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Contents: From the President / Scott House -- Regional Expedition Reports: Lava Beds: Labor Day Expedition, September 2-4, 2006 Expedition Leaders: Pat Helton, Bruce Rogers and Bill Devereaux / Dave Smith, Bruce Rogers, Pat Helton -- Mammoth Cave: Columbus Day Expedition: October 6-9, 2006 / Expedition Leader: John DeLong -- 2007 Expedition Calendar.
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Vol. 35, no. 1 (2007)
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CRF NEWSLETTER Volume 35, No.1 established 1973 Send all articles and reports for submission to: William Payne Editor 5213 Brazos, Midland, TX 79707-3161 The CRF Newsletter is a quarterly pUblication of the Cave Research Foundation a non-profit organization incorporated in 1957 under the laws of Kentucky for the purpose of furthering research, conservation, and education about caves and karst. Newsletter Submissions & Deadlines: Original articles and photographs are welcome. If intending to jointly submit material to another publication, please inform the CRF editor. Publication cannot be guaranteed, espe cially if submitted elsewhere. All material is subject to revi sion unless the author specifically requests otherwise For timely publication, please observe these deadlines: February issue by December I May issue by March I August issue by June I November issue by September 1 Before submitting material, please see publication guidelines at: www. cave-research org NEWSLETTER STAFF : Content Editor: William Payne, Layout and Photos : Ralph Earlandson, Mailing : Bob Hoke 2007 Cave Research Foundation Cave Research Foundation Board of Directors President Scott House, Vice President Joel Despain, j Treasurer Bob Hoke, Secretary Bernie Szukalski, Hamilton Valley Director Pat Kambesis George Crothers Charles Fox, Joyce Hoffmaster, Pat Seiser, Diana Tomchick Operations Council Barbe Barker (Guadalupes), Mick Sutton (Ozarks), Pat Helton & Bruce Rogers (Lava Beds), Dave West ( E astern) John Tinsley (SequoialKings Canyon) For information about the CRF contact: Dr. Chris Groves Hoffm a n Environmental Research Institute Department of Geography and Geology Western Kentucky University Bowling Green, KY 42101, phone 270-745-5201 Don a tions to CRF should be sent to: Bob Hoke CRF Tre a surer 6304 Kaybro St. Laurel MD 20707-2621 2 From the President By: Scott House It has been a while since I was the president of something, much less something very important. I've been chair of commi ttees, liaison of this and that, and a variety of other posts and intrusive responsibilities. President means more. President of Cave Research Foundation means a lot more. CRF is an organization I admired before I ever joined ; now I have the chal lenges of heading the group effort. It is a new chal lenge for me, and all of us have smaller, subsidiary challenges to go along with it. CRF is like an extended family, only one com prised of friends. Many of these are old friends and one of the special treats of going to the annual meet ings is seeing these old friends in and from, far-flung places. And so we gathered at Lava Beds National Monument, a locale well-removed from easy access. And yet, the faithful family members came in from all over : from Maryland, Texas, New Mexico, Ohio, Ken tucky, Missouri, and various points in between. For my part I flew into Frisco and spent a couple of days examining California geology with John Tinsley Bill and Perri Frantz. John (being originally a Missourian) and I look and sound enough alike that any number of unknowing people have proclaimed us brothers, to which we both take offense And then there are the new CRF friends such as Pat Helton and Bruce Rogers busy taking over the Lava Beds operational duties from Janet Sowers, who has done a great job for years And more old friends showed up, such as Cyndie Walck who fIrst surveyed with me more than a quarter century ago in the mud of Ozark caves. Cyn and I cele brated our old friendship by surveying a lava tube that weekend along with Mick Sutton, Sue Hagan, Bill Deveraux, Karen Willmes, Dave West, and Bob Hoke. (President cont. on p 3) Cover Photos Labor Day 2006 Lava Beds Expedition. Top: A cave survey crew at the end of their survey is a happy crew! Sitting under the Bridge Entrance to Blue Grotto (left to right): Rich Steiger, James Wilson, Rosemary Mallonee, and Hestor Mallonee. Bottom: Rosemary Mallonee sits below the Blue Grotto Entrance next to the NPS sign advising Monu ment visitors that the cave is temporarily closed due to bat use Fortunately for us, the Townsends Big-eared bats had left a week before we started our survey work. Note the wall mosaic of tan and white secon dary crusts on the black basalt. Also note the secon dary flow carpeting the floor of nearly flat ropy pahoe hoe. Photos by Bruce Rogers.


