The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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/ VOL. vrrr.---No. 23. YORK. WEDNESDAY, JUT.JY 24, 1872. vVHOLE NO. 387 IS P UBLlSHED EVElY WEDNESDAY KO:a.mNCI :BY t>orttrs of Ciii:J Pipe r con 5ide r e d unle s s ac-Crame 1 G 82 \t'ranklin. c ompanied by the correspondi n g a m ount. 'bb Remitte n ct's shoul d i n every instanc e, be made S panuh. Ctgar R 1 ons. o nl y by check o r draft Bills are Almirall, J J., SO Cedar. ll a h l e to be llifo t e n and can only be tlec.t at the ri s k t o the sender. c;ga r Jacoby, B & Co.,ll09 Feo.r1: Rates ofAdvertlalng. t square (14 Nonpareil lines ) for ai x months, Sao. d o r year Manfacturen if Tbaccc T i n-Foil. Larger ad.vert1!Sem ents i n the sam e proportion, Cro o k e J J 38 Crosby but none t a k e n unless 1, 2 3 ,.., o r m o r e squares. 1 c olum n J y ear, $4!10; six months $250 ; .Au uionu r s if T o btZrco, tiC months, Half column, 1 year, S2'40; Gerard, .Betta & Co. 1 Old s u .... six months $130 i three m onths, $7 5 s-' Adve r tist: ment s o n the first p age, fso per squAre ov e r lwo .i d e columns, and non e taken for tiss than o n e year, p a y able f i n adva nce; two uares, $ 3 oo ; thre e s quares, $450 No d e vi atio p rom the s e t e rms. Ttansi ent adve rtise m ents on the third page, :l!j cents. j e r line for each insertion. No orlcers f o r advertising will be considered, 11 amount. BUSINESS DIRECTORY tr ADfJ&TISB&S.. lfEW YOBK, TQbtlttD WarthDusts. Agnew W. s.,., 284 and t88 Front .b-eet Ail.., Julian, 172 Water. llemmDo D. It A., Water. Jlersmann, John H 14 Ceder. Blal!aaore, llol&yo a Co. 41 B roaan. CarTVll 4k Co. ICK Front. : E- Front. Wm. H8 Water.' Enaelboeh, F 21 S i :aih Av. FoJli & Bro. G 17L W&ter FatJIUID & Oo 70 aud 72 Broad. Fox, Dills & Co. Watet. Fnead 4k & G., 129Maiden LlLile. Gardilier, 1 M & Co. M Frout. Garth D .J., Boll II: C o., 129 Pearl. G-J. L.& Bro. 160 Watn. Gonbel L Bro.. 86 llla>den L&n e; Gu\hrie I; Co. Front. I. It Co., 150 Water. BillmaD G W. & Co., 108 Front. Hoe!en. W. C & C o ,175 Water. Bollandar Lou .. .._ 191 Greenwi ch Bllllt, 'C E 99 reM!. KiDDicut Thomaa, 52 B road. Dona.ldeon Bros., Park. The H&teh L ithographi c Co. 12 It 34 Veeey H e ppenheuDer, F. 8i Co 22 North WillJ&m. Cigar-Bo x Labtls and Tr i tlffllingt Schnmacher It J!ttlingu, 15 Knrra7. WoJJI', Chaa.A Chatham. Tob111:co &<>ling Wax. ZiiJaer, W & Co., 197 WUlia.m C..ltigs H&mm-..m, 0 144 Water. of R1111ian Cig [ tlUs. X11111ey Btoa., 141 Weat Broad1!ay. \ "L4 Fe;mt" RuSJin Cjzll'rtttts l111Uincton, T. II: Eckmeyer, Sole Agento, 43 Broad Tob11Bro s, 15, 11 19W. 7th. DA10JtTRY. Co-. G t a.ves G W DANVILLE. Va. C o mmission MtrtJhantJ. P e mberton, J H DAYTON, O. Hoglen & 1'-, l'eO' Tohacco.Cuttmc Er:lgine DETR91T, Mic)a. M,anuj11Cf.llrtrs if C ig11n a.:d Dtllltrs in Lt"J T Mathe,.., Co. 216 Jefl'ereon A ... DURHAM ;N. c. Tobatto. Blaeltwell, W" T. EAST HARTFORD, eo ... I Pacltr 11nd Chapman, R; A BARTI'OB.D, Co-. V.llirr. Jiarneo It 1erome, 2M State Hubbard, N if, Co. Lee Geo. 1b0 $tate. Londoll &> Bidwell, 214 &tate l'eue, H. & z. K., 19 Market, : Sbephard ill l'nllet', 114 St&te 81oaon, A. L. & F., 18 Market. W e nea, c. a; eo., IM etate. 'WeatphoJ, 218 et&te. Woodworth&> .,trona, 217 State, i ... Burnllam, J. D. & Co., 17 79 AIYi um. -LIVEBPOO:L, EJac, Smythe, F vr. 30 North John. :LOtTuvti.l.E, :s:,., Tobacco Fiuer, J. & Bros. IS Third. T obacco Com,isUo11 MtrcluJflt,, 1;. lleier, Wm. G. &; Co 56 Sev enth. Wlcb, G W. & 102 Main. Jobbm in all *inds if MaJactu rtd T.b.cco lporttd' and D ommi e Cig11r1. T&chan, O G. &>Co. 1 7 4 Main. T o h.ruo Manufacturtrs' Supp lill, W P & Co .. 71 and 73 Fron t K.,....lberg .t Co 160 !'earl. LaiDotte A. C., 163 !'earl. Ge rman Cigar ForWJs. Lowenberg & Oo 5 Pecic Slip Wigginton, E G & C o 23-Third ,. DttZitrs i Ltaf T obtsrc-l,md if Cig lfll. Lri!n .1{ H., 162 l'ear!. :Maitland Robert L. & Co., 43 Broad. M...W. It Johnaon, 186 Water. Mayor J .-ph, Sons, 122 Wate r McCalllllamea, 98 Maide n L&ne M e J e r A. C. L .l-0., 4 3 Deat'"e r :Mesaenger T H. & Co 161 IUid HIS lllaiden LlLile Morrie, H lL, 19 O ld Blip and 73 Water Norton, .t: C o tl Broad. Oatman AI..., 1 66 Water Ottinger Bro\hen, :19 P -1. Folmer It Soo -. ille, 179 Wo.ter. Paulitec:b )l. 173 Wat4ir Prioe-Wa. M.. & Co., Quin, J.P ... Co., 39 Broad. Rapp, 8., 7 5 l'nlton. Read a Co. 19 Old Sl i p. Reiem&DDo G & Co., 179 '!'earl. Roeell,.ald, E & Bro., 145 Water Roain, S 173 Wator. Salomon. '8., 192 Pearl. l!aW]'Of, Wallaoo & Co. 47 Bro&d Bcheldet, J-h, 213 Pearl. Schmilt a. Bteineeke, Fletcher. lchreader a. Bonn, 118 Water, lllch.allut ll. a. eo 1411 Water. llpeDdh, Broa. It Co. 75 Maiden Lalle-tB llahn, liS Water. D & co: 257 Bo"eey and 174 Water: Hinohhom L & Co: 89 Wter Jacoby, 8. & Co., 209 Pearl.' 1 J '*'Phs, 8., 1.31 M lden Lane. Kerbo & SJ>IMo 35 Bo .. eey Levy Broe., 78 Boweey LichteDOtoin Broa &> 0o: ,121 Maiden L&ne. llendel, K. W. & Bro 190 Pearl. l(euberger, 283 Pearl. Ora1or. 8., 297 1 PollK a: Son. 43 llaldm Lane. Peul. l!chwar& "" "l"'hr, 119 Llwia. l!oidenherg It Co IV Dey: 1!\eob .t w annr.ok 8 Bowerr. Smith. 1 11 Bowery. l!traitOD & -..., 191 1'-1. 8ntre" Newmark, lSI W&te<: M"ftMrcrs if Fine IU"'" Cit" De BrultelA-, A:, 68 Wonen n. tJtnoiiO Cigr Pll6rttrs of Havtzna c;g12rs nd Leaf T ObaccO Wilder & J!atabroolt, 7 Oommercial. BREMEN, ,GEBMAJIY. Ymmission Mtrc;,an.t. W ettholf Fred., jr. BBOOKLYJf, N. Y. Tobacc ... C..tting Mcllinory. WulateiD, Benry, :&5 llyrtle ave4ue. B1Jl'TA,L9, N: Y, Wlloltule Dtllltr in Havna and Lta f Tobate< Zink,G. W. 198 P oarl cmc:i.a.oo, m. D omestic Dn, Fl&gg It Bee1111o11, UB M1chigan Ave. Dea l ers in Ltaf Tobacco. Sandb..,. Broa., 17 Weat Randolph, Wi&ht It B\eveno, 187 M ichigan A-... Weise A., 19.3 East Lake. ; !1-faprifactutltrr of Fin< C..t Clwwing Sj.. ing, 11nd Dealtri in LCo. 220 North Third. L & Co 3 North Water. Bremer, Lewie, SoiLS, S22 North Third. Dohan & Taitt, 107 Arch. Edwarda, G. W., 33 :North Water. Eieealohr Wm. 41; Co., 117 Son\11 Water. Hubert, L: oouth.eMt cor .l'ourth & Race. McDowell, M. E & Co. J9 North Koo.,._ 8. & J., 107 North Water. So.nk ; l. Rln&ldo & Co Sl North Water. l!ehmidt, 11. 531 South second. < Steiner, Smith 225 Reoe Teller Br.ot.bera, 117 uUra:; "' Vetterleln, J. & Co., 111 A,rch. Woodward, Garrett It Co., :13 Northrwater. lmparttr of ,,,J .To6ae&D, Qootal 1 184 South Del&wore ave. ctt. l Bamberger, L. & Co., S North Water. B&ttin a: Bro., W North 1'hird. Mll#u{artMrtrs if Snuff. Stewart, Karn, Ralph & Co., Arch. of Cigars Batchelor Bros. 330 N orlh Smh : Bare, Thoa & Co., 503 North ... Stetner, Smith Brothers & Knecliti, B.a.oe Theobald, JJ. .ij Third and l'qplar. InspCo., Market, TthMCQ Mtr(.IAo1ltl. Wall&> )lelvin, 320 North s-nd.l .. t.; 'iTobauo Broil) Bapeo, 1. t SYBA.Ctr&E. N, Y. ,Hier II;'Co,,G,l'., 25 No,th Salma-1 Wholtslllt Dt'LII'I in Ltaf ToblUeo, Uoulter I< 50 Eaat Waier --TOLEDO, o. i' Mpfttrtrs. Witker, Halatea4 & Co> UTICA, lf, ;y, J,,.,,.., if y..,.,.. Oit :Ba_., Cb.u. T. eo .. De Bar]' "' lClnc. 52 llro&d. B.....,_. I. C. lie&-. lleWbmp, L i: BiOI. 61. 'Wallna&. u w .. Front. Du!#r i s,Jfrilo f Duic Ltf To6.fu. Ckvlig "' S..ii"f .. TJHiA, .........,., T. B. 6 c..., 111 :a-a:rE.Z.U'Wall ; 1. -a; t7 ; c_ I t r I DeB.ART a KLING, i2 Broad 8.nd 50 New Streets, New York IMPOR.TER.S OF HAVANA CIGAB.Ii, And Sole Agtnts for tlte .oale of EL PRINCIPE DE CALES .. CIOARS, lfanulactmeO. r.t the KEY "WWI81' of the celebrated El Principe de Gales Mannfa.ctorJ of Havaua. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, JULY 24, 187z. NATJONAL TOBACOO r ATI OF THE UNITED STATEs. L],'W!S H. I<'RAYSER, PRESIDENT. LORIN PALlliER, YwE-PBESIDENT. JOSEPH HALL. TRRASIJRER. JOHN STR.Ul'Ol/, SECRETARY. ___ Communications upon matters relative 'to the ests of the Association may be addressed I ; AELEN & EL_LIS, lmfJ.CTURERS or FQ]-CUT CIIEWIN& TOBACCO, I I I A _ND I 3 YI-,NE STREET,, CINCINNATI, OHIO. the Prclsfiient ; 1 L. II. Frayser .Co. .RiChmond, Va., Or,' To the Vice-President, ,If 170 Water Stre et, York. OtJ.R ,l!(EW DIB.EOTORY. ; I IT was our earnest hope on the e xst l of the ent month, we should have been able to present to the trade the New Directory we jl.ave now b(UIIl for ,some six months in preparing ; bijt unavoidable delays in the mechanical def!artment, and out; desi'fe to make it as perfect as possible, compels us to postpone its publication for a few weeks It is ndw 'Com pleted, so far as the preparation of the manuscrlpt is concerned, and is rapidly passing through the To those who have never been in a similar undertaking, it would be almost impossible to c{)nvey' any thing lik e an aJ'equate idea of the amount of labor involveg. And this downright hard work, from the compilation of all tasks of this kind, has been greatly Increased, in the present instance, eby the imper feet materials furnished for the construction of Sur literary edifice. Still, after wrestling with these difficu1. i t.Les as best we might, and w ith ordinary suq:ess, we W Our Tobaccos a,-e unsu,-;asutl for Flavor anti Chetu. :fobbing T ra d e only Jolicz:ted. B. FBIEDI!IA:.."'. ..,. ROBERT E. KELLY & 0 0., .B;E4. VER YORK' IMPORTERS OF Havana Ci&ars ana Havana and Sole Agents for 'the Brand "SUPERIOR DE JOSE 'RIIAR.A YICHOT," Price Llat. KEY WEST FLOIU:DA. Importer of HAVANA, and Dealer in all kinds of t .. LEAF f38 WATER STREET,,. -NEW YORK. ,I flatter ourselves at produced a more completed list of those engaged in the commerce ef the weed and cognate industries, than has ,;ver befote been to the trade. And this for a first beginning In 1874, when propos<; to issue a second edition, we expect 1to atj tam a success as muc.h greater than that of otlr present performances as this. is superior to every thing that has preceded it. I i Qfl .(LHB DK.RBB 1Ift &EAR -Our thanks, are due to the trade for the generous patronage in the way of advertising favors, which has' rendered this Tt>sult possible. Our experience, how ever, has only again pointed the lesson, that earnest, sincere endeavor is crawned with rec o gnilion and re. ward;, while a _half:hearted, superficial perfarmance of duty is almos t certain to deserve, as it is almost certain to result, in failure. 'lWilfOR EDITORIALS. FIRE AT CINCINNATr.-On the evening of the 15th inst, a fire burned out the cigar factory and leaf tobacco factory of J. S. Miller, in West Pearl Street, neat Main Street. The loss is on which there is a partial insurance A DEALER AND NoT A P EDDLER.-The Commis sioner of Internal Rever.ue decides 'that a person wh'o has a fixed pl;tce of business in a car, as, for instance, at a stand in a Pullman car, or in a ste. amboat) (o which persons may go to procure cigars, etc., instead of being sought out in vario us parts of the train or boat and so licited to purchase, is a dealer in tobaco, and not a peddler. -,---. CIGAR-MAKERS AT BAT.-0n the ISt inst., at a game of base ball occurred on the grounds in the rear of Patterson Park between the Matchless and the Red Cloud Base Ball Olubs, the former being composed of the employees of Stewart Brothers, tobacco dealers. The game res11lted in of Stewart s Match less by a score of 2 7 to 1 o A llJJsorteA. s toc k of HAY ANA and Y ARA Tobo.Oeo constantly on hand and sold ai I LOWEST IIYIPORTERS' PR.IOES. i88 PEARL STREET. IIEW YORK'. I _: ... .. SEIDEN.BERG & 19 Dey 'Street, New York, boprietors of 1 ,( E. '1\ PILKINTON'S Celebrated "FR tr.IT-S G w. & 1 Sole Agents, 108. J'J"ont St., _New York. See Advertisement: on 4th., PQ.Ke. : of so much tobacco wisdom as concentra!_ed within the Doctor's "And still the w oder grew, How one small head couid Carry all he knew;" as says the poet, but we guess the trade would not die cf service In like manner, the man drew who up these had a village in eye, and sup posed the Collector and other proper officers would know at onc(j if any tobacco came to town and all abOut who sent it. We think an arrival might possibly take place, and the officia ls not hear of it-the sa,me day! THE Cnoi' IN THE CoNNECTICUT VALLEY.-A local hasty consumpti o n, e v e n should the Presi9ent see fit to paper says ; Tae tobacc o crop is all set now "and unaer rl:place its sav ;mt by some one less pretentious and a full headway. As a general thing it is very uneven and tnfie more modest. A GAIN DEFEATED.-Mr. C H. Lilienthal, tobacco has been a great source of anxiety to the farmers, they man'lfacturer, of this city seems to be unfortunate. He having had to set some of it as many as four times, A RTER OF ToBACCO .NOT A D EALER.-Irt reply ts to be Five this State, and entitled to admission to practice in the to inquiri es Commissioner Douglass StiJ.tes that a person of J?ollars as tmpo?ed by All cop1es Federal Courts, had inadvertently, admitted to make his WhO sells no tobacco in this COUntry by himself or these hereafter ISSUed Will be duly corformal application in the la tter to be SWOrn in not with through others, is not a dealet in tobacco. A person rect.ed, but office T?ust depend the persqns standing he had practiced therein without objection. who simply buys ,and to.bacco, the tobacC:6 re-havmg m possesston for the coFectton of copies Tne referee in his report, while admitting his inability !"aining property until it arri ves i{I a foreign already dtstnb_uted. The attentw_n of Jnternal Revenue to find any similar case which had come before the IS not a dealer tobacco. < A person who simple burs calle? to th 1.s matter, Courts of the United States, holds, il'l conformity with tobacco for and m the name of 3J party in a foreign to 1 use m havmg all coptes m their. an English decision i n the case of Arden et. a! vs. country, an d ships it the owner, the party buying .the the J r control : properly Tucker ( 4 Barn and Adel 815 ) that the action tobacc,o. o wner,pfi t,.and never sell' --can b e mf-ntained ; one of the partners ing it, is not regarded as a in tobacco. I THR'lNGBNUous B:EAUn<;>CRATs.