The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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,. j r w r I VOL XI.--NO. 23. NEW YORK. WEDNESDAY, JULY 21, 1875. WHOLE NO. 543 1u lolrltl:D 16 PUBI..l!HED 'IVI).f 'WIZIQSDA.! IT m JOBACCQ 00, ,..,.,_ M., Nflfll York. -:EIIIltor. ..; .. "'Ill ceo L:UI'" ca. 't of the Paper : 10 CENTS -.... .. W.ememthat th coot to the y;ar)y or o..thl) .obacrlber i1 u11 tr..,. c ... t, jer ..... ... ANNUAL SUSCRIP"I:IOIIS .ABROAD. GAT ANl> CAHABA -... 04 11 .... .,., HAUURG AND CoNTJNit:NT, t6 o8 AosTaA&.i.a.. &Tc., "IA EwcLANoJ -J6 ,a $s o l(o orde-rtJ for the paper consid"ered, unleas AI"COIDpanied by the corresponding amount. .lleatitt&Dcelebould, in every instAnce, be made by mooey-orde-r, checker draft. Bills are liable t o be rtolen, and can onl y be sent at the greateS\ risk to the sender. TRa ToJSAcco L!!:AP comucnds itself to every one h any way interened .-tobacco, aa r.ower. manufacturer or dealer. lt fives amnual r ..-lmmense amount ef information fe'nrdlog the and. thus con$titatetl ibell a :t!:'ra a:cl:l';!rtt Its marfet reports aresruu and exlaustive, ao.d from evrry qurter ot the glol:e where IDbacco Ill sold. lii:'r It is the ONLY weekly pubtlcation exteo 111 .. 1y devotd to"tpbacco. [For .AJvrrtr'&i.r .f#l 'I'Airtl P4p.] t illSINISS DlmlT8lf OJ !DVE&TISUS NEW YOR.K. -ToiHKro 11" ..niiD Aal>eW W. &: Sooo, .S. Olld J'mn1 artreet Alner Ill Delllo, 190 Pearl. 171 Water. A .t.Helme, '"Water. .A-b Simon. IJ8 lk BJII'IIett S. r21 MaideB Lane Baach & Fiochet, Water f a., p;,.,, f allll ./Je4iiw u. Batter H. &-llrother. 11 Water LMf Toba< Demotb waa. A Co., JOI Broadway Kroha Felas &: Co., no Vine Goebel J ., Co. "9 Maiden Lane Low.,tbal8 .t Co., Ill West Third. Weil, Kahn&: Co., 134 Main. MnofMtllrd M., '47 Water Bulkley, Moe a Co., 74 Front. Burbank & .,road Car1 Wat.r. DOhan, CaticiJ a Co. <04 Front. J>allola E....,.., 75 'frnat Bcgert Wm. AI Co., 171 PearL Btfrl!lbacb, F. 15 Sbtl> A Fall< G. & Bro., '1' Water. .Fatman lk Co., ,.. ud t llroo4. Fox. Dllb a Ca, tU WMu. Frieuol &. &: G. II Co., U9 Malden LaneFriechen, RoeH .. Schub, 147 \Vater Gudlner.j .111. 4: Co., il4 J'rout. Garth D. :J. Sea Co 44 Broad. a-t J. L. A Bro., o. Water. Genhell.. & lilro., 16 MaldeD LaDe. Gtatbrle a. c ... us J'r01at. L & eo., I!J Water. Hawee, 1., 119 Y.aideu Lane. Herbot & Van Ramdohr, t119 Peul. HlllmD G. W. C.,, lo FronL Hofl'mau Emanuel& Son, i49 Water Jtata a. Ce., llinnlcut Thomaa. IS Broad. lteeull & Silbert. ,., Bow...,. ltrultiOerJ a 0..., olo l'eul. Lacbenltrncll 4: .... to. Lam,t\e A. C., 1121 Peul. Leolerer.t: Flacbel, us Pearl Lerin M. H., 162 Fear1. llcFall & Morray. :Mack Alexao.der, ., Water Maltlaml Robert L. & C<>.; 0 Broad. MUtln llt Johnson, 79 Froat Mayer Jeseph, Soao u. Water. Moyer A. C. L & 0., "" Beaer. Oatman Alva, t66 Watex. Oppenheimer, M. &: 138 Water.. Oitln1er llrotbers 41 Broad St. Palmet &: ScovUle, 170 Water:: Price Wm. M. & Co., "9 MaldeD LaDe. Oaln, J .P. & Co., 39Broad. ltead &: Ce., Old Slip. llelsmaan. G .,, PeaTl. Rosenwald, E. 4: Bro., 14.5 Water. Salomon S. 192 Pearl. sa...,er, W&llace .t Co., 47 Broad. .Schmitt J. & Co., J6s Water. '&carveder & Bon, Water. SChroeder & Koch, :146 Pearl. Sclaubart H. & Ce., Water Splllj(&nl, R. ., Co.t_j Burlina Slip. Spltaner C. H. "' water Stein I< Co. 197 DUUte. s'tralton & Stotm, 191 Pearl. Strolua & lle!t....-ln, 176 Front. Tac, Charleo F a So8, FrvM. 1 Tata'eoborlt, F. W. 68 Broad. TlamD-D Joaepli"' Co., as Froat Upmuan, "Carl, I Pearl. Wueermad H. 101 Maidea Lue W.rlclot. B. II(, & Co., H :S.V.0. Z-..elg H. ..S Water. c,,,.,uitm M1nA4,.t R., Brothers & Co., !6 & .;i Exchaace Place Buyer oj TP&ueo. Reaae .. G. S5 Broad. ToiJCIJ Broler Boremsky, E., '43 Water Cattua Jobn, 117 Pearl. Flac:ber (lhu. E. & llro. '3' Water Ftecher, Frederick, 411lroad X..lmno M. Water P., 16S Water. Osbom_e1 Charlo. 54 Broaol Rader M. 1: Son, 133 Pearl. &haCk A. uq :U:aideo Lan., Sclualtt J. Jr. 6a Water M"*f'"t*rm if r,J.e...,. Andenoa Jobo &"'Co. u4, u6 &llcl "7 Llheny, Appleby Helme, 113 Water. 1 Bocbanan & Lyall, 54 Broad. B"'*"er D, ,,6 Delallcey Goodwin & Co. 107 and.., Water Hoyt Thomas & Co., 404 Pearl Kinuey 1..._ West Broadway l&c:Aipln D. H.&: Co. cor. Aveaae D aa4 '1' MIUer Mrs. G. B. & Co. 97 Colombia Pioneer Tobacco 113 Fron. t Jlftnll fr Stit Tohilo, '" Hen A. & C. "'3 Libert. Weiss, Eller & Kaeppel, tao Peul if Clr" BODdy CharJes, 53 Bowery Foater. Hil&On &: Co., 19 Ckam.ben Frey Bros. & Co. 44 Vesey Glaccum & Schlosser, 147 aod 149 Attora.,.. GooG.wi.n E. W u6 Hancom J. A., 86 Malden Lane. Jacoby S. Ill Co., -Cbatllam Sq. i: .'1 & 7 Doyer. kaWma.o. Broe. & :Bondy, 129 & 151 Grand Kerbs & Spies, 55 Bowery Levy Bros. ?0 Ill 1 Bowery Licb.tensteio A. & Bro. 34 & iH Bowery Llchtenllteln Bos. & 0.. 168 Bowef7. Mend83 Pearl N. Yo co-operative Cigar Maoarw :202 Chatham Square Orgler S. and fleklnberg &Co. S.. and 86 Reade Bmitb E. n Stacbeterg M & Co: 92 and 94 Liberty BtE&ItODJ& litorm, 178 an 'er> of Snuff and s .. PkiHg r ... llaniott G. H. ll., :15 German. btucos. 1 Ma,ufadurerA. Starr R. & Co. s Soutb Calver' Mehl Henry & Co .. 666-67 North Tobacco and Cigar Ltf simple justice to those intere!.ted in snuff, should to remedy. IV. The refunding of the tax to those holders Qf Sweetser Brothers, 10 South Tobacco Br(lker. BREMEN, GERllllA.NY, Janney David B ao North Water manufactured and smoking tobacco, who were compel!e.i Cornmiuion Mtrchant, PITTSBURGH. Pa, Fallemtetn, W. F if 8nff. BRmGEPORT, COXN, w e,.,..,n & Bro., 79 and 8 Smithfield: Packers / Setd Leaf Tb.cco. Manufacturers "Exrdsior Spu,. aru1 Hawes, E. V. & Son, 66 Water. Othu Tbaccos. BROOKLYN I N, y, Jenkinson ll. & w., Liberty. Marrufacturers of T06acco. DealtrJ t n Domestic and Uaf To Flagg John F.&: Co., i76 and :78 MQCIIir1. Maul & Grote, 3 Libe Wubte!u Henry, 15 M,.Ue aveuue, Man.uf!tl:J!l:s of p?:gL1obaccD. JPAoltale .. DG.,,;,. Gem City Works; Turner, Prea.; LtafTobaeCD .M. Goodman, Sec.; Ma He1dedcb, Mmager. Zlnl< G. w., ,S Pearl.. BICHIIOND V a. of Grape Sugar. Cornmi11ion Mtrt.Uu.. Bufialo Grape Sugar Co. Wise James M. 1305 Cary Cigar Mau/.rclurers 6-IJtalers ;,. Le4f, C!uw- Leaf Tobacw Bro._,.,_ tnr and Tobaccq. Boydjames N. 1317 Cary Cody S. Brown' s Broa. & Co., 147 .Main Mills A. CHICAGO. W. CommUsiou S"le .Manv.. Dl,-Jn Seed Leaf Wright J. & Co. 1_.. N. Canal. I'; to pay it a second time on the passage of the present stamp law, in order to place their goods on the market, and the issuing of free stamps to those who have paid the tax under the old system of collection, but who still hold the goods, hoping against hope that justice will finally be done them. V. The abolition of the cigar-makers' bond. This bond requirement ceased to have either justipcation or utility when the became payable in advanc:e by stamps; it reflects discrll\:iitably and unjustly on an honorable and influential trade; it compels responsible and self-reliant tradesmen t-o solicit from friends and acquaintances favors for which it is humiliating to ask, Bence George, 195 Pearl Kasprowicz A. & Bro. 158 Chamber Mora J. M. & Co. 62 Water l>lace too great a reliance upon the weed. gant prices proved the lure that created this condition Tobacco will not feed the farmer's family like corn, nor clothe 'ke wool, and when the -::rop can not be, of things. The farmers could not resist the temptation; soH:\, it must rest idly in the bam or case, totally every l?ody engaged il\ the growing of tobacc?; the ma.r-pab-le of being applied to any usefui p urpose1 in the ket became glutted with poor crops badly cured, prices fell and a financial crisis that has also eriously involved and sustenance of those dependent upon the grower for their daily bread. Keeping this in view, it seems exreal !!State ,has supervened. Farmers with a large quantity of paper in the banks found the day of maturity traordinary that we have so frequEntly to lament the draw near but without bringing the necessary funds, and re sult (to the cultivator) of devoting a to!> notes went to protest on all sides. It is curions to note, large area to the weed. We acknowledge that tho as a result of this tobacco caused panic, that "there speculative inducements caused by high prices are great, was danger at first that the towl) would lose its minis-but the peculiar risks of. such a c:ou1se are so consider ter," 'put certain promises being made, the spiritual ablP, that even golden vjsions olf future profits can not shepherd was induced to-re!llain and attend to the nejustify the agriculturist of moderate means in malting cessities of his flock. Let us hope tbat the promises the venture. We are glad to see that many of our cowill redeemed and that the North Hadley Zion w1ll temporaries in the East, West and Southwest have not be left unto itself Else what a scandal recently supplemented our cry of more corn and lesJS. will al(ach to our devoted Staple I!Vermore, and what an tobacco by very sensible articles of the same tenor. .. ; \


I I There will always l:e plenty of the weed on the market THE TOBACOO MARKET. -shott cr6ps and unpropitious seasons excepted DO;:;EsTic. ;-and expenence has shown that the supply of good ;N,Ew YoRK, '.July 20,. 1 8}5. tobacco IS not mcreased by indiscrimmate cultivation We have had a 5!raggmg mar!Cet tbe past week,-not by those who but shghVy understand the proper even the advices'from the West-and Sout west in re methods of culture. Far better results art<, in fact, gard to the effect of the recent upon! the growmg a-eached when, but a small area betng devoted to the tobacco crop, possessing suffic1ent influence to in&ptre a httle activity; although the same cau e has been more weed, mont attention is paid to the manag;;ment ef the successful in thb resp.ect m markets nearer the locali plants, the1r transfer to the field, care dudng growth, ties affected by the ram. The only perceptible change etc., than when an entire plantation IS g11ren up to to wroqght here 1s, m the words {)f a dealer, a restoratiOn bacco and the plants are left largely to take care of of confidence; prices remam the same The following extracts from correspondence, which In such a C31se, even when through circum some of our local factors have 'kindly permitted us to stances over which he has no control, the yield proves a copy, show the tmpresston prevatlmg m the-tobacco .Qad one, the grower sttll h1s wheat, oats, rye and sections respectmg the mjury that has been -other cereals to fall back upon and keep htmself and done to the crop: family upon until harvest-time comes round agam. Hopkinsv,l/e, :July u.