The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco leaf publishing, co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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I. of thA Tobacco Trade of the United States: -: I r The Special Paper i11 the World. !'olume VD., No. 12. 1NEW YORK, WEDN.J1jSDAY, MAY 17, 1871. ___ _... J'uB!.JRD rm WBD;:SDU IIIOBNIIfG THB .. CIG.BS, I w t Q, n L It t t n 1/.t .G. J.' KUOBLER. G. w. GAIL. "; : OHRIBT. AX. TOBAC(CO Ll!AF PUBLISHING COMPANY, Shotwell, D. A.,& So11 174 Eighth ave .., 'at Fulton Street, New York. Wintzer & Cook, 169 Ludlow. Case, S. S. & Co., 149 South Water. J Rdi OF CIG..\.ES, K u 0 B L E R GAIL & c 0 { J HIDIBY H4GBB... ... .. .. .. .. ... .... tor. Gersbel L. & Bro., ao'den T-oe. DBALBBS IN LliA .. TOBAOOO. t G. Gun .............. BninesoAgent. v ....., Kasprowicz, s., 117 South Water NEW YORK', WEDNESDAY, MAY 17, 1871. Ha.rtcorn, & Hahn, 148 Water, Sa h B 1" w R d 1 h i As an advert1slol! me<11nm, where It lo desired Herbst, Rob., 99 West. ud agen ros.. est an o p to reach the Cigar and T CQJIPANY, 142 Fhlton Kerbs & Spies, 86 Bowery. SKOEING 'AND DEALERS IN UAP Street, New York. Lichtenstein Bros. & Cn., 121 Maiden lane. .,_ & W d 1 Those of our c1'ty subscr1'bers ond advertJ.sJ'ng nii(S OF T'"" PAPER =Ck irth, 8, an 89 1igan ave. TE., 4 00 Otten berg Bros, 240 8th avenue. 11 oeoopleo IH Cento. I Per nnnm ...... andtheCanadao,f.l. 04 additional per Rayner Tbos. J. & Co., l!9 Liberty and 54 TOBAcco AUCTION patrons who removed their or places of Cont!Dent 01 Malden Lane. Casey, Wayne & Co., 100-104 West Front. 1 1:! e per annnmrorpostage. Seidenberg & Oo., 19 Dey. MANUFACTURERS ANI> co,nP .BSJON MIIRCJHANTB. business, on the ht i 'nst. will greatly oblige by et.c., as.t2addltionaJ per annum for Smith, E. A., 13f 1\iaiden lane. Brashears, Brown & Titus /32 & 34 Ma.ln. J tag Straiton, & Storm, 191 PearL lla.fer, Holmes & Co. 25 West Second. giving. us early qotice of the faot, that Wf.. _may pooNo for the paper nnle ac-Sutro & Newmark, 13l Water. 'Ill t II thp, peces&a.ry changes in accordar.oo moanled 'by U>ecorreopondiDv,amonBt. V & H k 17 G h DKALKRS IN LEil' TOBACCO. CO Remittance ohould, in eyery lnei&Dee, be made Olger nne en. 8 reenw1c Besuden Henry & Bro., 161-1M PearL on! b money.order, cheek, or tltaft. Bnlo a _rc liANUFACTURJIeyer Hy., 18 Front. with. 1 I m .,, T greatel!t riek to tbe seader. THE GERll.lN CIGAR PACKERS SOCIETY. DEALER IN LEAF TOBA.CCO ANJ> CIGARS. "f RATES OF ADVERTIBIIIIG Borgstedt & Karsten, 7 Bowery F h V 17M I ;:r lsqnare (14 nonpareil Uneo) ror &montho, $22; do n rwo.nn, ., am. n WJlllg and in any $4() TMPORTERS AND DEALERS UA..NUF.A.CTURERS, t!llPORTHRS1 .. Urn DJ:ALBRS IN l 1 I '. rJ the ml'roponlon, bnt Danenberg A. F .. 21 Sixth ave. j., 1 h f to.ken nolel'1! 1, 2, 8, 41 or more tqnare. Frank, M. ](H Maiden Lane. b F 1 & C cw3.t.RWS. F h munlOil 0 JOurna n e !), oltr .._.. Advertloemento on. toe ftrt, and nono taken for indbeim. ., 148 Water Lowenthal, S. & Co. 76 Main. I should" inYariaBly direct to 1eoe than one year. payable lolly In advance; 1"'0 IJlq'ORTERS OF JU VANA TOBACCO. Strasser Louis. 187 Walnut. r r ,l, 1i J loche, 1335; three lncbee, $15()0. No deviation Alrnlrall J. J., 30 Cedar. CLARKSVILLE, TENN., t'J:O c.:o, JJ,-:AF PuBLISHING rom thee tcrml. <1er he --"'ftn For Sale" Cha.. T. & Co., 40 Beaver. LEAF TOBACCO BROKER. Actverusement! UD u-..a.a..e 1 "Wanted" 211 cent per line (Ol'every """rnon. Cos ta Jacinto, 86 Maidn La11e. Clark M H., & Bro. unrlbemeDti have to be Garcta F., 150 Water. CLEVELAND, OHIO adverttolng will be nnt-Kuchler Gail & Co., 128 Water. COlliiUSSION MERCHANTS AMD JOBDEI'\S Oil 1 142 Fulton st et, I ,_, { ess accompanied. "' .the co...,..P"'!ding runoun Miranda Felix, 191i Pearl CIGARS AND TOBACCo. This rule be adhered to. Satumon, M. & E., Maiden Lane Bramhall:' Ingersoll & Co., 137 Superior Kelly, Robert E. & Co.' 34 Beaveo CO,':INGTON, KY. REVBNU" REGULTIONS. Vega Joseph ,A, & Bro 187 l'e.r. Glore, J. A. P. & Bros., 16,17 & 19 W. 7th. ExoJSK T .. x.-Fine-Cut, Plug, TWist, ToWa.Iter R. S., IWa Pearl Power &CiaytoQ,Kenton Tob. \Vrhs, Greenup sent to any ?ther address. bacco twisted by hand, or reduced from Weil & C!>., 60 Ptne. DANBURY, CONN. t,, 11 :: ( t We cannot be Now York. J I f u .rr.: If : I i I for com1 Uf\tcatlOns r 1 I lef ,nto ,. condition to be consumed, or Gfaves, G. W. Q b f y OF MNUFF, DANVILLE, VA, otherwise prepared, without t use 0 Appleby & Helme,'133 Water. Pemberton J. B. THE LltiENTU!L ()!Siil. machine or inetrument, ar.d wotbout Goetze, F. A. & Bro., 328 Washin0!!'ton. DAYTON, o. ., re-'ed or and ou all. other H 1 & p p r b ceo-CRttina OP 1 manu'ntured tobacco not bere.m otberwtse I:IIPORTKRS OF l'Il'Es, ETC. og ease, ease 8 0 a We yield much of our editorial spaoo hi(' week to '""' Smokin tob Boiken Richard J 91 Chambers. Engme. 1 provided for, 32c. per lb.; .I! acco, Siefkes, H. D., 83 Chambers and 65 Reade. DETROIT, l!IICH. 1 permit the publication in full of a clear and faithful exclusively of stems, or of leaf, With all !>S. '\" been separated by siftiug, str!ppmg, ressmg, Pollak & Son, 43 Maiden lane. Detroit Novelty VI orks. d __. d or. any other manner, either before, dur-EAST H ,\RTFORD, coNN. necte wttb ormtereeted in, either the tobacco ,ra e as_ mg;,Or after the proceBS of manufacturmg j IVPORTERS OJ' CIGARS. PACKERS AND DEALEI\8. I ft t b DeBary & Kling, 52 Broad Ch a R .A a whole, or the business affairs of the d"efendant to the Fine-cut Shorts, the refuse o ne--cu c e."" Maier 0 29 Beaver. apm n, t. b blell hae ,.....ed through a rtd-HARTFORD, CONN, H h f h hi b'-.. --> mg to w. the aquare inch Thos. J. & Co., 29 Liberty and u a.ND nuuu. suJt. e Is, t ere ore, a t o.roug y un ......,... Witness, AND ... :,IMPORTERS or SPANISH TOBACCO 128 STREET, I New York. raJ w. A!JnJU!If' l.atle Meh jclt, A.llea & Oo. I .A:. D. llLL%8, LoU. wllll Merrick, Allen & Co. I.&.'L L ck;. E:LX...:I:S, ,\' .... ,., 1 Man'ufhc.turers of A c N o.,' 37 lliver Street, ()hicn.go. we are making a peelalty of FINE CUT CHEWING, an4 It to hold Ito for one year, ar' JOBBING TRADE ON I, Y SOLICI'I HD, 'rhe. wheat-raising belt is said to be shifting to the southward. Texas, it is predicted, will become th' ernpir. e whPat-raiser. there is to givT way to Wb('n the Roanoke Valley, published at Clarksville, V a., our VIrginia Leaf reports in full, jt should, in common courtesy, credit them. WonTH FrvE -Tiii!KS THE SuBSCRIPTION PnrcE.-Two of our good friends in Syracuse, N. Y., the other day, assured o.ur agent that THE LEAF was worth $20 per annum to each of them, or five times the subscriptwn price! -dle of t 'ftl efuse acrapa and Malden Lone. Haas Brothers, 282 Main and 15-i Slate:-arid in forth the as developed during the by proc-o 11 ng; r r lb. IMPORTERS OF LICORICE PA.STR. Hubbard N. & Co., 18 Market. !0 aweepiogs made of To.Appleby & Helme, 188 Water. Lon<) on & Bipwcll, 214 State. J trial, has only consulted the interests of thl! public he On C1gars o a esc b tG per thou Duvivier & Co., 9 Whiteb&ll. 'pease, H. & Z. K., 16 Mark,et 1 hacco or any subetitute.t ':""or, \ s:oeedin Gift'oril, Sherman & Innis, 120 William. Se,rmour, D. M., 169 and 161 Commerce. temporarily serves, which, it is needless to add, arc LEss ToBACOO PLANTED IN KENTUCKY.-Much 11f our r'lcent iilformation from Kentucky is to the follot ing effect: "I am of the o inion that there will not near as large a crop tof tobacco planted in tbe boun s of my acquaintances as there was 1a-st 'year. the prices are not encouraging, and the fly is destroying the p!a'nts in places. pla'nters 'learned last year that it wonld not do to have more tobaceo than bar-n roorp, as was the case in' manv instances' last year, whi6h caused mnch THE P .ETERSBURG (VA.) ToBACCo FAIR PoBTl'oNJ:D.-;As the season for tobacco been very unfavorable, at the request of the membeJ'!I of the Petersburg Tohacco Ex:change the Tobacco Fair appointed tor the c:::;:.o:: second Tuesday in May has been postpon!'d until Hmd i on WeJgtJ1n;O thoJ. Gomez, Wallis & Co., 2And 81 8. William. Slie,ard & Fuller, 214 State, I 1 hree pohnds ll'l8:;::,.111Dfi1 three pounds P. Harmony, Nepbew,s & co., 63 Broad war"' Sitl&OD, A. L. & F., 134 Main. Fand i w en wetg oag eh d Kremelberg & Co., 160 Pearl, Westpbal, \Vm., 228State. )er tbousa,nd, t5 pert ouaa.n H. M., 101 Pearl Woodruft', JosephS., 18 Market On Snut' manufactured of 0d any Weaver & Sterry 1<1 Woodworth & Strong, 1 'T State. I BUbetitute for tobacco, 3'd I."!P, I SPII:Cl.t-LTJES TOBACcO JUJICUOIO'Ulll!. WBOLESUB DULitRS IN pickled, scented, or a tax Sterry-, F. W. & Co., 24 Cddar. Touoqos. _. 1 tiona, w)len prepared or n,:Oen sold 9 cir reIBIIDI&AJ' T'lB.lCCO IN8PJt<1riOII'. Burnham, J. D &; Co.; '17 &nd '19 AsyluJ!r I per lh: L 'd shall be taxed, F. C., & Co., 76 Greenwich atree'L INDIANAPOLIS Jn4. t:9,r U&e!li:Kll. (ipl.pi,uo. .. liD BIIOJUi!G, 811 snlift',"&hd sbfllue put up n P-'_.,.geo Gutprle & Co .. Front. Smitb i; Thomas, 85 Easr South&ze-0'-1 d tbA same mannefl &8 """"' l c LONDON -mne 1 "' d ..., S"Q. ""l Or BOXIIS _, T.umr:-Foreign .. y...., .. Henkel!, Jacob, 298 and 296 Monree. Toucco counssroN JIIIRCBllTs pQund, gold. For41tgn, 1$" 1111_ 1 Wicke, George 26 W'illett street. Gia!ll!ford & Co., 4 Greal St. Helens d d 2 per cen /14 eiUM'""' ... LOUISYILLE, KY. poun 'aiD u\ b 'u' Jnternal..,_;,n OIG.IJI 80X A.ND OTHER WOOD. ..,..."d gars a so e&r a uc Finzer, J. & Bros., 13 Third. tar"-( ,c per y to be nald by etampa at the DRingee, P. M., cor. Sixth and Lewis. Wicks, G. W. & Co., 102 Main. o r-"98 ) odman & Hepburn, 216 LrESTJO OIG.I.IIs. kind of tobacco made in Uus coun' cua.R RIBBONS. Tach'u & Co., C. G. 174 Main. be 'd The tobllCCO mu,t also be Cramer G 26 White street. L W'NCHBURG, v &, tr" must pal CJGA.R MOULDS .Armistead L L .,.;;.,ked according to the regulations goverwng A c M M c 46:, Fi t I r--ad b mencan 1gar o > rs ave Carroll, J. W. tobacco m e ere. Jacoby S. & Co., Pearl. Langhorne, Geo. W. & Co. Bllsln"SS 'nlf;"'"t"'f' f .,.f 1 dVflrtiSflfS, liANUUilTUUR 01' TOBACCO Tiii'I'OIL. Tyree, John H. ., ,., "'"' v v Crooke, J. J 88_ Croby street. l!IELBOUBNE, A us. NEW YORK. W Aguew W., & Son, 284 and 286 Front tree'' Allen, Julian, 172 Water. Barnett S., 147 Water. B&IB. W. Alexander, 99 Watu lenrimo, D. & A. 124 Water. Blakemore :Mayo & Co., 41 B-road. Bowne, R. 's. &: Co., 7 Burling Slip, guikley, 'loore & Co., 74 rout. Cardozo, A. H. & Co., 128 Pearl. Chockley A. D. & Co., 168 Pearl. Cohn .t Smith, 173 Connolly & Co., 41i Crawford, .E. M. &: Co., 168 Water. Dohan. Carroll &: Co., !l 0' Front. DuBois Eugene, 76 Front ti'allensteiR, Chas. B. & Bon, 129 Pearl. fatman & Co., 70 and 72 Bro":ll Friend & Co., E. & G., 129 Mwden L&ne. G8.81lert & Rro, 160 Water. 1 Ginter Lou\s, 65 Warren Groeee A. L 181 Pearl. )iuthrie & Co., 221i Front. I. & Co., 160 Water. "am &: Mesoenger, s Broad. Hlllmar., G. W. & Cs., 108 Front. f"Kellogg, Overton & Co:, 87 Wa.ter. 1 Kinnicutt, Tbomas, 5 Wolliam. Kittredge, W. P. &: Co.,71 .t 73 Front. & Co., 160 Pearl. 1 Lamotte A. c:, 1.63 Pearl. 'Levin, M. H., 162 PearL :Ma.ltland ,L. & Co 43 Broad llartill & JohDIIOn, US W atAr. )Layer, Joeeph & Son 'wattr :McO&Mt Jameo, 191 G'reenlricb.. }[Ccailu, Wm., 61 Bow&ry. }[asenger, T. H. & Co., 161 a.:ud 168 lla.lden llorria, H. ll., 99 re.rl &nd 62 Stone. Jl'or\l}n, Slaughter & Ce., U Broad>.ut Alva, 166 Water otUnge; Brothers, 119 Peul. Palmer 8: Scoville, 170 Water. 'Pappenhe)mer M., 88 Broad. Pearsall K. R., 42 Courtlandt J'rice1 Wm. M. & Co., 119 Ma.iden lane. Quin J.P. & Co., 43 Broad. ''Read, Isaac, 101 Pearl. Reismann, G. &: Co., 1 '79 Pearl. Roa.noke Tobacco Works, 122 Water. Rosenbaum A. S. & Co., 162 Water ''' Rosenwald E .t Bro., 146 Water. c Salomon S., 192 Pearl Sehonrling H. & Co., 1 n Pearl & Bon, 178 Water. cl Schubart H. & Co., 146 Wate:r. ._,Seymour & Colt, lL\1 Pea'! 'Bpingarn, E. & Co., I> slip. Btein, &I Co., 197 Duane st. & Storm, 191 & Reitzenstein, 'J'ag Charles F. & Son 184 Fl'o1lt. F. w .t Co., uo i'earl! I' Upm:ib'n pari, 1 .88 Pearl Vetterlein'li _I"QD, ']'b. H., 6 Cedar. & Co., 177 PearL \\',. .. ,'89 Broad l '1 J i J Baouu. C atco UI:thete, 12S Pilfr\ street. J bie"er '&' O&Ueoobm, 1 !17' Pearl. J .Fisoiu!r, :F'rcd'erk:k, 2 H&Dover Building. J Gans, J, f!, #l Bon, ll6 W a.ll. < Osborn\! Cbl!&. t ., U O(d sliiD K. & 'Son, 123 J'earL "u J K.unlr 011' T10BACCO. Bilol'larian &1 Lyan; 144.rWater. ., I' :' f l ., r:IBuchner D., 2G& Delancy. 1::E4!!l 81101W!G. Kimball, Wm. S. & Co. !IPKJNGFIELD, l!IAS!I, Smith H. & Co., 20 Hampden Street. S'J.', LOUIS, JUO, Catlin, D., 701 North Secood Dormitzer, C. & R. & Co., 123 Market. 'Haynes J. E 100 North Commercial. Laclede Tobacco Works, 604 North Second. Wall & Belvin, 320 North Second. SA.N PRA'NCISC-., COMMJS.S!ON Platt & New.ton, California end Front. SYRACUSE, N. Y. PACKERS AND JOBBERS OF LEAF TOBA.CCO. Hier & Co. G. P., 25 North S a lina WILLI.l.M!IthJ uic;H N, y, v Douglass I. S., 31 Lorimer 1 I / / of.trutn and justice. the snbjeot with our readel'll this week out further comment, reserving any deductions that may be fairly and obviously drawn from the facts The question of paramount interest tb ', I I I the trade in oonpection with the suit, is whether the defendant bas had a fair trial, and whether any other to-bacco manufactu"l-er, or any numl;!er of tobacco manu facturers may have )aid i ,hemselves open to be proc:eeded against in a manner. With deliberate fraud, or attempted we have uot tbe slightest aympathy, but there frequently arise Cases ..::nder the present law, ip which members of the trade unwittingly expose themselves to the heaviest pains and penalties prescribed by the statute. MINOR EDITOBJALS. CoMiii:ISSIONRR SHIELDS in this city, recently held Patrick Morrison 'on a charge of selli'ng cancelled revenue !ltamps in $2,000 bail to await the action of the Grand Jury. June 22, 187.1. SuRE oF !T ..,-Th f:lpringfield is trying po con the Valley, farmelfl that they hav. e not ree,eived It is said that the crop of tobaoeo now on hand in every cent'of the intri.nsio value' of their leaf Bot.entourt county, Va., is the finest and largest that this Hear it: "We bear of onlv a few ot bas been raised since the close of the wa.r. The planter a, tobacco The l}pecalJLtlly is-to tlte pre having the manufacturer's sign placed upon the side or judice of the planter. This isqtterly indefensible on any end 'of the building, and the dollector's certificate principle. It Js very desirable that a good understand po'steq in a eonspicuous place within the manufactory. ing should exist between the planters and (he mer The manufacturer of cigars 'can sell. 'at the place of chants-and to this end, this action should at once be manufacture only in. boxes.' He is positively forl:iidden and corrected. VI' e have been opposed to all RESl'ONSIBLE ;FOR THE Acr OF .AN AGENT.-Comto retail cigars under his speciil tai receiEt a manumspeCtlOns, and hoped they would have been abolished, missioner Shields last week considered the pase of the facture1:: The''law does not contern11late the union of except where parties chose to employ them for their U. s. vs. Segisrnu1_1d Golsdmith. The defe,ndant is a the two kinds of business-cigar and'' the sale own convenience. The Governor might commission a dealer in leaf tobacco at No. Avenue A. He had of cigars at retail at tbe same tirne a'nd in the same dozen or more persons, just as he does notaries, who been charged.wit(l not making proper, entr1es ,of place! This office has not ordered the di continuance could act as Inspectors, if desired by buyer and selle1; sales as such dealer in his books. He produced )ns of manufacturing and selling cigars in' the :same room, or, if these preferred to trade without a sample, to (!o bookkeeper, who testified that he made the entries, and but only ordered that where it is done that there shall so. There is no more reason or justice in subjecting a that the defendant was not aware of the nature of be some kind of a dividing line between the two-a man who raised a hogshead of tobacco or a barrel of those entries. The Commissioner held the accused to partial a wire Jence or a flour to a tax for inspection, th:m there is to subject a the action of the Grand Jury, d 'eciding that td designate the portion of the room i.bat is to be used man to that tax who raises a horse or a hog. Free the defendant was bound,' under the la\V, W make and whidb .no cigars .Jan trade in all things is the true principle, and caveat entries of his sales, in ,compliance with it, ''and tbat if be sol4 or reniov.e-d unt1l they are packed m new boxes, .1 emptor the rule. That would be fair for all-put every he delegatea power another to d? 1he' ""anded, lab8ted' -and stamped' as reqtrir d by law. body on their guard, and hold out a. standing inducetakA the -,,IIJ .. Yety resnectfJily, .A. Pleasonton, CommisSioner/-' ment to honesty." "'f II \..IJ l (;_, J ,,lt i


