The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (12 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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) /. / v o L. x vr. ---No. 3 o. !ESTABLISHED 1864.] NEW. YORK,-,SATUR:QAY, AU-GUST MAIDEN L.ANE,.;lJ CorDer of Pea.rl .Street. WHOLE NO. 810 I 84 88 STREET, NEW YORK, Importers. of TO ba,cco, ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE LA ROSA KEY WEST HAVANA-Ci-GARs. I j 220 Pearl __ o_r_k.____.:. MCFALL & LAWSON -MANUFACTURERS OF THEHavana. Scraps and Cuttings for Sale. V. MARTINEZ YBOR & 190 &'tree't, 'Y.'e:rk, C>F =HAVANA .A.:n.d. Packers or SEED TOBACCO,<} N'o. 160 'VV'a.'ter N"e-vv "York. M. LILIENTHAL a co., B AYANA TOEI.A.CCO, N'o. 177 PE.4..:EI.X..." BT:EI.EET, 'Y'O:EI.:K. E. X. CO., -l!IA.NVFA.CTURERS OF-CIGAR BOX. LUMBER, SPANISH CEDAR, DOMESTIC WOODS, IMITATION SPANISH CEDAR. ERS IN OUR OWN VESSEL OF SPANISH CEDAR and MAHOCANY. 5 'VV'. B:l:x:::tl::l. B't.,'t:l. .DONALDSON BROTHERS, Li. 't1::l.ogra_p1::l.i.c Pri.:n.. 'ters, F:X'VE PC>:X:LVTB, :N'E"V'(J' 'Y'C>:IR.:S::. I TOBACCO LABELS -AND SHOW CARDS. 'II. 0. Box WILI:.LU! WICKE, I AVG-ROESLER MANUFACTURERS, Cor. Goerek & 'l'hird Y"OR.K .. PRICE LIST OF CIGAR RtBBONS. ..... T.UOw ........ ;,;;;;:.ztra::.I!J-8 .. 0Ad, '10 j.a. IL'15 -M .. .............. No.I .... I!J-8 .. '1'0ycle L66 '

............. :J ..... 1s uo .. ............. : lo .... IJI-18 34 t. .. .. ........... "liJ .... 'J-8 34ya. 0.90 : ............. "20----13-18" 0.80 ............. 3():'.-:".13-18" 34y4a .. .. ........... "Ioo .. I!J-8 34 ya. 0 YeL IF Bed Stripu--" 1 1!0--13-18 yds 0.65 .. .. "lOO .. H '34ych OA6 .. 4 ..... -:...... ; ...... 1 ..... ,--e .. .. .. .. .... .. .. 2-.. -13 34 :rcle Ll5 ....____ U with yellow I '2'() 7cle 1.66 .-" ID. "4ft "' 1 'l'Oycle Lj() ....._.. rt M 'l'O a. L3o JINa4 T.U. ..I with 'blae eclc ...... 1 '70 1.66 ; ,. ; II& red ..... 1.. 'tO yc1e 1.25 Da .. P-d,..-htte... j .. eclc ....... 1-a '1'()ycle LM Jl'arfeaa ; .. ; = .,,.,. ............. 1 8 .. &0 7U Extra of Rlbbort8111iade to Order. RIBBONS.CUT & PRINTED ANY A:ll Order P _romptl:r Cash, --, Prices of' Cigar Boxes and Samplelfit of ,. Ribbons Sent on Afpllcation.- WM--,DEMUTH-'!& co -' HANUJ' M:1l'URimS MEERSCHAUM, AND A.PPLEWOOD PIPFs, .... OF SMOKERS' 507 & 509 78 & 80 MERCER STREET. .. __. .......... "YORK.. CIGAR BOX SPECIAL PRICES to &11 Parties ordering 2o,ooo Feet And upwards. Being SOLE IU.ANVFACTVBERS ot $he celebrated perfectly smooth and thoroughly Cut and Press-Dried Lumbe.r, We can otter to all ,manufacturers extra. Inducem-ents fD. t he line or Cigar Box Cedar Boards and Veneers, Poplar. Syca more, Butternut and Mahogany, also in Panel Woods and Brush Stock. Our Cedar Veneers applied W Poplar is much preferred to fruitatlon Cedar. @"Full line FOREIGN and DOIIIESTIC WOODS Ill. Logs, Pla.nk, Boards and Veneers. Fbie_ .Cigars. Paul and VIrginia, La Celba, L:.a Desable,"' Desafio and Flor Selecta. A. HEN:'& CO.,. BUOCEBIIOBS OF BDW'D HEN, 4.8 &TlR.EI::EJT, (P, o, ,S.x 18!18) 'Y'OlR;s:, IMPORTERS OF MEERSCHAU '; t : SPECIALTY OF SMOKER.S' -Alm-TOBACCONISTS' BRIAR AND CLAY PIPES. MANUF A.CTURERS WOODEN SHOW FIGURES. \SUPPLIES. }!.-" "' l'll:aautaeturer., Aceai f'oi:-llhe Sale oCall Poplllar Jh....u oc VIRGINIA, NttRTH CAROLINA & WESTERN MANUFACTURED, SMOKING & TOBACCOS. .¢ f'or 30HN F. co.s va., Brando oC8moklnc Tobaeee aad care&te., 8Al'll:, ATB.ES' "HTC00 etc Depot f'or 3, W, ()ABROLL'S "LONE 3AC.&:," "BBOWN DICK," ete, L VISIA.NA PERI(lVJii0 Cut aad 1n C&l'l'ot.., W. T. Blackwell & Genuine DUlfRAM Tobacco ... ....... .:. _-, ... WI. 8. KIIBALL i CO.'S V A.i'ii=r E .A_xR. Tobacco & Cigarettes. JH-1,8, II, & CO,! !I eelelirated. LOG .I,BI!f aa LOVB .A.l'II:ONV_ TH RV8llfil Smolr.JDc Tobaeeo. lllANl11'.ACTURED 'l'QB.ACCO.-Favo:dte Navy,. Enehantr.,.o Darlr, Na-iT, Sweet l'll:onel Jta4J. J,'ia-ry1 &Jld Peaeh Nav:ri &Dd all Popular Brandl ot Light Preooed. ;.. Hanufaet.ired. by SPAll'JtDING< & KEB.RICK:-014 Glor:r, C:barui olllhe JJweei 9 .-::. ''-' Bilrley, Q.uMn Bee} Wlc Wac, Dnele, in Palls an4 ",. :: lka_O& tbr & T .. :PJLK:INTOK &: co.s eelelol'ated .BVI'I'll AND PLQW:BR.J,im.4 COl'll:liJ:ONWE.&.Ld .... .... .. .obaceo. .-r "' ;.:.. -Q .... W" Prlee Lido f'al'Jlbhel\ en J. DusEL. (P. 0: Box 2231.) aio:w:A06Dftiit;1 .. :A. "':!,G-"1:7STli ::N" &. : (Ln.'e of A, HEN & CO.)-IJ!I:PORTERS k DEALERS IN -. FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC SMOKERS' ARTICLES;. Manufacturers' A[ents for all the PODUlar Brands Qf Fine Cut, Smoking & PlU!r & Cigarettes. Sole Agents for Tobacco and Cigarettes; Sole.Agents for Allen RICHMOND GEM: Tobacco & Cigarettes Depot for Blaekwell's Genuine Durham-Jno. W. Carroll's Lone Jack-E. T, Pilkinton' Fruita & l'lowen. Es1:a.b1isl:1ed. 1927. -SNUFF.'' &. Manufacturers of the Celebrated Copenhagen Snuff and Cut & Dry Smoking Tobacco. Retail Store A Office: 81 Smithfield St Factory: 5 &. 7 Union St. A 112 Liberty St. P.A... : GENERAL -SELLING AGENTt-W, A, ROBINSON, 124 WATER STREET, NEW TVBK, WHOLESALE DEPOTS.-NEW YORK: Allen k Co., 1'13 St. BALTIJU:OREt Darter & 11 CoJD.DJ.e:rce 8C. BOSTON I Snaa01an Bro Wasblngto!l St. SA.VANNAHI Bendhelm. D rolli. & Co. NEW YORK, SA.TURDAY, AUGUST 28, 1880. ination of articles produced in countries across the seas. Then, too, our visitors had an, opportunity of seeing more at one time of our own productions-sam pies of our crops, machinery, new inventions of great interest to them, manufactures-than on any previous HAIL-STORMS IN GERMANY. occasion, and the Centennial Exposition was the means Send l'er Calalogue and Price Geo. W .. Jf,e84, & Co.r A despatch from Waldsee, which is located in the of introducing in other countries many improvements principal tobacco region ofthe Palatinate, announces, made by us in aiding manual labor. Each exhibition under date of August 1, that a severe hail-storm visited that has been h eld has been superior to its predecessor; that locality, causing damage to the tobacco crop to gradually in _interest until its culminationsuch an extent that no liopes are entertained of a fair as far as_ present t:D?-e 18 concerned.-t?ok place at yield this year. In fact the entire crop has been at as the one at -destroyed, and the stalks are ali that has been left of it VIenna dtffered very httle lt. From Mannbeim, under date of August2, it is. reported La_tely has been_ that a sev 'ere storm, coming from the d-irection of -the the tdea of holdmg a Worlds FaiT m th1s c1ty Bavarian Hardt mountains, on Thursday, the 29th day m the efforts of some of enter f July caused consklerable damage to the tobacco pnsmg Clttzens the tdea has_ assumed a tangtble form. that locality. A. destructive fall of hail was their Congress passed a to experienced in the towns of waldsee, Newhofen, Fend them _wtth a sum of money, and the only thmg left 186 to 200 Lewis St., New York. h "\Tallstadt Ilvesheim Neckerhausen Edingen IS to obtam the balance of the amount needed for the ::d ;; : d.ainage to: successful carrying ?u_t of the Books will be sive tobacco crops. FromAlsace it is t eported that a opened the recetvmg of to the fund severe stoim visited locali t ie s on the 1\hine and upper by the middle of next month, and lS hardly any Alsace, doing conside,rable damage. doubt all_ money necessary will_ soon be A correspondent writing, from Nuremberg, under cetved. The stte lS under constderat:on and w11l date of July 27, writes that. storn'U\. ilava. v i,sited that soon be selected. parts of City have locality causing some dama{;e to-the tobacco been proposed. Port Morrts, Governors Island, the .. western and easljern portions of the island have all crop. been advocated a13 tht; most available and best sites for THE NEX'l' WORLD'S FAIR; the> buildings. Committees have. been formed, the It was in 1850, if we not; principal one being composed of delegates from the national Exhibition of Arts and Industries was held different of the Union, and it is evidently the at Sydenham in England.' Since then similar exposi -purpose o f all c onne c te d with the scheme to make the tio ns at New York, Dublin, Par_ is,'Pbil a-tope h eld in this city in 188 3 the crowning delphia-our Centenniai--;-a_nd Vie nna, ;11ich _have effort of the present age in this direction. been very successful in bringing together the arts and When we recall the proil_lptness with which the manufactures of various parts of 'the world. These members of _the tobacco trade applied for space at our expositions have exerted a great and happy influence Exposition, we need not fear that they will be remiss in upon 'the population of the countries in wJ:ich they showing their goods at the Great World's Fair, and we have been held, and in this respect have amply repaid know that our. exhibits will be unequalled by those of tl:ie'iabpr and money expended upon them. ha:ve any other part of t,he globe. Our manuf;wturers and ourselves derived much good from the one held at growers mus1;) feel satisfied in exhibiting goods Philadelphia; our people in all conditions of society equal to those shown at the last Exposition, but should saw and learned that there are sometimes many ways endeavor to ehow as much improvemf!nt in their ex. of doing a thing, and they hava not been slow to avail hibits as there will be between the Great World's Fair themselves of the knowledge acquired by the examand its predecessor. ., SUTJ:IlK BBOS., 1D J.EAF.,TOBA.CCO, Chlc&p,_DL wW :ftnd: it to their advantage to dea.l with w


