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Eye of the Beast

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Eye of the Beast
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Tampa, Florida
Church of the Apocalypse
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Underground press publications -- Tampa (Fla.) -- Florida ( lcsh )
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Description based on: Sept. 4, 1970.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Eye of the Beast

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January 4, J 971 church of the apocalypse pobox 9218 tampa, fl 33604


in their car when a pair of Tampa police patrolmen appreh ended them. The tri o ate their grass before the police could put .constraints on them. No weed, no evidence. The police continued to harass the three, with some verbal counters coming from a crowd of people assemb led. The two po Jicemen decided to call it a day and withdrew. In a short while they were back with reinforcements. The crowd, too, had grown, belligerent toward the mas-sive police and some rocks, bottles and oranqed were hurled. No arrests resulted, at that point. The next day proved to be m 'ore i esting. Some one thousand people were present when old Country Paul, better known to his listeners as just ''Country,'' gave the after. noon briefing. The people were told they would be patrolled by "crowd marshalls," that things were getting out of hand and that some sort of marsha -lling was necessary. The marsha 11 s were to cooperate with the undercover (how the hell do you do that?). Country informed everyone that if the area of all debris by 10:00 p.m. the be closed. Country further explained that dope (the predominant dope there is grass) 'vfas respons'ible for the police harrassment. : Later in the afternoon a dude smoking by the river. He was being placed in the patrol car at approximately the time when several people came by. Words were exchanged between the passers-by and the cop, resutling in the cop attempting to arrest.them.for profanity. The arrest was resisted, the cop knocked_on_:his ass, and a crowd of people surrounded the patrol car. A number of rocks and some minor damage was d?ne to the car. This brought good ol 1 and a musician to the stage an element of the crowd as being The police then ordered the park closed, by direction of the park commissioner, at 5:30. Much disagreement ensued over to fjght, whose fault I!!B!!!III' i was, etc.,; the_rest.d being a co-option Tampa has joined the ranks of most move on the part of the police--you can Amerikan cities its size by having its in the park no_music. Finaily most popular park occupied by the police. the official word came out: anyone re:Two weeks ago on Saturday, some four hunmaining after 6:00 would be arrested for dred people were assembled in Rowlett trespassing. A few didn't leave and six usual things were happening--frisbee, were arrested .for trespassing on the 11, a little rapping and a little people's park. being consumed. About 2:00 that af-Sunday last was a retake almost _rnoon, three freaks were smoking of the first. The park had bAAn alla.weCI D-D-D-a0 -D0D0DAlien Registration: and sisters,-the time has come once again for us to get our together. The head-count of our nation is getting higher than a circle 9f dope-smoking freaks, but we need con t1nua1 se1f-identity to give us more strength. Together peoples throughout history have proclaimed themselves. Join hands, together we'shall smash the state. Round-a-bout January of each and every Happy New Year Uncle Sam and his band of IBM-card-munching machines require that aliens in the United States on January I, report their address during the month of January( so authorized by Congress under the Immigration and NationaHty Act). who on planet earth is more alien to Amerika than we of Woodstock? It1s a very simp -le task accompifsh. Go to your local post office and ask the clerk for an Alien Address Report Card1 form I-53 (it1s of the variety 11DO NOT TRASH, SPINDLE, MUTILATE,FOLD, OR TOUCH"). After you have filled in the teeny spaces with your fine-point BIC, give it to the jlerk. Listed below are CU MY NAWE IS; (FAMILY NAMEJ CFIRST1 CS) MY ADDRESS IN THE UNITED STATES IS : ON CARE OF) (NUMBER AND STREET OR RURAL ROUTE) (41 I AM: (51 MY DATE OF BIRTH IS: 161 I WAS BORN IN : AMERIKA a few keen ideas_ to help you fill it up. iTEM #2, Alien Registration Number: to a memo (Form M-831 distributed by the Immfgrati on and Natura 1 i zation Service, 11If the alien iS a newly arrived immigrant who has not yet received his .alien registration receipt, he should write 11NOT RECEIVED" in that !!pace. ITEM #6, Country of birth: AMERIKA. ITEM #7, Country of citizenship: WOODSTOCK NATION. ITEM #9, Pl ace and date of entry into the United States: The first real togetherness of our nation was at the Woodstock Art and Music Festival, which in BETHEL, N.Y., in JULY,1969. ITEM #10, Status: FREEEEEEEEEEEE. ITEM #11, Employer and location: Rev. olutionizing the Amerikan-Dream, we work for each other solely for ourselves. MANK1ND. PLANET EARTH ITEM #12, Occupation: Each of us spends fulltime as a HUMAN BEING.So truck right-on down to your local P.O. and FREAK-A-FED. Let's resound Woodstock throughout Amerika!!! 121 COPY NUMBER fi!OM ALIEN CARD A NOT RECEIVED. (MIDDLE I (APT NUMBER, IF 171 I AM A OF: WOODSTOCK NATION DMALE DFEMALE (DA'r l (MONTH) IYEARI (COUNTRY OF BIRTH) (COUNTRY OF C I TIZEt4SHIP) (91 I ENTERED THE UNITED STATES (10) I AM IN THE UNITED STATtS AS: (CHECK APPROPRI AT E BOXI AT: ON: : _____ JULY I J969 1D !PERMANENT RESIDENT! >D CREWMAN. DjE

by the Church of the Apocalypse p.o. box 9218, Tampa, Fl. 33604. Subscriptions five dollars for one year. Unsolicited manu,scripts are welcome but must be accompa-nied by a stamped self-addressed envelope for return. Member liberation News Service. and Underground Press syndicate. The Church of the Apocalypse accepts legal responsibility for the entire contents of the paper, except those i terns w{th contritor's name listed. Sponsored at the niversity of South Florida campus by Student Missionaries of the New Truth, and should not be construed as an offiUniversity publication. 'I;Ofl! o/ Tij What's the difference between compro .mise and co-option? In order to continue publishing, we have decided to soften our hard stand against advertising. We feel our mission must be carried on, and that we c an use advertising without being coop ted. Donations hav e just not been able to k eep the paper going. We hope that, in t ime, we can discontinue advertising in the EYE OF THE' BEAST and obtain funds through other means. While We7may not be able to personally vouch for every one of our advertisers, we are trying to stay away from any thi"ng rea 11 y super rip-off. Please let us know if any of our advertisers ever rip you off. And we will not accept copy we consider in poor taste, such as racist or sexist ads. The big problem we've had with distri bution will be solved, we hope, by allowing pe9.ple to sell the EYE OF THE BEAST, beginning next week. Very few people want to spend time distributing a free newspaper, simply because they g .et nothing out of it c except the warm feeling everybody gets from helping to smash the state). So, to encourage distribution we are fixing a price of ten cents on the paper, all of which goes to the dealer who sells it. You get the papers from us free and sell them for a dime apiece, pocketing all the money. We feel we are 'providing a small community service in this way, because it offers a way for somebody who needs it make four or five bucks or more by the EYE OF THE BEAST. Need a little money for food rent dope? Then pick up on a handful of BEASTs and make yourself some money, while hastening the fall of Babylon at the same time. Things are not goi.ng to be easy now just because we're taking advertising and selling the paper. Right now, the' number of businesses that'recognize the powerful 'advertising potential of the EYE OF THE BEAST is limited. We still need donations and subscriptions to keep us truckin'. And the more we can rely on donations, the Jess we will have to shuck and jive for f!dvertising. Yes, we are compromising, because we think it is essential to put out the paper. We feel we are not being co opted, though. If you ever think we are, please tell us about it. With our expanded format, we invite contributions of articles, stories, cartoons, photos, etc., more than ever. and ht> outhta k now. folks lt1J a lot mort: than prunes. though, t o knock the s hi t O!Jt a the system w e're talking about. Subscri be t o t he EYE O F THE BEAST "The Enema of th e People" All the inside info from ugliesr city only $5.00 a y ear! I I ... m : 3 ::! .., .'J >< I 7 ; .. t 9 I:Tll 1 a=-... o1 I .. : o : "'l l : M ,_., X -'!. 