The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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I VOL XI.--NO. 26. NEW YORK. WEDNESDAY, AUG. 11, WHOLE NO. 546 lht lnlmtto 1 N-../at:t..rn:l "' Cilf4T D.Jn, b1 IS PUBUSHED .,....4l EVIl! WEDNESDAY THI TOBAOOO LBA .'' PUBLISRINQ 00, 14!1 Fulton St., New York. J. BJDrllY HAG ElL, :Editor. "ns 'tOBACCO LIU'' numm oo. Terms of the : StNGLit CoPJ&S, x:o C.:NTS 0NK YRA., -k ,. lbx MoNnoo, -j -) f o SF that the cost to the or monthl) obecriber it ks tluJ,. Eirfat Cents .lr _._ ANNUAL SUBSCIUPTIO)IS ABROAD. GREAT BRITA Ill AND CAHA.BA, .. f' 04 )hEMitN1 HAM8tJRG AND THE COHTIHBNT, 6 o8 AUSTRALIA1 .&TC., VIA ENGLAND, .. f6 :J8 CuaA, ----.., $s 04 No orden for the paper considered, unleu accompanied by the correspo11ding amounL + Remittanceli should, in every instance, be made by moneyorder, check or draft. Bills are liable to be stolen, and can oniJ be &eot at the greatest risk to tbe aeoder. TH& TOBACCO LBAJ' commencll itself to every one in any way interested )n tobacco, either as r;ower. manufacturer or dealer. It pvea annuala:n .. .-ucv,. that bas long since been recogni:z:ed as standing at the head of special trade pubUcatiena. hs macket report-s are full and exbauthe, and from. every Qll&rter ot tile rtot:e where tobacco b sold. li7 It il the ONLY weekly pubncatioD e>ten-aively d evotiPd to tobacco. -. [For Allwrlisi,.r Third PP" BUSIN" DIRECTORY OJ ADVBBrLB XEW TOR.K, Tob&o FYardoM.,. Apew W Ill Sono, and 186 JroalAhner & Dehla, 190 Pearl. Ail'"' Juliaa Water. Appleby Helme, 133 Water. Baa.cb & Fischer. Water Berliner Julius, 103 Par1. Elakemore, Mayo & Co., N Broad :Bowne Ill Frith. 7 Burling Slip. Brod M 147 Water Bulkley, Moore & Co., 74 Front. Naah, 49 .droad A. H 66 Broad Ctawford E. M. 168 Water. Dohaa, Carroil & Co 104 "root, DaBois Euseoe, 7S Fr/'\ot Eggert Wm. a .. 171 Pear!. En.-elba.:h, F. 13 Av Falk G. &: Bro., 171 Water. ' & Co., 70 and 72 llroa4. Fbx. Dilla & Co., Iff Water. 'Frienci E. & G. & Co., 119 Maiden Lanoe. Frischeu, & Schulz, 147 lVater Gardiner.;. M. & Co., a4 Front. Garth D. ., Son&: Co., Broad. Gassert J L. & Bro., t6o Water. Gersbel L. &, 86 Maiden Lane. Guthrie & C'"' ".S Front. Hamburger I. &r: Co., 151 Water. Hawes, l:bas. B., 119 Malden Lane. Herbst &: Van Ramdohr, 1S9 Pearl. Hillma.. G. W. & Co., 8o Front. Hoffman Emanuel & Son, 149 Water Kau & Co., '79 Pearl IUnoicut Thoma!!. Broad, Koenig &: Subert, 3'9 Bowery. Xre.DtHberg & Co., 16o .Pear1. Lacheoltruch & BTo., 164 'Watt r Lam -.tte )t, C., tn Pearl. Lederer & Flechel, 113 Pear1 Levin M. H., 162 Pearl. llfcFaii & Murray. Mack Alexander, 16.1 Water MaltlaDd Robert L. II< Co., 43 Bn>11cL M.artill & Johnson, 79 Front Mayer jeseph, Soils. U3 Water. Neyer A. 0 L &: 0., 41 Beaver. Oatman Alva, 166 Wate1. O,peohetmer, M & Bretber, 138 Watu. Ottinger Brothers Broad St. Palmet &1: Scoville, 170 Water. Price Wm. M. & Co., 119 M;Uden Lane. Quia, J, P. & Co.! 39 Broad. & Ce., 0 d Sliv. Richer H. A., 86 Front Rebmann. G. 119 Pearl .. Rosenwald. E &: Bro. 14.5 'Watet. SaloiiWn S. 192 Pearl. Batjer H.&: llrotloor. 77 Water Demuth Wm. &: Co., Broadway Kaufman Bros. Ji. Bondy, 129 and 131 Grand Goebel j, & Co ug Maide1l Lane Mfatturlrl of Briar Pipu nd Importtrt r1 Smolttrs' Articles. Demuta Wm. & G:o., 501 Broadway Kaufman Bros. t1.. Bondy, 129 and 131 Grand lp.rttrl cf Licorice Pastt. Brlnc'kerboff V. W., 47 Cedar Gdfonl, Sherman a Innis, uo WilHam GomeJ: Argu.imbau, 29 & 31 8. William McAndrew james C., SS Water Weaver & Sterry. '4 Cedar. Manufcturers b Schieffelio W. H. & Co 170 anci. William. Havana Ci"ar Fl=or. Friel Alex. & Rros., 16 Colle&"e Place M&1f.v./_acturers of PI!Wdertd LictWiU, Hillier's R. Sons Ill Go., 55 Cedar. Weaver & Sterry, 24 Cedar &td Ltaf To6auo Jlenel J, Me]. Ill Co. '7 Ill 1>9 Water. Finke C"harles, ISS Water. Unde F. O. Co. 14:r Water. McAleer, lf. & A. & Co., 148 Water Tobacco ?reutrl, G\lthrle & Co., ns FronL Natio,al TDhacco lnsjJution. Hoodless W. J. &. Co., n William Manu[acturen of Cigar Boxes, Erlcha H. W. S3 Sooth Henkell jacob, &: 295 Monroe. Wic\e William & Co .. 153-161 Goerck. Ciz.r So11t, .,a (It fur 1Yoed1. Daly & Co., 163 Maiden Lane Dingee P.ll., A Son, cor. Sixth aa.d Lewla. Czgar Cramer G., 8J Franklin. Heppenhei.mer & Maurer, u & 24 S. William. Wicke, Wm. & Co., J53 161 Goerck. SpaoisA Cigu Ri6bon1, A!mira!l J.J., 16 Cedar. Maoufactrtrl of Tob1cco Tin-Ftil, (Xoeke J. ]., JS Crooby& J.& 165 Mulberry Tob1cc0 Bagging. Howud, Sanger&: Co., 10.5 & 107 Cbamben Tobacco Lanl1. Tbe Hatch Litho&Taphic Oo., 3J a. !4 Veoey Heppenheimer & Maurer tJ Cit.r-Box Labels ,..d Trzt ill Maurer, n & N. William. WuUI'Chas. A.., s Chatham. l'obauo &,.ling Wax. ZinSier W. & Co., '197 William. Man{rs. if Kinney Bros. Ruuia11 Cigrtttn. Kinney F. s. 141 West Broadway. C igar Mo/ds, Jacoloy 8. lr Co., 109 Pearl. 3traf18 and Outters, Gernum Cigv M"'Rrown, A. & F. LeW18 Erlcb.a H. W ., 053 South. Lobeateln & Gans 101 Malden Lane. M,.,.wfddwrws of tlu U.S. Solid Top Mulds. Klein, H. E. & Co., 131 Water C igar MtMid Prm nd Str11ps. Brown A. & F., S7 Lewis. Manufurgenaen, C. 37 -Liberty. aM Sterober1er, M. &l S 44 Exchange Place. Mnt-Schmitt J. Jr. s6> Water MufctJJrtrl of TJ. ... .A.IIdenot> John & Co. 114 "' u4 "' lJberty. ApplebyHehae, 135 Water. JlolcU...D & Lyall, 54 Broad. hcloaer D, Dolaacey G<>odwiD .t Co. 001 aad ""' Wlter Ho,t 1'bOIIWI .t Co;, 404 Pearl Broo. Welt Broadway H. & Co. cor. A.venu D KIUer Mn. G. B. Ill Oo. 97 Columbia Pioneer Tobacco Company, U3 Front: J%tts for C!tewing ana' ,._Ait T-s, !" Colell H., 168 Water lieD A. & Co. LibertY Webs, Eller Ill Ka"Ppel, .., Peul M .. ufturtrt of Cit""' Bondy Charles, 53 Bowery of Tolxuco. GJeer's A. Sons. Bn Broadwa.,. : BALTIKORE. Ttbacco Wardouses. Albrecht P. A 20 German. 'Boyd W. A. & Oo., 33 South. Dreoel W. and C<> 37 Gay Guutber, L. W. 9 South Gay Ke1'ckhoff oil: Co., Soutb Obarlea Kremelberg, J. D, and Co. Loose C & Co., 117 West Lombard Merfeld & Kemper, 117 Lombard Parlett B. F. & Oo., 90 Lombard. Paui Wm., 17 South. Schroeder J oo. a. OG.. 81 J:zchange :!'lace. Starr&:: 15 PatttrsoD: Tate, Muller & c;o., 52 So\ltk Gay Wen cit E. E., 46 and 48 South Charles. Ed. & Oo., South Calvert ToiiiCttJ Faetcrs. GieKe .-Niemann, 18 South Hoffman, Lee & Co., 'J Excha:Dge Place. ttt. Marburc Brothers, 145 to 149 S. Oha:ho St. WUiteno H & Co., I W eot Pratt Paders of S..ti-Ltaf 'bbtt. Becker Bcothera1 98 Ji;omb&rd. DJr Malden L...., CDrOIXXATI, llolmBoa M .t. E. Maiden LuM> D.d. :NEW :MILFORD. Ot. And Dtalerin Seed-Leaf Tobacco. Schoverllng, William :NEW ORLEA:N"'. La. Tohacco Factors and Commissio11, Schaefer and Co., 23 Oaroadolet. P.ADUC.AH, :Kr. TobiUJco B rohr. C!ar k. M. H. Ill Bro. PHIL.ADELPHLL Tobauc WDrtJtoSJHI Bambf'lrger L. &:: Co., 3 North Water .. Bremer Lewis, Sons, 322 Xorth Third. Daley James & Co., N. E. cor. Third and Race Dohan 4 Tai!!, 107 Arch. Edwards, G. w. &: Co., Nonh. Front. :W.aeolohr Wm. & Oo.1 u.s &uth Water .. Me Dowell :11.. E: llt Co., 39 North Water. Meyers a Randall, Market Bank J Rlnaldo & Oo., 3 North Wale<. &bmtdl & Jle!l, 531 South Second. Sarver, Graeff & Oook, 105 North Water Steiner, Smith Bros. & Knecbt, Race. Teller Brothers, 117 North Third. Vetterlein J &: Oo. 135 Arch. Woodward. Garrett & Co., 3J S'orth Water of Snuff nd s.,,;,;,r Tl-baceot. Mebi Henry & Co .. 666-t Tol,acco Janney David B. uo North Water PITTSBURGH. Pa. M11n'!{acturtrs of Snuff. Weyman & Bro., 79 and 8t Smithfield. "E:;rcdsior Spun Rll" anti Otlur To/xucos. Jenkinson R. & W., 287 Liberty. Dtakrs in Domestic and Havaa Leaf TobaLco .. Maul & Grote, 313 Liberty QUINCY, ILL Manufa.turers of Plug '1 obacc9. Gem City Works; Turner, Pres.; M. Goodman, Sec.; M. He1dedch, Manager. RICHMOND Va., Cammiuion MtrtUnt,. Wioe James M. 1305 Cary Leaf Tohact() Boyd James N. 1317 Cary M!Us il A. Commiuiou Aferc!Janls for flu St.JU q/ Man.,_ To!Jae e1. Wright J. & Co ROCHERTER. \'f, Y. Manujac:tllttn of Tob4Cco. Whalen R. & T., 18 State. Dtltr ;, Ltaf T.tJbtiC(#I. llooeiJ D E., lH!I al>reet. .SAN FRANCISCO. The Consolldi'ted Tobacco Co. bf Caltforala, E. Bricga, Agent. "7 froDt &PR.I:NGFIELD, x-., Bmlt!a B. &-GO.; ao Hampe! ... ST. LOUIS, Ho. DormitoerC, "'R. "'Co., Xarltet. Toloco C:O.zuio M6rrUnllo w.n, JlehiD Day, so 'North S.CO.d.. Btrs ,f L6f THet{l, Von Phal & Ladd, 03 Norlh MaiD ToHtco llrohr B&,...1. :L, ., Sauth SOCGDd M.tud-ff ,; .. c.; ftoNe WIIIW L ........ BwM= ]Gb C:: 'Y a Boa. lata lht lobJttl NEW WEDNESDAY, AUG. u, 1875 NEW ADVERTISEMENTS THIS WEEK. THIRD PAGE For hland Leaf; David B. 1anney, Tobacco Broker t:KI N Water Street, Pbiladelphi,a. Wanted a Good Salesman for a Cigar Y'actofJ a_pply at lq Bowery. TO THE ENGLISH TRADE. Short Tobacco C:Pops aDd Bi11b Prices ID ... me:Pica. REA_D "THE LEAF" BEFORE INVESTING. BEND SUIIISCRIPTIO.!IIIS TO OOPII BBOB. c1c. 00., .I.IVJIBPOO.I.. Twenty Shillings Per Annum, Post Free, to all parts of the United Kingdom. POS'l'AGE. POSTA.GIIl FO:a "TRill LEAP" NOW RE PAm TO WITH TilE SUIJIKl:aiPTJOl!f P:aicE, O:a Tllll: PA.P:B:a WILL NOT BE &leNT 1 ONlil YE:.