The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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VOL. XII:--NO. 51. Jhe ioltacca ltaf PUIIUSHEO IVIU WlmiJISJ)J.T JIOUDfl1 BY ''ftc filial L8af11 Co., .. .fVU.oa IJC., Xorl:. EDWARD BUIJKE -----Editor JOHN ........ llr All x-........ ,W.Iy .u.-... '"TIP TeeACtuu. Hawea, E. V. 66 Wa.tu. BBOOJU.YX, T. -.f TIIIMet:o. J'laa Joha I' lk Co., &Dd 178 nnt. NEW YORK. WEDNESDAY. JANUARY 31, 1877. vVHOLE N -0. 623 Cluk )(. IL II Bro. ... PET ........ V&G. VA.. li'.rn ... :i.( &opH ...... DJ.-.. PJIJJ,P:u.PIDA. Y.Lt" Jl' MIUiula.. Authaa, M 1: Co. .. North Tlolr4 .. L. a Oo Arcll ...._ .. Son., J .. Tldr4, Collrtoer Jameo A. !J Nortb rroot .. J.cor.T11W ... ._ t;lobaa l"al\1, 107 Arch. DllnD T. J. IIC. asth aDd YIO.. Ki-lobr Wm. a Co., 115 floatb WLoeb Joacpb, 6o North F ont lllkU..W.ll Y-II Uo. Jt Nonll Water. Meyers a RallS s. ooth. "thH>hald A. H Third and Pqplar. weilo A J fhlrd oad Girard Ave. Unitt!d Su:.te a Cicar ManuC.. ctory, t,U. A: VIDe M41U4/d<wWI -.J p,,.r. aU s-.iu rv 1'tiJJIICCill, Me&Totw & Co., :u2-nl THtacc Br11hr. Fouceny A. Jt.. 33 N Frout k Agt. for Plug Oil Smding' To/Jtsuo. F. X. Jr. to6 Arch PlTrDVB.GH."Pa. M6o".{Mtrlrm f S."'f. WeJIIlAD Ero., 19and 81 SmlthAeld. Ma,.,.jtuhlrtr'l "Bzocthi.w SjnM RNI'' Mol Otltw ToiNKcots and cigarettes for any prior to of Sl:!-mping cigars by the 1-iSC of a coupon stamp, 1 I L4U.U. ... wbat ill now subraitted,r to which weJ feel we ca:n add th'\t, !llld under IJljlCb higher taxation, in 1867. etc. b We arc; dec!dedly opposed to any such change, r ro6.tto .,......_ J 0 l I ed. ,:;!;her, patenteeJ oi the. ,Sla.D,lp De. {Cll' t e amoJ?g olher .rc;asqns :..,.We, have feason Dormitaerc, .. .. co., 14 JJ&I:"* notning li!Cely to augment the furce of, toe conihin 1 h :r f 1 h" k th d t Toh4m C..ruiO Mlr<..,.,._ ce111ber 28, ina ong argument, t 1rty-two pages o etter ro t m at the a,bsur prop09i!ion lS again made by a Belvin. Co., .,o'North Beoond protest. taki,ng ground against ],(imball's few who a re nt;ither the frieqds of the Gov Ladd -w. [ Corruptlmu Nt111 Yllrk DaiJ:r B*llllill.) and sa the would ?Ot object to it-that tbe cigar o{ 4mtrrlca, them Tobto rohr 1 WASHINGTON, :Janllary u, 1877. it wo\IJ!d )?e a great-sectlflty to the rreasury, etc. selves. Tpe req_utrements of the Go)leTnmen t are m.,_J.:&., So"th Sec-ifhe. Cpmmissioner o{ Iuternal. Revenue h!l!ll re. Mr. Kimball contended that t_be law wo,uld,.cot auprimarily tbe collection of the tax, it I!Pould i mpose 'rOLEDO, OBJO.' t. the Secretary of the Treaaury to refer to the. tPc, Commssjpoj:r to cq!DRel .th, e use of the '!10 m?re re str,ictiop ,thaa aosq 1 .... "" .s......,. :f .. Attoruey-Genera! the question whether, if .he should reference t? tlie lut IY.. necessary._ for tile of 'bat While ..._ tdopt a co.upoa stamp, to be placed on each cigar man Letter ;writteu !A tqe lafgest. !Dany qf t e of lh'r law are 1,.1-1 R. ll 1 .. 1 ufac:uued ill tlae Unilad States,.he req11i1e the in he U i!ed Sta;es, _aqq e1c;r;y replted Jm io unneces;oary, IN(! neverthele!jd .. aatfacturers to affix tJwu, uli inJlic !Jle..ul.ll.i pe I!O. sition would be unjust, annoymg, expensive, 1 e&al __ that t q_ cigar!i i ji;S, fulty cplje ted tpe ,_...._ ..-Do.Mn,.. sL-.1 T"'--alties for refusal. The manufacturers .think this a very and absurd. This is the way the case stands now present W. ktng of the Ia as it is upon any other mer Bud>maDD jolu> C. l _CIGARE'rrE ,:FA.C'rOBY OF _._J. BASCH_ & CO 3& C.tham Street. New Ycwk.


THE ehandt s e subject to Internal Revenue tax or 1m port duty. tf tlus mcreased cost is applied 11 wtll amount t o one5 If thus permanent!'+' attached, the purchaser or So far, therefore, as the clatms of the Government upon thtrd of the total revenue collec ted from and the consumer wtll have to rem0ve tt at the nsk of breaking' our particular mdustry are concerned, they s eem to be h1ghest esttm,.te of loss to the Government is five per the wrapper of the ctgar, and thus greatly mjunng, if fully met, or nearly so. cent. Now, wtlltt pay to tax the pubhc $4 ooo,ooo ad. not destro ymg the ctgar, or he must smoke the coupon We do not think ?.ny one would be wtllin g to nsk m order to endeavor to save the Government with the mucilage wuh whtch tt is attached to the cjgar. eapitalm the ilhctt manufacture of ctgars, and at prethat presumed l oss of five per cent, equal to f,6oo,ooo Enher alternallve would be dectdedly objectionable to ent, such a thing is not thought of. It ts as much the or, mother wClrds, m ak1ng the people pay seven dollars the purchaser and consumer, and would call forth his interest of all respectable manufact urers to that to enable the Gov-:.rnmen t to save one dolJar? We reanathemas and curses upo n the Government. tax is paid as 1t ts for the Government to collect the peat: Wtll 1 1 pay? It ts doubtful the Govern 6 The tax now accrues on cigars when they are sold same. These are our reasons for opposmg any change ment would coll ect one dollar more revenue by the or removed from the place of manufacture. They may in the mode of collection of the Internal Revenue tax coupon system than It now does under the present sysremam at the place of manufacture after they are made, on ctgars i but we oppose the coupon stamp, proposed tern, as It has been the expenence vf all countnes that, boxed and ready for sale, indefinitely. to be affixed to each ctgar, on the followtng grounds no mat ter how stnctly taxes are collected, there wtll a\. Unnl sold or removed the manufacturer is not called It wtll not "afford the Government any addttional secuways be a certam small percentage of loss upon to stamp them; but the coupons must be attached rity," nor WI !Itt "tend to mcrease the collection of rev REPORT OF MR. ISRAEL KIMBALL before they are packed, thus necessttatmg the payment enue from thts source," npr "will it afford any more tHO De ought to be, tt the y9ar s ce of thts system : offij:de tofgCive .such 4easons as would ove1come, In the appVed, Mr. Charles Stedler has a clear nght to be pvment o{ tile l.i.lln &g;u are __ so the of the trade. mentioned. He was born in 1839 at Mmden INJtie_ and not" when sold or removed," as the law now For the year r87o .... -----5,718, 7 80 .04 r r. Admutmg, for the sake of the argument, all h 'West is claimed lor the sramps, viz: that by tlils use p a a, and came to thUI country w1th hts parents pro r h h) h oh ------- 6,598,-24 the Government ld 11 t th t" t a b IV of five years of age. The basts oti hts educatiOn tern.,..y t 1-t, .fa 7 -u bl" h 1 fth t fN smaU malUifactu rs pay, tkir es Icor the year'r813-----_ 8,94.,39r.4 8 It could not2e adopted a.t!tagomzmg the egt_ve pu IC sc 00 s 0 e ct Y 0 ew as thoro gtr1y.larthMe-ofuymfi.enndustry 1rby shoold For the year t874__ __________ 9 3j3 ,593 :l4 trade against the Internal Revenue system, and without York, am! he bee me, when about fifteen years of age, .,. d b 11 d t t b b t tmpostng upon the trade addltt'o'-al restr&"ctt"onu and adan employee of the well-known old tobacco house of our .,.a e e stgna e ou e;u:: uc...,ens po liD Fo.-the year I87S---____ .ro,zos,827 u :s l' T "11 d & c 1 f d 11 ...., h A ,. .:.. _.l ditto nal evpenses, greater than any add&.t&"onal amount }Uon ar o., at a sa ary o ten o ars per week. posupon. ot ers r 01 c.v;ar 1 u F..or :----II,ros,z72 45 f h Iu this situation Mr. Siedler proved himself a very useID VIew the manuracture of 'l"he .amount..of C<;>llections fqr J-868, 0 revenue w tch the Gcwenunent could possibly de ful business assistant, and gamed the confidence of hiS ctgaJS IS a illilng Imposstllle, anti yet spcli lfav.e: irll1nedtottely-preeeding--t-he adopt!d'n of1'hlhf amp sysnv:e, under any circumstances, from the use of these employers to such a degree that, after a service of thtr taken place among other mdustnes, upon wluch the tell\ was $2,951,675, aJld the largest amount coJiented coupon sta19ps. teen years, he was admitted an active partner of the Government 'iinposes a tax. tt ever been from cigars, cheroots, and g,arettes for apy year 12. As these restrictions, burdens and exfirm. He -was then 28 years old. An idea of the posed to make these pay m advance upon ttie prigr to ti}e adoption th s system under much...higher penses wouW have to be..borne mamly by thgse agamst enormous extent of Messrs. Lonllard & Co.'s bus J:roductwn of thetr stills Then agam: such coupon rates of tax was 10 r/:!67, VIZ. $3 ,661, 984 39 whom there is no cause of complamt on the part of the mess wtll be had from the statement that they stamps could not be affixed to Imported, or foretgn ct 1 ft will be observed that there has been a umform 10_ Governmerlt, by t,hose who now pay to the Government 1 t" 11 k" th h g ara a d t th I t 1 R t the full t tax on their entire products, It doe s not seem emp oy con mua Y r,soo war mgmen, at t ey are n ye ey pay an 1\ erna .evenue ax crease dunng the entire etght years quoted in the above e g ooa pubhc policy to Impose them. It. would more than twelve million pounds of Would you oaut &t?. The Government m Its method of ta&le of ft"om n to rs pe.c e nt. over the-previous year. tobacco ev ear and that 1 th h t d f th t I ffi t k seem like a wholesale pumshment of the t nnbcent and ery Y n e s or peno 0 e amp ng a reign Cl&ars. a xes a 6 amp, nown as an results, it seems to me, are sufti.ctent to commend last four years they have paid not less than jottr mlll11m mhlport stamp, whtch furniShes a to tke system to the Government and "' rrants Its con tinhonest tax payers m order to reach the dtshonest few. doll>Jrs in taxes to the Government of the U ntted States. c aser that the ctgars are of 'ore1gn production This And who knows even a& fiae In be secured by a c;hfferent metbod of collecting, stated and enlarged upon, as for mstance, the difficulty pohtictan Mr. Stedler never has been, and the nomtnaa:s they J,rc made. ::npvhereJ they, lb4 dwcnml 2. I have to call your attention to the fact that, in In the way of affixmg coupon stamps to the stock on twn as Mayor of Jersey Ctty, offered to htm by the Re tmg stamp, whtch 1s =1bau\_ al. t,h(l Miditio crtbe, stiUI)p S,t.etll Itself, has se_ hand and 10 the hands of dealers ; and the difficulties pubhcan party, he only accepted for the purpose of de fine and the We!IJl toy-such satisfa-eto 'resUlts, tire-' 'lilw provides for and obstacles m the way of applymg such a system to votmg hiS serw::es to the mterests of his fellow-citizens. e nment the means, to aQd ahv.e 'lthereveT CJi:l"rs Imported s, and tile tmpossibihty of jlpply Mr. 1 iS a frank, open.J!earted gentleman, of thts The Govornm1 .fumisbes ao s.uc.h 'out bein" st:lfuped : Under this "'"OVI ion of law ,... ing it to ctgar!!ttes. 1 I fqrbear te eplarge further. 