The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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VOL. XIII.--NO. 15. (EITABLIIHED 186 ) IS PUBLiSHED IVIB.Y WI:DNilSD.A.! KOB.NING, BY 11rhc Tobacco Leaf" Pnbllshin[ Co., Fulton St., New York. EDWARD BURKE --------Editor JOHN G. GRAFF -Business Manager uAll Letten should be plainly addreued .. T ToaAcco L&Ar" PuausHJHG Co. I Terms of the Paper: SIIIGLB COI'lltSoo o a '" oaoa .,. 10 Cent&, .:::.:::..::..::a::: .::..:. U"' Renlember that the cost to tbe or monthly BUbKriber is LB.SS THAN EIGHT C&NTS WEEK, ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS ABROAD. GRI:AT BRITAIN ANW ::A.NADA .,.,fS 8UIII:N1 HANI!Uf' Ecgert Wm. &r Co., 111 Pearl. F. 13 Av l'os:. Dills & Co lf!l Water. Friend E. & G. 1: Co., U9 Matden Lane Gardiner.}. M. 84 Front. Garth D. ., Son & Co., Eroad. GuKrt j. L. & Bro., 16o Water. Gershel L. & Bro., 191 Pearl. Hamburger{. & Co., 11\I Water. Hawes, s., 119 Maiden Lane. Herbst Brothers, 1t13 Water. Htllmah G. W .. So Front. Koemg H. 319 Bowerr ..... & Uo., J6o Yearl. Lachenbruoh & B .. o., 164 WatC1' Lam.J tj.e 122 & FiBcbel. 113 Pearl Levin M. H., a61 Pearl. Lichtenstein Bros. 1 u Bowery Maitland Robert L. & Co., 43 Martin & ]obnson, 79 Front Meyer A. C. L & 0., 41 .Beave r Nash G. P. 48 Broad. Neuburger & Stciueckc, 131 Maiden Lane Oatman Alva, 166 Water. Ottinger llrothers 48 Broad St. @wen Frank E. 3q Broad Price W m. M.. 110 Maiden Lane. P. & Co. 39 llroad. \telsuann. G a88 t'ea:rl. Sawyer, \Vallz.ce & Co.,"7Hroad. Schmitt J. 16:1 W01ter. Bchoverling H. 142 \Vat-er. Schroeder .,s Water. Schroeder & Koch, 146 Pearl. Sdtubart H.,& Co .. 146 'Vater Scoville A. H. & Co., 170 Water. E. 6 Co., c 3urllng Slip. <..:. H. uS Water Squires, Taylor & Co., "5 Broad Stnlton & Stom., & t8e Poul. Strobn & Reitzensteio, 176 Sutton, John R., Canal Tag, ChariP.:I F. fl Son, ,g, Fr"nt Tatgen'h orst, !'. W. & C o. 68 Broad. ThoiDpJon, S && Co., !14 &nd Broad Upmano, Cart, ul f'earl. Van Raar,do!'lr &r Co. 165 Water "Foiaut> Bakrs for Export. Guthrie &: CP Front. L..aj Tobacco /Ywtating. PhWJM C. s. 188 Pearl Little Tbomas G. 191 .. l. M1WIM"t6. Jteyoea Brotben & Co., 4.6 & 48 Eaclaaar Plac Buy,,. t>j Tt>Ntu. Reuena G. 55 Broad. Tobt:A llroMr1 Cattu Joba, u7 Pearl. Ji'\acber Cbu. Ea" Bro., 131 Watw Fre4erick, 41 Broacl IUnnl.cUtt & Bill, Broad. Oaborne. cnan .. 7., 54 Broaol Rader M. & Son, so Beaver Shack A., ug Matdea Laue. of Smo!eing and Chewing To...;,., A.ndenon Johu & Co. ""'' 116 aDd 117l..dbeny. Appleby A Hetme, 133 Water. Bochanan A: Lyall, 54 Broad. Bacl&ncr D. a13 and s Duane Good,.-tn 4i Oo. 107 Water Ho,-t TbOIDM a eo;, 4D4 Pearl Kinney Bro!t, 141 West Broadway Lorillard P. & Co., 16, 18 & to Chambers. )(cA.lpln D. H. & Co. cor. A...,,.. D uti Teoth: Miller M n. G. B. A: Co. 97 Columbia Pioneer Tobacco c.;o111pany, 12" Water Jlflllll for C/uVJi11g atui s.-Goc T..._, 11<. Allen & Co., 173 and.175 C,hambera. tten A. & Ce. L\bett'Y W1a A I:Sendheim, us Bowery /JhnfMtortrl of Boadl Charlea. SJ Bowery Glaccum. &: Sdaloaaef', IS lUrinaton H..rtooro J. A., u !lowery Hellbrouer &. ]oseuhs, 634 to 6-to E. Sixteenth Htnchhorn L. & Water Jacob7 S. & Co., """ l.:h&Uoam Sq. II 5 & 7 Doyer. k.a.uflllaP lirOIJ. & &ndy, 119 &: 151 Grand ttert. Spieu, JOlt. to aoiO Second Ave., and 310 to 314 Levy Bros. us & 117 Broome Lichtenstein .A. & Bro. 34 & 3X Bowery Llchtenstei.n B1o. & Co. a68 Bowery. Mendel M.. W. 45 Bro, Bowery Rokoh\ Bros. & Pearl Beldooberg It Co. S. and 86 Reade Badtll K. ,a.. 1 Howery Smith M. M. 42 Vesey t;tacllel\oerg M. A: Co. 9 and 94 Liberty lttaltou & t;term, 178 and 18o Pearl 8utro 41 Newmark, 76 Park Place f Fi111 Bll9 .. Cit Bonnett Scbeuc'k & Eule, 53 til s7 Park Place Foster.. HilliOn & Co. 71 .k 7q, \_;h.amben. Saucbea, liaya & Co., 130, 132 &:: tJ.t J.l .Laue. p.rterl of Han TobMet tznd Ciga" A!ml.rall J. J. 16 Cedar Garda f.167 Water Gonaalea A 16-r Water Messenger T. H. & Ma\den Lane rucul L. as6 -wa-:et Hay a k Co.. i'J to 134 Maiden Lalle. A. tl. & Co. 170 Water Seidenberg & Co. 84 and 86 Reade llolotDOD M ., &II Maiden Ve& a: Beroa.eim, tl7 Pearl Vi' ell & Co. 65 J:'ioe Walter frledlnan & Frelle, lOS Peart We.._ Eller & KH'PI!"l! Prl. 'l bor V. Martine&&. Co. /44nufact,."n of KIY Wit arul ll'"''" fl S.. o.,. ..... Do Bon Frecl'k A: Co 41 Ill 4J W" McFall & Lawson, 3l M\11Ti.J Seidenberg & Co., 84 aod 86 Reade DeJtH ;M "Flor tUI S11r'' Cziwn. A lee& George, Water / .. J Amlm Goods. Weis Carl, 398 Grand 1- f CJr p.,.,, BaUer H. & Brot ht:r. 1'1 Water Buehl& & Polhaus, 83 Chambers Demuth WID-& Co... Broadway r:.-.PhE'l J. & Co .. 129 Ma1den Lane litu A. & Co. 43 LiLerty. GUrold, Sherman e Innl..s, 120 Wmiam. Arguimba.u, Wallis & l:o .. 29 A:JI S. WUiiaaa James U., 55 Water Weaver & Sterry. Cedar. Zuric.aldaJr & Arguimbau, Pe&rJ .41-ie'la. HH lier's R. Son!' & Co. 6o Cedar. ScbieffeHo W. H. dCo Co., 170 and. 173 M41Ut/4Ct"nr.s / P,.J4,trvtl Lien-/a BrinkerholfV. W. -47 Crdar l:liUier's lt. S0tu1 & Co., 6o Cedar. V. eaver &: Ceo ... Sud L..a} l 1o61uco S#lp9 South G"f lioJd W. A. Soutn. Gunther, L. W. g South Gay Kerckhoff & Co.. "9 8011th OhariM .. K.remelberg, J. D, and Co. Mallory D. D.; E .E.. Wen(lk: Mana&'er i 46 and 48 South. Charres. Merfeld & Kemper, 117 Lombard Parlett B. F. & Co., 9> Lombard. Schroeder J 08. &: Ca.. St Place. Tate. Muller Co 69 Exchange Place Wiachmeyer Ed. & Go., 3g South et(. FelgRer F. W. & Son, 90 South Charles Marburg Brothers, 145 to 149 S. Obar1M St. Wilkens H. & Co., 181 West .Pratt. Ptatenl Stem Ro/Ur. K.erci.b qff G. & Co., 149 South Cbarlea. 'BOSTOR. Oo,.,iSiio" Holyoke 0. 0., u Central Wharf. Dtalers "' Ha-vana tmd Ltaj To ba:co and Cirars. Davenport .._ Legg, 59 Broad. Dell's in ail Kinds of Ltaj Tobacco. Bemis Emery, 3l Central WhaPf, Smoli11g Tbauo ond Ozars Raddin, .F' L & j. A., 136 Hanover. BREMEN,_ Germ.AB;ro Tobttcco CammusJO. Mero/iants. Fallenstein & Son. BRIDGEPORT. CONN. Padurs J &d Leaf ToiJacco. Hawes. E. V. &: 6 Water. BROOKLYN, N. T. Plug Tobtltc Macllinuy. Tuba1 Cain ]ron Works, U? to 131 Water Ma.xfac/urerl II/ aNi SmDkiNr Flagg John F. & Co., 176 and 178 Firat. CHICAGO, ID. WAoluale D1aln-1 ;,. Sud U11/ ""d .H atl4'f.l'l 1'oba.. eo. Subert B. 14 N. Canal .o,.; ,,. in Leaf Cizr. M D/ C'r,.s U Dllliw ;,. THMe C. F., 187 Clark. D111ltn i Lf Toluzceo. Sandlaagen Bros., 17 West Raaci.Lolph. &Uufaaurers of Fin' Cut Cllevinz i .S.-'iDg, .,J Dealerl ;,. !Ja/ Toh4CtA. Beck & Fddkamp, JJ aucl14 Water. CINOINKATI. ;. Havana and Domuhc Besudeu Henn. 98 West Second Kalla7 R. Ill. Brotbcr, us 'W""'tt l''root. Deain-1 in Spa,ih a"d Cigar Tobacco. lrleyer Hy.& Co., 46 Front. W a.nkelman F .. & t.o. f'roo' L lchteubeatco. Carroll Jobn W. Tobaeco Uomm;uion Merchant, Nowlins B H. & G. H. MIAMISBURG, 0. Dc:Jier t"n Leaf Tcbacro. Schoberth, H. C .NEWARK_,_ N.J. oampbell, Lat,e & Co., 484 NEW ORLEAN'!. La. TobtlccO Ftz.ttors and CtJmmissien MtrcU"" Gunther & Stevenson, t6a Common Kremelberl'; Schaefer and Co., 186 Common. ApnO for Pertgue Tobacco "lUi Cirarettu. Brooks Win. I. 8:Jliravit!:r p .. Clark 14. H. "Bro. lloper, LeRoy & Bona. oj Pt'ur n..d S11et:HUHK TtJOac,o a"-d in Venable S. W. & Co. PHil ADELPHIA. TobMtfJ A nathan, M. & Co. uo North Third Bambt"rxer L. &: Co 111 Arch Bremer Lewi, Sons, 3.2 Rorth '1'blrd. Courtneyla.mes A. 53 North Front, Dohan tk 'Ia1tt, 107 Arch. Dunn T. J. &. Co., 1sth and Vine. I "r:isentohr Wm. de. Co., us South Water Loeb JOseph, 61 North Front McVoJweU M. .E: & Uo 39 North Water. Moore & Ha v, 35 North W ater San' J. Biualdu .& Co., )2 North Water. So"er, Oook & Co., 1c5 North Water Steiner, Smith Bro. & Knecht, S .llace.. Teller l:Srothers, 117 North Third. Vetterleln J. & Co 13S Arch. Wartman M. & Son, 13 Not-th Fifth. Wells A. J ., Third aod Girilrd Ave. Woodward, Garrett &r. Co., 33 North Water Imp. of Hav. Tob. ad and Dalu s,rJ ullf. Cc-stas j. 131 Walnut Jrianttjacturrs of 1'/ug Tobacco. Miller, M.eJrf"a.W & Co. Carter of Snuff nd Smoking baccos. Wallace Jue. 666--671 North EleYentb Mif"''M"" of Ciz" Batchelor BrOti., 8o8 Market Hildebrand &: Klingenberg, 37 North Seventh Knecht, Smith & Co, 131 :North Third. St. Ludy ]no. J. 5.23 &. l:.s ::). :Joth. Theobald A. H Tb rd an d PopJir. Wells A J l'hird and Girard Ave. 'Onited St;.tes Cigar Manufactory, tStb & Vloe. Fougt!ray A. R. 33 N. Frout The annexed communication reached I day> ago, but the pressure' or other importa matter upon Our columns precluded formal notice of it ntil now. It was signed with the full name of a pra ing attorney in .this city ; though our 'mem:>ry fails to rec:all the of the writer. We are not certain that was in87 Liberty. RICHMOND Va. CQ,,.iuW Wise Jamet M & 1'7 Tbtrteenth, LMf 1owco IJ,. ... ,.,. Dibrell Wm. E., I flo Cart MillaR. A. Dlr s ill Licoria Paste ana Mjd To6acto Wright J. & Co. 1 Tobacco Es:chana-e ROCHERTER.N.'Y. MaMfactrPNI of Tob..-co. Whalen R. & T., lS:a State. SPRINGFIELD. x ..... Smith H. & Son so Hampdoll STOCKPORT, ENG. J Manuf. of Pat.-t ,'.:fachirury for Roll, Spn 011-d Tw,.s: J. E. H. ST, LOUIS, Mo. TQbccQ Warehouus. MllufiJCI"" of Fin-Cut Cltewi"f ena Smokmg TohtJUt>. ; Speece Bros. Co., 54 anci 54 Bait Tlurd. Toha lkoikrJ. l)nhrman'Da F. w .. r:nr n. f'l. ViDft and FJoot }lorri W. G. 87 W. Froat Msnu/a&lu'"l 11/ Cz_pt'l a11ti .D.a/#1 111 Leaf 1'obacco. Dormltzer C, &: R & Co., U 3 Market. Tobaeco c(I,.INIUi011 Mer(/rantl. Belvin & Co., '10 North Second Ber D{ Leaf TtJOa&&l), Ladd W. M., :13 North Main DeBARY & 41 cl: 43 W'&rren Street, New York, ACENTS FQR THE PRI -NCIPE DE CALES ""'\V'ES'1" OIGARS, ArfD THE CO:J.c:.&d CIGAR FACTORY OF NEW YORK. OF THE"1 I 1 LA. ROSA' ESPAROLI FliSs cl co:; UANt1F ACTt1RE:RS of CICABS, AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOE.A.:CCO.., 161, 163 & 165 WEST THIRD. ST., CINCINNATI, 0. Fifty per Cent. of Material Saved IN THE MANUFACTURE OF ; N"o N"o P1a:n.i.:n.g! THE ENTIRE LOG CUT INTO CIGAR-BOX LUMBER 1 CUT. DRIED AND READY FOR USE IN THE SAME DA. Y THE MOST IIUPO!\TAN"J.' INVEN 'ION EVEll IJROUGIIT TO THE AT'l'ENTION OF CIGAR-BOX MAKERS. LARGE DEALERS ARE INVITED 1.'0 EXAMINE OUIL lllACIILNES IN UPEU.ATION. GEO. W. READ & CO ... 186 to 200 LEWIS ST., foot Fifth and Slxt11 Strut, E. R., NEW YORK. 1107 STEAM BllND SAW AND BOAR'O G. BILLMAN COIIMISSIOR MERCBAIT IR MAIUFACTURID TOBACCO, SO Front; &tireet;, York.. Plug and Smoking Tobaccos from Virginia & North Carolina Factories .. The Celebrated Diamond Colden Cut ca,endlah Smoking Tobacco. SOLE IMPORTERS, 65 Ne-w McF!Lt & LAWSON, 33 STREE'1"', N. York!! MANUFACTURERS OF THE ''EL CLUB DE YATE'' KEY HAVANA WEISS, ELLER & KAEP.PEL, BRAND '' TOB l CC D. 220 Pearl New York. DIRIGO CIGAR FACTORY. -"'ufmauA iho Bondy, 129 and 131 Grand .... t,u. of Briar Pipes tl lJIO'''" V .At-tid,. Krohna Felss & Co., 161 165 ,y, Third, cor. Elm _L.o.mtbat S -&: Oo 1 so West F'our tb., Tietig H. & Bro., liS W. Fifth Tobacco B'aynesJ. E., 27 Second TOLEDO, 01:160. The frequent losses by defaulting debtors,. to which tradesmen engaged in the various branchrs of the tobacco trade are now subject, renders the inquiry perti nent, Is there not some way of diminishing their number? Just' how to devise a plan 10 effect this pur pose is not easy to determine. Yet that it is possible to do something by concerted action in the malter that would be helpful, if not wholly restraining, to us a proposition about which there cau be very litt le .doubt or of opinion. Under the system now in vogue of making offers of compromise after failure, and the readiness with which such offers are accepted by distrustful and discouraged creditors, a great deal of rascality is believed to be perpetrated, a large portion of the money lost through debtors bei11g mis appropriated, not to cali it by a harsher term, by means of the facilities thus afforded. It is a conceded fact that there are persons who go into bustress for the express purpose of cheating those who may be induced to trust them, as well as persons who set out with tl1e intention of cheating their creditors in case they are not successful in their liusiness ventures. Compcomises made with either of these classes of debtors are, in nine cases out of ten, (Jnly precursors of others to follow. They constitute a part of their capital and stock in trade for r esuming operations ami continuing them For the existence of these swindlers tradesmen them selves are mai:1 l y respon&ible, in that they allow them credit with .out reasonable security, and when they fap permit them and their coadjutors to dictate and arrange the terms of compromise with little or no investig:nion uf the circumstances connected with their assignments. We are ful l y aware how difficult it is 'lO prove that sixty or seventy per c ent. of the total indebtedness in fraudu lent f ailu res is not, as is alleged, to relatives and '' best friends," but we are of the opinion, at the same time, that there is scarcely an instance of pretended ness and fraudulent transfer that could not be demonstrated to be such if creditors were as energetic in the pursuit ol the f1:1ll amount of thei r claims as they might be. The trumped-up stories tbat reek with dishonesty 0.. Boehler & Polh-aus, 83 Chamber. Oemuth. WJP &: t::o., Harvt:y & Ford, 36S aud 3 6 7 (..:anal. Hen A. & Co. 43 Liberty, K.a.utmaon OJ Bondr, 119 and 131 Gran4 R.tjall & Becker, 99 Chambers. Iporllrl f LiO"UI P..u Msado N. R. 14 Broadway. Wei.l, Ka.hrt & Co., 134 Moun. Shel Mtal CigAr Mo11!ds. Dubrul NaptJieon & Co 441 and 443 Plum LeaJ Tobact!tl bujectUm. Pra&ue F. A. 92 W. Front Cirar-BD.z B. & Brother, 93 Clay Ma,.ufclrtr r o.f Cluuinr Swuki"l' Messiager, Charles R. WESTFIELD. M.PacUrt arui U. Sud L,., T_,.,. John c. IANUPACTUBEBS OP PINE CI&ABS, FRANK McCOY. ) 101 :SOWOEJEI..Y, N"E"V'V" YOB.:K.. [EDWARD T. McCOY. ...


