The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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.. YORK,_ WEDNESDAY, J WHOLE NO. 412 ., 'IS PU!II.JsHBD I .t;d 'iftft WL&iiiiiBAf tiOUlftWh M .......... "r. B. .......... LAM 'w11n1111 "'G Ill IIIIU' rvDWoHm 1.,.,.,., f1 a., 'a '4SI Fulton St., New York. l. *-'aT BAIJ-c..ebel J. A Oo. ,., x_....___ ,,, ., __ D A!' an odvertlinl: mecll...,, wltcre kdeolred -J-'fn ., .._,._ T-. to -=h the Clgor and Toba.;ro 'l'nde, not only ,Appleby It Helitr.e, e,ater .,_, M :f;}!ia bat foreip c--leo, It lo Uoe aUal!>-.._f _,, J.p.,_, _. Duir1 ;. All !etten obould be plalnl' od.we.ed to Taa Gqmea A:F.' d>baaG1 lo a 51 I. ""'-,..,..,._ ToeACCO L&AP PO&U5HING co .. ANY. F.atoo ILcAndrew ama c .. I FI'OM -' So-t, New York. Kotril H. ., 014 p aDd 73 Water. Co., 53 'W'eot Fotll'tb. Terms ofthe Paper.\Smc;u Corti!.SIO Ca>ml PER All-....... &tJ /f/'.tco Pr .El. .PRINCIPE DE CALES CfOARS, .__..eel a& tile .-JJY BRAXCK or. &he eolebJ!lted 1;':1 PrinciJl-0 evl-..tliuti-" of TH..u., .... ToNcct. PITTSBURG, PA.-Weyman & Brother, Snuff and T 0 B _A, c c (): J!!l'i!)elai-< -r.:> ?o j ,CoDftnik ..... ---"-' '!s I! -1! ordePren...t""-......, -Co. r --a ..I.. I i_ Infante_. J b. fl : CoAChitu -6o HOIRIIIf;r........,, H ,._ z:e-B.,11; ... t lit Tv v,__!.Witker, Halsted t!' Co., T9bac:Co Cigarettes -lGo ; Operas -55 --Clgardtes ,.,o w-. ,,..,.,_ .. --;.. 1'1 .r .. J ). -r A 1'"1' aJ di 'L 'It'--' d '""h 1 1 .... Q 1 SbU> A -.... 1 ,... nUii oer sc:outh wr uoc nr.l ""O ,. o esa e pur,Ttaset'S: lltrA (] .. ,,.;11 ;08 sale m and C1gars. ., T:r-JoiuoB. CLARKSVILLE, 1ENN.-M. H. Clark & Brother, .. Depot in NEW YOBX with KREXELliEBG & 00., 160 PEARL STREE"I.. 111 173 w--:aAL'I'IIIOBE. KEWABK, J. Leaf. Tobacco Brokers. P. II Co.," liNed._ r TMco ,.--...,. x-e .. dollars .or paid on applicatio -. M a <;o-, 11g ,....._ Laeo. IJrioob IJelrer"W 8oa, ; .... 5 Fal-. -. u II. Oahed. ,..... l E. T. PILKINTON'S "F1ttriTS-AND. FLO: WEiS" 'Oe.,., 014 'lh!:k & Gay. .. JrEW t9:any will sec.ure 11 cop ........,,G.6Co.,,,.Pead. .... lilif'-.R-.e..,-Weothatl. ----...:' s a.:c.., ""- ..,_.eo., :If"-"' T,..__l'.,.,.uJC.-iuioo.Mv.W.U, of this valuabw"WOrk immediately. j -.-..w, .a. ..... W-. nNeel w. libJl r. a. Co., 130 Graner, 8 .... J'tgJ. L.-6 Oct., 41 ; l!cbllefer. aDcL(Je., 25 a1lace .. Co., ., -L. ........ I --' looePh.JP_, ltOo..' Va. ....... lfla.";Sttinec:lo.e,1,..,.._ .D,a.d VenableS, W .l: Co. f Sdlt'oed A lloll, ...... IAGM C. 6 \)0., 117 'llf..tx-ltud. A ... Bro., t,l....,l'mt B1Uicll-. &doaltut H ... Co., j, 'W-. Sdhl' t::. .,t:-. 53 "PBIL&DELPJIU.. Cba11oa T., !'ftt.-1. ...... Jaa. 6Q.;. Plrlco. Tol>.tct ll'rtioluu. B.S!, .. s' ltUtblc -.. & JtJier; .. leatll Oauliia. Aaatban ll. a Co., .,. .. North TIIW o;o. 70 -.-.,cr Jld. 6 Co., ........ OMoJeo. Jluab.n. Bua""'-"r L. A: Co. 3 North Water. C. lit l'earl Beelter llretMrl, ,a '-Mnl Hare aaa L,eed<>m, 716 N;ortb Secj>ll4. r...,;.. DMJor .. ..J of &.u.i Srwl'--John .t Co. ojl-''7 LIMrtJ. .r:J JhJ.'If-.lwl f/ '1'Stewart. Karb,R alpb & 0... "',..... llarrlott G. H. X ., JP Weot J14"./,"''"'"' o( Ciz. 'IIIWJo ... ..,. Foiofjt ll"Nortbhlr Of PI-c T"'-. BaN n ... II uo, ,C3 North l!ec:ond. -a Oc....., and 111'9 ,_ -Bmlb Jlrqo. oi<_K....,bt, oos.&a'?t;en the subjoineMtol. Lelliltaf II< Poflalt. 202 Cbatbam -.J D B., 11111 trtreet. 1Ao)'BtGL7B IIVRALO, y, Liol>teaeteill .&. & Jlro. 34 and .. M :so..., ;, H-...a Do.lllil BO'l'TERD.AK, HoJl== J.lcthMm\e!D B-A '"' ....... LaDe ""-Learillard 1. ll. N-dclll. w. a11ro, rPeas:t Luf-Tolt-,__, 11 s, P-, SPRIJ(G,...._, .__ SIM:MiberK Ill. S1 Pearl Zjalo. G. W., tl p.,...J. >. ()ule( 5. l!mltb .H 1: o.;o., 10 Hampdea w, ,., Lewlo CBIO&GO, DL 8TBBL111G, m. Wdellllerr Co. DeJ rv---... _.,.._ 6 WIIIDaC'k, 6 XIIDK'-Duitrs i LUI] uti CitMr. """"" .--.. 1\1> B. A. 11 Bo-ry CUrter 1olaD. --4> Pearl "Co., lllchipa av. _... -) 0 .,._ .. Newm 151 ,.._ 11'. Duhrs i ToU.,. .. 1 M.oMfMtMrWI of ,,;.. a,.. ns Yal.S.. Laae 1{-a, Jllag a. Beeman, llicblpa Aft, VkMt 6 Co. 76 I-t Dtkrr io Ltf T""" 11<,... PMWI lonf!7 : Clehll H ..,. C ... tbam of JlinJ ToHito, .w.lnll j. J. ]0 Oedar GMda F.167 Water Go..alea A. 16? Water':EoiiJ" Jtobert E. Co. "'&a.;er Jtadder, Gall" Co. u8 Water YlraDJa J'clis, '" l'earl Bobert .Lp PiaU PMcna1 E.liTDther & Oo. W.w-oa Y. &1 k lilaWea LaM Vega .&. & llro. 117 Pearl Well & Oo. 6o Pine Wal\er, Friedman l'rclle, oa6 P .. zt Vel ... Bller ... Ka-1,.., hKI Ybor, V. X. 26 Oedar of ...,-. Appleby a .._, u Water r, A,., ltft. ,.a 'WuiJiaelaa llud....,_n Broo., '7 Weot R.audolpb. s- s, Kic:ldpD ...... W'elM A, :.n.Eut Lake. of Fint C.t (;jn,i"C .. J &oooli-z, DotJm i J.uf T""-. Beck Wirth, _aad 114 W'aler. II"MI...U DotJ, in Cig INI LOeorJc, 11 C'&IIIAI. OIJ(CI)f)fATI, .. MtltoMjMtr,rs of TbMCOio CatHn D 'I"' North Becond TobMct WartA.rts,. .DermhaerC, A< R. ol< Co. ,.5 K.vtet. Tolt.uo C.iuin Mut..,.tr. Wall .. llelol, 3>0 North Sec:oad. n T.b.tco B.W.r Ba,.....l. J:., 611 Cheotllat. SYRACUSE. )f, Y. :m.. &: Co. G. P. sNorth 8alma. ... ... ,. D< '},II' I ;. Lttif Tol ..... llaelwlt Homllton, 40ll:ut Water TOLEDO,O, ToNcu Mondue rigor upon any turerto" pay twenty-five cents for eac:h stamp, thus netting ne class, is the true basis on which 'to legislate. Ifj I a vety_ profit to the Government ? And yet am a manufacturer of tobacco, or a distiller of spirits, this was steadily done for fcur years and the tobacco and can not conveniently be any thing else, why should I manufacturers, of Virginia especially, mulcted in a selec ted to bear this brunt of a taxation my considerable and. unreasonable sum. Whatever who neither manufactures, nor distills, is equally bound have been sa1d w1th regard to a small covenng to ssumewith myself? This is a query our wise the mere cost of the stamp.' there can be httle Solons at 'Yashingt9n can not answer satisfactorily, that the twenty-five 1mpost came phrase it how they may. There is a patent injustice at the scope of the of the declar:ng the bottomof cur present system of taxation, and it "tax,, or duty,,1 s to be leved on otny can only be sanctioned on the ground that_ might makes exported from a . right. The only wonder 1s, our fnends have We hope, however, to live long enough to see this submitted so long to a swmdle-for 1t can be wrong righted. It may not be) a consummation nothing less---:so pate!lt. the of the near future, but I we have confidence _in the ultition was framed, above mate magnanimity of our countrymen. Every yeaT, as exports, the S\lbJeCt of and the taf burden .becomes lighter, it will be easiet: to in-bate: The representatives on th1s duce them to assume the manly part, and not rest sa tisprovlslon.prohJbltmg, m the most comprehensive terms, fied with ignobly allowing a comparativeJy small section the exerc1se of any power on the part of the new g?vof the community to bear which should properly ernment the of the ':'hlfh be shared by aiJ, let their position in the community, were prommently mentwned topacco, nee and md.gO;riDd the character of their occupation, be what it may, and, after repeated struggles oo the part of the more TREASURrY" DEPARTMENT, OFFICE OF INTERNAL REvENUE, \V ASHINGTON, -:fafl'uury 3, I 87 3 R. M. Pr6ut/. Es9., U. S : Auessor, Third .LJisJmt, Bllilllilre, SIR"""" I hav.e. received your letter of the nst ult. ia response to mine of the 26th ult relative to" the-ma

, A STI!.R.LII(G J OURN We note that Qur cotempo rary, the Richmond (Va) JYizi,r, has accomplished its fiftieth year trned c.orner of half centu.ry. It is not often, tn our raptd life, that th1s occurs. 1 he Whig howeyer, though a semi-centennarian, is as brisk and as in its earlier days. It is ably and judi ciously edited, giving all the news, with appropriate comments therem. The good people of Richmond are to be congratulated on the possession of so hve a journal and will re.Bect credit nn, as well as benefit by aiving it an aupport. HYMDI AT RtCHMOND.-We are apprised of the re. cent marriage of one of the hve tobacco men of Rich mond, Va., Mr. E. D. Christian, to Mis$ Palmer daugh ter or GeorgeS. Palmer, Esq., of the firm of Messrs. Palmer, Hartsook, & Co. of the same city. Mr .Christian is one of those drivmg business m!n who is the happier the more proverbial irons" he has in the fire. Besides runnmg a tobacco firm, he is President of a Pa1)U Manufacturing Co., and lends his assistance as Director to several of the most prominent institutions of the State. May he be as hapPf m the marnage re)a. tion as he has been successful in the commerc1al enter pri9ell in which he has engaged. THK TOBACCO TRADE AT D&LMONICO's.-A large d!!l egation of the New York Tobacco Trade held "high revelry by qight" at Delmonico's restaurant on the 9th inst., the occasion being the weddmg reception or Mr. Emanuel, on the marriage ol his d a ughter, Emma, to Mr. Henry Rose nwald, of the firm of Rosen Bros, of th1s c1ty. A more pleasant gathenng the local tobacco trade has seldom enjoyed. The gen erous hospiotahty of the host, and the ba11llomu w1th which he made his guests at ease, combin e d to make the festivity an exceptionally charming one. The newly married couple. afer enjoymg the scene to a late h our1 dep. at1ed, and have not since beep bean! from. It is ptesumed, however, that the honeymoon is being en joyed in the;ple as a nt, traditional manner I -JAN. 15


