The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco leaf publishing, co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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I / Organ of Trade of the -United States: The Largest Special Trade Paper in the World,. Volume VII.-No H. nll'OB.TER OF Pll'KS. ETl! Bbalekl, P. & Co,, 161 Malden !a.M. niA:.B.TEBS OF LICORICE P.lBTJ:' Applel:>y & Helme, 188 Water. 011fBS OF TOB.A.eo. Allen & Elli, 186 Weet. Second. Spence & Ce., utd.54 E....t Sd. JURUFAC1'UBEI!8 AND OOliUfiSIIIOM MEnolUNTS. l!rown & Titus, 32 and S! Main. Barer, Holmes & 25 Wtst Second. DE.lLEns IN LUI' TOBAOOO AND OIGJ.IIB. Fuhrmann, V., 17 !\lain. D[P()IITEJIS AND DB.l.LE118 IN OI{uilB. Krclm, Feiss & Ca., 5S West Fourth. lmreutba.l, :l. & Oc 76 Main. S traaser, Lon!, 187 W a.lnttt. LEa TOB.lOOO BBOIU!JUI. Horria & Reid, !l College Building. CLARKSVILLE, TIIN!f, LEAF TOB.lCCO BIIOIL&IIS. Clark M. B., & Bro. COVINGTON, KY. Glore, J A. P. & Broe. 15, 1?. & 19 W. 7t.h. Wayne & Kenton 'l'obaeco Warebouse, Greenup. DA.NBtTRY, CONN. Grnlie, G. W. DANVILLE, "GOOD," '1BE'I"'ri:.B," ''IiEST," ETO. Roa.nokeToba.cccl Works. 00li[MI88JON li!EllC:: ,Jl.lliT, Pemberton. J. B. I DAYTOM, 0. Boglea & Pease, Feaae'e :Knpne. DE'l'ROIT,1tdiCB'. X.llflJYAOTURD8 OP OIG.ut!! .&.ND DIIA.LBBS D1 LEa7l :IOB.lCOO. Wllaoo & Co., 216 J'eft'erson av. :roBAooo al0Vll8. Detrpi Novelty Worh. wi:sTEBN OrGAn TilDDDUI. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, DEC. 27 1S7L NATIONAL OF THE UNITED STA: Communications upon matters rei ests of the As!JOcia.tion ma.y be Vice-President, Water Street, New Yor.t. THE DYING YEAR. N G. J. KUOHLER. G W. GAIL. AND tR I t PA I H TDIA .CCO. F 128 wATER K8LLY & CO. ::E.i&vE:a. s .T:aEET, NE-wr .von:H: IMPORTERS OF C igars Havarja and Sole > Agents Jor the Brand ... "suPERIOR DE JOSE VICHOT," 'KEY WEB'I' FLORIDA. I.v .:. illstqBS DP AJIVUTISERt P.lPIIB TOB.&.OCO Ba.Ofl. Howlett Bl'Ofl., Fulton. ll.llroWA(lTtiii.KR 01!' TOB.&.OOO TIH:I'OU.. Funke, :Fred. TOBJ.CCO H.&.NUF ACTUliEB. Lichtenberg, G. B. EAST HARTFORD, CONN. The days o.nd even the htmrs of tlighteen Hundred and Seventy-One wecagai.n_greet 9'\U' readers, the New Ye&l! will ha the journey which ma.y be so fraught With or ill for every one of us. Turn we, then, Ere we bid a final adieu to his pred11cessor, to take a .>rief glance at the events which the past 41'felve months have brought to us. as may be the sentiments which the end of a. year invariably inspires, no repetition of the event can "stale" the "infinite variety "of the mem ories which throng upon as we stand on tbe threshold of a new era in time, or dotractfrom t!Je import.q.nce and significance of the position. Therefore, though we have frequently performed the duty before, nnd tru.stto be able the task many times in the future, we pause to day to ask what we, as a. traQ.e, have accomplished during the year that is ow passing awroyJ and what is tbe prqmise of that on which we are so soon to enter .And in the 1irst pla.c.e, it may be said that to oar interest a a. whole, the year has brought an average degree of pros perity. The fact that the revenue from t,he weed has steadily mcrea.sed, in spite of annoying regulations and a high tax-rate, proves what a fand of vitality e:risls in the commerce in which we are engaged, 1Wd how it would increase were the weights thAt now force it w-vau. .la-uw W., j, 8om!..J.lil4. md'286 Fronl et.reeb. .&De, Jlllian, 1!71 1va.ter, :&retl S. :u.7 WJ>ter. llMa W. Aleulldw, 87 Wa.ter. Bem:!Joo, D. AI A.121 Wa.ter. Bla.kemore,lbyjl,. Co., 4l BrOtod. .t.Oo., 7 BnrliDg Blip. Brod .ll. 181 Maiden L&ne. B;;JileJ, )(.ore .t-Oo., 74 :Front. Ca.rd'o.EO; l.. B. & Co., 123 Pea.rl. OII, 75 Front. Bi!:gr Lows F. :Sl !iixtb a"''enae. l'a Oo. 78 and 72 Broat ;FrimuJ & Oo., k. A: G., 129 Lane. & Co., 225 i'root. BambnrJer r. & Oo., liU Water. =G, -,J. & Co., lOJlfnlorl. Tliomae, ltlttrt'dte, W. P. & Oo., '71d. lllirobn & Reitsenstein, 176 Cbarlea F. & Son 184,Front. T&t'genboret F. W .& Co., 110 Pearl Upmann l!a.rl, 188 Pearl. Vetterlein s .Son, 'Ih. H., 6 Cedar. Westheim, 11. & Co., l77lPea.rl. Wright, E.ll., 39 Broad. TOBAOCO BROKliBS. Cattus & Ructet 129 P'larl st.Ieet. Dreyer, Edwaro, 127 P-earl Fischer, Jheaertck, 52 Be&ver. Gans, J S. & Son, 86 WalL Oeborne Cha. F., 15 Old sl,jp. Rader, lll. & Son, 123 Pearl. loiANUFAOTUREBS OP TOBACCO. & LY!l!r 54 a.nd 56 fuoad. Buehner D. 256 ooa.ncy. Cclo)l, Vi:Bc6nt L. Ludlow. Edmonaton, S. S. & Bro. 218 & 215 Gi!1ende!l.a.. II: CD., lU, 116, and 117 Libbrty. Qoetze. J:r. A. &Bro., 828 Washington. Goodwin & Co., 'IJJ7 and 209 W&ter. BDyt, TbOIIIBII & Co., !Of, Pearl. Iillney Bros. 14.1 West Broadway. IJcAlpin, D. B .t Co., co1. Annua D aod Tenth. )(iller, !lira. G. a. & Co., 97 Columb1a. lt&PJI, 8. 76 Fnlt<>n. ..llhctwell, ),). A & Son, 174 EightQ l!pier, Swan & Oo., 71 John. .lWINTIJ 1'011 SJIOIWIG TOB.lOOOS, :&TO. Eller, J., 177 Pearl. Ben, E. i6 Liberly, :ar..i.NuFACl'UIU!ES OF ClGAJIS. AlHlrbach, 8.,188 ill'. & Co., S29 Btlwery. eut .. a. .. .t lUYel: 72 lluden Lane. 7rey Br.,., Il Gold. Genhel L. i Bro., @6 Maiden Lane. lti Habn;'HS'Water. Bin!cll D'& Co .1 2!17 Bowery, UJd 174, Blr!Mlhborn L. & Co., 110 Water. Jacoby, S & Pearl. loeepbe, 8.1 293 ..aghU. avenne. J[edi8 & Spies, 86 BOwEry. ,. llioe., 192 Pearl. :uohteDitel!l .BrQIJ., & Oo .. 121 Maiden Lane lllendel, M W. & Bro. 190 Pearl. Neubnrger, M., !9 Liberty. Jleed, L: F 19 Dey. &A wars & 189 Lewie. Seidenbnrg ., lOA N.D. lOBBUS IN .lLL lW'DS OF ""-""UPAor.IIBD TOBACCO ; IMPORTED .lliD 1 Ts.cbau & Co., C. G. lH Main. TOBACOO HJ.NUFACTUllEilS' SUPPioms. Wiggington, E. G. & Co., 29 Tllird. DEALmlS IN LEAF TOBACCO AND liU.NU'IIACl'U Iizms OF oiGA.llS. Alberding, G. & Co., 93 & 95 Third. LTNCHBU'RG, VA. Armietea.d, L. L. Carroll, J c W. Lt.!)ghorne, Geo. W. & Co. T:Jree, John H. :NEWAaS:, N. 1-. BrintzlnJ!hclfer, W. A. & 888 Broad Oa.mpbell,! & Oo., 484 Broad. NEW ORLE4NS, LA. Gieer, A. & Sons, 82a way. TOBACCO l"ACTOBS A.ND OOlOIISSION MEBCILUC'rl!, 4' Irby, J. J. & Co. 130 Gravier. BAX..'l'IMORE. TOB).CCO W .lBEHOUSI!S. Albre cht&. SchrOder, G2l:l. Calv ert. Beck & H¥, 60 8outb Gay. .ilolemus, Ct. B. & Co., 202 West Pratt. lloyi:1, W A. & Co., 33 :Souh. Bra1111e, F L. & Co., 87 Bonth Gay. Oie11ke, L & Co., 42 Charles. Gunther, L W., 90 L om bard. Kerckhoft' & Co., 49 S. Charles. Loose, C. & Co., 52 S Cbarlee. PirJett, B. F. & Co., 92 Lombard. Paul, Wm., !.51 W. J:lallimore, and 17 S.nth. Rosenfeld S. & Co., 53 Exchange Place. Scbroeder, Joe.&. Co., 81 Exchange Place. Wilkens & Kiier, 69 B. Charles. TOBACCO FAC'l'OBS. Niemann, 78 S. Ricardo, Lult.VIcb & Co., 83 Exchange Pla.ce 11ANVF ACTtmEIIS, ETC. Beck, F. W, & Co., 180 Jiortb. Fe! per, F. W 90 and 92 Sontb Charles. Huh,.gen, J. JJ. & Co., 27 C&mden. Willi: eBB & Co., 181 West l"ratt. liUNUFACll'UIIER OF CIGAB$. Gntb, 53 German. PACXEBS OF SEED LEAF TOBAOOO. Becker Brothers, 98 bard. DlULBII8 IN Bj.V.A.NA Aim DOMESTIC LEAF TO B.lCCO AliD Y.U.'UFACTU1\Eil8 OF OZG.l11& Marriott, G. H M., 332 W8stBaltimore. liUNUFACTUBU OF PLUG TOBAOOO. Neudecker, L. B 57 West Ba.ltimcre. lUNUFACTUllEIIB OF-smJYP. E. w. & tlon, 29 SouLb Ca.lvert. BOSTON. fiaber & Co., 23 Central Wharf. Holyoke, C. 0., 12 Central W aarf. lili.RUFAO'l'UIIEll OF\ CIGABS AND l>u.LZBS IN LEAF TOBACCO. Jacobson J 7 Bro!Ld. DEALE118 IN TOBACOO AND :HAN UFACTUREB OF OlG.lliS. Cvruth,C. H. &Co.,46 Ha.nover DlPOBTlllll8 OF 1LI.VANA Ol:GABS A.ND Ml.U' TG-BACCO Wtlder & 'Estabrook, 7 Cemmercil. BREMEN, GERMA.l'IT. OOilHISSION EIIOH.l:llT8, Westhoff Fred., jr. BROOKX.. Y.N, N. Y. Bul!anan & Lyall. BOX liUlflJlPACTUBEBS. Sberma.n Bro.tbers, 3 to 13 Sedgwick. PBTERSBU'RG. VA. Venable S. w. & Co. Young, R. A. & Bro., 4 Iron Front Bnildings. PHILADELPHIA. TOBA.COO WABEBOUSES An&than, M, & Co:>. 220 North Third. Bamberger, L.& 3 N. W&ter. Bremer1 Lewis, Sous, 322 Ncrth '!'bird. ., Dohan ; Taitt 1117 Arch Ed.,.a.rds, G. W., 39 N. Water. Eisenlobr, Wm & Co., 117 South Wa.lPr. Herbert, IJ south-east cor. Fourth &nd Uoce McDowell !If. K & Co., 3!1 North Water. Moore S. &J., 107 Water Sa.nk & Co 1 J, Rmaldo, 31 North. Water. BcblDldt, U, 53Ja8outh l:lecond. Teller, 117 North Third. Vetterlein J. & Co., 111 ATch Woodward drothers & Co. 33 NorLb W&ter. IMPOBTEll OF HAVANA AND YA.B.A TOBA CCO. Coetas, J., 134 S, DdJ&ware ave. llANUFACTUREllS, DEALERB, ETC. Bamberget L. & Co., 8 North Water. lUl!Ul"AOTDREliS OI' SCOTCH SNUPF. Mehl & Rattay, 666 Nort 11th. HA.NUFACTUliEliS OP SCOTCH SNUFI!'. Btewart M&rks. Rolpu & Co., 115 Arch. :M.A.NUFACTUBEilS OF CIGA.IIS. !lteiDer Smith Brothers & Knecht, 225 Roce. Theobald, .A, H. Third and Poplar. INSP.ECTOll SEED LEA711:0BAOOO. DickersoD, E. W., 10? North Water. PlTTSBURG, P A. JURUFACTUBEJIS OF f!li'IJFII'. Weyman & Bro., 79 JURUYACTUIII!!ll OF riiO: CIG4IUI 4liD DI!lA.LEB IN lol.lliUI'.lCl'UIIED TOB.lOOO. Poertsel, Emil, 2si Filth a v. QUmCY,lLL IU.NU'II.lCTUBEIIS OP PLUG TOBACco. Harris, Beebe & Co. RICHMOND, VA., OOKlncy upward a.nd onward left unrestrained. That there is a future in the l tobaooo trade such as was never suspected when taxes were first imposed, is demonstrated 'by the fact that under the most vexatious tyranny and hampered by an impost that, in the case of most articles, would proved prohibitory, the Ci)nsumption of. O\ll" sta:gle h!lll steadily and rapidly increased That the officials had not the slightest 4n liling of the capabilities of tobaeco as a revenue-producer, will be seen when we remember that only three or four years agiJ they considered teen to twenty 1 millions the largest possible annual income the weed would yield And now these gentlemen receive over thirty-three millions and still of raising the ax-rate to twenty-four, or thirty-tw o cents, uniform, in the hopes another five or six millions from the "Indian weed '' whic4 llas a.heady rendered them such generous returns. It is doubtful whether any interest in any other country, would have submitted quietly to such outrageous demands, and still we live in what spread-eagle orators are pleased to term, "a land of liberty.' When we cop.s.ider that to bacco is not only from other articles but from among the and taxed, in many cases an amount exceeding three times itn ot.\gina.l cost, while other so-called luxurie& are either entirely ex empted, or permitted tO escape with a very moderate impost, we may well wonder at the Iong-sufl'ering and extraordinary patience of our interest. Had the poli ticia.ns who fill our public offices a soul above the dross they are so bent on accumulating, we might expect that a. calm review of these facts would result in an amelioration of our condition ; but a past ilad experi ; ence has taught us that it. would be as reasonable to expect the of our'l to influence their ac tion, in our regard, as to look for the kindly deeds of sympathy to follow the hypocritical tears of the crocodile. Therefore, we havelong since ceased to look for any alleviation in our circumstances as a trade save as .the rellult of our Gwn vigorous action backed by the only arguments which theprofeasional place-hunters understantl DeB.&K C1: 'KLING, 82 50 New Streets, New York. OP II.& V Jll\TA CIG.AJlS,. And /lole Agenfs for tiN sale qf EL PRINCIPE DE CALES CIOARS, at the KB'Y; WES1',BRANCB of the celelmated El Principe de of Ira.,._ ---in, commercial t o command succ ', j and iiu;ist on t he claims which have been made iD It 1s also a plea nt1 re t tusce'nce of the. fire, to rebehalf. A few weeks will now decide which coons the part I!layed by trade. in our friends will pursue, and whether Congress will, th1s other c1tles m the way of extendmg a helpwill not, grant their requests. Never wa.a a more favor :I hand to who had been by so able OJ?portunity afforded any industry; Shall it be em--1 a calanuty. In. New Yor.k espeClally, _that porbmced, or will it be allowed to d.iiiMt t1on of trade which had b:en commercutlly coninevitably entailed upon the commerce we represent p nected wzth the unfortunate Ch1cago houses, came for-How bright, would the New Year dawn if we were sure ward a_s one man in credit a.n goods on the trade would make tlte best possible use of the boo;. most liberal terms. In thJS Vi&Y ot,he firms So aided events have placed within its grasp! In the past we_ ha.:e been. enabled to resurrect their. lrr1ried enterhave seen the of dissension and :u;t us. pnses, and to co mm-ence t:he New Year, crippled in-for once make trial oft at harmony and union of ef- deed, but with a spirit and' determination that will fort which we have so seldom invoked for our cause. bate no jot of heart or hope until their. former standA f ew days of patient, honest work will make our sa1ing has been !lgai n achieved. Thus do we find in one va.tion from the evils that now environ lliJ sure. Shall: of the greatest cala mities of mo.dern t imes, subject for they be given to the that for us means so much? gratulation that in the fierce strife for wealth that dis-If we can for once forg e t the minor issues that divide tinguishes us, there is still left enough of the sympathy us, and. ignore them while we make one final stand of uni-;-ersal br?therhood to incite to deeds worthy of for that Justice so l png denied, we shall enjoy, beyond: a far hero1c age than ours. all peradventure, and in a. sense unknown before, But while the exceptio n al calamity .at Chicago has A HAPPY NEW YEAR. excited our sympathy and unloosed our purse-strings, the trade has to lame1,1t other losses which, though unfor eseen, are inevitable, and con;tmon to our kind. We refer to the vacant pla.ces which the hand of Death yearly makes in-our number. How many who started with us at the c ommencement of the year with pros pects as encouraging hopes as bright as those of any who now read these have been stricken down ere their life-journey was achieved. Others havp been gathered a.b the close of a long career of usefulness like sheaves well ripened. Although the necrology of the year } s considerable in extent, the number of our more prominent men has not beEm greatly decreased. Still the list is a sad one and includes the names of John Schmitt, oJ Louisville Ky., J. F. Taitt, of Philadelphia, D. M. Seymour, of Hartford, and Wil-liam H Goodwin of New York These names were all honored and representativ$), in tbeir respectie ali ties, of the highest commercial integrity and t e most stainless pers()llal reputations our interest knows. They leave behind them examples which those of us whore main may well study and imitate. But not to tune our, straU, to too sad a key it is cheering to look forward a.nd forecast the future. Though the old year may closll on trade more or less. disorgan ized, owing to the contemplated change in the tax-rate, I the most cautious and prudent of prophets must foresee the renewed activity that almost certa.inly awaits us in the .immediate future. Especially is it inspiriting to remember that in the legislation about to be had re garding the traffia in the weed, the itself may play no unimportant .part. The fault, dear is not in our stars But in ourselves, that :we are underlings," WANTS THE LEAF-REcORD BooKs.