The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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VOL. IX.--NO l IS PUBLISHED J:VDT WEDNISD.AY KORNINCJ BY Til lfOB!008 LBU PUBLISIIING 14SI Fulton St., New York. ;J. BlClfRY H.A.G:B:a Bdttor, .JOH:8 G. GJl.AJT :BUill-APD\. As aa.advertlsing medium, tt iMI desiJ"ed to reach Ute Cipr and Tobacco Trade, not only of this but foretgn it i5 the beat attainable, All letters should be plainly addressed to THK TosAcco La:Ar PLtiiLISHlMG COJIIIANv, 142 Fultou Street. New Y orL Terms of the Paper. '!.. SIMGLK Co6IItS 10 C&MTS PER ANNgM J4,.oo T<> En!fland and the Canadu, $1.04 addltlotial auuum for prepayment of Postage, Bremen, Hambnrg-and the Continent of .l:utoue, S2.o8 additional per annum for Polrtawe --to Au.tralia, etc., $1.04 via. San Fnnci&oo, ad4.ftionaltler annum for Postage. No ordl!:rs for the paper ualeaa acoompauled b;r the correspoudlng amoat. R e mittencet'!l ehou1d, in every Instance, be made only by money-orde r, check or draft. Bills are Uahle to be stolen, and can only be sent at the areatest riak to u.e 'JOellder. Ratee of Advertlelng. lllqnate(14 Nonparellllneo) lor six DIOJitila, ..... do. 1 year .3!11 :,.. Larger ad vertl-enta In the aame prnportf...,, bu.t n one taken unleu 1, 1 J,., or more sq11a.rcs. Orae column, 1 k!Oi h: mondu, $250; t11ree m ontha, H&lf colllllltl, 17ea.r, ''40; ais m onths, trsoJ three months, $1.5 ldF"' Adverti"ements on the fint J)ae, t1.50 per square over two wide cohuuns, and none taken fM' tbau one year, payable fully iu &chance i squares, 14-so-Modevi Transient advertisements on the tbiM as cents per line for eilch insertion. t.., lilo o r57 Pearl Btraiton & 8to,rm, 19r Pearl 8utTO 11 Newmark, 76 Park Pl-aoe Wangler&: Hahn, ago & 2?:3 Bowery. .. MawujMI,.Irl of Fr H""'.., Ci;gar. Hollallder H. "5 Maiden LODe Vlchot & Co. 16 Pine Street TAe Ger11111n Cigar Pl.53 Soath. Honl.,.,. Cramer G., Sa Franklin. :J;llaln. Tobacco Meier, Wm, G. & Co., 56 Seventh. :fobbers in all lind of M4nfattreJ To barco ].,pcrttd and Dmtsrit Crgars. T:i.chau C. G. til: Co., 174llaln. Tobacto Maw".fattrm' S;;li11 Wlg(inton E. G. & Co., :13 Third. Dealer in LNJ Tobacco anJ MAn".fattartrt if CigPs G. "l:ir .... CIUSURG.,-a. Ma".ftlf'""" if To>acco. Armistead L L. Carroll]. W Flood, John H. Stone, john W. Tob11tCO Merdat4 Tyree John B. 11. J. Campbell, Lane & Oo., 484 :Broad JrEW ORLEAJf'l, La. T o btuco Factors nd Corn.,;.,;o,. .M6rcUt. Gunther & Stevenaoo, 162 Common. Schaefer and Co.,, 23 Carondo1et. PADUCAH, Kt. Toba4co Brol smoking. Special Brands furnished for Owner's Use. d b ridden I seems useless for us to try to explain. We woul d dred reasons wh! the ho.rse shoul no.t e call your attention to a portion the Annual Tobacco to death-certamly why, at th1s stage of his relahons Circular, enclosed, wh1ch explams th_e matte.r. The to the Government, additional burdens sho, uld not be drawbac'k is useless. vVe w1ll ctte one d To tne special objections why the proposed to show how 1t works. On the 6th of May, 1873, we Impose h ld not be sold for export to Liverpool 32 packages of tobacCQy increase of four cents m the tax-rate s ou and on the nth of Aprii, 1873, 33 packages of tobacco made, Mr. Whitehead has scarcely referred. a pn-for the same market, upon which the tax of 20 per cent. vate note he informs us that he reserves certam argu-had been paid by stamps. We promptly filed all docu wents for presentation before the Committees on Agri-ments re_quired, by the for of tax, aDID 1 d n Manufactures. He will certainlybllVe the up to th1s moment we have not re_ce1ved one dollar .. cu ture an b drawback from the Government. Nme roonths ne acly thanks of the trade generally for_ his attentiOn to a su have elapsed. The loss of interest upon our .. ject that is but too seldom ventilated on the floor of absorbs all .the commission we made upon the sale,. audf Congre&s. It has become so common a thing to tax we have had the risk and work for no .. Had we; tobacco, that our legislators no longer trouble them-an Export Bonded Warehouse, a case of th1s coul d-' I sons for a course that is popular not have occurred. The Department says, You. can se ves to in ship from factory direct in bond." True, we cal!'; but, with a large malonty of their constituents.. g for instance, an expor,er has an order for too bGJWS to--th fact that their action involves a rank IDJUStlce to a bacco to-day, to be shipped to-morrow or :he great and loyal industry, they appear to reflect little and comes to us. We have no exp9rt warehouse in New 1 1 York, consequently, can carry no We we caD care ess get it from Richmond in a week or ten days, if weAN EXPORT BONDED WAREHOUSE FOR NEW YORK. Don that you of the majority manufactured the whole of the cotton. Why was the income tax taken off? We raised, in 1867, from that source -more than enough to supply the deficiency of which the Secretary of the Treasury now complains. In 1868 we raised $32,ooo,ooo, and in 1869 from the same source. Why was that tax tak_en off? You took it off because you were paying it, and we were too poor to have any incontel! on which to pay taxes. I wish to meet this questio'n fa.irly and honestly; but this enormous amount of taxation is to be raised out of the black and white !abo,: of my State, and others which The subjoined corresp(){ldence will be found of in terest to the trade in manufactured tobacco. A very considerable grievance is set forth and a remedy sug gested. Let us hope 'that the proper action in the premises may'ere long be taken: happen to have the goods made in factory; hecan't wait, an'd his order is unfilled. Had we the as we should have, the stock suitable could be carried. ltere, and our trade preserved. 1-Ve have not, and our export trade is leaving us for other points. London and Liverpool are distributing: tobacco, sent directly from the manufacturers, to points on the continent that werec formerly supplied through' exporters in New York. Can ada is also exporting to points that were formerly sup plied by New York. Australia was a large market for. our article frvm here, but since the abolition of our warehouses our trade with that quarter hM ceased almost entirely. We attribute thGbe changes to the contracted policy of the Government in the matter of faciiities for properly conducting our export trade. Asking youf iu fluence in obtaining for New York what she is entitled Meyer Hy., 46 Front. Newburgh L. & Bro., S1 Wlat Wankehnan F., It Froot, flilvers J, H 41 Vine Strasser Lpuis, 49 Vine M4nufactwrtn if Fim-Cut, Chrwing atsd TobaCCtJ. Allen & Ellis. n Vine. Keuncweg F. &, 373, 37S aud H.7 Ma.1n Spence Bros. & Co., 52 and .S4 East lblrd. of Plug Tobacco. Geoghan & Murphy, tB Hammond. Commiuio11 Mcrl'llatl. Ra.fer1 Holmes & Co., Secon d anrl Walnut. Leaf Tob.eto Broten, Morris & Reid, 4 College Building and 71 \Vest F. W n. e. cor. Vine Front lporltrl nd Dtllltni Cig;" Kr<-bn, Fe!ss& Co., 53 West Fmirth. s. & Co., ul West Third. Strauer, .. -r Waluut w.u. K;iltn & c..., 134 Mam. CLARKSVILLE. re ..... uaf Tobcc Clark, )I; H. It Bro. .., OOVIliGrOn, Manufaclurtn of Fine-Cut Cluwmg To bacco. Glore J, A. p, a zs, 17 and w. ,U.. Catlin D., 701 North Second Ma1lujacturtrs of Cigars. Ccrnhardt F. E. & Co. 1o6 Locust Tobacco W11rtiJouSts, DonnitzerC1 4t R. &: Co., 1:13 Market. Ulrich & Diard, 2o6 North Second (;c;mmiuio n Merdurn.t1. Wall, Bellin &; Day, 320 North Seoood. Toba&eo Broker Haynes J South Second Commi ssion Mercltallt for Forttgn 1111a Homt Mark'


2 abe Senate, I every effort to preserve t'9e B ded Warehou se, btlt wal\ vot.:.d down The besr'cours I can s u gg e st 1 s letters to Sena tors and Me!"bers from 'diose mter es ted in th e matter. Your obedtent ervant, ROSCOE CONjaiNG. DoHAN, CARROLL & Co, Box 4,365, N.Y. LETTE R T O SECRETARY RICHARDSON. HoN. W. A. RICHAHDSON, Secretary of lite :f'reasttr)l, Washmgt')n, D. C. : SIR We can not refrain from callmg your especml attention t o a want on the part of our tobacco trade laere wh1ch 1s keenly felt by every exporter of our comO, 4,837 lbs mfd. AsPINWALL-37 bales. Aux CAYEs-6o bales. BREMEN-98 hhds, 225 hhds stems, r,op cases,_42 bales CuaACOA-9 bales, 22,3Io lbs mfd. GIBRALTAR-:Z26 hhds, 55 bales. GREYTOWN-2 cases, Sse bales. HAMBURG-346 cases, 149 bales, 2,454 lbs mfd HAMILTON, 1IA.-I,583 lbs mfd. H.AVANA.-I,oo8 !bs mfd. JACMEL-IOO bales KINGSTON, JA.