The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco leaf publishing, co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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,, r :organ of thr, Tobacco Trade of the ITnited States: The Largest Spticjal rrade Ill the World. Volume VU., No.2?. THE TOBACCO LEAF '" PtJBUSIBD EVI.ItY WED%'t!I!D.lY M'OBNlNG BY THE TOBACCO LHAF PUBI..lSBlNG COMPANY, at 142 Fnlton Street, New York. ;r. UNRT llAGEl\ ..................... Editor, G. GBA.I'P .. _. .... Bw;lness Agent. As fin advcrt.1lllng medinm, :tftfe.ri lt 18 de!trcd toruch tht: Cigar and Tubacco trade not on1y of huC foreign countrtee, 1t is the beet at tainable. All J e t ero phonld he pla1nly addreosd to tbe TOBACCO LBAF PUBLISBIN& COJII"A.NT, 142 Fulton Street, Nt:w York. TEBJlS OF THE PAPER. 8tngle cople .. I H Cent. I Per onnom ...... $4.00. 1 o England and ttleCaoadao, tl. 04 additional per annum, tOr prepayment of postage. To Bremen, Hamburg, and the Continent ol Euror.e, $2.08 &d.dltlonal per annum for posLage To A.uotra!U., etc., 63.12 additional per annum lor for the poper considered, nll!eoo acc.ombtmied by tbe correspondjnt amonst. Remittance in every inliltance. be made only by money.order, check. or draft. BiJls are Uabie to be stolen, and can only be sent at t:l.e grQ&teat ri8k to the t'esdcr. :&A.TES OF ADVE:&TIBING 1 oquare (14 nonpareil Hnes) lor 6 months, $20; do 1 year, Larger adVertteement8 in 1be e&'>le proporttont but' none &ken onleP.P. 1, t, 4, or more "quareta. One coomD, 41ne yen. $450; ftz: monthP, 1'1250; tbrte montbP, fl50. Balrcolumn, one year, 1240 i six Jpontho, 1180; three month1 Advertip.e ments on tqusre over two wide col amnii, and none taK.en ror lees t.baa one ytar. payable tully in two ttquaree, I>&JO: three t.Qili!ores, f.450.. No deviation fr om rbe!e Advt:rttsemeou uncter tbe heading hFor Sale, orWanted ,, 25 DtS per line for e'ery insertion. ... o\11 in the advertisemenl15 most be a.dvertts\ng will be considered, nn 1 r ess accomptw1od. by t)le amount. Tbitz r;1le will TNVARIALY he adhered to. Business Directory of Advertisers. NEW YORK. TOBACCO W AaEBOlJBEB. Agnew W., & Sons, 284 a.nJ 286 Front Allen, Julian, 172 Water. S., 138 Water. Bamett S., 147 W:tter. B ass W. Alexander, 87 Water u D. & A 124 Water. Blakemore, Mayo & Co., 41 Bron d. Bowne R. S. & Co., 7 Burling Slip, Brod. :M., 131 Maiden Lane. Bulkley, Nloore & Co., 'I-+ Frout. Cardozo, A.. H. & Co., 123 Pearl. Chock ley A D. & Co., 168 Pearl. Connolly & Co., 46 Water. Crawford, E. 11'1. & Co., 168 Water. Dohan. Carroll & Co., 1 04 Front. Du Bois Eugene, 7 5 Front Eller, 1\I. J., 17 7 Pearl. Fallenstein, Cbas. B. & Ron, 129 Fatma.u & Co., 70 and 72 Broad. Friend N. Co., E'. & G 129 Maiden Lane. Gassert & Bro, 160 Water. Ginter Louis, 89 Warren Guthrie & Co., 225 Front. Hamburger I.&; Co., 150 Water. Hillma.r., G. W. & C@., 1 OS Front. Kinnicutt, Thomas, 5 Kittredge, W. P. & Co., 71 & 73 Front. Kremelb erg & Co., 160 Pearl. .. Lamotte A. C,, 163 Pearl. Levin, .M. H., I PearT. Maitland Robert L. & Co., 43 Broad Martin & Johnson, 166 'Yater. Hay.:r; Je..epil J; Sl.a., 41 Broad Oatman, Alva, 166 Water Ottinger Brothers, 119 Pearl. Palmer & Scoville, 170 Water. Price, Wm. }1. & Co., 119 ltaiden lane. Quin J.P. & Co., 43 Broad. R e ad, Isaac, 19 Old Sli!). Reismann, G. & Co., 179 Pearl. Roseubaum A. S. & Co., 162 W < ater Rosenwald E & Salomon S., 192 Pearl. Scheider Joseph, 144 Water. Sehmitt & Steinecke, 166 Water Sehroeder & Bon, 178 Water. Sohubart H. & Co., 146 Water. Seymour Cb.s. T 189 Pearl. Spingarn, E. & Co., 5 Burling slip. Stein, & Co., 197 Duane st Straiton, &; Storm 191 Pearl. Stronn & 176 Front Tag Charles F .t. Son 184 Front;. Tatgcnhorst F. \V. & Co., 110 Pearl! Upm!lJln Carl, 188 Pearl. Vetterlem's !'on, Th. H 6 Ced&r. Westbeim, ll. & Co., -177 Pearl. Wright,E.:M, 39 Broad Tol8 .. 0CO BROJU:R8. Cattl\s & Ruete, 129 Pearl str .oot. Dreyer, E I ward, 127 Pearl. .Fi.echer, Frederick, 52 GiLD!!, J. 8. & Son, 86 Wall. 1 Oebozne Chas. 1'., U Old slip. Bader, H. & Son, 123 Pearl IU,N lJf ACTIJRKRS OF TOBACCO. & Lyall, M and 66 Broad. :Vuchner D 25a Delancy. Cook, Vtncent L., 109 Ludlow Edmonston, S. S. & Bro ., '213 & Duane. Gillender, A. & Co., 114, 116, and 117 Liberty. Goetze, F. A. & Bro., 328 Washington, Goodwin, W. H. & Co., 207 and 20P Wa&er. H oyt Thomas & Co., 404 Pearl. Kimney Bros., 141 West BJ"Oadway. ll.cAlpin, D. H. & Co. cor. Avenue D and Tenth. Miller, Mrs. G B & Co." 97 Cohtmhia. Shotwell, D. A.,& Son 174 Eighth ave. HANUFAC1URERS OJ' CIGARS. Brock, M. &; Co., 3211 Bowery, C..staned" .t Jewel, "72 Malden Lane. Gershel L .t 'Bro.; 86 Maiden Lane. Hartcorn, & Hahn, 148 Water. Herbst, Rob, 99 West. Hirsch D k Co., 257 Bowery. Rin;chhom L. & Co.; 110 Water. Jacoby, S. & Co., 209' Pearl. Kerbs & Spies, 35 Bowery. Levy Bos., rl, Lichtenstein Bros. & Co., U l Maiden lane. Mendel,":M. W. & Bro 190 Pearl. Rayner Thoe: J. & Co., 29 Liberty and 54 :Maiden Lane. Reed, L. tf 19 Dey. Schwarz & Spolir; 1S9 Lewis. Seidenberg & Co., 19 Dey. Smith, E A.; 131 :Maiden lane Str'a.iton, & Storm, 191 Sutro & Newmark, 131. Water. Tobacco Association, 32 Warren. Voiger & Huneken, t78 Gr.eenwich liANt:FACTUJ11jl,QF PINK HAV .. NA BB:GARS, De !<: _96 ... rnE GER>rAN CIGAR PACKERS SOCIBTT Borgstedt & :k:arsien, 'I' Bowery' IMPORTERS :.lYD DJ:ALJ:RS Frank, M. 19$ Pearl. INPORTERi! OF 1UVANA .TOBACCO, Almirall J. J 30 Cedar. Bauer, Chas. T. & Co., 40 Beaver. Costa Jacinto, 86 Maiden Lane. Gar01a F 167 Water. GonzaloRTKRS OF LICORICE PASTB. Appleby & Helme, 133 Water. Giffor4, Sherman & Innis, 120 William. Gomez, Wallis & Co., 29 and 81 S. William. P Harmony, N phews & Co., 63 Broadway Kremelberg & Co., 160 Peul. McAndrew, James C., JU Front. Morris, H. M., 19 Old Slip aod 7i Water. Weaver & Sterry, 24 Cedar. SPECIALTIES YOR TOBACCO MANCFA.CTURERi!. BterTy, F. W. & Co., 24 Cedar. TOBACCO TNSPKCTIOK. Linole, F. C.,.& Ou.,-142 Water. TOB.&.CCO PRI:SS:E"RS. Guthrie & Co., 225 Front. K.l.NUJ'ACTUBX'KB 0,1" CrGAR BOXES. Henkell, Jaco!J, 293. and 2!J5 Monrf)P.. Wicke, Geo. & Bro., 157, 159 and 161 Goerck. CIGAR llOX CEDAR AiiD OTHER WOOD. Dingee P. :M., cor. Sixth and Lewis. Rodman & Hepburn, 216 Lewis. .Wardrop & Daly, 205 Lewis CIG .. R RlBllONS, .Almirall J. J., 30 Cedar. CIGAR MOULDS. American Cigar )[. :M. Co., l'irst ave Jacoby S. & Co., Pearl. PAPER TOBACCO BAGS. Howlett Bros., 204 Fulton. KANUI'ACTUt.ER OF TOBACCO TUfJ'OJL. Crooke1 J. J 38 Crosby street. AUOTIONEERij OP TOBACCO, BTO. tterard Betts & Co 7 Old Slip. TOBACCOCUTTJNG MACHINERY. t u W ulstein, Heury, 1 05 Maiden lane. TOH.&.CCO L..t..BELS. Hatch & Co., 32 & 34 B eppen h e imer, F. & Co., 22 Noth Williarn. Wulff, Chas .A. .. G1 Chatham. IOIU.CCO BBJ.LING WAl:. Zinsser W & Co., 197 William. TOBACCO PAPER W -'..R&ROUSX. Jessup & Moore, 1?.8 William. T OBACCO rUTTINGS. Hammerstein, 0 ,'144 Water. .&USSU.N CIGARETTES. Kianey Bros., 141 West Broadway. EUREKA TOBACCO PIPE. Robinson, R. W. & Son, 182, 184 and 186 Greenwich. 0 CIGARWRAPPERBOOKING MACHINES. Straiton & Stor:n, 1 9C Pe,orl. CJGA.R MOULDS AND SDAPER. Pre ntice, Geo. J., 197 Pearl. HAVANA CIGAR FLAVOR. Fries A. & Bros., 26 West Broadway. BJ.r"i'rii l'lfOlJL -'i. Oerrbruck & Co., 71 J obo. PA1ENT P OCKET PENCIL LIGHT. Samuels S. L., 35 John. LifE INSURANCE .. Home Life, 254 Broadway. FIRE INSURANCE .Market Ffre Insurance Co., 37 Wall. ENAMEL i'OR SllOW CARDS. HarTis Finishing Co., 36 Dey. MANUF.t..CTURI:RS OF SHOW CASES. Kraft & Hoffmeister, 13 North William. BANKS, Uerman.American Bank, cor. Broadway and S.o1FKS. :Marvin & Co., 265 Broadway. ALB\.NY, N.Y. Greer A. & Sons, 822 Broadway. HALTIJIIORE. TOBACCO WAREHOUSES. Beck &; Hayen, 60 South Gav. Bolenius, G. H. & Co., 202 West Pl' Boyd, W .A.. & Co., 33 Soath. Brauns, F. L. & \.Jo., 37 South Gay Gieske, L & Co., 42 South Charles, Gunther, L. 'V., 90 Lombard. Kerckhoff & Co 49 S. Charles. Loose, C. & Co., 62 Scuth Charles Parlett, B. F. & Co., 92 Lombard. Paul, Wm., West Baltimore. Rosenfeld S. & Co Exchange Place. Schroeder, Jos. & Co. 81 Exchange Placol. Wilkens & Klier, 69 South Charles TOBACCO J'AC'l'ORS. Gieske & Niemann, 78 South Charles. Ricards, Beftwich & Co., 83 Exchauge Place KA.NUFACTURi:RS1 K1'C. Beck, F. W. & Co., 130 North. Feigner, F. W ., 90 and 92 South Charles, Gail, G. W. & .A.x, 28 Barre street. .' Hashagen J. D. & Co., 27 Wilkens & Co., 181 WestPt att: K .. lllJFACTURERS OP CIGARS. Barker & Chandler, 26 South Calvert. Guth Gustav, 53 German PACKKRS OF SEED' TOBACCO. Becker Brothers, 98 Lombard. DJ:.!LERS IN HAVANA DOMESTIC LEAF TOB .. AND MANUFACTUREI'lB OF CIGARS. G. H. M., 832 West Baltimore. KA.NlJJ'ACTURER OF PLUG TOBACCO. Neudeclie" L. B., 67 West Baltimore. liA'IJUFACTURBRS OF SNUFF, Oukehart, E. W. & Son, 29 South Calvert. BOSTON. Bro11'D D. S. & Co., 81 & 3S Broad. Fisher & Co., 28 Cenrral Wharf. Holyoke, C. 0., 12 Central Wharl. IliPOBTlllUI 01' HAVANA CIGARS A.'IID LBU' TO B&CCO. Wilder .t Estabrook, 7 Commercial. UREJIIEN, GERMANY. COMJUBlOM MEROHA.NTS. W eatbotf J!'erd., ir, BROOKLYN l'l'. Y. Buchanan & Lyall. BOX K .. NUJ' ACTURE.M. Sherman Brothers, S to 13 CHIC,,Go, ILl DEALER! IN LKH TOBACCO ND CIG.&l!S. Case, S. S. &; Co., 149 South Water. Robin!!On, J.S. & Bro., 252 Lake & 277 Water bl!:ALERS IN LEAl' TOBACCO. Xaeprowlcz, S., 117 South Water S&ndbagen Bros., 17 West Ralldolph. MANUPACTIJRERS OF J'lNJi lJlJT TOBACCO. Allen & Ellis, 37 River. Murray & Maeon, 174 & 176 North Water. Spaulding & Merrick>, 9 a.nd 1 1 River. MANUJ'AC-rURHRS OJ' FlNE CUT CHEWING AND SMOKING AND DEALERS J)l LEAB' TOBACCO. Beck & Wirth, 8'7 and 89 ave. CINCINNATI. lo!.!.NlJFAqTURERS OF TOBACCO. Spence; Bros. & Co., 52 & 54 East 3d. MANlJ ... ANI> CO:'o!MT.SSION loiK.BCiliAJIT& Brashears, Brown &: Titus, 32 & 34 MaJn. Hafer, Holmes & Co. 25 West Second. DJ:A.LKRS IN L:SA..I' TOBACCO. & Bro., 161-165 PearL Mallay Rich,. & Brother, 116 West Front. Meyer Hy.; 18 Front. Wankelman, F., 82 West Front. Graves, G. W. 'ect. It is of the utmost impo r ance to both the go\ DANVILLE, VA. Pemberton J. H. rnment and the 'trade, and all pa.rties interested must Hoglen & s?ffer alike-both government .and trade-unless we Engine. I can induce theCommissioner of Internal Revenue to PATENT TOBACCO DRIER. k d ffi Cotterill, Fenner & co. ta e prompt an e Clent actiOn. Thousands of wa!!ons DI!:'I'ROII'I', l'IICR. are to-day employed in the anle of illicit tob;cco MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS AND DBALERB-throun-hout the South th 0 a h th 'd f t fi IN LEF TOBACCO. b 1 r n, e a t (I COUn e r ett :Matthews, Wilso n & Co., 216 Jejj'erson av 1 stamps and o .ther devices. Large amounts fail to TOBACCO KNIVES, h th T l f Detroit Novelty Work6 reac e reasury 10 t Je way o taxatiOn that should wEsTsaN CIGAR rarMMKR. raach it, and the Cavendish interest is slowly d:ying Funk, Fred through exhaustion. Can the Commissioner ask for TOBACCO MANUI'.i.C'IURIR. Licht e n berg, G. B.. any greater to action th'ln this? EAST c ONN. T o the Editor of The T o bacco L ea+":-It iA rumored PACKERS AND Di:At.ERS. h ir if Ch R t at an organized euort is !lbout to be made bv the apman, .n.. R JI:ART-"OKD, coNN. Department all country to reach t .he PAcuas AND ouuas. partie s who are engaged 10 tbe use of counterfeit Hubbard N & Co., 18l\larket. by tracing up and dates on stamps London & Bidwell, 214 State. fixed tv tobacco sold m and out of the way P, H. & Z K., 16 Marke places at the extreme low pnces so often heard of. If & Fuller, 214 State. "' A L & "' 134M an effor t is made and faithfully carried out it will ..,,, >ttn. Welles, C & Co., 15-!State be a great SPrvice to the lrgitimate trade, a11d it is Westphal, Wm.,..228 S\ate hoped you will giv.e the suhject y_our support Woodruff, JoReph S 62 and Ann. and advocacy. It te clear, Mr. Edt tor, that either fraud Woodworth & Strong 217 State. d wHOLESALE DBALas IN MANIJPACTURBD carne on to a great extent w stanlps, or the producTOaAccos. t10n has so far exceeded consumption as to break down Burnliam J.D. & Co, 77 and 79 Asylum. the price of manufactured tobacco so that. there is no INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. longer a profit to the l egitimate m anufacturer-and, ,. .. NilFAOTU&ERS oF PJ-UG AND SMOKING. notwithstanding the l o w price and c1 u llness of manufac-Smith & Thomas, 85 E ast South Street. tured goods, the price of leal tobacco contirmes to ad-LIVERPOOL, JnnssroN llXRCHANTB. "NEw YoRK TRAVELING SALESMAN." Meier Wm. G. & Co., 56 t:ieveuth. St. Louis, Aug. 12, 1871. WieRs, G. W. & Co., 102 Main. JOBBERS IN ALL KJND9 OP YANUFA.CTIJRED 'IOBA.CCO, Bf.PORTED AND DOMESTIO CIGARS. Tach u & Co. C. G. 174 :M:ain. TOB..lCCO l(..l.NUJ'ACTURERS' SVPPLIES. Wiggington, E. G. & Co., 23 Third. DEA.LEltS IN LEAF TOBACCO AND MANU FACTUR!lRS OF CIOARS. Alberding, G & Co., 93 & Third. LYNCHBURG. V.'t 1 A.Tmistead, L. L. Carroll, J. W ] ,a nghorne, Geo. W &. Co. Tyree, John H. MELBOURNE, AUS, TOBACCO .HUNTS AND IMPORTERS Owen, Dudgeon & Arnell, 169 Elizabeth ALA.. Warren, Burch & Co., 86 & 88 Commerce. NE,VAKK, N .T. Brintzinghoft e r W ...... & Son, 883 Bro ad. Camfbell, Lane &. Co., 96 Broad. NEW ORLEANS, L,\, Durno &B e rry, IS .New Levee t:ltreet. TOBACCO FACTORS AND COli. M.ERCIIANTS. Irby, 11'1cDaniel & Co., 130 Gravier. UKI!S .... Al'IY, 1'11. )(. liANUFACTURERS OF >"lli.ECUT OIIBWING AND Sl!OKING TOBACCO. Pierce, Walter B. PET .. : KSB'-TRG. VA. V enableS. W. & Co. Young, R .A. & Bro., 4 Iron Fr<>ut Buildiags TOBACCO WAREHOUSJ:: shall be made uniform." Tl!at could have been achieved last winter, and wouid have been but for the p1ot ests of the trade itself.., And why? Because uniformity then meant an advance on nearly all g1ades of smoking tobacco/' The"Com mittee of Ways and Means would have reported in favor of a uniform rate of 24c., and been sus tained by the Commissioner in so doing, but that the trade earnestly asked the m to allow the present graded rates to stand, rather tha n increase the tax on auy one kind of manufactured t0bacco or snuff. From this we infer that the trade, as a whole, wants, FIRST, no aclvance on the p1esent lowest rate j :::lECOND, uniformity. We are quite aware that the writer in the article quoted, is right when he speaks for a few manufacturers whose interests are from.those of the great majority of our trade, but until he can prove that should be for the few and not for the many, we deny that wishes should be embodied in the law of the land. The assertions regarding the "manufacturers of the Northwest and East being in favor of a uni1orm rate of 32c." and of the Virginia manufacturers favor ing that rate rather than n "ot secnre uniformity, so far as they are put forth to represent the views of the ma jority of the trade in those sections, are equally wide of the mark. We do not Jeny that here and there a sin gle manufacturer may hold these opinions, but we do deny that any number, in