The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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AUG. I OBITUARY. THOMAS L. XYLE. Thie estimable gentleman died at hill home in this city Sunday night, after a protracted illness with consumption, aged about 36 years. He was a son of David W. Kyle, Esq. a prominent citizen of Bedford county, and' in connection with hie brother, Mr. James Kyle, had for years engaged in the tobacco bueineBB, m which he was very successful. The funeral took place yesterday after noon. The following 11;entlemen acted e.e pall-bearers: Messrs. W. J. Colline, E. A. Allen Thomae Dillard, W. 0. Johnson, N. C. and General John Holmes Smith. The flower-bearers were Messrs. James Franklin, Jr., E. E. Menefee, F. S. Jennings, H. P: Adams, John Katz. D. W. Walker, yr. S Moorman and J. R. Gilliam. The remarns .,.;ere followed by a long procession, including the members of the Tobacco Association a body, to Spring Hill Cemetery, where tae in terment took place. RESOLUTIONS OF RllSPECT. At a meeting of the Tobacco the following was .unanimously ado::ited: Our friend and associate, Thoe. L Kyle, bas been taken from among us by death, and we desire to pay this last tribute of respect to his meinory and to testify the esteem in which we held him. Honor, integrity, cando1:, firm conv1ct1ons and ardent attachments were the element.a of his nature, and characteristic of his bus1 ness and social intercourse in life; His death was preceded by a de cline the months a.nd r of which were full the fluctuations of hope and agement, through all of which he. a strength of will, calmness of spirit, and fortitude which was as grand as 1t was pathetic. )3ut of all that up h:is life and marked its close we would d upon and magnify the triumph of Ins tian resignation as he neared and passed the deep waters, saying, "I am ready. It is all well. Grieve not for me." Thus our friend in early manhood has pa.seed away from us. We tenderly sympathize the stricken ones of his household, and mmgle our sorrow with theirs. J. R. CLARK, l N. R. BOWMAN, Committee. G. H. NOWLIN, July 23, 1888. -Lynchburg, Va., Advance, July 24. PHILADELPHIA NOTES. The Quaker City packers and leaf dealers, from tlie looks of the arrivals of the different erops of tobacco, be able to cope with the best m selection of the stock of 1887 cigar leaf. Tobacco merchants and salesmen are at this time recruiting very generally, in antici pation of a lively fall trade. They are all getting ready for fray m.ea:n to business hum, notw1thstand10g it 1s national election year. Mr. Opdycke, resident agent in this city for the last five years of the Foree Tobacco Co., has formed a connection with Mr. Holden, and together they have bought out the late firm of S. P. Easton, Pa., at which place they will continue the tobacco and cigar business under the firm name of Holden & Opdycke, successors to S P. Hess. These gentlemen are young and active, and must add to the already well established mercantile standing of Easton. "Portuondo" and "Solar Tip" played ball on the 28th. The clgarmakers worked splendidly in the field, but the Solar Tips were too powerful in handling the bat. Better luck next time. Mr. E. J. Foree, of the Foree Tobacco Company, Louisville, Ky., si.ient a short time with us, wearing his usual bland smile. Mr. Foree is going to the Hub, and looked in at the Quaker City as he journeyed from the seaside. Mr. Salomon, of the firm of G. Salomon & Bros.. leaf importers, of 138 Maiden Lant>, New York, in company with Mr. H. G. Vet terlein, the genial broker, were on hand. If pleasant demeanor means anything, they bave not fished without luck. Mr. Middleton, of the Middleton Tobacco Co., Lomeville, Ky., moved around among the trade, and it is believed with fair success, considering everything. Recen& Declelon. Te'legmph Compciny-MesBage Not Satis factory-Inquiry Made by Operator-No Payment for Repeating.-L. received a telegram from A. giving him a quotation of sheep as 11 Five six,'' and as he thought that a strange price he went to the operator and requested him to ask A. whether the quotation was "Five six" or "Five sixty," and then the operator, in due time, said to him that he had asked, and that the message (" Fil'e six") was correct. Then L. sold the sheep at 16 each by the hundred, after having given A. an order to buy and ship the number he sold at $5.06 a hundred. There was no payment made for tte repetition, and no demand for payment was made. L. had an account for messages with the company, which was paid at stated times, but no charge for repeating this message was made in the account. L. demanded the loss of 54c on each animal, but the company refused to pay OB theee grounds: (1) That no payment was for repeating the message; (2) that the message was not definite enough to show the operator its im portance; (3) that as L. had sold the sheep for a greater price than he had paid for them be had suffered no loss. L. then sued and recovered his claim, and the company car rie:l the case, Western Union Telegraph Com pany vs. Landis, to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, where the judgment was affirmed. Judge Paxon, in his opinion, said: "That no payment was for repeating the message is not important; had there been a demand and a refusal to pay there would have been more force in the point; besides, L. had a current account for messages with the company in which a charge for the rl.'lpe tition could have been "When a meBBage is not delivered and suit is brought for damages it may be shown that the telegram was not intelligible te the opera.tor; but here there was a delivery, and besides it is evident that the alleged uncer tain term was a quotation for sheep, many of which the opera.tor took and sent daily. L. is entitled to recover his actual loBB in the transaction. He had to pay five sixty' instead of five six' for the sheep, or 54c mo1:e for each animal. That was his loBB, by rea.lion of the negligence of the company. We have deciJ.ed in another case that the difference between the cost to the sender of a telegram and the price the message gave is the proper measure of aama.ges_." 1. T elegraph Company-Delay in deliver ing Message-SpeculativeDamages-(2) Same -Cipher MeBBage-Instructions.-C., F. & W., cotton merchants in North Carolina, had agreed to deliver 100 bales of cotton in December and 500 bales in the following February to certain persons in New York, and, to provide for these deliverie11, in November they telegraphed to T. & Co., their New York agente: "If market is firm and adva.ucing, narrator;" and after receiving a dispatch giving them the morning quotations in New York they sent a second message, containing simply the word "Narrat@r." This was one of the words in the code used by C.,. F. & W. and T. & Co. By reason of some delays in transportation, there being no direct line t-0 New York, which required the use of relay offices and the message reaching New York by different connections, though the second message was sent 'two hours and twenty minutes later, it reacbed T. & Co. three minutes earlier than the fust message. There was nothing to indicate that the mar ket would advance, and T. & Co. did not buy, as they thought the dispatches gave them a discretion, there being nothing to indicate which was first sent. It was shown that C. said to the operator when he deliv ered to him the first message, at 9,30 a. m., that he wished it to be sent at once, so that it would reach New York before the opening of the cotton market that day. Cotton rose soon after this, and C., F. & W. demanded that the company pay them, as their loss, the difference in the price at which they ordered the of the 600 bales, and the subsequent market price, three days later, though they did not buy the cotton then, making a claim for money lost through a lost opportunity. They got a judgment, and the company ce.rried the case, Connors v s. Western Union Telegraph Company, to the Supreme Court of North Carolina, to where the Court decided in its favor. The Chief Justice. Smith, in the opinion, eaid: "1. The plaintiffs were negligent in sending the second message without any explan ation as to the first sent, and their agents acted with indifference in not seeking further instruction about these inconsistent telegrams. But the message itself was not so written that its importance could be understood by the opera.tor, and therefore nominal damage for the loss suffered from the delay in its transmiBBion only can be recol'ered. "2. In this case, however, no damages can be recovered, 1*lcause no actual loss has been suffered; the. loss complained of was merely llll opportunity to have a bargain which would have been profitable if the cot ton had been sold at the ad va.nced price three days le.ter. Speculative losses cannot ,be recovered in this action." A88ignment fo1 Benefit of Creditors-In validity-Death of .A88ignor-Subsequent Distribution-L. maae a general assignment to A. on October 26, and A. at once went into possession and began to sell the property. On November 12 L. died, but A. continued to sell and dispose of the property after his death. Two months after L.'s Eleath the balance of the stock was sold at auction, and A. applied most of the proceeds to the pre ferred debts specified in the assignment. An unpreferred creditor attacked A.. 's course, and sought te hold him personally liable for the appropriation of the property, but was defeated in the action, Chattanooga. Stove Company vs. Adams, and an appeal was .taken to the Supreme Court of Georgia, where the judgment Wl\S affirmed. Judge Simmons, in the opinion, said:. "Though we do not agree with the Court below that this assignment was valid, yet, no fraud being alleged in making it, and it being shown that the has acted thr0ughout in good faith, we cannot h_old him liable as one acting as an executor with out authority oan be held liable. This is not a case where a person intermeddles after the death of person with the goods of the de .ceased, but is one where the owner has him into possession, under a deed, before hls death. "-St. Louis GlobeDemocrat. NEW YORK TOBACCO MARKET Fon WEEK ENDING JULY 28. Western Leaf-For the week the sales do not appear to have been large., but the monthly returns, which will be presented in our next edition, will doubtless show heavy transactions in this market for July. About 6,600 hogsheads will probably be reported ns sold during the month, the bulk of which, perhaps 4,000 or more hogsheads, having been previously sold but not heretofore announced by Mr. Henry Siebert, of Broad street. Tbis will be a good exhibit for a dull season, and demonetra.te that New York is doing its share of the current business. It is expected that the resume for the month will indicate an increase of about 2,800 hog11heads in stocks, but this is offset by cargoes now in preparation for shipment to Frans, 6s, 8s ............ 18 to 25 lbs, 10s and Pocket Pieces .... 18 to 25 ll-inch light -pressed and Gold Bars ........ ................... 25 to 40 6and12-inch twist ............... 22 to 35 Blacks: 10s, 12e, ).I ll!s .......... ., ....... 16 48, 5s, 3s lbs ............... 18 Navy 10s and Pocket Pieces ..... 17 twist ................. 21 to 17 to 25 to 25 to 30 THE Smoking-Demand steady and fair. Cigars-Inquiry and orders about as usual. Licorice (jootg,ti.ons. Spanish: Per lb I Italian: Per lb. U n II n Pilar .......... 23 .... 24 "G. C." ........... 261 "Santi Franco" .. 'F. G." ........... 26 "l!!tna." ......... Wallis Ex." ...... 261 Turkish: "Sterry Ex. ...... 26 "W. S. ......... 16 "Carenou & Tur.".261 "T. W. S ...... 16 "C. C. y Ca." ..... 24 "A. 0. S." ...... 16 DOMESTIC RECEIPTS, The following articles were received at tbe port of New York during the week ending July 24: By thd /Drie .Raiiioaci-M Abenheim & Co 13 hbds: H Siebert 151 do; M Pappenheimer & Co 52: J H Moore & Co 7: Pollard, Pcttu.s & Co 7: Oel rich s & Co 19 : E Mueller & Co 10; order, 295: F Schulz 16 cs leaf By tlld lttuUffman & Son 35 : L Spear & Co Sil ; G Reism&lin 6; Mayer & .Mendelsohn 5; A S Resenl!aum & Co 10; E & G Friend & Co 4: G Falk cl Bro I; JOBeph Mayer 's Soos 4.: S Rossin & Sons 12; D Levy & Sons 2; M W : Mendel d: Bro 207; H Koenig d: Co. 16: l::l Abraham 10; Hyams & Meyers 4; ;JoseS Mol ius 3 : E New 1 cs Cigars; Burton & Davis 1 do; Berry, Wisner, Lohman & Co I ; Mox Marx & Co 1: Thos Hart 1: J Elhn11:er & Co 1 : Thurber Why land & Co 1 bx mfd; H. Schoverling & Co S50 cs leaf; order, 374 bhd s 93 pk gs mfd, a cs ci gars. Ry the Balt imore OMo Raiboad-Oelricbs & Co 3 hhds; Buchanan & Lyall 14 ao: CR Spitzner & Son 77 cs leaf; order, 203 hhds, 60 pk gs. B11 tlu Oltl Dominiun SIMmlJhip Line-Buchanan & Lyall 73 hhds; Kinney Tobacco Co 25 do; Toe! & Wipperling 10: Kremelberg & Co 4: Sawyer, Wallace & C0 15 hbds; R J\'l Martin 9 do: Ernst Mueller & Co 62: FE Owen 1; M Abenheim & Co 3 do, 3 bxs samples; Oelrichs & Go 115 do, l do; J D Kieley, Jr l?'a hhds. cs mfd, 2 bxs sa m ples; W 0 Smith & Co 14 hhds, 881 cs mfd, 59 %-bxs do, 26 cs mkg, 2 do cigarettes and smkg, do cigarettes, 1 bx samples; WDuke, Scn & Co 6 bbds, 169 cs cigarettes: D H McA!pin & Ca 2 trcs; Wil liams & Terhune 2o do: Thompson, Moore & Co 48 c s mfd, 125 bxs do, lO do, 2 cs smkg; Al !en & Ginter 12 cs smkg, 221 do cigarettes; Austin, Nichols d: Co 5 cs smkg: WA Bass 1 do; C Burk halter & Co 20 do, 5U K bxs mfd; Martin & Broad hurst 18 cs mf!l, 2 do; Jas M Gardiner 20 bxs mfd ; Bogert & Hay.ion 10 do; l!lharp, Taylor &Per kins 8 }4-bxs do, ll3 Y..bxs ao: RC Williams & Co2 cs cigarette: C H Barkalew 2 pkgs leaf: H Siebert 2 bxs samples; Kaufmann Bros & Bondy 3 crates r eeds: order, 925 bbds, 1 1 trc, 7 pold Miller & Son 3 cs cigars; Steiner & Co 5 do; J Lesser 1 ; Thoe Hart 1 ; G F Clayton 1 ; F H Leggett & Co 3; Jeffreys & Son 1 ; Woodward & Lewis 1; order, 120 hhds, 300 cs, 12 do cigars. By the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Oelrichs & Co 61 hhds; Buchanan & Lyall 18 do; H Schoverling 104 cs leaf; orcler, 69 hhds, 85 pkgs. By tlw N ew York and New Haven Steam boat Line-B Brod 34 cs leaf; Joseph May er's Sons! do; A HScoville& Co 19; M Wisch man 1 ; L Gershel & Bro 9; C S Philips 14. By the Baltimore Inland Line-Order 241 hhds. By the Old Dominion Steamship Line Kremelberg & Co 25 hhds; Buchanan & Ly all 36 do; R M Allen & Co 32; Kinney To bacco Co 24; Ernst Mueller & Co 2; Sawyer, Wallace & Co 17; FE Owen 1 ; RM Martin 9; 1Toel & Wipperling 10; E W l;)odd 22; Funch, Edye & Co 28; Watjen, 'l'oel & Co 106; H Siebert 155 do, bxs samples; Oel richs & Co 17@ de, 2 do; J D Kieley, Jr, 226 hhds, trcs, 101 cs mfd, 46 %bxs do, 2 bxs samples; W 0 Smith & Co :!4 hhds, 48 tree, 416 cs mfd, 50 %bxs do, 11 cs smkg, 2 do smkg and cigarettes 51 cs D H McAlpin & Co 2 tree; & Terhune 25 do; P Lorillard & Co 22 do, 2 bxs samples; W Duke, Son & Co 18 hhds, 171 cs cigar ettes; Allen & Ginter 35 CB emkg, 324 cs cig arettes; Thompson, Moore & Co 105 cs mfd, 135 bxs do, 10 do, 18 cads do, 6 CB smkg; Dohan, Carroll & Co 35 cs mfd; J os D Evans & Co 50 bxs'mfd, 5 do; RU Williams & Co 5 .J.4 bxs mfd; Quick & Stew art 25 1-16-bxs do; Jas M Gardiner 5 bxs; Sharp, Taylor & Perkins 8 .J.4 -bx8 do, S3 7' -bxs do; C Burkhalter & Co 50 Vs-bxs do; Thurber, Vvhyland & Co 2 buckets do; Mar tin & -:Broadhurst 85 cs mfd, 13 bxs do, 2 %-bxs do, 23 do, 8 cads do; H Wirt Matthews 20 J.i(-cads do; L Miller & Son 32 cs smkg; Wise & Bendheim 20 do; R Lehman 10 bales do ; F H Leggett & Co 2 cs cigarettes; Carhart Bros 2 do; Park & Tilford 4; G Reis mann 62 cs leaf; C H Bar!,:alew 2 pkgs leaf; P Wright & Son 1 bx samples; Abenheim & C 4 do; order 775 hhds, 3 ?11 hhds, 20 tree, 33 cs smkg, 28 bales do, 1 bx do, 373 cs mfd, 829 bxs do, 21 do, 76 .J.4-bxs do, 72 Vs-bxs do, 6 1-16-bxe do, 15 do, 736 cads do, 71 do, 5 crates do, 33 cs cigarettes, 7 bxs samples, 50 bxs pipes. Coastwise from Key West-NB Manning 3 cs cigars; Estabrook & Eaton 1 do; L Syl vester, Son & Co 2; G Alces 16; Sideman, Lacllman & Co 2; McNeil & Higgins 3; Heinemann Bros 2; Matthews & Gervis 1; Banghart Bros 1; A Hoffman 1; F Zimmer man 1; Norton & Mullen 1; A Speckhart & Co 1 Baker & DuBois 10; H Rosenfeld & Co 3; M Barranco & Uo 5 ; Leopold Miller & Son 1; M Somborn 1; J Leviberg & Co 1; S Serpa 1; B WaBBermann 1; La Hacienda Cigar Co 1; D L Trujillo & Sons 4; Es berg, Bachman & Co ll!; Jacob Fearey & Col; Greenha.11 & Zeman sky 1; Franklin Mc Veigh & Co 2; Wallace Straiton 10; Freed & Maiga 3; SS Pierce & Co 3; Max_ Marx & Co 10; Foster, Hilson & Co 3; Purdy & NicholjUJ lll; Bendheifn Bros & Co 2; D Osborn & Co 3; F Medina 2; W S Dennis 3; F H Leggett & Co 2; CC Resenberg & Co 1; P Poh,a.leki & Co 20; H R Kelly & Qo 31; F B Linington 2; ER Webster & Co 4; Best. Ruesell & Oo 19; Leland, Smith & Co 2; C C Bickel & Co 1; Feder Bros 2; D Osborn & Co 2; order 1; P & J Frank 1 do, 3 bales scraps; J Ellinger & Co 39 do, 2 do; Seldenber11: & Co 34 do, 9 do; EH Gato 5 do, 24 do; G W Nichols 20 cs cigare, 10 sacks scraps; B Diaz & Co 1 cs cigars, 1 bx do; J S Molina 19 bales scraps; Werttieim & Schiffer 1 do; J Seliga berg 1 pkg tobacco. Coasttoise from Tampa, Fla.-Sa.nchez & Ha.ya 3 cs cigare, 5 bales scraps. IJllPOR.Ta, Tiie lll'rivals at the port of New York from for eign port.a for the week included the following con iirnments :.dmsterde:m-Schroeder d: Bon 89 bales Sumatra; Lichtenstein Bras Co M do; order 567; HA Bstjer 82a cs clay pipes. Bremen-Bondy & Lederer 3 bales tobacco: Wer theim & Schiffer 4 do: Toe! & W 1pperling 1 cs do. Cunfwigos-J as E Ward it Co 7 lialea tobacco. Genoa-Order 2 cs pipes. Haml>urg-A Rossman 1 cs tobacco. Kingston, Ja.