-The Supervisor of' Internal Reve_nue of the Southern and Eastern Dis--: tricts of New York, has recently sent aprinted circular the various leaf tob_acco dea.lers of this city, requestmg them to allow the1r books of r ecord to be brought to his office to be copied for the use of the Internal Revenue Bureau, and promising to provide each dealer > in return for the favor with a new book for future a.Ocounts, and a receipt vr voucher for the old one taken away. This proposition of the Supervisor certainly offers one advantag e to the trade, and that is this : i\ will relieve dealer'S" of the insufferable annoyance to which they have been subjected during the whole of the present year of being continually ca.lled upon to furnish sworn statements to revenue officers of the quantity of tobacco sold This, it seems to U!! would be a great relief almost su:tlicient in to offset the anxiety of the worthy but alarmed 6erman dealer up town, who on receipt of a circular exclaimed, They'] ne:xt want u.s to deliver up our wives!" It will probably, all things considered be just as well to co ncede the use of the books for purpose required, they being asked as a. fator. Th& same plan will be adopted by the Supervisors of oilier Distri cts But while the trade has been generally prosperous under all these disa.dvanto,ges-while it has been able sensibly to elevate its 'end of the lever while government has done its "level best" to depress the otherone sad calamity in a single secbion blote .the fair re cord of the year. Our friends in ill-fated city of Chicago were a few weeks since, to sustain, in a comparatively few hours, such a. weight of misfortune as has rarely, if ever before, befallen a business community. A few, we fear, of those thus visited, will never again be able to resume the places thus involun tarily'ed, but the majority havlil come bravely to the front, in the struggle for a livelihood, with a promptness and cheerful alacrity tha,t must ever re flect credit on the annals of American commerce. We notice that a recent writer on the Great Fire asserts that it has only put back the hand of time some three years for Chicago, and that within that brief space, she will stand where she did on the first of October, 1871. Although this way prove too roseate a prophecy, as appl ed to the city's commerce as a whole, we have little doubt that that period will suffice to fully.rehabilitate the majority of OUr friends who have suffered. They, many of them ; aJ.though heavy losers, stilLconsiden. ble capital, energy IUld busillesa savoir says the poet, a.nd so if we com e out of the present crisis with the impost and the obnoxious rules and regulations increased rather than l essened, we will be compelled, in the interest of truth, to charge the result largely to ourselves. We now have the oppor tunity of petitioning Congress for our rights. Our National Association pla<;ed itself squarely on a. plat form on which tha _trade of the entire country can stand. So standing we can BOOlU'e....a.Jl. reasonable de ma.nds. If we fail in them, it will be because the of aU sections decline to come up a.a one man SELLING BY SAMPLE.-The United States Supreme Court rec ently decided a case of much mercantile interest, the right of selling by sample by un,licensed non-' residents. The question came up appea.led ':f'rom C. P.' of B a ltim ore, :where the defendant had been convicted ; the court ruling that the State l:aw forbidding such tr.tnsactioll.s was competent, since Congres has no power of regulating the internal traffic of any State. The plaintiff a.ppea.led from his decision on the ground that the Ma.ryli nd l aw clashes with control of affairs that was entrusted by the several States of Congress in the Constitution, and at the same time discriminates injuriously between tne citi' zens to difi'erent' States. The M=yland decision was sustained ; thus establishing the legality of laws every where forbidding sa.le by sample by non-residents without license. The subject has long been disputed. ,'NARROW ESOAPE OF A CmcAGO Fnm.-The well-known and enterprising firm, Messrs. Rothschild, Schroeder & Eliel, Chicago, write to a. c oiTespondeiit here, onde r date of the 19th inst : "We have to report a very narrow escape from being burnt out again last night The building adjoining ours was oonsumed by fire, bu* J I


, THE TOBACCO MARKET. DOMBBTIC. NEW YORK, DECnmER 26 yery fortunate ly w e have sustained no loss, with the uoeption of a f e w small articles which were stolen. Although. our stock was fully insured, we are exceed iDgly pleased :cot to have the least delay or interruption in our business, and are in fnll operation." Western Leaf.-The m arket.during the past week was extremely dull. The sales are called 297 hhds, but inf 1 How THEY HANDL E Toru.c co I N MARYLAND-Says "Paelud e 162 Virginia s old previously, and just reported. Planter" in the Maryland 'Fann er : "A.U good Theslil latter were principally primings s old "to ar aeasons should be embra ced to s trip tobacco Take. rive. ::. s and assgrt it well The extra t ime and c ost will lit weet. ad weet. weet. 5lh w &olr. T otal d k t. A.ll t Jllnuary ......... 572 792 739 897 3000 well repaid when it is offere m mar e sor s Februaey ...... 603 231 461 1016 2 200 ahould be smoothly preased by the hand, a bundle at a March .......... 629 751 310 573 592 2855 time, and bulk e d so as to put it in shape and render it . 632 572 141i 1267 4000 free from wrinkles. After a time before it gets warm ay. 339 1021 11117 1009 1614 51!09 b d h all June .... ..... 1144 1670 2675 1167 544 7200 :m ulk, it may be rebulke or ung .up sm July ............ 1933 1735 2029 1103 6800 81DOOth sticks to beco,me dry, or what 1s called 'conA.ugnet. ......... 2268 652 966 H88 1446 6800 clitioned.' A.s soon as i t becomes so dry that the September ...... 645 3157 846 948 6500 head of a bundle can be rung off, it should be taken October. .. 645 735 1003 91T 8300 do f ed NoTember ...... 583 1303 570 1136 448 4000 wn when in order and\ put in a our or su:-row December . 2117 554 297 1078 bulk and weighted heavily. From this condition bulk Virginia Leaf.-The market for Virginia leaf, and, in it. may safely be packed any moist day. It should, affact, for all the varieti e s of tobacco, is absolutely with being once dry, be exposed as short a time as posout anytping of a business nature to report. It can aible to Q a mp ,feather, for it will change color if left not, perhaps, be said there waa less trade doing during hanging in the ao1111e during long rainy or damp spells. the week than e-ver before for an equal period of time, Let it be 'remembred .that five hogsheads properly but it may be averred with certainty, that businesa hJ!Ii managed from the time of planting to package, will rarely or ne er been duller than in interim between more money than ten hogsheads grown and the last and present review, and u has been inti, after the usual slovenly way There is no mated, holds true of all the de nta of trade arop tha t repays so well and skill in its en-in the range of our ordinary weekly summary. &ire management as toba c ce. Mr. T. Kent, of Anne Prioos continue firm for all grades of Virginia toba.c county, many years ago ironed out every leaf co, but this is due rather to of future adFJf a prime hogshead 'and got $40 per 100 lbs. ; and for vanees than to any element a tJ'ifeent to be found in equally good tob&CM, pttt np in the-usual manner, only business c ircles, calculated to 8il8\ain prices We note pt .. 10 per 100 lbs If planters 'WOuld cultivate less sales of 15 hogsheads la..f and primings at full rates. in this crop, make the land rich and work it The markets of Richmond, Petersburg, and other cities Uloroughly, top the plants low, take great care in hand of Virginia, are void of animation, as we:Iearn from late liug, eulling, and assorting, the s ame amount of labor ad vices and receipts are coming in slowly and in small would yielll double the profit.'' volume The prevailing moist and mild weather, will, .&.moB BusT A.GMNST ToBAOco.-The Wisconsin however, materially improvo the cgantnyandqualityf?f OOa.pted, as it is, to the proper handiing and Coaference of the Methodist Episcopal Churca baa pnzmg of iobaooo. acJoptea a rule t.hat no candidate for Mmission shall Seed .Leo/.-Except to state that, nting to the .. admitted unlesa he abstain for all time from the use Counecticut correspondence ef a 1 Jt88d leaf "'tobacco. The bishops are requested not to transfer hQuse here. ''The farmers of the Valley are itlgh gl eA Y one already in the Conference, uaee it ; and haviag received nearly 50 per cent. more than they "'Uae propagation, manufacture, sale or use of all nar-expected for their tobaooo"-exoept, we (say, to state eo&io etimulants" is emphatically condemned. Tobacco this, there is little that is really new to oommunicate 'at ... been a staple crop with many farmers in districts this time; unless, b1 the way, another item ftom the -where.frienda of the Methodist persu.aaion a.bonnd, and same corr11spondence be to wit: "The Connec io be seen, says the Phila. P'ffll8, what eirect ticut crop of 1871 is alrea4y about two-thirds bought ..... will baYe OJ!. the growth of the noxup, and about one third of the Mauaohusetts crop." .._weed." .. What. with vegetables and their crusade The estimate CqDDecticut proba....... meat; the Dutch against Irish potatoes and bly 10111ewhat excess oHhe amount actually approthe Irish against the Dutch cabbages, it is hard to tell priated to date, though it must be admitted tha' care, .. .._will ie'8&fe to grow or raise any more The ful observers of the opinion that it is quite within great founder of Methodism, Wesley, introduced good bounds. Yet it would seem c&s if, even with the inorICCmlar tunes into ohurch music, beca1111e he was "op-dinate rush that has been made during the past f e w poeed to letting the devil have all the good things weeks to secure all available supplies from the crop, It may do for the brethren in Wisc onsin to preach there has Jla1 dly been time enough to get hold of ipinst growing tobacco in that region where the crop so much all two-thirds of all that was raised this year in .toes not jWlount to much ; 'but in Connecticut, Virthe Valley proper. Half of the crop is doubtless a Kentucky, where tobacco-growing means closer approximate to truth, a8 it must be borne in ,nopoatically money, we shall mistake the character of mind that the majority of the larger firms-the Napo theee people if they are not a opposed to letting the leona of the trade-have, from prudential motives, rede'Yil have all tb,e profits." frained from entering the field ot s4'ife, and will stand aloof for a while longer. A SAD REsuLT OJ' H:uol81l .-ltis perhaps rather late We bear less said now than a short time ago of the in the day to publish incidents of the Chicago fire, but exodus of bu,rers to the Middle and Western States, Uae Post relates one which deeerves more than a local and notice that, neither in new Pennsylvania or Ohio eirculation. It is lite story .of an Indian who had arstock, is there as much doing as seemed probable earriftd in the city but a few days before the great dislier in the season. The apathy in those quarters is liSter. A.s the flames advanced hi! was standing on the mainly traceable, it is reuonable to infer, to the fair of State' street. He gazed upon the rualiing promise of the Eastem yield. While it appeared proeolumna of fire as cAlmly as if he waa coBtentedly viewbable that, oWing to a large Connecticut and MassaiDg an Apache brother cutting the throat of an Arizona chusetts product, the price of these favorites would be 18Wer A.l1 about him was crackling ruin, but his moderate and within the reach of all branches of the bronzed face gave no indication of fear. Through the trade, the inducement to haste iD. purcb.Jyle of. sub&I;DOke and fire the panic-sttjcken called upon ltitu'tes-or, mote propedy speaking-riT}IJ.s, was not 1lim \Q fly but he stood 1mmob1le as B. statue and so great as it would otherwise have been But now Yo1lchsaled no answer The curling tongues of flame that experience has shown how little hope there is of him in a blazing garment, and soon he an immediate reduction in price in of perisbeda victim t9 a mistaken idea of courage. The abundance, either in the or elsewhere, it is only proprietor of the cigar stOre, who had him carefully natural to suppose that increased activity will soon be of a pine tree at a coat of twenty-five dol-apparent in regions that have seemed more or less neIIH, ia inconsolable. glected. =:--= --The reported sales of the week only include 300 08' It FoRGl".D CIG.llt L.usEr.s.