&:a, SIX MONTIIS, .. Otm, PLATFORM FOR 1975. Increase the Revenue from the Weect to FORTY MILLIONS, by Fixing the Tax PERMANENTLY at SIXTEEN CBNTS per Pound Uniform on To acco and Snuft and FIVE DOLLARS per Thousand on Cigars. If Congress desi res to protect and foster the tobacco industry, ?rom which an immeRse revenue is annually derived, it wi!l, at its next session, grant the followjng measures of relief: I. The abolition of the unnecessary and annoying caution-label; or, in other words, the abolition of the requirement compelling the names of manufacturers to .appear on packages, whether on the by stencil-plate, brand, or otherwise. For all the purposes of the revenue officers, the State, revenue district, factory number, and Collect9r's signature, are sufficient to enable them to traer! with unerring accuracy and dispatch, an irregular packar,e of tobacco, snuff, or cigars, directly to the manufacturer. To demand, in addition to these evidences, that manufacturers' names shall be printed or branded on packages, is not only to cause unnecessary labor and annoyance, but is infinitely worse-to oHige dealers to gratuitously advertise all over the world the name of every manu facturer whose goods they may happen to sell. II. The establishment of an export bonded-ware house in the city of New Y o_rk. III. The reduction of the tax .on so uff to twenty-four cts per pound instead of thirty-two, as at present, and phicing it on the same footing as other preparations of tobacco. The omission to make this reduction when the uniform rate of twenty cents was adopted for manufacture d to bacco generally, was an oversight which Congress, as im act of simple justice to those intere!;ted in snuff, should hasten to remedy. IV. The refunding of the tax to those holders of manufactured and smoking tobacco, who were compelle.i to pay it a second time on passage of the present stamp law, in order to place their goods on the muket, and the issuing of free stamps to those who have paid the tax under the old system of collection, but who still \10ld the goods, hoping against hope that justice will finally be done them. V. The of the cigar-makers' bond. This bond requirement ceased to have either justification or utility when the cigar-tax became paya' ble in advance by stamps; it reflects discreditably and unjustly on an honorable and influential trade; it compels responsible and self-reliant tradesmen to solicit from friends and acquaintances favors for which it is humiliating to ask, and which, in the n!lture of things, are seldom or never cheerfully granted j it prevents, r in many instances, poor and humble workmen from becoming useful pro prietors and is therefore the cause of whatever illicit production is chargeable to their account; it enables Collectors of revemk to frequently extraet money from manufacturers for making out new bond-papers under the plea of a necessity for changing, examini_ng, or re newing .bonds; an?, finally, it does not exist in the excise regulations of any other country, and ought never to have found a place in those of the United States. VI.. Permission to leaf tobacco dealers to sell at original packages, t" licensed buyers with out restrictions. How LARGE WAS THE FAR ?-A bankrupt in Louisa, Va., writes a correspondent of the Intie;XAppeal, bought his owu farm and ra.ised enough tobacco in two years to FRED'K DeBARY & CO., 41 a 43 'W'a:rren Street, New York, SOLE ACENTS FOR THE SALE OF THE EL PRINCIPE DE GALES CI.GARS :1 lllANUFA.CTUB.IIlD AT TRill IDilY WEST BRANCH OF THE CELEBRA.TED EL PRINCIPE DE GALES .ILUrtJ FACTORY OF HAVANA. WEST &-. ... &co., 8-l 86 ReaCle New York, .Proprietors of th4!. LA ROSA ESPANOLA FACTORY. -B. KEY WEST AND IMPORTED OIGABS, (P. 0. Box 4615.) New York. HORACE R. KELLY tc (Succenoro to ROBERT E KELLY & CO.,) Importers of Havana Tobacco Cigars, Sole Agents for the u. s. of the Brand '' FICARO." 178 PEARL STREET. NEW YORK. EIAIUEL HOFFMAN & SON, IMPORTERS AND PACKERS OF TO_B.CQ o lll.MANt1EL aoJI'Fl!IA.N. 1U,. Water Street. New York. '"';;ICPR a. ""''11'7)f.ur. G. W. BILLMAN a CO., I CODISSION MERCIANTS IN MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, SO FRONT NEW YORK. :Plug and. Smoking Tobaccos from Virgiliia North Carolina. Factories. The' Celebra.ted Diamond Golden Cut Cavendish Smoking Tobacco. W e "ereby all parties who lnfring on our Trade { w c. r Acquired under the Laws of tho Untted prosecuted by Lllw, State a, that. they will be CMBoe, 65 Pine St. Om'OBma ... 87.&. I OUR IRON W A. YS. I In understanding the peculiar financial epoch through .WElL cl: CO. .i. J. habitant of the country, and theratio of total mileage was one mile of road for every sSr inhabitants Another important item in this encouraging exhibit, is the fact that only 1,940 miles of new road were opened last year an average af over 6,ooo miles for the five preceding yeails when railroads were constructei in advance of the wants of the people. This pause in railroad building will giv e the country time to grow up to the capacity of the roads already and! which the country is now passing, any exam ination of the condition of our railway system since the pan.ic" of r873, will be found to throw very strong hght upo_n the subject. On the occurrence of that event, it is in the. personal knowledge ef almost every one that the running expenses of the various railways were largely reduced-salaries cut down, trains withdrawn, the num ber of employee!! diminished and every practicable do much toward im?roving the value of exist method resorted to in erder that the cost of the daily mg ra1lway property. In fact 1f not more than a thousand service might be brought to a minimum. The resu lt 0f miles o( road were opened annually the next this economy we find in a volume of railway statistics five years, 1t would probably be amply sufficient to meet recently published. During 1s74 there was a saving in the wants o; the peop_le would greatly add to the operating expenses. of $n,71 4 ,315 over 1873 But this real wealth .o: the .natr_on. wh1ch has been squan is not the only encouraging feature of the year's busi : dered m the bUlldmg of roa.ds f?r no rer l'. ness. In spite of t!:e depression that prevailed during ex1sted. What w_e need ,m ra1lways 1s tbe year thegross earnings for 1s74 were only '$5,953,. tratwn rather expansiOn. e want for_ those ratlr919.Iess than for 1873 while the net earnings during' the already bu1lt. better new new same period increased '$s,16o, 396! The reduction in ra1ls, m?re convement and statwns, a betthe cost of operating has been also aided by thede-ter and regard for the o f crease in the cost of materials which has taken place.hfe If cap1tal seeks employment let 1t be ill. that of every thing, in fact, rtquired to work a road 1D makmg the present roads valuable to public and maintain it in 'good; running 9rder. Looking and the stockholders, and not m co_nstructlon of new purposes into wr statistics, we find that the dividends d1stn_cts that can not paid by the various roads in 1g74 were only '$77, 76 7 poss1bly e1ther remuneratLve fre1g?t or passenger Jess than those paid in 1s73, being 6 7 ,042 942 Ra1lrojds tq the may furmsh the where against S67 ,120 709 wp.ich considering the depreswithal for bol speculators m first bonds, but. f the times is certainly a good showing. The they can scarcely be expected to pay mterest on the SiOn 11 f h Wh d 'I I ads of the country in fact earned during 1874 sma est Issue o t e same. at we nee In raJ ways, as ral ro II h b d k" h ss 12.3 per cent. of their total cost-that is of 10 a ot er usmess un erta mgs; at t e present time, IS m gro h" h hi I th th t tal nominal cost which is much less than their a WISe conservatism w IC w e recogmzmg e .act elr o h h -f il d CoNSClDfe& MoN:av.-A certain druggist or this city actual cost-while their net eamings_were 4.50 per cent. t t e very 0 ra. ways 15 ue to a last week says the Columbia (Tenn.) Hmzii, on the nominal coat, and the amGunt paid as of enterpnse that established a Dew ?fthmgs a letter coataioinc Is from a gentleman, who said th!"t was equal to 3 39 per cent. of the total capital stocl. 1n place of the old, shall 10 replate that as the fs wu Cor cipr1 that be had. "lifted" from laid The arou eandllp were equl to 112.32 for each insecure the greate1t amount of real proareu Wlthout n:lloitiruJPit IOIIlC tell yean aco.J pay for it. ,,


2 THE TOBAVCO\ LEAI"i ,../ nmg mto those speculative vaganes that nearly THE TOBACCO llllA.B.KET. has amounted to usual average for mne monfhs. ,our rum Like the drought of latt year this Is with:>ut precedeBt, A DOMESTIC. and its effect upon the crop ts consequently variously sa most Important branch of commerce, the tobacco NEw YoRK, ro, IB75 estimated. The destruction seems to be most severe interest has a large stake m our 1ron ways, and we The busmess m the leaf tobacco market for the month m Indana, lllino1s, and the stemmmg portton of Kenshould be better pleased d1d we see on the part of ra1l-of July IS 50 fully revtewed below by our contnbutors tucky, while MISsoun, Clarksv1lle, the Western d1stnct, way managers a more cordial recogmtion of the cla1ms that little, 1f any thmg, remams to be said to enable our and the Mason County reg10ns have been less affected of our trade upon them. When they reahze the fact that readers to realtze all that ts necessary to be known re-The plantmg seems to have been very large, some thmk for the great trunk lines between the West and the East gardtng the sttuauon up to the commencement of the exceedmg that of r8p and 1873 twenty fhe per cent current month and allowing that one half IS Irrecoverably lost, there there exiSts a powerful nval m the carrymg trade m the The only specially noticeable ieatures 10 the transwould still remam an avarage crop of 9o,ooo to Ioo,ooo shape of the Mtsstss1pp1 Rtver, so far as the tobacco acttons of the month now closed are the dtmm 1 shed rehhds at the seaboard The rams, however still contmue, trade IS concerned, !hey wtll probably pursue a more cetpts and sales as compared wtth those of the same and many profess to bdteve that the crop IS now m a liberal policy than they have httherto seeraed mclmed mbnth a year ago The fallmg off th1s year IS qutte morecnttca: condltlon than at thts date last year. As 1o t d N appreciable, but so, on the other hand, 1 s there a marked the quality there 1s less dtff erence of op1mon. It must be 0 0 or i s the request unreasonable All our fnends very poor, contammg much narrow frenched leaf, and k difference m the CITcumstances A year ago there was as IS such a scale of rates as shall draw tobacco to 1 h k where 1t has attamed fatr 5 tze, of hght body We fear a very strong specu atlve movement m t e mar et the ratlways and not dnve 1t down the nver as has here-rh15 year there has been no speculatiOn 10 July or any there w11l be httle suttable for stnps, and little suttable hhds thiS year, st h((d been too abundant and have. caused constde.rable dam-tleman, a commtttee, consisting of Messrs. James A. After thts date last year hhd were sold here age IS umversally admrtted now, but how great the&e :Scott, Wilham D Gtbson, Yarborough, was and m New Orleans Agam we-liave to report an exdamages are JS for the present dtfficult to say-full appo1nted to dl',Jft swtable resolutioas.expreasive of the tremely dull mafketrwuh s le Jatger ,th have be.en 57 cases low runnmg at 7 Pennsylvama, .1872-73, made away w1th on the way P the harbor. The setzed more affected thaa ours by the condition of the growing I30 wrappers on pnvate terms, do do, Ioo cases fillers goods were appratsed alt As more would crop, and all grades have advanced, while useful leaf IS and bmders at Be, W1sconstn I872-73, 25 do selected render the vessel hable t() forfeiture, she was temporar1l} now about as h1gh as at any time this year : wrappers on pnvate terms. 