-"Raining incessantly; tobacco crop sadly 1mpatred. The crop wlll be rumed 1f 1t con-Of the truth of these ax1oms the North Hadley far tinues long mers have had sad expenence. They have realized the Evansvzlle, IJ.-"The heavy rains of the last w1sdom of the home-ly proverb that warns us against the few days have damaged all crops m this section very folly of placmg all our eggs in one basket, and will r Thef "mjuryh to tobacco 1s greater than at any b bl h time e1ore rom t e same cause, the bottom lands being pro a y rus to the extreme of generally avotdmg the drowned out ana the tobacco on the uplands frenching -culttvatton of the weed in the future. They had; of badfy. .course, do this than be overtaken' a second time Louuvlllt, :July IS -"Heavy, destructive rams con by the m1sfortunes that have now l:iefalleiJ them. St1.ll and tbe market tn consequence IS bort h d b 1 h d denog on excitement. Low grades have advanced." t e pru ent grower to acco :s proYed, an wtll con Henderson, :July 8.-"The tobacco crep 1 s very sentmue lo prove, a most valuable myestment. A hm1ted ously mjured by the Immense quant1ty of raiD that has number of. acres, carerully cultivated w1th all the JUdg lately fallen. All the plants in the lowlands are washed ment and expenence at the command of the grower and over or coyered up_. It too soon to hase a calculation intelligent care of the crop from harvest to casmg-time on the crop, but 1t certamly can not be a full one I 11 never ave seen any thmg look so d1scouragmg before :'fl year m and year out, prove a remunerative You may see fields of tobacco on the highest lands from mvestment of labor land and money-more -so than the one fourth to one-half of which are so much frenched same number of acres devoted to any other one staple that they can never devel,?p mto any And yet o all one's acres to tobacco on the Clarksvtlle, :July r2-We are havtng ram, ram pour 0 d th t f 1 tl 'b ing down I now predict a wet year, and the poorest gr un a I a It e ts good a great deal lS etter, and most undesirable tobacco raised for many years." " th1s fundamental head tobacco m the U mted States and Europe at or near max1m, and we shall then see a marked improvement m the close of the first half of the current. year, that is, on the character of the tobaccQ yield; but first wlil no doubt or about June 30, t875 The lS as come a series of disasters like that at North Hadley. New Y GLASGOW-9 hhds. couragmg W1sconsm growers are in fine spmts JUSt reachmg about 700 bales, mostly new crop, Havana HAMBURG-4I hhds, 518 cases. now. In Northern Ilhno1s-tlhe reports at present are fillers at 86@u5c. Wuh our ltmtted supply of this JACMEL-II3 bales all.that be desired. In my next report I hope to stock, present atfd prospective, mqu1ry IS likely tO be JEREMIE-2 hhds, 80 bales. be able to Sflf} SOmething in relatiOn tO the future of the umformly brisk. As we go to a sale of 300 bales KINGSTON, JA -25 bxs. trade, as in all probabtlity b' that ttme busmess Will of old fillers on private terms is reported. LA GuAYRA-2 cases, 583 lbs mfd. begin to assume some different shape. Pnces remam Manufaclured-Thf> first part of tl1e week wa"S notably LIVERPOOL-652 hhds. unchanged. Cigars are sellrng as well as usual at thts dull m this bran'ch of trade, but toward the close some LoNl!>ON-I IS. hhds. ttme of year. Eastern made of good quality are trhprovement was apparent. The demand embraced, NAPLLS-472 hhds. m tair demand and firm 1n prices. as bsual, all grades; w1th a hveher mqQlry for mediUm NAsSAu-8,ooo lbs mfd. CINCINNATI, :July 17.-Mr. F. A. p &Jue, Leaf classes, the pnce of the latter more closely harmomzing PERNAMBUCOI case cigars. Tobacco Inspector, reports: :-The week's busmess in wllh the prevailing v1ews of buyers, who, with contmued PoiNTE A PITRE-2 8 hhds. leaf tobacco, though shght, has on the whole been of a dull trade to contend agamst, feel more ltke wattmg PoRTAUPRINCE-8 hhds, 252 bales, 2 3 bxs Cigars. more satisfactory character tban for a month past. The for concessions than addmg to their stocks the marPoRT MARIA-12 bales. presence of three prominent cutters on the breaks at ket 1s as fum as 1t now ts. On the other hand, 1t ap ST. JoHNS, N. F.-I210 lbs mfd. one time had the effect to strergthen prices for all sorts pears to be the opimon of dealers that firm prices aro:: ST. PIERR!i:-I6 hhds, Io cases of cuttmg leaf Sl!ltable for the higher grades of chewmg. mev1table for the balance of the se son, Rtchmond ad SAN ANDREAS-47 bales, 8oo 1bs mfd Common smokers and lowlugs were about one cent v1ces not only showmg no abatement m the cost of TuRK's IsLAND-419 lbs mfd. higher; Ohio seed in cases for ci:;ar purposes is in betmanufactunng but actually exhtbttlng a steady ad DOMESTIC RECEIPTS. ter demand, and, if of good qualuy, 1s hig!Jer in prices. vance on all siesirable goods. When the range of leaf The arnva's at the port of New York irom domestic Complaints of too much ram are bdng heard, but it IS 1s taken mto account 1t seems surpnsmg that manumtenor and coastwise ports for week ending July probable that 1t IS only on the extreme low lands that factured tobacco rules as low as It does. We should were 1 ,576 hhds, 53 trcs, I,rog cases, 107 pkgs, II9 any considerable damage has been done the growing probably have seen, long before this ume. :>.higher bales, I2I bxs, 205 three qtr bxs, 218 hlfbxs, pi th1rd crop. The total offerings at aucuon for the week were scale of pnces established 1f the season had shown bxs. 1 qtr box, 23 e 1 gjlth bxs, 32 caddies, 200 cases :z84 hhds and 87 bxs, as follows: more actiVIty than has charactenzed lt. If the added cigars, 2 bxs snuff, consigned as follows:-At the Bodmann Warehouse, 95 hhds and 54 bxs taa were remov-ed we m1ght reasonably ant1c1pate active Bv THE ERIE RAILROAD-Burbank & Nash, I26 77 hhds and 3 bxs Kentucky and Ooio cuMmg leaf at trade, for 1t 1s this 1tem alone that makes. pnces even hhds. E M. Wnght ..& Co, 3 o do, Sawyer Wallace & $6.70@27 for common smokers to good cutfing leaf. 8 seem high. Co., do, D J. Ganh, Son, & Co., 255 do; R. L. Mait-hhds common Ohto seed smokers at $4@4 so. Io Smokmg-For smoking tobacco the demand has land & Co., II do, J.P. Qum & Co, 3 6 do; M. Pappen-hhds and r box West V1rgtma mediun. wrappers and be n fair. interiot and Western orders were received hetmer 4 do; A. c. L. & 0. Meyer, 3l do, Pollard, Petfillers at $7.70@21. 50 cases OhiQ seeil fillers, bmders dunng the week m about the usual proporuon, and for tus & Co, rs do, J. D. Ketlly, Jr., 3 6 do; A. H. Carand wrappers at $s 4S@22.75 c1ty trade there was, perhaps, a tnfie wore mquiry Jhan dozo, II do; Reed & Co., I do; Thoil. Kinnicutt, 5 do; At the M1am1 Warehouse, 65 bhds and 28 bxs -65 for a few weeks past. Blakemore, Mayo & Co., 32 do, 6 trcs; M. Lindhetm, hhds Kentucky and Ohio cutnng leaf, 41 new, at $6 6o C1!ars-Importers report the ordmary weekly volume IOO pkgs; order, 32I ahds, 57 pkgs. @22.50 for common smokers to gooem at Grot hnd, aa thete refer 1 n most Instances qtr bxs do; E. Du B01s, 20 do; Blakemore, Mayo & Co, market without ammation. We quote -Frosted at 3@ to old crop& which han been held nearly a year, and the profit on fd _, k I 6 r/ d I 8 which must naturally mchule the Interest on cap1tal 1nvcated. Growen 5 do, 20 hhds, roo cases m IO u.O sm g. sc. ; common ugs, @7 goo ugs, comcannot expect evea In the t"Ue of new cropo, to oell them for the oame BY THE NEW iYORK AND BALTIMORE T!!.ANSPORTA mon leaf, ro@ I I medlUm leaf, I 1 ; l!;OOd 1m .. arc obtoined on .,...,ale here. Of coune every re-sale must be TION LINE.-Wm. Ochs, S hhds leaf; M E. Salomon, leaf, fine leaf, 17@ 190.; selectlons, k an advance, and thcretore tne pnce _obtamablc by the arowera wlll II bales do, G. Falk & Brothers, 33 do; G. Reussens, 20@23c; We regret to report unfavorablyot the pros-always be oomcwhat lowel man our quotatiOns. I box do; Reynes Brothers & Co, 2 cases do; M. Falk, pects C1f the growmg crop of tobacco. We1 have again QUOTATIONS OF PRICES. I7 cases smkg, 2 bxs snuff; Allen & Co., 7 cases smkg; have had excessively heavy rams, commencmg on the 9 @t":" ........... 9Ji @tO:x Robinson, Lord & Co., 4 do; N W1se, 8 do; We1ss, roth and lastmg until the I5th, filling aU the streams, cowmonleat.......... @u New Yor.Dg lug .... .. @t4 cG:d_ 57Ji@ 90 Te as, Se1denberg & Co., 56 cases cigars, Fred'k de renchmg" on the 1 h1gher lands. The Cumberun BoNDS HYMENEAL.-The many fr)P.nd of Charles 7F. Moulton, c:1gar dealer of Fulton Street, w11l probably; embrace theopportumty affo 1 rded by tht annouQcement !or offering their congratulatiOns upon h1s recent mar "'"iage tQ Miss Nellie A. DoW' of Brooklyn. 0 r qw good wishes for the happiness and prpsperity of the _young couple may be mferred without further avowal. Messrs. Sawye Wailace & Co., report :-U'4sfem a: Fine f: Bary & Co, 49 do; H. Gaulheur, 3 do; McFall & Hogan, Rtver is higher than we have almost ever known it at Leaf-We have r;arely known such a miserably dull common tc g->Od Jugs o "0 Scurs @ 7l 6 do; Seidenberg & Co, 48 bales scraps; V. 'Martmez th1s sea&on of the year, and its mqddy condition shows k H ] h 1 db 1 hhd Common leaf u l Yara, 1 and 11 Cut, a ssorted, G h fi f h I I d d b" f 1 d wee as t e ast, t e .sa e&reporte y 27 s MediUm leAf t 4 @6 9o1ay Ybor & Co., 8 do. Per steamer eo. W. Clyde, t e over ow o t e ow an s am was o cu uvate S h h d th" h h 6 "" 8 -In Bond .. ft: S d b & C F d'k d B & d pam as owever one some mg more, er pure ases Good....... .... t ""' per pound e1 en erg o., 45 cases c1gars, re e aiy groun .. the quahty : ::; ..... 65 To CoC., 41 do; SeidenbeNrg & c0o, 41 bale 0 s sdcraps8 hhd HOPKINSVILLE, KY., :July 17.-Messrs. M. H. '""-72 bright ..... 20 @so Fme 4,3 OASTWI,SE FRO!If EW RLEANSr er, S Clark & Brother, Leaf Tobacco Brokers, report:-We lJai!y aCivices are recetved f10m the West of serious k J: :IIi .. .. :: .. Good ::::::::.::::::: so ro BALTIMORE, :July I7.-Messrs. Ed. Wtschmeyer& had no sales since last report, and &mce that time to the growing crop from ra1ns and floods, but it Lugs, good.. .. 8); '0 d 6020 @25 Co., Tobacco Commtsstah Merchants, report :-Inwe.,have agam been deluged w1th an excessive fall of is ddlicult to form an estimate of Its extent, or how much Ohto-In'or to 110<'d com. 7XC!!I9 .... ne 6o 3,582 5 1,676 33,23 1,700 2,86o 1,zso ........ 293 854 u,So4 Year r874------------12,09 3,16I .4J,589 Year r873-----------x,o86 3,296 43,242 237 hhds were original new; 30 lhhas original old; 35 hhds new reviews; 21 hhds old reYllews. For the year, u,779 hhds anginal new; 4,9o6 do old; _I ,:z44 new revtews; 4,87 5 do old rev1ews. Included in inspections th1s week: are 30 hhds sampled and numbered, for private sale, balance sold at auction. Market opened Tuesday Wtlh shchtly better with pnces a shade better on all grade:., this feeling suit continuea and our quotatiou will show an advance of