Y. THE TOBACCO 1.. E A F. from whatever p o m t they are vte\\ e d, wh1c h the clas s es of debtors to whom reference 1s made are accustomed to tell cunfidong cred1tors, should recetve no coostdera tJOn from tr adesmen when terms of settlement are pro.. fered or otherwtse. et 1bem b e probed to th e bottom, and when tnetrla sity-ts proved; let their authors, one and all be'i'egally purs{ d as remorselessly as though they 'e thleve,s {hi' done fatlures a v+ew to gam ou)d probably be 'even of rare' occurrence. CoRRECliDN -We recetved-a letter from favored the conttnaa'nce of the Thrd Dtstrict as we are reqlll rettlcts in the State of New York. PhJla pended? rapngs" They state that they haye ample men assembl'ed to recetve htm by Mr B delphta has, 1v1tlun 300 tl'l numb6r, as many cigar manu cap1tal to CNry _9n thetr and that at au,ctiOI) who, at tlte request of t_he dtstmgms _lle.d vts.tor;'ilfter a few facturers as the ctty of New York has, and yet Phtla thev would be worth double t etr investll"\ent. hey observations of a so_,!;lalr;WacTer, gaveexpressiOn to delohta, wtth somt! adjotntng counties, composes the have never been r fused credt and bave nevef h a h1s personal 1flews-respectmg the proposed changes to Ftrst Dtstricl of Pennsylvnma. Chtcago, Wlth the whole note protested. 1 be made m the of Cook County, co)'llposes one d1stnct ; they have a Traaesmcn Gf everydass should form mto assoc1at1ons for mutual protectlo agamst the OlJerauons of fraudulent debtors, whether'by assignment, proceed lings m bankruptcy-voluntary or forced-sales and transfers of property or merchandise, or abscondmg. If ;afsoctated effort has been heretofore advantageous 1n a..,.ehoratmcr the condition of the toba'CC(;" mterest, as legts\a tQn t!Jere IS 're son to beheve it would be equally effecuve, if w1sely dtrected, .in stemmmg the ude of rascaltty so long flowmg .almost n nterruptecUy t the country as a -conseqqe ct-of the ease with whtch credtts are ob tamed and settleQJents made by people 'Who never deserved cre'att m t e first place, and who havmg secured 1t, m the second place, should tit v be en t -rne4tt '1. easure of precauhon There is nfortunat ly, a gr at lucian e on the part of as a rule, to have thetr pecuntary, misfor tunes made pubhc, andthe full extent oft e-losses re sultmg from fatlures of one kmd and another 1s, there fore, only a matteto rof conJecture, but the aggregate amount represents annua many illioQs. In the language of Colonel Sellers, "There are mtlho s i'\-Jt." It ts qmte ttme that outraged creditors ) diveste (hem selves of eir SCIJIIJ es aoi:l entered at on.ce upon th_e work f trymg to e:x.term1ea e the rogues who are datly and ourlv robbmg them of the1r possessions. We suggest tbts urposer that they combme together under thetr especti-ve'busi ess or classifi cations and a sume the-duty 5bat has dilvolved upon them of trying to protect tlletr property. :As it mtght be 1m practicable to UOI under one orgamzat!On the sepa ate branches of he 'tob,cc t nter st for this object, each branch sh'ould have n orgamzation of 1ts own, and tts accredtted representattves wtth he other branches 111 cases callmg for unued par t1c1p;ywn, whereo there are tradesmen bemg known whose busmess embraces credlls of merchani\se and money m all departments of the tobacco industry .These orgamzatwns estabhshed, mode of procedure mutually satisfactory could be arranged whereby every failure of 1rnportance, and of whatever kmd, could be subjected to a thorough mvestigatton Ctgar manufacturers and dealers m ctgar leaf tobacco have been heavy sufferers by defaulting patrons within the past two vr three years, and the members of these trades would1 unquestH>nably, gam largely m fut?re by havmg thetr credtt clatms settled bv the atd of assocta tJOns workmg m thetr 1ntt!rests If, for mstance the leadmg ctg a r manufacturers of thts ctty should agree to act m umo n m all cases uffectihg themselves of fa1lures compromtses a nd f r auds, tt 1s obvwus that the mterests of each mOly 1dual1s ltkely to be much better subserved than by each mdtvtdual actmg for htmself. TillS fac t I S especially obvtous m compromiSes or compostttons where debtors with a few of thetr real or mercenary fnends have it m th e tr power to force r e luc tant cred1 t o r s into the acceptance of terms that are abhorrent to them, and wluch mvanably leave them wttn the mpr,SSIO!J that some creditors have secured more than o ther s If they fmthermore agree to release no debtor from ht s obhgat10ns unttl 1f has been conclusively shown by a cnucal exammallon of all the ctrcumstances that the terms offered or procurable are the bes t attamable that they wtll prosecute vtgorously and relentlessly all a t e npts at fraud, ch1cane r deception; that they wtll THE INDIAN ToBACCO AwARD.-Messrs. Buchanan .& Lyall are reported to be the successful bidders for furmshing the fifty thousand pounds of plug tobacco requtred by the Government for the use th1s year of Its .I nd1an wards. t No FURTHER O.,;LAY.-The expedtent of employmg .small type for a portton of our paper havmg fatled to .afford the neces,ary space to accommodate our con :stantly increasmg adverusmg patronage, we are at last reluct'lotly compelled to Increase the stze of It Number o-the neJLt succeedmg tssue-wlll sholf ,an appre ctable and, we thmk, attracuve enlnrgement of LEAF. PLEASANT MENT ON ...,.. Atnong busmess men Loutsv1lle pleasantly referred to by Mr. Graff m h1s recent correspondence thence IS our old New ork acquamfance, C. C Mengel, who has taken up hts re;t dence, as our readers know,1u that ctty, and ts achtevmg deserved success m the ,ftlanufacture of plug obacco. Hts Prog ess 1 bfand has an excellent reputauon at home and elsewhere. v JtEMARKS oF MR LICHTENSTEIN. large number of ctgar, and, as you may know, l'red'k c.,Lmde & eo give "'otlce I wtll say, Mr CommiSSIOner, m the name of these collect considerably more than all the four diStriCtS of to the trade thar storage on Seed leaf tooacco_ m theu gentlemen as well as for myself, that tbts ma:tter of the ctty of New York The ctty of St. Louis, wnh St warehouses after May 1 wtll be 15 cents a month per consol1dat1on ts one of great 1mporta!tce to us, and tl at Louts County, composes the Fnst D s tnct of Mtssoun, case, certtficates for each-case. Stored 111 bulk, no tf the consolulauon 1s made, 1t should be made m such a they have about 6oo,ooo people tn that dtstnct, and the ce ruficates, q}6 cenls a month per case All certtfi manner that tt would not entatl a great lass 11pon the mterests there are very lliverstfied, yet, so far, thetr cates prior to, date can, by paymg up accrued manufacture rs, as I fear tt would 1f certam plans are busmess has been conducted wtthout any senous dtffi storage, be changed to those of present date at the re camed out, whtch I am mformed are contemplated. culty The Ctty of Cmcmnatt and Hamilton County duced rate -Adv / s-3 t If thts c1ty is made one d1stnct, tis conformatiOn 1s compose the Fust Dtstnct of Ohw; they have, perhaps, such, and the consequent__locatwn of the c1gar manufac 6oo,ooo peoJ?le, or more, n that dtstnct=-I mtgbt say P: LORILLARD SALESROOM _::qusJlr turersis that no mattfr where the central office 8oo,ooo tn addwo.n to the dts!llh:tg, retifymg aud opened thetr new salesroo 1 at 114 Water Stre 'et n may be placed it woufd cause a heavy foss upon the hrewmg mterest they have a large tobacco interest So Saturday last For several \.eeks arttsans have oeet' ctgar manufacturers m the way of time m going to and you wul see that all the other gre-lt ctttes Ill the country, altermg and embelhshing tlie premises; and as a lro from the office, which, although it may be a small -w1th qutte extent of surroundmg terntory, comp o se result of the 1 r labors and the taste and bberahty of matter on one day and on day, yet dunng the smgle dtstncts Illmo1s, with a collectton ef twenty-three Messrs Lonllard & Co, a most elegant place has J;>een year tt would amount to constderable, whtle, on the and one half mtlltons of taxes, has but etght d1str1cts for the trans actiOn of the firm's New York other hand, I suppose the savmg to the Government with a. ttrger area of country than th< State of New busmess and the aecommodabon of thetr patrons. turned m the 0 { the firm carved upon them, arra g d lln eshmated that, such ;n nt a loss of the ctty of New York It ts beheved that e tber side and Jilled !l"lth S!)ec1m ns of va s of abC'ut $1 S.o,ooo tQ the c1gar manufacturer,s alone. I the revenues should be col)ected here at a reduced bran s styles of tobacco and snuff manufactured calculate tt m tbts way: lC there IS but one d1stnct, 1t expense of, say, $35,ooo per annum That 1s the and IIOld b:t_ tb m as s a e e cabtnets of the would takt! the Cigar manufactUYers from our present ques !ton presented on the Side of the Government. same IJiiltettal whtch around the room. At the dtstnct, for instance, at an ?our longer to go and _Whtle the matter of economy must be kept m v1ew, reaf> 1 s a handsomely appomted office, in wh1ch IS a come to and from the office, not mcludmg 'the tnr e that still the convemence of the tax payers. be pnvate h1c apparatus by which in tan taneous they mtght lose there m to buy thetr stamps. They tgnored It was for the purpose of exan 1mng tnto that corn Btcattou IS to be had at av times wtth the generally J;O thret! times a week aPd on calcula\IOn question thal I carne to your city. I have taken oc manufactory and mam office at Jersey Ctty. The of four dollars per day (fo;ty an h osttuatefl;i;s o be read1Jy accesstble to for a ctgar manufacturers hme) tt would amount to busmessmen, and I am nowhere thts evenmg dtscussmg meJ'chant1 an cfomg busmess;e1 1her m h bout $78,ooo for thts d1strict of' about one thousand the matter wtth you Mentton has been made of boxes, tobacco or wHh the representatives of the ctgar manufacturers. A few of the larger manufac labels and matet ial of that descnpt10n, of course, what great grocery and houses of tile cny. Eoth turers wo11ld nob be affected so much I speak of the -ever ,change n;ay be made, I wtll endeavor to make cttyl and country tra8esmen are inv 1 ted o al!'all tllem manv small manufacturers fo whom time ts money, and such orders as wtll enable you to use all your present selves for their own convemen e of the ample fac 1 t1es upon whom thts would be a great hardshtp. There are matenal without senous loss or trouble. That can be affo d by the location and appointments of tbe salesd1stncts 111 thts ctty where the small afe d;>ne, I thmk, wtthout much dtfficulty Whtle these m the maJonty ctues that I have menuoned are really very great Cities, Another obJection that may be urged to the proposed I recogmze that New York IS the great metropohs, change ts the necesstty that would exst ior a change of and that the mterests of thts ctty are more dtverstfied Ievenue brands on cautwn notices, of whtch nearly and ot greater magmtude and importance than those of every manufacturer has a great many on hand. New any other CJty m the United States. The Government bonds must be g1ven; also, we have now our factory ts mterested m takmg such steps m regard to these numbers, whtch are a sort of trade-mark. All thts would d1stncts as shall secure these revenues at as small an work much hardship upon us If a change must be expense as possible and wnh as httle trouble as may be made we would at least ltke to see two dtstncts, If not to th se who pay the taxes I thank you for thts ex three, retamed m the and It so arranged that those press10n of your good wtll and earnestness. When I two d1stncts mtght be centrally located come to d1scuss I hts subject w1th the Secretary of the Failures and Business SPRINGFIELD, MASSorace Smith, CI rs, mortgaged or made a btl! of sale BosToN, MASS -F Fr.ench, Cigars, chattel mortgage $1,ooo. ALBA>IY,' N Y -James H Levmgs, Cigars and Tobacco, chattet mortgage on stock $zso RocH,STER, N. Y -Wm H Hubbard, Tobacc6, or made a bill of sate PHILADELPHIA, PA -Samuel M Clement, Cigars, protested PITTsauRGH, PA-C C. 13aer, Tobacco and Ctgars, asking an extens10n B OO,MING10N, ILL -Deas.