1 I g;: I -. .! tll' l I I:Tll I -1 I -1 I I ;=. -a I -10 I I : -I ::::! I : : I = "" I I 't, I I ;; I I I : I I c:; I I C.. I \ I We welcome notices for the community bulletjn board and the freebies ad section. Classified ads are explained iM the classified section. There are new peop l e on the staff now, and we all thank y9u for your suppor t during the recent months. With all o f u s working together--you and us --w e can br ing that Beast that the Bible and C h e talked about to its knees. Tke ECLYPS K eep on truckin'--an' don' t forget t o smash t he state! ffiBRS "tk ,,tJ NORTHGAT I L 2A I NORTJ1Gk1 HfifJ:JoP '?asters P;res ... Inc.ense. C (o t h i rz.g .. 'PLAZA I The 12 gauge shotgun continues to be the best weapon for self-defense available t o the legitimate buyer. As Colonel Charles A skins, f ormerly of the u .s. Army Ordnance Test Laboratory, says, 11the short barrel 12 gauge shotgun is still the most effec tive close quarters'combat weapon avail able." And who should know than ol 1 Charles and his gang. The action or semi-automatic is t h e best choice. Ammunition is available almos t anywhere (interchanges with militar y and police ammo), can be reloaded w ith even crude apparatus (more on that later), and is extremely versatile, being able to down birds with. fine shot, for survival, or being used with large size shot for defense. I prefer the pump action gun. It's a bit cheaper than the .automatic, more reliable, and just as fast to handle with practice. The short barrelled models of 19 inches, called rifled slug carbines, are best. They are .basic ly military and police riot type guns, adapted for buck shot and rifled slugs, equipped with rifle sights. Three particularly good commercial guns avail-ab 1 e are the Winchester, 'Remi ngt'on and Hi-Standard. All will shoot one ounce rifled slugs consistently within an eight-inch circle at a hundred yards, give good patterns of buckshot to thirtyfive yards. The short, but legal, barrel length aids in handling and carrying These guns are priced from $120 to $140 new, and 30 percent off for a good used The'next best thing to these guns are good qua lity used repeating shotguns. One acquired locally for between $50 and $100, a shortened barrel from 18 to 20 inches (18 is the minimum permitted by law), and equipped with a carrying sling, makes a cheap, serviceable piece heat. Weapons (long guns and handguns) are not required to be registered in Florida, yet. But it is conceivable that our Se cond Amendment right to bear and maintain arms may qo any day now. The man ain 1 t far ofT when he says, 11If guns are outlawed, only outlaws wi 11 have guns11-'jf' we don't get it together soonl Send inquiries about arms to ARMED LOVE, in care of the EYE OF THE BEAST. STORE 8323 NEB RASK. A F o r S ale? il'ioth i n g E v e r y thing FREE! The FREE STCRE is n o w o p e n a t a n ew locatio n : 8 3 23 N e bra ska Ave. All a r e invited t o coin e in a nd bro wse. Take wha t y o u wa n t and leav.e the re s t ... br i n g in w hat you no longer need. S u pport y our communi ty F RE E FREE F R E E


the This column written alternately by Mary M argaret Rudedge, Vice Preside nt of USF Stu dent Government a n d Garr ett Jones, S.G. Attorney General, was 'originally planned for p u blication in the c ampus newspape r, t he ORACLE, b u t the editor s re f u s e d to publish i t aft e r they read H, s o Student Government tumed tc. the EYE O F T H E BEAST. T he c o i umn will a p p e a r weekly. Send questions on s e x t o THE SEX COLUMN, in o f THE EYE THE BEAST, p o. box 92 1 8, Tampa. b y G a rrett J ones **What is the University policy on birth control pi 11 s? There is no University policy on birth control pills. It is the position of the University that birth control pills are drugs prescribed by a doctor tb a patient and hence a 're a concern on 1 y of the doctor and patient. ** What methods of contraception are available to men? Four common methods of birth control are available to men: I. Prophylactics (condoms)--90 percent effective, an old reliable method 2. Withdrawal prior to ejaculation (coitus interruptus)--a very unreliable method 3. Sterilization--usually used when family has optimum size (this operation is usually not reversible) 4. Abstention--100 percent reliable **What is V.D.? V.D. (venereal disease) is a classification of diseases usually transmitted through intercourse. It is not a disease but rather a group of several diseases, notably syphilis, gonorrhea, granuloma, inguinal, venereum. The first two are the most common and most dangerous. Syphilis, in particular, is devastating. It can lead to blindness, paralysis and death. Con trary to popular myth, prophylactics are not effective against syphilis. It can be transmitted through kissing and contact with open infected sores. In addition, syphilis can be transmitted fr.om the mother to the fetus during pregnancy, resulting in congenital neurosyphilis, usually called juvenile paresis. As a result, most affected embryos do not survive birth. Those that do usually suffer visual defects, mental retardation and often grotesque physical impairments. EDITOR'S NOTE: There's a V.D. clinic at the Hillsborough County Health Department located at. 1105 E. Kennedy Blvd., phone 223-1311. Services are free, so if you need medical attention, or THINK YOU DO, visit the health department. See ar01ed I ove co I umn NCWS FROM BABYLON REGIS DEBRAY RELEASED--Regis Debray, writer of REVOL UTION IN THE REVOLUTION, was released f rom the jail in Bolivia where h e h e l d captive for the past three a n d a h a l f years. Debray was arrested about the same tim e that Che was ki lled in 1967 PANTHER TRIAL Since N ove m ber 17, Bobby Seale and Erika H uggi n s been on t rial in New Haven, Con necticut. The trial marks the beginnin g of t h e e n d o f a larger historical event: the attempt by the U nited States Govern ment' to discr e di t the B L A C K PANTHER P ARTY i n t h e c ourtroom. In t h e past seven mont hs, t h e New H aven Cha pter a lon e h as s ustained 1 4 arrests. T h e group i s o n tri a l f o r cons pi racy to commit murder. I n t h e present trial the U S i s going f o r br oke I t s g o a l is to eliminate Bobby Seale, Chairman o f the BLACK PANTHER PARTY, and Erika Huggins one o f the stronges t women in the party But t he state has no e vidence against the defendants. The state's case i s so f lim sy that a jury tryin. g Lonnie Mclucas on the same charge had to release three other defendants. being tried concurrently. This doesn't stop the of Seale and Huggins. They are too important to 'release Trials, busts, raids, and shootouts have occured in dozens of cities. These tactics tie up many party members and a good deal of party money and effort. Defense of political prisoners saps the party of money and time that could be spent serving the people. Breakfasts and children and Free clinics are part of the Panther's everyday work. To stop the conspiracy against the Panthers, we must stop the system that persecutes them. Send defense contributions for Bobby and Erika to: Commi ttee to Defend the Panthers 853 Broadway New York, N.Y. 10003 ............................................ Some folks have gotten it together! HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR! ELEMENTARY UNDERGROUND (FPS) -People are surprised to see an "Underground Paper" in high schools. (In Tampa, anywhere.) Now, some enterprising folks at Phillip Rogers School in Chicago put out an eight pager, THE EYE. Not too surprising except that Philip Rogers is an Elementary School! Don't think they have it too The acininistration has "spoken 11to several of the folks concerned. No one is taking any of that shit, however. They're planning a new issue! FR KITCHEN! We ripped off stuff from ea' ch of the following papers. We are listing their names, addresses, and subscription prices to repay them for the stuff we copped. CHICAGO SEED 950 West Wrightwood Chicago, I II $6.00 QUICKSILVER 1932 17th St. NW Washington, D.C. 20009 NOLA EXPRESS--$3.00 Box 2342 New orleans, La 70116 L.A. FREE PRESS -$6.00 7813 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca 90036 Thanksl ........................... .......... serving daily 5 p, It's all FREE! r-A t d i e EPISCOPA L STUDENT CFJl'iTER a t USF You c an e v en hElp wash the .,..dishes if you r. i \. I ,I


