The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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' 1-..... .. -r VOL X.--NO. 2. NEW YORK, FEBRUARY 25,1874. \IVHOLE NO. 470: .. llat lbattf IS PUBLISHED IVIIT KOUDnl IT ftJ ltiAOOt LIA, PUILI81118 Cl, .ll'uu-81., New York. Jb._.Y JIAQ-. -or. J Blf G. GBAD, --..r. All IAtten olloul4 ba Dlatn17 add-&o ''ftl '101&000 WJ'" nii.IUIIIII CO. Terma of the Paper : SINGLa Corras, 10 CaNTS OsaY&Aa, 1 ltX MONTHS, oo T MoNTHS, 1 oo liir Remember that the coet to the J J qr -ly oui>Krlber is hu t"-Eirllt Cmt ;.r ANNUAL SUBSC.IUPTIONS ABBO.AD, GaaAT BRITAIW AHD CANADA s .,. Baii&N, HA.IIaUilG Ao TH& Oo.TtJrnNT, o1 AUSTRALI.-., &TC,, VIA. EJoiGL.A.ND, -.. ,. No orderlf for tlae paper coql.ered, aule ._pooled b)' the co"-odlnr --ltemittancea abould, in ev"l: hutance, be made b)' mouey-ordwr, oheck or dnlt. Billa are liable \o tie stolen, CaD ollly be IODt at the rreatelt rlak to tile sender. THB ToBACCO Lu.r commend itaelf to eY.-J oae tn any w.aT. intereeted fn tobacco, either as r.ower, manu acttUer or dealer. It aiv aaouai-7 an lmmenae amoot of io(ormatfoa rqardiUI' the "weed, 11 and thas coostltatn a tNUii .11Ncw that bas long since been recopi zed as standing at the head ofopeclal trade pubilcaUODI. Ita market repone full aad uhautire. and oome from every quuter o t the rto'te where tobacco il sold. It kee.the reader., cmMnu&i wltb. all the latest lntemal Revenue deciatoos, and thua does away with the n ecessity for a separate aubscdption to other journals to secure that end. To thgrower ofTobacce, itr,reaent.J aU the late!llt rHsc ovedes, neWtmethodso cultiva tioo, and r Rl s of experiments in this and ot-hel' lands. lD bor Twl! l'ouAcco LAP is complete in itself, anu -..ontalnaevery thing neceuary to be lwowu by the tra &" it Is the ONLY weekly publication exclu aively devoted to tobacco {FIIH" Adv1rtUiNK R.aJ1s HI Tl& IUSINISS DI&ICTOII.f Of ADVI&TISKBS NEW YOB.K. TbatC() Apew W. & Sons. 184 aod 186 Froat Allen Julian, 17J Water. Appleby .t: Helme, Water. Arkenburgh, 176 Water. Barnet S., 14<1 Water. BenrimQ D. & A., u4_ Water. Blakemore, Mayo & Co., 41 BJIIN.II. Bowne & Frith, 7 Burling Slip. Brod M., 131 M:uden Lane. Bulkley. Moore & Co., 74 Froat. Cardozo A. H. U3 P e arl. Chock ley A D tn Pearl, waw. Davidson Bro. Water. DohaD.t Carroll & Co. 104 Front. DuBoi11 Eugeoe,_1S Jl'r,..nt Eggert Wm. & Co. Pearl. lioplbch, F ;n Si_.b A &: Bro. G, Wat.-Fatman & Co .. 70 and 71 Htud. Fo:r. Dills & Co 175 W eater. Fisher & Rust, Maiden Lane. :Friedman & Oettinger, 147 Water Gardiner./. M. &: I o., 8.t FronL Garth D. ., Son & Co., 44 Broad.. Guaert j L. & Bro., 16o Water. Gershell... & Bro., 16 Maiden Lane. O.thrle & Co., us Front. Hamburger [. & Co., 150 Water. Heyman 4 Lowenstein, 9i Maidea LaDe. HUlm:m G w.a:Co. ... l'-. Hoefen, W. C. 14J Pearl Katz & Co., 131 Pearl Klaoicut Thomas, Broad. JCre!D.elberg & Co., t6o Pearl. La.chenDruch & 164 Water Lanntte A. C., t2J Pea.rl. Le4erer &: Ji'ischel, n Cedar. Levin M H., 162 Pearl. McFall & HoKan, n Morray. Maitland Robert L. .It Ce. 43 Broad. Martin&. joimson, 166 Water. Mayer ]0seph, Sons, u2 Water. Meyer A. 0. L. & 0., 43 Beaer. Meooenre r T. H. &tOo., 161 and 'LMaldl.aao Monis, H. M., 19 Old Slip and 7J Water. Norton, Sla811atel' &: Co.,.._, Bro&cl. Oatman Alva, '" Wate1. M. & Bretllet, IJI Water. Ottinger Brothers 45 Broad St.. Palm.e1 & Scoville 170 Paalitlch M., Water. Price \\"m. M &: Co., 119 Maidea. LuM. Ouin, J P. & Co.1n Broad. :Read & Co., 19 0 d SUp. R.etamann, G. &: Co., 119 Pearl. :Richey H A 86 Front llooeabauUl. A, S. & Co., nt Maiclea Laae. Rosenwald,.&. & Bro., 145 Water. Salomon, S. 191 Peart. Sawyer, Wallace .t Co.,., Broad. Scheider, Joseph, UJ Pearl. Schmitt} & Co., 16s Water. Wm. ro1 Maiden Lane &:; Bon. 178 Water. Schroeder & Koch, 303 Pearl. Schubart H. & Co., 146 Water Spencer, Bros. A Co., 75 Maiden Laue Si>lnprn, E of; Co .. Burllnr SUp. Spitzner C. H. n Water Stein & Co., Duane. Straiton & Storm, 191 Peart. StroM & Reitzenstein, 176 Fron.t. Suh:bacher, Joseph, 15r Water. Tq, Charles F. & Son, 184 Fro.U.. Taqenhont, F. W. 68 Broad. Vpmann. Carl, 188 Pearl. 'Weetlletm M. & Co., 111 Pearl. Wrlrbt, E. M, & Co., 39 Broad. Buyu of Tooaao. "R.euscos G. ss Broad Brohr Bon1llsky, E., 143 Water Cattus J oh.n. s ,7 .Pearl Drerer .Edward, -46 Beaver. Fischer Chas. E. & :Bro. r3r Water Fischer, Frederick, 41 Broafil Gans, J, S. & Son, !6 Wall. Kelland, P., 179 Pearl. Oaborne, F., S4 :Broad. Rader M. & Son, 133 Pearl." Ruete,W. F. U9 Pearl. Shack A. Kaiden Lants Mllufa.cturerr tif ToNeR. -Anderson John & Co. 114, u6 and 11:7 Liberty. Appleby 4 "llelme, 133 Water. 1 Buchanan &: Lyall, 54 Broad. Baclaner D, 256 Delancey Flagg J, F. & Co.174 Front Gieaelmann & Diehl. 159 Ludlow. Goetze, A & Br&., 328 Washington Goodwin & Co J07 and Water Haskell & Co., 189 Pearl Hoyt Thomas & Oo:, Pearl KJnney Bros. 141 West Broadwa'J' McAlpin D. H. a. Co. cor ..&.venue D &lld '!-.,.; Mrs. G. B. & Oo. 97 Colombia Shotwell D. A, & Son, Ei&"bth Azfl for s.Hinz To6to, '" Hen A. & Co. 43 Llbertr 11.\chey, H. A 86 Front 11'elsa, Eller &t Kaeppel, 1o Pearl M4nufacturtrt of Ciz"" Auerbach & MenderBon, 138 &: 138" Water. Boody Chas., 53 Bowery. Bondy & Prochaska, 354 and 3S6 Bowery Frey BCOI. & Oo. 44 Veaey Hartcorn &. Gersbel, 86 Maiden Lane. Haskell & Co., Pearl Fby S. 1: Co. 009 Pearl .oett Rs S. 166 Froa.t uK:an Bros. & Bondy, 51 Malden Laae Kesbo & Spies, 3S Bowerr Levy Bros. 78 B owery Lichtenstein A. & Bro. J4 Olld Bowery Lichtenstein Btos. & Oo. ut Maldea LaDe Mrers, Bros. & Co. 2os Chatham sqaare Mendel M '1'(. o1o Bro, SX Bowery )Je8borger M. :a83 Pearl Orrter S. J97" Greenwlch and r! C'h.a-.ben B.o\oh1 Bros, & Soelter. 194 Water Schwafz & Spohr, 13 B o wery. 8eideDberr II: Oo. '9 Dey Sieck.e & Wannack, 6 Rivinwtou. 8m\th 1!;. A.. 11 Bowery M. & Co. 157 Pearl Btralton & -Storm, 19I Pearl Butro 4; Newmark, 76 Park Place Wangler & Hahn, :190 & J9J Bowery. M4oufttrrrr of Fi H119Ma Ci(M'I HollaDd H MaidOil L .. e Tie Gerllldo Cigar Pi It Jo4 V-y Heppeaheimer It Maunr 1 Nortll '\II'Uiiam Cil..,. B" L.kls Tri.,izs. Schumacher & Butupr, 15 Jla.n-ay. Wolii'Cbaa. A., 51 Chatham. Tobtrco S..Ji(IC Tra>r, Zl.._ 'W. a: Oo., Williaa. of Kinnq Bnts. RMIIitzfl Cigarlllft. K.lnaey F. S. 141 West Bt"Oadway SlrtlfJIImd Oui.Un-B, a.,, Cizar M..IJ.. Browu, A & F. S7 6r Lewaa i>rlchs H. W., S3 South. Lobeutein & Gans, 101 W &idea Laue. Jiichaelis, S. & Co., 195 Pearl. MMslin TDhlllffl B#fl Zellenka R a63 East Foerth. Tolnuco /Mggiog. Howanl, Sanger &: Co., ros & 107 Chambers Cigar Moa/J .tJ &raps, BroWil A. 1: !" ., 57 Lewla. Maftrtrs SMu Cru. Kraft & Hoffmeiater, 13 North William Winter, G, 3 Broome. SMw Figu,.u. Straus, S. t 18 Fiftlt Bd. Germ ... Amorlcaa, cor. Broadway Olld Oodv. 11'.-J. Hoey Joaepb, Inlwtull B"'h ]__....,.,c. .. PrwiptB...W,., Meyer 19s Pt:arl. t Jl', Y. Manufadunr: "Dj To&ueo. Greer' A. 8oas. 822 Broa,wa.,: BALTDIORE. 1 Ttbco ll'llrljGIIIIII. Albrecht & Schroder, "t& Geraara. .. Boleotus G. H. & Oo., IDJ Pratt. lloyd 'W .L II; Oo,, 33 Soutll. Dreoel W aud Co., 37 Gay Kerckholf "' Oo., 49 South Obarleo. KremeiHrg, ]. D, and Co. Merfeld &: KeJDper, 117 Lombard Parlett B. !". & Oo., 9> Lombard. Paul Wm., 17 South. &h.oeder Oo.. 81 Jl:zclwtre'Piace. Wiocbmerer Ed. & Co. 3t South Calvert Tobtlrn F tZCtor&. Gieske A: Niemann, 78 South Charles: Hoffman, Lee &: Co., 63 Ez.change Place. Miulufturen, Marburg Brothers, lfS to Lt9 S. OharlM St. H. & Co., s&1 Weal Pratt.. p,,dm of SnJ-Lt.t Becker Brothen, 91 Lombard. Dttd1rs i H""'".. aJ lh-sJic Ltf ll11J oJ Ci{llTI. Laskr & Bock, 20 Gennan llunott G. H M., us WeJt Baltimore. Manufa.ctMnrl. Starr R & Co. South Calvertj M4*f'Mtu,-wrl ()f Ct"rars and; D1a.l1rs 1'" Ma.n facturld Toha&ctl. Stewart Bros., 4' CeotreMarket Space BOSTON. Comissio Mercjants Holyoke C. 0 .. n Ceotral Wharf. KcEtroy Bros., 31 Broad. BREMEN, GERKA'NY, CAmmiuion MtrCjant. Fallenstein, W. F BROOXLYlt', N, Y. Toba.cco--Cutting MaeA;nery. Wulatein Henry, M]"rtle avenue. BUFFALO, N. Y, Dtaltr i Hll'f'ana d lhsti< Ltd{-Tobatt:A Zink G. 'W., 198 Pearl. Manufacturers of Grap e Sugar. Fox, A. W., & Co. CWCAGO, W, Dulm i Z..aj Tclacc. OaseS. i. & Co., 149 South. Water i TobNCfl 8utdharen Bros., 17 West Randolph. MaufllCiurers of Fie Cut C.lewi-r d S.ok ig, and Dtalm i Ltaf TolnoCCII. Beck A Wirth, Water. Manujbard N ., Co., t& Lee Geo., State. LoDdoa & Bid well, .,,, and ul liMa. Pease H. It Z. K. 16 Market. Salomon & DeLeeuw, 6 Asylua 6 Puller, 114 !ltate. SU.Oa A. L. & F., 134 llaiu. Welles 0.. A Co., '54.State. Wootpbal Wm. u8 State. BOPKDISVILLE, KJ' Tobau BroiiYI, Clark, N H. 6 Bro. IIQ)I.AlfAPOLIS, ladl Ma,ufacturtn of Fine-Cut Clm11ig tmd Smoking Ta&uca. Co., cor. Miaissippi and Pearl. Man.-j. Dickenon E W., <39 North Thid CigarBox anti 1rimming-sa Harris, Ceo. S. & Son, 8. E cor. and Vine Sts PITTSBURGH, Pa. TobaU() Cl>lmissin Metchantt. Woodw.ud, Garrett & Oo. 143 First ave. MAnufactllrtrs of Sff. Revenue Bureau would even recommend the arloption of, the stamp system, a reference to the files of THE To llACCo LEAF will abundantly show. Or take the reduc-tion of the tax on cigars, which has proved so remuner ative, that no official in his wild est dreams bas ever pro posed a return to the old rate. How a few persistent mem-bers of the trade labored at Washington for that reform. How strong was the opposition and how complete has Weyman & Bro., 79 and a. Smithfield. Dealers io MnujMct. Catllu. D., 701 North Second Manufaetur r \ ALLEN a ELLIS, MANUFACTURERS OF FINE-CUT CHEWING TOBACCO I I, I a. AND 16 VINE STREET, CINCINNATI, OHIO. !ranch Ofllcea ai 43 linr fireei, Chiclto, IIIII B. Corner !'rant Ail Arclt flireetll, I'h!la41lp11!a. Trade 8o1i.oi; ., co., .Proprietors of' I9 Dey Street, New York, "LA ROSA FACTORY. M. STACHELBERG & CO., MANUFACTURERS OF .. LA IORMAIDI" AID "LA PERFECTO" CIGIRS, AND OF '' IACT IIIITATIONS OF LEADING IMPORTED BWDS HAND-MADE CIGARS EXCLUSIVELY. Also, Daala:rs in Leaf Tobacco, 257 PEARL STREET' NEW YORK. AGENTS FOR THE ABOVE CELEBRATED BRAND, "M" A TT>EN YOmr.. G. W. HILLMAN & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS TOBAC80i SO :I'::B.O:N'l' S'l'::B.ll:3'l', :N:S:W YO::B.E. SOLB AGENTS IN NEW YORK FOR T. PUkinton's Celebrated" FRUITS AND GOLDEN SCEPTRE, PLANTERS' PRmE COMMONWEALTH, &c. FANCY GLASS BOXES. ALS01 PLUG TOBACCO FROM THOMAS & PILKINTON. W. T BLACKWELL, J W. GIBSON, GEO. S. PRINCE, TURPIN & BRO., S. W. SHELTON, LIPSCOMB & DOWD, and other factones. Assorted Stock on Liberal Terms. Sole Sellers of Diamond, Colden Cut Smoking. Special Brands furnished for Owner's Use. MINOR EDITOR:t.A.LS. A TouGH STORY.We hear it stated that there is & two-year old boy in North Adams who smokes tobacco. and the stronger the pipe the better he likes it. AN INGENIOVSYOUTH .-The boy gave for being late at school was, that the boy in the next house was going to have a dressing down with a bed cord, and he wanted to hear him howl. CIGARS VS. INFERNAL MACHINES.-Now, remarks & rural cotemporary, when a box of cigars is sent to & New Yorker he throws it into the alley or sends it to some poor but worthy family, believiing it to be an in fernal machine. Commissio 'ners of Internal Revenue and their subor dinates. They condemned the entire trade for the ras calities of a very insignificant minority, oblivious or carele5s of the fact that the swindlers were 'both few, and, compared with the honest portion of our trade,really con temptible. Ri4iog this foolish theory as a favorile hobby, the gentlemen of the Bureau commenced a senseless opposition to whatever the trade might propose, that has lasted, with some few exceptions, to the present day. And this oppositio n has been, in every important matter, met and triumphantly overcome. In the few in stances in which the Bureau has succeeded, the trade has been amP.IY vindicated by the untoward results that have followed the adoption of the Bureau policy. Take, THE LEAF ($500) CLAUSE AND THE TOBACCO as a recent illustration, the abolition of export bonded The Richmond Whig say.s : The Legislature of Missouri has adopted "a joint resolution asking Congress to ex warehouses. The trade itf manufactured tobacco has empt farmers from the prohibition to sell small quanti-been seriously injured in this and bther seaports, while ti::s of leaf tobacco without paying internal revenue tax even the Virginia manufacturers are now petitioning for thereon." It is not to the interest of fa1mers to peddle a restoration of the aboli3hed privileges. And what leaf tobacco to consumers, and thus contribute 10 the overthrow of their best customers, tihe manufacturers good has been accomplished by t?e success of the pet but conceding that the prohibition is a hardship we Bureau scheme ? Can the officmls show us any subthink it unadvisable to grant the exemption asked for stantial advantage as the result? I bv the Missouri Legislature, for the reason nothing In view of the above indisputable facts, we present should be done to dimin!sh the pressure upon "Our Platform" to Congress, w ith the hope that, whatfor a total repeal of allmternal reven111e laws relatmg to h f h R ffi 1 tobacco. ever the optmons or t eoncs o t e evenue o c1a s on the questions involved, it will meet with respectful conFIRE, PoLleE, AND REVENUE ITEMs.-Among the sideration. If Congress is always ready to tax our stasufferers by,the Sing Sing fire was George W. DeRe;vere, cigar store; loss, $2oo .-Among those injured hi pie-and few imposts seem to be as popular as on the recent confl.agration at Norfolk, Va., was L. Hof!'iobacco-it should show at least equal alacrity in pass-man, No. 3 Market Square, dealer in cigars, tobacco, ing such measures of relief as it can consistently enact etc. ; loss heavy from water, and not ascertained. Inwithout imperilling the interests of the revenue. Our sured for $4,200, as follows: North British, Stewart 4: Constable, agents, $2,200 ; Old Dominio'!, of trade is willing to bear the heavy burdens Congress has mond, $1 ,000 ; and Liverpool and London and. Globe. seen fit to impose, but it insists that they shall not be $1 000 Dey & Biother, agents.-Last the Northmade more intolerable than the circumstance& of the western Cigar and Tobacco Company's factory on Rancase require. All we ask is that every consideration dolph Street, Detroit, was burned. Loss, $35,000; in-. surance, about $2o,ooo -Gotlieb Reigger, aged 20 possible shall be showp a great and loyal mdustry, years, in the employ of the Huck Cigar which, during fhe dark hours of civil strife, rendered Company, Springfield, Mass., was killed by falling from so essential a service to the Government, and which has an elevator in the fourth story to the fioor.-In this city, since so much toward the fabric of state, ten boxes of smuggled cigars, found in the possession by aiding in the discharge of its heavy indebtedness, and of Charles Stahl and Charles Walton, were condemned in the Uni ted States District Court before Judge Blatch placing it again before the world a restored, rejuven. ford.-In the case of the United S ltates against Gon-ated, and war-purified Republic! zales & Liebnitz, tobacconists, at No .. 205 Elm Street. t THE LARGEST CARGO FROM HAVANA.-The steam ship Crescent City, of Clyde's line, direct from Havana, has imported what is stated to be the largest cargo ever brought from that city. It consisted of 51153 boxes sugar, bales tobacco, 350 barrels of oranges, and 1 oo cases of ci1ara. ,, which was on for a retrial before J udlge Blatchford, on the ground that the Government witnesses on the former trial were pecuniarily interested in the result, a discon tinuance has been had by the withdrawal of a juror, it having been shown that there was no real ground for a retrial.-In the Marine Court, last week, was heard the case of Scheider vs. Marks, being an action to recover balance due on two promissory notes given I