1 be 1 b t t 1 d h t f ntee w tb th t t d N 10 ." Yours respectfully, IsRAEL KIMBALL. I ra ut SJ[IC prmctp es, an IS m eresung eatures .. a b 1 -Y 0 IC;e .tmpor.e : ow IS It y-ou are-a..iar bf every convey at once the 1mpressioo of intelligence and edule t.o "Still d1scnmmate m favor ot the' facturer In the count{. a re, once a year, subrnt"tt.Jd to Heaa of Di'lliSIIIfl in C!targ4oj 'I tJbacco, Snlijf, C1gan, eft. t r gn a t ..... 0 ltti th t h ( "' Han. G. B. RAUM, .,...nm., .. ca tqn. r '""' m ng e 1 amp on .t em as the Comniissioaers o Internal Revenue, and a carelul """ It woukl be..JlaiUllllble to Jtfiix lt)and applynaonly to eJramfnaflon er eacli Cigar m n rat:t'iirer mattrtal..,ite-+-Y....,.,-, J 1 --------=JAN. 31 Reported Failures and BusiDess Ar rangement&. ALBANY -Jolin A. Heenan, C1gar Manufacturer; judr ment agamst, h16 66. Joseph Levy, Ctgars, Hats, etc.; assigned. BurFAL0.-0. C. Klock, Cigar Manufacturer; claattel mortgage for. $439.05. UTICA.--Mtchael Ftsher, Cigar Manufacturer; chattel mortgage for $.1,ooo on tobacco and cigars. CHICAGo.James H. Foster, Ctgars; judgment agai nst, $1,296. JACKSoNVILLE, ILL.-Walter & Morehead, Tobacco and C1gars; fatled, execution. BosToN.-James Ferry, Cigars; chattel mortgage on stock and fixtutes, $2oo, ANN ARBOR, MICH.-WII!iam Lovejoy Tobacco, aad Cigars, fatled and sold out. FRANKLIN, PA.-C. Levis, Tobacco, etc.; reported absconde::J. PHILADELPHIA.-}. Daley & Co., Tobacco, Cigars, etc.; suspended; creditors meet February I. SALT LAKE CITY.-Charles Button, Cigars, etc. ; ia bankruptcy. Changes. N&w YoRK.-J. W. Crossly & Co., Tobacco and Ci. gars; J W. continues. Manuel Ri11era, Tobacco and Cigars; removed from : Brooklyn to 71 Matden Lane. BELVIDERE, N. J.-John Tobacco, etc.; burned out. BALTIMoRII!:.-E. E. Wenck Tobacco business discontJ;Dued; D. D. Mallory the same, Mr. sgnmg by power of attorney. WASHINGTON, D. C.-E. Behrend & Co., Tobacco and Ctgars; Behrend deceased. LYNCHBURG, VA.-Nowlms, Younger & Co., Tobacco; diSsolved; B. H. & ,G. H. Nowhns CINCINNATI.Baker & Co, Leaf Tobacco; dissolved; A. L. Symmes continues as Leaf Tobacco Broker, 92 West Front. Wayne & Ratterman, Tobacco Auction; H. E. Qaeell admitted; firm same. G. Morris, Broker; removed to 87 West Frent. F. A. Prague-, Tobacco Inspector; removed to 92 West Front. DETROIT .-Kremer Brothers & Co Cigars, etc.; Hugo Kremer retired AusTIN, MINN.-J.lakepeace, C1gars and Tobacco; burned out ST. JosEPH, Mo. Oppenheimer, Cigars am! To bacco; closmg out ALEXAND:R.IA, Mo.-H. J. Neberding, Ctgar Manufac turer, burned out. 1 GALVESroN, & Obermuller, C1gars and Tobacco d1ssolved; Obermuller continues. lnf"orma&loa fer 1 and <" ... ar Maa-1 ftl.etnrers. DEP<\RTMENT, OFFICE OF INTERNAL } REVENUE, WAsHmGToN, :Januti"Y :J6, J877 SIR .-In makmg explanation to this office of apparent defictencies 10 he accounts of the transactt&nl or tobacco and cigar ml\nufaeturers, the-aUegation is uotun frequently made that discrepancies, both 1n material ac and the disposltlon made Q[ manufactured products, are owing largely to two caa!leS: the arttelel For the retson1 we eounfs,bis productioft a drsaleS, bis of stamps, are deculedly opposed to any radical change Thf reetc., is and l'h;neve, r -any found qu&rement1 of Government do not 11e:ces -that; an s failed to report sary !hat t ere sbolfld be Such an wou:ld as many cigars !rom a '!,l:"ven quant.tr_ of matenal as he :J \ AGAIN A"f H1s PoST.-'I;he many friel]ds, business and soctal, of Mr. M. Rader, tobacco broKer, are grati fied to see htm again at his office, from whtch ill health 1. The tobacco and c1gars whtcll are .gtveut\way by the manufacturer as and wh1ch do not appear FoJ,ty years ago, possibly less, the above heading, if m h1s account of saler;. .. be costly tb the purchase -sta trlp s'lfuffictent to pay the tax on all the ..-NEVIl'" Y J!.tlftl#lry S 187 cttf; to your fa_vor oL the are every year for sach r:zth our m ctrtam revenue and are [()reed to pay them-ihe;CoLKts sustalnmg the matll!rs"l'Ytmg to Cl}llars, we wquld pohtely Jtate that Commission m makmg such assessments and the present mode of collectmg the revenue from cigars tlons. ADVANCING -The large and h dl b ved d h be an9some extens1on which the Messrs. Lichtenstein associated as now, wtth a newspaper aJttcle, would hal/e 2. The quantity ol manufactured groduct, and often had but a hmiteii significa tlon m the popular mmd times of raw wh1ch are used or or Tobacco, ctga s and. pipes then comprised ab.out the removed for use or consumptwn by operatives without only articles known m trade, or that would have been the knowledge or consent of the manufacturer. re .H>ghtzed under that and at thts time The first of lhese causes 1s entirely w1thm the control they are, of course, the pnnctpal ones, about whtch all of the manufacturer. He has no more nght to remove others concentrate and combine, and without wh1ch all manufactured tobaccb or ctgars for samples from the others would be practically useless. How remarkabJe place ofmanufactureJ or to allow them to be so re111oved 1s 1he change wrought within a comparatively few years w1thout properly patking and stampiug the same and in !he meanmg and suggestiveness of these two once reporting such removals ; than he has to sell or remove peculiarly limited w-:>rds, may be readily learned by a sim them for sale or conspmption without a compliance willa pie casual visit to any one of the really great estab the law in this regarq. And, hereafter, not only will no lishments in this city dealing in what IS denomicredit be gveh to the manufacttsrer for goods so removed, nated, in language, "smokers' articles." but all such goods will be regarded as removed io viD articles to-day are enumerated by thousand!<, latt!ln of that portion of the law which prohibits the re and embrace e'Very th1ng whiCh the ingenuity of man has moval of tobacco cigars without the payment of can ar y e 1mpro an t .at. t suggestion of 3 In my J"udgmeot, the Government, qnder tile pre ffi t h f d h Brothers & Co. Me making to their CI!!ar manufaetura xmg .p. coupon P eac c&gar, 1 tacorporate m t e ent stamp system, aupplomented s I have shown by !aw, would not help coll.ectlon m the retatl or deficiencies, IS collecting the as mg estabhshment m the Bowery, ts rapidly advancin' mg trade, n'ft-w?"ld rum the large manufa.eturma: mterthoroughly and as fully a it ought to expect to do..ittoward co.mpletton, est, from which, ID our optmon, nmetyfive per cent. of takmg mto consideration the fact that the great bulk of NoT TRUE.-The statement of the of the the We would also add thtf the the leaf tooacco u.-ed the manufacture of cigars is b ilbctt er will always find a way to defraud grown in this country, that our institutions forbid (;aup n c&gar stamp, y Which they sought to mislead the the P.ercentaa;e oi t ud 6lm idea: of a that aQy person wh can &ve a the press and pubhc for thetr own interest, that cigar Mall that pay to disturb bond m the penal sum of $soc can en gag in the husj.. manufacturers were desimus of the adoptioft of the pro-been able to conceive calculated to increllfe the pleasure tax thereon. and esthetic c;hann of smolling and kindred It ;ma_y not ,be so easy for the manufacturer to con At the extenSive warehouse-the largest probably o(&ts trot remoyals of th= second class. He i.t nevertheleu kind m the world-of Measrs. W1Utam Demuth & Co., responstble to the '4vernment, not only f3r the dispo SOI ;Broadway, for Instance, caD at any time be seen a s&!lon made of manufactured goo.-ls, but al10 for the disstock of goods classified under ever varyipg nomeoclaposition of the matenals whtch are charged to him. He ture, but all designated under the general head of lhould, therefore, m most positive terms, all hi3 smokers' articles, that is absolutely surprising in variety employees from usm or removing an_y, such goods or and In a bnef period, as business careers matenals, and he detects an employee defraud are [ measured, thl5 entetpnsipg firm have bUilt up a ing the Government in this manner, It becomes his duty trade m this class of merchand1se tlfe dtmenstons of to report such offender to the officers of revenue to be whtc h would have seemed beyond the bounds of proba-dealt with accordtng to the nature of the offeace. Esbtlity w. the earlier stages of the traffic. The11 capapecially should he take the precaution thus to protect warehouse is filled from .floor to ceiling with the the tnterests of the Government before making cla1ms mnumerable articles that make up their mtscellaneous upon this office to settle hts accounts for deficiencies stock m trade. The firm import largely, and manufac. which may have grown out of such unlawtul acts of the ture all briar and wooden p1pes sold by them. A volummemployees under his control. the leg&umate traCle on account of lt. ness and that upwards of seventeen thousand posedd stampd, tas ,;ltogethder huntffirue. Tlhl e Very respectfullw KEII.JS St>rus. d ., __ ..._ II (. estgne or euect, an t e e WI pro a y e J> an DUila -caa _..,.. .m manu act]ll'lng 1ts authors' utter cltscomfiture. BROTHER & Co.-We believe that all ctgars m the country. It IS my opm1on that the Gov manufactunrs who-employ, from five to any larger -fUnment. is colleF "ng cent. of A LAD AND S340 MISSING -On Wednesday(,evening number of would obJeCt to the coupon system, all the cagars and 10ld l and that the tualloss of; Moses lVes heimer a tobaccCl-peddler of No. 61 p 1 u the appbcauon of a coupon to every c:1gar would tevenue this _does not ex e $584,488. Street, reported at Police, Headquarters that he g;we ncreue th coat of manu!Jlcture from one to two dol Thts loss 1s mcurred, pnncrpally, from the mall manu h1s son nged fourteen S340 to pay an account with Iars per th?usand, without, at the same ttme, in any factqre_rs.