-The money-art i cle be i ng an attorney of the Court, he had a right to-ein. .8 writl:r in tlie :Journal of Comme rce is thus facetious : ploy assistance in the preparation of the case, and in THE NEw SuPERVISOR' s PRESBREG.-Ourreaders are The inquiry of a tobacco manufa ct urer concerning the this respect his partner who was not an attorney of the already aware that under the act of June 6, there are pew regulations issued by the !nternal Revenue DeCourt, might be reasonably regarded as acting in the hereafter, to be only ten lntem:J.l ,Revenue. partment us of a little story A good old character of a clerk, that even if neither plaintiffs were inst ,ead of the twenty-four now m service Of coijrse lady in one of the rural' districts in New England, who attorneys of the Federal Court, they had a right to con there is quite a rivalry among as to who is to 1M: had never visited the city, advised a young friend who tract with the defendant for the services, and then emS? far as our Qld Dr. Presby, wa!j coming to live ira New York, to secure a boarding ploy another attorney to appear in Court for them. The of Vrrg1rua, lS concemed,. he seems to have incur(etl the place near the church, as it would be very inconvenient referee, therefore, reported the whole amount cia me enmity of Senatot Lewis, of that State. It wGuld be a in winter to carry dinner on Sunday, and remain o ver to be due with interest, and the Court has confirmed th _great pity that the Reven\!e Bure'u should be depriv:d f sitting on the steps". waiting for the second report. ., ,, I (


> THE TOBA.CCO LEAP; JULY 24: the trade in the matter, but "n this pointnothing is definitely known. THE TOBACCO JllA.R'KET. DOMESTIC. Naw YoRK, :July 23. Westem Leaj.-Our market continues steady with sales of 78r'hhds, of which 227, to 66 to cutters; to4 to jobbers, and the remamder to shtppers, principally to Spain and Bremen. Pnces are steady, perhaps a httle stronger on low grades, which are in small supply, and, apparently, in as much request by manufacturers as before the tax was changed. Receipts continue liberal for the season, about 66,ooo Western having already reached the seaboard. The uvices from the crowing crop continue favorable. Smokmg-The business in smoking tobacco was much the same as dUl'ing the week preceding, that is, ch1efly of a retail character. few large sales having been effected as far as we have been able to learn. As aQ item pertinent here, it may be mentioned that, consum ers are accepting the situation with commendable grace, the increase of four cents per pound not havmg had the effect of them to relinquiSh the source of their solace and delight, though at the some time they do not hesitate to declare the enhanced cost thereof a needless addition to'their ordinary burdens. Czgarr-There has been no perceptible change in the c1gar market smce ou.r last. For the season there is a fair amount of business doing. Henderson Biothers, u do.; Kremelberg & Co., 9 do.; ; 104 at I5@24 75 29 hhds Ohio trash; Juga and J.l).Keilly, Jr., 14do.; Barclay & Livingston, 6 do.; leaf: 7 at $8@9o; 13 at Io@7Si 9 at 15.25@ Joseph_Mayer's Sons, I33 cases; Bunzl & Dormitzer, 22.25. I hhd West Virginia at S.9-50. 3 hhds Southern 29 do. ; Julien Allen, 84 do.; Kuchler, Gail & Co., Indiana: 2 at $8.o5@9.6o; I at 14. 4 hhds East Vir do.; J. K. Sutton & Co., 10 do; M. Pappenheimer, 21 ginia: 1 at Sr4; 3 at do.; Charles F. Tag & Son, 12 do.; E. Hoffman, 44 do.J At the Bodman Warehouse, 225 hhds and 29 boxes: E. Levy, rs do.; order, 523 hhds, 12 cases. 3 hhds old Kentucky leaf at 177 hhds BY THE HUDSON RIVER RAlLROAD.-P. Lorillard & new Kentucky leaf, lugs and trash: 9 at f.7-1S@7; Co., 11 hhds; M. & E. Solomon, :u cases; Chas F. Tag 21 at 8@9, 85 at Io@14.75; 62 at 15@2J.25. 30 & Scrn, 21 do.; A. Oatman, So do.; Palmer & Scoville' hhds Ohio trash, lugs and leaf: 2,.at ,7.65, S-7-95; 3 at 54 do.; Josepn Mayer's Sons, 87 do.; G B. 8.o5@9o; 6 at I3@i I9 at IS@113.25. IS hhds z68 do. ; Henderson Brothers, 48 do.; D. & A Ben-and 9 boxes West Virginia : I at f.7.7o; 10 at 8@9.8o; 5 at rimo, 16l do.; Bunzl & Dorm1tzer, 6o do., Kerbs & I0.50@13.25; 8 at 15@26. 20 cases new and old Ohio Spiess, 37 do.; N. C. Linde & Co. 34 do ; hhds. seed filler s and wrappers: 4 cases new at I6 BY THE NATIONAL LIN.!t.-Huffer, Toe! & Co. cases old fillers and wrappers: Io at "7Si 3 at S.45@ 57 hhds.; Chas Luling & Co., sS do i J. Smith & Son, 9; 3 at IO 7S@I3 -75 export descriptwns been trifling, owmg to the small stock offenng. Western leaf and, strips have had the attention of buyers, but the demand has been small. I!'l _leaf and strips the enquirx, for heavy nch descnpttons, and hglit classes, pnces of both sorts are very firm. Maryland of bright color in request, but more ofienhg; Ohio not so much enquired for. <;aven?ish. moves off consequently the is httle dumntshed, there IS however but little offering that is realy price REVISED B.EG11LATIOli'S CONCl!ftNING Iat -S4 wee!< 3d ... ..,a. ..... a. 'Mh week TotAL January --<)90 403 349 377 181 3,6oo Februar, -I > 9 579 4:10 648 3B4 2,200 Jlarch ---u4 JOO 1,886 868 422 3,6oo Colt! opened at 1143>( and closed at. 1 143>(. Exchange has been dull, and is held at somewhat lower r tes. We quote. B1lls at 6o days on London, I09 3>(@ 199 Yz for commerc1al; for bankers; do, a t short Pans at 6o days, do at short s1ght, :').I6Yz@5.I5; 87 do; .D. J. Grath Son & Co., r84 do, Sawyer, WallAt the Kenton Warehouse, I67 hhds and 32 boxes: TillS ON TOBACCO, SJUFF, ill CIGARS. ace & Co. 73 do; Pollard, Pettus & Co., 72 do; M. 91 hhds Kentucky trash, lugs and leaf: 4 at f.7.2S@7<>5, A?ri l..---83 6o1 84o I,o64 3,Ioo May-----291 483 532 1,597 3,300 ]une------238 97 I 947 970 874 4.000 juJy-------675 1,363 78I 2,819 Virginia Leaf-There is nothmg of special import ance ui the Virgima leaf market to report. Fillers )lave been in demand and are scarce, and buyers from 1he R1chmond market have been in town looking for de sirable assortments for the use of manufac;turers there. Shipping grades, both of leaf and lugs, are active in Jtichmond, and "breaks" are reported full. A corre spondent says he saw "one of the handsomest 'breaks' during the week he had eve r seen," comprising about 100 hogsheads of P,ranville Co. bright tobaccq, of which some 6o hogsheads sold lor from $4o'lo Fine smokers from these crops brought from $35 to FOREIGN. Business at Liverpool for the month ot June and to July :z is thu.s summarized : "Sales for the past with few exceptions, were generally effected in retail "uanuties for immediate reqtiirements. Prices ruled saady for all Reduced estimates of the make m have again }>een received, and in all the West it is set dowo at 4.300 hogsheads, and in Virginia 1 ,8oo Jaogsheads, together only 6,Ioo hogsheads, against. 23.000 hogshe.b last yen. Qf dry leaf will also be much curtailed, and ViFginia will send very IW. forward on account of the high rulinc there. GoOd and fine Virg'nia leaf were in request for export, )aut !Kher grades were sold only a very liD\lted extent. Shippersf bright af are agam cemmitting 'r forwarding kinds unsuitabte fGr the trade. What is wanted is perfect wrapping tobacco, brigbt as gold, free .. om gum, and dry. Of strips suitable for spinning the aarket is bare, and the stock of fillers is reduced to a small compass. Stocks in )Varehouse July were: .. Virginia leaf, 2,039 hhds; do stemmerl, I,o82 hhds. Kentucky leaf, 6,u6 hhds, do stemmeQ. 7,180 hhds; w Ahds; tobaa:o not sampli!fd, 688 total, 18,o47 hhds. eontinental buyers cleared the of the :lowest grades at an are agll'in at a stand still, bemg unable to meet holders at the rates now demanded for suitable goods. For Africa there has been a fair inquiry, and the best I?arcels found buyers at full Bta. Dry Kentucky not in much demand. Some parcels of fhe new crop for the African market have been sam pled, but do not add much to the selection iu point of quality. are aot to be had under 7 pence per -pound. London ad vices to July I 1, report Western dry leaf of zood quality, but unfortunately deficient in color for B. E purpoaes. in fair supply; but the defiicency in the medium and lower gtades, either dry or those suitable for export is very apparent, and many orders could aot, on that account, be executed with satisfaction. The present condition of the market is considered anomlous in that. "Shippers from the United States, for the sake ef a slight saving in freight, should direct their shipments m LiverPQOl in so much greater vroportions, both for )loae aocl export purposes, than to London.'':. Antwerp, 5 2IJ4 @ 5.17 Yz, Sw1ss, 5.217{@5 17Yz; Hamburg, Amsterdam, Frankfort, 4o ys@41yl 1 Bremen, 72@79Yz ; Pruss1an thalers, Freights have been m better demand, ow mg. to the scarcity of vessels. Ambng the engagements were to LiverpooL 2o hhds per satl, at 2os and, per steam, 93 hhds at 22s. 6d, a)ld 8so pgs on terms; to Ham burg, per steam, 350 pga on terms, and to Bremen, per steamea, 1,925 pgs on pnvate terms. :!'articular Kotice Grower of seed Ieat tobac co are J cautJoned against aceeptin1 the sales nd quotations of seed leaf as ti.rnihing the prices that should be obtained for tdem at first hand, M these refer p mcm: to old tropo wlri<:h h .... bee ll') held nearly year, and the profit on DIUit >nclude tho int:mt 011 c.potat Invested. Growen cannot q:pect even 1n the cate of new cups, to Eell them for the aame prices u are obwncd on. a re-Ate bere. Of courae every resale must be at an haace, tiaercfaN the pru:c o >taiaable DJ the arowcn alwap be so,ewhat loftl Y,aa-r 4"011tt>llil .. Oli' .... Oommu !eat.. .. .. Commn .. .. .. .. .. .. .. If @23 .. ..,.,..., ........ :..... llloulfJ' v .... ..... .,... 1@115 Goo 1 ...... .. .... .. .. Lild>U're-. extra Ane 41 @Ill J'lne........... ......... tJcti "-" .... ... .. l!electiODI ., .. .. .. .. QoiMW _-.....J!'IDe (jill Liabt cutti"'J l"'Jo.. ..... 10 (itll ................. 2118tl do do leaf .. .... eo... ............ ti8tf Clarkl1>illo afld Well.,.. DimWt.. lfco"'!.Atiodl.-fLDe ...... 288M eowm011 to jbo4 1,.. t!i8l _,..'flY Mt.l/ iilld Oommo o l of. ... .. .. .. Tltird.f. -lledlttmleaf ........... .1'1De ..................... 21 Good....... ... .. .... .. I)( p_, 'llll>aco -LDDilO'I :II! !NI Flue............... .. .. Nav.r. 4'o ond 6' ....... 2' l!electtollJI ............ 16 @16 L @10 Gold H a 6 tnch leal ... 10"811}' Kb"'J.b. & lleody ......... 80 t1ood to ftue . HI @16 Wrappen, dark......... ,. do brtght.... 20 N..,l'\.1U141-PIDo ...... -.. n 11 .....-lllodlum .. .. .. .. .. .. 1ll ....-i;T;' Ka"'/ Hal./ Potornlland 7'hlrdo-&IH1 -IJilo "X I'J( I!'Wo .. .. .. 'D@tli llldlnm&Dd fine Jed, 1.. 9 n )hdlum.... .. "" ...... Coa. .,....... 1 @l'l 9U<>rt.r Poundi.-Fine !13 @311 PID o opanglO Uood ........ .... .. 18 @'JO Maryland-F't'd \0 com C'ommon to me4lnm ... II @10 mou .. .. ........ ft @ 6 1{ F., tmd F ........... 110 @til Comdrgon........ T Ji @ ;: N Fllltl ........ ......... ..,..v Upper Comury......... Good .................... 19 810 Grouud Je3f. new '..... &K@ 9 C ,OIIl1Dou 1IDd meciia& If II Gr&aulatod Smokinl ... 30 @75 S..U/Aai-OW. Wrappers .,, .. .. .. !It @35 Seed aod H&vana, Ea=mg lola .. .. .. .. I 1e' per lll ............ <6 DO@T5 00 !linden and .. : lo do Oonn. 8eed .... 30 011340 00 F!Uoro .. ... .. U @H do do Secooda .. 26 00@110 00 N .. Trk 8<1 J:.--BUOI:iT. R. R." 'IS Extra line....... .... 4t "" S, -:::::.: ::.:.::.::: ll Fme.... .... .. .. .... .. 30 @to Ql. 8............ .. .. .. .. 19 Rappenheimer, 23 po; Thos. Hoyt & Co., I I do, B. do 8.1o@9i 37 at ro@l4i 15@24 72 C. Baker, Son & Co., II do; Blakemore, Mayo & Co. Ohto trash, lugs and 3 at $7.85@7; 17 at 8.Io@ P. Lorillard & Co., 21 do; Henderson Brothers, 7 do; 9i 23 at IO@I4 75; 2'9 at 15@24.254 hhds and 2 Kremelburgh k Co., I9 Drew & Deane 4 do; J. Gramboxes West Virgima : 2 at $7.85; 3 at 8.25@9.6o; I at ble, 4 do; A. H. Cordoza & Co., 18 do; S. M. Parker I8. 30 cases new Ohio seed fillers and wrappers: ro at & Co. I2 do; 13unzl & Dormitzer, I85 cases: A. Oat-$7 ?5@ 7 So, 15 at, 8.o5@10.75i 4 at u@13. man, z ,do; order, 33 hhds. At the Planters' Warehouse, ISS hhds and 5 boxes: BY THE CAMDAN ANn AMBOY RAILROAD.-E Rose8 hhds old Kentucky lugs and leaf: 3 at Sro.7S@I3i wald & Brother, 6o l!asee; Havenmeyer& Vigelius, 316 5 at I5@2o.75 85 hhds new Kentucky trash, lugs "-nd do. leaf: z at 14 at 8@9.60: 32 at IO@I4i 37 at BY THE EW YORK AND NRw HAVEN RAI' 55 hhds Ohio trash, lugs and leaf: II at William 26 cases; Brothers & $8 4o@9o; 14 at I0.25@13Si 30 at 15@25 4 hhds 9 do; S. Barnett, 2 do; 0. Hammrstem, 2 do. and 5 bJxes West Virginia: 3 at $ 6 at IS@ BY THE NEW YoRK. AND NI!.W HAVEN STEAMBOAT 24.50. LINE.