2 FEB. 25 THE 'DQBACOQ they w e, nd may B ME. 63 c1, s. 1" ctty (so everybody says) is very dull, 00 account 1 f our 10 pflce at almost f ll)OmenJ. I& mfd. noble Congress bemg able to accomphsh so little, when I!>OMEST C. Smokmg-Rather an increidi o 1fl'ders or srr.o mg CAMPEACHY-4,241 lbs mfd. IS expected of them. The Western MerJ1l:!ants bacco, the defence bemg that, on account ot the tobacco provmg to be of an infenor quality, the plamuff b agreed to take fifly1>ercent. in full paymen t whic .am.ou:Jt had_b( en pa)d. Verdict for the defendant. _/ Mrs. Smith says her huband I candle because he always "will smoke when lie IS out. YoK, Fe6rullry 24. tobacco is announced, and ftom quters, teo, whh:h hhds, 7 cases. they-don't know whJCh t The Western Leaf-The market 1s extremely dull, the sales suggest the opening of the spnng trade. If Cougres!l OLASGOW-19 hhds. Wl 1 esumption-or wlll we ha ahon? for tbe week amounting to 41o h,hds, of whtch 271 to 'At \I only let the tax alone there 1s a fair propect of a HAMBUBG-4S1 396 lbs mfcl, 1 case cigar's. Chl_catfO nterchanw feel ISO ways. se ot up a manufacturers, no to JObbers, and 29 to shippers. good tralli.c m this staple the current year. But HAVANA3,520 lbs mfd. petltlO!l for Resumption, aaid another set .... r Inflation SEVIIU ON THE OWNERS -The Legislature of West ern V1rginia ia s&ld to have passed a law at 1ts last ses sion "to pre-tent lhe wners of hogs from runnmg at large." 151 week. ad week. 3d ..eek 4th week. 5th week 1otal will it be left alone, IS now the question. Unless the HAVRE-340 hhds. aDd still are not happy. hete are we T ? 0 January ... 66S 942 95s S32 ____ 3,4oo discussion of, the subject m Coneress lS destgped, as llhds, 105 bales, 1 case c1gars. what fearful prectpicl!. do we lth February 425 351 410 _ ___ r,xS6 some infer, prevent the tol:iacco trade fr6m askLACU YRA-2 hhds, 109 bales, I case. thoughts and exptCSSIOrs, w f s do not V11gm1a Leaf-Sales of Virginia leaf both for ship lllg for other useful and destrable "modifications of the hhds, S cases. feel hke buymg and not muEA for pt. Nothin men and domestic use are reported, but ch1efiy for the law, there is reason to apprehend that before the __LoNPON-39 hhds, 9,_502 lbs mfd. to report tn freight latter purpnse. There 1s a steady demand on manu t10n 1s over an mcreased rate of tax will be leyted, pro lbs mfd. aga\1) lfeeo ,reduC::f:d, fl_!? haU'c!ore there 1 s saus-facturing account for all goods of present usefulness, v1dea the trade do not oppose such action. hhds, 32,747 lbs mfd. e clespatr fillt ..Ghtfago pluck never sa s A HEATHENISH SPIRIT.The hatred of the Chinese in San Francisco, is thus placarded in a c1gar store: ... No Cbmamen employed or Chmese goods sold here :-1!4tabli1hed1i1Xte yeau on the of wh 1 te la'1 I THAN fl.ISCRETION.-A young religious convert m Kmgston, N. H, on bemg baptised on a recent cold day. Ha argued that n<> bad result could p fo1kirW a holy nte, an'i:l, agains the remonstrances of h1s fnenqs, the wa.,s per formed 10 a stream from which the iee hlld ter ranks fourth m the list of months of largest sales. In the last-named month, more plug tobacco W&S Sold than IR any month SIDCe the previous May Th1s activity m a penod of general depression speaks 'fOF the soundness of the > finn, and the enterprising 11pmt with which 1ts affa1rs. are managed! r _,__ ToBACCo BEFORB THE CoMMITTEE OF WAYS AND )lEANS.-.".. Washington diSpatch of the 2oth mst. reads: Yesterday was a field-day in the Commtttee on Ways and Means for miscellaneous busfness in relat1on to tariffs and internal taxes A number of Congressmen and others advocated the repeal or reduction of spectal taxes on leaf tobacco Mr. Whitehead, of Virginia, was the champion of this view of the tobacco interests. He complained that special taxes were injurious both to tobacco growers and manufacturers. He sa1d the South could buy its corn from the West cheaper than 1ts planters could grow it, and V1rgm1a and Kentucky want to grow tobacco. He spoke of the large number of to bacco factories in Lynchburg before the war, and the small number existmg there now, as good reasons to show the adaptabthty of that point for manufacture of tobacco, and argued! m deta1l that the war and subse quent taxation had cased the decrease. The Com mlssioaer of Internal Revenue and Mr Ktmball, ch1ef of the tobacco div1si1on of the Revenue Bureau, both objected to th1s. Mess1rs. Buckner of Vugmta, Crossland of Kentucky, and a member of Congress from M1ssoun were present. It 1s ev1dent from the tendeney of opm ion among members of the Committee that they are sat isfied with the tobacco laws as they stand in the respect <>f duect and spectal taxatwn. The Treasury Department, too, IS ngtdly set against change, except for in creas e of the uniform rate per pound of taxat1on.''-The lS obliged t.o the Treasury Department. but sales are apparently curtalied for the want of good C1gars.-A continued steady demand (Qr.goo_d graile!t MoNrEVIDEo-6 hhtls, 1S bates : ,.-dte1 we f.2,!!ow our and live like good Chrfsworkmg matenal. We note some transacllons. 10 _lugs IS reported by both manufacture r s anif tmporters Aside PORT-AU PKINCE-1 hhd. bans and as tobacco men should and pnmmgs, but there is httle no movement 10 !llher from th1s there 1s nothmg to mention of special imporST. JoHN, N. F.-1S,76o lll6 mfd. CINCINN i\ TI, Febntary 2 x.-Ml( Pr ue Leaf class, the former being slow of sale at shipping t nee Ill c:opnecfidn Wlth the .cigar tfade, One; add!SAVAN1LLA, I!TC.-3'io lbs mfd. Tobacco Inspector,(l'epe>fts, a foWows been grades. Both the Virgm 1 a and Westc:m crops have thiS ttb nal: stri'Iee-1\ small one, by the way-has VALPARA1S0- 3,93S lbs mfd. a good strong f!!ark:et the past wee'k: wllh pnce,s .Qot yeit' a mucli larger proportion of low leaf and lugs dlll'itrg-l"h-e week, llnd pokcenten anrao looger requt DOMESTIC REC:t!:Il'TS. varymg much, tf any, from those current for the past' than usual, than, mdeed, for several years before, and at the scene of a former one. The arriVals a t the-port of New York from domestic month. The stoclt of old cutu:>g leaf is now small, wah liSa result atever is good of either crop will command An unportmg firm furnishes the following statement in tenor anp. coastwise for the week endmg a. very small proportion of fine o r fancy. New IS will have Illustrative of the recent advances in the csst of c1gars February 24, were 1 311 hhds, 35 trc!j, 1 ,723 cases 2 ,. nvmg slowly, owmg mamly to the wretched condiUOn to take 1 ts chances w1th the varymg tendency of the 1b Havana-Upmann Rega/t,a Bntamcll, formerly costosz l pkgs, SS bxs, 30 three-qtr bxs, 198 hlfbxs, '1 I third of the roads, wh1ct1 prevent planters from haubng. The market. cotJ1jrlon l..n;.s are thought to be poorer 20 per ent. addtj<>nal, now cost bxs, 14 qtr bxs, 92 eighth bxs, 10 2 cadd1 es, 94 total offenngs for the past week we1 e 7s7 hhds and 21 than the y ordmanly are, argumg from those that haYe go!i:l, wh1ch, w1th gold at 195, IS equal to h7SS-o cases Cigars, 28 bales scraps, 10 caSes licorice1 con boxes, as follows. 4 been handled; and wtth regard to lugs of the currency. Ltmir1s Fma, formerly COJtllng f.72 and 20 ligned as follows: At the Bodmann rSs hhds and IJ6 same descnption, more complaint 1s already made of per cent: addibollal, ?ow_ -f6o La Turca BY .;HE ER;E RAILROAD-Blakemore, Mayo &: Co., boxeli:-sr hhds a son Co., Ky., trash lugs and 1 f the grit aDd. sand to e in is usually Londns, formerly costmg J4o 20 per cent. add12 L. Maulnnd & Co., IS do; Ottmger 'Broth u at' 95; t 5 at,"IQ@t+as;.., .J heard so early 10 the 4o need to be cost f.36 gold C0t1duu, ers, 14 do, M. Rader 4: Son, 15 do; Read & Co., 5 do, hhds Brown Co., trash, l}lgs, and leaf: .I at 5 _75; 3 told again that fore 1gn buyers mvanably to tof.4o and zo per cent. add1honal, now J34, go1d.' E. M. Wright.&: Co., do, Pollard ; Pettus & Co., 4? 6.35@7.20, 15 at 8 i 10@9-75; 9 at 10@14 50 2 at I!).::rs, bacco that is not cleanly handled, but perhaps 1t would foruierly costrng and per tc\'t. a ,dchdo, D. J. GartH Son & Co., 7 do, Go f dwin & co: 27 r8 75; 4 new at 2 do at 9 70 ; 14 75. 18 be well to remtnd taem that bes1des be1ng objected to now cost h4 gold. Flor '!el Fumars, formerly do, F. w. Tatgenhorst, 2 do; Sawyer, & Co., hhds new Owen Co. Ky.,) trash, lugs, and lea!: 3 at 3 when in an unttdy condition, 1t iS frequently 1ffi:possl ble cos1dtmg f. 57 and 2S peT' cent. a:ddtttonal, now cost Ss:z 2 do; Thos. 3 do; J. D. Keilly, Jr., 12 do; 3i 15 at 4-90J 3 at 6 55'@7.t$.; 2 at 8. 90 9 6 at to &ell it on that n JOid It IS always go :. order, s6 do, pltgs. ro@rJ; I fancy hnght at 1 S. 26 hhds new Pendleton at a deprec:i tioa frOJll wh;l. it uld otherwise' have The advance m other mstances Is even greater. 1 Bv TH&.Jlin>SON RIVBR RAILROAb-M. PappeneiCo.,:Ky., lugs, and leaf; 1 at 3 .50 ; ur at 4@s.8o; liroug'!t. If to an anllSuaily larp upply of low grades Basmg 1ts coaclullODS upcon a probable 2 hhds; l'llakemore, Mayo & s F. Tag & Son, leaf: 15 at $3@3 9S; 21 at 4 @s 90 ; 5 at 6.os@? 36 ; 3 here for thrs month, 3,400 hhd. i last year, 3,4o0 4S4@4SS i 3 days, commercial, 6o days,4S 2 @ n8 do, J L Gassert & Brother, 34 do, Levy & Neu-at 8@8.-25: 1 at II. 7 hhds Sputhern Ind1ana 6 at hhds. Receipts of tobacco at New Orleans, from 4S3Yz Pans bankers, 6o days, i 3 gass ; 8 do, Wm. Eggert & Co., 25 do;'!'-. S Rose11baum 35@3 6o; I at 5 IS. I hhd new Ohio seed at $a 20 January 1 to January 24, rS74, 61 hhds. From days, 515;, 6o days s2aYz@520. Sw1ss: d E M Crawford & Co 4 do Palmer & 1 hhd and 2 boxes Indiana s .eed. 1 at *s 30 2 bo.xes. J S St k 6 d @sa 3 da"s SIS Ant e 6 d "'1 o., IS Q, l January I to anuary 24, r 73 4 2 00 on ays, 52J 0 ; w rp 0 ays, Scoville 151 do D. & A Benrimo zo do Joseph at 2 2 2S hand at New Orleans, in warehouses anP. on shipboard 52S@S20; 51 S H6amdburg 6o daysf4, 9S@9S f4' Mayer'; Sons do F. Husch, 35 do; Sch;oeder & At the Glol:e Warehouse, 175 hhds and 7 boxes 59 I d J S L "-d s Last) ear d 6 remen o ays 95r->95 3 da hhd d b M C not c eare anuary 24, I 74, 7.3 1111 3 ays, 9 ys, Bon 9 do !lavemeyer & V1gelms 4 do S RossiU san 1 ox ason o., Ky, tlash, lugs, and leaf: 2,9S5 hhds 96f4 ., Frankfort 0 M.: 6 9 days, 4I@41 U; 3 days, zS do J. M. Bissell. 42 do Brothers & Co.' 2 new at $ 2S0 3 4S; 3 at 4 2o@4.Sc, 9.2o; I box at Seed Leaf-Under the infiuence of adY4!rse advtces 4i Amsterdam: 6o days, 3 daysf 41 d' 3 90; 2 old at 6 75, 7 30, 11 do at g 10@9 .85; 18 at from Europe, busmess m the seed leaf department fell Prussia? thaler: i 3 days, 72i NEwYoRKANDHARTFORD STEAMBOAT LINE Io@I4; ro at r5@rS 7S; '3 at 20@24. 50 3s hhds offduringthelatterpartofthe-week; both the export :E'ABTICVI.AB KOTIOII. -A. Oatma[),2l cases Fox, D1lls & Co, ro do Brown Co., Ohw, trash, lugs, and leaf 6 at $6. 9 o@ and home trade expenencmg a shght lull as compared Gro .. en of aeed leaf toba.cco are caouoned aga&mt atcepting the Stratton & Storm, 14 do: E. Rosenwald & Bro., 29 do 7 So; 20 at S@9.9o i Sat 10@14 75; 2 at 15 9 I at with the preVIOUS spngbtliness. The tra.nsact10ns lD reported oalea nd of oeed leaf furn11hmg the pncea that D. &l. A. Bemimo, 27 do. t 20; I new at 7.So. 32 h hds O'i\'en Co., Ky., trash, detail were as follows .-Sales for export, cases should beobta&ned for t!lematfirst band, 11 theac refer &D moot &DitaDca BY THE OLD DoMINION STEAMSHIP 'LINE.-W Des-lugs, and leaf 1 at f,; 3 at 14 7S 15. 7s, r6. 2 S ., 7 S Oh 6..:@ .t. 0 cases do State at sv'@ to old cront whach have been held nearly a year, and the profit on w @ 1 72 10, at '1'D 7;roCi 14 72 r d h sauer, 3 hhcls W. 0 Smith & Co., fS do, Kremelberg ne at 3 1 S 3 95" 12 at 4@5 90 5 at 6.3S W 0 er d whach muat naturally mclu e t e Jnterftt on captta.l IDVettecl Grower& 6f4c; so cases tsconsm on pnvate t ms, 15 cases 0 cannot expect even 1n the case of new crops, tqaoll them for the aamo & Co, I3S do Oelnchs & Co., 13 do A D Chock2 at 910 9 4S; 2 at Io.2s;, 1 4 75 12 hhds and 3 boxes r.llers at slc, and ror home tra'de 2so cases 1 h Of J p Q & c d p 1 1 new \"es t V1rgin1a t s Q C'll 1 pntea a& are obtunod OD a ICII e ere, COUI'K OVery' re-sale mull be 3 hhds, 8 trCS Uln 0 7 0' J0rt Y 2 a 1'3 so, 3 0 j 4 at 4 60@S 30 j 1872 Conneet1cut wrappers at 30@4oc, roo cas-es do do u an advance, and therefore the price by the &rowon wll lard & Co, St do, IS do: PIOneer Tobacco Co., I do, 3 4 at 6.os@7 So; 2 at 8, 10 75; 3 boxes at 2 .10, 3 40 seconds at ro@13C, and roo cases State, runnmg at 7 aJ,waya beaomowhat lower thaR our quotatoll do .James Gardmer & Co. IO do, 2 do D J Garth, Son II 75 3 boxes OhiO seed at $I.90. Private sales 33 @ 9c; altogether :1,390 cases. From the way busmess QUOTATIONS OF WHOLE!IiALE PRICES. & Co., S hhd> 1 box. J. D. J'tvans & Co., 40 do, 20 fi.hds old Maso.n Co Ky., leaf: I at 32 at 21: opened 1 t 1 s fair to presume that but for the fore1gn ct.. 8'f&II&Fill. Good do h ys B h & L 11 t D h C 11 & C At the Morns Warehouse hhd d b common 1o good Ius 6 @IN do l!'lne do 1 oo@I o cases uc anan ya 4 res. o a1 n, <&rro o., 141 san 4 oxes: 72 news, the record of the weelrwould h;le been the leaf ... 1 8 @ 9 ll.o Extra Fiue 113 1 26 412 cases mfd \ 2 S hlf. bxs do, 1' thud box do Martm hhds Mason County, Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf: f th t!ed1um ..... 9 @to Yara--1 and lt' culs ass 11 h # @ o e !lood .............. JO S" Cut ...... ..... 6 5 1o & Johnson, 40 cases smkg, G. W. Jilllman & Co, 10 7 new at ,.4 5 90; 7 do at 6@ 7 90 From the country we hear of nothinJ of special mfill .......... : ararrcut ... 95@ os cases smkg, 79 th!Td bxs; M M. Welzhoft:r, 24 cases 3 do at S @ 9 85 S c-ld at 6.40 r.. 7.8 0 : 25 af te t I P I tl e 1's sa1'd to have been some S.lecttona ........ .. 12-"@'3 l s 6 t @ res. n ennsy vama 1er Llgatcutt10g 1ue ... .. 7 0 lWMI-noBT. 1 do mfd, 2 caddieS do; A., Hen & Co, 31 cases 1 a Io 14.75: 5 at IS@I7: 1 at ::ro. purchases since our last issue, but particulars as to ex 0 IJ: smkg, Bulkley, Moore & Co ., 15 cases mfd, rso' hlf. 3 3 hhds Owen County, Ky, trash, lugs, and leaf: 2 tent or pnces have not reached us. b6mru'oli "' 1->0<1 lop 7 fP a Keclium .... .. ..... ... bxs do, H. A. Rickev, 10 cases smkg, 5 do mfd, 5 !.!If new at $x.7o@3 2o 3 do at 4 35@4 So: do at 6.15r.:. A d t u1res 1f leaf tobaeco dealers are "--mon iellf.. ...... ... 61'07 G'ood ..... .. .. '-' @48 J d t T '=' correspon en mq ...... ..... a o 9 eomm .s7 &td common ..... 