any section, will be found, on investigation, to entertain tbern. Equally is it un true that any considerable portion of the trade i s in different to the rate of taxation. It may be compara tively so to certain manufacturers, whose brands sell at hig h figures, who already pay the higher rate, and who are sure of a market in any event; but we note that even these gentlemen are not "indifterent" as they prefer the higher rate, doubtless for reasons satisfac tory io themselves. Thus to asS"ert that ''it does not make a particle of difference to the trade whether the tax be Uie. or 32c., provided it i s uniform,'' is to hold ont a and a snare to our law-makers. The difference between the Brooklyn and the Vir ginia manufacturers on the sutject of affixing export stamps to each package is fairly enough stated, but the writer might have added that it is unde rstood that when the matter "'as placed before Commissioner Pleasonton, he virtually decided in favor of the views held by the latter, and proposed recommending to Con gress a new wording of the law in conformity therewitb, that the evident meaning of Congress might be made plain. At the commencement of the article from which we have quoted, it is stated that the Finance Committee of the Senate will meet 'op the first Monday in November to consider the whole subject of revenue collection. We urge, therefore, in view of the above mistatements and the evident purpose of a few i n the trade to at tempt to warp legislation regarding the weed to suit their own supposed necessities, that a delegation of the National Tobacco Association be at Washing t on at that time and solicit a hearing from the Finance Committee. Forewamed is to be forearmeJ and the majority of the trade should certainly be represented at suci:i an important session. It is well known that the real work of Congress is mapped ont by this Com mitfee of the Senate and the Ways and Means Com mittee of the House. The trade should have a hearing before both, and we trust that the National Associa tion will not neglect the golden opportun,ity thus of ferred. The tobacco interest has been long enough misrepresented to further the ends of the interested few. Let us now eee to it that the views of the ma jority are at least truthfully stated. Beyond this THE LEAF bas no c0ncern. If that majority choose to ad vocate a uniform rate of 32c. per lb. we shall acquiesce, bLlt we d0 not believe such to be its wish to-day, and shall not un1 il indubitable proofs-proofs more convinc ing than the simple statements of our cotemporaryare placed before u s. MINOR EDITOR!.LS. ATTENTION is called to tQe advertisement of the Tobacco Manufacturers' Association, on the fifth page of this issue. SALE OF 1871 CRoP IN NoRTH CAROLINA.-About 200 po?-nds of the new crop (primings) were sold byMessrs Wilson & Wa].Jr er, at Wilson's at Milton N. C., on the 14th inst., at $3 per hundred. Hu.LING ToBAcco.-An experienced planter asserts nothing is more esse?t.ial to the gowth and weight of tobacco than gLvmg a large bill to the plants at the time of the last working. ATTEMPTED BuRGLARY. The residence of the well known tobacco broker, Mr J. S. Gans, was into one night last week, and an attempt made to rob the Being frightened, however, toe burglars made their escape before they had time to secure any boot.y. HAI.F A CROP.-In Floyd county, Va., it is estimated that only half a crop of tobacco will b e made this season, owing to S: severe drought. In Rockingham and Caswell counties, N. C., the yield bas also been se riously curtailed by the same cause. 'l'HE AccouNTS OF CIGAR MANUFACTURERs.-A lead cigar manufacturer of Baltimore, feeling himself aggneved at the action of an assistant assessor, a few days since, addressed the following query to Hon. J W. Douglass, Commission e r of Internal Revenue; ''In making my monthly returns as a cigar manufacturer, am I compelled to show my actual io voices of purchase8 ot leaf tobacco at the request of the. assessor?" The Commissioner, replied as follows: "In answer to your query, 1 have to say that while you may not be compelled to show to the assistant your actual invoices of purchases of leaf tobacco, you are required to enter into your manufacturer's book accurate accounts of the quantity of leaf tobacco pur chased from time to time, either with or without in voices of the same, and this book must at all times be open to the inspection of the a8$istant assessor."


2 r .s:. E T O B A C C 0 LEAF. UuRINU. ToB.\CCO IN AuousT -Thia unusu feat baR been accomphsheol in Hahtax county, Va., two farms having been subjected to the proceSB. The to bacco ( 1871 g10wth) 1a 11atd to be b1ight, but to have no aubataoce. ABBJ:STED oN A CHARGE o:r SMUGGLilfG.-Mr. Lyman F111k, propnetor of Taylor's Hotel, Jersey City, was arrested, last week, upon a warrant issued by Umted States Commissioner Romaine, in which he was charged with ctgars smuggled into the. port ol New York from Havana. The warrant was 1ssued upun an affidavit made by Josiah R P1ersoo, a Ioapector Mr F1 .. k accomp.1.nied Deputy Bailey to the office of the CommitosJoner, and gave ba1l 111 ilO,OUO to for trial at Trenton on the 6th of September Mr Fisk stateM "that for over a month put h& u been haunted by a New York detective, who h&a attempted to black-ma1l him by threats of arrest for smuggling. This actwo, he Ia a part of the black-minter's 11Ciw1 e. Anour DEALERS' TQnAcco LAnEJ.s.The question having been ra1sed by Collector Pulleu, ot the Omotnnati distriCt, arse muddle than e'en the reconstruction code; aJ,d, not satisfied w1th all tins complexity, it 1s now de httle. The week'11aales amount to 956 hbds, ot which 366 bhds were for export, theremamder, cutting and fillers, to manufacturers and job hers The market is firm, and lots are bemg withdrawn from sale by believers m a great failure of the growing crop, while askinf! pr1ces on others have been much advaooed We do uot, however, alt&r quo tationij, which are already too h1gh for European mar, [The ti>llowing iR the report for the past week] Wesler1l.Leaf.-The marktt has been mort act\ve this week, gatPs alnountmg to 1,488 hbds. The Home de mand bas tallen olf, but shipper!' took 647 and speculators about ;;ou hhds, w1thont pTice&. The stock <'ll 11ale has been counted and up 13 205 hhds in first and second bands, ol which 6,360 hhda are ordinary leaf, 4,055 hhds lugs,930 hbds Mason county, and l18ti0 hbds laid aside for cuttmg. let week td -t 3d week 4th week 5th weet Total Jan. 572 792 739 897 3,0UO Feb 503 231 451 1,015 2,200 Mch 629 75I 310 573 592 2,855 Apr 115 632 572 1,414 1,267 40d0 May 339 1,021 1,217 1,009 1,614 5,209 June ... 1,144 1,670 2,675 1 167 544 7,200 July 1,93l 1,735 2 029 1,103 6,800 .Augut 2,258 652 956 I ,488 5,354 V1rgmia Leaf.-There is nothing new to report in the general aspect of the market. Neither here or at Rwh mond ba\e prices materially changed or the supplv of qnahtles greatly augmented. As to pnces the discouragmg reports regardmg the crop now grow and parttally cut w11l doubtless have the t>ffect, cowbmed w1th the present short supply, of keepmg them up to the top notch Some say that the 1871 yteld Will be the poorest known for manv years, in fact nce 1838; while others allege that the recent rain!!, though late, will increase the harvest to two thirds oJ an average crop There seellUI little doubt, howevo;r, that m ny locahtJes the planters have ali eady commenced to cut the leaf, especially around Danv!lle, Va., bemg of a bright character but very hgbt and without substance, the good !eat; therefore, has probably r.t1ll to be barves ted The summer closing to have been a very peculiar one, tor wb1le we m th1s sect10n have been wtth rain and ch1lled by unseasonable cold; in Virgmia and several of the States everything has been parched by drought Indeed, the Connecticut Valley seems to have the only locality where tobacco has bad fr o m its planting a fair show" Seed Leaf. -The f,.ature of the week has been an elrphantme transaction in Pennsylvama. a leading bolder selling an Entire packing of over two thousand cases to apt om1nent house-the second largest safe, we beheve, ever made 10 the B e sides th1s a fair busmess was done m the various y1elds, the reported sales being as follows 2,130 cs. Penosylvama on pnvate terms, 350 cs. Ob10 at 21c; 200 cs Connecticut and .MasHa chusetts on pnvate termH; 200 cs sundries at 20c to 55c-m all, 2,880 cs., or nearly three thousand cases, a THE REVENUE BUREAU AND THE IMITATED HAVANA very unusual aggregate for these dull times. BRANDS --It appears that the agents of the Havana Regardmg tbe growmg crop o. Pennsylvania, a cor firms have been bringing their grievance to the noticE' respondent thus writes us from Manor township, Laos of the Revenue Bureau, the following paragraph reachCounty. To the of The Tobacco Leaf A iog us from Washington: A letter bas been received this 1s the section 1n which the largest amount of to at the Internal Revenue Office, from an importer of bacco IS raisod in this couuty and State, I thought, per c 1 gars, cal hog attention to the frequent use upou boxes hap!!, you would hke to hear a word from old Manor ot domestiC cigars of ImitatiOn stamps intended to con Tobacco has bPeo ra1sed m th1s d1stnct for the last vey the that the c1gars w1th these 1mitat100 th1rty years, but I can safely say that the present crop stamps attached are Imported The office is also r.s-IS the largest and finest ever grown. The recent raiDs sured that dealers and 1mporters suffer great incouhave greatly 1:.nproved the late plantmg, the early vemence from the spunous Jm1tat1 oo stamps, and the or a large porti:>n of 1t, be:ng alteady housed request 18 made for mformatwn as to what coorse can I tbmk Lancaster county will produce at least 30,000 be taken to have tb1s practiCe d1scontined The Comcs and York county fi,OOO cs, making a total of 35,000 missioner 10 reply, that the attention ot the In-cs for Pennsylvania, which IS 20 000 cs more than both ternal Revenue Office bas for some time past bl'en counties produced last year. 'l'he1e bas been no to to th1 s fraud, or intended fraud, upon the pu bhc, bacco sold here as yet, the buyers being deciderlly and bad there been any provision of the Internal Reveoffish, and talk10g much lower prices than were pa1d laAt nne law by whwh it could have been stopped, steps last year But even if we get ltss per pound, we wll would have been taken long ago to prevent it These make up for It in I he increased weight to the acre In stamps or imitatwns are not made to slmulate a taxfact tobacco at lOc. per lb pays much better than paid stamp and any wise to represent any money wheat at (!1.25 per bushel. ,.value f:io fi1r as they are mtended for fraudulent purSpamsh.-A fair amount of busmess was done dunng poseR they affect Importers and consumers. This office the week, the reported sales reachHlg 500 bales Havana has discountenanced and denounced the practice of at 95c to *1.05. Iu Yara there was oothwg done that using these im1tated stamps, but inasmuch as they are we heard of. ttOt in violation of any ezpressed provi8ion of Internal Manufaclured.-There was a little done last week both Revenue law, it has not been able to break up the use of for export and consumptiOn. The latter, created by them. The Comm 1sswner adds: Unless you can rethe demands of a few Southern buyers, sflems to bavtJ cmve protectwn hom this gnevaoce through the CourtF, run on 11-m.:b, of wh1ch the supply IS not large I know of no other mode by wluch it can be secured Some four or five hundred pkgs of tens changed hands except by add1twnalleg1slation by Congress 11 among dealers, but the m goods actually ___ for export were not extensiVe The buyers for foreign FIRST BLOOD J"OR C.Amo -At Ca 1ro Ill 00 August 18 markets want their tobacco very cheap, but will not -The first bods head of tobacco of toe crop of 187 J I buy the trash they are sometimes willmg to load them delivered at the Ballard tobacco warehouse. It was raised with Prices continue stationary in spite of the by' G T. K1mbro, of Ballard county, Kentucky, and was r1se in leaf, the bad crop repC'rts, and the of sold at pnvate sale for $22 60 per 100 pounds Tlus, as several manufacturers. It would seem, however, that serts a local paper 1s the first hodshead of th 1 s year's crop these causes must in time produce their legitimate ef dehvered m the States feet, and that, if we can only keep our etcks down to FRAUDS IN CIGARS -A W ashmgton dispatch asserts that otIS reported at the Internal Revenue Bureau that certa1n cigar wakei"S m New York and Ph1ladelph1a have def1auded the largely by mak1ng false retmns of tobacco and boxes bought and mgars sold The matter is to be mvestJgat(!d BEAUTY's SEORETSThe last cosmet1c English women have begun to use Is from an old reCipe rev1ved from Queen Anne's t1me, namely, cucumbers steeped m milk Venus rose from the foam of the sea, but modern beauty nses ma JOStle flom curb hoops and lettuce beds, w1th oatmeal plas ters on 1ts face, chlonde on 1ts locks b1smuth on 1ts fingers, to gtve a pearly appeataoce, a steel band for a cestus, and laved w1tb decoctwn ot cucumoers and bluB m1lk. Why go through so much to get so little a reasonal-le standard, we shall enter upon the late fall and sprmg trade with !"-?re hopeful prospects From several V1rgm1a manufacturers who have visited this city recently, we hove confirmation regard ing our statements concerning the operations of the blockaders in North Carohna The factories whence the peddlars are supphed, are located, we are assured, 1n remote localities, and run by desperate men who would resort to the use of weapons to maintain the1r "rights." As the Government has recently made a successful raid on the ilhcit diNtilll'rs of that section, why not visit the tobacco blockadeJs w1th the same justice? What IS sauce for the F:Oose, says the adage, 1s sauce for the gander If the Revenue offiCials real Ized how much the Uavend1sh trade is mjured, and through 1t the Government, by the operatiOns of these they would act, and act at once. If unable to cope with them smgle-handed, let the military be called DEATH OF A LOUISVILLI!: TOBACCO MERCHANT __ We on, as 10 the case of the distillers, and we should find regret to Jearn of the death at Lomsv1lle, Ky., recently, of somethmg defimte accomplished Mr John Smidt, ot the well known firm of John Smidt, Smohnu-Business was very fair last week, 01tlers Schwarz & Co Concernmg th1s melancholy event the Louis coming 10 freely from ttis State and the West A shght v 1 lle Courter-Journal wntes as follows The death of this demand from the c!Ly grocery trade exists The gentlemen 1s dese1 vmg mo1e than a passmg notice With in smokmg tobacco are generally wide awake b 1 m passed away oae of those busmess men of the "old and some of them are already ordermg in view of the scbool"-men who, by energy aml perseverance contributed advance in prices that is now considered inevitable so largely years ago to the development of the commercial owing to the recent r1se in !eat We have not heard, re&ources of our city. As earlr as 1839 M 1 John Snudt as yet, of any dealer in Cavendish taking sim1lar pre <:arne to Lomsvllle, and JU 1840 commenced busmess w 1th cautions. h1s mumate frtend, Mr. Theod Schwartz They were of Ciuars.