-In consequence of a comState at about 35c. and 5() 08 Sundries at 200c. @ P,laint ptrde by Messr s Beck and Oo., of Havana, and 55c. their predeceaBQrs, A Bacallao and Co., of the same placP, against several cigar manufacturers at Hamburg; Spanish.-A buyer for a prominent Water street lOr fraudulently pasting their label!! on cigar boxes conhouse, :with wilom; we have had an interview, and who f d t H b d has returned within a day or two taining c igars manu acture a am urg, an a requr-reports :firm prices aad continued animation in the f11tion lodged with the Procurator that the case be fully i n Yestigated, the needful steps were take n by H a v ana market. Holders there count upon the manuthe pol i c e a uthoriti es a t Hamburg, and it was ascer facturing activity for some time noticeable here, as iained. that no les s taan tw e nty-four cigar me.nufncwell as upon the comparative lightness of the last crop tur"era of that ci t y w ere i n possession of forged l a bels for keeping rates well up. The keennes s of the H a pnrporting to be g en uine brands" Aguila de Oro, and va n s merchants-always an observable f eature in their "Flor A.picifiJlo.,' both of which were the property of intercour s e with foreigners-was never m ore prol'ie above-mentioned Havana houses. On appearing nounced than a t this time. They appear to imagine before the court the fac t s w ere pro v e d, and they that the game is entirely in their own hands, -and that were all con vict e d of the' offence and s entenced to pay they should m a ke the-most oftbeir oppertunity. Sev a fine of $50 eac h The fines wer e all paid without eral of our good and heavy buyers, not feeling disposed notice of appeal be i n g given and the forged labels c o n-to los e thflir little chance of profit in this market,conclud flscated 'an d destr o yed. ed tO let the holders keep their. stocks a while longer, and :-A "GENIUS" IN. THE ENGLISH ToBA C C O TRADE.Mr. Stephenaon, the manager for Mr. R. Wilson, tobacco manufacturer, Hull, bas obtained certificates from the &lienee and A.rt Department for proficiency in chemiatry, steam, acoustics light ana heat; magnetism and electricity and in animal physio l ogy besides receiving from the Society of .Arta, London, a first-class certifieate in domestic economy, and books to the amount of 1l. ; oJso i> Oirtificate on the metric system A. few months previ0\18 to receiving these, be obtained the 11ee0nd prize in Scripture history from London, amounting to 5l. He now possesses certificates for book keeping, ariijlmetic, mensuration, history, two in geography mathematics, Scripture, chemistry, two in .team &e., animal"phyaiology metrical ayatem and economy IJII ToBI.l&Y.-A. Turkish correspondent wrltes on tobacco is to be a.balished, and in its atead a. regie of that product is to be established-that ia to aay, the Government constitutes itself the ouly buyer the growers, and the only seller to con II'Qmen and exporters. A.n addition to the revenue of OYer two millions is expected to accrue 1Ulder this ar rangement. It looks well on paper, and is justified by r,receden t in France, Austria, Belgium etc., but to work it not only a l arge capital inequired, which the Govern ment does n o t command, hut also an e laborate organiz ation, wh ioo is lik e ly to prove a at the O\ltset, and likewise still to crumble to pieces through badne8s of the mate rials that will compose it. -=..--I --... A NEW C oLon.-lt i s seldom tha t the influenc e of tqbacco penetrates to the mys t e ries o f a lady's t o il ette, but this seaso n the nw diste h as laid the soothing w e ed under contributio n, and the most fa shionable colour for ooatume s i s no w a T i c h delicate gol d en-br o wn t erme d the M aryland tint." If the manufactur e r s o f the c h arm i n g new s h a d e co ul d render t h e dy e suitable f o r coloring the ve r itable leaf, i ts introduction into t o b acco fact o ries would b e v11ry wel come for the r e is p l enty of material which stands in need of a good co m p l exion. But w e supp o se the Excise would not lis t e n to t his sort of thing !J!!!!IIIIIII!....,_I __ AN eft'ort is "t:ingmade to extend the c ult iv a t io n of t he tob acco plant i n Austr alia, whe r e the cons umptio n o f the leaf is very la.rge O n e firm i n Vic toria has offered llO l p e r ton for go o d l e a f nnd ev e n a t that pr?-ce is t o obtain a n ything like an adequate IJOpply. so, returned here without having made a s ingle fur chase This fs the very best remedy we know o for high prices, and we commend i t once more to the trade, whether they are dealing with the Havane s e or with people of large acquisitiveness nearer home. Our informant confirm s previous favorable accounts of the crop now being cut. Concerning available stocks, he can form no true estimate, nor anything like a true ; for as with the inexhaustu.ble bottle, when you think the last bale has been drawn from its hiding place, another, and still ad infinitum, can be extracted from otner localities. 500 bales Havan11. were reported as sold during the week a.t 95c .1J$1 ,0, partly in bond and partly duty paid. .Manufi!Clure d.-Dulnesa protracted and profound characterized trausactiona in this department of trade throughout the week, and we are @Carcely able to re port the e xpression, "We have heard of som e all sales for c onsumption and also for ship ment ealers being too much occupied in the work of closing up the volume of the year, now rapidly de parting, to furnish even this small item of intelligence. It is well the record of the past affords matter concerning which they can busy themselves a little otherwise there might be danger of the growing ennui resulting in a chronic disr11lish for active employment. Though doing but little n ow, the idea prevails in the tradeand in which we are happy to concur -that if Congress will (jnly do its duty, the year to come will show a. good balance-sheet for bot4 merchants and manufacturers when the books are made up on January 1, 1873. Whether so much that is good can r easonably be ex pected of our lawmakers and rulers, remains to be seen. For our o w n part, we are not sanguine for w e d o n o t f e e l sure the requisite effort w ill b e m ade to in spire c o mp lian ce with the wishes of the trade, a s ex pressed a t the l a t e C o nven t ion and e lse where ; but we fee l s ure t n at, wi t h e nergetic exertion, the n e c es sary l egis l a ti o n wo ul d b e granted. Commis sio ne r Douglas we are info r med, d e c line s to reply dire ctl y to t h e c om munications that hav e be e n sen t to him regarding a c o n tinuance o f the e xisting bonde d ware house sy s tem by the dealers in manufacture d tob ac co e lectin g in stead, to r efe r tho se inte r e sted to hi s remarks in the late 'ann u a l rep or t of the Revenu e Burea u which be it obse r ved, co ntains not a so litary word of re f e renc e to the reas ons whioh impel its author to p r efer its a boli tio n The Commissioner says one, in who h a s well considered the whole question, well knows that our home trade baa been almpst entirely broken up, and that the only way to reTive it is to force every TOBACCO LEAF, ( hound of manufootured tobacco into bonded ware -ae[nd Common........ @ '" Fine ...... .' ...... .. .. '1 8'18 I of bids by the tlanters were nnmero So H -' k th t n 11 th O:ll' 't t ffi th Good do ...... 1)>@ 8J> G<>od .............. .... lK @110 US. I:a8 neW ousea. e 10180 nows a ,_u e r lCl ra c ere Medium................ 9 @I OJ> 11114 llddl.. a @17 atemmmg firms !JVe entered the loose tobacco market, is in tobaccos is due to the connivance of irresponsible .... .. ...... eo, es, 70 71 pr ct. r?und for loose crops is now freely offered. manufacturers, and, therefore, if desirous of fostering Upper Country .. .. I wtth an occaSional purchase at 8 cents. There is no d Ot t th h t t f th t d h G16 wrapper ............ 110 oo prizi(lg season b th ho t hil 't t t t Pemuy jy atlia8udLuif.-C ommoni'JIan .... .. 16 ()0@18 00 EV"'SVILLE D Y e WIM'S sys w e 1 IS a p a en uoc wrappers .. .... .. .. {)beroet.a-Si&e a ... 10 oo A.J., 110. 16.-Mr. Lee M. Gardner, To-that many very many, are much benefited thereby, Av.,.age lots........... 18 @2!1 lln;f-JI.AceoboT .... 86@-llO. bacco Broker repor"s 1as .... th FWe re ................. Rappee, French .. ... .. --@ 100 a ""rnoe my u repon ere and it is equally patent that if the system be ab o lish e d Sud doe .. --@--has been no change in the market. The continued dry the entire mercantile interest would suffer irreparnble : : :::: weather. and in views between buyers and injury. What worthy motive, then, can be assigned Filler ..... ...... .. U @16 .. u.,... .. -J.if sellers m the country gnes us very small receipts for seeking the change? It is inBUfficient, as an offset com. now 87-"@ 921' M. & H .............. ...... 24 Quotat10ns are as follows: New lugs, old to the inevitable great harm that will ensue, to urge ddoo ddoo !lnL. .1 0010 Don QuiJotB .... .......... 25 do, 6 50@8; oommon leaf te mediUDI 7 5"-9 'd to th t fr dul t d L d 1 th b b .,. LaCoroJadeEspona... ..... 211 .1!l ,., uw goo a au en pro UCtOnan saecan e etter e Ya50;llo'tofoldlugsandmediumleafaold broken ug, because this is not certain, nor even probYaral tut. 00 EL rollnod...... .... .. ... ltl at *6 70 to 69 60 u k t dr d te di to Yara II Cui.. @ 1 "G. c." 111 cueo .. .. e oop1ng an n ng able; an besides, by extending the bonded ware-Man .. far 'fOU g1ve us goo rece1p ... an probably ver 1 full prGvail, such practitles can be prevented, rendered imJ Fine ...... ... ...... "WyUII ElL" 450 Ilia. net. 2ll prices 'bl th h h 't d Good ..... .......... .... "LC.TCa"' ........... ..... 28 LOU,ISVILLED p0881 e,as eyarew ere ware ousesnowexts, an M edium .. ...... ....... :.10 .......... ... .. E CBMBm20.-Wereportasfollows: this any one. If it be demurred that :::: :: :: : :::: ::: ft: .. ;:: ... il The market has not been so active though the demand to obet .. illicit ol?erations in the lntter way would cost LiKht PreiOOd,extra-tDe, @56 s .:: .... .. .. .... ...... 23 still continues good Quotations except for some kinds more dau the obJect is worth, it may be answered, and Llgb.,.Preued, doe ...... 35 w s ...... ....... ;..... 2 5 are unchanged. The r e ceipts for the week were 2 5 8 emphatiotllJ &llswered, that the-object to be gain e d is IMPORTS. hhds, 409 boxes, and the expgrts were 500 hbds 1629 not alone the suppression of a parcel of scoundrels, but The arriv als at the port of New York from foreign boxes. The sales at the different warehouses the the saving of a whole branch of national industry-a po1ts for the week: ending December 26, included the same time were 362 hbds, :-large, affi.uent, generous, honorable branch of industry following consignments:-The Louisville House sold 83 hbds: 17 hhds HanSurely, to accomplish this cannot cost too much, cost 100 cases. coclr county lug s and leaf at. $8.60 @ 12. 75 ; 4 hhds what it may! Coagress cannot go far astray if the Weaver & Ste1Ty, 25 cases licorice root; Henry co11nty leaf and lugs at $6.60011; 5 hbds Mequestion is considered by it from this point of view. order 20 do. Lean c o unty lugs and leaf at $7.750"10; 1 hbd Todd' Smok ing.Theamoking trade is;neither duller"nor yet NAPLEs-order, 80 cases licorice. c ounty new leaf at $10; 6 hbds Henderson county leaf more active than when last referred to. comRoTTEBDAM--Jno. Tromp, 1 case cigars. at $9 tUO; 4 hhds Henderson county lugs at $60S ll plain more of the suspense they are left in by not HAVANA-A. S. Rosenbaum & Co., 83 bales; SohroehhdsGreencount.yleafat$7.10010;2hbdsGreen eo:mknowing wha faiure legislation is going to do, to or der & Bon, 112 do; M & E. S!Uomon 94 do; James ty lugs at 4 hhds Breckenridge oountylag1 for them, thaa of the backwardness of buyers, though McCaffil, 113 do ; F. Garcia, 125 flo ; Palmer & Scoand leaf at $8.40010; 8 hhds Warren oounty leaf at on the latter account, there is ample ground for accusaville, 141 do ; Strohn & Reitzenstein, 176 do ; F. Mi$709; 4 hhds Harts county leaf and lugs at $6 801)8.1() tive commt, though we kn o w very well the cause of rands, 213 do; RoM. E Kelley & Co., 431 do; E. 6 hhds Davi8118 c<.>unty new leaf, luge and t.raah at their aba&eation from,and their exclusiveness Rosenwald &, 215 do; L F. A.ujs, 244 do ; J. $6.85@8.20 ; 1 hhd Butler oounty leaf at$8.10 ; i hhds when thare. 1 Martinez, 14 do; Lewis, Philip & John Fr&nt, 15 cues Grayson count1 leaf at $7.101)7.20 ; 6 hhds Grayaoa Oigar&-Aa all along indicated, manufacturers are cigars; De Barry & Kling, 3 do: W. H. Wilson, 3 do; oounty lugs 1 hlullfadiaonoouty lugs lltill courageously contending with an indifferent asReaauld, Francois & Co, do ; S. Linington & Sbns, at $7 .5() ; hbds Trimble county new at t6. 60ft sortment of material, and barely remunerative returns 32 Park & Tilford, 6 do; Acker, Merrill & Con6.9(); 1 bhd Simpson county new lags at J6.85; 1 hhd for the excellent goods which they manage to extract dit, 21 do ; W H. Thomas & Brother, 55 do; J. Taylor county lugs at $7; 1 hhd Indiana leaf at$7.10; therefrom. Importers are less busy than they could Kausche, 2 do ; Smith & Crosby, 2 do ; J as. Lidger-5 hhds Indiana lugs at $6.9007 80 ; 1 hhd facto17 trult del!ire, bat look for impronment as the merits of rewood, 1 do ; J. A.. Casablanca, 2 do; Wylie, KneeYala at $4.30 nt importations of new pods beoome better known. & Co.,1 do: order, 247 bales. The Fanner' s House sold 37 hhda: 2 hhds Hardin Referring to the meeting in this city, on the Uth EXPORTS. county leaf at $7 .85, 8. 