The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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' VOL. XXIV.---NO. 27. fEllTABWMHEDlSM.] NEW YORK, SATURDAY, JULY 30, 1887. .... : CHOICE TOBACCO. \ \' \ ,, Cor. is1 Ave. & 3lsllll. '/1 All Paltlee are 0 any against \ 1 ;\ \t ) of Brand. NEW YORK. th\.ll'll'\. o -------lliil!!llll _._ ':1' I v. MARTINEZ YBOB a co. C!gar Boxes ... Trade :lla.rk of ... --* 8PE.CI-AL. NOTICE. ElL & CO 1 '" T { .., 1 lnslde.lhe ltalfi, Oft ttt W 1 \ & --4 I 'bu.t, Is .pnteft a Ia R d. 1868 & 1874 W ...; 'ttl "W.&C."wlthourslgna-881Stere ID T Regtatered In a au. ') ........ OUR CHOi:OE .. VUELTA ABAJO HAVANA .. TOBACCO$,, BO:X.:JII %ltPORI. N"o. 89 &"tree"t., N"e""VV Y"ork... Ribbons. F. GARCIA, BRO. & CO.. Where GU".A.l!IIII'O 1.& 'Ua eeL Many Brands imitating CLOSELY ours are offered and sold to tlie Trade as W. & C. -.. IMPORTERS LEAE Spanish Cedar. cJt Lone Jack Qigarettes PRINCIPE ALFONSO 56. No. 167 WATER STREET, N"e""VV D1 BOXES. Phoflll'aph in each BoL A BOLDJ:R :I'OR J:AOB OIG.&BBftZ. ESTABUSJII:D OF Handsome Ufe Size Chramos of Irs. Cleveland With each 1Wt I. HAVANA i Tobaooos from the San .luan y Martinez District a Specialty. f 188 Fron."t &"tree"t, N"e""VV York. 1 g 93 John New York. JAMES CHASKEL & CO.'S A LIBKRAL REWARD will be paid by us for the Detection of the .. me. Also Import Sumatra,. WElL & CO., 65 :t;DE ST., NEW YOBI. are c:=' Also lwt orterli of SUMATRA. Tn .. Baril, Buk. \\E US VEGAs 16 Cedar St.. !few York. oI2'-4. GUSTAV SALOMON & BROS. J CiWITHaccoFiam .. _. K---.,. l "AIITICDIL'" & COLORINGS. B. SCBUBABT d:: co., J. J. A. Callu Snlicolas 128 HIVAII, CUBA. A. & C IMPORtERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO, .A VANA 138 XAmEN LA.NE, nm 'Jatcr St., NEW YORK. JJ SEED I.EAF TOBAC. CO, 57 CALZADA DEL MONTE, HAVANA, CUBA. IBPORTE .. OF 81111 :No. 1eo "'UV.A."X'lli:R. ... B.:JIIBT, :DT:JII"'UV TOR.:IE. I CAil:xTo LOi?:Ez & C10.: . Packers and Importers FZN"E VUUJA ABAJO :J'OBACCO Exclusively, u ISLA" C.L. No.3 Gedar St., New York. Sol No. 86, HAVANA, CUBA. BIOIIUJID .JACOBY. GUSTAV .JAOOB!'. T-. so -"J IETROPOLITAN CIGAR FACTORY 138 WATER ST., NEW YORK. S JACOBY & Co &o1e'l: o:C. ., B. :aii:A.N'US, Factory No. 3, 3d District. HoLLAND FOOT OF 52d ST ., EAST RIVER, SlJIIATB.A TOBACCO %'Ol VO::E=L:&:.. Ia. Prime QuaiUiea alway oa THE HAVANA TOBACCO COMPANY, LI:aii:XTED. HAVANA, CUBA: 148 Calle Animas. I N .EW YORK: 192 Front Street. LUIS MARX, Pres. M. ROSENTOWER, Sec. & Treas. SIMON AVEB.BACB a:. CO., %Do!EPOB.TDRS OF HAVANA and SUMATRA TOB.A.CCOS, 179 Pearl. S"tree1i., -y"ork. &. 'Y' .A.9 -:DTo. 81 S'l:ree't, York, lM"ad.e C:l.aar_l!(l ou.r Spec:l.a1 "ty. IHPORTER 0P G Eo_ P -.. H :s & aG>., .. H L [ QJ b o f Cigars, Cesareo Vigil, avana .. ea 10 acco, 140 Maiden I ane, &Laced !/. (}. I ffra. ALEX. FRIES & BROS., Havana Ci[ar Flavor, llll READE BTILE!lT, NEW YORE. 46,48 .t; 50 Let ill Street, OINCIKKATI. 0, Branch Olllce: 12 .a.r._.-..1 lt., BA V AJrA. CJUBA.. I LOUIS NEWBURGH, Pellar o Little Dutch & Zimmer's Otllee: 141 Vet P .. rl Street, CDfOIJr:IATI, 0. I Wa.rehoUBe:-Gennantbwu,llontgomery C ounty. O h i o GOODWIN. & CO.'S IDAiD .. Dtt upoa Uaete roa.. The Jehn J. Creeke Co., JrEW YORK AJrD OHIOAGO-IIAJr'UFAOT'DIU:RS OF TIN" FOIL :ror P1'U.K Tobacco. Factories-NEW YORK: 38 Crosby l 163-165 !lnlberry Sts. CHICAGG: 84, 86 & 88 Frallklil St. SILVEB SURFACE FOIL! COHPOtnrD FOIL, PATENT IIETAL,ouul aU the d:Urereat vuietle of FoU kDoWJl to the Tracie. PIUJI'TDI'G ON FOIL bo BroDM aDd Colon, aaol with .U..reat dedalla of &raaiDeJltatlea, f-. TC>::EJ.A..OOC> A.N"D L.A.::EJELS. :Cor Bo1:1:1e, Plain, (lol;,recl or OfB.ce Adiress : J No. 186 GRAND ST. NEW YORK ; -; 88 rRANKLI!.H SARTORIUS & CO., Havana Tobacco, BERNAZ.A 32, 171 PEARL CIGAR BOX LUMBER, OEX>..&.::E=L, :J::D:J:T A. T:J:O :1'\l .A.:N':J:SJa: CE:J::> .A. :Fl., 'V'EN'EEFI.E:J:> [CEDAR) X.. 'C'n.ti::BE.R.. :l.2:101.por'ter .. &pa:n.:lh Cedar a:n.d. :DI.I:ahe>ga:n.y. &:l:z.'l:h S1:ree1:, C1:n.o:l:n.%1a1::l, Oh:lo. SU'r'l;EB BROS., Dealers_ in LEAJ: __ TOBACCO, WeQtern :Manufacturers wl:U find lt to their advantage to deal with \18 .. .,,. 7


I I > rr! E TODA..OOO TiEA.F. I The Tobaeeo Leaf. ESTABLISHED 1864. Larceat Clrculatioll of -7 ,..._ Paper In the World. have tlrift ta t.heir "mind'a eye." On thie bject the New York World of Thursday editorially aid:The rej>oro of the Commiasiouer of Internai Revenue ehowa that thia 11ystem of taxation yielded laet yeartll8 of revenue, at a cost of only $4,075,00U for ooliPcttoo 01 this amountsptritsyielded nearly$66,000 000. ltquors Pt,ooo,ooo. and tobacco 180.006,000. l'he new tax on oleomargarino. foolishly imposed last wtnter, yielded $723, 600. hie of July U reaebed tbill office too l1te for pubhcBtion. The toame i Dfor ma tiOn ill bere conveyed to C 0, B Spt-fogfteld, Teoa., "'bose JeUer of July 20 was not on ttmE>. Tbt!t!e esteemed correspondents, and all others who favor us with contributions, are ll;ppried tbat the LE.t.J' jj:Oes to pr early every lf-riday eveniug. To aecul'l> oubheawon oorre11poodents matl or teif'll;t'apb thetr eo_py 110 that il will be in th18 office by 7 P H. Eriday. OUR WASHINGTON LETTER. WH.&T THE SUM.&TR.& DEU810N WILL DE. EFFORT TO PLEASE ALL_. W .A.SHINGTON, July 28.-Judge I. H. )lay nard, Assistant Secretary of the Treuury, told me this morning that all the papers 10 tlle Sumatra tobacco case were then on hts desk ready for examinatioa. This mean111 that the views of the present Cbtef of the Customs Division, and the demeione on the subject heretofore rendered by Treasury: De panment offimals, have been submittea to the Assistant Semetary and that be wtll con fer with Secretary Faircbtld, who has re turned to the city and wtll rema10 two or three weeks. Judce Maynard bas the gen eral supervlBIOn of all the work assigned to the Customs D1 vteton, hence 1t 11 uot likely that Secretary Fairchtld, he has tba power, wtll overrule the Aeststant !iectston in regard to this matter. Of course, Secretary Fa1rcb tid has in the past com mitted himself somewhat as to the proper methods to be pursued 10 appratsing leaf to bacco and construing the law which ie the bone of contention now; but it is expected tliat as a new bearing has been bad and questtoo argued f1 om a d1fferent standpoint, and as practicaleuggeeuonl! have been made, that he wlll eaocuon whatever actton Judge .Mayoacd determines upon. 1 McGreg or, Ch1ef of the CusLoins Dlvl8ioo, has re cently e::rvreesed the opimon that the matn question presentell by the Sumatra Ex coange, 111 p, eoident &hroeder's argument as to the oonstruotwu of be Ia w, lt11.11 been decttlcd by Lhe uheady, and the eourts have sustawed and the Attorney Gen eral hae approved thts deCision Judge .May nard inttmated at the hea1mg IHst week that the decisions of precedmg Becretar1ee and ABBistant Secretarlt s would b':! adhe1 ed to, but that mstructioos mtj!;ht be sent out to the apprllisers that would cause the adoptiOn of umform metbods of apprau;eweot. ILl quu1es te day fatled to ehmt 'be uature of Wleee instructions, but w11l not vary materially from tho&e June, and wh1ch the Tobacco Leaf Board of Tade ap proved, except so as to such tmporta tione u JW. Paao im{X>rtat1on of Sumatra tobacco, whtch was dtscu&sed last week. Judge Maynard told me he hoped to decide the question 10 a few days, and that 1t would be decided w1th10 ten dayd at the furthest. THE 188'1 WI&COJI'Sill' 'I'OBAOCO OROP. I.....---Ia Aoreace-PI'eMJlt OaatU tioa, Ao-t of Oltl To'baooo Heltl 'b,-OroFrom an elaborate resume in the Ed&rton Wi.9oon6Jn Tobacco Reporter of July 22 we clip the following 10terest10g information: -The Reporter lays before tts readers to-day an extenstve review of the 1887 tobacco crop. Statistics are presented from over one huu dred points iu the tobacco sec&ion, and cover every locality where tobacco 18 grown in any amount worth oonlriderrog in such a repott. We have no hesitancy in pronouncing Lhts compilation the most and completB report of a tobacco crop ever made 10 th18 or any other State. Our spectal reports cover all groWlDK aecti0118 thoroughly and leave none unrepresented. PtTBLIBHED 8YEBY SATURDAY JlO.lUD& Jlf TOWll' THIS WEEK., -Chas. 11. Garth, of. Louisville, Ky. BY 'l'IDI Tblllle few articles are all that remain of a sy.nem,thatonce utended toalldepartments of business and manufactures, and p1od uced at its maximum 1309,000,000 in one year. They are tlle least oneroue taxes that are col lectetl b;r Wut Government, either or State. The rate upon spmts and malt liquor -Hon. I. Luther Spence, of Suffield, Conn. ioBlCCO LEAF PDBLISHIHG -Phil. Ertheiler of & Co., Pbila lOIS Malden Lane1 New Yorlro c is so email-tO cents a gallon on the former and t1 a barrel on the latter-that the of the tax would not cheapen the arttcles to buyers by the drink. 'I.' he hcensee are paid by the Dlanufacturers and dealers and are too small to affect the rctatl pnce. The tax of etgbt cen!AI a pound upon tobacco is a burden upon growers, and the special taxes and stamps add aomewbat to the of a do meettc arttcle w htch is a luxury of the poor. delphia. Our thanks to htm for favora. -Mr. Archibald, of the Emp1re Tobacco Co., Montreal, hal! been picktq up eome choice Virg10ia wrappers. -WAIID B1JII&E, : Editor. IIITE:ali'AL REVENUE RECEIPTS ntOM THE TOBACCO INDUSTRY, G. GJU.FP, D1Dt.e. ........... Cigars and che June. 1888. June, 1887. _________________ roots. . .. $9511 &27 65 $1,022 322 68 ':t'erm of U1.e Paper. Cigarettel!....... 65,698 70 69,263 Special Tax : BINGLE COPIES 10 cents. Six .MonU. .. .$2 Inaemucb as the revenue surplus now war rants and demands a reducuun of at least S60,000,000 in the annual taxes, 1t te rght that the tobacoo tax be repealed as p 1ort ot a judtctous system of reform. But so long as the war charlt88 stand, ti:le tax on sp1r1ta Manurrs of ctgars 3 340 00 Snuff...... .. .. .. 41 983 37 Toba cco, maouf. 1,227 ,839 11 Dealers 10 leaf to 3 245 00 38,8(7 %1 1, 5111,429 14 !aBVIBBD K.lT.ES FOB ADVERTISBI!IEKTS, l!houJd b& retamed. 1.hat Will pay the ptln Six.. Three Jlontll& MonthJ eu ss 2( 14 24 14 < S 25 bacoo, not over 25,000 lbs ...... Dealers in leaf ... Retail d'lers i10 leaf Dealers in manuf. Mnfrs of tobacco. Pedlars of tobBcco 451 87 2,387 00 .... 67 858 02 836 50 1,on 90, ---45 f !!:(!, 46 swus, and the tax on fermented lrquors w1ll ide fw nearly . for many years with b Aug. Belmont & Co., the great banki111r familiar w1Ut. t e d_vergent pomts rclceotly hollll8 of lhi8 city, hu been admitted '811 I& brought to hts notlce. H1s way out of the partner by Mr. C. A. Sanfo1d. 1be ebappmg misa by wbieh the Sumatra quesllion ts en and commission mercbant at 80 Broad. 'Veloped will prohably be to eoforcjl the order The firm will do under he Lyle of f J 20 1887 h b ll b Sanfonl & Klatte. W 1a.h. the energy and 0 une "' 10 w 1 e approved by pueh of the D!IW partper, the bus IDe&! of the &he Leaf Tobacoo Board ot, Trade; to make houee ought to IOCle&lle, u &his order uniformly applicable at all the w11l do. ports of entry In the United wlaere Sumatra tobacco is received, wbicb "'ill be au.faetory to the Sumatra lmportere' Excban81. 1ta et111ential point of iosistence bein1 uniformity in appraisement;" and to rely upon the faithful uecution of these two ooo:ditioDI for the satisfaction of our demes &ic II'Owers. they being t.hereby 818ured that liU!e or DO Sumatra leaf lawfully dutiable at 711 oents per pound will be admitted into t.his country at a lower rate of duty. If the Treasary Department eo orders at &his juncture, we do !lOt ct.e.rly aee what eao better do to 1111heerve all ibtereated. unt.U &he existiog law gives place to one that is intelligible on i!AI face. It is hoped Secretary l'airchiW will add die weih t of hil voice to ....... .appeal for 1uob a law &OimAGB AND AVEB.AGE CONDI j.'l',IOB OF JVX.Y 1. "Io repon No. 42 Statistician J. R. Dod LOClAL .JOTTDIGL -JudgeJohn A. Sterry bas gone to Lhe Hi&hlands of New .Jersey. -J. Bernheim, of Bernheim & Son, is rt'g istered at West End, Long Branch. -Kentucky tobacco 'way up all along tbe line! Funber advance ia prmes expected. -M. Abner s_pends his vacation at Ashley Falla, Mala.; John A. Dehls at Lake Wara maug. -L. Schmid, of Sumatra fame, has safely returned with his hrtde from thetr wedding 'fur to Europe. -We understand Western tQbacco 'manu facAlren have raise!l prices for !rom 8 to lOc per pound. -Max Martin, of Lewyn & Martin, eailed Kh blB famtly on Wednesday for Europs. He will beabeeot for &eVIl'alJilonths. -Tobacco manufacturers, in order to cover thetr .. futures." are on a rise. So mote It he, but eraee-cUTTu. alsog10g dlat the Cuban la4iea em aa strtppera were badly treaLed lly the foreman ot said department, wbo is au American The major1ty of Americans em plol ed 10 the both packers and ciJt&r makers, took up the dispute and struck. The propd"to1 tr1ed to stop the disturbance. but tlndiu,; himself unable to control the conftic& be clulled the door to all. and up to t1me of writmg the factory is etill c!OI!ed. Our manufacturers are still subject to too many &dllcultit& to enable them to ship the1r KOQds punctually. The last was made on the 13th inn. by Ca1"0ffdel6l, aDd no other steamer 18 expected to satl for New York unttl the 26th of this month, Qullo a tnvotce of boxes were received by the Iaiit trip of the Carondelet, whtcb agam 1tartell our factories full torce; however. hardly three days bait elapsed when i was dlBCOVered tbaS DO internal revenue Stamps could be obtu.ined 10 town, Notwit.h&taml mg the (act that our Deputy Colll'ctor bad wnLten s evl'ral Jette& and sent felecrame to the Collector at J .. okeonv:lle. tl'le stamps did not oome, aud were not re cetved unttl Tues day uight by the Mqscotte, ef the Plant Line. I eee Del reason wh1t, aud an abolition of the tax on tobacco ts more hkely than 1t has ever been before-at least so 11ay Congressmen-elect whenevAr they aae interviewed. B. 1'. G. Hn8tueee New Firma -d. fCe.. movals. A.OGUS'U, Ky -.J W Oldham, cigars, now Oldham a: Burgle. tsu.;OBAMTON, N Y. -BO&l'd.u1an Woodruff, cigafti, sold ou' C. I!: Stebbins & Co, Cigar manutac!.Uttmi; uow ld.uoselL F. F &: Co, c1gar ma.nutacturers, succeeded by WrJ--ht &. 0 Connor Braat, aa.&x Ala -LouiS Loeb. Cigars. sold out :BUSBMELL. IU.-D1ckinson & Hovd, manufacturers, moved to A von, Ill CoLVIBU8, 0 -A U Ha.xter, Jr, Cigars, sold out. J.t.t'&&VILLI, Mich -J P Dunba.m, cigars, deceased :MonlL&. Ala. -Harralson Co 1 clg&rS and tobacco, sold out at au ... tion Naw N Y -.Jacob Schmitt, cigar manufacturer, de ceastd. RIEDJ'IEU> Dak.-Chandler & Johnson, cigars dissolved .t Iu.r:c a;co, Cal -G. Stokes, ctgar manutacturttr 1 dam aged bvflre SHK.LIUNA1 .1\lo -Rtwelf'y & 'Vard, tobacco mauu!a.cturers, c lm ;tilK OllL ., VJCTOR.IA. Tt::X: -Bamlty & Morns, cigm-s; dissol ved. rH.IIt::etu.,na..a. The above figures represent percentages, and are baeed upon the apparent sttnatiOJl at the close of June. July, w1th its excese1vely hot, dry and uneven ramy weathllr, has not been favorable to ihe growth of the crop, and, accordmgly, 1ts condltton 8as been changed for the woree during th1e month. -J. M. Navarro, of J. F. Navar10 & Co Key Weet cigar and tobacco manufacturets. returned to this mty a fe1v days ago after a two months' trtp through the country. Mr. Navarro reports a largely tncreased trade for his house this year. HATFIELD. Mass, July 27. Tobacco m thts secttou ut the State lo0ked promtemg JUSt before the heavy sto1 m wbwb culmtnntetl on the 24th 111 the beavtest ratufall known for tw6ntylie 0 E 0 Bach, curarmanu!acturer, 1ealty mattgage for $1,000 SAM FRAl'riCISCO, Cal -Jonas Schoenfeld, leaf tobacco, convel ed realty for U,WO -We bad the pleasure of meeting onr fraend, J H Ne1myer, of the J. B 'l'o bacco Co., of Rtcbmond. M r. Netmyer re 'l'HE TOBACCO INTEREST UNDER ports buemees very fatr. He came Eaet for a TAXATION. little tramp along the coast and watenng The synopsis of the report of the Commis places, I -Captain Conhn, brother of the actor &loner of nternal Revenue for the fiscal year Billy Florence, ranks AD the examinatwo years. t TbP damage to the tobaccn turns out to he much greater than was at first posed, and 1t comes a lmost wholly from fioodmg the fielWS and dtsbtug places that could n o t be readtly dramed. Tho tobacco was e11he r topped or ubout rt>ady to be Iu thes e condtttous a little water stand 10g on the surface of the g round twenty-four hours haa totally destroyed tho tooacco SPRl!t-:GI'IELD Mass -l::Jo ace Smith, tobacco and chatWl 1Uortgage gtvt.n for t-Ill Mr l!,rt1nkhn, of l'Blk & .. York, 111 comp .. ny w1th Mr H G VeHed-111, 1uuv e d aound qutte brtokly ttHde J Ruell has laken tho rooms of 134 Cllt"tituut tiLitlet iut the UISIJI<>.)' of lirLICI.,n IU the tOUiiCCO hue. It was our intention to give the complete asseesors' returns for the entire State, IJut as only few of the couo,ies have reported to the Secretary of State, we were unable to ob tain them. The coun\ies of Dane and Rock, whwh we report entire, grow 90 per cent of the 87 crop, so that oonoluetoos drawn are pra.cttcally correct so bas e optntons on Our special reports, tt will be observed, mdicate in the outtude eections a very large redUQtlon tn acreage, an aver!L!Je show10g that only 53 per cent, of Jut crop ie planted th18 season. Tbis averar;e will not hold good a8 a whole. for this reason. Take the four towns of Albion, Chr18tuma, Dunktrk 1\nd Pleasant Sprmgs, in Dane county, and towns or Fulton, Porter. Center and Janesville m Rock county, about 7,025 acres of growmg tobacco te re po1 ted by aeeessorL From eur special re porte, anil from the beat information we can obtain, at least 80 per cent. of this acreage 111 grow10g and promi1es a fine crop. This would leave an acreaae in tbeee eight towns of at least 5,500. Outstde of thil section the average reduction would probably hold good. The cooclustons to be drawn from the etatletics presented would seem to 10dicate that the present crop actually now growing cannot vary much from 10,000 acres. 