-E. Rosenwald & Brother, 102 cases; Levy & At the Phister Warehouse, 63 hhds: 45 hhds new Newgass, 294 do; L. & E. Wertheimer, 73 do; N. C. Kentucky trash, lugs and leaf: 12 at 33 Linde & Co., 5 do; Fox, Dills & Co., 78 do i M. Westat $I5.25 @24. I7 hhds new Ohio trash, lugs and leaf: heim & Co., 33 do; J. Grunenwald, 4 do; Havemeyer I at ,9; 3 at 12@14; 13 at I7@27 75 & Vige ius, 148 do, Giles Wright, 28 do LOUISVILLE, :July 17.-We report: The market BY THE Nxw YoRK AND HARTFORD STEAMBOAT is active .as the offerings are improving and in excess of LtNE.-Spencer Brothers & Co ., SI Kuchler the receipts; pnces are fully mamtamed. The imports Gail & Co., 145 do; Weed & McNeary, 24 rio; A Oat"' for the week were 1292 hhds, 549 boxes, and the ex man, :n do; Schmidt & Steinecke, 4c do; L. Gerschel ports 855 hhds, 3286 boxes. The sales at the different & Brother, 4 do; Havemeyer & Vigelius, I97 do; Chas. warehouses for the same time were 73I hhds, as fol F. Tag & Son, 34 do; H. Schubart & Brother, 4 do. lows: Bv THE OLD DoMINION S!'ZAWSHIP LINE.-Blake-The Louisville House sold 205 hhds: 146 hbds Ken-more, Mayo & Co., :19 hhds; De Wttt & D:mcan, 5 do i tucky leaf: 2 at $zo; I at 19.25; 2 at 16, I6.zs; rat IS -so; Patterson & Co., 8 do; F. de Luca, 1 do; Huffer, Toe! 3 at I 4 .5o@I4 .7s; 4 at I 4; 6 at; I 9 Conclutkti f1'om our Last. MODE OF KUPING STAMP-ACCOUNT Sechons 67 and 87 of the act of July zo, 1868, declare that every collector shall keep an account of t h e nwnber, amount, and denom inate values of tobacco, snuff, or stamps sold by him to ea c h manufacturer, and to other persons described m said sections. The keepmg of this account m the ma11ner prescnbed m these sections i s deemed to be of so much 1mportance as a check upon manufacturers m connectwn with their monthly returns, required to be made to assistant assessors, of products and sales, that this office wtl! hereafter requtre collectors in all cases to keep these accounts in ledge r form, openmg a sep.arate account with every manufacturer or other person purchasmg stamps. T o facdttate the keeping of these accounts, collectors are hereby instructed to deliver stamps only upon the wntten order of the per son entttled to purchase the same, made in the following forms : (FoRM R. ) ORDER FOR TOBACCO OR SNUFF STAMPS. SIR-I have need of for the followmg descdp tons of tobacco, in woode n or s nuff'. in b ladden or Jar3 Amoa.nt of tax & Co. 210 do; A. D. cftockley, 8 do; P Lorillard & at II@ri.75 j 91 at ro@I0.75i 17 at 9-40@9 90; II Co., 23 do, 6 trcs ; W. 0. Smith, 27 do i 34 do, 84 hhds do at 8.8o@ 1; 92 hhds do lugs : I at 1 r ; 3 at cases; J.D. Keilly, Jr., q do, tr(;s, trcs, I I4 IO@Io.75; II at 9@9.90; 77 at 5 b}tds do at CoU (Signed)----. ( OII.M S.) / ORDER FOR TOBACCO OR SNUFF STAMPS. Stll-[ have need of stamps for tobacco or snuff', in paclta,a not ex: Sldeen ounces each, as follows cases, boxes: J. D. Evans & Co., 6 trcs, I case, 8.Io@9.oo; I 1 hhds do lugs and trash: z at 9-Io, 9.50; boxes, Jz boxes; J. M. Gardiner & I do, 5 at 8.2o@8.85; 4 at 7@7 -90; 2 hhds West Virginia s:r do, z6 do, 10 boxes, boxt:s; Bulkley, Moore leaf at 24, 30 6 hhds Ind1ana leaf and lugs veraging &Co. Io'cases; M M. Welzhofer, 3 do; Martin & I540i33hhdsdolell.f: 4at.I4@I4-75:4ati3@I3Si .Johnson,I7do; L.Gmter,udo; De 4 at; I3ati0.2S@I0.75i Numberof INumberofounce RA f Lancey. Gleveland, 5 do; Bennett, Sch.;nck & Co., so 2 at 9 so, 9 90 ; I at 8 7 S 6 hhds West Tennessee leaf In each package. te 0 taz do; E. Hen, I4 do; ,M Lmdheim, 34 do; Wm. De at; I hhd do lugs at 8. 4 hhds Illinois leaf muth & Co, 6 do; C. H. Mallory &"Co, 4 dq; Connolly at 9 9 o@Io. 2 5 & Co., I29 do, 10Y, boxes, W. P. Kittredge & Co. ; 22 'The Pickett House soid I45 bhds: 44 hhdt Kentucky do, z do; A. A. Rosenbaum & Co., 42 do, 273 do; leaf: 1 at $30; 2 at 16, 17.75; 2 at 14, I4.25; 4 at 12; Carhart Brothers, 2o do, so do; Allen & Co., I do, 5 5 at; 13 at Io@1o. 75; r 7 at 9 @ 9 9 6. 2 3 hhds do, boxes; G. W, H,illman & Co., 107 do, I IJ do, do lugs: 2 at 9.20, 9 40; 29 at 8@8. 95; I at 720 8 :l do, 15 ricks; Richey & Boniface, 178 do, 5 hhds trash: z at 9.40, IO; IO at 8.Io@8.7o; 8 at 7 70 do, I do, kegs; Dohan, Carroll & Co., 2 '9 do, 374 @7.90; I? hhds blackfat at 1oc. f Scraps at 4, do, 75 do, IS do; Maddux Brothers, 3I do, IO C.o, 5 do, 5 351; 3 bhds Sweepings at 2 @ 2 .95; 5 hhds Tennessee Date--. B-. 12 do, I box i W. Buttenmueller, I pge; L Wertheileaf at 10@14.75; 27 hhds Ind1ana lo>af. I at I2; 3 at To 'collut<>r (Stgn e d ) ----mer, zooYz boxes; E. DuBois, 114 do, boxes,; 16 at Io@Io 75; 7 at 9@9 90; 6 hhds 22 kegs; Appleby & Helme, 2 c ses snuff; N. L. Me-do lugs at S.Io@8.7o. Cready, 53 cases, boxes, 253( boxes, 7.0 boxes, The Farmers' House sold 138 hhds :-97 hhds Ken-26 caddtes, 3 blocks; order, 4 hhds, 25 trcs, 7 tucky leaf: 3 at $24 50@25; 2 at H, 23; at 17, I8; 3 (FoRM T ) ORDER FOR CIGAR STXMPS. StR: I have need of stamps for the folJowing descriptions of clgars l a box:es cases. at 14.25@14.75; 3 at I3@13.75; 3 at I2@12.50; 18 at Number of box.. Number of ciprs BY NORTH RIVER BoATS.-A. H. Cardozo & Co., II@II, 7Si 49 at IO@Io.7s; I 4 at 9 @ 9 90 ; 3 g hhds do In each. Rateoftax Amountoftu a6 hhds; C. E. Hunt, 5 do; Blakemore, Mayor & Co., Jugs: 4 at IO@Io.25; 5 at 9@ 9 .8 0 ; 30 at 8@8.8o I 40 do; P. Lorulard & Co., 45 do; J. K. Sm!th & Co., hhd trash at 7.8o. I hhd sweepmgs at z.6o. hhds 33 do; Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 48 do; W. Thorn-Indiana leaf and lugs at 8.30, I0.25. burgh, I I do; Thos. Kinnicutt, 2 do; D. J. Garth, Son The Boone House sold 82 hhds :-43 hhds Kentucky & Co., 77 doi Henderson Brothers, 62 do; E. M leaf: I at SI4.50; 2 at I3, I3.a5; 3 at I3; 8 at u@u-Wright & Co., I do; G. Reismann & Co., :zs cases. 75; 2I at Io@10.75; 8 at 9@9 .90: 41 hhds do lugs: CoASTWISE FROM BALTIMORE.-Sutro & Newmark, I I7 at 9@90 j 23 at 8@8o j I at 7.90 2 hhds Virgmia bhd; E. M. Crawford & Co., 4 do, 6 cases ; C. I... Lee, leaf at I4, I'J-50; I hhds do Jugs at 9.40; 11 hhds TenIO cases; M. Falk,6 do; order, I bhd. nessee leaf at Io@1 3 .75 8 hhds do lugs at 8@ 9 .6o. Date--, -CoASTWISE FROM NEw 0RLEANS.-T. A. Paulie, 32 3 hhds Indiana leaf at 9-I0@9o. 3 hhds do lugs at To----,Colkct. C. Loose & Co. tions :-SI hhds Kentucky leaf: I at $17.50; 5 at 13@ In signing his name the applicant for stamps will state whether Commission Merchants and dealers in Leaf Tobacco 16 .75; 45 at 8.90@12.50 2o hhds do lugs: 3 at 9 10 he IS a manufacturer, importer, or dealer in manufactured tobacco report. The inspections for the past week have been light @9. 40; I7 at 7-90r..9. 8 hhds do trash and lugs at or ctgars. b M O -.::J Collectors wtll enter upon tl\eir ledgers, under eacn purchaser's again, the demand tor otb aryland and hio Leal re5.8o@8 8o. I hhd Scraps at 3 10. name, the amount, and denominate values of stamps de. mains very fair which strengthens the market dectdedly, The Planters' House sold 45 hhds: '23 hhds do Ken-livered on said orders. These orders will be kept on file in the col and all sales made commanded very full price_s. Of tucky leaf: 3 at 17.7 S ; 4 at I 5 ; I at I 3 50; 2 at lector' s office, m case th<;y may needed for future reference. M I d 11 th I "'"' d k d 1 t @ 6 At the end of each and every month, or on or before the 1oth ary an a e sarnp es onere were ta en very rea 1 y 12.50; 4 a II II 7-S ; at Io@Io 75, 6 at 9r..9.8o. 12 It is also thought difficult to elucidate this fact : "Shippers profess to obtain better rates on the average in Liverpool, awl buyers, on the other hand, maintain tbe .:olmtrary.'' "It clear," the comentator contmaes, that as the London ttade alone is so large, that for cood and fine qualities this market should always of trade lle the princ1pal depot, and there is no doubt that for ex fOri purposes the chief demand arises in London, and Jlrders have Offtn to be executed in Liverpool by LonClon ses to the great of all concerned. 'l'he import o United States tobacco for the month were 159 hhds and the deliveries 829 hhds. The stock on hand uly I, was I4,420 hhds or 3,022 hhds more .Iriwn afthe same-period lasq ear. From the port of New York to foreign ports, other lhan European potts, for tlte week endtng July ,r6, were a'! follows: r H 11 F d B d be" h h 1 d r day of the following month, the collector will transmit to the aslOr o and, ranee an remen, an tOre t e arh l s do lugs: I at 14.75; 3 at I 1@1 1.50, 4 at 9@9.60; sesser of hts distrtct a list or abstract of the number, and vest season IS over,' and receipts increase constderably, 4 at 8@8.90. :.& hhds Tennessee leaf at I0.75, 1 I. 2 denomtnate value of stamps sold by him to each manufacturer or which they certainly will, as we are much behind with hhds Indiana leaf at 9.10@Io. other person, jlS per his ledger, litria and France: Virginia, _of RICHMOND, :July 2o.-Mr R. A. Mills, Tobacco Whenever the manufacturer' s stamp accountdoesnotshow a pur-whtch stocks and rece1pts are hght, to be qu1et Broker and Commission Merchant reports:-In reviewchase of stamps correspondmg wtt.h his returns of products and but very firm, .and holder.s show no dtspostbon to our market for the past week I have nothing new to sales, it will be tne duty of tne asessor m willfully neglects or refuses to do so an. I, I 2 -10 ware ouses an Leaf, good to fine wrappers.---------3o.oo@ 7 5.00 is !table, on convictton, to be Ifined Jsc and 1mpnsoned not less on shipboard, not cleared ---------- S 745 hhds Leaf, extra fine wrappers _______ ._.__ So.oo@ I 2 5.oo than IO days nor more than six months. Inspected this week ------------I,Io6 hhds FOREIGN. This provlSton of law apphes not only to retail dealers who empty Inspected prevwusly -------. --23,814 hhds AMSTERDAM, :July 6.-Messrs. Schaap & Van wooden packages by retattinf, their contents, but also to every per-----Veen, Tobacco Brokers, report as follows : We have son who purchases tobacco or his own use, and empties such pack Total ------------ -30,706 hhds to report large sales of tobacco in the past week, especup tobacco Exported since Jan. I------I6,426 hhds ially in Java tobacco, of which a good deal suitable for or snuff,_ any empty stamped box, bag, vessel, wrapper, or envelope j Coastwise and re-mspected 3,ooo hhds I9,426 hhds segar manufacturing fetched very high prices. The of any kmd, or the stamp or stamps taken from any such empty ----------competition for this kind from all parts of Germany box, bag, vessel, wrapper or envelope, of any kind renders a person Stock to day in warehouse and on sh1p11 th d liable, on convtction, to a fine of Jroo, and Impnsonment for not especia y, LS stronger an ever an procures both for less than 20 days and not more than one year. board not cleared -------------II,28 hhds the planters and importers enormous profits. The sales Any manufacturer or other person who puts tobacco or snuft' Saturday, :July 20.Messrs. Ed. Wischmeyer aii)OUnted to' 7,037 bales Java, I,89 8 d

, .. tiUL'l 24 THE TOBA.CC'O LEA.FJ I -t X The com""'lance'lfttk d\e &tder of the A CTION BY OFFICERS O F fHE CUSTOMS. facture ci&ars will be required to pay a spec1a tax as DEALERS IN CIGARS. v ..-<'' cigar manufacturer;; Every dealer in cigars, either of foreign or domestic collector, (Form A) and makmg certificate of his in-STATEMENT AND llONDS. manufacture, having on band cigars not "packed and spection on eac'h copy of the order, wi1! leave one _copy IJ.nJ person!faCtunng cigars. 9f any descripti.on stamped accordmg to law, must so pack and sta111p them with the manuf,acturer, and deliver the other copies to without first gwmg bond (Form 71) m accordance w1th before selling or offering them for any the collect9f. the proviswns of section 82, is liable, on conviction, to dealer has on hand unstamped cigars hes reqmred by The manufacturer, upon recelvmg his copy, will in. a fine of not less than $100 nor more than $5,ooo, and 94 td make an mventory of them and deposit with dorse upon it his entry for export in tpe following form, Upon aHival of the merchandi,se at the port of entry, -the collector of customs, or his deputy, will indorse on one of the copies of form A, received by him, an order for examination and sh1pment, and will deliver 1t to the surveyor, which order Will be in the following form, VIZ .. Order for t':xamm:atwn and sltijnnr:nl Certificate of Revmut Officer or AgmJ. Poa.T G:J' ---, ---, rl.. I, ------, do hereby certify tha the KOate No --Outc.a. CoLLICT O K OF Cu'ST o Ms, Porr of---, ---187-; 1 .hueby cert1fy that ,the follo w ing desc.nbed merchandise was duly laden on board the ---, whereof------1s master, 1n pursuance of order. N o ---.:--, heretofore tssued from thJs offi ce and t'har sa1d merchandise was entered on the mamfest of sa1d and that !.ltd -veuel and cargo were cleared from thi! port for the. port of---, on the--day of-,-, 187-, v1z. : manufacturer's name, tJ:.le number of his manufact9ry, 1. Affixmg to any box containmg stamp in the Number 1 f and the district and State in which it IS situated, these similitude or likeness of any stamp required to De used and 6f and of Rate or tax 0 words: "NoTICE.