'held m the hope of secunng evidence 10 regard to the In our last circular we mentioned that the growmg Refernng to busmess for the month of July, the C1r disposal of the mtssmg c1gars An order was rece1ved crop had begun to suffer from excessiVe wet weather. cular of Messrs. J. S. Gans & Son, Tobar;co Brokers, from t'he Secretary of the Treasury to release the vessel Smce then there has not been one wc;ek's dry weather, says. The month openeti w1th a fa1r demand for low .and the goods on payment of taken 10 the Ohto Valley, while the rainfall grades, for export, but With the decltne 10 go l d and ad AUG.ll verse news from abroad, exJWr!ers gradually lowered 1 and demand sterhng respectively; selling rates the1r valuatiOns, whtch towards the end of the ms>nth 487 for 6o days, 4B9@489 for demand, CommercHil, has we\lmgh checked operattons. We would, however, 6o days 485@486 Pans-Bankers, 3 days, S u%, remark that our stocks of shtppmg lots are very much 6o days 5I5@5r6.7.(, Commercial, 6o days, reduced For home trade we notice an Improved Re!Ohsmarks-Bankers, 3 days 963i@ mand for good, r873, Connecticut tobaccos Connect!6o days, 953i @95 ;}8 Commercial, 6o days, cut second::; and fillers crop of I874, have been frel'ly 94@947(. sampled, but meet vhth but httle f:I.Vor, only a lew cho1ce Fntglzts-Messrs. Carey & Yale, Fretght Brokers, lots have been taken for home trade and a couple of report tobacco freights as follows -Liverpool, per hundred cases. common for export Sales-Crop of steam, 30s, per sail, 27s 6d. London, per steam, 37S r87o.-Connect1cut and Massachusetts, s6 cases, of 6d, per sa1l, 3os per steam, 30 s Bnstol, whtch for export, 56 cases Crop of r87I -Connect1-per steam, 35s, per sail, 305 Havre, per steam 4os; cut and Massachusetts, 7 5 :1:ases Crop of I872 -Con per sat! 35s Antwerp, per steam, 37s 6d Bremen, necttcut and Massachusetts, 486 cases, of whwh for ex-per steam, 37s 6d. Ham burg, per steam, 3 7s 6d port, zoo cases, New York, 227 ca5es, of which for exIMPORTS. port, 63 cases, Pennsylvama, 20o cases. Crop of I873 The arnvals at the port of New York from foregn -Connecticut and Massachusetts, I,2y2 cases, of whtch ports for the week ending August Io, Included the fat for export, 200 cases; New York, 6oo cases, of wh1ch lowing cons 1 gnments for export, 474 cases, Pennsylvania, 747 cases, of whrch ALICANTE-G Amsmck & Co, 200 cases licorice, for export, 75 casE.s, Oh10, I,2oo cases, of wh1ch [or 3 199 lbs do root export, 9()() cases, W1sconsm, 814 cases, of which for BREMENJ Goebel & Co., 919 hxs clay pipes. export, sse cases. Crop of t874 -Connecticut, I,IOO LoNDON-H. Hoffmann & Co., IO bales tobacco cases, of which for export, 240 cases. fatal sales, 6,797 RoTTERDAM-H. Cazan a, I case ctgars cases, of which for export 2,758 cases. Exports of seed HAVANA-\>Ve!l & Co 47" bales tobacco Vega leaf since January I, I5,358 cases, same ttme last Martmez & Brothers, 95 do, ]"San Juhan, 44 'do; A. year, 38,023 cases Gonzales, 3r do, Vega & Bernhe1m, 102 do, Burbank & The Ctrcular of Messrs M :rtader & Son, Tobac co Nash, 2 do, M & E Salomon, 64 ao, H. Schubart& Co., Brokers, remarks While, owmg to reduced stocks and 6 cases c1gars, W. H ThomalO & Brother, 9 uo Purdy firmer pnces for export sorts, coupled w1th the decline & Ntcholas, 5 do, E Spmgarn & Co, I do: G w of gold, the demand for export had been less acttve, It Faber, I do; S. Lmmgton & Sons, IO de, Fred'k de IS gratJf) mg to s8 Stool< oa hand, July 1,1875 8,581 Stock on hand, Julyl, 1814 t.S on on hand, Jul:r 1, 1873 11,79' 2,943 Manufactured-There was qu1te a bnslt mqutry last week for [mediUm pnce I I mch, and 1f dealers could have adJusted figures so as to meet the VIews of those lookmg for th1s class of goods, a fair volume of trade mtght have been effected As tt was, a little more bus1 ness than for the past week or two seems to have been done, buyers from a distance, the South espec1ally ap peanng upon the market m shghtly augmented numbers For sh1pment the demand was moderate. The exports for July were 479,667 pounds. Smokmg-There was a better mqu1ry for smokmg to bacco than prev10usly announced, and sales of fan pro portions for the extreme Sc-uthwest m addmon to those for other sectwns have been reported. Some 5,ooo pounds were d1sposed of on Thursday .at the ReceiVer's sale advertised m the last 1ssue!of THE LEAF The te bacco 1s satd to have realized 5I cents a pound. Czgars-A good but apparently not an mcreased de mand was observable for ctgars throughout the week The trade generally neither nor complatn of the amoUlit of busmess they are domg .AB.TICJVI..&B. l'IO'l'IOB. GroNen of seed leaf tobacco are cauuoncd. aga101t d;.., reported sales and \Uotationa of aoed leaf u furnuhmg tloe pr1cea that should be obtamed for t!lcm at lin; l:.and, as theae refer 111 moat IDJtances to old cropt wh1ch have been held nearly a year, and the pro6t on wh1cb must naturallT Include the Interest on cap1tal mvated Growen cannot expect even 1n the caae of aew cropt, to aell them for the 1ame pnce1 u are obt11necl on a re-ule here. Of coune every re-aale mUit be at an advance, and therefoK tl>e obtainable liy tbe growen Will be aomewhat lowe tna.n our quotataons QUOTATIONS OF WHOLE5ALE PRICES. ) .. f. eta. Okw-Crop 1873 cts common 1o cood luge 9 @n Runnlnf Loti .. .. 9K @oX l Common teat 11 @ta Nrw YtW: Stat,..._crop 1872 and 1873 MAdlum 13 li}1S Runn1nl' Lots . 8 Good ... tSJf@J7 1&13 ,. Fine 18 @20 Runnmll' L ots . 7@8 Selections JQ cutlini lugo 11 BavanaFII Com d 87X@ 90 do do leaf 15 s clo Good o @I 00 Olar/csi!UU qftd .,..,,.,.,. .DUincl do Fine Qo 1 111@1 Common to gvod luge to u 110 ScRAPS ...... 7G @ 75 Common lea.f o oo o u @13 Yara. I aad, U Cut, a3sorted. @ ll!edlum leaf 4 !'6 M.,.II/41Vro!l -LooglO'o SO Good to floe red ... 11 @1S Naoy,' I and 0 I SO Fancy.... ... 1s @oo Pocket Pieces 25 Upper Country, 1 @s Brigllt l'w:lst (Val U Inch 86 Ground lel, new... 6 @ u Bright Gold Bare, 61nch i6 Bough Beady 60 "-uotatlon f'o:r Seed Leaf' To. BLAOK R Na"!/ Prn

AUG. 11. ru tander; per bark Motlesta to Havre, 351 hbds Maryland and 175 hhds Vir,inia; per ship Elizq/Jet!z Ha,ulton to Bordeaux, r,22o lthds Ohio; per steamer And to Liver pool, 21 hhds. tobacco; per steamer Chtlian to Liverpool, 44 hhds tobacco, Tobacco Statement. Stock on hand in State warelnouses, Jan. r, I87S-----------------.. -----I4,627 hhds Deduct loss by fire Jan. 6-contents of warebouses Nos. I and 2----.. ----2,764 hhds 11,863 hhds Inspected th1s week ...... .. ---.... ____ : 1,461 hhds Inspee;ted preVIously, smce Jan. r ....... 23,240 l:thds Total..------------------Less shtpments (Maryland and Ohio), since Jan. I, 187s ----15182I Sh1pped coastwise same penodL--. 4,019 Tota.l, ....... __ ----------.... ----IQ,84o h!ids on the stalk, which is not worth attention ; during the interval m rams the sun comes out hot and is "firing" what tobacco there is left worth so the farmers are cutting it green. The question IS not how much to bacco will be ruined, but how much will be saved. There is soo acres under water Within ten m1les of this place. Henderson County w11l not raise one third of a crop-one of the best tobacco counties in the State; Davis County equally as bad. Green River that runs throur;h one of the nchest districts in is out of the bat.ks, and has ruined thousands of acres of tobacco and corn, and the poorer class of planters will certainly be in a destitute cond1tion before another crop can be raised. The situation is truly a pit1able one. The same IS ttue m Illmo1s and Ind1ana. Our wholesale merchants who a few weeks ago expected to do a large and lucrative busmess are now contractmg the1r sales, and will not want half the goods they anticipated. There is no tobacco being offered on our breaks but we think coulrl. be sold at considerable advance over our last quotatiOns. The raia is coming in torrents at the present moment and no prospects of a let-up. LYNCHBURG, Aug. 8.-Messrs. Nowlms, Youn. son, at ros pfenaigs. There is perhaps a slight con ger & Co Tobacco Commission Merchants, report:-cession to be noted for fir.e leaf. Recei}lis of Kentucky, Rece1pts of tobacco during the week have not been so old and new crop from January rst date, :z,r83 hhds, large as were the two preceding. The market or about z.soo or r 6oo hhds new crop and 6oo or 700 opened rather mOe active, but toward the close It pld crop. Stock in first hands, July 15, 1,893 hhds; became dull and prices were barely maintained. We rece1ved since, 348 do; total, 2,241 do; delivered since quote as before. -I 58 do; stock July ZJ, 2,083 do. Maryland PADUCAH, KY., Aug. 6.-Messrs. M. H. Clark and Ohio-In these growths nothing was done. Stems & Brother, Leaf Tobacco Brokers, report :-Our Th1s week there is only one sale to note, namely, of 40 sales for the week were only 74 bhds. The market hhds to fair medium lot Virginia stems, at rs pfennigs; was somewhat weaker upon common grades, but every stock in first hands, July IS, 4,135 hhds; received since, thmg above common leaf was about half a cent higher. 84 do; total, 4,219 do; delivered since, 40 do. Stock m The weather during the first of the week was cool and first hands, July 23, 4,179 hhds. Seed Leaf-The sales cloudy, without rain until yesterday morning, when we since last report amount to 504 cases from store and haJ a heavy rain iasting several hpurs. In consequence 200 to arrive. '?!'interest are the sales of a couple of which the ground is still too wet for plowing anclto-of runnmg_ lots Oh10s. Old crop at 6:z pfennigs. bacco is suffering greatly from bemg ove,rrun with wseds lWeek, s rec ,e_Ipts, cas:s. Stock m first hands th1s and grass. We quote :-frosted, common day, 9,3oo lugs, 6@7; med1um lugs, 7@8, go6d lugs, .LONDON, :.ldly 29-Mess_rs Grant, Chambers & common leaf,ro@lzYz; medium leaf, 13@15U; good leaf, CO., report : -"the past week has been a very qu1et one r6@r8Yzc. Rece1pts for Ju!y,'l87s, 508 hhds, against as, despite the d1squietmg rumors respecung the 2,421 do in r874, received previously, I875, 6,332 hhds damage by rain; buyers keep aloof, only takmg what is aga!nst 9,946 hhds m I874; total, for 1875 6,840 hhds, actually requ1red for the1r consumption. All await w1th agamst IZ1367 do m 1874; sales for July, 883 hhds, some anx1ety further news as to the extent of the against r,981 do m I874; sold previously, 6,685 hhds, damage, the mtelheence, so far, has however, had no th1s time by the he1rs with a v1ew to g1ving idle mechamcs work than with the expectation of finding tenants immediately. Indeed, he says this latter con tingency can hardly be looked for in the present state nf business. Changes in Business. NEw YoRK CITY.