-Thel'e is no feature of interest, although the small number ofp10neers 10 the leaf tobacco trade which business continues fairly good m those years was strugglmg m 1ts mfancy, through their Gold opened at 112j'and closed at exert10ns the reputa 110n of our at present great tobacco mar.&chanue is held at "steady rates. We quote:-B11ls ket was first successfully ostabhtihed m the ports of Ger at 60 days on London, for commerCial, many and Holland. They became regular and large ex 108t@I09t for bankers', do. at shortsight,109i@\09! porters of tobacco, added a. wme 1m port busmess, and met Pans at GO days, 5.25@5 22!; do. at short Hight, 5 20@ wnh success 111 tbe 1 r comnnercml ooterpnses. In 1855 they 5 18!; Antwerp, 5 26-!@5.21!, 5 23!@5 lSi started the bankmg fi1 m of John Schwartz & Co, Hamburg, 35!@36 ; Amterdam, 40f@41 ; l<'ranktort, wherem M1. Johu Sm1dt remamed au active working man 40}@41-k Bremen, 78@78!; Prussian thalers, 71!@72 untll the year 1858, when he and fam1 lv removed to his .Fretf!hts are better demand and With some 1m nat1ve City of Bremen In 1845 he was appomted Consul p:ovemeot in rates for the South Ge1man Sta tes, and when he left Louisville EXPORTS. the functtons of th1s office passed mto the hands of hiS From the port of New York to foreign ports, other M1 'l'beo Schwartz Con sul for the North German than European ports, for the week er:.diog Aug. 22, were Umon, and Anstr1o Hunganan Emp1re. Mr John Smidt as follows: was born m Bremen, May 6th, 1812, and died on the 8th' British Guiana: 6 bbds, tl, '700. mst, m lh1s c1ty, m the SIXtieth year of h1s age. He was Bm1sh West Indies: 16 hh_ ds, e6,042 1,875 lbs mfd, the son of Johann Sm1dt, a man of great $4 76 poht1cal mfluence and prommence m Germany durmg the Can'\da. 68 bales, *2,610; 14 cases cigars, $2, '720. first half of the prne 10 @11 Common 17 @20 Selee t lm s ll @12 Monldv @ -cnltlng lull" 8)0@10 Pressed, extra One 45 @5!1 rlo do leaf. 10 @18 Lluht, ftne S5 @ 10 Heavy leaf Th!rda 91& 45 @!15 Common lugo 7)(@ 8 Quart..PrJunds -Fine 30 "9 Medmm 9 @ O 20 ..,... Good 10 @II 22 @27 Fone 11 @li 20 @:<3 Selections 12 @11 Mlsoouri!ma -Prlmln"" @Loug 10' 24 @27 Fu&ylugs N 4 d' Com to good Jngo 6)t'@ 7 )0 avy, san 5 24 @27 Low to medium leaf 8 @ 9)0 Larly Fl "' Rnlll! 45 @I"ll G >Od to line 10 @li P>eket Pu1ces Heav Leaf @Bright Twlot (Virgtma) Wra >;,., ... dark 10 @11 Brubt G"ld 1M no, do 117 -:!,:! broht 2Q @tO .ttongh and Ready :U eo RLAOK Dltw -Tn'or to good com 5 @ 6 Navy .lbunds-VIrglnla e:r 25 @28 Brown and Gr.,.,nlh 6)0'@ S Flue IS @'l"l 1tlemmon, medium 11> @17 Gom'n 10 m'd'm pnel'd 7 @10 Halves 11 F ne Pp&ngled to yellow 12 @:15 1 /ttrda 17 -F ot d to com. 11'1.-"' 18 @'12 man 4 @ 5 Qu!lriM" Pt>und8 Soand Common 6 Fme Good do 6Jo@ 7 Good. M dlnm 7)0@ 9 Common to medium Good to ftne brown 10 @13 Pocket PieiM8 F >Dey 14 @15 NeiJTOMad 1'wlsl Upper Conn try 5 @.'10 Tl!II S.-.1 and Hav&D& Blnderoand Seconds, old 3:1 per .M .' 40 00 @711 oo do do new L'l @211 do Conn Seed 00 @40 00 Flllero, old 15 rutS do do t! oo new 20 @46 do 1lne platn -M A veragelots old 22,1i@25 Seotcb & Landy foot 811 90 do do' new 18 @"'ii Common -@-115 FUien old 12 @15 Amoric&n GenUem&n-@ 1 00 do new H)O@l5 L!cor1co. Gold. K &M ll4 Oho Sud uqfDon Qojote 25 Wrapp.,rs, Old. @40 La Corona de Xspana 26 do new 25 @43 H M. Ill 28 Average Joto, old 22)9@2\ Bx 82 do do new @27)1( G c" 461J Jb caee li!J)t Flllero, old 12 @15 '"II' G" .. ll!l)t do aew 13)0@16 "C & A '3"!5lbs. net ll!l)t' Foreign-"G & II' 29)0 HVMD& F l'r&Com 86 @ 89 uwa.1t1il Ex" 4ts0 lbs net 29 do do Fair [Ill @ 9S 'J C y Ca" 28 do do Fine 97H 1 05 HYonrrta" 25K Yar& AVPr&'le @ uz A, 11 i30 lbl!l 2., Yar& I & II Cot, aso1t 1 00 @I 02)0 "MF 211 Yara II Cut 1 17 @l 20 "R R." 28 Manufactured -Tax 82c per pono d uw 8 23 DoMESTrc RECEfPTR The arnvals at the port of N cw York from domestic mtenor and coastwise p01 ts, for the week eodu::g Aug 29, wl're as follows By the New York and New Haveu Steamboat Line E & Brother, 21 cases, Eggert, D1l!d & Co, 12 do; J,evy & Neugass, 5 do By the New York & H!lrtford Steamship Line D & A Beorimo, 36 caseM; E Rosenwald & Brother, 92 ()o; E M Crawford & Co, 15 do, Havemeyer V1gehus, 49 do; J. B Cnhen 15 do; F Thnmas, 14 do. By the Old Domimon Lme Pollard, Pettus & Co, 16 bbds; Uhas. Luling & Co., 18 do; A. C. L. & 0. Myer, 13 do; R M. Allen, 4 do, De W1tt & Dllucan, 5 do, Patterson & Uo 2 do; Sa\\ yer, W a II ace & Co., 22 do, 2 trcs, W 0 Smith, 31 do, q do, 1 A. D. Cbockley & Co, 22 do, 9 do, 1 box; D Evans & Co., 8 do, 7 do, 105 and 1-3 Buchanan & Ly all, 2 trcs; E Hen, 160 cases; L Gmter, A S. Rosenbaum & Co., 90 do j S Sh1ffer & N epbew81 90 do; R. J Boune & Co, 21 do, James Ch1eves & Co., 27 do; M M W .,lzhoffer, 12 do, G Falk & Brother, 24 do, S E. Sm1th, 2 do; S Barnett, 2 do; Belcher, Park & Co I 0 do; Dohan, Carroll & ll<' I 7 do; Bulklt>y, Moore & Co, 12 do; Connolly & Co., 30 do; W. Demuth & Co., 4 do; Martin & Johnson, 14 do; Hirsch & B1 other, 18 do; Rwbey & Boniface, 107 do .. 66 boxes Jos. H Thomp8on, 103 do, 108 t Bulk ey, Moore & Co, 50 boxes; March, Price & Co, 25 do, 203 boxes; Carhart & Brother, 145 t and boxes; Snow & Burg'ss, 50 boxes; W. A. Lehman, 9 cases licorice; J. D Keilly,Jr., 31 hhds, 15 trcs, 75 cades, 275 i boxes; N. L .McCready, 34 cases, 161 boxes, 26 t bo:xes, 4 cads; order, 88 hhds, 18 trcs, 2 boxes. By the Virgmia Steamship Lme: Jos D Eva'lll & Co, 18 bhds; Huffer, Toel & Co, 44 do, Jas. C Mc Andrew, 1 do; A. D. Chocklev & Co., 1 do; W. 0 Smith, 43 do, 84 tree, 1 o cases, 1 oo boxes; Isaac Read, 2 tree, W P Ktttredge & Co, 12 cases; Martin & Johnson, 37 do; R. S :Bowne & Co., 16 do; J. H. ThompRon, 50 do, Allen & Co., 51 do, 3! boxes, Jas. Cnieves & Co, 51 do, 150 i boxea; Bulkley, Moore & Co., 58 do, 20 t boxes; R1chey & Bonitace, 35 do, do, 25 kegs; Dobao, Carroll & Co., 164 do, 146 do, 54 d:>, 56 t boxes, 10 bbls; March, Price & Co., 25 i boxes; Bulkley, Moore & Uo, 15 do 1 50 t boxes, E DuBo1s, 87 i boxes; Washington & Co., 40 cases, 3 pkga. Uoastwise from Baltimore -Allen & Co., 6 hhds; J. A. Jarvis, 36 do. M Falk, 7 pgs, order, 13 hbds. Coastwise from New Orleans .-Kremelberg & Co, 3 do; F1sher & Keller, 56 do; Huff

THE t'TODACCO Ij EAF. !" k t fi 11 ReceJVed 531 hbds ag:nnst Licorice aad JUanafactared Tobacco er, repor 11 as o ows 955 the previous week At the date of our last there ---ed 1 d L b tmned to preva1l on Our attentiOn has frequently been <;all to the aooge an was a lat k of w feehng bas been I mcreasmg quantity of damaged manufactured tobacco on the foiJowtng ay ut Since rt fi m on lu s and the market and we have taken constderable pams to shg!.lly better, yet not 80 active an r Few ht ascertam the cause of 1t From "bat leadmg manu fact hommo;, wa:a:::n m fac urers tell us, we thmk the followmg m a great measure wJll hds 0 ere ere 0 9 7 5 and a lot of 1 oo hhds account lor 1t. It 1s well known that pure hcorJCe IS a tory dned leaf at $9 6 @ d bl Sale!! from great preservative as well as sweetener and a manufacturer sale on oft rna 1 at *l 40 I to be successful shou ld take great pams to secure the best Tbu ay to(yester 90 101 at 6 @ article of hcor1ce that can be bad Ptevwus to the war 8 at 3 3 6 scraps 0 28 t 8 8 90 ll 0 at 9 @ 9 90 some manufacturers m R1cbmond and elsewhere t11ed to 6 90 06 at '7@'7 9 i 1 50 a 4@ t J'2@ 12 75 2 at 13' dispense w1th 1t and used molasses mstead, m consequence at 3 at io :1 @ 23 and 2 at 3 2@ \of th1s they lost unmensely by the1r tobacco turmng sour d b 5 (0@20 50 Inthe same t1me 1 and mouldy Now, another ddticulty hes 1n the1r way, m 33 50, a' HI oxes at b d re re ected on 94 the shape of adulterated lcor1ce made m New York bv ::: 2 8 '76 to 11 25 To which manufacturers have been Imposed upon for several d tb b ks were amountmg to 22 hbds, m-yeurs past ay, e reVa b t' d tb e straight lots of Of course the mgred1ents used m this spur1ous art1cle are cludmg 110 1rgm1a ritz an re h 11 h t 1 d d Tb V : t b ceo not brmgmg sue as w1 c eapen 1 as mo asses, gnm, su0ar an factory. dne e anod on two lots of flour, the latter for tbtckenmg the molasses, there are other satisfactory was J S 1 61 bbds 1 at materials also These are all boiled up w1th about a'l equal the factory ne werel 8 e t 8 es 2 at 9 50 10 19 / we 1 ght of pure liconce, and an mexpertenced person would 5 80, 9 to 6 d) a 3 t 75 l'l 19 1 24, 2 easily be deceJved by the good appearance wh1ch this com at 10 10 ctory M(89 and pound makes, but It only lasts for a short t1me, a few at 35 and 1 dt 67 13 hbds factorv drl!ci at '1 60 42 do months after It IS made It turns mouldy and cracks open were reJeCte on 1 hhd t 6 20 t J'l and by tb1s ttme has lost Its brtght appearance Just m do V:t 9 30> anid r. 8 r lt s :t lugs 5 to 5 75 fac the same way 1t acts on the tobacco At first the tobacco r J!uten' do 6 to 7 common dark Will look Well enough, but unless Sold very SOOn Jt Will tory ugs 75 '1 d to do 8 to 11 commence to deteriOrate and 1f the market for 1t shou.d leat at 6 to me mm b to b d 11 d t b k t ht t ths factor dried do 8 50 to 10 50' fair to good manufac appen e u an I e ep over elg or en mon Y d 0 b ht do 20 to 40 fancy bnghL on opemng 1t, 1t will be found more or less moulily, and tnrmg o 12 to 2 ng perhaps sour and dulllookmg The manufacturer then 50 to 1000, thmks 1 t IS owmg to some negligence of h1s foreman, or FOREIGN some other cause, not drearnmg of the real one However, BREMEN, AuGusT 11 -Our special corre!lpoodent be has to submit to a sacnfice of h1s tobacco The damage reports as follows The market remams ID a good to him does not stop here, th e consumer who has hereto a good positiOn and pnces of all kmds are firm The fore thou"'ht b1s brand of tobacco the mcest made, finds 1t sales transacted w1tlnn the last week are fallmg off m quality and tnes some other v1 z Kentucky, 4'7 bbds at 91: grts 43 at 9 do 70 at Many deceptiOns are practtsed by the makers of this spunBl do 70 at JOt, 50 at 9 do 40 at 10 do; 22 at 10-f ous hcor1ce such as huymg the empty 1m ported cases from do 30 at JOl, do 105 at 9t do 46 at 81: do 27 consumers for whwh they will pay a htgh pnce Many at St do, 58 at lOt do, 9 at 11 do, '1 a!i lOt do' 91 ImitatiOn are also made, and even the na1ls and paper at lOt do, total 714 bbds to arnve, 100 hhds at lli I used are Imported, 1m1tatmg the fore1gn cases exactly m grts and bO at 12 do Vugmta remams m good de those respects The foreign brands are counterfeited and maud, and the followmg were sold 23 bhds at JOt a sUit 1s now bemg brought by an Importer agamst a large grts, 20 at 7 do, 3 at 8 do, 159 on pr1vate terms 1 comm 1 for sellmg a counterfeit of h1s brand total 205 bbds to Bt qrts 39 at 8 do 30 at 7 do 25 We have thus as well as we know how, eudeavOied to at 12 do, total 136 hbds All offers of Maryland show our fnencs,'tbe manufacturers, wherem they have been were read1lv taken out of the markets The sales 1 mposed upon tht.> ImposttJOn wtll no doubt still be earned were 49 bh.ds at 9t qrts, 7 5 at l 0 do 16 at 'lt do to on but a remedy agamst 1t 1s to buy d1rect from well known tal 140 h};ds tv arnve 40 hhds to arnve at lOt grts 1 rnil0rters or from such houses as are above suspiCIOn of 25 at 1 Ol do total 55 hhds of bay, 23 hhds at 9 grts ernbarkmg m such disreputable busmess JS on prJ\ ate terms were sold m all 41 bbds at 52 Stems-ordmary qual1ty remams neglected, wh1le the folio" mg lots ot better grades brought goou pnces, 10 bhds Kentucky at Si thsler, 59 do at 4t do, 18 hbds V1rgm1a at 5t do, 15 do at 5i do, totall02 hhds The stocks to day were 35 hhds Bay, 138 bbds Oh1o -scrubs-Maryland, 565 bhds VHgiDIO., 2,5511 hhds Kentut ky 1292 hhds stems HAVANA, AuG. 19 -Mr V F Butler, tohacco broker, reports as follows Smce my adviCes of tLe 12th there h88 been but little occur m !JUT market worthy of not1ce Some s!Dall parcels of leaf of fine quality have \>een sold for local consumption, some good fair tobacco fillers have been sold for the Amencan markets, say about 2,000 bale11, and ssme '700 bales of low class for Germany Exports of leaf for the week endmg 19th August-to New York J94, '700 lbs StThomas, J,'700 lbs San Nazaue, 2,240 lbs exports of c1gars -New York, 1,324,000 St Thomas, 126,000, San Nazatre, 1,926,000 Exchange On New York, 60 days, currency, t per cent prem1um short stght, 11 premtum, 60 days, gold, l2t premmm, short stght, 13! London, 60 days, 25 premium, France, 10!, Ham burgh, 3St Spam, J4t LONDON, August 17 -MessrB Grant, Chambers & Co report as follows We have no change to report ID the mat ket lor AmeriCan tobacco For some ttme past there bas been but little domg, but dunng the past week there has not been a smgle transactiOn worthy of comment Old Imports cf V1rgm1a str1ps have been inqmred for, \mt what few are st1ll on the market are held at prices above the v1ews ot buyers FQr Western stnps there has scarcely been an mqmry Iu Western leat there bas been nothmg done In other growths termed substitutes there bas been a good mqu1ry, and pnces of some descnptwns are much htgher New Firm. New York C1ty-V Martmez Ybor, Importer of llavana leaf tobacco and cigars, 26 Cedar street THE Pans papers state that the Committee of Engmeers appomted to report upon the constructiOn of a tunnel 'lCross the channel between England and France have accepted the plan of M Thorne de Gamond, and that the works will shortly be cowmenced on the s1de at D1eppe, and on the other s1de at N ewbaven The cost of the work 1s esttmated at about $50,000,000, and the durat1on of the work SIX years CoNSOLIDATION oF CoLLECTION DISTRICTS -Up to the present t1rne th1rteen collection d1stncts have been consoh dated mto s1x, VIZ -Five m New York, two m Cmcmnau four m Philadelpbta and two m San Francisco The only mttP.s m w h1cb there are two or more collection dtstr1cts not affected by consolidatiOn are Boston and Baltimore In the former ctty Secretary Boutwell 1s opposed to any change and m the latter Postmaster General Cresswell m terposes b1s obJ&ctwns to consoltdatwn It IS doUbtful, th e refore, whether any more d1strtcts w1ll be consolidated until after the meeting of Con6ress AN OriN ION As Is AN OPINION A MISSISS1ppl paper pu b!Jshes what purports to be an accUI ate copy of an ong nalletter wrttten by a teacher m that State to the father of one of b1s puptls We quote a few sentences Tne m dustry of his dil1geotlmess at schcol were very up Rtghtly He 1 s by all means a d1hgent scholar Yon are