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Speleo Spiel
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Speleo Spiel
Southern Tasmanian Caverneers
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The Tasmanian Caverneering Club was formed on 13 September 1946. Initially, information was provided to members through a circular, copies of which exist back to November 1947. "Speleo Spiel, Circular of the Tasmanian Caverneering Club" was first published December 1960. Eight issues of this are known, up to May 1962. In April 1964 a "Circular" was again issued and seems to have continued, irregularly, until March 1966. Then in April 1966, a "New Series" of Speleo Spiel commenced, as a monthly newsletter. In December 1996 The Tasmanian Caverneering Club amalgamated with the Southern Caving Society and the Tasmanian Cave and Karst Research Group to form the Southern Tasmanian Caverneers. The combined group agreed to continue to publish "Speleo Spiel" as its bi-monthly newsletter, as continues today (2015). Speleo Spiel is a vehicle for recording the cave and karst-related activities, and particularly the achievements, of the Southern Tasmanian Caverneers. It also carriers technical and scientific reports, reprints, reviews and other information likely to be of interest to members from time to time.
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No. 119 (Dec 1976)
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See Extended description for more information.

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Speleo spiel. Ro;l19. Pwe 1: Decbmber 1976. .... Newsletter of the Tasmanian Caverneering Club. Annual Subscription 64 .OO. Single copy 40 cents. .................................................................;.............*.................< President: Stuart Nicholas, 7 Rilpert Avenue, New Town, 7008. Secretam: Tony Culberg, F.O. Box 36, Lindisfanne, 7015. President Maydena Branch: Max Jeffries, 18 South Crescent, Maydena, 7457. Editor: Albert Goede, d120 Strickland Avenue, South Hobart, 7000. Typist: Therese Goede, 8 Bath Street, Battery Point, 7000. FORWARD PROGRAMME. -,. -. rc Dec .G SATURDAY: Maydena. Investigation of deep hole near The Chairman. Lead em: Max Jeffries and Stuart Nicholas. Dec.ll,l2 WEEKEND: Exit Cave, Ida Bay. Leader: Tony Culberg. Dec.12 SUNDAY: Cave exploration and photography in Florentine Valley. Leader : Laurie Moody. Dec.18 SATURDAY: Continued .exploration of "Victory 75" new hole at Maydem Leader Max J effries and(probab1y) Stuart Nicholas. If necessary exploration will continue on the Sunday, As many starters as possible are required especially to help retrieve the club gear ALL of which is down this hole. Dec.18 For those not going down the hole a barbecue will be held in the garde? at the Annan residence. Cold sliced roast beef will be provid-ed and those wishing to partake of same are asked to make a donation towards a 'gear' fund.It is also hoped to be able to provide bread, lettuce, tomatoes etc. but please bring your own-beverages. Children welcome hope to see you there. b Feb.2,'77 WEDNESDAY: 8 p.m. Generd Meeting, at the S;C.S. Club Room, Davey Street(up the lane just past the Aberfeldy ~otel). ......*.......................... There will be a Christmas get together for all those interested at 8 hth Street, Battery Point on the 22nd of December, 1976. Please bring some 'Christmas cheer1 cake will be provided but any contributions will be welcomed. Feel free to arrive from 8 p.m. onwards. Editorial. .Until very recently very little activity was taking place in the club, but thanks to the persistence of the Maydena branch caving at least occured in that area and their efforts have been well rewarded. Firstly The Chairman and now "Victory 75". The first caving find made by John Parker of the Maydena Branch, this hole is proving to be a real goer with possibly more prospects than The Chairman. Further details are in the trip report. Also a small party led by Tony Culberg visited Exit Cave. Tony can now count himself as one of the "heavies'# of T.C.C. after the log 'bridget inside the cave collapsed under his weight. He reports that the water is rather deep and cold. Until the bridge is replaced the high level escape route at times of flood cannot be used. The December 1 special reneral meeting had a quorum thanks to a strong contingent from Maydena and a number of proxies. A considerable volwna of outstanding club business was dealt with and the club is now in much better shape to continue its activities. S . ~tuart ~icholas was elected as the new club president and Max Jeffries was


Speleo Spiel. ETo. 119. Page 2. elected to fill the vacancy on the comrnittec created by the appointment. The closer co-operation agreement with S.C.S. was discussed and approved with two minor amendments. Only two members voted against. As it was ap proved by S.C.S. several months ago it now formally comes into being. The text is published in this issue of the Spiel. The club policy for the A.S.F. Conference in Canberra was discussed and decided upon. Albert Goede will be the club representative. As the editor expects to be interstate and overseas during the first six months of next year, Therese Goede has been appointed as acting editor for this period. 