-mostly MreireN--who 11ell own Al!en & Co.r No. 173 Chambers Strem as both factory and 'JIIIIhich we may briefly state to you. It will be tmposstsales room, with scarcely more than an imagtr.ary 1ine ble for the manufacturer to positively know that the or-separation of the two liiinds of business, But these (;Oupons are actually attached to each etgar, as emsmall factories produce only an mstgmficant por11on, ployees through carelessness or malice may destroy relatively, of the ctgars manufactured-The great i->ulk -some of them during the day's work, and may put s0me of the cigars are made by manufacturers who sell only at e1gars mto boxes without attachmg the coupoa each wholesale. All these are properly boxed and stamped, and tf boxes should be found m wh1ch coupons and th er e IS no m the possession of thts office were not attached they would be hable to setzure. Our that either the boxes or the stamps are re used to any firm, for would have to attach, say, at the low-considerable extent. Seldom 1s a case reported to thts est calculation, Ioo,ooo coupons day to our cigars, office where any such unlawful use of boxes or str.mps which would req111re I oo extra hands to do the work, is even suspected. and is it not l:kely where so many coupons have to he If I am correct in this view of the case, and I think applied that SO Ole of them WOUld be destroyed, and i there are numerOUS letterS On fife lD thiS office frbm so destroyed-how could we reJ!lace them? We are collectors m answer to mc;utries snbmttted to them speakmg under the impresston that the patent coupons with regard to the percentage of revenue lost by for c:1gars are of the nature of those connected with Government from tbts soutce, whtcn confirms my own United States bonds, that is, arranged in serjal numviews. as ,thus expressed, then I mtght rest the whole bers; in whtch case, It wtll be tmposstble--to prevent rhe case here. It IS a good maxtm to let well enough alone. coupons from becommg mixed up, wj)ieh mtght put I beheve the _present system. is a good one. It has, manufacturers to trouble. If the patenf llt 6aot Intended thus fM, worked admirably. It lias fully realized the to elllblac:tr"""COapoiiS -.i..lly .aumb.ted, lhe Governanticipatiou5 o. those wbo its adoption. t ..ha$ ment, m the event of thetr adoption, could not through more than was promised for it. It their atd detect any frauds that m1ght be committed, has the advantage of being a system recommended and as coupons could be saved up and used over again. urged uP.,n the Government by the manufacturers themIf 1t is intended to make tile coupons adhesize, so that selves. Tkey are satisfied with it :and are opposed to they can not be taken off and used again, kind of any change. Why, then, the Government desire to paste would have to be used, which would injure the change a system that has, during eight years of tnal, appearance and quality of dgars. If the Government worked well, and ts sull working well. and adopt a should undertake to furnish us with duplicates of system, untned, whtch t best could only be an experi coupons torn or destroyed, we wnald have to wait with ment, the successful workmg of which has not been, our work until they c:ould be procured from Washington. and can not be demonstrated until tried? But I do not If the coupons are put on loose they w11l be lost or tm understand that the Government has any such desire. properly appropnated, and if they are put on with paste, I do not understand that any one connected wuh the as before rem3-rked, they wtll injure the quality and apGovernment, or engaged m collectmg the taxes on pearance of ctgars, and it ts doubtfultf any paste can cigars has proposed or IS urgmg the adoption of the be made which wtll permanently umte the coupons to coupon stamp. Cl!ars. Make the coupons senal and it will be &1\ liD Had the Government less weighty reasons to be sat. ro prevent the wrong coupons from getting 1sfied with the results of the present system than it has into wrong boxes. If, on the other hand, they are not -as I have stated those reasons-sttll, to my own mmd, $erial, their use will open wide the door to fraud, tn there would be msuperable objections to its trying the cstead ofpreventin& it. For instance, a party coming tnto experiment of the coupon stamp. These reasons I wtll and cettng a cigar with a coupon only encncling proceed to state hnefiy wtthout elaborating them. They it, may pull 1t off and throw it aside, and the manufac-are as follows :turer may collect ano.l reuse all coupons thus disposed I. The use of these coupon stamps must be an ex-of, alld how w1ll the Government be the w1ser or better periment. Their successful use can not be predicated therefor? A gul or boy may be able to apply r,ooo 1a advance. coupons per day, and fvr that work we would have 2. They can not be used withflut the payment of to employ very skillf11l and reponsible hands, and pay royalty to the patentees. from Sill to nme dollars each per week, which would 3 They can not be manufactured without additional make the c:ost from one dollar to one dollar and fifty eipense to tile Government. et:lltl!l per thounud eiftars extra-this at the very lowest 4 The coupons must be attached to -estimate-and might also have to pay the packers addi-each cigar by the manufacturer before the ei1ar i.t-eold, t1onal, wbiGJl would briftg the cost up to two dollars or and .so tirmly attached that it can'not be with more per There are, we will u,., about out destroying iL Otherwise, it can be re-used, and a1ooo;ooo,ooo ciprs maae aDn1ully in thil COUDUJ1 alld that iadefiaitely. INCREASLNG FA'VOits.-The enlarged space required to accommodate OUr advertising patlonage hasleft U& no alternative but to mcrease the stze of our journalalready of sufficiently large dtmens10ns for all ordinary purposes-or set a portion of our reading matter 1n smaller type than we have been accustomed to do, and, as the least of two evils, we have concluded for the present, to do the latter. By this change we secure extra room, both for adverl!sers and news Items. ous catalogue mtght be made of the dtfferent arhcles exGREEN B. RAUM, Co111111issroner. htbtted in the1r salesroom. Their goods, from the sma)l est to the largest article, both Wtth respect to quality of material and workmanshtp, seem to be all of the first class. Among the more prominent obJeCts to attract atte11tion in the sales department are, necessarily, the splendid metal and wood show-fi_gures, of all styles and sizes, and the immense assortment of pipes of meer schaum, wood and other materials for tbe manufacture of which the firm become noted. The display of these articles made uy the firm at the Centennial Ex posttton-a' nd previously noticed in this journal-was remarkably fine, and, as will be observed below, achteved / the botlor of a distinctive medal for eacil class of goods. DEATH OF' F. W. HANNKWINCK:RL.-Under date of January 27, our Rtchmond correspondent writes us :-I am called upon to announce the death of one oti our oldest and most estimable members, Mr. F. W. Hannewmckel, who dted thts mormng from a stroke of paraly sis. In the death of Mr. Hannewmckel the Tobacco AssociatiOn has lost one of its best members, R1chmond a good ctttzen and the poor 0 our city their best friend. He was a ChriStian and gentleman. The !leceasep was consul for the German empue at Richmond. On another page we present in this issue of THK ToBAcco LEAF one of a series of cuts to show the character and appearance of some taf the many ""TESTIMONY THAT SPEAKS FOil ITSELP".-NEW YOJUC, styles of pipes and show-figures manufactured and scM :January u, 1877.-EotT()Il TOBACCO LBAP":-Dear by Messrs. Demuth & Co. at sot Broadway. Cuts of S1r-Havmg been solicited by your Manager, Mr. similar stze, but varying deslgn, will appear weekly Graff, to adverllse my Safes and Ctgar Machines in hereafter in thts journal dunng the rem11mder of the your paper, I concluded to accept the terms offered, current year, the plates for th' purpose havmg already and am happy to state to you that the benefits from tbe been prepared at 1reat and when their pulth advertuemerlts have far exceeded my expectations. cation i completed, the oppof-tunity will be afforded Yours respectfully, W. H. 84 Maideu those who wtll have seen these graphic illustrations of Lane, New York. choosmg whtch most to admire, the illustrations them-DIED AT. SAG N Y.-January 7, I 8 7 7, Henry C. Sleight, lfi the etghty-fifth year of his age. The deceased born of Revolutionary ancestry, bis grandfather and iather bemg officers 111 the Americaa army, and yielding thetr hves for the country. He be came a midshipman in the navy and a soldier in the war of I8I2. Of an ardent, hopeful busmess temperament, at the close of the war he settled in Kentucky laying out the town of ltussellville, and em barking taking tobaccp to New Orleans in barges, returnmg on horseback. In Kentucky he was the inti mate friend of Breckmridge, Henry Clay, and ex Governor Crittendeu. Returning East, he became one or the eaiiiest publishers of New York C1ty, also starting the first daily paper west of Albany (in the city of Rochester). Amassing a fortune as a pubhsher, he visited Cuba a:s a refiner of sugar, under letters from the Spanish Government. In the great fire of 1833 be saw all h1s fortune swept away. He moved to Illinois m 1844, setthog in Genessee, and was soon after elected judge of Henry Couaty; but on account of dtsease in curred during the war oi 18u he gave up all public dulles and recurne'-' t6 the qJtet of hiS famdy. Here turned East a few years si nee to the scenes of his child hood, there to die amid friends and loved ones. UNUSUALLY SucCESSFUL TAx FIGHTERS -The Comselves, or the tact and enterprise evinced m makmg m1sswner of Internal Revenue has called the attention mstrumental as adverusjlmonts in furthenng t.he TRADE MARK OR lNVENTioN.-ln the United States of the Secretary of the Treasury to the of mter,ests of trade. Cucuit Court be for= hts Honor J ud1:;e re-frauds upon the revenue by the dhcit dtsttllat&pn of The followmg li":ards were received by Messrs. De-ports a Philaclelphia paper, the case of P. Lonllard & sptrits and fraudulent deahngs in tobacco m North Car& C?. for the&r exhlbtts at the Centennial Expo-Co., of New 'York, agamst M. E. McDowell & Co., of olma, Georgia and No' rthern Alabama. The frauds in slt:?n : Philadelphia, has been. argued. This was a mot&on fsr the production and sale of manufactured tobacco in INTE.RNATIONAL ExHIBI.TioN, on bill filed .by the plamtiffs to restraiJ;. the the State of North Carolina alone are believed to !lle Untied States Centenmal Coi1)MISSion has examdefendants, whe are tobacco dealers and the agents of amount to nearly Ssoo 000 annually med the report of the JUdges and accepted the followmg Louis Lotller of Richmond, Va., from the use of metal "reasons, and-decreed iufaward in:conformitytherewtth. he tags in plug tobacco. The plaintiffs alleged that it M. LrNDHEIM, AGENT FOR Tf!E SALE oF MANUFAC PHILADELPHIA, :JaNuary u, 18J7.-lttjorl on wu an infringement of a patent granted toP. Lorillard TURED ToDAcco.-Among the popular brands of smok Alu.alnis-PRoDucr-Brtar and apple wo