70 ; 12 hhds Hardin count1 inst., of cigar manufacturers, mentioned in our laat From the port of New York to foreign ports, other lugs at$6.1006.60; 5hhd.a. flart county lugs and leaf issue, we now .learn that the following petition was than European ports, for tbe week ending December at $6.80Q9.50 ; 1 hhd Meade county leaf at $8.80 ; 2 adopted, and that Messrs. H. Peetsch, and Conrad l!O, were as follows: hhds Larueoounty leaf and lugs at $6.80, 7.90; 7hbds Kuhn, were elected to lay before Congress :BRAZIL-l case cigars, $200. county leaf and lugs at $6@8.90 ; 6 hhds Da'lb the Honorable the &nate and House of RepresentaBRITISH A.usTBA.LIA-34, 178 lba mfd. $8,637. vtess oountyleaf, lugs and trash at$6.5008. 70 ; 2 hhW. t iues in Congress .As8embled.-The undersigned respectB -"" -y,. 50 A.llen county lugs anil leaf at $7.6()ft8 .a; 2 hbds h h f RITIS H ..,.,..,T caae s Lr\O'JI.n county common leaf and lugs at ..... 55, 7.6() 2 fully B OW t at, ln DO Spirit 0 selfishne s s nor groundBRITISH G UIANA-5 hhds $1, 425 -.,-... less discontent, nor from any desire to shift from them-BRITISH WEs' r INDIES 5 hhds, $1,183 ; 19 bales, $620; hhds Green county lags and leaf at $6.40, 8.10 ; 1 hhd selves the responsibilities which by right should attach 7 509 lb fd "'1120 Carroll county lugs at $10 ; 2 hhds Indiana leaf at $11, s m 13 50 3 hbds T 1 _.. *0 to them, but from a deeJ? conviction of its propriety CANADA-19 bales, $1,240; 15 cases licorice paste ; enne ss e e e ... at .p<>.10@8.20; 2 hhds and necesaity ; they ask f you to consider, at the $534 rejected. Present Congress, the law taxing the manufa cture of C 8 823lb fd *1497 The Pickett House sold 116 hhds: 17 hbds Davies& U BA- S, m .p t ld 1 f *14 tobacco and cigars, and if it shall seem meet to you, to DANISH WEsT lNmES1.692 lbs mfd, $581. coun Yo ea at .00 per 100 lbs; 6 hhds Daviess make chaages in certain provisions thereof which we DuTcH WFin l:s:niES-4,224lbs mfd, $1,160; county old leaf at $100U. 5(); 1 hhd Hancock oouty complain of as burdensome and not necessary for the FRENCH Wuor !NDIEB17 hhds, $2,235 old leaf at $14 .75; 1 hhd Hinry oounty leaf at $U.75 faithful collection of the taxes. We do not complain HAYTI-3 hhds, $657; 25 bales, $328. 1 hhd Trimble county leaf at $12.75; 2 hhds about the present tax of $5 per 1 000 on cigars, but the Nsw GR.A.NA.DA-10 cases, $348; 401 hales $10,434. county trash at $6 65, 7.10; 3 hbds Webster oounty mode and manner of its enforcement which are adopted To European ports for the week ending December old leaf at $12.50 ; 8 lihds r Henderson oounty old leaf by the Revenue Officers. These officers construe the 26 : at $8.60012.50 ; 10 hbds Henderson county old lugs at law diversly, so much so that nearly every one has his hhds. .$9 per 100 lbs each ; 2 hbds Henderson count7 trasa own regulations .. and thus confusion ensues, and opLrvntPO oL--43 hhds, 133,277 lbs mfd at t5,80, 5.8() ; 10 hbds Hart oounty leaf at $7.8009.80; portunities are taken by \he officers to annoy the trade, LoNDoN7 4 hhds, 73,417 lbs mfd. 2 hhds HArt county lugs at $6.80, 6.9() ; 1 hhd Fultoa wliich is needless, and of no service to the government SEviLLE-290 hhds. oounty leaf at $8.50; 2 hhds Trigg count1 old leaf and in oolleoting the revenue. The system adopted by the DOMESTIC RECEIPTS. lugs at $7.20, 8.50 ; 3 hhds Adair sounty leaf at $8 ; 1 1 Revenue. Officers in estimating that every SO lba. of fro d hbd Adair oounty lugs at $6.70 ; 2 hhds Metcalfe counLeafTobacco, marJI:edweights, must produce 1,000 ci Th:e arrivadls at thte _pod ofrtsNewf Yorthk .. ty leaf and lugs at 6.10, 7 .40; 2 hbds Taylor ooonty d b di"" oh mtenor an coas "'188 po or e '"""" 611. leaf at $8, 8 .60 2 hbds Taylor ooun+-1,...., .,, $6.50, gars, we eem unJ-., ecause CtgarS so mu 1n December 26, was .400 hhds., 116 tl"O!!. US pgs., 7o6 6 60 2 hhds M t 1 f "l 58 aiie, andLeafTObiccodifferssomuchin weight,thateicases, 2 boxes,.a4 ll 2861 boxes, oonsigned as ; ar10n coun Y ea a. 0, .10; 1 ther on.e having !ight weight tobacco and makings mall=t hhd Logan count.J leaf at $7.40 ; 2 hhds Breckenridge size cigars, would be able to defraud the Government, : E R E M W 'ght' 10 hbds county lugs at $6 10, 6.90 ; 24: hbds McLeaD. county while others, having heavier Leaf and making large-size Y THE BIE AILROAD.n : lugs at $9 per 100 lbs each ; 1 hhd Tennessee leaf at uld be 1 k d fr d be Goodwin & Co., 9 do. ; Kremelberg & Co., 6 do.; $11. 'IIi; 3 hbda Brown Ind., leaf at$7.10...,7.50, Clfl(&rf. wo oo e'"l upon as. e era, mg unaPollard, Pettus & Co., 13 do.; Sawyer, Wallace & Co., ..., ble to conform to the regulat10ns m regard to .the a-do. ; J.P. Quin & Co., 9 do. ; Guthrie & Co., 2 do ; !c:::ss Ind., ugs at $6.30ffJ7.10 ; 1 hhd amount. of Leaf Tobacco allow_ed for manufacturing. S. M Parker & Co 10 do. ; R. L. Maitland 7 The Boone House sold 46 hhds: 6 hhds Hart cou The system of co.mpelling eaoh manufacturer do. ; A.. D. Chockley & Qo., lido ; order, 24 do. to furwah two 1s very to most BY THE HuosoN Rivm RA.ILRO.w.-Pollard, Pettus & ty leaf $8.10ttl0.50; 3 hhds Hart county lugs at especially to working men about comCo 1 hhd; Palmer & Scoville, 22 'pkgs. $7'1)7.10; 4 hhds Logan eounty leaf at $8.1008.75; 2 mencmg busmess as they are often to procure B Y TBB NATIONAL LrNx.-Pollard, Pettus & Co., 12 hllds Logan county lug s at $7 .30, 8 ; 6 hbds GreeD. the.necessary Thus they are e1ther of hhds; J Mayer & Son 53 pgs. county leaf at $7 50tt8.90 ; 2 hhds Green county lugs the1r means of or tempted to VIolate the BY THE NEw YoRK AND NEW H&.VEN STEA.KBOAT $6 60, 7 .20 ; 3 hhds Barren oounty leaf at $808.80; laws, .. and, moreove_r, as we are compelled to D & A. Beurimo, 36 cases ; Havemeyer & Vigelius 2 hhds Breckenridge county leaf at $8.50, 8 .70; 1 hhd pay taxes. crgars m advance, we do not see any 19 do ; M. H. Ledin, 15 do ; S. Salomon, 10 do ; A. L Breckenridge county lugs a t $7.80; 1 hbd Larue ooun n e cess1tv of gmng bonds for the payment of the taxes. & C. L Halt 16 do. N Lackenbruch & Brother ty leaf at $7.90; 1 hbd Larue county lugs at $7.90; 1 The law ought to be changed, so every manufac 17 do. hhd Gray son county leaf at $7.70; 4 hbdsA.dair coun t!ll'er should be compelled to be and. have a BY THE OLD DoMINIO N LmE .-M. A.benh e im 10 hhds; ty lugs at $ 6 50l}7.70 ; 2 hhds T a ylor count,r luas a.t license. Also, for the better of the rJ)venue, Ceasar & Pauli, 63 do; Oelrich s & Co., 12 do ; Patter $6.90, 6.90; 2 hhds Marion connty lugs at $6.35, G.60; we would propose to h_ave the or dealer put son & Co., 25 do; H e ndArson Brothers 1 do; Dan'l 4 hhds Da.viess county lugs at $ 6 30l}7 .20; 1 hhd Da under the penalties for vwlatmg the law as Lyon, Jr., 13 do; A ,..D. Chockley & Co., 4 do, 5 trcs ; viess county old factory scraps at $4; 1 hhd Cumber WA would further represent, that m De Witt & Duncan, 18 do, 2 do ; W. O. Smith, 27 do land cou.nty new common lugs at $7 .40; 1 hbd Casey ?ur belief, secti_on 89 of tlf_e _Internal Revenue as 9 do ; S. Rapp, 4 cases ; L Ginter, 13 do ; E Hen, county common lug s at $ 7 .30; 1 hhd Spencer county, 1t now. stands, Is not exphc1t enough, concemmg the 40 do; A.. S Ros enbaUDI & Co 36 do; Jas. Chiev e s Ind., new lugs at $ 6 .40. removmg of from the manufactory or the place & Co ., 5 4 do ; Connolly & Co., 38 do ; Maddux Broth-The Ninth Street Hous e sold41 hbds; 1 hbd Trim where the are The. Governme:at Officers ers, 5 do ; R. Lindheim & Bo. 3 do; J B C. Woodble. county new low leaf at $15; 6 hhds Haneock S? construe thts m the. case. of a small cock, 2 do : Robinson, Lord & Co., 6 do; Weed & county old leaf a t 9.60tJ12.75; 1 hbd Hancock county havmg a he 1s to par-McNear, 10 do; Richey & Boniface, 107 do, lt box; old lugs at 8; 1 hhd Henry county new leaf at 12.50 tit10n off an enclosure m_the back part of his Bulkley, Moore & Co. SO do, 55 do; W. P. Kittredge 13 hhds Simpson county old leaf at 8 10@1().5(); wher e the work _but thts & Co 44 do, 80 do; Jos. D. Evans & Co., 28 do, 6 hhds' Simpson souniy new leaf at 7 .20tt8; 7 hhd8 as m ctties,1sgenera.llyne1ther suf-boxes; Dohan, Carroll & Co.;ll5 do, 44 do 50! boxes; Simpson county old lugs at 6.50@7.7(); 3 bhds nor large enough to and pack Blakemore, Mayo & Co., boxes; E DnBois, 130 county new lugs &t 6 95 W 7.50; 2 hhds Daviess county the mto boxes, the law now 1s,_ do ; J. D. Keilly Jr., 47 cases, lOOt boxes; N. L. Me-new lugs at 6.40ft)6.65 ; 1 hhd Breckenridge couat,facturer 1s to remove them satd enCready, 8 hhds, 17 cases ; order, 10 do, 2 boxes House sold 31 hhds : 1 hhd B.... closure Without ha':mg f:bem packed boxes and BY NoRTHRrvu BoATS.-S M. Parker& Co 24hhds; ""'"a the put on, whlle the show wmdow ?f the J. K. Smith & Son, 1 do; Pollard, Pettus & Co. 5 do. county leaf at $9 .60 ; 2 hhds Larue county leal at store, wh1ch Ill usually only 10 15 feet d1stant, Co.A.STWISE FROM BA.LTnlOBE.-Kremelberg & Co., 52 8 80tt9.60 ; 3 hhds Lar11e county Jugs at 6.60Q7.90 ; 5 on the same floor, giVe h_im the hhds F W. Tatgenhorst & Co., 1 do; M. J. Eller 5 hhds Hart county leaf a.t 8.40tt9.50 ; 4 hbd8 Hart light. and room for oonvement B?rtmg and packmg. pga. county lugs at 6 i 6{}ftl7 90 ; 5 hhds Hardin oouaty leaf Hop_lDg that your. Honorable would be CoASTWISE FROM NEw 0RLEA.Ns D. Hirsch & Co., 30 and lugs at 7tt7.80; 1 hhd Warren county leaf at giVe due attent1on to the foregomg, your petitioners pga. 7.60; 1 hhd Grayson county leaf a.t 7; 2 hbds Simp will ever pray. C F 0 d 6 son county leaf at 7 W 7.55; 2 hbds Marion count7luga Gold opened at 108.and closeJ at 108 1 OA.S'l'WIBE FROM ERNANDINA.r er, pgs. at 7.6{}ftl7.70 ; 1 hhd Trigg county lugs at 7.40; 4hhds .Fxchange is held at steady rates. BOSTON,_ DECEMBER 23. -;-We _report al'l follows:-;-old tobacco, fuuked, at 8 W 8.50. We quote billsat60days on London, 108!01087 for market 18 un_changed etther m the demand or m The Kentucky Tobacco Association sold 8 hhds: 1 commercial; 109ttl09! for bankers ; do pnces. The receipts have been 70 hb.ds, 49 bales and hhd Christian county leaf at $9:30 ; 2 hhds Davieas sight, J09f@109;I : Parill at 60 days, 5.36!05.31!; do. and 233 The exports were 80 hhds to connty leaf at 7.90tt8.60 ; 3 .hhds Henderson county at short sight, 5.26jtt5.26! ; Antwerp, ; 1 do to 2 and 2 boxes to the medium leaf and lugs at 6 40l}7 .70; 1 hhd Hopkins Swiss 5 26i@5.21! ; Hamburg, 35ftll36 k ; Amsterdam, Bntlsh North and 1 do and 28 county lugs 6.80; 1 hhd Breckenridge county lugs 40@407 ; ,Frankfort, 40 j @41i ; Bremen, pakgs to Brltlllh West Ind1 es. at 6.30. p s th 1 71,1,B723 CINCmNA.TI DECEMBER 23. -Mr. J. A..Johnaon, rePA.DUCA.H, DECEMBBB 21.-The K e nluckian reports ha ersb, 41M iJ d 'th t h h porter of the Cincinnati Tobacco Association, writes as mg, .. s ave een qwet an w1 ou muc c a.nge follows : as follows :-The tobacco market is duU. There is but; t 8 little tobacco offering, and mostly of an inferior m ra e Messrs. Ca s ey, Timb e rlake & Co. offered 14 hhds as q ualitv Prices, how e ver, are firm. After the holidas ere of aeed l eat tobacco are canuono1 agalnol aeooptlng our r e follows 7 hhds Mason and Brack e n counties lugs and J J poned aale and quotat.iono of oeed the prioeo that ahould f are over, the farmers, should a season occur, will prebe obtaine d liT the m at drel ballcL Growers cannotexpool to oeu lheucrops common le af at $10.75, 11, 11 .50, 12.25, 12.50, 13, 13 75. pare their tooacco' for market, when w e may expect a t o r the...-ame pri ces as are obtained OD. a r&o-lale of the crop here. Of course 1 hhd o wen county leaf at 17 75 2 hhds new Indi tllrerore the price obtailulblo by bns' k bnol'ness in this d e ...... rtment. The s-'e" at all the ",lrowora wlU alwal'a be somewhat lowe r thm our quotations. ana at $11 12. 1 hhd West Virginia l ea f a.t $8 .50. 3 h ....,h t t r-D.J. tee h ... ,.hw ds QUOTATIONS oF WHOLEBA.LE PBICES. hhds Missomi leaf at $ 8 .60, 8 95 9 t e ware ouses amoun o o y seven n ogs ea w..,__Ltght 1oac. Thirdl9 1 n ............. .. o @ll6 Messrs. Wayne & Ratterman offered 9 hhds as fol-during the wetlk at the prices quoted below :-Kay, Shipping, common lugs. 1-" B>i Qu at $8.60. 3 b f 11 3 hhd 1 "'6 80 7 20 3 d Seleetton ........ J ..... 1 2 @13 .1\avy Haq P&Mndl.hhds Southern Kentucky lenf at "'8.10, 8.80, 10 .75. to acco as o ows : s ugs fil ; o. ......... @28 Offering; wee k ending Dec 23, 2 a hhds,boxes. medium leaf $8 00'11J8 90; 3 do. shippers $8 90tt9 H eavy teat 1 ,._"' 8 '' Longlo'o ..... .. .... .. 2 i @27 Recel 'pts " 8 "" 90. Lynn Boyd Wareh o us e Company sold 6 hhds. of Co Lady Flogero, Bolls ... .. 46 @00 Ofi a corresponding w eek 70 116 79 w MedlUm........ ...... 9),@11 PocketPieees ............ 'lS @Sb enng good Shipper $ 10 75. Good ....... .... ...... 11 @llY. Bright Twist (Virginia), 25 @35 Receipts 5 2 3 2 Fme .. ... .. '.... .... ... u @13 Brigh t G<>ld Bars, do .... @3a Our m arke t has b ee n extrem ely dull this w e ek. R e RICHM ON D, DE e ..................... l8 @20 the thermom eterdownto ze ro, and our river fro ze n pastwee. ncesremamuna ange usmesscos e Lowtomedlum lear.... 8 @r9Y, Common, m edium .... .. @18 d t th t b h d 'll tb d Good t o dne..... .... .. 10 2 H a ........................ 17 20 o v e r for the fir s t time in fifteen y ear s, Navigation and toay a. e o acc o exc ange, an 1V1 no e resume Heavy Shipping Lear... .. .. .. ........ 17 a ll handlihg of tobac c o e ntirely suspended. until after the holid ays. Transactions for the week ........ 18 CLARKSVILLE, TENN. DBaEMBER 23.-Messrs. M. were 137 hhds 94 tcs, and 7 boxes. .. :: i: H. Clark & Brothers, leaf tob acco brokers, report:SA.N FRANCISCO, D ECEMBER 15.-We. report that :Mediumandllne rod.. .. 8J>l2 common to medium u @11 Our receipts are fuller this week, and sales amounted there is very little doing either in leaf or manufactured, Com. to mod. -led. 7 @10 1't>

