The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (10 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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v 0 L. XVII.--N 0. 14. fES'l'ABLI8HED 1864.] NEW YORK; SATURDAY, MAY 7, .1881 103 MAIDEN LA1iEo O>rner ot Pl>arl-su-. WHOLE NO. 846 Tobacco.k1 &c; v. MABTi"NBZYsO"i. a: co. I BOLE l::ati:PC>R.TER.B, PRICE LIST OF CiGAR RIBBONS. ._. Y.U.W ............... Eztioa.:.a-s ...... '70yela IL'I& M M .......... ........ l .... fi-8 '10 Tela :a.aa ............... 2-H '10 Tela "ldll e e ''''"'''-''" M .... ,6-8 U '10 yda Lll .. ...; ........... a .... 10 1.25 ._. ...................... 1 ..... 1 'IOyda L80 M U ""'''"'" "'' M ... ,. 1 M '10 :rela 1.60 190 Pear1 stree"t, Y'ork. ................... a .... a-8 10 1.30 oJa ...................... 1 .. ,1-a 'IOyda 1.80 ...................... a .... .6 'IO;rela 1.60 1 ...................... a .... LaO -Be4 .................. 1 .... .-e 70ya. 1.35 .. I .... .... .... ..... e .. ,, 4.-s 'IO 1.20 N ................. .. 'JOyda 0.85 -Y.uow .. ........... N J .... .H .. 'IO;ra. L30 ............. .., 1 ... 4.-8 'JGya. 1.20 .. Streeti9 New J '' Otlloe and Salesroom: 33'Burra.y: St., NeW York_. .,, &craps d3 c::ru.n1.n.K& f, DUSEL. ull (p, O. Boz 2231J !lEO. W. AUGUSTIN. AUGUSTIN & : DJJISEL, t (LATE OF A. HEN & CO.) .. r ) Xmpor"tera :l.:a. FOREIGN AND _DOIIESTIO SXOKER.S' :ARTICLES; lannfactmrs' A!Bnts for an the Povnlar Brands of Cnt, Smokin! anHlng Tobacco and Cigarettes; Sole Agents for 'Va.r.a.:itsr Tobacco and Cigarettes; Solo Agonts for Allen & RICHMOND GE:M Tobacco & Ci[arettes; Depot lor Blaolnrell' Gentiine Durham-Jno. W. Carroll's Lone .Jaok-E. T. Pilldnton' Frnito &: FlowBJ"!, Sole Agents of COPENHAGEN SNUFF;. Importers of French Cigarette Paper, in Reams and Books ; 5'o. 11 &T:EI.EET, 1L I!KlJnTBA.B.T. AABON SCH1JBART. Wl11, SCHUR.&RT, B. SCIIUBABT & CO., .IMPORTERSoFHAVANA o _. I .AD.d. Paokera; SEED LEAF TOBACCO, .4..TBB. ST:EI.EET, VOB.:&:. '"1'0ES:Eii E. X .A..T::.EIR.O CO., -111A.N.UFACTUHERS OP-. CIGAB:. BOX LUlYlBEB, &P.A.N':I:S:O: -DC>JY:E&T:I:C l:M::I:T.A.T:I:C>N SP.A..N:I:B:O: DrPORTERS IN OUR OWN VESSEL 01' SPANISH CEDAR AND MAHOGANY. :N'o. 8Bll'70'7 ll!l:l.:"":tb. 8-treee"t, C:l.:a.c:l.:a.:a.a."t:l.. I DONALDSEJN BROTHERS, S'tea::o:L L:l.. 'th.ograph.:l..o Pr:l..::n. 'ters, I :II"JE.V'B PO%NTB, m TOBACCO LABELS AND S HOW CARDS '#, O, Boll: a791.) [No Lahlllep& In f!oelt:, .... .... ..... a .... 4.-8 10 ,.a. 0.110 Be4 ........... ......... ..a-s u 'IO;rela 0.'10 YeJiow ............... .a-s '10 ,.a. 0.86 .. (ClJoioo) .. t ... .e-s .. 34. yda L10 ,: IOJdoo).. tt .... 11-8 34. J'ela 0.85 ............ N 1 .. -8 N 34o;rcla-1.6:> M """"" "' u .... M 84 J'U' lJJO .. .. ........... s .... :Uta. uo .. .. ........... "to ... .ss-1s 34o:ra. t. .. ........... u ... lf-s .. .. 134ya. o;uo .... ... "20.. uu 3-lyda 0.80 ............. "61)... 18.. 34 ;rllo o. j5 ............ "}Of). -8 .. :Uyds 0.35 "YeL Bed strtpea .. eo:Qs-16" 34 ,.a. o "so ll " t()(Jl.Jr8 M 34;ru 0,4() aea .......... ....... 1 .... ... 34 7cta i.J I' 1 ................ 2 .... 3tydo 1.15 ._. Be4 D wltla yellow.._ a-1 '1'0 yda LM .. .. m ........ .., .. ,_, .. 'IO,.U lAO .__... .. .. -4-8 M 'IO;rdli L30 ..... YelL ..I with u .. .-....... ;1-B M '10 ydo 1.66 ....... IIa red .... 6 .. 'IO,.a. 1.21 1Ja nd,whlteaa4 111 .. ecla ....... 5-a Nom'l:. t .. .. .............. .-: ......... &S 60,.... Extra Styles of R'lbbonMacle.toOl'der. RIBBDNS.CUT & PRINTED AliT SIZ. E AN!rSTYLE. .ui Orden Promp&IJ' ............ Prloea of Cigar Boxe Ribbons Sent en MILLER, GlJ., Manufaoturers of the Sect!onl ... .Cigar Molds, 128 A 130 MANCIN 'TREET, N'e"VV" ''York.. ., F. C. l!llLLBa, H. C. PftEBS, WILLWCWtcu, AuG. Rm:sLER. of uiiAIULw. TJI.ADE CHAR.LES T. SEYIIOUR., IJIIPORTEB 01" HAVANA TOBACCO) Geo. W. Bead & Co., JII&N1JPACT1JBBBil o CiK&r-"'F'c'>-.: THE GROWING l'OPULARITY OF OUR Cut and Press-Dried CigarBox SOLELY lii:AN1JFACT17BBD, BY us, prevents our keepir1g stocl:: pn hand. to o.ny Went. s.nd ma.nnlo.cturer.J will do w e lll.o anticipate their want&, and forward orders some littl e time before requirlng. We continue manufacture S1anlsh Cedar, Mahopny1 Sycamore, Butternut and Poplar, at most sa.tisfac tory prices, and sh311 shortly introduce two new woode., which Will be found very desirable. When ready for market, our old and new custotOOf'IJ will j)e duly advl!ed. Band &lld Veneef Saw and BoardCnttlnc lli1la and Waruooma : 186 to 200 Lewis St .. foot 5th & 6th Sts., E. R. York." HAVANA Any upon this TRADEMARK I. 1 '" T 1 ( :-, .. .. .. prosecuted I \ & : ;.4 1 to the full_ Jt.. --of the Law. WEIL & ea., 65 PINE STREET, NEW YORK. :tM:Po:n. T:m:n.s. SCBBODEB & PACKERS OF SEED:LEAF I Importers of H;vana Tobacco : .. ==" No. 1'78 SUCCESSOR TO A. HEN & co. '!8 1.XBEHTV &TB.EET, ( o. Box 36ll8) 'YO:EI.:Ei::, IMPORTER. OF MEERSCHAU BRIAR AND PIPES, SPECIALTY OV J MANUFACTURER SMOKERS' "-OF-AND).WOODEN fOBACCONISTS' SUPPLIES.". SHOW FJGURES. l!lanufacta.rer' A.goeut of YUfGINIA, NDRTitCAROliNA & WE$liRN. OJUNG & FINE.:CUT.tDBACCQSf Depot for ALLEN GINTEil'S Richmond, "a., Bran of Smokinll:' To .. ceo and Cl!fareUeliJ W CJARROLL'S "LON;E .SACK, ''BROWN ete.; E. T. PILKINTON & CO.S Celebrated "FJIUITS AN.D'F'LOWEKS" SD1o'klng TobaceoJ lii:AKBURG BROS. .. SEAL OF NORTH CAROLINA." LOlJISIANA PERIQUE, Cut and In Cano1 W. T, BLACKWEIL.L & CO.'S GENUINE DURHAIU Tobacco. 1 YJU. s. KIIIIBALL & co.s "VANITY FAIR" Tobacco and Clg;arette. Sole Agent for H.-P. -Jones A Co.'s ,"TAR HEL" and "OCCO"'EECHEE" Smokln" Tbbat:cos; C. Campbell A Co.'s "THREE CITIES" E'f(!, FDrECUT, iraa'llfaotured 1>7 SPAULDiNG &; Barley, Qu.eea#Bee, T.rlimpe, Wig Waa, -arPRICE J!WI:a:a.'U1'ao"turec1. by J. C:&,OO:EE.E. PATENTED HAY 11 and .J'ULY 6, 1880. NOTICB ta henby _.vea lhat all Pertoona lll:aktq,, lelUn&, or Ualn& Ttn Fotl tn hlfMn&eJDeat eC LeUen Pa._t, wW l>e Pro...,cuted to the Full Extent oC lbe loaw prorlcled tor tn noll eaoe .. A' new and beautiful of Foil .for l obacco & Cigar Druggists, Florists, &c Pnnablle.t or tn Fane)' Deaf&IUI oC Color and OrnaJDentadon, ".&LSO 111.&NJ)F.&VTURER OF PUre a.:o.d. O"the:r Pc::atJ s. Bolled to aDJ' Ganp aJl4_ Cu& &o Size. Prlatlnc on Tbl l'oll :Lti. :aro-aad Colora. f' Bottle Capo, all daeo, Plaia and Colored, OBI.oe 1 188 J!WI:'C':J;..BEB.R. 'Y II!IT:EI.EET, 'YO B.B:.. The Proprietors of the Grand Cigar Fact.ory, whofortbe pass twenty. X eight year:: successfully carried on theJ,. businesa as 93 Galiano Street, are now more than eer in a position to serve theJ r customers being provaded Wlth ample and an credit. 'lbe advertisers h::we spared neither trouble nor money to produce a really and cheap a.rtacle. and take much pleasure In the public thai hey are the onJr clatar m.aauCaetrer in the island of Cuba enjoying the privilege of working the tobaccos ot the eelebrated vc:a o! the 8aa .J"uau 7 lllaruuea 4ltrJc&, named 189'7. COPENHAGEN SHUFF." "WV"E'Y'1W.A..N' &, ; ll&llufaoturaro of the celebrated COPENHAGEN SNUFF and CUT AND DRY SMOKING TOB.AOOO._ Betall S&orc and Oaee: 81 Sm.lth:ft.eJd Street. Factory: 5 &: '7 Union Street and 112 Llbe!tY Stree&, Pl:TT&B'C':EI.G-::er::, P.4... GENERAL SELLING AGENT:W .&. 'ROBINSON, lll4. W A.TEB ST., l!iEW WHOLESALE DEPOTS.-NEW YORK: A.ufuetln & Duaei,Il Wa1'l'en St, BALTIJII:ORE: Baxter& 12 ColnBlerce St. BOSTON: .&. Ro lii:Uchell, 5 Central St. S

. lkt iobacte _.. r PIJBLIBBBD EV1mT IU.TUBDAT IIOJUIDIG BT r -Purchases in the country were hberai', and the larg and better portion of the of 1880 has been secured by packers. ) 1 moR BDITORU.I,S AND NEWS ITUs.' SALES LEAF IN APRIL-CROP OF 1879. Cases. Cases. New England..... 800 Of which for export lHETOBACCO LEiF" rPUBLISHING COMPANY, TOBACCO DAMAGED. -Our Lancaster, Pa., correspond ent refers in his letter to the recent fire in-tliat city, by which some tobacco belonging to Messn. Esberg, Ba::h man & Co. was injured by smoke and water. THE ITALIAN CoNTRACT.-The Italian for Kentucky tobacco this year is now offiCially announced 105 MAIDE,N LAN., YORIL COBNEB 01!' PEARL)!TBDT. Pennsylvama ....... 1,000 :: ',: New York. . . 400 to be for Hhds. -ABD Bt!Rd .. ......................................... Eorro& Ohw .. 800 600 Wisconsin . . 750 150 2,200 A. &Com of aa:e ......................... 55 iO. '8ea41ng D'Ia&ter Adver"Uernen on Editorial Pace se .er cent. on the above price. Kem.Utanee :for A.dverllsemente and Subcrlpnon .. -.J.d. alway be made payable lpy P. o. Order or oy .....,k &o "TOD&()(JO LE.t.P PUBLISHING ()0." CROP OF 1880. Cases. Cases. New England ...... 400 Of whlCh for export ... Pennsylvania .... 1,300 '' New York ........... 1 ,500 Total . . . 6, 950 -950 Export of Seed leaf and cuttings since Jan. 1, '81. 8,468 For same time in 1880.. . . . . ...... 7,817 1879 .......... ................ 2,737 '.rHE TRADE IN THIS MARKET IN WESTERN LEAF. The demand for Western leaf in this market, as r eported from week to week the past month has not appt>.ared very good, but the aggregate of sales, now that the returns are all in, shows acttvity than was supposed to exist. For R e gie, arid export account generally, the mquiry was quite satisfactory, and con sidered in connection with the now known wants for 7,500 c. Total, 22,700 The types are ready for examinatwn at the Italian Consul General's office. BUSINESS :MENTION. MESSRS. ALEX. FRIES & BROS., whose excellent Ha vana C1gar Flavor enJoys such a reputation with our manufacturers, have moved the1r offices to 92 Reade Street, and are ready to receive calls from all those who wish to improve the flavor of the goods tbay make. THE Miller, Dubrul & PetQrs Manufacturing Go makers of cigar moulds, have opened a main office and salesroom at 218 Pearl Street, th1s city, where a full hue of moulds and other supplies for cigar manufac turers will be kept. This bas been done to enable manufacturers to make their purchases while VISiting this section of the city w search of leaf tobacco. this summer and fall of France, Italy and Spain, it LOCAL .JOTTINGS. served to impart a better tone and feeling to the mar--Mr. A. G. Pemeroy, leaf dealer, of Hartford, ket. The outlook IS everywhere r egarded as promisConn, could be seen on eur. me.rkct for the last few ing, provided planting kept withm bounds and the days. contracts are not taken at rates to prevent anybody -Mr. H Segnitz, of Messrs. Ed. Ascherman & Co., Milwaukee, Wis, IS at present on the market, makmg from makmg a reasonable profit from h1s busmess. purchases of leaf. This year 1t will not be well to repeat the experience w C B f M w c B & c -m. owers, o ElljSlS. m. owers o., of lllSt year. Lait year a large area was planted, but, started for Washington on Tuesday, and w1ll be ab-fortunately, the season was m some degree unfavor-sent a few days from his office-chau. o J able for growing, and consequently, the markets are -Mr. S Gershel, of Messrs. L. Gershel & not hkely to be freighted down wtth new tobacco to took his departure for Lancaster on Tuesday and will be absent fron:i our midst for a few days. compete disastrously with the old. The escape from a -Mr. Campano, Messrs. F. Miranda. & Co., who redundancy of stock, at this time, is due to the dry is now travelling through the West, is exP.ected to i.-e weather of l&at June and July. To avert the chance turn home some time durmg the ensuing \veek of a surplus production this year, 1t is necessary, as a -Mr. Henry Hollander, who is the lbUier no ()lrcumo,anceo deviate fto.n the above preliminary. to pitch less than is intended. Plant-beds packmg of Mr. H. Friedman's tobacco, in Lancaster, are reported to be looking well, and a large acreage made a flymg tr1p to thts city to seo hiS fl'lends one 'Whole court of princely retainers. Eating, drinking, lllllll!ie, and dancing-all of the best and all in abund:aaoe-kept everybody busy and happy until nearly >811lrise Sunday morning. It were not easy to decide "Vhich most to envy this popular firm for, the owner"111hip of their grand buildmg, or the smcere good wishes for' tbe1r continued health, wealth, and prosperity expeaaed and felt by th'lir numerous guests, who were pnnitted to inspect and revel in its spaciollB rooms on :saturday night. may be anticipated, if growers are left to pursue the day thts week. bent of their own inclinations. Now IS the time to de--Mr. I. Basch, of Messrs. Basch & Fischer, left for Lancaster on Tuesday, accompanit>d by Mr. M. Oppen cide upon curtailment. If planters will pitch one-third heimer and Mr. M. Rosenshine. The trio will return less this season than they did last, they may safely cal-in a few days. culate upon a ratio of profit on what they do grow that -Mr. Mager, of Messrs. Mager & Co., cigar manu will amply compensate them for their forbearance. facturers and d ealers in leaf tobacco, of Toronto, Can We advise them to do so, as the time is propitious, and ada, was on our market during the current week replenishmg stock. nature this ye maY. not help them as It-dtd last. -Mr. J. Ehrmann, resident partner in this city o{ The Regie contractors were harassed by their last the San Francisco c1gar manufacturmg firm of Messrs year's contracts 'more than .they ought to have been, Esberg, Bachman & Co., left for RIChmond on or than was good for the trade, because of the lowness Wednesday. He will stop over at. Lancaster on his "JliPOBTA.lfT TO USEBS OF WAXED PAPER. of their bids. They were forced to insist upon conoosway back. A f t te t d rt to 11 d L. fr h ld h h te d f th k t -Many members of the Leaf Tobacco Board of Trade case o grea m res an 1mpo ance a earors s1ons om o era w en t e n ency o e mar e complam that they do not receive the postal cards .ad users of waxed paper has recently been decided in here and elsewhere was in the direction of increased announcmg the meetings of the Board, in tlme to at of New York. Mr Ellegfr ied Hammerschlag, firmness. This dilemma need not again be invited. tend them. This is to be regNtted, and should receive -.rho is the owner of letters patent for waxing paper, Now is the time, while bids are preparing, to give it the immediate attentiOn of the Secretary of the Board. "ltrought suit some montts ago against Andrew Sea-its quietus. The contracts should be taken in such a -Mr. B. Ltchtenstein, of Messrs. Lichtenstein Bros 1 o,.; in the United States C1rcmt Court, and through way as to make due allowance for the augmented ReMatden Lane, returned from Lancaster on -Thursday, ...., afte1 making purchases of some small lots of the new hill counsel, Messrs. Fr011t & Coe, applied for an ingie requirements, the probable scarcity of Regie sorts crop. He endeavored to procul'll some old but junction. incident to the enlarged production of Burley leaf, found considerable difficulty in doing so, there bemg lD this suit Mr. clai..ned to be the nnd the deserts of growers, shippe_rs, and factors this scarcely any there. man to waxed paper by machinery, and season. Each and all of these parties entitled to -The steamer Rh.em, which leaves this port to-day, &laD claimed that his patents covered all machinery fuller compensation than they have bllen getting late will carry to foreign shores Mr. M. J. Eller, of Messrs. Weiss, Eller & Kaeppel; Mr. Joseph E. Hoffman, of producing waxed paper as a merchautable article. y6al'l'l, and they certaiuly will a cond-ition to comMessrs. E. Hoffman & Son; and Mr. s. Wollenberg, On April16, 1881, Judge Blatchford flied a decision mand it, if the planting be mbiierate, as 1t is hoped it the Water Street tobacce broker. We wmh all three ;gmaililg the injunction and sustaining Mr. Hammer1 will be. a pleasant journey. a:hlag's claims, as will be seen from the following exCompared with those of year for the'same time, -Mr. Herman Wiecking, manufacturer of cigars at :&raets:the sales in this market, from January 1 to April SO, Bluffton, Ind., is at present on our market maktng "It is quite clear from the history of the article were as follows:-1881. 1880. parchases of leaf. When he concludes his business here __ _. 7 Hhds. Hhds. he will sail for EuropeW wbtther he goes on a pleasure -e by the plaintiff's machine and process, tha that to w h u k" 1 t d Jan1p1ry 11,925 5,500 ur. e w1s .w.r. 1ec mg a p easan voyage an ariielte was not capable of being made by any machine February 2,925 3.600 safe return. -mechanical process l;lefore made kno'Jn. The arti-March 3,100 3,300 -Mr. Moses Messrs. S. Rossin & Sons, ...._.rbefore and wa:: ;irable artic le, April 4,750 4,300 reached tbil! City 'l'IJ.utsday ev6nmg, after having ... .. i made a circuit of the tobacco-growing regions of Ohio .... \ J an 1'-'OVV expensive LOr J,, and Wisconsin. '-In the latter State, he sars, things .