' / 2 r.s:E TOBACCO u:L E A F. The Ll.ll. e nth al cas e. I develop the fact that 10 each of tbeseventeen months thereI the JUry as a true transcript of the books JDSte ad of bavmg were of more or less of a kmd of tobacc.o known as the books themselves. And then, agam an exammalion of granulated tobacco wbwb could not be Identified w1Lh any j the books m the presence of n.stute counsel on t cntnes of correspondmg qnant1t1es m the record kept of both sides, and m the presence of tbe Court anrl JUry, cleared / A THOROUGH DIGEST OF THE PROCEEDINGS. goods sold or removed The explanatiOn offered of this up everythmg as we went along, and let\ notbmg vague and was that the conrse of business m thE> factory was to doubtful If any embarrassment arose, the witness was on brmg down tlns tobacco m masses of several hundred the spot to explam It, and we have bad an exammat10n of pounds at a time from the upper floors where 1t was kept thes e mattters m Mr L1hentbal's establishment under c1r m cases, and to place 1t on the lower floor, m what cum stances the most favorable that can poss1bly be 1magmed was called the reta.1l counter, at the same time returmng for the Investigation of questwns of this kmd m a Coc.rt of Ii for taxatiOn as upon a removal for sale The orders JustiCe We have bad the gentlemen most mt1rnately con for goods of this class, found as aforesaid and not cerned and connected w1th these transactions-the parties 1dent1fied, It was alleged, wore filled from these masses at who made the entnes m the bookg,-Mr Denerker and Mr THE EVIDENCE SUMMARIZED the Ietail counter and had therefor e been previously 1e Dav1s, gentlemen of mtelligence, who have given their test1 tumei m gross m some of the masses so transferred A mony m a manner, so far as g1vmg mformat1on IS concerned, comparison of the entnes of sales and deliveries o other entirely satisfactory to the Court, and, I doubt to your kmds of goods for the month of August with the return for elves Then, agam, the books have been here, all the books the same penod, showed the same explanatiOn that the called for have been pre!I,Cnted The D1stnct Attorney, Ol"tlers were filled from the retail counter The same explana ve1-sed m these matters, was assiduous, persevermg and un twn was furmsbed for each mstance of the entry of a sale t1rmg The counsel for the defence themselves more ern1 not appearmg to have been also entered on the record for nen t ly qual 1fied for an mvest1gat10n of th18 kmd than any taxatiOn, and the comparison was extended no furth e r other gentlemen at the bar one of them bavmg beretof01 e WHAT WAS AND WHAT WAS NOT PROVED. How the Judge Charged. THE DEFENDANT SEVERELY CRITICISED. Wnh respect to the extra long smokmg tobacco 1t was held the h1gh positiOn of Deputy Corum ss1oner of IntCin a l shown that pr1or to Augu8t 1, 1866, when the act of Julv Revenue under the Government of the Umted States, and 13, 1866 went mto effect, It had been manufactured of others bavmg qual1fied themselves for these mveshgatwns stnpped, or stemmed leaf cut up w1tb a certam proportion by long serv1ce m the D1stnct Attorney's office m the pros of stems, which had been previOusly crushed between steel ecutlon of such matters on behalf of the Government, there rollers and dyed to res e mble the l eaf, and bad been returned fore 1t IS that notbmg bas been wanting m tb1s case for as smokmg tobacco, subJect to a tax of 35 cents per pound ascertammg the truth, so far as 1t can be ascerta1bed from the The act of July 1866 bad cnanged the rates of taxation of books kept by Mr L1henthal, h1s foreman and others m h1s smokmg tobacco m some respects, and from August 1,1866, establishment And gentlemen, It 1s a frmt of this compe Mr Lilienthal bad entered m his book of accounts and return ence, this entire and thorough competenc e of. the coun, e l on ed the extra long smokmg tobacco manufactured as above, both Sides that It happens m th1s case, and It rarely happens under the classification of.cbewmg tobacco, subject to a tax m any case tr ed m this or m any other Court, that The JUri" COlDCide. of 40 cents per pound After August 1, 1866, however, the Court IS able to assent, and does assent, as I shall here he:> mcreased the proper twa of stem to the stnpped leaf m after state, to every proposition of law made on both s1des the manufacture of th1s extra long smokmg tobacco, and on of IbiS case and presented to the Court to charge the JUry, INTERESTING FACTS .. AND DE DUCTIOI'S FOR THE TRADE. &c., &c., &c. / and after August 21, returned It w1tn th1s, and no other leavmg me1ely a questiOn of fact for your cons1dera change m Its character as smokmg tobacco subject to a two; and, gentlemen, I desire to say to you m the outset tax of 15 cents per pound The pret ext for thiS was, that of my remarks, that It IS for you solely, under your oaths m It was made m part of stems, and so withm the provJSJon of the discharge of your duties as JUrors, to pass upon that the act of 1866, 1rnposmg a tax of 15 cents per pound on question of unmfluenced m your determmat10n as to smokmg tobacco not sweetened nor stemmed, nor butted, those facts by any suggest1ons or op1mons that you may mcludmg tba.t made of stems or m part of stems No suppose too Court makes or holds on any quest10n of fact, notice was g1ven of this proceedmg to the revenue officers, only takmg tlie law as g1veo to you by the Court, and exer and no authonty or sanctwn obtamed for It. 'l'he extra CIBing your own mdependent, unbiased and umnfluenced long tobacco returned as above stated at (0 cents tax was Judgment upon the facts, to come to a rtghteous conclusiOn The case of the Umted States c H Lilienthal 10 sold at 7& or 30 cents net, that returned at 15 cents was Now, gentlemen, the Issue m this case Js a very plam and whtch, on the 8th mst, afte 1 a sessiOn of nmeteen days, the sold at 60 or 45 cents net, and of the latter very large simple one The poosecut10n takes place under the 48th JUry rendered a verdict of condemnation of the defendant's quantities were manufactured and sold duung each of the section of the Act of June 30 l8ti4, a section enacted at tobacco whiCh was bonded m the sum of 1104,391 78, prelieventeen months under consideration No srnok1ng a compa.ratl vely early day m tbe history of Internal ReveMDts many features of mterest and Importance to the pub tobacco was returned dur wg th1s per1od as sub;ect to the nue acts of tb1s country, and whJCh has remamed on the lie m generdl as well as to tobaccomanufactUiers,aswillap of 40 cents per pound 1mposed by the act of 1866 on statute hooks WJLb some modificatiOns ever smce, and has pear from the followmg authentic history of the ease J 0 smokmg tobacco sweetened, stemmed, or butted been enforced m a great many c:LSes, and 1ts provisions are February 186i, 1 t was brought to the notice of Mr Van As respects the charge or a f1audulent sale to these Where any prope1ty ijUbJected to a tax u n der the Wyck, the Assessor of the fourth CollectiOn District, that Kearney a.nd Waterman It was provod that 7000 h\l'B of the Umted States 1s found m the possessiOn of any per Mr Lilienthal bad been for some time manufacturmg a lbs of tobacco cons1gned Oronocco \Vas JU Apr1l son w1th the mtent to sell, remove, or dispose of It w1th kind of smokmg tobacco which he sold under name of and May 1867, t.o parties m Ce.llforma, u.nd not re out paying the tax upon Jt, or With mtent to defraud the "extra. long smokmg tobacco," and which smce about Au turned for ta:xatwn This was Identified as part of a l1rge quan Internal Revenue of the Umted States, that property so gust. 1866, he had been retunung for taxatiOn under the uty of tobacco, wh1ch on March 8, 1 865, bad been entered on found under those circumstances m the possession of any classification of "smokmg tobacco" liable by the act of July, the sales-book of the cla1mant as stlld to said Ke,un e ) and person w1th that mtent, shall be forle1ted to the Umted 13th, 1866, a tax of 15 cents per pound In March, Waterman, for about 860,000, and had on the last day of States, and may be seized, as the propeity was m this case, 1867, Mp, VanWyck commumcated to the CommiSSioner March been returned for taxatiOll to avoid, as was admitted and proceeded a,o-amst m tbe manner m which th1s property or Internal Revenue what be understood from Mr Lilienthal by Mr. Lilienthal, the payment of an mcreased rate of tax Is bemg proceeded 1agamst m this su1t 'l'he same sectiOn, 10 be the of manufacture of thiS tobacco, and the Imposed by the act whu h went mto effect April 1, 1865 prov1des that any raw matenals that are found m the posses of his cla 1 m to the right to return 1 t under the rate To carry out the pretenc.e of a sale and repurchase of the s1on of any person, be havmg the mtent m respect to them of 15 cents per pound The Department answered m Au goods In question, the parties exchanged cheques for the whe re they are so m h1s poss essiOn, of manufacturmg them gust 1867,and the meanmg of the act was one pomt of dispute amount. No delivery of the goods was eTer maae, nor mto a1 t1c1 es subJect to tax m respect to whiCh he means '&t the tnal, the claimant contendmg that It sanctiOned his were they e-rer removed from the factory until sold from th e tax shall not be paid, or the Revenue defrauded, and,the Goverment mamtammg th!l contrary opmwn \Ime to t1me by Mr Lilienthal af\er Apnl 1, 1865, aa shall be forfeited and the sectiOn also pro The deelSJOO, such as It was, was not commumcated to M r purchased gooda w1thout further return VIdes that under such cucumstances, not only the articl es Lilienthal until after the commencement of an exammation It was proved furtner, that whereas the provisions of obJect to tax, and the raw mater1a l s shall be fo1fe1ted by the 8881!880r mto the manner of conducting his busmess :aw m force durmg the period from Aor1l 1 1866, to Jan to the Umted States, but that all other personal property of With reference to the returns for taxation 1'his mvestiga I, 1868, reqtured the clrumant to keep an accurate account, any kind whatever found on tbe same premiSes with these "ioo was begun m November, 1867, and contmued through among other thmgs, of the quantity of tobacco of' all des offendmg articles (so to speak) shall also be forfeited the mouths of December, 1867, and January and February, wpt10ns manufactured, and sold or 1emoved" the books Now there has been seized as lorfe1ted m this case not 1868 It embraced not only the subJect of the extra long which purported to be kept by h1m durmg that periOd for only tobacco m a manufactured state, subJect to tax, but smokmg tobacco, but the exammatJOn of a book called the that purpose contamed no record whatever of the quantity also a large quantity of raw matenals-raw tobacco-and a eutter's work book, kept 10 the factory by the foreman, of tobacco of any kmd manufactured, nor any record of re large quantity of personal property connected w1th th1s and wbwh purported to contam a record ol the quantities of moval, nor an accurate account of the sa1es, masmuch as establishment. The report of the Appra1ser m tt.Js case tobacco cut druly therem The assessor claimed that the considerable sales were made at the retml counter, of which values thtl ent1re property at $104,391 78 In that amount It .quant 1 t 1 es sbown by this book to have been cut on the pre no record 1 was kept. The claimant had m each of his was bonded and delivered to the claimant, and the Govern uuses for a g 1 ven period dunng 186'7 when reduced by monthly returns mserted a quantity of each kmd of tobacco ment accepted what It regarded as sat1sfactorv bonds m proper allowances for drymg wastage to a JUSt t:Sti [ manufactured durmg the month, but the quantity m place of the aud It 1s th1s $104,000 worth of ,JDate the manufactured a;ticle, sbow a great e'"" e h case coJTespond e d exactly w1th tbe quantity returne 1 property cons1stmg g e n e ra ly of these three branches of -cess over the quantity appearmg as manufactU d so l a!oold durmg the month and the one was manifestly copied tobacco subJect to tax, raw material and other personal Qr on hand by Mr Lilienthal's offiCial returll( .:' a mven' f m the (Jther, and was m no respect a correct or true property found m thiS estaohshment, that IS the subJect ot this tories An exammatwn was also made of his books of ac s tement of the quantities actually manufactured smt. count contammgentnes of h1s sales from August 1st, 1866, THE OASE FOR THE DEFKNOE Now, gentlemen, It JS for the Government to satisfy you to Jan 1st, 1868, and abstracts were made purportmg to The case for the defence was openl:'d by Mr Dame! G that this or these raw matenals, were m this es show the quant1t1es appearmg by such books to have been Rolhns, who very ably argued the legal quest10ns mvolved tabl1shment with tb1s mtent m respect to them on 'Sold m each month durmg that penod Upon comparmg Very httle evidence was offered after the government Jested t h e part of those 10 whose custody and control "these abstracts the correspondmg quant1 t1es appearing 1ts case A very skillful and elaborate summmg up for the they were For the ourpose of makmg the mat upon his montnly returns, a greater or less dis.,repancy \1 as claimant was made by hl.l counsel, Mr Phe lps, who, gomg ter d e finite, I WJII read the langu;Jge of found m many mstances, and It was behaved that m th1s over the evidence m detail, contended that the prosecut 1on the statute "All goods wares, merchand1se, or obJects manner It was shown that the entire amount of sales bad had utterly failed m the attempt to show any act of Mr on whwb taxes a1e 1mposed by the proviSIOns of law, which not been returned An mqUiry was also made concermn g Lilienthal or h1s agents by which the Re',lenue bad been shall be found m t he possession, or custody, or w1thm the the C ir c umstances of th e alleged sale by Mr Lilienth a l of defrauded, or from wh1ch an mtent to sell or remove his control of any person or persons for the purpose of bemg $i3(},000 worth of tobacco to the firm of K e arney & Water goods m fraud of the Revenue laws, or w1th mtent to evade sold or removed by such person or persons, m f1aud of the man, m March 1865, and are purchase of the JdentJca.l to the payment of taxes, cou ld be Justly UJ(erred Internal Reve nue laws, or w1tb design to av01d the payment bacco It 1s churned tbat th1s was a collusive tra nsactiOn THE CAS!!: FOR THE PROSECUTION of sa1d tax may be seized by the Collector or D e puty As a result o f this mvest1gatwn of the assessor, the case D 1 str 1 ct-Attorney Simonds, 00 the otbei band tnat Colle c tor of the p10per District, and the same shall b e for was repolted to the collector as a proper one lor pr o se a senes of acts bad b een shown which were marked by an fetted to t he Umted States, and al s o any raw mate11al found cutwn for forfe1ture and an assessment of the amount of unmistakably fr-audulent and that the entue course m the possess JOn of any person or persons mtendmg to taxes claimed to be due on t he quant1ty of manufactured of busmess 10 the factory, as developed by tlle_ ev idence manufacture the same mto nrucl es of a kmd subject to .t obacco not return ed was returned for collection. was so arranged and conducted as to fa"llltate and cove r tax for the purpose of fraudulently sellwg such manufactur ta.blishment as a part of 1ts ordmary prwr to 4-ugust I Jetter, that the IdentiCal stems that were taken out 0 r tti1 lst, 186G, at which date commenced these series of returns, tobacco for the purpose of bemg subJect to thiS treatmer 17 m .number, wh1eh are the mam subJects of cons1derat10n wh1eh would assimilate them to leaf 10 appearance, a;J m th1s case It IS a species of tobacco that was manu fact perhaps m flavor, that these Identical stems were put l..1ak: ured prevwus to that t1me and retumed mouth m the leaves from whiCh they had been taken and the fn by month 1 That date Is taken m this case because ternal Revenue Office m August, 1867, when' they rep 1e4 It IS the date when an act 1mposmg ddJerent a tax on tobac to that mqu1ry of Mr Van Wyck, acted upon that 1ta., co went mto operatiOn PreviOus to that ume the act and acted upon It m thiS way That when the statute 0 1mposmg a tax on tobacco was the act of March 3, 1865 1861 sa1d that smokmg tobacco stems shall pay a tax of "I That act d!viaed smokmg tobacco mto two classes, one cents per pound, that the CommlSSIODer of Intern':ll class made exclusively of stems and taxed at 15 cents enue stretched a pomt m favor of the tobacco manufacta. per pound, and the other class, smokmg tobacco of all ers by saymg that "although you tako away physiCally t1fe kmds not mcluded and provided for under the 15 cent clause, stems from the leaf m the course of your manufacture, 80 and taxed at 35 cents per pound Now this tobacco, It that m one sense the tobacco IS stemmed, nevertheless fo appears from the evidence, so made m th1s estabhsbement the purpose of glVlng you the pnvilege of puttmg thos! pnor to August 1866, so bemg made when the act of July stems through this mampulation, we will cons1der that tc> 1866 was passed, bad been previously m the bacco Is not stemmed pronded you put back those Ide returned by Mr Lilienthal as smokmg toba<:co under this tiCal stems w1tb. the leaves to wh1ch they belo tt 35 cent clause and not under the 15 cent clause, because It was stretchmg a pomt for the benefit of th 1 s was not made exclusively of stems, and therefore not liable turer, and all other manufacturers similarly situated, that, to 15 but to 35 cents tax per pound It now although pbyswally the tobacco was stemmed, the appears that for some twenty d ays or so after Government would not cons1der 1t as havmg been stem the first of August when th1s new law went med, prov1ded, after bemg mampulated and gomg mto effect-this law of July 1866-this same tobacco through th1s process, a secret one, not d 1 sclosed and not whwh had been returned at 35 cents was put mto a 40 cent to be d1sclosed to assimilate 1 t to the leaf 1 n appearance and clause and returned as hable to a tax of 40 cents per flavor, tht the stems were 1fput back, 1 t was to be cons 1 dere4 pound un :le r the a c t which went mto effect August first the same as 1f thev had never been taken away And the 1866, and returned under tbe head of chuwmg tobacco District-Attorne y also claimed that the claimant m this The reason stated by the claimant lor that IS case under