The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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, \ VOL. XXIV.---NO PRINCIPE ALFONSO 56. "FF"a van.a. I 138 X Am& UNE, Dear later Bt, NEW YORK, r 57 DEL. WIO_.TJE, HAVANA, CUBA. tlA.LIXTQ LOPEZ, IIJ.I.lf11BL Le.JU:, a.JCpJo Lo CJALI:XTO LOPEZ & .. Packers and.,lmportersof VUELTA ABAJO TOBACCO. Exclusively, .. LA ISLA" Sol No. 86, No. 3 Gedar St., New York. 1 CUBA. TIU.DE :llABK. C.L. BIO.IlUIID JACOBY. GUSTAV JACOBY. x.. SC&::Dti":K:1, METROPOLITAN CIGAR FACTORY i3s WATER ST., NE1 W vqRK;1 S JACQBY & CO or ., B. ::E3:. ::M:A.NUS, AIIJSTBRDAJ'II:, HOLLAND, Factory No. 3, 3d District. FOOT OF 52d ST., EAST RIVER; SU:MATRA TOBACCO 1\} EJ"'VV HAVANA, CUBA: 148 Calle Animas. I NEW 192 Front Street. LUIS MARX, Pres. Ci:> M. ROSENTOWER, 'ec. a. Treas : i and TO:EI.:&.O =-PA'CIED IN BOXES. ; :' Photagraph in each Bo-. .A. BOLDER l'QB EACH CIG.A.B.I:TT& Handsome Ufe Size Chromos of Mrs, Cleveland With each two M. 93 John Street, New York. Marked W ell c .. ...., oeleeted by our lleoklenC; Durer In .Ha-from t1u FilleR flaoataflcn, :no G-"V'.A.BI'O::I.s."V'secL Many Brands imitating CLOSELY ours are offered and sold to the Trade as W. & C. f A ,LIB "EWARD will be paid by us for the Detection of the same. WElL & tOO., 65 PINE ST., nw YORK. OF BAVANALEAF Tnode .nark. Trlule Mark. JAMES. CHASKEL: & co;.'S LAS.fEGAs 16 Cedar st.. New York. 11oI1'..t J. A. Galle San 1Hcolas 128 HAVANA, CUBA. A. & C. 4Jelellftl&e

I The Tobacco Leaf. ESTABLISHED 1864. m.e the Lai'P8t Clreulatlon of AllJ' '"'4e Paper in the World. PtTBLISHED ltEKY JIORNING toBACCO LEAF PUBLISHIHG CO.: lOIS Malden Lane, New Yorlr. OOB. PJ:.\RL 8TIUIDI:l', 8DW .utD B'IJRH.E1 Edltqr, Te.r ot tlae Paper. -.en.& COPIES... .. ........... 100.. !.............. $4 i Six Jlontbli ........... J ... .laaaa! 8ubocrlptloaa .liJroado ._.'I' Barr&IJI an41 C.&M.&.D.J... p 0& HAMBURG And. the Cofn'UI'DT, 6.04 via ....... 6.01 ea.... .... .. .. .................. i.'lf _......._&.lTBS PO. &DVBBTIIIB!IIBI'f'D. One lb 'l'llree Year. Komba. llon!U 11-ODe ...-u ............... 2:1 114 II! Jl.aM over two aolumu 45 14 7 l&bt Hnett ooec-.Jiumn 415 -'C. 14 'J'weoty Qrbt linea OYel't'WOOO}UJil.U., 80 46 l'lfty-sl% lines one column .. S J . 8T PAUL. Minn -P trey (Mrs. Charlea) cigars and tobacco; now l'rey &: Teoaler. Keportecl Failures and BWI1n-Ar rancemeote. Clll 1 M:.&l'IBEIK, I''& -P' McMullen. cigar manufacturer; advertised to be sold out by Mheritf'. .. N,... You, N. Y.-Cl&ra Xoll, tobacco; judcment ag01not for Alex. R&ndohr &: Co L tobacco; judgment agalnot for 1110 OKAIIA, Neb -Oeo W vd.ncan 4 Co, wbolesa.le ctcars, etc ; ch&&tel mo....., foreclosed. IWI F .... CIBCO, Cal.-F11edlander,otpr manufacturen: for S2,000 Toao-sTO. ODt -Gee J.l'. COoper tobacco, etc; sod out by!lf. ToRB1 NGTOlf, Conn.-L. W Pond, cigal"', etc.; a881gued EDITOR 8T P.&.ur.. lllnn., June 1&. Sm:-ln your paper of the lnst. you bae Nported a judgment tor l1t &ga.lnst David Conhatm, cigars There Is only_ooe Dav1d in the cigar in this city, and this one Is a member ot the a.boe tlrm Be baa no judatmente whatever qafDSt him WW you ple&Ett correct &be mtstare and. obHge yours truly, ... ,. B1100. .t eo. OOBaBSI"'KDEIRJ& NEW YORK, June 21, 1887. EDITOR TOBACOO LEAFAbout two months ago you published as a news Item Sutro & Newmark had inaLi tinted auit against Levy Bros. for an infringement of a trade mark and sued for $10,000 damages, profits. etc etc. The case was tried this morning, Mr Hamtlton Cole for plain t1ffs, and Morris B. Wiee, Esq., for the de fense, Judge Donah\le pres1dmg. After 118 tenmg to tbe testunony of the plamtift's frem wttoeBSes from Boston, Salem and New York, the learned Judge d1am11!8ed the case wuh cmts on plaintlffll. There was notbiDI!: for us to defend. We bad made three different at tempts to settle thts case by arbitration, arbitrators to have been selected brSutro & Newmark, all ef which were refused. Our vmdicatwn IS tbtlrefore all the more complete and dec1si ve, an" we can enjoy the truth tbat ''be who laughs last laugubee'-" LEVY BBoa. .& Cl&ar-l>ox Paclory Barae4. A fire broke out at 1 o'clock Thursday mornmg m the extens1ve c1gar box factor,r of Stmon Strauss, at 179, 181 and 183 Lew18 street, and was not subdued until the buildmg and its contents were almo8t utterfy deetroyed and two adjoining buildings were badly damaged. The buildtogdeatroyed was of s1x stories, had a frontage of 7ti feet on Lew1s street, and was 100 feet deep. Mr. Strauss, who owned the buildio,;, occupied it all except three floors of 179, m wh1ch W1l liam H. Coffi n had a shoe manufactory. The ftre is believed to have or1gmated tn the bo1ler room in 'he basement. Mr. Strauss's loss on building, stock and maohmery IS estimated at $80,000, on which there is an insurp.nce of $47.000. We are informed that Mr. Strauss, with his usual energy, will immediately make arrangements for a new fac,ory. r.I'HE TOBACCO LEAF. ... TOG eF TOAa:o OF TBADE. NGTIN LEtTER. W .t.dDGTOlf1 a,.7 0De of tbOIIt treA*-thia hat ever ia OQII ildopte4l by Ule OOD Members of the Leaf Tollaceo Board of veatlon at Paria iD 1888 for of Trade were notifie:l on Wednrsday to attend iDillllltrial property in the countries compos a meeting of the board on Friday afternoon lng Union aad jUBt ratified by proclama "for the purpoee of takio1 such further or tiou of President Clevel&nd, aftectinr; in 118V other action ae be deeirable to procure eral i1DJ110i1ant the poades gan a more equitab1e enforoement of Ule tarlft erally, -nd Qacco trade of tflial oountry law i'!!P.2Bi111!: a duty upon lee.f wbit.cco. than Although the convention waa prevajls at tbe present time." four _lTeara ago, was not The Qbairman stated that the rueeting W&l takeq.4!p by the senate until Mal'lih lasr.-On called at the of five members of tL_.-.. ._.lltb of une the i881Hid.. h18 board. Col. Crawford stated that before get proclamation of &ahesion to the originalarti cles, pro:vidmg, II'> far as tbl8 Government is ting down to buaineBS be desired to call the coooerued, that tb .. y abllll be operat1ve at attention of the meeting to an interview in once, Jl s important to' the trade to the TOBACCO LEAF of June 18 with Mr. F. A. what countries are interested in the treaty Schroeder, in which that gentlemaa stated and lloun 6"r ita provisions. Beeidee the Uo1ted States the f ollowmg Governmrnts tbat at the last mellting of the board the have already acceded to 1t: Belgium, Brazil, chairman bad choked off debate and pre-I:Jpam, France, Quatemala, Italy, the Netbl"r vented those who were also members of the ands, Portugal, Salvador, Se"ia, SwitzerSumatra Importers' Exchange from aiting "'and, Germany, Great Britain, Luxemburg, their views on the manner in which Sumatra Mexico Norway. Paraguay, Roumama, Swe from continuing the prMUce of p11ttioc up olp.-. .ill boDs with a Spaniah word or pbnse u a .,. mark, and baYiDI!: tbe word" Hatiana" upon the box BO .at&t they will imitate ctcan imported from doec it the use of the weld Habana nn the boD!8 even if &be trade mark is an Encll8h word or the label not imitatinc a Cuban one. and aere being nothing elee to \be buyflr I Mr. Bagger in regard to th8118 queetione also was explicit and expressed the vlewa of other apecialilts here. Said he, Tb is treaty and the that will carry It into effect cannot affect the exiatinr; condition or affaire except; as "> the 'luestion of fraud may cause But Ule Supreme Court of the-Umted Statel!l, in the Ben1011'e Capeioe P!utei<-cMe, as all'e&dy decided that it must be shown that the trade mark is actually used to deceive or mi slead; and in the Aunbeueer BOlCh BrewiogC...mpany caae, where the ngbt to use the words "St. Louis beer" &II oooaideNCI, me Coul't deoaded tbat a geographtcal name ID ef or fraada led't o1atm.t ownerahlp in a trade-mark or label. It Ia nece. oary 10 of uoe, or lint-'lltr tile ortetn&J.qwuer: and to mate-PI'OOl anllaftaable, tbe To&MlCO LIU PDm.lo.-OoorP...,. ave hi _..-Ia-. lilt..,... lloiland...........,.ipe and the latter a piach of snuff, bot& coverE-d by the mit.stretP.Ii6d wings of an Amer1oan Used fflzo 15 ears No. ll'or Smoking Tcb&cco. Registered June 1'!, 8 a. m. Clark & Snove r, Scranton, Pa. Hump. No. 21152 Eor June 23, 8 a. m. Bollz, ()ppf!nbamer & Co Fort Wayne, Ind.. Our Beet. No. 25M. For Regie tared June 23. 8 a. m Boltz. Oppen hamer & eo, Fort Wayne, Ind. Our Speelai Cut&oaaer No 211114. For Cigars. Registere4 June 23, 8 a. m. Boltz. Qppenhamer & Co., Fort Wayne, Ind. Clnelnnatl Mullk Vereln. No. 2555, For C1gars. Registered June 24. 8 a. m, Hamburger & Tettenborn, Cmcmnat1, 0. and :. No. 2566 For Regis tered June 24, 8 a m. Rothenberg Bros.. Boston, MuBB. h h be 10. d" A ..1 B sion busintlBII, the name of he firm being Mr. Lacbenbruch fired ot s ot mto t t"''e Jnterme 1ary n J.nternauona u1eau Cbt"les & Wh"te. Stnce tha 'me lie bas P b B. I. E. He thought the proper place to dill lot gratUitously re ereneeo Y lneoJrenl Deb on--He4uellaa cuBS all grievancee of the tobacco trade was to lh various Governments of tbe Union lived ver.y quietly, but. al\!,ays an .,,. Law te oae&blrd oc &Joe .Aaee&a. in the rooms of the Board of Trade. He was anVISIODB of the treaty or con from t'he o f a valve _of the heart, OHAPTJ:R II03. porters. and several Seed leaflte<', Mr. H olt vent1on that seem to coRfl1ct wtth it, until bemg_ tn.hJI! 83d rear. Col Chlea was twiCtl An Act to amend chapter 466 of the laws of offered the followmg substitute for tbe res o tbe law. 'l'bis our G.oYerlk Wife bemg Mrs. Emtly 1877, entitled "An act in relation to aalution referred to above, which wlllf adopted: ment Is bound to do for all who bave ad ThJms of V1rgmta, an old sweetheart of hts signment of the estate of debtore for the bered so IS have ,0 enact all boybdod, whom be weaaea in 1843. She benefit of as amended by De Resopad.:!it necessary to carry out provisiou. ln lived but t Yt;ar theref!.fter, and tbat chapter 32! of tbe laws of and by qui D. at tbe Paent Office, and 1 ndeed at tim_ e be remamed a wtdower. By b18 first chapter of tbe laws of 1888. the classification of leaf tobacco for duttee t b b d t h ld I f h P d J 2 1887 th tif h be by the drawing of samples is in accord with -the 8\.&to Department and amoog the promiWI e e a our c I reo: on Y one o w om 888e une ree t B iog tbe requesl of lbis beard, made by their com! neot soliCitors here, show great ig surv1ves h1m.-st1 LomB Globe-Democrat, preeent mittee ou May %0, 1884, and is approved by norance as to the manner in wbicb the pro The people of the State of New York, repre-tbis board. visions of tile ,tre11ty will be execulied, or tQ _..,. sen ted m tlenate and Assem:Siy, do enact aa Re&otved, That clasaiHcatlon of tobacco for what exteol the right& of our pitize01 Will '(t,; Deeelvera. followa:-duty should be made uniformly in all ports', be affected. wa, of course, \Agreed that The Collector of Cuetoms at K;er West, Section 1. Chapter 488 of the laW!! of 1877, and that this board unite 1o requesting the there could be no retroactive effect, and tbe Fla., has reported to the Treasury Depart-entitled,.!' An act in relation to aasigments of Secretary of the' Treasury to take whatever vested rights of our manufacturers m thetr meot that prmted cigar and cigarette labels the estate of debtors for the benefit of credit steps may be necessary to secure the trade marks and labels, whether rlll!:iatered are being 1m ported at that port with the eviors," as amended by chapter 328 of the laws possible uniformity of practice in carJ71Dg or would remam unaltered. But It wu den' mteation of decehriag the trade by of and by clrapter J8S of laws of out the existing rulings of tlie Department altlo probable that &-new Ci'Op--Of placmg them on boxes of domwticcigarsand 1886, ts he.reby amended. by addmg thereto Resolved, That a commtttee of be aplawsUits would up at the expenae of c,;arettell, and thereby the pur-the foJ..Iowng lliiCtJOn:pomted to furnish to the Secretary of the 1.b:e manuractui ers who are usmg the names chaser with the ide.& that the goods BQ labelled Section 30. In all general &llllignments of Treasury whatever facts rnay be learned by or trade mllr il:e of formgne.-e r.nd foreign are "genuine smuggled He aaked $he of debton1 for the beneftt of them as to tbe inequality in the appraisement OOUlltriee now within Industrial Union. if it is hi1 duty to destroy them. Assist made, aay preference of tobacco. Like all new dl"pertures, tbts w11l require tile ant Becre..-y Ma)nard bas informed him m created (otber than for the wages experience of years, the friCtion of many apreply tbai there does not to be any or salaries of employees under chapter A motion to strike out the words "In pMld ,.and test cases in the courts of each authority for the course and 328 of the laws of 1884, and chaP.ter 288 of carrytng OUl the existing rules of the Depart-countliy before it will work and says further that such destruction does not the laws of 1886) shall not be valid except to ment" in the re!HIIution was lost. wtth justiCe to all. seem to be demandM iu Interests of the the amount or one third in value of the as-Hr, Hayer moved that the committee ap' INTRVIEWS AND COKMENTB revenue. since stlllilar labels produced fn the signed left after deduet.iag such wages pointed by the Cbair at the last meeting be Unite s s may juat as well be used for or and the cosa and expenses ef substituted for the one called for 8y the reso-So far as patents are cont'erned, the the purpose stated. such trust; and should said one-lotion. Carried. officials at the State Deparcment and Mr. ef 8BIIets of the 888JCDOr or assignors Oa motion the meeting adjourned. Gridley, representing here the well be msuffictent to pay 10 full the preferred p&teot firD;l of Muou & Co., state that no PHI L.&DEJ.PHI.