-S More. 1 cs cigars. .London-Chas F 'l'ag & Son 1 bale tobacco. St. Jago de Ouba-Lockwood & Geery 1 cs cigars; order 10 bales tobacco. Vera (h'!n-J aa E Ward & Co 2 cs cigars; A Field & Co 1 do; PR King 1. HIJ'/!a'TIQ-Tobacco--Weil & Co 839 bales; J Bern heim & Snn 269 do: A Gonzalez 231; E Hoffman & Son 93: Guerra Hermanos 57; C Vigil 31; FM Piaa 180: Jas E Ward & Co 578; Davidson Bros 24: J Carnedo 131: M Valdes 88; P Vasquez 20; order 52: Schroeder & Bon 10 do, 15 bag stemmed. Cigars-Ii R Kelly & Co 6 cs; P Pohalski & Co 4 do; Esberg, Bachman & Co 4; B Wassermann 8; Wallace Straiton 9; P & J Frank 6; Weil & Co 1; F Boultbee 1; Purdy & Nicholas 81: Park & Tilford 54: Acker, Merrall & Condit 71; W F Tayl or 4; G W Faber 4; Garcia, Pando & Co 2: Michaelis & Lindemann 3; CB Perkins 2: WE Parsons, Jr 6; Max M arx & Co 4; Le0 Stein 1 ; PE Desv ernin e 1: S Fuguet&Sons 12; order 68; JasEWard& Co 329 do, 94 cs cigarettes; J S Molins 2 bbls cig arettes; Kunhardt & Co 6 do; E Gorgoza & CG 3 do, 2 trunks do; Cadenas, Coe &; Luciani 15 cs cigarettes; Ascenaio & CGssio 9 do: S S Rivas & Co 10 do, 1 cs paper, 1 bale do; Howard Ives 1 cs cigars; C arl Upmann 4 do. Receipte of licorice at the part of New York for w ee k ending July 30, 1888: 1 LICORICE PASTE-Ca.renou & Tur, per Queen, from Liverpool, 100 pkgs (25,000 lbs) L!CORIOE ROOT-Stamford Mfg. Co., per Agos tino C., from Ba.toum, 4,300 pkgs (1,500,-000 lbs). Parke, Davis &Co., per FrancescoR., from Alicante, 100 pkgs (12,288 lbs) AT BALTllllORE. LiaoRICE ROOT-Order, per Susanna, from Messina, 519,000 lbs. EXPO&Tll From the f>Ort of New York to foreign ports !or the week eadin.11: July 29, 1888, were as !oll0we : Amste1dam-183 hhds. Antwerp-5 hhds, 86 cs, 62 pkgs (9,656 lbs) mfd Bremen-181 hhds, 819 cs, 111 8ales. Briti8h A mtra.lia-28 hhds, 6 cs, 456 pk.,is (82,459 lbs) mfd. B1'iUsk lndies-10 bbds, 25 pkgs (4,400 lbs) mfd. Britilh Guiana-7,hhds, 15 pkgs (550 lbs) mfd Brit 1Bl PosseBSwns in Africa-1 bhd, 24 pk gs (2,955 lbs) mfd. B'itilh We.1t lndUl-6 hhds, 7 cs, 3 bales, 46 pkgs (4,296 lbs) mfd. Canada-324 bales. Central America-50 bales, 60 pkgs (6,600 lbs) mfd. Ckili-5 pkgs (800 lbs) mfd. Copenliagen-1 pkg (18 lbs) mfd Ouba-16 pkgs (8,000 lbs) mfd. Dutch East Indi.e.!--2 pkgs (168 lbs) mfd. Dutck West lndies-16 bales 6 pkgs (880 lbs) mfd F'rtMh Wut Jndit.t-7 lilids. Glbrallar-43 cs. Glasgow-72 hhdl!, 1 cs, 27 pkgs (4, 752 lbs) mfd Bwmburg-184 hhds 124 cs, 3 pkgs (400 lbs) mfd. Ha,,,.e-12 bhd&. Hayti-16 hhds, 16 cs, 1 pkg (200 lbs) mftl Hong Kong-2 pkgs (160 lbs) mfd. llull-89 ilhds. Leglwin-4 hhds, .Leitli-123 bhds. Liverpool-15 hMs, 1 cs 10 bales (1,600 lbs) mfd. London-54 hhds, 14 cs, 140 pkgs (28,586 lbs) mfd. .Marseilles-1,579 hhe1s. Me:oico-9 bales. Newfovnttland-18 pkgs (2,880 lbs) mfd New Zealand-2 pkgs (210 lbs) mfd Palermo-32 hbds Rotterdam-16 hhds 1 pkg (80 lbs) mfd. Spanial PoSJJessions in .dftica-122 hhds 91 cs, 34 bales. Stockliolm-96 bhds. U. S. of Colombia-58 bales, 50 pkgs, (7, 729 lbs) mfd EXPORTS FROM THE PORT OJI' NEW YQRX TO ll'OR EIGN PORTS ll'ROll JANUA.JlY 1, 1888, TO JULY 28, 1888. Hhde Cases. Africa............ 307 Am sterda m .. . 1,848 Antwerp ... .... 1,27:6 Austria ......... .. Australia .... .. .. .. 873 Bremen...... .. 4,605 Britis h N. A. Col.. 11 Canada .......... .. Central America. 3 Chma and Japan ...... Copenhagen ....... ; 234 East Indies . 10 France ............ 6,386 G:hraltar.......... 90 Glasgow. . . 549 Hamburg ........ 1,942 Italy .............. 5,115 Linrpool . ... 638 London ..... ...... 1,966 Other British Ports. 583 Malta ............ MeXIco ... ...... .. 7 New Zealand, etc. ... Portugal... .. .. .. 92 Rotterdam, ..... 2,402 Sandwich Islands. Spain ............ 3,251 Beuth America.. 175 Swei!tn & Norway 205 W eat lnelie... 751 v arious ports..... ... 183 667 1,348 1,167 10,270 82 28 4 8,446 82 3,868 44 1,247 2 794 11 215 Bales. Lbs mld. 85 59,369 180 36,310 1,269 56,23{ 10 2,168,347 5,452 700 2 55,750 6,050 489 11 4,251 47 30 126 .28 320 o,245 (j 800 66,777 01,010 18,822 184,263 59,980 92,695 203,984 62,716 206,661 418,210 720 75,152 5,187 607,338 1,400 12,747 638 522,534 2,180 678,115 8,640 39,821 19,934 25,062 5,521,384 LYNCHBURG, Va., Julv 30.-Messrs. Holt, Schaefer .it Co., Buyers and l'Iamllers of Leaf Ta bacco, ref)ort to the TOBACCO LEAi!' !IS follows:Receipts in our market last week reached 489,000 lbs increasiag the total since Oct. 1, 1887, to 22,409,100 lbs, against 24,888,800 lbs during same period last season. Offerings consist principally of dark grades, the select10 n of which i s fairly s&tis factory, although common and nondescript tobaccos are the preva.iling types. The demand for all grades is quite active and prices on the whole are well maintained. Crop prospects are not very favorable, and wbile we have bad some l o cal the crop generally is suffering for rain, the later planting especially bein11: small and backward yet. It is generally con ce:led that the Virginia and North Caroliaa crop will be smaller than laat year. UNITED STATES INTERNAL REVEN'BE TAX ON TOBACCO. Cigars, d omestic and imported, $3 per M; ciKarettes not over three lbs per M, OOcper M; cigarettes aud cheroots weighing over three lbs per M, SS per M; manufac tured tobacco and snuJr, per pound, Be. CHARGES FOR LICENSES PER ANNUM. Manufacturers of cigars, cigarettes and cheroots, S6; manufacturers of tobacco and snu1f, $6; dealem fn manufactures o! tobacco. $2.40; dealers In leaf tobacco, Sl2, IMPORT DUTIES ON TOBACCO. Cigars1 $2.50 p e r pound and 25 per cent. ad valorem. Cigarettes, S&llle as cigars, including internal tax. Leaf to bacce, 85 per cent. or which is wrappers weighing more than 100 feaves ta the pound, 75 cents per pound; il stemmed, 51 per pound; all other leaf not stemmed, 35 cents per pouad. Tobacco manufactured, 40 cents per pound. Stems, 11'.I cents per pound. Pipes and piptt bowfs, per gross, and 6 per cent, ad valorem. Common clay pipes, 85 per cent. aS valorem; of pipes, 75 per cent. ad valo remi all smokers' articles, 7& per cent. ad valorem; snuff-box:es and chewing tobacco pouches, 3.'S per cent. ad va.lorem. -It is proposed to place "Drop a Nickel in the Slot and get a Cigar" machmes in the Belgian rail way cars. The syndicate of com merce in tobacco and at Liege claim it was the first to make the to the Government. J11NGBLU'l'H & RA :IJTER:>BER0. MANUF'RS' SUGAR, GLYCERINE, PETROLATUM, TIN FOIL, FLAVORS, &c. SOLm WF.8TERN AGENTS FOB 'MAC ANDRt::WS & FORB,ES' LICORICE PASTL Le>U.:l.&V:l.l.l.e, LOUIS F. FBOMEB, CIGAR BA.NVF A.CTURER, 77th St., 3d and Lexington Aves. l'AC'l'OBY Jl'o. 352, 3d DIST., NEW YORK. JULZC> J. C>R.DET.:X:., 8:13:XPP::EJ.VG ds OC>lMl:lMl:Xl!ll&XO.N' JMl:EIR.O:EC.A.NT SPECIAL ATTENTION TO PURCHASING AND SHIPPING CSgars. &, Lea1" T<>bacoe>. Beat or reference nualahe4. P. o, Box 804. ()ab1e A.ddre .;Jor4aa. Buyen goln1&Diel lL Dlcld.Daou, Ellaha Dlck:IDaoa. PULVER, DICKINSON & CO., Packers or Seed Le And :J:ynpor'ter& or HAVANA TOBACCO, 11'8 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. GE<> .A.. &, CC>. Ii. of'L. E. o _-.. .. of R C:... BRAVO a KEYES .. __ Cran d Chief 0000000000000000000000000004 BINGHAMTON, N. :Y. B. ofL. F. B. of .R.-R.B. N"C>'t1oe 1 Tq LET-Three new lofts, e.ach 75x25, suitable for cigar manufacturer Fme 11gll.t both frent and g-WANTED l'OR CASH, .Aft rear The building is situated on west side of Broadway between 46th a nd 47th streets. Good. CIGAR C'UTTI..,.GS leaae to parties. Apply on premiseA to 4'tl A S. SHERWOOD. 1228 dp l'or Domeotio BD4 Ezport u-Glve r&te of Jv'Gllplace to 'Wheellns. \Ve 111'8 always In the market for Toba.-CllltdDp, U: are clean and dry and not musty. 9LOCH BROS., Wheefing, W. Virginia. TOBACCO MACHINERY FOR SALE Three Cutting Machines, Granulator, Dresser Stem Roller etc., etc., etc ., at '.Lilienthal s Tobacco Factory, 450 Greenwich street. A good oppor tunity for tob&cco manufacturers. 1221-24 WANTED-Salesman of experience and com manding trade in the l:louthern territory, for one of the best known cigar factories We st. Addresi with references, "South," office of Tobacco Leaf. 1222-23 Ai CIGAR SALESMAN for the Western a11d Southwestern States to sell to the Wholesale and Jobbing trade. Only those having been active in said capac:ity with success b5fore need apply at 282 Ninth Avenue, New York. 1228 K.ey PICADURA CHEROOTS. Tra4 .. lllark:S .... P" ..... .x.. Principal Depots : 57 Broadway; 191 Bro&dwav, corner John st.; and 489 Broadway, corner Broome, New York The above brand, having beon copyrighted, the trade is ca11tioned not to imitate the same uader the penalty of the law. Each package, containing 11! clleroots in tin-foil, bears a yellow l&bel with e.n X en the face of the label a11d a white label across one end of package, on which are the initials, J. F. J. X. Also imported Key W eat anti Dome11tic Cigars, all grades, at Wholesale 1198-1223 J. F. J. XIQUE&. P. P. P. F:l:n.es1: F:l11er Fl.&"V<>r. The best in the market Genuine Havana taste and flavor. Duplicate orders tell the tale Prices: Pint bottle, $1: $6; sample bottle, with direc t ions, $1. Goods guaranteed unsurpassablo. Address BALING COHEN & Co., 1201-26 65 Broad street, New York. 2 HENRY C. DOBSON, -Only Manufacturer of the-GREAT PATENT Sil.VER BELL BANJO, 12"1'0 JIBOADWAY, NEW YORK. No. t ........ f20 00 No. 2 .. ... :l26 00 No. 8 .. ,, .... 80 00 No. 4 ........ 40 00 No. ........ 50 00 No. 6 ........ 76 W No. 7 ........ 1100 00 THE PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing be tween Jacob Dav:dson A11.ron Uavidson and Philip Davidson, und er the firm name of Davidson Bros.. has been dissolved this day by mutual consent bT Jaco9 Davidsen w ith drawing therefrom. The busi ness will be continued by Aaron Davidson and Philip Davidson under the same firm name, wh1> will collect all outstandings and pay all indebted ness. Dat ed l'{ew York, Aug. 1, 1888. 1223 FOR SALE-A Welsh & Lawson 1 horse power gas enl(ine, with all necessary ap!i'liances; will run four Progress Bunch Machines; has on l y been in use three months. Apply to WllRT1lEIM & F'ER, 403 to 409 EllSt Seventieth street, New York City. 1223 TBA.DE llARB: xonm:. We hereby notify the trade in _general that ft are tbe manufacturers and sole and exchaive own,. ) ers of .the !IWIOUS llraad of cigars ...i '. ._.. LIBERTY BELL. This brand has been copyrighted and registerecl. in the Patent Office in W asbington, and having been in CONTINUBD USB by us for many years, 'W6 warn and give notice hereby that we shall protect; our rights against infrinl(ements, according to law. 1218--2:> HEl:!SLEIN BROfi., Chicago, Ill. A.t Key 'Weat. Yesterday's receipts at the Custom Hou11e were the largest since it has been in exist ence. The a.mount collected was $7,381.59. This is encouraging and is in keeping with what we have been daily saying, namely, that the depression in busineBB was merely temporary and that everything pointed to the fact that we would have a fa.II and win ter of unprecedented good times. The im of tobacco and tha general pros pects all declare it.-Key West, Fla., Equator-Democrat, July 24. A. 1'Ieou In Penn11ylvanla Dutch. Here is a bill of fare in Pennsylvania Dutch dia.lect:-Ehrstie round-Noodle soup, tscelerich, to mat sa.lawadt, bissle wei. Tswettie round-Schpusoily, g'filled mit keshta, eppel sass, onner schtuft, biBBel meh wei. Trittie round-Sauer kraut (Berks county sthyle), g'mashte grumbeera., ala noch meh wei. Fiertie round-G'demte hahne, mit wel bree, ala nech tscelerich, grumbeera sa.lawdt, rode-reeve, g'roshta. grumbeera "g'sund heit." Finft round-Nunnefertzicher, mit gravy -ala noch meh wei, ovver bissel shporsom lich. Sexth and beshtie round-Coffee, Ell!!aeser-wei, Kronteai waseer, Roost champagne, Roost punch und brunnaw11BSer, wei mer's g'leicht I-July Tab'le Talk. W-Beware of WORTHLESS IMITATION!! of tl!.18 Gt\EAT BANJO: none GENUINE unlessstamved with my name number and accompanied wltb a guarantee certifl Snuff boxes to go with banda.nas are com ce.te signed by me. and having the duplicate number. Sent ing. The Harlem Democratic Club &ave by Express C. o. D. to any part of the United States with out extra charge for packing. Ask ror the certificate and adopted them, and the members about see that thenumber correspond> with the number on the 'with little wooden boxes filled wtli.. snulf banjo. Instructio n parlors so arranged that each pupil ls th t ak th e __, f 11 b t th taught-privately. Fullknowledgeofthlslastrumentbymy a m es em sneez ptun u y, u ey metbodof tea.chingiruaranteedlnacourseoftwenty)essODI. stick to the practice, determined tO be, in the Diagram method without Sl.OO. Reirul!!or Note Book words of Lazarus' song, which is their favorrorBanJo, $1.00 Bent by mailonrecelpto fpnce. Adt!.reoo h t "F' t l f '88,, l\T. Yior' for illustrated circulars, HENRY C. DOBSON, 1270 Bro&d 1.., C an 11'8 Ul lBB Or --.,eW "' way, New York City, u. S. A. 1111 i Sun, -


' 4 PrellmlnlU')" Bepon of the (lomh-o laternal Revenue. .TR*AsURY DEPARTMENT, 01'1'101!: OB' INTERNAL REVENUIC, W.ASHilfGTON, July 21, 1888 SIR:-The following preliminary report of the operations of thlB Bureau for the #iHcal year ended Juna.S0, 1888, JS-reapectfully sub-mitted. -The tetal collections for the figcal year just ended were 1124 826.474 72, and th111 sum has been duly for and covered into the Treaaury. For the fiscal year ended June 30, 1887, the total collections were 1118,837,801.06, which, compal"8d "lfitllOollecuons for the fiscal year Uitled June SO, show an mereaee of II>. 489.17!1 M. i'he cost of collection for the fiscal year just ended will aggregate about '3,983,000, exclu sive of the expended for the pru1t1Dg of internal revenue staJnpa. which i& paid from the appropriation made to the Bureau of Engravmg and Pr1Dtmg, and which will be shown m my annual report for tlus year. Should the above figures be not 1Dcreased by iteme ye to be settled, the percentage of cosg of collection will be abo.U-S;j per cent. of the amount collected. Examinations of the offices of collectors of internal revenue have been made as frg quently during the fiscal year as was possible with the limited number of reveeue agents at my command, and the reports of these exammatiolia indlca&e a very satisfac &cry cond1tfon of the 118l'Vlce throughout the country. Your attention is respectfully directed to the appended statements, which show comparatively the receipts from the various aources of intjlrnal revenue for the past two fiscal year11, the total receipts ID each collec tion d1stnct for the fiscal year ended June 30, 1888, and ibe total collect1oos by States fer the same period. Under the conditions now existing with '!'egard to pending leg1Slat1on, etc., it is im pos11ble to make an of the probable eollect1ons for tbe current fiscal year. Very respectfully your obedient servant, J os S ll,{ILLICR, Comm1ss1oner. HON. C. S. FAIRCHILD, Secretary of the Treasury. JtEOEIPTS FROll T0BAOOO DURING THE LAST TWO FISCAL YSARB. (The flgurSR for 1888 are subject to revision until publication 10 the Comm188loner's Annual Report ) Receipts during ll8Cal year ended June 30-In Ogan a.nd cber 1881. 1886 creaae crease oots $11,864,9i6 33 11,534,il'll 95 169,1168 M Clgaretiee ro 931,863 OC5 139,083 41 SnUlf... 59',1169 13 70,016 87 Qlew'g and amok his tobacco.. 15,995,019 46 16,15',942 65 159,m 19 Special ta>: De&! ... In !eat 51,89114 4',945 81! 6,9C5 81 Din 111 mfd tob l,2'5,412 65 21,1188 M lllttraof tobacco. &,568 75 5,il!5 oo 488 75 JUtra of clcani 113.840 00 116,11116 09 l'eddlera of rob.. 1',101 N 13,116 M ---'lot&! $80,108,167 18 80,&Cl,431 112 554,364 39 WJ.Tm>RA W ALB FOR OONSID!PTION DURING THE LAST TWO FlllO.lL YEARS. The quantities of tobacco, snuff, cigars and cigarettes on which tax was paid dunng the two flecal years are as J:ollows : Filcalyear ended June 80, i887 ill88 No 3 788,805,448 3,8",726,650 No 1,584 5C5 1 862 71!6,ioo SnuJI Lbs 6,561,778 7,436,989 Increaae 56 421 '.1111 2'18 !20,g()() 875,211 :robacoo, chewing and 1 llDlOldng Lbs 199,937,743 llOl,930,783 1,999,040 Agregate collect1ons of 1Dternal revenue by States and Terr1tor1Ss during the fiscal year ended June 30, 1888.statee and Terrltones .A.ggregate collections Alabama..... f79,617 65 Arkansas.............. 106,541 78 Cahforma (a) .. .. .. 2,199,415 11 Colorado (b)....... .. 280 053 19 Connecticllt (c) 8J)4, 708 80 Fl.Orida....... ... .. ... 34'9,335 26 Georgta.... .... .. 880,673 22 Dlino1S ................ 80,180,995 81 Indiana ......... 4,139,159 32 Iowa.................. 1118,911 17 Kansas...... .. .. 193,849 15 Kentucky ......... 14,182,687 12 Lou1S1ana (d).......... 603,9l5 11 Maryland (e) .. .. .. .. 3 389,377 19 Jrlaesachueetts.... ... .. i,680,071 78 l11ch1gan ............. 1,774 3l9 01 llmnesota ... .. 510 492 15 M1esour1............... '1,910,0SS 57 Montana (fl....... .. .. 145 835 38 Nebraska (g)....... . 2,778 269 38 New Hampshire (h).... 466,994 36 New Jersey............ 4,072,246 48 New M,ex1co (i)........ 59,055 19 New York .... 15,417,202 95 North Carolina... 2,185.168 75 Ohio . .. .. .. .. .. 12, 446 312 98 Oregon (k).. .. .. .. .. .. 176 235 93 Pennsylvama.......... 8,317,859 74 &utb Carolina 102,456 19 Tennessee...... .. .. 1,009,290 84 Texas.................. 211,927 37 V1rg101a. . . 8,253,165 72 West V1rgm1a......... 565 278 66 WisconBW.... .. .. 2,985,446 09 Total by States and Terr1tones ........ 1124,326,4110 90 Cash receipts from sale of adhesive stamps 23 82 Aggregate receiptll .. 