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Temple Terrace Sentinel

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Temple Terrace Sentinel
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Temple Terrace Town Crier
Perry L., John ( Editor )
Renick, Johnny ( Reporter )
Florida Press Association
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Temple Terrace (Fla.) -- Periodicals ( lcsh )
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Temple Terrace's first newspaper.

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Temple Terrace Sentinel

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John P erry, Editor Published Weekly Sub : l O i per mo. TEMPLE A dv i n i p e r col. in. TERRACE Dec, 31,1943 Sb:NT IN .l:!:L Johnny R enick, Circulation ivigr. Bunny Sc.bulzke, .Adv. Mgr. and Society .fd/ T h i s is the last issue of the Sentine l this year--1943 We have com e a J.ong way this year. In 1943 our forces switme d frcn the to theoffensive. The general oppinion has it somethirg b itS happe n in 1 44. The invasion c ertaii.ly--and mayb o i n0re Th:s i s the mor o reason why we should work and save R L l the for our objective. There nre numerous ways we can h elp. If you a : 2 e o n e of those who aren't satisfte d to put your ch<.:ig G into w 0._ wa::;t e fats,paper, and tincans and want t c d o mor e things. try the blood bank. new year like a cle a n s heet of pape r You can eithe r m ess it up or do,son ei;b.ing with i t. y o u can b e proud of. Sev eral inte r esting things a ria on the books for next year. For one thing girls, is L eap Y ear; then o f there is the littlG m matte r of the presidential e l ection; and al= o the T o mp: e Terrace commissioners e l ection. Oh,BrotherJ Just think u f the being mad e tonightJ The E.E. Hawks a r e going to have a v ery Happy New Y ear. Th eir son and his wife, Lt. and Mrs. Ernie Hawk, Jr., are going to be with them New Y ears. Ernie h a s been in a government hospital in Memphis, as you lciow, where he underwwn a serious operation. W e certainly are glad to know he is better. Th e Temple Terrace Church School will be held at the new this Sunday at 10c30 A.M. Rev. Reginald Sales will teach the adult class. Everyone is invited. -----Frank Smith, who is in the Navy, is home for a two week visit. ----( 'it' 'it v 'rt' 'it' \ ( 'lf' ...,; "' 'if 'If "' '"' 'if 'ii' THE OF' T iviP .o., FLiu Tot al ..Qe-r ,._A.2.y .OQO..,OOO. 00. The Sentinel hopes all of you had a very roerri and wants to wish you a still Happier New Y ear1 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Thomas pf Newrochelle, N.Y. were guests of the Schulzkes over Christmas. --------Mrs. E. A Mc.eartne1 is entertaining to&ay at a lun-0heon for t e n g uests, honOT1ng Mrs. t:.J..au.de Love of Georgia. -----. Naomi and Mary Duncan and Bob Jordan were house guests of the Duncans over the Holidays. There will be a New Years Eve parey-at the club house. *********-><--l:*******i:-.. ALLINSON1S Phone 73-2591 Meats Chicken to Harn P-0""'1o. c hops Dried Beef '26-2pt.. lb. Spiced Luncheon M eats heese ORE HOURS: Week<\.Qy-s It ems 11 Boscul Coffee 38J Geneve Cut Beets 15 5pt. Graden latch Corn 14 lOpts, Veg-all JVlixe d Q0.,! Fame Chili. .s111lC-O' 19' 10 pt. Boston Baked 21 14pt. Soups and c ereals ?:30.pi;r1 & SUnday 9arn t-0 lpm ;J J I