-Michaelis & Levin, Importers of C1gars; dissolved by the death of Mr. Chas. Levin ; Messrs. N. Michaehs and Edw. Lmdeman have formed a co-partnership under style of M1chaehs & man, and will continue the busmess. M1f Norton, Slaughter & Co., Tobacco Commission Merchants, d1ssolved; Mr. ThOJs. J. Slaughter will continue under his own name. Advertisements. W, ). HOOJ)LESS. C. E TAYLOII. Late of KeDt&ct1 w I J I BOODLEss & co,y Leaving stock in warehouses and on shipboar pnce. can contmue to quote dark-colored old leaf any mrormallon that Wllllea.d to '' constantly sought after by our manufacturers, and 1f of in .the the shock in the fields, and are, l conseguent!y, all -TUB x. Y. crGAB. co., gooq quahty and leafy, a very handsome price can be swept away. Farmers are very despondent, and truly &4!.;'tt L, SIERJ:R, Pteaiaent, >o Chatham Street, New York. b d H Jd f ld p the prospects are very gloomy. o tame o ers o o ennsylvania leaf begin now Edgettorz ( Wts) I1laependmt, :.Jul'JI 30 Reports Dl!CK IS.ND LEA.J' Several Choice Lota lor Sale. to feel that it is as safe to hold as Umted States Govcome to us from all dtrections that the new tobacco nA.VID B. JANNEY, Toltaee Breker, ernment bonds With the interest guaranteed. Exports crop is doing finely, and that the greater portion of It Wat'ehouses. Week. Month. Boone _________________ z2 Farmers._______________ 66 Kentucky Assoc1at10n_ o Planters. ________ ------_ 141 Exchange--------o LouiSVIlle ____ ----------s6 NmthStreet,. ___________ zo 196 Ptckett ____ --. _...... zoo A pnvate letter received by a gentleman in this city from a correspondent in Kentucky says :-"The to bacco crop throughout the State is greatly inJured The situation is precarious, and if the weather does not improve within the next Week or ten dayR, the ,Yield will not be larger than last year-if it is as large. From TotaL--505 sos present mdicationsl am of the opmion that we will not Year 1874------------1,536 I,75o have ilVer one quarter of an average crop." Wh1le many Year --------76S 1,052 people are mchned to grow despondent over m1sfor-Of the mspections this week, 28. hhds were Year. ,J,II9 r,270 3,r76 3 657 5.759 24,006 48,092 45,8os for pntune, there is no denymg the fact that the crop 1s vate sales, balance offered at aucuon. greatly mjured and that, as the true state of the case Included in sales this week are r 12 hhds from other becomes apparent it Will cause an advance in the pnce markets. Receipts this week, 322 hhds; v1z, other of manufactured goods. markets, I37 hhds; from c1ty factones and changing In th1s market prices are very firm, and wh1le there has warehouses 7 7 hhds; fresh from country, 108 hhds; been no advance, there 1s no d1sposlt10n to force sales exact of th1s mspectwns Ongmal new, or make concessiOns. The stocks are ample, but not 355 hhas; new rev1ews 87 original old, 16; large, st11l buyers are not disposed to "load up" in ; old rev1ews, 46 hhds. For year, rz,p6 hhds antiCipation of a nse, preferrmg to go safe and sure, ongmal new; I ,390 do new rev1ews; 4,944 do original and take the chances. As an evidence of the amount old; 4,946 do old reviews. The hhds that had been of the tobacco and c1gar trade of this city, I will state sampled aqd offered for .sale here we count as "origmal" that the collectiOns of mtfftnal revenue for the month of old or new, as it J"Aay be, but keep it as "from other July, 187 5, for these artlcles:Were, $ 135.334. This, I markets," by taking off J.hls. class, and "reviews" (second thmk, IS a good showmg for one month for a c1ty in ofienngs) also pnvate samplmg; our sales th1s week wh1ch more than three of its 1.ales are from goods made will be only ZI7 hh(ls that were never opened before. elsewhere. The character.of th1s tobacco from other markets 1 s The Crgar trade 1s really good for the season m the generally mean, bemg mostly the refuse of lots bought mediUm and upper grades of Eastern work. early this sea.son, .it 1s nearly all badly frozen, partly goods are not worth the showing. rotten, or scrappy, and sells at from 4 to sc. for the Further than the .matters noted, there is nothmg worst. We have to notice another advance m prices more to report at this time. on all grades-the first three days this week, since wh1 ch It CINCINNATI, August 7.-Mr. F A Prague; Leaf remained about stationary, w1th a general good Tobacco Inspector, reports :-The long cobtinued and feehng: all holders of re-dned leaf have given orders to in every way extraordinary wet weather, culmmated an not sample:, and hold for further orders. Sunday last in a perfect deluge of ram, causmg the Rich Ohw River and all its side streams to assume oropor-Frozen. N1J11ducrijt. Heavy. Colory. t10ns never known before at th1s season of the year. CoJll. lugs __ S 9@rx Our warehousemen found it necessary to hoist all toGood lugs __ sYz@ 6;i 8Yz@u II@IS bacco from the1r cellars, and were compelled to use porn. leaL-6 ;i @8 @14 rs@r8 cr less of the1r break floor for storage purposes, which Goo1 leaf_ 8 @ro 12 @IS 14 @I7 r8@2I prevented them from having auct10n sales of but only a Fme leaf.-15 @17 17@20 ZI@zs few hhds daily. That there has great damage been done Ex. do leaL 1 7@19 2.0@25 to the growmg crop there can be no question, but if the Plug makers kmds m nch heav ijuota favorable weather which has prevailed for the past four No bnght wrappers m m rket except some Vu days continues, we thmk a fa1 r average crop will be made gm1as held by JObbers .. in the d1stricts producing cutting leaf. Prices have Messrs. Wm: G M J ier & Co. report :-Unfavorable ruled h1gher .PR all grades, and the market closes strong crop our. rnarkl!t w1th an upward tendency. The total 6fferings at auction and, a?ove are ad;vanced Our were 228 hhds and 88 boxes, as follows: good and fine heavy bod1ea sn1pping leaf, At the Bodmann Warehouse, 71 hhds and 71 boxes: suppl1es bemg nearly exhausted, cal? but non{!llal : -66 )lh ,ds Kentucky and Ohto cutting leaf at Sales month sum up 49 hhds ongmal old, 62 'do 30.25 for good colery smoke:rs to fine c11ttmg leaf; old rev1ews, I3T do new rev1e_w_s, and 1,309 do origin al hhds Ohio .aced smokers at 7 _9o@g; 70 cases OhiO seed, new. The total sales of ongmal new smce Nov. r, fillers, bmders and wrappers at 495@22. 50 am?unt to only u,371 bhds. Rece1pts are decreasing At the Morris Warehouse, 69 bhds and S boxes :-69 ra!nuly and our stock of unsold tobacco IS now reduced hhds and 5 boxes Kentucky cutting leaf: 29 hhds old at to 3,677 hhds. past four weeks have changed the $r2.zo@z1 for colory smokers to good leaf 40 bhds crop prospects entirely, and we regret to see all efforts new at 6.30@27 for common smokers to fine cu'ttmg leaf; f5>r a large have faded Disastrous rains hav:e con S boxes new at 10.75@2 3 tm ed, causmg nver to overflow and a large At the Globe Warehouse, 55 hhds and 12 box es := of our tobaqco1-growmg has for 55 hhds Kentucky cutting leaf at S6.7o@27. 50 for COJA been Green and ros, --'A(J'Jon RELIABLE SALESM!AN lor a Crar hctory. t r0r a I ge and fine c e b tt Must city and near by trade. cases Connecticut leaf., 378 cases nennsylvan1a leaf, 123 pee s 1 ar rop were nev r e er. [!46 tl A -with s .c N J C t d f h R' h d 6 -PPu. re reD<:eo. to 9 Bowery. cases Oh10 leaf, 52 cases New York State, 41 cases e son oun y correspon ence o t e JC mon .. J Wisconsin State leaf, I6r bales Havana leaf. (Va.) Whrg, dated July 3I.-There has been rain in this W DOUGLASS, section for thirteen days in succession, which, on the (L C 1 RICHMOND, Aug. 7.-Mr. R. A. Mills, Tobacco whole, has been more injury than benefit to orops.. It ate O.N:MISSION:ER OF NTJ:RNAL REVJUfU.E), Broker and Commission Merchant, reports :-Since has ).!lrevented farmers from securing their wheat, and it AT T Q AT LAW !DY last report there been a decidedly better feeling is feared that much of It is injured by sprouting. The n m our market and pnces for all grades are better with constant rain prevented proper working of tobacco, and a decided upward tendency, and wh1le I do not' alter ..,..,.0 1A"S 7 S"" ___ ,... many fields wh1ch were promising a good growth a few ., 1 -... my quotations, I would remark that prices range nearer weeks back now present a d1fferent appearance. The m-547 WASmNGTON, ':0. c. outstde quotations. Below I give the transactions and growth is narrow, having been forced too rapidly by so comparative stock on hand to August 1 :-I continue much ram. The land being too wet for cult1vauon, the quotations 'fhe transactwns for the month of July weeds and grass have gotten a start, and 1t 1s appreWAX were, 688 hhds, 165 trcs, zr bxs; stock on hand Au-hended when worked out much of the tobacco w1ll turn SAI'I:IJ.'lr MA'l'CBIIS, MATCHES AND FUSEES. gust I, I874, mspected, 9I hhds; uninspected not yellow, and lose its once prom1sing growth known; stock on hand August I, I87 S, inspected, s,779 Mtamsburg (0) Bulletm, :Ju l y 30.-Tobacco, wtth hhds; d

ts for Sale OSCAR KNAB. ___} WM M. ZOERNTLE!N, 535-517) SOLE AGKNTS FOR THE RIGHT OF PJt!'I:NSYLVANIA, R. FOlJGl:RAY:, 33 North Front St., PhiladclDhia. AND FOR MARYLAND, E. WISCHMEYER & CO 39 South Calvert St., Baltimore. HAVANA LOTTERY OF CUBA. Cer..fllan Lotteries. SAXONY, & HAMBURU, Oo.e Pnze 10 Average on t wo hckets. Pnzes cas'he d and mfonnat10n WACUSlUANJ'i; & C0.1 Bankerol. P 0 Box 3316 (504 !iS5) 7'S & 11 NaSsau :ltre,..t.. HAVANA AID SCRAPS .. W E ARE THE SOLE AGENTS JN NEW YOJIK FOR ALL HAVANA CUTTIKGS AND SCRAPS': t!!i't are m,ade the reoowued factores of EL PRINCIPE DE GALES (v.l\fartinez YbOr & Co,) and LA ROSA ;ISPANOLA, (Seldeobq 4 Co 4 Key Wtet, and the same are recetved weekly to balee ofaboat 100 to 130 lbo. lUGES JJ'YRNI!IHiilD UPON A.PPLI(JA.TION. sa SJRAIT.QN & STORM, Ill l 1@0 .St. DUTIES ON FOREIGlf AND CIG.&BS. Foretg:u Tr>ao:co,1latY'35G per pnnd, pld. Foreig11 Clpn, ;so...-l"'uDd i>ils PW..[el\1 '-""' 1!,!"ported dgan alai> beu aaflllteu..l &eynue oj ..,. M., !lJ aj: t4!o CUJtom Bq"'!o (Revenu ol ame arch 3, The W!Poit duty-IIIli' ed t<>l.ia<;co'ls SOC J1ef tb; Lear st..,med 3SC SteiJLS, tsc.\ per lb. _In a Jtion tOJliis Outy._ Revenue tu on th; same lrind of tooacco made Ia Ula coonfr,lmtlatbe paid. The tpbKCOmusl. also. be J'Oeked ..:col'dlntrt<> tlae r...,.Jatl-go4-enliDtr tobaeoomadolten FOIIEtG.N Dt1TI.Qi ON T08ACe I a Autrla, Fraaee, Italy ud Spain, theto.bacco c:<>_er..,l&aollopollH> West have occaswned appreeast to the starting pomt in Woos tel' lt w1 ll thti li'OL'i.lows. hens10ns ot senous in .fury to the crop and inoe seen that, w 1 tb the exception of a small poit19n, ih ONE SQUARE ( NONPAREIL LINES), duced a demand upon air InJury t o crofl. entire block mclosed in the above-named streets is part egun neil springAthe defay 0 souAll'E, 'i.:o E..::i!tl'r.ulnU, buyers are slill d1sl>osea Jo operate cautwusly, owmg to b ing necessifated "by an unexpired lease, and the buildl66.uo.depressed condition of trade generally Goe>_d deing of the fifth can not take lace for five years, Jaeger '!'w? 300 00 leaf, adapted for manufactunng and sh1ppmg & Co. paper-box manufacturers holding a lease of tb1lt THREE Sft'lloUllafOVEaTlt\'O ab>wn dec1ded antQlallon past three weeks and 'd tJ d II ONE Y&A&. so 00 purposes, ev1 en y scarce an !ll consequence WI 1ot for five years longer. The bUildmgs are to be fiv;e _. o 'A.nVEDTISEHE!iT!I aN TD.. A4llfT.&m EVANSVILLE, IND., :.Juily 31.-Messrs. C J. Morris on laetSaturday at an advance in prices of 2 to & Co., Tobacco report -We for all grades of -leaf, and I to OD lugs and had hoped. t