l' \ to this port from domestic Atlantic ports 8 hbds, 35l e:ases. ST. LOUIS, 20.-Mr. J. E. Haynes, tobacco broker, reports as follows :-Received 82 hhds against 83 the previous week. Offerings were light, the de mand good, and prices steady and fitm Sales from Thursday to ,.est.erday inc:lusive, hhds. 1 at $4.40, (scraps); 10 :at $510@5.90 ; 9 at $6(1)6.90; 12 at $7 fJ7.70; 4 at $8.80@8 .90; 6 at $9@9.80; 1 at $11.75, and 1 at $13.50, and 23. boxes a.t $4.40'lll12. In the same time 3 hhds were passed, and bids were rejected on 13 hhds at $6.80(1)12, and 2 boxes at $5 .60(1)6.80. To-8ay, steady, and sales 6 hhds at and 1 box at $5.70. No rejections We quote: New lugs $5.2606.25, old do $607, uew common leaf $6.50'UJ7, old common leaf new medium $7.,50aJ9.50, old do $9fJll, new good do $10aJ12, old do $12aJ15 THE TOBA...CCO LEAP ing. Greek : There has been business done in. THE UsE OF CoB.\LT FOR KILLING ToBAcco Wol\)(s.-It tlae commoner Macedonion : Very little is a n old adage, and one well worthy of remembra11ce offering. Turkey' : Fine classt!s only enqui1 ed fo,. In says a writer in a Virginia. cotemporary. that other growths nothing worthy of notice occarred. ma.kes two blades of grass to grQw, where only one : Manilla and Havana w ithout change grew before, is a b e nefactor to the human race, and so MELBOURNE, SEPTDilln 9th. Mr. H. C. Fr&also !l he who devises any plan to lighten the labors, ser, of Hesiii'S. Fraser & Co., Tobacco Broker, er to increase the gains, or the certainty ()f crops of 7E'ports:-Transo.ctions during the. month, except the o.gricnltui-ist, because in a,ariculture there are no Aromatics, have been limited The l arge qno.uopportuniti e s for s pecula.tion; there is no loyal road t) tity of tobacco taken out of bond last month (in u n fQ.rtune, but fortune, if attained, must be at the cost of with a chief who should be a Cabinet officer. At that time the President favored the plan, and it was pushed in the House With all the p()wer of Gen. Schenc-k and !!erio1lsly believed by many that the time is close t hand when the Bureau can be entirely doue away with as an. of the governmental machine; and 1t .1s. a bill .to i' a Department1 or gwe ilpermtJnfmcy a.! a Bureau, could grl three 'UOle8 n m lher house No bright offering. ticipation of the increase of the duty) ha.s, economy and a determined PusoiO:L OF THE BALTIMORE ToBACCO TRADB--VIEWlloP fered with the usual course of, and until duty to the of lif e all exercised underA L&ADIJSG DEALER ON THE Tn.A correspondent of the paid stocks are out o1 hand, we do not look for mucll the gu1da.nce of mtelligence and experience. There New York J o urnal of Commerc e thus writes frotp. Ba.lti mquiry. The duty of 2s per lb on manufactured a.nd have been many schemes origina.ted in the fertile brains more: ;There are numbers of import.n.nt tobacco man-1s per lb on unmanufactured, is the same as that imof WlBEoDBER 9.-Mr. F W. Smythe, toAndrew s, ls 4d; Kerr's, none; Queen the gro.tulatiO.t;t m these days of scar c ity of l abor .. I pro-ofthe article But I>lng, fine cut; snuff and smoking bacco cemmission merchamt, reports: Since my circu Is ld t,o lid; She!!a.rd's, ; Triumph, Is 2d ; imbrmg to your nottce the plan of destroymgthe tobacco men c ould notagreeamong themselveswhether lar of let inst. was made up, sales have been made to porters limits-quotations nominal. a'ens Northern tl.y whlc h the. tobacco worm, by means of tne unifma tax inste1d of 16 cents on so ne grades and a moderate extent, chietl.y to manufacturers and deal-7d to 8d, best brands; mediWII, 7d to lOd{ Southern: or tl.y pmson .. It.1s known that the la.rge mil32 cents p11 l'Ouud on others, should be 16, 24, or 32 era, in the common daily retail way 1 Some of them, 11d to Is 4d, best brands. Half-pounds.-Northern, r or buttertl.y, wh1ch 1s the of the tobacco cents pou n d Ri ght in the city of New York, one however, have taken sufficient strips and factory dried 4d to 6d; Southern (Tortoiseshell), 9d to Is 3d; Southworm, lS very of the tl.owers of Jamestown weed pa.rty sa1dlow e r 1t to 16, another run it up to leaf to keep them going for a few weeks. They would ern (bla.ek ),\lOd to Is 3d. Aromatic. -Western Halve!', ( Dratura Stramomum ), and by poisoning these tl.owers 32. The Revenue Bureau of course wanted it 32 haTe bought. more had they not been under the im-none; Pounds, Done; Southern Po11Dds. lOd to h the fly .sucks the poison and ia killed. This plan il' no Congress, di s co vering so n:nch diversity of opinion: pression that when sampling of the Jarge imports durLight Pressed Pounds, scaree; Hains, scarce; Twist: new but has been for years In the report of would not touch the question. Mr. Gail thinks that ing the past fiTe months will be completed, stocks will 9 to 1s 6d; Pocket Pieces, Is 2d to Is 3ld; Gold Bo.r F the _A.gnoultural for 186 9 it was mentioned as the tax should be reduced too, and made uniform at 16 be freely placed on the market, and that they can suplOd to ls 2d ; Navy Half-pounds and Po.nds lOd to been used. w1th much success, and I have nocents, f o r se v eral 1 easons. He contends that goodS ply themselves on better terms in the early pa.rt of the ls 2d; Eighths, Sixes, 1s 2d to 4d. of 1ts use in many instances are and stamped in many inetances below ihll new yea.r. For export, either to Africa or to the ConCalcutta Leal, 1-64d told, nomino.l, no demand: Plugs, tha.t time. During the. year it was adopted and that a dishe:nest deal_jlr ga.ins every advan tillent, nothing has been done in eitber Western or 3d to_ 4d; Leaf, 2d told. Leaf for mannfacturin -10 80";le of the lo!'er counties of Maryland, by co tage m tl!.e present discrimina.tion He says he has no Virginia leaf; Mary lands quiet, t.he trade being 8d to ls ld, scarce:, or oihvwiee the uoe or any m&c.bine or ID.IItrument and wiu.oln JlNIIIIt or &weet<}ned, and on all other killld& of JD&Zmfaetnred DOt; h e r ein pronded to_r Sllo per lb. ; lhllotill.r emlalvely or e ;ems, or or leaf, Wlth all the stem in and 80 told. the .., h aving been pre'fioualy stripped, but\ed, or rolled, f.-Which n o part of the atema hAve been by liNn&' strippiD dressing. or i u any other manner, e itber befwe. dariutr; aft.4' tb8 prvceas ol manufac turing; Fine-cut U>e refuae of cll<>wing o has pr.aee d through a riddle of tbirt.y...U: mesb u to tbe squal e mch by proce u of liftiDg; reluee ICrt.pd anil sweepmgs o f toba c co, 16c.:per lb. O n Cigo.r e of aU descriptions, of Tobt.eeo or any eubetltute therefor $ 5 per thousand; ou Cigare tte weighing not exCt.ediJlc three pounds p e r thousand, $1 50 p e r when weighing n : ceeding t hree pounds p o r th ousand, $5 per thouand.. llnuffmanufacture d oftobacoo, or any subetitute for ground; dry, d &mp, pickled, scented, or ot.herwiee, of aJl descriptio..; when prepareli f o r use, a tax of 32c. per lb. And snn'lf-flour when sold., or removed for u s e o r consumptiont shall be taxed a s nnfl'. and h..Il "Qe put up in packages &lld etampea in the Bllllle m&llller &I sunff. ... Tobacco, duty 35o. per 'pound, gold. :Poreign (ljgare, $2 50 per lvound and 250per cent. IN t>alorem. Importoo CJgars also bear an lnte rnal ta x of $II per ll., \o be paid by a t the Custom Bouse (Revenue Ad, !IS.) Tile imp6rt dut:+ on manufactured tob,.ooo is 5Clc p e r lb. Lear. st emmed, liSe. per 1 b In addition \o this duty, Revenue tai the s a m e kind o f lxlba.cco made in this oonnU,O mDII\ be paid. Tbe tobaaco must also be p.Ued HCOrdiDg \o $be ltplalieu SOVemiD tobacco made here, .,


/ .4 'THE T -OBACCO LEAF. .... New York Co=ission IVIerchants. WM. B B. c WHB:ELO CK WM. P-KJ REDCE & CO., 1fhe Virginia Tobacco Agenc C 'l'T Co AGENTO YOB ALL T1IB EST.A.BLIERED IN 1836, llY H.A.RLES m. NNOLLY. POP1J'LA..R. BRA...N :DS .OF VIRGINIA. TOBA.VVO. COV vo I ,LJ i-G.,O --11 11 .. S&ncbo Paoea :Bteveo. o'clock, l'lrlde of the tJ, S. Pine API"" V enne S. Scon, S.Uers Favorite, 08erlJ', Little Ml&ml, Rndora, Indian Star, Jl'own, Com.JDissioD. DlcJ9ohants IN U oldc n Rale, Wide A>rake, Catrenq, John R. Allen, Anderoon, fi, W. Barnes, Maorr's Cbeice, Mai t l and, LEA F & MANUFACIURED TOBAOCO, THO!.. J SLAUGHTER. B 45 WATER .NEW,YORK. DOHAN, CARROLL & 00., TOBACCO C .ommission No. 104 FRONT STREET7 J. DoHAN, ALEX. FoRM.AJ.\, ( :OOQW' s THOS. CAR.ROLL, 2 JNO. T. TAITT, A[ents for thrlollowin well known Vir[inia Mannfa tnrcrs: "'HOS. HARDGROVE, .9. PACE & CO. BAtiLAND & JONES, BAGLAND & TOSH, TAYLOR & CO., WINNIE & TALBOT,. L. W. WISE, R. A. PATTERSON & CO., J. P. Wlll.LIAMSON, L. LOn'IER. N.Y. Commission Merohants BULKLEY MOORE & CO. v norNr.A Tobacco Commission Merchants A .... ''= KREMELBERG & CO., :NEW-YORK, .liD F. L. BRAUNS & CO., BALTIKORE, Tobtreco CG!l1Bi&&i6n Jm:hanlS. aevel'&l bandl of Lleorlee, dtf'ocf OOlll'lantly on li&Dd, -lor tale, Ill II ... r iulf ,ald,ln too ault purchuon. Gt-114 ISAAC "EAD, Successor to CLEHENT RK&D, Commission Merctlant, Au Dealer i,. Yl"ffjl .. U. aJ&d .,._ L&

I I I THE TOBACCO LEAF. of the e?ftanujacturers1 v ; -, & SGQT{ILLE, !111-G:STE.RS QF Al\'D JODBSRS 011' AL LEAF No. 1'10 Water New York. L. PALMER H. SOOVII.LE, SCHEIDER, D:E..ALE.R IN '"' .:f!Jhe .5oU.acc.o. Jlla.n.u.f!a.cill. t et.s! :ftB.Saciatian. af! ..}feut. f!J.aJ'k /.Li!Jj. Lea1.1.e ta call th.e atten.tian. at' the Tradte ta their s.t..ack af. fflgt1/rs, a. sene.l"al as.s.adment, manufaci.tue.d i.n. theit. a.rul. *.ted fat-o.aie at j1.tice.8. w.fiidi. it i.A ue.Lieu.ed mub.t ILe B.ati..Afh.clat.!.f ta lutg.e.ts. :;;> -LE:A:F T9B:Aeeo, .!!}he!:J. i.a enalded, UIJ. m.ea.1U1 of ita exl.en.JJi.u.e.,. ia a.f/ef. a U;t.ea:l 110..t.iel.g. af w.eL1. made u.t t.a.f.e.l. u.n.if-atmlg. Law.e t.h.a:n. cuuenl. m.a.t.leet ft.tice, an.d til. execate b t.amlzif(t aLL otde.t.d. 144 39 WARREN ST., New York. Depot for John F" Allen's celebrated brand of VIrginia I Smoking Tobacco, factory No. 14 Richmond, Ya. N.Y., PUBLISHERS 011' 43 NEW :: PIPES, SIIOXEU' RTICLES :iLeft.r' ,. EV.E1RY BU'SINESS IN THE UNITED LISTS OF NAMES IN MANUSCR P'.l1 OF HANl1FACTURERS, 1 PROFESSIONAL MEN, F.!. MEnS, AND .ALL WHOLESALE .AND RETA1J. TRADES SUPPLIED TO PARTIES DESIRING TO INCREASE THEIR BUSIN:nsa l.. L. Gj,_88BB'l' Circulars, Envelopes or. W ad4ressed. at chaw'Js t.d a'ny Leaf Tobaooo, line of Trade in the United States and No. 160 Street, New York. Canada. for parties who may prefer a YOLCER .... -H UNEKEN o'heap and e"'ective mode of advera iising. If' JlallafocTIC JUST PUBLISHED. H y A NASE cARs, List of Jewelers &c., iq lhe U. S., And Dealenln all klnda ot I Pri""' ..$U.OQ -. LEAF T BACCO, List of Papr Mills, Pablishers, Printem, 11 ''Yorl. &c., in tr. S. Price, G. l!Or.GH. 't. HUNEKEN. IN P j 1FELIX M IUND List oi and F0011ders in J.. WESTHEIM & Tobacc PEARL or .o:lumbers, & HAVAN EAf TOBACCO, LBuaniO. A Bllll&niO. .t'R!EDERl C K ll. JOHNSON DI.ARTIN a JOIINSONJI accn Commissimt Merchants. AGENTS 'II'OR TJ'[E BALK Oil' .ALL THE SIDIOK Samuel Josepns, llAHUI'AC't'1T&&B 01' Impo1"ter oj' an!! .Dealet; fn FINE D ME8TIC .C.EAF TOBAOCC AND SECARS, Oect fj!19 DF ALL DEICRifTIOII, ro SEGA.B BOXES, Furnished In qD&Iltitiea to oult, b,. B.C>:EJD.!E.Al.'lir _., :El"'J!D?':EIUE'LN' ... 218 LEWIS STREET, N. Y. Gt04 Oe4or Depot, 465 to 476 1/f DULDII Ill .w. lDD8 or Leaf Tobacco, B C --172 WA-TER STREET, :_ --------. J .Arthnls Murphy & Oo., '1.11 NA88AU w .. N-York. I E. & G. FRIEND & co., DBALans IN Tobacco, 129 MAIDEN LANE, X. BROCK. Jr. 1lB'Ini1CI. 165 Water Street, l24. W .A.TEB-BTBElllT, 11&-.e OD "!:!flJAl' TOBACCO for md ROllE USJL 1. SCBM'1."1', R STE!i\'ECKE NEW NEVI YORK. M. BROCK &. CO., S. OATDIAN, Finest of A. No, 254 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. ---Havana and Domestic LEAF. TOBACCO, 147 JY.ATEB STBEET, NEW YORK. DOMESTIC 0 M. w. MEIIDEL & BRO. II & Leaf VllnM\IVVLeaf Tobacoo 1 -. M itarer ... Wl'ORK ... .. 329 :BC?VVER.T, 'NEW' YOBit. I A. H. CARDOZO & CO., Tobacco & Cotton Factors, ...... Genen.l Comiesioa Kercllantll, No. 1.23 P-rl fkr-t. :New ..... .,._ In every respect a First-Class Institution. ASSETS, $2,800,000. All-Profits Divided Annually amongst the Assured, C>F:Jr'XOER.S I WllTERS.'GBIFFITH, President. J, H. FROTDGJI.UI, Treasurer. GEORGE C. BIPLET, Seeretarr. ,r WILLUK L OOftD, .l.oAaa7 GOOD GERMAN AGENTS WANTED: .. SPENCE BRITDIIS & Co. lUNUFACTUB.lilBS OF 'l'HB ()m.BBJU.T&D "EQUITABLE LIFE" Bun.DING, Broadway, Cedar Stre,, New YorA CAPITAL. 31.000.000. CH.A.S. E. 00,., [SUOCESSORS TO H. VON HOLTSN,] OF Ge:ruaali Oipar Mould a, l General t\Jrents for thj) United State& tond Cauda tor O!IENBIUJ()Jt & CO., .f!eni.DJ 111111 for I!IULLBB. & I!IEYNE., Zwlsch'eiiab, GerJiJU.J Dlno J;:: nnd To.n. California. Golden Fleece. EDWARD HEN, 43 LIBERTY ST. P O. liOel. GEO. f. fOY I Ct.; 85 S. WA.TEB Sl'.o The unprecedented sale o 0 Jl A 0 8 0 e it So be ex.tenalre!J counter-W. T. BLACICWEll, SDCCOI!IOf to J. n.. GRBENK. co si*>n when purobasing Durham, DUB1lAl'd:, N. o. W. T. BLAOKWE_LL'S BULL Coprript oocu...t _,,..u.r to 1 TradeMark. tfNTONIO ,..GONZALEZ, IIWPO;(TER OF AND L, CARVAJAL'S CIGARS, to L. CERSHEL & BRO., Wboleeale Dealero in Havana aod Domestic EG-.A.R.B, Also all Kinda of Lea.f TobaQoo, No. 86 MAIEN L.ANE, llllil:W & 00. .urD LIAf TOBJJ!CO, 110. :Jit WA.'na .8'1'BDT, k DWYO-. J A Larg e Assortment Constantly on Hand. 81 Chatham St.., cor. William. Ill. Ye liL SM.OIIOK. Jl M. & E. SALOJ{O'N; z...,...,.,.. I Havana Leaf Tobacco, AND FOREIGN No. 815 MAIDEN LANE, e NEWYO&S. G. REISMANN & CO-. LEAF TOBACCO. 179 PEARL B'fREBT. ........ l'taf _, (a-........ := NEW toBia