2 lkt iobacco PUBLJBHBD EVERY i!ATOBDAY lllOB!UNG BY THE TOBACCO LEAF. mg w1th the assistance of their own families amount of leaf tobacco used m this way IS giVen at 44 974 cwts, the productiOn of c1gars m this manner IS AUG. 28 Business Troubles. J LUTHER, BROOKTON, llA.SS, 11THE TOBACC1J LEAF" PUBLISHING COMPANY, estimated to amount to 247,357,000 While the above figures, as far as the production of cigarettes, snuff, smoking and chewmg tobaccos are concerned, show the whole amount manufactured m the year 1877, the whole number of cigars manufac tured must be estimated at 5,259 582,000 Durmg the same year the Imports and exports for the Customs 'l'oBA.OCO IN -A correspondent wntmg from Vernon, Vt, says -Tobacco IS lookmg well hete, but the coolness of the atmosphere on Sunday made many tremble for 1ts safety from frost, but I thmk It much damaged There a1e about acres rrused ill town thiS year S B Houghton com\llenced hangmg h1s crop of 2M acres on the 16th, othe:vs will follow the commgweek a'n amusmg case, which lately occupied the t1me of one of the London Bankruptcy Reg1strms A Mr S J Co heR hpd filed a liqmdat10n petition, and the cred1 tors iffiet m due course to take h1s affairs mto cons1d eratwn. The stereotyped compositiOn of ls m the pound was offered, but the proposal d1d not meet w1th unammous approval The creditors could not agree, and the Reg1stra"r was appealed to to set as1dethe pro ceedmgs upon severa.I:grounds Complamts were made of the disorderly and turbulent character of the pro ceedmgs ahd that even vwlence wail threatened, If" not actually used Probably some uten of a qmet and m offensive dispositiOn m1ght have 1magmed that they were m Bedlam, but people are differently constituted, and with some an mterchange of personalities, accom pamed even by menacmg attitudes, will only provoke .a smile It was urged before the Registrar that the composition of 1s. m the pound had been passed under such Circumstances that 1t ought not to be registered, and a mass of evidence was gone mto The obJec t10ns were overruled after a patient and thorough m vest1gat10n But there IS clearly this to be den ved from the case, that meetmgs of creditors should be held m court and be p1es1ded over by an officer who can really control the :proceedings, and prevent credi tors and others from g1vmg too free vent to therr pent up feelings It certamly seems hard enough to be com pelled to accept a notninal compositiOn m lieu of 20s m the pound, and nervous people will begm to be afraid of attending meetmgs of creditors unless they have some guarantee that the proceedmgs shall be conducted with decorum Is reported to have fmled th1s week Hts habihties are sa1d to be $18 000 Among the firms to whom It IS said he owes money are Messrs W m Wright, of Sprmg field, Mass $14 000, Geo Bence of this city $1 500 A R Mrtchell, of Boston, $1,100,' Towne Co of Sprmgfield, Mass 1!;600 We hear tha't he has made an offer of 20 cents on the dollar 1015 MArDEN LANE, NEW YORK. CORNER OF PEARL STBEE'l' TEB!IIS OF THE 81NGLI!l COPIES ONE YEAR SU: l!lO:NTHS toe ....... $4.00 e.oo SIX Months $H Z4 Z4 41i 85 Three Months. $8 H 14 25 z:; 45 $50 ON FlRST PAGE. One Year 14 over T"'"o Wide Colutnn .100 1l8 Linea ,., 17 5 1-4 Ill.neH Single Vo1unn 55 SPECIAL ON READING-Umon were as follows -Imports Cigars, 13,954 cwts, smokmg tobacco 3,403 cwts, snuff, 455 cwts, chewmg tobacco, 578 cwts Exports c1gars, 14,016 cwts, smok mg tobacco, 34,462 cwts, snuff, 5,182 cwts chewmg tobacco 274 cwts This shows an excess of exports over Imports to the followmg amounts -Cigars, 62 cwts, smokmg tobacco, 31,059 cwts, snuff, 4,727 cwts, chewmg tobacco, 304 CI'Ots Deductrng these figures (excess of rmports) from the amount of the home product ron as above stated, and takmg 7,000 Cigars or 50,000 Cigarettes equal to one cwt tobacco we find that the annual consumptiOn m the German CustoJllll. Umon !\mounts to 751,307 cwts for mgars, 3 :752 cwts for Cigarettes 731,921 cwts for smokmg tobacco, 121,440 cwts for snuff, 49,098 cwts for chewmg tobacco, total, 1,657,518 cwLs, which IS equal to 3 83 pounds for each person, est1matmg the A HAIL STORM IN NEW HAMPSHIRE -A correspondent wntmg from Hinsdale, N H says A hail storm that passed over the south part of this town and on the north part of Northfield last Thursday d1d not do any damage m thiiil town, but m Northfield It hurt the tobacco some Monday mormng there was a little ft ost m some places, but not enough to do any damage Some of our farmers will commence cuttmg their tobacco this week BDYERS IN LANOA.STER COUNTY -From Lancaster, Pa It IS reported that a number of -prormnent tobacco men are there, to look at the growmg crop The fol lowmg are teg1stered at the Stevens House Lewis Teller, of Teller Bros Philadelphia, B Strasser, of Fatman & Co New York, David Lederman, of Leder man Bros, New York E Friedman, St Loms, 'ID Friend, New York, S H Spmgarn, of E Spmgarn & Co, New York. BUSINESS MENTION. AN INCONVENIENT SPANISH REGULATION. [Correspondence of the Evewng Post] wASHINGTON August 24 1880 The stnngency of the measures taken by Spam t() prevent the of tobacco mto the country and espeCially with Iegard to vessels touchmg at Span18h ports when m transit, sometimes causes much mconvemence and even loss to mnocent sh1ppers and captains who mfnnge the rules through Ignorance. Ex18tmg Spamsh rules proh1b1t any' esse! which IS not a steamet of mm e than three hundred tons bm then, from havmg on board on 1eachmg a Spamsh port, any tobacco consigned or mamfested to a pC'r t of any other country The penalties are very heavy, bemg ten, trmes the duties on the tobacco, whiCh Is seized Ina case at Carthagena some years ago, an American ves sel was fined more than half a m1lhon dollars for ha Villg a large ca1go of tobacco on board consigned to the Itahan Government, but the fine was remitted when It was shown that the cap tam and shippers were Ignorant MATTER PAGE. Ons Six Three "l1 ear Mouths. M<>nlbs. Llneo over Z Wide ColUDID8 185 14:> aggregate populatiOn at 43,221;1.000 It IS further estimated that of the whole amount of home grown and Imported tobacco worked up m the German manufactories, per cent IS used for cigars, per cent for smokmg tobacco, per cent for snuff, and per cent for chewmg tobacco, also that from 100 pounds of fermented raw leaf tobacco 64 7 pounds of c1gars are made, or 9(} pounds smokiflg tobacco, or 133 pounds snuff, or 130 pounds chewmg tobacco The waste m the manufacture of cigars to the amount of 35 3 per cent finds use m the manufac ture of smokmg tobacco, and must be put m the est1 TRAMPS AMONG THE CIGAR BOX LUMBER -On W ednes day mormng at about 4 30 o'clock, a squad of pollee men commanded by Captam Cherry of the Umon Market station house, made a descent on the storage yard of Constantme & Co, at the foot of Seventh Street, East River, and arrested thirty two tramps who were sleepmg the lumber Each of the was fined $10, and m default of payment was sent to the Island for three months MESSRS VEREA. & VAIDES, of Havana leaf tobaccp 181 Pearl this City who have started m busmess, have always on hand a goou of tobacco of their ImportatiOn l. R MosEs LINDHEIM who has 15een ""for many yeats connected w1th our trade, has assoCiated himself With :M:r Hugo Block, lately oll Canada, for the purpose of domg a wholesale leaf busmess, both of foreign and domestic growth Tlie firm name IS Block & Lmdhe1m, and t.he1r place of busmess IS 160 Pearl St of the Spjlmsh law In a more recent mstance, the L1zz1e Z1ttlosen touched at a Spamsh port havmg to bacco on board for another country. She was fined U8JOOO, but the fine was rermttod after much trouble when 1t was made clear that the captam had mqmred as to the law at the SpaniSh Consulate and had been erroneously )nfQI;1lled ti:tat he could safely carry h1s cargo 1nto a Spamsh port DON'T HURRY. OccaSlonjU mdicat1ons are commg da1ly to hght m the correspondence we pubhsh, warrantmg the expecta tiOn that needless haste will be agam exhibited m the purchase of portions of the Seed leaf crop ra18ed the past season from which we chp note the fact that prospective buyerS are alnmciy on tours of mspect10n m the prod,ucmg sectwns, and, here and there, refer to sales of new crop that have been effected If the mtelligence thus conveyed IS true, and there 18 no reason to doubt thatit 18, the Circumstance that mspires It IS to be regretted There never was a time when 1t was w1ser to move slowly m buymg Seed leaf fresh from field and on the field than the present All the mcentives to haste are absent, and all the reasons for moderation are m VIew A large, very large crop of tobacco bas been grown th1s year, and the bulk of last year's crop remams to be sold Dealers may defer their purchases as long as they hke m the assurance that even at the last moment they will be able to find m growers hands all the choice goods they expect to harldle drn mg next year If the growth of the &ummer now closmg and the stock on hand were respectively small It would only be the exerCise of busmess prudence to make early arrangements for future supplies But the VISible supply, that IS, old and new, IS greatly m excess of that of former years Through excess of eagerness last fall some of the purchases then made were at unnecessarily h1gh figures, and It should be the a1m of packers this fall to avert a similar occurrence The s1tuatwn of the Seed leaf trade IS at this moment excellent, If 1t be not hereafter handicapped by the extreme folly of persons who thmk It ad van tap;eous to them to try to get the lead of their fellow tradesmen m the matter of buymg As surely as a preCipitatl! rush IS made this season ill to the producrng regions, so surely will the busmess of 1881 be an nnprofitable one to all conl,'erned ill the Seed leaf trade,. from growers to JObbers The old and new stocks, large as they are to be on January 1 ensumg, can be readily cleated 1f the former lS sold right and the latter bought right. But 1f extravagant prwes are paid for the crop of 1880-whwh will be mev1table 1f there IS to be a premature mfiux of ambiti.>us buyers among the farmers who have produced It-a forced declme m values will follow, and heavy losses will have to be added to the bad accounts of former years Holders of h1gh pnced 1879 be constramed, when they begm to feel the burden of the unprecedented crop of 1880, to relax their firmness for the sake of clearmg the way for the handling of the successor of the growth of 1879 but they will not be d1sposed to part With a share of tl;leu leg1trmate profits on both the 1879 and :1880 crops, which they w1ll have to do to effect sales at all, 1f the buymg range of the latter IS established by burned action beyond the pomt at which It ca11. be promptly sold mate to the amount of 258,123 cwts Accordmg to all these estimates the productiOn of tobacco manufactures of all kmds m the German Cus toms Umon for the year 1877-78 amounted to the fol Jowmg figures -Cig-ars, 473 cwts, smokillg tobacco, 1,064,850 cwts, snuff, 128,890 cwts, chewmg tobacco, EXOURSION-INVITA'l'ION -New York, Aug 24, 1880 -Mr Edward Burktl, Editor. and Mr John G Graff, Busmess of THm TOB<\OOo LEAF -You are respectfully mv1ted to attend the First Annual Excur SIOn of the employees ot"Messrs Stra1ton & Stotm, to Oriental Grove, on Saturday, AuguM 28, 1880 A spemal steamer (chartered for mv1ted guests) will leave East 33d Street at 10 o'clock A Jl!:, Comphtnents: of Stra1ton & Storm MR L NEWG:A.SS, lthe well known member of the to bacco trade, has established himself a few day!! ago under h1s own name, and opened a leaf tobacco ware house at 144 Water Street, this City, for the purpose of dealmg mall kmds of Seed leaf tobaccos Mr Newgass has beenm busmessill this City for many years With lau experience of so many years and ample faCilities he iw1ll be enabled to offer superior mducements and adantages, only to JObbers m leaf tobacco, but also o the Cigar manufacturers We Wish Mr. Newgass !all suc:ce1!8 m future But a case wl:nch occurred only two or three weeks ago and whwh pll.rtook of an mternat10nal character, shows the r1sk mcurred 111 a still stronger hght The Vmted States Navy Department wishing to send a sup ply of tobacco to the naval depot at VIllefranche, m for the use of the vessels at the European statiOns, shipped fifty boxes on the b:.trk Alliance, bound to that pomt, the vessel was to land the greater part of the cargo at ValenCia, m Spam On applymg to the Consul at New York he refused to clear the Alliance on account of the tobacco on board As thiS was stowed beneath the rest of the cargo of gram, alcohol, and which would have to be removed m order to get at It, and the velisel was all ready to Mll, the owners telegraphed to Washington to see 1f the Navy Department could not mduce the SpalllBh Milll8ter1 m v1ew of the fact that the tobacco belonged to the Umted The prospect IS bright, let It be kept so Our manu facturers are consummg a vast quantity of Seed annually, tqe1r demands relatively keepmg pace With the mcreasmg production of th1s matenal a eonsiderable defictt ill this year's orop m the German Emptre IS fairly to be antiCipated from the mtelligence from there, published ill another place, and Bremen, as we wnte, has but about seventeen hundred cases mcludmg our recent shipments of new crop-m first harlds, with a meagre suppl:y elsewhere AlliS well 1f left as 1t 1s, alliS Ill If haste usurps the place of mode rat10n who by premature this season mduce farmers to look for priCes equal to some paid last sea son, or on an average scale equal to that of last season, will seriOusly retard the growmg prosperity of the Seed leaf mterest Growers should be fully compen l!ated for theu labor and outlay, but they should not be worked up mto a speculative frame of mmd, because to do so IS to lessen their sales and dimmish the profits of dealers GERMAN STATISTICS The mvest1gatwns and mqmnes made by the German comnusswners two years ago, known as the Tobacco Enquete Comnusswn, as already stated m THE ToBACCO LEAF, have led to the publication of the fotty second volume of the StatistiCS of the German Empire This publicatiOn furrushes, among others, m an elaborate form, an official estimate of the annual productiOn and consumption of tobacco m the German empire, m all 1ts varwus forms The estimate IS at least exact and reliable for that part of the German territory wh1ch embraces the German Customs Umon (the Zollgebtet) From the estimate 1t appears that the productiOn of wbacco manufactures m Germany m the year 1877 was as follows Cigars, 4,784,239,000, cigarettes, 187, &16 000, smokmg tobacco, 762,980 cwts, snuff, 126,167 owts, chewmg tobacco, 48 794 cwts To these must be added the productiOn of manufactories located within the Customs Umon, but whoseprmCipalbusmess 1s at free ports Th1s has reference, however, almost exclusively to the manufacture of cigars In the year mentioned 105,048 cwts leaf tobacco were worked up at the free ports, and about 10,867 persons were em played rn handlmgtherawmaterial But of these, 4,288 persons were employed m factones withm the Customs Umon, while the number of persons employed at the free ports amounted to 6,579 Accordmg to these pro portions of the number of persons employed It 18 as awned that of the above 105,048 cwts leaf tobacco, 41,452 cwts were worked up at factories w1thm the Customs lf mon, and only 63,596 cwts at the free ports As about 11,500 cigars are manufactured from one cwt of leaf wba.cco, 1t 18 concluded that the productiOn of factories located withm the Customs Umon amounted to 227, 986,000 c1gars To these must also be added the pro ductiollll of persons engaged m the manufacture of Ciga.r& on theu own account, but who have no outside peraonsin thetr employ, but who are exclusively work 11,453 cw1;s. I To the.quantity of home productiOn, given above, ill 011der to obtam an estimate the hGme consumptiOn, 0FFiom oF-]i1mwx CARD F,ROM HORACE R. KELLY & CO., I succEssoRs TO ROBERT m. KELLY ought manufactured m the Customs Umon Accordmg to all estimates, the value of tobacco manufactures of all kmds Imported and exported, m the year 1877Is stated to amount as follows -Impo1 s C1gars, 12,600,000 marks, smokmg tobaceo, 289,000 marks, snuff, 68,300 marks, chewmg tobacco, 43,400 marks Exports C1gars, 5,606,000 marks, smokmg tobacco, 2,929,000marks, snuff, 777,000marks,chewmg tobacco, 20,600 marks Addmg the amount of the rmports, and deductmg the value of exports, the amount of the value of the productiOn rese1ved for home consumptiOn IS found to be as follows -Cigars, l90,767,270 marks, cigarettes, 2,528,653 marks, smokmg tobacco, 37,o.48,Q26 marks, snuff, 8,643 373 marks, tobacco, 6,006,198 marks Accordmg to mqmnes among reliable manufactu rers, tb.e profits realized by dealers from the sale of these art1cles are stated to be as follows -Cigars and cigarettes, wholesale, 20 per cent retail, 33 per cent smokmg tobacco, 13 per cent snuff, 177f per cent ; chewmg tobacco, 30 per cent Consequently, the money expended by the m the year 1877 for Cigars and tobacco, cons1dermg that one fifth of the cigars were sold at wholesale, and four fifths at retail pmces, amounted to the followmg sums -For cigars, 249,269,000 marks, Cigarettes, 3,304, 000 marks, smok mg tobacco, 42,429,000 marks, snuff, 10,156,000 marks, chewmg tobacco, 7 808,000 marks, total, 312,965,000 marks, which IS equal to 7 24 marks for each person of the "hole populace The chapter of the forty second volume of the man Statistics, from which we have extracted the above statements and figures, also contams, m Its con cludmg part a table, showmg the value of the whole amount of tobaeco manufactures consumed m the German Customs Umon for thjj seven years from 1871-72 to 1877-78mclusive From this table 've extract the followmg figures 1871-72 1872-73 1873-74 1874-75 1875-76 1876-77 1877-78 CIGARS 140,350, ooo rp.arks 191/,110,000 132 020,000 130,200,000 131,630,000 132 950,000 190,o6o,ooo SMOKING TOBACCO 1871-72 1872-73 1873-74 1874 -75 1875-76 11:576-77 1877-78 56 250,000 mark;s 83,190' 000 52 250,000 49 960,000 50, 550,000 51 560 000 74,600,000 Tol amount of the value of tobacco manufactures consumed of all kmds, mcludmg cigars, smoking tobacco, snuff, and chewmg tobacco 1871-72 209,490 000 marks 1872-73 297 270,000 1873-74 196,320,000 1874-75 192,060,000 1875-76 193,890,000 1876-77 196 820 000 1877-78 282,560,000 This estimate IS equal to an expense of 5 35 marks for each person of the populationm 1871-72 7 26marks m 1872-73, 4 75 marks m 1873-74, 4 60 marks m 1874-75, 4 60 marks m 1875 76, 4 61 marks m 1876-77, 6 54 marks m 1877-78 l!t'LINOR EDITORIALS AND NEWS ITEMS. DEATH OF MRS. ABENHEIM -The Wife of 1.1r M Abenherm, the French and Itahan Reg1e contractor, d1ed on Sunday and was buned on Tuesday last. THE FIRE IN PHILADELPIDA -Messrs Gumpert Bros, of Philadelphia, whose factory was unfor\unately de stroyed by fire on Tuesday mght, are still so situated that no customer desinng goods will find them back ward m fillmg orders, as they promply made arrange ments to sat18fy all demands cord for cord, as stable manure THE NEWSPAPER POSTA.L RA.TE -Washmgton, Aug 23 -It appears that the recent order of thePostmaster reducmg the rate of postage on newspapers and other prmted matter, when sent to rore1gn countries belongmg to the Umversal, P_pst}l.l Umon, was m consequebce oj. the..iact that hiS attention was called to the matter by Postmaster James, of New York, to whom a Citizen hadapphed for mformatwn as to the reason for charging the higher rate It was found that while the PariS conventiOn (article 5) called for the applicatiOn of the lower rate to "prmted mat ter ef every kmd," there was a Iegulatwn (XXVI) under that conventiOn perm1ttmg States not usmg the deCimal metrical system of weights to substitute the higher rate, and that Great Britam and the Umted States were tbe only countries that had availed them selves of that permiSSIOn By the tatlier tardy action of the Post Office Department the Umted States ha':s now adopted the more policy followed by: all the other members of the Umon except Great Bntam, which still adheres to the charge of a penny for each four ounces, Instead of a halfpenny for each two ounces The rate on all prmted matter wlthm-the Um J versal ,Postal Umon IS now one clint for each t'\VO ounces or fraction thereof INGENIOUS SMUOOLING -A cunous smugghng case, l which recently was brought to bght near the French frontier, has lately been much talked about III ,thel Fren-rh and German papers The story II! -Two per sons, jweanng the umform of Russian official couriers, and m care of a number of boxes addressed to the ]:J:Q.passy at PariS, "l'iere arrested a fe;w days ago n the lille J:>etween M.etz and the French capital papers were \irawn up m due forJ;Il, and thflY I that the boxes m theu custody contained d plbI,.tiC uocumlmts The v10latwn of the secresy of opCJal despatches between a government and 1ts ambassador JS a grave affarr, but nevertheless the custqm house officers coolly brol!:e the Czar's seal and forced open the boxes they protected Thel!' ent11rpnse was xewarded by the discovery that the documents were cigars to the respectable nuntber of 24,000 Other couners, travelling under similar Circumstances, were arrested on the follow!ng day, brmgmg to hght 28,000 cigars more How long the Russian offiCial seals have served to cover this kmd of correspondence IS as yet uncertam The d1sap pearance of a Sw1ss who held the positiOn of porte1 at the Embassy makes It probable that he was a party to the fraud back -Messts Wm. Eggert & Co have recmved durmg the week 300 cases of very fine Connecticut wrap pers -Messrs Fox, DillE! & Co sold, accordmg to 200 cases 1879 Pennsylvama xunmng leaf at 21 cents this week -The New York Label Pubhshmg Company has IS sued ,iourteeJJ. new Cigar box labels, allot. them berng fuie designs -Mr S Berlmger, son of M1 Julius Berlinger, who has been spendmg a few weeks at Saratoga, has agam returned" to busmess. -:M:r N. Wise, of the firm of Wise & Bendhe1m, JObbers m"'ebbacco, thrs city, IS staymg for the summer With h1s fannly at Greenwwh, Conn -Mr C Sprotto, tobacco broker, this mty, has re cmved durmg the week 150 bales of Havana and several lots of 1879 Pennsylvania tobacco -The firm of Messrs Campbell, Lane & Co, New ark, N J established ill 1806, have dissolved, :Mr DaVId Campbell still contmues at the old stand -Messrs E Rosenwald & Bro have sold, accordmg to rumor, 166 cases of their choiCe :Massachusetts Havana leaf at from cents to 25 cents runmng -Mr DaVId Levy disposed of 400 cases of his Con nectwut tobacco w1thm the past few days, a part of It, so Ire ported, to Messrs Spear & Held, at cents runmpg ,Mr Ernst Freise, Importer of Havana tobacco, this city retm:nl'ld, to day from Em ope, by steamer Rhem, where he has been with h1s children durmg the summer LMr Thomas H Hall m company w1th Mr James Gallagher, JT of New Haven, left town on Tuesday-for a brief stroll through the two tobacco valleys of Con nebtJCut -Mr John R Sutton, the tobacco and cigarette mamrfactmer, who has been Ill for the past week two has 1ecovered and IS agam able to attend to h1s busmess affall'S -Mr Jacob Rawak propuetot of the Cahforma store m St Loms gave us a call Mr Rawak IS an eute1p11smg deale1 m Cigars antl tobacco and viSits our ma1ket on busmess L '!'he Harns Fm1shmg Company, manufactmers of shf nv cards and other materials used by the tobacco trade for advert1smg, has removed from No 9 Vesey Street to 56 Murray Street, this crty .!....Mr P H Kelly, of St Paul, mentioned m this column week as m town, has smce had the rms fortune to have h1s large establishment destiOyed by fir e H1s loss was $400,600, and h1s msurance $300 000 l +A lot of 611 cases of 1879 Pennsy lvama sold at the commencement of the season by Messrs N Lachen & Bro to Messrs Basch & F1schm, subJect to samples, has been accepted by the buyers, thfi! samples havmg been found even better than an tiOipated ..!....Mr H Schubart has 4 000 bales of fine Ha>ana wlhch he holds 111 antiCipatiOn of an active demand The gentleman has the capttal to hold mdefimtely but DAnlAGED TOBACCo -At the Lancaster County Pa hke a sensrble and experienced merchant as he 1s he prison a lot of damaged tobacco was lately expose\i to 1s ready to serve every buyer who IS "1\Illing to pay the public sale The New Era reports -Half a dozen market price buyers were present, and twenty one cases were sold '-Mr Del Pmo of the firm of A Del Pmo & Bro at an aggregate priCe of U4 05 There were 102 cases tfrey West, called at our office and sa1d that m the l18t on hand, 80 of whwh were to have been sold, and the of Key W<>st manufacturers we had given the firm as balance was to have been used for manufacturmg m employmg twenty five bands He m(orms us tQ&t the the pnson, but when 21 cases had been sold at such ex house has a hcensefor men and generally employs tremely low figures, the Inspectors stopped tbe sale about fifty of them Some lots were so rotten that they received no b1ds at all The cases or boxes varied m weight from 30to 220 -The followmg gentlemen connected With the to pounds and some of those sold were so bad that thev bacco trade were m town duung the week Mr Kal "\\ere m "the lump" the lowest price for a box emgunther, leaf dealer St Loms, :Mo Mr B1emer, of of this kmd ha vmg been fifteen cents and the highest Lewis Bremer s Sons, Philadelphia, and Mr M Roth, pr1ce $1 Of the tobacco sold by pound one case leaf dealer, of Milwaukee brought SIX cents three cases five cents one 'case four -It IS announced m a San paper, under cents and another case three cents per pound Mr date of Aug 17 that the well known firm of A S of Rothsville, bought five cases, Mr Oster Rosenbaum & Co, ill that City, Importers of Cigars mayer city several cases W W Wemhold four and tobacco, have sold out thau busmess there to cases,' Charies Buckius, cases, and Dennis Crogan Messra Esberg, Bachmall & Co one case. Mr Buckius paid $1 95 for his five cases -Messrs Basch & Fischer have JUSt returned from Captain We18e bought a liox, which he mtended to g1ve Lancaster where they have been exammmg their pur to the prisoners for their use, and two or three of the chases of the crop of 1879 tobacco They have packed prisoners themselves bought a box each h was an about 2,000 cases1 and report the tobacco man excel odd sort of a sale, and was perhaps the best thmg that lent condition ana of fine quality could be done With th18 almost worthless tobacco, but It was not a financml success. MEr.rmos OJ' CRED:rroRS 111 E!iGLAIQ) -The August numb ears When smoking a c1gar he often exhales the smoke through the-Jame extra.ordmary oharmels, to the p1ofound astomshment of those who are unawar& of th1s freak of natm:e Many persons who have seen the Jet of cigar smoke creepmg out of his ears are w1llmg to testify to the truthfulness of "li'at Sam's" assertiOn Though not particularly fond of notoriety, Sam thmks he can esta-blish lris ab1hty to live practiCally "hermet ICally sealed" for ten days ENGLISH BOARD OF T:&ADE RETURNS The London TObacco Trade Revuw, m ns August number, remarks -Favorable 1\S the above named returns may be as re gards other articles of merchandise, they a1e not par twularl;v satisfactory m reference to tobacco, the move ments m wh1ch dunng the past month have fallen short of those m the same penod of 1879, and further Improvement m th1s year's totals has for the moment ceased 'fhe Imports mto the Umted Kmgdom dunng July were barely equal to those of the p1evwus and almost trifling as contrasted With the excessive arnvals m July, 1878, but the totill receipts for the last seven months were of about average extent The Imports for the last seven months amonnted to 22,954,068 pounds unmanufactured tobacco and 1 963,-817 pounds manufactUled and snuff total, 24 917,915 pounds Value of Imports, .,334,080 The whole amount of Imports for the month endmg July 31 amounted to 3 855,423 pounds Value of these 1m' pOl ts ,877 'l'he reqmrements of tobacco for home use, wh1ch "e1e so la1ge m June, slightly d1m1mshed m the fol lowmg month as compared with those 1n the same peuod of the former ) ear, but were, neve1 theless heavier tnan m 1878, and the grand total for 1880 re' tmned a material mCiease over that m 1879 The fol lowmg me the totals -Amount of the home consump twn for the first seven months of the present year, 27,988,478 pounds unmanufactmed, 773 296 pounds manufactmed and snuff total 28 761,774 pounds For the month endmg July 31 3 963,332 pounds unmanu factured, and 108,397 pounds manu.factured and snuff, total, 4,071,729 pounds In the shipments to places abroad not the Slightest Improvement can be noticed, on the contrary there has been a further shght de crease the total exports durmg July havmg been smaller!than the limited quantities shipped m the same month of the two previous years, and the aggregate amount sent away m the seven months was also ex ceedmgly scanty The exports for the first seven months amounted to 4,906,885 pounds unmanufactured and 804,759 pounds manufacture:i and snuff, total, 5 711,644pounds Value of exports 055 The exports for the month endmg July 31 amountf'ld to 745 580 pounds unmanufactured, and 98,645 pounds manufactured and snuff, total, 844,-235 pounds Value of these exports, 548 The stocks m the bonded warehouses of the U mted Kmgdom durmg July underwent httle change, as d1d also tht!lse at the same trme last year, and on the ult there still remamed a comparative deficit of 9,284 -927 pounds, but m July, 1878, there was a great aug mentation of stock, by wh1ch the large excess of 16,456,-