' i r l l \ ings or picking up the gun as revolution ary, with the glorification of the heavier the better we've called the military error. After the explosion we called off all armed actions until such time as we felt the causes had been understood and acted upon. We found that the alterna tive direction already existed among us and had been developed within other collectives. We became aware that a groups of outlaws who are isolated from the youth communities do not have a sense of what is going on, can not develop strategies that grow to include large numbers of people have become us" and them." It was a question of revolutionary culture E ither you saw the youth cul ture that has bee n d e veloping as bourg eois o r decan d ent an d to be treated a s the enemy of the revolution, or you saw it as the forces which pro duced us, a culture that we were a part of, a young and unformed society (nation). In the past months we have had our minds blown by the possiblities tha t exist for all of us to develop the move ment so that as revolutionaries we change and shape the cultural revolution. We are in a position to change it for the better. Men who are chauvinists can change and become revolutionaries who no longer embrace any part of the cul ture that stands in the way of the free dom of women. Hippies and students who fear black power should check out Rap Brown's Die Nigger. and George Jackson s writings. We can continue to liberate and subvert attempts to rip off This communication does not organization within hours of the explothe culture. People become revolutionaccompany a bombing or a specific sion. But it was clear that more had aries in the schools, in the army, in action. We want to express ourselves to been wrong with our direction than techprisons, in communes, and on the the mass movement not as military nical inexperience (always install a safety streets. Not in an underground cell. leaders but as tribes of council. It has switch so you can turn it off and on Beca:use we are fugitives, we could been nine months since the townhouse and a light to indicate if a short circuit not go near the Movement That proved explosion. In that time, the future of exists.) to be a blessing because we've been everyour revolution has been changed decisiveDiana, Teddy and Terry bad been in where else. We meet as many people as Iy. A growing illegal organization of SDS for years. Diana and Teddy had we can with our new identities; we've young women and men can live been teachers and both spent weeks watched the TV news of our bombings and fight and love inside Babylon. The with the Vietnamese in Cuba. Terry had with neighbors and friends who don't FBI can't catch us; we've pierced their been a community organizer in Cleveknow that we're Weatherpeople. We are bullet-proof shield. But the townhouse land and at Kent; Diana had worked in often afraid but we take our fear for forever destroyed our belief that armed Guatamala. They fought in the Days of granted now, not trying to act tough. struggle is the only real revolutionary Rage in Chicago. Everyone was angered What we once-thought would have to struggle. by the murder of Fred Hampton. Be-be some zombie-like discipline ha's turned It is time for the movement to go out cause their collective began to defme out to be a yoga of alertness, a heighteninto the air, to organize, to risk calling armed 'struggle as the only legitimate ed awareness of activities and vibrations rallies and demonstrations, to convince form of revolutionary action, they did around us _almost a new set of eyes that mass actions against the war and in not believe that there was any revolutionand ears. support of rebellions do make a differary motion among white youth. It Even though we have not communience. Only acting openly, denouncing seemed like black and third world people cated about ourselves specifically before Nixon, Agnew and Mitchell, and were going up against Amerikan this, our actions have said much about our numbers and wisdom together with imperialism alone. where our heads are at. We have obviousyoung sisters and brothers will blow Two weeks before the townhouse ly not gone in for large scale material away the fear of the students at Kent explosion, four members of this group damage. Most of our actions have hurt State, the smack of the Lower East Side had firebombed Judge Murtagh's house the enemy on about the same military and the national silence after the bombin New York as an action of support for scale as a bee sting. But the political ings of North Vietnam. the Panther 21, whose trial was just effect against the enemy has been devasThe deaths of three friends ended our beginning. To many people this was a tating. The wo rld Knows that even the military conception of what we are very good action. Within the group, white youth of Babylon will resort to doing. It took us weeks of careful talkhowever, the feeling developed that beforce to bring down imperialism. prisoner rebellion. Whilt we do or don't. do makes a difference. It will require courag e and close families of people to do this organi2ing. Twos and threes is not a good form for anything it won't put out a newspaper., organize a conference on war, or do an armed action without getting caught. Our power is that together we are mobile, decentralized flexible and we come into every home where there are children who catch the music of freedom and life. The women and men in jails are POWs held by the United States When an Amerikan pilot isshotdown while bomb ing North Vietnam villages, he is often surrounded by thousand s of people who have just seen their family and home s d e st r oyed by t h e bo m bs he was deli v er ing. Yet the man is not atta c ked an d killed by the Vie t namese but is car ed for as a prisoner. Nixon is now waging a last-9itch moral crusade around the treatment of those Amerikan war criminals to justify all his impending atrocities_ The demonstrations and strikes following the rape of Indochina and the murders at Jackson and Kent last May showed real power and made a strong difference. New people were reached and involved and the government was put on the defensive. This month the bombings could have touched off actions expressing our fury at double-talking Laird and his crew war research and school administrators and travel.l.i.D.g politicians are within reach of our leaflet, our rallies, our rocks. Women's libera tion groups can fmd in Nguyen Thi Binh a sister for whom there is love and support here. Her proposals for peace must be explained and Bloody Dick's plans to use more bombers to replace the Gis who are refusing to fight exposed as the e:s. calation and genocide it is. Vietnamization Indianization limited duration protective reaction suppressive fire horsesQit. It seems that we some times forget that in Vietnam strong liberated women and men live and fight Not as abstract guerilla fighters, slugging it out with U S imperialism in South east Asia, but as people with values and loves and parents and children and hopes for the future. People like Thai, a fighter in the People's Liberation Armed Forces who was in Hte during Tet and at Hamburger Hill a year later, or Than Tra, an organi zer in the mass women's organization and the students' movement in the cities, who had not seen her lover in nine years. They travelled for a month to come to Cuba to meet with us, to sing and dance and explain how it is in Viet nam. There is nothing brutal or macho about guns and bombs in their hands. We can't help thinking that if more people knew about them the anti-war movement would never have allowed Nixon and Agnew to travel to so many ing to rediscover our roots, to remember cause this action had not done anything The attacks on the Marin County that we had been turned on to the possito hurt the pigs materially it wasn't very Court House and the Long Island City cities during the past election with only bilities of revolution