-2 hhJs, 30 bales LA GUAYRA-3,200 lbs mfd. LIVERPOOL-3I3 hhds, I:Z cases. LoNDON-46 hhds. .. in the VtrgmJa markets as we11 as here, and so lon g as cetv e s fro m h1s constgnee, say at one of the fishmg is this ts the case the tdde m ust occupy themselves as land s the landmg certificate prov1ded by law, stgned by best they may wtth the remnan ts that are available of the U:astet" and mate of the vessel, the consignee and the old crop. The moder ate weather w!uch preceded two merchants. The constgnee, master, and ntate are for s o me hme the more ngorous col d of tl:e week JUS' unable to make oath on such certtficat_e, because no closed was well adapted to handlm g tobacco, and an in United States consul or pubhc officer is at hand to ad crease m the suppl y of ne stock may _accordingly be mtmste r oaths Th1s certificate is presented by the ex looked for wnhm the ensmng fortmght. porter to the mternal revenue officials, by whom he ts MARSEILLES-40 hhds. MELBOURNE-zoo cases, :z8 bales, :z6,255 lbs mfd. MON ROVIA-37 hhds ST. JoHN, N. B .-I case ctgars. ST. JoHN, P. R -2,o8b lbs mfd. SAN ANDREAS-I cas e, I box pipes SAN BLAS-I case. :!'ABIJ.IIOVJ.AB II'OIJ.IIOJl. JAN. 21 cases I5 tbales scraps, F. de Buy & Co. s cases agars. BALTIMORE, Jaflfipry 17.-Messrf: Ed. Wisch meyer & Tobacco tommission report: There has, been aome ltttle movement Cl's week m Muylaud leaf. Sales amountmg to abowt :a so to 300 bhds, mostly sound aDd good common at pricl!s rangmg from S4 so to SS2Ybllt mother descnptions the demand bas been 1m 11. he market firm and holders as a rille show dispostfwn to press sales, but 1t can not be satct to be activ e, the demand at present being one or two shippers. Of Ohto we note some further receipts ons Stafford, 240 boxes, W. A. Boyd & Co., IO boxes; also, A MEETING OF THE Ho OBACCO TRADE.-Auenuon ts requested to a meeting of the trade call ed in our market report under beadtllj "Western Leaf.' 872 Ohto at 120 cases I872 Connecticut fill-s1gnee returnmg the certificate to the exporter at New er s and s o cases r.872W1sconsm, runnmg,llt York as reqmred. But on presentation of such certtfi 6 _u I,22o case s agamst 2 8 oo last cate at the Internal Revenue office, the exporter 1s mwee k. (ormed that it w11l not cancel hts bond, as the C'>ns1gnee QUOTATIONS OF WHOLESALE PRICES. per steamer from Richmond and Petersburg. John P. wertern-Ligbtlcr.! cts. Pleasants & Sons, I89 packages; Dexter H. Miller & Comno n to good tugs. 6 @ 7 )i Yam I a: li Cut MOtd 00 S d G S W & C d Common leaf ....... 8 @9 lol""qJa Inspector, reports as follows The week's Those arm era referred to 111 extraet copt.ed m the l)as certified that the goods were transhtpped, although las t tss ue of THE LEAF, who think they can do better the master and mate of the vessel and the customs offi by dealing directly with manufacturers than wtth "moo ctals swear that they were lauded. The term "tran opohsts and middlemen," are probably not the same shtpped" ts used stmply to show that th e goods do men who packed fot tile same purpose their own to-remam in the first port. Should the exporter produce bacco last year. If we have been correctly informed the certtficate from Gtbraltar, he would be told that his the result of that expenment has not been such as to bond was for Glasgow. By the rules the consignee must mspire confidence m the u!Umate succe ss of the und er-swear to the actual number of pounds of tobacco, and takmg, do ot, as a rule, take readtly that the same was weighed after lancing. The customs to the 1dea, and for the reason, we presume, that ther authontles must also certify such weight, and, m case prefer skillful to unskillful packing an oun y, ras ugs an : 2 a ,.,.. ; Com t o mod apngle.i. 7 @ t Modlum .. 40 @ II at 6@7.60 ; 8 at 8@:8 95 ; 4 at 10@13, 25 ; 3 at FinO spangled to r ellow 9X1 NavrBai/Poundsand7'1rirdo-15 75t:<>I8.7S I at 22. 5lhhds and I box Owen County, Fine ,2 t5 1:;:1 Med1um .................. 38 @ 42 Ky. : I at $5 So ; 2 at 7 35 ; 2 at 8 95, 9; r box at QKarllln1t the qxpo rte rs could buy and shtp at short -.elation h d dl L...rom -ru: ay1 and the Ma.ryl.flnd-F'at.'d W com mon 3 4 Stmnd Common.. 4 Jt'@ 5 Good to ftne red 9 Fouoy l3 @1s Upper Country . 4 @20 Ground le."f, new. 8 Comtec:ticNt and suaLtat -1810 crop 6 Wnt.ppert!l, r871 Crop 22 SelectlOUS .. .... 50 9 @ U @ 6o @8 Beconcle 12 uooo ... .. ..... @ckt1Pitcu 4 41) 4 So ; 7 at 5 os@7.05. 8 hhds West Virginia: 1 at Negrohtad 7'wilt 46 @ 5o f/f t 6 r;, t 8 8 T4orty.'l'to 1::> G'lgarl-l'<'meetlc. at 20,75 1.2.75 Seedandll&vana. At the Planter's Warehouse, 96 hhds: 56 hhds Mason per 1! t5 00@ 7 5 00 Pulers ... .. . 1 6 Pt:nn.l:l/lvama Seed Lwf-'A;;o"rledtots -:-"! : 7. =iB 88 County, :Ky, tra3b,-lugs, and 1eaf. 1 at $5.85; I7 at New York Seed Conn 6 50@7 95; 2I at 8@9 75; 5 a t II.25@12.75; 8 at pectatton an IS t e I ejl. other two so me three m on\.b s ago. 'fhe first for A NEAT DIARY -We have ece1v onlv a few d 1 d c ommer e carne on advanta g eous y drawback has been pa1d, tbough s t x months t1 1e first Donaldson Brothers, 56, 58, an 6o d 1 1 P wtthout tl e s erv ices o f m 1 d e m en; m e n through whose elapsed. All that was necessary to be done by the ex _points), thts ctty, a very tastefu o c h f h 1 d 0 ld hands th enure exc anges o t e wor a are rna e. n porter was done within the twenty days allowed by law. 1.874 The Messrs Dona so the contrary 1t is the middlemen that have made modern The other four are yet unpaid. Owmg to such ctrcum. s the pubh taste ts yearly trade and commerce and 1f Hteu co-operatwn wer e w1th stances a Boston firm wnte that they w11l buy the1r tobecommg m o r e e xilctmg regardmg the execu tio n of th1s drawn from the vaned_mdustnes of the age, a smgle bacco m Halifax mstead of New Y6rk, rather than be kind of work, the pnnters and engravers are annually generation would wttness alm{)st the complete a nmhllasubJec ted to such annoyances. The <::ommisswner of new styles to meet the popular reqmrements. tion uf mdustnal We should speedily return Internal Revenue made an estLmat.e the exThe latest novelties cau be found w1th the Park Street to the barter system of the Patriarchs of old Tat n g th1s ports of tobacco for the past fiscal year, but inasmuch :firm c1tyfor example, 1t would be an amusing, though not an as the Act of June 6, I872, abolished export bonded edtfymg spectacle to se e the worthy farmers of the Valwarehouses and emptied them, fhere was a heavy ley trymg to make their way, samples in h a nd, through port m many instances to save loss. The bonded wareour labyrinth of streets, avenues and alleys in quest of houses were stuffed wtth goods that had to go out in six manufacturers to buytheJr crops of tobaceo. Or 1s tt exmonths, and, bemg at se aports, tt went abroad m laJ:ge peele d by the advocates of" dtrect" sales that the manuquantttle s. Another complamant (for there are many) facturers, httle and btg, w1U go to the farmers whenever a promment exporter, says : "The dectstons of the De they want a case or more of tobacco ? And then, what are so multltudmous and vaclllatmg that if the about the cred1ts a llowed by the monopohz!:Jg dealobject of the Department lS to destroy, hmder and ers to small manufac turers! Are the farmers prepared to barrass all export trade m manufactured tobacco, they adopt the credtt system as 1t prevails at tl i e comme rci al are u sing the best possible means to accomplish that centres? And 1f prepared, would they b e able to grant object. Landing certificates are now obtained at great mtscellaneous credtts without ulttmate loss 1 trouble and expense, a fee of $5 m gold being always WHAT THE LETTERS MEANT.-A young lady, the daught e r of a ncb petroleum operator, before returning from boardmg school, had a party for her benefit Wport the bottom of her invitation cards she caused to ;, 1Je inscnbed "R. S V. P." and one was sent to a young -unanwho had also made his money by bonng He dtd rnotcome, but sent a card wttht he letters" D. S. C. C." :Meeting him in the street, sh e asked htm what the let lers meant. "Tell me first what yours meant. "Oh, mine wa s French for' Respon,i, i f you please ''' "Well, 11stine was Enghsh lor 'Darned sorry I can't come.' REGtSni:RED LEITERS-REDUCTION OF 1.HE FEE :%B.EltEON TO EIGHT CENTS.-We hav e received the '101\ owing c t r cu l a r : Post Office Department, Office of the Thtrd Ass tstant Postm sste r General, Divtston of .Jlegistered Letters, Vash mgt on, D C Decembe r I8, 11873 To all Postmasters -By direction of the post 111aster gene ral, on the first of January, I874, the fee fO regtstenng a l ette r mailed at any postoffice m the United States or terntones, and addressed to any othe1 -pos t office m the Umted States or terntones, wtll be fixed at e 1ght cents, in add1t10n to the regular letter postage P le ase govern your a ct i o n s accordingly, re qutring both fee and postage to be prepa1d by posta ge stamps affixed to the letter, and duly cancel e d at the m.ailmg office. U nttl further nonce the departmentw1ll "DOt provtde postage stamps of the denommatwn of agl1 l -cents, as that sum can be by com bmmg stamps 1bama and Texas. Q,-Na,me at least s1x of the pnncipal battle s of the Revoltuionary War. A. New Orleans, Plattsburg, Londtes Lane. Name the "3'-r:esi.dents who were elected for two terms of office A-John Van Buren, Z. Taylor, Abram Lmcoln, Usy'lesses S Grant. Q.