'A number of other itcm will be reported under seperate headings. The editor. wishes everybody a Merry Christmas and good caving.in1977. Constitutiona.1 Changes. Changes were made to items 16 and 18 of the constitution(~ection dealing with Meetings) They now read(changes underlined) 811 classes 'of members shall be entitled to attend and speak but only ordinary, associate and life members shall be entitled to vote or move or second motions (except) that where a iunior member has shown a nemiine interest in the club for nouess than six months he or she may be panted full votin~ rights subject to a, three fourths vote of the members present at a General Meeting. Six members entitled to vote shall constitute a quorum at R General Meeting. Members present by proxy may be counted towards a quorum. These changes need some further consideration at the February General Meeting. The word 'except1 (shown in brackets) should be added to rule 16, while rule 18 may have to be reconsidered as a result of objections brought forward after the vote was taken. Notice of motion in relation to these two constitutional items is foreshadowed for the February meeting. ... ... New' Member. Mike March, a former member of V.S.A. was accepted at the December meeting as a full member of T.C.C. subject to payment of entrance and membership fees. Mike is at present employed on Maria Island with the National Parks and Wildlife Service. Welcome to the club. Also a welcome to Robin Booth a fomer full member of the club who has returned from New Guinea and is now Ranger on Maria Island. Robin is soon to be transferred(hopeful1y to the maidand of asm mania) and hopes to go caving* again shortly. His sub. for full membership 'is expected 'in 'th;? near future. New Cave Names Florentine Va.lley. Notelddim Cave (J F -101). Small cave on road branching off Cashion Ck.Road described in last Spiel. Named after a prominent member of S.S.S. long resident in Tasmania who was recently heard to complain-about T.C.C.'s lack of imagination in naming caves. The ~lirninator(J~-105). A small cave with two very tight entrances in the Western Florentine. See last Spiel for description. So named because of the tortuous nahre of the cave. Breccia Ridpe ~ave(J~-109). For full description see 0ave Numbering in this issue. This cave is so named because the ridge in which it occurs has a very old cave bone breccia exposed on its slopes and the name Breccia Ridge is proposed for the ridge. T.C.C. Christmas Barbecue 18th December, Annan residence, Maydena. LD.~. onvarde.


Speleo .%i~l.. No.119. Page. 3. December, 1976. Death of Leo Luchan. Older members were upset to hear of the death of former club member Leo Luckman some months ago. Leo Luckman was a foundation member of the club and an active caver and par$y leader from 1946 to 1954. During this period he also served a year as club prcsident. Leo was also well known as a bushwalker and conservationist. He uas associated with the pioneering of the route to Federation Peak. Luclanans Lead on Federation Peak and Lake Leo in the Southwest are named after him. Our sympathies go out to his widow Jessie who is also a former club member and active caver in the early days of the club. Proposal for Closer Co-operation between the Southern Caving Society and the Tasmanian Caverneering Club. It is proposed thcit T.C.C. and S.C.S. activities be more closely integrated. For an initial twelve month period, several suggestions are put forward. (a) General meetings of each club to be held alternately at the Davey Street venue, with informal get togethers held afterwards. (b) All members of both clubs have discussion rights at general meetings but no voting rights unless a f'ull member of the club holding the mecting. (c) That T.C.C. subscribe g50.00 towards the annual rent of the club room. (d) All trips to be open to members of both clubs. (e) Seperate publications to continue. (f) Ropes,ladders and headers to be kept at Davey Street venue and each clubs gear to be marked with identification symbols. All gear movements to be rckistered by the trip leader, who shall only use the gem from his club if possible. It is not proposed that the individual clubs dissolve but that seperate constitutions be retained. If a.t the end of the trail it is felt that the experiment was not successfiil, then the clubs can go their separate ways. An extraordinary general meeting of either club may dissolve the association. S.C.S. agreed to have general meehings on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month instead of fortnightly to enable the monthly T.C.C. general meeting to be held on the first Wednesday of every month. It was agreed that during the period of closer co-operation any prospectives wanting to join would be accepted as members of both clubs. They would pay one fee the higher one of the two clubs and this fee would be evenly divided between the two clubs. If the closer co-operation agreement is terminated those with dual membership can decide with which club they want to continue their membership. During the period of the agreement no transfers of membership from one club tothe otherwillbe entertained. . . . . ' LETTERS TO THZ EDITOR. I wish to bring to the attention of all club members the fact that relevant information Gas withheld by a club committee member until after the vote on the size of a quorum was taken at the recent Special General Meeting, because this person felt that his information might unduly influence the vote. As a result of the information having been brought forth the whole issue now has to be reconsidered. It seems a pity that the club is involved in internal hassling when the object of the club is to further caverneering as a sport and speleology as a science as stated in the constitution. Yours sincerely, Stuart Nicholas, PRESIDENT.


