The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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THE '1, 0 9A' C C 0 2 \ax on tea is about 25 per on its verage nlue} TBB TO:B.A.CCO M:.A.RUf. conault upon the propriety of fJaYing the trar, 291t 4o., H. BatJei & B.;otber, 774 Bnr.illflll& bae ooallid ly 8 d f while til e tax on t obacco is fully 100 per cent. oa 1ts aver \ no 'a!Tt(), I tobe the_general opinion, or nothing pipe',) & Co., 50 [ 0 !lo.; order1 r v(ew. We at r demand 0 last age value. As to the ,doubt suggested, whether tobacco NEW-YORK F b 7 1', wJ!Lbe acoomphsbed at. tbe llji8!\Jon Conareu 396 bot-box prp es. I of"' ol i!)g raptdly r d d is not a. "luxury," w e do not think the faat. reHed on bK / r e \ 1 th' L h If, .hq wev 'er, the new immed1ately Go 1 _allts & Co, 'TO o ,ase11 llloods eoming 8 owly. l'no.: an new the Tribute, that neither" Julius C.tcsllr !!Or Cleopatra We.stuon opens qUJet Y 18 lW? t ,ll&lltld logetber after tb' adjou ment;, as is olabl"', P I bal s1 1ce root; order, 5 cases hcoru.:e r'--: -ever used tea, coffee, tobacco, vi i!key vo.rbeer,' prmoee The unmultl 'P u'Rjav table alike to ex be an oppofWJJit:r for .gtttig tbrJug lOUie J BOSTO.N', -We report as follows : -anythng. If It does proove anything, it pfo-ves that e& and !ld!i. The French bu e ;of o r c:Jttacco 1!.1\.eaa'MI!.J. The 'flaw 0 gislatl IL t fi ?hi t89 .)' 5 to 1St. iV;rglola I af nA-a to 7t neWer "WOre a Balmorals1tirt, nor the other' a 11hirt; and 3 'fg-9 997 g the expi-()f t we e .l lrangJ I ; d Ia do., e 1 tci! u Bi ,' goo 11t to fio l gl'aoted-.t.hat 0 J.h Jan.... 572 79 572 k s 66 134 lbs of manufactured tobacco Co' 490 do' Reo ic & c uultze, do.; A. doozalesl t il-1!' selections Zlito nt. 'Seedleaf-Coone!r Of Iiilies and gElntlemen of Chicago, respect1vely, 'oeces Fe 3 ,Smo ing.-'tb-ere was agood trade aat wee an o., cases c1gare; C'Ja1!millllbr,'M9 do; G. ii.ller&-14 do bittdetT lOot saries.' The 2hbune is also in error in stating that Cleo-L?af-The s_ame cold" Bp!lll of ti;Je month'11 up well. Orders were chiedy' W:. 'oasn cigars; Robert E Kelly & Co, I3 do, aecoods 25 to 32; do w)'appery 35 to 40. ra never dr-mk beer.' Herodotus ex press! mentions contrnumg wh1ch had set_ID .when we wrote, tbe re 18 from the weet and New York State, There wae also a Lew1s, Pl:itlip & John Frank, 4 do.; DeBary & Kling, 9 wrappere s to 55; New York State fillers 1 2 t e a. ee r was a. common no 10 .gy p was ma e littl doing in tbe:eity ., J'ut"dy .& Ntcholas, 3 o.; Otto Maier, 6 j}o., do a.veraie loti! HL to 3j) ; _do rappers 20 15! frtlm herbs, such as lupin and skirrett, Indeed, nothmg could be ptore to puttmg Cigars -There ia a decidedly better feeling in tbe Godeffroy. LBrancker & COl, S7 do.; W. H Thomas & Pennsylvania. and Obto fillers 12 to Ui. du iB, t.he placle of bops; and it was oalled Zytliw. Diodorus leaf tobacco on the than t?e we have 01gar trade, orden come in from the West and Brother, 9 do ; Acker, Merrill, & 17 do; Park & !otll 16 to .22 ; do wrapptore 22 to 36 ; sayi!' that the Egyptian beer wall nearly rc:cently h,d,l Nor 18 to when South It 18 probable that the oaoRe8 which produced TllforJ, 13 go.;J'hos J. Rayner & Go., I do j G. Reu ID bond, bright work common and medium 25 to iCi'.'' eq\'181 to wine ib etrengtti and flavor." The Jews wtll be a change for tlie Better. t 19 rllJ we have the reoenl depression haYe 11pe11t their force sens, 1 do.; Grmne11, Mmturn & Co., 1 do; Smith, do good anjl fine 35 to 65, black work, commo,D .z the! Arabians, the Med s, the inhabitants of .t\sia Minor, now and then a few d'a'ys ot moist soft weather, but (] ld e\l t 112 d t 111.! '' CroMby & Co., 2 do.; Fabbri & Chauncey, do; C A medium I d'to 19; do good and fine 20 to 2 th" _... t I be h T"-' 1 t 11 b before tlie planteJ'II ean < .,..,t te> work barns, down a.d an a dnoon was : R10hard & Co., IS do., de Vtsser, 1 do., Gt'lsoo, receipts h .. n been 29 hhd 172 balell and ca heel .., a .... en rtans, v e urllCJaos, e c., were a eer h h t ,d we are indulg,ng in nge, un er mcrease remittances, 18 held at C "' aes, an ana drank it 'freely. So of tbe Suevi, and goes t e t e r agam, a.n Rteady rates. Bills at 60 dan on London 108!l.@)09i asanova & C6., J do; J McCall, 2 do., W. H Wilson, 2661>oxes. The ex porte were 6 bf bhds to 8unna northern nati&ns bf Europe. J.uhull vqJuntanly 10 uxur1e of an Arctic cluaate. L' 1 li b k 'd t b 8 do; Gen W T. Smith, 1 do.; Howard lves, 1 do., I31 cases to Bombay, I20 bxs to 6 ba.l h b f: r we can tOr commercta ; 8 or an ers ; 0. at 8 ort w I c d v J I el to ae thj! 'lf'ibune Mrreotty. says, did drink beer' The 111seal!ons b efore 81ght, 110:1@11 ot; AotwArp,6.1 'Tt@5 13i, Swiss, 5 1 6:1@ etz ar- Brotbt>rs, 6 L. Perea, I do Thomas Irwin ape e "'rde, and 6 hhds, 182 pkge to Oapti ofGo,_,t Italians have ntover ilrnn'k b ee r The great Die 1 Y 5 llt H b 35t@36t :A t d & Son, 4 d o i Rerllmld, & Co., 4 do.; R. Hoe & Hope. Y'1 t d k ff Se "F 1 A h h many weeks and' when 1 nrore itJ. derate 'weather r.eally ; am urg, ms er am, 4 Co 1 do., A lAutic S. s Co. 35 do., Brown, Bros. & atOr got run o timan anu a erman. nut oug .11 II b b l'ty prove permanent F raukfort, 4;0!@4li ... Bremen, 78!@79t, Pruss1an b CINCIN itfbetroe also that' f he ancients did not bave wh1skey, sets m,, Jt Wl 10 a 'Pro a 1 1 thale rs 71!@72. o, 362 boxes do. D. de Cutro & Co., bbls. mgar-F E.BRU.lRY 1. :{ John ft'! read of "mandrakes,. m the book' of G e nesis, of Meanttme the sales of the ;finer graiies IS gomg, on In "' 'ht Tb' b b b d li ,, h tb ettes .. ., SOLI reporter of the Cmcinnati Tobacco 'A-.. r h' k d I d tbe scanty supply and .L'-reg 8-e usmess as een mo erate,t e f, 11 "Nepenthe 'in Homer, and of liashish and bargain t .18 et 11:n, .as mu?1i p ne It looks now as r offerwgs are strong. Prices are' firm. r The enga'ge-, :IIXPO:&TII.' writes as 0 ows :India' Jfrom the earliest times. But' there 1s v1JY tg rec:'pts that' t:lle new have been as follows: To London, for .sail, I-5i< the' port. of flW1 to foreign ports, other Co., o.ff"ered during the week 68 notniog to iad1eate that they were taxed hke Vugiw e o a mi er e P d d bl:lds at 211s 6d; to Hamburg, ceroons at $1. n tlnro European porte, for the week end10g J aouary 11 s 0 owmg prices: 49 hhds old Maeon county nil; toba:eco. 1 1 1 1 1,' wtll come forward. With a. rush and sen own pnces, at pr"Growero of eed leaf toba<:co are cautioned ogalnot acc:eptln our were as follows 2 at $8 6 6U, 5 common to good lugs at oc) 0: l HI I I IJ --.,, I l eas t t.c'mporarll'l'. I I I If) I I t reporred .. leo ud quoWIODO of oeed lef .. fnrul.hlng 1b& pri':;J that Bra"Jl k cnn, a zs .. 