AUG. '28 WESTERN TOBACCO C ROP REPORTS (SpeCial to THE TOB&CCO LEAF ) KENTUCKY Hmklev1lle Aug 21 -Smce my report of last week I ha' e travelled over conSlderable of our country and find very little Improvement m tobacco The late plantrng throughout the entire western distnct IS un questiOnably the poorest prospect ever seen here It IS true that some portiOns do Improve and now looks like 1 t may with a very late fall and favorable seasons make tolerably fair tobacco but even m that event It cannot y1eld much because nearly one third m every field 1s missmg and 1t must m order to mature be topped as low as six or eight leaves consequently 1t cannot under any mrcumstances make but a light yteld Yesterday I saw hundreds of acres m wh1ch there was scaiCely a leaf over four or .five mches long For such tobaccos as late m the season as thiS I see no chance But the worst feature m whole matter from some cause which I shall not pretend to explam m full 1s that 1t appears to grow so slowly that one can scarcely perceive that 1t g1ows at all We have not had sufl'iciel'lt ram smce It was planted to give 1t a proper start and now 1t lS quite dry and very hot The hot weather however would be no d1Sadvantage If there we1e sufficient m01stme Smce the 5th of July m th1s portiOn of the country there has been no t1me that 1t has been too wet to plow and generally It has been very dry-too much so entirely for either tobacce> or co1n At the present t1me we need ram very greatly but there are no mdiCatwns of It Last w eok m sectiOns not very remote from us there were some heavy local show e rs but generally they were confined to localities wheie there. was little or no tobacco for mstance along meeks and other watercourses In the OhiO and MlSSISSlppl nver bottoms there has been ram enough but m those localities there 1s no tobacco of consequence cultivated On the high and hill lands 1t has been dry for the most part smce early m July The Western contmue act1ve and .firm for all kinds w1th an advanemg tendency G W S Hinkleville Aug 24 -On the 21st and 22d mst we had light showers wh1ch about succ eeded m settlmg the dust and perhaps somewhat rev1vmg the burnmg corn and tobacco though smce the sun has been shnnng a few nours scarcely a trace of raJll can be seen W1thm the past e1ght davs notw1thstandmg the very dry conditiOn of the atmosphere and the extreme heat there has been some Improvement m portiOns of the late planted tobacco OccasiOnally "We notiCe a piece whiCh appears to grow pretty well and but for the great number of mlSsmg plants w1th a. late fall1t may make pretty fMr tobacco though With all the ad van ta.ges that an unusually late autumn can afford It can never make any but a small yield because at least one fourth lS missmg and what remams cannot be topped higher than s1x or eight leaves .A la1ge proportion of this late plantmg still lingers m the clods and weeds and can never even possible lugs The early plantmg IS rap1dly r1pemng and a portion of It will be ready t for the kmfe this week and the most of 1t w1ll have to be cut and housed w1thm the next two weeks Generally 1t will be light m yield and un substantial m quality Should we for the next five or SIX weeks have fre quent and copious showers there are portiOilS oi the late plantmg that would probably make a more de s1rable tobacco than the early plantmg No tobacco th1 s year has grown as 1t should do nor as 1t usually does Th1s IS attributed no doubt m a great measure to the fact that last wmter w1th us there were no snows nor freezes and the soil appears to be devoid of the VItality which 1s charactenstlC of th1s sectiOn As a rule the lands have been well cultivated per haps better than they usually are though no amount of culture appears to materially change the conditiOn of the tobacco crop It does not grow or grows so slowly that one thinks 1t doesn t grow at all We know now to an absolute cer tamty that we can only have a very small crop The highest estimates are not over Slxty per cent while many place 1t as low as forty per cent m quantity and m no event over s1xty or seventy per cent m quahty This es t1mate If true and we have no doubt that 1t 1s gives us a very poor show for tobacco m 1881 W1th de struct1ve frost as early as the lOth of October we should have the lightest crop ever harvested m th1s county smce I have known the country There lS cOilSide able arumatwn m all the markets w1th pnces tending higher for all sorts For th1s section the 1879 crop IS marketed except here and there a small remnant Country dealers have nearly closed out then busmess and but few of them have been prud for the1r labor G W S Olmstead Aug 24 -Immediately followmg my re port of lOth mst we had good rams producmg some part1al1mprovement m the crop which was confined to that part of It wb1ch had previOusly show:a some thrift or tendency to Improve Much of 1t however was very little Improved. comprlSmg the part of the plantmg and all the early: plantmg w hteh had been badly stunted by grass md1fferent cultivatiOn or on land not decidedly mellow and nch It 1s eVIdent the plant will not grow out of Its dwarfed cond1tu;m but will be small and light m the best part of the crop sown w1th short and narrow leaf Much of the crop IS of very poor promise and the product under any circumstances w1ll not exceed one third of an average We had partial ra1I1S yesterday T E B Mason County Distrwt Shannon Aug 23 -The much coveted the long prayed for the benefit conferrmg deep searchmg old timed soaker came down upon us at last not like a wolf on the fold but as an 11nd1sgmsed bemson from the bounteous Giver of all good thmgs The ram from bemg frugal all summer long Its economy carried almost to st ngmess has begun to exhibit generosity Thanks to a bemgnant Providence we shall now have water enough-a gloriOUS baptiSm of corn fields and tobacco tracts Now the gloriOus sunshme IS domg 1ts work and the gladdened earth w1ll brmg forth to the uttermost the untold treasures of her bosom For there are thmgs hidden far down and the deep thmgs of life are not known until fire and water reveal them All the tobacco not m a state of hopeless collapse w.1ll now rev1ve and we hope to house fair crops J B H Germantown Aug 21 -It has been several days smce I w1ote you as I had nothmg new to wnte We had a hard ram all yesterday The tobacco crop IS very uneven some almost 1 eady for the knife some JUSt topped but the larger portiOn JUSt above the clods It has however commenced growmg thiS month If we have a late fall there will be considerOd m a good many fields E S S G1 een Bwer Du;tnct Robards StatiOn Aug 17 -The crop 1s the poorest we have ever had 1874 not excepted In quality 1t IS next to nothmg We have had some lignt showers but followed by such cool weather that they d1d no good Unless we have a good ram followed by growmg weather soon we w1H not have more than fifty per cent of last yem s crop ;J D R & Co Export Farmmgton Aug 13 -In xefe1:ence to prospects of growmg tobacco I now say that they are very poor We have a severe drouth and the late settmg IS not domg well at all It has not grown any and IS as small as when set that set on old ground m partiCular The old 1s all off or nearly so Pnces are a little h1gher on our markets say Mayfield and Paducah We wdl not make more than 40 per cent of a crop m Jackson s Purchase T C :r Dycusburg Aug 21 -Smce wntmg you on the 14th we have been m portiOns of L1vmgston Lyon Cald well and Cnttendon Counties exammmg the gro 'l'mg crops of tobacco and .find them very much short of our expectatiOns both as to quantity and conditiOn We thmk one third of an average for L1vmgston one half for Cnttendon and Lyon and about th1ee fourths for Caldwell will be a full estunate for the present prospect w1th reasonable allowance for good seasons and a late fall Should 1t contmue dry and hot the crop w1ll be cut short of this and w1th an early frost all the late plantmg will be b1t or cut green The pros pect to day 1s favoi able for a good ram which IS very much needed Most all of the old crop has been sold SHU&Co Heavy Montgomery Tr1gg Co Aug 18 -Smce my last of the 6th mst we have nad scorchmg dry wmdy weather telling senously on all vegetation Tobacco drymg up and hard spmdlmg narrow and short No chance now for a half crop as before estimated we must come down now even with good seasons to about a thnd and that IS bound to be of inferior quality Com crop very promismg until the last two weeks, now falling rapidly The ground IS dryer and harder than I have seen It for yeal"ll Summer fallowmg about ceased Qn thiS account J W G Clarksvtlle Cad1z Aug.17 --Bmce last report we have had aeon tmued drouth here Everythmg Is parched up There was a good ram the lOth mst through part of ChriStian County and m all the a6Jacent counties to Clarksville Tenn I have travelled through four counties w1thm the last ten days m the very heart of the Clarksville sect1on and the best mformed srud that w1th favorable weather from now until the last of October half a crop might be made J F W Pembroke Aug 14 -Smce the rams on the lOth and 11th msts tobacco presents a better appearance The rams were not general some localities still need1ng 1t badly The ImpressiOn prevails that a short crop vpll be made We are demdedly of the op1mon that the crop w1ll fall short of the last one R N J HadensVIlle Aug 19 -Three weeks wrote you that the prospect for a crop of tobacco was very little better than m 1874 I have no cause to change my The1e IS not more than half a crop on the hill and the most Qf that was planted m July and IS now m the clods Ram seems to do but little good It 1s the worst growth I ever saw and my opm10n IS that this w1ll be tlie smallest crop that has l:ieen housed for twenty years A frost m September w1ll take 1t all 1f ItJ.s not cut green Market here strong and act1ve DBS LEA. F. not at all as 1t IS very little large1 than when planted We still thmk 33 par cent of a c op will represent sectiOn J S & Co Fme Grade Grandview Spencer County Aug 21 -Th1s week has been very dry and hot up to Fnday evemng when we had a hght ram and a httle durmg the mght To day 1t lS cloudy w1th md1catwns of mot'e ram So far the ram has done nothmg more than to lay the dust But let the season be all that we could expect It comes too late to be of much advantage to tobacco Fully one half that was set out will not be worth cuttmg About all of the old crop has been marketed J C F MISSOURI Export and Home Trade Roanoke Aug 10 -Tobacco IS sufferrng for ram We have had none for some time and prospects are very poor C W Dalton Aug 16 -We have had no ram here smce the 3d of July to amount to anythmg consequently the tobacco and corn crops are cut very short 8ome planters report their tobacco literally burnmg up on the hill while many have abandoned their latesettmgs as wotthless Takmg my own crop as a representa t10n of many others I may say that out of eight acres of Burley set out not over two acres (set about June1) will make good leaf while about two acres may make good lugs and the remamder I do not thmk will be worth cuttmg From the best mformatwn that I can get we cannot expect over 30 per cent of an average crop of tobaccos m Chanton County GBG TENNESSEE Ltght Clarksvtlle Pans1 Aug 13 -I have delayed wntmg for a week to see 1f we were gomg to have ram but we have not had enough to do any good to the growmg tobacco It 1s now the op1ruon of all w1th whom I have talked that under no cu cumstances can we make over half of an average crop and without ram soon we will scarcely make any good tobacco 'Ihe last plantmg h scarcely sta1ted to grow R D C West Tennessee Ralston Aug 19 -The dry weather continues and to the damage of the late crops I have been mvGBtigatmg the growmg tobacco crop questiOn closely and I am now convmced the average m Weakley Ob1oil and Henry Counties will not exceed one fomth of a crop and that of mfenor quality E C L ILLINOIS Export Eldotado Aug 14 -We have had no rain m our sec t10n smce July a w1th no prospect of havmgany soon Tobacco and corn are very light R. & P Eldorado Aug 23 -Smce our last 1t has been very hot We had a hght shower on the 20th-about enough to lay the dust It IS too late m the season f01 ram to do tobacco and corn much good which w1ll be very light H & P NORTH CAROLINA Prospect Hill Caswell Co Aug 19 -It has been very wet smce August came m a._nd a great deal of the tobacco 1s drowned If 1t contmues wet considerable tobacco will be seriOusly damaged J 'I B SEED LEAF CROP REPORTS. (SpeCial to THE TOBAOCO LEAF ) OHIO Seed Leaf Dtstrwt Amwell Aug 19 -The early tobacco IS bemgcut and taken m rapidly m this sectiOn The dry weather has r1pened 1t a 1 ttle too fast perhaps but we apprehend no serwus damage to the crop by the drouth A good ram havmg set m the late plant, are loommg up agam mcel) and b1d fair to make three fourths of a crop yet If nothmg happens to retard the grow h Several good sales of last years tobacco have been made here lately and we still feel encouraged to persevere D J Ansoma Aug 18 -To day our tobacco crop suffered severely fr-om a hail storm There were several crops or parts of crops taken m previously but there w1ll be considerable damage Several parts of different crops will not be cut and this conditiOn to Mont gomery-County 0 and also as far west as the center of Indmna Some fields pre!Jent a. riddled apnearance WEH Seville Aug 23 Smce my last copiOus rams have fallen and 1t IS as much too wet as 1t was dry two weeks ago We are fa1rly mto the cuttmg of early set The late IS all topped and w1ll be hght with a good leaf but few of them I cannot report above 75 per cent of a full crop Worms are reasonabjy plenty and suckers grow hke sm smce the ram 'No large crops of old are movmg from first hands Small lots are piCked up now and then at 8c to 12c Tne cuttmg season w11l be a long one on account of small late set tmg Those that do not like to be rushed will beaccom modated thiS season W L P M1aiD1sburg Bulletm Aug 20 -Heavy rams fell here Tuesday evenmg and Thursday Around Getters burg Germantown and Farmersville t obacco was damaged by hail The district covered by the hall however IS not large The market durmg the week has been dull prices remammg as last quoted-6@8c for 1879 WISCONSIN Seed Leaf DtStrtct Mad1son Aug 17 -The tobacco crop contmues to be prom1smg m this sectwn We have never seen 1tlook mg better Farmers generally have taken more pams m the cultivation of the1r tobacco A considerable portiOn has already been cut and boused m good con clitiOn We have JUSt had a fine shower whiCh will benefit late p1eces J R H Fort Atkinson Aug 11 -The tobacco harvest has JUSt commenced The weed lS lookmg finely-never better Two weeks more of fine weather will msure the finest crop ever harvested m the State such IS our opm10n --Aug 21 -Ihe tobacco harvest IS now m full progress Two weeks more of good weather will see the crop m the shed m good conditiOn We thmk the crop lS as good 1f not the best that has ever been grown m the State A D W & Co M1lton Junction Aug 21 -There IS some tobacco changmg hands One crop of 16 acres sold ao 6Mc another crop at private terms The weather IS all we could WISh for We had a .fine ram on the 19th The late set tobacco 1s commg on mcely; and w1ll be as good as the first settmg C H do equally as well I believe the average of our sectiOn will be from 1 500 to 1 800 powids to the acre 'Ih1s week w1ll bung a la1ge amount of tobauco m the sheds If we have favorable weather m xed tracts bemg ready to cut m the next 10 or 14 days The 110 000 cases of the 1880 crop theory Will succumb to the truth that tbo y1eld. although exceedmg acreage last year w1ll not come to more than the 79 crop d1d 1f 1t reaches that figure Tobacco men must remember we had a fine crop last year throughout the ent1re county and th1s year but a partmlly good cropm some sectiOns middling good m others and very poor for the balance I would here prediCt that those pa1t1es who are for tunate this year m succeedmg m gathermg a good long fine lEafhwill be amfly rewarded by the almighty dol lar m t e sellmg o 1t But on the contrary those havmg poor short tobacco need not look for a large figure as that class of goods lS generally required for exportmg purposes and must be bought low so as to be able to handle 1t m foreign markets otherwise 1t Will stay m the country and w1ll have a tendency m course of another year m reducmg pnces pa1d for leaf CORRESPONDENT Lancaster New Era Aug 21 -Durmg the past week we VISited the eastern end of the county passmgthrough the townships of Upper and Lower Leacock Earl and East Earl Salisbury and Sadsbury and had a good opportunity of exammmg the conditlOill2 pos1t1vely bad as poor we may say as can be found The poorest field we have anywhere seen hes along th1s road JUSt b eyond tbe edge of town No poss1b1e combmatwn of circumstances can make good tobacco out of 1t The same may be sa1d of a good many other fields whose owners trustmg to warm sunshme and plenty Gf ram look. for th6lr tobacco to come forward rap1dly at this season These conditiOns haveprevruled for some tune and st1ll theu fields are backward w bile the cooi mghts mdiCate the growmg season IS nearmg 1ts close The past week has been a very active one with the growers They have been very busy cuttmg and put tmg away the1r crop and a great deal has already l:ieen housed The early tobacco has m some sectiollS been mostly put aJVay the fa1mers havmg no doubt been burned on more rapl(;lly by therr memones of last weeks hail storm The home market has been very dull durmg the past week there havmg been no sales worthy of not1ce There was a rumor of a sale of 200 cases of 1878 but It could not be venfied Last week there were 125 cases reported wh1le for the correspond mg week last year there were 615 cases sold The packers are still busy samphng and will contmue so for some weeks to come Lancaster Examtner and Express Aug 25 A de Cided Improvement was shown m our focal tobacco market last week the operatiOn m the weed bemg larger than for some weeks past In the first place a Lancaster packer sold one l6t of 96 cases of 78 tobacco and other smaller lots which swelled the total amount to over a hundred cases In 79 tobacco we have re corded sales of one lot of 400 cases two lots of 100 cases each one lot of 150 cases and other lots that make the total amount known to be sold over 1 000 cases Last week over 3 000 cases were sent a way and the number of cases shtpped grows larger each day between 400 and 500 cases bemg shipped last everung Samplmg IS the order of the day and holders are highly satiSfied with the result, Large quant1t1es of the growmg crop have been housed and gEGwers are busy an over the county gettmg the1r tobacco cut The weather Is favorable but another enemy to the crop has appeared m the tobacco flea As to what constitutes a field of tobacco m a conversatiOn on tho subJect w1th Colonel James Duffy he sa1d when you can stand anywhere on the outside and throw your straw hat mto 1t and 1t wont touch the ground tnat IS a good field NEW YORK B1g Flats Aug 24; -Tobacco growers are generally busy harvestmg their crops some have finiShed The dry weather has made some crops rather short To day we had a splendid whiCh w1ll Improve what 1S not too far advanced we have been fortunate m escapmg hall storms The green worm has not been as bad as m some former years W H L Baldwmsville (Onondaga County) Ga ze tte Aug 19 We have had a cold wave but as far as we have ascer tamed no damage has been done to tobacco by the slight white frost we have had th1s week on the la.w lands A r1de of thirty miles among the growmg tobacco develops the fact that we have got m Onon daga County a good whole tobacco There may 'be and doubtless are a good many spotted p1eces of tobacco this yeat' but on reflectiOn we thmk we are safe m saymg that the number IS no greater th1s than former seasons We have nearly if not qmte fifty days yet to mature tobacco and yet we may have a frost m September There lS more DomestiC Havana and Spamsh growmg m the county than we had calcu latod Many different var1et1es seem to have been planted MASS:ACHUSETTI3 New England Homestead August correspondents Agawam-Tobacco 1s lookmg well and 1s fast hemg fitted for the poles Our farmers have Ghanged some what IU the1r management of tobacco thinkmgitsafer to hang the latter part of August than the first on ccount of sweatmg and rottmg on the poles Conway-The weather has been very favorable of late for both early and late set toliacco and the present outlook IS that Conway Will still mamtain the reputa twn as one of the banner towns of the Connecticut Valley for No 1 tobacco But little if any Havana 1s grown th1s season and about the same number of acres of Seed leaf as last year v1z 90 Among the largest areS B Crafts MaxAustm Mrs Mattie Boy den H D Pease C Parsons Jr and J C Newhall who grow four acres each or upwards Some of the early set p1eces are bemg harvested last week and thiS Deerfield-Tobacco m general 1s lookmg very well Ha.rvestmg commenced last week and will be the general bnsmess for the next two weeks Some w1ll be put m without suckermg although a good sha1e will be fully suckered We prefer to sucker 1t close as 1t will save t1me and trouble m str1ppmg and waste m sortmg 3 thmgs that affect the qual1ty of the crop that 1t IS no wonder the groweN are exceedmgly an:nous for Its safety watchmg ever hange m the weather We hear already o dtJalers m New York who are gomg to VISit different sectiOns of the valley and Already have made offers for lots that are as yet or were then standmg Th1s IS a bad way to buy One :fitm who bought 200 or BOO cases m the vicmity of Hatfield last year proposes this year to pack at least 500 cases They have been looking over the growmg crops and find them all that they have been described to be A large amount of the Barber Seed was sown and 1t shows a long .and beautiful leaf thus far New England Homestead Aug 21 -Retullls of cor respondents -Suffield-E A Austm took out a $1 000 policy of m surance agamst hail on h1s srx acres less than ten days before a hall storm came whiCh damaged It consider ably Enfield-In th1s sectiOn the growth of tobacco IS ex traordmanly large the leaves bemg long b10ad and unusually whole Some have commenced cuttmg and many will Wish that the growth was smaller be fore the harvest IS over on account of the extra care and labor reqmred to handle large tobacco Somers-Tobacco 1s good and some have commenced cuttmg Reported Failures and Business Arrangements. [From BRADSTREET S 1 wholesale and etall tobacco a d c gars EL PRINCI P E DE GALES CIGAR FACTORY O F KEY WEST. The c1gars of this Factory under the well1moWD brands of E L PRINCIPE DE C A L E S A.ND LA PERLA DE CAYO H UESO manufactured of the new and best; Vueltla Aba.JO 'hba.cco and unexcelled in quality and make by any of the Havana Factones are now rece1vtMl ill regular weekly shipments by I FRED' K DE BARY 4 co., N o s 41 & 43 WARREN STREET NEW Yomt, Sole Agents TOBACCO MARKET. NEW AUGUST27. The local leaf tobacco maiket has been active m all departments exceyt that of Western leaf and even there a great dea more has been done than has been reported under the prevailmg system of keepmg sales secret unt1l the end of the month The death on Sunday last of Mrs Abenhe1m wife of the French and Ita.han contractor has no doubt cur tailed the operations for Reg1e account dunng the week but 1t w1ll mall probability be found when the monthly summary IS presented m out next Issue that Mr Abenhe1m has bought a good deal of tobacco th1s week as well as m the three weeks p1ecedmg that cannot at th1s moment be reported For Western leaf there appears to have been an m creased demand of Reg1eorders though the sales effected as reported seem to have been of small magmtude A few lots we note were taken for AfriCa When the monthly report for August comes m It w1ll be seen what has been done durmg the month as \ well as the week JUSt closed and after tnat we trust for the cred1t of this matket that secrecy will be abandoned Because Reg1e buyers or any other buy ers thmk 1t IS to the1r advantage to not have J.t known what they domg from week to week 1s no reason why the New York market should be belittled from week to week m the eyes of the world If we are domg busmess let that buSlness be reported as It lS ef fected 1f we are not domg anythmg here as the occult \mmded would have the world believe let us throw up sponge at once and frankly confess that'"N ew York IS no longer a. market for Western leaf MessrS SAWYER WALLACE & Co report to THE OBACCO LEAF as foll o ws Western Leaf-We heat of no large transa.ct1011S durmg the past week but we have to note a much p10re general mqmry at stiffenmg priCes So far as reported the sales amount to only 185 hogsheads of 68 for export 66 to JObbers and 51 to ma.nufac turers 1st week 2d -week 760 272 401 1591 3715 661 265 280 318 680 384 763 306 169 August 98 2 11:i2 Receipts this month 3d week 2 075 700 344 293 762 296 253 383 4th week 1 767 1106 265 3 412 854 1 707 1 47:& 185 5th week Total () 500 3 600 s 800 4300 2 4150 3 150 2 200 2 848 Western 9 047 hhds Last year 11 547 hhds From New Orleans 11 do 301 do ao Baltimore 69 do 4 do do V1rgrma 2 43:> de 2 775 do Total 11 560 hhds Rece1pts this year Western 50 398 hhds FromNewOrleans 243 do do Baltunore 201 do Total 14 627 hhas Tollesboro Aug 17 -We had a good shower of ram to day the first smce Aug 3 and 4 It had become very dry and tobacco appeared to be domg but httle good In fact there are but very few crops that have done any good Almost all of <,he tobacco m this d1s trwt IS very uneven and mostly small and mdifferent It IS by the most experienced raisers that we cannot make over one th1rd of a crop Good tobacco m the Cmcmnat1 market has advanced 4 or 5 cents and a st1ll further advance IS expected C & P Par1s Aug 23 I have nothmg new to report only that we have had ne general rams yet We hear of some partml rams m the county but such do not gene rally do much good to crops It IS now certam that under the most favorable Circumstances we cannot make over one thud of our usual crop of tobacco There 1s not an acre w1thm my acquamtance of old fashioned good to):>acco It has not ramed to do much good m about SIX or e1ght weeks here R D C Stoughton Cou1 ter Aug 21 -Th1s market has been the scene of considerable act1v1ty durmg the past ten days A gang of men under the directiOn of Edd1e Eggert of the firm of C 0 Hamilton & Co of Ne 'I' York are at present employed m samplmg M John sons large stock of tobacco of whiCh he has nearly 1 500 cases yet on hand Wheeler & Hmtze )lave com menced purchasmg hall-cut and frosted tobacco and durrng the past weell: they have had a number of men employed m sortmg and the amount already rece1ved wh1ch IS b6lng taken m at Johnsons ware house The followmg purchases have recently been made bv C H Wheeler of the above mentioned firm -John Dons tad 20 <:ases at 0 B Stephens 12 do at 5 and lMc Long Ole 15 do at 5 and 1%(c OleMelaas 31 do at 6 2 and Ole Swenson 9 do at 5 3 and lc Osmon A Qualle 8 do at 5 and lc W Valmer lB do at 5 and and 2 do of Spamsh at 5c All the above tobacco was either frosted or ha1l cut From all sec t10I1B comes the mtelhgence that tlmr year s crop of to bacco 1s a splendid one and 1s bemg harvested m fine cond1tu:Jn The worms and grasshoppers are scarce and consequentlv have done but very little damage Northfield-ThiS yearwe are.growmgl40acres of the weed and the crop looks qmte as e:ven as usual has made a good growth and harvestmg has commenced We find m West Northfield 34 acres at the Farms as far north as Mrs Nye s 89 and m the rest of the town 67 acres The largest growers are Baxter Burrows 8 Jonathan Lyman 6 Chas Pomeroy & Son and F T Allen each 5 acres and M C Miller and N W Purple 4 each In 1872 we raised m all 315 acres Sunderland-About 170 acres of the weed are bemg grown here tb1s season and fully 50 acres of 1t are Havana In 1S'i"2 we grew 271 acres ThiS was the largest eve;r grown here and m 1877 we only grew 92 acres The crop has made a good growth th1s year1 and lS bemg put on the poles th1 s week very rap1ruy do Vrrgnna 10 364 do Last year 50 4{!7 400 do 891 do 11758 do Total 61 206 hhds Total 63 512 hhds Exp t Manf Job rs Specu Unk. n Total Sales tor the week 68 61 66 1S5 hds Sales month 2040 303 252 253 2848 hds Exports for the week 3 2S9 hhds :F'or tne month 11 120 bhds At Ne""( Orleans-Rece1pts from Jan 1 to Aug 21 1880 4 410 hhds agamst 1 820 hhds m 1879 sales thiS month to Aug :n 506 hhds exports fore1gu 346 hhds domestic hhds agamst 346 do m 1879 stock onh1l.Ild and on shipboard not cleared Aug 21 2 127 hhds Carlisle Aug 23 -Durmg the past week th1s sectwn has been greatly refreshed by copiOus rams As already stated the quantity of tobacco under cultivation 1s far below what was expected last sprmg But at th1s wntmg the hopes of our farmers are greatly reVIved There are eo me .fields whiCh g1 ve pro1Dlse of a fine y1eld and mdeed 1f we have late frosts we shall have a average crop of good tobacco Truly the Lord JS good and his tender mermesareover aUh1s works FMP&Co Boone County D1strwt Verona Aug 21 -Smce my last report we have had two glorious rams The tobacco prospect m th1s l!ec tiOn IS the poorest we have bad m several years we will be 8atistied at present w1th half a crop If 1t should do as well from th1s on as we could expect 1t w11l be very late and trifling and will be m danger of frost If we should let It stand until It got r1pe B Q R Headquljorters Aug 23 -We had a heavy rom the past week which will mcrease our prospects for a crop of tobacco If 1t should be seasonable from now on and we could have a late fall 1t may be possible that we would raise three fourths of a crop of tobacco yet W J K Cahforma Aug 23 -We have taken cc.ns1derable pams to ascertam the true status of the tobacco crop m thiS (Campbell) county and have to report a very uneven crop The fine rams w1thm the last three days will Improve the late plantmg but the early plantmg cannot make either a good y1eld or good quality The stalk IB hard and woody We are still of the opmion that not over half a crop w1ll be made D & J Pendleton County Du;l! Catawba Aug 21 -After three weeks drouth we were favored w1t h good ra1ns yesterday and t:> day, wh1cb will no doubt hel p the late tobacco As stated Pembroke Aug 24 -On the 20th and 23d had light rams North of us 1t was heavier These showers disappear nearly as soon as the sun appears conse quently are not as favorable as we would like The nlant of course IS rumed to some extent but the report from every duect10n 1s unfavorable for any thing hke a full crop or a good one fully one half not m top and from the appearance of some of It the top pmg and cuttmg w1ll go together R N J OHIO B1 own County --n1strwt Sm1th s Landmg Aug 23 -We had a fine ram on the 20th and 21st mst whiCh has done the tobacco crop a great deal of good It IS now growmg fast and w1th a late fall will make some good tobacco though there 1s a great deal of small tobacco wh1ch will not do to top unt1l m September and w1ll not make any thing unless we have a late fall We are not troubled w1th horn worm m fact they are about extermmated m this region W H W Eastern Ohw Dtstnct Batesville Aug. 16 -We are havmg too much ram for tobacco It does not grow nght and some .fields appear as if the tobacco IB at a stand st1ll The pros pect 1s not as good as It was two weeks ago G R A INDIAN A Regw BooneVIlle Aug 17 -:Chere IS very little change m the conditiOn of the growmg crop vV e have had some local showers but no general rruns The weather IS dry and hot The rule here IS to have tobacco topped by the 20th of August but this year fully one third of 1 t cannot be topped at over four leaves and much of It PENNSYLVANIA Pet<>rsburg Aug 23 -HaVIng been very busy cutting tobacco all last week I neglectild to g1ve affa1rs con cernmg the crop etc I have been north from our place as far as twelve m1les and surroundmgs and I must say that the tobacco crop m that sectiOn 1s a fine failure and as far as the crop of 1880 1s concerned It IS now made and where 1t IS not It will not be as the season IS so far advanced that where the tobacco IS as small as seen by me yesterday 1t 1s an rmposs ibihty to make a crop not even to have a good one which 1s qmte out of our reach So reports come from tbe greater portion of our county Our VICimty as a great many know has about as mce Lancaster tobacco as can be round m our county Buyers all know 1t and without doubt here are sectwns which were planted m the county that have good tobacco But to what I allude IS this that the bulk with us IS heavier than the 79 crop had been I saw any amount of tobacco yes terday that w1ll not y1eld 1 000 pounds to the acre and what IS that for a crop of Lancaster County tobacco? I have a plot of acres m one p1ece of wh1ch ten acres are cut which I am confident w 1 ll yie l d SO 000 pounds and there are others 1r C'Ur vicnnty that w1ll Amherst-All umte m pronouncmg tb1s years crop an exceptiOnal '()f great evenness m the texture of the leaf 1wh1ch the frequent showers have contr1lJ uted to make Should the curmg be as rropitlOUS we may expect to place on the market one o the best crops known Cultwator Aug 21-At Northampton the crop IS a good and sound one We notice the sale of 13 ca,ses of low grades at 13c reweighed the shrmk age divided between the seller and buyer At Whately a sale of 5% tons of Havana was made on pr1vate terms subJeCt to san1plmg and 13 Cases of seconds and fillers on pnvate terms for both lots A fine lot of about 6 tons of fine Havana Seed IS held by Josephus Crafts at h111 North Hatfield farm and C G Crafts of Whately has about 2 tons Buyers are busy looking at lots but growers are stiff m the1r priCes Most of the holders are m no hurry to sell unless they can get their pnce At Greenfield tollS of Havana sold at 16c AtWllliamsburga small lot of Seed sold at and we have rumors of a few sales at other pomts but they need confirmatiOn CONNECTICUT Amertcan Cultwator Aug 21 -We have heard of no damage yet there was a slight frost mlow places For tunately 1t IS now much warmer There has been no damage to the crop by hail or other sources so far a.nd if we escape the frost a good crop w1ll be housed Cuttmg has been qmte generally commenced and clarm that after cuttmg and handling the plants they find them to run large and fine hangmg low m the sheds The weather IS thus far pretty good for cunng the leaf and we have ne1therseen nor heard of any pole-swea.tmg thus far There are so many Vtrgmta Leaf -There has been an 1m proved demand for leaf durmg the week and fa1r sales l)f both bright and dark wrappers are reported for dom estic use as also some hogsheads for export Seed Leaf -The sales of Seed leaf reached 2 146 cases the past we)k agamst somethmg over 1 400 cases last week The new tobacco 1s movmg steadily along and constantly gammg m favor When the crop of last year lS all san1pled and placed upon the mar ket 1t w1ll be readil bought on 1ts ments as It has as a rule the qualltles to commend 1t J S GANs SoN & Co tobacco brokers 84 &86 Wall Street report as follows The market for the past week has been qwte active m the better class of Seed leaf Such as has been sam pled has found qmck sale at fa1r figures 125 cs 1878 Connecticut 13 250 cs 1878 Penll.dylvanm 12 @20 125 cs 1878 OhiO 12 @13 59 cs 1878 WlSconsm 5 @ 7 150 cs 1879 ConnectiCut 25 275 cs Connecticut Havana Seed p t 1 057 cs 1879 Pennsylvama 11 105 cs 1879 OhiO -Havana. tobacco has been very active especially the better grades and the market for It closed very firm with sales of 1 300 bales Manufactured -The mqiDry for plug tobacco bas been frur smce our last report both for home and for e i!W account shipments for the la.ttt>r amounting to 88 271 pounds and purchases for the former embrac mg all styles