3 I REGIONAL EXPEDITION REPORTS I Lava Beds: Labor Day Expedition, September 2-4, 2006 Expedition Leaders: Pat Helton, Bruce Rogers and Bill Devereaux By: Dave Smith, Bruce Rogers, & Pat Helton Once again there were expectations of a small group of folks participating in the Labor Day Expedi tion at Lava Beds National Monument. Once again, an enthusiastic mob of 16 showed up This weekend tem peratures rose to the 80's and the skies were clear, save a little smoke from nearby forest flres. CRF members this trip were Liz and Jim Wolff, Bill Devereaux, Dave Smith, Rich Steiger, Cyndie Walck, Russ Yoder, Dominic Ramirez, Hester, Albert, and Rosemary Mal lonee, James Wilson, Bruce Rogers, and Pat Helton who were joined by Shane Fryer from the Lava Beds staff. Shane again presented a list of projects that the Monument would like to see done, primarily starting a resurvey of the Labyrinth Cave system. The previous 3 iterations of the maps of these caves, however good, were lacking some key information needed for long term management. On Saturday four teams were dispatched into the Stygian Darkness. Three teams started from the en trance J.D. Howard called the Three Bridges Entrance (now crossed by the lower Cave Loop Road). Shane led Dave Smith and Bill Devereaux into the realm of the Witches Chamber for more low ceiling passage survey. Cyndie Walck led Hester Mallonee, Dominic Ramirez, and Jim Wolff into the nether regions of the middle passage Liz Wolffled Russ Yoder, Albert Rosemary Mallonee sits below the Blue Grotto En trance next to the NPS sign advising Monument visi tors that the cave is temporarily closed due to bat use Fortunately for us, the Townsends Big-eared bats had left a week before we started our survey work. Note the wall mosaic of tan and white secondary crusts on the black basalt. Also note the secondary flow carpet ing the floor of nearly flat ropy pahoehoe. Photo by Bruce Rogers. Mallonee, and Rich Steiger on a traverse into the east ern parallel passage of Labyrinth. Bruce led James Wilson and Rosemary Mallonee on a survey and train ing trip into upper Blue Grotto (originally called Gold Grotto by J.D. Howard Blue, Gold, hey, what's the difference? They're both UCB colors). On Bruce's trip, three pika-sized entrances were found plus the enlarged upstream entrance leading up off the Charcoal Room. Liz's team found the pillar section a challenge to both survey and sketch. Both Shane's and Cyndie's teams ploughed on despite con fusing passages and multiple junctions. Pat spent the (President -cont. from page 2) (We found a new tube adjacent to the one we sur veyed, started surveying it and it goes, which will compel us to return. It was all a successful trick to suck us in, I am sure .. ) Like all families, we have occasional squabbles But these are minor, and we had one of the better board meetings in recent years. We welcomed new board members Pat Seiser, Charles Fox, and Joyce Hoffmaster And stepping off the board were Pat Kam besis, Mick Sutton, Chris Groves, Roger Smith, and Dick Maxey. (They didn't step very far, all will remain active!) And we have a new slate of offlcers: myself as president, Joel Despain in a newly-created post of vice-president, Bern Szukalski as secretary, and Bob Hoke as treasurer All have assignments; much work is to be done. The newly constituted board per se also includes Diana Tomchick and George Crothers All bring strengths to the board, and all have responsibili ties to fulflii. More on this in the coming months as we straighten out the kinks to make a better, perhaps more responsive, CRF. Our board still has vacancies We planned it that way, to give us the flexibility of adding people who feel that their strength can help the organization. We are looking for people who are willing to take on re sponsibilities, particularly in the realm of promoting good research. Interested? Let us know ... Next year will be the 50th anniversary of this great organization. The anniversary is being planned by Pat Kambesis, et ai, and will feature some outstanding events. We hope this will be more than just an anniver sary; perhaps a new beginning as we face the rest of our flrst century, with old and new friends and new and old challenges.


