The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (10 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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t .. j f. I THE TOBACCO LEAF. JAN.l E:C.AOK DURHAM. WELL' TOBA:CCO & llnnnin[, PATERSON, N. J., llanufaoturera of tlae -.I J BLACKWECL'S DURHAM EONQ.;.CUT "MAGNOLIA" a.:o.d. a. ::Bea."U.ty Factory:-No. 8, 3d District, New York. and Salesroom:-41 &. 43 rren St. New York. Ca"'.1'ti.e>:E1 "ta> S:D1c::k.ers. Owing to the numerous humbug patented substitutes used in preparing cheap paoer, we feel the importance of calling public attention to ou,r wrap pers, which are made of the FINEST NATURAL RICE PAPER, universally known to be the best; free from shellac, arsenic, and other deleterious drugs which are required to render saliva-proof and toughen inferior paper. A. careful examination of our Paper ;md will satisfy all of the great merits claimed. Examine each Cigarette and see that every one bears KINNEY BROS.' fac-simile signature. BUY NO OTHER. KINNEY TOBACCO CO., Manufacturers of the following well-known brands:CapOraJ, Ca}!oral Sweet Caporal St. St. Matinee, Entre Nous, Ambassador. Union Club, Zetland, Veteran, &c. 'WEAVER, Blackwell's D.URHAM CIGARETTES, .. The"t "the D'Ia.rke"t. r La Vuelt& Abajo." Astonishing Results and Creat Saving of Expense by the new Improvement attained In the Process of extracting the natural flavor from Havana Tobacco. The Trade is herewith notified ot the Important lmp:roYeJDent ot this well-known extract ot Havana tobacep, imported !rom Havaua, impa.rting a LASTING FLA. von. to Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobacco. "Henoefortlt no more Alcohol nor other Spirito are required," "But mere Water will dluolve the VUELTA ABAJO EXTRACT," "Which reduces the price of the Flavor to a mere Trijle." For the last three years thls un.:rlvaled Flavor has met with tbe greatest success, as. proved by the duplicate orders and flattering testimonlali received dally. $2,00 PRICES GF "LA. VUELTA. A.BA..JO,U I Pint. $6.00 1 Gallon (8 plats). 5 Gallon Lots. $40.00 per Gallon. Termo 1 Net, c. o. p, 10 Gallon Lots. $3 0 per Gallon. One pint of La Vnelta Abajo will. make five strong flavor, simply by adding five gallons of water. This quantity i& sufficient to impregnate Fillers for about t(l,OOO to 50,oor cigars. DEW A.RE OF llli:IT A.TION.-Every genuine bottle bears my name and address, Ja.:n1es ,Ch.a.skel., SOLE A.GENT POD. THE lJNI.TED STA. TEll A.ND CAN 66 WARREN ST., NEW YORK CITY. .Darluo FerrJ', ]. S. GANS' SON & CO., Tobacco Brokers, 84 and 86 WALL STREET, NEW YORK -LICORICE! M. ERTHEILER & SON, To W, A T,LIS "' co. Tobacco manufac:huers and the trade in geReral are particularly requested to examine and test the superior propel1ies llf this LICORICE, which, being now kought to the highest perfection is of. 141 WATER ST., NEW YORK. JOHN CA'l*l'DS, Sawing and Planing Cedar an. d. 'VVb.i. "te-vvood. SAWING AND PLANING FDR CIGAR-BOX MAfERS. J._ N"<> 1:1. a.n.cJ. :La Oan.n.o:n. &1:ree1: JSI"e"'t>V 'Y"ork.. The Mrs. G. B. MiHer & Co. TOBACCO Also, Plrst nod Second quality Smok.lnc:, In Blue PApe:r SWEETENED FINE-CUT-Dark and Light Grape: Forest Rpse. Club. JliAY APPLE and PRIZE LEAF FINECUT, In Foil, Alex Fries 4 Bros., MANUFACTURE:RS OF HAVANA CIGAR FlAVOR, 44 College Place, New York, 4G, 48 &; 50.EAST SECOND;ST., CINCINNATI, IB:n:t.a.11ea1; ::Eio1:1:J.e $2. &e:n.1: O, C>. :J:ll, "'11V'XSE & TC> ::EJA.OOOl.'loTXIB T B, SOLE AGElllTS FOH NEW YORK AND VICINI'.I'Y FOR GOODWIN & "OLD JUDGE." fiMPORfEif}j[JlfWFACTORERS. r SlANISH LICOBIGB f .. CHBBK LICUBJCK I .. ALL SPECIALTIES FOR PLUG AND FIIIECUT TOBACCO. {ered under the above style of brand. We are ak;o SOLE' AGENTS for the bs:and OLIVE_ OIL, TORCA BEARS. 1 GUMS, FLAVORS, '' Powdered Licoriee Root, r .AND PATENT PGW'DERED LJ:CORJ:CE '. 'ti ST" UbORICE WT':-loiAVE THE FAVORITE BRANDS:-.. ::. 1.... I V s. 1". 8., l"IGl'IAT!lr..r.I A1'ID GVZO:r.Il'lln. "' O. :l!l:ati::B:ET, SOLE KANUF AllTURER, Ji".DrE STREET, :tn:W YORK. CHEWING TOBACCO. which is beinR" once more manulactured under the immediate supervhlon of the origioator, MR. JOHN ANDERSON, and now at&nds,a.s fonnerly, wtthouta.riva.l. Orders forwarded through the usual ch&nnels will FR. ENGELBACH, 'VV::EI:C>X..ESA.X..E TOBAtiGO DEPOT & AGENCY For F. W. FELGNER &1: SON'S, Baltimol"e, Tobacco and Cl.garettea. 56 S. WASHINGTOW SQUARE, N. Y.l meet with prompt attention. May Brpthers, Iuapmote ... of French Cigarette Paper, Alld Sole In the U. B for the celebrated FRENCH GAMBIER CLAY PIPES. 105 2d Avenue, ne&r 6th St.: [HeuseatP,.rls.] NEW YORK. LICOR:iCE pASTE STAMFORD MANUFACTURING CO. ,.., 18'7 :ati:.A.:J::J:IIEN" X...A.JSrE. JSI"E'VV 'YC>R.:K:. The 'l'rade b& demanded a Superior and Cheaper Article than tl).at hit.hf"rto used. this Comp&ny .:.Onianufocturing, and offering tor sale, LICORICE PASTE (under the old "&nford" brand) of a QUALITY .l.nd at a PRICE which can hudly !ail to be acceptable to all giving it a trial. J". G. c1c. G. 0. Acknowledged by consumers to be the best in the market. Azld for the bl-and of Li<:orice Stic .'\ ctr. 00., to all respects equal to CALABRIA. Consumers and Jobbers would do wetl to apply direct. and Ordiuary. ZURICALDAY & ARGUIMBAU, fm BEAVER .STREET, _:NEW_ YORK. POWDERED LICORICE Finest Quality. Manufactured at Poughkeepie, N, Y, SHERMAN & INNIS, 120WILLIAMSTREET, New York. ST., NEW YORK. JAMES G. OSBORNE, TOBACCO BROKER, NEW YORK. B:n:t.o:IL:l:n.& a.:n.d. O:la.ro1:1:oa. A.lfi.O A.r;:cnt for other Lcad.lnc: Dlannt'actaren ot 'SMOKINC, PLUC TOBACCO AND CICARETTES. Nos. 254 and 256 CANAL STREET, corner of ELM, NfW YORK. TOBACCO & CIGARETTES. u MILD';-Rare. Old Virginia; u HALVES "-Rare Old Perique and Virginia Always Uniform and Reli'able. '1 First Prize MedalsYienne., 1873; Philadelphia, 1876; ;Paris, 1878; 'lydney, 1880. Special Concession by the French Covernment, 1 and on Sale In all Civilized Countries. WM. S. KIMBALL&; CO. ROCHESTER, N.Y. Peer1ess Tobacco 'VV'orks. URBACH & FRANKFORT, Manutilcturen ot' aU K.lnda oC PARRY & CROSBIES, TOBACCO BROKERS, Importers o:r STOGIES AND CIGARS, And Dealers in Wheeling,. W. Va. MEDER & BRO., Diann:f'actu.:rer o:r WHEELING STOGIES, TIPS and FINE CICARS, Wheeling, W.Va .1.11 Ordero Promptly Attended to, Amsterdam, Holland. Sumatra Tobacco. 6 NORTH JOHN s-:r., liverpool, England Block&: Lindhei:m, E. T. FINE SEED LEAF & HAVANA F R u 01 eTl.esbraA1:ed.NaD:I:Ld. :F'Frla.,;ora.w:n."t E R s 1YI II R-TJl.!!ft h No. 160 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. e or A1L.J. en ouse,. IB:n:t.ok.:I.D.&, O:l&a.ra O:ll;a.re1:1:e, 218 N'. 22d. S"t., Pb.1:1ad.e1phi.a, D. BUCHNER & co., 1410 Cary S"t. R.i.cb.m.o:n.CL, MANUFA.()TUH.EH.S 6-F C>N"EX::J:)A TOEIA.OCC> MET.ROPOliTAN. CIGAR MANUFACTORY a:n.c'.. OFFICE:-173 and> 1 '15 DUANE STREET, NEW ,YORK. I f LICORICE PASTE. Manufacturers of CHEWING and SMOKING TOBACCO. 'U siGMlJNDJAcoBY, GusTAvJaconY. 'U --Jlledal awarded f'or "PurUJ', Ch:.;pneoo, and General Elreel G 0 L D G 0 IN RO VAL PUCK ::N" N' lenee oC .ftlanufae"&ure.u -.Also M. a; R. Brand STICK LICORICE, all sizes. X S JACOBY & CO X "' Tobacco 'VVork.s. Hanu:!acturers of the Celebrated 'American Eagle' "CLIPPER," DEW DROP," .&D.4 Brand of FINEC1JT. -.w.o-'UNIVERSAL FAVORITE,' 'FAWN:' Oo:n:t.:ror1:.' And many other Grades and Brands of SJIIOKING TOHA.CCOS. 82 &; 64 Larned Street West DETR.C>XT :ati:XO::EI:. CHAS. B. HULL. Sec')' and Treu. Chewing Tobacco. CICRETTES. ,.... """ ., c 'U "V' D'.l: :w.J: 200 CHATHAM SOUARE alld 5 & 7 DDYER STREET, NEW YORK. "CATARACT" FOIL CHEWING. Jacob Henken, llANUJ' .A.CJ'l'UBER 01' .. CIGAR BOXES BUPDIOB lilAD: & 1'BD1B QUALl'n' mo

XVI.---:NO. 48. fESTABLISHED 1864.] WHOLE NO. 828 NEW YORK, SATURDAY, JANUARY 1881. 105 MAIDEN LANE."' Corner or Pea.A: street. SEIDENBERG & CO I' 84 a 88 READE STREET, l\l.W YORK, ... of Tcba,cco, ALSO MA.NUF ACTURERS OF THE tl ROSA .. ESPAIO&A KEY HAVANA-CIGARS WEISS, ELtER & KAEPPEL, IMPORTERS .OF THE BR.AND '' ) ROSI lAVAN A TO ACC 0. 220 .Pearl Street,'_ N __ Y -.. a __ N_o_._a_a_:m:_u_r_r_a_y_s_t_r_e_e_t_,_N_e_w_Y __ o_r_k. ___ '' '' -KEY WEST SCN,ps and Cuttings for Sale. V. MARTINEZ YBOR & c o., 190 s-tree-t. "Y'e>:rk. OF' H. !ICHUBART1 -,.,_ AARON IICHUBA.RT, Wl!l, !ICHURA.O.T, B. SCHUBART & co., IMPORTERS.oF HAVANA SEED LEAF TOB4CCO,. c N'o. 160 "Vv'a."ter S"tree"t, 'N"e-vv "York. Jl. .&.. BliJUfiiiiiMER. M. LIL.IENTHAL & co., BAYAR A ::1..77 E. :a:. .A.LQR. co -l!IANUFA.C'.l'URiiRS OFCIGAR BOX LUMBER, SPANISH CEDAR, I -DOMESTIC WOODS, -IMITATION' SPANISH CEDAR. I IMPORTERS IN OUR OWN VESSEL OF SPANISH CE-DAR and MAHOCANY. E.'Si:>-'707 V'V. Si..:x:."tb. Ci.::d.c:l.:n.:na:t:l. A .. LMIB.ALL & co.,. o.e 1as l>J J A J'M"PORTERS OF "VA.N' A. TR:ADE MARK. TOBACCO, ::a. a STR.EE'X', ,t1lN'ALD-SoN BRoTHERS, "' S-team. Li "tl:l...ographic Pri:n. "ters1 1ACGO LABELS AND SHOW CARDS!" li!I'V':EIR. "'5Z" [No Labels kept l n Stock, w=AMWICKE, AUG. ROESLER. & co., CIGAR.BOX HANUF ACTURERS, Cor. Goerek & 'rllird Sts., NE'VV. 'YOR,:::EE.. PRICE LIST OF CIGAR RIBBONS. HAVANA .. . : Any Infringement upon this TRADEMARK T-.::: I \ .__. I --:-.... )#.... Will be prosecuted to the full Extent of the Law. O ,FFXO:EI= \VEIL.:_ & 65 PINE STREET, NEW YORK. ...... Yellow ........... ;.;.Eztr&.:.5-8broad, 'lOJ'cla 11.'1'6 {Havu,aa, 111118' -E.ta'blished 1836.-. ............... J(o, 1 .... 5-8 'TO 7cla 1.66 Philadelphia, 1828. .... ; ............ .... &s .. 1 '46 t1Jl s. FUGUET' & so.Ns, s liNINGTON'S 1. soNs, .. .. ............... K 2a ... &-s 70 ,.a. 1.1& ............... 3 . 1i 70J"cla :No. 231 CHESTNUT ST., PHILADELPHIA, ...... l\ell ..................... 1 ..... 1i-8 .. 707cla 1.80 TVPORTERS OF H AVANA ('IIGARS IMPORTERS OF : t:: E! .. 1111 GENERAL l'OB u Havana Cigars & leaf Tobacco .... .................. 2 .... 5 70 ycla 1.60 216 Front Street, York ...................... 3 .... 5 "8 '70ycla 1.30 SEIDENBfRG'S CIGARS, Agent" Cor Celebrated Havana Brand oC .. _..,Red ................. J .... 4, 'l'Oycla 1.36 ................. 2 .. .. 4.-8 1.20 liU.NUI'AC'lmums oF .. Paul and Virginia, La CeJba, ., .. ................... a ..... 4,-s .. 0.85. Domest1c Ciga-, L o Xarrow Yellow ............ 1 ..... 4. .. '70yd 1.30 _.. .1.11. -ge 1 a Desaflo and Flor Selecta. 70yda 1.20. ............. a .... 4-s '7o,.a.' I JU'IIbon Rea ...................... a-s 70 yda 0.70 Yellow .................. 3 70 yda 0.85 L.IQilnlo. (Chloo).. 1 .... 6 34 yda lJO .. ICIIJ.oo).. 2 .... 6 34 ydo 0.95 .......... 1 .... '1' 34ydo 1.60 .. .. ............. 2 ... -7 !' 34 yda 1.20 SUCCESSOR 'fO A. HEN & CO. .. ............... a .... 13.. 34ydo 1.10 .. .. ........... "10 .... 13" 34J'da 1.-. .. ............. "16 .... '1'-8 .. 34ycla 0.90 .. X..:I:EIEE'I.T'Y &TR.EJEJT, (P, O, Box IMPORTER OF MEERSCHAUM, B .RJAR. AND CLAY PIPES, ............. "20----13" Myda 0.80 .............. 50 .... 13-16.. 34 yllo o. 4.5 .. ,... .. ............. "100--6 34yda 0.35 ""tat."'' Red Stripes--" 50. -13 34 yds o :so .. .. .. .. .. .. "100 .. .. 34ycla 0.40 SPECIAL'TY OF BecJ .... : ........... It lt-7 34 yda 1.4:0 14 M 2-. .13-18 .. 34, ,.a. 1.16 llwithyello...,.eclgeo .. &ll 'TO:vdo 1.65 u M w. u .. S-8 "iOyds lAO arrow" J'L 4-8 '10 yda L30 ...... 4 Yell. al with 'blue edge ...... & 'I07cla I.;'>& "' Ua .. red u &, 8 .. '10 yda Ld Ua white and b.lue eclce ..... &-8 '7j)ycla 1-'6 Noriega ....... ........................ & 60ytla ;l-46 Extra Styles of Ribbons Made to,Order. RIBBONscuT & PRINTED ANY SIZE AND.STYLE. All Order ProJDptly Executed, Tern .. Cah. Prices of Cigar !Boxes and Samples of Ribbons Sent on Application. f' WM. DEMUTH & CO. MANUJ' .A.O'l'URII:BS OB' MEERSCHA,UM, BRlAR AND PIPm3, -AND-IMPORTERS OF SMOKERS' ARTICLES, 607 & 609 78 & 80 MERCER STREET, CIGAR BOX LU'MBER! SPECIAL PRICES to all Parties ordering 20,.000 Feet A.B.d.upwards. Being SOLE lllA.NUFA.CTURERS of the celebrated perfectly smooth and tb.orGughly seasoned and Press-Dried lumber, We can otrer to nll mn:nufacturers e:dm Jnducementa In the line of Cigo.r Box Cedar Boards And Veneers, Poplar. more., Butternut and IIahogany, alHo in Panel Woods and BruS h Stock Our Cedar Veneers applied to Poplar is much preferred to Imitation Cedar. mFull line FOREIGN and DOl!IESTJ;C WOODS In Logs, Plank, Boards and Veneers. Send :for Catalog-ue and Prtee Llat. Geo. W .. Read & Co., 186 to200Lewls St., New York. SMOKERS' -OF-' -AND. T : o :BACCONISTS' SUPPLIES. WOODEN SHOW FIGURES. l!lanufaeturero A cent for the $ale oc all Popular Branda of VIRGINIA, NORTH CAROLINA & WESTERN MANUFACTURED, SMOKING & FINE-CUT TOBACCOS, Depot Cor ALLEN k 'GINTER'S RlcJamond, Va., Brands oC Stnok'lolg Tobaoeos and Cigarettes; ;,. W. CARROLL'!! :LONE ;lACK," "BROWN DICK," cte;_ ; Jll, T, PILKINTON k CO,>S ils. Rolled 10 any GaD&" and Cut to Size. on Tin i"oii. in Bronze and Colors. # Bottle Caps, all oizeo, Plain and Colored, 1 Of'H.oe: ::1..88 ni.I:UX..:BEE'I.E'I.Y' NEW YORK, SATURDAY. JA.NUA.RY 1, 1881. kinds done within it was of great magnitude, as usual; and in some instances, it is gratifying to reflect, the margin of profit was perceptibly wider than in its pre decessor. This circumstance, viewed in connection with the facts that stocks of leaf tobaccowere GREETING! held in the markets of this and other countries, and the This copy of THE ToBACCo LEAF will reach the bands harvest of !he past was beyond of those who are to read it in 1881. It is to be hoped actualreqmrements, testtfies to the pervastve buoyancy it will be the harbinger of good cheer, as it is the bearer ?f the busin:ss atmosphere._ There i.s reason for expect of good wishes, to all who may receive it. As our mg that. thts buoyancy_ Vped is not in !879. But, for all that, the volume of trade of all too much t o anticipate after 'recent sad experiences 1 ri'EB BROS.. Dealers iD LEAF TOBACCO, Chicago, In Western Cigar wW find i,t to their advantage to deal w!th UF )