N. 15 J! :AN.SY LLE '.January M Gardner, J;l:obacco Broker, reports as follows: The new year opens with fa1r' prospects of a good tobacco season and a break up m ounivers (which have been frozen hard for two weeks), and we now look for better receipts and more lively timetl -Already the effects are felt and the Jut week our house here bas recetved 14 hhds, and have sold part of it at an average of 18 per 100 lbs for lugs and low leaf. which may be regarded as a very fair ctite rion for our I have no change m quotations from my last and contmue the same as in my last Receipts of tobacco I hope will improve soon and our mar ket will be li-vely as there are many orders to be filled here and at very good pnces. I apprehend though coun try dealers mcompetition with strip men are paymg too h1gh prices to make money, and 1 think most of them will wind up with a loss unless there be a material de cline in the country soon, which is not likely as strip men wiD probably keep prices up. HOPKINSVILLE, Ky., january 9.-Messrs M 'H. Clark & Brother, Leaf Tobacco Brokers, report as fol : The opening &ale of the season, in this market is jWlt finished, and the evil effect of the unnecessary competition between stemmers and country pnzers, for the purchase of loose crop s, is mamfestmg Itself m a tone of dJS&atJSfaction on the part of sellers with a scale of really than 1s war-d.nted by those ruling at the seaboard We quote lugs, to ; low leaf, 8 to common lea(, to ; medtum leaf, 9* to good leaf, to fine 1er1' or selections were offered The offenngs were 101 bhds. Rejections, 4 hhds. Sales, 98 hhds. The number of rejections does not in any degree mdicate the extent to which the 1m pression prevathi among sellers that the sale was a low one They havmg their minds fured upon prices based upon the 8 to Ioc round offered by stemmers and pnzers for loose crops, expected a higher range of pnces, but accepted many unsatisfactory b1ds on account of the soft order of some hbds, and in some cases on account of the need for ready money. The offenngs at th1s sale md1cate to some extent the charaeter of the crop now coming to market. We find 1t more than usually deficient 1n the haavy fat rich qualities wanted for LIVerpool Africans, and for spinmng purposes, wtth a full proportion of light and heavy cigar leaf, and a much larger propor tiOB than usual of bright and mottled saucers. The faulty and unreliable mspecuons of the markets o{ this distnct, which had grown mto such a serious evt1, seem now m a fair way of being thoroughly cor rected. The samples appear to be fairly drawn, and eonsequently they much more accurately represent ibe hhd now than they frequently did formerly, whtch il a -.cry satisfactory pomt gained, But in addttion to thia the samplea are now guaranteed to represent the "hhds from hich they are drawn, and any material dif fereace, as shown by a. future samphng, will be promptly lldJul&ed LOUISVILLE, january Io.-We report as follows: There has been an improvement in receipts, and the market bas been more activE', at steady pnces. The receipts for the week were 293 hhds and 48s boxes and the ah1pment 23S hhds and 1,8s7 boxes. The sales at the different warehouses were 36 1 hhds, as follows:Tbe Farmers' House sold Sr hhds: 40 hhds Kentucky leaf at JISSO, 13, 12, I 1.75, I 1.25, I I, fl I I I,_ 10.75, I0.2S1 10.25, ro, 9 S01 9So, 9Jo, 9.2o, 9IS, 9, l.,a, 8.91), 8.1o, 8.So, 8.70, S.6o, 8.6o, 8.6o,, S.4Q, .... o, 8.40, 8.20, 8.20, 8, 8, s, 8, 8, s, 7 40 hhds do lugs at 9.8o, 8 85, s 75, s 7o, s 3o, 7 90,7 90, 7.8o, 7.8o, 7.8o, 7.,., 7.6o, 7.6o, 7.6o, 7.6o, 7-so, 7-so, 7so, 7S, 7, 7JO, 7, 7.20, 7.20 7.20, 7 10, 7.10, 71 7, 7, 7, (j 90, .fo, 6.,a, 6 So, 6 70 6 7o, 6 7o, 6.6o, s-Bs. r hhd do, oklsmoker at 7.8o The Boone House sold 53 hhds : 19 hhds Kentucky leaf. at J17 25 per 100 Jbs; IS at II 25, 11.25, II, II, 9, 9 30, 9 20, 9, S So, S 7o, 8 6o, s .so, 8.2o, 8.1110, 8, 7-so, 7o 27 hhds do lugs at u, g, 7.llo, 7"1o, 7.6o, 7-so, 7-so, 7o, 7 2o, 7.2o, 7, 7, 7, 7, 7, 6.9s; 6.,a, 6.9 o, 6.8o, 6.75, 6 6o,, 6.4o, 6 35, 5 r bbd do factory trash at 3.6o. 1 hhd V1rgima leaf at u 5o. 5 hhds Missouri old dry leaf at,,, 11.2s, 10.75 The Pickett House sold 51 hhds: 24 Kentucky leaf at fr5.25, ro so,, 1o.2s, ro, xo, 9 So, 9 2o, 9-o, 9.1o, 9.1o, 9, 9, 9, g, 9, 8.90, S.7o,, 8.40, I.Jo, 1.30, 8, 7o. 13 hhds do lugs at 8, 7.6o, 7o, 7.1o, 7, 6.8o, 6 7o,....6.6o,,,, 6.3o. 4 hhds do trash at 7 40, 6.6o, 6.20. s.So I hlid do IICrape at 3.1o 3 hhds do Indiana leaf r.t, 7-so, S 6 hhds do lugs at, 6.go, 6 So, 6.70, 6.6o, 6.30. The Planters' House sold 45 hhds.,Kentucky leaf and 11111 at $tJ 12.75 u, u,, u,, ro, 9.3o, 9 o, a.90 8.7o, 8.6o,,, s, 8, 7.9o, 1 7 7.6o, 7o, 7, 7 20, 7.2o, 7.20, 7 20, 7.1o, 7, 7., 7, 7, 6.go 6.90, 6.go, 6,8o, 6.So, 6.701 6.70, 6.7o,, 6 4o,,, 6. :Louisville House sold 42 hhds 19 hbds Kentudty leaf at Jr6.25, ro, 9.4o, 9 30, 9.20, 9 20, 9 :ao, 9.11o,, 9, 91 8.go, 8.8o, S 40, 8.40, 8.40,, 8, 7?0 22 bhds do lugs at 7.9o, 7.8o, 7-?o 7 so, 7-so, 71 7 30, 7 20, 7 20, 7 101 7 10, 7 10, 7 101 7, 7, 7, 7, 7, '1 I hhd Indiana trash at6.So. The Nmth Street House sold 37 hhds: 16 hhds Kentucky leaf. 3 at S8 90@9, 13 at 18, I3-SO, ro 75, 10 so, 1o, 9-so, 9Jo, 9.2o, 9, 8.9o,, s 40. r:z hbds do lugs at S .xo, 7.8o, 7.6o, 7-so, 7.10, 7,ro, 7-o, 7, 6.6o, 6.5o, 6 40. s hhds do gs at 6 70@7. 3 hhds do trash at 6 90, 6 75, 5 30. 1 d do scraps at 3JO. 1'he Kentucky Tobacco Assoc1ation sold 33 hhds Kenleaf, lugs ana trash at $9.60, 91 S.90, S 70, 8.60, 8.6o, 8.2o, S,ro, 8, 7 7 6o, 7.6o, 7.6o, ?So, 7&4o, 7o, 7o, 7JO 7.20, 7 2o, 7 20, 7 :zo, 7 to, 6.go, 6.7o, 6.6o,, 6 so, 6 40, 6 410, 6 3S 5.20. The Exchange House sold 19 hhds 1 r hbda Ken tucky leaf at 19o, 9.4o, g, 9, 8.7o,, S.5o, 7 so, tso, 6.go, 6.go. 7 hhds do lugs at 8.3o, 7 90, 7 6o, 7 20, '6.90, 6.40, 6 I hhd Indiana lugs at 6.6o Jlleasr.s. Wm. G. Meter & Co., Leaf Tobacco ComaissiOD Merchants, report -Sales last month 933 hhds qainat I,SS4 hhds last year; receipts last month 969 hhds acainst t ,367 hhds last year; sales sml1e November r, 1872, ,o6x bhds against 2,827 hhds last year; receipts &mce NoTember 1, I872, 1,907 hhds against :1,354 hhds last year; stocks on hand January t, t87J, 3,346 bhds against 3,621 bhds last year. Quotations, new crop, common lugs, planters', light and colory, 16.70@7; Clarksville and Western districts, S7@7.25; good lugs planters', hght and colory S7@7 75; Clarks 'l!lle aud 'western districts1 7@7; common leaf, planters', hght and colory, $8@9; Clarksville and West ern, $8@S.75 ; leaf, planters', hght and colory, f9@to; ClarksvtHe and Westeifn d1stncts, $8 lood leaf, planters' hght and colory, Jro@n, ClarksVIlle and Western distncts, $xo@lu, fine leaf, planters', fu@u, Clarksville and Western dtstncts, Su@t2 lleferring to our last cucular of rst ult., no lmportant change has occurred in our market durmg the preceed ing month. Wtth but moderate offermgs and an active demand for new tobacco prices, espec1ally for low crades, ruled firm at above quotations Receipts for the aew crop, owing to continued dry and cold weather and interrupted river navigation, remamed light, but lince-about a week the season for prizmg has turned more favorable and from now on we may look for more transacttons. Our estimates of the quantity of the Western crop is abOut: x8o,ooo hhds 13o,ooo bhds the previous year of wh1ch the seaports have re ceived, viz.: New York, Jan. to Jan, ss,567 hhds, New Orleans, Jan. to Jan., 26..461 bhds; Baltimore, Jan. to Jan., 3,5oo hbds; Boston and PhUadelphta, Jan. to Jan 11,400 hhds; leavtng about. 4:1,o72 hhds f(Jr Western co_n sumption. Transactions m Western ville, Mov. to Nov., sales, 39,182, rete1pts, 36,241 ; aUIGU,.,., a,. Cincinnati, Jan. to Jan, &alea, 25,353i re; LEAP. --26,65r; stocks, Paducah, Nov. to Nov, sold at full pnces. In regard to the magnitude of the isinglo our m ,rnu (acturers Though some, who nave sales, u,r9o, receipts, n,47r, stocks, 27 Clarksv1lle present ctop, there are various opinions Some say not' laid m a suliictent stock of the raw matenal, may Sept. to Sept' sales, I I,8J6, rec"lpts, 12,ros; stocks, I 56 that the !cro p m Misaouri IS twice as large as that of fiud Jt very chfficult to secure suitable gooils af reasonSt Louis, Jan. to Jan., sales, 9 023 ; rece 1pts, 12, 676, 1 s 7 1 andthere wtll be 3 5,ooo hhdl; We are not disable pnces until the nell:; crop w 1ll be P,t for work, there stocks, 23S. Evansville, from Sept. to Sept., sale&, 6,rgo, posed, h ever, to gtve in to this statement wtthout Is every reason to expect that th1s new crop of tobacco recetpta, 6,57 3 stocks, 4 6 Hopkinsville, Sept to Sept., going It1t some calculatiOn Takmg St. Lams as a wtll furmsh to our manufacturers the very best matenal sales, 6,704, receipts, 6,7 1 r, stocks, III. Total sales, bas1 s of as It 15 the only mspecllon m the at reasonable r tes, aad as the stock of manufactured uo,47S; 1eceipts, ,liJ,42S, stocks, 9,765 The total State, there was mspected m rS72 ro,oso We goods-now ruBs very low m the hands of most of our stock of Kentucky tobacco at seaboard and m Western will assume that there was 3,ooo hhds shipped dtrect t manufacturers and dealers tt IS to be expectea tt the markets wtll sum up n,37 3 hhc!s a'ainst 24,835 hhds laJt foreign ports, which would mcTease it to 13,o5o hhds, actual demand w1ll keep our facton1s busy tot e year less Soo l)hds reviewed and 400 hhds the production of extent of their workmg power; theJT whole bus mess will M. L. Francke's monthly repod 1s as follows.-An un-other Statts and sold th1s marltet. Th1s reduces It rest on a bas1s, and we firmly f bel1.eve ami hope precedented cold spell m1de It impossible to handle toto 1 r,Sso hhds, which we will put at an average of goo that for the commg they wiiH denve that bacco, and all nver navigation betng rec;etpts pounds, which will give ro,66s,ooo pounds. We will mate profit out of their transactions w_h1ch by nght dunng last month were very small, and conststed mostly leave out some of the fancy pnces, and put the average belongs to every enterpnse conducted m a JUdiCIOUS of low grades for wh1ch were sustained. I there-pnce at Jg per hundred, and we have S959,S5o. way and adapted to the wants of the times. fore repeat quotations of last month. a fe-: days l'hen for the sake of calculation, that the presSAN FRANCISCO, :January 3 ...:._The CommerCJal the weather has moderated and wtth the reopemng of ent crop!,. double the crop of 1871, that will only make Htra/tl reports as follows -The closmg fortmght of the the nver, and more seasonable weather for pnzmg we 1t"2317'00 Hhds, mstead of 35,000 hhds; when reduced year was as usua} a'seouson of dullness The market is may look for !arger receipts hereafter. Prices to-day makes 21.4:zo,ooo pounds, at hundred fully supphed wmter trade, havmg recently re showed a dechne of on common lugs a few hhds giVes lr,927,Soo. Now we can see notbmg m thts cal cetved constderable supphes of y1 rgima manufactured of trash sold at 6 cents. culation to anticipate very low pnces for the present overland In the absence of reported sales we know NEW ORLEANS, :January S.