-lmluse." till ...._ d "t l be .e-_ __ __ a twear a appearance, an 1 WI some Be waa who_ ever mli.ile wa,::ed,. "TRE"'JOBBilifG AND RETAIL TRADES. tiple b .etOl'll ';'DB' planting can be done. by DUIChmery, or m a continuous ---_ :rn- -bb -Ml'. Edward -MaUTara, of Messrs :V. Martinez, Ybor it cheaper and of better quality, he has caused quuy among Jo ers.ana retail!lrs of &; Co., arnve4 by steame1: Newport, fron;t J;Iav:anl\, on U; to be to IIJ!lllV;new uses and in fact ated of .tobacco ;show that,.. '1"81 te be ex; Tp.esday of thts week, and m reply to our ml:J.1Hrie'!! re b. li f. d = r -pected, ith the ineoming--of long deferredsprirtg ,gaming the new crop Cuba,he.gave ltnslusopuuon a ,!ehw18. Hammerschla.g IS. entitled weather, !lnd 'consequent opening up of navigation, I tthbat thel;'e and vekrytslittltl useful --.. l be d 1 f k 1 u acco m 1 or e 111 es mar e ,. "&o all machmery producing waxed paper as a mersa es mcreasmg 111 nliiJl! r :ut v ume rom wee, -The late Mr. Isidote Arnold, whose obituary we ehaatable article, and thus virtually decides that his tp The prospect of a summer_s published in our last issue, while on his death bed, ptents cover all machme-made wax paper trade m respect of amount of busmess to be done 1s spoke to his brother of certain traneactwns in leaf toW understand that Mr Hammerschlag intends to everywhere regarded as unusually p'romising. Reba.Gco cons11ll1mated by him a day or two prevwus In e t" h th te t" th t th our market, upon whtch brokerage was due htm, but roaecute all persons buymnwaxed paper from others spec mg pnces, owever, e s rmony IS a e d"d t t tl f th d p 1 h t ht t be N "th bbe t D{) men ton 1e names o e :parttes owmg It, an than himself or his auLhonzed agents, as infringers of range ts. ower t an I_ _oug 0 el er JO rs hts w1fe 18 now trying to obtam mformation on that his rights. nor retailers are recetvmg, or can recetve, at current pomt, so that she may avail herself of these amounts. THlil LOCAL TRADE iN HAVANA TOBACCO IN APBIL.: The sales af Havana tobacco in this city in April were 3,500 bales, against 4,000 in MarCh. For-the first 4hird of the year the sales have been as follows:-Bales J"8'nuary . . . . . 4.000 February . . . . 3, 500 Mareh ............................. 4,000 April . . . . . . . 3,500 Total . . . . . . 15,000 There was no cho.nge in prices during the month, lhough a firmer tone was notiCeable as a consequence of aclvices from Cuba mdwating increased r.titfness &here, espeCially in Partidos and Remedtos. IIO.IITHLY STATEMENT OF STOCKS OF SPANISH TOBACCO. Havana. Cuba. Y a 1a Total Bales Bales. Bales. Bales "'8tnclt April!, 1881. .. 23.380 356 23,736 Becei ved eiace 5, 324 4ii 0,369 Total... . 28,704 Deli..-ered smce . 5.000 .aock May 1, 1881. .. 23,704 401 41>1 29,105 5,000 24,105 SALES OF SEED LEAF IN APRIL. Compared wiLh the previous two months, :M:arch and "ll'ebruary, the busmess done in this market m April tn Seed leaf appears small, and yet April has not: seemed to be a dull montn. On the contrary, it has exhib1ted iodicatiODS of activity, and especially so m new, 1880 ftf. The reported sales in February were 10,675cases, in Karch 9,501. and 'in :A.pril 6,950. For the first third of the year, b&gmning January 1, and endmg April SCI, ..the sales have betln for each mouth respectively as folt.lows:-Cases. ..... ...................... 7,800 l!'ebruary... . ............... 10,675 :March .. . . . . . 9, 501 .April . 6,950 Total. . . . . . . 24,926 "Tbis monthly average continued throughout the year-and there is no perceptible reason why it should not be-will give an annual volume of 104,778 cases; a quantity suffiCient to sattsfy all parties dealing in the .staple, exports persi,;tently contmmng light. In what was done in April all varieties and :;tvatlable shared, though, as usual, in varyin;;degree, s wtll be seen below. The special feature of the month's busmess was the early purchases of 1880 Penn41ylvania and State leaf m constderable quantities by two promment local cigar manufacturers; the number of eases of each kind are noted in the figures below. ConnectiCut, too, of the same year, it will be noticed, enjoyed a moderate demand. The sales for export, as shown in the summary from ...lannary 1 to the close of Aprll, though aggregatmg less than could be destred, are yet in excess of those of .18!11 for the same period, and largely in excess of those fur L879; making the prospect of this branch of trade more promismg than might be inferred from the weekly :iuquiry. Prices were steady throughout the month and no .ebange is ntpQr:ted. rates the profits they are entitled to. With compe--Mr. Wm. Pott, of the E. D. Albro Company, C111tttion as it is, it is difficult to see how any improve cinnati. passed through this City on his way home mentis to be obtained in prices, smce uniformity of from on M"r. came by the v 1ew seems to 00 made impOSSlble by reason of> the resteamer An.zona, and. enJoyed a. passage, ,after h1s protracted Journeymg 111 Mexico, Central luetd, and can be pronounced here&fter will fail, we suppose, for the saae reason, superior to that of March. The _month of May We shall be glad to see jobbers and retailers receiving will, I have no doubt, a tlouriltlbJ trade in all the compensation to which they are entitled, and trust branches of tbe tobaaeo industry. the time will come when they will unite in such a way Messrs. JOHN ANDERSON & Co:-Wefound the month as to aecure it. of April an on it& redecesaor the h MAY7 of Ml..rch auti\lipkte Go. are the sole distributors of Straiton & co,nntry fi:9lll,.rnow .on. ?Wing'to mgars and cigarettes up of the miproved co&lltion of _. The 1laltkrro11e cigar manufacturing firm of QIJ. T. weather. ,Allirecht have a new and handsome blanch STRAITON &-STORM, Twenty seventh Stree\ sto;re at' l46 West Baltimore Stnoet, that ci&y. that they are very bu11y, and that they' ars workitlg One of the oldest and most relial>le jobbers and over-ttme. There 1s no further trouble with the work-wholesale tobacconists of Pittsburgh is Mr Ch c men, for all dtsputes artsmg on account o.f are Baer, of 108 Wood Street, that city. Tbe store of ref to_an"d p1omptly settled by a uf ai gentlema_n has been a landmark as long as I can re bltratwn. member m that lively busmeslil thoroughfare "Wood Mr. H. WIRT MATHEWS, 78 Warren Street:-The Street." Mr. Baer deals in all those gog(\s in month of April was the best one for me that I have our constitute a perfect wholesafe tobacconist' s had for some time, and rtook forward to the month o( and the best of g1des of manufactured May going a few pouits better. The beautiful weather sm1 oking tobacco, and cigars, 111Cludmg smokers' n.ow prevathng must and will baTe a brtgbtenmg c >f.S as a speCialty effect on business, and set the ball a rolling. ------!>lr. FRED'K ENGELDACH, 56 S "Washmgton Square:I could notice a slight improvement m busmess in Apnl over that of the month of March. Busmess at the present time 1s fa1r, and wtth the present prevatl mg clement weather I can see no good reason why trade can be otherwise than lively during the ensuing month. Messrs. D. BucHNEII & Co--Last month was the best one for us since we have been in the business. Trade at the present tiJnvs good, and we have no reason to believe 1t will not contmue so from now on. We are now domg a mce busmess m our new brand of tobacco and cigarettes, the "Golden Seal,'' whwh we have recently put upon the market Mr. A. HEN, 43 Ljl5erty Street:-Tbe past month was a good one for me, more especially m fancy goods. I also perceived a marked betterment in manufactured topacco and cigarettes, for whiCh thAre was a lively demand. I have taken the agency for the Gold Cbp" tobacco and c1gruettes, and, I am glad to say, doing an excellent trade m them. THE firm of Heilbronel'>, Josephs & Co to 699 Ftrst Avenue, has been changed to Samuel Josephs & Co., successors to Hmlbroner, Josenhs & Co A representative was informed that they are engaged in the manufacture of a new brand, whtch is called "Stripes," and judging-from the large orders received 0.4 Street, and owns to day one of the finest tobacco estab lishments m that city. He1sler & Marshall, of Philadelphia, are agents for the manufactures of D. H. McAlpm & Co., of New York. Messr!'. Bovee & Adams, the well-known New Or leans cigarette mauufa.cturers, are well represented' throughout the Western States. Br. C. D. Sturtevant is now makmg a tour through Western country, and IS domg a paying busmess. Messrs. Geo. S. Schwartz & Co., tobacco manufac turers, of Pittsburgh, are running their machmes to their full extent. This firm are the successors of Rein hardt & Co., established in 1828. Thetr special brands are "Spun-Roll" and "A No. 1 Long Cut and Dry" smoking tobacco. Mr. G. S. Schwartz IS the son of the well-known banking firm of 'fbeodore Schwartz. of LoutsVllle, Ky. For further partiCulars our readers may be re ferred to a card on page 5 of thiS issue. Wheeling stogtes are an article enjoyed by smokers in thts country, that are almost as old as our glor1ous country rtself. M1lbons of them are returned annually foi taxatwn, and as they make a good and cheap smoke, the manufacturers of them m '1'\Theelmg are 111 creasing their business-every year, m sp1se of the h1gh rate of tax. Messrs. Ebeling & Pebler are among the old'*lt manufacturers of these goods, having been in busmess for many years. They ship their productions all over the country. Among other successful stogie manufucturers ut "\ Vheelllll': may be ment10ntld A. Pol lack, Muhn & Brandfass, the Meder Bros., and H. L. Loos & Bro. Messrs. H. Meder & Bro., of Wheeling, h!!.ve copy the sweet brand of cigars, "The Hrs ol. the Impertal C1gar .Manufactory, have opened splendid a' 601 Market Street, Philadelphia. Messrs. BUSINESS TROUBLES. Ill:. S. THI!ION & CO., KEY WEST, FLA. that we have received It seems that thiS fniJure IS a very bad one. A few of the creditora who have attached their properttes, will realize about 5 cents on the dollar. The liabthties are said to be about $12,000 to $15,000; assets nre not worth statmg. SAMUEL SCHONLANK, Cigar manufacturer, at 203 Avenue C, New York made an assignment on the 27th of last month, wtth preferences amounting to $1,505. Schonlank: says he c,annot as yet make a statement regarding the de tatls of his fatlure, but inttmates that he estimates his whole mdebtedness at about $4,000 or $5,000. WM NUSBAUM, EAST ALBANY, N. Y., manufacturer, IS as havtng failed. 'rh1s was caused by the ass1gnment of Mr Benjamm Payn, of Albany, who owes Mr. Nusbaum about $13-000. The liabilities are satd tO' be nbout $9 000 of this $4,000 is to Messrs G Falk & Bro., ;ho pre ferred cred1tors, and about $1,000 to MesSl'S. Gustav Salomon & Bro both firms of th1s City We hear that Mr Nusbaum's accounts show tllat be c"an pay 75 cents on the dollar" at the present ttme, and If the settlement of the affaus of Mr. Payn aresattsfactory: one hun-dred cents on the dollar. BENJAMIN PAYN1 ALBANY, N. Y Who has for many years done a large business as a tobaccomst, and is well known to the trade in this city made an assignment on SB:turd!1Y last to G. H. RllB!!ell: of Greenbush, N. Y. It 1s satd that the assignment was preCipitated by inability to make collectwns to meet three notes of large amounts whtch matured on the day before he made the assignment. The preferred credttors are:-The clerks or assistants the amounts due them; Wm. Burton, of WAterford, N. Y., the amount of a note for $2,000, falling due on or about May 6, 1881; Levi Case, of Schenectadv N Y note for $1.000, falling due on or about May 5,'Iast; Strong, Russell & Co., $300, money borrowed; his w1fe Ehza beth Payn, $250, money borrowed; Thompson & Rich ards, $400, money borrowed; Jacob :R. Lape, of East; G r eenbush, Rensselaer County, $293.59, for produce purchased; E. Lucas, of Albany, the amount of a note for $1,000 and interest thereon, for borrowed money John McNaughton, of Albany, the amount of a for $400 and interest, for money borrowed Francis Shields, of Albany, $300, money borrowed; George C. Treadwell, of Albany, the amount due on a note for $t,?09, J;Qr money borrowed; the 'and Farm ers Bank, the amount due or to become due on account o;>f business paper discounted by it for him, notexceedmg $.2,000; a note bearmg date Aprtlllth, for and endorsed by Wm. Nusba!JJD; a note bearing date April. 15th, 1881, for $541.50, enliorsed by Reed & Co.; Minute Luc;:as, of Albany, $2,400, money received; amountmg mall to $12,619.43. Mr. Payn hail issued the following circular to his creditors. -" r regret very much the necessity of informibg you that in consequence of the involved state of my affairs brought by a combination of i felt compelle d, in justi?B to my creditors and to make a assignment. Statements showing the exact cond1t10n of my business nnd assets are m oourse of preparation, and when completed w1ll be subrr it ted for your consideration." 'UJe assets and are not as yet known, and all amounts mentwned are, of course, conjectural. Among the creditors are said to be Messrs. Wm. Nus !>Bum, of East Albany, N. Y., o whom Mr. Payn is to the extent of $12,000 (and who has since fatied); R. M. Allen & Co., this city, $1,000, and Read & Co., $2,000. The trade generally express regret at the misfortune of Mr. Payn, .and hope that he will be able to arrange matters so that he can continue in business. rtep.orted Failures and Business .ArranK"ementlo r {From "BIWl8TIIRr'a. ") ALDJ.Jnr, N. Payn, tobaeCo maliafaeturer; uofrnod. CrNC'l"!-':'1 0.-J. D. Ke-. FITCHBU)!G -J. W. Moreland, cigars; chattel mortgage given !or $1,000. I H..uicocx, Mich.-H Hocking, ciprs, etc i chattel mortgage given for .. ,jO. NE'}l" YoRL-Sam' l Schonla.nk, manufacturer, aasagned. RroiOiotrn, Va.-G. B Prescott, tobacoo manufacturer cl&1med home--s'ead .. RocJtLA...'I'D, Me -.Ja.s E Marshall, mgars, realty mortgage for $800. RbTHVJI..LB, Pa -.Milton S. Hallacher, cigar manufacturer judgment against for $1,000. .. WAUION, Ia R C. Gordon (et ux), tobacco, etc ; realt7 mort&age for $1,000 S'DA.CU&&, l'f. Y .-Edward Cah.Jll, cigar manufacturer, realty mortgage g iven !Or $300 BPIUNOFIELI>, 0,-Ed. C. Leffel, CigaM and tobacco, judgment against above for $208. Buaineaa Chanl{es. New Firms and B.wEN, Ont.-Wm. Beck&: Co, cigar-box manufacturers, closmg up and removmg to Galt .. .8LTIKOBIII. Md -Tbos B. Beall, tobacco commiM1on merchant etc J AleXIS Berry admitted under style Qt Beall & Berry 1 Chas 'I; Albrecht, ctga.r manufacturer; opened bruch at 146 W Baltl more Street. BuTRICE, Nev -J E Cottman, cigars, etc ; closing out Btrn'.&.LO, N T -P Levin, packer of Seed leaf and importer of Havana tobacco; remoed to 85 Main Street CmciNh"Tl..l, 0 S Ehel & Co manutacturers and jobberll ot cii&l':S and cigarettes, removed to 209 Ra.ce Street. Knight & Co prmtera and eNrf'&vers, removed to 212 Blm Street. D.&.YTON, 0 -Geo D. Dav1s. de&ler in cJg&n and ioba.cco; aew flrm L&W18TON, Me -Thomas QuiDD, tobacco; burnt out 1D8W'8CI JERSEY Crrv, N J -H. O'Neill&: Co, tObacco, dlsso\ved. NJnr4BK, N .f.-Haworth &: William&, cigar manutacLUf;WB; di.WJolMd bulsmess continued under style of John R W1lllams & Oo. NBW YoRJt ,-8eldenberg & Oo, manutacturet"'; removed to 66 &nd 66 Reade Street. H Arkenburgh, leaf tobacco commission merchant, remOTed to 10 New Bowery. M Llano &Co cigar manuta.cturen, removed rro 29 Broadway to 106 M&lacn Lane. Wm Q Bowers & 09 wholesale cigars; dl...,ived !!'rank & Wela, pipe manufacturers, limlled pai1l1enhlp reoaewed to May 1 ,181111 S&qw mgar dissolved E H G', olgjuo manufaciu"'r; remo"ieCl t.o 2'i3..Piarl Street E. A. H&ere. dMler In le&t tabaoco; bnLnch removed lrom l.Aveall8 A. Callno. Lopez. Importer of Ba.....,.. tobaceo udCijjiiia; 2\6 Pearl-t to 1161biden PBu.LPmA. P":.."T()l"&lg Brae 4 Co whG!esale d ... enln tobacco, etc ; a'Nol"''.h Flfthow-eet; new ftrm. PrrrsrluRoa. Pa -L Goldomlt, tobaecd; removed from: .AIIetfbany, P&. to 888 Liberty Street &. Co., cigar manufacturers; removed to ljT Wood ST. CTBJ.JUNlO, Ont.-0. Steinberg, cigars, etc ; otock d&nJagOO b:y fire 1 and water: .. ST LouiS, Ko -Cbas. R-thal & SOns, tobllllco m&aufact.urero; burnt out. Herin ann Wittmann 4 Co leaf tobacco; dlaaolved; Herm&Dil mann continues, Production of Tobacco, Cigars and Cfgare .ttes in. the Fint, Second and Third Bew York Collection Diatrlct11 for April, aa mdioated by the Sale of Stampa. FIRST DISTRICT. Revenue. ?tianufactured tobacco. $53,645 08333,281 pounds. Snuff .... 0 o o .... 0 0 99 60622 u Cigars ... ........ ,..... 21,194 85-3,532,475 number. CJgarettes 0. 0 0 0 0. 3,673 .25-2,099,000 SECOND DISTRICT. Manufactured tobacco, $31,960 17199,751 pounds. Snuff.................. 247 94-1,543 Cigars................ 88,978 80-14,829,800 number. Cigarettes............. 40,473 23-23,137,560 THIRD DISTRICT. .Manufactured tobacco. $40,860 40-.255,877 pounds. Snuff o o .. .. 554 14-8,488 Cigars ............. 247,871 60-41,311,933 number. Cigarettes.. . . 2,859 151,633,800 Compared with March, the returns for April in the First District show a gain in the production of tobacco, snuff, cigars and cigarettes. In the Second District there was a decrease in Apnl m all branches except that of cigars, which shows a very slight increase. The Third D1strict returns more tobacco and cigarettes than it dtd in March, but less snuff and fewer cigars, the falling off in the latter being due, probably, to the cessation of work consequent upon strikes in some fac tories. The business of both months has been good in each of districts named, and gives promise of a J large aggregate for the calendar year. In t.he Third District there was a very large iltcreue past month over that of the satne month in 1880. Probably the eame is true of the eeoond and fil'llt, though we have not the earlier data for them.