& Pollock, Cigars; failed PEoRIA, JLI ... -Moses Goldsuckor, Cigars, Reported to scondcd. DETROIT, M,ICH -Juhus R Floeschm;;.n, Ctgars and T .. bacco, chattel mortgag e t450 NEw ORLEANs, LA -Blakemore & Co, Tobacco, suspended pay ment RALEIGH, N. C J Leopold & Bro, Ctgar Manufacturers, left f o r parts unknown GREJI.NVIIlLE, S C--A. Schultes Ctgar Manufacturer; sold out by Shenff NoRFoLK, VA-Wtllham !5. Johnson, 1obacco and Ctgars, m bankruptcy Business Cbnii&;"CS. & Co T obacco, Gillette & Co I would like to call your attentwn to the fact that Treasury, I wtlt be able to lay before htrn the statements above a certam pomt, say Fourteenth Street, there are whtch you have made, and we wlll endeavor to reach very few manufacturers The bulk of the manufacturing such a concluswn m regard to the matter as "ill be just to ts done from Fourteenth Street down, compnsmg the the Government and at the same time JUst to the tax Thtrd and Thirty 5econd Dtstrocts I beheve there are. payets quite a number of manufacturers m the Second Dtstnct, MLRAUI){ resumed his chair, but again arose and but not near so many as m the others In the diStricts said I wtll take the lt9erty of makmg some observa above there are a few brewers and a few ctgar manufactlOns j m regard to the quesuon of co\lectmg taxes on turers alsc. But, as I have sa1d, the bulk of the manuThe mterests of the Government and th01;e of facturmg is done down town. All pat lies wllh whom I the manufacturers of c1gars are certamly 1denhcal The have spoken are of the opmton that tf a change IS made man who pays taxes on the ctgars that he manufactures the 01ty should be so diVIded as to make two d1stncts can not very well C9mpete wtth the manufacturer who the Second and Tlurty second to compnse one dtstnct, does not pay such taxes, wtth a duty of s1x doll an; p e r havmg Its office at the most convement and central thousand We have mformatwn from vanous parts of pomt, and the fhtrd and Fourth Dtslulcts con solidated, the country that frauds are con s tantly practiced upon the tr office to be as near as posstble to 1ts pre sent locathe rev e nues by s mall manufacturers, espectally those n o n, whtch I> on S e v e nth Str eet; that thus tt be who hav e retatl snops m front It ts charged that they as nearly cen t r a l as posstble for the maJonty of the tax u s e a box to re tml fro m unul ll b e comes so dmgy that payet s of m ternal r e v enne. they h a ve to throw It away ottt of self re;pect How We have pre s e nted these facts to you feelmg that you tha t ts I do n o t pretend to know, but I sup po se th a t the of course, wts h to arrange thts matter m such a way as fac 1 htte s for avmdmg the dut y are so gre a t that a number to cau s e the least InJury to the We ot p e rsons who have n o t the fear of G o d before the n a pprec ia t e the neces s ity on the part of the Gov ernment eyes, and who have very httle fear of d e tection by the for curtatlmg the dtstncts \Ve make these suggestiOns revenue officers, do refill thetr boxes from t1me to tune hopmg that they .' some wetght wtth you "hen and reta1l out of them Now, the quesuon 1s, Can vou you make your final dec ston wholesale manufacturers who have an mterest m the E A SMITH -a1d I thtnk. that Mr. Ltchtenstem has suppression of these fra ud s suggest any mdhods by about covered the ground. The que;twn to us ts one whtch they can be prevented ? You have heard tell of of convenience and of the saving of money to our pock-the coupon-stamp. That has been presented as the ets. The Thtrd Dtstnct con tams over one thousand great panacea frauds m the sale of c1gars, and I manufacturers, and thetr t"terests should be consulted have 1 endeavored to post myself some\\ hat m regard a httle. As has been remarked, 1t would be a gre a t to the propnety of adootmg the coupon stamp It ts hardsh1p to the maJOnl y of to be obliged evtde'in that 1f a stamp was put upon each mdivtdual to go two or three mt!es from theu places of manufac ctgar1 the frauds would be reduced to a mtmmum, but ture m order to obtam stamps and attend ltkewtse to upon exammatlon I have found that 1t would cost the theu ordmary bnsmess Mr. L1chtenstem fixes thetr Government ,perhaps a quarter of a mtllion dol'ars more JOUrneys for th1s purpose at three times a week I thmk money to produce the and be an addltlonal cost 1t wtll average five Urnes a week; and the onaJOnty of to the manufacturer m putting hts ctgars upon the them w1ll gQ every day-httle fellows who make a thouIf twenty five cents per thousand would be sand, fifteen hLmdred or two thousand ctgars, and who sufficient to cover the ex ense, cost probably can not afford to keep a lot of stamps on hand-to on th production of th1s year nearly half a mollwn t e-c oss of time would be considerable. There 1s not d0llars. I would be glad to what you wholesale onl to be constdered the expense necessartly mvolv d man facturers thmk of the propnety of adoptmg the b the change of revenue brands, but the fact that the/ coupon stamp as a means of protectmg your own nghts Jlave become a trade-mark I do not beheveJihe 'savmg to L and the nghts of the Governrnent theGovo::rnment would amount to more than the collectors MR LEVY I thmk that 1s wholly 1mpract1cable. You salanes and rents, because the clencal force now 1n the mentioned that the expense of the coupon stamp would Internal Revenue office, as far as I have ob;erved, be twenty five cents a thousand. not seem to be any too much-they are always busy, CoMMISSIONER RAUM. I esttmated 1t at that we always have to watt; and I do not beheve the force MR LEVY I wtll ask one of my fnends here how can be reduced and the Government still have tts bust-much It costs to put the Henry Cl:!.1 band on? ness properly attended lo. If there are to be but two Mr, Kerbs teplied that It cost about $r so per thou-dlstncts I tbmk :f the Fourth IS changed nto Third, sand. and the Second mto the 1'huty-seeond, there would be Mit LEVY. One dollar and a half per thousand to the least expense to us If fifteen hundred of us get put the Henry Clay band on. Befote the ctgars are put out new bonds, there wtll be an expense of $4,soo Ir 10 the box they are assorted, the bands to be put on Will cost us at least $:z so or a ptece, we have to pay afterwards, so as to give the packer an opportumty to our notary and have our bondsmen up there and get h1s colors out correctly. Wuh th1s band on he could back agam; the 1_tems are small I know, but the aggre-not do thts wot k as we are accustomed to do 1t now So gate is constderable. If a change must come tt ought the cost would be at least what Mr. Kerbs satd-$r so to be done at the least expense. p-:r thousand. MR. LICHTENSTEIN. If consohdal!on takes place I Another thmg In manufactunng ctgars largely as take 1t for granted that the bonds w11l have to be most of these gentlemen do, we have very often a st'ock changed or renewed Now, thmk of the labor of one of roo, ooo or soo,poo. Perhaps Mr Kerbs has a stock thousand. people givmg bonds to a new collector m a of 2,ooo,ooo ctgars on hand. Dunng the dull season he new dtstnct. Then, tuo, the ctgars on hand All ctgar keeps hiS people employed making ctgars wlnch he boxes are branded before they reach the manufacturerthmks his customers wtll want at some time. But cus the box maker puts the burnmg-brand on the boxes, a tamers may become ured of that brand. They may great many of these are on hand-every ctgar manuf:.c want a new p1cture, a new label, a new brand, and 10 turer has a great many of them; these brands have to order to sell those goods he IS then obltged to take them be scraped Qff and a new number put on. All th1s out of the 1 oxes m whtch they have been packed and would mvolve a labor to the manufacturers that can not transfer them 111to new boxes They rema 1 n 111 stock be e.ttmared. I do not wtsh to take too much of the and I question whelher they could so remam wnh Commissioner's ttme,and therefore I have touched upon band upon them wtthout betng destroyed. ?nly the pnnc1pal pomts. But there are a great many MR KKRilS: It 1s hard to tell beforehand But the Hems whtch have been perhaps overlooked expense" auld be constderable, because the c1gars would MR. KERBS sa1d. I am a manufacturer m the Fourth have to be selected and put m the box and Lhen taken CONSOLIDATION OF REVENUE Dtstuct; lind lt would be very tnconveme>lt ler me to out of the box to have the stamp out on. come down so far for stamp>. It ts true that we have MR LEVY And then re.Placed as the packer put DISTRIQTSnot many manufacturers there at present; but we have them 10 ongtnally, every c 1g:u in Its place. It 1 s not Commis!llloner RauiD Conferrincr with New some. I formerly hved mthts dtstnct, but smce I IJavc he en stmply a maHer of puttmg a hundred Cigars m a box York Tobacco aaad .Manuf'aeup town other manufacturers have been commg up there but every Cigar and every row of ctgars must be placed Many brewers are also located there If the two dtstncts where they were before, or they wtll not fit m the box. turers could be so arranged that It would be a lmle more conMR. LEVY satd that a committee of the manufacturers Tre project now under m Washington vement for the Fourth Dtstnct-put the ThiTd a lutle was called upon in 1g7 3 to confer wtth Cumm1sswner of d1mmtshmg the number of Revenue Collectton D1sfurther up, perhaps It would be a great deal better. Douglas upon thts subject, and were shown the coupon tncts m tlie city ol New Y-ork by consohdatmn af-There are m:.ny manufacturers 10 the Fourth D1stnct, s t amp, and that 11 wallthen thought to be tm)Jract 1 cable forded an occaswn on Fnday last for a very agreeable not only of ctgars, but of other tobaccos. The proposed He thought that no manufacturer whatever hts capttal conference be t ween the Ho Green B Raum, Com change would cost me a grent deal of money. We keep would be ncb enough to carry hts'stock and stamps. miSStotoer of Internal Revenue, and a number of our two or three or four mtlhons of ctgars on hand, and CoMMISSIONER RAUM Let us nssume that arrangepromment c1gar manufacturers at the office of Messrs would be obligee to alter the boxes and throw the ments could be made by whtch the amount of money Ltchtenstem Brothers & Co, 268 and 270 B JWery revenue labels away. The mtsfortune would be aggrarequtred for stamps would nut be mcreased over the The meetmg at the prem!ses of thts firm was suggested, vated by the fact that we only moved a few months ago present arrangement-that you could get your stamos we belt eve, by Collector Archbold of the Thud CollecCommlS>Ioner Raum then arose and spoke as fullows -m the same way tton Dtstnct of New York. Pnor to hts am val Com-REMARKs 0F COMMISSIONER RAUM. MR LEVY How would you arrange ;t? Renew the mtss1oner Raum pa1d a vt s tt to the fine cut tobacco man-GENTLF.MEN -I am very glad to meet you on thts old tax arrangemt>nt where we bad a credtt of th t rty to ufactory of Messrs D H McAlpm & Co. m Avenue D occaston, 1t tS an unexpected pleasure There are two s1xty da} s > where, after mspectmg that large and well appOH'Ited thongs t 1at must be kept m v1e w m makong thts consoh CoMMISSIONER RAUM. No. I am presentmg 1t m e,tabhshment, he bnefiy dtscus8ed wllh Mr. the datmn On the part of the Government 1t IS an I the mo,t favorable light for those who tnstst up o n Mr. McAlptn ts understood. ecc nom1cal mPasure By reason of an Act of Cungress