day in maintenance of the Research Center and dealing with mountains of paper work Everyone was out of the cave in time for a com munity dinner at 7 PM. Cyndie Walck had advised some of the cavers that it was Shane's birthday week end Rich Steiger'S oldest daughter had baked an ob scenely chocolate cake while Pat, Rich, & Bruce bought a crystal-lined geode to present to Shane as his token "cave" from all the CRF folks present. No one quite remembers exactly what transpired after the wine was opened, but most people were tucked away in bed by I AM Sunday saw a slight shuffling of mapping teams since several participants had left in the night. Liz, Shane, and Bruce leading the crew back into the cave for another long day of survey. Everyone was out in time for another communal spaghetti dinner and an other assault on the remaining chocolate cake. Monday saw the third sequential day of sur vey. Cyndie led Bruce, Rich, James, and Rosemary 4 continued a loop out the Natural Bridge Chamber (NBC), across the collapse sink towards Liz's survey team, then back under the little natural bridge to J.D. Howard's yellow painted "Natural Bridge Chamber" sign. This team finished off in time to rejoin Hester, who had taken off the day and spent it painting in the NBC. At the same time Liz, Albert, and Jim passed through on their way back out. Some of the folks packed and left that evening while others finished off the remaining chocolate cake. Tuesday sawall pitch in and clean up the Re search Center, pack, and head north and south for home Pat, Rich and Bruce stopped in for our custom ary visit to Craig Dorman and tell him how much work we'd allegedly completed. All in all, it was a very productive expedition with a major segment of Labyrinth Cave surveyed and sev eral folks enjoying the mudless environs of Lava Beds for the first time. Clockwis e from upp e r l e ft: Bruce Rogers explains lava tube genesis during CRF field trip; Charles Fox in Skull Cave; Sup e rint ende nt Craig Dorman welcomes CRF to Lava Beds; Mark Hasbrouck and Bruce Rogers in Lava B e ds R ese ar c h C e nt e r s work room Photos by Scott House


5 Mammoth Cave: Columbus Day Expedition: October 6-9, 2006 By Expedition Leader: John DeLong Every expedition should be like this one. We were blessed with perfect weather, good cavers, and some great objectives that needed both. The 2006 Columbus Day Expedition had 32 people signed in. In addition we were honored to host Dr. Alexander Klimchouk of the Ukraine, one of the editors of Speleogenesis and leader of exploration into the deepest cave in the world, Krubera. About 2,591 feet of cave was sur veyed, 2,578 feet of new survey and 12 feet ofresur vey Eleven trips were fielded, eight on Saturday and three on Sunday. On Friday evening the cavers were treated to a presentation by Dr. Klimchouk on the ex plorations of the "Call of the Abyss" project, followed by cake to celebrate the birthday of my wife Bonnie. Trips were fielded during the weekend to the following areas: Wildcat Hollow Cave: James Wells was rewarded with perfect weather to complement a meticulously planned and long antici pated trip to Wildcat Hollow Cave. He led Peter Bosted, Matt Mezydlo, and Bruce Hatcher on a 20 + hour trip that set 96 stations to get 1,180 feet of virgin survey through a variety of obstacles, giving up only when the compass gave up the ghost. Exploration ahead revealed multiple leads waiting for the next party,. including excellent walking stream passage 20 feet high by 4-5 feet wide. The trip report sums it up: "We all agreed that it was the hardest survey trip any of us had ever done considering 87 stations of tough canals, crawls, and canyons, and only a few stations in nicer stuff. However, the next trip is well set up with excellent passage to map. Wildcat goes!" Bishop's Pit: Two parties worked in Bishop's Pit. On Saturday Eli Winkler led Rick Olson and Dick Market into Bishop's Pit to continue work exploring