-We report as 'folcrop, or to. alscourage planters 10 any way. They can Qf no 1narket changes since the last auctwn, noted a lows: The market has dull, the only sales bemg double the1r crops agam, very pt:,ofitably themse!ves, week ago. There are now on their way to this from do40 hhds at pnvate terms; rates are firm, but without and not affect the of the world m the shghtmesbc Atlantic ports, 203 hhds and r,o6s cases. change, and are as follows Lugs at 8@9c, )ow leaf at est degree; and. still more favorable, the stock_:! FOREIGN medium at 9U@ro}(c, good at liJ(@uUc, mall the markets m th1s country are much lighter than and fine and selections at The supply on they fol' several w1th advanced pnces AMSTERDAM, .Dt(lfllhtr 21 -Messrs Schaap & sale 19 estimated at 700 hhds The receipts were none. m the pnnc1pal markets. fhe same thmg wtll apply Van Veen, Tobacco Brokers, report as follows -Tl: e Cleared for Liverpool 23 hhds; Genoa, 10 do; Valen to England, and the continent of Europe. Smce the movement in our article, m the last fortnight, was a c 1 a, 217 do, Bordeaux, 1 1.p, total, 1 447 hhds. Stock war, western tobacco has .m umver!'al demand pretty sale of 4,403 bales of Java tobacco, all unC!er on hand and on sh1pboard nol cleared on the 7th 1nst, Before, the demand was hm1ted, 1t ts now m sail-the ground leaves of the new crbp; besides, uo 5 o6r hhds The 111arket for man11factured is without several places where It was once harJ to sell if V1rgmta hhds Maryland and 87 cases seed leaf found buyers. and stocks are ample We quote : No. 1 leaf could be had Th1s, with the u1crease of consumption Arrivals were r, t66 bales Java Stock to-day, 503 hhds. Ihs, extra fancy, :rsc@r oo ;''fine, 6S@ 7oc, fine mem the last ten yearll, shouldstimulateourwestem plantMaryland, I7S cases t', as It IS Impossible to do so m open The weather is rep<;rted to have been till now very ros 'dark black, sweet, 45@5'0 ; navy, lbs, houses and sheds: It is ner bale for r-6ths; .from r6o to 220 per bale for good Juga, light, $7 to 7; heavy, 25 to 7; low difficulty in prov1dmg desirable stock during the season. 7ths; from 90 to 140 per bale for Sths, from 40 to 8o leaf, light, 17 5 to 8.2s; heavy, 8.1s to S.75; mt:,d1um Our Missouri crop d1d not come up to e:xpectations as to per bale for 9ths, from 25 to 35 per bale for the re leaf, light, l8.25 to S so; heavy, 19 to 9-so, good leaf, leaf, in which It was very defictent, particularly in mainder, paid for medium supenor and prime qualities, light, f9.:zs to 9-so; heavy, 19 so to ro For the first bnghts, and our manufacturers bad to look to Ken-accordmg to classtficallon, qualtty and bulk; from 70 lime since the crop was housed we are now havmg an tucky and Vugrma for a large proportion of the wrap-to So per qtl for descnptwns answermg the extreme re excellent season for stripping and pnztng the art1cle, pers wh1cli they needed, but It was sattsfactory m qual-quirem<;_nts of the U S., and from so to 6o per qtl for and should the weather continue favorable, and the ity and did not out below the estimate m quant1ty medtum grades suttaole for the same couatry; from 40 roads not become so soft as to hinder receipts, we shall which amounted to about u,soo hhds. Prices for new to so per qtl for mferior (m point of soli or otherwise) doubtless have a large busmess during th1s month, and tobacco started m our market at 14 so to 5 for light not to be brought under a particular headmg. Superior we hope to be enabled to giVe m our next report a more lugs, 5 25 to 5 5 for factory lugs, 6 to 7.50 for planters' fillers a re quoted nommally from l4o to so per qtl, but extended and reliable of the crop. lugs and low leaf, and 10 to 11 for good leaf, and not to be had alone; Infenor (refuse) do., available ST. LOUIS, :January 2 -Mr J E. Haynes, To-reached thetr highest point Ml July; on the rst of Au des c npllons, held firmly at flo per qtl It is to be bacco BrokeJ, m h1s annual statemellt, says: The regust we quoted factory 1ugs 3;t 7 so to S, 'planters' lugs borne in mind that our depreciated currency, respect ceipts and exports of the past five years compare as and low leaf at to 9, medrum to gond manufactur tvely om htgh rates of exchange have materially count follows mg leaf at 10 so to r8, medium brights 30 to 40, and eracted our actual enhanced quotat'ons The quahty 1 872. 1 371. r8io 1 3 69 1868 fine bnghts at so to 110. Though our manufacturers of last years' tobacco has on the whole gl\'en much R hhd 6 6 6 were cnppled m their transactions for a long time satisfactiOn Our m arket offers at present yet a good ecetpts, S---1 7 I ,533 II,193 101I2S 12 266 h h h eli h f d 1 fh Ex d t roug t e pen ng c ange m our Internal Revenue supply o supenor assorte ots lor e use.,. our manu-ports, hh S ----92 37 11255 762 3 8 20 5 8 88 7 laws. thesf! pnces were sustained for several months facturers, as well as the spmewhat (ower grades mostly At the begmmng of the year, the stock m warehouse through the busk demand for e:xport and the contmue taken for Germany; also of the qualities suitable for was 676 hhds and 7S boxes, more than half owned by activity of our manufaeturers who were working stock the U S. there IS still some stock kept on hand, with manufacturers. During the year, 9 022 hhds and 1 ahead m expectation of large transactions for the halthe vieW of realtzmg h igher rates later m the season, boxes were offered for sale at the warehouse, and some ance of the feason; only when these hopes were not on the other hand fiUers alone, both high and low, are of the hhds bemg on the bTeaks more than once, the full}r realized later m the season prices gave way grad exceedmgly scarce, particularly the latter, havmg been total offenngs foot up ro,o87 hhds \ Sales amounted to ually, notw1thstandmg the scarctty of desirable stock !>ught u,p last week for Germany. Partldo-Rece1pts-?,S54 hhds and I,2IS bo:xes Deli\ered to City manu wh1ch made itself felt, ahd on the first of December, bemg estimated m the .aggregate for the }Car 1S72 at facturers, 3.424 hhds and 959 boxes Shtpped from when our stock at the warehouse was reduced to 519 42,ooo bales, agamst 2,,000 bales m r871-as well as warehouse to factones and other_ markets, hhds, mostly m the hands of manufacturers, quotations stocks have dwmdled down to nearly nothmg. The es6,o8S hhds and 476 boxes. ran as follows, viz : for common lup, 6 to 7, planters' formmg the mam spnng of the busmess earned There was a very steady manufactunng demand all lugs and low leaf, 7 to a. so, manufacturing leaf, 9 to 15; on now a-days in this commodity, were on the openmg through the year, and at ttmes the aupply was unequal no bnghts offered. For the present it 11 unpossible to of the season all eagerly contracted for from to 46 to the demand. It was a poor year, however, for Eugrve any further regular quotations, but the few hhds of per qtl; the bulk oftt, cOilslltmg of the hghter shades, ropean shippers, as prices ruled too htgh here for them destrable stock w ich are offered for sale command full bemg shipped to Germany and the balance to the to operate Prices ruled higher than the previous year pnces agam The reports of the new crop of Mwsoun u. s.; givmg on the whole goo d satisfac:tion to all on all grades, especially on lugs, common and medtum continue as favorable as ever from almost every toccrocerned; the latter fetched m the end e,en I so per qtl leaf. No Fau was held m June. The Tobacco Asso bacco-ra1sing county concernmg quantity as well as The trade ts now lookmg forward to the early offsprings ciation orgaruzed the previous year, m order to stimulate quality and leaf, and we upect that the St. Louis mar-of the new crop; some parties a ctmg:on behalf of New production, determmed to give different a-nd much larger ket will show as fine specimens of leaf of all grades York Importers are said to have made prehmmary premiums, and to defer the Fatr so that theu hberalitv next seasoa as-1lave ever been exhibited in the West. overtures to planters o a nature to put exalted notwns rrught !llduce farmers to exert themselves to raise not The reported raising' of the Impost duty on tobacco in into thetr heads from whiCh Jt IS feared pnces Will open only a fine quality of the weed but a larger quantity. Germany may at the commencement of the season higher than otherwiSe there would be any occasion for. That their action has not been fruitless is quite evident. cause a neglect at the principal tobacco markets of the RemediOs.The receipts of RemedJOs at our port are A much larger average was planted, and the l?.rgest low grades of wh1cb that country was a large consumer estimated tQ. have reached I he past year the aggregate crop was grown since 1863, generally of good quality, but the desirability of th"e crop and the nearly total ex: of about 25,ooo bales, of whtch about s,ooo bales are the season having bet>n quite The Mtssoun haustton of the old stock will secure a ready market for sttll on hand, whilst there remain behind (at San Juan crop exceeds that of the preVIous year over 5 per cent' the better grades of new tobacco when offered for sale de los Remed10s) some 3,ooo bales .An active bus1ness and m the opiruon of some IS hkely to double It tn good conditiOn The extreme cold and dry weather has been transactmg m assorted parcels up to the close Stock in warehouse at close of the year, 27 I hhds. has so far kept our planters from handhng their crops, of the year, the lighter shades bemgr taken for Europe Forthoominc Auction Sale. By John H. Draper & Co., 112 Pellrl Street, on Fri day, January 17, at It o'clock, A. M., in their store 62 cases Connecticut Leaf Tobacco. in B1Ubaea, I NEw YoRK CITY.