Speleo Spiel. No.119. Pa.ge 4. Letters to the ~ditor(continued) December, 1976. Dear Sir, At the last Special General Meeting it was resolved to amend the constitution and reduce the quorum to 6. Coupled with other provisions of the constitution this places the club in an invidious position. A decision binding onsal1 members of the club can be made by at present less than one sixth of the members, and in fact if the vote were 3:2 than one tenth of the people are making the decision. With the general swing to the right by governments and the receipt of government money this places the entire executive of the club in a very awkward position. If for some reason the Govt. auditor decided to check the books he could form the opinion that the club was not run for the general benifit of members. This is not to say he would, just that he might. A larger quorum, while it may prevent the club from attending to its business it would avoid any unpleasantness for the executive. It is better to record in the minutes "Abandoned for lack of quorumt1 than to perservere with a quorum which is well under that acceptable to the common law or Societies Incorporation Act, not that we are bound by this act. It would perhaps be better to have business meetings as required and to conduct other business via the committee which can validly have a small quonun. In this way the facade of democracy can be preserved, and in fact the club would run in much the same way as before. I don't see that any changes to the constitution would be netded just using it in a different way. The long term solution of course is for the members generally to get out on more trips then meetings will be attended anyway. I anticipate that caving will pick up next year, as various members have more time available. In the meantime, I give notice of motion which will alter the last decision. (1)fl~hat the constitution be amended to read. The quorum for a general meeting shall be ten(l0) of whom 8 members must be personally present. l1 (2)"That the business of the club be conducted by the committee until such time as attendance at meetings improves." (3) That as much of the constitution as would need to be altered to allow motion 2 CO be operative be altered." Details of specific proposals under motion 3 will be tabled at the next meeting. If the club decides to continue with the present system, I would find that I would be unable to continue as treasurer or secretary, as I would not be able to reconcile the constitution with normal democratic methods. Yours faithfully, ...........S................ CAVE; NrrMBURING. ... by Albert Goede. ;F 108: Little Dipper. Numbered on 20/11/76. Small cave on-Southern side of hill behind 2unee Homestead. First explored and mapped by T.C.C. in 1946.'Lost1 for many years but recently relocated. Two entrances, lower one(numbered) is steeply sloping and requires rope for entry, upper one is vertical. JF 109: Unnamed cave. Sugcusted name: Breccia Ridge Cave. Located on ridge (~reccia ~idge) on SW side of Settlement Road about 400 metres past Beginners Luck and on opposite side of road. Discovered and explored in 1975. Sloping entrance leads to single chamber with collapse hole in cave fill in floor. Small passage to left continues approx. 10 metres after two tight squeezes. Cave is important because it CO* tains late Pleistocene bone deposits.