by denying the important. So within two weeks time, Jail were because we believe tliat the the freeks arKansas State and the people h Is th b th d th tat hi thi had d f fi b b' of San Jose to make our anger at his sc oo e JO s, e ea re 10ns ps s group move rom ue om mg resistance and political leadership that is d d," W b k 1 b b M 1 racism known to the we were "e ucate tOr. e went ac to anb-personne om s. any peop e growing within the prisons demands h had b li th th ll t did t t t b The hearts of our people are in a to ow we egun vmg WI groups m e co ec 1ve no wan o e m-immediate and mass support from young f f d d" d th t this I t' l ed th Ia 1 1 t d < good place. Over the past months, freeks o nen san tOUn a revo u Ion vo v m e rge sea e, amos ran om people For all the George Jacksons, could leave intact the enslavement of bombing offensive that was planned. Afeni Shakurs and potential revolutionand hippies and a l ot of people in the f did fi h d B t th t l d d d ght d movement have begun to dig in for a long women i women not 1g t to en u ey s rugg e ay an ru an aries in these jails, the movement is the d h h t ll d t d wint er. Kent and Augusta and Jackson an c ange it, toget er. even ua y, everyone agree o o lif eline They rebelled expecting massive And marijuana and l.SD and little t h eir part. suppor t from outside. brought to all of us a coming of age, a A h d h b li d d t d seriousness about how hard it will be money and awakening to the black revot t e en t ey e eve an ac e Demonstrations in support of prison f th ld U 'f 1 th h d' to fight in Amerika and ho. w long it will lution, the people o e wor npro-as I on Y ose w o te are proven revolts are a major responsibility of the gramrning ourselves; relearning Amerikan revolutionaries. Many people had been movement, but someo i ie must call for take us to win. We are all beginning to history. The first demonstration we argued into doing something they did not them, put out the leaflets, convince figure out what the Cubans meant when joined; the first time we tried to convince believe in, many had not slept for days. people that it is a priority. We are so they told us about the need for new men P l Ia hi f u f il and new women. our friends. In the wake of the townersona re tions ps were u o gu t used to feeling powerless that we believe house we found that we didn't know and fear. The group had spent so much pig propaganda about the death of the People have been experiment with much about each others' pasts-our time willing themselves to act that they movement, or some bad politics about everything aboJJt their lives, fierce against talents, our interests, our differences. had not dealt with the technologirallies being obsolete and bullshit. A the ways of the white mari. They have We had all come aroupd the cal considerations of safety. They had year ago, when Bobby Seale was ripped learned how to survive together in the militancy of young white people deterQOt considered the future: either what off in Chicago and the movement didn't poisoned cities and how to live on the mined to reject racism and U.S. exploita do with the bombs if it had not been respond, it made it easier for the pigs to road and the land. They've moved to tion of the third world. Because we possible to reach their targets, or what murder Fred Hampton Now two Puerto new ways to agreed that an underground must be to do in the following days. Ricans have been killed by the pigs in up free wild Pe?ple have built. we were able to ThisJendency_to consider only.bombthe-New York jails in retaliation for the purified themselves food, ....................... ......._HHHHIHIHHIItH#HHIHI#H,..H,..,................_ ... _... ..... _.... ................. ..,


fought for sexual liberation, grown long h air. People have reached out to each other an d learned that grass and o r ganic cons cious ne ss-expanding dru g s are w eapons o f the revol ution. No t ma nd a tory for e v e ryone, not a gu t-check, but a tool-a Ya cqui way o f k nowledge But while w e sing o f drug s the en emy knows how g re a t a threa t our youth cul ture is to the ir rul e and they employ thei r allies-the k ille r d rug s (smack and speed) -to pacify and destro y young people. No revolution can suceed with out the youth, and we face that possibility if we don' t meet this threat. People are forming new families. Collectives have sprung up from Seattle to Atlanta, Buffalo to Vermont, and they are units of people to trust each other both to live together and to organ ize and fight together The revolution involves our whole lives; we aren't part time soldiers or secret revolutionaries. It is our closeness and the integration of our personal lives with our revolutionary work that will make it hard for under cover pigs to infiltrate our collectives. It's one thing for pigs to go to a few meetings, even meetings of a secret cell. It's much harder for them to live in a family for long without being detected. One of the most important things that has changed since people began working in collectives is the idea of what leadership is. People -and especially groups of sisters--don' t want to follow academic ideologues or authoritarians. From Fidel's speeches and poems HEY! we've understood how leaders grow out of beir tg deeply in touch with move ments From Crazy Horse and other great I ndi a n chiefs we'v e l earne d that t h e p eople who resp ect thei r trib e a nd its n ee ds a r e follow e d f reely a nd with lov e The La k otas l a ugh e d at the whi t e s' appointing one m a n to b e chie f o f a ll t h e Lakota tribes, as if p eople wouldn't still go with whi c h ever l e ad e r t h e y thought was doing the right thing! Many o f these chang e s hav e b een pushed forward by women both in collectives with men and i n all -women' s collectives. The enormous energy of sisters working together has not only transformed the movement internally, but when it moves out it is a movement that confuses and terrifies Amerika When asked about the sincerity of Mme Binh s proposals, Ky says "Never trust a woman in politics." The pigs n:iu3<: to believe that women can wri t e a state ment or build a sophisticated explosive device or fight in the streets. But while we have seen the potential strength o f thousands of women marching, it is now up to revolutionary women to take the lead to call militant demonstrations, to organize young women, to carry the Viet Cong flag, to make it hard for Nixon and Ky to travel around thecountry ranting about POWs the same day that hundreds of women are being tortured i n the prisons of South Vietnam. It' s up to us to tell women in Amerika about Mme. Binh in Paris ; about Pham Thi Quyen, fighter in the Saigon under ground and wife of Nguyen Van Troi; "CONGRESS SHALL MAKE No LAW II ORTHE -RIGHT THE PEOPLE PEACEABLYTO ASSEMBLE, about Mme. Ngu yen Thi Di nh, l eader o f the first South Peoples' lib eratio n Armed F o rces unit u prising in Ben Tre in 1961; about Celia Sa n c hez and H aydee Santamar i a w h o foug h t at Mon ca d a a n d in the Havana 1,mderground; about Be rnadette D e vlin and Le il a Khlae d and Lolit a Le b ron; and about Joan B ird and Afeni Shaku r an d Mary Moylan h ere. We can't wait to o r ganize poopl e until we get ourselves together any more than we can a ct without being together. They must go on at the sam e time. None of these changes that people are going through are rules and principles We are in many different regions of the country and are building different kinds of leaders and organizations. It's not coming together into one organization, or paper structure of factions or coali tions. It's a New Nation that will grow out of the struggl e of the next y ear Weather Underground The Underground Press Syndicate is world-wide association of underground newspapers and exists to raise consciousness of the upderground press 2111ong the and internally and to the needs of underground newspape r s A current list of membership, with s ubscription rates, and information on U .P S. is available by sending a stamped, s e If _.addressed envelope A sample packet of a dozen papers costs $4. The U.P S. Directory, containing ad rates and other specifications, costs $2. A Library SubscriptiOJ! to nearly all the papers costs.g'o for 6 months, S 100 for a "y ear U.P S ., Box 26 Village Station, New York New York (212) 691-6073.


