The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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.I-= VOL. VIII.--NO 29. NEW. YORK,: WEDNESPA Y, SEPTEMBER 4, 1872. WHOLE No. lht '( IS PUBLISHED EVEBY WEDNESDAY KOB.lmftl :BY TllB TOBAOO) WJ PUBLISHING OOIP'Y, 14SI Fulton St., New York. J. Rllllni.Y liAOKl!. -Bdltor. JOHN G. GB.AFF Bwllneaa AK8nt. As an advertising medium, where it is desired to reac h the Ci!Jar and 'l'obacco Trade, not ool:r of this but fore1gn Countries, it i&the best attain able. All letters should be plain!y addressed to THE TOBACCO LaA.r PuBLISHING CQMrANV, ., FullOD Street, llew York. / Terms of the Paper .: SzsG LB Cor1ES Jo CENTS PER ANNUM ..._oo To England and the Canadas, St.04 additional per annpm for prepayment of To Bremen, Hamburg aqd the Contipent o Europe, t:a.o8 additiona l per annum for POstage. To Australia., etc. via. San Francisco, ad p e r annum for Postage. ordera for the pape r con!idered, unless ac companied by the corresponding amount. Remittences should, in every instance, only by-mouey-o!'der, ch,eck or draft. Bills are liable to be stolen, and can only be sent at the greatest risk to the sender. ,, Rates of Advertising. 1 square (14 Noapareil llneo) for olx month&, .. o. do. year $3S Larcer advertisements in the same proportion, but none taken unless 1, J, 3, 4, or more squares. Oae column, 1 year, $450; sh: months, three months, ft50Half column, 1 year, '340i six months, $130; three month, 675 ldr Advertisements on the first page, .150 per square over two wide columns, and none takeo for lese than one year, payable ftMly in adv;tnce-; squares, J4so. No devi-Transient idvertiaements on the third page, '-Scents per line for each insertion. No orders for advertising will be considered, BUSINISS Dll.tmORY OJ ADVHTISDB. NEW YORK. Tol:JJcco Wt1reAo11se1. Agnew W &: Sons, 284 a.nd 286 Fron$ .Ueet Allen lulia11, 1711 Water. Bennmo D. a A., Uf \Vater llerJ!'D"DD, John H H Ceder BtUeaore, llayo &. Oo., t1 Broad BoWD8 II Frl\h, 7 Burlmg Slip. Brod M., ISl Maiden Lone. Bulkley, Jlore a: Co., 74 Ca & co.,l97 DuaDe Blraitoa oil 191 !'earl. 8toobD & Jl.oit.eDOieill, 176 Front. Ta, Obarlel P .... Bon, lllf ProDt. Taspl>-. F. "N. & 68 Upiii&DD, Carl, 118 Pearl. VltWrleiD' 8oD. Til. H .. 6 w-11."' eo., n7 :r-1. wn,tot. E. :11. & co., 89 Jlrlumb1., Rapp, ::1., 75 FWton. Sl>owell D. A. & Son, 174 Eighth av. Watts .Ll...-i.s R. 432 East l Oth .tfgrtlf.,. T/w(oi1 rtr. Hen, A &: Co., 4.\ Libeft7 LiDdheim, )1., l48 W'a.ter Weill. Eller & Kaeppol, Dll'earl. J Cigr.. Aarbach & :Uendersou, 138 Wa.ter. Brock, 11., 329 :Bowery, Outaneda & Jewel. n llaid011:L-, FreJ Br<>o. & Oo., l2G ebambera. Barlcom & Balm, 1441 Water. Hinob, D. & Co., 267 Boery and 174 Waler; 1lincbliOrD L I< Co., 89 Waw. Bollauder Lon.,, 191 Oreo11Jrioh =:z; s. & Co., !108Pea.rl. J 8., 111 Maiden......,. :Ita..-..., Brill. & BoDdy. UKaicleJI LaDe Berbo"' s,. .. 16 Bowery. Bioi-, 78 Bo......,. loiGJi...,_ Broo. & Oo IJI )(..._ J.ame. lleudel, M. W. AI Bro.,100 Pearl. lfftbvpr, X., 211 Pearl Orl\er. 8., 297 1-IGreonwicll. PoilU: A Sou, 63 llaidell Lao. !!ladlelbell!. :11. 157 :P.el, 229 PearL Ybor, V. l1., 26 Ceda.r. /mporttrJ of San IJI,mingo Tob-. Loynu 1< Crooby, 95 Wall of SnJf. Appleby & Helme, 133 W .. te.. &oe\le, J!.A. & Bro.; 3:18 Waahillgton Importtrs of Baue?, Ohu. r. &:: to Beaver, Do Ban &: Klintr. 62 Drod. llotfmeTer l C. 29lle&Ter. lles'Mm,e[' T. II. & Cc.., 161 llaidea_.Lane., Romay E. E. 82 W of Clay Pipts. R atjeT, H. &: Brother, 7'1 W ater. Goebel J &: Co ., 129 Maiden Laue Importers of L i c oritt Pasu. Appleby&: Helme< Water. Olf"vela.nd. De 24 South William. Olfrard, Sbermau &: Iaull, 120 W .lli&m. Gomt>t.:. & Arnimbr:tu 29 & S1 S. William. McAndrew, Jame& 0 124 Front. Morris, H. :\1.. 19 Old Slip and 73 Water. Weaver&: Sterry, 24 CedM. &td l,!aj Tobacco lnsputiDn, L ln de, F 0 & Oo., 16 Water. T()bauo P ress ers Guthrie &: Co., 226 Front. ltlJnuj'acturers of Cizar B o :r:s. Henltel Ja,oob, 293 & 295 Monro Wicker Geo. &: Bro., l5Y &: 161 Goerck Cigar Box, llnd Woods. Dmgee, P. M., cor. and Lewia. Dorman. ;r & Oo 181 Lew. Rodman .t Hepburn, .:U6 Lewis. Wardrop It Daly, 208 & !05 Lewia. German CtgJJr Ri'hbons. >Cramer, G 821.'ranklin. Spanish Cigar RihbDns. Almirali, J. J., SO Cedar. Molds. Jacoby, S. & Co,, 209 PearL. M.J"ufar. rurr rs of t lien & Ellio, II Ville. eogba.n & Murphy, J811$mmDnd O t ten B nry & Co, 373 Main Spence & Co., ,'il a.nd 54 Eaa 8d. Commission J.fucltants. Hafer, & Oo., 25 West Second ltlanufJJ C tMrus, 1/nporttrs t!nd DetZ!trs in Cigars Krohn, Feiss & Co., 5S West Fourth. Strasse r Louis, 187 Walnut. Weil, Kalm & Co., 13 Mu.ln Ltf T bacc o Brders. Morris & Reid, 4 College Building. CLARKSVILLE, Te ..... tobacco BrOkers. Clark, lf. H. & Rro. COVINGTON, Ky. GloDO, J A. P. & Bros, 15, 17 and 1 9 W 7th: DANB'QRY, 0oJL11, Gravec, G. W DANVILLE, Va, Commissio n Merch.:nts. Pemberton, J a DAYTON, 0, NEW YORK, W EbNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, I8p DeBAB. Y & KLING, &2 and 6 0 New Streets, Ne:vYork NATIONAL TOBACCO ASSOCfATION IMPORTERS OF HAVANA GIGAR!ii, .And Sole .Agents jCYr the sale of () EL PRINCIPE DE CALES CICARS, Hanu!aotved '" the KEY WEST BRANCH of the celebrated El Principe de Gales Manufaclol'J' of BanDL OF THE 'UNITED STATES. ---rLEWIS H. FRAYSER, PRESIDENT. LORIN PALMER, VIOE.-PRESIDENT. JOSEPH HALL. & ELLIS 't JOHN STRAITON, SxcRETAnV Communications upon matters relative to the ests of the Association may be I I AND 13 VINE STREET, CINCINNATI, OHIO. '.Jobbing Trade only solcifed. To the President, care L. H. Frayser &: Oo., Richmond, Va., Or> To the Vice-President, 170 Water Street, MJw York. Our Tobaccos are unsurpassed, jqr Flavor and Chew. H. SOHUBART & CO., Manufacturers of TobaurJ Tin-Foil. Hoglen & Pease, Pease's Toba.coo Cutting E oginc. Importers o.,-BA VAN A a.nd PACKERS.OF SEED LEAE Crooke, 1.1.: 38 Crosby. DETROIT, Hich. TO OUR ENGLISH PATRONS. Auctioneu-s of t Toh4cu, ere-. Manufacturtrs of Cigars Dealerr in Lca.f Gerud, Eett.. &: Co., 7 Old Slip Tohacco Lfbds. Donaldson Bros., M Park:. Tbe Batch Lithographi c Co. 32 & M Vesey H e ppenhe1mer, F. Co., 22 Nort.h Will1e.m. Labell and TrimM ings. Schumacher &: Ettlinger, 15 l:urray. Wolif, Chas.A. .U ,Cbatham. 1 Tobf1tcO ls.aling War. Zinaaer, W. & Co., 197 William. MJJnujllCturers of Russian Kumey:Jlroo., l4J West Broad.,.ay. "La Fermen Russ ian 'Mlll.iDgton T. & Eckmeyer, Sole .A.gecift, 4. 8 Broad Wuzpper .Booli11g National Cipr :Us.chine Co., aad 61 .l!oiden Lane Cigar MoldJ and Slsaper. Tobacro. Mathe,.., J:':L.& Co., 216 Ave. DURHAM, N, C. -... Smoking Tobaceo. Blackwell, W. T. EAST HARTFORD, Ooaa. Paclu r and Dtaler. Cbapma.n, R; A HARTFORD, OoJUI, Padtrs and DtDiers. & .Jerome, 236 State Hubbard, N. & Oo., 18lla.r.kd Lee. Geo JMl State. London & .Bidwell, 214 State. r ..... B. & Z. K.,...l9 !Uo.rket Shepbaro & Fulle r, 214 State. Bl8IJOD1 A. L. & F., 18 Market. W elles, 0 & Oo.1 154 State. Westphal, Wm, 228 State. & Strong, 217 State. TOBACCO No. 14:8 Water Street. NEW YOB.K. iii. srnrnBAiiT. ... H. FHIED.M:AN. The Editor of this journal sailed for England on Saturday last, Aug. 31, for a brief 11utumn sojqurn in during to make the acquaintance of the more pro-R 0 BE R T E 1 K E L L Y & C 0 1 minent members of the English trade, and to place himself and THE LEAF thoroughly en rapport 34 .BEAVER-N E"W" YORK, with the tobacco commerce of that country Already IMPORTEHS OF we have a copsiderabte constituency in the fas t-Havana Cigars arJa Havana Leaf; and SoleAgents for the Brand anchored isle," but it may be still further increased to "SUPERIOR DE JOSE MARIA VICHOT," ..., Prentice, Geo. J., 197 Pearl. Gtrmon Cigar M o u/Js. W.&ol esalt Dealtrs in Manufacturul TohJJCC91. If business engagemehts permit, our absent associate "' ..., will in ilie columns of THE LEAF, any Erichl, H W. 253 South Spier. Ohu. E. &: Co., 'i1 John. Musli1t Tohac o .Bags Zellelllka, R ; 263 East Fourth. T ohauo .Bagging. Lester A. & Co., 108 Cham ben. Tbacco Stamp Can, J. & l3roe 13 Third. Tob4u'G Wmmission MertkantJ. lleier, Wm. G. & Oo., 56 &Tenth. Wicks, G. f(. & Co, JO'l Main. noteworthy incidents that may come within the scope of 0 A : M,l. A 1W"1W" f) his experience, as well as the which his in tercourse with the English trade may produce. AHD lbH 'rOBAi:'C9. A well nssortelil stock HAVANA and y ARA TobaoCJ9 constantly on hand and sold ai; MpRE GOOD NEWS. LOWEST IMPORTERS' PRIOES1r 'I I Porter Match llauu!aotunng Co., 79 Tenth ave. c;g arette Rollers. E Braclmer, 102 Naooau. Cigar Meuld Pruess JJtui Straps. Jobber s in all laM.. Parlett, B. P. & Lomhanl. Paul, wm., tn w ...... u.w...,, & 17 8o111h. Roeenfeld, 8. & Co 6S Eulwlge PJaco: 8cbroecler, J01. & Oo., 81 Rxcllaap Plaoe. Wilkena& Klier, 811 South Charlel. F..aors. Gleak & Nie .......... 78 South Oh&rleo. Hawkins 411: Co., 63 Weot LomNrd. Riaardl, Loftwlch & Co., aa X:acllange Place. Manu.{turert. tiC Felgner, '1'. W., 90 and In Soul.h Oharles. Wlik""" H & Oo., 181 Weat Pratt. Manufactrcrs of l;igars. Guih Gultae, S3 Gennan. Padtrs of &td-Le. McDowell, .II. E. & Co., 30 North w .. ter. lloore, 8. & J., 107 North Ba.nk, J Rinaldo & Oo., 31 North Waler. Schmid, H. 531 South Second Smith Bro.,!" 226 Race Teller Broo.b.era, 117 orth Third. Vett.erlein, J. & Co 111 Arch. Woodward, Garrett&: Oo., 23 North Water. lmpt;rter of Havana and rar" TobJJcco. Cootas, J.,11!4 Sou t h Delaware ave. 1Yholualt Dealers, ttt. llambortl'er, L, & Oo., 3 North Water. BattiJI ii Bro., 142 North Third. M..nufacturers of Stotch Snff stewart, lla.-ks, R&lph & Co ., J !5 Arch. Manufacturtr J rif Cigrs Batchelor Broe.,S80 North Third Bare, Thos. & Co., 503 North Second. sw.uer, Smith Brothers & Knecht> 225 Race Theobald, A. ., Tbrrd 1md Poplar. Inspector &td Lar1 CHICAGO, W. Draltrr in Ling ui s-Ait To;,-.. Pierce Walter B so soiicito us were the of the law to avoid in justobacco after that date for exportation with respect to men. the time when it was stored, is precisely the sam e as the ttce that. they established dlf:erent dates for the ?Jfferright to withdraw tobacco for consumption or sale. I do ent portions of the act to go mto effeet To use h1s own not see what difference it makes 1 to the Government words, "On the 6th of June, it is said, there were large whether tobacco is taken from a bonded warehouse or quantities of tobacco in transitu from the manufactory to manufactory after the of July UJ?On. the "of bonded warehouses and it certainly seems inequitable ilie new tax, possibly payment may be a little longer delayed m the one than m the other case On the A CHANCE FOR CoNSUMPTIVEs.Haters of tobacco wtll be SQrry to hear that Dr. John Murray,adistinouished English physician, has announced his belief the use of snuff will in many cases arrest the progress of pulmonary consumption. ONE MoRE.-The South London Press says: "HeRty Mason, of North street, Peckham, whose birthday we have more .thItal withdrawn at the same time, is compelled to pay a tax ian, who .wrote a hist.ory of Tobacco gives us a of 32 cents a pound. Congress, with a view to the inetymolog1cl explanatiOn of word He der:iyes that might be worked by a change in the law beit from the Latin Et Ab Aab1 and in confirmation makes fore 1t should be known t? t9.ose whose.interests wt:re to .the following statement ; At first, when Tobacco was be effected thereby, prov1dea that section 31 should go little known or used, except for its supposed medicinal into effect on the 1st of July, and the residue of the act propc;rties, a man of learnmg, who was ill, made trial of with a few exceptions, on the rs1 of A_ugust. Where it the Nicotian Herb. Great benefit was the result. Per-was ev1dent no harm could result, the act in a few inh h h d 1 d h d. stances and.where it is SO expressly takeS aps e fi emp oye s ome Ot er me !Cine along with Tobacco, or had ;t lively imagination. Perhaps Tobacco efft:ct upon Its passage. One of the evils of our legislawas really the best remedy for his particular malady. tion is the frequent in the revenue svstem of the At all events, his jny was evident and his gratitude ex country, and unless it clearly appears that the intent of treme. On a..paper parcel containing a quanlity .ofToCongress is otherwise they ought to be construed so as bacco leaves, he wro .e Et Ab Hac (also from this): that affect with equal justice all those upon whom they are is to say, "Also from this plant I obtained succour and mtended t g operate. My opinion is that all tobacco healing in, mv sickness." 'rhus Et Ab Hac became by stored in warehouses and withdrawn for sale or corrupti on Tobacco! consumptton the rst of July, r872 is subject to Our heir apparent,s affection for the ciaar says Funck tbe by the act of )11ly 2, and !hat endears him to all persons of taste. Bllt it inay no t be m bonded warehouses on the sa1d xst o.f July, generally known, because it is not true, that Prince Alfrei atter that for the same pu1p oses, 1s subI owes hi s true to the playful resolve hi!> brother to preJect_to the tax by the act of June 6, I872. vent the Dukes calling him ''AULD REEKE"


