The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco leaf publishing company
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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10r!!'an of the Tobacco (\ Trade of the United States: The Largest SpecjalTrade Paper in the World. TE:aKB OF iHJ ruu. llbutl Co leo 19 Cento. I Ptlr&llllum .. l4.00: '1'"o and tbeCanadail, St. 04 &dditloll&! per lllllua Continent of To Bremen, H,am urg, t Bnrope p_os additional per annnm I'Qr pootage. Te AMtraua&, etc., $8.1bddWonal. per &llllum tor for tbe paper eonoldered, unleoo ae-oanled by tbe am01Ult. < should, in every be made onl b money.order cbeck, or draft. Bille Halle J be otoleo, aad can only be eent at t.oe greateot rlok to"tbe sesder. :&ATEB OJ' A.DVE:&TIBIIIIG re (llncll) for 6 months, . No deviation from unuer the Sale'' aentB per Une for ewery\D!ertion. arAll eii&Dgeo In tb.e advertleemcnto bave to be JIIIIJ advertlolng will be oonoldered, UD o o.eeompailied by tbe con-eopondinc amount. o&ta rule w!ll"nrVABULY be odbered to. GOLD V .A._LUES OF FOREIGN COINS. ............... $4.84,0 1s. si!.Uiing. .. .. .. .. 0.24,2 ld. penny .;, .. . .. . 0.02,0 :ruwu;.-fl:ane ........ ....... 0.18 1c. cenLime ....... : ...... 0.00,18 nc.-c 111. !lonn or guilder .. .. ; 4 let. cent ...... .. .. 0 00 ............ 0.78!() 1grt. grotlJ ................ 0.01,0 9 HADUBG, LUBc, ET0.1m. marc banco ... 0.86,( 1soh. echelling .. 0 02 1 Foumlf WIIIGHTs.-.A. kilogra.mme equals 2 20486 lbs.; a Bremen pfund eq11als 1.09909 lbs; a Hamburg pfund equals 1.06'198 avoirdupois. ExciBII TAx.Fine-Cut, Plug, Twiat, Toba.oeo twisted by hand, or reduced from leaf Into a condition to be consumed, or otherwise prepared, without use of machine ,!'-nd wttbout ed or sweetened and on all other kmds l:f:.nufactured not otherwise rovided for 82c. per lb.; Smoking tobacco, :Xelusiyely de stems, or .of leaf, with all stems In and so sold, be leaf not havmg previously butted1 or rolled, d r m which no part pf the .stems have :pal'f),ted by sifting, strippittg, dressing, or In any other manner, either before, dur m or after the prooes. of manufactunng ; ut Shorts, the refuse of fhre-eut cbe.w i wliiCf .baa through a. rtd 11J: of thirty-six n\eJIIls Bqlla!e bv process of sifting ; r IMII'&p8 e.n 1 of tl6 ,o. per lb. of all made, of .l'pounds, and he can purchase of the largest dealer in x ... ANb Q O"x's"'oN necessary clianges in accordance th.erewit h. h 1 h' f: d h Brashears, Brown & Titus, 32 & 34 lb1u. the o::onntry. But the w o e t mg IS a arce, an t e Hafer, Holmes & Co. 211 Second. proposed amendment, should jt become a law, would DI!:A.LKltS IN LEAl" TOBACCO. I .. G THE S 'LE OF CEA-F TOBACCO I j I I f d .. Besuden Henry & Bro., 161..:16& Pearl RESTRI(;T have no other effect than that o nvmg consumers to Mallay Rich. & Brother, 116 West Front buy directly of the. growers. And herein lies the Meyer Hy., 1 8 ront. certain gentlemen who pervade the f:allacy of Mr. Preebrey'stheory. It presumes that, all I L1:A..P j.JfD OlG.lBS. Fuhrmann, V 17.Mam. Intemal.Revenue Burilim at Washing'ton in officia l and the leaf raised passe through the hands of the dealers, un nuLBas 1 IN serni::.fficial capacities, in t1 the .advocacy of pet whereas it is safe to say that at least a filth of the entire A.rohn Felse.a: Co., Wt!at Fourth. the regulation of the tobacco crop is so I'd. directly to the consumer and manufacturer. Lowen'tbal, S. & Co., 7 6tMain. trade, is in b TOBAcco KNiv.IB. th!l article. :I'o this theory he appe&rs to ave con tobacco, snuff and cigars," we shall it our hearty Deiroit .1'\ovelty Works. verted the 'very energetic and cpa?Je member of support. His proposition simply oppresses a few dealers Uli'ORTBRS 01' CLAY Plr:a \ 'E.A.ST HA.KT"FOR.D, C8!11N, .:1:.0. ]'yJ J Baijer, H. & Brother, 61 Watr 1 rACURS Sate. .. a letter from a Virgtnia tobacco m_an_ufac from their exawple.' Apd it will be seEn that 29 and IS4 Oqmmerce. turer, W lxtract. the of the CommiSSione_r can be reached, .the evil cannot be llaiden Lane. State., :Ot O!l the two thoroughLy cured. If bulk 'could not. be broken, and IMPOBT&lls oF I,IJ;:QBIC:J PA.Iml. 8u, L. 4< Maili. -" cationR the }atter offi_I!Jal callmg the attentiOn ot only original .packages sold, it w o ,dld at once cut off "Appleby & Helme, 138 Water. Westphal, Wm. 228 State. f W d M s t SPITTOONS FOR LEGISL.A.TORS.-The negro legislators of South Carolina, voted themselves spittoons at *8 apiece at the expense. The beauty of this swindle, says a journal of that State, is. that they were purchased at the North when they could have been bought for at horne. ToBAcco INSPECTORS.-Governor Leslie has appointed the inspectors-of tobacco for the mty of L omsnlte: MaJor Ben. Berry, McCracken county; Chas. Green, E q., Hopkips countj; Allison, Esq., Muhlenberg county, and J. "\'V. Thomas Esq. Oldham county. The above gentle men were" to.commenoo their new duties on the 16th1of Dbvlvier & Co., 11 Whitehall. Woodnitf;iS OJ' 1<4lfUFACTOJLED fi d h t th fi tobac"'O WaS h b k j' "'T uox'cEDAR ANn crrttJ:I\ wooD. TOBAcco urPoaTn AND nonsrrc moAI\8. whereas1 we n t .. ... e rom 1 .culated to bring the 1,41w cou_tempt by suggesting ers, whic went. mto. an rupt?y a. ew years Dingee P. ll., cor. Sixth and Lewis. .t:()o:. Q ,G. 1 .74 Mai!l-.. r ... J never so great as it is at this present moment, despite the ease and impunity with which it may be evaded. the Hartford. IS occupymg. JUSt now lii!I & Hepburn, 216 Lewis. "L JI"N"CJHBURG, VA. h t' n of unmanufactured leaf the stupidity tenement With MaJOr Longley lD that town, havmg W d L D I 205 L wis t d L L I t e consump 10 d h f fi h' r ar r vp"' a y, e ea 1 t d h' h b si ,1 been arreste at t e mstance o a rm m t IS mty Or The import duty on tobacco ia aoc. per lb ; Leaf stemmed, 16c. per lb. In addition to th:ii! duty' the tax on the same kind of tob,cco made m this connmust be paid. The tobaccO must also. be ::;fcked according to the regulations govermng, &ohacco made here. SPANISH CIGAR RIBBoNs, Carroll, J. W. of. severa} of tlie revenue reg? a !ODS nn er lC u : ARiiiTRATION vs. SrRIKEs .....2The Penn .Monthly; for alleged obtaining of goods under false pretenses and .A.Imirall J. J., W. & Co. ness is done, and the operations of the m ct:mtainf! a valuable paper on '.'Boards q Conconcealing property from his creditors. He has been Cramer G 25 many parts' of the Southern States. Re.venue lS bemg ci!iation 'and Arbitration,>'' "'ritten.1by Eckley B. Coxe, already acquitted on the 1ormer chargetl.. and is expected American F l rst ave Owen ... from manufactured tobacco at the rate of Sc1ienc; "of Pk to get rbeliekf from t?e tue poor debtor's s. & Co., Pearl. f l!IONTGOJ.I'IEKJI", Jt.'LA.. h t tl ee millions per year while that derived a elp 1a. IS p or mg str1 es, oath or an ru_ptcy In a ay or wo. Dlrec:&ory or Uvertlsers. NB"W YORK. 1'0BA.c0o w.&u-Bouss. e W & Sons 284 and 286 FroQt etreet, ew t en, Julian, l '72 Water. rnett s., 141 Water. Baas W. Alexander, Bemimo, D. & .A.. Blakemore, Mayo k Co., Br &cb.anan & Lyall, 1 Water. 1 cwJ odd '"'lfJIUc:rU!.ER OJ' TOBACCO TllfPOJL. Warren Burch & Co., 86 & overt 1 : y 0 '. l the "ruin" of and thetr many B:nd rllJnOus consequences, I I.ND to these "the use of the leaf m Its natural where it has been adopted it hae worked to the entire which they deal, and with sufficient pecuniary resources Zinaser w Pierce, W,alter .B. & Co. state has eno-rmously increased, until DOW it is esti satisfa:ction. of _both the and the _employer for the proper management of such business .as may be 'loucco P4PIIR wnEsousB, PET .. JBsB.;rao, VA. mated that in the past year (18'70}, two fifths of the As the IS now great en 'trnsted to their care. If energr and a 'tboroogh Jeasup &: Moore, 128 William. VenableS W & Co. Ud' fthe t in the the workmg peopl e, we repeat the method of selectmg acquaintance with the commerce m which they are auesu.N ctG.I.RllttiiB. Young, R. Bu' 'IlKs. tobaceo consumptwno coun "Boards ot Arbitration," and their organization. When engaged have their usual result the new firQJ should 0. BedrOilsian, 60 J()hn. Tos'...cco WAIUIHousss. Tbis r:her, we 1?to. It, 1 s q,mte as apart any trade has agreed to estll. \llish this at meet with a very fair measure of success. Kinne y .Anatban, M & Sou, 220 North Third from the truth as the other, for 1t 1s eqmvalent to say" the beginning of each both the employers and ---Home' L"e, 254 Broadway. Bamberger L. & Co., ll'N. Water. 1ng that th.;rty-two thoUI1and honsheaas of l eaf tobacco th, e emp,lo yees selec.t b y .electien a certain n umb_er _of AND BEAUTY.The deficiency in the practi'" Bremer, Lewis, Sons, 822 North-lid. r 11 f fi h <' 1 d auREIU. Toucco Bucknor, McCammon & Co. 37 North Water ere consumed in thi's country last year without the persons, usua Y. rom to ten, rom eac party lD Ill cal part of tema e e ucat10n _is a fact which has been Ro8inson, R. W. & Son, 182, 184 and 186 Doh.n & Taitt, 107 A.rch. w j) r without avuient of terest. Supposmg t\)D delegates to be elected by each often, but never so much deplored. ';l'he following Greenwich. Eisenlohr, Wm. & Co., 117 South Water. 0 e, P side, at the \:)eginning trade year, the twenty a rnotes of examination instituted icya gentle-Fries .A.. Geye r & Hiss 62 North Front. any tax! If Superv1sor meet and organi.z;e b.y electing from themsel.ves man in search of a wife into a young lady's knowledge FIIIB INSUBANCB :McDowell M E & Co., 8 9 Nwortb Water. by which he can collec t a of over th1rty m1_llwns o_f a P,. resi.Oent and a ViceP.residen. t ; ,one being taken from, of basi ness is testimony on this point. Young C "7 W-" Hoore, S & J., 107 No"th ater. h .._ f h 1 Se H h d f h Market Fire Insuran c e 0 0 lUl. James & Co., n South Front. dollars on the remaining 48,000 hhds., m t e1r th, e employer s tne other rom t e emp o:rees. A c-lady exammed: as ear o t e monetary question; ENAMEL Foa ssow CARns. Sank & co J. Rinaldo1 31 N. Water. f: t d fi m we should like to see him retary and clerk, who need not be a 1 01emb e r of the should think it was a ''warning. Knew stocks Harris Finishing Co., 35 Dey. Schmidt, H., 531 South ,. l:nanu e or . n to 'shed 'Boarp, is a!so chosen to keep the, rnin ules, notify the were; regarded them as the "highe&t" J;lecessity ida c...aas.. .Teller. Brothets, 117 North Tbtrd. exhibit 1t for. the. ot .a as_ 0 1 different p :nties as to the decis,ions of the B-oard, and gentlaman'sdress. A divideu d was a sum in long divi VanSchaick B. .A.., 1'7 & 19 N9rth Water. B h th f rse 1mposstble and i h h d b f 1 BANIin,tit may b e mentioned, that in the Bear was a cross, disagreeable person, like som e people Boyd, w. A & Oo., 33 South. Theobald, .A.: H Third and Poplar. article will sqon be driven from our markets, the imCleveland iron in Mr. 'l:homas Hughes, she could nauie. An Exchequer Bill was an instrumeat Brauns, F L. & \Jo., 3'7 South Gay x .. ,mucTu&aas or scorcH sNun. m "ense revenue now duived from manufactured tobacco the nh of Parhament1 &odd a law:J:er with a book. The Bullionists were a religious sect. Gieake, L. & Co., 4 2 South Charles. Ralph .A.. & d d d th illions of capital and and nen o t e wor mg man, was .se ecte as umpue Was afraid the lnconvertibles were very people Dickers()n, E. w., 10'7 totally estroye an e r m last year, and that time t'here was steady work Gold was a metal; knew nothing more' about it, ex-Loose, c. & Co., Scuth pharles xANuucruRE&s o r sEGAB!!. thousands of laborers now engaged 10 the busmess be and no strikes The course of Mr. Hughes in this cept that it was the root of all evil, and that railway Paul, Wm., 461 West Baltunore. Steiner, Smith Brothers & Knecht, 225 Race. compelled to seek other avenues of emplo, yment "-trying posit!on met. with gener1.1l approval, and _he h. as cuttings and branch banks come of the root. S '-C E h ge Place PITTSBURG, PA.. 1 I d 1 h Th B d fA b Rpseljfeld "' 0 u 10 an .. A.,..E ... co., 81 Sixth. an alarming conclusion certainly, and one ca cu ate to been. re e ccted t 1s year. e oar o. r 1trat_1on "'" hroeder, Jos. & Co., 81 Esobange Pi&od. :n....,-" "' I d d d b T L J S H A lied WU"" kens & .Klier, 69 J:;outh Ilro., '79 & s:rt;mithfield. 