JULY 21. I to on frozen tobacco, to IC. on sound com JRon lugs and leoy; rich heawy tobaccos, which have held full up while lower grades declined rt:main at about figures of last week. The cu"tting grades have taken a roE TOBAVCO--LilA.P --------------ness at the post office will save themselves and the clerks. much trouble and anaoyaace. CROP :NEWS. up and are quotable 'I C highe:. trade. The crop prospect continues good. I hear India and South Americ a n Gro w ths were in moderate eomplaints from some districts of too much rain. demaud ; but no stock in irat hands. Cigars.-A slight The transactions were 939 hhds, I88 tieraes, 20 accession to our available supplies occurred last m o nth boxes I continue quotations: -Dark common but. being of the new crop they might as well have re te medium manufacturing lugs, 7, S@gc ; good mamed away; for unless "age" will entirely alter its Rich lugs to common leaf, Io@Iic; medium to character, the last crop is about as unpalatable a one as "H." writes us from the Chemung Va! Ie.r, New York: Froun. Na111deuript Heavy. Colory. good" leaf, u@IS; fine leaf, I6@18; extra, 19 can in the course of our long experience call to "As reading your crop notes gives me a great deal of Com. lugs. -4U@S 6@7 @ 9@Io bright fillers,_ common Io@I2; medium, mmd. Dealers will therefore do well to fortify thetriinformation in regard to the crops in other sections, I Good lugs__ 5 @S* 7 @8 7 @Io I 1@14 I3@IS; good to 17@2o ; comm'.ln selves, so long as an opportunity is afforded them, give you my observations in this valley is becomCom. leaL_ @ 7} 8@Io 10 14@I6 bright smokers, I3@IS; medium, 16@2o; good, against the dearth of fine g\)ods which is certain to ing noted as furnishing a quality of. tobacco second to Good leaf. 7 } @ 9 Io@x 3 I6@19 30; fine to extra, 35@4o; wrappers, common, 15@2o; ensue. Cavendith.-Several inquiries, resulting in little none (unless the finest Connecticut) in the Stales. Fine leaLI3@IS IS@ I8 I9@2S medium, 25@30; good, 35@50 j fine, 55; extra, business Imports 173 Cleared 350. Stock s,766 There is about the same acreage planted as last yea Ex. do leaL rs@ I8 I8@2s 25@ 3 o So@ 100; shipping lugs, g, 10@10 medium to good packages. which is a great off from previous years. We Plug-makers kinds embraced in "rich heavy" quota leaf, 12@I6; fine, 17@19; extra, LONDON, :July 8 .-Messrs Grant, Chambers & nevec saw the crop looking so well at this time of the fions. One medium bright wrapper sold this week at SAN FRANCISCO, yuly 8.-The Commercial Co., report :-There is no change to report in our mar year as it does at present, some pieces nearly covering 'so. They are very scarce, of Kentucky growth, as Hetald reports :-The market is very sluggish at the ket during the past week; some triBing sales have been the already. We were fortunate enough to have are good fillers of any description. moment, and prices more or less nominal for Virginia effected of Amen'can tobacco at current rates, but there gcod rains for settmg the plants, and the late rains have LYNCHBURG, :July I 7.-Messrs. Nowlins, Youn-manufactured. The jobbing trade is, however, good been no transactions of importance, buyers only greatly facilitated its 'onward progress.' There is as ger & Co., TobaCCC) Commiuion Merchants, report: for the season at steady figures. The exports were 3 takmg such they need for their immediate requir_eyet a consideral=>le quantity of I 874 tobacco remaining We find receipts of tobacco larger this than for several cases tobacco to Japan and 3 cases do, I case cigars to mentS, fo wh1ch thc::y are content to pay full prices. in-first hands, -some "'f which is very nice Also a Quanweeks past. The market active and prjces a fraction Victoria. Holders shol!l' no disposition to make conce,ssions. tity o '7z-73 crops.' "H.'' Forthoolbinl' Auotion By John H. Draper & Co., xia Pearl Street, 011 Thursday, July 22, at 12 o'telock r noon, within their store, 35 cases Span ish licoric:e mass, sound. By Gerard Betts & Co., 7 Old Slip, oo Friday, July 23, at 12 o'clock, within the :store, :z6o,ooo Seed and Havana Cigars. New Firms. NEw Y oRK CITv.-Daly & Co., foreign and domestic woods; Messrs. J. J. Daly and H. Wilkins have formed a copartnership under the above style; 163 Maiden Lane. LouisviLLE Kv.-State of Kentucky Tobacco Manu facturing Company, plug tobacco manufacturers, Chas. C. Mengel, Sr., President; 78 Jluchanan Street. Advertuemcmu. W. J. liOODLESS. C.. TAYLOJt. Lata ef :ICeDtd)r W; J HOODLESS & co .. IATIOIALTOBlCCO IISPICTiU. :Receiving & Forwarding Wa.rehol1S811 higher. We quote aa follows t-Inspected, week ending ST. LOUIS, July 14 .-Mr. J. E. Haynes, Dealer in Kentucky Leaf and Strips have been taken to a small A correspondent at East Hartford, Connecti cut, July 10, 8o hhds; inspected, week ending July 17, g 4 Leaf Tobacco, reports :-Received 328 hhds, against extent at current rates, fine spinning classes are wanted dateof July I'9, observes:-" I do not think we can do; increase, I 4 do; received, week ending July Io, 400 532 the previous week. The market opened dull Virg'inia Leaf and Strips-The former of bright col?r are get t'o eiceed one-half crop. I never saw the crop at lots loose tobacco, weighing, 8o ooo lbs. ; received, weP.k and weak for lowand medium grades but a shade wanted, ulso fine wrapping of the Iauer. Mary-large looking poorer. The black worm in the first setending July 17, SIS le>ts, weighing, 103 ,000 lbs.; increase firmer the following day, but dull and unchanged on land and Ohio have been but little operated in, colory ting cut the plants badly, and some pieces have been this week, 23 ,000 do. Common froated Jugs, 5@6c; com Saturday for every thing except bright wrappers which descriptions only are in request. Cavmdirh has had & t over two and three times, consequently they are mon soun \liS 8@9 ; sound g@ ro; fine sound were steady. The 1ight receipts Monday and. yest.erday but little attention; there is a fair deman:l for the finest very uneven. The be5t not looking any too well, and Io@u; smokers lugs, 14 @ 1 6; good smo caused prices to sti ffen up a little. Sales from Thurs. classes those plants are not plenty. Have had no rain since kers luas, I8@2s; line smoker lugp, t!j@28; extra day 10 yesterday inclus i ve were I Io hhds; 5 at" the setting until 17inst.; therefore the best plants are foot of Van Dyke and Partition Sts., Brooklyn. B ill a..! I .i 'obacco cue N a1Uoual lraspectioo. smokers 30 @3Si comm<)l'l orldng leaf, g@xo; 5.8o; 13 at 6@6.8o; 17 at 7@7.8o ; II at 8@8 .8o; I7 at OBITlT.&BY. hazing for want of rain. Only about f o rty days remains' good working leaf, u@I4 ; fine working leaf, IS@I7 ; 9@9 8o ; 6 at IO@I0.25; 7 at II@It.75; 3 at u@ THOS. F. PEITUS. foil crop to mature in, and under the most favorab'e extra working leaf, I8@I9 ; common shipping leaf, Io@u; 12.25; 3 at l3@IJ.2Si 4 at IS@Sso; 2 at 16.25; 2 at At a called meeting of the Tobacco Board of Trade circumstances the crop must necessarily b e' small, good shipping leaf, 12@14 ; fine shipping leaf, I5@16 ; 2 at I9!so@I9 ; I at 22; 2 at 25; 2 at of Clarksv i lle, Tenn. held July 8, I875, the President, and certain l y the outrook for a g o od c rop is very dubi e.xtra shipping leaf, 17@19; common <.!apple wrappers, 27; 2 at 30; I at 37; I at 40; 1 at47; I at 49; 2 at' 5 ? i I Mr. S F Baumont, took the chair and formally anous." WWI&Ja St., N r y,1 PariJUoaSt. --.. .-..-._,_ J. w. boUGLA.Ss. (Late CoMli{ISSIONER oF INTERNAL REvxrruE), ATTOi :NEY AT LAW gooJ dapple wrappers, Il!@:rs ; fine dapple wrappers at 5 I; I at 52; I at 57 ; I t 59; I .at ?Q, and 5 boxes at nounced to the Board the death of Mr. Thos. F. Pettus Harifotd (Conn.) JVeekly Times .-A tobaccc -raiser ll8@'s ; common yellow wrappers, I8@20j good yel .25 In the same time 55 hhds and I .box Vice-President of the Board, which took place in jl neighboring town informs us that he h a s had m ore low wrappers, 2s@3S; fine yellow wrapren, 4 o@so; were passed, and bi s were rejected on 31 hhds at mght of the 5th of July. A(ter a general expression of troubl e this year from the cutworms than ever before. No. 141S1 :I'. B'l"S Eli:T, extra yellow wrappers, so@8o. 39 To-day the mar et was generally steady -and firm sorrow by the members present, on motion of the SecHe has six thousand plants, and has set over one half of NEW ORLEANS <::! I M T G fi ld -higher for good fillers. Sales 45 hhds i I at 1.50; retary, the President appointed the fOllowing committee them three times. The plants first set, that escaped m -5 7 lV!!!I!'!TOllf, D c, JM'JI 9r. reen e ( trash and stems), 2 at 2.25 (scraps), 8 at 6.xo@6 .9o t d ft 1 d f h r Tobacco Broker, reports as follows :-My last was o ra appropnate reso ut1ons m ICaltve o t e .eelmg the insect, are now from 18 to 20 inches long and from DUCK lSLAJD TOB.lCOC.. -dated June Io, since when the sales aggregate only 226 12 at 7 7i 4 at 8@8.7o ; 2 at 9 30@9.5o; 4 at Io@ expressed: Mr. Allen Johnson, Mr. Christian Kropp 8 to Io inches wide. They look splendidly The crop 1 bhds, 6 7 of which were for Germany, 23 Africans and 10 5i 2 a t n @ II.7Si rat 1 2 ; I at 13; 2 at 15.25@ Mr. M H. Clark,. who preser:ted the following reso ,gener. ally appears finely 5 01\fl!: CHOICE 1.01'S FO SAI:E balance unknown. More could have been sold but our I5: I a t r6 .so; I at I7 75i I at r8.2Si I at 3o; I at luuons: . & Sprague, C o mmercial Agmts, r eport.. ll43tl DA.VIJ) B .JANNEY, M C r b d d ff b 32.5o; I at 38 ; 1 box at Jzo B1ds were rejected on 9 Resol ved, That tht s. Board, wh1_ le bowmg m We th1s week summari ze reports from nearly 200 dif.. uo N. WATER STRE'IIlT, PHILADELPHIA, P.&. actors went or oses ox s tm an sa we 0 e -hhds at J7.6o@II.75 Liltle or nothing aoing in humble submission to the of tj:Je D!Vlne Creator, ferent points the majority of them being in the States tween and _the tree. Excep_ t for Africans factory dried shipping leaf holders being unwillir.g to and g1ver of all life, who l".as seen fit in his of Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, and Ill i n ois. The others SAI"B'r'lr W and choice German spmners and Austnan tobacco, all offer in the present depress.;d condition of the ma-rket, mfimte WISdom remov_e from our midst, are scattering, being made up of further ad vices w u Ml!OIIIS liD nn grad_es of new old crop che1Ier and threaten to ship to the Engl ish markets un iess there scarce past the prxme of ltfe, our e&teemed V1ce Pres1from places previously reported. from the ..