-The manufacturer of the cigars by the. laws of the United States, whether the same .L __ __ herein contamed has complied w1th all the reqmrements shall be a customs or an internal-revenue stamp; and of law. Every person is cautiOned, under the penalties 2 The buymg, selling, or having m of any e ntered by------, to be exported in the ah1p ---, whereof of law, not to use this box for cigars again. cigars on which to which they are has not master, to the port of--, be landed at aaid port CIGAR-MAKERS TO BE REGISTERED. been pa1d. and. be not retanded at'any port or place within the hm1t1 of the United The 1-.w reqmres that evet;y c1gar-maker shall cause The pracuce has become qu1te prevalent in some d1sStates, and if theoald obliaon, by themselvn or their legal repreaentatieo, W11ness my hand and ofl1c1al seal th10 --dax--. 187-1 shall roduce to the collector of the district from whic h the mercmndiae his name antl res1dence to be registered with the aSSISttncts of affixmg to boxes contammg domestic Cigars 15 shlf. ped, within twenty days from the date he,.,of, the certificate of the [ ] ------,.:,, r ant assiiSSOr of the diVISIOn in which he shall be em-stamps made m the Similitude or likeness of the customs collector of customs of the sa1 d port of---, showmg that the said To-u_L_._ '--, "".ector., ""' omJ. CARD. The :firm of Julius V.etter1ein, & Co dom!{ at 111 Arch Street, PluJ.. adelphia, 1s m no manne r connec\e d Wit h that o f l'h B Vetterlem's Sou No. 6 GedarStr.eet, New York 286-St COMPLETE .Machmery of a Tob&A."CO Factory, ID good ordPr, and rea.dy for tmmed1ate use 'VIlL bP sold ou v ery r68.' e terms ri'he batldtng can be l eaaed very favorably Factory sttuate41 m 'Broo Kly n oopa.otty 2,000 poundsner dav 87,. AildT"'88 Po., t Oftl ce Box SJ83 NE"w York Cttv NOTICE -Tbe lluBtnCS! form e rly carr1ed on under the firm-nam e ot KlNNEY BROS., C1tD!l hv 1 72' m l FRANCJR A KINNEY" CIGAR MANUFACTURERS ANUTOBACCO EXPORT!>lt.S can be supplied wltb Coonect1cut Cutti'nga and Scraps at the loweo market pnce, tn Jots from 5 to too cases. OSCAR HAMMERSTEIN, r.u Water lit., New Yorti. .A.. D. CHOCKLEY, BUCUESSOR TO A. D. & CO., Oommtsst on Merchant. AND DEALER IN TOBACCO, No. 168 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. Alway. on hod a full auortment of VIrginia ud Weotera ... Smoii:GI'II, parti(:Ula.rly: Briabt &Dd Briaht KotUed, IRilled to the Kan..-n.c tnale Also Leaf'rol!Mooo of"all.,Ueo. Liber&l caob oidYaD..,. on COilllpi1IJeD!o to ow houae, or t. m England, throfl8)l til. ---.A. D. OHOOKLEY, BUOCESBOR TO CHOCKCEY & ANDERSON, Oomaiuioa BlerchaDt, RICHMOND, VA. Couigmnenlll of Leaf Tob&oeo, Gra1n aDd.oiher Prod...,. oeliciWd on wiUo6. llbualcaoh advauceo will be made. ployed, and imposes upon the manufacturer of cigars a Cigar stamp.. Notzce is hereby given tbat this practice merchandioe ha been duly exp<>rted u rjuired by law and regulat1ona and C./lector of Intmsl Rev fine of $5 for each day he employs any cigar-maker who must b med1ately discontmued, and all persons havw11bin ---months from the date hereof, a land1ng certificate and TIME ALLOWED FOR PRESENTING PROOF. f (S h h other prJofs, as JHiuired by the CommiaUo:1er of Internal &.cveue1 of the f has neglected or re used to make such regtstry. ee mg m 1r possessiOn c1gars wit sue Imttatlen stamps -, The time named m the bond for toe productwn o the fli 1 [, 1 ffi delivery of the arne at the p<>rt of---, or at any port or place w1th section 59.) The attention of all cigar manufacturers a xed wil remove them be ore se hng or o ermg the out the hm1ts of the Umted Stateo, a aforeaa1 d;orofth e lo .. thaeofat landing certificate must not exceed SIXty days if the exWill ""ecute onlero for the pwcllue of Leaf Tobecro m t1oo .Riolun-.._ ket lor the usaal CODIDllomon. Deo.lert ucl l!UDu,.._ W1ll IIDd 1t t. tMk mtUh .&.. D. 0HOCKL'EY, our New York Dollie. BhippenwiU baTe the adna&ap or--. 1n to e1tber aDd cmly ODe COIIDIUIIIOil ehazwed. should be called to this provision of law, and assistant cigars for sale, or abzde the penaltu> of tlu law. sea, then 'this obhga11on to be vo1d; otherwise to remain in full force and p )rtation is to the DommJOn of Canada, to any of the assessors will see that all cigar-makers are registered. DESTRUCTION OF STAMPS ON EliiPTY CIGAR BOXEs. effect. British North American p10vmces, or to any of the West RECORDBOOK. Sec. 33 of the act of June 6, 1872, provides as follows: And the obligors, for them .. lveo, their heirs, executors, and usigna India Islands; or to the Gulf, Atlantic, and frontier Section 84 makes It the duty of every assistant asses"That whenever any stamped box containing, cigars, do further covenant and agree with the United State, 1 cae md evlports m MexiCO, or to Atlantic ports in Central Amer-' ) b dence IS not produced, to pay or cause to be pa1d, to the collector aforeSOT to keep m a book a record of the name and resi-cheroots, or Cigarettes, shall be emptied, It shal e the said, the amount of tax on sai d merchandiSe, of which no evidence has 1ca, and to AtlantiC ports north of the equator in South dence of every person engaged in the manufacture of duty of the person in whose hands the same may be to been produced of havmg bection 66). the packages, and affix thereto the proper export stamps. veyed to the foregn pc';rt, alo a full descript1on the route or routes by :z. The ctrtijicate chief uvenue o.f!iar or collectof I 11 b th d t f h t t h wh1ch lt ,. to be amt to the oort of shipment) 'J ) d STAMPS. t WI e e u y o sue mspec or o examme eac of the foreign port (appended to the foregomg, un er The QommJsswner of Internal Revenue has caused package carefully and see that the contents are such as Amount of the hand sear of that officer, ceJ:tifying that the mer-to he prepared s 'tamps for the payment of the tax on the law allows; that each package contammg tobacco, tax. chand1se descnbed has been landed, duly entered at the cigars, as required by section 87. These stamps are of snuff, or cigars, as prescnbed in sections 62 and 85 of custom-house at said port, and that duties imposed the several denominations indicated by the number of the act of July zo, 1868, as amended, has prmted or by the laws 'of the country m which said port is cigars allowed to be packed m different-sized boxes. marked thereon the manufacturer's name and place of situated have been fully paid, or secured to be pa1d. They are furnished to colLectors to be sold only to c1gar manufacture and the registered number of the manu-3 Where there is no revenue officer or collector of manufacturers who have gtven bonds and paid the factory, and that)he label reqmred by sect:xins 68 and th'e foreign port, or where he refuses to sign, the affida-speclal tax m the1r d1stncts respectively, and to such 88, respecb.vely, is properly affixed. vit of the master, or of the mate in absence of the mas-other persons as are named m section 87. The inspector w11l himself ascertain the gross weight, -ter of the vessel, that the merchandise enumerated in The absence of the proper-revenue stamp on any box tare and net-weight, and mark each m plam figures upon the foregomg certificate was actually delivered, at the of cigars sold, or offered for sale, or kept for sale, is the said wooden packages, by branding or stencilmg, port des1gnated within' the nme specified in said certifi-notice to all persons '-hat the tax has not been pa1d together with his own name and title, date of mspection cate, may be substituted for the ..certificate of that thereon, and such cigars are delared to be forfeited: and collectwn d1strict. officer. (Section 90). In every case he wlll see that the export-stamp is you having 4led the bond, and othmme complied w1th the 4 The certificate of .t h e consul or agent tlf the United REMOVALS OF CIGARS. affixe4 to each package and cancelled, un1ess several regulations as to the exportation merchndiSe. States residmg at such port certifying to the truth of the The amendatory act of June, 6, 1872 ; makes provision small packages are put up in one package, in which case -----, C /ltttor. statements set forth m the certificate of the consignee, for the exportation of c1gars to a foreign country under the export stamp will be affixed to the outer case or To--..:.--, and a)s0 that the person s1gmng the foregoing certificate rules and regulations hereinafter provided for. cask, and the mspector will also brand or srenc1l upon The copy of Form A thus indorsed must be presented is the ch1ef revenue officer of the port, and that h1s sig-All 'Cigars, cheroots, and cigarettes, removed from such outer case the date of inspection, collec tiOn district by the applicant to the. assistant assessor o n or before nature is genume. the place of manufacture, as described on Form and kmd' of contents. The affixing and canceling of the the roth day of the proper month, in company with the Where there is no United States consul or agent re unless removed under bond f01r exportation, must have export-stamp Will be done by the inspecto r at the monthly abstract required by secuon 66 of the act of siding at the foreign port of landing and dehvei'y, this affixed and canceled proper mtternal revenue stamps. expense of the manufacturer. July 20 x868 .and the assistant assessor must return the venfication w1ll be signed by two Amencan merchants, WHEN CIGARS ARE DECLARED To BE FORFEITED. When the case con tams other than wooden packages, same the ;ssessor m order that he may compare it if any such reside there, and in failure of both of these, Section 8g makes either of tlbe follow ing conditiOns or the' inspector will, in' addition to the foregomg, 'mark with the collect(jr's monthly report of tobacco, snuaj and by two respectable foreign merchants, in which case. the omissions cause for the forfeiture of cigars, viz.: upon 1t the gross weight, tare, and net we1ght, wh1ch cigars in bond. blank must be filled up with the words, "nor Amencan_ I. C1gars removed from any manufaetory or place must also be stated m h1s report of;nspectrons. The bond, Form B, havmg been dul y executed and merchants." '\\'here cigars are made without bemg packed in boxes as The order of the the inspector and the delivered to the collector, the manufacturer w1ll be a!-The landing certificate w1ll be in the followmg form, required by law. mspector's report will be in the following form, VIZ : lowed to export the goods by the vessel, and over the viz.: 2 Cigars removed as above without the proper stamp ORM A. route or routes designated in his entry, and will be re -hereon denotmg the talC. On,c.< .!r Cotty the c rretopOndlng amOQllt. Thie rule lnv,..hbly be &llherl'd to. 1 The Amended Tas: Law:-of 1812. Ciprs of all descnptions domestlc or imported, made of tobacco, or any snbsbtute therefor, per 1,ooo ..... Is C1garettes, domest1 c o r 1mported, we1gbmg ()Ver three 1Jounds per x,ooo--per I,OOO 5 Ga C1garettes, d omestic or we1ghmg not ot.:er three pounds per 1,0()()---Jl'er 1 ,CXJO. .. Jp! Snuff o f all desc ript1ons, manufactured from tobacco, or any aubstitute therefor, per pound : p Snuff-flour, sold o r removed !or use, per pound. . ,Ja Dealers m l eaf t obacco, except r etall dealers tn leaf-tobacco, as h erelu-afte:r defined, l!lhall pa)' a tax of. .. .... 2:5Every shall be regarded as a dealer 10 le a f tobacco whose busmess 1t 1s, for lumsell or on commt!Sion, to s e ll, or offer for sale, or constgn for sale on comm1sston, leaf-tobacco; and payment of a spe-ctal tax as m tobacco, manufacturer of tobacco, tr.anufacturer of c agars, or any other s pectal t a x, 5hal1 not exempt any lng in leaf toba cco from pa}lment of the specta1 tax, therefo r hereLy r equtred. But no farmer or planter tihaJl be J'leqwred to pay a. .spectal ta.x, as a. dealer m leaf-tobacco, for eelling tobacco of has owu producuon, o r tobacco recetved by h1m as rent from who have pto duced the same on his land But nothing io th18 sec.:;tion 5 ha11 be construe d to e xempt from a spec;zl tax, any farmer or planter who s h a ll, by peddling or othe rwtse, sell leaf tobacco at rctall d1rectly t consumers, or wh o shaH sell or asstgn, constgn, tran5fer or d1spose of to' persons other than t hos e who have pa1d a specaal t a x as l eaf-deal-ers or manufacturers of tobacco, !Snuff or c gans or to person.s pur-chasing leaf tobacco for export. 1 Dealers m leaf t obac co shall h e reaftet-sell only to other dealers who ha"e pcud a spec1a l tax as such, aml to manufacturers of tobacco, s n uff, o r cagars, and t o s uch persons as are known to be purchasers o f leaf-tobacco fo r export. Retail dealers m leaf tobacco t5ha11 each pay ......................... soo .. Ifthet r annual sales exceed $t,ooo shall each pay, in addttlon thereto f o r e"ery d ollar m excess of $1,000 of their sal es -_. Every person shall be regarded aS .. a retail dealer in leaf tobacco, tt liS t o 5ellleaf-tobaccomquanhtiHicsstban an ongina l hogsb4fl,d, case, or bale; or; who shall sell dtrectly to consumers. or t o persons other than dealers in leaf toNcco, who have patd a spectal tax as such; or to manufacturers of tobac co, snu!', or c1gan, who have patd a s pec1a l tax, or to persons 'Who purchase tn ongmal packages fhr export Dealers tn tobacco ..... .... ...................... ...... s cry person whose busmess tt ts fo sell, or offer for stJe, manufac ture d tobacc o :muff or ctgars, shall be regarded as a dealer i n tobacco, and the payment of a as a wholesale or retail hquor-dealer, or the payment o f any other spectal tax, shall not reheve any person who liel's m anufactured tobacco and cigars from Jbe payment o f tbts tu: Provide... ..... so CIID When trav e lmg w th two horses, mulf(S, or other anJmals (second c lass ) _.... ........ 8! Whe n travehng wtth one horse, mule or other a.ulmal (third class) I! ce Whe n travehng on foot, o r by pubhc conveyance (fourth class) .. 10 oo An y person wh o sells, o r offers to sell and dehver, manufactured tobacco, snuff, or ctgars, travehnr from place to place ln the t own or through the country, shan be regarded as a peddler of tobacco. Ou all chewtng and smok1ng tobacco, fine-c::ut, cavendish, plug, or twts t cut, or granulated, of every description, on tobacco twtsted by band or reduced into a condtbon to be consumed, or i9 any man n e r other than the ordinary mode of drying and curing, prepared sale o r consumpt1oo, even 1 prepued without the use of any machtne o r instrument, and w 1thout bemg pressed or sweetened, and on all fine-cut tthorts and refuse scraps, cllppmgs, cuttlnp and sweepmgs of tobacco per pound................................................. 111 3tampa for tobacco, !Snuff, and cigars, for lmmed1ate export, each....... TA RIFF-Foretgn Tobacco,,duty 35c. per pound, gold Foreign Ctgars, $2 so p e r pound and 2S per cent cui mlorem.. Impqrted cigatB also bear an Jnterna.l Revenue ta of Is M to be path by stamps at the Custom House. (ReVenue Act, 931 Tlie ImpOrt duty on manufactured tobacco is soc per lh : Leal, stemmed, per lb, In add1tion to thi duty, the R.evenu.e tu. oa I'J. the UDJe-ldDd o( tobac:oo made !o this country must be pa1d. Tile ., tobkcu must alee lie poc'lleiiiiCC<>nilrl to -- :