1 11 who live by the weed were the premiseR.only havmg se a an umpll'e, emg HE ATE OliEPH AWKINS. t a ea meet-ToBACCO uCToBS. llANUFAOTURER oF FINE CIGARS AND DKAL start e I a ready for bul!mess, should fix certam days for 1ts regular ing of the New. York Tobacco Board of Trade Gie11ke & Niemann, s9utb Charles. ER Ilf YANUFACTURED TOBACBO' correct. meetings,' which ought to take place every>two months, April 6, 1871, the following preamble and resolution: liA!IuncTuaus, ll:TC, Baving administered th1s prehmmary shock to or at oth,er in .tervals, acco,J:t;ling .to lthe requirements of were unanimously adopted. Whereas thi1 Board havBeok, F. W. & Co., 130 North. xAN'uucrruaEas o PLUG TOBAcco. nerves, Renresentative Platt _pr.oce.eds _to suggest. the trade, Special meJ)tings ca11 be called by_ the P. resi ing received information of. the decease of their lat"e Feigner, F W ., 90 and 92 South Charles. b & C r 1 .A d h S h f tb d f th J h S H k' u __ l -> GaU, G. W. & Ax, 2 s Barre street. Harrris, Be ee 0 (Presbrey's) panacea for'the g1gant11C e1VI. n t 18IS dent. ecretary,at e request .o one. If o e assomate, osep aw ms: It IR. n""o ve....-that the Hllsbagen, J.D. D. & Co., 27 Camden io!;cco. h less than to further oppress ml)mb,ers of the .Board '.l,'he d11hes of the Board are members of this Board receive this sad Parlett, B. F. & Co., 92 L ?mb&rd. Dowd .A.n:drew k Son, 6 Fourteenth. ne1 t ,er nor t' f our inte for conciliation and for arbi\ration. If any serious with sincere regret, and recall the many years of Welsh Wm. k Sone, 27 South Gay. Mayo; P R. & Brother, 24.22 Carey. honest and por 0 dispute arjsoas Let ween t)le workmen and their employ-friendship and business re]ations with him among Wilkens & Co., 181 West' ool01188ION "'-B.BOIIAJ!Tti, rast who deal in leaf tobacco,. by amendmg rthe_ sectwn ers, the matter referred to,the Board for settlement, their pleasant and cherished recollections. Reaolved;.i:. Barker & D. ( 59) of the law of .July '20, 1868, that !'lready and that first har!Donize views That in the career of Mr. Hawkins, as a merchant of Gnth Gustav, tiS German. Barksdale, c R. on them a as 'foU0"\!'1!: ":Jtetail dealers 10 of b?t of the 1of New York, for a period of thirty five JUNUJ'ACTURER OF RRIABWOOD BO()HEBTEK, }'IJ I'"' f b I ib u' I. h 1 a $SOO Ev-ery perSOIJ the Ca8e, anJ b): a diSP/lBSIODate diBCIISBIOn of the subalways identified with the TOBACCO TRADE-they find Kiebler, J!lcob, 1 Granby. XANtrr.&OTURIR!I or tOBACCO. t<;1 ace?, S a ea? ,{' Y h Jl ject. first try Conciliation, and lD mOst an example' of QarefUl and patient industry in business, 1

/ 2 .rflE TOBACCO LEAF Tob ac co p lants in B e d o r d county, Va, ar e said to be suff e11ug from the depr e d a tions of tLe ":fly THE TOBACCO MARKET. DOID.E8THJ. PAn uc .m.-The sal e s at t h is ma.r ket, up to the NEW YORK, APRIL 18-13th wst, am ounte d to 4 ,972 hhds, an over Western Leaf.-Our market continues dull. Sales las t sea8 on of 1,450 bhds 572 hhd s almost entirely new lugs for export, at low e r A jndgment bas jus t been rendered m the U.S Dis tric t Court at Paducah, Ky., in the cas e of Messrs. Fatman & Co. vs James Love in favor of the plaintiffs for the sum of 1816,900. James probably dtd not find it "lov e ly ." At Baltimore, on the 12th inst., abou t 3,000 cigars were fouud concealed on board the Italia.n brig FJrric h eUa, rec ently a.rrived from Palermo, by Captain Carmwhael and Frank Gates, of the Custom H o u se, force. They were se1zed und e r suspict on et an attempt being at smogglmg th e m Without the payment of duties, and s ent to the Pub hc Store. THE LrLLIENTHA.L CASE -The case of the U S. vs. Lilbentbal & C o IS now proceedmg in United States Dts tl h l t Court for this Di8trict The defe nda.nts charged with "a e With the statute 10 not makmg regul a r returns of purchases sal e s, etc." Wilen the testimony h a s b e en furth e r developed on bot h s id es, we shall condenR e the leadtng facts tor the ben e fit of our read ere T oBAcc o PREMIUMs-The following premiums off e red, to be compet e d for at the a.unual exhtbttlon ot the Cotton States M e chamcs' and Agucultural Fatr A ssoCiatton, whwh open s at Augus ta, G e orgta, October 31s t, 1871, contmumg five days. For the best b c x of tobac co ma e d in the Cotton States, Stlver M e dal. For the b est 8pe cimen o f g raoul'll.ted smokmg tobac co made in the Cotton Sta t es, Stiver Med al For tbe bes t box of c tgars m a de 10 t h e Cotton Stiver M e dal. For the be s t c rop of l eaf tobac co, wtth sample not less than five pounds, raised in Georgia. or South Carolina, $20. I THE ToBACCO FLY.-Gentlemeo from Pittsylvania, Franklin and Bedford co V a., report that these pests were never so and destructive as at the present time Young tobacco pl9.nts are eaten up almo s t as soon a.s the y appear, and many planters, a.fter re sowmg their plant-beds a.nd fiodwg the :fl.tes sttll 10 full forc e have almost abandoned the hope of ra.ising a. crop this year: and it ts feared the tobacco ra.ised will be of very mferior qualtty, in consequence of its being planted late in the season It strikes 1'u:a: ToBACCO LEA.F that thts ":fly" dodge ia a. very old one Wtll not the growerd invent some thing new by wav of vanety? ABANDONING THE WEED.-A correspondent writing from Drapersville, Mecklenburg county, Va., says: "The extremely low price at which tobacco is now sell ing w1ll cause our people to turn thetr attention to a much greater variety of products, a.nd thereby convert what they now consider a calamity into a blessing Thts present year they will abandon in a great mea.sure the cultiv,a.tion of the weed. Indeed, from present ap pearanctll', I feel warranted m the assertion that not ha.lf tbe tobacco will be planted here thts year tha.t there wa.s year. Our people are begmmng: to discover that tobacco could not be culttva.ted here now wtth '' 'Profit even at double the price at whlCb 1t is nol'l( sell mg." "ToE SuRBTIEB oF'A.N llii'TERNA.L REVENIJB CoLLECTOR CoxB TO GmEP.-Says the Petersburg (Va) Inderr;: "The April term of the U.S Circuit Court, Judge Un derwood presiding, began in Richmond on Tuesda.y last. The following is a.mong the many of the kind of by this court The U mted States vs. Thomas D. Williamson, Gra.nville M Deshason, Emil Helfnc h, and Robert M. Raine, sureties of James P. Prince, la.te collector of internal revenue for the second or Petersburg dtstrwt. Prince has left the State, a.nd j udgmeot tor $48,524.70 wa.s entered agamst his sure ties above mentioned. Pnoce wtll be remembered by our people a.s a. slick ton sued mterloper, who came here With the a.rmy, and a.fter being out of service, recetved the appointment as Collector. He :figur e d extensively among QUr colored cittz ens-preach ioq the infalhble doctrine of Radica.lism, unttl they thought him just a. ltttle lower tha.n an a.ngel. Let them look a.t \ him now and bewa.te of all men of his stripe He decetved some of our cit1zens into the be lief that he was an honest man a.nd they went his s e cu rity, they now see the danger, when It 1s too late, of endorsmg a carpet bagger." PREMIUMS OF THE AGRICULTURAL SoCIETY OF PETERsBURG, VA -The following will be awarded hy this &l!t!OCI&tion on the second Tuesday in Ma.y at Peters borg, Best tierce of coal cured wra.ppers, grown in Virgmia, to weigh not less than 300 lbs net, $1 00, second best to weigh not l ess tha.n 300 lbs net, $50 best tierce of coal cured wrappers, grown in North Carobna., to weigh not less than 300 lbs net, $100, second best to we1gh not less than 300 lbs net, t5o ; best box or tierce of sun cured fillers, the growth of Virginia., to wetgh not less than 250 lbe net, $50 ; best box or tterce of sun-cured fillers, the of North Ca.rolma., to wetgh not less than 250 lbs net, *50, best hhd of black wrappers, to weigh not less t han 1,000 lbs net, so; best hhd. of shipping tobacco, to weigh not less than 1,250 lbs net, tso. Awa.rding com mittee on coal cured tobacco-E H Osborne, Chair man, C W. Spicer, J ,P Williamson, S. W. Venable, Petersburg. On suncured tobacco-W R. Mallory, W A Gilman, W. R. Johnson, Petersburg. On wrappers--D B Tennant, Chatrman, James Chieves, George Cameron, Petersburg. On shtppmg and Manufactured tobacco-Jos. E Venable, Chauman, H. N oltenius, L eRoy Roper, Petersburg. MR BTERNEMA.N's GREAT DiscovERY.-Mr. William Sternemao, of S e cond a.venue, says the New York J our flal o f C ommerce, i11 the mventor d a new proce ss of riddto g himself of bogus internal officers Un like oth e r inventiOns, covered by patents, it itl open to the fre e use of mi>nkt!!d Lih all new proce s s e s of gen e ral utihty, it is simple and easily wot ked and everybody is wondering why 1t was not thought be for e It consists of a forcible apphcatton of the boot (a hea.vy one preferred) to the person of the mtruder and his coLtsequent transference to the sidewalk pla.m la.nguage, Mr Sterneman kicks, or, in sporting parlance, "rajses" the fraudulent individual F1rst trials sometimes failures in respect to steamships and ga.lvanic engines; but Mr man's idea. worked to a charm the very :first time One Hurd, upon whom he tested it, found himself out of doors 10 something leRs than a second. In recordmg this great discovery for the benefit of the human fam ily, it is necessary to drop a. caution to wit : it is only applicable to impostors. To be sure, the tmpostors are little less of a grievance to an honest grocer or a dis. tiller, or anybody else, than the r e al a.rticle The gennme offiCial may be a.s insulting and annoyina and posstbly, as iuteot on blackmaihng as the The trouble to which they ma.y put a man ma.v be as unnecessa.ry a.nd wanton m one as the other. But r E al revenue officer I S s bteld e d by the law, to which 1t becomes every man to bow s ubmis s ively; and he should then h o ld 10 str1ct (albeit pamlu l ) s ubj e ction those exten s or mu scles of the leg which the Ste1n e man method brmgs into full play. except when colory. We hear of g ooq l e afy L o m s ville lots gomg at 6c,, whil e bright Ma.son county tras h brmg 7ic to Be. No demand for the better gra.des or old crop. lot week. !ld week ad week 4lh weelr week Total Jan .... 572 792 739 952 3,100 Feb .... 503 231 4lll 2,200 Mch.. ... 629 751 310 573 292 2,855 Apr .... 115 632 572 1,319 V zrgulia Leaf.-All our advices confirm the report mad e las t week regardm!r the scarcity and high price of th e fine r grades of Virginia l eaf. One correspon dent wntes from Richmond "Bright wrappers are very scarce and h1gb, and very few wrappm s of any kind are off e ring Anoth er "Bright wrapper s are very s uarce snd the bulk of the offermgs are of a nondescnp t chara cter" Still another "An opinion Is ground that the proportion of fine brtght l eafm the new crop i s limited Of the same tenor is the report of a Danville manufacturer now in this city, who assures us that the new _crop is far from be :ng what It was ex p ected it would prove to be-one of the finest ev e r grown The leaf, be adds, was very br1ght when bar v este d, but has reddened largely m the curmg, owmg to the prevalence ot w e t weathet during the process We have aiFo to note an actual aJvance of $10 per hundre d on the Richmond "breaks for the b est grades of br1g hts, and fine wrappers now command 45c. to 65c, whtle it is dtfli c ult to obtam 40c. for in tbts mar k et. Su c h are the reports w e receive f10m the Vtrginia "breaks,' and they are to leave little room for doubt. Sttll as w e hllve fr e qu e n t ly remarked, 1t ts altngetber too soon to pronoun c e p o sitlvely <.on til e character ol the eottre crop not more than a fourth of wbwh t s yet markete d It is a. well known fact that the y, nondescript is first heard from as the small growers who produc e it arc forced by their p e cu mary necessiti e s to rea.hze at the earli est pos s ibl e mo ment, a n d although many crops made by more extensiv e p lante r e have been equally unfavurabl e as to charau ter, th e di v e rs 1ty of the so1l and chmate of the locahtie s y e t to h ear trom gtves goo d ground for the hypothesis that b ette r tobacc<> has been grown than has thus Jar found 1ts way to marke t Notwithstanding thi s it re mams to be satd that the ne;v crup t hus far bas been a dtsapp o mtment, but much of its poor appearance i s doubtle ss owing to the fac t that the large quantity harve sted has made the grower som ewhat indlfi'erent in preparing it for market and he has take n l e ss pains wtth it than b(l wo uld bestowed upon a poorer crop Seed Leaf.-'I'he sales of the week included 100 c s 1 869 C o nnecticut a.t 45c. to 52tc., 120 cs 1870 Ohio at 21c.; 229 cs do on private terms, sa1d to be 2Stc ; 150 cs various kinds .a.t SOc to 6 5c.