not aware of what Kind of a Scholar Th1s Boy Will make for a short t 1rne gomg to school, he has a moral character And als'1 be has the appearance of a hero, espectally such men as we now need I w1ll ventu)e to say that m the length of twenty four Months he would make a States Man and well dr1 lled for Busmess such as would be reqUired of b1m to attend" THE REVENUE THIEVES SHOWN UP -The first Cornp troller of the Treasury bas prepared a statement of cash balances due from collectors of mternal revenue on the 15tl. of August One hundred and seventy e1ght names com pr1 se this formtdable hst, of whom seventy nme are actual defaulters, the havmg unadJusted accounts The liabthtiesofthe defaulters amount to $2 750 1'76, wh1le the aggregate of unsettled uccouuts 1s $424,112 Of the de faulters forty were appmnteu by Pres1dent Johnson thirty tllX by Mr Lmcoln and but three by the present admtms trat1on Mr Johnson appears to ha>e been peculiarly un fortunate m h1s se lec twn of revenue officers, h1s forty de faultmg fnends bavmg embezzled $1 745 427 of govern ment funds, leaVIng *9311, 117 fot Mr Lmcol u's men, while President Grants apoomtees have been obhged to conttJnt themselves w1th *64,581 appears to have been the paradtse of revenue rogues, tbat State havmg furn1shed ten defaulters who stole over twelve hundred thousand dollars wh1le New England JS w1tbout a representative on the all of her revenue officers havmg adJusted thetr accounts But three defaulters are from New York-J F Batley, $J32,642, Masten, of the 'Ibuteenth dJstnct, 164,221, and J B Halsted, of the Twenty mnth dtstrJCt, $18 879 Tbts 1s a most creditable exh1b1t for the Emp1re State especally when Immense amount of revenue she annually pays mto the government Treasury IS taken mto consideratiOn The enttre amount of mternal revenue collected up to the close of the last fiscal year was *I, 685, 865,643 P .APER IS manufactured from hop vmes at Mars"Illes France and IS sa1d to be strong, flexible, white, and soft, and much liked m that regwn1 THE newly dtscovered lead rnmes oo Joplyn Creek, near Cartha"e Jasper county, Mo, are said to be y1eldmg about .1,000 worth of lead per day MARTIN RIKER, a ctgar maker, acmdently fell from the third story wmdow of the Homestead Hotel, m Elm1ra, N Y, recently, and was mstantly k11led It IS beheved he has fi'Iends m Jersey C1ty PETERSBURG (VA) TOBACCO INSPECTORSW E Hm ton, Jr, bas been appomted by the Governor Tobacco In spector of West-H1ll Warehouse, Petersburg, and B B Vaughan as Inspector on the part of the owners at the same warehouse THE LATEST JOKE ON HoNF:BT HoRACE -An exchange says It JS reported thot Horace Greeley got mto a muss w1th a Texas ed1tor It appears that m an agncultural essay on the culture of tqbacco, Mr Greeley asserted that llne cut would not rtpen well unless the tmfotl was strtpped from the growmg buds early m the sprmg, and that plug tobacco ought to be knocked off the trees w1th clubs mstead of bemg p1cked by hand Tb1s the Texas ed1tor sa1d was nonsense, and Mr Greeley challenged h1m ToBAcco CuLTURE IN CAROLINE CouNTY VA -A cor respondent wntes 'No country on earth produces such ncb, 01ly and sweet cbewmg t obacco as thts Th e h ght, chaffy and bnght tobacco of Southern and N ortb ( arolma IS fa1rer to behold, but IS only use ful to conceal the coarser lugs from othm sectiOns But thts tobacco IS fa1r to look upon, and neither sugar nor sp1ces to render 1t palatable Those who make 1t a spec1alty and become masters of tlie art of cunng aqd prtzmg, reap from t2G0 to *250 per acre from 1t One gentleman mforms me that he cleared more than a thousand dollars to t he band from h1s tobacco, and made ample supplies of corn, wheat oats, and bacon besides One man can pEirform the ordmary wo1 k on a farm-cultivating ten or fifteen acres m corn, as many m oats and as many 1f need be, m wheat, and work and save ten thousand h1lls of tobacco If well cultivated, this should bnng htm from 2,000 to 2,500 lbs, wb1ch :Mt Phppo or mv fnend the 'Doctor,' would sell for s1x hundred dollars or more Could a farmer wtsh for a prettter mcome ? A Pun FOB DETROIT CIGARS -The Detroit Oommerczal Bulletm says The complamt of a crowded thoroughfare m a ctty 1s about the equivalent of the comp'amt of a crowd ed state of busm es,s All depends on the stze of the cty If the ctty be a small one, even the greatest effort of the most successful excursiOn will not be suffic ien t to make the town cry to the passers bye 'move on I' If the scene of the' pm' be Broadway, New York, at noon the ordmary busmess swells the crowd of mconvement d1rnen swns In th1s case 1t may be safely that busmess IS cigars enoug h for borne trade M cb1gan occuptes the least part of their thoughts They send thetr show cards-even new firms as m the case of tlie Wol vermes-to Kansas, Nebraska, Georgta, Iowa, W1sconsm etc Thus, by contmmng to despse the old fogy cry of 'overdone busmess the c1gar m en of Detrmt are domg busmess fo1 all the Western and Southern States and men come and send here to buy c1gars as they send to P1tts burgh for 11lass and steel as they send to Pensylvama tor coal or to New York for accumulated stores of gram Go on overdomg busmess, gentlemen Don t be afraid to manufacture mgars and tobacco for the world. U Detrmt should, by th1s means, gam a hundred thousand or so of populatton, 1t will be an excellent busmess, espec1ally the c1gar busmess." Jly Lost Love, I loved her and her gentle heart Beat warm, responsive to my own She swoE th 1t naught on earth should part Her from the one she loved alone But soon dear Nel11e changed her mmd, And all my hopes of JOY she broke She to all other faults was bhnd But could not bear Tobacco smoke And !-alas I I loved the matd Yet st1ll I loved Tobacco more, And when mdtgnantly sbe bade Me cease to smoke, or seek the door I chose the latter Nought I spoke, But mutely waved a lust adieu Tears Ill my eyes-tt was the smoke And from the house I madly flew I dtd not rush to drown my gmf, Nor yet myself-away I broke Seekmg a pleasanter rehef, And found It m-another smoke I ToBAcco CuLTURE-" CuTTING" AND "HousiNG" W ntes a correspondent In a prevwus article, I prom 1sed to gtve plans for arrangmg wagons and carts, and all the necessary eq npments for hangmg tobacco on lath As every plant when cut must be bung and by somethmg, 1t 1s well to get whollv ready before cuttmg Hangmg on a lath, as a general thmg JS gomg to supersede all other methods, as a bmldmg can be arranged cheaper, and tobacco ca11 be hung wtth less help than by any other known method Further, It can be hung closer as the butts are spltt and dry much faste1 About SIX large plants are put on a common f0ur foot lath so you see that about 1,000 lath are needed to the acre It IS well to throw out all weak lath as they may break and make trouble In many places you can get them sawed to order, but common ones do very well Tobacco needles and spears can be ordered from any of the hardware stores m CltJes at about fifty cents each Havmg procured the lath or spears (I would advtse the purchase of two spears, 1n case of ac mdent to the one,) proceed to fit one end of each lath to the socket m the spear Cut no more away than 1s neces sary to recCJve the lath two mches or a httle more, that the spear may not turn m spearmg the plants F1t all the lath m tb1s way ready for use Tpey can be kept for years bv tymg up and boumg Tvmg up will keep them stra1ght and snug At the next ste p w11l be needed a p ost or standard to place the end of the lath m to hold It m nght pos1t10n while spearmg the tobacco One man can be made to answer all purposes by takmg a two mch or one and one half mcb plank, about fifteen mchf's w1de and five or sue feet long, frame a 4x4 post 4 1 2 feet long f10m shoulder to top, mto the center of the plank crossw1se and about one foot J rom one end Lead a brace from short end of plank to top of post to strengthen 1t Cut a rnorttce m the stde of post towards long end of plank, three and one half mcbes deep, that will eastly rece1ve the square end of each lath, about four feet h1gh from plank and a httle m clmed downward as you go m, that the lath may rest edge WJse, litt le the htghest at tfie outer end The plank should be rounded up at one end hke a stone drag, that 1t rney be drawn around to any part of the fielU w1th a rope Next will be needed racks to bang on m the field after spear mg, as they w1ll not mat down and stick together as m lymg on the ground. They are made entirely of two or three scantling ten or twelve feet long, as you prefer, and wuh two standards on each stde, about four and one-half feet long, and r3ves on top and bed p1eces of same at the bottom These will be hght and can be moved eas1ly about the field A bout four are needed to do good bus1 ness They should be about three feet e1ght mcbes between the taves to rece ve the lath To arrange for cartmg take a common farm cart or hght farm wagon, remove the body, then rnaktl a rack twelve or more feet l ong as you choose (Ou catts, the length of the neap must be the gmde) If not ca rmg to be mce and wtshmg to make 1t Withm your self JUSt get two s1de pieces or strmt:(ers say four by six or four by five, of the des1red length, bore say four holes w1th a two mcb auger through each of them, the deepest way equtdtstant apart bavJDg one near each end Next select four straight, strong round sticks, about two and one ha lf mches through and lour and one half feet long, shave the ends of these sticks so that they wtll dnve through the boles to the face leavmg the bed of rac k JUSt four feet five mches from outside to outs1de Pm OP wedge all together, and saw off the ends of the round st1cks even w1th the face of the rack Flatten the top side of these stJCks a httle, and you have a bed for your bottom boards, wh1ch you can put on If you w1sh Next, bore three stake holes on each s1de w1th a two mch auger, one m the mtddle and one at each end Bore the boles JUSt two and one half mehes from the fa e of the rack to tbe center of holes, make some standards or two bv three scantlmgs round the end with shoulder to fit holes, make them JUSt four feet h1gh above the bed of the rack and a shoulder three mches down on the top of standards on the ms1de, leavmg the outs1de half for tenon to fasten to the two by three rave by bolts Thts, If bmlt as d1rected, will be JUSt four feet f10m outs1de to outstde of raves to rece1ve the lath Put a stnp of board o n the outside of raves to a b out one and one fourth mches above, to keep the lath from JO!tmg end \VIse when cartmg to shed Braces should be bolt ed to the one leadmg from the foot of each end standard to top of middle one to keep the load from swaymg end\VJSe Put the braces ont s1de, to have them out of the way m loadmg On wagons, a brace can be ananged m the thEl mtddle between the wheels by usmg a sttck sav two by four and stx and one half feet long, fastened to the rack e dgew ise and on the nuder stde to be out of way o f feet m loadmg th e ends prOJectmg eqmd1stant on each side Lead a brace bolted from the end of to the top of standard or rave on each s1de If f urt her fastemngs are needed, rods of 3-8 uon can be made w1Lb eye m each end, to pm across Jrom one rave to the other, one at each end and one m the m1ddle The mtddle and hack rod can he mad e to swmg out of the way wh1le loadmg and unloadmg On carts bmces like the above can be used both forward and back of the wheels, the front one on the top of the rack and the back one on the under Side, out of the way Now for cuttmg Snpposmg that all suckers and worms are off f1 om plants, ready to cut, w1tb saw or hatchet (the saw IS best) and wttb the stalk of the plant to be cut m the left band, graspmg It about m1d way of the plant, lean 1t carefully crosswise the rows, toward the outer edge of the field Sever It close to the ground, lettmg 1t he where cut, bemg careful not to beak the leaves by doubling under Cut four rows wtth butts all one way, and then four w1th butts m exactly oppos1te d1recttoo Cut all m th1s manner, t hat eight rows may be taken up at a time If a new begmner, be careful not to get too much cut down, m hot days, at a time, as somet1rnes It Will sunburn m fifte e n mmut es It IS best, as a general tbmg to a\ otd havmg any cut and lymg m the field at m1dday, 1f hot There 1s no danger, as a gen era! thmg, after two o'clock P M, of burmng tobacco as the are less d1rect UQOn the plants When the tobacco IS suffiCiently wtlted to hand e w1t hMt breakmg take your bundle of lath and spear w1tb standard and racks close to the tobacco cut, and, puttmg a lath 111 the post m the m01 t1se and puttmg the spear on the other end then w1th a boy about twelve years old to band you the plants, w1th your back towards the post, standmg on the left s1de of your lath and spear, take the plant by the butt m the n ght hand, and the left about a foot fro m the butt on the stalk, place the plant stalk agamst the pomt of the spear, about four or five mches from the butt: g1ve a qmck Jerk, whJCb will pass the spear through the plant S lide It along to the post, and follow With another m like manner, puttmg about SIX large ones on a four foot lath 1f small ones, more m proportion If a plant sphts out at the butt, turn 1t and spear opposite the spilt. Put the plants about eqmd1stant on the lath, leanng room at the ends to hang on the JOIDts. Have one of your racks ready, and hang the lath thus fille r on at one end, on the raves Change the spear to another lath and proceed as before, till all the racks are filled The p::tst for holdmg the lath can be moved nearer as the to hacco 1s taken up and the racks can be moved where desn ed Wheu WJ1 ted so that a good lnrge load can be bung on the cat t or wagon wtthout place them, cornmencmg at the for\\ aid end of the rack wttb each end of the lath on the raves, and as close as you can w1thout breakmg and brmsmg t1ll full ; fasten your rods across as fast as full to keep the load from spread ng Dnve your load to butldmg, and 1f wJshtng to dnve busmess, another load can be spread and hung m the field, wbtle th1s 18 unloadmg You need about two by five JOISts to support the lath, placed about four feet from center to center, and a good w1de one and one half mch plank to walk upon aloft A small pair of blocks w1th rtggwgs anll. hugs to ratse from one to three laths full at a t1me, can be fixed to change from one pa1 t of the buildmg to another, to ra1se the plants from the load to the man hangmg Place the lath on tbe JOISts about eight mches apart, or so that they w1ll not touch when fully wilted down 500 square feet to one thousand plants 1s as near as can be estimated for tobacco, when hung, of good s1ze In case of dry cloudy weather, use all exertion to house all you can tha\ ts ready, as such days are valuable m cuttmg tobacco l<,1ll m the top o1 your bmldmg first, and work