PBU.ADilLPIDA. .ADVml'ftBI!M IIN'I'S. I, stelDu-, Slth B2'011. KDeabt, llJIU- AU. mae x..m.a.:r.P, ...... .....,......,.. I ... C.,..... ... RACE ITRBBT, PHILADKLPHIA. ;> THE TO:OACOO LEAF. BAL"l"'MORB .ADVmt'l'mEJDIN'T8. CDIOilOrA.'I'I, ST. LOUIS, AliD WWl'liiiUJ ..&.Dv1iik"ftB1iiMMI. WM. A ... BOYD, & 00:1, MAL IN KAitTF.6.C'l'UltED .6ltD LEAF TOBACCO, CI:W\S, &c., 38 SOu'rii Wi-&BB'I', Baltimore, Md LEAF TOBACCO, LEAF TOBACCO, I 115 and I 17 West Front et., LB. BAM. C. WELLES A CO., CONN. SEED LEAF 154 State Street, I o STEWART, MARKS, RALPH cl CO., 11. WI1.KB1VS ... GO., Monum.ental Oity Tobaooo Work-. l. D. BURll1LUI & 00., CGOIIIIAil 01' &LK -,) 1 ud Jollloaw ha -CINCINNATI. Snn1r & Cigars, -....,..,..._ Mid fto&e.le Dlalouo ill 70BAOOO, OJGA.RS, and SMOKERS' ARTICLES, "RALPH'S" SCOTCH SNUFF, 11& &zacb. St., Philadelphia .... TEI,I,ER BROS., Paokers, Oommisafoo lllerchants, and Wholesale Dealers in .... D aDd. Dom.astlc Leaf' Tobacco, 117 North Third Street, Philadelphia. lo. tat WIST PUn STREET, l.lLTI.OU. D.. CDOIII:U'l'l, G.--1'1u ., "" ..... ., Smoktn 'lin'4 Ohewbl8 To'baaaatl, .drashears, Brown & Titus, M. FALK I& GO. 143 WATER STREET NEW YORK.. DeUen -t Fium'x. F.aail'x KLlli:R. a. amsu. BD. NIBIU.NN. -........ & Ja.i.eJ'-, IIIESKEBt, NIEMANN ToeAc:coa. LBJLP TOBACCO FACTPRS aa & a4 llaia at.. OiDainnati, Ohio. MERCHANTS ; :No. &9 Bouth Cbai'J.M, Dear Prat\ BAL'l'DIQIUI, MD. GUSTAV GUTH, r a 1 ., ..4ncl Commisaicm Jlerclw.niB, LOUIS STRASSER '78 South Oharlee St.,llaltimwe, Md. Manqfacturer of CIGARS, Jiiiiiiii a ., ) And dealer In Leaf, Phtg, and SIIICIIc1nc T ollaceo; Jtlan.utaoturera Smoking s:>J[EIIS' ARnCUS AIIO IJIIPORTEII HA11AUCIGARS c X a. .. All4 I.M!., "lrooNaooo, :1.87 W..d.LNUT BT, C(fte41l110tf, OAf<>_ .... -... o. _11 Geawa atawt, FOBEID 6 DODSTIO BmABI,I MORRIS & REID. __ .M.,!! uc, ........................... $ JW.Ue m ...... JJ:, .. .......,......, ...... l J L E A F T 0 ::SA 0 0 07 F. W. FELGNER, .. ._ ...... .._ .. BROKERS, __ ___.......;,;.;;,---,----Krohn, Feiss & Co., Segars and Tobaooo. Importen or Bmo'bra' .Art1cles, No. ll3 WEST FOUB1'H ST.j CINOINNA..TX 0, .. 165. UWEftTHAL co., ..... I Xtlaaf I FI.E 8EQAR81 .bl1nol..a. u.a.. Ia ; XE*P ... 78 Jfain Street, Cincinnati, o.1 And Wholeaale Dill_ Ia -TEAS, 7"/ 679 .a-11Uil8t. A. .a.. Bvlunlo\Jl, --;, 11:. D Wn.LUu. H'B.-&D ,_ J. B. Bvmm.ul. a IYW 1 B. a z. K. PB&SB, Seed-Leal T<>:O.ACCO, JS :Maz:ket Street, Hartfbrd, Cenn. WM. WE&TPHAL, COKIIISSIOI Il:RCJIANT, And Dealer ID COUECTICUT IE LUF Tobacco, 298 Mate' 8t Hartford, Conn JJ-And Manufacturers of all Crades of Cigars, I-o 8_B. Wate st., Philadelphia, Pa. 87 South Cay Sueet, 1 F. H. BISCHOFF, BA.LTDIORE .AID., Olf'H, Xo. coLLZe:. :su:u.nnre, I A. L &. F. :.SISSON. D h R hlabak, C:llellutl, Ohio. F WANKEL MAN, Paelrterandllanafacroreror JIO. IS --...aoWTIITI&BCI ... : 1.8 STREET. ._ CQ CJ:G.A.ES "'""' '"''' H .. Conn. :l"o. as .orth Wawr Street, ancl .. o. 31 :l"ort.h Delaware .Avaue, B F. ..,::::::; Jl.!.!. .,. ... \. ., L A ... T 0 a A c c 0 JIC.4.ZN 8f'.BEBT, c,:.,, ..... tC, o. 1:11-118 ----.., ..__Y&"Wm. JIHILADELPHIA, PA. MANUPAOTUDLIIA.,.o\IID8UQ P1"Celebral.edBrandoofVlrclnlaTobeccc. I WOODWORTH A STRONQ. TOB.&CCO.S, :-.tacauetTe .. cce&Cipn, HENRY MEYER s.P.cur"""""' DealereiD .J. BnlAI.Do 8.A.H & 00., I DOHAN & TAITT, .WRIGHT LEAF TOBACOO, \tlud General Com. Merchants, ocrwJ. Kenton Tobacco Warehouse. C .J' I S d l f T ba to VETTERLJ:IN & OO.,) Jntern'llrerenue Bonded Warehouse -. ..... IW.Da nr Sluff llaaufaetorers, J, ee ea 0 ceo. TOBACCO oilWAYNE&: RO'ri'BR1'4AN, IOJOnSSION MERCHANTS, M. E. McDOWELL A co., lid. Be Ohio Lea No. 29 & CaltJert St., PLUG .AND FINE OUT and UD (PintCollectionD!ItrictolP"""'11TIIIIia. ) BALTJli[OJlE Jl!ll) ti"''!Do. llll-'llro.-. Tobacco, l'l ... u-.outlaCioarlMIIt.. I ...... GREENUPSTREET. Xi Ul&chst.,Philadelphia." AND L. W. GUlfTBBil, 15, 17 and 19 West 7th Street, Covington, Ky. General Commiaa!on Kerchanta, BECK t. HAYEN. CENERU corue'Ox, xr. ($dwards. No. 39 lorth, Water st., ... a..u ,...,... ,...., Commission Mere bant, v .. Aa4 TOB.A.4JClO .. !.CTO.L .. -. : .u chan .9!ea ... -.,. No. 90 Lom})g.rd St... elty W k ;f L. U:.U TOUCCO. Kct Detroit Nov or Si 1 1 No.6080UXHG.AY8TBEBX W'"LII>eralad'N!cementa made OD Dl!lTBO:ITo ca. !..J!a. ftal-ih./lUahi-Uifeet, LEAF\ TOBACCO ., DALTIMON. MD. ..,.__._-JIIUbulelJUUa-. .. ...... ,c-., ........... .-, WPi G. KERCKHOFF k co., TOBACCO KNIVES e-s. & J. MOORE, c, PHILADELPHIA. CONN. sun--ti'nTOBACCO, '"THE VERY BEST." r o a A coo "'lm. Eise!!lo.b.r & co., Tobacco aad ()lg-ars, 49 South. IJttoeet, 1ommtclioa Berchants m No. 81 Exoha.nge Place.. DALTIIIORIE, CflDBCTIICUT SEED .:s .. X..TXD&O .. .w 107 Iorth !ci.&T.urA. .uo Y.t.a.t. GIESKE & CO., RIIARDS, LEFTWICH & CO., 11o11D4 Oit7 To'baoeo Wb. 14 & fJO., 'ouuailltdo Lea! Tobacco Factors PIIIUDELPuu. Dl &.OUt, Chewing & WHOLESALE Dli:ALK.P.S LEAF TOBACCO, Aim SEGARS .. HO IWOBTB "l"BIRD ST. -PH:IL.DELPHIA, P A.. J. COSTAS, w -...uom.. s w. Clark. Filii Don& Leaf .... obacco sa ExcHANGE PLA..cE, ......._ .a. Tobaooo, Killiokiniok, &o., B. SCHMIDT, "LEAF TOBlCCO" "'-"' c"" l 8'--J Baltimore. -- ar u ore.,.., ... ,..1 Jlloftlt. ...,., lltreeC., .. W ABJUIOVBJI, DALTIMOP!If R. A. Mn..LS, TOBACCO BROKER P. A. AuiUCJJr, L. BoJO!i)oa:a. .. ALBRECHT & SCHRODER, WHOLESALE DEALERS I /UsO full lln11 of 8epl'8 l!anulaclllred a.nct UD Dl WALL Jl"1', LO'IJ'IB, BELVIN C.& R. DORIITZER & CO., Leaf & Cigars, 8BIOkiDir .It Cbewln.-Tobaeco, and AJI Kinch of Smokers 123 Market istre@lt1 bet. 2d a.nd 3d St""!ltl, ST. MO. S:KITB & THOIIAS, lllmelllclllrere ot all kinda o! DU'OBTXR OF HAVANA and YA'RA Tob&ecc. HA VAll' A ... Commission Merchants No. IJ8l South Second Comiuion ltlerchant, ...., 70:a TB:J: s.ALII ol' TQB C QS PHILADELPHIA. Office in Exchance, Shockoe Slip, Sead.Leaf'Tobacco, MANUFACTURED AID LEAF TOBACCO A C PLUG AND SMOKING TOBACCO, 1 LEWIS BREMER'S SONS BICHHOND, VA.. 62 South Calvert st., Baltimore, Md. No. a11o North Second st.. 85 East South Street, 1M & DELAWARE AVENUE, WholeweDealerein, St. Louu. Mo.' INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. Philadelphia. "LEAF, RICHMOND, &. LYNC:HBURG ADVERTISEMENTS. ....... """""'"""""'== ===,.,..,"""""""""' A. B. THEOBALD, .i.ND ROCHESTER; PITTSBURG AND cmCAGO --.. MANUFACTUREDT08ACCO, HIGDT A'U"nER TOBACCO WOR'U'S, -JIIIQ..A.EC.&. No.822North Third. Street, __ ft._ .J ..,......_. Comer Fifth and Jackson streets, LvnchbUrg, Va. lllr' ;;;r( WiiiDOfBIRo_._TIIO. _..A _..,ent of all kit> double the forqoer capaett,. Price Iiiio &Dd clrcularoforworded Oil application. Gn'Ulllu M. LINDHEIM, Agent, _.., 11..,. ,.. .... ....._., 148 Water street, New York. PaiLA.DJ!lLPH1A. TOBACCO ":76 TOBACCO WORKS." a .IIU..L lrlAIION,I&\e of Wal\ I lluoD. C O H O LYOKE, t. COVVISSION KEICBANT CHIOA,GO. Ohewillg uct 1 ... MEBL a RATTY, .Tobacco Sales 8 "' VENABLE u. P. tl.\.li!Ll\JN. lllanu!aeturers or Aim S. "W" VENABLE & COVVTSSIQN W AREKQ'USE, Dealers in LEAF and Manufacturers of 1 .t II .,.. WALTER'S SCOTCH SNUFF, A.:RD ALL OB' SMOKINQ TOBACCO, -----------174 6 176 Wate St. c.s... .m. I .I.UIA.( .III.A.P;u DANIEL u:ama. HilL IUIIliU : AU:Ilii71IDBII. I TOBA.OOO, HI!NDERo, KY. P L u a T o B A c c o JOHN FUNK & .co. PETERSBURG, V.A., :JIIH, 6tUI, 668,670 d; 6.72 NoTUEkoentA St .. eet, 7filDO TOBACCO WORKS. N.Aes a. oo.! Bped&l at&otlen paid to ani.,.. lor the pun:hue o1 lMf t ftrl-p11de ,Sir!po, Stem, or Saapo. II. H. CLARK k BRO., )(&IUtfiCllll'ell ilfllld Dealere in 1J'obaooo Snuff and Cigars, LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS, ST., TOLEDO, 61. t l. B. LICHTENBERG, u. S, Tobacco "Works. l(aAallctlll'el""Ot fine Cut Tobacco, \.. -DZI'l'ROIT. Jrtiob. 3 .. H. TYREE. .IDM.IIIIOI MEICHAIT1 .T4'11111turp, .,..,...... ....... JdiLUI II'OJU.CJCJO. .... .u--..Ia-.... Hollett Orden at tile J'actorJ, for Extra J'IDe POUIIde, Hall Po1Wdo, Blw aad Bright Quarter. X... lO'o, &lid..,., of ,_ wom: OoodlJ BUMUt.eecl In ev...,. putlc:ular. 8. ....,....... IJalllr Ia E. D. Christian&: Co .J. W. CARROLL, nxi: B.&Y..I.IIA o' I V.. ... loa Jlercloaat for tlae "PaPelaaoe" ef l!ole Manuracturer of the F&molls and World-YARA JL SEED I LEAF U VIRGINIA LEAF Tobaooos, & OIGABB, Jllaautar.toey," 12th 8tre.3t. 807, Wabash Avenue, Chicago, m. TOBACCO EXCH:A.NGE, LYNCHBURG, v A.. ___ _Y_a....;;.___ ..._. :NC*ttulls oollcil.ed ucl promptly attended to. -----------THOS. D. NEAL, TOBACCO 'BROKER, liock Box 217, RICHMOND, VA., HNI&rge e:aper!eDoe in LEAF TOBAOOO of oven decriplion. Orden to buy reopecttully oollcltcd and promptly filled. Ref era, by peri!!!SIon, to Wm. T. Sutherlin, Eoq., Me.oara. J. W. lo C. G.llollallcl,JoilllB,:PomberioD,Eoq., DanvUle, Va. Ke1111T11. W.l. YarbT&ccc. Wlll coutract wll.b tiiiDc l.llelr own lallot. or OIUI &a t.Jle)' IIIAJ' tlllin. El\.I:IL POE.'BSTEL, Manufacturer of And D ealer in all Jdnde of Chewing, Smoking & Leaf Tobacco.! i.gentror H. WILXENe & Co's Celebrated S!ll"Oking TobaccO!!. 231 F.ltth Plttsburs, Pa, Empire Tobacco w-orks,. HARRIS, B]ij:raE & CO., lanutactnren of :F;very Variety ot PLUG TOBACCO, And Dealers in Leaf", Qaiacy, llliaoiL l-2 Gmtral Whorl", Boston. Ferd. W esthoft', Jr., F'ORWARDINC tJewjwi .. OD ......... BREMEN, Germa.ny. V : F. BUTLER, obacco & Cigar BroKer & ::HA.BA.N.JL -Jlnnufletllnlra_sapplled witb LeafiD large and I!III.IJl qantttlee. WlllUke AGBNCIBS for everytb!Dg con n e cted with the CIGAR TRADK. Will be jllad to act o.a t bere to procure CIDIIP ..,..18 tor a. Jm.c1ae bouee ill the Staka. e


' .:. LOUISVILLE lEAF TOBACCO DEALERS AND COMIJSSIOII MERCHANTS. USm:R aGOPI!' leaf D SPALDTNG, Ja. ......................... -:=:-.-r B, _J._ '"K"' .... Cutting and maon!8cUUingleaf WOLil'Ol..K & GLB!o!N ............ -."" .... u randm" .. J&> .,..,... .. "........ d anllfacturillg leaf JOHJS SMIDT SCHW 00 ......... CUt "!!an 111111111---OW!.f, .... ............. merebanl P SCliANZBNBAOBBR ................... Otttttag and man ... a-.tngleaf a; ioioPH:ii.RSOif:::::: : "6ark baling tqbacco and ehlpplog tear 114 B. NASH .... .. =:..,:: ::;::: FINLBY & BARBOUR .......... Cutting, manatietarlo!f and olltpplogloat 1iOUI8 FBANOI:B ..... ., .............. Leaftobacco I 1o 1'. XBGUIAR .... : .. ..................... .. Catt!ogandmannr&ctorlll( leaf WM. G .. MBIBit & 00. ... .... .......... CCIIII& 18 a mere SUTR0 & NEWMARK, XANUFACTUBEBS OJ!!. ,t:J:J:G.A..IRS, A.'VD DEALEB!f IN LEAF TOBACCO. 131 Water Street, NEW YORK. or CODff!'"l, In the year 1871, by I. lUII1bo ........... u 110 per ceat. u4 .. ;-Bee ctrcro11rr. and tq. JIOANOI:E TOB.A.OCO WOUB, Danflllo, Virginia DE-FIANCE CIOAR MANUFACTORY, D. HIRSCH & CO., Be-ery aad IT* Wa&er-.., NEW TOBL Jo1e Proprletoro or the follow:IDJ br 1loom Branda: DEFIANCE, BL llBPHIBTO, {I'ALSTAil'l", JUPITD, THB LION, STANDARD, GULI.IYBB. > U LIIGAL I TIIINOBR, LONB STAR1 GAMB BOOSTBR THB PBLIC.uo, POWER OJ' J'ASBION, BlG THING, TUB OOLDBN BAGLB. 1 .A.ta3f DEALERS IN LEAF TOBA.ooa. LIQUORICE. LIQUORICE PASTE. THE UNDERS NED AGENT IN NEW YORK FOR THE IIIAN'uFACTURERS OF THE FOLI.owiDc wotl-bown brand of Liquorice. !o caution Jlauutaotnrere llling any ot tire nnmeroae braodo purpol't!Dg to be original &Dd genniDe br .. ollo of, tmperrect quality will be recetTed bact and allowed ror. Reterrlng !o the aboft ldnr\loemen we ban appotal.ed Mr. JAIII:ES c. HcANDBEW of New York our excla oive .Apnlln tbe Uulted Stat .. for the Ale or 111 the branda of Llqnortee here!ofore manafoctured by ne. ROBERT lilAC Al!I'DREW &< CO., London, EAIJI&Dd. I ToBAcco STAMP REGULATIONs.-The Washington cor responden t of the Baltimore Sun says: The Commissioner of Internal Revenue has de cided, in reply to Jl,n inquiry from the collector of the Third Marylo.nd district, that in no case will the revenue bureau regard coupons de tagbed from the 15-pound registered staD)ps a,nd used on of tobacco or snuff, independently of the original 11tamp from which they were cut, as a revenue stamp. The regulations of the Commissioner require that every package of tobac co shall have affixed a regis tered stamp. A:ny package from 15 to po nds may be stamped with tbe 15-pound stamp, using" the re quited number of <;puponP. Buta separate and aetached oonpon is not a sta.Jnp, and neither the taw nor the regu lations of the commis-3ioner authorize or permit their use as such. Boxes of tobacco or other kinds of found upon the market With detached coupons for sup plying the p&.ce ot stamps are liable to seizure on ac count of the absence of proper stamps, and the man ufacturer who should send out his tobacco or snuff cov ered With detached coupons instead of the proper stamps aftlxed and cancelled, as re quired by law an4 regolations, would expose himself to the penalties of section 71, act of July 20, 1868. In every case of registered stamp!J and cancellation of stamJ>B should be such as to show that the same person whQ manfactured the tobac co, and his name branded upon the package, has his name also upon the stamp. RBVBNUB SBIZIJRB IN NoRTH C&ROLINA.--Messrs. Charles & Bessent, of Jerusalem. Davie county, are very busy }ust now invoking benedict10ns upon the heads of the reve nue officers. A few days since the garret of t1a.eir store was in..-aded, and thirty-four box es of tobacco seized. The Carolinian states that the aeizure wu madeby W. F Henderson. Tim officinal name of to bacco-pipe clay is 0\molia albs, wbiob is found in large quantities all parts of England. Some of it, dug near Barnstaple, in Devon shire, was used in the Brosely tobacco-pipes before 1780. Bv a Board's.