JAN. 31 THE TOBACCO MA.B.KET. DOMESTIC. NEW YoRK, :January 30. THE Havre, per steam, 45s. Antwerp, per steam, 47s 6d. r Bremen, per steam, 475 4d.; per sail, 35s. :tlamburg, per steam, 575 6d. .ABTICV%.AB. KOTICIJ. TOBACCO LEA. E. The leaf tobacco market during the past week has been regular and the sales a very fair ber for the season. In Western leaf there was consid erably less done than in the oreceding week, but the busin.ess effected was again pretty well distributed among all the regular clases of buyers, if e except exporters, who participated sparingly. Manufacturers bought liberally, and seemed inclined to spply them selves for a brief spell while the styles they require are Gro.wen of aecd leat tobaf tO cautJoned arainst tbL repGrted oales anti quotation& of LHed leaf-u furnishing the prices tbat should be obtained for t!lem at 6nt l:and, aa thetc refer ia. molt instances to old cropa whid'. have been held nearly a year, an.d the profit on whiclt. mt iaclude the illlklat on capital invated. Gro"crs expect even ID tile c:aae of c:ropa, to od them fi>r the aamo aa are obuined on a te-aalc here. Of cuurae e.v.ery re-sale must ht at aa adYance, aad therefore: the price obtainable by the 1rvwen will aiW&J'I be aomewhat lower titan our quotations. WM. & 00., MANUFAOTURERS AND IMPORTERS OF procurable from the remainin' stocks on sale. With the exception of one small lot, little or nothing appears to bave been done on Regie accou t) ami the absence, or comparative quietude, of the ouye.-s for that interest is perceptible in the total :Prices are ateady bt relatively lower than at Lobisville, and the latter, with tbe backwardness of receipts of new crop at the \Vest-though now slightly augmentin&' brightens ia aome degree the prospect for the availa ble supplies here, even though some portion of them is"'d6"t just what is desirei. About all there is to sell can hardly fail to be wanted if the weather contioues to rec:iptJ, u it i,& foe it to do; until after the ualllll &a for 1blem &o coaae forward in full QUOTATIONS OF Wij:OLESALE PRICES. WESTERN LEAF. ct. Hta.vy Lta/" !6" LuK. .. . .. v 6" @ 7 Cl>mmoa a @ 9" .. .. . Li"-t Lta.f-Oowwoa to good luga. Commoa J SMOKERS' ARTICbES II odium Good --l'bte 0 0 0 0. 0 0 0. Selectlona ....... .... ... 10 Good.................... ..... 11 13 Fine,................... 0-Seleeuona .. . . 6 6501 BRO NE"'VV TO ... e. Wultm Ltaf.-MessrL Sawyer, Wallace & Co. re port: Tile market hu btlco'le active since our report; still, the amount of business sbowa a very pectable total. sales wer-e 866 bhds, b11t w1th two elriMplieH, were}' in lDtr. They divide u follows 3-a83 ltbda for 11port, 549 hhds to aaanufacturerst "51 llhd110 and 83 bhd s to jobbers.. be wa receipts and sales of\ o are ncreuing at Western breaks at fir111 prices. Old home trade stock is growing scarce, al'li1 the la&e. sal have beep..-t an .advaaw of 1@2c over th pol ill VIRGINIA LEAF. Brirht Dark, beavylap........ 7 @ 8), Oomaaoo lo medium ... '7 low leaf..... 9 lill1" Good .... yo 5 do med.lo !fOOd to e.xtn tine ........ 4$ do extra &bipr, 14: Smoker17 JO Black .. ,.,18 @u DarPle wrappen ....... ., eJq Re4 do sl fiba OHIO AliD MARYLAND LEAF. Ollt.-ID'or to 1o00 coa.. 4 ciO 6 to com-11rH>Ub.Md ftirdo-PiAo 18 @N 14ed.iWil 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 28 t;ommon ........ H...... 18 ftC' Qt1&ccOI.-LouglO'o 28 @30 Fino ......... ... -2S @26 Good............. 18 i'20 Navy, 4"1, 6 1 and ltock:et Common ""ol a>.edlam lG @18 Ploceo ... Ill Brlghi l'wlot CVa)l2 ineh 26 Gold Bar a. 6 iaeh 35 Boogh 11 BM47. :II CIGARS. Havan.o, per M f!SOl11!0 I Seed, per M 180 Seed aolil Havana, per M .. .O SIO GRANULATED SMOIC!NG TOBACCO; Medium tol""d........ 88 "-I Good to lh1e............ 6'81.20 SNUFF. S..Nf-Maecoboy ...... 86@-881.lmericao Geutlemao 88 BoppH. J"rflloh --19 1 110 to dl ..... t "'tile WhleSool<:h II Luodyfoo& -1111@-85 &ale "l'rade. LICORICE. 0.,.., .. I. c. 7. Cl." ................ o. S--.... --18 .. z .l................ Qol4. "II.F." . ,. G. C... 480 lb caaf'l. 28 K B. Jt. ..................... ..... G." t.SU lb oaaea.... 28).1 "", S, ..................... "0 & A 1'16 )b.&. Det......... tqJ.( MO ... .................... "Wollla EL" 660 lbL Del.. 2'1 I IMPORTS. 10 1t It 111 u The arrivals at the port of New York from foreian port for the week e'lding January 39, included the following consi&;nmenls : NAPLEL-Order, 29 chests licorice juice. HAVANA.F. Garcia, 154 bales tobacco; H. L. & C. L. Holt, do Esberg, Bachman & Co., 855 dp; Shroeder & Bon, 1t9 do; L. Pa'scual, 27 do; Cbas. F. Tag & tion, 30 do; J. Costa, 49 do. Weiss, Eller & Kaeppel, 53 do; Strohn & Reitzeostein, no do; H. R .. Kelly &. Co., 16 cases dgars1 M. Lilienthal, S do; Pardy & Nich ola.s, 3 do; Michaelis & LindeQlann, 3 do; C. Palacio It Co., do; S. Linnington &. Sons, 7 do; G. W. Fabq, 13 do; 'l"J>IIL bwm & Spns, 4 do; Er Marcus, 1 do, A., S. Rosenbaum & Co., J do} G. Amsinck & Co., 2 do; A. Owen, 3 do; Howard lves, 17 do; C G. Peleron, 15 do; Park&. Tilford, 23 do; Acker, MuraU & Condit, 25 do. EXPORTS. From the port of New York toforeign ports for the week ending Janua:y 31, were as follows: BilAZIL.-2 hhds B._EMEN.-83 hhds, 102 do stems, 304 cases, 304 bales. :r I j Design, I Skill Displayed in Fa.brica.tion, a.nd CltU.PDSS. "Conespolldent" writes us : -LANCASTER, Pa., :Jan flllry 29.-Since my lal't, considerable tobacco has been taken down, and of the same fully three fourths htve been stripped and a large quantity of it sold during_ last week at very fair ligures, at from 19, 8, 4, to :r8, 15, s, that is for wrappers, 19@:r8c; for secondsfrum 15@8c, and for fillers, One lot has been soldat :r6c through. I have been along with a well-known buyer ono aad a half days, and be bought during tbat tlme above 48,ooo firat-clus tobacco paying 19, :ro, :rz, 23, 25, :z6 and 28 cents for w-rappers, a,. :ro,11a and rs cents lor seconds, and 4 and sc for fillers. He intends to return in a lew days and secure enough tobacco fetr two or three hundred cases, and will b11y none 'but fine to9acco, for which be is paying heavy figures. Olher buyers are in the field and an active desire to purchase is manifest. Last week any amount of buyers were in the field and a large quantity of tobacco was sold. Messrs. Lache'Jbruch, Feldman, Ottenberger, Bunzl & Dormitzer, Spitzner, Spingarn, Rosenbaum, Rosenwald, Gersbel, etc., of your city, anEI Bamberger, Moore, Tel ler, etc., of PhiLo1delphia, the California buyers, and also, large cigar manufacturers are represented and vieing with each other to secure the but. The crop in general is betler than was supposed, as all worm-cut BRITIS!i WEST INDIES.-17 hhds, 10 bales, 35 pkgs. (5,634 lbs} mfd. s HoW FIGURES IN METAL AND WOOD A SPECIALTY. leaves are put in as seconds and fillers. Ollr special report dated Bremen, January 13, says:CANADA.-155 bales. CAP& DE VERDE lSLANDS.-2 hhds, 3 pgs (35" lbs) mfd. DANISH WlST INDIES.-5 hhds, 26 pkgs (9b9 lbs) mid. DUTCH WEST INDIES.-!] bale, 18!1 pkgs (10,340 lbs) mfd. FRENCH WEST INDUB.-17 hhds, 10 bales, 35 pkgs (5/>341bs} mfd. G!BRALTAR.-149 hhds, 195 cases, 30\l pkgs (41,74r lbs) mfd [Continued on Page.) Sales were chit-fly made in low assorted lots. Our marAd tis tB ket for the better lots remains quiet. In all 1,2-44 cases ver WIVI. I ... BROOKS, were disposed ef. The following are the details :-7oo 0 d oooLEss BEN BERRY 82 Cravler Street, New Orleans, La. cases h10, crop 1874 an 1875, 38@41pf; 40 do W.J. w: W J BOODLESS & CO,. Pll&lm UGEBNUINTEOBCCO was noticeable in the Havana IATIOJIALTOBACCitiiSPICfiol lfDIIID 111 n leaf market. Tbe F1scher observe:-Havar.a 8G F .... W'a.reho AND a:mo. E. BOVEE'S cELEBRATED kept in fair deinaod, with sales reaching I,IOO bales at Eecelvmg Belle Creole, Creole, Peerless. Cen-former quotations. Foot of Van Dyke and Partition Sts., Bro0kivn.. Manufa.ctureti.-A fair business is reported in Caven-BiH ail" obacco care Nabona!Inopection. tennlal and "Ole Vlrginy" diah for both home and export trade. There OFPICES :-45 Broad Street, N.Y.; Partluo .. 8&., c:r.J:G-..A.::El.:&J"LL.a::&J&. was some demand for cheap bright u-inch and twist, and considerable inquiry, apparently, for bright twist out of order, at, of coufse, low prices. Jobbers sayre tail trade is but indi fferently good. The exports for the week were 121,346 pounds. Smoking.-Both for city and country trade, dealtrs report a steady inquiry. NOTICE TO TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS. I Cigars.We have no change to announce in this deHavi11g a surplus stock of Machinery, we desire to offer for Salt partment of trade. Business is fairly Comment at very low prices for Cash the following:is all antagonistic to the proposi tion to introduce coupon stamps-elsewhere referred to at length-for cig:us. Golti opened at :me closed at 3 Lar[O, Poworfnl Hydranlic Prossos. Foreign Ex(lla11ge.