20, 0 'lb -"a., ass. &0 L_0.50; 6 common leaf at .12.00 to 1 "5.00, 6 medJ."o. m Whil b t' t 't tb d bon cl be by thom at lrot hand Growero canoot to ell u -= u a uu I t 'P.BhADI!:LPBIA 'AND IBoNDED WARRHOUBEII.-Our .et ere,lll., nOg rea ,.acyiVI yIn on,;re.ooJeuflbe cropllere Bntish GniAna: 6 bhds. 11,630 I ea at .,15 00 to 15.50; 8 do from 8I6 oo to 17 75 Plidadillph1a C'orrespood'eht wrr tes': n We t:odorsci the rthere is a a dent : il} Britieb Ronduraa : 1 oas k, 1229. 4 !00d leaf at Ill S.OO to 18.15; 7 do at 19 00 to 7 5. extension of th' & bonded 'warehouse systenl, the new leaf 'ChiS IS JOduced, DO a on \:it, by t e ., '-'c.t:JOTAT!ON All ki d f I d llediumleaf. 9 0 Fme .... 27 t 9 00 7 \A G1>oD lm:.1-The colored men of this city, sa:rs cunog pro"cess 18 comp e eu'' n 8 0 ow gra es Good tOJI: 11 Moolnm ..... lr.l @116 Canada' I ctgarB, 1136. ugs! ,tp 35; 2 hbds new Mason county lugathelRichmood (Va.} Journal ar!l agitating' the question seem tto J in li-" I w cssd Cuba: 116,170 lbs mfd, 12,705 at 5 60 to 7 25, 12 hhds nelf Owen count oflbav'mg hete a popula.r Convention of the peo and fatr to be 1l'!rr ....... J = F'r::':g 2'1' Mexic:o: 16 bales, $241! lug .. at 6.60 6.60 6.60 6. 75_ 7.6.5 8.50 8.50 9 ,0 b pl6 'of their color interested in the culture and manu the, new leaf gets 9n the mat ek ere uave rP. Heavrlleaf .. : Navy, aud,l/o .. 27 @36 To European ports for toe week ending Februaty 4. 9 25 ii. b .._ th J ,; I t 1 art d Common lea!.... Pocket J'leceo 116 E .,. j j b .. II people,' dire ctly interested this matter as they! saJu to au ut exuaust e aupp y JDi o a oc I y-, an Medlllm ..... ... 10 @.II Bright Twle((VIrgtnia) ti Glasgow 44 hhdsJ ox. as 'IO owe '18 bhds old Mason co-unty lugs d and from which thousand& of 'them debend for that more oan be obtatne.d frhom SqmeJ,pnbr. =. '.": .. ::. : cJ I Hamb'org: 60 C&lles cigars. mediUfD leaf, 2 at $6 7.95, 6 at 18.0'0 to 8.75 ; 3 :i dlitly bread, til)ou\d 'Protest against the excelsiVe abd cba"s "of tbe l870 Conni!CtlCUt I ._,n rna e y: S.lec:tlono .. IB..W:@I4 BLAOJ< tl' ,! Ll verpool. 28 hbda., 29 tiercel, 5o casu, 231 pg.! g I 5 to 9 50 3 at au to 12 .25, 3 at II2 50 to I4.'l5 1 u+,-' taxatton -on tbis I Wbatthey intend to tqe by .who do to flood 7"0 s" mid t 815.25, 3 hhds Robertson county at 67.5un.U- ' 1'" .v 9.90 II 26 b'lltsimplydemandinglllowerta:xon\obacoo. anxiety to purchase to, e man11este. o ma..e l'lrginUJ-Prrmtngo .. 4 H .Fme.. .... 111 l, The amva.l11 atthe pOitofNewYork fromdomes 1!.75.; 6 ,hhds new Maaon coanty lug; and'I f ,o' 1 > 1 'l '-L-... .. 1 11ct.ive,1tbe oroP. ither improvp if1, quahty, 10gi :.:: i0in84tum: ,.'.'. ;r:i, tic interior and coastwise for the week eniJD,: 6, 615, 7.60, 9.50; 1 box new Wee: Vat .t8JCatotts AooiDKNT-TBREE MuLES A.ND 'I,OOO'POUNDS or the holn .. rs l.e1 \'!IK to accept more reass mable MedtWilLe&t. s" IOH Pocutl'lu .. :18 @27 February 7, 1Jaye been 230 bjlds, 65 t1erces, 1,136, leaf'" 812.50 a. 4:m.. ':'I' L 'tc I , HeaYJShlpplna:Leaf.. 11 u :l'rDUt 1 ... 111 @38 857 7 b h If b M C o:f(FINt Toncco LoAot.-'-AII a -wago'n 'drawn by four "6 ... e11. clarf. .. .. 18, 16 Thlrtr,Twor ........ @41 e P_gfl, oxes, 165 a oxes, 576 three quarter esers aaey Wayne &; Co. offered 45 hbds 1 bo Jlillles aod ioadetll witb three tbousaod'poubds of fine Tb' e wJek s sales i6tllude 29 cs. Ma1111acbu11eWtte at,35.c; o.uo com. J 13 @It! 25 one_-thtrd boxes, 1 k"g, 13 cases cigars, 11 do as follows: 20 hhds old Mason county luge 1eJ. for this ma).ket, was driven into the ferrv boat 46 cs. 'do at 8'1e; 110 ee OhiO at 22fo' 18 cs 18CODSID BrOWllUd Greenloh .. 8" 8 Goo4 ..... ( 10 ( @21 hconce, a$ ows. .. at $6 to 6.90, 2 at a7 .05 to 7 95 6 at as to 8 85 3 a*1 Parlnill'l Ford, on Staunton rivtor. one day last" week:, at 25c; 187 cs 1870 Pennsylvania. at 24c; 200 Cl do at :H .. tlc r 11 @lS By the Ene Railroad Pollard, Pettus & Co., 23 9 50 t() 10. 75, 2 at u to 3 .13 to IS. 11; hltd! the fort' wheels 11truok the boat with liucb. l foree as to 22-!Cc. 25c.. b d J th c 1 11 @JG 46 011 C'l!ltoo hhds, P. Lorillard & Co., 22 do; Thos. Hovt & Co., 12 new Owen county trash an,d lugs to good, 1 t 4. break the chain With whiCh tbe boat was fastened to oncernmg usmess unog aoua.ry, e Ircu ar mon, . "16 dot Conn.l:leed !16 oo @40 00 do; J K. Smith & S.ln i 1 do; Norton,-Slaughter & .5.60 to 6 90, 3 aL *7 25 to 7 60 3 o.t ts s to at tlie shore, vrecipitatiug the wagon into the stream, and of MesPrs. & Son, says the excel?tioo =d co?ooD : .. : Nct"v s!':t @Ill! oo Co., ._ do. ; Blakemore, Mayo & Co., 1 do; Guthrie & *9, 3 at $10 to IS 25, 3 at $14-.25 to 14 75. 7 bhd 2 atr dttLggiog the mules after it The boat drifted rapidly of lines taken on speculatiOn, t&e busmess Medium .. .. 7)( 9 wrapper. 110 oo 0!16 0t1 Co., 2 do, F. W. Tatgeohorst & Co., 2 do; S.M. Parker Trrmble county and leaf at' t5 80 down the stream, whrch waa considerably-swollen from ofl the month was in small parcels, and &howe4 very ... lij8 fo & Co., 1 ,do-; Sawyer, Wallacek Co, 2 do; E M. 6 35, 6.76, 7 80. 10, 10. ,r, tlre>recent rains, and not recovered. 'The wa.gon little animation. Connecticut and Mal!l!acbusetts ,at UpJl"rConlltry.. .. .. 7 Conn F)Jierud St.' lj Wright, 6 do; order, I2 do, 14 pgs. Messrs. Pbister & Bro. o:lfered 15 hh{l "'11 d ... 1 d d t ... Groundlea!,ll8W. 6 wrapper ... B h H d R R: 12 bb' ld M 'lUI 10 owe to a Mr. Andel'l!oo, of Halif' .. x, and the tobac tracte < some attentloJ;J aa tue ow a.n me 1um sor Cl<>,.ootlcutatldXIIIIin freeing -:.lliml!elf of fair parcels, if offered at reasonable prices, are taken up Wrappero 1111 oilo Common ... 1 i -o-e5 pgs Messu., PoW'ei & Clayton offered 72 hbd h tbll luilnellll, and reached. the bilnk in an ex'bausted at once. Oliio tobaileo atibwed t eonsiderable act1vity, .. .: = GenUemanBy the, N at10nal Line: S. M. Par'ker & Cq., 3 hhds,; lowing prices: '26 hhds. oldr county 1 8 at t de[olf' cOBdttiolf. The accident j11 attributed to the careless the pai-cels-soid gi ls to 1!