4 EX:. FOR;l'AN. M. J DOHAN. THOS. CARROLL. D.OH AI, CARROLL a co:, TOBACCO Coin mission Merchants, 104: :P. 0, BOX NEW YORK Agents for the known and reliable Manufacturers: J.{B. PACE, TURPIN & BRO L. J. GRANT & CO .. 'W':. J. YARBROUGH & SOOS, J. H. GREAN.ER, L. H FRA YSER & CO., R, W. OLIVER, T. W. PEMBERTON, JOHN R. PACE & CO., 'JOHN W. CARROLL, and otbtrs. 89le Agents f01 the Original CABLE COIL, BONNE BOUCHE, 4s and ss, Single and Double Thick. Also Agents for the Celebrated LONE JACK ct DICK _SMOKING TOBACCO. of Manufactured Tobacco of every description, Suitable f d r the Home Trade and for Fore ign Markets, kept constantly ou hand. BO'W"NE & FRITH, 7 BURLING SLIP, NEW YORK Tobacco Comm.ission Mer'chants d Sole Proprietors of the Celebrated of Smoking Tobaooo: Honey Bee, Early Dew, Prairie :Bloellom,. Red River, Powhattan, Euterprlae, Old Jtentuolr, Oldl Los CaJ'..G, t:ow Slip, Planter&' Choice. :P;oneer of the West, BuiiDy 8outll, \Or Braud, B011eyDew f loo Sole Agpnto for tll e United States for 3. P &: 00.'8 GOLD FLAXE. G F. LINDO. c c. HAr.trtTOK, S. MAltCOso. R ASHCR0\'1'-YORK EEDLEAt.-ToBAcco INSPEcTION TOBACCO INSPE C EO-o R SAMPLED. given f o r every case and delivered tease by C :ise aS t o number of Certificate. N. B.-WE ALSO SAMPLE lrt MERCHANTS' OWN STORES. F. c: LIN-DE tc CO., 'INCJ;PAL \Vater Street. and 18:1 to 186 Pearl St. REHOUSES-142 Water, 173 Front, 74, '76 4> 78 Greenwtell Street.t, and 1, 2, 8 Hwbon River Rail .Road Depot, St. Jolana Park. ... 1:0BA.CVO LE4.1r, WICKE tc co., A. MARTIN & JOHNSON, ---79 ;FRONT STREET, :t.!:ANI;IFACTURERS OF BOXBOl 155,'_157;159&161 G 'oerckst.; Tobacco Commission Merchants, lSIE\X/ AGENTS FOR T:I-IE SALE OF ALL '1'HE STANDARD B DTIHiAJ. AJB m'WIOI-lAD RANDS OF VIRGINIA A NORTH CAROUNA MANUFACTURED & SMOKING TOBACCOS C1gar B1bbons. . Agents for t-he followmg well-known Vugmtn ana N. Carolma : W. OLIVER,, :Richmond, Va. I WINGFIELD & LAWSON, Ric hmo!)d, Va CP'c:!lli CP' D. C. MAY:O & CO., Rtchtponerfectlr pure, possewsinc a Dim ana DZLICACY or ruvoa tmswusszD, ( -..: while they contain LESS NICOTINE, than tobacco cured by any other known process. \ : BDG.&B B:aiGGB, Otflce and Salesroom, No. 207 front Street, San F Cal.' 1 M. SALOMON, M. a E. SALOMON, E. SALOMON LEAF, /Havana. and 1 85'MAIDEN LANE, N.Y., 6 .. Tobacco Commission Merchants' S4 street, Ne-w Tork. ARE RECEIVING DIRECT FROM VIRGINIA CONSIGNMENTS OF M.ANUFAC4 'l"URED TOBACCO. EXPORT ORDERS FOR PLUG TOBACCO ,._ PROMPTLY FILLED. WILLIAM M. PRICE &. CO. LEAF TOBACCO, II9 MAIDEN LANE, w ... M. PaiCa,, NEW YORK. 178 PIAn S'l'UE'1'1 r.A..j.&:na.. P, 0. BOX 2989; NEW 'YORK FOX, _I,DILLS & -CO., IK!'OB.'l'EB.S 0::1' SPANISH; .A.Nb PACKERS op SEEn _LEAP -TOBACCOS, e Water Stroot, New York; ESTABLII!JIIED 1822. "COPIRBAGER SNUFF," Man.Uactured oolT by WEYMAN & BROTHER; Secured by 'tetters Patent December 26, I86s. An lnfrlngemen Oil our copyright will bo rlgoroool y pro RC.uted VEGA, MARTINEZ & BRO'S, OF HAVANA TOBACCO ..... CICARS, 190 PEABL STBEET, New York, COST.&, .... lMPURTER OF Havana Tobacco, and SOLE AGENT for the Brand of Cirars, LA KAJA.GUA, Xo. 183 rearl Street, Comer of Cedar, ..__ ,. lfEW YORK, 62 BROAD STR.EET,\ NEW Y6BK. WALTER FRtEDMAN FREISE, I IMPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO 203 Street, NEW Y()RK. CHIS. F. TAG & SOl, Importel'S of SPAN ISH and Dealers In all klnd1 of LEAF TOBACCO, 184 Front Street, e II'B\V 1l"OB.K. G. R.EISMAl\Tl\1', Commission Merchant, AND D&ALBR lM AtL KIIWS OF LEAF T .OBACCO, .. 17S Pearl Eet. t>me"' c.w.' NEW YORK. KOENIG & SUBERT, DEALERS IN .ALL KINDS OF LEAF &'HAVANA .TOBACCOS, FELIX CAR CIA, No. llOWE:SY. t(bet. 2i & Sd Sts.,l }lannfacturers SNuf'"F, and every 'WEYMAN & BRO., [79 Sl Smlthfleld. Street, Pittsburgh, Pa.. VEGA & BERNHEIM, HAVANA .. NEW YORK (raoM T. GUTJ:Iklt.Zt). N. LACBJ:NBBUCH & BRO., AND CIGARS, Brands Clay. No. 184 Water Street, New York, And Sole Ag't for Brand "Prof.Morse." WHOLKSALB DKALa lN and '8ARATOCA," HAVANA fc DOMESTIC 18'2' Water St .-New York L .... ....:._ -------ea.a. ...-o ... acco. AND OJ' T 'HE BUND OF BIV DA LID TOBACCO M. OPPENHEIMER & BRO. DEALERS IN CICAR8 SEED, LEAF AID HAVUl W' PIA!L' STUE'l' m:w TOU. !!!, Pearl St' New York. T 0 B 4 C C 0' HAVANA TOBACCO r. MIRANDA & co. 138:WATER STREET. MANUEL RIVER.A, IMPORTERSOF IMPORTER OF ANTONIO CONZALE.Z., EJ: A VAN A IKPOBTBR o:r la))aua ltaf lbatelJ, AND CIGARS, !ran! "CJ.IANNAS. VI milK I.AXII, JO;W TOBit, J AND L. CARVAJAL'S CIGARSt W A!l'EB ST., NEW YOB.X. lfEWT8RlL J. SAN JULIAN, 'IMPORTER OF HAVANA Leaf Tobacco, 88 WaU St. Kew York. .ROOIIIl Ul.


\ AUG. 11. ----_ JACOB BIIKILL, t'/-, MANUF ACTtJREJt el' PALME&t scoVIr,x,z, G. FA 1 K & B R 0., IKPO:R'r:BE.S 0:1' SPANISH, I.; CIGAR 8 OXES' ANI> JOBBERS IN ALL KINDS OF LEAF NO. 1!70 WAT:Bl\ ST:BIJIIT, l'I'BW YOIUt, Importers of Spanish, SUPERIOR MAKE AND Prime Quality of CEDAR 293, 295 & 297 Monroe St., NEW YORK. WM:.EGGERT &1:0. IMPORTERS OF HAVANA AND DEA.LERS IN SBBD LBAF TOBACCO, 171 PEARL arM! 78 PINE STS., NEW YORK, -And Importers of Vuelta-Abajo Tobacco, 62WATERST., NEW YORK. M. W. MEBDEL 1: BRO., I !MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, BOWERY, NEW YORK WM. AGNEW & SOliS, fobaoco and Commissio11. Merohaat& fiS4 and :;,s6 Front NEWYOBK. Jr.\ nloN SALII .&LL D..._..i_. Leaf Tobacu for Expod B.llld Hom Ia Leaf Tobacco baled In my padap 1v _.... \c press for export. WM. SCHOVEE.LING, l'ACKE!t OF AND DEALER IN -SHBD-LHAP .TGBACCO, L. PALME-R. A. H. CONNECTICUT SEED LEAF WRAPPER OF OUR OWN PACKING. HERMANN BA. TJER f( f COMMISSION MERCHANTS & OF C::1CJL.y 77 W A T:Z:R S'I' ., NEW YO WEISS, ELLER &: KAEPPEL, I:\1PORTERS OF AND DEALERS 1.:-1 HAVANA .TOBACCOS, .. J.1auufacturers of the ""'2! known .U. S : Solid T&p '"" .. Oar are 1uaranteed to. be more DURl\.BLE, and at least 25 per cent. "l Cheaper than any other Mould sold. Office and Salesroom, No.' 131 AN. H.:BORGPELDT,-= MANUFACTURER OF CIGARIYIOULDS, Patentet of Closed Head Moulds, Patentee of fha $Ingle SpriJII or (Jacoby) Moulds, ... ORDERS TAKEN AT THE FACTORY. HARLEM R. R, FREIGHT BUILDING, WHITE STREET, F low >9 (>d Door from Elm Street : or at S. JACOBY l CO .. Office No. oo Chatham Square, NfW YORK. :NBW YOB.K. Sheet Metal Cigar Moulds '_) G. Jl'ALK. I-I. COI .... ELL, Sole Agent for K. c. BARKER &. Co.'s Celebrated AMERICAN EAGLEF:J:N'E OUT CH F*\1\/XNG-TOB.A.OOO. ALSO PACKER OF SEED AND IMPORTER OF HAVANA TOBACCOS. 1SS Water Street, Newo York. K .ERBS & SPIESS, Manufacturers. of Fine Cigars, and Dealers in LEAF TOB.A.OOO, ADoLPH KERBs: 35( Bowery, New York: PREl\IT.IO E'S CIGAR SHAPING MOB.LD & RETAINERS, Patented Jall. 1:1th, 18691 a..d May ,.ad, 18'71. Tb.ese M oulds are used in making the Finest Brands of Havana Cigars, and acknowledge DE\LERS AND CORRESPONDENTS CONSISTENT, WITH SOUND BANKING. H. B.OCHOLL. President. o. H. SCHREINER. Cashier. e A. & F. BROWN, MANUFACTURERS OF CIGAR MOULD PRESSES 1: STRAPS, Cigar Cutters & all ether Machinery for Mannfactnrin! Gi[ars iMPORTERS OF GE!IIAI Cl!lAR MOULDS. NEW MILFORD, CONN. This is the only Mould su-:table for the Manufacture of Fine Havaca Cigars. Tin is well kuown to be the best preserv-.Uve of "'elicate aroma s. The bunches produced by this Mould do t)C't require turning, as no crea!'t: is shown. Far Circulars, address IMPORTERS OF & IlEALE'RS IN 225 Front Street. 571 59 & 61 L..e.wis: St. .bet. Delancey and Rlvingtdn Sts; NEW YORK. AHNER i.. 'DEIILSJ DEALERS IN NAPOLEON DUBRUL, Sole Patentee of the Crease1ess Wf>Oden and Shet::t Metal Cigar Moulds, LEAP TOBACCO, l$6 k lSSW. Seoond St., Cincinnati, 0. 190 Pearl St., LEVY BB.OS., MICHAEL AKNn,l NEW YORK, J OHH A. DKH1.S. J :all:aza. 'U1'ao't-u.rer o:C :1::-:I:N"E C:J:G,A.:J:'&FI. READ Be Co., t-JO& B N y SuCCESSORS TO IsAAC READ, .1 owery, ew A or .a.. UOMMISSI'ON MERCHANTS, L:m CJ ...... ARS'I!JIT ... L ... 0 ... ., ....... A. 0.& TlYIAN, And Dtalers i11 Virgini11 and Westtrn ----. Leaf and ManNfadured Tobacco, COMMI.SSIO' N MERCHANmS Licorice, Gum, etc., .& UJ Old Slip,, Xew York. DOMESTIC Leaf Toba,ooo; S. BARRETT, IIIIo. reo Water Street, New York. IMPORTER OP BAVAI.& _ANDPACKitR'oF... SANCHEZ, HAYA & co., Leaf. Tobacco /a :m Jill :c :JP 1so. 132, 134. T .... ODACCO, 1.66W..4.TEBSTBBET, 121 MAIDEN LANE, N.Y.. FINEST CLEAJl HAVANA CIGARS : 'NEW YORrL. B. WASSERMAN, Havana cfiar&"r18ar Tobacco. A. H. CARDozo, A. KASPROWICZ 1: BRO. TOBACCO & COTTON FACTORY, TOBACCO, FINE iiV!N!.Ci&AnsJ AND Geueral Colllllliuion Merchant, No. 88 BROAD STREET, N.Y. 101 Ma1denLane, New York. 158 Ch :, S 1ft I h s h 1 t., E c RAWEORD, "r1ac en, c u z, 81ox T O B AC c o .. Wr'Tiiil'Cco. LBAP TOBACCO-,...._., ..,..&,.._._ S.,. Huottoale.allkl.ndsofLeafToboccoforExpcdani -w vv 138 A Water Strllf, forHome,use. ;NEW 'l'OKK. LIDIRIR & nscBBL. s I o :o;;;. .. oN. JULius BERLINER, & \ Leaf Tobacco; DEALERS IN Iaporin of aad. Dealer ba Seed LeaC. Leaf Tobacc AND AND SEGARS, HAVANA TOBACCO, lll3 PUir. STUIT, lmlW TCU., llo. I.H Pearl Skeet. NEW TOR&_ (0mJGERl&WOTJIIID L. GERSHEL & BRO., Packen of aad Dealers In ---SEED LEAF TOBACCO, LEAF TOJAC.CO, Xo. 8B M..U1XEN LANE, 41 I ROAD STREET L. C!RtHr.. NEW YORK. ,,... ...MEW YORK. 203 PEARL STREI!:T. XEW1EOa .... PRESCOTT BURBANL GEO. P. NASH, Btm.BAD: &. NASH, TOBA'CCO. \. Leaf Tobacco, 162 Water St., York. ]. SCHMITT, c : JOST, BASCH & FISCHER, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA r AND PACKERS OF SliD LKAP : -tDBAGCI, 155 Water St., Near Kaiatn Lane, NEW YORK. SAWYER, WALLACE & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. 