1.'he average cond1tlon 18 much below former yellrl!, with a pro1pllct of makmf! an A1 crop not 1-than 40 per cent. of the '86 l!rop remains unsold 10 growers' h ds, or about 12,000 boxes. llOCII: OOUII'I'Y. The satieties below presented from the county were taken by the assessors of the different towns during the months of May and June before the planLiog season open e d Instead of r epreeenting the number of act'eB actually set. they o1.1ly show the acreage 10 tended to be planted under favorable 1:ond1 tiona. These condtttoos "'ere not reahzed, owing to drouth, either witk the '86 or '87 crop. Tbla is clearly prqven in the caae of the '86 crop. The acreage reported by asses sora was acres, whtle-tbe number of pounds reported as actually produced that season from returns gathered this year were but. 4,582,430 pounds Allowing 1 QOO pounds as tbe average for each acre actually grown, and there could have been but 4.61!2 acres m the county, wbile the amount 10tended to be planted u p;1ven t.he aaeessors was 9,863 acres. The same discrepancy can be found wtth the assBMOrs' Hgures on the '87 crop, though the variation will not be as great. There is probably not far from 3 ,600 acres of growing tobacco 10 !Wok county today, though our special rer.orts would scarcely seem to indtcate it. Twenty five per cent. is fatr shrinkage to allow for the effect of tho drouth. in our estimation. The follow10g tB the official returns of of growmg tobacco m Rock county 10 1886 and 1887. Towns. 1886. 1887. Avon ....................... 50 30 Beloit ...................... 235" 73 Bradford. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 102 35 Clinton.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 120 67 Center.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 950 5GO Fulton ...................... 7114 Harmony.. .. .. .. .. .. 643 433 Janesville .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 998 42U Johnstown ................... 193 104 La Prairie.. .. .. .. .. .. 6211 Lima ....................... 14 Magnolia.. .. .. .. .. .. .. 609 277 M:tlton.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 1121 Newark ..................... 164 117 Plymouth.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 411 145 Porter ....................... Rock ........... : : ......... 480 200 Spring .. .. .. .. ... .. 320 180 l'urUe ........................ 106 Union ...................... 160 CttJ of Kdgerton ...... 1111}.( Ctty of Beloit................ 71 16 C1ty of Janesville.......... 647 5,250}4 DAD OOUMY. Some of the asaeseorshave been very tardy in wak10g their 'returnl!, and eur report for Dane county is not as complete as that of Rock. Our table covers al the townshtps whteh CObllec:o to an extent worth con sidering hi this report. 'l'be last year for-tbia county wae )0, 812; that at:tually 'Krowll about 11500. Tbtd year the mteoded acreage 18 7,845 and now growing probably not far from 6,000 acres. It will be .observed that the percentage of Elec.r.\aee 1s not as large m Dane as 1n Rock and is accounted for on tbe pr10ciple Dane c ounty tobacco growers, like the "Old Guard," may die but never surrender: Towns. 1886. Albi<>n. . .. .. .. .. 980 Black Earth.. .. .. .. .. .. .. 4 Bloommg Grove .......... 333 Blue Mounds............... 70 Bristol .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 127 Burke ................... 531 . . .... 1,4.82 Cottage Grove..... . Gas Cross Pla1ne... .. .... .. .. 10 Dane........ .... .... .... 70 Dunktrk... .. .. .. .. .. .. 1,298 Deerfield .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 61!3 Dunn ................... 991 !!'itch burg...... .. .. .. 92 M"d1son ...... ........ ... 18 Medma........ . .. 161 Middleton. .. .. .. .. .. 19 Montrose.... .. .. .. .. 16 Oegon.. .. .. ... ... 97 Per1y... ..... ....... .. 4 .. .. .. 27 Pleasant 8p1 1ags. . .1 319 Rutland..... . . . 574 8pr10gdale... .. .. .. .. 89 l::lprmgfield... .. .. .. 85 Stoughton....... .. .. .. .. 44 Sun Prau1e. .. .. .. . 203 Vienna Ve1ona Vermont. vtl... .. .. . 33 .. ... .... ... 1B3 Westport ............... .. Wmdsor ........ York.. .. .......... 42 119 519 BU Total. ............. 10,612 E:ltimated. ------1887. 908 207 30* 90* 894 1,845 388 5* 24 1 ,000* 431 502 40* ll;J,j; 53}4 8* 7 4.o% 5 11 1324 333% 85* 27!i; 14 114 l) 201 3 2:1 63 583 17 7 ,845 JULY 3o TRADE-MARKS REGISTERED. To Mlahilllb In court In cue of lnfrlngeDldt or froudu )flnt clatm, OWDenthJp 1D a trade mark or labeJ, It 1 neces-B&ry to proe DdortQ" of or ftf'8t use after &bandonmen& by the owuer: and to make ouch p-f at aU timavailable. .the ToJUCOO t.u. Puat..&tlBUfo OOIIN!'fl"' bae loIn their omce. pert.., .,.,_ for tho reglo&ratlon and of trad.marka ud ...._.. ot t rery de ocriptlon pertaining &o tho tobeooo, olpr ud clgareUoiD-:;:!'.,: and u .._. tlwi are aay. THJ: TOISAOCO LEU' l'UBLIIIIIDG CO will -!...., cerllof and publlab woeldyla &boO 11ae otyle oxhlbltecl below all -.marb and l&bela for 76 Centa Each. SPECIPY THBIB V8E, aod firma scmhng ua trade marka for registration should be prLiculr to specfy tbe 1111e or uses to wh1ch the trade marks are 10 be, or ba-nt been, put, whether U-' for Clurs, cigarette sqwkiog, lloe cut p l ug IObaceo, or soutr, If 1s to be used for ctgars, it 1s needless to regtster tt for clgarettee, mukln..:, floe cu t, plug tobacco aod aauJf, or aoy ooe of>e, 1n adtliuoo, for a trade mark cao be belj ooly for the particular goods, or class of goods, upon which 11 lA aotually used. Pennant. No. 2592. For Regis tered July 23 8 a. m.. ph Whitcomb & Co., Sprmp;l:ield, Maee. The Blue and the Gray. Nn 2593. For Ctgano. Reg1ster;,d July 23. 8 a; m Joseph Wtmcorub & Co.,' Spr10gfield: Mass. <:Jty Exposition, (With picture of Expot!lllun ButlOJUg ) No. 2594. l!'or C1gars. Registered July 25 8 a. m. Tuchman B tes City, .Mo. Kerry Gow. No .269&: For C1gars. RegBtered J' uly 23, 2 p. m, Cuwfort. 8.1'08., Mantstee, .Mtch. Booz. No. 2596. For C1gars Registered July 26, 2 p m. Comfort Bro.J., .Man istee, M1cb. Home <:tub. No. 2597 For Cigars. Reg istered Julv ', 8 a. m. F. A, Ford & Co., New Y ork. Internal Revenue Rceelptl &om tile Tobacco Indullti'J' f'or tbe FIIIClal Yean En41lq .. _e =-. 1886 -d tuor. A GAI.N .JX 188'1 OF 12,200,'104.80-Tlael'faar .. tor 1881 are liu'bj-t to ReYbUa fa tlt.e Coplete 'l'REA&UltY D.EP.utTIIDT, OJ'J'IOX OJ' UTII:ltNAL .ltti;Vlr0lll11 .... WAIIBlliGTO, July lll, 1887. Sm: I bav11 the honor to submit Ule fol lowrng prehminary report of the OJJ'IraLioos of tbte bureau for the fiscal year ended June 30, 1.(!87. TJle J;otal collections from all eource11 of in ternal revenue for the tl.;cal year j!Jst ended were $118,8311,7&? 80, whioh amount liBI! been. accountoed for and covered. into be Tr&al!ury. 'fbe total oollecttons for the Ii-I teal'" ended June SO, 1886 were $116.902.869 44, w h1ch ; compared with the receipts. for the fiscal year ended June 30, 1887, show an in crease of $1 982,887 86. The cost of collection, to be paid out of ap propriaLlone made to tbte bur<'au for the cal year ended June 80, 1887, was about St. 075.000. In order to ascertiLtD the exact cost of collection, it wtll be neceaary to add to the foreg0111g sum the amount expended. for the prmt10g of interual reveuue stamps. the approprtatlon for that pu pose for year encled June 30, 1887, hav111c been ID eluded in the sum appropriarPd fur tile Bll reau of Engraving and Prtnwog. Tim amount expended for Lbts purpoJM! will be 1\alied in the amtl.Wll repor.t of tbts buretou for this year. During the year tl.te offices of the seYeral collectors of interaal revenue have been ex amined as frequently as "'M pot'Bible, and. the reports rece1ved of these examination iodwate a very generally &atiBfactory oouditlon of the 10ter9al revenue service out the oounwy. ThiJ appended statements, to which attention 18 respectfully direc&ed, lhow comparatively the reeeiptl! from the various sources of internal revenue for the past tw01 fiscal years, aleo the total receipts in e...,_ collecttoa dtstrlCt for the fiscal year en48dt J uhe 30, 1887 ; and 'hll rotlll oolleoti011 by States for the same period. 1$ la a difficula; to make an eetimate of &be amOUD' that will be collected duriug tire eurreu&. year. It is believed, however, that ther& will be a sligb' mer-C?er the collecl1on11. for the last year. Very 1Wlpee1;fully, Your obedteot eervant:'; JOIIEPH S. Jri.ILI:EK, Commil!l!ioner, Hoo. aly, Sp fun and Portug"l, Havre for Great Brttain. and countries wust be di rected "per La. G&.Ecogne"), at 4 a. m. for Scotian a d11 ect (letters must be d1rected ''per lfuroessta"), at 4 a.m. lor the Netherlands d1rect, v1a Rotterdam (lettet" be directed "pe r W A '') at 3p. m. for Progreso, Mex1co. Matis tor Cowa and Japan close here Au gust 6 at 7 p. m.; malls for the Sand wtcb Iolande C'!ose here Augus t 9 at 7 p. m. ;; matls for Auetraha, New Z ealand, Sand wtch, Ftjt aud Samoan Islands cloee her& August 19 at 4 p m ; ma1ls for Cuba by ratl to T11mpa. !!'Ia and thence by steamet v1a Key We3t, Fla, cloee at thts omc& datly at 2:110 a. m Pounds. perb tobacco fields oo the farms of I Luther Tobacco, chewing and amok in,; .. 199,987,648 Spence, Alfred and Calvin Spence, Harris Snuff.......... . . . . 6,561,873 Auot10, R E. Pinney and Edw. Austm. Number. -Emil Berger, of the Moeller & Aecher-Cigars ........................... 8,788,305,443 mann .Manufacturmg Company, has returfted Cigarettes ......... ...... .. ..1,684,60 5 ,200 from Far Roh. clr.away-, -where be bas been recu perat1og 18 health, whtch was seriously af Within the trade there 18 nobody at by the excilasive beat during the early IIIIDt complalDtng of the burden of the tax, part of tbll month. Emll' eeetns to have re uollllll! it be growers, who maintain that the gBlned h adipose ti1111ue, and 1s pusbmg !us price of leaf in their hands is deprBI!I!ed firm'e ctgar shapers and left. He re Oeived &D. order tor one hundred frol!fawell ihereby. .Moet of tbe arguments for a repeal kuowo C!ipr manufacturer this week Gf t.he tax nome from press and public who -"A. F.," Louisville, Ky., is informed that T. E. B. CORRESPONDENCE. MOBILE, Ala., July 19, EDITOR TOBACCO LliAFI am an tmmense trade' ; busmees I ever did. Have been out s10ce lith June and have sold &76,000 worth of goods. .My shipments for June were $40,000. Pwspects have never been -so good as to crope for ten years. Te1 .. s alone will make two milbon bales of cotton, and corn and small grain already mad..-. Hurrah fer Grand Republic ctgar factory 1 Your frtend, F. V. SDIHONDS. HE.'i'KY G PII:ARSON, Postmaster. Post Office, New York, N.Y. July 29, 188'T. -Mark Twa n, in a sermon to. antitobacco-ltes; eays:-"' 1 don't W&ll' _,.-of your .I took your whole hUch and ta my p1pe w1th tt, I hate your ktnd .Qt people; You try to tlnd out how muclll! comfort, rela::ral1on and enjoyment a mao d_enves fr;om. smoktng tn t.he course of a Jife ttme (wh1ch ts worth ten &imes the money be save by letting it alone); or the appallmg aggregate of happin108t in a llfe by your kind of people from. llohmokmg." lmponu of HAVANA ant S'UilA'rBA, and Packer of SEED LEAF Tobacco. 192 FRONT ST .. uar l'lltn.IEI lOlL


JULY 3o. THE-TOBACCO GRAND REPUBLIC--o-WABNiNG. lEW YORK JOBACCO MARKET !:g.::!n.may shew in that quarter remaine Foa W&U Eimma Jl1LY II. 9Uotal_.. Navy M, &1, 18, liB ........... 10 Western Leaf-About all that; oan be 88ld ,!4 lbe, -1011 and.Pocket Pieces ..... liO toiO tO so to 50 to to 40 NOTICE ie hereby given to all manufacturen, jobbers and retail dealen of cigan that we are the BOle and excluain owners of brand or trademark for oigarros known as for tbie market is that i& is ftrm, bu$ not light-pl'elled ........ 80 'l' b por-... --are-"'10 ._,.._ Golci Bars ....................... 30. actne. e re _. --" ...,..,. :a h '"5 k 400 f hi h f export. 6 an ....,.mc .wJBt ............... .. heads for the wee o w e or IJIIMIIn: U ie probable t.he sales for t.he moo til wtlf 108, Ua, }( 1M ...... .....: to 17 & l!O to 26 .aum up about 3,500 hogshead. These Navy 4s, &s, Sa \ 17 & 20 to 26 transactions indicate movement. here, butoot_ Nav;y 108 or ........ to 2 01i to he movement which nrevaill Neauohead twiSt .......... 23 to 3 together with the BYKOOLS, DEVICES, SEAL AND GENERAL STYLE OF OUH ORIGINAL PACKAGE. Our exclusive ownership has been determined in the several actions brought by us, aaci in which decrees were rendered in our.favor-To wit:in the New York Superior Court on October :lO, 1886, and in the Superior Court of Cincinnati. Obio, on Mny2l, 1887 m response -r 1 in Western market.e. Prices have adYaoced Smokmg-Trade baa been f8 Virginia Leaf-A dull market is reported, though some tine sales have been made. 'There isafa r stock of goods here, from whick desirable eelections can be made; and with the extraordinary prices now demanded fm .Burley leaf, H is t .. ir to that there will soon be u. demand this vari.,ty. See4 I..eaf -Coucerning leaf the only .feature of so rar as reported, is the sale of two entire packinge of 1886 Con oecticut Lroad leaf. These packinge com pru.eci ubuut 2 000 c&BeB and were held by New York firm@. Offers we1e made for 1886 Ohio suitallle for home trade, the stock of wbich is acarce, bu$ were rPjected. Trade among jobbers is -becoming good, and these tradesm"n are full -of expectation of better times. Those who 't.old good old or new wrapper stock are sure t.o be benefitted by -the present situation. J!'illers are likely to advance on accouat of $he ri111 in Kelltucky luga. :x-rs. J. 8. G.A.NB' SoJr & Co., brokers.lSl Water St.reet, report to tne ToBAOOO LB.u' .ae foUows:-Our market doea nJt olfer much co report on ... Sales week \ere 1,180 ea&M, of wbicb1100 ca. 181ltl New England .... 180ca.1885Peon.Hav.Seed .... 10 200 ca. 188(;-85 Penn, Setld leaf .. 12 150 ca. 1884-85 Little Dutch .... 110 ca sundries ................ 7 0%8 Divided ae fcllowe:-To manufacturers ...... To city 'rpde .................... To ou of town .................. 450 cas. 550 180 .. T tal ............. 1,180 Havana-S&les this week up 400 bales, at.from 60o. to 05. Importers are refUIIiog offel'll for good old stock which would have been gladly accepted three weeks ago. Prices are growing etifter every day, but are'etill below thoee prevailing in Havana. .are beginning to realise that they are parting with atock t.hat cannot be and $hat prices mus& go higher still. QuotatioM. FilleraVery common 611 Good common 80 Good to med. 88 Med. to floe. 95 Fine .......... 105 Superio1 ..... 115 Yara-I and II cute aesorted ... 6.3 II cute .................. 75 t075 to 85 ta 95 to100 to 110 to 126 to to 85 Sumatra-New goods are receiving more attention, nearly 800 at from $Ulll to $1 1111. 