Speleo Spiel. No.119. TRIP %FORTS. Page 5. December, 1976. -.. Croesus September, 1976. Party: A.Culberg, F.k?alt.rton, 3 .~homas(members) and C .~ulberg(visitor) The purpose of this trip was to show my fnther e cave, rather than a tourist type cave. The party met at the hut and made its way to Croesus. The gate has been bent, and the lock is very stiff. There were no other significant events or. items to notice. A.Culberg. Junee Florentine, 20 21/11/76 Party : Albert Goede, Peter Murrsy and (Sunday only) lax J effries* Peter and I left Hobart on Saturday morning in the Museum Landcruiser to spend another weekend hunting for cave bone deposits. First call on arrival at Maydena was &X'S place. We found Max rather busy but quite willi~g to come out with us on the following day. Peter and I then drove up Junee marry Rd. to have a look at the hole in the hill behind the Junee Homestead that I had "discoveredn several weeks earlier. This turned out to be Little Dipper, a small cave emlored and mapped on T.C.C. 'S very first caving trip in 1946 and never visited since. he cave was numbered ;F 108. The steeply sloping entrance requires a rope and at the lowest point of the cave a near vertical shaft leads to the upper entrance which we located on the surface afterwards. The cave contained no bone deposits except for the skeleton of a wallaby which had fallen down the shaft not all that long ago. Back to the vehicle and we then drove to the Cashion Creek Rd. area while we received the first of many showers that were to plague us for the rest of the weekend. After lunch we went to Titans ~helttr(3~ 97) where we did some photography. Our next activity was to dig out a 'promising1 hole just below the doline 30 metres to the east of Titans Shelter. After much landscaping we gained access to a horizontal slit beside the more obvious sloping hole that had first caught ouk attention, A 6 metre ladder drop took Peter to the bottom where he found a small chamber with further progress blocked on both directions. The next prospect was two small holes at the bottom of a cliff near the base of the slope which led into a very short horizontal cave. Two phreatic tubes leading down from it were just too tight to enter. Returned to the Junee Homestead for the night to discover that someone had broken into the place and stolen our most useful piece of furniture the rather classy teJephone seat and stand below the cooking shelfDuring dinner Max arrived and mentioned that he had discovered the theft that morning. The Maydena police will be notified but it would repay the club to put a more substantial padlock on the door to keep out unwelcome visitors. Next morning we collected Max and headed back to the Cashion Ck.Rd. area where he was going to show us two other shelter caves. Burning off had cLlanged the scenery somewhat and after a long search we located one shelter cave, In the process of locating it we found(between the three of us) about eight other holes that require exploration. From this area we went to Settlement Rd. Our first prospect was a number of shelter caves in a limestone outcrop close to Boomer C~V~(JF 91). One of these yielded some bone material and may be worthy of excavation sometime. We then drove further along the road to where there is a prominent ridge on the left hand side (suggested name: Breccia ~idge). Here Max took us to a cave near the crest of the ridge(suggested name: Breccia Ridp cave). It has a sloping entrance and was first exdored by Max and Therese in October of last year. Therese had collected some bents from there which looked interesting. The entrance led to a medium sized chamber with a sloping floor of cave fill. At the base of the opposite wall a hole eroded in the floor led down another three metres. Peter was soon digging away at the bone deposit and his enthusiasm was fired when he discovered bones which appear to belong to some large extinct flightless bird(* an emu). Meanwhile I had discovered another hole further to the left. Discarding helmet and headlight I went through a tigbt squeeze into a small chamber. From there a tight crawl with a muddy-looking stalagmite in the middle barred firther progress. 'Some hefty kicks removed this obstacle in one piece after which it had to be manoeuvred out of the way. Eureka, I was able to squeeze through and it opened up, Not for long, however. The cave yielded another ten metres of passage before blocking off completely. Some bone fragments were collected from the mud floor on the way back. (~ax and I finally managed to persuade Peter that