-rrtve.r ,.(\s 80 046 "H,,:u:. : SGutbrie & Co., 2 do; A. D Chock ley & <.:o., 1 do, ;-2 at 17 to 7.20, 2 at 89 to 9.26, 6r at Io t:g180 3 e:t' of1he driver. 1 J the bulk ot the stock Oll!liand .1sof sort, Iltrcertamly A .. orled \ oto, .. La Corona de awyer, Wallace & Co., 12 do; Pollard, Pettu & Co., .,11 to &11.50, 4 at $12.2.5 to 13. 2S, 5 at a I._ to is 2 ,, .. .1, willbavetobeused,aanotbiogelseca.ntali;;el itsplace_ .. 11"' .. 5do. ,, 4atal6tol8.75,6hhds.Qldaaoncount J(l till the new orop is fit to work. Peoneylvanta, a.lthough 1BCI9 Wrar.pen .. Ill e 1 "" Bll relllle4 1111 By the Camflen and Amboy Railroad s. Goldsmith 13 7 5 to 4.55, la hhds. old Mason county I y at L A Goon Cmmu.CT.-W c; would call attention to tl;le not as well hked as Ohio1 owing to1 the: same Qauset>-, .. ... @: 8 ;; 1 3 ,hbds i G. W Hillman & Cd., 25 pgs; Strohn & \'t 111.10 to 6 !70 4 D so to I ugs an ne a<:Uan "\good YaraiCat do-'.,, ""' ane n,'29ttercee;M H Levm, 20caees; M. to. 5.80, ,latti6.30,5t'1al5tto7.85.S ,, 11awh next. This oontraot waalet in July,, for style, bas not met with a.uy1demand as ytt.' The sall)ll .. 1l f: .. 1::'1t:" .. :. : : ::r:: .fi#r Abenhe1m, 3 do Licbt-enatem Bros. & Co., a do; C. C. 3 at 610.85 -to 12.26, 1 hhd new Mason tr 1 9 05t' thiJ1.y .men, to run tor five &Jl!i so will termio&te 500 CIUieS 28,37", BOI!ID.-Bmanc e .. 1, 7 do' N .. Lacheobruch & Brother, 28 do; J. c. a7, I hbd new Tennessee tllgs at $7 05 y age a the, firet. of June next. tlnrty 40, 45c. 250 caseR N Y State, 21, 23, 25o. ).,000 cases PUle' ...... ... ..... Ill ::":a. F ;; ; ;; ,1 liB W I do, 1'M. B. Ha;wood & Co., 1 do 1cigars ; J. 1 ff J rings 242 h.hds, 0 d' f k t.ional men were let up911 the same contract-the irst Ohw, 17, 19c. 550 c'ases 'Pennsylvarlia, 16, The: .. < :;I .. .... ., : : : .. M. RJCha ds & Co., \ d6 J., K. J)uyenter, 1 do; F1eld last yel+ri J62 30 bu. P1 n 'ilirt1at fiftf. cents, and the lut th1rty at, 11xtyfive centa j Ctrcula.r of MeRsrs. J. S. Gans &. Son, adds: The year commoD ...... : ; 10 1 "R R." . 2iH & Brother, 1 ; do; J F .Brpwo 1 do; W. Hi. Mtrck & Total reeeipts country 184! hlidss b ''1 Jl.el day. J.,tke all aew maoafac.turing enterprille111tartbas opened satlsfautorily cone1dermg the p.aucity ot the 4ii '@66 ....... ..... :: n:.-. Co .:t do; W. H. W 1tt ; 1 doi W. J I Sutton, l do ; H. ing week lait :year jia-'9 bbdstl8 01' 8 uag : wil.b uoakUI!!d labor, tbis did not seem at fi111t t'> be stock. The sales have been as follows : 1 Conu.ecticuL 11118.' .::r 8'1)('"' !-' .. .. : : fl N. Brevoort, 1 do, Greene ake 1 & Co, 1 do; Btd Tetal rejtctions, 26 bhd.s, cerr6sPoo'd' w k 1u "Yefl SU\lceseful. The men bad to be tangqt the trade and !Maasachusetts, 800 cases; New York, 100 oaBell, .. .. ;: P.;; : : :: : .:: : : : :t. welf & 1 & Wardner, 2 do. 75 hbds, 2 ,bXjB. ,; ., IDg ee t making, and a market must be established for Pennsylva01a (including 200 new eroP') 1,000 Fine .. I .... 80 R. ii 1 ; d Ph1ladelph1a 11 m. E1senlobr & Co., 69 cs. Total 1 sa1es, 216 hhds.,2 bxs, : oorres > 1 for the mannfaQtured goods. TheiW obs&acles are now oases; Ohio, 1,000 3,000. Our reports of HONTBLT STA.T!flf-I:NT oF,STOOKS QF BP.ANISII TOB.A.coo. By the US:ewYork and New Haven Steamboat Line last year 187 hhdsl28 bxs. P week ., oie)'JX)me-the men have become expert jn ,the man. the new c'rOJ> of Connecticut come in more and more ua' ,1 enba. S&na. Tara. elect M. Westhe1m & Co., 27 cases; Schroeder & :ijon a7 StOck od tiand I in warl3bouses Ja I .1871 111lwture of first-class cigars, which command a ready ta.vorable Of New York we have been shown 110me, Stoek; band Jan. lst, 1 811 Blo. J!la. do; E & Brother, 5 do; & Neugaas, hhds, 131 1 ,'1 ,1'J'l, ; n 1 ,2 015 Jll4rltet. The sixty mea on the contract to be relet samples by which, should they represent the whole orop, l1!7l, 18, 8<54 .. : f .' . . 40 do; A L & 0 L 21 D. & A. Bi!nrtmo, Reeetv ,ed sm de-Country 16I bvd many of them long senteDC!!II, running through we would pronounce it '1'1 .our, ours but pla t ...,. baCIOO stamps he :Would atnow him sixteen cents on evult. : ''We alwayS' thought that the' new crop ota ........... 11,90 .463 19 I 38 12,416 ros., 3 do. ; Cook & ;ReJd, 25 do. ; Heald ) 5 banah tb I n ere seJZIDg' every opportumty for e1'1thirttyt!WO ueot 11tamp From time to time would be r.hon and late, rbut the &l'e tbat Delivered since .''.. : 1,567 7 J !.' 1,584 1 do. ; S Rappi' 4 do L. 36 do., 1 keg; H ,.A, and ng eJr crops, our reoee1pts are steadily i creasing, her returned such stamps and received the amount if rain doe11 not fall in a. very few days, \be crop will ,-...,..,.,----. ,, ..,,., Richey, 26 do., 66 l boxes; Jos. D. Evans & 40 i ,.-e)lope Eo 0 f'J report larger Tlie genera.! akteed upon, and tb!!re wae a further agreement that turn out a poorer one than we have. bad for many Stock on hand Fep. 1, ,1 "' r 0 1 1 boxes; :P.. H Mayo & Co, 8.2 i 8 seem s be, that Wtth larger 1!8lea the low-er reeeiyed by Ramaey for returned were years l Another correspondent, equally reliable, adda 1871. .... 10,334 4._6 19 33 10,83'2 l '2, tcs, J c..Res, 1 box ,' 1l ,P&IIel Boston:" G : f, 88 value; but our buyer11 are coniJ!a* -ot to hi} entered in en,.ller Ramsey's or Scbeider'a "The new crop will not average btdti.ha.t of year, Brooklyn :1 li Jn, '' W. 4bbott & Co 20 i bxa. ; 1 tO on a ala long as they are encoura--ed He etatea Edward Seheider kept an 10 and will also be nry poor ia quality owing to the Jan. _1, 1871 .. .. :: .' .. ;:-t,4'M Y tt .By the Virginia Stea.m&bip, Line: Nash & Co. I& bhds 0 80 e'!n ork factol'll. Cl(jttlit of these tra'!)8actio118 ill' a memorandum book want of rain." ITbe we are inform ambe .. .. :: ........ I 1 > a 1 1 1 no11 A. D. & Co, 6 do, 12 , 13 do Kentucky and 7 do V1rgint&J total ong IP.afat ,r P' l : tbe 1taad, Sedewick, counsel for defendants, Yara 38 Bales bave been received and 110ld at printe rJ.:l ,. 