th1s state o f facts, hav1ng re that there was no place to return It otherwise, turned thiS toba cco a t the 35 cent rate the h whe r mte of than under the h e ad of chewmg tobacco but 1865,then returnmg 1t for a:l1ttle wb1le at 40 co;ts p e r pound 1t bad prev10usly b e en returned as sm o kmg tobacco, under the act of 1866 and th e n changmg It to 15 cents per and 1t was called smokmg tobacco m the catalogue of the pound has not howo honesty and good faith d cla 1mant and 1t was returned as lmble to a tax for some an hones t purp ose m th 1 s matter, because he bas not 'sh;.:n twenty days after August first, of 40 cents per pound that he laid all th e se transactions before the Department, After that time 1t was returned by the cla1mant In b1s reand stated to 1t pr eCise ly the condmon of th1no-s and asked_ tUins and put under tbe h!'ad of the tax of 15 cents per what b1s tax should be but went to w or k d pound, and so contmued through out all these returns down put h1s tobacco down 'month alter month at 15 cents a;r to December 31, 18o7, and all the smokmg tobacco of p0110d, not shown that he 10 any manne 1 discussed every kmd and description that was returned by h1m, m the b1gher rate, or ra1se d the questwn whether 1 t ought not all these returns durmg all these seventeen months, was re to be 40 cents per pouud These I understand to be sub turned at 15 cents per pound, and no srnoklUg tobacco what stantJally the v1ews urged on the part of Government m ever was returned at 40 cents per pound There was no regard to that questiOn A11d, gentlAmen, you w 1 ll permeve, class of 35 cents per pound m th1s act of July as I sa1tl before, that those v1ews are entirely Irrespect 1 ve 1867 The only classes of smokmg tobacco were the of any determ10at1on as a m atter of law as t" what m fact two classes of smokmg tobacco,sweetened, stemmed and but the tax on that tobacco ought to have been, and It 18 for ted, 40 cents, and all tobacco not sweetened stemmed or you to s a y what mference you will dra.w from all th i s test! butted mcludmg that made of stems, or m part of stems mony on the subJect m regard to the mtent that Mr and Imitations thereof, a tax fJ{ 15 cents per pound Lilienthal had m 1 espect to th 1 s extr.J long smokm<> tobacco A great deal was sa1d m this case, m the argument to And tb1s apphcs to the ent1 re senes of months :\. uo-ust the Court, as to the p10per consturct1on of t_!J1s act of 1866 1866, to December 1867 this seizure h,\vmg taken 10 m regard to this partiCular kmd of tobacco-extra long March ll:l68, and there bemg as I see from the uventory, smokmg tobac co-m regard to whiCh you will recolle c t that m the property se1zed a c o nsiderable quant 1ty of extra after August first, 1866 (aml whether Jt comm enc ed before long smok111g tobacco Some of th1 s VE'ry tobacco there or after the twentieth, I don t recolle.,t, as It IS of no pa1 t1cfore, subJect t o tax, 1s under seiZure and under ular consequence) at all events, durmg the bulk of the sev t 1on in th1 s case enteen monhs from August first 18G6, exc ept a very small portiOn of the time, perbap3 at the com men cement, this ex tra long srnokmg tobacco was pre parPd by putt10g ill to 1t rather more say ten pounds more m every 90 p o u ads of stems, than they bad been m the habit of puttmg m before August first 1866 But It had ah\ays bad a considerable portion-not a preponderance -but a pretty large portwn of stems m It I do not cons1der It necessary for tbe determmat1on of th1s case what the prop e r InterpretatiOn of this 15 cent c.ause, ill th e act of July 13, 1866 Js, nor under what head, as a matter of law tb1s smokmg tobacco manufactured, l t i the manser which I havf:\ descTJbed, and which Mr '!>eneker descnbed, prope!ly comes or ought to come Now the state of facts-to recapitulate them-about which there IS no dispute m regard to this extra long smok mg tobacco, IS that at the time thiS aet of July 13 1866 we11t mto effect, Mr L1henthal WJect to a tax of 40 cents per pound The history of that tobacco as developed by the evJdence, IS this I was returned fo; tax as a port10n of a large mass of the saue kmd of tobacco on March 31, and the day b e fore the act of March 3 1865, went mto effect, wh1cb act Imposed a h1gher duty that kmd of tobacco than It had been subJect to under the li.ct of June 30, 1864.-under that act It was l1ab'e to a tax of 25 cents per pound the act of March 31, 1865 was passed, and was to go mto effect Apnll, 1865, under wh1ch thiS tobacco wh1ch up to the close of March 31 1865 was hable to a tax of 25 cents per pound, would liable to a tax of 35 cents per pound-10 cents mcrease Mr Lilienthal at that time went through the process tha1 was developed upon the tnal, of :entermg upon his sale s book sale, or a transactiOn as a sale of a mass of Onnoco tobacco of wh1ch that sent to Cal1orn1a formed a part He also upon his books a trans actiOn as a sale of som e 160,000 worth of kmd o f to bacco to Kearney & W atetman of thiS c1ty Kearney & Waterman gave him a cheque for tb1s"tobacco and two or three daJ s afterwards, he gave them a: cheque for the same amount, and the tobacco was never removed from his estaohshment and never passed mto the possession of Kearney & Waterman Mr Lilienthal retamed 1t m his own poss e sswn, and after he had bought It back (as the ex pres s10n IS) he went on and treated It as h1s own and d1sposed of Jt. But m connection with this al l eged s a le m this way to Kearne y & Waterman, he put mto the tax book and retUined thi s Onnoco tobacco at 25 cents per pound A nd Mr LI11enthhl told yo u from the Witness stand why be went thr o ugh w1th th1s operatiOn H e went throuo-h with It be cause unde 1 th e l aw there was gomg to b e a higher tax on It Well, be hpt 1t untll there came another chano-e m the THE SEIZURE the commiSSIOn of such acts It was especially urged cd articles, or With des1gn to avo1d the payment of such tax, The oollector, thereupon, on March 25th, 1868, seized upon the constructiOn of the law mamtamed by the govern and also all tools, Implements and pe1sonal prope1 ty w hat the entlr8 stock of manufactured tobacco, raw material ment, It bad been def1auded of 25 cents on each pound o f e ver m the place or bu1ldiiJg, o r within any yard o r Inclosure too ls and Implements m l\1r LJI!entba l s fac the extra long smokmgt ob acco r e turned at 15'cs nts,and what \1 here such artiCles or raw maler1als may be found, may tory and r ep orted' the matter to be Umted eve1, as a questiOn of ) aw tbe true rate of taxatwn on such be seiZed by anJ Collector or Deputy Coll ec tor, and the States District Attorney for prosecutwn, whiCh tobacco was, the acts of Mr L1hentbal, m connectiOn With same may be forfe1ted n.s afor.esrud was begun March 27 :1868, by filmg an mformatwo c bar gmg Jts return, such as the sh1ftmg 1t from th e 40 cent class to Now gentlemen, the D1str1ct Attorney m this case bas the property seiZed as forfe1Led lor VIOlatiOn of sectiOn 48 of the 15 cent class With but a slight and 1mmate11al change stated to you 111 his summ1ug up the varwus g rounds upon the Internal Revenue act of .June 3 0th, 1864, as amended by m the article, his fmlure to disclose tb1s proceedmg the wh1ch he claims the forfeJture-tbat 1 s, the varwus grounds sectiOn 9 of the act of July 13th, 1866 Tb1s a c t provides, priCes charged for the tobacco and other circumstances upon which he holds that be has p10ven the existence of m substance, that manr.factured tob acco subJect to tax, or clea r ly md1cated that he d1d not honestly behave thut he tlus mtent m respe c t to this taxable tobacco, aud m respect raw matermls f(Jr such tobacco, or other personal prope rty was JUStified by anytbmg m the law m h1s course, and that to the raw material found and se 1 zed m the facto 1 y of found on the premises m the possessiOn, custody, or con h1s mtent was manifestly fraudulent ,lt was also claimed on Mr and, as you will perceive, the testimony IS trol of any person, for the purpose ofbemg sold or 1emoved the part of the Government that tho Hearney and Water entnely of this character-test1 mony m regard to prevmus m fraud of the Internal Revenue laws, and w1th the mtent man transactiOn was cnnfessedly a sham, and a fraud on acts of omiSSion and commiSSion as IS alleged on the part io evade the paym ent of taxes, may be seized and forfeited 1ts face, that not only was there no autbonty m the Jaw frJr of Mr L1hentbal, and persons 10 b 1 s estabhsbement, 10 Mr L1henthal filed his cla1m as the sole owner of the makmg a return of goods for taxatwn under such circum respect to the conduct of tbmr busmess m relatiOn to the -property se1zed, nnd answered denymg the charge of the m stances, but that It was m d1rect -vwlation of proviSIOns of Internal Revenue laws of tho Umted States at previOus formation Tbe froperty was nppra1sed at a valuation of law whiCh aimed to prevent the aggregatiOn of tax paid t1mes We:l, gentlemen, that IS a class of ev1dence whi c h 78, and released to the cla1mant on due goods on the facto1y premises whiCh might be kept and bas been expressly adJnchcated m many cases by th e of a hood for that amount u.ed to cover fraudulent remevals of on whiCh the Supreme Court of the Umted States, as peilectly BEARING THE CASE tax: bad not been p:ud, that the same Violation of law and comp etent and legitimate ev1dence upon wh1cb to mler The SUit was spec1ally set down for trial before Judge mtent was mamfest m the so called removals for sale and a fraudulent mtent 10 respect tom possessiOn property It bas .Blatchford at the A pnl term of the D1stnct Court, and a returns of gra.nulated and other tobacco merely translerred been held m respect to the Impcfrtatwn of goods at the Custom JUry empanelled therem on April lOth. One JUror was d1s from one part of the factory to the retail counter on the House, that a fraudulent mtent m respect to a particular charged by consent of both parties, even after the opemng,1 same premises, and the frulure to keep any record as reqUired 1mportat1on of goods at the Custom House may be leg1t1 .as unable to s1t by reason of s1ckness, and the case "\\'as by law of sales at that counter, except such as they chose mately mferred by a JUry from (lrevwus fraudulent mtent .tr1ed by eleven JUrors to account for, that the cla1mant had, m pursuance of the and fraudulent acts shown m respect to property previously The case was conducted for the government by Assistant the same mtent, utterly 1gnored the express requirements Imported through the Custom House There 1s a large class U S. Attorney Thomas S1monds, With the a1d of Assistants of the law that he should keep an accurate account of the of cases on that subject, and they have been applied to Luther W Emerson and S1dney De Kay, for the defence quantity of tobacco manufactured, as well as of sale11 and cases under the Internal Revenue-Lapphed recently by the by BenJamm K Phelps, Thomas Harland, Daniel G Rollins removals, m order that the officer of the Revenue might Circuit Jndge of tillS m a case m the nottb.em .and Mr. N have at all l.Imes the necessary data for determmmg whether District m regard to dJstJlletl spmts It IS, therefore, a class THE EVJDEI'CE he was carrying on hiS busmess m fraud of the law, and of ev1dence that can be appealed to, and IS After provmg and puttmg m endence the mventor1es that these, and many other deliberate and persiStent v1ola appealed to m all cases of tb1s kmd Sometimes It IS ac monthly returns of the claimant and his account books tlons of the law havmg been proved, 1t was mcumbent on companied by other ev1dence m respect to an ex1 stmg of sales from August 1, 1866, to January 1st, 1868, tbe the claimant to prove to the satiSfaction of the JUry that mteut m regard to property se1zed Sometimes property prosecution endeavored to put m evidence the abstracts such a course of conduct was ceasl9tent With honest dealing smzed JS found concealed, h1tlden away, and to support from the claimant's books of account made on the exam1 and illnocence or mtent the Idea that fraud 1s mtended In regard to It, preVIous .nation before the assessor, but the Court, on obJeCtiOn, IUDGE BLATCHFORDS OHABGE lraudulent acts are g1ven 10 ev1deoce Sometimes, as In this refused to adm1t them on the ground they d1d not In the course ot a long and exhaustive charge to the JUry, case, the eVIdence consiSts almost entuely of ev1dence m :appear to be accurate statements of the contents of such Judge Blatchford sa1d regard to previOus acts, and what lS cu1.uned by the DistriCt books. The consequence of wb1ch rulmg was, that the The tr1alwas commenced m the hope and expectatiOn, Attorney to be the mtenuon or fraud e.x1stmg m such prev prosecution were obliged to make on the tnal before the and mtention on the part of the D1str1ct Attorney of savmg 10us acts .court and JUry an exammat:ion of the books of account con the time of the Court and Jury from bemg taken up by an Now I shall call your attent1 on part1cularly to these tammg the entrws of the claimant's sales similar to t.bat exammallon of Mr L1henthals books by producmg an ac nnous tbmgs that are rehed upon by the D 1stnct Attorney, r and owner of It, g1vmg a r1ght to another person to put 11 mto consumption The property ill It must m some 1 way b e changed, or It must be sent for sale on commissiOn But tlus property remamed on the prem 1ses of Mr Lilienthal The D1stnct Attorney, on h1s pa1 t, contends that 1f to put any stems whatever wtth tobacco reduces 1t to a 15 cent tax per pound, Jt makes no d11fereuce how much stem there IS In It and that th e 1efore the test1mo.n y m regard to puttmg mto th1s tob 1cco, this 10 pounds more of stems, has no appl1catJon or beaung upon any honest transactiOn 10 to this maher He cla1ms that Mr Lilienthal s books at that t1me sho1v that th1s was retu1 ned as liabl e 15 cents tax per pound because it had more ste ms m 1t than that 1 eturned a; 40 cents and tha t 1f all tob acc o uude1 tbe act of 1866 that had any stems m It that was made m part of stems was liable to 15 cents tax, per pound, and not 4o cents, why It,_Js clmmed It IS absurd to put m any more stems] be caus e the stems that were m were entirely suffi c1ent to 1t w1tbm the 15 cent tax That IS one of the arguments used by the D1stnct Attorney It IS for you to uy what force and weight you will g1ve It He claims that the10 was no necessity for puttmg m It ten pounds mor e of stems to brmg 1t w1tbm the 15 cent rate, and m that connection be calls attentiOn to the fact that all through the seventeen months every particle of smokmg tobacco that was returned by Mr Lilienthal was returned at the 15 cent rate, and not a particle was ever ret ned durmg all that time at 4.0 cents per pound He also calls attentiOn to the fact that the books of Mr L1henthal show (and he cla1ms this conclusiOn from what the books show) that Mr L1heothal bad a purpose to benefit himself m this way and not honestly to deal With the Government, because what tobacco was returned by h1m durmg the short time he d1d return 1t after the act of July, 1866, went mto operation, was returned at 40 cents per pound and sold at 70 cents per pound, and when he reduct!d the tax and returned 1t at 15 cents per pound, thus reducmg It 25 cents on tbe pound, he reduced hiS price only 10 cents for the same to bacco, for tobacco With the mcreased q uant1ty of stems m, thus makmg a clear ditrerence m hiS own favor, as IS cla1m ed, or 15 cents per pound, paymg the Government 25 cents less tax, and at the same time selling the tobacco only ten cents less, and thns gettmg h1msell the benefit of 15 cents oot of 25 reductiOn m the tax That IS claimed by the D1stnct Attorney to be a Circumstance worthy of consideration. It IS also cla1med by the DIStrlct Atturney that there IS oo evidence whatever to show the Government had any mformat1on all through until 1, of anythmg m relation to th1s extra long smokmg tobacco, or how It was made and that at that time the DIStrict Attorney claims when the mlormation was commumcated to Mr Van W yck, as shown by hiS letter ol March, 1867, to tho Internal ReYenoe Oftice that he supposed a state of facts exJSted as disclosed m' tha' It IS on the part of the defence that masmuch as the tax of25 cents per p u und had once bBtln pa1d on th1s to bacco, thero was no obn,.ation on the part of Mr Lilienthal t.o make a subsequent return, and to pay a tax on It because the tax had onc_9 been pa1d, that 1f at the time be re turned It, the tax thereon was only 15 cents per pound when he pa.d 25 cents per pound and reference was made to a pl't>VISIOU under the act of 1866 contammg thiS proVISion "All manufactures and productiOns" (and thiS IS the act whiCh went mto effect August 11, 1866, .and was m force when this Ormoco tobacco was sent to California) on which a duty was Imposed by e1thet:" of the ac s repealed by this act" (that 1s, the prev1ous act of J nne 1864., wh1ch was in force when th1s tobacco was returned for tax, March 31 1865) "wb1ch shall be m the possesSion of the manufacture; or producer" or of hiS agent or agents upon the day this act takes effect, the duty Imposed by every such former act not hanng been paid, shall be deemed to be manufactured and produced after such date." Now the defence contenda that the duty on th1s tobacco had been pa1d; b11t that IS not the law. The la1v says that duties 1m posed by law upon man ufactures must be pa1d Now there was no duty 1m posed upon. that tobacco only when It was sold 10 good fa1th, or removed for consumption. There was no duty Imposed opon Jt at t.ha time It was returned for tax at 25 cents per po11nd. The claimant had no to return it at 25 oents per poou.rJ, ..