11 Succ&ss TO IT.-lt is rumored that another toba'cco warehouse }S soon to be etabbshed at Liberty, Va. ,.. eNOT BAD. -The tobacco manufacturers ot New Mexic contributed J3,396-76, in 187 r, to the national revenue. Q.UERIES.-D1d or not Commtsstoner Douglass know ruling in relat1on to the bondmg of tobacco on and after June 6 was tllegal? And 1f he d1d not know, why did he not ask somebody that dtd? BETTER.-The Germantown Ohio T1mes says: We were shown a tobacco leaf last Saturday, that was 37 mCbes long by 24 wide It was a beaut1ful leaf m every respect. It was ratsed on Mr. Henry Immel's farm, about one and one-half miles south west of town. BEST.-Mr. WLillam Duffy, of M1amtsburg, 0 sends the largest leaves received m that town dunng the sea son, measurmg respecuvely as follows 42, 41 Yz and mches long, by 22 Yz inches wtde .:I'HE Bulletin adds-Parents w!U do well to caut1on their cbtldren of the Jamestown weed ; the blossoms of this plant have been pozsonedby planters, throughout the valley, for the purpose of destroymg the tobacco miller. Planters should be careful to poison only such plants as are inclosed and not easy of access to stock. 'TwAs EYBil T ms" -A gentleman residing m a fashionable localt.y, wh' has been chewmg gentian for time past as a cure for excess m the Ube of tobacco, 1s uow rushing wildly about everywhere m search of a foc excess in the use of gentian. Moral Deal gentianlv with the erring BETTER THAN A PENSION.-M. Thiers has gtven a to to Madam Chaudey, whose husband was one uf the hostages shot by the Communists. The Assem bly refused to grant her a pens10n on the ground that )(. Chaudey was a Republican. The tobacco shop ts 4,000 francs a year --DOMESTIC. 11-thlr, Renew. \ NEw YORK, Sepltmber 3 In Western leaf we have to report a good market for the month of August, the sates s,ooo hogs beads, of whiCh aOOut two-thirds were for export, and \he balance for the home trade. Regfe orders com prised a constderable portiOn of ,the Pnces have been firmly mamtamed Seed Leaf has been m good demand, though exports show some reductwn owmg to the high rates of fretght and smaller offenngs Old crop was taken to the number of r,soo cases The exports reached 6,ooo easel', and the home demand called for 2,soo cases of Connecticut wrappers and r,ooo cases of other descnptwns. Havana was in actlv,e demand and soo bale, were taken at advanced rates for most grades. Y ara was al so m fair request and the sales reported amounted to 280 bales of the new crop In oltl stock business was ltmited. Towards the close ot the month there wasa slight Improvement m the cavendiSh market. Pnces through'' 0 SEPT. 4 --------------------------grade of goods most in request shall be available in sufrecetpts, viz,: John P. Pleasa"ts & 312 half boxes, ficieat quintity,oC which there is more or le&S doubt 3tookm lhe Wuehouae, Sept t,lm ... ... ..... 5,81U 193 quarter boxes; J. B. Stafford, 13o ,half hollies, 220! owing to rumors of lightnt!ss In quality, etc. ot.oltllepL 1 lMJ .. .. .. ........ 11,003 quarter and thtrd boxes, n cases ; A. Seemuller & Sons, Messrs. Gans & Son ref4!!r to the business of the IMPORTS. 8o half boxes, 72'thtrd boxes, I45 cases; Holman, Lee month as follows -& Co 23 half bo,es, I8I thtrd boxes; G. S. Watts & The past month has been an active onP., wtth sales of The arrivals at the port of New York from foretgn Co., 824 boxes, 153 cases, Newell & Baxter, Io half s,ooo bales of Havana fillers at advanced ports for the week ending September 6 included the boxes, 43 cases; other parues, 89 half boxes, uo thircr Of Yara, 28o bales, new crop, have changed hands followmg boxes, 70 cases Of ld BRE:W:RN-H. Batjer & Brother, I,4J9 cases ptpes. at pnces rangmg 9S to Iooc. currency. o crop 0 d b BOSTON, AutNSIJt.-Tiu Commemal Bulk/in red 11 1 r GLASGOW-I er, 750 XS p1pes. othe sales have been hm1te to very sma parce s LOr HAVRE-Order, IO bales. ports the market as follows: There ts no change to note actual demand. "' w S 1 since our last, and transactions are hght. We quote b f h h MALAGA-eaver terry, IO cases 1conce paste; M. Rader & Sons reports the o t e mont b d b 1 Havana at $I oo'::. 1 17 : seed leaf, sundry kinds, at .. d h b li II Gomez & ArgUim au, 96 o, 340 a es hconce root ; Havana Tobacco-The deman as een u Y up b 1 1 M H H ff r..55, Connecticut and Massachusets fillers,r3r..'7' bmd-, b 1 f 11 r d order 490 a es tconce root. ANZANILLo. o \!::' to last month. Sales s,ooo. a es, at u pnces .or e-man, Ss pgs ders and seconds, 20@3o, wrappery lots, J0@40; fine suable quahty. RoTT&RL>AM-H. Batjer & Brothers, roo baskets pipes, wrappers, 45 @55, 12i Kentucky at @15; as Of Yara Tobacco 350 bales were sold; prices for d tG quahLy. d r fi Th 1 k h h t: 6so boxes o. goo qua tty rm, e new crop ac s tg avor SEVILLB-A. Step ham & Co., 120 cases hconce paste : August 31.-Mr F. A. Prague, leaf hear of sales of several hundred 'order 3 6 do, II4 boxes hconce stick tobacco mspector, wntes as follows :-Wtth fewer offerboxes of black work, and a considerable quantity of I r -HAVAN-A -Robt. A. Ohonstadt, 4 9 bales ; J A Pe mgs and cooler weather the market for feaf has bee11 mch goods, low grades, whtch are scarce, but for whtch sant, 6z do,! F. s 4 do, 5 cases ctgars F stronger dunng the past week and price!\ have been buyers do not seemed disposed to pay 2 r@22c Garcta, 202 do, 10 ,to, A. Gonzalez, '65 do, 6 do generally accepted. There has also been an improve m bond, the scarctty notwllhstanding Wtth the cxcep DeBary & Khng ro cases c1gars, G. W. Faber, ro do. ment in quality, there some very fine hhds of tLOn, perhaps, of tens, the stock of export goods m marJ c Hoffmeyer, I 2 do; Lew 1 s, Phthp & John Frank, 8 do; bnght cuttmg leaf sold at figures rangmg f.rom f,2 o to ket 1s generally hght. 1 Robt E Kelly & Co, 4 do; M & E Salomon, 3 do ; Oh1o seed 1s m acttve deinand at better prices. The want of export warehouses IS to be Chas T Bauer & Co, \3 do, A. S Rosenbaum & Co, The total offermgs for the week were po hhds and 72 keenly felt by those sh1ppers who are accustomed to r do, Jas A. Vega & BJother, 2 do, Purdy & N1chboxes, as follows: shtp on short or burned orders and can not watt to order olas, 7 do; Howard Ives, 2 do P. W. Junge & Co., Io At the Bodman Warehouse 2JI hhds and 47 boxes: from the manufactones, the delay mvolved in sendmg to do F. Spies & Co ,r do, Ktmhardt & Co 55 do ; W. ros hhds New Mason Co, Ky, trash, Jugs, and leaf; 1 the factones often causing the loss of sales that would H. Thomas & Brother, 49 do Park & Tilford, 42 do at $7 30 38 at 8 20@9 9 5; 4 r at 10@ 11.7 5 ; 2 S at 15 be readtly effected 1f warehouse facthties were to he haf any poruon of1he tax, as all of Lt was exhkusted by the sales made Yery respectfully yours, B J SWEET, Actmg ComtpissLOner r QUESTI&N FOR MoRALISTS TO DECIDE -Petersbwrg, Va.., August Youmal of Comm erce, New York. A purchases a hogshead of tobacco hom the Ln 'Spector& of tobacco at'' r so. A sells Lt to B by the sample by the mspectors, at B shtps 1t to a neigh l>ownng '"flY and has 1 t reviewed ond the second sample: -was different from the first, h:lVmg a short break m 1t of :about one.fourth of the hogsl:fead Admntmg the short break to be of more value than the long, I would hke v e ry much to have your vtews, as to wha: IS just anu l"ight m the prem1ses. A SuBSCRIBER. Reply If we understa n.i the case, the hogshe. d o f to b ac co turn s out a be t t e r a verage th an the 01 sample. .If this w a s an obv w u s error o f msp ectlo n, hke a mtstake made m the ex tens tom of a btll, the disc o verer who would 'Proht by it ought m equtty to account for 1t to the one vho lost by -that miStake 1f he can gam access to h1m. No honorable man wtshes to put money mto hts pocket whtch 0 rna e a maGLASGOW.-43 hhds;so cases. hhds Pendleton County, Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf: IO appeared to be for good Contmental tobacco, and we tenal difference m the total result HAMBURG -82 hhds, 393 cases I,230 lbs manufac-at 8@9.40, r6 at Io@r4.7 5, 6 at IS@I6 75 3 hhds and hear of sales of wrappers and lugs for shtpment at sat-CJgars-A steady mquiry charactertzed the b1,1siness tured I box West Virg1ma t at 7; 2 at 8 90@9. tdactory pnces. 1 he Richmond market IS reported mclgars, and we hear of mcreased orders for both old LIVERPOOL.-3S7 hhds. At the Morris Warehouse, 118 hhds and 6 boxes: so moderately active, having rallied a httle from the shght and new goods, and espectally for the latter, tlie supply LONDON.-277 hhds. hbds New Mason County, Ky., trash, lugs, anfi! leaf: I depre.siOn preva!lmg previOusly, and bright goods are of which 15 as yet ltmlted DOMESTIC RECEIPTS at ro, 2 7 at 8 os@9 Ss, IS at 10@14, 7 at r6@z4 a shade htgher. Abroad there 1 s no alteration to note Gold opened at 1137{ and closed at 113}'8. f f d 24 hhds Brown and Clermont Counties, Oh10 trash 1 1 The arrivals at the porto New York rom omestic lugs, and leaf 2 at 7 7 o@j.So, 12 at gr.. 9 .8o, 4 a't 10 75 in the state of the market Exchange is held at a htt e ower rates We quote d c h k d s \!::' J ,r_ bl L d gr.. grL r mtenor an coastw1se ports LOr t e wee en mg epr::.12 so, 6 at r6 7S"' z6 75 II hhds New Owen County, Sun .._.eaJ -A notLcea e mcrease m transactions is Btlls at 6o days on on on Io \!::' ro }z LOr s;ommerb 6 8 hhd t 8 h If t '::1 '"" r h 1 r L ""' b k d h h tern er were 9 2 s, 44 terces, 4 a terces, r '9 Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf : I at 7, 5 at gr..9.8S, 5 at apparent LOr shipment, t e sa es reacbmg, accordmg to ctal ; Io8 }z @ 109 h LOr an ers; o. at s ort Stg t, h h t 8 h If c/.. p 6 d r/ r::. rL d qtr-tLerce, 2 etg t terces, 2,7 o cases, 2 a -cases, 2 'I .2Sr.. '4 Z7 hhds Pendleton County, Ky.. 7 at 8 70 report 11525 cases, agamst 4o6 C8ses the week precedrnn'-@I09:r8, ans at o ays, o. k b 6 th t b 7 h lfb h _., -":ro / rL A 7/ nc s, JOI oxes, I o ree-q r oxes I,2I a oxes, .-::.9, ro at IO@I4 ro at ISSor::>r8.7S 2 hhds and mg. On home account t ere was not a great dea:1 at short s1ght, S 23:jt4@S 22 7z, ntwerp, 5' @S 22 7o ; 6 th d b 6 k 6 dd \!::' d {i I h k l IL H b r / (;;, A 21 qtl -o oxes 339 Lr oxo:s 0 egs, 2 ca Les, con 6 boxes we t Virgtma, I at 6 os, 7 at 8 551'::.9 JO. one, a ew trans ers on y avmg ta enp ace, and these SWiss, s z6@5 :zzJ,z, am urg, msterd r 11 \::1 I kf. <,: B stgne as 10 ows hhds Southern Indtana at 2 hhds East Vrrof a minor character n detail the export bus mess dam, 39Y9@4o 7{ Fran ort, 40;ro@4I remen, 4 Bv TH& EI RAILRoAo -Blakemore, Mayo & en 73 hhd, A c L & o t \!::' was as follows: 6oo cases OhiO at II@I3C; 750 cases, Re1 chsmark, 943/z@9S78 Prusstan thalers, 71J( @71 Meyer," do, M Abenhetm, oodo, J K Smtth & Son, 31 do, Pollard, Pet gmta a .::s. l r L d tss & c o 58 do, & Deane 9 do, D J Garth, Son l$i co u do, Saw A h Ph' 'V h Pennsy vama at r6@17 721 an 175 cases State on pnFtughts are m about the same condttLon as at our yer, Wallace & co 33 do, E M wn,ht & co ,9 do B c Baker, Son & t t e tster are ouse, 6 3 hhds and 17 boxes. 41 vate terms. A livefy1 domestic trade IS anticipated I d th d d 1 1 co 1sdo, Norton.t!;langhter&co 1do, P Lorittard & co J6do, Good hhds New Mason CountY(, Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf. 2 ast, as regar s e en; an n some cases pnces Jave wm & c o 'do Harcl' y & Ltvlngston, >6 do J. D, Kielly, r '3 do' M wtthm the present and succeeding month, and there 1s declined Vve quote hhds. Bremen, 3SS; &I;; Salo mon,,,cases, wm Egert,4.o, Bun.t & Donruuer,ttdo, at $5@6 40, u at 8 20@9 !>o; 19 at 10@14-25, 9 at g ood ground for behevmg thiS antlctpatLOn will be reald L I 6d L d 6d JuLian Allen, 30 do, A w Lindsay >>do' order, '57 hhds, 4' cases '7S0@23 75 22 hhds Brown County, Obto trash lugs Rotter am, 4SS, IVerpoo 3 2S, on on, 32s, Bv THE Huosot< Rtv&R RAtLROAo,-D J Garth, Son & co > hhds. G B af ., JZed, a> the new stock has been l ong destre d and WLII Hamburg 4ss Amsterdam, 47s, 6d Antwerp, 4251 6d ; Lichtenberg, s cases G ,Retsmann & co 53 do, Benz! & Dormltzer, >68 'and le : II at <>.2S@9 95; 5 at 10@14,75i 6 be eagerly appropnated as soon as the expected moved 1 ( B R tt d 6d do, order, >odo so 17 boxes Ohto seed fillers and wrappers. See -ea cases, remen, 2 55 ; 0 er am, 3 2S, ; BvTH& NATtONAL LINE -E. M Wright & Co 3> hhds Norton, Slaughter \!::' gr::.g ment in lt sets in. In forecasting the Fall busmess, Amskrdam, J2S, 6d; Antwerp, JOS. & Co 4 do,J, K Smtte & Son, I do, Pollard, Pettus &On "do Sawyea, I at 7 ss; 2 at \!::' so, II at I0.25@1 3 at 15S@ however, it is not tO be for.:gotten that oH:I stock Will Wallace & lJo a do, J;; M (.;rawlord & Co a do, Blake)Jlore, Mayo & Oo 1 2 S 59 a-IRI .. V A--0'1'1 .. -a do, M Pappt:nhe1mer, 54 do, B 0 Baker, Son & C o u do, D ] Garth, still bean1mportantelemtntm the general summary, there v ,.. __ .,. v.u. & 0o ,1 do, M Abenheim,., do, order, sdo HOPKINSVILLE, K'!l., Septemberi.-J. ,V, Dupney bemg much of It m manufacturersl as well as In dealers' Gro..,en of seed leaf tobacco are cauttoned a ams, aceepttng the Bv THK CAMOBN AND AMBOY RAILROAD-S Selhog s Sons, 27 cases, H... leaf tobacco broker, reports -Receipts for the month I d t b d d f It d t th r b -port e d sales 2nd quotaltons of' seed leaf .u furntshmg the prtc-that meyer & VIgehus, S 4 do 1 d 6 hhd 1an s o e 1spose o nee no ere.ore, e .. v N H R Ch F T & So JUSt c ose r I s sales 1 8 2 hhd r h should be obtatned for t:lem at first hand, as these refer IR most tnStanta BY THR NK" ORK AND EW AVKN AILROAD-as ag n, 8 I J S., reCeipts LOr t e surprismg tf the new tobacco should for awhile move cases, J Nossen, do. s, Barnett, 9 do, o c .Mengel, do commerctal year 6,7 1 I Jhhds, agamst 970 last year. h 1 1 ty th ht h b d to old crops whtch ha'e been held nearly a year, and the profit on Bv THB Naw YORK AlfD Naw HAvE.lf STEAMBOAT L1NE -E M f'rawford : O th f k d Wlt eSS Ce en an mtg N erwtse e expecte whlch mustnaturally Include the Interest on sapttal tnvested Growers o6 cases, A L & U L Holt, do D & H Bennmo, do, E Rosenwald & wmg to e want 0 stoc an the wtthdrawal of sevCommencmg m unusual dtsfavor, the I870 seed bas cannot expect even In the cae of new crops, toseH them for the u m e Brother, $4 do. Wm Eggert, 38 du. Schroeder & lion,. do. Levy & New e ral of the leadmg buyers from the market, pnces have f II d t hb d dh lh Of 1 a ter a serve Lts urn WLt ecommg ere 1t, an t e pnces as ary obtamed on a ro sa e ere course every re sa e must e 3 do 1 Stiger, ,4 do, 0 Sidenw>hr, order, 6 do ruled lower dunng the entire month, than at any time worst that ought to be said of it as a whole, is, that lt at an advance, and ther.-1ag&!>on,11do, H Scuubellng's IL d I 8@81Y I f "' Sons, 69 do, Alva Oatman, do, E. Rosenwald & Brother, 31 do Schroeder 7 73, goo ugs, 74, COmmon ea 1 8 @9 U, medthose who will contmue to work It for some months Ion QUO,TATIONS OF' PRICES & Bon, do; R A Arkerburgh, 4oodo, E M Crawford & co 68 do; Fox, 1 um leaf, 9 1{@ro, good leaf, 11, firm leaf, 11 IL h 8 F lft 3Q @140 Dills & Co J< do, J R Spexey, 9 uo 73 7 \::1 n germ pre erence to t e 1 7I tobacco m Its early lug O)t@ 93( Medium @2'1 Bv THB OLD D oMtNtoN STRAMSHIP LINB,-C Abenheim, 4J hhds, A D @12 selectiOns, I2@13 The last sale of the year whtch stage, and the demand thus ansmg and prolonged mlll ; t Commou Je 1 OU l Good .. 2, K Chockley, r do, tterces, W 0 Smith, 8 uo, 'do, 9 X lerces, s quarter took place on the 28th, dosed out tbe enttre stock in the I t il t th t t t h I }V'.,@ll CfiDJn'fD 18 @ 1 3 b e rces so cases to three qtr boxes, 5 X boxes, jas hte ves & co 26 :Uh necessan Y cur a o a ex en t e tmmec tate mqutry 11 @ 2 Mouldy llillo tierces, R w Camerp n & co 4 do, 4 qtr qerces, 2 e 1ghth t1erces, E Du ware ou ses, and we know of none m planters houses. for the latter. 12 @ l2X I lht Pressed, extra line 45 @56 I B o ts,,. do, 1 d o ,.., X tierces' 1 D K eiily, Jr ,. do, 63 do, 1 S J case s 'VIii herefore t have th l I b 13 @ -L1ght Pres3ed fine three-qtrboxes, H M Moms,,Scases, Marttn& johnbon 13do, R Ltnd no ano er Sa e Untl t e new crop Our ample growmg crop reports appeanng from lug !0 @11 QuartaPoundi-FiDe 28 @3.; h .. m &Co 38do, R lnnn & co J7dO c Sprotto tSd o March Pnce & begms to come m. week to week elsewhere, prove that we have taken' do do lef .< l @25 Medium ........... 2>@27 c o IO. & Bon LOUISVILLE, August 28.We report as rollows Spectal p 'InS tO furnish full mformat10n on all tOpiCS re!'ommon to good J ag s 9)01 Naey P o und< -tme 28@35 Iface, 109 d o 39 oo, so do, '4 qtl!boo & co, 1 box, rm. be punc1pal demand IS from manufacturers Fine 13)>$14)1' .Platt & N ewton, 9 K boxes. J D !;;vans & co 5], do A s Rosenbaum & tqough sluppers are operratmg to some extent. The 1 ; cetpts contmue small, and the stock o( redried is bemg durmgthe storm of the 22d ult From all wo: can learn Y>rgma-BK@IO Po k eiP.ieces 2 @30 C Loose & Co' exhausted The recetpts for the week were 57:5 hhds, we feel warranted m saymg that wlule the destructwn 103(@121( M h d d 1 L f T b 730 boxes, and the exports, 875 hhds, 2389 boxes. The ol tob.tcco was 'greater tlian co uld be desired and esto tine 1 3 @16 Rough & Heady 30 @35 CommiSSIOn ere ants, an ea m ea o acco, sales at the dtfferent warehouses were 907 hhds, as fol-11 d 1 rappero, d a rt Buc report. Our market for Maryland tobacco has been fatrly lows: the Ptckett House sold 454 hhds 315 hhds pec1a y senous m mdtv l ua cases, lt was much l ess m do blight ll'avy P1 com: K @ ... h t h h h b 1 d if tl 1 t and Greenish SX@ 9 l KafJTI Hal,/ l'ounrbaftd Thirdsup to t e rece1p s, w IC ave een arge, an 1e a -per 100 Jbs, 3 at r6 so, I 5 so, 14 4 at IJ@ 13 75 the enure quanttty totally lost w1ll make no apprectable 9XU Fwe 22@2.1 t t t b 1 1 1 b 1 t k 11 dtfferencemthegeneralyteidor product of the year 8 @12 lied,.,.;, 2o 22 erconmue 0 e 1 era, some soc Wl ac roati2@12 75,22atrr@rr 75; 66atio@Io 75;21 Fine apanle9 90 As is usual with hail -storms that occur m warm weath" c.... d h 11 h k '::1 '::1 Ji d HarmyW.0nnd-. F.'l' com A ""6 1 Common to mediom 18 lij)20 qmte a time, an per apS OWnerS Wl ave to rna e II at 8 so@8 90,. 