f 4 Smokmg -Dealers and agents both announce a good demand for smoking tobacco smce our notwe -The market contmues brrsk, wrth orders genemlly ahead of productwn Ctgar Box Cedat -There have been no changes m prrces smce om last quotatwns The followrng rs a statement of the movement of stoc k for the week end 1ng August 27 -Logs Feet 6 215 1,652 096 On hand Aug 20 Additrona.l to Aug 368 75,000 Total 6 583 1, 727 OV6 Sales 656 238 725 On band Aug 27, 1880 5 927 1,48 8,361 Fretghts -Jilessrs Carey Yale & Lambert }'rerght Brokers report to THE roBACCO LEAF To bacco Frmghts as follows Lrverpool steam 30s saJI L ondon steam 30s sail Glasgow steam 35s oa1l Brrstol steam 35s sail Havre st eam $8 sml Antw erp steam 3711 6d sarl 32s 6d Hamburg steam il7s 6d sail, 32s 6d Brem en steam 87s 6d 32s 6d Exchange -Messrs M & S Sternberger Bankers, report to THE ToBAcco LEAF as follows -We quote -Bankers, nommal rates arc 482 and 484 for 60 days and demand sterling respectrvely Selhng rates are 480a4-48 1 for 60 days 483-483,34 for demand Commercral 60 days Pans-Bankers, days 521.% 60 davs 524% Commer mal 60 days HClchsm arks--Bankers 3 days 94}4-.% 60 days 93%' 93 1116 Commercral, 60 days Il!IIPOILTS. The arrrvals at the port of New York from forergn-ports to the week mcluded the co:tsrgnments LondonLozano Pend as & Co 21 bales leaf, K Yaye, 26 Vera Crttz-Ot dcr 5 cs crgars & E Salomon 34 bales R Tura 4 6 do G Saloman & Bro 65 do t:ltratton & Storm 22 do H Schubart & Co 111 do Almirnll & Co 101 do Wer3s Eller & Kaeppel 178 do Rodngnez & Pons 68 do, Bondy & Lederer 36 do F Alexandre & Sons 157 do Crgars-Howard Ives 5 cs Michaehs & Lmdemann 4 do L P & J Frank 6 do G W Faber 10 do Garcra & Palacro 5 do Kausche & Downrng 2 do Downmg Sheldon & Co 9 do Frscher & Keller 3 do Camann & Co 2 do G Amsmck & Co 1 do Brown Bros &Co 3 do J Ward Ley decker 4 do Purdy & Nicholas 4 do W H Thomas & Bro 13 do Park & rrlford 39 do Acker 1tferrall & Condrt 24 do, John A Norman 3 do Duncan McArthur 1 do A Cohn 2 do C H Mallory & Co 3 do G"lw11y & ClSado 1 do C Busto 3 do F Alexandre & Sons 103 do lJ B Perkms, Boston, 2 do, S Fuguet & Sons, Phrladclphm 2 do Recerpts of licorr ce at port of New York for week reportea expressly for THE ToBACCo LEAF -Argmmbau Walhs & Co per Maresca from Lrsbon 880 pkgs (122 763 lbs) liconce root Weaver & Sterry per Dussan from Marserlles 1 836 pkgs do Jas C ll1c.A.ndrew, perTanfa from :ilmyrnn 4 000 pkgs(1 161 134 lbs) do Argurmb au Wa1lrs & Co per Ma1esca f10m L1s bon 40 pkgs 117 437 lbs) Spnmsh hconce paste Galway & Casado per A sd ra bal from 1tfalaga 60 pkgs (11 U90 lbs) do A rgmmb au Wallrs & Co per A.alto from Sevrlle 20 ukgs (3 897 lbs) hconce strcks Drx & Co, per Synan from Naples, 05 pkgs do EXPORTS. From the port of New York to fore1gn ports for the week were as follows Antwerp--30 hhds Argentme Republc-36 hhds Bm deauz-565 hhds Bremen-493 hhds 295 cases 119 bales Bru.tol--22 bhds Br-.tUJh Honduras-1 cs 68 pkgs (3 095 lbs) mfd Brtlf1h NM'th Amencan Colonte.9-12 pkga (1326 lbs) mfd Br-;t""h Possemons m Af .ca--2 hhds 31 pkgs (4 lbs) mfd Br1tuh W1'8t Irt.dles-3 cases 40 pkgs (6 787lbs) mfd Canada--12 bales Co1 un a--420 l!Ms ])utcfL Guwna -3 hhds ])utch Westind1es-6 bales 145 pkgs (14 343lbs) mfd Gwuutar-35 pl,gs \5 000 lbs) mfd Gla8gow-304 hhds HambU!'f!-100 hhds 251 cases 22 pkga (3, 760 lbs) rnfd Bawe -5 pkgs (283lbs) mfd Hayti-4 hhds, 9 cases 11 pkgs (1 031lbs) rnfd Hull-13 hhds Lurpool-443 hhds 111 pkgs (18 776 lbs) mfd London-275 hhds 184 pkgs (28 691lbs) mfd .Me:=o-11 pkgs (1 526lbs) mid Porto Rtco--2 hhds 20 bales 2 pkgs (400 lbs) mfd Rotterdam-144 50 cases, 50 bales U. S of bales, 24 pkgs (3 015 lbs) mfd Yenezuela-28 bales 51 pkga (5,284 lbs) mfd EXPORTS FROM THE PORT OF NEW YORK TO FOREIGN PORTS FROM JANUARY 1, 1880, TO AUG 27, 1880 Hhds CasllS 636 4 138 372 sqoo 43 18 790 941 2 038 722 1 044 48 078 59 3 692 129 7 391 1i 2 21i 2 1,111 299 1 323 1 100 714 1 2 1 786 31 5 401 1138 16 293 71 2,609 310 37 9 157 191 liO 56 069 DOKESTIC RECEIPTS. 3 170 The domestrc receipts at the port of New York for the week were aa follows 2011 hhds 63 trcs 10 Ji trcs 1792 cs leaf 129 do smkg 354 do mfd 301 bxs do, 313% bxs do 314M bxs do 228 M bxs do, 105 % bxs do 182 1 16 hxs do 70 palls do 6 bbls do 7 bbls do 15 pkgs do 431 cads do 90 cads do 170 Ji cads do 25 kegs do 2 cs crgarettes and smkg 3 cs mgars 2 uxs do 12 cs mgarett e s 1 trc snuff H! bbls do 22 bbls do 15 kegs do 304 do 6 bxs samples 1 cs prpes 68 oxs do consrgned '85 follows By tl;s Eru Railllo(!d -Sawyer Wallace & Co 98 hlids "Fnnch Edye & Co 17 J' H :Moore & Co 4 do W 0 Smrth & Co 7 do Blakemore J\llavo & Co 6 do J\II B Nash 6 do F C Lmde & Co 44 cs, H Koop & Co 111 do Otder 229 hhds By tlte HIUlson Rwr Railroad -M Oppenheimer 44 cs, F Schulz 30 do Orde r 214 hhds 70 pmls By tlte Nanonal Lme -P Lorrllard & Co266hhds WO Smrth & Co2 do Kremelberg & Co 74 do Sa wye1 Wallace & Co 32 do Revnes BIOs & Co 10 do J A Pauli 2 do RMoore& Co 25 do Kmmcutt & Bill 4 do Blakemor e 1t1ayo & Co2 do Pollard Pettus & Co 25 do FE Owen 2 do Order 188 do By tlUJ Rai!lload -E Spmi!arn & Co 190 cs Chas F Tg & Sons 77 do Bnuzl & Dormrtzer 7 do,B Grotta 31 do Have meyers & Vrgelms 105 do Ahner & Dehls 1 do A H Scovrlle & Co 36 :to A Cohn 38 do A Blumlem & Co 41 do E Hoffman & Son 84 do S Uossm & Son 19 ilo, G W Helme 6 bbls 7 710 bbls 6 cs, 15 pkgs mfd, 1 trc, 17 bbls 22 710 bbls 304 bxs 15 snuff By the C entral Railroad of New Jersey -A Cohn 65 cs Cohn & Stem 8 do J\11 S Rosens 1 do By tlze .N-811! Y01 k and Hartford Line-111 H Levin 120 cs, & Werl2 do C S Philips & Co 4 do, Fox Dtlls & Co 25 do L Gershel & Bro 6 do G W Gro.l & Ax 10 do F Schulz 24 do A H Scovrlle & Co 38 do H Schu ban & Co ti do E Rosenwald & Bro 24 do Havemcyers & y, gehns 52 do E Hoffman& Son 5 do, H Koemg 34 do Davrdson Bros 100 do By New Y01k NetJJ H(J/f)en Btsamhoat LineLobenstem & Gans 42 do D Levv 154 do A Rtchter 6 do E Rosenwald & Bro 1 do J S Gans Son & Co 1 do Wm Egge1t LiM -J H Moore & Co 4 hbds R Moore & Co 2 do R :&I Allen & Co 1 hhd 1 box samples Toe! Rose & Co 52 do 1 do Oelnchs & Co 100 do 4 do W 0 Smrth & Co 169 hhds, 3 trcs 89 cs mfd 22 Ya ux; do, 2 cs smkg and crgarettes 6 do crgarettes 3 bxs samples R A Mrlls 1 trc, P Lonllnrrl Co 14 trcs, 1 box J D Ke11ly Jr 14 trcs 49 cs mfd Owen 30 trcs 1 box samples Thompson Moore ... .;s mfd 48 bxs do 20 }4 bxs do 142 cads do ])' & Co 60 cs mfd 3 710 bxs do 10 J,;' b.xs do 5 J.4 -... o Martm & Dunn 15 cs smkg 3 bxs m!a 8 cads do, H Wehh 1 cs smkg 33 bxs mfd 17M bxs do, E DuBolB 11 cs mfd 25 kegs do 24 cads do Augusun & Dusel 2 cs smkg 6 do Cigarettes 68 bxs pipes M E 1tlcDowell & Co 25 !a: bxs mfd 5 cads do 35 !a: cads do J Blankenstem 56 os smkg, .A. Hen & Co 12 do HWrrt Mathews 1 do Wm Broad hurst Jr 21 cs mfd W1e & Bendberm 8 do H K & F ll Thur ber & Co2 do Ark ell & Co 19 do Wyman Bros & CoS bxs do Jos D Evans & Co 16 %:-bxs do Carhnrt Bros 45 do L Miller 20 bxs do James M. Lta1dmer 5 do 8 cads do, G W Hillman 8 cads do M Rader & Son 1 box sampl es WatJen Toe! & Co 1 do L Srmmons & Bro 1 cs crgars E Cohn & Son 1 cs p1pes Order 19 hhds 1 trc 1.0 M trcs 3 cs smkg 72 do mfd 227 bxs do 214 Ya bxs do 214 M bxs do 178 M bxs do 93 Ya bxs do 182 1 16th bxs \lo 254 cads do 90 % caas do 135 M cads do 3 bxs samples os crgars, 1 box do By Vie New York Baltm01 e 'l'J atUI]Jortatwn LmeFuncb Edye & Co 35 hhds 1 box l eaf Wrse & BendhCim 27 cs smkg 1 bbl scuff Allen & Co 1 cs smkg Redlich & Schmtz.. ler 1 do A Blnmlem & Co 1 cs mfd H K & F B Thurb r & Co 25 bxs und Henry Welsh 41 do C()IJ,S(;IQzse f m n &vannal-Pollard, Pettus & Co 12 hhds R Moore & Co 16 do, Blakemore Mayo & Co 7 do, ll Sreben 7 do -QUOTATIONS of WHOLESALE PRICES. PARTICULAR NOTICE. Every re sale 1s supposed to be at an a.dva.nce o n first cost the pnces o btw.nabl e by grO\vers of tobacco therefore will always be somewhat ower tlla.n these quotations. 'VESTERN LEAF, LIOBT LEaCommon to good lugs Common leaf Medium Good Fiae Select10ns cts !lEAVY LltAF-8%.@ 5\i Lugs 5 @ 7 CommGn 6\i@ 9 llledium 8 @10 Good Sli@l2 Fme 12 @ 15 Selections VIRGINIA DARK.. vommon lugs Goor lugs Low lear Good leaf Dark wrappers RRIGHT Common mahogany Good mahogany 6 @ 7 @ 9 9 @14 10 @15 15 @20 SEED LEAF, 18 @22 NEW ENGLAND-Crop 1878I Ct o p 1879-Wrappers common 18 @15 Ftne (assorted) Wl'lippers medium 16 @IS NEW YoRit-Crop 1878-'Vrappera fine 20 Assorted lotsWrappers selections 80 @40 Common, to medium Seconds 10 Oom-Crop 1878-1 0 @ll 8)11@18\ii U @IM 7lii@l5 Crop 1879-A880rted lots Wrappers fine 25 @35 \Vrappers Seconds 10 @'13 Good (assorted) FUlers 51{@ 7 W ISCONSn<-Crop 1ti78Havana. Seed 18 @25 Assorted lots @12 @20 @18 PENNSYI.Y..U."U-Crop 1878-Haval}.a Seed Assorted lots tine 16 @18 Wrappers d o tall': 14 @15 t Crop 1879-do 12 @ 13 Assorted lots Wrappers 18 @35 H1n ana Seed Fillers 9\i@IO SPANISH LEAF, 8J. v ANA Fn.Ltcns--Common GoOil Fine Supenor YAM-Assorted II cuts MANUFACTURED TOBACCO. PruCB.S JM BoND-TAX 16 OENTS .PER Pomm BL.ACXS-@10 @18 eo 86 88 @ 95 100 @110 115 @125 70 @ "5 98 @105 @28 10. 128, and 17@215 Na.vy 18 to 20 12 to 14 9 to 11 6 A. large amount of the new crop has been cut' and put m the sheds fn good order No damage of any account has been done by st,orms thus far this seeson and UJC prospect now rs that a first rate crop wrll be secured SPRINGFIELD, Mass., Aug 24 -Mr C B Butler, Packer a nd Jobber of Connectmnt Seed Leaf reports to THE ToBACCO LEAF -The market for the past t"o weeks hns been active about 500 cases havmg changed hands at puces fully up to l be expectatwn of packers Seconds have advanced from 1 to 2c smce samplmg commenced There 1s but very little tobacco now remnmmg rn farmers' hnnds m thrs vrcrmty A. bout one half of the p1 esent crop has been harvested PHILADELPHIA, Aug 26 -Mr A. R Fougeray To bacoo Manufacturers Agent reports to THE ToBAcco LEAF -Dealers m manufactured plug tobacco strll clmm thnt the den1fWd for first quality contmues excellent and at full figures, whrle stock of no reputatiOn ts not heeded or a s ked fo.r PopuJanty m hard tobacco bas now become a necessrty m this market m ord e r to effect &ales Prrce 1511 secondary cons1dera tlOU Fine Out&-Increasmg m demand If kept up m reqmrement Bnwkmg-Slowly but gradually rncreasrcg quality 18 telling, tim e will show a change Oiga1 s-An excellent demand With profits hght Bnuff-Movmg off ahoad of th1s trme la>t year Recerpts -528 boxes, 9 8111 caddres 528 cases, and pa1ls fine cuts Exported of manufactured tobacco-Vra steamer Vaderland, to Antwerp 11 130 lb s &edLeaf-Nothmg occurred the past week to cbnngc vrews or oprmolls of packers and dealers m mgar l eaf trade rs go0d and full valuatwn rf'ceJved JilavanaLeaf-Fmds re@rly buyers rf stock IS 0 K Hogsl1ead Leaf-Strll sells slowly at moderate figures Recerpts for the week -118 cases ConnectiCut ,.171 do Penn sylvawa 1i2 do Oh10 37 do W18consm 62 bales Havana and 33 hhds of V1rgmra and Western leaf tobacco Sales foot np -101 c&Ses Connecticut 121 cases Pennsylvama 61 cases Ohro 49 cases Wisconsm 58 bales Havana and 15 hhds Vrrgmra and Western leaf Exported of leaf tobacco-To Antwer,P vra steamer South Amenca 280 lbs to Antwerp 127 700 lbs to Lrverpool vra steamer Pennsylvanra, 155,726 lbs ,:to South A.menca, 5 180 lbs total, 288 880 lbs TB"E TOBACCO LEAF. to the present excellent quahty of thmr goods No ch a nges worthy of note were developed 1n the plug t1ade plug r s always m good demand The ct_ar btlsmess rs rmprovmg Pnces range too lo ;v Prpes an d fancy goods "ere less actrve of late There rs a good feelmg m the leaf m arket Both crty and country ttade evmce more mclmalron to lav stock 'l he followmg rmportatwns were made Kantzler & IIargrs, 10 cases crgars, Chapm & Gore 3 do W H 8chrmpferman & Soc 1 do Loewenthal Knufman & Co 19 caes smokers artrclcs W Hozerman 2 bn1es leaf Grommes & Ulrrch 2 cases crgars Metz!er Rothschild & Co 9 cases smokers ar tlcles W Tnnsrg 13 bales )eat Rothscluld Schroe der & Ehel 3 9 do Best, Russell & Co 15 cases c1gars, D Lander 1 do to CINCINNATI, 0., Aug 25 -Messrs Prague & 11Iatson, Leaf lobacco Brokers and Re dyers of Cuttmg Leaf and Plug Frllers repm t to THE ToBACCO LEAF as follows -The market for leaf tobacco the past week has fullv sus t amed the actrvrty that has exrsttd so umfom1ly s mce the 1st o f the rnonth Recerpts contmne larg e as do tile offenugs at auctron, but unde r nn acttve demand !rom manufacturers and wrth speculators lookmg about and occaswnall) takmg some pnces on all grades are kept close to outsrde q notatiOns Smce our last repml verv rams have !allen thiOugh out the drstnct tnbutary to thiS matket causmg a somewhat 1m proved condrtron of the growrng crou lbe offenna-s at auctwn of old and new tobacco for the week month and ye a r w1th compansons were su\) divtded as fol lo"s-,-Hhds Bxs Hhds 1880 1 504 239 4 492 181 9 1 149" 200 3 688 187S G84137 2 951 1877 1 133 164 a o16 1876 1,354 219 3 692 QUOTATIONS Cuttmg Leaf-Common dark lugs Good dark lugs Common dark leaf Good dark leaf Common bnght smokers M edmm do do Good do do Common bngllt tnppers Medmm do do Good do do Fme do do Medmm b11ght leaf Good do do ]me do do CLASS!li'ICATION Bxs 431 ti43 408 431 518 ,--YEAR --.. Hhds Bxs 39 868 4 544 28 348 3 2'75 34 314 lj 163 6 368 29 218 6 950 300@400 400@500 600@7oo 8 00@10 00 550@650 7 GO@ 8 00 8 00@10 00 650@750 8 50@10 50 12 00@14 00 16 00@18 00 10 00@12 00 14 00@16 00 1 8 00@22 00 750@850 9 00@11 00 14 00@16 00 18 00@20 00 454 hhds and 8 ooxes Mason County Ky -56 at $1 a5 90 81 at 6a7 90 64-at 8a9 9U 129 at lla14 75 121 at 15a19 75 8 at 20 25a21 50 3 boxes at 2 90a15 50 886 hhds Brown C ounty, Oh10 -43 at 2 50a5 90 63 at 6a7 90 62 at 8a9 90, 109 at 10a14 65, 101 at 15a19 75, 8 at 20a2175 398 hhds and 1 box Owen County Ky -37 at 8a5 80, pO at 6a7 95 55 at Sa9 79 112 at 10a14 7o 123 at 15a 19 25 8 at 20a21 75 1 box at 11 147! hhds and 1 box Pendleton County, Ky -20 at 2 75 a5 70,26 at 6a7 95 25 at 8a9 80, 41 at 10al5 25, 34 at 15a 18 50, 1 at 20 1 box at 885 12 hhds BoonE\ County K] -5 at 415a5 95 2 at 6a7 20, 2 at BaS 90 3 at 11 50a14 35 21 hhds Ca\10!1 County Ky 1 at 5 05, 6 at lflal4 25, 13 at 15a19, 1 at 21 > 2 bhds vVest Vugnna at 2 90a3 60 19 hhds and 8 boxes Indrana-10 at 8a5 20 4 at 6 50a 7 2o 1 at 9 4 at 10 75a13 25 3 boxes at 6 10a14 25 17 hhds Eastern Ohw-6 at 3 70a5 75 4 at 7 40a7 80, 5 at 8 50a9 65 1 at 1:E 17a17 75 15hhds Henry County, Ky 2 at 4 35a5 30,4at 6a6 40 2 at 8 l5a8 40 6 at 10 75a14 25 1 at 16 20 hhds Bracken County, Ky -2 at 5, 1. at 8 90, 9 at 10a13 75 8 at 15a17 75 14 hhds Clermont County Ohw4 at 3a5 50 2 at 6 50a7 40, 5 at 8 10a9 20, 2 at 11 75a12 25, 1 at 17 50 MR HENRY A RICHEY Manufacturers Agent, reports to THE TOBAuco LEAF as follows -General trade rs qmte active, and the feelmp; IS becommg qmte buoy ant as to fine prospects for a large fall busmess m Navy tobaccos The demand 1s mcreasmg steadrly although there IS a farr supply of old goods on hand that are mostly out of style and rmpossible to place at the contract rates The cheap rarlroad rates to Ch1cago last week were availed of by many fam1har friends from Yrrgmra who step-ped over here to canvass th1s market With few exeeptwns, even a cheap trcket could not be made remunem.tive, smce there IS so lrttle sale now for the general Vrrgrma market Prtces are firm and confi dence IS strongly established m the present rates bemg mamtamed (It not advanced) for the next srx months trwtly whrte tlller-NaVles the only favorrtes m fine graaes :Medmms are lightly dealt m Cheap grades wrth sat1sfactory or passable quahty are fairly m de mand The bmnness IS much d1sturbed by accumula twns of oads and ends of unsalable brands and styles whrch are generally forced upon the trade through drummers drrect from manufactmers The refusal of Jobbers to handle goods not called for hlls forced thrs practwe on most manufacturers smce they seem to be able to mfluenee-ref"ailers (on alL sorts of guarantees) to tty a bag Generally they are no better, If as good as the favorrtes and seldom produce a second ocder, so that by the trme Jobbers get the goode the demand has stopped, and a remnant 18 left m stock to look at As to the retailers, It rs remarkable that they should be m:fl.uenced by an entrre stranger m preference to therr regular whose mterest 1t 1s to furmsh them the best that can be had for the money In Europe the trade 18 done prmerpally drrect by manufacturers to retarlers, the Will become the practrcQ m thrs country unless our Jobbers use the1r mfluence and control their busmess better Fme cut chevrmg IS domg farrly, wrth an unproved demand on fine grades Smokmg tobacco contmues the same as last re ported Urgars are qmte active for low grades at current prrces Some effort has been made to advance prices, but w1th very little success There IS m some cases a proper JUStrficatron to advance, but old contracts are easily matched at the prices In fine goods, Eastern makes have the preference on account of the superror style of workmanship and general attractiveness of the goods CLARKSVILLE, Tenn., Aug 25 -Mess rs M H Clark & Bro L eaf Tobacco Brokers report to THE TOBACCO LEAF as follows -Our receipts are now falling off but sales up to a fair total footmg up for the week endmg to day 10G bhds The market was lll egnla1 but very st10ng on med mm grades of leaf which were r ather hrgher Planters and deale1s a1e free sell e r s notwrthstacdmg they report a very sma ll 01 rp m the field and that generally m bad conditiOn 'llns would mdrcate a sma1t unprovementsmce the rams of the Bd and lOth mst $ 2 50@ 3 00 3 50@ 4 50 500@550 6 00@ 8 00 8 50@10 00 I 350tG>425 4 oO to 5 50 4 50 to 6 00 6 25 to 8 00 8 50 to 10 00 10 50 to 12 00 12 50 to lli 00 11 00@15 00 250@800 350@550 550@700 7 00@10 00 660@900 10 00@18 00 7 00@15 00 lso0 460@550 550@650 650@750 7 50 8 50 8 50@10 00 10 00@12 00 3 00@ 5 50 6 00@ 8 00 8 00@10 00 12 00@16 00 1 50@ 526 tl.o Ohro, 54,897 hhds 22 750 hhds Stock m warehouse this day and on shipboard not cleawd 32 147 hhds Stock same time m 1879 37 290 hhds Manufactured Tobacco-The demand was very good the past "eelr mostly for low grade wh1ch sell very freely on am val better grades are somewhat neglected Pnces are wrthout change except for low grades, which are h1gher E'xports-None CHICAGO, ill., Aug 25 -Our speetal correspondenl reports to THE TOBACco LEAF -Busmi)Ss sho:ws a contrnued mcrease There was n liv e ly move!llent rn smokmg tobacco Fme cut was m good request at fhml) sustarned pnces For a year or SQ the trade rn fine cut clrewmg has steadrly mcreased and wlll undoubtedly contmue to do so 1f manufacturers strck Stocks are begmnmg to move forwara to the seaboatd, and the 1st of September will show some d e pletiOn D.A:NVILLE, Va., Aug 25 -Paul C Venable Leaf To ba.cco Broker, reports to THE ToBAcco LEAF as follows Our sales have been very full all the week Farmers are bur rymg JD tobacco to make rea5 HENDERSON, Ky., Aug 23 -Mr Posey :Marshall re p01ts to Tllli I eBACco LEAF -Smce last rep01 t very little has beell done lD old tobacco W J Murshall & Co h ave made a few sales at moderate prrces Almoot all of our stemmers here have wound up therr years busmess and reparred to the watermg places The growmg tob acco assumes a much more healthy appenrance sruce the la s t rams wh1ch, however have not been and those farmers who have bad none are s till complmmng I may say that the crep upon the whole looks sorry and wrll be late LYNCHBURG, Aug 26 Holt, Schaefer & Co Buyers and Handlers of Leaf Tobacco, reuort to THE To BACCO LEAF as follows -Our market 18 unchanged, wtth recerpts still moderat e ly large although partly conststmg of undesuable tobacco W1tb a s!Jghllv Improved tone m the Rrchmond matket last week to JUdge by salesmade there our market showed a little more fitmness for a day or two hut tbr passed agam and we 1eport the market agam dull and 1nact1ve With pnces low a nd urcgnJar We renew our la st quotatiOns wb tc h are to some extent nommal tor the better grades which are hardlj rep1esented m our offenngs now '}UOTATIONS Lugs-Common dark 3% Medmm and good 4}4@ 4%, Light redd1sll 494;@ 5hJ: Common bnght 5M 6}4 l \'ledtum 8710 Gooi 8M Fmc scarce and nomm a l Leaf-Dark common 494 5Ji do medrum 5,34 do good 6 @ 7710 do fine 7%@10 do stuctly fine 10 Wrappers-Common 8 @ 9710 10 @15 Good @25 Fme (scarce) LOUISVILLE, Aug 2o -Mr Wm J Lewers Leaf To bacco AuctiOneer reports to THE r OBA.CCO LEA.F as follows Recerpts for week endmg to day 1200 hhds, agamst 800 hhds same we ek la st year SALES FOR SIX DAYS ENDING WEDNESDAY 25TH lNST Warelwusea Week 'Jf.on(l; Yea1 7 m 1E Prckett 183 553 6 579 P1ke 41 189 1 814 Nmth Street 309 924 8 360 PGople s 25 139 1 586 Boone 59 261 2 218 Gteen Rn er 88 218 1 641 Loursvrlle 235 744 6,594 88 m Planters 122 448 3 872 Kentucky Assocrat10n 105 421 2 353 Fa1mer s 72 223 1 976 Enterpnse 79 194 2 70G Orrgmal new Ougmal old New revrews Old reVIews 4 737 6 792 7 161 31 4p5 hhds (fresh) of l crop of 79 sold to date agtui:Ist 26 238 bhds of crop of 78 to last year and 47 720 hhds of crop of 77 to date m iS The weather of the past week has been dr) very s ultry and hot-not go<'d for the growmg tobacco crop Pnces have ta'ken a suddeu start up and several p ar tres ate takmg hold who have been war tint; f01 somethmg to turn up A few out srde speculators a1e also 1n the market The market closed strong at the followmg QUOTATIONS Nonde8c1>opt ,-Heavu Badilld-, r--Ou.ttmg *Red DMk *Red Brgl of busmess, and 1f there rs any slackness of orders wrth Eastern they will not adm1t It The tobacco trade IS fatrly active, and the competrt10n between wholesale grocery firms and regular tobacco houses 1s sharp The stock of leaf, as usual at thrs season of the year, IS low Probably the entire quant1ty of 1878 tobacco m first hands IS less than 500 cases, and that has been prcked over and over until nothmg that wrll work llp decently 1s left In a fortmf;ht we shall have some 1879 here, and of course there IS anxrety to see how rt "\\ rll turn out All hope that the qual tty w1ll be good Foreign M arkets. AMSTERDAM, Aug 7Messrs Schaap & Van Veen, Tobacco Brokers report to 'IHE Ton.; LEAFOur market for AmeriCan tobacco showed a little more acrma t10n Maryland to the cxteut of 560 hhds mostly of old crof> "nd ordmary quahty found buyers also 3 hhds Vrrgtma 4 do Kentucky and 42 ba1es Java changed hands From Sumatra and J ave. notmng mte1 estmg to report We don t expect sales before the end of th1s month or the beginning of September Imported -176 hhds J\llaryland 1030 bales Java 2448 do Su matra Stock to day -1461 hhds Maryland 8996 bales Tava, 10 li40 do L Sumatra 2;!5 hhds Kentucky 7 do V 1rgmra 420u bales English East Irid1an BREMEN.-Our Bremen correspondent furmshes us wrth the followmg account of the Bremen tobacco market up to Aug 5 -The past month of July showed a sorry trade, the "hole sale!i of Kemucky tobacco amountmg to but 400 hh; Maryland and Olno when of good bnght co!Qr meet a ready sale but the lower classes are drftic'ult to place Cavendish m rather better demand REMEDY FOR LOCKJAW -A correspondent of the Sctentific .A.merzcan says Let any on(,) who has an at tack ot lockJaw take a 'Small quantity of turpentme, warm rt afld pour rt on the wound, no matter where the wound rs and relief wtll follow m less than a mmute Nothmg better can be apphed to a severe cut or bruiSe than cold tmpentme 1t will gtve certam rehef almost mstantly Turpentme rs also a soverergn remedy for croup Saturate a prece of flan nel wrth 1t and place the flannel on the throat and chest, and m very severe cases threA or four drops on a lump of sugar may be taken mwar dly Every family should have a bottle on hand FEAR OF HEART DISEASE -The fixed rdea of havmg heart d1sease IS a very common one We know an Indian officer who mdulge d m rt for twenty years, to the great annoyance and terror of hrs Wife and fr1ends, and v;ho dred at a good old age w1th a sound heart physrcally sreakmg By auscultatwn, doctors can very easrly tel you whether the heart rs r1ght JUSt as you can hear whether a clock 1s rrght as to It tickmgs and heatmgs There are other sure symptoms well known to the professron Many persons also fear that they have cancer m the stomach or hver or a tape worm, or some other dreadful malady but, generall_y these fears are the result of a drsordered Imagrnatron, and groundless MEDICAL USE OF SALT -In many cases of diSOrdered stomach, a teaspoonful of salt IS a certam cure In the vrolent mternal achmg, te.rmed coho, add a tea of salt j:o a prnt of cold water, drmk rt and go to uell, rt IS one"!Of the speedrest remedies known The samew1ll revrve a person who seems almost dead from receivmg a heavy fall In an a;Ppoplect1c fit no time be lost m pourmg down salt and water, If suf ficrent sensrbility remam to admrt of swallowmg, if not, the head must be sponged wrth cold water until the senses return when salt will completely restore pat1ent from brs lethargy In a fit, the feet should be placed m wmm watel" wtth mustard adued and the legs br1skly rubbed all bandages removed from the' neek, and a cool apartment procured 1f possible In many cases of severe bleedmgs at the lungs and when other remedres farled Dr Rush found that two tea spoonfuls of salt completely stayed the blood In a case of a b1te from a mad dog, wash the part wrth strong brine for. an hour, and bmd on some salt w1th a rag In toothache, \varm salt and water held to the part and renewed two or three trmes, w1!1 relieve rt m most cases If the gums are affected, wash the mouth wrth brme If the teeth be covered wtth tartar wash them twrce a day with salt and water -Medlcai Jou1nal THE PEACH AND THE NECTARINE -The peach whiCh rs now m season, origmated m Persta and Northern In dJ.a, and rs of the same gemus as the almond '.!:he nectarme differs from the peach only m bemg smooth whtle the peach IS downy It IS a mere var1ety prob' ably produced and assuredly preserved by cult1vatron The free stone peach of the French rs therr peche while the chng stone IS their pame A remarkable variety of Chmese orrgm, has the fiurt compressed and tened, with almost evergreen leaves The peach IS eultJVated wrdely m Southein Europe m many parts of the East m South Amenca andAustraha though1t ,has never rt ts beheved attamed the perfeetron of the ft mt m the UmtedStates New Jersey, Pennsylvama, Delaware ?llaryland and Oh10 ra1se superb peaches, and have often orchards contammg from 20 000 to 25,000 trees 'I he quanti1 y of drred peaches 1s reported to be steadtly mureasmg whrle peach brandyrs dummshmg Peach water obtarned by bmrsmg the leaves of the tree, mJXmg the pulp wrth water and drstrllmg, lS not only employed for fiavormg, but m medrcme as a sedatrve and vermrfuge The stone of the frmt IS very like the brtter almond m Its properties, and the blossoms exhale an odor of brtter alrr onds Both the stone and blossoms are used m the manufacture of a liquor called Pers1eo In the old and new world there are It IS sard, more than 100 varretres of the delicious frurt LEAFLETS. -The West Chester (Pa) Record remarks -The tobacco ra1smg fever bas not yet made much progress rn the townshrps east of West Chester -The Readmg (Pa) Ttmes reports -"The cultiva tors of tobacco m the VICimty of Bernville are engaged at present m housmg therr crop -The Marretta, Pa, Regtster reports -Mr John Musser, hvmg a few rods to the east of the Schock's M1lls 1s at present bmldmg the largest tobacco shed m thiS VlCllllty -A. Lancaster County correspondent wrttes that the y1eld of tobacco m the rwh and fertrle "Silver Valley south of Goodville, lS one of the best m the county -Cuban exiles have been ver:y successful m tobacco ra1smg on the rsland of Jamarca. Large crops are grown, a la1 ge part of whrch 1s exported m the form of the raw leaf, while some lS used m the manufacture of c1gars on the 1sland -The cousumptron of Cigarettes, It appears, lS con stantly mcreasmg Durmg thrs last fiscal year the merease m the consumptiOn amounted to 170,000,000, amountmg to an merease of 71 per eent The revenue y1elded from th1s source amounted to $715,000 -A West Chester (Pa) County exchange announces that the tobacco crop of Honey brook, West Nantmeal, West Cain and West Brandywme townshrp th1s season will astomsh some of the growers across the hne m Lancaster County -From Havana 1t IS reported that the Western Rail \vay Companyi(Ferro canra del Oeste) are actively en gaged m obtamrng means to be able to complete tberr !me to 1ts termmus, Pmar d e l R10 and by so domg connect the nch and productrve drstricts of the Vuelta. AbaJO wrth the cap1tal A commrttee has been formed and Mr J Durege has been sent to New York to pro pose a loan m the Umted States and, accordmg to mformatron lately recerved, a favorable result lB expected SKILES & FREY, Packers and Dealers in Pennsylva,nia. Lea.f Tobacco, 61 a.u.d 63 North Duke Street, LANCAS'rER, P A-