1 : tg :: 96 hhds. As soon as reoe1pts and stock wtll admit, a Tb17e 'new ila'yeri(fn 'iLe ziiai'ket 1 Cieclioed to oro88-examme him James J Brookll, a terms" 1 Circular of Mesns. M. Rader & Son add a: '' 18Cii tt,m '6011 f 1 e 1 ., U,804 very lively export bnHioess is anticipated for all kinds 18 DOW fairly establiahed1in revenue detective, dpo11ed that be had recently visited "The main transactions oii tht.nonth haYe been done t:J 't= 1 1'ffl' .. 1 1 of leaf. Market bare of VIrgtnta, Quotations ope .the plantere of Mooklenburg and 1 aw!ro11ncJ:' Jthe , where together with the liberal receipt&, bavuig a 1 depressing : i r 1 ,,-" '!! 18 tl: commdrl17 to 8 cts; meclium, SJ--to 10 cts; to fine EVANSVILLE, February, f...:.:.llr T B B ''1''r ap tra.... avmg en ., 18111 415M 'ui t,!g .... Jan. lilt, 1871.-Stook 1n wart houses and r l&fllt yen. reoeiptl iati'T hbd s, _agatoat 1531 h 1ft J'be 11ett.lement of his aocount with them. This" tbe 11bippetfilo dtrectio11 The V = : .. : .. tm a 41184. orl' shipboara not cleared ...... : .Ul bade 1ear 1&1;.,. .ainoe lst N agbeamu 1526 bbda laR -defendants strennously deny. The case for the JII'Otle-of blaelt work are talking ofreeommenosoaoperatJonll, tw 6,11& 1,-t: 110 ,,Iospeete d this ... ... .. 96 agai.drt hbds 1 t 4801 bbd., !r":be Board o(Trade .. .. :: ..... ; : im r: IM l.= ,':. 0 ............. .' .', 11 r;'' ins\ 2799 : Ia b d b th :.1 ., h 1 k, h' b 1 1 d b 11511 ...... 1.'1'11 1,611>' IIIII s1s 111 1 1 ,. < 11." g11d,l! 11-gamst 2676 Jt year Q t p mt on t e groun t at e n1ueoce .or t e proaeeu-aet wee at w to 1tt e waa ODfll 1ave e receptl()n lllfl4 ,. t,aa o,t11 101 18),, m oA 1 ,1 1 Total. ... : .ll,q:7._1)dde 111()1] IIQDnd, luge, li ht 1 ,... uo o ilon was wholly unreliable. .Mr. United S1111.te1 of the repbrt of the 1ent to Wasbingt.on on IID,'ORTS. 1 1ipoe Jan. 1st, Maryland and ...... 6.26 : good souod i Jj5 :''to,.. 6 75, heavy 75 to J :ABsie('ant Didtrict .Attorney, rephed; after which the thd sohje c & tJf bonded warehoD11ell. 'l'he nlletance of THe arrivals at the port of New York .Ohtol v. .. 2,591 hhds i 1 25 v con)h) ugs, K d \.,6. to 6.25, heavy as .()ommti!'lltoner atati}!d tbat he :tioold decide *be matter thi11 we gave in oar last A eomaittee waa, al110 ports, _for &be .lVeek li'ebroar1 '1, mol11dedr the Coastwti!,iand n!-ibsoected.. 7 bhds Jibds fr &o to tafr : 1 to, ,7.po, ;p1n1 WediJ "-1 ; 1LJ 11 .l ot1Jaer, ,tollowmg ooJWgomeut..: .o I' t!J I1 ,('f, :,.,J! 'l. ... ... to8 0s0.oo til 1')111> '''JflW IUf\I(.HI..I,L!Jli,l fil,l O

' ''" 1 1 n, r.lll: !'l i rr uJ >lf Yr! 1 i !, 't'fol 1IJ l d...,., ()1 4biJr.c ,rfJ ui ,uo THETORACCO LEA F. pJ'IMP -aj;m no!lo ?r.!l b&i1!> T!Ol:>Jir lo IL?oJe orlT-.1n'-IJ 11'l!l.18'l \7 .ob eozud r .!.LdJ oa ,ho WI bJJ!l '{d bsJuoml}UB '{lli:ir i i oa. o r os ae.a. 1r. l.c9l l.os e9 JlluD!l .o'l' .a oe.a uonu.noo 't ulJo I I


I I o s1sW ooo.sdoT r rar .fw.o ear ,'KWOO ,aJIO'I lH.ll.H 10 P.llUlla 8np alofc 1 o l foa .I! lnt.wq:u bnJJ brwoq DIIO n!Jolma fOOOAtiO"" .GH0'3:TfTAH T8.A.."FI 2 oz. v r. ft.-1. VI1TEBLEIN t 0 .a: t TJAlUH,. *cfC!>T UU%2 I& & Ae 1;1 M3'.f.[ff T H E T 0 B A C 0 J, L E A F. 'i0REKA"-TOBliTCn-:tutm>v.A.Tati Patellted Atiz115th, 1870. Thia nOTe! an<\ newly-pat.ented invention is moat perfect device Cor smoking loose tobacco A public. By the simple arrangement lhewn1 the running Into the'

. l T HE--'f' 0 B AC c O I :LE X I CllfCIWI A.TI, 8T I.OU'IIl, AID A.DVBB. t'IBDEBra. hA.L.1'lMOJl:B 1.' VJ:). Tt8BII&11T8 :Pliii.AD.L.:PHIA .A.DVEB.TUEifEi, TB ... 1' Sog&ro, Manllllle tllred an d Smoking T o bacco. No. 681 PHILADE_LP. H .IA. __ __ r '4:t South Clhnrl es Sflreet; -"'"'BALTIMOR-E. D.Al!.'l'lliiOU, IU) : .AnvmTISitBNis. -DETROIT, UJ:Cl:IL tr 1-,; ..1 r: ._, ....... qo .eaa S-ta-te stree-t. Cf!Jff': l ... Deal e r in LEAF. .. TOBACCO, N' o. 217 State St., Danbury, Connecticut ......._....... ... LOUISYILLE, IfY U. S. Bonded Tobacco W arcJJouse N o .1. G EO. W WICKS & CO., Manufa.ctnren' Age nts f o r o f Yiroinia, Missuw i a n d Ken tuckfl TOBACCO, Alao Dealeroln 1' a;ndl 102 MAI N STREET ---... -. ---. ... -... .... .. ... -... PLUG TOBAOOO ............... Germany. /


NO COMMiSSION -MERCHANTS.TVHAUUU I J1j f\ f1 7 asked in a croaking voice-" are they of the same opin Here, too Cuffe whose he a d is too hard and who s e skull whe n the n e w gro wth first b eaan t o appear in the marions ?-the same tolerant opinao ns as to smoking?" is too thick, for many ideas to li ter throu gh, will be tr-ained ket. 3 "' J a wohl ! s certainly so I b e lieve." t o d o his appointed w ork. Poor Cuffee, y o u h ave l o s t t he Poor Samu e i could hear no more. Taking a hurried l e av e mas ter who c a r e d for -y ou and lov e d yo u becu am one a o r o p antat10n if e have b een supplanted by the r oots in n o respect inferior to those of warmer ree i a li h r gr ea tly tempted t o b elie v e that it would s o on get out of rod of th e pe d ago g u e ; but a.t any rate you ahall have the cl1mates. It requires a deep sandy loam trenched by partne1'11 1 ? t e. usmess 0 fashion. opportunity to be' a man if you may ; and if you can estabthe spad e or plow to two feet or three feet dPep ana mg:, 00ti;our:t The nerl moment the leaf he hwl been reading from was I i s h equality those IIJistake us who think we ll.Nl too proud manured if_ neces sary. T,he plants arelrocured 'from am1t to f recover be f e plucked out. torn into a hundred li-d gments and sc a tter e d to call you mao and brother. Those boys of ''"e Sotttb ld 1 t t d va e o a oum r o c1gar .... 0 .P an a tons, an constat of thoee si e roow which "fo':ms," which they claimed to the winds. Another, another, and anoth e r till whe n c e I c ome are not o n ly r ead y but eager' "i.h have eyes or buds. 'rhe planting Beason is either Oo-\he}'l l o'lned B. H. Mey e r an -th e whole volume was compl ctedly .. g utted th en, Wlt. a n roub, to h e a irt a n d s houlder to s houl der, in the work that t o b e r and the latte r is h f .1 d to t Th 'u oath too d r eadful to be repeate u e t:osae t e empty c o v e r I S ewre you t is a g l oriou s w o rk. Wil l you not Tbe pta ts ar jn;' OJV A biee.dee[a .. -r e aJ h rte uMrc. e into the Schwal}lQI:h 1 i it'! ',I kn,,ow you w ill. Th ere is too mu ch hope "" d ligh b d r--oence was t a eyer en.., .,.. k .,.. p .. t.s o-JJot rts e above one t season, h 'ttl 1 In five days aftei'W'ards Mr. Samu,el 'Brown was blic m -yout eye s for y o u to pale before the Imme nsity or tbe a .nd .t.ake t hree _years befor tJ..e roo fit for 011a a cdopartn_ers tph_wi h P amf-in his old chambers in t he .Adelphi, and in five more he had w or k, to o rou e eoura0u e in you r brave young hea r ts to be 1 n.. 