-ell-known worb or modify my qu(.tauons acco ron m otwn the.meetmg adbourned. crop is destroyed Oa the ridge lands a great many BINDERS; BALANCE FILLERS-a.nclcomprlsesbelltCroporo'oedhrrP,; open markets of Europe----------------2 ,223 :z61h ult., very little bas been done here in tobacco, SM. FH. ECAUMONTi-. P11estdent. crops were washed away. The jubilant feeling which ....,uadapten th e 30pound Tobacco will be 'abundant. same k ind of tobacc o m ade i n this countcy mustbepald. Tbetobaccomn:< )] k 1: h bbe ")T h al en h e racked a ccordinl' to the r egalatious governing t o bacco made here. 1s a we nown t at JO rs w1 not pay t e precleared out at the current rates of the day at time of sam theury; and a: d!!cision was obtained in hisfavor But 1 sent high prices without some encouraging hope of piing. Plr (inia.-Both leaf a s well as fioe strips continue the award was made i n of an omission on To PLUG TOBACCo MANUFACTURERS.-FOREIGN' D1JTIES ON TOBACCO. plac ing th e same from the mahy nailable sources sur-scarce..:...of the latter there are however a few parcels, the part of the Government in making up the assess-F,om the tenor of the testimonials appearing on roundingour Yet it is impossible to under 'medium in quality, oftering ; which would be foand servicement. Judge Walla c e accepted, by implic at ion, th e 30 another page in conjunction with the a d ver _tisement of icaGioaftobacco it 4 thalers per 1001" Ia Belgium thelmpootlonctcm .. t d h t ] l' t d r fill r J d N 11 fi h D W D F after deductlDg 15 P!!r cent. for t&re. The duty is 13 francs, to ceotim san w a manner Pug urers can re uce able Or ers. s -o rea y ne tc.> be met pound rule a s a legHunate means of reachtng a basis for-t e .B: OREST LUMP MACHINE, 1t w11l be seen rs ...,rold!perooKllogram, Ilia. kl!De.) br their prices to meet the seemingly expected rights of with, and the new -tobacco would scarcely be in a cenassessment, and only charger! that it 111ust be shown that t hat the DE FOREST MACHINE CoMPANY of No. 279 Holland the dutT 1 sa ceoll. J!Oid, per '00 kll<>s. (So American pouth bb t th h h f J belA g equalj. o U7 -kiloa.) la Jta .. ia tl.e dut1 op leaf tobacc o is -4 rouble e J O ers a e present 1g rates o raw matena clition to meet the requirements of home .buyers; for Ohi 1 Strich had fal:;ified his returns. Wheq t)le omission reFront S treet, this city, have succeeded i n placing before kopelto per pod; on amokh>tl tobacco 26 rou. 40cop. perpud ood on c igand the heavy tax. It is however, nevertheless certain there was a somewhat animated export inquiry in the ferred to was supplied-th a t is, when Strich was credite d tob a cco manufact urers of the country a machine rou. to cop. per pud. The "pud Is equal to about 36 AmericaDibs. Ia h h d h d Tarkey the duty illo ceota. eold,,pt!r u )f American ounceo. t at t e tra e can not rem am tn t e present ormant early part of the month, i n sales to a m oderate with a quantity of d a maged tobacco previousllj disal for makin g plug t o b a cco o f very rare, if not incompar-condition, but when and how this change is to be extent, but almost to brown s1lky leaf lowed, it shown that his returns were cJrrect, a11d able meri t, in what i s s t yled the De Fo-rest Lump QOPE'S TOBACcO P:r..ANT-A effected, is a problem which remains for t i me and cirsuitable for c1gar covers. Pnces.-The receipts o sevthe Government was beaten. If our corres""'ndent Machme. The names o f the gentlemen whose certifitor P.l>hlloJ:d i..entuc 'JI, necessi can show that in making up his his co-llector co1.tes accompany the card we publish are all kfiown' Price tw<> (.l!:tlgtbhJpilroiJDiim. with the apparent mild wants of the trade. Receipts tates the" re-arrangement of our table of and has failed to aive him credit for tobacco not used by as leading manufacturers, and are a sufficient guaranty :tJr&de Ad.en>JIIeuta..!!O ..wlliJl p per. i noll. ,._....,. .., f II 1.. 8 dd' 86 ta for a. thol:t;er peJiO'l t.Wm J011 QlOUt,bii .,. t o r S alt-, tiU.u... t ,.. rom a sources 390 .. o.xes, 3 5 ca 1es, 51 o cases, we may here re111ark, that so far, we ha\e seen very him, owing to damage. sale, or other causes of the sincerity of the approval expressed in the volun' &e. lit '(ltr lloe N o ore r r ..... kegs and 728 pai ls. little that will comp,are. at all eithe,r quality the collecto1 'saction \\ill be sustained by any c o m: tary commu_nicati ons subm it..ed. We thave, ourselves, E y the 0 rr : ""0"''"0' """"""' '"""--..; Cigars-As far .as I can learn our fine cigar manuor generat handling, w tt h the previous years 1mporta-petent legal tnbunal. But 1f he can not show this, 1hen conversed wtth some of the correspondents on the subADVE.&.'1'ISING RATES. facturers are doing as much business as they desire to tion. Our latest advices from the West fully confirm his case has to be determined by the ordinarv rules of ject of this i n,vention, ancl have been assured by those do with the present of obtaining stock, which those previously received, and from which it would apevidence, and any other judge may admit as Judge consulted that for the purpose for which it was intended, &hould combme quahty color nece.ssary to make pear that nearly the whole of the planting out has been Wallace did, the 30 pound rule in evidence: in which and is used, it is all that could be desired In the ::vork. !-ow grades sbll find a ready at undervery favorable conditions ; prices con-event it is now impossible to tell what mio-bt be the relan g uage of one, "It is difficult to say ..enough in its FOLLows: fau ngures, 1f they are free smokers and Sightly a? 'tinue" to be well supported in all grades above medium, suit of a trial. The rule is certainly to the last praise." 'This Lurnp Machine was patented March 30, ONE SQUARE 1 NONPAREIL LINES) pear'lnce. whereas commo. n and of which th_ere is still degree, and we bel_ieve'Woul.d be. declared illegal if it I875, and has been !n use in quite a number of large. ONE -_ -. ; -Leaf Tobacco-The demand for export still looms up an abundance, IS dechmng m val ue. The tmports of could once be fa1rly submitted m comt. The Strich t obacco manufactones durmg the past two years. Its DO. DO. MONTHS, 1o.oo handsomely with the indicator pointing steadi ly to the the past month add up 620 hhds, of which 29I were case, includ i ng the judge's chargr, was fully repo ;ted in special characteri stics are indicated irt the adverlise-TWO .:: word increase; with our domestic sales daily b ei ng made from New York, 157 Philadelphi:l, 112 New Orleans, 59 THE TOBACCo LEAF. ment, and as set forth there may be tnentionec;l here. DO. DO. THREE liiONTII!I 1'T.uo. at f a i r remunerati ve figures for all grade s of leaf, and Baltimore, and I Boston. .Deliveries .-I,6or hhcli v iz.: "It excels in quality and economy of work in making TWO SQUARES 1 > 8 NONPAREIL LINES). certainly fully up in amoumt to the usual 5tandard at 155 Virginia leaf, I75 strips, 6ox Kentucky l.eaf, Postal Jnformatlea. plug tobacco; occ upies b _ut four feet of room ; th1s the dullest of the seasons of the year. So that a strips, and 1llr 1!arylands. Exports .-292 hhds, vtz.: The law went into effect recently placing the fees on makes the manufacturer mdependent of skilled labor, DO. DO. THREE MONTHSaa.oo very slight increase of tracde would compel me to pen I 34 Africa, I24 Malta, 10 Havre, Io Jersey, 8 Sidney, 4 domestic rr.oney orders as follows: as a boy can, fearn to run it in a day; the work 1s I'Otrll (56 N ONPAREIL LINES). -a good report ot our dome : stic leaf trade. I s.ay let it Isle of Man, and 2 Spam. St11ck.-26,94B hhds, o( On orders not exceeding Jo cents. round; filler(' s t raight, with ends; the wrap-'l'WO -_ -_ come. For .export this we: ek, 28 cases to West Indi es, of which 316 Virginia leaf, 3I 52 I Kentucky leaf, Oa orders over Jrs and not exceeding S3o, 15 cents. pers run twice as far as by hand; no wrapper sctaps DO. THRE& JIONTHS eo.o .. etc.; 132.784 pounds of Western and V i rginia leaf to 2 4 strips, and 95 Mary lands are not yet sampled, against On orders over J3o and not exceed: ng J4o, tweaty geUn with the filler ; it does not crush the -filler ; us FIRST PAGE RATES E )" F h b J 8 8 t th' d t'f r r OllJIC 80 1 LUU!I, OVJliR TWO WIDE COLOJIXS, urupe, per Amencan' me. or orne use, 1104 a es 22 ,9 48, I4,35:r; 1 ,047, 14, 50 I31 14o, a IS reno e cents. capacJty 1$ rom two to 10ur, or as a manu.acturer testl oru: ---- l1&a.ur Havana leaf; 550 cases Coanecticut seed leaf; 428 case& previous -five years. and Grtek.-N_ o ar On orders over S4o and not exceeding Sso twenty-five fies, three to five lumps-navy lumps-per minute." ... 300" PennsJIV&DI& St:ed leaf; as c:uea ew York State seed rivals. Deliveries 166. Stock 2,8g2 bales! melusive of cents. leaf. whir.h IJ:z were cleared, leavtng of Posfage on printed and merch::..ndize, one cent WHAT THE CENSUS are 7I,ooo cigar.;:o 011 TIIJII p RICHMOND, 'july I7.,...:.Mr. R. A. Mills, Tobacco th1s class m the wareb ouse. The demand durmg the for every ounce, ?r up to four pounds. makers in the State of New York-one .cigar-maker 0 OIIIB YEAR. PAVABLIII =Y DAD-_ Broker and Commission Merchant reports:-The month was confined' ch1efly to the finest sorts. ParaThe fee for reg1stermg letters 1s Increased /from eight 'Otan thirty sm'okers. AX<:E. .o DEVXATIOJI 'ra&SIII 'I'&JUU. slight advance notice in my last has been fUlly gJUJy.-ImpOI"ts JI8. 31. 475 Our to ten cent5, in addition to the. postae;e 011111 ... a sustained tbe past week, a!!d our _market closed very hal tor some ttme past been very made9uately 61' to BnWln,G_erman1, TRBJC'IC lii:Olftlllf, -- firlll with an upward tendency fer all medium to aupphed. .Dutch and 84. Cleared Spanish Switzerland, 1 urlcey, Italy "' :___i-n.vo manufacturinc grades. Ow maJkct is in a very healthy ur. l,J84. Only m demand when good and Denmark, has been reduced tQ It regular. standtltd rate Yot.a. CITY.-D. & A. Bendh .terriers in 'I'IDI 'I'HUIDcondition, there being no ttpecalatlon g&ing on, and the cheap. 'Japan and _Tava.-Imports Cleared uS. oi five cents1 half or traction thereof. pipes and tobacco, dissolved; M.r. D. Beadbeim 'Will ults are confined to the legitim wants of the I Stock I, 7 35 packagt:s. No change ID value. West By remembenng tbese potnts, those who bave busicontinue under his own name.