r where 1t 1s ackowledged by h1mself on the wit Jess stand that be d1d so for the purpose of gettmg nd of tbe 35 cents tax, and where 1t IS clear that that was the m t ention and that there was an mtent to defraud the Gqvern ment by violatmg the law It 1s only when the tax nas been paid tbot IS imposed, otherw1se a party would be 11.ble to take advanage of his OWll wrong to pay a tax of 25 cents per pound for the purpose of gettmg r1d of a tax that was gomg tnto effect the next day of 35 cents per pound, and paymg when the law gave h1m no ngbt to pay It, and _after wards to say, because be had pa1d 1t, that It was an mtent to defraud the Government, and that therefore the very fraud committed was condoned. That 1s not the law. The Jaw says that when the tax: bas been patd which is imposed, it will not he collected agam, and that there will be no duty m respect to it. THII: VERDICT After a Jurther and long rev1ew of the evidence in the case, Judge Blatchford mstt.Ucted the Jury that to find aver diCt against Mr. L11Ienlhal they must bel.eve h1m to have 1utentionally defmuded the Government After bemg out four hours, the Jury concluded that Mr L1lientbal had been mter.twnally guilty of fraud, and brough t m a verdiCt condemnmg the property seiZed. .A.N .APPEAL The case w11l be appealed to the Umted States Circmt Comt, and 1f 1t goes agamst the cla1mant there, It Will be taken to the Supreme Court of the U n1ted States THE TOBACCO MARKET. is being done The closing of the San Francisco ed warehouse bas also tended to check the consumptton demand and render business flat. There seems no good reason, however, far as we can see, whr the latter cause should continue to operate. If, as IS rumored, the warehouse was given up on account of the (If the Commissioner, since partially revoked, any person engaged in the tobacco commerce keepmf! an office in the building used as a tobacco bonded warehouse the modification of the order should have the effect opening the closed doors, or if the former warehouseman desires to retire from the business alto srether, the officials should certainly. exert themselves to establish a new one, so necessary IS the accommoda tion thus afforded to the convenient transaction of the Cavendish trade on the Pacific slope The expoFts of the week included 1,132 pkg11. (175, 917 lbs) of tobacco fol'warded here for reshipment, and 420 pkgs. (46,742 lbs.) shipped directly from this port. Smoking -Th.e trade in Smoking last week waR un osuall,y good, the majonty of the coming from New York State and as West as Chicago. The more distant loJalities beyond the Mississippi weril not largely heard from. The Western country would seem to be gradually recovering from the monetary pressure that a short time since resulted in so many failures and such general prostration. Cigars-Also continue to improve, a fair trade being done in orders from nearly every section of the U mon Gold opened at and closed at 111! DOJUB!ITlon or eeed lear as rurnlbmg tbe pr1ces that T t 1 should he obtained by tbem at first hand Growers cannot expect to oell 1st week 2d week 3d week 4th wee it. 5th week 0 a their cropo for the .arne prices as are obteincd on a re ale or tbe cop here Jan .... 572 792 '739 952 3,000 OfeooreeeveryreeaJemcstbeatanadvance aodthereroretbepriceobtatn able by the growers w1ll always be somewhat \ower than our quotations Feb .... 503 231 4b1 2,200 OF WHOLl!SA.LE PRICKS. Mob .... 629 751 310 573 292 2,855 5)4@ 5 00 @2S Apr .... 115 632 572 1,414 1 267 4000 Common leaf 6 @ 7 Fine .. i6 @30 1 17 2 57 7 Medlnm 7)(@ 8 Fancy TobaccoiMay.... 339 1,021 ,2 Good S.l(@ su Long'10' k Fine 9 @ 9)( Navy 4'e and5' Leaf.-Tbe leading features of the mar et Selection to @11 Rolle remam the same-"-dullness herr. and moderate activity, Ltgbt cattlnrz: lnf1t' 7 9 Pocket P>ece rlo do laf.. 9 @12 Bright Twlet (VIrginia) especially in brights, in Rwhmoud Indeed, the demand Heavy lear Bright Gold !Iars, do for this class of goods has been so act1ve that sales were l::fr' and Ready last week at the famine figures of 1!5c@$1,02! This, it Med10m B SM NaV'JI Pounds-Virginia, ex 25 Good .. B){@ 9 Fine 18 is needless to say, was exceptional, but shows the tenFine Common, medium 15 @17 dency Of t he ma1 ket. In the presence of high Selection .. 10 @11 17 @'10 M:t.soorl @-Thirds 17 @2'2 figures we find that tbt> reshipment of Vugmia leaf Vrplna-Prtmlngo -Flvu 18 k Fa1r logo 7 @ 8)( 0t: Coerooto and Slxee 10 oo @li oo 'II Flllero 1i @14 Snu..(f'.-Jdaecoboy se @-90 1,100 Cll new State on prtvate, terms wbtcb was reportNew Yurk &ea Leaf-&ppee,French --@ 1 oo ed some time since, but appears only now to have been Wrapper @-do ftne ploln --85 Iota . 13 -15 SCocomtemoh &0 Land.. yfoo. t .-85_ @-tt !!2 consummated The other sal'ls compnsed 300 cs. 1870, @15 uu Obl'o on private terms, 100 cs. 1869 Ohio at 150 Pmnntl,..nla &t4 Loaf-Amertc:an Gentleman-1 00 'I" 18E 9 Wrappenr !Ill @llO Llcori GoltJ cs. 1869 Connecticut and Massacbusets at 30c to 37tc. Average Iotti, new 'lli @2815 H. M Morrie" M &M 24 I dd h ti 1 ll'lllere 13 @15 Don Qmjotc 25 in all, 1,650 os. n a 1t1on to t e oregomg we earn Ohio SwJ uqf-La Corona de of a sale of I, 100 cs. 1869 Connecticut and MasRachu-1869 Wrappero 25 @.'!5 Bspana As1orted loU, new 25 @29 H M M. setts in the Vallev. to a leadmg city bouse. Th1R w1th Filler 18 @15 :&x relined f .ll'c>rrign-'G C lb caoee other sales last week must reduce the. stock o old to HaTana Pll'roCom 85 @ 88 "F G" 4W .. 3,000 cs. or under. That the old is good property to hold do do Pair .. 110 @ 911 "C & A" 875 Jbt! net f h fi 1 f h f h h do do l"'nc .. 97)!1'@ 1 05 "WallleBx" 4150lbo net m v1ew o t e 10 enor qua 1ty o moe o t e new, t ere Yara @ "J c & c" can be little doubt. What the future of the 1870 will Yara I & 11 Cat I 00 @ 1 {)j!J.I' "G & F" Yara II Cot 1 16 @1 20 uYnurrla'' be is matter for much curious speculation. .At the M!Jnufactured -Tax 8jlc per pound "K. & co" .PouncU.-m BOlm -BRIGHT uz Z," 440 Jbs present writing the packel's who have generally secured Bxtra nne 415 @llO "Z A," 280lbe their crops at moderate figures, bold them at a coosid-Fine 27 @38 "G z" erable advance Whether this advance can be maio ... = ::J PF':, tained, is a matter of considerable donut, still, so thick Common .. "A. o c" Mouldv @uMF a cloud hani!'S over the future of the market it is uoLigbt Preeoed, extra line 4S @S5 "R R." I" h Llabt Preseed, 1lne 85 @40 uc G safe to predict. There are some of t e opmwn, who Thirds 91 n 415 "J H" certamly have good opportumties for judgmg, that the Quart.rPoundi-Fine oo @.'!!5 "F N F" ti d p Jledlam, ecarce i5 @80 "W. B." ... high pri<'es now ruling or Oh10 an enn .. yJvama will Common oo @2!l "JI F" .. .. have a tendency to keep the new Connecticut up to NtH>yPounds-Fine 22 @97 "R .R.". a fictitious standard, by inflating it far beyond its ID trinsic value. However this may be, our friends, the packers, will not object to any course on the part of the speculators that will enable them to realize a handsome profit on their purchases. What are selling now of the new Connecticut are filllers and seconds, the other grades being left severely alone. Spanish.-The week's transactions comprised the sale of 500 bales Havana at 85c to $1:05, including some fine parcels at $1 10. The general characteristics of the m'!.rket-a large supply ef very mediocre leaf and steadv sales-already commented on, remain un changed. IMPORTS The arr1val at the port of New York from foreign ports for the week May 16, were as follows: Liverpool, London, Astatic & American Co., 10 casks pipe clay. Havana.-Strohn & Reitzenstein, 337 bales, F. Al exander & Son, 35 do; M & E Salomon, 48 do, Schroe der & Bon, 95 do; F. MiranGa. 176 do, J. A. Vega & Brother, 121 da, 3 cs. cigars, DeBary & Khng, 19 cs. cigars, Lewis, Philip & John Frank, 13 do; Robert E. Kelly & Co., 8 do; G W. Faber 6 do; A. P. Francia, 100 do; Lewis Benja:nin, 1 do; E. Mar\inez, 2 do; W. H Thomas & Brother, 52 do, AckE\r, Merrill & Condit, 28 do, Park & T1lford, 23 do; Kunbardt & Co, 3 do; Howard lves, 5 do; J R Tupper, I do; Tbomas Irvin. & Son, 3 do; Geo J Muller & Guderwill, 3 do; W. H. Wilson, 2 do; Fabbri & Chauncey 1 do, J. G Welsh, 1 do; Francis Spies, 1 do; Herguez & Co 1 do, P E. Lesvernine & Co, 2 do, J. B Casabianca, 2 do; Hernan dez, D1fterman & Co., 1 box do, 1 keg cigarettes; At lantic S S. Co 58 bales; order 79 o. EXPORTS. From the port of New York to foreign ports, other than European ports, for the week endmg May 9, were as follows: 8Brazil. 2 cases cigars, $816. Canada: 3 bales, 1129; 6 cases cigars, $1,128. Cuba. 10 cases, i843; 13, 185 lbs mtd, $2 282. British West Indies 5 hhds, $1,000; 1,364 lbs mfd 13,3. DamAh West Indies 5 hhds, *893, 2,H3 lbs mfd, 8593. Dutch West Indies 3 bbds, $515; 10 bales, French West Indies 18 hhds, *1, 940. Hayti 424 bales, $3 604. To European ports, for the week ending May 15: Antwerp: 124 Bremen 458 hhds, 115 bales, 53 cases, 2 do cigars Corunna: 582 hbds. Gibraltar. 337 bbds, 301 cases Glaegow 18 bhdH, 24 cases Hamburg: 246 bbds, 91 boxes Liverpool: 259 hhds, 566 pgs London 176 hhdo, 26 trcs, 248 bales, 27 pgs. Marseilles 70 hhds. TOBACCO LEAF. 3 & Co, 8 do; Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 5 do; Thos Hoyt footing and whether foreign buyers come into the marCLARKSVI & Co., 12 do; A. C L. & 0. Myer, 67 do; Chas ket tlr not we think that our and trades.peoCiark & Br th TEbNN., MAY 13.-Messrs. M. H. Luling & Co, 3' do; Oelrichs & Co., 12 do; M. ple are disposed to keep 1t. up themselves, and will 0 er, ea to acco brokers, report: Our re Abeoheim, 12 do. W H Goodwin & Co, 3 do, J make the tobacco offered bring fair prices. It is thouaht !'"d were large this week-the receipts pro D. Keilleg, J r, 59 do; E Hoffman 39 pgs, Fatman & that another warehouse Will be established here a t ly 10 the neighborhood of 1 000 hhds with sales of Co, 28 do, Bunzl & Dormitzer, 12 do; order, 58 bhds, very short t1me. Mr. James S. Mason, who is known in a out 775 large ;re giYmg our 5 pgs By the Hudson R1ver Railroad Norton, our community aB a gentleman of sterling character and ouses mconvemence, crowded as they are by the Sl ht & C 5 hhd A 1 b & H 1 32 respongibility and '\vel! qualified for .the business, has amount of logs held back from sh1pment It is aug er o' 8; pp e y e m pgs' esttmated that there are more than 1 000 hhds .held i]\ Schroeder & Bon, 40 do; Buozl & Dormltzer, 74 do' M charge of the warehouse now in operatiOn. the. here for sbippers' acdount the bulk of & E Salom:m, 88 do, Joseph Mayer & Son, 28 do; G. BOSTON, May 13.-We report this market without wbch 1 s l.ugs, whih will arohably be 'ei'd bacL unil B. Lichtenberg, '-22 do, A. S. Rosenbaum & Co, 44 change either in the inquiry or prices The receipts the t b J ... do; order, 27 do were 9 hhds, 355 boxes, and 313 bales and cases. '!'he llcarcl! at t e seaboar produces an advance upon By the Camden & Ambov Ra1lroad Sawyer, exports were 40 cases to Liverpool, 86 casea to Batavia, Planters are fully satisfied with present Wallace & Co, 9 bhds. By the National Line: 282 bales to Port au Pnnce, 7 cases, 2 boxes to the Britfcnces ur low graaes, but grumble excessively at the Blakemore, Mayo & Co, 31 hhds, C B Tallenstein & ish Provmce ow paid for their leaf; the average for their Co, 4 ilo, E M Wright, JS do; Drew & Crockett, 13 crops emg below the cost of productiOn. They say do; J. p Quinn & Co' 12 do, R. L Maitland & Co, 25 CINCINNATI, MAY 13.-. Mr. J A. Johnson, re-ltfwloudld pay them better to put in double the quantity Porter of the Cincinnati Tobacco A asocition, writes as o an to the hand and mak 11 1 W h had do; Norton, Slaughter & Co, 5 do, J K Smith & Son, -';1 ., d e a ugs. e ave 11 do, Fatmao & Co, 9 do; Kremelberg & Co., 67 do, follows: 10 thls week, and plants being forward Pollard, Petus & Co., 14 do; Sawyer, Walla(:e & Co' Messrs. Cassey, Wayne & Co. offered 265 bhdR, 9 an a some tobacco was set out, and the next 11 do, M Abenbeim, 25 do; A H Cardozo & Co, 2 do; bxs as follows 84 hhds new Owen county common seasons Will .give us a full planting. Onr breaks were J. D. Keilly, Jr, 46 do; J L Gassert & BrotbPr, 10 trash to fine leaf 6 at $5 to 5 95; 5 at $6 to 6 90; 12 very this week, particularly the low grades which pkgs for export, 10 hhds By the New York & New at 17 to 7 90, 11 at $8 to 8.90; 6 at 19 to 9 75; 12 at 10 the mam common lugs, caky and trashy' Fine Haven Railroad Litchenstem Brothe18 & Co 3 cs $10 to 10.75; 7 at $11 to 11.75; 4 at $12 to 12 75; 2 leak was soa:ce and commanded full J1rices. The sales A L & c L Holt, 17 do; M. Westheim & Co., 6 do; C: at $13.25 to 13 50, 6 at $14 to 15.75, 6 at $16 25 to m opkmsvllle were also large this week and prices C. Mengel, 9 do, H. Schubart & Co' 1 do: H. Boock I 17 50; 2 !l.t $18 25 to 19 4 at $20 to 20 75' I at were reported to us to be lower than current in man 1 do J H Sanders 33 bales hgbters, order 1 cs 122 25 2 bxa new Owen county leaf at *15 20. 95 our market We quote from this week's sales Com cigars Ene, Penn -S DICkmson & Son, 1 cs Cigars bhds new Mason and Bracken county trash to fine leaf moo loga, 4-f to 4-!c.; goqd lugs 5 to 51. common !eat; Milwaukee -Ktrby & Chase, 1 cs mgars. Coldwater, 4 at $5 50 to 5 90; 24 at $6 05 to 6 90; 10 at $7 to 6 to 6!; medtum l;af, 7 to 8; good leaf, 8i to 9; fine M!Ch -E R Clark & Co 1 cs cigars White p1o-eon 7 at $8 to 8 50, 7 at IJ;9 to 9 70; 7 at $10 to leaf, 9t to 10, selections, lOt to 12. Mwh -J. R Watson & I cs. cigars. Plam: 10 751 y_ at $11 to 11 75; 7 at $12 to 12 75; 8 at $13 I The market was lfregular for low grades and like field, N J -E L Sanford, 1 cs. ctgars. YtrgmiaClty, to$ 3 lu; 3 at $\4 to 14 75' 7 at $15 to 15 75; 4 at ast week, the market seemed at one tim'e as' If it Montana -D H Weston, 1 cs. cigars. $18, 18, 1 !l 50,. 20 39 hhds new Pendleton county would settle to a l ower scale of pnces. By "tbe New York & Philadelphia express trash to good leaf: 3 at $5 20 to!> 75, 6 at $6 35 to HOPKINSVILLE KY, May 12 -The New Era Line Chas. F. Tag & Son, 10 cases; J. i::l 6 90! 3 at 7 45 to 't.90, 3 at $8 20 to 8 50, 5 at $9 to says: Th e breaks this week are largely in excess of Gans & Son, 56 do; G. Reissman & Co., 42 do' Cyrus 9 75' 4 at $10 25 to 10 7_5' 5 at $11 to ll 75' 3 at $12 those of the las A more cheerful spmt seems to perE Lee 3 ao s Murphy 1 do. Kauffman Brothels to 12 75, 2 at $13 25 to 13 50; 2 at $14 to 14 75, 3 at vade the market, and although the accounts from the &. Co '5 do.' Carhart &' Brotb'ers 75 boxes snuff $16 25 to 17 12 hhds new Cumberland county, Ky. sea-board are of a gloomy character and calculated t() Moon.', J & Co, 25 do. S. Hemsheime; trash and lugs $4 35, 4 45, 4.60, 5, 5 .. 40, 5 55, 5 65, 6, exerCise a depressmg iofl.ueoce, are well sustained & Co 25 boxes snuff F B Stable & Co 25 do. 6 30, 6 65, 25, 8 20 6 hhds new Umoo county, Ky, w1th probably a shght disposition to advance. We as: New Orleans_ & J osepb 25 lugs and leaf at $4 05, 4 5 35, 5 60, 6 65, 7 10. 2 sure our fnends, that we are fullv coovmced that there snuff. hhds new Southern Kentucky lugs and fine bnght IS no pomt where they can reahze more money for their By the New York & New Haven Steamboat Lme wrappers at $5, 36 50. 2 bxs new Southern Kentucky tobacco, than at 1the ir home market in Hopkinsville. L Myers, 2 cases; A L & C. L. Holt, 76 do, Levy & leaf at $7, 9.10. 3 hhds new Spencer county, Ind, at Sales at the People's Warehouse, Wednesday, Mav 10 N eugass, 48 do; Basch, Cohn & Co., 42 do; M. H $6 15,_ 6 50, 0 9 hhds new Brown and Clermont 1871, of 148 hogsheads as follows 1 bhd fine leaf. Levm, 111 do, Palmer & Scoville, 51 do; Bunzl & counties, Oh1o, trash, lugs and fine leaf at .5.80, 6.05, $!10 60, hhds good leaf, from $7 55 to *9 00; 4i DO!miker, 26 do. 7 30, 7 50, 7 20, 9 20, 10, 14, 20 50, 21,25. 7 1 hhd new h?ils medmm leaf, $6 60 to a7 50 40 hhds low leaf, By the VtrgmJa Steamship Lme Oelnchs & Co., Tennessee trash at $5 10 12 hhds new'\\ est V1rgmm $o 55 to $6 55, 11 bhds good luas as 00 to 315 50 10 hhds stems w P. Kittredge & Co., 1 trc. 22 cs, lugs and leaf at $4._80, 4 80, 5, 5 40, 5 5 80, 6, 6.05, 34 hbds common to medium *4 00 to $ 4 95, I Blakemore, & Co., 11 cs; L. Ginter, 2 do, Mad6 10, 6 25, 7, 8 05. "bxs new West Vlrgmla lugs hhd trashlugs, $3 35 Planters' Warehouse -Sales dux Brothels 5 do Martin & Johnson 18 do Patter-leaf at *4 35, 4.95, 7, 9 90, 21 50 1 bhd new East VIrby Cayce, Bowles& Co' May 11, of 82 hhds 1 hbd sooJ,r. Lyons, '23 do; H. A Richey, 31 do; Con'nolfy & gimaleaf at $11. 1 hhd old Bracken county scraps at fine leaf at $15. 39 hhds medium and low leaf at 9 25 Co, 9 do, 2 pkgs; Bulkley, Moore & Co., 40 do, 25t bxs; *4 85 to $5 85 3!) bhds lugs at $5 75 to $4 05 3 bhds Dohan, Carroll & Co., 3 7 do, 143 do, 36 t bxs; order, 5 Messrs Power & .Clayton offered 218 hhds, 15 boxes trash at ii;3 50, 3 75, 3 90. The above fine hogshead cs. 1 t bxs, 4 cads. Utica N. Y -w aywwk & Brown at the followmg pnces 73 h hds New Owen county of was by Messrs. Layne & of 8 trash to fine leaf; 10 at $6 05 to 6 95, '1 at $7 to 7 80, FairVIeW:, Ky., a!!d has brought the highest price (*l5 ) By the Old Dommion Line: Patterson & Lyons, 1 4 at t\8 to 8 50; 7 at $9 30 to 9.55; 6 at 10 to 10 75, yet obtamedm market. bhd leaf; B. L Burwell, 4 do.; Oelnchs & Co' 36 do' 3 at $11' 4 at $12 to 12 75' 5 at $13 50 to 14 25' 4 LOl!ISVIL!-E, MAY 13.