'l" -.r t1 s, an pqt m as 1s s a re o "i coction o tms root y-t rd an c xtl-aCt cont'Ai6' a ge .,_1 20(} engaged a hous e keeper and set in for a n o l d bachelor intimidat e d b y its r esp onsi b iliti es. But rem e mber thli:t "-1 h a capa.... ctga r orms. H. d' "Di th.e Rh.i there is n o t ime' t o b e lost. There will b e no su c h word as "' .. rT ;.J..'iit !:1 .._wr The was sqsequenk-00 s 'P ne. '-' C uttter extract. It i Uli P d 1 n m e ICIJie un er a Rous 1 d 1 d b 1 1 fall in" your lexic o n if you bani s h from it that other word form and i s th e blac k s n!!ar or,"-.a.bliu; -w -.1 so gen Y rsso v e Y mfittla c o nsent 1 EDIJ()TfO WCUJt e that has p f a yed s uch wild w o rk w;th the lexicons of 11 k ..,.. lin ,rat:e and an a g reem ent was made flOL. PElTON W S OJ 1' e ra y nowp. Tb_e liquorice r oots are also uaad by 1 tbe past. N apoleo o w h en in Egy p t and in si0a ht of tue b that dcfentlant should 'have the re er8 to llo. c extent, in the manufacture "forms, back for his share of .&.nAddre .. deUYered before &he 8cbolar otPabuc:school p y ramids, exc i te d t he aw e of his soldi e rs by tellin g th e m o f porte r Llquo rt M 'JUice has bee n fam e d since the the ass e ts for the Nu. n. t hat the c e nturi e s l ooke d down upo n t h em. It i s a muc h mor e ot Htppocrates a s useful in allaying thirst. Dr. defen dant. I can s c arc el y expl ai n t o y ou, my youn g frie nds, h o w to s t and upo n t his bill of time up lvhic b w e C ull e n s uppos es, how e v e r that t h i s pro p erty does not much I have been pleasoo and t ouched b)" the exer cis e s have as cended and look down up o n th e to see the a ?tually belong to the s aehkr ine juice; but that if a t h r ou gh which yon have p a ssed t o -da y They h ave w as te they nave cause d b y t b e wa ste they hav e sliown. pi ec e of tbe r o ? t be c he.w{(:l till all thisjuict> i s extract L ast s e ason at South D eer exc ee din g l y grati (ving in the excellen_t mann e r of tqear 'hp l.far it b as 0 en an e yer : r ec urr i n g lesson of time to se e e d, there a ,..,b which acts on the sa, lnarw field, Ct. J. D. Evere t t & r en d i t ion and do alike to the pupal and the it. nut sur e Y it i s wrttten ev er s o pl inl in s uch dee d s and tbts m a y contrtbute to remove tbirs1 J Son rai se d 4t acres, an d on Th ey h a v e pleased me in the which the' of b lood and de s o l<1tioa t hat if we !U'e learn it; it will --l J../t 0 l three acres of the piece, actual one p eriod, co.nve y ed to l)lyself and my frt e n d s from onlr oe to a voi d 'i t W ork, w o rk, work '&S the .lllwful Jteati of Henry ThJermann-Ac:tton of AN E, N E Y 0 R K. measurement, they grew '7, 911 nia. Thll y p lease d m e in the affecti o nate words of gre etdb.OI;!I.;.th a g r Q u g1l the ais le s of Eden fr esh from the T b d M ch h li s of Jehava b I t is as w ell the gl o H ous r efrain of the JJ> O aeee Trade :s:.E.w.nWm.uDttDHAltT--o&..DoSO' N, poudnds,:_lfThe i n g which th e y e x h te nd e to us." 1 u,h ta s w e maty c h ap o j & o bedience m ade us workers, but --oh '-' M an a uu. not yet strtppe W I felt mu c h as we a ve r e ason to 1ee t a we w:ere a vlli average over a ton to the acre. in N e w York, it is not e l eas t r ords o f )York rs-_ n ,r lrr:: f!lth e rs or to i u 1!1 e. C'ast P.:EJ ble into ,the oce an, into its most was o .......... ., tltllewblll .... DO e lrers, Your e.xercisesJt .. y:e touched me .ab.ol'.e the .retlect on del and the circles of its on :-' Butl' a ew days ago, we met to a op .. ._..a I 9 I!J. ,.., l A large tobacco factoryis that the lessons whiclj you have chosen to recur for n r w 1 d e nmg un.til ar.\) lost to h uman Sha)l yours Uie loss of a prominent m ember of the & No. 2 rverl St., shortly to be operation in guidance, are tliosi taught by who was born an 'lwf o r good or evil L f?_ hall they be for Ltberty or Slavery? :rrade, the question, "Who' nex. t ?h"'wt:h AI',-. .,..... BALT(MOBE, MD. Warren ton, N.c. b red, and died in dear old Virginia. But I Y our answerts not doubtful for Olremoment. Then work. 1nvoluntanly sprang to our lips on that' oocasi 6 ( t IIUCX3M. 1 2., ,,...., as well ) ll!lt while bat master wu "if.U1.4f in I cute," I say to you boys, in the words! of as we did but a fortnight before on busio:ss A1KIIOPBT;t 1 "eOMlnc'Ni}Jm is an anti Trask boy in Westport Ct., less Virginia,; that while the good old .n.other proudly claims him 3 -Up, boys, and-llllddle, to horse and away, stmtlar grave character f), has been answered th IO.....,.. .. t han f o ur ears eld who bas acquired a foodntss f o r pipes and tobacco, cries as her own pe1cu!iar s,oo, be ia ;pr father a1 To the tl.eld,'whe 're Freedom's the prize, sirs, soon. Another one of our number has been cot d Ul TIIJI,......,_ dba '" -- 1 k th by 1:be fell destroyer D tl !" S dd I "owa I f?" ..-. eo!oym ot,_ an s smo.e ... sev....... en118 well as min&-'the father of us all11from the a e s to e 4-n ar 8 d the 1 h ea 1_ 1J eo 1 Witboat tire c1gars. 'L =;r gulf, and from where the waters of the leap, -m t pnme of life and 10 the full enJoyment of "" '"LC ;:;: ;;;:;;; w E L = to kiss the brow-of the Atlantic to where old r ocean knocl{s A PA.DUOAH (KY.) Vnil W -Ol!' THE WEsTERN LEAF all hts fa c ulties, the dread messenger came to oor Tb Flo-r a....., b Wed, out of'-00 and the JE!lld o r the .t.nbe.rwa.s "pro : foP-admission through the Golden Gate-the father of our friend, Henry Thiermann, the head of the well-koo" "" ., ., M.A.RKET.