The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


Subjects / Keywords:
Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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The University of South Florida Libraries believes that the Item is in the Public Domain under the laws of the United States, but a determination was not made as to its copyright status under the copyright laws of other countries. The Item may not be in the Public Domain under the laws of other countries.
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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____ ..._....._. .. AJ.__., ca.,..,.... a... ... DIM;n ,. .: .. =-X... ..... rBr oe. A loioQ1 tOtiDCf 111 Graad '--WI It Co., Ill ... Tloln. bel J. & Co ,., Main Laac 111'4111, ltah A: Co., N ..... ZIM, JMOII a; ...... .a Kut ..,_.._ co., 41 a 43 Warreu. Street, Rew York, FRED'K l Jl.lf{--. t,:,; 'ita .U _,_,., t1 Slud /lldtll Cipr Jlnick,_ Dabnol Napoleoa, f"Wnt Slc:loacl. De.stlWa.eo. .... ........ ,.,.,.,..., u.,;., 'LMJ SOLE ACENTSFOR THE SALE OF l'HE llrmc:bltool' Y. W'" c-Clllrll, X. H. II Jib. Oo6lnl.,..ia, _,..._ V llaolDMtt N..-f.mww'l ,.._,.r AI' ida. Sheppudjob M. & Co. Scllle6'.Ua W. H. AI Co., 110 an "' Wllllnl. IL PBJNCJPI Dl., GAL Js ci Duiad; Tr ... ttns Sale...,. r-lln4 Lear1 A o. K .Cin WaatH; A DeafPT I 11., New Y'orl. C i :;A J S .. Flvor. .!1 s ... ;,.r 7,._ eotYege Place Cotterill, Foaaer & E Second. Jaltaa, llllpllllea of lia-lAel Tacct;IB Wall Street, New .. Liuri. TNr&cc C,./Ur. HU!ier'a til. Sou 11 c;o.," Cedar. Hoi'lea .t Pe-. Thl,. St. and Caaal. FIFTH PAGL AT 'I'll KEY WEST BB.I..NQB 01' THE CELEBB.&T&D EL PRl'!r-u Iwf::"'" Llc11teaberr G. B .a. Co., 68 Ooa-at. Jl.ut Hood!-w. J. a: eo., .. W DDIJ)IobT .. ut ........ Afiiiiii(IUtrwn'lllj Ciz.r...... Etlcloa H. w. I5J & CO. Kll.ell Jacob; .. II 195 ,._ DURHAII!_, N. C. WicM WIIU.... Co., u- .. Uoercll.. nN< ... Opr '-" CU. tlot.wr ,_.,_ Bldwll W, T. & Co .L4, DolJ lk Co.:.l Matoloa Lane 1>1-P. a Soli, --ltstlo-lMwt.. lll.orria C. F .AcQ X. I tlllftttl u .OJIII18m w YOaJE. 0,., Onmer G., 81 Froal:lln. Heppenbelmer lk Naarer, 11 4t 14 N. Willtaa. 1111 IUrtrs #j t, Wlca, Wra. 11 ,55 ,,, Goercll.. Read C C. a: t:o. Spaid Ci .. AiU..u. c-. ..tJmirall J. J., ''Cedar. .U bMfor. Tohcrro flo-Toil. Buaea t: 1-. IF !!tate. Croeloe J J ., ,a Oroai>Jit: 'J a: a6s IIDlllerrJ Tolulcro .-.u;.,. ],. ;c,.II!We a....U., lk Co., '0!--...., Cbaabera ._ z:-11, n6 an4 ToH ... ...., Laae. ..-....; v .... .IHaWr l7o _. ,_,._, .f. Y tl. S. S-Toj> M,..JJ1. J!eadrldl FnDc:ta. 11.1e!JIH; _:L & C... w.....-L.AJfO..A.I'l'D. p.., ... ..... ai Str.p. Dialer;, uaf a.o .... &. E r., $ Schabt'rtk, e.G. NilrrllflHt!! -I &tl/flll' Muld.r. LIVEB.POOL. ._ llclf'IMltl 1'1. 1r1. 1 .. Jt. R F"t Depot. Wblte Samaelaon""Dworcnlt co. liO.IJJi.To Smytlle F W. & Co .. 1o North ]ollll. #{..,._ Cjj11r JtmJtls a11., 484 Broad. Tobacco OW MILFORD, Ct. P A G Padeir .ndD4tilirlii" SletJ:Laf 1'tl6.ectJ. Albrecht '0 eraaan. .Schovoruo,, William l!oJdW .&..t:>Oo., Sl South. > .-QBT'I:&Jf, Jt. DnaelW.&DdO.-.nGay .. ., _______ ., Guutber, L. W. 9 South Gay I Toiam Fllltor d c;..,rui r.ial. Kerckbotl "Oo.. 491k>11th OIL&rl.. K.remelber., Schaefer and Co., 13 Oaroodolet. Kremelberr. J. D, and Co. _.. -_._ Loooe C. & Co., 111 Weal Lombard ..,..,._., .m.n., _,, ---, 101 Maidea Co., 19 roa4, I 1 c_,. ... ---I : : SIXTEBN OBBrrS per Uniform on anCI 8ftutt and I'IVB DOLLARS. j; rn per Thouaand on Clears t I !f Cong.ress to protect and foster the industry, from which an immeRse revenue is annually derived, it will, at its next st:ssion, grant the. following :j[ J Merfeld &: K-per, "7 Lombud Tobaato -a: r. & co .. 91 LombanL Clark, re quirement compelling 1 a, Ezehaore Place. <-"""Toburo 1Yml..8u1 appear. on packages, whether on the' l)y-JI.eyaea 66 A .. Ellcbaap Place Bupr-11/ JtnaeDJ G. 55 Broad. _...,.. B., 145 Water -Catt,DJ Ji!'ll. 11'1 li'earl. l'1acUr Ji: ... llro., ., 'Water. =t=: 4lllroad Charla. F., 54 B ...... Raderll(. II Son, '3'3 Pat!. llla<:lri A. _IIJI ......... Scllmllt J. Jr. r62 Water Starr It H111rta1t Patt-on 1 1 .1 Bamhf-rger L,k Co., North Water. J stencil-plate, brand, ot otherwise For alb the purpo, Tate, Mulier a Co., 5' South Gay -Bremer Lewi1, SOns, 3JJ Third. ffi h S Wenck E. E., 46 a ad 4s South Char lee. Dal'OJ.Jameo & co., N. E. tUcos. advertise all over the world the name of every manuWater a ,Mehl Hepry"' Co .. --666-* :f!:leveath facturer whose goods they ma.y happen to sell : v 1 HoJ11'homu .t; co;,...,. Pearl To!Jatco Cigar Ls.Oels. IYA.Ittak D'"1"' '" II. The establishment of an export bonded-ware ;J....' 1 ltloaef B,.,._ Woet Broadway Ehl J D & C 8 S d .Bamberger L & Co. 3 North Water. l f N Y k f'liL ... II.': IIIMII*! D. u." eo. car .a.veo ... D aa4 t-w.; D, .. '"f:,in s",..1 ;:;;, """ LafToh"w" of &otrlt Snffhouse n the city o ew or . + .L O .uRCCO lllUer l!n. G. B .&: Oo. 97 Columbia """ Stewart, llarlr.s,Ralph & "5 Arcb II.L The reduction of the tax on snuff to twenty-four cts .... u. Roaeofeld s. .Batcbelor Cit .per pound instead of thirty-two, as at present; and placing r,, anyTobacco a Colollli., 168water Loreotz&Rittler. it on the same footing as other preparatiops of tobacco. 1 C d lJ-llonA.&Co.l_Libertv BOSTO!i. ske. Th L h" d b h r eau:aDO!'J our ar n a.,llli.IL'IO.. 'Wtdai,EIIer .._pel,IOOPeul Oo-iuiooit.ftrcllanfl TheobaldA.R.,Thu-daodP?Jllar.. eomiSSlontoma .. e .tll!re uctlon w en t e unhorm I ,, i. of (;;cv. Holyolr.e c. 0 .. Central Wbar Manufocturers ot Ft.u Cigars. rate of twenty cents WilS fQr_ manufactured 0 r orr:. havmz beeJii' G &I.'ICI .a..a. Bondy Charle.a, 5l Bowery .Man ufadtertrs OJ Snu.IJ. Freebie A. Ill. bacco generally, was an overstgbt Whtch as an : I rr r l'oter. Hilson 16: Co., 19"<.:Joamben Sweeuer Brothers, 10 Market Jaonn David B no North Water act of simple justice tG those interested in snuff, should tville,1 Pa. t 1 8$ t'W'8 ,49 Attora.,. 'hasten to remedy. 1 8 .as .. ) F all.,.teia,W.F IV. The refunding q{ tax.tothoseholdersof ... p e .LJacoby s. Cha).llam Sq. a:! a 7l>oJer. BRIDGEPORT, CONN. Manufacturers "E.rr:elsi4r .Spu;, R6/l'' and manufactured and smoking tobacco, who were comptlle.t F c ......... _...... c o. l 1 1 1-1 b .) ap,:!_kBpt!':'l Nan,.facturers of GrtJf>e Sgar. WLR Jomeo M '305 c...,. utility when the became payable in advanc:e As w ill be seen by the extr .act from a _to meet thetr present o hr;al!Qns. --Tabel & Robrberr,,., Parlr Pta.-. : Buiolo Grape Supr Co. Leo.{ 11by stamp; it reflects discreditably and unjustly on an 'New Orleans paper, the Thirty-pound Jia At tlie meeti_ng yesterd11y nearly all of a:Fi": = ,..._, CirM C"--.:.n: N. '''' o...,. honorable a.nd influential trade; it compels responsible m in a new sha e in that city : turets of the m:y .'\Ver whlchi -5 CodyS. Brown's Bros.&: Co., 141 Maio c ..... ,.;,.;.,. Mrrcluots tJu Sk P/ Mand self-reliant tradesmen to solicit from friends and 1 e up P 1 '. hae used 10 tlie IJianu. det:ided A thc;refore, was appointed .tt.lly Borace a. co. Pearl Dalm i11 L<4 Smith il-manufacture{s for making out new bond-papers under a changed, aad to dray; ul? 4 petiiion setting forth "the facts in tHe case, w_, lleclLt: < sT:"LOUIS": Ko. (the plea of a necessity for cbangin&, examining, or re--while J.he Cllles ha":e for the and forward the same to the Corrimissiooer {)[Internal PoJo&tati Ill Gaerra. ''Willi-. N

o'. 2 by a New Orleans cig:u manufacturer no" in business old bottles, or piecing in yYa city, who himself been called upon by the cloth .Coiector referred to for alleged deficiency, to show that Another cheering sign of the times, is the good sho DOMESTIC. NEw YoRK, Aug. 3, r87S thi revenue official is engaged in a crusade htg made by our national Treasury at the close of the The leaf tobacco market shows but little change since the cigar manufacturers of his district that hat fiscal year just et:tdea. While the of more our last review. There is a firmer feeling in some quar neither the-warrant of law nor of regulation, so far as paper currency as the only and universal panacea have ters and perhaps a more hopeful one in all, but sales we have learned, and that is likely to bring him into unbeen industrious y proving that the country was on the have not mater' :;-"D1t'ie,? in of volum .e. "The pleasant relations not onlv with the members of the verge of )>ankruptcy and that an extrr. session of Conleaf, il to \vhen makmg mqumes, "shows a httlt: more ammatwn, and cigar trade bul' whh his official superiors. lfl'ess would to b: called to prov1de for current ex the disposition on the part of ho l ders is, so far as we are Within the past two weeks we have published and repenses, Secretary Bnstow calmly subm1ts figures hat at least, tQ sel l only at what we conceive to plied to correspondents rom various parts of the conclusively that while our revenues be full prices." country-on this &eneral subject, from which it is infer certainly show the effects of the dull times they have CDruinued-it might be said unremitting-reports e Thirty-ounUt i,:nclu Bremen selections and some bl h h "IIfl B'os!on Afncans; 222 to Ihanufacturers; 46 to cutters; preclll y exceeded enher of those quantities, ere t 1 a11omst:! most sb'enuously-msiSte and 207 to jobbe\ The market wore a dull appear proper. iillowances for imperfec or de a JROney.(amine prevailed, what do we find ?-the nathrQ.ughout th!j month, and buyers had the advantroyeCf tobacco, 01 to sola in ev form ana all banks' retnrn111! thei to n tage in price, except for strict selections. The reported roper allow g,.ari tmttsual size, and IJtliler dre.uceiif' Ia damage to c r op was hardly credited to its ter cnving the ctu(e e tie.eit f J This tain1y ,._,. not k like 't f full extent until neat the close, and was tnore than e r -01 ason :---r: a scare! Y 0 oset by the heavy and dull le doubt, report suth cturer for aticlency Upoll' rency On the.soutrary It s}wwa that t.he volume Of ness in the home At the close there is a e irJ1'tO die -'- lng sbrqnkeu the amount of money in iirmc fee44lg, aod a good many lots withdrawn frow nd ciars. 0a qefore h become for sale. reduce our quotations agaid on lugs. though.. the de 'tits of the COIJllllunity and th seeks em There .s nQ m reports. from ']p of the most ployment at the commercl reurres. If the infiationlats thle gtrodw1.nlg atcrdop.t'-Ft!oodtmdg rdams. clont .mue.d o!111111.' I a mo:. a1 Y. ae es Ima e re uct1on m p antmg 1s ng qUit ha\'e any mw 0 h n menon, now ca led one \J!, with the prospect of a furtber cure tbll to .uU. nti is o ered, howtailment. The 1amage is much worse in the stemming ...... _...,w ha).lhold to our '1m theo!'.Y of the Ohio River, while Western we ceive, iu the signs of the times a steady D1stnct.' M(): and Mason County reg1ons stlll t b tt fh' Th something ltke q avarage crop, should finer weather owar; e .er mgs.. e dawn may be long soon ensue. hear of some being cut, about Clarks, m breakmg; but'lt w1il. usher m a bngh. ter day, and WF ville to save it froQl.. field-fire, a danger attending the -aha I enter upon an era o legitim a e enterprie tba shall entire crop, should the rains be succeeded by a hot sun. far in solid resufts e speculative f the manyCOIIsider the situation as more critical than t "" k d' d 1 at th1s tme last year. pa'S l::fUf own tas ln lVI U y, n the mtenm, IS to u't woek Yld week. 4th weelf. Gtb week. Total encourage the spreai:l o fihancial theories, and to January.