& NOTIIII, clallllfl to whtch, under the pronswna of thil BUSINEH TROUBL&a. G. A BUNNELL. NEW YORK, who does business at 882 Cuai sh"eet as a tobaccomst, made an IIJ!Signment Thursday Henry' A Rtehey. Liabilities, $:!,boo; as by CongreBB w1ll be Mr. W Bremer. of the firm of L. section, the same are' applicable, tben said necessary. Tbey say tbere 1s no confltct, .Hremer'a S >ns, salled for Europe on Wednes-assets shall be apphed to the payment of the and the enlargement of the r1ghts of m day from New York m the German Lloyd same pro rata to the amount of each said ventors w1ll not reauee any at the Saale Durmg btl\ stay n ,tbe Con preferred claims. seta, $1,500. PatenS Olll.oe unle!ls i be some extra corre tinent, pleasure and bu .. ness will be com Mr. Frank :3 Gardner, secretary of the spondence and clerical labor. In these bined; the r e fore Amsterdam w1lj.. be vtstted Nel' York Board of Trade aod Tra011porta opmio na tbe attorneys seem to agree, al and the Sumatra market fully exammed, twn, speaking of the eft'orts of tbat board to ---though ex Comm1sswner of Pate ts Mr. E. With the vtew of obtain ng g<1ods ob m legtalatlon on the eubject, theeftect of IJ!TElUfAL REVENUE RECEIPTS I'ROM M. M a rble and others dechned 01 be interfor the Amerwan trade Mr. B r eme1 's geni the amendea l a w and hopes regarding the THE TOB.A.OCO IKDUSTBT VIewed, on the ground that there were many ality will obtam for hiQl undoubte feet deep, comp!ete'tn every covered, however. that we coulels are concerned, and will remam so QOngress changes the law of June 18, 1874, unqer wh1cb trade marks and labels are now registered. At there ars twelve the ciLisewl of which under treaties wttb tbe Umted States have s1m1lar in r e g1stermg trade marks o labels under the law of 187.4. T-hese countries are Austria Hungary, Belgium. Braztl, France. Germany, Great Bnta'in, Italy, Russia, Servia. SpaiD, Switzerland and tbe N etberlaoda-a d1fferent lst, It will be noticed, from the one forming the new Union. Probably at the next sessiOn of C ongress laws will be passed carrywginto effect the prov-1sions of the new treaty, but before that I S dgne this conventtoo or treaty will be of no value and have no power. IIIPORTANT QUESTIONS ANSWERJID. Mr. Bagger's attentiOn was called to the sixth art1cle of the new treaty, which reads: "Every trade or commermal mark regu larly depos1ted m tbe country of origm shall b e admttted to depos t and so p,rotected in &11 other coun tnea of the U moo, He was asked 1f our manufacturers would have to dscontmue using trade marks be o longing to parties in other ceuntrie@, even tboiJih our manufacturers have uaed these trade mar.ks for years past. Be rephed, "No, 18011t emphatically, no," and also ex preseecl the same emphatic opimon concern mg use of the word Carolina," a Cuban trademark wb1ch some of the manufacturers in the United Statell have u1ed for years. imitating also the mgar box label of the Hav ana manufacturers. "Cuba," said he, "for the purpoas of this treaty, is certainly in eluded in Spain, but no law and no treaty can be retroacttve in its effects here." An other section of article 6 reads: The couotr,Y of sbe.ll be where the depositor has hi& prinCipal establishmept. If h1s principal es tablishment is net u1 one of the countries of \he UnlOD, th!lll that to which the depositor belongs sball be considered the country of origin." This, of course, protects and in creues the rtgbts of all Cuban manufacturers, but does not mterfere with the vested rights of our own ctt1zena Among other questwns that have been raised by the tobacco trade in this matter are the : Does this treaty prohibit our manufacturel'8 Special Cr()p Correepondence, SPRINGII'IELD, TENN, June 17. EDrroa TOBAOOO LB:AJ'Tbere 18 about of an average cr{!P of tObacoo planted in this aeolian, or say 55 per cent. of last year's acreage, and 1t JB very dry-hot sun and drying winds, wh1ch are damaging the plants on the planl beds, w bicb were already scarce. U it raiua very soon there w 111 be bu.-little 1f any mote planting done in this sectwn, as It will be too late to make good tobacco, eve.i if plants were good ami plentiful. :About three tourths of the '86 crop bas been shipped out of the county. Tbe dry weather b&.il caused thebuyere to bo quite acttve m buyulg up the scattering crops at advanced prices, c.c B. OLMSTEAD, Ky., June 21. EDITOR TOBACCO LEAFWe have bad dry and bot weather since I laat reported, buL have just bad a good ram. which w-111 afford a moderately good plantmg season. AJ! the ram bas JUS t fallen I h&.ve had no opportumty to learm bow far 1t ex tended. So far as plants can be obtamed the unplanted remnant Will be plaated; but as the dry ana hot weather of the past week parched up the plants i"n the beds badly, it IS likely plants will be very scarce. Tile plants already set look well, except t bat the dry and hot weather has reduced the stand somewhat. T. E. B. CIIJ:B.rm HILL, 0., .Iune 20. EDITOR TOBAOOO LEAFThe present crop of tobacco now b etng planted will be l es s than for twenty five years. Planters have become dtacouraged at present low prtcea.. J. C. M. laleraal Bevenao Becelpta In &be Dlo&rlc& of' Norlb Cla.rollaa tor na,. 188'1'. Smoking tobacco . . . .. 92 Plug tobacco...................... 394 76 C1carettos ....................... 14 ,570 oo Cigars .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 55 65 Snuff .. .. .. .. .. 200 00 -Battle Creek has got a baby boy 3 years o ld that spend s a ll his p ennies for cJgal'8 and has been known to smoke five m one day. He will steal a pip e and beg passers-by for smok log tobacco The boy has a perf ec t for tobacco that developed itself before be could talk. He wears dress es and 18 very small of his age.-Detroit Tr1bune. Snnft"' No& A.d.vanelo.,. Mr. W. A R o bm son, who is an authortty on all matte r s p ertammg to snuff, was in the Northwest Trape office Thursday. and as usual found thts Journal makmg Improve m ents. Mr Robinson says that the advance ou leaf tebacco has not materi11lly elfeoted the kind use d 111 manufacture of snuff bas cause d tbe lower grades to advance m prtce-sucb as 1s used m the manufacture of plwg tobacco. Mr. RobinlKH! is me gen tleman who once saw a Boston flentlemaa w1th a bean. Tbe '-n, 1t will be rememoered, hopped about as though possessed _wit_h an evil spirit, and though It was ?la1med to be a native of Hex1co, Mr. Rob mson bas never been able to obtain one from taat country. However, as a Boston man owned 1t we are forced to behave that the bean bad been influenced by Boston culture. We have seen other things besides beans from Boston hop about m a lively manner. Mr. Robinson IS having a very successful Western trip, and we have no tbat Copenhagen snuff keeps the lead m tbe N orthwes t. -Minneapol" (Minn) Northwest Trade. Gallt.r ot Repoalltle :Ne.-n .. eace. An 1nterestmg case was brought up m the Court of Appeals at Kansas City lately. It was tbat of W. H. Wilson vs. The Adams Exprlll!s Oo.mp3ny. W H. Wilson & Co are wb_olesale df)alera in coffees, spiCes and c1gars. TbJB was an appeal from the Ctrcu!l Court upon of S1,200 for 6 .000 cigars de liv ered by the defendant to a man m a Kansas town named T. H. Dav1s, a sw indl e r, wbo had ordered the c1gars of the plaintiff, aud they were sb1pped SO h1m on the strength of there havmg been a mao bearing the same name, a .man, liVIDB in the same place. When t.he oig!U'S had been carried their destina&ion by lobe defeu.daot Davia, tbe swinaler, appeared at the expresi and exhibited letters from the plamtitf to b1m, showmg tbat he expected tbe cigars. Wtth this the Cii!:Brs were de hvered to him. As soon as the tlrm of Wil son knew that no had been ordered by the merchant Davis, they began the present suit tbe express company. The ground taken was that the defendants were negligent in dehvering the same to the wrong person. A judgment for the value of the was obtamed in Ule lower oourte, from whiCh the defenda:nt appealed. Tbedectsion of the Appellate Court was a renewal of the judgmi)Ilt of the lower coun. All Ule judges held tlie company wu gllilty of responsible neghgence. -Cbandos Fulton, one of the directore of the L ot us C lub, ardered and paid for hill own coffin several years a,w, and keeps it; in his room, noc as a memento mori, bu5 as a closet for choiCe hquors and cigars. 'W'ITOLP, .. IIQOner Df HAVANA ud ud Packer of SEED LEAF Toba.ctro, 192 FRONT ST" Flltot, lEW TORI. /


, .. 1 JUNE 26. FoR W1111:11: ElmrtrG Jvn: 24. Western the past 'week our market for Kensucky Sobacco bas been more animated, with sales of 660 hogshead&, of which 450 bogeheads for export, and the bal ance to speculators and manufacturers; to which may be added several salos 'Dot. re ported. The general feeling among eur factors is Tery firm, with a nominal advance Of from to 1c per pound. Several Iota of tobacoo have been withdrawn from the market. The Western market& continue very -tive and excited, with in prices of ,_to 1,14c per pound over thoee of last week. Speculators -m to have boUJht Jarply of the The weather ia not at all faTOMble for planting, and should it conUoue ten,daya witbou t general raioa the outlook is very poor, and we can figure on a very amall plantin.: tbie seaaon. For the week just ended E. A. Stoppel, .&o bacco broker, 24 Beaver street, reports aa follows : UOEIPTS. Week. hhda. Virginia ............ 1,0211 New Orlean& ... Baltimore............. Western .... ....... 1,249 Total. .. 2,278 Week. Exports .......... 1,629 Kouth. hhda. 8,811 61 2 ,788 6,162 Month. 8,1141 Light Leaf: Hea"ff Leaf: Lugs ...... S 0 Lugs ...... Commo n .. II Commen II 0 Medium .... 6 @ Medium 7 0 8 Good ...... 7% 9 Good .... II Fine ...... Fine ....... 11 Selections.. none. Selec tiollll none. Virginia Lef!I-A fair bDSm.e 11M been done this week, with 110me 8QOd 8ales for home and export; W&cle. Kanufao&uren have been in the market inquiring for dark wrap pers, but they are bard to find. There is a boom both South and West, and prices have advaooed on all gradjlll. "If manufao&urars," said a member of the \.W'acle, wollld let the loose marke&ll alone, prioel! woulcl decline and keep at a uniform Manufac turers are afraid of putting thellleelves iD tjle hands of speculators or factors and give them the gob y, ancl by buyiDf9D mar kets raise the pricet on If dle7 would buy from the speculator or factor and let them make a fair profit, the manufac turers would. get all the goods tbe;y wanted and pay low prices." QuotaUom. Dark. IJark. Com. luge Com. leaf .. '1 @ 8 Good lugs .. Good.leaf .. 8 Fine leaf Cigar Leaf-Messrs J. B. GANs' SoN & Co., brokers, 131 Water Street, report to the TOBAOOO L!:AI' as follows:-Tbere is absolutely nothing doing. Sales foot up 807 cases, of which207 c s 1881-82-83 Penn .. ....... 10 1110cs 1885 do ........... 12 150 cs 1884-5 Dlltch ............ 9 1110 cs1885 Wisconsin Havana. .. 6 @ 1110 cs 1885 State Ha vaoa. ...... p. t. Divided as follows:To manufacturete. . . . 300 cases To city trade .................. 810 To out of town... . . 157 Tvtal ...... . 807 .. Haoona-Fillers wera taken to the extent of 4110 bales, at from 60c to l!l. A close observer oi tile .market said to on Thursday:-.. The Havana tobacco trade has become eo thoroughly demoralized that there are no terms or prices any more. If a customer wants to secure a lot of tobacco now, to be delivered in the fall and to be paid for four months after date of delivery, he has no trouble in getting it. This state of affairs has been brought about by the l!&rge number of purchasers who visited Havana for the first time during the early part of this year, thinking they would do much better by im porting direct. Many of them purchased tebacco for which there is no demand in this country. Not beinr; able to carry the load and finding. they have had their fiagers burned, they are their goods on the market at any price or terms. One firm that I know of bought a large lot of :Remedios in Havana which could have been purchased here at a cost of 8c less than was _paid for the tobacco in Cuba. The uade needs weeding out, wbicb. must come either from failuree or the retirement of many firms now engaged in the busiDeBII of importing Havana to bacco. Quotatiom. Havana Fillers-'\7 ery common 1111 Good oommoa 80 Good to med. 88 Med. to fine. 95 Fine .......... 1011 Superior ...... 1111 Yara-I and II cuta asaorted ... 62 II cuts .................. 75 to 75 to 85 te 95 to 100 to 110 to 125 to to 85 Sumatra-The salesreperted since our last issue are 235 bales, at from 18 to $1. 65. One small lot brought $1.90. Some 20,000 bales were sold in Amsterdam on W ednes day, most of which brought unprecedented prices. One cable states that buyers lost their heads entirely. One large lot brought $1.30 per American pound, which will cost $1.115 to Jay down here. How any money is to be made at such pricee is a mystery. Several houses in this city have wired their representatives not to buy prices a drop. A large part of the 1 ,300 bales imported last week has been appraised at 711c, and as a result the Appraiser's office has been be sieged by protesting importers. It looks now as though much of the tobacco will be reap praised. Plug-" Moderate, but steady," hae been the tone of the market during the paet week. For regular goeas prices are now advanced all along the line, and as it seems that they are determined to stay so, it is our opinion that the general situation will be improved and every one better satisfied. In export goods prices seem to be unchanged, but the high price and scarcity of wrappers must be felt sooner or later. The exports for the week were 172,332 pounds. Bright&: Navy 48, 5e, 6s, 3s ......... 20 3tG: lbe, lOs and Pocket Pieces .... 20 9-incb light-pressed ............ 30 Gold Bars ..................... 30 6 and 12-inch twist .............. 25 to30 to30 to 50 to 50 to40 Blacks: lOs, 12s, !4 18s ........... to 17 &; 20 to 211 Navy 48, 58, 3s 17 & 20 to 211 Navy lOs erPocket Pieces ...... _. 18 to 211 Negrohead twist ....... ....... .... 23 to 30 PO ..... Tile at Ule pon of New York from for ... po111 few, t.he Weill \he follow!Jia OOD elpmenta :Fall( & Bro 401 cs tobacco. CtJibanen-Pomarea & Cushman 23 bales tobacce; J'"B Cteqh iO do, 1 ca ciglll'l. S Forwood 1711 seroonstobacco. H11mburgWailea berg a. Ware 3 bales tobacco; J J Gunther 1 cs cigara. Ki.,-n, JtJ.--8 Mora 1 Cl aiprL Leg7wr7&-Frank & Wu 118 Ww briar wood. i..olodtiii-Kuon Wainwright II 01 cig&N. & E Salomon 160 bales Sumatra: S ltoasin &-lion 53 do; G C Kienbuecb &8; Bon '2: Cullmana & Roaeabaum 20: Wei! & Co M;&::"E G; Leowu-d Fried Oo48; AOo 1'1; LScbmld IGI; I H&lllburpr & :1 & Bro 1-.: 8tra11011 .t; 8t.onD M; oneriJG. v-Ale:randre kae.ll-alan. ._ A Co 4110 do: P'xu...da 1: Oo 111: B Dt. & Uotl8: G Pemandea .tCtl.l; B IIMim811&8oll '187: G-S&Iomon tl: Bro 8C); ..._.l'uhvl8: Buoba Bei...,..feia liN: J Baalleim A Boa 118; II A M011teje M; Almlrall & Co 18' ; & 8p1Dpm& Co 80; Kimbell, Cro111e Co 9t; Prelireli& Co 47; J cl Cu 211: Ju E Ward & Co U; B J'ue1t118 II; AL & 0 L HoiU18; LoaDo, Pndu & Oo 101; order 138; Schroeder & Bon 110 do, 41 ca piOidura. 8oaa 8 do; Jlu lltlrx 8; lW!org,_ Baehaaa11 & "Co 3; Kaufmann Broa .t; Boad7 8: H 8trauufl; ME McDowell& Co 8: H Webater & 'co 111; Puld7A Nicholu 8; ltlichaells & Liodeman 1: R J'ueDte 1; B'raiton cl Wau lG; Reaenaberc &; X Somborn 1; Qhu A Kelly .t; Co 1; G W Faber 8: W H Thomu &; Bro 18; Part & Tilford M; Acker, Jlvrall & Condit 17; B Bcmron I; order 111; I' AJuaadre A Bona 88 do, 1 h'lll oipreUes, t !)I plcadura; .Ju E Ward & Oo 11'1 01 clpra, 4'1 do clprettea, 1 bbl do, 4 du. -Receipt& of Ucor1ce u pon of Mew York for weu 111dilag June N, reponed tor the ToBAooo Llid':-LrcoBrc l"AaTB-ZurtcalllaJ A AI'JUimbau, per Dorcu, from Naplea, 110 pkga (10,880 lba.) 8Tro)[-Weaver & Sterry, per Dorcan, from Naplea, M pkga (10,190 lbs.) Licorice Spant.h: Per lb. II&." ..... J6 "G. C." ....... !fl '-'Carenou&Tur. .25 "F.G." ....... 