down Keep all worms and suckers off as long 88 the tobacco stands If, by acCident, you get any wet after cuttmg, spear 1t and hang It m tne field as It w1ll dry much sooner than ou the ground Never cut when wet, 1f you can avoid It, as you wtll carry water enough to your butldmg m the green to bacco to dry out Let al' the a1r m your bu!ldmgs m stll dry weather you can, when firot hung, but shut up m gales and hard storms, except, perhaps, giVIng a httle mr on the leeward s1de Never allow the leaves to wh1p 111 the wmd, as It will sp01l them If you have help at thts time that will not exerCise care 1t IS best to get rtd of them, as a little carelessnes w1ll destroy enough to pay a good band m their place All leaves broken off can be strung on twme and hung up on the s1des of the shed" ScARCITY OF WESTERN LEAF -The Paduca.h Kentuck tan of August 10, satd "The tobacco busmess 1s "ettJD" somewhat dull, most of last year's crop bemg of. There IS a little to be sold yet, but really not more than enough to make two good sales per week, though the ware houses have been selbog every day until Saturday They will probably adopt a plan of havmg two regular sales 1n each week, but at the same ttme w1ll sell tobacco whenever req nested to do so by the owners Narsery Rhyme, Smg a song of srnokm"', A pocket full of weed, 'Bacca sets me JOkmg M 1kes me blythe mdeed When my pouch 1s empty, Very low am I, And done, JUSt hke a blackbird ,..hat's baked m a p1e WHISTLING DowN THE Wnm -Fired w1th the success of whistles made of candy, a c1gar maker of the Bowery 1 s engaged m tre mventwn of a CJgar With a wb1stle m 1t wh1ch he Baj s w11l take the wmd out of all other weeds" yet manufactured SHIPMENTS OP' TOBACCO IN BoNn J'ROM: RICHMOND One milhon one hundred and seven thousand three hundred and Silt pounds of chewmg tobacco and fifty four pounds of smokmg tobacco were shipped m bond from the Rtchmond mternal revenue distnct donng the month of July How ToBAcco STANDS A s1ege of Breda was one of the most celebrated s1oges of the seventeenth century, and IS frequently mentiOned by the old Enahsh dramatists Spmola sat down before Breda on August 26 1624, and the town d1d not surrender unt1l July 1 1 tb' ;?llowmg,,Year Tbe besteged suffered mcred 1 ble Butter, says the h1stortan Herman Hugo, "was sold for stx fiorms a pound a calf of seventeen days old for forty e1ght, a hog for one hundred and fifteen and tobacco for one hundred fiorms the pound Tb1s was after they had consumed most of the horses A few days after the rator adds that as much tobacco as m other have had for ten florms was sold m Breda for twelve hundred It appears that tbts tobacco was used as "phys1c, 1t bemg tl:ie only remedy they had agamst scurvy" A VIRGINIA OFFICI>: HOLDER TO BE INDICTED FOR SMUGGLING IMPoRTED CIGARS -A case of constderable m terest to t!Je RaduJal party m Portsmouth, and mdeed m other parts of the State, says the R1chmond .DUJpatch d1sposed of by Umted States Commtsswner Pleasants' :OS: terday Jt was that of Wilham H Lyons and hts brother m law, Thomas P Jones wbo are charged on warrant wtth felon IOusly hav10g m the1r possesswn and selhng .4,800 worth of mgars which bad been smuggled mto the Umted States 10 vwlatwn of the general customs laws Lyon has been a br1ght and shm ng light m the Republtcan party 6f tbe mties of Norfolk and Portsmouth, and Las be< o qu1te successful m office seekmg At present he 1s master rn chm 1st m the Gos port Navy Yard and treasurer of the City of Portsmouth It was cla1med by the prosecutiOn th1t, as a master, ma clnmst, he bad access to the Spamsb steamer Ocean B!fd which went mto the Navy Yard dry docks for repall'S February, 186'7, and that he bought from the sailors the c1gars above, upon wbtch the Government tax bad not been pa1d It 1s also alleged tbat he gave the c 1 gars to some men employed m the yatd to sell, bnt as they fatled to do so, he afterwards gave them to P McDonough now the Republtcan Sbenff of Portsmouth, and was more successful Jones was charged With comphc 1 ty m the cnme After a full hearmg of ev1dence, the comm 1 s SJoner decided to send the part1es on to the grand Jury for mdctment They were afterwards admttted to hat! We may remat k, by the way, that th1s Is not the first time this case has been m court Lyons was at one ttme mdJCted by the grand JUry, but a noUe prosequz was entered by Gov Wells The people of Portsmouth then took up the case, havmg latd all tho facts before Secretary B o 1 1 twell that offiCial was pleased to order that the case be reopened Hence the proceedmgs yesterday There are several other senous ngatnst Lyons-one of whtcb IS that of fel omously removmg machinery from the Navy Ya1 d This will be mvesttgated by theN avy Department CONNECTICUT TOBACCO WAREHOUSE PUBLIC SALE. The stock m thts warehouse Will be sold at pubhc auctwn to the highest btdder, subJect to owners' acceptance or re Jection, Jrom stttp ped samples dmwn and guaranteed by Messrs F C Lmde & Co, mspectors, of New York, for cash, commenmng on Tuesday Sept 5 113'11 at la9 and 161 Commerce str eet, Hartford, Conn, at 10 o'clock, AM Each owner's crop wtll be sold separately Samples can ba exammed on and after the first of Septembe 1 Tb 1 s sa!6 offers to buyets the only chance to obtam thetr supplies from first hands Much of the stock IS the finest crop grown Ill the State Catalogues ready SPptember lst 333 Bt D M SEYMOUR, Auctmneer THE SUBSCRIBERS ARE PREPARED TO OFFER TO THE Tradp at the lowest Market p rice lib 1 ticut PeDnsylv&nla and Oht> Tobacco terms 800 e&I!E'I Connec lot of Li ght Colortd Wrppero uitablo !or a large 310 1t ROSSIN & DESSAUER. 11a Water"' N. r CUTTINGS FOR EXPORT, IN 833 884 OSCAR HAMMERSTBJN 141 Water St New York THE GROWING CRoP IN TENNESSEE -The Clarksnlle (Tenn ) Tobacco Leaf says "We were not far wrong m suggestmg to on- readers m the begmmn g of the year, that this was the season to plant a large crop, and that extra at tentiOn to plant beds was all Important to a full plantmg Almost mvanably full crops and low prices beget a general dtspostwn to curtail plantmg, and m the present mstance, our planters were more than usually encouraged to pursue this course U nrehable labor dernandmg full wages and the crop on hand scarcely reahzmg enough to pay for 1ts pro ductwn, was truly enough to d1scourage planting largely Therefore we antiCipated a general neglect of plants and an J,Ddlsposition to employ a full force of labor In th1s we were not rntstaken, almost without an exception our farmers Jayed off a small portton of land for tobacco, and the many fa1lures m plants rendered It Impossible to plant more than three fourths of that mtended and m many places, espemal ly m th1s dtstnct, the crops have suffered greatly from the drouth W1th the best results that could be anticipated now, there will not be much over a half crop of tobacco made tbts Y"ar We belt eve, however, that w1th good man agement and the seasons from thts on favormg our farmers wtll reahze more money for 1t than for the last crop It turns out that the crop of 1870 IS not near so good as at first antiCipated Large m hulk, but light m we1gbt and m ferwr quality which reveals a scarmty of fine gr"des ani! a cons e quent demand for better q ualttles, and smce It 1s as certamed that the present crop w11l be short, tobacco con tmues to advance W1th good mahagement, extra attentiOn m curmg and bandltng, and good season from tbts on, the c rop of the Clarksvtlle dtstnct w1ll m quality exceed any crop ever ratsed We expect to see upon our breaks next season an unusual quantity .of three grades extra fine to bacco dark and bnght wrapper and shtppmg leaf That whtch IS grown on st10ng land and been favored wtth plenty of ram, promtses an extra quahty of shtppmg leaf Early plantmg on medmm or thin land and thorouahly matured will 1f properly fit ed, make a fine quality of wrapper: fine fibre, gummy and elastic Tobacco that has suffer e d from the drouth, and not yet grown suffimently to cover the h1ll, shou l d It recetve plenty of ram dnrmg th1s month and the first of Septern ber w1ll take tbe s'econd growth, and while It will not b e large or have tme to npen well, 1f pro perly managed will make a beauttful black wrapper, such as wtll command a h1gh prtce We would agam urge our planters to prepar'l tuht barns and fines for curmg their to ba.cco The savmg m fuel and labor will amply pay for the outlay, say nothmg of the r1sk of burnmg, and from $6 00 to *12.00 more on the hundred It IS hardly necessary to make an argument ou th1s pomt, our planters have enough of facts actual expenments, before them, to convmce their Judgment that such results can be attamed Mr W H Rudolph s crop, ra1sed last year and sold when tobacco was about Its I t d th k 8 FOR SALE -A Commodwus Second b d s Sa owes pnce, average on e mar et opl 00 per on very reasonable ter,;, .. t TaE TOBACCO 8lte hundred Mr Rudolph has the same kmd of l a nd and raises A D CHOCKLEY Rlcbmond Va J H ANDERSON New York. A. D. CHOCKLEY 4 CO., (AND LEAF TOBACCO I _fo t68 fEARL fTREET, YORIC Alwa.yf!l on band a fniJ M:aortment or Vmann d pero and portlcul rly Briqlll and Jt./f1 Wrap tbe manufacturing trade A eo Export Leal 11tl ulted to Liberal advlinces made on co.usignments to 0b a grade!! In England lruough our ouoe or to our A D CBOCKTEY Va J H ANDJI:RSON, Nc,.._York. CHOCKLEY & ANDERSON I COMMISSION MERCHANTS. RIO::S:::MON .D 'V' A of Leaf 1'obaceo Grain a d tb on wblcb liberal calo adT&nceo wlh be 0 er Produce oobctt.u Will execute orders for the pnrchae ol Lear T ....... mond Jlarl:et tor the nnal commlosloo D 1 '"'"""' In Rlela w111 8nd It to their Interest to l(lve no orde,.. Mbcanafactareno direct. or thron!(h A 0 Caooi

New York Commission The Virginia Tobacco Agency EsTABLISHED L.'f 1 836, BY CHARLES M. CoNNOLLY. ., T H E T 0 B .A C C 0 Tj ri A F '!. KlTTREDGR. E C. WHBBLOCK WI. P. KITTREDGE i CO., -----TOBACCO VIRGINIA Tobacco Comzssion Mercharits CONNOLLY &. CD., Commission Merchants, "\'fl. PATC Aec- .1! .,.. AGENTS FOE ALL THE ALEXANDER MAITLAND. L. MAITLA.zv: L. F. s. MACLBHOSE. wr n 4 41 BROAD ST. ; jlo 43 )3ROAD pT., NEW YOBK. Reasonable Advan c es madel on Shipments f NEW YORK \\'. U, HRtOrters of SPANISH, and Dealers In all kinds of LEAF TOBACCO, Front Street, N:EW YOBI. L. PASCUAL, WPORTERO. HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO 117 Maiden Lane, New York. CARL UPMANN, TOBAOOO an.d GESERAL Commission Merchant, TOBACCO AND COTTON FACTORS, 00., p, o l!ox, 2969 New York Oity._ roBA,.co LABELS. AND n .J!Iwr.R.ox-r E.M.CRAwroRn&co., v 7 GENERAL COMMLSSION l I TOBACCO For Smoking Tobacco, ... o I f db Co., Lithographers, D Jt> U I6s WATER STREET, """ 32 & 34 Vesey Street, New Y01k. NEW YOKK, .A.'r ::E"FI..::Z::OES. Act J. RAY":.IIER J. CPOHILJ':,PHILKn. forE:rportaild ALEX. FRIES & BROTHERS, !!fanufac l nrers or IIAVAN A CIGAR FLAVOR, 26 WEST BROADWAY, NEW YORK. 48 and 50 East Second Street, Cincinnati. AND SOLE PROPRIE'l.'ORS OF ABOVE OELEBRATED BRAND. VJ1 161 lUA.IDEN LANE, NEW YORK, C. LIND.E. o. F LlND& Cl C. HA.}l_LLroN. B. ILA.RCOSO. :R. A8llC.KUFT. NEW YORK Seed-Leaf Tobacco Inspection. Tobacco Inspected or Sampled. Certificates given for enry case, and deliveNd case by case, as to n u mber of Certifi cate. N.B. -lVe also sample in M e rchants' o w n Stores. ( .. F. C. LINDE &. CO., J'RTNCIPAT. Ot'FJCE--1 4Z Water Street, .lllEHous::-t42 \Vater1173 Front, 7-l, 76 and 78 Greenwich Screoftto an 1, z, 7 and 8 Hudlooo Rl..-er Ral Road Depot, St .T<>bo' PIU"II;, FA. db CO., TOB!DCCD FACTORI, COMMISSION Nos. 70 and 72 Broad Street, -CUTHRIE & CO., 2211 FRONT STREET, CODISSION' MERCHANTS, A.>ID 'l'OBAOCO PRIISIZillB, L ear Tobacco in bales f o r the West Indies lfe.xlcan and Central American Ports, and other TOBACCO PACKED IN HOGSHEADS. tHOMAS "FOB.:&:. CHAS, B. FALLEN STEIN & SONS, TOBACCO AND CENERAL Commission Merchants, 129 PEARL STREET, N.Y. A. STEIN & CO., Commission Merchants, AND DEAL"BBB lN ALL DESCBIPTIONI OP Kentucky an4 Ttrpnla C.,EA F TOBACCO, .._ 11 WilUam SWeet, A. sutN, t w .. R. WASSEBH.A.N. NEW YOR. Cigar m!Ulufa.cturers partieulnrly favored. SAWYER, WALLACE & CO., E. SPINGARN & CO., D"IAL:ERS IN GoiiUidsstoa HAVANA & DOMESTIC TOBACCO. No. 4 7 Broad No.6 BURLINC SLIP, NEAR WATER-STREET, I. ll'INGAB!f. .u..BX. IIAUCBHAUS. S.A.ll. ll. L. W. GUlf'l'mm, F. Wm. TATAENUORS'r, A. HAVANA CIG.!RS Tobacco & General Commission I MERCHANTS, 96 Beekman St., No. 110 PEARL sTREET, 'ear l'illd, NEW 'tOR Cor. Bmover Square, YORK, MANUF-.oTuFUIF\:WoF .., FINE CUT CHEWING TOBACCO, F X XV' E s E G-.A. H. s MANUFACTURERs oF .THE Ottinger & Brother, AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, KENTUCKY Particular attention to Special Brands for Groeers&Jobben. CELEBRATED RAILROAD 'MJLLS 29 L#JJety Street, and 64 Maiden Lane, New Yml;:. L c@. f( Q '& m Q Q @, s N u F F 119 PEARL '\\ J\\\.LMAN cf CO:r.utiSSION MERCHANTS I MANUFAOTURED TOBAOCO, AND R. S. -, Importer of Deaiers -i.Jl the following Brands of _HAVANA TOBACCO, Pure VIRCINIA SMOKINC YOBACCO: 203 PEARL STREET, BLACK TOM, RAILROAD MILLS, Near Maiden Lane, NEW" YORK. PRIDE OF HENRY CO. OUR CHOICE. WILLIAM M. PRICE&. CO., 108 FRONT ST., NEW YORK. ALSO, LEAF T -OBACCO, We have always on hand a. large Assortment, for sale on Liberal Terms. IN CIGARS AND PLUG TOBACCO. 119 Maiden HERMANN BATJER & BRO., -AND IMPORTERS OF CLAY PIPES, 61 WATER-STREET. NEW-YORKr E. ROSENWALD & BRO., I I OTTO M .AIER, I 29 BEAVEB. BTB.EET, lST E Y" <> E'l. :H:. IMPORTER OF HAVANA OIOARS_ w M PRrCJ:, l NI:W YOBK. F. A. J.t.YNB. f JOS. M:A YER & SON-. :1.22 W ATEB STREET, New York. Importers of Spanish, soLE AGENT oF AXD J. H. -DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO. "BOUQUET DE TOBACOS," ,, JOCKEY CLUB," COMMISSION M ERCH.ANT PA: KERS QF (Noar co ... } litantly o1t. Jta11.a. II PillL. SHERIDAN." 1 45 W a ter Street, N. Y. DIPORTER AlZ4LEB ... Scotch, German, and Dutela' ., .I.BS. "' SEGAR WRAPPER BoOking Machines.1 .. No. 19lPEARL STREET, New York. STRAITON &. STORM'S PATENT. I STRAITON GEORGE STOR. ----------HANUl'A.CTURERB OF m, lJ9 and 161 GOERCK ST.KE.ET, NEWYORK. -Best Material and Superior Make by Self-invented anw pr..torteil MMbinerv 191 FOB. SALE AT Pear1 Street, NEW YORK. ROBERT E. KEIJ. y a: CO.. -siiiOHN &. REmiii'sfitr HAVANA LEAP. DOMESTIC Jr..JrD POa."R.U \lr FOREIGN TOBACCll, fl 178 .PRONT ST., :N.Y. lOBUli A. 6 Bllll --Havana Tobacco OIO.A..BB. .., :w YORK, I. HAMBURGER & CO., DBALBBI IN LEAF TOBACCO