'l'he intense heat we .are havmg is causing a decided improYemeot in colors, which are -of 75c duty tobacoo BOld at $!.90. Cablet'aiDII from Holland state that at sale in Alllllterdam on W edne.eday last prlct's were ten per cent. Ulan thoee obtained a few weeks ago. American buyers paid as bigb as .L.40 per pound. Such pricett make ,glad the hearte of large holdet"s of Seed leaf. Plug-Trade has not been very active the 111111t week in this department, but prices have been advanced from 3 to 6 cents per fK>UDd oo the various grades of Burley leaf. For export the demand embriiOild only 71.447 pounds. Manufacturers have awakened to the necessity of prices, and we note that Meurs. P. Lorillard & Co., while as yet making oo advance in smoking, have increased tbe price of "Climax plug nine per pound, and other grades three -cents. The advance made in their floe-cut ranges from three to live cents, to grade. Western manufacturers have made the prices about three cente higher on the average for tb&ir cheap grades of plug. In the range of prices is three cente higher than it was a month ago on all goods aDade of Virginia leaf. In "Navies" made of Burleys the range Gf prices rona from three to eight cents a pound higher. Corre eponding advances bavo been made in North Carolina, Winston, Reidsville, etc. Hetsrs. Buchanan & Lyall, of this city, have not yet made any change in rates, but wb&t the com .I.IU'Oaft. 1'1le ..rrnalli aL Llle pon of Mew York frem. fo1 por11 ror weelr. IDOluded &be followi.Dg ooa Br-.m-Merchante Dlepatch Co 10 balea tobacco: H. 1 do. u..,...,..._Tob&Cco-DaTideon Broe M bales: F Miranda & Co 1182 do; S RoBBin & Suaa HO; .1!: Holiman & Son 1 Ui; J Ehrman ll6; J no Brand & Co 18; Guerra Hermauoallll6; Weil & Co 1811; .M. & E Sal0mon 38; Landman & Bernhelmer 28: WE Barnett 2; G W Sueldon & Co 60; Fred Scllulz ill; R F Downiag & Cog; S Auerbach & Co II; Ju .B Ward & Co a9; Schroeder & Bon Ul, II:J do pica durL F Wildey 1 Cllllll; ScoTilla Mfg Go 1 do; Acli:er, Merrall & Co .adltM; Pari< & Tilford 41; Purdy & tlbely& TNwbrid&e 1; H Slrauas II; J Rathay & Co2; t!truby & EaL&brool< Mfg Co I; H Webster & W li Thomas& Bro 111; C CRyer & C'l 2; R F Downonp; t1 Co 2; Ken nelly & Muon 1; Straiton & Watt 8; Great Western Dispatch 8; tltar Union Line 1; E Regenaberg 4; .M.u .Marx 2; .Micbaelis .II. Lindemann :a; Lozano, Pendas & Co 6; L &; D Wertheimer 7; .H E .Me Dowell & Co 7; A H Pride 2; Jas E Ward & Co 9; G W I'!Lber ll; MercoaaiS D11patch Co llj; F Alex llndre Hyntman Broa4; G W Bul.'ldon & Co :19; W E Baraen 1; Cardenas & Uo 1, 4 bblli to bacco. Nevhewa & Co 1 case luf; G J 2 do dgara M""'f'O'It-V alliere & Nearoponte 5 pl sellers. Heavy W&l! without i.tDportaot nw fea tures. Offerings lighter; quality poor gen erally, with. luge ,!4 to higher. Old fer mented lugs dull at prices of over a month ago. Large arrivals from other market11 at railroaa de nota failed to re .. ch the warehouses for wani. of storage room and pressure of the daily sales. No. 200 Third District, New York City. Granby-Tile crop is growing rapidly. Topping will commence at once. Bloomfield-No tobacco eales are reported. The grewiag crop is looking fine. The show of the last few days with the warm weather send it along East Windsor-Tobacco on low ground shows the effects of too much water. With dry weather it will probably recover. Tbe crop in ibis town is generally looking finely. Some pieces of Havana have been topped, and more will be ready this week. Newington-The season thus far bas been one of the most favorable ever known. There bas been no bail or violent storms to blow it down, and few green worme. Some of the early planted was topped last week, aod all111 01aking rapid grow Lh. Warehouse Poiut-Tobacco never showed a more vigorous growth than during the re cent wet. weather. Mnny pieces will need topping soon. West Hartford-Riding recently over a p,ortion of 'the town with a friend from the western part of the State, where t ey never raised much tobacco, he remarke that be wae glad to see that this town w s impr. ov in g. He meant that the tobacco pa ches that one sees here are llrowing sm ller and smaller and beautifully lees. W at fields there are here are of H!ivana an are look log well. Nondescript was unchanged, with scarcity of good weights and fair to good order. t:!everal hhde of rehandled olfered, 11a ved from the late lire, some of which sold very well, but was generally neglected. Kece1pts of licorice at port or Mew Yorl< for 'l'he beat this week wae ulmoet beyond ending July 2U, noported expreelll.y for precedeD&, rllogiug from 96 to 102 degroos, 1'o.aooo L&AP:-r ., with only P'"l' ) : 1 '!'his week. Last week. Carenuu & 'fur, per IJh Yquem, frum 1885 Burley ........ :.. 221 11:l9 611 11:&,/iW Ius). 1b&i ........... 1, -481 1,184 LICORlC& Hotl r-.\1cKe88on & Hobbins. per Aura 88 d k 67 53 fruw Ltverpuul, ll'J pla 1 1Stl5 nondescript. . New Fairfield-A. C. Bigelow as a floe fielll of. ear]y.set tobacco, 1,200 pia ts io all, which is about ready for topping. The acreage here is 25 per cent. lese than Ia t LICOIUC& 8TlCJts-ZuriCiilllay .6 Arguimbau, per 1886 532 603 'J'riuiLCriiL, from .NapJea,IKI pl." ........ 16 R eceipts .............. :J,74.6 3,10t! Rceipts this week last year, 1,440. Baldwinoville Gazette, July 28: The 1886 crup is but surely moving ut of the bauds of the grower \O that of the anufac LUI'er and dealer. A rew buyers ar here all ot the Lime, and others come an go from week to week. Every week sees some to bacco delivered at our warehouses shipped from our iiepots. 'l'be prices being paid now would probably average u:o about the same a.. bas been paid from tbe openi g of the market, with tbiA difference te t e of the buyer and the loss of the growe the lattfr bas to stand the shrinks e which amounts to a cent and over a po d. It is best for the _grower to s 11 before his crop goes through_ this lose of eight by sweating, yet we do not wish to underlltood as advising a grower wbe to sell. t"rou1 port ot .New York t.o r-or11t '"' week ending July 29, 1887, were u foU .. ws:..tyMti'll&.les, 70 pkga lbs) lUfol. t hili-;/ pg II") mfd. Oe10trat Amenc...--lll '"'I" pl&.l .. 1111 pllgs (25,41!0 !tie) mfd _DOMBIITlfJ &BO&IP'ho 'l'lle followinK articlea were received .ti Ule pott of l'lew York dudng the wa: Br UN l&tV 0 Smith & Co 116 hbda; J H Moon & Co 7 S 8 do: Max Reicbert 8; t! &Iamon & Son 1; Pretzfeld & Co 22; J os Loeb & Co l ; A Wasserman 1; Gold&mitk & Co 11; 0 H Spitzoer & Co 12; A H Sco\>ille Co 1 bale-; H Koenig & Co 1. B1/ tMNNYork and N ... .ur. J B Day& Co 1 cae; L Newg&B& 8'1; J Delmonle8; E M Crawford & Son S: S Hosein & Son 114. JJr 1/14 NWJ Yorll and .LAne-l"unch, Edye & Co 65 hhda tobacco. 1 box ll!'.mplea; S. II 1 case cigars, 18 do tobacco; II P Johnson 6g c-Lubaccu. Br 1M Pmift8J/leam4 F Tag & Boa 2 caaealeaf; L Sylvester, Boa & Co 8 do; II Koeoi11; .E Uo 49; H A R1cbey 1; E & G Friend & Con: D G Hirsch 2; & Storm 20; Jwd BIISier market, with hotter weathtlr, were the lead iog features this week. Burleys-Of the 1886 crop the in eluded a larger of the b11:ber grades from large, well known and packers who shp tn this market; regularly, and being genenlily very dtlt!irabie, ruet w 1tb active biading by Wetgularny nd. lower prices, the market LLe aid of the bold speculative elem"m at hand to support the prices of 'be past few dayP, althoulh only on lioo and t!lllect lear wet-e prices lower. Q ootatiolb> give the extreDietl tor the week, with aales to day nearer, ia1887. 1886. 1885. 18S4. Sales for week .. 3,623 :1,314 :&,364 8811 .. .. montb.l1,276 9,!149 5,143 year ... 78,616 80,941) 84,361 52,664 QUOTATIONS FOR WEEK ENDING J'CLY. 23, 1887. Light. Heavy. N eodesS 5 to 6 Common leaf. t.u 6 6 to Medium 6 to to Good 9!>S to l<'ine to 16 Selections 17. 'o r-----Burley.-----. Red. Colory. Bright. Trash lugs .. 6 to 6 to 7 to Common 7 to 7 to 8 8 to 9 Medium '' .. I! to l.U 8 to 10 10 to Good .. 12 to 13 12 to 13 ll to 13 Com. loaf. .. 12 to 13 1:! to 18 15 to 14 Medium 14 t:> 16 14 to 16 Good .. .18 to 20 i8 tO 20 b'iue .. 20 to 23 2u to 28 t:!elections ... 25 to 25 to 211 .. ALEX. HAR1'HILL, Tobacco Broker. This. is entirely outside our provin Evaavllle a Tobaeeo l!lar The tobacco product which lind its way into and through this market co es from Indiana; Kentucky and Illinois, with a limtedquantityfrom Tennessee. he great percentageis fromKentucky. whe e not less than twenty tobacco erowing cou ties send their product througli this marke About six counties in southern Indian and an equal uumber in,sout.hern Illinois nd their output to Evansville. The Kentuc tobacco is the beilt grade and is more in d maud at cr.; New. Rll times by home and foreign marke. ts. Evansville js the natural depot r three Boston American Oultirotor, July 30:fourths of this product, and her fa iii ties for The week ending S01nd .. y. July 24. gan an itS transportation are unequal d. Sbe iwmeose fall of rain, c..uaiBg milch damage stands at the mouth of. Green riv r, which to the growing crop of tobacco by I'OOI!OD of 'Waverses the tobacco .belt, receive water logging. By t.bis Iauer Wlil mean thaL the vast stores brought down by his great when stands 11uy considerable length natural highway. She stands in be same of time on a piece of growior; tobacco, auitude'le the Oumberlaod river, hich also plants aeew to bf\ drowned, tbe are crOBSeB the_ tobacco section, afford ng water drooping and the plant.e IOI!e the1r healthy, carriag., to two States_ and nine counties. dark green color, .. ud become yellow and The Tennessee is also another mportaot wilted. Such plllntseeldom recover a healthy highway for commerc and this IUuk, and if badly water logged they never stream, too, traverses the tobacco belt aud gro" afterwards. It is yet too early to de f:ives transportation to three Sta s. These termine the amount of damage, but we fear &re independent of an umivalle railway it will be greater than our growers are which reaches the territor in every as yet willing to admit. Perhaps where the. direction. Through the powerful a of these plants are as yet they maJ:. under agencies, tbis city is rapidly aesu ing he fRvnrable cit"eumstances, recover tbe1r v1gor. naturally ed position as adi tributing Where t,be growing plants are on low. fh.t center fur the bulk of -the tobacc of all ot groundP, the loss will be large. On open. this section. Every indication poi ts to this porous soile it will be Ieee, but many fact, and the vreparatioos to that. dare al are half ruined. ready in progress. Topping CIJmmeoced before the 20th by Though the statistics are not BOrne few of our growen of earli .. r lots. The determine the e:xact magnitude wet weat.ber baa made. it difficult to keep duct in this section, yet it can ahead of the weeds. In a recent trip through mated very clu eely and a good 'udgmeot of our tobacco growing towns, we saw formed. Omitting tbe southwester counties too many pieces where no portion of the which, for the time be would lield had been hoed. We should hardly BUS be conceded to the Hopkinsville a d Clarks pect that tobacco was set on tho piece, as the Yille markets, the1e are the fo owing to weeds were taller than tbe tobacco plants. which Evansville can naturally look for This is all wrong. lrade: Liviog&ton, Caldwell, Unio UrittenTrade in tobncco is reportf>d in variOWI den, Webster, Hopkine, Davieee, nderson, places, but in a small way. The amount .of HcLean, Ohio, Muhlenburg, Butle Grayson old tobaccos held by the growen is qu1te aud Hancock, besides the coun es in In small. We condense from .our corrtlllponddiana and Illinois. The product o this sec ence a few items, as .. Hinsdale, N. lion ie approximated at 65,000 to 70 000 hogsU.-I to report '>f four lote of to he11ds, and this would constitute he $rade bacco to Gager of Philadelphia; prices ralljte for which E\'ansville would conte d and to rrom 2 to 14<;:.. The new c .rop is looldng well, IVhicll 8he is justly entitled. Tha she does or w&M at the date of writin!Z. net control it now is indicated b the fact NortbiiPid, July 20-'rhere been one that her warehouses only handle 1 OOil hogs of old tobacco, crop of '84, -Nelson Hil t .,uds, nnd are at present ove rowded. liard. at lOC through. Doee not such a situation eocourag the idea North H&tlleld. Jl!ly 23-Tobacco is grow-of more Here ie a m gniftceot hog very fast, and is uearly rPady to trade begging at our doors becau it cannot Ehhu Marsh sold 9 ca.;es uf '83 at 12,!4c, be admLted withuut increased f a m .. rked weights. ef 10c were made trade of which we only handle one ixth, and lur mother orop, but r .. fueAnJdlligmuch, or parfonD &D7 Gthr nJiraele -Ail But d'i' promlae to ciYe 7ou the beoi Bmoltlnc Tot..oco .,. IIIII marMII &t low aplee 8Jis consistent with quality. Z. I. L'I'ON a; co .. lt. 0. Speo:la1 N'o't:loea Pa"te:n."t. HO;tr, .&., H. CBAGD' .t: SOJr, I : 814 F ST. 'W ASIIIIfGTON, D. 0., &nilBollclton of Patents, Trade ll&rlll, et.o., ... all matten before the Executln or eo..Refer to lllld Nat. B&nlt. l!elld otamp for PIKE HlYAI! SCRAPS, TUII{jMAIIK lise Seed Seraps, ab&olntely cleaD1 .lND READY J'OB UI!JI. Jllabeol prloeo pold for Seed CUttlnp, Scnpe :>Dd i!illin8'f. TOBACCO DUST J'OJS lULL J'o1 pl'iooo "-11111Dplu ol aD aboTO ...,a.. applr' to .:os:E S. MOLINS, anP.,.i'lltn.t; lfw Yerlt. 1119 To Wholesale.Tobacconlets. To oupply tbe numereua ordera from retallen, clu a, and ;,tben, for our popular brand of Lee Ca. lllp" smoking tobacco, manufactured for tbe Olrl Confederate Soldiers' Home, we desire to establish city or State agencies for the control of it in nery State. dress C. F. RussELL Totacco MaDu!ac turer. 1,100 and 1,102 CarJ:street, Richmond, ya. 'tno-72 C. JOURGENSEN Is a Printer, :(,ithographer, General Maantacturing Stationer, and publishes Revenue Boolr.s aad Blan1<1 at98 MaidP.nlane. New York. POSITION WANTED-A command iog a lrge trade in tbe We>t and Northwest de sires to epreseot a first clags clear Havana c1; ko' use iii thot l arritory. Best of references. Aadrees I I hi offic e 1171 SITUATION WANTED"-Pmctical cigar pacbr and wihes place a dareman in small factory or store Williug to do work. Hcfel'ence Adrlress Tb. loltembuehler, Fir&l treet. Ntw York City. IJ71 WANTED-A position ae ci, 'at or buncbmaker foreman by r ne whe thoroughly under.tanda the Progress Buncbmak!nr }lachine. Best of ref erence given. Addreao P. S office of Tohocco Leaf. 1171 Hr. H. w. Cragin was formerly ...aclated with 'W. P. Bu..W.U 1114 '!'"'! liD hamlner In &he PaleDI; Olllce. ......... lhrauoata OBLJIJilLt.TBD Ba.a.8S .A.WD D'S'J'B'I'I:u:Jr111.U ...... W.. .A.LIIO .. ...... --... Gold Trumpet Accordeons tile bud_. Aceordeona in the Job a F B'l:Mton'e oolo Accordeons. John F. Strattou'a oele'llrate4 Harp Guitan, etc ete., etc. oiOBII IP. BTa.&TI'OIIt Dle L, lltiw Terk. Tl\o olo Way. or Bar...e&lc Toh-, The method of plucking 'lt8 leaves four different timl's and ahem I!18JIIU'IItelY on thread, ncJled to the lath is pnoboed in eastern Ohi ... but not ellllwbere tbaa we are a war& of. The-harvest lle!tiDII by pullioc o4 four ore ftve of .the lower leaveB after f.bey !\re fully rip... This is done in the moming after the is olf. The lea vee are etrung in .be fields and put,upon BCaffolote or taken at; once to the curing house and 11truog. The BLringiog is done by girls. and a needle and a strong thread so mew bat lon,.: e r than t.he lath are employed. The leaves a,... pierced in the main rib and huog in on alternate sides of the stick until is full, when the thread is fastened and unotber-..._Uck is filled. Tbeae sticks are placed upon tier in the barn, 10 to 12 '""het' apart, un lees the tobacco has """!folded io the tleld previously, wiben a dist4nce, MY & to 8 inches, is sufficient. lu abouL 1u daya after the first ga1hering, 5 or 6 more leavea ar" pulled off, and two weeks followiol: an oher lot is harvlltlted. whan the harvest is finished a(ter a fortnight by treating the last nd top leaves to th"' "amP proce1111. The lll'llt plucking makes lllltr .... r luge and trash: m ... ny le 'veR or leas soiled ana perfurattld and olteu half burned up by tlle be .. t from tbll graun,d. Tbe last leaves picked make. the next inferior, curing up a diou green 'the crop is harvested late 1n the- ou. Tile b"' t pvrtion .of tile crop comea from the !WCOnd-and t'hird gatberiogs. The Ohio claim the process inour .... a greater 'number of pound& per acre than w ben the stalk is cut, as every leaf ia,.uowed to get fully before it is cut; the d11fereut q11alitie" are kept separate and the uuouparat1 ve quant. il lea of each can be es&i ma,.,d and t., ., cruv i., q cured and a saviog in barn rou m made (the heigh' rPquired fur f vur 1 wllen the stalk is cut oerViiiR fnriX when nJy tbe leaves arehar veted); cl.Je .. per lod,. Ia employed also, as n..:l.h id iu tuis mi