-.487 454 594 s6s 2,Ieo set our faces as aiiint against those February. -598 402 484 31 S r ,8oo whose so near! proycd 446 45l 223. z,85o Apnl..--.I77 58I 642 81t 4,2oo May -477 302 337 1,417 667 3 ,2oo June____ 42 s67 308 490 I,593 3,000 July-68o 574 807 s69 2,630 Mr. Frederick Fischer, Tobacco Broker, reports: Receips th 23I hhds; year, 878 1 do ; w Orl'-flns, u1 ; last year, hone ; from Vir ia, do ; last year, 17 do ; totaf, this month, t do; total last year, 895 do. Receipts this year, Western, :25,579 hhds; last year, 6I,359 do; from New Orleans, 674 do; last year, 2,91I do; from Virginia, 3,650 do; last year, 6,82o; total this year, 29,903 do; last year, 7 x,o9o do. Sales this month, none ; exports, 90 do. At New Orleans.-Receipts from January I to July 28, r875, 3,12I hhds, against 14,369 hhds in I874. Sales, this month to July 28, 124 hhds; exports, do do; foreign, <;84 do; exports do do, domestic, 77 do; total, 66I do. Stock on band and on of dealers in shipboard not cleared, fuly 28, 3,442 hhds. Virginia Leaf-Some few sales of Virginia leaf are reported, as also a slightly increased inquiry from local manufacturers. Receipts are sma.ll and those arriving for the week were for export. Crop news frQm Virgmia is very much better than that from the West. As a rule the rains have not destructive. Tlrere has been some damage done both by rain anci hail, but not a great ileal comparatively; and generally, wrong. It was found that tb ve heav failu s E's Es.-A suddeR reverse of fortune the growing crop reported as lopking well. in were solely d rn m be b a card on our third page, one Seed sales of seed leaf the past in the iron trade tO the "strikes'! r atbeLJab.or difti <:1f the moSt ifi d, 'as be recehlJy :Was one ot the most I,ifOI cases, agamst I,aos the .week, a!l(f 1118I 1 d t th dde ces at' f d d p,rosp-eTOU!I, epresentatives of the tobacco trade of the -the week -before. A moderate quantity 10 each mstance, -cu t1es an o e su n s 1 n o em om 1 b t t th ... 'fi d d s.t to sttek through our columns a situation with some u oge er .enotmg a very um orm, stea y fra e. Amenca j those m the sdk to -;. .Rromin!nt tobacco firm requirin' the services of an bx. home llas while for shipment eqts of oomm ce ch1e1ly: to tho pp1nwg o. he .Pqienced sa esman or solicitor. It is b.ut a coot1aues hght, for wh1ch there.appea s to1 be Suez Canal and to the chrect intercourse now drrie on h e of so no speCial reason. Stocks at Bremen at last be n e t an the Jr!edit.ernnean ports. unexpectedly fi cej1!ii.h e s;crn ies were tha_n several months1 th1s fact i th f h of life to sav of h1m as we onficfently:d.O at h taken m connecllon w1th another fact mentioned. by our Ttl r s ou some o t e J 'r' _. l th 1 r or more h1!s t ur knowl corresponu.en ere, name Y an. 1mprovement, ap-heaviest houses representmg these Interests had edge, solicited hu'in'ble ravo( paritntly, in tbe ciiar trade, might be ,expected. tq in -succumbed t:> e tHir the 0 his jl)urnal. cn:ase to, somt: extent the demand frorp that market. by no indicatef discount. ey is easy e wel -ICnown cigar manufacturer of this city has Messrs. Chas. E. Fischer & Bro., Tobacco Brokers, 13 I .and capital iOOSitinuei c i:uous. 11 this st5ent posed of will henceforth reside i New Water folio \'If' : We noti.s:e aq bav/ eY, Of tl'le situation. '!bard,. t York. ..It w1th fe. ehngs ot regret WIJ take le'11ve of tn th1s week. Thedemaod for dd 7 ; 'Mr. A'ices; who, both as a11enterpr 1ng business man remams very hm1ted and for home trade a regul11r bus1 nat 0 to 5 en 1 ensh a citizen, reflected our city, of which he ness was done, with sales of r,2oi cases of )'l'hich 175 ent-ef.efther En or Arne IC,a-for .. m rft,pect, is a native; and in doing so, we think that a few words for shipping Sales div1ded as follows: 1 C9nnecticut both countries are ro'Wing in the same bo -but co,.nceming his as a anufacturer may not-be in: crop, 18737,298 cases wrappers at 3o@45c; Cc;mnecti-to a want of confidence on the part the mone}ed and will not be cfevoia qf yalue as an ill us : cut and Massachusetts do do, ISO cases and low classes. Our "panic" was over-trading an tration. of what indush: y, intelligence and ruuning at do 1874, .. c ases and W d t 1 enterpnse may accompbsh, even here, under the adverse seconds on pnvate crop IBH.-73. too great e w. 0 ac<;:ept as va uircumstances of the past thirteen vears. :'vir. A lees 278 cases running at do do, 1873, aole that'Wh1ch was not mtr Ically valuable-sqch as long observed that, by tacit admission of the public. running at I5@21c; do do, 1872-73, I3S cases fillers at .the bonds of non-pay:ing ra ways-and when wa found manufactured at home held -in very 7 c; sundries-IOo cases at 8@ IS. we had largely mvested our cap1tal in worthless eatinfabon_; that the monopoly of makmg the best..:....or tobacco was only m mode1ate de. :Securities that could not converted into cash being supposed to do se:-was enj.oyed exclusively by mand, sales but bales at 88@resc., about . the Havanese manufacturers. H1s expefience as a the same quantity as prev10usly reported. we auu;keo WltllJ an and values had taug}!.t liim that while certain kinds of, rilfanufactuied-The week has exhibited at) increased -of all kmds weDt before the mad terrpr of the Havana c1gars were unapproachable by any thing made in' quiry in this branch of trade thou!':h the' sales do not hour. From thl.a c11.pital has not wholly reelsewhere, t .l:lat verY, few of these eyer reached this appear to have been in exdess of the usual weekly -covered. lt 15, however, slowly regaining confidence conntry-be!ng controlled by wealthy We bear ; Levy & Neugass, r: do; S. Barnett, II do; 11ox, and demand sterling respectively; S!Iimg rates Jf@ Dnis. & Co., I 7 do i B. Grotta, r6 do. 487 for 6o 489@4S9 for demand; Commercial, Bv THE NEw VoR AND HAtt'i'Po n'SttAr.YBo;\"l' 6o days 484;-'.@485. Paris-Bankers, 3 days, N. Lachenbruch & Brother, 4 cases E. Rosenwald & @5151'8; Commercial, 6o days, Rei chBrother, 46 do; A. Cohen, 63 do. 3 days 9678@;963{; 6o days, 9578@ B": THE OLD STEAMSHIP LIN-J. A. 953{ ; Commerctal, 6o d1.ys, 947.1.' Pauh, 33 hhds; W. 0. Smtth & Co., 35 do, 20 tcs, 20 Freights-Messrs .. Carey & Yale, Brokers, qtr tcs, 69 cases tfd, 3S three qtr bxs do; J. P. Quin report tobacco fr elghts as follows :-Liverpool, & Co., 2 tcs; Do an, Carroll & Co., 21 cases mid, 30 steam, 3 os; per sa1l, 27s 6d. London, per steam, 37s qtr bxs o hlf bxs do, I2 third bxs do, 24 qtr 6d; per sai l1 3os. GI_asgow, per steam, 30s; Bnstol, bxs do, 64 caddies do; Martin & Johnson, 20 cases per 35s; per sa1l, 3os. Havre, per steam, 40s; mfd, I hlf bx do, 41 thircl bl'S do, 31 qtr bxsdo, 4 cad per sail 35s. Antwerp, per steam, 37s 6d Bremen, dies do; E. Du Bois, 7S cases mfd, rzt three qtr bxs per steam, 37s 6d. Hamburg, per steam, 375 6d. do, ISS hlf bxs do, I19 qtr boxs do, 25 kegs do; Bulk :E'AILTIOV:LAB :NOTIOB. ley, Moore & Co, 4 cases mfd, 25 hlf bxs do, 66 third Growcu of seed leal tobacco are caunoned against .-cepnng bxs do, 4 caddies; Jos. H. Thompson & Co., I2 cases reponed sale and quotationoof seed leaf as furnf.hing the prices tha smkg, 5 h:f bxs do, 28 qtr bxs do; M. M. \Velzhofer, should be obtained for t r c m ac lirst l:and, .. these in most instances 27 cases smkg, IO bxs do; H. A. Richey, 20 cases smkg, to old crQpt wnicf. have been nearly a ,Y ar.' and the profit on 3 r do mfd; J OS. D. Evans & Co., z cases smkl!:, SO "hich must naturally include the anterest on capital Invested. Growers .., cannot .expect evm rn tJu caoe of new crops, to acll them for the same three qtr bxs; A. Hen & Co., 247 smkg, IO bxs pricea as arc obt1ined on a re-salebtte. Of course every re-sale must be pipes; J. Blankrnstei1'1 6 cases smkg; M. L i ndheim, IO at an advance, and tne price obtainable by th arowera will do; N. Wise, 4 do; Co., ,20od lnga. 9 @u Runnlni Lots ............ 9X @oX l J ., r e q r XS commonleat.......... t @n New York State-Crop sand 1813 do; Carhart & 1 Brother, 3 hlf bxs do; C. E. Lee, IO Modium................ '3 llls wRunntn.!fots ......... -89 qtr bxs do; H. K. Thurber & Co., I drum; Geo. Bence, Goo ct.. ,. 15U@t7 "Of/l.l'!' rop a:S13. E Fine.................... @oo 1 Runnrn&' Lou ............ 7@8 I case cigars; Cohen, 26 bxs pipes, 1 do Selectioua ao ortagnC N 0 D & D cutting Juga ....... u @ Il&v&DaFII Com. 87X@ 90 OASTWISE FROM EW RLEAN5. rew ean, 9 do do leaf".. ..... liS clo Good do 92X@l 00 hhd 0 d J alld W'fBI...,. Distnel. do Frne 4o 1 10@1 S i r er, 3 o. Common to good luga 10 @u x.o ScRAPs .............. ,. @ 15 BALTIMORE J I M Ed w h & Common 1..., ..... ...... u @3 Yara, I and ll Cut, assorted, U :,V 3 E.-essrs. ISC meyer Medium leaf............ Jl 1 ,s Co., Tobacco Commission Merchants, report :-The Good ............. 16 anu a:turtd.dln Bond. Tax ct&. Fine .................... @:oo Po crrun fa1mers having securet[ their gram crop, are giving Selectrona .............. 00 E un :-_ JUos:r. 85 ,.70 more attention to the forwardin0"' of tobacco and the reYirga:n\ca.-.xtra &U,Ie 'W 1 wrappers, bright ........ oo Frne ........... ...... .. {5 ceipts of the past week show a considerable increase, do. dark ....... '" Med.iUDJ .. "'" 25 @ll8 1 1 f r 1 d f h' h' bo hhd smokero bright........ ,3 Good ................... so @tO partlCU ar yo o w IC ,a ut I,ooo s ar'Lugo sx oX Commru .... ............ 2o @25 rived. The demand for it continues good, prices keep Ohio_:In'or to' 1 Xtg,9 Preooed,extrallllo 60 @60 Brown and Greenish .. 9 Light Pl'Ioo Gnnulaled Smok!nJ...... d M ) d d Oh' d Assorted Lots .......... ,. @<8 Medium to&'ood ........ 88 @84 thts week: hh s ary an 363 o 10, 5 o 30 35 .......... GUO Kentqcky, sldd Virginia; total, I,343 hhds. Clea1ed same Fillora ................... 8 @o Havana .................... 6o@.oo period: Per steamer Braunulzweig to Bremen, 692 .................... ,0 41=1, 90 hh..J-M. l d d Oh' d v 0 0 I d Selections ................ 40 @5o C op Iller .. _,,. s .,... :trY an 47 0 101 t::3I 0 lTilDia ea,, 23 (.. Nnn y,,,i Stai,r-Crop ,s,,and tSp. Seed ......... IS@ 35 K t k d I hbd k Fillrs ................... 7 Or "C & A.'' 378 lba. net. ...... Con.ulicwt l!r 1870. "G. & F..................... Wrappers .. ,...... 1o @u "WaUis E:r ... '-60 tbe. net.. 29 Run01ng Lots ....... 8 @ 9 '*1. C.yCa .... '! .. oo 28 Con, 6--Mass-Crop and rS,3. _. Ynurrtn" ................. 0 25 Fi>ttersoo.......... ...... 1 Ai' z. Al" 1138 lba....... ..... 1 DIFo''. 0 20 Running Lots ... o ... t @I! R. R .".... 20 :: ;::. 8:.:::::: .. ::::::::::::: 21 IMPORTS. The arrivals at the port of New York from foreign ports for the weele ehding August 3, included the fol lowing consignments: ILotLo-Kidder, Peabody & Co., 2 cases cigars. LA GUAYRA-J, D. Gillman & Co., I bx cigars. LIVERPOOL-Weaver & Sterry, Ioo cases licorice paste, I40 bales gum. NAPLF.S-Weaver & Sterry, too cases licorice paste. SEVILLE-Weaver&: Sterry, 22 cas es licorice paste. SMYRNA-Jas. C. McAndrew, I,I9I cases licorice paste, 2,66z bales dct root, 30 .cases do sticks. HAVANA-A. 79 bales tobacco; J. M. Ceballos, 275 do; Weil & Co., 587 do; H. R. Kelly & Co., 205 do; Vega N:artinez & Brothers, Io6 do; Schroeder & Bon, 166 do; M. & E, Slomon, 33 d,o picadura; Chas. T. Bauer & Co., r case cigars ; Purdy & Nicholas, 3 do; G. W. Faber, I8 do; M. Rivera, 10 do; Peirea Brothers, 5 do; FelixJ Garcia, 2 rldo; J. H. Navaro, 2 do; Howard Ives, 19 do; W. H1 Thomas & Brother, I9 do; Acker, Merra11 & Condit, z8 do, 2 cases cigarettes; Park & Tilrord, 25 do; Chas. Luling & Co., .x case to bacco see