-Name the State s whtch border on the Atlanttc Ocean. A -New Hampsh1re, Vermont, Jthode Island, Flonda, Alabama, Oregon, and Mextco. Q,-Name the "P rinctpal mountam ranges of the Umted .States. A.-Rockey B lue Rtdge, Andees, Cumberland, Alagany. Q,-What i s th e difference cetween latttude and lo11gitude ) A.-One extend arround the earth and .the other extends from Pole to Pole. Q-What do "J9U by the Constltutlon of the Umted States 1 .now c an tt be amended? A.-It 1s a Preamble and Resolution drawn up for a guidance to our government m work by. Q,-Wihat is the method of selectmg U nited States Judges ?A .-A judge t S nommated by ltlae Senate and sanctioned by the P restdent. Q,-By whom are the laws made m th1s country, and which IS -of the higher authonty, a law or a constitution? A. Law is the btgher, because they can make laws to :amend the constitutiOn. Q,-What is meant by trial by jury? A.-Wben the smt IS cartied to the Supreme C:::Ourt, where there are I2 or 24 men chosen to dec1de :4llle quesuon. --.... .. Spams/z -FI!)r Havana fillers the d emand continues patd to our consul lor attachmg his name to tl:te same, fair as usual and we not e sales smce our la s t of 450 and wben tt arnves, tf the shghtest error or mformaltcy b a le s at 82@9oc and 2oo bales at about $ I.2S Adv1ces or omtss1on appears the same I& reJeCted, and the pnnmore or l ess predjud!ctal to the new crop react somec1pa ls and suretl.:s are held on the exportatwn bonds what favmably on old stock in hand, and place the unttl the 5ame 1s rectified And 1f the sh1ppmg regula future of whatever 1s destrable therem on a satisfactor y twns are changed pnor to the rece1pt of landmg certifi basts The r eport of Messrs. Berndes & Co publts hed cate, the same IS re f used, although tt may be m prec1se 1 n o ut prevwus 1 s s ue descubed very fully, and wtth accord with the regulations m force at the time the: characteristic fatrness, the s t a t e of the trade at Hava n a goods were shtpped" It IS s ggested by one firm as a Manujactu1m-Tm that they are not wholly satisfied wtth the condttwn of mereta:!, 6o days, Swtss: 6o days, the trade as 1t is and has been smce the bonded ware3 days, 519j'8. Antwerp: 6o djlys, house system was abohshed. It would have been cause, 3 days, 519 j'8 Hamburg: 6o days, it I S true, tor greater s atis faction tf they had in their 95U: 3 days, Bremen: 6o days, 953:(@ appeal for a change asked for somethmg that l\'Ould 3 days, Frankfort 0. M. 6o days, have been mutually both manufacturers and @4r,78, 3 days, 4-Ir&. Amsterdam : 6o da:ys, 403:(@ dealers, mstead of, as they have done, for somethmg 3 day s, 4I Prussian Thaler: 6o days, 7r ;li@ 7IpS, des1gned only lor their own convenience and a dvantag e 3 days, But 1t ts much to have them pubhcly decl a re m the face of offictal assertions to the contrat y that addt tw oal warehouse facihttes are needed for the accommodatiOn of the Cavendish mtere st, as we mfer from the fact tha t dealen; wtll now ha\' e less dtffiulty 1n con vi ncmg Con gress that thetr modest request tor a single export bonded warehouse for a great shtpping mart hke New York ts not as presumptuous as it has hitherto, appar ently, seemed to that august body. We 1magme that no one w1ll doubt the nght of tne tobacco merchants of New York, or other large ctty, to have JUSt oue such warehouse for theu conveDlence, 1 f manufacturers can IMPORTS. The arrivals at the po r t of New York from fore1gu ports for the week endmg January zo, mclud! Assorted lots.... Sat 10 Flllera. ... .. s 6 Wii<>Onl\t>-Aoeorted ,.., 6 @ 1 1 8 7 2 ct'Op Wiappera ..... ,. .. 18 @!0 1)--ictoi-Seconds, o'DCI..IO @! Cotultchcui-Fillero oound. @r NetD York-A.uorted. 6!,; IO p.,..yl.,......_..USOrted. lota.,6)i@ q Okw-ANor11od lola 6 @17 w .. com ...................... 6)i 8 Rappee, J'renob -1 oo Kentucky :z at $4,8o, s-85 7 at Scotch .k luodyCoot -90 1:;:1 CommOD --8-as J\.t the Morns Warehouse, 76 hhds and 2boxes: 55 hhds Mason County, Kv, trash, lugs, and leaf: 2 at A o. s ... ------@-14 5 35; 13 at 6@7 So, 27 at 8@9 So; 6 at Io.25@ "G c.. 480111 C08s I3.25; 2 at 16, I8 75; 3 :at :zr. 5o@27.25. 8 hbds Browp. UJ!' G" UOltsoaae s 4.. C ty Ohio tra h I d 1 f t $6 @6 "CI

JA:S. 21 The Boone House sold 32 hb.ds 30 hhds Kentuckv leaf .ad lup. 1 at II, 2 at 8.1o, 8 so, 4 at 787 70, 7 at 6 I0@6 go. 6 at s zs@s. 95.> 6 at 4@4 95' 4 at :f4583 65 .2 hhds lnduma leaf ud lugs at o5, 3 90 I he Plauter's House sold 49 hhds Kentucky leaf and lugs 28 hhds lea( 4 at 10 75, 8 30, 8, 6 at 7@ 7 90 2 at 6 4<', 6 so, r6 at S@S So 21 hhds lugs r at 6o, n at 4@4 75> 8 at 3@3 Ss PHILADELPHIA, '.January 19 -Mr E W D 1ck erson, Reporter for the Tobacco Trade of Ph1ladel ph1a, wntes as follows The new year seems to beget new hopes among our busmess men, and new plans are carefully la1d, wh1ch are the results of all the successes as well as dJSasters of the past There 1s certamly a more hopeful feelmg now among the trade than at th1s time one year ago Then every one felt that the pnces of leaf must fall that year, and It was a questJOn wh1ch the year I873 must solve how httle each one must l ose from tbia cause alone Now that cnsis Is past and the paruc With 1t, and the demand now for leaf 1s a healthy one There JS no speculatiVe demand any more there are no m1ddle men here to go between the packers and the JObbers of leaf tobacco Wutem uaf-The rece1pts last week were \ery hm lted, exceptmg for export, but the sales were fully up to expectation I report only the s-ales of ro hhds heavy black sweet for shipment Sted Leaf-There was a goodly number of mqu1rers m the market last week for seed leaf1 A0f course the buyers expected to buy at very low figures, and cash customers d1d so, as also d1d our short time buyers Our stocks are marked down to what they are to be worth now Pr11ba/J1Itlzes for tlus week are, first, tqat severallargi! transactions wh1ch "hung fire" last week w1ll be closed, second, that buyers can do better now than one month hence The actual sales, last week, so far as reported were not over 140 cases, Ctgars-There was only a moderate demand last week The stocks are fa1r, but there IS no des1re to torce sales on all well..made goods Nanu{adured-The rece1pts were about I,ooo boxes pressed work, 700 pkgs smokmg, and 30 0 pkgs fine -cut chewmg The demand was healthy, the stocks are good, and the prM:eS are qu1te firm Th1s 1s especially true of all regular staple branda m th1s market RICHMOND, :January 17-Mr R A M1lls, To bacco Broker, reports Smce my last report there has been no Improvement m receipts The offermgs are still compnsed prmopally of old rev1ew s, all desuable pades of wh1ch are taken freely by the trade at remu nerative pr1ces, wh1le nondescnpt kmds are neglected Very httle new leaf, except m loose parcels, has l:leen receJved up to date. 1 r-.msact1ons for the week were 447 hhds, 83 tu:rces, and 3 boxes SAN FRANCISCO, '.J'ar:tuary 8-The Commemal Herald reports as follows The demand smce the hoi 1days has been mcons1derable, w1th few Important trans actiOns to note Dealers and JObbers seem to be well stocked, lookmg forward to a large and healthful trade dunng the year A large trade of V1rg1ma man ufactured 1S advertised for auction thiS day The ex ports were 8 cases tobacco to V1ctona 1 here are now Qll their way to th1s port from dome,.stlc Atlantic THE p!!ar ave gone out of use consequently tbere has beeo out ttle busmess domg, and there IS but little of the former now to be had Havana C1gars-Have been m fa1r dem d, and for the h1gher classes full pnces are obtainable, ere IS a large quantity of ordmary to common desc=wns offenng at low pnces, but w1th ht tie vana Tobacco-Is but seldom mqmred for, and the stoc offers no mc.lucement for buyers to operate, fillers o g_ood quality are wanted, and 1f pos sessmg fa1r flavor would bnng good pnces Yara and Cuba-Is Without change of the former there IS noth mg offenng of the latter there IS a fa1r supply Ma mila Cheroots and C1gars-For the former there 1s a good mqu1ry at full pnces, with but httle offenng, wh1le for ogars there IS but a small demand, although there IS a large supply offermg at low rates Mamlla To bacco-Of fa1r to good quahty IS much wanted The arnvals of the IS72 crop have turned out unsmtable to the reqmrements of the home trade, therefore the old Imports now offenng meet a readY. sale ColumblanAmbalema has had more attention ar.d sales have been effe<;ted, but for Carmen there has been but httle 1::1 quuy, supplies are offermg at very reasonable pnces but are slow of sale Of G ron, sales have been ef fected for cuttmg purposes, but of c1gar descnpnons there 1s nothmg fine to be had Palmyra-Is w1thout change Wtth a full supply m the market, there 1s lit tie mqu1ry, althougll off"'red at a reductiOn on pre v1ous rates Esmeralda-All the old stock has now been placed, and some of the late