" -a.eelpa. aad "&eellela all We&era (lleDO-.IIJ 'WD>. G llellr .1: Co ) Receipte from Sr.ocks on hand 1 \o July1. July 1 1887. 18B6. 1887. 18 86. ... G5 816 M,MIO 26 984 25.1":19 & M_l'ers. Louis, and the Lorillard.,:of New York-did 1& by &hetr com petillu n. Tne fire& named bas be 'ome Lhi! r1val of the Lordlard11. Firat, the Lor1llard1 gave on their tobacco. & Myers met them by a reductiOn in cab price, announced that 1t would ratsed They sold flne plug at 30 C<'IILM on ft.nure contracts, and that depretosed leaf. Htda. Rce1pts fer til week ............... Becelpta aaone Week ]!lSI ye&r. ... 2,09oJ IIICED LII:AJ' UARKifT. The oll:erlllgll of Clt<&r or &l:d Je.r were SO c:l..,ell u,.Jollows:-20 cues WlfcID, I! cases Ohto 2 "citv." au s OIJertogs .......... Reje<:tiODI ....................... Cincinnati ... 25.893 25 671 11 861 lL 337 St. Louis..... 6.249 4,432 7 ,341 6.00S Clarksvtlle 28 119 27.747 10,779 14 944 Hopkmsville. 7,6U 9 730 3,347 4.074 l"aducab. .... 10.356 10,095 6 436 4 037 Nashville.... 4,270 5 896 2,273 1,68.'3 "The light was for h WBI! foresePn tbat tbe supply would bd hnited and tb., L,July zl:! Eastern Markets. PH#-r.A.DJGLPHIA, July 28 A. R. ,ollger"", "l'obacco Inspector. reports to tbe To o.OCO LEil as follows -The sprightly demand for certm grados of manufactured hard tobacco which b .. s the last two weeks extended to all the leadmg !QC&l standard brands, wbtch in turn bas caused a general advance by manufacturp f from a to 6 cento. Tbe postt1ve evt?ence of tl1e 1n of raw malertal an!l the un qucs uonable decreae lD acres in Lbe gr5., to Bllrbadoes, Jl8r echoeoer 1.Mary Borden, 1,907 lbs. Total, 101 lbe. & Southern Markets. UJe a,trong .,. ..,.,,;r predicated on necessit.ies of -:M.d., .TiiJi 1!8,_;;H essrs. Ed. mllllufacturers wbo b&1'e been so long allow Wlecbmeyer & Co tob&ecO commlast"o meriutr: their opportmiit1es tG One clique, cbuta, report to the TOBACCO LEAF:-'f!Je market ,j& is, ID another market has taken tip for M&rylaod continues qmte acllve, and dsir&ble about 12 000 bogsheadt5 of Durley leaf to fdregrailes are geller<y promptly taken by buyers fur .-tall the market. tbe open porta u well as the restdo,t P,Ureh&Fiog It is alsa a rumor of the breaks th11ot the for the French contract. There also ooi:Dersyndicnte of 1886 to equeeze t.he Span-sales of eome 700. or iOO hhda common grades, m iards will possit>ly be repeated with cludmg considerable froeted, at ligutcs Within quv tattons, tblls, to a great extent, cleartog Lbe m&rket tious. of iafenor grsdeo. The tone of the market f86 ahds stays out over night. pre1'ioWtly ....... ..... 18,9Yij bnaa (From the Jleaenger.) Add1tional reports of the tobacco acreage 48,688 bbd oonfirm all former ones as to the shortrieas &xpone of Maryland and of the crop. 1 Ohio siocoo Jaa. 1, 1i87 .. 15,733 hhw Ben Stout, of Sorghotown, reports on fi.-e :!blpped coa.stwl88 and re farms 24 acres this Jear as against 60 last mapected ............... 3 162 hbdo ye&T. I' 11l,89:i bbtU. W1lliam Calhoon. of the same precinct, re.ttock In warehouse this day &ad on ports on nine farms 69 acres agalnet 139 last shipboard not Cleaft!Q. ... : ....... 1!4, 788 ilbd.o ,year. Stock IIILIDe time 10 1886 ............. 1!4,468 lthrlo E W. Murphy, of the neighborhood of the M&nufactured tobacco continues quiet Exponed Richiand farm, reports on seven tarms 36 to Rotlerdam, 10,660 I its. acres as aga1ust 194last year. Swokmg Tobaccb-Manufacturers are fauly John Gaw, of Grisom's Landing, reports busy. on thirteen farms 20 acres as ag1unst 147last Ul.N.NATJ, o., July 27.-Messre. Prague year. Leaf Tobacco Hrotaeeo Dealer. Happy Beeaaoe lhe Price al the opeolog to the closm ; ces wete &he Leaf" Ha A.d.Yaaee. higher than at any t101C tbis year. There a.B CINCINNATI, July 27.-Lee H Brooks, a actne demond founedium t o good ta>h, ao0 to 8116; 2 caeea "city'' atll60 I ill!i. F. W DoHRMANN & So Tobacco B r akers, report the ToBACCo L&AF under date of July 23. 0I!erings durin1 week ........ 2,080 bbds Actual sales durmg week ...... 1 ,965 Hecelpta llunog week .......... 2,371 Owmg to the continued dry weaher our market wall extremely acttve for all granes and pnce. ad vaoced fully 1 to .A. dtmaod prcvtled for the better grades of leaf, whtch were freely of feted, and oougbt mostly for speculattve Comm o n Jugs were also in general rr quest and at the close were fully htgher thaD. lt"rt week CUTTING LEAF Common Jugs, nondescnpt and frozen Coo> m o o lugs. colory ........... :Med1um lugs. oolory. .. .. .. .. . 50@ 9 511 Good lugs. colory..... .. .. II 5u@l0 00 Common to medtum Hripptng lellf ... 10 O c@ll 00 Medium to good str1pp10g le"t. ...... 11 01 1 2 00 Good leaf .......................... 00@16 00 F1oeleaf ........................ 17 00@20 00 M:A}.I(JFACTllRlNG PLUG S'fOCK Common tillers, dark.. .. . .. U 00@10 00 Med1um fillers, some color ........... 10 OO@U 00 Good fillers, red and good body.... 13 00@16 00 Fme fillers, bnght ud good body.. 17 O o@2 5 00 CLAltKSV ILLE, Tenn., July 26. l!leaan. l!l. H Ulark & Tobacco Brokers. to tbe ToBAOOO LBu:-Hecetptl were full the past week and sales for the week enrlmp; wee 1,4611 bhds. market cootiouea very strong, thau&b a httle Irregular at ltmes on tbe poorer sorta. Pnces are fully under speculattve mllueocetJ, and t.hose who are operating upreu tbe belief 10 a large advance m pr iceSlll I he near future and buy eagerly. The number of speculators from the collotry ts increastng nd tbey buy steadtly, Lbe lower grades betog 11ow the popular aort.s for in vestmeat. QUOTATIONS. Frosted logs ........................... 2 @ 3 leaf ..................... : ..... 11,!.(0 Luga-Comm&n ....................... 4 0 li Medtum. ....................... 6J.(e 6 Good ........................... 6,!.(@ 6% Leaf-Common ...................... 6,!.(@ Moo1um ......................... 8 wers the weather cootmuea dry aod very hot Trash to commoa lugs ............. 2 50@8 ll6 :Med111m to good lugs .............. 8 50@4 60 Common leaf. ..... ............. 4 50.5 50 Med1um leaf ...................... 50@6 Gocd leaf ......................... 6 60@8 50 ROPKJNS"VILLE, Ky., July 26.-Mr. Geo. V. 'l'hompaoo, Tobacco l:lroker, reporlll to the TOBACCO Llt.ur :-Sales of the week opened thill mornmg. Biddmg not very spnited, Puces were about all last week. showing oo advance. He<.lllpts liberal, comistmg largely of frosted Aboutl\0 per cent of last year's crop planted tlus yvar in thu county. QUOTATIONS. Lugs-Common .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 2 50@ 3 2$ Medtum........... .. .. a 60IQI 4 25. Oood ..................... 4 26@ 6 00 Lef-Uommon ................. 5 /ili(Q.. 6 60 Medium ................. 6 60@ 7 00 Good .................... 7 8 60 Fme .................... 8 601Q111 UO Wrappers ..................... 11 00@17 00 M. H. CLJ.RX & Bao. report 10 the ToDA,CC6 Recetpta to ame time laat year ..... U,ll1l2 Bales since last report 1 4ll8 Bales to date ....................... 16,619 Sales to same time Jut year ...... 9,118 Our market received addttional atreollth this week from country speculators, who believe iu a fu:tber constderhble advance in prices, and all grades ttlfeoed under tbe preseure. Froated sold .!4 to higher, and wbile eouod tobacco W118 nllt quotal>Ty !Jigller, it sold more nearly to tbe outside of our quot&tiooa than it dt at We hove n o w to report a quteter market, !Jut WlLlw.ut any mateHul cl.Jttuge In vr1cts. Dark tobaccos m gRod coodt.IOn are no changed dunog the past few days The trade bas beeu constdetaoly exec sod ove1 tbe extraordmary report ,,f tile A.gticultural Bueau on tbe E>ntlook for the cHrreot year The stallsttcs, with the stamp o f c ffie l8! mdenement, have placed the acreage so f11r beyond our l oca l calculations trnt it ts supetftuous to formulate a rep ly It '" 111fe to say !Jowever that in pne of tbe offi.ctal nature of the s tatt tics. we prefer to mamtatn that th e ,ere age of tobacco put ou. tn1s year IS only equal to oe hal f o f an average crop. Recetpts fo the past week were 8, 746 bhas, agam t I ;.HO bhds for same week last year. S&les for the week, month and ye&r, and corre spoodmg perwd of three fmmer years, were r.s fol lows.-Week. 1887 8 623 1886 ........ 2,814 1885 2,364 1$84..... .. 886 Month. 11,276 8,628 9,849 6,145 QUOTA.TIONS. Dark. Trash ................ 2 60@ 3 00 Common lugs...... .. 8 GO@ 4 50 Medium lugs. 4 75@ 5 50 Good lugs.. .. .. .. .. .. o 75@ 6 25 Common leaf ......... 6 50@ 7 00 Medmm leaf ......... 7 lit @ 8 00 Long leaf .. .. .. .. 8 00@ 8 56 Selections. . 9 00@12 00 Year. 78,616 80,9<0 84,H61 52,624 Burley. 350@&00 4fi0@ 560 5 7/i@ 50 6 75@ t 50 7 75@ 00 9 bO@U60 -11 60@11 00 .IULY 3o. IS ER.BS &, PI.D.e lOU,, 1018, 1018, 1020 IIEOOKD AVE., aa4 310, 312. 314. 318 EAST I'II'TYI'OURTH IT., !fEW YOB.IL L:i..ISCHJJUUO, July 28 M""srs. tiolt, 8che.efer &. Co., Buyers lUlU !Jan Ort to the TonACCO LEAl!' '18 foll ows The recetptJ> m our mar kct arc Jaily large this week. but cooststlng to" lrge extent uf frosted to bacco. remnants and ntl1er uode<;lr&t le gr.dc3. They offer a very pour electron Pricos. h o wever remain otllf for all grades, and our marketcontmue ve: strong. About crop prospects we have uothtng oew to re port PADUCAH, Ky., Jul y 23 -T. H Puryear, Tobacco Hroker, tepwrts to Lite 'l'oBA8COLKAF"" rol lows .-We have had a strong ana rather o:ialket all week for all sorts but mai11ly very puor quality. No rllin yet, except ltght l o cal showers Hbed offenugs, alt!Jougb there are good buyers here for all of tuio clas, both when ofl:ercd thrcctly or througl.t constgomeote We bad rotu a mot uatly for a week, there are some parts ot tobacco c uuttes s ufi'euog from ecuoos. lmt generally where there 18 IL good tand, the Iouks os well .. posstble espedolly w11ere well maouted, and tbis 1 the ex ceptiOn. wr.ppet8 ale IU ueLier de .... aud 10 tbe JIL t few d., cut vuc(utes iUbstitnle We ettru Wtpp ers No dout.t the de mana fur tbe>e ust:ful wtppers at 2() to 25 cent> will be more act ve sttll ant! !Jigber later to tbo season. Sun cured grades are '"'egul&r. Tbe l ower grades only sbuw a more or lese adva11ce, while good leaf at 7 to ll> c bas not changed fot two weeks pa st. t! IS qme;, aud ds1 k heVV lugs are qutet, 01 ilh very g\'otl offenng. 'l'ili seems Wllh so wucb boom1ug ers whe t e, ana there 11e LltOile who prcnd Country Altt'Citant says -bui ness :o Lhts de pattDleDL dunog the past week bas sbown consid etable tmptoveweut Otders have been commg 10 1 reely, e.pemally so fot the popular brands ot oa vies, a fact whwb s hows tho '"tenor merchant are keep10g poted on lef ma ket Although \ht:re lS us ) et ne annouocemect o an a.dvance, re stdeot ngents of the are makwg no exelttons to enters at pre6ent puces Most of lhe fnctortes &re so far bellmd 10 orders tbat agents can give no guarantee of tbetr iwme diale fulfilment. Lecal manufacturers of ctgars are fully utisfied with the present st&te of trade. .A.ll the large fllC tor1eo are workmg fully up to thetr capac1ty. Low pnced goolo!s made in tht s ctty are com. og to the front n o t ouly here, but to the East. Tbe nsst su. months hav e been tbe best ever expertenced-by Sao Fanmaco manufacturers CROP .AND MARKET NEWS. NEW YORK. Baldwmsville Gazette, July 21:-Qmet prevatls Ill ou r mar kf't. w1Lh wore or less every duy, !l.nd pnce runnwg from 8 to 13 cents. Among tile foreign buy era who are here are Leonard Fr1end Jose)Jh Herne helm, M Jj', ingunt of Arendt & Jj'nu i!:Bnt, and M. Greenspecht. Tbe new crop 1s g t owmg ftnely and many p1eces are ready to top 'l'be weather 1s all tbat could be des1red for the growtn o! the weedwarm wtth plenty of 1 am. CRANE'S PATENT LINEN FIBRB I AllBS. THESE UTENSIU! ARE WELL ADAPI'BD FOB TOBACCO, CIGAR & CIGARE'M'E MANUF .A.CTURERS. Light, Durable, A:Ir and Water-Tight. ar Sample and IDusts type of cigar leaf enJOY Amherst, July 16-Two small lots were the d(Uble advantage of succeEB in the facil sold at from 8 to lUc. 'l'be growmg ny "ltb which tbe crop can be turned to crOJ!IIS lookmg well. wrapper in a wet t eaon, or to filler account East Granby, Cono.-1 thmk there. IS an 1u drouth If the crop bas grown with uni mcrease acreage over last ,Jo;ear, bemg alform rA p1d1ty, top it as soon as the bud can most entirely Seed. crop never eps1ly be reacted, and cut as soon as the yel looked better ac th1s t1me, bemg very even. low spots, indicating approacbmg r 1peness, There l>l, a small amount of old tobacco m famtly appear in the top leaves. If the crop farmers ,hand e. Ooe sale of three acres of bas grown slowly. wit bout sufficient rain, Havana 85 crop at 15c through. rtpPn 1t well for filler. In either event the Wethersfield. July IS growmg leaf will command a fair price. finely. &small amount of ha1l fell m one Little Dutcb-GrowerH of this popular corner of the town the lOth of July. 'l'be leaf bave plam s1ultng in dry weather. The plants. were so small that the damage WBI! whole obJPCt m tbie tobacco ia to but shgbt, and will not be seen when tbe ptoduce .. fiesby, ripe leaf, aud this result ia crop 18 grown. peculiarly fa.-ored m a dry season. This var1ety should Bland four w six weeki after to ppm g PENNSYL V .A.NI.A.. Seed Leaf-This well known tobacco in all of its modificatlOnP, is the most difficult known to grow successfully. It is desirable to produce & tine, ilky, brtght leaf for vein cuts. Tb1s cannot be taccomplished without. pure seed, ncb soil, a wet season and skilled culLlvatwn. In a dry season like plow and hoe must be kept going, and plilnte must be topped low and cut Bll directed for Zimmer's Spanish. Th1ck, leathery Seed leaf ts as wr.apper or bmder, and of such mstgmtlcant value as filler that 1t will not pay planters the cost of producmon. Lancaster IntelligMcer, July 27:The rains that have Vtslted .. I most all aectious of the county durmg the past week have been of advantar;e to the grow1ng to bacco. Iu a few the ram was so h0avy that considerable d&mHge was done by the washing of the fields, hut these tracts ate not large, ana on the whole the rams have don" vastly more than harm, and Lancaster' county never had a better pt ospect of a perfecL and abundant y1eld of tobacco than &G tlt1s t1me. It has e&caped hall, in sects, 1 ust, and all other de.utage, and stands m .tbe lu a pet fec>ly sound and he&ILby conUitiOll. ) A few early planhngs hll1'e been cut oft', WISCONtliN. but the barve11.m.1g of tlle crop has not fairly I' Edgerton Wisco n son Tobacco Reporter, July commenced, and will not for a week or t 11 22 :-F'requent rams have fallen the b tmce week and the new crop is making saLJsfactory V ,ry little 1s domg in old tobaccos, except progreae. The weeds also have kept an even t be F&le uf "' few cu.e8 d .. y by day to lo ctil pace V. lth the tobacco; and m may llelds the mauufoctuters. 'l'b" cigar facturtes are not hoe i s needed greatly. In exceptionally uumng very full handed, and It! stated early set fields toppmg bas commenced. and as n .. t only 10 thts clLy and tbe pltmtt! show e. good strong healthy cuunty lut In other td uf S ate. Ther" growth. on bauct Ill 1 .. ctor1es a large stoek ot The m\)Vemettt of old goods continue& ctgars aud a raLber slow SBle them. about the same as fot tbc p .. st two months. Gradually und quietly Htlvaue. Seed A few buudred cases are every portion of the county clOp of '86, week, but the reduction is small wbwh 'I' as >0 lung by buyers, has httle 10quiry ha.s sprung up for filler grades, been up, so that tbere IS now com and a good many tllottsaou pounds have been paratrvtoly of 1t 1n tbe hands of growers recened 10 this market of late Sales re&ch Examiner, July 27:-Tbe local ing us are: G F. and W. L Pomeroy '0 cs touucco marke& IS as dull as 1t poae 1 bie for at 8%;c; E Hermonson, U cs at 7 lc; 1t to be 'I'ILbou& stagnation. In Jos. 37 cs at 7, 4 Al. Kamp cased tobacco the only sales reported are by 7 cs, J. Lettz, 3 cs at 6c. Andrew Jea: Skiles & Frey, wbo Aold about fifty case;. son also reports the sale of liO cs of Three or Jour buyers are up coostde r to York p$rt1es at. the prevailing price& able quanthies of tbe '86 crup; R H Bru of this stock. Buy10g 10 a hunted way is re baker about tlfty acr"" duunt; the ported at Stoughton, Janesville and Deer week. lield. The shipments of 1 bfl week are: .A. correspondent wntmg from Salunga Spnogfield, Mass., 41 cs; Westfield, 4 cs. says: The old tobacco 1s betng bought up 1'oLIIol, 45 cs close and is findwg its way 10t o the hands of ,<. manufacturei'P. Old Seed leaf, w h1cb could -Aubrey. the ourrey antiquary, tells that be bought some time ago aG from 9 to 1() at first the wee of suver, thoull(b th& cents, readily sells now at I rom to 11 "ordmary sort" were maae of a walnu.JsbeU. ceuts. a struw, and m th., re1go of William anci White vein is still the vexed and undemded Me.ry and Iron were occasionally mad& questiOn. I have written and spoken su much me of to form ,tbe bowls. Tbe ptpes of the on th1s subject that I deem unnecessary to Comr!lonwr.altb and tbe Restorll.tlon were say aoytbing more on but will add: Let barrel shaped, tbougb after the revoyou tobacco get fully ripe, hang it on sce.f !uLJon the more elooga\ed Dutch fo_rm oame folds 10 the field, p10tected from the hot sun, 10to use. In the middle of tbe e1ghteeotb unt:il thoroughly w1lted down, bang close in centu_ry a Wide -mouth bowl seems to bave your sheds, and 1f rams should set 10 and m fa.