I AUG. 4. and Ohio ciltting rear; 25 hhds togs, I2@I4; good do do, 14 t 8; fine do do,. at 13@2S.25 for celory Sliloker to good leaf; extra do do, 22@3o; common working leaft B@tol good 54 hhds new common smolici's 19 cio do, LO@u ; ffne do do,_ t2@J6; common shipping good leaf; 4 boxes PendletO'Il Co. Ky., at 5, 7, 8@12.50; leaf, 9@11; good do do, 12@14; fip e do do, 14@ I6 ; 21 ca!ell .common Oh10 fiillers and binders at wrappJUs, p@14; ood ' there has been no change worthy of n o te. lar g e an d fin e crop, their tobacco is i njured i n e vei-;v Our market closes verv firm The transact i ons were concei v able manner; c o nsiderable has been cut thi"s 7 30 hh:!s, 83 18 bxs. I continue quotat i ons :-Park w e ek on account of it tak i i ng the Field Burn/' a very common to medium manufactur i ng l ugs, 7, 8 @ 9 c ; g ood deshucfive and quick malady i n the weed; in marlugs to common l eaf, to@nc; medium to g ood -'kets it is known as frog eyed" tobacco. Planters say leaf, 1;z@r5; fine l e af, r 6@t8; ext r a, 19@ it is caused by hot sunshine, immediately after or durbright filler s common, ro@12; med i um, ing a wet spell of weather, and will extend through a 13@ 15 ; good to fine 17@2o; extra 2 2 }'2 @:! 5 ; comm0n large patch in aday; the only remedy is to cut the crop bright smokers, 13@I5i medium 1 6@2o goo-a, 2 23-2@ as soon as it makes its appeJtrance, but as it is not yet 30; fine to extra 35@4o; wrappers, c9mmon J 15@20; arri ved at its first stage of ripening it is hard medium 25@3o; good, 35@50; fine, 55@75; extra such stuff will make; but one thing is certain, tbe badly 8o@xoo ; shipping lugs, g-; to good frog-eyed tobacco is less desirable than our worst frozen leaf, 12@16; fine ; .J7@i9; extra tobacco. The Ohio River is now high e r than ever FOREIG known at this time of yerur, and rising at every point; all N its tributaries are in the condition, not a creek in the BREMEN, :Ju ly 16--:----0ur spec i al co_rreS1Jondent 'State but what has overflowed its banks this wee k; the :-KentuckyThe has contmued dead qu; e t ground is comple t ely saturated, and ponds standing Qn si_flce my last report Only ro rhds fine l e af a t 105 pfen every spot of ground, where it is possible w i th two-thirds mgs are reported sold. The dul!n_ess may last of the or,op in the ; highlanps not having been ,wor:.ked the present month, but 10 Au g ust It 1s rea so'?able or cleaned out this month, and considerable ofit-is to anticip-ate S'Jme, however small, _Them a Jonty of freP.ching and injuring otherwi s e ; from a] these, and sm a lter can not hav7 10 enough sto ck the unsettled stati! Q f the weather, we are at a 1 ss to do them than f a ll by which u:ne theu to even make a guess a t the quantity we w ill market lhe must be a bou t e':hausted. The re IS rro pa:rttcular cominoseason one thing is certaio it will noqbe c h ange to note m e xcept that lugs "an be bou g ht three-fourths of an average crop in quantity, and of int R;ce pts of Kentucky o ld new ferior quality. It may be that the stumps of the early cr_op:fro'?l Ist t o date, _are r ,83_s hhds,_ do of cutting may produce a good crop of y speculators. Most qf wl}a ts JS com-Boone---: 9 9 5,5'59, f1!0n stocl< or growth : Lots of good quali ty are firmly Farm. ers--e--t:r5 140 1'72 eld .at reiatively higher prices. -Stock i n first hands .. ------4 30 3 lb ..1 Keotucky Aseociatioll ___ j) Ill 1 ,734 11ll:Y 9 0 cases. Pl:lnters ____ -----5 2 274 2 .978 .LIEROOOL, Ju'! F. W. Smythe & Exchange ---... o 79 1 270 Co .. Merchants, repOf;t for the .._21 196 3 ,120 endt g tod ay :-Manufacturers and exporters Ninth Street._ ____ ._---:zo 122 3 637 have d o ne..someth i ng chiefly in dried l eaf for home use, and PlanterS' leaf for the Continent ; the former class of Total. ..... ... 217 1,ssr 23, 50 look low-priced fillers to a fair extent with little Year 1874---------r,594 k 5 914 46,342 p-urchaseS of selections ot leaf and strips, but the latter Year 1873-----------877 4 ,8o 3 44 ,752_ class operated on a small scale ; prices, however were For week, original new, 175 hhds ; nc;w reviews, r 6 v ery'stead'y, Imports 148 hhds, or about one-third of hhds; original old, 13 hhds; old reviews, '13 hhds For those sa)ne.-week last year. Deliveries, 429; stock, year, 12,371 hhds original new; 1 303 do new review s 26, 3 3 against 23, o14 hhds same t ime twelve months 4,927 do o r iginal old; 4,9oo do old reviews. The ago. inspections this week was all f(H our auction iales. :July 24.-During the week ending to-day there w as Prices for thi s week show a nother slight advance ou rather more business done than we have had to re po rt frosted kinds, and sound nondescrip t lugs and common for weeks past. Manufacturers, whose stocks had !i.e leaf, and a very decided advance, say 1 cents on all c o me 'nearly i!xha ust7d took leaf and strips to a good to fine descriptions. Useful tobaccos (old or modera t e extent. Shippers to 1\fnca, who have bee n new) of either plug or cutting kinds are in good demand, out of the mar}let fo_r some time past, b?ught two at prices from 1 to 2cts. above prices of last week. thre e lots of leaf suitably put up for their wants and Market closed very to-day at the follow i ng figures further s!lles, but only tc;> a small extent made for for tobacco of good wetght and order : the Mediterranean. Pnces as a rule theugh generally Rich well maintainted were easier, but on medium and the Frozm. Nondescript. .ffea vy. Colory. lower grades of leaf and strips, are in large Com. lugs 1 7@8 9 @-rr .supp ly, conces sttms were more noticeable. Imports, Good lug s 8@u 342 hhds; 358 hbds ; stoc k, agains t Com. leaL. 6 8 II @13 IS@I7 23,277 same ume last year. Good leaf. J:oY'f@I4 13 @r6 IJ@2t1 LONDON, .Tuly 22-Messrs Grant, Chambers & Fine leaf.. :14 @16 16@ 19 21@25 Co report :-During the past week our market has Ex. do x6@x8 25@30 peen rather less adi ve than in the preceding, and altoNo bnght wrappers tOn the thts week. O)Jr gether aales have been rather of a retail character. rcc_eipts Will be v rJ from this time out, facSome business has been done in recent imports Qf light through the ttY are all leaf, of which only little had previously been on the p t ng the bulk o f. recetpts after tht s w tll be sroall lot$ market. 1-rious rumors as to excessive nin have fr o m o t h e r markets. been and still are afloat, but so far the statements made LY NCHB'YRG :;July 31.-Messrs. Nowlins, Youn. arenot sufficiently definite to enable an opinion to b_e ger & Co., Tobacco Commission report : formed as to effect on the growt_ng For 0/uo Under increased of tobacco the marke t: has beof colory descnptlon the demana Is still good. Con come dull, and prices rule lower for grades. We stderable of Cave'!tf1Sk have been ma.de1 const stmg quote as follows: Common.irosted Jugs, good mostly of medium quahnes. do do, 5 ; dark lu(l:S. 6@7; good do do, 7@ ---.---.... 9;'1)nfiio d,, e *uking lug,, 8@9; goo8 A ST. Louts ToBAcco FI\CTORY Satuo.-The tobacco do do, 9@10; l\ne do, to@u; Common smoking factory or FlH. 'Schroeder, write11 a correipondeot ef the I'HE 'l'OBA.CCO-LEA.P Indiana and Illinois; damage will be immense. L=-c,;. -6 ktehes, makes it now certain that alt low tobacco CROP NEWS. Davis, Henderson, Minor and Chor, through to Cairo, will be submerged. Don't buy anx; more goods Which I now confir,m. I put this last seDlence in so as Great tftalre to dae C P to give evidence that I believe what I arli telegraphing, Below we give a r.eries of late telegram.-aDd letters and that if Ollf crops are gone ca se any received by some of our prominent tobacco factors, gooCls. refe rring to the injury done to the tooacco crotfb the Cintinnafi; July :27.-Since I last wrote I a trip incessant rai ns of the past few w up mto the Mason district, and saw the crop for 'r.ELii:GRA M S. myself. I went through Pendleto!l, Harrison, NichOlas, Oruensbott1 (Ky.): '7uly 29.-Heavyrains have Mason and Fleming counties, and found at seriously injured tobacco. tbe crop in the weeds; it bnin& not been worked s1nce St. Louis, :July 28.-Exce116iV<1 rains, and it was set, and now beyond the 1 possibility of makini! damage to crop. any thing. You can only occuionally see a plant, and Hopkinsv i lle, August 1 .-Raining hard every day, ia small, yellow and hard. The other jlalf has beep no prospect of clearing otf Tobacco is being ruined. llnd while it is eaay afa n, u Louisville Ky; ), :July wit-h crops seriously ; market higllef ;-. It rained, no, buying; holders wit!ldrawiug tobacco; wlis'-o'U't; an still it rains every reports from the country. are doing -not ing and can 'Louisville (Ky.), :July JI.-Flooeling raiAs f ItYlJ,utd move lleir houses if they..J.ucUx.J... Market here to-day two cents bieber. fleJcb; 1 u een any thing like it. _Louisv ille, short, heavy Our r.irer is higher than it ever wa at this season rams Saturday even10g, last mght and to da.r.; of the year, and all the low lilonds on tt are unaer E vamr1 ille, July 29.-Prospects for tobacco near] 'Cat tol:)acco and every thing on creek bottoms gone. as bad lls at this time last year. I have-not it; if you were to see it, you would Evansv ille (I11d.), August 2 .-Don.'tJell any of rey_ give more doleful report than I lio. tobacco fQr a few days. Entirely impossible to rai11e Sprilll{jield ( Tenn:), ':fuly 28.-Continual rain for two three quarters average crop. Raining steadi!.)' two weeks-damage to crop esdmated at fully 25 per cent. days. Vwens!Joro (Ky.)...:..Heavy rains. all over Kentucky, LETTER!!. and also in Northern TennesseF-both buyers )lnd Lou isville Tlmrsday-, '}' u ly 29.1The heavy planters tha under no circumstances (even a't _still Seve J al telegraf!!S from this te s report, July 29,) can J the crop exceed twotntenor thiS A. M .1 Inst r uct warehousemen to hold tothirds of a[\ ave r age. If rain continues the yielp Will bacco and not sell. It is agreed here to-day that all not be more than in 1874 'oJ' frosted grades have advanced from h11lf a -cent-to -Ifend"son (Ky.), :July-%8 .-A rE:sident for foriy years cent a pound this week, and that good le A f has recovsays, in his experience the prospec f of ered it s f o rm e r firmness and figures A reEetition of gloom)-does not expect over half crop, and that t he histo r y of August 1874, is looked for the ensuing very poor quality. Indiana Illinois and the m onth. If the rains elsewhere in the tobacco growing River counties have suffered equally. s ecti o ns are as heavy as the): are here, and I am Our Louisville correspondent supplements his--m'ir t advtsed they are the country must be flooded. During report with the follo wing :-Since mailing my report (at the last twe lve hours we have had six hours of heavy 2 P. M.,) I have been shown a disr.atch from Gfark!;ville:, rain and in Paducah they h:':' had fifteen hours of TP.nn., it reads, July 31, heavy raihs continue in, Paducontinuous heavy rain and it is still pouring. cah district-market excited and one cent higher. P a ducah (Ky.), :July 30.