arnvals, m whtch there appears to be some useful tobacco, have been sampled, and, m the abslltnce of other growths, no doubt wlll find a ready sale Chma-Has expenenced a fatr demand, and although there appears to be a large stock, there 1s comparatively little m first hands, for some months past the of th1s growth have averaged about Soc bales Paraguay-! he parcel referred tom our last was sold at fa1r pnces but, 1t 1s stated, far un der the cost w1th contmuous supplies no doubt better pnces wou1d be obtamable for th1s useful grcwth Porto R1co-Hss expenenced no change, and there 1s nothmg new to report Arracan, Braz1l, and St Do mmgo-Nothmg worthy of particular comment A few bales of the latter have come to hand, and Will shortly be on the market Turkey-Some holders havmg been des1rous of cleanng up old Imports, have effected sales at low pnces There 1s, however, still a large stoclt of ordmary to common classe5 which are difficult to place, for fine, bngb.t selected quahtles there 1s a farr mqmry Macedoman-Has expenenced no change, v;ell as sorted parcels are sought after, but m1xed and common descnpt10ns are but little mqu1red for, except at rum ous rates Greek-Has been more mqmred for, and the sales effected have much reduced the stock m first hands R10 Grande-Has been but little operated m Java-Has had more attention from buyers, some fine, leafy, dry parcds have been placed at moderate rates Sumatra-Has been but spanngly dealt m, but fine, leafy, even colored parcels are m request DutchHas been but httle mquired for German-Has been rather slow of sale, and, w1th large arnvals and an ex cess1ve stock, pnces are easier Japan-Of gooa use ful classes, contulUeS m demand, there IS now but httle of tlus descnptlon offenng, wh1le common and 1mper feet quahtles are d1fficult to place, even at very low 241 cases pnces Hunganan-Wlth no stock here there has been ST LOUIS, 'January I4 -Mr J E Haynes, Dealer notlung done Good, sound, dry classes would meet a Ill Leaf Tobact:."Q, repOt"ts Received Io8 hhds agamst fa1r sale Latakia-Continues to be taken m small 16 the previous week Fnday the offenngs were small quantities, and the stock of good flavored descnpt10ns tubs and boxes 29 tuns, whtch sold as hhds, 3 1s now but small N egrohead-Contmues m steady de new at $2 So to 2 90, 7 do at 3 to 3 6o, t do at 4 6o, I mand, and pnces for good brands are well mamtamed ..old at 9 30, 2 do ro 25, r do II 25, and the rest old V1r Cavendish-Has been neglected, and t!Je sales effected gtnia I at II so, r at 14 75, 3 at 17 to 17 75, I at IS, I have been but tnflmg.. Stalks and Smalls-Of good at :zo so, 4 at 21 to 2r so 2 at 22 7S to :.14 so, and r at quahty, have been mqulred for "\1\Te quote 38 so, and II boxes new at 2 IO to fuesday there Vugm1a, LSt January r874 per lb-Fme spmners, was an active demand for good manufacturmg tobacco scarce, 6d@Iod. Good m1ddhng, scarce do Orchnary at full pnces, and old sound leaf commands h gher to m1ddhng, do For fine shag and part spmnmg, do pnces than It has for some time Sales r8 hb.ds 2 at For 90mmon shag do Fme, black, sweet do 2 20 to z so, 2 at 3 so to 3 70, S at 4 to 4 So, 3 af S to Good, stout, ncb. snuff leaf, do M1dd lmg do do Or 5 So, r at 6, 4 at 9 :zo to 9 90, I at 13 25, and 6 boxes at dmary short and part faded, do Stnpt leaf, or lux fine 2 90 to 4 50 In the two days 5 hhds were passed and spmnmg, I ul@ud Ordmary to m1ddh'lg, 7 btds were reJected on 6 hhds at 2 so to 14 25, and 5 Kentucky, ISt January, 1874, per lb-Stemmed, fine, boxes at 2 so to 4 30 Very few hhds of good we1ght Io%d@nd Shore to mtddlmg Short and of the new crop have been rece1ved up to date, mostly scrappy, Leaf, good to fine, 7d@9d Ord1 small bhds, casks, and boxes nary to mtddhng, Cavendtsh, 6d@r2d FOREIGN Negrohead, part heated, 9d@r5d Negrohead, good, LONDON, 'Jatmary r-There has been but little do Negrohead, fine, do domg m Amencan tobacco dunng the past week-buy Maryland and Ohw-Fme yellow per !b ers, as usual at thiS penod of the year, only takmg Yellow, 7 X: d@Sd do Brown to colory, 5d@7 d do as they needed for the1r 1mmed1ate requ1rements Less Amersfoort, for snuff per lb Do for cut of a spmnmg character has been found than was ant1c tmg do Braz1! do Cuba, zod@1s 1pated among the recent 1mportatwns, and, although Sd do Columbmn 6d@2s 6d do Esmeralda, 2s@2s light m color, very httle bnght tobaccO' IS obtamable 4d do Greek, do German fiat covers, I@2s Kentucky leaf stnps have been operated m to a mode do Do folqed do do Do for cuttmg 6@ rate extent-, for the former there IS a fa1r mquuy for Sd do Do stemmed, Sd@zs do Havana leaf, rod@ exportation Leaf and Stnps-Forthe former res do Java, 7@nd do Mamlla IS 6d@4s 2d do the demand has been ch1efly for very bnght descnp Do for cuttmg, 8@I83{d do R1ca, 7d@n 3d tJOns, wh1le for the latter the mqu1ry was for heavy do Sumatra IS 3d@3s 6d do Chma, do spmnmgclasses Maryland and Oh1o-Colory descnp Japan, do Arracan, do Palmyra, t1ons of the former are wanted, but for the latter there Sd@IS 6d do Paraguay, do 1urkey 1s but hUle mqu1ry Cavendish contmues dull of sale, leaf, 4@9d do Latakia, 7d@rs rd do St Dommgo tbere bemg no transactions worthy uf comment leaf, 4@7 do Havana c1gars, 7@22s do German Our monthly report JS as follows There 1s no change do rs@rs Iod do Mamlla cheroots and c1gars, 5s@7s to report m Amencan tobacco dunng the past month, 6d do Kentucky sta lks, 3s@3s Id do V1rgm1a do buyers havmg conmued to take such as proved suit 3s rd MlXed do 2s 6d@2s 7d do able to the1r present reqUirements out of the last 1m MELBOURNE, NQvtmber 5 -Mr H C Fraser, of port, much of wh1ch turns ol\lt devmd of substance and Messrs Fraser & Co, Tobacco Brokers, reports There qual ty, and generally mtxed m color, so that !J.e trans has been a want of ammat10n m the staple aunng the actwns have been hrruted to good to fa1r p a rcels out of montn The prmc1pal feature m the month's busmess what was offere to aboush the uoe of tobacco, wh1cb Jt... h e ld to be a nox10us weed In r6Io the smokmgofto was known at Constant tuople To render the custom nd1culous, a furk who had been found smol;-mg, was conducted about the streets w1th a ptpe transfixed through h1s nose For a Ion; wne after the Turks purchased tobacco and that the refuse, the Enghsh It wss late before they learned to cultivate the plant themselves In r6IS, 1t aJr pears that tobacco began to be sown about Ala ersfort, m Holland In r6I6, they began to c:ultivate tobacco m Vrrgmra, the seeds had probably beea earned thnher from Tobago In r6r9 Kmg James I wrote h1s M1socapnos agamst the use of tebaceop and orde red that no planter m Vugmta should cultivate more than roo pounds In r62o, some Enghsh compa mes mtroduced the custom of smokmg tobacco 1n Zittau 1n Germany (See Ca.rp zov s Zittau1scber Schauplatz,' vol n, p 228) In 162o Robert Komgsmann a merchant, brought the fir,t tobacco plant England to Strasburg In I624 Pope Urban Vlll pubhsb.ed a decree of excommumcatwn agamst all who should take s nu ff m the church because then already some Spamsh used 1t dunng the celebratiOn of mass In r63r, smokmg of tobacco was first: mtroduced mto M1sm1a br the Swed1sh troops (See Kamprad s 11 Le1sm ger Chromsa,' p 442) In 1634 smokmg was forbtdden m Russta, under the pam o havmg_ the nose cut o ff In 1653, they began to smoke tobacco m the canton of Appenzell m Sw1tzenand At first the ch1ldren ran after those who smoked m the streets, The connell hkew1se c1ted the smokers before them, and pumshed them and ordered the mnkeepeiS to mform agamst such as should smoke m the1r houses.. (Walser s 'A?penzell Chron, p 624) In I66J, the p ollee regulatwn of Bern was made whtch wasd1v1de4 accordmg to the Ten Commandments In 1t, the prohibition to smoke ob:J.cco stands under the rubnep '1 hou shalt not commit adultery 'I The oproh1bi!Joa was renewed m r67s .nd the tnbunal particularly m st ltuted to put mto executiOn Chambre du Tabao, con tmued ull the m1ddle of the present centul) (See Sm ner's "Voyage H1stor et L1tter dans Ia Su1sse Occl dantale') In I67o, and m the followmg years, o f tobacco was pumshed m the canton of Gl.uus by a. pecumary fine of one crown, Sw1ss money ln 1676P two Jews first attempted the cult1vat1on of tobacco m tk margrav1ate of Brandenburg, but whtch however, was not brought to bear tlll r6SI In I686, tobacco fusl: planted m the canton ofBas1l In I6S9, Jacob Vacanus an Austnan physiCian, mve nted the tubes Jo. tobacco p1pes wh1ch capsules contammg bits o sponge, however, a bou t the year r67o, already p1pes were used w1th glass globules appended to them to cd lect the o1ly rnmsture exudmg from the tobacco Ia 169o, Pope Innocent, XII excommumcated all wbD should be guilty of usmg snuff or tobacc o m the Church o{ St Peter at Rome In I697, great quantJtle s ol to bacco already produced m the Palatine and m Hessaa.. In I7 I9 the Senate of Strasburg proh1btted the culture of tobacco, from an apprehensiOn lest It should prove lDJUnous by d 1 m1mshmg the growmg of corn In (?) Pope Benedrct XIV revoked the bull of excommomcatwn, pitNished by Innocent because he hunselfh tel acqu1red the b.ab1t of takmg snuff In I753 the King of Portugal farmed out the tobacco trade for about: 2 soo,ooo nx dollars the revenue of the Kmg of SpalDI fwm t ob acco amounted to 7 330 933 nx dollars, IDl CQntmue d Q n page 7 Cows AND GtRLS -The pnce of a g1rl 1s quoted at two cows m the slave d1stncts of East ,Afnca, accordmc to S1r Samuel Baker SEVERE ON THE 'BOYS -B1shop Meade once saJd'. Our g1rls are poorly educated but our b:>ys Will nner nnd It OUt" :Forthoomlq Auction Sales. Bv JoHN H DRAPER & C o -STORE, No nz PEARL "81REET, HANOVER Thursday January 22 at I2 o clock nOOJl, at store Shenff s s a le (by order of M f Brennan, ]ate Shenff), 22 cases and 2 hogsheads of Connectlcut To bacco Also 40 cases (each S cadd1e s) of Manllfac tured Tobacco Adverttsements. NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION -fbe firm ot Joseph A Vega a. Bro 111 th !!I day dissolved by tbe Wltbdrawal of Rafael Vega The bMi. nes!!l wlll be cont nued b y JOSEPH A VEGA at the o d store )'ln 1R7 Pe-arl Street JOSEPH A VEGA, NEW YORK Yan11a17 J 1S,4 kAFAEL Vl::.UA W.A.NTED.