4 hhds do trash at gr..8 so, JI hhds er, the one re erre to was bmlted m breadth, and the "" Pi "'and F011rs 19 @22 t; h h b t b InJUry in/hcted was chtefly m the VlCLnlty,of the dtrect Seund couamon ... :. : ... :: @"5 some w lC many a uyer. 0 ef Tenntrssee leaf I at 13; I at; 14 at ll@ll.1 db 1 .. 0 9X @tOl Nuroorod TIDY! 2.'i @33 wa1tmg o we ave to report no matena c a nge o 75, 11 at ro@ro 75, hhds ditto lugs 19 at 9 @9 7S; mce travt>rse y t le storm. th Circular of Good to liDe red .......... -@!0 pm:es. Of OhiO only about 2SO hhds were mspected' 6 at 8 sorm8 90. 2 hhd s Indtana leaf at 1 I 7S. 9 40 oncern mg busmess for e month, the FancJ "" F "" 1 t t b t hhd h fl F d '-'"' G & U pper c'o.;ntry 7X@SO me... .. .,."u sa es amoun o a ou 400 s, c te y LOr raqce an I hhd dllto trash at 8; I hhd stnps at Io 75; I hhd Messrs ans Son says G ouud le'r .. 6X 9 ... .i me01um. li the Rbme, and some for home manufacture at fuU prices, scraps at 2 so Of Old Crop-The sales have been I,soo cases of Granulat.d Smoking u @75 and with a light stock demand remams very fairJor thts vanous growths. --Wrappers 20 @So Olqart-J We have heard of no movements of any The Louisville House sold 70 hhds 25 hbds KenNeY. Crop-Of Connecticut and Massachusetts fillers l:cconde J: Oll@n oo Importance m Kentucky and VIrgmta, but holders are tucky leaf. I at I3 2S ; 4 at I r, I 2 at ro@ro 7 5 ; 6 at and seconds nearly soo cases have changed hands Fille 8 12 @IS do Conn Seed au OO@lO ou firm, with small stock and almost no recetpts. The m9@9 8o, 2 at 8 So, 8 90. 14 hhds ditto lugs and leaf: Th k r C NfM YA'k Sd do Socondo 2ft ()(1@80 00 2 at :Z3 75 IJ 25 4 at @ t e mar et LOT onnecllcut wrappers as was anti-"rappers .. 32 @ H New Ymk Seed Conn specttons for the week compnse 1 745 hhds Maryland, 1:2 12 2S; 3 a II; 4 at IO@Io ctpated m our last cucular has now fully opened, 2,soo "i;W:!!dJots il .. :. 244 do OhiO, and 3 d o Vlrgmta; total, 1 992 hhds, whlle 75, I at 8 40 5 hhds do lugs: 2 at 9@9 ro, 3 at 8 30 cases have been taken by the trade, also 1,ooo cases Permsyl""""'&.aL Sud Ls ... 2wy, 9 y. @r 0 Yz; good, II@ 12, fine and selections, The Farmer's House sold I 5 hhds 4s hhds Kentucky thmk that IJO,ooo cases can be rehed upon, all depends tot> u 'El 450 lbs ,;., .. ,3@,5 Vtrgmta, common to good lugs, com leaf: 3 at so, 25, 20, 4 at. I8, 17, I 7 JS, I 4 75, 4 at now m what cond1bon the new wtll be housed. In d o Good do s7!1.@1 05 1 c. y Ol'". 28 mon to medmm le af, fa1 r to goou, 9y.@roYz, 13@ r3 so; 9 at 12@12 7S IJ at 1 I@ 11 7 S 10 at Io our next we wlll be enabled to speak wtth degree : ..... fine and selectiOns, II@I4, stems, good to fine, 3Yz@s @ro 7S, 8 at 9@9 So. 38 hhds do lugs. 7 at Inr.:.Io of certamty on that head $ too MF 23 t @ t 8 @8 The ctrcular of M Racier & Sons report as follows M""''fa.c:luri-Tax20cts per pound 'R R .. _. .' ............ ::: Tobacco Statement 15 B @a .,9 9 9' 9 a 20 90. 15 hhds do trash l'Vttndi-INBo,__Baio>tr '"W s. .. .. .... 2l r, ln\uarehouses and a t 20 "'9 Seed Leaf Tobacco bustness has been ts @55 G itl 211 .j d II h I 1 d d' r h b Extrafute on htpboard,not clear _ed ------------S-45 hhds The Nmth Street House sold 65 hhds s 1 hhds one m t IS arl!c e, t 1e em an 10r export avmg een xoNTKLY sTu""'""' or sroeu o .... ,.18R -roucco h K t k 1 f d 1 still acuve for Oh10 and Pennsylvama at enhanced Rovona. Ooba, Yora. Ciont. Inspected th1s week-------------1,992 hds en uc Y ea an ugs 7 at 12 2s@23 so; I3 at 9 10 Pnces, with a good mqu1ry for Connecttcut and MassaBL BJ.s. B Bla. 1 Inspected previOusly -----,-------32,o7 S hhds @I3 so IJ at 10 so@ I 2 so i 4 at 9 70@Io 7 5 ; 4 at 9 1' 1=1 t JO@IOSO, sat88o@98:>, 2 at 890,9 40,'Jat830 chusetts for consumptton .. 8 l'he new crop IS rep01ted large and good mConnectl28,l6J 537 1,2,709 Total----------------------39,8u hhds @ Be. 9 hhds, IndJantna leaf at 8 90@9 70. 5 hhds cut, Massachusetts and Penn'sylvania the quantity 17 605 74 SM Exported smce Jan. I, I87Z---22,462 bhds do.lugs @ 7 7.0; c 8 8o ltkely larger than last year In Ohio about two-thtrds oNTllLT sun>< T oF sroc"'s 0 rn YoJU< TOB&eeo Coastwtse and re-mspected --4,ooo hhds 26,46z hhds The Planter's House sold 76 hhds, 73 hhds Kenlll W1sco nsm about one-hal of la:st year's y 1eld 1 s exDISPro wunoons tucky leaf, lugs, and trash; IJ at 2 at I 9@,9 pected t o be made, from thts .,Stale the re;:>orts are Ky Ohio Md Total Stock to-day m warehouse and on sh1p-75 3 at 17 7S I8, I8 so; 4 at 16@I6 25; 7 at IS@ISv ery unfavorable Hbds Rhd .. Rhda. Rhda. Rhda board not cleared ------------13,350 hhds 75, 5 at I4@I4 5o; 4 at 13@13 75, 7 at rz@u 7Si S Stock on baool Aug.I,1872 ....... U,631 461 IV :18 U,l37 & b C at ll@ll 75 7 at IOt;>'IO 75 9 at @ 6 8 was a fatr demand for Havana BeoetTedomce .......... 1,11911 e a 1 ,11>2 Messrs. Ed. Wischmeyer Co., To acco ommlSSIOn ':::1' 9 9 90; at @ throuu-hout the week, but we onlr. hear of sales to the 461 ,. u.,., sa 18,1138 Merchants, report as follows: Our plug tobacco market 8 9 1 at 7 5 3 hhds M1ssoun leaf and lugs at IO 7S. ,., 4 Toil\! .. 13,32! -.,. 10 74 8 90 ex t en t of 148 bales fine fillers at $I 25, the transactions Deli.Yilred line.. ..... .. s,m t 1 I :...:.:. 2 23" has been rather qu1et this week; only mediUm grades :;:;;;;., of a smgle firm, and mamly for manufaclurers. The mars1oo1r on ynd, 1, 187Z .. ... 4IK li 11 11,809 bemg ui moderate demand w1th steady pnces. The dect -The Kentucky Tobacco .Assoctation sold 8 hhds: ::1 ket I s s1rong, and desirable goods are lqnited in sale only .. .......................... '. sion of the Attorney General regardmg todbacco bonded Ke;tucky le:hfd so; ro; 2 hhds do Jugs by the difficulty of replacmg them The commg Fall BecoiYocillDOO ................................. ......... after January 6, r8p, has been rece1ve here by the a 9 30, 70. -4 s enne:;see trash at 8 7o, 8 6o season 1s itkely to be a favorable one for the trade, if the Tela! ......................... : ................................ :4-TM' trade w1th general satisfacuoa. We note the followmg 8 55,8 -40. .._ -;..,;


SEPT. 4 PADUAH August The KndrltAUifl reports U foUe"' 1 ;ft(e ba e but little to ,.report thia Wetik m relation to the tobacco mfiet The receipts have been very small, and the pnces have pndergone no cha'lge We therefore gwe our last week s quotations, remarkmg that all grades quoted are firm atthe pnres Lugs, 8 oo@S 7 5 common leaf, 9 oo@9 so, mediUm leaf 10 oo@Io so, fine leaf, 11 oo@u so brown and mahogany wrappers 12 so@IS oo, ptebald wrapers, 5@25 bnghtwrappers 25@64 PHILADELPHIA Augu t 31 -Mr E W D ckerson reporter for the Tobacco Trade of PhJiadelph a wntes 1 hav e not had t me to collect any reports of sales dunng th s week but ... be rever I have been all we re busy conseque nt y I conclude that bus1uess among the leaf and c gar dealers has been good THE TOB_AVVO. LBA.I!I lt.w, allowed a penny They shared only 111 penalttes, wh1ch were Imposed and collected wttb 90mparanve ranty Theoretically, moieties have seemed a valuable consideration practtcally, It will now be seen they were hke Toots haps and mishaps-of very little con sequence In the earher years of our revenue system mformers shares aggrega ed a considerable amount and a few m stances could be ctted where mdtvtdual gams were large Y,ut smce the Act of July 20 r868 went mto operation down to August I t8p-thanks to a better enforcement of the law by re\ enue officers generally a nd a clearer comprehensiOn of the r duty under the law o n he p art of taxpayers-the money thus denved bas hardly paid the cost qf securmg It an abundant y1eld Ttie only "' cro no requmng atten ttun and work 11 tobacco Of this there IS not a fuU crop out, but JD mapy locahtles lt1s exceedmgly fine ............. A correapon!leJjt ofkhe Wlug-, Rtchmond, under date of August 20, says fhe crops of tobacco and corn were never better m th1s the southern portton of Lunenburg than they are th1s year and the copious showers w th wh1ch we have been blessed for the last ten days ensure thetr matunty I am sorry to say however that the army worm heretofo re u nknown m th1s local t ts mak pg sad hovoc wnh the fodder m some of the fields So numerous are they that the and fodder ts con sum e d ve ry qu c k aft e r the y take possession of the n e l d THE TOBACCO TAX. The subJOined arbcle whtch receatly appeared Jn the New YorkBuUel111, uodertbefhead of Why theTobac co Taxsliould be Repeated, 1s to be commended rather for Jts good mtenuons and the force w th which the wnter's views are expressed than the correctness of Its premises or the soundness of some of tts reasonmg 1 he nter' was evidently under the 1m press on that tobacco IS taxed m the leaf mstead of the man facture The maJOnty of the n ew wrappers bas been sampled ready for the fall trade and the stock on han d s larg e and wa s well packed The stock of ne v leaf n ow off e ed on th1s marke t s larger than t REPORTS OF THE GROWING CROP. has been for years showm g that our dealers had mo r e "' < or The Danv lit Va R :gz tr of A gust 8 says Bet veen Danv lie and S tau nto n r vc the season s have bee n prop nous and the c rop s n eve l ooked L e tt er It s 11 dee I a c hee ng p ospect to behold the t ens o f thousands of acres of lu ur ant corn and the fields of fine t obacco along the va e y o f t he Dan I 1 the reg10n of yellow tobac co along the a I oad n P tt sy l a rna county 1 ob served that so n e of the crop had bee c ut and I oused wh le a few field s br ght and yel luw as gold ;vere be ng taken plant by pia t the v hole hav g r p ened v th such un o m ty that sea ce y a eaf vas left '!J'On the h I fh s vas the m a nu fact ur ng grade Further o n n H;4ifax and Charlotte the tobacco wh ch w ll turn ou t only th e heav sh pp n g and dark fille s as pe feet y g r een on the 2oth of August and probably but ttle of 1t w II be r ea ly for the knife before them d die of September There a re many good fields v s ble from the npl road the se tw o count es "here ra n s have been pl entiful but as vou approach R chmond the c orp s are very poor In Lunenburg Noo t a vay Ameli a etc the tobacco was most mprom s ng m a n y I he de a 1s certat tly gammg ground that the taxes on obacco ought soon to be 1 emoved but not g ener lly Ne Imag ne for the reason 1mphed m the aJtlcle th atn s not a more s t'\ble subJect for ta xat on th a n wheat potatoes bay, .cott on or any other product of the field anc;l farm bu t because It 1s thought the necessary ex pendJtur e s and d sbursements of the country can m a s h 0rt time be met wllh th e rcce1pts from the custom alone It producers c onsumers an d others 1 terested w11l try to impress t he new Congress w th th s un den able fact th ey may hope f o r good 1 es Its m duet me If the tobacco t axes are not repealed by the ne "Congress to be ele cted next Fall 1t will be the fault of Amen can producers and for tha matter of consumers also a! though I t ts ch1efly m the mt erests of the former that should now wnte These taxes tmpose a senous burdert on an Important branch of Amencan n lustry and oper ate as a dtrect b oun ty on the cul t vatlon of tobacco 1 other c o untri e s F o r although exported tobacco s ex empt from taxes and th e taxes are finally pa d b y con somers ) et ow ng to the necess ltes of th e case there 1s a const a nt and expensiVe watchfulne s s of the prpduct m all Its stages tha t m a tenally mterferes w th Its free ex change the consequences of whtch are felt by producers m vanous ways l he rev e nue can very well spare the recetpts from a tax whtch 1s no longer neces s ary to the credtt of the government money or both than heretofore The bot weather of July and August has done muc h to mprove the I 87I crop The quan ty o f fine wrappers s larg but then all are not fine yet all have been carefully handled These are the re sults of my obse r vat o n s after exam n ng ne arly (Sooo)live thousand cases of the cl ffe ent gra l cs of leaf: RICHMOND August 31 -Mr R A M1lls Tobacco Broker and Commission Merchant reports 06.r offer mgs contmue full and from present mchcatwns the sup ply will be fully adequate t o the de.mand for the balance of the seas on The recent rm 1S have been pretty general and the r e p o rts from t he d 1 str cts whtcb have suffered from the drought are that the growing crop IS 1mprov mg very fast Pnces f o r the past week have ruled a httle lower on most grades and I alter my quotatwns accordmgly l'here h ave been a few hhds of new ptm ngs upon the market wh ch ha'e been sold at from to few offered were very common a b etter grade m good order, would bnng mo e though the pnce t s not settled The transo.ct.ons were I 204 hhds SI3 boxes 29 boxes I revtse my quotatwns .BlackI ugs common to medmm Lugs good to fine Leaf common to medmm Leaf good to fine Extra Contmental Sun Cured-Lugs common to good Leaf common to good Leaf,extra Nommal .Bnght-Lugs comm9n to medtum Lugs leafy good to fine Lugs extra smokmg Leaf, common to medmm wrappers Leaf, good to fine wrappers Leaf, extra fine wrappers 1 FOREIGN $7 oo@ 8 oo 8 so@ 9 00 8 oo@ Iooo IO so@ I4 00 IS oo@ I6 oo 8 oo@ IO oo IO oo@ IS oo I7 oo@ 2S oo 8so@ r2oo I3 oo@ r8 oo 2ooo@ 3ooo IS oo@ 25 co 3000@ 75 00 8o oo AMSTERDAM August 17-Mess rs Schaap & Van Veen, tobacco brok ers report as follows \Ve have to notice the sa les of J ava tobacco a nounting to 9 s Se bales mo s tly of supenor descnpt10ns So me parcels sUttab e exclusiVely for ctgar manufactory fetched very b1gh figures by strong co npetltlon One parcel of 900 bal s marked DJant was patd for at 180 cents per half k1lo another Bhtar 13oc about 4SO bales \\ achman Bh ar at usc, and some commQn quahttes for cuttmg purpo ses short and dtrty mostly fermented were sold at IS to zoe per half ktlo Of Maryland to bacco 3SO hhds found bu yers 1 he tmportatwns of th1s le a f are v ery un satiSfactory the cost pr ce s can be made-some parcels were even sold a t a loss 1 h e trade m this kmd 1s fast decreasmg owmg to the h1gh rates of the Amencan market Our manufacturers for the gre a te r part at least, make still more use largely of all kmd of substitu tes to furmsh thetr wants Im ported ISIS bales Java Stocks to day 448 hhds Maryland 444 cases seedleaf 7 63I bales Java I IVERPOOL ,Jugust I7 -Mr P W Smythe To bacco Comm1sswn Mercha nt, reports Dunng the past week manufacturers and dealers seemg that the stock of stnps ()11 sale IS reduced have been supply;ng them selves to a moderate extent whifte they could