I .. 'J:O A C T JULY :11 WICKE co MARTIN & JOHNSON, Y.CommfssloaKereh ... : MANUFACl;URERS 91? l.. 79 FRONT. STREET, BULKLEY. MOORE & co. j EX. FORMAN. M. J DOIIAN. THOS. CARROLL. II.OH AN, CARROLL & oo:, Coln mission 104 .FRONT STRE.ET, .... o. X fo886 \ NEW: YORK. f'?r the following well nown and, feliable Manufa .cturers: PACE, TURPIN & BRO W. J. YARBROUGH & J. H: GREANER, It. J. GRANT & CO .. T. W. PEMBERTON, JOHN R. PACE & co:, L. H. FRA YSER & CO., R. W. OLIVER, ;B(J\OX:BSl ; :IS!EW 1ss, 1 s1, & 61_ To ba.cco .Mercha.n ts, AGENTS FOR TIIE BALE OF .ALL THE NEW YORK' I BEST lAD AJB smimR JAIE BRANDS OF & NORTH CAROLINA Dealers and German MANUFACTURED & SMOKING TOBACCOS C1ga.r Ihbbons. Agents for the followmg well-known Virgini(l and N. Carolina Manufacturers : RO!!ERT W. OLIVER, Rtchmond, Va. I WifiGFIELD & LAWSON, Richm o9d, Va. "-"1 DJ"-"1 p DJ"-"i tF-' D. U. MAV.O & CO., Riolu)Jons, P. P 's. 3s, ,.s, and 141. D. C. Mayo & Co., Navy tbs4 26 CEDAR ST., NEW YORK. -... D.C. lofayo&Co.,Navy,Xs,and!>s,P.P.,inwhole, a te t te, 2 an 3P U&' wtst. X, and J( caddies Sallie D. c Ms, .'(s, P. :!"s. &: lonr '"" CINCINNATI 1 BBT. WARR&N AND Luscious Weed, u-1nch plug. SMOKING, In baj'S of a ){s. ,!($, aad "" lbs. ., MURRAY STs., Chas. Jr., li&ht preMH. Gold Bug. Virginia's Cholce. MANU. F ACTURERS OF IIi E W y O B. K oArbr:'"'cabo, bi s. lb Gold ller lh m+d ee P. RAWJGl.CICARS, J90 PE.A..BL STBEET, New YOTk. .TAOIKTO COSTA, IMPoRTER OF Havana Tobacco, and SOLE AGENT for the Brand of Cigars, LA MAJAGUA, Ko. 183 !'earl Street, C orne r of Cedar, NEW YOR.K, FELIX CARCIA, IMPORTER OF HAVANA LEAF (Y'IOW T. GVTIUUZ), -. AND CIGARS ALSO OF TH& Wl!LL ICNOWN Brands ofGi!ars 'La Carolina' & 'He:nry Clay. And Sole Ag't for Brand "Prof. Morse." and "'SARATOCA," 16'7 Water St .. New York BAV!NAaTOBACCO F. &.co. !'BAIL STIEE'l'. nw vo:a.r. MANUEL RIVERA, IMPORTER OF :a: A. 'VA. N A. LEAF .TOBACCO Brand '".A. C. Y." AND OIGAI\S, Bred "C.UANNAS. ,.1 MAJDB J.AlVII, :NEW TOllK.. Bl V 11.1 LID TOBACCO AND Oil' T-HE IIRAND OF CICAR8 RITICA," !!! Pearl St New Yor.k. ANTONIO CONZALE%, IIIPO&TEa OJ' !avana ltaf labattar, 1 AND I L. CARVAJAL'S CIGARS,' W ..4.TEB NEW YOBK, NEW YORK CHIS. F. TAG & SOR, __,; of SP ANI!SH and Dealers in all kinds of LEAF TOBACCO, 184 Front Street, KBW 1r01Ur.. G. R.EJ:SM.&l\11\T Commission Merchant, AND DaALJitR lN ALL KltfDS OF lEAF TOBACCO, 179 Pearl Streett -l'ine &, NEW YORK KOENIG & SUBERT, DEALERS l:N ALL KINDS O F LEAF & HAVANA 'I'O:SACCOS, l To. 329 :BOWERY. (bet. 21 2o 3d. Sts.,) H. 1 NEW B 5 V BERT. f N. LAGHENiBRUCH & BRO., No. 164 Wate:r Street, New York, WHOLRSM\LE DltALEJtS IN HA YANA & DOMESTIC Leaf' Tobacco. M. OPPENHEIMER 'a, BRO DEALERS IN SEED, LEIF liD HlVUl TOBACCO, 138.WATER STREET, lfEWYGBK. REY'lNES BROTHERS & co., I COMr.fiSIION MERCHANTS York.. j -&8 U lllzclaaq'e !'lace. 1


' JACOB lliRKELL, MANUFACTURER. SUPERIO:R MAKE AND Prime Quality ot CEDAR WOOD, 293, 295 & Monroe St., A ud of Vuelta-Abajo T obaeco, 811WATER8T.t XEW YORK.; II. W. MIIDIL 4 BRO., I !MANUFACTURERS OF 0 I GAR S AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, BOWERY, """"' NEW YORK WK. .AGNEW SOKS. ed Oommission :Memhant& 884 aa4 as6 e&--. NEJY YOBK. JU.nlr Circulars) address IAPOLEOI DUBRUL, A'NER & DEHLS1 DEA[,ER s IN .,.__.-. __,,. Sole Patentee Q( the Creaseless Wooden LMfo NEW YORK. :E-:J::NE:i:D.OiG 1'!c !:!' Bowery, New York. UOMMISSION MERCHANTS, ,. .. 048811117 L. ......... Anti .Dealers in Virgini;; and Western -S. L. CJASRJDIT "'-BRO., .A.. OJLTJ.YIAN, Leaf and Manujaduretl Tobacct!, COMMISSION MERCHANTS Lic 111Wm I U .. O.&D 8W.', T. ---I LEA POWDERED Ll 0 ICE, GUM ARABIC, OLIV OIL; OTIO RO Tonq11.a Beaus, .1\nd allot r fo Flavoring used by_ Manufacturer5, including the Essential Oil&, W H. Schieffelin & Co., & BRO 170 a.UI! 172 \1II.LLUt S'l'BEE'l", NEW YOBE. A.liD IMPORTERS OF CLAY PIPES, TER-STREE'l. Sl:'Rl\.ITON.& STORM. MANUFACTURERS OE CIGARS, AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, al78 & 180 PEARL STREET, NEW. YORK. JOHN STRAITON. "' --E. ROSENWADD & BROTBiR; Da'Olt TJ:E.S 0:1' SPANXSHJ AND PACKERS OF DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, CIGAR RmBONS } W S N cooutannr on hand. 145 ater treet, ew York. a. & F. BROWN, MANUFACTURERS OF CIGAR MOULD .PRESSES & STRAPS Cigar Cutters & all ether Machinery for Mannfattnrinl Gi[ari J I B. 'W :::a:B:tCBB, KANtiF'ACTURER OF CIG.&B. DOXBS, AND IM:.ORTER OF GERMAN .CIGAR MOULDS of OSZNEB'O'CI: I; CO., a.d r. !OCDLJU.lm ,..._.,..... .._..,. DA.I:.&a tH A Cigar-MotJI' d Presses, Straps Cutters, 263 SOUTH STREET,. N. Y. THE GERMAN AMERICAN BANK, BRO.ADW.AY, cor. of Cedar St., NEW YOftK. Capital, -$2,000,000. EVERY FACILITY AFFORDED TO DE \LERS AND CORRESPONDENTS CONSISTENT WITII SOUND BANKIN H. ROCHOLL, President. 0. H. SCHREINER. Cashier. SllYJON STRAUSS," MANUF J.CTURER OF IMPORTERS OF GERMAN CISAR MUULDS.-c B ... Sh r 57159 & 61 St. bet. O _elancey and Rivington Sts. 1gar exes ana QW. 1gures, NEW YORK. AND DEALER IN c-0-.-, &ERMAN OIGAR MOLDS; PRESSES. CUTTERS, AC. IMPORTERS OF & DEALERS IN 225 Street, 179 181 ST AU lrlaob or Flguru Cut. to Order .and RepaJred in the Best Style. The Trade SuppUeot. jl. Y. CO-OPERATIVE CIGAR M'FG CO:, J. SCHMITT, \ C. JOST, alld Cwtral Amican 1'or'!', and otbw mar: l 202 CHATHAM SQU AR _. BASCH & F'ISCHER, TOBACCO PACKED IN HOGSHEADS. E,. IMPORTERS OF HAVANA JULIAN ALLEN .. r,..} York.:. SHHD LUJcKT sOoJ 1 fl C g SeedLeaf and Ha;ana II U TO:BA.OCO, 155 St., 172 Water Street, N. v. NearJrta.ldenLane, NEW YORK. SAWYER, WALLACE & CO., ALEXANDER MACK, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, IMPORTER OF HAVANA AND PACKER OF No. 47 Broad Street, &EIEID LEAP NEW YORK. TOBAG GOS, 162 Water St N.y. D. W. DE FOREST LUMP MACHINE Round Work. Hand Work Imitated by Machinery. .. '., We e-all the attention of Manufacture rs of Plug Tobacco to the De Forest Lump Machine. .. During the last two this Mac h.ine bas excelled all other Machines lboth in quality and economy of work) in making P i u g Tob<\ccICKIIOI), VA, BUCB.ur.ur .a:. LYALt.. N_Y,..ot. H.A.B&IS. -11:- CO,. QuiNCY, ILL. 1. W. VBRA.BLE. Pa-r .. uG, v A CHA.S. A .JACJ!t80K, PllT .. ..,uoG, Va. TJIOS, Y. J. A. BARTCORI, of Fine Cigars, and Dealer ia LEAF TOBACCO 88 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. JULIUS :BERLINER t \ 203 :PEARL -NEW''I'Qil ? S. OltGLER, Manufacturer of tke best Bfands of CIGARS, '' Also, ProP,rietor o f t'; Brand _Cuba 297t & 286 Greenwich St., New York Wangler & Hahn, MANtJPACTVR&D ... Fine Sega't'", NO. 290 & 292 BO\V'DY, NEW YORK. 37 li'IA.WEK LANE, NEW YORX. FREY .BROS. & co. T of FOO CIGABS, and FINEMCiG A:RS Dealers 1n Tobacco! s 1 'I... 70 P k 'm. a esrocm, .,o, ar wee, 44 Vesey Street, New York Bet. Greenwich St. & College Place, NEW YORK. ECKMEYER & CO., Solo A,ents for !be ":c..&. FEB 'ME" BUS SIAl 48 Broad and 48 N-ew Sts. NEW YORK. P o. BOT, JOS. MAYER'S SONS; l.nnal$Sion l'mtm, Lo&f T'bae UM r A'.l'B:& B'.l'BIIBX. .._York. Internal Revenue Eooks. Tho Oririoal Internal Revenue Publishing Houee. ; C. jQURCErt8EN, SOLB S UCCRSSOR TO R STIR A SNITH, P. 0. Box 5,607, 37 LIBERTY ST., Jl, Y. IroDa 1114 Stncila a S]lec!alt1. '1'11VG Of every description at Lnwelrt Pric ... fOR I!RlCES. TOBACCO SEALINB WAl. Aad Imperius tf Jlnss, &a1111, &e. ISW wm; 8t., ew 1rork.