MAY7 'RECEIPTS OF PENNSYLVANIA TOBACCO. During the past month (April) the following firms n this cit,y received the amounts of Penns:vlvama their names: ca;:s F. C. Lmde & Co ....................... 2 M Oppenheime1 ..... ................. 98 &vemeyers & Vigelius ................. 9 Basch & Fischer. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 44 N. Lachenbruch & Bro ................. 32 Cohn &: Stein .......... 2 1g s. Rossm & Sons ................. .... .. !9 A. S. Rosenbaum & Co .................. .. Strohn & Reitzenstein ... Chas. F Tag & Sons .... ......... .. .... 259 E. Co ................ .... M. Neuburger & Co. . . .. .. . . .,2 L. & E. Kaufmann. .. . .. .. .. . . 62 L. & E. Wertheimer. .. .. .. .. .. . L Gershel & Bro ........................ E: Hoffman. & Son. .. .. .. .. ............ Kerbs & Sp1ess . .. .. . .. ... . .. Lichtenstein Bros. & Co .................. 177 Block & Lindheim.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 107 Joseph Mayers' Sons. . . . . . 10 H Schubart & Co... .. .... .. .. .. .. .. .. 1 A: Cohn.... ........................... 369 Gans Bros & Rosenthal. ................. 155 E. & G. Friend & Co ...................... 166 Carl Upmann............................. 10 J. S. Gaus' Son & Co.. . . . . . 1 E. Spingarn & Co.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 62 S. Barnett. . . . . . . . 20 Fatman & Co. . . . . . . . 213 Bunzl & Dormitzer. . . . . . 2 Huan&Co...................... ........ 4 D Levv.... .. ... . ... .. ..... ......... 1 s. Abraham ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 76 G. W. Gail &A:x. ........................ 1 Dills & Cullmann. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 50 Schwarz & Weil.......................... 14 I. Lederman.............................. 1 E. Rosenwald & Bro.... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 20 : .' .' : : :: : : .' .' : : : : : : : : ::: : : : 3,227 RECEIPTS OF NEW ENGLAND TOBACCO, During the past month (April) the following firms in this city received the amounts of New England tobacco opposite their names: Cases. A.. Cohn .................................. 295 :r. Lobenstein .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . . .. 16 M. Westheim & Co ....................... 118 D. Le'"\Y ............................. .... 11i C. H. Clauer. . .. .. . ...... .. . Joseph :!.layer's tlons ...................... 996 G. B. Barnes.............................. 10 Frischen & Roess. . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 138 Funch, Edye & Co........................ 25 J. Seligsberg ............. : ... :.. .. .. .. 7 L. Newgass ............................... 167 L. M. Wurzberger .................. : . J. F. Cullman.. .. .. .. .. .. ............. Strohn & Reitzenstein ..................... 149 G Reismann. .. .. .. .. . .. .. .. 89 F: Schulz ................................ 33 E. Hoffman & Son ........................ 157 L. Gershel & Bro. . .. .. .. .. .. 31 C. S. Philips & Co .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 2 Schwarz & Weil.......................... 76 E. Kasprowicz............................ 14 G. Falk & Bro ..................... ........ 160 J Schiff.................................. 7 Wm. Eggert & Co........................ 96 Bunzl & Dormitzer.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 122 A. L. & C. L. Holt ........................ 21 G. Salomon & Hros........... .. .. .. .. .. 30 C. H. Spitzner & Son .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 25 F. Smith.................................. 9 Dills & Cullman . . . . . . 42 11 E. Beringer ............................. .. Chas. F. Tag & Sons...................... 2 S. Salomon & Son.. .. . .. .. .. .. .. 3 S Michaelis & Co.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 19 A & Co . . . . . . 37 Cohn & Stein ......... .-................... 4 C. F. Wahlig............................. 34 Davis & Day...................... ... ... 15 N. Lachenbruch & Bros.................. 60 E. Rosenwald & Bro. . . . . . 1 Gans Bros. & Rosenthal. .. .. . . . 6 J. W. Love 16 H. Schubart & eo: 44 Redlich & Schnitzler 14 David Cohri. 15 Order 4 3,248 AWARDS OF IIEB.IT. At the Melbourne Exposition awards of merit have been accorded to Messrs W. S. Kimba11 & Co., of Rochester. N.Y., for cigarettes, and to Cameron Bros. & Co., of Petersburg, Va., for plug tobacco. CONFIB.HATORY. In noticing Mr. Graff's notes relative to the Virginia tabacco manufactories selliDg in caddy lots to crossroad stores I beg to add, that some of the largest and most wealthy firms of are, have bl!en for some considerable ttme, paymg spectal attent10n to it, and the result is that when the jobber or sales man goes or sends to the country and finds the manu/Mturer has placed his Virginia goods, he then, sooner than be skunked," places his talent on Western or navy tobacco, and to-day I know sections of country where a few years ago, navy was almost unknown, and Virgmia tobacco is scarcely sold at all, and I predict that in ten years the Virginia manufacturers will have to. find some other plaee than their hood to sell their manufactured tobacco; !'\Dd 1t will be all their own fault. Our Lllncaster Correspondence. LANCASTER, PA.; May 5. The most recent arrivals in this market are Philip Bonn and 0. Eisenlobr, of Khiladelphia. More than two-thirds of .he '80 crop h!l!l been bought up and from the way the majority of the buyers are working it would seem as if they were ueterminid to sacure the remaining third, if possible. All but a few are still buying, and some large lots have been sold at phenomenal prices. The most notable of these pur chases w!l!l made on Tuesday-. In a. former letter I spoke of a crop of tobacco rrused by a grower at Intercourse, this couri.ty, for which 31 cnnts round bad been offered and refused. This offer W!IS made several months ago, to the owner, Levi L. Landis, by Daniel Mayer, representipg Kerbs. & Spiess, aJ:!d Mayer had never relinqu!-Bhed the !dea of securmg It, and be did, Monda;r, PD:Ytng pnce fl!'l!t offered-:31 cents. This, we thmk, 1s the b1ggest -prwe ever patd for tO' bacco in this county, but the crop was a remarkable one and bad been msi?ected by every buyer in the field. But the price demanded frightened them off. Other big prices were paid in Ma.nor and Drumore townships; and Mountville, a village in the former, where a large number of warehouses are looated, was the scene of great activity, being received. In Manor, Geo. Wall sold 7 acres to Fatman & Co., at 21 for wrappers, the other prices being kept private, and 'Squire Brush sold 10 acres to Altschul at 20, 7 and 3. In Drumore, 6 acres, grown by Abr. Kauffman, deceased, were sold to Mr. Op penheimer at 26 through; 4 acres ,by Aldus at 15, 5 and 3; Harry Aument, 3 acres at same prtce, both to Douglass & Co. Some of the buyers, Bunzl & Dormitzer, for in stance, who have bought 2,000 cases, have stopped buying and say that they wont take any more unless at prices, such as 9 and 2, bu,t has _shown that if they get a favorable opportumty they will buy any fine lots offered Deliveries at the warehouses in both city and county are still large, and the packers are kept very busy, except those who have stopped for the present, and have packed all their purchases. 'The plant-beds are flourishing, though. through a lack of rain, the farmers are put to some trouble in being compelled to water them. The beds are larger and there are more of them than last year, when the sup ply of plants was short. Profiting by experience, the farmers seem determined to have au ample supply this year, thinking it better to have too many than not enough. They are also busy preparing ground planting, and the amount of barn-yard manure bemg used is immense, for experience has demonstrated to them that no other kind will bring such good results. Mr. Oppenheimer has made the following purchases: -In Providence township, from J. R. Stobe 1 acre at 15, 5 and 3; John R. Keen 2 at 17, 4 and 2; John Mow rer 114 at 16, 4 and 2. In Pequa., Fred. B. Dagen, at 4 and 2; John Huber 1 at 15, 5 and 2; M. GoOd at 6 and 2; David Hebel 2 at 13, 4 and 2; J. R.1Smith 1 at 13, 5 and 3; B. E. Radcliffe 1 at 17, 5 and 3 Isaac Smith 1 at 13, 5 a.nd 3; Henry Miller 1 at 14, 4 In Strasburg township, Christian 2 at 18, 4 and 2; Levi R. Kendig 1 at 10, 4 and 2; J B. Lea man at 13,4 and 2; at14, 4and2. A disastrous fire occw-red in this city yesterday morning. A small frame stable was fired and aher it was burned down it was discovered that the sparks had lodged under' the eaves of a. four-story brick. tobacco warehouse adjoining, the property of J K. Shirk, who packs for Esberg, & c_o .. of San Fran cisco and fire was m the fourtn story. The roof 'was destroyed and the third and fourth floors damaged and of the tobacco on hand, about 700 cases, a large was _by smoke and The loss is over $30,000, but It IS covered by an msurance of $61,000 Names of Persons and Firms Commen clng and Discontinuing Business as Cigar Manufacturers In January, 1881. Below we commence the publication of a. report that will probably be found of great value to people identi-fied with the tobacco industry in this country in all parts of the world; in Europe, as well as in the United States. It is an official recor4 of individuals and finns commencing and discontinuing the manufacture of tobacco, snuff, cigars, and cigarettes within the United States and Territories during the calendar year 1881, as reported to the Office of Internal Revenue, at Washington, by the Collectors of the various revenue districts. Emanating from the Office of Internal Revenue, the may be regarded as being perfectly reliable and ns containing the latest rep01ted business changes in the area it embraces. How desirable it is for tradesmen to be constantly ad vised of the firms starting in and going out of business, is a point that need not be considered here. Everybody realizes the of such information, and THE TOBACCO LEAII' will regularly furnish its readers with it hereafter. In this first instalment only a part of the changes effected in January are presented in this issue of the paper; the remainder being held over until next week for want ot' space. The changes for January, February and March will be consecutvely reported as room can be made for them; those of April and subse quent months, not only of the current, but of succeeding years, we hope to be able to J?Ublish monthly, as they are filed in the revenue office at Waahingron; that is to say, about or before the middle each month we hope to be able to publish a full list of the changes effected the previous month. Cigar manufacturers alone are included in the pres ent list. ALABAMA. J V Garcia, discontinued, Montgomery. CA.LIII'ORNIA. E Sikes & Co, disc'd, 419 Battery st. San Fra ncisco. A Woolfrau, do 646 Market st do E Ersgraber & C.Q, com,'d, 646 st do Sini Isaacs, do Mam st. Los Paul L eonhardt, do 2035 George st: San Franctsco. Nathan Riese, do 623 Commerc1al st do Rolla Co, do 211 do do San Felipe Co do 212-214 Market st do do .do .. San Felipe, San Benito Co Jacob Salamon do 606 Battery st. San Francisco. Sam Sing Co. do 507 Pacific Et do John Louis Schmitt, do 661 Willow av do Senate Co, do 805 Washington st do Sideman Lachman Co, com'd, 211 Battery st do Abraham Stein, do 1752 Seventh st. Oakland. COLOl\ADO. Louis Berliner, discontinued, Denver. Lena Siebe, do do A Weiner, do do CONNECTICUT. Mrs Mary M Russ, discontinued, Hartford. ]l;ugene Brown, conimenced, Poquonock. A.ndrew J Russ1 do Hartford. Edward D Williams, do do Jas E Cou, do Waterbury. Jas GallagherJr, do New Haven. Chas Klempler, do Meriden. J L Schneider, do Stamford. FLORIDA. F B Bradley & Bro, commenced, Jacksonville. M Echemendia, do do. M Genterez, do do L Oa_yetina, do West. ELLey, do Mwanopy. ILLINOIS. First District. Wm Belfield, discontinued, 18 S Throop st. Chicago. C Finken do 2524 Wentworth av do G-eo Gloetzbach, do 330 Throop st do Menendez & Garcia, do 201 Clark st do S Marwell, .do 693 W Madison st do B Schlesinger, do 307 State st do Louis Soechtig, do 161 Dayton st do C A Wennerskold, do 5217 Wentworth av do Frank Boden, commenced, 806 Halsted st do Jos Dibos, .d9. 362 Hudson a.v do E De Oliver _do. 283 Clark st do Henry Gregor,. do. 736 Dickson st do Gust Goettsche, .. do. 239 Division st do J Hundgeburth Sr, do. 48 Tell pl do Peter Klassen, do 338W Fifteenth st do FredLange, do 254 N Ashlandav do Menendez & Co, do 201-203 Clark st do Wm J Neuhoff, do 18 S Throop st do Adolph Paulden, do 496 W Superior st do Louis Schroeder, do 409 North.av do Bertha Zacharias, do 210 W Chicago st do Second District. Fred K Shears, discontinued, Rockford. Marcus Kroker, do Joliet. Alder & Kroker, commenced, do AD Taylor, do Waukegan. Fourth District. Rupert & Lewis, discontinued,:Havana: Chas Kunge, do. Shelbyville. Wm Taylor, commenced, do Frank P Lewis, QO Havana. Peter K!l!ltrup, do Winchester. H Babenhausen, do Jacksonville. Seventh District. Fred Lurth, discontinued, Mattoon. JohnPfister, do Danville. Herman Osthollile, commenced, Danville. John Bordolo, do do Ed win C Caldwell, dp Mattoon, Samuel Eppstein, do Champatgn. Thirteenth District. Wm. discontinued, Olney. Otto Heismann, do' Freeburg. John Sintzell, do do p W Lill do Mascoutah. Henry do Belleville, H R Willmann, do do :1.1ichael Pracht, do East StLouis. Reese & Dishou, do Ava. DC Warren, do Vernon. C A Buchheim, do Htghla.nd C ABuchheim,conunenced, do }Vm Godejohaun, do Olney. John Hartzell, do Brownstown. P W Lill do Mascoutah. Henry do Belleville. H R Willman, do do John Sintzell, do Freeburg. IOWA. Second District. C M Duell, Clinton. Henrick Oldis, commenced, Chnton. Louis Feid, do Schamel & Sterner, do Wyommg. Third District. Wm T Clegg, commenced, Storm Lake. John Striker & Co., do Sheffield. Fifth District. Eli Niedlinger, discontinued, Villisca_. Jos Schroeder, do Des Momes. Arma Schroeder, commenced, do Coomer & Nirdlinger, do VIIl1sca. INDIANA Fourth District. Price & Hemphill discontintied, Rising Sun. C H Leiiltig, do 1 Madison. Theo Rohbrandt, commenced, do Sixth District. B M Stansifer, discontinued, Henry Rebentisch, do Ind1anapolis. Wm J Coffin, commenced, do do do THE LEA. F. Rebentisch & Zempfl, commenced, Indianapolis. Frederick Rubel, do do_ B M Stansifer & Co, do Frankhn. Seventh District. 