-As to the damage done to also hear that the Ohio River has cw.erfla I low the tobacco I hardl y know how to estim a te it. From bottom lands from Owensboro, Ky., to Shawneetown t he most rel i able farmers that 1 hne talked with, they i if so, 1Lnc! I do--uot think it futprobable the way n o w st a te that there can not more than one-half a river is, it will destroy thou ands 9f acres of corn crop in quantity made, and that the quality will be very t:>bacco. The prospect grows more gloQJny pc>or. All of the tob a cco t was planted in the no one mode.-ately fair report from any section to bottoms and low land s have been drowned out, or nearly Iieve the steady stream of complaints from .alC parts. so, and it is onl y on the h igh or rolling lands that it the country tributary, to this market. makes any show, and much of it is so checked and burned in the weeds and grass .... hat it can never make thing Again I would not be surprised to hear of THE PIPE TRADE.-It is not very long ago, remarks the Toqaeco Trade that we u!ed to see at dif. ferent street-corners. between the hours of one ang two, ;. the early tobacco taking the black fire, as used to be the c a se years ago iri tht Clarks ille district-if so, it will all have to be cut green, or not be saved at all. You may th i nk that I have probably exaggerated i n my accounts of the dam age done by the rains; rest assured the prospect at this writing is more gloomy for a crop than last year. There w1ll be more pou n ds made but persevering young gentlemen carefully puffing at t i nted pipes, or else blowing a cloud of tobacco-smoke on to the bowl, with a look of fond solicitude at the col oring rings. In' railway carriages, too, elderly gentle men would lift gigantic bent billiards froin their cases, fill them with an expression of pride kindling on their countenances, and then smoke them, cased in wash leather, auf ing the entire journey. But now, notwith standing our extensive l?eregrinatwns, to see a new meer schaum in anv one's mouth has not been our lot for months. G. B. D. pipes have not been impo rted lO.. large quantitie,s this last mo nt h as during the precedmg, or rather the sale has not assumed such r po r tions; the sale in 'ilver-mounted has not decrease arid although some slight difference was made month or tWO ago bythe intrOdUCtiOn intO the mounts of an inferior quality, the latter have -n,.,,...-f.,.,,,,.n-1:it w ill be a v ery poor article. P ad ucul (Ky.), July so.-For ::!l days we havenad rain e v ery day, but two, and the destruc t i o n to the crop has been awful. For 36 hours we h a ve had an a lmost continuous rain in torrents and the situation is blue in deed for the t o b a cco crop. The low lartds are ru i ned e n tirely, and the hill lands are badly washed. You can see whole fie lds fre nc h e d, and many of them so bad l y that tne y hav e been entirely abandoned The whole crop is in the weeds and grass and can n o t possibiv be worked as long as this weather continues. H H has just from a long trip in the country, and he says that not more than a half crop can possibly b e rai sed in quantit y and t it-4rill be the pootest t o bacco ever raised in this district. The greatest dam a,ge, in my opinion, will be on account of the perfect w o thlessness of the growing crop. It is now conceded b y e v ery one that the crop will be the me l\ nest one ever rai sed "Fad u c ah, :July 27.-Fully :25 per cent., if not one thi d, of crop destroyed. Clarksville (Ten n ) 'July 29.-Yeste rday \Ve had no r a in, but to day it is on us again, as we write thi s 5 P. M A telegram from Paducah at noon says :-"It h a s been for 16 hours, and s t ill cont inues-Ohio River rising." A letter of the 27th just received says: "Riding through portions of th i s county I the crop w o rse damaged than I the ground havmg been too wet to work for some tiiiie ani:! planters trying to save their wheat and their tobacco has badly i n the grass ; much of' it is frenched, a nd suffering for topping. I think the crop damaged 25 per cent. in quantity and quality, even if the rams shouhl come just as the y are neeeed hereaft er." A cool, careful gentleman from t,lle Allensville section, to-day tell5 us that one -acre in every fifteen is "drow ed and the crop has also lc>st some by r oltmg, etc. But be adds, If the sc:ason. yet suit, a "lze ap" it will be made, and very fine. -He says, too, that the Trenton secuon ts m a worse fiK than this. As we close it still rains, with eve? appearance of being g e neral and a regular" soak1r." Henderson (Ky.), "7uly aS.-n t 23 we sent you the following telegr : tl'obacco erop iliird by heavy raios .' theit out n stea4ily diminishing and nQw we can half of a crop, with favorable weatl:ier fr0m The Ohio river (with all it&. tributarie6 ) height and still rising, and a very J arge m l2.ntih.,... .nl tobacco, as well as corn has oeen entirely still Jlnd. if it ontin\]es m.L!,ch longer ttl e sm proportion o f a crop we now have will be ver y curtailed At present the outlook is "bluel' t ndeea many farmers have ab ndone\1 all idea of savin g their tobacco crop. Pemb roke (Kf.), .Tuly 30.-It ![' rain every day or night-been aining ever since raay and the country is saturatea with water, a soql}e plantings bu nin up aod some cut oh_ of ,i{_ Lo_w lands very much injured and higlllanda frenching. lt ts thought the crop is greatly injured and a good .ctop can not be n.ade: The prospect is certainly gloomy, '!-nd unless the rams cease there is no telling bat result will oe. Ow e nsboro', Ky. July 29.-The hea v iest rai n of the se ason f e ll in this section last night. The c o unt r y is every and damages su sta in ed to crop m thts State and Indiana mast be y ery We do not see how more tha.n one-hal an avarage pro duction now gtown year. and this full esti mate will be still IUthe Cllrtailed unless tbe weather clears off. a constituency of their own, and the real t.nd bM _fecoveyed all U. pristine and we larity. It is a fact worthy of that which moun ted briar pipet. Is for an ephemeral article, and in s q me end they command higher prices than for meerschaums during the height -or The importations of St. Clauda Briar-s have iacreased m proportion to the decrease in the trade in Nuremberg produ-:tions. The v i tality of French oommerce was never better exemplified than in the present aspect of French briar pipe trade. Dnring the last war it was a lmos t ru i ned; and now, titian of manufacturers who have hacl iuper,ior AdV.i!-n, in c o nnexions and capital, they have managed to almost a monopoly by the pure force of supett ority. French manufacturers have a great advantage also in the .possession of the briar .foot almost aHheir doors, so to speak; while other foreign manufacturers have been obliged to incur the exp-ense of out bei n g able to equal the French in artistic have also inaugurated the mannfacture and Ivory mouthpieces. There is a vrc,U.inoamong smokers that an ivo,ry mouthpie ce to a brittle and hard amber mouthpiece; and 'We would advise Nuremberg makers to enter into rivalry with their French competitors in this particular branch if they ex pect to ma10tain a position in England. Those artfcles w hlch more espedall_y f\eserve the name of artitkf tk / ttxe,such Cigar-cases, fuse-boxes etc., n,ot been very extensiVely sold. The concurrent mlu !tan of depression, bad weather, ana an entire a sence of novelties, have all contfwutedlo. keep the ''tobacconists' fancy trade" in a stagnant condition; We fanFy that, "take it for all in 11, detect sUglft improvement up o n the transactions of the of May. Nuw YoRK. CrTY.-Katz & bacco dis solv ed. N m w YoRK. CtTY.-H. Col ll, in Seed d H;avanil Tobacco, from Ij2 to i68 WaterS r Springfield Tmn., :July 30 .-The continued and cf:x. cess ive rains have caused m.1ch frenching, more than ever was knowP. here before, llnd the TOtrnd bting too wet to wor k SO long, that the w; J. a'!d o[ it in tpe I r 1' thmk that the tobaccro runnmg up so fast w Jt bout piO()pe:r 1--m l cultivation is injuring it b mutlr as any thing 1 1 raining to-day and has every aa.y for sbme e; "AT mwttL tdea abo ut t}le injlij'y b tile S:IQP m,y fi'e about BA thus : If it should only rain when we n!!eded it here after, I think there will be about or near an average cr?p l n pounds made, but of inferior quality. I don't thmk there can be much really made, but i f the rain continues muCh longer the cwp will surely be very much damaged. Ten days JllOre of ain, I think, will damage the crop 25 per cent liKlre. Evansv ill.:, bzd., :July 29.-I sent you the telegraphic dispatch last nigbl: "Heaviest r:ain fell day we have had, extending ten eounties in Ken.


' .\ 1 .J.fB. PACE, TPRPIN & BRO., .I .. J GlUNT. & co:\..r _T. W PEMBERT,:_l,' JOHN R. P ACE a r LINoB. :rHOS. C ARROL L. YORK ... .,.,., f oJ i.J anuf ct ur e r s : W. J. YARBROUG & J. H. GREANER) L. H. FRA YSER &1 C O ., k : W. JOHN w CARROLL a nd othus. < 'I I QIL BON NE B OU CHE, 4 s a ud 5s, Sing l e a nd D o'ub!e l I Agent& for Celebrate d I SMOKING TOBACCO, YOBU ,.' ,,. m-JdiAF TooACCo INsPECTION TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. I Certifica te5; given fur every c ase a n d delivered c ase by c ase as to numb e r of Certifi cate. 1 N. B.-WE ALSO SIMPLE IN MERCHANTS' OWN STORES. F. UICJP.I.L OFFmli:-1411 Water Street. to 186 P earl 8t. R.EROllSEIJ-1411 FroB$, 7 1'} 41 78 Stre et., and 1 lll, 8 .... .u-r Ball....,.. a.pot.,l!lt ollJU Parlt. ,.. : .. 00t111TR.Y'-6AMPLINQ ER.OJI TKNDBD TO. t I r I IIM)LPH STROHM' G UI D O R&lTZBHS'l'SlK. 1 -:: 1. i! f .. aTRoaN a RtTtENsTEm; ... D. J. GARTH, soN & co., I # m m i-' i # U !,hl\ld%1, to B F;'-LLKNSTEl N & Co ... ) nunas ,. Commission Merchants, 441BROAD ST., ...-o B.EIGll TOL.&CCOP NEW YORK, I 70 Front Street, m:w tOiX. I'. QVIl'l &. CO., M. B. LEVIN, TOBACCO P!GTOBS, t iP 0 B Till OP BAV Dl Western and Virginia Leaf, : :AndDealertaallkba&a of f39 BROAD STREET, 1. :mAr -r o 21 A. o ao. ... o aox .,707, -BEw Yoatt. 161 YGRK. 'TBilM.&S KIHICUTT, w.-TATGIIBOR&T. 'l'OJJACOO Le-.IJ T b ...... .AN D -..: o AJWJ. CODlSSIII IUtUIT, No. 52 88 8ROAif8TREET,.' NEY(. YORk." NEW VORL _, E. SPINGARN & CO., YANA & DOisTIC TOBACCO. & CO., and Toba.cco i \aotors, ?)rD CCMliUSSI0N M'!RCHAN7!JI U A:,.. BROAD 8TBEET, llo 8URLINC SLIP, RA.R W A1'ER-8TRE ET, NEW-YORK. HW u.a. -.oa.a&171. ... ._ ...,...,.... "lL:: W>C'w : WICKE tc co., :""' MARTIN & MANUFACTURERS OF 79 STB.EE -OX:BS Bet,WALLIITREETANDOLDSLIP, JSJ:m\IV 1 157; 159 & 161 Goefck' si., TO ba.C:co Commission :Mere han ts, ----T -FOR THE SALE OF. AL..L 1-'HE NEW,. -STANDARD BRANDS OF VIRGINIA It, NORTH CAROLINA mT Jl,!! .. ml MANUFAeTmD & SIOKIIG TOBACCOS A ge n t s f o r t-he f ollowing w ell-known Vi;gi n i a and N Car.ol ina ROBER 'I w OLI VER, Richmond V a I W I>l'GFIELD & L AWSON, Richmond, va. (FJ D. C. K AYO & C O., R iciup,.onr\, Va. V!Ol'I:ACK. & INGRAM, Meadvill < Va W J. GENTRY & CO., R chmo n d, Va. W. DUKE, Durh a m N.C. a'.I'IKBI'i 'Jr80 ... IJO MAVO & KWI CIHT1 Rich .. ond, Va R. l'. J'AUCEl':I:, N.c. '11' t ,;. 