16 08@17 oo are su1table to fill their orders, are taken. In Ken' expressly for the purpose of exchange at the expiration ..;::;;;.. .. .. ... 20 .. 10 tucky some few small sales of old stock were made at CL_ARKSVILLE, TENN., FebT71ary I6.-Messrs. M. of the year 1s74 Any dealer des1rous, therefore, of Aoeoriodiot.t 16 F: Rappee, Freuch ...... -1 oo pretty fatr prices, but of Vtrginia we hear of H Clark & Brother, Leaf Tobacco Brokers, report: retammg for his own use a record of hiS transactiOnS Lta,t...:.a;. 5 = :g no sales whatever. We quote pnces to-day as folOur sales last 'l'leek amounted to I 19 hhds. The market will do well to provtde htmself with an extra book at Wra';ter' ............. '0 .& ... ueman -1 oo lows Maryland-Frosted and unsound to 5 sound was moderately steady and prices without material hts own expense. Many have already done so. The Col:.: : @ o ................ 5 to 6, good do 6 to (, mtddlmg 7 to 8, good change. The recent sales of a few wrappers m your lector's receipt is gJVeu for each book exchanged, which @,5 ,.0 c.. to fine red 9 to r2, fancy 12 to 15, upper country 4 to market from thts section has excited our loose tobacco secures the dealers agamst trouble on account of the A1110rted l ots. @o "l!' a" ::!!::.: 28)0 20, ground leaves, new, 4 to 9 Ohto-Inferior to good buyers and they are now paymg S to 9c crop round for f h I th db k t b Flllero 5 @ o "C & A" 376'lli net.... ... 29)1 common ,.4 so to s, greenish and brown 5 so to 7 megood to. fine t:r.ops, an ad:vance o. f 2 to 3c upon our o_oen-proVISIOD o t e aw requmng ese recor oo s o e lll'ioconlitl-Aoaorled .. 6 @ 1 "a & r." .. .. ...... 29J'-&.orledlot. .. 8.\'@l 7.\' Z. A." 2110 Ilia...... ..... !10 tucky-Common to good lugs 6 to 7, heavy styles do remams poor It will be a God-send to the wes_t if a rece1 pts .or t em, m e a1 an c rm, ,....,..., .,_ ........... "MF" .. ... .. .. .. .. !10 d k t b fi d fi 1 1 date etc after wh1ch the accounts of manufacturers R. R" .. .... ........... !10 to S, medium leafS to 9 to fine do 9 so to goo new mar e can e _?un or ugs, poor ell:r, and are compared with the records thus obtatned. com lo@so :::._ : ::::::::::::::::::: 11 selections 12 to 15. Virgmta-Common to good worm-eaten stuff, wtth which the crop of 1873 IS well Spamsh-Havand,_ fillers have been m fair IMPORTS. lugs S.s to 7,common to medmm leaf7 to S, good to fine loaded. We quote: lugs at 3U to good smce our last review, and 450 bales are reported as sold The arnvals at the port oi New York from forei n do 9 tow, selections II to 14, stems and pnmmgs 3 to 4 lugs 4J4 :o S common eaf at 16 to 7 !4 c, medium at 7 s@8sc. Ch01ce goods have acqu1red add!lJOnal oorts for the week endmg February 24 included tfe Cleared th1s week: ro hhds _Maryland, ::12 hhds V1rgm1a leaf at to 9cf: goo d leaf at 9!4 to The strength from late reports from Havana, all of wh1ch i 11 t and 23 hhds Kentucky to Liverpool per steamer Nestorweather continues avorable for the preparation of the o D R th h t I an 4 hhds tobacco to Demerara per bark St Law-crop for market, and as soon as planters are satisfied tend to show that this descnption must necessanly ad-w--. . ou 14 c es s 1conce h t 'll ad the th d vance m pnce owing to the scarctty A buyer for a ctty paste -, renee. Inspected thiS week uS hhds Maryland, 360 t a WI vance ar r, e recetpts an 1 SS hhd ales will be very luge firm JUSt returned from Hav;ma reports as follows MANILLA.Baring Brothers & Co., 10 cases cigars hhds Oh10 tota 4 s. s "Fi'ne tobacco IS exceedmgly scarce, and It will be mll : h 38 do. Tobauo Statement. VA., :zo.-Messrs. C. C higher In fact they are now askmg enormous pnces HAVANA.-Charles F. Tag & Son, su bales tooacco; Stock in warehouses and on shtpboard, Read & Co., obacc() r.ep.ort: for it; as for example, $roo gold for good assorted ve V. Martmez Ybor, 2 6s do; J. A Pesant, 171 do, Palnot cleared Jan. I 1 IS74---------14,36S hhds. the pressure of heavy recetpts and d1scouragmg adv1ces gas,whlch is equal to about $x4 s here, duty paid. The mer & Scoville, 9 g do, F. Miranda & Co., 353 do; H. Inspected th1s _week._----------4SS hhds. from the pnnc1pal marlkets home and there common tobacco is poorer beyond descnptlon than last Schubart & Co., s4 do; J. J. Almira!, 171 do, Strohn Inspected prev1ously &mce Jan. 1.-----1,432 hhds. has been a marked dechne m th1s market dunng the year. I saw some vegas I would not gtve $2o per bale & Reitzenstem, xs2 do; M. RIVera, 2 7 do; J. Calvo, past week. Long, well-managed tobaccos, of good for Fine tobaccos will advance m price here. Par I do, Schroeder & Bon, 390 do, 4 cases ctgars; Chas Total_---------- hhds. body and dec1ded. character, about hold thetr own, tido is thm m leaf and so full of" betun" that it IS likely Luhng & Co., 46 do, I do; F. Garcta, 38I do, IO do; Maryland and Oh10, cleared though the proportion of these to lugs and sh.ort and to be IDJUred thereby. Remedios are mostly poor. Vega, Martmez & Bro., 4So do, 24 do; C. Ludmann & 1874-------------5,us hhds. medmm grades Is so far very small. There IS &!eat Manufactured-With the exception of here and there Co., r 5 do, 10 do; A. Owen, 4;2 do, 10 do: W, p Remspected and shipped, complamt am planters that the present .ruhng pnces sales of small lots for current use we hear of nothmg Clyde & Co., I,330 do, 26 do; F. Alexandre & coastwise, 400 hhds. 5 ,5I S hhds. for the .week are below the cost of production. Below during the week JUSt closed. Neither for consumption Sons, 8oz do, 55 do. E. Spmgarm & Co' 21 cases Stock m warehouse this day and on ship-we subjOlD quotations: poor to to 4i or export were there any transactions of Importance, so c1gars : S. Lmmgton & Sons, S do : Purdy & N 1 cholas, board not cleared_---- 10,77 3 hhds. do, good to fine, 4 to 4 leaf, short to med1um, 4 to far as we have learned Some Southern buyers were in r6 do: G. W. Faber, s do: Robert E. Kelly & Co., 2 Manufactured Tobacco-We report the market steady 6; do, long, of poor quruhty, 5 to 7i do, do, good to extra, town, but they selected <>nly what could not so well be do. Howard Ives, 10 do: Frederick de Bary & Co., 3 at unchanged rates and a moderate demand ; we note S to 9U secured elsewhere Common to medmm goods, they do: Wei! & Co, 1 do & Estabrook, I do: Del-the followmg rece1pts. A. Seemuller & Sons, 14S boxes, HOPKINSVILLE, February I9.M'essrs. M. H_ are reported to have sa1d can, somehow or other, be ob-gado & L1era, 3 do Lyles & Gilson, 1 do. F P. Wood110 cadd1es, 17 W. A. Boyd & Co., 175 half Clark & Brother, leaf tobacco brokers, report:-Retamed from factones at the extreme south cheaper than bury, 1 do Lozano, Pendas & Co., 9 do: Acker, Merboxes; J. B. Stafford, II7 boxes, Norvell & Baxter, 13 ce1pts to date 1,445 hhds against 1,3S6 hhds last year. here. Blockadmg used to be cited in of rill & Cond1t, 3 3 do: Park & Tilford, 2s do: W. H. cases; per Richmond and Norfolk steamers G. S. Sales to date 82o hhds against 1,097 hhds last year. stm1lar expenences sometime ago, but this, we suppose, Thomas & Brother 18 do. order, 31 do. Watts & Co packages; John P. Pleasants & Son, Our market recovered the declme noticed m low grades can hatdly be adduced to solve the enigma now :EXPORTS. 19 do; D. H. Mtller & Sons, r8o do. Holmes & Tmsley, last week, a ad pnces r uled much the same as two weeks Bnght work seems likely to become more than or dinFrom the port of New York to foreign ports, for the IS do. ago. "W_e quote: lugs lf4 to s*c, common leaf to arily precious as a consequence (\)f the scarc1ty and week endmg February 24, were as follows: CHICAGO, FebT71ary 20.-Messrs. F. K. Misch & 7c; med1um leaf 7U' tiO 8>-(c, good to growmg dearness of bnght wrappers. As yet there has BARBADOESo-1 r,I97 lbs mfd. Co., Wholesale Tobaccomsts, report:-This letter will be fine ro to 11 >.( c ; no sellectwns offered. We been no advance in _bnght goods, but they have been BRMHL-xoo lbs mfd1 x case cigars; 10hort and sweet. Tobacco JS nowhere; trade in this lmprovement 1n the order of the offenogs, though it is .,


FEB. 25 LEAF. still dtfficult to make up a lot oF samples entirely free from tmmerchaotable softness m -one or more breaks The tmpresston prevails among many buyers that the low pnces hkely to rule dunng the next few months, wtll make a small plantmg, and that m consequence we wall have stead1\y advancmg pnces after the first of June, and w1th.thts new they are dtsposed to pay much h1gher pnces than are warranted by th.,se ruhng 2t the seabeard ThiS very policy will defeat ttself, by P"' ven t mg a small plantmg and encouragmg a full one II'PADUCaH, Fe;n1ary IS-Messrs M H Clark & Brother, Leaf Tobacco ijrokers, report Our planters are begmnmg to accept the satuallon, and our sales are gradually mcreasmg, prom11mg soon to assume propor tons of Importance, thts week they add up I74 hhds The cond1Uon of the oft'enngs shows reasonable 1m prove ment. Weather good and very mlld Pnces have been unsteady, and lugs particularly have fluctuated greatly, the mam tendency, however, seems downward We q uote as follows Common to 11ted1um lugs, 3 to 4c, good do, 4}( to sc, common lear. to mediUm do, 6 to Sc, good do, 8 to 1oc No better grades ofl'enng PHILADELPHIA, Februaty 23 -Mr E W Dtck erson, 1 eporte r for the tobacco trade of Phtladelphta, wntes as follows Western Leaf-The receipts contmue to be very hght, not over 25 hhds last so far as reported One of our largest buyers was m Lou1svtlle last week, Jookmg for stock to work on all of next summer The home den. and 1s mode1ate 1 Slui Leaf-The recetpts were about roo cases, and the sales aggregated over rso ca,es, about equally dt vtded between Pennsylvama and Connecticut 1 here are plenty-of buyers m the market for fine wrappers, and m the holders will make concessrons they can sell them' but they (the wrappers are held firmly for full figures buyers bavtng held off from mcreumg tbetr stocks and a better demand 1s antJctpated further on, but little has been done for exportation, the suppl) of the better classes suitable for thts purpose bemg of a very hm1ted character Kentucky Leaf StnpsThe sales have been tnfimg of either descnptlon, purchasers havmg only operated for their Immediate requirements VIr gm1a Leaf and Strips-The re IS a fa1r mqUJry for good ncb classes, ol whtch but little ts to be found m the last importauons Maryland and Oh1o-Not suffictent stock on the market to attract the attention of buyers, fine bnght descnpt10ns m request Cavendtsh-Busmess has been altogether of a retail character good classes of the smaller make are 10 demand 31 -Our monthly report is as follows There has been a fau, steady busmess done 10 Amencan tobacco dunng the month, home trade and export buy ers havmg operated rather more freely, the former m the better descnpt10ns ost of the last Import whtle good and common classes have been taken for exporta uon Pnces for the finest descnpttons commue firm, caused by the limited supply, although of the common and medtum classes there IS a fair assortment. In sub stllutes there oas been a moderate busmess done, leav mg the stock of desirable classes 10 a small compass For ctgar tobacco there has been mor-e mqmry, but cJnefiy confined to the J1ne quahtles Imports, 637 hhds Dehvenes, hhds, agamst 975 hh s m the corre spondmg month of last year Stock, IS,PS hhds, agamst 13, 547 hhds m 1S73 r8,o82 hhi:ls m rS72, I 9S4 hhds m 1 I7)Z07 hhds m 1S7o 1 5,969 hhds m IS69, ana hl)ds m r86S V1rgm1a Leaf and Stnps-For the former there has been more MQ!llry for export purpos es, and bng ht leary des cnptwns also con tlnue m request F or Stn ps there has 'been a moderate demand both tor home use and for the completiOn 01 sh tppmg orders, fine spmmng descnpnons are now be comm g scarce K e ntucky Leaf and Stnps-Have had rnpre atte n tion, and moderate sales have been effected of hhds and m the former there bas been an mcreased demand for boxes, as they 4@ 4 90, 1 at $5 30 2 at Io ferent m character Porto Rtco -No transactwns @6 40 1 at JS 70, and 2 boxes at $.3 40 t hbd was worthy of no tce, there IS but little of tbts growth of passed, and b1ds were rejected on 9 hhds at $3 85@ fenng Arracan, Braztl, and St Dommgo, nothmg to $10 so report Turkey, of fine, bnght color, and free from FOREIGN scrappy tobacco, meets a ready sale, but the common AMSTERDAM, February 7 -Messrs Schaap & and mtxed qualities are difficult to place, although of Van VeeR, Tobacco Brokers, report The market re Cered at very low pnces Macedoman has arnved mams dull as ts ordmanly at th1s season Smce our last freely, but chtefiy cons 1sts of m1xed and ordmary sorts, there w e re sold 252 hhds Maryland tobacco at pnces m and IS generally more or less country damaged Greek favor of the buyers, also I122o bales Java Announced -But little offenng, bnght color and leafy classes are for public t;ale on roth mst, 1245 bales Java, wbch could m request R10 Grande, when of condition, and nQt find buyers for the whole by subscnptlon on account moderately leafy, meets a ready sale Java, of good of Its doubtful burmng, which 1s a capital fault m ctgar quality, m request There IS a probab1hty of a better tobacco whtch causes a tremendous loss to the 1m porters supply bemg on the market before long Sumatra of and planters By subscnptlon wtll be offered 1,62S fine telltt!lfe and brown color, contmue to be taken a t bales of the new crop, pnnc10al1y of scrub kmds, wh1ch full pnces, but the m1xed and ordmary classes move off as far as tmportabons i;O now prove not to be so good slowly Dutch has been bu t lutle o pe1at e a m, owmg as the tobacco of the prevtous year Imported 1,985 to the small supply now on the market, good cuttmg bales Java, 243 do Sumatra, 2 033 do R10 Grande, 140 qaahtle s a r e m deman d Germ a n c o ntmues slow o f do Palmyra Stocks to day 1,055 hnds Maryland, 12 do sale, the large stocks tnducmg buyers to hold off from Kentucky, S do Vlfgmia, ro do V1rg1ma stems, 2,033 operatmg J apan con t mue s m f avor when well assorted bales Java, 140 do Palmyra, 523 do Sumatra, 4, 916 do and m g o od, dry condttlon, at p1e sent there IS but a Java, 7,5o1 do Java monkey's ha1r poor supply offenng arnva ls would now come to a BREMEN, F e bru a t y 6 -Our spec1al correspondent g ood m a rk e t, but It should b e 1m pressed upon reports -ThiS has been the dullest week on record for that the tnngmg from to 43d according to quabty and assortment A Cus:roMs' JoKE-One d a y last week at Washmg ton, a smoker sent 2 5 cents to the Treasury 10 full pay ment of the duty on a ten cent ctgar wh 1ch the con sumer knew to have been smuggled CoNSUMPTION oF ToBACCO IN GREAT BRITAIN -Ac cordmg to an offictal return, the quantity of tobacco consumed appears to be largely mcreasmg Bestdes c 1 gars, the value Imported m the twelve months ended the 31st ult, was z,6r3,547 agamst ,552,914 m the precedmg year TOBACCO AT CLABXSVILL& TENN. Rale1 ao4 Replatlont ef the Boal'tl of Trade. Ftrst -1 hat thts orgamzatlon shall be called the Tobacco Board of Trade of Clarksville, Tennessee Second-That the members of sa1d Tobacco Board shall consiSt of all persons m good standmg, who are