-m all 599 cs The sa.les of old have probably exha.usted th e bala.nce of that crop now on the marke t, a.nd all sira.blt l grades either here or in the V ,all ey, where there are said to be from 3,000 cs to 5,000 cs still unsold. For some bought here last week-only a. few c&Fes-as high as 60c wa.s The fea.ture of the week's transa.ctions ha.s been the sales of new Ohio aRd the a.b sence of a.ny further movement in new Pennsylvania It is genera.lly thought that this will be the condition of for some time to come a s th e latter bas been pretty thoroughly sold out, and all the sales eff ecte d that can be on country samples. This fact taken in connection with the high figures which it has com manded, will naturally have a. tendenuy to cheek trans On the other band, the new Ohio, which, either by accident or d e sign, has suffered much from the poor quality of the first samples shown, ha.s a future before it, and if, a.s is claimed, it contains some of the best seed lea.f grown last season, there is little don bt that it is destined to become a great fa.vorite with pur chasers. If we also constder the fact that the Ohio s weats out sooner, a.nd can thus be safely used at an earher da.te tha.n the Pennsylvania, it will be seen that there is no reason why portions of the crop, at least, should not be disposed of at high rates. These con siderations may a.ccount for the lugh price brought by the lot o f 229 c $ sold on Saturday by a hou se. Fme leaf will undoubtedly command a. fine price, a.s it can make httle dtfference to the con s umer, provtdmg the quality is acceptable, whether it was grown in Coo necttcut, or Oh10, and the prejudiC e of the trade aga.inst the two last named Sta.t e s seems to b e rap1dly pa.11siog a.way Should the growe rs w1thio tbe tr limtts contmue to do as well in tl:.e future a.s th e y did dunng the sea.sou, tbetr crops wtllm time rank second to none and the reputation of the tr bre thren in the Conn ecticut Valle y for producmg the best leaf will be no longer deserved. Span i s h -The sales of the week include 600 bales of Havana at Soc. to tl.OO Wtth reJerence to the duty on Spani s h \ tobacco a.nd cigars, we find the following in the l ast Gazette: "On ea c h kilo. of leaf to bacc o 3c On each ktlo. picadura (scraps) 2tc. On each 1,000 cigars, 75c On 1.000 packets mgarettes, 50c." Manufactured-Business geilera.lly continues dull and sales are few a.nd far between. Indeed wtth the exception of some black work sold at very low figures, there is scarcely a.nythmg to report. The actual trans actions last week some "nigger quarters," so ca.lled from ha.ving been made in factories run entuely by gentlemen of the African persuasion at 12tc, and 180 boxes tens, good qua.lity, at between 13c and 14 c The la.tter we should hke to think, was an exceptiooa.l transaction, but the fact seems to be that the new work now commg on arrives in such 1l condttion a.s to be worth little more tha.n the low figures quoteti. In view of this, there se e ms to be no use in consigning to this ma.rket work of so little intrinsic value It is sold, but at prices little more than nominal. The effect on the market generally, and on the prices for r e ally good work, may be readtly imagin e d We wer e rec ently told that manufacturers in w e re dt s satisfi'ed wtth the pri c es obtained by their factors here for their consignments, but it 18 difficult to see how the evil can be remedied so long as the class of work now sent here continues to arrive The proverbial pudding ca.nnot ue po a se s s p d and ea.ten, too, and if manufa.cturers press an infe rior article on the mark e t they s hould not be surprised that pric es for good a.nd poor alike decline. Regarding the export bonded warehouses located in buildm gs also occupied as offices by the firms who are mdir ectly connected with them, Commi s sioner Plea.son ton has addressed the followmg communiCation to the Coll e otor of the Thtrt vsecond Dtstt ict. It ts needless to add that hts suggestion wtll be complied with : "OFFICE OF INTERNAL REVENUE, W ASHINGTON1 Apnl 8 1871.-Sir. I have had under careful con sid e ratioo numerous communications m regard to the manner m whtch the tobacco export bonded warehouses m the Umted States are bemg occupied I find upon investigatiOn that portions of most ot them used by tobacco mercha.nts a.s counting-rooms, the countmgrooms bemg separated from the storage portions of the builrling br wooden partitions, but approached by the same outstde ent.rance The la.w expressly provides tha.t the building approved as such bonded warehouse shall be exclusively for the storage of manufa.c tured tobacco and snuff in bond It cannot be satd that these buildings are now so used In view of the fact that thiR use has long since been a c q niesced in by th1s office and the parties made their business anange meots a.ccordmgly I am not disposed to interf e re the r e wtth beyond the r e qutrements of the law. If the proprietors at thede export bonded hous e s will !o arrange them that the portions used for IF C. Linde & Co, 132 pgs; Havemeyer & Vtgeliu!l $16 75 to 18, 3 at 119 75, 20,23 50; 2 b o xes new Owen counting-room will be entirely s e para.ted from do; A S. Rosenbaum & Co 448. do, Wm. M. county at $ 7 36, to 17 50; 57 hhds new Mas o n county the portions of the buildiogs approved as a. wa.rehouse, PriCe & Co., 93 do ; Bun zl & 176 do; and Brack e n county common trash to fin e l e a r : 2 at and RO as to be approRohed from the outstde by a L e derman Brothers, 44 do Palmer & Scoville, 46 do; $4 60 to 5 95, 10 at $6 to 6 95; 5 at $ 7 0 5 to 7 60; 5 diff erent entrance from that leadioi to the wa.rehonse Obas. :If Tag & Son, 4 8 do; A L & b. L. Holt, 42 ilo; at *8 to 8. 95; 4 at t9 05 to 9 95 ; 4 at $10 t o I 0. 7 5 ; S, the y will be !_o y uch use G. B. Lichtenburg, 22S do, Sehgsbnrg, Cohen & Co, at *11.50 to 11 75-, )l at $ 1 2 t o 12.75; 4 a.t $ 1 3 to i3. 75, until s u c h time as they shall have oppod;umty to hav 26 ao; L BenediCt, 97 do order, 9 hbds, 25 pkgs 6 a.t .H to 14 75; 3 at $15 to 15.50, 4 a t a 16.25 to the des 1 red h e aring b e fore Congress You _w1ll so By the C amden aorl Amboy Railroad F a tman & 16 50; 3 a.t $ 17, 18.75, 23; 24 hhds new B oone county advise the propnetors of bonded warehouses In your Co, 6 hbds Sawyer, Wallace & Co. 11 do; Ha.vetrash,. and lugs 3 at $5 20 to 5 80; 1 3 at $6 to 6.95, S at dtstrwt and see that this requirement is compli e d meyer & Yigelius, 115 cases, 77 pgs *7 to 8 50; 20 hhds new Southern K entucky logs and with. A. PLEASONTON, By the National Line A H. & Co., 34 lea.f: 1 at $ 4 60; 8 at $5 10 to 5 .90; 7 at .6.05 tQ 6.80; Smoking.A fair bus mess wa.s don e during th e hhds; E W rtght, 56 do; Kremelberg & Co, 85 2 $9.20 2 at all, to 10.50; 32 lrbds new West Vir week, the orders being fauly dtstnbutetl over the do, P Lortllard & Co 5 d01, Blakemore, Mayo & gmta. c o mmon lugs and common leaf: 3 a.t 14 to 4 90 ; dtlferent of the cou!ltry '()o, 90 do F. W Tatgeohorst & Co, S M 112 a.t to 5 95 ; 7 at $ 6.-05 to 6.95; 5 to 7.55; C i gars -Bu$ mess coo t mues slowly to & Co, l do Polla.rd Pettus & Co, 22 do J 5 a.t to 8.40 9 boxes new West Vtrgmta to although the of etocks woullly & 4 hhds n e w West lugs at $5, 6.10, 9.5 5 ord' y 10 med 81 = = 1 Co, 112 t boxes, James Chieves & Co, 109 do; W & II 25; 1 bhd n e w Spencer county, Ind, common trash Nw Yor.t s..d Lt,f-Scotch & Lundy foot 811 90 H. Lehma.n, 4 cases hconce, Order, 1 hhd, 27 trcs, 3 at $5 30; 20 hhils new West Virginia. trash, lugs and W ravper. 20 @10 Common --66 Average iota @-Amorlcan GenUeman--1 00 CaSeS 5 t boxes )eaf: 6 at a4 to 4 .95; 3 at a5 40 to 5 65 j 7 at f6 tO Sud Lf4!18 :MorriA" v & M Coastwise from Baltimore: C. Sprotto, 5 hbds ; 6 85; 4 at t7 40 to t7 50, 8, 1S. Wrappero 811 @110 Don Quljote :Ill Cattus & Ruete, 8 do; M Il', 33 pkgs, A. F Danen Messrs Chas. Bod mann & Co, offered 183 bhds, 42 18 i15 !6 berg, 4 do boxes as hhd11.New Owen county trash Ill @.'Ill L M..:ned : Coastwtse from New Orleans Sawyer, Wa.llace & to fine leaf: s at as 85 to 6 75; 5 a.t .7 to 7.85; 2 at A .. orted Iot a @' G c.. olllllb...... 211)6' Co' 10 hhds' Order, 11 do as 55; 3 at a9 05 to 9 60; "'at .10 to 10.75; 3 a.t 11 to 18 @ l6 .. Coastwise from Newbern: H. Welsh, lOboxes. 11.75, 2at$19to20.25. 76hhdsMa!ona.ndBra.cken HnaFl'roCom 8li @. 88 "WaliloEK" !9 Costwtse from Ferna.ndma Siedeoberg & Co., 26 couor.ytrash, lugs and lea.f, S a.t *5 10 to 5.90; 11 a.t do do Pai r .. @ 95 J C. & C" !ll5@jl\ .. do do Fine.. 9T)6'm1011 "G &F" 1111)( bales. 6.10 tO 6.95; 9 at .,7 to 7 70; 7 at as to 8.85; 7 at Yaraaver .. e .. "Ynurrla" 111!6' a10 to 10. '15; 5 at ill to 11.50 j S p.t .12 25 to 12.50 j 3 at $13 to 1325;-lat$l4.tol450; 5at$15.25to llanl4fad.tlrod-Tu: lllc perpoand "Z.A,"lmlbo .. 13 mtsston merchants a.nd dea.lers 10 16.75 ., 2 at ..,18 2o, IS 7 5 ., 6 at 1 9 to 19.75 4 a.t 2 ... Poonp for Germany at pnces as quoted 7 at 16 05 to 6 ,so; 5 at 7 to 7 .60 ; 2 at $S 30 8 40. J:i.1'1!J/"88"d,llne .. .r ". formerly; and a.lso a tew hhds of old crop, taken by 3 boxes new Southern Indiana tra. h at 84 B5 5 65 Poond#-Flne 00 "It[ 11'.'' g h.ome ma.nufa.cturers The market for Kent !Icky coo-6 75; 11 hhdR Ilhnois tr'isb and lugs l :t .4. 05; 8 at as ocaree = "R .R.". tmues qutet, holders are firm. The re IS no dott 5 90; 2 at $6.20 to 7 l hhd n e w Ohio seed l e af a.t 114. IMPORTS. now, that this crop Will not by far reach the first 7 boxes new Ohio s eed leaf at 55 5 25 15 50 15 7-. mates as to qnanttty, as there is a good deal of h::ht 16 50 18 25 2 hhd W t v I 'f l 0 The arrivals at the :port of New York from 1 f h h d b th 11 .. s new es trg1ma ea., ugs 'l 1 d d h f 1 ea 10 _It, w 10 18 prove 'Y e genera. Y and trash 1 at $4.30 9 at 15 to 5 75 9 a.t a10 12 16 for week ending Apr! 18, !DC u e t e 0 -unwont hght .we tght of th e hhdfl, and the of the boxes new w es t Vtrginia trash, lugs a.od leaf; 4 at express Co 87 cases cigars whole crop wtll not exceed of ihel prevtou: year. $3.25 to 4.30; 3 at $5 to 5.45; 3 at 6 10 to 7 85; 4 at Havana: M. & E Solomon, 89 bales; DeBary & e note sa.les of 50 to 60 hh s, most y ugs at 61f to 7c. t8.05 to 9.25: 2 at $11.75, 1 2 75 1 6 boxes old Ohio C d J R wtthsomefewhhdslowtogoodleafat8tto11tc. In dfill d 1050111225125 Kling, 11 cases; Roht E Kelley & o., 4 o, V h 1 1i t f k I see ers an wrappers a ,., , .. Mesa & Co 3 do W H Thomas & Brother, 49 do JTgmta t. ere were no sa es or wan o stoc -. n.spe c 17 25 1 '1 50 18.75 20.50 22 97 25 28 50 29 35 75 t10ns for this week 1402 hhds Maryland, 30:;! do Ob10, 6Z 3 7 25' ' ' Ack e r Mem11 & Condit, 10 do, Pa1 k & Ttlford 8 do i Kentucky, 15 do Virgm1a, m a.ll 1,871 hhds, 3 hllds Offerln 8 week e nd in"' A ril 15 1871 700 hhd 71 b God e ffroy. Brancker & Co. 8 dv; Howard Ives, 6 do; r e in s p ected Maryland mcluded. Cleared 50 hbds Offi g 0 P 8 G. W Fabe r, 1 do; Reoa uld Francois & Co, 1 d o ; Mary land 162 h hds Virginia 4 /6 hhds K entuckv 277 same w e ek, 1 870 : ... 542 100 Sm1th, Crosby & C o 2 do; Fred'k Probst & Co, 1 do, hhd V il 50 hhd K k d ''B R e cetpts, country, week endtog Apnl, Lewis, Philip & John Fra nk 1 do; John W. Mason & s trgtma ste m > an 8 entuc Y ? to 15, 1871. ....................... 623 127 M h d men per steamer LelpZlg. We repeat quotaL10os, VIZ: R t t k 1 8 70 56 1 1 Co 1 -io J G. Welsh, 1 do; Duncan cArt ur, 1 o M 1 d fi t d 5 d 5 50 6 d ecetp s, couo ry, same wee .. 15 1 d ary an ros e ,._ ; souo common JOO Tl k t h b h t' b k W. R. Garrtson, 1 do Fesser & Co, 1 o common 6 50_ 7 good mediUm 7 50 9 good te mar e. as eeo moe more ac tve t ts EXPORTS. to fine 'red 10:.._13 fa o cv \4-25 ::,round 'leaves than last-wtth shghtly mcreased sale s and receipts, 5 -!l. Ohio 'infeuor' to common 5 and pnces for lugs wbwh were low e r last. have From the port of New York to ports. other 06ew, li-d b g 6 50 8 d' recovertd thetr tone, and are at present wrttmg firmer th E t f' the week en tog April 11 -' greems an rowo, ; me tum d h h b h b an ur o peao por s, or to fine red 8 50 _12. fine spangled to yellow 12 a.n g er, a out at t e same pomt as t ey were two were as follows. weeks ago Brittsh Hoodura'! 5 hhds, 81,367; 7,294 lbs mfd, -25. Kentucky, common t9 good lugs, 6.25-7; common to medtum leaf, 7.110-8.50; to good leal, CLARKSVILLE TENN, APRIL B.-Messrs M. H 20 cases, 114,92. 8.50-10, good and select leaf, 10-15. Vugtma com Clark & Broth e r leaf tobacco brokers, report: Our North American Colonies: 4,028 lbs .mfd, mon a.nd good lugs, 6 to 7; common to med10m receipts and sales continue to mcre ase steadily in $SBO 1 leaf, 6. 75 to 8; fatr t o good leaf, 8 50 to 10 50, amount The sales for the week sum1lnog up 695 Briti3h West Indies. 3 hhds, $950; 5 cases, $218 sel ectwns ( sbippmg), 10 to 12, stems, good to fiue, 4 hllds. Our market i11 active, and planters seem con 7,BOS lbs mfd, to 4 .75; pnmmgs, 5 to 5 50. tented with pre sent prices a the reJections few in Ca.nada: s ba.les, $200 49 oases clay pipes, $58. T OBAcco STATEMENT, number Leaf h eld Its own fin ely, though there was a Cuba. l9,417lbs mfd, $2,929. Jan lst, 1871.