l .. T IIE TOBACCO LEAF. 5 i:a V 'U!Y .B.::Sl' IIAV A TOBA.CCO Chas. T. Sevmour IMPORTER or IIA.YJ.NA And Dealer in WM. AGNEW & SONS, Tobacco and Commission Merohaiita, and 280 Front Streefi NEW YOBK. B:A Vll: ON SALZ ALL DE!CRI:P'J'IOlfll a. Being located at tbe GREAT LEAF MARKETforCUT'i'ING ToBACCO our facilities for supplying the l'R.ADE with ALL GRADES OF CuT and SMOKING are unsurpa ssed. FIRST-CLASS fiRE On the. Participation Plao Fire Insura:J;lce 9 p-rq.pany1 37 WALl. 'STREET, '1_, 1811. r-: $751,628.79 I CAPITAL, $200,000.00 lllMr 2150 pn-cent. 011th.e cqplt_al, und t6 "'1'a> 1rilh ot/la n rl')'aple s Lu.aox, Havana Cigars, Leaf Tobacco, Solicit Conolgnmentl to Lond on, L iverpool. Melbourne, and Sydney, of Maoufactured Tobacco suit AND FOREIGN LIQUORS, otToMooo No. 85 MAIDEN LANE, .-1111ted In EDi;land r.!td the CplonleL NliiW I''QlU[. Genuine Pipes, Cigaf Holaers, Amber A n d all Choice .Arti cles in t h e Smoke rs li ne at Whol e sa le an d Retail. ---.... Wholesale and Ret-ail Factory and Wareroom, 4 and 6 John Street,... Store, 71 Nassau, corner John Street. line of Trade in the UnitedStates and 1 Leaf Tobacco, ; Oanada K>r parties who may prefer a SPANISH WINES AND CIGARS. L@l!f '11.._--. ....... A... ,Leaf Tobneeo for Expor_ t and Homo Usa. i!O' --""'""" [Estab li shed 1853.] 18ft-Peat"l:-Stt"eet Lea r Tobaoco baled in 11ny package b7 bydno ---...-.... NE'W YORK.. cheap and effective mode of adver No. 160 Water, New. York. tising. _, ..., -:-& H:UNNEKE N, Manufacturers of D 0 M E s T .. C I And lmporfers of JUST PUBLISHED. List of Jewelers &c., in.the U. S $ ts':oo > List of Paper Millg Pttblish e rs Printers &c, in U. S Price, H A V R S' M. & co., LEAF TOBACCO, 178 Greenwich' York. IN SEEDLEAF AND HAVANA G vowER. G. nUNNEKEN. T o b a c c o, FELIX MIRANDA IN PRESS. Lis t of M;achinists Iron Founders in U S., Price, i20.00 Li st of Hardware Dealers, Plum hers, & IMPORTER OF Gas Fitters, in U.S. Price $ 1 5 .0 0 HA' VAN List of P1 iuters and Publ i shers i n New A LEAF TQBAC'CQ 177 PEARL STREET, NEW lUL NewYork: cpreBB for expo rt. Ceq f!!J"9 _, OF 1'0]' SEGAR BOXES, Ptli'Dlshed In quantities to suit, by B.O::E:D.IE.A..N d:t :13:EPEIUH.N, 216 LEWIS STREET, N. Y. So.,...Ul ..,.rl Cedar Depot, <168 to 478 Eat 20th. anrl <17U o il76 Eitt :Uth Sta .. York City; Pric e $1.00 AND oF' T 1 J M SEGARS,H.IC"BmcA,' ) A. BENRIMO:DBDIO. SCHMITT & STEINECKE, Arthurs urphy & Co., M' i Importeno of and Th!alenln I l.91j; stx:,eet. ddiO"' ,.,.t' L --JULIAN ALLEN Beedi-..ieaf a11d Jiavana 111 N--ASSAU ST.,llt'ew Ymk. .. ., _., ea:f Tobacco, TOJ3ACOO., Wboleoale Onl.r, Real MeerschaUm. Pipe LONDON STRAIGHT .AND BEND, CARVED, PLAIN, AND. FANCY CIGA.R HOLUERS, made to order by sp e cial c ontract, and at pric e s than they can be imported at. I W... I always on hand a very large stock of all p atterns I also make to order MONOGRAMS, CRESTS, PORTRAITS, ETC. I -REPAIRWG, BOILING MOUNTING a ttend e d t.o. Goods sent to all parts of tbe country. Circulars sen"t by e n c losing s ta!Bip. .N. B.-I am the Sole Manufacturer o f GENUTh"'E MEERSCH.A.UM .AND .AliBE& GOODS to th e T ra d e i n the Unite d Sta te s Manufa c tur e r of Lorill ard' s cel ebrate d Yacht C lub Pipes, given away with his YACHT GLDll SMOKING TOBACCO. B'e RMmD& H. WUJIACTURBB o:r mroanna o:r E. & G. FRIEND & co., LEAF TOBACCO, DJIALJmSIN l24 WATEB-STBEET, NEW-YORK, 16/J Water Street, 172 wATER STREET, N. Y. No. I 9 Dey Street, Branch Store, 8 Sb:tb Street, Plttsbooqjl. h N B d -,m '1.. LEAF TOBACCO, 162 Pearl St., 11ear Wall st., ftEW S. Leaf ... NEW IYORK. ALLEN. ear roa way, m I L. "BRO., Ha.;ana \and 129 MAIDEN LANE, IIROCX. Jl. Blltllm8. LEAF TOBACCO, M. 147 WATER STREET, ,. ::::.::A.:...... m r B d f c NEw YORK. "".L";oa.wa..::a. 1nest ran s o 1gars, M. W. MENDEL & BRO. Alt'D D:Z:A.LBB IN DOMESTIC Leaf Tobacco New York. 16fJ Water Street, NEW YORK. YO'nK. A. H. CARDOZO & CO., Tobacco & Cotton Factors, General Commission Merchants, No. 123 Pearl Street. New York ... H. c.6JWOSO, JIUID, DBOtn' COMPANY, No: 254: BROADWAY, NE:W YORK In every respect a First-Class Institution. ASSETS, $2,800,000. AWProflts Divided Annually amongst the Assured. OF::&'"ZOEH.S 1 WALTERS. GRIFFITH, President J. JL FROTINGILUI, Treasurer. GEORGE C. RIPLEY, Secretary. WILLIAM I. COFFIN,Actuary. .COO. O CERMAN ACEN_TS G. REISMANN & CO .. Whol e!:!ale ln Havana and Domestic Qe.ommt.uion B E Gr .A. JR. S' L E AFE< 0 B KlNA n .Co C 0 Also e.ll Kinds of Leaf Tobaooo, No. SG MAIDEN LANE, 179 PEARL STREET, .1JihDHn PtlN ond 08<14r lr..U, L OERSBU. l VJQ;Ia"" 8, G)USHEL. f L'e t,t;' ll eus'l'.lY DIUUli,.,l NEW BJtBJI,UI' KOENIG, f .LltAIJ L. HIRSCHORN & CO. SIMON AUERBACH, Lea' JkiAr A:ND !""-' WATER I!TRRET, = r -, I!BW,YOrtli 138 Water -Nt;w


,. THE TODACCO .PliiLAD!LPHIA ADVBB.TI:tEDNTS. A. VAN SCRA_ICK,. JIALTT110B.E ATIVEJITISP.lWE1rT8 f!T'VflTWlU.TT. RT. LOU'f!l .AID Wli:ITl!!Rlf ADVERTISEDliTS, A. BOY. D, & co:--1, RICHARDl!ALLAY. JAl!ESliALLAY. rJ,!!AltTFOB.D ADVIlllTISBMBli'H B. Dealer in Connecticut & Havana 1 .. -1 Henry Besuden & Bro., 1 MAWFACTURED CIGARs, &c., 1 & BRO CASSIUS WELLES. L. B. liAA.8, C. WELLES lr. CO., Jl&.ll .... IR" DULEIIS lDif Leaf Tobacco AG:EliT FOB. LOB.TIJ.AB.D'B SlJUIT AND TOBACCO, 33 SOOTH S'l'B.EET, LEAF TOBACCO, Baltimore, Md. WM.A. BOYD. LEAF TOBACCO, CONN. SEED LEAF TC:B.&OOC>. 17 1r. 19 North Water St., Philadelphia. SIDith B:roa. a Knecht, nun 11( ..u.L KnQM OJ' TOBACCO, Aad .Jtla-tacturer o/au Dealer 4n C4qar, e 225 RACE STREET, .PHILADELPHIA. WM. A. BOYD, Jq .. THOS. W. CROUIIR. Jl. WILKENS, a CO., Monumental City Tobaooo Work-. lo.)lt WEST PRATT STREET, BALTI.ORI, D,. -r.,., w...u ., Smoking aDd ChowlDS "'robacootl, M. FALK & GO., 143 WATER STREET NEW YORK. 8lited States Bonded First Collection District, Pennsylvania. w 'aARKER a -CH ANo'L'EE':n. weeBWABB. BBei'BBB 6 ce.. cMiGn:A.""iiras m ],. d G 1 Co 'o verchants AndJobbenln ,. TOBACCO FACfORS ..1. an en era IDIDISSI n -.w. Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco, lfo. 33 Worth Water Street, and lfo. 32 lforth Delaware Avenue No. South Calvert Street, Ana Commission Merchant, BALTIMORE, MD. 78 s h Ch I s B I' Md "JLA.WOOOW.ARD, } PHILADELPHIA PA Mann!'actnrersot .the'GoldMedal'and'LordByron' out ares t., atlmore, I n-=j-.oi.i1Ii. WiOiuiD Clg&nl. Spec1al Brondo mannfactlll'lld to order. ---=======:-:--===--=-==---....:.:..:..:.-(B........... .. TELLER .BROS., GUSTAv GUTH, 8. MARKS, RALPH &. CO., ., lllaDu!acturen and Wholeoale Dealen in TOBACCO, SNUFF, CIGARS, a.nd SMOXEBS' ARTICLES, "RALPH'S" SCOTCH SNUFF 115 Arch Street, ... ltda_al Manufacturers Smoking C X Q. .-A. R. S Aacl Lu.,Tobacco, Ro. &a German Street, 8ALTIMORK, liD ....,._,.&tUclsa -.w.tJ:r"" ...... F. W. FELGNER, F. L. BBAUNS &. CO., lele ..... 8-.. F. H. BISCHOFF, Deutscher 37 South Cay Street, BALTIMORE AID., TOBACCO 00 oTHEa cHotcE aRuDII, Commission Merchants. J0 811 80UXH CH..nlLJUl 82'., 8ALTIMORK. B F. PARLETT & CO., WJIOLUJ.Lll DIULJ, BROKERS, LEAF TOBACco. 228 State St., Hartford, Conn. .No. 4 ooLLEa'E !o. 76 Main Street, Cincinnati, 0, L. & F. SISSON, Packer and Dealer In Ohi o .... '\r" WI !l:.ttm!Allrlr I'J dealer in F. Connecticut Seed Leaf Havana and-Seed Leaf Tobacccs, Vv'HOLESALE DEALER TOBACCO, In 'all kinds of Also Imp..>rt e r and Manuf act urer of CIGARS,. No. :1.7 STII.EET, Cincinnati, 0. HENRY MEYER!. COMMISSION MERCHANT, "And Wholeealc Dealer in Leaf Tcbacco, Cigars & Snuff, L L .NO, SZ WEST FRONT S'.I'REET0 Cinr.i"''Hlt i O hi" H, WRieB'l'. s. F CRE!GHTON. WRIGHT & CRElGHTON, Dealers in OHIO & CONNECTICUT VIRCINIA AND KENTUCKY LEAF TOBACCOS, LEAF TOBACCO, f.Wh No. 63 West Frunt Street. 134 Main Street, HARTFORD, CONN. 128-188. JOSEPH S. WOODRUFF, DlCAL!liB tN Connecticut Sud-uaf TOBACCO, 52 & 54 ANN STREET, lURTFORD, CONN .-, Cincinnati, o. 18 Front St., ---------. WOODWORTH 4 STRONq, J.P. GLORK W H. GLORE. C O Grmm. J, A. P, GLORE .t BROS., L lntern'l RevenueBondedWarehous e M:d. & Ohio Leaf: cuT 'L F T 0 B A C C 0 OF .,;:. U Sou&k Claarle. St.. : 0 TOBACCO--WAREHOUSE LEAF' TlOiBACOO, POWER & CLAYTON, No.21'7Statest.., Nos. 216, 218 and 220 STREET, HARTFORD, CT. ...... ., .. ..,..., M. E. McDOWELL CO., SEGAJUI, BECK .. Covington, Ky. L.W. GUNTHER, R. o. I Kortb Water Street. T <> b a. 0 0 0, ANn lmporlen and Gmml Commiuten lerehu&a, A. CHAPMAN, CENERAL Commission M.erchant, 15, 17 and 19 West 7th Street, OOYINGTON, KY. .... 1'1111.\DKLPBIA :a. General Commiesion Merchants, .And TODA.CCO II' LCTO..l, No. 90 Lombard St., ( On8 door 'cest qf E:Jxh'l.nge ptau), ta DEALER IN Connecticut Seed leaf J"CUN MOOR&. S. & J. MOORE, rOBACC\l Merchants, ', 107 North Water-street, ts-lU PHILADELP" > I ANA'I'IIAN & tO., WHOLESALll: DEALEP.S LEAF TOBACCO, ANO SEGAB.s .. NORTH THIRD ST. ., PHILADE.LP:f-IIA, PA. J. COSTAS, IMPORTER OF HAVANA and YARA TOBACCO, "184 S. bELA. WARE A. VENUE, Philadelphia. No. 39 North Water St., Philadelphia. L. HERBERT, Dealer ln No. 60 SOUTH GAY STREET I (IIO.I'f1.) BALTIMORE, MD, BAL 'l'IM-QRE, Md. advancement! made OQ Consignments .tOld. SCBBOliDBR. A NICOLM181D!t GEO. KBBCJWOPF. GEO, P, UNVXRZAGT, LEAF TOBACCO --oSEPH SCHROEDER & \:()-' G. KERCKHOFF & co., (Jommieelon and wiloleeaic Wholesale Dealers In So-uthea&t CornerofFollrth and.Bau, Detroit Novelty Worksi DETROIT. HIOU. TOBACCO KNIVES EAST HARTFORD; CONNECTICUT. ..iJ G. W. GRAVES,., PHILADELPHIA. :Leaf and Manufactureu CONN sno l[Af TODA"CO "THE VERY BEST." 1,obacco ;1od 1 [L [ o lJ FiD.e Connecticut seed-Leaf No. 81 Exchange Place, 49 South Charles Street, Kound City Tobacco WorD. T 0 B....,A C C 0 t BALTIMORE, MD. Wm Eise!!lohr & Co :a.A.x..orxl.\IX<>n .. r3f! 0 AT LIN ., LOUis GIESKE & RICARDS, LEFTWICH & co.. ru:v. ... SEED, Ql:ommbt,siou Fine-Cut, Smoldq AND YAKA J.lro DIOJ.UlUI nr "' "' "' Tobacco, Kilhckm10k, &c., F TOB.A.CCO,. L f T b llo. 701 Second sneec.,. I I 7 South Water Street, ea 0 BCCO, 83 EXCHANGE PLACE, n1 8T. LOVIS, o. W. :Kisnclobt. PHIL.lDELPHIJ., 42 South Charles Street, o Baltimore. S .W.Ciark. Pbll.Dooa, BALTIMORE. Fuo'JtWn.nn. l'uD'Jtltl.aL WALL & BELVIN H. SCHMIDT, I M. H. CLARK & BRO., WILXENS &. KLIER, Commisskm Merchants J"'Jt THE SALE 011' LEAF :DonAcco MANUFAcTuRED ANo LEAF ToBAcco OOMMISSION llEROHANTS, WUOLl!SAL11 DEALERS IN Danbury, Connecticut. Leaf Tobacco & Cigars, Smoking-& Tobacco, ____ ___.:... ________________ and All Kinds or Smokers' Articles, 123 .Marii:et bet. 2d and 3d St!'"!''tS, ST. L0-'18, MO. SMITH & THOMAS, Manuf acturers of nil kinds of H. SMITH & CO., Commission Merchants and Jobbers .. CONNECTICUT LEAF TOBACOO 20 Hampden Street, SPRINGFIELD. KASS. TOBACCO BROKERS, --..;._..;._________ f>.leo full lines of nnd SmoldnK No. 69 South Charles St., near Prntt 'fU.l','lrltl!.IORE. MD. No. North Second St., St. Louis. Mo. Manufacturen' Agenlll for the sale of Vlra;lnla, Mlssou.rl, and Kentucky A.. H. THEOBALD, IU.NDrACTD&U OP .iLL DNDS '"' BEG-.A.JIS.8 .. DDDUI&a.Jif BPANIS:Ei AND DOMESTIC tear Tobacco" Tobaccn, Snntr, a:nd Brier Pipe!' W. cor. Third e.nd Poplar sts., Philo.dclphi" :PHILADEL.-HIA INSPEO'riON$.EED LEA.FTOBACCO. 1:. W. DICKERSON, INSPECrOR FOR TRE lBBACCO TRADE OF PHILADELPHIA OFFICE AT No. o8l Soutl& second Stree4 OLABKSVILLI:. TENN. PHILADELPHIA. LEWIS BREMEEt'S SONS, Wholesale Dealcn; in "LEAF" J.ND MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, No. 822 North 'I.1drd Street, PB:ILAD!lLPB:IA. A large assortment of all kinds of Leaf Tobacco con s t.antly on hand. J D. HASiiiGEN & CO., Mann!'actnren of SmoT>ing and F ine Cut CT..ewing l'lOUTHER N AT1VEl!TI8EIIEITS, C. A. JACKSON & Co., Mannfacturers of every description of Bright and PLUG TOBACCOS, Corner H1gh and .Lafayette Sts., PETE:E't.&:BU:E't.G- 'V".a. HI G :fr I, ANDER," "liED ROVER," "DICK TATER," S:rnoklnlr Tobacco. ,J. W. CARROLL, Sole Manufactur e r of the FQmo us and World renoV,'tled Brands of Virginia Smoking Tobac cos, LONE JACK and BROWN DICK, AND 0 BA e e 0 1) S;fAJfLl)DQ : &liBBBJGB: 16 TOBACCO WORKS. AlioDealersin 102 MAIN STREET, E. C. MURR.AYt Horn, M111Tq ,&: bo. [AF I .ill.U. TOBACCO & C/CARS, 9 & II River lt. MURRAY & MASON, IUNUJF.ACTUBEB8 il'D DI'.U..US !X" .A..LI. XlliD6 Oi. (Between 3d and 4th,) Chewing and: Smoking': Tobacco, G:o:o. w wrCXll ; t Louisville, Ky < 8. ROW 1 CZ, __ 174-& 176 Water St. ru. _N_. F_us_:u_ __ r --------;Whol.ale DerJer 1n ALBERTBEEB&. Five Brothers Tobacco Works. Fl'UJ: -H4. "W AmlA, Empire Work.s.-Jomr Fmzzn. YARA & SEED !LEAF CO., Ito, 10'7 Nohb Water Street, PHILADELPHIA, TOBACCO, No. 27 CAMDEN STREET, Baltimore, !'heoe eotabllehed Tobaccoe eo well and favorablr lnDwn, aro put up ln.!4',X, and I lb. boleo or poncheo, ud in bulk thus sn:ting the retailer and jobber. Manufa ctured only at the st8&m WOtkB L. I. TOBACCO & CIGARS, PLUG TO B A C C 0, Virginia, Eentucky, ancl :Missouri 117'Soa.thWatwSt., CHICAOO,ILL, And Dealers in Leac, l'IIanota.,tory, 12th StreeC. LYNCHBURG, V .A M.EHL & RATTAY, ...... IOU D.L&.ROBOUL .a.JO&IIITOII. A:l>. Lynchhn"'<. Va. L. L. ARMISTEAD. Clnlen reopeet!nlly oolld te1 and promptly attended tG, Manufactnreno of all kinds o! SMOKING TOBACCO 11:. W. DuUaAl!T. G. DOXBIIJ.K'!, E. W. DUB:EHART &. SON, CELEBRATED Dow; ANDBlCW J. D'!wJ> G, W. LANGHORNE & CO. .A.ndrew Dowd & Son, ll.Ol.OTTAWA ST., TO.LEDO, (i, Snuff Jlanolactorers, No. 29 8. Calvert St., BALTIMORE, MD. "YIRGINIA UAF TOBACCO," TOBACCO EXCHANGE, Richmond, Va. -----NBERG ..-. CLEMT. R. BARKSDALE, 8. B. LICHTE J I PLAl\TTER FormerlyBmsnm&READ, u.s. Tobacco -works. XobaccoSalell T:nbacco Broker. Mann:acturer of _... l..l Orders faithfully execut e d for Buying and 'lllne. Cut VA. II ReferencesReub in Pct('rsbu r g, Va.; Ja!-. E J'QH:N' FUNK &: CO. Venable & Co., do.: Chicveo & O s borne, do.; C E. ..... b --Huut & Co., New York; .A.D.Chocklcy & Co .. do.; -..... 0 &,._,._,_, .._:.:s1._0.... b DB__....._ II Ml\i. W. T. Sutherlin, Dao vllle ; Ron. E. M. l.lruce, ..._.. a.-... Lou i aviTic: Zinzer Broo., do.; Clayborn & Hunt, do. DD:'l'BOIT, llltioh. --. --Ettabllobed b7 Robert A.II&JO, 1888. P. H. MAYO & BROTHER, Propt1et11rs and Mannfactnren1 of Robt. A. lllayo'o CELEBRATED U.S. NAVY Tobacco, and all ot.hez ltyleo ,, black and bright Ohewing Tobacco. N 2422 24fU CARY STREET Richmond, Va. .And Dealer in all :1-.inde of Chewing, Smoking & Leaf Tobacco. Agent for H. Wl.l...KENS & Co's Celebrated Smoking Tobac cos. 231 Fifth Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. Dealers in LEAF aud Manufactureno or PLUG TOBACCO, PETEBSBURG, VA., !!ol!ell at the raetor:r for Extra Fine Navy Ponndo, Half Pounds, Black and BrlghtQIUilten Lolli lO's, and every variety ofFiratCiass Work. gnannteed l.a every Particular. J .. a. TYREE. .. KIMBALL a .. Ferd. Westhoff, Jr., 1:01111111101 MEICHAIT, p FORWARDINC .r...-hwv., eer ess ancy am AND 11ft -.... ,:'-....,.. .. ... .... ... TOBACCOS. Glommlsslon llerellant, U..t.. 'rOJU.OOOt PLAIN TOBACCO a speclall:r. Bocheater, li. Y. BREMEN. Germany D.A.NIKI... !:l. BROWN. JT.._S. S & O W'N, JR. IWWD. 8 Q OUUTOW, D. S. BROWN It CO., .. DlPOBftBS .&.liD WSOU:S.LLE DE .. U.E.RS Leaf and Manufactured TOBACCOt IIA VAN!. l'RINOIPE. AND DOMESTIC OIG!.Q. Meenertaum. lllld Brt&r Plpe1, and Smoltera' Al11cltl G enerally, Bxclu.slv ely Wboteaale. 31 end 3 l Broad-street. Doaton. c. 0. HOLYOKE, COMMISSION MERCHANT In LEAF a.Dtd MANUF AOTURED TOBACCO, U Central Wharf, Boston.