Zpeleo Spiel. No. 119. Page 6. December, 1976. it was time for lunch so we headed back to the vehicle.) Max picked up a prob r able aboriginal artifact on the way. As it had started raining again we drove to a nearby mobile B.F.P. hut to boil the billy. After lunch we went back to Breccia Ridge to carry out some more surface exploration. The first find went to Peter. A small horizontal cave at the base of the hill went in only about 3 metres before being blocked with fill. But sticking out of it was the leg bone of a large extinct kangaroo a beautiful specimen. No other bones could be seen in the deposit. Kext I found a tiny sheltsr extending f metre into the hill. On the dry earth floor was a large accumulation of fcssilized tiger cat turts which Peter found very exciting because they would give information about the diet of tiger cats. A quick examination revealed the remains of beetles and spiders. The things some scientists will stoop to. Anybay, we collected a bagrull for further analysis. Next Peter found an outcrop of indurated cave breccia exposed in the side of the hill. A careful inspection revealed some bone and then a large tooth. Excitement mounted and Peter got to work looking for more teeth. Meanwhile Max was busy enlarging a small hole nearby so I went to his assistance. After removing some large rocks I was able to crawl in only to find that the hole petered out after about 4 metres. Meanwhile Peter had found a small jaw with some teeth and before giving the game away we discovered yet another tooth. Following this we found an inclined tunnel explored by Peter but becoming too tight after about four metres. While Peter and I were walking back to the car Max found yet another entrance which he thinks may go with a little digging. We returned to Maydena and a welcome cup of coffee at Max1s place before going back home. A very successful weekend. Special thanks to Max for acting as guide. Albert Goede Ida Bay Plystery Creekcave ~ov.21,1976. Party: A.Culberg, P.Nlerton and members of Geilston Bay High School adventure camp. Two separate trips were run on the one day as the party was large. The creek was running at a much higher than normal level, which limited the parts of the ca.ve we could visit. One person pushed the Matchbox Squeeze, and got rather muddy doing so. There was some interest expressed in caving as a sport by some of the people. Ida Bay Exit Cave Nov.2.4, 1976. Party: A.Culberg, P.Godfrey, 7 students from Geilston Bay High. This was a follow up to the Sunday trip for those who wanted to try caving again. We used the new track in, and it is a vast improvement the slop is only ankle deep instead of thigh deep! The water level was a bit high, and we had to use the high level route. We went directly to inner base camp, stopping only to look at the glowworms and discuss the history of Mini Martin. At the inner base camp we went first to Edie's Treasure where all oohed and aahed and then to the Dribble Qstem and Devils Stovepipe. This was running at quite a rate and is most impressive. The return via the narrow passages perturbed some of the party. As time was critical and some of the torches were failing we beat a retreat, the only notable event being the collapse of the log bridge inside the cave, after several years of faithful service. The trip leader was not impressed but immersed. A working bee is needed to restore this item. BY0 beverages.