1124,326,47 72 a Includ1nir; the State of Nevada. b Including the Territery of Wyomiag. c Inelud1Dg the State ol Rhode Island. d Including the State of MiS11ies1pp1. e Includmg the or Delaware, District of Columbia, and two counties ID V1r ginia. .J Includmg the Territories of Idaho and Utah. r g Includmg the Territory of Dakota. h Including the States of Mame and Vermont. i Including the Territory of Arizona. k Includmg Alaska and the Terr1tery of Washington. NBWS1PBOiJI ()()BA. (Bpencer's, July 21 l Leaf-New leaf, and particularly V.uelta Abajo, contmues mquired after both by man ufacturers and A'rr1vale from the country are mcreasmg, and dunng last week the follow1Dg tobacco of this year's crop has come forward, viz : 3 018 bales Vuelta AbaJo, 607 Partido&, and 158 Remed1011, and of the former 2,000 bales represented goods t>Urch!Mled for manufacturer11 account. Sh:fpers are still operatmg on a very re duce scale, owmg to \he very high preten e1ons of dealers. Old stock 1s movmg very slowly, but lt appears that an improvement in the demand may be expected shortly, ID asmuch as new crop goods do not prom1Se to be abundant for the requiremeata of the Umted States trade so far as Vuelta AbaJO and Partido leaf 1s concerned. C1gar11-'.l'he demand is pretty lively for all new goods, but already manufacturers have commenced to experience d1fficult1es with their operatives. Further sales to Have.ea dealer11 and man ufacturer11 have recently been effected at San Luis and Vmales, m the Vuelta Abajo, among which are mentioned about 8,UOO bales bavmg been purchi:.eed for account of the renowned factory Flor de Cuba, of Sres Manuel Valle & Co. Mr. Louis Marx has also succeeded ID eecurmg several good vegae, and the average prices prud are $6 per carrot for ll!ts to lOths, and 627'c for llthe to14the. -In the election which took place on the inst., Sr. Francisco Gonzalez Alvarez, one of the managers of the grand "Henry Clay" cigar factory, was appomted to the presi dency of the Havana Cigar Manufacturers' Umon, and his election bas been generally approved. Accord1Dg ta a recent cablegram from Madrid, the clause of the new Budget eetab J19hmg a duty on the tobacco leaf imported frem Porto Rico into this island baa been an nulled. On the 13th inst. the cigarmakers of the factory La D1ligencia struck on account of differences with the owners regardmg prices, and those of the "Henry Clay" on the fol Jowmg day for the same cause, THE TOBACCO LE.AF. Though it ie rumored that the operatives of senral other factories will hkely q_111t work, we smcerely hope that the quesuon will soon be eat1Sfactor1ly settled Valuallle Propel'C)' CJllaa.:.,. Hand. Messrs Gall & Ax have secured, throua:h the agency of Mr. Henry N. Bankard, the propel'ty known as 8. 10, 12 and 14 Lee street, 1mmed1ately opposite. tbe1r large factory, lot 65 by 120, to Welcome alley. The price _patd 18 equivalent to $16,000 ia fee. The bua1nes11 of tbie enterpr1srng firm bas grown to such an extent that they are compelled to put a large annex to their present bu1ldmg, iwl'nch 1e already one or the largest and most subetant1al bmldmge ID the State. It will be four stone111n height, and so constructed as to include a lar11:e dmmgroom for tbe comfert and convemence of their workmen; and their engines, which w:ill be three times tbe1r present dr1vrng power, will be removed to tbe annex,'and so arranged as to afford much greater security from accident or fire.-Balti more .American, July 28. Rotation of sales for the week commencing July 8l Mmmi Warebouse first sal >, Globe secnnd, tb1rd, Planers' fouTth, C10c1Daat1 fif1b, sixth SICICD LEA.!' ll4RKET. Sales at Miami WarehOLI supply, we1e JD good demand at full prices The 01110 l:lpam< b and W1scons1a Spanish sold iemark ably well. CLARKSVILLE, 'l'enn., July 21! -l!essr1. M. H Clark & .Bro Tobacco Hroaers. report to the TOBACCO LEAi' -Oar rece1 pts tins week (ID l"B.ILA.DEL'PHIA, E"a, July 80 -llC A. cludmg warehouse transfers1 w ere SS5 blld Sales R Fougeray Tobacco Inspector. reports to t.heTofor the week '\'l'Cre 760 hhd s The breaks were l ow iuooo L&Al!' as follows -The p,..t week's lrnsmcss ID g1ade, contarnrng but little Bremen a11d Austrian of handlmg manufactured tobacco has been some" leaf Useful Jugs were also JD small aupply The what demoral1:1er the last th1ee months. Receipts f0r the week-119 cases Connecticut, 403 ca.sea Pennsyln01a. cases Oh10, 6g cases LIUle Dutch, 315 cMes W1scons1u lM caaee York State, 218 bales Sumatra, 236 bales Havana, and 162 hhds Virginia and Western leaf tobacco 1Sale11 for the week-45 cases Cannect1cut, 887 cases Pennsylvan a, S9 caaes Oh10, 4e cases Little Dutch, 261 cases W1sconsJD, 105 cases York State, 101 bales Sumatra, 198 bales Havana, and 32 hhds of Western leaf 111 transit direct to manufacturers Export of leaf tobacco To Liverpool, per atr Lord Clive, 38,967 lbs. to A11twerp, per str Bel gealand, 19,504 lbs. Total, 5S,471 lbs, Western & Southern Markets. ASHEVILLE, N. C., July 26 -Headerson BrOll., Leaf Tobacco Broken!, report to the To BACCO LEAF as follows -Receipts have been very light for tbts mentb, aod from the best 1nformat10n we can nther tbere will not be more than a huo dred thousand pounds of the '87 crop to sell here this season. Prices remalll low on all kinds except common smoker& and fillers, which are more JD de mand and sell !ugh Reports from the growing; crop are very favorable, and the cuttmg will com mence by the 15th of August, wbich is early for th a section, 1md the crop promises to be a large and fine eue. QUOT.6.TIONS-(New ,) 8mekers-Common .. .. .. .. .. .. 3 @ 5 Medium ............. ..... 5 @ 7 Good... ...... 8 @12 FIDe.. .... ..... .... .. 40 @liO Fancv ........................ 60 @75 Cutters-Common . 12 @15 Medium . .. .. .. ..... 15 @18 Good.... .. ..... 18 @23 Fillers-Common .......... .......... 4 @ 6 Medmm.... ........... ... .. 6 @ 8 Good. 10 @IS Fme ..................... 28 @83 Wrappers-Common........ ......... 8 @12 Medmm... ... .. .. ... ...... 12 @18 Good ......................... 20 @25 BALTIMORE, Md., July 30 -Messrs Ed W1achmeyer & Co Tobacco (Jomm1ss1on Mer chants, report to the TOBACCO LE:AF.-The active demand for destrable grades of Maryland cont1Dues, but such are scarce, and when offered are readily taken at full prics A fair amount bas been sold to supply the French contract, makmg total sales for thew.eek of Maryland 1,021 hbds. Ohio has been qwet but firm, with eales of 125 bhds Iespected tbl8 week-1,865 hhds Maryland 4(7 Ohio Total, 1.812 h-ds / ())eared same period-Sir Mam for Bremen, 106 hhda V iri:101 a. 8 hhds Kentucky. 197' hhds Mary land, 116 hhds V 1rgmia stems, str Montana for Lon don, 6 hhds V Jrg101a TOB.6.000 IT.6.'rllKBNT." Ja.a 1 11188-Btoclt: oa b&nd 1n tobacco wareheuoea and on 1h1pboard not cleared -' .. 27,975 bbds llulpected th18 week 1,812 bhds lllllpected previoaaly .. 21, 78( bhds 51,571 bhde of Maryland and Ohio smce Jan. l, 1@88, and shipped coastwise 26,324 b.hcli Block m warehoaae tlllli day and on ehipboard not c1eared.... ........ 25,247 bbds Stock same time JD 1887 .. 22 554 bhds Manufactured Tobacco-There is little act1v1ty JD our market and prices firm. Smoking; Tobacco-Manufacturers are fairly busy QINOINNATI. O Jaly 2R.-Messrs. Prague & .Ma1.1!$o, Leaf 'l'o bacco Brokers and Re dryers of Cutting Leaf and Plug Tobacco, report as follows to the TOBACCO Lzu-'fhe offer1Dgs on Tuesday were 72 hhds, agaJDst 121 same day last week The market was entirely dev o id of any animation, and pncee were not satisfactory to holders Tbe best trashes and lugs of new were JD fair demand at unchanged prices. Old tobacco lll general was of ID ferior quahty, the demand be1Dg poor and pnceg low Two hundred a.nd tbJrteen hhds were offered on Wednesday There was a fair attendance of huy ers, but they were not anxious enough to came aoy ammation ih the aners-Common . . 12 @111 Medium ...................... 15 @18 Good .. .. .. .. 16 @227' Frne ......... .... .. .... 25 @Sa Fancy 40 @66 Extra fancy. .. .. .. .. ......... 60 @80 DURHAM, N. C., July 27 .:_MeEars Webb l; Kramer, Leaf Tobacc o Dealers, report to the To11Acco LEu as follows -Tbl8 hM been an active week JD the Durham market. The ware houses have been taxed to their capacities with offenngs, which we1e heavy all tbe week F11le1s of excellent quality w e re plenl1ful, and methum wrappers were among tbe grades freely sold. Cut ters and smokers sl\owed up JD hm1ted quantity Prices were pretty good, and the unjavoraule crop reports seem to screngthen tbe tone of lhe market The crop lbrougbout the bnght belt ts suffe11ng for ram, only local showers hnmg fallen emce early June 'l' he short acreoge and reduced condmon of the growmg crop will now brmg it down to 65 per cent. of an average. HENDERSON Ky .July 20 -Mr G G. Slaughter, Leaf and Strip Tobacco Broker, re ports to the ToBAcco LEAF as follows -There 1s no news of interest to note m our tobacco market. The dealers are oretty much all done pnz1Dg anf their purchases hao gone forward to Eur@pe. Tbe import will be the smallest ever known from the West. The make of stnp will not exceed 7,500 hbds, while the shipments o f dry le a f will be small compared with former year The crop JD t h e field i s domg badly on accouut of excessive ralDS, aa d toba cco m low lands 1s badly damaged frnm french1ng, and generally 1t i s growIDg up sp mdlmg and very un eve n Should we centrnue to have wet w e ather the whol e cbaractec of the crcp will be greatly chaniz:ed from what was ex pected of 1t 1n the beg1Do10g or three week ago There was ltkely an average crop p1anted 10 tbe dark districts, JDclud1og the Burley, which will be about 20 per cent of the acreage HENDERSON, N. C., July 28 -Mess rs Lewis lo Thomas, Leaf Tobacco Comm1ss10u M er chants. report to the TOBACCO LEAF as follows We seen improvement ID breaks, neither ID quan t1tv or quality They conunue hgkt and metl y of mferior grade G oo:l to fine cutters and wrap pers are llrm and 401eg some better, while pnces on common lo medmm grades are quiet Reports on new crop cont1Due very d1scouragmg. Mo st of the planter, report the worst crop they have bad for years. QUOTATIONS Fillers-Common dark or green ..... 4 Common to mcduim . 5 @ 8 Medmm to good .. .. .. .. i @12 Gootl to tine 12 @Ui Smokers-Common . 3 @ 5 Common to medium 5 @ 9 Medmm to good .. 9 @12 Good te fine 12 @16 Cutters-Common to medmm 12 @15 Medmm to good \5 @227' Good to tine 25 @30 Fancy SO Wrappers-Common 10 @15 Common to med1uni 15 @22 Medmm to good .. 25 @35 Good to fine 3:> @50 Fme to fancy .... 50 @75 BOPKlNSV ILLE, Ky.. July 27 -Mr Geo V Toompson, T obacco Broker, reports t o the 1'onAco o LR.LF -Sales this week, 86 bhds Market dull and de!Dand very bght. consequently lower prices. Holaers are not dispose<:! to sell at present prices. The crop ts nearly all 10 market In some parts of tins county the it:rowmg crop 1 s domg well Iu other parts cum plaints a1e mad e of the grow t h being sp1Ddllog, with short, narrow leaf QUOTATIONS -(New Crop ) Lugs-Common 3 60@ 4 50 :M:ed1um ............ 4 50C!ll 5 50 Good......... .. .. .. 6 50@ 7 00 Leaf-Oommen.. .. .. .. .. .. 6 59 7 50 Medmm .. .. 7 50@ 8 50 Good .. .. 9 00@10 00 Fme .. .. ........... 10 00 00 Wrappers.... .. ......... 12 00@17 00 LOUISVILLE, July 28 -Mr. A .ll'alcoaer, Secretary of the Tobacco Board of Trade, reports to the TOBACCO LEU as follows -The market for the, current w,ek has offered n;ures slightly stronger th an were obtamable la st week, but medium and low grades '!lere somewhat easier Buyers do not ap pear to be overwhelmed w1tb orders at present and do their b1ddmg m an 1Dd1lforent wa y ,With the exceptioa o f parcel s havmg spec1"1 merit, dark and heavy styles contmue to drag, and reiect1ons are numerous All rnd1cll.t10ns pomt to a healthy con d1t1on of the growrng crop. Receipts for the week were 962 bogsbeaas, aga1Dst 4 018 bbds for same week last year. Sales for the week, m onth and year and corre spondJDg per10d of three fo1mer years were as fol lows Week Month Year 1888 .. 1 Ml 6,Bll 50 764 1887 3,511 14,757 82,127 1S86 2 119 10,747 63,063 1E85 2 788 12,22 1 86, 7SS 20,672 hhds of crop of 1687 sold to date, aga10st 62,038 hhds of crop of 1886 sold to same date m 1887, and 68,257 hhds of crop of 1885 sold to same dale ID 1886. QUOTATIONS, Dark Trash.. .. ... 1 00@ 1 50 Common lugs. . 1 75@ 2 50 Med mm lu gs .. 2 75@ 3 75 Good lugs.... ...... 3 75@ 4 50 Common leaf .... 4 60@ 5 50 Medmm leaf ......... 6 00@ 7 00 Good l eaf .. . .. 8 00@ 9 51'.l Fme leaf.. .. .. 10 00@12 00 Burley 6 00@ 9 50 10 00@12 00 12 50 00 15 00@16 50 17 00@18 oO 19 00@2 I 00 22 00@2400 25 00@27 00 .MAYFIELD, Ky., July 28 -Puryear, Myle11 ii Co Leaf Tobacco Brokerw, report to the TOBACCO LKAF as follews -Market rather higher Quality poor Receipts for week Receipts su:.ce January 01fe1 mgs for week Offerings for year ...... Net sales for week Net sales for year QUOTATIONS. Lugs-Common (dark) Medmm do Good do Fme do Leaf-Low do Common Elo Medmm do Godd do Fme do FXtl1IGllT RATES PER 100 POUNDS To New Y01k, all ntl .. .. .. 41c To New Olleans, all rt! . 25c Bo t o n rate 5c above New York, and Philadel ph1a 2c, and Baltimore Sc below PADUCAH, Ky., July 28 -Puryear, Myles & C" Tu bt1eco B1 oke1 s, 1 eport to the ToBA@CO LRAB' rui follows -.Ma1ket slightly easier Quality very poor Hece1pts for week ... Receipts smce Jan 1 .. Offerings for week 1Jffer10ga year Net sales for week N cl sales for year QUOIAflONS, Lugs-Common (dark) .. Medmm do Good do Fme do Leaf-Low do Common lio Medmm do .. 3 3 ti4 4).t 67' 7).t@ Good do F1De do 10 @12 12 @14 RATES OF TRANllPORTATION Rates to New York, all rail, per 100 lbs 32c -do water and rali, do 29c do New Orleans, all rail, do do do do water Boston rates 5e above N e w York, and Pb1ladel pbia 2c, and Balllmoie3c below. .lUUHM.OND, Va, July 27 -W E Dibrell Leat Tobacco Broker. reports to the ToB.a.cco LEAF as follows -Yery httle attention has been paid the )l11ls bill a s pas s rng the House Our people expect a struggle m the Senate that will only prolong tbetr m1eer y. While some are dtshearteoed, there are many holdrng out as cheerfully as possible and not worryrng tbts bot weather The mountaJDs and seacoa s t have taken away many of our well to do tClbaccomsts, and tboee at home have bttle t o oc cupy thel! time but renewal of n.otes and takmg on fresb acceptances for consignments of leaf The factones show irragular work brands and established ones are all do1Dg well, while the factones dependent upon jobbing orders are not at all satisfied Sun cured sales continue to be the lead111g features of tbe week, and attracted less atttot1on than two weeks back, with a rather qutet,r market Sh1pp10g bas beeu without mterest s10ce the sale of abc;ut 1,000 hbds for Italy'a order New York and the West are !till taking a few wrappers along, hut no one seems to buy a pound m advance of Immediate wants Fill e rs sold sparingly, m cludmg all kmds The crop reports are rather worse K&ID this week, but all depends on the weather Plants are 11regular, mostly small and \Jackward, llut with cons1deralJle forward toba cco wit hal We the hundreds of thousands of vmtos1t1on to see our most fertile and cheap lanes and flEe James R ver eiltates To this end Mr Joo R llcMurdo, of the Richmond & Alleghany C o a nd otber prom1Ment geatlemen, with leadmll' planters tn all the counties alo ng the James R1Yer and the R & A R R, have formed an 1mm1gral1on sl)ciety These will show up the ve1y many beaulles and advantages of ciUDate, water, sotl, resource, etc., of V1rR10ia th at very few tiutslde of this State have any idea of It w11 l be well for all parties comrng to R1o hmond lo see the lovely valley or the James by dayhght, 1f possi ble, and many will thank us for this note SAN FRANCISCO, July 20 -The Groc r and aountrv Nt1 chant reports While the demand for manufactured bard tobaccos is usnally hgbt at this season, the trade on the leading popular brands keeps fully up to tho average .Manufacturers are beglnnmg to realize the fact that th1s coast is a very poor market for good s not up to the reqmrements of consumers. .Many brands of cheap smokrng and chewing tobcco which are popular ID the Eastern bltates fall VRry flat m thi s market, from the s imple fact that tlleir manufacturers do not understand the wants of our trade Cigar manufacturers report a very satisfactory trade and a grow1eg demand for the best g1ade of Cahforma band-made it:oods The efforts of a few prominent manufacturero to estabhoh a 1epu tauo n for c lear Havana goods 1s meetrng with marked success Foreign Markets. A.IUSTEKDAM, Aug. t.-Messr11. Schaap &: Van Veen report to the TOBACCO LEAB' S ale of 15 ,742 hales Sumatra tobacco o u Wednesday, Aug 1, 1888 -By Bunge & Co. 733 bales marked L P C I T. 604 S & C Dell I E I Bobongan. By tbe Amsterdam DAll Compagme 627 bales marked K & K I B I Deh 362 ESiDeh 5 W & V S I Dell Langkat I A. 610 W & V S I Deh Langkat I B. 297 WCIB By H Van Leeuwen & Co : 130 bales marked S S By Kreglmger & Co 615 bales marked J TI Dell 682 E P I P & G. 448 B I Langk:at. By the Deh-Maatschapp1J 1058 bales marked Deli Maa.tech1j I C. 1150 u u I K. 568 IL 452 I Deli Toewa 600 I D I Lankat. 1107 S & R I D eh. 740 '' Dell Langkt. Tab M1J I St 514 .. II Cyr Deh J LI Dell L I D ell. G. E I Langkat. 60 670 518 400 472 457 442 354 284 D S M D I S I La.ngkat M & K I Lankat. .. ... Langkat Assoc1at1e I N-0 Langkat I Assoc1e I Q B. Toempatan. F&H B & H I Paloh Kem1ri Ser danj!'. 240 S .'Ur Box Flavor has no defic1enc es, and must be tried to be appr8C18ted. With our Vegetable Speckling Compound, an exceptionally valuable preparation, Cigars can be speckled. W e ask no one to buy before trymg these good& .A. sample of eacl'l we fnrniBh gratis on application. CALIFORNIA DISTILLING WORKS, 4<> "'IOV' .a:t:er &1:ree1:, JSl"e""' "Y"e>rk.. 1887 CROP. Dark. Trash lugs 1 00 to 2 00 Common luge 2 00 to 3 00 Medmm lugs. 3 00 to 4 00 Good lugs 4 00 to 5 00 Common leaf. 5 00 to 6 110 Medmm leaf 6 00 to 8 00 Goad leaf .... 7 00 to 9 00 FIDe leaf 9 00 to 10 ftO Select leaf N om ID al. Green River. 200to 850 3 Ou to 4 oo 35\Jto 500 400to 51>0 450to 600 500to 700 6 00 to 8 00 700to 900 Nommal. Burley-Smokera. Common ... Med111m Good ..... Red. 3 oo to 4 00 400to500 6 00 to 8 00 Bright. 10 00 to 12 00 12 oo to 14 00 14 00 to 15 00 Fallers. Cutters Commou.. 9 OJ to 10 00 12 00 to 14 00 Medium 11 0(1 to 14 00 U 00 to 16 00 Good ........ 16 GO to 18 0() 16 00 to 18 00 Fme. 19 00 to 21 00 18 00 to 20 00 Select.. NomtDal. Nom1Dal. ALEX HARTHILL, Tobacco Broker. The comments which usually precede the above Rtat1st1cs did not come to hand m the letter from Mr. Hartbill-probably an oversight.-EDITOR LEAB' (Jlnctunatl Tobace Market. Chas:W. Mecke & Co., MANUll'A'1TURERS 011' ==:FINE== HAND-MADE long enough to add 150 cases to bh packing of '87 tobacco Pulver says he 1s ready to wager that New York goes 20,000 for Harr1E on.-Edgerton Wisco111nn Tobacco porter, July 'n. ---The Openlaa: of &he Pae&orJ' of P. Pollall

