John W. Egerton Papers, 1961-1965, Box 2 Folder 15

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John W. Egerton Papers, 1961-1965, Box 2 Folder 15

Material Information

John W. Egerton Papers, 1961-1965, Box 2 Folder 15
Series Title:
Florida Legislative Investigation Committee (Johns Committee)
Added title page title:
Correspondence Part 7
Egerton, John
Place of Publication:
Tampa, Florida
University of South Florida
Publication Date:
Physical Location:
Box 2 Folder 15


Subjects / Keywords:
Academic freedom -- Florida -- Tampa ( lcsh )
History -- Tampa (Fla.) -- 20th century ( lcsh )


General Note:
This collection consists of materials relating to the 1962-1964 Johns Committee investigation of the University of South Florida. The collection includes correspondence, press statements, statements to the Florida legislature, editorials, various newsletters and newspaper clippings, as well as the typescript of "The Controversy," John Egerton’s unpublished 300-page study of the Johns Committee.
Original Version:
Box 2 Folder 15

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Source Institution:
University Of South Florida
Holding Location:
University Of South Florida
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028802325 ( ALEPH )
50648262 ( OCLC )
E02-00023 ( USFLDC DOI )
e2.23 ( USFLDC Handle )

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University of South Florida
John W. Egerton Papers

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. -lit.._ toclty Md laa WCNlcl-witt 1&., 70U will l'acaU. cbat.-a of elt1 p -ia lob ha at dl iftl"e1ty upport.. l W:U.-t t ,. tu y-. _. Ptet effOC't; pUIUI.p a tat ""'-1._ oca, td:ll to Ol'p.ztiu n,port fqr the uas.ver U.te ...a; oppoattioD t-o political voulcl C.t41D11 bOIMt tb&t ., -...s.uct.. -,_14 t,e .llehttt4 i .tlYiDt a puc a c. : fl. u that 1U la cl c dt ,_ lbo..14 a proar taJ:t.aU.u ..


April Dear Mt. 'fl\ARk you ve-r1 much foy nctina tha.atat._t you and your .colle.asu a bave fotvarded 1 to the t.esilature. 1 am glad t kil<* ,our plaa. atU1 call for a detailed t-eaotud.on at your May 4 .meetf.QI. t a a copy Dt. AU.a'f yeaterday. Ou1!' fnUng i : t .,.. vary favorably received add While do not bold much hctpe for the aboltt10Jl of the cOIIDd.ttea, we -feel. very hopeful _that a of ita dutl and of :l.ti expmidtt\ai-e requ vU 1 be r 'l'hanb aaore fbr all ,OU have behalf. Cord :Lally.


SOUTHERN REGIONAL EDUCATION BOARD SIXTH STREET, N VV. ATLANTA GEORGIA TRINITY Mr. John w. Egerton, Editor News Bureau The University of South Florida. Tampa, Florida. Dear John: December 7, 1962 DEc 1 o 1962 Thank you for your letter of December 5 It was good to hear from you. I am very sorry that I wasn't able to join you at the meeting Tuesday. Perhaps we can get together and discuss the matters you have in mind at some future time. I will be glad, of course, to have you visit us in Atlanta for this discussion if you wish to do so. I have read the clippings you sent and have an idea of the problems facing you at this time. Your idea to develop a column on academic freedom is a good one. I have talked with Kappy about it, and she is gathering some material for it now. She will probably be in touch with you later. Hope everything works out for the appearance of Ralph McGill on your campus. He is an excellent speaker. Kappy joins me in sending our best regards. RP:pf Rudolph Pate Associate Direct for Developmen


. 1-. awfully w re not. able ta.come down yeatardy. The Metiog' :waa a very hlpful ooe and Dt. Allen aud 1 both vent away teelioa we had a great We found no 8oluuou to our problesu, but didn't expect to, because in aae reapecta egiat. Howvttr, there are always better waya to dal w1 th one' a and we feel we have of these ways thaaka to the help we received. Oile of the things I Wl\tecl to ask you about whether or not the Regional Calapus column. might not be able to to the question of freedom that is eo aach. in. the news these days. 1 would be happy to contribute any thing fl'oa our fUel that might be helpful. In all the furor. of the paet few .onth8, I liave put aside the lla1ph HcGi U iqvitation \RltU we have more tiat to work up a nice program. 1 hopt that aQMtiM to the wtattr or spriq Dt. can write to hU. and inite him to vilit ua. Many thanks for your belp awl pleaae give my regards to &appy.