coupons. Suppose some arrangement was made by I\lA Y 23. whtch Mr K e rbs, who h as beeu m s t a nced, could get all t he coupons h e destred, and theu from um e to tune, at the proper penods call down and get hts stamps so that he could carry hts c1gars m stock wnh the ceuP.on on, and whenever he chose to stamp them h e could get the stamps. MR LEVY suggested that if coupons were put upon the ctgars, and the ctgars then rolled in paper, the ctgars would acquue a certam to whic;:h tbe stamps woulrl not accommodate tbeauelves, and thus the proper packtng of the cigars would be mterfered wtth. I suppose the coupon carnes the same number that the onginal &tamp does. COMMlSSIONER RAUM. Yes. MR LICHTENSTEfl Then, of course, the th1 ng would not work at aU. Suppose I had 10o,ooo ctgars to stamp; I would be obhged to assort the coupons and stamps to be sure that I dtd not get the wrong cour:on on the wrong stamp I have perhaps fifteen people at wmk stampmg my ctgars, putttng stamps on the boxes ; 1t wou l d eqUJre ten or twenty nmes as m a ny to do that work, and put them on each md1v1dual c1gar, for now the stamps are put around the boxes \ But suppose that through care lessness or for some other reason, one of the employees should tear a stamp or otherwtse mutilate or deso roy tt, and that he would not mention tt for fear of bemg dis charged or paymg a penalty oi some ktnd, and suppose ctgars shQuld go out m number to 1he stamps so rendered worthlo::ss, then the ctgar!t are l1able to setzure while I am mnocent of offense and notwuh standmg the fact that I have patd for the coupons and stamps 'nece & sary to represent those cigars. Can I be expected to open and personally mspect every box of ctgars to see that they are properly stamped, or to put the stamps on myself. On the other hand, would fraud thereby be prevented? Hardly any paste can be de vtsed that wtll tr.ake the paper adhere to the tobacco so that 1t could not be taken off and used agam. Let us suppose a case The fraudulent dealer g1ves a stamped ctgar to the smoker ; he says, I don't want to smoke paper," and he pulls off the stamp and throws 1t down; or 11 mtght fall off mtact. The dealer can ptck it up and put m on some other ctgar, and put it back m the same box But tf a paste IS suffictently strong to hold the paper fast, then the flavor of the cgar is mrured and 11s quahty 1mpa1red, and the pubhc at large obJect to 1t. Thts coupon-stamp has been proposed for some lime; tt has seemed to be ktlled off, but It contmually revtves. All the pomts of objectton to 1t do not present them selves to my mmd at th1s moment, but I assure you that I deem such a plan 1mpract1ble. ThPre wll always be more or less fraud practised, but the bulk of the tax ts collected I should say from mnety-five to nmety etght per cent. of the tax upon ctgars, ls collected. I do not bel teve that a coupon or any Stve scale m detatl, and asked a number of questiOns wh1ch md1cated both an mtelhgent comprehenSIOn of the requtrements ot the tn.iustry and a destre tn make htmself famthar w1th every thmg calcu lated to promote tts development .-;;


MAY 23 THE TOBACCO DOMES l.IC, 1 NEw \'ORK Moy 22 ;.The toba::co market has bee, quret the past week much 1u fact than the pievtous weelt What falhl"g off was attnbutable to-unle s tt was the hot weather, wh1ch threw every body nto a state of lrquefact on-we do not know The auct on sale oo Wednesdav constituted the only feature of1the week m the Western Leaf department, though the aggregate sales outs de o the Exchange-that 1s, tha or dmary prrvate sales-amounted w 664 hogsheads, the larger portron to exporters The opmton seemed to prevail that the tone of the market was a tnffe stronger but the accretion d1d oat, so far as observed result m aoy alterauon of prices Poss bly there IS a st ffen ng element m the knoYOledge ol the w;mts of the Regtes Ne\\ factory lugs have been shown and looked at but as yet, no sales have been reported Henderson and Owensboro mtell gence mentrons excess ve rams whrch have been m some degree preJud cra,l to he plants Western Leaf.The followrng are rates of Westernbt week. 2d weeL 3d week 4.tb wee k 5th fota January h 1,35 r 1 993 866 6 ,g 5 ooo February 45 r 877 688 434 3 400 March 433 523 541 436 727 2 6oo Apr I 347 6o1 8o4 I <>07 741 3 500 May 64o 1 103 664 2 407 Messrs ;:,awyer, Wallace & C o reporc to l HE ToBACCO LEAF Wut.rn .UafThe arket ha> been rather qu ct the pa t week We note sac of664 hhd d Y ded as fol lows -4>6 for exJ?Or! 96 to J Obbers 92 to manu acturer s and 20 t o cutters Th< A ton SaluThe auctiOn sales of leaf tobacco have con t nued w1th ncreasn g favors n e our last I ak n g tl e sales thus far effected the transacllo s at the Exchange nay be summarized as fo o vs -Tues Ia) May IS -Sa es 65 hhds IS 1 hds comma lugs at fi31iil4-90 1' go o d lugs 51iil5 8o 19 con non leaf at 6ra>7 8 8 med tum lea at 8m9 so 2 good lea at ro 7 Siiilll Wednes lay Ma) 6Sacs 65 h ds >4 lu gs I 75 21 commo leaf 6ra>7 70 16 mcdrum leaf 8 IO@Io 50 4 gootl leal r 1 @13 1 ue sday May 22 -Sales 7 t hhds offer ngs 83 reJect o ns 12 C assrfied the sales accord ng t o the pnces obta ned vere 14 hhds coQ ruon ugs rangmg 1 at $4 40 I at 3 90 1 at 4 25 5 at <4-70 r a 4 S> 1 at 4 3 0 1 a t 4 5> 1 a t 4 30 1 at 4, r at 4 10 good lug 18 II ds 3 at 4 7S r at 5 35 1 at 5 o s r at 5 r, rat 5 35 r at 5 75 I at 5 15 I at 5 45 I at 5 15 I at 57, 1 at 5 So 1 at 5 50 1 at 5 oo r at ro 1 at 5 50 I at 5 co m mon le a f 20 hhda 1 at 7 oo 1 at 6 8o I at 7 55 1 at 6 go I a t 7 75 r at 5 30 1 at 7 oo r a t 7 So r at 7 1 0 1 at 7 8 5 1 at 7 10 1 at 7 85 1 at 6 40 r at 6 70 1 at 6 95 1 at 6 35 r at 7 uo 1 at 7 1 a l 6 20 1 at 0 7) med um leaf tO hhds I at 8 75 I l 8 0 0 l a t 10 00 I at 9 25 I at 9 ro r at 8 70 2 at 9 50 I at 9 so 2 at 8 50 good leaf. 7 hhds I at II 25 I at 12 50 I a t II 00 I a t 12 00 [ at II 2) I at 11 3S r at 1 0 oo fine leaf 1 hhd at 17 25 The offe rmgs were made May 22 by Messrs Mattland & Co 0 ve Murphy & Co Pollard Pettus & Co Sawye r Wallace & Co Squires Taylor & Co Thompso & Co and Garrott & Gnn ter 1 he btadmg was qu e spu ted anci constderable was sold on rna ufJct m g account A few sa es we e effected pr vately Mr R H A kenbu g ass sted t e Meos r s Rade 0 1 tl e stand The pnces real zed were qu te sat sfa cto y every s a ce but t vas reserved to Messrs Thompson & Co to ach eve the distJ ct on of sell ng the first hogshead yet d spo ed of a td obta the h ghest p1 ce ye t pard namely $17 25 The champ on hogshead was growll G aves Cou ty Ky Messrs Pcllard Pettu s & Co sod some fi e Clarks lle leaf Sud Leaf.-Messrs Chas E Frscher & Bro Tobacco Brokers 131 Vater St e t r.po t to THE ToBACCo LEAF as follows cancer ng Seed Leaf and Span sh tobaccos -\Ve not ce no par tt c Jar Cha ge m the pos t on of our rna ket alth o u g h the sal es made exceed those of the prev10u veek bus ness ca be ca ed an ytl ng but br sk Home trade suppled tself spa ngly and f o r export matters seem t o be at a stands II unt the ne crops a e marketab e T he tota sales reached r 100 case s of vh ch so cases w ere for sl pp n g Co zect a kept n moderate demand pr nc pally for I875 rop wrap pers of wl c h k nd about 150 cases n small lots at 20'wc a d 1 art wrappers at 13 to 2o c w 11 cover the eel s bus ess Bes des tl s we hear of a pur h s e made 1 tl e cou 1! y by a prom nent New York fi m of a pack g of 75 0 cases o pr vale t e rm s P< n ')ka a was dealt n to tl e moderate extent of 200 cases only co sst ng of 1874 and 1875 crop fil ero a l '7raliOC 1 875 crop asso ted at I31iil20 and w appers at 27'nfined to home trade and c o s sted of 1 873 crop assorted at 1875 crop wrappers at 7c and 1874 crop assor e d at 6c n all 200 cases were d sposed of W. -roo cases of th s k n d were take partly for sb ppmg at for a.ssortea and 8c for wrappers Havtu s fatrly acuve Wttb sales of about 900 to r ooo bales a t 85 to 95c for good and farr and $1 oo to $1 roc for fine lots Our spec al Bremen report dated May 4 1877 says that bu n ess rem a ned unchanged The deal ngs oof the week are sl ghtly m excess of th ose of the prev ous week An rmmed1ate mprove ment IS not looked for unul tobacco of the new crops w II arr v e Sales are as follows -119 cases 1874 75 crop Oh o al 30 pf roo do 1875 ctop Oh oat 42 pf 395 do 187o; crop Ohio at pr vate terms, "6z cases 1874 crop Connect cut at 45 pf Total 646 cases Vtrg nta Leaf.-We note sales o f small lots of fine old bnght wrappers, as also sales of mo ers for wh ch the m proved mqu ry c u nues The mqu ry for des rable dark wrappers IS u1 alated as s the trouble to get them when and here wanted Some txtra fine new bnght wrappers have been recerved. MONTHLY REPORT-RICHMOND VA MAY I 1877 Breaks dur ng Apnl 1877 876 Inspect o 1s 3 sg4 hhds 4 "7 hhds hhds 174 hhds Uplands 1 hbd Rev1ews 157 hhda Total from Oct 1 to date Sh pmcnts dur g Apnl Tobacco Fore gn hhds Coast se 8 47 hhds 3 952 hhds 3 5g4 hltds 11 191 hhds Stems Tobacco 4 2gr hhds 4 II7 hh d s 14 hhds r 8 355 hhds hhds l hds Stem !I hhds 1 7 2 hhd. 6o6 hhds 1 344 bhds Total dolnng month Prev1ous 847 hhds 6o6 hhds 1 344 hhds 172 hhds 6 984 hhds 3 rl!bds 8,488 hhds 2 oos hhds Total Oct 1 t o date 7 8Jr hhds 3 8o2 hhds g 83 z 1 hds 2 177 hhds Stocks on Apr 1 1 Add reco pts s nee 6 I41 hhds 3 126 hhds 3 sgs hhds 4 117 hhds --hhds g 736 hhds 7 243 hhds Off dehver es dunng the month 2 737 hhds 3 213 I hds Stock of nspected tobacco on hand 6 999 hhds hhds And for mspecuo 2 504 hhds r 662 hhds Manufactured-There has been no oewfeature) n the Cavendtsh market, and report trade but ndtff c r e tly good Bus !less sad one IS qu1et The export IS not jlS acttve as tt was a d about all that IS d o ne ts to s pply actual wants an 1 that m nodrrat OR only The same autl or tY' referred agam to the nece ss t y for a export warehou se 1 e e The need of tb s one conven '1J'Ce seems to be cor t nually fe t and deplored It s much to be regretted that the trade ca not be accommodated 1 th s mattet11 The exports for the week ere 101 239 pou ds Smokmg -Local and country buyers have app opn ated assortments to about the usnal extent dur g the week C1gats -For cigars the demand has contmued w thout percept ble change Trade n bo h br:anches-domestrc and tore rrn-1s fa1r crold opened at and closed at the same rate Foretgn Excltange -Messrs M & S St. robe Bankers report as follows to ToBACCO LEAF -We quote -Bankers nommal rates are 488 and 490 fur 6o days and demandster l ng respec!Jvely Sell ng rates 487)!) for 6odays for demand Commercial, 6o days Pans Bankers 3 days 6o days 515 Commerc tal 6o days 518%' Re 3 days 6o days g5J4 Fre1gltts -Messrs Carey & Ya e Fretght .Brokers report tobacco fre ghta to TH& ToBAC C O LlEAF as follows -LJV erpool per ateam 40s per sat! 325 6d London per steam 35s pB.IOE i!v NE YoRK AND NE v HAYEN S!EAMBOAT LINEL Gersbel & !ll other S6 cases,t!;evr & Neugass 89 do G M Beyer do J S. Gans Son 1 do Dav1s a Day 4 do M Oppenhe me & B other do Wm Eggert lk Co 7 do B (irotta 47 do J T Cra vfo d -6 do E Ros enwald B gtl e r II d<> J Kaspro w tz r do J Kelly 1 do A L & C L Hot 26 do Bv 1HE NEw YORK AND HARIFORD SIEAMBoAT LtNEA L & C L Holt 3 cases W J Huntt g 15 do N Lachen bruch & Brother 17 do To eph Mayers Sbas !14 do F Scholz 4 do F,ox D lis & Co 12 do B Grotta 6 d o H Wasserma 3 do O THE tlli'DERSIGNED CONTINUES 10 IMPORT AND l'IIANUJl'ACWilE t>uttE !lPANl!lH AND LIQ.UORIC:a: U F UNIF{)R!II Q.UALITY AND TO GIVE "ATISii'ACI'lOY TO BV.Ii:R'Ii TOBi'cCO M THI!J SAME THE OLD FAVORITE BRAND 0 .J C y Ca IS AL "'S EAril!r FOft J\ ltO'I'HHll ALSO A 0 C P T <:>-A 0 HIS OTHER BRANDS OF TURKISH PAST T THE SHORTEST A811118T NCED THE RAPWLY GUO'fi!IiG CAUTIO @9 6 @--3){/al 4 mfd 3 @ @) 5 5 @I 7 7'(@ 8)f 9 @ 0 a 5 o4 @ :w 3 @ 8 @ 6 @ 6){ Fln-NJ.