AUG. 1. AMERICAN EACLE TBA.IlE )(ABK. FINE CUT. LEOPOLD. MILLER & SON :13 ()hambers St., EW YORK c1n, l>lstrlbutlng Agts. for the East ... ... ::: THE TOBACCO LEAF. Manufactur.ers of the following celebrated Brands of Tobacco: FINE CUTS, Packed in Pails, Foil, Tin Boxes or Glass Jars. AMERICAN EACLE. CAVENDISH SMOKING. Cold Spra National Leal[ue Crown of Delight Cher17 Clipper Double Five, Plum B k Oriental roo Sun Rise Clock, Dew 1?rop Bargain. Favorite Invincible Clever Myrtle Navy, Eagle, JOld Tar, Universal Favorite, Fawn, Canada l'tlixture. Lucky Cut Plug, Bijah's Choice, Brudder Ned, Elk. C>F TSB..A..OOOS, SMOKINGS, Packed in 1'in Foil, Paper, Tin Boxes or Glass Jars. GRANULATED SMOKING. LONG CUT SMOXING. Stork, .-'l'BA?>E M l.BE '-Smoking Tobacc9 Spray of Cold, Morning Dew, Home Comfort. Miner's Favorite, Jumbo, lliner's Long Cut Bull Frog, Detroit Long Cut L. H. NEUDECKER, Baltimore, Md.: Lucky. Club, Dime Ram, Detroit Mixtures. Navy Clippings Green Corn. Duke & Dan

THE TOBACCO LEAF. AUG. r 3 Dollars A .FEW MORE COPIES OF CAN BE HAD AT THE OFFICE OF THE l ..... D. L. TRUJILLO & SONS, KEY WEST, FLORIDA, -MANUFACTURERS OF-Fine Havana Cigars. New York Oftloe: 119 WATER STREET, cor. Wall &treet. llelllac .&seat fer tlia W..t: G. GOl.JNllllTR, Wo, 126 Sa Balle Street. CJdoaae. DL '' -c-A.R.D<> :EK. G..&.T<>, ,, -aauraetarr. (OJfLY.l Vader Pae&orlee N .... 11, 18 aad. &o, KEY WEST, FLA. ::Elra:a.oh. C>:fll.oe, a& El:llll.&. 'V:llllJR. &T,, :N:llll"llll"V" T"AC>JR.B:. / Tobacco Leaf Publishing 105 BuilES JJIPOSzD o T9BAOCJO ... FOBEIG1' OO'D'KTJUES, AUBTRALIA-llanufactuM tobacco iml'?rt.ed, 'l'I .... pound duty. Austr&li&D m&1111faotved tObaoco, ....i.:til ilomeot.!c leaf, 24 cenl8 a pound lniernal &u:; made of"'""ili leaf, 48 cents a pound tax. BELGI\JM-Le&f tobaooo and eteml, 70 fraDCS S.. .tfios; Dl&DUfJM)tured tobecoo, cipr8 &J>d t.a.nco per IOO'ldloo: ethet ll:lada, Including -Ulll trauca P"" 100 ZlklL CAlUDA-Oa tobaeco the exclle dutyroa foioelcn lear whlch formerly wu OOc per lb, but of late ye&n1 bu reduced to 1.9c, I t"e8tOnd to !IOc. Tbe duty on domeetic leaf, which up to 1813 w1111 l!c, and wu theD llc,la &dT&nMd to 15c. Tile cuotom11 duty upoo BD= ID oreued fro..., to 80c per lb, and on Imported tobacco from 911 to Ille per.II>. (lgario-pnt up la...._ welghlnl' le& one--tletb of. a pouiod e>r i-., llh&ll pay a dot)' o : akJ>Wlb, llllC, .. henitotore, ud on molat IDUll wben conta!Dlng ..-40 P'!I' eeat. of -...... whee PQl Li ,...._ 91: 1-illlli 6 ....... 1411Plil> 'ftlPt; ENGUND-lllanu!actured Tobacc<>--Olgani, lie per 1-_ CaveOOlsb or Negrobead, 48 6d perlb. C&Vendlah '>r head manufactured in b on4. 4.s per lb. Other manufactured tobacco.. "87 p e r Jb. Snutr containing more than 18 lbs ot mojsture tn every 100 lb9wetght thereot. 3s lb. Snuff not containing more than 1 8 lbs or moisture 1n every JOO lbs L.A.l!lll'E. l!lll'El'VV LA ROSA DE SANTIAGO !!ANUJ'AC11'URED BY PEDRO BOGER, From the Tobacco of the Finest Ve gas of the Vuelta Abajo. Eata\llalaa4 ba IU'T at Saattap 4e 1aa Vep., Manufactory, No. 49 Factoria St., Havana. J'Olt SALB BY & 'l'dtert1 aacl Aoko, Keno.U & Ceatit. .x-Y..-k. "ESTELLA,, _,,. Grand Cigar Factor7 -OF-...,._ B. DaJ' ()bu. P, .&hJ', J ....... ..-wefaht thereof. 48 6d per lb. Unma.nufactured Tvba.oooContal.nin 10 lbs or more o t moisture in every 100 lbs weight thereof, Ss 2d per lb. Containing leflS tt>an 10 lbs of moisture ID every tOll lbe weight thereol, 88 6d per lb. In lieu el the drawback aUowable before May SI, 1887. there is now allowed. the d,..wbacll: ol 88 8d named 1n oe<:tlon I ol the J\!a.nufac tured 'Jobacco Act, 11163. CORTINA y GOMEZ. JO:ED.W D..&. 'Y' c.1r, GERMANY-Cigars and cllPr 100 kilos. Manufactured tobaccO. snllff, carrets, etc., 14.110 duty per too kilos. Cigars, Sl6 duty per JOO kilos. Cortina., Bora y Ca., nor de Cortina,, Shakespeare, Privilegio. TOBACCO,= The tobacoo lndultry of Austria, France, Italy and Spain I oontrolled by Reglea, under the direction of tbe Gevern ,...,nts ol t.hole countries. CA L LE D E LA EST R ELL A No. 134, 121, New York. :EJ:.A. VAN'.&. UCHANGE CROP & MARKET REPORTS. NEW YORK. JIALDWINSVILLIC. Bro., of Petersburg, to R. H. Brubaker for I since our last issue: James Murphy, 6 oases. legitimate influence to bear upon Mr. Mills I store, and where they were swept out, some seed Spitzaer & Bon coneiated of 348 cases of '87 C. E. Langworthy, 18 CB, 7 and 4c; Aland make him see the wisdom of maintain grew, so that now, right out in the street wher11 Seed leaf and 73 cases of-'86 Seed leaf, I ltert Dohman, 22 cs, 8 and 2c; E. Ellison, 8cs, ing th;1 present rat&! of the duty. ft has never had any fertilizing or attention, Tbe weather continues.all that could be de 7 and H.P. Saunders, 2'.1 and lie; ln this they have been. successful. On there is a. fine Cuba tobacco patch; showing eire4 for the growing crop. We hBve heard Carl eti, W. G. Fellon, 30 cs, motion of Mr. Mills, the tobacco item in his conclusively that Polk county is the place to of aeTeral localities, n6tably Manor an4 ManT. GJoht, 25 ca, Sc; E. Ladd, 55 cs, bill was dropped out, thus leaving P rea Mr. Riggings, also, bas a. fine pa.toh of heim townships, where cuttinr; has already and. H H. Hawkes, 15 ca. 4 2c; ent rates and phraseology. Te is Is a d1Btmct it m his yard..-Llkeland Cracker. Gtu:efte. July 28:-The market has been comparatively quiet this week, the summer inactivity seeming to have arrived. We quote a few sales: Levi Albright, 11 ce, llc; G. W. Carpenter, 4 cs, Willett Hyatt, S OS, Charles Sherman, number of not .reported, E. M. Babcock bought the above crops for Crawford, of :Phil&delJ>hia. 'begun. Christian Rome, 20 cs. p. t.; Thoe. Alhson, admission that the higher rate is necessary P olk county, Fla., is actively dev e loping to87 cs, p t.; Hans Lee, 3 cs wet butts, 5c; P. and proper. Consequently the precedent bacco culture. The Informant says:..,North Huron-There have been five or six tobacco buyers through this section lately, and purchases have been made of several crops of 'S7 and one or two of '86, at prices ranging from 5 to 12o. There are a number of crepe of '87 yet unsold, one grower having 30 oaeee The new crop is doing well, though not BO forward as last year. There has been more than double the amount set this year than ever before. S. Frawley has ten acres on the farm of C E. which looks very flee. There has been nry little trouble with the cut worms. The heavy rain and wind .storm of the lltb damaged aome fields, all level ground being covered with water, It was th. e heaviest rain and wind storm we llave had in a long time. Had tobacco been large enough to top it would have been com pletely ruined.-C/111mpio1t. Hannibal-Henry Brackett and Warren Welling have recently sold their crop of to baoco to parties in Bald wineville, at 80. MASSACHUSE'ITS BOSTON. American Cultivator, July 28:-We have had a week of fine growing weather. Some of the earliest pieces have boon topped, and topping will be general about the !lit)). to the 30th. On many pieces the bll4is are showing. A great ma.or. growers don't care to top their crops until the blossoms show the yellow pretty well. It is claimed by many that it is better for the crop to tkus delay, as the stock gelie larger. top leaf then has some size to it, and will be liable to burn better, particularly the t<>p leaves. Perhaps this is not so. Another reason is, more can l:le topped at the first time going over it, and is nearer the same bei11:ht through the field. Our correspondents write as follows: Brook, Conn., .:fuly 23-The tobacco crop in this vicinity is looking well. The atand is even, and the crop generally is quite as early as usual. Somo of the growers ha-re changed from Havana to Seed, and others from Seed to Havana. About the same amount been set this year as llll!t. Northampton, July 23-There are no sales to report. Everything is quiet. There is not as much raised BR usual. The tobacco seems late and backward; and will not be all topped under two weeks, and it will be neces sarily late. We think it will not be matured before the 10th of September. Hatfield, July 23-0ur growing crop of to bacco is looking finely and is making rapid growth. Some of the earliest set pieces will be topped this week. Later crops look well. SPRINGB'llCLD. New Engl,and Homestead, July 28 :-Con necticut-Tbe crop is looking well, consider ing that it was set late. New Milford-Tobacco is very uneven and late. Some is not yet hoed the first time. PENNSYLVANIA. ILUJl!'AX. Record, July 27:-A correspondent at Scott.sburg writes:-" While some few far mere have a very respectable crop, these are the exceptions, for tobacco is generally ir. regular, late, spindling and unpromising. The dry weather is now playing havoc with the late plantinr;, and all is more or suffering for ram. The seasons thus far have been unpropitious, and unless we have rain in a very few days the crop will be cut materially short, and that produced will l;>e of inferior quality But very few farmers m this section Ila ve commenced topping." TENNESSEE.. CLARKSVILLE. Chronicle, July 28:-Tbe tobacce between Clarksville and the Cave is not looking well; don't seem t.o grow off as well as it should. Several gentlemen living in the northern part of county say that their crops are in the same fix. Still is almost the universal belief that the present crop is the biggest and best ever grew in .Montgomery county. KENTUCKY. CADIZ, Telephone:-A full crop of tobacco has been planted, but, to tbe late June rains, it bas not been cultivated as thoroughly as it should have been. The press of tlie wheat harvest also retarded work in the tobacco fields, but the farmers, as a general thing, are catching up with their 'York. and the present prospect for a fine tobacco crop is very flattering. OHIO. Mlll!ISBURG. Bulletin, July 27:-With the exception of a very few crops, the remnant of '86 Dutch has about all been gathered in by the buyers, at prices heretofore quoted. Buyers are riding 'some in quest of Seed leaf, but make very few purchases. They claim that the export market is the only outlet for '87 Seed leaf, and that it must be bought at from 3 to 5c, while planters are holding witll the hope and expectation of realizing from 5 to Sc. The new cr<.>p is growing rapidly under very favorable conditions. WISCONSIN. JANESVILLE. Gazette, July 25:-Tbe ne"lf crop of Wis cousin tobacco is coming up haudsome ly Tber.e bas been favorable weather from the first-so favorable, in fact, that growers bavio hard work to keep down the weeds. So great is the demand for field bands thM the price of labor is beginning to advance. Sales that were made during the past week were at price9 which compared well with any during the season. Eight cent.a throughout was paid for one or two crops, but these were rather the exception. EDGERTON. Index, July 26:-Thi;i we e k ha!! been an exceptionally good one in the tobacco mar-LANOASTER; ket.e in the State. Trade bas been brisk in Inquirer, July 28:-Transactione in old leaf the Edgerton market, and daily there has appear to have been lighter last week thaa been a long string of deliveries. The aggre for some weeks preceding. Sli:iles & Frey gate number of sales made exceed those of Teport the sale of 100 cases, and the purchase any week during the month. Prices seema few cases of Havana SePd. D. A. Mayer ingly are in the advance, which is occasioned sold 85 cases of '85 and '8 6 Ha Tana Seed and undoubtedly by the scarcity of '8 7 goods. bought 7 cases '86 Havana. The crop has now dwindled down so that New Era, July 28:-The local market of there are but a very few tbouijand cases left, the past week has been comparatively quiet. and they are eagerly sought for at the present Skiles & Frey sold 100 cases Havana and. prices. Mr. D. B. Long, of Lebanon, Pa., Seed leaf, ?86 and '87. goods, and Mr. H. C. has paid the banner price this week, paying Moore sold 87 cs Havana Seed of '86. The sale 12 and 2 cent.a for one crop. reported last week by B. H:. Gochenour & The following sales have been reported G. Sta11:e, 10 cs, 8.)4c; Ort!On Cox and J. Baidy, thus established will fargely insure a tobacco "Judge Fortner planted about three-quarters 42 cs. lOc w and b. and 2c fillers; Wm. H & schedule in any tariff measure that may be of an acre of tobacco on his farm on the Ala.fia .Jule Pomeroy. 20 cs, 12 and 2c; H. 0. Fad,nes, enacted in future that shall make iron-clad this sea.son by way of experiment. The planting 22 cs, lOc, and Ii CB at lie; John Christianson, the 75c per pound duty on wragpers. was made from the 9th totbe 15th of April, and 14 cs, Andraw Swan, 49 cs, p. t.; Ole Only those who are thoroug ly posted. m the crop is now cut and stored. In six weeks Ha-re, 22 cs, lOc, 3 cs at Sc; Jacob Quale, -84 regard to the true inwardness of the Mille after planting the tobacco was nearly shoulder cs, Ch:as. Stricker, 9 cs, 4 and J. H. bill have any idea of the work it was to ae high, and it was then topped. The variety was Carpenter, 5 cs, 8 and 5c; 0. H. Carpenter, 5 victory on the tobacco item. The the Sumatra, and the l eaves were or a. peculiarly cs. Sc; F. B. Langworthy, 8 cs, 7c. immediate credit of it is mainly due to Hon, soft and velvety texture. The crop was asatis-E. C. Hopkins disposed of a 118 cs packing R. J Va.nee, of Connecticut, a protection factory one, and the Judge is so well satisfied to W W. Child during the week. Democrat, who worked zealously and ag with bis experiment tllat he will devote a much The frequent rains since our last issue have greesively. At the same time, growers would l11J:ger amouut of ground to it next year." been of untold value to our tobacco crop, never have. carried this if they had not On the farm of Mr. w. H.B. Johnson, who which looks promising. The early set bl18 so been organized a.nil; bad their officers ready lives six or seven miles west of Bartow, there is far advanced that the cultivator has been to look after their mtereste. -New England said to be tobacco three feet high.. A single plant taken out of the field. No more reports Bl'.01 Homlliltead, July 2S. has twenty-five leaves to the stalk. One of the beard of the cut worm doing damage in the leaves is fourteen inc hes wide and twenty-tw& late set Aelds, which are coming along finely Tobacco Growlas la _Plortda. inches long. This tob. acco was ralnezuela and Curacoa (letters for U. S. of Coloml:lia via. Curacoa must be directed "per Valencia."); at 2 p. m. for Sa.ntia)!;O, Cuba. SATURDAY-At 1 a. m for Brazil, the La Plaa countries, for St. Thomas and St. Croix, for Bii,rba.does, and for TriRidad and Demerara (letters for other Wrndwara Islands must be d irecte:l "per Finance") ; at 11 a. m. for Europe; at 11.30 a. m. for Great Britain, Ireland, Belgium, Nether lands, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Swe den, Norway, Russia and Turkey (letters mus t be directed "per Werra"); at 11.30 a. m. for .France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Portugal (letters must be directed "per La Gascogne"); at 11.30 a. m. for 8cotl .. nd direct (letters must be directed "per Furnessia"); at 11.30 a. m. for the Netherlands via Amsterdam (letters must be directed ''per P."); at 1 p. m. for Progre81) (letters for other Mexican States must be directed "per Mexico"); at 2 p. m. for Pro greso. Mai!R for China and Japan close here August 5 at 4.30 p. m. Mails for the Hawaiian Islands close here AU!!:Ust 8 at 7 p. m Mails for Australia, New Zealand, Hawai ian, Fiji and. S amoan Islands close here Auiust 19 at 4.30 p m. Mails for the So ciety I slands close here August 25 at 7 p. m. Mails for Cuba close at this office daily at a. m. HENRY G. PEARSON. Postmaster, PostOffice,NewYork,N. Y.,July 27,1888. -If a man goes to a cigar store where he is unknown and calls for a ten cent cigar, unless he be an expert in selecting good tobacco, in nine caaes out of ten he will have a five cent cigar thrust upon him. This is the verdict of a majority of the smokers in Chicag o with whom I have talked, and I have been studying their opinions purposely for several weeks.