1I J Harupes, commenced, La Fayette. Chas A Haynes. do Terre Haute. McKennan & McClure, commenced, Terre Haute. John W ernersback, do do W eldele & Davies, do do KANSAS. Peter Hamblin, discontinued, Prairie City. Miller & Miller, do Leavenworth. Albert Schellhosn, commenced, Lawrence. Otto Teitge, do Manhattan. Chas B Woodford, do Oswego. KENTUCKY-Eighth District. W D Markeburg, commenced, Lancaster. LOUISIANA. Frank Estira, dis'd, 72 Poydras street, New Orleans; Geo Schaffer, do 37 S Clarborn do do John Frederick;Jr, dis'd, 16 Marias street, do Raphael De Noa, do 81 Union do do Jacinto Barzano, do 218 Canal do do Rigs, commenced, 218 do do do Martm Escobal, do 205 Chartres do do JnoFrederiek,Jr, do Canal do do Frank Estera, do 21 Conti do do )lAINE. Wm P Bowie, discontinued, Gardiner. Loannin Taylor, do Sanford. Sydney B Dorr, commenced, do Payson T Rice, do Saco. MARYLAND. Third District. Baron & Hainebach, disc'd, 363 W Baltimore st. Balt. Augt Funk & Co do 131 Jefferson st do G H Huschardt, do 214 W Sanford_ st do !ferdinand Henschel, do 48 Pennsylvama. av do Henry I Jones do 2 S Bould st do Henry C Knapp, do 11 Litt l e Paca st do Ledden & Worden, do Woodbury, Baltimore Co. N E Parlett do 88 Light st. Baltimore. Wm do 463 E Eager st do Watson & Larus, com'd, 7 S Frederick st do Geo Wercter do 457 E Baltimore st do Lemuel do 155 W Lombard st do Andrew Schneider, do 255 Eastern av do Henry U Schueler, do 611 W Lombard st do T W Rossell, do 379 N Central av do John T Miller do 230 E Pratt st do Wm B do Woodbury, Baltimore Co. Gustave do 233 Battery av, Baltimore. Henry Kraulzer, do 73 N Front st do Emrich & Co, do 481 W B altimore st do Echnendia & Co, do 11 S Kred st do John J Drinden, do 88 Light st do Baron & Co, do 363 W Baltimore st do F Brinkhouse & Co, do 622 Penn. av, Wash'n, D. C. Fourth District. G L Grebner, discontinued, Hagerstown. MASSACHUSETTS. Third District. Andrew Francisco, com'd, 32 Central Wharf, Boston. Alexander Simon, do 265 Hanover st do Robert J Brun, do 222 E st. S Boston Max Kanbrouitz, do 26 Warwick st. Boston. Schendel & Wiener, do 164 State st do Young & Feldman, do 40-42 Broad st do John Zahn, do 1225 Tremontst do Fifth District. Luke Kehoe, discontinued, Lawrence. F R Knowlton, do Acton. E B Stone. do Marlboro. McDonnell Bros commenced, Lawrence. Jas T Morgan, do Haverhill. Tenth District. M W discontinued, Linden st. Springfield. Arens, Miller & Co, com'd, Sandford st do Leonard Shadt, do Water st do wesley N Clark, do New Boston. li!ICHIGAN. Third District. J N Atwater. discontinued, Coldwater. Bingham & Gatch, do Union City. J S Benjamin, commenced, Marshall. J A Baumann, do Kalamazoo. J J Freeman, do Tecumseh. Goodrich Bros, do Coldwater. Geo Mertz, do Allegan. W H Mathews, do Union City. W F Potts, do Kalamazoo. Sixth Dil\tric,i. Jos A Des'Emile, commenced, IthAca. Frank D. Phillips, do Midland. li!INNESOT A. First District. Philip Loeffel, discontinued, Farib&llit. Kaul & Filler, do do Second District. Carnine. Fryder & Co, comm!lnced, St Paul. Hart & Whiteman, do do Edwin Mitton, do Red Wmg. JIISSOURI. Fourth District. C B Duncan, discontinued, Columbia. Geo Noll. do Brookfield. John C Thuduin, commenced, do Duncan & Austin, do Columbia. Frank Bitther, do Montgomery City. John T Bornhop, do Wentzville. liiiSSOURl; Fifth District. J W Sterry, discontinued, Clinton. G Zuyenain, do Jefferson City. -Sterry & Peckstein, commenced, Frank Harris, do Cahforma. NEBRASKA. Henry Baxter, commenced, Indianola. Wm L Cook, do Kearney. NEW JERSEY. First District. C G Van Maiter, discontinued, Princeton. Geo Burkert, commenced, Chambersburg. Conrad Gulden, do Chas S Gaunt. do do Henry Schnorbus, do do WmMueller&Co, do Egg Harber City. Francis H Powell, do Tuckahoe. Third District. Sam'l K Louden, tliscontinued, Lambertsville. Geo. Reinert, commenced, do Willoughby \Vagoner, commenced, Fifth District. August Guth discontinued, 15272' Mulberry st, Newark Gustave Hood, do 333 Washingtonst do Geo M Kessler do 173 William st do Henry Zwipf,' do 50 Magnolia st do Jas H Bogert, cm:pmenced, Westwood, Bergen County. Geo S Boaz do 67 Broadway, Paterson. Bernard do 366 Main st do_ Gottbard & Gugish, do Bergen av, Jersey City. Ch-as Grand, do 355 Grove st do August Guth, do 204 N J RR av, Newark. Gustave Hood do 268 Market st do Geo M do 169 W Kinney st do P Lorillard &; Co, do First lit, Jersey City. Anton Lispinek, do 20 Leonard st, do J M McDermott, do 44 Nesbitt st. Newark J!IS B McNulty, do Westwood,_BergenCounty. Fred Stiner, do Chestnut Rtdge, do Peter Oethwein, do 38 Passaic st, Passaic. Michael Shea do 17 Benson st, Paterson. H H Van do Passaic, Bergen County. August Young, do 476 Monmouth st, Jersey C. Tobacco Industries of Italy. REPORT BY MR. WOOD, CONSULAR CLERK AT ROliiE. (Continued.) DIVISION III.-PRODUCTION 011' TOBACCO. It is impossible to say what may be the results of the cui lure of tobacco grown for _exportation, as it was Usly:. the attAlntwn of the ministry of agriculture, industry and commerce, assures a very large proportion to be grown this which, taking advantage of special agrarian inRtitutes, son of WHITE BURLEY. invited them to study the question, and then offer such suggestions as they might think best to remedy thts SEED LEAF CROP REPORTS. defect in the native product. From the experiments made, it would appear that this indispensable quality for tobacco for smoking is NEW YORK. due to special conditions of climate and soil, rather Baldwinsville Gazette, April 30:-Buying of than to the arts of cultivation and manipulation; and continues. The prices remain about the same 81! m therefore those engaged in our tobacco industries will previous weeks. Several large lots of State have beea naturally be interested to know what are the qualities sold at Be round. We hear of one lot of Havana Seed of the Italian soil and climate in this connection. 'having been sold at 15c. The market is firm, though Prof. Gaetano Cantoni, who was invited by the min-the transactions are not large The growers have heeD istry of agriculture, industry and commerce, to busy making plant beds, and we must confess u-. study every.thing relating to tobacco industries, aJ:!d much has been done in this direction, judging fro:m communicate the results of his researches, declares, m the very large amount of seed sown, especially of Ha &1. special report on the culture of tobacco, that the vana seed. We think there will be no lack of plants climate and soil of Italy are favorable to .the growth of this year. The great majority of leaf that be. a. combustible leaf, and that the bad results hitherto ob-grown in 1881 in New York State, Onondaga .. tained are due to the choice of districts unsuitable to will be Haynes' Havana and Wilson's Hybrid; whiJ& its cultivation .. Having observed that the tobacco that of Glessner and Belknap, there will be considerable burns most freely is obtained in localities where the grown. greatest fall of rain is distributed over the greatest numbe r of days, and that in those places where, in addition to the greatest moisture there is the greatest elevation of temperature, not only good free-burning tobacco, but aromatic tobacco may be obt&ined; hav ing studied the various qualities of the leaves, and analyzed the physical and chemical qualities of the seed destined for Italian cultivation, he affirms that the Alpine basin of North Italy, both for climate .and abundance of granitic sand, which is also not destitute of umus, is the locality in which the productiOn of gooq combustible tobacco may be ht>ped for as soon as the method of cultivation is improved. He expresses surprise that the Italian tobacco service bas not yet learned that all those tertiary soils of the Apennines, whore considerable quantities of toba<;:co are now grown, even if well adapted to the productiOn of a strong leaf for snuff, are, however, less adapted to light tobacco for smoking. The climate, also, being too dry. the at which he arrives, would seem possible, cons1dermg that the valley of the Brenta, that i8, the P that the acreage devoted to Havana this season wilJ be much larger than that of last yeat Perhaps thai will be advantageous, provided it is not overdone, and pal" ties have suitable lands to grow the tobacco. If, how< ever. the land will only produce a light, thin leaf, 5 wouid be better to grow Seed leaf alone, and to use least from 1 ,000 to 1 ,200 lbs of castor pomace_ to the acre in order to get a darker leaf. More body 1s tbuiJ. obtained, as it i s said that a larger quantity of castor pomace darkens or reddens the asq. Sales have OC) curred as follows :-At West Hartford, 1lot of 4 acrett at 17, 8 and 5; 1lot of 1 acre at 10 through; llot of acres at 16, 9 and 5. At Feeding Hills our correspond ent \Vl'ites :-" Only one lot sold the past week at. K and 6. Those who disposed of their crop have cased them. There will be about the same amoon1> planted as last year, 1\ little more of it Havana." M. Hadley, 1lot of 1 5 cases at 13; 1 of acres at 7; 1 4lC 2 at 8 unassorted, and 57 cases at p. t .. supposecll to be at full prices. At Hatfield, 1 lot of 17 acres, an extra l ot, at 12 t -hrough; 1 lot of 5 acres, of poor, low grade, at 7 and 3; and 130 cases of 1879 crop by a local packer, Elisha Hubbard, at 14 marked we1ght -it bad shrunk an average of 55 lb!l to the case. At \'Thately. 1lot at 12, and 1 at 1172'. At Sunderland, 2 amall sold for 10, 1 at 9, 1 of acres at 8, 1 crop of 6 cases. at 11 crop nearly a.ll sold; the growers have mostly sowed Havana seed this spring. At Montague, 1 Joe; of 2, 000 !be at 11, and 1lot of 2, 500 lbs at 15. At Soulb Vern on, 1 lot of 1 acre at 9 and 4; 1 lot of 10 cases a1o. 10 aud 4. At South Deerfield 1lot of 6 cases at 10. PENNSYLVANIA. Lancaster New Era, April 30: -It is hardly worUir while to quote 1879 or old tobacco any longer, the -tiie crop, with the exception of a few cases, disappeared-been bought up and taken away. eral packings. aggregating about 600 cai!Cs, are sWll lying over in Lebanon County, but for some reason. or other finds no purchasers. Our farmers are busy ip. all directions their tobacco ground, preparatory to setting ou\ dao plants. It is rather drl, but -doubtless they '!ill 8'i!e their fields such-carefu treatment that they Will be m the proper condition when planting time comes. 1871 .. 24,239;820 72,109 178,420 24, 490,349 Although the past week has been quite warm, the lack of rain is felt in the plant-beds. This can N easily remedied; however; by the daily application d : water, or, better still, of liquid manures, such u we, have at different times recommended. These ought; &o bring along the young plants rapidly. KeeP. an opeD and a watchful eye on the large bug family that :B. likely to visit your seed-beds. 1872 .. 26,766,960 86,293 177,320 27,030,573 1873 .. 29,450,300 70,118 259,600 29,780,018 1874 .. 35,431,440 73,258 189,420 35,694,118 1875 .. 38,810,640 21,831 428,645 39,261,116 1876 .44.084,920 16,027 618,501 44,719,448 1 877 .. 40,0:l2,620 3,861 22.717 40,049,198 1878 .. 33,225,940 3, 012 13,484 33,242,436 1879 32,346,160 2,086 1 12,133 32,360,379 According to this statement the imports of tobacc? for the period mentioned oscillated between a maxtmum of 44,719,000 and a. minimum of 24.490,-000 pounds. Class1fymg these 1mports for the years 1877 1878 and 1879 according to the countries from they were we have the results a.s shown in the table marked B: (To be Continued.) INTERNAL REVENUE RECEIPTS FROM THE TOBACCO INDUSTRY. l\larcli, 1880. CiJl'ars and cheroots .......... $1,226,943.96 Cigarettes .. .. .. .. .. .. 66.098. US Manufacturers of cigars . 5112.90 Snuff .. .. .. .. .. 54,754.44 Tobacco of all descriptions... 1,872,003.37 Stamps for tobacco and snuff intended for export. .. . 631.60 Dealers in leaf tolmcco'....... 1,222.86 Retail dealers in leaf tobacco. 166.67 M&rch, 1881. $1,308,597.22 86,248.47 435.29 67,883.46 1,982,082.82 501.60 1,082.QO Dealers in mD.D'factured tobac'o 10,494.45 ]f{anufacturers. of tobacco.... -40.92-. 39.19 Peddlers of tobacco .... '.... 147.522!i3.40 Total. ................... $3,234,000.27 $3,458,081.49 WESTERN TOBACCO CROP REPORTS (Special to THE TODACCO LEAF. ) KENTUCKY. Ballard County, April 25.-Since the 17th inst. the weather has been quite warm, with several nice showers at intervals during the week. Everything is growing rapidly, and most plant-beds are now demonstrating the theory that tobacco seed is never destroyed by cold weather. The plants are coming up pretty generally, is the latest information we have on the subject. There is little doubt that there may be an abundance of them. though it is equally cer:tain that there can be no tobacco of consequence set out near as early as is' usually the case here; at any rate, this is the belief of farmers who ought to kno\v, However, tobacco plants, with good opportunities, grow very fast, and they may get large enough to transplant sooner than we now expect. Vegetation of all kinds has ap'parently developed more rapidly in the past week than ever it did before in the same length of time. Trees which a week ago showed no sign of budding, now have not only buds, but pretty fair-sized l(lOlves, and within another week the foreRt will be as verdant as in summer, and the long, cold and rough winter will have been forgotten. Everything will be ready, and as soon as the plants are large enough to transplant, the work will bet;in at once. It may be June before any plantinl!; is done, though I should not be surprised to hear of planting before the end of May. Judging from what the people have told me, Burley seed have come up quicker, and the plants are growing faster. than other kinds. I think fully one-third of the crop in this county will be of the Burley variety. Some of ()Ur best farmers have taken hold of it, and that it may prove successful in their hands, there is Uttle reason to doubt. Since the first of this month there has been a considerable advance in om home markets, and recently there hils been a brisk demand for all kinds. Dealers last week canvassed ,our county _pretty thoroughly, and, perhaps, bought about all that had not been previously sold. The prices paid were from 50c to $1 higher than those w!)ich had been current for several months. For extra good crops as much as 7c round were paid, and many crops which might have bought six weeks ago, sold for From some cause dealers manifested a ireat deal of anxiety. The future must promise them something,. which country people have not yet learned, and something which would do them no good now, because the crop of this county is about all disposed of, and at better figures than tlae '79 crop brought. So far as this county is concerned the '80 crop must be at least one-fourth less than that of 1879, and this may have something to do with the recent advance, but our tobacco always sells from 1c to 2c higher in May and June. G. W. S. Cloversport, April 30.-With fine farming weather for the past two weeks good progress has now been made by our planters. Tobaeco plants have been forced along rapidly, and though still late now promise reas-ressiv e who think-have secured pure seed, from destra.ble varieUee. and from our indivtdual with the. per sons who are engaged in this forward. movement. -..e-. feel assured that a la .rge proportion of these crops will I be grown from pure seed, and will exhibit careful and. scientific handling throughout. El Principe de Gales; CIGAR FACTORY -OFThe Cigars of this Factory, under the well-knowu._ Brands of Principe de Gale& -AND-La. Perla, de Cayo Hue I M&nufactured of new and best Vuelta Abajo H.tobacco, and unexcelled In .quality and make by any of the Hav&na Factories, are now received in weekly shipments by FRED'K DEBARY & CO., 41 & 43 Warren St., New York, SOLE ACENTS. TOBACCO MARKET. NEWYORK. MAYG. West ern Leaf-The monthly circulars publishe4 below, and reporting the state of trade in Western leaf for April, very fairly describe the situation witb .. spect to that commodity at the present time, 110 our review of the past week' s transactions may, -usual, be brief for the first week of the month. The since the first instant were 248 hogsheads,. a small quantity, divided as follows:-For e:xpon; manufacturers 135, and 21 for jobbers. week. W week. Sd week. fth week. 5th week. _, January... 341 91 10,223 10,655 February.. 481 1,334 548 612 2,9J!J5, March . 946 1,037 844 778 8,100 April.. .... 2,013 803 298 1,636 4,'l4ilt :!.lay ....... 249 Though sales have been meagre, the situation is r&-garded as satisfactory., A factor spoke of it in cor presence as follows : "The stock in Louisville is 8,22S' hogsheads, of which 4,300 are unsold. In New York it; is 35,366. The receipts this year will not be mor& than they were last, and there is lit-tle chance of dark tobaccos ruling lower than they did last year; and planting be moderate this Y!la.r they will be 'rhe Regies will kave to depend this year upon the new tobaccos. if we except from three to four thousaD&l.. hogsheads old bought and h eld last fall. The stock of Green Rivers is being off, b$' at unsatisfactory prices. There will be very little of' this kind dried this year; the most of it having put up in strips-perhaps 12,000 to 13 ,000 hhds, and as. Virginia will not furnish much smtable strip-leaf', these 12,000 or 13,000 hhds will constitute about allUle. stock of that kind there will be for England. R HAGEDORN:-Receipts this monthWestern.... 823 hhds. Last year, B'rom New Orleans 0 do. do. Baltimore. 0 do. do. Virginia 305 de1 970hhiiiL 10 da. 7 do. 0 do. Total. . . 1,128 hhds. Total. 987 )abc)a.. Receipts year:-WMtem .... 16,862 bhds. Last year, 12,162 hhiiL From New Orleans 42 do. 91 do.