-We reports as follows: 1 case samples' .M. Abenheim, 10 do, 1 box do; P $15 to 15 75; 6 at $16 to 16 75; 3 at *17 to 17.75' There Iii considerable activty m the market which ;., Lonllard& Co 26 do 17trcsleaf.4cases leaf.3 doat$1825 3 at$l9to 1950 5at *20 to 2075; 3 largelyca db h fi '" sa moles, J no. McCaffii' & Co., 12 L. Ginler, 10 at $22; 1 ,at $25 89 hhds New Mas9n and Bracken use Y t e act that the large dryers are do. M M Welzhoffe 1 6 do. H A Rtchev 7 2 do. count1es common t1ash to tine leaf; 1 at $4 80, 8 at t?ere rooms. The receipts are not \"ery large, J' 7 3 "' o 6 90 3 ut Is a better articly at quotatione. There 874 hhds, White & 3 do' Bushnell & i1 do. c E 8 at $11 to 11.75; 5 at $12 tto 12 50; 3 at $13 25 to oxes, exported, and 1, 729 hhds, 732 boxes ' 13 t $U t 14 75 3 t $15 "5 t 15 75 3 t received durmg the week endmg last Crawford & Co, 4 do: 0. D. Schmidt, 24 do, S E 1 ; a 0 ; a 0 a Sa.les the same time were 1 284 hbds -ih 18 Smith, 1 do; J. K. Sutton & Brother, 10 do; Schiffer $16 to 16 75' 2 at $17' 4 at il8 to 19 75; 2 at $21.50 reJeCt .. & N epihews, 40 do, w. P. Kittredge & Co., 15 do, 53 to 22 34 hbds new Boone county Ky, lugs and low wns agamst 1 426 hhds corresponding week last 1 f 7 $4 50 e 7 year and were as follows: The Pickett House sold t bxs; J. D. Evans & Co., 17 ,Jo, 157 do; Jamts ea at to 4 95' 13 at 5 to 5. 5' 4 at $6 to 296 hbds 19 hhds Todd county leaf and lags at Chieves & Co 34 do 122ibxs Carhart& Brother 695;5at$7to770,3at$8 to8.75; 2at $10.75 to $460 10 h 50 t bxt1, M Rader & Son, 1 bo; samples; James 0: 11 50. 2 hhds nothern Obw trash at $4 30, 5 65. 20 to 3 hds Carroll county leaf at 18 50 to McAndrews, 2 cases licorice; J.D. Kielly,jr., 10 cases hhds New West V1rgm1a lugs to fine bnght leaf: 4 1575; 20 hhds Hart county leaf and lugs at $4 15 to leaf. 2 do scraps 50 trcs 1 box sample{! order 69 do at *5 10 to 6 25, 5 at *7 to 8 lO 3 at $10 75 to 12 7 5 ; t U :btds W ehster county leaf at $5 20 to 10 ; 18 trcs leaf. 2 les. for export' 20 308 3 at $15 25, $Hi 25, 18, 2 at 20, 3 at 129.50, 30, e 8 er county trash at $!.60; 8 hhds Taylor ' 31 15 b d W t V 1 ti county leaf, lugs and trash at 83.75 to 9 12 hhde t boxes. Liverpool: A. G. Maxwell, 53 hbds, 41 oxes nee es Irgima common ugs to ne Tennessee leaf at $6 30 to 11,75; 8 hhds Tennessee tr'.ls New Orleans: S. Hernsheim, 16 cases, 50 t bxs, bright wrappers at *3 15 $4 15 $B 40 *7 *7 10 lugs at $4.55 to 6.35; 40 hhds Hart county leaf. lugs 25 t bxs; W Van Beothuysen, 30 pkgs, 59 t bxs. $10 50, $13 75, $16 $1(i, $17 50,$ I 9.25, $20 25, *30 25, and trash at 14 40 to I 0; 10 hbds Tri"'g county' leaf San Francisco Falkner. Bell & Co, 3' cases. Detroit: *32 *3362 and lugs at $4.70 to 7 70, 2 hhds Cum"'berland count ... 0. Goldsmith, 1 case Boston G W Abbott & Co Boughner, Brooks & Co, offered 178 hhds, leaf and 1 t 5 0 J 12 b fi 11 5 hhd 0 h 1 f d 1 ugs a "' .3 6 6 hhds Breckenridge county 5 cases. Chicago S. Williams, 1 case Seneca Falls, oxes as o ows 6 8 new wen county tras ea an ugs at 3;4 60 to 7. 70; 1 hbd Barren county N. Y.: Allen & Brien, 1 case. lugs and leaf 2 at $5 85 to 5 90; 8 at .6.05 to 6 76 ; leaf at .6 60' ll hhds Henderson county leaf and trash Coastwise from Baltimore: A D. Cbockley & Co, s 6 at $7 to 7 60; 5 at $8 05 to 8.40; 6 at *9 to 9.80; 5 at at $4 10 to 7. 70, 1 hhd Madison county lugs at 5 hbds A F. Danenherg, 12 pkgs; 8. Eppinger & Co' $10 to 10 '/5; 5 at $11 to ll 75' 5 at 112 to 12 75; 6 16 hhds Trimble county leaf and t.rash at $4.65 to 15; 2 do' M. Falk, 44 do; W. J. do at $13 to 13 75; 2 at to 15 50' 8 at $17 to 17 50' 12 hhds Mamou county leaf and lugs at $4.35 to 8' Coastwise from New Orleans: G. Reasens, .2 hhds. 1 at i 22 75 -71 hbds new Mason and Bracken coun5 hhds Brown county, lod leaf and lugs at $5 to 7 90 By the New York Central Railroad Propeller Lme: ties trash to fine leaf: 7 at $5 to 5 95' 14 at $6 to 6 95' 9 hbds Metcalfe county leaf aorl lugsat l13 85 to Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 27 hhds; R. L Maitland & Co' 6 at 87 to 7 7o' 6 at 8 to 8 50; 6 at 9 to 9.6 ; j 6 at 8 20' 4 hhds V!rgima leaf ot 25 to 15.50' 21 hhds 1 do. 110 to 10 50, 7 at 11 to 11 75 3 at 12 to 12 7 1 at B 11 m "' a ard county leaf and lugs at $5 90 to 25 13 hbds BALTIMORE, MAY I 5 -Messrs. C. Loose & Co., 13 25; 4 at 14 to 14 75' 6 at 15 to 16.'75' 1 at 1<9' 4 at Henry county leaf and lugs at 15.90 to 14 7S 2 hbds commission merchants and dealers m leaf tobacco, 20 tn 20 50 31 hhds new Robertson county to mediUm Montgomery county, Tenn., leaf at $9 50, 812 50' 3 hhde report: Our market for the first part of this leaf 2 at 5 65 to 5 70' 7 at $6 to 6.95' 4 at 7 to 7.85' county leaf and lugs at $4 55 to 6.60 3 hbds contmued less active. Yesterday, tho gh, 4 at 8 20 to 8 75' 8 at 9 20 to 9 25' 4 at 10 to 10 25; county leaf and lugs at $4.80 to 6 50' 1 hhd there was an improvement notico;!able, especially 2 at 12 25 7 hhds new Boone county trash and lugs CbnstJan county leaf at $6.50; 1 hhd blaekfat at $7 25 2 for better grades and quality, of Maryland, and at 4 30, 5 30, 5 40, 6.25, 6 35, 6 90, 7 70. 1 hox new Simpson county lugs at 4.40 to 5 40, 2 hhds showed more firmness. Prices not quota-ble Boone county trash at 4 95. 15 hhds West Vucounty leaf and at 5 20 to 7 20' l hhd any way dJfftlrent from last quotations. Recmpts con gima lugs and and leaf common, at 14 70, 5.10, 5 30, Ill! 1 5 2 5 7 5 7 7 b DOIK ugs at 5 ; 4 hbds hw county leaf and lugs tinue hberally and stock accumulating in factors' 5 5, 5 5 65, 5 5, 6 7 15 30 11 oxes new West at 5 I 0 to 6 60 The Louisville House sold 202 hhds. bands. Sales about 5,600 bhds, within quotations. In VIrJina common trash to good bright wrappers at 20 hhds Daviess county leaf, lugs and trash, at 4.50 Ohio very lhtle doingj there is some inquiry for ex13 90, A. 10, 4 95, 5 45, 7.10 9 .20, 10, 10.50, 14.25, 20. to 13; 9 hhds Logan county leaf and lugs at 5 05 to port, lint owners not feeling inclmed to concede yet Messrs, Phlster & Brother offered 70 bhds, 1 box at 7. 70' 7 hhds Hancock county lugs and trash at 4 to any to shippers, the offef!! ot the latter are not accept-the following prices: 7 bhds new Owen county 5. 70, 1 hhd Christian county leaf at 8 70 5 hhds Hart ed, and the only sales could not exceed about 100 hhds and leaf at 86 60, 7.50, 7 60, 9 80, 10 25, 11, 11.75. 54 county leaf t 7 t 1 50 h hhd M dB k l f. I d a o 1 15 hds lnd1analeafand lugs to shippers and home manufacturers at.' quotatioos Jn s new ason an rae en count1es ea, ugs an t 4 50 t 6 4 0 b .. 70 95 a 0 0 6 hhds Henderson county trash at no sales to report, holders bein"' firmer, owtras I at ..,5. ; 15 6 to 6 3 at 7 to 7.80; 6 at 4 05 t 4 65 19 bhd H ., 8 05 8 70 8 9 10 0 s eory county Tenn leaf lugs ing to a vices from Western markets, quoting an active to at to 9 85, 3 at to 10.50 3 at 11 and trash at a 35 to 6.20 ; 5 hbds leaf and advancing market. Of Virginia we report sale of to 12 25, 4 at 13 50 to 14 25, 4 at 15 to 15. 75v, 2 at Oontmued on 7thpoge 35 hhds infeuor lugs, but at low figures. Inspections 16, 16 25, 3 at 17 to 17 2 at 18 25, 18.50. 8 hhds .. this week: 1,362 hhds Maryland, 322 do Ohio, 32 do new West VIrgima leafand lugs at .5, 5 40, 6.40, 7.15, CONSULATE CENERAL OF FRANCE. Kentucky, and 13 do VIrginia; total 1, 729 hhd 8 05, 9, 10 25 I box new West Vag1ma lugs at $6.05. Cleared per Bremeo:steamer: -i25 hhds Maryland, 179 1 hh. ror good, 8 to 9; good and prime leaf., 10 to 15 to 13.75; 9 at 14 to 14.50; 8 at 15 to 15.75 ; 3 at 16 to Sealed prupo10lo wll be laid on tho Committee' table on the above V 16 75 3 18 l b M mentio ued day Otthler des n and sample can be aeen at th1a 1rg1ma-Common to good lugs, 5f to 6t; common ; at to 9, 2 at 20 3 oxes new ason omce rrom 10 A :M to a:? M (Bowling Green, 4 ) to medium leaf. to 8 fair to good, st to county trash and lugs at 5.55, 5.85, 10 7 hbds new 1--s---- TheConoul,aetlngConoul GenerllofF'rance. S b K k J:AL o THE I Signed Belalgue de Buhao 10, selections (sh1pping), 10 to 12c stems-good to out ern eotuc y lugs and leaf, at 5 911, 6.85, 7 30, oRBPunm oP FRANc:& New York, May 10tb, 1871 fine, t4 to.( 75; primings, 5 to 5i ,' 7.50, 8.20, 8 40. 17 hbds ntw Southern Indiana trash --TOBACCo BTA.rEliENT. and 7 at 5 to 5 90, 7 at 6 05 to 6 95, 3 at 7.05 to FOR SALE-TOBACCO FACTORY SITUATED IN ST. Jan. 1st, 1871 -Stock in warehouses and 7. 7 5. 7 boxes new Southern Indiana Jugs and leaf 4 p Loa,., Mo wnb an neceo.ary MAchinery, ror the Mannroctnrlng oe lng 4 000 pound dally, butldln& enpplled Wlth gao and on shipboard not cleartd ............ 9,361 hhds at 610 to 6.65; 3 at 7 to 8.25 23 hhds new West water.andsteamHeattog Inspected this week.. . . . . 1, 729 Virgima lugs and leaf 6 at 4.55 to 4 90, 6 at 5 to 2t PALllBR. BMBURY If Co., previously ................. 11, 777 6.95, 3 at 6 to 6 75; 7 at 7 to 7 90; 1 at 8.55 16 new West V1rgmta trash, lugs and leaf, at 3 35, 3 50, 4, 4, 4 30, 4.50, 4.65, 5 55, 5 75, 5.85, t>, 6 25, 7, 8 50, 15.25. 6 hhds old Maeoo county lugs, at 6.75, 7 7 10, 7.20, 7.55, 7.85. Total. ........ 22,867 hhds Exported since Jan. 1st, ....... 7,851 hhds Coastwise and reinspected ...... 1,500 9, 776 108 C&nal Street. A NEW PATENT MODE FOR MANUFACTU:itiNG CHEWlog and ,;molting Tohacco Tbe lnveniOr obowo that be cen produce from 100 lbo of raw fear 85 LO 00 I be or dry cat, aod f!Pm 100 lbs or raw ledar, 200 lbe of smoking, ettber common or. Klllick.Lct!k For pa.rticulan a dreoo S G. RICE B23-4t 11ii/s Sooth Pearl Street. Aloany, N Y Stock in warehouses and on shipboard not cleared this day .................. 13,091 H TOBACCO Total week ending May 13, 187r......... 978 bhds, 63 bxs A. D CBOCKLEY, A L ANDUSON Rlcbmond, Va New YorJ<. Continues dull, no demand for and very httle inquiry except for 1mmed1ate consumptiOn. Offenngs same week, 1 870, ...... 628 100 '' Receipts, country, week ending May 13, 1871........ . 949 77 Receiptll, country, same week, '70,.434 108 A. D. CHOCKLEY IL:CO., t AND IN LEAF TOBACCO, ll]'lo t68 fEA.RL rTREET, ]'lEW yoRK. Manufactured.The week's sales comprise 300 pkgs fair black quarters below 17c, white factory work There were also sales at that figure of the same class of work Some bright twists and fancy brights also found purchasers at moderate :figures, but not in large lots B11t few intending purchasers were looking around, a solitary member ot the Boston trade proving the rule by constituting the exception The majority, if not the entire .amount of black work sold will be shipped to Cuban for the consumption ofresidentll ot the" ever faithful isle," the May circulars of the London and Liverpool commission houses, just at hand, not offering any encouragement for shipments in that direc tion. From those cities, in fact, ,comes back the echo of the stereotyped report of heavy, unsalable stocks of inferior work These useful outlets for' American manufactures have been gorged to repletion with a clas11 of goods that should never have been shipped there in any quantity, but for which, and the consequent de pressiOn of prices, manufacturers have themselves alone to blame. So long as they persisted in flooding this market with ebeap work, exporters would purchase it in preference to better and the latter were in consequence almost entirely neglected. The conse quences of th1s suicidal policy are now witnessed, nor is it possible to predict how soon we shalt. see a return to a healthy conoition of the market. The present &tateof things may, indeed, be likened to the case of one ;bo has over-loaded his stomach with unwholesome food, and who necessarily suffers from the uncomfort able attendant UJ?OD a surfeit. The Enghsh market, so far as CavendiSh is cooaerned, is laboring from an attack similar to that of indigestion in the hu man organism, and a act1on cannot be again establirhed before the disturbing cause bas boon re moved If, therefore, the exporters will turn their at tention to .Cuba for some time to come. and manufac turers will not overstock this market, as is their wont, we shall, in time, see prices advancmg on the other 11de, and an active demand for really good work spring up. This may seem a slow process for an impattent trade to await, but the laws .of trade having been vio lated, the in vitable penance, as in the case of outraged BOYDTON, VA.. May 9 -A of the Clarksville, Va, Roanoke Valley, wntes to that paper as follows: The tobacco warehouse "Vas opened here again on Wednesday of last week with a fine promise DOMESTIC RECEIPTS. of success .About 4,000 pounds was sold at pnces The arnvals ilt the port of New York from domestic, which should be considered very satisfactory, takm,. mtenor and coastwise ports, for the week endmg May mto consideration the class of tobacco offered. and 16, were 1,,98 hbds, 110 trcs, 949 pkgs, 989 cs, 430 t very low figures it ts at present commanding in larger bxs, 61 i bu, 528 t bxs, 175 bxs snuff, 7 cs cigars, 2 do markets Lugs brought from $2.85 to $4.00 per bun licorice, 3 do samples, 2 bxs do, consigned as follows: dred, and leaf fl'om 14.00 to $10 00 per hundred. On Our market dunng the past week bas awaked from the lethargy m which it had almost fallen and presented 1ts animated features usual at thts time of the year The weather having changed, the farmers commenced send mg their tobacco to market &!&in, although some were pre advaaoea w l be made Will execute ordero for the pun:haa!e ol Leat Tohaea>o In the Rid> monrl Alarktt for the nona! commi8@ion Dealers and Manufactnrero w 1 U find It to their Interest to give no ordero, which can be oenl to ao dtrect, or tbron,.:b. A D Caoc&LBT .t Oo., onr Y'ork Houc 8bippen wilt have the advantage or botb marl

) THE T 0 B A C C o L New York Commission .. ,ii:P.IITTREDCE 1: Co:DOHAN, CARROLL & The .. T 0 B A C C 0 TOBACCO CORIO&L Y 4 GO., C!tommtssion Commission. Merchants, No. FRONT STBBET,. Com.m.ission Dlerohants IN lEAF & MANUFACTURED TOBACCO; "POPULAR BRANDS OF VIRGINIA.TOBACCO. M. J. DoHAN, llf!!W 'i I and 'i 3 Front St., N'EW1 YORK. ALEx. FoRMAN. THOS. CARROLL, JNo. T. TAITT. A[ents for, the followin[ well knon Yir[inia lannfacturers: d J1ak J -,.., B, W. Barneo1 J, .'\, Seou, 45 WATER ST., NEW YOJlK.1 ",!!, r., .... o .. ..... -ll Adm\rat.ioa, Lepl--,.ender, Challenger, We respectfully call the attention of the trade to the following ST liDARD B. P A BRANDS of 'Manufactured Tobacco for which we are Agents: rml'e"iltam l YARBROUGH & SONS t tOI ad k I.c>ua De Noire,, Tom TbiUIIb, The Hat., Ch NT & I'A AlLTJAJf'l WillE lAP, Lbi, Light Prflued, GOLDBlf A.PPLll, Palmetto, Cable CoU, Red.Jacket.8 Roe;:!.' J. H. GRA ....,.,. GOIJ)...., ao B'Wht Ba. BOll TOll I'IG1 Black Plume, E'aoh!On; Prtde of.U. .. Amoret, ....,11 a. Gold Bille I:J\. Blmo Sailor&' IPavorlte1 JOUN ENDERS GALLBOO, TOB.TOIU IBELL liA. BVI'lA.LO CHil'l, And:r':on Jewell Indian S t ar, Wbit.e Jrawn, .,..,..,.........,,8 IlfVIlfCIBLB, PACX & BTOV A.LI.'B :IO'DGB GOLD BAB.I, Tenbrooek, J, .:r .-'scott, Prtd e orthe Eat' Gold Ill tidal, TURPIN & BB!J., Deligh t Amoret. :lOYAL BTAliDA.llD, AlfD :&J:A.DY TWIST, PO.O .. A, l!eabri2ht, -Gold Medal, 'I'&LI.Y HO 1 PACB 1: B'l'OVALL'B Bl'ICUB.B 1JlnQ'DDBlf, D B. TENflaNT &. CF.l, BBDOB.B, TWIST 1 BOB.O I A, Go: den uord, Crown Prince. Ca rreo cy, t, a c:JUI. B.DD'S, B.OYSTD'IUUIT, 4und61. BLA.CKBJU, .. R o y.IGem, L. 1H. FRI.YSER & Co..., .BLDOBA.DO, LlghthMied. KARY'80Wlf,.. '.. Biack8tar,' Colfoe'Uellght, Onward, w Egn:B.atDA. COKI1f' TR:IO' TRB B.Y.B, REilfDD:&, Golden Flake, Wide Awake. Jerry Prichard, Dexw, R ; jtl U :BOBB, YACHT CLUB, Eleve n o'clock.. S .E. Wh!t.e. "!;1, GJlEAffER. CB.'OllPTOlf'S TWISTS, lEA XIlfG, lfA VY ;Lbs. &nd B&11 Lbto. POODT PIECES, -----;-;-;-.:-------I Ex. NoaTOB THO!' J SLAUGRTIB. B. n. WISDO )(. .... .... RY V&rioua Br&nda, Bright &nd D&rk, H ER & co THOS. HARDGROVE, PACE. l CO., &: JONES, RAGLAND & TOSJt, WALKER, TAYLOR & CO., WINNIE & TALBOT, L. W. WISE, R. A. PATTERSON & CO., J. P. L LOTIIER, :nGB.OREA.D rWisTB, v.urounB.UDuoB. EXPO:aT. r:, NORTON, sLAUG r WHSON:, Havealsoonhandalargeassortm:ntol'otberbrands,inallstylesana: 1 M h t Tobacco and Cotton Also lhes. su!ted to ali markets Jenera LOalffiiSSIOn ere an for John w Oarrotn Smoking Tobaccos, ROBERT a BOWNp Be 30 13-road, l}mgmrls, Lone. Jack &, :Brown Dick, etc. T OBACCO :RBW'TQllB:! N0.41 BROADSTREET. P. o. Box, 4858. DW TOK. 1 B d a 1 k rts of our 1 n dark worlf to ou r Th1st e ran so WI e Y ngwn m many pa TOBACCO COM"MISSION, MERCHANI,. 178 Olr UDim AND NE"W YORK. SOLE AGENTS FOR w. D, Hatch. E. T. Throop. Theodore .&. Liebler, TOBACCO LABELS, ALEX. FJIES & BROTHERS, Jfaanfacturel'l! or -IIAVANA CIGAR FLA,OR, 26 WEST BROADWAY, NEW YORK. 1 48 and 50 East Second Street, Cincinnati L MAITL. Al\J'.I) coTToN rAordR: 1GENEBAL COMM;;;ION : ... .. .. t . -_ 1 o al,.t-, For Smoking and Manufactured Toba. ceo,' 43 nnoAD s& .. New York. .Jt> Ad....,.,..,.made on to Meoora. W. A. lr G. MAXW!!LI CQ., l;T'f"'lllPPOt. db"'o., FIN. E cuT c:aEW:J;NG 'TOBACQ.O, 32 & 34 Vesey Street, New-York. THOMAa ,. RAYNKR PHILIPP HILKa. A.T Gt-:E'I.BA.T::a:.t--r :E'I.:mDuc:m:c :P:E'I.xc:ma. "THO,MAfl J. RAYNER & CO.," 1 .. .. 0.. FXN". E AIID DEALERS II LEAF TIUCCG. Partleular atteatlon to SP,eclal Brands for Grocel'B Jobbera. 29 LUJer.tY a'Jttl 64 Maiden Lane, New Yo'rk. X.' C. BARDR & CO.'S MANUFACTURERS 01" THK CELEBRATED MILLS SNUFF, Tobacco Commission llereha.uts ---Tn .. '14 FBONT KREMELBERG &: CO., :WEWYORK, F. L. BRAUNS & CO., BALTIKOBE, Tobacco CoiDDlission Merchants. .. .. &1 o r l..tenrle4.' PaC<', dir,ct-l1111JX"rl&' H, o u,.ta1 1l 1 v no h.._u ci, a1u.l for aa..c } 1.a. bv.od &r dut,' in lou t.O suit. purcLasera. 62-114 ISA:.ti,C READ, to CJ.aJonc-r Run,) Commission Merchant, AND DEALER IN I. WESTERN LEAF, Ma.nufaotured Tobacco, Licorice, Gum, etc., Nel81 PEARL STREET, N.Y. CARL UPMANN,_ TOBACCO and GENERAL Cornrnjssion Merchant, PEARL SVRIUi;'li', p, 0, l!ca, 2969 New York Olty. E .M. CRAWFORD & -00., TOBACCO .. 168 WATER STREET, li.E'"' '\'ORR, on l&le all kll1Wn SIr th foll<>winu CELEBBAXED BRANDS of :SMOJtiHG. TOBACCO Smokers' Comfort, Belle, PUFF, ( Wild Our Jf:Lck. Also Sole Agents. for D. Siha and eo. 's Cuban Cigar Ianufactory. ; ;T Cigars from a bove factory wal'l1lJlted clear Havana. 8Z Water" $treet, New York. J. H. BERGMANN COMMISSION MERCHANT UU'ORTBB .lliD WHOLESA.I& DB.ALBB D1 ScOtch, Gennan, and Dotcla 'I' JlliJilBS. Foreian a.nd Domeetia Le.a:f Tobacco. Also, Importe{.!'Dd Mannfac-ef SECARS2 Bo. 146 Pronttdireet, NBWYoaa. L. CERSHEL & BRO., Wholeoale Dealers In HA.VANA AND DOMESTIC .._ .. IWDII LUI, ... lOSBPJI A. VEGA 'II BB4. 1 1 ---Havana Tobacao O.IO..A.B,& w YORK.