AUG 2 8 -' THE TOBA.OOO LEAF. -(Successor to A. HEN & CO.,) I P. 0. Boz 3628. KB1.V YORB. French, G-erman, Dutch and Scotc, h CLAY PIPES, DEPOT FOR ALL KINDS OF I VIBGIKIA AKD KORTII C.&.ROLIKA SOLE AGENT FOR :ac UFfOl&r:a:l!l a -WK. DAVIES' SUPERIOR SPAULDING & MERRICK'S ok g and e Gut Chewing. bacc s. SEND FOR LIST.


6 ,, THE. TOB.A.C CO LEAF. AUG. 28 TBI SO ACKNOWLEBGED BY ALL DEALERS AND SMOKERS! MARK. :Jt L = :xt:J) THE UNPRECEDENTED POPULARITY OF THE '' I To this fact is due the enormous sale and. consumption of "OLD. JUDGE' Cigarettes; every one having been wrapped in this paper since the commencement of their manufacture, two yeps ago. I cl CO. Z07AZ aterSt., ew ork. MANUFACTURERS OF THE CELEBRArED '' I ld all oe:r. e .'\Vorld! -"( -' 'I \] T I :n a iJi : T 'Ill ...r I '8e 3! C)I .. f oil by pecll ilirea. of tl eft pi: lora. 'ham -. -