-Stock in warehouses a.nd weakening in low grad e s, which constitute a.larlfe perDanish west Indies 4 hhds, $936, 12 caseP, *385 ; on shtpboard not clear.,d ............. 9,361 hhds of our crop There promises to be suffiCient 356 lbs mfd, a135. :ftispected th1 s week . ... 1,a71 quant11 of lugs in th e Western crop to supply every Dntch West Indtes: 1 hhd, a248 ; 51 bales, a672 pre\iously ................ 5,921 deman there may be for that and leave a sur plus over for t!Je next yeltr The esttmate of lugs in 12,:364 lbs mf9, 1'1,120 h W French west Indtes 33 hhds, .3,628. Total. . . 17, 15S hbds t e estero crop bemg now esttmated at 65,000 to 70, H 2 b 1 Ex6orted since Jan. let, Maryland and 000 hbds, which is equal in amount to the entire aytt, 5 a es, "' 5. w N e w Gr enada: 1 caee, a75 i 981 Jbs mfd, $233 hio . . . . .. 4,309 hhds average estern crop from 1 8 50 to 1860. Some look To European ports for the week ending Aprtl 18 Coastwi se ana reinspected . 1,050 '' 5,359 for a. large decline in low gra.d e s expecting to see the A 1 Stoc k in warehouse to day and on ship-same range of pric e s in N e w York m 1871 as existed ntwerp case mgars b d t 1 d 1 1 794 m 1867, which was 4c to 5c for W e stern lugs. We Hamburg 44 hhds, 2 cases c1gars oar 00 c eare F 1 3B Pl Ltverpool 185 hhds, 19 1rcs, 164 cases, 440 pgs. MANUi'ACTURE D TOBACCO. quote. actory ugs 4tc to 44" aoters lugs 5c to London 10 hbds, 94 cases. There was uo spemal acttvtty notiCeable during the 6te; comm0n l eaf 6c to 7c; medmm le a f 7t to S!c; good pas t w re k The demand was moderate wtth the stock l eaf Stc to 9tc; fine lea.f 9 l c to IO-!c; selections lie DOMESTIC R ECEIPTS The arnvals at the port of New York interior and coastwise port s for the w ee k enamg Apnl 18, were 2,124 hhds., 2 8 do stems, 187 tree, 160 quarter trcs 26 bales, 26 boxes, 1,301 thre e qr. boxes 1.279 half b o x e s 103 qr. boxes, 2,632 pgs, 2,627 cases, 26 d o s mok ing, 4 d o ctgare, 4 do lt c orice, consigned as follow s:-_ By the Ene Ratlroad Bla.kemore, !Ylayo & C?, 3o hhds; E. M. Wnght, S5 d o ; J P Qum & Co., 3:> do; R L. Matt! and & Co., 5 do; N ortoo, Slaughter & Co, 26 do, P. Lorillard & Co., 16 do; Drew & 2 4 do A D Chockley & Co., 60 do ; Pollal d, Pettus & Co, 67 do J. K. Smith & So.n, 65. do, C. B. Fallenstem & Co., 27 do; Isaac Read, 2 do, F. \V. Ta.tgeohorst & Co 25 do, Sawyer, Wall ace & Co., 5 -do; C. E iHuot & Co., 3 do; Hermann, Brothers & Co, 20 do, J.D. Keilly Jr., 9 do; R. 0. Edwa.rds, 10 do, H Schubart & Co., 13 1' pkgs; Bunzl & Dormitzer 165 do; Joseph Mayer & 80 do; Strohn & Reitzenstein 89 do Kuebler, Gatl & Co 140 do, E Ho:ftman 521 do K Rosenwald & Brother, 49 do; E Unkhart' & Co, 121 do; Havemeyer & Vgel1us, 56 d o ; L Goldsmith, 20 do; J. H. Hobby & Son, 14 do, F. ThQIDas, 22 do; orde r 389 hhds, 12 By the Hudson Htver Ratlroa.d S. M Parker & Co., 26 hhds; J K. SmiLh & Co., 17 do, A D Chock ley & Co 5 do; Sawyer, tN alla c e & Co, 2 d o 1 Norton, & Co., 4 do, J. P Quin & Co 5 do, Blakemore, Mayo & Co., 1 do; Fat man & Oo, 5 do i A. C. L. & 0. Myer, 26 do; Heye & Rtes, 59 uo; .... of n e w mc1 e.asing. to 12c. BOSTON, APRIL 15.-We report this mark e t as CLARKSVILLE V.A., APRIL l5 .-.7ne R o anake f o llows :-The demand I S qmet; thete being lit t l e m-Valley says that t h e r e Is a large d e man d for t o bacco quuy for exporting. '!'he are unimpoitant i n all here at good puces, and our breaks are Improving ktnds. At M Spenc er's warehou s e, more than 30,000 pounds We quot e Weste rn: leaf, old fillers, from 71 to 9c; were sold last week at saps factory prices We saw n e w wrappers 10 to IOt c ; new sh1ppiug leaf, mediUm one lot of 1,600 lbs. le11f s ell at $7 .95 and 1,200 lbs. 3! to 9tc; fi 11e. 9;f to 1 O !c; seed leaf wrappers, 35 to I ugs at t4. 25. We dtd not get a report from N ea.! & 40c ; fiue wrappers, 58 to SOc; seconds, 25 to 32c-a Sheppard's war e house last w e ek, but from the! number tr1fl e above New York pnces, New York fillmg, 15 to of wa.goos. eto., around the warehouse on break da.ys \Be ; assorted lots 25 to SOc; wrappers, 35 to 50c; wejudgetheir busiuess was good. 95c to *1 05, btgher grades in proponiop; There are orders here for large qua.ntities of bright c ommon J.,at wrappers, 60 to 75c; seconds a.nd bmders, wrappel'll, which we suppos e wlll begm to come in thia 35c. Manufactured to bond, common, lOs and ts. month, when we hope to see li_vely times 13 to l5u; good, 15 to l8u; prime 18 to 22, the latter EV APRIL 15 .-Mr F B. Byrnes re: a tancy prwe tor an extra choH e article. ports: Our ma.rk e t bas been dull durinlf the week The receipts have been 80 hhds, 837 boxes, 615 with sales of about l!OQ hhois. The low pnces prevail: bales and The exports were 2 half hhds to Suriing at a.ll western brea.ks has a tendency to keep tobao. na.m, 28 boxes to Liverpool, a.nd 120 hbd11, 115, co in the inter1or and a.lso acts a.s an inducement for and 65 boxes to other foreign ports. country shippers to send dltrect to sea.board. Luge CINCINNATI, APRIL 15 .-Mr. J. A. Johnson, re common, $4.50 to 5 good lugs, as to 5 50, common porter of the Toba.cco Associa.tioo, writes as lea.f, 15.75 to 6 25; medium do, t6.50 _to 7.50; good do, tol ows $8 to 9. Messrs. Power & Clayton offered 176 bbds, 11 bxs at LOUISVILLE, APRIL 12-We report a.s follows : the f ll o wmg prices. 41 bbds new Owe county tr:U.h Recei)Jtll are falling off som e what. Pnces un de r to fine lea f : 9 at 16 to 6 90, 4 a t *7 15 to 7.95; 3 at going b?t slight RS wtth last w ee k, :fs8 35 to 8 75; 2 at $ 9.50 to 9.70 ; 4 at a1o to W '15, 2 and destra.ble quahues .meet wtth qu1-:k sale at prices at ill :!5 to II 50; 5 at tU to 12.75 ; :.! a.t $13 50 to which saustactory to planters and factor s The 13.75; 2 at $14 to 14.25; 2 at 15.25 to 15.50; 3 at exports were 1343 hhds, 1:29 bxs, a.od the import11


were 1711 bbds, 425 bxs The sales were 1631 hhds, agamst 1150 bhds, with 50 rejectiOns, correspondtng week last ye&f, and were as follows Tne P1ckett Rouse sold 333 hhds 16 hhds Daviess county Lbaf at *6 20 to 8 26 bbds DaVIess county lugs and trash at $4 40 to 6 io 10 hhds Webster county leat and trash at 4 40 to 7 30 27 hhds Henderson county leaf and trash at 3 75 to 6 50, 12 hhds Todd county Leaf at 6 10 to 8 12 hhds Todd county lu"s at 4 85 to 5 so, 5 -!Jhds county leaf amd at 4 75 to 7 10, 2 hhds Barren county Leaf at 7 90, 8 25 3 hhds Breckmrtdge county leaf at 5.80 to 6 50 22 bhds Breckmr1dge county lugs and trash at 4 55 to 6 12 hbds S1mpson county Iuers at 5 05 to 5 60 9 hbds Stmpson county leaf at 5 90 to 7 70, 6 hhds 'Oh10 county l eaf at 6 20 to 7 50 22 hhds Oh10 county lugs and trash at 4 70 to 6 2 hbds Manon county leaf at 6 10 12 hhds Marton county luo-s and trash at 4 55 to 5 60 2 hhds Grayson county le:f at 6 20, 8 40 9 bhds Grayson county lugs at 4 45 to 5 70, 7 hbds Mad1son county leaf at 6 to 6 90, 4 hhds Madtson county lligs at 5 to 5 60 2 bbds Logan county leaf at 6 30, 6 50 1 hhd Meade_ county leaf at 6 2 hhds Meade county lugs at 20, o 40, 5 bhds Hart county l ea f at 6 40 to 8, 9 hhds Ha1 t county trash and lugs at 4 60 to 6 20, 4 bhds Cumbedand county leaf at 5 90 to 8, 2 hhds Cumberland county lugs and trash at 4 35, 5 5 bhds Cuttenden county lugs at 5, 5 85 ; 3 hbd11 UbJOn county leaf at 6 40 to 8 30 11 hhd s U mon coO.nty lugs and trash at 4 05 t o 6 10 9 bbdJ Henry county cmtmg leaf at 10 25 t1:> 26 50 2 hhds Henry county lugs at 5 10 to 6 20, 17 bhds Ballard county !eat aL 7 to r 22 50, 12 hbds Ballard county lugs and trash at $6 40 to 4 80, 5 hhds.lf1ankhn county leat and at $5 50 to 13 50, 7 hhlls Tnmble county leaf, lugs and trash at $4 70 to 13 3 bhds Taylor county common leaf and lugs at $5 Z5 to 6 30; 4 bbds Metcalfe county leaf and lugs at $5 25 to 6 80, 2 bbds Hancock leaf at $6 to 6 20 1 hbd Brown county, lnd at $4 55, 24 hbds'Spencer county, lnd, ltJaf, lugs and trash at :U 80 to t 70, 6 bbds Perry county, Ind, common leaf and lugs at 5 to 6 20, 14 hods Tennessee l e af and lugs at 4 80 to 7 6 Tr1gg county leaf and lugs at 5 45 to 25 2 hbds Carroll com1ty leaf and lugs at 7 to 9, 12 hhds Indtana leaf, lugs and trash at 4 25 to 6 50, 20 hbds M cLean county leaf, lugs and trash at 4 35 to 8 5 bhds Fulton county leaf and lugs at 4 95 to 7 50 4hhds :Vng1ma bno-bt at 35, 37, 40, 40, 4 bhds Black fat at 9 to 7 30; 1 hbd screps at 1 35 The Lolllsvtlle House sold 321 bbds 7 bhds Henry county leaf lilt 11 to 24, 26 hhds Dav1 e s s county leat, lugs and trash at 4 40 to 10 60, 23 bhds Spencer county, Ind, leaf, lugs and tiash at 4 30 to 7, 60 hbds Indiana leaf, lngs, tras h and scraps at 4 30 to 8 60, 7 bbds Tenncss;e leaf and lugs at 5.85 to 7, 16 bbd.s Henry county, reno, leaf and at 5 20 to 18 50; 14 hhds Ilhnois leaf and lugs at 6 to 7 50 28 hhds Brcckenndge County leaf and lugs at 4 60 to 13 75, 2 bhds Monroe county lugs at 4.95 to 5 15, 5 .hbds Grayson county leaf a.nd lugs, at $4 85 to 6 !10, 4 hbds Cnttendon county leaf and lugs at $5 to 7, 2 hbds Taylor county leaf at $6 40, 7 hhds L1vmgston county leaf and lugs at *5 05 to 7, 7 hhds Cumberland county leaf anJ lugs at $5 5 0 to 9 20 hbds Metcalfe county leaf and lugs at $4 90 to 9.'so, 28 binds B alfen county leaf and lugs at $4 80 to 6 50, 3 bbds. Ballard county leaf at $14 to 21, 13 bbds Oarroll county leaf and lugs at $6 to 13 75, 8 bhds Hancock county lugs at f5 to 5 25, 10 hbds Harrison county lugs and trash at $4 35 to 8 8 bhds Webster county leaf and lugs at *4 50 to 9 10 5 hhds Warren county lugs at $4 70 to 5 20, 5 hhds' OhiO county leaf at $6 to 7 50, 10 hbds Butler county lugs at $4 90 to 5 55, 3 hbds Adatr county lugs at $5 05 to 5 65, 2 bbds Sumne1 couvty, Tenn, leaf aud lugs at $5 05 to 7 10, 1 hbd Allen coanty leaf at '5 40 2 bhds Owen county trash at $6 50, 6 60, 1 hhd Green county leaf at $7 20 2 hhds Lawrence county at $7 20, 7 50, 1 bhd Logan county leaf at $6 80, 16 bbds Green R1ver leaf and lugs at 4 90 to g 50 2 bbds S1mpson county leaf and lugs at 6 45 to 6 60' 2 bbds Warren county leaf at 6 I o, 7 The bouse sold 287 bhds 5 bbds Henry county leaf at 4 40 to 15 75, 4 Lbds Tntnble country leaf and lugs at 5 35 to 15 50, 12 bhds Green county leaf and lugs at 4 90 to 10, 11 bhds Taylor county lugs and low leaf at 5 10 to 7 70, 25 hhds Ada1r county common leaf and lugs at $4 35 to 8.40, 32 hhds Logan county common ltJaf and lugs, at $4 75 to 8, 20,hhds Hart county medmm to brtgbt manufacturmg leaf and com moo lugs, at M 90 to 18, 20 hbds Todd county leaf and at *5 30 to 10, 13 bhds M e tcalfe at M 40 to 4 80, 10 hhds Cumberland county lugs and leaf, at $4 55 to 8 30, 7 hhds Caldwell county common lugs and leaf, at $4 30 to 7 60, 10 hhds Larue county leaf and lugs, at *4 65 to 7 20, 7 bbds Dav1ess county fac tory lugs, at U 80 to 6 20, 10 hhds Stmpson county leaf and Juers at *5 05 to 7 40, 17 hbds Green county mediUm to good ieaf and lugs, at $4 95 to 9 50 4 bbds Barren county medium lugs at M 90 to 5 15, 3 hhds Owen county common leaf at 17 to A 6 hhds Ballard co manutactunng leaf and factory lugs at $4 40 to 11 25 6 hhds Grayson county leaf and lugs at M 45 to 6 90 4 bbds Wasbmgton county leaf and lugs at $5 10 to 7 50 4 bbds Green county, Ind lugs at M 90 to 5 50, 8 bhds Chnstia.n county lugs at $4 55 to 5 85 2 hhds Dav1ess county leaf at $7, 9, 4 bhds Russell county lugs at *5 10 to 6 10, 5 hhds Ohio county leaf and lugs at $5 65 to 13 25 10 bhds McLe9n county factory at $4 65 to 5 80, 8 hhds Breckmndg county fac tory lugs at 4 60 to 5 95; 2 hbds Marwn county lugs at 5 15 to 6 60 The Planters' Honse sold 103 hhds, 11 bbds Chrtst1an county leaf and lugs at 5 20 to 18 50, 2 hhds Hart county bright at 30, 31 26 hbds Hart connty leaf and lugs at 5 to 14 25, 3 hbds Warren county leaf and lugs at 5 15 7 50 4 bbds Barren county leaf and lugs at 5 15 to 6 20, 7 hbds Green county leaf and lugs at $4 55 t 6.90, 5 bbds Metcalfe county leaf and lugs at 5 25 to 7 10 10 lfbds Tngg con)lty leaf and lugs at 5 15 to 9 20, 1 bhd Tennessee trash at 4 95, 10 hbds Logan county leaf and lugs at 5 30 to 12, 2 hhds Hende rsun county leaf at 6 80 to 7 80 4 hbds Brec k1mtctge county leaf and lugs at 5 25 to 7 60, 2 hbds Hardm county leaf and lugs at 5 55 to 6 50 1 hhd Larue county lugs at 4. 95 1 hbd S1mpson county lugs a. 20, 7 hbds Grayson county leaf and lugs at 4 80 to 10 50 1 hhd Meade conn tv lugs at 5 85, 1 bbd Robertson county, Tenn, lugs at 5 10, 2 hbds Ind1ana lugs, stems and trash at 3 15 to 5 25 LYNCHBURG, .APRIL15 -Mr J H Tyree, tobacco commission merchant, reports Inspected last week .. this week, endmg Apnl 15, .. !Rcrease from last week Sold as loose last week this week hbd!< bxs 123 125 197 125 74 T1erces. 