\.Jhel)>e NoBoThj TeaCHes E v eR9 boDlj. L.e.aJ?ns, FREE U WILL OPEN MONDAY, .JAN. 11. WHY A FREE UNIVERSITY? Free University, like it's brothers all over the country has evolved from discontent with the present educational system. This syst_em has become rigid; it is no longer receptive to meaningful change. A revolution in American education is required to meet today's needs. Free learning can provide the impetus for change. FREE UNIVERSITY BELIEVES: That learning takes place when people want to learn something, where and how they want to learn it. That each person must generate his own questions and program his own education, free from central control and discipline. That knowledge is best acquired when motivated by self interest-artificial incentives detract from learning. nd s""Juival tc..d billl.\ Purpose of this course is to provide people with a good working of_ the natural environment and exper1ence 1n what they have, to get what they need. T.B.A. U S F _ed dea"ton Why do you think there's a Free U at USF? Why is the administration .h.os_ tile to the students? Why is the free of knOwledge stifled?. What can be done? This and more _..; students, faculty, administrators, and others bring your bitch and solution. TBA CRRIST THE REVOLUTIONARY Due to our the write-up has been misplaced. The fnfc)rmation will be distributed as soon aa possible. self awareness david e,(Man Group 'encounter techniques and group awareness, (sensitivity training), Yoga, Janane, Karma, Bakti, and Rajah, eastern thought and transcendentalism. The psychotherapy of self-actualization psychotherapy, both Eastern and Western etc. Limited to 8 people. Sun6 P.M. l2103 N. 52st. (North of Fowler on 52nd) of nuStC wn\-\:e An exposition of music starting with rhythm and blues (1950's & 196Qs) to modern rock music and the manner in which they affected or wer e effected by the cultural milieu. Mon & Wed. 10-11 University Center Bid. Room 213 C oni:e..'"' pot-ar"\ re \ & "'Rev. b i II de.i'\:en Contemporary Religion will include these topics: death of Go9 theology; institutional church in the modern world; mysticism and religious experience; drugs and religion; politics and religion; Wood Nation's religion; meaning of faith and morality; socio-economic. and age groups and religion. We'll probably read some of following: on major world religions; radical theology; underground newspapers; con tempo r a r y cultural mater ial; traditional on the religious experience and the political-religious stuff. With luck, we111 do some visiting around and some small group experimentation. Monday 3:00 P.M. University Center Bid. Room 2 13 and the. C"Y\ o v e Men-\::. archer bob An exploration into the basis of nonviolence and resistance in the revolutionary movement, wi_th emphasis on the utility and -tactics of-such an approach. Mon 1 P.M. University Center Room 213 Kitc,he..n j Y\'\ t \ n '\ The glories of nutrition WAfold at your feet! Workshop's in group cooking, nutrition and s .tarting your own free kitchen Tues. 3 P.M. Episcopal Student Center As a philosJphy and effective tactic for bringing revolutionary change Tues 7 P.M. University Center Bld Room 204 one, ed deaton v.JQwDIS AINT REAL ':I: ME'AN \"IS ALL IN MY HEAD A 'f\JCKlNG ATION-I.M HOME'\ 1111(, IN 8tD -Stockton Silv,r Hammer/LNS "If the government won't stop the war, we'll stop the government. Rennie Davis in a speech May 1st will be the shit comes down! The most mass -ive, tni 1i tant demonstration in Washington, D.C.'s history won1t happen unless the people get their shit That's what we II be doing learnin. g se 1 f defense, legal first aid, demonstration tactics, first aid, mickey mouse mechanics, security procedures:, collective etc. the thing will unt1 1 The_ Tampa "Brigade" returns home. We'll use a!l the.facilities of USF and our c011111umty as the training Bring energy, determination, and imagination. 1st meeting: cresce1t Hill Wed. Jan 13th at Noon. There will be a weekly Free U meeting starting Monday, Jan. 11, in AOC 201 (Andros Classroom Building). If you want to know anything at all about free U call Steve or Lorraine at 988-2]56 or drop by 1916 138th Ave. t re.\Jo *: \oY\ \ Seminar on the reasons radical change is necessary for man and this planet to survive Wed 3-5 P.M. University Center Bld Room 205 Identity cr1s1s can be yours, drop by! Wed 7 P.M, University Center Bld Room 205 desc. p1:\\)e, of e.ssi ve., <3eo"9e. ad f'iaa nse A consideration of specifics in con temporary soc fal unfreedom with emphasis on techniques for generating models and reversion models. Reference to Neo-Marxists, Neo-Freudians (Possible study of abnormal psychology of groups and/or instituti,ons). Wed 8 P .M. University Room 205 how -\-o tf'ave. I ec. on oM' c.a1 I s+ :Jr Center Bid An intensive course in how to survive by your wits and engenuity. (25 charge group expenses) University Center Bld Thurs 2 P.M. Room 205 al-tei"nat\ ve, A workshop in the theory and practical application of the alternative media (underground newspapers) Will involve overall organization, s tructure, l ay-out and pub lishing Thurs. 3 5 P.M. University Center Bid Room 205 how to ,.,x 'ft\osT an hin'i ron b a i le.'1 Basic theory in electricity, moters, cars, toys, guitars, and what ever else we can find to do on beautiful sunny days. First meeting Fri 4 P.M. 't916138THAve North two blocks off of Fletcher, near 20th He always wanted to explain things. But no one cared. So he drew. Sometimes he would draw and it wasn't anything. He wanted to carve it in stone or it in the sky. He would lie out on the grass and look up iri the sky. And it would be only him and the sky and the things inside him that needed saying And it was after that he drew the picture. It was a beautiful picture. He kept it under his pillow and would let no one see it. And he would look at it every night and think about it. And when it was dark, and his eyes were closed, he could still see it. And it was all of him. And he loved it. When he started school he brought it with him. Not to show anyone, but just to have it with him like a friend. It was funny about He sat in a square, brown desk, like all the other square, brown, desks. And he thought it should be red. And his room was a square brown room. Like all the other rooms. And it was tight and close. and stiff. He hated to hold the pencil ar.d chalk, with his arm stiff and his feet flat on the floor, -Stiff, With the teacher watching and watching. The teacher came and spoke to him. She told him to wear. a tie like all the other boys. He said he didn't like them. And she said it didn't matter! After that they drew. And he drew all yellow and it was the way he felt about morning. And it w as beautiful. The teacher came and smiled at him. 1What1s this?' she said. 'Why don't you draw like Ken's drawing? Isn't that beautiful?' After that his mother bought him a tie. And he always drew airplanes and rocket ships like everyone else. And he threw the old picture away. _And when he lay alone looking at the sky, It was big and blue and all of everything, But he wasn't anymore. He was square inside And brown, And his hands were stiff: And he was like everyone else. Andthe things inside him that needed,saying Di dn 1 t need it anymore. It had stopped pushing. It was crushed. Stiff. Like everything else. The above poem was handed in to a teacher in Canada by a Grade 12 student. Although it is not known if he actually wrote the poem himself, it is known that_ he committed suicide a few weeks later. .. I I i