ikt lobatr.o "UBIJSIDW EVEBY UTUBDAY lllO.IUUNCII BY ;ceo LEAF" PUBLISHING COMPANY, MArDEN LANE, NEW YORK.. COBNEB OF Pli:ARL STREET. BUJlKB ... .......................... EDJTO&. aB1f Gt. GIUJT, .............. "" ........ .......... Busolua :awuo .... TERJIIS 011' THB .P.&.PEB. =LII COI"'J::I ......................................... 11 CD1W. m: ttl: .&lfti'UAL llUBIIClll1'TIONS AliRQAJ), 1::., BlurODJ oUID CW>.l ................................ 811.111 .&. H.JIBORG :'J'D TB& CoNTIN&NT. ,.. tl04. .. Revised--Rates for Advertisements, One Six Three Year,. Months. Months. lo& Ltae One Column ............... $2.5 $14 4 Line over Two Columna...... 45 24 1..-ll8 Llae One Column............ .. 45 24 s Lin.-ever Tw-o (Jolumaa.. ... SO 45 25 16 Line One Column.... .. .. ...... SO 45 26 a Line OYer Two ColuJDntJ. ... 1.60 85 4li Oae Line a& bot&o111 of ......................... $60 8PEC:IAL ADVER',t'ISEMENTS ON -FIRST 14 Ll T One ear, Ill Lt:!" wo ";fd? ove prices. will help to lighten whatever clouds may happen in the natural course of things to cast their shadows over 1881. The mortuary list disclosed in the retrospect is happily briefer t .han was to be expected. To sight, as to memory, we again recall the names of the dear departed ones as they have been copied from our files. They are as follows: Samuel Marcoeo, of F. C. Linde & Co., Asher Bijur, Peter C. Van Schaick, formerly of Van Schaick, Adams & C6., Chas. E. Fischer, of Chas. E. Fischer & Bros., Joseph Hall, Geo. W. Blakemore, of Blakemore, Mayo & Co., all of this city; Faber D. Miller, of Miller Bros., John L. 'Laird, Henry Hill, of Simmons & Co., Lucius W. Hallady, Adam Arnold, Thos. Cockerill, of Philadelphia; Louis H. Marburg, CharlesFendrich, of Baltimore; Jas. F. Schreiber, of Jas. Schreiber & Co., Cleveland, 0.; Mathew Bartlett and C. 0. Holyoke, of Boston; John A. Faulds, Louisville, Ky.; Geo. Brown, Hannibal, Mo. .. 278 Wisconsin Hav. Seed, Ohio, May ... -.. New England, includ-ing 74 cases 1875 crop, -1877.... 124 New England, 1878.... 400 Pennsylvania, 1877.... 50 1878 .... 3, 000 New York, 150 Ohio, 250 Wisconsin, 150 New England, 1879.. .. 600 Pennsylvania, .... 1,900 Ohio, 200 Wisconsin Hav. Seed, 250 June .... .... New England, 1877 .... 100 1878. : -. 400 Pennsylvania, .... 1, 500 New York, 100 Ohio, . 200 W,isconsin, . 150 New England, 1879 .... 2, 600 Pennsy 1 vania, .... 3, 000 Ohio, . 400 Wisconsin, . 350 Hav. Seed, '' .... 1,000 July .......... New England 1877.... 100 1878. 300 Hav. Seed 1878.... 50 Pennsylvania, 1877.... 50 1878 . 600 New York, 200 wisconsin, 1 6 0 New England, 1879.... 700 Hav. Seed 500 Pennsylvania., .... 2 ,200 Ohio, .... 1, 900 Wisconsin, 200 Hav. Seed, 200 August ....... New England, 1877 ..... 50 1878. 800 .. Pennsylvania, .. New Yo1k, .. Ohio, Wisconsin, New England, ,, Hav. Seed '' Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Havana Seed '' September ... New England, Pennsylvania, v New York, Olaio, Wisconsin, New England, Hav. Seed Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, Wisconsin, Hav. Seed, October ....... New England, " 500 200 600 100 1879.--.1,100 .. .. 400 .... 1,600 .... 1,000 100 100 1878.... 200 400 100 750 100 1879 ... 2,500 .. .. 400 .... 3,300 n ..... 1,000 950 150 1878 .... LEAF. f wd: Pennsylvania and Ohio being clfected. -..,.. I In October all available and; desirable goods were liberally dealt in, with increase4 sales of New England, Pennsylvania and Ohio leaf;,(ennsylvania leading, as it had previously done. \ Purchases of 1880 crop from growers in Connecticut and New York commenced in this month, but the movement was not general, nor did it extend beyond the States named. Some-lots of Ohio and Pennsyl vania were dispOsed of in Bremen. November, as seen above, was distinguished by re cording the largest sales of the year up to that date; as, also, by a remarkable transfer of 1879 Pennsyl vania, the quantity of this kind sold reaching 8,600 cases, and a demand for Ohio to the extent of 1 ,200 cases. December presented a good volume of sales, but ex cepting pretty large transactions in Pennsylvania, there is no item of JLoment to mention. Regarding the quality and quantity of the 1880 crop, little more than conjecture can be expressed at this time. As a whole, it will probably be found slightly above late averages in respect of usefulness, as the growth was uncommonly favorable; while it is certain to be found of considerably greater magnitude than any previously handled. Messrs. Gans & Co. have estimated the production at about 275,000 cases, allowing Pennsylvania. ......................... 110,000 New England......................... New York ............................ 20,000 Ohio ...... _........................... 50,000 Wisconsin and Illinois................ 55,000 This estimate is undoubtedly an approximalje the yield beiug more1 likely to be a little over" than it. As to the. character of the crop, it may be remarked of the several growths that perfect and imperfect to baccos are found in all of them. The good in Connecticut largely preponderates, and so it is throughout New England; but white veins have shown themselves here and there, though not to an appreciable ex tent Pennsylvania's immense product is referred to by its. friendly hpme journals as containing much imperfect leaf, which is natural in such a quantity j but a large supply of fine, serviceable stock will be disclosed in it when further examined. New York, so fa_ r as the Flats growth is concerned, has been fortunate in housing an essentially good crop: Onondaga, too, shows useful leaf, with perhaps less fine wrappers than usual in proportion to bulk, The new Ohio is reported as hardly up to the average standard of that growth, but not enough of it has been stripped to determine the degree of its merits. 1 'Wisconsin produced under the stimulua of a success ful season in 1879 a very large crop in 1880, which is referred to at home and elsewhere as likely to be found less attractive tban this variety has latterly been. A recent observer said to us a day or two since that he had just inade a tour of the Wisconsin tobacco sections, and concluded that the Havana Seed leaf grown there the past summer would amount to 25,000 cases, and the regular Seed to 15,000. Considerable pole-rot, he THE TOBAcco LEAF wishes a Happy New Year to its friends and patrons in every land and clime. NOTICE. The tobacco trade of this city and of the country at large is respectfully requested to transmit to us at once all business remo,vals, etc., in order that we may be enabled to announce promptly such changes as may have occurred at the beginning of the new year. This request is addressed to tl..te patrons and friends of this paper in all parts of the world. Penney I vania, I New York, Ohio, New England, Hav, Seed 400 50 150 330 50 averred, was visible in the Havana Seed. The Seed proper is also affected by the same blight to some ex tent. The crops, he added, that are free from this in jury are fine and wrappery. 1879 ... -2, 500 . 200 ... .4,500 .. 800 THE SEED TRADE IN 1880. Reviewing the course of the Seed leaf trade for the 'r 1880, it will be seen from the m;mexed tables of 1res that, so far as sales in this market are concern ed, the transit from the opening to the close a{ the year been in most 1espects a satisfactory one: How profitable the buAiness done in the interval has been, only those can tell who have been directly engaged in selling Seed leaf tobacco. Fair. returns, however, we judge, for time and labor expended and capital invest ed have, as a rule, been received. Exports have again been light, but this circumstance was inferrable months ago as a consequence of the :lltuation in Europe, the paucity of our shipping goods, and last, but far from least, the prices which holders had to ask for such as were available, and no disappointment will be felt at the result. 'fhe brieliness of the home demand has compensated for the sluggishness of the foreign. Our market opened on January 2, 1880, according to Messrs. J. S. Gans' Son & Co., to the courtesy of :which firm we are indebted for the most of the arithmetical data in this article, with supplies divided as follows:CROPS OF 1878. New England, including a little 1877, .. Pennsylvania, ...................... _. :New York, ........................... Ohio, ............................... .. Wisconsin, ................ .. __ ..... Cases. 7,500 21,000 6,500 10,000 3,000 ---Total old, .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 4.8, 000 Crop of 1879, .......................... 175,000 Total old and new, ............ 223,000 The sales in 1880, as reported, are 'lowing monthly table:SALES IN 1880. given in the folCases. Cases. January, ..... 6,91>0 July, ......... 7,100 February, . 3, 875 August, . 6, 550 )larch,. . 5, 900 September, .... 10,250 April, ........ 7,028 October, ...... 10,280 }lay, ......... 7,074 November, .... 11,300 June, ......... 9,800 December, ..... 7,480 Total. 93,587, against 88,685 in 1879. In the annexed table we recapitulate the above sales "by varieties. SALES BY VARIETIES. Cases. Janna.ry ..... New England, crop of 1877 .... 50 .. 1878 .... 1,300 Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, Wisconsin, Hav. Seed, November .... Ohio, u New York, New England, Hav. Seed .... 1,400 200 100 1878 .... 150 100 1879 .... 500 100 Pennsylvania; .... 8,600 New York, . 350 '" Ohio, .... 1,200 Wisconsin, .. .. 200 Havana Seed . 100 December .... New England, .... 1,000 Pennsylvania, .... 4,780 Ohio, 900 Wisconsin, . 600 Sundries, . 200 The quantity of Havana Seed leaf disposed of is made apparent in this list, it being represented by 6,800 cases. The crops of 1877 and 1878 sold in 1880 were as fol lows;-' New England. Cases 599 1877. Pennsylvania. Cases. OOo Ohio. Cases. 150 New Eng. 5,550 Penn. 12,550 1878. N.,Y. 2,550 Ohio. 4,930 Wisconsin. 2,300 The sales for export are here shown as re corded:Cases. Cases. January,...... 75 July, ..... ..... 2,978 February, . 685 August, .. . 688 March, ...... 300 September, ... 600 April,......... 330 October, .. .. .. 730 May, . . 675 November, . 300 June,......... 200 December, ..... Following are the total exports for the year and their destination:EXPORT. From New York. From Baltimore. Cases. Bremen .......... -. 16,614 Hamburg .. .. .. 1,879 Gibraltar.............. 2,711 Antwerp.............. -!,629 Holland... . .. .. 2,379 Great Britain . . 1,833 West Indies........... 637 South&Centr'lAm'rica 580 Sundry Ports. . . 575 31,837 Total from New York ........... do Baltimore ........ Cases. 1,365 0 moved a little for export to Germany. 1678 .... 1,300 Activity continued in March in the producing New York, 309 regions, and manufacturers and jobbers commenced Ohio, 900 handling new stock; Connecticut seconds and fillers, Wisconsin, 3QO Wiscon,in Havana Seed and Penn!ylvania packings )[arch ........ New England, 1877 ._. 50 coming in for a share of popular favor. u 1878 ... 600 April was without special feature, though the sales Pennsylvania. 1877.... 300 were considerable, as shown above. 1878 .... 1,700 May showed a good business, but without anything New -:York, 250 special being done, except an increased sale for export. Ohio, --800 In June a brisk movement was perceptible in 1879. "' Wisconsin, 500 Pennsylvania, totwitbstanding efforts had been made New England, 18711 .. 1,000 to disparage, the crop. n Wisconsin Hav. Seed, 700 July was noticeable for the largest transactions of .t.pril. .. New England, 1877.. 110 the first half of the year in export sales, a lot of 1,200 u 1878.... 500 cases of 1879 Pennsylvania. being taken at from "'!. PennsylviUlia, 1877.... 250 for 'common to medium to HI%: cents for fair lots. 1878 .. .1,i00 500 cases of New England were sold in Europe by ., Ohio, '' 1877 150 an exporter who had offered the goods here, Several .. New York. 1878. -. 200 thousand cases of Ohio, purchased by exporters in the Ohio, i50 country, were forwarded to European markets. Wisconsin, .. 