'f HARDGROVE, POLOLA'RD & CO Ric;h m o n d Va. COOP E R & WILLIAMS Ofo r d N. 0. IIPOB !EBS 8l. Ill' ANA Llftt TeBACCO T he spe ci al at t ention of the Trad e i s c alle d t o t he followin g es t a bli shed Brand s : """" MAkuFACTuuas OF.'rHa XA:Rl7J'ACTURED IIANUI'ACT'DBED -lo "' V a rg m ta Bea u tte s, P. P .' s whole Cad4ies 0ld Ned' s Choice, Xs, P. P's. EL PBIN()IPE DE IIRAND IU.VANA AID KEY WEST, VirgiRia Beauties 3s and,._,, D C M>y o & Co., N>vy lbs. K Farmer's Daughter 3 S 45 and J(s D.C. Mayo&Oo., N a vy, ,Us, and Ms. P. P in whole, 26 CEDAR' ST., NEW YOR Sallie Willie ,und'3piug'Tw ist X,>nd)(caddies. r;!;. J>s, )(s, P P'., Orient al Fig, m tin lb. b o-zes {ancr-. and lonB' 1o's. r Charm 6-inch Twist, i:n tfn foil, X cadd ie& Mayo&KJU&'ht, Navy, ){s, }Ss, ''' P P'a. & l011.g lOS. Charmer, 6 and t. 0 .... lb Lus ci oas Weed, 11-1nch p SK KDfG, In bags of rs, .'fs. a R d ,..s ._ Chas Henry, Jr. 9'-lnch1li1 t preJMd. Gold Bug. Vi rginia's Choice. Ambrosia, lbs. G old Medal. Ixi' o n Oliver' s Cboice l'bs. 01.ive. R ose 48 & 50 E .. t Second S t. ALEX PRIES & BROS 16 Voll"tJe Place, BET. WARR&N ANI) CINCINNA!I I ., MURRAY S T S OHIO. NEW Y 0 R. K, C. tMANUFACTURERS O F Ol d Ken tuck, lbs. Ca.eyq u e HAVANA CIGAR FLAVOR F e a therstone's Crac k Shot, lba.. Reward of Industry. lJ .1:3uck. Out of Ms, P. P 's. Owen' s Dttrham. Pnde o f t h e Nation. Disaotved''-' o z. in. o n e g ailon of Whisky a ftd s prinkled o n the Tobacco, gives to the m o s t common the H;t.rvest Q ueen, J(s, Ji s, P Duke' s DurhaJD. Dandy Lion. tbvnr ...t th e finest Havana Ciean 1H11r &ttle n., 4 nnnr.111.a. Farmer). Cho ic e, )ls, P P's.. Fu cett's Durham. 1 .FRANCIS KINNEY' S PATENT IMPROVED J TOBAOOO CUTTER. This Jmproved Mac h i n e fo r cutting Tobac c o i:s con $lr o cted With a single knife working upon inclined bear ini.s and operating with a Hi:licg ahear cut u po n the tobacco, wh ich is p laced in a box with side s at right M&leS a n d bottom parallel w ith said knif e T hi1 machine wit cut any kiad ttf tobacco, and. cut it perfectly. ,lu{ Twjst, Pedque i n and a n y simila r ly bard prepared tobaccos can be cut i n t h eir hard state, wl thou t ani" casing, a ny ofher moistening t o softe n them. It m akes n o shorts c an be run bt .ha nd o r steam po.w er, requi res oo sk ill t o erate i t ; its constructio n ts o(tb.e most s ubstantial low t o wear a n d d iffic ul t t o d iso r de r. Prlce or machine com ple t e with (bo x 4 x 6 ;uo inc hes), s-a 1 0 n e t cash O FFICE 141 WEST BBOAD W A Y l\' e""' York. 1N. atten t i o n or m;&nutact urers of C i p rette Tur kish, and a tll"atUO.J Tobacc o s St.ta ight Cuts. Dright Leaf, etc e t c "' i s partic ularly C.l.lled to tht:. m ac htoe -/ APPLEBY HELME, Parti clllar attention g iven to p u tt ing up s p ecia l b rands f or d(\LE use o w n e ra. &o1e :tor B. T PILKINTON ( a CELEDRA.'1'ED _.. iorgfeldt & Deghuet, PATENT TOBACCO IACBINBBY, 25 Myrtle Avenue, BROOKLYN Con s t antly o n t he B e s t Improved H and and Stea m for C u tting a n d Gra nulat ing "I:obacco. EDWARD M. WRIGHT It, CO. KATZ &. CO., G al C M h tl' JJEALERS'A'NJJEXPORT_ERSOF ener ODI1Dl8810n ere anll}, ALL KIND S OF 38 Broad street Tebacco,. 179 PEARL STREET, e N E W YORK NEW YORK, l'. O BQX 2484. JAMES M. GARDINE!l, 5 CHARLES 1\f. CoNNOLLY. t Ja'meii lYI. Gardiner d: Co. ---.... Tobacco Commission-Merchants' S4 New Yol"k. ARE RECEIVING DIRECT F R OM VIRGINIA CONSIGNMENTS OF TlJRED T OB A CCO EXPORT ORDERS FOR PLUG T OBACCO ,.. PROMPTLY FILLED. AUG. 4 W. T. Oollamlaetoa BULKLEY MOORE & CO. VIRGINIA' BUGIRB DU BOIS, I'BOK'I' NE W YOBK I'AUL CAL'fL Compl e te, r e ady t o run. Bes t and ch e ap est. Simple, compact, -durable a n d e co n on:;.; cal. S end f o r d escri p tive C ircular, with price a nd testim o nials. R. W. WILDE, 22 COURTLANDT STREET, NEW YOBIL :omlEI.JlEBG k co., x 6 o PEARL Sr., N E w J. D lt.UK!Wli.G k CO., B A L T IM@RE, MB. XUK!UEIG, SCkAlru k CO., NEW ORLEANS LA. WDI.DIG k CO., LoUISVILLE, KY mtHAm. MAYO & CO., I ENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS,_ B ,ROAD STREET,\ NEW YIJBK. .WALTER FRtEDMAN S FREISE, WILLIAM M. PRICE & CO LEAF TOBACCO HAVANA TOBACCO IMPORTER S O F .. CO. Of GALIPOUIA, I SAN FELIPE Gl:LROY. All Cipr1 and "Dr u l1't ot poilfiA GIOWN LEAr, CURED BY THE CULPI our C i gars are finer in tl.a vor than a ny made in Ute State!, or Amencaa G rowa Tobacc o and a re p r o n o un c e d b y co m pe ten t jud gce tl! th ose Imporled fro m Havana, oar pricsmowiiii&U$ .;;omi:licos. .1' .... ii.r..-.. T he S m oking Tobaccos man uf'ac ur e d 1iy t h i s C omp111y are p erfectly pure, po s sess ing a 0 J!P'l'l and D!LICACY OF :rtAVOI 'II'NBmASS!Il, ( o w hile they contai n LES S NICOTINE, than tobac c o c ured b y "iuiy ot h er know n process IIDG BUGCI8 Ajeat -. Otflce and Salesroom, No, 207 Front Street, San Francisco, Cal. I M. l AND :hiPORTERS O F Havana Tobacco and Ci.rars, 85 MAIDKN LAJII, N. Y. :ng MAIDEN LANi. mmt M 'EICHAIT. 203 Pearl Street,. 'NEW YORK. 178 PEARL S'I'Dm', NEW YORK. P, O. BOX 2969, NEWTOBK -J'DJLLS & CO., :EKi:tO:S.Tli::S.S Olr S:E'ANIS:B, AND PACKERS. OP ,sEED. -LEAP TOBACCOS, G '175 Water Street, New York. CBAS F. TAG a SDK,, Importen of SPANISH and Dealers In a ll kinde or LEAF TOBACCO, 194 Front Street, e .... 1r01UL .VEGA, MARTINEZ & BRO'S, a. B.'W:'IIs--.&Nl\1', uf:OPBIBAGBI SlUFF" I MPORTERS OF .Ell .a.u. Commission Merchant, Manafactnred on l y b y HAVANA TOBACCO WEYMAN fc BAOTHER, S ecured h y t.etters Pate n t, D ece mber t6, A n fnfringemen' on our co pyrisht wil l be rigor o usly pros ted a n d ever y grade T obacco 'WEYMAN & HRO,, 'i 9 & Sl Smi thfie l d Street, Pitt s bur g h l' a. ............. CICARS, PEARL STREET, New Fork. :1 AC::IKI,IIO 0081,11 A, ....... IMPURTER OF Hava,na Tobacco, and S OLE AGENT fo r the :a rand ofCiprs, LA MA.J AGU A, Ko. 183 l'earl Street,, Comer o f C e d ar, NEW YORK, FELIX CARCIA, I M PbRl'ER OF HAVANA LEAF TOBAC}CO, (J"IOM T GUTIERREZ), -'AND CIGARS, ALS O OF THS WS:LL A : NOWN Brands ofGil;ars 'La Carolina' & 'Be:nry Clay. And Sole Ag't for Brand 11Prof.Morse.''47 a 'nd "'SARATOCA," 181' Water St., l!lew York AND DllALBR I N ALL KUtDS OJI' LEAF T.OBACCO, 17S :Pearl Street, :Be(. .t Cedar, NEW YORK, KOENIG & SUBERT, DEA:LERS IN A L L KINDS OF LEAF & HAVANA TOEAOCO$, No. 329 (bet. 2i .t 33. Sts.,) H. 1 NEW YORK. B. S u ou:RT f N. L!CIIENBRUCB & BRO., No. 164 Water Street. New Yo r k, WHO LB. SAL& D&ALBitS JN HAVANA & DOMESTIC Leaf' Tobacco. F. MIRANDA & cb. M. OPPENHEIMER &; HAVANA TOBACCO VEGA & BERNHEIM, I KPOtTu or A.n.d. oxa...a.:a.a. A N D OF THE BRAND O F !,S'I' '!'Uli.L STUE'1' N!W VOir. CICARS .. RITICA," MANUEL RIVERA, .!!!. Pearl St, Ifew York. I MPORTER OF ANTONIO CONZALE% LEAF TOBACCO UIPOBTBB Ol' arand '" A. c. v., ti81JitcJ', AND OI&.&B I AND J Ira& "caJ.UJ'IrAI.' L. CARVAJAL' S CIGARS,"' f'l m.. 1.&10111 16'? W ..tTEB BT .. NB'W YORK. JIEW YOJU[, DEALERS" IN SEED, LEAF liD HAYUA TOBACCO, 138: WATER STREET, NEWYGBL J. SAN JULIAN, U tJ:O RTER O F BAV.&:N'.& Tobacco, 88 WaD Itt., 'l'ork. oo t.


AUG.4.. JACOB IDIILL, c> MANUF ACTUR.U. W CIGAR BBXES, SUPERIOR AND .WOOilj a: 297 Monroe St., .. TOBACCO, BOWERY, -."!tr" NEW YdRK WK. AGJI':lilW & SOliS. !obaoco and Oommissio11 Merohant& 1184 and gs6 Front NEJJI" YOBK. JU."'" Lt.r.. .AU nuCw: ,_ tear tobacu for Export aacl 10111.1 Ia Lear Tobacoo baled In Bll'f pacbp lv for esport. I WK. SCliOVERLING, l'ACKER OF AND DEALER IN SIKD-LHAP TOBACCO, NEW MILFORD, CONN_. Libenl Cub advances !bade on Consignments. AHNER & DEHLS, ---DEALERS IN LBAP TOBACCO, 190 Pearl St., -K!CJu.a AHN ... } NEW YORK A. 0RKLS. I READ & Oo., SuccESSORS TO IsAAC READ, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And .Dealers in Virgima and Western Leaf ami ManNjadured Tobacco, Lic{)I'Ue, Gum, etc., 1 Old 8!i_ p, Kew '2'ork. I'D ll\UFIAKN BROS., & BONDY, ANUF ACTIJR.EBS OF FINE CIGARS, ISle A 131 GB.Al'ID STJU:BT, l'I'IIW TOI\E. Sheet.Metal Cigar Moulds Thl1 is the only Mould su:table C o r the Manufacture of Fine Havana Ci g ars. Tin kuown to be the best preserv:..tive of aromas. The bunche s produced do net r equire t'urning, as no For Circulars, address IApOLEOI DUBRUL, So1e Pate:ntee: of the Creaaele s s Wooden and Shee t Metal Cigar Moulds. '!o.;......_ ___ ;.,.-_...:.._ ____ ..,;;;;;;;_..,._lS6 & lGSW. Seoou4 St., Cincinnati, 0. LEVY BB.()S., or "L. ll. L. -3.L.G488ERT & BBO., .&. OATMAN, COMMISSION MERCHA.NXS IJ(l'()Bfta o .. panis]J, G.W'ALK ,:JI. Apnt fer K. C. BARKER & Co.'s Celebrated AM IC N EAGLE F:EN.Jil 0011* OH &1\IVXNG TOEIAOOC>. AL50 PACKER OF SUJ) AND IMPO TER OF HAVANA TOBACCOS. 1ea 'Water Street, -CIGAR SBAPII& IOULD i RITAINERS. Pa.tanted .Jaa. 1llth, 1869, aad llla;r llad, 18'1'1. Tb.ese Moulds ia -.makfng the Flnest Buads of Havafta. Cigars, and ack.nowledie>! b,._all who have 1 used them to be the best Moald ever invented. '. Makes "" creal!! In 'tile Cigar. Drable and Co111pact. -Uniformity Ia weight and size of the Cipr. Unsklfled L abor can be employed in making Buac/!es,' Less SkiH Is req ulred In finishing. aa.oo per Set. perfe c t in every respect. Send for -or call and judge for yourselves. fE)lWILLmiR & 16CKWBOD, MAMUP.ACTJi a.&R S AND PROPKIKTO R S ,.: 54 Ka.iaen Lane, )tfEW YORE:. MANUFACTURERS -CIGARS, 'AND -DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, ', 178 & 180 :PEARL STREET, JOHN STRAITON. :.--..._, ,.. --. GEORGE STORM. E. ROSENWALD &: BROTHER, Dq!__tm -QY.IIP.AlaS:B,-. =' .._ -.AliD .. \ -.. F TOBACCO, Water Street, ,New York. -J. SCHMITT 00. CUTHRIE cl co., IMPORTERS OF & DEALER IN 225 From Street, Leaf. obaoco, TOBACCO' PBESSnS, I 8SZ WBtet St., New Yo,rk. Tobacee pressed in bales for the Wet Indleo, ]. SCHMITT, C JOST. Central4-Dlerican P orts, and othec mar BASCH & P'ISCHER, IMPORTERS "'OF HAVANA: AND PACKERS OF WB WP l&S Wate St., Kaiden Lane, NEW YORK. W LLACE & CO., TOBACCO PACKED IN HOGSHEADS. AND PACKERS OF DOMESTIC Lioorioe POWDERED LICORICE, GUM ARABIC, OLIVE OIL, n'ftllfllftK em. qua And all other for FlaYorin used by ibohuliagtbe iDea .. W H. Schieffelin &: .CO., .. 'W'. JltlUQH8, :r.t:ANUFACTURER OF CIGAR BO.X:B AND IMPORTER OF GERMAN CIGAR M ULDS cf Olt!IDI'O'Clt If co., aD4 r. nocnx.vNE Ka.nufactva P&ALD IM "Cigar-MoYid Presses, Straps anCJ Cutters, II'K 1.283 IOUrTH STREET, N. Y. THE GERMAN AMEI)ICAN. BAI BROADWAY, cor. of Cedar St., NEW YORK. da11itai.. ---$2,000,000. EVERY FACILITY AFFORDED TO DE4..LERS AND CORRESPONDENTS CONSISTENT WITH S0TJND BANKING. H. ROCHOLL. President. O. H. SCHREINER. Cashier.. e A. & F. BROWN, OF {;IGAR MOULD PRISSIS & ftBAPS; Cibar Cutters & all Machinery for Mmfatnifilll Ciiars1 iMP.DRTERS' OF GERIAI CffiAR MOULDS. 57, 59 & 61 Lewi s St. bet. Delancey and Rivington Sts NEW YORK. Y. co70PEBATIVE CIGAR 202 CHATHAM SQ'UA.RE, SIEBER, Preude11t. I WM. YANDUS, SecretarJ'. IUVERA &. GARCIA, Manufacturers of CIGARS Aad lmportero of HAVANA LEAF TOaACCO. 71 Xaiclen, N. T. s. ORGLER, Manufacturer ol tke hut Brands of FINE CIGARS, '' Also, Proprietor of the Brand. Cuba Libre 297i &l ase Greenwich St., New FREY BROS. & 00. MannfacturCi's of FINE CIGARS, and ...,..,..._,--'"'\. -Dealers in Lea.f To ba.cco. 44. Vesey street, _.,_ New York. ..... -. Wangler & Hahn, FINE CIGARS Salesrocm, No, 70 Park Place, Bet. Greellwk:h St. & Collqe Place, NEW YOR Internal Revenue Ec.oks. 'Thtt Original Internal Revenue Publishing Hous JOURCENSEN, SOL& SU Cc,asSOR TO B.S T I B 4 SIU'tH, P. 0 Bos.6r7, 3'7 LDI&.TY li'J',, l'f, lran41Dr lrou and BteiiCill I Speclalt7. Of every description at Lowest Prices. _3i&!I:D FOR P1UCES EDWARD A. SMITH, HANUFACTl.fRER OF Seaars o. 11 :aoweiy, YORK ECKMEYER & CO., Sole Agents for the W, GOODWIN, F.::liiBM:EJ" D ,.:Al.ER Ul l ,ISSJ4N &I&WTTilL; A! .48 Broad and 48 New Sts. JIEW YORK. p o. BOY, n.. No. ne Front Street. Peck Slip, 1'0C'W: 'JI'QBK JOS. M.A YER'S SONS, ___ .. r. .... u. r ..traa sr:s .. r. ... York. ... GU.CCVIr, JACOII--p"'T. ....... ol 18 celeloraW braado "R.-bllc _. .... ...S DrJ. 0... faoerlte llraado -........