-Mesbrs. M. & S. Sternberger, Diameter of Ram 1:2 inches, height from top of Platten to heac Bankers, report dS follows:-In Exchange we have ex-piec:e, 6 feet. Also rienced for the last few days a combination ol1he stiffness which we have reported before. The principal cause is the scarcity of cotton exports and consequent scarcity of Bills of Exchange. Gold has been dropping constantly, and nobody can foretell bow much more it will drop. We quote :-Bankers, nominal rates are and 486 for 6o days and demand sterling respectively; selling rates, for 6o days, for de-mand. Commercial, 6o days, 48:2@482 ParisBankers, 3 days, 6o days, Commer-cial, 6o da)'!l, 523tJ@525. Reir.hsn1arks-Baflkers, 3 days,"9S"Jif8; oo days, Commercial, 6o daya, Carey & Yale, Freight Brokers, report Tobacco Freights as follows :-The market d111l. We quote u follows :-Liverpool, per 3SS; per sat, 3os. London, per 32s 6d; per sail, ?Z7s 6d. Glasgow, per sto:;am, 35s. Bristol, per steam, sos. ae to work in the Pretaes, improved style of racl>ets. Tbey are high enough to carry from1 twehe lo fifteen blocb awi !runes of Navy or Double Thic:k plug. Also, 3 SUDE TABLES & JIAILROAD TRACKS. AU of the above are in first-class1 condition. Addre 1.8. P2RJQ.t1E SOLD ONLY BY THE POt/ND. IIIDPM.ENTS OF CIGARETTES AND PERIQ.UE MADE TO FOREIGN COlJNTRIES, IN BOND DIRECT FROM NEW ORLEANS. ADVERT.ISING B.ATES. ONE IIQ.UARE t14 NONPAREIL LINES). OVER ONE COLUMN, ONE YEAR ............... ............. S32.00 DO. DO. SIX MONTHS .......................... 17.oc DO. DO. THREE MONTHS., ................ 10.04 OVER TWO COLUMNS, ONE YEAR .......................... 58.04 DO. DO. SIX MONTHS . . .. . . .. 32.00 DO. DO. THREE MONTHS................... 17.CO TWO IIQ,lJARES (U NONPAREIL LlliiEI). OYER TWO COLUMNS, ONE YEAR .......................... $115.00 DO. DO. SIX MONTHS.... ................... li8.LO DO. DO. THREE MONTHS........ ... . .. 32.00 I'OlJR. llq.UA.Il ($11 NONPA.REIL LINES) OVER TWO COLUMNS. ONE YEAR ......................... $220 .00 DO. DO. SIX MONTHS .. . . . .. . 11 6.0 0 DO. DO. THREE MONTHS.... .... .. .... .. 410.00 II'J:RST PAG.II RATE&. ONE SQUAaE, OVER TWO W!DE COLUMNS, ONE YEAR .. J18li.Oi TWO SQUARES, DO. DO. ONE YEAR .. 800.00 THREE SQUARES, DO. DO. ONE YEAR .. : E-t lol fzlD 1>: ::> ::!lz ti < c ... ,_:i ::> z 1-t < 0 :; IZ-t :I'Dt.S'r .A VE:N''tTZ, a7tb. 28th Streets, New Tork. HENRY SELLING, Manager. liAY.LOR & .co., TOBACCO AND I GENERAL MERCHANTS: 45 BROAD STREET, Wanted. SALESMAN 0 TRAVEL 13:17, CINCINNATI, 0. SKILES a aad PeD.D.Sylvania Leaf Tobaooo, 81. and 63 Duke St., i


\ ..1. 0. BOX 4386. Ager. ts for the follow i ng weU-ICnowrr and-reliable Manuf'acturers: JOHNSON, A. BEN Cl: CO., VIRGINIA Tobacco C(l1!!missiml Kerchantl IIATI:I ...... 1: B. PACE, TURPII I BRO., J. YARBROUIH .. SOIIIS, SUCCESSORS OF EDW'D. HEliT. iL B. IIEAIEI, 43 Uberty S'b'eat, (P.o. Box aeu) L. J. IIRAIT I. CO., T. W. PERERTOI, JOII R. PACE I CO., L others. JIPOIMS OF mB!CJIADf, BBIHft & CLAY PJPJS. SOI:E :AGDTS.FOll"THrO'RmiN 7 BURLING SLIP, NEW YORK. HENRY msTm. SKID LBAP TOBAGCO, succJtSso a To :u2 WATER ST., XEW YOBIL iorgf'eldt & Deghuee U"' P a d:Jaa Houe io Now Mnr...t. Coaa. l W. ICBOVBII.LDIG -CO. PATEKT robacco lachinoryl N E W 114 CEITRE STREET, BALTIM9RE M-. F C. LINDJL. c F. Lnmz R. AaHcaon. C C, HAK ILTON S MAacoso. YORK SBBD LHAP TOB!CO IISPBCTIOI. I TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. Certificate. Jien ,..,. -.y cue, aad cue bJ c aoe, u to -ber of CertllcaW. N. 13.-We Also Sample in Merchants' Own Stores. I'IIIIW YORK. nmnr .J1!1G, SClUZJ'D II co., .. P 0. B o 5091 New Yort. NEW OIU.UNS, LA.; D"' Sole Agents i n the United DEDLJDCi JJ. CO t. F. C. LINDE & CO., Philadelphia Branch-E. W. Dlckeraon, 139 N. 3d at. llr-IC E LI!I'l'!l FRANCIS S. KINNEY'S PRINCIPA L OFFICE8-14lll Water ucl IIIli to 11111 Pearl Street. W a t e r .,., 1"6 411;. 78 Streets, ani Hud1011 Jllver R ail Road Depot, S t,l John's J?ark. G. REUSENS, 0BEDTSEL a CO., -ro:84.00co TOBACCO INSPECTORS, J Water Street. ISS MOAD STIIEET, ..W'I"OKlL :IIA'f BROtHERS OIPORTEB8 011' French Ciga.retta Pa. per, 37 MAIDEN LANE, AT ,.,., __ +"lfllW YOI\K: CASES IUIICEIV.D .&liD c-TD'IOAT& UltiJCD All UIR1AL. CHARLES FINKE, ftBAOOO IISPEOTOR, 155 WATER STREET, York.. W'CO'Dl'l'l'aY 8AxPLDiG -O.IIP'l'LY A.'l'oo TENDED TO. IPHILADELPHI.A Bl\ANCH JONAS HE'I'Z, Gi NOBTB P'BON'l' BTU!III. ALEXANDER L. F S. MACLEHOSE. ROBERT L. M AITLAND. PATENT DIPROVBD TOBACCO ROBERT MAITLAND & CO., Tobacco and Cotton Faotors31 And General Commission :Merchants, 43 BB.OAD STB.BIIT, KIIW YOB.K. All En s u: This i mproved Machine f o r T obacco is con struc t e d w ith a \n\f' e wMkin upon inclined .._DV C lENT A D E O N COl'f SIGllf.I\EN'I'S TO LONPON AND LIVERPOOL. bearing&, operatiRg-w i t h a s liding s hear cut upon the tobacco, whi-ch is placed in a. oox with side!i at 'gents for ld:est:rs WM C A""'l!.Ou t. BB.O S C 1 br B d f ., t "' b right angles and bottom parallel wit h said knife. "' "'-" "' e e a_. r&n S 0 &nw&C ........, &CCO, T hio machine will cut any 'kind oftooacco and c u t i t P er[ecfly. P l u g Twist, Perique i n C a r rotts, an d any similarly hard prepared tobaccos oa n be cut in their hard stat e, W without anycaslng, c r any other moistening t o soften thr.m D. J. GART H SON & CO. ltmakeanoshort!,canberunbybandorsteampower,requireanoskilltooperateit; its constructionis S. E. THOMPSOM, jMo. SJNNOT, B. P GlLSOh' of the most s ubstantial kind. slow to wear and difficu l t to lltsorder. PRICE OF MACHINE COMPLETE, w ith Press (bo 4 .li> 6-Do inches), 1210 net cub, S. B. TBOMPSOI & CO csuccesoon to CHAJIL'Bs B F.ALL'BNn" & co.,) Offlc&--141 West ::Sroa.c!W"a.y, llf, Y. 1p 0 B 1 p p n AID p n T T n I FAJIIIIDU Ooir!Illission Merchants N. B.-The o f of Cl'l"rette a n d Turkish, and all Fancy Tobaccos, Straight C uts, J 0 b II U b U U b 1 URII, Bright Leaf, e tc., e t c t s parttcul a rly called to thts Machine. ,,..,_ NO. 44 BROAI) ST., COPE'S TOBACCO PLANT, General Ctm11lsslon Merohants, NEW YORK, A M:OKTBJ.'I" .TO'VIUVAI. I"OB. SMOK.IlB.S 54 & 56 BROAD ST. f{enrySchroder, Published at lo. 10 LORD IELSOI STREET, LIVERPOOL, EI&LAID. 0 Bo:o: 3698 NEW YORK. r. Q"D'DV &. co., Price Two Shillings per Annum. \ Where Subscriptions may be addressed, o r t o 'THE TOBACC O LEAF" OFPIVE. SAWYER WALLACE A co l TOBACCO PAGTORS AJIEIUCJAJ( SUBSCRIPTIONS. _75 CTS. PEl\ ANNUM. POSTAGE ., l W. H. TERWILLIGER, PRENTICE'S COMMISSION .MEltCRANTS.. Western and Vlrgmla Leaf, LATE OF TERWILLIGER & co., CIGB (IHIIDG IOm' n : ao BROAD STREET, ,. PATE!ITEE oF THE 11 ll Jlfllt Ull No. 47 Broad Street, o. BOX .,.,02', XEW YOKito J Welded Steel and Iro_ n & RETAINERS. NEW_ YORK. TBGMAS IJRJIICUTT l PatentedJanu a ry.,,tiJ69,aadM a y > 3 B7 F : \tT ATG'ENHORSTHA''CO .I L / TO::SACCO 0 8C 09 -AND-No. 62 BROAD STREET, IDCBAm. 6 8 B.ROAD STREET, NEW YORK. NEW YORK. PRESCOTT BURBANIC. GEO. P. NAS& LANE 1t. BURBANK, NAs:s:, T 0 B c c 0 PIBJI & BIJB&f.AB PBOOP SNUFF. PIPES. etc.. mnAL mCBAJTS S F E s ffTORIES AT AU BROID STREET, llWIIII j U BB.OAJ) BIIJ.'., lV. "Jr. TheoeMoaldoa1'tluoedlamakhtat1Mn-tBrando u sed tbe t o be the be1 t Mould eHr iaYKted. States f o r Ferdinand Flins c h 's O f'1 .renbach-amMate Celebrat e d M a chine for Pac kial' lb.nufac ta.r e d LoUISVILLE, KY. Toba cco. C onstant l y o"C. h a n d t h e Best ImrroYed Hand aod Steam Mach i n e s aad G ranulatia T o' CBAS. F. T.IG I IDr, l e JAS. M. GARDINER, Iatperten of SPANISH and Dealenlo ali klado Oil l LEAF TOBACCO, 194 Front Street, i KIIW 'I"OB&. TOBACCO COMIIISSIOI MERCHANT, S4 Front Stzoeat, NeW" York, Is REC EIVING_ DIRECT FROM VIRGINI A CONSIGNMENTS O F M ANU F ACTURED TOBA CC O E. SPINGARN & CO. Export Orders (or Plug Tobacco Promptly Filled. DJ:.I..UBI nr HAVANA & DOMESTIC TOBACCO. \bOLP K STfOHN GVID9 REITZBNST&IN STRDHN & REITlENSTEIN.< CODISSION MERCHANTS,, A1.SO DBALER$ JN' ) DOMESTIC 1 A.od Importers of 1 FOREIGN .TOBACCO, :1.1. 6 FBONT STREET,; NEW YOH. FELIXJ GARCIA, IMPORT ER: OF HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO And Cigars! !67 Water Street, NEW YORK. Co No. 8 BURLINC SLIP, REYNES BROTHERS & ., N EAR NE'W-YORK. Commission :Merchants,. .. us. um .... u-. ...... ...,. ..... -. I G. R.EISMANJV, -18 &. -18 I::Z:chaD"ge Place, Commission Merchant, Ne""DV York.. CARL UPIIANN, .TOBACCO I. AND CRIInSIU J 178 PEAIL S'l'DD'i', .i:wTGBX WM. PRICE, LEAP TOBACCO, 19 Maiden Lane, A N D DII.ALllR JK ALL XUCDS OP LEAF TOBACCO, ; 179 Pearl Street, :seL &e & eew NEW YORK. N. LACIIENBRUCH & BRO., Water Street, New York, WHOLllSALK DE.ALaRS I M HAVANA & DOMESTIC Leaf Tobacco. CHARLES A. WULFF, Ag'-;; Lithographer, Printer &. Manulacturer of EIE'JTABLISHED 1.8:.12. NEW YORK. UCDPBRBAGIR SliUFF,'' Manufactur e d ool r 1>1 p A. -r:&JNTB. WEYMAN tc BROTHER, x Secured hv '-etters P a tent. D ec -ber 16, '"5 A n c 0 X and c 0 ... be rtsomull,.proe COUNSELLORS AT LAW,.,;,:,.,""._ .._ D;RO,. [79 Bl Smithfield Btree\. Pitta'lnlrgh, l'a. 229 :BROADWAY, NEW YORX, PRACTlCll IN' C ASKS NLATING T O ,..._ PATENTS AND TRADE MARKS BEFOR1t THE COURTS -11 PATElfT OFFICJE VEGA & BERNHEIM, IMPORTERS OF A Lar g e Assortment Con s tantly on Ha n d. 51 Ch .. tham St., cor. William, :N.Y. A. STED\T a co., I COMMISSION MERCHANTS, and Dealers i n all D escri ptioo.s o f HAVANA TOBACCO LEAF TOBACCO, .4.%1d oar..A..B.S. -197 Duane Street, A. STUN, 1 N y k '!.S"' !zi:&r. STUn'. NEW yon. 1. su,N. ew or ...:.:...,;,;;;...::;;_______ "Lulll fac t ur e rs partl c uiar!y f avo red. BASCH & FISCH,ER, oooRTERs oF HAVANA TOBACOO BAGGING. AND PACKERS OF IMHATION SPANISH LINEN, SKID WP 15& Wat-St. iaaTobacco. Aloo,oompiete-eator U'A-:Smoken' for the Trade Ne&r Maiden Laae, NEW YORK, IIOWliD SlJISER I CD., 462 to 418 lrHIIWIJ, IIW York. ...... SDI'SIIBa & GO., :--l,..---'. o( Havana ct,ara &D4 &eknowt ed,ed by all who ha'Ye 0Rml\Tf1'Ji1D & 'Dlllmll\ A "D" CARDOZO PATEl'IT WORK Am Make,lNoCreueiwtheCipr KEYSTO'"' OLlY ..,.BlOOD PJPB WORKS .11U1uall .D 9 CAP, -llli. < IV I a -0 & COIPTOV lH f11110 GREATEST.:. IMPRO V 'EMENT,... OFTHE Uookilied Labor COD bo 'Em 0 Al'lt1FA.OI't!'BEBIJ OP ,___ :KENTUCKY TOB!CC 1 11 1 j WitluJutit/1 1-.r_ :1. -::ACSE;. Ll A F T 0 B .A C C 0 ; AND 'll'P 64 v.:d L Warl'alltad perfect"' ... ryroopoct SeadforCit<:11 "'-' ..... .;, .-;;: 7' ,1,1 0. .IIWW, en, i t r o r callaad jlllfp for I Beural Co1111lnl MerohaDt, 'N .. ..... Yo-.L II; PENINGTO v, PRICE .. CO., u BB.OAJ) .,..liT I .' r ... T..u-lola u4 Price Lilt fvDiolled-. Xaaafact,rer iotd PI'Dp1'htot, n UE: York.. N JIBO.AD _T. -H X&JDall._.., --Toa&. -S'ND 'FOR PRICE LISTS. 18 Nortb hveftth St., Philadelphia ::. TOBACCO SEALIN8 hi J.putea tf iyceria, .. a.., &c. I IM.Williualtt., .........