47 Broad Street, NEW YORK. TOBACCO PRESSERS, Leaf Tobaccct pressed in bales for the W'st Indies, Mexican and Central American Ports, and ether markets. TOBACCO IN HOGSHEADS. JULIAN ALLEN, Seed-Leaf and Havana TOBA.OCO, 172 Water Street, N. Y. .ALEXANDER MACK- IIIPORTIR OF "lVBl'AND PACKER OF a::m::m:o x..::m:&:P .TO BAG oos; 162' Water St N Y. W 2 DE F OREST LUf/IP MACHINE. Hand Work ll')'lltated by Machinery. W e r.all the attPntion of or P lug to the De Lump Ma the last twll this has excelled all (bnt!'t in quality and economy (If work) io maltinR' P .ug Tnb:tcco. t 'Fht! occ!upies but fou.r square feet thP. Manuf:tcturer is indepenrlent of I :thor, a. a buy can learn to ru.u in Th: i s ro1lnd, Fillers straight, with square ends. WrapperCI ru'\ twice far hy hanti. Ko wrapper Sc:-ap!! Jl t w wtth the filler. It not c,ush filler It!l capacity is from two to four lumps per to the factnrs anrl cPrtlfic.ates below, fl. Tid respectfully schcit your :.ilteutlOn person ally. Lt does not cut th2! on the edge of t!l.t! lumps whe n under pressure. J'fachines and SiJ'ld l')' THE DE FOREST MACHINERY co.; Pront Streei, New York. Price, 6-inch, $300. 8-incb, f3tS-12-in., $325. TESTIMONIALS. R ICHMGNO, VA. This is to c&tify ,at J puchaaed laat fall Six (6) De Forest Luup Machine!il, and having te:-.t e d them, have ... orderea Ma 1l.'he D e E Machm.. tm MV .JUdllment, is SUPitRlOR tf. H. AND 1U mantpaJa tion of Lumps. SAvHs 10 WRAPPERS and ecopo .. milt'S iu LABOR TWBNTY PBR CliNT. ) B PACE. BROAD TRKRT, N.Y., Oct. I, 1874 DE; FottEST & Bntoseva: T MARCH ao a.. Sirs one year :s test, we feel P_>\. b d t r f)Ut s,..tem of workin!l NAvY PLUG ToaAcc.o, in you wttb our eartyen oreefent 0 Y f b am wei h\ stn(ght. and square corners. "" l.'he wou i8 it possess:;, the necessary ea 0 e r Jm Macbine is more durable leu inIt savt:agreJt1y in 'RAPPBRS, a 1St:. in c015t 01 Manufact'1fu,. You )"llicb is greatly in exceU ascomclineti L ge out ol order. and tU/11 out from tbt!ee to ve Dl: 0 l of the old ones.-Hopinc paroed with the old tyle Conoequentlt we,shall adovt Tll&M "' cellUCHANAN & LYALL. th.4.t you inay attiu thtl succe51 you m.ent, we remalDl yours, etc., Q u u.:cv. ILL., ju111 u, 1s 7.5. y w t.a\ 1 af e r te,.tinJ the .5txT&&N LuMP Mr. D. W. DR FollBST, 219 Frrn:tt St":'et N. :e e P deem it to the af Manufac M.&CKlK&S purchased of you, that tney ilYe us enhre SA.TISFA.CT r Wieful crumplna as maoy as oo.s tur-ef'S of Tob:tcco to adopt voua sy:stem. Your MACHlJf& Ul Vt! 1 H.ARRlS, BEEBE a co. per mlnute Very reapec.Uul1y youra, MoNTRJUL, CAM ADA, .A.jril ::1'1 1S,.5. TK& ADAM'S TOBACCO Co., MMir>4al, c.,..a.Jn.-Tbia is to ce-rtifyttut.t 1 have,ha: Lum in constant u.11e in this factory slnce-last: that ttilt r proao1.1uce them to be tb.t: best Machine fur any kind of Navy work "I DbYt:ttw. I' ACTO BID 11SDIG THE .A.CBIWE. 8NITH COOK. co., BURLltll PTaasuaa, L 1 -R VA TU.OI. W.&TIO!I, Y, : t', ....... !1, u;:HMOKD, 202. CHATHAil $QUARE,. I .a., SIEBER, President. } WM. YANDUS, Secretuy, J. A HARTCORR, M-l.n.afacturer of Fine', and Dealer ia LEAP TOBACCO 88 MAIDEN LANE. liEW YORK. Wangler & Hahn, XANUPACTVII.JUtS 011' Fine NO. 290 & 292 BOWDY, NEW YORK. T ABEL ROBRBBRG, Manu!actucers of P.IVERA & GARCIA, Manufac-enof FINE CIG AltS C I c;! Im!rs S Salesroom, No, 70 Pa.r'k Place,' HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO. Bet.GreeuwichSt.&CollegePlace, NEWYOll.L 71,N, Y. Revenue Eooks. --------.....-s. OB.GLER., Manufacturer of tlle best Brands oC FINE CIGARS, .1 Also, Proprietor of e Brand. "Cuba Libre," 297i & 2SG St.. New York FREY. BROS. & CO. Mannfacrnrers of FINE CIGARS, and .Dealers in Lia.f Tobacco_. New York ECKMEYER & CO., Sole Age&>ta forth" t P::&I::EU\'&1" BUS SIAl ,. ni&ABBTTIS, ., 48 Broad and 48 New Sts. JIEW YORK. p o. BOT, .,. .. I JOB. MAYER'S SONS, '"""'" ... WktkntJI, .um nr Loaf V, ... York. The Original Internal Revev.ue Publishing J:lQuse. :c. JOURCENSEN, I SOLE SUCCRSSOR TO llSTtB 4 SM:JTH, P. 0 Box s,6.,, 37 LIBERTY ST., Jl, 11. :Branding Irw ancl Stencils a Speclalt7. P:E'I.:J:N'T:J:N'G 10! Prices. EDWARD A. 8MITH,,1 HANUFACTVRER OF Fine Se&ars,, o. 11 Bowery, 'fEW YORK. EBEN W. GOODWIN, DEALER IN LEAF TOBACCO Aoo FINE CIGARS, No. 226 Front Street, Bet. Beekman & Peck Slip, NEW llACCuM & SCHLGISEit JI,)JJ'U:J'.ACTUJEs O:J' J'i:Aa 141'1 & U.l .A.'I"l''IUIET llft.ZZ'l', o1u.cano, NEW YORK JACO. SCliLOUD. of the cwbrnted bnmdtt aacl Hlrll aa4 ])rr." Otber froCIIIte llftll4l aa4& teonLer. :#'' ;


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AUG. 11. .t'RE LEAp; & NEW M A RK-,--BORROwiNG MoNEY IN gaily in Paris within the last ten years, and now he is rather worse than bankrupt and in charge of the police. DETROIT.The other day, S d of the Internal Revenue Department here and elsewhere not than fifty per cent. o f all the cigaritos made pay the tax. In San F'ranc:sco alone, there are up wards of two hundred persons employed in the manu facture of cigaritos of various kinds,_ and ...,honest r'? sponsible manuiacturers have been dnven Ol!lt of tl:.1s The vessel, which had been in custody of the officers o the law since la st Friday, was released immediately after the of the decisi0n, and havin g obtained clearance yesterda y afternoon sailed (or Liverpool amtd the jubilations of a large number of gentlemen who as sembled to see her off Many tobacco dealers while re gretting the detention of the Tatpeian, and the loss to the shippers incurred, and the probable damage done this port by the summary seizure of the tobacco, yet congratulate themselves that the question of the re in spection of strips has been defini tely settled, and ex press the hope that the Legislature will short ly after as sembling either repeal the inspection laws altogether or amend them in important particular-s. SIMON MANDLEBAUM, PARKER, HOLb1ES & CO., Manufacturers of the Celebrated NERVE And other Brands of according to the Detroit Free 0 reporte Preu, after a Detroit broker had borrowed hoo for a citizen who was in need of money, and had taken out a good share of the green backs for commissions, etc., he replied to the surprised inquiries of the borrower by saying: "Now figure it yourself. You see, you pay me $2o for getting the money; you pay $5 for mak ing out the papers; you pay $2 for swearing to them; y ou pay five per cent. back so that we escape the usury law; there's the revenue stamps, the insurance on property, the abstract of title, and so forth, and so forth, and here's your $r32 as straight as a bee-line. If you want $65 more to make it up to $2o o I won't charge you but f,2o to get it!" THE COUPON CIGAB.STAJriP-Action of the California Trade, growing branch of trade. Though received rather late for publication, we make We would respectfully recommend that the s tamp be room for the following correspondence in order that the so prepared that it can be affilted to each ani!! every protest of the cigar trade of San Francisco the bundle of twenty-five cigarettes; by thus affixing the recently proposed coupon-stamp may be read in other no evasion of the tax can take place.' parts of the country. Your petiti one rs can not conceive the propriety or OFFICE OF THE CONSOLIDATED TOBACCO Co. OF} policy of adopting a system for stamping cigars that, CALIFO.RNIA; SAN FRANcrsco, :July 24, 1875 under the most fav ora ble view of the case, could notre-EDITOR ToBACCo LEAF, Street, New f"ork :-sult in a saving to the Revenue Department of more SIR :-Knowing the livejy interest you take in all that than one per cent. in the amount collected while the THE GOVERNMENT TOBACCO :1' A.C interestsilhe trade, I hereby send y?u the proceedings cost of the add itional stamps w oul d m ore than cover TORY .AT STRASBURG. of a meeting of the manufacturers, importers and dealthe at the same timP. adding fully fifty per ___ ;.a ers in cigars, held on the 2rst inst., to consider the pro per cent. to !he present tax upon manufacturers while posed outrage upon the trade in changing the manner it would open \dde the door for fraud not only upon the Four years luve r.ebmarks 1Londdc II of stamping cigars. The meeting was attended by all Government, but \Yould place the responsible and honest Tobacco Trade Revzew, smce urg capttu ate to of the most extensive white manufacturers, importers manufacturer at th e mercy of any one whl) might, for the victor ious Germans after a sie g e and bombardmen\ and dealers in this district. The meeting was organized spite or other cause, G.esire to do him an injury. of forty e ight d:!ys, and Alsace was to its origina f h owners after having been for nearly 200 years incorpo: by calling Mr. Edgar Briggs, Managmg Agent o t e FALKENSTEIN & Co .. Importers. rated with France. During those two centuries the Con solidated Tobacco Co. of California, to the chair, T C ynATED'1'oBACCO Co (E Br1'ggo Managi ng HE ONSOL ,.. .,, province was treated as a pet child! by all the different and the election of Mr. John W. Shaeffer as Secretary. Age t) Gilroy California 0 ,,. governments t.hat su cc eeded each other, and va. rious The proposed change was fully and fre-ely commented DENIC K E BRos Manufacturers, San Francisco. privileges and lJilmunllles were conferred from ttme to upon, after which a vote wa, s formally taken upon the J W. SHAEFFER & co., Manufacturers, San Francisco. time en the inhabitants to facilitate and accelerate ther Various counts in the proposition of the Commissioner wM HERBER & Co Importers ., becomin!!: good and loyal Frenchmen, which was, howA 1'ELEGRAPH STORY.of Internal Revenue, resulting in an unanimous negaA S RosENBAU'I bacco l aildDeaierslnallDescrlpUoDSof from htm to hand htm a ., tory, withal its valuablecQiltentsofmachineryandstock turtr of ftl 0 B A C C 0 chew of tobatco The in-uf tile Consolidated To!Jacc' Co. of Ca/ifurlzia. M : AGUIRRE, Dealer. would be sold off and the trade thrown open, as monop ClfllD AJP TDJAPPn I ADL'Il' LEAF & were followed THE MEMORIAL. M. S. FmEDBERG, Dealer. olies AND Hill 0'1'11BR BBAIIDII OF TlTRKI!IH PAII'l'E, ALL 0.11' WHIOn 'the advisability and practicability of CHARLES PoPPER, Manufacturers. has been carried on for account of the state, just the Robert Robertson sumchanging the manner of affixing sta.mps upon the boxes MAYRISCH BRos & Co., Manufacturers. same as it was in the time of the French. Whetht:r this mooed his master, Mr. Dickto that, of affixing a stamp upon each cigar. After:" CoBo, YGUAL & Co., Manufacturers and Importers. was a 'Wise measure or not, it is not our -province to deinson, a tobacco manufull and free mtercha ge of opinions, it was the unamtermine; we can only state the fa.ct that the continuance facturer, for balance of mous t at such change would result in a TAXATION A N D OFFICIAL AccouNTABILITY.