buyers or sellers of tobacco on thts market, upon con hall cons1st of one President, two V1ce Prest dents, one Secretary one-AssiStant Secretary, and one Treasurer, whtch officot shall be elected annually by ballot Seventh -That the duhes of the officers shall be as follows It shall be the duty of the President (or m hts absence one of the V1ce Presidents) to preside over all meetmgs of the Board, and to call a meetmg at any t1me, upon wntten appl cation of five members It shall be the duty of the Secretary or Asststant Secre tary, to keep a record of the proceedmgs and action of all members of the Board It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to collect and all montes wh1ch may be ordered by the Boars No dtsposttlon of the funds, other than for m ctdental expenses, shall be made, except by vote of three fourths of the members then res1dent here The Treasurer shall render a quarterly statement of h1s accounts to the Secretary for entry on the mmutes of the Board The oooks of the Secretary shall always be open to the Inspection of any mem'.:>er Ezg hth -That m addthon to the officers of the Board the followmg Standmg Commtttee shall be ap pomte4' and elected Tt.e President shall appomt, everv two months, a "Commtttee of Arbttrahon," cvnststmg of two mem hers, one of whom shall be a wareh o useman, the other a buyer These two shall s e lect a th 1 rd person, to whom snail be referred all quest ons of dtspute between buyer and seller, m regard to tobacco matters, and all ques tlons of cla 1 ms for damages upon hogshe a ds of tobacco cl a me or s uppo sed t o be unfatrly sampled The com m1ttee shaH have power to order resamples of satd dts ]1Uted hogsheads or to employ some res ponsib l e person to supermtend said resamphng, whether here, m N e w Y o rk, Baltimore, New Orleans, or any fore tgn market, tf they have JUSt reason to b e hevt;, that the unfatr rep resentatiOn of the hogshead d1d not occur m the m a r ket Or shall order back the hog shead to Clarksville Cor exammat10n upon wntten demand of the seller of the same If the bu} er's cla1m 1s substantiated the shall pay the assessed damages and all expenses accrumg from the error, mcludmg express, or charges, and expenses for resampling If the clatm proves to be unfounded m JUStice the buyer shall bear all the ex penses as ao'ove No tnvtal clatms, nor cla1ms un founded m JUStice shall be entertamed, or acted upon, by the comm1ttee Nmtlc -The Board shall, at their annual meetmgs, or as soon thereafter as poss1ble, elect to serve unttl the rst of December followmg, a "Comm1ttee of Appeal," conststmg of five members, one of whom shall be one of the Vtce Presidents of the Boa1d, who shall act as chauman of sa1d committee To th1s committee any member, or members, may appeal, who 1pay feel ag gneved or InJured by any deciSion of the "Comm1ttee of Arb1trat1on Three shall constitute a: quo rum of th1s committee, though all five shall meet upon wn t ten request of either of the disputants The' Com mltt e e of Appeal" sha ll have power to confirm the de CIS ton of the Cotnmtttee of Arbttrallon," or to reverse the same, and make new dec iSIOn on the matter m dts and shall hav e a ll power s granted to the "Committee of ArbitratiOn A 11 dect s10ns o ( the "Com m1ttee of Aopeal," shall be cons1dered final, and must be followed by pomot s e ttlement b)' the losmg party Should the losmg p a rty appe al to the "Courts of Law, or "Equtty, agamst the dects1on of the \ c Committee o f Appeal, then satd dec1s10n shall be sustamed by the whole "Tobacco Board of Trade' to the e,.;tent of all t h e fund s m the treasur y, an d an a ssess m ent upon each member not exceedn,g ten dollars p e t a nnum Tenth -If any member of the "Comtmttee of Arbt tration" should b e mtereste d, either as a buye or seller, m any cla1m presented before It h e shall notify the President, who shall appomt anothe r m e m ber t o take his plac e on the "Committee of Arbttratwn" t o act on sat d And should any m ember of the Commttte e of Appeal find that he 1s m tereste d m the clatm presente d before 1 t or 1f he should h a ve hap pened to have been on the" Committee of Arb1trat10n,' wh1ch acted on said cla1m, he shall notify the President, who shall appomt some other member to act m ht s place on sa1d claim LIVERPOOL, February 2 -Messrs M W Smythe & Co Tobacco CommlSSIOI'l Merchants, report -The stocks of the Umted States m our two chief markets on 31st ult were as follows 27,607 hhds here, and 15,415 10 London, together, 43,082, ajl;amst 30.438 same time last year, and 43,779 m showmg that al though the present supply IS 41 so roo more than that of 18731 It IS I 62 IOO less than that of tWO years ago In all the month of January sales were of ex tent, manufacturers and dealers t;nwtllmg to sup ply themselves 10 anbctpatJOn of future wanb, while ex porters to Africa and to the con tment bought spanngly, conseqaently the market was avt tes ted by low offers for large lots PTtces were nommally unchanged, wtth exception of a few transactiOnS m wh1ch concessiOns to Eleventh -As no trade deserves to be successful, un less hone s tly earned on, and behevmg as h e retofore that a sample of tobacco should represent the hhd from whtch 1t 1s drawn, as nearly as posstble, we the mem who are sellers, agree (as the tobacco law and the common law also reguue) to guar a ntee to the buyers that every sample o1 tobacco sold by us, shall be a fa1r repre sentation of the hhd from which 1t IS drawn, or, fa1hng such, by mistakes of mspechon to pay the buyer such THE DISGUSTED ToBACCO GROWERS -At a re fatr clatms for damages, as may be assessed by the Com cent meeting of tbe Ludlow (Ct) Farmer's Club, the m1ttee of ArbitratiOn or Appeal The change m the to members discussed m a general manner "the success bacco laws, creanng all warehousemen mspectors of to and fatlttre of the past year" It was concluded bacco,and allowmg them the regular fees as same, guaran that With the exception of tobacco the crops had been tees a regular fund for payment of such damages, the nearly up to the average Hay and oats were hghter mam mtent1on of the change m the law bemg to furmsh than usual Corn good C A. Southworth sa1d he be such a fund, and to better regulate the mspeahon for heved m lookmg on the bnght s1de, even of the tobacco general benefit of planters, warehousemen, and buyers, crop Had h1s money m hts pocket for xi71 crop and therefore, the trade may have confidence that all JUSt beheved that 1t had patd htm better than se .en per clatms for samphng wtll be promptly settled upon report cent for casmg Would not make a spectalty of any of the Commtttees crop H1s greatest pleasure and profit last year was Twelfth -As the object of this orgamzallon IS for a from h1s garden V{ould not neglect the corn and po JUSt and fatr regulation of the tobacco trade of th1s tato crop Had ra1scd h1s corn th1s year at a cost of market, every member of th1s Board who IS a buyer, torty cents per bushel A Clough was glad to see the hereby h1mself to sustam the members who are tobacco crop gomg down, and beheved that last .years seller, by not buymg dtrectly or md1rect1y, or g1vmg or expenence would convmce many that other crops are ders to be filled at any pubhc tobacco warehouse m thts worth our attenhl)n Dtd not beheve m the excuse market, earned on by parties who are not members of that we must ra1se tobacco to get a ltvmg Large pro the Tobacco Board of Trade buyers were satd to have been made February 7 -Smcel rst mst, the followmg are the movements m U ntted States tobacco here Rece1pts, 34I hhds, dehvenes, 402, stock on hand to day, 27, 315 hhds, agamst 16,748 same time last yerr Through out the week JUSt ended, only !our customers have bean m the market, and although they exammed parcels of leaf and stnps, the quantity bolllght by them were com paratlve ly small, m some mstances offers were made for whole lots m expecta t ion that they could be had on un duly reduced terms, but 1t has not transptred that hoi ders had accepted matenally reduced pnces, conse quently we report quotatiOns nttmmally unclanged _.LONDON, February 5 -Messrs Grant, Chambers & Co. report fhere has been compara.tvely nothmg done m Amencan tobacco dunng the past week, home trade fits had created an unhealthy desire for all the luxunes Tlttrl e enlh -As the regulations of thts Board are m of hfe 1 he ordmary farmer should be content w 1 th a tended, as rather to strengthen than to lessen the force moderate amount of these A Fuller sa1d he should of the State tobacco laws, 1t IS recommended th&t those giVe up tobacco He had ratsed 1t thuteen years and sections requmng the secure tymg and sealing of sam supposed he had prett y good pluck but thought last pies, shall be stnctly earned out, as a good protectiOn year s expenence rather a severe test Satd that m no to planters, mspector, buyers, and seller other town was tobacco sol d as h1g h accordmg to qual Fourteentlt -It bemg the hope of thts Board to ratse t t y Rev A Noon stated th a t m Franklin Co there the st.lndard of the Clarks vtll e mspect10n, so tha t It wa s tobacco enough ready for sale ,to every man, will compare favorably wtth that of any other market, woman and chtld twenty five dollars aptece A Chapm and to enable the rece1pts of thiS market to be sold all thought that ,need not discourag e us, the. ttde would over th1s country and Europe by the ongmal Clarksvtlle turn m favor of the farmer. samples, which as tmposs1ble under the present license of mut1Lll10n of samples by breakmg or pulhng out leaves from same, It IS agreed that a fine of one dollar !>hall be patd for each pulled or broken ff'om a sample by euher buyer or seller when the sample ts offered for sale, and the aucttoneer must announce thts rule at the commencement of every sal e It shall be the duty of every member to call attentiOn to any mfnngement of this re!lolutJOn, and the duty of the 1 reasurer to collect satd fines Fifteeni!J -Behevmg the above regulataons, tf fa1th fully earned out, w1ll g1ve us a more reliable mspect10n, and enable our buyers to pay pnces whtch wtll place our market aheaJ of all others 10 the West, and thereby attract (what tt wtl\ be entitled to) a large trade, we, the undersigned, agree to carry out the above regulations hi good faith, m letter and m spmt Consul BaUs Arithmetic [ Co"espondenaof Tnt Tobacco Leaf] I leave to say a few words relative to the article reproduced m your last, regardmg Consul Halls certtfi cation of Havana mvotces at 66c, as the unvaf)mg value of a SpaniSh, CULfl!ncy dollar dunng a penod when the gold prem1um was fluctuatmg 1 Th1s has nothmg to do w th hiS defe nce of the "reve nues' from attempted frauds He tS supposed to know -upon some better e v 1dence than the mere mvp1ces presented for certificatiOn-that the mvmced pnces are as the law demands, the market value of the day of shtpment If known to h1m, or accepted bybtm as cor rect values, why should be refuse to certify an mvmce made out m gold, tf so purchased, and demand.l to baYe It made out ut-Spamsh ? for h1m to certtfyfal sely-at 66 cents, as tbe value of each Spamsh paper dollar ? Agam, 1f the pnce be correctly mvmced, and m curreno;y, he should be satisfied that such IS the pnce (with all percentages on c1gars added by latest pnc.e hsts), and then accept the spec1e value of the total, at the day's rate for gold For mstance, tf the total cur rency be oo, and the gold rate be 94c premmm, as at last adv1ces, then $I,ooo oo would be the correct gold t>tal, and might be put under the currency footmg as Its specte eqUivalent, and so certtfied and sworn to upon back of mvmce But Mr Hall h a s gotout a novel anthmetlc, and says Gentlemen, I will prove that gold IS eqUivalent to $1,940 currency at 66c, or 280 gold" Thus, through the arbitra ry use of power, twenty e1ght per cent (a t present) ts fal sely ad ded to the amount subjected to the ad valonm duty PHI LADELPHIA, February 21, 1S74 W H T A HARSH CoMMAND THAT KILI.ED A B0Y -In the Bnttsh medtcal naval report JUSt 1ssued a fatal case of pmsonmg by tobacco IS mentiOned A boy on the Im placable had frequently been 1 e proved for chewmg to bacco, and on several occass10ns swallowed p1eces to p re vent detection On the mght of hts deat h he was heard breathmg sterterously, and efforts to arouse h1m bemg vam he was taken to the s1ck b a y H1s pup1ls were msenstble to the light, and h1s pulse beat feebly He dted m two or three mmutes after 1 wo 'Smail p1eces of tobac c o were f ound m hts stomach How TO HARVEST TODACCO -A corre spondent 111 Vermont wntes Malily t o b a cco g r o w ers havmg de s1red to know my metho d of harvesting and hangmg m y tobacco crop the past season, I send for your col umns the followmg statement of the manne r m wh1ch the work was done I procu red the requ1s1te quanttt y o f fo!lr foot l ath for h a ngmg two acres of the leaf Throug h these lath had dnven obhquely and at an angle of about 20 oegrees, 4P slate n a lls, to serve as hooks, dnvmg SIX nalls, at e qual dtstances apart, for the heav1er plants, and seven n a1ls m a lath for the bghter ones, and then had two wagon racks built, each from Sixteen to eighteen feet long, four feet wtde from outs1de to outstde of the top ralls, and suffictently htgh to allow the plants to hang stratght down On each stde and near the top of these body racks, was bUilt a small rack for holdmg lath enough for one or more loads the SIX natled lath, for the convemence of the hanger, bemg placed on one s1de, and the seven natled lath on the other The wagon racks were taken to the field, and as fast as the tobac c o was cut, It was passed by the cutter to a man voho passed 1t to the hanger m the wagon, to be hung upon the lath as he placed one after another across ttte top of the rack, usmg a s1x or seven na1led lath, accordmg to the g e neral stze of the tobacco passed to lum When the rack was filled, the load was dnven to the shed, and the remammg rack wagon was filled m the same way, wh1le the first was be mg unloaded by two men, by the placmg of the lath upon the poles prepared for them The plant,s were not allowed to be plac e d upon the ground at all, but were unwtl ted and fresh upon th e l at h m the rack v; a g on, and m that condttlon were trans ferr e d to the shed for cunng By thts method scarce l y a leaf was broken off, or 10 a11y w a y torn or mutil a t e d 1he cutter would sometimes f at! to stnke qutte low eno ugh to secure upon the stalk every bottom lea f out o f the s e and all other leaves sev e e d from the stalk before nang mg, there wa s scarcely a wh e el b arrow load on the two acres, and these w e re saved m good condttwn, and hung upon na1l hook s e s pectall) prepa r e d f o r the m, a n d the gc.od leaves cured off as w e ll as t hose left upo n the stalk I he obacco thus hung m tt s natural condttJOn, eac h leaf, whli e thus unwlite d standmg o u t from 1ts pa rent s t alk, a d mi tti n g a fr e e c i r c ulatiOn of a1r through the enti r e mass A f ter han g m g upon pol es fr o m 12 to 24 hour s accordmg to the weather and dampness \\hen gath e red from the fiel d, the le aves bega n to wlit and dreop, and, as they d t d so, the laths upon wh1ch they were hung were moved nearer together, w1thm etght to ten mches apart, accordmg to the size of the plants When first put upon the poles, the laths were placed from ten to fifteen mches apart so as not to press the leaves too closely wh1le m thetr unw1lted and somewhat bnttle condition If short for shed room, the upper tiers should be first filled to g1ve the leaf bme to wtltr and !or movmg the laths nearer together before fillmg the tiers below, on account 9f the greater convemence of getting at them The two men usmg a pulley fo, the ppper tters, would take the lath upon wb1ch the tobacco had been hung m the wagon,,..and place them upon the poles m about the time the second rack w.