-lhe arency of first rate New York oh1pp ag houses, JMtierhn and theN'"'" Gtrman Confederauon for A mer can prodaa;. vtz PtlrDlnmt Tobu cco, Gra tl F/()Ur. Porll BMon Cottllflt; t:tc_ The advertiser will be n New 'i ork for personal interview until the Address I Box 2568 Post Office 465 New York, Jaauary 1'2" 187-*,. TO 1H E EDITOR OF THE 10BACCOLEAF -Please ofonollr trade tllat we have on th s date Nucceeded to Fat. x the b n ess of lMPORTJNG L:s:AF ToBAc c o AND and that we wiD cont nue the same under the fi m name of F MIRANDA & Co at Pearl Street Hopmg for a gene!ral r e vtva l of trade and that tb .. aamewiR be conduc ted under a sound and sold bass by those engaged n.the weed_.. we rema n yours tru}y FROILAN Mt1lAl.'liDA.... ONOFRE MIRANDA.. NOTICE -LA R T C A BRAND o r property s nee a number of our spec al y for the cho cest Havana leaf anrl 1s recorded and cop:yngbteil accord ng to Jaw and part es are hereby cauboned aga nst us ng the 4 6 5 4t F MIRANDA & CO. FOR SALE! 100 000 Pounds Genu ne DEER TONGUE Flavor,( SMOKING TOBACCO manufactmers tn lots to smt paschasers at LOWEST figur es MARBURC BROS. 1,6, 1'1 & 1'9 i.e harlea St-0? 44 453 BALTIMORE, D" ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. 000 DRAWN EVERY 1'1' BAYS C ass 9 o to be dta.wn Aug so 1873 I 913 to be drawn UcL 9 n Sept 17 914 Nov S. ---.x-d'2 Oct 4 s Nov .. WH ONLY Hatns andQuartersm Proi!Omokero PubliEbed at)!lo 10 Lord Neleon .-t Lherpooi,Z.., and w ere 1 absoripbons way be adcbe&eed or to the TOBACCO LEU 0.W.UC. P1!CO two obilliDga l)!!ng l h) per annum Trade A:lverU.Iemeot& 20 all lliuga per Inch No &dertleetl:l8nta tor a. i'horte period than mouths Maeh.ine y lor Eal(> BnsiDeee es A u u uocemeJllll &o. 1a per ..... No for Adverttaiug will betmD .tdercri ul ... a<:00111panied b7 amollllt. Tllia .,... 'IdS mvariably be a h red to. $ 5TO 120 PER DAY eas y made by an> one We .... ._ men women bO}S and gtrls all over the country to sell F ne Stee} Engrav ngs Chromos Cr.l)OD Draw gs tons Photographs e t c etc We now ubliah tbe finest aN(JIII" ment ever placed before the pub 1 c anJ' our pnces are marke4 down so low as to defy all competuion !No one s ubscribe& for a. prem um g paper n order to get a p cture after see ng our pictures a .... learning our pnces \Ve have many old age t s at work for us who made canvas ng for books papers etc the r bus ness f o r ) ears aud tMy all report that they can make much more money at work for u s than at 'aD7th ug else Ou pr ces a e so lo that a! can afford to purchase and the-refore the p ctures se I a.t sight at a.lmost every house New beginners 4 as:; well as agents who h ave had l a rge experience for our beautifuL subjects a.4. low pnces are aoprec a ted b y aU. 1 o make large sales all an agent bas to .... t s to a b o w the p ctures f r o m house t o bouse Don t look. for work elsewltert until you h ave seen what Teat tuducemeots we offe r you to make money We have not space to erpla1o all here but send u s your addrea and we will __.. full particulars free b_y ma 1 Don t delay if yeo waai profitable work for 1 your l eisure boun or for your whole time Now t1 the favorable tlme a. enraee in tb1s bu.smess Our p1ctures are the finest and molt pleas ng \a this c ountry and are endorsed by all the Jeading papen,lnctudln1 the New York H1rald Those who caDDot give the busluea theJ.r entire atteutiOD a:a work up the r own lo c ahtie& and make a B.and10me 10m "" thout ever away from home o*r n ght Let all who want pleuaut. profitable employ saeat.l w tho\lt rlskinc c ap1tal send us thelt addreue1 at ooce and leara ... bout tneboshtesa forthe-lvea Mdreel OEQRGE SriN.:iO.N Art Publlobero Portland. Maine 463 Sl


I'B'E 1:0BA.CfJO LEA.F, SPENCE :BROTHERS &. CO., DOHAN, CARROLL & CO., JIA.llt!JJ'lli.CTUB.:&R8 THE CELEBBA.'ll&D TOE.A.CC 0 !BE-VIRGINIA TOBACCO A .GENCY, -. Esn.BL-SHED fN 1 8 36, BY CHARLES M. CoNNOLLY. 1 AMBROSIA, COMMISSION MERCH'ANTS, OlfNOLL Y cl CO.,, COIIIIISSION MERC!JANTS IN leaf and Man uf.actured Tobacco, 45 WATER STREET, NEW, YORK. .&gents for VIRGINIA MANUFACTURED TOBAGCO made of various b ;ands shipped to this to' the party ordering from us. : :1-lUltCHASES .OF LEAF TOBACCO FOR HOME .!ND EXPORT, MADE ON COMMISSION. Ckders filled direct from VIrginia at MANUFACTUf'ERS FACTORY prices. EXP.....,.._...ORT ORDERS for TOBACCO Filled with DISl?ATCH Go.o:d Storage for all kinds of TOBACCO in dry well ventilated lofts. !Orders from our old friends and the trade generally .And Various other Brana. of Fine-Cut Chewing & Smoking Tobaccos, :;2 111d &i EAS'l' TmD B'l'UET, CINCINNATI, O. Being located at the GREAT LEAF MARKET for CUTTING ToBACco, our facili ties for supplying the TRADE ,with ALL GRADES O F FrNECUT and SMO!::ING are unsurpassed. CO., EDWARD M. WRIIHT & DEALERs AND EXPORTEBS OF fin al c V h f\f ALL KINDS o mner IHIIllllMlOn lJlllfC anll} LEAF TOBACCO, 3e :Broad Street, 131 PEARL STREET, MEW YORK. P. 0. 4853, NEW YORK l'. 0. BOX. 2i8t. 104 FRONT STREET, M. J. DOHAN } { TH0S. CARROLL, ALEx. FORMAN. ..w Toaa. .JNO T TAITT. A[ents for the followin[ W ell-inoill !annfactorers : ..J. B. PACE, Y ARBROUCH & SONS, J. H. CRANT It CO. JOHN ENDERS, TURPIN & D. B. TE.NNANT & CO. L. H. FRA Y8ER & CO. B. W. OLIVER, H. CREANER, CARY BROTHERS, EDWIN WILSO'N, THOMAS,VE, J. R. PACE & CO. RACLAND & JONES, RACLAND & TOSH, WALKER, TAYLOR & CO. WINNIE & TALBOT, L. W. WISE, R. A. PATERSON & CO. J. P. WILLIAMSON, L. LOTTIER. STRAITON A>rUJ A. :eo=-=.. 1097. c. c G. F LlNDI!;, S l\1 .\RCOSO. R. A S H Cttc>I'T. NE'W YORK 1EAF ToBAcco INsPECTION. J'OHN STR ArroN. GEORGE STOIUC. ,.....:..::=....:.:.:;.;::.;;.;_,;__ __________ Country for its beauty of WOI kmanship, delicacy of chew, etc., we would InVIte c.Re L :a: A r T 0 3 .A. c co.ALEXANDR MAITLAND. L. F. :;, MACLEHOSE. attentio:J. of Jobbers; always on hand m lbs., half lbs., threes, pocket pieces, etc. 162 PEARL ST., NEW YORI. $\\.'r L. MAITLAND 4 TOBACCO AND FACTORS, .CIJ.k TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED (!'PptiljjirptN .cf:ven foe every case, and delivered case by case, a s to number of Certificate. B.-wE ALSO SAMPLE IN MERCHANTS' OWN STORES. F. c: LINDE tc CO., .. DICIP1\L OFFICE,-tU Water Street. &nK QUIN, c ....... E BILL, J Colorado, TOBAt!t:O AND COTTOlf J. P. QU IN & CO., Black Tom, 01 MERCHANTS, TOBACCO FACTqRS," And General Commiuion Jlercbantl ..&I.' "BB.QAD ST., N O 39 BROA.D STREET, &euonablc Advances made} NEW FOBK; on Shipm e nts. NEW YORK. o\LSO C C I G-A. R 133 Water and 8& Pine SUI N.Y. For Price List address or apply as above. G F a BRO., TOBAcco, TBH TOBAcco TRADE mcTDBY. CERMAN TABAKZEITUNC, WALTER. FRIEDIAII & FREISE, OBGAX OF THE GEBJIIAJ( TOBACCO ASSOCIATIOX. IJ4PORTERS OF A-;WEEKLY NEWSPAPER CIRCULATING IN AUSTRIA, HOLLAND, BELGIUM DENMARK SWEDEN RUSSIA, ITALY, AND GERMANY. BAV AHA TOBACCO Sol:ly devoted to the l!ra:,.ches o tlie 'l'obacco 'l'rade of the Gei'IUII Empire. Relialtle ma.rll:et p ricee complete ltstl of Jtock. on hand, imports and of all ports and cities of Germany .. POLX!' 4RB,. Advertisem,ents. $40 fm :1.0 lines one year. and on first page over hvo columns, $:1.00.'1 For Subsct"ipUons and Advertisements, address J'. G Oftlee fd THE TOBACCO LEAF, Fulton l!ltreet, N.Y. City. \V OL PEISER. Editor and Proprietor, So Berlin. Germa. n v 1\f. SALOMON, E. SALOMON .. M. a E. SALOMON, PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, AND IMPORTBRS OF Havana Tobacco and Cigars, 85 MAIDEN L4\NE, N. y. J abana J taf OCDbattDS, ( ._, MILL STBIIII"l", Bocheeter, N. Y. TBB JDBBIIG BOUSE OF THE WIST F. E. GERNII.A.RDT a CO., OF Io6 LOCUST.STREET, ST. LOUIS, MO., Having completed arrangements, have located a branch at 1!13 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK, and are now manufacturing all their cho ice OF CIGARS, at the above -mentioned place. :ESTA.DLISIIED 1822 .. COPBIII.