-Chica go Times, Tile BD&J' ea Toba We print a few of the.opinions of tobacco men on the restoration in the Mille bill of the old duty on the leaf, which is so Ulliduoualy cultivated in this vicinity. The consensus of opinion is that it is a good thing, and w& think it will be so appreciar.ed by the tobacco growers of this county. 'The retention of this old rate 1s one of the strongest proofs of the essential protective features of the bill. It is a conclusive answer to those who clain;ed that the Mills bill was framed to meet the wants of only Demo. cratic constituencies. Olle of the artumenia that would have been used to some advantage on the stump in this county has now fallen. from our opponent's hands, and they will. liave to hunt elsewhere for material for con demnation of this measure for tariff reform. J. L. Frey, of Skiles & Frey, thinks it was :i. mistake to strike out the Mills section and restore the old section, which has led to ihe interminable trouble ill the courts and Custom A unJform lower duty would avoid all the trouble. Johll Jeffries thougbt it would not make much difference lfltber to She farmer, packer or cigar manufacturer. If cigar manufac turers want Sumatra tobacco they will haYe it if the duty is S2 per pound, and if th& Lenoaster county farmers grow such tObacco as they did in 1887 they need not be vfraid of Sumatra even if it is admitted lree. Adam Trout and half a do<>en packers and samplers who wPre with him favored th& hiir;ber tax, believing it would kelp growers. packers and manufacturers. Daniel A. Mayer says it don't make any difference whether the dutv on Sumatra to b!lcco is 35 cents or IU per pound-those who want it will have it. He hae no doubt the growers will be pleased with the higher tax. but be doubts if it will be of much benefit to them. B. F. Hiestand, of Marietta, who grew 70 acres of tobacco last year and packed 2,000 caseR, says that he never bothered himself during the Sumatra. scare. He just went straignt on growing tobacco as good as he coulel and selling it for all he could get. He thinks it likely that the taste for tine glossy cigars that has prevailed for some -.:ears will give place for a dt1mand for rough wrappers, and then the buyers will give Sumatra the go by. Harry C. Moore says the striking out of the Mills section is a com ('llete Democratic. back-down, showing that the party acts from p olicy, not principle. The change was made for the purpose of capturing Connecr.i cut. lie says it won't win. Mr. Moore is. glad the old section bas been restored. A. Republican of Conestoga Centre, who wishes bis name 1.o be withheld, says th& 1 Mills bill will not inju re any industry, and tbe decision of the House not to change th& tobacco duties ought to make farmers feel good. Duniel Cooper thinb tlte restoratien of th& old section will work for the benelit of all concerned iu the tobacco trade. R. H. Brubaker saya:-"Now I am satiB tied." Henry Shiffner am glad the old section is restored. It was Clone for pnlitical effect; but it won't work; we'll beat you worse than ever." Mr. Wm. Morrow is glad the tax is re tained; wouldlike to see the cigar 1ax ta.kion. oil'. John F B,.immer says be knows nothing about the ruau..,r, and has no opinion to express. Dr. B. 8. Kendig says that the restoration of the old section does not amount to much. It bas not heretofore been of great benefit to growers, as the importers have constantly evaded the intent c,f the law and get nearly all their imports through the Custom House at 35 cents per pound. A much better section. might have be -in drafted.-Lancaater, Pa Intelligencer, July 25. -The selling prices of cigars, cigarette& and smoking tobacco in Austria and Hungary are to oo raised 10 to 20 per


AUG. 1. T-ec:>narct. :E xi.ed.m&" .&, Oe>., OF -OVAi! TOBACCO flm. flemnth Importers and Manufacturers of I0'1 and I09 BROADW .A Y, NEW YORK. We 1Jeor to call the at tenlloll of the Trade to oar l&rp .-onment of N oveltlee and Speclaltlee oultable tor Ad ... rtlAlng Purpooee. I', ..&BCHJELLEll, I LOPEZ. ARGUELLES a LOPEZ, -1'1AN1JFACT1JRERS OF-C l EAR HAVANA CIGARS EXCLUSIVELY. WARRANTED PURE ANO FREE FROM ARTIFICIAL FLAVOR. w. T. HANCOCK,. &..,.,...or to Salm.on, Ban.cock & Co, MANUFACTURER OF Fine Coil. Light Press, Twist, Navy and SunCllred TOBACCOS, 1a1ol:1.:D.'.l..<>n.d, v a. .t o the Cigar Trade and Public Generally. It ha.Ting come t.o our notice that sOme unscru. J)Ulous and plratic.a.l manufacturers have lo fringed upon our celebrated brand of .. OLD VIRGINIA CHEROOTS by slightly the name and color o! l I. we take this opportunity ot cautioning the public and trade generall y agalust buying such goods, under penalty of law. Our brand is registered and protected by bw. Notice Factory No. 17, 2nd Dist of Virgillia, on each box i a.lao our name on J1&bel, etc. P. WHITLOCK,'. RICHlll:OND, V .L BALBIN, MONTEALEGRE & CO -Importers and Dealers iDHavana Leaf Tobatco AND CICARS, I 03 Maiden Lane, New York. Receipt and l!ltoclH In all Weetern l'llar.lrl uamg the same. lnfrintemen te will IQ,.,.... SPANISH amL. '> The Panoram._ Mark Twain, ,, Andy-Jackson The Traveler, Hard No. 1, Seal of Spain,. WM. CRAF A u-111on lo HBR.l!I.& B&NIT .... Cigar Manufacturers, Miiwaukee, M.A. MONTEJO,l Dll'OJm!:a OJ' HA.VAN A 'l'OBACCJO. Trade-larks: & 11 Flor de I. A. I. --J: & Soii; .. 11 No. Street, New York. P.aok.93\ a:a.d. Xmpor-&r o:I' l l ERNEST FB.EISE, !:?..' Havana Tobacco. PACKER OF SEED LEAF. 1 1 No. H2 WATElit STREET, NEW YOJlK. 11 P. &, CC>. Leaf Tobacco and Ciga,ra. SHiii P:Bl.A.2'1.X... BT., 'YC>R.ll!E. Aacl Oalada ilel Moat. 199, Hay ..... I", Lo-.01 Y. Peaht 188'7. LC>:.i!:i.A.:N'O, PEJ."l"X>.A.& &, CC>., lYIANUFT'B.S OF CIGARS, CUBAN HAND MADE ONLY. .&lo Importer OJ: &, TC>B.A.0009 sa<>e P:BJ..&.:El.X... 1'Tll!JVV -'Y"O:El.:&::. J"ULXU'& &, lllANUFACTlJR.E.RS OF KEY WEST AND NEW YORK CIGARS. LA BELLE SENORA and EL MONTERO DE KEY WEST. Satt.faotioa I Trial Order. Solioited Sand for Price Llat Fao'tor:l.e a't :S::ey "VVe't Fl.or:l.c:l.a, & 'Y"ork. O:l'ty, Otlloe aad Balen-oom:-M lllURRAY STREET, NEW YOR.K. A. R. FOUCERAY, Tobacco lnspe..ctor. AppelutOO bT the Philadelphia Board of T?Nle.. 81 N. Pront St., Phllaulplda, Pa, s;lr" : .... d for liam.pleo aad Price 12 :4 Cl&:re&&e'Iakln1t In Prance. PARIS, July 9, 1888. JOS. MAYER'S SONS, ( FormerlJ of 122 Water Street,> Recently Gil Blas and the Rappel have undertaken, with the enterprise peculiar to them, a defenRe of unlawful cigarette making, and the articles which they have d<1voted to the deserve to be speciallv men tioned. By the side of many true and humor. ously stories, some exaggerations have been mtroduced apd have lent additional 1Jharma to the narratives.-Le Tabac. LEAF TOBACCO l TROJAN Scrau HA.ND and POWER. ,Simple I Durable I Effective ALL SHA.PTS OF STEEL, Dearetyue'aP&i.Apr.5;1881. CUTS WET AND DRY SCRAP. Cannot be Injured by Nalls or Foreign Sub stances fed in with the Tobacco. ALL FILLER ClJT UNIFORM AND OF ANY DISIRED SIZE. Complete Separation of Dirt from Smoking and i'Wer :N"C> FX...'Y"XN"G-X>U&T. Whelll cutting Dry Scrap will make 80 per ceD.t. leH waote than an7 other machine. Va.., June2, 1888. lteBArs. D&.uurrn.""B: it: Co Troy. New York. -DKAR STRB: EnclOFed please find my check in pa) ment tor the Scrap cutter, a.s per e nclosed bill, which you will pleAse receipt and return at your convenience. It gives me great pleasure to state that I baTe been in the cigar business for nearly twenty-three years, and have used many diifereot kinds et scrap but I fiDd yours tbe VJCRY BBBT that I ever came acrcss. and I will cheerfully add my name to recommeDd the mac:hllle to the trade. Yours respectfully, P. WHll'LOCK. SEND FOK (JIKCVL.l.BS. 3'7& :El.:lv-er Sl'l:ree't, :N. 'Y. MAZERES, FRANCE. FRANCE. L LACB.OIX FILS, -MANUFACTURERS OFCIG ABE TTE PAPER. IN BOOKS, Reams and Rolls. and Copying-Book Paper. XS.A...A..C, Sole Airent aad Attorney lD Fact ror the United State, Aloo Sole Atrent for the United States for -=GAMBIER CLAY AND BRIAR PIPES.=-otticeStewart Building, Broadway & Chambers Street; WarehouseWashington & Vestry Streets, 1'TEVV 'Y"O:El.:S:: CXTV, Distributing Store No. 69 Canal Street, New Orleans, La. Address P.O. Box 2,443, New York. X>is1::rib-u.1:i:n.;; .A.;;e:n.'l:s :Co:r the G-a:.:n.b:f.e:r CJ.ay :E"':lpes, FOR THE PACIFIC COAST. Michalitschke Bros. & Co .,,_ San Francisco, <:HICAGO-Sprn;'UC1 Warner & Co, ST. LOlJIS-F, R. Rice&; (..o, PHILADELPHIA-1'1. Ne,vton, !"i)X & Co. ; 193 P .earl St., New SCRAP BUNCHING MACHINE CO. HAND MACHINE CAPACITY, 3,500 PER DAY. POWER .. .. 5,000 u ONE GIRL OR BOY CAN O .PERATE EITHER MACHINE. Bener than the Best Hand-Work. 800 MACHINES NOW IN OPERATION. For terms, particulltrs and references to ADOLPH LEWYN. Sec'y. 1230 SECOND AV., NEW YORK. W itscft & $cft:mitt, ART LITHOGRAPERS & PRINTERS, ft'2'7e Just issued '2 '7er-g fiue cor r ectiou of llew li9gr lgf,ef s, tfte desi9us of -wfticfi. '2re Men. T:HaN Vn.. We will eheerfully mail Samples to the Cigar Trade on applieation. 9'4 New !Jorft


AUG. 1. -E '&, CJc>.. TE::E't.& C>JIF" -HAVANA TOBACCO ,,, N"o. 1108 PEJ.A.::E't.X.. EIT::E't.EEJT, IOfand 509 BROADWA.Y, NEW YORK. Tra4e Mark, We beg to call the at teDUoa Of the 'l'Nde to 0111' larp -nment Of and Speclalti... sultable for 1'urpooeo. J. LOPEZ ARGUELLES 4: LOPEZ, -1'JANVl'ACT1JREBS OF' CLEAR HAY.ANA CIB'ARS. EXCLUSIVELY. FACTORY AND SALESROOM: ass :.:ea,...-1 &-t., .CUBAN H.AlQ)..M'ADE OJGABS. 1114 111 6 Sansom St.. ft,, PmLAKLPHIL f \\\"t\\\\\\\\U I ,, tl \)t. WARRANTED PURE ANO FREE FROM ARTIFICIAL FLAVOR. w. T. HANCOCK,. S-aor to Salmon. Hancock & Co, MANUFACTURER OJI' Fine Coil, Light Press, Twist, Ka.vyand ... SunCured TOBACCOS, ,12i!=l.1ob TXJ on.Cl, Va. JSTC>TXCT.111. J'o the Cigar Trade and Public Generally. It having come to our notice that sbme un.scru. pulousand piratical manufacturers have ln!rlnged upon eur brand o! -II OLD VIRGINIA CHEROOTS by slightly changing the ruune and color o! label, we take this opportunity ot cautioning the public and trade genera.lly ag&lnst buying such goods, under penalty o! la..w. Our brand is registered and )ll'Otected by bw. Notice FBCt.ory No.11 2nd Dist of Virgilli&, on each box: also our name on 111.bel, etc. P. WHITLOCK,'. H.ICH!lllOND VA. BALBIN, MONTEALEGRE & CO., -Importers and Dealers InHavana Leaf Tobatco AND CICARS, I 03 Maiden Lane, New York. lleeelpt and Stock In all Weetern Markets. (Reported by Wm. G Meler & Co ) Receipts from Stock:son hand Jan. 1 to July 1. 1888 1887 1888, 1887. .... 32.411 65,316 34.939 26,984 ...... 11,509 25.893 10,928 11,861 St. Loms ....... 4 ,165 6 .249 6,779 7.341 Clarksville .... 21,616 23,119 14 672 10 779 Hopk:insvillo ... 4,434 7,611 3:887 s:347 ....... 7 ,861 10,356 6,367 6 ,436 Nashvil!e ....... 1 ,586 4 .270 1,318 2.273 Evansville ..... 1,253 ,3651 801 629 Mayfield ...... 5,987 7,605 3-934 4,800 'total. ..... 90,822 lM,070 83,625 74,450 Toltaceo Frelch& HUe In Hepllea4 Per 100 Pouacl. '(Reported by E. 0 Franke & Co.l LoUISVILLE, Ky .. July 2, 1888. Loul!'v1lle-New York:, 35c; Baltimore 33c; Philadelphia, S2c; New Orleana' 27c: New Orleans by river, 23c, Richmona' 27!i'c. Cincinnati-New y..,rk, Baltimore 27!i'c: Philadelphia, 28!i'c; New Orleans soc'. New Orleans by river, 25c; Richmond, Clarksville-New York. Baltimore 52!i'c; Philadelphia, 537'c; New Orleans, 25c: Paducah-New York:. Baltimore 41!i'c: Philadelphia, 42;tc; New Orleans 20c: New Orleans by rivet", St. Louis-New York, Baltimore 39!i'c; Philadelphia, 38!i'c: Richmond, 41?ic'. Hopkinville-New York. 59c; Baltimore 56c: Philadelphia, 57c; New Orleans '2!i'c'. Richmond. 51!i'c. Evansville-New York." 42;tc Baltimore 39!i'c: Philadelphia., 407'c. Nashvill" New York, 50;tc; Baltimore 477'c; Philadelphia, 487'c; New Orleans 21c '. Richmond, 42!-tc. Mayfl.eld-Ntiw York, 45ci: Baltimore 43c Philadelphia, 43c; New Orleans, 21ic. -"Pa," she murmured archly, "I am engll.f!:ed." "Engaged, the dev-the dickens you say I To whom!" "0 !"she '!"ent on rar.turously. "just think! he never drmk:s nor smokes, nor bjilongs to a dreadful lodge, leads a cl1111s at Sunday school and"-"Humpb I Member of the Salvation Army I ironically. "No, he's a drummer." "A drummer I Great heavens I Evelyn you"' "From Philadelphia, pa!" "Ohl" said the old man, with a sigh of re lief. "Bless you, children bless vou !"-Southern Criterion -Governor George C. Gorham met Col onel Henry Watterson one morning recently in New York:. "Had your hreakfastf" a sked Colonel W "A California breakfast. yes," replied ernor G. "What's thati" "A cocktail anda "Well, I've had a Kentucky breakfast," re-sponded Colonel W. "And that?" inquired Governor G. "A cocktail and a chew of tobacco." Then tbiiy ore;anized a Trust and went in and e;ot a New York break:fust.Washington Critic. PURE LICORICE PASTE MANUFACTURED BY lYlac Andrews & Forbe$ from the finest Roots, of their own collecting, curing, and importing, and sold under the annexed customary Trade Mark. Having unusual facilities, more than thirty years' experience of the business, and every improvement in the manufacture, they are in a position to offer to the Trade an article of Uniform Purity and Excellence, the high quality of which can be relied on under all circu"mstances. C>:al.oe-65 STR.EET, ( p, o. Boz 28.) ,08 & W8 EAST 69th STREET, JrEW YORK.-di> "CAMBRIDGE LollS Cat& a::.:! Granulalecl A pul't>]7 orlclnal Idea. Xanaf11Ctun!cl of U.. .......... klMlcooL .. HARVARD," ... .,. '1rflht 'TIJslmla '. c... VEGA, & CO., .IMPORl.ERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO, 187 PEARL STREET,. PRINCIP, E ALFONSO 105, NEW YORK. HAVANA, CUBA. P. &, C<>. V&' Tobacco and Ciga.rsw 11811 BT., Yc::>R.llE. Aa4 Olu4 '91 Keate 1111, Ha ........ ? NOTICE TO THE TRADE. The lollowing Labels and Brands are our oopyrigllW we caution Manufaetureflll &1>.t agama$ using the same. Infrinaementa wiU SPANISH GIRL The Panoram1t, Mark Twain, ,, Andy-Jackson The-Traveler, Hard No. I, Seal of Spaln.i c WM. CRAF A u--re lo HBBM.t.Ji -NITS ..... Cigar Manufacturers, Miiwaukee, M.A. MONTEJO,i DrrPOaTEa or HAVANA.. 'l'OBACOO. Tratc-Marks: 11 America''' & 11 Flor de I. 1.1. No. 191 Pearl Street, New Yori. ERNEST FREISE, ll!IPOBTEB 'OP Havana & Sumatra Tobacco. PACKER OF SEED LEAF. 11 :No. 142 WATER STREET, lfEW Yoax. A. R. FOUCERAY, Tobacco I nspe.ctor. Appelntod by tho Philadelphia. Boan! ol Trad8. 81 N. Prone Sc,, Plllla .... lpllta, Pa. I' Lozaao, 1(. Pend.a, 1887. ::E.!JEIN'1>.A.S &.. .. MANUFT'B.S OF CUBAN HAND MADE .Alo lmporcera O C:l:G.A.R-S &, LE..A.F TOH.A.CC<>, BOO PEJ.A.::E't.::C.. JU"L:l:U& &, CO., JllA:NUFACTURERS OF KEY WEST AND NEW YORK CIGARS. Our K.ey We& Brand LA BELLE SENORA and EL MONTERO DE KEY WEST. Sathfaotion GU1>ra.ate.ill I Trial Order Sollclted Send for Prloa Llrl :lrao1:ori.ea a.1: JEE.ey, Ne"CIV "Y'ork. Ci.1:y. Otllce and Saleoiroom:-61 lllURBAY STREET, :NEW YORK. W-IOentl for liam pleo &lld Prloeo i2;4 l Cl&'retteMaklnait 111 Prance. PARIS, July 9 1888. Recently Gil Blas and the Rappel have undertek:en. with the enterprise peculiar to them, a defense of unlawful cigarette making, and the articles which they have devoted to the subjAct deserve to, be specially tioned. By the side of many true and humor ously _told stories, some exaggerations have been mtroduced apd have lent additional charms to the narre.tives.-Le Tabac Dearstyne' Pat. Apr I!. 1887. TROJAN Scrau Macbines. HAND and POWER. ; _Simple I Durable I Effective 1 ALL SHAFTS OF STBBL. CUTS WET AND DRY SCRAP. Cannot be Injured by Nalls or Foreign Sub stances fed in with the ALL FILLER CUT lJNIFORl'll AND OF ANY DISIRED SIZE. Complete Separation of Dirt from Smoking and FWer. N"O :&"X.. "Y':l:N' G-::c>"CJ'&T When cutting DJ')' Scrap w:lll make 60 per cent. leH waote than any other macbiJle, Va. June 2 1888 Messrs. DEARSTYNE IL Co., Troy, New York.-DEAR Stas: Encl<>f'ed. please find my check In pa.) ment for the Scrap Cutter, as per encl osed bHl1 which you will please receipt and return at your convenience. It gives me great to state tba.t I have been in the cigar business for nearly twenty-three years, and have used many different kinds et scrap cuttef8, but I find yours the VERY BEST ihat I ever acrcSI!. and I will cheerfully add my to recommend tbe machloo t.o the trade. Yours respectfully, P WHll'LOCK. !!END FOB (JIHCUL.ABS, N. "Y'. MA%ERES, FRANCE. ANCOULEl\1E, FRANCE. L LACB.OIX FILS, -MANUFAOTURmRS OFCIG ABETTE PAPER. IN BOOKS, Reams and Rolls. and Copying-Book Paper. :l:&.A..A.C, Sole and Attorney in Fact for the United States. Also Sole Ajrent for the United States for -=GAMBIER CLAY AND BRIAR PIPES.=-omceStewart Building, Broadway & Chambers Street; Warehouse--Washington & Vestry Streets, "Y'C>::E't.:&:. O:J:T"Y. Distributing Store No. 69 Canal Street, New Orleans, La. Address P.O. Box 2,443, New York X>is't:rib"U.'ti.:n.9 .A.9e:n.'ts for 'the CJ.ay Pi.pellil. FOR THE PACIFIC CQAST. Mlchalitschke Bros. & Co. -San Francisco. CHICAGO-Sprasuc,. Warner & Co. S'.I'. LOUIS-F. R. Rice & (.o, PHILADELPHIA-M. Newton, l"ux & Co. Jos. MAYER'S SONS < Formerlf of 122 Water Street,> LEAF TOBACCO, 193 P .earl St., New York8 SCRAP BUNCHfflG MACHINE CO. HANO MACHINE CAPACITY, 3,500 PER DAY. POWER .. .. 5,000 u ONE GIRL OR BOY CAN O .PERATE EITHER MACHINE. Better than the Best 800 MACHINES NOW IN OPERATION. For terms particulars and references ;pply to ADOLPH LEWYN. Sec'y. 1230 SECOND AV., NEW YORK. == Witscft & ART LITHOGRAPERS & PRINTERS, fi."11.?e just issued. "' 1.?eru fiue cof .. fectiou of lew li9ar iaf,ef s, tfle d.esi9tts of wflicft "11'e Men en16.1Nat:.. 'J'KaN Vt"i. We will cheerfully mail Samples to the Cigar Trade on application. 9+ New '!jorft.