1 F ( ... \ I \. I I BY JOB Dl!fGBAT U npt dliidren, single fife down ., anJ nb talkiligr-' ..... ey; don,t cldl us 'c8lfdren! This is sixth The other teachers iiaid:.we woUldn'tbe anymore Wile& we iot to Sixth trade." did I .. say ab6ut no talking Joey?" "Awwwsbit." Awww wt. In the mail one October monpn8 was my new draft card.. No IWptise. Been expecting it .. go to college ... bingo! You are IA. But I had a plan ... '1t'en Joey, this is the third time you've been, sent to my office for suspension. What did you do now?" ''Told her I" wouldn't do the work. It's She's so old she don't know what she's talking about! I won't do the work. I won.'t." ''HmJl)JJUlln her note says you :eaused an uproar.' "Well she's got no control! I mean, there's always uproar in that old bag's C<)ass. Nobody respects her. And She just picks on me. toto the principal's office. Because I teU her out loud I won't do what s4e says. Everybo4y else just plays around without her seeing.'' "Look, Joey. Your. teacher is old, I 'tJlow. and she's been teaching for many, nany years. But one thing you learn in .Ugh school, if nothing else, is patience. How to get along with people, Joey it's very important l.n Life. You can't just cause a fuss every ti.pte you come up against something yo. u don't like. We have to learn to deal with Joey. It rilakes life so much easier." "Are you still going to suspend me?" My plan. I set to work immediately: got a job at a printing plant: earned bread each week to hire a shrink. In the priYll:cy of his wood-paneled office, laying :it on a bit thick. EstabliSh a basis of fact. I'm nuts. "You use drugs?" "Yes." "What kind?" "Acid, hash, grass, speed, smack, coke, ups, downs, cough syrup, glue ... whatever I can get, man.'' "Hmmmmnin and when you do tend to use drugs, Joey? "When I'm depressed." "fiave you been depressed lately?" ''0 wow, Doc! 1ve been depressed like you woJ:lldn't believe! .' .. Sitting around for four months, working, seeing the shrink once a week, laying low, keeping my head together, Waiting Jor it to corrie The inevitable letter. it comes. I niust go down for the physical in two Friday the Thirieenth. I move into a higher gear. "i go d9wn for the physical next week, DoC." I ... I don't think I can handle it." "NeXt week hmmmn? It's m3king you lnxious?" I dropped half tliat bottle of you: gave me the I got the notict, and I spent all the next day trying to icore some dope. Didn't even go to wodc I was so fudc.ed up." UWeU, Jq(,y: I don't think you should worry about it. They'll reject you." '."But Doc! WoQ't 'pve me a letter? know, one that says I'll up if 6iey in the. army. I gQtta have proof." ''Sure, Joey. If that will make you feel better about it, 111 write up letter for you to take there. If that's what you "Man, that's alii want!" And I had a real doozie of a letter. Said -all kinds of horrible things in psychological language. The army guys would never be able to understand the damn thing. But they sure wouldn't want to mess with me! Of course, it was all a sham. The only stuff I'll been doing was a little grass and some occasional hash. The other stuff I'd done at one time or another, but not at all heavily. I wasn't any more depressed than the next guy walking around in this paranoid world. Of course the thought of facing the military made me anxious ... but who the hell wouldn't be? A little exaggeration, however goes a long way Especially with shrinks. As I said, I'd succeeded in getting a good, strong letter. Now I just had to back it up with gonuinely freaky behaviour. Give them visual evidence. So I scored some speed and got together with some friends for a party the night before I was due to go. It was a good party: acid and hash, a lot of wine and good feelings to bolster my morale. We sang songs and I played guitar like a maniac. Every so often I'd shoot up another lead, getting those tracks down, as many as possible Soon my brains were quite scrambled. One chick, a wierd witch, threw my I Ching. I d never done it before, but this time, I swear, my hexagr am was ".The Army!" Yee-oww! The hour finally came. Took a last big hit my folded vein, bade farewell, with kisses all around Off I went into the dawn Almost five months of careful planning abouno be put to the test. And I freaking inside my awful skull! "Hey Joey! Haven't seen yo, u since High school! How ya doin?" "Hey Joey! You too huh? Ha ha!" "Hey, Joey's here! It's the old class all over again!" "Whatsa matter Joey? Ya don't look so hot. Afraid they're goruia getcha, eh?" .. Geezuz,look. at him." It wa!. practically my whole there, whom l hadn't seen for nearly two years. They were still pretty straight, not much hair or ideas, but good guys nonethe.Iess. I was the class freaJc, as usual. Sitting there, )Vaiting for the bus to take us all to Newark (Whitehall was bombed out of use). Hardly any of my old buddies wanted to go in the army. They weren't hip to why or why not: they were just the same old wiseguys who wanted nothing to do with it. Their attitude was like: I don't really want to go. It has nothing .to do with me (and my car, and my beer, and my girl). They probably (by some small; certain miracle) won't take me. The others maybe, but not me. But if they do, w.ell .... "hey gang! We're in Jersey "Already? Christ, I didn't even see the bridge." "Hey! Remember that in old lady Jerkofrs class ... 