EW ro.RB:,


PllaAD VETT.ERLEIN & OO-PA.. t:ommission Merchamta i)l :(,eat' a.nd M a.nufacturacl "'robaooo, DO'\'lE8TIC AND IMPOBTE:U IS.EGA.J.U!I. 180-387 u i.;ru iiiiDii: ... v ... ean l'dnnfll etr iLI!i(; wittHiut \he 01' (Firot Cullcctl o n Dlstt1ct orl'ellll8ylvanln,) .-oau WM. A BOVO. WM-A. aovo. THO&. W CROMiiR. General Comml;;ion Merchants, W'\H8 a. 'K'Lffi No. 39 No""Ja LE .. 'w:tl ... OBA"''co PHIJ!ADELPHI 4. .........: .a. Wm. Eiseclohr & Co., oonnssxoB KEROIIANTS, IN o. 89 South Charles St., near Pratt s ;ED, BAT.UA AND Y&BA 1. .... w. e. 1. LE: A F TO:B.Adco. ,. ...... ..._ ,_._, 1 1 7 South Water PBR.&Dii:LPJOl. W. Bl8onlobt, 8 w Clark. TO AtCO, .... VRlrft, PIIJUDELPHII: alii -laetaters, No. 29 s. Calvert St., BALTDIIOJIB lBD. :S 2' 12 I FlSRBJt & <;o., Merchants, 23 Central Wharf, Boston. Hotu.CII N. Fr ..... JOBR'f. Fl&IIJUL D. S. BBOWJI' ao., INI.A.LUS J,, Leaf lliUI Map.ufa.ctured TOBACCO:t ll!V.dA PIWIOIPE. AJID DO:MEBTIO MGABI M.....,.....m and Briar Md SmOilen' "-rile._ a.a ... llxctaolnl.r Wllofet&J, LT 0 BAC 0 0 rerrov:-ned Brands of Vire-iniu. Smoking Tobacco LOftE Jttt and BROWN DICK, lWaDutar.tory, 12th street, VA. &W. UJ114DIO .... Jop D -LA-.JUOJIIIIBTOll, G. W. nllGHO!Um & 00. KtiG CTToOBACCO, P..1C'l:'OBY 6, LYNCHBURG, VA., Keep coottantl7 on hand aod fbr ule aU pdee ot VIJ'iiDI& Smoking TobAcco. Will coatnct"Wltbj91>1J.ou!,. tlaiJo....,. or oo ... OIO-tlleJ Ga:rileol,.;l ----r ... ............................. ... MO UMIJT 'll'liL .. :r.-.r ... Steam Tobo.oco Work b 1818. P. tL DY;O & BROTHER, Henry Besuden & 8 o., I H&.TJ'OJlD 4D!9TIUipJ1( -............ HAAS ....... -N. SEEDLEAF T.ACCG, laptrW .... Doaestle eJpn, CJIAt. JIIO'IlXAl'fB co .... .,1 .... f54 STA T.E an ?J12 .Aift ST., HARTFORD, CONl!re I Brashears,Brown & Titus, SAN.D,JI EN .BROS., Woolesale in ali killda ef -J D BURNHAM & 00., KanlllllcluNn uad .Jebben Ia rr ct '19 .&IJlua lt., I!ITPOBD, alii B. a Z. K. PBASB, DLUoiiiUI Dl Co f ; t) HARTFORD, CONN. WM. WK8TPHAL, Co:MMISSIOB' J[EB.cB.AlfT, COllliECTIC11T DBDLED Tobacco Warehouse, 159 and 161 Oommeroe-street, HAB.Tl!'O:aD, con. Beot Connectlca t tobo ceo eecl .... one pound .. nd nn"''" ;,--...... OODRUFF, D IJI CoNneoUeut Seeti-IAf 18 MARKET SELLINC & SON, OBACCO, f:0. w. WICK I L "II K t k _,_ um

KNlFE ,UID J"O;RK. While 1be preminms were being a arde(J, pervaded the crowd the awwunr.emeot was with lo RPJlJJ e. The then announced t!Klre w (;bam e behind cene 11 tO parta\ie [m late) the cnrta. 11 raised and there was a ge neral forward i.o. an instant tl!e popping of hai!DJ>3gne corks was :ilruost deaJ'ecing. Everybody having refreshed themselves rested, at ab gut o'clock, P. AXD THE spcakin)!' o \ to Thil'l of Socrates .over a ..... v ...... ,_,_,,. __ ; Diogenes, witll hia.. eatmg it to the Pil'lllus, or haggling about.a. seveq,.ceut Ucket; of E11n pides working np a rnilroa.d c a.tasiiOpbe ioto ane of his poltragedies ; of tho co1ntl}'" .JaiopboD ieal notes for his' Anabasis a sleeping car; or pf Alcibades loll in no in th sm !\a. game of


y r tC.JlW tit "HOY'I and J<110f F. FLAGG, ... 404 PBAl\L STREET, 'HBW Y'OkK. .,_ '. kind or t'JNE.cuT CHEWING AND SMOXI!(G J f .. ) TOlm.CCO, sNUFF AND CIGARS. T,HOMAS HOYl' & CO. '>I e Compos e d of 1_1$9 Lu.dlot.c 81ret!t, r..-TliOMAS JeHN F. FLAGG, TO .HOYT, FLAGG & CO .as $ECOND STREET, LouiSVIUJ!, Jcy, ... 'lllf--edM. Wutc(Jele..._ ... '.POBACIGO 08 OC9 WORKS, FIIfE SEGA:&S, flo. I SO .ater Street, GUM t t I o SEA.LIN"G ""W' K:X:,; FREDERICK FISCHER OL1VE OIL, T9BQUA :BEMIS, To b acc_o B r o r k er -, .ui& ... ... I ,' ..,. No. 2 Hanover Bujldings, ,w-AA VD a STEBB a, (B_.,...,..,a-Squm, ) .............. .&rb-lc I -.U., GlJ.M GEDDA. '' 1: I C 0 R I C E P A 8 T G. BA'US.IIA.NN, Nor 18,'0,_ Mfp, NEW YOIIK, Olfen a --'or ...UtJ cl CA. L.A. :B :BJ"..,L P .A.S 'l:' E '1( t 108 :MAIDEN L'ANE,ll.' y, :x .. 14'1 W4'ter Street, J YORK N8W D4;.: ... .. ..... DMIIn. 94 & 96 Clinton St., I I I


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