800 August showed -fair sales, but no transaction of par--t Jiaw England0 11'711 .1150 ticular interest that we can now recall to mind. PeauJlnAia.. ...... ),TOt Sepwmller wu an active mouth, quite larp aallill for The situation arising from the magnitude of the 1880 crop in its entirety justifies the prudence of buyers in deferring largs operations until the close of the strip ping season. The early movement of some of them in Cor.necticut and New York may prove advantageous in the end, but only harm could come from a general effort to secure a premature appropriation of the crop while so little is known about it as at present .. More depends this year on exporters than ever be fore. Their aid in helping to dispose of our large sup plies is exceedingly esSI'ntial, Rod the now crop has to be bought at such figures as will enable them to take hold of it. Whoever may be disappointed by this in telligence will do well to remember that it is based upon the actual situation, in tu'rn, is the result of the extra exertions of the tobacco growers the past year. ., The receipts in Messrs. F. C. Linde & Co. s inspection warehouses during the yeat were 71,382 cases, to which' we add 800 more, making a total of 72,182 cases, against 75,929 cases in 1879, and 99,000 in 1878. The stock on hand in inspection warehouses in January 1, 1881, was 21,140 cases, against 16,690 on January 1, 1880. The stock on hand on January 1, 1881, may be ap proximately calculated at 289,102 cases, allowing the consumption of the past year to have been 175,000 cases, and deducting the export of 33,898 cases. This is a large quantity, but it can be successfully marketed if the new crop is purchased at regular, instead of speculative prices, which, fortunately, it seems likely to be. MINOR EDITORIALS AND NEWS ITEMS. A SAMPLE.-Hanging in our office is a sample hand of fine-looking 1880 tobacco grown by the Rockwell Bros. of Ulster, Bradford Cour.ty, Pa. TOBACCO MoNOPOLY.-The tobacco monopoly in the Phillipine Islands and in Maryalla will next year be farmed out to Spanish and colonial capitalists. OUR TYPEs .-Our types made us say last week that Messrs. '1'. E. Owen & Bro. were about to open a branch house at St. Louis for the sale of Virginia leaf tobacco. The announcement should save been Frank E. Owen & Brother. REVIEWS.-We have space this week only for a cur sory review of the Seed leaf trade of the past year. Next week the circulars of our friends will properly eover the business for the same period done in Western and other domestic tobaccos. Spanish leaf we slaall personally notice. INTERNAL REVENUE.-The receipts from internal rev enue to December 29th for the current fiscal year were $179, 446.56, and from customs $758.556 .95. The inter nal revenue receipts for the month to aggregate $10,830, 312.23, and the total for the fiscal year to date $65,863,217.71. WE have received a most interesting report of the manufactured tobacco market of Cincinnati for the past year from our valued correspoodent, Mr. H. A Richey, but as, unfortunately, it arrived just as we are going to press, we have to defer its publication until our next issue. W ANTED.-A having had a number of years' experience in the trade, with considerabla means de sires to enter as partner in a large and Cigar Manufacturing Business. Best of references ,given and required, and all communications considered strictly confidential. 828 -830 Address, A., P. 0. Box uildings of Messrs Levy Bros., of that city, will be occupied by them from this day, and their many friends and patrons are requested to send all communications here after to corner Avenue C and Thirteenth Street. MR. W. E GARY, a gentleman doing business as a broker and merchant in the flourishing Henderson, N. C., tobacco market, will hereafter re port to THE ToBACCO LEAF the sales and doings in Hen derson. The tobacco trade of that point may order their papers through Mr. Gary. WE call attention to a special notice on the fifth page of issue _of the Messrs. Weyman Brothers, P1ttsburgb. mformmg the trade that Messrs. Augustin & Dusel, of this city, have been appointed the duly authorized agents of their celebrated Copenhagen Snuff. Messrs. Weyman Brothers are a well-known firm, having been in business since 1827, and their brands of snuff and cut and dry smoking tobacco are among the most popular articles in our trade. <;JHRISTMAS DAY brought with it a very pleasing pnse to Mr. Geo. W Read, of the well-linown cigar box firm of Geo. W. Read & Co this city. lt was m the shape of a beautiful ebony cane, with a richly chased gold head, the gift of seventy odd em ployees. This present shows the esteem in which Mr. Read is held by his many subordinates, and we do not say too much when we state that Mr. Read is one of the most genial gentlemen we have ever met. MESSRS. p ACHOLDER & BAMBERGER, manufacturers of M. L. & Co.'s patent cigarettes, and also vanous other brands of c1garettes and smoking have adopted!!-ne1v means of securing the fa1thful att_entwn of the1r employees to their business. Instead of mflicting fines for derelictions of duty they reward those. most attentive to their duties dunr:g the year. The day before Christmas they distributed eight premiums, consisting of gold watch, bracelets, rings, etc., among the girls in their employ. A PERFECT fac-simile is given in the advertisement on our ninth page of the new and patented Saxony Bunching Mach!ne, for 'Yhich Mr. H. \Vatteyne, of Pearl th1s c1ty, 1S the sole agent. 1'his machme meets w1th ready purchasers and is not only a very useful, but also a very simple 'article, and one which every cigar manufacturer should have. A nov ice, either boy or girl, may learn in a short time to ?perate it successfully. The capacity of the machine 18 _2,000 bunches per day, and single binders are reqmred only. The Saxony Bunching Machine was in vented in Germany, ,and patented both there and in the U11ited States. LOCAL JOTTINGS. -Mr. Cha8. Richter, of the Atlantic Cigar Company Westfield, Mass., arrived in town on Tuesday. -Mr. S. Lewis, the San Francisco, Cal., cigar manu facturer, is in town. -Messrs. Wei! & Co. sold this week 201 bales of Ha vana at prices ranging from 122%: to 127%:c. -Mr. J. Leopold, of this city, has returned from Pennsylvania, and reports nothing doing in that direction. -Mr. John Moore, of Messrs. John Moore & Co., leaf tobacco dealers of Philadelphia, has been in the ma1ket for several days. 'W'holesale dealers in smoking and to bacco and cigarettes report a satisfactory footing-up of the year's business. -Messrs. !II. & E. Salomon sold 85 bales of fine Ha vana to Messrs. Ahner & Dehls, of this city, and also 65 bales to Messrs. Kalman & Lilienfield, of Chicago, the latter part of the week. -Messrs. Foster, Hilson & Co., cigar manufac turers of this city, have begun moving to their new quarters, corner o(Avenue D and Tenth Street. -Mr. Julius Ellinger, of Julius Ellinger & Co., Key West, and domestic cigar manufacturers Bal timore, Md., has been in town the last few days. -Mr. Kalman. of the Chicago, Ill., cigar manufactu ring and importing firm of Messrs. Kalman Bros. & Bremer, was in town during the week purchasing ci gars for his firm. -Mrs. Frischen, the wife of Mr. Ftederick Frischen of this city, con;tmitted suicide at her home in :ken on Wednesday last, while laboring under an attack of temporary insanity. -Mr. G. Fernandez, the Havana tobacco and cigar 206 Street, this city, informs us that he has JUSt recetved a larp:e lot of choice Havana leaf. Every bale imported by Mr. Fernandez is marked G. F., and none is genuine unless it is so marked. -Mr. J L. Weidler, of the Lancaster, Pa., leaf to bacco firm of Messrs. Frey & Weidler, arrived in town on Thursday. Mr. Weidler states that his firm are not creditors of Messrs. E. & A. Friedman, of St. Louis, as was _at first !eported, Frie be the following: Mess1s. Havemeyers ck'Vf hus, $4,864 07; A. L & C. L Holt., $2,800; Fo: & Co ., $1,700; Neugass, $1,200; M. & E. Sa' zn1 $450; Sm1th, $3,500; _John Hoore & Co., John Hell & Co., of Philadelphia. The liwiliti are sa1d to be $45,000 for tobacco and $8,000 for Cl8b. !!, A. M'NEAR & CO., NEW YORK. We take the following items from the on Monday last by this firm:-Book accouuts: OJ.s Seymour, $274.75; G. Jacot ke!l, S. Ruppel, :W76. S8; Allen & Co., $5 C G. Re1smann, due Feb. 4, 1881, $692 32; Davis & due March 1, 1881, $288 50; Lobenstein &

1 -A Havana report states Btledl ngs have great y lDlproved all over the Vuelta AbaJo under the benefi cent m1luence of the late ra ns Accord ng to several pnvate reports tl e leaf s so abundant and a qua ty so super or that we must go some e gbt or ten years back to 1lnd another crop comparable to this espec a y at San Juan y Mart nez and Palenque whe e w 1 be so large that growers already fea they w ot have enough to store t after 1t lS cut an ope at on which 1s to be commenced next week at San Lu s and other localit es A STRIKE Kerbs & Sp ess c1gar manufacturers who employ about 1 100 men and vomen gave not ce three weeks ago to the r rollers and bunchers that they wou d make a. reduct on of 30 cents a thousand c ga son the work of the former and 20 cents on that of the latter On Tuesday last both the 350 n the factory and the 120 fam 1 es rn the s x adJO n ng tenement houses struck and held an afternoon meet ng lD Turtle Bay Hall A meet ng of the tenement house orkers was held m the everung when twas u ged that f they struck befo e Jan 1 Kerbs & Sp es., vho o n the r dwe lings would refuse to ent them after that t me and requ e the tenants t o qu t It was thought exped ent to delay strik ng unt 1 they had pad the r rent n advance at the beg nrung of next month hen they ou d besu e of homes for the t me be ng The tenement bouse hands therefore returned to work yeste day mo rung Another meet ng of the facto y wo ke s v. as 1 eld yeste day afternoon n h ch 100 you g wome n pa t Clpated It was dec ded to hold an afternoen m ee ng every-day except Saturday and Sunday next unt 1 t h e str ke ended A comm t ee as app0 nted to v s t the tenement house orke s w tl a v e v of nduc ng e m to JO n and t as announce d that a mass meet ng of c gar makers from the var ous c ty shops ou d take place on the afternoon of Jan 2 at 291 Bowery Workers not e large shops fear a deduc on and they wlSh I those of Ke bs & Sp ess to succeed n therr str ke It lS clauned t at se era! firms a e pay ng ten per cent mo e on an ave age than that fi m The st ike s a e to call at the facto y next Monday to rece ve the r pay and take away the tools N, Y Sun D ec 30 The Sun of F day morn ng also says A meet ng of role sand bunchers who have st uck for highe r pay n Kerbs & SpelSS c gar manufactery was he d yeste day A arge nun be of hands f om Stra ton & S o m s fac ory e e present F G Yoe g the r spokesman sa d that although they had not been work ng more than two and a half davs th s week they had sent a subscr pt on which ;vould be further ncreased He gave a long llSt of pr ces pa d by the two firms wh ch showed an average of s xty cents per 1 000 mo e pa d by othe makers than by Kerbs & S pe ss ENGLISH BOARD OF TRADE RETURNS 'The London Tobacco Trade Rev ew n ts December ssue fu n shes the follow ng resume of the Board of Trade returns for tho past m onth a.'i far as the tobacco trade s conce ned The R ev ew remarks The n n the mporte of tobacco not ced a mont sm e has become mo e marked "' th n the past month the rece pts nto t e Un ted K ngdom dur ng November hav ng been about doub e those n e ther of the two preced ng yea s bes des be ng h av er than n October last I he consequence s that the total for the eleven months presen s a g eater augmentat on than that prev ous ly shown amunt ng to no less than 21 !124 252 lbs all unmanufac ured obacco Compared v th the agg egate supp y n 1878 howeve the e was st 1 a cons de able deflc ency apparent compr s ng 28 999 591lbs h ch ou d no doubt re na u up to the c ose of they a The mports dur ng the eleven months ended Nov 30 amounted to 59 2 9 938 pounds amount ng n va ue to 696 771 aga nst 37 305 686 pounds dur ng the corres pond ng pe od of last yea amount ng n va ue to 757 659 The duty pa d entr es t s sat sfactory to remark appea to have nade ve y favo abe progress dur ng the month of Novembe hav ng eached 4 416 300 lbs wh ch quant ty s mater ally arge than what was n the two p ev ous years and w h e show ng an ncreased ga n over the total n 1879 the amount taken for home cousumpt on du ng the e leven months approx mates much more closely than before to the clea ances comJ.lleted up to the same t me n 1878 TbQ home consumpt on du ng the past eleven months amounted to 4a 420 145 pounds aga net 44 399 880 dur mg the correspond ng per od of last year The m provement n the duty payments however s more counterbalanced by the smal er we ght of tobacco exporte