()rder issued by the Customs Commis sioners on April 26, 1867, <:Ut and cut negro head cannot legally be im ported into Great Britain. I The Chior.go Fire. 1 breweries that stretched out almost to the cemetery. WIIAT WAS DESTROYED-INTERESTING FACTS AND FIGURES. The river banks were piled high with lumber and COal, REGARDING THE ACTUAL Loss. which was all destroyed except a portion near the bend From the advance of a new work about to be of the river at Kinzie stre'et. The space between the issued, entitled Chicago and the Great Confl.agro.tion," burned district and the river, to.the contained but little improved propert:v. Lincoln park lay to the published by C F. Vent, Cincinnati, we extract the northward, on the lake shore. The fire burned up the following :-southern part of this park-the Old Cemetery-but "In the West Division about 194 acres were burned left the improved part untouched, except a portion of over, including 16 acres swept by the fire of the prethe fencing. One of the so.ddest among the many sad vious This district contained several lumberscenes that met the eye after the con1la.gration had done yards and planing-mills, the Union Depot of the St. its work, was that in the old cemetery-the flames had Louis and Pittsburg and Fort Wayne Railroads, with a even made havoc among the dead, burning down the few minor hotels and factories, several boarding-houses, wooden monuments, and shattering stone vaults to &nd a. host of saloons. The buildings burned-about fragments, leaving exposed many scores of the rem500 in ne .. rly all frame structures, and nants of mortality that had smoldered for years in ob not of much value, but were closely packed together. livion. About 2250 perBODs were rendered homeless in this di-The total area burned ovtor in the city, including Tision. a streets, was 2,124 acres, or very nearly3i square mile!!. In the South Division the burned area comprised The number of buildings destroyed was 17,450 ; of perabout 460 acres. The Jsouthern boundary line was a sons rendered homeless, 98,500. Of the latter more diagonal, running from the corner of Michigan avenue than 250 paid the last, debt of nature 'mid the carnage and Congress street, west-south-west to theintersectiqn -fell victims to the Moloch of our modern civilization. of Fifth (Wells) and Polk street. On the The following are the footings of the losses:-three aides the bounding lines were the lake and the BUILDINGS. TO:OA.24: $2--ment, and unfavorable to the administration of justice. Industrial Department, and another 4547 ill. the Eu& Totalloss:-... ................. ... 90 000000 Federal courts have been crowded with whiskey and Conservatory Covered Way, leading to the Ro7al Total amount msured, about ................ $100,000,000 t t h' h t d tt t" Alb rt Hall Th "'-t t d, 4524, -th ...o.L Of which is collectable ................ : ..,ooo tobacco cases to an ex: en w 1c preven e a en 1on e e ua san IS near e no..-_. o.nies wi.ll a not more than $35 ,000,000, or 18 to otber business. Throll&"hout this part. of the country east entrance, where, in addition to a local exhibition er of tke of the property burned these branches of were In charof pipes, Mr. Blake conducts their manufacture ; here of those claiming to settle in frill haTe on1y setthey w1th other manufactunng and mer-the spectator can see the fine moulds in which the tled after liberal de'ductions were made. About $30,cantil? They were represented by men of prepared clay is compressed, and make a pipe himself OOO,OOO has been adjusted by the companies up to the capac1ty, standmg, wealth Where are they now:? at a charge of sixpence. When Her Maji!Bty TisiW close of 'l'he contributions for the relief of .Soll:le saw the dangers clearly enough to abandon the Exhibition last month, Hr. Blake had the honor ot sufferers foot up total of about $3,500,000. buswess o.nd save themselves. Others struggled 1nth 1nannfacturillg a Tery handsome pipe, composed 'of PBOPEBTY VALUE8. The following were the nluations of city property in September, 18n, as made for the l'lU'POIMlB of muni cipal taxatioa, with the aou.tal. aelliilg values of the same:-A181111&D. Land .. ................ tl76,981.900 Buildinp, eto ...... .. -. 59,906,500 Personal Properly........ 51,670,600 .A.O'l'lJ .A.L. ta1K;836,000 99,928,000 172,235,000 the changes as they occurred. A few have thaB far clay and amber the stem being joined to the amber bf' the ordeal unhurt-only a few I Of the men of a ;eat silver ferrule or band. At Mr. Blake's st.alla U.. my _who kept the busmesa of ma11.u-. may see the best anc;t sllapea of .UJ factunng and selling these articles, or who haTe acted p1pes usuall1 found on sal8. Theqtality of the maa as revenue officers high or low stations, facture, both as to deaign md texture, are nection with these taxes, or who have acted as distnct excellent. Total .............. .' ..... $288,559,000 Property u.oi taxecl ................... attorneye or assistants, marshals or assistants, or as Richard Thomas, of (Q Graeechu.roh hu alto attorneys of persons defending agaiDst those taies, I a nry excellent collection ?f cla;r pipe_a, containinr U co count upon the fingers of one hand, and haT& finamples of good workmanship and COD8ldarable gers to spare, all. who hne escaped dishonoring rnof design. A similar obserTation will appl7 to the M $567,049,000 mora and snspicions. I am far from intimating CJr behibition of W. Southron & Co., who haTe aeYenl cari-52,915,000 lieving that these rumon or suspicions were always ous ex:amplee of' curled bipea, as well as -..rietiM of Grand total ...................... "if'HAT W A.8 LE17. well foundedJispe&k of them as suspicions and rumors ; familiar The numbers haTe disappeared ftoa $620,000,000 only. Where le-gends of successful fraud and ruD,lOrs &:>me of the ca8es, but those we han IQeatioaed. of official infidelity and are currently belieTed, in the Eaat Conaetratory CQTered Way, ia a 11111111 ool tbe effect upon public morals is nearly as bad. as if the1 lection of Belgian pipes ( 4665 in the catalogue )uhibwere true. Blight have fallen upon the sources from ited by D. Bath, who has several nry pleuilur which these taxes were paid, an extensive organization of ClaT pipet fouuded upon adaptation of ol of distillers, under a sort of corporative head, has at plants. In the same chamber are some intel.'tllltiaa 4e length been formed to secure the regular payment of signa of Tobacco-jars, also of Belgian manufacture. taxes and guard against the more serious disasters 9cOf course these do not compare with the oeJe. casioned by them. Consider _the enormity of a tax brated collectien o of which we publiall which becomes the leading feature of the business an account in a former number, and hope to give a on which it is levied, and compels men to form associ&-more detailed and account ere long. ThtJ tions to protect themselves-not frqm the tax, but consisted of the most famous pipes of .all ages and na from the frauds and calamities incident to it. The vartions. These are purely a collection !)f modem IUD.Il rious ways in which fraud is most likely to succeed, facture, Jmd are intended to illustrate the present pn whether in evading the tax, in blackmailing honest gress of this art. The city contained a })Qpulation of 334,270 souls. of these, 98,500 were rendered homeless ; leaving 235,770, or seventy per cent. unharmed. About 50,000 left the city within a few weeks, but many of these return ed subsequently, and many hundreds of workers came in from other places to aid in rebuilding the city. In December, 1871, Chicago contained a population of not much less than 200,000. The number of buildings burned was 17.,450 ; remaining 42,000, or sevep.ty per cent. The Talue of the buildings burned was not less than fifty per cent. of the whole-saved, fifty per cent. Of lumber and grain the proportion destroyed was about twenty-six .per cent of fuel per cent. Of grain there was saved 5,000,000 b1,181lels ; of lumber, 240,000,000 ; of coal, 79,000 tons. On mercantile stocks, manufactures, and personal effects, the loss averaged seventy per cent. of the tha thirty per cent. All the land remams, subatanbally, as before the fire, the ftreet improvements were but little disturbed, except in the matter of sidewalks. !,comparison of these facts, with the statistics given in preceding chapters of this book, leads to startling con clusions, and no less eheering than startling. The population of Chicago in November, '1871, one month after the fire;was fully equal to that of the Spring o Aggregating' the on even due allowances for a deprecuit1on 1n the selling pnce of real estate (much of which can be but temporary), and adding in the awn the amounts received and to be receiv .ed by the sufferers, from insurance companies, the stocks of whicb are uot held by Chicago men, we have a grand total of nearly four hundred millions of dol lars, which is considerably greater than the aggregate of actual values of real and personal property in the summer of 1868. Equaling these two comparisons L we find that : the great con1la.gration set back the city of Chicago not more than three years in her career of progress A week after the fire she was fully as well to do," in a pecuniary sense, as three years previously. In that triennial period-less than one-tenth of an or dinary generation-she liad gained all that she lost on that eventful day, the 9th of October, 1871. If we mistake not, the commerce and tic manufactlH'eB of Chicago,\in the twelve months next suc ceeding the fire, will be found to exceed those of the three years previously, tb,e gold dollar being taken as the standard for the comparisorr of money values." I Common on the Suqject of Taxation. SPEECH OF HOM. A. F. PEBBY( OF OHIO-TBB INJUSTICE OF THE PRESENT SYSTEM. Among the many fine speeches made during the re cent canvass in Ohio, none was more carefully consider ed than that delivered to his neighbors by the Hon. A. F. Perry, the able representative of one of the Cincin nati Congressional districts. Among other topics he discussed the taxes on whiskey, tpbacco, and beer, in the following terms. We commend his statesman-like views to gene al consideration : men, in compromising large crimes for small penalties, As this Exhibition is to be the annual, we doubt aot or otherwise, are now thought to hal1e been so thor-that in cceasiTe rears we. shall be-able to compare the oughly explored that there will be less difficulty hereimprove ent made in this Tery interesting and pop after. It may be so; but the tax will. not be less desular art. potio or The official report of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue shows for 1.870 proceedings Rxc.axoND Touoao Tlw>x.-The quantit1 of ollew' against property, 1,293 ; ofsuitu.gainst persons, 1,898 ; ing tobacco shipped from Richmond in bond, ... and of iadiotments, 3,552; in all6,743 cases in court. prepaid by stamps in October last, as The whole sum collected dnrin' that year in suits ported, was 1,890,6t0 ..., against persons was $411,973 05, and as proceeds of The NoTember buaiaeas was : forfeiture $325,512 49, in all$766,494 54. It would be Shipped in. bond 809,559 interesting to know, but I have not time or means to Prepaid 4:4:0,651 inquire, whether there waa any or how :nuoh of this sum left for the GoTernment, after deduqting the ex pense of detectives, winesses. grand and petit juries, court& During the same period 1,W prooee s were dismissed or decided against the Government. Four 1 hundred and were compromised. By these compromises it received $926, 274 25, that is to sa.y,. a larger wm than collected through suits. What sort of a revenue policy must that be which in its matured state such re sults? As war xes, not yet revised and subordinated Total to December 1, 1871 3,U0,830 Same time 1870 2,880,494: 1869 2,941,04:J rc In. 100 pounds of smoking tobaooo ,... shipped in bond ; in NoTember, none. The qa&lltiiJ prepaid b1 stamps was : In October 105,698 lhl. In Nonmber 113,48i rc Shipped in bond in October 100 to the provjsions of a more general and equaitable law, Total to December 1, 1871 -219,980 194,431 Cl they. are not intended here to be criticised. But as Same time 1870 those features of internal taxation which are proposed 1869 to be carried forward andmadepermanent, I dis 226,628 .. cussed them. How TO HAMDLB Tos.a.coo.-The following advioe to tobacco-growers is by (a gentlemanJ of _. 'ExhibitionofPipes at South Kensington, London. larged experience, and who mows whereof he The South Kensington Exhibition, which is to be reHandl& as. saon as it can be done without inJary tG sumed annually; includes, says a writer in Cope's Tobacco the leaf by grasping it in the hand. Tie from fil'e ,to Plant, some examples of ingenious design and manufacsix leaves to the bundle. As90rt closely, taking out; ture interesting to our readers ; 'we allude te the sa}llall damaged leaves, from whatever cause Let enq plea of English and foreign pipes. It is worth a ..-isit leaf composing the bundle be as near the leng\11. to the Exhibition to inspect them. The Exhibition color and quality as possible. Straighten through itself is than is generally S\lpposed. Those whe hand well, and bulk in: single win-rows in keeping CJrhave criticised it have done so in reference to the great d_er. Rich; leafy, colory tobacco shonld be put up froa Hyde Park and Parisian displays. The Kensington fqurteen to fifteen hundred pounds to the hogshead; International does not exc e l them, does not equal lugs and nondescript from eighteen hundred to two them, does not pretend to compare with the_m. It. is thousand pounds tO the hogshead, in single layers. less in size and different in design ; but were it the pressing the bundles as closely together as po88ible. first held it would be a wonderful affair. One social and under no circumstances put lugs and leal in tJae charm of this Exhibiti .on is-it is held around the same_ hogshead, unless it be in putt, ing up a relllD&Jd. Royal Horticultural Gardens. It flanks every side of and m that C&lle the_ lugs should be put in one end, these beautiful grounds. The long windows of -the and the leaf in the other. All nesting and Exhibition, both aboTe and below, open .on to the gar-lugs in corners with good tobacco Should be dens. Out of each of the long picture galleries, mado ned, as the reputation of the planter is at ,.: chine galleries, and pottery galleries, there are pas---, sages to corridors overlooking the welcome gardens--T.aE Toucco CoMMBRCB FoBTY YBAB8 Aoo.