26 Turkuh: "Wallie Ex." 26 "W. S." ........ ... 16 "Pilar" ....... 24 I"T. W.8." ........ 1G "C. C. yCa." 24 "A. 0. S." ........ 16 BXPoan l'rom till )IOn of New Yorll: to torelgD po111 to the week eildiug Juu IN, 1887, were u follewa:.d:nt,.M7'-63 hhda, 88 cs, 11 pip (1,141 lba) mfd. ..!rgrnlim &pwblie--10 hhds, Ill pkp (4,,00 lbs) mid. .sr--lBtllluk, 491 cs, 4!1 bslee. .llrlliM hhda, 482 pkp (74,644 lba) Bri!WI EtUt Ina,e.-:;.go pkga (fli,3112 lba) mfd. Brituh J'otNjl10111 in ..if'rica-10 pkgs (S,Slllb s ) mfd. b.,... w., .l!IM-18 hhds, 4 cs, .,pkga caR lba) mfd. Oenlra.l Americ&-43 bales, 5 pkgs (840 lbs) mfd Cup.nJw.g.n-8 hh-1 hhdo, 5 balea. pkga (3,076 lbs: mfd. hlads, 112 pkgs (4,700 lbs) mfd. London-227 hhds, 61 (8,632 lba) mfd. Mll:llicc:_7 pkgo (266 lbs) mfd. Maquelon-200 pkga (5,000 lba) mfli. pkga (3,151 lbs) mfd New Z6altlnd-111 (19,460 lba) mfd. NMXJ &otia-1 pkg (110 lbl!) mfd. &IIM"da-124 hhds, 21 ca. Sant&nder-704 bhds U. S. Cb&>mbia--50 bales, 16 pkgs (3, 794 mfd. UI'Ug!UJg--IIAhda. YMk!OtUliJ-7 balea. UPOKTS 'ROM Til& PORT or JI.W YORK TO I'OK JUalll PORTS I'KOM J'ANUAJtY 17, 1887, TO J'UNE 24, 1887. Had&. A.fnca .... ; SUI Amsterdam........ 719 Antwerp ........ 1,923 Amtrta .............. Cases. 23 263 2,188 Australia.... . 90 41 Bremeu .......... 3 ,916 6 ,654 Britislt N. A. Col.. Canada ........ Central America... . Chma and Japan ...... .. 99 East lnd1es ..... .' 19 ll'raoce 1,888 G!br<ar.......... 38li Glasgow. . . 441 Hamburg ... 7,107 llaly .............. 2,W LiYerpool .. 2,108 London ..... 1,851 Other BriLiah Porta 163 Malta ............ MexiCO . . 110 1 6 6 7 1-4.425 10,161 1 21 620 3 88 18 46a Bales 60t 465 11,554 4 2,901 2,749 Lba mfd. 8Q,l't66 11,263 45,531 1,145,266 131.523 38,498 65,858 7J,475 71,269 II 182,454 9,393 84. 178,838 1o:siii 7s,9U:i 7,880 411,090 1187 188,872 .... 112 2,988 7,166 11,41!6 821,816 7 ,1111 39,76G CCOLEA.F. GRAND REPUBLIC CIGARROS. --o-WAB.NING. NOTICE is hereby given to all manufacturer, jobbers and ret11oil dealera of cige.ra we are the sole aud exclusive owraers of the brand or trademark for cigarros known as together with tbe SYMBOLS, DEVICES, SEAL AND GENERAL STYLE OF OUR PACKAGE. Our exclusive O!v.nersbip has been determined i.n the several lloCtions brought by us, and in which were rendered in our favor-To wit: in the New York Superior Court on October 20, 1886, and in the CJurt of Cinoinnati, Ohio, on May 21, 1887. WE !::!HALL VIGOROUdLY l"ROSECUrE ALL INFRINGEMENTd OF OUR TITLE, ltA.KE, DlilVICES, SEAL AND STYLE OF PACKAGE as applied to cigara or cigarros to &be fallest extent of the law. and shall hereafter claim full ciamages in all .actions bNUCbt by us for infringement& of this brand. CEORCE P. LIES &. CO., Grand Republic Ci&"ar Factory, 1111-18 L J:&Ufm811 Co 40 F WIOhtel 20 tilo: I KaafiB&a & Co 40: I' Hug i; E ReHnwald .S Bro i6 ca leaf; .J I' 11 w pipet; cmler 107 hh!ls, 1'1 \rea, 118 aa amkg, 11llal do, 1t oa ciga rett.eo, 88 Dtp leaf, 41 01 mfd, 7i4 h:u do, 110 U-bxs do, 6'a li-b:u do, !!ll kege do, 1178 cadi do; tG cads do, dpkpleaf. /If ,_ NfM y.,.i; lllld BIIIMinl'f !N_.IIJII<>n UtN-Ei-ut }(ueller A Co 10 bhda; W J McDonald 1 Clamkg: II P Jo!lo-ll do; S H l"ayme 2. t...._ rr--,.._A B&lcklii!J' t C8 cigars: B&lie&w, Rolnberlr6 Co ceipts will be heavier again uader lbe stimulating eJfecta' of a atrGnger market. LOUISVILLE, June 22.-Kr. A J'alcoaer SecretarY of the 'I' obacco Board of Trade, reporta lo t.he ToBAcco LB.a.r as fellows:-Pricea con tinue to climb up the cale daily, and under the stimulus of dry weather it is a matter of specula tion to what point tbey will reach ere the inevitable reaction takes place. The obort planting reported from all quarters is having its e1fect on the Burloy styles, and prices are decidedly higher than they were a week afO. Tlie sales yesterday were the largest in the h1story of our market, amounting to over a thousand hogsheads, The market may be said to b 19 !4 bxa mfd; E &R Mead Jr & Co 25 do; Spencer, Stout & Co 10; F H Le_ggett & Co 11; Clark, Holly & Ketcham 45: R 0 Williams & Co 20: Alleo & Ginter21 cs smkg, 64 do cigar ettea; Wise & Bendheim 150 do, 1 do, 12 cslong Leopold Miller & Co 119 ca smkg, 8 bales do; M E McDowell & Co I! ca long cut smkg, 2 do cigarettes; J H F Mayll 2 CB smkg, 40 %; -bxs mfd; A few buyers are picking up. the '86 Havana at a rate that will soJn exbaullt the supply in the bands of the growers. The growing crop has had every possible advantage in the of the country not visited by bail storms, and in these sections it is in splendid condition. In the townships visited by bail it has been cut off or beaten down and covered with earth, but it is early yet and there is time to repair the damage done. Lancaster Intelligencer, June 22:-The two or three heavy hail storms which devastated the grain and fruit crops within the past week did not very aftect" the young tobacco plants. They we.-e too small to be burt, except where the bail cut the heart out of them, and fortuna lilly the season is early enough to permit of the resetting of the plants destroyed. The only sections of the county seriously affected .are Lancaster, Manor, West Lampeter, Rapho, lllanbeim, and a townships through which the bail cut a swath of greater or less wid tb. The loss to the tobacco is not regarded as very serious. The replanting of the bail cut districts will be simultaneous with the late planting of a few fields by slow goi nt; farmers. The crop of srnavana Seed Is bemg slowly lifted, and all of it that is worth anything will be taken before the next crop is ready for the poles. All of it would have been taken ere this bad it not been for tb<> great amount of "damage" it containea. White vein is abundaat and in many CW!b8 the to bacco is so soft that it cannot be handled. There is a good deal of_ dry rot in it, together with other defects that have ecared off purchasers. Still, the balance of the cr.op will be lifted, and the buyers will take the risk of using the soft tobacco, some of which has been bought and packed and marked with a zero. We do not yet abandon the belief that Havana Seed will be the favorite and profits ble crop of Lancaster county. It requires a different mode of curing than that used for Seed leaf, and ruany of our farmers have not yet learned the p:roper method. Those who have learned it have raised fine cropa and sold them at high prices. A.mong the buyers last week were H. H. Kauffman, who took 7,000 pounds of '86 leaf at prices varying from 6 to 9 for wrappers, 2 for seconds and 1 for fillers. The Meesrs. Zook, Sterenman, Skiles & Frey and some others have bougbt coosiderabla quantities of Havana. B. S. Kendig &; Co. sold 190 cases of 1885 leaf and boup;bt 63 cases. D. A. Mayer sold 30 cases to local cigar manufacturers. crop. 2$ I I? lZ_ (.. FLORIDA. Columbia Tobacco Plant, June 11:-We took a stroll Tuesda:(tbrough the tobacco crops of Messrs. J H. Bushnell, J. C. Macfar lane, W. H Perrr and-F. B. Moodie, all just west of the town, and found them doing finely, Hr. Bushnell's probably leading. He bas about 7 acres in, some of which will now show from 15 to 20 leaves, and is about ready for the first cutting. Mr. Macfarlane bas 2 acres, not se forward but in good con dition. Mr. Perry bas some 4 acres nearly as well advanced as the first, while Mr. Moo! bas about 7 at the same stage. I& is as fine as we ever saw grow anywhere. Lake City Tobacco Plant, June 18 :-To bacco ill remarkably free from worms this season. In geing over 20 acres of the weed last week we failed to find a single one, and the 'leaves show but few depredations from them. This is a good sign for wrappers. KENTUCKY. Hopkinsville South Kentuckian, June 18: -The weather continues dry and the price of tobacco is still firm with 1!-Jl upward ten dency. Fauview had a tobacco eeaeoo Sunday. Fairview generally gets tl!!.e best of every Sbing going. It is reported that a disaetrou.a hail eto 'rm visited Trenton and other portions of Todd county Sunday afternoon. -. WISCONSIN. Wi8comin Tobacco Reporter, June 17:-Aside from an extensive trade in Iiller grades "the transactions of the week are mainly confined to round lots from packers' And. Jenson has sold 45 ce; Pome roy & Pelton 60 cs, and G H Rumrill48 cs of '85. Paul Tannert is reported to have purchased 127 cs of '84 of Holdridge & Con ant, J aneeville, and 42 cs of J obn Bjoin, of UtiCilo. Something like 100 loads were re ceived at Barnard's warehouse at Evansville Monday, the '86 purchMes of John Brand, of Elmira, N.Y. The market is decidtldly dull and quiet at an the receiving points, very few of the buyers making any endeavor to purchase. The week bas been very hot and dry, with only one local shower covering a small sec tion. A good deal of tob11occo is being watered out under most trying circumstances. The cut worms are causing more trouble tbe.n ever before in this State, being unusually plentiful and exceedingly voracious. If there 1s anything that puts the average tobacco grower out of temper_ it is to water out to bacco for the benefit of the cut worm. Many planters are therefore anxiously waiting for rain. The shipments for the week aggregate about 200 boxes, as follows: East Earl, Pa., 45 cases; New York, 152 cases. 8 SUGAR, GLY()ERINE, PETBOLA.TtJII, TIN FOIL, FLAVORS, EXTRACI'S, Ete. SOLE WESTEBN AGENTS FOR .AllES C. MeAJIDREW'S LICORICE PASTE. 1aOU:Z:B'V:Z:1a1a:lll9 K.y. The Tobacco Refrigerating Company. INCORPORATED UNDER THE LAWS OF NEW YORK. E. M. CRAWFORD, WAREHOUSES' Pre1ldent. --..;y -...;.- DARIUS FERRY, Iii I)J\TENTEU -. -'Vllulll' := New York, AT 'VIce-Preldeat. \';a\ .,. J M Dpp I ;:!f Lancaster, Pa., ENHE MER, --/.,* Trea1. aad See'J :\.," .. Edgerton, Wis. MAIN 13R WATER STRE'ET, NEW YORK. I We call the attention of Tobacco growers, packers and manotacturen to the advanta&:ell derived from the use of our system oftreattna-Tobacco. First: The ABSOLUTE prevention of decay. Second:' The UNIFORMITY of color obtained, and the retention of Iu1tre and 1lfe. Third: The GREATER yield of wrappers, compared w.Ith tobacco of t,he eame cured in the natural way. We had in the last season over 7 000 cas es, bales and hogsheads on storage under our System from different pa;rtiee, all of whom speak in the highest terms of the supenonty of tobacco treated under this system. Tobacco consigned to F. C. Linde, Hamilton &. Co. at the varioua points will recPive proper attention. 1 LOUIS F. FBOMEB,. CIGAR BANUF ACTUREB., 77th St., Sd and Lexington Aves. FACTORY Jfo. 362, 34 DIST., XEW YORK. Best on Eanh. SeleoW Leal t.-... GOLDEJI BELT of Kerth Caroim.. Sold on Its O'lnl !derlta for Prollt. Br Do not otrer jewelry, furniture. gl&, or agree t6 pay your rent, tAke you Into partnership, Bet a broken leg, or keep your gu meter trom eonntbag much, or perform &D;r otber minlcle. _.,. But do plOI!Ilae 1<1 clve :ron tbe bN$ Smoklnc Tobeooo .,. tbe u low a price aa Is coDBiateot wltb quallty. Z. L LYON & CO., Durba.m, N. Speo1a1 No"t1oea ... W AJJTED FOB CASH, _.. CIGAR CUTTINGS For Domeatlo ... a Ezpor't u ... Ofve rate of fvtii' place to Wheeling We ahra;ro In tbe market !or Tobecco Cuttlllp, U tbe;r ueolean and dry and DOt mu.ty. BlOCH BROS., Wheeling, W. Virginia. FilE HA Y!IU SCRAPS, .Alse Seed Scraps, absolutely clean, AND BEADY I'OR USE. 11labotll prices for Seed Cutting, l!er&p :md 8iflillgll !'OBACCO DUST FO:R SALE. J'o1 p't'ic. a.nd um.plea of all above goOO., app].y to J"OSE S. "'OLINS, :.11'.1 Pearl Street:, Kew 'York. 1119 IMPORTANT NOTICE. -$300. Three Hundred Dollars $300. .A.R.%:). STORMS .... t PINNACLE We hereby o1fer Three Hundred Dollars ($800) Reward f&r the dete c tion and conviction of any per aon or persons imitating our PINNACLE ciiar, the form af the tip of which iB hown by the above cu,. D ated N e w York, April13, 1887. 1156-68 FOR SALE. Union Cigar Labels. Please address B. A,LliiERT8, Litbogrophe r, 116G-67 St. Louis, l\lo. "[!98 JO mwat 'S3J1lJ tsa&O'J n!oads 11 tJodxa p<>JnlOUJnaw puu sd!JlS J"'l liU!)lJ'B,.JO.ii ''!JO ,.a,N: aou1d aliaX:l S t '"OO '\' H.!. I INS "0 "M FOR SALE. P POHALSKI & CO .. 153 Chambers street, bwe alwa v a ot1 .ba11d Al KEY WEST HA V A,NA CUTTINGS and 80RAPS. Lowesl mar k:et J)l'ices. 1144-1169 Pa "te:n."ts. TRADE MARKS AND LABElUl HENRY WISE GARNETT, Attorney 1lt Law and Co'llnselor in Patent Cases. WASHINGTON, D. 0. Refers to Second National Bank Wasbir igton, D C Seod stamp for lnveetor's Guide. A RESIDENT AGENT at Chicago for a large Key West factory; wishes tdtationer, and )!IUblishee Revenue Boob aad Blanka at 9!1 Maldenlane. New York Tobacco Machinery Cor S&Je. 16 Hydraulic Double End Fiulsher Preaaea. McGowan & Bliss' make S Hydraulic Moultl Presl!8. McGowan tl; Blias' mall.e. 1 Four Pluni:er Hy lraulic Pump. McGowan t1; Bliso' make 8 Brioko)!l lmprond Plug Machines All aa gllOfi aa new. 1 Wringer : 2 eLts, 12 frame W 211 st Cil;>cinnati. 0. WANTED. Second-hand. PEASE CUTTER In gooli condition. R & W JENKINSoN; 1165 66 Pa. Pa"te:n."ts. BON. A. H. CRAGIN & SOJJ, 914 F ST., WAS!Illi'GTON, D. 0., Attorneys and Solicitors ot Patents, Trade MarS!, etc., and all mattel'l!l before Executive Departments o r Coogresa. Refer to 2Dd Nat. Bank. Send stamp f o r OOI'l'88pondence. Mr H. W Cragin was formerly associated with W. P. Burwell and was an Examiner in the Patent Oftlce. UM-81 THE CELEJI,IlATED .:2aoafae&ured. by Soha P. StralloD1 Laae, Kew York. JEE.oy o'C PICADURA CHEROOTS. .... J ::E". .... X. Principal Depots:-192 Broadway corner Joha at. ; 11nd 4811 Broad ft'ay, corner Broeme, New York. above 9ran.d, haviag been copyrighted, the trade is cautioned not to imital,e t.he aaine under !.he penlty of the Jaw. Eacll package, contaiolng 10 cheroots in foil bean a yctlow label with an X on the face of the lahel and a white label acroea ou end of package, "n which are the initiBla, J. F. J. X. Also imported Key Weat and Domestic Cigars, 1111 ,grades. at Wholesale 1147-72 J. F. J. XIQUBS. -In an interview publiebed in the Mail and Express the :Kew York special agent of the United States Treasury Dtlpartmeot, says: "Next to the people who advertise. by pic ture cards, cigar dealers seem to have the most trouble with the law. Thousands of cigar labels have been printed with imitations of United States notes, stamps or coins upon them, and all of these bad to be confiscated. It baa become pretty generally known here among litb9graphers and printers that the law is strict, and most gf them now, before undertaking a job ab&ut which they-have the least doubt, send to the proper authoritiee for an opinion. In ibis way if the propoaed de sign is illegal, they save themselves a large outlay. All litbographl'!rS would do well to adopt this plan."