-The of the monopoly has created great complaints in the towages(9s 6d) alleged to be great loss to the Departmer.t as well as to all press throughout the country is the on bacco trade, and caused much ill feeling towards Ger due him. Mr. Macdonald interested. .-.' Taxation and OfficiallAecountablltty recently deltvered many; indeed, it is not saying too much when we express appeared for the complain. To the first question asked by the Hon. Commissioner, by our eloquent friend, Walter B. Pierce, Esq.! of Ut_ica, our belief that a different policy would :Rave tended much ant, and. Mr. Wallace whether the tax on cigars can be more closely colN. Y. the compliment of an extevded ctrculatton. more effectually and more rapidly to effect the concilia for the defence.-From the lected if each individual cigar has affixed thereto a The World of this city, we believe, published the adtion of the inhabitants than is actually the case at present. evidence, it appeared that paper stamp? Our answer is unanimously, No! We dress in full, and a large number of our exchanges have Applications have been made by the inhabitants .and on Race Tuesday the com do not believe it practicable to collect the tax, by any made copious extract' from it with uniformly approving the trade for relief, and petitions frequently sent to the plainant took a holiday means, any closer than it is 11t present collected op comment. Mr. Pierce is both a good thinker and good Pri nce Chancellor praying for the abolition of the rna without his master's leave, cigars in tbis district. We are of the opinion that the speaker, and our law for whose especial benefit nopoly. At one time it was hoped)hat the pressure of and on the Wednesday the collections are made in this district withm a fraction of his addri!SS was designed, witl find it no easy matter to public opinion would carry the day; for President Del foreman refused to allow one per cent. of the entire tax. The objections to the controvert the facts with which he arra1gns them for bruck, when questioned on the subject by an indepenhim to start work, and one proposed mode of stamping each cjga.r are n:any and past of' one kind and dent member i n the German Parliament, replied that it of the heads of the firm may be urged in part as follows : was not the intention of the Imperial Government to offered him 9s 6d as due to Owing to the impractibility of the manufacturer LrKED HIS INDEPENDENCE. -SMOKERS will re 'a d with carcy on the monopofly longedr than wfas hdeebmed expehim. This he refused to overlooking his entire force, the packers and stampers dient. The hopes o the tra e were urt er uoyed up accept, but in the course of 1 fi t t pleasure the follqwing anecdote. of that b th ffi I a nouncement shortly afterwards tha caul ... east y hide away as many as twenty-ve s amps o President Grant. The Indianapolis Herald publishes tl : y o ca n.,. the same day he came backeach box of one hundred, and place those not stamped II tenders woul.d be received on a certain day for the pur-and intibated that he would h "One morning the President was taking a stro through f h S b t b t d th k in the Jlliddle or on the bottom of the box where t ey the White House grounds, with his hands behind his cjtase.o t e tras urg o acco ac ?ryan e stoc s accept the surn, but this the could not be seen nor would the fraud be fouad out _,_ on hand, and setting forth the ::onelillons of the sale. At fi h fi d t back and a cigar between his lips. Wh:n neariug the d d d h h" h rm I en reuse 0 pay.-until the cigars had reached the retailer or consumer. the time appomte .stxten erswererecetVe t e tg est I f _,z -d gate opening upon the avenue, hts attentiOn was at-fi b h t was a terwQJ"u.:o prove The evils may be summed up thus :-First, The Govtracted to a man and child who was Standing near a offer being more thaa 8,ooo,ooo r. d; hut t hey all that left without leave, ernment would have been defrauded out of 25 per cent. r h declined, SO!Jle of them on the groun t at t e 1 were and the }Ilagistrates conof. the revenue. Second, The retailer would be liable lamp-post, while the former to 1 g t a match not high enough, and the others from the security d d th b h d t d for his cigar. The wjnd was blowmg strong, and the l t f h t ll h r ll Sl ere at Y IS con uc for havi" in his possession cigars not pro perly stampe_ h. h f .1 f d for the punctua pavrnen o t e ms a ments as t ey .e h h d r Ji d b. 1 child, wearying of seeing 1s .at er at so o ten, an everal firms of The cost of affixing the stamps would range from This. occurred m the early part ff the neath the dignity of a State institution to gain custom by tobacco manufacturers of b b f and to-?ay the 0 the preC?CIOUS. puffing advertisements in the newspapers! as is done at h r h f to per thousand, while new oxes ca.n urmfant,,occup:es a promment pos1t10n unde, r the Governpresent, wh!-"-are responded t bfa t JS ctty .or t e purpose 0 nished from $r.6o to f,z.25 for each thousand ctgars. .u v ..... ... "'u .. rwraining the collector o! Tht only persons benefited would be the retailers in the ment. on the part of the private nanru acturers, one of whom -internal revenue from ie-citic:s here manufacturing was carried on. They could recently pointed out the anoma.1y that whereas the pack. them to pay the a.d ON HIS TRAVELs.Having reveled to hi$ heart's f t b tsed to bear e cl 1 1 bels qutrmg thus the boxes and, in many instances prevail upon ets ., o acco were prom x y a d.,. I r r cents content or a month or more in waste and destruction h G 1 th t L ise b d .J t b"" "W 1 lona 0 U per their c stomers to take off the stamp before using and m t e erman anguage, a prom a no .. en 11 poJ,i.ns tax on manufactuted return them, thus enabling them \0 uae the lt.m_ps for among the once bloo!Jiing fields of Kentuc:ky, Illinois filled, but that the labels still written in French, as tobacco stamped on the 3d these re-filled boxes. and Ohio, Pluvius has up h1s they were before the war-"Manufactute I111peri:ik tie day of March, I87S The The st!lmps would llave to be put on to the cigars a tnp eastward, and IS now St,as!Jurg." Whether this had' any effect on the yerman rule is made rett.rnable on with paste o:r gum, and -this would in many lastances spllbng thelf aqueous contents ?Yer and thmgs m authorities or not we can. not put. he Niii't Frank the I 9th of September, but adhere to the wrapper of the cigar, and In the shrinkage, this vicinity, :an d hereabouts, wttn a lavishness that but futfer Presse has published a letterfrom a correspon as the case of Salmon & usual to cigars, the wrappers would in many instances .for the expenence of the South and would appear dent in Strasburg, in whit:h the writer states that nego Hancock against Burgess, or destroyed .. Should o_n less than The present IS a y_ear of e.xce?tiations have been opened with a consortium of capitalists, collector, is set for f a hear-the cigar when smoked, It would m a measure lmpatr ttOnal m several ways, tn nothmg IS who are willing to work the factory on lease for a term of ing on the8thofSeptember, it more so than m the extraordmary rll:ms that have deyears On the other hand, some joarnals .deny the it is provided that the polnts The third questton: For cigss of life whtc.h made t he dtlulie competition, the lease will be decided by an act of after their passage, tlie are imported from Havana. But few of them are made vian visitation so. appalhng m portiOns of capricious favoritism and on easy terms. The Wuer suitors claim that as a matto order direct, for the that owing to the variaE':"rope, and especially m France, where the dead from Ztitung, too, also a well-nformed journal, states, in a ter of fact the act in question tioa in the quality of the t4)bacco it is difficult for purthis cause numbered by hundreds, perhaps by letter from llerlin, that the subject of the final disposal was approved by the Presichasers to get the same quality to keep their goods thousands: The damage to our farm and chll:ttel of the Strasburg notwithstanding dent hite on the night ohhe uniform, and they are forced to purchase as best they ts undoubtedly enormous, greater its monopoly does not cover its workmg expenses, and 3d o{ March, and that as can in the open market. The few ordered to be made tha_n 10 France ; there the loss thus ansmg ts is perpetually requiring large advances and subventions their tobacco was stamped direct consist of a few special sizes and brands. Beesttmated at many mllltlims. But great as money -has been prominently brought before the Govern early on the 3d day of sides, it would require the importers to keep a large loss be, the burden c_an be much more borne ment, and is now occupying their serious attention; so March, they are not liable amount of money invested in stamps as orders vary t_han 1f It were accompanted by the fearful of that there is every reason to believe and expect that a for the increased rate of with the season, the market, price, rate of exchange and hfe that has marked the course of the storm 10 so many bill will be introduced as soon as Parliament meets. taxation. On the other many other contingencies. Nor is it practicable to affix places elsewhere. hand the Government claims the stamps after the cigars arrive and are in the apprai that as the act was approved ser's stores. It is a well-known fact to all dealers in on the 3d it became in cigars that when the boxes are they are force as the law of the laod depreciated fully twenty per cent. 10 value1n the market. from r o'clock midnight Should this mode of stamping cigars unfortunately be of the :o:d of March. These adopted, it would nearly, if not quite destroy the are considered as test cases Havana trade in cigars, thus depriving the Government upoa which depend large of a a large amount ofrevenue; be_sides, it is &ubject to amounts claimeil by the the same objections a1 are urged m the case of domes Government, not only in this tic cigars, namely, the omission to put stamps upon but in other judicial circuits all the cigar11 in every box. where similar suits have We would most respectfully call your attention to the been instituted. present manner o! collecting the tax on by NICE WHILR IT LASTED. The Count Susini Ruisco, a Havana tobacco million naite, has spell! his milion affixing the stamp (under the present law) upon the boxes. It is a matter (in the nature of t:ke case and manner of packin&) of impossibility to det.ecl who may desire to evade the law, and notwathstaPdmg the utmaat care ucl vililanoe OD tbt part of the_ oflicers THE CASE oF THE TAllPEIAN AT RrCHMOND.