., THE TOBACCO L Fl A F. 7 ''C LOUISVILLE LEAF TOBACCO DEALERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. 1 J eat D BPALDTNG J Cutttlor ADd maonaflclarmg leaf R. J. USHER II PIU.OOFJ'.. .. .. and ':'.",.':,C::,:;,!!' leat WOLPOI K & GJi .j!(." ."" ::."."."."."."." manafacturlng leaf JAB. CLARK leaf JOHN SMIUT I!CJ:!WABTZ II CO Catting aad leaf ()WEN )loi:IBlDB. .. .. rtoWo-:....muolon merchant p t!CBANZSNBACBim ............... Catlin!( and llA VIO BBLL .. .. ... .. .. ...,.. I I f Ji. B NASII I..ttohacC9 commloolon lU.THB'III'S & MoPUli!BSON .. Dark balta.t, 60f :!r LOIJIB FRANCS:B ".' .".' .'.'.'.'.'.' .'.'.".'.Leat tobacco commoolon mectant PIN LEY & BARIIOUR .. .Cattiag, leiif W.lf. G JlEIJ:Jt & co .. ... .... I..ftobacco commj .. lo:1mercbanta P. MBGUIAR.... ....... .......... ll SUTRO & NEWMARK, MANUEACTUBZRS OF C :J: G .A. EC. S, LEAF AN INGENIOUS INVENTION. -It is well known that 1ce bergs cool the water around them to a very considerable distance An American gen tleman has made this fact the foundation of' an inventiOn to protect vessels agamst colhs 1on with Icebergs. He pro poses to on the bottom of steamers or other vessels an apparatus so arranged as to sound an alarm on the instant a sh1p's keel enters a stratum of cold water On board steam e rs it is customary to take th e temperature .,f the water every ttme the log is cast. spirals from his o d clay-tlie domes of a sea bathed city. Lol'tlly pierce the tAll white minarets into qutvering heavens, wh1le the solemn cypress throws Its shade belo1v. Before h1m, silent-paced as 10 a dream, files the we1rd array of Arab camels, bowing the1r long necks tufted with cnmson br.uds, and measurmg the brown sands of the desert w1th f!host-like tread. 'Tis the moon of Egypt and the waters uf the Ntle; 'tis the palm-bough waves lor him and women, free limbed, with tlashing eyes, and an water-vases on their heads, move past b1m from the low rimmed shadowy wells. And he sees them there and sm1lee. He bears the sak1as moan, and the so, md of laughter from the city ba.tbs, and the muezzin's mournful cry come to him low und sweet; and the pomp and retinue of Eastern lift> move slowly, l1ke dissolving views, along the white walls of his own familiar room. Or, doubling the Orient, he visits, as be may, the cameras of the South, floatmg m h1s pipe bowl, hke some wtzard's barkf through the veiled lattices of those lovely senoritas; a bold and darin<> man to whom the smoke wreath is the inv1sible cloak0that g:ves him entrance to all honri pa1adises, and shields h1m from all harm. Shall he not se6 them? Has he not fees1mple of the world ? Will not one puff of that narcotic breath drowse deep all watchmg dragons, a,nd make for him the sleeping beauties of his will? And, presto, there they are I and, oh I ye houris of the South, w1tb what a smile and glance between the azure puffs l let me "HorsT WITH HrB OwN PE'tARn."-A story comes !rom tl.eoretically open like an umbrella, and thus wa.ri laillt Delaw, 1re of an eccentric philosopher who has .paid the safely to the ground. He attached himself to the lowr penulty of' his criminal attempt to mank1ud. To end of the st1ck with the fuse turned. away that the h some extt>nt he dtd enlighten that abstractton, but not as from the rocket would not inJure him. Then he he intended to do, He had some theory or other in regard and wenedt wh.izzh ifing air1r, and bolllo. to the use of parachutes which he absurdly connected with bmg as he sp w1t re 1tst.. upon pyrotechnics, and so, on the Fourth of July, shortly after' what "hke the pale martyr. m hiS shn1 fire. It bi& dusk, he clandestinely erected in his yard a sky-rocket. parachute ever opened he d1d not .know 1t for preeem!r to tl:e head of which was attached his paracbuLe m such a the wondroUB engme saw 1t tum r.harplJ: way that while tile rocket was seekmg the moon would m m1d air, and It fell. The fool was found bumt. u4 rem:in closed, but when its upward mot10n ceased 1t would mangled not far from hrs own philosophy-shop. Exports of Tobacco from the Port of New York. ,, To European Ports. ... .,_ ... "" Alicante ...... .. .. .... .. .. .. .. 141 ... ... ..... .... .. ........ .. ...... ............ .. A. a 2,631 ...... .. .. .. lUi .. .. JOO" 306 ....... ... ... .. 15,11& n.werp ........................ Rarce)ona ............ .. .. .. ..... .. Bordeaux.................. 488 808 1,114-... ..... 2 .... "' Bremen .. 2,133 11,810 610 4,024: 6,4:63 69 r u ..... .... Br etol ..... ..... 187 .. 1 62 Copenhagen ... .... . ... . . .. . .. .. . ... C orunna .. .. .. .. . . .. .. 646 e.- . .. r t If. W th a sterner moral1'ty he sees bow Fo e r not 10r"'l' myse 1 urn .............................. "2:o76" ::::::: :...... 29 ..... .. L A C 1 the Bedoum lash10ns bis pipe in the moistened .... '.. .... .... .. .. .. 3i9 2 ,330 141 .. .. "239 874' ::::::: ::::::: l':iii Cadtz ...... .... ....... 0 o ...................... ._ .... .. WESTERN JQUOR.-: 0 ground he sees the slender Ind1an reed w 1 th the flat bowls 1 ar ... .. .. 1330 8 43 48 124. 723 O rado saloon keeper saHl of a d 0 d b I h A I d I t 1 th Glasgow : ........ ....... 216 866 .. .. 8 "4 14,""' 180 280 881 of Lahore an u e, t e p1pe e t e ng o-eye ce es 1a e H .. mburg ...... 1 .. .. .. .. .. 23 116 1, 706 868 'u.. .... ............ rough crowd : "I couldn red cluy of and the g1lded cups m wh1cl:r the Havre .. .. .. .. .. . .. 953 2,826 .. .. "" .. "" their whiskey strong enoug or dark skmned races of S1am, the Malacca Isles, and the Phil-LeghQI'n ... ,. .. ....... ...... .. .... .... ...... "" ....... ..... "" ......... ... th so after trymO' every [asbon 374 l 122 ....................... .. ...... 20 ........... ....... em, 1 d o hppmes, love to enshrme theirdrearuyopium-hauntedsptr ""967" 4 ,614 11 ;881 ....... 60 4 ,68 697 1,847 11,520 ....... ........ ea,..a way, I at ast rna 0 a mlxture its of the weed He sees how m the squatter's but the old London ........... ,.............. 973 li,324 .. .. .. 105 1,245 .. .. 262 1,147 .. .. .. .. .... .. n,t'lC of poioon oak and squaw s1ts by her bunter lord, and puffs at the corn cob Londonderry............... .. .. .. .. ...... .. .. .. .... .. .. .. .. ...... "" .... That fetched the-:n. calle d 1 sweetness, and how by lonely ways the rests and l\lalaga ................ ........ ..... .. "" .. .... .. """ .... .... .... ....... the sheep herder s de_llght, thinks or home, an-d in tbe blue smoke greets once more the Malta .. .. .. .. .. "" .. .. ""' '' .. '' M ......... ..... It was a popu lar ?rmk. 1 ha of the loved, perhaps fcondly, in many neighbor hoods there was a scarCity of tobacco plants, and where they were plenty, the season, owing to the dry weather, was unfavorable to setting theru out Many of the farmers told us they were short from a third to a half in their to baeco crop by the failure to get a. season 10 which to ra.nsplant." Tile Smoker's Dream I the sea, and the tasselly shade of the great broad elm; wh1le the barndoors stAnd open wide, and the, o!J dog Given--a quiet, pleasant the dreamy roll and basks 10 their shade; and so what more can you ask or THE ToBAcco ExcHANGE AT RICHMOND.-A travelling correspondent of the Norfolk Vtrginian thus pictures an ID stitutton wh1ch is always visited w1th mterest by strangers in R1chmond. He says: "Tobacconists h e re assembe every day at 11 o'clock, either to buy or sell the wonderful comrnod1ty in quest10n. Every lot Is sold by sample, -neatly put up in bunches, numbered and labe lle d as the numbers are called out a registermg clerk enters 1t, and a cryer disposes of it am1d a perfect Babel. To us It was quite a novelty. Solomon once said that there were three wonderful thmgs that bothered his comprehension; had he v1s1ted the Richmond Tobacco Exchange he might w1th safety have added another to the for 1t is wonderful bow ingenuity can devise a by which order could be arrayed out of apparenl dtsorder. Around a long, low table many were seated and some were standmg, bt1t all were sm1hng Occasionally you could hear tbe ejaculation, ;unked I At mtervals about the large room could be seen men in groups jabbermg away, lookmg e1ther buoyant or depressed. Those who looked buoyant seemed to be those who, by skilful management, contrived to get thelr bunches on the market first, and the depressed appeared to be those whose bunches were low down among the numbers. Here we are to ld that thousands of hogsheads change hands in this manner every day, whiCh is e1ther manufactur e d m the city or shipped. 'I'he tobacco interest of Ric hmond IS J arge and Jt.s novelty of manipulation well worth w1tnesS1og." CoN.rBACT FOR P A.PJ:R FOR BEER AND T'lBAcco STAMPS. Tbe CommiSSioner of Internal Revenue recently concluded a contract for paper for beer, whisky and tobacco stamps with Me ssrs. James M. Wilcox & Co., of Philadelphia, at prices heretofore contra cte d withthe same firm 'by late Comm1s s1oner Pleasanton for adhesive stamp paper, viz :-Twenty five cents per pound for white fibre paper and twenty-eight cents per pound lor chameleon fibre paper. It will be re membered m this connectiOn that the S6cretary of the 'l'reasury in October last appointed a committee, cons1stmg of Senator Edmunds, Comptroller Taylor, and the Chief of the Stamp DivisiOn, to examme and report upon the sub ;ect of revenue stamps, and that that committee made cer tam recomruendations, among which was one relating to the adoption of a special paper, wh1ch It should not be lawful to make or sell or have m possession otherw1se than under the direction of the Department. Acting upon th1s sug ges t10n of the committee, CommiSSIOner Plea.sonton made the selection, and recommended to the Secretary the adoption of a special fibre paper for adhes1ve st:1mps, the only class of the new series of stamps at that time awa1tmg the paper. The Secretary immediately adopted the paper so recom mended, under the authority of the act ot June 30, 1864, and a contra c t was entered into between Commissioner P!easonton and M e sssrs. W1lcox at the above named prtces Subsequent ly the Secretary of the Treasury appointed a committee, consisting of Senotor Cragm and several paper manufacturers and experts, to exarume the mills of tbe Messrs. W1lcox and also to investigate and report upon the reasonableness of the prices pa1d by the government for paper manufactured thereat. To Foreign Ports other than European Ports. .. .. 0 ..... -------------------------------------1----l AI rica.................... .. .. 61 248 .. .. .. .. .. 4 ..... ............................ Argentine Repub .......... .... .. .. ... 18 .. .. .. .. 23 .... .. .. ... ... ... ... .... 22,741 Brazil .................... "" .... "... .. .. .. .. .. .. 60 66 ......... ...... ................ Australia............. .. .... 6 45 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ............ .......... 123,2215 B "t. G inea 6 8 61 .. .. .. ... .... 20 .... ....... ....... ....... 1,769 [I '.' 5 ..... 8 ...... .... ., .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 215 .. .... ....... ...... .. .. .. 3,762 Bnt N A. Col ............ .. .. ... '2 3 3' "'18 'I 00 B 't W I uies 16 35 195 ......... .... .. 1,8 IS 2&,0 .. ... ::::::::::::: ....... 68 148 926 .............. q .............. u .... ISS,US 11,40'r 6'19,590 13,8K 11.09'1 232,90S Ceutr,.l America .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 1 ....... .... 10 .. .. .. ...... .. .. .. .. .. .. 68t cbali...................... ....... ....... ....... ....... ...... :::::::::::::: :::::::::::::: "s:ooi' IS,o.cs Cbma ........................................... .. .. 101 'IIS,DOS C1aplotine Repub.. . . . . ,63 71,,11 Cub&. .. .. ... .. .. .. ... .. .. .. .. .. .. 138 40 ..................... 19,759 20,831 519,171. 4 Danish W Indies .. .. 6 6 55 .. .. .. .. 2,282 2,282 1 9,896 .. :::::: ::::::: :::.:: : .... i i. ::::::: ::::::: ... is2. ::::::: ::: :. :: ::::::: .. 2,99i ... :997. e::= French W, Indiea........... ....... 16 625 269 269 ::::::. ::::::: ::::::: 161UI Hayti... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 21 269 471 885 .... ................ ... ... ......... Mexco... .. .. ........... ... 1 l .. .. .. .. .. .. 35 .. .. .. .. .. ... .. 104 410 12,017' New Granada ................... 8 8 436 436 ........ ... ... 14,760 14,'160 ll3,'llt Peru .. 216 .. .. 4:8,6U Porto Rico .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 33 .. ...... ...... .. .. .. .. .. .. 3,,7'1 Swedish W. Indtes ....................................... Vekezuela... ... ..... .. .. ... 2 8 .. .. .. ..... 154 .. ........... ..... ....... .. .. ... 12,,8S Other portg,......... .. .. . .. .. .. 20 ....... ........ .... .... .. .. .. .. .. 6411 ToTAL ........ ...... ---rn 1,43, 1,042 "1,755-10,3'79 :-:::::-: 56,285 236, '1'15 2,0U,,34, Exports of Tobacco from all Ports of the United States. HOGSHEADS, ETC. CASES AND BALKS. PACKAGES AND BOXBB. Where to. ----------1--------------------------.------------::::::: ::::::::::.:.:' "2i8' ::::::: .::::: ::::::::::::::::::::: ::.:-::::: Antwerp.................. .. .. .. .. .. 2960 .. .. .. .. 103 .. .. 100 866 ....... ,.. ... 111111 ........................ ::::::: :::::: .::::: :::::::::::: : ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ... ........ '" .. 897' 1696 3'701 .. .. .. .. .. ,52 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ................. ... Bremen ."::::::::::::::::: 800 1924 33.tS8 610 987 6656 ..... Ill i44 .............. 2H Bristol. . 24 188 .. .. ....................... Cadiz. .. .. .... .. o .................. ::::::: :::::: "'946' ::::::. ::.::: ................................................ h Geno& ..................... '"''" ....... mo ....... ....... 29 ::::::: ::::::: io3' :::::::::::::::::::: ::: Gibraltar ................ .. .. .. 227 2830 128 '761 1388 .. .. .. .. .. !'7111 Glasgow .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 1381 .. .. .. .. .. .. 44 48 87 ,23 .. .. .. .. .. 89'1'Y Hamburg.................. 215 62 1693 863 996 13267 180 .. .. ........... :.. 181180 Havre.... .. ... .. 28 675 6334 .. ... .. .. .. 3 ......................... ................. :::::::::::::: "i2s8' ::::::: :::::: :::::: ::::::: ::::::: ""2i' ::::::::::::::.:::::::: Liverpool ........ .. .. .. .. .. .. 1621 19939 86 .. .. 5451 616 318 10'189 .. .. .. .. .. 76t61 Loodon .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 1161 483 7969 .. .. .. 105 SX98 .. .. .. .. .. .. 1267 .. .. .. .. .. .. lUO'II' Londonderry........ .. : ............... .. ... .. .. .. ...... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .................... .. Malaga. ........................................................................................................ .. Rotterdam. .... ". .... "'I""'" 119114 ..... .. ... .. 4.2 .... ... .. .. 81 ..... .............. .. : :: : : : : : : :. : : : : : : : : : ::: : : ........... : : : : : : : : : : : : .. ... 2. : : : ::: : : : :: : : : : : : : : : :I: : : : : : : :: :. : : :: : :::::: Vigo ..................................................................................................... .. Africa ....... . . . 254 1061 . . 52 . . 1S2 . . 3638'1 A.rgentine Republic......... .. .. .. .... 19 ....... .... 270 .. .... ..... .. ............ 22741 113298 ::::::: ::: ::: : .... 2o ............ 6 ..... 33 .:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ..... ilsi.; Brotosh Auotralia............ .. .. .. 6 134 7 68 ........ .... 5'l8 .. .. .. Brttosh Guinea............. d 2 66 .. ...... .. 20 .... .. .. .. .... .. .. 1082& Br.tisb Ronduru........... 2 .. .. .. .... .... ".. 18 ...... .. .. ....... ...... .. .. .. 3101'1' Britioh N A. 2 5 197 ........... 460 92 .. .. 6S5 .. .. 1038i'r Brit1sh West Indie... .. 