' New York Commission-Merchants. D 'QHAN c A 'RROLL & co ll' lY Commilllli lie la'U. ___ c_y I SPEN(;E BROTHERS & Co. .11_ ., BULKLEY MOORE A co EsTABLlliHED IN 1836 BY. CHARLES M. CONNOLLY. MANUFACTURERS OF THE OBLl:BRATED TOBACCO -VIRGINIA I Tobacco CornmiaiJion Kerobants GOKIOLLY. cl CO., COmmission Merchants, .......... ...... Fine Out Chewing Commission Merchants IJ:J .t El 71tl' F. L. BRAUNS & CO., BA.LTIJIOB:E, Tobacco Cmmnis&ion lerciants. r6o PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. CHAS. F. TAG & EON,. ot and De!llera tn all kinds ot LEAF TOBACCO, 184 Front Street, NEWYOIUt -c-----L. PASOAUL. IMPORTER OF \ HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO, 156 W .IJ.l.l'ER STREET,' NEW YORK. ,-' M. WESTHEIM & 00., PACI:LRS OF Seed-Leaf and Importers of Havana To baeco, 177 Pearl Street, NEW ,YORIL WILLIAM M. PRICE & CO., LEAF TOBACCO, NE:W YOBB Packer &. Dealer in ''BOQUET DE TABACOS," "JOCKEY CLUB" and PHIL. "SHERIDAN." Leaf Tobacco I '. THE! ''STRAITON & STORM-CIGAR-WRAPPER" ROSENW:ALD BOOKING-MACHINE. Importers of Spanish, PATEN'I.['ED AND .. OF DOMESTIC LEAF ..... .a. ..... "" ........... JFor Sale by the National Cigar-Machine Company. SPENCER BROS 1: CO CODISSION MERCHANTS,. No, 14b CAdar St-:,,.. Y ; RK. CIGAR MOULD-PRESSES & STRAPS. --A. & F., B .R 0 'IV N, Q MANUFACTURERS OF -. Dealers in J 145. Water Streeti N. Y. I 59 & 61 Maiden Lane, New York. Leaf -Tobacco .. Cigar Cutters & all other Machinery for Mannfactnrin[ Ci[ars; I IMPORTERS OF GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS. I l 57, 59 & 6I, Lewis St., bet. Detancy & Rivingt(\ln, -NE'W YOllR. e I ... .... _GUNTIUll. F. w ... TA.TG&NHOOST, THOMAS I KINNICUTT :.JW.TATIENHORSTW and Virginia lillm Merchants, Leaf Tobacco 68 Bioad stre!et, .o. sa Street, >. NEW YORK. I NEW .. I CHAS._ E. BUN'l', HAVANA lEAF TOBACCO! I 1 I S E .Q. A. R. S,. : (aM T. Guum&z)._ ._ Kentucky &.' Virginia DEALE:fls IN'. LEAF TOBACCO Qs R S, LBAF TOBACCO, No. 191 PEARL STREET, New York 1 La Carolina 9 __ JorrN hxiTaY. Ag t for TELECRAPH Brand GF.onox sTon><. 167 Water St., N. y, STRAITON & STORM, / ACTURERS OP J. WILLIAM WJCK:!. No. 75 Maiden Lane, NEW YORK. T. H. SPEj.'!CE& C. C. SPENCER A. SPENCER. JODPK :A. VEGA 6 DG. -- ..... To'bacao .., .&&ali .... w YO.Il. ---: :Q J. GARTH,,SON& co., \. STROIJt .. -Oh 1 T Ba & 0 ; GEO. WICKE & BRO. l.I:ANUF ACTUR.ERS .OF &. CO., B. J!l!.EV!N .. -u TOBACCO .SEGARS-. AKD &-KD Ill' .&.LL JtnfDI (Succeisors to CJUI!LEB B. F.u.usmax Co,, i -k t ar BB uer o., mission M erchants, .OIUI 11 Jl, Commission Merchants, No. 129 PEARL STREET,D 0 M E S T I 0 ADd Importem ot N.ew YORK. Pbamo":L,;oi..&oo", Havana Tobacco & Segars, Segar--So%88,, 16't, 169 & .161 GOEB'QK liT, 5EW YOU. PBII8n:Jl., LEAF TOBACCO, ...-ed Ill balee for the Weot Ind!eo, 181 Pearl st., aear Wall st., ftEW JORl '7Ciaa.COO PA.CIJm IN BOGSBJU.DS. Best Makril.ll aN/ Supm'tr Make by Sdfi;: InfMfl14ti and Patented Machinery. rr 11e aon li'.T. No. 40 BIEAYIER ST., x., OJJIJ; D.l. Gutb, I Ch&& Jl. Garih, JlenrJ -.. I


JULY BBIIILL. SUPERIOR MAKE AND Prime Quality of CEJ)AB WOOD. ALSO, DEALER IN ,8BBM.&ll' CIGAR MOULDS Oi' -LEAF TOBACCO, No. 110 Water Street1 New York. L : PALMER A : H, .SCOVILLE, Connecticut see -Ieatwrapperorour-oWn: JOSBPB SCHEIDER, I." rosRPrr w i\l.ii.!TI \J ----, -,(EIJERlCI I POP11L.I.B 88.1.1.'1 .. OJI' VJBGDII.I. TOB.I.ClCJO. ., .,... '111 ho..e st., xw :ro.-.:: Dald, Sr., Goldm Cord, 811-Cl011d, .. Doi.O. cot&eNl'. .. TM Bub, &I 'I'll. ....., -"F'02'1.:S. Premium, Bel .Joe!N 6: ...... l'almett.o, Belle l'unle, Tllltba' J)ellallt, .. u.., Gt-., BIO COirP.l.NT. IMPORTERS OF SPANISH AND PACKERS OF DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCOS. 75 WATER STR.EET, SDIOJUI A D.I.VIDSOI BROTHERS, Manufacturers of HAVANA and SEED 1184. and 1186 1 H YANA AND NEW: ....J_ lUTll O!f BXLII ALL J>Z8CitiPI'IOQ eaf .1.o Leaf Tobaeeo for :export. and Home Ill. mate Leaf 1'obaooo baled in any piiiltap by hjdna \ic press for export. _____ T, liLLINGTON & EOKIIEYER, 48 BROAD&> 48 NEW STREETS, Chas, Sevmour IMPORTER v SOLE AGENTS OF Russian-Cigarettes AND IMPORTERS OF &leef .HAVANA CIGARS. SUB-AGENTS WANTED _3. L. G4"81111'1' "" BBO., LBUIWIO. A Bu&D,"D D:UJ.D\8 lN ALL IWIDI or -liD fUUU Dr Dm8 01 La Favorita Roll.s, 6 inch ( Cl>.aL -J'V Jr., 9 mch, lighe pres.J hard ... 12 inch lbs. Virginia, Eureka, A Oli:>er' s Choice Old Kentuclo. Virginia Belle. Rose. -Star. Olive. : Grand Duchess. Gold, Bug. PERIQUE ... All styles of Manufactured and SraoklDf put up under special bnnds tor tbj. sole lise of the owner. \ I ]\. 13.rge of all sizes con ... n tly on hand. 'Orders promptly e cuted. OFFICE, 5PECK SLIPJ FACTORY, RE'PIWICK ST., NEW YORK. SPIESS, of PJ';Ie OiaiD'III BBAI.BBI IIi I.BAI' T9BAilCe, :BOWERY, NEW YORX. AooLPa S:IDUII, I SAKVJ::r...JOSJIZIBS, S .:J. liiO N SALOMON -MANUFACTURER OF Importer of IUld Dealer iD Oigars, ...... .:;, '(31. M_AIDEN LANE, N.Y. l6r We would call the allentiun of the :Fine Trifd! to our cek6ra ted No. rl Stree!, itEw YORK.. 0 AMOND STAR BR'AND." 12 ) J.' e no. "APPL Fig. 1 Fe]>resenl6 Moulding 'XIichine ia pooitrou to rece!v the tlllor Fig. 2 repr:e-t:, Mouldin_g. Mo-cbtne atter-the Ot' :ftlh3r baa been pressed.. throngh mto the JDOuld. -'Iha..monld_JIWD f-IO:Od,J.D. t n longitudinal ba.lves, with 11-mould c:1vity for ha.1f a in each. A, .in figurl2, is mould deiiCribed,. B, is a funnel or conductor made of met. al fltt:ing when tlra1m down closely over mould canty m block A. as r e presented in Level', c; hal attached it. foUonr elosely the inside .or funnel, 9f B.: The or tlllPr i1 placed in top of fnnne1, B, with the hands, a.nd 'Pressed down Wlth the ffngers untiltt rests on the Mould undPl'it. It is the n forced down by bearing down lever C; the lever then raised. The ftmnel is so that it raises wit h the lever, leavmg room to cover the bunch or filler Wlth the o ther half of Mould, which lS then removed, leaving the macnine in posf.tiolJ fo1' nest mould. Cigan can be r a pld and more 'perfect with thla n.nparatus than any otber mould: an unperfect buncb. can not be made 1t. Long filler ean be llS w,ell without bind e r sa There i8 nothing about eithE-r or mould that can Jrear out. It 1s the most and 'J)Qrfect work":t!g a.ppapa.tus yet offered for PHICF.: Ooe Machine for one siBA cigar and WJtb smtable $25. Any or Wlll be requiring only thi!IIU.Side m.euure ot bo:s: you to ..P1;Ck m. For address or 4Jplyto JOHN CHARTER, STERLIII:C, ILL, e LOUIS BULLINCER, Ceneral Agent. Proprielor andJanufacturer. OF CO' ............ N cmn Moms,. -_,7t. STREET, NEW YORK. -H11ndreJs ,_r tu&to cU!ne In noo in tile ben bouaeo in tM country a.tteat the of them. HaT!Dg bcea In use o...,r four.,. ...... been tborougllly -.d, and ihuch lmpro-41n a lilts parts, we canconJ!deut'1 recommend it to the manuracturera ot as the best and tbe ID.081: ecouom!callllachlne Cor thepliJ'P!)IQ ncnr .ll:nown Cont11inoi!e teed, no to. ol biiiiiJ. -.a.e rot with looalabor, 11101'11 <:hi.IJMa ote..t. and brighter Tobllcco; tll&ll wUll ..,... other Cutter in. the ""' J.L!IO flug Machines, Bt8m lollerl. H. Co., AOBN'l'S, ; !\"o. 46 ST., Jliw A F'CI.L Sti&L'I' OJ' EXTRaS A.l.W.I.ft Gil ......_ ....... & PE:A.SE -U:acbine Works, to 0l2ar.Mauufaoturers. c We have b'ee!l: manufaeturin& Cigars during t'l: past s:x montho on the improved BAt. TIMOR. II CIGAR MACHIN.. making fine work with perfect satiofaction. T.,.., girb with one machiRe can jJI 1oolGemJ&n moulds, or ,;ake <>,ooo fil.ler per day, and two ghls wich two machtneo can p11t on the wrappers aRd finish the same number per day. The work is equal to hand made. The tabor a light, requiring no power other than the' foot and hand motion. The madinc can be rqul ted to maka cigars of my size. State Rights For S'le. 1 WaTnTnu. I t t T. T .lbllflf,UU.If, For funher infurmation address me,' or call at my establishment, -No. 195 Lexington Street,. Baltimore, Md. JOHN T HENNi\MAN_ <:" < E. SALOMON, M. a.E SALIOMON, PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, AND IMPOr-TERS OF -Hava\).8 To-bacco and 85 LANE, N. Y. I!NITUVTUl!NG 1 Park Place, NEW YORK.., Thla machine is in o2MBBAL us hT ToF W 8 EC K & CO IDiiv.t.erua:n.s for t&mJIO In SHEETS, and io the Ol'I'LY MAR l 1872 FR&CTIOAL D.EVICE for the purpos<> ever offerod to the trade. desiring this MAOR!NE or it F W BECK & CO BANDS ate requested to send their orders uo:t'S .. t(,. DIRECTLY to the OFFICE, No. 7 Park MAR 1 1872 n ... "" ..:\ Place, aa the too FREQUEMT MJ.STA.l[M and of agents and r-, eons !aiming agency haA compet'ed F, W 8 E C K & CO the Companr to nErvS all orde,.. not com-1 iug direct. MAR 1872 Send orden as ea.rlr a s possible, o.s 1t re-quire oonsiderabletuneto makeafllllaet F W BECK & CO REVJIWI' IOlltOOO ST!IP CUCILLKR. or B>nde. The prieee ottbis !'lachine and B:m.ds i1 fixed, and under no mrcumstances 1 Send for a Circular. is any oneautllonsed to chlli)ge them. 1\IAR 1872 New York Age:qcy. EDWARD HEN, '13 ldberty St. Put up in 1, f t t lb Ball" 85 &. Water St. [n Caseo of so and 100 lbs. .And .Dealers in Virginia and Western Leaf and Mamtjadurcd Tobacco, Licorice, -Gu':'1, etc., 1St Old S 1ip, New Vork. Leaf Tobacco; LEAF TOBACOO, "O t 60 Water Street, New ,york. 1M W.A.'l'l!IR-B'l'B111BT-, mrlV-YOllA; -SC -HMITT STEINECKE, ==-==,.,.. Have on oa1e olllifnda of UU TOBACCO tor EXPORT ... JOSEPH it. SICHEL & co. ,lad HOMll us.. Oll-.1.08 JULIAN ALLEN c.--.... my Trade Mark. thi s popular Tobacco ha.s ca ... feited, and to prevent impoU. be to for ; BRAND, and sec that it bean I K. IMPORTERS OF Importers of and m HAVANA TOBAcco. A. OATIYIAN, AND WHOLESALE DEA.LEBS DO'OBniB or 329 BOWERY ,i.N FINEST BRANDS OF CIGARS, Seed :r-aE Tobacco 2lB PEARL STREET. NEW YORK, va:n.a JNO. OAFFIL. H. ZWEIG, FELIX M I._ ANDA, J QF 4 ..... ':.-' / 'IO' UV.&I.I. LIAr TOB.&CC. Q AND OE "riil! BRAND' OF CIGARS CICARS RITICA,"' M Oeda-t., lniW I St, New 8 Fletcher St., J. SCHMITT, Seed-Leaf L. CERSHEL & BRO.,. AUERBACH & -MENDERSOI' ,._ ,_I swEGnAHB, Leaf' Tobacco 172 WATER STREET, r'.. .AND : --__ -: I Also all Kinds of fteaf Tobaooo, QXC3rA.B.;. NEW YQRKJ No. 86 MAIDEN LANE, 19,7 Duane-itreet, "' l f -New-York. s.. oaan. } Q:ER8B.EL. 1. HIRSCB.ORN & 00. J LIAW f9 WATER STREET, eWall Street, -YORK KA."M'VP.lO'rtJ&t 0"1' FDm AND DALitR IN All kinds ol Leaf and iannfactnrcd Tobacco, I 91 Creenwfch St., N. Y. 1 a o FRill D a co., (), L. & o. MEIER, ..... ---oiiijl--1 r.rticul&rf7 favored.! AliTONIO GONZALEZ, G. & CO. t.sstoa l'trtbJatJ, "' DLt.LJIB8 Ill' MAIDEN LANE, Jhnr.utD J!'JIIDI>, t I ... J .. f NEVI YORK. .utD ComR\isslon Merchants, lto. 43 Bea'nr Bt., K-TOI'k.,. No, Pearl Street, llp>alal alteuUon pakl to Uao fenvtial OC .,.,._ totlllelpoM1nlrlee. ...... / Ne,.,. Yodl --F TJrtAK & co., ot d-'.robaoc .lJO) DSAL ... IX A.I.L KDme 0. HIVANA_LEAF TOBACCO LEAF AKD I .. .,. L. CARVAJAL'S OIGABS, ..,_.l'llw_,.,.,....,,. -No. 47 Broad Street. AND COMMISSION MFRCHAN 70 a 7!1 BIIO.&D STREET, aw YOBii., 187 Water Street, New Y.-. HEW YO&