I ........ irw ttn JTu(t CC JPmc L J'vl ;\ J L ;\ '1V ;\ y E DI -r lO i'I 11'f3 INTRODUCTION: r G E 0 N E This issue of the Temple Terrace Sentinel has bo e n prepared for the newcomers of Temple Terrace, Temple Torracers who a.re not "up" on sorne of the interostinB facts ab ou t Temple Terrace, and aspecialij: tor those wha.ithis copy is beinB mailed t o We hope that by roading the contents of this issue y o u will come t o understand what kind of a place Temple Terrace is. We wish t o extend t o a very Merry Christrnas1 And rnay you tho r c uCThly enjo y this .:3cnt inel. J chn ferry, r YC.1U JL L fl J'I D }-j EI\E ro F O I\ 1-r. lilGE ALLINSON' S GROCERY--------------------------------------A VISTIOR1S OI INION OF TEMILE ------------------BOY GIRL HISTORY OF TEMPLE" :r&tfu\CE -------------------------------INTRODUCTION_-=--------------------------------------NEWS SE/l TEM:i:'LE TEhR/1CE ----+--------------------------------------TEMl'LE TERRACE FILtING STATION---------------------------TEMI>LE TERRACE PEOl'LE AND WHAT THEY DO ::-=---------------TEMl'LE TERRACE :P.T.A.-------------------------------.. ---TEMI'LE TEREAOE COMMITTE E ---------------------TEMrLE ----------------------------------TEMI'LB ---------------------------TEMPLE TERRAGB CHURcr SCHOOL-----------------------------TEMPLE TERRACE GOLF Lun-==------------------------------T i?LE TERRI1CE 4 3 3 3 3 4 1. 5 -;3 2 3 2 2 4 2 l 3 3 The Temple Terrace ,8entipel was f cund e d on Ga.sparilla Day (Feb. of 1940). At tirst it was but a cne pa00 paper with just a hanJ.ful of subscribe's For a while the Sentine l was a typewritten she0t. Soon the subscribers g*'ew plentiful an-1 we us0J. a hect03raph. This got tb bo and 11\o one c cul<.l r e a..:. it. then c;\)t a sec end hand hand miemograph du1,licatcr. 11nd the Sentinel has been miemoctraphed ever Then just last Oct ober w e s tartod chaPcinG 10 per month 1nstep.d of 5. .ht the same t irne wo .starte.l printing two pages now and then. The &,ent incl prints cnly Terrace news. And its aim i s to serve Te'1Ilple Terra c e


t .. -. .,. ..:. _.,,,. ._, :.-.. .. 'l'EME LE TERRACE. u For those to wham thi.s e dit.io n i.s beinl! mailed C;J ....... T emple TeJ"1'Qoe is out o f Tampa, Florid a about ele v e n mile 8 It gets its name from the Templ e orango which was raised hera. There are several citrus groves in T emple Terrace and the r emains of s ome very old ones. Temple Terrace has a alightly rolling landacape, and is situated on the Hillsborough R1ver. The houses are all and there is no crouded section in Temple Terrece. The asphalt. wind like alDlever ending snake throug h the Terrace The landscape is fuJ..1 of long-leaf pines and ecmnbm oaks. We have a ma2or, commissioners, police deptartment, rire deptartment, and wat e r deptartment. Our water comes from a d eep well and it is very good. Temple oan sport a swimming p col, dance hall, g olf course, and t ennis courts. It is soid that .Temple Terrace swims in better than Tamp a drinks. We also a fine Church School. The Flcr1u a Bible Institu t o is l ocat0d in the Terrace under the direction of Br. Watson. TEMl'LE TERRACE rEor11f 'AN!> WHAT THEY DO This item has been \neerted to let the readers of the mail away editio n know hhat the people of the Terrace do f e r a living Name Gosewich Jernigan Seitz Simmon Kasper Lockaby Miracle Powell Roller Grayson oll1ns orter ichardso, icketson innell lotz No occupatio n or retire d Occupation Name Occupation Fillinl! Stat ion Hemmer J.. '<=o\:) Store Sams F 0deral Man lldjustor Whitman R(:;!al .[!jstate Aud.it o f Mainey Music Instruct o r re.int Company Krieg S h i p ya r J s Electrlc Company Best State R o q d D ept. Insuraece Blackmur G on. C v mpamy Schanz Insuranc o Auto & Body works Renick McClure A cjustc r .. ...._......., Howell Compaay Wehma.n e r a.:J. -oompany Truck O o mpany McCormick i cfnin3 Railroald Cross Insurance Feed B\tls1ness Hrahaa Ship Travis Insurance B u s iness Conductor Hunt Truck Company Bat-Temder. Banreby .Milk Business llinson Groceroy Business Smith Feed Business Llquol' Business Hume s S a l e s man ory ege.r Wlin g arry wk DoatcJ' Th o mson Sale s man Do ct e r o n .Meat racking Company Ship Ya!t>d s Sno w Doct 0 r Real .$sf; ate Re, a ch D entist Wilm e r Minister Feed Bus1iness Bre aks G olf 1-'r c Van d e V ente r City ) and Gravel Mc Gartaey F0rttrliz o r Snip YaJt' d s Stephens Ni ght _______ (!..l-;!j NN '.)h h : or..+.: tc...:!. TEM?Lli' T.1Fi.RACE SCJ:iOOL The Temple Terrace Sc.hoo l is under the very compet0nt sup ervision. o f the l rincipal, Simp son. Altho u g h it is only a three r oo m school, it ra11ge4 fio m the first t o the eighth 3rades. Records as well as the lnios of several Hi Schho l tewchers sho w that the Temple Terrace school turns out some o f the b est in Tampa. There are fine which are doinG an e xc elent j o b o f tea.ch@ 1nG the young Temple \oers. .At Christmas time and e.t 1the end of scho o l Mrs. Sitppsort puts o n a very fine singing ex1bit1on, which is all over Jn short Temple T errace pas a fine school t !which it is very ----T.Eltt'LE TERR ACE P.T.A. emp l e T errace has good \hool, wit h o ic;ht r;rades and three t eachesrs. Oct.4,193 8 i t bec am e a fa r eht-Teache r Asso c iati o n with Mrs. J ohn ,McWhirte r as its ftr s t by M r s a n k Hunt, and Mrs. R.I Tra \vis s o:rv, _ng a s p r osiclonts.