-or, and then the spur, which was weather continue damp, thm out m t .he fiat, wBB elengated, after tbe Bata sbeds, as 1t may pole bu1o. Mark thiS: Tpe vtan fasb10o, m order to rest the bowl withnearer you aJJ)Jroacb pole burn Without Jt out bnrmng tbe table. The Scotch cutty and the bette1 color and quality you get. Axiom: the Irts b dudeen are later mtroducLions. The 1dea 1 advauced by somebody that t o wbtle the wooden ptpes of modern times MASSACHUSETTS .A.ND CONNECTICUT. bacco ought to bang very tb10 o n tbe le.tb were dev1sed when out of door smoking be New England Homestead, July 23:Fee d and far upatt m the abed to prevent whtte came general.. The clay p1pe-makmg maft IS mg Hill-Tbe c1 op IS cummg 0., rat bet ve1a. H Ills rule 1s followed,. two weeks, of !lOW centered m Broseley, where It has flour s lowly although there are a good many tine hot, dry weather after cuttlug w1ll cute tlite 1sbed smce the mtddle of tbe _sixteenth conpieces The cut worms worked considerable crop so ap1dly that you bave all the colora tury, thouRh they are made 10 many other damage. but Lhose you want. If tobacco 1s bung close places of Purbeck clay. Holland ts. however. Granby-Nearly as much t obacco is bemg 111 tbe shed after bemg well "1lted 1 n the sttll famous for these wares. Between the grown thts seasou as lat, and many pteces field for two or more days, it cannot dry up years 1720 and 1721 17,000 and ctularo lookwg very fine. Some ptecee are ex so fas t and w11l cure slowly, even m bot dren were employett 10 the busmess at Uoud& ceedmgly early for this section uud will havo weather, e8pectally. 1f the shed are opened &lone, and to th1s day the long stemmed to be tupped tb1s week. Tbe cut worms' llt night aua clused m dayt1me. It IS a safe "church ... ardens" of tbat town are famous have worked badly on many p 1eces of old rule Lbat the more ftequent tobacco becomes all over the Netherlands. P1pes of horn, ground and make the tobacco somewhat un-damp whtle ,curmg, the be&ter the colors. s1lver and stone, mla1.d with flow even, but on turf g10und tbe crop is very Tvbacco needs a little care after being ers and ligures, and bearmg Scnpture texts, even and with just enough ram is pushmg sbedded. Dou't strtp too early. I should are still seen among the Boers. But the abead very rapidly. A. S Wells & Sons are make a d11ference m the pr1ce of tobacco, Dutch do not seem to havee1'er gamed mucb growing ten mostly With cottonseed, whether strtpped before freezmg weather or & footing m Here, as early as etc., and many others have used the same. after. It requires days and nights, 1607, the p1pe makers were ,formed Tb1s ferttltzer proved a good thing for to to dry tbe r1bs and vems thurougbly, and mto a gu.Id.-London Globe. bacco last year, e.nd should i& do as well this such tobacco IS 11afe agamst damage m cas-It will be the coming fort1hzer. llli I you that many a fine crop has Mtddletown-Tbe crop ts coming been lllJUred by hangmg too far apart 10 fsPt and IS looku:g finely. and some have been mj!lred by hang-Sherman-Tobacco is looking well in thts mg too close m ramy or wet seasons. A safe sectiOn, and some few early pteces are already 1s, hang close, and, if wet weather sets topped, whtle eome later pieces are bemg m, t'Xamme the tobacco, and If the ribs are hoed. swelhog, thin out. Keep your tobacco fram Boston .American Cultwator. July 28: curing too fast, From our correspondence we give the follow ing: Deerfield, July 18-The growmg to bacco is lookiag well. I sold the past week 35 cases of '811 Havana at llo, marked weights. OHIO. Miamisburg Bulletm, July 22:-Tbere has been nothmg to compare with the drouth of -"Have you somethmg tine in the way of cigars,i" Bald a young man to a Harlem dealer. I genetally buy my cigars at the Hoffman House, but I wasn't able to get down there to day.,' "I am gettinl: a good many of the Hoffman House customers late ly. S)r," rephed the dealer, deferentially. Now, there is the Kalamazoo Seedling which I can highly recommend. Two for live, or fifteen for a. quarter.-N. E. Grocer. I d 61 Burra,y street, Rew YorJE._.,---,


I JULY 3o. THE TOBACCO LEAF' 5 ; / Manufacturers of -the following celebrated Brands of Tobacco : ,.... FINE CUTS, Packed in Pails, Foil, Tin Boxes or Glass Jars. SMOKINGS, in Tin Foil, Paper, Tin Boxes ?r Glass Jars. AMERICAN EACLE. : CAVENDISH SMOKING. GRANULATED SMOKING. CUT Sl4:E'I. 8.4-X.E EXTRA FINE. -. Th d VERY FINE AND PURE. e eouuaJIA'N.O Bran In cases220 lbs 32slabs each ... -!" r .. ..., IMPORTED LICORICE BraDd Spanish LicoriCe. A REAL COOD ARTICLE. In Cases 240 lbs each. A ,' h Brand. .-STRONC, PURE AND OF COOD F'LAVOR. IMPORTED LICORICE Licorice Root, ordinary and Selected, in Bales and Bundles. POWDERED LICORICE PASTE, ground from finest imported. EAGLE BRAND PUWDERED LICORICE, made from the Finest and Sweetest Root, free from any Adulteration OLIVE OIL. "Anchor" brand o:f superfine, pure SALAD OIL, In cases, I 0 one gallon tin cans each. '' JY:.A.N'UF.A.CTUR.ER.S OF PLBXIBLB. CBEASBLBSS CI&AiliOLDS AND SHAfBS., -ANDCi[ar SEND FOR ILLUSTRATED AGENTS-N. ,Sheldon & Son, 328 N. 3rd Street, Phihtdelpbia; )Jeck & Co., fhieago, Ill., and St. Paul, Minn.; G .J Helmeriehs Lear Tobacco (:o., St Lquis; Wm. H. Meyer, 1 West Front Street, Cincinnati (Ed.' I waukee; _Esbcrg, J_Jacbman & Co., Saul>rancisco, Cal. OUR-NEW.TOBACEO TRADE DIRECTORY.. No or .Cigar Afford to be lt. ONLY A LIMITED NUMBER YET TO BE DISPOSED OF. &.en. d. :Ln. "Y cYu.r Orders at C>n.Qe. The Book contains the Names of all Cigar, Cigarette, Smoking and Snuf{ Manrifae turers in the United States and Cuba; also a valuable List of Jobbers and Wholesale Grocers in all the leading distributing points in the country. Price, Five Dollars. Key West, Fla '' MANUFACTURERS OF 'l'HE CHOICES'!' GRADES OF ANA:CIG New York Offices: 675 & 677 / I


GWD YUHLTA ABAJO CIGAR FACTORY. Manael a Co., Havana. CUba. .IULIUS HIRSCH, SoJe &epreHatallTe Ia ae Ualte4 fttate, TOBACCO LEAF. Grand Hotel Pasaje, ::aa-van.a,O"U.'ba.. =--, -. as .... CIQ IU ::s CD = 0 a; c:rQ c: CD 1-IU ., .... c:rQ CD c::t en E -0 "CC 0 E c::t C ----a::a ==' '!'lle LABGJ:ST &114 ollly FIBST-CLASS HOTEL on the 1llalld of Cllb&; lltuMe4 Ill the part of the el$7. BD1arpc1. lmprond, iew l&lllt&ry arraucemeoll, ...,,. --Kept llllder American u4 iunpeu. pi&DI, Complete accommodetlon f<>r strugers. ca -= C".:) = :E C::ll JULY 3o ::: '2 BEAVER STREET, :WZW YOIUL P. CASTRO do 00., PROPRI.TORS. .a-ran.d.. O:lsar Pao"tory, CRAND CICAR FACTORY OF RODRIGUEZ, Estrella No. 133, Havana, Cuba. FELIX :IIUBIAS & CO .. CIGAR LEABING BRANDS: t :Jill X. :BIIl.'Q G-:Jill X. ..j> -AND -?-"'Flor de Manuel Rodriguez." C8lln do la Zania 69, Cnba. LA FLOR R. RENDUELES. Valle del Ra:ro No. 63, Habana LEADING BRANDS:-" La Gratitnd r c Remiguton,, ,, Rosa. Cubana., Cl de Rosendo Rendueles," "La Bociedad Com ercial. ''La Rosa '' 'PI Indian '' .M.i Caridad 11 or a, FLOR DE F. CABAL Y CABAL. Leading Brands:-Flor del Allo, I.e Emilia, Fler de Carlot&, A'llelsrdo and El&isa, Flor de F. G. Gl'&llda "Eadon., Rosa de San Anton!9, Valle de 8an Raftlel 99 7 tN. HAB.&NA, CtiBA. Elel.gas &; 6-a.:rcl.a, lllaallftoe&arel'll or J. :OX.._:.iii!: &; .co "ESTELLA" GRAND CIGAR FACTORY OF H.A. VAN .A 81Uo lU' Havana. Cuba. Leacl1nll' Brands:-" La Estrella," "Fler de Belpa .t; Garcia," La Rosita," La Flor de Alfredo Belpa, .. "Para Todoe," "La Felicia," "Flor de Inclan Sanchez," aad Flor de Bir.nca." R.oya1 0:1Kar. Pao"tory,. O:laar :att:an. U1'ao"tory or AZCANO, --OF-Estrella St. 79, CORTINA Y GOMEZ. HAVANA. LEADING BRANDS: CORTINA, MORA Y CA 68, Habana. DE CAPOTE, MORA &: CO., 'l'elefono l,OIIf. CIGAR of the Most Selected Vegas of VUELTA ABAJO. FLOR Dlil CORTINA, SHAKESPEARE, CaUe del Ba;ro No. !18, Hab-a, Cuba, lMdluc Bnu>d.o: "Plor de .. Drleo,,. '' Plor de Bdaardo caadllo, traloa "La Bo .. aa," "Ch--.ploa." FABRlCA DE TAB A COS. Lea.U-Bra .. PLOR DB BBB.&ITI.I.If AZyetw Brothers, cigarmakers, for the use of a cigar label alleged to be a counterfeit of that of the Knights. The imitation is a capitlll one, and can only be detected by a very minute examination, The :Bayette Brothers are out of town to day, but their agent aaid to a reporter this even .ing that the firm their goods from the F1rst and Ninth dlo!tricts of Pennsylvania, and recei'l'e thegou&s stamped with what the Ann suppoee to be a genuine Knights of :l.,Qbacco all my life, and the Lime when I began conditions are not the same. master go upon a journey, the pipe-bearer is chewing tbe weed goes beyond the reacll of there, mounted on a sturdy roadster, from the memory. I have never chewed manufaceaddle or which depend a great leather_ wa terLured stock, but always tbe rough cur"d Fire Loueo, bottle holding perhaps a couple of gallons, and leaves, which I select and roll into a twtet A mUiion and a half cigars were burned inan iron fire-pot VtJry similar to that used by and it is ready for use. It is the only kind I side of an hour l88t evening at 200 and 202 E88t tinkers in this country and full of live charcoal. chew." Here was a gentleman, who makes Kinzi e street. Berriman .Bros.' cigar factory, He manages to keep always within hail of his the llnest grades of chewmg tobacco and located on the top floor of the building, was almaster. In front of his saddle are borne two knows their quality, but prefers to cbew the most entirely destroyed by fire. In addition to huge cy linders of leather, carried 88 our cavdlry leaf in its natural state. What a change the damage to their stock, valued at :1-15,000, bandsmen carry their kettle-drums. Each of there would be in the tobab trade if people which is almost wholly ruined the estimated these receptacles will probd bly contain a pipe. should change their taste in this respect. damage to their machinery, fixtures, etc., is At a signal from the valet or body -s m:vant, The native chew may yet supercede that of U,500, and their total loss amounts to about the piptlbearer withdraws the gold or silver the manufactured arlicle.-Southern Tobacco $16.600 ; insured fo r $13,000 In various co mpipe-head from its receptacle. Drawing a bag Journal. pa.nies.-Chtcago Tobacco Review, July J!(). lllled with tobacco from his wai.stbelt, he take.s .LA ROSA DE SANTIAGO GIG ARS, IIANUFAai'URED BY PEDRO BOGER, From the Tobacco gf tile Finest V ega8 of the Vuelta A.bajo. Eata1tl1ahollia 184.1 at Saatiqo d.o laa Manufactory, No. 49 Factoria St., Havana. I'OR SALE BY Pull; ol; '1'W!Dr4 aa4 Aeker, K......U .t; Cl...ut. ..... York. a piece of it, thoroughly wet as it Is, about the size of an egg, and with a squeeze of his band; gets 1id of a quantity of superfluous water and a good deal of nicotine ; for Persian tobacco in its natural stateat least tllat. used; in the .kalianwould be too strong to smoke. And no.w he carefully fits the perforated conica l wind guard upon the pip e head, and by means of a pair of tiny tongs fills it with charcoal from his fire-pot. Then the rest or the apparatus or the water-pipe, which is always kept ready. 11.lled witll water, is withdrawn from the cy lindri cal receptacle ; the flexib l e "snake," some five feet l ong, is rapidly adjusted, the pipe-bearer expell Ing the excess o r water in the reservoir by blow ing through the snake; this wets the j oints and renders the whole machine air-tight. He now draws a coupl e of whil'l's of hot air through the to see that it goes properly, and hands it to the mounted valet, who, seizing the mouth piece, proceeds a(>parently to smoke it. But the man is 1 merely lighting his m88tt>r's pipe, for there Is a good deal or charcoal fume and very little tObacco-smoke In the first few whil'l's. After a minute's bard pulling the man putTs out a great volume of smoke, aud now the pipe is well alight. The valet r emoves the bowl, and, still drawiog, extracts every particle of smoke (this is tile invariable etiquette 88 the pipe Is passed from hand to hand, ; tLen, with an obeis ance, he hunds the mouthpiece to his m88ter, and ambles a lon g at his side, bearing the p ptl, which is poetically called the "beguiler of sorrows till his m88ter and his friends have smoked their fill. As a rule the flexible tubes are ouly used upon the road, and by priests, lawyers, and d0etors. The latter sometimes make up a pipe contain Ing halt a pound of, w hicb is pla.Ced in the' midst or their of clie nts or patients, and the mouthpiece passes around for an hour or two, until the tobacco is smoked out. Upon the tobacco-bolder of the Persian kalian may be seen the highest and most. successful efforts of the decorator's art. Among the rich they are o f gold, ch88cd or encrusted with gems, or more !req uently beautifully enamelled. The colors used are very vivid, and the whole el'l'ect is plea.siog In the extreme; The are very costly, very beautiful and very brittle. Ten pounds is a common price to pay for the decoration of a pipe-head ; while the rich ama teur will pay and even more. A favorite dev,ice i" to r epresent elaborate festoons or vine leav es in trat.sparerit.enamel of a deep green, while the grapes are f ormed of clusters of tiny uncut sapphires and rubies. The etiquette and punctilio or pipe smoking are endless. When a visitor Is offered a pipe and tllere is not a second one, he declines it at once ; bis host must smoke lirst. This, if the entertaine r be much superior In position, he will actually do; but otherwise ll c declines; and the guest, having first offered the pipe to the other visitors, who d ec line it as a matter of course, proceeds to sno.oke, and the n it Is handed around to everybody in order of rank. ThePeraiaa water-pipe al'l'ords the refinement, the poetry, the ne plus ultra of smoking. The most choice t obaccos, after a dozen whiffs, par ticularly if the smoke is expe lled through the n os trils, produce a slight giddiness, together with a of peaceful delight an. d enjoy ment; the giddiness passes ol'l' instantaneously, the feeling of tranquil ple88ure cOntinues for many minutes No doubt the habitual good temper of the Oriental owes something to his ()Ont!nuous use or the kalian. No business in the East can be done without the s ,moking of many water-pipes; It forma a. large porfion 'of the e nj.oyment of thi! Oi-Jenta) bath, it fills up the pauses of conversation, and. when a man is at a loss for an answer, It gives. him time to think, 'l'he very sound of the 8\lb bling water in a dry hot country is soothing to the ear. That it is not smoked in Europe is pro bably due to the fact he who would smoke the Persian water pipe would need tQ k eep li. Persian servant to fill it for hlm.-St. James Gazette All True Exeept About Jloa4J.Dl&oo. All kinds of troubles and complipatione are.. to tobacco. It i8 said to ceuse to bacco still, we bavA never fouod any frtends of ours to be offiicted with i'wben.wto have fncautiotisly lefL a choice cigar exposed in our vest pocket. L!ldies generally object to sm.,king, but i$ take< an old smoker to get up on bis ear ancl bowl fourbladed adjective< at the ruffiaD. who is idiotic enough to smolr.e bad tobaoeo If a husband smokes ebe should oo' put him out, but le& him uown easy, as oct would a smokinr;r; lamp. Tbe smoker, on the other band, baa many compensation@. If be 6hould be sbipwrecket5 on a catmib&l island, he is comforted by \he thought that hid b ody would be respected. The cannibals don't relish Lhe tle@b of a man. who chews or smokes. The man who mokes is not molested by mosquitos. Tlloy can'& stand smoking. Buys should not True, tbl'l grea&. Spurgeon says that a cigar iY a thing to tqank God for, w;e once knew a boy who tried a cigar, .and he afterwards was seen hanging over a fence, but be was n?t To boys we ijay: If any body smokes 'hlto weed, don't chew. Wai& till you grow up. and then, in the language of the poet, yoa can say: Ob, there's not in this life a pleasure eo sweet. As to sit. near a 'Yindow and lllt up your fee,. And to Piifl' a Havana whose davor jus'-smts, And gaze at the w6rld through the toea oc your boots.Texas Siftings. 8&rlll.loc Tobacco Wrappera. OWENSBORO, Ky., July 25.-Tbe wrapper., in tke Greeaville Tobacco Works of this city twelve in number, struck to-day on accoun. of a reduction.. in wages. They have fore been getting 15c per hundred for wrap ping. and the price was reduced to 12c per hundred, taking at noon today. An. effort at a comprom1se fatled, and the airikeo W&l'l d .eclared on. The company bas ordered advertisements for green gtrls to take the> places of the strikers, but it is not thought. these can do the work.-Globe Democrat I Rocm:STICR, N. Y July 21.-De Witt Newkirk, of Kingston, committed suicide at. the New House yesterday by taking morphine. He W88 a defaulter to the amount. of 120,000, and was registered here as J. H. Downing, of Albany, His relatives hav& been telegraphed fot and will arrive to-day. -A bill recently introduced Into the Georgia. Legislature prohibita the use of the llttle cbromos that go with of cigarettes.