'Joey, you've burned your bridges behind you. I'm sending you to the principal's office!' Ha ha ha! Remember that Joey?" "Yup. I remember." "Geezuz! And every day he got sent down." "But you passed anyway, didn't ya Joey?" "Yup. I passed "Hey! Here we "Here we are!" Oh no Here we are It was not Alice's Restaurant At first, everybody's good humored, lots of laughs and gags, nervous like When told to strip down to underweat; one joker takes off his pants and stands there naked and grinring. He has no underwear. "Put yer pant ., and keep em on!" he is. toid. Another tells loud jokes while going the rounds of getting weighed a11d measured, obviously trying to act crazy, much to the group's laughter, but he is told to shut up, and he does. Theri things start getting desperate. It's beginning to occur to some of guys that the army might actually take them! Holy shit! Now there's very few jokes The military doctors are all the same: unsmiling, blankfaced, they'd-seen-it-all, get moving, keep moving. Very grim, and bodie s in line sweating. I clutched my letter and the folders I had to carry around. My head was a crumbled oatmeal cookie, I could hardly talk coherently, and my hands shook from the amphetamine wipe-out. But inside, I was calm. I knew I was going to get out. I wa$ determined, But the othe. rs? I looked at them, standing in line, subdued. They hadn't made up their minds clearly enough. They hadn't been able to! Suddenly I realized why ... I looked at them. "Just have patience ... I looked at my classmates there in the halls. "Don't call us children ... .'' In the halls of the Slaving Meat Whee[ "Single flle!" Grown up men ... "No talking!" GROWN UP MEN WALKING SINGLE FILE WITH NO TALKING DOWN THE UNQUESTIONED HALLS TO BE STAMPED READY FOR DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!! as tho they were on their way to the library. School had done this to them. Years of public school triuning had conditioned them to passively accept anyone who carne on with an impressive show of authority. And the government puts on a pretty impressive show. These guys I went to school with them for over half my life. There's a million others just like them across the country. Somewhere along the line, I freaked out, but they just kept truckin along, unknowing, until right about this minute," one or another old sixth grade classmate o( mine is waking up in a Cambodian swamp somewhere with bullet in him, thinking '"Tricked! Goddam all those things they taught me!" I'm not especially of my 1-Y. But it does allow me to stay alive, and it does allow me to work towards my objective: tearing down the present deadly school system so that no one e!se will have to grow up with a school yearbook full of pictures of dead men. ALL POWER TO THE


prepared by the s taff of the National Lawyers Guild. What to do'when the front door oinks Information is a crucial-ingred-'ity that we invite the pig in to ask ient in the fuel that runs the engine him questions, find out what the of repression. It is important for enemy is up to. Fat chance. Our us to recognize' that not all the in-very questions give the pig informaformation that the pigs obtain comes -tion which he might never stumble ovfrom bugs and agents. Sometimes we er. Behind each question is a body sisters and brothers of the movement o f infd'rmation which may well be re-supply the information. vealed in the question itself or in This is how it happens. Some : a series of questions. Some of our of us get scared when an FBI agent I brothers have reported on an inter-appears at the door. We answer a view: "Man, was that a dumb pig. few "simple" questions, because we He didn't know what he was looking are afraid not to -afraid of com-for." There are several names fox mitting some crime by not talking. that kind of arxogance. Our fear in this situation distorts What should we do when the FBI ouT judgment. There is no law re! comes to call? It's really pretty quiring us to talk with an FBI agent. 'simple. Experience has shown that t)le No crime against the State is commitresponse after the caller iden ted when the agent is brushed off and tifies himself and flashes his badgt the door is shut, Howlis to say, "That's nice and if you evex, a crime against our people is have any questions, I'll listen. to done when we deal with the situation them in my lawyer's presence. She by answering_ any of. the Fed's ques1 (or he) is (so and so). So iong." tions. No FBI agent asks idle ques-Don't. let him in. Don't be afr.aid. tions; there is no such thing as Don't be tricked. Don't be arrogant. small talk with a pig. A 1 Any talking you do may sound like a short answer, a truthful answer, a lying answer any of these will stip ply some sort of information which is ofuse to the State. The FBI visi tor Jtlay be out to make a case on you, or a sister. or a bro:ther and you have "srmg'' if you say anything more than: "Call my lawyer. Goodbye." Sometimes when we open th e door unafraid and ready tobrush the pig off, we get.caught by an old interrO gation trick. The FBI agent says, "We have some information which tends to implicate you in (such and such) a bombing. If you could answer a few questions, I'm sure we can strai ten things out." Your mouth drops; your mind boggles: "Shit man, I didn't do that!" Suddenly, you've lost your cool arid you're only too glad to tell the pig where you were on Thursday night and who you were with. Maybe that' s all he wanted to know -where you were and if (x) was with you. And, you've given him the information. Even two-bit gangsters in movies don't fall for that one. Some others of us are not afraid when the FBI comes -in fact, quite the reverse. We are so arrogant about our wits and the Fed's stupid-EDITOR: We have just read your first ef fort at ihowing up this society, and we like it. This is your paper, not the society's. So please enter our names on your list. A check is enclosed. We are over 80 years old, but we love you kids. Keep pushing. Mr. and Mrs. Homer DePasquale (Pass-a-Grille Beach) .singing. The history of struggle is filled with cases of sisters and brothers sent to ) ail and to de'ath on "frame-ups" based on just enough circumstantial information to give a hue of credibility to the State's charges. Another line of FBI investigating to anticipate-is the visit to a third person: a parent, or friend, or employer. Where possible, it is helpful to talk with someone likely to be contacted, and let them the best way_to deal with FBI visitors. Bits and pieces of information from nervous employers and upset parents may make up a mosaic of trouble for one of us. So, try to anticipate the problem and handle it ahead of time with enough tact and humor to ease the situation. Somehow, along with everything else we must do, a balance should be struck between silly paranoia and naive obliviousness. Long before we are ready, the pigs moving against us. The State in its seriousness forces us to be ever more sophisticated about defending ourselves. Perhaps the first step in learning about weapons is how to engage the safety on our mouths. MAN VICTORIOUS OVER NATURE l've seen Thdr r!Joy's Face Be-Pore! "toli'.O.. Mayb(? IT Wd'D at I TI4ERE_ I the BLUES CLIMAX IS COMING ALL OVER TAMPA BUY A PIECE NOW MUgic CITY 3809 So. Dale Mabry CONTINUOU S P ERFO RMANC E S : ; ) l 'I I J I I I < I .. .. I J I 1