-Alfonso & Oo., Importers of Havana C1gars; Mr. Alfonso retires; the business Will be contmued by Mr A A. Martinez under his own name. N. Y.-J. W. Stevens & Co., Importers and Packer11 of Leaf Tobacco, Mr. J. I. Wendell admttted.; firm name now, Smtth, Stevens & Wendell. CLARK&VILLE, Tenn -M. H. Clark & Brother, Leaf Tobacco Brokers, have opened houses In Hopkinsville Ky., and Paducah, Ky., under their name. BREMEN, Germany.-W. F. Fallenstem, Tobacco General Commission and Forwarding Busmess ; for merly of the late firm of Chas B. Fallenstein & Son, New York City. TOBACCO FERTILIZERS. A.n Inquiry. [ C(lrrtspondma of THE ToBACCO LEAF ] I wish to mqutre through your columns of some suc cessful Connecttcut tobacco grower, in relation to suit able fertilizers for the growth of the wetd. Are ashes, hme, plaster, and salt good for tbe growth of the plant, and 1f so will some, grower give the ratio of each m a preparatiOn of them contammg one liunlirttl bus luis? I w15h to put one half pmt m each h1ll under the plant If any thmg else JS better, please grve It. The land IS already well manured wtth barn-yard manure, and I wtsb to do shU more by puttmg somethmg unde.r hill or plant. I wJSh also to mq111re how far apart Jt Is grown m Con necticut ; how far apart are the rows, and how far the plants are m the row? On dry, sandy loam 1s It better to ndge the or set the plants upon the level ground, and is It better to roll the ground before setting? Will some growers please give their advtce for the benefit of growers in thts section of the country? The new crop here ts fine, nice of general good color,being a light cmnamon; the leaf IS thm and fine and if the hail had not visited some localities in th1s we would bave had the finest crop grown here for years. I do not mean to be understood that it is all haiicut far from it. Our county, Cayuga, lies dtrectly west of Onondaga, and we have some of the finest tobacco land m the country, and we farmers are now begmmng to grow more extensively, and this will ere long be one of the best growing sections in th1s State. \Ve have raised the weed for thtrteen seasons and find 11 a good paymg crop, hazardous though it may be called bJ some I have traveled some m Onondaga County, and' find the crops there are generally of good color, quality and Size; I hope they far exceed the earher expectation& of the gr;owers. Hopmg some ConnectiCUt growe" will reply tO' my inquhies and give their mope of manunng' the htll, settmg, etc and oblige TOBACCO GROWER.. CoNQUEST, Cayuga County, N Y :Jamury 6, t87J Ad'Uertuements. Quotations of Manufactured Tobacco. Vtrgrnia, but the first favorable change will bring out a good sup-at rates varymg from per qtl and eventupwards bnght, pounds, 46 to 4S i ha.Jves, 48 to 5' quarply of tobacco whiCh is bad\ ceded by quotation for picked lots, whilst :strong fleshy ters, 4S to so' fives, 47 to 49 tens, 53 to 55 Dark, our manufacture,s, particularly good manulactUringlbd qualihes {911nd ready amateurs for the Umted States pounds, 44 to 46; halves, 44 to 46; quarters, 44 to 46; bright leaf. Manufactured Tobacco-The past year paying from hs@so per qtl. This of to fives, 44 46; tens, 44 to 46 Westem, bright, pounds, has not been as prosperous for our Western manufacbacco has gradually risen m the estimation of the trade -45 to -47' halves, 45 to 47 ; quarters, 4S to 5; fives turers as the vast capttal mvested, and the great enter-and reached pnces now, which might e deemed ex 48 to so; tens, 53 to 'ss. Dark, pounds, 42 to 45 pnse and busmess capacity exh1b1ted by this brancli of cesstve for a IW of eastern growth. Tire market closed halves 43 to quarters 43 to 5 fi t h ld :., 1 n 1 I'TIOBACC O FACIORY FOR SALE, Wlllo Steam aod HJolraollc P ower 09 4 ves, 43 4S' trade s ou have warranted The .,rinctpal cause unexce.ediqgly nrm at per qtl. for assorted par_1_ Plant cap;otl"of manufacturinw Pifteera Handred p01111d1 r c1a tens, 43 to 45 Fancy, long tens, 53 to 55 ; lady finger, doubtedly has been 'the change in our Internal Revenue eels; whilst fillers being nearly absorbed by the demand Building a t a moderate renul, If Box 1:,'; P b : 68 to 7; pocket pteces, -- bnght twist, 66 to 68. laws which for months has been debated m committees for Germany, sprmgmg up the other day, are hardly HE c 1 h h 1 1 be 4n ot Wttlnmiay, January S.-Mr. J. E. Haynes, To-and slowly dragged 1ts dreary way through the two now to be found at S3o per qtl Of Sagua & Quemado T :1} Few .tt. bacco Broker reports as follows -Received 2 hhds, houses of Congress to the great disadvantage of every-de Gumes receipts have been this season comparatively' 11 sign t6e,... I.2 the previous week No offerings on the botiy concerned m the busmess, until It passed m Its small, aud a hmited busmess has been done accordmgly, L w GUNTHER or Baltimore breaks smce last Wednesday, except a few .packages present shape at the last moment and was to become a Ieavmg us With an exceedmgly dtmtmshed stock on Th d d h h beF w TATGENHORST, of New York eld and new crop wh1'ch sold yesterda at d 1 h f J 1 e un er&lgne erew1t gs to 1oform the pubhc that he will coe-Y goo .pnces aw on t e ISt o u y. Durmg the pendmg of the new hand to be quoted nommally from $30@45 pe qtl. tmue the Tobacco and General ComnussloA BuilD ... 1 n hiS owo n...,e..,. for the quality. It IS not expected that a regular da1ly law busmess m manufactured tobacco was almost en acco;dmg to qualtty and assortment. Yara, Mayan & for 1 187 3 p w TATGENHORST, market will be had before the xst or 15th of next month, tirely suspended, unless for small Jots which were GJbara have e1;1joyed a very good demand throughout 4" .t 68 Broad St., cor of lleaer, New Yortt and prices now bemg entirely nommal, we can not give needed for 1mmed1ate consumptton, but our manufac the season no stock ts left at their respecuve empo A RARE CHANCE r quotations for different grades Sales yesterday were turers worked steadily alonr expecting a fa1r remunera-nums of ava1lable fo Export now the closmg 5 hhds at S 2 10 6 6o, 7 go, IO@ll, and 3 t10n for past sacrifices by mcreased aCtiVIty when the quotatiOns were as follows Yara 36 per qtl Gold boxes at 1 20 (scraps), 5@6 5 Q_uotatJons of Mannew law had taken effect. They were partly d1sapG1bara from $18@19 per qtl Recortes and P1cadura ufactured Tobacco, Vigmta-Bnght, pounds 46 to 48, pomted. After the first rush of accumulated orders, are all under contract for home consumptton and 1t 1s halves, 4S to S 0 ; quarters, 48 to 5; fives, 47 to 49 i busmess fell off and for the balance of the season did next to Impossible to buy them for export, we tens, 53 to 55 Dark, pounds, 44 to 46' halv es, 44 to not come up to the expectations of the trade. The quote the former at $11@11 per arrobe, and 46; quarters, 44 to 46 i fives, 44 to 46 ; tens 44 to 46 worst feature of unsound suspense m wh1ch the the latter at per arrobe, nomwally Western-Bnght, pounds, 45 to 47; halves, 45 to 47, manufactunng was kept for months through export duty 1s fixed now at f,2 25 per mtlle quarters, 4S to 5; fives, 48 to S0 ; tens, 53 to 55 the tardy acuon of Congress was the accumulatiOn of ] BE L ET-CHEAP-or For Sale, pdoe only $M8 00 a year, at LOCUST _I_ GROVE or a NEW HOUSE of B rooms, with halfan.....,.. of Garden, Frua or-; Grape Arbor, Stable, Out-houses, etc M:tuated behreeu S d e pobl on tile F l u hLng Rat!roa.d and only 6 mmutes from eaclt depo' 1 22 tra1us daily IS mmutcs to N e w Yotk C1ty Inqulre aWle otlce of UliJ paper S8i A RARE CHANCE. I am now engaged m the MANUFACTURING OF CIGARS, IN TH.IS CITY And am doing a Fair 11nd. Te'f7 Sifo Buiness, Uut would hke to extend the same, and thetefore, seek a GENTLEMAN OF GOOD CHARACTER AND WITH MEANS, to join w1th me The beet of references requ1red anrJ All communications stncUy ca. fidenbal Address PARTNER, thts office jan. 13, 1&,3 -41nt POBEIGN Dli'IU58 OPI TOIIA.OOO. lD, P....,.e, Iuly aod Sp;uo, tbe tobolcco coaomerce Is moaop<>l!Md by go'\"ttt'Dment, under direc.hou. of a Rt\gie Ja Geraaay tbe duty oa Amerlcaa legftobecco tsk per 100 lba ln BelgtDIIl tbe lmpolrt.ta reckooedafterdedac:Uoc 15 per c:ent. lor !are The datJ tJ "'"-.., ceot1mes fiOldl per 100 K1iognmmes tJC .f,mencao lbO. -1 .s.lf ldlbo l In HoUIDCI the dUtJ aa 28 cenu. pld, per 100 k1Jos. f:alkt All:terkM poeads betng equal \a 1117 kilo&.) In llDM1o the daly on leaf too.c... lo 4 ftMibleo, 40 copeka per pad : oa -' tobecco :o6...,... 40 cop. pet' .,..s. aacl 011 clnn 2 "'"' -J>er --.. The M """. lo eqDO! to-" A-rlcu .... b .... datY ...... -. fDicl, por ""A--. -


, 4 .JAN. 15 Jl'ew York Commi....ton .llercllaa111o T. CJOwmtMto ileNil,_. BULKLEY MOORE & )r!A.NuFAm'URERS or mx OBLEBJtATli:D -BBOTBRIS & Co. TB, E VIRGINIA -TOBACCO AGENCY, ESTABLISHED IN 1836, BY CHARLES CONNOLLY. CORROLL Y -GO., r COltDIISSION IIEROBANTS IN a.nd Manufactured Tobacco, 45 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. We respectf ully call the a ttent io n of the trade to the following Standard BrandS o f M auufactured Tob acco : POUNDSI I AND 12 INCH. WINE SAP, GOLDEN SEAL, nrMOR"-, MOHl!IING 8TA.R, FOUR 'AI lil WINSTON, HENRY,CO. SISTERS, TALLYHO I ROYAL IITAIIDARD, ete. BRICHT AND DARK-48, 68, AND DOUBLE THICK&. lJNIQt1E, I"BARL, DEW BOROI)I:NA, PEA.HODY, ; CHAMPAGl'lilll, WATER LILY DIABEJII, BLACKBIRD, SEA lUNG, YACHT CLUB, APROI'OS, ete., ete. TWISTS-12, 9 AND 6-INCH. 1 GAME COCK AND H ENRY CO. ROUGH AND READY IN D R UMS. DOLL'IIl:VABDEN; ATLAl'llTIC CABLE, BOllA II'IDE1 :;-:WifoN, FANCY TOBACCOS LICHT PRESSED, etc. EL DORADO, I PIGMY, OPTIH., L A RO:SA B UFFAJJO CHIPS, PAN ( lAKE, GOL DEN HODS, GOLD B.HS, etc. And a hrge assortment o f other brands in and 12 inch lbs. Qa,k and Bright, t 4-S, ss, tos. Double T hjcks a n d r'ancy Tooacco. tAB RIBBOlfti I w t Str t N y ...... 145 a er ee orK. &eataeky an4 Virc-lia -No 129 PEARL STREET, in ', '-' N.f.lW YOBJ[. D 0 ME S 'J1 I 0 L ... .... .... IIII'Oanal.. ..... 0 F.OB.EIGlf TOBAOCtl, 7 7 T ST. N Y a aJUb NEWYORK. -.-.. ..... 1'."11. SPENCER:' 0: C aUJIA. 68 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. wu- f &JirD OJIG ...... ;-:l' Ito i ... i") 1 ........