309,400 2(J1,400 Decrease from last week............. .108,000 The market has been dull and drooping, partiCularly for and low grade leaf, whtle the bngbt grades are iii m at quotations I quote as follows Pn.mmgs, 2c to 3 lugs commoo, 3\ to 4t do, good shippmg, 5 to 6 do, fine do., 6 to 6t common flmokmg lugs, 8 to 1 2 good to fine do, 15 to 20 tine extra do, 20 to 25 luf, smoking, 8 to 12, gcod do, do 15 to 25, extra, do, do, 26 to 40, common leat, sbtp pmg, 5!to 6!good do' do' 7 to 8' fine do' do, 8 to 9, common leaf, workmg, 5!to 6' good, do do, 7 to St; fine, do., do, 11 to 13, Coont!CtiCut wrap pen, 10 to 121, good do, 18 to 25; fine do, 30 to 45, extra yellow do, 50 to 75. NEW ORLEANS, APRIL 12 -WerPport follows -'I be demand IS better, but there have been few sales The stocks oi new lea.t are a.ccnmulatiDg, and there 1s THE TOBACCO L E.AF. no doubt but that Regie buyers wtll soon enter the market The sales ba' e been 70 bbds ot which 18, 30 and 4 hbds new sold at pnvate terms, 9 Lhds new leaf at 9c, 3 and 4 bhds at S! to 9c We quotA lugs at st to 7c, low leaf 7 to 7!c, medmm leaf 7t to 8c, good leaf 8 to 8!c, fine 9! to 10tc per pound There IS very little activity m the market for manufacture d The stocks o fine grades are scarce, but there IS plenty ot common We quote .Extra No 1 brtght, 80 to 90c per pound, good medmm do, 70 to 75c, mediUm do d0, 65 to 70, common sound, 55 to 60c, medmm and common un sound, 40 to 50c, hf pounds brtgbt, 60 to 70; do dark, 55 to 58c, No 1 5s and lOs, 56 to 58c, navy, pounds, 55 to 57c; navy, half pounds, 55 to 57c, f!lncy styles, natural leaf, tw1st, pancake, etc, 65 \o SOc The exports were 492 hbds to Bremen, and the Im ports were the followmg lots from Havana E Trots gros, 2 bales Gonzales, Brothers 3 cases ctgars The domest1e receipts were 475 hhds, 77 cases, 149 pgs 22 half boxes, 277 caddtes consigned as follows: By R1ver Boats -L Gunther & Co, 40 hhds ; Bry an Hardmg -55 do, Blakemore Brothers & Co, 20 do, Beadles Wmgo & Co 4!1 do, R T Toran, 117 do, Jno E Ktng 74 do, Hadden, Overton & Butch, 10 do, Ku kpatnck & Ketth, 32 do W oodndge & Garth, 13 do, E H Wilson & Son, 3 ao 3 do, C Ftsber, 1 do, G M Bayley & Ponr.& was bought freely by London houses, owmg to the scar01ty of tb1s descnpt10n m that market Ylrglma leaf and stnps, as usual, were sparmgly uealt m The dehver1es fur the month are satusfactory. and are accounted fo1 by the comparative scarcity of all cheap and useful substitutes and the total sales fully up to an average Pnces 10 most mstances we1e mamtamed, especially m all classes of We3tern str1ps It 1s unfortunate the stock of export western leaf m th1s port bemg so small forces London agents to supply themselves from an outport, m almost all trans a ctwns that occuued duung the past month for expol tatwn the bulk WM lymg m Ltverpool, larger transactiOnS would have taken place had th1s not been the case The 1mports to th1s port durmg the pMt month were 239 hhds, the dehvenes I 023 bbds, and the stock JS 12,507 hhds, or 3292 bbds less than at thlS porwd last year Havana leaf-Notbmg to report Havana segars -m fa1r requ est Ambalema, Carmen and Grron-Not much domg Palmyra-Qutet Esmeralda-Pnces :firm Mamll a 'l'he vanous sbtpments meetmg the approbatiOn of buyers extens1ve transactwns took place Manrlla cigars and che roots, m better request Japan much wanted. Java m good demand or1ees Jhmer Tarkey-Rathe1 mol-e cn qmred for, a good assortment IS otferm g Greek and Macedomao-Supphes have been readt!y placed Algenan -Nothmg domg Dutch-More m demand GermanFrllers 10 request Brazil and Porto Rtco atttacted but l1ttle attentiOll St. Dommgo qutet Hunganan 10 bett e Ie quest 'Neg10head and Cavendtsh--but little otfer mg of he former the lattet bas been 1mpm ted freely, and pnces are lowe1 Stalks and sma,ll s wanted Messrs Grant, Chambers & Co's Monthly Crrcu lat re ports There hM b een but little act1v1ty m the market dur mg the past month, and. the transacuons m Not th Amertcan tobacco, w1th but few exceptwns, have been upon a !muted scale only Home trade buyers have taken such as tbev were most u i need of, but there have b e en no mq times of Importance to note For exportat1on there bas b een a goou demand for the lower classes of Western leaf, and had our market offe1 ed a better assortment, large sal es would have been effected, so limited was our stock, that numerous orders recerved here have bad to be supplied f10m other markets, to a very constderable extent We learn from the States that although the Jast crop JS light m c raracter, there will be but a short supply of colory tobacco, wbtcb IS so mulJh t eq utred m th1s m a1ket Substitutes have been 10 good demand, the stock now on sale JS so hm1teu, that bold ers m all ms ta nces have considerably advanced then pnces, and no quantity of a desuable descupt1on IS now to be had Imports, 239 hbds deltvenes, 1 023 bhds ngamst 844 bhds m the cor1e spond10g month of last year stock 12, 507 bhds, agamst 15,799 hhds m 14,335 bhds m 1869, 19,986 hhds m 1868, 22 103 bbds m 1867, 24,499 bbds m 1866, and 20 515 m 1865 V1rguua leaf and stnps, of old 1m ports, have ag-am been sought after by buyers, the stock of both IS now very small Of leaf there 1s less on sale than for some years pMt Kentucky and Mtssoun leaf and stnps have bad then full share of attention durmg the month Leaf smtab!e for home us e bas been sought after, comprrsmg fine light m color and good stout usefu l classes for spmnmg and other pm poses for expm t, the lower grades have been m favor, but operators have only a hrrute d asso1 tment to d e al w1tb Fo1 st11ps there ba s been no con s1derable demand, the old unpo1 ts contmue to be more m favor than the last amvals, from the1r general umforrn1ty m calm and character, pnces remam firm for a ll classes Maryland and Ohw have been but little dealt m sales have been confined to the most co lory descr1ptwns offeung, for whiCh full rates asked, good useful sound parcels of the for mer would meet a ready sale at fatr pnces Havana Cigars contmue to be taken very feely, and the stock of ehgtble descnptwns IS now very small good to fine classes are' much wanted, and would brmg fau rates Havana tobacco, of the filtery soits, JS m request, and amvals of good qu alit y would sell fJeely, for the more leafy classes, tbete b but h1tle enqurry Yara and Cuba stock qurte exhausted there nre numerous eoqumes both for home use and exporL'1tJOn Mamlla cheroots and, of good qual 1ty and conditwo, sell freely at cmrent rates The medmm s1zes are m ost read1ly placed Mamlla tobacco-the late amvals bavmg, m most mstances, contamed tobacco of deSllable quahty for home trade purposes, have been taken fteely at fa1r pnces, and:m the present dearth of other su1t able growths, contmue m m ncb favor w1th home a.n l export buyers Columbtan-Ambalema contmues m but IS st1ll scarce dry cuttmg class es would sell r ea dtly Gnon, some small parcels have been placed f01 cutting purposes In Catmen some considerable sales havft been made for Home Tr-.tde and ExportatiOn Several large paicels r e cently aruved, offermg a good assortment, are now sampled, and on sale In Palmyra transactions have been hm1ted fine descnptwns are still m reque s t Com moo and ordmary dtfficult to pla.ce Esmeralda bas be e n T!Oderately deal t m the stock on hand bem g small and generalty of a medmm character Brazil, Arracan, and Porto new to report. German, both for cuttmg and segar purposes, contmues m demand Stock of smtable sorts much rsduced Dutch contmues scarce A good demand exrsts for dry leafy classes, wbtch are dtfficult to obtam Java bas agam been dealt m freely Stock very small Holfle rs Mk a constderable advance on recent pnces Colory sorts are readily placed. Japan -No stock m first bands A small parcel was sold by public auctwn on the 23d ulttrno, and real1zed full pr1ces Algenan-Colory descnpt1ons scarce and much wanted St Dommgo-The only transact wu to repm t "as a parcel sold at public sale, whtch b10ught fmr rates Turkey--Sales have been moderate, colory sorts bemg generally scarce amvals of such would come to a good market Greek bas been taken to a faiT extent, some of the recent 1m ports prov10g o f good color and free 10 character Mac edoman Leafy and cl ean classes much wanted, our market 1s now nearly bare of such Hunganan-UsefRI, well butted parcels contmue m request 'l'here IS but little at p1 esent on sale Lataki a has been mo1e enqmred f01 Stock on hand hm1ted In Negrobead we have not beard of any j:Jusmess done Cavend1sh 'fransact wns have been to a. moderat e extent Stalks-10 good demand Srnallsdrfficult to place -' Messrs John Ste" art Oxley's Circular says Our tobac co market durmg the paot month bas been fauly acttve, and the total sales amount to about the same as those m Feb ruaryr say about 900 hbds Of the above total, the greatet propo1t10n cons1st ed of medt!lm western stnps, some lar ge patcels havmg b e en sold ea r ly 10 the month There has also been an enquny for the common descr1pt10ns of west ern Jeaf for exportat1on, but the busmess trans wted was hm1ted, 10 consequence of the small assortment to choose from The sales of Vlfgmta leaf and str1ps \Vere only of a retail character, w1th the exceptiOn of a pm ch,LSe of about 80 bbds for navy put poses M.11ylands have been m request, but there are scarcely any to be bad, and the only enq utry for Ohws was for colory descnptwns, whtcb drffirult to find The market fo1 Caye nd1sb contm ues qmet, and pnces are lower and very megular :Mr G J Rolfe's crrcular says -There was a sma11Im p10vemsnt m the market m March, resultmg m sales to the extent of 1,000 hhds, two-thtrds of the same cons1stmg of stnps, the balance ordmary end medmm export leaf A good dem and agatn exlSted for the last named class, 1t wa s howev er onl y supplied to tbe extent mdtcated, owmg to the want of swtable grades In N egrohead notbmg WM done, although there WM some mqmry Oa.vendish found buyers only 10 smalt lots Pr1ces somewhat reduced Havana, Ynra and Cuba leaf were all asked after at low rates Columbmn.-Carmen sold readily both for home use and export. Any growths fit for cutting purposes would find buyer s Mamlta leaf was m great favor In Greek httle wM done, owmg to want of stock A new parcel JUSt tQ baa turns out well Turkey & Maced oman are both much wanted C1gars -Havana and Mamlla present no alteration of Importance Messrs Bramble, Wtlkms & Co.'s monthly price current reports; Durmg the past month a steady demand has ex 1sted m tb1s matket for most descuptwns of tobacco, and on the whole a cons1derable amoun t of busmess has trans be constdered htghly satisfactory, whrle substitutes and 01gar materml, such as we to offer have been m cor1tmuous demand For Vugmmleaf and str1ps there have b een bui few Pnqumes, exceptmg for fine colory leaf, w1th whiCh the the market IS poorly stocked Western leaf and strrps hav e b ee n dealt m to a cpnstderable extent, but more par trcula.tly the latter, of whtcb the sales mentwned above have been composed Good B1rd 's eye !eat hM been also m demand, but It IS dtfficult to find. Maryland and Ohw-'1 he former IS m good demand and such parcels as have offered themselves have been placed In Ohw httle hM been done Java c onttn ues act1ve at enhanced 1 ates Smce our Jast repolt several parcels have come to band, the maJOrtty of wb1cb, were tmmedtately p laced wbtle more llitght have been done had holders been a httle mor modemt" m the1r demands Japan-No amvals, and v1th the exceptwnof37balessold by auctton, we have no transactwn to report Algenan colory dry tobaccu much wanted Hungauan bas been more m demand, and t\\ o or three small p 1rcels recently 1m ported found buyers at curi ent rates Further aJrJvals are shortly expected In St Dommgo we have nothlO"' to r eport Turkey has not sold so freely as m the month for want of supplies, reatly fine tobacco bemg now very sca1ce Commoner sorts are more plenttfnl w1th but little enq utry Gte ek-Dty colo1y tobacco bas been m de maud, but mferror sorts are ne glected There are no VI sev e1al useful parcels olf.:mng D11tch -The htgh priCes which boldets Mk have qmte put a stop to tbe sale ot th1s tobacco for the pteset!tand we s ee no chance of busmess until more hberal terms prevail German IS extremely sca tce, consequently but little bM b een done :S:avana-Exceptmg an occ l? swna l enquuy for covers, fillers only are 10 demand Yara and Cuba are w1tbout alteratwn Columb 1an-(Am balema, Carmen, Gtron, and Palmyra)-A cons 1 derable busmess bas been done m Carmen for exportatwn, and Palmyra IS m mcreased demand at advanced rates Grron IS wanted for mgar purposes, but su1table descr1ptwns are dtfficnlt to find Esmemlda 1s seldom asked for Manilla bas sold to a considerable extent, and the bulk of the rec ent 1mportatwns has now been placed The "Waverly'' whtcb d1d not transbtp her cargo at L1sbon as was reported a JIQroJaJlatJ ..ucn m LEAF TOBACCO, t68 fE.ARL fTREET, }'JEW YORK .Alway on hand a 1nllaorrtment or VIsontu and w pere and ..... partlcul rly Rri(!lil BOd the man'4facturlng trade .A Leal T ..,, -rJ, alted to Lt hera! caah advaocea mad e on ohf tliJ grade, friend I n England, throlfgh 0 our onoe, or to our A D CHOCKT.EY, Richmond, Va A L A..'fDll:RBON New Yoll<. CHOCKLEY & ANDERSON COMMISSION MERCHANTS RIOHMON ..D, V .A_ Conslrnment of Leaf 'robocco Grain aod th on wbtcb IUJ