4 Westar"' & -Siluthem Markfils. ASHEVILLE, N. C., June 23.-Headeraon Bros. Leaf Tobacco Brokers. report to the ToBACCO LEAF as follows:-Receipts have been very light for the two weeks, owing to the -dry leather. which .ho.s lasted lor some time. But we llo.d a fine rain to-day and everything ts quite re freslleil 'Safes will be heaTier, as we nave a seo.sou. Prices higher on all gra!es, and much higher than the same kindo nave been In the past two There is about a h,lf crop l'lanted in this sectioa, and there will be more efio1t to make bet ter to8acco. I QUOTATIONS. Fillers-Common ...................... 1 @ 2,_ Medium ........................ 3 tt:o ,,Good .... : ............ -......... 6 @ 9 Smokers.....:.Common bright ............. 2 @ 4 .Medium.... .. .................. 5 @ 7 Gooti... .. .................... 9 @12 d1 Fine ........................... 12 @IS utters-Common. .................. 9 @12 Medium ........................ t2 @15 Good ......... : ................. 115 @29 1 .......................... SO @35 Wrappers-Common ................... 10 @t2 Medium ........................ 12 @17 Good ........................... ttl @25 FiJile ............ ; .............. 30 @45 Fancy ........................ 60 @65 35,974 hhdl &xpona or Maryland and Ohio liDC!j Jaa. l, 1i87 .. 7,2U hhda Slupped coastwiH and re1D8pected ............... 2,951 hhds t0,166 hhdl atock in warebouae thia day and on J!ilboard not c1earen. .. .. 25,808 hhds 8 aame ti.nle 1n 1886.... .. ....... 22. 7V5 hhdo llanufactured tobacco continues quiet, low grades oomewhat more thm. Exporled to Antwerp, 3,048 llo!j. Smoking Tohacc-Our manufacturers are fairly huay. CLARKSVILLE, Tenn., June 21. Keura. JJ.. H. Ularlt & Bro., TobaCCO Brokers, reporl to the Ton.i.coo LEu:-Trausaclwns con tinue in our market, receipts being full, and holders eager to seU. The sales for the week ending t the. ToBAooo Lllu:-Since the date of our last report the offerinra and receipts have been rJmaY 21, 1887.) very be&vy. The market has rule..t active, espe'nn'iNTIOl!IS YA'l'ICNTED, cially for all the better grades and medium CfG.tR piiJ.()JilToR_ rfl. tillery orta. This week, however. opeus with light y k '!I.T v F 1 d M h 7 18 7. offenngs and an o.dvanciog market, pnces to dEy tl 1 !'. arc ing fuJJy oue ceut higher than tliose of laEI week, Ae y;aprovemeti$ tn tbe class of aad some think the boom has ho.rdly commenced. perforaton Jiescri'beJl, the slidiug aocketed. Total for the year to date, 83.733 hbds, receiver, conatructed in two sect.iooR, the orwbich 18.Bli8 hhds were new. agaiust 31.360 hbtla inner sedion being cast with its portion of 11a111e time laatyear, of which 18,179 hhds were new. the central socket, with e. portion. of the_cen Hbda tral guide rod, and haying the koife-gui ing I Re ta r th k 2 26/i slots extending inward from ita eod1 an liberal. TiM-h to commo11 lugs ............. 1 00 Mere to away the good soil when or bare. The sentiment seems attll unanimous on a half crop set out. :>peculation ha9 been stronger I be past week, abating somewhat to day. Suo-cured leaf io higher Wrappers a1c more act1ve and higher for aJJ grades. t;utten are quiet, but held at 27 to 315c for fine lock. Ship ping leaf sales are all private, but the buyiug ho.s been more general, and prices for fine leaf range from 13,_ to 16c and are generally satisfactory. --IS :EJ-R,EIS &, _-a:nu1"acrtu.rers-::1" Fl.iie Cig-ars. .N'e-vv Fao-to:ry El-u.1J.c:l.1:a.5 'the 1:11 -the "ogVo:rJ.c:l.. Ky., Juue 21.-"-Mr Geo. V. Thompson, Tobacco Broker, reporta to the ToBAJ:CO of the week opened this morninrr. !llarkjlt actii'fe and prices higher on common aud med1um Jugs and leaf. Speculation lio.s eutered the maroket, based en a .bort. crop, and the common andim!lium grades are the favorites. Receipts are light, o.s p \ anters are b,uay with their cropa aud have no til!le ta prize and deliver to bacco Sales will be lighter than for t he pa9t few weeks. By Telegraph-June for the week were eoo uhd : tipeculators have control of the market. QUOTATIONS. ....................... 1 5()@ 4 25 Common leaf ................ t year s planting is uow oa the hill. With good sea sons now, perhaps tweuty Jive per cent. more will be planted, thour:h tile weathr Is very hot aud much motsture wiJJ be needed for plants to live. OF NEV'V ORLE.A.NS, J:u.A.. eable .&.dan. : A.LLONES." P. 0. Bo:o: 11. PADUCAH, Ky., June 18.T. H. Puryear, 'l'obacco Broker, repwrts to the LEAF as fOJlOWS:-Quality nfut as good as Jaat Week, but market higner for leaf by !.( to ,.c. and stronger for lugs. No additiOnal pl.:Ut10g this week for lack of sea.sonlt. The attentioa of dealers IUlQ eoaau1Un ill ealied to t.,::t thia company hu ob tained from or RA,MON' ALLONES, of Havaba, Cuba, (the uniTeraally known man ufacturer of "LA CRUZ faliioua brands of Hnua cigarettes), the EXCLUSIVB RIG:O:T, for the, Unit.ed 8tJ,Lea &nd or Usiug hie a'll.d ia/ DllW prepared to to the cigarettes. Fully aware that the aucceaa of the enterpnae dj!pend onJl>e wbacco paper iD this company recei:v-011 ita tobacco from Senor ALI..ONXS himself, who luja the greal(est interest in furnishing the identical article-:tbe beet Abajo in hla qw,:manufactory lq Hanna. This te'Qacco.ia and, -ufaclured py the_mast1 experienced hands, without beiog sui;Jmitted t9' chemici.l of lillY sort, thus a PUBE, ctlmUDl& a11-d SUPERIOR qnalltl6!! the conllgilseur will quickly and ..rprecl&te. Hhds. Recetpts for week.................... 757 Receipts since Jan. t ................ 8,598 Otferiugs for week......... .. . 949 The Paper used by thia company. ill of the Tery best, puported directly from Fr&DOe for eur own use. IJff ering 'for year ................... 8,001 Net sales for week........ . . 861 T he OROSS ,_. Cigarettea are put up in packa of 10. aad 908; retailing respectively 5c and tOe. Lm&RAU DJspoWff!! TJtADB. Net sales for year ................... 6,747 QllOTATIONS. Lugri-Conimon (dark)-red or colory ... 134@ 2,_ Gill-I da not know of a single' aci-e of to Hedi!lm do ............... 2>t@ bal)co planted in town the present li'i!iii!On. Goow crop is set out. Phmta SA.N FRANCISCO. June j7.-Tbe GrOM;r are vleoty a.nd earlier than usual. and O&me as of last VffiGINI.&. TOB.I.CCO CROP BEPOBTS. The fallo)Ving t;eports of the growiog crop are from the New,-England Homestead of season. It may be slightly diminished by The Lynchburg (Va.) Advance gtYes th& the early and continuous drouth; wllich may following induce some to sow fodder corn .on fields Liberty, June,l8-So far as we are able to intended for the weed. The .crpp pf the a.scertain not more than one half the usual present ye,ar will be entirely of Havana Seed will be planted m tobacco. tn this seetion. t "4-ppomatox, June l8....!About two-thirds of Oxford-Tile acreage devoted to tobacco i!l crop will be planted; about two-thirds of tha$. 1 a lmle less this year than lass. About> 76 per is v'(anted, -and stand is good. rest Roano.ll:e, June 18-llut very lhtle tobaeco Redding-Only twQ panies ip toiYn are in-pladted, tending to grow any, and only a small acreage Glade Spring, June 18-'l'he tobacco 1 crop w11l be set. is shefrter than usual. hut is doing w.ell. acreage will be about the eatne J 1une 18-Tobaceo w IK leaat as last year. I think., is the only one-half crop less tha.n last year. June 18:-crop grown in town, 'l'h!l gllo-.vers of. the .. MaxMeadows Juuel8-Notobaccoplanted. lllASB..lOHUSETTB. weed are occupied in Probably Mllrion, Smyth county, 18-The'acre-Amherst-LeSs interest than usual is taken before this to press Lhe greater' partc will oLtobacco ill be smaller than usual. t.bia year in tobacco. Two thirds of the crop be in Lhe fields; \lirt is, the farmers grd\ving > Ghnistianj!burg, Jbuoe 18-Ca!lllot tell ab rais\3d will be of Havana.. VeTy little of the most will have finished setting. tbtla!cco; there is e. owt one-fourth of a 'crop olli crop is now in the growers' hands. Nepaug-The acreage of' tobacco in this out tllis season. Enfield-The crop has been abandoned in sectwn is about 90 per cent. of that of '86, Bl! Glen l!'e.Tm, -Bedford county, J-une this town. t1rely Havat;ta as far as I know. 1 18-Witb. t.imely rams the usual tobacco crop leaf 1 s to be grown this C:anaa:n-The acreage is ahgbtly deereased 'will be pitc, hedi, but no increase will bjl year. this year. Ra:vanp alone is planted. tempted. l'here is yet GUt of the gr61in4 Northampton-The crop is about all set, Sale ni-No tobacco is rais6d in thi& to,wn. and much replanting 'VIII be reqwred. and plants which were unusually early'!lre Sberman-'l'he acrllage of tobe,qco in this lbokiog finely. The acreage will not vary: !lection_is about two-thtrds 11-9 much as last. much from that of last year. year. Nearly or qujte all raise the Havana_ -A Rockland smoker bougM a cigar the Hadley-The acreage ofi tobacco grown this leaf. I do not know of a smgle crop of fio -other day in one of the stores of that city. year is two-thirds as much as usual. Probably 111estic leaf in this section; But few in this and on smoking it found e. small gold l'lng one-half will be Havana. section have fiuisbed setting, as the black on the inside. Tbe cigar was of Penneyl-Willialrisburg-Only about four aores will grub is troubling growers -van!f' make, and it was evidently oot a prize. be raised-tbis year an

JUNE 2S. 5 EACLE the following celebrated Brands of ... -. -FINE. CUTS, Packed in Pails, SMOKIN Tin GRA.NIJLATED SMOKING. Foil, Tin Boxes or Glass Jars. 1 :t : 1 AMERLCAN EACLE. GA VEND SH SMOKING. doi d &P.rav l)ation L.eaurue Eigle, Oi'oWn of DeUght Tar, Cherly U!ltversal Favonte, Clipper Double Five, Plum B k C da Oriental .roo .IIUA .. uce. Sun Rise Clock, Lucky Out Plug, Dew l?_rop Bargain. Bijah's Choice .Favorte Invincible B tudder Bed, Dime Ram, !iiYy ClipDiJl>P:.1 -c .. spray of Cold, Morning Dew, Lucky, ,r.:..d 1 Clnb, Clever No. 117 Wall Ne'V York. MADE WITH A SPECIAL VIEW TO THE W / I OF TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS. Da.lly Quotations will be furnished and Orders :ftlled from our O:Dlce 117 Wall Street, New York, or by CIGAB IIOLD. 'V'ENPOR.T, I HENRY U. 111& 161 'lb,ird LOUISVILLE, XY. I AGENTS-Andrew Fine, 164 "\Vater street, New York; N Sheldon & so' n Philadelphia ; Aq.' \& Co. Chicago, Ill. antl St. Paul. Mbm.; G J Helmeriehs Leu f Tobacco St. Lodls ; Wm H "i' ....__ I ... IT. FRANKEL, TO'BACCO M 'AN-UFACJURERS' SUPPLIES. UCORICE PASTE, TIN F(}IL. AND' STRIPS, FLAVORINGS, VASELINE, TOBACCO SUGAR, GLYCERINE, GUMS. SOLE AGENT IN THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA FOR TtDman Puetz' PEERLESS Ping Tobacco -achille and latrrand's Patent Float I No'te .A.dver't1&e::tn.e:n.'t on. pase 7. a.lllr.s all Inquiries to 1151 Stree-t. z:ao,.,ti&VIne N. :m. Cor. Srd 'r'Wett Front Street, Cinelnnatt Ed. Aocltmmunu, lUihvau k"ee ; Esb"erg, Ba-cbnto:n & Co., San Jl'n&hCIItco, Cal, ::: 1 1 I OUR-NBW TOBACCO No Tobacco or Cigar Merchant can Afford. to be, Without lt. I ONLY A LIMITED NUMBER YET TO BE DISPOSED OF. se:n.d :l.:n. a't -<>nee. The Book co n tains the NllJlles of all Cigar, C i garette, Smoking a n d Snuff Manufac turers in the United States and Cuba; also a val u ab l e List of Jobbers and Who l e.mle Grocers in all the leading distrib u ting points in the country Price, 'Fi-ve Dollars. ..