" Stelaer, SJDith Bo. a Knecht, DEALERS JN ;ALL KINDS OF LEAF. TOBACCO, And Jcnnutac'trii"ers'o;-encl Demers in Cigars. 215 RACE STREET, PHILADELPHIA. ........ ks, RAL:P Manufacturers of lph's cotch Snuff, A:Nll PINE! CIGARS, I 0. 111!1 ....... HXT A TY'DX"F":EE%.A.. }tloen J-eo P.llhrb, JWaudw Joha W. Woodalcle, Samuel A Heaclrlck BROS., Paokers, Cmnmt,.._ Merahmts, and Wliolesale Dealers in :roe .. D aDd Doaastlo Leaf' Tobaccot 117 North Third Street, PhilatteTphia. ... ., "" ... ... f 1VOOD1V.aBD1 B.B.B7'':1' & 00.,_ AND SIN-BBAL CUMMISSIO t t J8 No. Water St. and 32 No. Delaware Av., Philadelphia. t' lfo: 143 Fint 1 -.. _. r. :B.ADfiGltii & co., 7 DEALETIB IN LEAF TOBACCO, And Manufacturers of all Crades of Cigars, l\To. a 1\l-. Wate:r Pa. M. MeDOWELL & GO., TOIICL1 &KNRBAL CBmSION IKBCWTS, 88 North Water Bl., Philadelphia, Pa. .. Agents for the sale of all Qf Manufactured and Leaf Tobaccos .& 1 ; J>ACKEKS. A,ND:WHOLESALE DEALERS IN AF TOBACCO, A.TER ST. PHILA.DELP.HIA, & 18 SOUTH SECOND ST., ST. L01JIS: JULIUS VETTERLEIN' a CO. SEED LEAF A :ND o HAVANA TOBACCO. SOLE AGENTS FOR THE 4 "u.: 1!1 l!!lo11.ct-Top ::Mo-u.l.cL" STREET,. PA. 1 HENRY MEHt & co BATUHR BROS Saccesoors to COOPER & W7ALTER, "PECUliAR" Maaufacturer!lof CI'CA DOHAN & TAITT, B TOBACCO, No. 49 F. BECKER. C BECKEil.. .L. SECK B. o BEa.KE PACKERS, COMliiSSION MERGHAN'FS. I a .TOBA WO:gKS, l{Q, lG US'1' '4'I!f 0 ALL INDS 0' SMOIIIG liD ICBDS. Clftclnnatl and Advertlaementa. RICHARD llALLAY. JAMES MALLAY. Henry Besuden & Bro., R. Y& DEALBIIS U Dealera ln TOBACCO, LEAF TOBAOCO, I and t 17 West PTont St., 163, & 165 Pearl Stret, (ooana OJ' B:M 11'1'8UT,) A!id Elm, OIHOIBNATI. 0. S. LOWENTHAL a 00., FINE CIGARS, AND D'!llAIJ!!M m IJW' i CASSIUS WELLE:S. Q. WE E A CO., ........... EE LEAF TClEI.A.OOOo 154 State a.lft'YDaD.oonr. N&L Dl Cfnp.ectlcnt Seed-Lear TOBACCO, i W_BITNAL.i, COUJr.IJO NO. WEST THIRD STREET, CINCINNATI, OHIO. ADd DtriAw tt. ]ACOB W1l1L. AA1lOK KAHK :E. A WaiL. Weil, Kahn &Co., {Sacceeaon to S. LowNT.fiAL & Co.} MaRufacturers aod Wholeaale Deale rs in SPENCE, BROS. &. ctO., Manufacturers of the Celebratecl 126 V me Street! CINCINNATI, OHJQ E. B. W. TBOIIAS, COMMISSION 8 R 0 K E R, ;IN ALL KINDS 0 I : ... C,IIfltit'J"'t To aooo, Bti.te lt., H&l1ford. Conn. F. SISI d Doalep in IUCX .. l .A>fD J4AU:ft IN FINE-SEEDLE!P DANBUR:Y, CONNECTICUT.


AU q. 4. .Jl.,tYljF .d.cfrUr. E from 25 to 30 cents per foot-that the box-makers were tnduced to try whitewood, butternttt and other woods, staining the !lame to imitate cedar, which is not only in jurious to ir&en cigar_s, in boxes made of such material, but is quite unwholesome to the smoker, a11d even now that cedar is so chea-p, re sort to the use of boxes made of inferior wood for cheap cigars. The great importance of the lutnber trade in this country involves a financial and commercial interest R. A. Berad's grocery, but in that were unsuccessful having been frightened off. T here wa a base-ball match at Highland Falls on S atnHdilv, and a large num ber crossed frou, C o ld Spring trn i, ar1d with the players, not as their guests, however w ere several of the worst characters that can boe found in Cold Spring, and one of them was seen neatr Cozzens' Hotel as late G .VD DEUf-ERS IN TQEI.A..,. WlJLFl' & BEL:f..Allh'& Patent Transparent Crystal Glass and KZTA%. Sl:CNS. 61 CHATHAM STREET. "!;XZ ht r NES BROTHERS & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS I l *' t.l Jlzcllaq Jllace. GOIIJD11. *' 00., Importen and Manufacturers of GEBMAJf AJfD SCOTCH r NEW YORK. P RKER,-HOLMES & CO., o f e C e l ebrated ERVE THE lTNDERSIGNED COI.'fTnftrES TO DIJ!!'ft'l' AliD MAIIVPA.C'l'lm& P1JRB SPAlUSH AliD T1JRK.EY LIQ t10 ... E OF lTlllFOJ\M A!ID G11TA.RANTEED TO GIVE SA .. ISFACTIO TO EVEJl Y TOBACCO l'l!iDG TDE SAI!IE. HE REFERS TO THE VAlUOlJI AT .ooT, C''PPBJIUIG THE AD1JRA11CE HE GIVES AS 11111.,0B.JI(-ALITT 5' lUI BR.Al'IDI IPS AJilL:lTY TO !IA.TtSFY THOSB 11UJI:G HIS LIQ.t10RICE, TilE OLD II'AVORITB BRAND 011' if'; C1, iOa. 18' AWA.YS READY roR beyond compu(atic,n. One of the most prominent firms in this trade is Messrs. Co., of No. x63 Maiden Lane, York, having beeo established in that city over nine years, during which time they have done their part to wards muttiplying thl:! sales of cabinet and fancy woods in t-\le United States, which are all imp rted excep walnut. I as 12 o clock Saturday night. JHis aame is known, and the men employed about Cozzems' ttre confident that he was connected with Saturday night's roltberies. They say he is seen on that side of the river quite frequently, and aiter he disappears it hapfDens that somebody has been obbed. Soll1e prominent willagers hate organized a committee of their own for tennporary pf"9tection, and they' patrol the streets all night in little sq11ads. I TilE OBA COO IJrSPEO'l'lO'll LA OF VmG:IlflA. In the year xSi 3 this house paid the st1m of $z8 ooo for sawing .and planing their logs, whi ch is an immense amount for one fir;n to pay for Spanish cedar alone. The superior woods this firm handles are sent aa far A Carri.o of Seized. west as Omaha and south to New Orleans and Key For two hundred years, as colop.y and sovereign West. Mr. Daly has been in Cuba and understands the State, says the Richmond D i sj>at{h of the 24th instant, whole detail o1manufactuiing for the trade. Mr. Daly Virginia has been passing acts i.n relati on to the inspec was fD"rmerly H>Jlnected with the ti.rm of Itodman & tion of un llnufactured tobacco. The laws are now in Hepburn1 who nave recently re linquished this bram:h of many respects 'in such r.onfus i o n as to forbid any but their business.' '11 demand for cedar in connection accomplishe experts really what is their with cigar-box manufacturing has nearly doubled since true intent" and. purpose. At thelast session o{ the the Government has prohibited the use of cigar-boxes Ge eta! Assembly an a temptt w as to simplify the second time under a heavy penalty. passages and to m:ake important m6difica We need scarcely to refer to the standing of the firm, Jions; it met wit h vigorous opposition, and aftel' a which consists of Mr. J. J. Daly and Mr, H. Wilkins, .Jong -and exdtiog contest the two houses their who a partner last March. The course of consc i ences by_virtually taking no action. All over the years m which they have transacted an ever-increasing g region of the State tbe tobacco i,o.spec all parts of the. witho1.1t ever having tion !aws have sin e _oeen the.subject of m ch disc iqn, failed to llve up to the spmt as well as the mer e letter and ni some 'eount1es candidates for office ha C And other Brands of DELIVERY AT THE SRORTBST NOTXCE1.AL(IO .tilL, Cll. o_ ::ET <> AND HIS OTH.ER BRANDS OP Tt11lKISH P.iSTE, ALL or WHICH ARE GIVING IN of their contracts, is the basis of a business confidence ceeded in making the q Jes t ioo o'f retaining the laws in is known to cigar box manufacture's a d titers Resent cGn uon issue in th_e. sele!=tloa of m all parts of the Western States. candidates for Legislature. Here m :J?-IcluliQnd Chewirurand Smoking Tobaccos; caE.UED uTlsFA.cTJoN, As nnT.u.cEo. uv.Tiu: IUPlDl.Y GROWJ:!IG oEl!IANo 11.1., 3.3, 55 k 57 Jeft"eraon &n. UP lii:prn& there bas been.. gr at, .although not quite unanimo4,s SERVED HIM RIGHT.-The Portland (Me.) Adv rtiser feeling in favor of the aboiitio!l of all com puis "ry: in describes the following adventure of Mr." John N the spections, while urging advocating that re '.'eteran author, poet, and critic of thltt city: forO\atiOi), our tobacconists and tobacco have A number of our oldest citizens, including o n Neal, scrupulously obeyed the Ia a they understoo tllem. Howard, T.C. Hersey, and others were riding up Yesterday evening the British bark Tar/J(iart, home in the street cars, about 6 P. M., as is their wont, Young, when abOut to get her clearance for Liverpool, r ,. when two young roughs, jumped on the front platform whh a cargo of 700 hogsheads or packages of unm U NEW YOJ!t.K: .r 1 of the car, one of them puffing away at a villainous cigar. factureu valued at $9o,ooo was by virtue tt1anoom, .... 1 II?! r .... c. 1 11> e.t 'tile dltr-t aanfao., The front door was open and the clouds of smoke rolling of the followmg warrant : Andrew, E!KJ. ew York: Doat Sir :'We olipeet a turon In oupo in the car almost choked the occupants. At last one of "STATE OJTVIRGINIA, CITY OF Rt<::HMOND-to wit: .. the older gentlemen could stand it no longer, and so re-"Ttl :Jolm L. Weatherford, Spuial CrJnslllble,-quality. Youn, very truly... an lr," marked, at which one of the others touched the smoker, Whereas, 'upon ol John L. Weatb&Jord J. WRIGHT a: CO lL IliA" Lotli,.,LL .. J.aa. Ju. c. McAndrew, tlL'tilt:ll: A., saying that the smoke was very offensive, and that the upon oath, I havere s cause to suspect and l>elieve, and New '"'(ort. De"' Str: \Ve take pleasure i.n atattn&' Andrew. &.a;, X ow ai-Sin.J\'tt h&wepleasure 1 f h d"d t "t k" h d b 1 th l t 1 d b d b k thatyourhrando ofltoUIS-IIIIqd TurltlahLiquorlce lnl:to.tlng, thill oar dl 6 Spanish r1:1 es o t e company 1 no perm1 smo mg on t o e 1 ve, ere IS now sea:ete ou oar ar to allourmanu!ac-uiT,.riiioi.LiijaorlC'e Pa.t: have lll'Nriably.rtnn enTo this appeal the man paid no more attention than if. Tarpda", ofLiverp' ool, [)OW lying in this port, in aaid turon d11riq IV ouoon, the quallt1 hllYinr heen tire Mtlofactlon. te all lllaau{actureraiilusiDf them, d 1 f unifnrmtr, excellent. Wo relnafe, dear llr, rf ....,_,at tlmee. we he ha been.a.stat11e. Mr. John Neal, leaning forward city, one ot o uninspected .tobacco, in violation of State -..., 't..JOHNSON a: co. remarked as follQws; "Young man that smokeJs very law: re therefore, to c : ommand you. in tiie name Andrew Eoq., New Vort.. ltlowith pleuure offensive, and you must P.Ut that cigar out." of the Conu.nonwealth of YiJTginia, forthwitl;l to go on THE To ACCO e oP-' "Is that so, old man?" replied the rough, fazily board and seize such uninspected tobacco as may be J J. Bt t d REST IN LAEOR.