&GER SKDP'F," Manufactured on ly by JOS. SULZBACBBR, WEYMAN & BROTHER, Secured lvq l-etters Patent, December :16, 1S6s. An DEALER I N Oil our copyright will be rlgorouoly pi'OO ""FJFFT> T 'F' A P"' AND HAVANA TOBACCO. 151 Water Street, U P STAIRS. NWXQRIL.-ADOLPH STaOJIN. ClTIDO i.ztlTZilNSTitlN, STROHN & REITZENSTEIN, Qli .om m i:s,; iD u ALSO DEALII:Jt5 I N DOMESTIC AND IMPORTERS OF TQBACCO, I 76 Front Street, NEW YOU. 203 Pearl Street, NEW YORK. CHAS. F. TAG & SOli, lmporten ot SPANISH, &Dd Deo.lers In allld.Dda ot' LEAF TOBACCO, Front Street, 8. REIISMANN & CO., Commission Merchants, AND DltALH.RS lN AI,L KINDS OF LEAF TOBACCO, 179 PEARL STREET, GUSTAV RJ11SJI{A}Olf1 } HERMAN KOJtHIG, NEW. YORK. N. LACBENBRUCH & BRO., No. 184 Water Street, NewY.ork, \V "HOL1!SALJ! DI!ALilRS JN' HAVANA & DOMESTIC Leaf' Tobacco. M. WESTHEIM & 00., Seed-!aeaf and Importers of Havana Tobacco, 177 Pearl Street, NEW YOIDL M. OPPENHEit.JER I. BRO. DEALERS IN SEED, LEAF lltD HlVUA TOBACCO, 138 WATER STREET, NEWYO:a.K.. E. M. ORA WFORD & CO., TOBACCO I A Ill> 188 WATER STREET, :llu.a. .Jlria.LlNG SLrP, NEW YORK. R.8W YOKI., ,-&.. r.u:JL A. FALK. FELIX CARCIA, IMt'ORTER OF ScOTCn HAVANA LEAf TOBACCO, 'WEYMAN & :ORO., ( ) & 13 SMITHFIELD ST PmS111118. PA rooM T GOT,,.. .... AND CIGARS D. J. GART!f, SON &: co., ALSO OF THB WELL KNOWN (Succesaou to CHARLES u. F ALLBN,TKIN & co .,) Brands OfCi!ars 'La Carolina' & 'HCitl'Y Clay, OBACCO L .ABELs. COMPLETE Tc;mANY, n .l:JR-E c To RY LITHOGRAPHERS, Commission Merchants. and & 34 VESEY STREET, NEW YORK, o::r T::BD NO. 44 BROAD ST., 187 Water St New York AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. T d. c T d D.J.Garth, --TATGBIBORST. TBOIIAS KIQICU'l"l'. o "'ceo an lgar_ ra, e ::-""'o.::eJ NEW YORK. c. nAvrnso & co. T Q B A C C 0 .li.eotueky and Vlrginia OP ROKOHL BROS, & SOELTER AND L f T b United States, MANUFACTURERS OY ea o acco En&land, 68 ROAD STREET, Ro. 52 :Broad Street, 'W'ales, Man ufa cturen of Fine Clga:rs, ._ NEw YORK. NEW YORK. Scotland, 17e5 uth St., EW YORK. 194 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. CUTNRIE A CO., J. Me. J. BENSEL & co., Hamburg, JOliN B. ""LOO,D, ft8 11'1/JO.Nr STJUUJ:T, A. -t-erp ..: 10 Dll'EYS'l'Ell. STBEET, .A.D. t [Sacoeuor to G. W. L.ANGHORN'E & co., SliD-LEAf IISI'ImiS. B.otterc1am, Llbourne, VIRGIN I and Svdnev. "' Jeffer8on Street, between 7th and 8th, -.roo PACKED"''' HOGSIIJW)S. llin(ly o r in lots. TBB rmrr OOIPLBTB PUBLICATION or fBB KIND BVBR ISSUED L y N 0 B B u R G > v I R G I N I A ranch, 13a North Front, Philadelphia. 1.. D. OBOCKLiY, .. "VVMION KERCBA.NT, Leaf Tobacco Dealer, 1L S1 PEARL STREET, flEW 1114 ear, B.IOHKOXD, Va .... __.,,....,.to Bob White in Cloth. Deer Ham, in Cloth, Johnny R eb in Cloth JOSEPH A. VEGA.. OOitAlJS OVBB 'lWEftt'f !'JIOUIAIJ) lfU.UG, Westward Ho! in Cloth, AuntSallie'sChoice, i n Cloth Rustic B e lle ion Cloth, AIUNJ Dew Drop, in Cloth Jolly Boy, i.o Cloth, Old Whi te Hat, liCPORTSK Of" llav:a.a Tobacco AND CICARS, lrT P:UBL 8'1'111'1', NEW YOU Price of the Directory, -Five Dollars. "THE TOBACCO LEAF" PUBLISHING COMPANY, 10 Fultoa St.aoeet. B'ew York. And other Choice Grades. A.ll Bra.nd1 of our TobaoeM ra.ee1 to suit purcllMen, FREE OF EXTRA CHARGE. Hnd in the new and l?opn!&r style of Paobges to a u i t different mo.rk eta of the world. FACTORY No.6. FIF ... TH DISTRICT. EDWIN K.A TTSOl>T, 122 .A.roh. Philacielphia. for the :&ast.#a 1114 KIWI Str.tea. Obia 1114 :iaclllpD. H ,.,.. 011 eale all JdJJ4a oiJ.e&( 1'.-.o far .Bzport an4 lor Uome 111e. OTTINGER & BRnTHIB, KENTUCKY LEAF TOBACCO,' 48 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. WILLIAK M. !'RICE & CO. LEAF TOBACCO, ng MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. JOS. MAYER'S SONS, 8onsnd$liou l'tmaltf, Lal Tct'baoe@, lfl:l F A2'B.K BTBllliX, -New York. SPIICIR BROS. I a CO COliVTSSIOI' VXMB'AJTS, Dealers in Leaf Tobacco. 75 Maidea'Laae, NB.W YORK. T.ll. SPENCE&. C. C. BP&IIfCBB. .L BPUCBl )


' .. JAN. 21 -"JIC B BIIIILL, \ MANUf'ACTt>RER OP' ElGAR BOlES, SUPERIOR MAKE AND Prtme Ouallty of CEDAR WOOD, ,.. I ( 'NEW YORK.-11. w IIBIDIL a BRo.;, -... l4.ANUPACTUJtRS OF CIGARS AND D E ALERS I N LEAF TOBACCO, BOWERY, NEW YORK. WK. AGlfEW 6 BOllS, !obaoco and Oommisaion Keraluad& ll8.o& and 1186 Front l!!lt;_... :NEW' YOBK. BAV8 O!f 8A.La ..&.LJ. DWWM ILeaf Tokeco fer lxpor& aad Rama &1. Lear Tobacco baled in aD.Y packap bJ 1e presa for e:EIA.CCC>, 172 Water Street, N. Y THE GERMAN AMERICAN BANL UIPORTEltS OF& DEALERS IN Leaf Tobacco, 162 Water St., New York. .. a uFACTUft1PDC! OF FINE CIGARS J. SCHMITT, c JOST. -$2,000,000. I mAn n ...... -irork. E. & CO., ACo;;,;;=: .. .:.'! C B SPITZIIR EUGENE DU BOIS,' HAVANA & DOMESTIC TOBACCO: LEAF TOBACCO 0. H. SCHREINER. Cashier. EMIL SAUER, P1-ea'te COKKISSION No. 8 auRLINc sLIP : N ... 0 D.& c c 0 'BOBTJIBU.Uo:" .11 NEAR W..ATER-STREET, 197 DU&nMtreet, I S. BAR ETT, scunoEDEB & lOCI, ... L f M d & S NE' .. .Tl!l,. \ l!Je w ..,. DEALER IN w. rAND ea anu.acture moking r.--. u.&x. JUucu: .. tTI. lUX ...... ,a.uu. .;_ ........ ; ...... ,. wJl or HAVANA AND DOMESTic PAcriRs oF TOBACCO COll/lli/IISSION TOBAClOO, Oiprm&nraoturen uarticul,.rlyfavored. LEAF TOBACCO SEED LEAr AND 75FRONTST.,NEWYORK. ROBERTr'.kEIIY .,CO ANDDEALERSIN filii IT llRJJJl'l'JRIJIIBPBA'*, IIOrReaoonableAdvan c e smade on Shipments, W CXr FRIEDMAN & OETTINGER, 144 Water St. BAVAKA TOBACCO UPIIANN, BIIIIJHI IJU 1}1} tJ II IJ .IH lotstosultpurc hasers. 34 :BEA'VEI S'l'BEEI!', NEW YOBX, (LATE OF 8'1'. LOUIIS0 Mo.) NEW YORK 188 PEAI!.L S'l'iD'l', IMPORTERS oF Ilealera in all kinds or 203 Pearl St., New York CitJ. P.O.Boz2969. NEW YORK. & Lilli LEAF TOBACCO & .. CoMMISSION MERCHANTS 8lnthautJt, .. SUPERIOR DE JOSE MARIA VICHOT," C I s I II 0 N sAL 0. 0 l( ..,., DLU.US nr .&LL """'"or .\...: I KEY WEs: 147 w .A.'l'E S'l' NEW yonx. OF EVERY DESCRIPTION M lne !..O'arll,. Importer of aad. Dealer ia .U.'l> DBALBIIS IN ULJm!))80 LEAF TOBAOOO, AND DEALE;.-p Leaf TacCOj Ex. N oaTQN. :OcAuGH:,.a .. 1!. H. Wisoo><. ANTONIO CONZALEZ, H 0 TO.AOOO, Leaf Tobacco AND SEGARS, ... lH Pearl Street. NEW YORK. CHARLES A. WULFF, Printer, &Del KamufaDtllllll af GERARD BETTS &. CO.,. GENERAL AUCTIONEERS, A N D Commission Merchant!!, '1 OLD SLIP. helloorll:omllau o ver l(l oare. NEW YORK. JOSEPH SCIEIIIJER, DEALER. IN "o 160 Water Street New York. 011 ..... -..._ .. r ,EXPOR'I No. SG Kalden Lane, New Tort. IDd HOHII! ua .s.!oe NORTOJI, SLAUGHTER & CO., IlriPORTER OF 20! Fnlton St. Yew York. I A w., ..... a-. FELIX MIRANDA, IMPORTER OF A. O.&TliiAN, BAV .U.I. LEAF TOBACCQ I IIO'OIIftll OP AND OF THE BRAND OF CICAR8 "RITICA," Pearl St, :New :York. .um IWoD PI .a;o.L.m: HJDD. n o M EST r c Leaf Tobacco Comm1ss1on Merchants, 166 w JLTEB sxEET liro. 43 Beavw St., :New York. _.... AdclrMa by Poet, P. 0 Box,6I71. l'I'EW YORK., Bpeelal attention paid to the torwardlng ot 'l'obeeoo lotorelllllCOUnlrl e a. TOBActO : I AND AND DEALERS I N Geueral Commiuion Merchant, L A F T Q B A C C 0, No. 123 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. 99 Maiden Lane, N Y. L. GERSHEL & BRO., M. H CLARK & BRO., T()]J.CCO & COftOI FACTORS; avaua lobacco, Wll. c. BOIPBRS, L. CARVAJAL's ciGARS, IMPORTER OF HAVANA, 167 WJI.TEB ST., NEW YOBK. A ND PAC K E R O F WILL:: N.Y. s E E D L E A F T 0 B A c c 0 S, \ ..... .... R U S L KR. 242 PEARL STREET, wOU&. WIOKE a Oo ., ,.. I MANUFACTURERS OF Segar Boxes, Ui'f, 169 It 181 GOEB.CK ST, NEW YORK. Best Material and Superi1r Make /Jy &lfe Invented and Patmted Maclzinery E. PASCUAL BROTHER COlDQSSIO.N KDCJWrl'S .ANl) nrPOITDs B UYER OF Havana TOBAC-CO ... OB A.C,. ISS 'WAIJ.'IIB. STB.BBI,ll, Hii'W TOJ.Ur. .&a p, 0. BOX 3925 86 BROAD STREET, ---------------------------------------OF l!fEWYORK. j. H. PaaonTO J.u. G Parw, SEED ''Wf "jQiiAcco, lEAF BROKEtiS No. 86 MAIDEN LANE, OLA.BASv IIJJJ, TJ::NN, No. 't'8 PINE STBBBT, No:&W YORK. 8-u.peri.or De J'oe>' Bet.. Yietona, .30 Londreo, de ewtea CU'IIOj,. Belaa .-._ --85 Conehao, enra, Replla BrltaaJea. --= Co:acha, Beplla Lo..._.,. -1.!15 Conelllta, Beplla Cllllea, 110 Panetela, .511 80 ,., 60 't'O 't'O 1)5 4.6 Pemberton & Penn, TOBACCO COMM-ISSiON MERCHANTS, a long experimce in the business, f,j"er their services to jill orders for .Lerlf #> .. Man'f!adllnd Tobacco, OAWVILLE NEW NEW YORK. llanae.... 1.00 ll'ler de p.,,......, ._dre .. e:Rra, 110 Operae Reina, .. Clllleo e:dra, eo lal'aatea, --- o. Box 4.aee. W. P. P ILLIISTIII, 'fOBICCO CODISSION JAKES E. JESUP, _-:e:::=.:R:: ... TOBACCO BROIEB1 R. A. MILLS, B IREMEN ---.--. .... Kentucky. Cl.... OBDBaS IIOU.CDniD. Office In Tobacco chnwe, Shockoe SIJP,, V .A. ,. ...... --..