; .LN. 16 I'D --------JACOB BDDLL, JOS&PI:: W KAKTilf. FREDEIUCit 11. JOIINI!Ol'l MARUI' ACTln.D JOHNSON PALMER & SCOVILLE, fl IIIHB'I'Blll Gl' II'ARIIB, AliD IOIIIIBM OP AU., 1pJ1De f1' lll&llTIN BOXES, hcoeaora t.o BJAVliALL &; 00., 166 WATER STREET., .. AND Prime Oualltr of WOO. 2De, .ue 287 Monroe St., NEW YORK. Wlrt. AGlU!IW 6 SOBS, Tobacco and OommiMieP fl84 Front 8t--&,, NEW YO.BK. BA'YJIOY.8AL&ALLDWK1HW-, ua! Tobaet.t for Export and "114111 fli.' L6n( Tobaooo "baled in any \ic press f9r export. And Dealer in tiMt .f.tod 'I'Gl-uecoa., 1119 t{ewYork. M. W. MEIDEL & BRO. & Leaf Tobaooo, 190 Pf!ARL STIU:ET New J:ork. Leaf Tobacco. Old Connecticut O{d Slttft Stt Wmppm. Wn:ppws aiUi Fillers H. COLELL, 1'78 WM8r Jf-Y..._ RBA.D & Co., WALTER, FRIEDm & FB.EISE, Illfl'OKTEJlS 01!' -v iu:w YORE 'CITY. s IOS.Jftltrll'-& co. DI'PORTER8 OF LEAF TOBAC'CO,. No. 1'10 Water Street, NBw York. TobaCco Commiasion Mercbants. AGENTS B'OR THE SALE 01'1' .A-;r.L THE Standard Brands of apd North Carolina I MANUFACTURED-TOBACCO. /'Dd SOLE :AGENTS for the Sale o( the following Brands of :M&SSRS THOMAS & OuvKR, and D. C. MAYO & Co., Richniortd, Va.: Ml\NUFACTURm. Virg\tda Beaufit!a, I Virginia Beautiea; Olive, t lbs. MANUFACTURED. King Bee, rz in:ch lbs. rt:l4e ol thi Mitioa ; 12 inch }bt : Rrerd "'lndntry. 12 iiicll-tW. Virginia's Own Pocket Piecea. 'D'DQ Thorn Nec:es. ., I Chew's I Rose Twist, 6 inch. [ D. () Mayo's Navy, lbt., i lbs., and ros. -Oonesfora, SS: : SMOKING. COIDOl!BIOII AlfD DIPOB.'l'EB.S OP CLAY PIPES, WATER-STREET. NEW-YORL GANS & MICHAELIS, IMPORTERS OF J M. Walker's Extra Bright Twist, ,. inch. La Chili.41!n tr .. '9liodl;ttgtrt preiSed. Cha r"!nry, lr. Chas. Henry, Jr., 12 inch lbs Pure Virgmia, T21nch lbs. Eureka, T 2 inch lbs. Oliver's Choi ce 12 inch lbs (\.ld Kentuck 1 2 inch lbs IOSBPBS, BillfBuck Ohoi& more thout ten year he h :u acquired an experience is tbf !test C'Ai' ..... for r eli>ble, prompt, and fhoraag,ll at tion to od.po of and ..,.aenhr New Internal Revenue Law. He thinko tht double thick jiny 4 acroos. 1{, C. lllacldu, Golden NaY)' Hall 1= 1). Dill, The Pet, FoOl D. k II>. loo-) G. Din, The J>.t. Poebtl'l-r oeeph G Ditl, Miss Jennie, Pressecl (Twins), ooeph G. DIR, Tw'-t, l!llr Joseph G. (medium bript). moklng, Joseph G Dill, Gipsy Queen (bright), I Smo1Uiig, osepti l Mea, (medt-A SPECI )'--l11AlUTFA.CTlJBED AND SM;O.IUNG Ma.:1ufactured unde r Special Brands for the Jobbing Trade. 111. ST4Q_ H t=LB:E; G a CO_._. MANUFACTURERS OF LA NOILI P' & "LA PEBPEOfO" 011 AA4 of llsact 11111_.,.. of Le-e ._d .. aM cx..n exe!:alilftlr. ALSO, DEALERS .IN LEAF TOBACCO. 257 AR STREET, Nl!!W -AUERB4CB & MI"DERSON, WHOl:ESALE DEAL1tRS rN 1 DOIKXtl !II _Dm-llll AND I!Wro!'AO'l'tJUBS at' :rml IJ8. WATER STREET, NEW I M. SALOMON, otas .. -:&. 8PIEB & co., ..._ SUI. ICEITS _FOR -c UNITED. STATES ,AND CANADA&, Ol' .t: CO'II, GDill CIGB 10---" TENT T CIRCULAR SA

8 } PJ.nadelphJa Advertiseaeata. st.m.w, SmttJa B.a. a B:Decht, ,. Jill&! .. .lLio IIJlQie 1i:JDAp-TOEIAOOO, ....., ... ,.... .,_. if 885 RACE 8TR T. MARKS, RA LPH & CO., Kaallf.-. 1l'llo1esale DNJor m l'Oii&OCO, SRUFF, CIGAJIS, md f:!l16()j[jj}t8' ARTICT..Ji!S1 SNUFF, .11.5 bob St.,.Phlladelphla. -PaokeJ'S, Commission Merchants. aDd Whole3ale Dealers in PONI&D aDd Dom.ealic Lea.f'To'ba.cco,. 117 North "[hird Street,.Philadelphia. L BAMBERGER & 00., 't DUUIIIIlf LEAF TOBACC-O, And Manufacturers of all Orades of Cigars, "lllo. S _N. Water Pa. -:wGQDW A.B.D, GAB.B.E'l'T a:; 00., (heceaors to Woo4waft, :B:o. a; Oo.,> I 'l'OllAODO u4 G--.1 COIDIDIIIOlf XBBmWn'8, 8aJIJcaQa Wattuo Mt. au4 a a No;rth I>elaw-IU"' Avenue, Phlln. SOU: EASTERN AGENTS FOB. lJ!'. -= ... .JI''w Cel-od" MONITOR" Na'I'J,IbL aD4 al8o 1ilio Golde11 Ban Der, Ji'J.rldlr Top Jut aD4 Ualoa J ack Navles,Jbs and 5ds. Cete'bratec Goldea Na.y, lbto. and gcla. 1 also, 1ilio Brlghf Pine Apple Sw .. t Ca..,._ ilad Allemaay Nary. -, .. Pride of the 'Iilley," Brt. 5'1 and "Golden Fla'ke" (light pre r Vo.' Superior Ready Twists, 6 and ain. T LYOBA It Co.' "Pride of DurJwn. t -...; eaw ._. Dolrtlaal, o .. .......... ucl 14-B.&TCBBLOR_ BROTBIBS, Kauufaotarers of Ci&ars, WHOLESALE DEPOT 330 North 3rd St., nmeMII II& 881' Jllertll Tldrd lltreec, Selo_. St., ... 881' Clles&all& Street. PHILADELPHIA, PA. 8 W EISENLOHR & CO., PACKERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN LBAF TOBACCO, t t I 15 SOUTH WATEIIi 8TR .. T, PHILADELPHIA. 11. EISEILOIIR. "}Is. W. CLARII. PIIILBONN. DOHAN & TAITT, RJllATJ)() SANK 00., and Genara.l Com. lerchanbt ..,. ............. ........ IN..-. 0 lobacco Commission f e PHILADELPHIA. ,.. a. Jbttl1 .-w 1f......._ ... L .. ............ ,... ...... .,:!JLIUS Yii'i"l'ERLElN It CO., ce.oee-&o VBT TER LEIN .t 00.,) I TOBACCO IKBOOSSION MERCHANTS, J.ltl) --_.,08 IF 8PW8B TOI1COO, .ito. w .Arob St., PbJladelphia. : --Alii& ).u.,..r .. .....U... 107 ARCH PHILADELPHIA. K. E. McDOWELL & CO., 'Z'OBAOOO AND u moom. 38 NORTH WATER ST., Philadelphia., Pa. .Apab for the 1111e of all kiiMII of M anufactured u4 Leaf Tol>accoc. L. HERBERT, W.IDWARDS a Oommiaaion Merchants in Dealer In WJ tOBACCO AID CIGABS, LEAF -TOBACCO... aah'Ul Water St., l'lllllclelylda. ._ .. la-l"rllalaand Delaware ror 'l>e ...._Qipr ___ &DdEmptre'l'ucllouttu. "" PHILADELPHIA. ,-._ 111100 ... -JOH1I JIOC)mt. &.0& J. OOBE, H. SCHMIDT, TOBACCO "LEAF TOBACCO" COIIISSHi IERCHAftS, W.uiiZBGVa. f.' AJeo ot Ud Bm 107 !fOI'l'B: WA'l'EB S'l'Ua', et Cil-n4 PHILADELPHil No. ISlll South. Seeona PHILADELPHIA. JAN.16 SOUTHERN AND WESTERN ADVERTISEMENTS. j aa.a-Uord Advertl&eaeau.. CASSIUS WKLLBI!. L. B. B.U& Baltbnore A.dvertiseJDelllta. R1CHARDMALLAY. JAKESJ.fALLAY. Besuden & Bro., I c. co., I R:MALLAYA BRO DEALERS .N I CONN. SEED LEA A. BOYD & CO., WHOLESALE DEALER JN ... IAIIfA&TDII m LHAP TOBACCO, CIGARS, &C., I tE.A.F { J E A F TO B A ceo ,1, __ 154 ::: !: .nL. l ST., BALTIMORE. 'l'llOS. W. CROIUI:B.. H. WILKENS & CO., MoNUMENTAL CITY ToBAcco WoRKS, No. WIST PBA'1"1' 8'1'UBT, JW.TDIOIB, KAIVLA)T]), MANUFACTURERS OJ' ALL KIBDS OP SMOIIIG liD CBBWIIG TOBACCOS. M FAlK, & CO., 143 Water Street New York. Gl!O. KEB.CKHOFT. OEO. p, Uli'YUZAGT. KERCKHOFF & CO., DEALERS IN CONnt'TICUT, 1U V ANA ill YAB! LW !OBAWJ, or emus No. 49 8. CH4RLE8 ST-REET, BALTIMORE. J. HAWKINS. C. M. HAWKINS ) JIA 'W'KINS a CO., TOBACCO CODISSION IERCBAITS 3 West Lombard Street, Baltimore '"' CONSIGNMENTS SOLICITED AIU UBERAL ADVANCES lADE. I 15 and I 17 West Front St., 161. 