Speleo Spiel. No.119. Page 7. December, 1976. Trip reports (c onto ) Junee Area, in the vicinity of The Chairman Dec-5, 19760 Party: Max Jeffries, Stuart Nicholas, Anne Annan, John Parker, Mike March and Bill Nicholson. The ob~ect of this trip was to further explore a cave which we call llVictory 75", situated approx. a mile below The Chairman. This cave was John's first find made late in 1975 after many weekends cave hunting in the area, hence the name. It was first entered in early May this year when I went down the 60 ft. of mud slide leading to the first pitch, was scared off by the abundance of loose rock and went no further. On the 26th of June John and Shane Garlick descended to a depth of 180 ft. (clearing off some of the dangerous rocks on the way) and ran out of ladder. Max, John and I returned in September and descended to a depth of approx. 240 f%. running out of equipment at the edge of a deep pitch. Now back to December 5th. The trip was origimlly planned for Dec 4th but was postponed till the Sunday because of heavy rain. Sunday proved to be pretty miserable as well but we finally pushod off at 11.30 leaving Therese babysitting Jenny and Ben and Steve nursing his leg. As the John Bull Rd. was flooded, we left the cars at the Junee Rd. quarry and climbed the ridge to join up with our usual track. This involved a long hard haul, and.Mikels "Are we there?", meaning at the cave, was greeted with IIThis is entree mate" from John. However, we all arrived in satisfactory condition at the cave at about 1.30p.m. armed with 16 ladders and plenty of rope. John and I put down 9 ladders to the edge of the pitch, which was the previous limit of exploration. Bill, Stuart and Mike then deecended and John and I climbed out to allow them more room to work(at this point the cave is very narrow, ~5th a tremendously high ceiling). When the others emerged at about 5p.n. they reported that Mike had descended the pitch 210ft. and could see what appeared to be a ledge or floor some 40 ft. below him, but had reached the limit of the ladders. Bill brought out some intexesting skulls of what appeared to be some sort of rodcnt. We sat by MRX'S huge fire drinking tca before setting off on the long push home. As we had decided to return the following Saturday we left the ladders rigged. To quote Stuart "This is a mighty cave". Anne Annan. N.B. The measurements are approx. ladderlength not depth. Junee Area Victory 75". 11th Dec. 1976. Party: Stuart Nicholas, Bill Nicholson, Anne Annan, John Parker and Laurie Moody. Aim of the trip was to further explore the pot visited the week before(see above). Two bolts were placed during the descent one about halfway down and the other at the top of the'main pitch. With two more ladders attached to the already lengthy string of ladders Stuart descended to a ledge abut 38 m. down. When joined by ill we descended a further 16-18 m. to the floor of the chamber making a pitch of total length about 55 m. S.R.T. was considered for the main pitch but rope protection would have been a night~are and the idea was abmdoned. wandered about 50 m. along B dry streamway to A muddy squeeze with a strong draught coming out of it. Owing to a lack of enthusiasm the squeeze was not pushed although with the aid of a hammer it could easily be negotiated. There appeared to be a small chamber on the other side. not her possible lead is a pitch on the other side of the ledge encount,ered during the descent ofthe main pitch. This could lead to the same place as the squeeze only time will tell. It is interesting to note that the system is heading slightly W of S almost directly towards Junee Cave. Gues~t~eted system depth is around 125 m. The cup of coffee provided by the Wornfort Club" of T.c.c./I\.B. was most welcome after a seven hour trip. Stuart Nicholas


Speleo Spiel. No.119. Page 8. December, 1976. List of Financial Members and Spiel Subscribers 1976-1977. HL Honorary Life ember(^) HA Honorary ~ssocia'te(2) FA Family ~ember(3) AM Associate ~ecber(4) F Nl ~err,ber( 26) 3 Junior ~ember(4) SS Lpeleo Spiel subscriber(l0). ANNAN, Steve and Anne, c/o Kaydena P. O., Tas. 7457. BRABON, 3oan and Petcr, P.O. Box 74, Lindisfarne, 7015. BRIDGES, Ross, l Eastuood Avenue, Eastwood, N.S.W. 2122. BROWN, Frank, c,!o Scottsdale Secondary School, Scottsdale, 7254. BROWN, ~rank(3 nr. ) 68 Carella Street, Howrah 7019. CAREX, Prof. S.W., 24 Richardsoas Avenue, Dynnyrne, 7005. COLLIN, Brian and Jeanette, 66 