\ AUG. I.. THE TOBACCO I_...EAF. .... BmYOti EDMil ()rnnao. I S OTTERBERG & BROS .. JIAIWFAUl'OllEB8 O F FINE CIGARS. Cor. 2d Ave. & 22d St., New York. il ttENDEL & BRO., lannrru:turors or o. 15 Bowery, Ne"" A. Lichtenstein, Son & Co., CHAMPION CIBAR FACTORY. I Factory No. 278, 3d Dist; N. Y. -.aeVen et' Ille CeJebra1H-...... I Of Ctcu'U Queen Ellzabetb, Queen of 8oota, La Flor de Cubanas, Coeur de Lion, Champion, The Sweetest Thing on Hand. Romeo, Royal Eagle, The Fern. ; STEPHEN G. CONDIT, 445-447 E. Jenth Street, NEW YORK. lll an ... c& u re n Of CIGARS SuDt-a. t -ra. ,Taba-cco -OF-,. 309 E. 59th,J!:t New York. d3 CC>., .A.r:n.h.e:l.:A2.. .....,__ _Antonio Gonzales, ---.aTJSRe._ I HAVANA tEAF TOBACCO.I 180 ew York. EGG-ER,T cir, CJC>.; ::Cmpor"ter or AllD AOJUUU OF Seed. T 245 Pearl anti 20 Cllff Streets, New Yvrk. G-'D'BT.&.'V Euo:a:s. r AGENCIES-McCOY & CO., New York; LANDAUER & KA.IM, Medl1111l a..-C1garf, 11f9""" W.PRA.GlliR,ManufactlR"erot Chereot.a, New York; GARCIA &VBG.&, (tonmr17 Q011'C11a a ,.,0117.&1 ... ) owneNI of "La Duqueeita" and 0 La Rosa De brands, New York and BaY &ft&, (hlltt De l Aquila No. 100 ; TOLEDO :R:&:. SampleRoom8: BrakkeGroud. OF ROTTERDAM, DAVIDSON BROTHERS CMlloei O i;. VOOBBURGWAL 286, llec&o reeo-ea4 llaemuJv .. t'or&ll purcha98 or Sumatra and Java To-t Amsterdam, Holland. baeee oa Ille Dutc h J!Iarke&a. Havana and Seed Esq., Bread 11t., leaf Tobaccos J. H. A. GEBING, N. VAN BENS,. 143 WATER sT., Sworn Tobacco Broker. Sworn Tobacco Broker -Malden Lane, 1"11'-vv -ror1a. oFFicES AND SAMPLE RooMs = & SamDIB Room: Oostsingc l 1 5 o. z. Voorln1ri;wa1 290 4 ROTTERDAM. Ba.sob & Fischer, AMSTERDAM, HOLLA.ND. HEFErui:NcE:-Mr. J s Gan.a' son, 131 --------W ate r S t New York IMPORTaR& OF HAVANA AllePn*.. SEED LEAF TOBACCO, lMWA'l'BB ITRBET, .lllalde n Lane, .KEW YO:ax. JBifO. W. L<>V'E, MANUFACTURER OF FINE CIGARS, Faotorv Na. 28, 3d Diatriot, Y E. & G. FRIENB & CO., :PINE BO X ES FORLEJ,A.F' TOBA.CJCJ<>. b Slaoolta or bock dOWll I OIUI compete la prloea in Coun.eotlcut, P eJUUJ'l Yaaia, Wlaooada -d Ohle :a. :Jil-1: Sac:l.:a.a."Pl:79 Pe:rd.. <> IlllPORTER OF HAVANA LEAF Tobacco STEAM l'OOT POWER. Wlll make pluge of e.11 size&, !nm 1 to 4 I nc hes 'wide and from , J a NEW YQR,"IT L1ccnu .a FruKNo A. LB!P. TOBACCO, No. 190 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK H. KOENIG & co., 1& t corner 1st 14th STREET, NEW YO_RK CITY. HAvAN!illDSHED.Lw .'D.tH.McAl21N & GO., -ILllitlJ'AG'l'UURS 01' 'PC>:B.&.000&, 226 Pearl Street, New York. M. SILVERTKAU & CO HANUFACTUlUl:RB OF-'' Beauty Dots" C::CG-A.B.S, 306 E. 71st St. New York. ; THE CELEBRATED FINECUT 1 I VIRGIN. LEAF and NA.V I TC>B.A.OOC>, And all kinds of Smokfng Tobacco. Alm Jlaautaetureni o f the well-known Branda ol Bright l'lug Chewln&: : 1 1 'Onward,' 'Gold Shiolll,' 'Sailor's Eolaco' & 'Sllvor Sbiold. HOWARD L. JOHNSON, Manufactory &Salesroom, cor.Avenue D & 10th St. New York. THE BuchanaD. a Lyall, Suc c essor to PRICE & JOHNSON, lmporler. Dealer and Commiaaion Merchant in. LE A F -: -J 0 BA CC O, 119 lllaid e a Lane. New York. lSI o. 101. "VU' .A..:X...111 STJR.EJET, 'YC>:R.:&:. Pao1:or:y, B:ro.k.l.yz:L, :zsr. v., lllanuacture the roDowtn" CeJebraced Braad of :E>LU'G T<>B.A.CC <>7 SANCHEZ & co. PX..A.N"EIT, P A.NO Y D ARK: NAVIESi r iMPOR.TERS Oil' .N"EPTUN"E, 'l'ANC Y BRIGHT J.'liAVIEll; V It Ab .Jr':C.U&:E!E, llT.A!liDARD BRIGHT NA.VIES; U e a aJ 0 B.A.:J::C.C>JE'll'EI !ITAl'fDAB.D DAR.IE. l'fAYIB& l'ile rep11&Mloa of "'""" gooda 18 w o r l d ;wl.e Increasing sale9 of tdlem la proof ttl. their merica IF BEWARE OF IMITATIONS. LEAF TOBACCO, 011 Trade-Marl EP--T is Embnssed OD Etery l'lug.1 169 Front Street, New York. I JOHN BRAND a. IMPORTERS OF HAVANA, AND PACKERS OF Seed Leaf Tobacco, .SO Pennylvola Elmira, 'N. Y .. No. 1 4 2 W A T E R STREET, NEW YORK: PARRY & CROSBIES, TOBACCO BROKERS, f28 Paradise Street, Liverpoot, England. B RANC H OFFICE:-No. U CENT R A L WHARF, B OSTON MEERSCHAUM AMBER GOODS, Importer. ot FRENCH BRIAR PIPES & SMOKERS' ARTICLES, 69 WALKER STREET Corner Broadway -..LllDVienna, Austria. Send for Catal()j{Ue and Price IJst. We ha.vs no Tmvel1ing Salesmen. FINE CIGARS; ., otllee and Salesroom: 28:2 Ninth Ave., New York. PEASE TC>B.ACCC> CUJTiNG MA6HINE. KllY WEST, FLA. P o. Box R o 10. The E L RA YO (Jpr, New York omcc: 3 Cedar lh. SEIDENBERG & CO.,. I 111.ANUl'ACTURERS OF New York & Key West Cigars. 327 East Slxtythird St., New York. iv.l:A. 'Y' iir ;;'i 47' JMl:-u.rra7 8tree1:, .W-e"PIT Tork., IOLl& PBOPRIE'l'OB.8 OB THE PB.ENCK CIGARETTE PAPER. ll!J.PORTEBS OF A L L KINDS O F French Clay a.nd Briar Wood Pipes.. O:l5a.re1:1:e Pa.per :lu. :Reel.-. HOUSE IN PAR.IS, -. 17 RUE BERANGER. THE JOHN H. McGOWAN COMPANY l t Cincinnati, o., u. a. A .._ This Cut s hows o u r PATENT DOUBLE END' Finisher Press: With Patent Retainin g Lock for retaining the ri:ressure. We c o ntro l al l Patente for PJ'tlll8i.g To.baooo from BOTH ENDS -:o:HYDRAULIC PUMPS... -:e:Mould Presses -:o : M o uld s, HYDRAULIC and .....,, Boxi n g Presses, Bande and Be.-men ts, Steel F i nisher P l ates a n d T i ne HAND -d POWER WRINGERS Send for Catalogue P LEASU: WRlft -ouR ADDRESS PLAIN, aBd refer .. this pa.per in add-ressiug '.,


TIIE TOBACCO LEAF. AUG. I. Phlladelphla Advertisements. &, T .A.:K:TT9' IIDporters of Havana .AND PAbacc<>. Commission Merchants for the Sale of Manufactured Tobacco. I 07 ARCH STREET,-PHILADELPHIA. 1 Packers, Merchants and Wholesale Dealers in f OREIGN AND DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, I 17 North Third Street, Philadelphia. Balt.lm.ore Advertlsemente. WM A. BOYD & CO., An.Cl Packer or Seed Leaf Tobacco, 33 South Street, Baltimore .' E. BATCHELOR & CO., Packers of Seed Leaf and Importers of Sumatra. Tobaccos :J 08 1'Tc>r"th. B"tree'I:, .Ph:l.1ade1ph.i.a. LUXURY TOBACCO WORKS, 1' or Fine Cut and Smoking Tobacco. CHOWDER CUT PLUG -AND-LUXUry Fine Cut in Foil. FRISR:M'UTH BRO. & CO., } 151 N. Sd Scree& and 219, 221, 223 k 225 Quarry st., PHILADELPHl.t... ED. WlSOHMEYFR, HY. Wll>OWIEYER. ED WISCHMEj;ER & CO., TOH.A.CC<> COMMISSION MERCHANTS5 39 SOUTH CALVERT ST., Baltimore. Md. YOUNG. & NEWMAN, a.n.d. Xmpc:>r1:ers <>f Lea:f" T<><> 02 :N F.R.<>1'TT 01ST.R.EET, :E"..A.. BOLTZ, CLYMER & CO., FLOR DE AMERICANOS AND ENTERPRISE CICAR FACTORIES, P:e:::I:L.A.DELP::S::I:.A, PA. :VETTERLEIN' & CO., SEED LEAF and :c>EALERS IN TOBACCO ..A..:Fl.C::EC IBIT.R.EJEJT, f l -EWIS BREMER'S /' WHOLESAL:&: DEALERS IN AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCOS, "-. 822 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. c-g. Aesortment of all Jdncls of Leol Tobacco ooastantl:r ea 1umcl. .. : s cc'll!i v.1rnrrv0.FAIR _TOBACCO & N. Y. L. BAMBERGER & CO., PACKERS &. DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO. IMPORTERS OF and Havana, IU AJlCB: STREE'.l', PHILADELPHIA. AUGUST ElSENLOHR. FREYER & EISENLOHR, Paclcers aad Wlo.oleeale Dealer In LEAF TOB,AGCO, I 13 North Third Street, Philadelphia. EIEJ:N' J. L.AHEJ, Packer and Dealer ia 2:.-E.A.P TOH.A.CCC>, 231 and 233 North Third Street, P'hiladelphla. I .& llIANUF ACTURERS or u l'lllNEKS B:l:TK.&.1" "PORT"' "JI'. H. BIBeROPJl"8 GBBlll.AN,tt and Other Braada of Smokin&' Tobacco. Also "HERBB DE LA RBINE1 "SWEET NECTAJl," &11d otller llrand s of Paper and All-Tobacco Cigarettes. New York Office: 66 South Washington Square. rr-G_o. KERCKHOFr & Lt AF DEALERS IN SPANISH TOBACCOS.1 I OlJTH CHARLES ST, BALTllVIOHE, MO. l .. --. . : J. DUNN & CO.;' "l:J'n.:l.1:ecl. S"ta."tes Ci.Kar. DS:a.:n.'11fa.c1:e>rg, ..... :lo DVNN. li!l0'7 &T., P ":EEXX...A..X>:J!JX.FJB::K:..A.. -" HENBY HEYltU.NN, ftom East, west & South. w. G. MEIER & co., I R. ME IE R & co., HiNSiiirE SMifH &co LOUISVILLE, KY. CINCINNATI, 0, (FSrABLISHED tStO.J ., Dealers in BURLEY and DARK TOBACCOS 4 .JobeN Gonnocncnt Sood-loaf Tobacco DUNLAP & co.. F. w. DOHRMANN & soN, IMPORTERSof HAY.ANA, LEAF TO BACCO BR o KEHS 21, 23, 25 Hamplliln st. Sprinineld,M,ass. hoee-t.o Jno. B Cl-.-t & Co. CINCINNATI, O., IJanuftlclaJNn or NAVY TOBACCO, And Acenu Cor Prominent Vlrglllla D:lanutaeturer of Twist&. Plug Tobaccos. S. W, Cor, Vbe & l':ront Street., CINCINNATI, o. BRANCHES: llllamlebare, e:-UJaar Tobacco. :3CES. :l.:a.,J., O:lsar B.:l.'bbo;a. and all oilier Ctcarmaken llnpplle., -Large Stock ol' all the Leacling Laloel Hou.ea c..,.taatly oa Raad, ea o:c...a... 'Y BTB.EEJT, OXN'OXl!J1'1' .A.TX, o. HENBY GEISE, BENNO DAMUS, GEO. lL STALLO. THE GEISE LUMBER CO MANUFACTURERS 01' SPANISH CEDAR, CEDAR VENEERED & CEDAR IMITATION Cigar :Ele>JE L'U.mber Faotories: 101 & 103 East 8th St., Cinof.n:.a.ati1 and West Virgiaia, Offtoe: 93 CLAY STREET, CINCINNATI, O. Tin Tags, CUT and EMBOSSED ln Pl&ln or F&llcy Deslon, of Plain. Gilt or Colored Tin u.t Lowest Prices. Sample Tags and tult information furnished ;;m npplication. J.M. ROBENSON & 225 W, 2d & 52 Ce:>tral Av C:XN'C:l:"N'JSI" .A.TX, C>. JOHN OBERHELMAN, Leaf Tobacco Broker .TOBN E. PERKINS, J'.4M.KS c. Palrn Leaf Tobacco Works. PERKINS & ERNST, -AND-MANUFACTURERS OF Commission Merchant for Fine Plug Tobacco Seed Leaf Tobacco. Blue Gr&!!S (Extra. Fine). Pa.Im Lear, Drumstick, Speci<les: Bum.a.tra and Havana Leal'.1 lllue .T&y, Key Note, Butterfly Penny Plug, 85 West Second St.,.Gincinnati. 159-165 Ky. J'RA.NCIS F ADA.MS. IEa'ta'llU.hed 184'1.J HENRY F. A'l"EBIJ. P. P &. l11a110Caeiurers of the follWIDK Clelerated Brandl! er FINECUT CHEWINC &. SMOKINQ TOBACCO. Chewing : Tally Ho% Aromatic Smoking: .;,..;peerless, Excelsior,_ Standard. .A. U:p;;:.EE, V'U'::CIS. WM. L. HUNTTING & CO DEALERS IN AND PACKERS OF OJB:C>XO:J!J Connecticut & Havana Seed Leaf Tobacco, EAST HARTFORD, CON. A. f .' RICO & CO., IMPORTRRS OF Havana Leaf Tobacco, 18 Central Wharf, BOSTON, MASS. l'. H. KA.TO. nIOlllAS l1:1'K1Nfl0l\. P.H. MATO & BROTHER. Tobacco Manuf act'rs, RIOHMOND. VA. li'Sl'AlllJl!HBD BY ROBERT A. JlAYO OriglllAtors ot the alylo anti llB.IDll 1'1'.A.'V''Y NA 'VIES A SPECLl.LTY L'f ALL S IZJ:S. JAMES M. WISE, Commission Mercbanr Por Plu'cbBH of LEAF 70BACCO, B.XC:UDll:C>JSI VA. IL. H. LIGHTFOOT, Leaf Tobaeto Dealer, Olllce: Tobaooo Exchan[e Bnildiilf:, P. 0. BOX, No. 2 KICHlll:OND, V .&. SampTes of every grade furnl.shed on appDcatloa aRd e&eh package guaranteed up to 11&111ple. RKFEREKom1-Chas. Watkins, President. Ri chmond Tobacco Exchange: AJlell .t: Gin te r ; Kinney Tobo.cco Company; Pla.nters National Bank. v.-S. WRIGHT,., Successor to Ed.want Peynado & Co. / l>lREOl' IMPORTER 0F CHOltE HAVANA CtGARSJ J. G-. PL:K:N'T, Jr., 80LEAGENTFOR 1iANUFAcTURERe,OF1;.roBACco. Lozano.Pendas&ca.smcarHavanaGoodi' t1RANOHES-Loulsvllle Hotel and Gal' HFINE CUT: "lllay Qa.een,'' "Diadem." SMOKING; "ll'Ieatlog rnoud,'' 1 t.l.l. In granulated or cavendtsh. "," cut plug ln tin-foll, and cut or gronulated tn fancy bags Stapds.>"U. "V e, Y I "",.n grauulat.ed. hK.ID&: Bird," long-cut. D. E. SOULE, The Box Co., HOUSATONtc0f LEAFea1eT1DBACC0,,1 T EAF TOBACCO, NEW l!llLll'OB.D, ()ONN. Albany and Janesville, Cigar & Paper Boxes, 208 Elm Street, Fine Cigar Leaf a SpeeWty. BT. LOUIS, Mo. Ample Storage Room. _________ B. SUBERT & SON, L. Leaf &HaialiRTObaccil, ScraDS, 231 E RANDOLPH STREET LEAF :r.ii. 43 S. Water Street, Chioago, Ill. R. & W. JENKINSON, W. S. O'NEIL, PITTSBURCH, PA. Pae.leer and Dealer 111 cHEAPuciaARs OHIO SEED LEAF TOBAOGO TetheWholesaleTradeexcluslvely. Day'tp:n., O We control the output of many of the best facto--Order :f"or .Expo:rt and Home Trade ries in Pennsylvania.. Write for Bll.mplos prices. Promptly .&. ttended. To, W. F. ANDROSS, Commission Dealer, EA.ST HARTFORD, :El..A..000 amckotDark. Reeweated'Wrappcr.,ci c u r t 'S Ii LANCASTER PA ... PHILADELPHIA. PJDLADEL -Of any Hoase In the Sta te or lla.rylaad. "h!ch we make a. specialty. igar ruann ac nrers npp es, .. GE!i'l'S YOB TBS ll(lLLER., DUBR!JL It. PWrmt8 CINCINNATI CIGAR MOLDS, STB.U'S. Blv. -> T ESTABLISH-1848. E. E. WENCK, J; RINALDO SANK & CO., TB!! LEAF TOBACCO 1PANISH GIGAR FAGTORY. Commissinn lorchanl Commission Merchants, LASA & MJLLOS, s. w. cor Charles & Lombard Sts., Sl :NORTH WATER STREET d 29 s I Ith St :i3 U:I. :na: -nm-802 Chestnut an I to North Delaware Avenue, PHILADELPHIA. .o,..rd-.en..,. --------PHILADELPHIA. (EoTABLI!?HET 1857. ) X. S. FRECHIE J. ALVAREZ, -Importer of(Succesior to A. !11 rE:HIE) Fine Havana Leaf Tobacco Iannfactnrer of FINE CIGARS My own selections directly from the Farms in Cuba, 1 8 South Fourth Street, i'lll .... in.Jr.PHI,\. l19 Sonth Second St., Philadclnhia, Pa. -----------F. X. KELLY, Jre, HAPPY THOUGHT Tobacco Agencyt ll!I ..t.BCJD BT., PbtladeJphta, Pa. GENERAL AGENT FOil WILSON 4. McC.ALL-'V'S ,...., PLUC TOB' AC?,9.9J.!:....M. KEMPER & SONS, F.= VOREir_ N.FUREY, GEO.A,FOREF. JAS. A. HENDERSON & CB lmpbrters of Havana, Foree Tobacco Company, DEALERS IN \ AND PACKERS OF MANUFAOTUBERS OF Virginia and North Carolina FINE NAVY TOBACCO, :na::J:>. LOUISVILLE, Ky. F. :i:..u.-too,a N E. R. MITCHELL & 00., Bostoll, c. c. SLAUCHTER, JAMES T. KENNEDY. "'G'D vamnuL10BHR& Leaf and Strip Tobacco Brom Leaf Tobacco Broker, Ul ll JUU1UfA CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. llBNDEBSON, &r. Refers bypermllalon to 11.Mr., !aw;rer. Wallaoe 1106 t.o m' Koatgom.ery AenPHILADELPHIA. & OoitjNew-York; Tboo. Schwarts