16 3 308 ...... .. .. 16 149 1876 .. ... 4MV91 Calcutta.............................................. ...... 4 0 .......................................... .. Canada .. !. ..................... ...... .. .. .. 68 80 823 .......................................... Central America....... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 1 .. .. .. ...... 40 .. .. .. .. .. 11 .. .. .. .. 880 :::::::: ::::::. ::::::: :::::: : : :::: : :: :. ::: : :::: :: ::::::: : : ::::: ::: :::: ::::::: .. :. i64ii Cisplatine Republic ................. ... ............... .. 68 .. .. .. .. .... .. .. .. Cuba..................... .. .. .. .. 1 .. .. .. 107 ,43 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 19769 10'12 887M9 Dauish Indies......... 6 .. ... .. 34 ......... .. 50 .. ..... .. .. ... 22&2 .. ... 861( Dutch .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ............. ........ 88 .... .. .. ...... ..... .... ... 809! Dutob West Indies......... .. ... .. .. .. .. 111 ....... .... H7 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 299, .. .. .. 4ll900 Freneb Weac lnd1ee... ... .. .. .... 10 "0 269 42 697 50 319 14508 ....... --.1G3fl'l Hayli .... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 50 319 .. .. .. 4726 .. .. .. .... 1 .. .. .. .. 89t ..... i ...... i. ::::::: ::::::. :.::::: :::::: ... ... sos ..... ii8i Montevideo................ .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ... ...... ll66 .. .. .. .. 1504 New Granada .. ... .... .... .. .. .. 8 8 436 .. ... .. 2817 .................... 14760 .... .. 138889 New Zealand ................................ ...... .... .... 4 .... .... .. .. .. ... .... 18ll21 Peru ........................................... .. .. .. .. .. 236 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ldlU Porto Roeo..... .... .. .. . .. .. ... .. 2 ....... ...... 611 .. .. ... ...... 112 ..................... .. Sandwoch IAla.nds ...................................... "..... 231 .. .. .. .. ..... 67 ..................... S.vedash West Indies ............................................................ ............................ V gnezuela .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 2 1 0 ....... .. .. 99 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 11614 Other Porto................ .. .. .. .. .. 6474 ........... .. 1246 .. ... 5ll ... .. .... BliSS ----------------------------,.;---Total................ 3128 ,826 109327 2601 2458 32453 936 548 l24t26 215S'l911 Where from. New York ............... 2075 3618 2516 2409 27037 825 403 1610.( 66286 12{226 22993., Baltimore............ .. .. 184 4.100 37t .. .. .. .. 513 .. .. .. .. .. 376 .. .. .. .. .. 63193 Boston .. .... ... .. .. ..... 12 ll 843 86 39:12 22 145 1630 .. .. .. ..... 6411 New Orleans .. .. .. .. 1167 197 13679 .. .. .. .. .. 114 .. .. .. .. 42 .. .. .. '730 Phl1Adelph18.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ............................ PortlHnd ........................................................... ........................................ the throb the. sea, the s1gh of the summer breeze, wish or Imagine to lend a charm to the blue wreaths and-a prime Cigar! What need, wntes Mr. John that r1se from your pnme mamlla or our! in the free a nd Atherton, .in Home Journal, of a friend easy spirit of true bonhommte from the bowl of your verita such soothmg What. need the JOlly ble imported meerschaum? To an indolent man in such camarade uf days to s1gh for s1gh, puff .for s urn mer lapses of cool, bright days, JUSt visitmg, may be, in puff, and wander m gentle remm1scences over the Lesbtan 1 the atr the first presentiment of cominolanguor and breath of th.e past,, when .Julia was most kind, or Cynless August heats, the c1gar-the subject of my story-or th1a, darlmg g1rl, rlehghted m the perfume of a cap1tal Ha-p1pe has a pecuhar power of re ver ie-breedmg that seems a bana? No! Let me look from my wmdow. Not Old compound of past experience, present wisdom, and future not Nahant or Newport, or Saratoga even. shall, hope If he is a of leisure, one who can shirk the busy syren-spelled or weather-worn w1th many a lang syne sea cares of ltfe, and to whom all days are alike then it is in son, fascinate or hold me but here, m th1s q11aint old harndeed h1s frmnd, h1s companion, his better half 1 If he is let by the sea, not many leagues away here IS the place for on.a who has h1s sqare of the busy turmo1l of the d ay, then dreams anrl revenes and the utter rcnder1ng of ones self up these moments caught from business engagements and -to a good Cigar. Has the season yet commenced ? No, anxieties com e w1th the doub le pleasure of rel a xanot 10 tbe hst.:I of those weary medto? re tion and quiet prospecting for the future; if he is a scholar, haunts of fa.shtun, but here, m th1s Old-World stopp1og an arttst, or a thinker only, he pays to the shnne of his dt this hamlet, half farmhouse, half lishmg YI!lage, with vmity the inceilse of the rarest plant that grows a nd sees its pollard wmdows, its magnifi i:enl:t elms, its mossy-bould on its cloudy Iaa der the angels of his musings and fall ered "{ails, its quamt old farms houses and people, seain every graceful undu latiOn of Its folds. But he :washe!l w1th a of sea, Its and sparkle, here withal, be a s a tisfied mari; that whicb be has at presIS no season, only the commg and gomg of the year and the ent must content him well so that w1th th& brown sLem-of gusto of a good cigar Is it not a place for reverie? Oh, b1s b1iarwood or the amber' mouthpi ece of b1s CJO"ar-boluer bow bright and fresh is the atmosphere of tbese summer he may think pleasantly, and without invid1ous days I bow from the open window the l an dscape hes undestres that, in other lands, and w1th more favored rolled-smooth fields anJ the smoother swell of the sea mJrtals, other and more luxunous modes of inhaling tht' In the sunny calm, only the sound of the leaves, tha rush weed exist; wh1cb he of less favored surroundinas has no of the hurrymg into the liltle cove before the farmart or talisman to summon to his aid. Y here0be is house, while from your casement lookmg over the h1ll the taken; for bas he not the art of arts the Alladin g1ft -of voice of reapers m the fields, the sh1rr of the whetted scythe bringing to hrs work1 oom, his studio or his desk the genii or come to you. break on your happy, _happy dreams. the tube, the atry fauy spmts home IS the smoke Aye, dreams mdeed I Have you not w1tb tb1s most respect wreath and whose dwelltng-place the ch am bers of his bram ? able weed, this pr1me Havana, the conc o mitants of a thou-He may dream, puffing, meanwh1le, at h1s honest" home sand reveries? did Schebenzad, even in her ambrosial termade," how m the East the lazy Oriental soothmgly uncoils ror haunted nights, with tbe sword of her impenallord and his long tubed nargileh, and hear its musical bubbles gurgle master hanging over head, ever dream or con;ure up through tbeir scented water, like the bulbu l' s sor;g m the such transports of the mmd as these hours and mghts and gadens of Samarcand; or, perhaps, draws solemnly and in sounds of summer rest and peace and smoke-engendered s1lence the p erfume d smoke through the cherry wood of visions? Still, as some excellent persons, those practical Y abreez from the wide, flat bowl of his tchtbouk or h o w enhancers of all paradiSE'S, (be they of houris or otherwise) by the Golden Horn, in the latticed k1osks ot mix curacoa in their braw or rare sp1ces or perfumed oil, waves, he alternates Lbe pipe With th e sherbet of Pers1a like the East Ind1ans, in lo th eir pipe-tubes, doubtless to and the fragrant coffee of Istamboul; while the waters be make them, as one would say, a. little more so,'' let me anneath the parli>rated floor trde idly in and mingle w1th his nex to this throb of the sea amd air, this flood of summer dreams; and hit; Lortllard or Cavend1sh become for h1m sunshine, this outcry of the meadow scythe, and the hushed, the weed of Slnraz or the !l!Ore voluptuous Lata.kta., true far-off u::JderiOne of voices from the fields, the wb1rr of the spirit of the E"st, and he sees in his pictured v1sions, sultry and the drove of bees in tbe cmnamon rosea, smoke wreatbed and iristmted, a mirage of the Orient. and the swoop of the hen hawk on his pirate brother over Softly tremble in the delicate blue mist a.nd the azure A PAYING PrcNIC .-The annual pic-nic of the German journeymen cigar makars, at the U mon Park last week, 'la.s a well patro01zed affair, and yielded a handsome surplus for a fund ia a1d of diSeased and di.iabled members of the asso CJauon. Rchmond ................................... .... .. ....... .. .. ........ ...... .. .. .. ...... ........ SMn FrnnCisco.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 7 8 7 89 .. .. 536 ......... ., .......... .. Oilier Porl.ll ............ ......... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ...................................................... -Total 7826 1098ll'7 lllltB 2601 32{63 936 6,8 lt192 I D6i86 12'226


TOBACCO IIANUFACTURERS. Anhur Gillen4er & Co., -UI'O JliDBMOK 6 00, _,_, ....... y.. ( tl SOtACE TOBACCO, ll4, He, an4 111 .... 121 CliDAll-8TR:ZET, &rtbv GIHeacter, H.OYT & CO., -Npl""o a Kukuolr, 'llr'&IW-Y.nD'!f' Joaepb W. Grar1 U .tc 1 .. "\'h L. L W...._ ..-D. A. SHOTWELL & SON, OF Ma.nutacturers ot Fine Cut Chewing and Tobacco an4 Segars,. S T & S And ot't!W,_ ulebrated brand of (NOEL & CO., .-.OKING OBACCOS NUFF HERO and UNION OUR BRANDS CHEWING, ln ' respects to CALABRIA. .. We ,have no Agents. Consumers and ;RDot"NYSIDE, HEARTS' DELIGHT, 'NATIONAL, BRIGHT OWEN EXTRA CAVENDISH. 406 St., Ne'": York City. A"D AGENCY e, 1 Of the Manufacture of -. .. &: GAIL & A.X: .. :B.A.LTIMOBE, Pearl Street, :New It ELLER, -Agent. WM. McCAFFIL, Buccel!sor to CmcuJWun k Co. It Don>estiicl CICARS, BOWERY, II. Y. 0 -8. & CO., ,Manufactory, I (PETER D. COLL!NS, PRES1 T ) 97. Columbia NEW YORK' f L (J ', J-. 1 O F TB'Bi CELI!BRA1".ED lira. G. B. Miller & -Go. Chewing and Smoking "Tobacco; tile .only Genuine American Gentle-a Snuff; .].{r,o;, G B. Miller & Co. Maccaboy Fine Out Ohewi.IigToba.cco !iJ!d Echo Smoking, .Job bers would do well to apply direct. 174' ,Ndw : 'Licorice a n d ordinary, constantly nn han St. WM.: GOOD.WIN & CO; JilANUPACTUll.ERB OF FINil-OuT ; : To .. BACCO LIQUORICE PASTE, J W. B. &D..q:fr' db' .. And. And dealers in all'kiuds or STialBY. .Leaf & Plug T .obaoop, .-::nu. "20'7' & 209 WATER ST. EXCELSIOR MILLS -. LIQUORIC.E, D & CO., OLIV and other .. {lEu;:::._::: Flavorings fot .Tobacconists' Use, l<'or Sale by Leaf. :and N av'y' : .Wea" v : e r ... & Sterry --I SMOKING TODACCO, I IMPORTERS, 6ND "DLUoilUI l:'f lkgarai Pl.tU Tobaooo, sH.uff, Snuff Flour, .to. MANUFACTORY .AND SALESROOM, CORNER Of AVENUE D AND TENTH STREET, New York KINNEY BB.OS., 1 lmporten and Manu!acturers or :li}J.jlDJ. @>''b@@ Q@ and. C .igarettes, No. 141 'West Broad"W"ay. NEW YORK. '-' VINCENT L. COOK, Bnccessors to Manufacturers of all kinds of FINE 2'4 Cednr Street, N.Y. t.::tcoP.::to:m Pasrr:m. P. Harmony, Nephews & Co., General Commission Merchants, G3 BROA!lW AY, NEW YCRK, Offer for afalc in lots to euitf.urchasers various brands of Spanish and Greek icorice Paste, of their importation. Tliey would partlc'ularly call tt>e attention of Tobacco 'Ma.nufaeturer:3and to the very superior proper ties ot tbe brand z .&. .. FB.Al'Ut, w. STERRY' .... F. W. a IMPORTERS, Dealers in Specialties FOR Tobacco Manufacturers, PATENT Powdered ExtractLiquorice 24: CEPAR STREET, NEW YORK. .. YORK BROKERS.::; CATTUS & RUETE, OCDbacco No. 129 Pearl Street, NEW YORK. Tobacco J. S. CANS & SON, TOBACCO BROKERS, No. 86 WALL STBEET, TONTINE Bmt.DING, NEW YORK. CltA Rl.ES F. JAMES G. OSBORN_Eo;: TOBACCO BROKF.fR., No. 15 OLD SLIP, M. RADER & SON, -ad Scotch Snnft'; A. H. Mickle & S ons' Forest Bc.e a'\d Grape Tobacco; Mrs. G. B. "lliller Smoking and CheWing T olaacto. oniers promptly executed. .AND TOBACCO. P o.Box 5527 I)ULUDLOW sT .. ro ___ lobacco lrok .ers, NEW YORK. FINEST QY4LITV. CAMPBELL LANE i, CO. -------..,.----Manufactured at Pcughkeepsie, Mana'f'actnrenot S. JACOBY & GO.,. GIFFORD SHERMAU & INNIS TOBACCO AND CIGARS, &lanufaclarsn 120 Dealers in Snutr. Pipes, etc: CIGARS. 56-67 NEW-Yi3 RK. J'ACI'ORID AT 484 BROAD ST., lEW ARK, And In Caldwelf. 8 .J. Work8BD4 l!epr Manufactory. ... o. BUQHNER, Bole Proprietors of th9 Renowned El Baco and MetroDolitan Brands, 209 PEAB.LS'IREET, Cor. M&lden Lant!, Ne-w-York. HARTCQ;RN & HAHN; to BOBITCHECK l!A.NUJ' ACTURBB OB' : T hewing. ind:: T 14a .. water Street, ..... 1\TEW OBit. '. : :AN: D: .. .... EDWARD A. SMITH, t256 New York. 1 1 'anufactprer or, i Fine. Se'gar" s the t;'. B. Base 'Ball. w'mchester, Ybv'.nla I.;ea!,' IJyons, l' reclan Bend. . LIC'ORICE PASTE. KREMELBERG & CO., 01' .. X:. & 0. and J'. 0. 1 Oa Branda. We otr..; ror'uie io mufaeturen and tile lrtde l1l fe,reral the oaperlor &Del we!J.eotabllab""-brand of Licorice Pule K.. & c. and l C. 1 ca. ezJ>R'o CBolos, do., lbs. and M lbl. Paw OP 'J'RE' R%GDIDT, WAlUUNS'OON., BucoANAN"B, lOa 'J'.&eUliSEII! 11!" I OUR l'B'r, !(8, i..&oE-NA: wr, lbf., "o., 68. 1 Al.Lml, do., Go_. -' NOTICE. that our Brands, PL.t,:rnrr and B&ILORs' CHOICE;' hav e been oo imi 1ated, ao to deceive many of.the Trade, In tnture the will be otap>p\'(1 witlj ou_r .. .e 'BUCHAlfAN &: LYALL, BewYork W J{f)ELROl;'; Sole A,gent,:. No. 24 Broad St., UOSTON. 'I p DINCEE,, Corner ana LeiDis Stteets. MERCHANT. I .awb At..i. FOREIGN & .DOMESTIC woODS. IESTABLIS!lED 1 837} WJ.t.BRINlZINGHOFFER '--h llaimfa.cturers of .. And Dealers ln Tobacce>, 8R3 BROAD STREE't NI:W LRK, N. J. F. A.. GOETZE & .. .. v F BUTLER, rroB.A.cco""&nasNUFF l obacco & Cigar & I HABANA. MANHATTAN TOBACCO WORKS, .. Wuhington lltreet, NEW ')Z'ORX. O :t:l._ e Y" a Packtd. in P.ape-r: oj: CHEWING'-TOBA1. CCO, n .a.,-s. EDMONSTON & BRO. .Ill & lU5 :DUIUle llt,1 JrE"' YQBK; Manufacturers su\:!'lled with Leaf Ia large and mall for everything Wlll be l(lad to act as a.,aent bere to procure con&ign. mente for a 1lret-class boas!' in ibe StateS". ... F. Commission Merchant PHH!CE'fl BUILDINtll, 80 NORTH JOHN STREET, fdVBBPOOI., ENGLAND, ........ I llii'Om:zw. OIP .um DULD" .f:IAVANA AND DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCOS, SIMON SALOMON, I!"J>Orler tJ/ anrk, and Canada. Warranted Universal Selr' Pressing CIGAR MOULDS -o-For Sale by SoLE AGENTS, 209 HERMANN D. SIEFKES, RICHARD J. BOIKEN, (Late of llono:N & SIEFKES), IlfPORTER OF IN PO'OKET POUCI-4:!8. 1'1lte1lied Deo. 8d. l.SOJ WULSTEIN, 93UCCEB80R '1'0 BORGFELD'l'& DEG'IIUEE, Nu, '106 AJD,s"N LANE. For Tobacco and Cigars A laxge &MOrtme!onotanUy on band and pu'!!.ed to order. Ill & M li William Now York. MARVIN'S .PATBRT Q!Y PROOF SAfES Are moat desirable for 1lniah anq price. MARVIN'S Importer ofMee ncl:anm, Briar, China and Lava :MEERSCHAUM AND BRIA.RWOOD P:J;P.ES, and FrenC'h Fancy and China Goods, 83 CHAMBERS & 65 READE STS .. NEW YORK 91 CHAMBERS ST., N. Y \: PateJit. Tobacco Drier. 11 u :J H I c L 1 .r SPHERJCAt< BURGLAR .. SAFES l I We csll the attcLllon or Manurwnrt:rs or Cut Tol>acco to our Patent DIIer, Invented by ns in 1968, sud in contant liiiiiMO \Ua by other manufacturers .. is well ae onf'felvel. OneorthE&eDrlersw. H dry Tobscco fatter than it can be cut by any cutt!og mach.'n<>-now In use. The -tobacco Is dried by a nat.ural proces. It oecnpleo less tllan ten oqusre feet of l!p&eej and drl ee 1 obacco iu tlve m i nutes aner t Ia Cui. It di PI)CDFe3 with the labor or one and make s less tbau half the short mad e by the ord!n ary proceel! of drying. The process ot drying Is so elmple and s o natursl that it rnut comm e n


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