6. GRAND VUELTA ABAJO CIGAR FACTORY. L opez a Go., Pi!nras No. 26, Havana, Gnba. LEADING BRANDS: MANUEL LOPEZ & CO.," "VICTOR HUGO," DE REMATES," "CELIA." JULIUS lteprecntatlve In the Vatted Mln.te" 42 BEA VR STREET, NEW YORK. TOBACCO LEAF. Grand Hotel Pasaje, ..... a E g ;; ICI:I 'l'he LARGIIST aDCl only FIRST.() LASS HOTEL on the I.sla.Dd of Cuba; Bituated In the beat p&rt of the city. Enlarged, Improved, new sanitary arraocements, new management. Xept under American u.d Europea.n plan& Complete aooommod&tion tor strangers. P. :all:. O.A.STFI.C> db OC>., PROPRIETORS. G-ran. d. TUNE 25' .:: ..;; 0 ... ...... -= "'-> = ........ tU .a ::: :I () 0 .......... 1!1 00 = 1: Q = l!l z = > ... l:;::oo,., 1!1 = ::r:: "'-> z = ...= (I) "' <::> r:l-.! ..l :::: .,.. G) = ... :::-... = II) :z:. Ill = -.::::1 "'"'"' = ""'"' ""' .......::! O:l.gar Fac-tory, F ABRICA DE T.&BACOII CRAND CICAR FACTORY OF ;MANUEL RODRIGUEZ, FELIX M'URIAS & CO,, CIGAR MANUFACTURERS, "LA GRANADINA" .t..NDLA FLOR CUBANA. FLOR DE F. CABAL Y CABAL. Estrella No. 133, Havana, Cuba. L&lllNG B&A.NDS: :m L :m L Gallo do Ia Zania 69, u Flor de Manuel Rod rlguez." Havana, Gnba. Ga,:rci.a,, llaallftlclarers oc R. RENDUELES. ()aile del Uayo No. 63, Dab-a LBADiftG Ba.ums:-" La Gratitud" "Remigoton; "Rosa Cubana," '' Flor de Rosendo Readuelea," "La Boeiedad Comercial." u La. llosa/' Flor Indiana u u X i Caridad," co Lea.dmg Brands:-ll'lor del Allo, La Emilin, de Uarlota, Abelsrdo and El .. i-.a, Flor de 11'. G Granda "Eudon.: R<>sa de San Antonia. CHile de ao Raftlel 99 y tet. HABANA, CVBA. TllE HAVANA CIGARS, HAVANA TOBACCO CO. R.oyal. 8ltltn:. Da..--a, Leadlnl:' Brands:-" La Estrella," "Fler de Selps & Garcia," La Rosita," "La Flor de Alfredo Selgae," ''Para Todos,,. La. Felicia," "Flor de InClan Sanchez," liad "Flor de Bianca." C:l.gar ::M:an. -u..:f'ao'tory or SEBASTIAN AZCAN.O, Estrella St. 7 9, LIMITED. HAVANA. 148 CALLE ANIMAS 'FIG-ARO:. DE CAPOTE, MORA &: CQ., v .A..JST A.. Suarez 68, Habana. Telefono 1,021. CIGAR FACTORY of the Most Selected Vegas of VUELTA ABAJO. -.::::; l:alle del Rayo No, Cuba. Lea.Unc a ...... FLOR DB 8BBA.STI .. Ul .AZi to $10 for the best ones. The pick: tobacco factories of tbts c1ty should be wrtt ing of the new leaf is being actively pushed ten. smce they compose of the most val all over the province. uable factors of the ctty s wealth, and conSr. J Hernandez Cayro, former owner of tribute no little to the prosperity of this, the the cigar factory "La Hortensia," bas sold real metropolis of South. it and established himself as a tobacco leaf Among these there ts none more substan commi8810n merchant at 165 Calzada del tial or Jlrosperous than that of Messrs. P. tl. Monte. Mayo & Bro:, emphatically an ancient land-The Tracle, In my strollings in the city ; New York] recently I went into a la'\-ge importing cigar house and asked some questions about the methods of tbat businees. Satd I: "Does the United States e:ract higher duties on cigars than England f" Yes," eaid the merchant. "In America you pay $2.50 a pound, besides 28 per cent. ad valorem. This means no matter wbut the quality of the cigars, they pay $2.50, which is two and a half cents 'l'hen, if they sell in Cuba for $6 a hundred, they pay $l.li0 besides, making the duty $4 on the hundred for a cigar which can be bought in Havana for only $2 a hundred more. As the Ameri can. & smeke more of the imported cigars und of a much higher grade than this, the ad valorem counts importantly. A cigar which will cost $12 a hundred in Havana would pay $5.50 duty, not estimating at all the v11lue of the tobacco or the manufacture, but merely what the Goverument exacts. In England the duty on same cigars is five shillings on the pound and only 5 per cent. ad valorem, so your $12 cigar pays in England only $1.25 per pound and five cents on it besides." "Can you get a better cigar _in London than in New York at a less figure" No; at least that is my opinion, and I was born in England and do bueiness in both countries. One reaso n is tbat ihe Americans are much nearer Cuba, and receive their cigars in better order. Many Americans smoke their cigars comparatively green. In England. having had a longer pa.seage, and being affected by the sea, they are drier, and so more palatable to the peopJe. Ou tbe other hand, the English claim that to smoke green cigars in their climate 'is very injul'ious te the Americans over there have found, after experience, that they must adopt the English method and smoke a dry cigar. In order to extend more facilities to smokers of fine goods over there they keep the cigars in bond a long time 10nd allow yoo to go to a dealer and make your purchase, and then when be pays the duty be gets them out of bond and hands them over to you at first hand." ls there u.ny smuggling in cigars at the preeeDt time "Not enough to cause any difference that is IUIICeptiltle in $he general trade. In past times there was a good deal of smuggling, and curiously, too, the great smuggliog ports were at the opposite extremes of the country -at New Orleans and Portland, lie. Proba bly tho customs officials at those places had a corrupt knowledge of this smuggling. A' any rate, it existed. At preeent be who undertakes to smuggle comes to grief at l8.6t. We bad a case in New York not long ago mark. 'Ihe business of this establishment was in augurated about fifty -six years ago by Mr. Robert A. Mayo, the style of which Hrm was ,.fLerwards 1865-to that of P. H. M1iyo & Bro. Mr. 'l'homas Atkinson, Jr., was afterwards admitted aa a member of the thm, but it still continues business under the original name. 'l'hie is one of the most complete tobacco manufactories in the world Tbe buildings cover about 40,000 square feet, and are fitted throughout with the most improved machin ery required for the successful conduct of the business. five and six hundred bands are employed, and the system wbics governs the working of the entire establiah ment is wonderful. Every department is separately divided. Each bead is respon 8 i ble for tbe work under him. Ia consequence, though the works have a capacity for turning out between four and five million pouuds of manufacture d tobacco per annum, everything moves along without jar or friction, aud with perfect smoothness. Their brands are well known and popular, and are sold not only in the markets of this country but throughout the world. 'l'hey make all kinds of tobaccos, and their Navy tobaccos have a worldwide reputation. Mr. P. H. Mayo, the head of the firm, was born in Richmosd, and hal lived here all his life. He is a member of the Board of Direc tors of the State Bank of V 1rginia, and is cognected with various other enterprises. Mr. Atkinson, his nephew and partner, was also born and brought up here, and bas been with this house fourteen years. He is a di reclior in the Virginia State Insurance Com pany. Both gentlemen are pr.a,ctical business men, and ate experienced i.acthe bUBi ness in all its details. They personally supervise the business in every branch of the establishment. As an historical incident, the followinl!( is worthy of note in connection with the Mayo famiry. About one mile below Richnfond is the 'burial place of the famous Indian chief Powhatan, the fa\her of Pocahontas. This eountry seat, "Powhatan," was for about a century and a half the homestead of the Mayo family, and the preeent members of the firm of P H. Mayo & Bro. were born there.-Richmond (Va.) Whig, June 19. -The Bank of Spain has presented a ten der to the Spanish Go..-ernment offering to form a company to take a lease of the to bacco monopoly and to pay the Government $18,000,000 yearly for .tbe privilege in addi tion to one-half of Lbe protlts after the first three years. No other tenderd have been presemed, and it is proba,ble that the bank's proposal will be accepted. IN NORTH CAROLINA. Durham Tobacco Plant, June 15:-For week ending S;Orts the loss of 1,000 out of 1,200 plants lltlt. Between the scorching bot weather and the worms, the farmer is having ahara time to keep even. We are informed that the greater share of the wildcat insurance companiell implicated by the Stoughton tobacco fire have already settled or are arranging to -pay their loeses The damage to the buildin1 has been adjusted at $5,500. The prompt aettlement of their losses will be a big feather in the cap of the non board companies, a fact they are apparently not slow to appreciate. IN THE NORTHWEST,. Minneapolis Northwut Trade, June 11:-D. D. Richardpon, who travel11 for J C. Joyslin & Co: Minneapolis, had &is leg broken by being thrown from a wago.n. F. P. Dickie, of Wirth, Dickie & Co., Chi-LUIS P.-i>.; M ROSENTOWER. Sec. and Treaa, PARRY & CROSBIES, TOBACCO BROKERS, 28 Paradise Street, Liverpool, England. LA ROSA DE SANTIAGO CIGARS, MANUFACTURED BY PEDRO ROGER, From the Tobacco of the Finest V e gas of the Vuelta Abajo. Eotahllshed 1n 1847 at S&ntiago de la Vegas. Manufactory, No. 49 Factoria St., Havana. FOR SALE BY Park & Tillord and .&oker, ltlerrall & Condit, Jfew York. cagl!l, has .. Hllr;![ms. I. Lederer, J. A. S t oltz and Frank Clark; for two years: N. B. Browley. C. H Minton, Eugene Sinith and John J Mur-pbf.. The concession made by the Chancellor of the Exchequer to clgaimanufacturers, aa an n o unced in our last issue, was t'he means of len-4 J ablirig this section of the trade to retain their stands bands in employ. But it was only natural that the roll manu f"cturers should regard this as mov-e--fJl!'i9 jmrn. and a .ill!) he vote of the work ment one of grace ; mg c asses They must not forget While the smiles that from her ruby lips perhave be en the of petually rise, of the m CO!!_taJ.IllDg,_ Lightly dance across her dainty cheeks and mOie thartll!> P 6ftbf0Ji>tu o leap into her eyes after May 21. The question of the price of 3d tobaccos has She \Vill know you, you may wage1, i.t settled itself, and the 4d Feliuction is so nleely purcl:lase

' B!VAI! 1108 m.IJ -emnth' Importers and Manuf!UJturers of NEW YORK. I Trade ltiark. We bog to call tho at or the Trade to our large aaortment ofNoveltlet< and Specialties suitable tor Purpoees. M.. Alvarez. v. Pend,.., :I!J&T .A.EIX...1-:Eit.EID ':1.86'7. &, MANUFT'BS OF CIGARS, CUBAN HAND MADE ONLY." .A.t.eo lporter oa &, LE..&P 11109 P:BI..&.:R.X... II!!IJT:Jii'I.::BIIDT lW::BII"''JV' p. J. a.Ea:a.u1'ao-&-u.rer Glt X:a::a.por-&er :a::a.oliLer .&.rUol.e .No'IIV 'Yor.l&... ,, WHOU'.SATftL SMOKERS' ARTICLES Of -.ery Deoerlpllon, _.. Larce Aooortment .t "SCIIEJIE SETS" aud ADVERTISING JfOVELTU:S ori bacco. If a woman's husband smokes she should not put him out, but let blm down easy as she would a smoking lamp. The smoker, on the other hand, has many comp e nsations. If he sho uld b e shipwrec k ed on a cannibal island h e is c omf orted bv the thought thathis body will be r e spected The cannibal& don't relish the flesh of o. man who chews ov smokes. The man who smoke s is not. molested by mosquitoes. '! 'bey can'tstaud smo king. Boys should not smoke. True 1110 great Spurgeon says that a cigar is a thing to thank God for, but we once knew a b o y whC> tried a cigar, and he afterwards was seen banging over a fence, but he was not giving thanks. To boys we say : H anybody smokes the weed, dm' t chew. Wait till y o u grow up and then, in the language of the poet, you can say : Oh, there is not in this life a pleasure so sweet A.s to sit near a window' and tilt up your feet, And to pufl' a Havana whose flavor just suits, And gaze at the world through the toes of your bo o ts. -'l'e.J;as Siftings. Dowu oa 'J obaeeo. The Synod of the Reformed Presbyterian Church iu America bas resolved that no student wh o usea tobacco shall be lic e nsed to preach or be installed as a pastor, and that no consumer of tobaooo shall be e l ected to any office in ali Associate Reformed church. 'l'his is one of the few branches of the Presbyterian Church that exclude instrumental music from church worship. The United Presbyterians, after ban' ishing the organ from the during their whole existence as a sep81 'ate d e n o mination, have at last decided to admit it with the highest ollleial sanction of the church, in spite of violent protests from the minority. -Alfred Haefflin, treasurer of the L'lCal AB88mbly of the Cigarmakers' Union, Louis ville, Ky .. was arested last week charge d with embezzling $1,480 of the funds commit ted by the union to his trust. He gave bat! in the sum of $1.1100 for his appearance. Hi; roo her, who owne considerable propeny. made the bond. BRQWN & EARLE, of Fi.D.e Cigars Factory la07, 3rd District, New Ycrk. Cor. aa"tl1 &"tree"t a:n.ct 1s"t A. -ve:n. "U.e, PROPRIBTORS OF TBII: FOLLOWING POPULAR BRANDS : ''130?." II Plor tle Palaaeo, BoatleeUo, Weno, Gauntlet. Tbree Kine-, Boot .J'aek. CJimas:, cracker., Oriental, I Trio, Nlekel P1ate., Nordeek, Bee, Jvor:r, Nls, Gol4ea Bracl1 ett>., ete. ... M DDc1er th L-... -LIQUORICE e.ASTE The undersltrned oontlnues to aell Pure Turkleh Llquorlcu Jlaete under the aooompanylng brand aa man ufacturell by MaoAndrews & Forbea, of Smyrna aad Newark. Apply to C. McAndrew, 55 Water Street. New York, o1 ..&.'* the 'C":a.S-ted ..... ...., CARL UPMANN, Lo.. CUt r-:1 Granulated lll:i>:twa. A purely Idea. ll!onuructured ot the HARVARD," I Ye17 llrfcbl ViriiDI& Loa& 0"'-MARBUJK; BROS., 145.9 8, Charle St., B<IKOBE, 1114. SPA:NJ:SH GIRL. The Panorama, Mark Twain, Jackson The Traveler, Hard No. 1, Seal of Spain. WM. CRilF & CO .. ,. Buee.,.ore to HBBIIIAII BBGNITZ 6; eo .. Cigar Manufacturers, Milwaukee, WJe. LABEL AND STAMP VARNISH A SPECIALTY. e ;; .. lllijh: llio TOBACCO, lit I ... CM&ee:-1 1 2 EAot -r ....... eeat1a Street, WEW YOBK. a.ANCHES:-l'llUadelphl&, Bootnn CIIi...,., OAclllaatl, St. Lou ... 182 PEARL ST., NEW YORK. 15 Calzada del Monte, Havana, Cuba. &, I-PORTERS OF Ha.VlLJl8. Leaf Tobacco and IIIUI PB.A.R.X.. ST :N':BI"''JV' Aa4 Cabada 4el Jloate 199, Havaaa. M. A. MONTEJO, RA VAN A TOBACCO. Trade-Marks: "America" & "Flor de 1. A. I." No. 191 Pearl Street, New York. / B.A.R.ON' &, CO. CIGAR MANUFTRS I ERNEST FREISE. B. ALFONSO & CO (FOR JOBBING TRADE) FACTORIES :-Noa.llaacl 296, Dbtrict .....,.-.._ :D4d. lii&NUFAUTllREBS OF Maaul&c&IU't!lra eC the CeJeiH"a&ed. HAVANA CIGARS. f!IIPOB.TEB OP Havana & Sumatra Tobacco. Trad LA JULIA BRAND. Jlark. Seal'' I PACKER OF SEED LEAF. No. 142 WATEJI. STR"'ET, NEW l I Factory No. 123, ::U.:EIT' "''JV'EI&I T :Pl.&. New York CMiloe-:No 97 MAIDEN LAlfE. I Long Havana Filled Five Cent Cigar. THE ''Belcher" Cigar Cutters KAUFMANN BROS. & BONDY, 129 & 131 Crand Street, New York, PATENTEES &ND !IIANUFACTl!HERS. 'Y 1"ii o. 89. nNE VUELTA ABAJO CIGARS. NOTICE:-1 warn my old customers not to use any cigars but under the No. 89, as my name haa been used to sell spurious cigars. .A.. P.o. Bo:o: l:U. ::U.:E'V 'V(" EST, PX...A.' PUETZ' s PEERLESS f Plug Tobacco Machine: TILLMAN PUI!T%, Jr Sol e Inventor and Patentee, ST. LO'BIS, :Mo. This machiDe possesses eminent advantagM worthy the comideratlon et any enterp tobacco manufacturer. viz : -1. Labor sarin. 2 Rapidity. S Absolute securitf from a.Cddents tu hands. 4 P erfect fimsh of work. 5.. Increased output ca .paclty, particularly in small work, as it sabdivide s the lump lo pro. eese as it pB.Sses throug'h the machine. 6 AU tomatic delivery of the lumps on W apper table, thus saving time a n d precludtnR' acel dent. 7 Its t o any kind o f large or small, thick or thin. and aii JU!IItment tor ditferent kinds of work Circulat'8 BhGwing wbere these are as. well as photographs, &eut All inquiries u to the above will receive prompt. attention. either in person or by cerrespondeoce, trom HENRY U. FRANKEL, IIOLB .&OBl'IT IN THE UNITED ST&TES AlfD CANADA., 161 Third Street, Louisville, WE BEG TO CALL THE A TTENTIOY OF TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS to the qualities of VASELINE as compared with Olive, Sesame and oth.31' olle. These advantagee are: 1st. Entire freedom from rancidity, no matter what or manip ulation it is subjected to. 2d. The superior finish and protection it gives the wrapper. 3d. The_ framee. and mr.ulda are aiways clean, sweet, and not eubJOOt to ox1dat1on or rust, from accumulatiom of l.ecaying vegetable .matter. 4th. Absolute purity and uniformity naranteed b.y _us. Our price i8 16 cents per pound nett, put up in llfty-pound tinA for ahipment, $wo $iDe in a case, freight paid by us. Orders may be sent to us direct in New York, or through our Western Henry U. Frankel, Uti Third St., Louisville, Ky wbo will alsG fill urgent orders from stock kept by him for that pur pose. CHESEBROUGH MANUFACTURING SOLE !IIAN1JPACTVREBS, No, 24 &TATE STREET, NEW YORK P. Gaerra, v. Gw...._. GUERRA HERMANOS, Packers and Importers of HAVANA T .OBACCO 172 Water Street, NEW YORK. Estrella 631 HAVANA. JOSe MAYER'S S ONS, LEAF T -OBACCO 193 Pearl St., New Our latest sample collection just issued contains: IVY GREEN. 'PRETTY PEGGY. LA REGENCIA. SHIFT BOSS. MECHANICS' CHOICE. HENDRICK HUDSON. PEARL OF MEDORA. LA GRAN BRET ANA. "This set ha s t he popu.l r C\Jrd Top. FROM WITSCH & SCHMITT, -.