-Crop 1874 and 1875 3){@ 4 Assorted @8 75 rot 9" @ 00 (iJ MANUFACTURED 10BACC O IN BOND rAx .. CENTS PKR PoUND @60 .. w c20 15 @18 BY 1HE NEw YoRK AND BRIDGEPORT SrEA> half bxs do 5 three qtr bxs d o 106 qtr bxs do Joseph D Evans & Co IS cases mfd 5 pkgs do ro bxs do 20 halt bxs do 1 caddy do E DuBo s 370 seroon mfd 10 cases do 1 r kegs do to half bxs do 55 qtr bxs do Joseph H Thomp10n .t Co 53 casss mfd 2 half bxs do 28 cadd es do Moore J L P & J Frank 2 do COAS\WISE FROM NEW ORLEANS 0 der 41 hhds RoM FERN AND NA -Baker & Co r8 pkgs CoASTwiSE FROM -Chas F Tag & Son 2 pkgs CoAs v sEt ROM CHARLES10N -Moore Jenk ns & Co 6 pkgs BALTIMORE May I9 -Messrs Ed W schmeyer & Co Tobacco Comm sswn M e rchants report to THE ToBCCo LEAF -The market rema n s qu et and w thout any spec a change hough th e nea proach of the t me for the aY>ard ol t he French contract h a s mJ arted a 1 ttle firmer tone to the market and the !eel ng among I actors ts a httle more confident The rece pts of Jlfaryla dare I p o v g n qual I) but they are still c omposed pr c pally of s o rt s su te d to the F e cl market and there s con seque t ly I tL e of th s descr p on sell ng For Oh o there s afar qu y a d salos to a moderate extent a e mak g pnnc pally for Du sbu g Pr ces are Ke erally uncha ged Inspected th s veek 1 901 hh s Maryland 59g do Ohio 12 do Kentucky r do Vtr g n a total 2 513 hhds Expo ted sane pe rod per steamsr Nurembag to B emen 9 2 hhds Maryland 66 do Oh o 5 do Vtrg n a 32 7 do K e lu c k y tobacco 64 hhds V rg n a and Ke t!u c ky stems and 32 cases Seed eaf per br g .S: Law ence for Demerara 1 10 hhds Ken ucky Tobacco Stock n warehouse th s day and on sh pboard cleared 16 8o3 hhds Jllfa fa I r d Tobacco-We aga n report a d I and nom nal y unch anged marl ct th pr ces favor of b uy ers Expo t s 2 77 lbs to Dem e a a Rece1ved per Bah nore a dOh oRa road f om Danv e 6 6 boxes zrJ cadrl es 7 cases and f om Lychbu g 6 uoxe, a d 20 cadd es CINCINN A ri Jlay 19 -Mr F A Prague I eaf Tobacco I nspector reports to THE 10BAcco LEAF -The bus 1 ess do 1e by the ali'C 1on ware! ouses dur ng the past week has bee the largest and p obably tl e most sat sfac t ory of t he seaso n There was an ac ve demand dur ng the e t e week for all grades of both o d and new and h1gher pnces were ob a ned for the better grades of bo h Among the new offered were qu te a number of hhds of fine bngt t cut 11g leaf from the Owen Cuunty Ky (D s tr ct) for wh ch p ceo { were pad rangmg from $15 to $20 per hundred 1 he featur of the week was the sale at the Bodmann ho se of 25 hhds fancy old cuttmg leaf pr zed and sh1pped by F M Drake Esq of Htgg nsport Brown Co Oh o at pr ces rang g from $22 50 to $1.9 7 5 per h nured The offenngs at aucuon reported by th e warehouses for the week and the exp red poruon af the current month and year were a follows ,.--Montlt-. hhds bxs hhds bxs hbds bxo 342 707 2I7 3 527 I 398 177 24 SSL 239 s 8 78 2 204 242 4 678 41 3 215 2 0 2 2 447 3 2 2 50 148 'i37 4 I 89 7 r88 Totals 1877 1 u8 3 t 920 204 1 J 7 57 4,163 Totals 187 6 48o 211 I 703 SI9 10 516 4.527 Totals I8JS 4 7 0 124 1 259 49+ 9 303 3 364 Totals, 1874 517 107 2 199 478 13 623 4 570 The offer ngs at auct o n for the week month and year (excepting Seed leaf) Nere subc hv ded as follows r--Yt".::r-""""'\ hhds bxs hhds bxs hhds bxs g8s JI 2 466 6r 7 9>6 ]4g 203 4S4 5 8oi 3 Total I II8 2 920 61 352 QUOTA t 1 0 s-Old C tt n g Tobacco Fancy $25@29 75 fi e $I8ra> 4 good $1315 oo lugs fine $ra>t5 lu gs good $1oraJ 12 lugs red S8ra>ro smokers colory $6ra>8 smokers dark $5'2o good $I21iilt5 med urn $8 sora>12 common $7 5ora>8 good lug s $5 75ra>7 25 common lug $3 25@5 so green lugs $ 3 oow4 oo New West Vrrg 1a -Wrap pers fancy br ght none sel g wrappers med u n br ght !Irs cora> 3400 fi ers f-7 sora>ro 00 l ugs dark 113 50raJ6 00 leal dark $6 00 liil9 o Oh o Seed Leafrap ers fancy $20@27 w ap1 ers good $10 5Diii>I8 so vrappers med un '8 00@9 5c b 1ders $6 oo 16@ 40 ra>!S o o Jille s $4 qora>6 oo smokers commo 1 $3 OOiiV4-50 W s cons n Seed Leaf-Wra[Jpers ancy none se I g wrapp ers good f,8 cora> 12 oo wrappe s med urn $7 oora-8 oo wrappers common 54@1 20 f,6 oora>7 oo fillers 3 5ora>4 50 smoke s comma $2 50 75 18 1 9 10 21 426 I hds Mason County K y D stnct -288 new 124 at 595 94at $6@795 soat"$81ii>990 20 at $ 10@14"-5 hhds old 3 at $6 85ra>7 28 at $8@9 75 70 at $rolii>I4 75 35 at $15 ra>19 so 2 at $20 oora>2o 2 5 179 hhds llrown County 0 D tr ct -131 new 64 at $3 ro liil595 44at$61ii>7 9 l 2ra 75 48hhJ;old 7 at f9ra>g ,o 14 at rora>r4 75 6 at $t61iilr8 75 7t at jl ora>24 ,o gat 75 321 h ht\s we11 County Ky D str ct -308 ew rs 1 at $2 90 liil5 95 8o at $6ra>7 95 48 at $8ra>9 8 25 at $Iolii>I4 2 at $16 s 2 at $19 sora>2o 13 h hds old 7 at f,6ra>7 75 5 at !18'S 95 38 at $6ra>7 90 31 at $8ra>g 6o 2 at 49 trc s '-3 half trcs l8 e ghl!h !res 2 r 8 7 cases 6r pkgs 370 $10 251ii>IO 75 4 I hds old at J,6 OS@ II 50 ,. boxes new at $4-65 seroons 10 bb s. g bales 41 boxes 55 three qtr bxs h .. !f bxs liil5 20 th rd bxs 7 qtr bxs us es 29 kegs I Ire snuff 6 38 hhds and 4 boxes new Boone County Ky -2S at if3 10 crates do I 7 bbl s do 25 1 alf bbls do S bxs do ro kegs do con raJ 5 25 3 at $6 351iil7 55 4 boxes at $4@8 50 s gned as follows 17 hhds and I box New West V rgu a lugs and leaf -13 at BY 1HE ERIE RAILROAD -Garrot t & Gr nter 33 hhds jl2 251ii>S 10 3 at $8 25@9 30 I at $Ig 75 !2 M ssou at $31iil lard Pettus & Co 23 do S E hom pson & C o 84 do D J 4 so 12 hhds comma new Ohto Seed at $1 50 @ 4 s o 20 boxes Garth Son & Co do Sawyer W a llace & Co 77 do Oelr cbs Oh o c tt ng toba co at $ 2 8ora>1o 75 & Co 6 dv D H McAip n lk Co I do Sm th & McLean r do 7 8 cases c gar leaf common smokers to fancy wrappers -46 Toel Rose & Co 18 do J f Murpl y &: Co 12 d o Jatv s & Co Oh o I6 at $s 3ora>3 go 7 at $4 osra>S 70 15 at $6 10iiil7 g5 5 at 17 do F W fatgenhorst & Co r8 do Drew & Deane 33 do M IO@ I2 2, I at $17 75 I at 27 so 8 ases W sco s n r at $3 so Abenhe1m & Go 5 do P F S mon n S do R L Martland & Co 7 at 4 25ra> S ,o II at $6 iV9 r a t $to 12 cases ConnectJcut wrap 6 do Blakenore Mayo & Co 24 do Kunhardt & Co 4do Order pers I at $19 25 5 at jlao 75ra>25 2 at $s6@a7 50 4 at $30 sora> 156do. 35 2) BY JHE HUDSON RlVER RAILROAD E Rosenwald & Brother CLARKSVII LE TENN May 19 -Messrs M H 171 cases MarLin & Johnson 2 do M Abenhetm & Co 1 4 do Clark & Brothe r L .. f fobacc o Brokers report for THE F C Ltnde & Co 32 do C H Sp tzner 25 do f ll 0 BY 1HE NA 1 ONAL LtNE -Kremelberg & Co r8 hhda; l'ol LE.\F as 0 ows -ut rece ots cant nue full an d offer n g s for the lard Pettus & Co 48 do Blakemor e Mayo & Co 12 do S \1! week foot up 6'f0 hhds Pr ces were quLte trregular but not quat Thompson lk Co 49 do Ottmger Brothers 66 do Sq ues Taylor ably cha ged We quote common lugs at 31iil4C good lugs 4.7;;1iil & Co 3 do J H Moore & Co 42 do Sa,.y_e Wal ace & Co 23 6c common leaf 6_7;;ra>8c 'UedJUm leaf good leaf do P L orlard&Co r8do Dev& Dea e Soda Toe! Rose @lac fine leaf 12721iilf4C selectons 1hequantty & Co 14 do S S Edmonston & B o 1 e r do J arv s & Co 19 o f Gern an le al 1 tl e c op appears to be sma I so far a d the do D J Garth Son & Co 2.f do W 0 Sm th & Co 24 do J compet t on for t s very t ong I obacco planllng commenced H rsch 7 do Garrott & Gr nte 31 do }o W Tatgenhorst & Co he e the loth too early to make heav y tobacco except up on very old land 6 do Buchanan & Lyall 4 do IJ D ows & Co I d o Order 39 do DANVILLE VA May '9 -Messrs Pemberton & Bv I HI! PENNSYLVANIA RAILRO.A.D -M H Lev n 103 cases Pen Leaf Tobac o Comm ss on Me chants report to THE 1o leaf Esoerg Bachma 1 & Co 123 do C H Sp tzn er 10 do C I BACCo LEAF -St c e our ast rece ots h a e co >I ued lull wr h no S Ph hp s 1 case do Havemeyers & V ge u s 3 do Levy & tmproveme t qua ty Indeed t e e seemed a g eater scare ty Neuga s 40 do S Ruppel 5 b oxes do Appleby & He me 2 cases I of good tobac cosran we haveeverprev Qusly reported \Vrappers It hav ng come to my knowledge that in several instancet! L qaor ce Patte falsely repre sen ted as be ng of my manufacture has been otfe e d o sa e btpat s to suh the r own pur "tho hav e no au hon y to sll my brands the 1 resent serves o CAUTION a 1 Tobacco Manu actu en agaln&t he tame and tog ve not ce that he eafter eve y case of my mao dacture w IJ be b an:I e d w t h my T ade Mark acquue d unde r the aws of he Un ted .States n aay unp inc ph; d person th a T.rai1e Mark "' 11 be rlgoib\s y prosecuted I 620 Year 1876 I 299 Year 1875 Year 1874 1 367 Sales of the week and year a v dcd as follows Mo lh 374 557 583 S76 88> 644 147 832 4 59S 4 2.93 2 664 4 916 Y ear I 2 425 2 741 28o3 4 256 3 037 464 5 0!2 22 s6o 23 t88 !2 471 2g 236 Wuk Yr-Ong nal New 1 4!6 I7 719 Ongmal Old 47 2 075 New Rev ews 1!3 866 Old ReVJews 44 1 900 I this weeks sales we had 2 hhds of select c ttmg leaf at 16ra> tg)!)c one small package of ne v Kentucky br ght wrappers at one entire crop of Kentucky br g ht plug kmda (crop 1875) at lor lugs and 22;( 39 4I and 56c for leaf alo a few hhds good to fine wrappers (dark) ar I I raJ I sc F rst three days of the week a very bnsk market w h pr ces s li g htly hig her slackmg up m th e past three days clos ng a 1 ttle \\eak at abo I same figure as quoted on the I th mst we had cons derable of the d fferent var et es that was becom ng heated requ r ng m me I ate atte t o for such that dtd not su t for stemm ng or to make Afr ca1 s pr ces ruled rom I to 2c under same character m good order QUOTATI NS Nonducrljl r-Heavy Bol:td""""'\ Com 110" Good Goliit Com lugs 3 liV3).( 4 3XJ's% Good lug s 3!4 1ii>372' 3% 'iV4)4 Com leaf 4Y..;ra>s.Y. 6y,.ra>8.7;; Good leaf 4Y.ra>sY. 5Yz'oo 7 !fra>9 9 @ 12 7Yzliil9 ro ra>rJ Select ons o ra>oo 9 raJ to 12 raJ 18 9 raJ II raJ r6 Fault) m we ght or order Yz to 2c under above figu es Mr Alex Hartl ll Tobac o B oke tepo ts -I he weather I under vent a dec ly war th rat t e earlv pa t of the veek o 1ly The offer gs ot red and cia k tobacco< of fa r to good body showed mprovement m cl aracter and matur ty Yith mo e goorl boded red lea' than seen a y week prev ouo l y a hough t e bulk of the offe r ngs were 1 sof t ordtr I ght we g ht s a d scarcely a hhd of stnr y heavv r c h leaf su tab e f or export The n lie early par t of the week showed act v ty and fi m ess pt ces tn SQtn_e cases ho mg an advan ce over )ast week Du ng the ast three days ho vever there has been less an m a t on v t1 1 eg \itr ty L pr ces of some sorts the week clos ng vJth the ge era l tone of the market weaker and less d spos t o gen e ra ly to OJ e r ale excel t ng when really cho ce crops of part cula r I ds ca me up whe n ull pr ces 'A ere obta ned Man Jactt g fh asscrrment of 1 ght bod1ed fillers was fan t h m ore of I e be ter g ades than comn o Demand act ve at full last veek s figures l11 tQ vard the end of t e week pr ccs ere more rregular t a 1d at t e close ndrcat g eak1 ess al the advance of las t w e k Dry shtppmg \\etght 1 0S were fir n a d scarce A be ter assortment o heav,y, red fi lero was more n o t ceable than seen for some t ne h ch n ef w th a good demand at regular full pr ce s pa c larly fc those un fo m m good a 1d sh ppmg we ghts Da k colnm n lug s were easter at the c o-. of the week wl le goooi we e rather better supported Black wrapper. com o to guod fa r su ply and easter but no select 01 s I 1 bnght wrappe s a tub of Kentucky new SQid at $33 50 w1th a fine crup ol s x hi ds ot 1 87 5 c op neatly handled n form a d good order a p good we ghts met w th a ready sale at '56 41 39 25 so and 1" s o for leaf and fi3 75 for lugs be ng the best crop offered thts seas th e almost non appearance of 1876 br ght Ke tucky cat ng tne r scarcrty -A good assortment of cutt ng1eaf offe ed wtth full pr ces m the early part of the week but toward t!Le close showmg rregular ty