163, & 165 Pearl Stret, Race aod Elm, OINOmNATL 0. CINCINNATI. S. LOWENTHAL a CO., OF FINE CIGARS, AND DEALDS m LEAF 'rO:BACCO, NO. 11-:2 WEST THIRD STREET, CINCINNATI, OHIO. STK&.88ER. & CO., KROHN, FEliS A CO., (Suc:OCS6or& to LOUIS STRASSER,) MANUFACTURERS OF CtaARS, MANUFACTURERS OF Fnn'oc FReo'K KLIER G. GIE S KE ED. NIEKAliN. Alii> DIIJWUIS IK W!%.1U:JIS &. Kr.D:B. :LUi', An SKOmfG Leaf' Tobacco GIESKE&NIEMANN CIGARS, I AND TOBACCO FACTORS CINCJ:NNATI, OHIO. COMMISSION MERCHANTS,.And OommissiUII and tencv:ned Brnnds o f Virginia E;moki11g 'l'obt-J.(.'f!C... LO::.E JACK BROWN DICK. a H BOLENIUS .... 1\n HavaDa IIJ'obacco,, 1 _. ., uu, 193EastLAKEST.CHICACo' B. F PARLETT & CO., (I; .... OU8AL'B DULWW. 18 MANUJIACTUIU:O LIIAII' r\ND MOKti(Q 111-"'"'tory, lltll 8tre.aS. LYNOHBURG, VA. TOBACCOS, J:W &e.r--. .. Leaf and Bavam. ool00i310ll JO!BI!II&mJ PO:& BALB oP wm TOBA0008. 92 Lombard and & Water St., H. w. Clltwlu 11114 PJIIIIII co II&Zo'I'DIOIUI, ... BALTIMORE, MD. G B ... L. w. GU:NTBER, GENERAL COIIISSION IERCHABT, AJIDTOBAOOO FACTOR-LEAF TOBACCO, go LOMBARD STREET, AND CIQAR RIBBONS. . No. 115 German St., Baltimore, Md. BAL'I'IIIO .... MD. ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED. Llbetol achaacemeato &oaai&nmeDu to my BECK .. HAYEN, ..,.,..n 1M ...U c.--.leraull, LED TOJU.CCO, I BALTIMOH. MD. loB. Sctmo:m>u. A :RJ-& .. ea.mlallon aad wllolnaie deal ero t e ., Leaf" and Manuf"actu:re-.< Tobacco ud W K:, &AJUUta, H c.AMDLaa. C WAr;;r.:a.a. BARKER, CHANDLER f& CO. IUNUFAO!UBBBI OF 018W .ADd Wholellle Dtl1m In ti.U' 'l'OUOOO, No. 31 GERMAN STREET, Oppooi te Cuolltoa Hote l, BAL TIMOR, RICARDS, LEFTWICH & CO.,. Leaf To ba.cco Factors 83 EXCHA,NGE PLAOE, Baltimore. (traer oolleltCYJ and promptly attended tta I. W. VENABLE. R P HAMILTON. S. W. VENABLE & CO., D.I!:ALERS I N LEAF ANJJ MANYFACTURERS OJ. -TOBACCO, r .A. MILL S"JIIIIIIft", lloc:Jiener Y. Kolllld City Tobaoco worta. C.& R. DORMITZER & C t p 0 .& '1' I. I l'f DEALDO .,, ---.... Leaf Tobacco & Clgh. .;, Fine-Out, Ohowing & SmoJ..t.... 81aok,luc;-& Chewlnll Tobacco, T 'L.--Killi' kini' k ( All IUud8 of Smo!'-en' \ OUQ\MW, 0 0 ur.uo, Articles, e. Tltt ........... lh....., .M...,.dt Suetot1 bet. 2d 11.11d 3d 11'1'. LOVU, ST. LOlliS, MO. D. A z. K. PBASB, --CenDeeUcut Seed-Leaf r:r<):OA, 18 Market SUeet, Bartfbrd. CeDn. Wt.. WI:8TPHAL, CoMVTBSio Aat1 Doeler Ia COIIECTICUT IHI LEAF -Tobacco, State St Hartford, Conn A. L. 1: F. SISSOI, Packer s and Dealen in OONNEGTIOUT SEED LEAF TOBACCO,. No. I 34 MAl N STREET, H 'artford, Conn. WOODWORTH A 8TRONC, LEAF TOBACCO, .o .. m7statest.; H.ABTFOBD, CT. R. A. CHAPMA,, D:uLDJJr onnecticut Seed Leaf T ot.m. EAST HARTFORD: COftNECTICUT. G. W. GR.aV.c..i.:> -. ...l..o.DUD 11......a1 Fine Connecticut Seed-Leat To s-ao o o t r.anbury, Connecticut. _,....,.,lj .... ... H. BlUTH & CO., Co1111lissilln Merchants and J .. CONNECTICUT LEAP' T08AOCIO 20 Hampden Stl'eet, SPBmGriELD, IUSS. LouisVille Advertisemeats G. W. _WI C K S & C 0., llanufaclarera' .&genii! for \be oale of V Iral nla, llll:lseourf, and Alo De.alero in LEAF TOBACCO & 1.02 MAIN STBEET, (Between 8d aDd 4th,) Go. LoulviUe. K y. N.Pvur. P. F. SIKONIN & CO., LID TOBACCO BBBDl St., LOUISVILLE, KY. Five Brothers Works. JOHN FlNZER, BEN. FINZER, FR.&D. FIMZJ;R RVDOLPH FINZER, NICHOLAS FINZER. JOHN FINZER & BROS MANUF A:CTVIULR S O F No. 81 Exchange llaoe, a ....... x...orx:M:e> I', A, ALDilECllT, I. SORBllslm ALL .,. B"'LVJai MASON, FLACC BEEMAN, D 11 WROLESAE D EALE RS JN comml-ion Merchants Plna, & Smotinr Tobaccos. "FIVE BROTHERS lin," "IIRGIIll PINE APPLE," AID "PIICAIE" TOBACCOS. 13 tl; 15 TIDlU) BT., Lo.u-tu.., K,-. LEWIS BREMER' S SONS, LOUIS IlESKE i, CO., Wholesale OOMMISSIDN MERCHANTS, ._ U.&TBIR a 10 Wbolesale D ealers in .ALBRECHT & WBOIJilSAT.E DEAI,,l'RS I'OB ...,. BALli o AND m I MuucruRED AID LunoaAcco c 1 a .a. as. 1 Bos'toa Adverti8eme11t Teear Tobacco AND Seaa:rs, JaO lfOB.TB TBmD ST., PHILADELPHIA, PA. A. B. THEOBALD, 0. .A.U. .,. Iii I. IlP.AllllBB: ..t.l'ID DOx:.TIC '-fobul:o. Gbl:Will !obacco, SlnJr, and Brier Plpec, !1> ftlr4 &all l'oJlu ..... l'lll'adelpN .H.J.A XNIS:t'EC'J;'J:ON EED LEA.F TOHA.CCO. IJ. W. DIOBJ!BSOW, Drll'BCTO:& J'OK nDI IUBACCO tRADE OF PHILA-DELPHIA OPJriCIIAT lOT l'fortll Water ..... !&, .. PR'ILADELPHJA.. E. D. Christian & Co.,-, $ I iVJRGftiiA JEAF' TOBACCO," :&.4\0CO E-XCHANGE, -lchmtSnd, Ya. _;;' __., L E 4 F i AND DEALERS IN ._ND MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, TOBACCO No. 822 North Tlf.ira Street, 1 42 South Chari 8 St t PR'ToLPBU. 1 e ree :JI HAVANA Alii) SeedLeefTobaoco, 1 62 South Calvert st., Baltimore. Md. .-A large 1100rtmen t o r all kinde o! Loaf Toba& I BALTIMORE, MD. on band. f ;.;.;... _________ "'T__________ HIGHI.ANDER TOBAcco woRKs, rhoa .Bare & Co., 'WHOLSIALJ: DEALJ:RIJN ea:f Tobacco, And Manufacturers of Cigars, 503 ortb SAcond Street, PHILADE-PHIA. OLEDO TOBACCO WORKS. WITKER, HALS'l'EAIJ & CO., llaau!acturel"'' aad DealeTs i.n BACCO, 8lffiFF ill CIGARS ttawa street, TOLEDO, o l.., .... S. Hua, J._ BAnE &. T.EEDQJI still alive. FIRST HTIOilL TOIIICtO WIRt1Sf, 716 NORTH SECOND STREET, D&ALKD .. Leal and Tobaooo, .a/e. Apnt for G..w. II As' a ud IIAU.,... ._..._.., Bal T-. -J,,II'"'7.-d Y .... ... ... IM1MI ,_ ....... I f No. sao North Seoond lilt.. I 04 L _. xs6 Michigan Ave' o. ou...,, ..... o, WIGHT & STEVENS, Cowm.issioa. lllerchants, Jobbers of SPANISH And Pa,c'k:ers of" Domestic Leaf" To'bacco 18!1 Aveaue, Ohicago. U. W LA.NG;li.ORN.o.. J H FLOOD. G. W. tANGHORNE & CO., Manufc.-.turers of following celebrt.teli llranlis of I Mc:EIJ!.OY mtOTliERS, Tobacco Cealfssion lerc,uta A1\D SOLB AGKNTS FOR BUCHAIAI LYALL'S TOIICC81, M. BROAD STREET, BOSTON,MA88 C. o : HOLYOKE, COKKlSSION MERCHANT In LEfl.F and MANUF A.C'l'URJ;D TOBACOO, 1.2 Central Wharf, BOBtOA. Ferdinand Westhoff; Jr., :AGENT VIRGINIA SMOKING TOBACCOS, Jefferson Street, between 7th and 8th, -AND :J.Y 1\T C H BUR G, VIR GIN 1 A. Forwarding Bob White in _Cloth Dee r Haf!!, in Johnny Reb in Cloth Westward Ho1 1n Cloth Aunt Sal lie's Cho&ce, tn C l o th Rustic Belle in C l oth Dew Drop in Cloth Jolly Boy, in Old White Hat And other Cho1ce G rades. of 0!'1' Tobaooos pooked in rases to suit purohasen, FUE OF EXTRA OHARGE and m tbe new and popnlar style of Paebges to the diirerent of tlut wor14. BBEME'R', GEBVANY. FACTORY No.6, FIFTH DISTRICT. -e (f'Af, TOBACCO BftQitrGS SP .. OTTO, 189 Pearl St.Ne111r:Yo:rk ""11 llENEIUL AGENT FOR ALL ST TES,_ !HCLUOING 9HIO. 1 ".: TmQBIIVD'I--n .. .. ..