do so without paymg an undue advance m pnces Not much has been done m dry leaf, but no doubt if strips become scarcer and dearer buyers will tJurn the1r attention to 1t Afncans put up neatly m small hands and priZed moderately m hhds contammg about 1 soc lbs each are sc11rce, and such could now be sold readily at or more If on the spot Puttmg the best m formatJon attamable I find that the advance m pnces of $tnps durmg the last SIX months has not exceeded one penny LONDON, August 22 -Messrs Grant Chambers & Co report as follows There has been more m qurry dunng the past week for Umted States tobacco and home trade buyers have been takmg such lots which were still offenng on the market at reasonable rates, holders of fine descnpttons contmue firm West ern leaf and stnps have ben m moderate demand there 1s but httle of the former suttable for export pur po&es now on the market for stnps there has been ra1.ller a better demand pnces contmue firm Vugm1a leaf of fine bnght color mnch wanted strips of a spm nmg character difficult to find high rates would be read 1ly obtamed Maryland and Oh10 without bnght and leafy moves off slowly there IS but httle of the bnght classes now on sale Cavend1sh has b een rather m 0re freely operated m, pnces are firm No l!lloieties-N o Informers. The Washington correspondent of a contemporary forwarded a d1spatch under the head to h1s JOUr nal the other day announcmg a discov er y he had made that no VIolatiOns ofthe Inte rnal Revenue law had been reporte d for prosecutiOn smce the n ew law abohshmg mo etu:s to mf rmers went mto effect Presummg th1s lntelhgence would be a matter of surpns e to many and tha t an explanation would be des1rable the correspon dent accompamed h1s commumcatwn w1th the rema rk that there was much danger nvolved m ferret ng out fraud upon the revenue and officers of the Government were unw1lhng to run the nsk o f p ersonal InJury to themselves without a valuable mducement m add1t10n to their salanes As a hmt towards a restoration of the mo1ety system thiS pretended may be of some v<1lue but as a matter of fact It IS worth ver5 httle, bemg based upon an erroneous assumpt on W e understand qmte a number of cases have been reported for prosecutiOn smce the first of At gust and the reason why they had not been heard of at='Vasbmgtcm when the cor.respondent wrote was because the Courts bad not had time to act upon them wh1ch m most mstances has to be done before the facts are commumcated to the Revenue Bureau as the correspondent ought to have known The number of revenue nolatJons reported for prosecution was never as large as s.ome people suppose and every clay henceforward 1t will probably be smaller and smaller, as the area of taxa bon has been largely re duced1 and the means for the detectwn of fraud are con stantly mult plymg The practice of allowmg motebes was an abommable one, because, if for no other reason, It was liable to abuse but It 1s an open question, after all, if tax payers have not had theu burdens matenally light ened th{ough the operations of mformers whose chtet m cenuve was, of course, the hope of gam by this species of reward There has been a good deal of m1sapprehenswn on! thts subject of mmet1 es, and a word m eluc t datiOn wtll perhaps be admiSSibl e now that they h,ave been done away w1th, we hope forever .Many persons sup pose that of all the money received by the Govern ment through the secret assistance of and re venue officers one half was pa1d over to them 1 his Idea IS q utte erroneous N11l eteen twentieths of all the money so rece vtd was made up of reassessments of which no mformer or officer was ever, ort could be by I Conoecucut The f ollow ng l etter IS m answer to one 1rom us ask mg for particulars m rega rd to the InJury done to to bacco by the storm of th e 22d u lt HARTFORD August 27 I872 I 1 reply to yours of the 23d ms t I would say I have made mqutr y as to the des t ruct wn of tobacco by tl e hat! storm E) e w tnesses tell me that must all the tobacco m the town sh ps of East W md so r Ell ngton Vern on Tolland Manchester Coventry and even as far north as Spnngfi eld has been badly InJUred I don t doubt but that the reports you saw m the papers are correct although I ha\ e not been up there myself to see A correspondent wntes as follows -SOMMERS Connect c ut Angust 3 I87Z -Ed tor TOBACCO LEAF O n e of the severest storms lately had v s ted thl s and other towns on the 22d nst sweep ng over a port o of East Longmeadow It completely ru ne d many tobacco fields and n1ured other crop s to a fearful extent Follow ng t he mou t a ns t po r ed over North Sommers leav ng traces of Jts fearful work on every h and The eastern part of Ellington Vernon a n d Manche ster felt the force of the gale to a much greater exten t I rltreas ng n t ury t threw th e r oof s from bwldinas tore the I mbs from trees and o therw se d d much InJury The lo;s by the s t or m can h a rdly be est mated many p1eces of to b acco are wholly worthless except to p l ouw n for next year s crop In thi s town the ha I nJure d some of the largest and finest p eces Albe rt Arnold Esq s on e of tl e heav est osers H e had nearl y 5 acres of tobacco ready t o holiSe Very m'\!!y p eces were n1ured by the wmd wh1ch blew the st al ks over man y fields look ng as f they had been cu t ready t o be taken to the sheds T ob a cc o th s season seems to have met WJth all kinds of reverses the cut worm seemed determ ned to destroy the e ntire crop at the outset and all throug h th e valley th s pest see m s to ha ve be e n at work Indee d our oldest growers do no t remember o f so ex te ns ve r avages co sequ ently a large port on of the c op was se t n July Not v th s tan di ng all th ese o b s tac es!th1s year s cro p s the largest ever grown both n numbe r of acres and s ze of tobacco Indeed we have n eve r seen s u ch l eaves FertLI zers of all kmds have been u sed largel y wh le baled $!ems have been so u g ht for at ex tremely h gh pnees Som mer s had long been famed for ts tobacco ly n g about 6 m es from the Co nn ect cnt R1ver t doe> n o t suffe r from fogs or cod n ghts vh ch preven t that fine n ess of leaf so des rab e Indeed Suffield buyers declare that t hey can not a se as good tobacco fh s season so m e of o r g rowers a e exper ment ng "'th Span sh tobacco wh ch s ra sed to some extent n towns adJo nmg At present th e crop s be og rap d y hung and e e long II be cur ng From ptesent nd cations we have no reason to s uppose but the colo r I be good I have exam ned many p eces n town and feel qualified to state that ou r growers never had a larger growth K'llntucky A corr espon dent wr t ng fro n Mtlburn to the Paducah Kmtuckwn say s The wheat crop ts splendid a nd IS bemg rap1dly sent to market 1 he tobacco crop 1s look mg line and the corn crop neve r looked m a more pros perous cond1t on than at present T.he tobacco crop m N1cho las county wtll be larger th1s year than all the crops combmed for the last ten y ears The crop of tobacco m Robertson county th s se ason will be large r than was ever known befor e m the netgh borhood Brackea cpunty produced last year seven thousand hogsheads of tobacc o wh ch reahzed to that c o unty a revenue of something over a m1lhon dollars The Mad so nv lie T mes says Farmers say the toba:Jco vas never bette r and by far the largest planted for years pas t CHRISTIAN A co rre sponden t at Hopkinsv11Je vmtes as follows -The pros pect for the grow1ug crop 1s not so Oattenng as 1t was some weeks ago Ow ng to want of ra n n many localities the tobacco 1s small and from the extreme heat of the su n and dry we ather the bottom leaves of the plants are brown ng and wasting to cons derable ex tent and from tb s cause a great deal has already been housed and must necessanly make poor thm tobacco w th want of gum and substance W1th favorabl e season for manure ng and g th e rema nder of the crop we may expect an average peld from that now to be hou se d not more though much <;!epends on the sea son for the next th rty or forty day s l'llaryland ALVERT COUNTY TobactD Worms -The tobacco crop m thts country has been attacked by swarms of tobacco worms and a mtghty contest IS gomg on between them and the farm ers for the possessiOn ofthe weed Milhons of the varmmts have been slam but therr numbers do not seem to decrease As long as the Agncultural Society was m eXIstence and by Its efforts succeeded m gettmg tobacco growers to destrov the fly by the use of cobalt these pests d d not trouble us but the society has gone up, no cobalt has been furmsh e d and the thes have not been destroyed and as a consequence many farm ers are m flanger of loosmg their entue crops by the worms north c-.arolinia Tke D u luzm N o tit Go ol n, Tob.C<>a Pion of the 28 ult says W H Burroghs of Wake Co brought the first n e w tobacco to th s market last Tuesday wh ch wa s sold at the Durham Warehouse at twenty four and half cents per pound Tlu Wtsttrn &n n I W n ston N C ob se rve s -The tobacco crop throughout th s sect on 1s looking s plend d and f the season contm ues favo rabl e a heavy crop w 11 be made Ohio of t he p l an t s scarce y covenng the h II tops WISC:ODSiD WILl ON A eaf of t o bacco was exh 1i ted at W II ams s tore late ly wh ch was 38 n ches lo g and 9 Wlde It was grown by W II a m V m cen t f r om seed grown m Co meet cut last year a quantty of wh c h was sent to Mr C i a k by a fr encl who was buy ng tobacco n that State and who s c on nec t e d w th the l a rge m port ng house of L ev n & Co ofNevYokCty LATE John Zem nger brought us a tobacco plant th s morn ng hic h pr esents an unu s ally v go rou s growth Many of t he leaves are ever three fee t n length and of p oport onab le w dth J ohn says he has a th o us and plants l ke th s all panted as late as the fourth of July In the same fie d n sol every vay s m Jar he has m o re plant s se t on the fifth and seve th of J u ne wh1ch hav e hardly atta ned the he gh t of one foot Tl e c a se o f th s d1fference s that the former was se t illh en the gro u n d was mo s t and mellow a nd the latter t was dry and baked H s ex per ence n th s part c ular s valuable The late timely showe r s and the hot weather s send ng th e to bacco ahead on d o uble qu ck t me Some p eces wh ch looked rather shabby t vo weeks ago no" b d farr to make a good c rop It s a filthy weed But we hope the farmers w II get a good pr ce for t nevertheless Some have a ready commenced to put t m s heds A 'lEW PHASE O.F THE TOBACCO QUESTION. C ornspmzdence of the Journal of Commerce WASHINGTON Augfist 3 I The r e need be no alarm 111 the tobacco trade about what I p r opose t o say n th s letter but unde r some c1r cumstances there mtght be cause for anxtety 1 he Co umlsswner of Internal Rev e me recently deetded and the Secre t ar) of the Treasu y susta ned hun m rul mg that tobacco placed m an export bonded warehouse b e tween June sth and July ISt shou ld pa} the Old tax of thirty two per pound and be subject to th e old regulati o ns fhe dec swn was base d on the folio vu\g paragraph of the act of June 6 I872 All tobacco and snuff now store d m any export bonded warehouse shall on a nd after July r st I872 be subJeCt to th e sam e tax as IS prov1ded by the act a d shall wtthm s x months after the passage of th s act I be wtthdrawn from such warehouse upon payment of the tax or for export under the regulations of the Comm1s s10ner of Inte rnal Revenue now 111 e c o ncernq1g withd rawals of tobacco and snuff from bonded ware h ouse s The Commi ss ioner based hts con s tructJOn of law on the 1dea that the word now means the date of the pas sage of the act The Attorney General on appeal through the Secretary of the T rea sury reversed th e ruhng of Comm1ss oner o n the pomt of llabihty to taxa twn decided th a t the word now should be con strued to mean July first the dat-e of the act takmg effect and' the tobacco should pay twenty cents per pound fhe pomt has t e4n raised m the Internal Revenue Bear eau that If the words n.ow stQied m the begm nmg of the paragraph above quoted means July ut then the y.ords now m force m a subsequent rela uon to regul t ons of the commissioner mean m force on the first of What IS the result) fhe act of July 6th under the dects1on of the Commissioner, prevented the bondmg oft ,bacco after June 6th for export or home consump tton but tobacco could be exported from a bonded ware hou s e or wtthdrawn for consumgt on until December 6th next under the re,5ulatwns m force on the 6th of June On the ISt of July a new set of tobacco regula twns went mto effect So the Attorney General m de c1dmg that now means July rst brought all tobacco m export bonded warehouses under the new regulatwns Under the Commissioners decbwn there wss no nee d for regulatwns concermng warehouses, and m tne pam phlet Issued on the ISt of July there were none The regulati o ns that went mto effect July Ist made proviSIOn for expo1 tmg from the manufactory only except m the case of tax pa1d tobacco If tht! Commi s sioner should apply the new regulat ons to all tobacco m export bonded wareh ouse s the only way to get It out of bcmd even for export would be to pay the tax on 1t But It 1s n ot hkel y that now so near the comtng elec uon, any government offictal would dare eo designate regulatwns that have no relation to export bonded warehouses for the gu dance of revenue officials m the r Tl,le Miami sburg (Oh10) .Bulletm of A ugust 23 de a lmg s wtth warehousemen I he warehouses a re now to crop matters as follows r e fers em ptym g und er the old regulatwns Tobacco wtth drawn for consumptiOn pays the t ax and tobacco ex ported s sent abroa d all under tbe regulatiOns m force a year ago except that the:: lower rate of tax IS patd The present crop has had plenty of ram a nd IS rna turmg raptdl y Planters expect b g pnces thts year and are takmg more than orclm a ry pams With theu crop:. Mr Jacob Mtller r es1dmg on Dr T V Lyons farm south eas t of town recentl y sold hts 7 I crop to Mr P W Eagle of th1s place for ISC per pound Mr George Sharnts, dmg near Ltberty sold IO cases of 71 tobacoo Fr day of la s t week to Mr 0 Gep hart of thts place for Icc per pound Our correspondent m Wmconsm w11tes of the crops m that section under date of r 7th mst as follo w s Smce my last letter to you we have h a d another splehd1d ram and m consequence tob acco 1s growmg finelyr-but W nconsm s crop of t obacco Will not over stock the market From present appearance the quality will be good quantity poor I hear of no sales-or offers Some hav e topped qmte a lot will be topped next week but there IS very much that wtll not be ready to top before the IS of Septe!Jlber MONTGOMERY A correspondent wnt ng at Dayton, August 22d says I have JUSt returned from a tnp through the tobacco d1stnct, and I find the crop lookmg much worse than I had expected 10 see 1t It IS very uneven m growth and some fields will not be worth cutting The growers say that first 1t was too dry, and then when the ram came had, too much wet weathet whtch caused a large portion of It to french and th1s makes It of httle value We are now havmg very warm weather This correspondent on the 27th further adds shall nde cons derable through the country and look at the growmg crop There has probably been one thud of the crop cut and housed Farmers are busily engaged n cuttmg t obacco T h e tobacco crop m th1s neighborhood JS very good t01.011, 0 Ti"'611 .A u g 30 By the lim e the election IS over the warehouses will be much m ore entirely empty and all mteres t e d may feel pre tty s ure that they WJll coni nue to work under the old m tne matte r of expor t bonded war eho u es until the stock m bontl IS exhausted Already Mr Samuel E va ns has gtven notice of mten twn to clo se Ins-bonded warehouse m Balt i more a s the profits o f the bus ness are decl n ng It was agreed that the stock of tobacco m h1s hand!