I f J 1 s 1 -.;f' : 1 't ; t '! .( AUG. '28 Samples and Prices of FINEST POWDERED SPANISH ROOT .:fornished on appliI c. c. co., TOLEDO, C>l:!:XC>. :so .. H. Tbomp.., D. SaekeU llloo Panl Calvi. f/ Thompson, Moore & Co., 10 AO COMMISSION 'MERCHANTS, 83 Agents for the Sale of Choice Brands of Virginia Plug & Smoking Tobaccos. ALSO SOLE AGENTS FOR THE CELEBRATED Sa.p" and Sea.1"' Tobaoo-, manufactured 'by G.!o. W. GUUam &; Co., of Rlcbmond, Va. --.A.ok:a.o""OV1edc;ecJ. 1:o be the F:l:a.e: C::h.e""DV zu.acl.e.--LOZANO, PENDAS & CO., OF The The and !l'obacco of the United States are hereby respectfully notified that we have a.esumed entire control of the busmess of the old and celebrated Cigar Factory, -=fFL0R DEll'= TJMA:R EI:..A. V .A.N" A, OU::S.A.. Having the cream of the tobacco crops of 1879 and 1880, we are enabled to offer you goods that WJ.l!ue found unequaled by any others manufactured on the Island. Respectfully, _, -&..... l:STANILLO Y. Ca. RATHER TOVGJL "'Member the terbacker I t hera the 0 d 1 h "Yes. sir." ne ay ast mont when trade was dull, a grocery clerk procured a piece of sole leather from a shoe "Well, was that 'ere a new brand i" maker, painted it black, and laid it aside for future "Yes." u se. Within a few days an old chap from back in the "Reg'la.r plug terbacker, was it?" t d "Yes" coun ry came m an asked for a plug of chewing to "W il +h I ht h bacco The piece of sole leather was tied up, ,paid for, e :"en Itsme. t ere lD my,, and the rmrchaser started for hon1e. sadly replied the old man. I knowed .I :'l"a.s gettm purty old, but I was alias handy on bitm' plug. I At the en_d of: the SIXth day looltmg never seed a plug afore tl:iis one that I couldn't fear to' and deJected, and walkmg mto the store he pieces at a chaw. I sot my teeth on this one, and bit for the clerk. and pulled and twiste4 Jik& a dog at a root, and I've :Eaa'te o-r 211 aDd 1118 8ttee"t, Have Reaovecl to.,..... New &Dd Eztondve F.;.,tOI'J't tfos. 203, 205, 207 and 209 East 33. Street, Wluore tJaey will ""-abled to-=--tJaur order with pro:asptne .. anil, tJaey v.a.t,wttJa noela -tb faotieD to tJaelr Cutolllllir ao will lea4 to a Jarcely baoreaoed budne ... x-York, Jan. 1, 1880. Of a.made by BUCHANAN 11. LYALL er New York. BOLli) MANUFACTUREllS or the CELEBRATED ----"X. C." Whlo111a DOW plllbtc repnla&loa, Allo BOLli) IIAJIUJ'AC'n1BEB8 or thliiiEW STYLE, B.aJelgli Plug SmokiDg, with PATENT REVENUE SlAMP ATTACHED. WEW YORK OFI'ICE:-'78 WARRI!N ST.! BOSTO. OFI'ICE :-8 CENTRAL WHARF: ('> W P, IU'l'TlUlDGil .t; .A.c'ta. & WIB'I'-.A"Tl'JIIlWI, lpeelar ..&pnt. &:. .... to.: 18 J'EDERAL S'i', J r ;.. ".f 1 JttA UFA:CTuREBS OF THE CBLBBRA.':.'BD tBRtXE .. t:OR FU_SE AND ICNITINC TAPES. '. D. w. Crou.e. G. w. Crou.e. G. W. Hant.ah.r --:E:a-&.a b1:lho"d' 1080.-ANY, .'oiG-Xn Dea1ers :Ln. Pennsy'l. 'Va:n.:Lal C1.gars Office: 643 Penn Street; Warehouses: 636 Court Street and 20 & 22 S. 6th Street, p .A. -I 1!,1ir.Large Buyers will find it to their Interest to correspond with us. ,,:UQU.DRICE PASTEl r r .. !.... The to manufacture Spanish and Turkish Liquorice Paste, which he _to the Trade at Reduced Prices. Maoufacturers will find it to their interest to apply to him before purchasing else where. James C. McAndrew, ....,... ... ander tile LaotU.e {;{; Water Street. :New-York. _,. _ I.IIIIWO EAI'"') -AND-.IMPORTERS. OF HAVANA TOBACCO.-THE Qf SliiiA'l'BA WRAPPEBS A IIPECIALITY. fta '-' I 512 .t; 61' EAST 11th ST!LEilT, NEW YORK. i 166 WATER STREET, NEW Y'PRK. CARL UPMANN, Oftlee: 118 P:r.ABL STREET, lSI :m GV I I I JOSEPH A. VEGA. .JACOB BERNHEIII, VEGA & BERNHEIM, HAVANA TOBACCO, 18'7 &TR.E:EJT, NB"GV" VOR.:a:::. :m-r:iR.:ax..x...a. .No. 10, :ES:.A. 'V" I ':MILLE THB J'lliEII'1' HANDMADE HAVANA CIGARS._ IUD:& B1' FOSTER, No. 3D Bowery, New York. -. W"ha4tor ... oe Lilli. ,...._ .. !THE LADIES' PEARL. S. BBBGER & CO., I I PubUshed by TAKE ONE EVERY HOUR. F1or de &. :e. -*' Oo. S. P. Chestnut, D. D., 11 Park Street. Tho "DOCTOR'S PRESGRIPTIOlf' IMPORTERS OF HAVANA LE F TOBACGO NASBVILLB, TBNN, Prioe $2.10 per Annum. received at the olllce of the llaher. or at the o.fllce of Tmc TOti.OOO w.. Cl:G-.A.R.. The Finest and Best Cigar in the U. S. 70 PINE STREET,near Pearl St., NEW YORK. FOR THE HONEY. HANS HOSMAN, It now turns out that Hans Breitmann is not the original Hans poet, and that :pistory is but an imi tawr. Hans Hosman was a "venerable Dutchman," and "a genius though be was one. He died some where in the 1820s, and was remembered in the news papers. They printed some of his poetry, and we re pnnt it as' an evidence of his originality and for the confusion of all people who ptetend to say that Hans Breitmann, who "li:;\f a barty, is a new creation, Hosman's lines are:LINS ON TOBAKER. 0 Tobaker is a werry bretty veile, Unt Ferginny, Caneduk, Denasse also, Unt m meny uder lairege downs datI halv zede, Unt is the werry firse of gumferts vur all mens I no. Zum vellurs, ven to baker dey :flrse bekin vur du daik, Ad firse dey are werry sic, unt mage ugle faises, Bud I alveys luf' d it petter als a gaik Dr eny ding dat vun can git in dis her down, Dot after Langisder is de werry firse of blaces The last verse," says the editor who has embalm ed Hans, a considerable improvement in command of language. Doubtless the affectionate re membrance of the frank acknowledgment of his wife, on her oonversion to to tobacco added vigor to his imaginattl)n :"-:Mi vife vas werry bretty ven I marry bur, Put she voud skole unt boder pout myne bipe; But afore do her krave myne naburs karryt bur, She fow d she luv'd it petter als she kud speek. THE CROPS IN EUROPE. LONDON, Aug. 23.-A supplement to the Mm-k Lane Express tabUlates M8 reports from the agricultural districts. They show that wheut is below the average, barley above, oats and beans a little above, and a little below. The result of the second bar harvest will probably_ make up for the deficiency o the first cut. Turnips are as much over the average as mangel'wur zels are below it. Potatoes are expected to be an un usuall y heavy crop. Two hundred and forty-eight reports say that more or l ess disease has appeared, 32 say there is no disease, while in' 50 disease is unmen tioned. The supplement cl8.81!ifies the reports received as follows:Over average. Wheat ........... 34 Barley . . . 96 Oats ... ,.......... 97 Beans ,,, .. ,,. 63 Peas .......... ..... Average. 185 202 187 126 124 Under average, 115 30 43 41 70 Wheat is considerablY, affected with blight and mil dew. A few returns declare the general state of the crops to be as bad as it was last year; but for the country 11-t-.-Iarge the prospects, though not b 'ght as spme sanguine writers have reported, are mucli bet ter than thev were at tpis time last year. The q 'ty of wheat anO. rye is generally good, The French harvest above the average. In B elgium and Holland the harvest is well-nigh finished, with excellent results. The 1ye crop in Saxony, Po merania, and Holstein is about half an average; but in Bavaria, Franconia and Suabta the rye crop is magn ificent. Wheat throughout Germany is fairly good though there is considerable rust and mil dew. Ac,eounts from Austria, Hungary, Spain and ARB OFFERED BY R.. A11e:n. d:!! 189 A 191 Water St., New York City. ..,..Our leed CaCalogae will be Co aa)' Ad clreaa on receipt of S& :tor Po .. ace. :, BRADSTREET'S A SEMI-WEEKLY JOURNAL "D&VOTIW TO Trade, Commerce, and Finance, THIS JOURNAL covers a ground the extent of 'Which is occupied by no other publication, and forms an invaluable work o reference to the merchant and manufacturer. REGU LAR and RJtLlABLE CORRESPONDENCE, furnished by experts expressly for this journal, from all the principal trade ceatree this country is embraced in ill colWIUlS. TID coNDrrioK AND PROSPilCTS of the nrioul marhli are cuo(uUy i.conled, and the and opportu Diticl fOr trade are demanstrlltl:d as by DO other medium QuantONS 01" COMK&RCIAL INTKKBST and importance arc fuDy and ab l y editorially, without p.ejudic<, by tome of the most responsible writers aDd statisticians of the limes. THa auSJNES$ CHAJfGES occurrinc in the UDiDCd and CaDada--wch as failures, dissolutioet of part:Denhips etc., etc.-an:: printed ia. eadl issue, and the list is more complete and comprehensive than be obtained throua:h any other source. THB CIRCULATION OP' THI S JOURNAL being among the best merchants manu"-cturers and banldng insti tuti ons of n o t on ly this country but many foreign, it prneots an excellent advertising opportunity to a limited number of banks, c orporations and business firms who wish to keep their names before the commeTCial world. Published by THE BRADSTREET CO. 279, 281:J 283 BROADWAY, NEw YoRK :r...low Dwllan ;.r ?Mr. CIRC1JLA.TBS AS FREELY AND IS AS WELL KNOW!'f AS THE N. Y. HERALa. By Unanimous Consent Pronounced The People's Choice. Especially Suitable for Druggists. FOSTER, HILSON & CO., No. 35 BOWERY, NEW YORK. 797-822 1he Attention of Cigar Manufacturers is respectfully called to our Large Stock of FINE BESWEATED 1878 PENNSYLVANIA WRAPPERS. The quality of these tobaccos is greatly enhance_(! by Re sweatin,g Process, which is wholly a bemg .enttrely FREE from dyes and chemicals Of sple';'dtd dark colors, these goods are also in, quahty and burn well. Manufacturers of fine will find this stock particularly well adapted to all their requirements. BARKER & W AGGNER, 779-tf 29 S. Gay st. Baltiwore, Mel. FOR SALE.-A fresh supply of 100,000pounds genu ine "DEERTONGUE" FLA V'OR for smoking tobaccq manufacturers, in lots to suit purchasers. at figures. MARBURG BRos., 145, 147 and 149 f::l. Charles Street, Baltimore. SCRAPS AND CUTTINGS FOR SALE. Apply to 8KIDENBERU & Co,, 84 to 86 Reade Street, New York, 775-5100 Paid to &117 one aivinc bafoi'ID&tioa of Part:IM IDbbr on our Patent Our new Improved Process for Be--Sweating Tobaccos a poslt.lve aae. cessl Flattering testimonials received from the moot emlDellt TobacOQ DeaJers an!1 Cigar Manufacturers who have adopted our proceHB. Every Dealer and Manuracturer shou ld h&ve a Sweat-Boom lltled 1111 under our proceaa on their own prenUeee. Tblllla the beat and cheapeolt p...,.,_ID eziltence. o.nd the onq ewt way to obt&ln' dar)l: oolo111, Full particulars u to lei'DIII, wblch are """"'nable, and mailed ou applfcatlOD. Send us a cue for trial under our new C. S. PHILIPS & 188 Pearl St.; New York; 131 & 133 N. WATEK ST. PBILADilLPHIA,P.L ._ taly are uniformly good, L. NEWGASS, J f OR SALE.-Fifty empty tobacco cases. 810-lt) F W. MERTENS & SoN, 175 South Street. PACKER OF ALL KINDS OF TO TOBACCONISTS AND CIGAR MAKERS To l e t, four two-story houses suitabl e for wholesale andrE tail cigar trade. on Washington Street, opposite the Gansevoort Market. Apply on premises between 8 and 9 A .M., or 259 "\'lest Twenty-third Street, between 6and SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 7 P. M to E. L. DONNELLY. 809t 144 Water St., New York. A : Packer, .WAXED PAPEBI f ... AND WHOJ.lllS.A.LE DEALER IN J ; SOMETffiNG 7') .. J!IIii'B,.,-for TO:&.A.cbo Oi, ( ; J -BETTER. ANO cimAPER THU :FOIL. MAI5UFACTURED BY '-S;. HA..MMERSCHLAG > 1 : r 1 : : :.. i fJ II ... 62 NEW YORK. AND -..uRNISHED ON APPLICAtJNi. Tourist Cigarette,, r ..... J j I ,-1 .... ") : : "'; r: lttan atacturer ot the i MONEY G1as$ _Moutbpiece .. Cigarettes, J. : i .0 \' I ol. : 4 .-' J. "" _.)[,'):. \. BY USING 44 STlti!ET, IIIANUFAOTUHEK OF THE irFiirWERS" Ce1ebra"&ecJ. IU.NUF.t.OTURim BY ,REGENHARD, SHEVILL & CO, L --' aa _.....,. ,"rCIIZ'lll.. ...p 8zu.ok.:l:a. Tobaooo. O:l.r dt Oqare't'*- 1410 Cary &"t. R.1.Cb7DO:D.c!.,Va.; tw. TOJIAOOO &1UI CIGABETTES attnr.J11 tre.11,M4..,.... ..__.,.... Ia-. Tile loadlac m""'adwwa-It, l!ea4 fqr SamP.,


aoo. o [EXTRACT FROM .AN EDITORIAL IN "THE TOBACCO LEAr" OF JUNE 26.J THE BIL VER SURF ACJI. FOIL is the most recent grand discoverr in the domain of the useful arts emanating from the ferlll6 hou110 of J oo J. cRooKB. Although this article been patented only about two I?onths, more than one hundred and thirty ditferent brands of it are now mami'factilied ud sold at Kr. Crooke's more generall7 useful and, at the same time, beautiful than this variety of, fqil. ;would be impossible to conceive or devise. Its distin.guishing characteristic is its frosted-silver whiteneslil. In luetre it is alii brilliant as the silvee ever dug from the mines, and oWing to its_ non-retl.ective quality, neither shade nor shadow is visi'\lle when is exposed to natural or artificial light. Viewed from any position or angle, it preeents a uniformly bright and silvery surface, so that an imprint upon it, be it in whatever color it may, is always clear d plainly dilcernible; which is the case when the ordinary burnished foil is made a medium for disclosing a name or inscription, Look squareiy at an ambrotype, and all the lines which make the portrait it embodies are distinct and perfect; glance at it from either side, and a hazy, undefined image is all that can be perceived. So it i8, alii a rule, with the inscriptions on tin-foil wrappers. r Tradesmen using foil in any form externally want their brands or buslnealil aQ.dresses plainly percept ible in any light, and from any point of view, and this great desideratum they are sure of obtaining in using the Silver Surface Foil, A prominent local cigar manufacturing firm is packing fifteen difterent brands of cigars in Silver Surface Foil. Nearly all the cigar, cigarette, tobacco and snutf manufacturers of the country are tising this material extensively, as also are all other tradesmen in the habit of using foil in business. The sale already of this article is immense. For lining wrapping cigal"lil, cigarettes, snu1!, tobacco, chewing or smokmg, fine cut or plug, it is one of the most attractive and serviceable articles ever offered to the public. Among representatives of the tobacco interest the house of J. J. Crooke is kDOwn for the excellence and extent of its productiolij adapted to their uses. In. other industrial departments it is lmown both for the extent and variety of its productions, there being no known application of tin foil for which its resources are not eqllal, and which it has not already furni.llhed patterns and distributed types, This house onl7 inanufaotmel! foil for ciprs, cigarettes, snu1f and tobacco, but also for rubber goods of aU .kiD.ds, linings for the manifOld UMII, of Wlll'4Pb iluDcler11 aDd operators, electrotype and stencil works, telephOnic, phonographic, and other adapations appropriated and made fe.mous by the wizanl of "Menlo Park," druggists, COIIfectiODers, grocers, 'caDDel'l, piokhn, bottlers and for every other purpose within range of the mschari.ical, manufacturing and industrial arts ..r [From the W estem Tobaooo J ou1 WHITE SURFACE TIN FOIL-We have mived by Mr. JoHN J. Coooiic, 163 Mulbel'J!y York ever aeen, and for our part, WI! Will never chew any more its raised or indented surface, imitation of finely won the Doyleys and Napkins shown in the Russian Depr by every one. Some of the styles are plain sil printed in di.fl'erent colors and designs. To eay that the are a necessity to every Tobacco manufacturer who wishl ta.sU!ful appearance, and need only to be seen to be apj. as to be compelled to increase his facilities, and by the l meantime write and get a sample, and send your order J.) [From New Remedies, f The WHITE SURFACE TIN-FOIL, manufactured and attractive things of the kind we have yet seen. Its the ap:pt>Mance or a :finely woven cloth of minute silver 1 doyreys and naJ!kins, shown in the Ruasian J)ep&lmen' these goods. Some of the samples reeei.ved bav.e heen 1 had labels or checkered patterns printed on thezd iA oo-" These foils ought to become very popular among p for tasteful appearanee.


l January 5, 1880. Cincinnati, 0._] 1ber of samples of a 'liew and beautiful foil, manufactured which is the most beautiful and attractive article we have co until done up in this foil. Ita peonli&rity consists int colored silk ; in fact it is a close imita.tion, in silver of 1t of the Centennial Exhibition, which were so greatly olor, while others have upon them beautiful patterns ds will become very popular, is putting it mild. They s goods to be distinguished by their handsome and ted. Mr. CBOODI is so puehed with orders already February will be able to supply all demands. In the le. cember, 1879. N. Y.J J. J. CRoOKE, of this city, is one of the most beautiful ty consists in its milled or embossed 11urface, giving it Any one who remembers the imitations, in silver, of entennial Exhibition, will appreoiate the genmal eff'ect of while others, pre'rioua to the embossing process, have ta and othem who w1ah their goods to be diatinguiahed [From the New York Tobacco Leaf, February 23, 188 9.} A NEW FOlli-As referred to in the qolumas of the T()l,>acco Leaf a few weeks ago, the eminent" finn of JonN j J. CRooKE, manu!acturer of tin foil, of this has placed on the an entireHew L'1Ld of foil, which, in beauty and excellence, cannot be slll'JliLII8t'd. n 1s the "Silvet Sllrface Foil," manufact of the purest and finest quality of tin, and is specially adapted for the packing of fancy and other brands chewing, smoking and plug tobaccos. The Silver Surface Foil is a most beautiful article. Ita bright surface is presented1 in colprs resell}.bling the fi,neat of silk and water colors. It is prepared in plain and fancy designs of colors and orn&menta.tion. Although a new article, it is already used by all the largest and leading tobacco manufacturers of country, and by druggists and florists. Mr. JoHN J. CROOKE ha.s been for years the leading acknowledged 'manufacturer of tin :foil, and. has been recognized as such not only by the entire t()bacco trade, but also by the United Sta.tes Government, as whose he has acted in the printing of tbe revenue stamps on tobacco }mt up in tin foil. There is certainly not a house at home or abroad using tin toil in some &hape or form, to whom the name of thlJI firm is not known. For :further explanations regarding this and new Silver Surface Foil, we 1'efer our to a special notice on the. first page of this paper. y r [From Druggists' Circular, for December, 1879. N. Y.] SILVER SURFACE TIN FOIL-Bome extremely pretty tin foil is now manufactured by J. J. CBOOKlii, of this for various purposes. By a. new process the surface of-the foil is made to look just like frosted silver, and on this various colored pattunl!l are printed. The surface may also be left. plain, And io the taste of some this is, perhaps, more hanclaome. ..l The tin foil is a very appropriate material :for decorating face-powder and puff boxes1 an other toilet arliolee,


,._10 T B E T 0 B A C C 0 I. E A l:". AUG. 28 G RROLL & CO., 10& :Front et, New York. -P. o.-o.z. 4.&8CI..-IUNti'J'ACTUBI:BS OF AND DEALERS IN JLUG liN& TOBACCO. I Sole for JA ES B. PACE, Richmond, AND OTHER VIRGINIA :MANUFAoruRERS. A 'o So 't :ro JNO. W. CARROLL'S CELEBRATED BRANDS, JACK,' 'BROWN DICK,' .a J:rO., BTO., "'VV7. P:EI I I .T.:J::PS' SMOKING TOBACCO. H. MESSENGER & CO., IIUOirl'J:B8 .L1CD DMI.DI 01 Luar Tobacco,c Citars and, Llcortco Puto, l8l ILUDEJf LAJO!!, IIBW YORK. 11.'7 BB.C>.A.Xll ST .. JSI"B""DV" "Y<>E'I.:&::. Mason County and Cutting Leaf a Specialty. ck. 'Y" .A. 130! 132 A 134 AlDEN L NE, NEW YOJtK, FJlfH8T GLHAR HA V.AI! kftrW Kt4al MDfll .. 1Ift, NWtlpllla. AGENCY HAVANA CIGARS &t LiiinTOBACCO. .JAS. M. ,GABDINEil, .TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANT, 84 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. '----: ORDERS FOR PL1.1G TOBACCO PROMPTLY FILL&D. MARTIN & DUNN I No. '74 Front Street, New York, (Premheo la&,ely oecupled by B1JLKLEY 4&: IUOORE,J ----DEALERS IN---1PLUG & SMOKING TOBACCO, I TA.X P.A.l:D A.NDPOH.E]:X::.PC>R..T. JIDBRS FILLED PROMPTLY .:.FROM STORE OR FACTORY. Sole Agents for the Justly Celebrated Brands "MAGNET," "SENATOR'' lt. PLUC Ho OUT OAYIIENDISH. F. C LINDIII. C. F. LINDE. J SEED LEAF TOBACCO INSPECTION] -TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED.OOVJITBY &A.XPLING PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. eenM tn _..,... far every Case, and delivered Case by Case, as to nunl.ber of Certificate. N. B.-We also Sample In Merchants' Own Stores. ::E-. O. XXN':I:ltE &, CO. PHILADELPHIA BRAl'iCHES :-_. W. DICDIISON, ccmer Arch and Water Streets; JON .AS METZ, 64 North Front St. DA.IITWGKD, Vonn. 1-A. H. ATHERTON, Ahret Cigar Store,176 State Street. S1Jl"PIBLO. Clonn. 1 EDW. AUSTIN. LA.NVA.STEH, .P.&-HENRY FORF.S'J.'. PBII'ICliPL OPPJV&-14S 'WATER STREET1 and to 18U PEARL ST. W"AHBHe1J .. 81-H2 WATER STRBBT; 'J4,_J6 ana 78 OREENWICH S'l'REET. and l.'UDBON mVEB. RAILIIOAD DKPUT, ST. JOlLS'S PARK. Ga C. to Sued Loaf Tobacco -ANDCITY WEIGHERS, 170 St., Ne"V'(T Y'ork.. AMPLINC PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. Antonio Gonzalez, 180 Pearl Street: New York. GEO. W. HELME, Succeo110r to Apple11y &; Helme. MANUFACTURER OF THE CELE BRATED PRINCE ALBER Oia""ttes. 188 W.A.TJ:IL l'l'JU:ET, JIJ:W YORK. ..... Bo A.n.d Importer oC GERMAN CIGAR MOLDS, (Sole A.geut f"or IUESSKS. OSENBK'IJECK 4&: 00.) 315 to 321 E. Eleventh St. zd .. NEW YORK. ODS, .6.ND IJil'OBTER or French Briar PiDBS with Amber Month-Pilll. No.69 :zsro.....,. "rozok., &ad VIEJrlfA, AUSTRIA. TRI BEST ALL-TOBACCO CIGARETTE "BETWEEN THE ACTS" TkoaboveBrandof HAVANA TOBACCO CIGARETTES made only by TIIO.AS B. IIA'L, 222 GBEIKWICB STilET. COR. OF BIBCLAY, MANUFACTURER OP FINE CIGARS. &Jr.DS:ON" &TR,.AD&EF, IUA.N1Jl"A.VT'IJHEH 0P J:-IGAR BOXES AND SHOW FIGURES; '.i!UPORTER OF AND DEALER IN &:P.A.JSI":J:S::a:: C:J:Gr.A.E'I. B.:J::BBC>JST&; GERMiN CIGAR MOULDS, PRESSES, STRAPS; .CUTTERS, ETC., .TOBAcco \) 8AZB'T LOVIS. H DAUSMAN, President. &UIIII DU 8018, IIICmT. Ot181'T 8A.LOJIOX, 8A.!.a.ON tU.LO.,.. BE.RlLU( BA.LOIION Gustav Salomon & Bros., lMP(JRTERS OF SP .A.nd Dealers In &II Klndl of SEED LEAF TOBACCO, U4 Pearl St., New Oppenheu ner,, Dealer In i--. "'lPANJSB _. Doel ... 1e all ld-"' LEAF TOBACCO, 114 Front Street, E. M. CRAWFORD & SON, leaf Tobacco, LI68 Water St.; M. H. LEVIN, of HAVANA Liif' T"OB!CC 0, 162 Pearl Street, New York. ta are or FINE CIGARS, Dealer In LEAF 'l'OBACCO. 85. MuRRAY STREfT, NEW YORK. lll:y -"-"CUBA LIBR.E." "CLIKAX." SCHOVERLING BROS P ... caU .a.!O) w:u 11:1!8 Dr SEED LEAF TOBACCOS I 142 WATER STREKT, JSI"o-vv :rozok.. Packiag Wareboueetd N-MUfoal,a.a. WHOLESALE DEALER IN SUB LBA' 226 PEARL ST., lEW YORK. & t.. GASSJtrr J. L. CODISSION MERCHANTS. TOBACCO. L. GIRSBIL & BRO., -: I ;,[ "'ND DE:&.!.ERS llf : J .,r J II !SEED LEAP. TOBACCO, J l. I 9 I PEARL Lo G&KSHOi., NEW YORK !;... C.tll$HP'..I..t i r Cl BA' it.ROAD MILLS., SN"UFF= ::.... Q Rappee, Scotch, American v.. H "V::i:'B.G:J:JSI":J:.A. &l!WI:OK.:J:JSI"Gr T<>B.A.CCC>: ..... Q VIa: PIUJ{CE ALBERT. COLORADO, UNCLE TOH, NAVY CLIPPINGS, '"= IILOJIIIQtU, .A.. & JL cC \_ O:W:WVV::EXG TOB.A.OOO = '!I'M, .....,. tiO'DUII. .,.,. ....,..Y. :a:: .. 133eWATER PINE STREETS. NEW YORK. u PE.uu. U:.:YoaY. FOJ' PRICE LUT ADD:R.ESS OR. APPLY AS ABOVE.