&gon would be loaded m the field wh1ch was near the shed Should the field be some distance oft', a th1rd rack wagon may be necessary to keep the shed hangers 'and the field workmen m steady employ. But all thts could be eastly guaged, accordufg to each grower's con vemences Now for the results The tobacco thus har vested and hung, cured off w1th an 1mproved and greater umformtty of color, with no waste from sun burn, or brUised, lacerated or broken off leaves, as would sometimes happen when cut and la1d upon the ground to wtlt, and then, perhaps, rudely handled m the loadmg and subsequent passmg through so many hands 1:1 the hangmg process My tobacco, gathered and hung as above descnbed-averagmg a ton or more to thg acre-Is now m the pack, and m qualtty wtll challenge companson With any Connecticut Valley leaf m the market It IS what IS called m thts sect10n, the Parker vanety, and I cannot hut thmk and beheve, that Its goodn e ss, and general umformity of color, and perhaps o ther quahues, are great!] lilwmg to the methods of bar vesting and hangmg Still, I may be nus taken, as my expenenc e m tobacco growmg t s quite hmtted, but m this opm1on I a m sustained by the o lder and more e x pene nced gro w ers m th1s sectwn T h e co s t of h arvest mg m the above way does n o t gre a t l y, 1f at all, exceed the old m e thod Hawever th is may be, the e xtra cost, 1f any, t s more than doulby compensated by the 1m proved cond1t10n of the leaf when ready for the sh1p pers and the market THE INGENUITY OP' IGNORANCE -The address Upoll a letter recently matled m S.mth Carohna sorely puzzled: the Post Office clerks, but was at last deciphered by an official tn Wtlmmgton It read as follows -"boa SaC posofes, ron okforgmey, tonan Cey blanksh1p" It was mtended for Bonsac Post Office, Roanoak Coun ty, V1rg1ma To Nancy Blankshtp." THE ToBAcco TAX AND FINE oN STAMPSThe Paducah Kentucktafl thus touches these two subfec:ta The heavy tax lev1ed on tol>acco ha:s nothtng to com. mend at, except ns 1s a luxury If tbts IS the pnnClpal upon wh1ch taxes are to be raised, there are many other arllcles that should be taxed equallJ' as h1gh at tobacco If the represen tattves of the to co mterest m Congress can defeat Jhe effort o.f th.e retary of the 1 rea s ury to ratse the tax on tobacco, they wtll confer a great benefit on the tobacco growmg States. There ts another matter which if It could be done wouJ4 be of great benefit to the tobacco manufacturer; that to giVe h1m time ou the stamps wh1ch he must purchase from the Government before he can put hts tobacco on the market Stxty or nmety days ti me on the would make but httle to the Governm,ent. while tt would greatly mcrease and f acahtate the bustness of the manuf acturer Io the event of the manufacturer askmg time on the tl!oX, let the local Intea Revenue Collector be the Jlldze as to the solvency of the secunty offered If some such rule as th1s were adopted, the Jlllanufacturer could reahze tho fllQ er pa} the tax from the sales of h 1 s tobacco SEED LEAF IN THl!. CONNECTICUT VALLEY -In a re cent tssue the Spnngfield (Mass) .Re p ublican s a ys "The to\lacco trade 1s looking up, and for the first time. thts season the dealers seem to want to buy The grow ers hav.e been, and are, anx.tous to sell their st'ock, they Have fretted unaer the long dulfness, and well might; ror 1t has brought,not farmers, ncb m houses and lands, to actual lack of ready money 1 he result 1s that wrap pers bnng xo to 25 c e nts per pound, seconds S to IS and fillers 4 to 10 The average p nee of wrappers 16 cents per pound, a thtr d less than the value of a stm 1lar grade last year The dealers clatm that the reduction comes from the pamc with Its money scarctr, aad that they have had no money to buy wuh Recently, however, the low pnce-much under the average for the past ten years-has tempted the speculators, and,._ Simultaneously, large deal e rs h a ve begun buymg for a nse Ip thts ctty, Hmsdale, Sm1th. & Co, are buymg freely, and shtppmg carloads almost every day. A large proportiOn of thetr sh1pmemts are m a de to Caltforma, where the to b a cco IS sold t o the manufacturers. The purchasmg, thus far, has not checked the growers' anxtety to sell and, datly they come along Wtth sam ples, una! a looker on would beheve that every man tn Connecti cut Valley had a barn full o f to selL l hey tell the same story-loss on crop and a determm. at10n to ra1s e on l y potat o e s next y ear" Ad'Uert-tsements. FINE SEED CIGARS.-FOR SALE.. [419-47< 1 E K.t.FKA., 215 3d Str e e t N T TO DEALERS IN LEA.F TOBACCO AND CIGAR MANUFACTURERS. Fo Sa l e the F xtu res o f Bat chel o r Broi C tgar Factor y and slbre, N o lJit Nort h Thud St P h adelphta It t s on e o f tb.e bollt locatioa1 (or tile L eaf C o bacco buatD ciiJ S ulli e ent r o om f o r at 1 e u t s o ha.Bda, and very low r e Gt Addr, a l BATCHELOR BROS. 469 >t 330 Nortll Ill rd S t :-Philadelphia. HO.IIIIE' HO.IIIIE!! HO.IIIIE!!! At Flusbtng 6 mtles from New Y ork 103 trains da1ly from 6 A M" ttt ta at nigh t a yearly c ommutat\pn t icket free (Fare B e by rackage tickets.) F o r sa l e a Frea b Slate R oo f H o u s e filled in w ith bnc.k g.u wate r m a r b le man tels Kood closell 1ewer connec tio1 .. with doub l e plot of 1rou nci. guttered and flagged. P r c e t,ooo 'I he owne r tnteods to s e ll and any party 'Wh() can lnYe s t i n a home, from t500 tot liDO, w11l address Box No lt:-a Post Odice,obtala a free PHI to Flusbl:ul' and full particuliln 466 t FOR SALE IN FLUSHINC, L. 1. ONE OP' THE I'INJ.:ST BUSINESS SITES IN THE VILLAGE I? is located about 150 feet from BrldJ'e Street l<,;a1lroad D e pot and s cion proxanuty to Banb and large Bllltneu .Estab iwh mt: ts Uu m .un thorough fare 54 fe e t front adJoining a corne r O cc u p e d by sub!ltant l ;tl Owoll.i.DI' hous e wt l h u Rooms aud Attic Has all miCXler n 1mprov ements and 1.s l'!a !n l y conver t bl e fo r any k d o r bu n l!ss Im.m.ed 1ate posseas1on and. easy For f u r t h r 1nf onnat on a pi?!J t o Dr J KING liiBRRIT'l', ( 469 tfJ Street, FOR SALE! 100,000 Pottnds G enutn e D EEK lONGUE" Flavor, for SMOKING TOB AC G O manufacturers m lots to sutt pur. ch a s e r s at LOWEST fig ures. MARBURC BROS. 1,5, U"'' & 149 s.c harlaa St .r._ BALTIMORE, D ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. IIIIU,OOO DRAWN EVERY 17 DAY!I Class 910 t o be clrawn Au g 30 t 8731 Cl a 11913 to be drawn OC'{. u tStJ. 9 n Sept 17 91 4 N o v 8, Ju Oct 4t 9 5 Nov t6, WH ONLY, Hal .eo and Qvarters'" Proporttga, A. SOHNEIDEB. .t; 0, 44 495 P 0 80"'1034 or No, a5--wall !It New York HA GERMAN GOVERNMENT LOCI 'rEHIES. Oue Pr zein Averaie ou t wo T1cke t 1 Prites oashed and nformatw o g'lVe n THEODOR ZICHOCH, P .Q B o x 5594 [43-!!sl 116 Nassau St. N e w \'ork COPES TOBACCO PLANT-A MONTHLY J OU RNAl. for l$moter1 Pabliehed at N o 10 Lord NelAon eU"Cet L i ve r pool la.n d wnere sub aoripti ons m ay be &ddJesaed or to the TOBACCO LEAR 01',.., Prtce two ehilllnga (English) p e r annum Trade A d vertloement s 20 lling s per IDch. No lldverUoements reoehei f o r a 1ho r te r p e riod. than Bi:s. months Macb.J..Q.ery for Sale Du e tness Adclne. 6C8 Announoemenc, &:o. la per N o t o r Adve rli..akl g wt.U be coD &d ared unleoo aooompanle4 by tho c noopond !Dg amouot. Tldo rut. ""' "" IDv&rtably be adlton>d to. FOREIGN DUTIES ON TOBACCO. I n A u s t r\a F ra n c e I t a l v and Spa nJ.. the tob

I TB& VIRGINIA -TOBACCO AGENCY, ESTABI.."sHED l:N I8J6, B'l' CHARLES M. CONNOLLY. CONNOLLY cl CO., COBIUSSION :MERCHANTS IN Lea,f and Manufactured Tobacco, 45 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. r .Agents for VIiGINIA KANt7FACTl1RED TOBAGCO .. Purchases made of various brands shiRped to this market 'he party ordering from us. P .URCHASES OF LEAF TOBACCO FOR HOME AND .EXPORT, M ADE ON COMMISSION. Orders filled elfrect from Virginia at MANUFACTURERS FACTORY prices. SPENCE :BROTHERS i CO., JIA1Hili'Ji.CTt7RE-RS 011' THE CELEJIR.I.TJIID 1 AMBROSIA, .And Various BratuZs of' Fine-Cut C.hewing & Smoking 32 and 54 EAS'l' '1'mBD S'l'BEE'l' I CINCINNATI, O. Be ing located at the GREAT LEAF MARKET for CUTTING ToBACCO, our facilities for supplying the TRADE with ALL GRADES OF FINE CUT and S:Mor;ING are unsurpassed. KATZ dk CO., EDWARD M. WRIGHT II CO. DEALERS OF General Commission LEAF TOBACCO, H Broad Street, PEARL CARROLL & CO., TOBACCO COM M t'SSI 0 N MERCHANTS, 104 FRONT M J DOHAN, } ...... TO.... { TH0S. CARROLL, ALEX. FORMAN. ... ,.._ ..._. JNO. T. TAITT. A[ents for the folloiin[ Well-kloWll Vir[inia Manllfactnrern: J. B. PACE, Y ARBROUCH & SONS, J. H:cRANT & CO. JOHN ENDERS, TURPIN & BROTHER, D. B. TE.NNANT & 'co L. H. FRA Y8ER it CO. THOMAS HARDCROVE, J. R. PACE & CO. RACLAND & JONES, RACLAND & TOSH, WALKER, & CO. WINNIE & .TALBOT, L. W. WISE, l FEB. 25 K'. Y. Commisdon 1111ero1a-..;. BULKLEY MOORE & CO. VIRGINIA Tobacco Commission Merchants .r--.-n Ae,e .. .... '14 FBONT Street. IREILBERG & CO., 16o PEARL ST., New YoRK. . .. J D. KREIELBERG & CO., BALTIM0RE, MD IREIELBERG. SCHAEfER & C8. I EXPORT O:RDE:a.S for TOBACCO Filled with DISPATCH Good Storage for all kinds of TOBACCO in dry "nd well ventilated lofts. P. 0. BOX, 2i84. XEW: YORK. F. 0 -4853, NEW YORK B. W. OLIVER, H. CREANER, R. A PATERSON & CO. J.P. WU.LIAMSON, NEW ORLEANS, LA. mmu e Orders from old friends and the tr.ade generally aollclted F c. LIND. c F. LJNDL C. C. HA.MJLTO:fo s MAltC OSO. R o A S H CKOFTo NE"" YORK EBB-LEAP ToBAcco INSPECTION. TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. Certificatea for every cue, and delivered case by ca'ie, as t o number of Certifioate. I. B.-WE ALSO SIMPLE IN MERCHANTS' OWN STORES. F. C. LINDE tc CO., RUICliPAL Water Street. to 1 8 6 Pearl St, A.RBH0t18E8-1*2 Water, .173 Front., IJ4:, '76 4 '8 Greeawtch 8tnet1, aad 1, '*' 8 Had.aoa River Rail B.O&Id Depot., St.. John Park. J. Me. J, BENSEL & CO., CUTHRIE &. CO., DiPEYS'l'El!. S'l'UE'l', JI:IIS ll':aONX STREET, amnssioN MERCHANTs, sw-Lm 'l'OBAOCO .o;'RllSSIIJtS, Storage provided In Firat-Clat:s Wareho'ilces, 'Certi!c&tea issued ad Cues delivereil. llllr Tobolcco JftHed In balee for the W est Indies. an<1 Ceatral American Porto, and oth e r m a rk et.. An or in lots, 1'0BAcco PACKED T'{ HoGsHEADs. l3ranch, 132 North Front, Philadelphia. & FRITH, _.. 7 BURLING SLIP, NEW YORK, Tobacco CoJD.m.ission lYierchaDts Sole Proprietors of t.he Celebrated Brands of Smoking Tobacco: Honey Bee, Early Dew, Prairie Bl011110111, Red River, Powhtlttan, Bllterprtse, Old B::.ntu.ok:, 014 Los OaJ'AA, '-=<>w SUp, Plantera' Choloe. Pioneer oftbe Wet, l!kmny Sontll, \ir BriUICI, Roney Dew. A leo Sol e A!lfll tfl f o r the United S i.ate.for 3. P. RA &: CO.'S GOLD PLAXR. jJAMES M. GARDINER, CHARLES M. CorrN O I:.LY. JAMES M. GAR_DINER. a CO., fOBACCO CODISSION 84 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK, Fe c 1 CARY BROTHER&, J. H. TYREE, !AD &: EDWIN WILSON, L. LOTTIER. COMMISSION MERCHANT. llfANUUCTl1UJtS o Sole Agents in York for BONNE BOUCHE, 4s. ss. and Pocket Pieces Lynchburg \"irginia. AUSTRAL I IV TWIST Also Agents for John W Carroll's Oelehl'ated Smoking Tobaccos, WIU giv e b i o personal att:nt 'nn t o t h e sale and p u 411 LEAF FARMVILLE, vA. LoneJackd!BrownDick,etct, J'Libcra. l A.dwa1 c e t made 011 C o.ns i gnments. O ORDERS mLIOITED. STRAITON & STORM, SEG-.A..B.B, AJlD -DEALERS IR' L'BAP TOBACCO, No. 191 PEARL STREET, New York. .TORN BTRAITON. GEOME STOIIJL ALEXANDER MAITLAND. L F. S l>IACLEHOSE. 1,. MAITLAND & TOBACCO FACTORS, Co., GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 43 BB.OAD ST., II'. Y. Advan cement s mad e on c o n signmen ts toW. A & G. MAXWhLL & co:, J .tVERrooL PLEBY HELME MANUFACTURERS OF THE In d ark work to our Thistle" Brand, so widely known in many parts of our Count r y for its beauty of wmkmans hip, delicacy of chew, e tc. we would invit e tae atten ti o n ofJ obbers; alw a}'S on hand in lbs half lb s. thre e s pocket piece s etc. CERMAN TABAK-ZEITUNC, ORGAN OF THE Gl:RMAN TOBACCO ASSOCIATION. A W EEKLY NEWSPAPER C IRCULATING I N AUSTRIA, HOLLAND, BELGIU:V DENMARK, SWEDEN, RUSSIA, ITALY, AND -GERMANY. Solely ll,,votei to tb.' Dl!rer ent o tb.e 'l'oblOOO of th9 a9rm&l1 E:npit:e, Reliable market prices. com p lete lists o f stoc k on hand, imports and exports o f all p orts and cities of Germany POLLARS.,. .Advertisements, $40 for 10 lines one 11ear, and on first page .wer two colttmns, $100. For Subscriptions and .Advertisements, address iT. Or. G-B..A.FF. Oft'leei THE 'l'OE'ACCO LEAII', Fulton Jr. Y. CU.y, 'VOLF P E ISER Edito r and Proprie t o r L inienstr So Berl\:1, r..P.r m:\t'IY M. SALOMON, E. SALOMON M. & E. SALOMON,. PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, A N D IMPORTERS OF Havan. a Tobacco and Cigars; 85 MAIDEN Lt\NE, N. Y. < ( J ab an a J .eaf MILL STBJ::I:T, aochester, N. Y ', .-I TBB JOBBIKG OF. WEST. F. E. GERNIIARDT a CO., OF 106 LOCUST STREET, ST. MO., J,..e receivi n g dire ct .fl o m VIRGINIA a1Ul NORTH C AROLIN A consign_ tnenk of I:_EA F, MANUFACTU RE.D. .and SMOK I N G Tobaccos. RAIL ROAD MILLS V. MARTINEZ YBOR, Maccoboy Havin g completed arrangements, have located a bra n c h at l!!;S.l'IIAfDEN LANE, :NEW YORK. and are now manufacturing all their BRANDS OF CIGARS, at the above-mentioned place French .Ruppee EL DB a ALEs muxu oF HA.VANA .I.ND KEY wEsT, American Qent. Snuff,\ 26 CEDAR STREET, NEW YOKK. ScOtch > Lundy .Foot FOX, DILLS & SUCCESSOE:B TO EGGERT, DILLB AND OOMPJ..NY. I IMPORTERS OF SPANISH AND PACKERS OF DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCOS. 175 WATER STREET, NEw YoRK. -BLAKEMORE, MAYO II CO., GEIERIL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 41 BROAD &T., -.. NEW YOBK. WALTER. FRIDIAN S FREISE, IMPORTERS O F HAVANA TOBACCO 203 Pearl Street, NEW YORK. CHAS. F. TAG & t -ON, Importer ot SP ANISB, and Dealers i n all kiDde o t LEAF TOBACCO, 184. Front 8t1"eet, 8. REISMANN & CO., Commission Merchants, AND Dlt.AJ .Ka:S JN ALL KINDS OP LEAF TOBACCO, 179 PEARL STREET, GUSTAV JtiUS)lANIC1 } H!tltMAN KOENIG, NEW YORK. N. L!CIIENBRUCB & BRO., No. 164 Water Street, New York, WEOLESALE DtALRRS IM HAVANA & DOMESTIC Leaf Tobacco. M. WESTHEIM & 00., PACJl!.l.l OF Seed-Leaf and Importers of Havana Tobacco, 177 Pearl Street, NEW YOHIL M. OPPENHEIMER II BRO. DEALE R S IN B. A. RIO HEY' ALSO tv.rANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOWING BRANDS OF Toba.cco Commission Merchant, PURE VIRGINIA SBWKING TOBACCO.