> mtght be transferred to two export bonded warehouse s one adelphia and another m New York He gave notice that he would close on Septembe r I st But It was mconvement for some of the own e rs of the tobacco to shtp the r stock to the Cities named Com plamt W.!S made here and an apphcatwn to the Com miss oner for extension of t me for closmg up to October Ist was granted Thts the revenue-officials th nk, will enable the warehousem .. n and hts c,ustorr ers to come to some understandmg TOBACCO IN CONNI!:(.,'TICUT -The Nt1tl England Homestead says It IS a matter of consideration to hotlce to what an extent the cultiVatiOn of tobacco IS spreadmg Wh1le but a few years smce the cultiVation of this plant was confined almost, 1f not wholl), to the towns bordenng on the Connecticut nver abt ve Glas ten bury or East Hartford In fact so I mued walS Its ex tent .that such a thmg as a crop ot tobacco m 1 olland county or many other countv, outs de of Hartford, was unknown but now no matter m what dtrecllon you turn one of the pnncip .. J crops observed IS tobacco and when any two farmers meet almost the first salu1a bon 1s How ts your tobacco ? It adds The great bulk of the tobacco m the Con aecucut valley will be cut and hung up by the time oqr readers recelVe their paper The crQp IS a large one because the extent of land set was large Som e p eces A correspondent of! the Tobacco Leaf have suffered by the rams, and lhere IS much uneven wntes as follows 1 he peop1e regard With Pecuhar ne!.s of npenmg which will affect the cunug and the satisfaction, the growmg crpp of corn s o prom1smgof quality will lack unifo r mity "--\ We notlcr. that one of the great pohtic a l partie:. now m the Pres1denual field m Its platform classes tobacco wnh wJusky as among thQ that should always contnbute to the support of the government But we are at a loss to perce ve why tobacco should be taxed any more than wheat potatoes uay cotton or any o ther product of t he field and farm A tax on corn and hogs o ufd be n o worse for llhno1s and O h o than a tax on tobaccoJs for V1rgtma and Connecticut The plea tha t the u se of t oba cco IS neither nece ssa ry nor moral belongs to the domam of cant and ts not wort y of s e nous a ttention If It IS then 1t IS the duty of the government to suppress 1t m place of con vmg a t 1ts production and Jiakmg money by tt As for the other pomt o'f Hs ndt b e n g a necess ity of our m odern c vtl zat10n tt IS suffic1ent to pomt to Its 1 creasmg us e amo ng all the peopl"s m the w o r d To those accus to med to ts u se ts depnvat10n IS m tol erable But It IS chiefly m refetenc e to t he c ommerctal qual! ttes of tobacco t ha t we would now urge the repeal of the dut tes on tt It would be JUSt as g r ea t a boon t o t h e toba cco grow n g States as the repeal of the cotto 1 tax was to the South fhe pohcy of the tax s bad eno u gh but Its enf'orcement s st II worse I he act of Congress alt h o u gh suffi cie ntly comphcate d even m ItS amended form 1s sunounde J by a cloud of 1 reasury r egu l t w 1s that mterfc::re v th ts sale and tre e excha 1ge m every poss ble way Then the subst tut on of the dra back for the warehouse sys te m operates equally to the InJury of producers a 1d exporte r s 1 h e farmers must n ake con cess ons to buyerji for cash an d the latter must advance the very large a m ou 1t of tax and sh ph s goods under drawbacks The result of th1s drawback system 1s very InJUr ou s to the city and s dr vmg the trace elsewhe e Then agam the tax dnves all sma ll manufacture s out of th e ma1ket ano t hus dtscnmm ates agamst the poor and m favor of the nch Before the war the c1gar t ade w a s the best m the Umted States Any, person could buy a pound or t w o of fillmgs and leaf a n d go mto the trade and make a good hvmg out of It Now all thts IS at end Bonds must be giVen and hcenses taken ou cost money so that poor hard work ng m e n and eve n women for there are many females m the busmess are dnven f r om the trade wh1ch IS thus centered m the hands of a few great cap1tahsts For these and other obvtous reasons 1 t would be de strable to maugurate a movement for the repeal of a tax which ts so preJUdiCial to Amencan mdustry and con t ary to sound prmc10les The ObJeCt could be eas1ly effected 1f the farmers m the tobac p o dtstncts of V1r gn'lla Connecticut Kentucky and other States would get toge her and pled,;e them elves to vote for no cand1 date for Congres s who dtd not pledge themselv e s agamst the tax fhe pohtlctans ofboth parties woul l soon fall mto line aud accommodate themselves to the views of their constituents .Half a dozen or even one able en erget1c Congressman could effect this change But m reality the tobacco growers ought to control at least tht rty or forty votes and if those of the should be thrown mto the scale the movemept would be ure s sttble But 1t devolves:on the producers to take the mltlat ve, and 1t they are not blmd to thetr best mterests the y will do so promptly so as to mak e the1r mfiuenc e avatlable m the approaching electiOn for Congressmen THE TOBACCO DUTY IN GERMANY. Some t1me ago and before the Federal Counctl ad JOUrned for the recess they appomted a committ ee of then .own body to propose some practtcal me ans of fill mg up the v ac uum m the Treasury caused by the loss of revenue from the salt tax wh1ch was repeated by the Parhament at tts l as t sessiO n The members o f t he committee are representatives of Pruss1a, Bavana Sax ony Wurtembur g Baden and Bremen Though t-heir mstructwns are to commence their labors Immediately on thetr reass em bly afte r the hohdays there IS a goo d deal of prehm nary work to be done m makm g mqumes mto the stilte of pubhc feel ng and obta mn g offic al m format on on m any s u b j ects connected w ith th e questw n We have already stated and are now enaj:Jled fully to confirm what we said that a stron g attempt will be made 111 pnma loco to cCilver the future d eficiency m the reve nue by levytP.g a heaVIer r 'lte of duty on home grow n and 1m ported tobacco as It ts a fa vente theory wtth the Bundes ath that that art cle IS at presen t far too hghtly taxed und 1s able wnhout detru;nent to the trade or the consumer to bear a much heavier burden But the Ger m a n free trade rs are makmg strenuous on theiT part to show th e fallacy and mexpedtency of the prOJeCt and w11h thts obJect m v1ew the recently formed Ass octauon of German Tobacco Manufacturers have m augurated thetr eXIstence by takmg the matter m hand and have already done much good serv ce by mftuenc mg pubhc opm10n, and convertmg many waverers to staunch adherents In the meantime tbe formal pro posal made by Wurtemburg for creatmg an 1mpenal monopoly of tobacco does not find the support and fa vor of the other governments of Germany and we have reason to believe that the proJect stands no c hance of obtam ng the maJonty of votes m the Federal Council when agam brought forwaiid next session On the other hand It has been calculated that to cover the loss of revenue from the salt tax which produced annually the comfortable sum of twelve miihon thalers or nearly two mtlhons sterling 1t would be:: requtsite to the duty on to6acco .to at least five t1mes 1ts present rate wbtch would be equivalent to the rwn of the trade and the a nmhilauon of tobacco growmg m Germany We rna} here add that under the the que s non has been ventilated whether It would not be poss1 ble to replace the outfall by an ad valorem duty on to bacco mste d of the present fixed duty wh1ch falls so heavily on the t,nft:nor sor s a1 d but I ghtly on th e bet ter qualll es But the d1fficulty of adJustmg the scale of Iates m a fa1r and equ table manner and m proportwn 10 the quah t}, without offenng a pre mtum for b n u gg lmg appears to present objeCtions Takmg all I thiS mto cons1derat on, 1t Js nearly certam that eves wrth heaVIer taxation on home grown tobacco and a.o mcrease of duty on the 1mportedarude otberfltems must be sought for and found as an eqmv::lent for the de ficiency of revenue caused by the repe al of the salt taL In ucundo locD Herr von Camphause n the Mlmster of Fmance seems more mchned to fa vor the mtroductloo of tax un the transfer of movable property and more espectally railway and b a nk shares aud preference bonds. which w ould at the sane tune have the salutar y effect of checkmg to a certam extent the taste for t ra nsactiOns that are n o w earned on to a most alarm mg a nount on all the stock exchanges m German y TwEEDLEDUM AND fwEEDI EDEE -The LouiSville Coutur :J ournal repr nts Commt ss JOner Douglass lef declSlon wtth the followmg comments Co 1 m1sstoner Doug lass who h lately stgnal zed h1mself b y the r.1gor of l IS dects on wtth regard to tobacco bonded between he 6 h of June and the rst of July has made the rulmg whtch follows It s difficult to tmag ne that Congress would have passed a law forbtdd ng the sale of leaf tob acco by the five ten or hundred pounds solely purpose of mco 11agmg box makers and this seems to be the only mtelhgent bear ng of the CommiSSIOners c o 1struct on of the statute savmg and exq:ptmg always a general d spos twn shared among all depart men t s of the Government to foster all enterpnses and ndustnes at the expense of the agr cultunst and pro ducer It will be seen th It the followmg deciSion stretch es the mtent of the law as much as that rendered on the bonded tobacco que stw n contracted It JOYFUL YET SORROWFUL -Holy oke Mass IS doubly proud this summer It has produced a tobacco leaf three feet and a half long and bu 1ed an ol 9 lady aged r ro years Advertisements. WANTE D -CIG R-HAKERB and !lUNCH BREAKERS 'II'&Dieil by I llRO'IHEII.B 1341 C heomut Street Pill adc phia 393 sc 1872 TO THE TRADE. W e beg to nform you iha t we hae establ shed m tb s 0 ty a branch o t our bo use n H.A V ANA CUBA w h ch w ll be represented by our H LE sE& P .ucu.u., to whose & gnature we beg o call you attent on \V e '3ho earty o n "' GeneraJ Comml8swn BuM Jeu deTol 1ng part oular att.en on to the mporta.t o n of LEAF Tt. BACCO and m th s respt-ot we assure you bat ou earne-st e ndea.voure Wlll be useQ to m a n am t h e reputation of the L p p brand here ofure rmpo ted by OU:E:,. .Mr L Pascual Tha:ck n g you for past fa.vors and sol c ting for our netr firm a of your patronaKe WeB bsenbe ourselve8 l'f'ept'C u y Y our obed ent 8 l'l'&Dte E PASCUAL BROTHER &; CO cons gn for sale on comm sslon leaf tobacco ancl payment of a spe c a ta.'1: as dea e r n tobacco manufac u er of tobacco tua actut'er of c g a s o r an y othe r spec a l tax sb.Il not exempt any d eal ng in l eaf tobacco f o m payment of the special tax the e f 01 he ehy r eq u ed But no farme r or plante s h a ll be equ red to pay a special t ax as a d e a er n leaf tobacco for sell ng t obacco of h s own J)roduc t on or t obacco rece ved by hun as ent f om tenants who ha e p () duced the same on h s land But nothing n th s sect on sba I be 3" 3 500 ro ao 0"" ooc: .. ..


SEPT 4 Df\U A .XT {1. A--nnoLL & oo .. o New' 'Y or'k Co:Dunissiml' Agencyu -aoriljn(s ;' J:J/11' 1!1' I -.:> Tobacco Conimiasion Jlerchanta I EsTABLISHED IN 1886, BY CHARLES M. CoNNOLLY. MANUFACTUR ERS 'c)po -IH E 0EU:BRATED .1 J t CpNIOLLY cl -co., And warious other Brauds of COmmission Merchants, CoJDm.ission Merchants Fine Cut Chewing Tobacco,. IN LEAF &, MANUFACTURED TOBACCO,. CINCINNATI, 0. r Being located at tbe GREAT LEAF MARKJl:TforCUT'i'ING TOBACCO, 45 WATER ST., lfEW YORK. our facilities for !!Upplying the TRADE with ALL GRADES OF FINE We respectfullv call the attention of the trade to the following Standard CuT SMOKING arP &msurpassed. Jmmds of Manufactured Tobacco: 1 Armrs foy the various Brands of Geo. 1V. Gil(tam, includ ing his Cdebl'ated l"x NoRTON T J SLAUC.HTER B H WINDOM No. 104 FRONT STREET, M .f. DoHAN, ALEX. FoRMAS. 5 THOS CAll ROLL, JNo. ,T. TAITT. I ( A[entx for the fOllowiQ: well knon Vimrua-Manufacturers: J. B. PACE, YARBROUGH & SONS J. H. GRANT & CO.. THOS. HARDGROVE, ..i. S. PACE & CO., RAGi.AND & JONES. Wine Sap, Golden Seal, &lld Brands. IIORTO' s LAUGHTE' R "co EDWARD M. WRIGHT & co. T. C. WILLIAMS & CO.'S II n, ., sceptre, :!.,0 .. TOBACCO and COTTON FACTORS neral Commission MErChants, JOHN ENDERS, \ TURPIN & BB!II., RAGLAND & TOSH, WALKER, TAYLOR & CO., .W a laTge assort,ment of otlu: Brands by lkese Celebrated Manufadun:rs. AND 3SJ ,Broad Street, JL A. PATTERSONS & co.'s GENERAL COMMISSION MERtt:ANTS 'P.o. 4858 HEW YORK, Bdalo Chipe, :mt Ver:aon, and. Cobunbia 4 I Broad Street, N. Y. Boroclina, Golclen Apple, &lld Other Branda. 'Bmnds of iht! following Mannfadunrs: -e &: Stovall, Crv.Jnpton'a, Jo, H. Gre&ller, E H Smith,Jr &: Bre -J-.lL WonJuua, 'l'1U"}tbl &: Bro, O. P._Grecory& Co.La"'ln'eace Lottier, Y M A R T I N I! % Y B 0 R 1 BeJl8f>D &: BoDll, and Others. Special Attention g_iven to sales of :r.BA!' TOBAOPO lMPORTEtl OF LEAF TOBACCO & SECAtlSt iD this Market, Of WhiCh CODSigDments are SOliCited, 10 -And Manufact.,rer of the EL PRINCIPE DE CALU8 BRAND. D. B. TENI'iaNT & CO., L. H. FR.#aYs.ER & 00., R W.: OLIVER, GBEANER EDWIN WINNiE & TALBOT, L. w : WISE, B. A. PATTERSON & ro., J. WH .. LIAMSOfi, L. LOTHER, Sole Agents in New 1ork iltr IJ&'nl', IIQ1JUBtt 4:8, tla, and Pocket Pieces. Aho Agents for John W Oatrou e Smo\ing Tob&CCOI, 74 FRONT Street, -------------------1 KREMELBERG & CO., l'U:W-YORK, J.>ID F. L. BRAUNS & CO., I BALTIMORE, robaccn lerehants. 16o PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. CliAS. F. TAG & tON, Importers of SP A...lUSH, and Dea.ler.sln all kinds ot LEAF TOBACCO, BO"W'NE J & 7 BURLING SLIP, NEW YORK 26 CEDAR STREET, NEW J:ORK. L mAITL4Jirn L. Jl'. s. JUCLEIIOBB. .. TOBACCO AND COTTON FAC1TO: 00., Front Street, Lone. Jack &, :Brown Dick, etC .._ .-N:Ew Yonx. Tobacco CoJDJDission Mer'chants Sole Proprietors of the Celebrated Brands of Smoking Tobacco: In dark work to our Brand, so widely known in many parts of our L. p Countr y for its beauty of workm.ansh.ip, delicacy of chew, &c., we would invite the attentio n of Jobb ers ; always on hand in lbS: Ua.lf lbs threes pocket pieces, &c. AND. GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, .JAMES M:. GARDINER, CHARLES M. CONNOLLY. 43 Bl\OAD ST., N. "2'. 0 JAMES M. GARDINER & CO.,. Advancements made on consignments toW. A. & G. MAXWELL & CO., J.inRroOT TOBACCO CODISSION. MERCHANTS, ... .s4 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK, SCHRODER a BON L Are r !tctvmg dlrect from VIRGINiA and NORTH CAROLINA, consign-, --.: .. Tobaccos. 178 WATER NEW YORK, NEW YORK ....... v,..,.... UABUIB Honey Bee, Early Dew, Pratrle Blos!IODlo Red River Powhattan Enterprise, Old Kentnck, Old Lot; Cabin, Cow SUp, Planters' choice, P :oneer of the West, Sunny t;outll,ft Our Brand, Honey Dew. CAioo Sole lbe Un;t.ed States for :T.l'. HAWKINS lk co.s GOLD FLAKE. :::-:4PPLEBY & HELME SeedLeaf Tobacco I .nspection. ANn ,r'ellacco lntpect.ed or iiampled. Certi-ficates given for every case, and Packers of Domestic Leaf Tobacco, f ;,-caae, to ..._ or C. N.B.We also sample in Merchanis' own i'IIJres. C F C. LINDE &. CO.,' PRINCIPAL Vater 8tl"eel, W w ater, 113 'Front, 7-1. '76 and 78 Greenwlell. ... -.,. "'"'" Hnd110n Rh erllallllead Dep<>&, S&, JfthD'a Park, 'TH. H. VETTERLEIN'S SON, G w co RAIL. ROAD MILLS TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANT, c0MM:IssmN DRCHANTS ., .. F." Boxu9s. 6 CEDAR STREET. NEW YORK. Il'T Scotch Snuf'f', IMPORTER OF HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO, 156. W.!l.TER STREET, NEW YORK, r M. WESTHEIM & CO., PACJ[IJtl OF Seed-Leaf and Importers of Havana To baco, 1 '77 Pearl Street, NEW YOBii.. E. M. CRAWFORD & CO., TOBACCO AND I 1'68 WATER STREE1', NEW YOKK, n IVe 011. eale alllCJMK ru,.rr:. 1 --:.........__ ... I -