' '1: lne .rea BAtl LOTS Cases .:ru ,.,u nt: L. t. ARMISTEAD, Lynehb'Hrg, Va., I I Proprietor. 0 I Smoking T HIGHLANDER, CUBAN A L. PALKBR A H. SOOVIJ,LJI, I Connecticut Seed.:leafWrapper of our own ( .. T. JL DSSUGE.lJ, lc .....,....... ..... .. DOMESTIC tOBAC.CO, ... L CO E. ll161ii LAD, lOW' YOU. .. ...._. a.a .... J,J..-., ,..._......, ... .,...... .l PXF.IDB T,EA Jl' lflfl .ProttC lllrM, """' Yor", & 'tm.aa Q, iUiliiiUIJDI. I FELIX MIRANDA w IMPOitT.ER 9]!' M. WESTHEIM & CO., DI..U.liBS IX SEED-LEAF AJlD RAVABA Tobacco, ASHLEIGH 177 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. .DICK TATER, IRED ROVER, REVENUE CUTTER, AND SEGAlfs; -"RiTIOA,t L llaanlo. A JIDKDIO. D. & A. 191S Pearl Street, NEW YORrt. -----------------------r -.u,as, D Jl.L :I:El8 o LBAF TOBACCO, l24 NE'F-YO.RK, !. L. GROSSE Kentucky 1 Baveonl&ie&ll klnclaot LEAPTOBAOOOtorEXPORT ID4 HOllll US11. :NOT FOR JOE. LEAF -.rOBA:CCO,. M. R. pEARSALL, :1.8:1. PEARL_ STREET, .. Notice is herewith given &o the trade generally, that by VIRTUE oF .a. PATENT received, am the SOLE KANUF ACTUREll OJ' THE Pamino Oliham Smoking Tobacco. SOLE ACENCY; M. LINDHEIM., :148 Water Street, N:E:WYORK lmporW u4 c-mMiouXerch&ni c-4, X'o-gv TOZ".llii. .&; TOBACCO, A. ll. CARDOZO & CO., Tobacco & Cotton Factors, Le,af Tobacco DOMESTIC AI!I'D General Com.m.isaion Merchants, :1.66 Wate1" Stteet, No. 1.23 Pearl Street, Ne-w York NEW YORK .6..11, cABoozo. PBB:U. DBOBT TOBACCO LEAF. AMERICAN BAN'Jtf "EQUI.:I'ABLlil LIFE" :BUILDING, Ced-r Street, New Yor CU.. r J ._. 1 t ,.oo0,000.1 &J:l. Q .,. r ect DF 'lLL DEICRWTIDJIS, ""'' OOHN & SMITH, ............. .. 178 w .A.'l'EB S'l'BEET, HOME LIFE INSURftNCE / No. 264: In every respect a ASSETS, All-Profits Divided Annually amongst the Aeured 0:B"::B":J:O.::E'I.eJ I WA.L'JlER S. GRIFFI'I'H, Preli.dellt., J:. H. FROTIN'GIIlll, Treasurer. GEORGE C. RIPLEY, Setlre&arf. WILLiill I. COFFIN, GOOD GERMAN AGENTS ... CR088 A88ET8, tft8,81U.821CAPITAL, ACTUAL IIPLU8, t4ee,eee. I e. er 11111}6' per cent. on the Capital, ud eomJ*Iog ma.t 11>-b wltb otbor Compulee, eopeclall-111. .. lndemnlt7 o4'ered In Pollc7 ot}Mttrance. J .. .,. OD &be PARTI1 1PAT101f 'PLAN, or In"'" OelaltT ot tJllll 'inrltr P J!'BBZIIC.A!lf, /Jeo'fl XAFLOB, .l'rH'I {)') '\ '1 Wholesale and Fa.ctory and 4 6 Store, 71 Nassau, corner John Street, : NEW YO.-a. aeal Meerschaum 'E:ipe B "fft ... I LONDON STB,.UGHT AND ljEND, EOLDIIBS, made to, order by special contract, and at they, can bQ imported at. I11aqalways l>n hand a very l'!rge of also D1Ue to ordet .. il '10 MONOGRAMS, CRESTS, P.,OR._'ifftAITS, ETC. REPAlluNG, BOILING MOUN TING, e c tended to. Goods sent parts oL ibl country. Circulars sen by enclosing stamp tN:. B.-I am the Sole Manufacturer of MEERSCHAUll AND AliBD GOODS to the Terada in the Unit.e d States. v Manufacturer of Lorillard's celebrUed'Yacht Club Pipes, given away with his YACHT Oi.oa f'-'fOlUNG TOBACCO. Iinpo_.,. of SPANISH, and Deu.lent In oU ldDdl ot Ali]) D .... LDII mALL IWIDI cg LEAF TOBAC.CO', LEAF TOBACCO. a. 79 PEARL .... .\84 Front Street, ..&1.-.. Pitw """ .e..-, NEW Ycm.E. "'NEW .Y1lRic MAIER., 29 BEA YER ST., '"'"" Importer or BLl V ANA! SIGARS. Sole Agent ol "BOUQUET DE TABACOS" '!_0, 110 WATER STREET, (Near Wall:Bt. NBW!YORK. AND .. .JOCEBY GLVB." ..


6 ?'HHrM)ELPHIA ADVERTUEME N TS P'UCUilT & 80N8,", ......, ....... 0 ... i '. .. ., MAYAll CIIAIIIID LEAF TOilCn, '.: 00 ._.. x N" .. coi .. G ..a.. R. ,. UD.ller our (CupJrlrlated) Braacl, C!r. (Prhate) !l2Jl.Jlovth-Jilrot"t SWM, PHILABELPHIA, m-1o T&LLER, AI< a 00.,) B"llloluau Deolet'e "" THE T 0 BAC: O 0 RALTT'MORB AnVERTISBIJEWTS m ft., :wmKOII, D. """' ... ,.,. ........ CD., uaw ... Y* (/2 '} rt//J l f.\e.,.,_._ G. W. G:\s: w. i..W:C:oNTii"R, f;nhac QLmmm.ssrpn nkants. Oo oiENER& hant, .un JmAL>:M nr IDDllSS OD .DI ere .I.D4 TOBA.'ClCO P L CTO;;J, lid -Ohio Leaf No. 90 Lombard st., ( 01U diJor W6IIC qf place), e LEAF CINCINNATI, ST. LOUIS, AND WESTERN ADVERTISEMENTS. BODMANN'S H Inspection & leafT obacco enry Besuden & Bro., WARIEHOUa .. lr,:U,IlA .. Pruha4lltt,M.tM1t'ater, JW.BBS Ill ', ................. ......... LEAF TOBACCO, :Brashears, Brown & Titus, Whol-.;.le Doalero lllld 161, 168, & 165 Pear18tret, (COBliiiR or J:LX lmlEIIT,) .,,...... .... llerellaat CINCINNATI. -. r Dl Krohn, feiss & Co I ... HARTFORD ADVERTISEMENTS a..a-......u. r.a.MM HAAS BRO"('HERS, DUl.Dt Ill CONN. SEED-'LEAF T.lCCI. laporW ... Deaes< elpn, t54 STATE and 282 .Aift ST., a.A.BT COl'f'W. WM. WK8TPHAL, Co:mussrOll' IuOJIAlfT, A. L. 81880N, Paeken Dealen la Sl Seed Leaf 3 P GLORE W fl. GLOnE C. 0. 0LOUlt.. .J, A.. r. GL8BE A BROS., XannC.Ctnrere or Be s t Gradco of Detroit Novelty Works. 1. AC ain HARTFORD, 111-188. Dlo. 217 State St., BALTUIORB, Kd. I Ke. 61& 8oalll C'lllarlee .... llalu.o W"'Llberal adftncem011ta made on Conolgnmeata DETROIT, MJ:OB.o H..utTFOBD, CT. JAllEB 6 00., Qom.mission Kerchants. H lA. .... ........ .............. -. ritbMA!rB.A.RE & soN, JH .u.t. KDIDI o .lOREl!(Jlf::i AND DOMESTIC H. 1 I:.EAF TOBI 0" I W.&JUIBOV811 fnll llneo of Segaro aDd Smoking Tobaooo. No. IJ8l South Second PHILADI!LPKIA .. lftf LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, f.fifth! 'F; SEGARS, E. "..-Ho. 474 and 503 N. Second Bt ....._. .&: _.: L '! MANUFACTURED TOBAc- Gall & Ax's Tobaceoand Bnnlf. No, 822 Nortl& Third Street, A. B. TH!:OBALD, I PBILADIILPIUA. .umuaroaD.,. LL J[JDO or 121r A large as sortment of all klndo of Leaf Tobaooo 'I.,;; E Q. A B., s '!' c o ns ta n tl y o n band. ePAlHEt:a: .... "" J-. D. HASHAGEN & CO., tBaf C"oow!Ji Tobacco, sunrr, :llaDufaettuen or M -,r Pipes, BolAatJ and Ptne Cut fJMW(ng i !1,w, Third r.nd l'o}llar ets., Pb.Uadelphla.. Q Jl A (J O Q' MEHL & RA"rTAY, of all kinds of No. 27 CAMDEN STEEET, Baltimore, Md. DOWD. ANDBBW ;r DOWD, S OKING TOBACCO 3019 CHESTNUT ST., CIELiiBRATIED !1 1 C!f E. W : Agenl;: 1 SOLE ACENT FOR TOBACCO W"l:I.XS, TOLEDO, OHIO. Siepot, 1.07 North Water St., :IP"'t-4. D &L:PJIIU. Snuff Jlaoufaetorers, No. 29 S. C alvert S t. BALTIMORE MD, BECK .. HAYEN, lmptrten llld C.enl ltrUull, to my addren. 1 TOBACiiiiKNIVES IR. A. GBO, P. UNVXBZAGT. G. KERCKHOFF & CO., Wboleoale Dfl&lero In ,....,_ .. LJ:D TQD.&JCCQ, CONN. SHO LEAf TOUCCO. 49 South Charles Street, BALt'IMORI!, MD. Cedicut Seed Lai Jaaacco. HARTFORD. "H I G l::r L AN DE R ," "I!D ROVI!R," "DfoK TATER," -Tobacco. J. W. CARROL.L, 1 ; 3: ,r Sole M a n u facture r of the Famou s BDd World of Virgfni& Smoking Tobaccos, l fA f OSA Q 8 RQ K E RS, l'bese.OtabnabedTobaccD8,oo well LONE JACK and BROWN DICK. ---1Dll>wn, arc put up In .l(, }1, and j lb. beleo or poacbeli, ftanofaflter, oLA' a a VILL"" T"""""N aI L. L. LYNCHBURG, VA. A:lll. l8TlOAD, VL 1!. 0. HURR4T,Iate7va Horn, Horra,r .. Oo. 1 JILU. 1ale of WaU .. lot_, MURRAY & MASON, lUIWU. O'J't7UIIS 8LU.DI -..t.LL ID1D8 OJ' Ohewing and Tobaooo, 17t 178 water Bt. Chi,..,. m. L L ARMISTEAD Clrdenreopecttnllyooucltedandprompuyattandedto. 8. KA8PROWIC'' &'W ...-.o .... D.L&JrQaa.a, ... .IOID'ITQ8. .... .JOIDl :B. IU.JlBU, liA.n&ll ALBEUT B E KBE, .D!)Wd & Son, G. W. LANGHOlHuJ:' & 00 Empire Tobacco Works. Manulactnrero o f J'lJ.BJ: 11.1. Y 4Jl&, HARRIS, BEEBE' & CO., CholcRV[g1nla_ g Tobacco, 51! Y ARA & SEED 'LEAF pruourersfoviA .. CC o, 'fNo: 6 OUBTEENT:S: S'WlE'l', L.V:NCH.BUI\G TOBACCO & OIG.A,RS; I And in Leaf",. 1 -.IUchnunw, Ya. l:eep eonotantlr on liand and e11 rrJ .. or 117 SoutA w-.,. 81., CHICA811 Ill.. Vti'JIInlt Bmoklnr Tobecco. Qaiacy, Dlinoi&. WUieoaU.Ct ... =--liaiDc tbelr o""........ J. H. PEMBEBTON E. D. Christian & Co., orOUI,ullieJ.., .Tobacco Oommiss'it Merchant B.A.YOUWG. I J.D.T OU N G. CORIICTICUT. W: P.RAVES .. I P.l-..... Dalua "' :IK. Kli'R *co., Cooio Jerchants aml Jobbers ,L. OotiN.OTIOUT L.AP TO.AOCO Street, SPRINGFIELD, KASS. LOUISVILLE. ,,KY., U.S. BCinded Tobacco .Warehouse No.I. Ylrginfa, M"'souri, and Ker1tucq, Leaf ndl I 02 MAIN STREri':.T. [-N.-celo,J eao. w. WIICU.} Lo 'II K l k ...J'UBF.Y. UISt": e,. en uc y DGRA W & CO., IAIUFACTUIIU 6 DALDI II To'baooo, IIUFP AID ctCAI8, ..... &a Jlalll1 81 Bid ...... PI."J.":'.'.'BVRGH. PA.. Five :Brothers Tobacco Works. Oom ..... leallerc .. uorertke"Pud....,,of ....... Yo. I!IIIONUMKNT W..LP .... Yo. sa. DANVILLI; VP.. I R. A. YOUNC It BRO., U VIRGINIA EAF 108ACCO 11 Order, s /0r Le'\f attended to Gtlaeral CoiiUIIIsslon Merehaats, --lleoSI'O', AcL'D ?:u,Iillll, !(ewYorl< Solicitordersfor pnrcba ocof JOHN FINT%ER a, BROS., P. H. Ml YO & IMJTHER, J:::::: II!Jdl MANU1'-'0TU11Ell8 or TOB-;'-C,C?, EXCHA.NGE, No.4 (!RON FRONT BUILDING,) Vll'guw., Xentttcky, a.nd Missoun Richmond, Va. ttyiH of black and bright Obewlnr Tobacco E. VENABLE A co., P e t e rs burg S ycmn o1'e S teet, r-PLUG TOBACCO!> N: 2i22 4 r [Box4ll2.] Petersburg, Va. 1.8 Thitd Street, CLEM BARKSD.lLE,.. Rtenmonct, Va.' ,... ..... -.-OUISVILLE, KY. Forme rlyB.uu:Jm -.. Tnbacco Broker. ABT.B a. (; Westhoff, Jr., h.lOrden f<h fnll y e xecuted C o r B uying and C Mllll OW i:'MI R I AI T 1 ..._ &adlf.lll-..ero of VA. YirfrCnN, cmrvJSSIOH' W A.ll.EHO'OSI; TOBACC (), ReferencesReubln Petersburg, Va.; Jas. E. Will IIW all ,___.....,. ... llle _. MK.DKRSON, KY. I"BTEBSBUBQ, y ..t., Venabl e & Co., do.; Chicves & O s borne, do.; C E. JOHN &.. CO H tmt&Co.,NewYork;A.D.CbockleL&Co do W.WIA-..,._DA.ftmA U.L'II.D. IlK. E --N l!aj. W. T. Sutherlin, Danville: Hoo E M ....... ,;. = Louisville: Zinzer Bro., do. ; Clayborn & Hunt, do. Orden8,_!-f/1 Vi'o, and.,ery'ftrietJ or J'lnt-C'..,o Work. ____ ____;__:,__:. ___ _::_::=-. --Llbtual .w-_.,. .. Ooulpaea.ta. .... w..... -. -.. gr Qooda 4ilolll'8DI#:cl .. err 1'111tica.ll. FORWARDINC .um aBerellaid. BREMEN, Germll.IItj. I


/ THE TOBACCO I -LOU!SVItLE LEAF TOBACCO DEALERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. never will be a real art of speaking which is unconne:c'ted cumstances As. it is, the profits have been distributed Wttb truth;" and the same is true of lecturing, and of mm thrnug)l a hundred hands, and those who have least trouble mercy of that railroad. The late census may be confidentlT expected to furnish important statistics, bearing on the question of the influence of railroads on the distribution of industrial establishments, and consequently of P opulation. a. J. USHBR .t PlU.GOI.I'l!' .... .. ........... Catting and.mannfactorlog leaf D SPALDING & SONS.... .. ............ Cuttlngand lear f 1 d b f .JAS. CLARK ............................ Cuttlngaud maonfactonn11 leaf JOHN SMIDT, SCHWARTZ .t C<;> ...... CuUI"Il' rnanuf'lng, ana 'h'P M lear Jsters o re tgion as well as laymen-true in Liskear as m 1; ; r jhe, largest profits. Since the war, PBTBR SPE'I'H ........................... .. and mannfactnrtng AP&NCER C. LONG ............. ..... ... Mounractorln!: 'nd ihlppln"1 "81 Greece.-Cope's Tobacco Plant. however, tobac o buyers have made but little money. The VAUGHAN .t co ................. ......... CttttiDaand manur..cturlD!! lear .t GLKNN ............. ...... (Jutt+og HH) war ..,. OWKN McBBm ............ : ... Cuttlngand manotacturiA.tear P. SCHANZENBACHER .......... : ....... CubaccocomllllfflW'mercbant fi ikiNG MEN.The Loiidon ave een Y two v_ery powoonll P. Jl'. SHIONIN ... .. ................ IAIItobacco commlu1oa ws. G. JUmi:R & co ....... .......... LeartobaC!!Q comm l.!!'IJII'chanta says a; tempdrary, -which lately made an m he c urrency mcreased productiOn. At "Do!r'T SMoJtE." -A Philadelphia correspondent, "W. & ) -. R K . i I .. drinking among ladies now makes similar : charge, esgnt tpbaoco IS. lower than It has been fot: fif\een years. H. F.,,. thus runs into rhyme a laughable incident priatecl S T+T 0 NEW M A "THE OLD ONES Caow increased emphasis, upon the business community. 1 Jt, 1 o)}r.t:>baceo and durmg th? preval in our last issne: 1 U TH YouNG Ons Luu."declares that tbe,use ofspirituous liquors among merchants, em:e ; br may thmr to the 'Of habitAJ that are evJ, u usel8811 J ':...l.:ffl:l'..t.cruBx.M or The other day a little shaver bankers, and brokers, baa increased of late in the m_Mt. their wealth by m?real! Tis well that boys should learn in time of such habitAJ to f, .A. .::::::11. was expatiating on the injun alarming manner. "The American bar-system," it informs ing.thei'i-Mj!litJ;.'t.O add fo theif mthou! adding to beware, ous effecta or tobacco Said us, Andneverseektoputrapipe,prsmokeal'ilecigar,'' ..I.JIZS D:IIALEB!l. z.v he, ,.,l'he oil of tobacco !ira 80 height at throuah bemg 10 scandalous !l9? If 1 111 Qe 1lt-.._.1.... .. Thus '!,P.Oke .YO!lDI Calvin's fatber kl his precooioWI lOll ...,. :a_ l"''lt.. poisonOus that a Bin!le P JDtolerable, 1t baa almoet begun to cure ttaeJI, hal, uotort.un r 0 .. 1 ... :! e1 '1!!1'"-Y J. ', .. '::C ...,_, '-"' put on tbe end or a dog's tail ately &&ken root in Lon4on." "Secre driJI!Qng" a ong tbe ,[, .cf ori! '" 1 .J 1 '' '' 1o = 1, J. NEW y 0 R K. will ki!P a man in a mioule." IDinlllltile olusetl "il and and ,, the A Wrtter m the SprlngtJeJd thus discou,rsej : .Ana further, to s Jt npOil his youthru! mind, Tli9 bOy liM sot thin. slightly potatioba of citv mea ue fmoibly on the incr'ease." The w: from the varied Nnflr 'l'cM, himself a -1-a, he bade a genU.emaa mixed. ( re&80III for One, i& appears, w1th1n we that all or. . .1 is the telegraph. Formerly there was 11J il\terval between h'ifil. hbretofdr8 u groWi1 '19hacfu; decided f.6 gtoyv a 'WJio answerl\d hlm thus meekly-taking it tjUite Jr:ind' HDdiag his Jettera and getting replies when a man of busi area. ; : aud ma.n-y iWi_w' before elf Y ; ;-"Mf fu1, I'll learn: your lesaon," anJ neYer smoked rfoBJ.cco C()nFISH." Don't smoke,' said an anti tobacco advocate to one whom he sought to convert ; amok ing creates thirst ; thirst leads I to drinking, and leads I to destruction or the body and do'ble d&llth.'' ''You 'll!ay 1 say the same thing M salti!sh," replied the OOif'f'ertai dflciple,_ u be blew Oll\a clou,d and pusedon. t I 6o (Va, ) paper e jh "tl)e fresiden li reinstated tiD. 'H. L. Chandler in his position ---------'-"--.....,...-...;.. aa inspector, from GERARD, BETTS &. CO., -RitifDS '{EFTVIICH & CO. t t "' \ t I GENERAL Lea! Toba,cco r&.ctors ,}Vhich he J'8IIIOVpd by tbe Commi1111ioner of'Inter-Dal Revenue in that S. F. Maddox might have the Dell could meditate calmly on his affairs. Now all things thedJr J ,. ,. .' decided ff ha d d tl h k uc.,.. an .. n ne oca 1 ani" e resu ts .. are 0 n !ln. consequen y t ere IS ept up a are to' 1i4j seen hereafter, first of' 'Which ;{m be So little Calvin wed it! he pve the aame ad lice -. constant of excitement. Hence, nervous the' less qtiantit of' other ul' dru.t' d To a mao he met &smoking. as he walked along &he enauee, and stimulants are reSQrted to. 'Another reason for Y c ;:.> ..,,lOW, F a street. th t b __ t: 1 th en anc..... ose very ., IS a usmess m n, Ips..,.,.. o r \PQg over eir arfc' es 'It a i:1.