Des:r Rudy: nr and r. are c e:rtafnly .Pteased that you can join us t next. Tuesday, 4, for our-al.l-day conversation on public relation s probleme .. I m enclosing a representative sample of. Clippings ,pertaining .to the most recent or .our tria13; will haveto ... deter: a : more compiet e y o u are .. : .. .. ... ,; 1 :5 -:;, "tt Please let me know when you'.ll be soI can your plane apd'have a reservation tor you .. We 'prob.ably wont be able to. start our meeting .until 10 a.;m.-,Othezos who will be present Jtr e .Ed crawtordi Hoke Kerns -and Hal. Crosby, the. U n iyersity .Florida 1 s new dean of univers. i ty relations. H()gan and Griffin won1t be abl_e tO make it because of an unforseen COnflict -.. : i a .I'll look to hearing from you, and to you Monday night or. Tuesday. morning. Our thanks again for your willingness to help.




THE FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY TALLAHASSEE OFFICE OF .. UBLIC REL..ATIONS December 21, 1962 OEc 2 71962 Mr. John W. Egerton Editor of the News Bureau University of South Florida Tampa, Florida Dear John: Thank you for the notice about Mabel Chelsey's series in the Daytona Beach MORNING JOURNAL. We are making an effort to obtain copies, for we hear they are quite interesting. I enjoyed very much the session you hosted recently. It was enlightening for me and I hope it will result in better understanding of your role at USF. I know I got some good ideas from it. It is my understanding that the American Alumni Council's supplement on academic freedom cannot be used before March. By that time, it be too late to do any good with it. The climate here as a result of the Board's December 7 policy statement on academic freedom appears to be good. Therefore, our folks are a little hesitant in using it. However, there is other information that perhaps should go to special publics, and we are always willing to think about special efforts in this regard. The press tour idear was left with Hoke, who was to check on the availability of plane. We'll have to revive the idea, possibly at the January 18 Board meeting in Tallahassee. Can you come? I know--what with the Cabinet development this week--you are wondering what will develop next. Hope to see you next month. Sincere best wishes to you and the family for a happy season. CJ-k Patrick W Hogan Director, Public Relations P.D. Please thank your secretary for her gracious help with my travel arrangements while we were in session on your campus. CVW%-


WHAT RI:GHT HAS THIS MAN? THE 1963 "MOONSHOOTER" REPORT ON ACADEMIC FREEDOM Please reply to : Mrs. George G illespie Swarthmore Colle g e Swarthmo re Pa. Mr. John W Egerton, Editor News Bureau Uni ver sit y of South Florida Tampa, Florida Dear Mr. Egerton: 7 January 1963 Because of the economics of printing, we cannot fulfil your request to provide you with Moonshooter inserts that are trimmed and stapled at the same charge. W e should be glad to make a special request to our printer for your order, but we should have to bill you accordingly. I feel sure that your local printer would be able to do the job for you at less expense. A gain, thank you for your order, and we regret that we are unable to accommodate your request. Sine erely yours, Mrs. George Gillespie Editor


WHAT REGHT HAS THIS MAN? THE 19113 "MOONSHOOTER" REPORT ON ACADEMIC FREEDOM Moonshooter '63 Editorial Projects for Education Thank you for your order for 1 thousand copies of Moonshooter for 1963. We are very pleased to welcome your institution as a participant. We'll send you a note when your copies are shipped from our printer. Meanwhile, if there is anything we can do to facilitate your use of Moonshooter '63, I hope you will let me know. Sincerely, MARALYN 0. GILLESPIE Swarthmore College (for the editors)


EDITORIAL PROJECTS FOR EDUCATION P 0. BOX 5653, BALTIMORE 10, MARYLAND December 27, 1962 Dear Mr. Egerton: I'd give anything to be able to supply copies of our academic freedom report in time for your use of it by February 1. Unfortunately, the problem is purely mechanical: we order our paper (which must be custom-manufactured for us) on January 3 or 4; we wait for its manufacture and delivery; we cannot go on press until early February; and our printer cannot begin his shipments of the finished report until virtually the end of that month. If it were simply a problem of arbitrary release dates, we'd be glad to adjust the schedule. But the mechanical aspects are, unfortunately, beyond our control at this point. Mr. John w. Egerton, Editor News Bureau The University of South Florida Tampa, Florida