.Stal:aar, SmltJa Jbo8. A Kaecht, pwtt.. :ar &LI. aJIW CD' TOBACCO, .Mel .__,_,.HI otfMCI '" c.,_ .. aaa RACE $TR.ET. ,. o MARKS; RALPH & CO., lll&nl>faemtWa and Wholell&le Dealers In TOBACCO, SNUFF, CIGARS, and SMOKERS' ARTICLES, "RALPH'S" SCOTCH SNUFF, -11, & st.,. Plillad lphia .-TELBER BROS.,. ,Packers, Collllllission Merchants, and Whole3ale Dealers in o:reia:a Leaf' Tobacco, 117 North Third Street, .. Philadelphia. THE ..rOBACCO--' ... Baltimore Advertisemea.ts. WM. A. -BOYD, & co., I WMOLaUL& DALRa Nt ANUFAC'l't1RED A..ttrn l.EAF 'l'o:eAcco, CIGARS, &c., 1 33 SOO'I'B ftB:J:Eir, WM. I!IOYO. WM. A. BOYD, Jitt. THOS. W. CROMII.R. Baltimore, Md. -. H. WILKENS, a GO., City lo. tat WEST PRATT STREET, BALTiaORI, D. .__,. ........ ,.,. ....... ej Sn1oldq a:acl Chewl:atJ Tobaoooa, M. FALK & GO., 143 WATER STREET t4EW YORK. SOUTHERN AND WESTERN ADVERTISEMENTS. : MALLAY.1 JA:MES:MALLAY. ';-lenry Besuden & _Bro., R. ALLAY&BRO Dealel'6 in LEAF TOBACCO, I D&A.LER8 .X LEAF TOBACCO, I 161. 168, & 166 Pearl Stret, \COUSER OF E : SUtEET ) CINCINNATI.' K \VJLK KNs, FRxo' K KLnm G. GIESKE. .. .. ED. NiitW.NN. ... JU.:O:Il, GIESKE NIEMANN LOUIS STRASSER, KROHN, fEISS & co., Leaf Tobacco ., CIGARS, AND MANUFACTURERS O F JUL"F 24. Advertlsem.enta. WELLES. 154 State Street,. H.l.llTII'ORO. CONN. DULEIUI IN Connecticut Seed-Leaf 16 Market Street, Hart.fbrd, Cenn. WM. WESTPHAL, COMMISSION :JIERCHANT1 ADd Det1er in ERGER & Co COMMISSION MERCHANTS, L; 'BAM'B "' South Char es St., near Pratt TOBACcp FACTORS Leaf, Tobacco, .And Commission Merchants, Smaters' Articlas and IIDD. Havana Ci!arS c !'W'j G R s 78 South Charles St. Baltimore Me!. SOUTHWEST cO'Jl 5TH & WALIIUT STS., :;&; CONNECTICUT SEED LEAF -zobacco, ... DJU.LER8 IN B M L E A.F T 0 B A. a a 0? altim.ore. d. And Manufacturers of all Qrades of GUSTAV. GUTH,. IW'a. _N. St.,. PhU.adalphla Pa. MANUFAcTuRER oF c 1 a A R S, WOODWARD, GARBETT a CO., SUCCESSOkS TO WOODWARD, BRO. & CO., TOBACCO & GENERAL CODISSION MERCHANTS, 88 No. 1Vczter St., .PhGadeZphiu. THEODORE H. WOODWARD, ALBIN GARRETT, w LLIAM HEMPHILL. 53 CERMAN STREET, BALTIIIIOR!:, MD. W. FELGNER, .... ._ ..... _.._. F. H. BISCHOFF, Deutscher Rauchtabak, ______ ;..' CINCINNATI. Ohio. S. ROSENFELD lc. CO., -----:-. -WHOLESALE DEALERS IN, MORlU & REID, / SOLE AGEN.TS FOR ROKER" G. B. LICHTENBERG'S Detroit B 3' Morning Glory," and Spence Brothers, Office, No, 4 CfJLL!U1E TlflJILDUtG, Cincinnati Fine-Cut, -53 EICHWE PUCE, BllTIIORE, ID. Cincinnati, Ohio F. L. BB.A.uNS &. CO., HENRY l\>1EY ER, 37 South' Cay Street, BALTii'IIORE .41D., -T O BAC. C 0 COMMISSION MER'C .. ANT, ADd Wboleoale Dealer in OHIO & CONNECTICUT State St Hartford. Con:il. A. L. & F. :.SISSON, p3 West Fourth Street, Paekera Dealera In Connecticut Seed L.eaf .. -.. ...... TOB ceo, S. J.OWEftTHAL 6 CO., IS MARKE';r ._._..."' ,., Hartford, Conn. ..... ................ ._, WOODWORTH & aTitONC., x.w: ... TOBAcco. Dealcn irl Bo. 78 llafn Street, Oinobmad,O, LEAF TOBACCO, ......_ ........... a.omnl. BATCHELOR BROTHERS, llau.ufacml'en of Ci&ars, Mi 1110 CIIOICI IIAIIDI. eur.rr: OJJ:ARF.U ... ULn ... a. Commissi.Gn Merchants. LE.A.F TOL:.A..CCO, u f'I.LANGHbRNE .. liV'r ..,.... .. 1Vo.217StatsSt., H.A..BTFOBD, CT. J WHOLESALE DEPOT 3rd St., Braaelteii at 881' Nordl 'I"'aard Street, 2:1 Seeoad St., aDd 83T <'laeeUau.t Street. PHILADE-LPHIA, PA. W EISENLOHB & CO.,-PACKERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACC_O, I 17 SOUTH WATER STREET, PHILADELPHIA. W. EISEILOHR. S. W. CLARK. PHILBONN. DOHAN & TAITT, Fred Etll{elbach, agent, 21 'tk ave., N. } B. :F. P AR.LETJ;' & .. -................. ... -.. MA.UPAOTUR&D L&A .\MD aMOitiiiO TOBACCOS, Plpe-. e"to. ......... CJIIMABIOll J[BB(IHINTS POB BALB 0P lAB 92 Lombard and 5 Water SL, .........,..-ll.&lo"''DDOJUI, -.&JQJ DE.&LIRB Ill Cl. B. BOI.BKIVB A 00., D:EAL:E&I JN Seed Lea.f a.nd Ba. TOBACCOS. N. W:. Corner Charles and Prall Sts., BALTIMORE, MD 48 "Front St., Cincinnati. o. SMOKING 'TOBACCO, No. d. f" WANKELMAr., L YNOHBURG, VA., N f-OLESALE DEALE'R '&ec!> coutaDU, --IDr Mle .n ,..._or 11 kl d r VlqlulaJlmokl,.. To-. l n 0 0 WUlceatnc\ IIIUI IMir-....., :.e:f Tcbacco, Cigars&. S:c:uJf, _._ ...... .. _t-._7_.., ______ ....._ NO. Ia WES'J' JI'ROI'IIT S'J:'REET1 Connecticut Seed leaf Tobacco. R. A. CHAPMAN, D.&&.LIDl IN EAST HARTFORD; il. TYREE. CONNECTICUT. ... R:"".A. YOUNC A: WEISE, 0G. W. General Mermants, PACKER OF SEED LEAF, Sollclt otdm for ot No.' {IB.()N FRONT BUILDING,) AND WHOLESALE D:EALIR IN .............. :,... -.. UCI DJUI.&K .. QA .. Fine Connecticut Seed-Lea! ...... ........ p ...... r o B"'A c cot el. mALDO BAR & CO., tikm and Genaral Com. Merchants. .......... -. .. -.11 ....... 1nbaccu Comm!ssioa Merchants, Md. Ohio Leaf; Sycamore St1eet, c Petersbur11. Va. -----Havana Tobacco,. 193EastLAKE ST. CHICACO. THOMAS D. NEll, J. W. CARROLL, Danbury, ConnectiQut. .. ......... ,. -e PHILADKLPHIA. & a. BKJen iJ..-. w ........ tve. L .. _... ...... & .............. .._., .JULIUS VETrERLElN &. co., (Buc:Ce&lo01'1 to VETTEBLEIN & CO.,) TOBACCO OOMMISSION MERCHANTS, .um mroaras tF srmsa Tel&t:ce, 00 No. mArch St., Pbiladelpbia.. f!leorye r$dwards, #am.m.iMian _j{eh:h.a.n.t in !Eea.f 3af.t.a.cca, and @ea.Ler in. LfJa.u, _}fa. JJJJ fiwth.llffater d.Yeet, 0;;,_, _"t. ._,;___ __ --s. & J. MOORE, roB ACCO ;(:'\"'1missioD. merchants, 107 Worth Water-street, E-tU PHILA.DELPl:l.I.A. 107 -ARCH S';l'REET, PHILADELPHIA. Jntern'l Revenue BondedW_arehouse. OF M. E. McDOWELL a CO., (Flrlt CollectionDiotrlct of PennaJlvanla. ) Tobacco, AND Ccmnilision Merchants, No. 39 Borth Water st., L. HERBERT,. Dealer in LEAF TOBACCO c. PHILADELPHIA. H. SCHMIDT,. "LEAF TOBACCO" W.AJUDIOVU. t Also llilee ot anCI Smoki.Dg lmporlm lid Glfcnl CtmaiJile lLW.CUNTBBR. CENIERAI. Commission Merchant, A.ncl TOBACCO Jr'.'..CTOd. No. 00 Lombard {OM door wut qf pia), BALTIJli>B.E, c1. TOBACCO BB.OB.IIB. Lopk Box 187, RICHMOND, Haa l&rge experience in LEAF TOBACCO of every dHCrip tion. Otdoro to buy rel]leCiflally ... a -ptlyll.lled, Refers by permi!!Oi01l, to Wm, T. Butbenm, Eaq ., K....-..1. W. & C, 0. Rolland, 1o1m B. Pemloftton, Eoc., D.nville, Va. ){.,.., "W.1. Yibrough _. !!oDo, J,. H. PreiSt N"t?-onal Tnbacco .Ac:(IO(oiA.tion, ;J B Pace, Esq. lll.....,..., :r.T. E..q., Richmond, V a Sole l!Jon;:r acturer or the Faml'liB IUld W o rld reno wned Brands of "Virginia Smoking Tobaccos, LOU JACK and BROWN iUCL ._lltluiiOJT, llUh lhrN&o LYNCHBURG, "VA. R SJliTH & CO., C61R11lissum MBrchants and J ollbers -_ CONNI:CTICUT LEAF TOaAOOO :.o. : 20 llampden Street, U.D' TOBACCO, No.60BOUTHG.A..YBTBEEX Clrden aolldl.e:) ADd promptly atMIIcled '-P"L!betalad'lccomente made. on Conoipmellle HnD.&Ls S11nw l J F B10 ... 1.L. I mJ ULTIMO ....... st:BilOEDER .... ;roG. KERCKHOFF & CO., '\. .,...._08 at ......_e t!Mierl! If .,... Wbol.-le Deale..., in COIN. SEED LEAf TOBACCO_ 49 South Charks Street, No. 81 Exchange BALTIMORE, MD. RIClROS, LEFTWICH & CO., 'ommiJ111ioa Lea Tobacco Factors AD ltiU.Lmll m Leaf Tobacco, S3 EXCH.J.NGE PLACE, WEIBLE & ROBINSON'S L-ouisville .&.dYertisem.enta. PATENT I G. w. w I c K s & c 0., SMOOTH CROSS-GUT CIRCULAR SAW I Agent. for the of This cuts any kind of Wood as smootk as Planed, Ulld \'llll:l nta, Mlasourl, and Kentucky saves Ttme and Labor; particul arly usiful for CIGAR-BOX MANUFACTURERS. For Saw and Shop Right apply to lfTr'l) A._ f'r!fJ A\ C. 8. LICHTENBERC, .Dettoit, .Mich., or at 111y office, 0 189 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. llound City Worb. C;& R. DORMITZER & CO., Alo Dca l ert! in LEAF TOBACCO & CIGARS, 102 MAIN STREET, t'! 0 .4 T I. I N' WBOLE$AL. DE.UI:l Seed LaafTobacco, 1V AfjiJ BELvIN WHOLESAE IN -.-commiaslun Merchanta Fme-cnt Pill[, & Smoijn( Tobaccos. "FIVE BROTHERS NIVf," "VIRGiliA PINE APPLE," AID PAN-CAKE" TOBACCOS. 62 South Calvert st, Baltimore, Md. WBOLBSALE DE&L&PJI I!( LEAF TOBACCO, AND "L F" TO!ACGu W MANUFACTURED T08ACCO, No. 822 North Third Street, SEGAB. S .. :PBU..&DJZLPBU. "' p-A large aoeortmeut of all k inde of Leaf Tobacco 820 NOBTB TJUBD ST. PHILA-DELPHiA, P A.. constantly on hllnd. --J. COST AS, _. .. ._ ___ ___.. ___ IMPORTRR OF rhos .Bare & Co. w HAVANA and YARA WHOU!AU:DEAUUJN ToBAcco, Leaf Tobacco, WARE .A VENUE And of 114 ;;. DEL.A Cigars, Philadelphia. $03 Korth fC .. eoDd PHI LADE .PHI A. \ A. H. THEOBALD, : smGAfts. TOLEDO TOBACCO .WORKS. BP A.liiBB: .... ;oJlliiBTIO WILKER, HALSTEAD & co., CheWil[ Tobacco snnn: Manufacturers and Deale<> in MftNChallm and Brier 1 TOBACCO SNUJ!F AND CIGARS, 11' ..... 'ftir4 ad hplar n.., Plaila4elpbi&. lj;:tt Ottawa Street, TOLEDO, 0. ;:"NILA.l:>EL:I:'HI.A. ZNSPECTIOK ... .EED LEA.F TOBACCO. a w. Dlc'*N, IltiPBCTOB I'OB TD -10B!CCO TRADE OF PHILADELPHIA OJ'FICBAT Bo.lO'r.lfo .... waa......., PHIL.ADELP:a:r..&.. BAT '1' IN & B R 0., WHOLESALE DEALERS IN TOBAC-cO, CIGARS, SNUFF, &C., 1 IDRTH THIRD STREET, Philadelphia. for lllaft8 l ai.'S !10l!K6 TOB!CI, 1 4 f DAB VIBW OP THB MGIILL."l>IB TOBAOCO WOU& L. L. ARirilSTEAD, Proprietor, Lynchburg, Va. Tbe followinc hlhl;r popular brande are Kanofacturfld al tbeoe WOJko and poeked Ill tbe moot appro.e4 ltyleo, Tlz..:, Htchlaader, ICubana., .l.kletch. Ton.11e, Dlek '.l'ater, Red RoYer, Reveaae Ctter, Not f'or .Joe, bealdea 8peelal Br.aada. ; 1'be nnprec.denled rucceoe of theoe brando hu ren4ere41t p&rticularlJ necetl&l7 to il>ol1'ue 1111d fm. prove tlle ltoe of......,btllery, r.nd {to tbild l' -.... addllklD to the Factory, Yl&hin tllol'&'t few d'oriiiiiB_ ,.,_Ill D double the former capei:ltJ. Price llota t.Dd oircularo forwarded on application. e M. Lil'fDBIIIM, .&ent, -,. 1 8. LAl'fG8DOIU', .A.pat fOl' Ule ., l.48Water) rt., N. 1 W..taDdSeuth. S W. VENABLE. Jt. P HAMIL TON. -s. W. VENABLE & CO., DEALERS IN LEAF AND .MANYFACTURERS TOBACCO, Y .A -J(' I ( rox TB IU.l- o MA1UFACTURED AND LEAF TOBACCO AND.JN CIGARS. No. 320 North Second St., 156 Michigan Ave., Chicago. 18,. Michigan AveDue, Ghicago. J abana anb !lmntstit J enf lnbattDs, M"' 8"I'BIDI'I", Boclaeater. N. Y. 13 .1: 16 TIIIRD ST., Lo"JIUTU1e, B:T Boston A.dvertiaem.eDta. FISHER & CO., Commission Merchant& 23 Boston. C. 0. HOLYOKE, COWISSION KERCBAN'J' In LEAF and MANUF AOTUBED TOBACCO, U Central Wharf, Boston. Ferdinand W esthoft; Jr., AGENT AND I,


JULY 24 LOUISVILLE LEAF TIBACCO IEllEII AND COMMISSION MEJCJIANTS. THJilODORE BCH'W'.ARTZ It CO ...... &Dd man,...,.... '-f. 4 'W'l[. (}. HEIER It CO ............... Loaf> CommieoioB )(..cbaato. LOU18 FIUNCKE ......... .. ........ I.Mf lobacoo Comml-"'""'bam. B. USHER & PRAOOPF .. Cuttin and m&llllr....turine leaf. ( .JAMM CLAU .. .............. c.,_w-, ma11u!acturinsleaf WOLl'OLX & GLENN .................. Cultillg and uwlufaotnrlngl! W. J GN.ANT 1< CO ..................... Outting and mauufactunnr loaf TrNLEY & BARBOUR.................. Ou"iJos and llanufactw:ins lila! SUTRO & NEWMA.RK, A GooD SMUGGLING STORY. -On the Belgian tae F ench smug glers are-doing a prosperous business. A few days ago information .was given to the Custom House tie a[a cert:itn hour a JJCANUFACXUBE.Il!J OF C :J: G R :SI; -. A:SD IN r ., THE TOBACCO LEAF. Expor:er's Affidavit. FoaM B. STAT& or ---, Port if---, ------, being duly sworn, says that the merebandiee described. in the fore1oing notice of shipf!1ent is truly to be exported 11 therein stated, and not to be broucht back or relanded within the Unitea States; that the kind, quantitr and of aaid mercLndise, u stated in said notice, are correct; that the amount of drawback of taJt claimed thereon ia $--; that ------,of ---, ia jwstly eatitled ihereto, aad that no other claim for drawback bas been made or allowed on said merthandiae or any part thereof. ------, FORM G. For drawback under internal revenue act of :June 6 r87z. .. AJ!itlavit of manufacturer STAT& or -., Oou11ty cf --, ss, ---:------> betng diily sworn according to law, doth depose and say the rerenuc: tax, at th: rate of--, amounting to--was pa1d by me, Without protest, on the following date-----to-L-, collector of internal for tbe--diatrict, ia the State of --,upon the followjng described merchandite, IDanufactllred b y me by affiKinc thereto the l'fOper internal re.enue etampe, as follow : ------------------description Qf Stamps destroyed. mere\W>dlse. '\ and IJ7h to the Commissioner o n or before the l O t h d a y of the. month immediately succeeding that for which the account is rendered. \Vhere there are no entries t o be on the account, the collec tor will so state and sign the account, b u t the account (Form 94). accompanied by Form 6ob, must be transmitted whether there are entries to be made upon it or not Sec tion 3 I of the act bf June 6, r872, amends the act of J ul:r 20 I868, as follows: r "That section sitty ; one be amended by striking out all after the parag:-oph, and in lieu thereof the followinJ WOl'cls : LE.AF TOB,&;Sbscribed and sworn to Exporter before me this--. day of---, A D wagon-load of straw would I8 7 pass in a certain direction, [uAL.] _!__ ---, 1 : : 1 :1 Manufac Marks ; Weight i Denomt-! Serial : Val i Date of i natl.e ) ,..atio d numbers. i ue and diatrict On all and smoking tobaccG, fintH:Ut, cavendish, pluc. oa: twist cut or of dcscriptiOIJ-; 011 tobacco twisted by hand, or reduced mto a condition to be consumed, or in any Dl811 ner, other than the ordinary mode of drying and curing, pi'CJ)arOd for sa_le s>r even if prepared without the ase of aay mach1ne or mstrument, and wtthout being preued or sweeteoell; and o'!all fine-cut shorts, and refuse scraps, cllppillgs, cuttlnp, anti sweepmgs of tobacco, a tax o f 20 cents per pound. NEW' V:ORK. among which a quantity o f On receipt of this notice, and affidavit m duplicate, the tobacco would be concealed. collector or hjs deputy, will issue. his orcl'ers in duplicate The wagon arrived at the for examination and shipment of the tobacco, snuff, or time and place infticated, cigars, as the case may be, and for the destruction of the and was stopped by the-Cusamps affixed thereto, and attach the same to the notice tom.:rlouse officer. Irireply and torward the original and .duplicate papers to the to their questions. The wag-surveyor, which order witl 'be in the following ---, I I I The first paragraph of s ection 6I, relatin g to the tax on snuJf, ,.e. m:uns unchanged, and leav:s, th e refore, t h e t a x o n snuft' at 33 cents per pound. l I ; i ......... ,1'1 l i I oner answered in an unsatisFoRM C l -------------All collectors reporting, t heref dre, on their bonded account for June r 872, balan tes t o be carried f9n vard, be they quantit i es re m a ining in warehoU&.e, or qu_ant i ties rem oved ?