AUG. I. Business Directory of Adrertisers. JfBW YORK., BHd IAaf ancl Ba-Tobclcoo ,,...,.._ .l.bmlrM,lllOl'eaPL .&rtadt & J'rlng&11t. 151 Water B&eb & l!oa, 166 Water llrand J &: Co. 1"2 Water st on .. rrord II:. M. &: Boa, 168 wDa-n Bro&. !'8 Day, Jou B. .t; Co. 121 Halden Lane Egaert Wm. &: Co. 216 .E'9arL Falk, G. & Bro. 171 Wate.,. IMedm&ll. Henry, 162 Water l'ltend E. &: G. & Co. l2'l !!alden Lane. Gau Broa. &: Boeenth&l, 100 Water. &ero1l8I L. &: Bro. 191 Pearl Oreenspecht M. 191 Pearl Hamb111'1f81' L &: llo. 174 Water Jotmson H, L 119 lllaidea lane Koenllr B. & Co. 226 Pee.rl Lederman Joe.&: Sons, 14-0 Malden lane. Llndbelm II. 191 Pearl. llqen' Joe lions, 193 Pearl RMUurrer Ill. Co. 172 Water Pulver, Dickinson & Co., 178 Pea.rt BelBmann G. 176 Water. Boeenwald E & Broe. 141! Water Boaaln s. Sons, 11a Water. l!alomoa G. & Jlroe. 133 l!Ial4en lane. l!cbroeder & Boo, 178 Water. llehub&rt B. & Co. 160 Water. lchulz Fred. 22.Hl26 Pearl llpeer L & Co, 184 Water l!plnprn E. & Co. 5 Burnng 811p Stein & Simon, 211 Pear Vpm&DD, Qarl. 4-06-40S E 59th. Wabllg Chas F 14 2d av'. Wolf Theo. Jr. !92 Front Vfrginfa. and W eat em Udf Dsltba Ferd. 78 &l Broad. Beusens G. 1 8 20 Broadway. Sawyer, Wallace & Co. 18 Broadway. Siebert Jlenry, 7B-&J Broad. Ware/&""' fOI' fM Sak Of Ma1'11( """ Smokinq .... KDler L. & Son. 165 Chambera Manu!&etured Tobacco !or Export. Jl&ttln & Broadhurst, 1P5 r"ea.rl Thompson. Moore & Co, 83 Frooli. OommWf.On. MerclW&fth Ben.Ml Brotllers &: Co. 46 & 48 ExO!WlP "-l:.D an. B&hn Brussel & Co. 4-23-429 E.63d St. B&ll Thoo. H. 209-211 E 87th. Heyman BroB. <1' Lowenstein, E. Mth Hofmann F. l31S.1320 Avenue A. l9CODf d & Co., foot ol 62d. St., East River Jacoby & Bookman, 88th 1t, near !St &T. JooeohsSam'l& Co. 822-384 E 63d. Lufman B100. & 'Bondy, 1211/I.181 Gran4. 11.erbs lit Spleee 101< to 1020 8econd AT. IUl4 110 to 814 FlftTfourth Kimball. and Co. 311 Warren. LeTY bros, .A. venue 0 ana 13th Street.. Llelltenateln Brothers Co. 38th st and 1st ave Lichteastein A., Son & Co. 309 East 59tb st Uee Geo P & Co. c or. 80th st and avenue A. LoveJ.W.18801stave. and 409E. 74thtl1i ..,ndel ll. w. & Bro. 15 1-2 Bowerv Moonelia A & Co., AvAnue 1> anel 10th S to 311 J!L 7Jd Straiton .t 8toriD. i!C6 East 27th, 8atro .I: Newmark, s. vcor. 73d st a.nd 24 &Y. Upm&llll t,;arl, 406-409 E. 59tb. Jmpo'l'C81'8 Of /!JUmaflra WrappM"B. Duye B. Jr. 175 Pearl Falk, G &: Bro. 171 Water Freise, ErnMt, 142 Water eralr L. 105 Malden Lane. Baye CF, 195 Pearl Blrseh, VtctoriWI a Co. 159 Water Roeenw&ld E &: Bros. 146 Water. Salomon M. & E. Tobaceo Co. d5 :Malden l.aJi8. llcbt'Oeder Ill: Bon. l?i Water Bcbmid L. 138 Water. Splngarn E. & Co., 5 Burling slip. Well t1L Co. 65 Plne. of HaVG1'<1 TO-o>IMI OIQGn. AJmlrall & Co. 16 Cedar. .Auerba.Ch Slmou & Co. 179 Pearl Ba.J.bln, l\loutealegre lit Co ., 108 l!Ialden Lane Bernheim J. & Bon, 19J Pearl Brand J. & Co. 142 Water st Dl&ll B. & Co. 157 Water Fernandez G. & Co. 000. Pearl Freise, Ernest. 142 Water. (rleG.m&n L Ce. 192 Front Lopez, ()allxto. & Co. a Oedar Lowensol.Ln A. 137 Maiden lane. I.osaao, .I: end&& &: Oo. 200 Pearl J(artlnes 1'oor & Co., tSU " )[lranda F & Co. 222 l'ear1 llonteJO Ill A 191 Pearl. Oppenheimer Ferd. 115 lllaideo lane 11a1.omon G &:; Bros. 138 Maiden lane. llaDCbez & Co. 169 Front. l!uehes .t BaYa. 81 Pearl SartorlUS II. \;o. 171 Pearl 9a10mon JI. & E. Tobacco Co 8b :Malden Lano Seymour Chai. T 188 Front Vega.. Morton lit Co. 187 Pearl Vlgll 0, 140 Malden lane Well& co. 66 .Pine _,ac_, Of Key W .. I OiQan. Slllniter J. & Co., 61 lllurray. Gato "E. H.. 88 Beaver Seldeaberii; &nd CO. ll'l'I 63d. -y, llla.rQJl8ll "Ybor It Co. till Water -""' f Ola Plpoo. Broe. a; BondJ', 11111 &lld 181 CinlD4 Jl[ay Bros. 47 Murray .. _,aad Briar Plpu _,, ,...,,.,._. of Bmok ... 1 A.rtfd4I. Demuth Wm & Co, 507-509 Br<>&dWllJ' Kautmann Jll'(l8. &: Boad:y, 1!9 and llSl Qraa4 Wel.s & Co. 69 Walker Manuf5eturera of Licorice Polk. (larenoa & Tur, 16-25 Whitehall )lac Andrews & Forbes, 5b Water Bcudder S. V. & F. P. 4 Cedar. llt&mford Manutacturtng Co. 1117 Maldea Lane We&Ter & Stern', Limited, 79 Plne. lAcorM>8 .l.nrulnillau. Wallace It Co. W and 31 B. WWCarenou & Tur. 15-25 Whitehall Hlllier'8 R. Son Company,46 Cedar Mac Andrews & Forbes, Water W'9'&1' & Sterry, Limised. 79 Pine. & ArSU1mllau. 2 and 4 Brlde .ll"""'odl>,..,,., of PotUrod Hillier' R. Son Company, 46 Cedar Weaver & 111ien7, Limited, '9 Plno. Seed IAacbelu. WlelEe Wm. & Oo cor. 1st ave. and Blat at. BuaoeU s Tobacoo Kn!Teo. awmero and llurra,., 16 Beade, l!ole .t.aeatl 2bl>..-JlacAlftert/ for Ciga r Manufacttwen. etnuaa. ll. 179-183 Lewis st. Toi>"""" Machlt>ert/. y Tob&OCO llaehlne;Co. 104 John /I. 9 Platt Willlams' Suctit)n Table. lobn R. Wllllams Co .. 102 Chambers, Agents Tobacc:o Baw'ftg. -n A. Barrlm&n .t; Oo 4M-459 Broome Cigarette Paper. Isaac, H, Stewart Building, Broadway and Chambers si.. of Waz Paper. 'Die Badlmenchlag lllfg. Co. 1182-W Greeawle!I lmI>Orters or French Cigarette Paper. Jlay Bros. 47 lllurray THE TOBACCO LEAF. The Sphinx Cigar Factory. SUTRO & NEWMARK, 2d Av. and 73d St New York. Factory Ne. 412, 3rd District. Mftr of Meerschaum and Amber Goods. Weis & Co. 69 r a.Ike r Progress Scrap Bunching Machine. Progress Scrap Bunching Machine Co., 1230 2dav. ALBANY, If, Y, Manufacturer of Tobaoco. Qreer' A.. Sons. 822 Broadwav All.ISTERDA1'1, Holland. Stooni Toba cco Brokef'a. Gebing J H. A., 0. Z. Voorburgwa.1 290 & 228. Harkema. G .. 0. Z. 286. ARNHEIM, Holla>uL Din. In Bumatra aM JatHJ Tobaooo Froweln & Co. BALTIMORE. llcL &d Leaf and H,..,,.,... Tob0rt IS. & Son, 231 E. Kl\nd olph Sutter Brotb.el'S a.ud lfl7 Lake Jlm&jfl of Fine-Out & Smoking Tob. Becl< A. & Co 44 an4 46 Dearborn WJi,oluak TobacconUta anti M'f'r' .dgenA.. Beot. B.-ell I< Co. 67 Lake a.nd (1 Btate l!Inftra. of fin Foil, Crooke J ohn J. 64 Franklin st Buyer and Seller Cuttings and Scmpo aad WbolesaJe Dealer in Lea.t Tobaooo. P!neoff L. 4$ S. Water Tobacco Dryer's Uniform Tobacco Dryer, SS Market CI'NCINWATI. O, :Ma.nufa.cturers of Cigars Krohn, 'Feis & Co., 'l, 8, 9 E. 6th St, G1,gar Boa; i11n>./JIA'. Tbe E D. Albro Co. 686-787 W. 6th, Leaf Tobacco. Meler R & Co. Newburgh L., 143 W. Pear TobaccO vommianon. .Merchafttt. Prague &:. Mat.BOD, and Fro:it ot Geise Cigar-box lJo., 98 Clay. Troet. s. W N. Cnnal ll[anufacturer of Tin TagS M. & Co. 225 W2d &nd5GCentral A'f Tobacco lllanufacturere. Dunlap A. L. & Co. 58 E 2d Leaf Tobacco JJr0-1. J>0bnnann F. W. & Son, cor. VlDfl and P'rtmt. Leaf Tobacco Bro ker in Sumatra, Havana apd Seed Leaf. Oberhelman John, 85 \V. 2d Mftr1. of (,1gar Molcli. lllller, Dabrul & Peters, 165-169 E. 2d. Mnftrs o! Havana Cigar Fl&TOr, l!'rlee. Alex. & Bros .. 46 E 2d. Mnrtrs of Tob&coO lllachlnery. l(oQowan Co. Johll H CLARKSVILLE. T-. Lea! TobaocO Bro-.. 'M. U. &: :Dohrmann F. W. &: Son. l[ellaedY Jae. T. ()OVINGTON, Ky, Jlanufacturtt' of Plll Tol>aCCO. Perklns .t. Ernst, 1 59165 Pke. DAXVfLLE. Va. and Bro'Mers in. Leaf Tobacco Benderw.>n.. JamH A.. & Oo IDcklon B. L & Co. OommaB81911-LMJ Tobaccbooco. Bl&elcwell's Durham TobBcco Co. J4Jr of .BiacktoeU's Durham Cfgarettea. Blacl BrolHr. TllompeoD Gee V HAVAXA Cuba. 2'>/JclOCO and Ol{/ar Cowo .. -JI....,,..,,.,.. BaTan& TobacOO Co. 64 Prado Manufacturers of Cigars. Cortina y Goonez, Calle de la Estrella 1114. Jdiranaa F. Qa.lzi..da. df'll Moor.e 11:19 OrdeLx Julio J 50 Ban Ygnaclo st Roger Pedro, 49 Factona street. HENDEBSOK. :&.7 f'ObaccO Brom. Slaughter G. G. HENDERSON, l'I. (J. ,., TobacOu BroJWrl. Lewll &: Thomas. .JANESVILLE and. &LBANY, ..... Packer of and Dealer lo Leaf Tobacco. G""'ne F. C. KANSAS CITY, Mo, Wnoles&le Dealers In l!In!d and Sm.ta: Tobacco and Cigars, also Smoken ArtlC!eo. Bachman J A a; Bro. li41 Delaware at Dealers in. Ba11a1ta and LJJ Tobaeoo 11.!tchelron J. C. & Co 801 fielaware st XEYWEST,Fla, Canals E or Cig&r1. Cartaya J. E. & Co. Trujillo D. L. & Sons, LANCASTER Pa. Fr Packers of and Dealers In Leaf Tobacco. ey Jacob L. 213 W King st Skllea & Frey 61-ell N. Duke s t Insurance and Re&1 Estate Bausm&n & Burns, 10 w. Orange Bt. LIVERPOOL. J:ns, Tobacco Brokera. Parry & Crosbles, fl8 Paradise Street. LONDON, ED&" Tobacco, Cigar and Leaf lllereh&nt. Graff L. 6 Feachurc h Buildings, E. C. LOUISVILLE, K7 F 1'1"1/ Tol>acco ..!Nat#acl1rJooo. 9.,,,able S. W. & Co. PHILADELPHIA. Beed Leaf and nrr t o ToOaooo Wrehouau. L. & Cv iJl "-""b l!&tcbelor E. d'! 0o. 109 1'. Water lsremer'S Lewis Sons. 822 Nort.b Tblrtl Donan lit T<t 10'1 Arch J;Teyer & 113 North 8d : Labo Benj. 201 l'iorth 8d. :M.cDoweu .M. J!:. & Co. 603-005 Cbestnn' J. Rinaldo It co. 32 North Water Teller Bro.bare. 117 North Tblrd Vetterleln. J & Co .. 115 Arch Young & Newman, 62 N Front Imoortcrs ot Havana Leaf. Alvarez J. 11 South 2d. Portu ondo, Juan F., 1114-1116 Sansom. Importers o! Havana atld Sumatra Tobacco. CJrea&b J B & Co. 134 Cbo>stou" Man.UJacturers of et-aan. Ba.tcbelor Bros. 1231 Chestnut. Holtz Clymer & Co. Dunn T. J. & Co. 207-009 N. Broad Eiseolobr O. \J36 Market Frechie l!I. S 18 So u t h 4th. Gray, M.orale111 & Oo. 614 Pfne. Boltowa.y & Swaim, 705 Market Lua tt. Mil1os, 29 8 Ilth and BO:l Chestnut Mang e Wiener.& Co. 1100 Mootia'omerv avenue Me c k e C. W. & Co., 1906 and 1908 North 6th Poriuondo Juan F 1114-1116 Sansom 'lbeobald & Oppenheimer, 111 Nort.n 8d lllrtnl or ll'ln...CUt and Smoking Tobacco. Frlshmuth llro. & Co, 151 N. 8d and ll'aBQuarrJ Tot>accO ln1pector. Fougeray A. R 113 N. Frouc Ma111i1J.faetm'M'I ej LtMriDs The llolellor & Rittenhouse Co., 21S North 22<1. J(fr' .d.g.,.t for PIU{l aM 8'n8!ring .,..,._, Kelly F. X. Jr. 11i AJ'Ch Oigar Buz LabtfJJ and 7Wmming1. llarrlB Geo. S & Son, 716 Arch M. 603 & 605 CHESTNUT ST., PHILADELPHIA, 1014, 10161 10181 1020 SECONDAVENUIE, 310, 312, 314 AND 316 FIFTYFOURTH STREE'i', lSTE VV 'V C> :Fl.:H:. .AG-ENT& FC>R BLACKWELL'S DURHAM TOBACCO CO.'S Cennine Durham Smokin[ New York, Boston, Pittsburg, Ghicago, St. Louis and Gincinnati. ISIDRO ARQUELLES, SPANISH CIGAR. MANUFACTURER, Propr:letor of the Brans LA FAMA, .LA TUYA, LARITA. 172 PEARL. ST.,' NEW YORK. R. President. J. BROWN, S ,eptember 6, 1886. OF CIGARS TC> BROWN & EARLE, LICHTENSTEIN BROS. & CO., Factory No. 50, Third District, N. Y., Cor. 3Sth Street and 1st Avenue. Factory No. Third District, N. v., Cor. 3Sth Street nod lit Avenue. O:fti.ce : -3Sth STREET and 1st AVENUE, '<>rk. 129 & 131 Grand St., near Broad.way, New York. Stea111 Cigar 1Box Factory. ea, 100 :i.02 N or'th. oa.:n.a.1 st., C:L:n.o:L:n.:n.a't:I., <>. Abo Manufacturer of the Veneered and lmita.tion Cedar Cigar-Box Lumber. Sample furnished on Application. Send for Price-List, The only ln the that 111tock or all Label .Publlsh.e4 ln th,.. R. L HICKSON & CO., P1JBCHASERS OF Virginia and North Carolina LEA!<" na:n.v111e, va. Orders and Correspondence Beot of References g:iven. VALUE OF 'FOREIGN coors. Cents. I Cent.. Austria.-Florinor guiJItaly-Lim.... . . der.... ... .. .. .. 4.5.3 Japan-Yen......... .. Belgium-Franc....... 19.3 Liberia-Dollar. . 100 Bo livia-Peso.......... 96.5 Mexico-Dollar. .... Bra.zil-Milreis... . IH.5 ... 26.E Britis h N. America....... : . 88.6 Dollar . .. . 100 Portugal Milre i s ot Central Amer.-Peso.. 91.B -t,OOOrels ............. $1 OS ChtU-Pe_,o, gold.. 91.2 Russi:i.-Rouble o f 100 Denmark-Crown... 26.8 .. . 73. Ecuador-Peso........ 91.8 Sandwich Wands-Del 1C O nf 100 la_r ... o.riW piasters .............. $4 97.4 Spain-Per.. 9 France-Franc... .. 19 3 c .. ntimes.... l ... Great Bdlain-Pound Sweden-Crown....... 268 .............. $4 8'% -wi;zerlanrt-Franc .. 19 .3 Greece-Drachma...... TripoH-Mahbub of 20 Ger Empire-Mark... 23.8 plllSters.... . . 82 9 Holiano-FJorln or gull r. . 4 8 der ................... 38.5 U S. ol Colombtan 6 Jndia.-Rupee.... ... 45.84 Peso......... .. .. 111. A kilo equals 2.5 pounds. A pfenning equals .2% ot one cent. An E nJ[lis h shl1Ut)g equals 2-1. 