., &.1x.mtllt$-Pim, Forwood & Co 76 seroons tobacco Baoona--Tobacco-Banchez & Hava 131 bales; Straiton & Storm 84 do, Vega. & Bernheim, H Friedman 64 do, C1gars-Cbas 'f Bauer & Co 8 cs, L P & JFrank3do, P Loril lard & Co 1 do, Purdy & N1cho!as 19 do; G W Faber 9 do; Howard Ives 2 do, Michaehs & Lindemann 3 do; B Lmington's Sons 11 do, Acker, & Cond1t 28 do, Park & 'ftlford 24 do. Dowmng, Sheldon & Co 3 do, Wm A Avs & Co2 do, Jas E Ward & Co 39 do C F Hagen 51 do, MerchantsD1spatch Co 6 do, 2019 bales tobacco, 246 cs Cigars-names of consignees omitted by ori!ler of the Collector of the Port. Receipts, of llconce. at port of New York for week, reported expressly for Tmr. ToBACOO LEAP.-Arguimbau, Walhs & Co, per Hamborougb, from Bermuda, 61 pkgs hconce paste. EXPORTS From the port of New York to foreign ports for the week THE TOBACCO ;J.E.A.F. &Co40cscigars; H RKelly&Co16do; F-H. Co 18 do, McFall & Lawson 17 do, Block & o A del P1no 10 do; Davies & Co 14 do, Perea Btolj ; N B Mannmg 6 do, J B Creagh 2 do; Rerutz & Leon 9 do: M Barrant!() &Bro 8 do, E H Gato 4 do; J F Barreto 3 do; H K & F B Thurber & Co2 do; L P & J Frank 8 do, J Ellinger & Co 6 do, C F Lmdsey 1 do; J :M. Pertuando 1 bale scraps: order 2 es c1gars. Eastern Markets. SPRINGFIELD, Mass., Dec 28 -Mr. C B. Dutler Packer and Jobber of Connectlcat Seed Leaf, reports to 'fHE TOBACCO LEAF .-The market for the past two weeks has been very qu1et; but few sales reported It h8.8 teen so cold and dry that httle IS being done w1th the new. That wh1ch has been deliverea is for the most part poor. QUOTATIONS. Primings .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 1 00@ 2 50 Lugs-Common .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 2 00@ 4 60 Dark common . .. .. .. 4 00@ li 00 common. .. .. .. .. .. 4 00@ li liO Bright good .. .. .. .. .. 5 50@ 7 50 Smokers-Bright common.... . 4 00@ 5 50 Bnght good and fine . 5 50@ 9 50 do line and fancy ..... : 9 00@15 00 Leaf-Dark common ............. '.. 3 09@ 5 00 Dm k good.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 5 00@ 7 50 Bnght common and medtum.... 4 50@ 6 50 Br1ght good and fine..... . 7 00@ 9 50 Yellew Wrappers-Com' on and medmm 10 00@15 00 Good and fine ............. 111 00@37 00 Fme and fancy .. .. .. .. .. 37 00@55 00 Mahogany 'Wrappers-Com and med 9 00 00 Good and fine .. .. .. .......... 13 00@28 00 Fme and fancy........ .. ....... 25 00@45 00 JAN.1 considerable quantit:y of tobacco is grown in jWiden, and the consumptton is large comparmg the JOpulation. The first official records on the subJeCt in 1780, when there were seventy-two factories in activity, employing 677 workmen, who produced 236,616 lbs (one pound Swedish 1,s (0 937lb_ avmr!iuPois) of smokmg tobacco, 997,033lbs of chewmg to11aCc0 and 137,762lbs of snuff, or a t6tal of 1,371,111 lbtJ. l>iiring the next fifty years only t'lve additiOnal faCtories were established, while the number of hands increased by eighteen. Butl on the other hand, the ,production had more than aoubled, and amounted to 8,956,175lbs. In 1830 the manufacture of cigars was commenced in Sweden, and 7,180 lbs were made. In 1878 there were 109 factones, giving employment to 3,621> workmen. Durmg that year the amount pro duced was as follows-Smoking tobacco, 1, 065,060 lbs, chewing tobacco, 2,023,367lbs; snuff, 7,562,152lbs, and cigars, 1,877,849 lbs, bemg a total of representmg a total value of ,000. The prmmpal faCtories are situated in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo and Nordkopmg; the largest works are those of Messrs. Hellgren & Co., of Stockholm, who produce 10 :per cent. of the whole manufacture. Tobacco culture l8 stnctly developed 10 the neighborhood of the large towns. As 1t is not subject to any Government con trol the total productiOn IS not known. In 1870, how ever, 213 tons were grown around Stockholm, and 128 f;)ns near the town of Kr1stianstad. The mdustry was first introduced towards the middle of the eighteenth century at Ahns, 10 the d1stnct of Kristianstad. At Ahns tbe average yearly production IS about 170 tons. were 8.8 follows Ant!UI'p-32 hbds Argenltne Republu>--7 hhds, 45 plTOI. A17WnCan Colomes-14 hhds British. West Indies-3 hhds, 1 case, 80 pkgs t2824 lbs) mfd Canada-24 bales. Cl8platne hhds, 3 pkgs (900 lbs) mfd. Dutch West lndua-5 bales. 108 pkgs (1!)@45 Seconds Havana Seed 18 @25 PENNSYIVAl!) 8 @11 7>!)@10 15 @25 7 @10 14 @18 12 @18 t819Crop. so @ 85 88 @ 95 100 @110 115 @I20 120 @100 BJUGBTS-Navy 4s, 5o, 1111, l,iis 88 .17 !o-.{1bs, lOs and ":Pocket "'Pieces Ill !Os, 12s and l(lbs 13@ 16 & 18@23 Navynch light-pressed 23 Gold Bars 80 @30 @45 @35 Navy lOs or Pocket l'leces 14>!2 Negrohead twist 6 and 12-lnch twiSt 20 ()IG"'"RS, H&'Oa.n&, p erM $50@ 150 I Seed, per M Seed a.nd Havana perM 40@ 90 GR.&NUL&TED TODA.()CO. Medium to good $26@46 I Good to fine SNUFF, [Subject to discount try the wholesale trade. $-16@120 Maccaboy 62@-65 I Amer1can Gentleman -@-79 S Hossm & Son 66 do, Bunzl & Dormitzcr 9 do, Block & Lmdhmm 8 do, M Neuburger & Co 66do, GFalk&Bro112 do, LIChtenstem Bros & Co 80 do, G W Helme 5 cs mfd, 3 pkgs do, 2 bbls do, 21 bbls snuff, 189 bxs do. By tlu Central Rail! oad of Neto Jerey -C H Spitzner & Son 174 cs: H Koemg 28 do. By tlu l(ettJ Y01k and llartjt>Td LiM A Blumlem & Co 11 cs, G RCJsmann 5 do, E Hosenwald &Bro 10 do By IJu :NIM Yt>Tk and New Hawn Steamboat LiM Wm Eggert & Co 17 ca, H R1chart 1 do Bv tlu Net.D York and Br11igeport Steamboat La.u -E Rosenwald & Bro 208 cs, N Lachenbruch & Bro 837 do, G P L1es & Co 1 do, E Spmgaru & Co 40 do By Old Dommum StMnalup Ltm -R M Allen & Co 1 hhd, Toe!, Rose & Co 13 do, Kmney Tobacco Co 4 do; G W Helme 4 do, W M Bassett 2 do, J A Paul do, FE Owen 2 hhds, 8 Ires P L o nllard & Co 27 hhds, 8 tres, 2 bxs samples, Funch, Edye & Co 33 hhds. 1 Lx samples; Dmglestedt & Co 25 do, 1 do, W 0 Snuth & Co 19 hhds, 73 trcs, 1 cs smkg, 1 do mgarettcs, J D K1elly Jr 20 trcs, 96 cs mfd, 24% bxs do, 11% bxs do 16 .Y2 bxs do, 6 M bxs do, Thompson, .Moore & Co 40 ;u; trcs mfd 7 cs do, 2 bxs do, 2 M lixs do, 42 cads do, Augu st m & Dusel 28 cs 7 do mgarettes, J8.8 }l Gardmer 6 cs smkg, 2 bxs mfd, 1 %:-bx do; Dohan, Carroll & Co 6 cs mkg, 22 .%' bxs mfd, E BUBo1s 5 cs mfd, 25 kegs do, 20 cads do, 20 Kbxa do, Jos D Evans & Co 10 cs mfd, 15 %: bxs do, ME AicDowell & Co 40 c s smkg, 13 do long cut, A lfen 40 cs smkg. 2 do cigtuettes, H Wut !1athews 2 cs smkg, W 1se & Bendhetm 35 do: H Welsh 1 cs lllfd. Ernst 1\Iueller & Co 100 do, H K& F B Thurber & Co 1 do, G W Hillman 3 do, J o hn Norton & Son 50 do, B la kemme. 111uyo & Co 50 5!:1 bxs oo, Wm Demuth & Co 20 bxs p1pes, Kaufman Bros & Bondy 1 bx stems, Order 1 hhd 20 trcs, 4 cs smkg, 203 do mfd, 2 X bxs do, 18 36 bxs do, 58 M bxs do, 18 % bxs do 20 110th bxs do 45 cads do, 32 l4: calls do, 20 M cads do Coaatw081! from .kev West.-Seid e nberg & Co 27 cs cgars, 11 bales scraps, GarcliP. 8 do, 7 do, 71 halts leaf, F deBary -.ES & FBEY. Packers January 1 88,805 hhds Sh1pped coastw ISC and rq InSpected 8,200 hhds --47,005 hhds Stock m warehouse tblB day and on shipboard not cleared . . . . . 418 hhds Stock same tlffie m 1879 .. . . .. 25:819 hhds Manufactured Tobacco-Trade is for the 8eason, contlned to wants of con s umptton, vilth unchanged pnces. Exported th1s week, 9263 lbs to L1verpool CLARKSVILLE, Tenn., Dec 22 -Messrs M H Clark & Bro Leaf Tobacco Brokers, report to THE LEAF -Our transactiOns for some time past have been 1!0 meagre that our market has not bee n worth a report Our sales last week were 33 hhd s and for the week endmg to day 25 do The offermgs have of remnants of leaf and Jugs of the old crop and. early puzmgs of the ne'v crop, whiCh have generally been m h1gh case The quality m the mam been poor. thlugh occasiOnally a hhd of some substance appears 'fhe market has been firm and strong QUOTATIONS. Common lugs .... 4:U Good lugs 4%;@ 5M Common leaf .. .. ....... 5J.! !1edmm leaf. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 6 @ Good leaf.... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 8 @ Fme leaf...... .. .. ..... .. ....... 10 @11%; SelectiOns............. ... .12 @14 QuotatiOns for the upper grades are nommal, as none have appeared for a long t1me. '!'lie contmued unfavorable weath e r checks operations m the loose mmket for the new crop et has been done at pnees rangmg from J.t to 1c ablve the pmes curtent last year for the same quuht 1es The crop though mean Ill quality, IS Small In qullDtlty, and planters are huldmg stiffly for full pnces HOPKINSVILLE, Ky., Dec 22 -Mr George y Thompson, Leaf 1'obacco B;oker, to THE 'fonACOO LEAF -Sales to day about 65 hhds. No change to note m pnces. Rece1 pts hght. QUOTATIONS Lugs-Common . Medmm Good Leaf-Common ...... 3 @ 3% ..... 3%@ 4 )fedmm Good 4 @ 4J.! 4J.i 5X 6%;@ LOUISVILLE, Dec 22 -Mr. Wm J Lewers, Leaf 'l'obacc'? AuctiOneer, Ieports to THE TOBACCO LEAF as follows Rcce1pts for the week endmg to day 550 hhd s agmnst 230 hbds same week last yenr The weather for the past week bas been cold, wtth for past three daJ s SALES FOR SIX DAYS ENDING WEDNESDAY, 22D INST. Wm elwusei' Week Montk. Yea1 G I bert 11 46 1 664 P1ckett 115 443 10' 112 p, ke so Io6 a'n2 N mth Street 71 265 12' 021 People 's. . 24 83 1 '978 Boone. 45 172 s:696 Green Rver 29 92 2 14S LOUISVIlle..... 175 355 9:307 Falls City 101 214 4,454 Planters' 148 372 6,136 Kentucky Assoc1at10n 52 196 3, 760 154 SfkS 2,i80 Enterpnse . 68 133 $,662 Totals 1,018 2,895 Year 1879 532 3,540 Yem 1878 .. .. .. .. .. ...... 138 3,106 Year 1877 . 24 2,807 64,980 58,040 71,080 56,218 Sales for week and year dinded 8.8 follows:Wttk. Year. Orgmo.l new....... .. .. .. .. .. .. ... .. 758 43,3H1 Or1gmal old .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 411 5, 778 New reviews.. 179 8 ,073 Olu reviews........... 36 7,718 499 hhds of crop of 1880 sold this week, making 1400 hhds of same to date. These ate mcluded m above report of sales of ougmal new. l:lales of crop of 1879 to date 43,690 hl:;ds, against 35,129 hhds of crop of 18i8 to date m 1879, and 61,700 hhds crop of 1877 to dl\te m H!78 Of the new crop sold th1s -week, most of It was from the Kentucky lbver cuttmg d1strwt, the good of wh1ch sold some hgher than a.t any time this seasoLI. qmte a number of hhds selhng brought 17 to 20c 'l'he common !lDd m1xed crops from the same sectiOn sold a.t 8 4c for Jugs to about Sc for best lear Of the heavy new tobacco sold th1s week, most of It was m soft order, and sold at 3M to 4c for lugs to 7c for long, mcely handled leaf T!Je 18711 crop on our ma ket.th1s week was mostly common nondescnpt stuff, selhng at pnees as last quoted; a few fine :&1nson County cutters at 19 to 24}lc. QUOTATIONS1879 CROP. Kondescrlpt .--Heavy ---, ,.-----CutLmg --.. *l-ted Dark *Red Bnght 8*@ 4 4}i@ 5 4 @ 4)4 7 @ 8 @10 4 @ 4)4 5 4l. 4)4@ 4* 10 @12 4!(@ ti 5 10 @12 12 @14 4J'<@ O)t 6 @ 5 @ 6 12 @15 14 @16 Q ti @ 15 @17 16 @19 SelectiOnS 0 @11 7>!)@ 9 17 @19 19 No bnght wrappers on ma ket th1s week. *l'lug makers' kmds. '!'here w11l be no &ales here after Fnday, 24th mst, unt1l )londay, Jan. 3. STATESVILLE, N. C., Dec 28 -Messrs Jourgensen & Co, of the Cash Tobacco Watehouse. report to THE co LEAP -Our ma1 ket has become firmly estabhshed Our sales have exceeded our expectatiOns 1\ianufacturers and others may order With confidence. Dunng the past week offer mgs have been-owmg to the snow and bad cond1tlon of our roads-rather lighter than usual, and have been confined mostly to the lower grades of lugs and fille1s W1th the new year we are led to expect good demand at frur pnces, and large sales. 'fhe line and fancy are bemg w1thheld for the sprmg trade. Consignees Cases Cases Lbs L & E Wertheimer.. .. .. 1 18,030 Esberg, Bachman & Co. 16 51,386 Falkenstein & Co 7,250 Mwhaelltschke Bros 10 27 1,620 Sanderson & Horn. . 1,260 Oppenheimer & Bro .. _.. 5,360 H Rosenfeld & Oo. 1 5,580 AMau&Co.... 5,430 Wellman, Peck & Co..... 1,800 J A Drinkhouse 1 6 840 Englebrecht, Fox & Co 5,870 Dwyer & Co 3 Tillmann & Bendel. Castle Bros .. :M: & C :JVIangels H LeVI& Co .......... W Fanmce .. Newton Bros J :a' Todd ........ Rosenshme Bros H Sutliff ... Liebes Bros. . AS Rosenbaum. .. Rosenthal J3ros ........ Kruse & Euler Maynsch Bros Jennmgs & Co 2 1 Ruhl Bos .... 1 W Johns.. 1 A Pollack 2 Root & Sanderson. 1 1 ,890 700 1,750 650 140 8,550 4,610 17,350 1,880 850 25,380 490 500 1,430 850 Imports by sea and rail:-174,036 lbs tobacco, 64 cases c1gars, 13 cases cigarettes. Exports, 4, 406 lbs tobacco, 1 cs cigarettes. Foreign Markets. .AJ)JSTERDAI\1, Dec 11 -Messrs. Schaap & Van Yeen, 'l'obacco Biokets, report to THE TOBACOO LEAPOf Amencan tobacco we have only to annuunce the 1m port of 21 hhds Kentucky, 20 do Vngmm, and 9 do stems. 'fbe consisted of 470 bhds Maryland, the greatest part by jobbers for thea o'wn retail, and 20 hhds Mason County Our market remams the same Befote January or February we do not ex pect large arnvals from Java o! the new Clop A lot of 60 buies new SCI u b kinds changed hands at a very good price '!'here were sold 25 ba.lea llanila alld 200 bales .English East Iudum, and Imported 95 bales Java, ant1500 do Enili&h E8.8t Indian. For busmess of any Importance we cona1der the vear now closed Stock to Jay .-11141 hhds M.aryiand, 172 do Ken tucle fact 1s, manufacturers are satisfied 1f they can cover cost; theil only ambition for the moment ts to sustain the1r credtt and work as little as poss1ble, the priCes of leaf and the cost of production bemg such as nearly to forb1d any hope of profit. This state of thmgs keeps the operatives qmet, and allows manufacturers to ms1st on good -w-orkmanship, as there are qmte suffiCient of them fol' present needs. The manufacturers of cheap c1gars have under present cirall been forced to advance their pnoos. Caltope, we me told, has faded. ExcHANGES-The scarCity of all descriptions of paper has sus tamed rates durmg the month. We quote to-day for commerc,al paper Sterlmg, 60 days... per cent. P. R Marks, 60 days 2 @ 2% Uruted States, 60 days SX@ 9 do 3 days.. 9!4@ 9;14 Francs, 66 days.. ... 3)\l@ 4 Spalllsh gold. . 105J.!@l.06 LONDON, Dec 15 -Messrs Grant, Chamber& a; Co. report to 'l'mr. ToiiAcco LEA1P as foHows -As usual at this tune of the year, there h1s been butliltle demand for American tobacco. and the sales have lJeen confined to small iiJr1lliiueB made by the l10me trade In export there h8.8 beeir'llot1ifug o1nne contmue 1n active demand at full prices, Western Leaf and Stnps-The former of bright color in de mand. for the latter there was only a moderate demand Vir gin"-:Fme heavy stnps are scarce, but m demand; for lear there '" but little InqUiry Maryland moves o.ff but slow'1 Ohto, when of color, readily finds buyers. Cavendish ui rather demand -Refernng to the recent fatlures in the tobacco trade, the New England (hocer remarks -But dealers need have no fear as to the stab1hty of the rema.ming firms. BusmeEs was never in a more v.rosperous state -taken as a whole-and these few failures only tend to strengthen the substantial concerns which cater to grocers' demands. -The Tobacco Board, says the Hopkinsville South. Total .. 109,179 118,387,558 108,384 97,946,177 TOBAOOO.-Crop ProspectsVuelta Abajo and Parti Kentuckta.n, met agam Wednesday mght and at tempted to select five buyers to act w1th the five wars housemen m electmg an inspector, but they tied the vote standmg eight to eight. They adjourned till the followmg day, and contmued m session all that day without bemg able to effect They then adJOurned to meet agam Wednesday,January 5. Our contemporary remarks E1ght can beat seven easy enough, but cannot beat e1ght, it seems.