I I I I I JULY 3o TH TOBACCO :E &,' -AND OJ!' THE-. ......,. 1'1To. aoa 1'1T::m"E7V 1J0'7 and 1109 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. I Trade IIIark. rtm t ot N It' d B--' tleolltlltable for A.dvertlslac Purpo-. We beg to can tha at t.!ntloD of the Trade to ourlargeUIO a o ... e ea &D ..-.- Lcg;aao1 Y. Pendt 188'7 LO.Z.A.l!llii'O, PEJ!IIii'D.A.& &, CO., lYIANUFT,.BS -OF CIGARS, CUBAN HAND MADE ONLY. p. J. ,a&&-u1'ao-tu.ror db X:aa.portor azg,oJ&.or' .A.r-t1o1o, ..N'o'IEIV 'Y"or&; .WHOIWAJiE WAREROOMS: 37 I BROADWAY. P' ACTORY: 21 3-229 East 33d Street. Genuine French Briar Pipes, Jl(eunted with my new Amberllle Mouthpleceo. In large nrlety and -t&Aeful ciMipa, lacludln&' man:r orlgla&l otyleo not ahown e..._ whore. ..a..pp1e'!E1Vo.od. P1po Ia &lli'J'&(Iee at loweet llpreo.l The aud Flaeot .U.Ortment of SMOKERS' ARTICLES. Of BTery n-r!ption. A. Large Aaortment of SCBEIIE SETS" aud ADVEBTJSDfCil: KOVELTIES surprlslqJ:r on.tnal &Dd unique. W AIJ[ING 'STICKS CUBAN RAND-MADE tiiGA.BS. \-1114 Sansom St., PBIL.ADELPHIA. -:_ \\\ WARRANTED PURE AND FREE FROM ARTIFICIAL FLAVOR. To the Cigar Trade and Publlc Generally,( It having come to our notloe that some 1lJI8CMI. puloueand plretloal manufacturers b&velufrlllce4 apon our celebrated brand of. II OLD VIRGINIA CHEROOTS "' by aUchtly changing the name and color ot label, we take this oppertunlty or cautioning the pubUo and Lrade generally against buying such goods, 1IJider peoalty of law. Our braod lA registered aud protected by bw. Notice Fact.oiy No .li, 2nd Dist ot Vf.rlriDia, on each box: also our name on label, ek WHITLOCK,'-BICJRDJ:OI'ID, V .a.. Penr o d, Ky., Claude Newman, the little aon of J. R. Newmllp, Is the youngest tobacco chewer we have ever seen Be Is c>oly five veara otd, weighs forty pounds and tobacco like a.n old person. B e took to tt him self and has been using the weed for a year, being four years old when he commenced. He Is a sprightly, good-natured child, not saucy or forward and seems to use tobacco b e cause he llk:es it 'and not to attra.ct attention, as som e youngsters do ....:.Greenuille DispatciJ.. .. We have had quite a lively discuuion, :U:r WabiU!h," remarked lliu Penelope Waldo, 811 ihe young gentleman seated. himself for an evening csll, "and papa 18 very pro nounced in biB admiration for the Century." "Yes" responded Mr. Wabaeh, "I used to llke Century myself, but it's over two_ years since I have had a chew of toltacco m my mouth. "-Sun. -Tobacconists in England are now obliged to k ee p an apparatus for to discover the amount o r mOisture 1t con tams. This is caused by the new Jaw which makes 1t a crime punishabl e by a fine of $250 to offar for sal e ::my tobacco which contains more than thirty-five per cent. of m o isture. -For Mantle to give her William Henry : Cigar boxes are covered with white canvas and edged with brown cord. On one side of the c ove r is an ornament in brown, while diag o nally across the top is fixetl a cigar tied witb yellow ribbon Around the entire box, or on one side only, is some appropriate legend. -The Waco Day asks wh o ever heard of a man "smoking his way Into heaven?" The won't undertake to answer the qu e stion, --but will simply suggest that the Good Book: tells us that the prophet Elijah went to heaven in a chariot of fir e, and where there was so much fire there must hav e been some smoke.-Deni. Ne,w& 'UXITED STATES IKTER.Jf.&.L B.EVEilVE TAX ON TOIIA.COO. a..... d-.. aad lmperted, 13 per X;. clgarettee eiChinC not over three lbs P'r II, OOc Jl; lberoote Well'hiDif oer tb..ree lblil Jl, 18 pel' lil; .Ill tobecoo and anwr, per powul,l!c. .. OHABGES I'OK LICBWSE PER .A.ltlroll. JI&Dufacturer. of clpn, clp.retteo anll cheroot&, 86; -ufaetwwaof iol>acco &Dd aawr, 86: dealers .... ot toiNiooo, P,to; de&lerlla !eat..,_, $1!. DIPOitT DUTllliS ON TOB.a.COO, OlgaJII, 11.150 per pound ud 15 per oeat. 114 ftlo.-. CIKuo etteo, aame .. c11perl -more ti1&D 1 ........ te the pound, 75 eeDta per peuruf: If iteaomed. $1 pouod all other leet aot ot.eiamed, 86 cente pouDCL b&ooo iaanufacoured. 40 ceata -_poWid ll*e-ID -perpeWid Pl-Uldplpebowlo, ,l.O08IMM8 emlneot worthy the consideration et any enterprillfuc tobacco m&Dufacturer, viz.: -1. L&bor lnr. S Rapidity. a. AbsoJute from aocld81lta to b&llds. 4. Perlec$ llnfah or work. l 6. Jnoreaeed

.._.,11: c. Lln4.e,. CJ. c. HaJDIU:on, P. w. ()oDkllD. F. D. LINDE, HAMIL TON & CO. Storage & Tobacco Inspection .&'l'aaee. OD 8torace Beeelp&a of Jllerchan41H a Speelal&y. Cold Stora,ge Warehouses for Tobacco ST .J'OHNS PARK, 1'1. Y, EDGEB'I'ON, WIS. 406 .& 408 Eaot SS4 5&., !1. Y", LA.NCA.STEH, PBI'IIl'l. FIRS'rC::LAsS WAREHOUSES: a. w. (). & R. !!. K. Depot, S& .J'olln' Park, 178, ISO, 182, 184 6::: 181.'; Pearl Streel aad 142 Wattu Street, 406, 408 & 410 Eaot Thlrtyt:!llrd 5trea&. Principal Office, 142 WATER STREET NEW YOilK. (i9r. W. Lemon and N. Prince S &.,. Lancaler, Pa. EDGERTON, WIS. BBANCHES-PHIL.t.DELPDI&-A. 'R. FOUGERAY 63 North Front Street, LAN CJA.IJTBK Pa.if. R. TROST. 118 S. Queen Street; GEO FORREST, 167 N. Qu ee n Strt!et H..&H'I c!.nn,-B. F HURLBURT, IM State Street. SVFPIELD, Coan.-EDWARD AUSTIN HA.T1.l1ELD, lftaoo.-J. 11: P. CARL CINCINNATI, 0,W W HALES, 9 Front Street &YTOJII, o.H C. W GROSSE and W W 2!5 South Jelforson Street. ELIIJ:I&A, W. y, W.II._ LOVELL EDGERTON, Wlo.T. B. E.I.RLE ... .&NK BV8CHEDt .70Hl'l T. MELLOR, .7r. :PXN":EE.E &, OC>. .. .rOBA..COO XN'&PECTC>R.S .. STORACE. I 14.9 11!5ree-t_ lSI e'!DV g-COUNTRY S:A.IIPLIN& PBOMPTLY ATTENDED 'rO 8BA.JI'CRES-L.Al'ICA.STEH, Pa.1 F. 21 North Queen ot. : J. C IRVIN, 228 ....... llary st. CONNECTICUT 1 F SISSUN 245 !State ot Hartford: C E GRIFFING, Dabnry; .KALL,New Jllllford. EDGEDTOJII, WI C. L. CULTON DAYTON, 6,: W. T 1U.'9111, 124 Scears at. DA.LTIDIOHE, M:d. : ED WISCHMEYER a CO .. 2'1 South Cal v eri st. THOMPSON, MOORE & CO., Manufactured and Leaf Tobacco for Export, 83 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. 'DIE VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY, Established 1836. 6.A.&. D'I. T08ACCQ COMMISSION MERCHANT, 77 &ree Ne'!DV EXPORT ORDERS Ji'OR PLUG TODA.CCO PBOIIIPTLY llt'ILLED. 1Y.I:ARTIN & BROADHURST, TOBACCOS fOR EXPORT, 195 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. a!'"' Tabacos Exclusivamente para Exporta.cion. "VV. ER.XOOEI:S !l.&l'fl!TF.&VT17BBB OIL' -Cigar Boxes, .&ad Importer "t GERMAN CIGA.B BOLDS, (Sole for lllearo. OSIINDRITE(JK A: COo) 5A.W !!liLLI ;-FA.CJTOBYt 311 & 313 E. lith St., 316 to 321 E. lith St. Nt.ul!d.&TI!nne, Ne-.gv Tork.. Cor. AVENUE C &. 13th ST., NEW YORK. -.&.lJGUS'.nJII 'I'RBADWELL.-' at> Tobacco BagingcU .....-.&TIOI'I 5PA.NIIB Lll'fEN A.l'ID FA.l'ICr STRIPED COTTON GOODe FOB P17TTJ:wo UP. IIIIIOKING TOB.Accb. o&D'7 .., 4.08 ::EirOOZD.e 8-tree, .Ne"':>V 8-36 HAMPDEN ST., SPRINCFIELD, MASS. Factory lSI o. 1. 10th :J:U.tr1ot. J. B. Pace Tobacco Co., 'V .A. !!IA1'117llt'A.CT17BERII OF fiNE BRIGHT NAVIES, TWIST, COILS, Light Pressed and SmokingTobaccos. French Cigarette P ,aper, ALSO 80LE .&GENTS FOB 'I'IIB 17 ... .AND .h.1,:D.e :l:D. THE BEST ALL'l'OBAOOO CIGARETTE "BETWEEN lHE AClS." The abcn-e Brand of HA VAllA TOBACCO CIGARETI'ES made o!lly by Nos. 209 I East 37th Street.;"'New York. ,. / -ALSo._ :IIANUFACTUB.EB' OF FINE CIGARS. Ea.1D11 ... h.ed xaae. DEPOT AND ACENCY OF THE l!lANUFACTUREB OJ' &.W.&!IL&!! B.&.L'TX:DII:OB.EI0 -d254 &. 256 Canal St., Comer of Elm 8t., N'e'!DV 'Y'ork.. WISE &. BENDHEIM, AGENTS. Bondy souruERN&wEsTERNToaAcco. -'1tf ., .. -"t .... FhiR And Dealers in ) leaf_ Tobacco, 70th St. & 1st Ave., NEW YORK. W. L. Hahn, HAHN, BRUSSEL & CO., CIGAR MANUFACTURERS, Nos. 423, 425, 427, 429 East 63d St., fat:tory No. 8, ?d Dist. NEW YORK VA;LIANCE CIGAR MANUFACTORY. Christian Jensen. PROPRIET 9 R ; 3 3 4 East 63d Street, NEW YORK. Jolin Brand or-. CIG-ARS. -SAWYER, WALLACE & CO COM:IIISSION MERCHANTS, 18 Broadway, New York. G. REUSENS, WELLES BUILDING, 18 & 20 Broad wa:y, P.o. Box 34!10 NEW YORE. JAMES G. : TOBAGCO BROKERJ 64 Broad &"t 'Y'O:E't.:&:. .lORN CA.rJ:us., Tobacco Brotorl ST., lEW IIIII. HENRY SIEBEBT, Tobacco and Ceneral Commission 78 Broad Street.. .N'E'VV TOB.:U::.. EIIIL A. S'l'OPPEL. _...., M. BADER & SOW IMPORTERS OF & Co., HAVANA TOBACCO BROKER,. No. 24 Beaver Street, TO:E't.:JE. A.N'D PA.CKLitS 0_. Seed. Lea:l" Tcaba.ccc., to 64 Fennoylvania Ave.} -O -FfiCESJ 125 Maid-Laae, El.ZD.1ra, JSf, 'T'. l .Ne-.gv"T"erk.C:I.ty \\ f, C 10/Jr, 223, 225, 227 &. 229 Ea6t 73rd St., New York. Factory No. 160, ThIrd District. FERDINAND DZIUBA. TOBACCO Commission 78 & 80 Broad Street, P.O. Box 199. NEW. YORK. M. GREENSPECHT. Packer of Leaf Tobacco, 191 Pearl Street, New Tort ELIAS BACH & SON, PACKERS OF leaf Tobacco, 166 Water tit., New York. SPING.LRN, ___ 8A>rosL H. llPINDAllll. E.SPINGARN&Co / Eow.t.RD ROOEJOWALD, H&.""r RoBKwAw, s'"" """ I E. BRO. II Reterenee11-G. w. G&IL & AX, 4 Machtue, Dalllmore, Md. P. W F'ELGNER & SON., Dahl more, ltld. Will, S, KI!IIDA.LL & co., N'; Y. Please send for Clrculare and Refer noes. JOMw B. ADT, lllanufJlQ!I er and Patentee, Nos. 33<1, 336, 338, :UO & 3-t:l North Holliday Street, MD. f & of Tobacco, 14. 5 WATER NEW YORK. IliPORTERB OF Havana and Sumatra, &ND P&CKEBS OJ' Seed .. IeafTobacco 5 Burling slip, Ne'w York. Chas. F :Ta,g&Son. Importers of Spanish BANNER TOBACCO COMPANY LEAFDeaTOBACCO, 53, 55, 57 & 59 LARNED STREET, cor. Randolph_ DETROIT, 184 Front St., New l!faBRtaelurero oCthe Celebrated E. M. CRAWFORD & SON, Banner Brand Fine Cut AND DEALBRB IN ..::s .. u:er h.a:D. he Be Leaf TobaCCO "CHIC" Smoldaa Tobacco, of Filu> VJrpnia Leaf. SAM. B SCOTT a..d BEN, HAXTON Clgaro, 168 W f Sf N Y t Wm. H. Tell'&, Pres. D .euj.F. jl. er .'I ew or, Is. w. V ENADLE, E. c. VENABLE. Oppenheimer OBlea:-cor. of Byrue aud Hall.t,.z Factory:-19 Seecn.tDlatrlet, Vlr.:fnla. 1 lllanufacture and otrer to the Trade the following Celebrated Dr,anda ot PLUG CHEWING and SMOKING_ TOBACCOS: '" 138 Wa\ar .St., New York. Nii,:"TJ" In .. ao.r ...a Beadt H1"rsch YlcroriUS & Co sr. Drlsht Nav}', u J 1 : : : : LHAP SPHEA.D .A.GLE, " -. GoOOs ot eaeh or aoove gradeo. Also a great variety 'ot )he Goods ad&ptecl.....,....tD.. Soutliern tra4e, under the following popular br&Dds:, BLUI! JEANS, LIVE OAK, TRUE BLUE, CRANCER,' I ADMIRATION, FLOR' IMII:;L and .. RAPIDAN. 169 WAHR ST NEW YORK. Dealer Ia te8f-TObacco, The foUowing are our Agenilil for the aat6 of our M&nuta.CturM. W VAN AL8'I'l'NE,.. 1 DAVID G & co JOS LEDERMAN SONS .a.. .-;u_.. .ICL.I. .. t City; Will SEEAR. Charlesten. S.C.; P. H. EU.....,...,.78 South Avenue. A.ti&Dta, Oa. : E. R. FERGU Paell.era et Miss.; S. Q. SEVIItll, Little Rock. Ark.; N, H. CIIRISTlAN, Galveston Tex.; J T I SEED X::..EAJ1' llzport. of L P. Pacl NEw YoRx.. F.A.:M:OUS 14o MAIDEN LANE, B o t Water 11: Front Streeta, NEW YO:RB:.; LiC>m& GE&.A.E*E*, .-'' SREA.R HEAD '' L. SPEAK. co.. Tobacco Commission Mor.chant rion than any other l'Iug in the Market; :ll"aoor:v-DII::J::O:OL:IIITO"VVN. O"RX:O. -1M Waa.lll ...... Y--. 6 Fanchurch Bu!ldings. londo n E. C .. England. I


JULY 3o a-QrTmm:ll8, BOriOx:-JI.uwr Ott&ICWW, S. OTTENBERG & BROS OF FINE CIGARS, E. 23d St., lnltrk. M. H. LEVIN, IMPORTR OF HAVANA, AND DLUJ!lll IN ALL JilNDS 01' LEAF TOBACCO. cor. Wall and Poarf Sts., New York. \\. i\. t.\ENDEL 8Ro., .. repeC ... Cetllln\.DU Queen-ll:aabetli, Queen of Soot., La Flor de Cubanas. Coeur de Lion, Champion, The Sweetest Thing o n Hand. Romeo, Royal Ea,;:le, The Fern. STEPHEN G. CONDIT, 445-447 E. Tenth Street, NEW YOR'K. lannfattlll'8rs uf Gi!ars, S u m a t r a -o. 1 6 "''or\r.. -OFJt 8owe,.Y, Ne-cfa CO., A. Lichtenstein, Son & Co., or LOUIS GRAFF, SOLE AGENT, I 05 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK, C I GARS, .... .. _. __"-_"""'__ .... ... .. 3119 E. 59th St, New York. H. W. STOVER & CO.,. A. MOONELIS & GO., KAm!F&CTVBBIIS OP SUIATIA & JAVA TOB!C, CIGARS, Bremen, Germany. lve. 0 and lOth St.. New York H. DUYS, }R., L GERSHEL & BRO., Agent for Amsterdam Firms in SUMATRA and JAVA PAOKERS AND DEALEIIS IN SUMAlRA lOBACt:D, TOBACCO. SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 196 Pearl st New York. 115 Pearl Street, New York. 191 PEARL ST., Larce AGi"1au Alwa,.. oa Haacl, k-f::SU:t: New York. G. HABKEMA, & TIELE, G. REISMANN, SWORN TOBAtGO BROKER Sworn Tobacco Brokers. COMMISSION MERCHANT Sample ROoms: Groud.' llec to conhe pnrehae oC Sumatra aa4 .J'ava To-An4 .Dealer Ill aD XIDda of Oflloe: 0. Z. VOOR.B'IJR.GW A.L 288, baece on &he Do tell lllarkeh. LEAF T 0 8 A C C 01 Amsterdam Holland. Retereace: u. a .. lllasiore, :r..q., u Bnld fit., 1'1'8 WATER. ST., NEW YORK. DAVIDSON BROTHERS. 143 WATER &T., 1 -I :B.A. VAN" A. Ba.soh & l'tscher, Factory No. 26, 3rd District, IITATB 811' :NEW YORK, JNO. I. S. E. cor. First Iva. & 74th St. NEW YORK C .ITY. IMPORT8R8 OF H VAN+ .bul...._.OI SEED LtAF TUBACCO, Jl5 'WJL"'nni.J I E. & G. & CO., lm.JH1l'ter auul De-Jera Ia L E l F T 0 B A C G 0, 129 11,\.IDEN "-.ANE, = .. Ja i NEW YORK 1 Ll:otu.a. FJUDD, f H. SILVER.THAU &; CO .. lt'Iannfactarer or CIGARS, r 806 E. '?let St. tllewYork. .Jiaa11faotlarer of. iltlil tltlii EXt:LtrtiiVELY. 213 Pearl Street, New York. AJ? Gonzalez, I HAVANAI.iif;foBACCO.I 180 _Peat4 Stresl) llew YoJr. OELI!BI'INO PALAC!O, FERD, HIRSCH. CELESTIIfO PAlACIO & CO., IIANUJ'ACTUREBS OF ::0:..&. 'VAN .A. C:J:G-A.R.&. I II :JI"ao'tory, :Key "''DV'e't :lr'l.a. Oflloe 1 2 BURLING SLIP, noat" Pearl St NEW YORE. Harald Cigar Factory. & 00., :J:mpor"tera o:r El:a-va:n a AND PACKBBS 011' S eed Lea Teba.coc::a 245 Pearl and 20 Cliff Streets, New York. FRANK. PULVER, DIPORTER OF AND PACKER OF Seed Le-af Tobacco, 178 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK C:.'UST.A.'V' TOBACCO & CIGAR MANUFACTURERS' FREIGHT BROKERS. FORWARDING TOBACCO A SPECIALTY. Ooea:n. :E'I.a'tea, S'tea.:llll1 or Sa.:l.l.. 0. Box 3,162. 43 Plaee, NEW YORK; FRED. SCHULZ1 G. & GO. Paobr aacl Dealar Ia Importera oc HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO Tobac.c.o, .a.l.'IT:c 224-226 Pearl Street, New York. 206 Pearl street, New York. BTEAJI PC)WER.. POWEll. Will make plup of all lliP8, f"'m 1 to 4 Inch"" wide IUid from 4 to 12 laches lone, better IUid cheaper than any other buJcb!ae in the market, and Is now in uae in oer oue hundred Of' tbe larpet tamorlel 1n the Uwted sta-. CorrespoDdenoe 110Uclloed. Add""'" ;r, a. BBII!fKOP, qniDey, DUaela, With Patent Retaining Lock for retaming the pnli!Bure. II We control all Patents-for fresaiBg bacco from BOTH ENDS -:o: HYDRAULIC PUMPS. .:0:4 Mould Presses -:o:Moulds, HYDRAULIC and Wbellt BoxiDg Presses, Bands and Seg ments, Steel Finisher Plates and Tilll!, HA.Ji'D and POWER. WRINGERS. for Catalogue. PLEA.SE WlUD ADDRESS PLA.IN, Blld rfblr 19 paper in addressing us.