-nd not accounted f .... Wlll c h arge th e m sel ves, on form 94 for Ju"Ie, with 4 cen t s per pountl for all manuf a c t u red tobacoo forming part of such b a lance, taxed for me'rly a t IIi ceots p e r p ound; and they will take cre dit a t l3 c e nts per poun d o n all tobacco formin"' part of such bal ance, w hich has formerly been subject to a tax of 32 c ent s pe r pound excepting in case o f toba c c o stored in w a r ehouse af ter J une 5, r87:z: factory maRner, which crta Order for examination, destruction of stamps, and ship-ted suspicion, and a men/. Ma1tfrt11rer. Sworn for affirmed] before me this--day of--A. D. 187examination was com-No.--, Pon 187-mericed. It was :JSCer-T..P THE SuiVnoi: ou wil! diect. the proper officer to examine and tained that the wood was: ascertain the quantity, m rlu, and proper 4eeeriftion of all merchandise solid and that there was 110 presented ---fOr 'shipment op board the-.--. to utterly [SEAL -----Th e b a lance o f s n uff either remaiq ing in warehouse or removed and unaccounted for w ill b e s ta ted sep a r a tely at the r a t e of 32 cent s p e r pound. destroy all revenue stamps affixed thereto, and mark wtth aome approdouble bottom to the wago!l 3, t S p -These moulds are used by some of the largest manufacturers in the United States, and acknowledged the best in use. The abo\ e cut the machine; A, i s half of a mould or re ta i ner, which is placed on the ma.chine; B, is a Funne l C l a a r S hape, which is drawn down ov e r the r etai n er: the fi11e r o r bunc h i s placed in tbe top of the funnel .and pressed through with the lever or follown. C, this leve r is immediately raised, which leaves the bunch ex fill e r io the reWner, as shown in the above cut, the t eby av oidina any eUra, haodUng of the filler whic h has been f ouod the greatest objection to all other moulding niachine s now in uae. PRICE, ONE SET, 125. A libenl d iscount on all orderli f o r two o r more setlj .roBN ClWlTD. Sterling, mfnOia, P'ROPRlltTOR AND MANVfi'ACTu To thil order the ol&fTeyer will append his order to the Inspector, Tiz.: Inspeetor will the fores;oins order. ----, & r vryor In case of tobacco or snuff the collector w'ill add to the above mder a direction to the effect that the articles be weighed. The notice of shipment, order of examination, and destruction of stamps, will be delivered in duplicate to the inspectot" detailed by the surveyor to attend to theshipment, and it shall be his duty to execute said order promptly, and to ascertain satisfactorily that the merchandise has been weighed immediately before or at lhe time oflading it on board the vessel or other conveyancE!! He wi!Lal!:!o see that the stamps have been completely destr.oyed. The inspector will take an exact account of all merc!)andise presented and placed on board the vessel by the exporter, in pursuance of said notice, and as soon as said shipmentsllall1:5e completed he shall make a full report thereof, in duplicate 1lo the collector, in the fol lowing form; viz. : FoRW D. ) Retur o.t: latf.itJ '-Poa"I'Ot:.----., 1871 berebr certify that i n of order No.--, issued by the 134. 136, I3'7, and and lJS will b e r ender ed oaly up tG January 1, if indeed necessary so long Collecton wtU. debit themselves on new Form 9 with all tlte tobacco nuft', and cigars manufactured and b onded i n the i r districts duing the D>nth, a detailed statement of whic h will be given on. Form The collector, after having made up the s tatement on Form W will sigh the same and forwar d it to th e a s sessor of his distri c t wh.; will examine it, and, u=n finding it co:rrect and complete, will 'write opposite the signature 'or the ctllector the w o rd "verified ," sign i t, and return it to the collector. The colleetor will also debit himself o n Form w with allexcea ses of weight Oil tobacco exported, as found b y the land ing certili. cate, .giving the items on Form 1346. will take credit on Form 94-h for all tobacco, snul', or cigars exported during the month-giving item s on Form and forwarding bills of lading clearance, and landiltg eertififlf,te$ and canceled bonds, Form r36b will jhow t II' exact w 'ght of each item, aS it appears on the landing cert ifica t e Collectors will also take aeficiencies on whi&. tax has been collected ,' accompanying the statement with "Form Ql 1>. Theentries on Form 94b, will therefore be as f ollows : Fp,-the debit. I Amo u nt remo v ed i n b ond forex port, and u nacco unted or at the date of the last r eport. 2 Amount pr o duced and bo n de d for e x por t ation p e r Form 3 Amo unt of e xce s s on exportati on bonds F orm rl4-&. House officers commenced probing with their long skewers without coming in contact with any thing which felt like a bale of tobacco ; they therefore decided upon unloading the wagon &and examining the straw bundle by bundle. When they_ were in tile midst of this opera tion, a funeral carp.e up, preceded by little boys car rrying incense an. d tapers, the cross, and lhe priest, chanting psalms, accompan ied by the sound of the serpml. The employes has tened make room for the funeral to pass, and re mained uncovered until it did so, wli n they set to work again, undoing the bundles of straw and them o e by one. While this was goillg on, the hearse and funeral cortege was continuing the route, and had been long out of sight before the wag on had been thoroughly For tlu ered i t 4Amount exported per Form lJf b searched and the bundles Stamps destrored. of straw tied up and reload. ed, and to the d isappoipt--ment of the Custom H,use M ks w h Denosnl-i Serial i Value Dato o1" j Mannufa ctu ...... Amount taxt>aid on defici e ncies, per Form 6. Aq10unt removed in bond f o r expor tation d unaccounfed for, per Form ar t etg r. t' 1 c ll II t tont arn e officers; not an ounce of o i na oos. l 'i i a c e a i and district. ------j----amounting to dollars. WitneM .my hand and officia sea l this This last entry will cover the quantity removed fot' exportation, but f o r which no evidence o f the landing i n a port has been received, and correspond with the first entry AGENT IN NEW YORK FOB THE MAlm'PAOTUBERB OF THE FOLloWtltlwell.bown-oflJqaorlco,to ceQ&IoD T-.,..,_...rna qaiDat nailll loJ17 of n- to be oriiJ!Dal aod..-U!De llruda of lmporW U4a-. but wltlcb ue them. But there being 1 i identitY of the merchandise named in the not ice of {Form A) with th' t a1 th d' ' 1 in the collector's certiicate of the payment of tax, adulterate4 .,._ hla -reboiled In Utla eolliiiRJ, &114 Ill IUiaDoeo C01lllilalal ._ Utoa followmg day 1 when all the all necessarr precautions to pf!!vent the rchandise evidence of identity and shipment as shall be satisfactory to hi111; had safely been from being relanded befQre the vessel leave!> t e port. and if the same can ,not be procured, he will, in issuing his certifi disposed of, and the sm, ug'Vhen the foregoln.,. forms shall have been executed Fru;n H J specify in what .-ticular the regulations have not, Whenever there is a change of ..,essors dur ing the month, two reports on Form 6ob will be requi"d one covering the period from the first day of the month up to time when the outgoing asses sor retired from office, and th o ther covering the balance of tlte mcen fully c o mpitea wtm. and tf"an :mll't"-...U the , glers were out of reach. the collector of customs will transmit without delay to dence in the case to the Commissioner of Internal Revenue for his The funerJll cortege was the colle.!;__tor of internal-revenue in charge of exports, the decision thereon composed of smug-original of each of said forms, and when required, the The collector in charge of exports will transmit with the forms glers -the pnest, the pla_yweigher's certificate, with his own certificate in herein prescribed the bill of lading for the merchandise named in the J. W. DOUGLASS, Commissioner. Approved, JAMES C. M _cANDREW, 124 Front St., N.Y. h nonce filed with bim by the exporter, as hereinafter provided. er or I e serpent, the m-duplicate, in the forms following, viz. It is, however, at the option of the exporter to furnish the collec-GEN. S. BOUTWELL, Semtaryofthe Treasury. cense ooys, and all the corFoRM E. tor In charge of exports, atthe same time with bill onading, a copy tege were a band of smugCerlijicale of Exportation under Internal Revenue Ad of. of so much thereo f as 'refers to the merchandise named i n the noti ce, FAILURE OF THE HIGH PROTECTIVE PoLICY-TaR .u I ann.,-_, oat. imperfect q..Ulf wm be ..... 1114 alltnnlll tor. Bef...U. to tile abcm1 ad-'1-t we appointed Mr. ,J.A.IIE8 0. McANDREW of "New Yod< OU1' ez.clU .,., .....,,la tile 'OitiW lltMM r. U. aole or all\lte bnada of IJquorlce berelofore manaraoWred bJ "' glen;and were laden with 6, x872. wltich copy said collect o r shall compare with the original, and, if TAX ON ToBACCO IN FRANCE..-lt will be in the recol-b ./ fpund to agree he shall certify on the face thereof, in red ink that l to acco. Orr1caor CoLucTqa or CuSTowo Port oj---,---,187the same is a true copy. of so much of an original bill of lad ing on ection o our readers that by the law of February 29. 4 tt BOBW:RT :a&C .&IIIDRBW .IJ co .. Loailoa, Baillaad. -Third1Pag t gether with any facts relative thereto, not set forth in the "-) &----,were landed It rhit port, and daly entered at the accompanying papers, which he mav deem useful in de---hDue at thit port ou the-day of--, 18-, and that the (ermining the propriety of allowing the same. tiee impooed by tlJe latn in fOrce in this(countryorprovince) upon said No credit on the bonded account or cancellation of ..... ban loccft paid, or ........... to be paid. In witneeoa whereof, 1 have hereunto set my hand and seal of office this the export bond will be allowed in any case without the --day of--, tS-. previous sanction of the Commissioner. (Signed.) ----, (nAL] IV -DRAWBACK .. ColltCtor, (or Chiif Rt'fltnue O.ffieer). Oalk of Master or .Mate. Section 74 of the act of July 2o, x&68, as amended by No. 3 the act of June 6,1872, prQvid _es that, from and after the Pon or--, --, IS-. date on which this act takes effect, there shall be an al-l,------, master (or mate) of the steamship (or other lowance of drawback 'on tobacco, snuff, and cigars on ---,of---, in the United States of America, do solemnly swear which the internal tax has been paid by suitable revenue that the cooc1t or machandiae ellumerated and described in the foregoing stamps affixed to the same, before removal from the cemicate, cbtcd the ay of---, t8-, and sic. ned by ------, of the city of---, cunoignee, was actually delivered at the place of manufacture, when the same are exported, said port from on board the said steamship (or esse!) within the time equal in amount to the value of the stamps found to have apecllied in the said eertiJicate. been so affixed. The evidence that the stamps were so --M,sur,' (r M4t<.) affixed and the. amount of so paid, and of the s_. at the port of--, before me, thit __ day of-Squent expartation of the sa1d tobacco, snuff, and cigars, ____ -. 'to be asc:ertained under such rules and regulations as Ctmsul's or Agenfs C e rtificate. shall be prescribed by the Commissioner of Internal No. + Revenue, and approved by the Secretary of the Treasury. Pon or--,--, 18Any sum or sums found to. be due under the provis-1, --, consul (or agent) of the United States of America at the port of--, do hereby declare that the facts set forth in the foregoing ions of this section shall be paid by the warrant of the deelantioa, aabocribed by ---, of said port, and dated the --day of Secretary of the Treasury on the Treuurer of the United ---, JS-, are ill my opinion true and correct, and d'!"'"ing of full States, out of any money arising from internal duties not faith and credit; and I further certify that the signatllre thereto is in the otherwise appropriated; Provided, That no claim for an baadwritillg ofuid -----. allowance of drawback shall be entertained or allowed Ia tati-y whereof I have h-10 my name and affixed tbe wat of my ollice, at--, .U_,--.&iy of--, II-. for a sum less than fifty dollars, nor except upon evi-(Signed. ) dence satisfactory to the Commissioner of Internal Rev ---Conrl. enue that the stamps affixed to the tobacco, snuff, or ciCertijicale of Merchants. gars alleged to ave be n exported were totally destroyed No. 5 before the shipment thereof, and_that the same have We -----an.t-----, merchants residins at the d {i port of---, do declare that the statements made in the preceding eer-been Iande Ill a ore1gn country, or lost at sea, and tiJicate,signed by------, of said port, on the--day of---, have not been relanded within the limits .of the United 11-, arc ia our opinion correct and and worthy of full faith States. ir. We abo declare that there is no consul or agent of the United Any person desiring to export tobacco, snuff, and ci -sol America, nor --c-, nraiding at this place. gars, or either of them, upon which all taxes have been GiflD u..ter our hands as tlte---, afa increase the revenue of the o or er o .