J'AN.l POWDERED LICORICE. Samples and Prices of FINEST POWDERED SPANISH LICORICE BOOT famished on application to C. C. WARREN a CO., o:a:xo. F. GAReiA, BRO. & CO., -CSUC0Eoi&0&8 OF FmdX GARCIA,l-Jmporters of L;&i TObBCCo, 167 'VVATEJR. &T ., N"E"VV 'YC>R.K.. LOZANO, PENDAS co.,. ::I:DII:PC:Ja. T:III:Ja.B "e:JP The E_ G.ATO, Havana And Manufacturer of Key We&! Havana Cigars, :N"o. 104. a-rn:m:m-r: JST:m""""" -yon.:&:. LOVIS SIEBER, "SIEBER, .S, A., BELVIN, BELVIN lii&NUJP.&CTUBEilS OP FINE CIGARS AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 16, 18 & 20 St., and z, 4 & 6 Ball Pl., New York. -Tobacco steamers are beginning to be introduced in York County, Pa. The True Democrat says:-We have had several inquiries about them and where they could be had. M"anufacturers and dealers in that article would find it quite advantageous if they would advertise them. SPECIAL NOTICE. We beg to inform the Trade that MESSRs. AUGUSTIN & DUSEL, 11 Warren Street, New York, are our duly appointed Agents for the sale of WEYMAN'S celebrated "COPENHAGEN SNUFF" in New York city, and we take this opportunity of thanking the trade for their liberal orders (through our former agents) during the past year, and trust the same generous patronugo will be extended to our new agents, Messrs. Augustin&Dusel. WEYMAN 4 BRO. Pittsburgh, Pa., Dec. 18, 1880. 827-tf Important Notice to-Cigar lanufactnrers. 011:1 Patent tor CIG.I.RS WITH PERJPOR.&TED HE&DII wu fssued in January, 1877. I torthwlth eoterOO upon the manu.ta..cture of Cigars embodying said patented Improvement, and, in & ahorttlme, more orden began to pout" lu upon me than I waa aole to ftll, Manufacturers had commenced to Infringe on my patent, a.nd bad flooded the Southern and Western States with cigars containing my Improvement. I have taken step& to pr08eeute &11 infringers on my and I am conTlnced that; In a short time no cigars lllegally manu!at.-turea under my patent wiU be found in the market, I now deem It adTisable and proper to offer for sale to manufacturers, on liberal licenae to manufacture under my patent. As these putentad dgan can alao be made with an apparatus patented by me, and a.s license to 1l8e these patents will be granted to only a few manufacturers, there are proapecte of large sales to the manufacturers of cigarS. The cigar will easily be recognh.ed v.-itbeut the aid of s trade-mark. When these cigars are oncefairlyiu the market,dee.lerawiU be compelled. to look up the firms manufacturing them. 'J/ CoLLmK Pw.c, NEW You. JULIUS SCHALSOHA. (815-840) The Attention of Cigar Manufacturert is respectfully called to our Large Stock of FINE RESWEATED 1878 PENNSYLVANIA WRAPPERS. The quality of theee tobaccos is greatly enhanced by our Resweating Process, which is wholly a NATURAL one, being entirely FREE from dyes and chemicals. Of splendid dark colors, these goods are also excellent in quality and burn well. .. Manufacturers of fine cigars will find this stock particularly "ell adopted to all their requirements. BARKER & WAGGNER, 804-fl29 S. Gay st., Baltimore, Md BROWN EARLE--;:-l Manufacturers of Fine Ci8'ars I -AND-Dealers in Leaf Tobacco, Nos. 203-209 East 33d Street, Y"erk.. l Teba.ooa ss. JR.. """"" OX.::I:'V:J!IB., IAGElfT,l :Ja.1oh.ZII:Lo:a.c:l., 'Va., PROPIUETOR AND SUCCESSOR TO OLIVER & ROBINSON'S PLUG, SMOKING TOBACCO and CIGARETTE Tho celebrated other brands formerly I HOLMES, BOOTH-' & HAYDENS, NEW YORKz PHIL.I.DELPHI.&.I BOSTONI '9 OH.a.JIBERS 606 COMMEBCB l8 FBDEBAL ST. lii.&NUJP.&C'PUREBS OJP THE CELIIBR.&TED "'t ER.:J:E O:J:G.A.R. HEADQUARTERS 'FOR FUSE .AlfD IGlfiTDfG TAPES. D. W. Crouse, G. W. Croo, G. W. HaDt!leh, -:m-ta. 1888.-Oiaa.r --AND--Dea1ers :Ln. Pen.n.sy1van.:la C:lgar&! Office: 643 Penn Street; Warehouses: 636 Court Street and 20 & 22 S. 6th Street, P .A.. l!P"" Lara Bay...., will fiDel It to their lntere.t to oorreopOlld with ao.. LIQUORICE The undersigned continues to manufacture and Import Spanish and Turkish Liquorice whloh he oft'era to the Trade at Reduced Pl'IC4ts. Manufacturers wtH find It to their lntere.t to apply him befor'purohaslng alae-where. -> James C. McAndrew, ----=-I Gl- "'WV' GA.:J:L &, ( ( :P.A.O:&:EB.& OF &EE:O X.E.A.:P -AND-l --IMPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO.-T.HE IMPORTATION of SUMATRA ;WRAPPERS A SPECIALITY. r 166 WATER STREET, NEW. YORK. .JOS!i:PH A. VEGA. JACOB BERNHEIIIL ;YEGA & BERNHEIM,--P-.oker a.:a.c:l. of': BAV A. TOBAqCQ, I 18'7 P:m..a..n.x. &Tn.EET, l.\T:m-vv,_. 'FOB.:&:. EI&TB.:JBX..X...A. .1ST o. 1 a, :13:.A. 'V .A..N' A. .. i .l ... J ;. 1 .. Spec:la1 N" o't:loea. Farmers' Tobacco Warehouse Co. S. E Cor. HaiD IUid 12th Sto., X.O"O'::I:&'V:J:X.X.:m, :&:"Y. Pees. :R.ecl."U.cecl. ADd equally divided between Bu7er aDamphlet containing full and complete instructiOns about re sweating that you cannot fail. It goes into all the details of Philips' process on both new and old goods. His vast experience in this line of business renders ThO ''DOCTOR'S PRHSGRJPTIONJJ this pamphl&t alone of more value to you than the charge for royalty. _Let us _know how hands you. employ, and we will furmsh you an estimate of domg your entire sweating on your own premises, where it can be done The F1'nest and Best c1ga r ,n the U S just to suit yourself. This is by far the cheapest and -best process ever brought out, and will probably never FOR THE MONEY. be improved upon. CmCtJLATES AS FREELY .&ND IS AS We would be pleased to have all parti. es visiting our WELL KNOWN As THE N. Y. IIIUlALD. City call and see US, that We may show them our appal By Unanimous Consent Pronounced ratus and the practical working of our process. l Th p 1 Ch 1 Every manufacturer who wishes to improve the I e eop e s 0 ce. quality of his tobacco, and secure well cu1ed dark I E 1 S .I goods, without anrtroubleand for a certainty spec1al Y uitable fo.1 Druggists. every time, should not fai to use our process and apfOSTER, HILSON 0 CO., paratus. We have a great many in use in various I De I*lrts of the country, and not one has failed of giving lfo. 35 BOWERY, NEW YORK. entire satisfaction. We aie constantly in receipt of the NoTICE.-We have sold the "Faril:lers' Warehouse" lease fixtures and good-will to the" Farmers' Tobacco W:arehouse Company, and commend them to our friends aJ?d patrons as worthy of the confidmce they kave so kmdly bestowed upon us. 825-tf JOHN H. PAGE & Co. Cigars! ASSIGNEE'S SALE. The undersigned begs leave to notify Dealers and the public in general that he is offering at Greatly Reduced Prices, the finest and best KEY WEST CIGARS of the well known establishment' of Se:ld.en. berg dl3 Co. at their store, 84 and 86 READE STREET, corner of Church. 828-881 JULIUS BUNXL, As&iKnee. REMOVAL. We hereby inform the Tobacco Trade of the United States generally' and many friends in particular, that we have this day removed our office and entile steck of Havana Tobacco of the "Flor de S. B. & Co." bran.d, to 215 Jefferson Avenue, Detroit, Michigan. Havmg ':ldmitted Mr. John Buehler, formerly con n_ected_ With the firm _of John R. BeckAr & po., of Cincmnati, as a pa,rtner m our firm, we will hereafter deal under the firm name of BERGER & BUEHLER our patrons for past we will en deavor m the future to merit their BERGER &BUEHLER Importers of the Flor de S B. & Co. brand of HavanaTobac co, 215 Jefferson Ave., Detroit, Mich. 825-tf CAUTION. Again information has reached us tliAt un principled manufacturers imitating of our brands. This time it is ''Blunt Heads" cigar, on which we are protected by patent. We warn the public to beware of counterfeits and imitators will be prosecuted for infringement. ED. ASCHERMANN & CO., 820-882 Milwauke&. SCRAPS AND CUTTINGS FOR SALE. Apply to SEIDENBERG & Co., 84 to 86 Reade Street, New York. 775-I ,000 Lbs White Burley Tobacco Seed for Sale. I am now ready to fill orders for this celebrated va riety of tobacco seed, all grown the present season and selected a crop of over 100 acres. I can recommend It to the trade to be second to none on the market. I respectfully solicit your orders and will perfect satisfaction will be the of a fair trial qJ_ my seed. The royal road to success is to plant on1y :fue varietief! of seed, and raise desirable sto_ck, wh1ch IS always m demand at high prices. Pnce, f,5 per lb, or 75 cents per oz. I can also furniosh the followmg varieties of Virginia-grown seed:-Y allow Oronoke, Yellow Prior, Sweet Oronoke Old Dominion Cigar Leaf, Vi.rginia Seed Leaf, Gold 'Drop, aud Big Oronoke. A liberal discount to tbe trade on all varieties named. AddreSs, J. T. BoGG*s e 820-832 li Felicity, Clermont 0. $100 R.e"'Rra.rd. Paid to &DJ' one giviJsl; informa1don of Partios infringbac on our Pa.tenta, Our new Pro_cess !or Tobaccos a positive suo. 1 cess! Flattering test1momals rece1ved from the mo ... t eminent Tobacco Dealers and Cigar Manu!&et.urers who have ndopted our Every Dealer and Manufacturer should have a Sweat-Room fitted up under our process on their own premises This is the best and cheapest process in exi s tence. nnd tho only sure way to obtain dark colors. Full particulars as to terms, which are reasonable, and circulars mailed on application, Bend us a. case for trial under our new process. C. S. PHILIPS & CO., .188 Pearl St., New York; 131 &; l:J3 N. WATER ST. PHlLADELPHIA, PA. A. TELLER, WAXED PAPEB! Packer, Commission Merchant, AND WHOJ.F&LE DEALER IN TOB.A.COO, No. 233 NORTH SHIPPEN STREET, R. STEDTECKE, MANUFACTURER OF FINE CIGARS, 131 Water Street, New York. AUGUSTUS POLLACK, "' Ha:nllfacturer of Cigaro, "Wheeling" Crown & Seed &TCG::I::BJ&, SEAL OF-THE STATE OF WEST VA. And CROWN Smoldng&CbewlogTobaoooo, WHEELilfG, Weat Viralaia,-.:..'11. S. ThebeotvalueJ