FEB. 25 -JlCOB BIIIILL, MANUFACTURER OF CIGAR BOXES, SUPERIOR MAKE AND Prime Ouallty of CEDAR WOOD, 293, 295 & 297 Monroe_ St., NEW YORK. W IIDIL BRO., J.IANUFACTUR.ERS OF' CIGARS AND DEALERS IN LEAF-TOBACCO, BOWERY, NEW YORK. Wll. .AG:Nli:W .II -SOldl, !Gbaooo and Oommisaioa ltfarahaata 1184. aDA Sl86 :Front,._..... NBW YOBJL ai.nfo1u.u ..u.Jo D= a Leaf for Export ad IGJIII ... Leaf Tobeoeo baled in 8Afl*Jrace liT...,... ic press for e:rport. A. LICHTENSTEIN & BROTHER, .MANUFACTURER!$ OF FINE CIGARS, And Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO, Nos. 34 and BOWERY, NEW YORK. At LICHT&NST&&No M. GJtB:BNSP&CHT. DAVIDSON BROTHERS, HAVANA and SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 145 Water Stree,t, Near Maiden Lane, NEW YORK. READ Be: Oo., SuccESSORS TO IsAAC RKAD, SIBCKE & WmACK, l4anufacturers of cxpaas, Rivlngton Street, 11 w vna..."f. MARTIN & JOHNSON, PALMER & SCOVILLE, 166 WATER" STREET, IIIHBRBS GJr LEAF TOBACCO, ME \IV Merchants, 'Tobacco Commission AGENTS FOR THE SALE OF ALL THE STANDARD BRANDS OF YIRIINIA A NORTH CAROLINA MANUPACTURED & SIOKIIG TOBACCOS Agents for the following well-known Virginil\ and N. Carolina l4anufacturers: ROBERT W. OLIVER, liUchmond, Va. I WlllG:VIELD & LAWSON, Richmond, Va. D. C. HAYO & CO., RlciiiJ!OIIfl, Va. & INGRAM, Mloal Clwrice V\r&iaia lkUe. Pride of the Nation, lbL Jhad. Ploaeer. Feathe..,tone' Crack Shot, lba. :Ro-rd ofladotry. Buck. Out of Sea, >{o, Mo, P. P'L ()wn'o Il'erhaa. -.l'ltclo oftbe Nation. Harveat Queen, P P"a. Dloke'o-. DaMy LluD Farmer' a Choice, X X'a. 7. F-. Faucett11 D1arlaua. Particular attention given to putting up special braDds for SOLE us. e t f owners. AND PACKERS OF DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 145 Water Street, N;ew York. WM. SOHOVERLING, PACKER OF AND DEALER IN SEEDLEAF .TOBACCO, v;tJford, Oo:11n... a.:n.d. 101 Maiden.Lan.e Ne-wVork. 9"LIBERAL CASH ADVANCES MADE ON CONSIGNMENTS. CIGAR MOULD PRESSES & STRAPS. A. & :r. B .a 0 IV JtT I MANUFACTURERS OF Cil;ar Cnttert & an other laGhincry for lannfacturill! Cigars; IIPORTERS OF GERIIII CIGAR IOULDS. 57, sg, & 61, Lewis St., bet. Delancy & Rivington, I NE'W' YORK. :a:., 'W. :&::Rl:CBS, KAN\JFACTURER OF_ CIGAR BOXES, J;t. o, AND IMPORTER OF CIGAR MOULDS cf k CO., an! F. K. BOCXEIJUNN'S Kanu!amrer, t -Dll.ALKlL lH .,.. 1. S. ROSEIBAU 1:. CO. J!WI:a.:a.-u1onarer IMPORTERSOF :E-11VEJ ,.Cigar-Mould Presses, Straps antA Cutters, 'l 263 SOUTH STREET, N. Y. ... HAVANA TOBACCO ill GIGARS, 7 s Bo-wery, Ne-w York. J. SCHMITT & co. I JULIAN ALLEN, IMPoRTERs oF,. mw.u.s IN Seed-Leaf and Havana & DULDS :Dr SED LEAF 'l'Ol!.&CCO, -5;j No. 121 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. S. BARNETT, DEALER IN HAVANA AND DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO 144 Water St NEW YORK. CARL UPJ!ANN, TOBACCO AND BROS. & Leaf Tobaf)CO,' T<>,. 162 Water St., New York. 172 Water Street, N. V. C. B. SPITZIIR, TOBACCO AND COMMISSION MERCHANT 124 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. 1 _._sc_HM__rr_. ___________ --------------------E. SPINGARN & CO., A. STEIN & CQ., DULrRS IN Commission Merchants, T QOMESTic TOBACCO. LiAFDSToBAcoco ollloolllo .lf.L 'll No, 6 BURLINC SLIP, : FOB. THE llAI.E OP NEAR W A TER-STRFJT, 197 Timms-stroot, leaf Manufactured & Smok'1ng. NE-w-YoRK. Tlmr 1 N v ..... ftWOBA' l.lll"W84M our.M.oPnor manufsoturera nartloulaTiy favored. 75 FRONT ST., NEW YORK. Mann{actnred Tobacco ofall Styles and Qualities di ---------rect from the best Manufactories of Virginia for sale in ot. to 1uit pUJY".baaers. U""ReasonableAdvances made on Shipments, ROBERT E. KELLY ct co. FRIEDMAN & OETTINGER, &mllAL MEUHAIT. -J. L. aasmrr & BBO.,_ .JIBDnlo. A IJD&IXO. lSS l'EAnL STREET, COMMISSION MERCHANTS D. BENRIMO, 34 BEAVER S'I'EEll'l', NEW YOI.tX, i LIDERIR r& PISCBBL, DEALERS IN Seed LeaC, BA'WAN4. TO:B4.CCO AND CIGARS. And Jobbers in all kinds of Virginia & North Carolina Smoking Tobaccos, No. aa Cedar Street, New York. \ ALSO COMMISSION MERCHANT AND BiOADW.6.Y, NEW YOU. F. MIRANDA & CO. lMPORTRES OF CICARS RITICA 22.2 Pearl St, New York. A; 0, L.l!nza, J. F. o Mr.a:a. .l, CJ, L, & O. MEYER, FORWARDiNG ol1m Commission Merchants, :No.43 Beaver St., New York. oUID DlULIIB IB DOMESTIC 266 W.A.XEB SXBEET, NEW YORK.. A. H. CARDOZO, OBACCO i: COTTON FACTORl Addr .. o b,yPoot, P. 0. Bo:<,6171. Speci a l attention plll4 to the forwarding ef Tobacco to lOl'elgn countries. ----------1 No." 123 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. aW. F. FALLEISTEIN, HEYMAN & LOWENSTEIN TOBAGCO COMMISSION M. H. CLARK & BRO., LEAF TOB ACC 0, EAF TOBACCO BROKERS 99 :Maiden Lane, N. y' CLAllBSVILLII, TENN. M"F!B.O:E;TANT, -BREME'N WILLIAM WICKil, A. II&LIUt. WM. WICKE a Co ... MANUFACTURERS OF Segar Boxes, 16"1", 169 .t; 181 GOEBCX BT, JO:W YORK. Best Material ant! Make ly Self.. In11ented and Patented Machinery. Ill!. ...... E. PASCUAL BROTHER & (;o -CODISSIQ.N DBCBAN'l'S .dD Im'O:B.'l'DS 158 WA-ri:IL S'rB.BBIJ.', l81i'W ftiLK P. 0. BOX 39!l5 F. W. SMYTHE & CO, F. K., MISCH & CO., Commission Merchants, Kanufacturer's Agents9 PriDoe' .AND 30 NORTH JOHM STREET, WHOLESALE TOBAGCORI8'1'8, fJ'18 'Watet-St.. SCHRODER cS: BON; 178 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. AND PACKERS OF DOMESTIC Lioorioe Paste, POWDER Eli liCORICE, GUM ARABIC, OLIVE OIL, OTIO ROSES, Tonqua Beans, And all other l4aterials for Flavoring used by Manufacturers, including the finest Essential Olls, W H. Schieffelin & Co 170 an! 172 WILLLUr S'I'IEE'l', DW YOU. THE GERMAN AMERICAN BANK, :BROA.DW.6.7, corner of Oem Stmt., NZ"\V !OB.X. Capital, $2,000,000. DRAWS BILLS OF EXCHANGE and issues LETTERS OF CREDIT available at all principal places abroad. Accounts and Correspondence of Merchants, Banks, Bankers, etco solicito d 0. H. SC'HREINER, Cashier. EMIL SAUER, Pres't HERMANN BATJER & BRO., OOIIIIIIIIION IOI.'WHAN'l'B AND IMPORTERS OF CLAY PIPES, 77 WATER-STREE'l. BEW-YORK. SAMUEL JOSEPHS -MANUFACTURER OF FIN E CIGARs, AND DEALER II LEAF TOBACCOS No. 166 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK_ .. The atte.atlou oC the Trade' h ealled to my eelebl'ated DLUIIOII 8TARbraud. GERARD co.; SCHROEDER & KOCH, GENERAL. AUCTIONEERS, PACKERS OF AND SEED LEAF, AND DEALERS IN Oom.misaiOii. Merch'a.ntl!1 : HAVANA TOBACCO 7 OLD SLIP. NEW YO!!tK. 2.03 Pearl St., New York FATMAN & co., \ BARTCO .. Cotton and Tobaco() J'izla Faotors .., I .AND DEALERS IH A.WD COMMISSION :M'IRCHANTS LEAF TOBACOO _,. '2'0 A BROAD STREET, No. 96 Kailieu Lane, New York. NEW "'"ORJi J .A. HARTCOMI'f-mWlS G1t"RS.nK.. WM. c. BOEFERS, IMPORTER OF HAVANA, AND PACKER OF SE'ED LEAF TOBACCOS, 242 "'PEARL STREET, NEW YORK, 01 Manufacturers of FiD1 e AND DBALBBI IH LBAft '35 BOWERY, :l'lEW YORX. G. REUSENS, R lAUEBBAOB & MENDEBSON, ) BUYER OF Leaf 'Tobacco TOBACCO, AND I CIQABS1 66 BROAD STREET, 138 and Water St., NEW YOb. NEW YOilK.f-----------------------------. SAWYER, WALLACE & CO., L. GERS.HEL & BRO.,. Packers of and Dealers in coMMissioN MERcHANTs, SEED LEAF TOBAcco;; No. 47 Broad Street, NEW YORK. J E. HAYNES, DEALER IN WESTEII.N No. 86 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. I 1-a. Pz,.nTOJf 1"' G Pemberton & Penn, L E A F T 0 B A C C 0 T.OBAcco .: 'filth a lone e:xpenence :n the busmes s, 2 7 South Second Street, 'lf(rlheir services to jill orders for 1 Lelif 4.,. rJEanllfactured Tf!bacco, S t LOUIS, Mo. ----.OANVlLLE,

r 6 .,. SteiDar, Sm.ith Bros. a KDacht, I DEALERS IN ALL 01' LEAF TOBACCO, .And Manufacturers of ana Dealers in Cigars. 225 RACE STREET, PHILADELPHIA. STEWART MARKS, RALPH & CO., of Ralph's Sootch Snuff, AND FINE CIGARS, 'lSfo. 11D ST lP::EE%:E.o.A:a::B:J:.oEa::EEXA.. .).loan St.-, 1-ea P. Muko, AllexaDder Ralph, John W. Woodilde, Samuel A. HendricksoD-1 TEI,I,ER BROS., Pa.oken, Oommtealcm. Menhants, and Whole381e Dealers in aDd Do14astlc Leal" Tobacco, 11. 7 North Third Street, Philac:ieiphia. IVOO.D .. A.ii.D, QA.R.RB2'2' & 00., ilDBA-CCO, CI&AB !D GDBBAL COIMISSIOI I KZ:Et.CBA:N''I'S, l l31io. Water St. and 32 No.Delaware Av.,Philadelphia. lin. 143 First Avenue, Pittsburgh, L BAXBERGER & CO., DEALI!BS IN LEAF TOBACCO 1 And Manufacturers of all Crades of Cigars, Bo. 8 DT. Water st.;. Philadelphia,. Pa. M. E. McDOWEEL & GO., TOBACCO m &BIKBAL CDDISSIUI MBBCHANTS 39 Water St., Philadelphia, lfa. .. 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O'Sole agents i n the Uaited State f"'r the Paten, and Br1er P1pes1 TOP Moul ds an d ETJREKA 'l!' u c k Cutter. :1$, W. 0;:, u :ll'o"lo: !:Ia., A. H. THEOBALD, M.AWUPACTWR&R OF ALL KINDS 011' CIGABS, AND KEBCUNTS, NO. 20 CERMAN ST BeL Calvert & Light Sts., BAL'l'IIIOB.E, llld. GoLO&H SHr"'"!"alt, HARD TO 8-.:AT, GREK.NBACK, C o NTBNTM&KT, ESSIINCil OF OLD YlkCOINIA. APPLil OF w.v EvE, ltBo RrorNG Hoo D, AND MANY OTWKRS. UNSER FRITZ GERIAII SI!)!{ING TIMIICCO. TJIE VIENNA MEDAL! WHOLIOd to all patta oft be couatry In llllall tots, by Eapreao Lines. The regular Factory brallcb, HIGHLANDER., CUBAN A: DEEII. TONGUE, ASHLJtiGH, D!CKTATER. R E D ROVER, NOl' FOR. JOE, YOU GOT IT ani otbe in Smokiog Tobaccos are furnished to Jobbers and Witolesale GroceD u ual\,al. Order direct, Or of LINDHEIM &: LANGSDORF. L. L. ARMSTEAD, Factory, 86 Di&tri.ct Sole qento, 1 LYNCBBUB.Q, VA US WA'l'EB STREE'l'o JI'EW YORJL Chelce Brands o( Imported Ucoricc atwa,..on balld. Liberal Cash. ad vances made on Consignments. WALL, BELVIN & DAY, Commission Merchants, G. W. WI C K S & C 0., I PO R THB ,sALK Ot' :Manufacturers, Agenta the ea.le of .,. m WY TIIIIAI%1' Vlr&lnla, and Kentuckr c. = NOBTlt lmCND S'l'UET, o BA o eo ST. LO'!J'IS 110, I! ---. AJoo Dea1ers It! Five Brothers Tobacco Works I. TOBACCO & CIGARS, JOHN FINZER, 'fitlf."'FFNZfi. FRE D FJNZER RUDOLPH FJNZER, NICHOLAS FINZER .. 102 MAIN JOHN FINZER & BROS., (Betwoen&land4th,> MANUFACTURERS OF "fiVE BROS. NAVY," "VIRGINIA PINE Louisville. Ky,. APPLE PAN-CAKE" IIY III TOAttn AND OTHR CUT TOBACCOS. Corner Hu.u.tppl &Dd Pearl Sueet., DIDo 1EMIL POERSTEL &. CO., Manulacturers of F I S :hewing Smokhlg 'l'ablccoa, 1111 pea, k. Agents for John Charter's Patent Cigar Manufac:tcrry On-. :lst, .A11e & W ool St. Sale-23:1 .Ave., PITTSBURGH, P A 14. H., Joba D C. Steensen GUNTHER & STEVENSON, to Louis Guoth ec, TOBACCO_ FACTORS, And General Commission L::erchants, 162 Com:mon at., New Orleans.