8 """l'red.'ll CJ. Linde f1. C. HaJDIIton, P W. Conklin. F. G. LINDE,_ HAMILTON GO. Storage. & l obacco Ins A .A.4vao ef!!J1ou Sl.oraCe RecelptiJ ot M:e r chaodlee a 8peetalcy Cold S T JOHNS P .\RK, 1'1, Y: EDCiEB'.l'Ol'l, WJe 406 .& J13d II&. 1'1, Y. L&NCAS'FER, :.:El'IN. WAREHOUSES: W y, (1. & H _::. B B epo1 81. SoliD' Park, I'fS l SO, 184 ok Pearl Street W a'"'rrst.reet, 406, 408 ok 410 Eat Thlrt)'&!alrd Street Principal Qftlce, 14S2 W A TER STREET, Cor. W Lem.en aad. N. Prloc e St :Laaeater, Wa I EDGERTON, WIS. 'BB.A.NOH'ES:-PHIL.&DELPHI"--A, R. FOUGERAY, 63 Nort h Fron l Stree'&' LAN" Cl.I.STEH, Pa. H R. TROST, S. Quee o Street; G E O. FORRES T 16711. Queen HA __ FORD, Clo n u ll F HURL B URT, lt>-1 State Street. S l.! F FIELD, AR D AUS T IN H.I.TFIELI>, JHoo,f-J .t P. CARL. CJ..,;f,Nl'li'ATI, 0,W: W. HA LES, 9 Froo t S tr..,t. B A TTON, o,-H. C W G R OSSE and W ... -21> South J e!ferooo Street. ELIIIIR" y, W H LOVEU.. BDGBBTO!'i'0 WI.-T!Il<.!!ft L E -"-. -n'Riii 'T. noa, Jr. OC> .ro:SA.COC> ZN"BPEOT STORACE. 14.8 "'VP"ater sree. 'Y'orla... .,.. CJOUNTRY IJAMPLIN& Pl\OIIPTLY ATTEN--TO,_.. 8RA.NOBJ:I-L.I.l'ICASTBB, Pa,o F 5CH R OEDER 21 North Q-at.t .J : e ISVllf, !1!8 donh lla.-y si: CONNECJTICl.!T 1 F SISSur<, 245 151ate s t., Hartford; C I L GIUFFING Duhury; .r, .If. BALL, New Mllf<>rd. EDGI!RTOI'I, Wlo 1 C. L CULTON D& YTON, 8, 1 W T f>AVlS 124.Scears st. BALTIMORE, Ill d. 1 ED WISC H M E YER .I: 00., 'rl So uth Cal vert st. .. THOMPSON, MOORE & CO., BEST ALLTOBAOOO CIGARETTE -,BElWEEN -litE ABTS." 424 to 432 East Fatty-ninth St.,-New York. oory aa Brd. Oo11. :E):t... And Dealen In 1 Leaf obacco, lliPORTERS AND DEUAAS Do Laaf T Qbacco. Ciga S:&NCJQZ-4i oo:. Vueif"B'iilajo L-ICOHICE PASTE, 70th St. & 1st Ave., DEPOT AND ACENCY OF THE MANUFA CTURES OJ' G. \f ,GAIL & AX, .62--. 254 & 258 Canal 8t.1 Comer o f Elm St. yo:rl&.. WISE & BEliDJI.I .A.GDTI. G .' REVSEliS, WELLII:8 BUILDIN G 18 & 20 Bro..twa;r, P. o. Box suo. KEW YOR.IL JAMES G. OSBORNE, TOBAGCO BROKER1 l1anufactured and Leaf Tobacco for Expon, 83 STREET, NEW YORK. .. 1 IIIAI-N L ANE, lUIW .ii'O.IIl&, I'Mt 'l'obale Agent .Cor Meoon. 08BND RI!I' E C K k CO, ) 8AW !!.liLLI I FACT O R Y 311 A 3 1 3 E lith St., 316 t o 321 E. lith St. LEVY. BROTHERS, :DII[a:I1"U.rao1.-nrer o1. TN H : CIGA RS cor 0 cb 13"Ch S"t.. BRINKOP'S SINGLE PLUG MACHINE. Patented { UnltedState o M a y 31018111. Canada, Saan. 31, 1 8 82.. W ill make pluga o! all sizes, fmrn 1 to 4 i ncheH "ide and !rom 4 to H inc h es loOK. better C heaper than any other m&.l hine i n the market, and l s now in use in over one o f the largst f &etories i n the United Statee. Conupoodenoe solicited. A d d reas :1. H. BRINKOP. qatne,-, llllnolo, The HAMMERSCHLAG M'F'G CO., M..t.N11PACT1!RBRI o Paper, 112 & 234 GR.EENWIOH ST,. NEW YORK. ROSENTHAL BROTHERS, Maaanoel-.....n, ot C:J:G-..A...RS. Factory No. I 030, 3d District;. 34 I to -35 I East 73d Street, DAVID G. HIRSH & CO.. A. LOWENSOHN, Paeker a o r lmporte. and Ezporter of ... TOBACCO and CIGARS Havana and sumatra Tobacco. 37 Maiden Lane, 117 Pearl St., New York. (Fonnerlyl76W&terst.> NEw Yoa.:s:. LC>'V"X& GR.A.E-:E*, Tobacco Commission Merchant 6 fElnchurch Bu!ldings, London. E. C., E ngland. -. .. A. PERSON, HARBDlA.N & :--AUGUSrtrs f!H:>Tobacco IMIT"TION S P"-l'IISH LINEN AND FANCY S T R .ii'BD COT'FON GOODI FOB PlJTTING lJP SMOKING TOB. UlCO, 437 db 4Ba JES:roo:1t1111e srESe "'E"'orla... Nos. 423, 425, 427, 429 ll;ast 63d St., Fattory No. 8, 3d 41isf ) I )i JOBll OAHOS. Brorn, u lfAIER ST., lEW ,. V CIGAR Tobacco and General Jensen. Manufac ture r PR O P R IET OR Commission Merchant, 78 Broad Street. J!iii":BI'VV TOR.&;. -or-. 334 East G3d Street ... .. """' NEW YORK. CIGARS. EMIL A.. STOPPEL. a e o Jl, .. :::: ;sow. 'HAVANA TOBACCO BllOKER, .I.N'B P.l.CKJ'JftS o.No. 24 Beaver Street, Seed. Lea:f" Tc::.baccc., :;o to a( Fennoylvairla A ve.} O -FFICES-j 125 L_., ::ID1:1t1111ir.a. JST, 'Y'. l I 2'23, 225, 227 & 229 East 73rd St., York. Facto'ry No. 160, Third District. JSr:m"'VP" FERDINAND DZIUBA, TOBACCO Commission Merchant, 78 A 80 Broad Street, P.o. Box 199. NEW YORK. M. G .REENSPECHT, Packer of Leaf 191 Pearl New York. ELIAS BACH & -SON, PACKERS OF leaf lobatco, 166 Water et., York. I EnwJ.RI> RosE,..U.D, l .....,c Ros&NWALD, HENRY RosawALD SIGX U! H o loWire Lead Sealaare\D use by most O:J:N"C:J:N"N" A. T:J:, 0. Thefollowlrur are OtH'Agetlll f o r the oalo of our Man ufactu red Goods:-C. W VAJi A'r.sT'tNE w I 1 of & Trunk IJnes, promi n e n t Frelgh& IJnes aad Jllx 13 Ce ntral Wha!, Bosto n M...,.,; ARTHUR l'IAGEN & 00., f3 Nort h Froat Street, hla, l'a. ; fJS MIMI N & soNS Compaales $hrou g h o u t the count.-y F F. O REILLY, 2251ii Com m e rc ial G. \&P.4llS, '17 W&Mrl! Yotk WheD -are OM!Od wlth theoe IIOILio, railroads car.-y them City; WM SEEAR, Charle!lt<>n, S C.; P tt. 118-..J;l!lut,h Q&. R GU u.,.&-c_ f refc il t, Jaatead of double llrol-daea ull done when 'WaM" ,_... -.:7fl"" --=' 1\ll&s. h s. Q SEVIER, Littl e oc 'k. a rlf. t N H CH RIS TIAN, Galveston, Te x ; J T -ed. .&.Y.&...-:a.. .-, T OwroES, _I!O Bandolp n C hicago m ; C E OON.ES, _98 J e!f erson A'Tenu e, _Detroit, Mlch ; L P Paeken aad Dealen Ia 388 EIH.C.A.x;)"'VP" ..&. y W ;m'W" y i!TERII, Pittsburgh, Pa. P W C AVAN A GH, Omaha, Neb., F S. L AWRENCE, V>cksburg, llli88. E. J. BROOKS & CO., 61 DEY STREET, NEW YORK. 1. LINDBEilVI, LEAF TOBAcc-o, A.LSO 80LE AGENTS FOR THE 1J', s. CAI'f.I.D.l OP THB CLAY A N D BRIAR PIPES. 191 P I S.__ t N y k. O:lsarete:E"aper :l:a. B,ea:IXI. e ... a.r ___ .,.,_e_e_, __ e_w __ t House in Paris: 17 Rue Beranger. 140 MAIDN LANE, Bet. Water .t l!'ro n t BVeeto, WBW TOBit, L. SPEAR & co .. ......... seed. T e a 'W PL'UG TOB.A.CCC>, ... Unive sally Popu l ar, has met wih o. Greater Sal e 1ln c e its introduc...,_, I 1 ., &io n tha!J-any other Plug in the Market. j .q,a.VIIJD&. Tobaeao. ..&"aotory:-nji::J:D:OZ.E'TC"VU:N' I IN W...., Ml ll,ew Wadi.


, ; JUNE 2S. 8niOI1 Orr&Jm&RO, BDaY Ox iii I BEIUUlf s. OTTENBRG & RHOS .. JIIANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS, E. St., CHAMPION CIGAJI.!AITIRl. "' Factory No. 2J8, 3d .Dist., N. Y. 1 Maa f IJ>e.()el,ebra&ed rp_ dll -' Queen Ellzli:IJ9tl1, '4 een of ScoU, La Flor de Cubanas, Co-eur de Lion, M. H. IMPORTIE R OF HAVANA, AND DEALER IN ALL KINDS 01', LEAF 0; ; lltr" wan alld Pearl81&.; OlGA lve D fnd I Oth St. New Jofk 1 r GERSHEL & BRO., 1 PACKERS AND DEALERS IN SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 191 PAIIi'L ST., k :tmLEt: New ork. IMNRTRR& F HAYAIIA I Champion, The Sweetest Thing on Hand Rol'l)eo, Royal'. The Fern. STEPHEN G. CONDIT, ,. .-I" 445..U7 E. 'fentb Street, -OFFRC>"W'EJ:J:N cb rQC>., .A:'r:Dl:Le:I.RL Bo.11a.:.;Ld. LOUIS GBAFF, SOLE AGE)TT, t 05 MAIDEN l.ANI!. Nf!W YOR1C., ..a rnolnn'fi)o Jl.lodldnqea. .Led-. 0-EaR-... Pollitz a MichaeUs, m hacco, I "!f!W Factory flo. 26, '3{d Qistritt, SE6DJJ it 1M w..A.'hR And allldads of Smoking Aloo M&nutaeturers of tbe we!l-tnoWD Bnm.ia of flue Chewlllc : 'Oamn,' 'Gold Sliiald,' 'Sailor's 8olaco' & 'Silvor Shioln.' Manufa & SalesrooiR; cor. Avenue D & lGth. St. New Tort Jl, 8ILVERTHAll' & DO., CIC.ARS BRANCH: OFFICJ!llNo: ll QENTRA.;L WHARF, B09'rPN. Louis Ash & Co. !IUlJll'l" AOTll'R.ElUI 0-, ilttil t ttlBi CIG.4BS,. '779 'tHI.D AYilltUE, i '. EXCLlJIIIVELY, 213 Pearl Street, New York. L'R.AF. CELII:81'1NO l' ..LL.I.CIO, FERD, HIRSCH. CELESTINO PALACIO & CO., I!ANtJl!' AC'I'OliERS OF HA.V AN A.. CXGr.&.R.&. :lra.otory, :K.ey :&"1a., oalce: I B111lLIKG SLIP, near Pearl St., NEW YORE. DE CAPO CIGAR FACTORY I JACOBY & BOOKMAN, CIGAR MANUFACTURERS, 336, 338, 340 & 342 East 38th Street, ..tVEW FANTASCA HAVANA CIGAR FACTORY. SCHLOSSER &; CO., KANll'l' .ACTlJREIUI OF PINE llave Removed to ,_.,...._ &'tree"'t, ........... ..... 'JOHN P. G .OELZ & CO., 'G. FLINT, Jr., JIIANUFACTURE:RS OF Manotaeturer of ClGAltS, FINE CU_ID_CHEWING 283 to Weot ivater Street. Smoking Tobacco Second Ward Bank Building, I MILWAUKEE, ws. F. Milwaukee, Wis. THE PEASE TOEJA.CCC> CUTTING MACHINE. AND PACKERS 011' Lea,f Tobacco. 245 Pearl and 20 Cliff' Streets, New York. PULVER IMPORTER OF HA VAN :A, AND PACKER 011' Se:ed f; mohacco" 178 'PE-ARL STREET' NEW YORK. G-"V'&T.A.'V __ TOBACCO & CIGAR MANUFACTURERS' AGENCJ, 1 A TY."E:'Ve: e>oean. E'l:a'te, S1:Sa.ltli2.. o &a:11. P. o. Box 3,152. NEW YOKI.. 'FRED. SCHULl, G. Paeker aacl Dealer br. of HAVANA LHAF TOBA Tobacco, .a.:N:o cxo-..&.:R.a.,. 224 226 FearlStreot, New Y.or-1. learl atreet, New YG!Illt.. 8. CAI'r!l, MAX GAN!I, ME'l'EK RO!IENTB.& ... ANS BROS ... & Packer oC and D-Ie"' In and Leaf Tuba :No. 180 &1:ree't, :l'lile"E:'V Torl&.. B.A. MANUF R FINE CIGARt With Patent Retaining Lock Em retaininlllie pi'essure ... We control all Patenis lor Pressbtc'r. baeco fiom BOTHEN:DWJ -:o:HYDRAUliC RUMPS. -:&:-:;:-Mould Press Moulds, HYDRAULIC and Boxing PreBI!eB, Bauds and Seementa, Steel Finisher Plates and Tins, aiacl POWU WRINGERS. for Catalogue. PLEASE WJdidl ""'"'Tro ADDRESS PLAIN, aad rea. this pe.per in addreasillg 1111.


. 10 TII..E TO.BA.CCO I .... EAF IUNE 2S JVhlladelphia Ad verti&eJDeDta. ,:;:;te;; -:r -rH:a WM. A. a: co., AND PACIUUlS OP IMPOBT.EB.S 01' SEED LEAF TOBACCO. tDmtnJssion Merchants for the Sale of Manufactured T6bacta. !07 ARCH STRE.ET, PHILADELPHIA. HAVANA AND SUMAIRA, .A.n.d Packer Seed 33 South Street. Baltimore .. & co., Packers of Seed Lea. f and Importers of Bavaua. a.nd S11ma.tra Toba. ccos :Joe :l'IOor'th. tree'&, LUXURY TOBACCO WORKS, lllan,.ctren of Fine Cut and Smoking Tobacco -A.Im Luxury P'lne Cut In Foil. 'I I'IUSHMOi'B BlU). a co.," f 151 N. Sd St. ao.4 ; lttS 11: ltlll QI'I'J' st PHILADELPHIA.. EK_ &. 00., M:&NUP.A.CTUBEBS OP BENGAL .... Q HER 0 0 T S, Importer of --.;... -. JUI..fiUS VETTERLEIN & 00., OF SEED LEAF and IN TOBACCO, 603 A 605 CHESTNUT ST., P}'IILADELPHIA, SOL :Ill .&.GE l"o. TB I:JOTTIE:E/S --ANDBLACKWELL'S DURH.AM TOBACCO CO.'S Genuine DURHAM: Smoking Tobacco. New York: Boston: pllica!o, 8t. Louis and Cincinnati. 1EWIS BREMER'S. SONS, WHOLESA.lJI: DEALERS IN II LEAF" AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCOS, 822 NORTH THIRD STRI!ET, PHIL,ADELPHIA .& J.uoaa Aaaortment of aD id.aa. of Leaf 'l'o'ltaoeo o.,.otantl:r OJl haac1. Kl.MDA.l.L lo', '"\til I', '/ il 1JR '.t ['() \1.1 ., 1! ... lJ I -;_. r.., _. L. BAMBERGER & CO., P .ACKERS &. DEALERS .IN LEAF TOBACCO. liiPOBTEBS OF Su111.atra and BavaJil&, lifo. Ill AllCK 8TBEET, PHILADELPHIA. UJlNRY T. FREYER FREYER & EISENLOHR, Paeken .... 1ir1lolaalo ........ Ill LEAF TOBAO CO, 1 f 3 North Third Philadelphia. ''. \ Unl:ted S'ta,'tes asa-.,.. ..a011. 3, 80'7 :l'IOORT:EI: ST., ::E"':EI::J:1a.&.D:BILP::EEX.A., Rlil'fllT HBYl'IA.NN, eor:r No. 1, rbuaa: 1 Theobald & Oppenheimer; BATCHELOR BROS., MA.Nlfi'AC'l'UREI!I'J OF ', J3.B.-M:aoafllelnrera ot I OJ:INE CIGARS, KEY. EAST AND HA.LERS IN CIGARS. t!J3i Oie.Ulat 8&. 1 .,Hu.AJ)ELI!JIIA, svanilh and Dtmestic Leaf robaccol ... 111 .orila Tldrol Street, piiiJ..ADBLI'JIU. -;--.t..IIEln'IJ JOil .,.. IULLD.II'OBR!JL & ,__ OIGAB liOU>S, !!mUl'l.-. co:.r .. MA.NUFACTUREBSOF I PACKERS OF LEAF IGARS, Havana Tobacco Havana and Domestic Leaf Tobacco Together wioh the UBGBIIT Sto.:k <>f I I 'PLUG JR.T:EI: ::Pli!!EXLA.JDJIIIILP:EI::J:.&., W. M:. JACO-"'S'F'''N'J. LAHEJ, Packer ana Dealer la .LEI.A.P. 831 and 233 orth Third Street, Philadelphia. -BST.A.BLISHEI> 1848. ; WIEII 1 C I IW&D. -11. CIGAB-DIIIPAL1UBBBR 'iloe to .a., ... PHILADELPHIA. JOSEPH MERFELD & CO., Importers of Havana .dD PACDBS 01' SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 88 Cerman St. Baltimore. 