-A correspondent of a Paducah ootemporary and btO'hl t bl b f Tb' ... jecting like a tail from the-other; with what gusto used he whole country ,He 19 our father, not merely in the s e nse # A h ll d d y-respec a e ouse o termaon, Ka.clder 1r otbo.lnirJfi""b""'1"" ,.,J.,.' ie ""''k d md od l'i D 'llil in the spir i t asintheletter, thus rttes:" new year avaqg roe aroun ,many Co of New Y, ork. When not quite 20 yeal'll of J. LEGEND OF scHw AJ.BACH. Ulj a !lOll 'l e sm .. ng 1 "" of your readers will no doubt be interested in a review a J'e at tb d f M T H V .:itoY w I! .te,t If' -- the we abomioutioodln Ji is olly,_yu commonlace u 111 ment IS camed to t he litglfest pitcb, and che rts bed wttb the of mterests oft. o e, ol' 'i'll! o r duties and affec tons ; New York as a valuable adjunct to new noose th ..ana c "" purchases could be macle at a consid erable decline t t db M T H B V en a lll&Yr he was beO'inninO' n despair to lte y p ng meh IIOruJ>!e no I to approach in that m ) ity which iftvolves>g!lner.J.l concession Most parties who operated in...May and June did so ayd e;srs .. tb... etterleio. Tllis W.s in JQiod t.o a hOusekeeper and a life of celibacy the woman 'they .i1>V.& wit.h sighs, which make her turn her are gen er&l !f i!tl a diff'erences in that unity rhtc h f om' crop would prove to be a short 'th ;th nh rom .l of ;hia itection w ;t ODM his bo,pes were re ived by the pei'Usal ot' head"'1ila9, riOt hide the blush of happ i ness, but the says, lfav e 'peace, -11nd h it; which em!Jrac e s on e, anrl paid higher than the quotations at the e 11 lS a to a partnel'Bhip io d i sgusi." & n d gives the of peace, and does the seaboard justi664!1. Heavy loss e s w ere the rt>sult. Dne same In a transactions of any "Yes" lJ3rown, again opeaing ihe vol"Of co?rse that'll it, solilogui sed the Samuel works o i Qffiees of and rinu the remai.Lder of the season, there was a gradual Fwere t;nade onlyhafter cc:Uculating mind became more and IS ur h 1 11 b1 f f ke k l"l'b di,ffi h t t h' h b to 1 t s well be more expanded, and his advice was at all times ... 1h which .see!Dild to h i m better than ear a smg e sy. a e rom one o your Bmo JllC s e t a \lDI .f w t c e s ws umversa amnes y a ponsequently heavy losses were entailed on speculatora. valuabl _e. After t _he dissolution of the firm in I8c ruMo-W.e lpasrige '!tf tb 'Pleasures f ope. U ran thus: c ulty to 9 e t introduced; l>ui even this cause has been offence,, as ,am Upon the whole, the was.dis, astrouiJ 0 speculawl'll, T ed b v .. n; tit this, of ladieS "whioti makes the ed by dint of persey-emnc e ; and, _fortun.e favormg, htm, nasty necessar y to umty-m that nmty, whach ?sp e n : but generally to p lanters, P.J:C pt those who cootmu nsmes s npon his individual account until society of foretgnel1! 110 IIJ.Uch too agreeable to us A one day he found .htmilelf te te a-tete wath h t s ses umversal suffr.tge becaus e u m v ersal_ suffr-.J.ge_ ts h eld th eir crops bac k believing, after the declinf3 comagf, Mwhen he formed a eoonectioa .,.,'ffi\1iated 0"-'a.:n'iobt.aY w i th words which Sfieh an opp o rtunity was pot he lost; so thrustmg one cessary to pop alar government and ibere ts no umty menced, that a would take place, and that w t e 0 0086 0 essl'll. Gail, Ax & Kuebler, the f&fd'l>Oi ned wnb h&ud ill j1 po<;ket,.,as if'tordelWe inlipir&tion.Jiom hisJlook, out a representation of all the parts Every age bas Its prices would at least range as they did in May June; sotylesof dthe lewt firm bfie!ngd Tbiermann, KUchler & Co. and gent ffiy1ng the other on his bosom, he heaved a deep rut ofthought out of which it is difficult to emerge; and b h h d N y k n un ay as our rten waa to all appearao-m w.u ., nt on t e contrary, t e concessaons ma eat ew or 11 t h ltb b k """ "So repeated Mr. Samuel Bro1i'D began partl y quoting from m em,ory, in the fol-the rut of this age, in this land, is a m&terialism, tbat does and New Orleans prevented that result, and they were en ea. w en a e of apoplexy terminated lliilfilfaction "an unco lowmJZ words: 'It's a pity, my dea mlSs,lt'a'Te !\ll'y'a: p i ty o not ask bow far a thing cotlsists with the religion of compelled finally to place their crops on the breaks and hls earthly e.xtsteoce In VIew of these tacts the To haec odt!i. why I have never smoked a in my witi;t.BSS defect in a pe o ple so admirable in other or with even a high moral sentiment, but contents ttselt seU at decline of two to four dollars per hundred. Trade_ of Philadelphia but eobo the doubtle life, n,ot cigar! Yea, I will go tQ Germany I r"'spec ts. .YTIO ;. 1"'"1 with the solu,ion : much is its money The crop now in the country is douotless the largest e.xpenenced by that of the country, in recording ae A singlt:. man, 'Wid i out en'cnmbrance, is moved as easily "It ts how,; the va.lae. In pohtacs rut IS, we have had for several years; judging from the they now do, tbeir de_ef sorrow at the death of Ke'nry &li an emnty band-barrow ron "the Saturday Mr Samuel "l allude, Satd Samuel, pototlng to a. group of Germans, Tbegood old rule, tbP. lmple plan; SJDall quantity that bas made its appearance in the Thtermaoo. They Wil ever cherish his memory ae of "' 1 "to ntr me T b b ld th uthJ' 1 es IJ'bal be obould who hao \he power, one who bas left a noble reoorJ as an ente .. Brown locked up his procured a your young cou Y 0 0 11 0 etr )_0 u "c And he eboakl keep market, it is by no means as good as many thought, fl d b bl rpriMing passport from Mr. May, got by Baron Bdlow, one momP..nt beammg wath the finest and the I fear me much that the polatictans havmg control of early in the se&IIOn, it would be. It is generally of good ar-seetng an t oroug Y conscientious man of bllai engaged a berth in the Batavia, sailed Sunday, and in next by that look of stupldtty produced the Government who have gotf:en into th i s rut, and. the men 8ize-some quite large; the color is good, but the body ness, a.o a war!TIhearted and generous friend. To hla thirty hours landed at R otte rdam. Th_e very next morn to,o . who, hke fellows down m Wall slre et, for mstance, is light, thin and papery. The lack of substance reo eurvtvmg r.elattves we .extend our sincere sympathy ing be started up the Rhme for Ntmeguen, thence to Ach I the fatr :B:rafilem, W\th & slaght shrug have gotten mto that other rut, down whiCh a man who ders it less desirable for many purposes than the last and condolence, and trust that thev may realize th t Colognll, and &gllin bi. the first boat to Cob l enz To most ot her shoulders. . stands in the porch of Trinity and is affected by its solemn crop The few hogsheads that have been offered here full cooBolation in time of affliction eo grateful to :u persons the greater part of this water progress is somewhat ''Oh,',. Sa.muelm a tone, pressm g hs wm ; look with a sickness at his heart, will be have found purchasers at. 83.5(} to .4. 