L :E A F-. T 0 B-.A 0 0 0 I THE New York Comm i ssion M9r( ltants ll".ll.. P KITTREDGK. E C. WHXELOCE HAN, CARROLL & CO., TOBACCO The Tobacco Agency EsTABLISHED IN 1836, BY CHARLES M. CoNNOLLY. II. P. KITTREDGE 1: CO.,TO.BACC o CONNOLLY 8t CO., ctommtsston C ommission Merchants ... To. 104 FRONT STREET, Com.m.ission AGENTS FOR ALL THE IN POPULAR BRANDS OF VIRGINIA TOBACCO. M J Do lEAF & MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, 71 and 73 Front St., NEW YORK. S THos: CAI!..ROLL, ( JNo. T. TAITT. 45 WATER ST., ... TE w YORK. .Tr., i :. At. ents for tllfr followint tell .. knOwn Vir[inia :Mfillnfaeturers: ..... Sta.nley Liltlc-::\:lt Young Sweu, Flora Temvle, 1 Cottnll' Adml-'rath1u, Le6&1 Challenger, We respectfully call the attention of the trade to the following STANDARD J. B ,... f)S r'-, t d T bac fi. h' h Agents 0 Venuo Ldy Plnm Ck. !(ivai, y & IBBR,I\ UGH IV soa \An 0 fAaDUtaC Uf6 0 CO Or W lC W8 are Little i.l111m\, hell< or Geni'Jila, 1\ilver Cluud, 1t. U IE .:J' Lont Noire, rom ThuiUb, Pine Apple, & l'fNJ &IloLIAJI.'I WillliiAP, Lbl, Ol>TliA, Light rreued. GOLDlUI APPLE, tum4 61 Palmetto, Ca!>le Coil, Jacl<., t, C6erry, J. H. GRAN'F Ull!lli .. GOLDERIUL," XOXEITBAD ht 81 BOR TOR J'IG Black Plome, F"'oblon, Pi)de ofU. s., Royal. JOH' N EN' D E as, Golden Rale :st. Elmo; Sat1or1' FMorlte Amoret, GALLEGO 11 TORTOII:I BHELL RA BUFFALO CXIPI, Aoderonn Jeell, Indl4n B or. Fawn, RO'JITER'B IlfviRCDIJ,.1 PACK "' ITOVtALL11 ROUGH GOLD BA11.8, Tenbroock, .T, .J. P R. A: PATTERSON t co., J." P.' .. t: fl I r \ JebaC and Cotton fartors, Also ommission Merchant, sbes. suited to all markets. llenera LOffiffiiSSIOn I .Agents Jolin WOarro!.n Smoking DEALER IN & WESTERN LEAF, '-\ BRrn a BOW ... a_ r,t.o -AND. Manufactured Tobaoco, Gum, etc., .. RuB .... -.'il v ., 2 Hanover Building, Hanmr Sq., I G!9tntrid B\trtgmrls, Lon a JaGk & :Brown. Dick;' I etc. Nel4tl PEARL STREET, N. y, ,. ---T"' 1 N0.41 BROADSTREET. 1' CARL UP & P.o. Box, 48G8. ........... 'w TOX. :, In clark to our "Thistle" Brand, so widely known in parts of mri MANN, Cuuutt y for its beauty of workmanship, delicacy of chew, &c., wo would invite the TOBACCO an<.l GENERAL Comm.'L. ssion ts, G ntt r ntion of J obbors; always on band in lbs, ':lalf lbs. threes, p 1 e'es, &c. c + c ommission Merchant, TII.7 SEHRUDB: D & BON, AfPLEBJ & HE[M,E, TOBA'CCO 'COMMISSION MERCHANT, 178 Water.Street, -New York. P. 0. Box 4,198. 6 CEDAR STREET) NEW YORK. ALEX FRIES & BROTHERS, Maenfacturers of .B.& V AN A G:IGA. R FLAVOR, 26 WEST BROADWAY, NEW YORK. 48 and .50 East Second Street, Cincinnati. I. M. PARKER i CO., COTTON AND TOBACCO FACTORS : .um COMMISSION MERCF1ANTS, :181 Pearl Street, corner of Cedar, NEW YORK -,, 0. Ltlro'B. 0. 11. 'LINDE. s. x.uwoao. NEW YORK Seed-Leaf Tobacco Inspection. Tobacco Inr.pccted or Sampled. Certificates glven for every case, and delivered, OB88 by caee, as to number of Certificate. NB.-I al3o ample in Merchant's own F. C. LIND-=: ct. CO., WAR'EH01JBES1142 Water, and 74,76 and 78 GreenWich Street OF'FIC:. WATER "'T., 7 and 8 ;;it .JOHN'S PARK, H, a;R. D, l'.>l!o F'-'AT:lv.I:.A.N" db) COTTOI i TOBACCO, FA'CTOftS, AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Nos. 70 and 72 Broad 1 Cln'HRIE & CO., 226 FRONT STREET, COMMISSION :MERCHANTS, AND TOBACCO :E"B:E:SB:EIDS, Leaf Tobacco preed in hv,es for the West Indles, :Mexican and Central American Ports, and other markettt. TOBACCO PACKED IN HOGSHEADS. J.V:I!J-.gv OHAS. B. FALLEN STEIN & SONS, TOB1ACCO AND CENERAL IU@ll'IJJKS Jl8)3) 1.A.ND NBW YORK. SOLE AGENTS FOR lt C. & MANUf"ACTURERS OF THE' CELEBRA t, 0 RAILROAD MILLS Partieular attention to Special 'Brands for Grocers k Jobbers. SNUFJF, 29 Liberty Str'eet, and 54 Lane, New York. .\l\llMAN cf CODISSION Jm.CliANTS .A.N'D Dealers in: .Vkgin.i.a Smoking Tobacco, Jack & Ida Lewis Brands. MANUFAGTIJBED TOBACCO, ALSO, 108' FRONT ST., NEW YORK. t-Ha" always on hand a. large Assortment, for sale onLibe :841\YdfBLI:SG I I [< 62 Broad 69 New Streets, IMPORTERS OF .. 4 AFR.XO.A.N' A 1t1t r 1t .Atwi otAer ancl pPVZar ln'anct. or Hlllt1ana s.gafl.., AND' SOLE AGENTS FOR THE SALE Of THE ..' PRINCIPE DEGALES SEctAltS, M'A!NuF:A.dTunED AT THE BAT6ER & BRO:, COMMISSION l1111la0HANT8 AND IMPORTERS OF CLAY PIPES, ATER-STREET, NEW-Yc;>RK. WEI'ST OF THE CELEBRATED PlUNOIPE DE GALES liA.IUFAOTORY OF HAVANA. 168 WATEH, STREET, 1'11'\\ YOKE, 'i&ve on eale all kinds of Leal Tobacco for Export and ?r Uome ul!!e. Ottinger & Brother, Lo&f 119 PEARL STREET, NEWYOBK. E. & G. FRIEND & CO., DK.ALJtBB IN I Leaf Tobacco, 129 MAIDEN LANE, Ew .&BD FlUli:ND l NEW YORKe R. 8. Importer of HAVANA TOBACCO, 203 P .EARL STREET, Near Maiden Lane, NEW' YORK. WILLIAM M. PRICE & CO., LEAt F 119 Maiden Lane, Wlt. M PRICE; l F. A. JAYNE. f NEW YOB.E-JOS: MAYER & SON AND DUL"&BS IN :1.22 WATER STBEET, New York. J : li. BERGMAJ")t 00MMISS10N MERCHANT tJ[p()RTIB .AlfD "WBOLXSALB DE.U&B Ill' lileOteh, Gertnan, and JliiJliBS. Jl'oreign &nli Dome.tio 4 J;.ea:f .,-o Aloo, Imporffir and e! ,SECARS. B'o! 146 Frontlltteet, NEWYOR'JI. L. CERSH'EL & Wholesale Dealers in HAVANA AND' DOMESTIC .u,....... I IA4a/'ro.-, lo. II IIIAlDD loll!, .. B.G .... a:a. lOB:UB A. VEGA-BB.O. DII'OIIUU or


Ohio UD om Own Paokin8. GBOWPH OJJ 18'10. NOT LESS THAN 100 Cases. 'By A .. S. ROSENBAUM & CO'., .1.69 WATER ST., THE HIIH A DR 1 L. L. Va., PALMER SCOVILLE, AND JOBBEHS 01' AL:. KINDS UTZ ........ Strlleblli"J"r,_F'rlll & Pfelll'er, JoaN R. G.....,... ......... W. C. Yiekenglll & Co. MAROBLLus HABTLJ:Y, Schuyler, Hartley & Ura.bam. Wu.soN G Hun. OsRBARD J.ANsn : ... Jabs..,, Sebmldt& "Rupertr. F&&o&R1CK KusNB ...... Knanth. Nacbod & Kuhne. AL:x:', Klingenberg_& Co. LBo .... ..Blldae. Sehll!' & Co. 0. H. SCHREINER, Cashier. X. II, L!!TIN. FU:DBBICK :M. F.lhtliiJIWB .......... Xelai!Der, Aell:ertDMa EJnL l!U.atnJS .................... K. KnwAR J'RDBs .................... Baneoitl!!fA 0. ...... l&te orXamlab Sauer A Cf, Josua s,.uau ... J. & w. s;Jigman., W. G. T..uxs ..................... Baltzer 4J 'h::.: .. F&BD&BIOK VllllAR. EMIL BAUER. P!'elddlll& FIRST-CLASS FIRE INSURANCE Ou 1b.e l"articipa1iou l"laJh --J Fire lnsurauce 37' *'ALL STRE', '!TEW YOBX CI'l'Y. CROSS ASiti!TS, t'lfO,tns't.621 CAPITAl.. S200,000.Ge ACTltAL JW ua, t48S,088.t8. Over 1811.!{ per cent. on the Cap!t&l, ancf eolilfliffJii llioet l'avorably witl:i other Companl ... especial' -Ia ... lndemnlt7 oerett Iuiie Folle7 ot lnnrance. J JDI!Dnmee on the PARTICIPATION PLAN, or In tb;7.0ld Faohloiled Way," on tbe moat favorable fait Polleleo not Participating In the Pro11ts, have all !le benell.t ot !be extra BectU"ily or the lilciUI' .tl'111!111. P. R I {1 EiThe Prompt and Liberal adjuotment or Loues, and Square," is ibe peclally or this C.:;:;;. All styjes of Manufactured aad Smoldag 1 Of HENRY P FBEEJJCAN, liJ'V ASHER 'IAYLOB, .l"re't. put up under special brands for the sole UBe of the owner. Patented April 5"th, 1870, Tl1is nove l Rnd newly-patented invention "is claimed to be the most perfect device for smoking loose tobacco ever olfwed to the public. By the simple arrangement shewn, the saliva, instead or running into the bowl, weLting the tobacco, and thus fouling the. whole pipe, is carried th.rougll t.he under wbe into the ball or cham b e r under the bowl, while the smoke, entirely denicotized, paa11es dry and clean through the upper stem to the mouth. This cham ber is readily detached.,.nd emptied1 ang, being entirely separate from the mid haTi n g no communication into it, evaporation from it into the pipe is prevented, and the tobacco is l kept dry, and may be readily consumed to the last particle, while the great object ion to the common pipe-that of the nicotine drawing back int-o the mouth-is entirel y obviated .It di.lfers in res('lllct from all other pipes, and must commen d itself at a glanca to all smokers. R. W. ROBINSON & SON, 182 184 c:C 1.86 Green.wich Sfl'eet, JYew York. Lfberal arrangements will be mado with parties deriring exclusive territory, H. 'GODDWIN & GD.'S WELCOME a..,.,.. ..... : We take tbollberty ot & yoala thla maunor, t.he better to r.all JOur attention to a Tobacco unuoually Ina In lla qqlltj. We llaT<, dnrlng many yean, pat1ent11 and per1eTerll!ll7 !Htltuted bitvlng a dlreet bearing upon the manufacture i>t Tobacco ; we baTe t.n111 P red ueltber time Dor mone1" ln the accompltabmenl or oer and froiD' our P'-ilt experience and mTeotlg&tlone,....., COII'I"IlR:e'tbal the only true and pr@per way to manufacture Tobaeco ll and ol manutac:tnring; It proteot the Tobacco hom the atmo1pbere, pleftDI& motVdiog, and KrMtlJ lmproTOI the quality and 8a\'Of; oo mt1ell 10 that the ldt pacbg<> In Ollr box .. w\11 be roond to be better th&n tllat wbleh Wal a t fi ... t taken out. Bo poeltiTe are we u to lte hid> merit.. thai we DOW place It Wlt.b tbe rreateot COllftdenee In W'1tll u!!J manurclllre4'. Under DO elrenmt.anee will the II&D.dal'll ot Braach lte Loworell or De&ertora&etl. Caution to Consumers Aplnot pnrehulnlJ m"1urorlor Tobaeeo Pt np tor decep!Joa, Melmllatinr odr Tnada elo081, tba the lmpooltlon 1 only dii!COvered by tbe u1e of the tel> ceo It lYe to all our CNatOMf!l1"8 TOliaCee thot dJI pVae, and to prevent the lmpoett'on of !"C8iving & l'ptrrloul! article, please to be particular. when caU1na for .rltM Cue, t.o l.Dquire for W. B. Q00W11 I OO.'B pgy Y.u.loG"If BAu &114 Wm.oo.JO Touooe Yolll'l, very reopectfully, W. H. GOODWIN & CO. THE AMERICAN1 CIGAR M-A CiflNE-172 Water St., New York, Are now ready to 'receive and execute Orders j'or their Oigar Machine. ,.. WH. AGNEW & SONS, Tb1k co Merchants, :;184 a.nd 286 Front Street:. NEW YOBN.. RA "VE ON BALli .ALL D:ESCRIPTJ'ONS OJf JACOB HENK.ELL, EGAR :Boi ziti:F Make Prime QF 293 _295 NEW Y"ORR. CLASSFORD &. co., M:-SAIDIO..-: E. 8&1101( M \ & El SALOllON, .. GRIIAT ST. BIILIINS,-Impo,.t"e.-11 of" (llli'UBLaRIIl>l851. LONDON, Solie\ I Collllgnmeula to London, Lherpool, Mel, bourne, and Sydney, pf Tobacco sult a111e for th .. e m-.keto. Q!!h odvencel made by Havana Cigars, Leaf TobaccQ, J, DUFF W A.L.LA.OE, who wiD ot TobaccO AND FOREIGN LIQUORS, Wllllted In Ea&:land lllld t.he Cololl!eL MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. H Dl-tlt -lower prices than they can be unported at. I 'ha-.. Smoking lobacco. --;--:::=-=:::::-::--===::=-:::::--::--=-=-.Cll:n.L. 1 lie press for export. M: WESTHEIM' & CO., always en heJid a verj large stock of all patterns. I also mliJI:e to order HIGBLAlJDER, CUBAN A ... o...nla PIPES.& IEAII' TOBACCO, "'( Jflfl hort4 BtrHI, NfltC York, & 'fVLU8, 0. BU10DUU1. FELIX MIRANDA, IMPORTER ASHLEIGH SEGARS, "RIT):CA,'" D:reK-TATER ; Pearl Street. NEW YORK. IRED ROVER, 7. L. GROSSE, DEALEllS IN SEED-LEAF AIID HAVANA Tobacco, 177 PEARL STREET, NEW :rut. LBDBIMO. A BDIWIO. D. & A. BENRIMO, LEAF TOJIACCO, l24 WATERBTREET, .NliJW-YOJl.K, Kentucky HaTe on oalnll klDdl of LEAl' TOJIACOO ror EXPORT AND llld HOME Ud. !12-103 cltTiEit, LEA'F TOBACCO, :NOT FOR JOE. 1.31 PEARL STREET. I M E. PEARSALL, Impot1er &1ld r' Tc:u:L HAVANA:" SEGARS 1L Spec.ial Notice is herewith givea to the traae by TJBTU OF .A .&. PATENT recei'ted; the SOLE ahocieaor \o liANUF"ACTUREB' C' THB ( J l T onacco. M. LINDHEIM, Wcttd NEW YORK o:ATliAK & Ji:]), -DoME s T-I'CJ' teaf .Tobacco, 166 Water-Sreet. "'EW-YORK -Al!D.,. 'tOBA.CCO: LEAF I No. 42 COUR'tU.""ND:r' sT., .; Ld. EIITBJU"iLA! -' ,...w.: VORIC:. J 1 Eo lt CARDOZO 6 Tobacco General Comnilision :M:erehanta, 1N"o. 123 Pearl Street, New York l::l.. MONOGRAMS, CFlitSi'S, PORTRAITS, ETC. Oeei REPAIRING, BOILING, MOUN'l'lN'G, etc., attended to. Goods sent to all pans of> 1118 fi!!J-9 OF ALL DESCRifTIONSI country. Circulars sent by enclosing stamp. roa N. B.-I am the Sole Manufacturer of GENUINE MEERSCH.A.Ult: AND .Al(BQ E G A.. B B 0 X ]') S, GOODS to the Trade in tile United States. Furnlsbellln quantities to b7 Manufacturer of'Lorillard s celebrated Yacht Club Pipes, given a1fl>y with his Y .A.OBT CLtJll dt O 2 I 8 : u::Wis STREET, N. y. ------'.itJtlAif itlfjf A. ANENBERG, M. .. Seed-Leaf .and WHOLISAtE TOBACCONIST, r LEAF TOBACCO, 172 WATER STREET K l y uttscDn :B.iltet "8Uael, 162 Pearl St., near Wall st., C1 I llazrmctv.d., ........ olp.; ....._., ... nEW YORW:. Brancll Store, 8 Slltth Street, Pa .. __ rz_> ________ ..,... __ JULU.N ALLEN LEAF 'FOBA:OCO & SEGARS, G. REISMANN & CO. 178 W ATEB B'l'REET, JIBWYOBK, F! & SON,' lhrthauf,, -rl E JmjiOll'tenl of BP A.lftm, a.nd Dea1en Ia oJJ ldD4J Df 7 ( !:lEAF. TO:BAeCO, 1'79 PARL ST:&Ur, &lwun .Pitw IJIId Ceddf" 1n-.u, .\at :Front 4 eui.TAT '"' l NT-('tlfl#" "'U',n'b'tr BQlX-'.lC r L Yr'" .I. v nJi.e _._ .. ......:a..,.-+-' .......... -29 BEA Y.ER ST.,: lmport.r of BATAN A SIUiis. N!W YOPX. In every respect $2,8 .. Alf -Profiii DtfldiHI Abnu&iiy the0 .&I!Js'Uri;tf. W S. Gru:brtil J, H .PROTiNC.."lUU, :rr!lUUter; GEOBGE C. JPPLEY, SecretaQ. WILLIUI I. COFFIN, J:etn&17. GE NO. U9 WATD I!TRD1', "BOUQUET DE TABACOS" ANO L. HIRSC ORlf & CO. &ND iiA.l' T(!)B ( tH:!O, Scle AJtenr or "W all_!!t. '' .J()OB:.T CL VB. I