JACOB BIIIILL, 'MAJfUF ACTtiREil OF CIGAR BOIES, SUPERIOR MAKE AND Prime: 9uaHty of CEDAR ALSO, DEALER IN GEB.M.AJV CIGAR MOULDS. 293, 2915 297 Monroe St., NEW SIBCJOl &, W.A.'Wl.V.A.CK, ManufactUrers of CIGARS, No. 8 Bowery, NEW YORK. WM. AGNBW & SOllfJ, Tobacco and Oomlnissio!il 1184. and 286 Front l!!ltr-t. NEW YOBK. lllVlD OY SAL ALL DESCRIPl'IOlQ CJI' tear for Export a111l Home lie. Leaf Tobscco ba led in any packap by hydrPu a presS for export. < T liLLINGTON EO KMEY E& I 48 B.ROA.D & 48 NEW STREETS SOLE AGENTS OF "La Parma" Russian Cigarettes AND ()F FINE R.A.VAJI'A CIGARS / AND .JOBBEftS OF ALL ,KINDS OJ! 1 LEAF TOBACCO,. No. 170 W-aiP_;r Street, .New Yo1k. L. PALMER -A. H. SCOVILLE, Connecticm Seed-"leafWrapper of our own packing JOSEPH SCHEIDER, 21' 3 'PEARL STREEt", -NB'IV FO.R.K. HERMANN BATJER & BRO., l W a shington. UB-AGENTS .:JN ANTED. DAVIDSON BRDTB-=Eas-=-, of 1t.a water-sireet, And -Dealers 1n P1pes, NearMai denLane, NEW YORK. 48 Maiden Lane, )V. r. s. ROSSIN, D eale r in HAVANA AND DOMESTIC Leaf .. 1,.3 Water Street New Vo:rk Ciiy. Chas. T. Seymour IMPORTER 'OF II&VANA -.And Deale r in 18!1 J>eurt. "neet. New York'. -M;;:.,:..o.:-:W:-=-. -==M=EN-=-=o-=-EL-&-BRO:-.... Segars & Leaf Tobacco, New York. Leaf Tobacco. 014 WJappers, Old State Seed Wrappers, The Finest Havana Wrappers and Fillers. H. COLEL,L, 172 Water Street. :N.,,.. York. WEISS, ELLER & KAEPPEL, Importen oC HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO, 229 Pearl street, NEW YORK. FOX, 'DILLS & CQ., SUCCESSORS TO XGOERT1 DILLR AND ooirPAXY. .IMPORTERS OF SPANISH AND PACKERS OF DOMESTIC TOBACCOS 1; 5 WATE R STREET, NEw YoKK. ..... BROS. & MANUFACTURERS OF FINE'CIGARS 51 MAmiUV J.AJ.VII, J!lew D. W AHN CUSTOM HOUSE AND INTERNAL REVENUE BROKER, 'No. 81 BEAVER STREET, Wll to the Cu s tom Houoe Work on Export cf Merchandise in Ilon a. Also, to recovering1 Drawback on Export s o f T ax Merchandis e. Having bet:n enga ged in .attending to e X p orts of bond and tax paid ) und. e r Internal Revenue Laws, as a spe c i a lty f o r m o re than ten y ear s. h e ha s acquire d an expe rience which is the be s t guarantee for '.1\eliable, promp t and thorou g h attention .to exporta of Tobacco and Spirits: under the New Interna. Revenue Law. He thinks that he will attend to the bu s inesa so well in delays "t'd mishaps that the g o ods will command the highest market pri ce, thereby mor e than s avmg to the Manufac t ure r or D eal e r any n ecessa r y charge. 1107 Advioe given gratia. .. '!', H. MESSENGER & C()., _EUCENE DU B018, FOREIBNiiiMiiT.iioBACCO, L 1 0 OR 1 0 E Leaf, Manufaclured,andSmoklng llla I.&D, 01r T 0 B :A C C 0 -.& .... 'liS F.RO .. YT St., New York. llaonfit. c tured Toh&cco or all S ty! .. nd Qaalltloo, 41 B. L. GAS&ERT or Virainl&. for M\1 J. L. GAflfl!IRI' A. BBO., A B..aam. COMMISSION MERCHANTS D. & A. BENRIMO, .-. JllLU.DII m.u.r.1mnu., LEAF TOBAOOO, o. I 80 Water Street, ew York. l24 WATER-STREET, NJi'W-YOJAK, READ Be Co., .TOSEPRII.SICHEL &CO., SuccESSORS TO I s AAC READ IMPORIEBS OF A "ftT "OMMISSION MEROHANrs, HAVANA T 0 B A c c o And .D e alers in -'Virg_inia and Western Leaf and Manufacture d Tobacco, Licori ce, G u m etc. Old Slip, 1Vew "Sr()l"k. AND WHOLESALE DEALEBS IN Seed Leaf Tobacco 218 PEARL STREET. NEW YORK, O S. 111. UO'OB'l"BB 011' FELIX MIRANDA, D O TIC 'FOb&ccO FimT BRANDS 11F GIG"ARS AND OE THE BRAND OF I CICARS "RITICA" _.,'fl?; Wau:1 Streett 329 Bow 1 ERY, N.Y. 95 Pearl St, New York. NEW YORK. DEALER IN 'D' z...:'..!.' A,; c L.lfDD. J. F o A. H. CARDozo & co., WEIG, Tobacco & Cotton Factors, .,., ....... Commissjon Merchants AND l'lo.43Beaver St., A4dreaabyPoot,P.O.llol<,6171. "'o. 123 Pearl Street., New York ae Cedar' si', ZI'I:W '2'0--. Speaial &lloeDIIo n paid to the fCII'W1IhliJag of ...... \() foreJp COUD.trlee. L H C.A..RDOZO, f JBD,. noel' !B. & G ldtARn:a_ co., H. u. cLARK & .. BRo., 1, B. l>JOALZBSm U. 8. Tobacco Works. Leaf Tobacco, -1fl9-MAIDEN LANE. LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS, t:UJ> li'&DIU; l .ra.f NEV.:/ YORK. General Commission Kerchanta, QI.ABBSVii,l..-t ,_., J llaillliacturer of Fine Cut Chewing -;robaoco,. Iobacco Commission Merchants. AGENTS FOR THE SALE Oll" ALL THE Prentic,e's Improvement on German Moulds. ;r his Impro vsment i S a liftMo ext e ndin g from one e.Dd o f t h e M o uld to the and which bybemg pres s ed on itses all the bune h e s of any Dumber at the same time. ; ADVANTACES OVER THE OLD STYLE. Fms T S a v ing o f tim e. aa tho bunches raised ou t o the mould any dragging or tearing, making a d i ff ere n ce of a t least !iO m a da.y'fl' w ork. 8BoolfD: s in tur n ing ; ea.n turned very rapidly when l i fted. T a ::an rt 18 1mposs1bl e to destro y o r break the bunches i n taking t he m !rom t h e m o u lds as the.y a;re e ntirely free. All s ty les o f forms ca.n b e a.l t e r,ed O r d e r s received f o r t he m oulds with the i m provo ment, by GEORGE J. PRENTICE, General Agent 197 Pearl St co'rner M aiden Lane, N JW YORK KERBS & SPIESS, o:f Fine Cip:rs, AND DBAtBBIIH tBAJS -ao BOWERY, NEW YORK. .ADo1.Pil .K.zltM, LOll'IS S PIESS, "' SAMOUJ:.r. 3'0SEl'IIS, SIMON _S:A.LOMON MANUFACTURE R OF Fine-Oigars; Importer of and Dealer iD Tobacco 131 MAIDEN LANE, N.Y. AND SEGARS, 8-We WfJUid call /he attenlian of tlu Trade to our c e lebrated e. 19fl Pear.l Street, NEW TORt[. STAR BRAN:J." :QB.OS., l)o!l:a:n o;t!;, T B9-wery, Ne-w Vor4. -H. W. :ZlU:CES, MANUFACTlJ,R _ER OF CIGAR BOXES, AND IMPORTER OF GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS, DJ:.l.L U [lf' Gi[ar-Monld Presses, StraDs Cutters, 263' SOUTH STREET, N. Y. CHARTER'S COMMON-SENSE CIGAR MOULDS, Pafentdl .dprU %3, I 8 7 3, These m o ulds ar e u se d by some of the l arges t m a nufactu:rers i n United S tatt: s, and the best m 1 h e above c u t represent s the machine ; A, is half o f a inou. l d o r retainer, whi c h is -placed on' the mac h ine ; B is a F u n n e l Cig;1r S hape, wh ic h i s d r awn d own O'f' C r the retainer; the fil1er or bunch is p l aced in the t o p of. the funne l and pressed t h r o u gh. w ith. the or f o1lown. C, t h i s l e v e r i s immedi a t ely rai set.l, whi c h l eaves the bunc h or fill e r in the r etai n e r as shown in the a bo ve the r e b y a vo iding any extra h andling Of the filler' w hic h h as been found the g reat es t objection t o othe r mouldi n g machine s now i n t!5e ....: PRICE, ONE SET, $25. A libe r a l d isco u n t on all orders for tWo or m'o r e set J'OHN' CBAnTEB., Stirling, Illinois, PROPRlBTOR ASD MANUFACTURER SCHMITT & STEINECKE, JULIAN ALLEN Importers of and Deale r s in Tobacco No. 6 Fletcher St., New York-. J SCHMITT. R. STEINECKE SeedLeaf and HaYBDi TODA.CCO 112 ... E. SPINGARN & CO., A. & c-o:., JIULXIIS llf Comm1sswn Merchants, HAVANA & DOMESTIC TOBACCO AND IN ALL D E S C P mroxs, or No. 6 BURLINC SLIP, LEAF TOBACCO: ,NEAR WATERSTREET, 197 Duaue-stree t, NE'W-YORK. A P""'N, t '1\.T "'V 1;: .. &alL .... ux .. rnGAilN ....... BillllAN 1 ll or. .::AWYER, IJ ............... No. 47 Broad Street_ I ... 'I' ... Cigar manufaeturera pa.rlicularly favored. FATMAN & CO., Cotton and Tobacco Faotors, AND COMMISSION MFRCHANTS 70 4 78 BRO.&D STREET, NEW YORK / OFFICE, 5 PECK SLIPl RY, 38 'NEW YORK. WM. l3. KlTl'BEDGB, B. C WllEELeO& WM., P. KITTREDCE & CO., TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANTS; .&.G.Dt'T1J J!rOB..A.LL TH. POP11LA.B BBA.NDS OF VIBGINLI. TOBA.OOO. 71afl<173 St., NJlW :t'(JIIIL DaY Ill &alter, :lr., Golden Cord Cb""')' Cake, Bendll!O, Q11een Ci t y Royal Plam C&lle Cbrlollan'a ComfOrt, Stanley, Cham.plon, Bll.-er Cloud Nation's Pride, Colte...,u, Dellance Tile Bub, Rln.l, Premium, Gol4en 'FI&ke, Red Jacket, Aleghan!'l. Bonello P&-Blevea o clock, llrlde of lbe U 8 Pine Appte, Venu,, '" J.l. 8eott, Bal{ors' Favorite. Cherr;r Little MIAmi, Bildora, -Indian Star, Whi t e PaWII, A Lonlo De Noire Mallon' s Cbolce l'i'idather, Cllolo b Tate, S eabrtibt., Young Sw e ll 3. A. 8eot&, I W Bd,..rd, L ega l Tende r, H :1. ()brltlaa, Clloilfornla Gol4 Bare. __________ THE .GERMAN BANK, :SBOADWAY, corner of Cellar, Str eet, NEW YOBlt Capital, 2,000,000. DRAWS BILL S OF EXCHANGE and iss ues LETTERS OF CREDIT av ail ab l e at a r p r incipal places abroad. Accounts and Correspondence of Me r c h a n ts, B a n ks, Banker s, &c. sol ici t ed. SAUER, President. 0 H. SCHREINER, CAl'!ER. CHAS. SPIER & CO., SOLE AGENTS FOR. UNITED STATES AND OF OSENBRUCK & CO'S, CIGAR MOULDS, 71 JOHN STREET, NEW ,HEYMAN & -LOWENSTEIN CODISSION MERCHANTS, AND D,EALERS IN S. SELLING'S SONS,t Pa.cke and Deal ers in SEED LEAF AND HAVANA TOBACCG;-' Also. Wholes&le Dealers In LEA-F-TOBACCOS WINES AND LIQUORSt> 99 .Maiden N.Y. 169 .. FRONT sTREET. .. AN. ; _.LOUJS LoWENSTEIN. YORK. InterestiD,g to Ci2ar.,.Manufacturers. c We hav e -manufac t uring Cigars d uring ilie p ast six month on the improved BALTIMORE CIGAR MACHINE m k i ng fin e wor k perfec t satisfac ti o n g irls w ith one mac hine caa ill 100 GertJian moulds, or ma k e :.,coo Iill e r bun c hes per da y and two girls w ith t .k o machin .. can pt 9R tho wrappers and finish th e s ame number per day. 1 The work io equ a l to hand made. The labork lighf requ iring no power other t h a n the foot and h a ild m o tion The machine can be regulated to a.akecigars o f a"fy size. State Rights 'or Sale r 1. WE"l'T!TtNe, l l MJ". T B..&MM .uu.K, Patentee.. 1 For further informati o n address me, or call a t m y e&tablishment, No. 195 Lexington s-_. Baltimore, Md JOHN' T HENNA,MAN. M. SALOMON, E. M. & E. SALOMON, I PAC.KERS. OF ISEED LEAF, AN D O F Havana and Cigars,. 85 MAIDEN LANE, N. Y. A. BEN & CO., 43 J.iberty St. The u np r ecedente d ulc of t o b e extensively counter-when "pur chasing Durllam, W T BLACKWELL'S BULL In Cas06 o f 50 and 100 lba this popu1ar T obacc o has feited, and to p revent be puticular to en q uire BRAND, a n d see t h at i t bean m y T rade M a rk, L. CERSHEL & BRO., AuERBAOH & MENDERSOI' sWh:EiGinAR"s, 'Leaf Also all Kinds of Leaf No. 86 MAIDEN L.ANE. } L. HIRSCH URN & GO AND tas Watel' Stt-eet, v .. $ LOUIS HOLLANDER, t 0 SJ:iJG ARS, V A:":'IIVF A CTUJUnt 07 r. I 'TE R STREET, eWall'Street, NEW YORK ANTONIO GONZALEZ, IMPOifTEfl OF All kinds of Leafandlannfactnrcd 9 I Creenwich St., N. Y G. REISMANN & CU. HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO AKD LEAF ..._ L. CARVAJAL'S OIGARB, 167 Water Street, New Ya;k. 179 PEARr. ST:&EE':', ..,._ 11114 C'....,r lllrNII, emrrT -.omr, l --._1 NEW YOBL. )


, -THE SEPT. 4 JIIIIM usAiwwtiL .....--ii .... I!IM AID WDTEIIt AIIEitiiMIITI. : wM. A BoYD,. & .. oo., 1 RICHAJmMALLAY. H .enry Besuden & Bro, WELLES&. co., Sm.Jth Jb:oa. KDeoW, ... pw,uPM m ALL K111M X..EAJ:5'11 TOEJA.Oqo, e .Mid .lfC&taW.fMNIW 1 .f D_,.,. lA ; '885 RACB STREBT, aAL.It. JWroF A.CTt1B.ElJ AND LEAF ToBACCO,_ CIGARS, &.c., 1 33 SOV"I'B 8TBEET, WU_ A BOYD. WM. A. BOYD; .. niOS. W OROMaA. I Baltimore, Md. -DtiUUUI IN R.MALLAY I BRO CONN. SEED LEAF LEAF .TOBACCO, L EAF TOBACCO, 154-State Street, H.&BTFOBD, 116 and 117 West Front St., 161. 163, & 165 Pearl Stret, J. D. J3URNHAM & 00., STEWARTr MARKS, RALPH &. CO., t B. A CO., Monun1ental Oity Tobaooo Work-. lo. 181 WEST PRlTT STREET, BALTIMORI, D,. -. :Between Ra.cG and Elm, OINCINNATL. G. I l!Julu!acturerf and JobbeniiD \CORSER.;:.E:N,. cS'l'liEEN?)NAT. Tobacco,. Snuff & "-' ADd wholeeale Deolenla llaDliC-and Wholesale Dealers In TOBACCO, SNUFF, CIGARS, and SMOKERS' .ARTICLES, "RALPH'S", SCOTCH SNUFF "", 115 ACh St., Philadelphia. TELLER-BROS., Packers, Commission :M;erchants, and Wholesale Dealers in Foreign and Dom.estic Leaf' Tobacco, & 117 North Third Street.. Philadelphia. ...... et -, SmokiD& and Chewin& To'baoooa, M. FALK. & GO., 143 WATER STREET NEW YORK. W .J. HAWKINS. C. M. JIA 'W'KINS & TOBACCO COMMIS.SION MERCliANTS, 3 West Lombard Str4)et. Baltimore Jla GONSIGIMENTS SOLICITED INIJ LIBERAL IDVIICESIADE. FRBD'K Wu .. KENS,. xi>! NIEMANN. G. GIESKE. wrr.,s ar.IJ!a, GIESKE' NIEMANN Leaf' Tobacco ., AND TOB ACCO FACTORS i CHOICEST FINE I(/ LOUIS STRASSER. MANUFACTURER OF CIGARS, AND DEALER IN KROHN,' & CO., MANUFACTURERS OF I TEAS, i 77 &: 79 :Asylum Bt., :s. D wu.u ...... s. HAl'fliiiKD con J. lL Bmui""x. I B:. a Connecticut Seed-Leaf TOBACCO, .JS Market Street. Hartfbrd, CeJm. WM. WESTPHAL, And Dealer In -CONNECTICUT SE LEAF L. & CO., DEALERS IN COMMISSION MERCHANTS, South Charles St., .near Pratt Baltimore, Md. A-nd Me:rChams, 78 South Charles St., Baltimore, llld. Leaf, :Plug,]pmoking Tobacco, Bm8ters'. Articles, and Imp. Havana Giws SOUTHWEST COR. 5Tii' WALNUT CINCINNATI. Ohio. 1"'4 IG;:}l&. LYNCHBURG V.A Cln!ero IIO!Iclte:J and pro mptly \ICI) Jj ab an a nub J tnf OCnhaccns, MILL STIII:I:T, N.Y. WEIBLE &. ROBINSON'S PATENT SMOOTH CROSS-CUT CIRCULAR SAW. This _Saw cuts any kind of Jyood as smooth as Planed, and saves Ttme and Labor; partic ularly usefil for CIGAR-BOX MANUFACTURERS. For Saw and Slzp_p Riglzt"apply t o C. B. .Dehoit, Miclz.,.or at ml_ ojfic e r8g PEARI: STREET,,l'{EW.YORK. .WAIUIIIOVSII. t TOBAbC.O BROKER EALERS ,Also falllinee or aD n the former Price llato a.od clroul&l-s forwarded on a.pplication. -llll. LINDBIIIM, .&sent "' I B. LANGSDORF, Ageut for the ":' 148 Water at, N 1 West and South. S W. VENABLE. R P. HAMIL TON, S. W VENABLE & DEALERS IN LEAF AN'iJ MANUFACTURERS Ofl P ETERSBU"f!.G:. Y 1 ...... I WIGHT & .STEVENS, Com.m.lssioa lllerchants, .. Jobbers 'OfSPANISH t'&d :Pcuik:ers of' Domesttc Leuf Tob(Wco 18V Michigan Avenue, OhicagO. .. E; D. Christian & Co., -.DommiMlon Merell.aatB for tho ''Pa:rehaae'' UAf TOBACCO,". TOBACCO EXCHAN Rlch'mQ.f'd, '\fa. ---.. W. S. KIMBALL & CO'S Plain Fine Cu IN FOIL. BULK OR CANS.-s UNS,CRFA::.,,:;zD 1 R:JCHESTER l'-1 Y In LEAF and MANlJF AOTURED 'l'OBAOOO, U Central ,Wharf, BOBton. Ferdinand Westhofi; Jr., .AGENT AND Forwa.rding Kercha.nt, BREJD:Ja'' GERMANY. V F l::SU'i'ht;H, .Tobacco.& cigar &Shlpper, I HABANA. llanufacturt>ro supplld" wit h L<-a' In lanre at>d mal quantities. Will tke AGE''l nced wlththoCIGARTRAD. W 1IJ h e jlfatl toft.Ct a11 &!Jent ltere to procareconeta-JMDI&(or" Arot-clal!a h011811 ill ,.