50 for common have been bereaved of the loved one! of wearisome-;bnt to our hero 'it was very delightfu l and rtght hand on hts heart, and lookmg wtth all the scarcely able get out of th em-to them we may look ever lugs, ts.oo to &5. 50 for heavy sound Common 110 a is apt to disgust other he could assum e at the young lady-"Oh I mdeed 18 a so v_;in for redemption from the follies and leaf has ranged from &5.00 to &6.00; medtum leaf, 16.25 That a copy of these proceedings be sent plellp&tuil.l smoking. But Mr Brown enjoyface whose IS better fitted to recelve the galee of crimes of '\he p ast. The first have not the will, the ot her, to 8 7 .25; and good leaf, of which but little has been the. famtly of deceased, and also to his latedartnere edit, and expanded nostrils gfilljdity the reeky .tban of tobacco 1", God sa v e ltie mafK, h,tve h ot 'thl! tint,e. Can you guess put on the breaks, sold from 87.50 to 8.50 Only a tn busmees; and further, that they be publishe in T as a up the fumes of roast Did you never yourself? the Fraulem, 10 u113n these Iiloors of H .. .rculee, few hogtobeads and boxes of bright and piebald wrap LEAF and the Philadelphia Oom11Uf'cW meat,!;.; 'V'exed htm, 1riu see a p1pe standher prettyEnghsh. are to fall ? Can you tel h wb01e arms, puny 1t may be m pers have been offered, and up have been of List. J RINA.LDO S.unt President ing idl e in a corniJf the &bin; but had not often that :'Nsver !' saad wttb as much earnestness strength, but braced and by a. of will :r:nd mferiQr and imperfect leaf. Prices for these deMcrip B. A. V .A.N_SCHAICK, Secretary. &nnoya.nce: It anythmg ple a sed bam, was t,o _see as tf he bad J1o murder. Never l-and so purpose th a t make them tr o n a;re to waeld tilttiona have bad a wid-e range, and taking the quality of German wtth an ample tqbacco-bag gaaly embrotdered me God r_ wrll l h a m m er th a t IS to forge the endurmg cham of umty that he tobacco into cot;tsideration have be eo high, no doubt at his button-hole, puft'mg away lustily at his meell!ltlllQIID. )Jte JPpd Wf>S embrotderang wjllligain mak e us great, happy and free I tell you that on acoou.ot of the good demand for themfor home ose. But his ecstacy was at its height. when, on entering at night.tbe stared :>t the ttll : her agllt blu e eyes seemed to this labor is reserved for the boys of the land. reering-Tobacoo s of the wrapping kind will again command Speisesaal of the Grand de Belle Vue, h e tound abo\e dtlat.e to twtce thetr natuml she not utter a and groping through the mist that "e11 of p1ices sick and w efl, ,f,llY. a iiil s ober, gentle simple. "Bad_ I'' Samuel. It a vile, abommable, boys who are being educated in the magnificent public Lhan has prevailed for some yean. Tobacco" cannot What was more tb the were shoals of single filthy, 1-Don t schools of to day. Were I called upon to supply an be produued at the cost for labvr ot prices females, German houris, all ready, of "!never.t.tnk. of the m attr at one way or anoder," index to a nation s sbould you ask me to point to muc h beiQW those paid during the past season; tbere to 'sJ.ell a s much too agreeable a.nd rephed the p1amd Fraitleto. the most solid evidences of' the glorious and ever-expanding fore it is 1air to calculate that if its price f ,Jls below the 'Witli 11p!UKlfejl, tamillle4-'by :!ll The only; 1 ,;; But consider it 11 hateful { loathsome, nasty progress of Y91Jt: oi\J1 I go to where bearing cost of production, much of the present crop will not be was, amongst so1m!l!IY to make a choicE>. But oqr Samuel : ? oh no 1-For de Germans smoke IS 80 upon the wings of,Jtbe wind, the tichewo1' every clime the marketed, as many farmers who are not oompeUed to retlo1ved not toC'tier.tiifl.1,.T'o1W& to have, and be might WI eat, as to as to I ships of yout: co'merce tl.oat; I should not go sell, will bold their crops at home. if prices get aa well have tiKI let. Accordingly be frequented the satd Sa.mue now desperately alarm to where your uon coursers, with a capacity almost bound very low, stemmers will doubtless take' larger quanti omenades a.nd the rooms, regula.rly haunted t g e Wein-ed, n?t allo a to approach vwy near less, yet,aering under their dllily budens, brought from ties than they would otherwise. From these caus e s b runnen the Stahlbrunnen and tliA..'iP auline and dined in you.r for mstance, to whisper to y ou, much less totha setting sun, pull up I should not point to the dreary not more than an average stock of leaf may reach the I b ...,_ I te ? succeBilion, at all the .public In mean be .11m race you, ,?r o .... you a sa. u and monotonous _piles of goods, ware and merchand i se 1eaboard. With the war between France and Prussia could not help notadbg, .\tJLiji jnw11.rd tnum,P,h )low !iWe .. not? eaql!lred the lovely Fratllem ;-wtth that crowd hu,arur,nt y, out of ,I. shpuld not stop ended and other impending E .uopean difficulties set chance the na.tives had of gaiining the hEllrft$-l M"tJeif'fair 4111Usu&l' 'itictty. "1 have beeo _so .. I to gaze upon i6>J noble a,!!!res or1 stattly domes of your tled, we shall no doubt have a general revival in busiuntttwo eo A few whiff e d at a -cigaP, horned.. When,. one ltttle cluld-!1' oourches, nor yet upon the gilded where Miss ness; and it is to be hoped tobar.uo will to some extent but nine-tenths of t}tem snekeil, o'Weaned, at dtd whi l es h?lded me on two Mc f limsey s i ghs for to wear but I abould take participate in the benefits r esulting from a reaction in ment of tort!lre," a He ssw officers, handsome did. take ptpe !rom out hiS mouth f:O a stranger, especially from the Sooth, by the arm, and lead trade, and that farmers maf get prices sufficient to pay men, w.itli to qltitliehloa td"--dove. ny civ J ian to de'sp rl!){hne ktss. cou:m, Albrecht, -do see him here, where fifteen hundred boys and girls are brought tbem for producing the article. FarmeNJ mu,.t, and, no ,but they had all served at the battle of