3" cell.1 s A.ii cents. Brltlob Tobacco, LoNDON, ENGLAND June 25. Editor Times :-Before the culLivation of tobacco in Britain i s absolut ely condemned we ask to b e beard in its defense, inawiuch as we have spent several hundred pounds in the interest of the B ritish agriculturist wit h a view to establish the fact \Thether tobacco could or could not be grown here; and we beli e ve the evideace we offer will more tban further experiments. With regard to the manufactured tobncco sent ou t by Messrs Cope, in common fairness it ougbt to be u!'l.:erstood tbat no foreign ele went-in the shape of scents or fl.avoriags has been u s ed, whereas we are given to un d e 1 'staod that the custom prevails to add some form of flavoring or perfume to Lie .various grades of tobacco sold by the It i s, therefor e, not surprising that aiter the public taste has been educat ed to tl:!e u se o f the blended and artificially flavored ar ticle it should object to the novel character of the real and pure tobc.cco. W.e maintain. that tbe fairer would have been either to hnve giveu the artifici a l a ssistance usually added t o the foreign to bacco or to have sent of the latter pure and dressed in the same wav as t he Britihgrown. JAMB:S CARTER& Co 237 and 238 High Holbo 1 o, June 22. LONDON, July 2 Editor Time8:-With to Messre. James Carter & Co. 'a l e ttet in the Times ot < "' .:z l'TI ii>' m fl) = '=' m Ill 111::1 0 .. "" r-!!" "" c: !i! :s:: co m = day, we shall b e gll\d if vou will us to explain that the tobacco grown by firm and manufactured by us was treated with tho same care as would been bes towed on any other experimetl{; in which the public felt general intei:est. 'l'he purpose of the P.xperiment was t<> aff?r.d smokers,. a !Ileans of forming au opm1on on the merits of English-grown to bacco. '.l'he only mode of doing so was t;o. take care that it really wa! what it purported to be-namely, English grown tobacco. If tobacco of any other grade had been intro duced, the experiment would have been delusive, as it would have been impossible to d c fiae whether the qualities of the manufac article from the constituent parts w h1ch were of Eni;:lish or of foreign origin. We quite agree with Carter that quality would have been improved ey an admixture of American leaf, but on the other band, such admixture would h&ve ceased to afford any crioorion of the merits of English t ob acco. We do not think it desirable that weahould enter upon the question whether or not ba the recent and many earlier experiments that; the fiE;cal difficulty lB a t tJresent If tobacco is required to paythe same duty as forsigngrown tobacc0, the' latter w ill inevitably command a preferen< i n the market. Thi s phase of tbe proble.m involveB controversial i ssues which we had better refrain from discussing. CoPE BROTHERS & Co. (Limited). Tobacco Worll:R, Lord Nelson street, Liver-poo l, June'25. Under'date of July 2 the St. James Gazette:. publishe d in reference to the above corr__. poud e nce the following:Mes srs. Cope Brotbera bit the nail of tb11.1 British11;ro1Yn tobacco queijtion on the hea. when Lhey ass'lrt that be problem is not all? agricultural but a fiaca l one. Tobacco caa grown at a profit In Belgium orGermaoy it cannot bo g._-own pro fit in England; the s01l and chm.ate oe practically-1 dent?Cal. And for that in Eng lantl the cost of product ion 1s only a fraction. of the total pri..:e that is paid by the retoili In other 'vords, you may r educe t he cost of the raw toba\:CO by one half, but as the duty remains as at present lbe. c on sumer will not save a farthing an ounce N.aturnlly, h_e will prefer to a:ratify h1s ti.ste for the P11per1Vr article provided he cun do it at so a cost. To put a somewhat parallel m otance, a very considerobleo reductiou. in the price of cardboard not produce much eff ect in reducing the first. cl,.,ss rail way fare between London and th6" H tgblands. l\hssrs. Co pe dtelare distinctly that as long :is BriLish grown tobacco pay& tb.e duty as foreign grown, tbe latter 1V11l mev1tably command a preference in the market. But .his pba9e o f the problem inv J i ves controverdial issues whi.Jh "e had u etter refrain fro ru discus3ing." TD.BACCO MACHINERY, T .OOLS AND SUPPLIES FOR GROWERS ARD MAN'UFACT11R.ERS OF TOBACCO. SILAS C. HUBBARD, Grower & Packer of leaf Tnbacco, HA TFIELD1 MASS, & MATSON, BROKERS A.ND REHANDLERS. CINClNNATI. 0. B. DIAZ & CO., Importer HAVANA_LEAF TOBACCO, 4 ,, / -v-' --------------STREET, KEW YOR.X. :EiC .A.. FC>:E'l.:E'l.EJ&T db CC>., JMl:a.:11:1:u.:f'a.o't"U.rer ,.._ _;-............. General Agents: New York Tobacco Ila.chine Co., I 04 John St. & S Platt St., -,,, o. Box 2183, I .7'


> THE TOBACCO LEAF .. AUG. GRAY, MORALES_&, CO., BLACKWELL'S Manufacturers of CUBAN HAND-MADE l HONEST, POPULAR,] Is the Most UNIFORM, Smoking Tobacco on the Market. LAND SATISFACTORY BA VAN! CI&ABS, 514 PINE STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA. YERY J. BT:R-IEDER, CIGAR BOX MANU!' ACTUREB., AGENT FOR ar talllil John Anderson & Go., P. dz.. :MANUFACTURERS OF HAVANA CIGARS, an.Cl. "Yo:rk.. Office an. d Salesroom&: No. I 7 Warren St., New York. lllANUF ACII'URERS OF TIJE ''S G L 0 E,:J' I ALWAYS ON HAND KEY WEST HAVArtA CUTTINGS ANO TABLE SCRAPS. Agent for the Williams Little C lant Bunching Machine. ClGil l!Nlll'AC'l'Ul!ERS' SUPPLIES. DEUE>< '" SPANISH CEDAR CIGAR BOX LUMBER. j 2 109 WASHINCTON ST., BOSTON, MASS. 1 E stablbh.ed about 1570. GEBRDDER KLINGENBERG, DEJTDC>X.D, GEIR.JMl:.A.:N "Y, Typosrapher, :m:a::ia. bo-er-. Sh.ow Carda and FanCJ' Labels for Beer. Wbae, Fruita and Preoervea. Cigar Box, ,Labels a Specialty. e w De.ten for P r i vate Labels conatant17 on hand, Orders receive d b7 @ .. ECKMEYER 4t Co "2 Beav-Street. 1'ew Yerk; Sole As-ts. CROUSE & CO., 36 WAIUU:K BT., 1'EW YORK, lllilitJJ' ACl'lTBEBS OJ' mGB GB.ADE CIGAR& AND DEAI.Jll!8 IN X.:m.A.:11" T<> J'-toq 186, Id Dlat., l'f. T. lole Preprletors ot ti>e tollo ...U.. Bnu1 d st-811.& TEM.&L .& RONZB 111 ..... BOii.& DEL NOR.TB, BIO DON- l!'L".)R. DB VIOLll:TT.&9 EL PR.ll!IEH.&, l!'LOB DB11'1.&NT.&liZ.&!I, LA. P-ICDOL .. BOSll9, NBW XllllmET. El,. I STlllO,... VBGVBRos, OVH TEBBITOBT. Samples turnlahed upen app-tlon. "STRAITON & STORM, KEW TORK. All Cigars or onr Mannfactvre bear the ,,} hternal Revenue l'fv.mber of our FM>tor,., . d. d// SPECIAL FAVOUB.S 1The Best Cigarette. an.d o' FINE tUT CHEWING AND SMOKING TOBACCOS, 114 and I 16 LIBERTY STREET, 119 191 S1; SPANISH LICORICE PASTE. Sole brand "CARENOU & TUR," S: o formerly P 1 L A R." g -MANUFA CTURED BY.g' 8 """ CARENOU & The Mrs. G. Miller & Co. TOBACCO. 1"LUn1F ACTOB.Y. lln'.&BLJSBBD lftL ftAKLft. lo. L.t.Tr Preiiaaeac. OC>X.'UJMl:ESX.A. &TR.EET, -MANUFACTURERS OJI'. THE CELEBJl.ATED-PLAil'f FllfE CUT CHEWING TOBACCO Dr BLUJ: PAPERS Sl:!Sl U:JP:JPS11 Rose-Scented Maccaboy,Scotch, French Rappee,American Gentleman "SXGJ.'lil'" .AX..". Oh.&'PV:l:ia.s, One O z l"oU .&Imo, Plro t and Seeo a d Quallt7 8Jnokha11:, In Blue Paper o. SWEETENED FINECUT -Dark and Light Grape. Forest Rose. Club. 1'1..&Y .&PPLE and PBJZB LBA ll' FINECUT, la Foll. 0 O FACTOB.IES ZABAGOZA, BPAIN, !1l Office: Kemble Building, 15-25 Whitehall $t., N. Y. f == ALLEN & GINTER, if.I. Sole Agent for the States of North Carolina and Vlrgiaia, g D, V' .A.., DAVENPORT & MORRIS, Richmond, Va. 1-3 Hanllfaotarars of Fine Grades in Standard JlraJ1deof EXTRACT woRKs. Cigarettes & SmokingTobacco :ma:mivo:m <>F HAVANA CIGAR FLAVOR New York Depot.. ............... 23 Warren Street. Chicago Depot: ......... .. .. .. 120 Dearborn Street. San Francisco Depot ...... -226 California Str'eet. TJR.XPX.:ID OC>1'TO:mll1'TTR..A.TEl:E>. Depot In London, England .. 55 Holborn Viaduct. FOR FiLLERS. FOR BOXES. ar-Price per pint, '6; per gaJt on, '40. ,....-. I "'11V'X:r...X.. NOT :m'V .A.PO.RAT311. 11&;,,plebottlee tq make O N E G.&LLON o r STRONG FLA.VO& o n receipt o r tllllOWlt. W E A LSO llANUFAaruRE ESSENCES for TOBACCO Flavors of all kinds. CIG.&:a Cl0LOB8 D ry "'d In Liquid. All !IFBCIA.L PL.& voas. It d esired, made to ord e r J. H. MERC'ENTIME & CO., 168 Oh.ambers Street, New York. LICORICE PASTE lHE STAMFORD MANUFACTURING CO r i.a7 1M" 'CDBN .Lo.AN:m ; -"FC>:i&:UiiC.. 'l'he "l'rlille h&Tln&' Cleman d od a Btt perlo>" and Cheape r Arlicl l;ban -Mtherto uaed, t.b11 Com..., ;. ...... ud olrering tor ll&le, LICOI!iC E :PASTE (under the oJn. 'dlmford" hnmdl or a llluf M a PRIClll whlcll can hardly fail to he &cY..-ptabl e to all alviag .It & mat LICORICE PASTE. RODRIGUEZ & GARCIA, l!Ianutactnren or FINE HAVANA CIGARS, 20, 22 4 24 Cold St., 1\Te-.pv York.. M IXTUtlES F OR PIPE OR CIGARETTE. THREE K INGS, Turkish, Pe.rfque and Virginia. M'.ELLO W M'.IXTUR.E, Tukl8h !'nd l'erique, TVKJUSD and VIHG JNI.&, PEKIQUE and VIBG l I.&, QEN U I N E T UHK18H, FLAKE CUTS, Esl'ECIALLY ADAPTED FOR THE PIPE. V'.a:ia.:l.1'y F.a:lr. <> l.d G! &al.:a::ia.a.g-u.n.c1.:l, Granulated. A New l'llixtuN. Fra[ran t Vanity Fair, snverlatirc a n d Cloth of Gold. Kimball' s SATIN STRAIGHT CUT CIGARETTES. People f reftnod taste who deolre exceptionally ftne Cigarettes should use only our !lt ral11:h t cut, "1t np In Satin paebts and boxes of 108, 20s, 00s and JOOs. Our Cigarettes were never so fine as now. They cannot \>e 1mrpassed fo r purity and excellence. the pureot Rice Paper used. Enablla h e d J 846 1 4 ll' lrol Prize l!Iedalo. WM. S KIMBALL & CO. Peerless Tobacco Works, Rochester, N Y. 1 ., +. WARRANTED STRICTLY PURE. R. HILLIER'S SON COMPANY, "DOUBLE 5" 2-oz. FINE CUT. 4.8 Cedar &1:ree1'1 1\Te-.pv "York.. .SPANISH LICORIGE GREEK LICORICE I SPANISH AN D GREEK LICORICE PASTE IL ALL SPECIALTIES :FOB PLUG ARD FilfE-CUT TOBACCO. I eopo er on Clive Oil, Tonca. Beans, Gums, Flavors, POWDERED LICORICE. ROOT and POWDERED LICORICE PASTE. fDWDERED LICORICE ROOT and PATENT POWDERED LICORICE. FLA VOB.S FOB. SMOKING TOBACCO. 155 Chambers St., New York. .... AS FOR SMOKING TOBA'"CO ALL s PECIALTIES :FO:a PLUG AND FINE-OUT TOBACCO. Grand Hotel AR v Special attention 11:hen. t o 11Ianu f a el11rere !Uedleyo, Pa" saiie LICORICE MASS FOR CICARS. .&UGoodol!lhlppedPreeo nBoard. --SY"" Samples tlH'llished and special quotations given for any article required, -----WM. UPTEGROVE MELLOR & RITTENHOUSE COMPANY, cb :BR.<>., Spanish Cedar -.Ott-218 1'7. RRd &"tree-t. CIGAR BOXES, MANU FACTURERS oF SPANISH AND Standard Wire Nalls. LIG OBICE PAS:l B. Foot of Enst I 0th & 11th St. er.ti-............. '1eMra1 ._.. .ALSO x. a: J\. "tla.a.H &TICK. I,Icomoz, .ALL BIZE& I lllANVP.&CTVBBB OP ) .. ,Al .. l>EALE:a& la DRUGS and LICOJUCE JLOOT. 4 Cec\ 81;:ree1:, ear Pearl Street, 1'Te-vv "York. D. BUCBNEB a a O., Miller, Co., C>NEXD.A. TC>El.A.OOC> Creaseles s Vertical rop 133, 135 4 137 MUL.BERRY' STREET, NEW YORK. J Tin Lined & -GIGAB. MOLDS -MANUFAm'URERS OF-Plug & File Cat C h ewing&: Tobaccos, Snntr &: Cigarettes. J.. 6. BllNCHAR D GOLD GOIN GHEWING TOBACCO. lllanu&ctnrel'!I o f all Braod8 formerly lllannfac> tured by Thos D o)'t & Co, Ci.gar _&ha,pers. Etc .. Etc. 413-417 E. 31st &treet, oor. let Ave., New YOlkl-,.., 165, 167 4 169 E. Pearl St.1 o 1 11 Tchoupitoulas Street Orleans, La., DePJ' ml Aaency ror t he P ac ific Coasts AGEN'J: F O R SAID CITY. aocs a. 308 Battery StreM. San Francisco, Cal. i I I O' ..= ,, Cl. CG 41 ..... ... tlQ :l m 0 cu G> I-CD ..... ., Q E a; 0 0 :E I: CQ '!'h e LARGEST and only FIRST -CLASS H OTEL on the Illand t>f Cllba; situated In the beat part o t lhe city. Enlarged, lmproTed, new sanitary arr&1Jgements, new ID&ll&pm o nt. Ka o t under American IAd European pla ns. Complete accommodation for strangers. P. :m:. Castro & Co., Proprietors. ZURICALBA Y & ARGUIMBAU, 2 and Briqe St., Kew York. (l'. 0. Box Importers of Fine Licorice Paste, BOOT, OLIVE OIL, a.. We off-er for Sale the EXT.BA FIKE ..... Brand Spanish Licorice. A &al Good .Artlole. I n OUM Ibo. """11, Pll RH ,i\'Ult:r Ao / -t. ; '/'-' J\ / Y' it .,_.'(." DB.&ND, Strong, Pore aad ot Good J'l& Ynr. Lleoriae Boot, Ordinary a W.OW. In Balee and Bundlee POWDERED LlCOBIOll PA.STE, Ground f rom Flueot Imported. Brand Powdered Lloorioe, Made from the Ffoest and Seetest Boot. tree trem any Adulteration OLIVE O:iJLi "A-or br an d o f OIL. In .,..... JO oae g on &In Uniformity, Accuracy and Satisfaction Cuaranteed. CAMPBELL & CO., l!lan11tac&-.uw. et Fino cut & Tobacco. Dealeri In SN1JFF, CIGARS, PIPES, &c Wheleale and Belall. M-22 Br-ide-e St Newark, JJ .I. Jacob Henkell, 1'1A.NtJPA.ClTVRBB OP Cl&AB BOXBS. SUPERIOR MAKE A ND PRlllll Q UA..LIT1' O P Cedar JlA.NUll'ACTURER OF ALL KIRll8 OJ' X.XT:EICC>GR..A.P::EEXO Cigar-Box La.bels, 297 Monroe St. New York. nenanco Ci!ar lf annracton. S u cceomor to D, Dll'llCh & co ... 129, 231 It 233 E '111t It., Kew Torlr. The following Brands aDphf8to, Jupiter. Old J u dn, SJgma, Moss Rose, Samson. Non&fPJCh, Succet111i Snow Flake. Beai:ts' Delight1 BlgTbJng. Our Castle. Game Rooster, V1rglnh.ll!, Plurk, S.orfatl. 'Meg. Gulo liv e r Plantagenet, Fearnaught, The Mtmtezuma, Commercial CJub, Boston Clu b Unl.,ersal Stan dard, Solld Value, The Fashion, Lo n e St.a r. &olden Cw-ls, Falstaff. El Engagno, Plcadll!o, The l!Uieii Las Gmclas, N S. Factory No. 973, 3d Coll. Dist. NewYort D HIRSCH, Genei'al Manager. All grades of Plain, Colored Em'boa..a, and Ena meled Tags H ade to Ord-. 38 BRIDGE ST.1 BROOKLYN, N. Y


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