6 PHILADELPHIA ADVERTISED TS 'i'B. H. '\"l!:TTERLEIT. THEO. J. VETTERLEIN. B. T. VETTEitLEIN. Vetter1ein.' db Co., PA., Coimission Merchants in LEAf and Manufactured TOBACCO, DOMESTIC AND IMPORTED CLGARS. 'D. A. VAN SCBAICK, Dealer in Co11:necticut & Havana Leaf Tobacco THE LEAP ---=-===, JIALTIMORE ATIVFliTISEIJEIVTS CINClNNATT, RT. LOUiil, AND WESTERN ADVERriSEMENTfl. A. BOYD, & co::--1 BODMAl\IN'S H 8 d & B 1.. WHOLESALE, DEALERS IN ., 1 Inspection & LeafTobacco enry esu en ro., I MANUFACTURED AND LEAF TOBACCO, CIGARS, &.c., I 67 ... t ..... WFrAitiEHOdUSII, DEALERS nr .... ,v .. ontan a,ua:eswater, 33 SOUTH STB.EET, lletweBVID.!aD4Wai .. ,IIIMU. LEAF TOBACCO, WM. A SOYD.. &l Auetl011, aDd &l Pn'fAte 8aJe ef VlrJbdl. Baltimore, Md. .... H. WILKENS, a CO., Monumental Oity Tobacoo Works, No. t8t WEST PRA.TT STREET, BALTIMORE, D .. .. 1- I all ,.,,..,. I Sm.oklDK and CheVIl'iDK Tobaccos, Brashears, :Brown &. Titus, Wholesale Dealero and Berek ts Il! 1611 163, & 165 Fearl Btret, (CORNER OP ELM STREET,) CINCINNATI. AGENT :FOR LORILLARD'S SNUTI' AND TOBACCO, M. FALK & GO., 143 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. ,. .. .. ia. .. t MANUFACTURED TOBACCOS, Krohn, Feiss & Co., NoB. 32 & 34 Main St., \Jincinnati, Ohio. II' BARKER 4 CHANDLEE, Q. OIEI1KB. BD.NWlABl'L e StelDe3!', Smith Bros. & Knecht, llfanntacturersandWholesaleDoolersin GIESKE & NIEMANN,, LOUIS STRASSER, DUXDB m ALL KINDS OJ' 0 I G-AR. s TODI.(l(lO F.&.VTOBSt Manufacturer of CIGARS' Segars and, Tobacco. pw T Q B And Jobbers In J AND L E A 3 A 0 c 0 Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco Com 1" M h Md dealer in leaf, Plug, and s".,oking Tobacco, Imp r bd Manufacturers of and Dealer 'n Cigars. No. 26 South Calvert Stre;,;t. m SSlOn ere ants. orters 0 Smokers' Articles, BALTIMORE, MD. 225 RACE STREET PHILAD.ELPHIA __ Mlllltifact.nersof.the'GoldMedal'and'LordByron' 28 SOUTH CHARLES STREET, 1 .,--Cgars. Specml Brands manufactured to order. 1.87 WAL:NUT ST., c-Lnein..ati, Olio. ., 1 & soNs, & !UCIUDJU.LLAY. JLWIS>UlWT. .c:INCINNA'I'I, o. B.Mallay&Bro., .. LDwaftu. ,.,m. .. ,... 0 ADd Leaf" Tobacco, <:.. :illuLKRSlll S LOWENTHAL I CO SEGARS .t.LIO .:f h fll ., No;,:.::.:. GafiStreet,Balft ....... a Jl (Qb n ltttll' FINE sEc A R 8 _.I'll) ,_ W. IBiobn Adlt:leo couW1tl7 aa 11M&. Nos. 115 and 117 Wed Froat-street, Aa4 WlloiM&Ie Deelln ta; 1 F L IWw .... Ra.o and Elm, OINOINNATL 0 LEAF TOBACCO GUSTAV GUTH, .. BRAUNS &CO.. N nited Sta,tes Bonded Warehouse, First 'Collection Dffitrict, Pennsylvania. Kua!!u:tnrerot 87 SOUTH GAY ST., ,J.UO:I a. v.uu. UlDIS WAYNB o. 76 Main Street; Cincinnati, o. "S. FUCUET & SONS" IM,.ORTER8 OF HAVANA CIOlRI AND LEAr TOBACCO, A N O Un!let our (Copyl'i gbted) Brands, or Special (Privnte) 229 South Frottt Street, Philadelphia. No. 53 WEST FOURTH ST., HARTFORD ADVERTISEMENTS La. B.t.u, P .LKA.M HAAS BROTHERS, DI.U.DI .. CONN. SEED -LEAF TOBACCO. Imported Domestle f:lgan, i54 STATE and 282 MAIN ST ., HARTFORD, --COKK. J. D. BURNHAM & CO., Hanufacturerl' and Jobbers In Tobacco, Snuff & Cigars, And WholeB&!e Dealera In TE.A.B, A.A.BURNRAI, J. n. BURliHA.J[,} 77 & 79 Asylum St. HARTFQRD, COD B. & Z. K. PEASB, DK..&..LaBI Ill Connecticut Seed-Leaf 'llODA0G01 16 liU.BKE'lf STREET, HARTFORD, CONN. WM. W-ESTPHAL, COMMISSION MERCHANT,' And Dealer ID CONNECTICUT SEED, LEAF -:r.ooacco,. 228 State St., Hartford, Conn A. L. & F. SISSON, Packers and Dealer11 In r wooDWARD BROTHER & co., CXG-.A.R.S-TaoALTBIMOAREc, cD.,o ,"MoRRis" w,w.b d G .,. Inspection and LeuJ Tobacco acco an eneral Commission Merchants, wo. aa German street, .A.N.E:a:cn..FsE, KENTON TOBACCO WAREHOUSE connecticut seed Leaf No. 47 North Water Street, a.ncl Bo. 48 North Delaware Avenue ..., BAL TIMOR., liD. Dlreet lmportera of the ouperlor brandJ FLB, (l CAIEt: w.nn co.. rROPlUETOB& \&WOODW.RD, } and RIU: 7 C Lleortee Pa&e. For sale, in Iota 11 POWER & CLAYTON TOB:ACCO, 134 Ma1n Street, n llllt buyers, in bond or duty paid. H. WOODWARD. PHILADELPHIA, PA. F. W. FELG NER, lioa.100, 102, & 104 West G. lL BOLENIUS It Cal. CINCINNATI, Ohio. Nos. 214, 216, 218 and 220 HARTFORD, CONN. B a, "t c b. e ]. C> r :Br 0 s .. Jlaalllletver and BUCCONOr.. Wholeoale :o.len)a Au c T I 0 N sALEs D A I J. y. GREENUP STREET, '126-188. Covington, Ktt Manufacturers of FINE Cl GABS, and Dealers tn F. H. BISCHOFF, L' E L E .A F T 0 B A. c c 0 Deutscher Rauohtabak, A F T 0 8 A c c 0 HENRY D.u..&B Ill Connecticut Seed-Leaf EMlL POERSTEL, 330-337 North 3d, 23 North 2d, and 837 Chestnut Sts,, AND OTHER. CHOICE BRANDS, IJ&D1lf&e&ured TobaCCO & COMMISSION MERCHANT, P:U:XX...A..::J:JEX...P:U:X.A... N BOUTH CHABLBB 82' .. BOO PRATT STRUT. BALTDIIOR:I And Wholesale Dealer In ofthecelebrated YARA YOUNG AMERICA, YARA, OUR HOBBY, YARA .ALTIMORK. .;. VI. GAIL. CHRISTIAN AX, OHIO & CONNECTICUT LITTLE ONES, PICKWICK, DA1SY, PUNCH, and other copyrighted brands of clgars. FINEMIIlliCEGARS, TOBACCO, And Dealerinnllt..lnds or 1 18 MARKET STREET, B. F. PARLETT & CO DJ!Lir.LJCR! Of eUCKNOR, McGAMMON &. CO., nTOBACCO DOHAN & TAITT, G W. GAIL & AX, t liAN'tJP.&CTUREM Oll' ALL XINDS 0.8' LEAF TOBACCO, Chewing, Smoking & Leaf Tobacco, HART'FORD, CONN. IIIANUFAOTURIED LEAl' .\ND BMOKIND _18 Front St., 0. H WILKENS & Co's Celebrated Smoking 231 Fifth Ave., Plttsbu rg, Pa. 8. SELLINC & SON, Packen an4 Dealen In w .. KIMBALL & .. SEED LEAF TOBACCO, X>MMISSION MERCHANTS Tb I. TOBACCOS Sl.\d:OKI:NG, :LEAF o;OBACOO, 0 acco CommISSIOn Merchants, Se&'ar, ei:c. 'I lt Wo.ter St. and 18 N. Avenue, 107 ARCH STREET, OOlO(lSSIOli KEROllABTB :ro& BALB OF wm. aD 8RUPP, :P::S:ILA.DEL:PHIAI 92 Lombard and 5 Water St., as !AD1 B'l'., B.Ull'IltOiE, !C), J.P. GLORE w. II. GLORE. C 0. GLORI!. J, A. P, GLORE & BROS,,, w .HJ:,N.uua. x. I. DOHAN, I, F. PARLETT1 II.ALTIBEDBII DDI Manufacturers of Best Grades of MallalaclllrWI ot 111 o.&et>r&led S"ta:te Stree-t, Peerless & Fancy Plain HABTFoB, coNN. .-UJUTBD sT.a.TEB BOND,IID WAREHouaB. ao. T. wrr. 1 PHILABELPHIA, Conetgnere can forward tbet r Stocke .. IN aoJDJ" Depot I With 'nllllllllD. lt6' 6 C:O., 118 W alar Btteot, :RIW Tad:. wt, tboat. the Government Tu. TELLER BROTHERS, TOBACCOS. 15, 17 and 19 west 7th street, PLAIN TOBACCO a speclallJ. L. N : PLUG AND FINE CUT M ANA THAN & SON ) LEAP wroB.&OCO WHOLESALE DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, AND SEG.A..RS_ Qtoha.wr QLamnusston llttnhants, C?ENERAI.urn .,,..Limll ll( Commission Mere bant, And TOD.&.CVO -;;-iiiiiciiiio YiiiiiNGiiiixoN.iiii, xiiiiY.iiii. iiiiiiiilii\ .i iiiB. yiiii. LEAF TQ:SACCQ' Detroit Novelty Works; State St., AND ,SEGARS, NOBTB TBIBD ST. -...._PHILADELPHIA, PA.. 1.. BAMBERGER & CO., De&len Ia TQ,BACCO .&MY aeld ...... ll SEGARS, Net. I 1 7 North Third Street, PHILADELI'HIA. Intern' I Revenue Bonded Warehouse OF M. E. McDOWELL 4 CO., (Firat Collection District of Pennsylvania.) :Md A-Qh" L No. 90 Lombard St., 10 ea (OMdoorwutajExcli':>ngeptace), A 1 l'fo. 52 Soutll. Chari-sc., Dalt ... ore. BECK -" HAYEN, lmporten 1011 General Commlaten lenhutl, BAL'l:lMORE, llltd. advancements made on Consignment to my addrestl. Q1CO, KEBCKHOFF. GEO. P, UNVERZAGT, G. KERCKHOFF & CO., Wholesale Dealers in CONN. SHO LEAf TOBACCO, DETROIT, :MXO:EL HABTFOBD, CT. TOBACCO KNIVES A. CHAPMAN, "THE VERY BEST." Connecticut Seed Tobacco lo. 3 Korth Water Street. .Tobacco, AND General Commission Merchants, LZ.&lr TQB.&t>. 8CHBOBDBB. A. N1COLA88llli JIOFFMA.."i GILMOR. FRANK GIBSON, WDOLESAL'I: DEALERS IN Leaf Tobacco & Cigars, ___ c _oN_ N E c n c _ur_ __ 1 ,P c A T L I N' I U A.LL DJII(IUPI'I{)D ,_ W JOSEPH SCHROEDER & co.. G ILMOR & GIBSON' m. Eise!!lohr & Co.' OommieoJon and wilole1!aio O.ealersln Il!I.PORTERS OF Fine-Out, Chewing & Smoking Tobacco, Killickinick, &c., Smokintr & Chewing Tobacco, and All Kinds of Smokers' Articles, Large assortn;ent of Clay and Glazed Pipes, L at reduced prices FBONT STBEET, CONNEcfi:;uT SEED, Segars, HAV.,,NA AND YARA And Get1eral Commission Merchants. 701 l'fordl l!leeoDd SireN., 1W liT LOUIS, m:O. 123 Ma.rltet 8treet1 bet. 2d and 3d ST. LOUIS. MO. I PHILADELPPIA, PA. F TOBACCO No. 81 Exchange Place, .,.,-I!!Q S G S Bal .Ll o. u ay t., t'tmore. S'l'AlWX, GUTMAN II. CO., Imponenot SMITH & THOMAS, Manufacturers of all klnds of PLUG AND SMOKING --S. & J. MOORE, \ I I 7 South Water Street, PWL!DELPHU. -Louis GIESKE &: co., FMD'Jt WILXDI. )'un'Jt K1BL Smokers' Articles, w_ B-1.8-enl-olu_. w_::.:...::Ciark===. ====Ph!l.===Bona.= a. JOJE'R; Goe4&,ud Wllol-.le JM.Ien.. TOBACCOS, TOBACCO Commission Merchants, 1&-11& 107 North Water-street, PHILADELPHIA. "RALPH'S SCOTCH SNUFF." M&nuractured by l. RINALDO SANK & CO., ,A. BALPH co., J and General Com. U5 Arch Street, Phfladelphia. as .... ,r.-........ ADC1 ... & L hpoli Bonded Warehoue No. L ataiiiiD ..... ,.. .... A.lllll!r. ,_ ..... H. SCHMIDT, "LEAF TOBACCO" W AREBOUSE. "THOMAS HARE & SQN, ,Also full linea of and Smoking ALBBB mALL KDIDS o.. No. IJ8l South Second Street, .. .!'ORElGN AND DOMESTIC PHILADELPHIA. lflF LEwiS BREMER'S SONS, mUFF SEGARS ETC Wholcaa.le Dealers In No. 474'and 503 N. St.A "LEAF" MANUFACTUftED TOBACCO, Cor Gall .t; Ax' Tobacco and Suofl'. A.' H. THEOBALD, MAJIUF ... CTUR&B OP ALL &INDS or 'aEG-.AR-8 ... .l:ND D&J.LBR llf SPAWISjl AWD DOMESTIC Leaf !mewingTobacco, Snnlf, and Brier Pipes, ,lJ,W. ocr. Third and PoplAr eta., Phil&delphi". No. 822 North Third Street, PBILA:OELPBIA. 8 Dr A large assortment or all kinds of Lea! Tobacco constantly on hand. ,... ----J. D. HASHAGEN & CU., :Mannfactnrers of SMokng and Fine Cut Chewing _TOBACCO, Aow:w TOBA,..OO 'Z'ODA.OOO and BEGABB. .um DBllBBII m LE ..: """ 106 lforth Second Street. 85 East South Street, Leaf Tobacco, I cooissroN .um ME:&OIIANTS, liT. wum. ... INDIANAPOLis, Ind. 42 Soutl Charles Street, I No. 69 South Charles St., near Pra" BALTIMORE. BAL.'1!'l!llli0Jlll, llrJ!D. CHiCAGO AND ,ADVERTISEMENTS. ---.. .. -"""_""" ..... 'P. Lorillard's Western Branch. C. A. JACKSON Be Co., ... RUFFNER & FOY, Manufacturers every description of MANAOEFtS1 and PLUG TOBA_CCOS, TOBACCO, SlUFF AID -Corner H1gh and Lafayette Sts., sli South Water Street, CHICAGO, IU: PET:EJFl.S::EI-.::TFl.C3r, I 'V"a._ J. W. CARROLL, M. H. CLARK & BRO., II '16 TOBACCO WORKS." ... ''HI GB:L ANDER," liED ROVER," "DICK TATER," S:ru.ok:1ng Tobacco. Sole Manufacturer of the Famous and W o r ld l renowned Brands ofVirginiaSmokingTobaccos, lEAF TOBACCO BROKERS, B. C. MURRA.Y\Iate of v .. Horn, Hurraa .t Co. .MIAL MASON, ate of WaU 4 Mason. 'l'hese estabtlshed Tobaccos, so well and favorab] klwn. arc put up in>(,,, and lib. bales or pouches, alrteton and :MonufJ1cturen or Bobt. A. llayo' No.4 (IRON :FRONT V"ll'ginia., ltentuck:y, and Missouri Richmond, Va. !d l. E. VENABLE & bo., Petersllw'a Sycamore Street, "!. PLUG TOBAOOO, N. A4tl2 cf 2424 CABY STREET [Bodl2.] Petersburg, Va. 1.,8 Third Street, CLEMT.R.BARKSDALE, PormerlyB.<.I'JtSD .. LW & Run, Tobacco Broker. All Orders faithfully c"ecnted for Buying and Selling Tubcco. Tobacco Exchange, RIOHMOND, VA. Rf.........,-Reubln Petersburg, Va.; J ... E. Venable & Co., do.; Chi e ves & 0::1borne, do.; C. E. Hunt & Co., Ne" Ynrk: A. D & Co .. do.; Maj. W T. Sn1herlin, Da ovllle; IIo. E. M. Bruce Lou.iBYille: Zinzcr BroP., do.; & Hunt, do. FORWARDINC Richn:tond, va. -PL.&l\TTERS-;--. TD'dl.& a.P.IIAJIIL'l'Oll. LousviLLE, KT. J .. a. TYREm,. TobacooSaletl 's. w. VENAliLE'&. co., Ferd. Westhoft':-Ir., COMMI8810fll MERCHANT1 Lpchburu, nru'n'", COll'MISSION W AREROtTSE, PLUG TOBACCO, BREMEN, ,Germaii,Y. WID lh'811111 ,._.,:!.:!:'!!r to 1M 1111 _. HII!:NDIIRSON, KY. z>ETEBSBUBG, Y...t., ,._._ & '-on AQQA JOHN FUNK &: CO. eone.. at the ractory ror Extra,.,,. N&TJ Gealsslea BeeJaaa\ & u.lA V'l "'aUe tto. ld .., On! for __ II Ponndto, Ha l f Pound. Blacll and Qaart.en, L4ui lltdpo s':n.. I 18'1, and every variety or ll'lnt.CI- Worll. ...-Goo4.t Quranwod ln. enq Pdc.Ja. .... Llbelal ,._ ..a Oon-..-1&. _.. ,..