-It seems, and really is, but ing over his shoulder at Mr. Nei!:l, without removing th.e found \herein. Wy--u Yt re urf nsAo elt ea few since THE LEAP' announced the retire-cigar frornahis mouth. "Given under my hand this 23d day of July r875 partmen gncu ure f h f th ld fi f S S Ed 'h I h ld I -::M h th t the crea e of ment rom active ""usmess o eo rm o 'I e co or m t eo gent eman s lace rose steauuy, W. E. GltANGER, J.P." :ob:'cco tha: that monston & Bro., Tobacco Manufacture rs of this city. but repressing his he again remarked: ) :':(he following is the _return made by Detective of last ear the increue A card in another column, nowev'er, shows hat though "Young man, that c1gar must be put out. Smokmg ls Weat)lerford of all "unlnspected" tobacco found: btl" Ythe' t t b well entitled by-their many year& f faitllfijl a d suenot allowed on the cars." "Executed by se1zmg 302 of tobacco be mdg Sgtar ta 0 Maceo cessful effort in the cutting trade to a long and pleasant "Well, old man, what are you going to do about.i1 ?" lieved to be uninspected under the laws of Virginia on pro uclng es. ry f thI me '"" 1 d b h b 1 ,. h" d J I 8 Ia d ha increas d her area season o repose, ese gen e n unu. more true enJOY rep It: t e roug oar vesse .1. arpezan t 1s 23 u y, I 75. n 5 t ne 3 ment in o cupation than in idleness, and accordingly, With the quickness of lightning Mr. Neal made a "JoHN L. WEATHERFORD, Sp1cial CQnslai/e." 4 per cen i v Irgmia, o; th h k d b d b d t h I r: d h ti h North "Carolina, 33 ; South ey ave a gam em ar e In usmess, an are now on o t at p seize t e c1g_ar rom t e The 203 pack'ages se)zed were packages or hogsheads C r 7 Fl ida 23. Mlablished at numbe 5 Broad under the style man sJnOu._lh, and flung It m the street. With one hantl of strips the other tobacco fou"nd was leaf and proved 6 0l k' of S. S. & Bro., Tobacco Factots and Dealhe grasped the rough by the of the neck and with the to have been properly ISSITSSlppt, I r aKnsas, ers in tern L'eaf Tobacco. fhe thorouglrfamiliarity other by e lilt forearm, raised" pim off his feet and JusticeGranger issued hi warrant U"On the ..#:davit to; ennessee, :zoJ; enf lh M Ed t w"th th f d h db" h 1 r h I d h" r ..,.. Ob" I d" o e e rs. mons on 1 e requrements o as e 1m tot e p atiorm, an as e pace IS 100t and at the request of independent Detective Weather-. the interest makes th-e tranaitiOD from old on him he _in "Thank your ford, and under the two fQilowing sections of chapter 8s t?' y k 5 P 1 to the1r new puuuiLa natural easy one, nq_ msures stars, young man, 1 .d1d not p1tch you mto the street afcer of the Code of 1873: l,. E,! pes, / Heinrich Goebel Sohne, -hniH lreaa..,ode Pipes, lr. for the firm a rec.ogmtton by both their former your cigar." "56. No unmanu{actured tobacco, whether stemmed ,_ P N and present busmess associates. The fellow was completely cowed. \Vben we reor unstemmed shall be exported or pul on board of any area as ... st year; ewb l M N 1 h r ld u Ham sbir bas reduced her . mem _er t 1at r. ea._,ls e1g ty our years o tue mere vessel or boat for that p1.1rpose uoless the same be Jt THE INDIAN ToBA'CC6 l:ON'l'luc .-Mr. Wilham J physc1al energy l\nii -po'fer displayed was something re paaed in hogsheads or casks and unress rt shall have sMma avherage 3 peer Hootiless, observes he New York Times, who was semarkabl.e. Every one will say that he served the ruugh been and marked branded byinspectors assac usetts,:zs; onnectl I t dl tS b th B d fi d" C . b r cut, :z; so; Alabama ecthe as ptnngf ty ... e toh In ommt lSSltonhen; JUSt ng t. l : of tobacco tn t?e prescribe6 by 1-. If any L \V" ._ as e mspec oro owacco .or e o 1an con rae, as person shall ship or export anv tobcco contrary to this Io; oulsana, 7; lsconsi,,, retur ed f om the West The obJ"ect of Mr Ho. odless's v. "' ry; Kansas, 11 Ct>n. n DETERIORATION' oF CuBAN CIGAJtS.-.Nobody, obsectiOn, he forfeit one dollar for every pound oftoitib the crop ;-!9St Western tnl? was to a persopal exanunauon of the Cope's To1JilcttJ Elant, who pretends to a know!bacco so shipped or exported And the commanding Call& saus?actory in the totol:Jacco was de by contractors, and to ecge of tobacco c;an regard with indiffer-e ce the 9isapofficer .such vessel or boat in which any such PRICE-Q.11&rt Hatt.Oalloa, ta1 bacoo Stat!;S and is 2 It was equaldtn th;1 samples pearance of the w6rld-famous Cuban br.:tnd of ctgars. IS found, shall fotfeit twenty dollars for every cent. above a:n -avtrage wh IC b e awdar1 wads .rna eh. r. QO essh says t 1at "Real Havana" bas, do11btless, been always more or li ndred weight of such tobacco, and a proportionate P. s .-wm oend am11le or Tribacco as pr pared by the belle. IC"eotucky ; wnfc!l l e to acco e Ivere IS rat er t e samp of a delusion, and it will be batd Ami for less _quantity." : : IT prollu es tw .ii_fths off ur and the only reason he can ascribe for this anomaly apart from tile large element of self-decephon which "57 II. JUStice, upon g1ven to him on l '-LL D.O._ Whtrle t rp 9 the fact that the 'COntract bas attracted SO much pub he lias mingled the delight of connois eu th that. there is good cause to suspect that there is wilt:brli!i Wrapper. to t.eautlful brown or -.lark col. c op, 15 ..34 11er attention He not Qnly made a personal examination of f 1\ 1 f d b h rsJ e u t d t b k b lk -' bo d on, wet !same time flavor the lear. above-the average. The the hut also weighed marked and saw exeeHence o t e el a use b 'i e most nmsp _elc e bo. ac co s, fu or parc":'s on .ar It w111,}!. caslagtbo Wra[J""' it, 6rinrtlu ... to.. otlier Iarge producing.States d r d h d h .' fi d Cubati houses was a ways to e Ied upon until w1thm a vessc or oat 10 VdO atto11 o thP. precedmg Jection,b .. the a fine are either very near a full e tot be ab e IS sa tiS e the 'last few yearii. :i\fter ill Ute absurd raving about shall issue his warrant to the sheriff, sergeant, or con-Havana Flav<'f. average "'" above The ret ere c'la.,Flh ep Ho cKealltlni lOt t e to ahcco confitrll:c; ftavors hadbeen dissipated, with the artificial perfumes stable of his coxty or corporation, commanding him""t(} Itwlllmahthewupperstouglt. !:"' t 1syear. e .. e yconr:tctwas, owever h' hha k __, d d h d b "OOnb d I b t d h make thetohacc o burn whl e. markably depressed conb H B 0 & C cr. .. .: r Ill d th E .<\ y w JC !fftll) e.,. were ece!Ve t ere use to e ., oar sue vesse qr oa an se:ze any sue anhold its:.aob 'o dr'lf g 0 ditlon ts-ooted only in the Y arm, ee e o., 0 an e 1 a S}5lid for deli-ght in the reality of good tobacco tobacco as.JUay .be found therein. The oftiEer It ts not aa Alfl>llotf"e> ptllparatlonrbut"p(ell,arod.Jrro; '\ tSiflUtetl roducin -itates. Reynolds by. Dausman & of A. ton, which Th'e first cause of the fame which executmg such warrant sha,ll any such &0 .. P_. ___ g Ill. He expressed himself as pleased with what he saw, thes-e cigar's acquired the careful selection of the seized before the same or other justice, who shall cause bvor. THE and acknowledged that when he started for the West he leaf. used in their anufactiire. But there is lnr:erior the said tobacco to be carried to the nearest warehouse Stl /fu W6 ttJJJl giw 'IU1 XJU,UI, lwl had e t d t h t 8 fra no il .,,,.,{y t41"llJOYdi"r .r '""''of ONY llttn-s rmivld, ,.. ..,, RlS xpec e 0 ave 0 exp tobacco grQWD in Cuba as elsewhere; and, since the establi:hed by law for tho iuspecti.ou o( 1 '"'v"li" tlu mnt D./ oNr '"'1 "" of !pOSt of th grellt firms has fallen into Jl!.e there mspected and marked, or branded r.u:IINATI OHio. PoLICE AND REVENUE In: s ... oR THE WEEK -hands of succoMOrs of tne original makers, large quan law." ArPLBAv CtG.\R. MACHIN& Co. J: S Eaclooed find d!"llft lot two bundn!d dnllan, {ryr whicla Thomas Crook, of No. 395 ISOn Street, was artities of poor leaf have been assed into ectiOn s6 was the s ection upQn whick Ole or your Ha .. "."a raigned on charge of brening into the premises of untler the cover of the old bran s. The temptatio of fight of "the tobacco af" was made at the. last seslion P. s .-We receive the above order monthly George Matz, No. 6 Jackson itaoeet, on the night of May limitless prices offered for these has lken too of the General Assembly. 'l'liere mdnJ-whO de-No;TK Ct.aa;:, ;A,nd therefrom accordeon, three boxes of much for the honesty of the new gene q.tio11, naril<:s sired it rep_ealed, especially .in view o( the faCt ,that cS:,"n'd tmO:ediate;;., and er)' OHIIUDQI!Jd the TatJaan was strip necticut leaf 'wrappers an(( im again on the street.and anestod him, prisoner t at _\hese cigars bad so far fallen away from the former ped by Messrs. Barksdale, Hatcher, Enders, Geotry., ixtd fillers alike.' These domes. was committed by in ... aiLto .an of qualify as not to be fipo be placed before others, all and highly tic cigars, of Connecticut swer.-ly!anuel. C?rtez1 a SpJ,UJtlh crgar edajer, was -a y with 1.he difference tobacco of thiS c;.u-. The mention of names growth and manufacture, by to answer of an But t lllUSt be borne m mind that m th1s commumty and Stat: IS guarontee sell readily at about to sellmg unstaltlJ:>ed c1gars on SeconJ A.venue, thercns no 'lack of good tobacco to be had. Abundant that they have done a t all, umnten?onally. $16 per 'lb6US'alld. > .Phis second Street:-.MenEiel.Johi\n waslaken _Umted obaoc;.o comc:s into .0ur markets of quality infinitely W. W. Crump IS for the. shippers, who week he te eiveoo.--fron: being no e':'Idence to sustain thi!l tpe from State the tobacco has been l ..... .,_R OAT, PRI.CE, Philadelph!a. All the cigars defendant was d1scbarged.-Custom-house Inspector 1 duly mspected. Then they stem It and pack the strips ar sold about as fast as Judd seized x,soo cigars and ten reels cigarettes, found !HE HIGHLAND RoBBERS.-On_e \'lould suppose, exportation. They say that to. have to submit the made, and success in the possession of an unknown man on board the writes a of a paper, that. the strips to a second inspection; and consequently to break of this branch. of prison steamer City of Vera from Havana. The goods warm reception of the received eacll hogshead or package in three or four places, labor in C('nnectrcut, the were not on the manifest, and were taken on suspicion at 0 .. M. Baxters residence, at Cold Spnng, Saturday be to ruin the strips, as they will not stand break Philadelphia prison h a 5 of being brought to this country with the intention mommg, July .I7, would have deterred them from any mg ltke the unstemmed tobacco. Further, it is repre s topped 'the business 0r, Of evading the payme t of the p oper duties.