; -, ----------! Phlladelphia Ad vertisementa. Baltimore Advertiseme11t Stctlnar, SJDith Bros. a KDecht, A. B .Oy-D & CO., DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF WHOLESALE DKA'LER.S lN L 0 .lmPACTUB14QlBAP.TRJm, CI&ABSr&:C., 2115 'RACE STRUT, PMILADEL:PHIA. ;gm_ .... u ) 33 SOUTH ST,, 13A!ll'IMO_RE. .... ......... .... ---IIIII!II!!!!!!!!I J THOS. W CROliiER:1 MARIS, RALPH & .. Manufacturers of Ralph's S otch Snuff, AND -0. 118 .A:E'l.OB: 8T.o. P:&:::.:X..&:.I!ILrP:&:X.A.. I .__ lamea f' Marks, ADexander Ralpb. Joha W Woochlde. Samuel A. TEI.I.ER BROS. Packers, Coonmfpalon Merahants, and Wholesale Dealers in Po.alpa aad DOIIUistlc Leaf' Tobac:co, 117 North Third Street. Philadelphia. -F. RECKER. C. BECKE:R. i.. BECKER. <."' BECKER. BROTHERS, PACKERS, COliMISSION MERCHANTS. AND WAOLESALE DEALERii IN Foreign and Domestic Leaf Tobacco, NO. 98 'W. ST,. BAL'l'DIOB;E, lriD ,. ................ .... & (Jo,,. B. WJ;J.KENS a 00., .AID. &BNIBAL l IISSION I MON.UMENTAt CITY. TOBACCO WORKS, 'Kll: 3i O'.K .A. :N' 'l' S I NO. 181 'W!:S'r 11A'l"l' S'l'UE'l', EAL'l'IKOU, lW!.'nAND, 1418l!o Water St. and 82llo.Delaware Av.,Philadelphia. SMOIJG ,.M,;uDvACTUCRnBs oiW ALLJ"'INDsG o TOB,.C"OS 1 Xo: 143 Fint Avenue, Pittsburgh. P AD A u & A.geDt8l lll, PALK,llll001umltenoJI, y,, &. BATTill BROS., 1 Jr. Thbdlt., Plllla L BAVRERGER & co ED. WISCHMEYER.. HY. WISCHMEYER ED. WISCiliiEYER & co., DRALBRSIN JULY 21. 1 WESTERN ADVERTISEIIENTS. Afvertlse:men.ta Cincinnati arid Detroit Advertiements. CASSIUS WELLES, BICHARDlU.LLAY. Henry & Bro., c. a. oo., R.MALLAYA BRO CONN. SEED LEAF Dealera in LEAF TOBACCO, ,EAF TOBACCO, I 115 .and I 17 West Front St.,. lCl. 168, & 165 Pearl Stret, Between Race ud Elm, iOOB.liD or IIDl STREIIT1 ) OINOiliNATL 0. CINCINNAT t. S.. LOWENTII.A.L & 00., MANUF AOTURERS .FINE, CIGARS, m DEAT.J!IS m LEAF 'l'OEACCO, NO. 112 WEST THIRD STREET, CINCINNATI, OHIO. Jcoa W&u.. AAaoN KAHN :E. A. W&rL, W eil, Kahn & Co., (Successors to S. LowKNT.UAl. & Co.) and Wholesale Dealers in CIGABS & LIJII TOBlCCO SPENCE, & CO., Jl(aaufactaren o(the Celebraleol .&111 DR. 0 SXA, And a vatjety of other grad eo of Fine-Cut Chewing & Smoking Tobacco corcnnrATI, omo. W. ; G M. B. CLARK BRO., Td WTholeosaleDe.-Jerain AND 0 HI coN IC u T 126 v St t PM:XIIa AXD DEALD Ul Jt B A c c 0, LEAF TOBACCO, me ree' l'T1T'D -COVW!J""'Int"" ."'EED-.1111, .. 38-Nortlt Water &t. for the sale of all kind!< Of Manufactured and Le,af .,B 52 South Gay .D1 CINCINNATL OHTf) lU,.P.U' \1\JJ. 1D IIJiAI' BALTIIIOBE. JIOI, 48. & '8 ST. cliA.BLEs ST., 4;8 'Front St., 0. w iiiDis B s.w.cor.Lom.ltardst.,B.u.Tm:oRE,HD. ,...QBJl.OCQ AL TIMORE 8TII!AM 'SNUFF F W DOHRM.ANN a MII.L. \ COMMISSIOI BJlfrKIJl R. STARR & G. GIESKE. ED. NIEMANN: LEAPTosA.ct:o BRoln, ;IN ALL KINDS OF "LEAF" ACTUltED TOBACCO, 322 r.ORTH THIRD STRE_JT, HILADELPHIA. fiFA larJre assortment of aU kinds of LJ!AF ToBAcco constant} on t hand. OF GJESKE&NIEMA N.J. Cor. Le...r, H. SMITH& CO., s N u F F TOBACCO fACTORS CINCINNATI, 0. P.O. Address, CGMMJSSJON MERCHANTS 2') SOUTH CALVERT ST o. BOX 27'33. A ti IZid 'LK BOY -RDPI. I.JJl 195 Main Stteet, (Between Fiftb. aod Siatb1 ) Five Brothers Tobacco Works LOUISVILLE, KY, TOB:A!O 00 JOHN !l'lNZER, BEN. FINZER, FRED. FJNZER f. H. f'.uiqaTO Ju. tf ..._ COMMJS"JIN MERC.HANJSJ RUDOLPH FINZI!:R, NICHOLAS FlNZER, p b rto John Finzer & Bros} em e n ct Penn, MANUFACTURERS OF ToBACCO COMMISSION MUCHANTS, VA.-" F IV I B B 0 S. I A VY '' l'flilh a ezjerimu '" til# business. TOBACCO 'lffertluirservices to fill fDr HIGHLAND GmM TOBAcco WoR"s:.J 081ce Salesroom, 1!M 1o 1!16 JlcoB S'l'., Leaf i# .. .Haltlljadured Tol!Qcco, lrf'.._. F. CJ!!L,.IS1J!!-!f "BIGRL.A:N'ftG:Er' ao']IIJO .cur :liiiacCos. Tobacco !.E?ar. Conac IJDI ......


, fULY 21. SUTRO :.MA.YUF.d.CTUBEBS 011' I r I i AID DEA.LEBS IN TOB.A,.CCOiJ. I '16 PARK pa.;acE. NEW YORK. .KERBS & SS, Manufacturers. of rme Cigars, and Dealezs In LEAF TOB.&OOO, ADOLPH KERBS. 35 Bowery, ew York. CHARLES S. ItA WES, PACKER AND DEALER IN SIMON J.U .. Special. PARKER, BBLIES & CO., Manufacturers of faeturers particu1arly fnored. A. LICHTENSTEIN & BROTHER, TIN .POlL. e MANUFACTURERS OF THE "ELK" and u ONWARD" CIOARs, And Ilealtra tEA!' 'l'CBAOCO, JOH J. (!ROOKE, IU.NUP'ACTUJt.CR r6 .. ..,. ., TIN FOIL AlB BO T'lll CAPS, Nos. 34 and Bowery, NEW YORK. FA.TJIAll-" CO., Pt.A.Jill AND OOLOBED. lOLLING mLI.I, sa CIODT IDI1163 .t 1615 HULlliJta! S'l'!l}'l'1 lWl'7 VOlt!. C.gtton 'l'obaecc. E. SPING-ARN & CO., ?m CC.Mj)flSSION u a ...... HAVANA & DOMESTIC TOBACCO. No. 8 BURLINC SLIP, NEAR W.kTER-STREET, NE'W-YOR:K. f of Colorinl' Wrappers. Flavoring. It r.wll giye to the Tobacco the lt""Javor of Havana, and brin,r_the Wrappers to Colors. and when smoked it ba!l that Sweetness and Aroma that al1 Cl,s:an You. can. take of nrdinary Tobacco, and by applying Flavor, :a.s tiirected, you will get the full beoefit of regu .. Jar Havana Tobacco. Put up in Quart Bottles, as well as. le Hatf4Gallon and Gallon Cane. PBICE-..q,11arl Dotf.leo, 1 HaU'-Gall';,n, $;.l 1 Gallo, &-p, S .-Will send as prepared by this Flavor, to any address, free of charge. OUB FAMOUS HAVANA FLAVORING-WHAT IT WILL DO. 1 It wiJI bring Wrap_pera to IH!autiful brOwA oc d.ark col ors. as wellume time fta\l'or It will, by cuing tb.! w,..J-1w itk.iJ, w;,.c t1lntl 10 IJIMiifuiHatltJfl.a Color, andmake tkem toa"h. the FUlers w ith it_, g i've a fine 1t will make th,, tough. It will mate tuhacc o burn white. It will make a Cigar hold Ito aah. No drol'piag of the ash from the Claar. It ia not ao Alcoholic pt'eparatioa, but prepared from Ht!rbs and brought to a Guaranteed not to be inj u.rious, but beneficial, and only the clear Havana davor. Su tlu Referetu:el btltnD. We tJJill gi111 '"' nam11, hut MWIIJ' ilu ""'"'tiin,g of stune y C'N.,. r-eceived, as we d4 ai Iibert, Ill odverlise th sec.,. Is o/ o"Mr cvsta'IUZI'USS. APPLBJW CtGAR MACHtNJ Co. CtNCUfNATI, OHIO. Eaclosed tind draft for two hundred dol'an, for whic11 please St!nd ua immediately forty .-rallonl:i of y our Havana Flavoring!_ Youra, re.apectfulty, ----. P S .-We receive the above ordu monthly. NORTH CAROLENA. APPLKBY ClGAR MACH1Nll c ..... Gntl: Send us fivtf flallol'ls immediately, anfl II( Dote prices tor forty. Yours tru1y, ----. N&w YaRK CITY. APPLIIBl, CtcAR. Co G111ts: I have used the Flavorer e"pPcblty to color aorue wrappers I had, which I could do nothing with, they being of a mottlt:d color. By your dtrections. lfound that all the Leaf came to as fine colon as I ever workedtn Tobacco and gave it a brown. I will take twenty gallons o11nd would not be-.. without it fur dou.bletha price: You.ra tru\y, ---. We have upon our books hundreds of Customers, whicli we will show to any one who will pay us a v!sit, all speak in .If in the higbd!lt of tenns. It requires either in cas1ng or applied to the fiBers one aallon fnr eveTf one hundred lbs., ma'kins tbe eost ooly ooe dollar a11d fifty csts perM more oo ciprs now used by tbe trade In l"neral. Address all orders B:t:KSEX APPLEBY, 131 WATER S'nt:t:ET, NEW YORK. I PER DAT, .RICE, eao.oo. 1 [ LOliG li'ILLEBS. PllliCE, t&O.OO, R.! !!1 I! TIUE, liO HARD HEADI. niCE, WOODB!I CIGAR Jllflut.Dlt. ALY, 17"11:8, !IUPlntift tJr IUiiiL KA.JIIftTS AQIIJR LTT,) 62 DALE STREET, Liverpool, England. CONSIGNMENTS SOLICI'TED AND PR.OKPT SALES EFFECTED. I / f'lrE-TOBA.CCO J. Ill. SHEPPARD, MILTON, fir. C. J. M. SHEPPARD 4 Co., DAHYlLI.&o VA. JOHN. M. SHEPPARD tc CO., Leaf Deal.ers, DAN VI I JE,. VA. J ,UNCBLUTH & CO., Agents, Louisville, Ky. ALL TOBACCOS PACKING GUARANTEED. THE tnrrD"II:liSIG!!fED CONTnnr.IS TO lliii'OBT Al!fD lll.unTJii.A.CTUllE SPAIIISH AND TURKEY LIQ UOBJeB OF Vl'IU'OIUI Q,UALITY AIID G UU.l!ITBIED TO G:n{,E Tq EVERT TOBACCO IU.JnJ'FACTVIlEB t;SING TI. c.. p. T -<;> AND HIS OTHER BRANDS OP TURKISH P..LSTE, .ALL OF WHICH ABE GIVING INt:BEA8ED SA.TI!UI'A.CTION, A,SlNITAl'I'CED BY THE Bo\PIDLT GROWING DEJ!IAND &ND EliTIB.E ABSENCE OF CO.IIIPLAXNTS, JAMES C. McANI)JtEW, 55 'W' ATEB. STREET. NEW YORK. RICHIIO..,, VA., jaoury 1 B?S Jam .. C. McAndrew-, Eoq. New York. Dear Sir: We expeet a ote)ldy lnneaM In the demaodlfoc your liquorice. All the manufacturers to whom we sell testify 11 to ita 1111lform mel ellCelleat quality. Youn, ery truly, J WRIGHT & CO. LOtJlSVILU, Ja. f, 1875-}u. "C. Mc.Aa-, Eoq., New York. Dear Sir: We> take pl.....,re Ia otaliDI that your brands of both Spanish and TurklsbLiquorlce Paste havti g1ven entire satisfaction to all ourmanufac .. turers during the pao t oeaoon, the qaality bavlnr beea unifnnnl1 ezcellent. W remaiw. dear air, 'Yei'J hedleel,!yyounr, JUNGBLUTH & CO. liT. Lou.,, Mo., Jonsary 9 1C. Mc Andrew Esq., New Dear Sirl Itlowith that I to,..... :ro tljjo dlll'-t maaaftooturen lo thl1 part OC the country wfiom I have sup plied with JOUT branda nf botb 5panloh ond 'I111rkioll Liquor cePaoteare 'fW}' mllCb p'-":and. Half of them may find employment in cleaning t:he boots, grooming the horses, runnin_g the errands, dlrivinJ the c;ars, washing the linen, and suppl.r ing the needs for liquid refresl1ment of the British Government. Tne othe half may be said to be diirectly or indirectly connected wi'h the avocations of smuggling tobacco and makm!!. sham H wan a cigaB. It would be cruel to p.ut an end to their vicarious little indu>try. By its means G i braltar gets on very nicel : y indeed. Law and order are rigorously preserved. Tbe Sunday closing of shops is rigorously enforced; the places of public wor ship are crowded ; and a rock scorpion in his Sunday best is, in way of a w!nted sepulchre of respecta .. bility, a sight to see. SHERmAN'S :M &.RRIED LIF .. Unfortunately it is the strictly floating populationthe rascals who are here to-day and zone to-morrowwho do the greatest harm, not to Gibrartar itself, but t::J the adjacent regions. They