. 31 THE TOBACCO LEAl\' .IAliOB BIIIELL, IIUNUUCTlJRE .. fW A. H. SCOVILLE "' CO., FRIEDMAN & FREISE," BOXES, :J'.IAK.E AND Prime OualltJ of IIUCCICIBORI TO PALliiER do SCOVILLE,) DO'OB.T:ZB.S Olr SF.ANZSB AND JOBBERS IN ALL KINDS OF I LEAF TOB.A.CC.O,. 1Wo. 1VO 'WATBB. 811,1'8111!1', KEW YOB.K, OOJniEO'I'ICV'r SEED LEAI" WBAt>PER. OF OVR. OWN PACKDfG, IBPORTlllRI! Oil' CEDAR WOOD, 293, 295 A: Monroe St., ... MA.NUFAGJURERS OF. CIGARS, HFRMANN BATJER tc lf.ROTHER, CODISSION MERCHANTS & IKPOP..TERS OF _,.., YOIIK. ii"'ii A 18iriia AND tt CGDiiltent witb ,Souad .. J!r. ltOCliOLL PnokleaL 11'. RII:ADUIQ, Cubler. AND DEALERS JN 'DURHAM, SliD 'LIIJ TOBICCl JOS TURPIN B Ill PEARL STREET 1 lEW !ORI, a ;amber ./Other Fact ories, :Branch, 94 Kam St., 0. __ ....,...,....__:-. E.& 0. FRIEND & CO., and Dealen lu LEAP TOBACCO, LOBEl STEIN GANS 1 ,WHOLESALE Dli:A.LERS IN SEED AN]j-H-AVANA TOBACCOS, SOLE AGENTS AND IMPORTERS OF THE GENUINE W & M. 129 Malden Lane, O:I:Gr.A.EI.. SOLE AGENTS TOR THE )VELL KNOWN Gus Fa"" NEW YORK EowARD FanND, ja., LllOMARD FR.l!tl'fO. PRESSES, STRAPS & CUTTERS, Importers of Berman and Spanish Clear Blllbons, ( 101 MAIDEN LANE. lfEW YORK B.. T :FAUCDTT a CO,.'S M. 1: B. STIRIBEBGIR, 1111&1 AID llUmtC: iAJmS. Sheet Metal .......... Li:ll P!VOBITB DIJD!I J!l'o. U ,EXCDAI!I'Glll PLACE, 11. Dra Bills of Ezehaap oa tbe r:ltiel ef Europe; l91ue Clrenlar Letters ofCc-Cdttto Traftlers, a ad grant Commercial CTed.hs ; r ac eive Moaey oa De-potU, nbjec to Si,ht Checb, apoa whlcb taterwill 1M aiJowed ; pay partlcvlu aUentton to the 'N ecotbtion of Loaos. J. SC'B"MMTT, Thlo lo tho ------1 --------.. r I I l.t:anulacwre is we11 k.uown to M ilellcate aromas. by this "Mould do net creu"' isaho wa For &:JY:O:K.XNG TOEJ.A.OOO, ALIO, .IOBBinll Ill ALL KDrD!1 Oil' VIIlGII!I'IA A NORTH CAROLII!I'A PLUG AND aOKJI!IG TOBACCOS. BEPPENBEIMEB a: MAURER., Pra.oUoa.l. "'AND PRI.NTERS,. IMPORTER OF AND DRALER lN LB!P TOB!CCO, BY 'IITE.&lll POWER AND HAND PRE811&1J. (!tigatt lobatco itul llOI!Ift'.ASTLY ON JIAl'rD Al'(D l!IEW DEIIQ:SIJ TO JRDKR. 162 Water St1=eet, New York. CUTHRIE & CO., 1114 2i liOITK WlLLWI STUE'J, DW' TOlE: _.. SIMON MANDLEBAJJM, 5pedal. P.ARKKR, HOtMES; & CO., Maaufactaren of tile Celebrated [BALERS Of TOUOOI "I EXPORT, N ERV: E AHNR & DEHLS1 DEALERS IN LUP TOBACCO,. ::LSO :Pearl St., ll!rcuaL AHNI'} NEW YORK J on A.. DaKL& LEDIRIR & FISCHEL, NEW CIGAR BOX BOARD PLANING MACHINES MANUFACTURERS OF Savo 4C'O per cent. in planes 100 boards pet minute ; needs only one man's attention; cloet auperier work to any other macb1ne. A. & F. BROWK, DEALERS IN GLOBE Seed Lea:C AND 67 1:o 61 S1:ree1:. 1\7e"'D't7' 'Y'prk. .Al'IUII'A.CTUKERI OF CIGAR MOULD PRESSES, BOX PRESSE!I AI!I'D STRAPS, AJID l!IIPORTERS 0 ... GERMAN CIGAR BOlJLD8. FINECUT.CHEWING &SMOKINGJ TOBACCOS,. H A VAN A T 0 8 A c c 0 J.L. GASSERT.-'-... l! GASSERT L. GERSBIL & BRO., !':UBL sw:ET, NEW Yen J. L. lc. BR9.,J PACKERs AND DEALERs IN 31, 33 &. 35 Atwater St., East, s. JtASPB.OWICZ' I CODISSION MERCIWlTS. : DETROIT MICH. FINE iiivANAERcloARs,- TBK CDNSDLIDATIII TOBACCO co. uP GAIJPDUIA. 233 creenwich street, 1 U' PLANTATIONS I 1 FAeTORIES L. CHRSH. KVLlllliii 8NBTI-; :NIW' TO:U. ,...-,;OB A O l"'f. O L A B -E L S _. Send for Explanatory Circular. J. A. BENDALL. .L' V 9 .... !,0 for Smoking and Manufactured Tobacco, INDIAN GEJUIAWAJIDSCJOTCJI Price I& hllare per 1,000 In London, In Bon". 0 I !'r! pes, 'HE BAT 0 B L I' B 0 & a A pI I 0 OOII!INY' n ... Clraro are .... u, roUed In Havanah pattoro, aro -n ft&YOI'ed,are made"" promlaee br Heinrich Goebel Sohne, I Dllll. CAJI!mL!; co., :Dbl4!p1, Ka4ru Idia,' aa & 84 VESEY STREET "'E-n-r YO '17 -To""-...., .. fiDd c.,.ed onder their..,.. ao.-.Jaloa. Tbeoe Clpn i'aJ'C)ralolr known i n Iadl.. 8tna'n1 ....... lllerod1 Plpn,41 9 W ; ... 1M Maicla Saae 1r. AT PRICES. "' --.i "OJtNJSHED BY / 5 SCHRODER a BON, 178 WATfR NEW YORk, ZlWCPOB.TmEU!I OP AND OF DOMESTIC LEAF T0BACCO ... Licorice Paste; POWDERED LICORICE, OOM ARABIC, OLIVE OIL, OTTO ROSEi, Tonqu&. :Be&.ns, '.And all other (or Flavoring used by Manufacturers, incl)lding the illelf Essential Oils, w H. Schieffelin a: Co., .. 170 &lid 1711 WILtWr ll'l'llft, NIW' TOlE. HAYA. tc CO., -: 130, t 32 & 134 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK MANUFACTURERS OF I ALSO UIPORTERS Oi' _.. l\IANUF A.'CTURl!:R OF ... CIG.A.R BOXE'--;.:..::..._ AND IMPORTER GEllMAN CIGAR: MOULDS cf OS'Em!BVCX CO., &lid F. h :&OCXEI.V A'bl'J.q Ka.nufact.._ .. .. .. \ A Cigar-Mould Presses, Straps an(J Cutters; -s:t63 SOUTH STREET. N. Y.. S SIMON MANUFACTURER OF CICAR BOXES tc SHOW FICURES; Importer of and Dealer in Spanish Cigar Ribbons, GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS, PRESSES,"'STR.APS, COT'l'ERS, E'fO.,, 1!18 t1c. 181 J.IIWJS STB.BBT, NBW YOB.K. '" k:l:Dd O'C Plpre Ct to Gnler a.D.d. Repa.lret.l lathe Bet. Style. Tho Trade Su.ppJJed Internal Revenue :BookS: Tho Original Internal Reenoe Poblishiol" a..-.. ,C. JOURCENSEN, t f SOL BUCCB$SOR TO B.STI B .. SMITH, ,., P. 0 Box 5,6J7, 3'1 LIBERTY ST., Ya f!ran41ng Irons and Stenci1a a SpedalV. PJR.:J:N'T:I:N'Gr Of every de:scrlption at Lowest PrieM. t f SEND FOR l?II.ICES. -. EBTABLI8HED 1'1'9:11. 8LACCUM & SCHLDSSD, JU'LIAN ALLEN, I w.urur.o.It. o.Mrtna.lle ..... ...........


. 6 :t-hiladelphia Advertisements. KNECHT, SMITH & CO., "" IR'.8CIBBIOBI TO ITEDEJI., IKITH BBOII. 41> KliEealer'" Dealers ill DEALEI1. -cnmmm LID Tllnt J ,LEAP TIBACCO, 2R 11111 ..... Between Race &ad Elm, 98 WEST SECOND ST., Wt.. waTPHAL, Betwe.., Vlao aad Race Streets, COJOUSSIOX J[EB.CJIAlf'r. No. 93. 'cLAY STREET, CIJKliNI!I'A.TI, O, I H. CLARK & BROTIIER .. TOBACCO BBOKEBS CL&l\KIVILLE, Te- J. H. PEMBERTON, JAS G. PENIC. PEMBERTON & PENN, Tobacco Cmnmission Merchants Witk a long expelience in flu business offer lfleir services to jill Otdus .for uaj '1r To6flccos. BRI:.MEN


JAN. 31 SUTRO NEWMARK, HANUF.A.CTVBERS OF THE A. LICHTENSTEIN & BROTHER, MANUFACTURERS OF THE f1 TOBACCO LEA 1'. IMPROVEllliDWE SGALBS. bbls do, 32 half bbls do, 8 5 boxes do, 18 jars do; Thos. Hoyt & Co., 1 bbl snuff; R, S e am a n & Co., 1 case do. '' ELK" and eNW A.RD 0 I GARS AID DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO And Dtaltrs hi LEAF lOBACCO, BY THe 0Lo D OMINION STEAMSHIP LINE.-F. S. Kinn8 do; Jos. D. Evans & Co, 50 threeqtr boxes do; Esberg, Ba,chman & Co., 6 cases cigarettes; Arents & Youn g 3 do; Otder, 12 cases smkg. only to get it off their h a n ds. The b ulk of sales of n e w th1s ":eek was from t h e Kentucky River cutting district, at pnces rangmg from JC for common light weight or very soft tr a sh, for common lugs, 4 @SC for good lu gs 51ll7 c for lugs of crops, up to for fine leaf. About 30 hhds of the latter th1s week were sold at frotJO IOXj@13Yzc. Of the dark, heavyb ,ocjJed, common lugs, 3'ill4C; good lugs, 4@5c: common leaf, 51D7c; good leaf,. 7 Ioc; fine leaf, IO@uc. No bright on market thiS week. Sweet old tobaccos, for plug work, I n good demand, at pnc es .ranging: from 6c for lugs to 14c for dark wrappers; long, stra1ght pnzed, dark shippers, II,.,. uYzc; very common old lugs or leaf dull at 3Yzc for 7'8 PARK PLACE, NEW YOB.K. Nos. 34_:,. ............ ol Cuaclorn JU .. antes .......... Replta Jlolaa lor fa ..... ... IJ da da.l& elaa ........... ollii!Ta'O "l'roiu ............. .. :r;:-.--.::.::::: :::: .. ........................ I Prioceoa 8or laa ............ .. PHtalaa ................... .. :.-ors-:z:a.. i ,. llq I-tO .. Lead-lao ................. + do cll\co lao ...... a C:Uad-lap'lee a. o. liAd ..................... ., c-de Calldarl ......... SOIIINmeoo de Callclad .. Eu ......................... a 11 .-... .... I chuAelleplo ......... ........................... ....... .. Operu ... .... 10 :::: :: :::: :; wloe ...... ._. --wllld --aeeaotomerl to -'< Ia ._. Pl'*lil fa ,.,. ........ ar. ........ ,J I* ..W. F "or oelectlotlo ncl ... vely tro.. 1'-Mo. 1 aa utn clutrp t.l per aiiN Ia .... Thfise prices are lllldentood be ill' in Spanish Gold. J'liliac .,.,. .._._&elM M &_..,..fro. r.w.lp c_tr._ ""-_.t. _.Ill' e..rtti. .l'rioot LW._MU IN -t t. NJ .-11 ......... _The only Scale made with Protected Jtearinp. PAGE & CO CHARLES S. liA WES. PACKER AND DEALER IN GIIIDIJLA%. .&GIIln!8. No.3 Pa.rlt Place, New York. Our Scale are u:svd by the following eminent manufactuYen :-, P. LORILLARD & CO, New Y ork: E. V. BA WES, :Bridgeport, Conn. BUCHANAN lk-LYALL,'New York; JA8. B. R ichmond. Va ; P. MA.VO liz, BRO., R ichmond, Va .; E. W. VENABLE 1kCO., Peteuburg, Ya.; Fll!IZEil BROS., Loulnllle, Ky I. R. liSlDO, W. aBiiiL a BRO., Importer of tbe WelJ.Known Brands of !MANUFACTURERS OF MASS, "Ansado's Extra" ctN. R. A." and Ol:G BS AND DEALERS IN :M. :M:.'' NijW YORK. THB llil'rD'ERSIGNED CONTINUES Y'p Dl:f'()BT Al!ID iu.lnTJ!'A.c:Tt:'-P17RE IPANJI!R AND 'rllllKEY LJQ,UOILICE OJ!' UNIFORM Q-UALITY AND GUARM'iTEED TO GIVE IATISFACTIOY TO TOBACCO JIAIVllFA.Cli'UilEB USING THE )AlliE, THE OLD FAVORITE BRAND 011' J, c. y Ca., IS ALWAYS BEADY FOR DELIVERY .AT THE SHORTEST NOTicE, A,LSO A 0 C.1 1'", T <:> A..lli:O.HIS BRANDS OF TtlRK.ISH PASTE, AU or WHICH ARE GJVJI.OIO S4TISFACTJO:W, AS ll!ISTAliiOED BY THB RAPIDLY UBOWil!IG .DEJIIAliiD AliiD EN. TIRE ABSENCE 011' COIIIPLAINTS, CAUTION. -It come to mylDOwtedre that. la Several loLlqoor!ce PUle faisely leJ?leBeated a,a bein.r of :my manufacture lia1 been oBe e'l for sale par\ie1 to auit their own purpc:.e,., who hae no authority to .. n my brando, the preoent oerveo t o CA17'l'JQN all Tobacco Nanufwturen agatnn the same and to aive notice that f'iereaf every cue of myfmanJfa.c ture wilt be branded wi .th my Traae-Mark, acqulred ander the laws offhe United and any unprincipled penoa c ontll!'ffeiting this iJ1 b6 riJotoosly protecuted. from this point the old stock on band, (both leaf and manufaclUred,l inevtably procure a good profit. .from PDge 3l GLASGOW.T2 hhds, 6o j>kgs (l,8jttE!SLY 11'!1& & ,,_ A Mos oF CRACKSMEN AT WeaJt.