PAGE 4 Baltrmore .. do Vtrguua 642 do 7,035 do. 134 do 7,246 do. Total...... 24,081 do 19,633 do Exp't )1anf Job'rs Specu Unk'n Total Sales for the week 92 135 21 248 hds Sales for the month hds Exports for the week, 1,818 bhds For tne month, hbds At New Orleans-Recetpts from Jan 1 to April 30, 1881, 1,619 hbds, aga.mst 1 603 hhds m 1880, sales thlS month, exports foreign, hhds, domestiC, hhds, agamst m 1880 Stock on hand &nd on shtpboard not cleared April 30, 585 hhds. THE TOBACCO CIRCULA.RS-MAY 1 8A.WYEit, WALLACK & Co -A11UTWJ11 uaf Tobacco-Re -cetpts m Apr1l, 1881 (mcluding 1,824 hhds Vtrgt ma) 6,489 hhds, 1880, 6,089 hhds, 1879 6,937 hhds 1878, 9,010 hhds, 1877,4,402 bhds SmceJan 1, 1881 (mcluding6 730 Vugtma), 22,953 hbds, 1880 18,646 hhds, 1879, 15,523 hhds, 1878 25,934 hhds, 1877, 11 982 hhds Exports m April 1881, 4,410 bhds, 1880, 5 827 bhds, 1879 3,98U bhds. 1878 5 604 bhd8 1877, 2,803 hhds Smce J an 1, 1881, 25 800 hhds, 1880, 22,593 hhds; 1879, 11! 078 hhds 187tl, 19,487 bhds, 1877, 14 614 hbds Sales m Apnl 1881, 4 750 hhds, 18 80, 4 300 1879, 3,500 bhds, 1878 4,000 bbtl s 1877, 8 500 bhds Smce Jan 1, 1881, hhds 1880, 16 700 hhds, 1879,17,900 hhds, 1878 12,700 hhds, 1877, 14,500 hhds AL no ttme could our mat ket be called act1 ve The sales however, exceeded th9se o f e ttber the preccdmg month or the correspondmg one of last year We d1v1de them as follows -8408 for expmt, agam mostly to Regt es, 932, mostly Vugmta, to 111&1lufacturers, and 410 to JObbers And smce Jan 1 -To Manut s Jobbers. Export hhds hhds hhds 1881 2,561 1,665 18,574 1880 2.419 1 189 13 092 '1879 5,414 2,637 11,703 '1878 2,592 1 278 8,8111 1877 5 '7J2 1,752 6,991 We repeat quotGttons, wh1ch still &pply to old crop, remark ing that concess1ons were dam-Order 3 cs tobacco Hong Kong-Order 100 bxs tobacco Rotte?dam-H BatJer & Bro 427 cs ptpes, Wm Demuth & Co 351 do, Order 2677 do, 727 baskets do, 9 bales tobacco & Bon 94 bales Wet! & Co 43 do, A Gonzalez 1 8 2 do F Garcta, Bro & Co 5 do, Vega{/;. Bernheim 1S1 do, Jose D1az 22 do, M & E Salomon 136 do St1a1ton & Storm 92 do, V 1\fartmez, Ybor & Co 30 do, C F Hagen 12 do, F Alexandre & Sons 269 do Order 63 do Ctgars-S Lmmgton's Sons 5 cs F Ga r cta, Bro & Co 7 do, Chas T Bauer & Co2 do, G W Faber o do Putdy & NICholas 8 do, Howa rd Ives 6 do, W H Thomas & Bro 15 do L P & J Frank 3 do, Acker }fen all & Condrt 23 do F Alexandre & Sons 158 do, Park & T1lford 28 do Chas H Islam 1 do, C F Ha!!'en 2 do C B P er kms Boston, 2 do L D omzett 1 6 do, J Spmney 1 ao, Jas E W a 1d & Co 5 do, 01de r 20 do Hecetpts of hconce at port of New York for week, reported expressly for THE TOBACCO LEAF -Jas C lllcAndrew, per Ftgn, from Smyrna, 4,003 pkgs (1,098,465 lbs) liconce root EXPORTS F10m the port of New York to foretgn ports for the week were as follows Antu:erp-36 hhds, 357 cas es Argentine Republt<>-49 hhds, 62 pkgs (10.885 lbs) mfd Bardeaw:--60 pkgs (7,353 lbs) mfd Brazl-1 hhd, fi(l pkgs (6,125 lbs) mfd .Biemen-107 bhds, 527 cases l 022 bales British Auatralza-1 pkg (160 lbs) mfd Brti&h Guuzna-8 hhds BntW. WestlndUJs-7 hhds, 5 cases, 20 bales, 94 pkgs (10,874 lbs)mfd I Oanada-162 bales Cana1"11 Islands--50 hhds, 28 Cll.Ses Centwl Ameuea-2 bales, 10 pkgs (375 lbs) mfd (;hzna-1 pkg (220 lbs) mfd 0()1"unna-377 bhds 22,704 26,284 103,578 92,182 86.000 Ouba-64]Jkgs (5,866 lbs) mfd ConsumptiOn, and on :Dantsh Weat l'tdUJs-1 bhd .uups not cleared, etc. 6,094 11,568 13,200 8,865 16,000 Dutch East IndUJIJ-2 pkgs (286 lbs) mfd -----Duteh lndzea-18 bales, 490 pkgs (41,821lbs) mfd 28,798 37,852 117,078 101,047 101,000 French West lndies-1 hhd D J GARTBi, SoN & Co -Sales reported durmg lnst mframbu?g-25 bhds 2 cases, 50 bales, 96 pkgs (13,654 lbs) month amounted to 4,750 hhds, illcluding a of 1,171 Haytir---5 hhd s hhds sold on the last of :March, wlnch,was not reported Leglwrn-1G6 bhds nmtll Aprtl R egte buJ e s '\ele agam the largest opelLi.les, R MAllen & Co 1 hbd, 1 bx s tems W 0 Sm tih & Co 9 hhds, SO 80 trcs, 80 trca, 10, cs smkg, 288 do mfd, 100 bxs do S22 M bxs do, 7 cs Cigarettes, 1 do ctgarettes and smkg R A lltlls 6 trcs, P Lorillarct & Co 34 do 1 cs l eaf, 8 bxs samples, Thompson, Moore & Co 10 butts mfd, 38 ca do, 95 cads do, 20 do, Dohan Carroll & Co 15 cs mfd, 12 bxs do, 20 bxs do, 2(l );( bxs do, 16 cads do M E McDowell & Co S70 cs smkg, 352 bales do 4 cs mfd, 56 M bxs do 15 % bxs do, 1 cs Cigarettes, Jas M Ga1dmer 12 ca smkg, 1 do mfd, I 0 % bxs do, 1 2 bxs do, 7 );( -bxs do, 2 Ys I.Jxs do 10 cads do, 2 do, H Wtrt Mathews 3 cs smkg, 1 do mfd, 15 bxs do, 1 5 );( bxs do, 1 1 5th bx do cads do, Leopold Mtller 40 ca smkg, 1 do mfd, 60 );( bxs do, 8 cads do, Wtse & Bendhew1 27 cs smkg, 1 do mfd, t 12() @150 = 108 Ills, and !4:1bs 13@16 & 18@23 lSavy4,, 5s, Ssand 14@16&18@28 @45 Navy lOs or Pocket Pieces 14@22 Negrobead twm @35 Hanna Plole) 5 Gal Lots 10 Gal Lots $2 00 16 00 SolO 00, $35 per Gal. $00 per 'Gal Eastern Markets. PHILADELPHIA, May 5 -Mr A R Fouge,ay, To bacco Manufacturers' Agent reports to TBE ToBAcco LEAJ'f' Jobbers m Pbiladelphta do not admit of a very extended bus1 ness the pll.St week m maoufactm ed bard tobacco Trade, they say, haS' been and ould be agreeable and sattsfac tory 1f margms were only larger out 1t now requnes too heavy a busmess to s ustam runmng expenses Puces for all first cluss grades of goods hold steady, and are constantly mcreas mg m demand Fme Cuts-Move off very slow l y S11wkmg 'looacw-Gradual, but steady mcrease Oigars-Manufactwers are ste .. dtly employed Snuff-Movmg mcely 1 1 Recetpts-861 boxes, 8,218 caddte, 721 cases, and 318 pails of fine cut$ ( Exported of manufactured tobacco To Artwerp, per ateame1 Rhyland, 9,270 lbs to Barbauoes pet :bark Domtmque, 5 982 do, to L1verpoo!, per steamer Penns ylvama, 1 4,400 do, to tal 29 652 los Exported of snnif To Barb11does, 'per bat;k Domtmque, 2 600 lbs Seed Leaf-Handlers of c1gar l eaf report a bnsk tmde, espe ctally mold stock, some larl?e sales have been maae of tlrst grades of goods "Pennste' rs bec o mmg very scawe, a nd on the advance )lanuf .. cturers who have no t s upplt ed them selves wtth stock are now havmg houblc The he avy houses a1c now bu s y buymg new Pennsylvama, reports say some ts good but a great deal not de sHal>le, time w11l tell Havana-The demand all that could be asked Hogshead Leaf-Local de maud exceedmgly hght Rece tpts for the week -S98 cases CopnectJCut r 371 cases P e nnsylvama 58 cases Wtscoosm 62 cases Obto, 44 case State S eed, 104 bales H a vana a nd 321 hhds of Vugmta and Western l eaf t o bacco Sales foot up -821 cnses ConnectiCut, 419 cases Pennsyl v ama 40 cases Wtsconsm 39 c"ses Ohto <>cases State Seed 82 I.Jales Havana, 6 hbds V1rgmm and Western leaf, and 42 hbds Weste m dHect to manufacturers Exported of leo.f tobacco To Antwerp, per steame r Rbyla nd 67 210 l bs to L1verpool, per steamer Pennsylvama, 31,549 do total, 98,759lbs Western and Southern Markets. 1 BALTIMORE, May 5 -Messrs Ed. WlSchmeyer & Co 'l obacco Comllllsswn Merchants report to THK TonAccc LEA!I' as follows -Recetpts of leaf tobacco contmue very m odeP.OSslbly the amount of good tobacco m thts crop will be less than was anhctpated, and thts feelmg t s bavmg the effect t stimulate urtces on all the better grade s Row true tht s may pmve the future a lone can only Jully deter mme but that th e prop o rtwn of low g1ades so f "r so ld 1s much m excess of former years, ts an undioputab l e fact STATE!Iqi:NT FOR OF APRIL, 1881 Stock m warehou ses 1Ylay 1 1881 (a6tual count) do do 1880 Actu al s<>les duuug the month Receipts from J a n 1 to May 1 Dehvenes do do do Offenngs do do do Actual sales do do QUOTATIONS 1881 Hhds 15,054 .14 815 19,778 14,815 8,216 4,09:? 4,124 5 842 3,604 1880 Hhds 16,906 14,751 19,030 15 ,388 (]uttmg Leaf-Commmo dark lu gs Common bught smokmg !uj(S Med ;nm do do 300@400 450@o50 600 Good do do Comll)on bnght stnppmg lu gs 111.edmm do do do Good do do Fme do do do Medmm bught leaf Good do Fme do 7 00@ 9 00 G 00@ 7 5 0 800@900 10 00 00 14 00@16 00 14 00@ 16 00 16 00 00 19 00@21 00 MANUFACTURING-PLUG STOCK Common dark and trashy fillers 7 00@ 9 00 Med fillers some colo r and body . 10 00@12 00 Goodfillers,redcolorana good body 13 50 50 Fme fillers, brti:ht do do 17 50@20 00 CLARKSVILLE, Tenn., )lay 4 -Messrs M H Clark & Bro Tobacco Brokers report to THK ToBACCO LEAF -Our recetpts are good and our sa l es for the week endmg to day were 510 bbds The market was firm and stiong all the week at full priCes for all grades QUOTATIONS. Common lugs S%@ 4'4 Good lo gs 4).S'@ Common l eaf 4%' 6 Medmm leaf 6)i@ 8 G"od leaf 8%@1 0 Fme l eaf SelectiOns The weathe has beeu warm, wtth contmual rams, greatly hmdermg all farmmg operat t q ns Corn plantmg has not yet been made, allhough a month behma the u sual time Om 1e ce1pts m Apnl were 2411 sales, 1385 do, stocks on hand May 1 1881; 86J9 do I DANVILLE, Va.., May 5 -Paul C Venable Leaf To bacco Broker, reports to TBE ToBAcco ;LEAF as Sales on thts mrket for Apul 1881, amount e d to 2 779,029lb s .sold at an average of $10 47 The weather contmues fav Common dark leaf 4 @ 5 Good do 5 @ 7 Common brtght leaf 5 @ 7 1 Good do 7 4 @ 6 Medmm 6 @ 7 Good 7 @ 8 Fme and extra 9 @13 1 Wrappers-Common 10 @12 :Medmm 12 @18 Good 18 @25 Fme 80 @40 Extra 45 @70 HOPKINSVILLE, Ky., May 2 -Mr George V Thompson L eaf Tobacco Broker reports to TBE TonACCO LEAF -Sales th1s w ee k 450 bhds Pnces on all good grades are h1gher We have to advance quotations on medmm, good and fiue leaf of smct Clark sv1lle amds QUOTATIONS. 3).4@ 3% 3% 4%' 5J.S' 5 @ 6 6).S'@ ... 7).S'@ 9 10 @12 STATEMENT FOR MAY 1 Same time l ast vear Hhds 1,4QS 4,341 1,416 3,679 Th1s year Hbds 1,'>35 4 608 1 326 3,817 680 2 ,318 .... 2 999 3'51 1 ,47 0 3 ,7a7 LOUISVILLE, May 3 -Mr Wm J Lewers, Leaf 'lo bacco AuctiOneer, reports to THE TOBACCO LEAF as follows :jlecetpts for "eek ending to day 15()0 bhds, agamst 1080 hhds same week la st year T 1881 1880 1879 Recetpts m mouth of Apnl 5, 732 4 764 3,944 4,856 Dchvenes do do 4,963 4,563 5,007 4 34Q Sales do do 6,098 5,280 5,692 5 105 Sales for year to Aprtl SO 23 587 21.223 16,275 22 126 Stock May 1 8 225 13 508 9,292 SALES FOR WEEK, ETC ENDING INST Warelwuaes Week month Yur Gtlbert 73 25 314 Pickett '178 59 8,116 Ptke 84 l!1 701 Nmth 8tteet 345 lOS 3 562 Peopl e's M 26 570 Boone 68 27 1,24 2 Green Rrve1.-... .. .. . .. 156 47 t 377 Lou1sv1lle 194 61 2 ,838 Falls C1ty 202 67 2, 763 Planters' 137 78 2 ,231 Kentucky A ssoctatwn 118 34 1,694 Farme1s 151 39 2 ,327 Enterprtse 117 87 1 ,456 624 1,515 1,080 Year 1878 1,431 2,504 Sales for week an d year, dtvlded as follows' Week Ongmal new 1,392 Ongmal old 122 New revtews 199 24,211 22,738 17,855 24,630 Old revtews . 164 2,624 Sa les of crop of 1880 to date 18,078 hhds, a&amst 15,233 hhds of crop of 1879 to date m 1886 The weather has been tine farmmg, bung warm, wttb nght rams, and g1vmg good handbng seasons for tobacco. Re cetpts and sales are cor r espondmgly large, and are principally composed of noodescrtpt and mor 30 -The Price Ourrent says Cuttmg grades are -quoted at 4%@5% and 6c for lugs, and at 7@12c, and as htgh as 19c, for leaf (sound colory commands an advance of For sb1ppmg decrtptwns the quotatiOns are -Low., good, 4%, low leaf, 5);(@5i; medmm, Gi@7, good and tine, 7tS, selections, 10@12 STATEMKNT OF TOBACCO StO<'k on hand September 1, 1880 Hhds. 2,378 Arrt ved pas t 3 days Arn ved previOusly Exported pa.l!t 3 days Exported previously 1,870 2 147 4,5211 Broken up for 1,870 .. 2 070 sumptton, etc 8,940 Stock on hand and on sht)}_board do lAst year 085 1,356 Inspec ttons of tobacco from Sep t 1 to date A M Summers "' 759 Last vear 2,808 RICHl\IOND, May 4 -W E I>1brell, Leaf Tobacco Broke r r eports to TBE TOBACco LEAF -Fme wrappers sold freely on the breaks at full figures 1Yledtum gtades I.Jemg held lhrn a r e not so freely taken A good h oe of common to good n e w bnght lu gs have changed hands at 6@9%'c Inqmry for and sales of o ld cutters keep up to average But little domg m dark Western tillers are very scarce w1th us, and are wanted, espeetally Burley Weather cloudy and cold, b1 eaks sma ll BAN FRANCISCO, Apnl23 -The JoU?-nal of Oommll'l'ce re ports -The proer I f881 11,796 100 1880 9,840, 775 The number o f ctgarettes made tn March was 593 Oa4 Ex' ports m March were (IDI1,800), and :tell (65;00at k goo d to fine 5 00@ 7 00 Bugbt common to medtum 4 00@ 5 00 Bnght good to fine 5 00@ 9 liO Yell8w Wrappers-Common to medmm 10 00@15 00 Good to tine 15 00@35 00 Fmc to f a ncy 40 00@70 00 Mahog any Wrappers-Com to medrum 9 00 Good to fine 1 o 00@35 eo Fine to fancv 30 OO@SO 00 Foreign Markets. BREMEN.-Our Bremen correRpoodent furniShes the followmg account of the Seed leaf market at that port for the week endmg Apr1l 14 -Recetpts per ste&mer Rhem 26 cases Seed leaf cutt1ngs Sales None reported, -stock on hand, 4,100 cases Seed leaf, and 260 do cuttmgs and stnppmgs were quoted as fol lows -Wrappers, '70@250 p fl':s, bmders, 55@75, fillers, 35 The recetpts of Havana leaf durmg the week amounted to 285 bales, sales, 146 bales, stock on 8,570 bales 'l'he quotatwns were -Wrappers, gooa and fine brown 650 to 1 ,400 pfgs, wrappers, ordmary b1 own, 350 to 600 pfgs, wrappers, m1xed wtth fillers, 180 to 300 pf!!;s, fillers, 100 to 250 pfgs. Of the new Part1t.lo crop about 98 bales nrnved m the market, and wme qmckly duwosed of at a rather h1gh pnce The followmg IS a statement of the movement in hogshead tobacco m the Bremen market for the week euding at the above date Bat Ohio Scrubs Md Va K'" Stems 424 839 ets 1, 160 2,619 4 .J3 2 ,1m 8'-1 111 Delivered 839 215 1,160 2 619 4,895 2,468 20 68 liS illl 411 Stock on band Apr 14 1m 819 215 1,092 4,315 2,6110 Sales 47 2 0 88 liS w 411 The market contmued_ qmet and transactions were confined to 1\Illalllots of VJrgmta and K entucky leaf. There has been no change m pr1ces, as holders are firm m thetr demands, owmg to r eports recetved from the American markets The sales of Kentucky toba.Cco m cluded 10 hhds of Louu1v1ile leaf of a better grade, whiCh was wid at a full priCe. Some transact10ns in Maryland, Ohio and Bay leaf were also reported. -From Cineinnati it lS reported that a Chinese cigar manufaotoJ:Y is to established there b;r a film. named Hong Bing & Co.