, SEPT 4 LOUISYIUE LEAF TOBACCO DEALER[ AND COMMISSION MtRCHANTS. 1 TOBACCO Ill CEJITB.AL AMERICA. -TOBACCO Il' FB.AXCE. the powder is well mixed up, that the fermentation mar be equal, and put into a fresli At the end of a rear ready for use, with that slightly ammoniacal s ,avor which produces the irritftion so much enjoyed -by :iD:oDORE SCBW.AR1'Z a: CO ........ C..Millglllld m .. ufacturilll( leaf. w 'WK. G MEIER & CO ........ ;r-ttobuoO C..UU.!Piou J(orcllaato. LOUlS FRABCJlE .... ...... X..fta.._ Coma_IL...,lwlt. B. 1. USHER"' PRA.GOFF ............. CuUID! and manufacturing leaf. .JAll ES CT.ARK ........................... Cottilll! and monalacturillg leaf. WOLI!'OL:K .t Gt.ENN .... {.'uttiq lllld m&Daf .. toriJlg leal. W. 1. G"AlfT a: CO ..................... CalliJlllad IUDGfaoturolll!leaf FINLRY & BARBOUR ................. Cattinaud HanufaoturiDg 14af A residence of two years in At. the beginning of the year r8ro, a ball was given afforded a writer says a correspQudent of Cope's at ti.&e l'uilleries, when the Emperor rem .arked a lady TobtuaJ Plant, some opportunity of estimating the value pass before him whose dress was splendidly ornamented SUTRO & Tc;>liAcco-A WoRTHY of Central American Tobacco. This article is so little with He inquired who could be so rich as PROPOSITtON. We have among English consumers. of the weed, that to make such a display. The reply was that Madame heretofore referred with some space be given in these columns to the desR---was the wife of a tobacco manufacturer. The commendation to the tiber cription of a peculiar variety of Tobacco which, if im. hint was not lost upon Napoleon I; a:nd, by 2oth ality of the Tobacco Asssoported into England, at whatever price, woufd certainly December, a decree had appeared, commanding that FEMALE CIGAB. M.&KEBB Ill' LIV.EJI.POOL. M.d1fUJ!'ACTURF:I:S OF a :.: G EC, s; .d.\'D DE..LLEB1J z ,y LEA.F TOB.A.CC'O I ciation in offering premiums at tract the attention of the lovers of delicatelyflavoured henceforward the sale and manufacture of tobacco In a recent article enritled Cigarwomen versus amounting to $:o,oo'o to be cigars. should belong exclusively to. the state. As experience Needlewomen," the Liverpool (Eng.} Albin thus refem distributed among the pro H has been my lot to smoke all sorts of Tobacco, was ne_eded, the old 'makers were employed; but they to the female operatives employed in the cigar manu ducers of the tobacco crop from the delicate puro of Paraguay, carefully wrapped were ngorously witched. Each manufacturer had his factory of Messrs Cope, Bros. & <;o. of Liverpool. for r8p in the west. 'It is in tinfoil to preserve the aroma whicli was brought out own ideas, and would not change ; opposite results It is pleasant to turn from the condition of the needle--now.proposed tha,t an exhi-of the opima spolia. of the late much-abused General were what was to.l;1acco to-day was exwoman to that of her sister engaged in the other in________ ;_ _______ ..;.. ________________ bition shall be made at the Lopez, to the substitute for "bird's-eye" which is sold ecrable m a week; though 1t came out of the same dustry teferred to in the introduction to this article. Fair in in at the London hostelries in the suburbs. There is but p:imary elements. Science was called in to help; a The female cigar-makers, as has already been stated the liall of the cotton depart-one step from the sublime to the ridiculous; and from was appointea ; the best pupils Qf the have met with coldness the suggestions and ment, thus bringing those the tobacco con espirito of Para_g:uay, gliding off the palate Polytechmc School were placed under instruction; of London delegates that they should form themselves kindred interests in proper like a l;llue glimpse of a far-off heaven, to the' mund-and every smoker will allow that there is no relation into a union. For the most part they have rejected the juxtaposition-of all kinds of ung'us" of Thackeray, or the. doddles" of our street between the crude article of former days and that of persuasive addresses" of their visitors, chaffed them manufactured tobacco, and boys, is a step the distance of which can only be known the present. The mysteries of fermentation, the mixunmercifully, and told them that they regarded the of used in the by the Central or South American traveller. The Toof different growths, the splendid machines, which whole thing as a joke" One woman who had been manufacture and cultivation bacco of Nicaragua is of a small leaf, and I am told by have superseded the work of the old blind horses whicn sixteen years a cigar-maker remarked that there never of the plant, th\! is others who have visited the chief Tobacco-gr.owing dis-turned the rnill, and the chemical analysis of the leaves, had been union among women, and never would be. shown to be disposed of by tricts of Central-America, among San Salvador are all scientifically treated. This would have been enough for most men, but the the Association to aid in obis the best known to English consumers, is of a delica-cv The. goverm:nent manufactory of Gros-Caillou on the London delegates are men of more than ordinary persever taining the ro,ooo to,be disof flavor which disappe' ars on ship-board liu such a Quai d'Orsay, where these preparations are on, ence, and they have succeeded in forming a committee tri))uted next Spring. Evmanner as to render it almost useless as an English is not an elegant building. There 'is the laboratory, of journeywomen as a preliminary step toward the for ery manufacturer interested. import. I have, it is true, smo)<:ed Nicaraguan cigars where more poisons are distilled than a Borgia ver mation "f a Under these cir<:timstal}ces tt is a should gladly seize this op(I believe from the north-western district) at off. 'Yithin walls, lined with pure white of social to, know what 1s the con portunityio display his wares of one of pur most. g;tllant travel\_ers; but the locality tiles, a rod dtpped mto the essence of of the female ctgar-makers of .the town. The rnaand connect his house, with was impossible to deline, and I fancy that such cigars nicotine (irom Jean Nicot), and apphed to the throat of JOnty are employed at the exten'!ltve of Cope this liberal effoh to increase in the districts I have visited would have attracted ata cat or: rabbit, produced the most frigh\ful convulsions, Nelson Street, a firm whtch was t _he first the I>roduction of tobacco. tention. I have certainly only smoked tqe common and almost immediate death. In the court opening m tHe country to apply female labor to a hght as Already the knowledge of Tobacco of the people, and claim no acCluaintance it, is th # e bo_ tanic g!irden, consisting of eight ten as a pleasant employmen_t. The writer accordingly of the purpose .I of the asso with this or that peculiar brand. The slopes of semiold casks, in which are placed different kinds of earth: Vlstted c;ope_s establ_tshm_ent, by personal dation has ind-trcedjthe farm volcanic soils, whic;h exten d westward from the Chon tales as it is well known that the elements of the soil and observation. and mquiry he mtght ascertam the conditio11 ers of Missouri to so largely Hills (Santa Rosa, Masapa, and other localities), afford the cul_ ture go far to produce certain qualities of toof female as he formerly made him-. increa;e the area devoted to a Tobacco which in its crud'e green state is roughly Here the students treat the plants to different self _acquamted. w1th the conditiOn of tobacco, t:1at the crop of mo uldet;l on thethighs of the Indians into the form pf vaneues pf salts or gases. Chemical analysis has de. Havmg made hls errand rece:ved wtth r872 is estimated at 3o,ooo a cigar, heavtlr bulbous in the 1 and tapering menstrated that the combustible power is especially due the utmost and tba.t.not only the hhds,against less than r8,6oo rapidl'y to a sharpextremity, with a poil1t containing a t e fi d 't t 11 r h f facilities for distribution predilection, a pipe smoker (in England) by custom and th b th 1 h d d 1 P n 1 oo sma tOr t e reqwreJDellts o one, as ey npe, e eaves are_ gat ere an thei"r vast trade, and are about to enlar e it to a reat it should be the centre of fear of adulteration-to be nearly -the most perfect hung up m a1ry drymg-rooms. No _can use extent. The building is cons>.ructed as g os-I amalsoselli111t.ha but. CIGAIXNIFE in use, price 25c each ADDJlJil that perish look clean, health my, drr:ss ede. DETROIT, MICHIGAN. DEFIANCE. I CIGAR MANUFACTORY,fLEAF TOBACCO, D. HIRSCH & CO., lli>T Bowery and 1'74 WaUl .. IN.o NEW YOBK.. Sole l'ropdetoN of tbe f cllowllli '111 ....,. Brandl: DRPIANCE, EL HEP11J8:TO, FALSTAFF, JUPITER. THE woN, PNuiV0 !.,RS 8A.L GUL(J\'&R, LJ!GAL TI!.NI>Elt, LOliR S11AR. GAMK H.B: PI!:LICAI( POWBR OP FASHlGN,_ BIG 1 'BING, TIIB dnrtfaement we bove appointed r. JAKEB C. lloAI\DBEW of Jt :1D the IJIIlled 8for tholllle the bl'Uldo of L!quonce hertlofore manufiJCtured by uo. 4 ft .B.OBERT lilAC ANDREW & CO., Loadoa, Easlaad.. stimulating better handling part superinduced by shortness of food, the European 1 the Abo t elgl t th d r u n ar. o r. u 1 mon s are reqmre 10r. a fact is that all seem to be industrious in and greater cultivation, is populatipn was fearing a slnw deaih, I hav'! (with due 1 t t b t e ed d d r !d d d k d u 1arves o e ga '' r ne tO e an pac e 10 degree and yet there is I t there!ore common to manrespect th, e De. an Close and the authorities of the b 1 b r. d d t ftl f E s carce Y any supervtSIO ufacturers as well as to dealAnti-Tobacco League) smoked twenJy-three of these a _es, to r orwar e 0 one 0 le manu actones. This is not only the case in the departments where tenng one of these, there can be no doubt as to what tt piecework is done and 1 e th t f t ers in the raw leaf, and there little cigars in one day, without any unpleasant conse 1 d r h h' h f w 1 re e amoun o wages o.... IS emp oye 1 or, wit ou t.seemg a ny t mg i t e per ume be drawn at the 'end of the week is entirely d pendent should, and we trust will, quences. Bat I am sure that all true advocates of enve lops and attaches, Itself to you, 1mprf:gnates your upon i.ndustry and ,expertness, but 1 s exist a generous tmulajion to'bacco would not recommend its excessive use, in lo 1 th d 11 1 ft 1 h on the part of each in the where the muscular and nervous systems are c 0 es an ows you ong. a er you as t e ible in those departments in which wages are pai f k h cl_oses on you, you .sneeze' the. porter smtles, and Then as to wages. In the stripping department, where the en:leavor to make these to ept up to t e1r proper health. y tone. r F ll M D C re<.:ogmzes you 10r a novtce o owmg u amp as work is comparatively u sk'lled 0 n d bacco premiums a success. The Tobacco grown westward of the little river a gui?e, in his wo_rk on t _he the process shall be week when they beo-in, At the same time each man Panaloya, which fl{)WS from the hiundling departiQent, General rules' that all toIn towns a social custom exists, which m ight be incolh abl!:. tt a cloud of dust, _:;v.nch gets mto where the work is light, pleasant, and requires but bacco w'thdra"'wn for consvenient to the consumers -of. expensive cigars. When a the throat.and a cougll but_ as soon as little skill, the wages range from ss. to young beginners umption since the JSt o : woman is spoken to, the cigar must be thrown to the they are and sprt;ad, they are wt!h to ISS. earned by workers of mature -exj:>erien..:e. But July is subjectu only ground with the same gesture which removes tpe hat. water, ten parts m a hundred of good wages earned in short hours at pleasant employ .' the reduced taxes. It lS This. relic of Castilian civilization 'i!' singular amidst the : :r.hey for _twenty-four hours under thts ment ate not the only advantages which the tobacco and rather late in the 'season half-ragged population of Central America. mfluence, whtch g_tve. s the suppleness of wet I men, cigar-makers in the Lord Nelson Street factory have to arrive at this common It b th f t' th t 1 f and prevents thetr broken h'an _CIIed i the over their sisters of the needl'e. It was told une night -sense view of the ma'tter may e v.:or Y 0 no lCe a a arge proportion It dd d t d f t t h h ld the 0 h'ch e se t f H ..... 11 d sa a e. 0 avo 1 any ermen a 100 w ,tc wou dunng the registering of the needlewomen, by half a., in questt'o n, but l.t Is retgars w I ar n rom avana are rea y envt I f the t t f t bl tt d f c th y 1 d I amY anse rom con ac 0 vege a e rna er dozen of t .he e.mployes of a large establisliment, that fre s .hing to see the admi nis : e rom ar agena m enezue a, an are, presume, h t Th h t tl 1 named Havana cigars" on the same rule that we speak wit wa er. e c oppmg: room Cotl!es nex ; Je eaves twopenc e a week was deducted frotn their wages for tratwn, !Or on c e,acknowl-of the "Guinea pig," which was so called not. because 'it P';'S)l.ed _through a toward a drum, armed hot water with which to make their tea. In marked edging one of its blunders. was of Af of generosity with fused the new engines, and were only brought to obediacco, ISsolve bright to last. One day Jim fell into with W1 e accomphshetl. which I was credited. ence by law. Formerly they were handmills, much like New Firm. a. smug-faced man in a shiny hat, who had a roll of' I have, I think, in the above remarks indicated .. the ordinary coffeet1 lil_l; the _working of them NEw Friedrl1an & Fre'se, .P!!al_ paper under his arm. This human shape told TOBACCO AND CIGAR TRADE.-The versalitr of the use of Tobacco ih Central America Tl).at wa!! very hard and pamful1 f!nd 1t reqmred many men, ers in leaf Messrs. R .. ,S. Walter, Le.ona.nll, number amu.sing fictions, and s.o v:orked on j expdrta_ tion of cigars from Havana has this year, and up its scent acts as a preservative against the perncious and c?st a very large sum i now four or men can Friedman, and Ernst Freise have formed a co -partnerhis mmd, by pr01msmg h1.m a p _ewter medalm stx months to date exceesJ_ed that of r87 1 for a corresponding period vapour& which steam up from the grGnnd in the fever dis. the whole. 