-G us. Farmer, the night ngineer at the Catlin obatto omp:my'll building, Nos. 701 and 703 North Second Street, St. Lou Olf'tnteriog the a little after 8 o'clock sur prised two men at work on the safe; a ver"f large IHld fine one, of the Beard & Bro. make. He called to and they fled. Arthe same time he received a stunning blow from a concealed conAfrica. .. .. .. . 74 The three men Antwerp............... 6o ran to the rear and escaped Argentine Republic ... CoASTWISE FROM KEY WEsT,-Seidenberg & Co., 39 cases cigars 7 bales s.craps; F Man ero, 2 do, 2 do; F. de Bary & Co., 19 cases cigars; A. S Rosenbaum & Co., 10 do; McFall & Lawson, 4 do; L. P. & !f. Frank, 2 do; Rr S. Stroebel, I do; V. Martinez Ybor & Co., 3 bales scraps; L. ;RosJriguez, 7 sacks do BAL jaury 271-Messrs. d. Wisch':'eyer & Co., Toba cco Commission M erchants, ,report :-lnspect1p n of Leaf T o bacco continues very small ami the m arket is without any mteri al 1Jiere iJ emand or goo of ana theJ'ew lots of off e ring find buyer at prices, b11t or th ow and medium grades th ore is scarcely an y j nq.uir gTound leaves in particula r bein g .dull:Wd f. O"io we hear of no sales, but we n o tice some 'nquary th1s week for a cargo;> {o Dni burg. ptic;t,s are nominally un changed, and we q ote as follows !--Maryland-lnferio and frosted, IIJ.00:<'>4?"; sound common, 5.oo @6.oo; good co mmon, 6.so7.5o; mtddhng,; gro11nd leaves, ne:-v, 3.oo1Jl8.oo Ohio-Inferior to good common, 3.0? @ 5.oo; greemsh and 5,Q0@6.500'. fine 7'ill9.oo; common to medium spangled 6 .oo@8.uo; fine spangled to yellow, o.oo @ 15.00. Ken \QQky-COliUDon to good luga, 5 .oo .oo; Clarksville lugs, 6 .c;oliif 8 .00 ; common; medtum leaf. 8.00 @ 9 .0C : fatr to good, 10 .00 13.00; fine, 13.00 'aH 5 .00; selecltons, 15.00@ t8.oo. Vi rginia-Common and lugs,; common to. me dium leaf, 9.00.00; fau to good leaf, u.oo@14. oo ; selec!tons, 15.00@20.0o; stems, common to fine, 2.00@4.00. Imported !big wcek-20 hhds Maryland, li do J>hio ; total, 35 hhds; exported same period per steamer BQ/ti more, to Bremen, 386 hhds Marjland, 1 do Virginia, 43 do Kentucky tobacco and 478 cases Seed leaf; per brig W. H. La,til!1, 4 6.10, and 6 bxs new crop at 2.40, J.zo, 4.40, 4-So, 5 and 7.5o, and comprised to hbds: 7 new crop at 3.10, J.So, 4.20, 4, 4.5o 5 nd 7, and 3 old crop at 6.40, 6.8a and 8.40 and 9 bxo new crol! :1\3, 3 7o, lo8o, 4.10 4.40, 4. 6 0, 4-80 and 6.-5 hhds scraps were paased, a d bids were on 2 hhds new at $4.6o 5.6o; 2 do old at 5 .30; 6 Vtrgtru tubs at 8.10 @25 .50, and two oxes new at 2 .-sOIQ) 3 -LIVERPOOL, jftuary 13.-Messr F"!w. mythe Co. obacco Commission Merchall!s,report:-We have to report ;dull q tt the !rome trade made moderate purchasM of dry Leaf and Strrps, b?t w e can not hear o ";"X...Sles of importance etther for the Co?tment or Afnca; are nominally un changed. lrn_ports, z-27 hhdt; dehvcnes, 55 I; stock, 35,903 against a6,796 sa,ne ttme last year. Messrs. Parry & Crosbies' Monthly Circular reports:-The pro gress of the sampling of Western ompleted tends to confirm the opinion expressed in our last v1z., that really gml strips are in small supply, and this applies te cutters and splnnen, light colored and dark. Of Western leaf there are still some .ltooo hhds to sample. gpeakinlli o f dry we would d aw the atuntton of paUersup to tile cfamaJe done to good bacco by the wet stalk end of the he Jeal which, from ita wet or soft conditi)lll, bec?mcs ':"ouldy and. heated, imparting a flavor I? otbeYWIIe good. hogsheaa, and thereby seriouslyo (!e. tenm ahn!p va,Juel Leavtng the f!lr this to the 'PTactiC
    me tradr:;vt.: t at whereas for ime past the Stock in warehouse this day and on shipboard not strug among anll has been to prod11ce a /rw.priml cleared ........ ... .. .. .. .. ..... 11, 510 bhds ...lj1, now the el ment-of f"alit:J.. b ente(ing i.nto the. competition Manufactured Tborcc.The market to rul e quiet and consequently the a c more particular in their pur: prices nominally unchanged. thiS week 2,400 hhds to chases of the .raw-material. This will probably in f ayor of St John!, P R at;td 1,ss6 nhds to n Received per Balti sound Ameri .can The chief compl:lints more and Ohio Railroad from Danvtlle 919 boxes, to cases, 119 made by -nufacturers are-oyqpnztng-,.and,tbe packillg of two caddies and So bundles, from Lynchbu rg 177 boxes, 8 caddies or thl'ee different qualities o( tobacco in the same hhd. -We re and 2 packages; per RichmonJ steamers 2,036 packages, .an>!Jlcr these to tile attention of stemmers apii puttef!l Norfolk steamers 93 do. up of d'ry leaf. We little in teeawtuiating the busi 4 ness of the past year or in attempting to indicate the future course CINCINN A Tl1 :JanuQry :>7.-Mr. J!'. A. Tobacco of the market. figures-which are given herewith wilf no doubt Inspector, rep911;s ,..The Jilarket fo,r .ft ispast. and we are compelled to say that while it is large in quantity, an A or .THE 1llfPORTS1 DELIVERIES, AND STOCXS FOll a large l?"rtion ofit 1 ha-te b -:l C()lor and te deman(l entuc Y .4 ..,...49 8 d Kel)tu c 1r Stornme ... ,834 u,545 fer genera!J f 8,643 L ,7o7 215 A the Miami Warehouse, !ZI,..hhds .and 130 boxes :-214 hhds 11,222 29,3611 26,543 cutting tobacco: 40 nltds Ohio at 1\$ 7.20 @ 17.25: 174 bhds Ken' Delt.,l!rlu, : tucky: 42 new .at3.4o@4.25; 13Zhhds at 4 2,/;jl1 7 00; 2l!mres Virginia Leaf .. 2,671 2,'{47 at 5.oo 5.:,S for common smokers to fine cutttng SRmrrutd ... 2 "75 1,564 2,645 Seed leaf: 49 cases O"'bil> at 219')@11!.25; 46 cases Indtana ":t 4 .oo K k L .r 6 86 =16: 33 t ases Missislippi i t 75 10. 50 for fillers, bmdet Y e ..,.. ... 7,4 8,112 w ntuclty .. 7,1lU 5,858 7,369 and wrappers I\{ y s, etc ...... ,161 Attbe Bodmann W a rehouse, ::108 hhdsalnl :-205 ..-.'4--,..!. cuttinll tobacco: 59 nltds Oh1o -at $6.3"@'.:!1.25; 146 hhds Ken. 18 747 tueky: 4s new at C)Sold at 5 40@17? comm n 6 ,825 7,_,., smokers to fine cuttinlli leaf. 2 hhds new West VugtJUa at Io. oo 8 1g bous new Virginia at 2.50r.iJ7o. 25 case Ohio 4 ,176 Seed: 7 at 215o@3 .90, 6 at 4 .ooSSo, 9 at 6.10@7S. 2 at 9f-10'ill J.I9S ...SOS 9.5o, 17 at to.ooI4 4 at 11].25.:t5. ....___ 187-5 2,J20 1,265 Atlhel'la,ntm' W-arehdllst, 19boxes :-;-185 hhds 20 486 8 }l Seed leaf : 6 at 2 at So Kentucky Leaf. ...... 6 874 1,437 9,op 648. Globe Warehouse, 146 hhds and 1 hox:-14 hli.da and JUntucky 5204 ll,911 14,197 t79f 1 box cutting tobacco; 42 llhds Ohio 104 hhds Marrlands, etc .. 18 4 1 li,OSI 1,567 hhds new at 1 bpx at 5 25, 86 old at 2"8',244 3'"' 27/039 JI,.SU for common smokers to fine cnttipg eaf. -Of the Delivencs during they"r 1876 tbere were : through a coal hole in the Brazil. ........... alley. After recovering !.is Bremen F British Australi. .. armel' gave Britih Guiau ....... 20 a ss8 -71 J,OS7 fl At the Morris Wareholtse, 99 hhds and 2 lloxes :-'-95 hhds and ,.. .2 boxes cutting tobacco: 2 hhds Ohio at $ta.S -...:, :-> ..,;, '03 .If 36."11 9 :ulilida new at 8o@l3S':""TI hhds at 4 19.25. ,:j J a i! alarm. An examination ,British Honduras .... of the .pla.ce showed a monBrit!sh N A. Col?nies .. keywrench, a cold chisel, a Bntlsh West Indtes .... hammer and some other .. 2 31 25 l 6 k fi 'i 4 hh"93 do. Ill Bristol, mon 7SOI'f RIV&I. .II.AILI.OAD.-Hirscb, Victorius &; Co., 48 cases; H. Welab, so do; Jos. H. Thompson & Co, 2 do; Chas. F. Tag & Son, 9 do; J, Falk &: Brother, 8 do; E. & G. Friend&: Co, 20 de; Joseph Mayer's Sou, :as do; M. Weatheim & Co., SJ do; Weiss, :Eller & Kaeppel, 11 do; L. Hamburger & Co., 3 do. Schroeder &: Bon, 2 do; Order, 7 do. By THE NATIONAL LllfL-P. Lorrillard & Co., 19 hbds; Jar vis & Co., 1 do; Sqoir-. "laylor & Co.. 9 ciO> D. J. Garth, So11 &: Co .. 6 do; T'--lloyt 1: Co., 6 do; Order, '9 do. BY NoTII arvaa BoATS.-Order. a blub, 41 casea. BY THE NEW YUI ,AM> Jlfaw IIA.Vatr STL\MSOAT Lnra.-E. M.Ctayford, 4t -.j I. Ilwlxla a: Sott 1 do; J. H. Berpann, 6 do; H. Welsh, 11 do; M. Weathela a: Co., .p ... A. H, Sco.-ille & Co., 24 dn; Wm. Inert 1: Co., M 1M; M. II. Lein, 14 do; Joseph Mayer's Sou, 4 do; X. Wo"-; 10 ciOJI...Waller, 1 do; C. H. Spitzner, 13 do; M. Abnlleia & Co., 1 llo; J1oMctt. SdMIIck 1: Earle, 1 do; Dam 1: Day, J. do; CU.. F. Tq a: lo11, r do, u bales. BY TH'II! NEW You ANDILuTJ'oall 1.1--J.edllca a: Schnitzer, s e.-; E. A 4 ._ w.. PIP" a eo 9; do; H. WUMnUII, f ... Jull 1: n 'llftt tnj J..._, ..... meyer & Schnakft. 3 do; Go daht. t do, lh THE PDIIIYLVAIII.l Rtn -...-J. I., Sw 1: e.,0 to cases leaf; 1: 4 J1,a 1: V1pN..; do; &. Jlossin, .. h; Oo .. ,li de; L. fl A,: ... as U; Frisc:ben, a.._ 1: lclnlb, I '-de; Dwf&lat i do Appleby 1: Hcblle, Ill c-tobeCeo, 10 trca aaul, 1 crate 4S hoganies, old stock, common, 1J@18c; do do good, t8@2Sc.,,do LONDON, jAuory 10.-M:essrs. Grant, Chambers & Co. re. do fine, 25c; do do extra, none offered; fancy wrappera.4ild port:-There bas been but little activity in our market during the stock, 45ra>6:x:; do smokers, old stock, past week, boyers are on tbe lookout for what they caa find of LOUISVILLE, 27.-Mr. Wm. J Lewers, Secretary of good qualities in the old imports o( American Tobacco suitable for the Tobacco Board of Trade, reports :-Receipts this week 900 home trade purposes, bot is little now to be bad. For export hhds nearly all of which wbicb wu new tobacco, a11d Cor immelittle baa been dbne. Wnter and Strip-In liM former light diate' aales. colored claues are in demand ; 'n stri p1 only a moderate bosmess 1NSHCTlOI'fS FOI. wuK, ETC. done. Yirrn.i L.f and &rips-have atttactecl b11t little attentiea Mtll!r. ...a fine rich are diflicllk4o procure. M.yi .. J and "'"'lt.nu11. Wfll. Ytr. The atock on sale beiag in colors is alow of sale. C...At/UI Gilbert's.... .. .. .. .. .. . .. .. .. 