-I \. A VISITOR' S o: f INION OF T EM? LE TERRl\CE / The following we.a written by a to Templ e Terrace. A Snapshot As an outsideJ' looking in I altlrnuoh impressed by the interes" shown by the residents of Temple Terrace in thBir communlty and by their co-operatio n and willingness to work in promoting the welfare and happiness of the pople of this little city. Most especially is this true of their interest shown in evex--y-thing col').cernirig the lives of their children They have splendid and better still, they realie that their ideas w ontwork unless they do--so thay doJ. In short, as a visito r sees it, Templc Terrace) withits.attractive, h c me8J1S an ideal place t o live and to rear one's family. This go.es for the community, its various c,r ganlzations as Sunday School and Church s ervices, B o y Scouts, Girl Sc outs, Recreation Committee,. Ladies Golf Club and last, but n u t least:, ?Jhe wonderful Florida sunshine. ALLINSON1S The Temple store. was for a l o ng time, run by a Mr. and Myers, but when Mr. Myers died the Allinso n1s took over. Temple Terrace is certainly better off with &11Kk a store run by such friendly people as the Allinsons. ----------TEMl?LE TERRACE FILLING STATION Harry Gosewich has been running the Temple Te rrace Filling Station several year11. Everybody in Temple Terrace knows Harry. He's. a guy. __________ .. BOY SCOUTS7 GIRL SCOU'l'Sj AND SEA SC0UTS The 50 of coy Sc outs was foundeJ in 'l'emple Terrace o n 1940. It is undet the splendid leadership cf Bass hichardson It .is cnly a year old and it has one of the hig h est rating s in the Gulf .hidge council. Already there arc two Life sccuts anJ a Star All of boys as Tenderfcet. There has a Sea Sc cut mcvcment has n o t quite uevelope G as yet. .. The Girl Sco)tt. Jtroc p 23 started in Templo Terrace June20,1940 with six memoers and we could net be a troo p mntil we had. 8 m embers so'we did not get our troop registered until July 18, 1940. By S ept of 1940 our troop had grown until it had 26 gitld. N o t an o f tho m had been in scoutinB" un:til they j oined trco p23 which is the l o a dorship of Mrs. W.B R!chardson. Now we havo two Sec o n d Major sccuts, the hie.best rank a Pirl Scout, 6 first class scouts(this is the next tD highest ra.nk),12 setond class scouts, and the ether a.re tende r rcot scouts, but will be soon class. Our troop consists of 17 register ed scouts, 13 c ommittee members,. and one Editor's n ote: The abo v e was written by the Girl Scout leader, Cltffcrd Richardson. TEMPLE TERRACE CHURCH SCHOOL The people of Temple Terrace :lcsidcd t:. start a church. They started talkinG abcut it 1M c n Jay Oct.13,1941 and the n ext w e held church at thte Recreatio n Builc linc;. Dr. c B. is s e rvin13 as p8stor. on the filrst the atte n dancv was 64 w o havo haa 9 sunda.yl! since the o f the Cht rrch Schcc, l with an average a.ttetid ance of 72. The Ch h!ls a c onsistin:3 _of 5 mer:ibe'rs( 3 m o n and 2 ladies). The y are Mrs Duncan, Mrs. Sn cw, D owling, and Mr S eitz and ,itoll.er. We also have a Church Schc 1 el_lass fu.charu son. E ditor's This s.rticle __ written by Nlrs. hicharJson. Tlf;Ml'f,.:Ji; GOLF CLlfB The Golf Club was built in 1924 -25. It i s c cnsido reJ the best golf in the It b oasts 18 hr:les enJ crass g r oons. It is champi onship length (6, 500 y d s ). Men's par i's 7 2 am.: ladies 1 par 76. It is v ery unique respect that n c two h o l o s are N o t many courses claim Anothe r advantar,o is that it is hilly. This it a verj beaultiful The first pre was L o a 0 Jim Barnes. Bobby J ones, Walter Hagen and many otho r fame.us go l f ers have played on our c ourse. It is n o w u nder the v e r y c 'Jmpet ont manaGement of Basil the pro.