come here to get their con signments of bad money and worse tobacco, and smug gle their infamous merchandise into Spain, to the aggra vation of the fiscal ruin of that unhappy country. Over the contraband tobacco-trade the Government can not ex-ercise any control, G i braltar being, save in the matter of wines and spirits, a free 'port; but if the coiners are caught in jlagtanti ddiclo, : they, of course, becQ_me amenable to the sternest British justice But they are too cunning to be "Qften caught, and it is extremely mor tifying in Spain,' when yo u complain of the plentitude of spurious doljnrs. and base eighty rea! pieces, to be mockingly told that the major part of" Ia moneda falsa" is made in a British de pendencv, and under the virtual protection of the Bri fish flag. * With re gard to the cigars, I am somewhat chary of again revert"h this true ?'' Mrs. Sherida,ii, acording to .the ing to the subject of tobacco, since the trade in that Rochester Democrat' and Ghronicle, to the Lieutenant commodity at Gib. amounts to litt'e less than an opproGeneral yesterday; .and she read from the Inrlependmt: brium and reproach to us as a nation. Tobacco, man.u The papers say that Gen Sheridan is to be maiTied factured and unmanufacttired, to the extent of many to day. so; but I am not so certain of' it, thou5ands of hogsheads per annum, is imported Into remembering an in regard to the Genera\ Gibraltar from the United States, from Italy and from when I was for a few days, if not upon his staff, assur Germany. At Gib. it pays 00 duty whatsover. Some edl:r within h;s circle. A young lady, it seems, wu of the tobacco is of excellent quality-the best, indeed, quite desirous t-hat the brilliant sabnur, whe was so that Maryland, or Virginia, or Connecticut can s_endjourning under the same roof, sbould take a walk with and is consigned to wealthy firms, v;hose tier. He declined doingso, upon the plea of threaten are {or the most part in a dim back street of Gib. called h)g AJlttle wpile afterwa1d the lady detected Irish Town Much more, however, of the tobacco is him in the of stealing out of the front door alone the vilest rubbish imaginable; and this shameful "munUpon charging him with the inconsistt:ncy of his con dungus" is usually sold by auction early in the morning duct he replied, 'Yes, m:ss, yes. The weather is too in front of the Exchange on Commercial Square. It is bad for two of us, but I thought it might be good sold in company with a rQut of ragged blankets, deenough for one.' : cayed paillasses, smashed looking glasses, armless "Never heard of it before," said the little man, nerv chairs and legless tables-the sweepings of the lowest ous}y scattering the ashes of his c1gar on the lady's best brokers' shops in Gib.; and it is sold for any thing it lamp mat. "H'm !" said Mrs. Sllerie i:nvestigate my dear," uid the General soothingly. few ieft. Not much smuggled tobacco its And so you always interrupt met Philip," continued way icto the heart of the Feninusla by means of the Mrs. Sher-idan, 'evidencing some excitement. I ca!2't neutral ground and the Lines. By far the greater por' say any thing but you flare up anrl interrupt me with tion goes to Spain by sea. Feluccas carrying crews of such violence as' who in thunder.' Now pfease-if I from six to twenty desperadoes are contmualty flocking may be so bold as to say s'Omething in this house and into the waters of Gib.; and it may fairly be said .. thl!t without calling for the protection of my pa-now plase at !east bali tbe picture5que vagabonds you see loafing let us consider this matter. Here is a gentle about Irish T0wn and, the Waterport are professional man who presents the story. Would he be guilty of smugglers. They coolly fill their barques with bales of falsehood ? Here fs a religious jo11rnal of far more than tobacco, and just before sundown they as coully go to average respectabtlity which prints the story. Would st-a. Stay; they defer their departure until the morrow the Independent lie ?" "I can only sayt said the Gen when the British Government, as is frequently the case, era) sententiou1oly, "not guilty.'' ''But," said Mrs. is _kind enough to inform them througtt the medium of "so says Mr. Beecher." "Well," said the I leaned up n the quarter rail, Signal Hill that a guarda costa, or revenue General, ca!lually bracing himself with the aid Of t)le THE OLD AND THE NEw. And looked down in the sea; cutter, is cruising in the offing. The British, or rather arms or hi's chair and his cigar till it over T h e t o b a c co trade of E'en there the purple wreath of smoke the Garrison Government, when remonstrated with on topped the point of his nose, if you believe in the Richmond, Va., observe s a Was curling gracefully this point, blandly replies that the signals are made, not Reverend Mr. Baker because he is a clergyman; and writer in the Boston Com Oh, what had I sudt a time especially for the benefit of the naughty smugglers, but dotl't belif've in the Reverend Mr. Beecher, who is a merdal Bulletin, has never To do with wasting care pro bono ptlblito; and that fhe proximity of a French or clergyman, where isyour Jogic ?'' Philip," said Mrs. recovered from the tempo Alas, he trembling tear proclaimed English man 6f.war or a P. and 0. raail steamer would Sheridan after a pause, "hand' me the hartshorn, if you rary prostration occasioned It was my last advertised from Signal Hill as promptly as would be please. N-now tell me, if you can, what would iaduca by the abolition of the slave the advent of a guarda costa. Occa.sronally, however, the Rev. Mr. Bake r to tell this atrocious falsel ood, if it system, and yet it may be I watched the ashes as it came the smugglers' feluccas are chased by Spanish vessels is a falsehood?" The General said to 'himself, "There!s considered asoneofthemain Fast drawing towards the end,-which have not been sie:nalled from Gib. Three courses tactics l tobacco to any itp}:>ortant extent countenance urmg t e pause. An the Genera said, be seen what an enormous are rare; and 'the cargoesare generally run" with "_Upon my I know. Stay!" he added, ex income the Government an been; great comfort and quiet at some point of the coast be-Chlted.lykthrowmg hts. Cigar out of_the. wmdow. He read Dllllllv e;ips from it. The tween Algeciras and Tarifa, or even further towards t e JO e over agam, to hbrary, took down a J That could with that compare, 1 f Ch 1 L b r d h d 1 h tax in 1874 amounted to beWhen off the blue Canaries Cadiz. Thence it gets into Spain, in wagons ostensibly vo o ares am_ oun t e 1 enuca ... mor ac tween $3,ooo,ooo and full of corn or olives, in barrels and skins suppo!>itito Rev. Wdltam M. Baker, read tt to Mrs. ooo,ooo. The entire toba :co I smoked my last cigar. tiously full of wine or oil, ln pack saddles of mules in Shertdan, pomted to the date of tbe publication of the crop of the State, and the Che tenders .of locomotive engines, In five hunqred work, and said triumphantly: Wh%t do you hi nit larger part of that of North How TH'EY ROBBED HIM.-Wm. a cigar all easy enough to devise and accomplish, m order to now?". Dear me!" said Mrs Sheridan with a pained Carolina, goes to Richmond, make of 1211 Mulberry Street, was tried in the General baffie and swindle the Spanish Government; Meanexpress1on, "I don't know who trust any more. I consigned to commission Sessions on Wednesday, on a charge of grand larcer>v while, in many scores of small retail shops ih Gili, must have that hartshorn again, Philip. I have a terri who store it from the person in the night time. 'the case was regaunt-visaged "scorpions," dark-eyecl .housewives, ble, headache." Whereupon Mrs. Sheridan went un.til the proper time of sale. markable for the persisteilcy with which th.: prisoner qui<;kfir.gered boys and girls are busy, from sunrise. to to and the. General gaily a own the street Satnple!f Y>f every lot, duly asserted his innocence, in -the face of overwhelming evi t set, in sorting and rolling and twisting and gumming wh1stlmg Ha1l to the Ch1ef," pausing between linP.'l, numbered ani described, dence of his guilt. On the Bth he and another duly prepared tobacco into cigars. This is done openly and remark, "'By Jove.! I got her are placed: in the Tobacco man noticed Frank Eagle passing the Atlantic Hotel in -why should there be any concealment, since the com-that It me. Exchange where they can the Bowery. Juclging from his swarthycomplexi0n that modity comes in duty free ? In front of the shop be examined by buyers, aud Eagle was a Cuban, the two loungers spoke to him in counter, and quite as openly, but not, perhaps, quite so are tbus disposed of. The Spanish. He promptly replied, Mnd stopping to chat justiti:J.bly, a multitude of very neat cedarwood boxes old system of purchase, with his interlocutors, told them he was a native of Calare manufactured, bearingthe forged trade-marks, the and inspection in the to ifornia, of nearly pure Indian lineage. But he was ready forged brand, and. the forged pandbills of the most bacco trade has who"lly gone to talk to them in Spanish, Italian, Frencl:i, or English. (llmous cigar-makers of Havana. When 'I say that you hy. It was a rough but That conversation might be the less restrained, drinks can purchase, openly, i:n Main Street, a box containing hon st way of doing things, were prQposed. The party entered a convenient saloon. one hundred regalias, purporting to be made by and merits a brief descripEagle called for c);uet. The barkeeper had none, and Cabanas or Partagas, by Alvarez or by Jose Muria, tion. The cultivators of offered what he called port wine, which was accepted. for the sum of rhree dollars, o: twelve shillings weed living within respectAfter the Californian had drank of the stuff seven or and sixpence, and that, duty paid, a hundred able dlstance of the caoital eigltt. times-meanwhile informing the other two that he of such cigars, were they genuimt, woulrl cost you in 'used to fill their barrels with was a sailor, had just been paid off, and was in the huEngland at least two poun 1s ten shillings, I neeartment whether goods arrived in New York despite all threats, and pro-ToBACCO IN MADISON, N.C.