AUG. 28 J!:LUS 8PINGAJt.N, ALD. HAUCRBAU!I, &II.UEL II. SPI'MGAR.N, E.SPINGARN&Co. Straiton a SCBB.ODER & BON,. MANUFA.GTURERS of CIGARS LEAF -uri-AND PA.CK.EftS OF 5 Burling Slip, New York. Dealers in Lea .. DOMr"TIC LEAF TOBACCO REYNES BROS. & CO., 204, ;206 and. 208 EAST ST.RE.ET; NEw YORK. 1 . CommissionMerchants COPE'S TOBACCO PLANT 46 A 48 Exchange Place, S. BAB.NETJ:' .. v .A. N" .A. -AND-SEED LEAF TOBACCO, '162 Water St., New York. CUTHRIE &. CO., 226 Froat Street. CODISSION ..,.. IALERS OF TOBACCO FOR E-IPOIT. A MONTHLY JOURNAL FOR SMOKERS. PUBLISHED AT No. 10 LORD NELSON STR'ET, LIVERPOOL, EtJllUNO, Price, Two Shillings (English) per Annuru. \Vhete Subscriptions may be addressed, or t O ''THE TOBACCO J..-EAF" OPPICE. A.ltiEB.JCAN SUBSCRIPTIONS, 75 CTS. PER ANNUM, POSTAGE PAID. S. F. JfESS a CO., SOLE :MANUFACTURERS OF THE ERNEST FBEISE, OF THE P'IR 0? WALTER li'BJEDilAN .t: Fli.ElSE,) JOHN 'VV'. CARROLL, llole Manufactarerol t h e Fameu11nd Werld-renowned Brandel VIRCINIA SMOKINC TOBACCOS, LONB JACK 'AND BROWN DICK, Manufactory :-TWELFTH STREET, LYNCHBURG, VA. omen _...,.'lT-. *"" atteD4ed to. ..... "-l.eaf Toboo bal for l!oe Weot I..u. THE MltLER, QUBRUL & PETERS MANUFACTURING -co., G. FERNANDEZ, '' :M:.&N"'17li".&OT'17lR.EI:R.& o::r c:rea.se1ess 'V'erUc&l. JKPOBTD 01' HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO .oe Pearl Street, New York. D. -JJID-. COmSSION OF Al'.L ICNDS OF SEED LEAF TOBACCOS 1l9 Water St., New York. (Bet. Fletcher St. and BurliDg SUp.) F. w I SMYTHE & co., CO'MMTSSION IERCHANTS, BRETHERTON BUILDINGS, No. 10 NORTH JOHN STREET, Internal Revenue Books ............ .... ..... Brand u LA ISLA" .r otTo-....., or 01can '"Coney isla.nd," 206 Pearl St., New York -" M. & S. STERNBERGER, BANKERS AND BROKERS,. ', BROAD ST., NEW YORJt, Pay particular attenon to the Nee-otladon of ef Foreign and Loane. Execute Orders for the Pnrcbase and S.l.le ef: Ca.Ut o rnJ& and Nevada M.inlog Stock in 1ihe 1 PtanciBc>O Rt n<'k G. W. GRAVES, P,O.CKER OF AND DEALER IN SEED LEAF TOBACCO, DANBURY, CONN. r TI.:D.-T-tned. a.:o.d. Tcp. CIGAR MOLDS, CIGAR SHAPERS, &c. OI'I'ICE A.KD FACTORY: OI'I'IOE A.KD FACTOR. 1510 East Street, 132, 134, 136, 138 A 140 East 2d Street, N"e-vv 'Yo:r-k. Ci.:n.oi.:n.:n.a;ti., C>. Application we shal. l take pleasure in sending to address. of alt our Manufactures. Tobacco T Freight ---- Brokers, AND RECEIVING AND FORWARDING AGENTS, (P. 0. Box 3,152.] 53 fxchange Place, NEW YORK. I Ciru Manufacturer & Dealer in Leaf Tobacco, 6 RiYinrtoi st., New York. I!IEND FOB CIRCULAB8 OR APPLY TO N. :a BORGFELDT. 510 East 19th St., New York: GOODWIN & co., ;IJAMES jBRUSSEL"& CO., Cll' 1 JU1roi'.A.t11'11UB8 or FINE:CUT !JlB.AGco; CIGARS, 201 and 209 Water Stniet, tto .. l8-BOWERY, .. BIWIII!B:L "-LJOHTENI!TZIK, LEERET ct BLASDEL &1.'EvENSON & co. lo!ANVFACTUIUi:RS OF &-' :SOzes -.A.liD168 & 170 East Water St., General Commission Merchants, sYRAcusE, N. Y. 'II Banmao 8t., New O.loau, La. DEALERS IN ALL OF THE LATE8T8TYLESOJ CIGAJI..BOX I..U1Ji:U1 TJmonNGB. 11 N. LAGHENBRUCH & BRO. PACKERS OF A F Toba.ccc, 164 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. EDW.&lm laue RoSE.NW..u.D, HDRY RoaENW'J.I.D.. SmlllJJID Boa&:lfW.A.La-" j,.....E-. -R-O_S_E_N_W-.. A-L_D_&__.B--..R--0 ........ I & 145 Water Street, New York." ARNOLD POLLAK, SOLE AGENT FOR THE PACIFIC COAST FOR Means, KERBS & SPIESS, New York; Me .. rs, HORACE B. KELLY & CO., New York; Messro, MUSSELMAN & CO., Loairille. Heyneman, .A.N":J:) ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS; aa .., 4.1 ::ru.l.1:C>:tt;1 &1:ree1:. N'e"'PV "York. e> _.. Belq tbolilaia11facturere and Owner oc the celebrated "LEe" ltJ'UlC oCCIK'ar, oc U -will be dealt 'With aeeor41ac to law. N .EUMAN & DINGLINGER, GENERAL LllHOGRAPHERS N. W. cor. PEARL and ELM STREETS, NEW YORK. Gi[ar ana Tobacco Labals ana cards a 8DociallY :!:A. "V'I =s e OJP TD1II -....,_ "THREE CITIES" OIGARE:r:L'& .,..1'ho dlaoJoon eTer olfored to Ul Amerlcu. People. Propl"le&or or Ike tDUowlntr ()boice ............. Cities Smoking Clga.rette; BRISTOL GOLDEN BIRD'S EYE-SIII.Cildq1 PUJLE JUCHIIOJfD liUXTUJLE-Sm.o]dql 1 BLEND-Sm.okf.ntrl .AS YOU LIJtE IT-I'bl.e-Cd Cll8wtq. T:&:lR.EIEI OXTxE& TO:EI.A.OOO 257 & 259 Water Street, Brooklp, :N.Y. S. '1W"EJTT, LEAF TOBACCO BUYER, ::K.y. Albritton a: Dam, Karlleld. x,-. ; HIID,I')' 8. Prw. II'IIR N&Uoul B&Dk. Ka7tleld. X;,-.; wm. A. llee8leo, Prea. Nat!OD&I -. 1'114w:ah, 5,r., Be1141-, Wood .1: CO., Now Orloau, LL X :EIU"Y &TlR.XOTX."Y ON" OlR.:J:)':m_lR....._ .... LOBENSTEIN & GANS, WHOLE8A.LE DEA.LEK8 llf .SEED .AND HAY-ANA SOLE AGENTS AND IMPORTERS OF THE GENUINE W .1: IL r CXG-.A.R. Presses, Straps & Cutte:N; IMPORTERS OF GERMAN &: SP.I.NISH CIGAR RIBBONS: 181 :1\ X.a.n.e. N"e"VVT Vc::>r-. 8 OFICIOS, HAVANA, CUBA. '"AUG. RICHTERING & CO., !'r'OBACOO a:n.d OXG-.A..'R. COMMISSION MERCHAN.TS 3 MERCADERES ST:. (P. 0. BDI 3681 HAVANA, CUBA. tor BOSSEtMANN & SCHROEDER, &, Commission


12 T H E T 0 B A C C 0 L E A F. AUG. 28 Ad' v ertisementa. TELLER BRO:rHERS. falUn, 11 ? il11 r:. t h t i!l ,, ........ aud Do:a:aestio Leaf 'ro1ilaooo,. n7 Norttt PbUadetphla. 'Y. W. &_..O _Or, PACKERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN L E .A F -r o c co;1.10 &. 'VV'a:ter S't., PBIL. J!ONN. 1 W. EISENLOH'R, L. BAMBERGER & CO., PACKERS AND DEALERS IN LE.A.P TC>::B.A.CCC>, And Manufacturers of LowCrade Cigars, 111 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa. LEWI S BREMER'S SONS, Wholesale Dealers in li.EAF" AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, NO. 322 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. IF A large assortment of all kinds of LEAF ToBACCO constantl y on lund .Q "'!l KIMB.UL "-CO'S VANitY FAIR TOBArCO & CIHARE'l'TFR N. Y," HAY & SMI_ T H, Pa.ckers, CommisdCil Kercha.nts &, Dea.lers in SEED LEAF tc HAVANA TOBACCO No. 35 North Water-st Philadelphia. And 214 STATE STREET,-HARTFORD, CONN. -M.E.!YlcDowen. a Co. 39 NORTH WATER STREET, PHILADEi.PHIA, &C>::LaEJ .A:.Q-E:N'T& FC>R.. LOTTIER'S W. T. BtACKW_EtL & CO.'S Goz:a:u:lu.e &mok1z:ac To'baoco, Rew .York Pittsbnr[h; Chica[o, St.. Louis and E!ITA.BLI8HED 18fol. J.RINAlDO SANK & CO., .r'b::a.a.cco .-o:::;i.>\D- General DOHAN & TAITT. Tobacco Commission Merchants, .dal'timore A. BOYD & CO., DIIIPOATED AND DOMESTIC &. cc:>., D'LA.NUF ACTURERS 01" CIGARS, < Well-known All-Tobacco Cigarettes, E :lE. B. E S &.'' oun: .&GENTS:-lDesore. Allen & Co., New York; .l'nlln Blankeneteln, New York; N. B. lllannlnc, :PilllallelpWa. N. E. corner of Lombard Street and Cheapside, BALTIMORE, MD. BEBBE DE LA BEINE BRIGHT CUT CAVEJ(DISli 4t -UD-- JL BISCHOFF'S GERMAN SMOKING &D.d otlaer Br&D.ile of SMOKING TOBACCO. A1eo HERB DE LA REINE &Dd other Br&Dde ef OIGARET TES. Western Advertisement&, MISCELLANEDUS ADVERTISEMENT& W. G. MEIER & CO HINSDALE SMITH &. SON, LOUISVILLE K (Succe!Oaro to H. SMITH & CO.) 7 PACKERS AND JOBBERS OF R. MEIER & co., Connecticut Lea.f Tobacco, CINCINNATI,O. 20 HAMPDEN ST., Sprlngfield1 Mass. HINSDALE SMITH, E. H. SlTtL LEAP TOBACCO. C. 0. HOLYOKE, ... .., FbuBer &, COUKISSION lvmRCHAN't MA.NUFA.CTUilEBS OF (-"'\. /-....... \ ., ,/--I '-JO::V i a:: I I 0::::: 'I /0:::: I a:; 1 / L.a.J -. ) W ) w t w l )wl ) Wt __ I N N. 'N., II N' N. IN N ? \. ;z: / z r \ :z:) \z/ J I I \ :z / \z \Zr 1'-1 -I L.. I L,.,_ LJ...' LJ... a.. __./ \ \,_ / ,_) F:l:...,..e :Bro'tJ::Ler 16-oz Po'11D.da, ::r:..o:n.i; J'oJ::L:n. as, :Bri.5J::L't a:n.d. C>1d. ::Eo:n.e'ilaty. B Oe:n.'t P1-u.c, AND '.t.LL OTHER POPIJLA.Il STY:coills OF FINE TOilit.CCO, :LaC> 'U:J:& :&:.EJN'T'UO:&:. 'Y. 699 to 707 W. Sixth St., CincinnatJ, 0. Also Manufacturer of the Veneered Cedar Clear-Box Lumber. Sample furnished on Application. Send for Price List. A. :Aill Line of Label, Ed2:tng and. Ribbons kept coa1tantl7 on band 'M:anucacturers' Prlce11. J.t.COB WEIL, AARo>l KAHN, E. A. WEIL. JAMES PHILIPS, WEJL K A HN & CO For.merly wtt:h C. s. Philip & Co. & WHOLESALE DEAI.ER. I N Tobacco Cnring .and Sweating, C -igars & Leaf Tobacco 113 Main St., Cincinnati, 0. BElfRY MEYER & CO., C 'OMMISSION MERCHANTS, Aod Wholesale Dealecs i.a OHIO AND CONNECTICUT LEAF TOBACCO, .&8 St Clnoi:n21.ati, 0. (.Under C. S, PHILIPS Patent.) -The only Successful Process In Exlstenee.Dark Colors Cua'ranteed. Poor burning Tobacc o made good. Old and Dried out goods renovated and pnt into good order. Green, ra.w, 1ight-colored or unsweated cured and brought to dark colors. 70 Maim St., Cincinnati, 0. t" HENRY .GEISE, (Successor to B. GEISE &: BRO.) &TEJ"..a..:aa: I CIGAR-BOX FACTORY, No. 93 CLAY STREET, CJNCINN.l.TI, 0. In LEAF and MANUF A.OTURED TOBAOOO; 12 Central Wha':f Boston.; : And Dealer in SEED LEAF TOBACCO &D.d M&D.ufacturer of FINE CIGARS, 68 ICIJby A 98 Water Sta., BO_STC>N'. E. 1\L FLACK, lOBACCO BROKER, HOPKINSVILLE, KY. REFERENCES: Jno. C. Latham, Preo't Bank of s. E. Trice, Prea:1t Planters' Bank. Hopk::insvw.e; Sawyer.._Wallace&Co.,NewYork; Spratt '"' Co., Loulsvllle, Ky. M. H. CLARK & BROTHER ., rOBACCO BBOKBB& KVILt.E, ------""' HOPKIN1R'JLio&o, \ S:li I', A. Po.t.oU., I. B. PRAGUE' & MATSON; F. W. fUJlT, SC'HhEFER & CiJ.: LEAF BROKERS LRAF TOBAGUO HHOKHR L y LEAl' s E cor Vine & Front Sts J_ UAF TOBArro ., .I.UJ lJ lJ c G. TAOIIAU. R. J_ LANDRmL G w WICKS & 'co w -31 North Water. Street _.....,_ 30 North.-Delawarp' Avenue._ ..,. .... (07 A .ftCH STREET,, P:EEXXa.A.:C:JDLPEE:J:.A., TACHAU & LANDRUM Al!ents forthe Sale of II 'NORMAN & BElVIN, ----------Pllllanu!actu'U::I:&'V'::I:X.::La:J!J, :o;:y. --_ North College Avenues. U S. SOLID TOP C!Gt.ll l\lOULD CO.' H. WATililnE, 211 Pearl St.. ft'..-York, Sci1!a Ac ... t. T 0 B A C C 0 S H I P P I N C :CA. 'YTC>M, O. Baye 8trlct17 on Com>nleelon. IMPORTED A DOMESTIC M, H. GmfTHER, of New Orleane,' .......;...__...;... _____ GEORGE ZORN,.-COMMISSI(J..._..MERCHANJ LEAF T 0 B A C C 0, Or .. rsPromptl7.&endea&o. CattonBuyer. J!S, A. HENDERSON & IMPORTER AND MANUFACTURER OF ALL KINDS OF 46 and 48 St. Charlea St., 31 German St., Baltimore, Md. w. s. O'NEIL, c. & R. DORMITZER & CO.I Carolina J---G. z CLA. y & woo:p s. w. "or. Lonaar.r.lle., Jl.i.IUJnore,IIIL: DARK WRAPPERS CONSTANTLY ON JIA.ND. Packer and Dealer In Dalars & Commiasi:on Merchants in LEAF TOBACCO, & CIGARETTE TUBES, & BARKERR & W AGGNER OHIO SEED LRAF TOBACCO Meerschaum Gaods, Smokers' Articles, &c. r :a: C? 1._., N THIR AND PACKERS OF D IPOR'IEn and DOMESTIC ..-onfenforli:q>onandllomel'radepi'OlDp&l;r ChOiceBrt>dsof Imported Licorice always OD "'T''ii."rirr ...,. D ST., PHILADELPHIA. I : hand. Libefa.l Cash Advanoes made on CoiJBign-w G L ,.L -4-'+' BATCHElOR R. FOUGERAY, lEAF TOB ceo P. J. &, noalor & Gonuftission lorth't & IEYtheEAST Tobacco lannfactnrors' All KINDS OF PlUG" TOBACCO, s\OCII: of Dark KeaD"ea&e4 Wrappen, of Stock of DARK BE-SWEATED WRAP TC>"'iiV'N', C> For 'the Purchase of vnic1NlA. LEAF"ToBAcco !v .a... O:J:G-.A.:E'l.&, 1231 Olaeatnut, IUld 23 Jl. Second St., PHILADELPHIA 33 Nort.. Front Street which we &specialty. we make a S,ee ci,alt)::.......,. __ 11 1 0-u.r :Sra:n.d.: PHILADELPHIA. PETERSBURC, VA., ADVERTISEMENTS. J:i:J:G GUN." t.... 1'1"' Leac a s'pe-.lalcy. Ort&blal Invoices a-tven IC requested r. (SuccessOi' to Cooper & Walter.) lli'A.NUFACTURER OF Tobacco OffJce: Cor. Byrne and Halifax Sts., Petersburg, Va. e Factory-: 1-9 "Second Distr'lct;'"lrglnla. 112 A.Jl(JH ST., Pa. Jfanu!acture and Offer to the Trade the foll owing Celebrated Brande of 'PLUG CHEWING and SMOKING TOBACCOS: PHILADELPHIA, PA. __ ...;P..;I:;;.U;;.C;;;......;.T..;.O;.;;B;.;;A..;.C.;;.C.;..;;O.,;;;S..;.'_. ''Ji:CIJIPSE" BRIGHT NAVY. la, X, a.,"'" 5o, 6s, ,.., 8o,9aud lOs. .,..-SMOKING TOBAGUO ''ST.. GEORQE" DRIQHr r NAVY,.la, 3a, 4-s, 5s, 6.s 'fa, 8,9aand 101. Th b ld & 0 h "VIRGINiA DARE" BU.IGHT 311, &.!11, 6, 9stMtd 108. DAVJ.UG. HIRS-H, e o a p pen eJmer, "ANNOTLYLE"DRIGHTNAVY,h,3s,4o5s16o,'l'o,So,lh&ndl0o, "'UNION JACK" MAHOGANY POUNDS, X a ri11.d th. <:JxteDIIVe m:::.fnufllcturer MANUFACTURERS o1J. UST. JA-'UE&" DARK POUNDS, fois, 4M, .5s, tia, ?M, 0 and lOa. Also a great variety of FINE 'I' WIST pf &e\ g-rades Bngh.t aud Mallogany under the fot1ow1D CHEAP CIGARS,; PINE CIGARS, celel>rotedbr?!dADMIJLA.TIOK," "TBOIU\I.Al'IDY,n .Ueo Paeker oC AND DEALERS IN S h af ,''-BEAB.T 01' GOI.D," &. "I.IVJI OAK,"" Dams and Domestic .Le Tobacco, "DE SOTO and CONQ'0'::1\0B.., Jf ,E. ooraer Girard Ave. & 7tla Street, The following are ou1t Agents for the Sale of }Lot\.NU FACTURED GOOD! : JfANCASTio:N' PA. c. w vAN ALSTINE & C0 al'Wbart,Boto&&81., _, AGENTS roa THE MILLER, DUBRUL&: PETERS P. (JA.VA.NA.GH, 4Iud 43 Waba8hJAvenue, Cnicago,, .; Al.wa7e --Kaad. CINCINNATI CIGA.R KOLDS, STRAPS, ETc. .&. HAGEN 4<: CO!.! 83 N. FrOnt Street, Ph,lladei Ia, Pa.; N.D. CHBII!!ITIA.N, Te:z:asi ,JOHN TI'I'UII Cincinnati, 0.; -Jl. l!l. VOCKE.--G. F. KOOKE.E. w. ll'ront Bt.,llan J!'rll elMO. CaL lilA. YO & llli\.TH.EW8 420 N. 2d St. St. Louil, liiO.l W. ll, HOFF, &:WaterSta.,:ki.IIImore, d.; JliiJ, Tell& COOPER & CO., Cor. C l'ron11 llemp 'SOLID COMFORT,' 'TRADE DOLLAR,' 1TIDAL WAVE,'' 'BLACK DIAMOND.' .A. H: LEFTWicH, Dealer In VIRGINIA lEAF TOBACCO A.o.d Fine Virginia Manuf'rs' Stems & Scraps 'V'a. .. Comtantly on hand a large supply Qf 8Ceoua ,and Scraps, dark, medium and bright, and cau aJwaJ!I fill orders for home and foreign delll&lld. &am plea and prices sent on applloatlon. lADD TOBACCO CO., BESBiis-r LiusRsi:LI. LKAF TOBACCO BDYRRS, (Successors ta JOHN c. PAI\"l'RIDGE It CO.,) No. 21 Nlu'th Main Street, ;. + I IHOLES!tE i.ND soLE PaoPBili:.TORII OF THE GENUiNE B11 S UDBBIIJ!I, '' GOLDEN CROWN" CIGARS, WHOLESALE DEALER nr HAV.A.N'A 57 Lake Stre_e1; and1 I 3tate_Street,.Chicago, 111. ALSO AGENTS FOR THE FOLLO"'ING WEI:;L-KNOWN FIRMS:,-1". LORILLARI>' &: CO.,_ New .York; SEIDENBERG &: 00. N"" York W T BUCKWELL 11: 00 Durham, 1'1. C:,L a J IIAGLllY &:..00;'8 "MA'n"LLWU:" netnnt, Xlcb. __ l w CARROLL'S "LONE .L\CX," l.yndll>ur:v, Vo.. GOOD'1VfN & CO.'S "OLD JUDGE" Tobacco and Cigarette; HALL'S "BETWEEN THE Aai'S" and F. S. KINNEY'S OIGARETI:ES. WM S KIMBALL & s'VANITY FAI!i I'ID-DOKESTIC LEAF TO!ACCO, 231 East Randolph St., CHICAGO, ILL, W. E. RAGSDALE, I, TOBACCO' BROKI!R, :&:.y. BEFBBENCEB, BY PERlllBSION: S. E. Trice, Pres't PlaDtenJ' Bank, HopiW1n111011 B. G. Buckiler,. Com. Merchant. : l lt. Gut&: aon, Com. Merchant. ; Sawyer,. Wallace &: Co., New York; llenry J>eibert New Yerk; --F. G. Irwin, ii..rbvtlle, Tennesⅇ H H. Clark a: Bro., L'l&rbllle;"'Tettntaee; B. J'. Beaumout. Pres'' 1st Nat.. '1', I BUT OliLY ON' QBDEJl. 8c>llc11ed. w. A BETHEL, Leaf TGbacco Broker, 6' BROAD STREET, :1111.&.-::EIE'V'ZX.X.:m, Tea:ua.