I ( 6 i 1Philadelphia Advertiaemeu:t .. Steiner, SJDith Bros. a Knecht, DEALER S I N ALL KINDS O F LEAF TOBAC.CO, Ancl Manufacturers of a1id Dealers i n Ciuars. 225 RACE STREET, .PHILADELPHIA. STEWARli MARKS, RALPH A CO,, Man u facturers o f Balph's Scotch Snuff, AND FINE CIGARS. J.'llll'o. 1111 ST., ,.JDbert SUwut, James P. Ma.rks, A leuude r Ralph, W Wood s ide Samuel A. HendricksoD> TEI.I.ER BROS., Packers, Cornmfsafon Merchants, and Wholesale Dealers in and DoJDestic Leaf' Tobacco, 117 North Third Street, Philadeiphia. 1VOOD1VA.RD, QA.2B.B7"Z' & CO., E Aal!l'o. Water St. and 32 No. Delaware Av., Philadelphia. "'f_ lfo: 143 Ffrn Avenue, Plttab1U]th L. BA'MBERGER & CO. -' DB.t.LBl!SIN LEA_F TOBA.-000 And Manufacturers of all Crades 0f Cigars, 7 .J\To. 8 .1\T. Wate:. st., Philadelphia, Pa. lEWIS BREMER'S SONS, W h o l e sale Deal ers in "LEAF'; AND KANt1FACTURED TOBACCO, T H .E 0 B A. C C 0 L E A. Baltimore Advertlse:mea.ts. "WM. A. BOYD & CO., DEALERS IN IBliPAmUI DB WI TOBACCO, CI&MlS, Ill t: l 33 SOUTH ST., BALTIMbRE. TKOS. W ORO!IIER. f H. WILKENS & CO., MoNuMENT-AL CITY, ToBAcco w oRx.s, No. 181 WEI!' l'U'l'l' STniE'l', BAL'l'IKOU, MAN UFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS OF SMOIIIG AID GBBWIIG TOBACCOS M FALK, &. CO.., 143 W a t e r Stree ( N e w Yo rk. G EO. KERCKHOFF. G EO. p, UNVE!tZAGT. GEO. KE.RCKHOFF & CO., DEALERS I N CONNECTICUT, HAVANA AND Y!RA. LEAF TOBACCO. ANP KANtTF:AC'l'VUBS or CIGABS. No. 49 S. CHARLES STREET,. BALTIMORE. ED. WISCHMEYER HY. WISC HMEYE R. ED. WISCHMEYER & CO., Commission. WESTERN .. fll Cincinnati AdvertiBemen ts. RICHARD )!ALLAY. JAMES MALLAY. Henry Besuden & Bro., R.MALLAY A BRD D B4LBBS 01 LEAF TOBACCO, Dealer s in LEAF TOBACCO, I I 15 and 1 1 7 West Front St. 1Cl. 163, & 165 Pearl Stret, Between Race aad E lm, ( OOitNEA 'or E:.K STREE 'II,) OINOINlUTl 0. S. LOWENTHAL a 00., MANIIEACTIJ:RERS ... OF F J E CIGARS, AND MJALDS m LEAF TOBACCO, NO. 11.2 W EST THIRD STREET, CINCINNATI, OHIO. AND DEALERS IN LEAF f PLUG TOBACCO & CIGARS, ]Acou WaL AAROII 39 SOUTH CALVERT STREET, WElL,' & co., -NuR Sn,.n, BALTDIIIORE" a. :J:..oc>"'E::'Ve:a db oo. JAN. 21 HartfDrd Advertillemeat!, CABSIUll W1G.LB8. L. B. lilA& C WELLES&. CO., DILU.JIIII IX CONN. EED "rrB.A.oco. 154 State Street, H.UITII'O ... CJOWW. I D. a .Z.X. PE'CU:, Cennectlcut SeedJJeaf TOBACCO,_ J6 Market Street, Barttbrd, a.m. WESTPHAL, CODUSSION K!:RC UK1', And Dealer In COI.EOTICifl' IUD LIAF Tobacco, St a te &*. llutiori, Cleo. 'A. L. &: F. SISSU, P ackers and Dealers In CON_NECTICUT SEED LEAF TOBACCO, No. I3. 4 MAIN STREE.T; ._183 Hartford, Conn. "' "' "'-MANUFACTURERS A N D w H oLESALE DEALERs lN G W Q 'D a. BAL SNUFF a. GIB8XE. ED. NIEMANN. Ci ars and Leaf Tobacco, p.:_ ... ,.=.: ..........,,. R, STARR & CO, BIESKE&NIEMANN O. FIJB OOJIIBOTJ01JT SEBH.BJr 1 MANUFACTURrRs O F TOBACCO FACTORS STRASSER .PRICK & LIPPIAJ S N U 'EW And O!iml.mi&ioo Merch.a:rdtJ, 1 ,IJ: ,1J: (Succe ss ors tct STRASSER & CO. ) 2.'5 SOUTH CALVERT s?. 7SSouthChariesBt.,Baltimore,Md. MANUFACTURERS Ot= CIIARS, AIID DKAL&RS I N KROHN, FEISS & CJJ., MANUFACTURERS OF ... OBACCO,. DANBURY, 1 CON NECTictrr:. --------------..... H SlUTH & VO., HOFFMAN LEE ,, co LEAF, PL'C'G, AND SKO:m!G 'l'O:BACCO, ., ., w. DRESEL A co., BJBOkcrs' Articles, and ImD. HaTana cu:ars 0 yG a -RS TOBACCO 87 GAy STRE SOUTHWEST COR. FIFTH liiD WII.IIUT-sls. i&; .lS., COMMISSION IEBCHANTS, n, CommissiBn lerchanu a n d Jim 63 E:rd!&nge l'lace, :Baltimore, Kd. T 0 B A W E authorh:eSlGHTDRAFTfor aUWJuntofTAX '-......1 mmisi iOD and Who l eoale Deale%8 ID NORTH CAROLINA. The Swee-test-F-Ine--C-ut Chewing VJHGJIJA LJAF LEAF AND Ka.uufa.ctured, .&ND CIGARS. :Xo. 81 Excbage Place. Baltimore. MERFELD & KEMPER, PACKERS OF Oo::nx1ec't:l.o-u.'t Seed. And Wholellll l e and R etail.,Po;alen i n Havana and Yara Tobaccos, 1 17 Lom.bard BALTIJof.ORE. liD. ... ,.; 0 ... OF SELECT Pure orth Oarolina Leaf, :BY I MARBURG BROTHERS. I J811NSON TOBACCO MANJPACTUBJNG CO., TOBACCO LOUISVILLE, KY R. R ; JONes; GOU"liL.ciicH & DIAR'o:ARD MONitRESS TOBACCO WORKS :;:a.J 479 West Market S treet, T 0 B .A C C 0 LOUISVILLE X! AND O IREC!l' IMPORTERS 011' Havana Leaf' and Cigars, Man u fact u:er of all kinds of PLUG TOBACCO No. 206 N. SECOND S'l'., St. Louis Jr[o, I. LANDAU M. } LANDAU 4. CO., TO LANDAU M.AN'JFAL'TURERS OF F I N I C I GAR S, Particular att(ention paid to the }obbin1 TradeJ 21 THIRT'EENTH STREET, ,_ .JULIDS VETTEBLEIN & 00., .H. SCHMIDT, BOCK, U LEAF TOBACCO n W holesale Dealet11 i n acL o f Oonsr .. tn t.l:le yerlT ] 811. by \:n tbe af!'ice oft.beLI.brari&tl RICHMOND, VA C. & DORXITZER & CO-: -------, .. o BUrs ant CoJilllliDion lcrellant&. JAW s 1. Fine Ojgars, LEA"t" molNBACCO LEAF TOBACCO, l (SteiiTtfiiltm, HHA.ND S VIRGIN, VntGINI A DARK. GOLDEN ES&IINCil OF OLD V I&GlNIA. HARD;l"O BMT, OF MV EY&t A N D A.loo fla1J line IJoldDJr Tobacco. CIGAiS, AND COIDrtlSSIO:bi KUC:a:AN'l'S, NO. 20 CERMAN ST., Wboleaie Deale r 1D .E A OFFO&i1* TOBACCO BXOII.UrQE, GRHKNBACK, llso RIDlKG Hooo, CoNTKHTMKT, AND MANY O'ftlaRS. .JKP0clalty ID Leaf f or W eot J o die aD4 A f rico TBOS. BARB&: SON, WK&I.R5ALB. DllAL1111S lN Leaf Tobacco, M A a d Manufacturers o f C I CARS, 29 NORTH FRONT ST. l'mLADELl'mA. A. H. THEOBALD, f' lEO., EDWARDS It, 1,....,.u,.9 .. .. ALLJ

JAN.21 THE TOBA.CVO I 7 ,,. SUTRQ & NEW"'\KARK I POLICE AND REVENUE the operation of the war made money, and manufacturer. Sucbasystemrenders theGovernment wasturnedasidebyMajorWhitehead,wasthesubjecto .U.L ITEMS.-At the Essex Mar. whtch have never yet been oppressed until at this day, and the law offensive to the people, to their compliment by members on both sides of the House. M..4.UF.4.CT1:JilERS. 01!' <:J XG1-...A.. R 13,"I> DEALEI!S JY LEAF TOBACCO, NEW YORK. ket Police Court, before when the cry of a financial crisis is heard throughout ideas of liberty and to their general ideas of the treat-He received the of Western and SouthJudge Otterbourg C:o.therine the land; and then they come here, through their Repment which should be given to the people by an honest ern members, and many of them have promised him Haley and Mary Drew were resentatives,'Ciemanding that Congress shall impose adgovernment. It is a costly system also, and all its cost-support and aid. It is now ascertained, from reliable held for stealing five boxes ditional taxation upon us who have already been taxed liness be it remembered, comes out of .the pockets of authority, that there will be no increase of tax on of cigars from Edward T. again and Take Vermont for instance, and it the producer in the end. bacco notwithstanding the views of the Secretary o Healy of No. '43 East pays the miserable sum of $78,ooo of internal revenue I believe it was reported in Congres s a year or two the Treasury, and that the trade ia this article will be N i neteenth Street, valued at tax. Maine u>ays only of internal revenue. ago that one fourth of the interaal revenue lost in relieved of many of its burthens. Maj. Whitehead was $8o.-A man named Kahool And while this is so, the proposition of the Secretary of the collection. I would not put it exactly in that way. I a laborious man, and his genial nature and fine social who keeps a cigar store in the Treas\lry is not to impose any tax upon these States would spell the word s-t-o-1-e-n. One-fourth of the inqualities will make him one of the most popular and Mott Street, was very which have not been affected by this internal revenue ternal revenue lo s t in the collection I Lost where? Lost useful members of the ouse Let me earnestly beg nearly imposed upon, says taxation as we have been-not to go upon the incomes precisely where this law is offensive-among the host of you, Mes srs Editors, to publ ish this able speech in yonr the World, by one swind 6f the millionaires in those who have not been offic e rs sent to watch the tobacco houses of the men and widely-circulated paper. It ought to be ling John Sweeny almost affected-not to increase the tariff, which, might perha ps who tnake the tobacco. m the 4ands of everybody who lis interested in this great eight years old, who with affect the North more than it would us; bl!t the v.ropo N o w all th e se taxe s, as I have said, are offensive to branch of trade force and arms offe rea him sition of the Secretary of the' Treasury is to i mpose stil! the people; and whi l e I do not come from a country A.etion oithe Richmond (Va.) Trade. a counterfeit so-cent j:Xecefurther t:u:ation upon us in the South who are engaged that has s poken v e r y strong!y in fav o r of tariff, I beg to An adjourned mee t ing of the tobacco m anufacturers in exchange for some of his in the raising of t.>bacco. say that I would go for a tariff or any thi ng el s e to abo!-of the city of Richmond w as h eld at the Tobacco Ex wares. Kahool was not de-The internal revenue derived by the t!nited States ish this law wllich operates burdensomely upon the peo-change on Saturday. The meeting was called to order, ceived, however, but sumfrom tobacco in 1873 was $34,365,629, of which the pie an d to the injury of the standing of the Government and Mr. Davie\ Baker, Jr., elected c hairman Mr. R. moned a number of police, State of Virgiaia pmd one -fifth of the whole among the simple people of the country, who find themA. Mills wa s requested to act as Secretary Colonel W. who after a struggle suerevenue derived from the whole tobacco tax raised in selves harrassed by officers, and in m a ny instances taken P Burwell offered the following resolutions, which were c.eeded in subduing-the-swintlje United States. and c arried before courts at great expense on account unan i mously adopted; dler and in hauling him to MR. LouGHRIDGE.-Let me ask the g e ntleman from of mere mistakes in the entries. I know of one case in Whereas, 1 he Secretary of the Treasury has in a special the station house. Tllat Virginia whether the people out West who chew tobacco, my c ountry wher e an hom;st old Tunker, orre of the report,lately recommended to Congress of four was Tuesday. The villian-and the people of Vermont who chew tobacco do not people known as Mennonites, who had never inteaded cents per pgund on manufactur ed tobacco, thereby in ous r.hild did no.t sleep, he really pay the tax which is impo sed upon it? .to do duv thing wrong in his life, left the stamp on his the burdens on this subject when says, that night, not being MR. WHITEHEAD.-That is a mistake you everlasting l y boxes. The Government had said that after the tobacco Lt already pays annually into the national Treasury more used to cells and molherly fall into, and which seems to satisfy your conscience ; w a s s old the producer should <,le 5troy the stamp or be than $.;4,ooo,ooo,and that, too, in face of the fact that two Davenport Cigar Mould Companr. people in uniform, and so you sappose the tobacco tax is really pai d by you of the liabl e to a fine of $soo or to be put in the penitentiary. years ago it was conceded in the contest befo re Congress. ..,..,., 1 .., ., 1 I'. O. Bolt 3933 NfW' York he did not present a neat West and North, when in reality it is paid by the to-The man I speak of, not having seen that regulation, on. this subject S3o,ooo,ooo would be all that there ,.._.,..,., ..,.._, "" .. ear ..,.. and fresh appearance when bacco-growers of the South thought he w o uld show his fidelity to the United States of the Government would then need, and ...... I take n before United States MR. LouG I!RIDGli:.