ftHN\._ H,J:STORY OF TEMi' LE Mr. !3.L.Hamner and V ... Helms purchased 4,000 acres fro m Mrs. :t-otter lalmer, who had a hunting lodge e n the Hillsb o r o u g h River. This pu.r-chas..e was mado t wenty years ago. Templ e stanc1.s 0ut unparall0.led in ---..: the annals 0 f in the is u oncedc1 by tho s e b est info r med t o be e n c o f tho m ost bcautHul spots in all Fl,_ricla, and t o have the G reatest future or' any place in Fl.:.,ric.1.a Ur. this property was a f' o r e st wi thuut 8. r ; a d t c it, J r a r. le'.lrinr, in it, the c enter o f which is less than 10 miles fr.:.m Tampa ,_t tha t tim. o Tl:lrnpl e 'I 0rrac0s, Iric.,starteci tho C::.e v c l opment o f tho wit h a vi\...'W cfi'f making it the largest srovo in the w c r l C anJ and shov1 place of '.i.-!18.mp!da. The plan call0r1 f o r 500, 000 CJ.ranso t rGr.! s in a jolid body, under one f ence and o n e gnQ 2 ,00Q ecros in play and residcntial area, beautifully a n d lail cut, c ontaining all the sports t c b e f cund at ar..y :., ry c lu1.J in .rnoric a. On 350,000 cri:inge trees w0re Tb 0:.i.0 :1Bs lJ,_,cn com p llifteJ 0ne c f the most pretentious golf anc untry club3 in the Scut.11; there is an 18 hole golf c ourse that is o n e 8 f tho finest in the l a n d A complete water-syste m has be:en inst alled, sup: lyinc pure water the g!'ounds. Temp l e T-orrace ha. s powo r line s an1 t e l ephone Miles upo n miles of hcv o bcJn B eautiful hemes have been (Mr. Van de Vent e r was tho firs t t o build in the f orrace) Tennis c curts and other spnrt fie l d s have b oe n laid out. In short this settlenent, which was mad u a in 1926, is the most desirable place t o live in th8 e dito r TEMl'LE Tenple looksto its :fiecri;laticn Ccmmittce f o r tLe .rncial life and activity of c ommunity. The committee done a crand j c b in furtherinG ; .. -2uly Dancin13 Dancing l.artie s f o r the y cung folks, Etc, the r esultsc f which have such enthusiasm that plans were made f o r tho cc-mp l o t e J"enovat:ic n :. f the R ocroat i...n jjuil...:.ing This w ork hav been unQf cway f e r the last will b e c ompleted for tho N ow Year(s JSV!'.farty. Ext(.;nsive plans hav0 boGn ma'1e fur th0 success of the New Year's Eva farty since it will servo as a Jcuble c elebrat i c n for t"his ccmmunity, usherinc; in a New Year wfuich we h o p a will bring peace to the world also the grand ("f our Newly $210,000.00 Recraaticn Building. Wo appr ociate the fino coeopcrati0 n given this commibtee in the past and solicit y _ur continued suppcrt f o r the future MERRY CHRISTMAS Recreation Committee THE !;BOVE ARTICLE WA3 WRITTEN BY MR. WESTERN Beef, l'Dkk, Lamb, Beef Liver, Ham C o l d Cuts and G:rouncH Beef Elwift 1 s Brookflield Sau sage 8wift1s P remium Dried .Beef Mrs. Grass Vegetab:f.0 N e :t,c1lo Soup Sauce M 0tt1s App l e 10 N o n e Such Minco Meat 15 A r m0u r1s Star CurL Hash All-in-o n u Fl'tdt C.:ccktail 15 Dowtas t e iears 1 5 Verm: '1t Mai.cl Syrup 20 Mixture 10' TURKEMS AND TR EB S TO OhD.t:R Tomatoes Green Cabbage Celery Bananas L ou isaaa Yams Green Beans Lottuco Carrots .Apf'l O G LrHnnns FOR DELIVE. RY ,1. hONl:'. ; 3 258:1. 15 15'


Early in January a Subsidiary oI" the 11.merican Red Cross will be in operation in Tenplc Terrace. The t c w e r room in the Recreatic n Building will be fitted up f o r the work rcoM and the women .of Temple Terrace are anxi( us to s erve in th"l9' work, The Tdmplo Terrace Women 1 s G : )lf Associat i o:'.1 hsd a lcnely. Christmas luncheC'n Wednesday with lP. moMb_;rs presont. The will s.t13.rt their annual Ea :i diap T curnament the first o f Ja.nua.::-y. Tho T emp l.:; '.I'errace Sch,_ o l Christmas


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