TIJE TO.DA.LoEJ .A.GrEJ NT& LOTTIEE/S E-ape:r Tag Tc::ba.ccc:: -ANDBlACKWEll'S DURHAM TOBACCO CO.'S Ge:1uine DUREA M Smoking Tvba.cco. New York, Boston, Chicago, St. Loni s and Cincinnati. LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, WHOLESALh: DEALERS IN 1'lEAF" AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCOS, : 322 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. a wrce a. or-t of aJl ldJula of Leal 'J'ow.Moo --tl7 ._., L BAM.BERGER & PACKERS & DEALERS IN LEA'F TOBACCO. lMPOR'D:lUI 01' Sumatra and Havana, ll&lmY T FREYER. A UGUI!IT EISEKLORB. FREYER & EISENLOHR, Paoll.n aa4 Wkol-le _..n Ia LEAF 'l'OBAO CQ, 1 13 North Third Street, Philadelphia. _T. J. DUNN .. -.:J"x.l:tecl. S'ta'tes c:ftM'a.:r :atl:a:n-u.:f"aotpry, '11'11-. 3. D11JIIJII, 1107 .T BBJIIBY HBYIK.Al'rJif, I. L. DUNLAP & CO., W. G. MEIER & CO. Advertisements from East, West Uottl. .. ... I -J-. B. cn-.t. 0.. LOVISVILLE, KF CINCINNATI, O., a--. .. ._.._, ._.._, NAV k ... TOBACCO, B.. CO,, HINSDAlU!!X!, & CO .. ..... .&pate ,.... pPo n...... -.:a ....... er Twist .;;.ar;;;.r;,baccos. l'E A F c T 0 BAG co I GonnocncatSood-lBafTobll ---------. _.,.,_ F. 'If. DOHRMANN & SON, .JOHNE .P&u-, .J..n.C. J:IUIIIT. IMPORTERS of LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS s.w.cer.VIDe&-FroatSv..t., oneco -A. F. RICO & co. Oil'fOIJflf.A.TI, O. 1!!1 AI DIPORTERS or Blu e GraM (Extra Fine). Palm T eaf, Drumstick, Mlalbrtr. HAVANA 1.EAF TOBACCO Clarkvllle, reo on-Dark Tobaeco, 159!') Pike St. COVIJrGTOJf. Ky. -AND-Henr:r Getee, ::111:alo1:1.h.ed. 188'7, Benn<> Dama,;. THE GEISE CIGAR BOX CO. Suoc:e.o n to H enry Geise and Stickney .t Gonloa, lll:aaanac&aren of all 1Un4e oC CJ:J:G-A.R. Dea1er :l:a. X..aloe1, O:lsar an4 a l l other Cl.rar-make' SappU ... Larae St ... k of Geo, S, Barrie & lion' I<>M TlJl at Lowea L P rlcea. Sample Taca and t:ub n fu.rnished o n application. J. M. ROBIN N & W. BBST, Chloaco; LORIN PALMER, New York: W IL RUSSELL, Aooo and elgaretteo '8 "BETWUN THE ACTS," &Dd ltiNNEY TOBA.CCO CO.'S Clpretteo. 0 A.GJ:NTS FOR J:. H GATO'B :U:Y WEB'I CIGAB8 :MIGHTY.r NAVY TOBACCO WORKS. ::111. 0. .A.X..X..EN", Propr:lete>r. K.A.JfUFACTVRERS 01' PLUG, FINE CUT CHEWING AND SMOKING TOBACCOS. N. w. cor. Canal and Monroe Sts., CHICACO. B. SUBERT, L. PINCOFI'S,. C:I:G-A.R.S, 18 Central Wharf, Boston. l', II. JUYO. ::ti0111AS lo.Tirnl80a. P. H. MAYO & BROTHER. Tobacco Manufact'rs, RICHMOND, VA. -.l'.AJ!umDID Bl BOBJ:Ift' A. JIA '!0 Orlclnaton ol &ho o ty le au4 D&JM _..A. V'V T .A. 0 0 _, N AVIES A SPECIALTY IN ALL lllZE, JAMES M. WISE, Commission Merchant -.o:rr Pv.rela ... of LEAF v .... V. S. WBIGHT.--to Ed......t Pe,...ado .tOo. DllmC'I.' UIPORTJ:B OP CHOICE HAVANA 80Lil AGENT FOB Lozann.Pendas & Ca.s c tm llarana Gonds n.t!-,__ """ Ud O< B.-SILAS C. HUBBARD, Grower & Packer of leaf Tobacco, .. ... TFIBLD1 lU.A.!J!J, D. E. SOULE, P-er of au

.. .lULY 3o. Business Dir6ctorv of AtnrtiScrs. XEW YOILJL ...,.. l.eo.f ad BaftRAO lf"oreAoUflr, 6aDer .1: Delllo, 1110 l'&arL nad .1: J'rtogiUtl. 161 Water -&. Son, Ill Wa&or Barnett 8. Jtft! rv ....... 8ucb.t.l"'eooor.11111W-IInDd .J" Oft. 1111--, ..... .... .t 8oa. 118 .. Da-a an.. 1411 w-IJ'cpn Wm. .It Oo. II& POW._. -1 L. .t. Bro. 1!11 Peo.rl. -uspecbt Ill. 191 Pearl llantbUI'IIW I. II P.o. 174 W-r Bln!h, David !01. r ilpllli:&PD E. & Co. BouDnll' 811p, llteln H. 211 P..arl. Tat< ehas F & llMMf-.... Kmer L .1: Sea. 111!1 (Jiu,mbe Manufactured Tobacoo for kport. liardJ M. 77 l'n>Dt -.. &: llroedbum, 11111 Pearl Tltompson. .Moore &: Oo, 88 FronL OOMmtMOn --llroCIIeniiOo. Leaf TObOOOO -a.-Jolm. 118 -.... -Bon, J. B. .1: co. 181 Wa,.r Olbo1'Dfl .J&mM G. 54 Broa4. Paulltsch M. 179 Pe11rl & ;w, Beaver. l'rtAIIM-Imltb w. 0. aad orv. But4111 A 4 Co 121'> MaJdon L&oe l"rey Bros. 1$42-1 848 Avenue A Fromer LF '11th et. eor. 8d aft. 11a1m. BrU....l 4 Co. 4:r.l-429 E 68d St. HaJJ 1 hoo d. 009-211 E 37th. Bf17111An Bros K. ett.11 B-nn F.llti E. 73d. 8aeooy d.&:: Oo., foot of au. st ._ BlYer laooU & BQok:raau, 88th W. near !.R aY. .J-.,bo ......,,, a Co E 68d. ,Je11881l, Chrlst.l&n, 831 1<. tSd Street l.oo.u!DWI Boo. 1 Bondy, 1211.1: 181 Q,....4 liMbe 4 -1014 to 11*) aDd ItO ro atl'lrtvlourtlo Kimbell. Crowoe and Co. 86 Warrea. .oroe, .&. eave c ua J Stn Brothers Co. ne :ld. &ft!llt.te, Llehtelllteln A .. Son & Co, 3011 &aet lllltb u.s ueo P 4 Co. cor. Slth ot aaCI &TOllue Lopez&. Barbari'OIIa, :Vesey. .._ LoYe J W.lm:Kilet ave. and 409 E. 74tb a& -elll. W .1: Brei : 10 1-1 8o"'e" lleonells A & Co., ATfiiD\M l> &DCllOtb A Ollenberc B .e roo, 11<0 E 2>ld PBiaciO c .1: Co 2 slip Pobalold P,& Co. 153 ubamt><-rs Rodriguez & GarCia, 00--zt Gold. -1r -thai llroo 341-3:'1 E 73d. luobeo ODd flay&, 31 Pearl 8chlol>aer ll Co 11 New l!treet ---Co, 327 East lll1d. lloootwell. B. .... t8t e. ....,....beq II. /It Co.. 1 ... 1156 Bollell I'll* ....... 11CnJt0D d; lorm, 1118 &ut :1'7oll. Ia-&Ill __ .., a. -r oor. 78cla ...... -uH.aOo.306r,plll B. na u-n l,)arl. -l!:l119th. Wertheim .It 8ohlt!er, -E. 'IOtb-. .l,.,..,.. g(' Btl_,.. Doll& B. .Jr. 17li Pearl" l'lllk. a a Bro, 111 waeer .,_, .:.-, 148 Water QNil L. 1011 Jlalden LaM. lla7e 0 'I' Ita Pearl IIIJilcll. vldO'riu 11 Co. 109 wa---& II. Bra&. 146 Wa&er llalomOn H. a E. d5 llalden bue, llabroeder a 8oL 1'18 w .... -mid L. 188 Water. 8Pinprll E ll Oo 0 BurilDg ollp, Well& Oo. Ill P!De. AJmlr& Co. 18 Cedar. ... _t_-.1: Co. 1ft Pearl Jlonltelm J .1: !loa. 181 Pearl 'BnnCI.J,I;()o,!!illllaJdeB D1az B. & Co. !51 Water -nd.,. G. & Co. *'" Pearl '.'l'relse, Emetlt, 14il Water. Leoa&rd "Co .... Qarela 1'. JSro .nJo. 167 W&ter fhmale!l 180 Pearl Querra Berin&noo, '1\"&tef' Bau&TobaOcO_o... IIIII I'Joon& (.)&liJ&rL _.,_... or MNI'icAcMi\ ...... .._ ltiiJa!mADD Bt01 .1: Bondy, 1211-131 a-,_,.,.. ., oro. Pl-ll[anfm ..... Broe. .It Boad7. !Ill ..... 111 -11oir -. 8811 Br<>ad.,...y. __ ..__of BrCor PJpa -,__. ----;,; lfo&elron' .... Jlalatb Wm & Oo, 007-5011 Broa<1w11o7 ..... fm&DD ....... It 'Bo..ay I til ...cl181 _.. EaldenberK F. J 1171 Broadwav. ........ .... or LlcOrioo Pule. ()l.rellOU .t;; Tur, 13 Cedar. ....,arew J-0. M Water 8oulder S: V .1: F. P 4 Ceda<. -.,ford Manufacturing Co 107 Maid Lalle ,. ...... a a.erry, Limited, 79 Pine """"""" Of .IMloriCO PuN. Anrallllball, Wallaoe .1: Oo. Wand It B. w-., Qardloer. Jas)!.. 7'1 Front llliller'a B Son Comp&Dy, 4& Cedar Jlo,A.Ddrew James c : M War.AP w .. wr & 8ten7. Limited, 79 Pine. -...Way& AfKUlmbau. lllBeever 81Dier' B. Son Oompany. 46 Cedar ... Ttll' & 8tef17, I.J.mited, 'j"g Pin :l. 8eed Leaf 7'ol>a Moruoo Wlllla.DI4 Co. cor lot ave and 8ln oo BeaJer in BjJaniM 1Jp1011r0 'W. & and Bro, 466-475 Kjll8l Telltb ImJ)orter o"' Otqar Mokt&. Df01U1 H. W. Sl5-itl l i:ut Elevensh Bs. NaftM,fcl.ctUr6t' of Oiga.n!lta. e<>edwin & Co. foot Grand st, E B Ball 'l'llomas B. 200 E. 37th. ltbmeJ' Tobacco Co. &1!>-626 W eot !12<1 1bftr8, of Tobaooo and Cljrar Lebel& and Trim mlnp. Sons, F ., ll2 and iW. N W'Dilam Neuman Loula li:. &Co .n-wcor. Pearl &lid Blm. l!obUJD&Cbr & Ettllnlen .. Extracts. 1loclce .1: _,.-Cord. 1Jr110b L J. & Co. 61 Dey II Jlffra, of Olaad-7. ""'*" Wm. .t: (Jo, ave. and lilt Ill.. -' .. -ltld ... ......... v-nae. Kfc. Oo ,lM State. -......., s. & Oo, t'll-188 Len Ill.. ............ II y llii.Jollll& 'l'IM* The Sphinx Cigar Factory. .SUTR. O & NEWMARK, 2d Av. and 73d St., New York. Factory No. 4t2, 3rd District Ed. Bergl:l.a "U.&en. Co., Manufactureis, ot Havana Flavors, UIGA.R VOLORING, P.t.STE SWEETENINGS, &eoo:u.d 81:., O:l.:u.o1.:u.:u.a't:l., C>. IIA/irt. ofl..ittLe Gntat John R. Wllli&m s Co., 102 Chambers Toba.cco B&gf/iftg. l"enoD A. Harriman II: Co. 467-459 Broome of Tll'l '/bga. a JJIIey 1536-'646 w. 28d. L&hel IUHI Starns Va.mlsh. Reed Cbu. C. and Co, Ill! East tth Tr bacpo Sugar. Elde r llo Wall. Ll11e" Wan!l. Goldomith J. ;44 Broad,.ay .A.LBAlfY, l(, Y, lla."ufacturdr of .. .lo., Sou. 8l1l Broadway AM:STEBD.t.M Holland. 8MJ(,rw. 'rb'Hlc 0 1 I. Harll:ema G .. 0. Z. Voorhurgwal 286. .AJUlREIII, Holla.ado Dlrl. ,,. Sumatra-JG'Oa T'l'roweln .1: Co. BALTiiiiORE .llcL Seod lAO/atld B-.-lloyd W A. II: Oo. 83 8outb -er118 Lombard Jtemper 11. <1: Sou. 116 W. LombaN. &.clr.ho Co. 4" Mlllitb Cbarlfll; _,eld Joe. 4 Co. Q.rmau -nger .1: Co. 18 B. Howard Ua.........,P Qeo. P IlL Co 81 South Ch&rleo ot Bd. &: C.. Slllloutb Cttlven 7bDocco .M'aft.U/CHtiWera. Nperl". W & 8on,IIO 8ovtb Cbarlo8. 9all .1: 6.%. 118 Ba"" Gai!Jil"nbelrner & Co., Lombard .1: Obeepside. llartwra: Brothen. 146 r.o lt eour.b tJluwt UaTenqt Qeo P 81 Cigar lla.nufaoturen. Jl&roD .t. Co. lOugceobeimer It: Co.l Lombard & Cheapeide. K.OOb Bros. 18-15 ObOApoide, Jlaft"Kja.etuoren of Fi"'" Oigara. Aug .1: Bro. 24 South Paca. ..Manufril{turer ot Bengal C h erOfitB. E1lis B. & Co cor Qaltlrnore and Sharp. Young J. S. & Co cor. Boston and Elllott st. tt,. 7bbncco lfn:M.Uk rv. Mt Joba B. 1132 &12 N. HoWday BOSTOl'l', Jl...,a, o( Ha11na TobRceo and C igtU"a. Blco A, F. 41: co. 18 Central Wharf oegar Man.u.tact u rera Aget&la Bltcheook. B. w .. !9 India Street Jobbers in Domestic Cig&rs and Leaf T obacco. Da'W'Baport; J, Jr 96 Broa4 BREMEN Germau7, Dealers in Sumatra nd Java Tobacco. Stovl!lr H. W. 4 Co. BUFFALO,Jt,Y DM1tW 1 '" Ba.Mtw ow.d T N"Jiiw1 nf IJNod c.f J)utlalo L<>&f TobaccO CG. Limited, 85 illalll. OBICAoO. DL .._, Ola and' 1M Lab .....,,. of n..e.otol .It 8lloOitllll Toll. -.A. .t Oo. H &Dd 48 l>Mrbonl 'lnolaaN ---M'J'n' ...._,., -. a._u a eo. M Lab and (t-... jlra ..., no. """" OooJoO. r P!Molb-L. as........ --of Plug, ObewiDE -limb. Jlll:ht,-. M&'J'YTobaccoWorb, c....ilaDd ..._ 2'oloocclo Drver-'Watt'l Unlto rm Tobacco r ODCIJIJI'.&TI, o. CJWM Bin fto&. D. AlloroCo 681-78'7111". 8tb. O(gt&r (lftd Tobacco B.-OIIre'l' tJahMOa W 18 W .. t lid. 1-.1 -roo.coa. Xoklr R. .tOo N.,..burtrh L 148 W Pearl. l'NP .t: llatooD, VIne and Front .JANESVILLE anJ ALBANY, WI oJ aM DeGler iA Greeno F. C. KA.NSAS (]ITY, lWo, Wholeeale De&lent bt li1Dfd and BtaQ and Clgant., also Smoken .A..rtiC1.. Bacluttatt A. .t B.-o.ll41 Del&warec ia-RaT"tM&G .ftd Dotft,.tae Leef ftttKNoo ll.ltch-n J C & Co 801 llelaw..., 11 IEY WEST, Fla. llonufMt'UI'erW of Olpn. Alfo11110 B .t Co. Angulo J R. ( a:na.l8 E Oonee L B. Zamora A P (). Box 1 St. L.41110AS'L'ER. Pa. Paon,.. of and .Dea.len1 In Leal Tobecoo. .. hey J..coo I. 213 W .King"' Skiles Frey 61-88 N. Dqk:e st ,.. lttouraaoe &tid Reo.1 S.IIBID&Il ll Bni'D!!, 10 W. Orange Bt. LIVERPOOL, J!Da, Tobacco Drv>W. Parry a CroebiH. 211 P&r&dlae -l'fDOl'f Enc. Tobacco, 01pr and Leal llleroil.atal. Graff L. e J'eACburcb Bulldtnco, & o. LOUISVILLE. I:r Plq TG&Gcco .Mun.vtachlrer Foree Tobacco Co, l'llopl, Doerb<>etet .i: Co. 18th and Haltt toeaoeo. l(eler 1f G .t Co. Toboot:oBreloer&. O..U..wv J ...... r COI'Mir Eigbt.h...,. ..._ Leotioo..!llcl.o' d M 1110-911 w .... Um Beier ,.m. 11. a Oft. laporter 0/ll ......... Olgarl, Wrlch& T. S. .Agenta. l!chelfey L C. & Co., 184 4tb v c N.uh Peerlestt Plug Tobacco : Machine and Tobaoeo Manufacturers' Franke l H U. 151 3d .Tnb. Mnftn' 'upplie6 Lico ; e, Fl4vor-r, d e Jungbluth & Ra.uterberg. LYJICHB'URG, Ya. of Ci.,.