at d w ea kneo s Some fi e crops sold u p to f16 "th o ne except onal hhd at so Co dll cp of offermgs generally good Smukzng -Dark no de sc pt and very common lugs eas er at the close Colory of all grades very scarce th s week and se ng full wtth scare ty of sbtpptog we 0hts ot cOmmon red: S!. rpp ng -Offenngs of de s rable leaf very I g ht A few good lug s offered bnng g late figures Czgar -I he bes t asoortme \t of any week th s season but few n order su table for export Pr ces from $') to $15 Active den and and firm at the close Sremm "!:Uf all grade both I a d dark are m b uyers lavpr at present wtth good oppOTtumt es for reha dling a d dry n g soft hi ds 0 d ].,bouos -Have not been so freely o ffered th > eel, but generally speakmg old manufactu 1 g file s are l owe r tha new S\\ e_et old g ood lugs $,ra>6 leaf comm o n $6ra>8 good $8ra>ro fi e $ rora> 12 50 dark old smok g comtt o JJ good $ 41ii>5 snuffe rs common $4'6 PHILADELPHIA .May 21 -Mr Arthur Fougeray Manufacture s reports to THE TOBACCO -EAF -The rcce pts a d sales of the past week g ve but httle encou age ment t owards t he expected p ove m e t n bus ness that all partes ant c paled wou d at leat come v th the warm and ge al rays of t h e spr g su tl fact S[ r ng ts nearly go e and yet so far as the PLUCI :rP-i'z.c 'I' TOB.A.CCO, SMOKIIG rDBICCO AND SIBPF. Office: 20 St., N'ew York. PAVU GOVERNl!IEl'llT .3,000t00. TRI8 YEAR t man of tobacco goes n lit ar o s branc es 1! ts actu ally .w 'than .th<-wJnt:er Ilfontjls of oltrae speak fot:..our own loca ty neve the ess there s a large number of Our merchants "hq st believe the summer months ;y 11 ,add largely th s year to our sales Our dealers tn manufactu"'d Plg Tobacco conltnue to buy as a ge,ne ral th ng very a nd at that o rly goods of manufacturers who have eotabhshed ;r local reputat on for them selves m whtch case a fa r pnce for the goods s obta ned bu for all other cla s ses t s d ffic It to kn ow [lOS t vely how low they can be bought r not ce wtth pleasure th e mp ovement n tlie grade of fi e cut no\\ bemg sent to our rna k et by severa of our leadmg rna ufa cturers A very ossential change ;md o e ot actua I ecess ty four fine cut te s of bu k goods des r e tore nan n the n arket For t a fact vell kno "n th at to o m uch trash has been sent here lately to the great detr me n f of the s 2le of A No I goods C o t ue on m the good vork gentle men the res'\ t m st be advantageous R ece pts frp m all SO)lrces 986 boxes 310 cades 78J cases 4"kegs and 6t8 pads fine cut Exoorted to L 'erpool hy the A mer can L ne of Ste mers per Intl an11 l2 "-97 po nds of manufact red tobacco L!\ I gc(scr'\]MI) S 2 at3 J 90 J3, 31iil3 90 41 at 41iil4 90 38 at SliilS 90 24 at 6ra>6 9u 20 at 7' 8 go 91iil9 50 2 V rg ta leaf at 21 50i'it127 I9 bxs ar2 Iora>ro In the same ume--btds were reJected on 79 hhd at $2 5oa>8 6o 1 Mrssour wrapper at 23 50 6 V rgtnlll co s, so 35 35 50 36 45and 50 and 3 scraps at 1 zora>r 30 the ma'rket d u l and generally lowe r epecrally for lug s and common gra les leaf There ts a good d mand for wrappery leaf and good des able manufactur ng a1 d sh pp g leaf but otherwtse the market s d ul L ant! lower Sales 93 h ogsheads 27 hhds at $2ral2 90 28 hhd at. 3'S 90 7 at 6 ora>6 90 2 at 7 30/iil7 8o 2 at 8 7<>'ii18 8o 1 at 9 20 I at 11 75 3 Ark;msas wrappers at 12 25 1 8 so and 27 I Kentucky old crop at 36 50 and 8 I xs 2 rora>s 40 1 hhd was passed and brd were reJected o n hhds 30 Quotattons -!nfer or traEhy lugs $2 401iil 70 comrr.on dark lugs, rough tted 2 8ora>3 20 fa r to good dark l ugs 3 2,ra>3 75 far to good hnght lugs, 3 50@4 50 mfenor onde scrtpl leaf 3 751iil4-75 common dark leaf 5 @6 med u n darl< leaf 6 501iil7 50 med m red leal 7 good red leaf gra> II med urn halfbr ght wrapp leaf I3@16 med urn l>r ght \\rapp ng leaf.-20 @27 50 good to a r b 1ght vrap1 ng leaf J0@55 lobacco m boxes and small r eg ta r packages generally soc@$1 per roo lba less than q uot at ons for u ll zed hi ds FOREIGN AMSTERDAM May 5 -Messrs Schaap & Van Yeen TobaccoJ Brokers report to THE TOBACCO LEAF -No hmg part cular 10 A me carr T(}b uco f o r the past eek we have nether sal es o ar t vals to men! on A larJ<:e q ant ty of Sumatra tobacco :vas ur the market amo ng wh ch a good deal was of very fine qua ty wh ch caused much compel ton 6 48o bal s were sold '\]so ol ya'Va 2 546 ba es found buyer< In Man /Ia tobacco the market s also n ore act ve and not only !he stocK o hand was s o ld but 384 bales u der sa 1 also found >uye s Tl e qutl t y of th s tobacco 10 p oo r but pr ces are low I po ted I 84 2 bales of Java and I 7'16 bales S natra Stock to day 577 hhds ot Mary['IJld 19 do V g n a 65 do Kentucky 4 000 bales East lnd an 14 124 do Java 3 748 d m order The market as w1ll be seen from the pt ces quoted below was ve rv a mated and the ru1 ng h gh The late r a ns and warn weather had enabled the stemm rs to strike a_ large port on &f t he r str ps They now have plenty of room and we th nk good stet m g tobacco w1ll be n act v e demand n thts market for the balance of th e se ason Tl)e crop of Henderson cou nty I as nearly all been del vered and o ur suppl y for the balance o the season mus t therefore come from adJo n n g co nuea P a ters \\ho yet have crop on hand can find a bette market here for siemm 1g t ob acco than n any other Western market The 20 hhds sold as follows oo 3 oo 6 10 8 40 11 to 9 oo 3 35 9 oo u 85 7 6o s so 8 ll 75 8 35 8os 8 So 8 so 8 8s u 85 Soo L berty (Va) Bedford Star kfay 18 -Tobacco bas been commg n qu te freely d nng he prese nt week The pr ces obta ned for the week are v ery unsat sfac t ory to the pia ter as we happen too kno"' from personal ob oervat on


T H E T 0 B A C C 0 L E A P. MAY 23 ... X. FO&M.&Ni. :M. J. DOHAN. THOS. CARROL!. DOHAN,. CARROLL &; 00., -TOBACCO.'ll -ts IQ4 p (0. BOX 4365. NEW YORK. lt Alll!!.tS for the followiQ well-known and reliable Manufacturers: I. B. PACE, W. J. YARBROUGH & .SONS, JUBPIII a BRO., C, T. BINFORD a MYERS, L. H. FRAYSER a co., L J. GRANT & C02 W. OLIVER, T. W. PEIBEilTuN, W. CARROLL, and others. SOLE AGENTS FOR HE O.&IG1NAL able Coil, Bonne Bouabe, 48 an&6s,-Sirrg-1e lanci;Double Thick. / ALSO, AGEN:I R THE CEIJEBRAlfED -M IS W!Ulfol5 WICWM. WICKE co., Space Reserved N. y. CmnD1is&ton Dlercb"ttlr: BULKLEY & MOORE, MANUFACTURERS OF CXGAR BOXB11 153,. 157, 159 & 161 Goerck St.. I I -NEW YORK. IATEIIAI. 1liB 'smiUJll -lAD Dealers in and. German Ciaar Ribbons. ;FOR VIRGINIA Tobacco Commission Kerohanta -TCt .1! MARTIN & JOHNSON, COMMISSION MERCHANTS; 79 FRONT ST., Nt:W YORK. [ON JA&K & -BROWN DICK : 7rOBliPCO. t.a.rge Stocks of l/Ianu:facturea of Every Description, Suitable for th Home Trade and for Foreign Markets, :RO:BT. S. BOmNE, BIGH TONBD .SIDliNG TOBACCO D 25 PINE ST-REET, NEW YORK._ F. C. LINDE. C. F. LrNDE. C. C. HAMILTON. S. MARCOSO. R ASHCROFT. YORK SEBD LE!P TOBACCO INSPBCTION. TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. Certificates e-iven for every case, and delivered by case, as to number of Certificate. N. B.-We Also Sample in Merchants' Own Stores. '-F. C. LINDE & CO., Philadelphia Branch-E. W. Dickerson, 139 N. 3d St. PRINCIPAL \VaterStr<'et, 182 to 186 Pearl Street. WAREHOUSES-142 \Vater, '76 &:. 78 Greenwich Streets, and Hudson River RaH Road Depot, St, John's Par-k. BENSEL d: CO., TOBACCO INSPECTORS -AND-W .. 8 .. KI:M8ALL a VAN.ITY FAIR TOBACCO _AND CIGARETTES. MANUFACTURED TOBACCOS FAVORITE DARK. NAVY, ENCHANTRESS DARK NAVV, SWEET MORSEL DARK NAVY, HONEY AND PEACH BRIGHT NAVY, AND ALL POPULAR BRANDS OF FANCY AND LIGHT PRESSED. FINE CUTkMANUFACTUR'ED BY SPAULDING & MERRICK: OLD GLO Y, CHARM 01<' THE WEST, S'VEET HUH.LE'l', Q.tjEEN BEE, TRUlllPS, WIG WAG, BUGLE, IN PAILS AND BARRELS. DEPOT FOR E. T,. PILKINTON & CO.'S CELEBRATED 11 F.Rtl'I'l'S & FLOWERS" & "CO:M:MONWEAL'l'H" 'l'obaccos. 11ir PRICE LISTS FURNISHED ON APPLICATION. "'& H. WULSTEIN, (SUCCESSOR TO llORGFELDT & D -EGHUEE), PA.TE!VTEE (,\ND SOLE liiANUFACTURER IN THE U. S.) OF IMPROVED TOBACCO MACHINERY .. OFFICE-l.l.4 CENTRE ST., NE'W'YORK-I'. 0. Box 5091. CON5TANTLY' ON HAND THE BEST IMPROVED MACHINERY FOR CUTT!NG, GRANULATING & SIEVING TOBACCO by HAND or STEAM POWER. A variety of M achinery for Cittar Manufacture:rs, such a!'i for Cu1tin g or Granulating H avana and othe r F'tllers for Cigars. Stem Kollen, Bunching .Mac hines, Stemming Machines, and other Machines fo r and Flattening the Tobacco S tem in the Leaf, Cigar ette Machines, etc, The attention of Cigat' Manufacturers i1 e specially calted t o my newlyimproved . Hand Tobacco Cutting Machine for Cutting Scrap Fillings for Cigars. l. 'W ATlC:R STREET. CASES RECEIVED AND CERTIFICATES ISSUED AS USUAL. 1nto a "R.etainer in"3m0i5f and the soforme-l is;;;,--.., info the box oftne !"fachin_e for cutti!lg The: same cub from 8oo to 1,l:oo lbS Leaf Tobacco per day, from OUR BRANCH to_ a hal.f tnch savmg fully33 per cent. over 'th.e {ormer way of manufacturing J.P. HIER & CO. S yracuse, N.Y. i J. R. DECKER, Elmira, N .Y.; H. FORREST, Lancaster, Pa, j Ctgars; avotdtng the .st rtpptng; tn stems, or_ other waste; no dust; less Tobacco required, and better "E. W ISCHMEYER&: CO. Baltimo r e Md.: WM. WESTPHAL, ;:;":rtfoni. Ct. : J .P. CARL, Hatfield, Mtts!". pro4 u ced: and ts the only practtcable and rehable way of making a unilorm mixed Cigar. A J the lcadmgC1gar Manufacturers of New 'lork City are using this Machine. Ea:tra Feeding Attachment for MANUFACTURER OP PINE CIGARS. E-ta.b1f.ahect 1aae. CROSSLEY'S CIGARETTE MANUFACTURERS. Cuts any Kind of Tobacco Perfectly Even, Without Shorts. REFERENCES-A HEN &. CO.;_ LOZANS, PENDOS & co.; L. SIMONS & co., N.Y. Address J. CROSSLEY, 334 BROADWAY, N. Y. R. STBINECKR, M. NauBUKGBR NEUBURGER & STEINECKE, Importers of SPANISH and Dealers in I.EAF TOBACCO; COMMISSION MERCHANTS AND PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, 131 Maiden Lane, New York. H. KOENIG, WHOLESALE DEALER IN HAVANA AND SHHD LBAP T<>:EI.A..OO<>&o No. 329 Bowery, New York. C H A R LES FJ N K E Cutting_ Fine-Cut 1.; h e .wing or Straight-Cut for Cigarettes. For the same purpose, of cutting Havana and IAYBROTHER' s J .. othh_er F1ll ers o f _Cigars, I no!Y offer my lately-invented small-eize GRANULATOR. 'b n roBAOOO w IchLeafTobatc?canbecuttnto ev.en scraps m a .moist state, without makiug. dust. or shorts, INSPECTOR purpose, and entirel y d1tf'erent from my same siz:e Granula tOr for or C 1 1:are .tte 1 obacc{), It worh the Stems as well as the Lea\'es, and hn a c apacity of JAS. M. GARDINER, TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANT, S4 Front Street,-Ne'W' York) IS RECEIVING DIRECT FROM VIRGINIA CONSIGNMENTS OF MANUFACB. SCBOVERLING, JMPOR.TER8 OP :. '\ J trum JC""O to 400 lbs p e r day.()] he Report of the Jud.res of Awanls of the Centennial E xhibition refers parti-r rr J c u \ llr l y t:-flie efficiericy, u niforinitjr'of cutting and hie h speed with which it cuts Leal Tob acco, also to the :French Ciga.rette ::tper, 15.$ WATER STREET, ub'!'"''"1 and du"ble .-lmactec of the .am e. nd t o the modrate prire Lwhicb it is solrt to the Trade. DUFIANN;BBOS. L. F. s. 'L. MAITLAND. OF FINE CIGARS, c ROBERT L .. MAITLAND & co., .. 128 ... 131-GB.AlVD'STBJIBT, XBW 'rOBE .... ;Tobacco and,Cotton Factors, ; > SN"OVV'S And General Commission Merchantst -PEERLESS CA-D BOLJ)BR. 1 Patented in Eneland; France, 'Cnited States and Canada. ALEXANDER MAITLAND. -13 BB.OAD STBBBT, NBW YOBK. .The Benefits of the Card Holder applied to Cigar Box are Many. .u>V ANCElllENTIJ MADE ON CONSIGNMENTS TO LOND,Oif AND LIVERPOOL. ,. It Jlrrk... -16o PEA'RL ST., N11:w YoaL F"Q' R E lciN lmpoTQf.BACCO ; JEdA. i BERNHEIM, J; D. DEK!I.iiiG k COB,ALTIMORE, Ma, I IKP!JRTERS OF _1,76 FROlfT WKELm:IG, SCBAEFD IG CO., 1.. I l'l'EW YOU:. BAY AN, A TOBACCO. NEW ORLEANS, LA. _, WKELJ:ZIG .t CO., And. OXG-.A.B.J!ia. .. LouiSVILLE, KY. 18" !'EAIL NEW :mcuun. FELIX GARCIA, UP:MANN, CBAS. S9R, _TOBACCO lmportenof SPANISH and Deal.