ms"ta b1:tsl:l.ed. 1aga. l -'1'. B. :IIESSENGEB & CO., 'l. DIPOBTEIIII .toJm DII&.Lli:IIS IR Loaf TBbm:&n;Q Gi[ars and\ Licorico Paata. DOHAN, &ARROLL & CO., 104 Front Street, New York. -:E'". o."' :Eio::::IE. 4oB&a.-181 LANE, NEW YOAK.. for J'onlp........., KANUFAOTUB.EBB Oll' AND DEAI.JmB IN PLUG AND SMOKING TOBACCO,. .....-.. Sole .Agents for JAMES B. PACE, FINE-CUT TOBAGCOI CIGAll_S, AND OTHER viRGINIA MANUFA ST._. N'::EJ'VO" TO::E'l.:EE.. ETo., ETo., ETO. -AND--.NT. "VV. P'EI"IT.TTPS' R A G Mason Co-unty and Cutting Leaf a Specialty. SMOKING TOBAC: L&NCASi'Jl:B, P ... kllENRY F0-""'0.-. PRINOI:i>A.L OFFICii.SI-142 WATEP. STREET, and 182 PEAR{. ST. WA.RBHQUSESI-142 WATER STREET ; 74,___'1'6 and 78 GREENWICH STREET. and FUDSON R!VEB RAILR0AD ST JOH!i'S PARK. BENSEL & CO., T _OBAGGO INSPEGTOR8, WATER STREET, NEW YORK, CHA'S FINKE&C TOBACCO INSPECTORS, 159 WATER ST., NEW YORK. Cl0t1NTRY SA.lii'PLil'rG PaOnPJI'J.Y ATI'BifDBD '.I'Oo Successor to Applelly & Helme, MANUFACTURER OF THE CELEBRATED _\ .... l \ I PRINCE T 133 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. IIIANUJl'A.OTUBER 011' Cigar Boxes, All4 lmporler of GERMAN CIGAR HOLDS, : (Sole A&enl tor IIIESSRS. OSENBRUBOK. 4< 00,) 1 '11i to 321 E. Eleventh St. 24 NEW YORK. F. E. OWEN, Commission Merchant, Virg1nia Leaf Tabaccp, No. 39 BROAD STREET, A. D. CHOCKLEY & CO., DEALERS IN WESTERN, VIRCINIA, and NORTH CAROLINA LEAF TOBACCO, 38 Broad St., New York. FANCY SMOKING PIPES -IN-BRIER. AND FANCY WOODS MANUFACTUR-ED BY .... _,...,_......._r.""llCJ!UilM'--1 HARVEY a IUII,JGK.q..&aOimJI;Ia .. aa-..... ). SALESROOM-392 BROADWAY NEW YORK. SYRACUSE IIRANCH .. ...... Q P. Hier & Co. __ B. a BALTIJIIORE BRANCH .'.E. & Co. ClftaeetleaS llnul-1- ..,......._, F A.OTOBY LEDGER J'l. /lCE, PHILA.DELPRJ:a. D. J GARTH, SON & CO:, HENRY sxEaERT, Buchanan & Lyall, Tobacco and Ceneral 101 vv .A.LL sT., N'E'VO" 'F'O::E'l.:EE., Oozn.:t:u.ero:la.1 Fa.o-tory, Broo.kl.y:a., N', .,._ MAI.'WFACTURE THE FOLLOWIN G CELEBRATED BRANDS OF Commission Merchants Commission Merchant, :FtLU"G TOEIACJCO: .o. 44 BROAD STREET, 68"::Eiroad. S"t. .. ll: SAWMON, E. a4.L()ILION.,. :a!L &, EL &A:J:Y.I:ON', PACKERS OF SEED .. -AND IMPORTEBS OF-Havana Tobacco and 85 :B.A.::r.J:)EN' :J:..o.A.N'::EJ N'::EJ'GV TO::E'l.:K. :E'"L.A.lSIET, FA.;NCY DARK NAVIES; N'::EJPT'D' J.SI'E, :P A.NCY BRIGHT N A. VIES; STA.NDA.RD BRIGHT NAVIES; S.A.:J:L01'l.'S O:E31:0:J:CIE, STA.NDA.RD DARE NAVIES, The repuj.ation of these gocds is world wide and the lncre.Wng sales of them is proof of their merits. :EIE'VO" .A.::E'l.E OF ::1:1\/.I::J:T.A.T:J:ON'&. Our Trade-Mark n-L is Embossed on every Plug. OFF:J:O::EJS 1 BOSTON : 31 Central Street; CINCINNATI I 69 West Second Street; CHICACO 1 9 Wabash Avenue I SAN FRANCISCO :'-3IIS Battery Street; PHILADELPHIA: 39 North Front Street J'AN.l T&oas: a IIALL, 232 GRIIIWICil S'l'REIT, COR. OF BARCLAY, IIEW YOBK. G USTAV .ULOHON, SALOliON 8.4L0M011. HERMAN BALOli:ON w Gustav Salomon & Bros DlPORTEI!S OF -Auo-IDlJPlC'l'J!!!R,_O! CIGW.. SEEDlEif"TiiGCP,, .R.. st 111M lllearl St., New York. OD OrJD, ... Oppenh .ua.. e:uner, of. CIBARS TObacco in I....eaC Tobacco, and 2 08 EAST TWENTTSEYENTH STREET, NEW YORK. 138 St.. York. J .A.DB,x.A.lM' ll.ANUFACTURER OF A RS,.=-... N-o. 472 CRAND STREET, NEW YORK. Importer of and Dealer tn HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO And l!lanntlt.clnrer otHAVANA CIGARS ONLY, 110 'VO"a.-ter s-tree-t, 'F'ork.. &li:JB:ON' 1 I!IANUFACTURBR-O:P C -IGAR-B -oxrS AND SHOW FIGTIRES; I 'ii!IPC)RTBB;OF,:AND DBALEB llf s:p AN':J:&:EE O:J:Gr-::A.:R.' 1'l.:J::EI:EION'&; : CIGAR ft10ULOS, PRESSES, STRAPS, CUTTERS, ETC., ''THREE CITIES'' Cigarette & Smoking Tobacco. GEO. CAMPBEll & CO., RICHMOND, VA., of the "THREE crriBS" manutilc,ured. 'by. .Droo..._.:r n, N, J{, BROOME STREET, cor. of PITT ST., NEW YORK. GEPW. HELME, r !SUCCESSOR TO APPLEBY a; HEJ,IIBJ, THB ... .., ....... ILROAD Ill Maccaboy, Rappoe, Scotch,_lmerican Gentleman, Lundyfoot. V:J:1'l.Gr-::C.V%A. SDIEO:EE.:J:N'G TO:EIA.OOO 1 Via: PRIJI'CE ALBERT, OOLORADO, VNClLE TOll, WAVY CLIPPIXGI. BLACK TOM, IRONSIDES, A. a; H. o:a::E'VO":I:N'G BAILROAD MILLS, PRJNOB ALBBRT, GOTHAM, OL-=n-=HI:::Cl=:KO::=R=Y flo. 133 WATER and 85 P.IN STREETS,. l'ew York. oa aJ4lll Lift' ........ oa ....-.y AI .A.BOV& 11111. P. TAG & SOW, ......... tl SPANISH ud Doole.-. I aU .. '\."_ TOBACCO, IK Front S.treet, -....... o -E. M. CRAWFORD & SOl. Leaf Tobacco, 168 Water St., N' T or;k.. M. B. LEVIN, of HAVANA AND DEALER IN ALL KlNDS 01" LEAP Pearl Street, llew York. &. C>RG-LEB., FINE C.IGARS, A.ll4 In LEAF TOBACCO, 85-MURRlY STREIT, NEW DRK.1 l!ly Brando:" CUBA LIBRE, ., "CLIM:A..:K:." SCHOVERLING BROS., PACKERS AND DZ.U.:0S Ill' SEED LEAF TOBACCOS 142 WATER STREET1 Vorl&.. Packing Wl\rehouse at New111ilford, eoH. KOENIG, WHOLESALE DEALER J,N HAVANA AID SHHB LHAF TO:EIA.OOOSI, 226 PEARL ST., NEW YORK. J!, Lo GASSEr! J.' .L. GAS.SERJ A CODISSION .... AND DEALERS IN ALL. KINDS OF LEAF TOBACCO, 1 D7 Bowei'J1 New York. "': G. REISMANN Commission Merchant, AND DIIAL&K Ilf ALL KHCDS OV LEAF TOBACCO zzs PEARLST., NEW Victorius & CG.j LEAF TOBACCn,i t11 WATER ST., NEW YORK. FRED. SCHULZ, Pao'br ...a Deal.ezo ill Seed. Lea.f Alul Importer of Tobacco, 213 Pearl St., New York. L. GIRSBIL 1: BRO.,. PACKliiRS AND DEALERS IN """;.' SEED LUI', TOBACCO, 191 PEARJ.. NEW YORK -B. DIAZ & CO., tj 0 lot Q I TlUJ)B IU.tiKo 111 PE.UU. ST., NEW YORJI',


JAN. I. ELIAS .AL;tt:'t HAUCBBA.US. SA.lluEL H. SPr:SOARN. E.SPINGARN&Co. IMPORTERS OF v .A.N' .A., AND PACKERS OF SEED LEAF TOB.ACCO, 5 'Burling Slip, w:=rSt. New York. REYNES. BROS. & CO., Commission Merchants 46 1c. 48 Exchange Place; S. BARNETT. .. ::Et: .A. v .A. N' .A. -AND SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 162 Water St., New York. Basch & Fischer, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 166 WATER STREET, NearlfaldenLane, NEW YORK. SCHBODEB & BON, 1:78 W .. TER STREET, NEW YORK,. IMPORTERS OF SPANISH AND P A.())ILE llS OF D. H. McALPIN & CO., MANUFAOTURERS OF THE FINECUT: I VIRGIN lEAF and NAVY I c TC>B.A.COO, And aJl kinds of Smoking Tobacco. A.lao o! the well -known Brands o! Bright Plug Chewing: 'own. 'Onward,' 'FriondshiD,' and 'Sailor's Solaco.' MANUFACTORY AND SALESROOM: Cor. Avenue D and Tenth Street, New York. T AND IMPORTERS OP Tob.a.ccc., 164 -WATER STRE'ET, NEW YORK. A. H. SCOVILLE. FRANK McCOY .A.. Cc::., I 1 HmY Bio"""" t E. BRo.,0 r No. 1:70 WATER STREET, NEW YORK, p 1r & H t r T b --. ....... -:--xnor o o OTTEN BERG & 145 Water Street, New 1 ERNEST FBEISE, I;J'OBJIDL Y OS THE FIB Oi1' W ALTIIR Fli.IEDKAN .t J'B&IIIIIi,) B. M. ROSSIN. &. :R.OSS::D!IIir.&. SO'N"&, PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, --AND- IMPORTERS o F HAVANA. TOBACCO, Tbo Gorman-Amorican Bank __ --60 WALL ST., NEW TOBX. )DIPOBm OP 87110,000. "11. /\AN TO BA. c s sl1Le f T b '178 ST 'YC>-:El..:&:. :Z.eryfacllltya!fordedtol>e&lersani!CorrespoDd' -< "\ piJ.. C0 panl a 0 acco \.:J Oo ST., r . RJpADING,Cashler. '" IIAZ.T I LBON .. RD. JIR1EDMAN, E. &t G. FRIEND & C O., H. DAUSMAN, PETER HAUPTMANN, ARNOLD POLLAK, soLE AGENT :FoR THE PACIFIC coAsT FC>R and ;)ealers iu LEAF TOBACCO,. 1 Maiden Lane, Gus FRIKNo, EDWARD FRrltND, ]R., LEONARD FRtltNO. NEW YORK. CUTHRIE a. CO., _..__ Street. President. Vice Prest. & Treas. GEo .J CHAPMAN, Sect. DIPOR'l'ER., OlB' Messr.o. KERBS & SPIESS, New York; H AVA N A To B A C C 0 1 He01ra. HORACE R. KELLY & CO., New York; 1 Mess,rs. MUSSELMAN & CO., Louisville, 203. St:,et: New York. WM. l& i ) 0 I N G F E [ 0 E R & L I B K 0 WM. EGGEBT a co. -{SuccesaoratoJ).B.Rose.)-' p )N ..., .\JUHt\.( -"' I TRADE NEW TOBACCO FOR EXPORT ::Iv.ran u.:factu.rers of Fl u.g > HAVANA JOBBERS in CHEWING & SMOKING TOBACCO AND PACKERS OJ' .A.JSTX> CXG-.A.:E'I.ETT:JIJ&' Leading Bra.nds : ":S:OXSE HEAD" HEAD LIG H'I'" "LI'I''I'LE HA 'l'C:S:E'I' SEED I.:EAF Tobacco ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS ; t.Mf'Tobacco preooi In bales for the Weot IMlor llblcaD aad Central America.n Porta, and a.o.CKER OF AND DEALER -1N SEED LEAF TOBACCO, DANBURY, CONN4 W. A. BETHEL, Leaf Tobacco .Broker, 6 BROAD 'TREET, 4:EE"V'XX..:a:..::m. KETTLER & WHOLESALE DEALERS IN Manufactured Tobaccos, CICARS, SNUFF, Ac. &.c. No. 88 Water Street, New York Cope's Tobacco Plant: Jl..l!Ionthly JOUKNA.L f'or SMOKERS, PUBLlSH:&D AT 10 Lord Nelson St.l Livmool, Eng. PRICE Two 8BIL.t.ING3 (ElfoLISB) Pm 'Where Subscriptions may be addressed, or &o TBB To&.CCO LEAF Oft\ce. ;\merioan SubfiCriplions, 7a cents per aonum, poGo ....... j)llid. los. H. TheD1.paoo, D. Sa:eket.' Moore. "WV'. _1W:ELLOo, THOMPSON, MOORE & c o. : TOBACCOS FOR EXPORT, N 'EUMAN& DINGLINGER, orders souoaed. j 83 Front Street, New York. LITHOGRAPHERS THE, OUBRUL & P .ETERS MANUFACTURING CO., PEARL NEW.YORK. _, cREAsnE;s VERTicA":LT"oP:TT!N.LiNEn AND FLANGE ToP GI[ar and and Show Cards a snociallY. MOLDS, CIGAR 4c. .. MANUIB'JI..CJ"I'URERI!I OIB' 48 OEDAK ST., NEW YORK. Ml!ampJMflin>Johed,"&lld quoauo.,. gfoeil ,... .,.. llflr":::!!!_ ..... --=-.::II! A for anT article required. '-' .& FINE POWDERED LICORICE ROOT, I XL Brand. Extra Fine Powdered licorice Root (from Hlec:l root) Enreka Brand. FINE GROUND GBA.NULA"I'BD DEER "I'ONGUB. IB'INE GROUND AN GR.A.NULA'll'BJ) LAUREL LEA YES. PINE G8011NJ) LAYBNaa FLOW BRB. WHOLE G&o'DlfD or POWDERED, .A.JUI!IBBDL JI..LLBriCB CLOVES, ()AI!IClARILLA BARK ClORIANDER I!IEEp_. ClARA WAY 1!1-.E, CliNNA!IION CJAII!IIA.0 BUDS. CARDA11101'J I!IBBDII, B.I.RK, ()ALA!IIUI!I ROOT EXT, C.I.LADh.IA LICORICE, GINGER BOO'I', GU .A.R.I.BIC JI1.1.()E.._ LOVAGE'KOOT0 OKKII!IHOO"I' I S.A.I!IS.I.PHAI!I BARK ..... .TOHNI!I BKHA, "I'ONQU.A. ORANGE PEEL VALBHIA.l'l TC> OXG-.A:Ji'l. l J..-g cl G) ... .. ... = s :: t)!'S. s 1: .a I '" 0 ltl 00 <'g .. :1!1 ...,; "' II ,.. e ...... g 8ALI!IAJII TOL1l'0 c:aaJ = !; blueri\ 0 6891 691, 693, & 699 1st a; ._, -B!i!IENTIA.L ILI!I,. 1<1111... l BeL IIIIth 401h ,Sinet., Specfal &ttentiOD ciTeD to Xanuf&ellll'Wa' ........ ltlBENSTErN & WH(JLEiiALE DEALE.JIS IN < "i SEEDAND TOBACCOS; SOLE AGENTS rtMf.l.itTERS OF. Tfl.& :;J,;J'!UJNE W. 81 )L 1\i.i:oriL:oll::j! Presses, Straps & Cutter,fi; ; Ill!POR1lERS OVGJ;Jm!AJf&: CJG.,ffi RI:BBONS: 131 :Dlra:lde:n. :J:..fa::n.e. :N'e..,..,. '"Y"ork. A. PERSON, HA.RB.DIAN & CO-. [Augustus Treadwell, formerly with Howard Bros. & Read.l Tobacco Bagging, A,ND Lll'fEN FANCY' ,' FOR PUTTIWC SMOKINC TOBACCO. 461' & 459 Broome Street, New I LOBI!.OX. CHAS. E. BECK. 1 LO:&EC:ES &, CO 1 Commission Merchants, I STREET, HaVana.. Ct!b_l!o .. AUG: RIC_ H & CO., TOB.A.CCC>; and CXG-.A.::A. COMMISSIO N MERCH=ANTS 1 { 3 MERCADERES ST., [F. 0. Box 368) HAYAffA, CUBA. ALL GOODS BBll'PEJ> FREII: onoez. 'YO:EUE. N. H. BORG FELDT. 510 East 19th St., New Ynrk. LEVY BROTHERS; BQSSELMANN. & SCHROEDER, \ .2\t:an.u.faon:u-ers. of' MAURICE ELLER, ..._ ........ FINECIGARS DepotandAgency 1 .... : .... cor s"t., ..&.Wo ... n .. ,_ OA.., X, 1 CommiSSIOn Merchants 0 \\1. ... Lamparilla l S, (P. 0.-Bo(650l Havana. Tobacco :a.a.x..Tx:Do:EUD. LEERET & BLASDEL, ., Freight -Ai'. MANUFACTURERs oF JOliN "VV'. CARROLL, 254 & 256 Canal St., cor. Tort l'!!f I -e Sole Manufacture r of the F amous and World-renowned Brand of Brokers, -=---. !..:.' .. vaRcrNIA sMoKINc TOBAccos," I WISE & BENDHEIM, Agts. 1 & 170 East Water St., LONE J BROWN. DJCI{J Manufactory :-TWELFTH STREET, LYNC_HBU.RG, VA: .., ClGARBO:X: LA.BELS AND TRIMHINGS. Olll8ra Pldte41U14 promPtiJ at1iODde4 &Q,':.,; 1'doe 1M .... ... -----------------------.. :.-..-_.v. AND RECEIVING AND FORWARDING AGENTS, [P. 0. Box 3,152.) 53 Exchange Place, NEW vo


1 ::?hil11.41e1 p.hia Adv ertisem.enu. =:-------------,, l *14EILLER, ;&:R.O&., J Packers, Commission Merchants,, and Wholesale Dealers in FOREIGN & DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 117 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPI11A. W. EISENLOHR & 00., .i P'} CKERS }.ND WHOLESJ.LE DEJ.LERS IN ...J' L E .A F T 0 D A C C 0, riBs. 'V'V'a:ter St., 'W. EfSEN!.ORR \ Pli!L. BONN. 0 L. BAMBERGER & CO., PACKERS AND Di:ALERS IN .. E .A.P TOB.A..CCO, And Manufacturers of LowCrade Ci_gars, 111 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa. ... LEWlS BREMER'S. SONS; 1'L!AF" Wholesale Dealers in AND KANUF ACT'ORED TOBACCO, NO. 322 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. 8'A large assortment of a:ll kinds of LEAF ToBACCO constantly on hand n.: S KIMBALi & CO.'S VANll': !'Al_E_ :.?BACCO & flGARE'l'TES ROOH:EoTER, }I Y BAY & SMITH. Packers, Commissicm llercha.nts & Dealers in. SEED LEAF tc HAVANA TOBACCO No. 35 North Water-St., Philadelphia. And 214 STATE STREET, HARTFORD," CONN. M.E.McDowell & Co. 39 NORTH WATER STREET, PHILADELPHIA, SC>X..E A.GEN'TS FC>:E'l.. LOTTIER'S Pa.per -AND-W. T. BLACKWELL & CO.'S G-ezi:u:b1e, New Yart Boston, Pittsbnr!h, Chicago, St. Louis and Cincinnan. I : 'U. &. Tc::p l CIGAR MOULD.MANUFACT'G CO. 1 cor & North Colle[ a Ave's, Pa. Is now relaillng 118 different shapes and si?.es, from tbe fsctory al greatlv reducert prices. Every moukl walt-anh .. -d uniform. U size ehased be not suitable. it wiU be: exchangd or money Our a1m I s to give perfect satis faction to the trade By purchasing direct from the factory you will saT e all delay and commissions. Tba only medal and lorna awarded at the Ceutennlal was to the u. 8. oat d. Oftl clal d ocuments can be seen at the rth College Avenues. U S, SOLID TOP CIGAB MOULD H. WAT'l'EinE, 218 Peu-1 St., Jfew Ycnok, Sale Loeb, BeDj&mla Labe, &, P.&OKBRS .&ND DE.&LBRS IN Lea Tobacco No. Ill North Third Street, PHILADELPHIA, -Warehouse-l2Cl North Water St. J",ANCA!';T"tR. PA.-. BITABLISJIED 1846. J. RINALDO SANK & CO., TC>B.A.CCC> _.....,_ Commission Merchants, 31.North Water Street 30 North Delawa!'e Avenue, :PJEJ::X::Lo.A.D::EJ .J:.a:P:B:J:.A.. B--A-TC-H...-ELOR-BROTHERS, The Only Manutacturera & KEYtheEAST O:J:Gr.A.:E'l.S, 1231 Ch-'tnut, IUld 23 N. Seeond St. PHILADELPHIA Send (Successor lo Cooper & Walter.) MANUFACTURER OF SMOKING TOBACCO .66 NORTH ELEVEI'ITH liT,, DOHAN & T.Arr.r, Tobacco Commission Merchants, 107 "ARCH STREET, :P EE:J:::Lo.A.DE::Lo:PEE:J:.A. F. X. KELLY, Jr., HAPPY THOUGHT Tobacco Agency, 112 ARCH ST., Phlladelphla,. R. HEIER & CO., CINCINNATI, 0, LEAF MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMERTS HOOIDALE SonTH, E H. Sarrnr. EKoa SM:rra. ffiNSDALE SMITH & CO., ---{EsSabllahed 1840.)PACKERS AND JOBBERS OF Gonnocticnt Sood-loaf Tobacco -J..'XLii J'oh:a. as, :Sri&h."t a:n.d. C>1d. a c:e:n.t :E"l:&15o AND A. LL O'J'JlJ;:R POPULAR STYlioii!S OF FINE Nl,\ VY TOBACCO, X..C> "l:T:J: S "V":J:LLE, ::H:EJSI"TU C:::H: :'5'.. CONN. SEED LEAF -ANDConn. Havana Tobacco, :WarehoWJe Point, CoJUleotiout -AND. 70 Pine St., New York City. C. 0. HO. LYOKJ::, 1 Wholeaale Deale:r In Western leaf Tobacco SHIPPERS A SPECIALTY. STEAM FACTO,RY. 12 central wharf, The LarKed in the West. Capaoity, 25,000 per Week, G E 0 R G E HI J O N E S' -...--::;_.......