-Re ferring to the seizur_e of tobacco. on board the British bar'k Tarpesan at Richmond for vtolauon of the inspection laws of Virginia, the Richmond D is patch of the 29th ul-.,, says :-Police-Justice White rooming, in the case of John L. Weatherford, suemg for the condemnation of 302 casks of tobacco seized on boarp the British bark Terpeian for some sup posed of the inspection laws, his judgment m favor of the dQfendants-the shppers of the He said that 'he had had no time to write out bill opinion, but having been requested to do so by many he designed complying a an .earl day. The conclua1on reached by the Poltce Justtce 1s the same that sc:ized the public mincl as soon as the evidence aDd ar"'ments were beard. Tlurre is no appeal for Mr. Weatherford; if, indeed, thele' _.,y wfsh for an appeal. ToBAcco IN CoNTRA CosT .A.The Martinez Gaulle gives a favorable report of the tobacco crop planted by the Pacheco Tobacco Company, whose product has also been highly spoken of in the East. The Gazette aays there was some loss in the setting out of the first plants, from the fact that they had been too much forced in the beds, arid were of over-rank growth when planted, but that the fields are now adjudged to have a full three-fourths stand of plants in fine, vigorous condition. Many of them are now three or four feet in height, and nearly ready for the first cutting, which operation will be begun this week. The leavres of each plant are moved as they attain the proper size and condition for making the best marketable t 1 obacco, and the have from thtee to five striplings or cuttings of such leaves during the season; each gathering of the leaves beiDg ately cured. I


er Jl E T 0 B A. C C U 1 .. E A ._. .. AGG.ll ,-'ebacoo,faotories. 'l'obacco Ma.nufacturerti, THOMAS HOYT &: CO .. IIIAII'trFACTURERS ,-, Fine Cnt Chewing and \ SMDKINc) ToBAccos & SNUFF, OUTi fill A NOS CHEWING 1 JOHN ANDERSON It, MANUFA<-'TURERS OF THE SOLACB m TOBACCOS 114-116 LIBERTY STREET, NEW YORK, 8e;r to di"""t the attention of the Deal era lo Tobac4and to6 Pearl St., New York Citv. 176 & 178 First St., Brooklyn, E. D. TROIIAS BO!T. 1 1 '' 1 J f'VT JOHN 1!'. FLAGG. ISAA LICOlUCE. LICORICE PASTE. WALLIS & 00. Tob:ieco mannfactnr ers and. the trade in gp.neral ra.rticularly amine B.Hd test the SUJ>E'I10r properties o f this LICORICE, which being now 'Jrought to the highest perfection, is c:'told uuder the above style of brand. We are also SOLE AGENTS for the t<.""and. ; r. G. & G. C. Aclaiowledged by cons)lmers to be the best in the And the bran4 of Licorice Stick jNOm. & 00., In all respects equal to CALABRh We have no ConSI!mer8 and Jobbers would do well to apply direct. Licorice Root, select and ordillar1, constaDII7 on hand. OOMIZ & ARGUIMBAU. 29 31 SCUTH l&illllAI STRUT < .c m e OOODWIN & co., UCORICE PASTE & STJCKS p: c5 o!l EXTRA, "' p, S. BARAC()() AND PIGN A TELL.&, 7'N 207 & 209 WATER STREET, \ittlo M I NEW YORK. a "'. H t:. 0 UJIJ:a:DA TOBACCO WORKS AND OLIVE OIL, Jlf CIG'"'" TONQUA BEANS, r... MANUFACTORY, ,. .. lt'W And a'l Soecialtles for T ooacco ManuIll p. BUCHNER, facturers. I t cij ; roBACCO itf'DICIGAas, RO. ;:RRE g 0 LEBBA.TEJ) 111 e 'FRANCIS S. KINNEY, I Leaf and Navy Chewin[, MANUFACTURER OF "Kinney Brother{ C0lebratrul RllSsian CICARETTES AND FINE TOBACCOS, WEST BBO.ti.DW.ti.Y, NEW YORK CITY. DEPOT & AGENOY 1 Of the Manufacture of G. W. GAIL & AX, BALTIMORE, AT 220 PEARL STam, NEW YOitX. 11VEIS. ELLEI( & KAEPPEL1 Affeata LOUIS N.PECABE, '11 JOHN STREET, NEW YORK, -..-MANUPACTUR'Elt OF Fine, Lon[ and Strai[bt CUt Cavendish r;: .BitAl'fDS; -Excellent, Perique, Turkish, L:atakia, Creen Seal, Golden B:M', Califo r nia, English Bird.'s Eye. Black and ran, Golden Flttece, Vtrgioia Straiglltt Cut, Colde n Spectre, PERIQlTE IN CAB.B.OT'TES. CAMPBELf CO. MANUJlCTURERS 01' roB.&CCO liD CIGARS, AND D&ALBB. S l!f ,.. SNUFF, PIPES, etc., IT 484 BROAD STREET 1 JIEINARI .AND D CALDWELL N. 6. .MRS. 8. B. MILLER & !OBJ.CC 0 IJ.NUF J.OTORY, (PETE&!). COLLINS, PusT.) 97 Columbia Street, NEWYOBK,, -MAlfUPACTuaaRs OF TH .. CBLBiaATJtZ) / Jlrs. G. B. Miller & Co. Chewing and Smoking SMOKING TOBACCO, Beu<>r; :ll>bAOOO, s .. ujf, s .. vfl Flour, d:c. MANUFACTORY AND SALESROW, CORNEl Of AVENUE D AND TEIITH STREET,' eR.OVER Smoking Tobacco, MANUFACTURED BT WALTER B. PIERCE, e UTICA, :If. T, Thls Brand o f Smoking is as dark c olored and u thoro ughly cure d as Havana. Al>J<,NCY AND DEl'Or 01' F. W. FELGNER 1/r, SON'S, Successors t o F. H. BISCHOFF'S BALTIMORE TOBACCOS with Fr. ENGELBACH, 13 Sixth Ave., NEW YOitit TOBACOO BAGGING. IMITATION SPANISH LINEN, PANCY STRIPES, .And all Wilds of Goods used for putt4Jg up SmokiDcTobacco. Also, as&ertmeot of Smokers' Articles for the Trade, tWWliiO SU!:ER & CO., 101S & 10.,-CHA.HBERS S'1., NEW YORK ].J, DALY. 163 MAIDEN LA.NE, NEW YORK. AND All iPECIALTIES FOR TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS. BIAMDD MIW. N. 'i. Purely ancl Finely Powderei! SPANISH LICORICE ROOT, SPANISH LICORICE ExrB.:&.CT, DEER TONGUE, LAUREL LEAVES, TONKA BEANS, CA.SBU BUDS,, CLOVES AND CllVl!tA.JION, ORA.IGE PEEL, ANISEED, CAllAWAY SEED, CORIA.liDER SEED, LA. VENDER FLOWERS, GUM ARABIC,GRA.IN AND POWDERED, GUll( MYRRH, L UJIP A.ND POWDERED, G'V.U TBAQA.CAl'fTH, FLA.KE A.ND POWDERED, ESSENTIAL OILS, ......... OLIVE OIL, LUCCA. CREA.lll IN liESAJIUll OIL LET ANT IN BBLS. and all the Specialt ies for Tobacce Mauuiactwers, Our l'atent l'owaerea Compouni! of rla'l'srs, (date, 10. 2 FIRST BROOKLYN, Commission Merchants. OF SPANISH CEDAR, Foreign andA O D o;estic Woods. Planet Navy, 1!, !51 48 ss, 6:5, 7s, Ss, QS:, tOS.. Sailor's Choice, IS, 3s, 45, 6s, 7s, 8s, 9!\1 11ce. Challenge, lb:. King Philip, 'W:II. Z:D!I'SSBB. & 00,' Whingtoo.)ls, Grape and Apriocot, Neptune, Doable Thick, Unconquered, MANUJ'ACTUtD..I OJ' brt. drk. "ACME" Fanc:r Brt. TOBACCO SEALING WAk iena&tion, P.jiJJI,.: Flounders, Gold Ban, A J [ f 111 D Q L ... chanan, '"' !'ride of the Regiment llu mpOrll1lrS 0 II ycenOO, rugs, UIDS, a.Co Jock o f Clubs. .Pocket Pieces. -= .. DATJn c. LYALL. 18f Willlam St. :N'ew lrork. VcZ:t.IOT .!1 CO;, Brolld. B1011t 1 ESTABLISHED l!KS. K. C. BARKER & CO., Monufacturers of the Celebratecl FINECUT TOBACCOS; EAGLE" !>-AMD .. '' ;::-Alao all other ,ndn of !'iDe-Otlt Ill! l:mokiDg 'l'ob1o0001, DETROIT, IIICJL Allele from packlnl' ew: "AMERICAN EAGLE" ancl "CLIPPJ:Jl to tho ual lzed wooden paekqea, zo, .0. 40 and 6o lbM._ we abo pt both iil tha-ndea up V!!rf 11lceJJ Ia Oon: OvNa Tuo You., pocbd Ita J( &ad !( o.-b-. 1.iben1 pn... ....S "' t1ae I.W.IJia trade. MISCELLA.lrEOUS. JACOBY a CO., ETROPOIJTAN a&AllmAFHTIIB SOLE MANUFACTURERS OF THE CELEBiilnD I U) a& 0 tt) !Fi i c Lll >< j p. LZU .... CE 0 J _.. m I a ., z "" e= cc 'd. $ > .a t; _, Q 1'4 P' CARD.-WEber Inform the trade that we are the Sole Manufacturers of the fadamed Man! Ciprs, and having lea.rneQ that other parties contemplate imitating them and su .. stitutlng Tobacco of erior quality grGwn in this-country, therefore we caution the public not to pur:chase any M anila Cigars no s. JACOBY A-CO. MAYER BEOTHERB, 49 lc 51 TCHOUPITOULAS ST., NEW ORLEANS, LA,; SOLE WHOLESALE SELLING AGENTS FOR MANILA CIGARS, For LOUISIANA, MISSISSIPPI, FLORIDA and TEXAS. EST.A.BB.c::><:>K. dJ EATON, No.7 COMMERCIAL ST BOSTON, SOLE WHOLESALE SELLIN Q ACENTS, For LA NOVEDAD, MANILAS, and. OVALADOS CIGAnS, FOR THE NEW ENGLAIID STATES. O"R" A&. "VV",; \1\1 I I .DEB., 68 KILBY and 98 WATER STREET. BOSTON. SOl.le W ACZNT, FOR THE !'LA ROSA HABANERA," I' .METROPOLITAN DOVJ: TAIJ." PATENTED BRANDS OF CIGARS. :R.IAB AJm APPLE-WOOD ) PIPES, WI1H RlJBBER JJITS, Imporlen of all tinda of Bmobn' .A.rt.tcles. 1 SH0W FIOURES, I lN ME'FAL ANn WOOD, A SPECIALTY. 501 BROADWAY.' NEW VOR.X. WII.LIAI WICII &: COJ Cigar-Box Ma.n ufa.cturers, 153 to 161 COERCK ST., NEWYORit. PRICE LIST OF Spanish1 American&. German GIGAR RIBBONS Londrea Yello'v s Spanish yds.; $a.oo Bruad Yellow s S "' t yds. .t. oo LoDdreo Yello"W 7-8 Spa<>ilh 15 Jld a .s,> Broa.d Yellow sS )'ds. t ,So Broad Red s-S 72 yds. 1.85 Narrow Reel 72 yth:. 1 .6o Eapan.oJa s S 72 yds.. l.Ss Loarel Yello ... v 1-a American I. 34 yds. I?! Ladre TeJlo'W' ,.s ll. 34 y.:is.. t .se Loadre1 Red 1 8 1. 3<4-yds.. x 8o Loadre1 Yellnow7-8 34 yds. I 3S Loadrea 'Y ello"W 1 3-L6 34 yda. x. 30 Eapaaola s 8 72 vW.. 1.8o Broad 'Yello;w' s-8 12 yds. 1 Broa Red s-S 7'1 yda. x.eo -..,r Yello'lN <4-8 ., 121d. 1 ... 8 Narrow Red 4 S .,, 72 yds. x .6o Narrow 4 8 72 yd!f. 1 1 i Narrow R e d _.. s yda. 1.2.5 Jiarrew Yellow-Bux Ribbon, 72 yd.s. 95 !farrow Retl Box RibboD, 7 ys. 1.00 ALL OR-DERS WILL BE PROMPTLY &X&CVT.&D. WILLIAM WICKE & CO,l JOSEPH J. A:tUIRALL, 1 IMPORTER OF "0NLY FINE" HAVANA Leaf Tobacco 16 Cedar Street, N. rruc::JJ .rr:.ts'l' OF SPANISH CIGAR RIBffONS, Londres, or Parta.gaa, ex:tJ 7-8 3'i yards, $1.90 Londrea, or Partaga&, 7 S 35 yards, 1.8o Broad YelloW', s-8 7a yar ds, 1.70 Broad, Red 3-8 7::. r 70 5-8 72 yards, 1 70 Red, or Figaro, 7'J..)'UdS. 'SO TERMS-NET CASH. 1 I HENRY A. RICHEY, .TOBACCO IAIIFACTIRIBr !Gill 86 Front St., NewtYork, SOLE A.GEl'fT FOR PENNSYLVAlUA, NEW & NEW ENGLAND STATES POR Lewis Maddux's Celebrated l!lokoat, And Other Brands of Tobacco OJld ClGARS. Roanoke Smokl11g Tobacco Works, Danville, Va., besides other leadinr m&nufacturers i n Virginia and Kectucky. HENRY WULSTEIN, I 43 Liberty Street, opposite Post Office, Da'O:B. 'I':m:B.S 0::1' .Alt 'I'IC1:6B:S, (3 DEALERS IN .-Q) w .,_ Defhcc.. c 'ABUAl'IOB, OIO.&B. :r AOTOB.'I'. HILSON & co., MANUFACTURERS OF FINE C .IOABS 79 Cham. bers Street 3 DOORS W:&S'l' OF BKOA.DWAT, NEW YQRK, E. M FOSTEit. EDW"-RD HILSON, RUD


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