new areas discovered since July in this complex area which ex tends completely under Kaemper Hall. The team was checking leads in this complex area and discovered a 100 by 30 foot room up a climb pioneered by Dick Market. The team secured this climb, as well as an exposed traverse, and left the ropes rigged for the next party. Multiple leads were discovered off this room On Sunday, a team led by Judy Ormeroid with Steve Ormeroid Ann Kensler, and Dick Market put 158 feet of new survey in the newly discovered room and one of its leads. Strong airflow was noted in this area and more leads were discovered Violet City: On Saturday, Judy Ormeroid led Greg Holbrook and Kevin Market to check out leads in the Violet City area with a 20-foot ladder. They put in 64 feet of new survey in some leads that looped back to known pas sage, and used a disto to obtain measurements in the area. Other leads were evaluated for future parties. On Sunday Ed Klausner went back with Rick Toomey and Elizabeth Miller to continue checking leads with the ladder. They put in 63 feet of new sur vey in a lead above Bishop's Pit. They surveyed this until it opens as a window on the pit; it continues on Alexander Klimchouk of the Ukraine the Lonl!sdon River section of Mammoth Cave during a trip from the Doyel entrance 0!1 the Columbus Day expeditIOn. He zs lead editor of a massive work called Speleogenesis: Evolution of Karst along with Derek C. Ford, Arthur N. Palmer, and Wolfgang Dreybrodt. It was great to have him at the expedztlOn. He gave a slide show on the exploration of Krubera Cave, the first 2000m+ cave on Earth. Seri ously hard core expeditions! Photos by Rick Toomey


multiple levels Several good objectives were identi fied as being good places for the second day of future expeditions Doyel Valley: On Saturday Spike and Amy Crews went with Rick Toomey and Alexander Klimchouk to continue survey in Pterodactyl Avenue, a side lead off Bridge A venue that was discovered to lead to walking passage at the September expedition The party managed to fit through a squeeze that will act as a filter for parties in this direction, and was able to survey 674 feet of walk ing canyon with ankle to knee deep water over rim stone dams Where the survey ends the passage splits into an upper and lower level. Dr. Klimchouk was impressed to see a part of the Mammoth system that was new to him. It was new as well as to Rick Toomey, who had never been in the Doyel Valley en trance before. Carmichael Entrance/Franklin Avenue: On Saturday Ed Klausner Steve Ormeroid and Ann Kensler went to the end of Croghan's Hall and corrected the sketch They then went to Franklin A ve nue, enhan c ed some sketch in that area and then put in 154 feet of new survey in some side passages Work remains for small people and climbers in this area that is within minutes of an entrance Diamond Caverns: On Saturday Stan Sides led Elizabeth Miller into Diamond Caverns to continue work on a detailed sketch. The complicated entrance area was sketched, with a disto used to obtain accurate dimensions and an accurate sketch On Sunday Stan returned with Alexander Klim chouk to photograph and study Diamond Caverns as well as other karst features in the area Unknown/Crystal Cave: On Saturday Tom Brucker led Mark Phillips and Anna Ford through the Austin Entrance to survey leads off Eyeless Fish Trail. Finding things a bit wetter than anticipated the party went to their secondary ob jective, a lead off Sanford Shortcut just short of the Storm Sewer Junction. The team did 12 feet ofresurvey and 293 feet of new survey. They ran out of time just where the passage was drying out, and checked ahead to report the passage comes to a T with both branches going. 