WARNING! Thts publteatlon Is a member of the Undergroum Press Syn; dleate. Any attempt to repress this publteatton 'Will be met with the total com blned energy of over 100 other papers IeUng both col leettvely through U.P.s. and In dlvldually. Full legal ftnanelal, polttteal, moral, media, and street support Is Instantly avan. able and will be used to keep freedom of the press auve. No publication has ever been successfully repressed. We love you, but -BE ADVISED, -U.P.S. .... cli p th i s and save ...................................... : J : 24 J.IOUR SERVICE j : IRA BLOSSOM : BAIL BONDS : 'LocQJ. folks ;m o trust Ira sez t hc:.VI C AR. = 2821 N 22ND STREET e .: PHONE 248-3131 TAMPA, FLORIDA ............. .............. : aAOS puo SJtn dJp I I I I I 1 I I l j l; I j I 1 I 1


IN MEMORY oF FRED HAMPTON, ASSASSINATED DECEMBER 4, 1969 Fred Hampton, a black man was slain in his bed on a cold morning. That was a death day for you, America. Never could it have been colder than at 5 a.m. that morning in Chicago when your armed police, understanding all too well the meaning of Fred Hampton, aimed their pistols at his head. Your bullets didn't stop Joe Hill or Malcolm X or women still unnamed, Martyrs whose lives you taught us we should celebrate. All that blood we remember it fl CJNS i.n us forever We have the time the tears the b 1 ood anything it takes to win. --Anonymous (LNS) POEM FROM A VIETNAMESE WARRIOR On this land where each blade of g rass is human hair each foot of so i l is human flesh where it rains blood ONE THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED AND SIXTY EIGHT WINTERS Got up this morning hails bones life must flower Feeling good and black Thinking black thoughts Did black things Played all my black records And minded my own black busi ness Put on my best black clothes Walked out my black door And, Lord have mercy: white s n o w -Jaci Earle y -Thai Bao Ga ...................... ............................................................................... 1 ; I revolu t ion i n fa stliOn i a fast lfubiu UJrubiug

-__ 4 HASSLING FOR FUN Know a g reat thing to do when you' r e sittin g a r ound with nothing to b ring cheer into your life? Hassle y our favorite uni v e rsity presidents dea ns, and other nastie s by just c 1 i ppi ng coupo n s out o f magaz -ines and calling on the phone. You can send in coupons for r e co r d clubs, free s anp le s and r e l i gi o us pamph lets with t he nam e of one of your favor; tes o n them. And ther e are 1 ots of th' i ngs that m ay be done b y telephone l i ke ordering truck loa ds o f sand, cancelling newspa per sub scriptions, gett ing t he electricity turned off, and o rdering p izza deliv e r e d Modern t e chnology is made for Yippies, and Y ippies were m ade for _hassling! NEW CHICANO MAGAZINE A ne w magazine, EL SOL, is now being published q uarterly "as a means for discussion of any issues presen t e d in t he form of poems, short st. ori.es, essays, sh ort pl a ys art or pho togr aphy b y Mexic an Ameri cans." P oems are i n both English and Span ish. Sub rates $ 5 a year, or $1.35 an issue. to EL SOL,'Box 916, Moorhead, Minn. 56560. '0' DON'T FORGET THE FRE E U l Classes. s tart Jan. 11. Don' t miss out o n some of th e very onl y c h a nces you may hav e t o ge t a n e duc a t i on! WOMEN 1 S CALENDAR FOR 1 7!. "Day by Day," a feminist ca 1 endar-a p p o intment b o o k for 1971 is now a vai !abl e The b oo k desi g n ed, edite d and distributed b y women, i s illus l ustrated with photos and graphics accompan i e d b y poetry and prose. Sen d $2 2 5 for one, or $2. 0 0 f o r 10 or more copies, t o SISTERHOOD IS POWERFUL, Mino t Women' s Col lectiv e In c P O Box 2 35, Minot, N.D. 58l0l WANNA' GET MARRIED? If you want to get m arried for some reason, d o it up r ight with the Chur ch of the Apocalypse. Ministers o f t h e C hur c h hav e full power to marry any one wit h a lice nse, and i t doe sn t cos t a pen n y You ,can b e marri. ed by the Vi c a r or any of t he other hap p y m inisters at the Churc h Just d rop a note to p.o. b ox 9 218, Tanpa, Fl. Mak e your w e dd ing a revolu1 tionary act! Celebrate! 00. \ The r e w ill be a fourth V e nceremos r i Abou t 300 American s w i l l g o to from Mar c h 1 t o 1 5 to cut sugar can e in the 1971 aafro. All i n going should the F:lorida c o ntingent o f La B :rigada V e na e r enos for more informatio n an d a pp lica .tio n 'f orms Appl i cati o n s mus t b e i n by Januar 9. Nrit e UIHEDIATELY c / o Amazin g Grace 2 1 2 W C o l lege Av. Tallaha ssee, Fla. 32301, or call 904 -224-2393 NEED SPARE CHANGE? Some c lever y oun g f r e ak s a t U S F h ave b ee n k .nown t o ge t some e xtra c h a nge by getting ref unds for money allege dl y l o s t i n campus ve nd ing machin es. You can get up to a dol lar a t a time, at t he Office or at t h e c hec k-cashing window b y the Bookst o r e in the U.C J u s t bri n g a n hone s t f ace. TAKE YOUR STUFF you can pa r t with to the Fr e e Store, 832 3 Nebrask a A ve., Tampa. If yo u don't ne e d it, somebody else probably does. NEW REP LIT LIST T he R a dical Education Project (REP), which distributes r ad ical lit erature on every conceivable topic (almost), has j u s t publis hed a new literature l ist. To get it FREE, write REP, Box 561-A, Detroit, Mich. 48232. DIO You oo THPI,-!' ro 86 effCT1\. R E VOLUTIONARY LITERATUR E LOWEST PRICES ANYWHERE! M a o Tsetun g SELECTEO WORK S 4 volumes. tot a l : M a o s QUOTATION S Book) S .40 Revuluti o n 3ry litemture frum U S A China .-\lh:mia V ietn a m and A B S OLUTE LOWEST PRICES: WE UNDERSELL E V ERYBODY : Promp1 dd hcry. Free rrirl" i:-1. G oud ( r e \ nlul iuna r y g.ifr Send yo u n :.unc and ulung \\ith ''alih chec k o r money or dl.'r t o : lnl e r m u i u n a l Bon ks. Uo>t 6 2 2. Bellflo\lot:r ( o l i f omia 9 0 7 0 6 JAIL V ISIT S b y ministers of t h e C hurc h o f t he Apocalypse may b e a r r anged when other visitor s a r e barred. Say you are a m ember of the Church of the Apocalypse, and you'd like to see yo u r minister. Cont act the Vicar or at the EYE OF THE B EAST. GREAT. HOW CNi l6tT SlAR.TfD?


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