' FEB. 25 rDE TOBAVVOLEA.P 7 :M.ANUJ!'ACTURE.RS OF CJ:J:GA-s, AND DF..lLERS IN LE.AF 76 PARK PLACE NEW YORX. ir IUitClO NF Crowa Clll They sbootd address their orders to the unden:igoed in New York, who ls the SoLIAGBHT lN TH& STATES. Tbne Braude beiDr_naisterW at Wubiugton, couaterfeitl will be seized wherever fo\Uld, and legal proceedlop tnftkuted .. lparamee all Liq11orice HDt oat, and refer to the followblg letter, aa to the character of the Paste I ofter.: JAMES C. McANDREW, lSCI "VVTa'ter 'l!ltreet. N&w YoRK, Apnl18, 1813 liR.]AMaC.McAN'> .. w,NewiYork: D,.,.s;,._Wehaveused over I 000 Cases of your linegndeo of LlqugrJce, -t they ila'N beenlUllfOu hty than the At tme, : soul is imbued with 'the electric fir.e ,of hell; his black a plant every morning for a the delusion that they are smoking the genuine foretgn however, be not the but Secretary of heart emits the sulphurous fume tin his whole nature is week, and I have ttio cigar they, they Ire merely the T_reasury, 10 ,Andr;w Ja_cksoa. absorbed in one homogeneous maSil on the tOJt:\leavqs, wan:hed undenaable Brit1ilter, deftly rolled In of rece 1':10K a letter. 0 advice re-ond the Norristown Herald says," A go..&he them close!r evf!ry morning, by the fingers of an Enallsh work-gtrl. spectmg these cprs, he. laid aside unopened. Yale school of journalism one humdred and" fifty years an d on_the 1liJhth dzy they is an as toll' bing deal of affectation about cigars. Several days ; w hlch, as the re-and not learn to write that way.'' I r 0 f 1 d h fused to confirm him m h1s office, he became a pnvate 'f ae o my ne1gb-are all Wfl oisseurs more or esR, an yet ow rna Y d h 1i t t fi Utbe bors didl tli Jast men in a th usand can leU a good cigar ?-how Citizen, an as sue ree o receve preaen s rom a '' lllA.llK -Ttltif.:lR i:NGLAND."-Mark Twam u JUSt year, arid ob rhe tenth tfay ea dis tin tsh the pure Havana world. A Htltman a 1algh place in the Tre_asreturned from lecturii,ig tour ih' Eogfj nii ; the W'or,ms CaDle out of the We once recollect hearmg a larg e ctgar ury Department asked htm one sqllander on her personal per xoo as commencement, but usua 1ly remam at the reasoning. He thus replied : "Although in conformity bacco which has paid the excise tax of twenty cents per adornment in rivalry wtth others of her sex. As Mrs. THE VIRGINIA ToBACCo INSPECTION LAws.-On the bunches until they consider that they willqe able to with the rule whicli 1 have always prescribed to myself, pound to receive this drawback. out o_f the of Burnham wittily says for :-"Man's pleasures evening of the uth inst., at Rich:nond, Va., a meeti_n make more ,than 25 per week. At first they are worf. I must send you, as I now do, enclosed, ten dollars for the United States on bill of ladmg bemg filed With the would never suit us, and h1s profits we have. We alof the friends of the tobacco interest (called at the 1n-ing at the commonest goods, as they better the cigars I received from you, yet I hope you do not officer of for the port whe;e the tobacco is low him enouah to dress respectably, and to take him stance of Mr. Ragland, of Halifax), was held in 'the work is to them, and 10 proportion to the atldoubt that I feel as much obliged by your kind inten shipped from; and if further requi_ re?lents are necesto lectures othc:r intellectual circuses j but the ball of the House of Delegates to conaider a modifica, vance in qwlity of work, so is the rate of pay, tions as if I had accepted them as a present." To this saryin the judgment of the of bulk Of his. income we lion of the sample laws. The meeting was caDed to orfrom the beginners' 4d. per 100 to the st hands, w 0 shert letter a significant postscript appended: "Ten ltevenue on giving a bond condltlo,ned to return wtthm Too veracious quite, have American husbands found der by Mr Ragland, the senator {rom HalifU:, and on get 2S-Fpr some particular shapes, which require dollars inclosed-postage paid." twelve the landing certificate of said tobacco, the Biblical that ''a m'an's foes are those of his motion Senator Quesenberry, of Caroline, was great care ib forming,-evenmore is given. The men I respectably commend this incidc:nt to-the attention and not as it is now in cases of shipment to AJlstralia, his own household." Americaa yoliTh of the present chosen chairman, and Mr. Critz, of the House of Deleemployed ih. the cigar trade make but. of the gentlemen who serve their country in the New where the shipping party is kept out of his drawback day are generally reflective ,1d not easily in, gates, to act as secretary. Mr. Ragland adgoods, yeti IS not all left to them, theJr numbers beqg York Custom House; a large majority of whom, I do for six and eight months, awaiting the return ofthe lan_d either by sentiment or 5peculatl(Dn. They admre A_ra-dressed the conve11tion, and stated the objects had too small 0 supply the of the trade with thllt not doubt, are strictly honorable in all their dealings, ing certificate. The party can npw, under the prons bella and Cynthia and all the res of the charmmg in calling it. He stated in the outset that so,class of gqods. Therefore the best class of female both public and private. But the time has been when ions of the amended law, ship directly from the factory,. baits to lure them from the untrammelled, independent ooo llogsheads were inspected in Virginia during makers are [ employed make what the men are short, a prodigious number of boxes .of cigars were given and in bond to foreign countries, and get rid of the pay 0 s of bachelorhood, but year by year it seems as if :every year. He believed it would be right and propealthough they may not be to f!Jake received by them in the course of a year, not to men-ment of this zo cent excise tax. Ill' those cases wbere number snapped from that sea of liberty into the to have a bonded office to sample this tobacco. He far qq1te. S? well as men! yet the s so shght tion other produets of tropical climes, and of the l11nds he has paid into the treasury this 20 cent tax, and de frying-pan of marriage grows smaller and smaller.. vored a mod;fication of the laws to that ex_ that lt IS a! ost 1 ?lpossslble t, even by the of the vine. I can not but remember, too, that all this sires afterward to ship his tobacco abroad, for any rea-The plain truth is, that so long as woman continues tent, and he also favored the of the samples. most expen.n<:ed JUdges, and IS quite for by gigantic plunder of the people of New York, of which 1100 which may suggest itself, why should not to be a synonym for reckless extravagance, no yllung Mr. Critz, of Patrick, moved that all the growers and the females (bemg able. to produce thell! qucker. The we hear so much, began in alderman pocketing bundles titled to have this money paid back h1m o:n ll;te eYh man with a moderate incom.e and pruparties interested in ,the trade of tobacco in : wages of average JOUrneywoman Will be abou t 1S5f of cigars and quires of note paper in the old corporadence of a bill of lading, and not requued, as tbtS sec deoce can venture upon the nsk of takmg a the meeting. Adopted. General Terry sa1d tnat the to x6s. and of. an -advanced appre!ltlce 0 tion tea-room. tion does to wait some six to eight months for this land is, a wife of his own. Not only must he see that he people he representeq !eel not a great interest in the inequal 'about one-thud less. There_ a f e JOurney As Chief Justice, Taney was not less scrupulous. ing certiflcale before he, <:an _get lhat is guaranmarries financial disaster, but he invokes the actual spection laws, though the constituency he represented womeiJ whoj earn from_. 209 t.:t 2SS per week, but 0 In 1851, Mr. Seward asked his permission to dedicate teed him under the Constitution of the Umted States. presence of ugly, shadowy_phantoms of mental were greatly interested in the gtowth of tobacco. Un-theSCl are exce_ptwns; we to him a speech which h e had in _the limiting the pc>Wer of Congress to. lay export tax? tude and shame, the legltlm;lte brood of unthnft. and der the motwn just adopted General Peyton W1se adpren.tlces to make 16s. to 20s. these hkewse are ex upon the cla1ms ,of Amencan merchants for mdemmtaes The Commissioner and his very :able cb1ef of the to baseless ostentation, when he assumes the wetghty dressed the meeting. He appeared in behalf of the buscepti.ons to he general . for French spoliations. But this was a subject which bacco bureau Mr. Kimball, will find that the VJrginia to responsibilities of a husband. He on. every side iness men of Richmond. He w_as impressed with the rd to. the social position and might come before him in some fo!m Chief Justice ol: bacco wm second very heartily any effort the conundrum, so put as to constitute a profound of the_ subject, but, thought there of Clgar-glrl ; s, th _em. a body_ you wtll find the ?upreme and the dedicatiOn of the to relieve the trade of tile improper restriction placed on petual buzzing m the a1r," How can Mrs.--dress so was some antagomsm of feehng betweep those who grow mdlVldually, hke any other com to h1m, lily pe'rmlSS\on, would be an approach to takmg this branch of the business by the upon her husband's income?'.' He sees the cloud of and the dealers in tobacco. This feeling is even invadmu. mty, that you wtll find black sheep among we $ides. He declined tpe compliment. "Ever since I act of June 6, 1872. He find, moreover while care, anxiety, and regret wh1ch the brow of ing the Legislature The interest of the city can not be do not]ioub Many are daughhave been on the he wrote to Mr; Seward, "I this trade was somewhat d1v1ded as to the expe married men. He feels how expens1ve 1s the burden. of advanced without affecting the entire State. He advo ters, others daughters of class _mechamcs, some have felt ve;y unwilling to have my name in any way diency of the retention of. export bonded warehouses the ordinary social pleasures_ to which _he is cated the abolition of the and claimed daughters Of clerks, who, _while searchmg for other connected a measure pending before the Legisla-during the pe dency of that memorable if he would cultivate the soctety of lad1es and still av01d that 79,99o,ooo pounds of tobacco was ra1sed annually n?t m tive or Executive Departments of the Government : and on the floor of the two houses of Congress for uniformt a reputation for "meanness,"-a term women are in Virginia and North Carolina, while only xs,ooo,ocp gett;ng they wanted, and tned Clgar-makmg, have studiously abstained from doing apy thing that ty and reduction of the tobacco tax. that it is now a unit quick in applying to rational economy Is it any won-passed from the hands of the producer to the dealer. findmg t work ami good pay, have stuc_k to Jt. might be construed into interference on my part." At against these restrictions, and for tlhe most marked of der that he says to himselt, "No' ; I lack the heroism The rest passes through the hands of Mr. 15 still another class dese.rv?ll: of n.otce, a?d the same time, he was firm and resolute in maintaining reasons, that their tendency was to concentrate the whole required for a lifetime of such martyrdom." Critz said that whenever any thing was said concerning that IS thosb who hav:e .served their time .durmg the mthe rights of the Court. When the income-tax, m x863, product of Virginia factories into the bon,led wareOf course, the:e will still be weddings, for there w_ill tobacco and apple brandy be was interested, and in fo. r fancy of the ctgar tt;ade, got roamed, had a fam was deducted fro.m the salaries of'the houses of northern cities, thus placing com always be meu nch to enable them tp the fray. Mr. Smith, of Nelson, then !?resented the folly, and have smc_e their husbands, and now t_urn to he protested agatnst the act as JUSt, p)etely in th e hands of commiSSIOn. pense with brains, and It IS to be hoped that whtlfi! time lowing: Resolved, That all inspections of products or trade. for a for :nemselves: and children. though highly unpopular, proceedmg on h1s part. The. and destroying that trade wh1ch ought to exist duectll it be practicable snme_ to "go_ home commodity by State authority be provided by grls IS 0 about etghteen years says, the of between. the _manufacturer and the of and hve w1th the old folks; lbut 1f women w1sh to that at the option of the owner fl fatr samplmg of all to. Judges of the Courts of the Umted States ''shall not be product m the great South and West. Is 1t not w1thm popularize marriage, they must make gigantic reforms bacco not manufactured that may be offered for sale Cgar-makmg IS a hght and easy for women, office." This the experience of every Virginia that he in their habits. shall be provided for by law Mr. Ragland opposed the who do not the rotll smJll.of was attnbuted at the ttme to party feelnQw sells three times as much tobacco d1rectly to the abolition of the insoection laws. .Mr. Critz said his the tobacco. h en war 10fi .. airy ing, and by the Government, received atconsumer as he did while the export bonded warehouses CRoP NoTxs.-In Missouri the tobacco crop of Charmind was not fully made up on th subject. Mr. Clarke, as. we ave genera Y oun t t e tn us try tentioti in after -years, and in April, 1872, Mr. Boutwell were in existence, and thus saves fro0m 9 to u percent. iton County the u:;ual crop in quantity, but falls of Campell, thought the present system was satisfac-1s most suitable tnO. do';lbt tb!Lt aoy portion of the salaries of the and in many cases where it remains long _in these ware below in quality, owmg to the umfavonible a,nd factory. He thought that if the presen: inspection Jaws the emJ?loyment o ema e abor m !l!s rectlOn will. ,._ . houses a: !f!UCh larger per Is It not e_qually early frost.The Union County Ativocaft, pubhshed in were abolished why then the comm1ssion merchant gteatly mcrease 1 0 the In addition; t? the actual -Anolher cunous J u?ge Taney's puncbhousthe expenence of e very manufacturer that two-th1rds of Morganfield, Ky., has the follow ing in regard to the towould spring his commissions for selling the tobacco. ofbcgars,_gr s are. emploJ'ed m p_uttmg the ness ha::; been' recorded by h1s Mr. Samuel the productsold directly to the consumer ?ftbe Sonth and baccocrop: "Tobaceois beginnin ,gto be moved to market Of course he didn't expect the commission merchant to _nto the1 boxles, 1 .nhcohuntmg an_u thhe_m, Tyler, E;e had inv.ested his small private fortune in West gave him more profit than the entue product sold by our farmers. As far as our observation extends there work for nothing, nor desire it. He was satisfied that m pastmg the. a e_s Wit t e mystenous lerog .YP tcs Virginia State stocks. When the war out, it was through this agency. It is a matter o0f great significance is a large crop, but the 'average' quality is inferior. M-any if the producer was to be benefited he would at once the boxes, In ul?11 the latter, and 10 makmg all lQ .his agent that, the Virginia L:gthis great industry _of our State _a bill is. now pend of I our planters 'cut' green, an,d the Javor the abolition of the inspection laws. He could and neat. Sod111.Wih _be seenf that, generdally con_ 1slature had passed a forb1ddmg tije of ming before the of a?d will urg:d plant attaining that weght of body whch Js highl1 not see who was to be benefited by the abolition of the Sldered, .hose who e t m the ragrant wee do an terest to stockholder!! m the non-&el:edmg ;:,tates, an before one of 1ts comm1ttees th1s evenmg, wh1ch wlll prized by stemmers .. Muchf ?f the: laws. General Stith Bolling said that everybody knew am.ount of good, m glVmg employm.eRt to women, of woutd 1Je made in favor of the Chief Justice clothe these factories with all the advantages which and not a btti,ello Y t e X that he was opposed to the abolition of the inspection which few probably have any conceptiOn._ He needc;d the money, but he refused to accept it. "If these bonded warehouses gave to Northern merchants cess1ve wet _weather that 0 owe t e P antmg ,Jaws. He could see bo reason for it. He thought is paid," be :it is a maaer of faY-or and not formerly, and W:ill enable them to issue an_d Prom wha t mformatlon that the fanner was satisfied with the laws. He claimed THE RIGHTS oF EMPLOYERs AGAINST STRIKERS. -of nght, under the ex1sting law of the State. If I were warehouse recepts on the product of the1r establish County will near ve ml 100 that there was no produce which the farmer could sell A correspondent writes to a cotemporary with the fola private individual I would accept it, but in my ments so as to carry this whole product under the roofs spondent.datmg from Coun ty, a., ht.tso cheaply as tobacco, and that in no State were the inJowi11g rqsult: "In case of a strike of workmen in a facofficial position, and in the present postuxe of public @{their factories without the United States excise tax tle been given to ralsmfv to acco m t tS spection charges as cheap as in Captain Hintory what remedy, if any, baa the marrufacturer to preaffairs, I can not consent to an exceP,tion in my favor, of 20 cents, until it is sold and moved directly from them countyuntl qutte S.O:.n' ton, of said that honesty compelled him to vent committees of "striking" workmen from guanling when other stockholders in Maryland1are refused pay-to their customers South and West. It _will relieve _lhe merly of Eastern Vlrgtma, raise a sm crop. e sent say that he was an inspector, hut he believed that the his premises, ndeavoring by threats, etc., to prevent m ent. manufacturers of the.burden of carrymg the Umted the first hogshead of tobacco ewer sent to abolition of the inspection Jaws would work detriment operatives from working or applying for '!lark in his Dunng t,he whole war he lost the He must States tax of 20 cents per pound on some fifteen to county. Some of our :_wer;, rp eased to all the interests of the State. The only conceivable factory? If there is a law on the subject be kind enough have missed it in those years, when tlie of the twenty millions of pounds of manufactured tobacco an With the success that attenh e ort t me, charge against the produce is $x.xs: It is impossible 10 state it and oblige maay manufacturers. .Reply.currency, the deductioD of the i.Jicome tax, and the high nually while seeking a sale, and ther eby greatly increase e fora farmer to store a bushel of wheat for twelve The offense here described is known in England as priceoft:ommoditiea,eonvertedhis six thousand dolto Richmond .. we ope t 0 t IS to acco months for $I.ISThis sum includes every charge "picketing," and is made criminal by a recent English Iars a year from penury. by the farmers in the increaied demand for their leaf. Will money a httle. mlore P ent u a ?long our against the tobacco-producer that can be raised-inspec-statute. We -presume it might have been punished unIa his pri vate dealiDp we observe1 the same scrupu-As to the continued efforts of the Secretary ple, as It IS now exceedmg Y a ;ul? er tian, storage, insurance against fire, handling ; indeed, der our own Jaw making it a misdemeanor Cor two or lous integrity 'When he emancipatetl the slaves which of the Treasury to increa se the tax on tobacco from 20 of. farn:ers :xpe<;t. to t e acco usmess every charge that can be conceived. At 10 o'clock Mr. more persons tG conspire to commit any act injurious to he from his father, a number of them were old to 32 cents, I suppose the sixty to sixty-five Represen\ thiS from ow lbatan, _a., a Ragland, of Halifax, presented the following substitute to trade or commerce but in 1870 our Legislature pas-and past serviee. These, of course, he maintained as tatives of the tobacco States on the floor of the House dent '.'The farmers are usy t eu t for the previous resolution by Mr. Smith. Re-sed an act that this "shall not be construed, in any long as they lived. He was bound r to do this by law; of Representatives will have something to say on that whch s_.probably best and. argt!s crop rna e solvtd, That it is th'e sense of this conference that tht; Court of tj:Iis State, to restrict or prohibit the orderly and but in the mode of doing it he went beyond the law., subject. The farmers ofVirginia and North Carolina, m the county smce the war present inspection laws, with such as may peaceable assembling or co operation of per&ans emshowed thoughtful for their in fall, se!lt on .no unce : rtain note to their SoAP-BUBBLES.-A new sidewalk toy is an instrument be n7cessary _by the ought to be played in any P!Ofession, trade .or handicraft, for the 1ence. Each of these old to on th1s subJ:ct, I doubt not fi d soap-bubbles intended to pe a sort of retamed. Th1s resolution was discussed at some length, purpose ofsecurmg an advance 1n the rate of wages of house once a month a leather wallet, prov1ded by h1m of Kentucky, fennessee, Mu;so1:1n, and Maryland w11l on' the old tobacco pipe. and finally Mr. Ragland presented the following in lieu compensation, or for the maintenance of such rate." for the purpose of holding the monthly al!owauce1 do likewise .....