'We t.Yfte the attention ot Manufacturers to OW" at. Baril, B e_owea&ed Wrapper., of h!cll ..., mate 't specialty W. G. MEl EB. & co. Admtiscmcits East, West i Sonth. LOUJSVlJ.LE, K;r. I. L. DUNLAP & CO., haunen Jao.B.Cl...tac.. CINCINNATI, 0., IIInlw.a Bl Pike St. COVINGTON, KJ'. HenrJ' Gelee, :I!J'tabl.j.h.ed. 11!18'7, Benao THE GEISE CIGAR BOX CO. SacoM.oN to Henry and StiC'koey &: Ooniot. lllaaa,_.,, .....,. r all.Kia4 ot 0 X GA. R, :a C> :lK: E1 S. 1-Olr R.1bbo_, an4 all ocller ctcar--aller., sappll Lar&'a lltoek of Geo, B. Harrie & II' :.: L'-1:D1 ber II'Le..., Avenue, Cl.aobnath aad 'Weot T Otllee: 93 CLAY STREET, CINCIKKATI, 0. W110tESALE TOBACCO STS. Bole PrGDrictors of the &cnUie 'GOlDEN CROWN' & 'DIAMOND' Ciurs. tS'7 La.llie &'&. a:a.d. -&1. Cbloao XU. BOLli: AG.E:NTIII!'Oll TD: JoO LLOWilfG WELJ..JOIIGW!f I'IBIIll:-I B'J'BAl!l'ON .t: l'rOllii'B Qlpn aad Claamtell; D H !11\)-A.LPlll .t CO.'S Tol>Mco LOZAl!o -l'EIC DAB .t: CO.'S HAvana Cliaro: li. F GBA Vl!:LY'B Tobaoeo W. T. BUCKWiif..L .t CO. 'l)i.;: b&!a. N J BA.OLli:Y lr. CO.'S "liU.YI'f&,WER, 'Dotrolt.illeh.iJ. "LOziii J .A.(JK," burr, "OLII JUDGK"..orobaOOo and etgarett.1 'S "1111:1 WW THE ACTS," rUrd ElliNEY TOBACCO CO.'S ClpretAOJ:llTII FOR J: B G4TO S DY CIQAM -&1<1>--IMPORTEIIS of HAVANA, 21, 23,25 Hampllen St. svriD(8eli,la.._ A. F. & co. DIPORTEIIS or HAVANA 1.EAF TOBACCO C:J:Q..A..B.&, 18 Central Wharf, Boeton .. l:', H. JU.YO. ::'HO!Iu.S !1.1JCI!'IIIIB. P. M. MAYO & BROTHER, Tobacco Manufact'ra. RICHMOND, VA. .w.iAJIIJSJmD II'! BOBJ:KT A. JU. YO WI. OrlefD&ton of the atyle ..,.. 11&11101 M.A. 'V''Y T EI.A. ClOG. NAVIES A. SPECIALTY Ilf ALL 8IZJ:B. -) 1 JAMES M. WISE, Commission Merchant Jl'or Pareb ... of LEAF 'l'OBA.CCO, :D, 'V .A.. 'VI s. WRIGHT,' Succeooor lo Ed wanll'eyoado .t: Co. DIREC'l' IMPORTER OF CHOICE HAVANA SOLE 4GENT FOB Loiano;Pcndas & Co.s mcar Haraua Goods C. C. DAVENPORT, lDGBTY N:A VY TOBACCO WORKS. Leaf''"'!:::=N, :I!J. 0. ..A.LL""EN" Proprietor. IIANUFAOTUR.ERS OF MOLT, 8CHAEF'.R & co., CUT CHEWI.NG AND SMOKING _Buyers of ._eat Tobacco. N. W. cor. Canal and M .onroe ttte., CHICACO. B" SUBERT, L. PINCOFFS, VA, Wm. E. DIBRELL, Leaf Tobacco Broker, WHOLES.U.E DEALER .,&N BtTYEI& 01' :O:.A. .. A To Cittin!8 ua PAUL c. vNABL., DOMESTIC LEAF TOBAcco LEAFWhorroiilcco _Leaf Tobacco Broker, 231 Eaat Ranuolph Street, u.a.l'fVJLLBo VA, :s:x..L. 43 S. Water Street, Chicago, Ul. PIPER HEIDSIECK PLUG TOBACCO. I!'LA. VORED WITH TRS CIIILII:liUTICD CHAIIPAGIOI lfDIB W. A. B0881TT, Leaf Tobacco Broker, "H. T. JENKINS, PIPER HEIDSIECK. Leaf T ,pbacco Broker, NATIONAL TOBACCO WORKS,. LQU.X-'VXLX.:JII :K.r. :.:. "'VV7. LI.'Ve.zey &, Oc:: POPLAR and WHITEWOOD. PLANED and UNPLAlfED, -ANDIMITATION FOR CIGAR BOXES, :KV". Imitation Ceda r manufactured by our proc...,lo the only PEBFBCT Imitation of Spanish CAdar Prices and rates of freight given upon appUcation. Jl!W'C>. C.A.:R.R-C>LL, l!ole lllanutacturer o f tbe F&mous and World-Renowned Brandl of YIRCINIA SMOKINC-TOBACCOS, LONE JACK & BROWN DICK. Manufactory: Twelfth St., Lynchburg, Ya. Onlen reopectllllly ooliclted and promptly attended to. Price Lta 10n t on appl!catioll "WV'. T. Bueoeo-to Jlalm-. Baoeoek &; C., &. lllmndactUI'el'l or the "PURITY'' Granulated, Cut Plug, Long Cut a11d "RALEIGH" Cut Plug ; FA VOKITE" Cigarette and Long Cut; "STRAIGHT WEB" Cigarettes and Straight Cut. VA. W .AB8Bl'IT9N1 1{, (), PRACUI! 4 MATSON, Leaf Tobacco BrokeN, ()Jl'ICJIKJIIA.TI, O, L. C. SCHIEFP'IEY A CO., 1 Cigar Agents, LOUISVILLB, KY, C. C. SLAUCHTIER, Leaf and Strip Tobacco Brour. BBNDBBSON, KT, 'T, H. PURYIEAR Buyer of Leaf Tobacco, PADUCJ.&B, KY. M. H. CLARK & BRO., Leaf Tobacco Brokers, CLABK8VILLB, P.ADU(l.AB, HOPKINSVILL.B. C. & R. DORMITZ:I!R & CO. Dealers in Leaf Tobacco II N. l'lala St., sc. Lout., Tobaoco llS Parad.lee BD&'o .JACOB L. FREY, Deale r In an4 ot Leaf Tobacco, 213 W t KiD&' Stroot, LANCASTER,. PA. JAS. A. HBNllERSON & C6, 1PAHISH ciGAR FACTORY. -A.ND-Ieneral Commission Mer4lhants, LA SA. & XILLOS, ROOKE BROS., M. & SONS, E. J. fOREE, N.FUREY, GEO.u'oREE. F. X. KEJ.LY, Jr., n ..... .,,.r.reor doe ""1"brate4 Importers of. Havana, Foree TobaCCO Company, HAPPY THOUGHT.. s1 oBTH -sTREET 802 Chestnut and 29 S. II th St. ) North Delaware Avenue, PHILADELPHIA. PHIJ.ADE.LPHIA. TOLTEO' A.ND, PAO.K:DII OJ' JJ!ANUFAC'l'UIIEIIIIOF c All Long Havana Filler 5c. Cigar, SEED LEAF-TOBACCO, FINE NAVY TOBACCO, 13 A 16 Cheapalde, 116 Lombard St., LOUISVILLE, K;r WILSON 6. McCALLAY'8 CWJUTE FOR A.OENCY.) BA.LTIIIOBE. N E A.Jlnts:-A. R. .t CO., Boston. PLUC TOBACCOio :.: DEAL.QS IN Virginia and' North Carolln1 LEAF TOBACCO, Da.v:ll.l.e, V'a. Bri!rbt :r-.r ..lrden Solicited. -N. N, libelkiD, 1'. X. :lu.--, c.


, JUNE 2S. BUiUU Directory ar Unrttsers. JrBW YOIUL ... r-f----ofla .. II a-.a-.-. -a ... -...,._l.lIV-IIoiall.t-.lltW. .._l.tO..IItJiaNar-.._ ......... ,._ .__ ...... ,._ lillw' 1fiL. 011.--.a.a ..... tnw .... N, ...,, .. ....._. lh!IMII. a a eo. 11t .-.No r.._ ..... .t.-.nbal.-110 .., ...-r. a Bro. 111 "-L Qneaopocht IL ttl Pearl --LA' Ao>. 174 '111'-Blnh, Da>id Oo .177 Pearl -.a a Oo. we Peart Led_... Joo. olt SoDI, 140 lllaldoo lane. IAMIL Jl. ooroer Wall and Pearl. Undhelm H ttl Poe.rl. -......... Reuurpr II. & Oo. I'll Water Oppeahelmor x : Hill Water Prlae o1t Jo.b.Daoo, llt Jl&ldegJ4De Pulver F. 178 Pearl P..,.,n 0. 116 Water. -wald E. .t Bros. I iii Water Bollia 8. .t Bolli, 178 water llalmDoa G & Broo. 185 lllaW.aDI&De. .............. & Boll, 178 ... _. llallllharC Jl. & C. HO w...._ ... l!'recl. -Pearl .,_. L olt Oo, 184 Wter l!pio!pn It:. & Oo. & Bltrllac ... llte!D B. 211 PearL 'he ebal' & Boo, lt'l Frons. .,_....,(WI. 401H0l E &tth. Wllllillr ClaM 1'. 14 IIIla. Wolt'l'beo. Jr !Ill Front ,.,.....,. IF ....... IACf Dm1K Ford. 78 80 Broad. -G. fi.,Bro&day. II&WJ'er, W.U.. .t Ce. 11-T -""'L--2'111:. llo&rleo I' .t lloL 184 --/01' tAe-0/ -8IMiololh s .. lolld tatConcll$11top-""G., -&. lOth DeGanoe Clear Jlonufaeoorv, -.s31 But a. l'oete A W &: Oo. t:i15lllald..u Lane. J'roy Broe.lli4,._1848A.eallOA. Fromer L F 77th st. cor. 8d &nd LoxlnK$oa .... 11abD.-& Oo. E.81d St. Ball 'til. !I. lJOI.Ill ... ana.. llenDaa-4M-481111.Bofm&all F l!:.oll8d. 11. a ao foot of Gillet.,-.. ""' a Bonlmoao, llltb tt, ..... !II& .... ;JCIMI>bl-'l.t Oo. -II. lid. J-o, Cluio&I&D, 884 E. 8ld Street a...a-aooo. .t Jluoady, llt.t lit-ct. ---1814&oJM-A.Y .... o-adao.s ,.. ........ -0-, .... .._ .....,._ llrotb ... Oo. '107 &o 'lltld ...... Ucllte-ID J..,j!oo It (;)o, 808--II& U.. Goo P olt Oo. cor. I!Dtb st and &YellllO J.. Lo-lt -........v-:r. LoftJ.W. llllllllll&a ... -40811:. Mot _.a w. a ....... ... 11-*A. &Oo.,A ..... IISD4110Uln. C*Kbo!W 110. l'alaalo 0 .t Oo. I Burling lllp l'Oh&lold P .t Co 1&8Cbamb1 E '184. --&Del 1lua. 81 Pearl Bc:hl-.t CO ?I New !ltnoet ----Co, 327 East 68<1. BbaOWoll. B. A ll!llllc.b e. _..borg 1L & Oo.. 11>f-15& Boaall l'lflb .t.ft. Btral&on aorm. 108 t'Tlh. .. & Newmaroo:. s. -r. ,cor. 78d Ill &old lid m..-.. & 0...11115 &o 811 'llot uomannOarL 400-4o8 B Wm'tbelm 4 8cbllfer, 4034011 E 7Utb Ill, l""fJM't'r 9r w,..,... Dn7o B. Jr. 175 Poor! J'alk. 0 A. Bro, 171 Water rrotoe, lt:mest, 14il W Qralr ..... 10&-Lane. !laTe C F lllll'Mrl Rlrllalt. vlotortua .t: Oo 1111 waBoeonwald 11:. a Broo. 14& Water. IJalomoo lL o1t E OS Halden lane. BobrOOder & -. 178 Wator Bobmld r. 1118 Water. l!plagaacb 81mOD .t Oo. lTV Pearl Bernheim" a: Boo, 1111 Pearl BraDd l .t Oo. l!lllllaldeo Lana DIU B. & Oo. 151 Water ,.__G. & Co. ,.,. 1'e&rl rretoe, lt:rDeaC. 14.:1 Water. lllll&..-1'. Joro & Oo. If! Water Qe-.L 180 Pearl euerra llarDI&DOO. I'll "' Ba.,... ToOo. 1911 I' ron$ ....... (lalbo:t.o Oo. 8 -... L01renaobD A. 131 Malden lane. c-ao. t -"' c.. 809l'Mrl .-,. .. YDDI' a CO. Ill Water B 4 Oo 161 llald .._, IIJnDda I' .t Oo. --llollteiO 11 A lt1 I'Nrl. OppeDhelmer Ferd. 116lllalden lane G. a Bro& 188 H&idea lane. -hez & Oo. lie J!'root. Bara. Sl Poor! """"""'" & Uo. 1 n Pearl 'l&lomoa II. & a 811 -... lAM Seymour C1llal. T. 188 Front !tl@'. Mor&oa & Oo. 1117 hart o,. t40 )laWen lane Will& Oo.l6 .l'lllo ll&rrllaOO II. & Oo. 15 ...., ... IIIIIJipr J .tOo., &1 Murray. Beldeoberll and Oo. 327 East 63d. v ...,._ Ybor & Oo. lftl Wuer BatOOA& &:rr's R. Boa o.;;Dp&D;r, 4& Oed&r ........... wl&mOIIC.MW..-Woa'IV .t _,., Umlted. 7t PIDe. ....... ,. ................ -....., __ BUller'& R. Bon OompaDJ", 46 Cedar Woaftl' & -.,., Umlted, ':t PIDo. 8lild Leaf 2\:JDaoOo IR J tc II ftlb C1oar1oL .t Oo. IG W-I'. e. u-. --& ao. 1a w_,__..... of c_,_-..-Jl. w. 111141 -lolenlltla Ill. lleDbll J-. ........ --.,_ WIIIIM> & Oo. oor II&,. ... UI*LO" W. &. &Del Bro......,. .. '1'lalo lllollorUr Ofttar -&oedwla .tOo. foot llr&Dd oc. II: a a. 'l'lloB. 1011411 E 87th. ()Q. 6111-1111 WM .. ...-. ol: Tv-and Clpr Ttlla .. 1Ul41& !If. WUJiaao -......,. .. o1t c. .. ,. oor. Pearl &lid Elm. llobum....,....t --81-....,.. .t---.." -Jlln-Ol9ar F-. (Jiukel Jao. """Oo, Ill Jolla .._ .t.tu."'-911 .... ----J B. .1: Oo. 1118 Cllamllon ,..,..., .llo:fnlcO. Dodge oil;=..:.. Lead ....,. -CIDrd. ..-.11. "a Oo. ato..r .,.... 0/ CIQn f .81<11< laer. ... John R Williams Co., 102 Chambers ....... tsr ... ., --p.,_. n-.Hamm-"lac xtc. Tob&ooo Pei'IOII J.. Ban1mau .t Co.-i&'r-468 Broome ...... ,acnw.r. or 7'm TaciL Banoll&oa a UUer. 6118-148 w. 1114. Lobel aDd 8-p Varnlob. BeodCbu O.udCo.llli-14Ul 8ugrqr. Baemey ... .t Bider. 117 Wall. &lBA.T, Y. Jlaft".(aa-. of -_.. .... BoDo. ... -.l.lii:IITBRD&lll HoU.a ... Den.lers ia Sumatra J'IJI!Its & Hlcb.atlla. Blett;rn. 1bbac Bn. &arkoma G .. 0. Z. Voorburgwall1811. H ... Dlr. ,,. Bu...atra '"'" Jao:J.......,..teo. B.ALTIMO&E.M .. IA<>!.;nd .1'1'>-r....... .... &o,-d W ..1.. & . IS B Howard Uoversagt Qoo. P B Co. 31 8ontb (Jia&rloo at ..,.__yer Ed. < Co. 8111ioutll Qohoeft -....... ............ .......... w .t Boo, 110 Bollth Cb&r-9&1[ & AZ. e8 Barre .t: Oo., Lombard .t Cbeopoldo llllitM!.rw Brotllera. Itt> to 1 .. Boutll .......... l"Btftf Btom RoiiL \Javenact Goo P 31 Sou"' Cbarleo 01.-r lllamrf&mureN> ll&ron .t Co. ... & Co., Lombard&: Cbea.pslde 13-16 (Jboapolck. JfCJ.Au/ocfurer of r4M Olgart. Keaeken AU. & Bro. 24 South Paca. or llegal. CherHt1. ElliiiL a Co cor. 8altimor11 and Sharp. BOliTO --. lMJ>OI"tMof-B1c0 .L F. o1t QQ. II Ceotnl WJaaW fdiiie 611_.....,. JlltobcOOI<. B. W., 19 India Jobbers in Domeotlc ()lg&rs and Leaf To-. Jlay-port J Jr. 1111-88 Bnliil BRiil:niBN. Geraq Dealenln 81lrnMra &Del J'Aft ToMceQ. S&oer B W .t Oo. BVI'I' AJ.0. 7 B-mod E.-,. of W'-f Leaf Tobacco Co Llmlted, 85 lllalo, OIIJOAQO, m. tor Olgartt.fllo-lft(J a...S J.I'Uaba41 10&-... J)ottMiral1o Fr.nlqt& 0114 .DoaMIUc -.L a eo. C4 ud 48 DMrbonl. Sandb&geo'l', 17 Vf lill-.11. Ill II. Batter -1M MOliN I.-W1olualldin II& Bu.rr lolld Beller f cutunaa aad &old WbolM&le Dealer in [;oaf To-. P1aoomo r. 48 B. W&ler I(Dftro of Plug, Fine-CUt Cbewlna and 8...._. lllgh&;r Na.y TobaCCO WorD. C&ro&llolld liioarw Tob. ii2li w;21l lolld IIIO..VIII A. Domlap A. L. .t Qo. 68EIIIl lAG!,__ 0011.......,. F. W .tloD,eor. V.-Jlftn. er'olrlar...,.... IWler Dllbrul & Petera. 115-16t It: !ld. Mnttn Gf Havana Cigar Jl1aYOr. BerghaUaen Ed. d: Co. 41 E 2d. J'rlee. Ale:<. IIi. Bros., 4611:. lid. Jlo(JoOo. Jebll H O:t..AB.JUIVILLE, T_.. {.-J ,..,_ .Dr-._ B.olt Brc> Dohrmann F W &SoD. JtenDnd /HG/Irl Ill (Mw &.d. O'lWIW. I ev .