EDITORIAL PROJECTS FOR EDUCATION P. 0. BOX 5653, BALTIMORE 10, MARYLAND December 13, 1962 DEc 1 7 1962 Dear Mr. Egerton: Mr. Ernie Stewart of the American Alumni Council has forwarded your letter of the 5th to me. I am glad to send you the enclosed advance copy of "What Right Has This Man," our publication on academic freedom, in response to your request. The report will be available for insertion in the April --or later --issues of alumni magazines, at a cost of $50 per 1,000 copies (including shipping from Chicago, where our printer is located). It comes in several editions, to fit magazines of varying sizes. Or, if you prefer, it may be used as a separate mailingpiece, simply by having a local printer trim it to size. We supply the report in a form best usable for binding into a magazine: unstapled and only rough-trimmed. The local printer inserts it in the publication and trims it at the same time he trims the rest of the magazine. Mr. John W. Egerton, Editor News Bureau University of South Florida Tampa, Florida Corbin Gwaltney Editor P.S. Because we must place our paper order early, we must receive orders by January 31 1963.


., .. Mr. Corbin .lcii.tor Editorial Projects for Education P. o. Box 56S3 10; JCarylad ,. Dear Mr. Cwaltoey: 1 ba'Ye latbiir, of Deceaber l3 with the illforajtlOQ about the freedali supple.nt-. 1 ftJ:Y e4. .: soon possible, soM,.lurthet' You indiG&te that the auppl..-.nt C&DDQt -be used. Mfore AptU Jf yoU at. all filtar vith of our recent ttRaata: over the question of academic in rlorida, 709 vUl am sure ...... that this doC\IMnt h a wry u.-ly _. 11 aa preaeatly working on a project whereby the aaoon8hooter ttatement voul4 be alona wlth .-nver41l othet: pei'tttMat dooulieats, to an audience of several thouN.lld 1elect pertODt ad arPupt ia rlortcla. w. feel _. ,tut. .with our t.esilatu:e coiaYenin&. the flrtt April, it '. eaeatial tbac ve Mke tbb. Milioa before tMn. More peci-ficallx; we are thiakiaa' in tetu .l'ebruuy bt at qUI' :ilailina .. Could YQU let kllov at.tooo a, pot8ible if P.ctal be panted for use of the IU\)j)leillellt at that tu,. and 1t .-ecet copies t&l large quatity .. l>etore that .. !" i.1 .appreciate help ad wul look .. forward your early .: -.. v


. lUea:.:Gbdy.: A..tboi'ly!": .302Q,.Lawn TtlJipa, f19.!1da '.. ,. -i ., : ))ear )(be ADtbony: ;. .... .It; ,. : J \ o! ._ .. t ''epoke this morut,g,vtth Hi',. 'lichilrd .Rodgen phone bateJ;'!!8t freedom and educ.-tlon. 'She, if. l .might end to you .. a gooc:l .. of and the' enc_loa .ed .. I fel, .. cqvere *be eul?ject-very .. : .. .. ma&vhatwe,r.uett; it. you but, ;ttld: ba : tor ta .-me ln a .t ppreciate 'ntiaie A Jopy of th'e doc\l.llient 8n4 elo.ce they. are nOt .7et vaUeble for.' g ener'cal I 1 1 Y I lfll' dietrlbution, it 1a -th o'nl.y one I .. 1\ave. ; -... \,: .tr, -... '"' \ l ; I if t 'be of 'any.:. ... ..


c:M.u. 1!1/!illiam {!, aczott 119o ahu.t, cNo"tfJUf,J at. gJetE.uCu"9 1, 9-Lo'tida tt tg6/f'


cM'l.:i. 'WilLiam C acott 7790 Eig hth aht:e.t, dVa'Lth at.'l.:J 7 9fo'Lida ,. ,,


APR 2 5 1963 To The Honorable State Legislators of Florida: Since Universities depend on their faculties and academic policies to draw and hold scholars, they must be free from political interference. Therefore we, the majority of the members of the Florida Division of the American Association of University Women ask the Florida Legislature to curtail its investigative committee which threatens Academic Freedom and use all available money to further Higher Education. Committee on Academic Freedom American Association of University Women Mrs. William c. Scott, Chairman Florida Division Legislative Chairman Mrs. R. George Swift, Florida Division Higher Education Chairman Mrs Thomas J. Lyon, Melbourne Eau Gallie Branch President Dr. Lucile C. Foutz, Member at Large.


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