8 14 --comll!on grades remain unsalable. Pickett.... ... .. .. . .... .. .. .... .... 232 418 Mnsrs. J""" Stewart Oxley&: Co. report:-The steady demalld .Boone .... 88 174 for tobacco in the London market; reported In our rece11t circu y...,. .... .... .... ... .... ... 126 202 Iars, j;Ontinoed during December, and tbe -salea of the month, Kentucky Asaodati011.. . . 2az :&liS which rcachcli a full a.-erage comprised a geaeral asaortmem: Plant.era' .. .. .. . . .. .. .. .. .. rso 2 55 o( quantift suitable for home trad e. 0( tbue, the largest pr6-Looisville.. . .. .. .. .. .. .. . .. .. 177 279 portion probdtl:f coasisted ofCactory dried lea.t, chicfty MlsaOari. Nmth Street.... . .. .. .. .. .. .. no 348 while the ?(Western atrip1 -e pPI-ted 11J le"l'eral --parcel of V ugm1a growth, aelected for epmnlug pV)IGMI. For Year rl176 ............. .... ....... 1,095 rms the there was no inqoiry, but the alack of !liP" lea 1,003 3-326 bas been reduced..l>y the. shipmetat of350 bogabeadl to II:IJy. 0a Year 1.,5 .......................... ,. ... Year 1874 ....................... .. :. 7:z6 1,88a looking back 11pon the courte o( tile Engliab tobacco lade durinc 632 1,741. the past twelve moaths, we do not tld uy thina callilll ,_ apec:lal &.-fll ...-. ctc.,diYided as followa :-"-a..n-....... ..... .... ...... ... 14 24 ow................................. 711 336 As is o1 the ,_ IlliTe a larp proportloa Of Mpt 111 "'f !!l't ....... t, lito tte crops f persons wbo dit 11nt kaow, CK are to lake proper care of hat tbey bwe, comment. During the earlier part of the year, the fll saitable qaalitiea oa sale wu .. limited tllllmwtb after _.. bDiia-wu roltTicted to tile band p!IICII-lell1lired (W the aupply of lmtpediate conl1lJt!aPtioe, ucl it w M& -11 tile ..,. import was sampled _that :uy tiling llke ICtiwity prna!W. The tatter atate of J!Wap; u noted abeft1 lias __ _. tin tlte cl oC tile year, IMat u al'fj aow fairly ... ppliecl Cor tile a, periGd Q! IUctmty I'!'JWobable. <> l

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    THE TOBACCO LEA.:F. JAN. 31 'l'ooaccu ... Tobacco JOHN ANDERSON t CO. I!ANUI'"ACTURERS OF THit. m mm TOBACCOS :THOMAS HOYT & CO., NANUFACTURERS OF F 'J:NE-CUT. 114-nnd 116 LIBERTY STREET, NEW YORK ; Be: to dlf'ed the attention of the in "ftA.acco -througbo,. t the Unite<' States 8Dd :he World to> their CELEBRl!'ED SOLACE FINECUT TOBACCO, .... nlc.h 1!11 one:e mMe tmdrr the lm.m.cda.te superviaioa. of the oriiiuator, MR. JOHN ANDERSON, anti uow staads, u formerl,., wtthout a rinL Ordem 0 forwarde d through the usual cbaanola will meet with prompt attention. ___ LI_c_o_R_x_c_E_. ___ l JOHNO cATfus; LICORICE PASTE. w .A.Ua:te "' co. TOBACCO BROKER i 27 Pearl Street; Tobacco manufacturers and the trade in general are particularly requested to NEW YORK. examine and test the superior propert1es of this LICORICE, which, being now brought to the highest perfection is of. fered under the above style of brand. We are also SOLE AGENTS for the brand 1'. G. A G. 0 Acknowledged by consumers to be the best in the market. And for the brand of L i corice Stick l't'OBJ. de. 00., milS. E. PISCBER .-& BRO., Tobacco 131 WatsJP St., NEW YORK CH,ARLi:S F. osBORNE, CHEWING AND SMOKING de. Bl't 001'"1'.' J, F. FLACC & CO., u& .. ns FIRST sT., BROOKLYN, E. Doo all respects equal to CALABRIA. G. Maauracturero of the Celebrated Brands" Consumers and Jobbers would do ,.. ,.. B OUR CHEWING: B'A'.DOB'AL JIUGII'J!' OWJIX, llftaA G4VBJI'DISB, B'.&liO 4(1t, .. toO& PEARL liT., IIJCW TORX. well to apply direcL .._ Ou4CCO ,.olce1!1 Harvest, Surprise & Seaside F Lteerlee Root, hleet ... Ordbaary, eo Galazr, Iftllhctlllll l!ell,...ther, ataatly oa JaaDCI. -AD ft'1151Vl', NEVf voRK. "" f: J Geaenl PartDen. Zw.Loc&wooD, Bays ant BliJactBt, LouCUL WILLIAM BUCHANAN, DAVID C. LYALLl BUCHANAN & : Oft.Lca :-84 :Broad. St.; :Wa'W Tor&.-. o. BOX un. Factor7:-No. Sl FIRST DISTRICT, SOUTH BROOKLYN. MANU ACTURERS OF THE FOLLOWING CELEJIR.&TED BR.&:NDS OF PLUG, CHEWING aad SI[OKING TOE.ACCQS_ ACME. 8MOKINC AND CICAIIETTE TOBACCO. VlllOiliiA. BJUQHT lli!T ClA. VEIIDIIHo 'W0a%.ll'S "6'.Am. Al'lJ :B."C':BT. Branch Office: Central Street, Boston .. 7. o. IIOX ee&. JL !L TODD, !aet. AIID .&a .. cnr B .OODWIN & CO .G.W. &,. Ax, Or THE MANUI'A.CTURE OP I BALTIMORE, \IU. -AT-1121 BOWERY, NEW YORK. 207 &J 209 WATER STREET, NEW YORK, EdltRiila I' co., D. B. .!q!LPIN & 00. "1100. 48 lEW man, M oufacturenoftoe SOLE AGENTS FOR THE r;. S. Or a lliE..C:11'1' lpian Tobaa:o Yir[il Bavy ChewinL OOIP !&NIB LAPERD Awl all kiD4s of .MOKINC TOBACCO, XEW TOBK. p, 0. Bos ,U.. Aad dealen Ia R C!pn, 1'hll 'l'olllcCO, !llld, Bud Flour,. tto. .Mas. a. a. MILLE a co.,.. :MANUFACTo'RY AND SALESROOM, 's cc o ANUP J.CfOBY COR. A.VENIIE D A.JID TICIITH ITREET, V A t NEW YORK CITY. [PETEI!I. -.) 97 Columbia Street, e NEW VAHVPAc:-ru-& o "ftt&o. cal.&IJRA TtD i j[n. G. B."Miller &: Co. Chewing and Smoldn& Tobacco, the only Genui ne American Gentle -n Snuff Mrs. G.B. M1ller & Co. Maccaboy .THE CElEBRATED and Scotch Snulf; A H. Mickle & Sons' Jloe and Grapo Tosacco; .Mrs .. G. B. M1lle_ r lc Co Reserve Smoking and Chewtng IT An onl:ln pro .. ptly executed. !..OIBID.&. TGB.&.OOO WOBXS ::a:;;.& JIAlWI'.&.CTOR.Y. I ORIGINAL GRHEN' SEAL," AND OTHER CHOICE BRANDS 0.-)I'ElmSO!L\tJK SKOXING TOBACCOS CUT FROM VIRGINIA PLUG. W. C. mom', Sole K&miracturer, 'l'to PIIIIE IITRBET, IIIEW TORK. .. -:._ r tpsu .. J[A]!roW .6.Cl'1"VBZa '-llll-CUT CBIWIIG. GREAT CENTRAL TOBlCCO WAREHOUSE. AIIUIUAU, WIWS I CO 29 t 31 'W!.U.Im street Smi-,..; .... uco111cE PAJTE AND STICKa. TOB.A.COO BROKERS, a ... w ... ... w ... IITEJI&T ES'RU., P ... BABA.ClClO .unt PICI1I DE B.OIIA. E:iroii:LSIO& JIJLL8 ..... VOIU'II'III ....... POWDERED LJOOIUCIII, OllK A.BA.BJ(i, OLIVEOIL, 'I'OIQ.I!A. BE:&JIS, And a'l SoeCialtiea for T ooa.cco Manufacturers. -A. llHAOJL fOB!CCO BBOIB. No. 129 Maiden Lane, Patent Powdered Licorice. ru VER & STIBRY. Importers NEW YO IlK. :WO. 24 STREET. : POWDERED IXL I OWDE'RED SPA.lVISB LICOBICll. PASTI "PILAB" BRAND. ,,_ 'W'e ... to caD-atteatlou ol To'-:ct1 Maae!ac-all MAilfrY. 200 CHATHAMJ JnaWTOEZ 5. 7, & 9 BOYER ST., NEW YOkK. UPTE8ROVE &&EDNEY, SPAIISB"' CIDAB I'OR. CIGAR. BOXES, A[t'sforOstrnm's NailiniMachine. All Xlnd o Cljiar 1\lbheno. Londres Yellow, 3i 7cls, $1.30 C&b&uts, 73 1.10 73 l. 70 :BrOad Bw 71, 72 1.66 Flpro, -" 711 U6 And otllera at proportional prices. Fool lOIII I Ulh St., East Blttr, JrEW: YOBK. A. HEN & CO. 43 LibertY Street, OIIP"Ite PHt Oflloe, lKPQ:B. '%'lC:aS 0., SKOKZR 8 .A:B.TXOT""8, DEAURS ... l"OBACCO, 8ECAR8, SNUFFS, &c. %l'II"OO::R.POlRA.TB :A.*. ill. :taea. u$J& i 80. 2L LmD, htL BvtmfESS Ort"'CD 25 Lake street, 'bhicaao. WILLIAM WIOKE & CO.t Cig-a.r-Box Manufacturers," 153 fo 161 BOERCK ST., lEW YORK.' -o--PRICE LIST -oF-SRanish, American & German CICAR RIBBONS Broad Yellow 6 Broad, Ex., Broad Yello.w 6-8 No.1, Broad Yellow 5-8 2, Broad Yenow 5-8 3 :B!'O&d Bed 5-S .. i :Broad le4 5-8 .. a, Broad w 6-8 .. 3 Eapautla 6 8 1' Esilancl& 5 a' lspancla 5-S 3: IT arrow Bed i-8 1, Narrow Bed i-8 ; Narrow lecl H 3 !Tarrcnr Ytllow i-8 )Tumr Ylllo'tr i-1 1, )Tarrcnr Tlllo'tr u $. LoDn TtDGW .,., 1, Loudftl TtDow 'T-1 t Lou41'tl Ttllo1r 13-Jt : f. L=ntJf: s.i ., Ei ==rrr :t .... ih fl11';tt!Jiw N lbtra Cat $2.00 l.BG 1.66 li6 uo L76 U6 1.10 L'I& UG uo 1.10 U6 1.05 tt& I .. WARRANTED PURE TIN, J'OI WU1'l'lW CIUII 8114 CII'I'1."1'111, u4 :r.IWTI C1IUI JODI. wtnEMAIIN IROTHEII, New York; 18 GBII'TB..&J:. 'WBABI", B08IJ.IOK: North Wa.te2r St., PhUaclalpb.ia., Pa; MANUFACTURERS OF 'nm W .ELL.KNOWN "FRUIT CAKE," And numerous other CELEBRATED :BRANDS of AGGO. A WAJU>ED H! BEST MEDA.UI FO l't'o. N Ghamben Street; N'o-vv T"ork.. PLUG < AND SMOKYMG 'toBACCO AND OIGAIS, LICBTIISTIII BROS llavana. S"ues, Cheroots. ilf"l216 DUllE STREET, lEW YORK. Xanufacturer o( the followtnr Braada of Killick.iDick l'ricle of the 11. S., :Sue :Ball, Wl.llohester:_'A Virginia Leaf, lro111, Chec1an :Be...., laPrab awnock. P..,.CKERS AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCOS, 121 BOWERY 121 Grand and Beater SU., JrEWYOBito HIOHII:IT A. w A.RDIIII & c HIGHBI_ T :A. w ARDII 1. BusdauEzh1b1Uouf J. A. Lukamn o., 3. IndustrY i. Ceutemdal Ezh1'oit1_on I. Vieuna l:zhibit1111, Sole Aaeots lo AU America for tbe Emioent Firm of l'hlla4ell)hla, 1876. .. 1873. SAATd.BY a DIANGOUBY, IIISSIO &I&Aiffii grffBmB TDBA&&l THEFIIESTIRTHEWQRLD. OFFICE: 53 BRO,Al)WAY, NEW YORK. JtSTA.BLISHED IMI. K. C. BARKER & Maoafactoron ol the Celcbratecl < FINE-CUT AllEIUCAlt EAGLE" AlfD 2 t .., .AJ.o aM other'p4co of I ind auir4:!nr 'l'obaecOI, J"l DETROIT, IIICJL Aside fro m oad:ln1< our "AMEIUCAM EAGLE ao.J "CLIPPER" lo the 1n. 40 and we akpo put both of thu.e jZ't'ade. op rrt l.;ely ia ll'fa OuNCIIt Tnr FoiL .PAcU'tM, to.;.tl anti -" Gro!l e bnxe!'l. lAaol _......aio tbe JGIIobiac'\l"de. OF J. BASCH a CO., at 135 lrDrlli-C'C'T TO:BACCO, tiOIII& T Bit 0 D SIIJf. 011co; l6,1B & &o Bt., N01 Y ort &KPLOT ll,OOO H Dllo P.&ll' U. llo QCAIIIB.II '!'Ill. 'I"JIA.R. "'VI EN ... Au.etrla. .. -'.. .... -. ..:. .. : :... .u. ... VuRA.Po ... I.:. l:tA SE .ED .... LEAF.... ". VAl UIDOD &: CO., A G so l83 WATER .;J NEW I&IWATUST., IEWYOII. r C..h Adnc:ed 011 Ceael11>.,ep1L LIBERAL ADVANCEMENTS :MM>E ON CONSIGNMENTS. ". .) .... ., Chatham Street,. New York


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