' ]1A.. MIA... L.P.&,.GO Brand. HYDROITE A. Tobacco Pre&erv-a;ti:ve: ii""L1&1: 1:l::Le Trade :n:eed 1 K-.. l'taeCat, Plq aacl Leaf Tobacco and Cic&nllolat, and pr., ... to Koli11.Da1 fa perleotq T...-te1-, ....t d.oeo not dect the flavor of tho Tobacco :lu any way, In using it, there fa no. :Interference with tJt. procooo of Hanufaeturiag, nn4 Tobacco can bo prepared ao 110ual. We b.ave duplicate ordera from th.,.e wb.o b.ave use !I. it. All "We nsk is a trial to convince you oflts value. Cb.eap aacl EcoaoaloaL Prioe only 12 per Gallon, or 25o per Pint. For rurtherinfonnaUon address M. MICHAELIS, 202 fultOn Street, NEW YORK. S. A, BELYIN, 1.01111!1 I!IIBBEB, & SIEBER, 111A..N11FA.CT11REBS OF CIGARS AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO; II, t8 & 20 Seventh St., and 2, 4 & 6 Hall New York. Th A f c M CLOSING OUT SALE.-The undersigned having disa nentton 0 tgar anufacturers continued the manufacture of cigars. and having two is lespectfully called to our La.rge Stock of FINE RJt. hundred thousand choice IS cent Havana .on SWEATED 18is PENNSYLVANIA WRAPPERS. The hand, will job the same in lots of 5,000 or upwards to suit purchasers, for, e.t greatly reduced figures, quality of -these tobaccos is greatly our in order to quit the business. Parties wishing to pur Resweating Process, which is wholly aNA one, chase cigars will find it to their advantage to apply to being enmely FREE from dyes and chemicals. Of JOSEPHH GARNER,Ashle.nd,SchuylkillCo.,Pa. 845-St splendid dark these goods are also excellent in quality and burn well. of fine cigars FOR SALE.-A tresh supply of lOO,OOOpounds genu Will find this stock p&!'ticularly well adapted to all ine "DEERTONGUE" FLAVOR for smoking tobaccG BARKER & WAGG;NER, manufacturers, in lots to auit purchasers, at lowest f: ft 8. Gay lt., Baltimore, lid figures. MARBURG BRos., _______ ....., ___________ __ _:.14:.5.:., ,;_14,;_7,.:a;_n..:d..:1..:4:.9 S. Charles Street, Baltimore. ID Dealers BRADSTREET'S A JOURNAL OF Trade, Finance and Political Econom,Y. THts JOURNAL covert a &f01ll1d the extent ot which is occupied by BO other publication. and f01'1Dl11 an innluahlo work of relereDc:e to the m.e:rdLant aod awiufactwcr. REcul.AR AND T8US'TWORTftY' C0R.RJtSJ"())rfn.JtCB1 fur. by Tc: expo-essty ror this Joumol. -an the == tra centres of this is cmlnacc4 ill its THB CONDITION AND PJtOSPIICTS o( the YaJioos DU.J'kds ore eamully aad the poooibilities ond opportwllties trade are dGIIloutn.ted u bJ ao other JJMdiUl extanL e e QUitSTlONI OF CONMa1lCIA.L JM'T&RRST aad .,. fully aad ably diocUSied ediiOriolly, without pi;o{wlice, b_y of the most responsible 'Writers and scadltic:iau ol the tame. THE BU.St.NBSS CHANGES occurring in the United Statet and Caoadt--.uch as fiailuN., w-alubou of pMtDtabi chau.l --etc., ---priDied In .... -.. :1:1 the list' is more oompleto and co...,...u..ivo t1au. cao. t.o ol>toioed throop any other --. TK& ClacuL\TIOM OP' nus ]OUUAL 1.iDa amo.g tllo boot merd>ontl, aad iiistitutiou of DOt oaly tloio couatry but maay b-Op, it -u acellmt adverti..siac op,.mmity to a J.icite' with-!1 o_nt it. The mach1'!es Will do the work required of them every We have our-process to the wonts ot manu ltme. Follow our Instructions and you cannot fail ef succfacturera or JODbers who would like tot;;weat their .to. To every purchaser -..:e give prmted pa.mphlel containing bacco themaelves just as they may need it. and we such full and complete mstrucllens. a !tout re-sweating that you have also mAde it entirely unhecessary to go io the ex-cannot fail It goes into all the details of Philips' process on pense of a steam heating apparatus. new and ola g_oods. His V8l!t experience m thili line of The aweating appare.tusee are automatic in their bnsmess renders this pamphlet alone of more value to yon than working, running all night withaut attention and are tile charge for royalty. portable an_j as easily moved e.bout as an eW:pty Seed L!Jt us know how many hands yon employ, and we will furleaf case. 1.1teyaremadeofwood exceptthewater-pan mshyon '!" cstnnate .of doing your entire sweatingon your for genera_ting a. moist heat, thel-'etore do not heat up own premises. can _be done just to snit yourself. We I .--have no secrets now m thlB branch of our business aa Mr the room m !''hich they are worked, and the sweating Philips is fully protected by several patents dating 1869. can be done 10 the same room with the workmen with-when the first patent for sweating and and coloring t& O!!t to them. 'The foliowing is the capo bacco by and artificial heat in wood or other ve-ls or c1ty and pr\ce-hst of the three sizes which we build: -boxes was Issued by the Patent Omce. up to the present time, No. 1 sweats 50 pounds (or le11s) at one time --Circulates as freely and Is a well known as theN. Y. Herald. lly l1D&Illm0Ull Clo_D, ProD

Straiton & Storm, rRE BEST ALL-TOBACCO CIGARETTE BUGIRI DU BOJJ. 'DOHANr CARROll, 8r CO., MANUFACTURERS of CIGARS "BETWEEN fHE ACT&" 1M .J'KONT ST., !fEW' YORK. And Dealers in Leaf -Tobacco, nw YOB& -P.O. 20B East Twen New York TkoabovoBrandof HAVANA TOBACCO C:lGARETTES madeonlJby MANUFACTURERS OF AND DEALERS IN -B. B.&LL :MB,y Brothel'S, PLUG AND SMOKIN. G TOBACCO. .222 GREENWICH STREET, OF BIRCLIY, NEW YO:K. Sole Agents for JAMES B. PACE, Richmond, -: MANUfAtTURER OF FINE CIGARS. AND 0 HER VIRGINIA MANUFACT UREHS. [HouseatP.,rls.J NEW YOB&, ..&; <>-so1e 'ts for JIB. W. CARROLL'S CELEBRATED BRANDS. 'LONE JACK,' 'BROWN DICK, ETC., ETC.. ETC. -AND--" '"Q7 :R A G-T A e s::rn.ok.i.:n.g Tobacco. AGENCY, J.AS. G.A.B,DUC E#ft, TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANT, 74. ::.ro23:t &'tree1:, :N"e"'S:'V York.. 8XPOB'S --PGK PL11G TOBA.4JCO PKOM:PTL Y FILLED, J. A .RTIN, 74. JIPro:p:t &1:""ee1:. lSI e"'S:'V York, (l'remloelll&la.; W W. IIALks, 0., 25 8outh.JeJfen10nBt.; W. W.IL\.LES, OMignati, 0., 5JcFfontSt.; W. H. LOVELL, Elmira., N Y. BENSEL & CO., TOBAGGO INSPHGTORS, WATER STREET, NEW TOR.X. ,Antonio Gonzalez, TURA & VICHOT. 1 ru:anuf"ctu;eJ"JJ oC R. L. TURA, IDlpor,cr ot uuir;1ult Nanme & M1 Nona, 368 BLEECKER sTREET, I No. 88 MAIDEN LANE, General Depot, 86 M:aldea Lane, JSre...,..,.. 'York.. N'e...,..,.. 'York.. J I I ,. :1\s:. II& E. PACK-ERS OF SEED -AND. D!PORTERS O;l'-. Ha; an_d Cigars, WM C DOWERS WM. C. BOWERS & CO., IMPOB.'l'ERS OF HAVANA SIMON Q MANUFACTURER OF Cigar Boxes -ANDSHOW FIGURES. DIPORTER OF AND DEALER IN SPANISH CICAR RIBBONS, Dealer ID Leaf Tobacco, 138 Water St., New York. Chas. F. Tag & Son. IMPORTERS OF SP .A.N"X&:a:: And Dealers ,In all kinds ot LEAF TOBACCO,. 184 Front St., New Jork. E. M. CRAWFORD & SON. DiPGRTEBS AND DJU.I.II:lllil lJI Loaf TobaccoJ 168 Water St., M. H. LEVIN, OF HAVANA, AND D!<:ALER IN ALL KINDS 011' Loaf Tobacco, 162 Pearl Street, New Tort German

MAY 7 i'HE TOBACCO LE-AF. ;./'! :..U. IIPmtia. At.n. HAOOIIIUIJ!J. !l.un1a. lL Sl'n;cuiUI. HAVANA E. SPDTGA.BN & Oo. Jlll>OR'l'ERS OF N. LAGHENBRUCH & BRO. PACKERS OF SEED LE A F BOSSELMANN & SCHROEDER, Tdba.oce &, c:H.g-a.:r Merobant AND IJriPORTERS OF 184 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. Fl NE -CUT T 0 B 0, 201 and 209 Water Strtat, JAMES BRUSSEL & CO., CIGABS, lo. 18 BOWERY, NEW YDftt FR. ENGEL BACH, "'C"'C'":EJ:C>LES .A.:LoE TOBAOCO DEPOT &AGENCY !'or F. w. FELGNER & SON'S, Balttmcll'e, Tobacco Cigarette.. 56 S. WASHINGTON S8UARE, N.Y. S. V .A. N' .A. I -ANDSEED LEAF TOBACCO, 162 Water St., New York. G.I'EB.WANDEZ, Illl'ORTII:B 01' HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO C:J:Cilo.A.JR.8, lt06 Pearl Street, New York. L. NEWGASS, PACIBK OP ALL IINDS OP SEED LEAF TOBACCO, Internal Revenue Books. Tl.. Orfclul l'lll>llllhiDe ...... .O.IIoxl, li'UJ!!L lnU l 8t8RC11J, a SJRllltJ; i lit ... 'l'o_\11000; loD7 ...,. .., ..-at .. on DOUCe; p ... :z 1'111' "1" ::1: 1'111' c. or -a& the Lowell Pdooo, ... IQ&P&ICJB .. AHNER & DE$8, FINE VUEL TA ABAJO TOBACCO & CIGARS .a.. Propl'l-r oc Brand u LA ISLA" ..... IIIIo .... r&auo .. oc,...-...-, t. --.. oe Cllcarr '"Coney Island," 206 Pearl St., New York SCHOVBIUJBB,SOULB & CO. PACORS 01!' AND DEALEBS IN SEED LEAF TOBACCO, ... W MfLFORD, CI05NEO'T%0V'T. R .ochester, N,rY. G. tk G. G. Acknowledged by consumers to be but in the market. BBOTHBB.S, Tobacco Freight BrokerS, A..Nn RECElV.ING AND FORWARDING AGENTS' -GIFFORD, SHERMAN & INNIS, [P. 0. Bcx 3,152.1 53 Exchange P1ace NEW YO .. W. BETHEL, Leaf Tobacco Broker, 6 8TREIIT. A. PERSON, HARBJM'AN & CO .. .-> !.AUGVS'l'US 'l'READW'ELL, formerlywUh HOWARD BROS. & RJ:AD;J Tobacco Ba&ging, JB:IT.A.TIOI'I' aF.A.RUB .&llD LJI'IBI'I' P.&l'I'CY tr.nlJPEll IP'OB. rD'Erll'I'G 1/J!' aae&AM& MANUFACTURERS OF FINE HAVANA o.orra1es 71. ALONZO. Gamer Ga:rcia,-MANUFACT-URER of FINH CI&AHS, HAVANA. CUBA. 1 .Havana Cigar Manufactory. 1Brands: "STANLEY," "Ll PERFECCION," ; LA GUERRA_ BELLA," ''AURORA," "NAPOLEON." ABA.JO S'l'AXDABD Bm.UUVJ:LT. Rudesindo Cuevas & Co. l!WEa.1o-j a oa. :EEa"'111"a21a., cu. ba. J y Garcl.a., JANlJP AGTURHRS OF. FINE HAVANA' GIG!RS,_ S1"tias 9., a'7 dt ae ::EI:rooZD.e &'tree'l: l!lil e._ Y'o:rk..