__... k SEED LEAF TOBACClt "699 to 707 W. SixthtJ' St., 0. No. Al.oo Manufacturer of the Veneered Cedar Lumber. Sample. furnished on Application. Send for Price Lilt. e e.u.. w. WILDD, .TL WK. B WBJft. A full Line or Label&, Edp;lng; and Ribbon kept conatantly on hand at Dlanufaeturerst Prices. CHAS.W. WILDER, Jr., JACOB WEIL, KABlf, E A. WEtL. WEIL,KAHN&CO. & VVBOLESALE DEALERS IN Cigars & Tobacco 113 Main St., Cincinnati, 0. HENRY GEISE, (Succeosor to 1!. GEISE & BRO.) STEJ.A.:Do!l: CIGAR-BOX FACTORY, No. 93 CLAY STREET, CINCINNATI, 0, '1. A. PluQU., J.s.:au-. PRAGUE & MATSON, LEAF TOBAGGO .BROKERS tu:DR.ll:l'i-2/G cAI'lm LEAF ON CO:MMISSION. .' 84 w. Front St., Cin.clnnatt. Kr.; w ........... x:r. L. C. SCHEFFEY, ltlANVFACTURERS AGENT, ImDorted, Key west, Huana, New York, AND PENNSYLVANIA 0:.:: G-A. :R, &, 52 Fourth Avenue,.near Haln, ::LoC>'C':J:SV:J:LLE, :H::"Y. GOODS SOLD TO JOBBERS ONLY. g" CORRESPONDENCE SOLICITED. JAMES PHILIPS, FO'-'Olerly with C, 8, Phtllpl &: Co, Importer and Hanufaot111'111' of Tobacco Curing Sweating, :FINE CIGARS, (Under (), 8, PHILIPS Patent&,) -The<>nly Successful Process In Existence.68 Kilby & 98 Water Sta.,. Dark Colors Cuaranteed. "' Poor burning Tobacco made gond. Old and Dried :B <> S T C> :N" out goods renovated and pnt into goOd order. Green, raw, light-colored or unsweated BE'IY'TS J-cured and bl'ougbt to dark colors. .IJ.L.& .a.-. '70 Main St., Cincinnati, 0. IMPORTER OF HENRY MEYER & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS, SEED LEAF T' .. ,., J.nd Wholesale Dealen h Vl.Jl1VVU, OHIO AND CONNECTICUT ,. J.,EAF TOBACCO, ,(6 Front St Cincinn"!.ti. 0. F. W. DOHRMANN," LEAF TOBAGGO B]OKHR S. E. cor. Vine & Front Sts., CINCINNATI C. B. BUTLER, --4 PACKER&; .JOBRER OF' Connocticnt LEAF Tobacco, 15 HAMPDEN STREET, SPRINCFIELD, MASS. E. M. FLACK, TOBACCO BROKER, HOPKINSVILLE, KY. REFERENCES o Jno. C. Latham, Prea' t Bank of S, E. Tri'!!',r Prea't Pl&nters' Bank,_ Hopkins"""';. S&wyer. wallace&:: Co. New Yor..,. Spratt & Co. Louisville, Ky. HOLT, SCHAEFER & CO., TA.CHAU & G I w I WICKS & 00. l!lanutacluren of Choice Brands o f Manufacturers' Agents for the S&!e of LYNCHBURC, VA., BUYERS AND HANLERS 0P LEAF pI u g T ob a c c 0 Vir[inia, Missouri. and Kentucky LOUISVILLE, Ky. OUR AGENTS: \V, G, ADA.lft:S, NEW YORK. .&. B.. POUGERAY, PHILADELPHIA. UUt WEST MAIN STREET, ;ao:y. :. --=:---.. C>:rd.e:._,.,.,l So11o1.:ted.. w. w. BELVIft NORMAN & BELVIN/ W F. NORMAN. GEO. F. GUNTHER, C. & R. & COMMISSION IERGHANTS Loaf-Tobacco & Cotton Brokor, 1 RUDOLPH HENSCHEN, lUanu(llcturer oC Packers of Leaf Tobacco FINil WRAPPERS &; SHOKEJUJ A. SPBCIALTY, CIGAR BOXES 338 & 340 S. SHARP ST., ::EI.A.LT::I.l.\o!l: C>:E'l.E, :a er' Order& Promptly Filled, s.E.cor.cheapalde&LombardSta, Eleventh and MaiD Streeta 2 NORTH MAIN ST (En trance on Lombard Street,) ::EI.A.LT:J::aii:C> R.E, d.. X.. C> U:J:S "V":J:LX..E, ::EIO:. "Y Bet. Main and Second Sts., ST. X..C>U:J:S. :Do!I:C>. m-Leaf Tobacco Pressed in Bales a. Specialty. lll', H. GUNTHER, of New Orleana, Choice Brands ot Licorice on, DRESEL,RA. USCHENBERG & CO., 1 Cott.on Buyer. !:,";,"..'1;,. Libera l Cash A vances made on TOBACCO & COMMISSION-" MERCHANTS. w. E. .. ) IltlPOKTEBS OF GEK!tlA.N POTASH and FERTILIZING SALT, A.genea Cor LIYerpool Line oC and Recolar Paeketa to Ham barlfo Rotterdam and .&materdam. 11 S. GAY STREET, BALTIMORE. _)E. E. WENCK,, G. H. M:. Marriott, DEALER IN TOBACCO SHIPPINC & DOMESTIC COM.MISSION MERCHANT l E A F T 0 B A C .C 0, 46_and 48 St. Charles St., 31 German St., Baltimore, Md. I. w. lit., llaldmore,_ l& .. DARK WRAPPERS CONSTANTLY ON HAND. Merfeld & Kemper w. K. BARKE&_ c. E WAGGNER. BARKER & st! LEAfYOB'ACco :D.!I:D. South Gay St., Baltimore, MIL We tnvtte the attention of Manufacturers to our stock of Dark Be-s,veated. Wrappen. o t Wetn.tte the attenttoaof tocur wll.lchwem&ke&speclalty. Stncl< of DARK RE-S"\VEA.TED WRAP ___ f'ERS, of which we ma1te a Specialty. MILLER & HERSHEY, DEALERS IN Al\'D PACKE;RS OF THE YORK CIGAR CO. PENNSYLVANIA SEED LEAF TOBACCO, Petersburg, Lancaster Co., Pa. PENNSYLVANIA CIGARS from sna to $15 per thousand. -, """5?' P a. S, W, VENABLE. E. C. VEN AR"LE VENABLE & Co. OHIO SEED LEAF TOB!CGO OHIO SEED LE!F TOB!CGO Day'to:n., 0.;.. ...,-ordell for Export and Homo promp_. so.. Ordel'IJ Promp1IJ" AUended to. :E-. J. SOR,G-_&, CO., MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS OF PLUG TOBACCO, ::M::X:DDLETC>VV:N", C>. C>-ur ::Loead.:l:a.;; B:ran.d.s: El :J: G-G-'U ::N'" ''Solid Com.ror.l," "Trade Dollar," ''Tidal Wave," '' Dlaek Diamond.'' W. BEST, Chicago I WHOLESALE AND SOLE PROPRIETORS OF TIIE GENUINE "GOLDEN CROWN'' CIGARS, 57 Lake Street and 4 I State Street, Chicago, Ill. ALSO AGENTS FOR THE F O LLOWING WELL-KNOWN FIRMS,_ DANVILLE. VIRCINIA. C. Venable, COHliiiSSION LEAF TOBACCO BROKER, D&D.V":ll.l.e, "V"a. Buya Strictly on Couun:laalon. B. LEFTWIClf; Dealer In VIRGINIA LEAF TOBACCO t:.A.JSI"D ST:E'l.:J::PS., A.1so Fine Virginia Manuf'rs Stems & Scraps c::. ::Loy:n.oh b'U.:rf!;, "V"a.. I solic i t correspondence with 18.l"ge manufactu .. rers and dealers in the United States and Europe. and will furnish samplesandprlces on application. and will make contracts. LADD TOBACCO CO., LEAF TOBACCO BUYERS, No. 21 N ,orth Main Street, ST. LOU:J:S, :aC>. W, m:. LADD, Pr,uldcnt, B .. SUBl;BT, WHOLESALE ;DE4LER IN :e: .A. v .A.N" -AHD-DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 1Z31 East Randolph St.1 CHICAGO, ILL. W. E. RAGSDALE, TOBACCO BROKER, EEopk.:lli1"'V':l11e. ECy. REFERENCES, BY PEIUUSSION: J 0 Latham Preo't Bank ... I 8 B. Trice, Pres't Planter&' Bank, H op.KlD8'nUe' 8. G Buckner Com. Merchant. J K. Ga.nt &; SOn, Com. Merchant, ,..;',;i W&llace a: Co .. New York; :-';:,;t Henry i;eibert, New Yerk; .... -=-F. G. lrwln, Clarksvillf.!l, Tennessee: -M. H. Clark 4 Bro., Olarkaville, Tenqessee; S. F. Beaumont. Pres't 1st Nat. B tk., Cla.rk8vllle,. "f, I BUY ONLY ON ORDER. Orders Bolfclted. Office: Cor. Byrne and Halifax Sts., Petersburg, Va. &, Factory: 19 Second District, Virginia. llanufacture and Offer to the Trade U.e following Celebrated Bratnd ot 1'. LORlLLARD &: Co.,_Nw York; SEIDENBERG &: CO., New York; W, T BLACKWEl.L II: 00, Durham, 1'<. C ; J J. l!AGLI:Y & CO,;ls "MAYFLOWER," Detrolt, fdlch. ...,_. J W CARROLL'S ML(;)NE JACK." J.ynehburg, Va. GOOD""W!N & CO.'S "OLD JUDGE" Tobacco and Cigarette; HALL'S "BETWEEN THE ACTS;" and ]', S. KINNEY'S CIGARETTES. M. H. CLARK & EROTHEB. sWEET NiVYoFE'WiNaToB.&cco, PlUG CHEWING and SMOKING TOBACCOS : .dD rilE CICLEB:&A.TJ:D BRA..lriD 011' :E"ClaPSE" !RIGHT N J\.VY, l B, }ta, 31, 4s, 51: 6s,''Ts, Ss, 91a:ud.10s. WM. S & CO.'s"VANITY FAIR TOB.ccc & CWAP.ETTES ROOHESTER. N.Y. t ..... "JACK. SON'S BEST'. .. BANNER TOBACCO COMPANY .JACK" .l'IAIIOGANY POUNDS, Ms ft.ntl Ss. "S'l' .JAMES" D ARK. POUNDS, )Ss, 4s, 5a, Us, 7 a 8S 9a aad 10a. Also a great variety of FINE TWIST of sevC!r31 grades .Bright and Mahogany under the foliowlDI' :PEJTEJ:E'l.SBU::R.Gr, "V" .A.. j "TBOI\MANDY," SUCCESSORS TO NEVIN &: ltii"LLS, j.l t)le CENTENNIAL EXPOSITION, September ';n, 1876, 193 & 195 J a': A D tr t THISToBAccowAsAwARDED 'HE4BT or GOLD,"&. "LIVII OAK," "1\TABOB," e.u.erson ve.,. e 01, THE HIGHEST PRIZE. 'We call especial attention to the mauner 1n "'Wbioh our Pookages.ara f'Ut up, that neither Dealer no:r Chewer may; be other thiriktng bois getting ours. Every Butt and Caddy ha.s "JA KSON'fi BEST" imprettsed mto 1t by a die. has our T\'&de-ma.rk ht!> "JACKS If'S BEST" as per diagmm annexed. TRY IT UNDER OUR GUARANTEE; aafffnot-owadte &llthatwerepresentit, wa"'WILL PAY FREIGHT BOTH WAYS. ROLD BY ALL LEADING .JOBBERS THROUGHOUr l.O'NI'l.'ED STATES. Wise & Bendhelm, Nalw York "DE SOTO" and "C::Ol\TQ'D'Jll\OB." The fO:llowh g a r e 0\!R Ar-nts for the of MANU F'ACTURED GOODS:- MANUF A.ClTURERS OF THE CELEBRATED C, W. VAN ALSTINE & CO,,_l3 Central Wharf, Boston, Mass., P. ()AVANAGH, 41and4'3 Wa.bash\Avenue, Chicago, 1U. ; A.. HAGEN &; CO., 63 N. Front Str eet, Philadelphia, I'll.; N. H. {)HB.I!i!ITI.AN, Galveston, Texas: WM. F. TINGLE, Chwinnati, 0.; E. W BE1JLING" 8::l Montgomery St.! San Francisco; T, F, HOLLA.ND_. Indianapolis, Ina.; BANNER BRAND FINE -CUT. BETTER THAN THE BEST." w. R. HOP.F, South and 'Vater Ste., Daltimore, Md.; COOPER &: CO_,_, Cor. Madison & Fro n t Sts., Memphis, Tenn. W, G, A.DAJDS1 97Water Street New Y o rk rfi, J, !JIJLLS, Prea, Wlft:, H:, TEF'l' Vl"e l>l'es BEN;J, p, HAXTON, 8ee!. .,. TOBACCO BROKERS IJJU!KSVILLE, Te ..... -' BOPKINSTILL&, .. .,.. ._.; JAS. A. HENDERSON & DEALERS IN Virginia and North C$rolina LEAF TOBACCO, Da.:a. V"tl1e. "V" a.. Smokera and Bright Le&f a Speel aUy. j Orders Solicited. W, N, SheUoD, F. X. Burioo, C. Boll&D4. "" --......,...---.


JAN.1 Business Directory or Advertisers. NEW YORK. Leaf Toba<'oo lV<>reho...AJmer & Dehls, 190 Pearl. Arendt & Fringant. 193 Peart Block & Undbei m 160 Pen.rl Barnes Geo B. 70 Pine Barnett S. 162 Water Basch & Fiscne,r 155 Water. Cardozo A. H. 66 Broad Cbockley A. D. & Co. :lli !!road Orawtord E. :M. &: Son. 168 Wt\t.el'. Edmonston S S .t: Bro. 47 Broad Eggert Wm. & Co. 245 Pearl Friedman, Henry. 11 Maiden Lane J'riend E. .t G. & Co. 12\l Malden LAM. G W Gall & Ax, 166 Water Garth D. J., Son &: Co. 44 Broad. Gassert J. L & Bro. 157llowery Qenhel L. & Bro. 191 Pearl. Hamburger 1. b f'.o. 151 '\V "-ter Hellbroner, Josephs&: Co. 119 Malden Lane Binch, Victortua & Co. 177 Water Kerbs & Spiess 1014-1020 2d A nuo Xoenis' R 226 Pearl t..ehenoruch & Bro. 164. Water. Lederer & Fischel, 218 Pearl .. Levin H. H. 162 LeY D. 109 Water (Abenstet n & C::lans Maiden Neuberger M. 172 lVater NeWI!:BII8 L. 144 Water Ottinger Brotbers, 48 llroaL Owen F. E. Oppenheimer :M. 138 W a.tet ltelalma.nn G, 228 PeCLrl. Boaenw&ld E. & B ros. 145 Water RooolD 8. & Solll!, 173 W nter Salomon G. & Bl"os. 2.>4 Pearl Sawyer, Wallace&: Co. 47 Broad .lay Scboerllug Bros. 142 Water Schroeder & B o n 1-:'S Water. Bchubart H.&: Ce. 160 Water. SChuh Fred. 21S Pesrl Scoville A. H. & Co. 170 Water. Sleobert Henr y, 68 Broad. Spiugaro E. & Co. 5 llurliDil: Slip. lteinecKe R., 181 Water 'Sg, Obarleo F & Son. !84 i'ront. pmann, Carl, 178 Pearl. Wareh.otu4i1'8 for tli.e Sale of .Jlanufdct'l.n"ed and Smoking Tobacco&. Allen &: Co 173 a.nd 17!i Cham berB .A.u.gustin & Duselll Warren. Dohan, uarroll & uo. 104 Front. DuBois Eugene. 75 Front. &n&lebacb F 56 S W aohina-t<>n Square ardlDer J. M. 84 Fro nt.. Hen A. 4S Liberty. Hunt H. W. 69 William llartlD & Dunn, 74 Fron' 'Hettler & Co. 88 Water Thompson, M oore &r. CO. 83 Fronc Wille & Bendbeim, 264 and 266 Cau&1 Jmporter of .lUanda Ctgarl. Ltnlngton' s sons, 8., %i.6 Fron; Tobacco Baler tor B>:porl. Qutbrie &: Co. 225 Front. Leaf 7'o0acc<> swotnt(l, PJaWpo C. s & Co. 188 Pearl Comnuuion MncMnU JleJ"D,.llrothers ll. Co., 41i & 41! ltxcbOII&e Place. Tobacco Bro"'" oatt'W5 John. 83l:s eaver Ertbeller K. & Son, 141 Water. Eller H. 116 Maiden Lane G&llll' Son, J. S. & (Jo. S1 and 86 Wall OBborne, James G M Bro ad.. Bader M &: Son. 48 Broad A. 178 Pearl Stree t llol\ur of Smoking and Tobac<>oo. .A.ndenon John & Co. 1'14, 116 and 111 Uberty. Buchanan&: Lyall, 101 !Vall Buchner D. & Co. 173 and 115 Duane. Qoodwiu & Co. 'J1JI & 209 Water. Helme Geo. W. 133 Water and 85 Pine KillDel' Broa. !Slb to 525 West 22d )(cAipin D. H. & Co. cor Avenue D and Tentb. ll!ller G. ll. & Co. 97 Columbia. Jlanutacturert of Cigarl. .A.clrian K J. 472 Grand Aab, Louis &: Co. 96 and 98 Reade Beh'in & Sieber, 1620 7th stand 2-6 Ha.ll at. Bondy & Leaerer, 96 to 110 AttorneJ' Bru.ssel James & Co. 78 Bowery DeBary Fred. 41 a.nd 43 Warren. Diog!elder &r. Libko, 39 and 41 Fulton HeUbroner, Josephs & Co. 689...&99 Flrs'G Ave. Hlr8cb D. & Co. 1:!1! and !SO Rlvington. Kautman Btoo. & Bon<\y, 129 & 131 Gr&Da, Avenue 0 ana 1 8t h Street. LlcnteRSteln Bros..&: Co. 268 and 2'i'O BowBJT Lombard V 110 Water Love Jno. W. 6 Rivington ll. W. & Bro. 1 5 1-2 Bowery .,."; ').485 Murro.r s. & Bros. 262 and 264 Broadwaf Prager M. W. ':'5 C o urtla.ndt. St. Stelnecll:e R., 131 Water Seidenberg & Co. M and S6 Reade Btaebelberg M. & Co., 92 and !N Uberty Stratton & Storm, IDI-208 East 27tb Bulro &: Newmt.rl<, 76 Park Place Upmann Carl, 178 Pearl Street. Jmporterl of Sumatra WraJ.'Pe1' G. W Gall & :Ax, 166 Water llanwacluru of Fine H.....-BroWD & Earle, 1103-liOII East 33d J'oster, Hllaon ell Oo. 35 Bowery aucaec. Hay& & Co. 130, 1112, 134 llaldell Lane Imporler of Hatly Mathews H W 7H Warren Wile & Bendhehn 264 and 266 Canal .ll<>nuf..cturer of Ket! w .. t Oi110n. DeBary Fred'k & Co. 41 and 41 Warren G&to E H 104 Cbambers McFall &: Lawson, 38 Hurray Belden berg & Co. 1!<1 nd 88 Reade Jlanujaeturer of Meer8Chau oM AMber Goodo. Demuth Wm. & Co. 507 & 500 Broadway WeiH Carl, 6Y Walker Kaufmann Bro1. &:: Bondy, 129--131 Grand Importer ef OlaV .Pipu. Demuth Wm. &: Co. WI' & Broadway Hen A .a Liberty Kaufmaun Br ... <1:: Bondy, 129 and 131 Gl'tUid llay llroo 105 2d Ave. Jl'gnufaclu.-... of Briar PIJIU """ lportno of Smo"""' Augustin & DuSf'l, 11 Warren St. Demuth W'11. & Co. 601 & 509 Broadway Baney & Ford, 3!12 Broadway Hoa A .S Ullert) &aufmann Bros. & Bondy, 129 and 131 GrtUld Manufacturer of Lic:orioe PruU. II.Undrew James C M Water Bt&mford Hanutacm:lng Co. !51 llaldon Lane Wver.t; Stern' 24 Oedar ltnvorter 0/ Ltcori Arguhnbau, \Vall&ce & Co. 29 and 81 S. William llc.A...Uew J amea C. 55 Water WOBver & Sterry, 24 Cedar Zuricalday & Al'JIUimbau, 28 Beaer J((l"ujMhtrera of Poux:U:red Licorlol. Glfronl, Sherman & lnnla, 120 Wllli&la B. Hilller'a Son & Co. Weaver& Sterry, 24 Ced 8ud Ll Bensel & Water Finke Charles. & Do. 169 Water Hamilton C. C & UO. 170 Water Linde F. C & Co. 1@ Water Toba-476 -Ten til bloporlor o/ Cigar Jloltlo. w H. W. 8111-ftl ll:ut Elennlb Bt. .... card Jl ...... litog ................ J'illiUUic Qe,M ... M--THE T O B A C 0 0 9 The Sphinx, Cigar Factory SUTRO & NEWMARK, 7'6 Park PJ.a,ce,!New York. :-No. 412 2nd District & 723 _3rd District. Btrap,' C.."-tteN and GernLan Cigar Lobet18telu &: Gauo. lSI l!laldeu Lane Manufacturer. of Ciga rettu. Hall Tbo ma.s H. 76 Barclay .paniah and rrerm.on Cigar. Rib bon& Heppenheimar & Maurer, 22 and 24 N. Wllli&m Lobensteln & Gans. 1 0 1 Malden Laue Strauss Siin ')0., 17\1 LeW Wicke Wm. & Co. 1M-161 Qoercli: M'rn of Tobacco Show Cards and Label8. Doualdsou Bros., fle Points. P. 0. Box 11791. Tran,pare.nt Glau Sigtu. Matthews Jobn, Av. bet. 26th & 27th st Impmter 8f" La ..A.bajo .Flauor. Cha.Skei.J ., 66 Warren. l1fr Havana Cigar FlatJor. Fries A1e.x .r. Bros. 44 College Plnce. Tobacco .Labeu. Heppenheimer & Maurer, 22 and 24 N. 'Villiam M.fs of Old Judge Oigarertes. Goodwin & co. W'ater. Man:utacturerB of Kinney Bra& Killney Tobacco Co. West22d. M.anu_ractu,.er OJ OrooU' Compound Tift, Fotl, Tooacco. M edium. aM Tissue. Crooke John J. 163 MulberrT Manufacturer of Silver Surface Foil. Crooke John J. 1 63 Mulberry Manufa.cturetJt of Oigar Mould& Borg feldt N. H 510 East Nineteenth ..Hanufacturer.s of Sheet Metal and Wooden Cigar .Mould&. Tbelliller. Dubrul & Peters Mfg Co. 510 E j9tb Improved Tobacco Scrap llach.ine tor !Jigar Man-ufacturers. Dorgf eldt N. H 510 East 19th and Water Dealer in Machinertl, Toots and Material-1 tor Cioar Manw.racturera.. Watteyne H. }&1.6 Pearl Banks. 0et1Ilan-America.n, 50 Viall Internal Boob. Jourgensen C. 30 and 31 Libert.\" Foreign and Dom.edic Bankf!t"a. SternberJter Simon, 44 Exchange Pl.a.ce. Man-i.,racturer.t or S'Mu, Figure... Demuth Wm. & Co. 507 &' 509 Broadway. and 78 & 80 Mercer RobbS. A.. 195 Canal Stra.uss S. 179 and 18l Lewis Bole Manufactu,er of the Orlgin ( d 9reen &al Smoking Tobacco. Emmet W C. 74 Pine lmpey st Toba.cco Bagging. Person A Harriman &: Co. 45':' -459 Broome Manufactu,.er of the E1ie Ciga r Lightt:t. Holmes, Booth &; Haydens. 49 Chambers ALBANY. N.Y. Manufacturer oj 1'o0Qcco, Greer' s A Rons. ti22 Broadway AMSTERDAM, Holland. Importer oj Seed and Dlrs in Sumatra Tob. & Frankfort. BALTJMORE, Md Tobar. co lVarehousea. Barker & Waggner, 29 Soutb Gay Boyd W .1.. & Co. 83 South Kerokhotf & Co. 49 South Klemm Cbas. H 39 North Calvert Marriott, G. H. M German 1-lerlelct & Kemper, 39 German WencK, E. E. 46 and 48 South Cha.rJe.e WiBchmeyet Ed. & Co. 39 South Calvert Dealers in Spanish Cedar fOr Cigar Bo:tu, Stow Cbas. W. & Co. Uhler's All e y Manufacturers nf Ci(Jars and C1garettu. Baron & Co., S63 W Baltimore St. Tobacco Manufacturers. Gall & Ax. 28 Barre Ma.rburg Brothe-rs. 145 to 149 South Charlee T obacco and. Genetat Oommiuion Me,.chanu. Vock e R. E. & Co. s. e. cor. Che.:tpaide and Lombard Patent Stem. Roiler1. Kerckbolr G. & Co .. 49 South Charles Manufacture .. of Ci(Jar BoxL. Henschen Rudolph, S.18 and 340 S. Sharp. Packe rs of Seed Leaf and lmporte s of Havana 1'obauo. Becker Bros. 98 Lombar d Behrens John & Co. W> Water st Kerckhott Geo. & Co. t9 South Charles Tobacco. Shipping and Com.miuion Merchants. Dresel RausChenberg & Co .. 11 South Gay, BOSTON. Maoo. Oiaar Manufacturer' .Agent :Merritt J. IV. 34 Doane DeaLera and pomeltU Uaf To-bacco and Cigars. Davenport & Lese. 1'>9 Broad. of .lla-vart.a 4 Dlr1. in Leaf Tobacco BemIs, Emery. Jr. S2 Oent.ral Wharf Jones Qoo H. 98 Water lm.porter t Manufacturer of Jl'iru Oigar1 Wilder Cbas. W. Jr. 58 Kilby and 98 Water Tobacco t-u.rers' .Agenta. Kittredge Wm. P. & Co. 9 Oentral Wharf Denkr in Wutern Lea.j l'obacco. Holyoke C. 0. 12 Oentral Wharf. Importer o/ Havan.a. and D ealer in Sud Leaf. Bemis, Jr. Emery, 32Central Wha.rt. BREMEN, GermanJ' Tobac::co Commiuio3 Jlerch.aftt.. Falle118teln "'l. F BUFFALO, N.Y. Dealer in Hc'l-va.n.a. an.d Packer of Stefl Leaf. Levin P. Excb&nge CHICAGO. m. M:nfra of Poplar, Grained a.nd JiC18B Wood Cigar Box Lumber. Baumer Wm. & CO. 07 and B. Canal lrt .Agent f01 Ciga.ra an.d 014etoing an.d 8m.o/riftg 1'obacco. 0 A. Peck, 51-53 South Water Wholesale Dealer i" Sud Leaf a-r&d Bavot&G Tobacco. Beck A. &; Co. 44 and 46 Dearborn. Saadha.gen Bros, 17 WN:it Ra.ndglph Subert B 231 E Randolph sutter '8-rothers., 46 and 48 Hic:hagan A venue Manfr of Fine-Cut Chercin.g & Srnol..-'ing Tob Beck A. k Co. 44 and 46 Dearborn Whole.ta.l e Tobacconist. and M'f'r' Best. Rt...,ll & Co. 57 Lake and 41 State \Voodwa.rd E A 42 \Vabas h Av. CINCINNATI. O. Giga>' Bo:r. Lumbfll'. The E D. Albro Co., W 6th. Trost Samuel W., 699 to 701 West Sl:!:th Wlwle8ale Dlrs. in Oigars & T obauo ana .Ages. f01 Globe Fine-Cu t and Ha,is & &m' a Oigar Mamtfactu?'e1'B' Supplies. 8chubet1.b & Co. 185 Dealers in Spanish and Lta! Tobaooo. :Hey e r Bv. & Co 46 Frent Tob. Comm .ission :Merch.a.h.t and "Mfr's ...4gen.t. JUeh ey Henry A.. 15 West Secon d Street. M-n.Jtrs of Improved Tobacco Machinery. The :McGowan P&mp Co. 141 & 143 W. 2d st .Manuja.cturers of .Fine(..'ut Chewinu and Smoking 1 'obocco. Spence 'Rros. & Co. 62 and 54 East Third Tobacco JJr oktr. Dohrmann F W. s. e .co r Vine and FroDI Leaf Tobacco. : :Meier R. & Co. Manu} act'"' e n of Oi.gat and .IH.alera ill Lea/ T obacco Well1 Kahn & {"_,o, ll::i Sheet Met<.U and Wo.den. ,Jigar MoultU Tbe Miller. Dubrul & Peters Mfg Co. 136 to 140 E. 2d..Tabacco Gommilion. Nerch.ontc. Prague & MatsOn 94 West Front Manufacturer oj CigarBozu. Geise Trost, S. W 699-;0'i' \V. Sixth .Manufacturer of Plup Tobact!o Clunet, Brhwn & Co. 17 &: 19W. 2d street J)lr1. in Foreign <.t Dome!tic LM/2'obuco. Oberhelman John&: Co. 60 W Front Leaf Tobacco Buyer. Wright Tbos. H 4.7 W. Front atree\ Toba.oco Curing and StHOting. ..Philips James, 70 Kaln street Tobacco Taos. llurdock Jas. Jr. 165 Race. CLARXSVILLE, Tean. Lea! Tobacco Broken. Clark M. H & Bro CLEVELAND. O. in Seed Leaf and Hat10na. Tobllcco aatl Jobber in aU ki-rt..d$ Ma11-utactured. Semon Charles, suceessor to Goldson & Semon. Ontario DANBURY, Conn. Packer ana Dealer i n 8ud Leal T"""-. Graves G W DANVILLE. Va. d:-Dealer in LeoJ TGbaceo. Norman &: Belvin. JHat.erl and Broker in Leal ToMceo.. Henderson. James A. & Co Onnmi88Wn Leaf TobM&<> Broken. o Order. Venable P. C. Pemberton & Penn. OommiMirrhani. Cigarette. Bla<::,kwe11 ,V. T. d Co. EVAN' S VILLI., Ind. Com.m i88ion. Merchant&. Morris C. J & Co HARTFORD, Conn. Paclter1 aotd Dealer in 8ud Leal Tobaa of Stceet lra1J!1 1,.,/lewtng. Jackson C A. & Co. Commiuion Merchloclooo KeUy F X. Jr. 112 Arch Wholesale Dealers in. LMJ and M 'f'd Tobacco. Hell John :B. Ml South Second Oigar-Bcm Labels and Trimmings. Harris Geo. B & Son, s. e cor. 4th and Ylne. .Manu.ja.cturers of Oigar Mou..d&. u.s Solid Top Mould Mfg Co. cor lUdgo and North College Ave's. Gtn.'l AQt. C. A. Jacklon. ct-CO.' "BeJt." Wardle Geo. F Manufacturer! of Scotch Sn'UJ/, Stewart, Ra.lpb & Co. 141 Arch Street. Packer and Dealet"s in Le"/ Tobacco. Loeb Joseph ll. Co. Jll N. Thh t!treet. PITTSBURGH, p,., Manurr.s of Sn.u1f and 8moktna Tobacc o Weyman Bros. Sl Smitbfteld dt Mnfrs of "Long 7'hread" & "Banner" Smok-ing Tobacco a-nd Excelsior Spun Roll." Jenkinso n R & W 287 Liberty stl'ee t Pack-er of Seed&: Dea lers in Havana T6bacco Pretdeld Bi-o s. 863 LibE-rty street READING Pa. Manufacturers of Oigara. Crouse&: Company, MS Penn and 636 Court. RICHMOND, Va. Tobacco and CigarCampbell & Co. Olinr R. W of Plug d: Snwk' g Tobaus Lyon A.. :M. & Co. Pilkinton E. T 1410 Gary. Leaf !l'obacco Brokf <1: Dlr in Conn. &ed Lu./ Tobncoo. Barnes Geo. iS. WESTFIELD. Maa Pnc1=' and Dealer in 8ud Leal TolNieco. Buacbmann.lobn C WHEELING, W. Va. Kan"faaurers of Wheeling Stogi .. 7'lpf <1: Fine Oigara, Hanke. Cbarleo. 1Marko street Loos. H. L. & Bro. ld.edor & Bro. Pollacli:, .A.uguatUI YORX, Pa. Jl'n.'f'n oi Oigon. Jlayer Joeob A. t & 11 hU. Y11rk Clcv 0.. LOUIS ASH, DAVID BEIR, BENJ. ASH' KERBS SPIESS Manufacturers of Fine LOUIS ASH & CO. And Dealers In LEAF TOBACCO 1014, 1016, 1018, 1020 SECOND AVENUE 310, 312, 314 AND 316 FIFTYFOURTH Sl'REET. MANUFACTU.RERS 'of CIGARS N'E"'V '-&, lllANUFAc:ruRERS or Fine Cigars AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 96 to I I 0 Attorney St., N'EI"'V THE !l'lRX OF John Matthews, lot Ave., 26th & 27th Sta., New York, 96 & 98 READE-STREET, YORK. liGHTENS TEIN BROS. & 0., .. C -ZGAft _lBAKUFACTURERS, A. BRl:'SSEL, KAUFMANN BROS. & BONDY, ---B. t,tCHTENSTEil(,: o ')'I United States Jnternal Revenue Tax. Ia. The tax: on all kinds Qf :Manufactured Tobacco is 16 cents IS Jb; Snu.Jr, 16 cents 1b Cigars $ 6 i} theuaa.nd; C igarettes weighing not ove r U k ll thousand St.75 thousand ; and Cheroots weighing over g 1bs thouSand, 56 per thousand. The duty o n Foreign _Cig&I'8 i s 12 .00 1b and 25 ad valm em. Cigarettes same a.s Cigars. hnported, Cigarettes, and Cheroots also bear the prescnbed Revenue taxes, to be paid by stamps at the. Custom Bouse. The 1mport duty on Leaf T obacco is 35 cents ti3' lb; Leaf stemmed, 50 cent& ... tl; Manufactured To8acco 50 cents lb; Scraps;. 50 cents :ft lb. tured. T obacco and Scrape are also subject to the Internal Revenue ta:z: of 10 cents til lb, and must be packed in conformity with Internal Revenoe law and regulation. Scraps and cuttings, however, may be witbdr&wa In bulk for use in a tobacco, anutf, or cig&l' manufactory without of the internal revenue tax. at 129 & 131 Grand St., New York. Sale.sroom: 129 & I Grand S1reet1 New York. Pipes and pipe bowls, 15 per cent. ad valorem, and &UO per grr pound: on manufactured. Wbao- co and c:lgar s 270 marks per JOO J.:Uogrammes, equal to 88.08 ceat11 I per pound. Ou tobacco produced in Germany, the'taz &ildllc otroc tOtter A.prill, 1880:-From A.prill, l!lSO, to .March Sl, 188!1 liO ID&Ib per 100 equal to 2.45 cents per pound; trom 1, 1881, W Karch St, 1A82, 30 marks per 100 e s, equal to 8 ,87 ceBt. p Only Single Binder Required. 216 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK, Manfr. of CIGAR MOULD PRESSES & STRAPS, A.morlcn.n & German Cl;:rnr 1tiould8 arld Ma chlnerJ-', Tool!il & SuJ>Jlles J'or Munuthc,urcrP!I ol' Tobacco, Clgnrs, Clgarette8 & Cigar Hoxes. JOHN BEHRENS & Packers of Seed leaf --AND--DEALER$ IN HAVANA TOBACCO, No. 20 Street, EI.A.X..'r:J::DI'J: C> J CJanadian 'l'olmcco Duties and Excise. The f ollow ing are the l'A.tes ot d ut:r now impoRed in Canada. on tbe VR. rious (lf tobact-o:-Cg-ns o.nd Ci{i!:a.rettes: 60 11 1b, '!l.rfe cem. ad valtu-em. Snuf'f: cents lb. and 12;11 per ccn\_ 'ld valOrem. In lieu of all Excise duties-except license .fees-now im posed on to' known as" common Canadia.R tw1st," other-wise co.lled '' toba.c blanc en t01quettc." being the unpressed leaf rCllled and t"-lsted, and' made wboUy from ra.w tobacco, the growth of canada, and upon raw leaf the growth of Canada., there shall bt5 imposed, levied and Loollected ev&y pound, Clr lea quant.ity than a peund. an Excise duty of four cent&. Table of Weights. KUotrP&mme ........ ___ ,. ............................. abou&S.I6--. Fuel (BliMiaa).At..JU ..... .... ...... "" ,, ,,equal to Slpoundll, -'-mwbo. pound; from April 1, 1882, and thereafter, 45 mn.rks per 100 kf1o.. o:rammeo, equal to 11.80 oento per pound. In B elgium the lmpoa Is l'ecltoned after deducting per cent. for tare. The duty Ito liO ,,_ ($8 .86 gold) t1 100 kilOA'I'IIJ!Im (100 American pounds equal to 4I!K kil o s.) ln Holland the duty Is 28 cents, gold per 100 American lbs being equal t-o 127 kilos) In Russia.jtbe duty on Lea.t' 'l'obacco is C MMbles 10 kopeks pud on Smoking 26 roubles 4.0 kopeks t1 pud; aud on 2 rouble& 20 kopeks \jl pud ., The "pud" is equal to a.bout 36 American 1bs. In Tu rkey the dllty IS 50 cents, gold, per 11K .t..merican oun<."es. In England the du:;;.as are on Unmanutactured:or stripped and unstemmed, containing 10 lbs or more of. moi.J. ture in every 100 D.)s wei!ht thereof. 3s GC per Jb; containing less than 10 h of moi sture, 3s 10d 'til lb. On Manufac.,ured tobacoo:-Caveudish &D(i Negrohe&d 48 lOd \Q Ib; all other sore. including cigarettes, 4s 4d. lD addition to the above duties there Ia a ebo.rge of t1 cot;. warehechalyea OD all dOSj!t'iptions, Uruguay-Manufactured cigars a..nd cJiarettes, 35 per cent. od leaf, 25 per cent. ad vatJrfm. Iu Chill the import dues on Havana leaf amount to $1.50, and all other kinds taxed at the rate ot S l per kilogtamme, while a. tal:: of S5 pet \dlogranune has to b e ou cig:l.J'!S. Duties in Newfoundland. ; I Manufactured and smoking tobacco, r6c 'Iilli>; cllt&1'1!, S!.M per mille, and 5 per cent. ad valoreni'i rea..r, unstripped and unatemmed9 l'c It; Ileal, stripped andstemmeu, 16c 'Iii 11. Tbe above prices In Amerlcui money. Value of Foreign Coins, '.Au!trl&-florln.lilver9 4I .8cents. Japa.n-yent goldj COld. &ad IDWR Belgium-fra.uc, gold and Bilver, 99 7 cants. 19.3 cents. Llberia.-dollar, gold, 11. Bolh1.a-boliviano, sllver, 83. 1 cents., s ll-yer, 80.0 cent& Braztl-mllre.Ja Clf 1,000 reis, gold, NetherlaOOs-norin, gold and .n.-. M.& cent.IJ, 40.2 conta. British Posse


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