1 here are twenty-sx of ship under the above stv)e. -.. ,..., ,e._..,, time, that the young man signed the pledge. From 4,ooo,ooo cigars, while the increase in that of tobacco tricts I am convinced ; and I am not of those who regard mortars m the same\ room. An screw .t -u 1l that moment his downward course began. James leaf sums up 924,450 lbs., this increase being also due, the consumption of tobacco as the of the present crushes, presses, and leaves, after which 1 Jones became a confirm e d tea-drinker. His m a great measure, to the hurricanes of the fall of I87o political and physical weakness Of the inhabitants. It they pass through a se1ve, wh1ch re;ect: all the larger By Burdett & Dennis, r r6< i'.ear Stteel:, .on ani day, that poison ruined his which s eriou_sly affected the Vuel_ta Abajo tobacco crop would be as absurd to' say that their moral and social particle s to go through the process agam. It is calcu September 5, at r2 o'clock, noon, so cases stick Iicor d!gestJon, th_!: ac;;t10n of h1s heart and of It 1s expected, by well mformed tobacco merevils were.Pue to the excessive use of IJI.aize and bananas, lated that each 'fragment makes the passage througl{ ice slightl_wdamaged. T J. '-,... .....::oii completely shattered his nerves Nor was this the only that Havana will this year export r 7.0 ooo ooo as to adduce-an argument whieh I have heard from travthe mills ten times befor_e it is pe; mitted to go through .. evil this g:'lll':ms of hot wat ,er he c1gars and. r2,ooo,_ooo lbs. tobacco in leaf. 'At' $40 ellers exrerience should have led them to take a the fine sieve. In th1s workshop, as well as in all CIGARS AT THE CusToM HOUSE -The mspectlon o awallowe d tHe of_ and were r,ooo c1gars, an averagepnce, the 17o,ooo,ooo cigars wiqer view of the i1ecessities of mankind. those where the tobacco is in a powdered state, th'e imported stock comes under the to tlie of body. His w11l be worth $6,8oo,':oo, whtle at the average of $ 4 o per men wear long lin'en gaiters, tied at the knee wh i ch The import averages about four m1lhon Gigars wtfe fell a v1ct1m to the. same permctous mdulgence, and 103 lbs. for tobacco m leaf the r2,ooo,ooo lbs will bring allow of their passing about without carrying away per month The hbor. connected With st.all! .ping not only drank it to excess, but gave it to the children, J-t,8oo,oc;>o Therefore, thl! tobacco exportations of HaTHE LATE G. W. F. GRANT, OF LoNDON. The Lo any morsels which can be utilized When pulverized, is considerable. Every box has to be taken out who g_rew and sickly consequence. Before long vana this year_ cannot prove to be worth Jess than don Tobac(O Rivie10, o August 10 contains t h it might be supposed to be ready to put into; separately, on which an import and internal. the m1sera0le Jones found hts shaken nerves telling upwh1ch, added to the ooo for the following relative to this lamented gentleman: "It is but, patience! the end has not yet arrived. Wh en stamp has to be affixed.. The are furmsh.ed by on his ability to do the delicate work for which he had crop, gave a total of $8s,7oo,ooo. Bdt another adwith the deepest feelings of grief and regret that we It is now called dry rappee, and is fastened up in oak the Government, for whlch 1S no charge; latter once earned such. a .. His master's customers d1t10n m _ade for Yara, Gibara, and have to announce the death of Mr. Grant, of the firm of chests, placed away from the light, where it re\)'lains for cost $ 5 per each thousand ctgars, and are S.\II>{lh.ed by complained of the mferior quality of the goods, and his otber .p ieces a_lso. export large quantities of tobacco Grant, Chambers & Co., Fenchurch Street,. who died two months, when it i s taken out-and shovelled into a large the importer after purchase from the Internal Revenue master found it necessary'to discharge him. .He could worked and. imworked,. and the value of this joined suddenly at Torquay last Monday, where he had been square tub, where it receives ;nother watering of salt Bureau. The charges for that tl:Je cigars no.t 6btain employment _as a Joiiner any longer, and _was that of .exportations; as mahogany, dyestuffs, staying for some time, aged 43. By all who had the and: water. Again it is fastened up, to undergo a second have been properly ,stamped are twenty cents thott dnven to French pofishmg to earn his bread. At last wag, and fruus, cannot possibly fall short of $6,ooo,ooo personal acquaint;mce of Mr Grant his death will be fermentation, which is hastened by putting in a little al sand. This item throws off a revenue of al;lout per came the dromedary which fractured the straw's for the year, so that Cuba's exportations for I87 2 can very deeply deplored, his kindness, affability, genial manners, ready fermented powder. The great chest is then her month, received by the Inspector of Cigars, who hands yertebriel Jimmy had not ha. d a cup of tea for several safely and be valued at over $91,ooo,ooo-a and unaffected liberality having made him deservedly meticallysealed; a card is attached to it, with the date the amount collt-cted e\ery month to Deputy-Collector wben he happ':ned to be passing the most fla _ttenng and hopeful r .. sult for an island of size and popular, and his name will be long held in the highest of the fabrication, the watering, tl).e kinds of which it is Tompkins, who in turn pays tho same t:l the Auditor, door of the wuh whom he had spent population, and obtame. d t11o, be it remembered, al,llid estimatien. He will be interreu this day (S01oturday) il.t composed, and the day when it was closed. The temper-taking his 1 eceipt therefor. 1 he received fropt this. 110 much of ilia wages, and saw him atandin' at the curses and troubles of a protracted war. Norwood CemetelJ." il.ture is raised to.forty-fiv'e degre'es; and in three months office about expenses of runnmg :oiarne.


, fJ 0 ; I -----------------' ------------------------------. THOMAS HOYT & CO., K.U."VF,O.CTURERS OP. Fine Cut Chewing and \ SMOKING TOBACCOS & SNUFF, OUR BRANDS CHEW INC: ''TobaooQ .. JOHN MANUFA(."TURERS OF THE SDL!CB m nm TOBACCOS 114 and 116 LIBERTY STREE;r, NEW YORK, Beg to direct tlle attention of the Dealers in Tobaceo tbroogbbut the United States and the W orld to their CELEBRATED SOLACE FINECUT CHEWING TOBACCO, which ts ,once' more manufactured Under the immedtate supervision of the originator, MR. JOHN ANDERSON,.,.,. Ud Dow stands, as fonnerly, withou" a rival. Orders through the usual channels will meet prompt attention. ,l'lVO. 1'. I'I.A&a., .MA.:NVJ'.ACTVR&R OF ALL OJ' LICORICE PASTE WALLIS &. 00. EXTR#. Tobacco manufacturers and the trade in general are particularly, requested to ex amine ana test tho superior properties of this LICORICE, which, being now brought to the highest perfection, is UB.der the aboye SU'le of brand. We ace also SOLE AGENTS for the band. r.G. & G. C. Acknowledged by consumers to be the best in th9 market ADd for the brand of Licorice Stick ... 11\JOI:L & CO., to all respects equal to CALABRIA. UCOJUOE. LICORICE. PASTE, POWPER, ROOT, SPECIAL TIES, BY DE LANCEY 24 SOl!TH WILLIAM ST., N. Y. BROKERS. QA'rTIJ:S & RUETE, Qtn=hncco No. 129 ,Pearl Street, LICORICE AND STICX,. CIGAR AND PIPE ITALIAN, SPANISH, GREEK, TURKEY tiC H .. TERS. FOR SALE BY' .. HENRY M. MORRIS' ''.' :, .. WIND OR RAIN. 'rcol!-.., .. ;. :rl ., -._ -. ,. ... '<.{ t:. ... .. Solely br Importer and .!l.J!ent for the U. S. and Canada, I No.' 7a Water and t9' Ole( s 'np, .. NE'W' YORK. OER'I'Dl'IOATES from the4ea.dlng Manuflkltnrera in Virginia, North Oarolina, Ken tucky, lolisBOuri, Indiana, !Uinois, Ohio, New Y'.ork1 and .i'JAO, Wa.tta.nted Powdered Lioorfoe. 'o Porter. Match Jlann[actnrtnu: 'VESUVIAN WORKS, No. '19 TENTH A VENUE. Cor. 1 IJih 111,, ,ROBERT At OHMSTEDT, CO'MMTSSION lil:l!m.CBANT, NEW YORK. .. IMPORTER OF HEARTS' DELIGHT, Qliut .Jaaokiug, aud (!i)taaulattd We have no Consamers and J obbell! would do well to apFlY direct. 0 ... & EDWARD DREYER, Lithocraphera, .' Havana Leaf Tobacco and Ciaars, of C''prs of superior Vi7EL'l'A NATIONAL, BRIGHT OWEN; EXTRA CAVENDISH. an.s, and fo6 Pearl St.. New York Ci t v THOMAS HOYT. CHAS, G HOYT' TOBACCO. HARVEST" $& 11 SURPRISE IN P'Oil IVANHOE $&JOLLY BOYS SMOKINQ, !'74 Frot Street, New York. :D. A. SHOTWELL & SON, Licorice Root, select and ordiwny, constaJ>tly on hand. GOMEZ & ARGUlMBAU, 29 & 31 SOUTH WILLIAM STREET. T iliACCO BROKER, .:. ..... ,.. ,-ABAJO LEAJ', PLATT STREET ; NEW YORK, HENRY WULSTEIN, .;-to "" DesllEe, DEPOT AND AGENCY Of the of ID\L'l'IMORE, 229 Pearl Street, New Apnt_' EDMONSTON & PH 7'G71d of W. S. HERO and UNION F. W. S. Sterry Extra. !"me Out OiiewingTobaoco a.nd Echo Smoking. P. s. Baracoo and PigDate1la. 1'14 EJinhth New Y01'k. De Rosa. J. S. CANS & SON, -TOBACC O ,BROKERS, GOODWIN & CO.. ExcelsiOl' Mills and Favorite :Mills Jl!NUFAO'l'URBRB OF mE-OUT p d red Li ri TOBACCO ce. .... __ ...... ,..,. Olive Oil, Tonqua Beans, , ..,. ......... car, No. 86 WALL STREET -TOI(mrE BtiiLDIJJG, NEW YORK. AAcldea!enlnallkindof 'AND ALL TOBACCO ; '1', Leaf & Plug Tobacco, 11umucr1JRERS. J ) & & 209 WATER ST. .... ,'! ,J 'w robcicco B-rGIIiWB. :N':JD"VU" "Y'C>:Ja,::&;;:, Po-wdered. _.,. ,_,, .. .J r D. E McALPIN '& CO;, &'-v J ,....,.....,.... ..... .1' '1 J , C'liJ.LEBRATED FINE-(JUT ( -... NEW YORK. Vir [in Leaf and Navy Chewin[, SMOKINQ TOBACCO, .t.Jil) D&..U ,atalW s.t/Or#; Pl-.g 7i>!>clo of F. W. SMYTHE, LEAF TOBACCO, 178 Greenwich St., New York. Commission Merchant, G. VOLGER. e. !J.UNEKEN 80 NOB.Tll .TORN STREET, iJtSTAIILISHEO 1S3'i] ICBW AB.Z & SPOBB., ,.117BaPo.L, ENGLAND. HARTCORN & HAHN. liUl:tfY'ACI'UlllQUJ 0., 'I.A.iRINTZINGHOFFER &SON \ ll&nulllcturero of DOMESTIC SEGARS, -------------ITED MANUFACTOR1ES '()F 1ST IIAVBA cmm, M RADER & SON THIS CITY, HAS ALWAYS ON HAND THE FOL-ittbacco !roktt.G, CLW nVii liARS 123 Pearl Street, HAS ALWAYS ON HAND THE FOLLOWING BRANDS: HearJ.: PLUS UTRA, REGALIAB, LONDlt'EB. ENTREACTOi!, Ero. N ortheril Pacific NEW YORK. TIN :F'OIL. lOBN l. OB.OOKI fOil & BOTTU No. OS, ... ,. ,. .. ,.,., .. $ !Oto72 Flordelllurlaa-CAZADORES,BREVAS,OONd <' 1-0ND&ESDE COR'rE, ... ., ...... .,.,.,., -M CBAB,ETO, vnile ..,'tales Bonds,andallmarkda-l'RINECEBAS .,.,. ... .,,.., .. ., ., ... ,." -58 Aculla de Oro-PRINOESASJ'INAS, RlTGALIA IJ/4 Se&nrities, received in exchange at fu/1 Partagas, DE LA REINA, REINAS DE ESPANA m!R price -:LONDRES, ............... .... ..... ., .. ., .. $ 80to 'LONDRES, U EDIA REG.lllr.\; ETC FINE SEGARS, 'Te>bacoe>, PINE SEGARS, And Dealers in 110 Lewll ltreet, JIIIW YORit.t For Ctcu Bo-,funlehed ID qa&Dtlttea to'owt. Oonl!lgnmente ot s.-Walnut Beepeettully Solicited. 70to 75 Villar y DEL REi, REGOOIQI GO., Ritica GALlA PREClOSAS, COMME lL Ni:W Y6RK PHILADELPHIA,() CONCHITAS.,.,, ...... ., ..... .' .. ., .,., .. -cs "LbNDRES;Eru.' OONCHAB .. ., ., ... .,.,,. .. ., .. ., .,.. so .:r .. aa Coalll-CONCJI.As: CORRI WASHINGTON. 883 BB.OAD STREET, NEW AE.K, N. J. Work8BD4 s....Mianutactoey. D. BUCHNER, .(.,._.aor to BOB,IXCHECK d: XA flSSIQ) JUH!lJ'ACTURB:B 0 .. FIN'E CU:;t" Chewing and' Smoking Tobacco AND .CICARS, Havana Six-Cheroots, Delancey St., New York: efltn.LICKilllCJt: .1'1icleoftheU. S. B&M11&ll. WI.Dchee\er, r....t, Lyolll, Bend, JmP=emeat, Bt.ppAilallneck. J. M. LAURILLABD, -TOBdCCO J,JBOKEB. a -, ROTTERDAM, J :S:OLLAND. LEWIS H. WATTS, Bmpire CH.ty Tobacco Works, 432 East I Oth St., New York. J. H. P:&MU&TON. }AIL G. Pzlli<; Pemberton & Penn, 'tOBACCO COMMlSSION MERCHANTS, Jvith a long experience in the business, lj!er their servicu to fill orders for Leaf o.Tooacco, \.__ .._ DANVILLE, VA. No. 148 WAter.Street, JA.MES. M'CAFFIL P. Ma DINCEE1 NllW YOBK. Corner and LeUJ#..4 Streets, JMrORTER OF AND DEALER JN (.QMMISSBON MERCHANT. BROS. & CO. HAVANA AND DOMESTIC --. Manufacturers of FOO: CIGARS, and LEAF TOBAccos, AU CEDAR, -> 518' 1\llaiden l.ane Dealers m Lea.f Tobacco, -NEVT YoRK:. -FOREIGN & DOMESTIC WOODS. 126 Chambers St., New EDWARD A. SMITH, MANUFACTURER OF Pine c Segars, Ro. 1.1 Bowery, N ,EW YORK. Tobacco Ba.ggtng AND B&GQDVQ, JIIATIIJUAI., Of aU Kinds, Low l'ricCI for Cub. SPANISH LINENS, FANCY STRIPES Bleached and U nbl6, x865, An" lor....._,.._ WtA ._..... ollllllr ......,. infringement on our copyright will be rigoro\lsly pros &ppq-to .. eculed, Rt.n'l"f'lo 202 Cb"f.)lpJD KRAFT a. HOFFMEISTER, i Sacaeuon to A LORENZ, JIU>uftlIaced 111. o. 1111J8LIN Al LIIWEN TOBACCO BAGS; 263 East 4th St., liew Y .ork. Orde 0 tmilllotlperfectlyamooil.and ready for V, ''VU/'(/ '/ the wrapper. 6th. The uni!OMD character of tbe dpr thu formed enableo Ule to llnish them willa greater ro.lty, &lid with mch o:mctu-u llaDDot -&Hamed by any other lmoWD meu1. Theoe polnto embroee all the -tial which ada rru-'d., to the pradical ...Cue @ealut.. in #edat-/lUaod.J cut in to. 4JJit.. .:flha, (f.nbeh.) 3tfiJU' and .8lildtan4. Commission MerchantH, _, -of moalU, u eoou.omy of to-bacoc, being a u.TiDg of ai lee.t iwo of on ee:cll mgan. Umtdrilled labor can bt em-., ploy d in making llae bunches, and leea killls,requtted in than by llae ord!"""J' xndhodJI, ,The olpra i Kl 3t. Heut [Yor-k. 7 OLD SLrP, OnedoorfromfT"""'"'''" YORK. FRED. ENGELBACB, latkoltsalt, Joitst, NO. '21 BiiTa: AVE!>JUEl, NEW YORK ..t.GElfCY .urD Dm>'l' QJI F. H. Bischo11S' Celebrated Smoking TobaCco (now F. W,ll'el&ner) Manufacturers of RAPPEE r CoNGlHtss, and ScoTCH SNUFF, every grade of Smoking Tobacco. WEYMAN & BRO 9 & 13 SMITHFIELD ST., PITTSBURG, PA Patented and.Ktlg. 12th, 1862, JUIIC!e by thKe moulds bum with a freedom ond not a:tawable by any other method.--. 13 NORTH WILLIAM ST, N. Y. OITY A. DE-BElAEKELEER, MANUFACTURER OF HAVANA CIGARS, 1 68 Warren Street, NEW YORK. On anti after Marek I, 1872, I offer the fol/Qwing -;,till


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