--, ere o.ore 1ssue m ll =rwere el.arad from thio port for the port of---The evitlence will be reviewed by the Commissioner of Internal of monopolies and the theory of high duties ha.d always on the -uy J7Revenue, and if on examination he s h all find the same to be sa t had a powerful hold on He official mind in all the dif-----; i s f a ctory, he will award the amount due -the claimant The amount ferent administrations tha; have succeeded each other in. Speclli.c j so awarded will be paid by a warrant upo n the Trea s u r er o f the F fi h b b of 1 Stamps destroyed. United States and a draft therefor t o the order of th e party entitled ranee, or t ey can not e rought to understand the mere ndlse. i thereto, sen t to the post -office addre ss o f said party. advantages of free trade; and that low duties promote GENERAL DIRECTIONS TO OFFICERS OF"' CUSTOMS .AND increased consumption. }Ve are far from blaming the i i Serial j 1 Date o f i Manufa cturer's p esent Go t {i d t th Marks. l Wetght.! natioru. fnumbe"'J Va\ue jcancellatioaj INTERNAL REVENUE. r vernmen or en eavormg o Improve e ____L : When any officer of customs 9r internal revenue tran s mits any of finances of the country, at the present time, j---J ---i ;---"..L.--+--1 the forms herein required, he will see that the same are marked con when they have the very }raiseworthy object in view, of spicuonsly, in red ink, or dupli!JIItt, as the case ma -paying off the war to Germany, and i j demap:d ; and in no instance will h e i s s ue more certificates on any fi -.. 1 lot of merchandise thil"th; number specified in these regulations, the terntory rom foreign occupation ; but we can not j j r without permission being first obtained from the Commissione of th!!Jking th_ey set it the wrong way. So much l Internal Revenue. IS certam-and It may p.edaps help to open the eyes of ; ; Said officers should in every instance take especial .care to affu: the present rulers to the e ror of their ways-that the j !_ l their official seals to the various forms requiring the same. I f __ : ...... !. ............... c ..... __________ _: __ IN REFERENCE TO EXECUTION OF ;ARIOUS :ORMS FOR THE .And 1 further certify that notice of shipm6nt of said mereband se ha EXPORTER AND THE MANUFA TURER v AN AGENT, the tol>acco tax turns out to be a gross delusion; for been given, and the eKporter's in due form at chilo office CL&q, Olt ATTORNBY. ) 1 h h J d th by----, toe the purpose of claimin.c under tile ..:t of The notice of shipment {Form A), and the affidavit (Form B), scarce Y ave two mont s e apse smce e new law June 6, 1ST may be executed for the exporter bv his agent clerk, or attorney, came into operatiou than tre fallinr off in tlu consu,j-Witnees my band and official seal ---day of---, t8 7 provided they have personal knowledge of the facts mentioned th e r e lion oflo!Jacco is so eXIliUive, while on the [PAL. ] ______ (Jol!eetor f in, on with the collector of custom s and also with the collec other hand the complaints and grumblings of the con-T.-------, Collector in c harge Er .. rts tor in charge of exports, at the p o rt of e x portation, a 'Sat!Siactory sumers are "" g 1 Cl d th t 't 1 rpower of attorne y duly executed by said exporter, authorizing said "" enera an ou a I IS senous Y In If from any cause the collector can not certify to all clerk, or attorney to transact such business in his behalf; and contemplation to repealthelaw, and retnrn to the former the facts required in the foregoing forrn he should issue the affidavit (Fomr-G) nraybe executed under similar conditions for rates of duty. We a .re by no means surptised his certificate in conformity with the circumstances of the manufacturer, b n filing the power o f attorney with the collector to learn that M. Herve de Stisy his brought in a moti<>n the case, and therein state in what respect the reguin charge of exports. When such p ower of attorney bas once bee n dema'ndi g the d' t 1 f th 1 (. F b d filed, the same will be deemed sufficient to authorize the execut i on n lmme Ia e rq>ea 0 e aw 0 e ruary, lations have not been complie with. and 1'ts replaceme t b a ""' rt f of said fofltls at any time thereafter, until the same shall be revoked, n Y n..,, 1mposmg a su ax 0 JO The exportet, the party entitled to drawback, shall, or until said collectors shall have reas o n to believe that the exporte r per cent. on the finer descriptions of tobacco. .:rhe per within twenty days after the .. clearing of the vessel or or manufacturer has ceased to employ said agent, clerk, or attorne y manent Committee for Financial Affairs in the N atiollal other conveyance on whick the merchandise was laden, in su c h capacity. Whenever an affidavit shall be made for an ex Assembly at Versailles is ctarged with an examination file with the collector in charge of exports a bill of lad-porter or manufa c tlner by his duly authorized agent, clerk o r a tto r of the proposal, with instructions to' consider it a matter {i h hand. d he f h ney or for any business firm by a partner thereof, the fact of s u ch ing or t e m rc lSe name m t notiCe o s 1pment authority or p artn er sh i p must be c 'i early s tat e d therein of urgency, and report upon it without loss of time. and a certificate in duplicate from the collector of internal The Forms A,, B, and c p res c ribed i n the foregoing r egulations, revenue to whom the tax was paid, and also an affidavit must be executed and dated at the port from which the merchandise from the manufacturer of the tobacco, snuff, or cigars, described there i n is expo or liS' ,biclt ..W will be tr.utaported. anee with the Thi& account made out on Form 9, will be transmitted with the accompanying vouchers 'f'.the revised F o rms 6ob, r34b, 136&, 93h Here -tlte name of the tt and the date the metclw!iae wu lauded, or If lost at sea, state the particulaD lo brief. Change ill Bu11illee11 ST. Lours, Mo.-M. Friedman & Co., dealers in leaf tobacco, dissolved; the busmess will be continued by Messrs. E. & H. under style of E. & A Friedman. ToLEDO, Ohio.-.Witker, Nash & .Co, tobacco manufacturers, Ml". Nash retires; firm name now Witker, Hal sted & Co. AN ENTERPRISING FIRM, Messrs. Hartcc m & Hahn, whose factory 'is located in Tenth Street, a11d whose is .at 148 Water, are amcng the most enterpnsmg of our c1gar manufacturing firms. They employ from roo to 120 workmen, and their" rank in By an unswerving attention busmess, stnct mtegnty, and an eager seiZ ure of all Improvements in their line o{ business, they are surely making an enviable name in their industry. ToBAcco STEMS NoT ScRAPs.-Treasury Depart ment, of Internal Revenue Washington, July 13, x 872 .-S1r: In reply to your letter ofjuly u, in relation to tobacco I have to say tobacco stems are qot included under the head of refuse. scraps and sweep ings of tobacc o Unmanufactured tobacco stems not being liable to a tax, may be sold or given at the manufacturer s imply reporting his disposition of them to the assessor Very r espectfully J. W. Douglass, Commisioner. To B B Bassett Esq. Asses-sor District, Philadelphia, Pa.


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ViriD!I Leaf and Navy Chewina, BMO:KINO TODA.CCO. .JI'D DULM 1 J!lftMJf;Bn.S.If Elol.,., iuNuJ'ACTORY iND S4LliilROOM, CORNEl Of AVENUE 0 AIIO TENTH STREET: 1 NeVI{ York I BIIIWIIY BB.08., Jmperten aod llllanutaeturer. or, Ulao Cigars, and'Clgarettes, No. 14..1 Welli-t IRS. G. 8.1ULLER & CO., y 'oRK. .A.HATTANT08ACCOWORK8, .. 1!:EW YO:U. C z. B. tAr,J18SIL ..&.JfN, 97 ol um. bia Street, 1Wl11factiuoer or au klnd ot FINE CUT 'cHEWING G B. Miller k eo. Chewing ant s111oking AND SMOKING TOBACCO: Tobacco; t.he only Genuine American Gtb>J.. S&leuoom, &an 8butr; Yr.e. G. B. Miller & Co. Maccaboy o:-NIW -Scotch Snuff; A. 'H. Mickle & Sons' CII'l ARETTE ROLLERS -' Jloae and Grape T obacco; Mrs. G. B. M,ilJer \iJA Sonoltinj; and Chewillg To88010. 0 ,,.. .All ordere promptly e:a::ecuted. BRUCKNER. The onlv .Agent;or HAZMAN'S LANE & CO. 1 ... ...._,._., D-Ddeount to the trade 1 '!QBACCO All) CIG.W, .A.lao df!altr in Cieara and all Smokers' A rticl ea. F. W. SMYTHE, ..,_ Dealer WI Pftw, .... f ICTC1IIID &T ... D06D IT,. ... ... J .Aild In :CaldweM. .. 't iESTAllLISIIED 4.lw.'] W.i.BRINTZIHGHOFFER of ..... Ji: And Dealen 'In a c co, 883BltOAD BTR.l!E1l ID:WCX,di. J IJaldaetarer of the tollowi.Dg bnuuil ot tiLI.lCJ 'H'ride ot the D. S. Bale Ball -' YJrginia Lelt, Lpna, ("'clan Bend. lDq)rovemeat, I J. M. LAURILLABD, .. .7'0.BdCCO ..BHO,KBB. I ROTTERDAM, .-. -_.:. W pWIS H. WATTS, CH.ty Tobacco Works, East 1Oth $t., New York. J. H.1'a.."'11'E.-TOH. JA&. G .1PJ:H1C; Pemberton & :PeD.D., TOBACCO COMMISSI9N M:El\CHANTS, wiiJI a long ocperience in lite /Jusinus, ffir lluir services to jill orders for .Leaf gr Nanufaaured Tl!bat(o, '-'--_ Commission, Merchant, Plti.C1&'8 B(7JLDDiCI, f. 80 NQ:&Tlt JOHr' ST:&EET, .J.IVBK.O.L1 ENGLAND. EDW4RD A. SMITH, :.. ( :MANUFACTURER QF" ..2'obclcco Ba, Of aU Kiado, Low Pricu for C..h. SPANISH LINENS, FANCY STRIPESj Bleached ancl Unbleached Sbeetingt, TwiJte and Thr01cl, C.unu for Bap, Blankets, Cottoe Carpets, Matt in g And Dry Goods l.ienerally, ANDREW J.:I!STER &, CO., No. 103 Chambt:n Street, New York. G!lUJU), BETTS &. CO., t GENERAL AUCTIONEERS: Commission Merchant:i, 7 OLD SLYP, Oe doorfromnr""""' .,,.. ........ VnqK., FRED. ERGELBICR, myoltsale :i:nhatto-Janst, NO. Ill SIX'I'II .AVENUE: HEW YOU F. H. BischDllk Celebrated Sllloiin[ Tobacco (llOW P. W,l!'eJ&'er), No. 24 CEmAR STREET. 'I I : -P-0-WnEUD,--tlllUOtUCE. 1 jQuAi_Tl'.: llll'lufac:turf!d t New-York. .. GIFFORD, &HERMAN & JNNIS 120 NEW -1' {ffiK,, GELDBB.AD & d HOU'BEI, 2"obc1Dco Bro'ICer, ,-AND "';. Merchants, ,--103 Maiden NEW YORK. PHILIP KELLAND qe., MBTROPOLITD CIGAR IAIUl!CTOil t -f .. 20'7, and 211 Pearl Street, Nea,. Ma: Pfaster s.ORGLER, I TOBACCO EIRE :PROOF llaJl-.daotarer of t"' Bed Branch of PZltTB CmA:alf, ( f MAN:VJ'ACirV&:UI or 1 -tOBACCO SEALING WAX. ALSO, DEALERS IN .. Ut'!T WilliamSt; 'xew : I 1 HUNEI(EN; liltU>uticturen of 1 '' DOM.ES.TIC And Importen vt H A Y A N A 8 E C-A R 8, And Dealen In alll11Dd1 of LEAF TOBACCO, 1.'78 Gretmwioh Bt.,.lfew: Yorlc' G. VOLGER. 9 M. 'ST ACHELBERG, MANUFACTURER OF LA NOIUIANDI AND LA. PERFECTO SEGARS,. 4LSO o; = :J EUCT OF IMPORTED :BRANDS 257 PearlStreet, Near Fulton St.. NEW YORK; 179 PEARL STREET, Up Stairs. NEW YORK. F. OSBORNE, JAMES G. ;OSBORNE, robe&ccC!Broleer, No. M IIDOAD STaEET, -' r' t NEW YORK. HAS ALWAYS DN HAND'tHE -FOLLOWING 'BRANDS : Henry_ Clay-NON PLUS UTRA,_' REGALIAS, EN'l'REAC'l'OS, EC. ,\1.\Dj;: OF THE l Flor del Famar-REGALI4,S, CONCHAS, LI lBESTifU, ELTA ABAJO!LEAF: vrm;ol!I.A.S, ETC latim.idad-REGALI.A IIR TANIC.AS, CON l'fl. & 'SON,. c LEAR H!V.HTA CI'"'RS J .tll' FIN AS, DAM ,POUR ,J.ES ..ulAT-EYJl.S, iirobat'f'o,; to-Ift -1 f11 1 .;:l \:,11 ":.-" .u.lG' A ; .. : ..... VICTORIA, 'coNClu..S, REGALIA llRlTANICA ............. ; .. 120to 1!15 ,......,L};S, ETC. 123 Peari"Street Part&cu-JMl'ERI-ALEs; REG.UllAs; i.ON n t Q Henry Clay. DRE, REVAS, ETC. ----lfE-JV..:YORK NON PLUSU.IJDRA;.(j"""'"'"'"""$ -$1M EecapcioD...JOOKEY CLUE, LONDRES, .REGA -_..;;.. _____ ______ ...;.. :::: LIAS. ETc.: CONCHAS DE REGA,LIA ................ ?6to 80 JO..adoca-LONDRES IlllPERIALEi! ENTREA.CTOS., ................... .'....... 65 S ORT8 O SUBLl, .l(ES ............................... P (: NCHAS. llliaoellaneou.. SAFES SAFES 0 lntrJmJdad. o Ciato de OriaD-LONDRES, DAllAS, REGALIA BRITA.NWA .................. $125 to $l80 ETC. ;, CONCHAS ....... ......... 83 taJUlot be. Sledged I _r_ .' .' .': : .' .' .' .': .' :' to FJ.or do llv.riaa-CAZ.ADORES, BREV AS, CON 'PRINCESAS........ ... .... .. .. .. .... .. 58 CBAS, ETC. Partaga&. ..&.pna de Oro-PRINCESA1! PlNAS, RFGALI:A .. ................................. $ 80tQ DE LA REINA; REINA& DE ESPANA, Rosa Cle Santiago. LONDR.ES. uG.t.Lu, ETC. ............. ; .......... : ........ :$ 7010 15 VUI&r y Vlllaz-REGALIA DEL REY, RE-CONCHlTAS ......... ........... -68 GA,I,.IA PRECIOSAS, COlOl.E, IL FAUT, ....... .... "............. .. .. -:;- so LONDRES, ETC,; -I WARDROP. lc. DALY. ......... .80 LONDRES CORRI I CAZADOREto> .. 0.......... -; 110 I 203 ml a15 LEWIS St., NEW YORK. REGALIA ... ; ......... ...... ..1.. ,ISO Yqelllliclad-CONCHAS, REGALIAS, ETC. REGALIA LONDREB .. ; .......... .. .. 100 La ..a.A-icaaa.-LONDBES, REGALLAS, ETC. w Brokers, ......... .. ......... ?0 lleD-cero-REGALI.A DE LONDRES CON-....... IIIEnHAnl. ... .. .. ..... ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 56 CHAS, LONDR.ES, ETC. SPANIS:E: 'CEDAR llill'.Ali'rEs ............ .......... : ......... 40 nordeSaattaco-CONCIU.S,ETC. J'vr Cipr BoJJ:el, 1uml!lhed In qaantiUoo t.o suit. figaro. nor ...,_ Boaa REGALI.A LONDRES, CON Cooalinment.e of Blaek Wal.uuUiapeettlilJJ Sollclte


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