-et&ee. Lone Jack Cigarette Co. III&Dufacturer of Tobaooo. canou Johll w Tol>l. LwJ Toba-Btolter&. na.rltll H. II: Dr<> D ohrmann F. W. & Son xenaedY Jao. T COVINGTON, Ky. of Plug l'obacco. Perkins It J!:rnso 1 59165 Pke. D.&XV.ILLE. V J)oGieo'lond Broken ill LM.f TobiiO Hetldenoa. Ja.m .. A. .t: Co 'l,'bomaaWF LMj TolH.JteDclcle0. n!ackwftll'l Durh&m Tobacco Co. Lyon Z. L and Co. MJr5 of .lflaokwell'3 Dtnhn Ofgordlea. Bl&ctnrei1'B Durham Tobacco Co. Deal e r In Leaf Tobacco QsbornW. H. DAYTON,O. Peaad ? obacco Cutter. Buckeye Iron a.nd Brass \V&rks. !'tACMr8 and ... Oh111 &. O 'Ne&W. 8. VANSVILLI..Incl. TolHJccO Mltt"cJwml&. llorrllt 9 J. & Oo FK&NILJ.NTON, N. (], Ltaf Tobaloo Broker. w L.lleGhee; locatloa, ''Golden Belt'" of N.C. II.&RTFORD, CoiiUl """ Dealof'l ... -H&&& L. B. 146 State st HOPJUlf&VILLE, Jb v. H.&V.&XA Cuba To--04/M ()oMmiUioft .v.-.. ,., Ha.van& TobacOO Co. 118 Oalle AD1maa OJ oegon. .A.zcano Sebastian Sullrez &S. JJaneee .JnanA. 1!1S-1110 lodustrla street. Cueto Juan&. co .. Eotrella 11. Colmenares .1: Prle!<>1.Calle de San Ra.!&el 115. Cortina y Gomez, \,;&lie de Ia. Estrella 134. De capote Mora & Co. Calle del Rayo 118.Eotanlllo Junco .1: Corujo, llela8co&ID M, L&Grao&dtne. C.lle deSaa Hafael Jl9.101, Lopez Manuel &: Co., FIKurae 26. lluriao Fellit .1: Co. Ca!Je de Ia Zauja 6V. JllrandJiKue&lllanuel Estrel1& '183, SelP8 .t: Garcia. l!ltloall7. BEJrDEBSOX .. 8l&DPWG.G. BBI'IEaMif, If. Cl. .. Len a 'l.'bomu. Dunn T. J. & Co. 007-009 N. Broad .Daeulohr 0, 1f86 Ma.rk:e' r .... tiray. & Dalton. 514 Holloway & Swann, 7Q5..Market Lua ., MitiOfl, l29 S 11th and 1:()2 CbtWtnnt Manae, Wteaer & Oo. t 1Qti Jllonaaom.el"J' &TetnM Port.uoo Man'tlfactttrM"B BJ Tho Mellor&: Rittenhouse Ct)., 218 North 22<1.. Jl,fr' Atl<"'l fur: Plug """ _.., Tc>Mooo. Kelll" :f. 'X. Jr. Arch Oigf111' Bo/2-.. Crump, E. T. & Co., .g; Columbian Block. Dibrt!IJJ W E. WIM Jaa.M. oj ToM.cco BGQa. 11. l!dlllil.1.oer .i: CQ. llltllllllaln ROCHESTER. X. Y. Jlanufcw"'rert 0/ "Bhield" Y'iM Out, .. B iUJI BOll Smokirt.O, and Impm-illl'' Long Ou.t. Whalen Rich &:: Oo. UN M.ilJ st JldM-U/'f' of fime" Fit&e Ov.t and u Watcla," aM .B:::l]:weu '' Bm.oJiing TobaooQ. Wllalea T 182 Stat.e of ".PurieN:" CMI4 PIGm .n,.. Oul To&nooo and "Vatlity Fatr" 8MoWtlg 7'ol!aooo aftd (]jgltrelfA IDmb&ll w. 8 .t Oft. B.OTTERDAK, Hollaa4 Sworn Tobacco Broken. Lutnrel and Tlole. BPIUXGFIELD, .._ otOotmoctlctol Bmltb B .t. BeD, :llllamptlen of 8eed 1Aa! atld Jb&fln of Olgor1 Towtle. Fuller & Co 41-41! B&llllttlu at of ctmar1. 1!pr1Dc11eld Cigar lllu1g. Co. lS-36 Hampdea st ST.LOUIS.Mo. 2'obt>r lb. 8t ulr not contfthHnJC tno tl.rtn l:i Jbs lw;htthti'W'f.; R6d ptor lb 1 of tM dnawback: oll owa blP ay a ttwuti" nutrallowf'd tfle dr:t.wh31k <"f 8R &-1 named in section I of tbe Manutac. tured 1 '!JIJacco Act, 1&i3. GERM..\NYr ifl!ll'S and cigHrettt'M, 27'0 morkH pt"'r" toolriiR duty rfl.l l s tu1 d t-Jiufr fll)ur. J8' '' ,.,Jr:-.. per 100 kHps duty, tnllcl-'"( /. u an,.c lOt .kllfJ@O duty. ,Lif'aftoheecoflt' d""tf'mH H:na.kKpi-rl tt'til.P..dwy. Strips ca s temnu d 1. :ukd J lrt JlrO .._Go.ll duty 8&0 a:u.d. ::1011 l-'lor'tl:a. Oa.:u.a1 81:., C>, .&ho ._na.ot.rer ottlae v .......... .....t Ialtatioa c..lar Cigar-Boz LUIIl'ber. Saaple fuoaJaJae4 HOLT in rollH o r Jea..-N aurl Stf'ffiK :!S < .. 11y 1 t'l'" J('() kilN; llh'Dll'l', l 'f-'IIIJt duty p .. ,. kl lfiS .MrunJfactut.-c't, .. 6&1'., etc. S-1-tP duty Jkl' 11..11 ... kiiOK et, Uuty per !DO LihtS. oa AppUeattora. Send for PrtoeLt.t. Tile oatr Paet.ory In the Wet t.ha& &oek. or au LEWIS & TBOIU.S,, :N'. o. LEAF IOBACCO BROKERS, Orders and Correspondence Solicited. Best References Civen. F. C. GREENE, Puku of aJLtl Dwr Ia II.&Jf'UF .&CTUBERS 01' FINE NAVIES, for Ch-ewing & Smoking, V a. Paper, :IPor "'DV'ra.pp1.D.s, Bold Ia (luaad&IM .... bW C. .IOURCENSEN. 98 Lane, llew York l].' b o ol Austda., France. Ita1.1'" 1\Dil k1 nin .HI C4:mttol!fU lr y H'J.!"iH, undt'r the direciloo of tile Oon--r D menbl ( f B. DIAZ & CO;, Importer HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO, '\''7 -'\,f"-. .. -WATT'S UNIFOBA. TOBACCO DBYBI. lJoed bJ' all leadtDg Smoldq To ...... eo 'MaJLafaetlU'era. LEAF TOBACCO, Albany and Janesville., "'VU:J:&OC>N&1N. TOBACCO 76 Reade St., l'f ew York, SOLE A.GENT!I. 88 Market Street, Chicago .. }'-j ltefer# to--FiDe Clear L...,r a Speetalt}'. A"m'l'le Storage Room. SAI'L JOSHfBS &:. JAMES T. KENNEDY, teaf Tobacco Broker; CLARKSVILLE, T,nn. Retera by permlsBion to 'Kesars. 1Sawy., General Agents: New York Tobacco :Jla,chine Cb"' .. I 04 John St & 9 Platt St.,. i .P.O. Boz1n83, NEW YORK.


GRAY 1 MORALES & DALTON Maaufactu,.... el CUBAN HAND .. HDE KAVAN! 514 PINE STREET, PHILADELPHIA, P A ...... t 1610. GEBRUDER KLINGENBERG, :J:IIEIT:ati:O::E..:J:II, Go:IIIH.l!WE.A.::N T T7poa:rapJ::a.e:r :m:a:a. bo-:r "lllunr c.rclo ...a I'OUIG7 X.."bela for Beer, Wbae, l'ralt. aacl Pnwz ow. Cigar Box Labels a Specialty. -DMtp fbr PrlYale Lalteb ea llaa4. ......._ ....,..,.. .,,. II BOKIIEYEB 00., &I ... ,. BV..t. 11.,.. Yark. Sola qeata. KIMBALL, CR--& CO., 36 WAIUUlJI ST., JIBW YOBK., K.uruJ' AOTUIIBB8 OJ' mGB GRADE iJJGAB& AND DEALBIIS JW %aliii.A.:Ir' TO:EI.A.OOOa J'aetor,. 186, 14 Dtat., 11. Y. lole Preprletoro gf -followia&" Bt ... dii-BllOA-...... .-cJM Dllij 1tii .. TE, Bl ... ftDe, I'L'B -"L I,"BIJIII:B.I.0 .LOB -llaAliTA ...... L.l. P-ICJHOL .. B08ES. "'-"' 0*&., KIIIIIIETo EL V.GI1ZKOS. OlJB TEKillTOKY, e.apledurnupon &. STDRM,. liBW TOBK. All Cigars or our an&ractore, bear the ').-laterluol ........... _._., -.... ...,. 0/d-. rdU7of.r!fc; IIINBY TOBACCO CRIP !NY. I><..,. I.,..., lo eall attention to their now Pocket Cue, In which they J!aoldBC &heir bnood of clpren&>. Warranted abeolotel7 tree from au:r tlavortnC or lmpurttlM. 1i'l.-t Gda made Wlder our C4REFUL SUPERVISION. We are Bole P!9prll>toro of the followinlf ftlllaiowll llnloda, aad ahall _.,te any v1L:-8PECKLED BEAUTY, BEAUTY SPOT, WEBTBEIK & SCJIIJ'J'i:B, 4.03-408 Eaat S......tlatll&t., Jronr York. .,. WM. E. UPTEGROVE db EIR.O., Spa.ntsh Cedar CIGAR .BOXES. Standard Wire Nalls. .Foot ot I Dth & lith St. JrEW YOBK. LOFt & BARB.ARROSA, o'C ... VEG-A.'' .l.all OCher BraDIII ol FINE BA V ANA. CIGA.B.S, 62 VBBET STBBET, JIEW TOBit. JULY 3o l HONEST, POPU AR,l Is the lost UNIFORM. RELIABLE Smoking Tobacco ever placed on the Market. LAND SATISFACJORY Hence Dealers and Consumers Always Pronounce H THE VERY BEST. [ :&a..W.B .Ift1.av-. '"' ,.,._.,.. JIIINuler] t : IH" \"on, .A.prll 14. 188, Situatei in the immediate section of country that produceB a grade of Tobacco that in texture, For ten or twelv y e ars J haYe uSed Black Durha1n SmvkiDIIJ Tobacco, aad find ( the moat aati ... ractor-y or all l han tried. I gave Thomu Carlyle a pol&ftd'o( Jt. u we Jien a molted tos:ethcr and he warmly praised i t I haY& found no tobacco OD dch.Vconti flavor ud quality is not grown elsewken1 in the world, the popularity of these goOds is only YERY l)E'"T. limited by th11 quantity produced We are in pGIIiAon to c:Gmmand the choice of all J) .... IUMirl offerings upon this market, and spare so pains or expenee to give the trade the J o:hn Anderson a Co., OI'Tlm ''SQJ:. A CE,='' 11Hon.ey an.Cl. o" FINE tUT AND SMOKING TOBACCOS, 114 and 116 LIBERTY STREET. "UBION EJXTBACT "WV'OBKS. -::mlllol'o:a o:r VANA GIGAR FLAVOR OOllloTO:.liii"'TlE'I..A.TliD::O. F R FILLERS. FOR BOXES. ... PJioe ,... plot, ts; -pDaa, .... <>gV:J::Lo::E.. lllol'O'T BV" :P. &. 00., B.A.NUF .A.cruKERS OF BA V ANA. CIGARS, :K.e3' "VV'e&"t an.d. "York. Office and Salesroom&: 153 Chambers St., New York.. The Mrs. G. B. Miller & Co. TOBACCO D'I'AWOF.A.CTOB.Y. lfte. ft'A.Ioft L. PLW'To ..-..... 8'7 OO::E.."C':M:::EI:E.A. TR.BEIT, ..N"B<>gV -WANUFAC'l'UBEBS OF THE CKLJCBRATBD-PLAIX I'IXB OUT OHEWJKG TOBACOO JN BLUE PAPEBB 81"11"C':PP8a Rose-Scented Maccabor ,Scotch, French Rappee,lmerican Gentleman ''II!!J:EG-M" ..&.:E.. Ohe"VV:lu.a, oae os. Poll. : 1 .I.Jao, II'Jrac aall lleeoacl QaaliiJ" 11-oll.l_, In Blue Papen. SWEETENED and Light Grape. Forest Rose. Club. BAY .I.PPLB aall PKJliB LEAl' PINBCllJT,Io Poll, SP.A.NXS:S: L I C 0 RICE PAST E. z We beg to ""D the attention of Toboooo lllaDafu. turero &Dd Dealero w thla llt18RlOB &ad PUU article, Bole Agent.! fer tile-nt Nortb C&rollt!a ami Vlrtrlnla: Ill_.., D.AVDl'OBT a .IIOIIBlll, Bleil mood, Va. Lleorlee Root-Aracoa .All_.., Beleet.ed aad Ordlllalr S.m(l"'b<>ttleoatp. lo make OlliE q.I.LLOI'I of IITIIOI!fCI PL.I.VOa, -ODIIICIIII*-I -:":_"t.E88UICE8 lnde. A1oo Pure 111'11111lah OliYe Oil Ia and Reft ned Sp&lllill, lt.allAn IIDd Jl'rench, Ill -and bot.Ues. lURICAtDAY & ARGUIMBAU, 1118AJI (leLoa DrTIIIIIIIDUquld AiiPB(liAL .LAY .... If .................. J. H. & CO., UB'"ma-1Nirtl Xeor Tar:t. LICOBICE THE STAMFORD MANUFACTURING CO &87 BC C N-IIG"**GCI TO:.uiiL' 'l'bel'nlttJia"rillgcl-a.l .. aad cCbMper .... ---tllla{)ompu,f ud otferiDg for l&lo, LlOODICE P. A.STE (UDder Obe ol< di.Dfot up In aat!n p&ckota and b<>xeo of .10.. 108, Mol and lOIIo. Our Cfp.rettes were Dever so tine &I now They e&!IDOt \le 8urpused for purity and excellence Jnly the pureot IUce Paper uoed. B81ebllehe4 J 848. 14 Jl'lrec Prlu Meclala. "S. KIMBALL & CO. Peerless Tobacco Rochester, N. Y. DOUBLE 5" 2-oz. FINE. GUT. SUPERIOR MAX& AND PRIKii OJ' Qedar IIIANUFACTIJRER OF ALL JaJID8 OF ::E..:ET:EI:OG-R..A.P::B%0 Cigarllox Labels. 297 ftt. New York. Dofianco Ci[ar lanufadory. eeHIOr Co D. Blnell "' (lo,, 229,131 & 1133 B. 61-t Ito, -Tllll'lr. [l'be !ollowlq Brandl and Slla 1010 IIDd excluol.., ef doe DllFIAliCE CIGARJIIANUFAO'I'OBY, ai>7---booe in the .-cll of the lawa a1 -wllo wW hal tote In any mallll8r...,. bnDde aadt,......_ marb, or """ &nJ: D&JDe or lllonof, wW a& oaoe b<> proseoutA!ll ldoe -u IUI71blef wbo would steal 1iJ17 otiM>r \'aluallle ...-,I-'7:-Dellanoe, Xphlag, .J11pller, 8llma. -Our Boyo, a..-. ,au-. Silow Flake, H .. n. 111ir OBI" CUUe, O.llie Roooter, VlrPIItol, Plioelr; Moe. Gul-llor, Plaataceaot, --Oommeroial Club, Jloatoa. Clab. U"'-1. Stu t Solid V&lueiJ ...... Fuloloa,IAM Falotlllr :EI'IIaoiQio, n.-:. g73, 31 Call. Dtst. leW Yurt D. HIUCJB G 1 AI ._ DJ:POT :roa TJn: ABOVE POPVLAKRJUXD: C. J :I[QBB.JS, / Leopold lVIiller & Son, TOBAGCO BROKER, 155 Chambers st:, New York. EVANSVILLE, IND. VANILLA BEANS, TONKA BEANS, OIL ALMONDS, OIL GERANIUM, OIL ROSE, ANGELICA ROOT. :a:E::E..::E.. ;r. &. Yo-u.n.g db Oo., L 1:n:::1.1"ted. T'\ODG E & OLCOTT (JOHN S. YOUNG Treasurer. ) !l!AJrUJ'AOTUBERS OJ' SPANISH AND GREEK LICORICE PASTE, NEW YORK;. cor. Boston & Elliott Sts., Baltimore, Md. : All Go&dii!J 1nanufaetured by are a-uaraoteed to be of' the best qnalltJ" Uniformity, Accuracy and Sa'tisfactlon Hamilton & Lilley, -TiN=iiTAGS AU il;:rade orPJaln, (lolo .... B1nl>o and EnameJecl .a:a,:w Dlade lo Order. 536


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