'..,. \o,... I t THE TOBA()VO L.EA.F. FEB. 25 Tobaooo Manufaota.rers. Licorioe. JOHN ANDERSON .t CO., LICORICE PASTE IIANUYA(..'T11JlERS OF THE .. SOWI AI mn TOBACCOS 114 and 116 LIBERTY STREET, NEW YOIIK, lie&' Hut attoDIIOG of the Dealen Ia Tol>aceo .._...,.the Ualle Woriti to their 18LACf FINECUT CID.'WIKG TOBACCO, WALLIS & 00. EXTRil.. Tobacco aad tbe trade in goneral'are particularly ':'!C\Illll!!.ei amine teet the Bupet"Ior properties ot this LICOliliCE, which, being n& 'Jmught to the highest perfectiop, is the aboYe B&fle of brand. Weuealao SOLB AGBNTS Cordle t..-d. 1". Cl ..... a. 0. TO:I:!IA.CCO BB.OKEBS. EU8EIIE BOREMSIJ, TOBACCO BBOKD, 143 WATER STREET, JOHN CATTUS, wlolcla ho rw,.. 011ce more manufactond and tlae 'THOMAS HOYT & CO., ._medlateoupervloioaoftla"."riJiaa&o<, A.clmowledgcd by CODBtllllOlB to be the R .W."UFAcniuu '-' MR. JOHN ANDERSON, beet in the me.rket A.ilAI. tor the bralld of TOBACCO -BROKE --u. u fMflleriJ,' without a rtnl. Ord*B L. rice Sti k Fine Cut Chewmg and 100 c I 27 Pearl Street, JO::EIN lf".FJ:.AQQ *CO ....... &. OO., NEW YORK. 1. SMJKII'O ToBAccos & SNurr, MAvuCTWan or ALL GRAou or tn all respects equalto CALABRIA. "1111 fliU Mtwtag, .fii.Ottag, We bava no Agents. Cons11met'S and EDWA'n'l"\ D" .. YE,. ad 8ta1Utlatt4 .J obbenJ would do well to apf .iY direct. IWJ ,.l!J OUPll IJRAND5 CHIWIWO, Rl'NNYSIDR. HEARTS' DELIGHT, T 0 B A 0 C 0 LioorioeRoot, eelect and ord.iWiry; cGnstaptJy TOBACc o BROm, HARVEST" ... IN rotr "' hnnd. & ARGUIIBu. IVANHOE JOLLY BOYS avnu; II 41104 ud f.06 Pearl St.. New York C"v. J.'74 li'I'OIIt Sareet. !Yew 29 t. ?1 STREET ,, j NATIONAL. BRIGHT OWEN, IXTllA CJ. VEND ISH. 2'ROIUII JJOYT. CHAS. G. HOYT JOHN r n .. v:r.. 7ioGAB: { !OBACCO BAGGING. Paste and Sticks. j Tobao;,-Cigars, i :r :;:.;. :..:. s. 'S. I!INUFF0 ETC., -1._ Anti all W,do of Goods used for puttiug up Smok -Sterry Extra. 33 IUIRIT STREET COR CHOIRCH ... .... complete aoaortment of I Smoken Artldea for the Trade. p s Baraoco and Piguatella. JIEW TOBX. t: HOWARD SAIIGER & CO., GAn.oRo McFALL. M. HOGAK. l! 101J 107 CHAMBERS S'I'.. De Rosa. 1 DEPOT & AGENOY or the ManuCacture of NEW YORK. Exoelsior Millil and Mi1:ls .... ,;.:. Liocrloe. llmllfa4Eunn or Gum Arabic, G. W. GAIL & AX Tobacco and Segars, Atod of tiM ..,lol>rDted ""'""" of BALTIMORE, HERO and UNION AT F'me Out Ohewing Tobaoco a01l Echo Smoking 200 PEARL NEW YOBX. 114 Ewhth Avenue. New York. CICARETTES AND FINE TOBAOOOS, WEST BBOADTY .LI.Y. NEW YORK CITY. MRS. 8. B. MILLER & COc, Tobacco Manufactory, (PETER D. COLLINS, PREST.) No. 97 Columbia Street, NEW YORK, AND CIGARS, 7JJ'J & 209 WATER STREET. NEW YBRK. D. H. McALPIN & CO., U1>LEDBATED FINE-BTilfE !UILDJJrG, NEW YORK-PHILIP KELLAND TOBACCO BROK 179 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. Up Stairs. / F. OSBORNE, JAMEs G. OSBORNk1 Foba.cco B ,rolcer, !Yo. :iacco, the only Genuine American GentleMA.NUl'ACTORY AND SALESROOM, C I C A -e S Cnuff; Mrs. G. B. & Co. Maccaboy CORNEl OF AVE"UE D A"D TE"T STREET .li'li W f RUETE .and Scotch Snuff; A. H. Sons' Eorest H ; J 'ROO<: and Grape Tobacco; Mrs. G. Il. Miller tlew York le:Co.ReserveSmokingandChewing'Tobacco. D. DIE 189 PEARL ST., TOBACCO BROKER All orders promptly executed. Ill It ar, HL, NEW' YORK. (ijuccessoro to Jthn H. Gimlounn l I 29 Pearl Street, A. GOETZE It, BROg >IANVFACTURERSOFALLXINPS;. BOIDY &: PROCHASKA, NEW YORK. MANUFACTURERS OF PINE OUT OBEWIN&, OF "'T.O>BACCO & SNUFF. AND SMOKINC TOBACCO, 8 '"S '"AlfHATTA.K TOBACCO WORKS, 1&& LUDLOW STREET, NEW 'l'OJU[ rli/ -g ;328 wa.stmtwn street, m:w Yon 2'obacco Bagging 354 & 356 BOWERY, AND B4.CIGIXQ MATJJBIAI., Of all Kin d o l...ow I' rices for Caah. NEW YORK. SPANISH LINE'', FANCY STRIPES Bleached and 1 .bleached Sheetings, Twiue and S 0 R G L E R Thread, Ca aa fo1 Traveling B ags, Blankets, Manufacturer of the beat Brands of JIW'lape, '>ttoa Bagging, Carpeta1 Mattins 'EWIJ\TE GARS and Dry G oods ,.: ANDREW I .R5TER &; CO., Also, Proprietor o the Brand No. 1o3 chamben street, New York.. "Cuba Libre," FRED. EIGJLBACH. 152 CHAMBERS ST., and IMgaltsaJt fi;ghltWJ Janst, 297Y. GREENWIC:S: ST., NEW YORK. NO. 21 SIX'l'B AvENuE, NEW YOllB: AOBN'CIT aJJ DEPO'r QJ' 1JiiA F' H. Bischon Celebrated Smotin[ Tobacco IIAK!JPACTUft:RS OF ALL "":DS or BUCHANA;&OltYALL, Domestlc Clgars, GlfEIDA TOBACCO -wo:ax.s. .AlO) oFFICE, 13 Bowe17, e CIG.AB MANUl'.ACTOJ\T. 154 Broad street, New York, NEW YORK. Bu. CHNE' R NO. 2 FIRST BROOkLYN, Manufacturersofthe following Wangler & Hahn Successor to RonrTCHECK & TAUSSIG, ,. CELEBRATED BRANDS OF r 1 OBACCO AND CIGARS NEW YORK. ..,._,__ Thick. J BrL W L Sixes Cheroots Mante i Pounds, I r / Narragansett, I Tecumseh,toe, 56 DELANCEY STREET I Peerless, Senootioo, 1 r: NEW YORK. Floundero, I Gold Bars, .. .-m.rer of the following Braudsef KILLJCKINICEJ Prid e oft?e Re&iment de oCthe U.S. Base BaH. WiD.ebc:ater. WILLIAM BUCHAN Pocket Ptece!i. Leal. Lyoua. Grecian Ben. DAVID c. LYALL. prove .. ea.t. KciiLBOY Sole Ag'ts, 31 Broad, Boston. fREY BROS. & 00. Manufacturers uf FINE CIGARS, aud Dealers in Lea.f Toba,ccol A. SHACK. TOBACCO BBOIEB. No. 129 Maiden Lane, NEW YORK. TIN FOIL. JOHN .J. CROOKE, MAN\{I"ACTURER. oF TIN FOIL AND BOTTLE CAPS, PLAIN AND COLORED, BOLLING wLLS, 338 CROSBY and 163 & 1GS :t.!t1L:BERRX STREETS. NEW YOBX. WARDROP & DALY 203 & 205 Lewis Street, DEALERS IN SPANISH CEDAR FOI:. CIGAR BOXES, Seasoned Stock always on hand. P. M. DINGEE & SON, Cor. SIXTH t;:!'&ph.e:ra: ENCRAVERS AND PRINTERS, BY LIITEAM POWER. AI!ID HAND PRESSES. lobarrs and (lOJ18TAJITLY 011 HAND AND NEW DESIGNS MADE TO ORDER, 22 and 2i WILLLUI S'!'UET, NEW YORlt PATTERSON'S .PATENT CIGAR BOX. above Od represents the Haadsom.eet, and !DOll COI'M'enlent Clpr Box ew.r used. '& -t of the aloove ad4roN tb o uulienlpe4, who will forward you a sample box [free.) J E. C. PATTERSON, ROCUESTI!lR, 11, y, EDWARD A. SMITH, .MANUFACTURER OF Fine Se&ars, Ko. 11 Bowery, .,EW YORK. NO BOX MOULD. SYCAMORE FOR SALE, Suitable for Tobac:;:co Boxes a1ld Caddies, soo,ooo ft. s:-lnch a ad s-8, sawed to Wldths, dry and seasoned, and at a l o w figure. N.B.-Consumers can order or more, a s a sample. LOHG IsLAND SAw AND PLANING MILLS, coa. BoND ANDTKtaD STREETS, N.Y. Olbo b. lltY Tcrt. 17 PUJ!. BnU'l E. C. PEASE, Prop'r. 'rHOS. SHEARMAN, Supt. LICORICE A. 0. S. PASTE Having received the appointment as Sole Agent for the "A. 0. S." brand :?ure Licorice I am prepared to fill orfiers for the same at I8c. currency per lb. De L &.NCEY CLEVELAND, Importers' and Manufacturers Agentj No. 158 PEARL STREET .JACOBY a CO. ITROPOLITAI 07, 209 &. 211, S01.1 UlllfACTURW= !OF liE CILBIITEil MISCEI.I.A )TEOUB. BJUAB .AlO) APPLB-WOOD PIPf.S, lfTH R DBBIR Brl'S, llapoztm oof all k!D4I of Smobn' .Arilc1IL SHOW FIGURES, Dr METAL AND WOOD, A. SPECIALTY. No. 403 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. ROBT.A.DH DT, IliAD WP AJID MANvi'ACTURU OF 7i:a.e s ce.:r-. 32 Platt Street, New Tori HENRY WULSTEIN, (II-M Bup'eldl .15 iJeSilaO.,, .s .c () ltl'mOPOLI'l'AN :E 0 () I&IBIOIJLDS. CIGAR CUTTit 0 CARD -WE beg to Inform the trade that we are the Bote Mannfact11t'en1 of the far-famed )hnlta Clgars, and having learned. that other parties contcmp.late them and 8ubstituting of Jnferior quality grown In thts country, therefore we caut1on the pub he not to purchase Cigars aot bearlal" our trade mark on the boxes S. JACOBY & CO. .S:ESTABROOK, No. 7 Commercial Street, Boston, SOLB WB01ESALE SELLING AGENTS FOR 'fHE til' 'NZW ::S::N-CJ:.AND ST.AT:ES. The Original and Onl Genuine n(URitltA SMOKING-TOBACCO. (AU grades Owing to the .mprecedented. popwlarlty oi Ue ., lhtrltaJD" Brat"tl n1 ii&ftoking Tobacco, certain unrrinci pled dealen and. maoufacturen have been led to nfrtoV& our trade mark and hnpoting the trade with inferior goods under our asstmulated tradelll<. Nvw thiw u U'l not.tN'1 &at our rlghta to tlae "Darb&lll ,. Brand have been fu!ty vlndieated both;" the U. S. ac' P;.r.ent aad. all partie IU'e hereby "Warned agaiDat tre1pa11-WB MEA IV '!'IUJil. ., Dealers llandling Spurious "Durham would do well to rwnlesnber, that like the M:ma.lactarer, they are respomlbJe.. To prevent a11y trouble, and to secure. the Genuloe u Darlaa" order BlaekW'ell'l Bull Braad fc'om the m anufacturers.. We are determined trom hmrfforth to eshaast tbe law apiuat lnfrloaen upon our trademark. Be not deceived. "He that 80Wt!th to the \\ind, must reap of the whirlwind. NZ'W YOEoE .ACENCY, A. HEN. & CO. 43 Liberty Street, opposite Post Office, DCPO::a. T:E::a.S OF SXOElC::a.S .Al\ TICLJGS, DEALERS IN a TOBACCO.-SECARS; SNUFFS, &c. MADDUX BROTHERS; OFFICE, 171 PEARL STREET. lEW YORK CITY Agents fot the following Celebrated Brands of Tobacco: Lewis Ma.d..dUI'I Look..oot Flounders. L6wil MadduX' a Look ..out :Oouble thick Fours. Lewla Madclu.x'a Look-out Double-thick St1es. l .. ewll Maddux Look-out Double-ttJck Tens. Lew-I :Maddux' Loo\.-out Navy Pounds. Lew-la Maddux's Look-out Half Navies. J G. Dill's Butterfi.v H. C Madd'ID'IJ Pocket-pieces. II. V. Maddux's Half Navies. H. (),JIIaddux' Goldeu Eight ounces. ... G. :otU "'The Pet," Pounds. 3 G. DIU' "Miss .Jennie." J G Dlll'a u Our Cbotce." J. G. DtUa "Gipsy Queen," SmokliJg EOOEB cf co. Importers of HAVANA J;.EAF, AND Dealers in Seed Leaf Tobaooo; 171 Pearl St. and 78 PlDe St., NEW YORK WILLIAJII EGGERT. LIJIWI!I liiA.DDUX, LOUIS BEYER, B.. ZELLENKA.. TOBACCO PBBI&HT BBDDB ev '192 PEARL STREET' TOBACCO BAGS, !183 East 4th St., Bew York. NEW YORK CITY. ... Myrtle Avenue, Coaft.aatly on Hand the Beat Haad aiMl 8......._ Haehlae CaU.lng anti Graaldatlng To-ceo. SIMON STRAUSS, Manufacturer of CICAR BOXES .A%o.d. F:l5'1re-. And Dealer in German Cigar Presses, SU:aps. Cutters, &c. 818 FIFTH STBEET, Between Ave. D and Lewis St. NEW YORKAll kinds of Figures cut to order and Repaired in the Best Style. THE TRADE SUPPLIED, WM. Zil\TSSJ:B. A CO., MANUFACTUUII or TOBACCO SEALING WAl, AI.S9, DEALERS IN DRUGS, PAINTS, Xk ., 15W William St., 1Vew 1rork. INTERNAL REVENUE BOOKS. \ The Orlg!n.U lutemal ReYenae HCo .JOURGENSEll; IOt.B aucc.a.oa 70 UTI SMITH 6 CO.. P.O. Boz 6,o1i6. a7 LIB!!RTY 8T.,: N. Y,. Boob, u "'!!!alred ouder law, !Dr Lear T DeaJ.n, l,;lpr aDd Tobacco Monatoc:tu..., and ethen. :Brr.zulillf Irou and llte:Dclll a Speclalt,. 0!-.!;!! Car Pn-. THE GEB.M:AN tiGAR PACKERS' SOCIETY, Reopedfillly inform the Cigar Manufacturen o tbt United States that they a r e now able to fill all ordera for firat-class Pack.en with Members of their Society .. APPLY TO STORE, 202 CHARLES A. WULFF, T.itJnTan lhe?. Printer, and Manufacturer of .A. L a rge ssortment Cor..stantly on Hand. .!.' "'""'1tl'>\ m ">t., cor. Wttllam. N. Y 344. BrooD1e Street:,__ Comer of Bcowery, NEW YORK. Nanufactcrer of every description of Show Cases in Silver, German Silver, Mahogany, Walnut, etc. A good assortment alw'!ys on hand or made to order at the sthGrtest notice. Cases shipped to any part of-the United States or Can.adaa. KRAFT & BOFFIIEISTER Succesftors to A.. LORENZ. Manufacturers of an entirely new style or METAL AND WOOD SHOW CASES. ECCARD &. co., MANUFACTVUJIS OF TOBACCO,-SIDF .00 CIGARS, Also, Dealel'S lu all kinds of LB!.&P TOBACCO, 15:1 lSi IANDOUll S'l'., = DE'l'ROif, IIC" ..., SpeciaL


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