-We pab-river-only one block (t)le Lind) being left in all that Eighty business blocks, enumerated .. ,....... $8,515,000 ares..:This district contained the great majority of the Railroad depots, warehouses, and B'd Trade... 2,700,000 most expensivlj structures in the city, all the wholesale Hotels, (some not enumerated).. ............. 3,100,000 storee, all the newspaper offices, all the principal banks, Theatres, etc. .. 865,000 Since the war considerable steps hne been made in the repeal of taxes. and alw11.ya wjthout regard to the principles of equality. The taxes on ferme11.ted and distilled liquors, on tobacco, and the income tax are now the principal scources of internal reYenue. The idea has been often announced that 1we may soon re peal a11 internal revenue taxes ex.cept those named. If it be allowable. for a large number of interests to com bine and exonerate themselves from taxation by throw ing the whole load on a.. few, I presnme no better selec tion can be made. But in discussing questions of this nature, one naturally seeks a reason for an unequal tax, other than, an exercise of arbitahy,power. Unequal and arbitrary to a great extent, as all internal taxation must be under the provisions of the Constitution, the mind shrinks at the ideo. of selecting for perpetuation those few special taxes, the most despotic, exceptional and extraordinary of all. IThe tax. on whiskey has ranged from one thousand per oent. to three hundred per cent. I'n addition to this other to.xes and charges are imposed on the business. ,The taxes on tobacco and beer are less enormous, but on the same excep tional plo.n. If these taxes were intended for a penalty on production or use of the articles, to operate as sump tuary or police regulations, the idea would be at least intelligible. But for sumptuary, or police purposes the subject would be exclusively within the jurisdiction of the States, and Congress could not reach it. The Kuklux bill has been supposed to go far in meddling with State affairs ; but it !Only meddles to prevent or redress violations of laws of Congress, or the Federal Constjtution. Its friends claimed no right to go fur ther1 and its enemies, with all their misrepresentations did not impute to it an aggression ,upon State rights greater than those taxes would 1e, considered in the light of sumptuary or police regulat i ons In any other light they are taxes for revenue, levied upon selected branches of business parts of the l eg itim ate producing power of the country. Of the whole aggregat e receipts from internal revenue during the first eight months of the fiscal year ending June 30 1871, amounting to a little less than. one hundred ;millions, over eighty mil lions had been derived from spirits, fermented liquors, and tobacco. That is to say, these three articles pay more than four dollars of every five which are paid into the Fed eral Treasury for internal revenue. The late Commisso that no one need be weary, or dazed, or oppressed lish, says the Owensboro (Ky.) Monitor, the follo1f!Dg with beat ; the cool air, the fresh beauty of flowers, tobacco receipt as a curiosity, showing the great dift'erand the scarce (in London) glory of trees refresh the ence in the prioe of the great staple furty yel.ra ago. sight and regale the sense. Then the Exhibition inand now. It will doubtless bring to mind to IDUlJ ol eludes the Royal Albert Hall, the largest and most our venerable dealers of the leaf the ancient interesting Hall probably in Europe. Certainly Eng-market days of Owensboro. The receipt was traufer. land has seen nothing like it. If it is an Exhibition of red to the old finn in this city of Rogers & Blair : U.. itself, it is also a maze. Its etairs, corridors, doors ceived of Messrs. T. W. Snead & Co. $50 cash in ad and bewildering chambers are a marvel to see. Each vance for my present crop of tobacco, to. be staircase and corridor ought to be a.a a street fifteen thousand pounds, which I have this day sold C. is named. A stranger invariably loses his way, and them at the following priees, to wit: Two or 'hree if he make any inquiry, he is lucky if he only gets hogsheads at one dcllar and fifty cents per hundred sent back he came. Why could not the popounds ; the balance, eight hogsheads, of lice be drilled mto a. knowledge of the place? It first-class tobacco, at uollars and fifty. seems as though the architect could not find his way hundred pounds, all of which I bind mysell to deliTe; about unless he had his plans with him. to the said Snead & Co. at the Yellow Banks as sooa and -insurance and law offices, many coal-yards, nearly Daily newBpapers (offices and buildings) 888,000 all th h tela d f h C h h One hundred other busines1 buildings........ 1,008,420 e o an many actones, t e ourt-ouse, t e Other taxable buildings...................... 2,880,000 Custom-house, Chamber of Commerce, etc.-as stated Churches and contents ...................... 2,989,000 more at length in our chapter descriptive of Chicago PublicSohoolaandcontents.................. 249,780 in 1871. The number of buildings destroyed in this Other public buildings not taxed.. . . 2,121,800 division was about,3650; which included 1600 stores, 28 Other public property . . . . . 1, 763,000 hotels, and 60 manufacturing establishments.' About ---21,800 persons were rendered homeless, very many of Total buildings. .. $53,000,000 h 'd t th t f th _, ..: PRODUCB1 ETC w om were res1 en s m e upper s ones o e p ... awFlour, 15,000 barrels ... ................ ... $97,000 al structures deToted, loelow, to commerce. There Grain (1642,0001>ushels besides private warewere, however, many poor families, and a great many I house ............. '............ . . 1,245,000 human rats, resident in the western part of this terri-, Provisions, 4,400,001? poundR..... .. . . 340,000 tory. Lumber, 65,000,000myards.................. 1,040,000 In the North Division the den1rtation was the most Coal, 80,000 tons. :......... 600,000 widespread, fullyl470 ac:res being burned over out of Other produce. .. 1,940,000 the acres in that And even this stateTotal produce........................... $5,262,000 ment fails to convey an of the wholesale destrucNot less than 300 procluce commission offic es were burned tion wrought there, becaase th,e territory unburned was out. unoccupied. Had there been any except widely-scatBWsiNEss,. WHOLRSALB .um RETAIL. tered structures in [th,e unburned portion, they, too, Dry goods ................................ would have been destroyed, as the :fire licked up all in Drugs. .. :. .... ........ .. $13,500,000 its path, and paused only when there was no more food Boots, Shoes, Leather, etc whereon to whet its insatiable appetite. Of the 13,800 Hardware, Iron, and other metal.a.. .. . buildings in that division, not more than 500 were left Groceries and Teas ......................... 1 Wholesale Clothing ................ ." ....... standmg, eaving 13,300 iin ruins, and rendering 74,450 Jewelry, etc. : ............................ persons homeless. The buildings burned included Musical Instruments, etc .................. more than 600 stores and 100 manufacturing establishon sale ....... ..................... ments, the latter being principally grouped in the Millinery ................................. south-westernpart of this_division. That part next the Hats, Caps and Furs. .................. .. 'd upt Y. Manufaoturers (stock, machinery, and product class reSI enc es, of which only one was left standingOther itocka ud b1Wn611!1w:niture. ,, 1,000,000 5,175,000 4,510,000 4,120,000 3,650,000 1 ,300,000 900,000 1,145,000 1,610,000 1,060,000 700,000 13,255,000 26,775,000 lake as far north as Chicago avenue was occ ed b :first-I Whalesale Paper stock ...... .. that of Mahlon D. Ogden. Next north of these was the Water-works, and this was tb.e initial pQint of a lWe of $"Z8, 700,000 ,. "" The] Exhibition contains a world of objects of art as I can possibly prize same, as witness my hand. and manufactures-many very fine, many mediocre. this 26th day of March, ,1831. Test : Wm. GJ.eoa. Were only the best objects exhibited the place would [Seal. J "' be better stocked and better worth seeing. It is the fault of all English Exhibitions that they are too crowded. Prodigality of objects ruins display. Half the articles well shown would be more imposing and instructive, and what is imposing and also instructive is impressive. The English do not understand the glory of space, nor comprehend that it is one of the great elements of effect It is n o t what you see, but how y6u see it, that ofttimes makes the grand impres sion, as the French well know. Hence the objects to which we refer and are about to describe require some looking for amid the wilderness of things above and b e low ; and, when found contiguity of too many cases somewho.t interferes with a due appreciation of the delicate workmanship which the best qualities of pipes display A ff&.LTHY REcOKMENDA.TION.-If emploJ'Irs al ways as truthful in the recommendatio.ns. they give to servants as the writer of the following, which we fuul in a rece:d English paper, a good deal of trouble woUld be saved: -The bearer has been in my house a year minus eleven months. During this time abe bas shown herself diligent-at the house door ; frugal-in work i mindful-of herself ; prompt-in excuses ; friendly toward men; faithful-to her lovers ; and had vanished." B. T. P.IIELPS of Westminster, Vt., has built, this season, a tobacco barn 60 by 39 feet, with 19 foot posts, with a. stripping-room attached, 30 by 15 feet. 'fhe whole is built in the most thorough manner, at a cost of_ about $1,000. ToBAcco DvBING i869-1870.-There were produced in the United States during the year ending June 1. 1870, 262,729,640 lbs. of leaf tobacco. It would be an advantage to the connoisseur in pipes if they could be collected together in one place. The higher qualities of the meerschaum pipes are placed nen.r the south-west entrance, on the way to the great refreshment-room. Here Messrs. Charles Goas & Co., of 23, Finsbury Place, London, made a good exhibition of Viennese pipes, man.nfactnred by AN extensive cigar manufactory is being M. A. Nowatry, of Vienna (No. 3157). Some of the Saco, Me.


MANUFACTURERS. TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS. Arthur Gillendero & Co., IVocaiOBS !9 .JJ ll.llnfr!'U.uu or n SOLACE TOBACCO, 114, 116, 111 LIBERTY-STREET, ..... 121 CJ:DARSTB.EET, A11bar GUieo>d,.., .. .., IIW-T fooeph L. .L ...... .. ... THOMAS HOYT & CO., D. A. SliOTWELL & SON, ; OF lfanut&et11rers of Cut Chewing and T{)bacco and Segars, f SMOKil'fG TOBACCOS & SNUFF, ""'"" f'h4 ""1 Wate<& l>t'gbnt littleopace. Sd. Ulliformily In weight ud oize ol lbe cigar. 4th. The ::::.:::: l!!!t :m tile obaplnjr IIIOIIId,wllleb No. 141 tlQUOtUCS. VIIfCENT L. COOK, SUCCESSOR TO :J, B. GIIlBIJL.AJUr, li:&Du1&cturer ot all kbM!B ot 1 FINEST QUALITY. I Manafactured at Peugbkeepaie, New-York. GIFFORD, & INNIS I I 23 Pearl Street, MISCELLANEOUS. TIN J:i'O IL. FIN E. cuT I cHEw I N G 120 WILLIAX.STUEl, AID SliOKiftG TOBACCO. Y-EtlUt. I'OBN 3. CB.OOK( i'&cteJ7U14 .W.....oom, lH L1JDLOW ST., LIOOBIOE pASTE. r JUliUJ'.lIIre kJlrth of 111e "' gar 'liib. After tbe clar Is torme411Jitlle mollld no. placed In a meta!Dc re-1abler, Ia 1.18 ol Jach ._. lA dJameter tbUI 6e oiJiiiWw aolddL taae .. 011f0rt1Uihy .. lllelliiiPal eXfM8Ioo ol &he toba4 llaiden LAne, New York, whePe the practical operatloa ofihe illoulds ca.n be at all time,e wltoeslW... ree s. I MERCHANT. ki AND ALL KINDBOF 1EAF TOBACCO, 197 WILLIAM STREET, 1 SP ANI em-CEDAR, u: No. 11 GOLD STREET, ..-.w roBJto Jt'EW YOBK. A.LL li?J:NE CUT :lle,ing E and Tobacco AND CICARS, Cheroots,, l66.llBl&nooy St., New York. J 54 and 56 Broad SL. 1Jew-York. llaaw&letuerar of 'lae followiAC' Oelellratetl Bnlula of NQTICE. UetlenlaJI (lftOI(lE, bavo been ao clooely !milled ao to deceive many of the m tutore the lUIIe will be atamped with our name. eBU'CKAliJAN & LYALL. NewYork OE'j W. :HcELROY, Sole .&.gent, No. 24 Broad St., UOSTON. S, EDMONSTON & ORO /S PH d cor rectly ohlpped. 35 DEY ST., NEW YORK. H. COLELL, DEALER IN Seed and Havana LEAF TOBACCO, 172 Water Street, NEW YORK. SIMON AUERBACH, Leaf Tobacco AND' OIG-.A.::EI.S, .. 138 Water Street, New Yo$ MllaPL:t w EXTRAS A LWAYS ON lUJm, FOR FTJLL P.4JlTICUL.4.B8, .4.DDBE88 HOGLEN & PEASE' Buckeye Tobacco Machine Works, J)A. TTON, 0 The veeyloeet maeblue for the purpose ever !Jlveoted. Warranted to be tbe beet. Every Cigar Maker l!bould navo It lt will pay for ltullln thirty days. lranotactRrere of lloolded Claari! oay that tll!e to the lsatfofaMcacbUoutn.e !a the Dl&l'llet that givea thela entire get8 oat or {)rtler-r. blll.U.-Blaaeo or Celebroted Dlanlood St.eel.-Bav 'J.'tme &lid mgney for the by eeparattnr tbe PW.. lro tbe Binder Uld Wrapper. ,.. For lull puticulare and woodcnt, adAlreu ,. e :FRED. FUNKE, Detroit, llil'h


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