-Is no t t h e tax paid by those who Gov ernment and h i s own honesty by leaving the stamp that on!y for a few years, when this last amount could be Cigar M..Wds, b1 the'" .. Eastern and West ern Commiss.ioner Osborn yesconsume the tobacco ? on the boxes, which he consid e r e d would show every reduced; and where as that policy wh ich thus selects a PleHe M w I 0 h t 0 h h "d h G t "t t d t d staple .> t" f 0 0 ht St t f h" u oend yourordero f o r additionalsapp!y, o r call a n e.mmlne aucl send f e r .terday, and desptte the R. HITEHEAD.-am gomg to argue out t a pomt one t at e paL t e overnmen 1 s axes, an a& e on uc LOn o SIX or eig a es o t LS mou ol JO Ban c hes. direct testimony of Kahool to the fullest extent, I will show how it is in my own the principle of Mr. Wesley's doctrines that a man to heap up the burdens of taxation, if not against the terms 1a tltks of Less than o Blooks, .................... tttles o v e r ooBioc"s ..... ................. -..... Cents.. eight years old he was not it lle can do so conscientiously on this subject. There and told him that he had violated the law. He was very to the English system of tax ation on this article of to-6 au expert in curis a tax, and not a small one, which the far;ner pays abmuch astonished and said that he could not possibly bacco, in which country it is legislated on only with a view lllGIIUJID EGER co.1 Milwaukee, 117:111, rency, and had be s ides solutely. In the city of Lynchburgh and in the city of have don e i t. The officer told him that he had, for he of wringing the greatest amount of revenue from it as & SPIESS, n'DI'aci:u.a:rs of' FIDe Cigars; AND BBAI.BBS 1H I&B.Afl "35 BOWEB.Y1 JQJW YOltB:. Lo'IIIS lll'tza. LIQUORICE P THE UNDERSIGNED AGENT I N NEW YORK FOR THE MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOWING WELL-KNOWN BRANDS OF LIQUORICE, d e si re s t o cautio n Tobacco -y of the numeroWI bn.nds purportin g t o b e o riginal and J;renuine brands of imported LIQUORICE, bt which. a r c adult erated compound s o f his brands, r e b o il e d i n this countey, and. iD some iDStau ces IDa" leu tkall ifty per cent. o f Liquorice. To rt: o btala.lD!g PURE AM'D GENUINE JCyi:a FLB AOCl PT Z& llR VB (A) K,a:.CO IfF Crrowa (B) The y should address their order! Ito the i n New York, wbo ta the SoLBAG&NT IN THJI UNITED STATU.. ( ' e Brands being registered at Washtngton, counterfeit! wil-l be wherever f ound, and legal proceedlags instihtted. I all Liquorice s ent out, and refer to the followiDg letter, aa to the character o f the Paste I offer : JAMES C. McANDREW, 66 sttr-"t. N ttw YoRK Apn l :aS 1 8 73 MK. Ju annually, aa4 from Jacob Tisch, who rum which enters into its manufacture; there is entire Who paid the lax on olton that J!OU h a d here 1 There thereby greatly benefiting the planting interest of the keeps a grocery store in the exemption in favor of tobacco by the laws. These men was a tax of five cents on cotton; why was it taken off? whole eountry, to the extent that it has created an a.dei same building.-Tisch and from Canada come into our St te every summer and It was taken off simply for the selfish reason that you ticmal demand for their leaf; therefore his wife had the $2,200 buy tooaceo for the purpose o f shipping it to Canada of the majority manufactured the whole of the cotton. Resohmi, As the sense of the tobacco men of Richmond in the Bowery Savings fot of one per qmt. is deWhy was the income faJC taMn off 7 We raised, in I867, that the late recommendatiou of the Secretary of the Bank and drew it .all 011c ducted as inte rna! revenue tax when the bills are made from that more than enough to sup Treasury to increase tax on tobacco during the recent panic, out, and that tax is paid by the farmer who raises the ply the deficiency of whtch the Secretary of the Treas-four cents per pound LS as UNJUST as It IS UNNECESSARY; fearing the solvency of the tobacco, and not by the buyer in Canada, who purury now complains. In r868 we raised $32,ooo,ooo, because it_selec!s a of six to banks. They put the moc ? aaes it for shipment. The Canadian manufac-and in I869 from the same source. Why etght States of thts Umon to heap an additional burdeQ. ney in a bureau in their slee-wrer carries it to Canada without taxes The r-esult is was that tax taken off? You took it off because you of over four millions, wh i ch is now pouring an immense ping apartment, was at the CanadiAn manufl\Cturer has, in effect, driven us were paying it, and we were too poor to have any inrevenueintQ the coffers 'ofthe Government; unnecessary off the store. They charge om the markets of Mexico and of the West Indies, and comes on which to pay taxes. I wish to meet this ques because the t:x;perience of the last few years shows that a that Berger was the. only a l most everywhere else in tl:\e world. tion fairly and honestly; but this enormous amount of reduction of the rate of tax has so greatly increased the person who was aware of And more than that. You think the tax of twenty ta:x;ation is to be raised out of tlte black and labor consumptio n that more revenue fi9ws into the Treasuty their keeping all their mo cents a pound upon chewing-tobacco, and upon the of my Stale and others which raise tobacco. If it Is a luxthan under the older and higher system. ney in the bureau ,and Mrs. famous brands of smoking tobacco, is paid by those who my to you or to me to roil under our tongues the sweet 2. Resolved, That a committ ee of five be appointed Tisch says thatonDecember chew and smoke in Vermont and Iowa. I will show you morsel it is no luxury to the hardfisted man who makes to communicate these resolutions to our Senators and 8, at two o'clock, she couu. that such is not the case. You do not pay it. The fact up it the mountains of my district. If it is a luxury, Representatives in and request them to us<: all ted the money and found it can be sho n by proo(, if nectrssary, that you do not pay you must satisfy me that this tax comes from the con-proper_means to defeat thts unequal recommendation. all correct. The same one cent more for tobacco now than you pa! for the sumer and not from the producer. The amount pro3 Resolved, That the cooperation of the tobacco men evening at five o'clock, she best tobacco before the war. You do not pay or the duced is less than in I86o, and yet the price ts less. tnroughout the country .be requested to a i d us in defeat-swears she saw Berger stealbest chewing-tobacco, what we call" plug-tobacco," and Now there is a reason why my State and the State of ing this scheme of additional taxation on thLs our great ing out of her bedroom, I believe y ou call" cavendish" more than you did befo r e North Carolina are particularly interested in this subindustry, and the press of the State and country be reand immediately after the war, or for the" best brands of s moking-tobacco, ject. Missouri is very little interested in it. She makes quested to lend their powerful influence in antagonizin missed the money. They "Lone Jack,: "Brown Dick," and" You a large strong coarse tobacco, that is shipped to Eu-a proper public opinion against this measure. A. LICHTENSTEIN & BROTHER, intended deoositing it in do not pay for any of them more now Than you did berope, only two in which she makes 4, Resolveti, That of this meeting present the bank the following fore the war. Who, then, pays the twentv cents per fine tobacco. Limestone lanc:l will not make fine chew. a copy of these resolunons to our papers and send one morning. Berger, who is in pound tax upon this tobacco, when we know it brings no ing-tobacco.That. is mica! and agricultural fact. to each of our Senator_ s and with the. a large way of bus iness more now than when there was no tax imposed upon it? You may put m Lt, and and weak request that they be l followmg days. She this unjust internal revenue tax on tobacco We paid a general objection-and every man who pretends to be .and her work. In the evenmg, in I87 from a State w@ll known to memlilers of this a statesman knows it-there is a general objection to while tallu?g wtth a about the pr?bable length House, if they paid any attention to the subject at all, that system of taxation by means of espionage which of her sons term of unpnsonnnent, he bemg her whole to have been by war left destitute in its resources, invades every man's house, which sets a guager to watch some person madvertently stated that he would of internal revenue tax. There are States every distillery, and a detective to watch e\'ery tobacco The Press ou tbe Spoeeeb. [Washington Corr e spond e H c e of the L y n c hburg ( Va. ) Re publican.] Let me call your special attention to the speech of your Representative, the Hon. erec in the House of Representallves on the 9th mst., upon the subject of the tobacco interests of the coun try. New members x\rely attract any attention, unless preceded by fame, but not so in this case. Mr. White head, was listened to with marked attention, and his speech eliciteacco 8o6,ooo rix dollars; in I 77 3, the duties on tobacco in the Two Sicilies amounted to 446,ooo r i x dollars; in 178o, the Kine of France received from tobacco a revenue of 29 millions of livres-that is about 7,25o,ooo rix dollars Total annual revenue ofthese six kingdoms, from duties etc. on tobacco, I8,372,93 3 rix dollars; a sum greate; thar: the revenues of the kmgdoms of Denmark, Norway and Sweden together on an average amount to. "To me if appears probable (remarks Prof. Beckman) that even before the discovery ofthe fourth quu ter of the globe a sort of tobacco was smokPd in Asia This conjacture being mentioned to the celebrated traveler M Pallas, he gave the following answer ; "That in Asia, and especially in China, the use of tobacco for smoking is more ancient thall the disco:l'ety of the New World. I too scarce ly entertain a doubt. Among the Chinese, and among the Mongol tribes who had the most int e rcourse with them, the custom of smoking is so general, so f1equent, and become so indispensable a luxury ; the !obacco purse affixed to their belt, so necessary an article of dress ; the form of the pipes from which the Dutch seem to have taken the model of theirs so original; and, lastly the preparation of the yellow !eaves, are mere!y rubbed to pieces and then put" the S'O thar we cannot possibly de all thts. from 1\.menca ?Y way of_ Europe ; espec mlly as India, where the habLt _of smoktug is notso gene ral, intervenes between Persia and China. May we not expect to find traces of this custom in the first account of the Voyages of the Portuges e and Dutch to To investigate this snbject, I have indeed the inclina tion, but, at present, at least, not sufficient leisure and must, therefore, leave it to others However, r' can now adduce one important confirmation of my conjecture _from Ulloa's" Voyage to America," vol. r., p I39 "It ts not probable," says he, '" that the Europeans learned u_se of tobacco from America ; for as it ts very ancient m the Eastern countries, it is natural tO< suppose that the knowledge of it .came to Europe from.. the regions of the Mediterranean Sea,


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