Rauchen,-and ih p1eceof work I a_m making? al!d she held up tl:ie_ embrot together under one dome to be taught to be the pro'vs as doo,bt, have made up their minds to take lower figures tlie .Ailloo often verified the deaoripQoll by Mr.. !Br':J; wn' olgth "das a8all be one tobaooo-bag for rome good the hopes of the nation A l as, fer me, for \han they haYe been getting tor some years, and in vi e w :favorite authoress:, .: 3 i . them, I come from the bosom of a land where the boys, in of\his shoul d procure labor cheaper. ,Currency is now ''The laches throw their bonnets aside, leaving their 'Is P?Sstble?" ex?latmed Samuel, his votce quavermg the nry seedtime of their lives, were taken from the nearly equal to gold, and eapplies of almost all kioda taeee-no her protection but their beautal'ul and abundant wtth agitatiOn-'. I;! om m I nursed m smoke I bred schools and universities aye because we are not ashamed can be bad at redu""d cricee. This will in part make J ][ i "\f""'... .., n l -,. hair. The many ,_of.JJ;tem. military, sit near, if Ill e . to confesa it, from the 1'ery cradles, t.o buckle on their up to the farmer what e may IOile bf, ttie lower prices J a chair() .!ia4 he toait!l-; i'f"+Jtot" stand behind thetp It IS a ll d; evel':1 rlJere, qt,Itet F"ra lem. armor for the cause they loved for the cause he obtains for his tobaccos. A low scal e of prices (ob h orror of mon q cned the trembling "Excuse to lle right, for a cause that yet lost, would bring forward epeculators and induce loreign \11W1 uidjt f-tam tbe lovely group, and toe, ,if would ,you bestow YOil iJ.-your -It at was raght.-1 come fro111 a land where, footsore, be-buyere to largely increase their purchasee, thereby pro IDloke 1 lovely person, on-on-on-on a fellow that nigh ted a.nd weary, we must bend every energy to grope up duoiog a healthy, trade and a cqnstant demand, which "Yes! yet?!" 111\id Mr. Samuel Brown, quoting to himsmoked?;, througb ,the gloom of waste and desolation hat aurround us might possibly take up t.he eutire crop; large as it may expose those delicate, sweet looking females to "I verlobt," murmured the prett Frao.lem, 'btu$ing to the light of peace; but, even there, the De. We are to han at Paducah ;Jar f large bO!ird the niBI ;a@I'Q,it!ga which die of breath infected by and down her blue eyes. "That means to cause in,, wbicb theY' have to engage 110d the nooessity of of good buyel'll, and everything now indicates a lively: tobacco is cruel\y I" It was his top sa.y, I sm oneba.lf to my couBJD -Albrt!ilb;&.,. a sy11tem of common schools is being and satiatactory trade ,throughout the season. 'l'b. moat pleasure .to wat.cb I!Jdl oft'eode1'11; and when the "Betrothed, I sup s \ W ttered Ie l111he'tthat will rival New Yorl;;, if not in the numbere it feeling aud bidding at. \he breaks for "\be few operation waa over.:... when ltlie t.ob&c:co-bag waa bulging Samuel. "And-and, o f:lrm f n J6ie "' at leut. in .the generality iu which it is 1applied. un been more apirited, aod ricea are Huer t.han ff:'-t':'J'l'O '!A:I.I T33ATZ M..liJJl V {e I l. 1 1 {f ''\nl:I'J \ / !.XaOlt O WHERE WE EXPORT OuB Toucco.-Daring 1870 of leaf tobacco, EnglaUll bou,.ht a6 481 300 "'rma F ., ue oy, '11'4, 1 .21 ; ranee, 955; Holland, .),365, OIH ; It:r:lf, (!2,!179, 353 ; Spain t965, 820; Canada., ,372. West Indtes, *4 78,00(}, and Au1tria, u6,314. ;c. TAX ON SALEs.--:Th!l petitions eent out by the Assoetat10n asking Congress to abo! ta.x owsales are being"sigoea and torwarded to Washmgton they ,wilfbe immediately presented. We t t us they will not prove to be wi,hout effect. IN THE CoNNJ:oTrcUT V .A.LLxr,.:_G_ R Pbel 1 of .NorLbfield raised the past season 1250 pounds co on a half acre of land, and Francis Fiaher and J Baoki have strippe,d eight and nine ounces from 1mgle plant.--Captain B. C Cook, formerly Freedman'. Bnrea mao here, been Inspector of tobacco snuff and mgars for the Thll'd diatrict of Virginia; which i!Jcludes A roll of 47 yeal'8 old, was the other day to Lomsvtie, wrapped up in an old pa of Pen_ns, ot;te of ths pioneer jonroaliata pe.f LoutsVllle, pnnted In 1823. It is said that the young' wife of e ician, has witb !' taking. wit;:'::r a large swn ot the preetidtgttator'e money. -.-/),ITO.:. H?PICFtk-:-The Virginia plantel'll seem to think U.e war 11 over to Enro_pe ooosequeotl[shtioi,Pate a good demand and fair pnces for their lea Geo. S. Sm.ithf t.he ector of Federal Re !'ue to t.he 5tb dast.not, 1B a oitiaen of Jlarinn. 1.D Smyth county, Va." .,..., Bucks qcuoty, Pa. ha1 follll' hnndred mat.ufaetories of t I'


J!-.----..-x-..... -. ""-: TOBACCO KANUFAC'l'U h.l\..t.S. Anhur Gillender & evoo.aoas TO .. .DDBIIDJ CJD. .... cw ... SOLACE TOBACCO, &CO. ,n .. 'J1 ot -.f.d4. ( J Jl lh '{'ilaaufact'wen bf.aY of AND _.,a SMOKING j II I I .. ,... 1 TOBACCO t'l 'AND GlGA.J{S. XHOMA5 HOY'F 8rCO. tdJ lo c,..; 1-1 ra 1 ,, \p sed o ( t l.'l' I :, I fiiOMAS Hov+ afid J OHN _F. FLAGO. ll'o. 1115 DVA.l\TII 8'1' K. 1r. lh Qelollwaled Brando REV J[V<, CURBBNOY ucl GOLDEN 8.BA.L. ,114, 116, 8114 111 LIBERTY-STREET, "" &I! t L : &rtbv GDltDder, Npeleao a Ku...., IIW-1-h W. QJQ, 1 I looepb L. lL ,....._ ,j 1, ... vOJ,.'t ..:tU] f, 'hJfiJ-"1 r t EWING ,,jl.' f -.d ,, '' 1 AN'b sJ.10K.ING TOBACCO. mm t .J I 1.1 tJ, c ,. 1311 LUDLOW ST., 131 Maiden Lane, NEW YORK. THE Ll QtJ R. lC CORICE PASTE WALLIS & CO EX TAll. \ ----------T 0 n A 0 0 0 :'fJ i '\1: f"1 r, LA.lf'RO'fT( WEST HAV.ANA w. sEcK & Qo., KEY HENR Y 11. MORRIS, I I 1 Nos, 8t Hearl ad 6! St .. e S&reet, NEW YC)BK,: IMl?ORTER Spanish Mass ,-: J :a&, ,t I '' .,1 J 1.2. 9 ,_ iftf.rir.l' .. I 0 tu'r:W V '()Rii-'" /. ....... tl "I W f '11 I l 1 '1 r1 1 > 1 DR.EYER & CASSEBOHM/ 1[,) 1 .' JAIIES G !)SJIOI!1JI.knl) T 0 Bk 0 C O : ,;,.. .. ,.,nu Sl:.l:B;JO .. J: 1 ..1 ,, .. J' "..,..., ......... ef lll" ....... t....,. ;t J .;l .. ..,. 'II:) '"' I -! l .. II WJy.O A K .i' i 8 E J DEN B E R:c . 180 St., Baltimore, 1l.d., > co., ... oril,o...PI'GJI.,..toN or-,. ._,..__ .mspaiio1a. 22 & ii1forth WilliiUII Street. :Row Ycft. _FJ I ,( l l, t .. I l. .. I'I.'C)SC.AR .P,IIOL8. 8 .. co J,o<:J Fli.JV ,j ,; r ,rrJ /I,; ill.,:;r.No.r aiii 1 lJii'l :ifJn'f{ ,,;Jift9 RIJO


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