-l sea rice for the tobacsl S b t "Yoong Sbob, I'lf learn you manners," said this bard-eh s, B:,S onc e tbe custom, now is'f: hUi Jtfm' kt of all spe up fn ened 'man of vice, almost mva Ja?1y 1ve s?v era m1les of the relatio to a .m'ixed or hrie& husbandry;, he.. m!t:'ex And sll: pad him in a war a.nd pla.ce that made little come to the c1ty .by; JUil, wh1c works 1lj u\ var1ous ways. 1 -nz.lot> d t' r t" 11 ll Oalvio bleat In the first place (her' a aq missing "" ueu ro u., 10 o a?. ar IC e, a rr '< the train, so that'nervous fattgue begins with the T e .:t:nly, begets rth 'Wtth T e moml of this lesson is, although it's wrong to by \1 co urers t'J:an !Y et' j)Very see it so, nor 0&16 the. Yi.oe to accordmg td some medical men, 1f taken every day, 1s m )'now fi 0 d OJ'. P"Y dropJ jurious to the brain a..!\1 1 @li mach antl Y Fo1-Joing wrong's a pleasure to some bad, misguided folk, Besides 11 8te "sttam res .i,t.!li.p t d 1 d f u, an :;,n 1' -And boys should be more careful el:e they bid a busilress," ffld e :!.a J: 0! are set h:W -down as or1g1natmg and nour1shmg those physiCal '"rre 8i l lJ.Vth States th h mental conditions that lead,wep to seek tbe of uc OD f "" e o .. alcohol and ultimate! tD t;ecom !Vir-,s fo. ij the VIrgmta Ne'! York. .lUlQ .lW![ Jt Tokceo .... ijlfl.ueh;._ There iS nl' ioubtSii'me ruUi fit .be ragmg more m tbe of tb_e ---it is hardly truth of the iQrt that of dis-elrid-lre are lookmg tD see It ,.., BJELarllfG J.XD PUUBilfG 'J'S. SOIL. covery with w.bJCii) If 1 r;; :Jllevie\. nounces it. culmma\V as sections. In 1863 or 4, __.__ Deplorable an!_l, as habit of drinking in c,; WI-bet 11th gh Jnto tbe _produotion of A 10. exchange. In aeleeting own Biey, 'tielieve it has llrown to tQ II ;and .a on an4 we tobacco m r. district -w;here Jt has not been prenoull:r-bad, or perhaps even worse;urLOiidon. U it'isworse tber t lany previOus practical knowledge grown,. I try on land not too dry, thM would raise It is said that a new article, the reason is oll!l'. }{QB& AmeriOIIUS who drink re pr, resui}B fo lowed: a good mce W.hit:e rt the ,o_f bushels to acre, 1 OLD SLIP, called "love matches," for dinner, do not drink u.t or IIJ\er dlnner, but the En lifhmei. a Ell quantity of l good, mdlffereut; a good-for or a good piece for Indian corn. H the !aDd waa plowed Commission Merchants, 83 EXCHANGE PLACE, Baltimore. lighting c1gars, is about to be who drink befo;re are pretty certain to notbmg except manure, (ani!. hard!-Y tbat}, tobacco was las' year all the better, ib.,t_if not 'ge& your m&nllJI8. upm it o..e doortromnnnovcr oquare. NE" YORK. introduced here from Europe well. There cannot' be a question that it is safer and thrown upon market, wastmg. W1tb slow or n?, aale.,d a al10 JIN&d and plow it Horse is boaC or all, .. ] than hgfore it. It is equally certain, however, that those the Pl1'ducer, '."hole and manure fo lthe acre f! you can get it it is bee& to have the Lac:abra,IODS of Ull ReT. Dr. Bltelbt. statistics that ninety per cent. of youl)g men who who do only one of the two, are !Setter off thiln those who upo? the for a tune. The of a manure tumea under by May tbe 1frst if you can. In gJ'een ---;. smoke are It is quite clear that instead of do both. ',rhus, the city man of London, who: not only ?ce destrable article of leaf _tobacco IS a trade that sward a flat even furtow not too deep 11.11d then m,.._ __ ..g There are several sorts of silliness, but the oldest of all delivering lectures and writing books, as the great scientific takes "nips,. and "pegs'' throughout the morninu but IS only by expenence; and tt cannot be produced it. Harrow every few days till the last of Kay, tD keep and the:lenst excnsable, Ls sqientific silliness. One of do, llll they need do in future is to OJ!BD swo.llows a great quantity of wine with his dinner, ;'; at a &S cheaply as used to grow our or clean ma ke !!od rot and )Ilello"'.'. I plow the most recent exam les which we have seen is a prodl;Ictt?ll-Hoxie!, -,:ho il' d compared with his Ne"! York brother. who 'wenty years smce. _The C?st. of lias 9-rute or si\file on old ground if not to? coarse, and. calied'. Pipe," by one Rev. Dr. he p1!nae ? scientific heretl. lit onfi se rio the former set of stimulants. 'Y'ith both J!lOte (ollowed the ratiO of tlie mcreased received for he tlll last o May also, except an haf!Ow Who Dr. Ritchie is. or where he is, we have no up b1s and take out a l!cence for deahng classes, tbj growing habit of concentrating tlie entire busi 0 best _!f?PIIj,..than the ( .The mg Remove loose stones at;t-d rubbiSh m both cases, Wl!o his lecture was delivered to is not and as 1t Tobacco. H?hness Pope bas extraor ness of the day into a small fraction of it is, no doubt, ,pre rr;: e c c st ro to five or and 1! old ground would plow first of June, bears no de.UI it !1\ay be a P.l'&-Aqamite, orat10n for all we dmary works m l h1s Proh1b1tDry Index m h1s t1me. Dr. judicial. Ea.rly closiiig .movements are salutary in respect 9 more m J.S r.od sow upQn the fuqow alter plow mg. abOut say fro ,JV 500 can,wlJ.. Jhere \8 a wild sort of II To Our must now. apply to to_ put tobocco i? But of saving the physical rather tban the mental powers, just SI lD 0 to 801llhl. of to tb e acre, in and W rkmen "but whtt 11 Our workmen" are aoes not appear this revertlnd Al,lti'obaccomst IS still more oftellilve A are the for shortening the : hours of labdr in t diu,. everytllillj' m m roll reacly for JD;larking, which best done With a. marker T:o initials, "W. R.," are attachea to "Our Workme_n." p:pe 1s n?t only it is also IJe tells still humbler social But with who do their : made teetij distance the rows _are to be I What they meal! is inscrutable. "-yr. R." mt ns that" m a large establishment, returmng over .'00,000 entire day's work .,.ith their beads the more deliQ_erately it IY"Ao 11,lli_IU' Y l!ec J," 'me, ut productiqns put mme 3 feet 3:Jnches by 2 fe1l Di1erent growers do mea anting Reason. In one' corner w read the worit annually, they never had a fraud in their accounts but they is done the better. Generally: a given ()f produced, and a mixed differently. I think 6,000 plants about the right number "Dis eard Tllat, however, imparts no rest; for we could t.l'a?e it to a How is it that great bra:ns can only a gi Qn of tl:lougii fl ,.-q o( an acre: to get and. quality: If the er heard of anything oCGurting_ in Liskeard except 'th e Co-operattve Wholesale m Manchester, where their Jmnual in a stated time I r ou habitually overwork the mind or be_.. n glur a'ny, IiJ tbe surest of all farm o&tura.lly rich I would not manure m the hill on old of .a poor crazy well sinker for twenty-;;ne receipts are over a million, they never bad a case r fraud, 80 to speak its energies you induce dise:.Se' m long run: 1'he thiCk cro:wd' most sure to meet but if not would make good flat hills an'd then scatter' in for writin upon a gate post-unless this lecture and the chief offic!!rs are all heretics ? If Toba o be the It is plain that many men who do not 1 car& a straw for with while the same may safely pass them a mixtore of 3 parts plaster, 1 of Peruvian gU&na,.was the!; and, if so, the two wil l matoh. sou'rce of "fraud,' what an h onest have exaltation of drink, or for its good-fell owship, or for its more Our to all Is, produce e.bout the l of phosphate, Coe's is good), say ah?nt 1,008 The "Preface'' in question says that "dlS cussiOn was been before the days of Rale1gh I If D1. R1tch1e flavor, resort to it to sustain" themselves while habitually usual or ,...of tob,Cc .o, hd expend e;ttra per of Cover anif spat them plainly ffi ed after the lecture, but none took place." We can speak out, he would tell us that Tobacco was the ongmal subjecting their rowersto JX\l8811ive slraio The com eti labor, etc., m obtammg a better and m?m perfect article. Wit.h a hoe, and 1t wilt pay tD dtop a very small quantity of 0 believe it. There are three reasons why debate does sin-that it did not commence in Adam taking an apple tions of business in this way sapping and ruining z!'any And do n?t to _gJ'Ow s.ome portton of ev_ery other plaster. tbe centre of the hill if made a few days :ot arise after an address; first, when the subject is ah?ve i? smoking a pipe .. Dr. Ritch:". is a .great discoverer. noble lives. And men of the world welJ kno" how numer prop that It IS poSSible to do With economy1 IS to. settmg to help ithe readily to them in case of the audience. 118C0nd when it is below the audience; third, Thm mveterate and morbij defamer tned h1s hand upon em-ens m the cases of sudden death ir;ll ..Our hnsin63f com on the farm. Grow w_,hat potat'oes espectally, ram. I should make hJ!Is m all cases m greensward as tbe when the audience stand the lecturer any _longer, perors, and, what is worse, upon tbe libert.y of. nationa. mu.ilty-cases imputed to rheart disease." "paralysis," for consJ?DptiOn, and a ai. leaat all other plants start up \better and ,get. hold or l:he plowed and rush out of the hall witb alacrity to seek some relief. In He has found out that Napoleon III. has lost hm throne and tbe like that are really the result pf drinking secret, or varieties and together De !Ioder sooner. lp all ca.seS high manurtng J.S tndispensable this case there is a certain midway le_vel of amusing he has ac.quired a febrile monoo;toni.a through otber whjch has been resorted to. for :the sake of keeping up some &t.te!Jtion tp of butter, milk, meat, 1f a good crop of tobacco is expected ; rt( to discuss. but we suspect tbat the b!1nest workmg men who 4ccordmg to. the ReY. Dr. Rtc.hie, T?bac?C ,_ tgtb' in the unremitting and arduous battle of life etc., and then if your crop d?es not. meet a re8dy 0!1 greensward as on old groonct; hai'I'O'tl'. m and h ard the iecture of Dr. Ritchie were glad to get away to 1t seems, has been the Deliverer, and therefore IS destined to Equally well do men of the world know how much easier it you can have aomethtng to hv,e on, 1f you roll and 1t IS ready for tbe roW!I. pnerally, l'Qidy to "Workman's Ptpe" to refresh their and be popular with the F.renc h Iastead of is to oint out these Yils than w CQrrect them, to su st ra1se money to meet the taxes, the setting the .J1:1ne. to CODlJ!OSe tlleir minds after the irritation to which tJlelr ;qnd,er the French ;workman takmg a _ptpe m order to attack a reme-!1es than to application. l j The us would be to the advantage of tOblicco' growers !-0 mto have the !Dan ore all appi_Ieif pre to 1set\lhi at leaSt U ..... aw.nding had been subjected. Dr. Ritchie's lecture i!l--tyrant, he baa only to take a p1pe and smoke out the op tbeor}1 that alcoholic stimulants can, be borne by some whereby to meet the. combmations apd hours 118 Jt becbmes parttally neutralized with tl:ie' dam.p soil to be published by sns_Pect at tbe reverend of .. No more or in brains l that are actively and perpetually at work.Lif, indeed, of speculators as exhtb'ited the pr sent and is less apt to burst :.TheN .is : & gre&t:..dliale lectUJer's own request. Our anc1ent Mr. m&ynolds, v ':A: of Tobacco a fe such stimulus is not positiyely beneficial w such brainsa ,;, J of tobacco on _artific!al fertilizEl;rl and a of the A nit-Tobacco has bad thiS dull &Qgref!! seqt: bnle and the work of revolution 'Will be done has been mnP.h, of late and is uqdoubtedly w -Sa M was sold grown lD this ton oa1 lear reruv.J&n to' him bat wanting space he cannot, he says, review it. ,As }Ve haye heard of things ending in smoke; it from y U :I.'ierhaps the movement Ji1 TOBACCO, r:l'b ORMS. fi a wrtter lrt.d old buyer for .700 per 1Yet tbe buyer don't !Ike to-' we before we suppose we must come to his help and-' l.Dr. 'Riteiie that liberty itself ma begin in Tbi eut tqbt;ar and, iikeallex is now lollowe by reaction ?'nMr:.....: e useo t, Mf!lCOmmen. e m tlre.attu:le 'oacco grown on these patent manbres, but for the J.P. f1 reVl'ew 1 t for h'm' We have no doubt tbat in xplains mucffithat has perplexed Anti Tobacconists. They but the tinflli'enre o lDl. po ... ence of th"s 1t 1s' chptbofrom.f 'PtbllE To AO, __ m the man tbey cannot tell what 'r# ,I. T -.1 l.:-" 'f k' ""' .,,.. num r o e JLt:armer 1s not a new J ea b h fe -. r.-., way-bt''s-: We I smo mgwasenerv&tmg, certaintAAt drinking in business circles if Jess alarming 'I' h' hi dad b h wasgomg totryto accowlt rtil2!ers awne on a fewmori rlia\: we jU&ed rejlSOn!l;bly:, how was it tbat tbe most smoking nation among If$ than it was three years a.go is still practiced upon rears ; 1.{ w:as Jl.g el I would $100 woiili. of jiU&IlG. v._, wro come to !Wid. BUt a ora ot notice in the worldnas "just proved itself the most energetic and a scale of deplorable magnitude and' that the evil calls for m?C r :... aaJOr bul g I!J i w 0 WBII ski fu per sown broadcast on tbe furrow llolld harrowed ia 1 'ToOa.c 'take or tli formidable? Dr. .ttitcbie makes all clear. They smoked effi ts t.o tra' d ;ru t t. It a.n. e writer. It was with nothing else, except' Jjerhaps a little plaSter wliich :r u does the .. co fi. d d T d d ti b 'I seriOUS or res 1Q e e I llJ a tavorlte expensJ-vely.trJed, and was found very effect1ve, but the want th' k highl be fi ial 1 ,_ .,... l eetmg wbich 80 coolly i&Jored our strugghng r1en an tlleir adveraanes I trey pro nee e n e mooomanta theory with many that 'palliatives are of doubtfu' service ral i fti m lll Y ne c on.: anwo not too moist and i1 :S comic 1 ourual With all Mr. Reynolds' professions of am the French, and so defeated them easily. No doubt and ought not to be recomm'EmdeO."'With such thinkers total of _gene b und1 on m. a afrgeh. area, .. tDl e helps to retain tbe In 'th& guano that might other ,, I 'tb &i f D M Card II n fit b l.h a ve y and instead of obJect-t e estructiOn o t Is pes. .o tts wise escape in the air H-I n ti 1 pietf,hepublisheswlth appause. e cro-hopera o rt. r.l. web wil pteero !the rh, '11 th abstmence venture Nodoubtifall' t e growers of the cali'tl'eswhereit .t a vlrtutoee"are-gl!'e oro; Drysdale-=& n&U\e. dear to heretics o t e mos, P.ungen supp ymg t e vo un rs w1 new e w1 arm em to that tbe more moderate treatment til' _1 d 'cali IS no a uac ra ...... Ant.i-Tol;>acco. sect, ,l>ut l.he Jf:ith long Let Dr. Rttchte 1181ld to our War may sometimes be ot of good. If. for P I 10 a.n te 1h s o \t'oll energeti y: an. d fatth other labor-savmg machU.JeB tD the WI. Malldlester meetingers nQt one word of recotFriition 11J a cbpy of hiS lectore upon II The work exat: i ple, bu!ilfiess mfrti were {0 c'u!tiv&te 'an'd the fully ar:e to and alsq -(?1'1 a few for the as the grower ad ranees, can judg' vouchsafed. t;om smoling does not prevent man's '. After profanmg o_r pervertmg ev_ery human habit of Mfnsing to mke' llllyth ing wha ver of au,.mtoxicat f. rs "l:'"! eli 9 r ay :ou ml nearly, to \he--1168 of these tbe culti n.tion ot a epite(nl ailjtDC8. ''The W subjeq -?r. Ritchie then approx1!"ates to blasphemy,. mere ing characier bef< e the dinner hour t:o .1f. jialir Y 1 rl in th r'n t/ to-,cef laut. by all that horse JPanf!"e is the bes& Pipe" pamphlet, which we D()w prooeecl to further rev1ew, 1n ly pausmg by the w.ay to demohsh three famo_us n.at10nsbe 6 or oanoot b an impl>rtant st, Y /lie spi{l g 1l d. fj f Of ;f())' g for tobacco. Yet all kindS are more aid of the scant pages of the A1lti-Tobacco Jnmu.l, ,seis "turks, Arabs, Pers1ans, are a Terse to eoterpnse, 1mprqve- reform mi.b :eJtec o.'Ae IMloptipn f this d' '!W d/1 ths s to ':e ur. le&8 usecl. -;;.