I THE TOBACCO LEAF. LOUISVILLE LEAF TOBACC DEALERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. m the south The Spamards tmmedtately set out m seatch examtned The 1emammg population of MexLCo conststs of the guld producmg laud, and m the course of the1r ex of W mtes and Negroes together wtth varwus vanetws, the plorauon touched at U11ba where two satlors who had land resul t of the mtermtxtUte of Whtte, Indm.n, and Negro ed lor mformatwn returned to the vessel of Columbus wtth taces. Accord1ng to the opmwn of many anthtopologtsts the strange ne" s that the natrves car,ted about wtth the mrxture of these races has been unsatisfactory, as rethem lighted litebranJs, em1ttrng smoke from the1r mouths gards the productwn of a strong healthy populatton, and and noses, whiCh they thought was some novel method of some are of oprmon that by the operatwn of the law of perfummg On the 5th December, 1492, arnved natural selectron, m1xed races are doomed to a slow but at the 1sland of Hatta, where he found the natlves usrng mevttable extmct10 1. The mysterwus dymg out and drstobacco m the same \\ay as those of Cuba. Ovtedo bemg appearance of the lower races of man before the progress of one of the earliest authors who desc11bes wtth anytbrng hire ctvthzal_l.on 1s a problem wbtcb 1s closely connected wttb the accuracy and fullness, the mode of smokmg as pract:ced by qu esuon of m:xed races, and on tl e e subJeCts anthropolo the nat1ves of Hatta, or Jave long smce ceased to occupy or eYen to approach The mfl11ence of such a result cannot. be too h1ghly estimated, whether we vtew 1t as affectmg the buyer, the seller or the mspector. Your comm 1ttee would beg leave to offer &.s the conclusion of their labors tb'l followLDg resoluttons Resolved, That on and alfter the lst May, 1871, it be the duty ol inspectors of tolbacco of the varwus warehouses this city to sample, when requtred so to do by owners or thetr agents, any tobacco m tbe1r warehouses 10 the followmg manner To break each hogshead or package m such places-not less than two-as m the opmion of the mspector may best enable btm to obtain a correct sample of the same, placmg each flake as drawn m the order m whiCh 1t was draWD, tymg up the sample, when so completed, wtth smta ble twme, and placmg thereon a !able wttb. prmte

/ 8 "rr HE 'AO C 0 LEA F AND PADUCAH TOBACCO .MANUFACTURERS. ( Railroad, of Kentucky, Anhur Gtllender & FFIRST MORTCACE .__,u., .. &JDI'IU. aakt per cent: Convertible Bonds. the lmt-Ort&nt polnta or Lonla'f!Pe Uld Paducah, h 185 miles long, and pa.oea tlarongh !tell &r(cnltnral and mineral !OCUon or the State or Kataclly. The tralll.c will be abundantly remnneratlve. B1DJ miles or this ron4 are already In succeeel'nl opand It lo exli"Cted ';hat the tine wlll be opened 93 miles, In J"11!7 next. Tbe weatern end line (on which a considerable amonnt has been expended) will be pnohed vlgorouoly to completion The Company have In gold 'nd X>na j!rk stQck onbeczlp&loaa amonntlng to r);;,vllo,OOO, or which the clb' ot.LouJovllle onbscrlbed :)11,000,000, D!l'heo9 bonds are the only lien upon the properly and anchlses of tho .II! an additional afegaard to pnrchaoers ne 1cposlted with the UNITED 8TATBS TRUST COMPANY OF NEW YORK, which wllll!"Y over the proceeds to the Railroad Company cml.rln the ra.Uo or conetrnctlon. The management loin the :,and of most reoponolble and favorably known citizens or Kentucky, with the guaranty or their able and raithl'nl direction, and w!lh the Jan:e amount of stock subscribed, these Bonds form a TC"1 Me and dcolrable investment The oonpons are _payable on the lint daye of March and SEpt emb e r a\ the Bank of A.merlca, New York. The Hondo are now offered at the low price of87l oelltl and accrued intcrePt, and we with conftdence reeommend them to investors as a thoroughly afe oe cur!ty. liORTON, SLAUGH11.ER & CO. 41 Broad Street, N.Y. HALLGA R'I'.EN & C 'l. 25 Street, N Y. W, I&LEXAND.ER SMITH &CO. 40 Wall Street, N.Y. TOBACCO MANUFAliTtTRERS WM. McCAFFIL, to Cmc&BSTER & Co. Havana & DoaesUCI CICARS, 5t BOWERY, II. Y. SOLACE TOBACCO, lU, ll6; ant 117 LIBERTY-8TREET, 111 :FI.:&:.. lllVGS UNTI TOBJ.CCO WORKS. I. S. DOUCLASS, .llallntactarer of an k1nda ot JINE-CUT, CHmNG, AND SMOKING TOB.Am 29, 81. 4 88 Street, 110-1111) WILLIAMSBURp,H, II, y, D. H. McALPIN & CO., CELEBRATED FINECVT Vir[in Leaf and Navy Chewin[, .ui'D .t.LL XutDa OW SMOKING TOBACCO, 'LJQUORICE. W &. CO. EXTRA. Tobacco manufacturers a.nd the trade in gnneral are particularly :equested t:o ex amine and test tho supertor properties ot this LICORICE, which, being now brought to the highest perfection, is offered nuder the above style of brand. We11J'e also SOLE AGENTS for the brand Acknowledged by consumers to be the I best in market. And for the brand of Licorice Stick G. H. In all respecta equal to CALABRIA. We are also .AGENTS for the brand G. Z., which will be found constantly on hand. ;Licorice Root, sele c t and ordinary, constantly on hand. GOMEZ, WALLIS & CO., 29 & Sl Sonth WUJiaJD St. LIQUORICE PASTEg W.S.,M.F.&R.l{. EXCELSIOR MILLd' Powdered Liquorice, GUM ARABIC, OLIVE OIL. TOUQUA BEANS, AliD OTHER Fianring;s for Tobacconists' Usc, FOB B.dLE BY Weaver & Sterry, 4!1 :IMPORTERS 16 Platt Street, N. Y. PASTE. C & A BRAND, DU VIVIER & 9 Whitehall St., New York. LIQUOR1CE HENRY M. MORRIS, Nes. 99 Pearl and 62 Stone Street, NEW YOBK, IMPORTER Spanish Mass Licorice, CATTUS & RUETE, OCnhattfl No. 129 Peart Street, NEW YORK. DREYER CASSEBOHM, Tolbaf!ll!O Brcke:rs51 J 27 Pearl Street,, New York City. FREDERICK FISCHER, Tobacco Broker, No. 2 Hanover Buildings, (HA.Nov>:RQUA.II2,) NEW YORK, J. S. CANS & SON, MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS. MECELLANEOUS. K_E_Y_W_E-==ST HAVANA CIGAR FACT RY. F. W. BECK & co., 130 North St., Baltimore, lid., S E I D E N B E R. C & C 0., ._._._., :;19 Dey Street, New York, Propf'ietors oj' the Brand F....ispaiioTa. m 1 d o In this lfcwry ate or tbe V.S:RY Bll:llT HAY All" A. TOBACCO. ----Universal Self PreBSing CIGAR MOULDS. -oPa.tented Nov. and .Tan. 1871. For Sale by S. JACOBY A CO. 209 Pearl Street, -Near Malden Lane. NEW YORK. -. 0: And other well-known llrands o! Smoking ll'ob Patented Dec. 3d. 1887. DeiJO& ...... Ordln take ., H. A. RICHEY, .... :r .... MACHINERY. BoRGFELDT & DEamriE, 106 MAIDEN LAin. 0 v.m'R::"'-.., a. w .A.. L 0 R E N Z, Kade ot tile .... e MMIMIA Mannf&ctnrer or an entire n e w styl e o f u.e I'IlfBBT BBANDS ot Tumasu, LATAJtiA. PBIUQUB, wr CJAT.DDIIB Metal and Wood Show Cases. ca .band, at WHOLESALE AND BETAIL. TURKISH and LATAKIA TOBAOOOS l.u the Leaf at WHOLESALE. FACTORY, 80 JOHN STJ;\EET. POST OFFICE BOX, 1,'181i. Patented April 22d And .Aug. 12th, 1862, 13 NORTH WILLIAM ST., N. Y. OITY F. HEPPEIHEIMER ct. CO., L a&..aamwu. I. HAMBURCER & CO., I1Kpcwter3 and of PI:EE:S, AndDealet'6 in'G!Z ktub of LE.A.F 59 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK LI.A.BELS Tobacco Manufactory, (WM. E L.A. WRE:-63 BROADWAY, NEW YC:RX, Ofi"er for sale in lots to suit purchasen, various brands or SpaljiBh and Gr ee k Licorice Paste, of their lm por!atlon. They would particularly call the Manufacturer s and others to the very superior properties of 'the brand 2i .a.. Show Cll\-ds and Pictures mounted or framed In any atyle. Specimen Cards free ot charge. All orders promptly executed. Carda tecurely .packed and cor-F'KAtoc w : STERRY, rectly shipped. 3G DEY ST., NEW YORK. RICHARD D. M'GBA.W'. A CO. J", co., T0l3ACCO AND 1 in No. 86 WALL STBEET, J:uHTINE NEW YORK. CltA Rl.ES F. JAMES G. OSBORNE,; TOBACCO BROKER, No. lo OLD SLIP, ..,._ ......... .... ,__.,....,, JII:WYORK. NEW YORK ..tltJo Dealers in P(:pu, ekJ FOR M. RADER & SON, iobacco lrDktrs, Manufactory. -D. BUCHNER, to BQBLTOHECK .t TAU.S8I9) FACTOIIID AT '84 BROAD ST., 11WA.IIK, In Cak!"lo'ell, Jl .J, [E8TABLIBHBD 1887.] Tobacco Manufactur,ers, I 23 Pearl Street, P .ATENT NEW YORK. JU!!Ul'.&.C'I't1Bl:a o)': Oha;rles, Bauer, & Coj, F ;r: N' E 0 u T &SON 24 CEDAR sTREET, Commission Merchants, llanllfacinrera ol NEW YORK. And Importers of Chewing and Tobacco PINE P. o. aox 01127 Havana Tobacco & Segars. AND CICARS, T C.., b a, 0 0 <>, POWDSRSO No. 40 BEAVER ST., 1 Ba; Sixes, Cheroots, 883 BROAD STREET,}IEWARK, I.J. Fll'lE$T QU.:.ITV. -----NEIY YO.BK 266 Delancey St., New York., ROANOKE TOBACCO WORKS, Manufactured at Pougilkeepaie, New-York. ROBERT HERBST, Man'ufacturer of 1 F!-Ctory No. 22' Ditt. Virginia. GIFFQR,D, SHER.MAN & INNIS =:2':Js. J.P. HAWKINS &;o., DANVILLE. n. 120 WILLIAX-STREE1, Fl N E DOMESTIC, J:iaproTemeat, Rappahl.nnocl<. 1 Proprietors and or the !I" "7 'l'I''L'W ynn'll" And Importer of CELEB DATE D R 0 A 'N 0 K E v-v __ __ __;_ :a' C B ,uchanan & Lya.ll, I LICORICE PASTE. ,...a:a:E:T 1.44 WATER-STREET, New-York. No 122 :W&tec-St., N.Y. I' Oppoeite Central Railroad Ferry, NEW YORX. Job/14roiUJIP/Wl!MtA/ipltialBrarllll. ct CO., M. .,pnfadarers .of followiDg Oel-" ....,.....,. a. Importer of Importers and Mannlactnrera of L I a X. & a. and .. J. a 1 Oa" Brand& v AN" A, brated Brands of 11.. We ol'er tor Mle to maaulacturen and the tnde lA And Dealer In DOMESTIO LEAF TOBACCO TOBACCO. PLunrr-N .lVY, \bs. lbs. CaorcK, do. lbs. and H lbo. PJa:Da o:r THB RBalliiNT, W4SJ111UlTON, J4"8. BmmAN.A.N's. lOa. Tllcn1KHB, 10.. BRIGHT. 0UB PBT j(s. AOKE-N.lT lbs I':Jl-.ue, do., 6&. B'ra.uf AI.LKK, do., 6o. NQTICE. UDCI.erstandlng onr Branda, PLA.NBT ADd 8AIL01l8' CDOI(JE', have been oo clooely lmlU.ted ae to dcee!ve many of the Trade, In lo.ture the be otamped "''ith our name. BUCHAN,AN &: L YALL, NewYork JQ.!!!l McELROY, Sole Agent, No. 2i llroa4 St., BOSTON. F. 'A. GOETZE & 'BRO. TOBACCO & SNUF;F, and No. 1.41 W"est Broadway. NEW YORK. WINJZER A COOK, Sncceeore to l(amrfactnren ol allldDda ot FJNE CUT CHEWIN.Q AKD S.IIIOKING TOBACCO. 11Uf LUDLOW t!!'l',, NaW YORit, MAJIHATTAIITOBACCOWORKS, COBY & co Wuhblgtou Street, BEW YORK. S. J A ., --or and Wholoo&le Dealeraln OI'GABS. PaCJked ,in Every Pape-r of Sole :Proprietors of the .: PHCENIX !1!1 EI Baco and Metro].oJitan Brand&, CUEWING TOBACCO, 009> PEAB.L-BiREET, 61{,8 J:DMONSTON A BRO. Cor. MoldenLanr, Nevv-YArk. -US Daaneth NEW YO.BK. I P.M. DI'NCEE,, fJ.,-,er Sixt4 Lewi.11 Stre,ets, ,.'C:.OIIMlSSION .MERCHANt. 'SPANISH CEDAB., J .AND .ALL FOR,EIGN & DOMESTIC WOODS. WAJ\iDROP lf. DAL v. 205 Le""Tis f::Jc., NGW York. W ooc Brokers_, COr J.11SSIDI MERCHAITS. SF. ANISH CEDAR .r Ctp:r turnl!.bed to qu.a -t!.t lee t-o aut. Jo(g!lmenta of Blacl< Walnut RespecttullT SollG!ted HARTCORN & HAHN. Fl.NE SEGARS, rt9. Water S ,treet, NllW YOBJL EDWARD A. SMITH, Manufacturer of Fine Segars, 131 Maiden Lane, NEW YORK perrod!T pnre. WM. ZINSSER &: CO., M.AJ.DEN LA.NE, NEW YORK. Inr-porler of and Deale.,. f.n Tobacco Sealing LEAF TOBACCO 19. 7 WILUA.M STREET, JAMES ) Mc.CA:FFIL, HAVANA AND DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCOS, 191 St. AND SECARS, No. PEARL STREET. NEWYQBK,' THE GERMAN CIGAR PACJ{ERS SOCIETY Bee!>ectfully Inform the Cigar Kanllfacttm>rs or the United Bt&lee uaa& ua.y are aow able \0 Ill all orden lbr llnklau hcken witb ll-ben of &belr Society .lpply to K--. BOBGSTBDT UUTD, 7 llonrWfJ H. MEYER, 582 Hudson street, NEW YORK CITT, Otten berg Brothers, Dealers In all Jdnda of And llannfactnrers of Fine No. 240 Eighth Avenue! Branch, No.1 Soutn Street, New York City. No Box lYiould Tobacco Boxes and Caddies. SHERMAN BROTllERS, dealem in Lumber, and Manufacturers of all kinds of BOXES A 10) BOXnOOK8, Pwt 11P and Ship ped tor the SouLhurn Muket. \\'e lte s_peclal att.en ... tton to the manuta.ctureof ROXESaod ot ProQrletun of the Colurnbla Ei'aw & Planln.&. Mllle, .lllo. 8 to 19 .Ill. 1".[66-8 ., I 43 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. MEERSCHAUM GOODS and SMOI(EI\S' ARTICLES Letter Box, o,Sf/:.6.. MANUFACTURING CO.) No. 463 Fi1st Ave., NEW YORK. Soh Manufacturers in Orders attended to" promptly Several Ne-w Patented Articles Just Received. VEG-ETABLE PITH PIPE STEll, Made from'the COrn Stlllk-higb!y absorbenlr-the best Bt.em ever olfered. SMOKER'S COMPANION, A neat and ocmpact pocket piece, containing Pipe Stopper, Pipe Cleaner, and Cigar Holder. !lrBRIAR PIPES W"ITH RUBBER. BITS, 9:1 & ll"' North Wllliom Street. New York. G-. 0 :Fl. .a. n.:l: E Successor to Oscar Prolss 4 Co., DIPORTER! 01' ALL KINDS 01' S E GAR R 18 8 0 N S, White Street, NEW YOBX. --CHARLES A. WULF,F, Lithographer, Printer, and 1la.nufacturer of A Large Assortment Constantly on Hand. e I Chatham St., cor. William, N.Y. JESSUP 128 William N. Y PAPER WAREHOUSE. & GERARD, BETTS & CO., GENERil AUCTIONEERS, A .:'7D DEF,IANCE CIGAR .-\.n articlo tong needed-for perfection t t has not. lte equal. THESE ARTICLES ARE HICHLY COMMENDED FOR SMOKERS. IMPORTERS and DEALERS IN SM;OKERS' A.R'L'ICLES, No. 4.03 BUOA..D"W.A.Y, NE"W YORK, SOLE ACENTS. HERMANN D. SIEFKES1 (Late of BOIXI!N & StUKES), Importer ofMeel'liCbanm, Briar, China and Lavo RICt,IAR D J, BOIKEN, IMPORTER o::i> MEERSCHAUM AND BRIARWOOD P=-:PEB, Germa.n and French Fancy and China Goods, f ,. 83 CHAMBERS & 65 READE STSu NEW YORK. 91 CHAMBERS ST,J N, Y, HOGLEN & PEASE, Pease's Celebrated Self-feeoing Tobacco-Cutling .Engine. Hnndre


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