AUG. 28 Business Directory. of Advertisers. NEW YORK. Leaf Tobacco WareMwau. Ahner & Dehls, 190 PearL Arendt & Frlngant. 193 Pearl Barnett S. 162 Water Basch & Fiscner. 155 Water. Cardozo A. H. 116 Broad. Crawford E. M. & Son, 168 W'lter. Edmonston S S. & Bro. 47 Brood Eggert Wm. & Co. IM5 .PearL 'Friedman, Henry, 11\J Maiden Lane Friend E. & G. & Co. 129 Malden Lane. G. W. Gail & AX, 166 Water Garth D. J., Son & Co. 44 Broad. G.-rt J. L & Bro. 157 Bowery Gershel L. & Bro. 191 Pearl. Hamburger 1. r:o. 151 W9.ter Reilbroner, Josephs & Co. 119 Maiden Lane Helme Geo. w. 133 Water and 815 Pine Hirsch, Victorius & Co 177 Water Kerbs & Spiess 1014-1020 2d A venue 2'J6 Pearl Lachenorucb &:: BrO. 164 Water. Lederer & Fischel, 2JS PearL Levin M. H. I 62 Pea.rl. Levy D. 169 Water Lobensteln & (laos. 131 Malden LaDe. Neuberger :M. 172 Water L. 144 Water ottinger Brotll.ers. 48 BroaS. '()wen F. E. 'Oppenheimer bl. 188 Water Paulltsch M. 179 Pearl Reisma.nn A. 105 Malden Bokohl & SteinecKe, 1St Water Rosenwald E. & Bros. 145 Water Salomon G. & Bros. 254. Pearl Sawyer, Wallace & Co. 47 Broadwo.r Bchoverling Broo. 142 water Schroeder & Bon, 178 Water. 8chubart H. & c... 160 Water. Schulz Fred. 213 Pearl Siebert Henry. 68 Broad. Spingarn E. & Co. 5 Burling Slip. Tag, Charles F. &: Son. 1&1 i'ront. Upmann, carl. 178 Ptmrl. Wareho118., for the Sale of Jfanujdctureci and Smoking Tobaccoa Allen & eo, 173 and 173 Cha.mben Augustin & Dusel 11 Warren. Dohan, uarroll & \JO, 104: Front. Ddols Eugene. 73 Front. &na-lebacll F. !!61!. W&lhinzton l!qnare Gardiner J M. &I Front. Hen A. & Co. 43 Llbertr. Bunt H. W 69 William Martin & Dunn, 74 }l"ront Thompson, Moore&: Co. 83 Front Wile&: Bendbeim, 2M and 266 Cana.l JmpOrtera of Manda. Cagr Eoporl. Guthrie &: Co, uat TobaccO s..oatiJog. PJPllp C. s. & Co.188 P.arl Pearl's A. Sons, 61 Front Comrmtsicm Merchant l:!aeh H. B. M Broa.d Beynoellrothera & Co., 4i & 48 Es:chango Place. Tobacco BrOke'rl. Cattus John. 83 lJeaver ErtheU..r :M. & Son, 141 Water. GaM' Bon, J. s. & Co. &land 86 Wall 'Qobeme, James G. M Broad. Bader M. &: Son. 48 Broad Sh&ek A. 178 Pea.rl Street. Jlanuf of Smo1clng and CheWinq T.-. Andereon John&: Co. 114. 116 and 117 Llbertr. Buchanan&: Lyall, 101 Wall Buchner D. & Co. 173 and 175 Goodwin & Co. 007 & 209 Water. Kinney Broo. to 525 West 22d Lorlllard P. & Co. 114 Water. HeA.lpin D. H & Co. cor Avenue D and Tenth. 1Wller G. B. & Co. 97 Columbia. Manutacturert of Cigar. Aloes George. 203 Pearl Asb, Louis & Co. 96 and 98 Reade Bondy &; :r..eaerer, 96 to 110 Attorney Brussel James & co. 78 Bowery DeBarY Fred. &; co., 41 and Warren Dingfelder &: Libko, 39 t.nd 41 Fulton Heilbroner, Josephs & Co. 689-699 First Ave. Hirsch D. & Co. l!!t! anMer, Co. 85 Bowery tlaDcJlez, Hay& &. Co. 180, 132, 1M Halden L&no Impo,ters of Havana 7bb Lindheim, 160 Pearl Manufact1LterR of aftd .&"'b Good<. :Demuth Wm. & Co. 5Qj & ro9 Broa.dway W els Carl, 69 Walker Importer <>f CZar PI,.._ :Demuth Wm. & Co. !01 &. 509 Broadway Ben A & Co. 41S Liberty Kaufniaun Rr08. & Bondy, 129 and 131 Grand "'May Bros. 100 2d A. ve. of Briar P'l]JU an4 lmporten of Smokera .Arti<:lu. .Augustin & Dusel, 1t Warren St. _Demuth Wm. & Co. 507 & 509 Broadway Harvey It Ford, :m Broadway H8R A. 43 Liberty tKaufma.Wl Bros. &: Bondy, 1!!9 and 181 Grand .ltanufacturer of Licorice .Pade. McAndrew Jnmes C. M Water $tun!ord 1t1anuta.cturing Co. lliT Malden Lane "W ver & Sterrv 24 Cedar Jf'n.porten of Lu:orlce ..flute. .Arguimbau, Wallace & Co. :Ill and 818. William :-!dcA.nd.rew James C. 55 \Vater Weaver & Sterry. 2-i Ceda.r 'Zuricald&y &: Arguimbau, 28 Beaver J!anujactKter of POUJdered Licorice. Gifford. Shem1an & Innis, 1.20 Wllliam H. Hillier's Son & Co. Weaver & Sterry. 24-Cedar Sud uaf Tob&.co hlopeciW... Dense! & Co. 178>0 Water Finke Charles. & (;o, 159 Water -Hamilton 0. C. & Co. 170 Water Linde F. C. /1 Co. 14l! Water Tobacco Pr<_.... Quthrle & Co. 2'l5 Front. of Ot.pror BOZJM. Erich H. W. Eaat Eleventh St. Henkell Ja.eob, !:93 and Stra\118 8. 179 and 181 Lewis Wicke Wlllla.m lr. Co. 1118-161 Goerct Doaler ift 8pan4/l. Cigar-Boa: C.OOr. Optecroe W. E. 465-475 East Tenth BponW.and a ......... Beppeohelmr It :Maurw. aacl 94 N. Wllll&m a a.n .. tOlJI&l4ell Loute Bt-l!lm,.., 1711 Lewis Wlclre Wm. .t: Oo. Qoercll: ) The Sphinx; Cigar Factory SUTRO NEWMARK, York. 412 & 723 3rd District. Importer of Cigar Molds. Erichs H. lV. 815-821 East Eleventh St. strap3, Outten and German Cigar Moula<:oo Label8. Heppenheimer &:: HaUJ"8r, 22 and 2! N. William New Yor...: Label Publishing Co. 94 Bowery M}1 of Old Judge" Cigarettes. Goodwin it. Uo. 207-.200 Water. Mantt/acturers of Kinney Brot. Cigardtu. Kinney Tobacco Co. West22d. Manufacturer of Oigu.rette.a. Hall Thomas H. 76 Barclay M:u.nujacturer OJ Orook.e' Qompound Tin. .FoiJ, :7'oO(Uco. Medium and TUtue.. Crooke John J. 163 Mulberrv Ma:n.u.faeturer of Silver Surface Foit. Crooke John J 1&3 Mulberry Manufact'Uret,or of Cigar Mowldl. Borgfeldt N. H. 510 EaSt Nineteenth llan.uja.cturer Ot Sheet Meta' "'"and Woode-n Cigar MouUb. The Miller. Dubrul & Peters Illfg Co. 510 E 19th lmpr0t1ed Tobacco Scrap Machine tor Cigar Manufacturers. Borgfeldt N. H. 510 East 19th and 1!!6 Water Dealer in Machin.eTV, Toou aM tor Cigar Honutacturerc. Watteyne H. 216 Pearl Bank&. Qermnn-American. 50 Wall Internal Book!. J ourgensen. C. 30 and 37 Liberty Foreign and Dom.ell'tic Bankert, Sternberger ?tl. & S. 44 Excbange Place. Man:u.tacturera or S'A.m" Figura. Demuth 'Vm. & Co M'i &: 509 Broadway. and 78 & W Mercer RobbS. A 195 Canal Strauss S 179 and 181 Lewis Bole .Manufactunr oJ tM Original Greett. &ol Smol-ing Tobacco. Emmet ,v. C. 'i4 Plue Importers of Jt"renciL Cigarette Pr.Jper. Me.y Broth ere. lOli 2d A YellUB CI)Jnmercial .Agencie.J. Bradstreet Co. 279 Broadway Ma.nufachwera of Cigar Bo% Lumber. Read Geo. IV. & Co. 186-200 Lewis Tobacco Freight Broker&. Smith W 0. $. Co. 53 Exchange Place Manu(octurero of Oigr RibboM. Wicke Wm. & Co. cor. Goerck and Third Labela and TriPR.ming. Heppenheimer &: Maurer, 22 and 24. N William Neup1an & DinJtlinger, n. w. cor. Pearl & Elm New York Label Publishing Co. 94 Bowery lllanafaoturera of Waz Paper, Hammerschlag S. Dey st Regenh&rd, flhevlll & Co. 55 J)ey st Tobacco Bagging. Person A. Harriman & Co. 4:i-459 Broome Man.t,ifacturer8 of the E1-ie Cigar Lightti. Holmes, Booth & Ha.ydens, 49 Chambers Tobacco &eda of all Y"rieliei .... Alle.n R. H.&; Co. and 191 Water ALBANY.-N. Yr Jfan.ujactv.rer! of Tobacco. ijreer'B A. Sons, d22 Broadway BALTIMORE, Mel, Tobar:co Warehomea. Barker&: Waggner, 29 South <1&y Boyd W A .t Co. 33 South Gunther L.. W. 9 Gay Kerckbofi & Co. South Charles Klemm Chas. H. 39 North Calve1't Marriott, G. H. M. 25 German MerteiO. & Kemper, 117 Lombard Schroeder Jos. & Co. 5n;9 South Charluppltes. Skhuberth &: c. .. 18.'; Vint' Deal ers in. :Spanish Cigc.tJ' Leaf Tobaeoo. Meyer Hr. & Co. 46 Fmnt Tob. Conntl is.o:;ion Merchnnt rrnd 'Mf r's AgP.nt. Riche\ Henry A. 15 S[reet. oj Intptoved Tobacc o Mnch.inerJ,I. Tho McGowan 1-' Co. 141 & 143 ,V, 2d st Manufacturers of .FintH ... 'ut Chewing and Stnokmg Tobacco Spence ttros. & Co. 52 and M East Third Leaf Tobacco Dobrmaun F. W. s. e.cor. Vwe and Front, Leaf Tobacco. Heier R. &:: Co. en of Oi.P.wn & Co. 11 & 19W. 2d street Dlrs in Foreign d': Domestic "Lea.f Tobacco, Ol>erbelruan John&: Co 60 W Front street Leal 'l'obacco Buyer Wright Thos. H 47 W Front &tree t Tobn.cco Curing and Sweating, Philips James, 70 .Mam street CLARKSVILLE, TeD.JLo Lea! Tobacoo Bromt. Clark bl. H & Bro CLEVELAND. 0. J)eaJer in Seed Le.a/ and Ht:n1Cna Tobocco ad Jobber in. all kiM& Ma,.utactured Tollacoo. Semon successor to Gol tlson & Semon. DANBURY, CoD.JLo l'rscUr mod Dealer in suet I-.1 7'obo<>oe. Gr&TOoG. W DANVILLE. Va. Packer , and Dealer in Seed Leaf Tobot'co Gerehel L. & Bro .. ::!29 State -Lee Geq. 150 State Hay & Sro.lth, 214 State Willcox S. 'V. 5i6 Main HAVANA; Cuba, Tobacco and Cigar Comnl.isBio-n Merchants. Bosselma.nn :Schroeder, La.mparllla 18 Lobeck & Co. 8 lri"ff Tobacco<. :hlfrs of Powdered Warren C. C. a:: Co: WESTFIELD, M-1'\Jcw "nci Dealff in Sud I-.1 BuscbmnnJnbn C WHEELING, W. Va, Ma,.uJactUrFl.:S::. &, Lederer, HANUF .. U:n'lrREBS OF Fine Cigars \(\. MENDEL & 8110 ., MannfactnrBrs of Gi[ars -If 0 /61 'I or \f. AND DULEBB IN LEAF TOBACCO, 96 to I 10 Attorney St.1 1111 J'IRJI[ OF John :Matthews, lot Ave,, 26th & 2"1'th St.., Jrew York, Licensees of the Tilghman Band Blast proce88 and Manllfacturers hy other Patented Processea of Transnaront :GLASS 96 & 98 READE STREET, NEW YPBX. NeW tiCH,ENSTEIN ROS. & CO., C:IGAR .. A. BRUSSEL. I[_ 0 andste1!1Dled, 16Q 'II lb llbove priCes ill money. t M fi tu f F c :Value oi foreign Coins, anu ac rers 0 .IDe '1gars .A.nstt:la-ftortn mlver. 4ucento. Japan-yell, gold; gold and 1111 ... Belgium.-:franc, gold and silver, 99.7 conto. 11:. -19.3 een. ts. Llbfln&-'d.ollar, gold, Sl. IIYIPOBTEBS AND JYIANUF ACTUBEBS OF Bolivla.-boliviano, sllver,88.6 cents. silver, 110.9 cents. Brazil....:milreis of 1,000 reis, gold, Netherlallld.s-norin,goUI.andall._. PIPES ANDoSMOKERS' ARTICLES, ica-dollo.r, gold, $1. Pem--sol, sll'ver, 68.6 cent& :u;ae a:a1d. ;181. GR..&.N'X> &TR.EIEJ'T, (near Broadway), 'VC>Fl.:&::. Ports'f&\:-milre!"ofl,OOOre&o,1014 llBFIANGE CIGAR MANUFACTORY, 128 "'130 RIVINGTON ST., NEW YORK. 1 .. ... ,.. ,. .. D-HIR.SC::a: d3 co., Office :-88 WALL Sl'REET. TIADE IIAllji.IIIAlSU:U:D 21. 1879. United l!tates Internal Revenue Tax. The t.u: on all kinde of Manufactured Tohaooo l.s 16 cento Ill 1b; BD.u, 16 centa tJ 1b; Clgaro, 16 t1 thotlitiU!d; Clarareetes welghl1l,(! not oer 8 Ill '11 thouoand, $1.76 _per thouoand; Clla tt tboueand, lftper thouoand Tbe duty on Fortilg'h ... -. I:> and 211 tJ coat. ltd valqrem. oat duty "" clgaro. 1m O{g....., C[Jrarettee and Cheroots also bear the reocrlbed Internal Beonno tasea,_to De pald by stamps at the Cndom ou.M. ThefmJ>Ori duV oa Leaf Tobaceo Is 30 cenll'l1 1:>; Le&t Tobacco eo ooata 9 I:>; lllanufactured Tobacco. 5o ce.otsl!llb; Scrap-. ilOcento M;annfao. turedal BevOI\OO l&wiUid nogwatlon. Bcrapo and cuttlogo, be Jn buill: f SOLICITED, "REFERE.KCES:-W. N. Shelton, Danville, Va.; Hall Bros and A.. A. Shuford & Co., Hickory, N. C. VEREA & VALDES. IMPORTERS OF Leaf {fobacco, Havana '-J !1.81 Peari S"t. STREET, cor. of PITT ST., NEW YORK.


1.4 Tlle C elebrated ,,. ANDERSON & CO, .. ORIGI-NAL I UANUF.ACTURERS OF T H E : } GDEEN SEAL" SOLACHun OTHER TOBACCOS l L 1l 114 116 LIBERTY STREET' ltstabHihcd IBSo. 11 RED S EA.L,,.. Be to dlreet i u 'l'obaJB.A.OCO:l\TXSTS, SOLE AGENTS FOR NEW YORK AND VICINITY POK GOODWIN & CO.'S "OLD JUDGE." &:o:LoiJ;.:Ln.t; Te> an.d 01ware't'te Also A.gentll for othe r LeadJDJ: IU:anu1b.c,arera or AUG. 28 & Dll11Ilin[,1 PATERSON, N. J., Jlanufaoturen of tlaa "MAG N 0 Ll A" ''CATARACT" FOIL CHEWING. S. M. RICE, Imnortor of Havana Gi[ars -AND-MERCtfANT, 373 B r oadway, New York. Sole Irnpot'ter o f the Celebl'o.ted Brn.hds L A PFRICHOLE & ENTRE NOUS. Jacob Henkell, JlAl'IUI!' .&.art!BD cw CIGAR BOXES SUl'lll!IOB HAJ!JII .t l'lWlB QUALITY 01' Cedar "'VV ood. HAHUJ' Aai'UBEB OJ' .a.r.L lCliD8 01' I Ciga!--Box Labels. lfOBJ. a. 00., In all respects equal to CALABRIA. Consumers and Jobbers would do wet! to apply direct. JAMES G. OSBORNE, TOBACCO BROKER, SMOKINC, PLUC TOBACCO AND CICARETTES. 293;"29S & !297 Monroe Street, Nos. 254 and 256 CANAL STREET, corner of ELM, NEW YORK. 1\Tevv 'Y'ork. Lleorlee a-t, lalaet --. c!J...t-,., -.atiy oa haatl. 54 Broad B"t., ARBIHIIB.U, .WAUIS 1: CO.r 1'1 :m-ov 'Y'e>n.:a:. 11TB4 VBJl, II;, STBBRY, as31 South Wllllam atrm M:.'RADER & SON, [JIPORTBRSclAlifi-liiUiicTDERS. ticoaiCixPASTE. TO.BACCO BROKERS sro1su &nHHK ticoitc r 48 ALL SPECIALTIES FOR PLUI AID FilE-CUT TOBACCO. z ... A. SBACK OLIVE OIL, TOIC.I BlAIS, i GUMS, 0'b 1 Powdered ._Licoriee Root. ... TOBACCO BROKER I ,AIIrD PATENT PO'WDERED LICORICE. article, Q STICK LICORICE W&. :IUVE THE: FAVORITE B RANDS,-,!P I'. 8., I'IGJI'AUI:r.r.J: 4XD GV'ZO:r.un:." ROOT-Ara.o..: .... A.llcante. 1 7 s Pearl Street, w. E. UPTEGR.OVE,. ZURICALDAY&OAIRG.UIMBAU, NEW YORK. Spa.nish Cedar l!a'L HKILDRONER, Sil< L .rosiiPBII, I'OR 28 BEAVER .STREET, AnR. SILVJ:!'TIUU. :.. HEILBRONER, JOSEPHS Cigar Box iatcrs'Snvvlics. nw Yomt. OP roonothUithSt.,Eastruver, lannfactnrers' Mills. c x G-.A.:R. s, SON & -CO The Mrs. G. B. Miller & Co. -lOB!CCO IANUPACTOlY. 1776. 97 Oo1u..m.b:la B"t. York. .. OO::Lo::Lo:E:N'B, Pres:ld&u.'t. MANUFACTURERS O F THE CELEBRATED PLAIN FINE-CUT CHEWING TOBACCO in BLUE PAPERS SN""UPP&: Rose-Scented Maccaboy,Scotch, French Rappee,American Gentleman. CC SXG-N" .A.L" One o PolL 8 A:lo, Plrst and Second quality Sllloklna-, In Dine Paper. SWEETENED FINE-CUT -Dark and light Forest Rose. Club, !!lA Y APPLE and PRIZE LEAF FINEC1JT0 In Fotl, LICORICE pASTE. THE STAMFORD MANUFACTURING CO., '"' 111'7 .,X....A..:ISTE, 'Y'OB.:&:. '!'lie 'l'rade II&Tillg d emanded a S uperior and Cbeaper Article than tbat hitherto used, this Company ilma.nufacturlog, a n d oll'ering for sale, LICORICE PASTE (uoder the old "San!onl" bra:nd) o! a Q UALI.T1 alld at a PRICE which ca.n bardly fail to be acceptable tc all giving It a trial '6 CEDAR ST., NEW YORK. "B&mplesfllmlllhed,"and opeclal quotations c!Ten tor urr a.rt.tde required, FINE POWDERED LICORICE ROOT, I X .L Brand. Extra Fine Powdered Linorice Root (from. aeleet root) Eureka Brand. PINE GD011ND A.ND DEER TONG11E. PINE GROlJND AND GRA.NlJ.LA.TED LA.lJREL LEAVES, PINE GB011ND LA. VENDER PLOW ERS. WHOLE GROUND or POWDERED. A.NIIEEDt._ A.LLSPI()E "" A.NGEli()A. ()LOJ.fs':JARILLA DARI ()OBlANDER SEED:o ()ASS I A DlJDS I CABDAl'IION SEEDS, EXT, CA.LADiUA LICODI()Bo 689, 691, 693, & 6991st Ave., Jll.f.()E_,_ LOVAGE HOOT, BA.DK Bet. 89t b and 4oth Streets, ST .:JOHN'S DR'fl:.&o, 1\T::El'VV" 'Y'C>B.:&:. O Wf?r-o IIALSAIII TOL11, ean; OIL ALi!iONDS hltter1 '!!'I' ESSENTI.A.L l.ILS, all ldndt!. Special attentiOn given tc Manutaoturen llledle,.., ALL GOODS SHIPPED FREE ON BOARD POWDERED LIQUORICE FINEST QUALITY. Jlaoafaetured a t Poughbeps fe, New Yull! ltlanncacturer of' aU Kind oC STOGIES AND CIGARS, Wheeling, W. Va. MEDER& BRO., MannCac t11.:rera oC WHEELING STOGIES, Mellor & Rittenhouse, g1a N". 22d B"t., Ph.:l1ade1ph.:ia, GIFFORD, SHERMAN & INNIS, IIIANlJP & F TIPS and FINE CICARS, Wheeling, W. Va. a:n.c;l.. LIAM STREET N Y k LICORICE-':-PASTE. I 20WIL ew .or. IW"'. Esta.,llahe d 1848. K. C. BARKER Tobacco "'OVorks, Ka.nufacturers ot the Ce lebmted 'American Eagle' II CLIPPER," "DEW DROP," .I.Dd other Branda oc PINE.(JlJT. 'UBIVERSAL FAVORITE,' 'FAWN/ '' 01c1. Alall. other Gndee and Branda ot 8JIIOKIN& e 152 & 54 Larned Street :ati::EO;EE. ClL\.8. B. HlJLL, lleo'y -Treo.a. All Orden Pro111ptly Attende d to, p LVANITY TOBACCO & "MILD "-Rare Old Virginia; "HALVES "-Rare Old Perique and Virginia. Always Uniform and Reliable. 7 First Prize Medals-V i enna 1879; Philad e lphia 1876; Pari, 1878; Sydney 188 0 Special Concession by the French Covernment, and on S _ale In a!l Civilized Countries. WM. S. KIMBALL & CO. ROCHESTER, N.Y. Peer1ess Tobacco "'QV"orks. D. H. McA(PIN & CO., MANUFAC T U RERS OF THE CELEBRATED FINECUT: VIRGIN LEAF and NAVY I 0:13:E'VV":EN"Gr TC>JB.A.OOO, And all kinds of Smoking Tobacco. Also lfa.nufn.cturers of the wellknown Brands o t Brigh t Plug Chewing: 'Own,' I Onwara,' 'FriondshiD.' an_ d I Solaco.' MANUFACTORY AND SALESR OO M: Cor. Avenue 0 and Tenth Street, New York. METROPOLITAN CIGAR MANUFACTORY. -.:::7 SIG1IUND JACOBY, GUSTAV JACOBY. -.:::7 :N' :N' S. JACOBY & C -0., -.:::7 -.:::7 :as: l.'I 200 CHATHAM SQUARE 5 & 1 OOYER STREET, NEW YORK. HUGO BLOCK. M. LINDHEllll. Dealers in FOREICN and DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCOS,. 160 Pearl Street, New York. D. BUCBN"EB & CO., TOJB.A.OOC> O:fllce: 173-175 Duane St., New York. HA:NUFACTtJRERS OF Chewing and Smoking_Tobacco. GOLD GOIN ROYAL PUCK Chewing. Tobacco. CICARETTES. For SMOKINC TOBACCO, Flour, Bark, Sumac, 1 Cuano, Crain, &c. e Furnished with or without Printe d Brand._'; LYNCHBURC, Va. AUGUSTUS POLLACK, Manufa c ture r of Cigars, "Wheeling'' Crown & Seed STC>G-:EEB, SEAL OF-THE STATE OF WEST And ()ROWN Smoklng&Ohewlag T o b&oooo, WHEELING, Weet S. Tbe best v alue g OOds in the lllMkeM o! the United Stales, and handled b y the jobbing trade rene raUy. I


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