I S THE T 0 B A C C 0 J., E A F. MAY7 T EffeTe E#*C, BR.OEJ., Packers, Commission Merchants, ud Wholesale Dealers i n FOREIGN & DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 117 NORTH THIRD STREIT, PHILADELPHIA, EISENLOHR & O _Or, PACKERS AND WHOLES/.LE DEALERS IN L 'EAF TOBACC-"'O, 115 &. "VU'a-te:r S1;,, W. ErSENI.OHR, PiliL. ll'ONN. L. BAMBERGER & CO.J Packers and Dealers In LEA.F TOB.A..CCO, And Manufacturers of LowCrade Clgarsj No. 111 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa. LEWI S BREMER'S SONS, 1LEAF" AND wWUF!dTuuD TOBACCO, NO. 3H NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPH-IA .. large assortment of all kinds o( LBAF ToBAcco constantlv on ha.nd .&, Packers, Commissim J6rchants &, Dealers fn SEED LEAF tc HAVANA TOBACCO No. 35 North Water-st., Philadelphia. And 214 EET ... HARTFO NN. .Baltbnore AdveniseD1ea.tll. "VVM. A. BOYD & CO., IIIPOATED AJrD DOIIESTIO LEAF TOBAC00, :N"o. 33 South Sh-eet. 'D'. &. DE LA REilfE," "IIEBCDANTS DISPATCH," "I'. B. F CT'G co, BISCHOFF'S" GERIIA.N SMOKING, aad other Branda of CIGAR MOULD MANU A 11 -Cor.ffiidge Colle[o Ave's! 1 AGENT rn ciGARETTES. Is pow retailing 118 dilrerent and '11-, tNm tbe faotory, Fw b h C -greaflv Every monkl. wam.oted 1JDiform I! size jmr.a.o ac 9 _ali. Chased be riot ble. lt will be excbai:aged or mopty Our am1 is 'tO give perfec satisfi.cti O n to tiie trade, diL"t:-Ct from the factory .fOil.! wjU save aH delay-and commissh:mst nteda-1 nnc:L c tilp(Om& e,warded &t the Cell-nJal W8JI to tbe Uo 8, o li' 0 w 'St- :Jfould. Of'Jlclat.doeumeou can \te seew aA thereftlce, Ridge a.uu. as o.,. Nor;tbOs l'IIANUPACTUBEDS OP /-, ( .\ /---"\. ,/--" i 0:::: /l::; J 0::: l a::: l 0::: I )LLJ',. W I w ) wl, )W N N' N 'r-..... I N N \:z; \ \ :z:! :z \ ,z( lz: .1'-I Z : 1 : 1--1 (L.o.... I ,; -. i L.o.... .I I L.o....i I.... I Lt-., \, LL.; :........:_ .\....'_." '...._j '-..._./ I .... .._./ .......... __..' < :F"i-ve :i3ro'thers :I.EJoz :E'"e>"&1%1ds, X.o:n.g J'oh:n. as, Elr:lgh't a.:n.d Ell.a.c:ok, C>l.d. B Oe:n.'t :E'"l.-u.c, _..,. -. B. -. HiNSDALE SMITH & ---(Ba&&lille ... 18.0,)PA.GitJ:BS AND JOBIIli:BS OJ' I Connoctlcnt Sood-loaf Tobacco --IMPORTERS of HAVANA, lilt Sl & 15 DA.BPD-8T,1 "'' .-pr:I.D.s11,e1d., :,-.;, GEO. B. BAKN,, CONN. SEED LEAFJ -AND-Conn. Havana Tobacco. ... Point, ao-ttca.t -.AND--175 Water Street, N.,. York C!tz C. 0. HOLYOKE, WhoJeaJe Dealer In Western Leaf Tobacco AND AFRICAN SHIPPERS A .SPECIALTY. STEAM CIGAR. e .BOX FACTORY 12 Wharf, Boston. The the W eat. Capacity, 25,000 Boxea per Week, G E D R G E H 1 J 0 N E S Importer of :U:.A. V .A.N' A. SEED lfAfTiiBACCO 98,-100 & 102 N. CANAL STREET. Cincinnati, 0. .&lao llaaufaoturer of the Veneered Cedar Vil;u-Box Lumber. Sample furniohed on Send for PrioeLiat. .A. :&UU Line oc Labela, Edalnga and Ribbons kep'& coDtantly OD hand a'& Manuf'Rctu:rer-' Prtee. HENRY GEISE, (Buc"""""r to B GEISE &: BRO ) &TEl..&. :a GIGAR'-BOX FACTORY, No. 93 CLAY STREET, CINUINNA.TI0 O. J,B.IU-PRAGUE & MATSON, LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS JAKES PIDLIPS, Ponnerly with u. s. PhiDpe & Co. Tobacco Cnring .and Sweating, (11nder C, 8, PDI'LIPS Patent.) -The only Successful Procees In E>:latence.Dark Colors Cuaranteed, Poor burning Tobacco made good Old and Dried out roods renovated and pnt Into good order. Green, raw, light-colored or unsweated cured aDd 6rought to dark colol'l. 70 Main St., Cincinnati, 0, BERRY MEYER & CO., ,, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, I And Wholesa l e Dealers ia No, 98 Water Street, lEI9a'!!"OI!o C1ua. W. Wn.DD, Ja. Wa. B. w.-. CHAS.-W. WILDER; Jr., FINE CIGARS, 0 68 Kilby a:. 98 Water 8te.1 BOSTON. E. II. FLACK, TOBACCO BROKER, HOPKINSVILLE, KY. OHIO AND _CONNECTICUT LEAF ,TOBACCO, 4-R Front St., Cinoin:n!!.U: 0. Spratt"' eo Louisville, K7 ww;lls & F. w. OOHRMINN... w FNNDiMAN & BEivrN:vm Manufacturers' Agents, LEA.F-TOBAGGO BROKER : -Packers of Leaf Toba-cco I CICARS &. TOBACCOS, 24. SOUTH THIRD STREET, &1;. X.e>-u.:l :Di!l:o. R. J. LANDRUJI. T ACHAU PltiiloliiCCo. LOUISVILLE, Ky. S. E. cor. Vine & Front Sts., CINCINNATI. E. BIM'M' & Paek.ere oc aacl Deal en ta I'INE WRAPPERS .t; SIIOKEJUI A. SPECIALTY DANVIL,_E, VIRQI!IA. THE YnRK CIGAR CO. PENNSYLVANIA CIGARS from to 11516 per thousand. Pa. Pa.ul c. Venable, COIIDIISSION { .A.N":J:J BTR.:J:PB. -A.leo Pine Virginia Manuf'rs Stems & Scra,s. 0. X.yza.obb'-&Z'Co v-.. I oollelt eom!IIDOildeaee with larlle _,._. Nn and doalm fn the Unlted.StatM an4 Evope. &D4 will tumiSb I&IDplesandprloeo Ollapplle&UOII,; and wiD make !llltry!t LADD. TOBICCO CO., IJ!AF TOBACCO. BtrniRS, No. 21 Korth Main Street;.) sor. x.ov..xa, JY:<>. W. n:. PrHiden&. .,.r-r... LEAF TOBACCO. OffiO G. H.-B. .....,_ott, Petersburg, Lancaster Co., Pa. DULU llf E. E. WENCK, B .. SUBBRT, WBOLEULE DEALER Ill TOBACCO SHIPPING ,Joseph Wallace, (Successor to Coope r & 'V\TaJter. ) MANUFACTUREROF IMPORTED a:. DOMJ:STIC P. ,J. BORG-..,&, co., CO-MISSION MERCHANT l. E A F ,1 '[ 0 8 A C C 0, OF. KI.NDS OF PLUG .TOBICCO, 46and48 at., 31 German St., Baltimore, Md. -o. LW,eor,L_.._. ... ........ re,B .. DARK WllAPPll:ll8 OOM!'I'ARTLY ON HAND, C>'U.r X..e&d.:I.:11C JEiraZLd81 :EI:EG GU::BJ'." BAV.A.NA. ---DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, Dl l!aet Randolph St.,_ CHICAGO, ILL. [ I .. ) 1 JAB. A. HHNDERSON & DEALEB.S IN VIrginia and North Carolina LEAF TOBACCO, :J:Ja.:u. "'V::.l.J.e. 'V a.. Smokers and Bright Leaf a llpMiaby. Orders Sollelted. .N, Sbelk>a. r. x......., c. a. C. B. BUTLEB, BANNER 1111CCESSORS '.1'0 & I!IILLS, < .r 15 HAJIPDD STll.t:E'l', 193 & 195 Jeft'erson Ave., Detroit; (CORNER OF, BA TE8 STREET,) MAN11PAC'r111lEIItS 011' TIIB CBLBBKA.'I'EB < ...


MAY7 Business Directory of Advertisers. lO:W YORK. [.o'lf Tebocoo wa..Ahner & l""'hl-s. 190 PearL Arends & Fringant.. 198 Pearl Blook & UDdhelm. 1JIO Pearl Barnes Geo. B. 1,75 Water BarDe\t 8 lR! Water Buch & l'locller.1M Water. Cardoso A. H. 1111 Broad erawrart E. M. & son. 168 w -' DiDo .t Cu.._ 1711 Eggen Wm. It Co. 11411 Pe&rL J'rtedm.a'llll. Henry, tllt lla.lden Lane J'rlend E. & 0. & CO. 1!111Maideu Laue. G W. Gail & AX, 168 Water Qardl D J., Boa&; Co. 44 Broad Gansprot. &; Bosenth&l, 150 Water J. L .t: Bro. Glrsbel L. & Dro. 191 Pearl. Bambunif't!r L Oo. Bellb.-er, Joeophl & Co. liQ 1\laldeo Lt.De Blrlith, VlosoriUB & Co. 177 K:erbs &: Bplesa 1014-1000 2d AYttnue Koenllf H. k Co. !i"ii1 Pearl L&cbenoruch & Bro. 164 Water. Lederer & lloohel, 218 Pearl Levin Jl. H. 162 Peart Levy D. 1119 W a.ter Leben"teln Jnltus, 131 :Maiden Lane Michaelis S. & Co. 179 Pearl Neu-.urger M 11. Co. 172 'Vater NewpiO L. JH Otttnger Brotl\el'l. 4.8 8ro&tl owen F. E. Oppenheimer M. 138 Water Jl,eWma.nn G. 228 Pearl. Rosenwald E. & Bros. U5 Wa.te; Bonin s. & Sons, 173 Water Salomon G &; Bros. 2:i4 Pea.rl Sawyer, Wallace&:; Co. 47 Broadw&J Scboverllng Bros. 142 Water Schroeder & Bon, 178 Water. l!chnbl0 8. W aohlnlt'On Sq uan Gerdin"'r J. M. 'i4 Front. Hen A. 43 Uber>Y. Jla,rtiD J. ,V., 74 Tront Thompson. ),loore & Co. 8.1 Fr\)nt Wille & IJei,dloelm, :lM'aud 1'obacco Balen tOT" JC:rpOrl. Q11Uorl8 & co. 225 Fro' Leaf 1'o.itn.CCO Flilllpoi' c. s. & Co. 188 Pearl JlereAoftta BeJ'DI" ftr,1c.herR &. Co .. 4ii & 48 Exchange Place. -TobclccO }Jrolcera. Oattua John. 88 )Seaver 0..,.,1lon J. s & oo. Water OBMme. J 1uneM G. M Broad. Bader &:: Son. 37 Beaver Bb""-'11: A 1':'8 Pearl Street. Jla'ftlfA{' u/ StnolfiJ&.!'I CJnd Tob&cowort Love J W. 6 Rh ington Kendell. w & Bro 151 BowerY lltoonells Adolph, 647-MUd Avenue Orgler 8 8& MuiTa;:r PQhalofifP. U3 Ch&Dlbers Steinecke R., 131 Bt&ehelloerg Jl. & Co., liH-156 South Fifth Avo. Btralton & Storm. l!Of-106 Ea8t ! Sutro & Newmark. 76 Park Place Upiii&IUl earl, .178 Pearl Street. Jmr wrters of Sumatra WapperB. G W. Gail& .U:, 1116 Wa.ter of Fiu BCJMtta {}ifclra. Brnwn & Earle. 203-200 ll8d FOMer, Btlloll &. Co. Aenue D aud lOth St. Saaoneo. Bay& /k. Co. tao, 11!11. Jilt Jlald-LaDe Tur& & Vlcho&, 1168 Hleecker. Jonporlorl of s--Toboeco ...... Almlrall J. J. 15 Qedsr Bowera Wm. & Co. 148 Doane Diaa B. 157 Water J'eraarulez G. :106 Pearl .tC'. wauer Friedman I.Aonard, 203 P-.rt G W. Ot\il &: AK-, 166 Water Ga.rol& !''. Bro. & Oc. 167 Water aa-rt J. L & Bro. 15;-]!lowery Gonoale A.. 1!10 Pearl K.erbll a; Spiess 1014-109> 2d Aveaue Llltentball1. ct: Co. 177 Pearl Lopez, OaUxto. 2116 Pearl Loz&Do. Pendas & Ce. li09 Pearl MT. B & Co. 161 Jlaldea L&ae. J(lraDda F. & Co. llll2 Pearl RoBlin 8. & Ilona, 17ll Water Salomen G. &; Broo 164 Pearl l!&neheL Hava & Co. 130, Ia:!. lilt Kaldea Labe Seyonr Cllao. -T. 188 Front. f!olomOII X. a B. 85 Malden Spin!Jarn E. & Co. 5 Burling SUp Tura B. L. 811 Jll.aiden Lane. Vega&: liemlelm, 187 Pe&rl Wetl & Co. tiS Pine w-.1Cllor & Yb<>r V. HarL!J>oz &: Co. 190 P<,Wi ..ta-IJor 011._ alld Smolling Tob.-. Auguotln II: Duoel, 11 W&ITell Bea A 43 Wise &: Bendholm 164 and !11141 Caaa1 Jltl,fn of .. cmd 8moki"9 2bllacco. Robert. Jl J 4U Broadw&1' -141...ot K<11 w .. t DeBary Fred'lt & Co. 41 and 4i w ....... llol'all & La-Ill llurr&J JtGAiifaoC"I6re.., o/ Jl........,.,.,.. -,.....,. Welo Carl. -.v&lker Broo. & Bondy, 1llt-ISI Graud Imporloro CIGw _,.._, Angtllltln & Duoel, 11 Warren Bn A. 0 Llben:r J[a-ua Brw. & Bonq, 1111 and 1816rud Kay Broo. 105 lid A .... of JIHar 1'lf'M Gild .llllpOrlon of 4'ooo!Oen' ..trlioillM/-""'""Of Liooriee Paofc. McAndrew Jamee C M Water sw.mfonl Kanulaccurlllil: Co. 1&7 ll&ld6o LaDe We&Yer.t: Bterrr II Cedar Joo&portera of Paale. Al"lflllmbau, Wallaee .t Co. llA and 31 B. WUll&m Jlo.AAdrew J amtlll C. M Water We&Yez; & Sterry, II Cedar Zuricalday & A.rgulmbau. 28 Beaver .IIGAutaot-a of .l'ou>dered u-loc. 8Hrord, Sberm&D .t; IJuds. IW WWI&m B. Blllters Son&: Co. & Sterry, 14 Cedar .s-1 Lecaf Tobacco 1...,__ Benoe!,&.lio Water ll'!nko It {;o. I Gil Water Ba.miUon C. C. k co. 170 Wate r Undo 1'. C. & co. f42 Water T 0i1acco llllachinery. 'N. Y. To'baoeO lCaohlne Cp. 61 Bro&d.W&J'. Tobacco 6uthrte & Co. 22f. Front Jlcl"uractv.renr of Ctga.r R,.,...., ErlchB B. W. 316-ltl Eut Eleventh St.. B ....... Btr&IJI!II S. 1'19 o.nd 18l'Lewis Wlclacco and Cigar LabeU. Reppenheimer & Maurer. ::0: ana :!4 N. William Uptetlesale DeaJer in Seed Leaf a"d Ha116ft0 BecK A & Co. 44 and 46 Dearborn. !!aodh.....,u BrOI!. 17W!>St Subert ll. E. Ra.ndolph sutter :Drothera, 46 and 41:1 ... enue 'Jla.nfrs of Chtcing &:: 8mokina Tob. Beck A. & Co. 44 and 46 Dearborn Wh.olelale To0acconi6b ancl M'J'r' AQeR.U:. Best. &:: Co. Lake and 41 State Woodward li: .A.. 42 Wabah Av. VINCINNATI, O, Oigar Boz :Lumbm-. The E D. Albro Co.,IISS-767 W. 61)1, Sa.muel W., 98-102 N Canal W!ioieS;. dHarr:iB Son s Cigar Suppluo. Bchuberth & Co Vine Deakra in. 8)1ani11a. and Cigar Leo! Toltaeoo. Meyer BY. & Oo. 46 Franc Tol>. Comm.U.ion Merchant and Hfr' ...A.gcnt. Richey Henry A 16 West Second Street. )lnjtra 0/ ImDroved Tobacco The !t.Oowaa Pump Co. 141 & 143 W 2d ot Jllao"f--' of l"i,..l-"'' mo-o..., at&tl 1 Sn.oking Tobacco. ilpeDCfl llroL & Co. !u-C<1>t C{floroltu. Frey L. C. & Co. Loa/ Tol>acoO lh"Oiat:r l)obnn&DD. F W. s. e. cor. Vine &D.d J'l'Ont Ltcsl Tobacco Moler R & Co. Ma.a.ujcacturer f Sheet .Metal aM Woodetl. ,--:;gcar JloWd.a The' Hiller. Dubrur & Peters llltg Co IM to 140 E l!d. Tobacco JlerclwltllJ. Prague ;t MatoOn, 94 Weot Front MmmJCJCturen of Cigar-Bosa. Gettle Henry. ClaT l 8. W 118-102 !i. Can&! Manujacturer 0/ Plv.g Tobar.eo Clunet, Brbwn &:; Q?. 11 19W. ... Din. in lf'oreign bMco Gershal L. & Bro., r29 State Lee Geo. 150 State Bay & Smith, 214 State 'Vlllco:z: S. W. fii6 HARRISBURG, Po.." in. Dome tiD and Havana Leaf Tobacco and .Manuf pe7., &.. Co. Ma.rt.i k y Garcia, Sitios 9 Muria.s & Co. Rurie:;indo uuevas & Co. Mn.1oja 3 9 Ynclan 4:: Sanchez, Calle Estrella HOPKINSVILLE. Ky. 1 ooacco Bro4-erl. Flack E M Thompsou Geo V. Ra.gsd.al6 W. E. LANCASTER, p,., Dealtr an Lear Tobacco : Frey & Weidler, 2 1 8 W King l"t Hirsh David G. 8 C hestnnt st Skile& & Frey. 61 and 63 Nonh DUKe PMker anl'l Omrimiuion Merchant. Teller A. 233 N. Sbtppen' s t. of Penn.)'lvania Oio"ara Hirsh Da id G Stehman H. L. II: Co, 252 N. Qu .eeo at LIVERP.OOL, Eq. Cope Bros. & Co. to Lord Nelson et 1'obaCM Bmk#"s. Parry & Crosbies. 6 North John Street LOUISVILI.j:, Ky. Ptug Tobacco P'lnzer J. & Bros. 194 and lSi Tacbau & Landrum. Leaf TobCJCco. Meier W. G. & Co. 1 ... 