-. !n aH lttndoo6 IMPORTER OF JIAVANA LEAF7 It a aniform appearance andba6 an attractive effect. TOBAcco 8. CIGARS ARE DAMAGED from Handling I \ AND LEAF TOBACCO, e D. tJ'. do CO COMMISSION MERCHANTS a n d Arranging the Pric e Cards; this avoich; it. 1 9 greatly by the Trade, :.nd aiJs purchaier in making se:ectlons. r Al.'l. d c a rs 17S PE.UL S'mDT 194 Front Street,-&lo1e THE STEELE & JOHNSON MANUFACTURING CO., 167 Water Street, 44 Broad Street, New Y9rk I l'IIEWYOB.K KII'W TOBIE. BRANCH HOUSE GARTH &. CO., Ninth ana Market Sts., Louisville, K s. E TKOM.PSOJ(. No. 78 Reade and 99 Cburcb Streets,___New Yor.k DEPOT WITH A. HEN & CO., 43 LIBERTY ST., NEW YORK. E. P. GILSO.. G. REUSENS, s. E. TBUMPSOR & co., BUYER OF COPE'S TOBACCO PLANT' tnuta AID ...,.. ,. .a. MONTB:r.T 3'0'U'Bl't'.U. ro soB.!I:as. _"",_ A 0 B A C v O, Published at Ia. 10 LORD IELSOI STREET, UVERPOOL, EI&LAIIID. &enwal commission Merchants, Price Two Shillings (English> per &D STREET, 0 WhereSobocriptioasmaybeaddftued,orto 'THE TOBACCO LE.F" OPFICE. A PARKER.""' H. HOLMES. JS. COLT. SIMON KANDLEBAUK, SpeciaL ,..., 54 & s6 BR 0 A.D ST., ,NEW YORK-A,JIERIO.ur SUBSORJP'I'IOlfS. '75 errs PER AXNUJI, POSTAGE PAID. ;p, O. Box 3498. NEW YORK. SAWYER, WALLACE & CO., 3'. r. Q'VJJI' oo., COMMISSION MERCHANTS, TOBACCO PAGTORS, -Western and Virginia Leaf, No. 47 Broad Street, ;39 BROAD STREET, .r-, NEW YORK. F. \V H: SntBEa.T. F. W. TATGENHORST & CQ., TO:BACCO -AND&DERAL BROAD STREET. NEW YORK. & BROTHQ)-.---KENTUCKY LEAF TOBA-CCO -18 DB.OAD STD.EET; .. 'Y'ork.. P. 0. BOX NEW YOR. A. H. __ &i:OTTON AND General Commlsslon Mercbant, No. 66 BROAD STJ.!>E!)T, N Y. PARKER, HOLMES & CO., Manufacturus of the Celebrated NERVE J. E. SxroN, Sec'y and Treas. HtRAM GRANGEa, Supt. WALDB, Mt&BAW CO., MANUFACTURERS OF G-:::I:...O:a:&l FINECUT CHEWING &SMOKING! TOBACCOS, $.1, 33 &. 35 Atwater St-., East, DETROIT, MICH. NEW YORK. ESTABLISHED 1822. UCOPNERAGEN SNUFF," Manufactured only by WEYMAN & BROTH'ER, Secured by Letters Patent, December 26, r86J. Any infrinl'ement on our Copyright wlll b e rigoroualy prosecuted. WM. M .. PRICE,. E. SPINGARN & co., LEAF TOBACCO, 119 Maiden Lane NEAR w -'*TERSTREET, NE"W'-YORK. NEW YORK. ]. L. GASSERT. if. L. GASSERT. J. L. GASSERT & BR07, CODISSION MERCHANTS. AND lJJAL.EKS IN ALL KINDS OF f _.....__ JUtTO!P.UUL .... K !JI'F'8j,15]l. G. R.E;ISlYIANlV, Commission Merchant, AND JD"&ALBJt: lM ALL EllfDS OP LEAF T .OBACCO, 'I l.SS Pearl Street, LEAP TtBACCO, NEW YORK. No. 180 Water St., New 'fork. N. LACBENBRUCH & BRO., BASCH & FISCHER, No.164 Water Street, New York, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA WHOLJtSALll DLU.&RS IH AND PACKERS OF HA YANA & DOMESTIC SBHD LBAP T 0 B A c c 0' Leaf" Tobacco. wE-rMAN & Buo.. 155 Wate St., 7-9&r.Sl=:Smr.ithfirn"e-ldi"S-treiietii, r_a_ _:N:,:E:,:W::...,.Y:.,:O::,R::K L. GBRSBBL 1: BRO., JOSEPH i ALMIRALL, CAMPBELL LANE" D .. co. / PACKERS AND DEALERS IN IMPORTER OF UONLY FINE" HAVANA LEAF T o B A c co. ... MANUFtCTUR.ERS OF SEED LEAP TOBA""o, 16 CEDAR YORK. rOBACOO AND CIGARS, uu -SPANISH CICAR RIBBONS: AND o:.ucns nr Droad Red, s-8 72 ya rds, $ SNUFF, PIPES. etc., 19 I PEARL STREET, l 5 8 7'J yards, 1 70 ... Ill mow 35 AT 484 STREET, IIEli!IARI L GnsHaL, -AND iN C..U.UWELL. N .(. 5 NEW --___. 0 ._


MAY 23 li \. .-"Acoa-ssxKaLL, 1 a. :a:. scovii.LE do. FRIEDMAN & FREisE,.; CviGAMAftNUFAC_TlJ8.REQ .. (!/VXE1.S,I tSUCCE!ISORS TO PALIIIER .. liCOVILLE,) IliiPORTEBll I OF :tKPOE.T:m:as OF S:lf'.A.ln:sa G SCHRODER d: BON ""'"'TQ':BA._ 0 C 0. H l VAN A ,:. lO BAC 0 ; -No. 178 WATER STREET, YORK, Ko. 1,.0 WATBB. STB.EET, WE'W -203 Pearl Street. New_ York. .. t lmporters oC Spanish OOJ!MECTICVT SEED LEAW WRAPPER OF OUR OWN -AND_ SUPERIOR. },IAX.E AND Prime Quality of CEDAR HERMANN BATJER PACKERS OF DOMESTIC 293. 295 & 297 Monroe St., MANUFACTURERS. OF CIGARS COMMISSION MERCHANTS &_D!POR'l'ERS OF LEAF 'T:08ACCQ.,. AND ; c --..y 1::pe:ss. .. NEW YORK J WAREHOUSE 0 F.LEGANT CIGAR SHOW CASES cs .) FOR HOTELS AND <.OOERS. CJor. W,Br-dway&-Reade St., NewYorJr. THI GEniAl AIEIIUI Bll(, BROADWAY, cor. Cedar St. :XEW YORK. Capital, $1,000,000. l.very facility afTorJed to Dealers and Correspoodeob consi stent with Sound Bankina. H. ROCHOLL, President. Jll. f BEADING. C01h!.r. WM EGGERT & CO. IMPVRTERS OF ::EEA.VANA. AND IN LKAP TOBACCl 171 PEARL STREET I ltEW YORK. '' :Branch, 94 Main St., Cincinnati, O -E. & G. FRIEND & CO., Im. tKJrters and Dealenlu :LEAP 129 Maiden Lane. Gus FRnNo, NEW YORK 1"/ S. BABNETT, Importer of HAVA:N A AND JOBBE R IN SEED LEAF TOBACCOS, 162 Water Street, New York. :It &. S. STERNBERGER, AND No. 44 EXCHA.NGE PLACE, N. V. Draw Bills o f Exchange on tbe principal cities e Europe ; issue Cl r c u ar ofCredi.ttoTravt!lers, and grant Commercial C ... cd1ts: rcetve Mc. n.ey on Deposit !iiuLjec to Sight C h ec:k s, upo n w h lch lnte r est will \)..., allowed; attentio n to the DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 176 & 180 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. 77 W .A.'r:Z:a S'l'., NEW YOltE_____ __;,;_. !:S. T.:E.:MESSENCER"' CO. UIPORTERS AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO IN BALES AND HOGSHr.ADS FOR FOREIGN MARKETS .ALLEN CO., 173 and I 75 CHAMBERS ST., YORK, WHOLESALE DKALERS AND AGEl'ITii FOR. All New York Tobacco Factories: P. Lorillard & D. H. McAlpin&. Co., Thos. Hoyt & Co.ll Etc. W. T. BLADELL & .DURHAM, N". o. ALSO AGENTS FOR IAHBUR& SEAL OF NORTH -CAROLINA And Othe r BrPods. JOS. G. DILL, TURPIN BROTHERS, JACKSON, TURPIN & Co.; And a Number of Other _l"'actories. SEKD FOR PRICE LIST. Produces th e fines t Make& no crea3 e in tlte bunchu. ]Jfaku a p.-r.fect head. Pre&.-rvu tlu flavo r oj thi tobacco. IIARKo O.f our manufacture are guar anteed uperior i n quality and finul to any other. Belld fer Llll of SlnL SPECIAL S IZEI MADE TO ORDER. N. DUBRUL & CO. WISE FA.OTQEl..:J:E& : 614, 616, 618, 620, 714, 716, 718 IINTH STREET ; and 420, 422, 424 and .426 TEITI OFFICE-53, 55 and 57 F:t..A.Cli:, Licorice. Paste; BENDBEIM POWDERED LICORICE, GUM ARABIC, OLIVE OIL, OTTO C. J Tonqua Beans, I 2 I BOWERY, New York' And all other for Flavoring used by Manufacturers, including the Pnest R .. T.FAUCETT&CO/S PAVOBITB DlfBHAI Essential Oils, W H. Schieffelin & Co., 170 and 17:3 WILLIAM STBEE'l', NEW YOBlt. r Negotiation of L oa n s \ Tlu wrapp.-r combinu with th1 filler pu.fectly at in hand-made cigars. MANUFACTURERS, CI:N"CI:NN" .A.'rJ:, 0. TOBACCO, HAVA tc 130, 132 &. 1 _34 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK, J. SC:a:MITT, IMPORTER OF AND DEALER IN LEAF TOBACCO, 162 Water Street, New York. CUTHRIE a. CO., 1116 Prcmt ........ CO'fOOSSION KEltCIIANTS. AJID < [ BALEIS OF TOUICO FOR EXPORT I Lea Tobacco J>Teaec11u ba1eo for die Welt ladltl, Mexican and Central Amerlcaa Porta, and otllu mar. keta. TOBACCO PAC!:KED IN HOGSHEADS. LEDERER & FISCHEL.' DEALERS IN Seed Lea:C AND No 'l'unlng of the BunehnNecmal')'. Are MORE DURABLE tha.n Wooden Molds. OTer 300,000 in Use, ) 11.1Jd th1 d1mnd l ncruuing GIVE TREK A TRIAL. fl. ORDENSTEIN,Amt No. 306 :Broa.d.waT1 NEW YORK. r ADOLPH MOONELIS, 345t TBIB.D' AVEKVE, :NBW YOB.B., MANUFACTt' REI,l OF THE CI!.LEBRATED BRANDS OF J.\11: AT AN Z A : S THE ''NEW YoRKBOSS" HA:VAlf'A: TC>B.AOCJC> MAIJE WITHOUT PAPER. LOBENSTEIN & GANS WHOLESALE DEALERS IN HA VANA .TOBACCOS, OITICE c. K. coon & en. 92 Chambers St. NEW YORK. AVA N A T OBAC c 0 I O::J:G-A.B. H Used and };ndo,...d by the Principal Monufactunm. ">'PRICE 011' 8TAliiP, with Manufacturers Dame, ll'l.'t PUlL liTBJ:ET, NJi:W '!OBit, Lor. .tion, Box ol Dates good for ll;iabt Yearo, Pads. Flgureo, etc., compieto, 110 (). O. D. ) W H TERWILLIGER PRENTICE'S A. O.A:TMAN, &I&n saPJNP MOULD IMPOB.TI!.B. OF LATE oF TERWILLIGER ,. co.. 11 n 0 PATEJITEB OP THE AND RETAINERS. H A v A N A Welded Steel a.nd Iron ALSO, JOBBERS IN ALL KINDS OF VIRGINIA .. NORTH CAROLINA PLUG Al\"D SMOKING TOBACCOS. V MTIRBZ A f IUPORTDS OJ' HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO i) AKD KANUFACTUa<!l OJ' THB. EL PRINCIPE DB &AL!nS BRAND 011' BAVAl'IA A!lfD XBV WEST CIGARS, 1.90 'fiEARL ST., NEW YORK. MANUFACTURERS OF FINEST BLEAR HAVANA CIGARSt llighest lS76, hiladelphia,. ALSO IMI'ORTERS Oi" B:. w. laUCB:S, KANIH'ACTURlresses, Straps a (J Cutters, <2153 S.OUTH STiiEET, .N. Y. g V. VALL.& URI, 1260 BROADWAY, NEW.YORK, SIMC)N-.. STRAUSS, DIRECT IMPORTATION OF MANUFACTURER OF 'Tnrkisb Loaf ana Gi[arottos CICAR BOXES tc .SHOW ALso MANUFAcTuRER oF Im:porter of and Dealer in S:panish Ribbons, DIIIIJE GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS, PRESSES/ STRAPS, CUTTERS, _____ .. :) l,.S. 181 :r.BWIS STB.!IBT, :NBW YOBB.. WM. GLACCUM, JACOB SCHLOSSER GLACCUM & SCBLOSSBB IIJANUIP'A.CT11RER8 OP ) 15 RIVI]!JGTON STREET. NEW' YORK., Proprietors of the Celebrated Brand "REPUBLIC" and "HIGH AND DRY."" Internal nevenue Eooks. The Original Internal R evenue Publishint C. JOURCEN8EN, f SOLE TO ESTlE A SMIT11, P. 0 Box ,,617, 3T LIBERTY IT., J'l, 'lr P... 2 llraa:u!ing Irena ana. Stencils a SJWlt1, ... G) Q) .. '""' .; P::R.:J:N"TXN"Or :::::= J'ft Of .. ery description at Lowest Prl.,_ II of'4 Q. W Ill' r.i lEND FOR. PRICES. PtJi.4 P ... !! PtUG TOBACCO MACHINERY. ... ... 'f) 0 i>1 b 'f>l 1 ee &:a. r:l 0.; 8 John Robertson &. Co., 1 5 .s tl! TUBAL CAll IROM WORKS, 1 E-f ee o Iii k :=I 127, 129.&: 131 WATE:a&'l'., llROOXL1N, N.Y. l = ID ::l .... A k r ,.'4.0 1'1 ..... G), c "' w l "' P. e : n 0 c e ;;:;:el r. Pt ee N b '"' efol. "" Ft'"" ... ; oc ii IJ JULIAN AllEN, Seed-Leaf and TOBA.OCC>, 172 Water Street, N. 't Me.nufact,.re HVDRA. LIC:: PalliD ... PUMPS&VALVES,FINISH.6R PltESiilil8....t. POTS anol DIVISION PLATES. "BOX PRESSES,IllON SEG!IIE:WTS, BAND aD4 BOLTS 'or PLUG TOBACilO l!IANUP'I.C 'l'URERS. A.J,SODIPPIIIGANDWRJII& lNG J!I,\CHINES llli7 OUR Ill Y IS Il'i USE DV THE lii08T EXTEN!iiVII PLUG T OBA(lCO J\1,\NUI.'ACTURERS lllr ruE 'VOl\LD. The Jurl!l*"S Report o t th.e very higbelj;to rder. anti Medal and at Lbo Ctwte nnia.l Exhibition for Hydraulic Pte.s.sea.ancl., Pumps. -