6 Roppel Cave: On Saturday Rick Hoechstetter led Chris Hoech stetter and Pete Rogers to Freedom Trail. They were unable to get to their objective when a party member slipped into a tight spot while tra v ersing the Market connection The party members worked well together and the party member was freed. Not having time to get to the objective through an alternate route the party returned to camp Special thanks need to go to many individuals. Elizabeth Winkler opened camp and attended to many details, including recycling (thank you especially for the cake!). Her husband Rick Toomey closed camp. Rick Hoechstetter prepared custom omelets for break fast each morning A big special thanks needs to go to camp manager Larry Pursell and his wife Jennifer Larry s enthusiasm for helping out and running camp is remarkable. He volunteered out of the blue to man age camp and my life was so much easier as a result. Dr. Klimchouk was gracious enough to dedicate his presentation in honor of my wife Bonnie's birthday, which was deeply appreciated. Bonnie helped me throughout the process and kept me focused. I could not do this without her support. I would also like to thank Bob Parrish for all he does to make sure Hamilton Valley is stocked with Cave Food and the day to day items needed to use the facility. People like him make CRF work. Diamond Caverns donated a new cart to hold cave food and my daughter Helena moved the food, allow ing Steve Ormeroid the pleasure of seeing to the de mise of the old cart Given the mix of cavers objectives, helpful peo ple and great weather I was able to really enjoy run ning this expedition. The planning and efforts of many people made it possible, and Bonnie and I thank you all for making this a productive and pleasant expedi tion. Wildcat Hollow Cave James Wells, Peter Bost e d, Matt Mezydlo Bruce Hatcher; Bishop s Pit I) Elizabeth Winkl er, Rick Olson, Dick Market ; 2) Judy Orm e roid Ste v e Ormero i d, Ann Kensler, Dick Market ; Violet City -I) Judy Orm e roid Greg Holbrook Kevin Market ; 2 ) Ed Klausner, Rick Toomey Elizabeth Mill e r ; Doyle Valley -Jeff Crews, Amy Crews Rick Toomey, Al e xander Klim chouk; Franklin Avenue Ed Klausner Steve Ormeroid Ann Kensl er; Diamond Caverns I) Stan Sides, Elizabeth Miller ; 2) Stan Sides, Alexander Klimchouk ; Unknown/Crystal Cave Tom Bruck e r Mark Phillips, Anna Ford ; Roppel Cave Rick Hoech stetter Chris Hocchstetter, Pet e Rogers. Some Vikings who showed up for the New Year s Mammoth Cave expedition. Watchfor report in an upcoming issue. Photo by Eli z abeth Winkler


7 2007 EXPEDITION CALENDAR Before attending any expedition, you must contact the expedition leader as trip sizes may be limited. Failure to contact the leader may prevent you from attending the expedition as the trip may be full. If you have changed phone number (i.e., area code split), e-mail address, or have moved, please send your information to: Phil DiBlasi POBox 126 Louisville, KY 40201-0126 THE CRF WEBSITE Contact your operations manager for the user id and password for the members-only section of the site.


CAVE BOOKS Publications Affiliate of the Cave Research Foundation )f.JW)N cav e hOOkS com ISBN' Q-939748 SAN' 216-7220 Rev 1110 5 CAVE BOOKS Publications Bold Id e ntifi es NEW Publi c ations Bri dge m o n & L inds l ey Bull ilt Cas t e r e t Chevalier Collins, H & L e hrb e r ge r Conn & C onn Courbo n e t al. Crowther e t al. D avid s o n & Bis h o p D e J o l y D espai n Exl e y F a rr F a rr H es l o p L aw r e nce & Bru c k e r M cConnell M oo r e & Sullivan N o rthup e t al. Nym eyer OlipllL1nt Ol so n Olso n & H anio n r'a lm e r R eLimes e t al. S t ee l e S tewLir d W a tson, P Wa t s on R. W a tson, R e t al. 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( Ou/side USA doubl e pas/age).

Contents: From the
President / Scott House --
Regional Expedition Reports: Lava Beds: Labor Day
Expedition, September 2-4, 2006 Expedition Leaders: Pat Helton,
Bruce Rogers and Bill Devereaux / Dave Smith, Bruce Rogers,
& Pat Helton --
Mammoth Cave: Columbus Day Expedition: October 6-9, 2006
/ Expedition Leader: John DeLong --
2007 Expedition Calendar.


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