' l'Dil r ) T T.a..i S.OON V1,&91 J.A. Dlli,.T bacco paid in this District during November, THBOIIORE sCHWA 1lTZ .t oo ...... .. Cuttlnwand. .... :J&KBS Or.A.BX .......................... Cutting and Kanuflleturing rear. c...e.tic.& ilad .M.-r.II!MJUs. Ell CO I.-lT..-eoam.-nHorohull WOLFOLJI: ItOLi:Nif ................ CnltiDr; andManufactur!nr; The S fieJd Hi U/ut f d WLOM:. g 0 MEl ....... ..... X..fT-Coea'llllion Merehallt' W, 1. G&Alft' .t Q!J ....... ....... .... Oirttlll.g and pnng IJ.US a recent says : INTERNAL REVENUE -The estimate or t;Jle Ul ,FllX,' a ................ ---._; LB'ft_)_ 0 ttinandllandcturinle < r The d b o. h dd ldam d ln of J .. u!U:Ota. P'RA.GOf'J! ............ Cuttiag aacl ( .,. w ..................... u r re Ia no 011 t t"!at t ere Ia a goo ea age Commissioner of tern a! Revenue for the expenses j tobaC<:O-flim as "'tA as was at Jint suj}lsttl. But that office for the next fiscal year have been !!ent to the R... NEwMARK,, ,L, I C 0 B ICE p A 8,.. E A If D B 0 0 '.r every grower has this to console him-that if he has, House Committee on Appropriations. Tbe entire esti-._ any that is 80\lnd it will briQg a good price. -Don't get mate amouats to J4,'fogho zoo, but of that amount nearfJ i TRE UNDERSIGNED O'"""RS TO T...,. -.... e d' d __ _. 1l ii h If bat 't rth _. __ I rr.c. ..... a...n,_ ISCourage ...... sel your crop or a w 1 IS wo J1,soo,ooo is to pay agers and storekeepers, ua....-M..-LXU.F'ACTURERS OF LICO.,,,..,. A'll'l"'"'-'I!II'ILLOw;wG 'lm'&Wftt ,_ .. -: If;.. h ted 't h ldb ......,_ a A.l.l.l.l .11"" .w.1 _..., w: ll!'INt up 1n liY""' s ape, sor as 1 s ou e, the act of June 6, 1872. This class of ......,..... were ..A,. EC, fS5, J. v. A B .A z 0 GL 'U .a.oe the lluye,rs will take it and be glad of the chance.So formerly paid by distillers, b1rt in conseq11ence oh'-a SEFIRIARDI a. -OLLO fa llS q concerned so good a 'crop has not been increase of the tax on distilled spirits under the act ol DBALEBi:l IY -.a. h' II Th I f h' f 'lk '--t I By 1 grawn o t IS va. e.Y e e_a 1s_ t m, o. s1 y texture, June 6, 187 they are hereafter .'to be" .... id I.-u. c-..... --llf'lr'll .l"'!!io.. "E:lJ ..ft.. lJIREqi' _':II'OR, '\, TIONS FROM AND SPAll{, QIJALITY OUAitANTaED, AlfD PO It r-"9. '"""' .-=-'-" '-" J. SC KNITZER, 3 CENTRAL WHARF, BOSTON, MASS.; 01' and the f;olor 1s JUSt what 1s most desued Any one Government, the increased tax providing tho Jv.nQI &TREET, NI:'W YORK. "' ..LAMAN, No. 67 BPfOAO-STREET ... NW who has a damaged crop, had bet!er setl at what seems for their compensation '' .., t "" NO ooi/NKCTION WITH DOMKS1:1 LICOJUC& .U..CTO&l)i;i. "W. to be ll Q.i.t price, but don't fool away a first rate arti-' .. cle -LEAF TOBA:CCO DEALKRS' SPBCIAL TAXu.-Tre ... IIY OJ.,l) PIP-. HAMPDKN. ury Department, Office of Internal Revenue, Washing-INDUSTRIAL AND RA 1L The Westfield News uiur remarks: "The weather ton, December 27, r87z-O. tp. Johnson, Esq., Assessor WAY DEVELOPMENTS IN :Bless their little pi e clay faces, breaks fort6 a. wn-has nbt been favorable to toba&:o stripping, and'but Second DJslrict, Kartford, Ky.: Sir-1 baye receive d a GERMANY.-Says the Not/11 ter in Cope's TIJbao Plalll, how I love them; behvpd little or 'the crop has been taken do\vn. A? few buyers, letter from George V. Thompson, Esq. of Hopkins-Gtuelte: One of the black stumpies, mostly of the Burn's type, redolentj of or rather examiners, have been raround ibvestigating vitle in your ,district, dated December r8, in which he eadlest Y Virgmia, ree,osing in an old the weed, but few sales are repcrted. Pre-Sl!nt-'indica. de-sires to be informed w b.ether as a dealer in leaf to results o:t. the undication of drawer that I wouldn't give for a world. Scarcely one tions are that 'it will be late in the season before stripbacco he can, under one special tax receipt, receive and the "Empl!e, now finally am'ong them but has its associAtions of joy and sorrow, ping is fairfy commenced, and those who place implicit prize loose tobacco at several different points. 1 hne reached, 1s the enlarged cloud and SUP ut tw nt of them all:o-confidence in the representations of most of the buyers referred Mr. Thompson to you for information on tl)is prospect it has np -e ery one havin& ita own peculiar head-mark, wiH 1>e -apt to cons ider "their crop nearly worthless and subject and hereby would instruct you that under dle to _German. Industrtal enterits own story-besides two meel'3Chaums, one sell it for a so ng, as we understand that some of the amended definition of a dealer in leaf tobacco (see secpr_u;e. It IS true the Zollve. gilver mounted and the other plain, inclosed in a c se would-be purchasers say they would not ten cents tion 59 of the act of July 20, r863, as amended by thb rem had already removed, of bright green leather-so speakingir suggestive of the a pouod for the whole crop. There is undoubtedly act of June 6, r8j.2), this office holds that dealers ift so transportable combright and heart who gave 1t to me as a keepmuch poor tobacco and it therefore becomes very im -leaf tobacco are liable to pay a speCial tax for eacll modtlles were1. concem:d, months since, before he again crossed the portant'to the farmers that they take unusually extra separate place at which they sell leaf tobacco, or from most restrtcbroad Atlantic. This is my favorite pipe for the Sunpains in sorting, fo! reall:y good tobacco unmixed with "!'hie!! they ship em consignment to be sold for them on lions on traffic day afternoons; and whOe have taken the SPLENDID ROOMS, Nns. 3 5 BALTI.....,.,"'"' MD -"'1 COLOMBIAN BLOCK, EXCHANGE SQUARE, Ia which we pn>ro se to open a regular CltLIUIRAT&D IIAl'I11PA.Cl'VIliiiD TOBACClO IIIXCHAIIGE Ia with our Manufacturers. We s hall keeop fwll oC samples of all tobacco manufactured loeft both chewl"'l' and Mlloking, and will sell them for the manufacturers AT THEIR LOWEST WHOLESALE PRICES, Otl acc:.mmodatin.!{ terms. llllpwt dealers will lie waited on wolb sam-pleil-williMit .. t!Mir IDler!>lt to correspond 'With or callla at CNt oflice. Sample Bores, cadtiel; or Kep. wW be-f'Mwarded by e.spres."J to &Jlf point ia tile U11tted States or Terrtfories., C 0. D., In bll1 of pun:hue to approved dealers. g-Strict attention will be paid to condiUon o ..,.... before shipping. OrdMa ,...,_u:r -I-.and our beet judgtneul u.oed fa all cues; manGfactuters and dealen are specially larited to lli&koour .,-.,. b""*'ua.te"" I.E .. 'I'OBA.OCIO ... 11 hae _, bftl: attea"-. -the hlg \ e>t !>OfSibk aartet prices will be obtained i sales cashed aa ---k..aoteo, bJ.--iJ deolred. M We respectfuUJ refer to the Banks, Banken, er cliants and Tobacco Trade generally tn thU. cltr an l.pchburg. As we shalt do a strictly Suaineu:, we IOlldt butneR from. the D T. WILLIAYS. Rkhta0n.a. V&. T L JOHNSON, Lynchburg, Va; GEO. };, JOHNSON, Lynchburg, Va. a::m.A.x... OF NORTH CAROLIN-A. l MANUFACTURED SELECT Pnre North O:r:'fllinn.Leaf, BY MAP..BURG BROThERS. t and find a local extumulhtou beating of the heart I'try to take my but snow fell, Tuesday afternoon, and a marked cllange in the year r871. From the examples of "accideata ceptlon the towns away, but can not. I am again living over one of the in the froze up all hopes of a favorable at heme" we learn that a commercial traveller fell donot m the most joyous events in man's exis:ence-my wedding season for a time. Although this brief change stairs, at a cost to the company of r,ooo. A piece ol Zollverem. oight, in fact, and my bride and I, sorrounded by a gay in the weathN will not thoroughly satisfy the hopes so beef sticking in the windpipe or a hop merchaot -whi1e trade also 15we';l to company ot smiling faces, are in the ninth of temptingly displayed to planters, it h a s resulted ia an eating his supper, cost the compaay the like amouat. a sort of mdustnal_groupmg glory. In the midst oi dance and song, I go'out for a few opportunity estimate the character and value of the Compensation was also pa1d on f.ccount or the followinc aU over _Germany tn minutes t o smoke; aod the piffil WWl is a new Burn's crop in this valley witb: more certainty than at any pedistressing casualties: Aooloael ieU doiaa dance wtth the geographtcal cutty, white as snow. 0 1 how delidou it is in riod heretofore. The first sample of leaf we have rei commercial traveller slipped wlaileJplayioa at "pclllefeatures of the country ; cold night air aftec tire< !Qse !!fd heat of the roo in ceived since the recent thaw h fi om the sheds of Mr. man;" a merchant fell off' a raised pJadorm ill a billiarcland the lo?g.duration of andhowtran'qurtty he d-aga cfbnds ascel)d! JolinSmith, about;one-fourtho amilewestof town. room; asolicitor'scbairgaftway whea hewas Zollv:erem oefore a po -pipe goes htest: effort a8 If reci rocating Slight traces of vein are perceptible in al>out ing a p cture; a sculptor received a W.. wba be -bttcal umon took place led my happiness ;. and from that moment we are nend' s half a.. dozen or tbe leaves comprising the hand. playing with a child; a was mpr.d whillt to the formation of these for ever. We were surprised with the texture of the sample, whicli ing an invalid from a tftl....,t.. th_e res lora Little black stump. 1ou rt still there; but where was s1mply magnificent .The predominant color ot the slipped 1lown stairs; a tton of the Emptre. The are all the blithe liearts ow nd where is s/ret--Alasl leaves is bright ctnnamon; others are green and moUied. when the bottle broke; : of manufacturing the o!d, old story of huspe.# voi es and silent hearts. The sample, which as grown on new ground, and cut washhouse; a confectidner slipped down some cellar C1 t:es m Saxony aod the T p ictu re vanishes;-a.nd II my pipe' and smoke rqore l)etween the late and earl1 r harvest, far surpasses our .steps; and last, b _utnot ieast, Queen counsel sUpped parts of Prusto droWD ell Of the past. expectatiOns. Crops of '7 x are considered good prop while des(:ending some stairs. It is remarkable to ob-Lusatia, on the lower f1ere is a grim old Turk with the words "zsth Octoerty. LATn.