7'obacco Commiuion. J{erehan.ta, Wlcb G. W & Co. Weotl\lala l'obacco EN'-". Callaway James F. aorner Eighth and llala Guother George F. Lewis Rich'd M M8 West Mala Meier Wm. 0. &: Co. 63 N..O'Ooo. P. Pr""ol'l W F. 31M Weot Main LYNCHBURG, Va. Ma.n.tifacturer of Tobacco J Carroll" Jolon W. Carroll Wm. 8. Tobacco Commiuiotl Merclwmk. Holt, Schaefer&:: Co. Dlr in VirginiG Le&J ct M.nfr Scrap1 Leftwich A. lot. lllAY.FIELD, Ky. Leaj T obacco BufleT. Melloo W S IIIELBO"'URNE, Austr..U... Tnl>acco ct t;ignr )l,..cha.,.t8 and M.a-J'ra. Feldheim, Jacobs&.: Co. MIDDLETOWN, 0. lf{anufacttt1"ei"B of Piuv 1'o'baCMI. I!Jorg P. J. &: Co. NEW MILFORD. Conn. Packer and Dealer in Seed LeaJ. Sehoverlinz-, Soule & Co. PADUCAH, Ky. Tobacco Jhoker. Puryear T R PATERSON, N. J, of Chewing and .imokln.g To bu.cco, Snuf! and Oigar1. A.Uen 85 & 67 Vau Houten Street PETERSBURG, Va, llanufacfurtn 9.f Ptug ancf Smoking Tobaooo and /Jeolers in Ltaf 1 'obacf'lol>acoc>Br-. w E .Pibrell Jlanujactunw of TobAcco Bage. H. Jllllbise.r & Co. t3fl9r Ma.Jn :R.OCHESTER, Jf; Y. -Manufacturer" of Tobacco. Whalen R. .t:""T. 18'!Sta.te of .. Ptert.t:u' and Plai rm.CUt Tobacco and "Vanitw Fair" 9Molft,.., TobMco and Cif]aretlu.. Kimball w. s. &: 90. M.n.ftrs n ( Gold Clip Cigaretttl, S. F He"" II: (;O. SPRINGFIELD. Ha .. Packer & JobDerl of Connecticut Leal Tob' co R. lt. Son. 20 Hampden Butl rC. B. ST. LOUIS. Mo. 1 'obacce W a.relt.9'UBe.a. Dormiuer C. &: R &: Co. Market BulJf!Y of r.M.f 1hhacco. Ladd Tobacco Co. 21 North Main \ Tobacco Bu.11era.. Meier Adolphus&: Co. Man1tfacturers' Agents. D 120 N. 2d : tor r.l&rtmrg ArO!' Spieg,.J. 24 Sr')u"h 3 d M[1 s of 1'obaoeo. Da.usman Tobn.cco Co S:YRACUSE. Jf, Y. of Cigar bo:Jiei. Leeftt J!lasdj!l. 1ti8 and 110 F.aot Water TOLEDO, 0. .Ma,;ujcu; u;r.r of,: Vi1gm. QHeen, Oignre ttt!4. Messenger Cha.'ll. B WAREHOUSE POINT, Conn. Packer Dlr in Cen.n Sud Leal Tobacco Barnes Goo. IJ WESTFIELD. M.a...... D>>er"'. B,..,......,...Joba C 1 .W.Va. Ha.n.uJactursrl oJ St&giea, f'ipa d: J?n.e Cigar. Ebellnir .t; Pebler, 1043 Market st Looo. H. Ii. & Bra. Xeder & liTo. YOBK, Pa X'"'rn oJ Cigo.rt. Jlayer J1100b t & U -8omb York Cleo ..!0. TOBACO o L 'EA.F. LOUIS ASB DAVID llEIR. BENJ. ASli LOUIS ASH & 00. KERBS & Manufacturers MA;NUFACTURERS of CIG.ARS t of Fine C1gars, And Dealers in LEAP 1014, 1016, 1018, 1020 SECOND AVENOE, 310, 312, 314 AND 316 FIFTY-FOURTH STREET. 96 & 98 READE STREET, NEW YORK. Buchanari & Lyall, 101 ST., "'S:Fl.U:.. Co:n:1:n:1ero:ia1 Fao"tory, :J3rook1y:n., MANUFAC'FURE THE FOLLOWIKG' CELEBR..'I.TED BRANDS OF ::E8L U'G-TC>:B.A.CCC>: PL.A.JSIET, FA.NCY DARK NAVIES; :N":ElPTUJSI'E, JlANCY BRIGHT NAVIES; FL"C"SlEI:, STANDARD BJUGHT NAVQi:S; TRAD. E N":m""'V voa.::a:::. &, Lederer, IU.1roF .A.Cil'1ffiEIIS OP Fine Cigars LEAF TOBACCO, 96 to I I 0 Attorney St e SI.A.:ELO:Fl.'S DARK NAVIES, The reputation of these gocds is world: wide, and the increasing sales of them Js proof o! their merit&. .A.:Fl.EI OF %1\/;[:ETAT:EO:L"'TB. Our. Trade-Mark :a..x is Embossed. on every Plug. \\.1l MENDEL & 890 ., THE ll'IRM 011' John bt Ave., 28th .t: 2"1th Sta., Xew Y...a. Ll""""""" of the Tilghman Sand Blaot proeeoo u41 Maaufacturen by other Patentedot OFF:EOEJSI: Mannfactnrors of Cigars, BOSTON: 31 Central Street; CINCINNATI: 69 West Second Street; CHIC-' CO: 9 Wabash Avenue ; $AN FRANCISCO: 316 Battery Street; PHILADELIUHIAJ ::\9 IIJprth rFront Street -:::n lio. lSi. ...j ot'r-- -'2 Bowery, NeW Transnaronl GLASS SIGNS.1 Bl;:etche8 and E.tlmates lurnlsbed on appllcatlaa. f LICHTENSTEIN BROS. & CO., C:IGAR -AKUFACTURBR NEAR BROADWAY, New York. llHFI!NGE CIGAR IANUF AGTORY. .. ,SAXONY BUNCHING MACHINE. ';,. (loU' &tJJTY I -2000 Scrap Bnnchos IHir nu. Only Single .Binder Required. U8 PEARL STBJ:KT. DWYOKK. lanlr. of CIGAR MOULD PRESSES & STRAPS, &.aerl-ol; Qe_. llo..W. ... RlbboD., Mao -A: llap= ... .-o-raaarae-&are ... of 'l'o a.-n.CJ -"' Cllpr ..._ SAIUBL JOSEPHS I & I I GO., Succ....,rs to Hellh: ron.,r, Josei>h8& i891 6911 6531 69511i91 699 1st An., Bet. 1mb and 40th Streeto. VO:Ja.3E.. A. GREENHALL, fj t::--t = = -.......:! = == c::-:> c::-:> = :No. 94 WARREN ST. Dills & Cullman, Successors to Fox, Dills&:: Co., .,. ------..-DEALERS -IN HAVANAf-.., And Packers of .SEED lEAf TOBACCO, 115 Water Street1 New York. JAB. H DILLS. JOS. F. CULLMAN. SIMON STERNBERGER. BANKER iND BROKER, l'J BROAD ST,. NEW YORK, 1'-.ys p&rtlcula.r a.lteotlon to the Negotiation or Foreign Ex c hauge and LOans. Executes Orders tor the PurchBJW and Sale ot Calllornla and N evod& lllnlng Stock In the Saa.......,_Stookkchange. ,, B. T.tCHTENSTEDI. United States Internal BeTenue Tax. The taz on all kinds of Manutamured Tobacco lll16 .....,., t1 :a; ik.alr, 16 eente 'IIIli> Cigars, 18 'Ill theusand; Cigarett'"' noo over 3 lbs 'Ill thousand, l!t. 75 per thousand;_ Cigarettes and Cheroots weigllng oTel' alb. 'lll)loUB&nd, $8per thou.sana The duty OJl Forelj!11 lb, and211 'Ill cent. ad valorem. Cigarettes !111m& duty aa clgUs. Imported CUtars., cmarettes. and Oheroots also bear the prescribed Revenue taxes, to be paid by stamps at the Custom H.....,. The Import duty on. Leaf T obacco is 35 cents :p Leaf Tobaoco etemfttec\, 60 cents !b; Manufactured To&a.cco, 50 c ents \Q lb; M.anutac. tured Tobacco and Scraps are also subject to the lnt.en>&l Revenue tu: ot 10 cents :P lb, a.nd must be pa.cked in contormttywtth bternal Revenua law and regulation. Scraps and cuttings, :lrowever, may be withdrawn.. In bulk for use in a tobacco, anwr. or cigar manufactory Without paymentf,. :. ot the internal revenue tax. tobacco the import duty is per lb, and 10 "Pipes and pipe bowls, 75 6 In Hollaud the i.lJ .:::8 cent8, gold, per 100 ldloa---{:l'30 American 1ba b'e1og equ.Uo l:.r.' In Rus..,i.s the duty on Lear' Tobacco is 4 roubles .t)_ pud: on Sntok:iug Tobacco 2ti roubles 40 kopek& It pudj 011 :!0 kopeks 'pud. o1 The u pud 1a equal to llobout. ,31) A.numca.n lbs. In Tu.rkey the dllty ts 50 cents, gold, per J1).6 ln England the are or:. Unmalluraeture4:..;;. -te -.mad. or str_tpood and unstemm.ed, cont&ining IO ttR or more ot moUture iD every 100 D>s bttbereof. 811 Gd. per 1b; oontabitng less thaD 11 lbs <>t moistQre, 8o IOd Ill. On Jllanuf.........OO tobaoco:-Caendiah &114 411 !Od 'Ill : all oth..-oort:, IDld and 1111-Belgium-tranc, i'Oh.i &n(t silver, 99.7cont8 cents. Liberla-;dollar" gold, 11. Bolivi&-boliviano, 811ver,M.t5 cent."!. lUexico-dolla.r, silver SJO.f celda. BrazU-mUreia of. 1 ,000 rei8, gold, Netherlar.ds---florin, go'ld and sllvw. 54.5 cents. 40, 2 cunts. British Po88el8ioa s in North A.mer NorwSy-crown. 28.8 centa. ica-dolla:-, gold Sl. PEJru-sol, sil ve r, 88.6 cents. Central America.-pe80, Mi1ver, 83,6c. P.ort.ugal""rmUt:e-ia ot l.OOO.reia. 1011. Chili-pe so, gold, 91.2 cents. tH 08. Denmark--crown, gold, 2ti,S cent&; ot 100 lilvv. Ecuador-peso, Rtlver, i-3.6 !Sil.9 t:ent&. .-d Egypt-pound o! 100 piasters, gold, Sand\Vich lslanda--1oiJ&r. S4 !r..4. "flll"irr-pesel4 or 100 centlnleo, go .., golrl &811.-er, 19.3 cts and silver, 19.S cents. Great Brita. iu-pound sterling, gold. 'SJoC"eden-crdl'-"11', goM., ts.8 0811\a. $4 86.6;.1. Switzerland-tr&ne, truld aad. ail'f'-.. Greece-dra.cbmp., gold aug. 19. 3 ctm.tL "' l:l.:i c:t-nts. Trlpoli-m&hbub of *I piA&te,..,..... German Emplre-mar) 28.8 e. VE'r, '74. 8 cehts ., India -rJJpee ol. 1& &Dil&l, llilver. '1&.4 eeD$o... : 39.7 cents. UniteU ol Cc-k;nbia-....,. ltab"-lira. gold and aitver. Ul.!l RU.-er. cent&." Tobacco is now sold at the Clarksville ,Exchange four days iq each week, Tuesday, Thurs-day and Fnday -The New England Grocer remarks:-'Nearly every gi;Ocer in :N e:w Engla.nd. sells tobacco. Man_y of, them :wgret the neceBSity th&t

lO Pred'k deBary & Co. _.. MANOF.A.W'OBERS OF CIGARS. Factory:-No. 8, 3d District, ce and Salesroom:-41 & 43 Warren St. New York. Ca."U."tic::a. 'tc: Elmc:ls..ers. Owlng to the numerous humbug sub stitutes used in pr('pa.rlng cheap paper, we f ee l the of calling pupic attentio n to our y, rappers. "hich are made of the FINEST NATURAL RICE P .l.PER, universally known to be the best; free from shellac. arsenic, and other delQterious drugs, wWch are requir04j to render saUYa-proof and toughen IDf e rior paper. A ca.reflll examination of our Paper and Cigarettes will satisfy all of the great merits claimed. Examine each Cigarette and see that every oae bears BROS.' fac1imile signature BUY NO OTHEB.. KINNEY TOBACCO CO., Mannfacturers ot the following weiJ.knoWil br&Dds:-Cap, Ol.'al, Ca.poral Sweet Caporal St. James9 Matinee, Ambassador. -. !!!!ion Club, Veteran, &c. .'ORIGINAL GREEN SEAL" '"-R.O:J: CA.R.C>T'TE, &c Beeraehau 8mok1D.c Tobaecoa. -J.& PillE STREET, NEW YORK. 114 & 116 Liberty St., !Uw York, Beg to direct the attention of the dealers In Tobacco throughout the United 6'\a.tes and the World to their CELEBRATED SOLACE Fine Cut Chewing Tobacco Which being once more ma.nutactured under the immediate s u pervisiou of tM ortglll&tor. MR .JOHN ANDERSON, I and now stands, as formefly. without a rival orforwan100 throqgh the usual cb.aD.uels will m eet with prompt attenUOL LICORICE PASTE. THE STAMFORD-JfiNUFACTURING GO., ,, 1G7 liWI:.&.::E:D:III:N' 'X....a.:N":m, 'YQn.:&:. 'l'lle 'l'rade bMing demanded a Superior &Ad Cheaper Article than 1ib&t hltherto used, thls Coml""'i ;a11DU111faetur!Dc, aDd otrerlng for a&le, LICOBICE PASTE (under tbe old "Sanf hraond) or a aDd a& & PRIC111 wlllch can hardly tall w be acceptal>le 'to all giving It a triaL \t 'Mellor 4 Rittenhouse, 218 :N'. BBd. &'t:ree1:, MANUFACTURERS OF SPANISH AN CREEK lll!lr"(lentennlal .t![eolal -r ed :ror "Purity, Cheapne-, and General :Bxeel-r -l'lf!i., J enee oflfiannfaeture." M ALSO H. &: R. BRAND STICK LICORICE, ALL SIZES. i Theae Cigarettes are made with the new A 'MBE.H. prepared paper ( Papier' brc), a new and bovet Frenc h invention, whi c h entirel y removes the objectim so r eqnentl)"' urge d against Paper Ciga.rEttes. In smoking, the AMBER prepared part thnt is put in the mo'uth WILL NOT STICK TO THE LIPS! The a bsence of moisture prevents the dissolution of :{icotine while smoking, Ol" the spread lng of the Tobacco and melting of the Rice Paper. We have secured !rom t h e PR"'ENC H putentees the Sol e Right to use the PAPIER. ,\.IIIBBE liJ the Ul'iiTZD STATI S THE TOBACCO LEAF. Blackwell's DURHAM CIGARETTES, The"t G-c:eds 'U.pc::o. ."the 'To'baooo -of the Celehr&ted 'Amerlca.n Eagle' .. CLIPPER," .. DEW DROP," Brand of nNB-CJUT, -.&UIO-'UIIVERUL FAVORITE,' 'F!fl:' REl\I_[Q V .A...L I Please notice that I have removed from No.ll and 13 Cannon Street to Foot of HOUSTON ST EAST RIVER. .A.::N'JIS:EI .A.n.d O:l.5a.r:Box. n.!l:a.n. -u.:f'a.o't-u.rora' B-u.pp1:1.ea, J lR..A. Y"N'E:R.. ThO Mrs. G. B. Miller & Co. Tobacco lYianufactor'J' ESTABLISHED 1776. 97 OC>X..'Un.!I::B:J:.A. l!ii'TR.EJE'T, PETER D. CQLLINS; Preddent. -MANUFACTURERS OF THE CELEBRATED-PlAIN FINE-CUT ChewiD. g Tobacco IN BLUE PAPERS. SNUFFS' = Rose-Scented Maccaboy,Scotch,French Rappee,American Gentleman "' SXG-N' AL" One Oz. Foil. Abo, F'irt asa Second quality SD>oking;, Itt Blue Papere. SWEETENED FINE-CUT-. Dark and Light Grape. Forest Rose. Club MAY A'l>PI.E and PRIZE LEAF FINE-VUT, In Il'oll, JUST CiUT. CIGARETTE MILDEST I RICHESl'! SMOOTHES'r SMOKING ... NEW VANITY FAIR A DAINTY SWEETBIT. INCOMPARABLE I SIJRE TO PLEASE I Wlll. S, KIMBAilL Peerle Tobacco Work. rrJ H. PURYEAR, I. H. CLARK & BROTHEi( I .. LEAF TOBACCO Paducah. Ky. UR CH & FRANKFORT, Importer11 oC Au.d Dealer ln .lOS. S. HALL. HOPKDJSVD.i.a, .. a PARRY & CROSBIES, TOBACCO BROKERS, S, RUSH WEAVER, HALL&WEAVER 55 and 57 COLLEGE PLACE, NEW YORK. SIGN ADVERTISING CONTRACTORS Signs Painted Everywhere FBO:ll AN INCH TO A MILE I N SIZE, Our Work our Reference. Designs and Estimates Given. "'VV'ork, Jarge and .snwJJ .. I Q'D':J:C:IEI:. I C:EEE P & MAY7. ADOLPH MOONELIS, ciGARs 647, 649 4 661 2d Avenue, 85th and 86th Sts., 5J:W TOBit. acob Henkell, :LtJilJJ' ... Cil'UBIUl o CIBAR BOXES For TOBACVO, Flo11I't Sal&, Dark, Sumac, Guano, Grala, B&e. Thrnlshed wilh o r without Printed Brande voN RICHJIOI.fD Navy Tobacoo. WM. S. CARROLL; PROPRIETOR OF Ebeling Pebler. AI.ANUFACTUREBS OF C:KG.A.R,&,. And Seed &Ad other Br&Dde of STOGIES, 1043 Market St., WheeliD.!, Vf. Va. Improved CICAR CUTTIER ..


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