-further at for that day at sen ted, and so far as our reporter could ascertain not cigar-making unable to A lot of 6,"'oo cigars and a number of cork hats found least, _but It seems It did. not. 1'hls time, however, they denied, that for half a ce at least, in the face of compete. Mr. emon board the ship Marino, from Calcutta, were seized have Ignored Cold Spnog, and have turned up on all the State's publicly and openly, strips a German by Custom-house Inspector Alexander McCort. The west bank of the, Hudsol?, along dnve have.been exported from Richmond without undergo a week, and property was aken to the seizure-room to await the south of Cezzens Hotel, m. the of ing any inspec.tion other tll;ln that to which they WP-re him as a "permanent investI proper action of the authorities. Falls. They. coDllnenced theu ope_rattons m vlcmlty subjected before the stem was removed. lt is alsO ment," to teach the men how dayl_lght yesteraay mqrnmg. Many summer stated that twenty-five or thirty years this very to make-cigars. Stimulated 8eeddl" Abuat Cedar. residences hne the roadway, an.d they attacked of question was for a brief time btaining pu.blic attention, b the ambl.LIon of thus thet_n! and also two In Highland Falls. 1t IS not and Mr. James Caskie and others took "'onportunity Y This fra.,..ant wood, grown in the pearl of the Antilles, post vely which was attac'"ed first Among the f '"'" t d h t .,. 1 1 '"" I< to ask the advice o the then J\ttorney Gonltral Qf the acqumng a ra e, t a can Cuba, observes the St. 1-Quis Co111trurcitJI Advorate, dif er es'1de c is one occup"1ed b M J m"" p 11 be relied upon when they sum .r n es Y r. a .. s e s State, who gave .as his deliberate 9pioi0t\ that atrips f th widely from the cedars of Lebanon, which our and family. Mr. Pells heard a noise between :z and 3 from inspected tobacco intended for exportation tn41% Jladru l'real4ency, From Tobacco grown ;md cwred under their own upervisloo. These Cigan are favon'h1T known in F.S. PLOWR!&HT II< CO 41 Basinghall Street ,Londoo, E. C. S.-Havanah Pattern Cigal':'a, weiJhiog 6S to a lb. a5 dollars_per .. llond, in Gt. Britain. J M,SHEPPARD, A 1 Y Cedar is a torous wood, and )las a peculiar pleasant scoundrel or o drels bad c ed off "'5 th f h If t t 6 sc un arn *' oo wor o that matter was dropped a pas 7 A. M. 0 P. M., 11nd odorous vor, which is imparted to the ci&ar,rand dresses sllka a d laces Among the articles tak with retess {or dinner. The 1 d bl th k .' do h db .r.: ...., h d ehn wdas The bark is now in possession of the officers of the k mall fit makes It peasant an to smo er, an entire new ress w a .ecn yur.c r ase t e ay law The tobacco will not be removed from it (if at all) rna es as pro though the weed be of questiona e-quality; and as 1t previous and' which cost The next heard of 1 d the wo.rk-Stoo dur-is the ambition of the cigar manufacturer and cigar-box t;le was at the residence df 'Mr. William TraorTshevera b bl b b h b r h p 1 first s1x months and k t "tate as far as ..,_ible a c 1gar of 'I'hAv ,_ th' b h j e case w1 pro a y e rog t e,ore t e o 1ce a little mo;e as rna er 0 lmt t""cey. auto e ouse th;oug Justice this morning. As a test case it will probably be now going. And Yara' were by one. of the I Waitresses df -the holl:se. carried to the Supreme Court, and in any event the busy who finest' They her. up ln a r;''m, and,_after ransacking shippers will be subjected teo great incoavenience, and 1,n, .. ,,. be &Cuba, in 1868, we have been bulldln& camed off constderable 51lver-ware, ;J'bey may be to some loss by of detention, etc.J grade of cedar, RfOWD ill the nat attempted to eoter Charles Tracey's house, but, ManzaniDa ar.d Neurita-ad becominJ fri&btned at IOmething, fled. The next No have as yet been taken! against the upon aupplie1 from heard of dlea was at OMwalder's ciJar store, a& Hi&h ha!k. I_f 1t. happen that Mr. Weatherford we cout of co, Ud a& lad TMJ broke mto tlilit store and carried hiS case apiDtt tobacoo, and the YaM! teo, civil..-, thla woO&l aiMl .u&enrard made raid on he wld be made very ridll tbeeby. ILv-v __ ........,'""-'--___


THOMAS HOYT & CO., Cut Chewing and \ SMOICJNIJ TOBACCOS & ,SNUFF, .I.'OD&CCO JOHN ANDERSON & MANUFACTURERS OF TH:! SIIUCI m mn TOBACCOS 114-11nd 116 LIBERTY STREET, NEW YOIIK, a.g to dll'OCt the atteatloll of the Dealera hs Tobeceo Ua&t>orboot tile Uottetl Statea IW4 the World to tlleis' CELEBRl!ED SOLACE FIIIEC8T TO:a&CQ, whloll fa 'belntr -ce more tnanofodurecl aaclet' the lmmecll&te a uperviaion oC tile orlJID&tOI', MR. JOHK ANDERSON, aDcl-Olbadl, .. rormedy, without rival. On!-. Corwan!ecl t11roup tile anal dlaDoela wUI -willa pr-pt alltentlma. .roW1f .. 4AOo 1 JIA)IUI'ACrWad OP ALL CRAD&S OP JlUII'DS CHIWJNG 1 flit filltUfiiGt JJil4hiU;J, IDlc"NYSIDE. HEARTS' DELIGHT, ad fkaat\&tl.&l MATIONAL, BRIGHT OWEN, T 0 B A 0 0 0 IXTRA CAVENDISH. HARVEST" t""8URPRIIE" IN FOIL IVANHOE fr JOLLY BOYB 8MOKINQ. 4)4 aDd f06 Pearl St.., New York Citv. 176 ,, 178 F'rst St 8 kl E D lmrl' r p, I' OV'T IK I roG ynl t JOHN F. FLAGG. ISAA ai &OODIIN & tf c5 ., C) e I 207 & 209 WATER STREET, 1'"1 f; NEW YORK. A U -4 ... w H = 0 i! R r FIJi.:ii!Uiwi-I G 1'4 ...-; AND SMOKING. 0 ,AI ..:I 11!;6 DELANCEY STREET, ... U -. l'IJEW YORK. till J> _111... """ the followlolf BrandoefXaLJauncc ,-, U, L .._BaH. W!Delaeoter. Jq--. o...--Be ... 1 0 -to R.a.n-hanJUH>Iro ..._ D. H. :McALPIN". & _CO., ()1;;l.oii:-.&TED ftNEoC(TT 1'aAJfols s. KIX.-:n-. J Vir[in. Leaf and Navy MANUFACTURER OF Uiinney Brother{ Ciebrated RussiaB CICARETTE8 AND FINE TOBAOOOS,' WEST BBO.ADW .AY, BEW YORK CITY, DEPOT & AGENOY 0 the Manufacture of G. W. GAIL & 'AX, 8AL TIMOIIE, AT TOBA.COO, tlegar; PZ"f1 Xobacl, ,,.,.if, 8,.,.., Fl.,..r, b. )IANUI'AcTORY Am> SAIJi:ROOH, CORNEl Of AYEIIUE 0 AND lEIITII STIEET.' llew York Cit!,'. LICOJtiCl:. LICORICE PASTE. WALLIS &. 00. EXTRA. Tobal!cO manur&cturers and the trade in general t? 6,'1 amine teat tho properties of thia LICORICE, which, 'Jrought to the highest perfection, is uader the above style of brand. Weuealso SOLE AGENTS for the f.;.-,md, 0. Aelai.owiedgeci by C01181H116r& to be the best i:D the markell" Aiid for t.he brau. of Lioorice SUck. ...... 00., tn all respectS equal to .,. We hav-e n Aients. Connmera and llt.O\.a I' O would do well to apply direct.. .LJ I UYNO Licorice Root, aeleot 11Dd oriiDary, CIOIIIduf.7 an har.d. & lRGUIIBAU. I 21 31 v::LUIII sntT L .. ;c!!!"'O-RI-CE-PA_S_T_E -&..,., 1-T-JCKI-.: TIN.. .:r r G. II. .JOHN d. CROOKE, W S. MANU,ACTUR&R 0C F. W. S. STERRY' EX'I'RA, P, S, BARACCO .urD PION .\.TELLA, DE ROSA, EXCELSIOR l!IILLS..rr. FA. VORITE llllLL& POWDERED LICORICE, GUll[ ARABIC, OLIVE OIL, 'JIONQUA BE.UI!jl, Arid a'l Soecialtles for T ooacco Manuffl FOIL AID'BOftLI,-C!PS, I"LAJK .AJID COLOilBO.. -lOLLING KILLS, 38 CIODT a!i4 163" .t 1111 B'l'IIETI. OW YOU. facturers. 168 Pa.ttnt Powdered Licorice. NBW YORK & STERRY, Importers, uP ---.r L o. "cBDA.a STJU:ET. CHARL.:.-0,. ---:::::::= :::::---... P. .aOR.JWE, .. JAM_ E& 1 X L ro&ucco Brolter1 1 OWDE'RED t/' No. U' Bllftu ft'REET, NEW YORK K. Rader & Son, <' AND ALL $PECIALTIES FOR TOBACCO.-MANUFACTURERS. TOBACCO BROKERS, .. -R.HILLIER'8 SONS & c>(: OFFICE, /)lffl STnt\.\' NEW YORK. IHJ1 J. .: ..... TOBACCQ BBOm, iiPAJIUH LICORICE EX'I'R.A.CT, -"' oBBR TONGllJII, 18B Wa or st., L.&1l1l.JIIL LlC.A. VEl, TOllfiU IIJII.UI, NiYi .o;ORK, CAJIIIU. BUDII, CLOVES AND CINNA.JI[8N, OR.UGJII PEEL, AIIUltED, C.A.B..A. W A. Y SEED, CORU.IIDBR IEJI:D, LA VBIIDEB li'LOWIIIRI1 GUH ,.&BABIC, GBADr .&liD POWDBRJIID, GUlli JlYB.IlH1 LUliiP AIID POWDJIIR.ED, Glllll TB.AQ.&CA.IITH1 li'LA.KJII AIID A.. SHACK. TOBACCO BROKER. l"'WDBRED, II:IIIE'!ITIAL OILI, "'-' .,. No. r29 Maiden Lane, LOUIS N, PECAB.E, '71 .JOBK IITILEET, lUlW YOJU[, r ""': MAMUPACTURB1t OF Jine! Luna and Strai(ht Cnt Cavendish 'lt-SMOKINO TOBACCOS, f For PI .. J ..... Be&all Trade. BRAJIIDS: Ecelleat, Perique. Turkish, Latakia, Green Snl, Golden Bar, Callfomla, Enjl'lia.h Bird' Eye, Black. aod Tan, Golden FleeC@', VirKio1a Slra5glllt Cut, l11 J s .... 0 ... 9' tile trade.that we.,.; the Sole Maeuf..,turen..oUhe far contemplate imitating them and avltstit1lting ToDacco we caution t.Ae public not to'purchase any Mani!a Cigars tile-eo. l IJ, J.olCOBY V0o BROTHERS, U.ITOULAS ST NEW ORLEANS, LA,, WIMt .ELLIN8 AIENTS FOR MANILA .,,..,. ...... Fort U MISSISSIPPI, FLORIDA and.TEXAS. dJ No. 7 COMMERCIAL ST., SOL WHOLESALE ELL1NC AC N Pbr LA NOV3D.Al), JU.NILAS, OVALADOI CIIAIS, 1'08 TilE JQW EJIGLAJID STATES. .. .PH4 .. 'VV &8 KIL8Y an d 08.Wic E .TIIIft, BOSTON. SOt.ll W KOLZSAT .. 1J'I!T,?J'N'Q FOR :rliE ,. 11 LA ROSA HABAN'.ERA,1 ''METROPOUTA_ N DOVII '1.&11." P.I.TEN'I'ED BRliUOM Qll' ()lQA.Illl, Llb_er_ty Street; opposite Post Office, l:KPOB. Tllm.S .A2t. "l'lC%..11:S, DEALERS IN .. SECARS, s,..UFFS.,. &c. OF S"Danish, American& German .. GIGA TEIU18-GASH. 'Wft.LI&JI WICIDII 0 CO. 1 J'OSEPl! J'. ALKIRALL,' IMPORTER OF u0NLY FINE" ttAVANA Leaf Tobaaco 16 Cedar Street,' N Y. Pl\%0!1 riD'l.' 01' .SPANISH CIG.Ai R--IBBONS,. Loa e1,. uf.tAt 7-1 $ 90 Lore or 7 8 .s.s yard, ao YeUu"W, s-8 r.yarda, Bi"oad. Red -!-1 1 yards, 1.10 ElpaDoJa, 5-8.E 1 .70 uri ar -s eA. 86 Front 8t., New.York, SOLE AGJIIJft' FOB PBIIlNIYLVAlUA, NEW YORK, .. NBW BNGL.A.liD ITA. TEll FOil Lewis Matldu'a Celtltratttl Letkout, And Other Brauds of Tobacco and CIGARS. ALSO, Dan'\'i1le, V ... _-....uie1 other leadinr manufacturen in Vlralnla.,..:&eotoeky. Y WULSTEIN, : ....... ........ :iJetlaM., 'ie i .. 'AIIJiiAIWGII OI&AB 1'.6.CJII'0&1l". I HILSON & CO., 8 MANUFACTURERS OF FINE ClllARS 7S Ohm 'bera Street 3 DOORS W ,BI'I' OP BBO.&DWAY, JIEW YQIUt. R U DOLPH WYMAN. E. 111. FOSTEJI.. EDWARD HILS0:-1, I T:&::m .PIOIBBB TOhCCO COIP!Il i!O. I. LTrOID, Pres. 3. I. IWGOP.N, Sec. BtJSDIBS8 01 t4lJii$ I 18 CEf4TRAL :.-! ..;. MA;N'UFACTURl!:RS .oF THE WEL-LKNOWN ll TCILESS tf JI/IJJE ON CONSJGNHENTS, ; ILIZERD' contailolnlf Ia rae per ceotap of ,'POl' .a, IJD!OlllA A SOI.VILE l'EOSI'UT!, Th., heat results olota lne4 on TOJI4CCO, aud -fer"'jj to P001viaD G"""" Pdee, ,_ ... '1'8 TUIOIUII. AliPitto :Le:all!ft"B IU"l'TLEB, ClUMlC.&J. SIJPEll...PHOiPHATE WOR.ItS, B4TUIORJII. ... ....... nS ;,. SUPEJUOR Co/Qr< anJ Dtngq, atrrl ;,. 11pprwd llyle. E.stiwwu gifll .. IIO'mDS. Kaiclea liue,' '2.


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