-Rain fell during Wednesday and the serve from this list of home acx:ident.s," that d0111estla.. C F 'PA'e 'eETT Rhin.e, in Wurtei!JI>erg and tier, r8s4," fain y red letters on the short black following evening. A large portion of the crop will habits by no means insure invariable. steacliQ011 on tbe !I "'"' Baden, in lfhuringta and Baatem. Poor TOI)l L--, of tile teys, tll:at-gtirn old probably l:e taken during the week, and the long-looked legs. 1 varian Franconia, had come Turk was thine It accompanied thee through the ; for stripping season fairly inaugurated. To-day the DBU'aJi GOfdet .,.._.,. ..,.,v ers of manufacturing towns Russian squadrons seemed to have utterly annihilate SnmULAR TltiGIIDY.-The sutctde of 'OBACCO ..._ ___ to resemble similar clustdashing cavalry charge at Balaklava, when the dense weather is mild." THE SwrciD.&..OF s. NK'IJ H rd Beet Esset'lce of Old V in Great Britain, especthe British Heavy Brigade. Sennttl only, for the enemy member of the New Orleans to wh1ch "!e bnefly j Apple of My Eye. a. ial}y in was scattered like chaff, and out rode through "A Stoughton of THE wntes t1iat last week, has_ OCCaiW_D.ed!.!Dfql sur,_ __ P .......,O.&B,-.r-. ContentiM!t' Red Riding HoOd. shue, Derbyshue, and 1u the Russian lines-but without thee, Tom, the crop (l87:a) lScaU d bJ-&'8oodas tR in tbatctty, butm NewYorkwhere ____ _______ .. ______ ..;;.__ the lowlands of Scotland. thee 1 quality and oolor baa warm fr'len1ts,The probiblo cause of the ac:t ri 'PRENTICE'S CIGAR KOULDS. Every city that had cultiHis body was recovered a few days afterwards, aar' ]D'tEDSON. We give, the followiag vated one or branroupded by friends and foes; and before Tom was com-The Jetferson County UniMJ (Lake Miils) says:-account from the N. 0. 'f't;;m of lhe 4th iMt: r't Mr. a ches of industry with suemit ted to the earttP, a comrade secured two relics of the "'fhere seems to be a general impression among the Louis Moulor, a long resident in this city, and for ,ian cess wrought for all Ger-dead-a lock of hair for the girl to whom he was to have from what we can learn that there will be a. conas one of our presperous ,and honorable busia'ela many. The home IJlarket been married, and Tobacvcr!,JiRe for iw-for, h?-dn't dtellwluch-1s fully cured-and all ready to go mto case. Tho: and the bridge tender Maxtm lhan, was at his U means of communica ing of red ruin and c) .,age on a far-diStant b;.ttlefield, of prospects a; present :'-re. that no tobacc8 will be in _suitThe bridge tender he?-rd one, then. two, then three' shots t!On had ot contend hopes blasted, of friendships severed, of hearts broken! abT'e for before March, or there IS nc fired in quick aud saw Mr. a long t? com e With A iolly little fat P11ncll; perpetttally; gri_)lning on all promrse of ram thts century." his hand raised and the th1rd the one it is the manifoof his neighbors-Jerry'_ s pipe--the ortal half-pay conjectured which had mtssed. UWi that from the pol.1t1Lieutenant of the Royal Navy, who sDtoked, drank, and SALK or THK IMPERIAL ToBACco AT STAsdriver, and several I?ersons who "!ere m the fill the Emp.lre. laughed the whole day lon!-a atout, fat, paunchy: Vttle BURG.-Under date of November rr la s t, the Imperial hood rushed to vehtcle, only_ to find. tli& 19,. PEARL ST .. cor. Maidea Lane. NEW YOKIL o.nN&W.U..J--W'.Wol ......... ]UDteeA..a...lll ..... .J..l.VLI .v J > R. A. YOUNC It BRO., G. S. W A'ri'S & CO., aeral f::emmlsslen Merelaants, Solicit ord pitched it ove 'rboard at the immi-purchase of the whole of the above mentioned estab have Rroduced de,ath; the other through the taenterpns':, !n nent hazard of liis -life.--Tliere lle goe& waddling lishment on. the 5th inst., each offer to be' aecompa!l,ied king Uf!'.Jord through the cerebeVu!Jl, e1ther ol particular, With a new along with a see-saw, eking motio)l, as if he by a deposit of' :ro,ooo thalers, either in silver or gold, which it is p bable produced an Instant _suapea, ru '' L iol1 I I '-oA LIQUtlRICE .PASTE. ZA K._Co I'LB aa ... ADC VB 1'00 QZ 0 .................. ..._ ....... ...,_ Ia .... 1Ift. -lloole -' Ia .. 1JRlted 111 .... ... felftlll \M .._. Ltq-will-111 ..._... lor lela ...... 0111,-ia .W ., JA C. McJ\NDREW, 124 Front St., N.Y. .......,___.oat. imperfedqaall!J will bo and allowed IM. ...... ... I ..., have ll!r. l AXES C. ll!cAJIDl!EW of Now Tori< our nala-... 1Jdlfl .......... 1e of brendo of Llqu-loefttofore maou-b;rue. .. DEFIAN,CEBERT .. AC:H:niioLiAiDii, MANUI'ACTURRR OP' CI8A1t ltANUFAeTBRY, F-Ine Ci&s,. D. HIRSCH & co., 125 MAIDEN LANE, lilT BoV'ery and lT or by-gooe days, clad in the or in notes of the pank Prussia, as caution mooey oi :to 11_1ake a1m. of the th1rd shot suc h under-takmgs feels old camlet cloak and evel'lasting white "ducks" that for the due performance of the purchase. It was fll"rther wild:-and. .. wide. The ptstol w1th wb1ch the rash act. at present he was actuau,_, buried with, pufting JWaJ itti li'is little notified that the seleCtion of the offers seat 'in would be waa i!lj:B-;Jew patent Colt revol!er, No. 434 m_iupedtffi-blae roc merry PunCh between his gums, with a" Yo made by the Chancellor of the Empire, on Decem tie and of never havmg used wtll no longer be ho, my hearty!" to every one be meets; for Lieutenant r6, till which date the tenders would be considereii l:lefore. 15 blotched with blood upoo the cyl1ader. as formerly, by leg1_ slaJerry is a trtm'e't'5lt1-fft'!Jrite<: -fie even -iifts-itis well binding on the parties respectively. It was no secret at Three cartridges-..were fired i the remainder are still lion and beaver to the servant-maids; !or no Berlin, and in other parj:S of Germany, that seTeral aswithin. Coroner John Gra er recetved the notificatioa mapoi.Germany. 1S now pride with ol U CEllS t.tGAL TtdmER, LO:-IR STAR. oGAIIB ROOST.BR 1 liB PELIO.U.. FASHION. BIG 1B1NO, 'ABE OULD::.N RAGLB. DKALERil IN J.EAF 'rOBA:.xlO. FH'lE HIVANl WRAPPERS A !SPECIALTY. G R S United vs. bark John lmmaqulate Benjamin waaooce upon a time soliciting pear in full, in a few days through these columns. One controlled But he d 1 d 110t meet wtth success; there, F I 1\T E C I A J Griffin on appeal from the subscrip,ions for a "BeneV'Oieot Object," when be apfirm in this town has orders for soo hhds of different were losses that followed one t.o such Anll Dillin !n LEAP TOBACCO, Circuit urt for the Eastern propriated th.e money to his own Qse, and grades of tobacco between now and the first of March. tent that, if it did not. embarrass, wornecl district of New York. taking :I:IJOlher. man's wife along with him l>y mistake. Another firm has unlimited orders Qn hand, and plenty him. It is the of a 1 Nos 14 and BOWEB.Y' Thil was an information When hr.s lodgmgs were afterwards searched, a spirit of cash for the purchase of nothtng but the finest yellow tleman who. deparung a.!\' NEW YORK. charging the bark with Ianflask and this pipe were found, revealing the crafty old wrappers, from one of the large$t manufacturers in the rock behind" to account' .... LICHT ... -" ... ., .. .,"s.cKT. ding cigars in the port of serpent in all his glory. This pipe never was, and United States. ther.; must be some .. ts o .. New York brought from never be, smoked by me. It is the only excepthose attributed. 1 It 1s als,o ilia a Matanzas, without a permit. tiona! pipe of the lot, and I merely keep it as a me"So rr WILL BB: 80 IT HAS BRE!f."-One loving young amounting to eighteen thousand fell due on The decree below was for men too( the "Ot Y Gam 'mon" who called it master. heart sadly rema;ks a co temporary bas been wrecked very day, the ready -money for which was not atL hi$_ Whe e ;he ? Wh ) ; -;, d Seeing the gradual but sure aporoacu @(: the claimants, but the court c r I r thnowf th --I 1 -gone to smash, so to "A xpung : lady_-fayre d k 0 'og hi!> condition it is llfP was of the opinion that the orne Or rom 'I ng green case, my ove y made a scarf for a young c1garmaker who-gave 1t al\ay t e ay, an n WI h evid e nce wanants condemmeerschaum, while I prime thee well with honeydew I as an original present to another g i;l who gave it t o posed this preyed upon blS mmd. But evef til ese are ,.. nation. The decree below There f Thou art going beatifully; and I am another fellow who bas no one to it to and dor{t set asige oy that he had md eht sducbcess u 'ti hro;9!' th b I d k" d p f 1 ... h. b ess career t an a orT.e we J IOrwas therefore reversed agam W 1 my e ove ac an eter o g onous know what to do with it and it hangs a heavy crosses m IS usm S and judgment ordered fo; 1 wandering over the breezy hills, or rovipg by burden upon his d&xte; sinister claw. Let us have I titude many trials far more se_vere. 0 Lhe p.Jcture the United States. 1 the side of the everlasting sea I peace.' ,. .-.:. .. ;;;, :-; ,,:::;;;: Ie!t as it was found, wrapped tn mystery


-'l'OB "-" 0 L B A J! JAN. 16 f & CO JIA,II11PAC7UIU!llS 0' ine C.\tewing and s .. .,.tt1fo -To8.ACCOS& SNUPF, (,0;11 JaAJIDS CHIWJJIC: i' l l f HEARTS' IJELIGHT NATIONAl:., 'BRIGHT St. New York C i tv. JrOwT,. CHAS. G HOYT -r DBfOr"AND AGENCY Orihe G. Vfl. GAU. & AX, ,, -1 .. ... _c J 'l'OBAOCO & SNOF'.r'. IIAIIN'An'"A 'I'OBA"'Oo WORkil, 'DwYOU. t6:r.] to -11.L.IITZUI(1H OFfER I SON 0 -" -illlleLna'ere of 'I w:C.ssJ.:mUS, i-f.r f J.Dd l)eaiCNI In I I J -robaoo<> .. BBOADliTBEE't n:wAiur:, JJ: :. Jl J ff' 15 1 j .,,_l'EIST J'.BL]: is22. 111iDPIIIII&GII SlUfF,'' III&Dalactoft llptle .6...-enue, Brooklin. I C:.ari&atlJr ...... Ae a-& .... aa4 s-" ,._ c...&u..c -----F. IEPPEIHEIM ct. CO., L.AEIBLV S For Tobacco and C&aare, ...;._t ..... q, MDcl and pn.&ed lo .. or TH IP. 0 BOX, 4471.> AGENT OF THE' MOST ACCRJED ITED MANUFACTORIES OF THIS CI'l'Y, HAS ALWAYS Cf'. 0. 11010:447tJ 82 wa11 St., lorthem -Pacinc ON HAND THE FOLLOWI-NG MB DVQIIIJil MADE OF THE IMPORTER OF THE ., 14VAIACIAI HAS' n.Wxv-s tJN""ii'A"mT ,. FOLLOWING BRANDS: PLliS 17TU. li.WGA iltl, LO:!fml'EI!. ENTREAO'l'OS, :K'l'


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