Wentworth St.,Sth.Hobart,7000. CULBERG, Tony, 16 Nelumie Street, Lindisfarne, 7015. DAWY, Andrew, c/o St.J ohn Fisher Hall, Eynnyrne, 7005. ELLIS, Ross, 14/10 Fourth Avenuc, Campsie, N. S.W. 2194. ECRGhICOlfBE, Don, 94 Parkview Cres., Maydena, 7457. FULLERTON, Pat, 16 Nelumie Street, Lindisfanne, 7015. WlDLE, Stuar-L, P. 0. Dover, Tasmania, 7116. GOEDE, Albert ,&/l20 Strickland Avenue, South Hobart, 7000. GOEDE, Theres2, 8 Bath Street, Battery Point, 7000. HAFtRINGTOB, Graham, 217 Derwent Avenue, Lindisfarne, 7015. HERINGTON, John, 2L Balaka Street, Rosny, 7018. ZAGOE, Mike, 5 Baynton Street, Kingston, 7150. JEFFRIES, Max, 18 South Crescent, Maydena, 7457. MARCH, Michnel, c/o 8 Bath Street, Battery Point, 7000. MARTIN, Dave, 49 Minnm-re Avenue, Pymble, N. S.W. 2073. h-TTEII5WS, Peter, 66 Frogmorc Crescent, Park Orchards, Vic .3lU. PEERDING, He&-, 7 Gourlay Street, Bl-ackmans Bay, 7152. MELVILLF, Gxy, King Solomon Cave, Mole Creek, Tas. 7304. MILLER, John, 88 West Street, Maydena, Tas. 7457. NOODY, Laurie and Sue, 13 Mason Street, Claremont, 7011. PERRAY, Peter, c/o Tasmanian Pluseum, 5 Argyle St. ,Hobart, 7000. NICHOLAS, Stuart, 7 Rupert Avenue, New Town, 7008. NICHOLSON, Bill, 9 Heather Road, Risdon Vale, 7016. NIEUWENDYK, Peter, 94 Durham Street, Hurstville, il.S.W.2220. hIEUbJENDYK, Stephen, 2/21 Colin Street, Lakemba, N. S.W. 2195. NIGHTINGALE, Brent, 8 Rosemod Road, Risdon Vale, 7016. ?AMER, John, c/o Naydena Post Officet Maydena, Tns 7457. PZTERSON, Bill, 12 Auvergne Avenue, New Town, 7008. POULTER, Norm, P.C. Box 120, Nedlands, W.A. 6009. REDPlAW, A., Box 83, East Devonport, 7310. RICHARDSON, John, R.D. 681, Latrobe, Tas.7307. ROBINSON, Lloyd, 167 ML ,Keira Rd., Mt .Keira, N.S.W. 2500. ROBINSON, Philip, 20 Romilly Street, South Hobart, 7000. RUSHTON, Graham, c/o Hastings Caves, via Lune River, Tas. 7116. SHAW, Chester, King Solomon Cave, Mole Creek, Tas. 7304. SFAW, Peter, P.O. Box 326, Sandy Ba,y, 7005. SKINIXR, Ros, 1 Randall Street, Sandy Bay, 7005. SKINNER, Pam and ROY, 138 Col-lins Street, Hobart, 7000. SMITH, Vincent, 13 Jennings Street, New Town, 7008. STEPHE>JSOM, Ruth, Twin View Rd: Elimbah, Q1land, 4516. SYMES, Heather, do P.0, Box 36, Lindisfarne, 7015. THOMAS, Jean, c/o Parklands Figh School, Burnie, Tas.7320. TURNER, Doug, 79 Riawena Road, Lindisfarne, 7015. VOSS, Philip, Main Road, Maydena, Tas.7L57. WATTS, Peter, 22 Raymont Terrace, Mt.Stuart, 7000. ----------__________ FA. AM's. F m. F m. HL. &: F. F. F. SS. HA. F. F. HL F. 3. HA F. F. F. SS. SS. F. S. F. FA F. F. J. SS. SS. J. F. F. AM. SS. F. SS. F. AM SS. F. F. FA. SS. F. J. F. F. F. F. Congratulations are extended to Bill Nicholson who was granted full voting rights at the last general meeting. Although Bill is still a junior member, he has shown a genuine interest in the clubs activities over an extended period being known to chaf: at the bit if there were no trips scheduled. He has recently armed himself with a movie camera a.nd is busy capturing our ca.ves on film.

The Tasmanian Caverneering Club was formed on 13 September
1946. Initially, information was provided to members through
a circular, copies of which exist back to November 1947.
"Speleo Spiel, Circular of the Tasmanian Caverneering
Club" was first published December 1960. Eight issues of this
are known, up to May 1962. In April 1964 a "Circular" was
again issued and seems to have continued, irregularly, until
March 1966. Then in April 1966, a "New Series" of Speleo
Spiel commenced, as a monthly newsletter.
In December 1996 The Tasmanian Caverneering Club
amalgamated with the Southern Caving Society and the
Tasmanian Cave and Karst Research Group to form the Southern
Tasmanian Caverneers. The combined group agreed to continue
to publish "Speleo Spiel" as its bi-monthly newsletter, as
continues today (2015).
Speleo Spiel is a vehicle for recording the cave and
karst-related activities, and particularly the achievements,
of the Southern Tasmanian Caverneers. It also carriers
technical and scientific reports, reprints, reviews and other
information likely to be of interest to members from time to


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