&KBVILia.. lad. OO.a&arioft JlerchiiRt. lllorrtoO J. & 0o FB&N.K.LIN'rON, N, c, Loa/ 'l'o/Ja<"CO BrukOmpoGD Gee. "W H.A v .&Jr.A a. ... ft)bGooe IMWI o. W)n' a -.. ..... :sa-TobaeOO ao..s Qolle AIIIIMa I Ofllla'W. Azcann Sebutlan, 8llaru 68. 1 Baocoe Juan A., 1118-1111 IIICN*i&-. enaw Juan IIi. Co., lllltrella II ColmeD8J"08& Prteto, Calle de San Bafael 118 De Capote,. Mora It= d,!l 21!. EltalliUO o1 unco 4t '&LmM'n St. LaGran.;.nna, Calle ola Balloeltlllotol. Lopez Manuel & Oo.. l'llnlna a Hnrias Fell>: & Co "OaiJe d61a ZauJa 6t. Jlln,llda F, Ca_..,. Jlo-1 Roger Pedro, 49 Faetorlabnduelo R., Calle del Ba:rol8.68. Rodriguez lllanueL Bstrell& 1 BeiCU & Garola, l:lllloa 117. HElfiDMMI' KJ' 2 ......... Blaughter G. G l'f. C. Lewis & Tbomao. -J ALIU.I'fY, .... Padoer o/-lMolor ;,. Lott,f, QNeDOF.C. ILI.N8&111 C:.I:I'Y, Ko, Wboleoale Dealero In llafd ud s...._ To-anti gg&ro, &lao 8moleter .t Ce. 18tla &Del Kala Ln. _,.,act........ Al/etllo. Scheirer L. C .1: Co., 184 4th Tob&ooo Commisalon Merchant. Naob Goo. P. 1814 Weot lllal at Plff. Tobacco 11184111"" &lld Tobaceo B. ... S..pplleo. lhlftr' 't&_ppfiu, Lko, a e, Flavor,., etc. Juugblutb & LTJIOJDIUB.G, Ya. Maaoifadur.,.. of Clflorotull. Lone Jack Cllarotto Oo. or llrnoklac Tobacco. 7WHMoe a...,.._. ....,.&I.,. !lola. llobMlw .t Oo. IIIDDLETOWX. 0. Mat>ufael"'rr o{ 1'1 .... 1.&0.. BILW.I.UK:S..W .... ,..,.,.. Of Oloeulift(J ..... -... 2'o6aoce. .t.dllmiiJ.I'.J' .t8o. """J. a. a Oo. ._,_,Of llltJ ,.....,__ L. & Oo. Ill Arob llatubolor 1:. II! Elo. 1011 N. Water ........,r'O Lewlo Bono. 322 Nor&ll TIIIJd JiloiiiUI & Taitt 107 Arcll Frerer & IIIHnlobr, 118 North 3d. Lob" Benj. 281 North 8d liicDoll 11. "-& Co. 1103-005 (..'heatuna J BlaalOaC.:o 1-r. Fougeray J.. R 68 N. Front Manlljael'UrtJN l'lalu. Tbe llellor& Rltteubouoe Co., 218Nortb 211<1. Jffr' AgO!>t f{ir Plug liM am-. B:olly F. X. Jr. Arch OigM"IJoc Labt.lll and 1Wmminf1. Barris Goo: 8 .t Bon, 716 Arcll .,.,. .. ,...,..r.,. of RolpN seota. Srotll. -Stewart, Ralph .t Oo. 141 Arch B&nlet, PITTSBURGH, J'a. hA-t of "LoRD f'h.reacl u BM.., -... Jooldnooa IL & W. 919 Libel tJ'-Jla"""r' nf 8ntl.J! and 2'obaoof, w.,Ymao & II rtf. Q1l.DIlT. Ill, 81Uf1 PIUfl JtocM-Brlnkop J B B& LEU",H, J.IJ, (l, ,_, ........... _.&McGee. ...JUOHJifD, Va. ,l!;,.nv,t-.wof Stno.W... :1-. <>tod OlQur---T. Ita A.U&Il ct Qtnter. Pace ct: Sizer lilate".faoiWero ef PI""J & -no Yor.tler WUBOD. Haneock W T-. Kayo l!. H .t Bro. ta 7tll8t Pace J B Tobacco Co. i.A41'f--& (JnuDp, E. T. & Oo. '-4 ColumW&n Block. Dibrell W E. r WIBoJa&H. Mmoutacr ......... BM. M!.Uhiser &: 0q 1309 ' R.OCHE8TJ:B., Jlf, T, a rur Towne, PuDer a Co., Packers of Leaf Tobacco 1 Manuf'trs of Cigars, FR.:&I'Y, PACKERS o .I.J.IJP DB.t.LIUIII JJ.IJ Ponnsylvania Sood Loar & ijavana Sood Tollacce. 01 & 03 North St., Lancaater, Pa LA F AMA, GATO, 1 "!2 ST.J NEW YOR:<. OFFJOH 701SECOND" AVENUE, cor. STREET,. NEW YORK. No. 50, 3d Collec on District, N. Y Nos. 707 to 719 Second Avenue, and 236 to 239 East ThirtyStreet, New Yori KIUFMANN BROS BONDY, Import ... .. -: of Mannfactnrcrs, MDHS & Smokers Articles, F ........ n .. a3d -129 & 131 Grand St., New York. Salesroom: '129 & 131 Grand St., New York Factory. Gi1ar N L&rceat ba tJ&. Weat. 'CS .. fi I ea, 100 a.:a..d. :1 oa orh. oa.:n.a.l. &f:., .&lao l!iaaufaoturer of the Veneered and Imitation Oetlar Oigar-BO.. L1aa .. r. r -.Applloatioa. Seu.d for PriceLbt. Tile only Faetorv In the Wel &hat earrleo the excboe do&;r: OD fonlpwhich formerly wu 20c per lb, but of late J'e&l'll hai .beea rednoed to lfc, i ,...tored"to IOc The duty 011 dooDeo&lo leaf, which up to lllllll wa.o 8c, &ad wuthen reilueed tole, Ia &d....,aed,to 6c. Tbe OllB&oms dll&;r upon to-mralr lola cret.sed from 20 to 80c per lb. and on Imported tob&ceo from... 110 &o 80c per lb Clgarottoo put up In pad...,. well:hlnlr loo8 than one twentieth of a poulld or 1-, ohall pay a dnty oL ll4c .P" l b. lnotead of !IIIC, as here &of oro, and oa da!nP ormmst IIIDuft:lnwheo containlrL:.ver .0 "r ceot. ot u ...., lto,wlbc ENGLA?."'D-Xanuractured Tobacco-Cigars, 5s per lb Cavendish or NegrohMd, Cs 6d pet lb. Caveadlab or Negro head manufactmed in b ond, 4 s per lb. Q(ber manutactUret:t tobacc o. 4s per Jb. Snuff containing more than 13 lba ot moiSture in every 100 lbs weight thereof. 8s 9d. per lb. Soutr not containing more than 13lbs ()( m o i s t ore in every 100 lhs weight thereof, 48 6d per. lb. Unmanufactured T ob&ceoContaJnlng H) lbs or every tOOlbs weight thereof, Ss 2d per tO. Containing lefls tPao IO"lbs ot moisture in &very 100 lba wei@htthereof 8a6d per lb. lo Ueu ot the drawbac,k allowablA before May 3', 1 887 there fR now allmred tb, e drawback of 3o 8d named ill oeetloo I of lloe Hauufao T<>bacco Ace, 1 863. and 270 marks Per 100 kiloa d uty SmokJna tobacco In rolltt and 8lluft: tlour, 180 marks pe r 100 kilos duty. Pressed tobacco, f5 marks per 100 kilos duty. Leaf tobacco and etems 8.) marts per ll.O.kilos du.ty. Strlps o r s temmed leaf, 180 marks per 100 kUoe BOLLA.ND-Tobi'CCO in r.ol!s or leav .. """' ....... stems. 28 cents ftuty Per 100 pressed t!ltemR 24 ceaWJ dut y pil'r HXJ kil08 MaQufa.ctured tobacco, aautr. carret:s, etc., $!.80 duty per 100 kilos Cigar., $16 duty _per 100 kUoo. The tobacci> lnd110try ot Austria, Fo:ance, and Spain I S controlled by Regies, under the direct:Jon of the Gevernments or those countries. V.ALUE OF FOREIGN 001118. Cen1s.l CeMa A.ustrja.-l!"Jorin or guiJ Italy-Lira.... . 19. 8 der........ ... .... 45.3 Japan-Yen......... .. W.'l Belt

GRAY, MORALES 8 DALTON Cttm 'JilllD-IADE. &ttr M on the Market. JUNE 25 t f j l j IIVINI CI&!I Hence (t"rca"&a?.W'.B.lfn.r...., fA.t/IIM4tMI' JJCin4 Jlr.CN.krl w l'ou, .lprllld. 1 ..... 1 5 t 4 PINE STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA Simate4 in the imaediate aection of country that produces a grade Tobacco that in texture, 8..vor ud quality .is not eleewllere 'in the wor1ii, tlie popularity of these goods;is only limited by the quutity produced. Wet are in position to colama,Dd ttie choice of all offerings upon this market, and spare EO pains or expense to give the trade. the 1ERY BET. Fo r tea or twelve years] have uHd Blac:k Durha m Smo k iog T obacco, and find the m01$t satJs(;Jctory of alt I have tried. I g av e Tho m as Ca rl y l e a pound of it u wlte n smoked t(lrethcr aud he wanaly'praisc-d It, I han found 110 tebacco oa. citha' GEBROoERKi:iN.aENBERG,. BUTIE=a & WILSON :::I:)::BIT:aii:O::E.o:J:Il G-::BIR.l!WE.A.JSJ "'2'" m ., ::BI:D1loo-er-. ....,..c:lar.cla &lld l'&llo;r LaW. lor Beer, W!ae, l':ndta P...-.eo. Box Labels a Specialty __ __..-.- Private Labek eo..UUlr ...,..MJ:TBB & CO., d KIMBALL, 36 W.UUU:K 81'., KEW JIU.llfUI'AOTURJmS OJ' mGH GRADE AND DEALBllS IN 2:a::m.&.F TO:EI..a..coo. l'aotol'J' 786, 2d Dlat. l!f. Y. 1oo1e Ql ...., follcritln1 Braii!U-GIJA. RA...-.a., lfROJIZB ME .& .. DOS.& DBL NORTE, BIO HONDO, .....,. DE .LBTEA, BL PRI!I[EJU., .BoB lii.&'NT.A!JiliA.S, PB&ICBOLBO BOSEII, 'NBW YORK. KI .. ET. :BJ, .IIJTIIIO, V.B&t1BJIOS, 011R T-BITOBY, 8amples furnished upon application. TUB!CCO COIRAN. Y can attention to their new Pocket Case, in which they are nor pa.cklnc their celebrated ;-..-:-...:wetteo, WEET Wa.rranted absolutely free from any flaVoring or impuri&iea : Vineot G rad08 of old &ad thoroughly cured Virgin!& and Turkish Tobaccos, Finest Frencll Blee Paper. Highest Cla8a Skilled Labor. WORLD CIGAR FACTORY I W e are Sole Proprietors of the followine weD.Jtnown Bra.nds,.-aud shall vlg<>roualy prooecute an:r infring611l ent, viz. : -SPECKLED BEAUTY, DOTLET, BEAUTY SPOT, FRECKLED BEAUTIES. '03,09 Ea.t Seventieth St., Jl' ew York. WM. E. UPTEGROVE .., :aa.o., Spanish Cedar IIAJim'.&OT1JimU 01' Fll' Por Chewing & Smoking, !! .. ,-0,. o;;vvoJI.KS. The Mrs. G. B. Miller & Co. N A I CI,..AR FLAVOR TOBACCO 1WAKUFACTOBY. R II BIT.I.BLJIDBD It'lL ft'AIILU L. PL.I.TT0 Pnl&. A (JJ E,'' 87 OO::E.o"O'"JIWI:JB:E.A. eTR.::IIII211T, "'!r'OR.B;. -llANUFACTUII&BS OF THE CELEIIBATKD-PLAIN :FIXE CU'I' OHEWIJI'G 'I'OBACOO IN BLUE PAPERS J!oi1 "0'" :liP :liP -I Rose-Scented Maccaboy,Scotch, French Rappee,AmericanGentleman '' S:J:G-N" .A.L '' Oh.e-.::ov:I.D.Sr Oae Os. Poll .l.lao, Firat aad seeoa qnaUty SmolJllla 11111111 Vll'll.'lnia: .H.....,, DA VE!'Il'OBT & JtOR:RIS, Jilek mond,V&. Lleorlee Root-A.rqoa aad AUeaa& .. Selected and Ordl""ry. Also Pare ll]laaloll Ollv" Oil In barrelc. and Spanish, ltallnn and Freoch, Ill C&ll.l and bottles. lUfliCAtDAY & ARGUIMBAU, 28 Beaver Street, New York. CAMPBELL & CO .. I l'llaallfae&-en ot Fino Gnt & Smom[ Tobacco, A.lld Dealen Ia MANUF ACTIJRER 01' ALL BiliDB OF Cigar-Box Labels. 5193' Monroe-at. NewYorlr.. Ci!ar Iannfactory. FLAKE CUTS, E8PECI1ALLY ADAPTED. THE PIPE. to Sue-r to D, Bll'loelo le., 2118,1131 &133 E. -Yko Granulated. A Ne": lllilr.tun. Fragrant Vanity Fair, Snperlatin and of Gold. Kimball'sSATIN STRAIGHT CUT CIGARETTES. People roDDed taste wbo deoire exceptional l y fine Clgaretteo llllould use only our Slrala:hl Cat, i n aatin pacla;to aad bo:llahe4 846, 14 Flrot J!1e4alo. S. KIMBALL & CO., Peerless Tobacco Works, Rochester, N. Y. .. 5" 2-oz. FINEGUJ. DEPO'I' I'OR THE ABOVE POPULAR BB.AlfD: J The follow tar Brandu.ncl Trade-mara bobur lhe aole an!d exclwd.Ye propel'tJ' ef the D!lF'lANCE CIGAR I!AIIUFACTORY, an:r ODe....,...heM with in.the reacll of of tlie laDI who will lml tate in' ,.ny maDner a.Dy ot. th._ braDda andtradea marks er uae au:r DalDe or label thereof. wm U once be pr088Cuted just the 10 aoylblet who would stoaliUiy other valuable PNOOnal propelt;r :Dollance, Mphlato. Jupiter. Old Judtre, 8lrm&. :!lloso llooe, Our Boyo. Sam..,.. No.......,.h,lkl-. Snow :E'lake. Hearts' Deligl!.t IllgTbilllf, OUrCaaU... Game Roollter, Pluck. l!oprtotl. lleg, Gul llver. Plantag6net, Feamaurbt, Th8 ltoateaum.a, Commercial CJub Boeton Club, Untrenal. 8taa d&rd, Solid Value.. Tbe Faaltlon, Lone Carls, El ltngagno, Ploadlllo, TheLaa Graciaa, ... 11. Factory No. 973, 3d con. Dist.lewYort D. HIBSCB, Geaeral llii&Dalrero R. HILLIER'S SON COMPANY, \ C. J. MOB.BIS, Leopold Miller' & Son, TOBACCO BROKER, 155 Chambers st., New York. EVANSVtLL_E. IND C l rGA R-roi OXES. SPANISH AND LICORICE PASTE. VANILLA BEA. NS, standard w1re Naue. LICORICE ROOT and POWDERED LICORICE PASTE. Foot of Easll Oth & lith St. I'LA VOBS FOB SMOKING TOBACCO. JO:W YOaK. OP.EZ ...... ._or OlGABS, 52 VESEY S'I'RET, NEW YORK. Manufaoturere of all ... ndeformeriJ Manufao tured biTtloa. Hoyt &Oo. ; lpbla ot&ce-D. &aehaer I< Co,.t_!ll8 North ThiN Stree&. GO Bncb.ner k Co., 51 wabaeh .&Yeaae. :;:._. edean tUIIce-. Daehner &: rvo., 34 ()aaal 8'reel : 5 -. -G. L. ,.oha110n., ,.,. Uaoover I.Uree& .. C&IM..,IIILa Texao1 L. & (IO l!l& Ba&&ery sreet ;t for PaeUic .-u:._ ca -.-roo c-aa4 TerrUorlea. ALL srEOIAL'I'IES :FOit PLUG AKD :FIIIIE..CUT 'I'OBACCO. l'IIA.1'1t111' A.CTIIRZBII OF LICOB.IGE. P. 413 E. 31 _st Street, cor. let Ave.1 New York; 1681 167 A 169 E. Pearl St.1 Clnclnnatl1 0, Depot and Aaency for the Pacific Coast: 306 A 308 Battery Street, San Francleco1 Cal TiONKA BEANS, OIL ALMON DS, OIL GERANIUM, OIL ROSE, ANGELICA .. ROOT. Uniformlty1 Accuracy and Satisfaction C.uaranteed. Ba.milton :r..utey, JUWI'.A.IJ1'tJBKBS 0" TIN.fAGS .All gra ... o:tPlala, Colorool, .......... .... -.. '&'apllla4e &o order. 536-54._ \Vast 2318trect, Mew Yurt I H. CLABK, l BllDTiml. ., fOBIUCO BB81EBS ----..... ....... ,....,. ..... I


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