KNECHT, SMITH & Op., IR'.8CBBIOR8 To' IITEINER, !JMI'I'H BROS, .. KN:ECHT, DEALERS IN ALL K l NDS O F t LEAF TOBACC9, A'ND K..&li1JTACTURERS OF AND DEALERS I1'f CIGARS. 131 Korth Tlaird Street, Phila:d:e:lp:h:ia===::: TEl.lER BROTHERS, Paokers, Commission Merchants; and Wholesale Dealers Foreign and Domestic Leaf Tobacco, 117 North Third 'lStreet, Philadelphia. .._ THE T 0 B A C C 0 I.E A F. L. ""'" GUNTHER, GENERAL : COMMISSION MERCHANT, AND TOBACCO FACTOR, No: Q &O"'TEr GA. "'JZ" 21Ar.T,XOltll, W. EISENLOHR r Liberal Advancements '!!ade on. Consignments to my Address. PACKERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN LEAF T 0 B A C C 0, 11.fJ &. S't., W. EISENLOHR, S : W. CLAR K PBTL. BO NN. __ -_ '-L._BAMBERGER & CO., -DEALERS IN .LEAF And Manufact1..1 rers b f all Grade$ of C .lgars, J 11 Arcn St., hlladelphfafPa.r --L IEWIS BREMER'S SONS, Wholesale Dealers ia 'LEAl'" AND MANUFACTURED NO. NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. c.. larj!'e assortment of all kinds of LEAF ToBACCO constantly on hand. A M ANATB:A.IV & CO., Packers, Commission Merchants CEQ. KERCKH.OFF tc COu Packers of Seed. I!ieaf AND DEALERS IN SPANISH TOBACGOS, 49 South Charles St., Baltimore. Jld. c;. G'JI:O. KERCKHOFF, GEO. f' l1l'IVERZAG'l', MADE I N ALL SHAPE S AND W E I G HTS. 11ctur m of LEJF T!JBACCQ PINE CIGARS, C ,, h t Aud Dederin ommlSSlOn a.n s LEAF TOBACCO, l 37 North '7th St. Office, S. W.ICor. and Vine Streets, And :10:1 Chestnut Street, KEYSTONE CLAY TOBACCO PJPE WORKS. PHILADELPHIL F. X. KELLY, Jr., 1 JIJANl1PAcTuRERs oF PIR.sT-cLus J. RIIALDO sh' i a co. MANUFACTURERS AGENT FGR -11 Plug & Smoking Tobacco, !1_. TOBACCO, 106 Arch St., Phlladelpllla, PL .-::--nEvERAL 11QUAISNSDII\)f vt'Rf1HANTS, HARRIS, PENJNGTON, PRJCE & CO., tJ 11 1J U Blll 1J BUCHANAN a &!il, ,..., s a 9Lf..1d 10 T NAVY, 1. 3a, .11 &1, 9s and lOs. 'AJ!N(JT LYLE'' BRIGHT NA.VY, I e. 3a, lh, 61, 7a, 8a, Da and 101. "UNION JA.C1[J > llf-AH9G-A--JifV POUND!J, )\a 0:nd 5o, "ST. JAMES, DARK. POUNDS, JS, 4a, & a 61, 2'1, 81 9& and 10a I Ab l s o b li{E' Y J S'l' :J .;,veral grade and M a h ogany under the fallawtnr ...., ce e rate. r : 1 "ADI\I.I&ATJ:OK TB01\M.4111D'2' "umAB.-r o.r cor.D,;, A" .r.ZV:E: oAB.," "KABoB," ":DII SOTO and OOKQ'U'IIBOB." The are OUR Ag.enlllo for the Salt= of:lt.ANUE"ACTURED GOODS-C. W. VAN ALSTINE, No. 1 3 CentraL Wharf, Boston, Ma s s ; P. CAVANAGH, a u d +3 Wabaa h Avenue, C h icnt t Wl1 h t h e wo; d "W EODt NG C A K E w t:! ell p l ul( a n d i n fiYt: und 1 h e hant1s .. me-s t th1ng out. A I so r s of lhe followin'l" popu';:n brands._ VO NAVY, BANNER NAVY, GOLDEN NAVY, OLD TO. U N \VT BANNER SPUN ROLl., LADY' S FINGERS, l.Oo, MAIDENS BLUSH LIBERTY, 4o, GOLDEN BAll, OUR DAULIMG s. ""d lO' S o VORA., 6s, BLA.t;K. PRINCE, 6.-, 8 aud lUi 11' Goods Ma nufactured to O rder at :shurt n o tice. RICHMOND. VA. :a. A. KXI.I.S, Tobacco Broker AND General Commission Merchant, OFFICE IN TOBACCO EXCHANGE, SHOCKOE SLIP, RICHMOND, V.&. -1JAJ\:VILI E, J. E. HAYNES, DEALE R IN W ES7:SRN LEAF 'TOBACCO, 27 South Street, St. J :H. PRICE, DANVILLE, VA., HAVING EIGHT YEARS' EXPERIENCE, I Olfera bls Services for tbo PURCHASEoflEAFTOBACCO R-::fers to the Bank and BD!linen M e n J. L .IPENN, ]. PENN. J. L. 'PENN & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS FOR THE PURCHAS E OF L'li:AF 'rO:BACCO -AMD-TOBACCO STEMS, :N'. o. FALLENSTEIN .t SON, TOBACOO. COMMISSION :annno:.=:. A NT .. -BRE.MEN


MAY 23. THE T 0 B A. c C 0 I suTao a NEWMARK '1HR>-E POUNIJSTO TIIE ACRE.BY R. BILLINGS-( From th e Hattjord Coumflt.] Tht: accOUk' l MANUFACTURERS OF which I now propose to g ive I have C -r-r'::!,_ A from a relmole gro,.cr o! tobacco who ..... rt-sides in my own town, and whos e '# 'tatement m ay be relied upon. The AND DEALERS IN LEAF IIIQBACCQ ohacco I saw alter it was strippeq, and I' "'u" ay tha i: was tne finest leaf (in 76 p MlK PLACE. YORK. tt'xture) that I ever saw. The ground :;:;:;:;;:1 .IIIJII_... thoroughly and evenly manured, and early in June. I should ad t singuln part of the account given. Re actually set as many plan lS on. the acre :lS most grow ers would have planted on two. Tht: rows were about two and a half feet apart and the hill s -about 14 inches; per haps a little nearer. 13,ooo plants w ere transplanted on the fie ld and when gtow n it was almost to S\t<:ke r tt. Ir was hung very thick, and at least 500 pounds sweat a11d turown away, z,soo pounds of good wrappers were secured,-and soldJor 25 cents a pound I thmk in z863. The lea f was sothin that fears were tho.t i; would not sweat well, and whether it did or not i,; not known to the grower or myself, as it was 'sent to Philadelphia and "as not afterwards heard from. We have given this account, in part because I here is so much being said among the !!,TOwers in regard to close Centennial Medals awarded for Beauty of POPULAR 1 Ianting, and also because many are of tne opinion tltat z,ooo pounds wil l be the average yield of tobacco in the val ley for all times. N-:Jw', we do not rlaim to foresee how the change will be brougt about, but it is pretty certain that KERBS a SPIESS, growing in this valley is yet in ... turers of Cl" .LV""' u..L'-" "' skill and knowledge in its growth. We ADd Deale-S iD LEAF ... OBAOOO, venture to pedict that a larger yield per ,.-.&. acre wtll be one of the new features of this 1014, 1016, 1018, 1020 SECOND AVENUE, change or progress, and that this end 310, 312, 314 FIFTY-FOURTH STREET. will be secured without sacrificing the A DiiOiiLiiFIIiiKiERiiRiliSiii. ----]!Q"-:J!I ....... "F .. C>iiiii:A.iiii:&:.iii'i.' -LOU .S.PlESS.. tex IU re of the leaf. If 2 ,500 pounds can be grown on an acre, then it may L K., FOSTElt. ED. HILSON. RUDOLPH WYMA'N Safely b e affirmed that a Still larger BELIA.NnE OJilAR MANUPACTORY.J yteld may be secured, and yet retain a U U fine color and a sof t. even texture. FOSTER, HILSON It, CO., ROKOHL BROS. 81. iSOELTERJ I 77 IG 79 C:EA.KBERS S'l'. 3 Doors West of Broadway, N. Y.. MANUFACTURERS oF 1 .MANUFACTURERS OF PINE CIGARS I I Fine Cigars, AND SOLE PROPRIETQl tobacco c_.rce 11 -________ ....;_....; _____ ,;,.' --lbedbyP!eromeot,under C:.rectron of a IoGenaaaythedaty American leaf tobacco ls 4 per loo IN. Ia Bel&'lu. tM imoo.t ta .4.A ,.ert"' eme-ts. reckoned after deductlnrr 15 per cent. llor tare. The duty lo IJ fta- lAo., .... umeo C$ rotd) per '"" Kllognmmea (Joo Amerlcaa tbo eqn"l45li tlloa.) In Holland tbe daty Is 28 otnte, gold, per 100 ktloL Ca8o AIDericaa WM I BROOKS pounds W-.equal tcna7 oo leaftobaccola roabli!o 10 kooeiUI ... plld; on -De tobacco I'Ollbt .... cop. pud, and on cfrran roo. ""cop. per pod. The "pad" Ia equal to allout S5 Crayler Street' New Orlean.J La. Amerlca lbo. Ia Turkey the duty Ia so eenu, gold, per uX AmerlcaA ouocea. .. la EftllaDd tile dUUea are on aDIDUafactarecl: eteam:ed or dripped !lDd aMteaaect, coalaiaiDI ro Jbe or awre of moistu .. io e .. !'J'ICe lbe. theh'of (besldet: s ber cent., and aa additloaal charp of "tC GENERAL AGENT for,the GENUINE GBW PDIIT PBBIRDB 1 TOBACCO __ ted abooel p. 6d pe1' lb. On manufactared: Ca..,adlab and Nephoad (..V or .._ per II>; aD other ltlndo 40o per lb. I -A.1'IID &EO. E. BOVEE'S CELEBRATED I .., II C AvVERTISING RATES. e e reole, Creole, Peerless. Cen ONE SQ.UARE IU Nonpareil LIDeo.) tennlal a d u 01 VI I U Over One One Year, $3"" I Over Twu Columns One Year. SAn e rg ,ny : do do SIX Months, ,,oo do do Hx Mont he 1o oa d9 do Three Months, 10 oo 1 do do Three Mnrth. a?..oo. OXG.A.El.ET-1:&::&. TWO IJQU >\.RES ( 28 Non)>areU Ltaea.) PERW>17JII D 01'IIL OverTwoColumns,OneYear............ ................. Jn$oa -Y BY THE POUND. SIUPMENT!!I do do Six Month $,8.oo I do do Three OF CIQA.RIIITTES AND PERIQUE MADE TO FOREIGX FOUR SQUARES !66 Nonpareil Linea.) COUNTRIES, JN BOND DIRECT FROM NEW ORLEAl'IIS. Over Two Oue Year ................. .. ................... Joo.oo T:OOB. SALE. I .1.' A]Freslo. Supply ol 100.000 Poan ht nenuine Flavor for SMOK.lH"G l'O.tSACCO Manufactur.-rs. in lilts to suit purr:h::asP-rs. atlC-".-:!!! figures MARBUK.c..; lli UlTIH ;RS rl!, 147 and 149 S. Ch.arle Baltimore, Md.. do d& Su Months, $11s.oo I do do Three Montba, 6o.oo PAGE-One Square, (14: Noaparell Linee.) Over 1wo One Year .................................. PAGE RATES -One Square, 114, Noupare.U Llneo.) 1 }lrf"e Months .................. ................... ................... Jas oc "'llX, Mo-;tth!! ..... -.. $400>! I One v .. ar ..................... 75 00 I r. Advec"tisem .en l!!l on _the Potg-w, 30 Cetlts pet' {.int: 101 ;:.;tmt:s a.oue u1 Dirt>ctory of Advcrtuat"rs.' Olllit .. ea.r ,. ............ \ ................


,. \ THE TOBACCO LEA :F. YAY 23 HOYT & CO., MANUF ACIVRERS OF FXNE-CUT Tobacco lWiaDufaot ,a.rtne, JOHN & CO. NANt!FA.CTURERS. OF TH& SOLACHun!do TDBACGOS 114 l 116. UBRTY. 'STREET; 'SEW YORl{, ; Her to t'.Je attt:,U:ton of the t)ealP.rf' fn Tobacco throug'hout tile Uni1ed and the World t<> thdt (lELEJIRATED SOLACE FINE-CUT CHEWING TOBACCO. 'Which i's oOce ""more manufactured under the of the oridnator, MR. JOHN ANDERSON, and now. a t a.nde, as formerly, without a rivah Otdera fonraTded through the usual channels will wHI meet-prompt attention. -LICORICE. J T()baoco Broke ..... -LI_C_O_R-IC-E. P--_A_S_T_E-. "OHN. CA'fTUS:' w Lus "' co. TOBACCO BROKER Tobacco manufacturers and tbe t-rade in general are particularly requested to examine and test the superior prop erties of t his LICORICE, which, being now brought to the highest perfection is of. fered under the above of brand. We are also SOLE AGENTS for the brand 1" Q. "-G. 0. Acknowledged by consumers to be the best in the market. And for the brand of Licorice Stick J 4 27 Pearl & ireet, NEW YORK. ..... ---------tm!S. B. PISCBEB & BRO., Tobacco Brokers, -tal Wate:r St., NEW :YORK. KINNICUTT & BILL, CHEWING AND SMOKING 'l'OBAOOOS & SKOrl'. OUR BUNDS CHEWING: J. F. FL.ACC &. co 1'16., us FIRST sT., BROOKLYN, E. u,. In all r6spects equal to CALABRIA. BROKERS IN a .. o&"W,..1rIIDDI, W.&!nOB.&.L M2nuracturersoftheCeiebratedBrandaf. Consumers Jobbets would do WESTERN & YIRCINIA Harvest Surprise & Seaside F well to apply direct. E F T 0 B A c c 0 BUG'B'Z' OWBW, :lllr.nLA G.&VBWDISB, W.&JIOB. 404 A> 406 PEAD.L ST., liEW YORK, I Lleorlee Root, Seleet aad Ordbuary eoa L A Galaxy, Iva.:thce and Bellwether, GranulAted ataaur llad. I ..1.. R. SMITH. l General Pal'tll-f, S. COYSTOCIC, f, W LO'CKIJIIOOD, Special Fimi001JOilyBoysandRcdJaCI8UOil!CUt. ARIUIIBAU, WAUIS l CO.; &2 ST., NEW YORK. All Grades snutr. 29 & Sl South W'llliam Street CtfARLi8 P. OSBORNE, LICORICE PASTE AND STICKS. JAMES G. !robucoo Bro7t:er, II'. w. llo STEKL-.t EXTRA, P. S. BA.B.A.CCO AND PIG:L\' t\ TELLA, DE D.OSA., EXCELSIOR MILLS 4:. FA. VORITE llllO.IoS POWDERED LICOIUCE, GUlli A.RA.BJC, OLIVE 01L, TO:sq,UA. HEA.liS. And a'l Soecialties for T onacco Manufacturers. No. M BROAD STREET, NEW YORK M. RADER & sON, TOBACCO BROKERS No. 50 Beaver Street, I CIG!RETITS,'TOBA.CCOS Pa.tcnt Powd.ered Licorice, NEW YORK. k WEAVER & STERRY, Importllrs A. SHACK. WIBUCHAN AN k L y Al}t::LL. NO. 24 STREET. TOBAGCO BROKER, Oft'ioe :-54 :Sroa.d St., :Ne'W' York.-P.o.Box 177ll. 0 .. No. I 29 Maiden Lane. Factory:-No. 2 FIRST DISTRICT, SOUTH BROOKLYN. I X L .. NEW YORll_. (p TOBACCOS_ LIGOI\ICE POWDERED LIQUORICE. u PLUG. NAVY .. ls, X, 31, 41, .IS., 81, 'T, 81, 9s, 181. 1, .. 31. 4e. &a, 6&, 'fs, Sa, 9&, 101. MITCHELL. Double.Thlck,brt. drk. MAGGIE BUCHA.NA.N", lOo.-11 JACK OF CLUBS. Po-do. TECUMSEH, "l Also all other j'ra"des of ld Fine-Cut 111d Smoking Tobaccos, i'l DETROIT, MICH. Aside .from paddn2" our ., AMERrCAl EAGLE" and 'CLIPPER .. in 'the usu;jl .aized 10. ao, .c.o and 6o ltH. We also put both of these u p ve r nicel) in 0UNC"II': Fou. .;)acked in N, anri J!i Gross boxu. Uber31 pri.;es made to the Ye beg to call tbe attention of Toh.acco Manfactnre LYA.LL, 'Nw York JA.II. B. PA.CE. Rchmond Vo P. JI..I.YO ._BRO., W. V:&liABLE ._CO., Peteubnrg, Va. JOrZ&R BROS., Louisville, Xy. HENRY WULSTEIN, (8-rto Borllf'eldt 41:. Deh .. ,), MANVFACTVaKU OP TOBACCO .SEALING WAlt !ad Importers of Gly(erine, Dmgs. 0Dms, &e. WilliND St.. lll'ew lrork. Z. COEDI:Z & CO., Importers ar::J. !\1anufacturen of GERMAN Allo"D SCOTCH Heinrich Goebel Sollne, Genuine &rossalmerode Pipes, 129 Maiden K. 1r. EliTA.BLISHED U'lllo GERARD BETTS & CO., General AuctiQneers AND-COMMISSION MERCHANTS, STORE AND SALESROOM: 1 OLD SLIP l 104 PEARL STREET, lOne door from Hanover Square} NBW YORE. Cigar Manufacturers informed that we are Able to supply the Trade with fint.cJan PACKERS at short notice. Pleaae address ccrreapoodeace to the CIGAR PACKERS' SOCIETY, S. MICHALIS & CO., 115 E. Houston Street: or E. M. GATTERDAM (Coatrollor of Vacaacieo), ,09 Norfolk Street, New York City. hOWABD SAIIGER & CO., 412 to 4(8 BroadWIJ, Mew York. CHARLES A. WULFF, Ag't Lithographer, Printer & Manufacturer "FRUIT G AKE'" MAHOCANY, All CIGAR RIBBONS. "' P X 0 NEE 'R," Dark, all-Sizes. co.NsliAJSTLV oN HAND A FULL AsA of our Celeb.rated of PLUG TOBACCOS w,i11 convince all parti....s of Uie W .ON.. SORTMENT, MARKET --oE.B.FUL MERITS ccmtawed Faetory: 8alearoo: p L u G T 0 B A c iC 0 IT. / BROTHERS,.HAVANA tc, SEED '"' ALEX, E. VAN RAIIDOHR. VB BAIDOBB & CO., LEAF TOBACCO, 1183 WATER STREET,' "" NEW YQRK,l Cash Advanced on Coosi.-nmnt. LIBERAL ADVANCEMENTS :MADE ON q:>NSIGNMENTS. .._ ... ________ .. 165 WATE ST., lEW YORK.


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