-For the past three vearf, not say in Spain,. but in England itself. Finally, prior to the passage of the law, and destined for Chicago, testations, went the conobserves the PitJneef', the culture of tobacco, as a main authority tacitly points out that were smuggling put a Milwaukee and other Western cities, which liad l'lOt beea demned lots. All that i> crop has received the attention of farmers in Madison stop to by the 1mposition of a heavy duty on the imporplaced in stores in New York, but were in transit to p3$t and gone now. The County, who, as a general thing have received liberal retati'?n of tobacco, and by the organization of a Preventheir'final destiaation when the bill passed, were exempt tobacco factories, thanks to turns for the capital and labor employed. Henderson tive Service to catch tht! ; smugglers ere they ran theilfrom increased duties. This question was decided ad the ,Progr-ess of invention, put down two acres and in this stal_)le, illcit cargoes-in Spain, the staple commerce of Gibraltar versely, and the case was then referred to Attqmey are enabled to work up which yielded 1,670 This tobacco, after bemg would be annihilated, and the indigenous b-rood of rock General Pierrepont for his opinion, and this was given ever thing, and cbewws of carefully cured, was sb1pped by Messrs. Barnard, scorpions would be not only ruiaed but reduced to a to-day. The Attorney-General molds that when Con he weed to day roll under ols & Co., to the warehouse of Kea;rs. ManeU, WAitstate of starvation. As it is, their JIGSit.iol1 is equivocal. gress by oversight neglects to provide tpeeificalll for their tongues as a sweet ton & Co., Lyncblturg, Va., who at an It se.os somewbat obtrusive on their part to have been such cases, he must consider that the gooda wh1le in morsel stuff which the in ceDts per JIIOUDd. After deduc:tiJW COBt "bonl at all; but, beq bora aad being here, and Mr. transit from York to the We; st in bond were withm spectors forty years ago !"tiiSlons, alld warehouse charges, Mr: realHerbet Speucer'a doctrines at to "the survival of the fit-[the spirit of the law, and that this transportation was would have declared Uflfit zed the handsome sum of J1,oz7. With commendable test" not having as yet penetrated to Gib., it is clear part of the continuo1.1s voyage. He is, therefore, of the for the use of even the negro prudence he produced the same. seasc;>n enough wheal that the scorpions must be allowed to live semehow. opinion that such goods should not pay the increased laborers about the docks._; and corn to meet the wauts of hlS fom1ly for two years. They can not make any thing but cigars. They are duties provided for by the act of Marcb 3 1875


'!'BE TOBA.CCO Jl:LY 21 -J.'ohacco .a:obacco a:&.anuiacturera. JOHN ANDERSO & )iANUF AL"l 'URERS OF THE SOLACH AND TOBACCOS 114 11nd 116 LIBE-RTY STREET, NEW YORK_, Beg to direct tbe attentlo!l of the Dealen ln Tobaceo ..,. throughout &Ad tho 4t SOLACE TOBACCO, whi-:b is "being Ofloce more manufacture4 undr the THOMAS HQYT & CO., imml'ior properties ot this LICORICE which, being nc..w ':lrought to the highest perfection, is under tue above style of brand. We .are also SOLE AGENTS for t.he 1 CJ. &, CJ. c. .. Acknowledged by consumers to be the best in the market" And fill' the brand oJ Licorice S.tick INOI1L &. co., tn all respects equa.l to c'.ALABRU.. .._.. We have no and Jobbers would do well to apJdy direcl Licorice &ot, select and ordillary, CODBtarlt!J D U hand. OOIEZ & IRGUIIBIU. 29 & 31 SCUT" WILLIAII STREET m e 600DWIN & DO., .LitiORICE PASTE" STJCKS. Pi ...dtiiL cS u = bacco 207 & 209 WATER STREET, 0 Jr1 NEW YORK, POWDERED LICORICE, EU&NE BOREMSKY BROKER, I4J 'V'! ATER STREET, NEW YORK_ JOHN CAT-TUS9 TOBACCO BROKER I 27 Pearl Street, NEW YORK. CIIAS. B. PIBCBBi & BRO., To ba.cco rokerS, 131 Wate:. St., NEW YORK. LM. KALMUS, LW TOBACCO BBDDll 1ea Water Street, NEW YORK, PHILIP KELLAND Q"'H f!: () = = f! o.-.ta:DA TOBACCO WORKS CIGAR lliiA.NUFACTORY, 'I'ONQ,UA BEANS, :; m D. BUCHNER, And a'l Soecialtles for Tooacco TOBACCO BROKER .. ICii successcr. to RoBrTcHEcJC &'T.\ussxc, facturers. 16 B WATER STREET., ::> l>t 0 c4 8 ";= Ill i. F 11 E-CuT=cEi i w I R G WEAVEtRnt uP YoRx. >-AND !' 1 roBAcco AND CIGARs NO. 24 CEDAR STREET. F. = /Havana. Sixes, Cheroots, ,.,. ."'-'t.t1WIER3-' L JAMES G. OSBORN,' 256 STREET, i XL .. 2'obucco' Bro'k:er1 """ NEW YORK. ',S 8o B1."0ad Retl :!-8 7a Narro'v Re'l <4S ,. 7-:1 yds. J:.6o E8paaola 5 8 73 :yd& 1.8 5 Lou.tlre VeU..--.4 ?-8 Amt=rican I 34 yd11. 75 Londtes Y elltnv 7 8 1 1. 3 4 J.::!S. LoD.drel Rt-(1 7 9 I 3 4 y d!'. t 8o LOndn Yell,nv 7""8 3 4 y d s. 1 35 clloW" s '' ,... y da. ,.38 Eapauola 5 8 7'1 v ds-. t .8o_.. Qroad Yello-w 5-8 1 yds. ;75 Broa yd s 1.&> -"r JDW Yellow 4 -8 7'1 yds. J" .S Narrow 1\e < 8 1 ydo. 6o llarrow Yellow Ga1 1 yolo. Jrqrow lle4 Box Btbbon, 1 yo. ... ALL OJll)&U W&L& Bll P&OMn.t.'W ax:ac::I7T.B:Oo wicKIII co. JOSEPH J. ALJUltALL, ; .lYPORTER OF "0NLY FINE" HAVANA LeafTobacc 'li1 s D. H. ClilLEBRATBD FINE-.....,.., s,. .. lf, s,. .. tf Elou.-, lU.Nm'ACTORY ANll SALICiROOM, COIW Of AVENUE D AND TENTH STREET.' New York Cit!'. eROVER Smoking Tobacco, MANUFACTURED BY WALTER B. PIERCE, 'UTICA, N. '1", This Brand o f Smoking is as dark colored aad ae thoroughly cured a.s Havana. A u eN CY AND DEPOT O.t< F. W. FELGNER ol; SON'S. Suece s10rs to f. H. BIS&HOFF'S BALTIMORE TOBACCOS wit!> Fr. ENGELBACH, l3 Si%th Ave., NEW YOillt rDBACCO AID CIGARS, ANDDIIA.LD.S IX BAGGING. SNUFF, PIPES, etc., IMITATION SPANISH UNEN, 'CTORIES IT .tU BROAD STREET, IEWIRI FANCY STRIPES Al'D Jl'( CALDWELL J!l, all W#ds of Goodo used for puttipg up Smo it-J MRS. 8. B. MILLER & JI!NUF !CTORY, (l'ETE.R. COLLINS, l'auT. ) 97 Columbia Street:, NEWYOBK, MANUPACTUBERS OF THL. CELEB'R.ATE:b 1ng Tobacco Als o !II complet e aesortment of Smo k ers Art.h':les for the Trade HOWtBD SANGER & CO., 103_ & 107 CHAMBER8 ST., NEW YORK. Cigar Manufacturers EDWARD A. SMITH, :MANUFACTURER OF Purely &nd. Finely Powderacl. SPANISH LIOORICE BOOT, SPANISH LICORICE EX'I'RACT1 DEER. TONGUE, LAUREL LEAVES, TOli'K.A IIE.Ali'S, CASSIA BUDS, -CLOVES AND CINXAIIION, OR.....-GEPEEL, AI'IISEED, CARAWAY SEED,'DEB SEED, LA VEli'DER FLOWERS, GUlll ABABIC,GRADr AND POWDERED, GUM l!IYRRH, LUlllP Ali'D POWDERED, GUM TRAGAC.&rrR, II'LAit.E Ali'D POWDERED, ESSENTIAL OILS, OLIVE OIL, LUCC_. CBEA.JII IN CASES, liE SAlliE OIL LEV A...'I!T IX BBLS. aJ>d all the Specialties for Tobacco Manufacturers. 0D.r Patent Powdered Compo'lmd. or Flavers, (dated Feb. d, oB1s. l Is commanding general approval from the makers of favorite brands. Its efficiency and e c onomy are unquestioned. PRICES CURRENT 011 APPLICATION. Y. W. BRINCKERHOFF I '19 OBDAB. S'l'., IV. A c. Lo MEYER. J F 0 MEVER A. C. L. I O. MEYER, and Commission Merchants, 43 BEAVER ST., NEW YORK. Address b y P ost P. 0. B o x S l7J Special attention paid t o the forwaTdi n!' o f Tobacc" c ft)reign cvuntr1ea. 133 P!AlU. mD'l', NEW YORK. J. SCHM:ITT,Jr. TOBACCO BROKER, J82 Water St., NEW A. SHACK. TOBACCO BROKER. No. 129 Maiden Lane, NEW YORK. :R. ZELLENK:A..; lfANUFACTURER OF ALL KlNDS (IF MUSLIN A.'ND LINEN TOBACCO BAGS, 263 4th St., New York. O r ders p romptly atteflcied to at the horllc.t na ico rownaaso ttQUOlUCE. FINEST QUALITY I at Paup1ceepsle, NewYork. G.IFFHRD, SHERIAN & JNNIS lSO NIW-TffilK. -HEPPENBEIMER &: MAURER, Pra.otloa1 :J:.d.i;h.ot; \ ENCRAVERS PRINTERS, BY STEAM POWER AND RAND PRESIIE!! Jlhs. G. B. Miller & Co. Chewing and Smoking Tob11cco, the only Genuine American Gentle man Snuff; Mrs. G. ll Miller & Co. Maccaboy and Scotch Snuff; A. H. Mickle & Sons'Forest Rose and Grape Tobacco; Mrs. G. B. Miller & Co. Reserve Smoking and Ghewing Tobacco. Pine . :In. Cll !: () ., :E !!:. (1) 0 J () r+ () $ ..0 0 't-25 Myrtle A 'Y8Due, Brooklyn. CoaotallriiT oa. Rall4 tlae ;Beat Rand ad Stea .. Jlaelllla.eo tbr Ca.tti-Rg aad Graaal&UJac To.._o, 43 Liberty Street, opposite Post Oftlce, 'I'lt:aS OF SKOKE:aS A:a'I'l:CLZS, DEALERS IN GOIIBBZ & CO., Importers and Manufacturers of GER.HA.N .AND SCOTCH TOBACCO, SECARS; SNUFFS, &.c. 0 I a :{Ie D!'i! pes, '.&111.1&111'911 OIQAB. I'AO'.IOB.T. Heinrich Goebel Sohne, Sanulne lrelllhnerode Plpn, FOSTER, HILSON & CO., 128 Maid._ r.aae, 1r. MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS CHABLIS .&. WULPP, 79 Cha.m.b 9._ t Prlater, and Manufn ers turer tf a CIGAR AJJ LAIJIL$ T :a: ::El IMAN'UFACTUJU! R 01"" WULFF ol; B:f:.LLAIIY'S PIOIBBB T .DBACCO COIPANY, Patent Transuarent Crystal Glass and. 1\C'I' A.L SICNS. 51 CBATH.&.JI S'l'li.EET. TO TOBACeO ,CROWERS, OF BR09KLYN, N Y. TBTTIIE IJJQ, H. Ln'OiD, Pres. J. H. s.umo:m, see. E. J. W!I'l'I.OCX, 'l'reas; BUSIXESS OFFICES 123 Front Street, New York; STAR TOBACCO FERTILIZER, .16 CENTRAL lWHARF, BOSTON. I MANUFACTURERS OF THE WELLKNOWN MA TCBLESS," HERBST {) (t' Havana and Seed Leaf ., TOBACGO.S, NEW YORE. 189 !-EARL STREET, K.AD'E ON CONSIGNENTS. -contalsolal( ,. per ceatose of 'POTASH, AID!ON!A & SOLl1BLE Th beS t u l b o n TOBACC O, aDd pre. ferred to J?eru viaa G11a110 Pdee, 511 PER. TOll', Ill' A pply to LOR.ENTZ a; RI'l"l'LER, CHEMICAL SUPER-PHOSPHATE WORKS. BA:TUIORE. ) J DAv. H. WU.lUJf& DALY &. CO., Foreign & Domestic Wood.s, 163 IIIAIDEN L.AXE, NEW YORK. Spanish Cigar lex Cedar A Specialty. pI M. DINIEE & SOft, Cor. S:CXTH elf LEWIS Commission Merchants. s AND ALL E'oreign and


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