-:U .... 1 ,.! forth that QfTobacco ip particularly to ment, and women." We alwaya.thought their '!'eakness we are persu 3 d !L.woiJlll:Jnipg e ey WI ,;.;:r 1 u trml laboring men.'' We IOODclude that Dr. Ritchie .ia aome father lay tbe a;nesp:oot.s th!l =ing anil 1818' to !I u; ;orrcD D -hl c .e. APPBEOUTIW .u TBE Red Re ulican, who ooes riot care much for the welfare of harem ; but Dr. R1tchte knows best Indeed he throws assure mg 10 e om br a.;oo u. Z:. et em C.A.PJ;UL.-lloM Piatt, in iaat W the rich: He 8 k of Mr. Lewis. Who is he? _Dr. the Egyptians in--their_ gl?ryismummified. .Dr: l. gatherod carefully an urned. Bega-' e:.!iise ofco. balt says ::"I 'I'Ve'nt'out the other day to purchase furniture Ritohie admits 1s a high aftthority in favor ofsmolnng. fame will nenr be mummified. The pubhc w1ll not pre \ Thnooo P.J' _QIP'J!O'flE Uf TE:NNBSBEB.The Nashville ';:th tfl 37trblossomf ror an office, ndlblffing selected my artioles f turned to We bctljeve he rer,rs to Mr. Le)Ve. would seem that serve it. Christians have usually thought and taught (Tenn.) Unioo takei-tne following disoouragingVlew of t e grow 0 some P !f e acco o.., or p ant the man and said: ''You in our paper do you o: AntiTobaccoism is not favorab1e t6 accuracy. the. use of that these nations had. fallen und?r the judg!llent of God....._.tobacco cdlture in that section : 11 We hear numerous loud an young, t;o e:ery not?'' "No sir: we never advertfSe. I then in: names Dr W B Richa'rd!Jotl', an phyaeum, 811 &n that had foretold theu fall. H18tDry tells tbat and dolefrtl complaints from the tobacco gro overs in the orn er rouo 0 em, pay promp fy, r t 088 fo 1 bitp tha never bought fumitunl, and moved on J min Brodie 'a famous pliilosofilier among physicians, and the decay of these people commenced centuries before tbe Olarks region in reference to the destruction of t,h ;hey. may come bakck onl ce or k 0f N!. k Sj, to ano er esta'&hs ment. You will tbiiik I am romancin tift th 't' h' h D d f k h'l hers political and reli .N b .... b I ld b be .. Rll ...,r lOr a year or s.o, eep arge oc s 0 tur eys b I b g, the Lancet ate among the sCien c au on tell w 1c r. mtro uction o smo wg ; P 1 young p1an.., y ... e ugs. t wou per aps, a fortud G fi 1 4 th D t .t 'bt qt. weciSe y t e $me conversatiOn occurred atthe second Ritchie is obngM to name 1 poi_nting is that conquest, Ignorance, oppresa10o, fatal circumstanco could the amount of be equalized and .. fo; aur: 1 Is e, 8'76i-e: I a third, quite .a large of importance in tetanus, hernl&, 11o0d &UDilar affectiOn&. Jsm, false rehgtons, have conduced to the decadence of these the farmers for something to occur to render the an Y 1 t t' Y t are .ID,&.Rn a corner, kept by a Chr1stirut (and I proposed to ad Dr Ritchie, wlio is no medical, but merely a clerical per Gnce famous races. Dr. Ritchie proves it all to proceed production of a full "crop of tobacco imP<>asible dunng the 0 c use, tfi some mtsbsmg d b 11. -verlfise 1fi1n of the Mosaic name of Moaes-.:.MoseEi &;" so and not an autb'ority even in that walk, talu of tbe from Tobacco. Dr. Ritchie's version of history is very present year For.Jw2 ac pro uce t e e armers c u toget use t etr Sons at that. They have quite an assortment m tbe up'' importance of tbis remedy. We know how to rich; but it strikes the reader that half an hour's of an cumulating on the grel\t>'wbaoowmarketa-;.{)f the world, and to as temany possible .. > ho1stery line, and I to the senior ancl estimate the modesty of a lecturer on "The Workman's honest workman's wellJseasoned cutty would do h1m good prices have reached I'Jlcq a low production of eaillrti Y' >.ntph 18 syds mf or dwo forttbree yearsd, bean dtn;y received in answer that' lie\' occuPled a cornc!r ;.'t.ery.' oon-' -" ': a 1 r b d h. 'f t to 1 t h d 1 __ ..1. .'>l >Ll. 11 1 w sav., t ousan s o -poun o o acco an n 10r . -. Pipe who represents the btghest me 1ca science o t e an restore 1m to comm_on no o a e. t e wee IS a most UJe .5J'o'wer. l was h tl d filth. k f 1 ,! licM corn 11 a large s1gn' on It that e'Verybody ,n, "fancy." Next he alleges that 11 fevers, ulcers, we lose s1ght1 of his blasphemy:. thought, during the progress of the Franco Germanic war, yeafBl e Y an Y wor 0 w m,., to J co 1 @'ld t'llltt!iJ street, 1 irr.d 'l:jtjl : tnat if was qui&a..iuJ:-r<.f wound s possess a mastery they never possessed before. As ts usual m reviews, one formal q u?tat10n at least should ,that tbe number of men from the rural districts of Germany 100 ,I'\ 1 t necessary to go to further ibe way qf advertising. This is the old The "good old times" were go od be given of an autbor's style. Here 1s O)JJB: would materiall.v diminish the tobacco crop in that countr y GROWTJI OF rN CINClNNATr.-C j ncin :. said unto Moses: Do Y9U know!, my::,Chfistian because they are gone, and we cannot compare them wtth "Be upon your [reader] lest you be astray by Such may have been the ca!le, llut no eager:;ess on the part ati may oe reg11rded' as o e of: he most solidrfiQ!Po lhet fha a man possessml :of any amount of money the present. The cures of this age much exceed those of the writing of some cleriCal travellers wh? y;ouths qf buyers for the GeDinan market has yet been manifested t arger Western cities. :E can o p tend t!l that rapid ad wishes to furnish a house in Wasliington he,gqes to aa\ti-, a.ny other, 80 far u.s comparison can be made. on a holiday emancipation from One The probabilities are that .the usual crop has been saved vance i is the boast York, and even unto J3oston ?'' tardiness ot eure depends on over-occupation .. unrest -oti repeatedly boasts that_ he smoked-w at L IIIia.. and the hTough the labors of the old men and women and children. Louis. Nevertheless its growth il) manufacturing is some"Yes, lie respoiiil:ed, "I know tba.t." ,, o m mind, bad drainage, and intemperance. This wtld natives at' :-Peter was a1so at Lydda:, he It rarely happens with tobacco-growers that two large crops what .. We have -of its "do yo_ know. tile reason fot it ?11) J.<\ W:hy ; f oolll'StH: tte, .1.. suggests that it is an owing, to Tobacco. The recent am Chnst, dtd, not smoke. the are raised in successiOn. Several causes conspire to pro Rro"ress 1q we are mdebted to the he rephed, w1. th some 0 2;0m,? A:' blance experience of the war shows are ch1bouqe was d e j,c w;ts at the_ base of Sma1, ";here the duce alternate large and small Wlien, for of tl;ie 9i'EtC n t1 Boal]i pf Trade. It from other places and are mterestejl. ; n ow mg much to repose, and :robacco. brought. an.d _Hebrews bowed m adoratiOn, where Moses exceed-a large crop has been grown, best la:nd bas invariably that: pr?ducts rose from at home, a:nd of course won't purchase i "71 C saved hundreds of lives. Havmg assatled this mgly feared and quaked, and Jehovah be..en put in cultivation ; and'' j t req11ire s also much more $ 16;MG,Od0 liJ il-7,9?0 m 1850. From 1850 Washington." "My Clins y senilirabid It rectified, he in awfu1 majestY:. You must pamfully ovr,n the p1pe 1s dts labor in the spring tD. get :a )l!.J"ge cro!>fu market, so that to 1860 waa a _great decline 10 the value of the manulabor under a Tht!Se men not owti' .ays, many "imagmed vutues of plants.. ?,P. graceful where -i\postles taught and s thunder opp,ortunities are wanttog to prepare for the planting of ,food, wh1ch left total value .of ?f any manufa<{Umes of furn:tur!' at homei and 1 f they did Tobacco is on a instance. _No":, "v1rtue Toba.cpo N. .ma rve l the behaviOr of t:he people IS loose, when the11 anotber large crop Vf fi do_ not, therefore,_ look for as much all lripds .at the same. level m 1860 at wh1ch sto(ld _m they would not purchase wliere f.hey liave to whether is no matteP _of: Its reltgtous leadru;s so their high office. Let Peter and to be set out during the presentyear as was the 1850. .1i rom 18"60 to 1870 there was the astomshmg m heav1ly tor tralispo.rtatw .1f_ knew they it be good or evil, IS mathematically ascertamed. examples. / Another reason: On tbeOutSkirfsof flil ) toiiacco-CTeall13 from to .127,500,000. The product of such taxes by gettmg furruture or you. tbey_.Dr. Ritchie defines poison-or, he the HIS not tf1e_ scepttcs who SID!Jke after the 'clen g J ?wing region, the is grown only when the various kmds of manufacture the hst, standdon t know you exist They .rea'il'tbe pape!V &,tid tlJey..., definition for it is too exact to be mvented by bUD-us cals ;" and workmen are tD be warned agamst "some for the artte.e are h1gh, the abandonment of its mg at ,000,000, agamst $5,000,000 Ill 1860, $4,00(}. see no menton made of Moses, unless it be in a Sunday "an capable of producing a morbid, noxious, or clerical travellers.'' Dr. Ritch .ie, no doubt, best grqwth to a considerable extent must be looked for, inas 000 in 1850, and ,000,00it in 1840. Upward of 12,t00 paper, and then the Moses spoken of is a man dead long dangerous effect upon what is endowed with life.V If understand the need of warning workmen against "oleri::.., mullh as its substitution at the present prices for hay or persons ar(l employed in Cincinna in the clothing manu ago j yet, however, no deader than you are, come to think morbidness be a sign of poisoi\, Dr. Ritchie ,have cal" writei'S. These clergrmeo s_hould not. have stOck is .unwise Such will proba?ly facture. The annual of their work is .about of it. A xpao wno do?s not advertise is as dead as Moses. taken a great deal in his time, for. a more "morb1d' ad coffee at Lydda, for Peter never It nor etther,; for Mo t:> their or1gmal. crops. too, wh1oh 000, ,ag&IDBt $7,000,000 m 18?0 Clothmg,. was You say you have a sign but here. This is not the sigll dress than this we hav.e not met with. He suggests tbat the oha and Souc hong where unknown m Apostolic days. Why h1gh_ JJ,I'lCes awaken, w1ll be wantmg durmg the present formerly manufactured and sold m New York, IS now made asked for. Few people see, and those who do can't read coroner's verdict "died from an acrid poison", may co:ver it. is worse to smoke a 11 delicious chibOque" thah to "ex year. I There is a mal)j!est among many up and purchased in Cincinnati by the Western retail it. For one man walking idly down the street who reads many a crime, the crime being murder and the means ceedingl y fear and quake '' we cannot There farme. .plan ting largely, believin g that the ris k is too deal_ers. This change in tbe channels of there are hundreds who by with no time to read signs; Tobacco. Next he falls on the teetotaller, and explodee were no potatoes where "Apostles taught and Gods thunder great m hmng hands. We should be glad to know, sorely detrimental to New York. was both natural and mev1table; for one man who does nottee your abortion in black and that innooent individual. The verdict "died by rolled." Is it disgraceful in clergyman to partake of these as it might press upon us at present, that another plant of Manufactures of food amount in value to one-eighth of the white out tbere a newspaper wonld take vour business t,o.. intoxication' often conceals the part Tobacco played in the modern esculents at the base of Sinai? If Peter and Moses tobacco would never be planted in the rich region around aggregate, being *18,000,000, a_nd standing next to iron on ipousands. Why, my Christian.friend, immense fortunee tragedy." The dreadful doctor kills the dead over again. are to be workmen:s must t?ey cut off servants Clarksville. For fifty the farmers have sending the Next comes the bre.wmg and business, have been made by advertising. "Did you ever hear of The Rev. Dr. Ritchie reiterates the absurd argument that ears and slay Egypttans and h1de them m the sand? away the cream of the1r smls, and but for the gtft of clover countrng $16,000,000. Stationery, prmtmg paper, and the Ledger?" He had. heard of th e Ledger. "Did you Tobacco wastes time and produces irreligion. Everything We trust we have still further earned the of the their lands would be as much impoverished as the uplands publishing contribute $6 000,000, and tobacco about the ever hear of Helm bold's Buchu?" He never had heard of wastes time ; dining takes up som 1e; reading Dr: Rilchie's editor of, the Journal_ by reviewing "The in the c?tton b elt.. We hold that no coontry ean wow ri?h amount. number of employed in the H e lm bold's He had s een a gentleman by the name lecture has w asted a greo.t deal of fOUr t1me. But 1f. Tobacco Workmen. s .P1pe for hu'?, for. wb1cb he h a s not that rehes.for 1ts mcome solely upon tbe exportatiOn of 1ts estab h shments 1s stated 60 000, Helm hold down the avenue during the Carnival leads to un be li ef, is Dr. Ritchie aware that he to say that he IS at copy our rev iew, Jaw m a tenals. .could the tobacco which has been groV{n 30 000 m 1860. The tenden c y of our sys wtt h a g r e at. o f horses a?d thought he was a Part Tobacco the h er b of heretics? More Clergymen and d!Ssenttng his As for Dr. B:tchie w e part from aro und f?r the past half. century have b e en te:n IS to concentrate most of at the of I g a -:e h1m up in despair and yet ministers are p rove rbial smokers, and we suppose, accord h1m by remmdmg htm that Socrat es, m th e P he drns o f Plato, m an ufactured mto c i gars, snuff, ch e wmg tobacco, etc., no railr oad ce n t e r s A m an u f actunng estab h shment a t a w a yt l u s IS a sp eCime n of the bus mess man at the ma"nificent ing to this libellous doctor are all sceptics He ccepts the brings forward a Spartan who says tha t t he r e neTer was peopl e in the Un,i te d States would be in mor e affiu.ent cir station on one of our g reat r a i lroads is comple t e l y at the national cap i tal o f our gre a t 'conotry. 0 ----"


8 rr I-I E I I TOBACCO LEAF. I.IQUO:RICE NEW YORK, IMPORTER 01' CATTUS & ltUETE, Ji:Dhaccu No. 86 W .ALL STBEET, .. n '\. M lj:lrELLANEOUS MISCELLANEOUS. HAVANA CIGAR FACTORY. F. w. BECK & co., SEIDENBERC..&. CO., 180 North St., Baltimore, Md., :19 Deu Street, New York, Proprieto_rs or the .Brand R.osa. Espan.o1a. .,.-A.ll!Jepn made In this Factory are of tbe VJmY B.B:Sl' IIAVANA TOBACCO. FOB FULL P.ABTICTJL.dJlS, .ADDBESB HOG LEN BuckeyQ Tobacco & PE Machine 'Works, ; : ) .OHIO. '!' i ,,!f!l l ... (':', L -. 1 to i.J. .. J 1 order. ill & 1M mil Wllli&m 8tne\. :lew Yark. o-. 0 JR. .4. liiE :m JR. Sveuuor to Ocar Prow .e Co., I I No. M W7M.N Street, YOKL ______ __ CHARLIE8 A. WULFF', Lithographer, Printer, and ](anufactiUel of .. :Q ... .. oo., .'W A.'r&B ft'llllln't ..... YO ... No. 38 OROSBY S'l'., NEW YORK. BOSTOII ADVRRTI8BKtoNT8, FISHER, & CO., Commission Merchants, C Q. HOLYOKE, CODISSION :MERCHANT In LEAF and MANUFACTURED TOBAOOO, 1.2 Central, Wharf,. Boston. f, 1


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